The Kind Death God Chapter 101-110

Chapter 101: Absolute defense

When Zong Yue and the others were extremely anxious, suddenly, it lit up in the middle of the ruins of the woods, a soft white light shining from a pile of ashes, and the sky was flying up from the ashes, and two figures were in the white light. Flying out of the package, it was Duan and Xuanyue who came out. They didn't suffer any harm, but their clothes were a little messy.

It turned out that at the moment before the thunder and lightning and the four-element array of heaven and earth's Wuwei collided with the critical point, Ah-Dai used an instant transfer to come to Xuan Yue's side and said four words to her. These four words were absolute defense. In the aftermath of such a huge shock, even Dui and Xuanyue would certainly be unavoidable. Therefore, when preparing to use the thunder and lightning, Dui had already figured out a way to deal with the final counter shock. Xuanyue reacted very quickly. After hearing the four words of Absolute Defense by Duan, she immediately woke up and activated the strongest defense of the Ring of Guardian for the first time. The pure white light instantly enveloped the two bodies. Although the huge explosive power caused a huge shock to the defensive enchantment, they were still unable to break through the last line of defense. Xuanyue and Dui clearly saw everything that was happening outside. Under the frenzied raging energy, the vast forests were just like that. Disappeared, huge smoke and ashes enveloped the barrier of absolute defense, making them unable to see the situation outside. Xuan Yue continuously input her own sacred energy into the absolute defense, controlling the strength of the absolute defense, and when the defense disappeared, she and Duan used their own energy to put another layer of defense cover around the body. The shock has gradually disappeared, and the Guardian Ring successfully protected the bodies of Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue with its absolute defense that blocked all shocks, so that they did not suffer any harm.

Feeling the energy fluctuations tending to calm down, Dumb and Xuanyue rushed out of the ashes. Seeing the large forest ashes in front of them, both of them were silent. Duan always had a special feeling for the forest. Looking at everything in front of him, his heart couldn't help but ache. The destruction of nature made him full of guilt, but the facts have been created, and they cannot be undone.

Zong Yue saw the figures of Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue, and hurriedly rushed to them, and said anxiously: "Two of us, where are our heads? Who are you?"

Xuan Yue snorted and said, "Those nasty skeletons provoke us for no reason and destroyed this forest. Who knows where they are? Maybe they are also turned to ashes like a forest."

Zong Yue was anxious and lost his voice: "What? How many regiment leaders are they..." The deputy team leaders who came with Zong Yue all drew out their weapons, glaring at Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue, as if they were ready to do something at any time. , The Four Skeletons are not only their heads. In the past few years, almost all members of the Skeleton Mercenary Group have received the guidance of the Four Skeletons, making their own strength a qualitative leap. For them, the Four Skeletons Both their leader and half of their masters, the deep feelings they had built over the years made them red eyes when they heard the news of the death of the four skeletons.

A Duan frowned, his true energy burst out suddenly, the white light protected himself and Xuan Yue, and said lightly: "They are all caused by themselves. However, your four heads may not be dead, please find Find it, they should be not far away.” While the energy exploded, although the Four Skeletons did not have super defensive artifacts like the Ring of Guardian, the inaction of the heavens and the earth they emitted did contain huge energy. The power should cancel out a lot of explosive power, so dumb would judge that they were not dead.

Zong Yue doesn’t care about seeking revenge at all now. He also knows that even the four skeletons can’t help the two in front of them, not to mention them. For him, the most important thing now is to find the four heads of the skeleton mercenary group. . Hurriedly searched around with several other deputy captains. Seeing their anxious look, Ah Dumb's previous anger gradually subsided. He sighed, and said to Xuanyue: "Brother, how are you? Are you seriously injured?"

Xuan Yue shook her head and said, "It was just a bit of shock just now. The arrow of the Wind Skeleton is really powerful. I can't see the arrow at all. It has hit me. Thanks to the guardian ring and the Phoenix blood, Otherwise..., huh, these skeletons are too domineering. If we are weaker, I am afraid we will die in their hands. It will be good if they die, and there will be less harm."

Dumb shook his head and sighed: "Forget it. They are just too aggressive. The absolute defense of the Guardian Ring is really strong. It protects us at the most critical moment, otherwise, under such a strong impact. , We will inevitably get hurt." Thinking of the white light that didn't seem strong before, Ah Dui subconsciously looked at the guardian ring in Xuan Yue's hand.

"Ah! It's here." Zong Gao yelled, and a few members of the Skeleton Mercenary Group immediately surrounded him. Among the ashes, the bodies of the four skeletons were found one after another. Dui took Xuan Yue and flew up and fell behind Zong Yue. The appearance of the four skeletons is really embarrassing. Although Ah-Dai can feel that they still have a little vitality, the four of them have been severely traumatized, and each of them feels embarrassed. The gray armor on Blood Skull's body has completely turned into scorched black, and most of the long golden hair on his head has disappeared. Even the remaining parts have become scorched black. The roots are standing upright, apparently from the lightning bombardment, Wind Skull’s The appearance is similar to him. Because the two have the strongest skill among the four, in order to keep the ice skeleton and the iron skeleton, when the explosion occurred, the two took advantage of the heaven and the earth to withstand most of the pressure. The Iron Skull looked very embarrassed. His heavy armor shattered in many places, his helmet fell aside, revealing his sturdy face, and his hair, beard, and eyebrows became scorched black. Ice Skull was the least injured among the four, because she was the youngest and the only female of the four. Most of the attacks were blocked by several brothers. She was only attacked by the aftermath, but despite this , She was still fainted by the powerful shock, the helmet fell to the side, the silver armor was severely damaged, half of her golden hair became scorched, and her long hair covered her face. Only the fair skin between her neck can be seen, and her body is slightly convulsive, as if she is still enduring endless pain in a coma.

Although the Four Skulls did not die, they suffered heavy injuries that left Zong Yue at a loss, especially the Blood Skull and Wind Skull. They not only suffered severe trauma, but also suffered severe injuries to their internal organs. The meridians ruptured in many places, causing some internal organs. Internal bleeding is very critical. If effective treatment is not given as soon as possible, it may be difficult to keep their lives.

The situation that Zong Yue found out was also discovered by Ah-Dai. He took a few steps forward, bypassing Zong Yue’s body, and walked to the side of the Four Skulls. Several deputy captains of the Skeleton Mercenary Group immediately stopped him and stood in front of Ah-Dai. The deputy captain of the blood skeleton's direct guard team had the most irritable temper. After seeing the appearance of the blood skeleton, he could not bear the anger in his heart, and the narrow sword in his hand was distracted and stabbed at Ah-Dai.

Dumb shot two cold electricity in the eyes, swept towards the few people in front of him, and shot a shot, white light shot out, and immediately flew the narrow sword bullet into the air, and said coldly: "If you don't want these few Skeletons die, just get out of the way. Don’t you know that if their injuries are not treated in time, they will die?"

The deputy captain of the personal guard was about to have an attack, but was stopped by Zong Yue. Zong Yue stood in front of him, looked at Dumb, and said in confusion, "You mean, are you willing to save some of our captains?"

Xuan Yue leaned to the side of Ah-Dai and said slightly angrily: "Brother, leave them alone, they provoked first, we have no obligation to treat them, let them die, and save others will die in their hands. Big deal, let's Withdrawing from this mission, I don't need to be entangled." From the previous ice skeleton to the four skeletons behind to provoke, Xuan Yue had already suffocated an anger in her heart. When she came from the Holy See, when did she encounter such a provocation?

Dumb sighed and said, "Forget it, brother. Everyone is to protect the caravan, and there is no deep hatred, so let's save them once. I think after this incident, they will not provoke us again. Brother, you are still good at this treatment. You can treat these two serious injuries first, and stabilize their injuries."

Although Xuanyue is very repulsive of these skeletons, she couldn't bear to refute Dumb's words, snorted, and rushed to Zong Yue and others in front of her and said angrily: "Don't go away soon, can you stop us?"

Zong Yue stopped several deputy captains who were about to attack, and respectfully bowed to Xuan Yue, saying: "My lord, I apologize to you on behalf of some of our captains. As long as you can save a few captains, I promise that I will convince them that I won't trouble you anymore in the future. Thank you." The Four Skulls have reached the point of life and death. The more naturally stable Zong is to consider their lives, he has to say soft words.

Hearing Zong Yue's pleading words, Xuan Yue's heart also softened, and she nodded lightly, and walked through in front of Zong Yue to the blood skull and wind skull. Although the two of them were seriously injured, they were nothing to the sacred light magic that is best at healing. Xuan Yue's heart moved and probably calculated the date of reaching the Tianjin Mountain Range, and then began to chant the light recovery magic spell. A faint golden halo emanated from Xuan Yue, and the four skeletons covering the ground. The warm sacred aura made Zong Yue and the others unconsciously shocked. Seeing the gradually rosy faces of the heads, they were anxious. They both relax, and the eyes are full of gratitude. After all, the two sides are hostile. They can not only not kill the four skeletons but also heal them when they have the advantage. This kind of sentiment makes them secretly admire. , Remembering what the Skeleton Mercenary Group had done to the enemy before, several people bowed their heads in shame. Under the action of the golden light, the injuries of the blood skull and the wind skull gradually stabilized, the broken meridians were repaired by the sacred energy, and the blood in the body was also forced out. But Xuan Yue didn't heal their injuries completely, relying on their own skill, it took a period of recuperation to return to normal. The conditions of the ice skeleton and the iron skeleton are relatively better. The ice skeleton is the least injured. Her injuries have been basically healed, and the iron skeleton is much better, but because of its excessive energy consumption, it is temporarily unable to wake up.

Xuan Yue took a deep breath, put away the angel rod, and Chongzong said, "Take you skeletons away. You can't die anymore. You can recover after four or five days of rest." Walking towards Ah-Dai without returning, Ah-Dai handed her a questioning look. He knew that with Xuan Yue's ability, these skeletons could be cured completely.

Xuanyue’s voice sounded from the bottom of Ah-Dai’s heart. It was because she was talking to Ah-Dai using the fluctuations of her mental power. This method and sound transmission have the same effect. "Brother, these skeletons have provoke us twice. , Don't teach them a lesson. Don't worry, they will recover with their own ability. Go and pull, let's go back first." After speaking, he took up the big hand of Ah-Dai and headed towards the camp. Dumb originally wanted to say something, but when he thought of Xuanyue's injury earlier, he resisted it, and the four skeletons who were awkward indeed deserved some punishment.

The two quickly returned to the camp. Mulatz saw the golden light gleaming in the ashes of the forest from a distance, and he was hesitating to go there. As soon as the duo turned around, they were overjoyed and greeted them. "Two, you guys are back, here, what is going on?"

Xuan Yue glanced at him and said, "My eldest brother and I are tired. We are resting on the carriage tonight. Find a place to sleep by yourself. Just now, a few uncontrollable skeletons tried to provoke, but we solved them all. You'd better find a place for them to have a good rest, otherwise, if there are any sequelae, we can't blame us." After speaking, he took the dumb into the carriage.

Mulats smiled bitterly, this time it was troublesome, it seems that the four skeletons were seriously injured! On this day, the evil mercenary group is worthy of being a special-grade mercenary group. It easily defeated the four chiefs of the skeleton mercenary group with the power of two people. It seems that I have to treat them well in the future. Hiring them is not only the price. It's much cheaper, and perhaps more secure, with their ability to destroy the woods, even if the army comes to rob the caravan, I don't have to be afraid. While thinking, Zong Yue and the others had carried the four skeletons back, and the ice skull helmet was put on her head again, covering her delicate face, looking at the four people in embarrassment, the members of the skeleton mercenary group They were all silent, even if they used their feet to think, they knew what had happened. The four heads, who were like gods in their hearts, were defeated in this way, in the hands of two young men. There were some grumpy mercenaries who wanted to retaliate against Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue, but they were all stopped by Zong Yue’s deputy captains. After Xuan Yue used light magic to save the lives of several captains, they were right. Dumb, there is only admiration and gratitude.

As soon as he entered the carriage, Ah-Dai hurriedly took Xuan Yue's hand and checked her body with Sheng Sheng Qi. Sure enough, as Xuan Yue said, her injury was not serious, so she was relieved.

Xuan Yue couldn't wait to ask: "Brother, what kind of trick did you use just now! Is it martial arts or magic, how can it provoke the sky thunder to attack? When the Four Skeletons used that heaven and earth to do nothing, I was worried that we would accept it. I’m not coming down, but I didn’t expect the sky thunder that you spurred to blow up. Haha, I’m so happy when I think about the way their hair stands up."

Dumb smiled bitterly: "Brother, we are still being too careless. These four skeletons are not easy to deal with. If only in terms of strength, the four of them are not as good as ours, but the four element array they finally used is indeed The power is very powerful, and they have exerted one hundred and two percent of their skill. If it were not for thunder and lightning, I would only be sure to win with the sword of Hades. But even so, we will rely on the artifact to avoid injury. We still have to be careful. This thunder and lightning strikes me as my practice is not proficient, and I can’t exert my maximum power yet, and it is easy to hurt myself. Today, thanks to the absolute defense of the Ring of Guardian, we will also be affected. This trick is one of the three great tricks passed down to me by my ancestors. If my life changes can reach the highest level, I am afraid it will really have the power of regret."

Xuanyue chuckled. The previous cares for him made her heart warm and yawned and said, "Big Brother, I'm tired, let's sleep." She said, lying on the soft cushion on the left to rest. stand up.

Early the next morning, the four skeletons woke up one after another. Both Blood Skull and Wind Skull have lost their fighting ability. Iron Skulls and Ice Skulls were also greatly diminished in their skills. The four skeletons looked at each other in embarrassment in the tent arranged for them by Mulats, and their faces showed solemn expressions. Although they didn't know what happened after the explosion, they all clearly understood that they were defeated, and the defeat was so miserable that even the strongest four-element array could not hurt Ah-Dai.

Iron Skull snorted, broke the silence, and said, "Big Brother, 2nd Brother, 4th Sister, what's wrong with you? We have never been so decadent since we organized the Skeleton Mercenary Group. We lost, but there is nothing in the world. Under the effect, those two boys may not feel better, maybe, their injuries are more serious? Anyway, I am fine now, except for a weaker body, and no injuries."

The blood skull sighed, and said: "You feel that you have not suffered any injuries. That is because someone has treated us. When the explosion, I once clearly felt the damage to my body caused by the energy impact, and the internal organs suffered a lot. There was a strong shock, but as soon as I woke up today, the injury was far lighter than I thought. There is only one explanation, that is, an expert has treated us."

The tent curtain suddenly lifted, and Zong Yue walked in. When he saw that the four heads were sober, he was overjoyed, "How about? Are you all right?"

Blood Skull said with a serious face: "Zong Yue, what happened yesterday? I mean after we passed out."

Zong Yue looked at the Four Skulls and sighed. He originally explained how Xuanyue had rescued them. The Four Skulls' faces became more and more serious. After hearing Zong Yue's narration, their hearts sank. At the bottom of the valley, Iron Skull asked unwillingly: "Old Master, are you really right? They didn't even hurt at all?"

Zong Yue nodded and said: "What I'm telling is the truth. The two commanders and deputy heads of the Heavenly Evil Mercenary Corps have no trace of injuries, and even their clothes are not damaged in the slightest."

The blood skull said sadly: "It seems that the situation of the master is going to continue on us. The disciple of the sword saint's reincarnation is too strong this day, even if the world does not do anything, he can't hurt him. I am afraid that his strength has reached. In the realm of the Sword Saint, we owe this favor, old master, give me an order, from now on, the skeleton mercenary group will not allow anyone to harass them."

Zong Yue nodded, pulled out a short blade from his arms and handed it to the hand of the blood skull, saying: "Several heads, first tidy up your appearance, like this, no one can be seen."

Blood Skull looked at the Wind Skull next to him, touched his charcoal-like hair, Chongzong said: "Old Master, please tell President Mulats, let him prepare a carriage for us, we His injuries have not healed yet. Before reaching the Tianjin Mountain Range, I am afraid that you will have to spend it on a carriage. At the same time, you should look for a few more armors and helmets."

Iron Skull realized that the hairs of several of them had changed because of the lightning strike. He glanced at the Ice Skull wearing a helmet and coughed embarrassingly.

Ice Skull naturally understood what he meant, and in a cold snort, he pulled off his helmet, "Brother, what do you want to see? Do you want to see how ugly I am?" The blue extremely Bing Qi suddenly uttered, His scorched black hair froze, and with a wave of his hand, there was only less than half of the long blond hair that had passed the waist, and it had just passed the shoulders. Only a few people from the highest level of this skeleton mercenary group have seen the appearance of the ice skull. Her face is like frost, and her pale blue eyes twinkling. Although her appearance is beautiful, she has a cold feeling that is far away. Make no one dare to approach her. The two consecutive defeats have completely shattered her confidence in herself. Although she was injured the least physically, her pain was the most serious in spirit.

Blood Skull knew his sister best, sighed, waved the short blade in his hand, and instantly shaved off his scorched hair, beard and eyebrows. Then he threw the knife to the wind skull beside him. After a while, the wind skull and the iron skull became bald like him, and the three looked at each other with helpless wry smiles.

The caravan was on the road again, but none of the heads of the skeleton mercenary group appeared. The members of the skeleton mercenary group were all in a strange mood. Although the mission did not fail, they all knew that the skeleton mercenary group. The group’s undefeated myth has been broken, broken by just two people.

Seven days later, the caravan of the Standi Alliance had arrived near the Tianjin Mountain Range, which bordered Dulu Province and the Yakin Clan of the Sortian Federation. The caravan stopped and was stationed in a forest less than ten miles away from the mountain. Latz ordered the members of the caravan to gather all the carriages carrying the goods, and Zong Yue commanded the skeleton mercenary group to surround it in a circle and pitch the tent. When he got here, he had to be cautious, personally find Zong Yue, and said: "Deputy captain, how are the leaders of your regiment now? The most dangerous part of our trip is in front of us. Can they help the caravan get through? This difficulty?"

