The Kind Death God Chapter 111-120

Chapter 111: Yanlong 9 turns

Duan’s feelings were completely different from Xuanyue’s thoughts. The oncoming fire dragon brought him great power. The high heat from the fire dragon made his heart stunned. He focused his thoughts on the wish of Corris and was ready at any time. Use teleportation to avoid the opponent's attack.

Although it is not as good as Xuan Yue in magic cultivation, Feng Zhi's experience is much older than Xuan Yue. He frowned and said, "This is not an ordinary fire dragon. Raldas' fire magic has been cultivated to its peak. , This should be the Tyrannosaurus formed with the flames of destruction, with the ability to approach level 7 magic. The attack power is very powerful."

Xuan Yue was shocked, yeah! Lardas is known as the strongest magician to attack, how about the attack magic he uses? She felt tight and looked at Ah-Dai anxiously. She didn't know whether Ah-Dai could use the power of the dragon's blood to resolve the crisis before her. She could only wait silently and pray silently. She has clenched her angel's rod tightly, and as long as Ah-Dai is in danger, no matter how she wins or loses in the game, she will definitely stand up and save her desperately.

The Yanlong twisted a few times in the air, and quickly flew in front of Ah-Dah. The light barrier in front of Ah-Dah looked so fragile in the hot air current. Almost subconsciously, Dui, who was in danger, touched the Pluto sword on his chest. The icy evil power spread all over the body instantly from the palm of his hand, and the burning sensation was suddenly reduced a lot, and Ah Dui's spirit was shocked, and he suddenly realized his understanding. If you only defend yourself, you will be very passive. Only by using a powerful offense to offset the opponent's attack can you keep yourself looking for opportunities. Thinking of this, Duan quickly chanted at the moment when the Yanlong flew to the wall, "Take the blood of the dragon as a guide, let it be clear, the dragon of light." A huge white dragon-shaped energy floated from his chest. Out, and the blue dragon-shaped energy of the protective body shines, with the mental power of dumb, this is the strongest attack magic he can release through the blood of the dragon. Due to the increase of the artifact, the light element is fast Gathered towards the white dragon-shaped energy.

At this moment, the Yanlong had already collided with the wall of light. Duan felt his whole body shake. The wall of light barely offset the energy of the dragon, and it turned into a little starlight and dissipated. The Yanlong didn't stay any longer, and flew towards Dui with its teeth and claws. Just to meet the newly formed Guanglong.

Two huge magical energy dragons, one white and one red, met in the air. In terms of attributes, light magic has a certain restraint effect on fire magic, but its own magic cultivation level, dumb, is much inferior to Laldas. The sixth-level light dragon greeted the seventh-level fire dragon, and the two energies quickly entangled, huge energy fluctuations spread out, and Dumb's body was pushed back ten meters away. The two dragon-shaped energies were constantly being consumed. At this time, Dumb and Lardas both concentrated their mental power on the magic they had issued, and no one had the ability to release another magic.

The light gradually dimmed from its peak. After all, Laldas’s magic level was higher. When the light dragon disappeared, the fire dragon still had its own form, but the energy was much weaker. Dumb clearly felt that, The dim fire dragon in front of him can no longer pose a threat to himself. The disappearance of the light dragon has caused a lot of burden on Ah Du’s mental power. After all, he is not mainly based on magic, and his mental power is comparable to Xuan Yue and Lardas. There is still a certain gap for magicians at the magician level. When he was about to chant another spell of light attack magic, the mutation happened.

As a Magister, how could his attacks be ordinary. He watched his fire dragon's energy gradually dimmed, and did not show any expression of surprise, nor did he direct the weakened fire dragon to continue attacking Dumb. Suddenly the light in his eyes widened, and a clear voice spread throughout the Bilu Canyon, "Turn—" His hands made a strange gesture in the air, the flames of destruction on the body suddenly dimmed, and the fire spirit But the beads lit up, and a burst of fiery red energy cut through the sky and instantly injected into the energy dragon's body.

The dim fire dragon in the air twisted slightly, and it spun quickly. The burning sensation that had just weakened rose again, and the heat was even higher than the previous fire dragon.

Gu Tian, who is familiar with fire magic, lost his voice: "No, this is a precursor to the 9th Rank of the Fire Forbidden Curse, the Flame Dragon. Does Lardas want to use his own ability to use the Forbidden Curse?" He has never tried to use this magic before, without the flame of destruction as the foundation, he can't even use it for a turn.

Xuan Yue was taken aback. Although she hadn't seen what the fire-type forbidden curse looked like, she had seen this magic in the ancient books of the Holy See when she was a child. Yanlong Nine Ranks is one of the few forbidden spells in fire magic. Its attacking power is even more powerful than that of the original system. It is the most powerful forbidden spell in fire magic. Perhaps it attacks area. It's not that big, but its heat beyond magma can't be bear by anyone. Its comprehensive power is second only to the light system forbidden curse, and it is similar to the dark system forbidden curse. Yes! I didn’t expect that the Ninth Rank of the Flame Dragon was used on the basis of the flame of destruction. Every time the Flame Dragon it morphed into, it would instantly absorb the fire element in the air to strengthen itself, and its power would increase slightly compared to the previous revolution. If it really reaches the ninth turn of the final world destruction, I am afraid that they may not be able to resist the combination of dui and himself. Lardas' magic cultivation is indeed powerful, and the flame dragon used earlier is just to prepare for the curse. Xuan Yue secretly prayed that Lardas must not be able to use the full power of this forbidden curse! In her life, this was the second time she saw someone daring to use the Forbidden Spell with a single strength. The first time it was the light system used by the pope when he succeeded to pay homage to the gods to assist the forbidden curse gods to save sentient beings. That time the magic covered a radius of several thousand meters, and those who were covered by magic light suddenly became sick. Disappeared, the impurities in the body were completely removed, but it was only an auxiliary forbidden curse. Compared with the auxiliary forbidden curse, the mana consumed to attack the forbidden curse was unimaginable by ordinary magicians. Could it be that this Lardas has the strength close to grandpa?

The huge scorching energy in the air attacked Ah-Dai all over the sky, and Ah-Dai clearly discovered that even under the protection of the dragon cover, the magic robe on his body still smelled of burning. In a panic, he had to chant the spell to summon the light dragon again. The white energy dragon was constantly absorbing the light element in the air, accumulating its own energy, and was preparing to usher in the first turn of the flame dragon's attack.

Lardas’ eyes flickered. In order to carry forward his Tianjin Mage’s Union, he could not take much care of him. From the spell that Dui chanted just now, he clearly knew that the young man in front of him was carrying peace. The blood of the phoenix blood has the same ability as the blood of the dragon. This young man has brought too much surprise to him. How unimaginable such a young wizard elder is! It is precisely because of Ah'Dai's strength that he used his strongest Yanlong Ninth Rank. The most terrifying aspect of Yanlong Ninth Rank is its ability to continuously attack. Facing this magic, as long as the caster's mana can persist in using this magic, the opponent will only have to resist the magical attack constantly and be exhausted. Since reaching the realm of the Magister, Lardas has been groping for the use of this powerful magic. Now with the Fire Orb and his own strength, he can use it up to the seventh rank. He didn't know that the Pope had a single forbidden spell. The reason why he desires to obtain the blood of the Phoenix is because if there is a simultaneous increase of the blood of the Phoenix and the Fire Spirit Orb, he may use the last turn to become the first forbidden spell magician in the mainland.

Dumb's light dragon energy gradually formed. The continuously rotating red light in front of him slowed down. The Yanlong regained its powerful energy. The volume was a bit larger than before, and the fiery red body color became yellower. It rolled in the air, and suddenly rushed towards A-Dai. Under the urging of A-Dai, the Guanglong greeted the Yanlong for the second time after the first round increase.

Unexpectedly, the sixth-level light dragon of Dumb completely lost the ability to fight the Yanlong this time. In a loud noise, the first collision was half-cut by the extremely hot energy of the Yanlong. Ability. A Duan's whole body was shocked, and he stepped back subconsciously, and his body trembled slightly. Seeing Guanglong being continuously reduced by the fire dragon, there was nothing to do. He could only use his mental power to control Guanglong's counterattack as much as possible, hoping for more Weakened the attack power of some Yanlong.

"Bump—" The fire dragon violently hit Guanglong's body, and the white light dissipated in the loud noise. There was a pain in Ah Du's head. The shock of his mental power made his face a little pale. The huge fire dragon rushed towards him frantically. The burning energy with a sense of death was constantly twisting in the air, and the air passing by the fire dragon was rippling. There were ripples like water waves, as if the air around its body was burning.

In fear, the energy of the Ring of Guardian was released, and a white light curtain appeared in front of Ah'Dai, resisting the impact of the Yanlong, and his body was flying out in the fire and rain, the energy light curtain of the Ring of Guardian Disappeared, the huge concussion force made Ah-Dai a burst of energy and blood, and the hot energy was finally blocked by the energy of the dragon covering after breaking through the defense of the ring of guardianship, the blue dragon energy was weakened a lot, and the figure looked a little bit Blurred.

The remaining energy of the Yanlong dragon slowly condensed in the air like a red cloud. Its process of accumulating energy finally gave A-Dai a chance to breathe. A-Dai took a deep breath, constantly adjusting the qi and blood in his body, giving birth to true qi. His protection, the blow just now did not hurt him.

Xuan Yue saw that A'Dai's body had been knocked into the air, and shouted, "Big Brother, why don't you hide!"

Ah Dui turned his head and looked at Xuan Yue, and sighed inwardly, if he wanted to hide, he would use martial arts unless he used the wish of Corris, but at the moment he didn't want to use his life-saving stunts so early, so in order to win , He can't dodge! After all, this is a contest between magicians.

Lardas's face was still calm, and he was not surprised because Ah Dui blocked Yanlong's First Turn. His hands quickly formed a handprint in the air, and he shouted, "Turn again--" The Fire Spirit Pearl trembled slightly. , With the handprints he sent out, it transformed into a strange circle in the air, and a larger energy than before was suddenly shot into the air from the remaining energy of the flame dragon, and the burning sensation increased intensely.

Dumb's scalp exploded for a while, the other party's endless attacks, when will it end? No, I can’t go on like this anymore. I have been so passive, how can I win the competition? I want to attack, I must use attack to win, but in the face of such a powerful flame dragon, how do you attack Lardas? With his eyes lit up, Dumb touched the wish of Corris on his right forearm. Although he can't use martial arts, can't my clone be too? I can use him as magic! At this dangerous moment, Ah Dumb’s spiritual platform was very clear and deliberately chanted loudly: "The order of the space! Let it go, use your endless divine power to turn the body illusion and attack my enemy."

Listening to the spell of Dumb, including Lardas, all the magicians couldn't help but be shocked. What kind of magic is this? I have never heard of this kind of spell! Is it a space magic that has been lost for many years?

Xuanyue listened to Ah Dui’s spells also very strange. Here, only she could use space magic. Although the spells Ah Dui read were similar to those of space magic, the pronunciation and the content of the spell were different. Could it be that he still Is there any ability I don't know? Just when she was puzzled, Dumb's actions had already explained to her what he wanted to do.

A phantom separated from the body of A'Dai like lightning. To be precise, it should have been separated from the wish of Corris. It was exactly the same as another. A'Dai smiled at his clone, his eyes showing confidence and wisdom. The ray of light urged Dongsheng Zhenqi to hold him behind his back, sending him out, and struck Lardas like lightning. In order to prevent others from seeing that this is not in the category of magic, he deliberately chanted: "The phantom of space! I beg you, turn into the power of the blade and destroy the enemy in front of you." In order to enter the final stage of Shengshengjue, it has also been greatly improved. Under the control of Ah-Dah’s mental power, the pale green light wrapped the body of the clone. With Ah-Dah’s thrust, it was almost two ups and downs. In front of Erdas, a light green energy blade appeared, and the dumb clone blades merged into one, using all the energy he possessed to fit in and cut towards Lardas.

At the same time as the clone appeared, Ge Lizong, who was standing among the magicians, suddenly shook his whole body, an inexplicable feeling of sadness filled his heart, his gaze fell firmly on Dumb's right hand, and strange feelings kept in his heart. Surging.

Lardas finally had waves on his calm and unwavering face, and a look of surprise appeared. He felt fear in his heart at the moment when the energy blade appeared. The huge energy seemed not to belong to the scope of magic, but he and himself The young people who were fighting were still standing in the distance singing spells, which proved that this seemingly grudge attack should belong to the category of magic. Time has not allowed him to think about it any longer. For the first time, Lardas felt that the flame of destruction in his body was so fragile. In desperation, he had to concentrate all his mental power and it would just take shape. The second rank Yanlong pulled back forcibly, rushing to the clone from the side like lightning, and only Yanlong's attack could resolve his crisis.

The flame dragon in the air rushed back, and the pressure on Ah-Dai was suddenly reduced. He concentrated all his thoughts on the clone. Can the Blade of Life Transformation with half his strength hurt this powerful magician? He didn't know, everything was only waiting for the next moment of energy collision to tell him.

Under the urging of his own fear, Lardas’ mental power played a powerful role. The second-turn Yanlong was not beyond his control. As the spiritual power of his magician erupted, Yan Long rushed back at twice the previous speed.

The Blade of Life Transformation came into contact with the flame of destruction of Lardas's body. The flame of destruction burst out with dazzling red glow, which formed a sharp contrast with the light green light of Transformation. The friction of energy made a sharp and harsh ear. The sound, the highest temperature of the flame of destruction cannot do anything to the magic guest star-the solid energy formed by the transformation, the one-foot-thick energy in front of Lardas quickly disappeared under the breakthrough of the blade of transformation. . But Yanlong was still on his way back. Dumb and Lardas have played against each other, and finally grasped the initiative.

As a magister, Lardas' magical strength has indeed reached an unfathomable realm. In this crisis, while controlling the flying flame dragon with the help of the fire spirit orb, he even chanted another spell. "Great Vulcan! As your most loyal servant, I beg you to use your endless divine power to defend your dignity.-Vulcan's Shield." Under the effect of the spell, the flames of destruction around his body Gradually changed, it turned into a faint golden color, and the place where the blade of surviving change was fast condensed, and the golden light gradually became crystal-like, beautiful arcs appeared, and huge golden shields appeared. . The Vulcan Shield formed by the flame of destruction is obviously much stronger than the white Vulcan Shield used by Keanu. With a light ding, all the flames of destruction on the periphery have disappeared, and the light green blades of birth and transformation are heavy. The cut was in the center of the Vulcan Shield in front of Lardas, deeply embedded in it, and the indestructible power of life and transformation broke out under the control of Duan, and the powerful impact made Lardas continue to retreat. , The pale golden Vulcan shield centered on the place where the Blade of Life and Change was cut, and cracks began to appear. As long as the attack continues, the solid fighting spirit as the magic guest star has a great chance to break Lardas' defenses, but at this time the second rank Flame Dragon also rushed back to Lardas.

All of Ah Du's mental power is used to control the clone attack. At this time, he can no longer control the clone to dodge. If he avoids the Yanlong, he will lose the best chance of defeating Lardas. With the protection of the Yanlong, I am afraid the clone It is no longer possible to rush in front of Lardas, so now he can only hope to break Lardas' strong defense before Yanlong hits the clone.

"Ah--" Ah-Dai yelled, the pale green light on the avatar was released, and the energy blade seemed to have strengthened a little more. The flame-red flame dragon finally arrived, and slammed into the avatar with a loud noise. From the side, the light green light and the red flame dragon erupted at the same time, and the raging energy scattered around their collision. Lardas' body was shaken out more than ten meters away, his face was abnormally pale, and the strong impact added At the same time, he used two magic beyond the seventh level, causing his mental power and body to bear a huge load, and he uttered a mouthful of blood with a wow.

The light gradually disappeared, and Ah Du’s clone was gone. Only the remaining energy of Rank 2 Flame Dragon remained in the air. The light golden Vulcan shield in front of Lardas was covered with fine cracks. At the end of the clone, In the attack, it was still not broken. His intrepidity made Ah-Dai's heart full of respect. He knew clearly that even if he was the one who had pounced just now, although he might break the defense of the Vulcan Shield under a full attack, he would inevitably be severely injured under the counterattack of the Second Rank Yanlong.

Lardas gasped slightly, an angry light flashing in his eyes. Since reaching the level of the Magister, he has never been driven to such an embarrassment by anyone. With the light green blade just now, he can clearly feel its terrifying attack power, if his Vulcan Shield has not resisted it. The last burst of energy is probably more than just injury. Practicing fire magic, his fiery temper, which had already been restrained due to the deepening of his cultivation many years ago, burst out again. The blond hair on his head was windless, and his eyes emitted a scorching light like the flames of destruction, and crossed his hands on him. Waving lightly in front of his chest, the Fire Spirit Orb gradually reduced in volume with the wave of his palm, and the red light originally released dimmed. Lardas bit his index finger under the surprised gaze of Dumb, and the **** index finger pointed to the dim Fire Spirit Orb without hesitation.

As soon as the red light appeared, the Fire Spirit Orb was actually glued to Lardas's finger, a sneer appeared on his face, and he even put the Fire Spirit Orb into his mouth. The fire spirit orb seemed to have been swallowed by him. The flame of destruction that Lardas had just condensed into the shield of the fire **** appeared again. His magic power seemed to be restored in an instant, and it became stronger, the surging destruction of Yan mended the pale golden Vulcan shield into a perfect condition, and a huge wall of fire three feet thick rose into the sky around his body.

A dumbfounded look at what Lardas had done. Due to the excessive consumption of mental power, bursts of fatigue continued to impact his body and mind. Facing this seemingly unbeatable opponent, he couldn't help but retreat a little. The powerlessness of not being able to use martial arts makes him uncomfortable, how eager he is to be able to use all his abilities to fight against each other to decide the outcome!

Xuan Yue looked at Laldas in shock, and muttered: "He and he are fused with the artifact, this, how is this possible, it turns out that he is already so powerful." She said the artifact. Fusion refers to a method in which the artifact and the user are completely integrated into one, and the user takes all the energy of the artifact for his own use and instantly enhances his own power. This approach is extremely dangerous. Once it fails, the user will be devoured by the artifact, and there is only one way to death. Even if it is used successfully, when the energy of the artifact is used up, the artifact will enter the dormant stage, and it will take at least three months to absorb the energy to recover. As the owner of the artifact, very few people will do this. Even if you want to merge with the artifact, you may not have that ability. The most important condition for fusion is to achieve the unity of man and machine. If it hadn't been for dumb to completely arouse Lardas' anger, he would not use this extreme method. Come to instantly enhance your magical ability. Xuan Yue has been with Phoenix Blood since she was a child, but after nearly twenty years, she was not sure that she could achieve this. She finally understood at this moment that although she had also reached the realm of a magister, compared with Lardas, there was still a certain distance, and the strength of this Lardas was definitely not inferior to her father. Her hand holding the angel's staff was full of sweat. Facing such a formidable opponent, how would Ah Dumb deal with it? No, I must remind him.

The Vulcan Shield in front of Lardas was sucked on his left arm as if weightless, he walked forward step by step, and stopped until the residual energy of the Second Flame Dragon, and a gloomy voice sounded. "Boy, what magic did you use just now?"

Dumbfounded, he didn't know how to answer, so he scratched his head and said, "That's space magic."

Lardas said coldly: "From the magic just now, you do have the strength of an elder, but the victory and defeat will only really start now. You can't defeat me. Come on, use all your power. , See if I can resist the power of the 9th Rank of the Yanlong." He raised his hands high and shouted: "The flame of destruction! Ascend, the third rank of the Yanlong." A whirlpool-like red energy called Raal. Das was the center of the sudden emergence, the flame dragon rushing into the air, huge burning energy suddenly burst, all the plants within a few hundred meters of the flame dragon as the center quickly withered, and the huge flame dragon appeared again. The strong energy made all the magicians around have a strong sense of fear.

Levi shouted: "All magicians retreat to the edge of the canyon. Those above the level of the Great Mage, use your magic to form a defensive enchantment." Lardas's fire magic is too powerful, in order to ensure that there are many magicians here. Safe, he had to immediately remind the magician present.

On the mainland Mage Union side, all except Xuan Yue quickly backed away, Xuan Yue’s voice rang from the bottom of Dumb’s heart, "Big brother, this old guy is going to work hard, he has already merged the magical fire spirit orb with himself, don’t force it. Ah! If it doesn't work, give up."

Dui's whole body was shaken, Xuan Yue's words aroused the arrogance deep in his heart. Facing such a powerful enemy, his mental power rose to an unprecedented peak state, and his eyes firmly fixed on the flame dragon that was gradually taking shape. The bones all over the body rattled, and the blue energy dragon that protected the body became clearer.

"Brother, let me come, let me help you deal with the enemy." A familiar and kind voice sounded after Xuan Yue, and Ah Dumb's heart moved. This is the voice of the holy evil! The holy evil, who had been sleeping in the blood of the dragon, awakened when Ah Du was in danger. The surging fighting spirit kept pouring into Ah Du's heart from the blood of the dragon.

Dui nodded slightly and raised his right hand. The white vitality shot out like light magic, and a huge six-pointed star was drawn in front of him like lightning. Dui chanted indifferently: "With the blood of a dragon To lead, open the door of time and space." The blue light shone suddenly, and a fuzzy figure flew out and landed in the center of the white six-pointed star. The figure gradually grew bigger and became clearer, the huge figure gradually broke free from the shackles of the artifact, showing its original appearance.

"Wow--" The loud dragon chant sounded, and the sound reverberated continuously in the canyon. A huge silver-gray body appeared, and the strong momentum formed a sharp contrast with the burning energy of the flame dragon. It is the first holy evil dragon with golden eyes in the world-holy evil.

The holy evil in front of him is so familiar and kind. Dui clearly felt its power, and its body seemed to have changed again. The dense scales on the huge body that was more than ten meters long shone with Under the radiant white light, it is full of sacred aura. The seven pointed horns on the back are obviously different, especially the one on the forehead, which has changed from dazzling gold to dark gold, and the length has exceeded half a meter. It is longer than the other sharp corners, the spiral texture is clearly visible, and the surging energy continues to flow from the dark golden corner.

"Dragon——, this is not magic, this is a real dragon!" I don't know who was the first to exclaim.

"Is there really a creature like a dragon! This, is this a summoning magic? How is it possible?" Exclamation kept coming from the camps of both magicians, and every magician was filled with the appearance of the holy evil Was surprised.

The holy evil seemed to be responding to the surprise of the magicians, and roared up to the sky, his wings spread out to ten meters wide, the huge dragon wings flapped lightly, and the ground suddenly flew sand and rocks.

The three elders, Fengzhi, Yuyuan, and Gutian, felt for the first time that they had the possibility of winning. Looking at the huge "Silver Dragon", they were all excited and speechless, and their bodies trembled slightly. Dragon, he really has the ability to summon dragons.

The appearance of the holy evil suddenly caused the powerful Lardas to stagnate, staring at the huge creature in front of him in amazement, with wandering gazes in his eyes.

Chapter 112: Golden despair

Dui clearly felt that if he didn't use the sword of Hades, Sheng Xie was stronger than his state when he was in the eighth rebirth of True Qi in his cultivation path. Even the current self is not much stronger than Sheng Xie. That's all, in the case of using martial arts all-out, the dragon, after all, is the most powerful creature on the mainland. With the presence of the holy evil that surpassed his nine success powers, his heart was finally relieved a lot, and the holy evil who had grown up might not necessarily lose to that Yanlong.

In the days when he left the psychedelic forest, Shengxie has completely repaired the damage to his body caused by the use of the dragon curse. It has not been idle for more than two years of sleep. Whenever Dumb uses the sword of Hades At the same time, he will absorb part of the evil air, and the light element absorbed by the dragon’s blood is transformed into sacred energy and continuously nourishes its body. The two completely different energies of sacred and evil are in him. The body is continuously fused. After waking up, he will completely absorb the remaining energy after helping him recover his body, and once again evolve successfully. He has entered the second half of the growth period, and his strength has been greatly improved.

Although Lardas was surprised, he would not be intimidated by the huge creature in front of him. With a cold snort, he used the powerful magic power after the fusion of the artifact to urge the three-turned flame dragon in the mid-air to pounce towards the holy evil. I thought to myself, I want to see if my flame dragon is powerful, or the dragon summoned is powerful.

Facing the scorching flame dragon, the holy evil roared, and a gray dragon breath sprayed out with two opposite auras of sacred and evil, condensed into a gray energy band in the air, and instantly bombarded the flames dragon’s chest. .

The body of the Yanlong came to a halt in the bombardment of the dragon's breath. The powerful corrosive power of the dragon's breath continued to erode the fire energy of the Yanlong. The flame of destruction and the dragon's breath of the holy evil were constantly entangled. The energy drops sharply during corrosion.

The breath of the dragon was exhausted, and the body of the rank three flame dragon was only less than half the size of the previous one. The holy evil roared and his wings shook. The earth seemed to tremble with the vibration of the dragon's wings, and it suddenly rose from the ground. He slammed into the weakened Yanlong. With a loud noise, the huge sharp horns on the head of Shengxie pierced the Yanlong. The surging silver energy suddenly radiated from the body of the Yanlong, and the body of the Yanlong It flew out into a red glow.

Dumb was overjoyed. Even if he used his life to change his hand, the effect was nothing. Since facing the Yanlong, he has been persecuted and hard to resist. Shengxie really breathed out for himself!

Although the holy evil repulsed the Yanlong, it itself was not comfortable. The burning energy of the flame of destruction, even its powerful body, was difficult to bear, and the bursts of burning heat continued to erode his scales and In his body, the silver scales were slightly reddish, and a faint blue smoke rose, and the holy evil fell heavily in front of Ah-Dai, constantly running his dragon power to dissolve the uncomfortable burning feeling.

The Holy Evil destroyed the Rank 3 Yanlong, and the mainland magician union party was suddenly excited, and they finally saw the hope of victory.

Lardas stared at the remaining energy of Rank Three Flame Dragon dumbfounded, and his firm confidence in him was shaken for the first time. He gritted his teeth and sang quickly while the holy evil had not recovered from the burning energy of the flame of destruction. Said: "Great God of Fire! Please allow me to use bursting fire, borrow your endless fire power, and break through the bottleneck of fire." With the singing of the spell, his body gradually rose from the ground. Floating and hanging one meter above the ground, under his feet, a red six-pointed star gradually appeared. Against the backdrop of the red light, Lardas was as mighty as the **** of fire came to the world. He put his hands together. On his chest, he muttered something, the red six-pointed star kept shining, and the huge magical energy enveloped Lardas' body like a flame. With a wave of his left hand, the Vulcan Shield disappeared in the red glow.

Suddenly, Lardas opened his eyes, the original anger disappeared, and a dazzling red glow lit up on his forehead. His voice became unusually flat, and it resounded clearly in the canyon, "Boy, although I don’t I know why you have such a powerful strength, but I really admire you. It really surprised me that you can achieve such an achievement at your age. I have not used my full strength for 30 years. I remember the last time Fight with all my strength when I competed with that guy Bienrouge. Today, let me use my full strength to fight with you again. How much a magician who has reached my level is eager to have a rival that can be matched! Come on, Let us decide the outcome with one move, and see if your summoning magic is strong, or my fire magic attack is strong. Rotate, the flames of ascending." The red light under his feet flashed suddenly, fiery red light. Laldas' body was completely wrapped in a whirlpool, and a huge energy column with a diameter of three meters rose into the sky, accurately hitting the remaining energy of the Yanlong in the air.

Under the ray of flame, the Bilu Canyon became as delicate as the day. The flame dragon in the sky gradually formed, and the volume gradually expanded with the infusion of vortex energy. The hot air currents centered on the flame dragon. Continuously radiating outwards, all the magicians forced by the surging heat chanted their strongest defensive magic. For a time, various energies shone continuously on both sides of the canyon, and the brilliant colors brought strangeness to the Bilu Canyon. Light. All the plants in the canyon gradually withered and turned into coke as the heat spread. Their vitality was constantly disappearing under the powerful fire energy of Lardas.

Dumb felt that the holy evil was about to rush out to attack Lardas in the air, and hurriedly flew up and stopped in front of it. He understood what Lardas said just now. Since he wants a trick to determine the outcome, how can he be What about sneak attacks when the opponent is accumulating power? There was a firm look in Ah Du’s eyes, stimulating the energy in the body, wrapping his body with vitality, and flying in the air like Laldas, wrapped in white light, suspended beside the holy evil. He took out his own dragon's blood from the collar, looked confidently at the huge pillar of flame in front of him, the blue dragon of the protective body shone brightly, dumb clearly felt the energy in the dragon's blood fluctuate in excitement, blue The golden badge on the gemstone flashed with a hint of light, and a golden symbol suddenly appeared on the forehead of the blue dragon covering A'Dai's body. An unusually surging divine power instantly spread throughout A'Dai's body, making him feel that his whole body was big. After shaking, the blue dragon's body became clearer, not only restored the energy of the previous covering, but also strengthened its defenses, completely isolating the heat coming from the face, and layers of blue crystal-like scales shone lightly. Fluorescence, the roar was deafening like thunder, the blue dragon opened its huge mouth and sprayed out a puff of blue smoke. The smoke formed a faint barrier around Duan's body, and the blue dragon was hidden in the blue smoke. In the enchantment, the body of Dumb was protected.

