The Kind Death God Chapter 11-20

Chapter11 Golden Strange Fish

Xi Fei shook her head, saying, “Father, they haven’t returned. Grandpa Owen, it is our fault. If brother Feng and I didn’t go into the sea to swim, big brother Ah Dai would not have gone to find us.”

Owen was filled with worry, naturally he would not blame them, but his heart had long flown to the sea. After a year, the more he interacted with Ah Dai, the more Owen came to like the kind-natured child. Although it had already been a year, Ah Dai still continued to miss his teacher Gliss every day. The silver-tin bun was placed under his pillow, and he would stare at it every morning, muttering a few words. Everything about Ah Dai was so innocent, child, you must not be in danger! By this time, Ah Dai was already in the sea for around an hour.

Just then, two silhouettes came out from the sea, it was Xi Zhong and Xi Fa. Owen instantly rushed over, hurriedly asking, “Did you find Ah Dai?”

Xi Zhong and Xi Fa looked at each other, revealing expressions of guilt. Xi Zhong replied, “Uncle Owen, the waves are simply too big, we also didn’t dare to go too far in. I’m afraid Ah Dai was swept away by the waves, we could not find him.”

A cold glint flashed across Owen’s eyes. If it was the old him, he would have killed all of them to vent his anger, but he could not do that now. He merely said, “You have tried your best, go home and tell this to Schiel. I’ll try looking for Ah Dai again.”

“Uncle Owen, I think it’s too difficult, the waves are too big, with the addition of the rain, it really is too hard to find him!” Xi Fa persuaded. Owen responded angrily, “No matter how hard it is I must try, Ah Dai is my only family, how can I just watch him die? All of you can go back first.”

The three brothers were shocked, the usually suave Uncle Owen had suddenly become so irritable. The three of them each grabbed their own child, and walked towards the town. In this sort of weather, unless it was the Sipho Tribe’s fleet of ships, normal fishing boats were unable to withstand the strong waves.

Owen took a deep breath, and circulated his true qi within his body, stabilizing the silver bead which was suppressing the poison. With a howl, he jumped into the air, towards the boundless sea. The jump of his, was at least 30 metres far. Without any hesitation, he lightly stepped on the crest of the wave, ascertained his direction, and leaped across the waves further into the sea. His true qi continuously circulated in his body, in just a short while, he already could not see the shore. If not for the Boundless Life Art, he would not have been able to support his constant depletion of true qi. It was really too difficult to find someone in the vast sea, Owen’s true qi was constantly decreasing but he still had not found any trace of Ah Dai.

Suddenly, a flash of gold light came from under the sea, leaping out of the sea surface. Following his instincts, Owen chased after the golden light. After five minutes, he finally saw Ah Dai who was floating on the sea. Immense joy spurred Owen on, as he shouted loudly, stretching out his right hand. A white light flashed, and Owen actually blocked a huge incoming wave. Waving his hand, he carried Ah Dai into his arms. With a touch, he found out that Ah Dai was not in danger, just that he had drank too much seawater.

Carefully carrying Ah Dai under his arms, Owen gathered his qi and quickly leaped towards the shore. The true qi inside his body circulated constantly, but it was no longer enough to support his rate of expenditure.The shore was just ahead, but Owen had only 50% of his true qi remaining. He could no longer continu

“Big brother Owen.” Schiel’s voice sounded, he was anxiously waiting with his three sons near the shore. Once he saw that Owen had brought Ah Dai back, the four people immediately rushed over. Xi Zhong carried Ah Dai from Owen, while Xi Fa and Xi Bai supported Owen. It turned out that, the three brothers were afraid that their father would blame them in the future, thus they did not heed Owen’s words, and told Schiel everything that had happened. Schiel was furious at his grandchildren, but did not have time to lecture them, and instead rushed over to the sea with his three sons.

“Big brother Owen, how are you?” Schiel worriedly asked.

Owen was panting nonstop as he circulated the true qi within his body, slowly recovering. He had rescued Ah Dai at last, and he could finally relax. “Schiel, I’m fine, but Ah Dai has drunk quite a lot of seawater, Xi Zhong, quickly help him get the seawater out. Schiel, don’t blame the children, it isn’t really their fault, Ah Dai overestimated himself.”

Schiel glared at his three sons, scolding, “It’s all because of your children. Big brother Owen, let me support you back. Ah Dai is really such a kind child.”


Ah Dai slowly opened his eyes, his mouth was dry, his stomach felt empty and his body was devoid of energy, “I, am I dead?”

Owen’s voice sounded, “If I arrived just a bit later, I’m afraid that you would have drowned. You know you can’t swim well, yet you still want to save people, tsk! Quick, drink this ginger soup to drive out the chill.”

Gently, Owen helped Ah Dai sit up, and brought the ginger soup to his mouth. Ah Dai looked at Owen, and his eyes immediately turned red. Without bothering to drink the ginger soup, he tightly hugged Owen, crying out, “Uncle, Uncle, Ah Dai died, Ah Dai died.”

Owen’s eyes also turned red, he put down the ginger soup, and patted Ah Dai’s back, soothing, “Ah Dai did not die, uncle has already saved him from the sea. Come, drink some ginger soup first.” Ah Dai loosened his hands while sobbing, and looked at Owen who was full of concern, “Uncle, am I really not dead?”

Smiling, Owen pinched Ah Dai’s arm and asked, “Does it hurt?”

Ah Dai let out a grin and nodded, “Yes.”

Owen laughed, “If it hurts, that’s good, it means that you can still feel it, therefore you are not dead. You really scared me, here, be good and drink some ginger soup, then go take a rest. Everything will be fine tomorrow.” He picked up the bowl of ginger soup, lightly blew at it, and slowly fed Ah Dai.

After a bowl of hot ginger soup, Ah Dai’s body instantly felt warmer. Looking at Owen’s concerned expression, Ah Dai’s heart also felt warmer. It was at this moment that he had truly liked the handsome-looking uncle.

Owen placed the bowl at one side, and helped Ah Dai lie down again. As he tucked in Ah Dai, he said, “Ah Dai, this time was really too dangerous. If not for the bountiful life force in you, you might really have died. Don’t be so rash next time, saving people is good, but you need the ability to do so.”

Ah Dai struggled to sit up, worriedly saying, “Uncle, Uncle, quickly save Fei Er and Little Feng. I haven’t found them in the sea, they must be in danger!”

Owen scolded, “You silly kid, how can you treat other people’s lives as more important than your own. They are better swimmers, and came back long ago. Quickly lie down.”

Once he heard that Xi Fei and Xi Feng were not in danger, Ah Dai relaxed his breath and lied down on the bed, muttering, “That’s good, that’s good.”

“Oh right, Ah Dai, what happened to your leg? It seems to have been pierced by something sharp, even the muscles on your leg have been pierced through,” Owen asked. Ah Dai replied, “It was a strange fish, … … “ He recounted the whole experience of meeting the strange fish and how he freed it.

Owen said in realisation, “No wonder, when I was finding you, there was a gold flash of light in the sea, and I followed it to you. That means, it was the strange fish that saved your life. What goes around comes around! Your kindness has saved your life.”

Ah Dai suddenly remembered something and raised his left hand, “Uncle look, this was what the strange fish gave me.”

Owen glanced at it, it was just a normal white jade ring. From its appearance, there seemed to be nothing amazing about it, but Owen could faintly sense that it contained something special. He carefully took off the ring from Ah Dai’s finger, the jade grew warm when it touched Owen’s hands. He circulated some true qi into the ring to inspect, there seemed to some energy that was constantly moving within the ring, removing Owen’s true qi. After looking at it for a long time, Owen finally placed the ring back on Ah Dai’s finger, “Keep this ring properly, it might have some use in the future.”

Ah Dai nodded, he quite liked the white jade ring.

“Go and sleep, you still can’t eat now, tomorrow Uncle will cook porridge for you.”

“But, Uncle, I haven’t cultivated today.” Since he came here, Ah Dai had never gone a night without mediating, he felt uncomfortable that he did not meditate for one day.

Owen smiled and said, “Forget it for today, you can’t rush while practising martial arts, we will see how tomorrow. Uncle is going to rest as well, in order to save you, I’m thoroughly exhausted.” As he finished speaking, he blew out the candle and walked out. The storm outside had stopped and Ah Dai was safe, there was a feeling of indescribable happiness in Owen’s heart. After Owen had left, Ah Dai struggled to sit up. He accidentally touched the wound on his leg, causing him to feel waves of pain. Although he was stupid, he knew that Owen had high expectations of him. Uncle had treated him so well, so he could not disappoint Uncle. A year long of living together had made the kind Ah Dai forget his previous hatred of Owen. He took a deep breath, and started circulating what was left of his true qi.

It took a whole ten days of rest, before Ah Dai recovered. Apart from Xi Lei, Xi Fei and Xi Feng did not want to play with him anymore. The reason was that they got a harsh scolding from Schiel because of Ah Dai. Ah Dai was sad, but he could do nothing about it, therefore he spent all of his time training instead.


The seasons passed, and another two years had passed. Ah Dai had already cultivated the Boundless Life Art to the Fourth Stage. Breaking through each stage of the Boundless Life Art was extremely difficult. If not for the Fruit of Rebirth that Ah Dai had eaten, he was probably unable to reach this stage even after ten years. Although he had already reached the Fourth Stage, he still could not fully display its might. Owen had told Ah Dai that the Boundless Life Art needed to reach the Fifth Stage before there was a significant difference, and Owen had only reached that stage when he was 28. Despite that, Ah Dai could already transform his true qi into the dou qi outside of his body, and there was a faint white light surrounding his body every time he trained. The fifteen year old Ah Dai was around 1.8 metres tall, and even though he did not do any heavy labor, his body was still unusually sturdy. After three years, despite his few hours of meditation, he could already produce a blue flame with his flame spell. Once, he tried to secretly execute the fire meteor spell, the fireballs that he produced were almost 3 centimetres large, and all of the fireballs were blue. Each day, apart from cultivating and meditating, Owen would also explain some of the situations in the continent, as well as teach him the culture and customs of the various countries. Ah Dai had already mastered the Holy Church language to the extent that he was able to converse fluently with Owen. And in the two years, he had also learnt a bit of the Prosperous language. The dumb Ah Dai, had now mastered the four languages of the Holy Church, Heaven’s Gold Empire, Prosperous Empire and the United Regions Commonwealth. This was because his memory had greatly improved after cultivating the Boundless Life Art for a long time.

[TN: Just to clarify, after cultivating the Boundless Life Art, the true qi in Owen and Ah Dai’s bodies are “sheng sheng (life life) true qi” becoz of the art, but it sounds weird to translate it, so i just left it as true qi. So their true qi is special from other ppl’s true qi because they cultivated that art.]

Ah Dai would still think of Gliss often, missing his Teacher who was far away from him. However, the care that Owen showed him had also made him very touched, and he had long treated Owen as his real Uncle.

………………………………………… Spring, Year 992 of the Holy Calendar.
“Ah Dai, let’s go, Uncle will bring you somewhere. From today onwards, you will be learning new stuff.” Owen said in a strict voice to Ah Dai who had just eaten his breakfast.

Ah Dai was shocked for a moment, and asked, “Uncle, are you going to teach me that flying martial art?”

Owen let out a smile, and replied, “Uncle does not know how to fly, just that I can jump a bit higher. You can also do that in the future. After three years, your improvement was faster than my expectations. Originally, I thought that you would need five years to be at the stage where you are at now. Now that you have cultivated the Boundless Life Art to the Fourth Stage, your foundations are already stable, and you can continue in the next step of cultivation. What you need to do now, is to undergo physical and combat training. Uncle has already thought of an idea, and prepared it a few days ago. I will bring you there now.”

“Okay!” Ah Dai readily agreed. After three years of simply meditating and cultivating, even though Ah Dai had a strong willpower, it was still too simple and repetitive for him. With his childish attitude, he was extremely willing to try something new.

Leaving their house by the sea, Owen brought Ah Dai towards the South, along the shoreline. After walking for half an hour, they finally arrived at a large area of rocks.
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“Ah Dai, this is the place I found recently. The Heavens are really helping me, this place is extremely suitable for you to train. Let’s go up.” As he spoke, he wrapped his hand around Ah Dai’s waist, and lightly landed on one of the biggest rocks while carrying Ah Dai. The thunderous sounds of the waves breaking against the rocks could be heard, although it was a sunny day, the waves here were abnormally large.

“Ah Dai, there is a special spot amongst these rocks. It was formed naturally, and when the waves pass by other rocks, it will somehow form a huge surge of force. I have set up a large wooden pole for you, later, I will tie you to the pole and leave your arms free. Just follow the circulation method I taught you and turn your true qi into dou qi, using it to resist the force from the seawater. Try your best to not let it hit your body, understand? This way, it can help you train your body, as well as cultivate the Boundless Life Art. Look, it’s there.” As he spoke, he pointed to a spot some distance away.

Ah Dai looked towards where Owen had pointed at, and sure enough, amidst the rocks, there was an empty spot. After the seawater had passed the other rocks, it would form into huge waves at that spot. The waves relentlessly bashed against the rocks, and after many years, a deep crater was formed near the rocks closest to the waves. Meanwhile, in the middle of the empty spot, there was a 1 metre-wide wooden pole sticking out of the ground. No matter how the waves crashed against it, the wooden pole remained sturdy and unmoving.

Ah Dai curiously asked, “Uncle, how did you put the wooden pole there?”

Owen let out a mysterious smile, “Beneath the seawater, there is also a large piece of rock. Uncle used his true qi to embed the wooden pole into the rock, naturally, it would be sturdy, Today is your first time, try your best. If you really can’t resist the waves, then you just have to let them rush over your body. After two hours, I will let you down.” As he spoke finish, Owen brought Ah Dai and jumped down. There was a bump in the middle of the wooden pole, just nice enough for Ah Dai to use as a footrest. Owen retrieved the rope that he prepared and started securing Ah Dai’s body to the wooden pole. At the same time, he was also repeatedly waving his palm towards his back, even though the force from the waves was strong, it was unable to reach them, halting 3 meters aways from them.

“Ah Dai, look carefully at what Uncle is doing, and slowly try for yourself later. After two hours, I will come and pick you up.” Owen said, as he hopped onto the wooden pole on one leg, and shot towards the air, landing on a nearby rock. After a few leaps, he disappeared from Ah Dai’s sight.

Boom, a large wave suddenly crashed against Ah Dai’s body, he felt as though he had just been hit by something very heavy and instantly gulped down a huge mouthful of seawater. He had no time to adjust and immediately circulated his qi to his palm to strike out. Usually, Ah Dai had very few chances to use his dou qi, so he had hardly any experience. The dou qi he struck out was scattered and not gathered, it could only help to lessen the force of the seawater, but was unable to fully block it. Fortunately, the waves were not continuous, after a few large waves, it would take a while to accumulate the force for the next wave, giving Ah Dai some respite. Ah Dai’s palms constantly struck out, and the wave was like an martial art expert, helping Ah Dai to practise executing his dou qi. To Ah Dai, the two hours seemed to drag on endlessly, although he could not block the seawater from hitting his body, he continued to strive on. Time and again, Ah Dai was almost knocked unconscious by the barrage of seawater, but he continued to persevere. Amidst the loud sounds, Ah Dai finally used up his last bit of true qi, and he could only stretch out his hand to block, letting the waves relentlessly rush past his body.

Owen did not actually leave, and he was hiding behind a rock observing Ah Dai’s continued efforts in resisting the waves. Ah Dai’s performance had clearly left him displeased, with Ah Dai’s current stage of cultivation, he could have done much better. However, the way he executed his dou qi was incorrect, his comprehension skill was indeed lacking. Sighing, Owen stood up, standing on top of the wooden pole after a few leaps. He released the semi-conscious Ah Dai from the ropes, lifting his shoulder and flew towards a nearby rock.

The sun was hanging high up in the middle of the sky. Owen placed Ah Dai on a flat surface and used a sucking force from his hands to make Ah Dai sit upright. He then placed his palms on Ah Dai’s shoulders, circulating his dou qi into Ah Dai’s body. With the external help, Ah Dai was instantly invigorated, and was more awake. Owen said in a serious tone, “Concentrate on circulating your qi, condense your qi in the dantian, then circulate it through your veins.”

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Chapter12 Death Crisis

Danger of Death (1)

“Ah Dai, quickly stop!” Owen cried out, if Ah Dai continued, the true qi would be compressed too much, and there was a chance of his hand exploding.

However, Ah Dai was already unable to stop. After his true qi was condensed, it was no longer the gentle energy circulating within his body. His eyes widened as he shouted, “AH——” His right fist suddenly shot towards the rock, and a beam of white light that was around 5 centimetres in diameter shot out. Immediately after, Ah Dai collapsed onto the ground, his body was limp.

“Boom, boom—” The two loud bangs made Owen dumbfounded, even if Ah Dai could smash the rock into powder, he would not be this shocked. However, the sight before him was really unbelievable. There was a hole in the middle of the average-sized rock, caused by the dou qi that Ah Dai emitted. The dou qi had passed through the rock, and hit heavily against the surface of the sea, causing a water column of almost 10 metres to appear. However, there were no signs of cracks around the area where the rock had been penetrated, showing how concentrated the attack was.

Owen stood dumbfoundedly, only reacting after a long time. The strike that Ah Dai executed just now had already reached 50% of Owen’s strength, which is to say, the dou qi that Ah Dai had released, was 200% of his own standard. Ah! Owen walked up and hugged Ah Dai in his arms, then stretched out his right hand and placed in on Ah Dai’s dantian, checking his current condition. Ah Dai’s dantian was surprisingly empty, not even a sliver of dou qi was left. His whole body was limp, clearly a sign of overexertion. Owen bitterly laughed, “He really used all of his qi in this earth-shattering strike! This kid, has—”

Carrying Ah Dai, Owen continuously channeled his true qi into Ah Dai’s body. After a while, Ah Dai slowly woke up. When he was executing the earth-shattering strike, he felt as though his body was sucked dry, the explosive force from the compressed dou qi had taken away all of his energy.

“Uncle, was my earth-shattering strike successful?”

Owen forced a smile and nodded, “You are too reckless. If you were attacking enemies instead, I’m afraid you will not be able to recover, even after a week. 200%, that is a frightening power! Ah Dai, how did you compress the dou qi, but not let it explode?”

Ah Dai replied, “I don’t know either. Yesterday I was thinking about the through point strike that you mentioned, and I thought that it would be better to compress the energy to the smallest possible. Therefore, I tried my best to compress my true qi, and execute it like dou qi. After that, I don’t know what happened. Can true qi explode too?”

“Of course, when true qi is too concentrated, the powerful energy will explode. There was even a case where an expert had died from compressing the true qi within his body. Perhaps, the spiritual power from your meditation, coupled with the Fruit of Rebirth, have saved you this time. In the future, unless there is no other choice, you must never do this again, it’s too dangerous.”

Ah Dai nodded, “Uncle, my body feels empty, it’s so uncomfortable! Didn’t you say that there will be an endless supply of true qi when cultivating the Boundless Life Art? How come I’ve used up all of it, and there’s no more?”

Owen snapped back, “Even though it’s endless, it still requires a source to supply. Even your source has been used up, how will your true qi be able to replenish? Let’s go back, I’ll help you recover your energy first.” Even though Owen had used the same source of true qi to help Ah Dai cultivate, it still took a full two day’s worth of e

“Your energy has recovered, today you shall go up onto the wooden pole again. Remember what I’ve taught you, use 70% and keep 30%. Be careful not to use the earth-shattering strike again. Overexertion will not be beneficial towards your future cultivation.”

Ah Dai was also fearful, as it took two whole days before the true qi within him could recover to its initial state.

The days passed by as Ah Dai continued his practicing through point strike. He had found the correct method, the impact of the waves was no longer a threat to him, instead it helped him to improve rapidly. After 3 months, he could endure for a whole afternoon, not letting the waves hit his body. His body also became sturdier with each day of fighting against the waves, there was a healthy bronzed glow on his skin, a stark difference from his original fair skin, and a sharp, cold glint would occasionally flash across his eyes.

Owen stood on a rock, looking pleased as Ah Dai continuously fought back the waves with his punches. He nodded in satisfaction, and muttered, “His progress is really fast! Although the Fruit of Rebirth has an extraordinary effect, this kid has indeed worked hard as well.” The hard work needed to withstand the waves was not what normal people could imagine. Ah Dai had stopped learning knowledge, and only spent all of his time fighting against the waves, meditating and cultivating. However, he had never once complained.

In the afternoon, Owen untied Ah Dai from the wooden pole. After they had eaten,just as Ah Dai was about to return to the wooden pole, Owen stopped him. “We will begin the next lesson, your dou qi execution is already quite good.” As he spoke, he grabbed Ah Dai’s slender arms, “Do you know, the form of your hands are better than Uncle’s? Most of my martial arts are related to the sword. From today onwards, you will need to experience the features of the sword. I have nothing to teach you in this aspect, you will need to experience it for yourself. Only after you can become true friends with the sword, will you be able to unleash its true power.” He retrieved the huge broadsword behind the rocks, which he had hidden when they first arrived. As it was unused for a few years, it was covered with rust.

[TN: so apparently, Owen had 2 swords, one was the Hell’s Sword, and the other was the broadsword from his school Q~Q ]

“Old buddy! You must be lonely. ” Owen looked at the broadsword in his hands with misty eyes. The sword had accompanied him for 30 years! He held the sword in one hand, and the other hand was radiating white colored true qi. He guided the white light towards the sword, instantly removing the rust on the sword, revealing a glimmering sword.

“Ah Dai, this broadsword had accompanied me for 30 years, from today onwards, it will be your partner. It is five feet six in length, the hilt is one feet two, the blade four feet four; its maximum width is half a foot, the thickest part is three feet, and it weighs 76 kilograms. Its name is TianGang Sword.”

Ah Dai was shocked, “76 kilograms? Uncle, did you say wrongly?”
Even the town blacksmith’s hammer weighed only 20 kilograms.

Owen lifted up the sword, and with just the quiver of his finger, he caused the sword to create an afterimage. The 76 kilogram sword seemed like a light feather in his hands. Placing the sword in front of him, he sighed while stroking the blade of the sword, “Is it very heavy? Perhaps, at the start you may think so, but once you have become one with the sword, you will no longer feel its weight.”

Ah Dai looked at the TianGang Sword that was even taller than him, his heart filled with excitement as he walked up and asked, “Uncle, can I try it?”

Owen curled his fingers around the hilt, pointing the sharp end of the sword downwards, and passed the sword over. As Ah Dai grabbed hold of the hilt, Owen loosened his grip, and Ah Dai felt a sudden heaviness. Although he had mentally prepared himself, he did not grab the sword tight enough, and the sharp edge of the sword instantly sunk into the ground, causing a loud sound. Owen chided, “Silly kid, did you cultivate the Boundless Life Art for naught? Use qi to wield the sword.”

Ah Dai stuck out his tongue, as he took a deep breath and started circulating the true qi within his body, causing a white glow to emanate from his body. With both of his hands, he gripped the hilt of the sword tightly, and instantly lifted the TianGang Sword. Under the help of the true qi, the sword indeed felt lighter. However, he still could not wield it with ease, if not for his constant training of using dou qi, he might not have been able to even lift it. Owen said in a low voice, “Guide your qi in your dantian, steady your feet and circulate the true qi to your waist. From waist to back, from back to shoulder, from shoulder to arm, from arm to elbow, from elbow to wrist, from wrist to hand, from hand to finger. This is the foundation of using the sword. There are 36 moves in the TianGang Sword Technique, however they are very complicated. I’m afraid that you won’t be able to remember them, so I’ve simplified them into 9 moves. Look, this is the first move, Rainbow Through the Sun.”

There was a blur in front of Ah Dai’s eyes, and his hands suddenly felt lighter. In just a moment, the TianGang Sword was already in Owen’s hands. Owen’s body flashed in the air, as he became one with the sword, dashing out. The TianGang Sword was surrounded with the white glow, and there was an indomitable aura around it. When he landed, Owen asked, “Did you observe it carefully? It may seem easy, but it requires your hands, eyes and heart to be coordinated. How about this, you don’t need to practise the sword technique now. Today, you will just practise the three basic sword stances, slash, stab and slice.” He described the main points of the three stances, and passed the TianGang Sword to Ah Dai before he left.

“I slash, I slash!” When the sun had finally set, Ah Dai had already practised to the point that his whole body was sore. Although it was just three simple stances, he could not seem to find the correct feeling.

“How was your training?” Owen suddenly appeared on the rock, whilst holding a tree branch.

Ah Dai scratched his head and replied, “I don’t know how to put it, but it just feels different from what you have demonstrated.” Owen took a look at the sword marks on the rocks, and shook his head, “Slashing requires an imposing power. Although you can only use 70% of your power and keep the remaining 30% for the next move, you need to display the dominance over your opponents. Look.” As he spoke, he raised the tree branch high above his head. The surrounding wind seemed to have stopped moving, no longer blowing across Ah Dai’s body. An abnormally strong pressure forced Ah Dai back a few steps, as he looked in shock at the tree branch in Owen’s hands.

The pressure suddenly disappeared, causing Ah Dai’s body to feel light. “Did you look carefully? Now, use your sword to slash towards me, as long as you can make both of my feet leave the ground, you will have succeeded,” said Owen.

Ah Dai nodded, and copied Owen’s movements, his hands lifting the TianGang Sword into the air. He let out a warning to Owen as he channelled dou qi into the sword, slashing the sword downwards. Although his strike did not have the dominance of Owen’s, there was still a faint radiance emanating from the TianGang Sword.

Owen let out a pleased smile. Just as the sword was about to hit him, he used the tree branch to gently slice towards the sword, directing it away. Ah Dai felt that the sword in his hands had suddenly become heavier, as it slashed downwards, with almost half of the blade sinking into the ground.

Owen said, “Dou qi needs to either be conserved or suddenly released. If you had not released all of your dou qi just now, I would not have been able to deflect it so easily. Again.”

Just like this, the pair of old and young started to train on the rocks. The endless true qi continuously supported Ah Dai in wielding the sword. It was at night when Ah Dai could finally force Owen to defend against him. Although he was unable to force back Owen, Owen was still pleased with the results. In order to let Ah Dai better grasp the essence of the sword and to understand its meaning, Owen continued to tie Ah Dai on the wooden pole. However, the difference was that Ah Dai had to use the TianGang Sword to slash apart the waves. Time flew by, and in the blink of an eye, Ah Dai and Owen had already lived in Sweetrock Town for six years. On top of the rock, a light constantly flashed. It was Ah Dai, who was practising the TianGang Sword Technique. In the continent, the 36 moves of the TianGang Sword Technique was considered to be one of the most widespread sword arts. Its power was not very great, but it was extremely useful for large-scale fights, making it suitable for the battlefield. Although Owen had simplified it for Ah Dai, the power of the technique did not lessen. After a long period of training, Ah Dai was already skilled in using his dou qi to control the TianGang Sword. Due to his earlier years of establishing a strong foundation for his dou qi, Ah Dai was now able to learn other stuff in a much shorter time. In the three years, Owen had imparted his whole lifetime of skills to Ah Dai. Ah Dai might be a little dumb, but his hard work had paid off. His Boundless Life Art was almost at the Fifth Stage, and there was huge improvement in his body and sword techniques. When facing Owen who was wielding a tree branch, he could at least withstand ten moves without defeat.

Owen stood by the side, looking at Ah Dai who was practising the sword, and revealed a satisfied expression. After Ah Dai’s Boundless Life Art had broken through to the Fifth Stage, he would be able to learn the secret techniques. The eighteen year old Ah Dai was almost the same height as Owen, and his shoulders were broad. Apart from his youthful face, he seemed almost like an adult.

“Okay, Ah Dai, come back,” Owen shouted loudly.

Ah Dai used his qi to lighten himself, and landed beside Owen whilst holding his sword, “Uncle, are we going to learn something new today?”

Owen smiled, shaking his head, “In this few years, you have already learnt most of the basics, Uncle is very pleased with that. After some time, when your Boundless Life Art has reached the Fifth Stage, Uncle will teach you the infamous Hell’s Sword Technique. That is my true ability! Let’s go, your Uncle Schiel came over today morning, inviting us to a crab meal. You are going to enjoy yourself.”

Once food was mentioned, Ah Dai was still like a child, his eyes glistened with excitement, and he laughed, “Okay! Ah Dai loves to eat crabs!” The two of them laughed and chatted on the way back to Sweetrock Town, while the TianGang Sword was left amidst the rocks as usual. Although Schiel and his family were very close to Owen, Schiel still did not know that Owen and Ah Dai had practised martial arts. Owen had only told them that Ah Dai had grown up, and was working in the shipyard.
“Grandpa Owen, you’ve arrived, please come in.” The sixteen year old Xi Fei warmly received Owen and Ah Dai into the house. At sixteen years old, she had already grown to become a young lady, being dubbed the prettiest lady in SweetRock Town. Xi Fei glanced at Ah Dai, blushing as she turned to call her grandfather.

“Big brother, you’ve come, let us brothers drink heartily today.”

Owen laughed, replying, “Of course, I was still afraid you wouldn’t be up for it. That time we drank, you still lost to me! Where’s Zhong, Fa and Bai? I don’t see the three of them.”

Schiel smiled and said, “The weather was good today, so they went out with their wives to fish. Perhaps they will only return at night. Fei Fei, go and serve the crabs and the dishes.”

“Ay—” Xi Fei responded then went into the kitchen with her younger brothers, Xi Feng and Xi Lei.

“Big brother, our little lass’ cooking skills have improved, her mom lazing around everyday with all of the cooking now being done by her,” Schiel praised.

Owen nodded, “Yeah, she’s all grown up now, whoever marries her sure is fortunate.”

Schiel moved closer to Owen and said, “Big brother, the reason why I’ve called you over today, is to discuss Fei Er’s marriage! You must help to matchmake.”

Shocked, Owen asked, “Why, do you have someone in mind?”