The four skeletons have fully recovered after these days of training, but the depression of being defeated and the loss of hair have prevented them from appearing in front of the members of the mercenary group. Zong Yue said: "President, don't worry. The heads of the regiment have already recovered. The bandits in the Golden Mountain range should not have any idea as long as they hear the title of our skeleton mercenary group.” Two years ago, the skeleton mercenary group had fought with the bandits here. In exchange, the bandit suffered heavy losses that time, and the skeleton mercenary group successfully escorted the caravan to its destination. It was also that mission that made the Skeleton Mercenary Group famous and entered the field of the special-grade mercenary group. The more confident you can deal with those bandits, the strength of the Skeleton Mercenary Group is even greater than it was two years ago. Strong. What's more, there are two people in the caravan who are more than their captain. With these strengths, he doesn't worry about problems.

Mulats sighed and said, "It's better to be more careful. Could you please tell some group leaders. Later, I will go to their tent and discuss tomorrow's itinerary."

Zong Yue said: "Well, the heads of the group are not in a good mood these days, you must pay attention to your words later."

Mulatz said: "I know, but the front will be the biggest obstacle to the caravan’s trip. You skeleton mercenary group and the evil mercenary group are all invited by us. I hope everyone can sit together and discuss countermeasures calmly. Strive for a smooth ride through the difficulties ahead. For the benefit of the whole, you persuade several group leaders to stop doing stupid things. That is not good for the caravan and themselves."

Zong Yue sighed. Thinking of the powerful strengths of Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue, he couldn't help but feel slumped. It's already like this now, how could the four commanders provoke him again? The limelight of the Skeleton Mercenary Group has been completely suppressed by those two people.

Half an hour later, when the camp was completely set up, Mulats invited Ah Du and Xuan Yue to come outside the tent of the Four Skeletons. Duan and Xuanyue did not feel unpleasant. Although they would be a little awkward facing the Four Skeletons at this time, they both believed that after experiencing the "examination" between each other a few days ago, the Four Skeletons would never again. Trouble with them.

Mulats coughed and said, "Are the leaders here? This is Mulats, and the two leaders of the Heavenly Evil Mercenary Group are here."

The blood skull's low voice sounded, "Chairman Mu and the two heads, please come in." His voice was very calm, and there was no emotional fluctuation on the surface.

Mulatz lifted the curtain and walked into the tent with Duan and Xuanyue. The four skeletons are all there. They are sitting on the beds that have just been made. Each of them wears an armor, including the head, completely covered by the armor. Only the hands are exposed. Obviously, their beards and hairs , Eyebrows are not enough to see people. Duan clearly felt that when he and Xuan Yue entered the room, the four skeletons exuded a fierce murderous aura at the same time.

Dui didn't care. It was inevitable that the other party would be hostile to both of them. In the past seven days, he and Xuanyue have rarely left the carriage. Under normal circumstances, they meditate in the carriage, although the bumpy carriage is not very good. The place for cultivation, but with their extraordinary spiritual power, the energy obtained in Meme City has been fully absorbed in the past seven days. The golden body in the Dantian has absorbed a small part of the energy of the second golden body and has grown taller. Some, his skill has improved almost every day, and he is advancing towards unknown territory as he gradually accumulates. Although Xuanyue’s progress is not as obvious as that of Duan, the sacred aura on her body has become stronger and stronger. Every gesture will emit a faint soft energy. With her, Duan’s mood will always remain calm and tranquil. , This is very beneficial to the progress of Ah Du's skill.

Feeling the embarrassing atmosphere in the tent, Mulatz coughed again and said: "Several heads, don't worry about the previous Since they are all fellow travelers, can you let go of your grievances first? , Everyone works together to get through the current difficulties, let's talk about it, wouldn't that be better?" Then, he took Dumb and Xuanyue into the tent and sat down.

Iron Skull snorted coldly, and said: "Since your business association employs a mercenary group that is so strong, what is the use of our Skeleton Mercenary Group, it is better for us to evacuate and let them **** you there. Go to Andis City."

Mulatz froze for a while, and said in a serene tone: "I, we didn't mean that, but the goods this time are too important to us, so we have to be cautious!"

Blood Skull glared at Tie Skull, and said indifferently: "I'm sorry, President Mu, don't care if my brother has a bad temper." He looked at Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue, and said: "The two previously saved us, this loves me. The blood skull has been written down, but we will not forget the insults the two gave us. We will definitely ask for advice again when we have the opportunity."

Xuan Yue snorted coldly, and said, "Isn't the lesson taught you enough? Want revenge? We welcome it at any time. However, I'm afraid you don't have that ability."

Iron Skull was about to attack, but was stopped by Blood Skull. The murderous aura on the four skeletons became stronger. None of them said a word. Eight cold lights stared at Xuan Yue at the same time.

Chapter 102: Tianjin Mountains

Dumb pulled Xuanyue behind him, attracted the murderous intent of the four skeletons to him, and looked at the blood skeletons and said: "Several heads of the skeleton mercenary group, what happened between us before, I don’t want to make any more comments. I think you all know who is right and who is wrong. President Mulatz has just said that we are now facing the bandits not far in front of us, not our own internal strife. If you want revenge in the future , Even if you come to us. But now, I don’t want any more conflicts, Chairman Mu, you can start to talk about the plan." A dumb body exuded a faint power, and the invisible pressure made the four skeletons' hearts tremble. , The scenes that happened in the forest before kept flashing in their minds, and the murderous intentions in their hearts gradually faded.

Mulatz tried his best to calm his mood, smiled reluctantly, and said: "Several group leaders, everyone is calmer. The caravan has not been here for a long time. If it weren't for the delivery of spices, we would also I will not venture here, but the spices we brought this time are very important to the business association. Therefore, we must not make any mistakes. This is something that the business association cannot afford to lose. What has changed in the Tianjin Mountains in recent years? It's not very clear, but I once heard a friend say that there are more bandits here than before, and there are more powerful bandits. Therefore, we must not be careless that the other party has a favorable position. , Several heads, look, how should we arrange it?"

The blood skull groaned: "I also heard that there have been some changes in the Tianjin Mountain Range, but since we have already arrived, we can't back down anymore, so let's set off tomorrow morning, guarded by heavy cavalry and light cavalry. At the front and rear ends, the archers are in the middle. The commando team led by me is always ready to respond. If there is a master on the other side, our commando team will be responsible for cleaning up."

Mulats nodded, looked at Ah Dui and Xuan Yue, and said, "Do you have any opinions on those two?"

Dumb thought for a while and said: "We don't have any comments, and we are not very familiar with this kind of large-scale operation. My brother is a light magician. His auxiliary magic and recovery magic are very good. He should support everyone. The best choice. As for me, I will be responsible for cleaning up those more difficult enemies with the head of the blood skull."

As soon as I heard that Xuanyue was a light magician, the four skeletons thought of Xuanyue's treatment of serious injuries that day. The atmosphere in the tent suddenly became a little more harmonious, Feng Skull said: "May I ask this brother’s light magic power? How far is it to take care of? Our mercenary group is mainly light cavalry and archer, which are more prone to injury."

Xuan Yue thought for a while, and said, "My magic can probably cover a radius of one kilometer. However, large-area recovery cannot be used for a long time, because the effect will be weaker if the range is large, and the damage will be too severe. Or disabled, I can’t help it, so I still have to rely on your people to be careful.”

"Ah! A thousand meters in radius?" The four skeletons exclaimed at the same time. Although they don't know much about magicians, they have never heard of a magician that can control such a large range.

Xuanyue didn't seem to hear the shock in the other party's heart, and said: "I haven't tried a control range of one kilometer, but it should be no problem, but you also know that magic cannot be too long, and magic power is always limited. Therefore, you must clean up the enemy as soon as possible."

Blood Skull said: "You can rest assured that the members of our Skeleton Mercenary Group are very powerful and have been trained for a long time. Unless the opponent's strength is beyond imagination, the enemy will surely be eliminated in a short time. "

Dumb said: "Brother, can't you also release fire magic? If the opponent's attack is too strong, you can also help us to attack." He was naturally referring to the energy of the Phoenix blood.

Xuan Yue shook her head and said, "Fire magic is too overbearing. If one is not good, it will burn the whole mountain. Brother, you have also seen that the Tianjin Mountains in the distance are lush and lush, don't you think Let me destroy the environment here? You should try not to use it as much as possible. If it doesn't work, just ask Shengxie to come out and play, it will be very happy." When it comes to Shengxie, Xuanyue couldn't help but laugh. .

Dumb looked at the four members of the Skeleton Mercenary Group and said indifferently: "It depends on the situation then, maybe none of our arrangements will have any effect?"

Mulats smiled and said: "Yes! With the strength of your two mercenary groups, I think those bandits may not dare to attack our idea. It is the best if they do not show up. All safety is the most important thing."

Feng Gulu suddenly said: "President, I have to trouble you. Although the road passing through the center of the Tianjin Mountain Range is relatively wide, thieves usually attack from both sides. Please let the caravan workers cut down more here. Some trees are made into wooden shields for our heavy cavalry infantry to use. This will be very beneficial to resist attacks on both sides."

Mulats said happily: "Leader Feng is still thoughtful. Okay, just do it, I'll go right away." After speaking, he turned around and left the camp. Feng Gulu rushed to the crowd and said: "I'll help President Mu arrange the size of the wooden shield." After speaking, he followed out.

Duan and Xuanyue also stood up, the atmosphere in the tent became awkward again, and the two sides looked at each other and were reluctant to speak first. In the end, Dumb broke the silence. He rushed to the skull and stretched out his hand, saying: "Head, I hope we can cooperate successfully this time and safely **** the caravan to the destination. Let's talk about the matter between us later."

The other party is so generous, the blood skull is naturally not good and too stingy, holding the hand of Ah-Dah, and said: "Okay, let's expose our affairs first, and everything will be focused on this task." Although he is hostile to the duo and Ah-Dah. Very strong, but it is undeniable that the other party does have a strong strength, such an unimaginable ability at such an age makes the Blood Skull secretly admire.

"Then we will leave first." After saying that, after Ah Dao nodded to the three skeletons, Tong Xuanyue turned and walked out of the camp.

Seeing their leaving back, the blood skull sighed and said: "It seems that the magician is right. Maybe we will never be able to surpass them."

Iron Skull said: "Yes! If that day, when the magician did his best, we may not have the opportunity to use the world to do nothing. Brother, after this mission is over, I think we should return to the master. From his old man's place, please ask his old man to give us some pointers. Your Huoyan vindictiveness is almost able to learn swordsmanship from the master."

The blood skull nodded and said with a serious face: "No matter what happens tomorrow, you must forget the previous private vengeance. You must not affect the reputation of our skeleton mercenary group because of your own personal grievances. It is for us to keep the caravan. That's the most important thing. Okay, everyone, let's start adjusting your breath. Just now, I suddenly felt a sense of horror. This vague premonition indicates that the road to the Tianjin Mountain Range will be very difficult this time. We must proceed with caution. "

Outside the city of Meme, a white figure galloped towards the east. This man was over twenty years old. His handsome face showed anxious look. He carried a three-foot long sword on his back. His body was extremely fast. Ba Buyi, the youngest Judge of Light in the Holy Vatican, had been away from the Holy Vatican for some days, and he had not found Xuan Yue's trace after coming out a few days later than Xuan Yue. It was hard to hear that there was a miracle in Mimu City, so I rushed here to ask, and got news from the sacrificial offerings. He knew that Xuanyue and Dui had met again, and he couldn't help feeling very anxious. If they let them get along, it might be more difficult for him to chase Xuanyue. The only thing that made him gratified was that Xuanyue was dressed in men's clothing, maybe she Didn't you recognize that dumb? In order to get the heart of his beloved, after receiving the news, he immediately pursued the East with his own judgment.

Tianjin Peak, the main peak of the Tianjin Mountains.

Tianjin Peak is about 3,000 meters high, surrounded by clouds and mist. It is the highest peak in the entire Tianjin Mountain Range. The bandit’s headquarters is on the top. The bandits here have a history of decades. The leaders have changed group after group. For their own interests, various forces have constantly attacked each other and competed for control of the Tianjin Mountain Range. This situation has continued until March It just ended years ago. Three years ago, a group of warriors covered in black robes, including their faces, suddenly came to the Tianjin Mountains. The number of black-robed warriors is not large, there are only a few thirty people, all of them are tall and strong people. The bandits didn’t pay much attention to them after they entered the mountains. It only took less than ten days to sweep the various bandit camps in the Tianjin Mountains. Six of the 27 camps, large and small, were completely wiped out. The chickens and dogs were not left. The remaining 21 camps surrendered one after another. In the end, the boss of the camp almost all died in the hands of these men in black. The poison of their methods caused deep fear for all the bandits. A total of more than 4,000 bandits were completely controlled by these 30 people. Since the bandits of the Tianjin Mountains were unified, all the merchants passing by have never been able to pass smoothly. Although the bandits have increased their income, most of them have been taken away by the mysterious black warriors.

Inside the Juyi Hall at the top of Tianjin Peak.

There are more than a hundred bandit leaders from various camps gathered here, and the bandits in the Tianjin Mountain Range are completely controlled by the black warriors through these people. They all looked respectfully at the man in black sitting on the central seat, waiting for his instructions.

The voice of the man in black was cold without a trace of human feelings, and said faintly: "Why I invited you, I think you should be very clear. Not far from the mountain, a group of fat sheep is coming, it is said to be the Tianjin Empire. People from the Stanti Business Association Alliance. The Stanti Business Association Alliance has always been named for the production of precious spices and jewelry. The goods they carry this time must be invaluable. This time, we can only succeed without fail. No matter how much the price is paid, we must Snatch this batch of goods, as long as you succeed, I will naturally reward you. Do you have any opinions?"

A thin middle-aged humane said: "Chief village owner, this caravan might not be so easy to intercept! They hired the skeleton mercenary group. We have dealt with the skeleton mercenary group before. They have very strong strength. The martial arts of the blood, wind, iron, and ice skeletons headed by the four skeletons are very powerful. We lost thousands of manpower that time, and the strength of the cottages was greatly damaged. I think we should consider this matter carefully."

The man in black snorted coldly, and said: "The skeleton mercenary group? What can a small mercenary group do? I'm completely overwhelmed. The villages will begin to prepare to roll woods and rocks tonight, ready to intercept the caravan. You guys. Don't worry, with me and my brothers, the four little skeletons of the Skeleton Mercenary Corps are like four ants. I can kill them with just one finger."

The leaders of the villages are still a little hesitant. After all, they have suffered big losses on the skeleton mercenary group. Now, under this "master village master", they are trembling every day, and no one wants to let the strength of their subordinates suffer. damage. The man in black stood up abruptly, his height reached two meters away. He stretched out his hand that was also wrapped in black cloth, patted heavily on the table, and said angrily: "Hurry up. This time, if you let the caravan If you run away, I will replace all of you, and don’t want to be spared your family. Have you forgotten my methods?"

The leaders of the villages couldn't help shivering, and took their orders.

Seeing his subordinates leave, there was a glimmer of coldness in the chief village master’s eyes, and four men in black walked out of the shadow behind him. One of them walked to the chief village master and said: "Master Green, Skeleton Servant I’ve heard of the Corps before. If we fight with them, we’ll lose a lot! Why do you have to? Those spices and jewelry are really important to us?"

The owner of the village sneered: "Of course it is very important. According to the news from the organization, the caravan from the Stanty Alliance this time carries goods worth tens of millions of gold coins. The organization is in need of funds to purchase..., so , We must rob this batch of goods, and then sell them to the Yajin tribe through the relationship of the organization, so that we can make a lot of money, I think the leader of the old man will be very happy. As for The strength of the skeleton mercenary group, I know better than you, those four skeletons do have good strength, let the bandits here rush to be cannon fodder first, I don't believe that the superiority of numbers cannot affect the skeleton mercenary group. When they consume the skeleton mercenary group, we will dispatch again, and no one can stop us."

"Yes, Lord Green King is wise, I will let my brothers prepare. A few days ago, another 40 green men were sent from the church. With our current strength, we should be able to achieve the effect you said. We only need to kill those weak humans clean. I haven't done it for a long time. I really want to feel the smell of human blood now." The light of blood-devouring flashed through the eyes of the black warrior.

In the early morning, the caravan people got up early to pack their bags. Everyone knows that today will be the most dangerous day of this trip. As long as we can get through today’s difficulties safely, the road behind will be Broad Avenue, and there will be nothing more. Blocked. After a full night’s rest, the members of the Skeleton Mercenary Group were full of energy. They disappeared for a few days and the leaders returned to their posts. For a while, the Skeleton Mercenary Group was full of vigor and confidence. Prepare to meet the enemy's sneak attack.

Dui and Xuanyue did not make a carriage today. In order to respond at any time, they rode a tall horse together. Due to the improvement of their skills, Dui's horse control skills are much more proficient than before. They only need to input Shengsheng Qi to cross the horse. Inside, the steed will move forward as he wants.

The blood skull glanced at A Duan and said, "Look, after this slope, the Tianjin Mountain Range is in front of you. If the bandits deliberately looting the caravan, they will usually wait until the caravan has penetrated into the mountains before they do anything. Be vigilant at all times. The most terrifying thing is that the rolling wood thunderstones falling from both sides, falling from hundreds of meters high mountains, the impact is very terrifying."

Xuan Yue suddenly said, "The big wooden shields you asked the caravan to make yesterday are just to prevent these."