Although Duan was surprised by the changes in his body, he had no time to think too much at this time. The power of the flame dragon of Lardas continued to grow, and he had to come up with corresponding countermeasures to counter it. The holy evil voice sounded in his heart, "Brother, why don't you let me attack him! His fire dragon is so strong!"

Dumb smiled bitterly: "This is a fair test, he is accumulating power now, we can't sneak attack! Come on, I will use the blood of the dragon to match your breath to see if I can withstand his flame dragon attack."

"Brother, I’m afraid not. The power of his flame dragon is too strong, and it is still condensing fire elements. Once formed, I am afraid that the energy of the dragon’s blood and I can’t resist it. Brother, you put your energy Inject it into my body. Let's fight against him together. Maybe we can win him."

Duan nodded, and floated behind the holy evil. He doesn't have any powerful magic. The light attack magic transformed by the blood of the dragon can't compete with Lardas who has reached the realm of the magister. Hear the opinions of Shengxie. The golden body in the dantian trembled violently with the urging of Ah-Dai. The surging vitality instantly spread all over his body. Ah-Dai yelled. Under his urging, the blue enchantment of the dragon-covered dragon brought himself and the holy The evil is completely enclosed, so that others cannot see their actions one by one from the outside. The white Shengshengzhen Qi was transformed into a pure energy under his deliberate urging, which was input into its body from the back of the holy evil. Sheng Xie's whole body shook, and the silver-gray scales suddenly exuded a strange look. With the support of Shengshengqi, it raised its two front paws to make a hug, and the sound of dragons wafted out of the big mouth continuously, and the sound of cadence and frustration sounded like music, and the seven sharp corners behind it lit up. There was a strong golden light, and golden induced electricity gathered around the dragon's horns to the point of the horns. The wings of the sacred evil spread, and the voice of the dragon's chant gradually changed from low to high, and the clear voice continued to echo in the valley. Dui clearly felt that the extremely powerful sacred energy was rapidly condensed in the barrier of the dragon covering With. After a while, a small golden energy ball was condensed at the top of the seven pointed horns of Shengxie, and the blue energy of the dragon covering was dyed golden by the surging golden light.

An endless source of vitality was input into the holy evil from the hands of Ah-Dai. As Ah-Dai's true energy continued to weaken, the sacred power emanating from the holy evil became stronger and stronger. A move in Ah-Dai’s heart made him feel the holy evil. It seems to be doing the same thing as when the Dark City broke through, but there are some differences.

Yes, what Shengxie uses this time is still the dragon curse that its ability cannot reach. Compared with the golden swallow used last time, the curse this time is not weak. With the memory of the spiritual imprint in the dragon soul, he is the first This time, he used the strong single attack of the dragon curse. With the dragon's roar that has turned into a sharp sound, Sheng Xie slowly lowered his big head. With the support of the endless source of vitality from Adu, it has Full confidence can complete this spell.

Dumb remembered that the last time the holy evil had fallen asleep for more than two years, he couldn't help but feel uneasy. Through the spiritual connection between the two, he asked: "Xiao Xie, do you want to use the magic from the last time? The body has an impact."

"Brother, don't worry, no, with your energy support, I am sure to use this magic, not to mention this single attack saves energy compared to the spell I used last time, there is no time, you speed up the energy Send it to me."

Ah Dui sighed secretly, now he can only follow Xiao Xie's meaning, he takes a deep breath, in order to prevent the holy evil from being harmed, he desperately input the vitality of his body into the holy evil body, reaching the ninth level After the realm of life and death, Ah Dui used his full strength for the first time. His body absorbed the free energy in the air like a sea of rivers. After the transformation of the golden body, it was quickly input into the body of the holy evil, and the true energy was like the Yangtze River. It will never be exhausted.

Lardas devoted himself to the flame dragon he released, and he didn't have time to take care of what Duan was doing. As the whirlpool-like flames of destruction continued to fill the body of the flame dragon, he began to sing about his last Spell.

"Inflammation-Dragon-Four-Turn-Shock-Heaven-Earth -." With his low and rhythmic voice, the swirling flame of destruction gradually changed from the original red It gradually turned into a blue color, and the body of the flame dragon, which was regaining energy in the air, spun lightly. After a slight pause, the huge body hovered around and seemed to swell again.

"Yan-Dragon-Five-Turn-Extinction-Yan-Jie -." The color changed again, from blue to purple, Yan Long's body grew to more than 30 meters long, in the air Circling and dancing, the surging fire energy rages, and the Bilu Canyon has become a piece of scorched earth. However, Lardas' spell did not end.

"Yan-Dragon-Six-Zhuan-Yan-Zhuan-Sheng -."

"Yan-Dragon-Seven-Zhuan-God-Demon-Fear -."

Lardas' voice stopped abruptly. With the chanting of the spell, the flame dragon in the air had turned from purple to black, from black to white, and the energy accumulated by the flame of destruction that compressed the seventh turn was so huge, two All the magicians in the Mage Guild felt unprecedented pressure. Both parties concentrated the power of hundreds of magicians to barely resist the raging extreme heat. Some people were surprised to find that the ground in the valley was scorching hot. The energy is gradually sinking, the surface soil has turned into fly ash, and traces of dry and cracked appear on the bottom soil, within a range of thousands of square meters, completely occupied by the heat.

Lardas took a deep breath. The Seventh Rank Flame Dragon was close to the limit he could bear, and the energy from the fusion with the Fire Spirit Orb was rapidly dissolving. He was almost unable to support it, but in order to win the final victory, In order to defend the title of the first attacking magician in his own continent, he resolutely chanted a spell he had never used before, and shouted bitterly:


The flame dragon in the air has undergone tremendous changes. The body, which had been expanded to nearly sixty meters in length, shrank suddenly and sharply. The white light gradually condensed into crystals and turned into a crystal flame dragon made of solid magic energy. His body was shining with silver light, and his appearance looked somewhat similar to Sheng Xie. A huge roar sounded, and the thick voice and Sheng Xie's long roar became interesting, echoes continued to radiate in the canyon, The surrounding mountain walls shivered under these two huge energies. The eighth rank flame dragon hovered in the void, and the vortex energy emitted by Lardas had disappeared. He fell to the ground, and the overdrawn magic power made him weakly close to the edge of fainting, and barely supported his body with his arms. Looking at the huge flame dragon he released with satisfaction, he panted slightly. He has reached the highest power of fire magic, and he has already become a member of the fire element. Even if his body is extremely weak, the raging fire energy cannot harm him at all. The reason why he used such a powerful magic by overdrawing, He is not only for the final victory of this competition, but more importantly, because the appearance of Duan has already made him feel a powerful threat. He wants to kill this young man who can threaten the Tianjin Mage Guild he founded. In the cradle, murderous intent lingered in his heart, he had long been unable to care about the consequences, and he had forgotten what Levi had said to the end. He sent an attacking message to the Rank 8 Flame Dragon in the air. This was the last energy of his mental power. As his mental power dried up, cold sweat fell on Lardas’ forehead, and he was unwilling to pass out like this. Supporting his body entirely by his will, he wants to see how powerful the Rank 8 Flame Dragon he has released desperately is, and he also needs to see how the youth who can summon the dragon is released by him. Turn Yanlong swallowed. The Eighth Rank Yanlong already had the power close to the curse.

Xuan Yue looked at Ah-Dai worriedly. The huge heat energy brought by the Eighth Rank Yanlong made her have to resist. With her powerful spiritual power, she told Ah-Dai that if he could not withstand the Yanlong attack, Just use Corris' wish to teleport him and the holy evil to his side, and he can resist the Yanlong.

Dui heard Xuanyue's voice, but now he has no ability to use the wish of Corris anymore. The continuous extraction of the holy evil has almost exhausted his vitality, and all his spiritual power is used to help the golden body in the dantian condense energy. , The light of the golden body has gradually dimmed. Even if he had the ability to teleport himself and the holy evil to Xuan Yue's side, he would not do that. He never wanted Xuan Yue to resist a terrible attack for himself.

Dumb was surprised to find that the bridge between the second golden body and the golden body appeared to transmit energy again. The second golden body seemed to be continuously transmitting its energy to the energy-deficient golden body, but its volume was extremely slow. Shrinking. Dumb was pleasantly surprised to know that as long as he can smoothly tide over the difficulties before him, his skill will surely make further progress.

At the same time that the Yanlong was transforming into the eighth turn, the sacred evil dragon curse also reached the final stage of fusion. The seven solid-like golden energy **** continued to condense, and flew away from the dragon horns under the urging of the sacred evil. It rises, fusing above the largest dragon horn on Shengxie’s head, and the huge golden energy gradually falls suddenly, submerged from the golden horn of Shengxie into its body like lightning, and the scales of Shengxie’s body stand upright. The body completely turned golden, golden eyes opened, and two rays of light shot the eighth rank flame dragon in the air.

Dui felt that Sheng Xie was pumping his own vitality at an unprecedented speed, and the energy in his body could no longer be replenished. The strong sense of weakness caused his body to spasm slightly, and a strand of blood flowed down. The sacred energy of the holy evil suddenly exploded, and the huge energy shock threw A'Dai's body away, and the outer blue dragon-covered enchantment also broke away. The blue energy protected A'Dai so that he would not be able to. Was injured by the fiery energy of Rank Eight Yanlong.

In the middle of the canyon, one gold and one silver two dragons of similar size stared at each other. The frantic raging energy brought a strong breath of death to the earth. The Eighth-turned Flame Dragon moved, it roared, and its body was like a silver meteorite. The same swiftly slammed into the holy evil on the ground, a smile of disdain appeared at the corner of Shengxie's mouth, "Ka-wow-Yi -" the last three notes of Dragon Curse chanted. Dragon King Xeon’s single attack-golden despair, was finally completed. The phantom of the holy evil suddenly appeared and separated from its body. A golden energy dragon identical to the holy evil separated from the holy evil. The golden wings spread out and flew up, in the clear singing voice. Suddenly crashed into Rank 8 Yanlong.

The golden eyes of the holy evil, the dumb who fell to the ground, the surprised Xuanyue, and everyone in the mainland magician union secretly prayed for the golden energy dragon. Their eyes continued to rise with the golden dragon, victory and peace Failure in one fell swoop.

Laldas, who is tired and weak, and reluctantly perseveres, Corison, who is full of complex emotions in his heart, and everyone in the Tianjin Mage Guild are all clamoring for the silver rank eight flame dragon, their eyes follow that The silver body gradually declined.

When the hundreds of pairs of eyes on both sides were concentrated in the air, all the energy condensing dumb, holy evil, Lardas, and Fire Spirit Orb finally collided in the air. Time seemed to have completely stopped at this moment, and the sky went dark. It seemed that everything had disappeared, and the pause seemed to last for a few seconds. The unusually dazzling light exploded with the loud sound, booming——————

Amid the loud bang, Ah-Dai's heart was shocked, and the blue enchantment of the Shenlong body shook violently. His body oscillated with the irresistible energy and floated out, and the meridians all over his body seemed to be torn. The cracking pain, at the moment before he fainted, he clearly saw that a mist of blood erupted from the whole body of the holy evil, which turned into a silver light in the sound of sorrow and returned to the blood of the dragon and disappeared. A dumb felt a great pain in his heart. , Although he felt that Sheng Xie was not dead, the wounds of Sheng Xie made him more sad than he was injured. With the violent concussion, his eyes went dark and he passed out.

The result of the collision between Golden Despair and Rank 8 Flame Dragon is evenly matched. From the perspective of its own energy, if Lardas can complete the ninth turn of the Yanlong, then his magic has reached a perfect state, becoming a strong forbidden curse, but even if he incorporates the magical fire spirit Zhu, but still can only complete the eighth turn of Promise, which prevents Yanlong from reaching the highest realm. After Ah-Dai reached the ninth stage of Shengshengjue, his overall strength was not weaker than that of Lardas. He put all his energy into the body of the holy evil, and the dragon language forbidden curse that helped the holy evil complete should be slightly stronger from the realm. The ninth rank of Yanlong in Lardas. It's a pity that Ah Dui has just entered the ninth stage of life transformation, and the holy evil is still in the growth stage, so together, they failed to exert all the abilities of the golden despair. In the end, they only battled the eighth rank flame dragon. It was a tie.

Under the traction of the Qi machine, Sheng Xie was hit hard. Before the explosion energy came, he resolutely controlled his body to return to the blood of the dragon and fell into a deep sleep. Although Lardas itself is unable to defend, the biggest feature of the magic of Yanlong Nine Ranks is that it is difficult to completely eliminate the energy of the Yanlong before completing the Nine Ranks. After the eighth rank Yanlong and the golden despair cancel each other out, Under the urging of Lardas’ fear, the remaining energy condensed in front of him, blocking the deadly shock wave for him, but the energy of the Yanlong completely disappeared. Lardas wants to recover his best The state, at least three months of rest, while Duan fainted, the mental power was exhausted and the shock wave's aftershocks caused the continent's number one attack magician to faint.

Compared to the exhausted dumb and Lardas, the people of the two wizards' unions are much better. Although the strength of these hundreds of magicians cannot be compared with the two, their combined strength is still considerable. The colorful enchantment blocks the weakened shock waves for them, except for a few weak magicians. Except for the blood injury, most people survived the disaster safely. However, the mountains surrounding the Bilu Canyon were destroyed by this strong shock wave, and nearly one-tenth of the mountains were destroyed. The raging energy completely turned those mountains into powder and swallowed them, and the remaining mountain walls around the canyon became abnormal. Smooth, looks extremely weird.

At the moment when Ah-Dai and Sheng Xie separated, Xuan Yue felt that the huge energy contained in Sheng Xie's body was not weaker than that of the Rank 8 Flame Dragon released by Lardas, and her heart was set, when the two energy of gold and silver were in the air. When she collided, she used the blood of the Phoenix and the magic of the sacred light system to condense into a thick defensive wall in front of her. Originally, she wanted to drag Ah-Dai into her own defense, but the power of the shock wave was too great and shocked her. Flying out, I could only watch Ah-Dai being shocked like myself.

The raging energy gradually disappeared, Xuan Yue rushed out desperately, and took the paralyzed Duan into her arms. She didn't spare her magic power, and continued to treat Duan with light magic. She found that Duan It's just that the energy has been consumed by the drama, and there is no real harm, so I can relax.


I don’t know how long it took. Ah-Dai gradually woke up from the fainting. He found himself in a spacious room. The decoration of the room was very simple. The white walls seemed so clean. He moved his body slightly, feeling weak. Uncomfortable, a blue shadow caught his attention, and he barely looked sideways. The blue figure was Xuanyue. She was lying on the bed, sleeping very sweetly, her eyebrows wrinkled slightly, as if she was sleeping It's not stable in China. Dumb's heart warmed, he knew that Xuan Yue was worried for herself! Thinking of her rejection of Yueyue, she couldn't help but sigh inwardly, why is Xuan Ri being so good to herself like his sister? I'm so sorry Yueyue!

As if feeling the fluctuations in the energy of Dui, Xuan Yue's body trembled, and she woke up from the haziness, and the misty expression in her eyes gradually became clear. When she saw Dui Zheng staring at her for a second, she couldn't help being surprised. : "Brother, you are awake. How do you feel? Is there anything uncomfortable."

Xuanyue's eager concern made Ah Du's nose sore, and her eyes flushed, "Good brother, don't worry, I'm fine."

Xuan Yue said relievedly: "It's okay, it really scares me to death. If you have something, what can I do!" After saying this, Xuan Yue's face suddenly turned red, and she hurriedly lowered her head. The blue long hair of her shawl blocked her awkward expression, her heart was constantly colliding like a deer, and she was extremely shy.

A strange thing rose from the bottom of Dumb's heart, his body's strength gradually recovered, he scratched his head, and said, "Brother, how did the test result? Did I win or lose?"

Xuanyue’s agitated mood gradually calmed down, combing her scattered long hair with a hairband of the same color behind her back, smiling and saying: “The result may be what you hope most. The Tianjin Empire Mage Union did not win, and neither did the Mainland Mage Union. If you lose, you and Lardas both fainted. All the magicians present were shocked by the powerful strength of the two of you. Even the scenery in the canyon was changed by the last impact. It was a devastating force. It’s horrible. I’ve never imagined that human power could cause such a scene. In the end, the alchemist named Levy decided that you would make a peace. Neither side was in the mood to compare anymore, and the result would be nothing. Know, who It was still a magician union on the side of the road. After this test, the two sides seemed to be less hostile. The magician named Grizon also said to come and find What about you? Do you know him? Ah! Colisson, isn't he related to your teacher, Colisson?"

Dumb sighed, and said, "Gorison is the teacher's only direct brother. I didn't expect that he would fight with him in the end. Lardas deserves to be the number one attacking magician in the mainland. His level is too strong, if not the last one. I used Sheng Xie to help Sheng Xie withstand his attack. I am afraid I will lose. If I only use magic, I am afraid that ten of me are not his opponents."

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "Brother, you don't need to belittle yourself. Everyone has their own specialties. Even if there is no holy evil, as long as you use the thunder that defeated the Four Skeletons, you may not lose to him. Rank Eight Flame Dragon, but fortunately, if he really has the ability to use Rank Nine Flame Dragon, I'm afraid you will be over. That old guy is really vicious! He wants your life completely. He is fused with Fire Spirit. Zhu's strength is probably slightly better than Dad."

Duan sat up with Xuan Yue's support and said, "Brother, where are we? Is it a hotel?"

Xuan Yue said: "Big brother, you are so stupid! We have helped the Mainland Mage Union so much, why would they let us stay in the hotel? This is the Mainland Mage Union, so please take care of yourself and wait until you are better. Let's leave. Those elders are extremely grateful to you, and they keep saying that your magic cultivation is advanced, and that some union has you, it is really the union's conviction, and there is no need to be afraid of Lardas in the future. If they know you are awake, they will definitely come over to thank you."

After temporarily resolving the dispute between the two magician unions, Dumb felt a lot more relaxed, and smiled and said, "Thanks, no more, as long as there is no dispute between the two unions in the future, I will be content. When my skills are restored, we will leave as soon as possible. Okay. By the way, have I been dizzy for a long time?"

Xuan Yue shook her head and said: "It's not a long time to pull Compared to Shengxie's sleeping skills, you are still far behind, just two days and two nights."

When Xuanyue mentioned Shengxie, Ah Dui's heart became tense, and said: "I don't know if Xiaoxie's damage this time is serious or not. It has fallen asleep again. Don't sleep for two more years! Blame me! , If I don’t care about so much and use the sky thunder directly, Xiao Xie will not get hurt."

Xuan Yue said: "I saw the way Xiaoxie was injured. It doesn't seem that the injury was very serious. Is the magic he used the dragon curse that you mentioned to me before? It's really powerful, I think, there is you He Shengshengzheng support, it shouldn't sleep for too long, as long as he wakes up before we reach the Death Mountain, it will do."

Duan nodded and said, "Brother, you have been taking care of me here. It's been too hard, so take a rest. Your mana was also consumed a lot that day."

Xuanyue nodded. For the past two days, she had been guarding Dui's side and did not dare to leave. At this time, Dui was fine, and her body and mind continued to feel tired. She yawned and said, "Then let's be together. Let’s practice, I’ll meditate first.” After finishing speaking, he took off his shoes and climbed onto the bed, sat opposite Dumb, chanted a few spells softly, and entered a state of meditation. The white sacred light looked dimmer than usual, wrapped Xuan Yue's body slowly absorbed the light element in the air.

Chapter 11 the divine light is flowing, and all the vitality in the body is gradually revived under the effect of the vitality.


Oliveira walked outside the room where Dah was resting. It has been three days since he came back from Bilu Canyon, but Dah and Xuanyue have never left the room. The skill displayed by Dah and Xuanyue that day was full of incomparable shock in his heart. , He knew for the first time that magic could produce such a powerful power to destroy the sky and the earth. The entire Billou Canyon was almost destroyed in the final collision between Lardas and Dumb, if it were not for the fusion of many magicians. Boundary blocked the shock wave, I am afraid that no one can come back alive./In the Mainland Mage Guild, no elder can compare to the cultivation bases of Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue, especially the silver dragon summoned by Ah-Dai. Lardas, the magister with the strongest attack on the mainland, contends. The strength he possesses is unimaginable. Oliveira made up his mind that no matter what, he would worship them as teachers and learn from them the true knowledge of magic. He secretly I swear that one day, I will also reach the realm of dumb and lardas.

Before he walked to the door of the room where Dah was resting, Oliveira clearly felt the huge energy contained in the room, and she couldn't help being slightly surprised. In order to let Dah rest at ease, Elder Fengzhi specially arranged him on the mainland. The quietest room in the wizards' guild, and ordered any wizards not to disturb them, Oliveira also sneaked over. He cautiously walked outside the door, feeling the huge energy contained in the room, impatient with curiosity, and couldn't help but gently open the door to a gap.

A sacred breath hit his face, almost making Oliveira hard to breathe. He hurriedly applied a few low-level wind defensive magic to himself, which stabilized his figure. Look inward. The situation in the room made him almost exclaimed. Duan and Xuanyue sat on both sides of the big bed, respectively, wrapped in white and golden light. Because the light was too strong, he could not tell which side was Duan. It's Xuan Yue. That surging energy is only radiating from those two beams of light. In the golden light, there seemed to be a pair of golden feathers flapping gently, and every rhythm would cause fluctuations in the room. The sacred breath gave people a feeling of incomparable tranquility. The white light on the opposite side of the golden light circulates continuously in a spiral shape. Although it does not have the strong sacred aura of the golden light group, the thicker energy shows its intensity. The vision is so magical in Oliveira's eyes. The complex feelings of admiration, admiration, and reverence are constantly filling his body and mind. His desire for power has never been so strong as now.

Oliveira knew that it was Dumb and Xuan Yue who were meditating, and they should not be disturbed. My heart moved, since the two teachers are cultivating, I'm afraid they won't be able to wake up in a moment. In order to show my sincerity in apprenticeship, why not stay here and protect the law for them? In this case, when they wake up and see my existence, they may accept me as a disciple. Thinking of this, Oliveira couldn't help showing a triumphant smile at the corner of his mouth. He found a chair from the trade union, and took his wind **** rod to guard the law piously outside the rooms of Ah-Dai and Xuanyue.

The Holy See, the Hall of Light.

After listening to Ba Buyi's narration, the pope's expression was unusually solemn, Xuan Ye and Na Yan stood respectfully on both sides of the pope, their surprised eyes flickering, and the reappearance of the Dark Demon greatly shocked the upper echelons of the Holy See. How can they not pay attention to the race that brought disaster to the mainland thousands of years ago?

The pope groaned: "It seems that the thousand-year catastrophe is approaching, and we cannot sit and watch. Perhaps this catastrophe was caused by the dark demons. Since they dare to reappear and kill humans, then our guardians of gods We must defend the dignity of mankind. At the beginning, the benevolence of His Majesty Divine Feather did not exhaust the dark demons, but only limited their ability to reproduce. Now, after thousands of years of recuperation, they will bring new calamities to the mainland. We must not Watch. Xuan Ye, Na Yan."

Hearing the pope's call, Xuan Ye and Na Yan hurriedly stepped forward and respectfully saluted the pope, waiting for his instructions.

The cold light flashed from the Pope’s eyes, and he said faintly: “Since the Dark Demon has not given up, let’s complete his mission for His Majesty Divine Feather, pass on the Pope’s order, and order the red clothes to worship Xuan Ye. Na Yan, led six white-clothed rituals, presiding judge Xuanyuan led deputy presiding judge Baburon, four holy judges, twenty bright judges, and 200 ordinary judges, and led a thousand holy knights to Sooyu The Tianyuan Clan of the Federation is looking for the whereabouts of the Dark Demon. Once they find the Dark Demon's lair, they will clear all their clansmen, and they must not let one go." His low voice has already determined the Dark Demon's fate in a brief command.

Xuan Ye and Na Yan trembled in their hearts at the same time. The Pope’s words were equivalent to imposing a death sentence on the Dark Demon. Two sacrifices in red, six sacrifices in white, and the presiding judge personally acted, equivalent to dispatching nearly half of the Holy See’s strength. For many years, the Holy See has never taken such a big action, not to mention there are a thousand holy knights. Although these holy knights are not as strong as the judges, they are also much stronger than ordinary humans who practice martial arts, especially their self. The sacred vindictive spirit cultivated under the guidance of the Holy See is even the guest star of the Dark Demon.

Xuan Ye hesitated and said, "Your Majesty, are you sure we want to wipe out the Dark Demon?"

The pope closed his eyes and said faintly: "I will pray for their blasphemous souls. For the survival of mankind, we cannot have reservations. When we break, we should be broken. Xuan Ye, you must understand this truth, we cannot give the dark Whenever the devil can take advantage of the opportunity, the great **** will approve of my approach. Okay, act now. I will give you three months. If there is any abnormal situation, I will report it immediately. At the same time, send my order, He ordered the red clothes to worship Manxiu and Yuma immediately return to the Holy See to wait for orders." After a pause, he turned to Babuyi, his deep eyes showed approving eyes, and smiled: "No, this time you reported that you did a good job in time. , You also participated in this operation, hope you can do something, don’t humiliate your grandfather and your father’s reputation. I am waiting for your good news. As for the Yueyue side, I will take care of it."

Ba Buyi said respectfully: "Yes, Lord Pope. Actually, thanks to Yueyue’s discovery of the Dark Demon, I dare not take credit for it. My Lord, Pope, if Yueyue returns to the Holy See, please help me tell her and just say , Just say..." He flushed, brewing for a long time, but still didn't have the courage to say what was in his heart.

The pope smiled and said: "Okay, go, I understand what you mean. Xuanye, this action must be done in secret, and the dark demon must not be prepared in advance, understand? This is related to the Holy See. Prestige, this action is based on the chief judge Xuanyuan, and you and Nayan offer sacrifices. As for the supply, Brother Nayan is in charge, and the power of the Holy See on the mainland is up to you to mobilize."

"Yes, Lord Pope." After the three bowed and bowed, they withdrew from the Hall of Light, Xuan Ye and Na Yan felt extremely heavy. They clearly understood that this action was too important for the Holy See.

The pope sighed slightly as they looked at their leaving back, and said to himself: "Dark Demon, Dark Demon. Is it because I am too sensitive? Why do I always think that the appearance of Dark Demon is not so simple." For the first time since the Pope, he felt uneasy in his heart. As the person closest to the gods, he knew clearly that without the aid of the savior, the thousand-year calamity would not be able to survive, but in order to preserve the heritage of the Holy See in the catastrophe, he had to kill the Dark Demon with all his heart.

A dumb figure emerged in the pope's heart. Is that dull boy really the savior? He has been worrying about this problem all the time. If it is, then there is nothing wrong with letting Yueyue go to him. Dumb, I hope you don't live up to my expectations of you. As long as it can be proved that you are indeed the second savior of His Majesty Divine Feather, I will do my best to support you with all the power of the Holy See, so as to survive the thousand-year catastrophe.

It was already evening when Babuyi returned to the Holy See. At this moment, the sky was already dark, and a bright moon hung high in the sky, bringing a ray of light to the dark night.

After leaving the Guangming Hall, Xuan Ye smiled and said to Babuyi: "No, you did a good job this time. The Pope seems to like you very much. You have to work hard."

Ba Buyi said respectfully: "Yes, Uncle Xuan Ye, I will."

Xuan Ye nodded in relief, looked at the handsome Ba Buyi, and was very satisfied. This is her ideal son-in-law candidate! I really don’t know what my daughter thinks. What’s so good about that stupid dumb? How could it be better than the shangba not according to young age, "No, this time you see Yueyue, what did she tell you? That's dumb. How about your kid?"

As soon as he heard the name of Dui, Babuyi frowned, but he felt relieved when he remembered that Xuanyue was about to leave that silly boy who was nowhere to be compared to him, and quickly explained what happened when he saw Xuanyue. .

After listening to Ba Buyi’s narration, Xuan Ye’s heart moved. His daughter knew best. He faintly felt that Xuan Yue said that the disappearance of her feelings for Dumb was not true. I must not let Yueyue get entangled with that stupid boy again, sighed, and said: "This girl! She is too disobedient, not, I know you have been very good to Yueyue. Let's do this, this You must do some credit for the action of destroying the Dark Demon the next time. Your uncle will help you. After returning to the Holy See, I will immediately explain to the Pope, asking him to give you Yueyue as his wife. In this way, I have a piece of cake. What's up is to explain to your father, so I don’t need him to keep asking me. Father-in-law, what do you think?" He has secretly decided that even if Xuanyue is unwilling, he must not let her stay with that dumb again. He is right Dui's prejudice can't be changed. He absolutely doesn't want to see his daughter with someone who holds the sword of the world to the evil underworld, and may turn into a demon at any time. What's more, how do you deserve your own daughter as a dumb? With only Yueyue's words, he couldn't believe that Ah-Dai was the messenger of the gods. What's more, the savior is nothing but a vague thing in his heart. Even if he is a loyal believer of the gods, he does not take it seriously. He has absolute confidence in the huge strength of the Holy See. He firmly believes that even if the Dark Demon had recovered thousands of years ago It is impossible to confront the current Holy See.