Schiel glanced at Ah Dai, “I’ve watched Ah Dai this kid grow up, he’s kind and honest, unlike the other foolhardy kids in town. I can only be at ease marrying Xi Fei to Ah Dai! How does that sound? Big brother, if my Fei Er marries Ah Dai, it will be his fortune, haha.”

Owen was surprised as he looked at Ah Dai who was in a daze, “Brother, they are of different seniority and not to mention, they are still young, we should discuss this a few years later.”

Schiel laughed and said, “We’re all from the neighbourhood. Everyone minds their own business and no one will gossip. The two of them, one is eighteen and the other sixteen, they can’t be considered young anymore. Why? Is my Fei Fei not good enough for Ah Dai? Ah Dai, tell me, do you like Fei Er?”

[TN: Fei Fei and Fei Er are just pet names for Xi Fei]

In Ah Dai’s mind, he suddenly recalled Yatou’s appearance.
“Big brother Ah Dai, wait till I grow up, then I’ll marry you, okay?” “From now on, I, Yatou, will be Ah Dai’s fiancee. You must treat me
well in the future.”

Ah Dai’s mind was filled with thoughts of Yatou, and he only replied after Schiel had called out a few times. “Ah, Uncle Schiel, what did you say?”

Schiel grumpily said, “Little kid, what were you thinking about so intently, let me ask you, do you like Fei Fei?”

Nodding, Ah Dai replied, “Yes! Sister Fei Er is a very good girl.”

Schiel looked towards Owen in satisfaction, “Look, you see, even the children have agreed, my Fei Fei is also okay with it. Ah Dai, if Fei Er marries you, you must treat her well, okay?”

Owen furrowed his brows, Ah Dai was currently at an important juncture of his training, how could he have the time to marry? Not to mention, there were so many things that Ah Dai needed to do. However, Schiel’s family had always took good care of the two of them, so how could he reject Schiel’s well intentions.

Just as Owen was conflicted about his decision, Ah Dai suddenly shook his head, saying, “No, no, Uncle Schiel, I can’t do this!”

“Why not?” Schiel glared at Ah Dai.

Ah Dai lowered his head and muttered, “I, I already have a fiancee

That one sentence caused both Schiel and Owen to be stunned. Owen had never heard Ah Dai mention that he had a fiancee.

“Clink—” Xi Fei who had just walked out of the kitchen dropped the plate of steaming hot crabs after hearing Ah Dai’s words. Her eyes were red as she stared at Ah Dai, crying out, “Ah Dai, I hate you!” She turned around and ran back to her room while covering her face. It turned out that Xi Fei had originally ignored Ah Dai as she was reprimanded by her grandfather for almost causing Ah Dai to drown. However, as time passed, Xi Fei had long forgotten that incident. Slowly, she began to like the tall and plain Ah Dai, so she asked her grandfather Schiel to talk to Owen. But due to Schiel’s rash character, and adding on the fact that Xi Fei really liked Ah Dai, he proposed the marriage, causing the scene just now.

Owen pulled Ah Dai to the side, sighing, “Brother, I’m really sorry, Ah Dai was indeed engaged since young. Hais—, it was Ah Dai that did not have the good fortune. We will leave first.” As he spoke, he dragged the ignorant Ah Dai and left Schiel’s house. After hearing Ah Dai’s words, Schiel was too mortified to even send them off, and just let them leave.

Outside of the room, Owen finally released the breath that he was holding, and spoke softly to Ah Dai, “You little kid, when did you learn to lie? But good thing it was at the right moment, if not, Schiel would really marry his granddaughter to you. Ah Dai, was Uncle too selfish?’

Shaking his head, Ah Dai replied, “How can Uncle be selfish? Ah Dai is so dumb, I won’t be able to take good care of Sister Fei Er. Also, Ah Dai did not lie, I really have a fiancee.”

Under Owen’s inquiry, Ah Dai recounted the story of him and Yatou.

Owen laughed, “So it was like this! I’d have never imagined that there are quite some people who will like such a silly kid like you. However, as a man, you must first have some accomplishments before you start a family, do you understand? Ah—, Uncle will have to rely on you to avenge my blood feud.”

Ah Dai was shocked, and asked, “Uncle, what feud do you have? With your martial art and strength, can’t you take revenge?” Ah Dai knew deep in his heart, although he had been learning from Owen for 5 years, if Owen had used all of his power to attack, he would not be able to even take one hit. Furthermore, the evil skill that Owen had used back in the illusionary forest, was engraved into his mind, that was a force to be reckoned with!

A cold glint flashed across Owen’s eyes as he said, “Now it’s still not the time for you to know. My enemies are strong to the extent that you will not be able to fathom it. If I was not poisoned by the Matchless Holy Water then perhaps I could still have a chance to go all out. However, in my current condition, I simply have no hope of defeating them. Child, Uncle shall place my hopes on you, to fulfill this wish.”

While the two of them chatted, they soon arrived at their house. Suddenly, there was a change in Owen’s expression as he grabbed Ah Dai, and shouted out, “Who’s there, come out now.”

A sinister voice rang out from the courtyard, “En, you’re indeed worthy of the title, “King of Hell”. We were already very careful, but you still discovered us.” The shadows flickered, and suddenly, 7 men who were fully clothed in black appeared in front of Owen and Ah Dai. Each of them were holding a narrow sword in their hands, with their cold gazes fixed on Owen. Ah Dai got a shock as he realised that, the attires of the 7 men seemed to be exactly the same as the people who were chasing Owen, back in the illusionary forest. The only difference was that this time, the person in the middle had a small golden skull on his chest, and the other six men had a fist-sized silver skull on their chests.

Owen gasped, “Vice leader, Y assassination group.”

The middle person let out a cold sneer, “So the top assassin recognises us. You are indeed quite formidable, to be able to last till now even after getting poisoned by the Matchless Holy Water. Obediently follow us back. You ought to know, even without being poisoned, you still might not be able to contend with us. We have really searched for you for a long time!”

There was a conflicted expression on Owen. After a long while, he took a glance at Ah Dai, and sighed, “You are quite formidable yourselves, even finding me here. I can follow you back, however, this child does not know anything, I hope you can let him go.” At this moment, Owen was already in despair. He was very certain of the Y assassination group’s power, not to mention, even the unfathomable vice leader was present. His only hope now, was to keep Ah Dai safe. However, in front of these merciless assassins, it was an extremely difficult task!

The vice leader looked at Ah Dai, “ ‘King of Hell’, you should know the organisation’s rules better than me.”

Owen snapped back, “Vice leader, don’t push me too far.” His hand reached towards his right chest as his dou qi started emanating from his body.

The vice leader only let out a cold laugh, “King of Hell, are you really able to use the Hell’s Sword? I’d like to see you try.”

Turning his head towards Ah Dai, Owen warned, “Faster leave, go to somewhere far away. Go back and see your teacher.”

Ah Dai said with determination, “No, Uncle, if we must die, let us die together, I will definitely not abandon you.” Owen’s heart was filled with anxiety, but he was clear of Ah Dai’s character. He let out a smile and said, “Okay then, stay at the side and look at how Uncle will kill this bunch of bastards.” He extended his left hand and used his dou qi to gently push Ah Dai away. His eyes flashed a cold glint as dense killing intent surrounded him. He understood that to have a chance of survival he had to risk it alll. The evil qi that had not been seen for six years suddenly surged out from Owen’s chest, and covered the 7 men in front of him.

Shock flashed across the vice leader’s eyes as he said in a low voice, “Owen, are you really going to resist to the end? Okay then, I’d like to see how many moves you can execute with the Hell’s Sword. Attack!” Under his command, the six Y assassination group members brandished their narrow swords, and like six venomous snakes, they flew towards Owen from various angles.

Unexpectedly, Owen did not block the attacks, and simply lightly dodged to the side, following the sword qi, like a falling leaf. However, the opponent he was facing was the one of the top assassins of the Assassins Guild. Even though he had avoided the frontal attack, there were still scratches on his shoulder and legs.

The sky seemed to have darkened as the evil qi continuously increased, and the six Y assassination members attacked non-stop, causing Owen’s injuries to increase. In just a short while, he was covered in blood. If not for the fact that the assassins had to spend much of their energy to resist the evil qi, Owen would have perished long ago.

Ah Dai who was watching intently by the side, could no longer help it, and dashed towards the group of men. His right fist extended, and a gust of white colored dou qi surged out, hitting one of the black-robed men.

That black-robed man did not even turn his head as he stabbed out with his sword. A red glow flashed and the dou qi that Ah Dai had released instantly disappeared. The narrow sword was like a venomous snake as it struck towards Ah Dai’s lower abdomen. Ah Dai had no time no dodge and could only stare as the sword pierced towards himself. He had finally realised the vast difference in strength between him and the men in front of him, but it was too late. Just as he closed his eyes in preparation for death, Owen suddenly blocked in front of him. With a kick, the narrow sword was pushed aside, yet it still left a wound on Ah Dai’s lower abdomen. Owen had also paid the price for his action, his left shoulder was pierced through by another assassin.

Owen let out a howl as the evil energy burst out, leaving a faint blue glow on his chest. The six assassins took the chance and simultaneously attacked. Owen kicked Ah Dai away, as he roared, “Don’t come over, I’ll take care of this!”

The surrounding air had actually turned gray due to the dense evil energy, and Owen’s white shirt was stained in red. Amidst the gray-black air, he seemed like an evil spirit. “Do you really think that the Y assassination group is that great? In the eyes of the “King of Hell”, you are only the dogs of that bastard. Let me show you what is the true power of death! Hell’s Sword, Heaven Splitting — Earth —— Crasher ——!” The eerie blue light that seemed to have come directly from hell once again appeared from Owen’s chest. All of the evil qi in the air instantly gathered within the blue light. Ablood-curdling scream rang out as one of the Y group assassins collapsed onto the ground. There was a small hole in the middle of his brows and his body started to shrivel. However, Owen did not stop here, his silhouette flashed, along with the eerie blue light. “Hell’s Sword, Ghost and God — Terrorizer—!” The eerie blue light split into streaks of light and two more screams rang out. Another two assassins had fallen. The eerie blue light emitted shrieks of delight after it had absorbed the blood essence of the two men and its blue glow instantly spreaded out.

Chapter13 Nine Decisions

Enjoy this super long/ info-loaded chapter :3

Ah Dai had been kicked over 50 metres away, but the scene of the enormous surging force from the dou qi was still deeply engraved in his mind.

The vice leader shouted, “He is going to fight to the death, everyone attack together!” He could no longer stay out of the fight. Moving his body, a great claw-shaped golden dou qi shot towards Owen’s silhouette.

Owen let out a wretched laugh as the eerie blue light shone brighter, “Hell’s Sword Instant — Death —— Cleave!” All the streaks of light recombined, forming a huge blue colored light blade. With a cleave, the golden colored dou qi claw instantly dispersed. The light blade slowed down, but still managed to take the life of an assassin, and his body disappeared without even leaving a trace.

The vice leader was taken aback, he had only heard that there were two moves of the Hell’s Sword, one was the [Heaven Splitting Earth Crasher], and the other was the [Ghost and God Terrorizer]. He was able to deal with the power of these two moves, so he was unafraid of Owen’s resistance. However, this third move of the Hell’s Sword that he had never heard of, just appeared in front of his eyes, and this caused him to be extremely shocked. If not for his subordinate using his life to face that bizarre and domineering attack, he was not confident of taking on that strike himself. The vice leader no longer dared to hide his true power, and the golden glow around him instantly spread out, forming countless claws that shot towards Owen who had just finished his third move. The remaining two members of the Y assassination group also followed after, even though they were facing such a strong opponent, their resolves were not shaken.

Owen was already prepared as he roared, “Die! Hell’s Sword Endless — Cleaving —— Shadows!” Numerous blue colored shadows floated out from his body, and shot towards the vice leader in mid air. The vice leader let out a cry of astonishment, “More moves?” The huge waves of blue light that contained death qi rushed towards him. The dou qi that he had released seemed so weak in comparison that it was consumed immediately by the light. He could not be bothered to continue attacking, but sought self- preservation instead. Raising his arms, he caught the two assassins by his side, and used all of his energy to throw them towards the large sea of eerie blue light.

The last two assassins did not even have time to cry out, before they disappeared amidst the air. However, the remaining blue light had still managed to take away one of the vice leader’s hands. He could feel the blood and life force flowing out from his left arm and without hesitation, he grabbed his left elbow, and forcefully tore away his lower arm, throwing it away.

Owen rushed towards the vice leader like a mad devil, yelling, “Hell’s Sword… …”

Once he heard the two words, the vice leader was scared out of his wits. Instantly, his right fist smashed towards the ground, causing a loud boom. Amidst the noise, a crater of almost 3 metres deep appeared, and the vice leader had used the rebound force to jump away, disappearing in the distance.

All of this, had only happened in a few breaths’ of time, when Ah Dai had rushed over, everything was over. Owen was half-kneeling on the floor, panting non-stop as Ah Dai dashed towards him, crying out in excitement, “Uncle, Uncle, you are so powerful! The bad people were all chased away by you.”

However, Owen did not reply, merely continued panting. Ah Ah Dai was surprised to discover that Owen’s eyes had turned fully red, and there was a faint blue qi on his face, almost making him seem like a blood man. Hastily, he helped Owen up, using one hand to place Owen’s arm over his shoulder, while his other hand was placed on Owen’s back, constantly providing true qi.

Returning to the room, Ah Dai helped Owen to lie on the bed, and used one hand to press against Owen’s dantian, using all of his energy to circulate his true qi. Unfortunately, Ah Dai found that Owen’s condition had become abnormally chaotic, his true qi was moving erratically, causing his face to change color. In addition, although the blue colored qi did not become denser, there were still no signs of it dissipating.

“It’s okay Ah Dai, you don’t need to give me so much true qi, just maintain a little will be enough.” Owen wheezed out, as he opened his blood red eyes.

“Uncle, are you alright? You need to rest well, don’t speak too much, you will surely recover.” Ah Dai asked in concern.

Lightly shaking his head, Owen replied, “Ah Dai, listen to Uncle. Uncle has a lot of things to tell you, if I don’t say it now, I’m afraid there will be no time in the future.”

Tears streamed down Ah Dai’s cheeks as he shook his head fiercely, “No, no, Uncle, you will surely be fine, you will surely recover.”

Owen let out a smile, “Child, everyone will die one day, Uncle is already over 60 years old, it would not be considered a premature death. However, Uncle still has a lot of unfulfilled wishes, I hope that you can help Uncle. Then, Uncle can die in satisfaction.”

Ah Dai choked out, “Uncle, tell me, Ah Dai will surely work hard to accomplish your wishes.”

Owen sighed, “I’m really ashamed to say, Uncle has done many wrong things throughout my life. When I was fit and young, I wandered the continent, relying on my martial arts. In order to earn more money, I joined the an assassin group, which was part of the Assassins Guild. I was young and reckless, not knowing the meaning of fear, and I committed some serious offences. However, I was careless, and my identity was revealed. As a result, I became a wanted fugitive of all the four empires. And from then on, I could no longer live a normal life, and fell into the claws of the Assassins Guild. When I was 27, I had already reached the level of an Annihilator*. At 37, I became the leader of the M assassination group in the Assassins Guild. Although there are not a lot of assassins in the guild, every one of them possesses extremely strong martial arts, and they are skilled in concealment and assassination. There are four levels of assassins, the highest being the Annihilators (M), then Silent Assassins (R), Dark Assassins (A), and normal assassins (C).”

Owen wheezed a few times, and Ah Dai immediately rushed to supply him more true qi. Owen looked at Ah Dai, and there was a hint of grief in his blood-red eyes.

“Uncle, rest a while first, don’t speak anymore.”

Owen shook his head, “I’ll have no other chance if I don’t say it now. After I’ve finished speaking, you must hurry up and leave this place. I don’t need you to remember every word that I’ve said, but you must listen closely, this concerns your future. Apart from the four groups of assassins, there is another even more mysterious group. They are the ones who ambushed us just now, wearing a silver skull on their chest. In the guild, they are known as the Slayers (Y assassination group). They are veterans who retired as Annihilator level assassins, all of them are over 60 years old and the organization will support their remaining years. Of course, due to their many years of experience, along with their impressive skills, whenever there are special missions, they will still be tasked to carry them out. These Slayers have extremely honorable positions within the organisation, and only His Highness, AH! No, the leader of the Assassins Guild can mobilize them. I’m not too sure about their exact numbers, but it shouldn’t be too many. I’ve killed 6 today, I estimate there is at most 6 of them left. That man with the gold skull on his chest, is the vice leader of the Assassins Guild. You’ve seen his skills, if not for the Hell’s Sword, I would not be a match for him.” Ah Dai asked, “Uncle, is that vice leader your enemy?”

Owen widened his blood-red eyes, and said with hatred in his voice, “He is just one of them. The other one, is the leader of the Assassins Guild, also called His Highness by the other assassins. It was him, who destroyed my original peaceful life, and ruined my future.” As he spoke, his body suddenly started convulsing, writhing continuously as he exuded a monstrous hatred. After a long while, Owen finally continued, “Speaking of this, I must tell you a secret of mine. Ah Dai, unwrap my robes.”

Ah Dai was confused, but he still followed Owen’s instructions. He carefully unwrapped Owen’s blood-stained robes, there was a slit in his clothes, and it was slightly bulging, seeming as though there was something within.

Owen took a deep breath, a white light flashed across his face, and he pressed against his back with much difficulty. There was a movement near his chest and he carefully retrieved an item from the slit in his clothes. It was a black leather sack, with long strings slanting across it. The black sack was thin, about 5 inches long, and a black sword hilt peeked out from it. There were complicated symbols carved on the hilt, with a glowing black jewel at the end of the hilt, that was continuously emanating evil qi.

Owen seemed somewhat infatuated as he looked towards the sword hilt, sighing, “This is the Hell’s Sword that helped Uncle to become famous in the continent.” He grabbed the hilt, and pulled out the Hell’s Sword from the leather sack. There was a lifelike white dragon carved on the sheath of the sword, but this dragon did not have any scales, only a skeleton and claws. It looked extremely bizarre, especially with two eerie blue jewels as its eyes. The sword was merely taken out of the sack, still unsheathed, but the evil qi had immediately become denser. Even with the protection of his true qi, Ah Dai could not help but shiver.

“This leather sack had never left my side for almost 40 years. My title as the “King of Hell” was also due to this sword. This sword is the greatest evil in this continent, although it had given me unparalleled power, it had also indirectly ruined my life. That year, I was 27. As I have been practising martial arts since young, at that time, I could already be considered as an expert. The young and reckless me, loved to adventure, and I would always wander the continent with a group of friends. By chance, we came across an ancient hideout, it was laden with traps, but it still aroused our interest. After a month’s worth of effort, we finally reached the depths of the hideout. There were no treasures, unlike what we had originally thought, instead there was only a large magic sealing array, and the sword was in the middle of it. It was only until some time later, that I found out the purpose of the sealing array, was to seal the evil qi within the Hell’s Sword. We have tried many different methods, but we still could not break the sealing array. To the group of adventurous people like us, how could we just give up so easily? Finally, after a whole month’s time, we managed to find the core of the array. Just as we broke the core, the immense evil qi devoured the life of my companions, and I was the only one able to survive due to my holy attribute qi from the Boundless Life Art which I’ve cultivated since young. The Hell’s Sword seemed to have sentience, as it floated towards me. The death of my companions had deeply shaken me, and I wanted to place the Hell’s Sword back into the sealing array. However, the array was already broken, and could not be repaired. It was at that time when a noise suddenly sounded from the cave. Even now, I can clearly remember that voice, it was left behind using an advanced level sound transmission magic, and the voice claimed that he was the 4th Supreme Pontiff of the Holy Church. He had accidentally found the Hell’s Sword, but was almost consumed by that immense evil force. Even with his ability, he still could not destroy the sword, and could only seal the sword in an array that was set up by him and some other crimson-robed priests. He said, ‘Whoever breaks this sealing array, would become the sinner of this world. One must be the guardian of the sword, and not allow it to wreak havoc.’ At the same time when the Supreme Pontiff had obtained the Hell’s Sword, he had also obtained two scrolls. One of them, was the method of using the Hell’s Sword; and the other, even he was unable to understand. According to my calculations, at the time I got the sword, it had at least several thousand years of history. You should know, the Supreme Pontiff now, is already of the 28th generation.”

Emotions surged in Owen, as he looked at the evil sword within his hands, dimly shaking his head. The story behind the Hell’s Sword had also ignited Ah Dai’s curiosity, while suppressing the evil qi, he asked, “Since this sword is so evil, why does Uncle still use it?”

Owen bitterly smiled, “This is the human desire. Even though the Hell’s Sword is incomparably evil, it still contains a powerful force. With this power, one can definitely become a supreme expert. How can I, someone who has a passion for martial arts, resist its temptation? In the cave, I opened the first scroll, and followed the descriptions inside, learning two of the moves. At that time, I was not yet obsessed, and could still firmly recall what the Supreme Pontiff had said, thus I kept the Hell’s Sword, and did not let anyone see it. This leather sack, was handmade by that Supreme Pontiff, and it has an effect of suppressing the evil qi. Therefore, when the sword is within the sack, it’s evil qi is not that obvious.” As he spoke, he kept the Hell’s Sword back into the sack, the evil qi immediately converged, and Ah Dai instantly heaved a sigh of relief. At this moment, the blue qi on Owen’s face seemed to have increased and his body was shaking uncontrollably, a clear sign that the poison of the Holy Matchless Water was breaking out.

“Uncle, the poison seems to flaring up, you better rest first. I will help you use dou qi to suppress it.”

Owen shook his head, “There’s no need, the poison has already penetrated the marrow, Uncle cannot be saved. Let me finish speaking, if not, even after I die, I will not rest in peace. I have kept all of this in my heart for too long. When I was 27, I had already cultivated the Boundless Life Art to the Fifth Stage, the stage that you are about to reach soon. My strength was not weak, but I was still unable to face true experts. My parents had perished in a tsunami when I was young, and I was taken in by my master while I was wandering. My master is one of the 5 well- known Sword Saints in the continent, his skills have already reached a transcendental realm. After I obtained the Hell’s Sword, I wanted to quickly return to Master’s side, and continue cultivating. However, on the way back, I met a group of bandits. They were plundering a village, setting fire and massacring the villagers, doing all sorts of evil deeds. At that time, I still had a sense of righteousness, and rushed up without hesitation. When I had killed most of the bandits, their boss suddenly appeared. I had never thought that, such an expert would actually appear in such a remote village. Only after 10 moves or so, I was already heavily injured by him, he had recognized my school, and was fearful of my Master’s retaliation, thus he decided to kill me in order to silence me. Just as I was about to die, I suddenly recalled the Hell’s Sword, and the first move [Heaven splitting earth crasher]. Under my control, I attacked, but since it was my first time executing that move, I had yet to fully master it. That strike did not only kill my opponents, but the evil qi from the sword had also taken all the remaining lives of the villagers. It was also because of my reckless usage of the Hell’s Sword, that changed my entire life.” Owen’s face was filled with agony as he spoke.

Shocked, Ah Dai muttered, “All the villagers died?”

Owen nodded, “Yes, they’ve all become corpses, and there’s no one left alive, the evil qi of the Hell’s Sword is really too tyrannical. When I woke up, I saw that all of the villagers had become corpses; that sight, almost made me go crazy, I had never killed so many people before! So, I vowed then, to never use the Hell’s Sword again. It took a full month before I finally recovered. However, on the way back to Master, I met the people from the Assassins Guild. I have no idea how they found out that I had the Hell’s Sword, but they kept pestering me to join them. I was a disciple from a proper and upright school at that time, how could I agree to join them? So I flatly rejected them, and sent them away. But who knew, because of this, my beloved, was brutally abused to death.” Owen tightly gripped the sword hilt, his body continuously trembled as a monstrous hatred aroused in him, a layer of black qi flashing from his blood-red eyes.

Raising his hand, Owen stopped Ah Dai from speaking, and continued on, “My Master had two children, one girl and one boy, and his daughter was my beloved woman. Although I was like a wild horse, always wandering outside, she was the one who was able to hold on tightly to my heart, keeping me grounded. When I finally returned to Master’s side, the news of my junior sister’s death was like a thunderbolt, striking me so deeply that it was unbearable. My junior brothers were all saying that junior sister had died because of me. Indeed, if not for me, why would junior sister descend the mountain? She did it to find me! As a result, she was ambushed in a small town, and was raped—then—killed—” Owen gritted his teeth, and there was now a tinge of gray and black in his blood- red eyes. The shocking hatred and resentment had an oppressive feeling on Ah Dai, making it hard for him to breathe.

After a long while, Owen finally calmed his emotions, and a blood-red tear fell from his eyes, “Junior sister had died, and I didn’t even know who was the murderer. I frantically ran out, asking everyone that I saw, if they had killed my junior sister, I was searching everywhere like a madman. Just when I was about to almost lose it, the people from the Assassins Guild came to find me again. They told me, if I joined their assassination group, they would tell me the person who killed my junior sister. At that time, I was already anxious and furious to the point that I didn’t even stop to think, and agreed without hesitation. So, they brought me to find the murderer who killed my junior sister, he was one of the nobility of the Sunset Empire, and he unabashedly admitted his doings. I did not use the TianGang Sword Techniques that Master taught me, but instead, I used the extremely evil Hell’s Sword. That night was filled with bloodshed, the 123 people of that noble family, apart from the one who died under my sword, had all of their souls devoured by the Hell’s Sword. Influenced by the evilness of the Hell’s Sword, I decided to join the Assassins Guild, and became an Annihilator. Ten years, a whole ten years! I finally regained my senses with the help of the vitality from the Boundless Life Art. However, I was already unable to extricate myself from the clutches of the Assassins Guild. The title as the Number 1 Killer on the continent was already bestowed on me, no matter where I went, I was an assassin whose hands were stained with blood. Ah Dai, Uncle is a bad man, isn’t he? Uncle has killed so many people.”

Ah Dai was long shocked by Owen’s story, and his brain seemed to have stopped working, as he blankly shook his head, “No, I don’t know, I really don’t know.”

Owen sighed, “My entire life, is really… …, 30 years as an assassin had destroyed my life. Just a few months before I met you, I overheard the leader and vice-leader’s conversation on a chance occasion. Their words revealed something, it turns out that, it was, it was, them who had plotted my junior sister’s death! Their motive, was to trick me into becoming a member of the Assassins Guild. I regret, I really regret! Why was I so dumb? I wanted to rush in for revenge, but my long experience as an assassin allowed me to keep my head cool, even when I was furious. After all, even when using the Hell’s Sword, I might not be a match for the leader and the vice-leader. Therefore, I decided on assassination, I would wait for a perfect chance to suddenly ambush them, and avenge my junior sister.”

Ah Dai looked at Owen in shock, muttering, “A plot, it was actually all planned?”

Owen nodded his head in pain, replying, “Yes, it was all a plot. Ah Dai, you are really too kind, in this dog-eat-dog world, people will only take advantage of your kindness. Perhaps I was too careless, and exposed myself through my expressions, the leader found out that I knew that secret. Of course, he would not allow me to be able to threaten his life, expressionless, he invited me for a drink. Ever since junior sister’s death, apart from killing, drinking was my only solace, so I drank the grape wine that he offered me. However, I had never thought that, there was actually the famed greatest poison of the continent, the Holy Matchless Water, within the drink. After I drank that cup of wine, His Highness, no, that bastard told me the truth with no reservations. He did not kill me, but instead, let me consider. He said, if I was willing to forget the past hatred, he would give me the antidote for the Holy Matchless Water.”

Stunned, Ah Dai exclaimed, “But, there is no antidote for the Holy Matchless Water!”

Owen nodded, “I know, but at that time, I could only agree to consider, and after that I found a chance to escape. That bastard ordered the 12 Annihilators, who were once under my command, to kill me. After that, you have seen what happened in the illusionary forest. Now that I think of it, perhaps that bastard may have the same method of suppressing the poison like yours. However, even if he could really cure my poison, how can I allow myself to continue being subservient to my enemy.” Owen paused for a while, before continuing, “Ah Dai, do you know why Uncle was able to kill those men, allowing only the vice-leader to escape?”

Ah Dai thought for a while and replied, “Uncle has profound martial arts, those bad guys were surely no match for you.”

Owen shook his head, “No, with my skills, I can at most deal with two of the Slayers. Even at my prime, whilst using the Hell’s Sword, I can barely kill 5 of them. Do you still remember your earth-shattering strike? That method of condensing all your power and releasing it at one go. Today, I had used that method, without considering the consequences, I compressed all of the true qi within my body. At the start when I did not fight back, I was compressing my true qi. That sudden explosive force is indeed powerful, allowing me to actually execute the Hell’s Sword Fourth Move, it’s a pity that the explosive force was depleted before I could execute the fifth move. It’s Heaven’s will! After spending all of my energy, I can no longer suppress the poison, the true qi within my body has been depleted, and the poison had already started flaring up when I was using the Hell’s Sword, If not for the true qi you have been continuously supplying, I would not be able to last until now. It’s such a pity that I didn’t manage to kill the vice-leader as well. This Hell’s Sword, shall belong to you from now on. Treat it as Uncle’s last gift to you.” As he spoke, he handed over the leather sack within his hands.

Ah Dai recalled how evil the Hell’s Sword was, and said with a tinge of fear in his voice, “No, Uncle, I don’t want it, I… …”

How could Owen not know what Ah Dai was thinking, he sighed and said, “Child, the sword is innocent, the Hell’s Sword may contain evil qi, but using it to kill bad guys, is more than suitable. After many years of studying it, Uncle has found out, that the true qi we cultivate is precisely the nemesis of the evil qi. It was because of the Boundless Life Art that Uncle cultivated, that I was not influenced by evil. After your Boundless Life Art reaches the Eighth Stage, you can control the emission of the evil qi, such that you won’t easily harm the innocent.” Owen took out two pieces of sheepskin from the leather sack, “These two pieces of sheepskin, one of them is method of training the Hell’s Sword Nine Techniques, while the other is something that even that Supreme Pontiff couldn’t figure out. You must carefully study it, according to my speculation, the ancient writings on this sheepskin should contain some of the secrets of the Hell’s Sword. The Hell’s Sword Nine Techniques, can be said to be the strongest sword art in the world. There are a total of nine moves, and it must be used with the Hell’s Sword in order to showcase its true power. You have to figure out the specific training methods yourself, but it isn’t too difficult, what is most important is that you must control the evil qi and not let it harm yourself.” After he finished speaking, he placed the sheepskins back into the sack, and handed the sack over to Ah Dai once more.