After last night’s hard work, the caravan now has almost a shield. Ordinary workers and mercenaries have a small shield. The heavy cavalry infantry of the Skeleton Mercenary Corps holds one side two meters high and one meter wide. Fifth, a huge shield with a thickness of more than fifteen centimeters and a sharp cone at the bottom, even these trained fighters, holding such a huge shield is very difficult, but they know that this shield is the best way to protect their lives. Good protection.

The soil **** in front was gentle, and the whole caravan gradually walked over, and a towering mountain range appeared in front of everyone. Dui seemed to feel that he had returned to the Tiangang Mountains. Although the mountain range in front of it is not as majestic as the Tiangang Mountain Range, it is still undulating, with various plants growing on the mountains, and the mountains are surrounded by green.

The Blood Skull raised his hand, stopped the whole team, and shouted: "Everyone rests in place." The members of the Skeleton Mercenary Group scattered around vigilantly, and Mulatz got off the carriage. Walking to the side of the blood skull, he whispered: "Head, do we need to send someone to the mountains to explore the way first."

Blood Skull shook his head, and said: "You don't need to find the way anymore. If the other party has an ambush, our pathfinder will not be able to come back. Instead of losing more manpower, we might as well rush over. President Mu, you let the caravan's subordinates The most valuable trucks are concentrated in the center, and the lower value ones are placed in the front and the periphery. Once there are robbers, the workers in your caravan should not do it. They will only add to the chaos. We have everything. Don’t worry. The road is relatively wide, so we will deal with it carefully."

When he got here, Mulatz couldn't help feeling a little frightened, and he hurriedly promised a few words, and left without any promise. Seeing the blood skull commanding Ruo Ding's wind of the king, Duan couldn't help but admire secretly. Although his cultivation base was higher than his, he was much worse in other places.

The blood skull flew up and landed on a tall carriage, looking around for a week of his mercenary group's men, the lucky dantian, a loud voice came from afar, "Brothers of the skeleton mercenary group, the front is what we used to The Tianjin Mountains that have been here, we have been here a few years ago. Thousands of bandits lost their criminal lives in our hands, but we successfully escorted the caravan to the destination. Now, we are once again. Standing on this land, not far ahead, there may be thousands of bandits waiting for us, my warriors, are you afraid?"

The mercenaries of the Skeleton Mercenary Group shouted in unison: "Don't be afraid - wherever the skeleton comes, you are invincible."

Blood Skull’s depression for many days seemed to be expressed at this moment, and shouted: "Well, as long as we pass the Tianjin Mountain Range, our mission will be basically successful. Brothers, let us work hard together. We are not afraid of bloodshed or sacrifice. We have the strongest belief. No one can stop us from moving forward. Raise the weapons in your hands. Our weapons will soon be contaminated with the blood of the enemy. Only their blood can witness us. Brave."

Listening to the words of the blood skull, even Dumb felt blood boiled, not to mention the skeleton mercenaries, the spears and swords were all raised high, shouting loudly.

Blood Skull looked at his imposing subordinates with satisfaction. The effect he wanted had been achieved. Raising his hand, the skeleton mercenaries gradually calmed down. The blood skull’s eyes were full of power, "Okay, now I come Rearrange the formation. Each side of the heavy cavalry infantry guards two hundred people on both sides of the caravan, and use your wooden shields to be ready to resist the attack on the mountain. The bow and arrow brigade is in the middle, as long as you see any enemy targets appear, you must use The steel arrows in your hands end their lives. This time through the mountain, your mission is the most important. As long as you perform normally, I think we can certainly eliminate any enemy that intercepts us. The light cavalry brigade is also divided into two parts, each part Two hundred people, before and after the separation, are ready to help the heavy cavalry in response. Brothers of the commando, you still obey my command. As long as the main force of the enemy appears, we are their urging curse. After a few years with me, you I also know my character. Anyone who stops us from moving forward has only one end, and that is death. Well, from now on, rest for 20 minutes and try to restore your physical strength, and then we will rush through the Tianjin Mountains in one go. "

Xuan Yue whispered to Dumb: "Brother, this blood skull arrangement is quite reasonable, no wonder this skeleton mercenary group can match today's status. What should we do?"

A dumb voice said: "Let’s adapt, brother, I will protect you by your side. You can help them with magic as much as possible without harming your body. I also want to see your sacred light magic. How powerful it can be. I hope that the bandits are afraid of the skeleton mercenary group, so they don’t show up. I don’t want to kill."

Xuan Yue said: "Brother, you can't be too soft-hearted. Killing a bad person is equivalent to saving countless good people. There are not many homicides on one of the bandits here! If you encounter an attack, you should never show mercy. Actually The bandits can't threaten us at all. No matter how strong they are, they won't be able to stop us from joining forces. We will do our best. If we can't, we can run away."

Dumb shook his head and said, "Brother, since we have accepted the task and received the deposit from others, we must do our best. You can't have the idea of quitting halfway!"

Twenty minutes came soon, and the mercenaries of the Skeleton Mercenary Group exuded a murderous aura, and the spirit of the world was going forward, and the momentum had reached its peak.

The caravan gradually entered the Tianjin Mountain Range under the protection of the mercenary group, and went around a small hill. Dumb saw that there was a road about 100 meters wide in front of him, leading directly to the depths of the mountain range. There were traces of knives and axes on the surrounding mountain walls, and there were obviously traces of manual excavation. Duan couldn't help being taken aback. Could it be that this road through the Tianjin Mountain range turned out to be artificial?

The Blood Skeleton rode on his black horse and looked at A Duan with a surprised look, and said calmly, "The Golden Mountain Range was indeed artificially excavated this day, which consumed countless manpower and material resources. The main reason for the opening of this road in the Tianjin Empire was at the beginning. I just hope that it will be convenient for business with the Yajin tribe. If you don’t go from here, you will inevitably go to the Yalian tribe. The Yalian tribe is full of grasslands and it’s very difficult for horse-drawn carriages to pass. But who knows that this road is open After reaching the completion of the bandits in the mountains, it facilitated their robbery."

Xuan Yue closed her eyes and silently chanted a spell, an inquiry magic was released by her. Since reaching the level of a magister, this magic she has been able to detect everything that happened within three kilometers of the surrounding area, and the caravan had traveled less than five miles, Xuan Yue suddenly opened her eyes, and the **** skeleton whispered: " There are three people on each side of the mountain. They should be the spies of the bandits. The one on the left is on the big tree that grows obliquely halfway up the mountain, and the one on the right is behind the **** not far from the foot of the mountain. You see how to solve it."

Xue Skull was startled, and turned overjoyed. He didn't even bother to ask Xuan Yue how he did it, and immediately turned around and whispered something to his guard. Seven or eight guards disappeared into the team, and the caravan still moved forward slowly. After a while, the guards returned, all with excitement on their faces, and the **** skeleton made a gesture.

The blood skull rushed towards Xuanyue in a low voice, "The spies have been eliminated, thank you brother." He knew that destroying the other's spies was equivalent to blinding the other's eyes. This is very beneficial to his own people, and then act again. It's much more convenient.

Under the effect of Xuanyue's inquiry magic, when the caravan had traveled ten miles, a total of seven groups of bandits' spies died in the hands of the blood skeletons' guards.

As she was moving forward, Xuan Yue suddenly opened her eyes and said in a deep voice, "Don't leave now, there is a situation ahead."

The blood skeleton raised his hand to stop the caravan from advancing. The mountain road in front was much narrower than the road they had just passed. The mountains on both sides stood tall, and there was no sound in the woods on the mountain. The blood skeleton looked at Xuanyue. Said: "Any spies again?"

Xuan Yue shook her head, her eyes flashed with cold light, and said: "It's not a spy. There are at least three thousand people on the mountains on both sides. They are breathing very fast. They should be preparing to ambush our enemy."

The blood skull snorted coldly, and said, "These bandits are so bored, they actually dare to intercept us, three thousand people, hum."

Xuan Yue pondered: "Head of the Blood Skull, let's do it, I have a way to force these bandits out, and you order your men to prepare to attack." In fact, with Xuan Yue's current magic level, if you fully attack the sides of the mountain The bandits are bound to bring huge casualties to them, but after all, she was born in the Holy See, had kind intentions, and couldn't bear to kill herself personally, so she made this proposal.

Blood Skull was overjoyed. Although he didn’t know much about magic, Xuanyue’s previous performance made him full of confidence in this young magician. He immediately summoned Feng Skull and asked him to move the bow and arrow team to the front of the team. The cavalry brigade and heavy cavalry infantry brigade are ready to charge.

Xuanyue took out the angel's staff, sighed, and chanted: "Great God of the heavens! Please lend your divine power that fills the heavens and the earth to your loyal Wash with divine light Evil soul, cast the surging holy power on the earth and turn it into a little bit of starlight to destroy the darkness of the world." The angel's rod surging with golden light, Xuanyue slowly floated from the horseback, hanging above the top of the team. At the front end, the surging sacred aura filled her delicate body, she slowly closed her eyes and raised the angel's staff. The golden light became more and more prosperous, and as everyone in the caravan watched in astonishment, Xuan Yue's body was already like a small sun, completely shrouded in golden light. Dui floated to the bottom of Xuan Yue, full of vindictive energy, staring at the surrounding movement, ready to respond.

The thieves who were ambushing on both sides of the mountain road naturally saw what happened on the caravan’s side. Among them, there were many well-informed people. Some people shouted, "This is light magic. We have been discovered, archer, quick, Shoot that magician." Although Xuanyue's position was not reachable by the rolling wood thunderstone, it had already entered the attack range of the bandits. For a while, countless drizzle-like long arrows flew out and shot into the air. Xuanyue.

How could Ah Dumb make Xuan Yue hurt? Floating in front of Xuanyue using the newly learned method of fighting Qi floating body, the pale green shield of birth and transformation completely protected herself and Xuanyue. The long arrow shot in front of them could not penetrate the solid defense. , Have fallen to the ground. The huge shields of the heavy cavalry infantry showed their power. The cone-shaped bottom was inserted deep into the ground, and the caravans behind them hid under the carriage one after another. The bandits’ arrow attacks did not cause any damage to the caravan except for injuring a few horses.

Chapter 103: Hard fight on the mountain road

Xuan Yue's magic was completed at this time, and the golden light that enveloped her delicate body turned into a huge golden ball and floated out, the golden ball slowly rushed forward and rose into the sky. Xuan Yue opened her eyes suddenly, the golden light in her eyes widened, and she shouted in a deep voice: "Fly away, the holy star will shine." The golden ball of light in the sky stagnated, and without making any sound, the golden ball exploded and tapped the golden star. Floating out, flying towards the place where the bandits ambush on both sides. Xuanyue's magic didn't intend to hurt people. What Venus pointed to were all the rolling woods and rocks prepared by the bandits and the mountains around them.

“Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom In the mountain road, the bandits finally could not lie in ambush. As a last resort, abandoning the smashed wooden rolling stones that had been bombed out, thousands of people attacked the caravan from the front.

This kind of frontal attack is what Blood Skull wants to see most. He shouted: "Bow and arrow team, shoot three times." Four hundred steel-headed feather arrows floated out, for these bandits who are eager to be light and flexible and have no protection. , Feather arrows are like their urging talisman, the screams sounded, four hundred long arrows accurately took 402 lives, of which the shadowless arrows of the wind skull penetrated the three enemies' The heart stopped.

The bow and arrow brigade shot three times, and immediately took away nearly one-third of the lives of the bandits. At this time, the bandits had rushed to a place less than 30 meters away from the caravan. Iron Skull yelled, "Iron torrent, rush with me." Lifting the heavy spear in his hand, he urged the horse to step down, and rushed toward the enemy first, like a black whirlwind. Behind him, he put down the giant. Four hundred heavy cavalry with shields. At the same time, they lifted their heavy spears forward, and suddenly rushed into the enemy's camp amidst the roar of horseshoes like thunder. The impact of the heavy cavalry infantry was as powerful as a sea wave. Under the sudden impact, hundreds of bandits in front were immediately provoked by heavy spears. The iron skeleton was shaped like a wind tiger. The heavy spears in their hands were shining with yellow light. One bandit must have died.

The bandits are already terrified in the face of such a strong impact, but they cannot retreat now, because their family is in the hands of the main village owner, and here they are enemies with the skeleton mercenary group, and perhaps only one of them will die. , If you retreat, the whole family will die under the cruel master of the village, so they can only rush, and only when the enemy in front of them is eliminated can they have hope of life. The remaining more than two thousand bandits played their full potential and used their bodies to block the impact of the heavy cavalry infantry. Although the defense of the heavy cavalry infantry is solid, there is no shortage of masters among the bandits. Under the glaring light of fighting spirit, more than a dozen heavy cavalry infantry have been killed in the crowd. The heavy cavalry infantry immediately fell into a bitter battle.

Blood Skull’s eyes are constantly shining with cold light. Every time a subordinate dies, his heart will be affected. These heavy cavalry infantry are not only the most valuable units in the skeleton mercenary group, but these mercenaries are also like him. Brotherly relatives. Taking a deep breath, stabilizing his mind, the blood skull shouted: "The guards attacked, and the bow and arrow brigade shot up to the rear of the bandit. The light cavalry brigade kept the formation to protect the caravan." After that, under the red vindictive light, he personally Leading the two hundred guards rushed out.

The seven-level magic sacred star Puzhao previously released made Xuan Yue a little tired. She pulled out the dumb who was about to rush out with the blood skull, and said: "Big brother, you should protect me here. I will continue to support them with magic. "Speaking, chanted the second magic again. "Great **** of heaven! I beg you, grant speed and strength to the warrior in front of you, prayer of the gods." Although this is just an ordinary level 4 magic, it is very different when used in Xuan Yue's hands. The original small-scale auxiliary magic has greatly increased in area under her surging divine power. The golden light radiated out, and instantly enveloped the heavy cavalry infantry and the blood skeleton guards that were impacting in the front. The soldiers of the skeleton mercenary group felt that their whole body strength increased greatly, and the speed of their shots was much faster. In the guards After joining in, they immediately recovered their disadvantages, and one by one the bandits died under their weapons. The archer battalion under Feng Gulu was not idle either. The steel arrows shot upside down accurately fell into the bandit group. Although the accuracy was much worse than that of the normal shooting, it took hundreds of bandits away in a while. s life. The number of bandits was drastically reduced. At this time, there were only about 1,500 left, and the gap between the numbers of the two sides continued to narrow.

At the top of the mountain, the chief village lord, Green King, watched the bandits below retreating steadily with a sinking face, groaned, and said: "It's a waste, twice as much as the opponent, there is no way to fight back."

A man in black beside the Green King whispered: "My lord, this skeleton mercenary group is stronger than we thought. There are still light magicians among them. If this continues, I am afraid that those fools will die. , Nor can the mercenary group suffer too much, look, is it..."

The Green King nodded and shouted in a deep voice: "Brothers, rush to me and attack the opponent's caravan when the opponent's strength is insufficient. They will give me a bit of mercy without leaving a living." Under his order, Seventy The black shadow shot out, pouring down from the mountain wall.

The first one who was alert was Xuanyue. Her inquiry magic was never recovered. The Green King and his men were indeed powerful, and the hidden aura was not even discovered by the light-type inquiry magic. Xuanyue didn't feel it until the moment they acted. When she reached the top of the mountain, she was shocked by the strength of the enemy, and hurriedly said to Dumb: "Brother, look at it, the enemy's main force seems to be here."

Duan looked in the direction Xuanyue pointed, and sure enough, dozens of figures fell quickly on the mountain wall. From their lightning speed, it can be seen that these people are very powerful and are not ordinary bandits. At this time, the blood skull guards and the iron skull heavy cavalry infantry brigade were entangled with the bandits in front, and they were unable to rescue them. It seemed that they had to rely on themselves.

Feng Gulu also heard Xuanyue's shouting, his heart stunned, and he shouted: "Bow and arrow brigade, target the mountain, and shoot." Under his order, 400 long arrows turned into 400 beautiful ones. Arc, focused on the falling shadow like lightning. However, something that surprised everyone happened. The falling shadows released black rays of light almost at the same time. After the long arrows touched these rays, they fell one after another. Including the shadowless arrows of the wind skull, they did not cause any harm to each other.

The Ice Skull made a decisive decision, took off the extremely ice silver spear from the saddle, and said coldly: "The light cavalry brigade dismounts, ready to meet." The light cavalry members jumped off their horses neatly, half long knives and half spears, forming a tough line of defense. , Waiting for the enemy's impact. The men in black fell under the leadership of the Green King. They didn't even see the mercenaries in front of them, and rushed forward without hesitation.

Ice Skull shouted, the extremely ice silver spear in his hand turned into a blue light and rushed up. The enemy seemed to know her strength very well, and two people immediately greeted her with a scimitar. The black vindictiveness entangled her extremely ice silver spear, and in the sound of vigorous collision, the ice skull was surprised to feel the strength of the other party, and when he faced each other, he did not even hurt the two men in black. The eagerness to win rose, and the silver spear in his hand turned into ten thousand rays, and attacked the two men in black. However, Ice Skull had forgotten one thing. The other two men in black could tie themselves, but her subordinates were far worse than her skill.

Dozens of men in black rushed into the camp of the light cavalry brigade like a sharp blade. The screams screamed again and again. The light cavalry was not weak enough to cause any obstacle to these men in black. The people's actions were extremely fierce, and the attack of the light cavalry couldn't break through their protective vindictiveness, and the black light flashed continuously. In just a few blinks, dozens of light cavalry died in the hands of the men in black. The light cavalry has always been known for being agile. This kind of tough duel is what they are not good at. What's more, their opponents are so fierce and powerful.

Feng Skull saw the death and injury of Bing Skull's men so fast, he was shocked, and made a decisive decision, shouting: "The bow and arrow brigade change swords to support the light cavalry brigade." He drew the long knife from his back, and immediately rushed over.