Na Yan smiled slightly, and said: "We watched to grow up with Buyi. Among the younger generation of the Holy See, he is the only one who can accompany last month. I agree with your opinion. I think the pope will not object. of."

Ba Buyi was overjoyed and fell to his knees with a thump, and said in a trembling voice: "Buyi will definitely take care of Yueyue for the rest of his life, pity her, love her, and prevent her from being hurt in any way."

Xuan Ye helped Ba Buyi up and smiled and said, "Okay, you don't have to promise me anything, as long as you treat Yueyue sincerely in the future, you can still believe in your uncle. Go back and pack your things first, this action It depends on your performance. I am looking forward to being able to play with your father again! It is a pity that we are going to wipe out the enemy this time. Dark demon, why are you so obsessed with killing? —"Xuan Ye did not shy away from killing people, but the practice of destroying a race and completely eradicating their marks still made him feel a little uncomfortable, but this was the order of the Pope, and he had to execute it.

After Ba Buyi respectfully saluted Xuanye and Na again, he unfolded his figure and quickly ran to the house. His mood at this time could no longer be described as excitement. He finally got Xuanye's approval and was finally able to talk to himself. The combination of the beloved, this unspeakable sense of happiness made every cell in his body boil, and he couldn't immediately kill the Tianyuan clan to solve those dark demons. He returned to his home at an extremely fast speed and slammed the door in.

In the room, Babylon was washing his wife's feet, and it seemed that he was ready to fall asleep. Although he is the noble deputy presiding judge of the Holy See, in the heart of Babron, there is nothing in the world more important than his wife and son. His wife’s glorious task of washing his feet every day, as long as he is at home, will definitely complete it himself. , He didn't feel that this was a shame to his identity, but felt it was a kind of happiness. However, this kind of scene is usually done with Ba Buyi behind his back. At this time Ba Buyi suddenly broke in, and immediately embarrassed Babulun and his wife Luoshui. Babulun became angry and said: "You bastard, Didn’t I teach you to knock on the door?"

Ba Buyi was in a surprisingly good mood. He hurriedly raised his head to look at the ceiling and murmured, "I, I didn't see anything. Sorry, Dad, I was so excited that I was so gloomy."

Babylon grunted irritably. Luo Shui looked at her red-faced husband, with warmth in her heart. Baburen's rough palms touched her tender feet and she felt a tingling feeling on her tender feet. She whispered: "My son is back, don't It's washed. It seems that he has something happy to tell us."

Normally, Luoshui seldom has a good face towards Babulun. The soft whispers at this time immediately made Babulun's heart happy. He could no longer worry about embarrassment, grabbed his wife’s feet, and insisted: "That Anyway, it's almost finished anyway." Turning his head to Babuyi, he said slightly angrily: "Smelly boy, if you don't give me a good reason, see if I forgive you, what happened?"

Ba Buyiqiang held back his smile and raised his head and said, "Dad, Uncle Xuanye has promised to mate Yueyue to me. You said I should be happy."

Hearing what his son said, Babrun was overjoyed. He laughed, and while buying his wife’s feet to wash his feet, he said: “Good boy, it’s great. With your dad’s style back then, I’ll get it done so soon. Tell me, how did you catch up to Yueyue." Ba Buyi lowered his head and looked at his father washing his mother's feet. He couldn't help but laugh.

Babulun said in embarrassment: "Laugh or laugh, you should learn from your father and me, this is a good way to please your wife."

Ba Buyi hurriedly said: "Yes, yes, I must learn more from you. Dad, this time I went to chase Yueyue, and finally found her in the Tianjin Empire. She said that she was not sincere to that dumb, but thanked him. I saved my life in the first place, and I helped him complete some tasks in order to repay him. I will be back after a while. Moreover, Yueyue told me that the Dark Demon had reappeared and killed many people."

Babrun was shocked, and Luo Shui's feet in his hands trembled slightly, "The Dark Demon has appeared again. This is a big deal! Have you reported to the Pope?"

Ba Buyi said sternly, "I have already reported it, but business matters are important. I just returned from the Guangming Hall, and the Pope gave an order to let Uncle Xuanye, Grandpa Nayan, and the presiding judge lead a large number of people to the Tianyuan Clan and destroy there. The dark demon, and indicated that you and me will participate."

Babulun suddenly felt that Luoshui’s feet were slightly cold in the hot water, and he couldn't help looking up at her, and said with concern: "What's wrong with you? The Dark Demon is actually nothing terrible."

Luo Shui smiled reluctantly and said: "I'm fine, but I was a little worried when I heard that you were leaving again."

Babron used the prepared towel to dry his wife's feet, put on slippers for her, and said softly: "Don't worry, there are two red priests and the judge, how can we have anything to do? Will be back soon. No, you go on."

Ba Buyi nodded and repeated what Xuanye had said to him. After listening to his narration, Babrun said: "That guy Xuan Ye has eyesight, my son is so good, he is absolutely worthy of his daughter, and your life's major events have been determined, so I can rest assured. Okay, you Go back to the room and pack your things. Let's start with father and son tomorrow morning. You have been practicing for many years, this time it will come in handy. Once you have to spare no effort to take action against the Dark Demon, Dad will guard you, but don’t let these care about you. My elders are disappointed, not only for Yueyue, but also for our family. You must perform well, you know?"

"Dad, don't worry, then I won't bother you. You can continue to make friends with your mother." After saying that, before Babylon became angry, he immediately ran back to his room.

Babulun shook his head helplessly, and said, "This kid, when did you learn to be so glib, there is still a certain gap compared to me being honest and honest."

Luo Shui put on his shoes, surprisingly he didn't refute Babulun's words, his face was a little pale, and he said faintly: "No, let's go back to the room, you are going to leave tomorrow. I will help you pack things up."

Babron hugged his wife’s willow waist, he hehe smiled, “I don’t need to pack my things, and I have nothing to take. Let me make good friends with you today. I don’t want to sleep on the sofa anymore, let alone we have some time. I can’t see it, I hope I can bring the fragrance of your body to the battlefield. That will be more brave!

Luo Shui nodded softly, snuggled into Babylon's arms, and whispered: "You must be careful this time! I am at home waiting for you to return safely."

Babylon didn't notice the strangeness of his wife. He just thought she was worried about herself. He put his arms around her soft body and smiled and said: "Don't worry, your husband, I'm so wise, how can something happen? Let's go back to the room. It's business." He didn't even clean up the foot wash, so he took his wife back to the room.

Andis City of the Ajin tribe, in the mainland magician union.

Fengzhi stood outside the room where Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue were resting, looking at Oliveira with a tired face, and said, "It's been five days, why are they still cultivating?"

Oliveira smiled bitterly: "I don't understand either! The cultivation of these two teachers is indeed too advanced, but I can't understand them."

Fengzhi sighed and said: "Yeah! Don't say you don't understand, even I can't figure out what method they are using for cultivation. It is unimaginable that they have such a powerful strength at a young age, hey——, It seems that I am really old. Keep guarding, I'll go back first." After speaking, he turned around and was about to leave, but clearly felt the energy fluctuations in the room and couldn't help but stop. The original surging energy seemed to weaken rapidly, but after a short while, it had disappeared. Fengzhi looked at Oliveira and smiled: "It seems that they have finished their work."

Oliveira was overjoyed, after guarding for so many days, they were finally leaving.

Dui slowly opened his eyes, and after a few days of cultivation, his power was restored to its peak state. Because his Dantian golden body had absorbed part of the energy of the second golden body, he felt that his power had broken through again. The speed of progress made him full of joy, and he thought to himself: Brother Xuanri was right, and only through continuous experience can his skill improve rapidly. There is hope for revenge for Uncle Owen.

Xuanyue has been in a state of meditation, feeling the change in the energy of Dumb, and she has also awakened from the deep practice. Because of the baptism of the gods, every time she meditates, her mental power will increase, and her previous sense of weakness will be improved. Nothing was left, the powerful mental power clearly felt everything within a few hundred meters of the circle, and slowly opened the star eyes, just in time to see Duan staring at him, smiled slightly, and said, "Big brother, has your skill recovered?" I have practiced at the same time with Dui more than once. I don't know the reason. As long as I'm with him, my cultivation level will improve much faster than usual alone.

Duan nodded and said, "I have fully recovered, and it seems that I have made progress? It seems that I have benefited a lot from the battle with Lardas! Two friends outside, you can come in." He is now Although his mental power was not as good as Xuan Yue's, his six senses were far higher than Xuan Yue's due to his profound vitality, and he naturally found someone outside the door.

Oliveira and Fengzhi opened the door and looked at the two of them. Fengzhi said sincerely, "Elder Dah, your cultivation is really profound! The two have recovered."

A Duan floated down from the bed, the feeling full of real anger in his body was so comfortable, and smiled and said: "We have all recovered completely, Elder Fengzhi, Tianjin Mage Guild has no more trouble, right?" He was most concerned about It's a matter between the two magician unions, lest there be any conflict between the two sides.

Feng Zhi sighed and said: "Since I saw the last collision between you and Lardas, I have long since lost all the desire to win, let the flow go. Lardas was injured very seriously, I am afraid it will be back soon. It can’t be recovered, let alone the Alchemist’s Guild to mediate. Within a period of time, both of us should be able to get along well.”

Dumb breathed a sigh of relief, and said: "That's good, Elder Fengzhi, our skill has been restored, and there are still some things we must do, so let's say goodbye to you." After experiencing the entanglement in the defenders of Guangming Province, Dumb I know that if I stay here again, I am afraid the magicians here will be more enthusiastic than the defenders at that time.

Fengzhi hadn't spoken yet, Oliveira had already plopped and fell to his knees, begging: "Teacher Dumb, please accept me as a disciple. Let me follow you and receive lessons."

Dumbfounded, looking at Oliveira who was re-producing the old thing, she frowned and said, "But, I really have nothing to teach you!"

Fengzhi smiled and said, "Brother Dumb, don't be humble. We have all seen your strength. I grew up watching Oliveira. He has a pure temperament and his obsession with magic is even mine. If you sigh, just accept him. Since the two of you practiced, he has been guarding the law for you outside the door. He is the pillar of the trade union. Let him practice as you please, and he must have his magic cultivation skills. Very good help."

Dumb looked at Xuan Yue embarrassedly, and didn't know how to answer for a moment. Oliveira said anxiously: "Madam Dumb, you can accept me. Even if you don't teach anything, as long as you let me follow you, I will be satisfied."

Although Oliveira’s following will affect her and Da’s getting along, in order to be able to give Da’s a strong support, Xuan Yue still agrees with him, "Big brother, just accept him, even if you can’t teach, I’ll You can point him, his wind magic is not weak, and it is always advantageous to have one more magician." Turning to Oliveira, Xuan Yue said sternly: "However, I want to make it clear to you in advance that we are on this trip. The destination is the Mountain of Death. You have to think about whether to follow us. In that world of death, we may not be able to take care of you."

Fengzhi and Oliveira were shocked at the same time. Fengzhi frowned and said: "Are you going to the Death Mountain? It's too dangerous there."

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "Only in dangerous places can we stimulate our own potential and improve our skill! Oliveira, do you have the courage?"

Oliveira’s firm voice sounded, "I am willing, I am willing to accompany the two teachers to the Death Mountain, even if I die there, I will never regret it. You are right, only in a dangerous place can I better improve myself. The strength of Indeed, only Death Mountain can attract two teachers to experience."

Oliveira's obsession moved both Ah'Dai and Xuanyue at the same time. Ah'Dai sighed and said helplessly, "Well, Brother Oliveira, just follow us. But let's say that, I am not you. What kind of teacher, we are just friends, we should be considered brothers to each other." As he said, he helped Oliveira up.

Oliveira showed a look of disappointment in his eyes, but he firmly believed that his sincerity would surely impress Dui, nodded and said: "Well, Teacher Dui, just let me follow you."

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "You are wrong again, this teacher will not call in the future. How old are you this year?"

Oliveira scratched his head and said, "I was born in August, 1997, in the sacred calendar. It is now in July, and I will be twenty in one month."

Xuanyue nodded and said, "Then you are older than me. I was born in 1979 and two years younger than you. You will call me Brother Xuanri from now on, brother, how about you?"

Dumb said: "I seem to be born in March 1977, a bit older than Oliveira."

Chapter 114: The consciousness of Lardas

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "I have known you for so long, and now I know your exact age. It turns out that you are two years older than me! Then you are older than Oliveira, and he should call you big brother just like me. From now on, we will be commensurate with brothers, so much more cordial. Elder Fengzhi, I would like to trouble you to get us something to eat. I haven’t eaten for a few days, and there is no stock in my stomach."

Fengzhi smiled and said: "This is easy to handle, I will go now. Vera, you can stay here with your two brothers."

Oliveira nodded, and yelled unnaturally, "Old dumb, eldest, eldest brother, I will follow you to study hard in the future."

Dumb laughed and said, "When did I become a big brother, Brother Vera, don't say that, don't underestimate yourself, your wind magic is also very good, we are learning from each other, your magic level is indeed better than mine To be strong, I mainly have better martial arts. If you want to learn some magic skills, you need to look for Brother Xuanri."

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "Don't be polite to each other. From now on, we will all be partners in the same industry, Brother Vera. We will leave here when we finish our meal. Do you have anything to take away? Let's pack up. . Don’t worry, we won’t leave you behind.”

Oliveira was flushed when Xuan Yue saw what was in her mind, and hurriedly said: "Then, then I will go first, and I will be back soon." After finishing speaking, I was afraid that Ah-Dai and Xuanyue would not wait for him. Ran out.

Looking at Oliveira's leaving back, Duan murmured: "Brother, would it be too dangerous to let him follow us? We still don't know what exactly happened to Death Mountain after all!"

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "There will be no danger. His magic potential is very good. On the road, his level will definitely be improved. What's more, you are a martial arts expert to protect us. What are you afraid of."

The sound of hurried footsteps suddenly sounded outside the door, and Feng Zhi opened the door with an anxious expression.

Xuan Yue said, "Elder, what's wrong with you? What happened?"

Feng Zhi gasped slightly. Although his magic cultivation is not weak, his body is not very good. A few steps have made him a little difficult to help, and he said solemnly: "Laldas is here, and Corison , They asked to see Elder Adu."

Hearing the name Gorison, Dumb's whole body was shocked, yes! How did I forget him, and hurriedly said: "Elder, I will go with you."

Fengzhi nodded and said: "Elder Adu, it's best not to conflict with Lardas in the trade union. After all, this is the territory of the Akin tribe. It is different from the Bilu Canyon. We can't alarm the official Akin tribe. ."

Dumb said: "Elder Fengzhi, don't worry, I will not conflict with him."

Xuanyue knew about the relationship between Dumb and Glisson, and said, "Big Brother, let's go, they shouldn't be hostile." She was clever and thought: Although Laldas is strong, she can't. He came here to trouble Dui rashly. He came to Dui here. I'm afraid it has something to do with Dui's teacher. The two quickly walked out of the room following the elder Fengzhi, led by Fengzhi through the corridor to the lobby of the Mainland Mage Guild.

Lardas and Grizon stood proudly in the middle of the hall. They were still in the same attire that day in the Bilu Canyon. They stood with their hands holding hands and waited quietly. Yuyuan and Gu Tian led dozens of magicians with not weak mana to the side. Although they also knew that Lardas did not dare to mess around here, he was after all a magician, as demonstrated in the Bilu Canyon. The strength that came out was so strong, I had to be cautious. Seeing Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue coming out, the magicians suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. The previous performance of Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue had already conquered their hearts.

Lardas stared at Ah-Dai, a red light flashed through his eyes, but Ah-Dai didn't seem to see him, and his attention was focused on Grizon. Glisson's eyes flashed violently, "Boy, you finally figured it out. This time, I came to see you with National Master Lardas to ask you about my big brother. Let's find a clean place."

Listening to him mentioning Coris, Dumb felt a pain in his heart, nodded gently, and said, "Okay."

Feng Zhi felt anxious and whispered: "Dumb, you can't go with them."

Golisong's ears were very good, and he said disdainfully: "Why? I'm afraid we won't be able to eat him."

Dumb rushed forward: "Elder, don't worry, I will be fine."

How can Fengzhi feel relieved, shook his head and said: "No, they came here suddenly, who knows what the intention is. We also have a clean place here. Let's talk about it here."

Glisson was about to attack, but was stopped by Lardas. He calmly said: "Okay, just here, Elder Fengzhi, please find us a place."

Xuan Yue said, "You don't need to look for it, just stay in Big Brother A'Dai's room." After speaking, she pulled A'Dai's sleeve and turned and walked towards the road.

Surrounded by so many magicians, Lardas and Grisson followed Ah Du and Xuan Yue to their room.

Dumb didn't want others to know about Corris, so he rushed forward: "Elder, please wait outside."

Fengzhi nodded, looked at Lardas with a suspicious look, and said, "Dumb, be careful about everything, don't be confused by his words."

Dumb smiled, nodded gently, and closed the door.

Lardas waved his hand without seeing him chanting the spell, and the light red magical energy instantly wafted out, and the low-level fire enchantment enveloped the four.

Both Dumb and Xuanyue recognized that this is a sound-proof magic. Lardas obviously didn't want his words to be heard by Fengzhi and others. In this simple barrier, even if someone outside uses inquiry magic, he cannot hear any sound. . Xuan Yue said, "I have something to say now."

Collisong frowned and said, "We are looking for Dumb, it has nothing to do with you, you also go out."

Before Xuan Yue could speak, Ah Du rushed and said, "No, he is my best brother. He knows everything about me."

Collisson said: "Well, I ask you, are you an apprentice of my eldest brother Corris? In the Forest of Psychedelic, we should have met once."

Dui nodded and said, "Yes, I am the apprentice Dui of Teacher Coris, and the teacher has officially accepted me as an apprentice."

Collisson sighed, his face calmed down, and said calmly, "Big brother, is he okay? There are too many things in the trade union, and I put most of my energy on cultivation. I haven't visited him for many years. It's strange, why are you still alive now, did he give up his wish?"

Listening to Grisson mentioning Coris’ wish, Ah Dumb’s tears burst into his eyes, and he shook his head vigorously, saying: "No, teacher, he did not give up his wish. He is the greatest alchemist on the mainland. He succeeded. Refined an artifact."

Glisson and Lardas' eyes shone brightly at the same time, Glisson said excitedly: "He succeeded, he really succeeded, brother, you are so strong!" A cold light flashed in their eyes, staring scorchingly. Dumb, said: "Since he succeeded, why are you all right?"

Having read the suicide note of Corris, Dumb naturally understood the meaning of his words and choked up: "Because, because of the teacher, he uses his body to fulfill his wish. He traded his life and soul for the success of the artifact manufacturing."

Ge Lisong shook his whole body, grabbing Ah Du's shoulders with both hands, and lost his voice: "What are you talking about? Big brother, big brother is dead?"

Ah Dui nodded painfully, and said, "Yes, teacher, he is dead."

The divine light in Glisson's eyes disappeared, his old body shook slightly and almost fell, staggering back a few steps, and only stood firm with the help of Lardas, "No, no, it's impossible, brother How could he use his body to refine the artifact, he wouldn't be so stupid, boy, you are lying to me, are you? You killed the eldest brother, right?" Brother Song Zhuangruo shouted crazy, purple The flames rose into the air, eager to rush.

Dumb shouted excitedly: "No, it's not me, it's not me. How could I kill Teacher Corris? How I hope the teacher uses me to refine the artifact! I would rather die by myself than the teacher abandon life."

Lardas grabbed Corison's shoulders and suppressed his Ziyan, and said calmly: "Brother, you should be clearer and let him speak clearly. Boy, tell me, how did Corris die?"

Xuan Yue sang in a low voice, her hands gleaming with white light, and the calm light split into two, injected into the bodies of Dumb and Glisson respectively, calming their excitement.

Dui took a deep breath, sorted out the thoughts he didn't want to think of, looked at Corison's face that resembled Corris, sadly confessed the contents of Corris's suicide note, but concealed that he was taken away by "Pluto" Owen One thing, it just said that he was forcibly taken away from the Psychedelic Forest by a martial artist.

Listening to Dui's narration, Colisson's face changed continuously. He was so sophisticated and understood from Dui's sincere expression that Dui did not lie.

"Teacher Gris died. In order to commemorate the achievements of his old man, I named this artifact the Wish of God. You should recognize his old man's handwriting. I will leave the notes in the Psychedelic Forest. If I have time, You can go and see, you know I haven't lied." At this point, Dumb was crying, and the sorrow in his heart continued to raging, causing him to fall into extreme sadness.

Corison sighed, tears raging. He was just a relative of Corris. He was completely empty when he heard the news of his brother's death. The pain he had not experienced for many years made him feel breathless. With a sigh, he murmured: "Brother, why are you doing this? Is it worth sacrificing your life in order to make a divine tool? Is it worth it?"

Lardas patted Corizon’s shoulder and said with comfort, “Brother, don’t be sad. Ask your brother to ask for benevolence. Although he is dead, he has fulfilled his last wish with his own life. I think he I must be very pleased. Hey——, brother Ling and I pursue different pursuits. My goal is to use my own power to use the forbidden curse, but after decades of hard work, I still can’t do it. Let my brother compare me. , Is much stronger. For him, there is nothing more important than refining artifacts. I think he must think it is worthwhile. We are not young anymore, so why be so obsessed with life and death, maybe After a while, we will also go to heaven to meet Brother Ling." Lardas had a lot of feelings when he learned the cause of Corris’ death. At this moment, he seemed to have lost his previous desire to win, thinking to himself. , I'm over 90 years old, what have I gained from decades of fighting with the Mainland Mage Union? In the Tianjin Empire, his power has reached its peak, but what does this mean? Are you really happy? Life is only a hundred years old, and I have not many years to live. What is the point of obsessing over these?

Originally, Lardas accompanied Corison to find Dumb for two purposes. One was to ask Corris if he had made an artifact. Many years ago, he had coveted the artifact that Corrison was preparing to refine. The other is to draw Dui and Xuanyue to join the Tianjin Mage’s Guild by virtue of the relationship between Corison, but at this time he is already distracted, and can’t say what he wanted to say before, just silently comforting and sad. Corison.

Xuanyue held Ah-Dai’s big hand, feeling his trembling body, and said softly, “Big brother, don’t do this. Teacher Corris knows that it will be sad too. Don’t you still have the wish of Corris? Your teacher always does it. Staying by your side and watching you!"

Dui wiped away the tears on his face, pulled up the magic robe on his arm, and looked at the black texture of Coris’s Wish exposed outside the giant snake armor. A warm energy came from Coris’s wish to soothe His sorrow warmed Adu's heart and said obsessively: "Teacher, how are you? Look, your brother is here! Teacher, I really miss you."

Collisson walked slowly to Ah-Dai and sighed: "My child, I blamed you, let me see the artifact left by my eldest brother?"

Ah Dui stretched out his right arm and lifted up his giant spirit snake armor, revealing the right forearm that became black because of the fusion of the wish of Corius. The light of the wish of Coris was flowing, and the energy fluctuation was extremely strong, as if It's like telling something. Feeling the energy contained in the wish of Corris, Lardas said in surprise: "What? Are you also fused with the artifact?"

Dumb shook his head, and said sadly: "No, I am not fused with the artifact, but with the soul of Teacher Gorris. The teacher lives in me through this artifact and looks at me all the time."

Collisson stared at the black energy and clearly felt the soft intimacy. He slowly stretched out his skinny palm and touched the Corrison's wish on Dumb's right arm.

Dumb looked at his skinny palm that was close to Coris, his eyes were wet again, and Corison's hand got closer and closer, finally, his somewhat shriveled fingers touched the black lines of Coris's wish.

Time seemed to have stopped at this moment. Dumb and Grizon shook their bodies at the same time. An unusually strong black light burst out from the wish of Coris. It did not seem to be magical energy. The black energy kept circling in the room. , It gives people an indescribable strange feeling, as if there are more people in the room, no, to be precise, it seems to be an extra soul, the soul of an artifact.

Xuanyue and Lardas just looked at the vision in front of them in surprise, but Dumb and Corison kept trembling. The black light rising from Corris's wish seemed to keep telling them something, black. The energy hovered slightly, it was an extremely cordial feeling, and the black energy continued to transmit soft waves, soothing their sad hearts.

Laldas moved and said: "Sacred artifacts with souls, this is the most basic requirement for top-grade artifacts!" The level of an artifact is not only to be seen from the energy it can display, but whether there is a soul is also a very important factor. Generally speaking, high-grade artifacts have their own souls, and the souls of artifacts have subconscious instincts, making the artifacts more agile and full of powerful power. It can be said that all high-grade artifacts have souls, but not all artifacts with souls are top-grade artifacts. Like the current wish of Corris, although it has the soul of Corris, its own ability can only reach the realm of inferior grade. However, all artifacts with souls may evolve under certain conditions, and they can even evolve into top-grade artifacts, so Lardas would be surprised. The blood of Duan's dragon and the blood of Xuanyue's phoenix also have the souls of the dragon and the phoenix respectively, so they will rise to the realm of the high-grade artifact when they induce the two artifacts to merge.

The black energy of Corris’ Wish slowly dropped, circled around Dumb and Corizon for a week. After not entering Corris’ wish, the room returned to the previous calm, but the turbulent mood of Dumb and Corizon could not be calmed for a long time. , It was Corris comforting them just now! Ge Lisong said sadly: "Brother, you can go with peace of mind. Maybe it won't take long before our brothers will meet in another world." Lifting his head, he stared at Ah Du's tearful eyes and said faintly: " Child, you must take good care of this artifact. It has devoted all your elder brother’s efforts and expectations to you. Elder brother must silently bless you in another world and don’t let him down."

Dumb nodded and said, "I will, unless I die, I will never be separated from the teacher's soul for a moment."

Ge Lisong took a deep breath, calmed his mood, turned to look at Lardas, and said, "Guo Shi, do you have anything else to say?"

Lardas shook his head and said, "Let's go with the flow. Maybe, it was a mistake when I established the Tianjin Mage Union. I want to return to the Tianjin Empire. My injury has not yet recovered. repair."

Listening to Laldas's words, Ah-Dai was slightly startled. Doesn't he no longer want to fight with the Mainland Mage Union?

As if seeing the doubt in Dumb's heart, Lardas smiled slightly and said: "I have figured it out, power is like a floating cloud, and my life is only a hundred years. I have been troubled by the famous rein lock all my life. I am too tired to live. After my injury is healed, maybe I will spend my little time looking around. There are still many places on the mainland that I haven’t been to. Collison, you and I will go back to the empire. The trade union matter is temporarily It's up to you. As for this, if the Mainland Mage Union really doesn't want to see the existence of our union, let Mian Tian take our people back."

Glisson looked at the enlightened Lardas, and his heart was agitated. Since he met Lardas many years ago, it was the first time he felt the realm of wantlessness from him. This is still the most powerful continent. Is the first to attack the magician? He asked with some worry: "Guo Shi, are you okay?"

Lardas smiled slightly and said: "I'm fine. I am better than ever before. I have not given up my pursuit. On the contrary, I will have more time to pursue my goals in the future. One day, I will Fulfill your wish like Corris, and cultivate the Yanlong Ninth Rank to the highest level." He looked at Ah-Dai and said, "By the way, Ah-Dai, I ask you, is that dragon really you summoned?"

Dumbfounded, he didn't know how to answer. The holy evil could be said to be his greatest secret. Lardas in front of him seemed to have become a kind elder. He didn't want to deceive him, but he didn't want to say it either. Regarding the saint evil, I couldn't help but look at Xuan Yue for help. Without waiting for Xuanyue to relieve him, Lardas said, "Don’t be embarrassed. Since this is your secret, keep it in your own heart. However, the dragon is indeed very strong, although I don’t know you used it. What kind of method, but it can be tied with my Rank 8 Flame Dragon, your cultivation is far beyond my imagination."

Dumb sighed and said, "Actually, I lost the test that day. It was me who injected my own true energy into the dragon's body, and finally resisted your attack. In terms of magic cultivation, how can I compare? What about you? You are one of the most powerful magicians I have ever seen."

Lardas didn't mind the word one, and behind his hands, he smiled and said: "From now on, the mainland will be the world of your young people. Originally I thought my disciple Keanu was already the best in the younger generation, but compared to You, he is still too far behind. If you have the opportunity, you should give him more advice in the future. Are you a member of the Holy See? How can you participate in the mainland magicians' union." The last sentence asked Xuan Yue. In the competition in the Bilu Canyon, the Tianjin Magician Guild came out in an all-round way and was determined to win, but when the victory was about to come, it was destroyed in the hands of Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue.