Looking at the hope in Owen’s eyes, Ah Dai, who was filled with strong aversion towards the sword, reluctantly accepted it.

Owen let out a sigh of relief, the Hell’s Sword had accompanied him for over decades, and he had long formed deep emotions for the sword, even if it had changed his whole life.

Owen took out a small book from his chest, and passed it to Ah Dai, saying, “Ah Dai, from today onwards, you are the protector of the Hell’s Sword. In your hands, the Hell’s Sword can only be used to kill evil people, do you understand? This book is the cultivation methods for the later stages of the Boundless Life Art, take it and read it, you must practise it diligently. Without the protection of the Boundless Life Art, you must not carelessly use the Hell’s Sword. Uncle has already cultivated the Boundless Life Art to the Eighth Stage, and in my prime, I can at most execute two moves of the Hell’s Sword Nine Techniques; if I use all my energy, I can execute the Fourth Move, Hell’s Shadows. This nine moves of this sword technique, it gets stronger with each move, perhaps the last move, even a god might not be able to take it on. After your Boundless Life Art has been cultivated to the Fifth Stage, you can try practising the First Move, Hell’s Flash. Hell’s Sword Heaven Splitting Earth Crasher, at that time, Uncle has used this one move to kill countless people. Since it has come to this, Uncle no longer wishes for you to help me take revenge, you are too kind, how can you defeat those bastards. Unless your life’s in danger, do not carelessly use the Hell’s Sword. If you use it, you must kill everyone who sees it. Only this way, can you protect yourself, understand? Perhaps, after you cultivate the Boundless Life Art to the Ninth Stage and learn the Fifth Move of the Hell’s Sword Nine Techniques, you might be able to contend with those bastards.”

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Chapter14 Pluto has gone

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The icy cold feeling continuously emanated from the leather sack, into Ah Dai’s body, Owen’s recount of his life experiences had thoroughly shaken his heart. Subconsciously, he decided that he would help Uncle complete his revenge, no matter what. “Uncle, can the last four moves of the Hell’s Sword Nine Techniques be trained?”

Solemnly, Owen said, “No, definitely not. The evil qi contained within the last four moves is really too overbearing. If the evil qi invades your body, you will be controlled by the sword, losing your mind, and becoming its puppet, as a killing maniac. Therefore, you must definitely not exceed your limits and execute the later moves. Ah Dai, have Uncle’s eyes become gray?”

Ah Dai was stunned, and looked towards Owen’s eyes. Indeed, his eyes had already become totally gray, seeming exceptionally strange.

Owen sighed, “This is the backlash from exceeding my limits and using the Hell’s Swords. Luckily, I’m about to die, so I won’t become a killing maniac. However, you must be careful, do not carelessly execute the later moves. Although I have the ability to execute the Fourth Move of the Hell’s Sword Nine Techniques, my energy was not enough to continuously use Hell’s Flash, Hell’s Second Flash, Hell’s Cleave and Hell’s Shadows. The evil qi has totally penetrated my meridians, if not for my years of cultivating the Boundless Life Art, I’m afraid I’d have lost my mind long ago. Child, there are no absolutes in life, it’s the same for the Hell’s Sword. If you use it with kind intentions, then you will be kind; if you use it with evil intentions, then you will be evil. You must understand this principle.” Just as he finished speaking, the blue light on Owen’s face suddenly became denser. There was a change in his expression, as he suddenly let out a loud scream, spitting out a mouthful of red blood that had a tinge of blue.

Anxiously, Ah Dai immediately transferred the remaining true qi within his body into Owen’s body. Owen was trembling all over, seeming to be struggling against the poison of the Holy Matchless Water. After a long while, his heaving chest finally calmed down, but his eyes seemed much dimmer than before. Weakly, he said, “Ah Dai, strap the Hell’s Sword to your chest, quickly.”

Ah Dai was shocked, but the kind him could not bear to refuse Owen’s last wish. He tore open his coat, and used his right hand to strap the sword across his body. Tightening the leather strap, the hilt of the sword laid exactly against his chest. The chilling energy flowed into his body, and Ah Dai could not help but be startled, his true qi seemed to be circulating, surging through his body. The energy that was originally depleted, rejuvenated once more.

With the support of Ah Dai’s true qi, Owen held back his desire to vomit. He knew that he could not suppress the poison any longer, and he was on the verge of death, “Ah Dai, you… you must… promise… Uncle, you must not… give up on… the Hell’s Sword, try your best… and learn… its first move, only this way… can you survive… in this… dog-eat-dog… society. As for… the last… four moves… of the Hell’s Sword Nine Techniques…, if your life force… and holy qi… can surpass… the standards… of the Ninth Stage… of the Boundless Life Art, you can… try them, but… you must… be careful, you must never… face the backlash… from the evil qi. Also, you must not… carelessly pr

Ah Dai’s tears had long dripped onto his robes, he could clearly feel, that the life of the Uncle that he had lived with for five years, was slowly fading away. He could only nod continuously, agreeing to Owen’s last instructions.

Owen spat out another mouthful of blood, as he stretched out his now blue hands, gently caressing Ah Dai’s hair. His last flashback seemed to have raised his spirits, as he said with a smile, “Child, do you know? The five years living with you, are the calmest, and most satisfying five years of Uncle’s life. After leaving here, don’t immediately run away, bring all of the food at home, and first hide at the rocky area for 10 days, before going away. The organisation will not let me go so easily, you must be careful in the future. Ah! Right, you know magic, you should at least be at the level of a Junior Magician. If you continue walking towards the West from here, you can reach the borders of the Red Hurricane Tribe. Inside there, you need to find a branch of the Magician’s Guild, and register as a magician. Once you wear the large magician robes, they won’t be able to find you so easily. In addition, magicians also receive stipends, it should be enough for your normal life. Uncle was too hurried when escaping from the Assassins Guild, and did not have enough time to bring along my fortune, you have to rely on yourself in the future. After you return to your Teacher Gliss, you need to spend time on cultivation as well, try your best to practise the Hell’s Sword Nine Techniques, then you will be safer when you explore the continent. Apart from my junior sister, Uncle is most regretful towards my Master who has nurtured me since young. If you have the chance in the future, you can return to the TianGang Sword School to pay your respects, and if you see people wielding the same big swords as you, you must be respectful towards them.”

The flush on Owen’s face gradually became dimmer, as blue blood continuously flowed from his seven orifices. The last remnants of his energy was depleted, and he could not endure it anymore, his whole body was trembling as he said, “Remember…, on the… continent, try not… to interact with… three types… of people, the first… is… people from… the Holy Church, they are… too upright, if they… find out… the Hell’s Sword… on your body, there… may be… bad consequences. The other… two types… are people… from the… Assassins Guild… and the… Thieves Guild. When… you meet… your teacher… Gliss, tell him… I am… very sorry… for taking… his student… for some years, he… must be… hating me. Ah… Dai…, Gliss may… not be a… bad person, but… his reputation… on the… continent… is not… that good either, you… need to… be wary…, do not… tell him… about the… Hell’s Sword. Uncle… cannot… hold… on… anymore, retract… your… true… qi, burn… this place, you… must… burn… this place, and… throw… the corpses… outside, then… quickly… leave, you… must… quickly… leave! I… wish… I could… live… with you… longer! But…, Uncle… needs… to… go, you… must… take… care… of… your……” Before he could utter the last word, Owen, the “King of Hell” who had wandered the continent for decades, suddenly passed away. Even before he died, he still had an expression full of concern, worrying about the youngster in front of him.

Ah Dai’s eyes glazed over as Owen’s hand gradually fell from his face, there seemed to be a huge rock crushing against his heart, and it felt extremely uncomfortable. He did not know how many tears he had shed, and his heart had become fully cold. It was then when he realised, how deep his feelings for Owen were. The Uncle who had showered him with care and concern, imparted a whole lifetime of martial arts and knowledge, now departed.

6th Month, Year 994 of the Holy Calendar, the King of Assassins who had traversed the continent for countless decades, had now passed away, with hatred and unwillingness in his heart.

[TN: not actually the King of Assassins, but it just implies he was very famous/strong as an assassin]

Owen’s corpse rapidly became colder, the poison from the Holy Matchless Water was fully unleashed, causing his body to gradually turn a dark blue color and his face had also started rotting at its seven orifices. There was no longer any trace of life. Ah Dai stood up, wiping away the tears on his face. Although he was unwilling to leave Owen’s side, he remained clear-headed under the stimulation from the chilling energy of the Hell’s Sword. He understood that, Uncle was most worried about him, even before his death, therefore he could not disappoint Owen and he must live on. Only by living on, he would have the hope of avenging Uncle.

Thinking about this, Ah Dai ran towards his room, and started packing the silver beads that he refined and some of his clothes into a bag. Then, he went to the kitchen and took some food, before returning to Owen’s side. He had done everything while still crying, the person closest to him had departed, how could a barely seventeen year old child like him bear the grief.

There was already a puddle of blue water under Owen’s corpse, his once handsome face was now corroded by the poison to the point that he was unrecognizable. Ah Dai let out a howl, “NO——” Uncle had already died, he definitely did not want Uncle’s body to be further destroyed by the poison. With great difficulty, he started chanting the incantation for the flame spell, “ Fire elements filling the heavens and earth! Please bestow upon me your blazing strength, in my name, by thy power, searing flame appear.” A deep blue flame appeared in his hands, as he closed his eyes and clenched his teeth, sending the flame out. The flame drifted towards Owen’s body, engulfing him totally, and under its extreme heat, Owen’s body had turned into a pile of blue colored ashes in just a few moments.

Ah Dai crouched on the floor, bursting into tears. While he cried, he used a small shovel and scooped the blue ashes into a small earthen jar. Closing the lid, he then placed the jar carefully into his bag, and ran out of the house, carrying two bags. The three corpses were still lying on the ground. Ah Dai looked back towards the house that he had lived in for five years, his heart was filled with emotions as he clenched his teeth and used the flame spell once more. Large blue flames flew towards the roof under Ah Dai’s command, and in just a short while, the small courtyard had become a sea of fire. Lightly kicking the three corpses into the fire, Ah Dai ran towards the distance, filled with hatred and grief.

At this moment, Schiel was sulking at home, Ah Dai had openly rejected his proposal, causing him to lose face, after all, his Fei Er was more than adequate to marry that silly kid! He had never heard any mention of a fiancee, and he really wondered how Big Brother Owen was willing to let go of such a good marriage. Until now, Xi Fei was still crying in her room, making Schiel even more frustrated. ‘Bang, bang, bang.’ Loud knocking sounds were heard, in frustration, Schiel snappily shouted, “Who’s that, knocking so urgently!”

“Dad, it’s me, quickly open the door, there’s trouble.” It was Xi Zhong’s voice. Shocked, Schiel quickly rushed up to open the door. There was an anxious look on Xi Zhong’s face as he panted, “Dad, go and take a look, something big happened.”

Schiel furrowed his brows, “What’s all the fuss about? How can anything big happen in this small town?”

Anxiously, Xi Zhong replied, “It’s Uncle Owen. Uncle Owen’s house had suddenly caught on fire, second brother, third brother and I happened to see it when we were on our way back from fishing. The two of them have gone to call the townspeople for help.”

Schiel got a big shock, exclaiming, “What did you say, Big Brother Owen’s house is on fire? Quick, let’s go.”

When they arrived at Owen’s house, there was only dense smoke billowing into the sky, the fire was already burning to an end. In this small town by the sea, the sea winds blew relentlessly, and along with Ah Dai’s profound flame spell, the house had already turned into ruins.

Schiel stared dumbfounded at the sight before him, and turned towards his second son, Xi Fa who was currently trying to put out the fire, questioning, “Where are they? Where is your Uncle Owen and Ah Dai? Have they come out yet?”

Xi Fa solemnly shook his head, “I haven’t seen them. Dad, the fire was so big, if they are inside, I… I’m afraid, the odds are against them.”

At the same time Schiel’s family were mourning for Owen and Ah Dai, there were a few pairs of cold gazes staring intently at the scene from within the crowds.

“Vice-leader, we have went in to take a look, but apart from the bones of our dead brothers, we did not find the bodies of the “King of Hell” and that little kid.”

The enigmatic voice was filled with hatred, “I’m so pissed off, I didn’t think that the “King of Hell” would have such vitality, even after being poisoned by the Holy Matchless Water, he could still execute the Hell’s Sword Techniques. If I had known earlier, I would have brought your team along, then we would have been able to capture him for sure. The “King of Hell” might have died, but the child should still be alive, quickly, split up and find him. Even if it’s just a body, you must also bring it to me. The Hell’s Sword must not fall into others’ hands.”

“Yes, vice-leader.” The figures disappeared amongst the crowd, and the fire in the courtyard also gradually weakened.


“Ah——” Ah Dai stood on top of the wooden pole, desperately splitting the waves that rushed up, one by one. Half a year ago, Owen had already broke the wooden pole into two, and let Ah Dai stand on it to withstand the waves, training his stability. The waves were continuously split into two as Ah Dai swung his TianGang Sword, his body was long soaked by the seawater as he continued to vent, but the sorrow within his heart simply would not disappear.

Boom, a huge wave pushed the exhausted Ah Dai into the sea, Ah Dai did not struggle, and allowed the huge waves to smash against him, washing away the resentment in his heart.

“Why? Why must y’all kill Uncle Owen, why——” Ah Dai lamented towards the sky, but apart from the surging sounds of the waves, there was no one to answer his question.

Ten days later, Ah Dai gradually recovered from his grief over Owen’s death. Owen’s death had caused deep emotions to surge within him, there was now an expression of hatred on his face. After eating some dry rations, Ah Dai fastened his bags and the TianGang Sword to himself, touched the Hell’s Sword near his chest, and left the rocky area. He determined the direction before walking towards the territory of Red Hurricane Tribe in the West. Perhaps Owen’s death was too much of a shock to him, despite his dumb mind, Ah Dai could clearly remember every single word that Owen had said before his death. It was Uncle’s last instructions, and no matter what, he had to do everything according to Uncle’s instructions. What Ah Dai did not know, was that Owen’s last words had saved his life, the people from the Assassins Guild had only left one day earlier, after not being able to find his body.

Three days, it was already three days before Ah Dai finally reached the borders of the Red Hurricane Tribe, but, the rations that he brought from home were all finished. After not drinking anything for a whole day, his mouth was parched and there were cracks on his lips. Subconsciously, he entered the city in front of him.

On the streets, there were people dressed in mercenary clothes everywhere. Owen had once described the various attires for the different professions, and he knew that the Mercenary Guild had originated in Red Hurricane Tribe, thus there were large numbers of mercenaries and mercenary groups gathered here. His goal was to find a Magician’s Guild so that he could obtain money for food.

The city was bustling with life, and it was much bigger than the Ninuo City that he lived in when he was young. After taking just a few steps, an aroma of buns wafted towards him and Ah Dai could not help but turn his head to take a look, his whole body trembling.

“Steamed buns, selling steamed buns, fragrant and sweet steamed buns, one copper coin for two. Selling steamed buns… …”

The clear and loud voice caused Ah Dai to unwittingly walk over, the person who was selling steamed buns, was a short and fat man in his forties. He was almost totally bald, except for a ring of red hair, and every time his hollered, the fats on his face would jiggle. There was hot steam continuously rising from the bamboo steamers before him, signifying that the steamed buns were just freshly made. As he saw Ah Dai walk over, there was a huge smile on his face as he said, “Little brother, do you want some steamed buns? My steamed buns are famous far and wide, they are fragrant and sweet, once you eat one, you will want another.”

Ah Dai looked at the plump steamed bun owner, secretly thinking that, his buns must surely taste good, if not, he would not have that figure of his. Steamed buns, were always Ah Dai’s favorites, not to mention that he had not eaten them for a long time, however, there was not a single copper coin in his pocket, so how could he afford to buy the delicious buns in front of him.

Swallowing his saliva, Ah Dai shook his head.

The stall owner had just opened his stall today, and he had not sold many steamed buns yet. Although the silly looking fellow was plainly dressed, one look at the huge sword behind him could see that he was a martial arts practitioner, which martial arts practitioner did not have any money on them! Not to mention just the money needed to buy some steamed buns. Therefore, once he saw Ah Dai shaking his head, he hurried asked, “Why? Little brother, are you unsatisfied with my steamed buns? It’s only a copper coin for two, and it’s best to eat it for breakfast. How about, you can try one first, I won’t charge you for this.”

Once Ah Dai heard that he did not need to pay, his eyes immediately brightened, and he hurriedly nodded. The stall owner picked up a bun from the steaming hot bamboo steamers and passed it to Ah Dai. Ah Dai received it with both of his hands, and with one bite, he ate one third of the bun. He had not eaten such a delicious bun in more than half a month, and he wolfed down the whole bun in just a few seconds of time. The fragrance of the bun flooded his body, and Ah Dai felt much more spirited after eating something, “Uncle, the buns you make are great, soft and fragrant, it’s so delicious.”

Hearing that Ah Dai was praising the buns he made, the stall owner instantly let out a grin, pridefully saying, “Of course, you can just ask around, in the streets nearby, my steamed buns are the most fragrant. Just buy some of them, even though they can’t be compared to restaurant food, my steamed buns are still very delicious.”

Ah Dai lowered his head and glumly said, “I, I really want to eat your steamed buns, but… but, I don’t have money.”

Shocked, the fat owner muttered, “No money and you ran towards my stall? And even ate one of my buns. My buns are only for paying customers to try, what is this? Eating a free meal? Ay— Forget it, it’s my misfortune, quickly go away, don’t obstruct my business.”

Ah Dai lowered his head and walked away, thinking to himself, he would return the money for the steamed bun once he got the money.

“Wait,” the stall owner’s voice suddenly rang out from behind him. Ah Dai got a shock, was the owner going to chase him for the money again? Turning around, he saw the owner waving his chubby hands in the air, signalling him to go over. Ah Dai walked back to the steamed bun stall, with his head still lowered as he said, “But, I, I really don’t have any money. I’m sorry, I’ll surely buy your steamed buns once I have money.”

The stall owner glanced at Ah Dai, and passed him a paper parcel, sighing, “Little fella, you don’t seem local, you must have come here due to some difficulties. Here, these steamed buns are for you, eat them first. It’s not easy trying to make a living, just take them.”

Stunned, Ah Dai looked at the stall owner, and his eyes became red. Ever since Owen had died, the stall owner in front of him was the first to care about him. His heart that had turned cold due to Owen’s death once more warmed up, and in a trembling voice, he said, “Thank you, thank you so much. You really are a good person.” He received the parcel and immediately opened it, wolfing down the steamed buns as he was starving.

The owner also took out a bowl of warm water from his stall, “Little brother, eat slower and don’t choke, come drink some water.”

In just a short while, Ah Dai had finished all the five steamed buns in the parcel. Instantly, his spirit was lifted, and there was a warm feeling in his body as he drank the water. With much gratitude, he exclaimed, “Uncle, thank you so much! You are such a good person.”

The stall owner smiled, “I’m not really that good, just that when I was younger, I was in the same situation as you. I came upon a steamed bun stall, and really wanted to eat, but just like you, I had no money at that time. Luckily, that kind owner took me in, and even betrothed his own daughter to me. Because of him, I am able to live the life that I have now. We had the same predicament, some steamed buns can’t be considered as much. Little fella, where are you planning to go? Why did you not bring any money along, but looking at the sword on your back, you seem to be a martial arts practitioner?”

Once he mentioned martial arts, Ah Dai could not help but think of the deceased Owen. There was sadness in his heart as he asked, “Uncle, thank you for your steamed buns, can you tell me where is the Magician’s Guild?”

The stall owner heard Ah Dai mention the Magician’s Guild and immediately revealed a look of admiration, “Magicians are all experts with great abilities, our town is big, so there is a sub-division of the Magician’s Guild, why? Are you looking for someone there? Or are you finding work there?”

Ah Dai scratched his head and replied, “I guess, it’s to find work.” After filling his stomach, and obtaining information about the Magician’s Guild, Ah Dai sorrowful mood suddenly became better.

“Follow this road and turn right at the second intersection, then walk to the end of that road and turn left. After passing one more intersection, you will be able to see it. The Magician’s Guild and the Mercenary Guild are both there. However, it is hard to find work at the Magician’s Guild, why not become a mercenary instead? There are many mercenary groups in the city that are recruiting now, and the pay is pretty good, you get a few gold coins each month. If there’s no other options, you can always work here, although it may be tougher, I can at least guarantee you a full meal. My wife is looking after the kids at home, and can’t help me out, so everything here is done by me.”

Ah Dai thanked the owner for his kind intentions, and continued on his way to the Magician’s Guild. He must do according to Owen’s last words, and since Uncle had told him to register as a magician at the Magician’s Guild, there must be a reason for it.

After turning a few corners, Ah Dai arrived onto a big street. There were many people walking on the street, and most of them were carrying weapons and wearing armor, with a mercenary badge on their chests. He didn’t have to walk to far before a colossal building appeared in front of his eyes. There was a huge logo of a shield and two long swords on the top of the building, and below the logo, there were two big words*— Mercenary Guild. There were people continuously streaming in and out of the house, and it was bustling with life.
[TN: In chinese, Mercenary Guild is 佣兵⼯会, so technically it would be four big words, but then it makes no sense in english so I changed it to two.]

Ah Dai curiously glanced at it, but just as he was about to walk forward, someone wearing the mercenary uniform walked towards him. That man was even taller than Ah Dai, and he had puffy red hair. He was wearing brown leather armor with a long sword hanging from his waist, the mercenary badge on his chest was a red colored lion head, and he looked extremely sturdy.

“This little brother, please stay.” The big fellow stood in front of Ah Dai.

Shocked, Ah Dai asked, “Me? Is there anything wrong?”

The big fellow let out a laugh, “Little brother, looking at your attire, you seem to be a martial arts practitioner, are you wanting to join a mercenary group! Our Red Lion Mercenary Group is pretty famous in this city, come join us, the basic wages each month is three gold coins. If your mercenary level increases in the future, there will be a corresponding increase in wages, and you will also receive a part of the remuneration for each mission. This is the best treatment for mercenaries.”

The big fellow spoke very quickly, thus Ah Dai did not fully understand his meaning, and shook his head, “I, I don’t want to be a mercenary.”

The fellow was dumbfounded as he furrowed his brows and questioned, “What? Are you sure, even though you don’t seem like a local, but all the young warriors that come here, all of them want to become mercenaries and gain some merits for themselves. Little fella, if you don’t grab hold of such a good chance, you will regret it in the future.”

Ah Dai continued to shake his head, “I’m sorry,   I really don’t want to be a mercenary. Please step aside.”

The big fellow hmpf-ed and muttered, “What a good-for-nothing brat.”
As he spoke, he turned around and walked towards the Mercenary Guild.

Ah Dai was miffled, not joining a mercenary guild meant that he was a good-for-nothing? Nevermind, I’ll ignore him, I have to get to the Magician’s Guild first. Hurriedly, he walked forward.

The Magician’s Guild was also a large building, next to the Mercenary Guild, but it seemed much more deserted, there were only a few people who entered and left the building. Just as Ah Dai was about to walk in, a voice came from behind him, “Wait a minute, little brother.” Ah Dai turned around and took a look, it was the red-haired fellow from earlier, and this time he had brought another person. The person was around 1.8 metres tall, seemed to be in his forties, he had no facial hair, and his hair and eyes were both black. There was a glint in his eyes, and he was also carrying a TianGang broadsword, like Ah Dai’s, on his back, seeming very authoritative.

Stunned, Ah Dai merely stood there and watched as the two men walked towards him. The red-haired fellow said, “Little brother, this is the vice- leader of your Red Lion Mercenary Group, he should be your senior from your school.”

Ah Dai was shocked when he heard that the other man was a senior from his school. Looking at the sword hilt behind the man’s back, he instantly thought of Uncle’s words. Suddenly, he realised that the vice-leader of the mercenary group, should be someone from the TianGang School Uncle had once told him that, if he met any people from the TianGang School, he must definitely be respectful. Immediately, he bowed and said, “Uncle, how are you.” The middle-aged man with black hair smiled, “Little brother, I wonder which senior brother is your master? I am Feng Ping, judging from your age, I should be your senior uncle.”

Senior Uncle? Ah Dai shook his head, “I, I don’t have any master, only teacher.”

There was delight in Feng Ping’s heart as he thought, This silly kid, he must have never seen the world, and only just started wandering the continent. In a gentle voice, he asked, “Then, what is the name of your teacher?”

Ah Dai hesitated for a moment, before replying, “I, I cannot say.” Owen had instructed him to always be careful outside, and he must not easily reveal his identity. He must not speak of Uncle Owen’s name, and even more so, he must not tell the man about Teacher Gliss.

Chapter15 Magic test

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Feng Ping only thought that Ah Dai was forbidden from saying his teacher’s name, and did not take it to heart, smiling as he commented, “You really are a respectful kid, not bad, you’re worthy of being from our TianGang School. Come, let us find a place to have a good chat.” As he spoke, he grabbed Ah Dai’s elbow and led him away.

Ah Dai did not want to follow him, but Owen had instructed him to be polite to people from the TianGang School, so he could only reluctantly be dragged away by Feng Ping, to an area behind the Mercenary Guild. The area behind the Mercenary Guild was a large training ground, and many mercenaries who did not have missions would always go there to practice their martial arts. Walking into the training ground, there were currently quite some people practicing their martial arts, and when they saw Feng Ping, most of them would call out ‘Big Brother Feng’ or ‘Leader Feng’.

After Feng Ping greeted everyone one by one, he pulled Ah Dai into the center of the training ground, “Okay, here is good.” Using one hand to pull out the large sword behind his back, he smiled and said, “Since you can’t tell me your teacher’s name, then let senior uncle try guessing it. As long as you execute some moves of the TianGang Sword Techniques, I should be able to guess which senior brother’s disciple you are.” Ah Dai stood dumbly at the center, unsure of what to do. He had just stepped into the society and he was like a newborn child, not knowing anything.

Feng Ping shouted, “Draw your sword! Let senior uncle give you some tips.” As he spoke, his hands gripped the sword, and a faint white light radiated from the sword tip, it was precisely the Boundless Life dou qi.

[TN: suggestions please, boundless life/sheng sheng? People who cultivate the Boundless Life Art have different true qi and dou qi that
contain holy attribute/ are more bountiful. In chinese it is called
⽓ (Life Life Dou Qi), but it sounds awkward, so for previous chapters I just left it as dou qi/true qi. ]

Looking at Feng Ping use his Boundless Life dou qi, there was a sense of familiarity within Ah Dai’s heart. It was as though Owen had revived, and wanted to exchange some moves with him. Since Uncle had said that he was from the TianGang School, then the person in front of him, must indeed be his senior uncle. Pulling out his own TianGang Sword, Ah Dai respectfully said, “Senior uncle, please advise me.” The image of Owen using a tree branch to guide him flashed across his mind, and Ah Dai’s eyes became slightly red as he raised the TianGang Sword high above his head, letting out a huge shout. The Boundless Life dou qi surged out, carrying a wisp of white light. It was like his usual splitting of the waves, his indomitable momentum, that domineering aura, suddenly surged forth, causing the red-haired fellow to take a few steps back. Feng Ping’s eyes lit up as he exclaimed, “Good momentum!” His hands gripped the broadsword as he rushed forward to block, just hitting against the edge of Ah Dai’s sword.

Ah Dai felt the Boundless Life true qi within his body was surging out like waves, and his white colored dou qi suddenly produced faint ripples. With a ‘clang’, the two TianGang broadswords clashed against each other in the air, and the rebound force caused Ah Dai to take a step back. However, it felt that the senior uncle’s power was not as strong as Uncle Owen’s. Feng Ping had to take three continuous steps back before he could stabilise himself and he was taken aback. The dou qi on Ah Dai’s sword was precise

The clashing of their strikes just now, allowed Ah Dai’s confidence to increase, and with another loud shout, he swung his sword, using the easiest move of the 9 moves in the simplified TianGang Sword Techniques, cleaving. [TN: update, I’ve changed the names of the 3 basic sword stances in chap 12.1 from (slash, slice and stab) to (cleave, pick, and stab)]

Feng Ping looked at Ah Dai’s TianGang Sword cleaving against his, but he was unable to counter. He did not know why, but it seemed that Ah Dai’s sword had sealed all the possible paths of countering and he could only forcefully fight head on. Clang, another sound rang out, as Ah Dai once more stepped back, while successfully resolving Feng Ping’s strike. Their sparring had attracted the attentions of many mercenaries, but these mercenaries were of lower ranks and their martial arts were not very good, so they could only cheer on from the sides. Feng Ping landed on the ground with both feet, his breathing was slightly irregular as he quickly sent away the mercenaries nearby, and pulled Ah Dai aside, praising, “Good sword skills. Kid, you must be the leading 4th generation disciple in our Sword School. Quickly tell me, which senior brother taught you?”

Ah Dai placed the TianGang Sword back into his big leather bag behind his back, while he slowly thought and replied, “I, I don’t know teacher’s name. He only taught me sword skills.” Feng Ping continued to ask, “Then, tell me, where is your teacher at now?” He thought to himself, that his senior brothers from the school who had better martial arts were currently in seclusion training, as long as the silly kid before him reveals his teacher’s whereabouts, he would surely be able to guess which senior brother was the kid’s teacher. Ah Dai’s eyes turned red as he replied, “My teacher, he, he is already dead.” Thinking of Owen’s death, sorrow surged within his heart, and he could not help but start weeping.