Dui looked at Xuanyue, and they were shocked by the powerful attacks of the black-clothed men. The martial arts of these black-clothed men were so high and ruthless that they far exceeded those of ordinary assassins. Although they were not as good as the first-class killers, Dui was clear. Feeling that their skill is by no means under the killers of the Killing Hand Society, where are so many masters?

Xuan Yue bit her lip and said, "Brother, go ahead. If you go on like this, those skeletons' subordinates will suffer heavy losses. I will support you in the back. Don't worry, I have the blood of the phoenix and the ring of guardianship." Dumb He didn't dare to leave Xuanyue easily, just because she was afraid that she would be attacked by the enemy. He looked around and saw that no enemy appeared. He was also worried about the unfavorable situation. He nodded and said, "Brother, you are all careful." A light green solid energy sword was transformed into a light green solid energy sword, and several ups and downs pounced on the man in black who was slaughtering mercenaries.

When Xuanyue was talking with Ah Dui, hundreds of people in the Skeleton Mercenary Group had already died in the hands of the men in black. The broken limbs of the members of the Skeleton Mercenary Group were scattered on the ground. The wind and ice skeletons joined forces. Resist the five men in black. Dui rushed forward, shouted, holding the energy sword in both hands, and swiping it down suddenly, the pale green light flourished, and amid a loud noise, seven men in black spurted back, but under such a powerful attack from Dui, They were only injured. Duan was surprised to find that the strength of the bodies of these men in black far exceeded his imagination.

Blood Skull and Iron Skull also noticed a fire in the backyard, but there were thousands of thieves entangled with them, and they couldn't help back and forth. They could only kill the thieves in front of them with all their strength and try to free themselves to help the ice. Skeleton and others. The battle between the two sides has entered a white-hot stage, which can only be described as tragic. Almost every second, several lives will disappear.

Dui didn't give his full strength at the beginning, but when he saw the mercenaries around him dying tragically under each other's hands, the murderous intentions in his heart were finally stimulated. With an anger, the five men in black surrounding him shook their entire bodies at the same time. The pale green light of Ah-Dai’s sword of life-changing transformation gradually turned into blue-green, and suddenly it was drawn out, and three men in black were cut off by the waist. The difference made them unable to resist the attack of Dumb, and the vindictiveness used to protect the body did not have any effect. This is also the first time that the man in black has suffered damage to a human hand since he appeared. Killing the three of them, there was an inexplicable pleasure in Ah Dui's heart, and a cold feeling came from the Pluto sword on his chest, as if he was begging for a fight. Duan reluctantly suppressed the urge to use the Pluto sword, his body leaped high, and the sword of life and change in his hand suddenly soared to two meters in length, and slashed at more than a dozen people in black below him. In the bang, more than ten people in black relied on the strength of their joint efforts to barely withstand the powerful attack of Ah'Dai, but they were also slightly injured at the same time.

At this time, Xuanyue's first magic finally arrived, and the golden light enveloped everyone in the field. The mercenaries and Duan felt a shock at the same time, and their strength and speed increased greatly. The wounded mercenaries got a chance to breathe in this large-scale recovery magic, warm energy nourished their bodies, and their physical strength quickly recovered. But the people in black were stagnant, as if they were very tired of the golden light. It turned out that when Xuan Yue discovered that the opponent's fighting spirit was a dark attribute, she resolutely increased the range of her auxiliary recovery magic, and enveloped the man in black, and she really got the effect. Taking advantage of the moment when the man in black slowed down, the ice skeleton finally killed an opponent with the extremely ice silver spear. Dui also took this opportunity to destroy two more enemies. At this point, they controlled the one-sided situation, and gradually stabilized their position with the help of the mercenaries with their lives.

An angry shout sounded, and a tall man in black suddenly rushed towards Dumb. Dumb's heart shuddered, he clearly felt the pressure brought by the man in black, and the black vindictive energy condensed into a ball, blasting towards his chest without fancy. A Duan snorted coldly, mobilizing his dantian, mobilizing the huge energy of the golden body, a solid blue-green light suddenly appeared, two different colors of fighting qi suddenly collided in the air, and a strong shock wave drove them The crowd below was full of shocks, and those in black clothes were better. They just retreated more than ten meters, and the mercenaries were miserable. Under the shock wave, more than ten people were immediately hit hard. Fortunately, at this time Xuan Yue's second magic arrived again, and the soft white light enveloped the remaining mercenaries of the two brigade, miraculously healing their injuries.

Dui and the man in black also flew at the same time. Dui was surprised to find that this man in black was only slightly inferior to himself. With his solid vindictiveness, he was unable to break through his strong defense and attacked the black man. Yiren is the Green King, the master of the bandits in the Tianjin Mountains. He is even more surprised than Dumb. For a long time, besides the masters in this organization, he has never encountered an opponent before, this humble youth in front of him. People, unexpectedly brought him such a lot of pressure, just the first time he played against it, he was slightly injured. If it wasn't for his own strong body, I'm afraid it would hurt even more. The people in black saw the defeat of the Green King and immediately gathered together. In addition to less than ten people who died, there were more than 60 of them. At this moment, more than two hundred mercenaries have been killed in them. In their hands, their black clothes were stained with the blood of mercenaries, standing there, like visitors from hell.

Ice Skulls and Wind Skulls gathered on both sides of Dumb. Both of them breathed fire, glaring at these cruel enemies in front of them. Since their debut, the Skeleton Mercenary Group has never suffered such a big loss, and the anger continues to ravage them. The body, even if these people in front of them are broken into pieces, it is difficult to understand their hatred.

The Green King looked at Dumb coldly and said: "I didn't expect to meet such a master here, but do you think you can fight against us with your strength? Now give up the protection of the caravan, I can It’s up to you to leave, otherwise, the skeleton mercenary group will be removed from the mainland starting today."

Ice Skull shouted angrily: "You fart, you killed so many of us, if you don't kill you all today, I am not Ice Skull." She leaped high, the extremely ice silver spear turned into a silver thread, and the body and spear united together. The Green King rushed away. A Duan and Wind Skull feared that she might make a mistake, so he hurriedly followed, and the battle between the man in black and the two brigade began again. They separated 30 people, including the Green King, and surrounded the three dumbs in the center. The black vindictiveness covered almost all the space around them, and the powerful attacking wind skull and ice skull were breathless. Feeling like, if it weren't for the fact that Ah'Dai had become extremely powerful and resisted most of the attacks, under the siege of so many masters, they would definitely not last long.

Among the men in black, five others were separated, leaping over the siege of the mercenaries, and rushing towards Xuanyue not far away. Xuanyue's light magic just made them deeply jealous, and they must be eliminated. Sense of.

Xuanyue was not idle at this time. Just now when Adu and the Green King flew back at the same time, she also made time to quickly condense the light element in the air. She clearly knew that if she wanted to pass the Tianjin Mountain range smoothly , The most important thing is to eliminate these cruel men in black in front of you. When the two sides started again, Xuan Yue was already ready to attack. She waved her hands in the air, and a white six-pointed star floated in front of her with a sacred atmosphere. Xuan Yue continued to draw one symbol after another in the void, breaking into the six-pointed star, and the sacred light became more and more prosperous. At this moment, the five people in the black clothed man had already swooped in. Xuan Yue's heart shuddered, but she couldn't stop casting the spell now. She gritted her teeth and, with her own thoughts, spurred the blood of the phoenix on her chest. The red light suddenly radiated. The air next to Xuan Yue suddenly became hot. A clear cry sounded, and the red energy came from her chest. The blood of the phoenix wafted out and condensed into the form of a phoenix in the air, enveloping Xuanyue with a scorching breath. The time Xuan Yue communicated with the blood of the Phoenix was much longer than that of the blood of Dumb and the Dragon. She had already used the ultimate defense of the Phoenix Blood of the Phoenix Cover very well. The red-golden light surrounded Xuan Yue's delicate body, immediately offsetting the black grudges emitted by the five men in black. The rich sacred aura caused the five men in black to stagnate, stepped back and looked at Xuan Yue in surprise. The dark nature of their own determines their fear of the sacred aura, coupled with the energy of the blood of the phoenix itself, which makes these people in black hesitate. They stared at Xuanyue in horror, fearing that she would suddenly attack. they.

While the man in black hesitated, Xuanyue was ready to use magic, raising the angel staff in her hand and chanting loudly: "Great God of Heaven, I, your faithful believer, sincere Begging, please lend me your endless divine power, break the mist in front of you, and let the world reappear with light. Shining the world." This is a seven-level light magic, and as the spell ends, the white hexagram suddenly converges. , Constantly absorbing the magical elements in the air. At this time, the black-clothed talents reflected that the five simultaneously issued their strongest attacks on Xuan Yue. For a while, black energy suddenly enveloped Xuan Yue, constantly shaking the defense of Phoenix's blood.

Dumb naturally saw what happened on Xuan Yue's side, but the pressure brought by the thirty men in black was too great, especially the attack of the Green King, which forced him to fight every time. If there is no Wind Skeleton and Ice Skeleton beside him, he can completely move away from the enemy's encirclement with the wish of Corris, but now he can’t do this. Once he leaves, Wind Skull and Ice Skeleton will be bound by each other. That powerful attack was wiped out, which he never wanted to see. Dui found that the fire phoenix light around Xuanyue's body had begun to diminish, apparently she was about to be unable to withstand the opponent's attack, and she was still condensing magical power. Dui's heart was anxious, and she subconsciously touched her chest. Pluto sword hilt.

The Hades sword seems to have been impatient for waiting. As soon as Ah-Dai's hand touched its hilt, a wicked icy air immediately diffused out, and the black clothes that sealed the movement range of Ah-Dai's three people with a dark qi mask. At the same time, people's whole body was shocked, and the cold evil force made them feel fearful when they had the advantage. Ice Skull and Wind Skull were also shocked at the same time, and their skills were greatly damaged, and they thought that the evil energy was caused by the other party. Can't help but become nervous. Taking this opportunity, Duan suddenly flashed to the center of the ice skull and the wind skull. The right hand with the wish of Corius patted each of them one after another. The two teleports were sent out from the wish of Corris, and the two skeletons were immediately teleported out of the opponent. The attack range was thrown in front of the two mercenary brigades under them. When the two skeletons disappeared, Dumb roared, and the vital energy in his body burst out suddenly. He no longer used the energy to transform into solid energy to attack, and completely returned all the vital energy with sacred power to protect himself, shouting: "Pluto The avatar——infinite——end——" He who broke through the eighth stage and reached the ninth stage of Shengsheng Jue, he was completely sure to resort to the fourth move in the sword of the Hades.

The cold evil power suddenly flourished. Thirty people in black just reacted from the previous coldness and prepared to attack Dumb, but energy a hundred times more evil than before suddenly emerged, although with a strong body and its own dark attributes They resisted the attack of evil spirits, but the attacks of all the people in black, including the Green King, slowed down. A dull's eyes shot coldly, and the murderous intent permeated the barrier formed by the dark vindictiveness. He moved. When the attack of all the men in black was approaching, he moved. Countless faint blue figures suddenly came out with that monstrous evil air, and almost simultaneously attacked every enemy who pounced on him. The scattered attacks of the men in black just made Mingying, the fourth move in the Nine Jues of Ming Zi, exerted the greatest effect. At this time, the fourth move of the sword of the Hades used from the hands of Duan was far more powerful than before. Above Owen at the end of the crossbow, a wicked smile appeared at the corner of Ah Du's mouth, and the death breath was thrown out from the sword of Hades. The evil energy made the people in black feel irresistible. Amid the screams of screams, the dozen or so men in black who rushed up first were completely crushed by the surging evil spirits. Their souls were also absorbed by the sword of the Hades forever, and they could never rise above them.

Mingying's attack did not stop. Amidst the loud noise, the lore enchantment originally arranged by the thirty men in black suddenly shattered, and the evil spirit disappeared. Except for the green king with high skill, all the previous besieged Ada III All the people in black have disappeared, disappearing under the sword of Hades. With the improvement of his skill, the Pluto Sword finally exerted its power, and it swallowed thirty masters in an instant. Thanks to the barrier formed by the black man with dark vindictiveness, the evil of the Pluto sword did not leak out and hurt. To the others, such a strange scene stunned all the people in black.

The strong backlash made Duan squat down in pain. The golden body of the dantian and the second golden body in the chest continuously differentiated into vitality and vitality to prevent the invasion of evil. At this moment, Dui has no defense. Yes, all of his mind is used to fight against the evil power of the sword of Hades. If the Green King is not frightened by the power of the previous sword, taking this opportunity to attack him, he will definitely be able to severely inflict dumb, but the opportunity is not everyone Can hold it.

Xuan Yue, who was chanting a spell, saw that Ah-Dai was using the sword of the Hades, and her heart suddenly hurt. How she didn't want to see this evil power! The reason why Ah-Dai used the Pluto sword was because he could not help him in time. He must have been suffering tremendously now. When Xuan Yue met Ah-Dai again, she had already secretly decided not to let him fall into pain in the future. At this time, Ah-Dai used the sword of the Hades, and her heart deeply blamed herself. In the sadness, Xuan Yue’s The mental power exploded. The phoenix covering, which had already dimmed, suddenly shined brightly, and the scorching energy immediately shook the five men in black who had attacked her aside. The magical elements continued to flow into Xuanyue's body at several times the speed before, she made With both hands supporting the sky, he shouted, and the light burst, a huge beam of light with a diameter of three meters suddenly blasted towards the other men in black who were still besieging the two brigades of the Skeleton Mercenary Group.

Guangyao Tiandi was originally a seven-level sacred light attack magic. Back then, Xuan Ye used this magic to force the defensive barrier of the elves forest to tie with the elves queen. At this time, this magic was used in Xuan Yue’s hands and played better than her Father does not use the stronger power when the wrath of the gods is used. The energy of the phoenix blood is integrated into the attack power of the magic itself. The huge and incomparable sacred breath contains the energy of the divine tool. After the angel’s staff is added, it suddenly reaches The effect equivalent to the eighth level of magic, the golden beam of light with a little red light suddenly released. The first to suffer was the five people who besieged Xuanyue. They were shocked by the blood of the and they ushered in the attack of the shining heaven and earth. Under the powerful and powerful energy, the five black people The original dark energy of Yiren was completely purified, and they let out a screaming scream, the black clothes on their bodies shattered every inch, revealing the green skin and hideous faces inside. Under Xuanyue’s surprised gaze, their green His body was turned into ashes in the holy light, and the energy that dazzled the world was only a slight pause, and the beam of light suddenly expanded to cover the rest of the men in black. Most of the people in black were injured in the previous battle. At this time, it was just discovered that all the people who besieged dumb had disappeared. Just as they were shocked, the Holy Light was already shining in front of them, except for seven or eight. Except that the man in black got out of the way at the moment of the moment, the other dozens of men in black, like the previous five, were thoroughly purified by the huge divine energy.

Such a powerful sacred energy also affected Dui not far away. Feeling this powerful light elemental energy, the sacred aura in his body suddenly became strong, immediately gaining the upper hand, driving the residual evil aura out of the body. . Dumb took a long breath, stood up, and stared bitterly at the Green King not far away. The Green King shuddered, took a step back, looked at Ah Du, and then at Xuan Yue, who was enveloped in a sacred atmosphere not far away, knowing that nothing could happen today. Angrily shouted: "Retreat." After speaking, he flew up and fled up the mountain with his remaining men.

Dumb stopped the Wind Skeleton and Ice Skull who were about to catch up, "Forget it, don't chase it, you have a lot of injured brothers, take care of your own people first, I think they will no longer have the power to attack."

Chapter 104: Resurgence

Feng Gulu said angrily: "These beasts, they actually killed hundreds of us." Although Ice Skeleton didn't say a word, judging from her slightly trembling body, the excitement and sadness in her heart are definitely not under Feng Skull.

Xuan Yue gasped and walked to the side of Ah-Dai. She used magic continuously just now, and her consumption was very huge, especially in the last glorious world, she had already used all of her power.

Dui asked with concern: "Brother, are you okay?" Xuan Yue supported Dui's shoulder and gasped, "I'm fine, brother, your sword..."

Dumb knew what she was referring to. He shook his head and said, "Don't worry, it won't hurt me. It's really dangerous! I don't know where so many masters have come."

Xuan Yue's whole body shook, remembering the previous green figure, and then looking at the two skeletons of Bing and Feng, and said: "If I guessed right, those just now should be the dark demon who disappeared on the mainland for many years."

Dumb said in a blank voice: "What? The Dark Demon?" He suddenly remembered the pirates he had met on the ship with Corris and the instructions of Corris. After thinking about the words of Prophet Pulin in the Puyan clan, his calm heart suddenly sank. Ice Skull's eyes were full of coldness, and he looked at Xuan Yue and said, "You mean the Dark Demon is resurrected?"

Xuanyue nodded and said: "It is very possible. It is said that since the Dark Demon was wiped out by the heroes of various races by His Majesty Divine Feather thousands of years ago, their residual power has been hidden in the Tianyuan Clan of the Suoyu Federation. After years of recuperation, they will reappear on the mainland and they will certainly have no good intentions. The thousand-year calamity must have something to do with them."

At this time, the remaining bandits who had been entangled with Blood Skull and Iron Skull were also evacuated. Even the Green King and his people had suffered. How dare these bandits stay here anymore.