Xuanyue nodded and said, "Yes, I am a sacrificial priest in the Holy See. I joined the Mainland Mage Guild only because of interest. If it wasn't for your Tianjin Mage Guild to be too domineering, we wouldn't make a move. It's all magic. Master, why do you have to divide each other? You are one of the three major magic masters in the mainland, you should have heard of the Thousand-Year Calamity! If different enemies are angry, maybe when the disaster strikes..."

Lardas was shocked and interrupted Xuanyue's words, "What? Is there really a thousand-year catastrophe? I thought it was just a legend." If this kind of thing was told by someone else, he would definitely rush it. , But he had to believe what he said from the mouth of Xuan Yue, who had reached the realm of the magister and came from the Holy See.

Xuan Yue said sternly: "Of course there is a thousand-year catastrophe. You should remember the blood day and blood rain that appeared in the nine years of the sacred calendar. That time should be the time when the catastrophe came, and it was the pope and the thousands of priests who reluctantly managed The catastrophe is postponed, but the Pope has already calculated that when the sacred age is thousands of years, the catastrophe will surely come again. At that time, I am afraid it will not be so easy to resist. You are a great magician, and you should do everything for the survival of the mainland. Make a contribution."

Lardas’ eyes flickered with complicated light and frowned. He had never believed in the existence of catastrophes before, but after hearing Xuanyue’s words, his body and mind were shaken, and he muttered for a long time before saying: "So, when the catastrophe comes, Is it possible for human beings to perish? In what way will this catastrophe be manifested? Is it impossible to stop it with the power of the Holy See?"

Xuan Yue shook her head and said, "It is not clear whether we can stop it, but the first pope of the Holy See, His Majesty God Feather who saved the catastrophe thousands of years ago, once said that the catastrophe after a thousand years is better than what he saved. The catastrophe is even more terrifying. Although the strength of the Holy See is very strong now, it is still unknown whether it can cope with the millennium catastrophe and the catastrophe. Our Holy See has been preparing and waiting for the disaster to come. If we can get all the magicians , Even with the support of all human powers, the possibility of overcoming the catastrophe will greatly increase."

A light flashed in Lardas' eyes, and he nodded: "I understand, kid, thank you for telling me this. If the catastrophe really happens, our Tianjin Magicians Union will never sit back and watch. Okay, brother, let's It's time to leave."

Ge Lisong took a deep look at Duan, and sighed, "Child, be careful about everything."

Lardas smiled and said: "You don't need to worry about them. These young people's cultivation bases are already catching up with us. When disaster strikes, they must be the main force in the struggle. Oh, yes, this is for You guys." As he said, he took out two golden magic cards from his arms and handed them to Ah-Dai and Xuanyue, "I originally came here with Brother Lisong to let you join our trade union, but at this moment, I don’t I have extravagant hopes. These two cards are the same as those of the Mainland Mage Guild. They represent the identity of the elder. I am not asking you to join the Tianjin Mage Guild, nor do I need you to do anything for me. With these two cards, The magicians under me will let you send them. They will help your actions in the mainland. Don’t refuse me. Now I am no longer the old Lardas. In front of you, I am just one who cares about you and humans. Future elders, accept it, your strength is absolutely qualified to be the honorary elder of our union."

Looking at the elder magic card in their hands that was similar to the mainland magician union, Duan and Xuanyue were shocked. The great transformation of Lardas made it difficult for them to adapt for a while. Respect comes from the bottom of their hearts. When facing the big right and wrong, the demeanor shown by Lardas is worthy of being one of the top figures in the mainland.

Xuanyue put the card in her arms and solemnly said: "Master Lardas, thank you. With your support, the Pope will be very happy. I believe that with your current spiritual realm, you can use The curse is a matter of time."

Duan’s inner gratitude is even greater than Xuanyue’s, not only because of the change in Lardas’ attitude, but also because he took the initiative to retreat and settled the dispute between the two unions. From now on, he won’t have to worry about the fight between magicians, maybe , Soon, all magicians will unite together, that will be a powerful force that can affect the entire continent.

Lardas smiled slightly, and walked to the door with Corison, the light red barrier was retracted, and A Duan Piao came up to him, personally opened the door for them, and said respectfully: "Master Lardas, teacher Corison , You all take care, dumb will always remember today's affairs."

Lardas smiled lightly and walked out with his head up. Outside the door, Fengzhi and other three elders, Oliveira, and dozens of magicians waited anxiously. Seeing Lardas walk out, everyone became vigilant and stared at his every move. Lardas didn't care about their vigilance at all, and together with Corison, left the mainland wizards' union under the courtesy of Dumb and Xuanyue.

"Elder Dumb, what did Lardas tell you?" Feng Zhi couldn't help but wondered, and asked anxiously.

A Duan sighed softly and said, "Actually, he is a respectable elder. I don't think the Tianjin Magician Guild will conflict with us anymore. Elder Fengzhi, I beg you."

The wind was shocked and said: "You said."

Dumb said: "Master Lardas told us just now that their union will no longer provoke us in the future. I hope you can restrain our magicians from hating them again. Okay?"

Fengzhi frowned and looked at Dumb in confusion, "But, can you be sure that what he is telling is not a lie? The contradiction between the two unions hasn't been a day or two. Perhaps, he just made it because of his lack of power. What a slow-down strategy."

Xuan Yue glanced at Fengzhi dissatisfiedly, and said, "Elder, don't forget, Lardas is a magician. As a top magician, how can he lie?" She almost said that Fengzhi is a villain. The heart is in the belly of a gentleman.

Chapter 115: Jin Yu Restaurant

Feng Zhi hesitated. Although he didn't believe in what Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue said, he didn't want to offend them, so he nodded and said, "Since you said that, let's just wait and see. Our Mainland Mage Union has never They will be the first to provoke. As long as they are as calm as you said, there will be no conflict. By the way, does Lardas want to win you over?"

Even though he was dumb and dumb, he heard that Fengzhi did not trust him and Xuan Yue, a trace of anger rose in his heart, and said calmly: "He didn't win us over, you are worried. Now that the union issue has been resolved, we will leave first. Now. Brother, let's go." After speaking, he strode out. Xuan Yue snorted, glanced at Fengzhi, and followed Ah Du.

Feng Zhi felt a little regretful about his impulse, seeing Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue go away, and it was hard to keep them. He could only sigh and watch them gradually go away.

Dumb and Xuanyue had just walked out of the Mage Union, an anxious voice came from behind, "Wait for me, there is me!" The cyan figure chased out, it was Oliveira.

Xuan Yue said: "What? Are you still willing to follow us? Aren't you afraid that your teacher Fengzhi will add a sentence to you?"

Oliveira said embarrassingly: "Actually, you have misunderstood. As the principal of the Mainland Mage Guild, Mr. Fengzhi must be careful about everything. After Lardas has a close conversation with you, you will help him speak. How can it not arouse teacher Fengzhi’s suspicion? However, I absolutely trust you, don’t blame Fengzhi teacher, okay?"

Dumb said: "We won't blame anyone, but we don't want others to doubt it. As time goes by, Elder Fengzhi will understand. Since you are willing to travel the mainland with us, let's go together."

Oliveira heard that Dumb didn't refuse him, and he was relieved immediately, and said, "Where are we going now? Shall we go directly to the Death Mountain?"

Dumb shook his head and said, "No, I should go to the Honghu Clan first. Just listen to Brother Xuanri's schedule."

Xuan Yue took out the map from her arms and looked at it, and said, "Let’s get out of the city from the east gate and go straight to the east to reach the Red Hurricane. The largest city of the Red Hurricane is their capital, Honghu City. The goal of the next stop, Big Brother Vera, don't you know, Ah'Dai and I are both mercenaries. How can we not visit the birthplace of this mercenary?"

Oliveira was shocked, "Mercenary?"

"Yeah! Why, can't it? Find a place to eat something first, we have not eaten for several days."

Only then did Oliveira realize that Duan and Xuanyue hadn't even entered the rice after they were sober from the practice, and they couldn't help but feel dissatisfied with Fengzhi. After all, they helped the union so much that they didn't even eat any food. Leaving, this can’t be justified, and hurriedly said: “I’m so sorry, because of the appearance of Lardas just now, Mr. Fengzhi’s mood was disturbed, and he didn’t entertain you. I’ll take this meal. Let’s go to Andis City. For a meal in the largest restaurant, I can be regarded as apologizing to you for Teacher Fengzhi."

Seeing Oliveira's sincere gaze, Dumb smiled and said: "You don't need to ask me, I am not elder Fengzhi. After all, we are not familiar with him, and he suspects that we are not at all wrong. Since we are leaving, you will take us here. The biggest restaurant will taste the delicacies here, and I will treat you." He and Xuanyue got fifty diamond coins from Mulats, their pockets were bulging, and their speech became much harder.

Oliveira smiled and said, "The Yajin tribe is a race that pays attention to food. You are satisfied. Let's go. The largest Jinyu restaurant in Andes City is right next to the famous Andis Trading Ground on the mainland." Lead the way excitedly.

They hadn’t seen the city well since they had been in Andys City. At this time, they solved the problem of the Mage’s Guild and naturally relaxed. The dumb and dumb followed Oliveira through the streets and alleys for half an hour. , Finally came to the Andes trading floor located in the east of the city.

The Andes trading floor is the largest rare metal trading place in the mainland. More than 60% of the rare metals in the mainland will be traded here. The trading floor is very strictly managed under the control of the Yajin clan. Goods that want to be traded here , Must undergo strict quality inspections, so almost all merchants who purchase metals here will return with satisfaction, and the influence of the Andes trading floor has also continued to increase, and finally has today's situation.

Looking at the tall wall in front of him, Oliveira introduced: "This is the Andis trading field. The security is controlled by the army. No one dares to make trouble. The business is fair. It is one of the favorite places of all businessmen."

Xuan Yue curiously looked at the huge gate building more than ten meters high at the entrance, and said: "I've heard of this place before. Since it's here, let's go in and take a look. Maybe there is something I want."

Dumb said: "Brother, yours..., let's eat first, and we'll talk after dinner." He wanted to say that your curiosity is as great as Yueyue! But fearing to cause the anger in Xuan Ri's heart, he hurriedly changed his mind. Xuan Yue looked at Ah-Dai suspiciously, and said, "Big Brother, are you hungry? Okay, let's go eat first. Big Brother Vera, you lead the way."

Oliveira didn't feel the weird atmosphere between them, and said: "Okay, go around from the side and it's here."

The three walked along the edge of the Andes trading floor to the side. Sure enough, a tall and magnificent building appeared in the field of vision. This is a three-story building with a very grand appearance. On both sides of the gate stood two diameters of one. The huge stone pillars measuring about 4 meters high lead directly to the roof, and the seven and clean white steps are spotlessly clean. The four-meter-high gate glitters with golden light, and there is a black plaque on the gate with three large characters-Jinyulou. There were eight girls in pink dresses standing on either side of the door. These girls were all about one meter tall, beautiful and with sweet smiles on their faces.

This situation and this scene can not help reminding Ah-Dai of the scene when he was in the dark night club in the dark city. He subconsciously touched Bing’s head in his arms, Bing’s voice and smile kept flashing in his mind, thinking of the poor girl. His eyes were dull and silly.

Xuan Yue felt the change in Ah Du's expression and asked, "Big Brother, what's the matter with you? Have you been here before?"

Dumb woke up from the memory, "Ah! No, how could I have been here? It's just that this place is very similar to the casino I saw when I was saving the elves in the Sunset Empire."

Xuan Yue said irritably, "You are not the beauty standing at the door." Her voice increased a lot, and the sixteen girls at the door suddenly looked in their direction.

Ah Dumb was embarrassed and said in embarrassment: "Brother, keep your voice down. It's not good for people to hear. Why should I be attracted to any beautiful women? Go away, I'm hungry. The boss here must be a very good business man. , It’s impossible not to make money if the restaurant is opened next to the Andis trading floor where businessmen are concentrated."

Oliveira looked at the embarrassed look of Ah'Dai for a while and couldn't help being amused. His strength was so powerful, but at this time his face was flushed like a boy who had never seen the world.

Xuan Yue said: "What are you afraid of louder? If you don't think about it, would you still be afraid that people will know?" In fact, even she herself didn't understand that this was the vinegar that was eating, but she subconsciously said something unreasonable. She raised her head anxiously and looked at Ah-Dai, and found that Ah-Dai didn't have an angry expression after listening to her, but just looked embarrassed.

"Welcome." The crisp voice sounded, and the dumb and Xuan Yue who were worried about their concerns jumped. It turned out that they had already come to the gate of the Jin Yulou. The voices of the sixteen girls are still very shocking. Because Xuanyue said just now, Ah Dai lowered his head and dared not look at those girls, and followed Oliveira to walk in quickly. The two girls at the door Hastily opened the door for them and welcomed them in.

Hearing the sound of the door closing behind him, Ah Dui's flushed face relaxed and raised his head to look around. The floor of the hall of Jinyulou is completely paved with dark red carpets. Dozens of milky white stone pillars are regularly scattered around the hall, appearing orderly. About fifty dining tables are neatly placed in the center of the hall. Standing a young girl in a white shirt and pink dress. The most notable arrangement is a wide pool in the center of the hall. The pool is square with a side length of about ten meters. The blue ripples rippling slightly on the water surface. The water in the pool is clear. If you walk to the front, you can clearly see the bottom of the pool. Cobblestones. Beside the pool, there are two spiral upward stairs, which are very elegantly arranged.

Since it was still morning, there was no one to dine in the hall. As soon as I saw the three people coming in, two waitress girls greeted them. Seeing the three dressed up, they were a little confused. Because of the urgency from the Mainland Mage Union, Xuan Yue still wore that civilian costume, and Dumb’s red magic robe was damaged in many places. Only Oliveira was clean. No wonder the waiter would be strange with such a match.

"Excuse me, are you three?" a waiter asked tentatively.

Oliveira followed the waiter's gaze and noticed the attire of the dumb duo and hurriedly said, "We are the magicians of the mainland wizards' union. There are only three. Let us take us to the third floor lounge."

The waiter showed a look of surprise in his eyes, and said respectfully: "I'm really sorry, the third floor lounge has already been booked at noon today, so..."

Oliveira frowned and said, "We just have a casual meal for a while and it will be over. If we can't eat anything at noon, what do we need to sit down? Our mainland wizards' union has not visited you less." The third floor seat here It is well-known far and near, not only elegantly furnished, but also has the most attentive service. It is the favorite place of wealthy businessmen.

The waiter saw Oliveira a little angry, and said with trepidation: "I'm so sorry, Lord Mage, today it was the patriarch banqueting guests from the Honghu clan. In order to clean it, we packed the entire third floor. We also need to arrange it in advance. For a while, I can’t receive three people anymore. I’m really sorry. We also have private seats on the second floor. See if you can give in."

Oliveira said irritably, "The patriarch? Is the patriarch of the Yajin clan? It seems that the business of your Jinyulou is really good! Even the patriarch is here."

Dumb said: "Forget it, let's go to the second floor, just have a meal, don't make it difficult for others."

If the waiter received an amnesty, he hurriedly said: "Please, I will take you to the second floor seat." As he said, he led the three to walk towards the spiral staircase in the center of the hall. When they walked to the spiral staircase, a splash of water caught the eyes of Duan and Xuanyue, and saw two **** silk-like heads appearing in the pool. They looked at the three dui and dived into the clear water. In the middle, the black body swayed freely in the pool water, occasionally exposed to the surface of the water, it would stir up waves. Dumb recognized that it was a kind of marine creature. When he was a child in the small town of Nino, he once saw fishermen catch it. The creature is called a sea dog by fishermen, and its fur can be sold at a very good price. I didn't expect to see it again here, and I couldn't help but feel a touch of intimacy in my heart.

Xuan Yue grew up in the Holy See since she was a child, and naturally she had never seen a sea dog. She looked at the two fleshy bodies and said in surprise: "So cute! What is this?"

The waiter explained: "These are the fur seals our boss brought from the Tianjin Empire seashore. They are used for viewing. They are very docile. Because they grow on the extreme north seashore and the temperature here is high, the pool water here is not only The fresh sea water transported from the seashore, and the water magician is asked to bless the ice magic every once in a while, it is much colder than usual, so that they can adapt. This pair of sea dogs have lived here for more than two years , They are very well-behaved." The waiter looked at the sea dog's round body and showed a knowing smile, obviously loving them very much.

Oliveira said, "This sea dog is one of the hallmarks of Jinyulou. It is very rare in the interior. Haven't the Xuanri brothers seen it before?"

Xuanyue lay on the railing by the pool, her eyes constantly moving with the sea dog's swimming body, "Yes! I have never seen it before. It turns out that there are such cute creatures. Can I touch them? "Xuan Yueyan looked at the waiter expectantly.

The waiter hesitated for a moment, and smiled and said, "Originally, customers can't come into contact with them, but the magicians of your mainland magician union are the distinguished guests of our restaurant. The boss should not blame it, just make an exception." She walked to the pool, picked up a small bucket and walked back, "Here are the little fish they love to eat. You only need to feed them a few, and they will get close to you."

Xuanyue happily took the bucket, pinched a small fish to the surface of the water, and shook it towards the sea dog in the water, "Come on! Give you something delicious."

I don’t know if I heard Xuan Yue’s voice or smelled the food. Two sea dogs came out of the water in unison. Their bodies were about one meter long, and their dark red eyes looked at the little fish in Xuan Yue’s hands. , Swam over quickly, and the fast speed formed a sharp contrast with their bloated figure. Seeing them swimming, Xuan Yue was suddenly very excited, and with two puffs, the sea dog got out of the pool in front of Xuan Yue, and the water splashed Xuan Yue’s sleeves. The slightly larger sea dog moved quickly and took a mouthful. Swallowing the small fish in Xuan Yue's hand, Xuan Yue took the opportunity to touch its Guanghua's big head. It did not resist, just chewing the food in its mouth. Xuan Yue took out a small fish from the bucket and fed it to another fur seal.

Oliveira watched Xuan Yuele play with the fur seals, and whispered to Adu, "Big Brother Adu, how come Brother Xuanri is like a girl, chirping."

Dumb looked at Xuan Yue's excitement with a smile on his face, and said disapprovingly: "He has lived in the Holy See since he was a child. He is naturally happy to see novel things. Let him play for a while."

Xuan Yue fed a small bucket of fish to the two fur seals before she stood up reluctantly. Both of her sleeves were already wet by the cold pool water. She pinched her cold hands and rushed towards dumb. : "Brother, they are really cute. I have a chance in the future. I also want to raise two in the Holy See."

Dumb smiled and said, "No more. Isn't it better for them to live freely in the sea than to raise them in a pool? Let's go eat first."

Xuanyue nodded and looked at the pool. The two sea dogs looked at her as if greeted her, "Yes! They are so pitiful that they are locked up here!"

Under the leadership of the waiter, the three people followed the spiral staircase to the second floor. The second floor was completely private, and the private rooms were next to each other. The waiter led them to the innermost large room, "This is the best private room on the second floor. , Master Mage, do you think this is okay?"

The private room is very luxuriously decorated. The central round table is large enough to seat fifteen people. All the tableware is made of silver. There is also a bathroom in the private room, which is very thoughtful.

Dumb said: "It's worthy of being the largest restaurant in Andes City. It's so luxurious! Vera, you are the landlord, you can order."

"Okay." Oliveira took the recipe from the waiter and read it, turning the page and said: "Bring us a snail, a North Sea ice crab, and three lobster wings..." Time, he actually ordered more than a dozen talents, dumb repeatedly said that enough, he stopped, "Okay, it's all about it, the materials must be fresh, faster. Oh, yes, yours The sign gives us a pot first."

"Yes, Master Mage." The waiter walked out with the note.

Dumb said: "Vera, what do you want so many vegetables for? Did we eat? It's too extravagant."

Oliveira smiled and said, "I rarely eat such expensive things, but this is to apologize to you teacher Fengzhi! How can I be shabby? Don't worry, the dishes here are not large, but they are all very delicate. I should be able to finish it. When I left, Fengzhi, a stingy teacher, gave me a hundred diamond coins for me to spend, enough for us to eat many times." In fact, Fengzhi wanted to give him a hundred gold coins, but I took the wrong money bag, and now I regret it in the union.

Xuan Yue said with a smile: "That said, you have more money than us! Then I'm not welcome. It's been a long time since I had a good meal. The last time I had a big meal in Meme City."

When mentioning the food in Mimu City, Ah-Dai suddenly remembered that Xuanyue had made a spoon with light magic as a meal, and couldn't help smiling: "With you, even if you don't have money, you won't be afraid of getting hungry."

At this time, the waiter walked in again, holding a small tray in her hand. On the tray was an exquisite porcelain pot. She poured a cup of amber liquid for the three dui, and the rich aroma immediately filled the room. In the middle, the scent penetrates through the lungs, which immediately shocks people.

Xuan Yue looked at the liquid in front of him suspiciously, and said: "Big Brother Vera, this won't be a bar, I don't drink." Last time I drank tequila with Sanguolu, the inner organs are burning up to the present. She still has lingering fears.

Oliveira said: "Don't worry, this is not wine, but amber dew, the specialty drink here. You can try it, it tastes very good."

Xuanyue has always been interested in novel things, took a sip from the silver cup inlaid with red glaze, and suddenly moved: "Ah! So sweet!" With the amber dew she drank, a strong rose aroma went straight. Passing through the heart, bursts of heat rose, and the pores all over his body seemed to be open, uncomfortably comfortable.

The waiter said: "Amber dew is brewed from a variety of precious medicinal materials and rose petals. It is very beneficial to the body. People who come to us almost give up drinking and choose it. If you drink it often, it will be nourishing and moisturizing. The effect of lungs, nourishing qi and blood, prolonging life."

Oliveira smiled and said, "I became obsessed with it since I drank it for the first time. I won’t talk about its nutrition, but it tastes good. Although my monthly salary is not low, it’s not I can always come here to drink. This pot of Amber Dew costs 30 gold coins, which is enough for an ordinary family to live for a year. Amber Dew is only produced in Jinyulou. I heard that even the Tianjin Imperial Palace will specially come here to buy it."

Dumb felt the refreshing feeling brought by Amber Dew, and smiled: "You will really enjoy it! However, this is indeed much better than wine."

The dishes ordered by Oliveira were served on the table one after another, each of them exquisitely exquisite, with different styles. Even Xuanyue, who was born in the Holy See, was full of praise when he tasted the raw lobster wings. Each person is a small plate with shark fin as the base, on which is placed pink lobster meat carved into a flower shape, which combines the different flavors of shark fin and lobster.

After eating for nearly two hours, the three of them not only took all the delicacies into their abdomen, but also drank two pots of amber dew. Xuanyue leaned back in a comfortable chair contentedly, and exclaimed: "It's so comfortable to eat! It's a pity that I have no place in my stomach, or I have to eat again."

Dumb laughed: "You have to be careful, if you eat too much to get a blessing, I'm afraid there will be no girl to marry you in the future."

Xuan Yueqiao blushed and said, "I hate it, you will become a big fat man."

Oliveira said: "When we come back next time, let's eat again, ah! It's noon, two teachers, let's go, waiter, check out."

"Please wait a moment." The waiter responded and turned and walked out of the private room.

Dumb frowned and said, "Brother Vera, didn't you let you call our teacher? Why did you forget it again."

Oliveira patted his forehead and smiled: "Yeah! Look at my memory, I change it, I must change it. Oh, yes, big brother Dumb, your magician robe is broken, I will take it from the union There are several sets, so you can put on them. Brother Xuanri, do you want to?"

Xuan Yue said: "Okay! The three of us all put on magician robes and it looks good. The three magicians will be popular wherever they go. Do you have light-type low-level magician robes?"

Oliveira swiped into the void, opened his own space bag, and smiled: "Yes, except for the dark system. I know you don't want to show off, so I brought a few sets of advanced magician-level magic robes." Pointing to the magic symbol on his chest, "Look, I have also changed to a high-level magician, so that no one will pay attention to us." While talking, I took out the light and fire magic from the space bag. Shi Pao handed it over.

Dumb took the magician robe and said to Xuanyue: "Go, brother, let's go to the bathroom to change it."

Xuan Yueqiao blushed and said, "Brother, you go first, and I will change when you finish."

Dumb handed the light magic robe to Xuan Yue, and said with a smile: "Why, are you still ashamed of all men? Okay, okay, don't be angry, I just go first."

Dui changed clothes very quickly, took off the damaged magic robe, put on a new one, and walked out. After putting on the new clothes, he became more energetic. He rushed to Xuanyue and said, "I'm done, you go."

Xuanyue walked into the bathroom, just as the waiter came back. She held the slip in her hand and said, "A total of two hundred and ten gold coins." I don't know why, her face was abnormally pale, and her eyes showed a look of sadness. Sad.

Oliveira took out the purse from her arms, took three diamond coins and handed them over, and said, "What happened? You look bad!"

The waiter's eyes were red, and he took the diamond coin and said, "They, they want to eat those two fur seals." Tears flowed down uncontrollably, and wet the white clothes on her chest.

Dumb was surprised and said, "What? Do you want to eat those two fur seals? Didn't you say that they are just for viewing?"

At this time, Xuanyue just walked out of the bathroom, just when she heard Dumb's words, she walked to the waiter angrily, "Who, who wants to eat those two sea dogs?"

The waiter choked and said, "They are so pitiful! They were originally used for viewing, but the guests from the Honghu tribe were very interested in them. The patriarch asked us to make two sea dogs for them. The patriarch’s powerful boss is not good to say anything. Dahei and Erhei, they will..." At this point, the waiter ran out in tears.

Although she only got along for a while, Xuanyue was already deeply in love with the two soft marine creatures, and snorted, "I'll go and see, no one can touch them if I'm here." After she finished speaking, she was angry. Rushed out of the room.

Oliveira and Dumb stood up, and Dumb said, "Let's go and check it out, hoping to stop those people."

Oliveira frowned and said: "Since those guests are the patriarch of the Yajin clan, I am afraid that they are not ordinary and they are not so easy to deal with. This is the territory of others, let's not cause trouble." His personality is somewhat like dumb. Similar, least like to cause trouble.

When the two came downstairs, they saw Xuanyue blocked by the pool, preventing the chef of Jinyulou from using the big net to catch the sea dogs. To my surprise, all the waiters stood on the side of Xuanyue and automatically turned the pool. Surrounded by them, each of them had beautiful eyes bright red, and they obviously couldn't bear the friend who had been with them in the pool for two years.

The two chefs looked at Xuanyue and the girls in embarrassment, and one of them said: "You should let us go, don't embarrass us. After all, this is an order from the patriarch and even the boss can't help it. What use is it for you to stop."

Xuan Yue snorted and said: "Let your boss come to see me, as long as I am here, no one will want to eat them." A faint white light radiated from Xuan Yue, and the powerful aura made the two chefs' bodies. There was a trembling, and he subconsciously stepped back a few steps, looking at Xuanyue in a light magic robe in surprise.

Dumb walked to Xuanyue's side and held her trembling shoulders that were irritated and said, "Brother, don't be angry, there must be a solution. Brother help you." I don't know why, since He Xuanri is in the Psychedelic Forest. Since getting to know, Ah-Dai has never seen this "Yueyue's brother" angry. UU Reading www.uukā

Xuan Yue nodded, and silently chanted a few spells. Under the surprised gaze of everyone in the Jin Yulou, a light golden light covered the pool. The barrier with strong defensive ability isolates the pool from the outside world.

Oliveira rushed to the two chefs and said, "Calling your boss, it means that the Mainland Mage Union will not allow you to eat these two sea dogs."

The chef looked at the dumb three with their firm gazes retreating, and they left the hall dingy, climbed up the spiral staircase to report. The waitresses were relieved when they saw that the two sea dogs had survived. Unanimously, Xuan Yue, the benefactor who rescued the sea dog, was surrounded in the center. Their surprised, admired, and admiring eyes looked at Xuan Yue's body tightly, and was very uncomfortable.

"Master Mage, thank you so much, you must help us keep Dahei and Erhei! Don't let those people eat them."

"Master Mage, you are so handsome! Is this magic? You have such an air."

"Master Magic, are you free tonight? I get off work at 8 o'clock. I feel safe by your side!"

Chapter 116: Patriarch Yakin

Xuanyue was dizzy with the chirping voices of the waiters. When did she experience such a scene, her face flushed suddenly, and she didn't know what to do.

Oliveira leaned to the side of Ah-Dai and laughed in a low voice: "It seems that the beauties here are all attracted to Brother Xuanri. Brother, Brother Xuanri is really beautiful!"

Xuan Yue couldn't bear the enthusiasm of the girls, she chanted a spell, cast a defensive enchantment for herself, and pushed the waiters crowded beside her a foot away, which made it easier.

Dumb laughed too, and transmitted the sound to Xuan Yue: "Brother, it seems that these waiters are very interested in you! You said me before, it seems you are more popular than me."

Xuan Yue glared at her dumbfoundedly, and said embarrassedly: "Big Brother, you dare to make fun of me and don't help me out."