Feng Ping was shocked, and involuntarily exclaimed, “What?” He continued to question Ah Dai, helplessly Ah Dai could only describe Owen’s appearance. However, no matter how much Feng Ping pondered, he simply could not figure out who was the dead senior brother. It seemed like, he would have to wait till he returned to the mountain, and ask his master about this.

“Ah Dai, how did your master die?”

Ah Dai knew that he could not answer this question, thus he hesitated for a long while before he finally said, “He was killed by a bunch of people in black clothes. I also don’t know why, but before teacher died, he told me to wander the continent, so I came here.”

Feng Ping patted Ah Dai’s shoulder, and consoled, “Okay, don’t be too sad. How about this, in a few days’ time, you can follow me when I return to the mountain. I’ll bring you to meet Grand master, he will surely get justice for your master.”

Ah Dai was shocked, thinking, Does Uncle’s master still have a master? However, he did not dare to ask and merely replied, “Senior Uncle, I, I can’t return to the mountain with your now. Teacher had instructed me to finish some tasks before he died, I’ll go with you after I have finished the tasks.” Right now, what he wanted to do first was to register and become a magician, and secondly, to return to the Illusionary Forest and see his Teacher Gliss. If he followed Feng Ping back to the TianGang Sword School, he would surely be delayed. Furrowing his brows, Feng Ping said, “What is so urgent that you must do it immediately?”

Ah Dai lowered his head, “Senior Uncle, don’t make it difficult for me, it’s all some private matters of teacher, he had specially instructed me to finish those tasks before he died.”

Sighing, Feng Ping relented, “Okay then, follow me.” As he spoke, he took Ah Dai into a small room behind the Mercenary Guild. The Red Lion Mercenary Group that Feng Ping was in, could be considered to a First Grade mercenary group, and had quite some fame on the continent. Originally, he wanted to pull Ah Dai into joining the group, but looking at Ah Dai now, he could only give up on this idea.

Feng Ping took out a small sack from the cabinet, and passed it to Ah Dai, “Take this on your way. After you have finished your master’s tasks, just come back and find me here. Generally, I will always be here, but even if I’m not, I will usually return within a month. At that time, I’ll bring you to the mountain. Be careful on your journey, the continent is not very peaceful right now.”

Ah Dai took the heavy sack, with his experience as a thief, he only needed one touch to realise that it was a sack of money, “Senior Uncle, thank you, but, how can I take your money?”

“What’s there to be polite with senior uncle, we are all a family, helping each other out is a given. Right, Ah Dai, don’t you have a proper name?” Shaking his head, Ah Dai replied, “Ever since I can recall, I was always called Ah Dai.”

Feng Ping sighed and said, “You must have suffered quite a bit when you were young. Ah Dai, although I have only exchanged two moves with you just now, I feel that your Boundless Life dou qi does not seem to be any weaker than mine, which stage are you at now? It seems that you are more proficient than me in mastering the essence of the boundless life.” “I have cultivated the Boundless Life Art to the Fourth Stage, it should be at the Fifth Stage soon,” Ah Dai scratched his head and answered. Hearing this, Feng Ping was shocked, he had only just reached the Fifth Stage last year, while the silly looking kid seemed to cultivate even faster than him. One must know, after reaching the Third Stage, every subsequent stage becomes harder to cultivate. Even in his master’s generation, only one or two people had cultivated to the Eighth Stage, and only Grandmaster had reached the Ninth Stage. When he was at the age of this child before him, he had only reached the border of the Third Stage, and his master was already very pleased with him.

“Reaching the Fifth Stage is already very good. You must continue to work hard, and you can surely be the glory of our TianGang Sword School in the future.”

Ah Dai nodded, “Senior Uncle, I will surely do that.” He had already planned that, after finding his Teacher Gliss, he would focus on training and cultivation for a few years.

“Since you still have many things to do, I shall not hold you back any longer. If there’s a chance in the future, let us have a good chat.” Feng Ping escorted Ah Dai all the way out of the Mercenary Guild before he finally stopped. Under his concerned gaze, Ah Dai did not dare to go straight to the Magicians’ Guild, but instead walked away and took a roundabout route to return. This was not because he had become clever, but rather, it was because he felt that it would be inappropriate for Feng Ping to see him enter the Magicians’ Guild.

“Kid, did you enter the wrong place.” A deep voice rang out. Ah Dai had just stepped across the entrance of the Magicians’ Guild and he was still thinking about the kind-hearted senior uncle. The sudden voice gave him a scare, as he looked around him, only to see a great magic hexagram drawn on the floor of the great hall. There was also a huge white wooden board on the wall across him, and there were quite a few names written on it, ranking from high to low. At the top was the title of the Mage, but there were no names below it, only the word ‘Vacant’. After that was the Grand Magician, with only one name below it; followed by Advanced Magicians, Intermediate Magicians and Junior Magicians, there were the most names below the Junior Magicians title. Under the wooden board was a counter, and in the whole hall, there was only the old man wearing yellow colored magician robes behind that counter. It was the old magician who had spoken out earlier.

Ah Dai scratched his head and tentatively asked, “Here, isn’t this the Magicians’ Guild?”

The old magician remained seated and replied, “Indeed, this is the Magicians’ Guild. Please leave, we do not have any magicians here who are willing to become mercenaries.”

Ah Dai was stunned, the old magician before him had thought had he was one of members of a mercenary group. Immediately, he waved his hands, saying, “No, no, I’m not a mercenary. I’m here to take the magician’s exam as well as to receive stipends.” He had finally found the Magicians’ Guild, and he wondered how he would look like when he donned the magician robes.

The old magician was dumbfounded when he heard Ah Dai’s words, “Are you kidding? Do warriors practice magic too? It’s such a rare sight.” Ah Dai blinked his eyes, and retorted, “Why can’t warriors learn magic too? And, I am indeed a magician! Uncle told me, I should at least be at the level of a junior magician.” The old magician furrowed his brows, the kid wearing warrior clothes did not seem to joking, but with the TianGang Sword behind his back, he seemed to have quite decent martial arts! So how could he learn magic? Magic was not something that anyone could learn, only those with high natural talent could learn it, even he himself, was only an earth elemental junior magician after practising for so many years. As he had no titles of nobility, he could only be a custodian in this building. Looking at the silly looking kid before him, he did not believe that the kid would be any stronger than him. He waved his hand towards Ah Dai and said, “Come over here.”

Ah Dai stepped forward, walking before the old magician. The old magician carefully sized him up, saying, “No matter how I see it, you look like a warrior. However, since you are willing to accept the exam, then hand over the exam fee first. If you manage to pass the exam, the fee will be returned to you, if not, the money will belong to the Guild.” Shocked, Ah Dai asked, “There’s still an exam fee? I haven’t heard Uncle mention it, how much is it?”

The old magician held out five fingers, and wiggled them, “Not much, just 5 gold coins.”

Five gold coins, Ah Dai started using his fingers to count. 1 gold coin was 10 silver coins which is 100 copper coins, 1 copper coin could buy 2 steamed buns, so 5 gold coins could buy 1000 buns. 1000 buns? That was enough buns to last him a few months. Stammering, Ah Dai asked, “Uncle, can, can I pay less?”

The old magician hmpf-ed in disdain and snapped, “Less? You want to pay less? There are rules here, if you don’t have the money, then quickly leave. Come back after you get enough money.”

Ah Dai felt for the sack of coins that Feng Ping gave him just now, gritted his teeth, and took out the sack. He hoped that the sack was full of silver coins, so that he could have enough to pay for the exam fee of 5 gold coins. Placing the sack on the table, he loosened the strings, and glanced at the old magician again, before opening the sack. Once he opened the sack, both Ah Dai and the old magician were stunned, this was because, the sack was actually full of gold coins, and there were even 7 or 8 purple colored amethyst coins inside.

The old magician could not help but exclaim, “Looking your shabby clothes, who would have thought that you were so rich.”

Ah Dai did not care how much money he had, as long as he could take the magician exam and become a magician, he would be satisfied in fulfilling Owen’s wish.

Passing 5 gold coins to the old magician, he asked, “Then, can I take the exam now?”

The old magician hmpf-ed, “Who knew that such a shabby looking kid was actually so rich, okay then, wait here for a moment.” As he spoke, he entered a small door.

After a while, the old magician walked out with a blue-robed magician. “Branch leader, this is him, look at the warrior clothes that he is wearing, how can he be a magician?”

The blue-robed magician seemed to be around forty or fifty years old, and he glared at the old magician, saying, “Old Huang, you are getting more presumptuous. Although magicians are a revered profession, you cannot treat people in such a manner! If the other branches knew that we have ruined the reputation of magicians, there will be trouble in store for me. Are you getting tired of being a custodian?”

The old magician immediately let out an apologetic smile, “No, no, branch leader, I know my mistakes, I will definitely not do this again.” The blue-robed magician nodded in satisfaction, and walked towards Ah Dai. Ah Dai could clearly feel that there were extremely strong spiritual fluctuations coming from the blue-robed magician in front of him. Amiably, the blue-robed magician asked, “Lad, are you taking the magician exam?”

Ah Dai nodded and replied, “Yes, I’ve already paid the fees, are we going to start now?” With the money that Feng Ping had given him, he was thinking of quickly finishing up the matters here, then going back to the steamed bun stall to return the money for the buns. That person had treated him so well, and Ah Dai felt indebted to him.

The blue-robed magician gently smiled, and stretched out his hand to Ah Dai, “Here, take back the 5 gold coins.”

Shocked, Ah Dai hurriedly replied, ”I, I really am a magician! I don’t want the money, just quickly start the exam please.”

Smiling, the blue-robed magician pointed towards the old magician, “Lad, I apologize on behalf of his actions just now, there are no fees for the magician exam. He felt that you did not seem like a magician and purposely made things difficult for you. Take back the money, and I will immediately start the exam for you.” Ah Dai finally accepted the gold coins from the blue-robed magician’s hands, and carefully placed them back into the sack. Without delay, the blue-robed magician said, “Follow me.” Under his lead, the two of them entered a smaller hall.

The smaller hall was in the shape of a square building. Once he entered, Ah Dai could feel strong magic undulations coming from the four walls and the ceiling.

The blue-robed magician seemed to have sensed Ah Dai’s curiosity as he explained, “This place is for magic examinations, therefore there are magic enchantments placed within the walls. Later, you can just display your full power without concerns. My name is Giger, and I am the leader of this Branch Guild. Okay, you may begin.”

Ah Dai was stunned, start? What was he supposed to do, it was his first time going to a Magicians Guild, so how could he know how the magic exam was like? “Uncle Giger, how, how do I start?”

Giger furrowed his brows, he was the only grand magician in this city, and people would normally respectfully call him Sir grand magician, but the kid before him actually called him uncle, thus he could not help but feel uncomfortable. However, he was usually tolerant, and would not make a fuss with a kid, so he just indifferently said, “You just have to cast your strongest magic spell or the magic spell that you are best at. Whichever element you are, just use the magic related to it.”

“En,” Ah Dai replied. The strongest magic spell that he was good at, should be the fire meteor spell. He recalled the incantations, and was just about to cast the spell, when he realised that Giger was still standing in front of him. With kind intentions, he warned, “Uncle Giger, can you step to the side? I’m afraid of the spell hitting you.”

Giger let out a smile as he said, “Your magic spell will not be able to harm me, just be at ease and cast it.” He was thinking that, with Ah Dai’s age, he was at most a junior magician.

At the same time when Ah Dai was undergoing the magician exam, Feng Ping was feeling extremely regretful in the Mercenary Guild. He paced back and forth in the room, muttering to himself, “I am so stupid! How can I just let Ah Dai go? The deaths of senior or junior brothers are important in the school, no matter what, I need to go back and report. Ahh——, I really am so stupid! No, I must immediately go back and report to the Elders, if not, when there are investigations in the future, I will surely be in trouble. Ah Dai had already left for quite some time, forget it, there’s no time to find him, I’ll just have to report back to the school by myself.” Thinking of this, Feng Ping briefly packed his bags, left some instructions for his men, and immediately got on a horse, speeding towards the city gates.

In the Magician’s Guild back hall.

Ah Dai chanted, “Fire elements filling the heavens and earth! Please bestow upon me your blazing strength, in my name, by thy power, searing flame appear.” With two crackling sounds, two dark blue flames instantly appeared in Ah Dai’s palms.

Giger got a great shock, in order to summon such deep blue flames, one must be at least an intermediate magician. Not daring to be careless, he hastily chanted some incantations, and cast a water protection spell. As he finished chanting, a layer of faint blue ripples appeared before him, instantly blocking the heat from Ah Dai’s flame spell. However, Ah Dai did not just stop here. His hands slowly clasped together as he chanted in a loud voice, “Arise, orbs of fire!” Using a shocking amount of spiritual force, the blue flames condensed into many small fireballs of 3 centimeters in diameter, floating in the air. A glint flashed across Ah Dai’s eyes as he sent the large sea of blue fireballs towards Giger.

Giger was full of praise, “Good, your fire meteors are pretty strong. Under the protection of water, in thy name, by the power of the water elements in the heavens and earth, condense, ——Ice Wall.” Instantly, a thick layer of white colored ice appeared before Giger just as he finished chanting. “Boom, boom, boom boom… …” Countless blue fireballs rammed against the ice wall in front of Ah Dai, leaving behind deep marks in the ice wall. Giger had originally thought that Ah Dai’s fire meteors only contained one wave of power, but he had never thought that, there would be endless fireballs. The relentless barrage of fireballs caused a crack in the ice wall, and it actually started to collapse after a short while. Helplessly, Giger could only take two steps back, and summon another ice wall.

It was not that Ah Dai did not want to stop the fire meteors, but he was too anxious, and under such intensity, his magic force rapidly decreased. The ice wall in front of him blocked all of his attacks, and he could only continue to control his fireballs to attack. He thought that he had to break through the defense in order to pass.

Ah Dai successfully broke apart two ice walls, and when Giger summoned the third ice wall, his magic force finally ran out. His face became extremely pale as the blue flames in his hands gradually dissipated. His body felt weak as a strong wave of fatigue washed over him, causing him to stop and gasp for air. There was disappointment in Ah Dai’s heart as he thought, Why? Why can’t I even pass the junior magician exam?

Giger was even more surprised, although he had caused Ah Dai to finally deplete his magic force, he still had a hard time defending. Of course, it was partly due to the fact that he was solely focused on defense. Withdrawing the ice wall, Giger walked up to Ah Dai, and praised, “Well done lad, having such strong magic power at such a young age, your future will be limitless! But, with your magic force, why didn’t you execute grander magic spells? Although the fire meteor spell will get stronger according to the magic force that you have, it is still an elementary magic spell after all, and it cannot display great power.” Ah Dai lowered his head and muttered, “I, I only know how to use the fire meteor spell, it is the spell that I’m best at. I, I’ll leave first then.” As he finished speaking, he turned around and started to walk away.

Giger immediately stopped him, and asked in surprise, “You haven’t claimed your magician badge and your monthly stipend, why are you in such a hurry to leave?”

Shocked, Ah Dai pointed to himself and asked, “Can I still get a magician badge even though I didn’t pass the exam?”

Only now did Giger realised that, the silly kid before him, who was quite talented, actually thought that he had not passed the exam. Giger let out a smile as he said, “Child, your performance was already very good, with your standards, you’ve reached the intermediate magician level. If you know some grander spells, perhaps you might even reach the advanced magician level. After you go back, you have to consult your teacher, hopefully next time when you return, you can pass the advanced magician review. Child, at your age, apart from the clergy, there are very few people who are able to reach such standards.”

Immense delight filled Ah Dai as he exclaimed, “Are you saying, that I’ve already passed the junior magician qualifications?”

Giger replied, “No, you have passed the intermediate magician qualifications. Wait for a while, I’ll go get the registration form. After you’ve registered, you will officially become an intermediate magician.” “Thank you, thank you Uncle Giger.”

Giger furrowed his brows as he said, “Don’t call me uncle, call me Grand Magician Giger next time.”

After passing the magician exam, Ah Dai was overjoyed, he had finally fulfilled one of Owen’s wishes. In excitement, he readily exclaimed, “Yes, yes, thank you Grand Magician Giger.” Giger smiled, and walked towards one of the walls. Chanting some incantations, a blue light flashed, causing a small door to appear. Under Ah Dai’s amazement, Giger opened the door and walked in. Ah Dai was filled with admiration, thinking, The magic level of Grand Magician Giger was indeed profound! I wonder if Teacher Gliss had that sort of power, after I return, I must definitely work hard and learn more magic from Teacher. To Ah Dai, the fancy magics were much more interesting than dully practising martial arts.

Just as he was immersed in his thoughts, the door towards the main hall suddenly opened, and the old magician came running in, with a look of panic on his face. He glanced at Ah Dai, and asked, “Lad, where’s the branch leader?”

Ah Dai replied honestly, “He told me that I’ve passed the exam, so he went to get the registration forms.”

The old magician was shocked, and there was a tinge of jealousy in his voice as he remarked, “Who would have thought that you were able to pass the exam. Youngsters are really not pragmatic, learning both martial arts and magic, be careful of not being able to master anything ultimately.”

Ah Dai immediately nodded his head and replied, “Yes, my Uncle has said the same thing before, thank you for your advice.” Ah Dai’s politeness had caused the old magician to feel embarrassed, as he coughed two times and did not speak anymore. “Why are you so slow! Does your magicians’ guild have such low efficiency?” A clear voice, like the sounds of silver bells, rang out from the main hall.

The door opened, and there was only brightness in front of Ah Dai, it seemed as though the whole back hall had lit up for the person who had entered. It was a fourteen, or fifteen year old girl, who looked like an angel simply by standing there. Her long, light-blue hair was braided into two plaits, her height was around 1.6 metres, and she was clothed in an immaculate white dress. There were two faint dimples on her fair skin and her glimmering eyes were extremely mesmerising, but there was a faint sense of anger in her expression as she glared at the old magician in dissatisfaction, with one of her hands on her slim waist, while her other hand was twirling a small magic wand that was only about 1 foot long. Ah Dai could not see the wand clearly as she was twirling it, but he could vaguely sense that, it was surely not a normal magic wand. The most unusual thing was that, there was a faint holy qi emanating from the girl’s body, making her seem like a celestial fairy.

Ah Dai was in a daze, he had never seen such an elegant and refined beauty before! If comparing Xi Fei to her, the former was like a firefly while the latter was the bright moon. (totally incomparable) The girl instantly discovered his fixated gaze on her, and immediately used her wand to point at Ah Dai’s nose, while hmpf-ing in anger, “You big blockhead, what are you looking at? Haven’t you seen any pretty girls before!”

Ah Dai lowered his flushed face in embarrassment, thinking to himself, Although this girl is very pretty, she is way too hot-tempered, even more severe than Xi Fei, Yatou is still the best to me. The old magician smile apologetically, “Little Miss, it’s better for you to wait in the main hall, the branch leader has gone to take some stuff, he will come back soon.”

The girl pursed her lips as she said, “No, I’ll wait here, quickly call him over. Your efficiency is really too slow, if not for this young mistress needing money urgently, I won’t even have come to this lowly place.” It was at this time, that Giger finally came out from the door in the wall, while holding a pile of stuff in his hands. Seeing the current situation, he could not help but feel shocked, he took a glance at the angry girl before he asked the old magician, “Old Huang, what’s going on here?”

The old magician immediately let out a sigh of relief as he saw Giger, and let out a bitter smile, replying, “I wonder what day it is today, normally there won’t be anyone coming for the magic exam in a whole month, but today, two people came. This…, no, this young mistress wants to take the magic exam too. Since you’ve come, I’ll return to the main hall then.” As he finished speaking, he immediately rushed out.

Giger passed the items in his hands to Ah Dai, saying, “Lad, you’ll have to wait a while, after I’m done testing this girl, I will help you register.”

Chapter16 Nasty girl

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Ah Dai immediately agreed, he had already passed the magician exam, and he didn’t mind waiting a while longer.

Giger turned towards the girl, smiling, “Young lady, if I’m not wrong, you should be from the Holy Church?”

The girl was shocked as she replied, “How did you know?”

“No matter what, I am still a grand magician, if I can’t even recognise the highest blessing magic, Light of God, wouldn’t that be too shameful? I wonder which holy father is this young lady the daughter of.”

There was shock in the girl’s heart, she would never have thought that even after running all the way here, she would still be recognised. Pursing her lips, she said, “I came here to take a magician exam, not to let you investigate my identity. You must be the branch leader right, quickly, let me take the magician exam.”

Giger was secretly complaining, he could see that the girl in front of him was not of ordinary origins. The blessing magic, Light of God, could only be executed at birth, by light attribute magicians who had blood ties with the girl, it enabled her to obtain a holy physique since birth, and she would be able to learn light attribute magic much easier. At the same time, this blessing magic also had the property of dispelling all evil. This meant that, the seniors of this girl, must be the priests of the Holy Church, as the people who can use the Light of God magic, should at least be at the level of an ivory-robed priest. Although magicians were revered in the continent, they are still incomparable to the Holy Church, in addition, with their same beliefs, all of the members of the Holy Church had strong bonds with one another. Giger did not want to offend the girl in front of him, and risk being persecuted by the Holy Church. He immediately smiled apologetically and said, “Since young lady is from the Holy Church, why not be a holy daughter? Why come to us and take some exam? If I am to let you take the exam, I won’t be able to shoulder the blame when your seniors come looking for me!”

The girl hmpf-ed in anger as she waved the wand in her hand, “I don’t care about being some holy daughter, all they do is to pray and cultivate the whole day, it’s so boring! Quickly let me take the exam, if not I’ll call my father to stop all your funding here.”

Listening to the girl’s words, Giger was extremely anxious, he had realised the severity of the current situation. It seemed that the father of this girl, was one of the influential people in the Holy Church, only they had the authority to control the Magicians’ Guild.

The original good impression that Ah Dai had of the girl, instantly disappeared after the few words between Giger and her. It was the first time that he had seen such a willful and obstinate girl. Fearful of being dragged in, he quickly stepped to the side, and quietly watched Giger deal with the situation.

Giger hesitated for a long while, before he finally said, “Okay then, since you insist on taking the exam, then I shan’t stop you. However, if your seniors were to find out, it is none of my business.”

Impatiently, the girl said, “Okay, okay, just quickly start. How is the exam like?”

Giger secretly let out a bitter smile as he thought to himself, Why did both of them come to take the test without knowing what the test was like. He had no choice but to explain, “Just use your strongest magic to attack me.” The girl hmpf-ed, “Okay, be careful then.” She raised the magic wand in her hand, and chanted, “May light banish all evil, may the divine power guide

Giger lamented to himself, since when did he become evil. The Divine Light spell that the girl used, was a high level light attribute magic. In all the different types of magic, apart from darkness attribute magic, light attribute magic had a certain effect in boosting the magic of other attributes. This sort of high level magic, could only be used by advanced magicians who had undergone a baptism by the crimson-robed priests, and Giger had no confidence in taking on the attack. Not to mention, he also could not harm the girl before him. Helplessly, he could only increase his water protection to the maximum, and condense all of his magic force into waves, dispersing the divine light aside, with the principle of refraction. However, he had forgotten that, apart from the girl and himself, there was still Ah Dai in the room.

Ah Dai had long been mesmerised by the girl’s dazzling magic, her divine light seemed so much stronger than his fire meteors. Furthermore, the girl seemed even younger than himself, but her magic standards were so much higher, and he could not help but be in awe. Actually, how could he know that, the reason why the girl was able to use the Divine Light magic, was really due to her holy physique, and mostly importantly, due to the magic wand in her hand.

The divine light suddenly shone onto the Giger’s water protection, causing ripples to appear, and the water protection shook non-stop as sweat poured down Giger’s forehead. There was a flash of light, and just before the divine light was about to hit Giger, he managed to refract it away. However, the exhausted him had not taken any notice of the angle of refraction, and the divine light instantly shot towards Ah Dai.

Ah Dai had already used up all of his magic force earlier during the exam, and he did not have any time to react as he watched it come closer to him, enveloping him in a blinding flash of light.The immense impact forced Ah Dai against the wall, and the holy qi burst out, turning the items that Ah Dai was holding into ashes. Instantly he felt extreme pain, and at this crucial moment, the Hell’s Sword near his chest released a layer of faint blue light, covering Ah Dai’s body while preventing the divine light from getting close. The white jade ring on Ah Dai’s index finger also suddenly lit up, and with a flash, the divine light started to be rapidly absorbed by the ring. Ah Dai’s body fell limp as the Hell’s Sword retracted its evil qi.

The girl let out a shout, she was shocked to discover, the magic force within her body seemed to be crazily absorbed by the ring on that silly looking boy. In just a few short moments, what is left of her little magic force and the divine light had totally disappeared. Devoid of energy, she collapsed onto the ground, while staring dumbfoundedly at Ah Dai.

The white jade ring returned to its original state, and Ah Dai did not know what had happened either, thus he simply stood there at a loss.

Giger was also stunned, he curiously took a few glances towards Ah Dai, while he used his remaining magic force to cast a water recovery spell on the girl.

With the help of the magic spell, a red flush appeared on the girl’s face, and her complexion seemed much better. Slowly, she stood up and walked towards Ah Dai whilst glaring at him. Stretching out a finger and pointing at Ah Dai, she said angrily, “I am taking the magician exam, why did you interfere. You must compensate me, and return me my magic force!”

Although Ah Dai was not really injured, his back was still hurting from the initial impact. However, he had indeed seen the girl collapse before him, and he had no idea why the ring would absorb so much of her magic force. Feeling extremely apologetic, he quickly said, “I, I am sorry, young lady, I, I didn’t mean to. How do you want me to compensate?”

The girl rolled her eyes as she said, “Since your ring has stolen away my magic force, then, give it to me as compensation.”

Once he heard that the girl wanted his ring, Ah Dai immediately hid his left hand behind his back. It was a present from the strange fish and he could not bear to give it away, thus he stammered, “No! This, this ring is very important to me, I can’t give this to you, can you take something else?” Stubbornly, the girl insisted, “No, I must have that ring.” Since young, she was pampered and no matter who it was, they had to be respectful towards her, thus she could have anything that she wanted.

Giger walked over, attempting to dissuade her, “Young lady, I think you shouldn’t do this, if not for the ring of this little fellow absorbing your divine light, he might have…”

Giving Giger an angry glare, the girl replied, “You still dare say, it’s all your fault, who asked you to reflect my divine light. I haven’t even settled things with you yet, don’t bother putting on a good person act.”

Giger secretly thought to himself, if he had not deflected the divine light, he might really have been cleansed into nothingness. He did not dare to provoke this girl of unknown origins, and quietly stepped to the side. The silly kid really had back luck, but it was best for him to play it safe and not intervene.

Ah Dai glanced at Giger, then at the girl, “I really cannot give you the ring, how about… How about I give you some money?” Giving money was already Ah Dai’s limits, after all, to him, one gold coin was worth two hundred steamed buns! As he spoke, he took out the sack of money that Feng Ping had given him.

“Who wants your stinky money! Okay, it’s fine if you don’t give me the ring, but you must fulfil one condition of mine.” The girl hmpf-ed. Looking at the silly kid before her, if she did not bully him a little, she would not have been called ‘the little demoness’ within the Holy Church.

Ah Dai let out a sigh of relief, as long as it was not his ring, he did not care much about other stuff. Hurriedly, he asked, “What condition?”

There was a trace of cunningness in her eyes as the girl replied, “This young lady wants to have fun in the continent, but I’m currently lacking an attendant… From your appearance, perhaps you might have some skill. As long as you follow me, and be my attendant for one year, I’ll forgive you. This condition is very lenient right? For me to let you follow me should be considered your good fortune.” Abruptly, Ah Dai exclaimed, “No, I can’t agree to this.” He still had to rush back to Teacher Gliss, so how could he tarry with the girl?

The girl stared at Ah Dai, and after a while, her beautiful big eyes started to turn red as she sniffed a few times. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she sobbed, “You, you big bully, such a big man bullying a young lady, aren’t you shameless! Wu, wuwu… …” (555)

Looking at the girl crying, Ah Dai got a shock and instantly lost his composure. In his memories, only when he left Teacher Gliss and when Owen died, would he cry. Could it be that, him absorbing the girl’s magic force had made her so upset?

“Ah! Young miss, please stop crying. It’s all my fault, it’s all my fault, please stop crying.”

It would have been better if he did not try to console her, she immediately started crying even louder once he tried to console her. Perhaps she had gotten tired, as she simply sat on the floor, whilst crying even harder. Ah Dai glanced helplessly towards Giger but Giger only shrugged his shoulders, indicating that he had no idea too. This sort of problem, was not what he, as a grand magician, could solve. If others saw that there was a young lady crying to such an extent within the esteemed Magicians’ Guild, perhaps they might even suspect that there was something wrong under his leadership. He earnestly wished that the girl would quickly leave, but he had no other options but to wait.

Ah Dai squatted down by the girl, helplessly saying, “Okay, okay, stop crying first, let us discuss again, okay?”

Her tears disappeared just as fast as they appeared, once the girl heard Ah Dai’s words, she immediately stopped crying. Raising her pretty white face that glistened with tears, she sniffled, “Then you choose, either give the ring to me, or be my attendant for a year.”

There was a bitter expression on Ah Dai’s face, “Can I be your attendant for a shorter period, one year is way too long, I’ve many things that I need to do!” The girl’s little nose twitched as tears started flowing down her cheeks once more. Ah Dai saw it and immediately used his sleeves, wiping away her tears, “I, I’ll promise you then, please stop crying.”

Seeing that Ah Dai had agreed, she instantly broke into smiles, “Okay, you’ve promised. Since you’re a man, you must hold true to your words!”

Ah Dai lowered his head, and there was frown on his face as he muttered,
“I’ll be your attendant, but you must provide food for me.”