Blood Skull and Iron Skull angrily led people over. They wiped out more than 2,000 bandits and damaged only about a hundred people. He has seen what happened here, and the powerful strength shown by Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue has made him different. Looking at the corpses of his men, the blood skulls showed a cold smile on their faces. He walked over to Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue, bent down, bowed to them, and said with a serious face: "My blood skull represents All the soldiers of the Skeleton Mercenary Group, thank you for helping us so innocently. From now on, the grudges between us will be exposed. From now on, the two useful places for us, even if you speak, my Skeleton Mercenary Group, I will definitely go all out to help you.” The blood skeleton knows that if Dumb and Xuanyue were not involved in this operation, I am afraid that the skeleton mercenary group would be destroyed here. The people in black just now even used four skeletons at the same time. The elemental array may not be able to win, not to mention, the opponent will not give them a chance to get together.

Dumb smiled bitterly: "Big Brother Blood Skull, I don't need to say thank you. From now on, I am afraid that our troubles will be unavoidable. If these are really dark demon people, I am afraid that the mainland will set off another **** storm. These people's bodies are very Tough, ordinary attacks cannot hurt at all. It seems that humans must unite to compete with them."

Xuan Yue said: "Big Brother is right. According to legends, the Dark Demon are cruel in nature and must be retributed. I am afraid that so many subordinates who have died here this time will not give up. Their revenge may be very fierce. The Skeleton Mercenary Group has a big goal, so you must be careful in the future."

Blood Skull turned his head to look at Feng Skull, and said, "Second brother, you will go back to the master right now, report the incident of the Dark Demon to his old man, and ask him what he meant. Hey, it turns out, it's really a thousand years old. This is a catastrophe."

Feng Gulu also knew the seriousness of the matter, and handed over the command of the bow and arrow brigade to his deputy captain, mounted the big green horse, and galloped towards the same path as he came.

The wind skull's back figure just disappeared, and a white figure rushed towards the crowd gathering like a star pill. It can be seen from the speed of his advance that this person's skill is extremely high.

Everyone looked in the direction of the people who came, and saw that it was a young man in white attire, with a long sword on his back, handsome in appearance, and unusually handsome ups and downs. Seeing this person, Xuan Yue's body suddenly shook, and it was Ba Buyi, the youngest Judge of Light, who had been searching for more than a month and had not succeeded.

Ba Buyi came to the crowd with a few ups and downs. He saw Xuanyue in the form of a man's clothing at a glance. He was overjoyed and shouted: "Yue..." Just when he said a word, five holy light bullets greeted He flew over, Ba Buyi was taken aback, and the other moon character behind him choked back, and hurriedly drew out the long sword behind him and turned into a sword curtain to block the attack of the Holy Light Bullet. Xuanyue's voice sounded in his heart: "Big Brother Babuyi, I am now in the form of a men's clothing named Xuan Ri. No one here knows that I am a girl, so don't miss it."

After hearing Xuanyue's words, Ba Buyi was overjoyed. Since she said that no one else knows his identity as a girl, it proves that she has not recognized that dumb dumb, that is, she still has a chance. He was about to say something when he saw the menacing iron skull and ice skull greet him. The powerful aura from the two of them made him feel awe-inspiring. He immediately urged the sacred vindictive spirit, and the white light on the long sword swallowed him. Concentrated on guard.

Seeing that Babuyi hadn't called her name again, Xuanyue was relieved immediately and said: "Don't get me wrong, it's your own. Brother Babuyi, why are you here?"

When Xuan Yue said that she was her own, the Ice Skull and Iron Skull relaxed. Babuyi passed through between the two and walked in front of Xuan Yue. He subconsciously glanced at Ah Dumb.

When Ah Duan heard that Xuan Yue said he was her own, and seeing the sacred grudge exuding from Ba Buyi's body, she suddenly thought that he was from the Holy See, smiled friendly and nodded at him.

Ba Buyi faintly stunned, the young man in front of him had such a mediocre appearance, and he didn't exude any powerful aura. Is he really the dumb that Yueyue likes? No matter how you look at it, she is much better than him. How could Xuan Yue like such a person? Seeing Dui's appearance also calmed his heart a lot. He remembered what his father said at the beginning. Yueyue may be just curious about this Dui, not really like him. As long as she persists, he will definitely get Yueyue's heart. . Thinking of this, Babuyi's confidence greatly increased, and she said to Xuanyue: "Yue, ah, Xuanri, you won't tell me when you come out of the Holy See, how anxious brother!"

Xuanyue knew that Ba Buyi did not give up to herself. At this time, Dui was beside her, and she was not able to suffer. She was afraid that Ba Buyi would say her identity and cause Dui's misunderstanding. She had to say, "I'm in a hurry. Come out. Brother, are you chasing me?"

Ba Buyi nodded and said, "Yes! Xuan Ri, how can I rest assured if you come out alone? Don't forget, you are a magician! If something happens, I will blame myself for the rest of my life."

Xuan Yue had an idea, and said with a serious face: "Brother, there is a very important thing that must be reported to the Pope as soon as possible. The dark demons who have been silent for many years have appeared again. You see, the corpses here are all killed by those dark demons. You are on the way fast. Hurry back and inform the Holy See, and let the Pope make corresponding preparations." Originally, Xuanyue planned to notify the Holy See from the sacrificial hall there after arriving at the Yajin Clan. At this time, Babuyi rushed to the Holy See. A good person to send the letter, and he can also be dismissed by the way. With him, he will not be able to tell A-Dai his identity, and A-Dai will definitely misunderstand the relationship between him and Ba Buyi. As long as he doesn't rely on him, he will find himself later, but it won't be so easy.

As soon as Ba Buyi heard the words Dark Demon, his whole body shook and frowned, "Dark Demon has appeared again? Aren't they already very scarce in number?"

Xuan Yue shook her head and said, "Several dozens of dark demons appeared at the same time. Their strength is very powerful. We have killed so many talents to kill them back. Brother, it is not too late, you go back to the Holy See. This thing can't be delayed!"

Ba Buyi hesitated and said, "But, I'm here to protect you. How can I rest assured if you are alone? Or, I will protect you first, and when I arrive in a city, let the sacrificial hall there inform the Holy See. ."

Xuan Yue said anxiously: "Big brother, don't worry, there are big brothers and skeleton mercenaries here to protect me, I will be fine, the dark demon is too important, you should report back to the Holy See first."

Ba Buyi is not as easy to coax like Dui. When he turned in his mind, he probably understood what Xuanyue wanted to disengage him. He glanced at Dui next to him and said firmly: "No, I must protect you. You are equally important to the Holy See and to me."

Xuan Yue's heart was very anxious, and her voice sounded in Babuyi's heart, "Brother, go back to the Holy See, don't you know what the Dark Demon means to us? I know you like me, but you can't do it because of your own children. Love will delay business! Next to me is Dumb. You can see what he looks like. The reason why I didn’t tell him that I am Yueyue is because I don’t want to be with him anymore, but he can save my life. Well, I have to help him send this batch of caravans to the Yajin clan, and then return to the Holy See. The dark demon's business is not a joke, eldest brother, you have to go back and notify grandpa first, and wait for me to finish this side. I’ll go back and join you immediately. If you delay the Holy See’s major events, I will ignore you from now on.” While talking, Xuan Yue silently condensed the light elements in the air, and her whole body was wrapped in a faint golden light. , It seems that the sacred breath is very strong. In fact, her heart was beating constantly, fearing that her lie would be exposed by Ba Buyi.

After listening to Xuan Yue's words, Ba Buyi was immediately delighted. Seeing Xuan Yue's delicate body full of sacred aura, his heart felt warm, yeah! How can that silly boy compare to himself?

Dumb didn't know Xuanyue was making up nonsense. Looking at Ba Buyi's caring expression for Xuanyue, he smiled and said, "Brother Xuanri, since this eldest brother is worried about your safety, let's go together and take care of it. "

After listening to Dumb's words, Ba Buyi suddenly felt settled. At least his love rival doesn't know Yueyue's true identity. He shook his head and said, "Forget it, I'll go back to the Holy See. The dark demon's affairs are really important. , Xuan Ri, you have to take care. If something happens, I haven't sent an explanation to the Pope."

Seeing that Babuyi was about to leave, Xuanyue was overjoyed in her heart, and said calmly: "Well, Big Brother Babuyi, I'll trouble you. Go back and tell the Pope that I'm all safe, and I will go back when the things here are over. ."

Ba Buyi nodded, flew up and left quickly following the path. Seeing him go, Xuan Yue breathed a sigh of relief. However, she didn't know that her lie had a great impact on the relationship between her and Dumb in the near future.

Three skeletons led the hands to gather all the dead together. The injured Yu Xuanyue and Ah Du used light magic to treat them one by one. An hour later, Zong Yue walked to the blood skeleton in pain.

Blood Skull tried to calm his voice, and asked faintly: "Brother Zong, have the statistics come out?"

Zong Yue's eyes were red and he wanted to say something but stopped. He held it tightly with his hands, his body trembling slightly.

The blood skull sighed and said, "Say it, I can bear it."

Zong Yue nodded, and said sadly: "Leader, of the four brigade of our Skeleton Mercenary Corps, four of the guards died, ten were seriously injured, and 67 were slightly injured. Fifty-one people died in the heavy cavalry infantry brigade. , 30 people were seriously injured, and 174 people were slightly injured." At this point, Zong Yue paused, looking at the blood skull's livid face and twitching corners of his mouth, gritted his teeth, and continued: "Bow and Arrow Team, Bow and Arrow Team. Two hundred and ten people died and 60 people were seriously injured, of which 27 were disabled, and none were lightly injured. The light cavalry brigade died of 243 people, and 71 were seriously injured, of which 36 were disabled and none were lightly injured. "After talking about these statistics, Zong Yue squatted on the ground in tears, his whole body convulsing constantly.

Hearing these shocking numbers, everyone was silent, and the bodies of the three skeletons were trembling slightly. These brothers, who were born and died for a few years, died one by one. Mulatz walked to the blood skeleton. He said sadly: "Blood captain, I'm sorry, it was all for the caravan that caused your mercenary group to suffer such a heavy loss. I represent the alliance, and all the mercenaries who died and disabled each gave a pension of two hundred gold coins. Of course, I know this money does not mean anything, but it can be regarded as some respect for these warriors from our business association alliance."

The blood skull stared into the distance and said faintly: "Thank you, President Mu, the general will inevitably die in battle. The pension is not necessary. In the past few years, our regiment still has some money, which can still be paid. I think, please spare it. Some carriages come, let my brothers send those disabled members home.” Before Mulats agreed, he pulled Zong Yue up from the ground, and said coldly, “What’s the use of crying? Can you bring your brothers to life from crying? Zong brother, you first count the names of the dead brothers, then cremate their bodies in situ, bring their ashes back to the regiment for burial, and then use the wooden carriage vacated by the chairman of the board to immediately remove the disabled The brothers returned to the regiment and transferred the funds from the regiment. All the brothers who died in battle should try their best to find their relatives. Each of them would give out five hundred gold coins as a pension. The disabled brothers would be supported by the regiment until their death, as long as the skeletons If the mercenary group exists for a day, these brothers must not be cold and starved."

Zong Yue nodded painfully and turned around. Blood Skull took a deep breath, and said to Bing Skull: "Sister, you separated fifty uninjured members from the light cavalry brigade to **** them."

Ice Skull nodded, turned around to arrange, Blood Skull's upper body shook slightly, his face suddenly became extremely pale, and the ensuing blow, even with his strength, was near the edge of collapse.

Dumb held on to the blood skull and injected his own mellow vitality into his body, helping him to organize the messy vitality, "Blood skull brother, you have to hold on! The skeleton mercenary group wants you to preside over the overall situation. We have all helped stabilise the injured brothers, and we should be able to heal them as soon as we can recover some of our skills."

Blood Skull sighed: "Five years of struggle, and lose nearly half of the manpower overnight, I am to blame! If you make more arrangements in advance, it won't be like this."

Mulatz said: "Head of the blood, I think so, the brothers of your group are also tired, so let's camp here today, and we will go through the mountains tomorrow."

Blood Skull shook his head and said, "Thank you, Chairman Mu, but as a mercenary, we must complete the task entrusted by the employer as soon as possible. This is our responsibility." He shouted: "All Skeleton Servants The brothers who were able to stand up in the Corps immediately set off and crossed the Tianjin Mountains before taking a rest. Today is the day our mercenary regiment has suffered the most since its establishment. I hope that each of you will remember this day. The same thing must never happen again. I decided that after completing this task, all members of the team will study hard for a year to improve their strength."

The caravan moved forward again, but nearly six hundred people were missing in the team, of which more than five hundred people, they would never be able to see the sun tomorrow.

Sitting in the carriage, Mulats did not ride with Dumb and the others. After intense battles and treatments, Xuanyue and Ah'Dai were both very exhausted. The death of the mercenaries deeply shocked their hearts. Ah'Dai sighed and said, "It seems that our strength is still not enough! It's just that! Dozens of dark demons almost ruined us, brother, we still have a long way to go. Perhaps, the undead creatures in the Death Mountain are more terrifying than the dark demons. During this period of time before reaching the mountains, We must try our best to improve our abilities."

Xuan Yue nodded and said: "We are not only incapable of strength, but also in terms of combat experience. We can deal with enemies that are not as good as ours. Once we encounter enemies with similar strengths, we are stretched and unable to cope. If, when we started working with the Four Skeletons that day, I would use powerful magic to support you as soon as they came up. They would not be able to use that world of inaction, and you would not be forced to use thunder and lightning in the end. When you come up, you can summon the holy evil to join the battle, or when you come up, you can use all your strength to kill and cooperate with my magic. Maybe the mercenaries will not die so many people. Experience is really important to us. Brother, although the holy evil It's a dragon, but if you encounter danger, you should release it first."

Duan nodded and said, "I used to think that when I encounter an evil force, I will never show mercy, but whenever I do it, I feel like I can't do it. I won’t kill until the other side is forced to do it. . It seems that my heart is still too soft.” Thinking of the dead mercenaries, Dui's heart couldn't help but feel pain.

Xuanyue took Ah'Dai's big hand and said, "Brother, forget it, don't think about it anymore. Let's practice for a while, maybe, there may be some danger ahead." The two closed their eyes and rushed to each other. The different energies of his own adjusted his breath, and the carriage was suddenly filled with sacred aura.

The main peak of the Tianjin Mountain Range, with a loud noise, the Green King smashed the stone table in the hall to powder, and his heart was filled with murderous intent. The seven people in black beside him stood there quietly, who I dare not speak. These people are the remnants of the Dark Demon Race. Thousands of years ago, although the first Pope Divine Feather did not completely eliminate the dark demons, it limited their ability to multiply. Although after so many years of rest and recuperation, the vitality of the Dark Demons is far from recovered. In order to escape the pursuit of human beings, they can only hide in the territory of the Tianyuan Clan. After nearly a thousand years of rest, although the number of people has not increased much, the Dark Demon tribe has greatly improved with their strong physique and adaptability. Almost everyone in the tribe is a master. For the dark demons, nothing is more important than the number of people. However, in the process of looting today, more than 60 people were killed, which was a very big blow to the Dark Demon Race.

The fierce light in the green king's eyes kept flickering, and the black cloth wrapped in his hands had been torn, revealing his hands with only three fingers but with strong claws. The black energy kept flowing on the claws. He regretted that if not. He underestimated the human beings, and as soon as he came up, he tried his best to kill Ah Dui or Xuan Yue, and in the end he would not be almost wiped out.

A man in black tentatively said: "Lord Green, you better calm down. How can we explain this to the top?"

The Green King said bitterly: "Unexpectedly, there will be so many powerful humans here, and the blood of the people will not flow in vain. There is no value here. Kill all the remaining bandits. We immediately return to the headquarters, the leader and Lord Spirit Sacrifice will definitely be the master for us."

The black man said: "But, Lord Green, the loss is so great this time, after returning, will the leader blame you?"

The Green King snorted and said, "Can you blame me? Blame, I don't think they have that courage. After all, we are the direct descendants of Lord Demon God. Lord Demon God is about to be born. I think they are not yet. Dare to do what with us? What's more, we green people are the backbone of the religion. Without us, the leader cannot unite the mainland. The Holy Vatican is not so friendly."

The man in black whispered: "Master Green, I think it's better to be careful. You know that the power of the leader has surpassed the scope of human beings. According to our historical records, I am afraid that the power of the leader is not inferior to the master demon god. He doesn’t seem to be human either."

The Green King shook his heart, staring at his hand, and said, "Don't say anything like this. If you let the master master hear it, be careful of your head. I don't know much about the teachings. However, the twelve kings are among me. Only ranked fifth, the strength of the first few guys is even more terrifying, not to mention... Okay, let’s solve those bandits first. Let’s go back to the headquarters immediately. It seems that we will only wait for Lord Demon God to return to the world, we green people. It is possible to see the sun again."

The Yajin tribe, the second largest race in the Sortian Federation, although the number of the Yajin tribe is much smaller than the largest Yayan tribe, the Yajin tribe is the richest race in the entire Sorbian Federation. Their various industries are developed, and they are not much better than the Tianjin Empire. In particular, most areas are rich in mining areas, and the various rare metals produced are deeply loved by other countries in the mainland. Relying on these minerals, the Yajin tribe exchanged a large amount of various items they needed, and cities were quickly established. Since most of the Yajin people have immigrated from the Tianjin Empire, the customs here are very similar to those of the Tianjin Empire.

Andes City. The largest city of the Yajin tribe, covering an area of about 18,000 square kilometers, because there is the largest rich mine in the whole Yajin tribe outside the city, so it is stationed here with one-third of the total force of the Yajin tribe, which is more than ten. Ten thousand people. This is also the most prosperous area in the entire Sovre Federation. Due to the presence of large troops, no matter whether it is from any party, it is impossible to make waves here, and rank is not inferior to the capitals of several other countries. All foreign merchants will receive the most generous hospitality from the Yajin tribe, because the rulers of the Yajin tribe know that it is these business travelers that bring them huge benefits. Any transaction conducted in the Yajin tribe will be treated fairly. There is the famous Andis trading floor in the mainland. As long as the things you bring are worth the price, you will surely be able to sell them at a good price.