Dumb smiled bitterly: "How can I help you out? I have never been able to do anything with girls. You should do it yourself. Popularity is not a bad thing, and they are not malicious."

At this moment, the sound of footsteps came, and a thick and angry voice sounded, "I want to see who is so bold who dares to violate the orders of the patriarch." The tall figure walked down from the spiral staircase upstairs. The duo looked up and saw that the face was as heavy as a jujube, and the height was astonishing two meters away. A dark green samurai was wrapped around his bulging muscles, and the unkempt beard on his face looked abnormal. Intimidating, with a thick-backed machete on his back, he walked down with the two chefs.

Oliveira felt the extraordinary aura of this person, and said to the two chefs: "I asked you to find the boss. Is he the boss?"

The samurai snorted and looked up and down at the three dumbs, and said: "I am not the boss, I am the personal guard of the patriarch. The boss of Jinyulou is accompanying the patriarch and the distinguished guests. Why? You three brats are preventing them from fishing. Those two sea dogs? Get out before I get angry. Three low-level little magicians dared to come here to show their power, hum." His last hum brought a strong sound, shaking around the pool. The girls turned pale, covering their ears and retreating into the distance.

Xuan Yue walked up to the warrior and said angrily: "Huh, it looks like a gorilla. It's just a watchdog. He dares to yell in front of us. I think it's you who want to get off. ."

The samurai was furious, and he split his palm and grabbed Xuan Yue's front flap. With a faint green vindictiveness on his big fan-like hands, the strong wind rushed toward his face.

The red figure flashed, and there was another person in front of Xuan Yue. The samurai's big hand grabbed the red figure. It was Dumb who appeared suddenly.

The warrior was shocked. He didn't see clearly how Ah-Dai came to Xuan Yue's body, and he couldn't help but be more on guard.

Dumb looked at the arrogant warrior who was half a head taller than himself. The expression on his face didn't fluctuate. He said faintly: "Let go of your hand, we are here today, no one can eat these two sea dogs." The anger has been thoroughly aroused by the reckless man in front of him. Dumb is a character that would rather bend but not bend. When his stubbornness came up, he would not change even in the face of a million masters.

The samurai thought to himself, you are just a magician, what can you do in such a close distance, the panic in your heart suddenly disappeared a lot. He used his arms to lift Duan from the ground, but he did not get the desired effect under the action of his natural divine power. Duan's feet were like roots, still standing still on the spot.

"I'll say it again, let go of your hand and call the boss here or your patriarch to come over. Otherwise, don't blame me for being impolite." Senran's murderous intent flashed through Ah Du's eyes. Just now, the samurai was about to attack Xuan Yue. His murderous aura at sunset over the Empire reappeared.

Seeing the cold light in Ah-Dai's eyes, the samurai only felt that the cold hairs all over his body seemed to stand up, but in front of so many people, how could he retreat as the guard of the Yajin clan chief? With a roar, the other hand was clenched into a fist, and under the green vindictive envelop, he blasted towards Ah Dumb's chest.

Xuanyue and Oliveira would naturally not worry about Ah-Dai, but all the waiters exclaimed. Many people even covered their eyes, not daring to see the tragic situation of Ah-Dai being beaten.

Without the expected screams, the hall suddenly fell silent, and the imposing punch of the samurai stopped in the air, and the white light continued to flicker around the dui, abruptly blocking the fists from the samurai's bombardment. , In order not to damage this place, Ah Dai used soft energy, and with real aura, he held the samurai's fist in the air. The samurai was surprised to find that his body seemed to be bound by an invisible energy and he couldn't even move a finger. He urged his vindictiveness to struggle desperately, but couldn't break free.

"This is your own humiliation." Dui raised his right hand, and five blue-green light blades shot out. Dui's fingers trembled. The samurai only felt a chill on his head, and he was sweating down. I understand that the gap between myself and the youth in front of me is so big.

Xuanyue leaned over to Ah-Dai and looked at the warrior with a weird expression. She raised her finger to the warrior's head and laughed out loud, "Haha, haha—I'm so ridiculous that I am a hairless gorilla. "It turned out that although Ah Dui had a murderous intention, he was kind and didn't really hurt the samurai. He just shaved the samurai's hair, eyebrows, and beard by transforming it into an energy blade.

Following Xuan Yue's laughter, the waitress girls all laughed, and the hall was filled with silver bell-like sounds.

Dumb looked at the flushed warrior, his heart softened, and his anger was lost. The "puff, puff, puff" warrior's huge body took a few steps back, and he sat down at the entrance of the spiral ladder and stretched out his hand to touch Touching the top of his smooth head, he said in a shameful tone: "Okay, kid, you wait." He said cruelly, and crawled back upstairs.

Xuan Yue took A Duan's arm and exclaimed excitedly: "Big Brother, you are great! Look at this hairless gorilla and dare not be arrogant in the future."

Dumb smiled and said, "Brother, I was afraid that you took too much action to block you, so I can't always want to kill people in the future!" It turned out that when the samurai reached out to catch Xuanyue, Xuanyue had already Prepare to kill him with the blood of Phoenix. Dumb clearly felt the strong murderous aura emanating from Xuan Yue's body. Although Xuan Yue was a magician, she was a magician at the level of a magician, and the samurai's attack could not be pleased no matter how fast. In order not to cause death and to vent his anger for Xuan Yue, Ah Dui stepped forward. His appearance was equivalent to saving the samurai's life.

The waiters gathered around again, and Dumb was shocked. He was terrified that he was facing the same situation as Xuan Yue just now. He hurriedly said, "Ladies, please leave here soon. We offended the Yajin clan chief. Let him know. If you help us, I’m afraid I won’t let you go easily."

The waiters stopped, and one of them said: "Then, then you must save the lives of Dahei and Erhei!"

Oliveira pledged: "Don't worry, no one can hurt them with us."

The waiter finally dispersed. Duan and Xuan Yue exhaled at the same time. The two looked at each other and couldn't help laughing at the same time.

Oliveira said with a helpless look: "Two bosses, you are really amazing, you have offended the biggest dignitaries of the Yakin clan before leaving Andis City."

Xuan Yue glared at him and said, "If you are scared, go back to the Mage’s Guild as soon as possible. Since it is an experience, you have to experience everything. What's more, these two little sea dogs are so pitiful! Shouldn't we? Save them?"

Oliveira said in his heart, weren’t the animals you ate in the room just now? "Well, then I have to sacrifice my life to accompany the gentleman." In fact, he didn't have a trace of fear in his heart. There are two guys equivalent to the magister, Duan and Xuanyue, and I am afraid that no one can please, even if it is abrupt. It’s not impossible to get out of Andis City from here. He still remembers the situation when Ah Du broke Laldas' Rank 8 Flame Dragon that day.

Xuanyue lay on the side of the pool, watching the two sea dogs wandering back and forth, and said softly: "Don't worry, we will definitely not protect you."

The sound of intensive footsteps came from the building, and Duan distinguished from the sound, there were seven people in total. The samurai who was replaced with a bald head appeared first, pointing to the dumb three and saying, "It's them." Behind him was a gorgeously dressed middle-aged man, his brows furrowed, his face looked anxious. Quickly walked to the three dumb people, and said: "Three magicians, the villain is the boss here, what's the matter? Why are you clashing with the guards of the patriarch?" Sea dog is his beloved How could he be willing to be eaten by others? But he couldn't offend Patriarch Yajin, looking at the three young magicians in front of him, he couldn't help but feel extremely embarrassed.

Xuan Yue said coldly: "You have to ask the bald gorilla. Who made him so arrogant."

"I think it's because you are arrogant." A coquettish voice sounded, and a young girl in a light yellow dress walked down, her face was angry and her body was filled with invisible majesty. The girl is tall and beautiful. She looks more than 20 years old. She has long golden hair scattered behind her back. She has a pair of big sapphire eyes inlaid on her white face. A long sword with a white scabbard hangs from her waist. , The golden silk falls on the waist. When her eyes met Xuan Yue's, she couldn't help but froze slightly, and a strange light flashed under her eyes.

The bald warrior said respectfully to the girl: "My patriarch, they just didn't let the chef catch the two sea dogs and they humiliated me."

Duan and Xuan Yue were both surprised. When they thought about it, the patriarch of the Yajin clan must be an old man over sixty years old, but he didn't expect to be a beautiful girl.

The girl stepped down from the spiral staircase. Behind her, there were four people. Two of the four were dressed as bald warriors, and the other two were middle-aged with red hair. Duan clearly felt that among these people, the two redheads had the strongest skills, and the next thing was not the guard behind the girl, but the girl herself. Among them, the skill of the two redheads seems to be still above the blood skulls, and their appearance can not help but raise the alertness of Dui.

The girl stared at Xuanyue and said, "Are you from the Mage Union?"

Oliveira said: "Hello, Patriarch Tiya, we are from the Mainland Mage Union." Looking at the beautiful Yajin Patriarch, a scorching light flashed in his eyes.

Tiya glanced at Oliveira, and said: "This is the Yajin Clan, not the Huasheng Empire. I hope you don't make trouble, and I can leave immediately without pursuing it." After all, the other party is a magician, she always has to give something. face.

Naturally, Xuan Yue would not be fascinated by Di Ya's appearance. She walked up to her and said, "I don't care what your identity is, but as long as I am here, you are not allowed to kill these two sea dogs."

Tiya looked at Xuan Yue's clear eyes with anger and her heartstrings trembled, "I said, this is the Yajin Clan, my territory, here, I am afraid you can't stop what I want to do."

Xuan Yue was not at all deterred by the other's aura, and snorted coldly: "Then it depends on whether you have this ability, what is the great thing about the Yajin clan."

Di Ya was furious, Xuan Yue's words of contempt for the Yajin clan caused a strong murderous intent in her heart, and the two people of similar height stared at each other face to face.

"Junior sister, forget it, don't eat if you don't eat. Why conflict?" The older red-haired middle-aged man walked forward with a humble smile on his face, looked up and down Xuanyue, smiled slightly, and said: "So This is the first time I have seen a persistent magician, and it is even reasonable for the Red Hurricanes."

The name Lian Shan seemed very familiar, Xuan Yue searched her own memory, but couldn't remember it, and said faintly, "You count your acquaintance."

Tiya coldly looked at the handsome magician in front of him. As the patriarch of the Yakin clan, how could she let anyone humiliate her guests in her own territory? "Big brother, don't worry about it, let me take care of this." Turning to Xuanyue, said: "Don't you want to protect these two sea dogs? Well, I will give you enough time to use defensive magic, as long as you can accept it. I won’t hurt them by making three moves. I warn you that my attacks will not be merciful. You can start singing magic.” As she said, she touched the hilt of the sword on her waist. The handsome boy has seen a lot, but there is no one who can compare Xuanyue in front of her. The sacred aura he exudes constantly shook Tiya's heartstrings, giving her an inexplicable feeling.

Tiya's contemptuous words aroused the anger in Ah Du's heart. Although he knew that Xuan Yue would be able to withstand the opponent's attack, he still couldn't help stepping forward, blocking Xuan Yue behind him, and said indifferently: "Patriarch, you too Be arrogant. That's good. As long as you can take my move, we will leave immediately and stop you from eating these two sea dogs."

Seeing that Dumb was protecting herself, Xuanyue instantly warmed her heart, her anger disappeared, she smiled and said, "Big brother, this is the second time you bet on this trick with someone else? Her attack is not strong enough. Wherever I go, I can do it myself."

Dumb smiled and said, "I'll do it. Since she uses martial arts, I should naturally handle it."

Tiya was trembling with anger at Dumb's words. She has been worshipped by a master since she was a child. She has cultivated assiduously for more than a decade to reach a very high level of martial arts. Apart from her own master and brother, she has never encountered an opponent. Since she inherited the position of patriarch of the Yajin clan not long ago, she has controlled hundreds of thousands of heroes and has become the overlord of one party. At this time, Dumb said that one move would defeat her, which had already provoked her monstrous murderous intent. The blue vindictive spirit came out, Senran murderously covering Duan's body.

Dui didn’t care about the other party’s murderous aura at all. Tiya’s skill was even worse than Ice Skull’s, and his skill has increased recently. It’s not a big deal to defeat the enemy, and the white vitality comes out. Formed a tough line of defense in front of him.

Tiya and the two red-haired middle-aged men showed surprise at the same time, and even single said: "You are so strong and vindictive, are you not a magician? How can you know the skills of the Tiangang Sword Sect."

Xuan Yue said: "Is my elder brother Mowu dual cultivation not good?"

He even held the hand of Di Ya who was about to draw the sword, and said, "Junior sister, don't do it. Master and Tiangang Sword Master have some connections, so don't hurt your harmony."

Tiya stared at her dumbfoundedly, and said: "Big brother, I don't care who he is, he humiliated me and I want to kill him."

Lian Shan frowned and said, "Tiya, you are too willful."

As soon as Duan heard that the other party's sect was related to the Tiangang Sword Sect, his expression suddenly eased, and he rushed forward: "Uncle, are you familiar with our Tiangang Sword Sect?"

Lian Shan touched the beard on his face and smiled bitterly: "I'm not that old, you'd better call me my eldest brother. Who are you, Tiangang Sword Saint?"

Dumb said seriously: "It's my master."

Lian Shan laughed and said, "That said, you are a generation lower than us. Our master and Tiangang Sword Saint and his elders have talked with each other. Tiya, you still don't want to dispel the fighting spirit, do you want to be embarrassed? Junior?"

Most of Tiya's kung fu is taught by even a single generation teacher. For this big brother, she is full of respect, unwilling to dissipate the blue vindictiveness, and hate: "I hope you can leave my Yajin clan smoothly. "After speaking, he walked upstairs angrily.

Seeing Tiya's back, he even shook his head helplessly, and said, "My little sister is so self-willed. To be honest, I blamed me for saying when I first arrived here that I didn't know what this sea dog smelled like. A joke, who knows she actually took it seriously. A few little brothers, I’m sorry. Don’t worry, we won’t make the idea of these two sea dogs anymore. Just now I told her that you are low in seniority because I spoke to her. Don’t be surprised, let’s just It's good for peers."

Seeing that Lian Shan was so polite, Dui hurriedly said, "I just said something that insulted her impulsively just now, and there is something wrong with it. Could you please apologize to her for me. Let's leave first."

Lian Shan said, "If you see the old man Tiangang Sword Saint, please say hello to me, just say that my master Dongfang has been thinking about him."

Xuan Yue's heart moved and said, "Dongfang? Is your master the Eastern Sword Saint?"

A brilliant light flashed in even his single eye, nodded, and said, "Yes, my little brother is so knowledgeable! The master has not been walking around the mainland for many years, and I didn't expect anyone to remember his old man. Good pull, don't disturb your itinerary. , I will come to the Honghu Clan when I am free in the future, and I will discuss with you." After that, he turned upstairs with another red-haired middle-aged man.

"Red Hurricane Clan, Liandan, Liandan." Xuan Yue raised her head fiercely, and lost her voice: "I know who he is. He is the head of the mainland's first mercenary group-the Honghu mercenary group."

"The mainland's first mercenary group?"

Xuan Yue nodded, and said: "Unexpectedly, he turned out to be the disciple of the Eastern Sword Saint, eldest brother, are you sure of defeating him?"

Dumb smiled slightly and said, "Among the people I have met, apart from the original Judge Xuanyuan, no one can beat me in martial arts. Although he is very strong, I still have a seven-point confidence."

Oliveira smiled and said: "Big Brother A'Dai is of course great. Since this seal is not dangerous, let's go. I'm afraid Tiya won't stop there. I'd better leave the territory of the Yajin tribe as soon as possible to avoid trouble."

"It's too powerful to say, but among the people facing me, only Judge Xuanyuan made me unable to feel the depth. Although Lian Shan's skill is very high, I still have some feelings, which proves that he should be weaker than me. Some. Brother, use your instant transfer." Ah Dui suddenly changed his face and looked at Xuan Yue eagerly.

Xuan Yue's heart shuddered, and found that the waiters who were excited because they had successfully solved the seal problem were walking towards them. In order not to be entangled, they hurriedly walked to Dumb and Oliveira and chanted quickly. With the spell, the light flashed, and the three of them disappeared in place at the same time before the girls pounced on them. This time Xuan Yue only used a short distance to transfer instantly, which could save speed. When they reappeared, they only teleported to the door of the restaurant and had not yet left. But at this time, the attention of the waitress girls was on the place where they had stood next to the pool, Xuan Yue whispered: "Run." Carefully opened the goalkeeper Oliveira and Dui let go first, and finally slipped away. go.

After exiting the gate of Jinyulou, dozens of well-groomed soldiers guarded them. They were obviously guards to protect Tiya. They treated Ah-Dai and others as ordinary diners and did not stop them.

Xuan Yue turned to look at Jin Yulou, exhaled, patted her chest, and said, "It's so dangerous! Those girls are too enthusiastic, and it would be miserable if they were entangled."

Dumb agreed with lingering fears: "Yes! Let's go, I don't know if they are grateful that we saved the two sea dogs or are interesting to you."

Xuan Yue said irritably: "What's the point? Don't talk nonsense." Dumb glanced at her mysteriously and said: "Yes! You are from the Holy See, why would you like them?" Thinking of herself In the matter with Xuan Yue, the feeling of excitement that had been caused by saving the sea dog disappeared.

Xuan Yue suddenly snorted and said, "Big Brother Vera, what's wrong with you? What are you in a daze! It's almost the same as Big Brother Dumb."

Oliveira woke up from his thoughts, his eyes widened, and said, "Brother, did you just use the lost space magic?" He clenched his hands, slightly convulsed, and his excitement was beyond words. He is more obsessed with magic than anyone, and the attraction of space magic is no less than that of Dumb's "dragon summoning".

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "Yes! Do you want to learn space magic?"

Oliveira nodded in excitement, her face flushed, "I want to learn, I want to learn, please teach me."

Xuan Yue said: "Space magic is more difficult to learn. In fact, it has not been lost. One of the three major magicians, Master Yuanmu, is a master of space magic. But if you major in wind magic, if you learn space again I am afraid that the magic will affect your own progress. This is not good, so, when you can reach the realm of the Mage with the Wand of Wind, I will teach you."

Oliveira showed a hint of disappointment in his eyes, nodded helplessly, and said: "Well, I will definitely work hard."

Dumb patted Oliveira on the shoulder, and said, "Brother Xuanri is not a broomstick. She is telling the truth. It is very difficult to reach the peak in a magical cultivation. Like Master Lardas, he has cultivated. In his lifetime, he barely reached the highest level of fire magic."

Xuan Yue said: "Don't be too disappointed. Although I won't teach you too much space magic, it is still possible to learn the short-distance transfer that I used just now. A small magic should not affect your wind magic. I will teach you when I leave here."

Oliveira nodded repeatedly, and said with joy: "I'm very satisfied to be able to learn a short distance transfer in an instant. Thank you, Brother Xuanri."

"Don't talk about polite remarks, let's go, let's go out of Andy's City first, didn't you say that some patriarch would embarrass us?"

The three of them didn't even go to the Andes trading floor, and walked quickly towards the east gate not far away. They are not afraid of Tiya, but they don't want to make unnecessary conflicts with her.

Not long after walking, the East City Gate was already in sight. Suddenly, a red figure flashed out from the street, blocking the way of the three of them. The three of them watched intently, and they recognized everyone who came. It was in Bilu Canyon and Xuanyue that day. Keanu, the fire wizard who competes.

Due to the improvement of the relationship with Lardas, Duan and Xuanyue no longer have hostility towards the Tianjin Mage Union. Xuanyue smiled and said, "What are you doing to stop us? Didn't you agree that day?"

Keanu seemed to be very afraid of Xuan Yue, and hurriedly said: "No, no, I am indeed not your opponent. I, I came by the order of the teacher this time."

The three dumbs didn't know that he was a disciple of Lardas. Dui asked, "Who is your teacher?"

Keanu said, "My teacher is the Magister Laldas. His old man told me to wait for you here. Who is dumb among you, the teacher asked me to give this to him." He said, he took out a letter from his arms. Passed it over. Dumb froze slightly, the letter from Lardas to himself? What would you say? He reached out his hand to take the letter and said, "I am dumb."

Xuanyue and Oliveira surrounded the letter. Dumb opened the letter. There was a piece of pure white letter paper inside. It was written in neat Tianjin Empire text, "Dumb, Geli Song and I are going to return to the Tianjin Empire. Now, Keanu is my disciple. He has been studying with me for 20 years. He is simple in nature and has never seen anything in the world since he was by my side. You have seen his magic level. I hope you can He brought him by his side and allowed him to grind on the mainland. This would help his magic cultivation level. If he is really embarrassed, let him return directly to the Tianjin Empire Mage Guild." The inscription is Lal Daston first. After reading the letter, Duan couldn't help but feel embarrassed. There is already an Oliveira beside them, and the destination of this trip is the Death Mountain. If I bring Keanu, can I take care of it?

A faint smile appeared on Xuan Yueqiao's face, she took the letter paper from Dumb's hand, looked at Keanu, and said, "Your teacher asked you to follow us to the mainland. Are you willing to go?"

Keanu stunned and murmured: "Teacher, did he let me leave? I, I..."

Xuan Yue said in a strange way: "Didn't he tell you? Look," she said, passing the letter paper over.

Keanu took the letterhead, read it carefully, and said with a sullen face: "So the teacher really doesn't want me anymore."

Dumb said: "If you want to be embarrassed, forget it, now go back to the Tianjin Mage Guild, I think Master Lardas hasn't left yet."

The dignity on Keanu's face gradually disappeared. Suddenly, he shouted in excitement: "Great, I don't need to be tortured at last."

Dumb, Xuanyue, and Oliveira were all startled by his sudden excitement. Oliveira asked, "What torture? What a fortunate thing to be able to practice with Master Lardas!"

Enraged and smiled bitterly: "If you have experienced the same torture as, you won't say that. The teacher's training is like **** torture! Take me, let me be with you Let's go." He looked at the three dumb trio with hopeful expressions, and his eyes kept shining with excitement.

Dumb was still hesitating, but Xuan Yue rushed to say, "We are going to a very dangerous place. We may not be able to take care of you. Do you want to go?"

Keanu didn’t even think about it, and hurriedly said, “I’m not afraid, what a wonderful thing to be able to travel to the mainland! I’ve been looking forward to it for many years, and the teacher is finally willing to let me out this time. I beg you, just take me. Well, I can take good care of myself. A person who has survived from the flame hell, why is he afraid of dying?" Later, Dumb and others knew that Keanu was taken by Lardas to the crater when he was very young. To practice magic, he has to endure more than 15 hours of pain and suffering every day. Later, Lardas even took him to the depths of the volcano to accompany him with magma. Otherwise, with Keanu’s age and poor understanding, How can there be current achievements?

Xuan Yue smiled, and smiled happily. The addition of a fire wizard will make the power around Dumb stronger, "Well, in that case, we will take you with you, but everything on the road must listen to us. , Otherwise, I will send you back to Master Lardas." With Xuanyue's cleverness, I naturally felt Keanu's fear of Lardas, and immediately hit his key point.

Chapter 117: Black Iron Burst Arrow

Keanu nodded repeatedly and said, "Okay, okay, I will listen to you. Don't let me go back to the teacher."

Dumb looked at Xuanyue and said hesitantly: "Is it really possible? You three are all magicians. If you encounter danger in the Death Mountain, I'm afraid I won't be able to take care of it."

Xuan Yue smiled and said, "Don't worry about it. You don't need to take care of it. I have the protection of Phoenix's blood. Their magic cultivation is not weak and nothing will happen."

Dumb said helplessly: "Well, Keanu, you can go on the road with us, we are going to the Red Hurricanes now."

Keanu jumped up excitedly, "I'm finally free, and finally free to pull, great." His excitement caused the pedestrians around to stop and watch. It was really surprising that four magicians appeared on the road. Oliveira grabbed Keanu and said in a low voice: "Let’s leave here first. Brother, you must also want to ask the two teachers about magic." Keanu’s cultivation base had been seen that day, if It is more than the magic level, above him.

Keanu shook his head vigorously, and said, "I finally got liberated, so I don't want to practice anymore? Let's go, by the way, I don't know what your names are? How should I call you?"

Xuan Yue told Keanu the names and ages of the three of them, and when the four were compared, Keanu was the oldest. He was already twenty-five years old this year.

The four of them walked towards the city gate. Dumb couldn't forget Tiya's resentful gaze before going upstairs. There was no worry in his heart. He didn't want to conflict with the Yajin clan, and just wanted to leave this place of right and wrong as soon as possible.

The hustle and bustle of people at the East City Gate kept coming in and out, there was nothing unusual. Duan couldn't help but feel happy. He glanced at the other three, Xuanyue followed him and bowed his head silently, Oliveira because Keanu didn’t like learning magic. Ignore him, just follow him, and Keanu obviously hasn't recovered from the excitement of leaving Lardas, with a silly smile on his face, very happy. The four of them are all in magician costumes, including wind, fire, and light. Duan suddenly thought that with the combined strength of the four, I am afraid that even the sword master may not be able to deal with it. First I was full of confidence in going to the Death Mountain.

"Stop, do you want to run so easily?" A resentful voice sounded. Dumb looked up and found that the four of them had reached the gate of the city, but the one who was born and spoke was covered in heavy armor. A tall general of the Yajin tribe, he blocked his way at the gate of the city. As the helmet blocked his face, Duan couldn't tell his identity. I don't know any officers or soldiers! Dumb asked suspiciously: "Are you talking to us?"

The general snorted angrily and said, "Who else is there, brothers, come out, this guy insulted the patriarch." His voice sounded familiar, Xuan Yue suddenly woke up and smiled: "Who am I? , It turned out to be a hairless gorilla! I recognize you when you put on your shell."

The visitor was really a samurai who was shaved off by Ah-Dai. His name was Lada. After the three of Ah-Dai left, Dia felt resentful and ordered him to take someone to intercept Ah-Dai and the others. He ordered him to catch a few dumb people back and let her vent her anger. Lada hated Dumb. He immediately left the Jinyulou after receiving the order. Although he was impulsive, he was not reckless. Knowing that Dumb was not something he could deal with, he ordered his guards to be quickly dispatched from the patriarch’s residence. A large number of people chased them up, but the three of Ah'Dai were delayed because of Keanu's affairs, and they were finally blocked by him at the gate.

Hundreds of brightly armored warriors surrounded them, all of them dressed like Lada, they were all master guards under Tiya, each carrying a spear in their hands, and encircling the four dumb men aggressively. The soldiers who had been guarding the city gate had closed the gate tightly to prohibit everyone from entering and exiting. As soon as the surrounding civilians saw the incident, they quickly moved away, and the area around the east city gate suddenly became empty within a few kilometers.

Keanu didn't know what had happened before. Seeing these soldiers surrounded him and four of them, he turned to Dumb and asked, "Brother, what's going on? Why didn't they let us out of the city."

Oliveira answered his question for Dui and said angrily: "They have nothing to do when they are full."

Duan frowned. He didn't expect that his few people still did not leave Andis City smoothly, and rushed to Rada: "What do you want? It was just a misunderstanding before, why bother to force each other?" In this case, he is still making his last effort and does not want to engage with the other party.

Xuanyue doesn't have the good temper of Dumb. Before Dia wanted to eat two sea dogs, she was already very angry. At this time, seeing Lada brought someone to arrest a few of her, her anger suddenly rose, and she gave a cold snort, golden light. It spread out, wrapping her beautiful body, and said bitterly: "Isn't it easy to find death? Just so little people still want to keep us."

Dumb was taken aback when he saw Xuan Yue's murderous look, and hurriedly said, "Brother, don't just kill anyone."

Xuan Yue said angrily: "People don't offend me, and I don't offend people. They think we are good bullies, so I will show them a little bit harder. What's wrong with murder? They all asked for it."

Although Lada was surprised by the sacred aura exuding from Xuanyue's body, he was even more angry at the humiliation that Duan had put on him, and shouted, "Go to me, catch them and go back. The patriarch will have many rewards." Under his order, Hundreds of guards were forced to step by step toward the four people surrounded by the center. The spears made of stainless steel shone in the sunlight, and the murderous intent filled the air, and there was a murderous atmosphere around them.

Keanu followed Laldas since he was a child, and when he saw such a scene, he had forgotten that he was a powerful magician, and his face was a little pale and hiding behind Xuan Yue, not knowing what to do. Since he was almost burned to death by Xuanyue's fire phoenix that day, he has always had an inexplicable awe of Xuanyue, second only to his teacher Lardas.

Xuanyue had already begun to chant a spell in a low voice, the golden light on her body became more and more pure, and she could do it at any time. Dumb knew exactly how powerful Xuanyue’s strength was. If she hit with all her strength, I’m afraid that few of the Yajin tribe would survive here, but Xuanyue was so angry that he couldn’t persuade him, so he didn’t know what to do. At this moment, Oliveira suddenly approached him and whispered: "Boss, I have a way. As long as you are human, there is no one who is not afraid of death. You deter them and let them see your strength, no one Dare to stop us."