Wiping away her tears, the girl agreed, “It’s just food, isn’t it? That’s simple, but you must always listen to me in this one year, if not I’ll cry.”

Giger, who was standing by the side, sighed to himself, luckily the lass had not latched onto him, if not he would definitely suffer. However, he pitied the silly kid, to be an attendant for a year? He probably won’t have a good time! Who knew what sort of crazy ideas that crafty lass would think of.

The girl stood up, looking towards Giger in annoyance, “What are you stoning there for? I just passed the magician exam, quickly bring us the stuff that we need.”

Bashfully, Ah Dai said, “Sorry Grand Magician Giger, the items that you passed to me are gone.”

How could Giger still be bothered about those items, all he wanted now, was for the little demoness to live. Afraid that the girl would think up of other crazy requests, he quickly responded, “No problem, no problem, I’ll just take another set for you.” As he finished speaking, he rushed towards the door in the wall, disappearing from sight.

Seeing that Giger had left, the girl giggled and asked Ah Dai, “You haven’t told me, what is your name?”

Ah Dai replied honestly, “I, I am called Ah Dai.” The girl was stunned, and she suddenly burst out laughing after a while. Her peals of laughter was pleasant to the ears, like ringing bells, “Ah, Ah Dai, hahahaha, it’s killing me, there’s actually such a name. Ah Dai, it actually doesn’t sound so bad, haha, ayy lmao!” Clutching at her stomach, she laughed till she could not even stand up straight.

“What’s wrong with being called Ah Dai? Is it really that funny?” Ah Dai muttered.

After a long time, the girl finally straightened her back, but once she saw Ah Dai, she could not help but let out another laugh, ridiculing, “You are indeed like what your name implies! Really seems so dumb.”

Ah Dai furrowed his brows, “It is very impolite to laugh at others.”

The girl seemed to be in a good mood as she laughed, “Okay, okay, I won’t laugh at you. Since I know your name now, I’ll tell you my name too. My name is Xuan Yue, but you can just call me Yue Yue.”

Ah Dai shook his head and said, “I’ll call you Xuan Yue then, calling you Yue Yue feels weird.”

Xuan Yue hmpf-ed, “What’s weird about it? Don’t forget, you’re just my attendant, don’t have any weird ideas!”

[TN: weird ideas ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)]
Ah Dai did not even dare to face Xuan Yue and simply wanted to avoid her, not to mention having any weird ideas. Thus, he pursed his lips and said, “I don’t have any weird ideas! Also, you’re still too small.”

Hearing this, anger filled Xuan Yue as she stuck out her barely developed chest and retorted, “Which part of me is small? Where? In 3 more months, I’ll be 15 already. I really hate people calling me small.”

How could Ah Dai argue against her, he immediately surrendered, “Okay, okay, you’re not small, not small.” He made up his mind, to talk less to this wilful young lady, and not cause trouble for himself.. Xuan Yue hmpf-ed in satisfaction, “This is more like it. Just now, which level of magician exam did you pass?”

Ah Dai lowered his head and replied honestly, “Grand Magician Giger said, I’ve already reached the level of an Intermediate Magician.”

“Only an intermediate magician! It looks like, your teacher isn’t that good either,” Xuan Yue remarked in disdain.

As he heard Xuan Yue slandering his teacher, his anger instantly rose as he raged, “Miss Xuan Yue, please do not insult my teacher. My magician standard is low due to my poor aptitude, it has nothing to do with Teacher. If, if you continue to insult my teacher, I will, I will… …”

Xuan Yue hmpf-ed once more, “You, you, what will you do to me? Since you won’t say, seeing that you still have some self-awareness, then I’ll let the matter with your teacher pass. However, do you know that you have just committed a huge mistake?”

Shocked, Ah Dai lamented, “I, what did I do? I did not provoke you though?”

Xuan Yue replied in all righteousness, “Who said you didn’t provoke me, what did you call me just now?”

“Miss Xuan Yue! Didn’t you say that, you were called Xuan Yue?”

Xuan Yue coldly hmpf-ed, “But, what did I ask you to call me earlier? I asked you to call me Yue Yue, letting you call me Yue Yue is giving you face, others want to call me that but they don’t even have the privilege. If you still call me Miss Xuan Yue, I’ll just call you Dai Dai, or Little Dai Dai, which do you prefer?” While she spoke, she revealed an ‘evil’ expression.

Ah Dai bitterly smiled, “No, don’t, I’ll call you Yue Yue then, okay? I’m already dumb enough, if you add another ‘Dai’, I’ll become even dumber.” Xuan Yue smiled and giggled, “This is much better.”

At this moment, Giger had returned while carrying a large pile of items. He split the items into two piles and passed them to Ah Dai and Xuan Yue, instructing them, “Tell me your name and place of origin, I’ll record them down.” He saw that Xuan Yue was looking at the items in her hands with a satisfied expression, and started fervently praying that the little demoness would be satisfied and quickly leave.

Xuan Yue muttered, while sifting through the items in her hands, “I’m called Xuan Yue, you should know where I’m from.”

“And I am called Ah Dai, uhh, I am from Sweetrock Town in the Sipho Tribe.”

Giger nodded and spoke, “Okay, Miss Xuan Yue, you have passed the advanced magician qualifications, and as the branch leader of the Magicians’ Guild, I hereby bestow upon you, the title of an Advanced Light Attribute Magician. Ah Dai, you have passed the intermediate magician qualifications, and as the branch leader of the Magician’s Guild, I hereby bestow upon you, the title of an Intermediate Fire Attribute Magician.”

“Wait, wait a minute. Why am I only an advanced magician! Even if I haven’t reached the Mage level, I should at least be a grand magician, how did you conduct the test!”

With a bitter expression on his face, Giger replied, “Young lady, it’s not that I don’t want to let you become a grand magician, but the titles of grand magician and above, can only be bestowed by the main branch of the Magicians’ Guild, located in Bright Province, of the Prosperous Empire. I don’t have enough authority to do that!”

Xuan Yue hmpf-ed in dissatisfaction, “Okay then, I’ll let you off this time, since Bright Province is pretty close to our Holy Church, I’ll go there when I have the time.” Giger knew that the two people before him had no idea of the matters regarding a magician’s certification, so he continued to explain, “The items in your hands, one of them is a set of magician robes, and the other is a normal wooden magic staff, it can amplify your magic by 1%. There is an insignia on the magician robes, and it is proof of your identity as a magician. Apart from that, that sack with the hexagram embroidery, contains your monthly stipends; advanced magicians have a monthly stipend of 15 gold coins, while intermediate magicians have a monthly stipend of 12 gold coins. Keep the money away, while I’ll go make two magician cards for both of you, it will contain your identity and name. Usually, you will need to use the card to receive your stipends, and if your magician robes are spoilt, you can use the card and get a new set at any Magicians’ Guild nearby.” After speaking, he did not wait for Xuan Yue to ask further questions, and immediately ran back into the room.

Xuan Yue was obviously much more interested in this items as compared to Giger, so she excitedly wore her magician robes. It was white in color, and when she wore it, the huge cloak seemed to engulf Xuan Yue’s whole body within. If she lowered her head, others would not be able to see her appearance even when she walked towards them.

Ah Dai was also a child at heart, when he saw that Xuan Yue had put on the robes, he too, immediately put down the TianGang Sword behind his back and started to put on his magician robes, which were red in color. As Ah Dai had a larger stature, his magician robes were a bit tight, but he still managed to wear them. Wielding the magic staff in his hand, he really seemed like a fire attribute magician.

Xuan Yue jumped in excitement as she giggled, “This time, they won’t be able to find me, it’s so great, haha. However, this wooden staff is too ugly! I don’t want it.” As she spoke, she threw the wooden staff aside, it could only amplify her magic by 1% and to her, it was basically useless. After throwing the staff aside, Xuan Yue’s gaze now landed on Ah Dai’s sword which he had placed on the floor. “You are a magician, why do you still have a sword, unless you know martial arts? Can you actually wield such a big sword?”

“This is my TianGang Sword, I know some sword techniques.” Walking towards the TianGang Sword, Xuan Yue excitedly crouched down, and reached out her hand to grab the sword scabbard. However, with her strength, how could she lift such a heavy TianGang Sword. No matter how much she pulled, the scabbard remained motionless. In a fit of anger, she cursed, “What broken object is this! It’s so heavy, lift it up for me to see.”

[TN: broken as in ‘shitty’ i think, but since she’s a young lady, don’t think it’s appropriate for her to say ‘shitty’]

Ah Dai did not have any other choice, he was now afraid of this young lady before him, and only wished to quickly fulfil the one year’s promise and return to see his Teacher Gliss. Thus, he stretched his hands out and carried the TianGang Sword before Xuan Yue. With both of her hands grabbing hold of the sword hilt, Xuan Yue used all of her strength to tug at the sword, but no matter how hard she tried, she just simply could not move it at all.

Secretly laughing in his heart, Ah Dai informed her, “The TianGang Sword is over 70 kilograms, you are a magician, so you can’t carry it.”

Placing both of her hands on her hips, Xuan Yue breathlessly grumbled, “Even a broken sword wants to bully me. I don’t care, you must perform a few moves of your sword techniques.”

“Forget it, the sword is used to protect, I can’t simply use it for fun.”

Xuan Yue flung back the hood of her cloak as she raged, “I don’t care, you are my attendant now, if I tell you to show me, then show me you must, and you better do a good job! Quickly, quickly show me now! If not, I will, I will, I will cry for you to see!”

With a resigned look on his face, Ah Dai relented, “Okay, okay, I’ll show you.” Drawing out the TianGang Sword, he looked around him, and seeing that the walls of the back hall seemed quite sturdy, he walked over. He recalled that Giger had once said that, the walls had magic enchantments making them sturdier to attacks, therefore he wanted to cleave the walls to show Xuan Yue. He knew that the willful young miss would definitely not let things rest if she was not satisfied with the performance. However, how was he to know that, there were only magician exams taking place within the Magicians’ Guild, and thus the enchantments on the walls were only targeted towards magic attacks.

Xuan Yue rushed to Ah Dai ‘s side in excitement, “What are you going to perform for me?”

Ah Dai glanced at her, stiffly saying, “I’ll try cleaving the wall, it’s best that you stand further away, in case you get injured by the rebound force.”

A look of surprise flashed across Xuan Yue’s eyes as she joked, “You know how to show concern for others?” But as she spoke, she took a few steps back.

Actually, Ah Dai was not really concerned for her, but for himself. He was afraid that, if Xuan Yue got injured again, he would be blamed and perhaps even be extorted into becoming her attendant for a few more years.

With both of his hands gripping the TianGang Sword, he raised it high above his head, and started circulating his Boundless true qi. A faint white light that contained a trace of holy aura started emanating from him, flashing constantly together with the light from the dou qi on top of his sword. Ah Dai suddenly stepped forward, and in the cleaving stance of the TianGang Sword Technique, he swung his sword against the wall.

“NOO——” A shocked voice shrieked, but Ah Dai had already swung his sword and it was impossible for him to stop. Amidst the loud bangs, a wide hole of around 3 metres wide instantly appeared on the wall.

Both Ah Dai and Giger, who had just finished making the magician cards, were stunned; Ah Dai was shocked, while Giger was bemoaning the fact that the wall was ruined. He had spent quite some time and effort on the enchantments, but it was simply destroyed like this, so how could he not be upset. “Wah, so strong! Who knew that you actually have some skill, that’s good, you can be my bodyguard as well as my attendant.” Xuan Yue grabbed Ah Dai’s hand while jumping in glee, totally oblivious to the grim expressions of the two guys.

Ah Dai ignored Xuan Yue, and immediately bowed towards Giger, speaking in an apologetic tone, “Grand Magician Giger, I am really sorry, I didn’t know that the enchantment was not sturdy enough, I, I am willing to pay for the damages.”

Only now did Xuan Yue realise that Giger had walked in, “What’s there to pay, it was me who asked him to perform some sword techniques. If you want compensation fee, then look for my dad at the Holy Church. If you tell him that Xuan Yue had caused the damage, he will surely pay you.”

Giger was dejected as he replied, “Nevermind, nevermind, the new shall replace the old. This is your magician cards, take them and quickly leave.” If they stayed here any longer, the whole guild might be destroyed by them.

Xuan Yue giggled, taking the cards from Giger, she threw the red one towards Ah Dai while she tucked her white card into her robes. Pulling Ah Dai along, she laughed, “Come, let’s go out and play.”

Ah Dai still wanted to speak to Giger, but looking at Xuan Yue’s impatient expression, he could only leave the Magicians’ Guild with her.

Behind them, Giger was muttering to himself, “Why am I so unlucky today, ay! My poor wall! Old Huang, quickly assemble all of the magicians in the city, I need to repair the wall.”

Ah Dai and Yue Yue walked out of the Magicians’ Guild, and once they stepped outside, Yue Yue instantly let out a cheer, “Ah! I’m a magician now!” Her shout had attracted the attentions of the passers-by, and as they saw the magician robes on Ah Dai and Xuan Yue, they could not help but reveal expressions of admiration and respect. On the continent, the rarity of magicians further exemplified their preciousness. Xuan Yue scooted over to Ah Dai’s side, and used her small magic wand to tap against Ah Dai’s head, “Attendant Dai Dai, where do you say we should go and play?”

Ah Dai was unfamiliar with the continent and he was shocked upon hearing Xuan Yue’s words, “Play? You asked me to follow you just to play?”

Xuan Yue replied, as though it was expected, “Of course! I finally managed to sneak out, so I must surely play to my heart’s content. Eh, there seems to be a lot of people there, what are they doing? All of them seem to be carrying weapons like yours.” She pointed to the Mercenary Guild nearby, curiously asking Ah Dai.

“That is the Mercenary Guild, I guess it’s a place where mercenaries accept their missions.”

Immediately, Xuan Yue’s bright eyes widened as she exclaimed, “Let’s go there and take a look, there must be fun stuff there.” As she spoke, there was no hesitation as she grabbed Ah Dai’s hand and ran towards the Mercenary Guild.

Her small hand felt soft and smooth in Ah Dai’s coarse large hand, and a weird feeling coursed through Ah Dai’s body. However, Xuan Yue’s words gave Ah Dai a fright, he did not bother feeling that small gentle hand, and quickly stopped in his tracks, “No, no, let’s not go there.” He had just left the Mercenary Guild not too long ago, and he did not wish to be pestered by the people there. Furthermore, if Feng Ping saw him together with a girl, he did not know what sort of expression Feng Ping would have.

Xuan Yue was only a little girl, when Ah Dai suddenly stopped, she was pulled along. Making an ouch sound, she bumped into Ah Dai’s sturdy body, instantly shouting out.

“What are you doing? It hurts!”

Ah Dai rushed to apologize as he said, “Yue Yue, let’s not go there. I, I still have some stuff to do.” “You’ve got stuff to do? I’ve got stuff to do too? Don’t forget, you are now my attendant, and you must listen to me. If I ask you to walk East, you must walk to the East, let’s go, I insist on going to the Mercenary Guild. I’ve long heard that the Red Hurricane Tribe was the gathering place of mercenaries, now that I’m here, I must go take a look, since I love adventures!”

With a bitter expression on his face, Ah Dai mumbled, “Yue Yue, then you go first, I have some stuff to do, I’ll find you later.”

Puzzled, Xuan Yue looked at Ah Dai with her big eyes blinking, “Are you trying to escape? But you better remember! Since you’ve already promised to be my attendant for a year, if you try to escape, don’t blame me for being rough.” As she spoke, she waved the magic wand in her hand as a threat.

Ah Dai had already experience her magic first-hand, thus he hurried explained, “No, I won’t run. It’s just that I owe the steamed bun owner some money, so I need to repay him first.”

“Okay then, I’ll follow you. After you return the money, then let’s go to the Mercenary Guild.” Xuan Yue had finally found such a silly attendant, so she could not let Ah Dai escape so easily.

Ah Dai seemed to still have unspoken words, but looking at Xuan Yue’s wand that was glowing with light, he could only let her do as she pleased. The two of them were extremely eye-catching on the streets, after all, this was not a very big city, and magicians were still quite rare.

In just a few moments, Ah Dai had brought Xuan Yue to the steamed bun stall. As it was already close to mid-afternoon, the stall’s business was booming, and the fat stall owner was extremely busy attending to his customers.

Wafts of aroma drifted out from the steamed buns in the bamboo steamers, and Xuan Yue got a whiff of the delicious smell. “I didn’t know steamed buns smelled so good! I want to try some too, Ah Dai, buy some for me.” “En.” Ah Dai walked up, and started queuing behind the line of people waiting to buy steamed buns. He could wait, but Xuan Yue did not have the patience, so she walked up next to the fat stall owner, grabbed a steamed bun and took a bite. Chewing a few times, she wrinkled her brows and said, “This is just average, there’s nothing special about it.” As she spoke, she flung her hands, and under the watchful eye of the unnamed stall owner, she threw the half-bitten steamed bun on the floor.

All of this, had been seen by Ah Dai. An intense feeling of aversion and disgust surged forth in Ah Dai’s chest, as he took big strides towards Xuan Yue.

Chapter17 Threaten death

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Xuan Yue stared at Ah Dai walking towards her, asking, “What are you doing?”

Furiously giving her a glare, Ah Dai suppressed the anger in his chest, and spoke to the stall owner, “I am really sorry, I’ll give this to you, treat it as I bought that steamed bun earlier.” He grabbed a handful of gold coins from his monthly stipends, and stuffed them into the fat stall owner’s hands. The stall owner was stunned, and he got a further shock from looking at the handful of gold coins in his hands.

“Mister Magician, one steamed bun does not cost so much, and just treat it as free.” Although Ah Dai was still carrying the heavy TianGang Sword after he put on his magician robes, the stall owner did not recognize him. As a normal citizen, how could he dare offend a magician.

Lifting the hood of the cloak over his head, Ah Dai said, “Uncle, it’s me, just accept it.”

The fat stall owner got a fright as he sputtered, “Ah! You, Ah Dai, when did you become a magician.”

Ah Dai scratched his head, “I’m only an average magician, Uncle, go and handle the stall, I’ll get going first.” He bent down to pick up the steamed bun that Xuan Yue threw, then started walking away without a glance. “Hey, hey.” Xuan Yue called out, but it seemed as though Ah Dai did not hear anything as he disappeared at the bend of the street. Xuan Yue’s action of throwing away the steamed bun, had thoroughly angered Ah Dai.

Xuan Yue had been pampered since young, and since when had anyone gotten so angry at her. Hmpf-ing angrily, she chased after him. In just a short while after Ah Dai had turned the corner, Xuan Yue blocked in front of him, “What are you doing, don’t forget, you’ve already promised to be my attendant.” At the Magicians’ Guild, the reason why Xuan Yue had insisted on Ah Dai to be her attendant, was mainly for fun. She felt that the silly kid in front of her was really too easy to trick, and she also felt lonely by herself, so she found an attendant in order to have someone to talk to. In her heart, she had always looked down on Ah Dai, like how the nobility treated commoners, however, this commoner that she had looked down upon, actually ignored her just because she threw away a steamed bun.

Ah Dai coldly replied, “Do you have any business with me? From now on, I will no longer follow you, and I’m not your attendant anymore.”

Xuan Yue glared at Ah Dai while she spoke, “You don’t hold true to your words, you promised to be my attendant. All because I threw a stupid steamed bun?”

Patting away the dust on the steamed bun, Ah Dai coldly looked at her,
“In my heart, the steamed bun is much more important than you.”

Ah Dai’s words had deeply hurt Xuan Yue’s self-esteem, as she raged, “Do you want to die?” Waving her magic wand, five small light bullets instantly flew towards Ah Dai.

There was a glint in Ah Dai’s eyes as white colored Boundless dou qi covered his body, abruptly deflecting the five light bullets. Popping sounds rang out, but Ah Dai remained in his same spot. Under the repulsion from Ah Dai’s dou qi, Xuan Yue was forced a step back, causing her to be shocked. The two of them had just left the Magicians’ Guild not too long ago, their magic force was depleted and it would not have replenished in such a short time. Furthermore, at close distance, magicians would definitely not be able to defeat warriors of about the same rank. Xuan Yue looked at the dou qi on Ah Dai’s body in astonishment, its holy aura made Ah D

Ah Dai revealed an expression of revulsion as he hmpf-ed, “Then go look for your father, and stop pestering me. What’s there to be proud of, only relying on your parents. Let me repeat myself, from now onward, I’m no longer your attendant and I will not follow you anymore.” As he finished speaking, he took big strides towards Xuan Yue, and flung his arms, pushing her aside, then walking away without looking back.

Dumbfounded, Xuan Yue stood rooted to the ground. Ever since she could remember, there was no one who had ever treated her in such a way. With her self-esteem stepped on, how could she simply back off, “YOU, stop there.”

Ah Dai stopped moving, but he did not turn around and simply raised the steamed bun in his hand, “Do you know, how important steamed buns are to me? If not for this bun, I would have never be able to live till now, without this bun, there would be no me today. In my heart, the steamed buns are equivalent to my life. But you, big missy from the Holy Church, just happened to insult my life, so we can call it quits now.” Ah Dai who was in a fit of rage, did not seem to realize that he was actually very clear- headed when he was angry, he was able to convey all his thoughts clearly.

“Okay then, you, you… If you leave, I’ll die for you to see!” Xuan Yue knew that, at this moment, she would not be able to defeat Ah Dai no matter what, so she could only use her trump card — threatening.

Ah Dai’s body convulsed in anger, as he turned to face the crying Xuan Yue, “ You are a young miss from the Holy Church, and your father is one of the holy priests, why do you have to continue pestering a nobody like me. I won’t fall for your tricks, I don’t believe that, with your distinguished identity, you would do anything to harm yourself for a commoner like me. Good bye, Miss Yue Yue.”

Ah Dai cold attitude towards Xuan Yue caused her to tremble, as she quavered, “Okay, you don’t believe me right, if I die, then it’ll be your fault!” As she finished speaking, she used both hands to grip her short magic wand, and suddenly thrust towards her lower abdomen. The end of her magic wand was a sharp triangular prism, and under the sunlight, it flashed brightly.

Ah Dai was at a loss for words, he had never thought that Xuan Yue would be so stubborn, her actions were clearly for show. Instantly circulating his dou qi to his limits, and with a flash, he tried to reach out for Xuan Yue’s hands. However, Ah Dai was still some distance away and it seemed that she had already set her mind to it. When he finally managed to grab hold of her hands, a small part of the magic wand was already in her lower abdomen. With a soft moan, Xuan Yue slowly collapsed.

Immediately, Ah Dai caught Xuan Yue’s petite body within his arms, his clear-headedness disappeared as he gripped her hands tightly. Looking at the expression of pain on her face, he was at a loss of what to do.

Not too far away from the city, there was a luxurious carriage that was currently speeding towards the city, alongside ten over guards who were clad in silver armor. They were all exuding a powerful aura, and one could tell with a glance that they had profound martial arts. Within the carriage, a low voice suddenly sounded, “Ah! Not good, Yue Yue is injured. Quick, increase the speed, I can already feel her presence.”

“Yes, Your Eminence.”

Ah Dai snatched away the magic wand in Xuan Yue’s hands, and once the magic wand was pulled out from her, her pure white clothes were instantly stained red with blood. Ah Dai’s fury had long since dissipated when Xuan Yue stabbed her wand towards herself, and he quickly circulated his Boundless true qi, quickly sealing Xuan Yue’s blood vessels in order to prevent too much blood loss.

“Yue Yue, Yue Yue, please don’t die! I, I will continue to be your follower, please don’t die!”

It was the first time that Xuan Yue had experience pain in her lower abdomen, although it was very painful, she felt a tinge of pleasure at her revenge when she heard Ah Dai’s desperate cries. How would she plan to die, the magic wand had not even pierced her internal organs, it was all skin deep wounds, even if Ah Dai had not stopped her, she would have been fine. After all, Xuan Yue was a “Holy Daughter”, even though she had not learned much, she could still use light magic to heal this sort of small wounds. Slowly opening her eyes, she was greeted by Ah Dai’s concerned gaze, “Ah Dai, am I more important or is the steamed bun more important?”

Hurriedly, Ah Dai answered, “You’re more important, you’re more important, don’t speak anymore, I’ve already sealed your blood vessels. Let’s quickly find a place to treat you.” Due to her injuries, Xuan Yue’s rosy pink face had become extremely pale, seeming delicate and frail. In Ah Dai’s eyes, she was no longer some arrogant young missy.

Suddenly, a bright light flickered across Xuan Yue’s eyes as she muttered, “Not good, I can feel my father’s presence. Let’s quickly leave, he must have discovered me when I stabbed myself with the magic wand just now. Quick, quickly go.”

Ah Dai carried Xuan Yue, asking, “Then where do we go now? Your wound must be quickly inspected and bandaged first.”

Thinking for a moment, Xuan Yue replied, “Let’s go to the Magicians’ Guild. It will be safer there.”

As Giger saw Ah Dai walking over, while carrying Xuan Yue, his face immediately became ashen, “You, why have you returned?” Old Huang, who was the custodian, had already left to gather the magicians, and there was only Giger left in the guild. He was just praying to never meet the little demoness, Xuan Yue, ever again, but before he could even finish his prayers, Xuan Yue and Ah Dai had once more appeared before him.

Rudely, Xuan Yue retorted, “What? Are we unwelcome? I’m injured, and wish to stay here for a few days, how about that?” Although she was asking a question, but her tone was indisputable.

Giger was shocked, he had just realised that Xuan Yue’s lower abdomen was dyed in red, “Young Lady, what happened to you, didn’t you just leave not too long ago? Perhaps, perhaps there was actually someone in this city who dared to disrespect magicians? Who was so daring, to actually challenge our magicians’ honor, I’ll help you both confront that person.”

Ah Dai’s face turned red, but just before he could explain, Xuan Yue intercepted, “Don’t worry about how I got injured, just give me a place to rest first. If I were to die, you will surely get in trouble as well.”

“Okay, okay, quickly follow me.” Giger led them through the back hall, and through the magic on the walls, they arrived at one of the rooms in the back. The room was not very grandly decorated, but it was still well- furnished. There was a large twin-sized bed, with a three-people sofa by the side, and a table with some chairs, further in was the washroom.

Carefully placing Xuan Yue on the large bed, Ah Dai then turned to Giger and said, “Thank you very much, Grand Magician Giger.”

Giger thought to himself, There’s no need to thank me, I just wish that you will leave soon. With a bitter smile on his face, he replied, “Both of you can rest first, I’ll go get some food for you.” As he spoke, he turned and started to walk away.

“Wait,” Xuan Yue called out, “I will warn you first, there will be someone coming to the city to find me soon, do not reveal my whereabouts.”

Shocked, Giger asked, “Young lady, don’t tell me, you secretly ran out of your house?”

In a righteous tone, Xuan Yue retorted, “So what if I ran out secretly. I’m not afraid to say this now, my father is one of the four crimson-robed priests of the Holy Church, if he sees that I’m injured, he will surely be very angry, and when he becomes angry, there will usually be severe consequences. If he manages to find me here, I will surely tell him that, it was a water attribute magician named Giger that injured me. You should know what will happen next.” As she spoke, she shot Giger a smile. Xuan Yue’s smile was pretty like a spring flower in bloom, but to Giger, it seemed so evil and cunning. Cold sweat had soaked through his clothes, he could not have understood better of what a crimson-robed priest represented. Going against a crimson-robed priest, it was something that couldn’t even be resolved by dying. WHY? Why is this? The Almighty God! Haven’t I said all my prayers usually, why must you torture me so! Giger’s mind was filled with thoughts, there was only two methods to ensure his safety at this point. One was to immediately kill the two people before him, and destroy any traces of their bodies, however, even without considering about Ah Dai’s martial arts, even his conscience would not allow him to do so. The other method, was to do according to Xuan Yue’s words, and not let anyone know that she was here.

“Okay then, I admit defeat, I, Giger have never done any bad things in my life, how did I meet such a little demoness like you.”

Xuan Yue pretended to be surprised as she asked, “Eh, how did you know my nickname in the Holy Church, do you know me?”

Giger let out a bitter laugh, “How could I know you, it would be much better if I never got to know you at all. You can rest first, I’ll take my leave then.” As he finished speaking, he immediately left the room. He did not want to stay there any longer, who knows what sort of trouble Xuan Yue would cause again. Giger knew, deep within his heart, helping to hide Xuan Yue, was like hiding a ticking time bomb.

When she saw the expression that Giger had just before he left, Xuan Yue could not help but laugh, she loved tormenting people. However, her laughter affected the wound in her lower abdomen, and she uncontrollably let out a cry of pain.

Ah Dai got a scare as he immediately asked, “Yue Yue, what happened to you, why did you really attempt to kill yourself just now?”

Xuan Yue coldly hmpf-ed, “Isn’t it all because of you! I’ve heard your words just now, you promised to not leave me and continue to be my attendant. Are you going to regret it again now.” Ah Dai nodded, “En, I promise I won’t leave you, but you must also not waste food next time.”

Xuan Yue recalled Ah Dai’s words earlier, “Are steamed buns really so important to you?”

Sighing, Ah Dai nodded, “Let me help you bandage your wound first, it will be bad if the wound worsens.” As he spoke, he tried to undo Xuan Yue’s skirts. In Ah Dai’s heart, there was no such thing as the differences between man and woman, he only wanted to see how severe Xuan Yue’s wound was.

However, although Xuan Yue was only 15, girls tended to mature faster than boys, thus her face turned red as she pushed away Ah Dai’s hand, muttering, “What are you doing? Hateful! Get out first, I’ll do it myself.”

Concerned, Ah Dai questioned, “Are you really okay by yourself? Let me help you instead.”

Xuan Yue’s face instantly became as red as a tomato, “You, you, just go out! How can a girl simply let you look at her body, I can manage by myself.”

Ah Dai merely scratched his head, obviously not understanding her words, “When Xiao Mei was injured in the past, I also bandaged her! I saw her body everyday.”