Finally arrived at the destination. Both the Standi Alliance Caravan or Skeleton Mercenary Group members were relieved. Looking at the twenty-five-meter-high city wall in front of them, they knew that their hard work was not in vain.

Dumb looked at Andis City in front of him and sighed: "This city seems to be about the same size as the Dark City of the Sunset Empire. I hope there are not so many dark people here like the Dark City."

Xuan Yue smiled and said, "No, big brother. Although it is not as orthodox as the Huasheng Empire, since the Yajin tribe developed by relying on the mining industry, they are only interested in industry and commercial trade. Yajin The clansmen have a very good habit, that is, to distribute according to work, and to pay more for more work. Only by working hard can you get paid. Except for the patriarch and the elders of the clan, almost no one can get something for nothing. Even the nobles of the clan They all rely on constant rushing to find a way for the mining industry produced by the family and get corresponding rewards. Therefore, the people here are very busy, but there is no time to think about the dirty things. The dark forces are naturally in this place. It is very difficult to survive. Moreover, I heard that the magician union here is very powerful, and other forces are not allowed to intervene."

Ah Dumb looked at Xuan Yue in surprise, and said, "Why are you so clear to the Yajin Clan, have you been here before?" When Xuan Yue mentioned the Mage Union, he couldn't help but think of the two opposing magicians he had encountered. This Andis City would not be the place where the two magician guilds competed against each other. Hey, it seems that I really shouldn't have accepted the title of elder at the beginning, or I wouldn't worry about it anymore. If something happens to both sides, should I help?

Xuan Yue chuckled and said, "Although I have never been here, I have always heard of it. The various classics of the Holy See clearly record all the important things on the mainland. This is what I saw in the racial chronicle book. How is it? My memory is very good. Go and pull, the mercenary guild and magician guild here should be big enough, let's take a turn and change my mercenary card, and then go to the magician guild to verify Take a look at my magic level and see if I have the power of a magister."

Dumb smiled bitterly: "Don't go, let's wait until the Red Hurricanes, our mission has not been completed yet!"

Xuan Yue glanced at Mulats, who was not far behind, with a relieved expression, and said: "I will enter the city right away. As long as we send them to the place, won't we be fine? Going to the two unions will not delay. At what time, brother, do you have any secrets? Do you have a friend in the wizard’s guild, afraid I know?" She looked at Ah-Dai suspiciously. For her beloved, jealousy is always inevitable, especially Xuan. A thorn in Yue's heart was stalking the ice, and when she looked at the dumbfounding look of Ah-Dai, she would naturally think of that aspect.

Dumb blushed and said, "No, where did I come from? You forget that I told you before that the relationship between the Tianjin Empire's Magician Union and the Mainland Magician's Union is very bad. And they fight the most. Fierce, I am afraid it is the magician of the Sorbian Federation. The Sorcerer Federation has the most magicians of the Yajin tribe. This may be a focus of their struggle. I just don't want to cause trouble. I wait for the completion of Mulatz. After the chairman's mission, let's leave as soon as possible."

After hearing Ah Du’s words, Xuan Yue’s eyes lit up and said, "Why didn’t I expect. Brother, you are not that stupid, you can analyze the problem. But, have you forgotten the purpose of our coming out? We just want to experience and encounter How can things be avoided? The two unions may not be able to fight, let's just check it out. I used to hear my sister say how good the Mage Union is, isn't it just time to see it this time?"

Dumb was speechless, hesitated for a moment, and sighed: "It seems that I can only lay down my life to accompany the gentleman." After spending so many days together, he has developed something that he can't even tell the Xuanyue incarnate Xuanri. Feelings, I feel very happy when I am with him. Once he is hurt, he will get angry somehow and even want to kill. The importance of this Xuanri brother in his heart, Duan, is very clear. If he suddenly separated from him, he might be as painful as when he left Yueyue.

The mighty caravan has arrived outside the gate of Andis City. Due to the large number of people, the soldiers who defended the city naturally stopped it. Mulats showed his business association's logo, and was immediately granted preferential treatment, and the group finally entered their destination.

As one of the leaders of the business association, Mulatz has been here many times. He is already an old horse who knows the way. Under his leadership, the skeleton mercenary group is escorting the caravan along the wide and large area of Andes City. The road headed south of the city.

To the south of the city, the caravan of the Standi Alliance came to a stop in front of a tall building. Mulatz walked to the carriage where Xuanyue and Dui were sitting, and said, "We have reached our destination."

Dumb, Xuanyue and the three skeletons gathered together, Mulats smiled and said: "Finally here. This is the branch of our business association alliance in Andis City. Please wait a moment, I will go in first and contact me. Just put the goods They are all unloaded into the warehouse, and your task is considered complete." After speaking, he quickly walked into the tall building in front of him.

In the second half of the journey, the Three Skulls and the dumb two had been happily getting along with them. Due to the heavy losses of the Skeleton Mercenary Group, the blood Skull had been very depressed. He was finally about to complete the task. He sighed and said to dumb: "Brother, what are your plans after completing this mission?"

Chapter 105: Part ways

Dumb said: "Let's go to the mercenary headquarters of the Red Hurricane Clan first, and then visit the mainland. Brother Blood Skull, how about you?"

Blood Skull smiled bitterly: "This time our mercenary group has encountered such a big setback, and I have seen the strength of the two brothers, which completely changed my previous arrogant thoughts, hey, I want to let the mercenary group rest first. For a while. I will also go back to the master for further training. On the mainland, it is impossible to break through with insufficient strength. It seems that before we were lucky and there was no accident. This time we suffered such a heavy loss as soon as we met a master. I am embarrassed, the blood of my brothers will not flow in vain, those **** of the dark demons, one day I will seek revenge on them. By the way, if you go back to the Tiangang Sword Sect, give my teacher the Northern Sword Saint to the Tiangang Sword Saint Let him take care of him. Although they have fought for so many years, the Sword Saint of Tiangang is the only person my master admires. The master once said that the only thing he can't pass in his life is the Sword Saint of Tiangang. It seems that the master's regret is also It’s going to be passed on to us. I’m afraid I can’t surpass you either!"

Dumb smiled a little embarrassedly, and said, "Big brother, don't say that. Your fire-attribute vindictiveness is still very powerful. I only have a better chance to have my current skill."

The blood skull laughed and said: "Opportunities are sometimes very important. Okay, let's not talk about it. Wait for a while to hand in the task. I will ask your brothers to drink at the bar, and then we will part ways."

At this time, Mulatz had already come out. He directed the workers of the caravan to move boxes of heavy goods into the building. After more than an hour of hard work, the goods delivered by the Stanty Alliance finally successfully entered the building. Ku, and the Skeleton Mercenary Group and the Heavenly Evil Mercenary Group finally completed their mission.

Mulatz walked to the side of a few people and smiled and said, "Dear leader, it's really hard work. Let's sit in the business association. I will also pay you the reward you deserve by the way."

There is nothing special about the Standy Alliance branch in Andes City from the outside, but as soon as they entered inside, everyone was shocked. Not only was the place wide and the decoration was very gorgeous, dumb seemed to have seen it again The look of those big casinos in the Empire at sunset. Mulats smiled and said: "The business association often talks about big deals here. There is no way, but the decoration is more gorgeous, so that we can show our strength and make those customers trust us more."

Mulatz led the people to a large room of about 30 square meters, and made tea for the five people personally, and said seriously: "This time our Stanti Business Association Alliance can smoothly deliver the goods here. Thank you all. Help me vigorously. I feel extremely sorry for the dead and injured brothers of the Skeleton Mercenary Corps." He bent down and took out the things he had just prepared. They were two leather bags. He gave the smaller bag to Xuan Yue. , Said: "The two team leaders made great efforts in this operation. Before I promised to give two thousand gold coins as reward, it is too little. Here are forty-five diamond coins, plus the first payment. The five diamond coins in China total five thousand gold coins. In the future, if our business association has any needs, we must rely on two great efforts."

Dumb said: "President Mulatz, how can we ask you so much money? Since we have said a thousand gold coins in advance, let's keep the original amount."

Mulats shook his head and said, "The two heads don't refuse, the extra part, even the bonus given to you by the business association." He didn't wait for Dumb to speak, and immediately picked up another bag and handed it to the blood skull." Head of Blood, here are three hundred diamond coins. We said in advance that the reward is 20,000 gold coins. We have paid your group one hundred diamond coins as a deposit, plus these, a total of 40,000 diamond coins. Head of blood, you too Don’t refuse, this time your group’s loss is far beyond our expectations. Even if we pay some respect to those sacrificed warriors, you must accept the extra money."

Blood Skull sighed, took the money bag, and thought, no matter how much money is, it won’t be able to return the lives of my brothers! "Chairman Mu, thank you very much. Since the task has been completed, I will not stay here. There are still many things to be arranged in the group. Dumb brother, are you leaving?"

Dui and Xuanyue hurriedly bid farewell to Mulats, and Mulats personally sent the five people out of the business association. As he parted, he sighed, as if he was reluctant to accept five people.

Leaving the business association, Blood Skull ordered his subordinates to gather together and rushed to the Iron Skull: "The third child, you take out fifty diamond coins to share with these brothers. Let them relax for a day off today. Tomorrow morning, Assemble at the West Gate, we will immediately return to the headquarters." Upon hearing that Blood Skull was about to give them a holiday, the members of the Skeleton Mercenary Group cheered. For the past month, they have been living in fear and can finally relax. , How can you be unhappy.

Dumb looked at the mercenaries who were gradually dispersing, and rushed to the skull and said: "President Mulatz is really nice. He is a man with deep feelings! This time he gave us so much money. No wonder you keep fighting with me. He is cooperating."

The blood skull snorted and said, "Brother, you are still too tender. The old guy Mulats is a standard old fox. The reason why he is good to us is because he is useful to our place, for better We used our efforts for him to do so. If you can’t bring him benefits, he will never pay attention to you. Don’t forget, he is a businessman. If I guess it’s right, this time, the Standi Business Association will deliver it. This shipment is probably worth more than tens of millions of gold coins. We take this money and it’s not a big deal. To me, money is just something to bring my brothers a good life. But for this operation, we paid 500 yuan. Life, forty thousand gold coins, hum."

Seeing the bleak gaze of the blood skull, Duan said sadly: "It seems that it's not easy to be a mercenary! It's his own life to make money."

Ice Skull walked to Blood Skull and whispered: "Brother, don't be sad, things have already happened."

The blood skull murmured: "Yes! Things have already happened, what's the use of me being sad. Good pull, the third child is back, let's go, find a place to have a few drinks."

The mercenaries were dismissed, and the five of them slowly wandered the street and walked towards the city of Andes. As Xuanyue said, the people of Andes city were in a hurry and looked very busy. No one noticed them.

"Just there." The Blood Skull pointed to a tavern not far in front.

The five people walked into the tavern. It was still in the morning. There were not many people in the tavern. The Blood Skeleton looked at the plain decorations around, and said to Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue: "It's not the big brother who is stingy. Our skeleton mercenary group probably won't take the task for the time being. If you don’t have a source of income, you need to save some money. The waiter, give us five cups of tequila, and serve us some side dishes."

Due to the small number of guests, the wine and food came up quickly. The Blood Skull picked up his own glass and said, "I'm going to part ways. Come on, two brothers, I will toast you a glass. It's a good trip for you." Duan had drank it before. Several wines were tasted, but Xuanyue was from the Holy See, and she had never even touched wine. Seeing the light blue wine in front of them and smelling the tangy fragrance, both of them lifted their glasses. The blood skull drank the wine in the glass in one sip, flushed up his face, and shouted, "Good time."

Ah Dui also wanted to drink the wine dry like a blood skull, but the wine smelled so fragrant and tangy as the mouth, an unusually strong pungent air suddenly choked him, and he coughed violently. Xuan Yue was even worse than Duan. Although she drank less, her pretty face flushed with choking, and she bent over and coughed loudly, even tears streaming out. Seeing them, the blood skull was shocked and then laughed. Iron skull and the always cold ice skull also couldn't help but laughed.

Blood Skull smiled and said, "Although we are inferior to you in Kung Fu, you are also far behind drinking."

Xuan Yue finally calmed down her breath, gasping: "Ah! Blood...skeleton...big brother..., you...want to!...what is this... It’s’s’s’s hard to drink....” Duan said with a lingering fear: “Why does this wine taste so strong? I just drank a little bit and my chest burned like fire. Brother, are you okay? ?"

Iron Skull said: "Tequila is a famous spirit. My eldest brother is a master of Jiulin, and he cultivates the real spirit of Fire Nightmare. Of course, it's okay to have a drink. Haven't you ever drunk alcohol before?"

Xuan Yue pushed the wine glass in front of him to the blood skull and said, "I, I don't want to drink this thing anymore. It's so terrible to drink, it turns out that wine has this kind of taste!"

Iron Skull took off his helmet, his hair and eyebrows have grown a little these days, took a sip of his own wine, and exclaimed: "That's you won't enjoy it. The taste of this agave is really pure. Yes, yes, brother, if you want to drink, you can give me his cup."

Blood Skull glared at him and said, "What? Do you want to fight with your eldest brother and I? Forgot the lesson last time?"

The Iron Skull is obviously inferior to the Blood Skull in terms of drinking, and he said sly: "A ghost is willing to fight with you. I almost didn't drink to death last time, Sister Si, you should also take off the helmet. The dumb brothers are not outsiders. , How do you drink with a helmet!"

Two clear gazes shot from under the ice skull helmet, and they glanced at Ah Dui and Xuan Yue, only then slowly raised his hands and took off his helmet, revealing a stunning face.

Seeing the face of Ice Skull, Duan and Xuan Yue were both shocked. It was an unusually white face, and the green eyes revealed a deep light. Although there was no expression on her face, the exquisite features and her unique temperament were as moving as a fairy in the ice. Xuan Yue muttered: "Sister, you are so beautiful! Why do you usually wear a helmet?"

Ice Skull said faintly: "I don't want the members of my team to see the appearance. I don't want them to follow my command because of my appearance, or have any wrong thoughts. I use my strength to become the deputy of the skeleton mercenary group. The head of the group." After a pause, the ice skeleton's clear gaze fell on the face of Dumbun, and then said: "Dumb, I always wanted to ask you something. Back then, when we first met, you used What way to defeat me. I thought about it for more than a month, but still didn't figure it out."

Dumb stared at Bing Skull's charming face. Her temperament was even colder than Bing. The cold light in his eyes made him think of Bing's appearance, and he couldn't say anything.

Xuanyue thought that Ah-Dai was fascinated by the appearance of the ice skull, and pinched him **** his leg. The severe pain suddenly awakened Ah-Dai from the shock, screamed in pain, and looked at Xuan Yue, "Brother, why are you pinching me?" Xuan Yue glared at him sullenly, and said, "Sister Bing Skull is asking you. Then, what are you staring at others for? Haven't you seen a beautiful woman?"

Dumb scratched his head and said sadly: "Sister Ice Skull looks like a friend of mine before. I didn't mean it. What did you ask?"

Xuan Yue's heart tightened, and she clearly realized that the friend that Dui was talking about must be the girl named Bing represented by the statue in his arms.

Bing Skull was slightly shocked when he saw Ah Dui, and said: "I was asking you just now, what method did you use to defeat me in the first place. Why did you suddenly run behind me when you were obviously opposite me? In my impression, no one has been able to defeat me with just one move, not even the old man, the master."

Dumb raised his head, looked at the familiar cold temperament of Bing Skull, and muttered: "Actually, I succeeded in one fell swoop with the help of the ability of the equipment. I am really not sure that I can defeat you within three moves. "

Blood Skull and Iron Skull were aroused by Dumb's words, "Apparatus? What kind of apparatus?"

Dumb said: "I have an item on my body that can differentiate into a clone. The clone can have half of my ability. This instrument also has the ability to transfer three times in a day. I use its two functions to use the clone from the front. Attracting the attention of Bing Skull Sister, and I used the moment to move behind her to succeed, because the speed is so fast, no one can tell."

The three skeletons were shocked. Although Dumb explained the way to subdue the ice skeletons, they still couldn't understand them. They all wanted to know what exactly could have such an effect.

Ice Skull's cold face changed, and he was surprised: "Is there such a thing on the mainland? Why haven't I heard of it before."

Dui showed the Corris' Wish on his right wrist, gently stroking the energy-circulating artifact, and said faintly: "This brace is called Coris' Wish, which was left to me by my teacher before he died."

The three skeletons' hearts were shaken, and at the same time they lost their voice: "What? The Sword Saint of Tiangang is dead?"

Dumb froze, remembering what the Heavenly Sword Sage had told him, and shook his head: "No, it's my other teacher. He is the greatest alchemist on the mainland. He used his life to refine this brace, I It was named after his old man." The wish of Corris is as important as the living Corris in Dumb's heart.

Ice Skull murmured: "So it's like this. Dumb, I ask you, if you try your best to compete with me, a few moves can beat me."

Dui hesitated for a moment, looking at the Ice Skeleton who was expecting his answer, and said, "If you don't use any equipment, about ten moves." The equipment he said was of course the strongest sword of Hades. Not the wish of Corris. In fact, he still said that he was conservative. With his current skill, if he did his best, five moves would be enough.

There was a sad smile on Bing Skull’s face, "Ten strokes, only ten strokes! I have been practicing for more than ten years, but I can only support ten strokes."

Blood Skull patted Bing Skull’s shoulder and sighed: "Forget it, Brother Dumb is something we can’t compare. By the way, Brother Dumb, I always wanted to ask you, who is better between you and Brother Xuanyi? On, you should be on the same level. Are you better at martial arts or better in magic?"