There was a flash of inspiration in Dumb's mind, and suddenly remembered the scene when he had rushed out of the dark city. He hurriedly stopped in front of Xuan Yue, and the white vitality came out, and said in a deep voice, "Brother, let me come. Take the blood of the dragon as a guide, open the door that is out of control." The blue light shone out, and under the control of Duan's mind, the black iron bow gradually grew larger, and the dark bow weighing two hundred jin fell into his hands. . At this time, the guards have surrounded themselves, and dozens of spears pierced from all around, looking for the joints of the four to attack. Although the vindictiveness of these guards is not strong, they are still There is a certain degree of power.

Xuan Yue was stopped in front of her by Ah Dui, and the magic that was about to be completed suddenly stagnated. She looked at the big bow in his hand in surprise. She had only heard the power of the Xuan Tie bow mentioned by Ah Dui before. This was the first time she saw her, curiosity He immediately concealed his anger, and subconsciously dispelled the magic he had prepared, waiting to see how Dumb would deal with these guards.

The bluish-green vindictiveness suddenly came out, and the five fingers of A'Dai's left hand trembled slightly, five blue-green solid vindictiveness floated out, and the stabbed spear was entangled by the five strands of vindictiveness. When the light came, dozens of spears suddenly broke into two pieces, and the cut was as smooth as a knife.

Under the effect of Shengshengzhenqi, Ah Dai floated up, taking back the energy from the transformation into a solid state, and using soft energy to push out a palm in each of the four directions, southeast, northwest, and the vigorous Shengshengzhen Qi burst out suddenly. The guards who came up were suddenly pushed back by anger. Taking this opportunity, Ah Dui stabilized his body in the air with anger, and shouted, "Open—" With his arms hardened, the dark bow of the mysterious iron bow slowly opened under the infusion of zhenqi. A whirlwind-like air current envelops Xuanyue, Keanu, and Oliveira centering on Ah-Dai, making it difficult for the guards to get close. The bow body finally turned into the shape of a full moon under the pull of Dui. The blue-green arrow of birth and change appeared. With the continuous infusion of skills, the color of the arrow body gradually changed, and the green light disappeared, like a sapphire. The cast solid-state energy sword looks so gorgeous. A Dumb was ecstatic in his heart, knowing that his life change had entered the second half of the fourth change, watching the surprised soldiers of the Yajin tribe at his feet, he said with pride, "Go, the mysterious iron burst arrow of life change." The bowstring made a light buzzing sound, and the huge black iron bow was constantly trembling in the dumb hand, the blue light flashed, and it went away like a lightning with the explosive power poured by dumb.

Wherever the blue light passes, the air is slightly distorted. When the arrow body enters the city gate, the entire east gate of Andes City turns blue, "boom—" it is one foot thick and cast by fine iron. Under the bombardment of the mysterious iron bursting arrow of the birth and birth, the huge city gate was blown and shattered like paper, countless iron filings spilled out, and dozens of soldiers near the gate were suddenly injured in the flying iron filings. , A scream sounded. The power of this arrow was much greater than it was in the Dark City before, and even the thick city walls were trembling slightly under the influence of the energy burst. Lada and the guards under him showed horror. Such a powerful martial arts wonder was beyond their imagination.

Dumb did not fall, still floating in the air, and a faint voice came into the ears of every Akin soldier: "If any of you can stop my energy arrow with confidence, even if it rushes up again, I won't play it again. Show mercy."

The east gate of Andys City became silent. Even Oliveira and Keanu opened their mouths. Faced with such a heavy gate, even if they did their best, they might not be able to achieve such an effect. Shooting an arrow with a bow can accomplish such a feat in three seconds. Keanu thought to himself that if he used archery when he competed with the teacher that day, he might not be able to use the Rank 8 Flame Dragon! It seems that he is stronger than the teacher!

Xuan Yue's eyes were filled with surprise, she looked at the dumb who was slowly falling beside her, and said, "Brother, it turns out that you still have this hand! It's amazing."

Ah Dui subconsciously pulled Xuan Yue's little hand, a cold light flashed in his eyes, and said coldly, "Get out of the way." The body proudly moved forward under the vindictive package, and walked towards the city gate.

In front of the deadly murderous intent emanating from Ah-Dai, the soldiers of the Yajin tribe retreated, separated like a tide, leaving a wide corridor, and watched Ah-Dai and the four walk out of Andis City.

Lada looked at the moving backs of the four dumbs, stretched out his arms, pinched himself hard, the pain made his body tremble, and muttered: "I, I'm not dreaming. It was true just now. , How did he do it, is he really human?"

Walking out of the city gate, Oliveira and Keanu looked at each other, and they stopped in front of Duan by appointment. Dumb froze, and said: "What's the matter? Get out of here, it won't be great if the Yajin tribe sends an army to chase after it." Oliveira and Keanu showed flattering smiles at the same time, Oliveira said:" Boss, you were so handsome just now. My admiration for you is like a torrential river. I will follow you in the future. Boss, what was your blue arrow just now! What a mighty power."

Keanu was not as good at talking as Oliveira, but he kept conforming to it. Every time Oliveira said a word, he nodded, his eyes filled with admiration.

Dumb looked at the two amused, and said, "It's all brothers, what are you doing? Go and pull! Just now it was a grudge arrow." After speaking, he pulled Xuan Yue through between the two and walked forward quickly. . Xuan Yue was dragged by the dumb without saying a word, her strong sense of security made her drunk, and her pretty face was filled with a happy smile.

Oliveira murmured: "Fighting arrows, fighting arrows, it's impossible!" He turned to look at Keanu beside him, and asked: "Have you heard of any fighting spirits that have such power?"

Keanu shook his head and said: "What is grudge, why don't I know."

Oliveira glared at him with an angry look, and said: "The frog at the bottom of the well, who doesn't even know the anger, walk around, hurry up and follow the boss and they will explain to you later."

Keanu said blankly: "What is a frog at the bottom of a well? Are there frogs in the well?"

Oliveira was absolutely crushed, but Xuan Yue didn't hear it, otherwise he would definitely say that Keanu was the heir to the dumb standard.

The four of them moved forward quickly. In order to make Keanu keep up with everyone's pace, Oliveira cast an acceleration technique on him, but he seemed very clumsy. Even with the support of the acceleration technique, he did not improve much. degree. The dumb three had to accommodate him, and their advancement speed was much slower.

Jin Yulou. Tiya looked at Lada with a decadent look, and asked faintly: "What? Did it fail?" She had just finished dinner with the two seniors and was about to leave. She had long guessed that Lada's trip might not be successful. , But did not expect him to come back so quickly.

Lada said ashamed: "My patriarch, they are too strong and their subordinates are incompetent. Please punish them."

Lian Shan frowned and said, "Little Junior Sister, why are you still embarrassing others. I didn't tell you, that young man is a disciple of Tiangang Sword Saint, don't embarrass him."

Tiya said bitterly: "Big brother, you just have a good temper. He said that one move can beat me, not only insulting me, but also master and you! How can I swallow this tone? Lada, you say , How did they leave, are the defenders of Andes City all rubbish?"

Lada stood with his head down, his bare head covered with sweat. He knew how terrifying the patriarch in front of him was. Although she was young and female, her iron bowl policy far exceeded that of the old patriarch who had just passed away. Less than three years after his succession, all aspects of the Yajin clan were cleansed up by her. Anyone who dared to disobey her orders was severely punished without exception. Hastily and tremblingly reported everything that had happened at the East City Gate.

Listening to Lada's narration, Dia's face changed continuously, especially when she heard that the East City Gate was destroyed, she was even more surprised. Even Shanhe’s junior brother Zhu Yuan’s complexion changed drastically. Although their martial arts skills were high, they didn’t have the ability to blast through the gates of the city, and the four dumbs destroyed the gates of Andes City. The Yajin clan forged a deep feud.

"Did you really destroy the city gate with just one arrow?" Tiya asked incredulously.

Lada nodded and said, "Yes. He was floating in the air and he didn't know where he conjured a long bow, and then blew up the city gate with one arrow."

Tiya looked at her two seniors and asked in surprise, "What kind of kung fu is this, two seniors, have you heard of it before?"

Lian Shan shook his head, and said: "The blue fighting arrow, this doesn't seem to be the martial skill of the Heavenly Sword Master! The vitality of the Heavenly Sword Saint is white. How thick the city gate is, and what energy is required for a complete destruction. It seems that this young man is very unusual. If he is telling the truth, he is indeed a disciple of the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint, the strength of the Gang Sword Sect that day was terrible."

Tiya snorted and said: "I don't care how powerful he is. As long as I am in the territory of my Yajin tribe, I will be sure to clean up him. Radha, I will forgive you for the time being. Once you perform a mission and make a mistake, you, the guard, don't do it. Go, and immediately invite the four elders of the clan to come here to see me. I have something to tell them."

If Rada received a pardon, he hurriedly responded and retired respectfully.

Lian Shan said, "Junior sister, why are you doing this? Since they have already left, let's forget it. The relationship between the master and the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint has always been very good, and you and his disciple might be upset." Hong The reason why the Hurricane Mercenary Corps has today’s scale is inseparable from the character of Liandan not resenting people. He is humble, treats people kindly, and has a very wide range of friendships. As long as people who know him, he will talk about Liandan. Daming, there is no such thing as a good guy who doesn't give a thumbs up.

Tiya clenched her fists, her eyes flashed with cold light, and said, "Big brother, I can't bear this. You heard it too. They destroyed the east gate of Andes City, and Andes City is us. The capital of the Yajin tribe is equivalent to the face of our Yajin tribe. How can we fail to report such a shame and shame, I will explain it to the master."

Even seeing Tiya insisting on doing this, he had no choice but to sigh, and said: "Well, then, but don't force people too much, leave a way for others to survive."

Tiya did not answer, and combed the blonde hair scattered behind her back into a ponytail, and shouted: "Come here."

"Master Patriarch, what do you command?" Two guards walked in and asked respectfully.

Tiya said solemnly: "Prepare the horse, and at the same time drop the first heavy cavalry brigade to the east city gate and wait for my instructions."

Gong Wei said: "Yes."

After a while, Lada turned around, and he was accompanied by four elders who were about 80 years old. They were all dressed in the same gray robe, and each held a long wooden staff in their hands.

Seeing the four elders, Dia's face suddenly softened a lot, and she greeted the four with a slight salute, "Four elders, hello."

An elder in the lead said calmly: "Your patriarch is welcome. We already know about the East City Gate. You are looking for us, do you want us to arrest those people?"

Tiya nodded and said: "Elder Tianluo, this time the opponent has very terrifying power. In order to reduce the casualties of the tribe, I have to trouble a few people. I will go with you."

Tianluo said: "The destruction of the city gate is a major event for us Yajin, and everything is up to the patriarch."

Tiya said: "Well, they shouldn't have gone far now, we set off immediately, and we must capture them back before they leave the realm of my Yajin tribe."

Lian Shan suddenly said, "Junior Sister, let's go with you."

Tiya shook her head and said: "No, big brother, you are a guest from afar, so let's rest and rest first. When I finish this matter, I will come back to see you immediately." After finishing speaking, she took four without looking back. The elder left.

Zhu Yuan said: "Brother, do you think the younger sister can successfully catch those people back?"

Lian Shandao: "I don't know. Junior Brother, do you feel that these four elders are very unusual just now, they seem to have a mysterious power in them. However, the strength of the disciple of Sword Saint Gang and his friends that day It’s not weak. It’s hard to say who wins and loses. What kind of power is that to destroy the city gate with one arrow! To be honest, I really want to try that young man’s kung fu too.”

Zhu Yuan said: "Big brother, have you noticed that since the younger junior sister took over as the Yajin clan chief, a lot has changed. It seems that it is no longer the lively and lovely junior sister we used to be."

Lian Shan smiled slightly and said, "Of course, she is in charge of millions of Yajin people, and naturally she has to be an example of a patriarch. Junior sisters have been very ambitious since they were young, hoping to become the strongest in mainland China. Under her leadership, there is a thriving scene. It seems that she is not far from fulfilling her wish."

Zhu Yuan said: "But she is not too young anymore. An ordinary girl has already been married as early as her. If we have the opportunity, we will find a husband for her."

Lian Shan laughed and said, "Yeah! However, the younger sister is arrogant by nature, and most people may still look down on it. You must find someone who can suppress her in all aspects. Such a talent is hard to find! But! With the conditions of our junior sisters, we will definitely find a good husband in the future, as long as we are responsible for the check."


A cave somewhere in Tianyuan Continent. The cave is very spacious. There is a huge circular altar in the center. A green flame in the center of the altar is beating slightly. Behind the flame stands a tall man wrapped in black clothes. Four people stand behind him. He was dressed the same as him. The chests of the five men in black were all hooked into a hideous head with gold threads. The heads shone with a golden halo, which looked a little fuzzy, but exuded a sense of horror. The only difference between the man in black in front and the four in the back is that no skin can be seen from the outside, including the eyes, standing there like a lifeless statue. And the four men in black behind him, their eyes exposed, flashing with the same gloomy light as the flames in the altar. Below the altar, there was darkness. With the gleaming green light on the altar, you could occasionally see several figures of different shapes.

"Lord Green, are you convicted?" The voices of men and women who could not be distinguished from the altar sounded, and the feminine and masculine tone gave people a strange feeling.

A tall man in black took a few steps forward and bowed and said, "His master, the subordinates are convicted. Because of the subordinates' mistakes, many of the people of the tribe were killed. Ask the lord for punishment."

"Hmph, if it's just a few people who died, do you think I would care? You acted rashly and did not completely wipe out your opponents, causing the leakage of religious secrets, leading to serious consequences. Now the people of the Holy See are marching towards the Tianyuan clan territory. Now, their goal is to completely destroy your dark demons, huh, your people will be destroyed in your hands."

The Green King shook his whole body and said, "What? The Holy See, how could the Holy See know about this."

The leader snorted coldly and said: "No matter how the Holy See knows, your mistakes are unforgivable. Our plan to rule the mainland has been threatened because of your stupidity. You are even a sinner of the Dark Demon Race. When you wake up from a deep sleep, you find that his people have been devastated because of you. What do you think you will end up?"

The Green King's body was trembling constantly, and he couldn't say a word of what he had prepared before. He knelt on the ground with a thump, and begged: "Master, please save the people under him."

The sound of neither Yin nor Yang disappeared, and the cave was silent again. Only the green king's constantly trembling body. The gloomy flame was beating gently, and the person called the leader who was wrapped in black clothes seemed to be thinking about something.

After a long time, the leader’s voice sounded again, “Although we are not ready yet, this time is a good opportunity to strike the Holy See. According to the news from our people, the Holy See is determined to destroy the remaining Dark Demon. , Dispatched the presiding judge, two red priests, six white priests, and thousands of holy knights. They are very powerful, but they are in the light, we are in the dark. They only know the dark demon, but they don’t. Our existence is our greatest advantage. Therefore, we must completely wipe out the enemy this time, let the Holy See know how powerful we are, and at the same time greatly weaken their power, and lay the foundation for our future actions. The Twelve Heavenly Kings obey orders."

"Yes--" Including the Green King, twelve melodious voices sounded at the same time.

"It took many years of hard work in the dark to reach the situation today. Even the Holy See may not have the ability to defeat us. Therefore, our goal this time is not to let go of one person. Green Wang, this is your last chance to commit crimes and do meritorious service. If there is any further error, I will collect your soul and wait for the Dark Demon God to deal with it."

"The subordinates must do their best to not let go of all incoming enemies."

"Well, this time the matter is handled by your twelve heavenly kings. I allow you to use all the power in your hands. After years of brewing, I want to see how far you have reached. Don't let me down. You must always remember, Everything you do now is working hard for the darkness to envelop the earth. Our Lord Underworld will remember all your deeds. This action will be led by the Moon King. Others must obey unconditionally, if anyone survives Selfishness, don't blame me for having a bad heart. Moon King, I believe that your wisdom can completely bring them to death."

A soft female voice sounded, "Yes, Lord Master, don't keep one."

"Go all. After completing the task, immediately return to the headquarters. The Holy See will definitely retaliate after losing a lot of manpower. Within half a year, don't take half a step out of the headquarters. Even if they search the mainland, I am afraid they will not be able to find you." The leader on the altar waved his hand, and the green fire in front of him suddenly released, with a bang, the fire suddenly disappeared from the peak, and the cave fell into a dead silence.

Chapter 118: Elder Akin

"Let's rest here tonight." Xuan Yue pointed to the forest not far in front of him. The four of them drove less than a hundred miles after a long journey.

Oliveira complained: "We are walking too slowly, and there is still some distance to the next city. It is all to blame for it, which drags down everyone's speed." As he said, he looked at Keanu dissatisfied.

Keanu stunned and said, "How can you blame me, I am not good at speed. What a hurry! There is nothing wrong."

Oliveira said, "Don't you see the people of the Akin people want to deal with us? If you don't leave their territory as soon as possible, you may encounter interception. You are so bad, and no one will be distracted to protect you. ."

Keanu said dissatisfied: "Aren't we magicians? Why do the people of the Yajin clan embarrass us. Besides, I don't need protection."

Oliveira said irritably: "You don't understand it, anyway, it's hostile. You don't need to protect? I don't know who was hiding behind Brother Xuanri when I was in Andys City."

Dumb said: "Okay, don't embarrass Keanu, just sleep in the woods, and leave early tomorrow morning." The four of them walked into the forest, found a relatively flat place and stopped.

Keanu said: "What shall we eat here? I'm hungry."

Dumb froze, scratched his head, and said, "Yeah! There is no food here. Brother Xuanri, is there still stock in your Phoenix blood?"

Xuan Yue shook her head and said: "It's gone long ago. It seems that I'm going to be hungry tonight."

Oliveira chuckled and said, "How come, I have dry food here." As he said, he swiped out his own space bag and took out a cloth bag from it.

Dumb smiled and said, "You still think well."

Oliveira opened the cloth bag. There was a stack of flatbreads and some waxy meat in it. He rushed to Keanu and said: "You have to make the fire. Be careful. Don't burn the woods."

Keanu wiped the sweat from his forehead, and said, "It's so hot now, what are you doing with a fire?"

Oliveira said: "Although it will be a little hotter, it is better than being bitten by a mosquito. The effect of fire is great."

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "Yeah! Who knows what's here, brother, you go get some firewood and come."

"Okay." Ah Dui promised and floated up, the blue-green blade of life changing with dazzling light wafting out, and the surrounding trees dropped large branches under the division of the sharp blade, like an arm making a finger. The feeling made Duan realize that his application of energy seemed to be more handy.

The three of Xuan Yue converged on the fallen branches and gathered a bunch in a moment. "Big brother is enough."

"Oh." A Dumb floated down beside Xuan Yue, smiled slightly, and said, "I see Brother Keanu's ability."

Keanu straightened his chest and said, "No problem, just look at me." After chanting a few spells silently, purple flames floated out.

"Don't--" Dumb's voice fell, and the dead branches that had just been piled up on the ground had completely turned into ashes. How can these ordinary woods prevent the high fever of purple inflammation?

Keanu said with a bitter face: "I, I didn't mean it."

Dumb patted him on the shoulder and said, "It's okay. I'll do it." He cut off the branches again and let the three of Xuan Yue gather together, and then used a simple flame technique. Unexpectedly, the flame changed. It became the same purple as Keanu, and Dumb was overjoyed, knowing that this was the result of a substantial increase in his mental power. A little spark sprang up and lit a bonfire.

As night fell gradually, the four of them sat around the fire and ate the dry food that Oliveira had brought. Keanu looked around in the middle of the woods and looked around. He left Lardas for the first time. He felt very much about everything. Curious, Oliveira seemed to be at odds with him by nature, and would often ridicule him.

As the four of them were preparing to rest, Ah-Dai suddenly changed his expression and said, "Listen, it sounds like there are horseshoes."

Xuan Yue's expression changed, and said, "Are the Yajin people really still not giving up? They are too ignorant of the heights of the sky. Brother, don't be merciful this time."

Dumb sighed and said, "It should be for us. Hey--, it's actually a misunderstanding, and there is no deep hatred. How did I kill the killer. Let's go and avoid conflict."

Oliveira said: "If there are only three of us, we may still be gone, but Keanu is dragged down, and I am afraid that he will not be able to run the horseshoe. Instead of being driven from behind by the opponent, it is better to solve the problem at once. The lesson at the door, this time they are definitely masters, as long as they are beaten back, there should be no more trouble." He has full confidence in the four of himself, even if it is a multitude of troops, he will not be afraid. .

Xuan Yue nodded and said, "Big Brother Vera is reasonable, let's just wait here."

The thunderous sound of horseshoes gradually became clear, and the four dumbs stood up from the ground. Dumb poured Shengsheng Zhenqi into both ears and inquired about the opponent's movements. The sound of horseshoes suddenly split into two parts, instead of directly rushing over, it surrounded them from both sides. Dumb knew that the other party had already discovered their location and was forming an encirclement. He said solemnly: "You gather together, don't disperse, so that I can take care of them if something happens."

Xuanyue and the other three took out their own staffs, and Oliveira rushed to Keanu and said, "You don't know to hide behind like you did before!"

Keanu blushed and said slightly angrily: "Who hides, am I still afraid?"

Oliveira chuckled and said, "That's not sure."

Xuan Yue said suddenly: "Ready, they are here." The sound of horseshoes was soft, and the sound of fine footsteps came from all directions, and the neat voice was so clear in the silent forest.

The figures gradually appeared, and a large number of heavily armed and heavily armored soldiers surrounded them, their spears pointed forward, and every step forward, the dumb four would feel the invisible pressure increase.

The heavy armored soldiers kept advancing. When they came to the four dumbs and stopped thirty meters away, thousands of cold eyes stared at the dumbs. They seemed to be waiting for something.

Suddenly, the soldiers on the front spread out neatly to both sides, leaving a corridor in the center that can only allow three people to go together. Dia led the fourth elder of the Yajin clan and walked over from the corridor. Her face was as cold as water. Shuang, her right hand tightly held the hilt of her waist.

Dui stepped forward, blocking Xuanyue and the others behind him, and said lightly: "Patriarch, what are you doing here to stop us?"

Tiya walked to ten meters in front of Dui and stopped. He raised his left hand and signaled the four elders to stop. She coldly looked at the dumb in the fire magic robe in front of her, and said sternly: "I'm here to complete the agreement in the Jinyulou. Didn't you say that one move can beat me? Well, here is the right place for us to compete. "

Dumb took a deep breath and said, "If I defeat you by one move, can you stop pestering us?"

An anger flashed from Dia’s eyes, "No. Unless you walk on the corpse of my Arkin warrior, I won’t be able to go even if you win. The destruction of the east gate of Andes City is to us Arkin. The biggest insult to the clan. I want to clean it with your blood."

Oliveira was shocked. He thought that Tiya was just coming to vent her anger, but he didn't expect that she had already acted murderously, and couldn't help but said angrily: "Patriarch Tiya, aren't you afraid of being an enemy of the Mage Union?"

Dia glanced at him and said, "I have blocked the news. I have killed you here. No one will know. Besides, do you think I am afraid of the Wizards’ Guild? Don’t talk about the Mainland’s Wizards’ Guild and Tianjin Magic. The relationship between the teachers’ union is very stale. Even if they unite, there are no more than two thousand magicians, but I have 200,000 heroes. I think that as long as the people of the wizards’ union are wise, they won’t do it for you low-level. The sorcerer has angered me."

Duan's eyes narrowed slightly, and Tiya's words had completely aroused the murderous spirit in his heart, and said lightly: "If you want to kill us, I'm afraid you won't be able to do it." Three years ago, there were tens of thousands of sunset empires in the dark city. The soldiers didn't keep him. Although the thousands of soldiers in front of him looked very tough, Dumb had full confidence in him.

Xuan Yue said: "Big brother, don't talk nonsense with her, don't she want to kill us, I'm going to see who killed who. Great god! Please give me strength and use your incomparably pure sacred light , Protect your loyal believers.” The angel's rod burst out with a dazzling golden light, and the halo instantly expanded, penetrating into the body of the four of them.

Dui felt his whole body shake, a soft energy formed a layer of defensive barrier on his body surface, and his spirit and spirit had risen to an unprecedented height.

Tiya looked at Xuan Yue in surprise, and said, "This is the sacred light magic. Are you a member of the Holy See?"

At this time, Xuan Yue thought that there was no need to conceal it, and said proudly: "Yes, I am the priest in the Holy See, why? Are you afraid?"

Tiya looked at Xuan Yue’s more handsome face against the sacred aura, and her heart trembled slightly, and said angrily: "Fear? I have never felt this way in my life. What about the sacrifice, as long as you are buried in Here, the Holy See can do anything to me." The great elder behind her suddenly stepped forward and whispered: "Patriarch, we should not be enemies of the Holy See, please think twice."

Tiya said indifferently: "I have my own measures." She flipped her wrist, and the gleaming long sword pointed diagonally at Dumb, "Come on, let me see how you beat me."

Dui's heart suddenly calmed down. To him, Dia was not a threat at all, but the four old men behind her made Dui feel frightened. He took a step forward, and the light of blue-green life gradually flashed. "In that case, you are ready to take the move. If I can't beat you in one move, I don't need you to do it, I will immediately stop myself here." He used his words to push himself to a dead end. In the oppression, the gold in Ah Du's body The body erupted, and the surging fighting spirit came out, and the dazzling white light set off Dui's body slowly floating in the air.

The four elders of the Yajin clan showed surprise expressions at the same time. They did not expect that Tiya would provoke such a powerful enemy.

Dui said calmly, "A Dui, a third-generation disciple of the Tiangang Sword Sect, has asked for advice." After that, he flew straight to Tiya in front of him.

Dia took a deep breath, calming her inner anxiety, her wrists trembled slightly, and the angle of her long sword was constantly changing, looking for the flaw in the blue vindictiveness package.

When Ah Du was only five meters away from Di Ya, he suddenly stopped. When facing danger, his mind could always become so clear. He said calmly: "Patriarch Di Ya, my master once said. When the martial arts reach a certain level, all the skills will have no effect. The strong vindictiveness of its own is the key to the victory or defeat. Today I will prove this to you." The vitality of his body protector suddenly erupted, centering on Ah Du, with a radius of ten. Mi Zhinai was completely shrouded in white light, Dia stepped back subconsciously, barely relying on her blue vindictiveness to resist the huge pressure.

Dui was still floating in the air, staring at Tiya with scorching eyes, and the vindictiveness that reached the ninth rebirth duel was constantly pressing on the opponent.

Tiya only felt that it was more and more difficult for her to breathe. There seemed to be thousands of kilograms of boulders around her body that were constantly impacting her, and the cold sweat on her forehead was streaming down. At this moment, she suddenly felt that Dumb had said that she wanted a move to defeat her. , The feeling of decadence made her already much weaker than Duan's vindictiveness even worse, and she kept shrinking.

Dui raised his right hand, and the blue-green light of change gradually formed a solid energy sword under everyone's gaze. The point of the sword pointed forward, and his body slowly floated forward. The vigorous energy grew stronger in his continuous advancement. Power oppresses Tiya. Tiya's fighting spirit had been forced to an inch outside her body. She realized that the opponent's fighting spirit had completely restrained her. Seeing the halo-circulating energy sword approaching, she struggled desperately, but her skill was too different. How did she break free, now she has no way to resist.

Seeing that the powerful patriarch in his mind was forced by the enemy to be helpless, the surrounding heavy armored fighters began to agitate, and involuntarily slowly approached the center.

Suddenly, A Duan's body flashed strangely in the air, and in the blink of an eye, he was already standing face to face in front of Tiya, and the energy sword in his hand was resting on Tiya's shoulders, the sharpness of the blade exuding a faint chill. Tiya's rapid breathing was clear and audible. Dumb looked at her beautiful eyes that contained horror and anger and said faintly: "This should be considered a trick. You can't be my opponent. I don't want to kill, if you still Cherish the lives of your men and immediately take them away. Perhaps, you have heard that a **** of death appeared in the sunset empire, and countless fallen souls were transcended in his hands." Gazing at Tiya's somewhat suspicious gaze, Duan said every word. Suddenly said: "That—a—person—just—is—I—." After saying this, he clearly felt Tia's body trembling, and said sharply: "My Your hands are already stained with blood, and you don’t care about killing a thousand more people. If you still cherish the lives of your subordinates, take them away.” After saying this, Ah-Dai suddenly retreated and returned to Xuan Yue's three-person body. Before, the vindictiveness that had bound Tiya disappeared. He watched Tia firmly, waiting for her decision.