Stunned, Xuan Yue asked, “Who is Xiao Mei?” “Xiao Mei is Uncle Schiel’s dog! She is a girl too, she’s very mischievous, always getting injured.”

Xuan Yue was almost angered to death by Ah Dai’s words, he had actually compared her to a dog! Throwing a light bomb towards Ah Dai, she fumed, “Get out now!”

Ah Dai got a scare as he quickly used his Boundless dou qi to withstand the attack of the light bomb. Xuan Yue was already injured and he did not dare to provoke this young missy anymore, thus he quickly left the room. Looking at Ah Dai closing the door, Xuan Yue could finally relax. Touching her red hot cheeks, she mumbled to herself, “No wonder he’s called Ah Dai, he is really so dumb.”

Xuan Yue was most aware of her own wound, and just as she had carefully removed the outermost layer of her skirts, Ah Dai suddenly stuck his head through the door, “If you can’t do it yourself, just call for me.”

Embarrassed, Xuan Yue rushed to cover herself, “Quickly go out, don’t look! If not, I’ll die again for you to see!”

Ah Dai was scared and hurriedly closed the door, he did not know why, but he felt that the red-faced Xuan Yue looked much prettier than when she was angry. Leaning against the wall, Ah Dai thought of Xuan Yue’s expression earlier when she was trying to kill herself, and could not help but feel a sliver of fear. He took out the steamed bun that Xuan Yue threw away, and started eating it.

Before he could even finish the steamed bun, Xuan Yue’s voice suddenly sounded from the room, “Ah Dai, you can come in now.”

Ah Dai grunted in agreement as he opened the door, Xuan Yue’s complexion seemed much better than before. Her magician robes were placed by the side, while she was covered in blankets, her big eyes staring at him.

“Yue Yue, is your wound better? Is it very severe?” Ah Dai asked in concern.

“I won’t die from this, come over here.” Xuan Yue snapped.

Ah Dai walked over to Xuan Yue’s side, “Yue Yue, don’t be so rash in the future, it must be so painful being stabbed!” While he spoke, he grabbed Xuan Yue’s small hand. She struggled for a while, but was unable to shake his hand away. Just as she was about to throw a fit, a warm feeling suddenly came from Ah Dai’s palm, nourishing her meridians. Her face turned red as she realized Ah Dai had good intentions, and did not speak anymore. Ah Dai circulated his Boundless true qi, checking Xuan Yue’s meridians, her wounds had already been healed by her recovery spells, causing Ah Dai not be able to find anything amiss. Sighing a breath of relief, Ah Dai asked, “It’s really all healed, Yue Yue, how did you recover so fast?”

Looking at Ah Dai’s concerned gaze, Xuan Yue felt warmth in her heart, and started to like this silly kid before her a little, “I won’t tell you, are you regretting now that I’m fine! Make a vow now.”

“I’m more than happy that you’re all better now, why will I regret! And vow? Make what vow?”

“Vow that you will be my attendant for a year! What if, what if you regret again next time?”

Ah Dai lowered his head, “I, but, I…” Mustering his courage, he raised his head and said, “Can you tell me, how do I make a vow?”

Xuan Yue could not help but laugh at Ah Dai’s silly look, “Just use your steamed buns to make a vow, aren’t they most important to you? Follow me, I, XX, vow that, from today onward, I will be Miss Xuan Yue’s attendant for a year, and I will not leave by myself, if I violate the vow, I will never be able to eat delicious steamed buns again.”

“Oh,” Ah Dai nodded, thinking for a while. “I, Ah Dai, vow that, from today onwards, I will be Miss Xuan Yue’s attendant for a year, and will not leave her side. If I violate the vow, I will never be able to eat delicious steamed buns again. Is this okay?”

‘Okay then, this is fine. Oh right, go out and take a look, if you see any knights, people who are dressed in silver armor, quickly come back and tell me.”

Curious, Ah Dai asked, “Yue Yue, your father has come to find you, but why don’t you want to return with him, does he not treat you well?”

Xuan Yue shook her head, and replied in a soft voice, “It’s not that he doesn’t treat me well, but life in the Holy Church is really too boring, it’s not fun at all, compared to the outside. After I recover, let’s go and be a mercenary for a few days, okay?”

Glancing at Xuan Yue, Ah Dai thought, If only I had a father who cared for me, wouldn’t that be great?! Thinking of a father, he could not help but think of Owen who had passed away. His eyes became red, and almost started crying.

“Ah Dai, what’s wrong?” Xuan Yue asked in astonishment, as she held Ah Dai’s hand of her own will.

Xuan Yue’s soft hand made Ah Dai feel very comfortable, and he felt much better as well. Shaking his head, he replied, “I’m fine. I’ll go out and see whether there are any silver armored knights that you mentioned.” As he spoke, he let go of Xuan Yue’s hand, and placed his bags on the table. Carrying his TianGang Sword, he left, while still thinking of the gentle feeling when Xuan Yue held his hand.

After Ah Dai had left the room, Xuan Yue muttered, “It looks like, this silly kid has quite some secrets! Hehe, I just love digging out others’ secrets.”

At the same time, just as Ah Dai stepped into the back hall, he felt some shivers run down his back. Circulating his Boundless true qi, he did not find anything abnormal, and did not think too much into it.

Currently in the back hall, there were seven or eight magicians who were under Giger’s command, setting new enchantments on the wall, while some other workers were using bricks to repair the hole that Ah Dai had made in the wall.

Seeing that Ah Dai had come out, Giger rushed up and asked in a low voice, “How is that little demoness?”

Ah Dai shook his head and replied, “Grand Magician Giger, don’t worry, Yue Yue should be fine.” Giger heaved a sigh of relief, “That’s good to hear, if something were to happen to her here, I would be in deep trouble. Ah Dai, I can tell that you are a kind child, but, sometimes, being too kind will only result in you being taken advantage of, understand? I feel that, it’s best if you stay away from that little demoness. You should know the crimson-robed priests right, the Holy Church is the most powerful force on the continent, if you happen to offend that little demoness in the future, I’m afraid, your days will not be pleasant.”

Nodding, Ah Dai replied, “Thank you Grand Magician Giger, but Yue Yue’s injured now, and I’ve already promised to be her attendant for a year, I cannot go back on my words.”

Giger let out a sigh, “You have to look out for yourself then. You must not reveal that Miss Xuan Yue is here, although this is just a remote city in the Red Hurricane Tribe, the influence of the Holy Church is still evident, I do not wish for the crimson-robed priest to come here.”

“I understand,” Ah Dai agreed, and started walk outside. Just before he could reach the door, there was shout from outside, “Is Grand Magician Giger here?” The voice got closer with each word, and just as the person spoke the last word, the door to the back hall opened, and a man walked in. He was donned in ivory robes, an ivory-robed priest, and seemed around 50 years old. There was a faint holy aura emanating from him, and he seemed dignified and imposing.

There was a change in Giger’s expression as he hurried to welcome the man, “I wondered who it was, it’s actually High Priest Harry. Please, come in and take a seat.”

Priest Harry sighed, “There’s no time for me to sit and relax, Giger. Ah! Do you know that something big has happened? An esteemed crimson- robed priest is actually coming to this small city.”

Giger pretended to be shocked, “What? His Esteemed is actually coming? What happened?” Harry shook his head, saying, “I’m not too sure of the exact details, once His Esteemed came, he ordered all of the clergy to find someone in the city, I think it was a little girl who was dressed in white, and her hair was tied in two braids. Giger, have you seen this person?”

Keeping an expressionless face, Giger replied, “I’ve seen her before.”

Ah Dai got a scare when he heard Giger’s words, thinking if Grand Magician Giger was really going to reveal Yue Yue’s whereabouts.

“Old friend, quickly tell me, there will be great merit!” Harry burst out, with a smile.

“Not too long ago, there was a young lady dressed in white who came here, she wanted to take the magician exam, and left after attaining the title of an Advanced Magician.”

Wrinkling his brows, Harry asked, “Then do you know where she went?”

Giger blankly shook his head, “I’m not too sure about that, I think maybe she went West.” The Magicians’ Guild was very close to the West gates of the city, by saying such words, he wanted to direct the crimson- robed priest’s focus outside of the city.

“OK then, I’ll quickly report this to His Esteemed. Thank you, old pal Giger.” Then, he turned and left.

Just as Harry stepped out of the back hall, suddenly all of the magicians, including Ah Dai, felt a huge tremor through their bodies, a huge surge of energy instantly covered the entire Magicians’ Guild. Shivers ran down Ah Dai’s body, he had never felt this sort of oppressive feeling before, even when facing Owen. The strong holy aura was too overpowering. The workers who were nearby, were all gasping for breath as they crouched on the ground, unable to resist the oppressive aura.

The door opened, and Harry walked in once more. Giving Giger a glance, he immediately retreated to the side, and bent over, his face full of reverence as he announced, “His Esteemed has arrived.”

Giger was filled with shock as he gave Ah Dai a look, while the other magicians gathered behind Giger, unsure of what to do. These magicians were normally most respected in this small city, but when facing one of the four esteemed crimson-robed priests of the Holy Church, none of them dared to be presumptuous.

A line of silver colored silhouettes walked in, Ah Dai observed them and realised they were the silver armored knight that Xuan Yue had described earlier. Light reflected off of their armor as they walked in, their helmets were held in their left hands, and they had a look of indifference. Once they stepped in, they separated into two rows, there was a constant faint glow on their armor from their dou qi, and on their left chests, there was a golden sword-shaped insignia.

The silver armored knight had just positioned themselves, as two streaks of white silhouettes floated in. Compared to priest Harry, the holy aura on their bodies were much denser. The two of them were completely shrouded in their ivory robes which were decorated with gold embroidery; the ivory- robed priest on the left seemed to be a female, judging by her graceful posture. They were both wielding a wooden staff in their hands, at the tip of the staff, there was a transparent round gem that exuded a milky white and gentle light, creating a sacred atmosphere that filled the back hall when they stepped in.

Under the envelopment of the holy aura, there was a chill near Ah Dai’s chest, the evil qi from the Hell’s Sword seemed to want to come out. Frightened, he immediately circulated his Boundless true qi in order to suppress the evil qi from the Hell’s Sword. A faint white light emanated from Ah Dai, and that female ivory-robed priest turned to glance at Ah Dai. What he saw, was a pair of incomparably clear blue eyes, their gentle gaze made him feel abnormally comfortable, and his body unconsciously started to relax.

The towering red figure was the last to walk into the hall, he was wearing the same sort of robes, only it was fully crimson in color, and there was gold embroidery on his cloak, with a huge magic hexagram symbol near his chest. As the crimson-robed priest walked into the room, the holy aura from the two ivory-robed priests earlier instantly became stronger. The two of them stepped to the side, letting the crimson-robed priest slowly walk forward. His hands and fingers were tucked within his long flowing sleeves, and he slowly raised his head. Two fleeting flashes of cold glints came from under his robes, but in just that short moment, all of the magicians, including Ah Dai, felt as though they were seen through, everything felt exposed and it was a truly uncomfortable feeling.

“Who is the person-in-charge here?” A deep, but charismatic voice, came out from under the robes.

Giger felt his whole body shiver as he took a few shaky steps forward, and respectfully said, “Greetings, Your Esteemed, I am the Branch Leader here.”

The crimson-robed priest slightly requited, “God bless you. Sir branch leader, I can feel that my daughter’s presence is nearby. If I’m not wrong, she should be here.”

Giger was totally unable to hide anything before this all-seeing crimson- robed priest, hesitating for a while, he nodded his head lightly.

Ah Dai was shocked, but after thinking for a little, he figured that these people would probably not harm Xuan Yue, it should be fine. The change within his heart seemed to have been found out by the crimson-robed priest, as he turned to face Ah Dai, “Authentic holy dou qi, not bad, having such achievements at a young age is not very simple. A fire attribute magician that has holy dou qi, very interesting… You should know where my daughter is, bring me to her.” Although the crimson-robed priest’s tone was very calm, there seemed to be an indisputable might behind his words.

Chapter18 Cardinal

So we are finally back, hopefully we can get this going more regularly. There are a few changes that we might make to this translation soon, which would enable this translation to make a lot more sense in English. With that said, enjoy the new chapter~


Ah Dai had wanted to reject, but he was unable to move his body. It was not an uncomfortable feeling, but it was simply the huge pressure coming from the tremendous holy force. His mind was fuzzy as he subconsciously started walking towards Xuan Yue’s room. The crimson-robed priest did not resume speaking and simply trailed after Ah Dai, along with the two ivory- robed priests, under the watchful gazes of the silver armored knights. He had totally ignored Giger, who was nearby trembling with fear. Only when Ah Dai had reached the room did he finally regain his senses, he immediately turned around to face the crimson-robed priest, exclaiming in shock, “You, what did you do to me?”

The crimson-robed priest merely spoke” It was the God’s guidance. Go and open the door.”

Ah Dai understood, at this point, Xuan Yue really could not hide anymore and helplessly, he could only push open the door. To his surprise, there was no one in the room, there was only a blood-stained white magician robe on the messy bed.

The crimson-robed priest seemed to have expected this as he sighed,
“This lass, she’s really becoming more naughty, ay——” That female ivory-robed priest hastened her footsteps and walked up to the bed, picking up the blood-stained magician robe. Her voice was quavering as she muttered, “Ah! Yue Yue really got injured!” She had an abnormally gentle and melodious voice, it was like the voice of a fairy who had descended. Even amidst panic, her voice still remained bewitching/enchanting.

“Nasha, calm down, Yue Yue will be fine. Let’s go back to the hall first.”

Walking up, the female ivory-robed priest yanked off her hood, raging, “That is my daughter, how can I calm down? Aren’t you all-knowing, quickly find Yue Yue, if anything happens to her, I do not want to live either!”

Ah Dai stared dumbly at the ivory-robed priest, her long blue hair cascaded down her back after she took off her hood, and she revealed her white, rosy cheeks. She had the same brilliant blue eyes as Xuan Yue, but with a tinge of worry, and she seemed to be only about 28 or 29 years old. There was a trace of sadness on her beautiful face, her eyebrows also hinted at her worries. It was a familiar face, ah! Right, Xuan Yue seemed to look exactly like her.

The crimson-robed priest seemed to be slightly embarrassed as he coughed, while helping Nasha put on her hood, “I’ve already calculated, nothing will happen to Yue Yue. We’re outside now, do not go overboard.”

Seeming to have realized that she had indeed went overboard, Nasha lowered her head and kept quiet, but her hands that were clutching the magician robes were still trembling.

Turning to Ah Dai, the crimson-robed priest said, “Little friend, let’s go back to the hall, I’ve got questions to ask you.”

Under the enormous pressure from the group of people, Ah Dai was simply unable to have any thoughts of resistance, and could only follow them back to the back hall. Currently, Giger was still standing at the same spot, and after seeing that there was no sign of Xuan Yue, his face instantly became paler.

The crimson-robed priest walked up to Giger, “Tell me, everything that happened after you met my daughter.”

Giger lowered his head and replied respectfully, “Yes, Your Esteemed. Today afternoon……” He did not dare to hide anything, and revealed every single detail, from how Xuan Yue came here, to how she took the magician’s exam. “… … Finally, your precious daughter ( 另千⾦) and
this little fella left the guild together, when they came back, your daughter
was already injured.” As the crimson-robed priest heard that Ah Dai had used the ring to absorb Xuan Yue’s magic force, he could not help but glanced at Ah Dai. Ah Dai shuddered, seeming to have been struck by a large force, it was the mental power of the crimson-robed priest.

Turning towards Ah Dai, he lightly spoke, “Tell me everything that happened outside, do not leave out a single detail.”

Ah Dai was stunned for a moment, the pressure on his body seemed to have lessened as he slightly stretched his limbs, replying, “Uncle, don’t worry, Yue Yue’s injuries have already healed, she should be fine, perhaps she ran away because she didn’t want to see you.” Ah Dai did not know why, but he felt a sense of closeness to the beautiful ivory-robed priest, while he felt immense respect for the crimson-robed priest.

One of the silver armored knights suddenly shouted, “Audacious! Who allowed you to speak in such a manner to His Esteemed, is the young miss’ nickname for you to call?”

“Let him go on. Little friend, tell me everything that you know. This daughter of mine has already left home for several days, I wish to find her quickly.”

“En,” Ah Dai agreed and told him everything, how Xuan Yue made him her attendant, and how he went to the bun stall to return money, as well as how she got hurt afterwards. “So, my daughter tried to kill herself because she was angry with you?”
The crimson-robed priest’ tone became colder as he said this.

Ah Dai scratched his head, “I guess so.”

Letting out a sigh, the crimson-robed priest shook his head as he said, “This daughter of mine, is really too willful, and I’m really sorry that she has caused you trouble. Mister Giger, if you see her in the future, I hope that you can make her stay, and inform the Church in this town, is that possible?”

Giger quickly replied, “It would be an honor.”

Turning to Ah Dai, the crimson-robed priest continued, “My daughter was at fault, and as her father, I apologize on her behalf.”

“No no, you don’t have to apologize, I am at fault as well, if I hadn’t gotten angry at her, she would not have been hurt.”

The crimson-robed priest suddenly changed his tone as he said coldly, “Although my daughter was at fault, as her father, I will never allow her to suffer any grievances. Do you know? This is the first time that my daughter has gotten injured. To fulfill my duties as a father, I want to discuss with you a little.”

Giger got a huge shock, the crimson-robed priest wanted to “discuss” with Ah Dai? Does he want to take Ah Dai’s life? “Your Esteemed, Ah Dai is just a child, and his thinking is also a little slow, you… …”

The golden hexagram star on the crimson-robed priest’s chest suddenly lit up, and a huge golden barrier surrounded Ah Dai. “He is still not fit for me to personally instruct, for ten years, I had never acted against others. Yinsan (3rd silver knight), go and exchange three moves with him. Little friend, if you can handle three moves of his, I’ll let this matter pass.”

The tremendous holy force caused Ah Dai to be unable to move at all, and he struggled while shouting, “Uncle, I, I don’t want to fight with you.” He did not understand why, the amiable crimson-robed priest suddenly restricted his movements.

A silver light flashed, and a silver armored knight jumped into the barrier. He drew out his long sword and gave a knight’s salute, “God bless, please advise.”

Nasha pulled the crimson-robed priest’ sleeve, and said in a low voice, “Forget it, this matter can’t be blamed on this kid, I can tell that he is a kind child.” She did not understand why her husband, who was always very reasonable, would go and make things difficult for a child who was only in his teens.

The crimson-robed priest’s voice sounded in her mind, “I know that this child’s character is not bad, I just wanted to test him, and see if he is qualified to become a member of the Preparatory Inquisitors.”

Hearing the explanation, Nasha came to understand, and nodded slightly. The crimson-robed priest gently held her hand as he said, ‘I’ve already sensed where Yue Yue is, however, this time I won’t make her return so early. This lass, is really too naughty, we should let her undergo some hardships, if not, if she doesn’t work hard to cultivate, how can she succeed me and my father’s positions.” In his heart, his wife and daughter were much more important than the matters in the Holy Church.

Feeling her husband’s gentleness, Nasha leaned closer towards him, their gazes landing on the center of barrier.

Ah Dai’s body felt lighter as all of the pressure disappeared. The silver armored knight had an expressionless look as he looked at Ah Dai, with his long sword gleaming in a shimmer of silver light. Drawing out the TianGang Sword on his back, Ah Dai thought, I’ve already fought against Feng Ping for no reason, and now, I have to fight again? This society is really complicated, it was much better back in Sweetrock Town and the Illusionary Forest, I can live a peaceful life there. Yue Yue! You really have caused quite a lot of trouble… The crimson-robed priest was slightly shocked when he saw the five feet long TianGang Sword in Ah Dai’s hands, “So he is actually a younger generation of the disciples under the TianGang Sword Saint. En, I can rest assured about his character.”

“Please,” the silver armored knight coldly said.

Ah Dai did not hold back either, as he let out a shout while quickly circulating the boundless true qi in his body. A faint layer of white light instantly appeared over his red magician robes. He raised the TianGang Sword high up, in his eyes, there was no longer any silver armored knight before him, but only the tempestuous rough waves. After all, cleaving was the move that he was most familiar with. The five feet long blade of TianGang Sword instantly emanated a radiance, and the dou qi became much more condensed, causing the silver armored knight to suddenly feel that the youth before him was becoming like a tall and straight mountain. However, with his status, he would not take the chance to attack while his opponent was still gathering his power, and he did not believe that the youth who was still in his teens would be able to be of any threat to him. He swung the silver sword in his hands, and a silver light burst out, he used his strong battle intent to contain Ah Dai’s aura.

Ah Dai’s eyes narrowed into slits, his power suddenly burst out, and the TianGang Sword shot forward together with him, as if wanting to split the heavens. Its aura was firmly locked onto the silver armored knight, preventing him from dodging. The knight could not help but be in praise, “Good stance and momentum.” The silver sword in his hand was held up in the air, as it continuously struck the TianGang Sword twenty-seven times. Each strand of dou qi were like sharp needles as they pierced through Ah Dai’s boundless true qi.

Ah Dai’s boundless dou qi was after all, one of the authentic superior dou qi on the continent, although Yinsan’s sharp dou qi had extreme piercing power, it was still unable to reach Ah Dai’s body, and was dissipated by the dou qi on the TianGang Sword. Of course, in order to dissipate his opponent’s attack, Ah Dai’s cleaving slowed down a little. “Clang——” One long one short, one heavy one light, the two swords clashed in mid air. The TianGang Sword’s weight, coupled with the rushing force and Ah Dai’s dou qi, it created an astonishing effect. This was Ah Dai’s full force strike under the threat of danger, and he had displayed 120% of his potential, one-third more than when he had fought against Feng Ping. The silver armored knight’s body actually shook from the impact, while Ah Dai was sent back to his starting point.

The impact caused a surge of blood to rush through Ah Dai’s body, his opponent was able to force him backwards even after such an impact. He knew that, compared to the silver armored knight, there was an insurmountable gap between them. Ah Dai was resolute, as he started murmuring the incantation for the flame spell, raising up his TianGang Sword once more.

Actually, the silver armored knight was not all unscathed either, although his martial arts were more profound than Ah Dai’s, the strike from Ah Dai just now had exceeded his expectations, it was a heavy cleave of at least thousand kilograms of force! To a knight like him, who was not proficient at strength, forcefully taking on such a heavy attack was an extremely painful thing. He had finally suppressed the surge of blood with much difficulty, but he was shocked to discover, Ah Dai’s broadsword that was originally radiating with white holy light suddenly lit up in deep blue flames. Those flames, were gathered from the most authentic fire elements, and the deep blue color indicated high temperature of the flames.

Ah Dai was already at his limits, the magic force within his body was only sufficient for him to attack once, but in order to live on, he could only give his all.

The silver armored knight would not allow Ah Dai to have the chance to gather his energy for the final strike, thus, wielding his sword, he turned into a silver silhouette as he rushed towards Ah Dai.

There was an extreme temperature on TianGang Sword, as Ah Dai compressed all of the boundless true qi within his body onto his hands. To him, the silver flash shooting towards him was like a wave heading for the shore; although it had an imposing aura, its power was not concentrated. Without any hesitation, Ah Dai executed the same cleave, only this time, there was blue within the white radiance on TianGang Sword.

Once more, the silver armored knight miscalculated, he could clearly sense that, if he were to aim for Ah Dai’s vital points, then he would surely be hit by Ah Dai’s attack. That sort of ferocious attack, was not something that could simply be blocked with the fleshly body. Not to mention, the hall was already narrow, and there were so many people around, the crimson- robed priest’s barrier was not very big, and Yinsan could not fully execute all of his skills to their fullest potential. In that instant, Yinsan made his decision, his life was still more important. Out of desperation, he had to change move in mid air, and charge against Ah Dai’s TianGang Sword head-on.

This time, the silver armored knight was at a great disadvantage, his body was in the air and there was nowhere for him to exert his power. Furthermore, he was in the midst of changing his move, and before he could even charge up his skill, he was instantly sent flying from Ah Dai’s full force attack. The searing flames had even burnt most of his golden long hair, and he staggered all the way back to the edge of the barrier before he could regain his footing.

However, Ah Dai was not alright either, although he had not used the earth-shattering strike, he only had less than 2% of his power left, and he was unable to use the same attack once more.

Yinsan was furious, and his dou qi suddenly increased. He was about to use his full power, Ah Dai had burnt his hair, causing a trace of killing intent to appear in his eyes.

“Enough, stop now.” Just as Yinsan was about to strike out, he was blocked by a layer of invisible barrier. With the crimson-robed priest level of power, how could he not see that Ah Dai had fully depleted his energy.

Ah Dai let out a breath of relief, as he used the TianGang Sword to support his body, while continuously panting. The boundless true qi within his body was circulating non-stop, but in order for him to recover to his prime condition, it would take quite some time. There was a flash of red, and the crimson-robed priest appeared before him. Pressing his palm against Ah Dai’s shoulder, he chanted, “By the power of the great Heavenly God, please bestow upon your loyal followers the powers of recovery. May light banish the darkness, and may God always bless you. Divine Blessing.” A white glow appeared from the crimson-robed priest’s hand, instantly enveloping Ah Dai within.

Ah Dai got a fright, and quickly mustered up his remaining true qi to fully cover the Hell’s Sword near his chest. He did not dare to imagine what would happen if this crimson-robed priest before him found out that he was carrying the Hell’s Sword.

The light that enveloped him was incredibly gentle and warm, and the boundless true qi in Ah Dai’s body recovered at a rapid rate under the vast holy aura. In just a while, his boundless true qi had already surpassed the original amount. Ah Dai’s body suddenly jerked as the vast amount true qi surged forth like a raging wave, breaking through the barrier of one of the meridians near his chest. Under his control, his dantian and the meridians near by were instantly filled with true qi. Ah Dai was full of delight, he had finally managed to breakthrough the bottleneck of the Fourth Stage of the Boundless Life Art, and reached the Fifth Stage. All of this, was only made possible with the help of the crimson-robed priest. The crimson-robed priest removed his hand, but the white light on Ah Dai’s body did not seem to weaken at all. A voice sounded in Ah Dai’s head, “Little friend, you are called Ah Dai right, since you have connections with the TianGang Sword School, I can be at ease now. You’ve said that, you have promised to be my daughter’s attendant, so I hope that you can fulfill this promise. Your boundless true qi have already reached the Fifth Stage, and it should be enough for protecting yourself in normal circumstances. My daughter is very mischievous, but I hope that you can put up with her. Temporarily, I won’t bring her home, it is good to let her experience some hardships of the outside world. Let’s set a year as the limit, if the both of you face some danger in the future, just open the scroll in your hand. At the same time, the ring on your left index finger seems very familiar, I’ll go back and ask the Supreme Pontiff about it, it should be some kind of godly instrument, protect it well. If my daughter can become more sensible a year later, I will recommend you to the Church Inquisitor branch. At the moment, you mustn’t move, you need to circulate the boundless true qi in your body for 49 cycles, before you can fully reach the Fifth Stage.”

Of course, Ah Dai did not dare to move at all, the boundless true qi surging in his body seemed to almost burst him apart. Fortunately, he had remembered the mnemonic for the Fifth Stage and quickly started circulating his qi. The crimson-robed priest’s words were etched in his heart as he felt warmth all over, soon entering the state of cultivation.

The crimson-robed priest let out a sigh as he turned to Giger, “From now onward, no one is to disturb him. After a period of time, he will awake by himself. If my daughter comes back, you need not inform the Church either. Let’s go.” As he finished speaking, he floated out of the room, along with the ivory-robed priests and the silver armored knights, and left the Magicians’ Guild.

Just as the crimson-robed priest had left with his followers, Giger instantly fell limp onto the floor. The immense pressure from the vast holy aura was really too strong, his inner clothes and magician robes were already thoroughly soaked with sweat. Now, he was finally able to understand why the forces of the Holy Church were so powerful, if he did not guess wrong, the crimson-robed priest just now should definitely have the power of a Mage.

Returning to the carriage, Nasha could not help but ask, “Ye, are you really not going to bring our daughter back?”

The crimson-robed priest Xuan Ye let out a smile, “Nasha, our daughter will be safe, the amount of magic treasures that she has is even more than mine. She is already 15 years old, it is time for her to experience the world. That child earlier has a kind nature, and he has some basic skills and foundation. Furthermore his life force is extremely bountiful, and he definitely has the potential to become a sword saint. You should know, in the TianGang Sword School, reaching the Fifth Stage of the Boundless Life Art before 20 years old is exceedingly rare. Under the help of my Divine Blessing, the little kid just now has already reached the Fifth Stage. He has great potential, and I can be at ease to let my daughter follow such a person.” Nasha thought of Ah Dai’s innocent gaze and could not help but smile,
“Indeed, he is a silly kid. However, I am still worried.”

“A loving mother will only spoil her children, that lass has been too pampered,” the crimson-robed priest sighed.

Furrowing her brows, Nasha retorted, “Then do you have any methods? Don’t you and father pamper her too? Blaming me, you still blame me!” She raised her voice, and the silver armored knights outside could almost hear her.

The other ivory-robed priest turned his head to the window, pretending that he had seen nothing.

The crimson-robed priest immediately pulled Nasha into his embrace, smiling apologetically, “It’s my fault, it’s my fault, I have pampered Yue Yue too much, don’t be angry anymore. I’ve given that kid a summoning scroll, if they are in danger, I will know immediately.”

Nasha let out a hmpf, but her body subconsciously leaned into the embrace, “I don’t care anymore, letting Yue Yue experience the outside world is okay, but, if anything were to happen to her, I will find you.” Reaching over to the crimson-robed priest’s ear, she whispered, “I’ll punish you to sleep on the sofa for your whole life.”

The crimson-robed priest stiffened as he let out a bitter laugh, “Ay, I will do as you say and send some people to protect them.”

Nasha looked at her husband who had given in, and there was a look of satisfaction in her eyes as she said in a gentle voice, “Hubby, you are the best.”