Dumb froze and looked at Xuan Yue next to him. Xuan Yue also looked at him. The two shook their heads at the same time, and said dumb: "We have not really played against each other, and I don't know who is strong. Only when we are alive and dead can we show our true strength. We are best friends, so how can we be true to each other? How about fighting like this? I think it should be Brother Xuanri who is stronger. He is one of the most powerful magicians I have ever seen." Xuanyue suddenly showed a faint smile on her face when she heard the praise of her sweetheart. "Actually, this question is very difficult to answer. Magic and martial skills are two different things. However, Big Brother Adu has a very strong offensive power. If I want to fight him, I must find a chance to cast the spell first, otherwise, I am afraid that the spell has not been pronounced yet. I lost. In terms of overall strength, Big Brother A'Dai is better. After all, he still has..." At this point, Xuan Yue realized that she had said too much, and hurriedly stopped. What she wanted to say was that there was help from the holy evil. Dumb.

The three blood skulls are not stupid, and they can't help taking a breath. They all clearly understand the meaning of Xuan Yue's words. Dumb still has a secret weapon to use! Just when they were surprised by the strength of Ah-Dai, the door of the tavern opened, and three men in mercenary costumes walked in. At first sight, they were all martial arts fighters. The sign of mercenary on their chests was very obvious. The five glanced at the table, then walked to the side table and sat down.

Iron Skull murmured: "It's really rare that there are people who come to drink like us at this time! Dumb brother, since you are not used to drinking spirits, let me give you some juice."

Xuan Yue hurriedly agreed: "Okay! Big brother Dumb and I want a glass of lime juice. The appearance looks similar to tequila. I thought they tasted the same, who knows... My head is a little dizzy now, did I drink alcohol?"

Blood Skull smiled slightly, poured the tequila that Xuanyue had just pushed over into his cup, took a sip, and said, "How can juice compare to the taste of wine? Brother, you really won't enjoy it! Men still practice Good drinker."

Xuan Yuexin smiled bitterly with lingering fears: "This kind of enjoyment is better than not. It is better to drink sweet juice. I don't need much alcohol."

Bing Skull glanced at Xuan Yue, with a strange look in his eyes.

After that, the three mercenaries who came in asked for a few glasses of beer and chatted while drinking. Their voices were so loud that Duan and others could hear them clearly without paying attention.

"Boss, I still don't want to take on the tasks of the Wizards' Guild in the future. It's a waste of effort. We can't afford it either. Why bother for a few dollars?"

The mercenary who was called the boss said: "Hey, I also know that the money of the Mage’s Union is not easy to make, but now the world is in a recession, the businessmen are too smart, the task proposed is so difficult, the money of the Yajin tribe It's hard to make money! If we don't do some tasks for the Wizards' Guild, what do we brothers eat? I'm afraid we can't even drink wine.

"But, boss, these two magician unions have publicly stated that no one is allowed to sell ordinary magic stones to each other. It is too difficult for us to be caught in the middle. If we let the magician union of the Tianjin Empire know that we are secretly helping mainland magic. The teachers' union transports magic stones, I'm afraid they won't let us go. Just a higher-level magician is not something we can deal with."

The mercenary who has not spoken said: "Well, it makes sense, boss, I think we should not help the mainland magician union to transport the magic stone for the time being. Recently, the conflict between the two magician unions has become more and more intense. I started to grab a high-level magician. The sky and rain were so gorgeous, but many houses were destroyed. If the patriarch of the Yakin clan stopped their conflict in time, I am afraid that most of Andes City Destroyed in their hands."

Lao Dadao: "Well, anyway, we have some savings recently. Let's rest for a few days and wait until the gust of wind passes."

Hearing what they said, Xuanyue stuck out her tongue and said to dumb: "Brother, you are really right! These two magician unions seem to have reached the point of incompatible."

The blood skull froze and said: "Where are the two magician unions?" Xuan Yue explained to him in a low voice, and then the three skulls came over.

The blood skeleton said: "Brother Xuanri, aren't you a priest of the Holy See? What is the relationship between this magician union and you? I thought you seemed a little nervous just now."

Xuan Yue smiled slightly and said in a low voice, "It's not that I'm nervous, it's that Big Brother A'Dai is nervous. Although I am a sacrifice, Big Brother A'Dai is an intermediate magician of the Mainland Magician Union. Both sides are magician organizations. Of course he is embarrassed. . Isn’t it, big brother.” As she said, she stabbed Dumb.

Dumb smiled bitterly: "Yeah! It is reasonable to say that I should help the mainland magicians union, but now the number of magicians is so scarce, if the two sides conflict, death and injury are inevitable, I am afraid it will be detrimental to the development of the career of magicians. This is The last thing I want to see."

Bing Skull said in surprise: "Are you also a magician? Your martial skills are so high, why bother to learn magic."

Xuan Yue smiled and answered the question for Ah Dui, "My eldest brother is not only a magician, but also a half alchemist. He learned magic and alchemy first, and then learned martial arts. Of course, now he is strong in martial arts. Some, but when he first entered the mainland, he received a monthly salary from the Mage’s Union, which is considered to be a benefit from others. I’m afraid it’s not good to stay out of the situation at this time.”

The Blood Skull took a sip of the tequila and smiled and said, "Brother Dumb surprises us a lot! Since you have a relationship with the Mage Guild, do you care about the conflict between the two?"

Dumb shook his head, and said, "Even if I want to manage, I feel powerless! What's more, I don't want to hurt anyone."

Xuan Yue crossed the subject and said, "Brother Blood Skull, I also have a question to ask you, since you are descendants of the Northern Sword Master, why don't you use swords?"

The blood skull smiled and said, "Don't you use a sword for Dumb?"

Dumb scratched his head and said: "I'm too stupid. I can't remember the complicated sword skills. Moreover, the master said that after the skill reaches a certain level, the tricks are not important. Only deep skill is the key to victory. So his old man didn't teach me swordsmanship."

The blood skull nodded and said: "Well, what your master said is right, none of the four of our senior brothers and sisters learned the master's swordsmanship because of insufficient skill. My fire night quarrel was passed on by the master, and his old man said to wait for me I will be taught swordsmanship only after I break through to a certain level. The master is very knowledgeable, and his old man’s casual kung fu is enough for us to practice for a lifetime. After leaving here, I decided to go back to the mountain to receive the master’s teachings and see if my skills can be achieved. Break through, otherwise, if this continues, the skeleton mercenary group will probably disappear."

Bing Skull said: "Brother, I will also go back to the mountain with you, dumb, although we are already friends, but I will always remember when you defeated me with one move. When I am confident that I can beat you, I will definitely do it again. I will find you to test the level. I don’t believe that my extreme icy innocence is inferior to your anger."

Dumb said helplessly: "Sister Ice Skull, why are you so persistent? Winning is really so important?"

Bing Skull lowered his head and said nothing, Blood Skull patted his sister on the shoulder, and said, "Bing Bing, you are too old, and you can't spend time with martial arts. If you don't find a partner, I'm afraid you won't get married."

Xuan Yue smiled and said, "Sister Ice Skull is still very young! Don't worry about it."

The blood skull said: "She is twenty-three, and ordinary girls her age have long had children."

Bing Skull suddenly raised his head, looked at Dumb strangely, and said faintly: "Big brother, when I entered the master's school, I once swore that I will not marry a Sword Master."

Dumb froze and said, "However, the current Sword Saints are all very old, I am afraid it is not suitable."

The Blood Skull looked at the Ice Skull, then looked at the Iron Skull with a pale face, and sighed: "The strength of the Juggernaut is not easy! Among the younger generation, I am afraid that only Brother Dumb may reach it in a short time." He can’t speak deeply about the face of Skeleton, but can only invisibly imply that he is very fond of Dui. If Dui can become his brother-in-law, it will be very easy for the skeleton mercenary group to surpass the Honghu mercenary group. What's more, from the understanding these days, the blood skull is also very relieved of the character of Dumb. It may be the best choice to let his baby sister marry him.

Dumb, dumb, did not listen to the meaning in the words of the **** skull, but Xuanyue understood it, vigilant, and said: "Brother Bloody Skull, it’s late, I still want to go to the magician with Dumb. Union, let’s see what is going on there now, let’s see you by chance in the future."

The blood skull froze and said, "Brother, why are you leaving in a hurry! The wizards' union can't fly again."

Dumb didn't understand why Xuan Yue was so anxious, "Brother, are we really going to the Mage's Union?"

Xuan Yue said: "Of course I'm going to You forgot what I told you before. You can't escape when you encounter something. You have to face it to improve your ability. Brother Blood Skeleton, I'm sorry. The task of protecting the Standi Alliance has been delayed for a long time. We have to go. I think we will have a chance to meet again in the future."

Seeing Xuanyue's departure, the blood skull couldn't stop him anymore. He stood up and said, "Well, you should be careful all the way. In the future, if you have the opportunity, we will be learning skills."

Iron Skull was eager for Dumb to leave. Although he was not a wise man, he also understood that Blood Skeleton deliberately matched Dumb and Ice Skull to drive away his love rivals. Of course it was a good thing. He stood up, drank the tequila in his glass, and said, "Two brothers, we will not change the green hills and the green water will flow for a long time. Take care."

Having said that, it's not good for Ah'Dai to stay, so he had to stand up, and both parties made a few polite words, and He Xuanyue left the tavern. Seeing them leaving behind, Blood Skull spoke to Bing Skull, "Sister, you have given up a good opportunity! Why didn't you keep him just now? Although Duan's appearance is not very good, he is definitely A person who is suitable for you to entrust for life, with his skill is not an exaggeration. If you can marry him, elder brother will be relieved."

Chapter 106: Heart cut

Bing Skull spoke faintly: "Brother, it's impossible for us. Don't you see that the magician named Xuanri is a girl? Given her closeness with Ah-Dai, I am afraid it has already been set for a lifetime. Let's go, too." After speaking, she drank the remaining agave in one gulp, feeling the burning energy of the wine in her body, and the ice skull felt bitter in her heart. She is not a superficial person. Naturally, she does not judge people by appearance. During these days with Ah-Dai, Ah-Dai’s character and profound cultivation have touched her cold heart, but she is sensible, and she understands from the sidelines. Everything.

Blood Skull was taken aback and lost his voice: "What? You said Xuan Ri is a woman. It's impossible, it's impossible!"

Bing Skull said coldly: "There is nothing impossible. Although her appearance has been changed a bit with drugs and she wears men's clothing, from the occasional female voice and the fragrance of her body, I can completely conclude that she is a woman and a face. The beauty above me, coupled with her powerful magical power, do you think I can have a chance? Xuan Ri is the most worthy dumb person. I have already decided that I will spend my entire life studying The profound martial arts and feelings are just luxury for me." After she finished speaking, she strode out of the tavern without even looking at the solemn iron skull.

After Ah Du and Xuan Yue left the pub, Xuan Yue took him to the east quickly. Seeing Xuanyue's somewhat gloomy expression, Ah Dumb asked strangely: "Brother, what's wrong with you? It seems very unhappy! Why are you leaving in such a hurry? This time you are separated from Brother Blood Skull and they may never see you. Here it is."

Xuan Yue let go of Ah-Dai's hand, snorted, and said, "If I don't leave, I'm afraid you will be fascinated by Sister Ice Skull. Brother Ah-Dai, let me ask you, what is the status of my sister in your heart?"

Duan stopped, frowned, and said, "Brother, what's wrong with you? Why do you think of asking this question. Yueyue is naturally my good friend."

Xuan Yue stared at Ah-Dai, her eyes flickered, and she asked, "Is it really just a good friend?"

Dui lowered his head, avoiding Xuan Yue's gaze, a strange thing rose in his heart. Xuan Yue's figure had never disappeared from his heart. The girls he met were not few, but only the girl and Xuan Yue were in his memory. The most profound. Emotionally, although he likes Xuanyue more, intellectually, he forces himself to put his heart on the girl.

"Big brother, why don't you answer me. Do you really only treat your younger sister as a friend?" Xuan Yue kept asking. Bing Skull's demeanor just now sounded the alarm in her heart. She couldn't bear it anymore, and she didn't want to wait any longer, eager to know what A Dumb thought of herself.

Dumb sighed and said, "Brother, don't push me, okay? I, I can't tell how I feel about Yueyue. But, you also know that I am a thief."

Xuan Yue did not relax and said: "This is just your excuse. To make it clear, what I want to ask you is whether you like my sister or not. I tell you, my sister has you in her heart. Otherwise, what about her? Will I be so far away to find you for her? The reason why I brought you out of the tavern is that I don't want you to have anything to do with that ice skeleton. You tell me clearly whether you feel about your sister. "Xuanyue finally couldn't help putting aside her reserved confession to Dumb. Although it was an indirect confession using another identity, it was already the limit she could bear for the eldest lady of the Holy See.

After hearing Xuanyue's words, Ah-Dai's whole body was shaken, his face turned pale, and he murmured: "You, what did you say? Yueyue, no, it's impossible. I'm just a thief!"

Xuanyue used both hands to hold Ah'Dai's head and stared at his eyes, "Big Brother, don't run away, tell me, tell me how you feel about Yueyue." Her confession has already been said, and she is determined, as long as Ah'Dai is love She immediately clarified her identity, and then she was desperate to stay with him.

Duan's heart became confused, and all kinds of complicated emotions kept entangled in his heart. Xuanyue's beauty kept flashing in his heart, but Xuanye's cold rejection voice also kept ringing in his ears, rational and emotional. The constant impact made him hesitate.

Shaking his head vigorously, A'Dai pulled Xuanyue's hands away, and said in pain: "Don't force me, brother, don't force me. I can't like Yueyue! It's impossible for us, I can't be with Yueyue ."

Because of the emotional excitement, Xuan Yue did not carefully understand what Ah Dui said. After listening to Ah Dui's painful voice, her heart ached sharply. She did not expect that her efforts would be rewarded by Ah Dui's refusal, and her delicate body shook slightly. Tears loomed in his eyes, and said sadly: "Why is it impossible? Is it because of ice?"

A Dui's body shook, raised his head and looked at Xuan Yue with a surprised look. He had forgotten that he had taken out Bing's head in front of Xuan Yue. At this time, hearing her mention the name Bing, Bing was about to die. Her words kept ringing, and her once-beautiful appearance made A'Dai a little silly, and his heart became even more confused, looking at Xuan Yue in front of him, muttering speechless.

Seeing Ah Dumb's expression, Xuan Yue thought she had guessed right, she couldn't breathe as if she was pressing a large rock on her chest, tears flowed down uncontrollably, and she muttered, "It turns out it's because of her." Yue Du was convinced that Dui liked herself, but Dui's expression made her heart cold. He didn't love himself, he loved the girl named Bing.

A Dui sighed, wiped the tears from Xuan Yue's face with his sleeves, and said faintly: "Brother, why are you crying. Is it because Yueyue feels bad? When you see her in the future, help me tell her and let her Forget me. Dumb is not worthy to be with Yueyue!" He has already thought about it clearly. Although he really likes Yueyue, the difference in identity will inevitably bring about a lot of trouble for Yueyue. I didn't deserve Yueyue, so instead of affecting her life, it was better to give up now. At the very least, I and Xuanyue would not sink too deeply. At this moment, Ah'Dai flinched, he flinched in front of his feelings.

Xuan Yue nodded her head, the hope that she had always received turned out to be rejection. How could she stand it? Looking at the dumb face, Xuan Yue said sadly: "Big Brother, you don’t like Yueyue. It seems that she is too stupid. She is completely wishful. Don’t worry, I will tell her so that she won’t bother her again. You, you can be with your ice."

Duan didn't explain his relationship with Bing, lowered his head, and kept repeating the three words sorry. He suddenly felt that he seemed to have lost something, a very important thing.

After a long time, Xuan Yue's beautiful eyes replied with a hint of anger, and said faintly: "Big Brother, I am a little tired today, let's find a hotel to rest first, and then go to the Wizards' Union tomorrow."

Dumb, what else could he say at the moment, he could only nod silently. There happened to be a hotel not far from where they were standing, and Xuan Yue walked past like a walking corpse. The pain in Ah Du's heart was not under Xuan Yue. He knew that his beloved also liked him, but he couldn't admit his feelings. This kind of pain like a knife made his body tremble slightly. The two walked into the hotel without saying a word, Xuan Yue said to the dumb: "Big Brother, we are also rich now, let's live in a room each."

A Dumb nodded silently, he now had the same idea as Xuan Yue, he just wanted to be alone. Xuanyue asked for two standard rooms that were next to each other, and Ah Dui stepped into the room with the keys. No one said a word again, and the atmosphere between the two was extremely solemn.

Xuanyue closed the door of her room, unable to restrain the pain in her heart anymore, she fell to the ground and cried loudly. Dumb's refusal seemed to her as if the sky had stepped down, and the feeling of a thunderbolt hit her heart deeply. Why, why! Three years, just three years apart, your heart has changed, dumb, dumb, you are no longer my dumb.

After Ah-Dai entered the room, lying on the bed, Xuan Ri's words kept ringing in his heart, "I tell you, younger sister has you in her heart.... You tell me clearly whether you feel about your younger sister." I want to shout loudly, yes, I have feelings for Yueyue! But he couldn't. His low self-esteem made him dare not confess or admit it. He curled his body on the big bed, slightly convulsed, his head was so painful that all kinds of complex emotions impacted, his tears were blurred, and his body and mind were plunged into deep guilt and pain.

Early in the morning, the sound of knocking on the door awakened Ah-Dai from his sleep. The mental torment of the day and night made him exhausted physically and mentally. He kept thinking about how he felt about Xuanyue, but he could not sort out the troubles in his heart.

I sat up from the bed blankly and glanced at the dawn outside the window. The depressed mood did not weaken. Who is knocking on the door so early? He put on his shoes and asked, "Who?"

"Brother, it's me." Xuan Yue's voice came from outside the room.