The pressure suddenly disappeared, Dia's whole body shook, her face became extremely pale, she barely supported her body with the long sword in her hand, she suddenly had a thought, the young man in front of him who seemed to be only in his twenties, his skill seemed to be beyond the master's. Next, what a terrifying power that is! Grim Reaper, he is the Grim Reaper who caused the Sunset Empire to panic. After being defeated, she no longer had the previous anger. In her heart, she had already admitted to Dumb, she was the leader of a clan and could not make fun of the lives of thousands of people. Just when Tiya was about to give the order to retreat, four tall figures passed by her and blocked her behind. Tiya was shocked. It was the four elders who came out of her suddenly. When Tiya was very young, she knew that there were four great people in the Yajin tribe. These four people were the spiritual leaders of the entire Yajin tribe. Even her father, the old patriarch, was in front of them. Don't dare to be disrespectful. The Yajin tribe has experienced several crises, including a clash with the largest tribe of the Yalian tribe. At that time, the Yajin tribe was not as strong as it is now. The largest tribe of the Yalian tribe has 200,000 elite cavalry, which is not what the Yajin tribe can deal with. Just as the battle between the two clans was about to start, the four elders suddenly disappeared, and when they returned again, they brought a letter of surrender from the Yalian tribe. Since then, the Yajin tribe has developed rapidly. No one knows how powerful the four elders really are, but all the Yajin people have placed them in a position not inferior to the gods. As long as they are there, the Yajin will not be afraid of anything. Today, when Tiya knew that A Duan broke the door with an arrow, in order to express her anger in her heart and wash away the shame of the Yajin tribe, she specially invited the Four Great Elders who had been in hermit for many years to help out. She had never seen the Four Great Elders take action. , But he had full confidence in them. At this moment, seeing them take the initiative to attack, my heart was determined, and I swallowed back what I wanted to say.

Xuan Yue looked at the four elders and frowned, "What? Do you want to fight on wheels?"

The longevity eyebrows of the great elder were raised slightly, and a flat voice without any emotion sounded, "We are the elders of the Yajin clan, and did not want to be an enemy of you, but for the honor of the Yajin clan, we have to take action. The four of you can go together, and as long as you can defeat the four of us, the Yajin clan will never be your enemy."

Looking at the four elders who looked like ordinary people in front of him, a kind of inexplicable uneasiness suddenly rose in Dumb's heart, but how could he retreat at this time? Nodded and said: "Okay, I'll learn."

Suddenly Xuan Yue walked to the side of Ah-Dai, staring at the four old people who looked like an ancient well without waves, and said: "Brother, since they are four, let's do it together. The Holy Vatican Light Element Magister Xuan Ri leads. "As soon as the voice fell, the golden light burst out suddenly, enveloping her body, and its energy fluctuations were not weaker than that of Duan's anger.

Xuanyue’s words aroused the pride in Oliveira’s heart. She took a few steps forward, walked to Xuanyue’s side, raised the wind god’s staff in her hand, and said proudly: "Mainland Mage Union Wind System Mage Oliviy Pull to the four elders for advice." The cyan light floated from the top of the Wind God's Staff, completely enveloping him, showing his powerful magical power.

Keanu looked at the three people standing in front of him, remembered Oliveira’s contempt for him earlier, and stood up beside Oliveira, raising the short-handled staff in his hand, learning Looking at Oliveira, he said: "Kenu, the fire wizard of the Sky Golden Mage Guild, taught the four elders." The hot red light lit up, enveloping his body, and the temperature in the air suddenly rose a few times. Minute.

The four different energy rays of white, gold, blue, and red bring brilliant colors to the entire forest. Even the most ordinary civilians can feel the powerful strength from the dumb four.

Hearing what they said, Dia trembled all over her body. She never expected that she would be battling the three major forces this time, and the magicians were far from being as weak as she thought. Neither the Holy See, the Tianjin Mage’s Guild, or the Mainland’s Mage’s Guild are easy to provoke. Moreover, among the four people in front of them, there are actually two wizards, one wizard, and the title of Death God. Dumb, she couldn't even think about it. Can the elders defeat them?

Compared with Tiya's panic, the four elders of the Yajin tribe were so calm, their wooden staffs still rested on the ground, and they didn't exude any power, just quietly watching the four dumbs. Their turbid eyes suddenly lit up, and the eight spirits shot out. The dumb four had a cold war almost simultaneously.

The elder said: "We are about to attack, please pay attention." As they said, the four elders simultaneously raised the wooden staff in their hands, "Pro-" "Pro-" "Pro-" "Pro-" Four old and low voices sounded, the voices were not high, and all the Yakin people including Tiya did not feel anything abnormal. However, the four dumbs in front of the four elders trembled all over their bodies, and the energy rays of the protective body suddenly converged. Oliveira, with the worst cultivation base, collapsed to the ground, fainting unexpectedly. Keanu was slightly stronger than him, but his whole body was trembling, as if he was drunk, his feet floating and shaking constantly. Ah Dui's ruddy face suddenly became extremely pale, and his whole body was trembling violently. The original sincere vindictiveness was gone. He covered his head with his hands and his face was constantly twisted, seeming to resist the abnormal pain. Among the four, Xuanyue is in the best situation. She just changed her face, but she could still maintain a trace of clarity in her eyes. The golden light on her body suddenly converged, and two golden wings floated behind her, flapping constantly.

"Bing——" "Bing——" "Bing——" "Bing——" The old voice sounded again, and the clear voice was transmitted from a distance in the woods. Keanu was the first to bear the brunt, unable to resist anymore, and fell down with a thump. Ground, followed in Oliveira's footsteps. A cloud of blue light lit up in Ah Du's chest, and a faint dragon-shaped energy wafted out, surrounding his head. Although he was still in pain, he did not fall down. In the second round of attacks by the four elders, the golden wings behind Xuan Yue suddenly dimmed a lot, and had become almost transparent, red light wafting from her chest, transforming into a phoenix shape to protect her head.

The eyes of the four great elders all showed surprised expressions, the wooden staff in their hands was heavily pierced on the ground, and the eyes of the four were full of excitement, covering Xuan Yue and Ah Du. "Fight--" "Fight--" "Fight--" "Fight--" The voice seemed to be much higher than before. The dragon-shaped energy protecting Duan was the same as his body, shaking violently, and Duan suddenly moved his steps. Shaking in front of Xuan Yue, a gray mist floated from his chest. The cold chill irritated his body. He still did not fall. "Hurry up, go..." What he said, he kept trying to grasp the Pluto sword in his chest with his hands, but he couldn't use any power.

Xuan Yue reluctantly lifted her left hand and pressed it on Ah Du's shoulder, stabilizing her body with the help of the cold evil spirit coming from the Hades sword.

The four elders couldn't help but frowned when they looked at Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue. They put their hands together, their index and ring fingers were raised, and shouted, "Zhe——" "Zhe——" "Zhe——"" When the word "zhe" came out, Xuanyue and Ah Dai trembling irregularly, "Ah -" The two screamed at the same time. Suddenly, the blue light on Ah Dui's chest and the light on Xuan Yue's chest The red light was bright at the same time, and the two rays of light rose up into the sky, violently entangled, the sound of dragon and phoenix sounded through the forest, and the bodies of the four elders shook at the same time.

The elders on the left and right took a step forward at the same time. The four elders formed a circular arc and half-enclosed Ah-Dai and Xuanyue. They turned their hands outwards and interlaced their fingers, changing into a flower-like shape, "All--" "All-- "All——" "All——" The fifth character appeared. Dumb and Xuanyue spewed a mouthful of blood at the same time. The dragon and phoenix energy was suddenly weakened. However, they still didn't fall down, with painful expressions on their faces. It can be seen that they have reached the brink of collapse.

The positions of the four elders changed again. The four of them stood upright in a row. Each of them held the shoulder of the previous person with his left hand, grabbed the staff with his right hand and drew a strange arc in the air, "shock--" "shock— —" "Shake——" "Shake——" A dazed expression was revealed in Ah Du's eyes, and a mouthful of blood came out again, the light of the dragon's blood suddenly released, but it did not protect him, but the blood of the phoenix. The red rays of light protected Xuan Yue behind her. Ah Dui's body slowly fell on Xuan Yue's feet, the pain on his face gradually calmed down, and he fell into a drowsiness.

An expression of pain appeared in Xuan Yue's eyes, and she wanted to stretch out her hand to pull dumb, but she couldn't use a trace of strength. All her energy was used to fight the four elders in front of her.

The expressions of the four elders changed drastically, and their eyes all showed horror. Except for the first elder, the three elders behind gave up the wooden staff in their hands, and pressed their hands on the back of the previous one, a faint silver light from Electricity shot out from their eyes, connecting the spirits of the four in an instant. The big elder's hands are both thumb and **** interlocking, one hand is placed in front of him, palm facing left, the other palm facing up and holding it underneath, his face looks a little pale, but he still resolutely shouted: "Lie— "

Finally, in the seventh loud shout of the elder, Xuan Yue couldn't hold on anymore, spouting two consecutive mouthfuls of blood, her eyes became gray, and she slowly fell to the ground. Before she passed out, her right hand was tight. He grabbed the right hand of Dumb lying in front of him, and then lost consciousness. Even if she died, she would die with her beloved. This was the last thought in her heart.

Seeing Xuanyue's fall, the four elders seemed to be relieved at the same time, and the elder said calmly: "Come here, tie them up and take them back, so that they won't hurt them any bit." After that, with the other three elders, some He staggered to the side of Tiya who was completely stunned, "Patriarch, let's go back, remember, please don't hurt these people."

What can Tiya say now? The four powerful opponents were defeated by the four elders. Although she didn't understand what was going on, her respect for the four elders reached unprecedented heights. , Hurriedly said respectfully: "Yes." accompanied the four elders slowly out of the woods.

The four elders of the Yakin tribe have always been in poor health. This time they came in a special carriage, and Tiya personally sent them onto the carriage. While the curtain was lowered, the four elders spouted blood at the same time. Leaning on the car seat, panting constantly, cold sweat dripped down their foreheads, looking extremely tired.

Tiya was shocked, UU reading www.uukā hurriedly helped the elder, instilled his own grudge into his body, and hurriedly said: "Elder Tianluo, what's wrong with you?"

The elder waved his hand weakly and said, "I'm fine, no need to instill vindictiveness on me, it's useless. We will be well after a period of rest. The mental power of these young people is really strong. Patriarch, you must remember , Don’t hurt them, and don’t move things on them. They will fall asleep for at least seven days, so let’s deal with them when the four of us recover."

Tiya nodded repeatedly and said, "I listen to you, so please rest quickly."

Seven days later, the Yajin Clan's sky prison.

Xuanyue slowly woke up from her drowsiness, her severe headache made her groan, and the scene in front of her gradually became clear. She found herself in a dark room, shaking her head vigorously, she became clearer and looked around blankly. , Found himself lying on the ground, the empty room was covered with thatch on the floor, and the walls were all made of stone, making it difficult to see in the dark. She wanted to move her body, but found that she couldn't use any strength. He took a deep breath and tried to mobilize her powerful magic power. When the magic power had just fluctuated, as if feeling something, a severe pain immediately spread from her head, making her mental power unable to concentrate at all. After trying several times in a row, the results were the same, she had to give up sullenly, and she could only dazedly remember everything before she fainted.

Chapter 119: Soul magic

There was another groan, which sounded so familiar in Xuan Yue's ears. She looked blankly into the dim sound of the voice, and tentatively asked, "Big Brother Adu, are you there?"

Dui gradually woke up, feeling dizzy and extremely sad. Hearing Xuanyue's voice subconsciously said, "Brother, it's me, where are we?"

Xuan Yue sighed and said, "We are probably imprisoned."

Dumb's mind gradually recovered, and he remembered everything that had happened before. At that time, when the four elders of the Yajin clan shouted the first imminent word, the four of them felt a pain in their brains like being hit by a hammer. Stimulating all the nerves in their bodies, their mental power was violently shaken as never before, and they could no longer control their bodies at all, let alone attack them, and could only barely resist them with will. After that, the four elders of the Yajin clan violently bombarded their spiritual origin with every word they shouted, and they were limited to being passive and unable to make effective resistance. Oliveira's mental power is the weakest among the four. Although protected by the Wind God's Staff, his mental power is a little worse after all, and he fainted under the first words of the four elders. Keanu reached the realm of the wizard, but only insisted on the second word. If Dumb didn't rely on the blood of the dragon and the sword of the Hades, it would be impossible to stick to the sixth word. The confidence that Dui had just established was completely destroyed by the four elders in the previous battle, and said decadently: "We can't resist even a few words, brother, do you know how they restrained us? ?"

Xuan Yue sighed, and said: "If I guess it is right, it should be forbidden soul magic. It seems that these so-called lost geniuses still exist on the mainland like space magic!"

Dumb asked doubtfully: "Soul magic? What is that?"

Xuan Yue explained: "As the name suggests, soul magic is to directly attack the opponent's soul. No matter how powerful your skill is, once your soul is lost, you can only be slaughtered. The mental power of the four old guys may not be able to beat us, but Their application of mental power has reached the point of innocence. Through the vibration of the sound, it causes resonance in our spiritual realm, and then destroys our will through sharp mental power, causing us to lose consciousness and completely lose the ability to resist. I can feel theirs. Mental power can instantly transform into various forms and attack through various channels. How can we resist the power of the four people? However, this kind of magic is very dangerous. Once they can't control the opponent's soul, they themselves will be strongly affected. If it’s serious, it will make my mental power disappear completely and become an idiot. I think that when I fainted, they should almost be unable to hold on. Brother, can you still use grudge now?"

After hearing Xuanyue’s explanation, Ah'Dai’s heart sank to the bottom. After practicing hard for so many years, he didn’t expect to lose without using any force at all. He tried to mobilize the golden body in his dantian, but his mind just moved, violently. Suddenly, the pain spread from the brain to the whole body, with a cry of pain, the body was convulsing continuously.

Xuan Yue didn't need to ask to know that Dui was experiencing the same thing as herself, and she couldn't help feeling a little desperate in her heart. "Brother, don't try. Our mental power seems to have been sealed by them. Except for simple thinking and talking, we have lost control of the body. This kind of spiritual seal has no way unless the spellcaster personally lifts it."

The pain gradually became milder, and Ah-Dai gasped and gasped, "Could it be that they can't deal with it? Isn't the Yajin clan invincible anymore. What is the use of my ascetic martial arts?"

Xuan Yue shook her head, and said, "They may not be invincible in the world, and they are not invincible. If Grandpa was there that day, they would not be able to take advantage of it. Grandpa's mental power is as deep as the ocean, how can they be shaken? Even if it is us, we may not lose. The main reason for the failure that day was that there was no preparation beforehand, and I had never seen this kind of soul magic attack. As soon as they came up, they took the nose to walk, which shocked the soul. That Although the four old guys control their mental powers like arms, their bodies are very weak because of the long-term spiritual practice. As long as we can attack once, they will probably return to the earth."

Dumb sighed: "But, do we really have a way to attack?"

Xuan Yue firmly said: "Yes. As long as we are prepared in advance, when they first attacked, immediately close their eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and body five senses, and they will not be affected by mental power. The sixth sense cannot be closed, but with our spiritual power, it should be okay to guard the remaining mental impact. With instinct, we definitely have a chance to win."

Ah Du's eyes lit up, then dimmed for an instant, and smiled bitterly: "Now it's too late to say anything. We have been completely subdued. All magic weapons can't work and can only be slaughtered."

Xuan Yue sighed. Just about to say something, two other groans came from the room. Xuan Yue knew that Oliveira and Keanu must have awakened. Sure enough, Oliveira's weak voice sounded: "This, where is this? My head hurts!"

Xuan Yue said: "This is the cell where we are imprisoned, Brother Vera, you must not try to use force, it will be very miserable."

Keanu’s voice sounded, "Ah! We, are we locked up? Why is this? My head hurts too. Those old men are so terrible! I fainted without understanding what was going on."

Xuan Yue explained the soul magic to them. After listening to Xuan Yue's narration, the stone prison fell silent. After a while, Oliveira said helplessly: "Then we shall be kept here all the time? Since they have captured us, why didn't they kill us? Is there any purpose that can't be achieved. Could it be that Patriarch Nadia is not willing Do you want to humiliate us if you kill us so easily?"

Xuan Yue said: "The human body needs mental control. Once the mental power is blocked, it is bound to be unable to do anything. All of our attacks and defense equipment are based on mental power, even if it is the vindictive spirit of Big Brother Dumb, there is no spirit. It’s impossible to play the role of force. Now we have to wait and see what the Yajin clan is going to do to us. Since they have no killers, it proves that we still have a silver lining. People will have hope after they live. Don't give up, wait for the opportunity." She just said here, there was a sudden intensive footsteps outside the stone prison, the four of them felt tight, Xuan Yue whispered: "Lie down and pretend to be dizzy, see what they want to do with us Kind of." After speaking, he hurriedly lay on the withered grass and closed his eyes. Although she was facing a desperate situation, she was still able to keep calm. This was the benefit of practicing the magic of the Divine Light Element.

The harsh voice of "brackets dumb" sounded, and a thick stone gate opened on the right side of the sealed stone prison, and dim light shot in from outside. With the help of the dim light, Adu squinted his eyes and saw that Xuanyue was not far away from him, and Oliveira and Keanu were on the other side. A total of five people walked in from the outside and saw the four tall and somewhat rickety figures. Dui's heart was shocked. It was the four elders and patriarch Diya of the Yajin tribe who came. Tiya holds an oil lamp in her hand, and the dim light comes from this.

Great Elder Tianluo looked at the four people lying on the ground and smiled slightly, and said: "I know you are already awake, get up, we should have a good talk."

The four of them did not move, still maintaining their original postures. Tian Luo supported his aging body with a wooden staff, and said: "Your mental power is blocked by us. I can clearly feel all mental fluctuations. Get up. , I am not malicious."

Xuanyue was the first to sit up, and she was surprised to find that she seemed to be able to control her body a little bit. Since the other party could feel her mental fluctuations, there was no point in putting it on. The beautiful eyes stared at the four elders with resentment, and said bitterly: "If you want to kill, you have to do whatever you want, but don't want to humiliate us."

Elder Tianluo glanced at Tiya and said, "I know that you all have very powerful forces behind, but we are not afraid. No one will know that you are imprisoned by my Yajin clan." He stared scorchingly. After Xuanyue, he paused before continuing: "We have already figured out the whole story. This conflict was caused by a misunderstanding. Therefore, I am not going to embarrass you. Please don't be nervous."

Hearing what he said, dumbfounded, and said, "So, would you let us go?" He was a little puzzled. When the Yajin tribe would let them go and others when they were so dominant, wouldn't they be afraid Revenge?

Elder Tianluo said: "Yes, we are willing to let you go. But some things need to be explained clearly first. Patriarch." He whispered to Tiya.

Di Ya's body shook, holding the oil lamp a few steps forward, and walked to Elder Tianluo. Against the dim light of the oil lamp, her beautiful delicate face had a hazy feeling, and she rushed towards the dumb four. Bending over, said lightly: "I was too impulsive the previous thing, please forgive me."

The four dumbs were all startled, the Yajin clan's refusal to make them full of doubts. A dumbfounded and innocent, seeing that the other party had already apologized, he murmured: "We also have something wrong. We should not destroy the gate of Andis City."

Elder Tianluo smiled and said: "Since the misunderstanding has been clarified, there will be no hatred between you and me. As for the East City Gate, your mental power has been blocked by us, and you have suffered a lot, so just forget it. "He said lightly, exposing everything before. Xuanyue is the most calm of the four. She clearly understands that the reason why the Yajin clan elder speaks so well must turn to her four for help. She said coldly, "If this is the case, then you must first untie our prohibition. ." With the previous analysis of soul magic, as long as the restriction is opened, the Yajin clan will no longer want to control the four of its own. In that case, the initiative will be in his own hands again.

Elder Tianluo seemed to be able to stare at Xuanyue firmly with a heart-piercing gaze, and an old voice sounded in her heart: "Little girl, don't worry, if I'm right, your name should be Xuanyue. You. Yi Chai and your friends don’t know, right? You and the boy named Dumb are in a very close relationship."

Xuan Yue was taken aback and lost her voice: "How do you know?"

Elder Tianluo said sternly: "I will release the restrictions on your body, but before the restrictions are released, I want to tell you one thing. Two years ago, I once received a letter from the Prophet Purin of the Puyan ethnic group. He mentioned a lot in the letter, especially about the savior, and I probably guessed your identity, which is why I have no trouble for you. Prophet Prin and the four of us have had friendship for many years, I absolutely believe in his divination, so I don’t want you to be hostile to my Yajin clan. Not only are we not your enemies, but we should be allies standing in the same trench with you."

Duan was taken aback and said, "Do you know Prophet Prin?" Among the people he knew, Prophet Prin was one of the people he respected most. Whenever I remembered that he was willing to divination at the cost of his own vitality for the sake of his own people, Ah Dui raised his sincere respect. When the four elders knew Purin, the hostility in his heart suddenly weakened a lot.

Xuan Yue had already succumbed when the elder said that she was a girl. Since Ah-Dai rejected her that day, she has decided that unless Ah-Dai changes his mind, she will never let him know her identity, and said calmly:" It turns out that you are a friend of Prophet Purin, so it seems to be a misunderstanding. My sister Xuanyue and Brother A'Dai have been taught by Prophet Purin together. Don't worry, we will not be enemies of the Yajin clan anymore. I am willing to swear in the name of the gods."

The elder naturally heard Xuanyue’s unwillingness to reveal her true identity, and smiled and said: “This is the best, but you don’t need to swear. I’ve trusted you. Okay, relax your whole body and keep your mind firmly on the platform. I will lift the mental blockade for you now." As he said, he and the other three elders closed their eyes at the same time, and their right hand drew a complicated trajectory in the air to form a handprint and closed on their chest, "Solve——" "Solve——" "Resolve——" "Resolve——" The four old and low voices sounded, and they were as shocked as the morning bell and drums in the ears of the four dumbs. The four of them shook their whole bodies at the same time, and a clear stream of air flowed like a spirit. The initiation wandered in the mind, and the faintness and blur in the brain gradually disappeared under the action of the air current. They found that they had regained control over the body. Duan's body was the strongest. He stood up from the ground, tentatively urging the second golden body in the dantian, and the white body came out. Skill has been restored.

Xuanyue, Oliveira, and Keanu also stood up. The mental blockade had just been lifted, and they still looked very tired. The great elder said: "I'm really embarrassed for those who have been wronged here, please come with us." Then, the four elders and Tiya turned and walked out of the stone house together. Xuan Yue used her mental power to tell Oliveira and Keanu that they must not be impulsive because of the previous events, and everything should wait to see what the four elders are going to say before making plans.

Dui and Xuan Yue looked at each other, they both felt a new life, took a deep breath, and walked out behind the four elders. As he walked, Ah Dumb asked Xuanyue, "Brother, are you saying that these four elders are true? They will really know Prophet Prin?"

Xuan Yue nodded lightly, "It should be true, otherwise they would never mention Prophet Purin and point out that you are the savior. Only Prophet Purin, his sister, and the people of the Holy See know this. In that case, they You’re polite, it seems that they are asking us. Let’s go and see what they want to do. For the sake of Prophet Prin, forget the previous things.” She is not a caregiver, and the elder already knows she is. In order to keep this secret, I can't conflict with each other now.

Dumb didn't want to be enemies at all. After hearing Xuan Yue's words, he smiled and nodded, and said through the voice: "Okay, I listen to you, anyway, my skill has been restored, and I will never give them a chance to sneak attack with soul magic." At the same time as his power was restored, he had already used the vitality of his life to condense around the acupuncture point where the spiritual strength of the eyebrows was. The four elders can no longer use mental power to harm their own four people.

After everyone walked along a long corridor for a cup of tea, a stone step appeared in front of him. Dia walked in the front. She led everyone to the top of the stone step, opened the thick stone door, and let everyone out. . The outside world is at night, and fresh air blows on his face. Dumb feels an unprecedented refreshment. It feels so good to be free again!

There was no expression on Tiya's pretty face. While leading the way, she said faintly: "This is my mansion. Let's talk in the living room."

The patriarch’s mansion is just an ordinary large courtyard without too much decoration. There are only a few tall ancient trees in the courtyard. The night breeze moves lightly, making a rustling sound, and the jagged shadow of the tree swings slightly under the moonlight. People bring a sense of tranquility. Every ten meters or so, there will be a guard of the Yajin clan. Although they are on duty at night, they are full of energy. Duan can clearly feel their strength from their breath. Xuan Yue tightened the angel's staff that she had been holding in her hand tightly. After the short time she came out of the stone prison, she found that her magical cultivation had recovered about 80%, her heart was settled, and with the guarantee of her strength, she was calm. a lot of.

Tiya led everyone to the hall of the mansion. The hall was decorated in antique style. On the wall facing the gate, there was a misty landscape painting. There were two large rattan chairs and rattan chairs under the painting. In the center is a coffee table with a copper incense burner. On the two sides under the front seat, there are eight wicker chairs neatly arranged, and the same small wooden table is in the center of each two wicker chairs. This is the place where the Yajin clan discussed matters. Tiya walked to the front seat, placed the oil lamp in her hand by the incense burner, and gestured at the four dumb and the four elders with a please sign, "Sit down, everyone."

The four elders sat on the right hand side, and the four dumb sat opposite them, and then Tiya sat on the main seat. She patted her palms twice. The two maids walked in from the back of the hall with trays, obviously prepared. They put a teacup next to each person. After seven days of coma, the four dumbs were already hungry and thirsty. You are not welcome. They took the tea cup in their hands and opened the lid. A scent of scent came. The familiar smell surprised Dui and found that it was just him. The amber dew that people have drunk in Jinyulou before.

Tiya said: "This is the amber dew produced in Jinyulou. It has the effect of nourishing vitality. You have been wronged these days, please use it as you please. It will be good for your body."

A cup of amber was exposed, and under the warm heat nourishment, Dui and the others immediately felt much more comfortable. It was the first time that Keanu drank such a delicious thing, and his eyes could not help but show a look of surprise, a look that was still unfinished.

Xuan Yue put down the tea cup in her hand, looked at Elder Tianluo, and said, "Is there something you can say now."

Elder Tianluo nodded slightly, Chongdiya winked. Tiya took a deep breath. When she learned about the identities of Ah-Dai and others from Elder Tianluo, she was very surprised. Until now, her mood was still agitated. She leaned slightly and said, "Apologize to several people again. I'm too capricious, please forgive me."

Xuan Yue said: "Everything is over. For the sake of the prophet Purin of the Puyan tribe, we won't care anymore. Besides, you didn't kill us. You are already merciful."

Dia looked at Xuanyue, and a strange thing flashed in her beautiful eyes. Elder Tianluo didn't tell her Xuanyue was a female. Until now, she still regards Xuanyue as a handsome holy priest. Xuanyue’s strength in her previous confrontation with the four elders left a deep mark in her heart, especially the strength of his support to the end that he was still unwilling to surrender, which made Tiya admire her slightly. He smiled, and said: "A few of you are here mainly to discuss things. I think you also know that our Yajin tribe has a very short time to rise. Thousands of years ago, my ancestors were aristocrats of the Tianjin Empire, but they came here for various reasons Arrived in the land of the Yajin tribe, after generations of continuous efforts, the Yajin tribe finally has the size it is today. I heard from Elder Tianluo that in the near future, the mainland will face catastrophes affecting the entire human race, which shocked me. As a member of mankind, we Yakin are very willing to do our part to save the disaster. If you encounter any difficulties in the future, we will support you unreservedly. I hope you can accept it. All I want to say is There is only this."

Xuan Yue frowned slightly. Although Tiya said it was an understatement, she could tell from the other party's words that it was not that simple, and asked, "You are unconditional help?"

Tiya nodded and said, "Yes, it is an unconditional help. We also know about the Puyan tribe. I feel sympathy for their miserable experience. I have discussed with the four elders. We will be like the Puyan tribe. Support you, Tianyuan Continent is the homeland of our humanity. As long as there is a trace of blood, people will not want to see it be baptized by catastrophe. Not only do I hope that the Yajin tribe can flourish smoothly, but also the entire human society. Maintain prosperity and stability. Please accept our sincerity."

Duan looked at Tiya's sincere gaze, and his heart was agitated. Although he had never regarded himself as a savior, but at this time he had a feeling of enthusiasm. "Patriarch Tiya, Prophet Prin once said, the thousand-year disaster of the mainland It is inevitable. Since you are so sincere, why would we not accept it? Although our strength is low, but something really happens, we will definitely go all out."

Elder Tianluo said: "Dumb, our meaning is very clear, we just hope you can remember that our Yajin clan will always be your ally, that's enough. Don't be too arrogant, and take the four of you together. The strength is enough to fight against anyone. The four of us won very dangerously that day. If you hold on for a moment, it will be us who will collapse. You are still young and there is still a lot of room for growth. If you have time in the future, you must Pay more attention to spiritual cultivation. I know that behind the four of you are the Holy See, the Tiangang Sword Sect, the Mainland Mage Union, and the Tianjin Mage Union. I want to remind you that when you encounter problems that you cannot solve, The forces behind you will become the greatest assistance, and you must be good at applying them, so that you can gather a powerful force to help mankind survive the catastrophe. Well, we have done all of this. You have already delayed a lot of time in the Yajin clan, You can leave now, and no one will stop you anymore."