Hugging his wife tightly, the crimson-robed priest caught a whiff of the scent from her hair, “I wonder if the other cardinals have found any trace of the savior, it has been 5 years and yet we haven’t gotten any information!” There was a slight change in Nasha’s expression as she sighed, “It’s hard to predict Heaven’s will, how can the thousand-year calamity be so easily passed, we can only take a step at a time.”

Not too long after the crimson-robed priest had left, a white silhouette quietly sneaked back into the Magicians’ Guild. It was precisely Xuan Yue. There was a weak mental connection between her and her father, thus when the crimson-robed priest had come close, she knew something was amiss and quickly escaped through the window. She hid in a spot not too far after she ran out, and secretly observed the luxurious carriage, all the way till her parents had left, before she finally walked out and sneaked back into the guild.

Once she entered the hall, Xuan Yue saw Ah Dai, who was emanating a bright radiance from his whole body. Just as she was about to jump over, she was stopped by Giger. “Young miss, you’ve finally returned, you’ve almost got me killed! Your father had just left.”

Xuan Yue let out a giggle, “Giger, Grand——Magician, aren’t you a little too cowardly, my father is a priest, not a mass murderer, rest assured, he will not randomly kill people. What’s happening to Ah Dai, why is he glowing with light and sitting there like a vegetable?”

Suddenly, her face became paler as she gasped, “Did my father find out that I got injured because of him?”

Giger had a bitter smile on his face as he said, “Your father has indeed found out, under his powerful holy force, who will be able to lie? Little ancestor, I really am afraid of you.”

Worried, Xuan Yue anxiously asked, “My, my father couldn’t have possibly done anything to Ah Dai right, I didn’t mean to harm Ah Dai!” Although she was very willful, she still had a kind nature. Despite not having spent a long time together with Ah Dai, she did not wish to harm Ah Dai.

Giger grabbed hold of Xuan Yue, who was about to rush over, “You’ve already said it, your father is not a mass murderer, he did not specifically blame Ah Dai, but only let him exchange two moves with the silver armored knight from the Inquisitor branch. It was an eye-opener, a magician could actually go hold his own against a silver armored knight for two moves. However, Ah Dai seemed to have thoroughly exhausted himself, and your father gave him a Divine Blessing, then told us not to disturb him. After a while, he will awake by himself.”

Xuan Yue let out a sigh of relief as she clutched at her heaving chest, “Divine Blessing, then it should be alright. Grand—— Magician Giger, I’m hungry, I want to eat.”

Sighing, Giger relented, “Just call me Giger will do, after seeing your father, how can I still dare to be called some Grand—— Magician. I’ll go get some food for you, but you mustn’t disturb Ah Dai. He seems to be cultivating some dou qi art, and if there are any disturbances, it is very easy for him to fall into deprivation.”

“Okay, okay, I got it, don’t worry.” The faint connection to her father has totally disappeared, implying that they were already quite far away. Without the threat of ‘capture’, Xuan Yue felt much more at ease. She crouched down near Ah Dai, staring at the silly youth in front of her. She could not help but recall Ah Dai’s worried look when she got injured, and thought to herself, “This silly kid, is really so kind, he had even wanted to undo my skirts.. Aiya, it’s so embarrassing!” Thinking of this, Xuan Yue’s pretty face suddenly started turning red.

At the same time while Xuan Yue was mulling over her thoughts, Ah Dai had reached a critical juncture in his cultivation. Due to his strong mental force, it was much easier for him to control the boundless true qi in his body. However, the Fifth Stage of the Boundless Life Art was an important threshold, only after reaching the Fifth Stage, can one continue to gradually progress. Cultivation become more difficult with each stage, but comparatively, after the Fifth Stage, which each new stage of advancement, there would be a greater rise in power.

The dou qi in Ah Dai was undergoing a restructuring process and was gradually compressed. Finally, when he had circulated the dou qi for 36 cycles, the first drop of dou qi in liquid state appeared in his body. The swelling dou qi instantly converged a little, allowing Ah Dai to feel more comfortable. With each cycle, there would be more drops of this liquid dou qi, and when the 49th cycle was completed, a small lump of liquid boundless true qi had appeared within Ah Dai’s dantian, glowing with holy light. What Ah Dai did not know was that, when the true qi had become liquid, it had absorbed a small part of the energy that the Fruit of Rebirth had scattered through his meridians. This caused his true qi to contain even more life force and a relentless energy.

Letting out a long breath, the white radiance covering Ah Dai’s body started to dim. As he finally awoke from cultivation, he was shocked to discover that Xuan Yue was sitting before him. She had fallen asleep against the chair, and next to her, there was a small basket on the floor, with some steamed buns and a plate of marinated meat.

Looking at Xuan Yue once more, there was a strange feeling in Ah Dai’s heart. Xuan Yue’s long eyelashes were fluttering, and her rosy little cheeks moved as she dreamed, she was obviously in an uncomfortable position. Lightly stroking Xuan Yue’s braid, Ah Dai hurriedly ate the remaining food, before carefully lifting her up and walking towards the room.

Xuan Yue was very light, and she seemed to be even lighter than the TianGang Sword. Warmth seeped through the layers of clothing from her soft flesh into Ah Dai’s palms, and suddenly Ah Dai’s face felt hot.

“En.” Xuan Yue’s arm loped across Ah Dai’s neck as she burrowed her head into his shoulders. Having found a more comfortable position, she fell asleep once more.

Ah Dai used his legs to gently kick open the door as he carried Xuan Yue into the room. He closed the door and wanted to place Xuan Yue onto the bed. However, her grip around his neck was very tight, and she would not let go no matter what. Ah Dai was afraid of waking her up, so he did not struggle further, and he had no choice but to lie down next to her, while covering her up with a blanket.

In just a day, Ah Dai had experienced two challenges, and both of his opponents were stronger to him. In addition, he had expended quite some mental force during the magician exam. Waves of fatigue crashed upon him as he could not help but drift into sleep. His arms naturally curled around Xuan Yue’s slim waist, while she snuggled closer to him with her arms still around his neck. Perhaps it was more comfortable, as she slept even more soundly.


At dawn.

“AH——” A sharp cry aroused Ah Dai from his sweet dreams, he was dreaming about helping Teacher Gliss with his magic experiments. Rubbing his eyes, he saw the sight before him. Xuan Yue had her mouth open while staring dumbfounded at him, her body was still in his embrace. It was a soft feeling, of indescribable comfort.

Xuan Yue had just awoken as well, in her dreams, she thought that she was sleeping within her mother’s embrace. After running out for so many days, this was the best sleep that she had. However, when she woke up, she was shocked to discover that she was not sleeping in her mother’s arms, but rather, in the arms of that silly kid. Letting out a scream, her brain suddenly blanked out, unable to process anything.

Ah Dai did not seem to sense anything amiss as he smiled, “You’re awake, did you have a good sleep last night?”

Xuan Yue’s voice was trembling as she asked, “You, you.. What did you do to me yesterday?”

Stunned, Ah Dai replied, “I didn’t do anything! I saw that you fell asleep on the chair, and didn’t seem comfortable, so I carried you back to the room. But you were holding on tightly to my neck, you wouldn’t let go no matter what. I was afraid of waking you up, so I had to sleep like this. What’s wrong?”

Xuan Yue’s face instantly became pale as she fiercely kicked Ah Dai down the bed, crying, “You still dare to ask me what’s wrong? What have you done! You, you’ve ruined my innocence, I’m going to kill you!” As she shouted, she picked up her magic wand and started to use magic.

For no reason, Ah Dai was kicked out of the bed. Seeing that Xuan Yue was about to use magic, he quickly grabbed hold of her hand, “Yue Yue, why are you doing this? What has happened exactly?”

The door suddenly opened as Giger stuck his head through the door,
“Miss Xuan Yue, is anything wrong?”

Her whole body was trembling as she pointed towards Ah Dai, “He, he has ruined my innocence, I am going to kill him.”

Chapter19 Mercenary union

Giger got a scare as he croaked out, “… What?” If the daughter of the crimson-robed priest were to be sullied here, he would face a consequence that would be worse than death. He did not have time to think and immediately executed an ice awl magic, shooting it towards Ah Dai.

Just as Ah Dai was about to explain, the huge ice awl had already arrived before him. He could not dodge it, because Xuan Yue was right behind him. Clenching his teeth, his boundless dou qi burst forth as he landed a huge punch onto the ice awl.

With a loud bang, the ice awl shattered into pieces, however, one of the ice shards pierced through Ah Dai’s arm. Fresh blood instantly stained the whole bed red.

“Grand magician Giger, listen to me, I’ve really done nothing at all!”

After letting out at ice awl, Giger regretted, no matter how he saw it, Ah Dai did not seem like that kind of person. Furthermore, it was still unsure if a silly kid like him would actually do such a thing. Also, both Xuan Yue and Ah Dai’s clothes were very neat, and Xuan Yue was still wrapped within the blankets, … …

“What exactly happened here?” Giger asked, furrowing his brows.

Ah Dai sealed the blood vessels on his arms while replying, “I don’t know what happened either. Early in the morning when I woke up, she suddenly started screaming about killing me, … …” He quickly recounted everything that happened yesterday night. After hearing Ah Dai’s recount, Giger finally heaved a sigh of relief. Walking over to the bed, he scolded Ah Dai, “You silly kid, don’t you know anything about male and female relations? How can you sleep together with a girl!” Turning to Xuan Yue, he then continued in a gentle voice, “Miss Xuan Yue, if what Ah Dai said is true, then he should not have done anything. Look, his arm is already pierced by my ice awl, don’t blame him anymore.”

Actually, Xuan Yue only knew a little about the stuff between males and females, so when she heard Giger’s words, she sniffled, “Really? But, but he slept together with me, will I get pregnant? I don’t want to have kids! What if, he turns out to be as dumb as him, I… …, I don’t want to live anymore.”

Xuan Yue’s words had thoroughly hurt Ah Dai’s feelings, he thought, So it seems that, in Xuan Yue’s eyes, I’m just a dumb and silly idiot… Yes, I am indeed dumb! Taking two steps back, Ah Dai stood in a corner, a faint layer of frost gradually appearing in his eyes.

Listening to Xuan Yue’s words, Giger let out an embarrassing laugh, “How can this be, Miss Xuan Yue, if they do not do “that”, there will be no child. Ah Dai is definitely not that type of person. Furthermore, doesn’t your body feel fine? Ah Dai, quickly apologize to Miss Xuan Yue.”

Ah Dai let out a grunt of acknowledgement and walked over to the front of the bed, with his head bowed, “I am sorry Miss Xuan Yue, I am just a country bumpkin, I’ve only just entered the continent, and I don’t know anything, sorry for making you feel wronged. I promise, in the future, I will never ever touch a single hair on you, and only be your attendant.” After he finished speaking, he retreated once more, into his original position. As for why he was still willing to remain, was firstly because he had already made a vow, and he could not bear to give up the delicious steamed buns. Secondly, he felt that he that he had owed the crimson-robed priest a favor, without the help from the Divine Blessing, it would take quite some time before he could reach the Fifth Stage of the Boundless Life Art.

Giger did not sense the change in Ah Dai& Hmpf-ing, Xuan Yue wiped away her tears and retorted, “My clothes were all dirtied by blood yesterday, go get me another set, I want the exact same ones. Also, I want another set of magician robes, I’ll leave later.”

Giger could not help but wish that she would leave faster, and quickly agreed, rushing out to find new clothes.

After Giger left, there was only Ah Dai and Xuan Yue left in the room, and the atmosphere was still awkward. Xuan Yue had already stopped crying and only after Giger had left, did she see the large pool of blood on the bed. Although Ah Dai had already sealed the blood vessels on his arm, the wound was too large, causing some blood to still flow out constantly. She did not know why, but she suddenly felt a tinge of sadness and guilt. She knew that Ah Dai would not have done anything to her, and the fuss earlier, was just for her to vent her disatisfaction. Deep within her heart, she always felt that Ah Dai was not of the same class as her, and she had a sense of superiority.

“Ah Dai, come, let me help you treat your wounds.”

Ah Dai looked at his own arm, the icy feeling from the shard had already disappeared, and waves of pain surged forth. The attack from Giger was too sudden, thus his protective dou qi simply had no time to fully protect himself. Fortunately, the ice shard had not pierced through his bones, but the loss of blood made him feel extremely fatigued.

“No, it’s fine, I can manage.” Ah Dai tore a strip of his clothes, using his teeth to clench one end, while he used his right hand to bandage his wound. The extreme pain caused his forehead to be filled with sweat.

Xuan Yue hmpf-ed, “Okay then, do you really think I was willing to waste my magic force on you?” Although this was what she said, her gaze still did not leave Ah Dai’s wound.

“Yeah! How can I bother you with such a small wound,” Ah Dai merely remarked, as he spoke, he grabbed his bags and walked out.

“Where are you going?” Opening the door, Ah Dai replied, “I’ll go wash and change my clothes, in case I dirty your eyes.” He closed the door and walked out.

Once Ah Dai had gone, Xuan Yue was completely stunned. When Ah Dai was taking his bags, she caught a look of coldness in his his eyes, and she did not know why Ah Dai seemed to have become a totally different person, even his way of speech has changed, he no longer seemed to have his silly demeanor. Could it, could it be that he is like this because I didn’t let him sleep together with me? But, I am a girl after all, how can I be so close with him. Hmpf, I shan’t care about him, he’s only my attendant, as long as he follows me, who cares what he’s thinking about!

In just a while, Ah Dai returned to the room. However, his face seemed much paler than before, as he carried a tray with breakfast in his right hand, while his injured left arm fell limp at his side.

Placing the tray in front of Xuan Yue, Ah Dai said, “Miss Xuan Yue, please eat breakfast.”

Xuan Yue gave him a glance and asked, “Aren’t you eating? Why is there so little food.”

Ah Dai shook his head, “I am your attendant, how can I eat together with you, I’ll go out to eat. If there’s anything just call for me.” When he finished speaking, he turned and left.

Walking out of the room, Ah Dai let out the deep breath that he was holding. He held back the sadness within his heart as he let out a self- deprecating smile, muttering to himself, “That’s right! I am a thief at birth, while she is the young miss of the Holy Church, of course she will look down on me. One year, one year more? Teacher Gliss, I will have to delay another year before I can return to see you.”

“What’s wrong, Ah Dai? You don’t seem very happy!” Giger’s voice sounded.

Ah Dai raised his head and looked at Giger, there was a faint smile on the old magician’s face. “I’m fine. Thank you for your concern.” Giger sighed, “Child, I was really too rash just now, and caused you to suffer such a heavy injury. Come, I’ll use my water attribute healing magic to treat you. The wound is so big, if you do not treat it now, there may be negative consequences in the future.”

Ah Dai lightly nodded, towards Giger, he was still very respectful.

Under Giger’s treatment, Ah Dai could now move his left arm, and his complexion seemed much better after eating breakfast.

“Little lad, when you follow that ‘little ancestor’ in the future, you must be careful. Her backing is really too powerful, no matter you or me, we both can’t offend her, or you might suffer in the future days.”

Ah Dai lowered his head and remained silent.

Giger continued, “Try your best to keep a distance from her, you must never go too close.” Suddenly, Giger seemed more serious as he said this, “Especially, you must never fall in love with her! Or else you will suffer for life, there is an insurmountable gap between the both of you!”

With the same self-deprecating smile, Ah Dai replied, “Grand magician Giger, you’re thinking too much, how can anything happen between me and Miss Xuan Yue? We are simply worlds apart.”

“Don’t belittle yourself too much, to have such accomplishments at such a young age isn’t easy at all. Okay, go and rest a while first, I’ll go deliver the items that that little demoness wants. Oh right, your clothes are dirty as well, I’ve prepared a set of new magician robes for you, go and change into them.”

Wearing the new magician robes, Ah Dai stretched his body. Although the wound on his arm was much better, waves of pain still came from it. The boundless true qi within Ah Dai continuously circulated, healing the injured blood vessels on his arm. Yesterday night, he had slept very comfortably, and his original impression of Xuan Yue had improved considerably. However, after the chaos this morning, Ah Dai’s heart had become cold. He had completely closed off his heart, and would never open his heart so easily again.

Touching the Hell’s Sword near his chest, Ah Dai suddenly remembered, his boundless true qi had reached the Fifth Stage, this meant that, he could start practicing the first move of the Hell’s Sword Nine Techniques. As he thought of this, his heart could not help but start trembling. That strong power was long imprinted within his mind. At the same time, that sense of evil lingered around him, after all, the Hell’s Sword was an extreme evil! He did not want to recklessly kill innocents, but Owen’s words before his death continuously struck a chord within Ah Dai, “There are no absolutes in life. If you use it with kind intentions, then you will be kind; if you use it with evil intentions, then you will be evil” Clenching his teeth, Ah Dai made his decision, to follow Owen’s instructions, and find opportunities to practice the Hell’s Sword Nine Techniques.

It was at this time, that Giger and Xuan Yue both walked out. Xuan Yue had changed into a new set of clothes, and her long blue hair was still tied into two small braids. She seemed a lot better, but her eyes were still a bit swollen from all her crying. Ah Dai stood up and said, “Miss, you’ve woken up.”

Wrinkling her brows, Xuan Yue asked in irritation, “Didn’t I tell you to call me Yue Yue? Do you really want me to call you Dai Dai?”

Ah Dai merely replied, “I am your attendant now, no matter what you call me, it’s fine.”

Feeling the awkward atmosphere, Giger let out a cough, “Miss Xuan Yue, where are you going?”

Xuan Yue gave him a glare, “Aren’t you hoping that I’ll quickly leave, hmpf! I will be coming back next time, Ah Dai, let’s go.” As she spoke, she walked towards the entrance of the Magicians’ Guild.

When Giger heard that Xuan Yue still wanted to return, he almost collapsed onto the ground. Helplessly shaking his head, he gave Ah Dai a look. Ah Dai bowed towards Giger, then followed Xuan Yue and left the Magicians’ Guild.

Once they stepped out, Xuan Yue ran towards the Mercenary Guild without hesitation. Ah Dai kept his head lowered, and under the cover of the big fire-red hood, there was no way to see his face at all.

The Mercenary Guild was just as busy the day before, and countless chatting sounds were heard. The arrival of Xuan Yue and Ah Dai, had instantly grabbed the attentions of many, especially due to that golden badge near Xuan Yue’s chest, it was a sign of an advanced magician! Of the many mercenaries, there were extremely few magicians. Once a magician joined a mercenary group, there will surely be great benefits for the mercenary group. Just imagine, as the warriors charged to the front, the magicians behind could execute protection and healing magic, it would be such a wonderful sight. Before coming to the Mercenary Guild, Ah Dai had specially left his TianGang Sword at the Magicians’ Guild, in case he was recognized by Feng Ping.

“Great sir magician, would you like to join a mercenary group? Our Skywind Mercenary Group is already very strong, if you are willing to join, our strength will surely increase further, why not consider?”

“Sir magician, don’t listen to his boasting, come and join our Iron War Mercenary Group, we can definitely assure your safety. Even if we face danger, we will surely use our lives to protect you.”

“Sir magician, our Dragon Phoenix Mercenary Group has many beautiful female members, come and join us.”


It seemed that there were people from almost all of the mercenary groups with decent reputation. In just a short while, there were endless invitations, surrounding Xuan Yue and Ah Dai.

Xuan Yue had never expected that she would be so popular, and she could help but secretly feel pleased. However, her intention was not to join a mercenary group, thus she declared in a loud voice, “Don’t shout, don’t shout, I’m not here to join any mercenary groups. Quickly move away, I want to create my own mercenary group.”

The representatives from the various mercenary groups were instantly stunned. A magician creating a mercenary group alone? What sort of concept is that? Furthermore, from the voice, it seemed that this advanced magician was a female, and a young one at that.

Taking advantage of all their stunned reactions, Xuan Yue turned to Ah Dai and instructed, “Quick, stand in front and make a path, let us go towards that counter inside.”

The great hall within the Mercenary Guild was extremely spacious, and could fit a few hundreds of people. At the innermost part of the hall, there were three counters, the Registration Counter, the Mission Counter and the Remuneration Counter. Passing through the crowds, Xuan Yue pulled Ah Dai quickly towards the Registration Counter, and shouted towards the staff inside, “I want to register a mercenary group.”

There was a young girl standing behind the counter, and she was shocked upon seeing the advanced magician badge on Xuan Yue’s chest. Speaking in a polite voice, she asked, “Miss, are you sure?” She had worked here for a few years, and she had never heard of any magicians wanting to create a mercenary group. With the status of magicians on the continent, they simply did not have to run around doing missions for a living. Although being a mercenary was a profitable job, in comparison, the danger was also much greater. According to her knowledge, only the Red Hurricane Mercenary Group had some magicians, and as for an ordinary small mercenary group, there was no need to even mention magicians, even people who understood the essence of magic were rare and few.

Xuan Yue replied impatiently, “Of course I know, hurry up, don’t you see so many flies surrounding us?”

The young girl pursed her lips, and looking at Ah Dai who remained silent by Xuan Yue’s side, she smiled, “May I ask, how many members are there in your mercenary group, and what are the names of the leader and vice-leader?”

Without hesitation, Xuan Yue said, “There are two members, the leader is yours truly, Xuan Yue, and the vice-leader is him, Ah Dai.” As she spoke, she pointed towards Ah Dai’s tall stature.

“Ah Dai?” The young girl was slightly shocked, but she did not comment further, and quickly used her pen to record. At this time, those mercenaries had come to their senses, and quickly surrounded them from behind, in a desperate last attempt. Xuan Yue hmpf-ed and quietly muttered some incantations, a ball of light instantly appearing from her short magic wand. The glow suddenly increased , and the holy energy surrounded her and Ah Dai. “Whoever dares to bother me, don’t blame me for using my magic.” Although she had only used a simple illumination light attribute spell, under the boost from her holy aura, the illumination spell would produce certain energy fluctuations, and it would contain an effect of eliminating evil. It seemed extremely powerful, but actually, it did not possess any attack power, and was only useful against some low level darkness attribute monsters. However, to the people who did not know magic, it was enough to scare them.

The dense holy aura instantly caused the mercenaries to take a few steps back. Apart from some mercenaries with profound martial skills, the others had all stepped aside, rushing to do their own stuff.

The young girl asked, “May I know what are your professions, and what do you specialize in?”

Xuan Yue replied, “Of course we are magicians, and I specialize in Light Attribute magic, while he specializes in Fire Attribute magic. Is registration so troublesome?”

The young girl let out a smile, “The registration is indeed troublesome, because we must record everything clearly! Miss magician, are you sure your mercenary group only has two people? This should be, the smallest mercenary group that I’ve seen. I feel that, you should recruit some warriors, so that your mercenary group will be stronger.” Glancing at Ah Dai, Xuan Yue shook her head, “No it’s fine, just the two of us is enough. Are there other things to record, please hurry up.”

The young girl smiled, “There’s still one last thing, please think of a name for your mercenary group.”

Xuan Yue was stunned, “A name?” She had never considered this, in the morning, she was still angry at Ah Dai, thus, she only wanted to create a mercenary for fun and did not think too much into it. Name? What name will be good? Turning towards Ah Dai, she asked, “Ah Dai, what do you think our mercenary group shall be called?”

Ah Dai shook his head, “I am too dumb, it’s better if Miss thinks of a name.” After coming here, he was always on the lookout for Feng Ping and the members from his Red Lion Mercenary Group. However, he did not see any mercenaries with a lion badge and he felt much more at ease. It turned out that, after Feng Ping had left, the members of the Red Lion Mercenary Group had left after accepting a new mission. Even if they were here, it would perhaps be very difficult for them to recognize Ah Dai, who was dressed totally differently.

Xuan Yue let out a dissatisfied hmpf as she told the young girl, “Then let us be called the Angel Mercenary Group, it’s a nice name right.”

The young girl lowered her head to check, “I’m sorry Miss, this name has been taken already, please think of another one.”

Stunned, Xuan Yue hmpf-ed and muttered, “Even the name I thought of is taken, I’m so angry! It’s all your fault, causing me to get angry so early in the morning. Look, now everything is going wrong.” Xuan Yue vented her anger on Ah Dai, and pounded on Ah Dai’s arm. Unfortunately, she had just happened to hit against Ah Dai’s wound.

Ah Dai’s whole body shook, the immense pain caused him to involuntarily let out a grunt. Xuan Yue got a fright, only just noticing that there was a wound on Ah Dai’s arm. Glancing at Ah Dai who was trembling, she told the young girl, “Then let’s call us the Angel Devil Mercenary Group, with the meaning of angel and devil.” Turning around to give Ah Dai a glare, she commented, “Being so cold everyday, the title of a devil suits you.”
 [TN: In Chinese, the words angel and devil have two characters, so she took a character from each word and merged them
恶, thus the extra elaboration for what the two characters meant.]
Ah Dai clenches his teeth while enduring the pain from his arm, thinking to himself, Who is the actual devil here?

The young girl smiled, “Miss magician, please wait a moment, I’ll help you to make your mercenary cards. I’ll be back soon, you can first go to the Missions Counter to take a look at the missions there.”

Nodding in acknowledgement, Xuan Yue dragged Ah Dai along, towards that huge blackboard behind the Missions Counter.

Just at this time, a voice suddenly sounded from behind them, “Miss magician, may I know if we can discuss something?” A middle-aged man wearing a red leather coat appeared behind them. His head full of long red hair was combed neatly, and he was carrying a broadsword on his back. Although it was not as big as Ah Dai’s TianGang Sword, it could still be considered to be a heavy sword.

Xuan Yue swept her gaze across him. “Discuss? What’s there to discuss?”

The middle-aged man broke into a smile as he pointed towards the badge with a red colored hurricane design near his chest, “I the caption of First Warrior Brigade of the Red Hurricane Mercenary Group, I’d like to invite both of you, on behalf of our leader, to join our mercenary group’s Magician Brigade. There will be favorable treatment.”

Both Xuan Yue and Ah Dai were shocked, even if they did not pay attention to news, they would have heard of the reputation of the Red Hurricane Mercenary Group. That was a large mercenary group with tens and thousands of mercenaries, they were the top mercenary group on the continent. Such a strong power, was simply beyond the reach of other mercenary groups. The appearance of that middle-aged man, had also caused the people from other smaller mercenary groups to retreat. No one was willing to offend the Red Hurricane Mercenary Group, within the mercenary world, it possessed an influence like the Holy Church had over the continent.

Xuan Yue did not really care about how strong his mercenary group was, and replied in a cold voice, “Didn’t you see that we’ve just created our own mercenary group?”

The middle-aged man smiled, “This is easy to solve, there are two solutions; first is that you immediately disband your mercenary group, or second, you can merge under our Red Hurricane Mercenary Group at a favorable price.”

Seeing that the man was crude in his words and action, Xuan Yue was extremely dissatisfied as she hmpf-ed, “Both of us will never join your mercenary group, stop bothering us. Discussing money with magicians, are you crazy? Do you think we became mercenaries for the money?”

The middle-aged man was stunned, and asked, “Then why did both of you become mercenaries?”

Xuan Yue revealed a smug smile as she replied, “We became mercenaries, to experience the fun of adventuring, to think you are from the top mercenary group, do you not even understand such a simple reason?”

Listening to Xuan Yue’s words, the man smiled, “This is much easier then, there are so many difficult and arduous missions on the continent, which cannot be accomplished just by one person or even a few people, and the danger is extremely high. But if you have the support of our Red Hurricane Mercenary Group, you will be able to take on those difficult missions, wouldn’t that be a better way to experience the fun of adventuring?” Xuan Yue was slightly moved as she heard his words, however she quickly dispelled any thoughts of joining. If Father were to find out that I’ve actually joined a mercenary group, I don’t know how he might react. Although he pampers me a lot, if he knew that I’ve done such a thing to tarnish the reputation of the Holy Church, I’m afraid I won’t be able to escape the fate of being confined. Creating my own mercenary group is a different case, I hope Father won’t blame me too much. Thinking about this, Xuan Yue immediately shook her head, “I’m sorry, we still prefer to adventure on our own.”

Until now, Ah Dai still had not spoken anything. He had already made up his mind in the morning, to interact less with Xuan Yue in the future, in case she would hurt him further. Now what he was looking forward to the most, was that this one year would quickly pass.

“Miss magician, your cards are ready.” The young girl had returned, holding two white colored magic cards in her hand.

Xuan Yue ignored the middle-aged man, and walked up to the Registration Counter with Ah Dai. Taking the cards, she asked, “What use does it have?”

The young girl explained, “As you are the leader of the Angel Devil Mercenary Group, there will be details of you as well as your mercenary group on the card. Your mercenary group is currently of the lowest rank, the Fourth Rank. The rank will increase according to the mission difficulty and the number of missions that you complete. As you are a magician, your mercenary rank is of the Third Rank, it will also increase according to the mission difficulty and the number of missions that you complete. This magic card is representative of your identity, so keep it well, if you lose it, you must quickly come back to the guild to make a replacement. When accepting missions, you need to present your cards. Also, here are 2 Third Ranked mercenary badges.”

Accepting the two bronze badges, Xuan Yue grumbled, “Why am I only a Third Ranked mercenary, this is such a low rank.” “It is very difficult for mercenaries to raise their ranks; the higher up you go, the harder it gets. If you rely on only completing ordinary missions, perhaps you need to take at least a year before you rise from the Fourth Rank to the Third Rank. Because of the fact that you are magicians, the Mercenary Guild has already given you favorable treatment. Look at me, I’ve been a mercenary for 20 years, yet I’m still a First Ranked mercenary now.” The person who spoke up, was the captain of the First Warrior Brigade of the Red Hurricane Mercenary Group, Carl.

Xuan Yue gave him a glare as she said, “Why haven’t you left, didn’t I tell you that, we will not be joining your mercenary group?”

The middle-age man smiled, “Even though the deal wasn’t successful, I am still very sincere in improving our relations. If there is anything that you need help with in the future, feel free to find me. If there are any difficult missions, we will be glad to co-operate with you.”