Xuanyue stood up, recalling the words of Elder Tianluo in her heart. Until now, she finally felt the horror of the millennium catastrophe. Since childhood, she has never been interested in the affairs of the Holy See, even if Prophet Prin said that she and Dui will be the savior of the mainland, and she didn't care too much, but at this moment she suddenly realized that the lives of herself and Dui were not that simple. Maybe it was God destined them to save the humans on the mainland. Waiting in front of them, just as Prophet Prin said, there will be a lot of barriers, can you and Dumb really pass through successfully?

The four elders and Tiya personally sent them to the door of the living room, and Elder Tianluo said: "When parting, I will give you a word, let the flow go and improve your cultivation. God’s will cannot be violated, and no one will stop what happens. No, you only have to constantly improve yourself, and when disaster strikes, you can have the strength to resist earning. Don’t be complacent. You have a long way to go. Xuan Ri, if you see the Pope, please help us four old guys. Say hello to him, saying that the four souls are still thinking about him. We are old, I'm afraid we won't have a chance to see him in the future."

Xuanyue looked at the four mysterious old men in front of her with ups and downs. Not only did they know the Prophet Purin, but they also knew his grandfather, the Pope. It seemed that they were certainly the most powerful figures on the mainland. She couldn't help asking: "Elder, how do you recognize that we are the people the Prophet Prin said? Is it just that I am a priest?"

Elder Tianluo smiled slightly and said: "The combination of good and evil, the unity of light and darkness, led by the blood of the phoenix, has crossed the barriers, and the blood of the dragon is the knot, and the love is immortal. When you are our souls When the mantra attacked, the blood of the dragon and the phoenix exposed your identities, now you should understand."

Only then did Xuan Yue suddenly realize that she bowed slightly and said: "Four elders take care, let's go first, and when we have the opportunity, we will ask you about soul magic."

Duan had respect for the four powerful men in front of him who could defeat him, and bowed and saluted with Xuanyue. They just turned around to leave, but heard Di Ya's call, "Wait a minute." Di Ya started from the four elders. Flashing out behind her, she walked in front of Xuan Yue, her face blushed, she took out a dagger from her arms and handed it to Xuan Yue, lowered her head and said in a low voice, "This dagger was given to me by the teacher. You are Magician, use it to defend yourself." Beautiful eyes flowed, and the ruler of the Yajin tribe who controlled nearly tens of millions of people showed infinite shame on his face.

Xuanyue subconsciously took the dagger. She still didn't understand Tiya's meaning, and smiled and said, "Sister, thank you. We will definitely come back to see you when we have the opportunity." She didn't regard herself as a woman, only Treated Tiya's behavior as a gift between friends. A Duan on the side was secretly happy for "Xuan Ri", the patriarch of the Yajin clan was completely worthy of his brother.

Under the watchful eyes of Di Ya and the four elders, the four dumbs disappeared into the night. Di Ya's eyes flashed with a misty expression. The handsome face of Xuan Yue has been in her eyes for a long time. It was the first figure to enter her heart. Elder Tianluo's heart trembled slightly when he looked at Di The old man of the accident certainly understood that Di Ya had misunderstood Xuan Yue's identity. But he didn't explain. He believed in the destiny and thought that the free gods would be the masters. He sighed secretly and let them just let them go. Thinking of this, he said: "My patriarch, when this matter is over, we will go back first." After speaking, the four elders saluted Tiya slightly and turned and walked towards his residence. They have always lived in a secret corner of the Patriarch's Mansion.

Dia recovered, turned around and walked into the room. The turmoil in her mind gradually calmed down. She whispered: "Two brothers, you can come out."

Lian Shan and Zhu Yuan walked out, and they stared at their younger sister with a smile. Tiya was a little unsure when they saw her, two red clouds rose on her pretty face again, and she groaned: "Brother, why are you looking at people like this." She looked more coquettish in her shyness, and she even saw Shan and Zhu Yuan. shocked.

Lian Shan laughed and said: "We are looking at what the little sister who has found love has become! Well, little sister, you have a good vision. That young man named Xuan Ri is definitely worthy of you. So young I’ve never heard of the magician before. If you combine with him and have such a powerful final shield as the Holy See, the Yajin tribe won’t have to worry."

Tiya's pretty face flushed red, and she lowered her head and muttered: "Big brother, you hate pulling, how to make fun of people, I, I didn't..."

Chapter 120: Go to Honghu

Lian Shan smiled and said: "You don't need to deny it. From the first time you saw that kid, your eyes were a bit wrong. Others don't understand you, don't I understand? Now I even gave the love token, then The kid also accepted it, and this character was finally left out. Hey, you have a good destination, and we can also explain to your dead father, the master and his old man will be happy for you."

Listening to Lian Shan mentioning her dead father, Dia's eyes blushed and she whispered: "Two brothers, thank you for taking care of the little girl. Dad is dead. Now only you and the master are my relatives. I am. , I have a good impression of him, but the four elders have arrested them before, will he be grudged!"

Zhu Yuan smiled and said: "Don't worry, little sister, people who can cultivate the sacred light system to such a level will not be narrow-minded. That kid's intentions are not deep. You have apologized before. He shouldn't be too Don’t care. Now I’m just worried that you are not a member of the Holy See. If you want to combine with him in the future, I’m afraid you will encounter some difficulties."

Hearing Zhu Yuan's words, Dia's heart tensed, and she didn't care about being ashamed, and asked urgently, "What's the matter? I'm the patriarch of the Yajin clan, I can't join the Holy See!"

Lian Shan smiled and said: "Don't listen to your second senior brother, you don't have to join the Holy See. As long as you are a loyal believer of the gods, you can combine with the people of the Holy See. That kid's identity is really extraordinary. Elder Tianluo said repeatedly, is he a grandson of the Pope? In his capacity, he can be worthy of you. With his profound magic cultivation, maybe you will become the Pope’s wife in the future! When I get up, the four elders are so powerful. I never thought that with the combined strength of the four of them, I am afraid that even the master would be difficult to deal with. Soul magic, I have heard of it for the first time. And, Elder Tianluo It’s also considered scheming. He asked you to have a relationship with Ah-Dai and Xuan Ri because they are the savior. Those who followed the savior Shenyu thousands of years ago have a very good ending. If there is a thousand-year catastrophe, the savior is A beacon in the dark, as long as the Yajin tribe follows him, it will surely be able to survive the catastrophe smoothly."

Dia nodded and said: "Yes! The four elders considered very far-reaching. It seems that I am still too tender. I have to learn more from them in the future. Elder Tianluo has already agreed and will teach me soul magic. With that martial art called Ah Dumb, I have no confidence in myself at all. Senior brother, he is really powerful, his vindictiveness can completely restrict my actions. Perhaps, he has reached the realm of the master of swordsman. Four The Great Swordmaster’s competition will be held in the next year. Judging from Ah-Dai, I’m afraid the master still won’t be able to prevail this time!"

Even Shan smiled slightly and said, "You don't have to be sorry for the master. His old man said that the cultivation of the Heavenly Gang Sword Saint has reached the peak of manpower, and it is almost impossible to defeat him. In recent years, the master has been very old. I have taken the victory and defeat down. Two years later, maybe the top masters of the four continents are together, just drinking tea and chatting."

Dia thought of the miracle-like martial arts of the master Eastern Sword Saint, and couldn't help being a little silly, and muttered, "If it is really like that, it would be great."

Lian Shan said, "We have been here for so many days. It’s time to go back. There are still many things waiting for us to deal with in the regiment? Now the competition among mercenaries is fierce, except for our Honghu mercenary regiment. In addition, several new special-level mercenary groups have emerged. I have thousands of Erlangs under my staff waiting to eat, so I don’t have to find more good tasks. Tiya, I have to control my own happiness, like Xuan Ri I am afraid that there will be many suitors for such an outstanding person. You have to seize the opportunity! Don't give up the happiness of your life because you are shy."

Tiya's calm shyness rose again, but she still listened to her words, nodded gently, and said in a low voice: "I know, in the future, we will definitely have a chance to meet."

Lian Shan rushed to Zhu Yuan and said: "Second brother, let's go. Ride a fast horse, and you should be able to return to Red Hurricane City in five days. I just received news that the Moonscar Mercenary Group had robbed us at a low price. business."

Zhu Yuan frowned and said, "This Moonscar Mercenary Group is not like a special-grade mercenary group at all. It only takes on tasks below the first level, and the price is very low, which makes it hard for us to survive!"

Lian Shan reluctantly said: "No way, they are a special-grade mercenary group. They always have a certain appeal. If it doesn't work, we will only be competitive if the price is lowered. After all, the special-grade task is too difficult. I can. I don’t want my brothers to have too many casualties. Then, how can I explain to their family members! Okay, little girl, let’s go back to rest and leave early tomorrow morning. If you have a lot of things, you won’t use it for delivery. Ask people to come to Honghu City to find us. The brothers will always be a strong backing for you. I know you are very busy, but you should also pay attention to rest. If you let the master and the elderly find that you are much more haggard than before, you can’t spare me. !" After speaking, he laughed loudly.

The dumb four left the patriarch's mansion. As soon as they left the house, Oliveira approached Xuan Yue, looked at the dagger in her hand, and Keanu also approached the other side curiously. The handle of the dagger was only eight inches long, which was shorter than Dumb's Pluto sword. It was covered with a green shark skin sheath. There were two belts with buckles on the sheath. It seemed that it could be fixed on the arm or calf. The handle is inlaid with a light blue gemstone. From the outside, there is nothing special except for the novel sheath style.

Xuan Yue frowned and said: "What are you looking at? Haven't you seen the dagger?" She raised her hand and gently pulled the dagger from the sheath. A cold light flashed like autumn water. The four of them felt at the same time, including Duan. When she got cold, Ah Dui subconsciously cried out: "Good sword." Xuanyue was also taken aback, staring at the dagger in her hand carefully, only to see the glimmer of autumn water looming on the blade of the flickering cold light, gently swinging it. , It will bring a trace of cold air, the blade of the dagger is very thin, and you can feel its sharpness just by looking at it with your eyes. On the hilt, two small characters-Qiushui are carved. Xuan Yue pulled off a long hair from her head, let go, letting the long hair float slowly towards the ground. The dagger was erected with the blade facing upwards. When the blue long hair and the dagger collided, they seemed to be split into two lightly and fell without any barriers. "Ah!" Xuan Yue exclaimed, "Blowing and breaking hair! She, how could she give me such a precious thing?"

Dui took the dagger from Xuan Yue's hand, and she became infuriated. The dagger sword flashed three feet of white sword light. With a wave of his hand, Dui flashed white light, and a ravine suddenly appeared on the ground. Dumb exclaimed, "It's so sharp! Brother, you're not easy to accept this courtesy! It seems that Patriarch Tiya is really moved by you."

Xuan Yue stunned, and said, "Why are you moving?" Ah Dai opened her eyes wide and said, "Brother, you won't be more indifferent than me. People who give you such a precious thing obviously like you!"

Xuan Yue's whole body shook, and a strange feeling spread all over her body. She felt very funny, and thought to herself that disguising herself as a man is so attractive! That Tiya would actually like me?

Dumb saw the smile on Xuan Yue’s face and thought she was excited because of Di Ya, "Patriarch Di Ya is also worthy of you, her appearance and identity are equal to you, brother, you have to treat others well. Okay." Xuan Yue looked at Ah-Dai and said angrily: "Brother, don't mess up, this dagger is for you. It's impossible for Tiya and I." She threw the sheath over.

Dui took the holster and was a little dissatisfied with Xuan Yue's attitude, and said, "Brother, how can you do this? Isn't Patriarch Tiya worthy of you?"

Xuan Yue smiled bitterly: "This is not a question of whether you deserve it or not. Anyway, we can't do it. Maybe we won't even have a chance to meet in the future. You can hold this dagger first. You can give it back to her later. I don't want to go back now, let's go."

Dumb wanted to say something, but Oliveira rushed to say, "Forget it, how can you force such things like feelings? Since Brother Xuanri doesn't like Patriarch Tiya, we can't force him!"

Dumb sighed and said, "Brother, I don't want to force you, but I think Patriarch Tiya is a good match for you, but if you don't want it, then forget it. You should keep this dagger for yourself. It's best to return it to someone now, don't let her keep hope, trouble later."

Suddenly, Xuan Yue's anger rose sharply, and she said bitterly: "You can control other people's feelings a lot, but what about yourself? What about yourself? You only know how to escape." After speaking, she moved forward without looking back. Go. Oliveira and Keanu were both dumbfounded. They had never seen Xuan Yue get such a big temper. Dumb froze on the spot, keeping his hands stretched out, his heart cramped, yeah! What qualifications do I have to take care of others? I can't even handle my feelings well. I obviously like Yueyue but I dare not confess.

Keanu stabbed Dumb from the side and said, "Boss, what's wrong with you?"

Dumb came back to his senses and looked at Xuanyue's disappearing back in the distance. He sighed and put the dagger back into his arms and said, "Let's go, I'll talk about this later." After speaking, he chased Xuanyue first go with. Oliveira and Keanu looked at each other, and Keanu murmured: "What's the matter with them, why are they angry!" Oliveira did not quarrel with him for the first time, spreading out his hands: "This is only The gods just know, let's catch up."

Keanu smiled and leaned close to Oliveira, and said with a smile: "Brother, can you give me some of your dry food, I haven't eaten for several days, I'm almost hungry."

Oliveira gave him an angry look, and said, "How do you know how to eat." Although he said that, he still opened the space bag and took out a few big cakes and handed them over. He also kept one. , I took a bite. Although the flatbread was dry, it was enough to eat. The two of them hurried forward to chase after eating.

When the four of them walked to the east gate of Andes City, they found that there were many soldiers guarding the place. The craftsmen were rushing to repair the huge gate. The gate was made of fine iron. It was too bulky and had to be divided. The blocks were welded, and then a layer of steel plate was inlaid on the outside. At this time, the gate on the left had been rebuilt, and the gate on the right was almost completed.

Xuan Yue frowned as she watched the soldiers guarding the city. If she wanted to leave the city now, she would have to negotiate with these soldiers. She was in a very bad mood and didn't want to say anything more.

Duan walked to Xuan Yue's side, looked at the soldiers guarding the gate, and said lightly: "Let's find a place to rest first, and wait until dawn before leaving the city."

Xuan Yue looked at A Duan's expression on her face, her heart softened, and she nodded gently, and the four discussed it. Since it was not appropriate to return to the Mainland Mage Union with Keanu, they found a hotel nearby. Knowing why, the hotel's business is surprisingly good, with only one room left.

"What to do? Look for another house?" Oliveira asked Dumb.

Dumb thought for a while, and said, "Everyone is tired, just stay here. Anyway, we just meditate and recover."

Oliveira nodded and paid the payment for the room. Under the leadership of the waiter, he entered a standard room on the second floor. There were two large beds in the room. Since it was late at night, the hotel could not provide food, so they had to eat some. Oliveira’s dry food. After eating the dry food, Oliveira and Keanu sat cross-legged on a bed and began to meditate. Xuan Yue leaned on the bed in a daze.

Duan took off the magic robe that was covering the outside, revealing the strong outfit inside, and sat next to Xuan Yue, took out the dagger given by Tiya from his arms, and whispered: "Since you don't want to return now , Take it first. It’s always good to have a sharp weapon for self-defense.” As he said, he lifted Xuanyue’s sacrificial robe and the trouser legs underneath, exposing the white skin inside, and carefully buckled the dagger holster. He tightened the buckle tightly and stretched it on Xuan Yue's calf. Xuan Yue’s face blushed slightly. Since seeing Dui again, although the two often shared the same bed, this was the first time Dui touched her skin. The heat from Dui’s big hand made Xuan Yue’s heart beat faster. For one shot, she didn't want the dagger, but in that strange feeling she couldn't say the words to refuse, she watched as Dui carefully tied the dagger to her leg. Duan's meticulous appearance warmed her heart, and she couldn't help regretting the things that stung him earlier.

Dumb put down Xuanyue's trouser legs, sat cross-legged on the foot of the bed, and said in a low voice: "Our skills have not recovered yet, let's start practicing, and we have to hurry tomorrow."

Xuan Yue lowered her head and muttered: "Brother, I was imprisoned for the first time, and I was in a bad mood. What I said just now is too serious, so don't care."

Dumb shook his head and endured the pain in his heart. He closed his eyes and said, "I'm not angry with you. You are right. I can't even handle my own affairs, so where is the right to take care of you?"

Xuanyue retracted her legs, gently stroked the holster on her legs, feeling the residual temperature, and said, "Big Brother, is it possible that you and Yueyue are not at all?"

Duan trembled, "Do you think I can be worthy of last month? The gap between us is too big. She is the granddaughter of the Pope, and I am just an ordinary civilian. It is impossible for us, there is There are too many barriers in front of us. Your father alone will not allow us to be together. Yueyue is so beautiful and her status is so noble. You can definitely find a husband who is thousands of times better than me. What's more... "The appearance of girl and Bing suddenly appeared in his mind, he sighed slightly, and did not continue.

"What's more?" Xuan Yue asked. Her heart was constantly cramping, tears flowed down uncontrollably, and the expression of his father's disdain for Dumb was clearly reflected in her mind.

Dumb sighed and said: "I'm tired, let's practice, everything will be discussed later." At this time, he chose to escape again, and he did not dare to face his feelings.

Xuanyue looked at the white light that gradually rose on Ah-Dai, and her face was sad. Suddenly, her heart moved and she thought, all the words Ah-Dai said before did not include his feelings about herself, although he said and It's impossible for him, but he never said that he didn't like him. The time he got together three years ago is still vivid. He definitely doesn't have no feelings for himself, just too much taboo. Yes! He likes me, he must be. Thinking of this, Xuanyue's quiet heart became active again. As long as Duan liked her, what would happen if her father blocked her? No, I must find a way to make Dumb face up to his feelings for me, father? As long as I solve my father's problem, he will be able to accept me. Although my father's opinion is important, he always listens to his grandpa. Grandpa seems to have a good impression of Dumb. Yes, when I return from Death Mountain this time, I will ask my grandpa to intercede for me, as long as I understand my father's aspect. , Everything is easy. Xuan Yue's mood suddenly brightened, wiped away the tears from her face, took a deep look at Dumb, closed her eyes and entered a state of meditation. It's not that she didn't want to tell Ah-Dah about her identity, but she had personally expressed her feelings to Ah-Dah before. After all, she is a girl. If she reveals her identity now, it would be an embarrassing scene!

Five days later, the four of Ada finally entered the territory of the Honghu tribe. The Honghu tribe faces the sea to the northeast and borders the Yajin, Puyan and Xibo tribes in the northwest, south and east respectively. After Ah Dui left Shitang Town of the Xibo people, he was the first one to arrive here. The Red Hurricanes are the birthplace of mercenaries. As soon as Dui and the others enter the territory of the Red Hurricanes, there are not only more redheads around, but also from young to old, mercenary costumes can be seen everywhere, with various signs. The mercenary spirit of Honghu clan is different from other places in the mainland. Here, the status of mercenaries is very high. Therefore, as long as it is a somewhat famous mercenary group, they are willing to build their headquarters here. In this land, even the chief of the Red Hurrica tribe does not have the same prestige as the head of the Red Hurricare mercenary group.

Red Hurricane City, located in the middle of the Red Hurricane tribe, is the destination of the dumb four. They had just entered the territory of the Red Hurricane tribe, and they were still about two days away from the Red Hurricane City.

Ever since Xuanyue became angry with Ah-Dai that day, Ah-Dai has always been very silent, often alone. Xuan Yue did not try to comfort him, but stayed with him all the time. She still slept with him at night. After five days of getting along, the four of them became familiar with each other gradually. Oliveira's wit is not under Xuan Yue. , And can consider everything thoroughly and thoughtfully. But Keanu is just the opposite. His brain is like a piece of white paper, knowing nothing but magic, but his comprehension is very strong. Now he is not as clumsy as he was at the beginning. When there was nothing to do on the road, Xuanyue transferred the simplest short-distance space magic to the two in an instant. Although Keanu was very reluctant to learn magic, he was still very interested in this novel magic that could instantly change his position. . Although he is far less assiduous than Oliveira, he can barely master it with his own powerful magical power.

Because it was already noon and there were few pedestrians on the wide avenue, Keanu touched the sweat on his head and complained: "What kind of weather is this, it's August, why is it still so hot?"

Duan has a strong temper, and the temperature of the outside world will not have any effect on him. After Xuanyue's sacred light magic reaches the realm of the magister, he has the same ability to isolate temperature as Duan. Oliveira is the most proud of the four. He only needs to release a small whirlwind magic to drive away the heat from his body. Only Keanu has no way to deal with the sun in the sky. His magic robe has already been taken off. He only wore thin clothes. Ordinary fire magicians would not be afraid of heat, but Keanu was taken by Lardas since childhood. Cultivating near the volcano is very sensitive to temperature. Even if he has the cultivation base of a wizard, he cannot withstand the scorching heat.

Oliveira gave Keanu a sideways glance, and said disdainfully: "You look like a magician like this, you can't stand such a little heat." The two of them have become a habit of bickering, and he is always happy to bully Keanu. Keanu chuckled, approached Oliveira, stabbed him, and said, "Brother, don't talk about me, how can I compare to you! How about giving me a whirlwind? A little bigger Yes, I can’t stand the heat anymore. If this continues, I’ll be an adult."

Oliveira's eyes rolled, her cunning look faded, and she said doubtfully: "How big a whirlwind you want, why don't I feel the heat!"

Keanu was dazzled by the heat, not to mention how his wisdom was compared to Oliveira. He was immediately fooled and said: "The bigger the better, it will heat me to death. Let the storm come more intense."

Oliveira nodded and said calmly: "Well, you go ahead, I will blow it to you from behind, so that it can cool down faster."

Keanu was overjoyed and hurriedly said: "Okay, thank you very much, Brother Vera." After finishing speaking, he took a few steps forward and waited for Vera's whirlwind.

Oliveira rushed to the side, Ah Du and Xuan Yue cast a cunning look, raised the Wind God Staff in their hands and chanted a spell in a low voice. The wind elements in the air began to gather towards him, and a whirlwind appeared in front of him. It keeps increasing. Dui didn't understand what Oliveira was going to do, but Xuanyue understood, and whispered to Dui: "Big Brother Vera is good or bad! It's time to punish Keanu again."

The whirlwind released by Oliveira is getting bigger and bigger, and the wind element in the air has gradually become violent. Keanu felt the cool breeze behind him in the front and was very helpful, "Good wind, really good wind! It's much cooler now." He was closing his eyes and enjoying the refreshing sensation of the breeze taking away the heat, and suddenly felt behind him. The wind was getting stronger and stronger, and he couldn’t help saying: "Oh, it’s getting cooler." He turned around and wanted to tell Oliveira that it was enough, but he saw a tornado five meters high behind him rushing towards him. Come. "Ah--" he screamed, unprepared, he was suddenly lifted up and thrown into the air by the tornado, his body continued to rotate with the rotation of the tornado, yelling with teeth and claws.

Oliveira was controlling the tornado below, and he laughed: "How about it, this storm is cool enough, you must be much cooler now."

Xuan Yue couldn't bear watching Keanu's embarrassed look anymore, and laughed, even Dumb couldn't help but smile. They all knew that Oliveira was not malicious, it was just a prank, so they didn't stop it. Oliveira and Keanu have to stage several similar fights every day, they have long been used to it.

Oliveira was almost done, and the wind magic was lifted. Keanu's body was supported by the whirlwind and fell down. When there was one meter away from the ground, he violently retracted all the whirlwinds and Keanu fell to the ground with a plop , Suddenly made a humiliated face, he only felt that the sky was spinning, and the figures of the three dui had become three. Oliveira squatted beside him and said with a smile: "How is it? Unhappy?"

Keanu finally let the dizziness disappear, and said angrily: "You are so cool, I am about to faint. I asked you to make me a whirlwind, why did you bring me a tornado, you want to play me to death? !"

Oliveira showed an aggrieved look, and said: "Don't blame me, you said that the storm was more violent. Tornadoes are also a type of whirlwind!"

Keanu was speechless at once, but he was unwilling to suffer at this point, so he casually used one of the most common meteor showers, and said angrily: "Then I will let you taste the meteor shower." The red fireball in the sky flew towards Oliveira. Although the distance was very close, Oliveira had been prepared for a long time, using the short distance she had just learned and disappeared into the same place instantly, and a large fireball suddenly flew to Dumb and Xuanyue behind.

Dumb smiled helplessly, watching this unusually familiar magic wave in his hand, the white vindictive spirit formed a thick barrier in front of him and Xuan Yue, the pounce sounded, and the small fireballs all hit the barrier and disappeared. Oliveira never came back from a distance and looked at Keanu with an angry expression: "Stop making trouble, hurry up, I'll use a small whirlwind to get the heat."

Keanu grunted angrily and said, "Hmph, who knows how bad you are, no need." After speaking, he walked to Dui angrily and said, "Boss, you see him always bullying me."

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "I have to solve my own business, and your magic is not weaker than him. Find him to take revenge!"

Oliveira was taken aback, and hurriedly said: "No, do you bear to watch your apprentice be chased? Keanu, what is the relationship between our brothers? I know you have forgotten what you just said, right?" While speaking, he showed a pitiful expression. Keanu said angrily: "Every time I do this, I won't be fooled by you again, in the name of Vulcan, hot flames! Burn it." The red light lit up, and a ball of hot fire flew out. Naoben Oliveira rushed. Oliveira screamed and hurriedly released an acceleration technique on himself, turned and ran. Keanu urged the fireball to chase after him, as if he would not give up until he hit. Seeing their gradually disappearing figure, Dumb smiled helplessly and chased after Xuan Yue together.

An hour later, the four of them sat under a big tree to rest. At this time, the number of pedestrians on the road gradually increased, and the weather was not as hot as it was at noon. Although Keanu never burned Oliveira with a fireball, his anger had disappeared and he leaned against the tree. When Oliveira was chased by Keanu just now, he had no chance to use a small whirlwind to heat him up. At this time, he was already sweating like Keanu, and pulled his sweat-soaked magic robe, which was really unbearable. I had to take off the tree fork hung on the side, revealing the shirt inside, and said dryly, "Hey, if any of us knows water magic, it will be able to produce some water to quench thirst. It’s so hot, I don’t know when we can find the next village or city."

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "Who told you to tease Keanu? You are not as thirsty as Keanu. You are now being retributed. The water you brought from the last village has long been drunk, so bear with it."

At this moment, a scream attracted the attention of four people, "Selling pears, sweet crystal pears, two copper coins one, quenching thirst and heat..."

Oliveira stood up from the ground with a chuckle, and said excitedly: "Who said I was retribution, there is nothing to quench my thirst. Brother Keanu, don’t be angry, I’ll buy some pears for everyone to eat. , Even if I apologize to you.” As he said, looking into the road, I saw an old man carrying a pole slowly walking from east to west, constantly begging. There is a large basket at each end of the pole, which should be the crystal pear he said. Some pedestrians who couldn't stand their thirst were buying pears from him. He simply put the pole on the ground and sold them on the spot.

Oliveira walked over and said to the old man: "I want ten pears." As he said, he passed one or two silver coins. The old man hurriedly took out a piece of paper from the basket, wrapped ten pears and handed it to him, saying: "You take it, this paper is not very strong, please don't drop it on the ground. My pear belongs to me. , It's sweet, if you eat well, come and buy it again!"

Oliveira thanked the old man, and just about to turn back holding the pear, a sudden force came from behind him, and he staggered, and the pear in his hand almost fell out. He thought it was Keanu who came to joking with him. He turned to look, but found two red-haired youths in mercenary costumes standing where he was just now, their leather armors resting on their shoulders, and they were wearing only a waistcoat. With his arms exposed, both holding a big pear in one hand, eating happily. The mercenary symbol on their chest is a silver crescent. One of them said: " These pears are not bad, brother, let's take two and go. Go back to the group and rest." Then, the two took out two from the old man's basket. Da Li turned around and left.

The old man shouted: "Young man, haven't you paid yet? There are six pears and twelve copper coins."

The mercenary who had spoken before glared fiercely, and said angrily: "What money is it? Lao Tzu is a member of the special-grade mercenary group Yuehen. They have never given money to eat in the Honghu Clan. No matter how wordy it is, all I won't keep it for you." After finishing speaking, he turned around and left, still cursing and saying: "It's really shameful to be shameless, and eating his pear is to give him face."

Seeing this, Oliveira, who didn't want to cause trouble, couldn't help but shouted, "Stop, do you want to leave without paying for food?"

The two mercenaries turned around, showing impatient expressions on their faces, and when they saw Oliveira's thin body, they showed even more disdain. "Boy, don't worry about your nostalgia. Just you, I can kill three with a single punch. Go home and ask your mother to have milk."

Hearing the other party's insult to his mother, Oliveira was furious, her eyes flashed cold, and she muttered two spells without summoning the wind god's length. The blue light surrounded his body and waved her hand. A wind blade screamed at the two mercenaries.
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