Co-operation? This does seem like a good idea, Xuan Yue’s tone softened as she said, “Okay then, may I know what is the name of this uncle?”

The middle-aged man rubbed his slightly unshaven face and replied in embarrassment, “Am I that old? Just call me big brother, I am Carl.”

Xuan Yue giggled, “Compared to us, of course you are old. Uncle Carl, if there are any missions that require co-operation in the future, we will surely find you. Okay then, we will be going to accept missions.” As she spoke, she pulled Ah Dai by his sleeves and ran towards the Missions Counter, looking at the missions blackboard with great urgency. Earlier, they were interrupted by that middle-aged man before they could see anything.

The blackboard was divided into 4 sections; at the bottom, was the Ordinary Missions, mostly escorting some merchants and goods, the remuneration was not high either. A section above, was the Rank 2 Missions, there were all sorts of missions within, and the difficulty was slightly higher. Surprisingly, a mission such as finding the Fragrant Grass, that Ah Dai knew about, was included within. Further up, was the Rank 1 Missions, the difficulty was even higher, but most of them were about finding some precious and rare items. For example, the remuneration of a mission to find a Nine Dragon Porcelain Artifact was almost ten thousand gold coins. At the highest section, was the Special Rank Missions. There was currently only one mission and its description was: At the border between the Heaven’s Origin Tribe and the Prosperous Empire, are the Death Mountains. It is rumored that there are high-purity top-grade magic crystals within the caves of the Death Mountains. The objective of this mission is to obtain such magic crystals and bring them back. The remuneration: According to the quality and the attributes of the magic crystals, there is a guaranteed remuneration of 10,000 amethyst coins.

Ah Dai knew about magic crystals, it was written in Gliss’s notes that, magic crystals contain different elements in accordance to their various attributes. They have the power to absorb and store the energies of the magic elements, it would be like having an additional source of magic force for magicians, and it was exceedingly precious, one of the best materials in creating magic artifacts. If using top-grade magic crystals to create magic artifacts, although it was still not as good as godly artifacts, they could still greatly increase the powers of magicians. Under its boost, magic might even rise by one level. Gliss had kept some large magic crystals among his various materials, but those were only normal magic crystals. This mission could not help but move Ah Dai’s heart. He did not want to do it for the money, but rather he was thinking that, if he could get a piece of top-grade magic crystal for Teacher Gliss, he would surely be very happy.

Xuan Yue had noticed the same mission, and she muttered to herself, “To think that top-grade magic crystals were worth so much!”

Carl suddenly spoke up, “Of course top-grade magic crystals are costly, magic crystals are quite rare in the continent, and magic staves created from normal magic crystals could already fetch a hefty price of tens and thousands of gold coins. Top-grade magic crystals are the treasures of the treasures, and using them to create magic artifacts, the price is almost impossible to imagine. This mission has been here for a long time, I think it was a Grand master Level Alchemist who posted that mission. However, until now, no one has been able to complete it.” “The remuneration of this mission is so high, then why don’t your Red Hurricane Mercenary Group go and complete it, aren’t y’all the top mercenary group on the continent? Could it be that you don’t need the money?” Xuan Yue wondered.

Carl let out a bitter laugh, “How can we not need it? To maintain such a large mercenary group of tens and thousands of people, the funds needed are astronomical. However, the difficulty of this mission is really too high, and too dangerous. Our leader forbade us from attempting this mission out of concern for our safety.”

Xuan Yue was mystified, “Are the top-grade magic crystals really that hard to find? There are so many people in your Red Hurricane Mercenary Group, why not do an all-out search, 10,000 amethyst coins is not a small sum.”

Carl sighed, “The problem does not lie in the difficulty of finding it, but rather, the danger behind. Haven’t you seen where the top-grade magic crystals are from? That is the Death Mountains!”

This caused even Ah Dai to be intrigued, and he spoke for the first time after entering the Mercenary Guild, “Is the Death Mountains really so dangerous?”

Chapter20 Special task

Carl glanced at Ah Dai, revealing a confused look on his face, seemingly shocked at how ignorant Ah Dai was. However, he still explained, “The Death Mountains is the most terrifying place on the continent, it spans a vast area, almost the same as the area of the Sipho Tribe. A small part of it lies within the region of the Heaven’s Origin Tribe, while majority lies in the Prosperous Empire. It has practically become the natural border between the Prosperous Empire and our United Regions Commonwealth. Currently, if any of our citizens want to enter the Prosperous Empire, we can only pass through the TianGang Mountains nearby or through the territory of the Holy Church, otherwise we will have to take a roundabout route. In the legends, it is said that a thousand years ago, that was where the first Supreme Pontiff and countless great Mages sealed the Ancient Devil. There are all sorts of dangerous and terrifying monsters in there, and almost no one comes back from the Death Mountains. There were quite a few mid-sized mercenary groups that went to explore, but none of them returned. Even if we are to mobilize our whole group, I doubt we will be able to obtain the top-grade magic crystal. I have seen quite a few similar missions to find extremely precious items at the main headquarters in Red Hurricane City, and most of these items all originate from the Death Mountains. It’s rumored that the closer you get to the heart of the Death Mountains, the more fearsome the monsters are. The reason why the mission of finding top-grade magic crystals is not the highest rank mission – super rank, is mainly because they originate from the edges of the Death Mountains, and not deep within.”

“This sounds like a very interesting place, the Death Mountains? It’s my first time hearing of it, you said that few people return from there, but then how did the news of the top-grade magic crystals come about? I think, there must be some exaggerated parts, I don’t believe there are actually such strong monsters,” Xuan Yue commented. Actually, the reputation of the Death Mountains was known by almost everyone in the Holy Church, just that Xuan Yue’s father had prohibited anyone from telling his daughter. No one understands Xuan Yue better than him, and he knew that, if Xuan Yue were to know about such a place, her curiosity to adventure would surely be aroused. However, it seemed like it was Heaven’s Will, and his efforts were in vain.

Xuan Yue ignored Carl, who was rendered speechless by her questions, and turned to Ah Dai, “I’ve decided, let’s just accept this top-grade magic crystals mission, okay? If you are afraid, then you can choose not to go.”

Ah Dai shook his head, and replied without hesitation, “I’ll go, however, Miss, if we obtain the top-grade magic crystal, I hope that I can have one piece, is that alright?” To him, Gliss was way more important than his fears of the Death Mountains.

“Sure, let’s go then, to accept this mission.” Xuan Yue readily agreed.

Carl was dumbfounded as he watched Xuan Yue and Ah Dai run towards the Missions Counter to accept this quest, the quest that even their Red Hurricane Mercenary Group did not dare to accept. Listening from their speech, it was as though they would for sure obtain the top-grade magic crystals. He quickly ran over to the counter, “Miss magician, you mustn’t go to that place! You don’t even have any warriors, aren’t you just walking to your doom with two magicians?”

Xuan Yue had already given her mercenary card to the staff behind the counter, “Don’t worry, how can there be high rewards without risks? I won’t change my mind after I’ve made my decision, after all,

The staff behind the counter thought that he had heard wrongly at first, and only now did he realize that Xuan Yue was serious. His voice wavered as he asked, “Miss magician, are you sure?”

Xuan Yue giggled, “Of course I’m sure, quickly, oh right, call me the leader of the Angel Devil Group next time.” Looking at the staff who was noting down the details, Carl was trying to dissuade Xuan Yue for the last time, “Miss magician, that place is really too dangerous, I think it’s better if you don’t go.”

Xuan Yue retrieved her card from the staff, and shot Carl a smile, “Un
——cle—— Carl, you’re too old, old to the point you don’t even have the guts, aren’t they just some monsters? Let’s just go and take a look for ourselves, Ah Dai, let’s go.” As she finished speaking, she quickly ran out of the Mercenary Guild.

After Ah Dai and Xuan Yue was gone, all that was left were sounds of lament. No one was optimistic about their choice of mission.

Carl had been in the society for many years, and of course he would not change his decision just because Xuan Yue had called him a coward, thus he only shook his head, muttering, “It’s really ‘newborn calves are not afraid of tigers’, it’s such a pity, those are two magicians! The Death Mountains? Is that a place where people can enter?”

[TN: A Chinese idiom to describe that young people are more fearless; foolish to an extent that they don’t recognize danger]

In a dim corner outside of the Mercenary Guild, two silhouettes were quietly discussing.

“Yin Er (Silver 2), quickly go back and report to His Esteemed, young miss is going to the Death Mountains, I shall follow her.”

“Yin Yi (Silver 1), why don’t we just directly stop the young miss, we mustn’t let her go to the Death Mountains! That is the prohibited place of the Holy Church.”

“Ay——, I know that, but, do you really think we can stop the young miss? You should have remembered her temper, have you forgotten how she tormented you with her Holy Baptism spell? Quickly go and report this, only His Esteemed can stop young miss, I will do my best to protect them. If His Esteemed still has not reached by the time we reach the Death Mountains, I will try and stop them.” “Okay, Yin Yi, I’ll go first, you must protect the young miss! Otherwise, both of us will be in deep trouble. Although her temper is bad, her heart is still kind!”

“You don’t have to remind me, I’ve seen the young miss grow up, ever since she was born, the Director gave this task to me. I didn’t dare believe it at first, after all, our positions in the Inquisitors don’t amount to much! Go quickly, time is precious.”

One of the two black silhouettes suddenly disappeared with a flash, while the other, secretly followed behind Ah Dai and Xuan Yue.

As Xuan Yue walked, she chattered excitedly, “Ah Dai, do you think, after we finish this mission, our mercenary ranks will rise by a lot? Perhaps we might even become Special Ranked mercenaries! It’s so interesting, hehe.” She seemed to have forgotten the conflict in the morning, and her heart was filled with anticipation of her future adventures.

They had went back to the Magicians’ Guild to retrieve Ah Dai’s TianGang Sword, and Ah Dai did not have any complaints about Xuan Yue taking on this mission, he was only focused on the thought of obtaining the top-grade magic crystals. “Miss, I want to ask you a question.”

Xuan Yue was in a good mood as she replied, “Ask away.”

“Miss, do you know how does the top-grade magic crystal look like? If we do not even know how it looks like, how are we going to search for it?”

Xuan Yue let out a mysterious smile, as she walked closer to Ah Dai, and surveyed the surroundings before replying in a low voice, “Who knew that you would even think of this. Of course I know how it looks like, otherwise I wouldn’t have accepted this mission.”

Ah Dai was shocked, “You know?”

“Of course, don’t forget, my father is the crimson-robed priest of the Holy Church, there’s not much that I haven’t seen,” Xuan Yue replied with pride. As she spoke, she stretched out her short magic wand in front of Ah Dai, and pointed at that transparent gem on top of it, whispering, “This is a top-grade magic crystal.”

Ah Dai had never paid attention to Xuan Yue’s magic wand, but once he heard her words, he could not help but carefully inspect it. That one-foot long magic wand did not seem special from the surface, its white body was smooth and shiny, faintly emanating a holy aura, while its end was tapered into a sharp point. At the top of the wand, there was a pair of white wings with the same texture angling out, curving to form an arc, like a pair of angel wings. In the middle of the wings, at the very top of the wand, was a transparent gem the size of a chicken egg, there seemed to be liquid flowing inside the gem, and under the bright sunlight, it constantly emitted faint flashes of light. Pointing at that gem, Ah Dai asked, “Are you saying, that this is the top-grade magic crystal?”

Xuan Yue nodded, “Yes! This is what father told me. He surely won’t tell lies, do you not believe?”

Ah Dai carefully looked at the transparent gem in the middle of the magic wand, but could not find anything strange about it. Xuan Yue explained, “Top-grade magic crystals will produce a special energy fluctuation, as long as I see it, I will be able to recognize it. Just now, they said that we don’t have any warriors, how would they know, that you are already a warrior! Hehe, let’s go and prepare some food, then set out.”

Ah Dai followed Xuan Yue, and soon arrived in front of the fat owner’s steamed bun stall. Xuan Yue gave Ah Dai a look and said, “Don’t you like to eat steamed buns? Let’s prepare more of them, so we can eat them on the way.” As she spoke, she walked towards the owner. Ah Dai was stunned, and there was some hesitation in his mind, but he did not speak and merely trailed behind.

As he saw Ah Dai and Xuan Yue, the fat stall owner exclaimed excitedly, “Ah Dai, you’ve returned, I had just wanted to return you the remaining money. You’ve really given me too much yesterday, those steamed buns of mine aren’t even worth a single gold coin!” Ah Dai lifted his hood, as he foolishly smiled, “Uncle, just accept it, it is what I ought to give you.”

“Owner, I want to buy steamed buns, how much for one?” Xuan Yue suddenly interceded.

The fat owner replied, “One copper coin for two. Miss, you’re together with Ah Dai right, just feel free to take, Ah Dai had given me too much money yesterday.”

Xuan Yue giggled, “I will be taking a lot then, you know how much he can eat.”

The fat owner let out a laugh as he said, “Just take however many you want.”

Glancing at Ah Dai, Xuan Yue thought to herself, After seeing the fat owner, it looks like he is back to his silly self. It seems that he is still angry at me! Ah, so petty, that icy cold stare of his is really unbearable, I guess, I’ll have to bribe him well in order for him to be a good attendant.

Thinking about this, Xuan Yue suddenly stuck out a finger towards the fat owner. “I want a thousand steamed buns.”

Ah Dai and the fat owner were both shocked as they stared at Xuan Yue. The fat owner’s legs felt weak as he almost collapsed onto the floor. “What? A thousand steamed buns?”

Xuan Yue looked at their astonished expressions and giggled, “Yes! I want a thousand, and I want it by tonight. This way, even if he eats 10 a day, it will still be able to last him 3 months.”

The fat owner stuttered due to his shock, “But, but, a thousand, a thousand steamed buns, how are you going to carry them!”

Letting out a mysterious smile, Xuan Yue stated, “You don’t have to bother about that, just prepare a thousand steamed buns for us, I will give you the money. Ah Dai, let’s go and buy other stuff.” As she finished speaking, she gave an amethyst coin to the owner, and dragged Ah Dai away.

Ah Dai was curious as well, a thousand steamed buns should be at least 100 or 150 kilograms, although he did not mind that much weight, he did not want to always be carrying a large sack of steamed buns while adventuring. However, he did not question, because he knew that even if he asked, Xuan Yue might not answer him, and he would know the answer eventually.

Behind them, the fat owner had a bitter smile on his face as he muttered to himself, “A thousand steamed buns… Even if I gave my all, I can’t finish it by tonight!”

After leaving the steamed bun stall, Xuan Yue started to go on a shopping spree. Apart from food as the main priority, she also bought some sets of clothes for Ah Dai and herself. Of course, all of these stuff that she bought naturally ended up in Ah Dai’s hands. Xuan Yue was intrigued by everything that she saw, and although she might not buy it, she surely had to take a look. She had browsed through almost all of the shops in the small city, and only stopped till it was evening. By this time, there were all sorts of items hanging from Ah Dai. However, just as they were about to return to the steamed bun stall, they were suddenly stopped by a group of people on the narrow and empty street, where few people passed by.

It was a group full of light-armored warriors, they did not seem very old, around 20 or so. There were over ten of them, dressed in the same attire, and all of them had mercenary badges on their chests, three of them even had silver mercenary badges, indicating that they were Second Ranked mercenaries. The most eye-catching out of them, was a female mercenary. She was wearing a brown light armor, with her dazzling red hair flowing
behind her, she looked extremely beautiful and her brows were fancy (眉宇间英⽓勃发….. EN: idk wut this). She carried a light-colored longbow that flashed with a silver metallic fluster, appearing to be an archer. Her mesmerizing gaze suddenly landed upon Ah Dai. Being blocked by the group of people, Xuan Yue did not seem surprised but merely hid behind Ah Dai, whispering, “They do not seem to bear good intentions, it’ll be up to you.”

Ah Dai nodded as he walked forward, and said in a polite manner, “May I ask, what business do you have with us?”

One of the Second Ranked mercenaries stepped forth, out of this group of mercenaries, only he was wearing silver colored light armor, clearly indicating that he was the leader. Smiling, he replied, “Mister magician, hello, we are the members of the Moon Scar Mercenary Group, and I am the leader, Yue Hen, and these are my good brothers. We do not bear any ill intentions in blocking your path, but we’d like to seek co-operation.”

[TN: Yes, the leader’s name (Yue Hen) is the name of their mercenary group (Moon Scar; Yue = moon, Hen = scar) but it feels weird calling a person “moon scar” so i left his name in Hanyu Pinyin]

“Seek co-operation?” Ah Dai was baffled.

Yue Hen nodded, “Yes, I’ve seen how you accepted the mission at the Mercenary Guild, and we are also very interested in that top-grade magic crystal. I wonder if we can co-operate, and go into the Death Mountain together?”

Once she heard that they were not out to rob them, Xuan Yue immediately ran in front of Ah Dai, asking, “Wanting to work together with us? What do you want to obtain?”

Yue Hen smiled, “Miss magician, as you can see, we’re just a bunch of youngsters, we’ve heard what you said back in the guild, we do not want riches, but merely wish to adventure. Only places like the Death Mountains, are worthy of a good adventure. If there are many top-grade magic crystals, we just want a small portion of them, after all, the mission was accepted by you. If not for your words, we would not have been able to muster up the courage.” Xuan Yue blinked a few times, thinking, Carl said that the Death Mountains were extremely dangerous, and it doesn’t seem to be a lie. If this bunch of people were to come, we will have higher chances of success, and the more the merrier, after all, they are young as well. Thinking of this, she nodded, “Okay then, we can work together, however, you must always follow my orders on the journey.”

The red-haired girl walked up to Yue Hen’s side and argued, “No way, there’s only two of you, while we have so many people, and we aren’t from the same mercenary group, why must we listen to you?”

Xuan Yue let out a hmpf, “I don’t care, you must follow my orders, don’t forget, I am a magician, a light attribute magician. Furthermore, only I am able to identify a top-grade magic crystal.”

Yue Hen was surprised, and delight flashed across his eyes, the important aspect about light attribute magicians was not their attack power, but rather, their recovery and support magic, this way, injuries and deaths could be lessened. Yue Hen immediately nodded, “If that’s the case, then we agree. Little sister, don’t argue anymore.”

The red-haired girl hmpf-ed in discontent, “From her voice, she doesn’t seem to be any older than us. For her to order us around, I’m against it! Unless she can win against me.”

Since when was Xuan Yue ever afraid of a challenge, she quickly responded, “You’re against it? Okay then! I’ll accept your challenge! So what if I’m not as old as you, does being older mean that your abilities are better?” As she spoke, she lifted her hood. When the group of mercenaries saw her peerless looks, some of them could not help but cry out in astonishment, the looks of the red-haired girl instantly paled in comparison.

Ah Dai put down the items that he was carrying, and spoke to Xuan Yue with his head lowered, “Miss, let me do it instead.” No matter how dumb Ah Dai was, he knew that an archer was the nemesis of magicians, and since he had promised the crimson-robed priest, he must definitely not let Xuan Yue get hurt again. Xuan Yue did not respond to Ah Dai’s offer, but gave the red-haired girl a look of disdain, while raising her magic wand in the air. “No need, I alone am enough to deal with her.”

Yue Hen also wanted to take a look at how this young girl, who seemed to be in her teens, managed to obtain an advanced magician qualification, so he told his sister in a low voice, “Don’t injure her.”

The red-haired girl grunted in response, as she took off her longbow, and like magic, a silver colored arrow appeared across the bow. The other mercenaries all took many steps back, giving them more space. The red- haired girl drew her bowstring as she said, “Little sister, don’t say that I’m bullying you, but my Wind Destroyer arrows have the property of breaking through magic. Remember my name, I am Yue Ji.” Once she spoke her last word, the silver arrow shot forth towards Xuan Yue who was about 30 steps away, like a streak of lightning. Yue Ji’s shooting skills were quite renowned among the mercenaries, and her accuracy with the arrow was on point. The purpose of this shot, was to tear off a piece of Xuan Yue’s clothing, to make this little girl who was prettier than her, feel embarrassed.

At such a close distance, it was simply unfair for magicians to fight against archers. After all, magicians needed time to chant their incantations, and this sudden arrow that was flying towards Xuan Yue did not give her any time to prepare.

Xuan Yue pushed Ah Dai, who was just about to intervene, away and slightly waved the magic wand in her hands. Just as the silver arrow was about to hit her, a strong flash of light suddenly appeared. When everyone regained their visions, they were surprised to discover that Yue Ji was completely enveloped in a layer of light, apart from Ah Dai, no one saw what had actually happened.

Even though Ah Dai saw, he was unable to comprehend it. Earlier, just as the silver arrow was about to reach Xuan Yue, she seemed to have quietly muttered a word, and instantly, she was covered with a barrier of light. That silver arrow, which Yue Ji claimed to have the ability to pierce through magic, was immediately blocked by that light, and was unable to pierce through. Xuan Yue took that chance to cast a low-level magic, trapping Yue Ji within. What had shocked Ah Dai was that, when both defending and attacking, he did not see Xuan Yue chant any incantations.

Xuan Yue smiled pridefully, “Who said that archers were the nemesis of magicians? How was that? Do you still want to continue?” The faint streams of light circled around her, enhancing her beautiful features, and she seemed just like a fairy that descended from the heavens. All of the members of the Moon Scar Mercenary Group were entranced by her beauty.

After a long while, it was Yue Hen who first came back to his senses, as he walked over to his sister’s side. Glancing at the bewildered Yue Ji, he told Xuan Yue, “Miss magician, your abilities have greatly exceeded our expectations. When journeying to the Death Mountains, I’ve decided that the Moon Scar Mercenary Group shall wholly listen to your orders.”

Xuan Yue nodded in satisfaction, “Okay then, you can return first. Tomorrow at dawn, let’s meet at the West Gate, do not be late or we will not wait. Ah Dai, let’s go.”

On the way back to the steamed bun stall, Ah Dai really could not suppress his curiosity and asked, “Miss Xuan Yue, what did you do just now to block her arrow?” Ah Dai knew that, when facing such an arrow, he could only rely on his instincts and use the TianGang Sword to block, but as for whether he was able to block it, it was an entirely different case. As for using magic, he did not dare think of trying.

Xuan Yue pouted in reply, “Are you finally speaking to me? But that’s my secret, I can’t tell you.”

After being denied, Ah Dai awkwardly kept quiet once more.

Arriving at the steamed bun stall, they were instantly stunned by the sight before them. The tables were all filled with steamed buns, and the fat owner was sweating profusely as he took out more bamboo steamers. Ah Dai immediately rushed over to help.

Putting down the steamers, the fat owner panted, “Okay, there should be at least a thousand steamed buns now! All of this was only possible with the help of neighbors, we have toiled for a full afternoon! What I want to know now, is how are you going to carry them, all of these should be around 150 kilograms.”

Xuan Yue giggled, “Wait and see, I’ll show you how.” She closed the door to the stall, and stretched out her fair hand. She took out the necklace around her neck, it was a silvery white colored necklace that was not radiating light, and it seemed extremely normal. The only thing that caught Ah Dai’s eye was the red colored gem at the bottom of the necklace, it was continuously flashing a faint red light. At this time, the sky had darkened, and most of the commoners had went home for dinner. In order to make the thousand steamed buns, the fat owner had specially closed his stall for a day.

Xuan Yue closed her big eyes, and started chanting, “By the blood of the phoenix, open up, the gates of time and space.” Following her chanting, the red gem on the necklace suddenly started glowing, a ball of red light enveloped Xuan Yue, and she suddenly opened her eyes, softly saying, “Keep——”

The steamed buns on the tables seemed to have listened to the summon, as one by one, they flew into the air and shot towards Xuan Yue, causing both Ah Dai and the fat owner to be astonished. The even stranger thing was that, once the steamed buns came into contact with the red light around Xuan Yue’s body, they instantly disappeared. Xuan Yue was like a bottomless hole, and in just a while, all of the steamed buns on the tables were gone.

The fat owner widened his mouth in shock, as he stammered, “This, is this the might of magic? It’s too incredible, too amazing!”

After storing the steamed buns, Xuan Yue did not stop, and also kept all of the stuff that she bought in the afternoon. But just as she wanted to keep Ah Dai’s bag, Ah Dai firmly refused to let go of his bag. Inside his bag, contained Owen’s ashes!

Xuan Yue immediately retracted the red light, “It’s not as if I want to take your stuff, why are you clutching it so tightly? Isn’t it tiring to carry it, why not let me keep in within my Phoenix’s Blood, and save you the trouble.”

Ah Dai stared at her for a few moments before replying, “No, this bag is very important to me, I must always keep it by my side. Miss Xuan Yue, I didn’t know that your magic was so powerful!”

“So petty! Is my magic really that powerful? My father’s is much more powerful than mine, when I grow up and reach the level of a grand magician, I’ll be able to open up my own spatial storage, then I won’t need to use this troublesome Phoenix’s Blood. Those steamed buns of yours are all in my necklace, if you get hungry, remember to take some from me.”

Although Ah Dai had learnt some alchemy from Gliss, the sight before him had surpassed what he was able to comprehend. However, how could he know that the most precious item on Xuan Yue, was actually that Phoenix’s Blood necklace, using it to store steamed buns was a little too unfitting. That, was a precious item that the Supreme Pontiff had given to Xuan Yue, and it was one of the few godly artifacts in the Holy Church. If not for this Phoenix’s Blood protecting Xuan Yue, how could the crimson- robed priest Xuan Ye, let his daughter go adventuring by herself.

Xuan Yue muttered, “1 copper coin for 2 steamed buns, 100 copper coins is 200 steamed buns, 500 copper coins is a thousand steamed buns, the amethyst coin that I gave you should be enough right.”

The fat owner was awed by that shocking “magic” earlier, and he quickly nodded, “It’s enough, it’s more than enough, I’ll return you the rest.”

“Seeing that you’ve worked so hard, you don’t have to return me, I’m not so petty unlike some people. Let’s go, I’m tired, and we need to find a place to sleep.” As she spoke, Xuan Yue walked out of the stall.

After Ah Dai bade farewell to the fat owner, he quickly chased after Xuan Yue. She had not gone far, and was walking idly upfront. He rushed up to her and asked, “Miss, where are we going now?” “I’ve already thought of it, just follow me.”

At first, Ah Dai had thought that Xuan Yue would surely find a luxurious hotel to stay in, after all she was the daughter of a crimson-robed priest, and she led a pampered life. However, unexpectedly, Xuan Yue only led him to an affordable and normal-looking inn near the West Gate. Although it was not very grand, it was very clean inside. Once he stepped into the inn, Ah Dai felt a comfortable feeling.

Xuan Yue noticed Ah Dai’s confusion and explained, “We don’t have a lot of money now, and there’s still a long journey to the Death Mountains, it’s better to save a little. If not for the fact that I didn’t have money, I would not have gone to take the magician exam. What’s so good about being a magician. Let’s grab something to eat, I’m hungry.”

After paying for two rooms, Ah Dai and Xuan Yue went to eat. Xuan Yue ate very little, only around one third of what Ah Dai ate. After that, she did not say anything and went back to her room to rest.

Ah Dai used his monthly stipend to pay for the food, and entered the room next door. Closing the door, he put down his bag and the TianGang Sword. Immediately, he felt his body become lighter and he let out a deep breath, while stretching his body. The vast energy from his boundless true qi had already healed most of the blood vessels on his arms, and Giger’s water attribute magic was quite effective, not even leaving behind a scar. As long as he did not exert pressure, it no longer hurt.

Although he had only just entered the city for two short days, so much had already happened, and Ah Dai felt as though he was living in a dream. Towards Xuan Yue, even he did not know what sort of feeling he felt. That sweet sleep yesterday night, as well as what happened in the morning, both incidents were deeply etched into his mind. Fatigue slowly invaded Ah Dai’s body, and he suddenly realized that it was time for him to cultivate. Sitting cross-legged on the bed, he circulated his boundless true qi that had just reached the Fifth Stage, and started reciting the mnemonic. In just a while, he had entered the state of cultivation. In the room next door, Xuan Yue was turning around in her bed, unable to fall asleep. She was obviously very sleepy, but once she closed her eyes, she would think of the events that happened in the past two days, and she simply could not fall asleep. She suddenly sat up, hmpf-ing in anger, “It’s all that mean Ah Dai, always bothering me for no reason, hmpf, and causing me to be unable to sleep well! I’ll make sure to teach him a lesson!” As she spoke, she suddenly thought of the feeling when she woke up within Ah Dai’s arms that morning. It was an extremely comfortable and magical feeling, she had never slept so soundly in a long time, and she felt extremely safe within Ah Dai’s arms. If only I could make Ah Dai into a bed. This thought suddenly flitted across her mind, causing her face to turn red. Laying down once more in bed, her sleepiness finally won over her random thoughts, and she finally fell asleep.

It was already late at night as Ah Dai drew out a long breath, and the white glow that enveloped his body gradually dimmed. After 49 cycles, his whole body felt rejuvenated, it was as though he had regained all of the blood that he lost earlier in the morning. The liquefied boundless true qi within his body seemed to have increased slightly, and the fullness of his dantian made him filled with energy.

Glancing outside at the sky, it seemed that he still had quite some time before daybreak. There was indeed a difference when his Boundless Life Art reached the Fifth Stage, when he circulated 49 cycles in the past, it would almost be dawn when he finished. While right now, it was much faster when his Boundless Life Art had reached a new level.

The sky was very dark, and Ah Dai did not know how much time he had left. In his dim room, even with his eyesight, he could only see a few meters before him. To sleep? But I’ve just finished cultivation, and I don’t feel sleepy, should I meditate? After seeing Xuan Yue’s magic skills yesterday, Ah Dai felt demoralized over his own Flame spell and Fireball spell, and could not muster any efforts to meditate.

Suddenly, Ah Dai recalled the Hell’s Sword near his chest. His whole body trembled as he thought, Yes! I’ve already reached the Fifth Stage of the Boundless Life Art, and I can start practicing the Hell’s Sword Nine Techniques.  
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