Dumb froze, because of Yueyue's relationship, he was really afraid of facing this "Xuanri" brother, sighed, and walked over to open the door. Xuanyue's face looked a little haggard, her eyes were red and swollen, and her pale lips were not bloody. Seeing Ah Dai opened the door, she smiled and said, "Brother, did you sleep well last night?" Her voice was very calm, and she couldn't hear anything unusual. .

Seeing Xuanyue's smile that seemed to have no grudge, Dumb scratched her head and reluctantly said: "It's okay." The depression in her heart seemed to be stronger.

Xuan Yue touched her haggard face and complained: "You are ready to sleep, but I haven't slept much all night, and I have become accustomed to sleeping with you every day. This separation is really uncomfortable. Don't Blocking the door! Don't you want me to go in?"

Dumbfounded, and then realized that he was still stuck in the doorway, he hurriedly stepped aside, mixed himself anxiously, his body shook, and almost fell, thanks to Xuanyue's timely grasp of his arm.

Xuan Yue looked at Ah Dui stupidly, showing a knowing smile, but in the depths of her eyes, a bleak color flashed. "Brother, be careful."

Duan stood awkwardly and said, "Brother, sit inside."

Xuanyue closed the door, walked into Dah's room, sat on Dah's bed unceremoniously, lowered her head and said: "Big brother, I thought clearly yesterday. You can't accept my sister, I don't blame you."

Ah-Dai was anxious and said, "Brother, I..." He wanted to tell "Xuan Ri" that he actually likes Yueyue, but he was afraid that he would not be able to restrain his feelings for Xuanyue after speaking out.

Xuan Yue sighed, raised her hand to cover Ah Du's mouth, and said, "Big brother, don't say it. I know you are in trouble. I don't blame you, I don't think my sister will blame you. Originally, you refused. Sister, I want to leave you immediately and return to the Holy See, but my sister’s wish is still gone. I think, let’s continue to the Death Mountain as before. After returning, I will tell my sister all our experiences. I think, She will feel better in her heart too. Just treat me as if I didn't say those things yesterday, and we are still good brothers." She had already figured it out yesterday, and all kinds of thoughts had flashed in her mind. Although Dui refused her, she decided to stay in the end. She really couldn't bear to leave like this. The purpose of her staying was to spend some time with Duoduo, and also to find a chance to see where the girl named Bing was better than herself. She is not reconciled! Unwilling to lose her beloved dumb like this, she still has a glimmer of hope in her heart. Since she fell in love with dumb, she will not give up easily. Although it will be more painful to stay with dumb, she does not regret it. .

Dumb listened to Xuan Yue's words dumbfounded, and murmured: "Brother, I'm sorry, I..." With a secret sigh, Dumb made up his mind. Since he has refused, he will not explain. It may not be a bad thing to end this relationship in this way, as long as she never sees Yueyue again, she will always forget herself.

Xuan Yue said impatiently: "Needless to say I'm sorry, you don't have anything to apologize to my sister and me. How can you force your relationship. Okay, I haven't eaten for a day, I'm hungry, I think you too Hungry, let’s go to eat something first, and then go to the Mage’s Guild and the Mercenary Guild for a round. You’ve said before, listen to me.” She just wants to use other things to divert her attention. Li, try not to let herself think about those things related to Dumb. The pain in her heart made her almost collapse. If she doesn't explain it, she is really afraid that she will go crazy.

Duan nodded, put on his coat, and said, "Then let's go now." Each of them had a complicated mood and ate something casually at the hotel, chewing tasteless delicacies, they were just mechanical Swallow the food, and the meal is over in silence.

Andis City is located in the northwestern part of the entire continent. Although it is not as cold as Nino City, it also has a slight chill. There are many clouds in the sky today, and the sun hides behind the clouds, occasionally revealing a ray of light. Andys City has the largest magician union in the whole continent. Of course, this refers to the magician union of the Tianjin Empire and the mainland magician union. Both magician unions have nearly one-third of the strength in this big city. For a long time, the mainland magician union has always had the upper hand by virtue of its number advantage and long history. The two magician guilds have very tall buildings, facing each other across the wide central axis of Andys City. Although the magicians of the two sides occasionally conflict, because of the intervention of the Yajin tribe, it did not cause any major problems. loss. Today, the two unions where magicians often enter and exit on weekdays seem to be particularly calm. There is no magician on either side, and there seems to be a solemn atmosphere in the air.

"Brother, shall we go to the Mainland Mage's Union?" Xuanyue looked around at two similar buildings and asked in a low voice.

Duan nodded, and said, "Did you not say that you would go to the Wizards' Guild to witness your own strength? Let's check your level first." Since leaving the hotel in the morning, the two of them have deliberately avoided each other. Even when talking, I always look for topics that are not painful or oxygenated.

"But, which of the two is the Mainland Mage Union?" Xuan Yue said the doubt in her heart.

Dumb, yeah, the two buildings are almost the same. The front doors are empty, without any signs, and I didn't ask clearly when asking for directions. This is difficult.

Xuan Yue took A'dai's hand and said, "Just find a house, if it's not right, then another one will naturally be." After finishing speaking, she pulled A'dai to the north magician union.

The wizards’ union was surprisingly calm. Not only did there not come and go with wizards, the two of them entered the hall and found no one. Xuan Yue walked to the center of the magical six-pointed star painted on the floor of the hall and shouted: "Is there anyone here?" There was no response from the surroundings. Xuan Yue snorted and said: "Just asked the passerby, he also said Andis The city has the most magicians on the continent, where is anyone here!"

Dumb also felt very strange, no matter which wizard's union, this early morning shouldn't be so quiet, could something happen? It wouldn't be so coincidental.

"Who! What are you yelling for? Don't you know if this is the Wizards' Guild?" A somewhat hoarse voice sounded.

Duan and Xuanyue looked in the direction of the sound, and a forty-year-old magician walked out from the back of the hall. This person is wearing a red magic robe and is obviously a fire magician.

Dui hurried forward and said politely: "Hello, we are here for magic certification, why are there so few people here?"

The middle-aged magician looked at the plainly dressed Duan and Xuanyue with some doubts, and said: "Today the union does not conduct magician certification, but you can stay here and wait for the branch leader to return for certification. However, you must Let me see with a magic first to make sure you are indeed magicians."

Xuan Yue frowned and said, "Isn't even such a big magician union capable of certification?" She didn't chant any spells, she waved a light bullet and flew towards the magician.

The middle-aged magician was taken aback. He had never seen any magic without chanting spells. He had no time to resist with magic in a hurry, so he had to step back, squat down, and try to dodge.

Xuan Yue pursed her mouth and smiled, her mental power moved slightly, and she rushed towards the middle-aged magician's squatting body with the powerful magical control light bullet. The magician's face looked so pale under the white light, just as he thought When he was about to be hit, he fluttered and the light bomb disappeared. Xuan Yue's laughter sounded like a silver bell in the hall, as if yesterday's unhappiness was vented at this moment.

Seeing Xuanyue smiled, Dumb felt a little relieved, and did not blame him for his mischief.

The middle-aged magician stood up with lingering fears and muttered: "This, what kind of magic is this, how can you control the direction casually?"

Xuan Yue stunned, and said, "What level of magician you are, you don't even know this. When your mental power is strong to a certain level, you can naturally control your magic."

The middle-aged magician blushed and said, "I, I am a middle-level magician. Since you really know how to do magic, please stay here and wait until the branch president and them come back."

Xuan Yue looked at the middle-aged magician with an unnatural look, and asked, "Could you tell us what all the magicians in the trade union did? How come there is no one?"

The middle-aged magician said bitterly: "It's not the guys opposite. He always provokes us, and the branch president decided to give them a better look." At this point, he seemed to realize that he had missed his mouth and hurriedly stopped. Carefully looked at Xuan Yue and Dumb.

Xuan Yue heard the meaning from his words, and she moved in her heart and said in surprise: "I heard that there are two wizards' unions in Andis City. Which one are you?"

The middle-aged magician proudly said: "Of course we are the most authentic magician guild. The great Lardas magister is our president. His old man is one of the three major magisters besides the Holy See, and the opposing self-righteous ones How can a guy compare. He also said that he is authentic, not even a magician who has reached the level of a magician."

After hearing what he said, Xuanyue and Duan understood that this was the magician union of the Tianjin Empire. Xuanyue motioned to Ah-Dai with her eyes, telling him not to speak, and then took a few steps forward, walked in front of the middle-aged magician, and smiled: "Yes! I have long heard that the magic power of National Master Lardas is infinite. , So I came here. It seems that I have found the right place. Under the guidance of his old man, my magic will definitely advance by leaps and bounds. If you join the meeting before us, then you are the seniors. Please give advice to the juniors in the future. "

The middle-aged magician has always been the lowest magician in the trade union. Due to limited talents and acquired slack, he has been practicing for more than 20 years, but he is only at the level of an intermediate magician. Xuanyue's flattery suddenly made him float. Feeling ecstatic, he said boldly: "Don't worry, I will take care of you after you join the association. I have been in the trade union for some years, and I will try to recommend you to the branch leader. With his guidance, you His magic will definitely improve rapidly."

Seeing his proud look, Xuan Yue smiled in her heart, sighed, and pretended to be regretful, saying: "I am looking forward to communicating with a powerful magician. What a pity! The branch leader is not here, I think we are still Go to the magician's union on the opposite side and have a look. Maybe they have any powerful magician?" After speaking, he pulled Dumb and turned his head and left.

The Mage Union of the Tianjin Empire lacked more manpower than the Mage Union of the Mainland. When they saw they were going to leave, they hurriedly stopped and said, "Don't go! It's useless if you go to the other side. There is no one there. It's still there. Wait for the head of the club to come back here."

A sly gaze flashed under Xuan Yue's eyes, and she asked in confusion, "Why is there no one? It's not that there are so many people in the Mainland Mage Union?"

The middle-aged magician hesitated for a moment and thought, it doesn't matter if you tell them that the other magician has left. These two raw faces should not be the spies from each other. As long as the two magicians can be kept, after the branch leader returns, He would definitely reward himself. Thinking of this, he gritted his teeth and said, "Tell you the truth. Because of the provocation of those guys on the other side, the branch leader has already challenged them a few days ago. The law and order of Andes City is relatively good. Yan, so we will have an appointment in the Bilu Canyon outside the city. As long as we win this time, we will be able to drive those guys out of Andys City, and even out of the Sorbian Federation. You only need to join our trade union for the future. Limitless."

Duan and Xuan Yue were shocked at the same time, and the two looked at each other. Neither of them thought that the contradiction between the two magician unions had really escalated to the point where they met each other.

Duan's heart tightened. He still had feelings for the Mage Union. When he first entered the mainland, he was deeply moved by the Mage Union's payment of salaries to all magicians. He never wanted to see the mage's mutilation, he sighed, and said, "Brother, let's go and check it out, hoping to stop them."

Xuan Yue said: "Okay! Then let's go now. If we go late, I'm afraid we won't see the wonderful things." After finishing speaking, she pulled the dumb and walked out.

The middle-aged magician hurriedly stopped them, and said anxiously: "Don't go! Didn't you say you want to stay here and wait for the branch leader to come back? It's not where you can go."

Xuanyue muttered the spell silently, and the sacred breath burst out suddenly, and with a wave of her hand, a white light covered the body of the middle-aged magician. She smiled and said: "Did I say I want to stay? No, thank you for the news. Now, we will come back again when we have a chance." After speaking, he pulled up Dumb and walked out of the Mage Guild of the Tianjin Empire. The spell she used can limit the middle-aged magician's actions for one hour.

After leaving the Mage Guild of the Tianjin Empire, Xuan Yue looked around and said, "Big brother, I think it’s not good for us to go like this. There are all magicians. I think someone will be guarded outside the canyon, no Let others enter. If we just go like this, we will probably be stopped outside. Forcing us will definitely attract the attention of both sides. We can’t observe it secretly. It would be great if we could find two sets of ordinary magician robes. Avoid conflict, my sacrificial clothing is too glaring."

Dumb had an idea, looked at the mainland magicians union to the south, smiled slightly, and said, "It's okay, I have a way, don't forget, I am a member of the magicians union!" After speaking, he walked straight to the mainland magicians union . Xuan Yue sighed slightly, looking at the tall figure of Ah-Dai, big brother! Why the more I am with you, the more difficult it is for me to extricate myself? But, I really can't bear to leave you! There was a sad color in her beautiful eyes, and Xuan Yue slowly followed.

The situation in the Mainland Mage Union is similar to that of the Tianjin Empire Mage Union. After Ah'Dai and Xuanyue entered the union hall, they shouted a few times before they came out a young sorcerer who looked about the same age as Ah'Dai and was slightly higher than Xuanyue With a bookish look on his face, he is wearing a blue magic robe. He is obviously a wind magician. He has a handsome appearance and a strong figure. The magical aura on his body is very strong, and his level is obviously higher than the previous magician of the Tianjin Magician Guild. Much smarter. The young man did not neglect the civilian attire of Dumb and Xuan Yue, smiled slightly, and said, "Two, what are you doing here in the Mainland Mage Union?"

Xuan Yue didn't wait for Dumb to speak, she rushed to say, "We are going to be certified as a magician, can we do it now?" She also felt that this magician seemed to have connotations and wanted to see how he reacted.

The young magician seemed to have guessed that Xuan Yue was going to say this, and nodded and said: "No problem, let me test the two, who will start first."

Duan was shocked. This young magician was so young that he was able to take on the test examiner. It was obvious that he was strong. It seems that the mainland magician union is indeed better than the Tianjin Empire magician union, at least in terms of reserve talents. Winner. Xuan Yue smiled and said: "Then I will come first, but you have to be careful!"

The young man seemed to be full of self-confidence in himself, taking a leisurely stroke of the void, and the space cracks appeared. He sneaked in and took out a blue magic wand. The style of the magic wand is simple and the standard shape of the magic wand is not eye-catching, but it seems to contain Very strong magic element. Xuanyue faintly froze. The opponent's ability to use the space crack magic proved that he has at least the level of a senior magician or even a great magician. He can reach this level at such a young age. It shows that his talent is so high that he is never absent. Under oneself. The strength of the opponent aroused the victorious heart in Xuanyue's heart. He hummed and made the same action as the opponent. With a stroke of the sky, a golden gap opened in the sky. Without Xuanyue's own going in and grabbing, the angel's rod would just Already flying out, as soon as the staff fell into Xuan Yue's hands, the sacred aura suddenly released, and a faint golden light continued to circulate around her delicate body, Xuan Yue stood proudly in place like a god, looking coldly and arrogantly. The young magician in front of him.

Chapter 107: Oliveira

The calm and unwavering face of the young magician finally set off a ripple, and the expression of surprise was beyond words, "Are you a light magician?" He was secretly awe-inspiring, is this the person sent by the Holy See to test the strength of our union? Seeing that he is younger than himself, but his magic level is not weak, I am afraid he is a strong enemy!

Dumb walked to Xuan Yue's side and said, "Brother, have you forgotten what we are going to do? It's not good to delay too much time here."

Now that Xuan Yue's eagerness to win has been aroused, how could she let it go, "I can't pull it, brother, I'll just check with him to see my strength, it will be fine for a while."

Ah Duan was always apologetic to "Xuan Ri". It was not easy to force him, so he had to step aside and whispered: "Then you should act lightly. After all, everyone is a magician, don't hurt him."

Although Dui's voice is very low, the young magician of the fine ventilation system can still hear it by the fluctuation of the wind element. Although his cultivation is very good, Dui's words still arouse his inner anger. Since the magic is achieved, he has still Never been so despised. Raising the cyan staff in his hand, he calmly said to Xuan Yue: "You can do it, wind magician Oliveira will teach you. The wind of freedom, condensed in the front, merged into the barrier of wind, and defended my dignity. "A short spell has caused a great change. The cyan staff in his hand draws a beautiful trajectory in the void. The wind element in the air suddenly agitated, and the air flow quickly concentrated towards Oliveira, faintly The cyan light is clearly visible, spinning quickly, forming a cyclone barrier in front of him.

Xuan Yue's face was expressionless, and she said coldly: "The light magician Xuan Ri asks for advice." Jin Mang flashed in her eyes, the divine light was prosperous, and the clear spell sounded, "The light of the gods gather in front of you, the power of the sky, Turn the light into a blade, go, the sharp blade condensing the sacred light." While chanting a spell, Xuan Yue slowly raised the angel's staff in her hand, and the light element in the air quickly concentrated towards Xuan Yue. The transparent jewel on the rod shined brightly, as if a small sun kept shining in the air, Xuan Yue smiled slightly and said, "Be careful, this is my fifth-level attack magic light blade." After finishing speaking, of Angel The rod suddenly swung down, and a large piece of golden light was thrown from the jewel on the head of the rod, condensed into a huge sharp blade and flew out, slashing towards Oliveira's cyclone barrier.

Oliveira felt a hint of fear in his heart. With the induction between magic elements, he clearly felt that his defense could not stop such a powerful attack. He waved the cyan staff in his hand and a cyan halo appeared. In front of him, he chanted the spell quickly, and the halo instantly sank into the cyclone barrier in front of him, and the barrier shone brightly, just in time for the bombardment of the blade of light.

In the bang, a strong air current was stirred up in the Magic Guild Hall, and the whole hall shook violently. If it weren't for the very powerful guardian enchantment blessed here, it would probably be enough to destroy the entire building. The light gradually dimmed, and Xuan Yue looked at the young magician in front of her with some surprise. Oliveira's face was a little pale, and five steps away from the original position, there was a deep mark on the ground in front of him. Obviously, his defensive magic just now didn't completely remove Xuan Yue's attack, but just avoided the aftermath of the Blade of Light's attack with his quick physical skills.

Because Xuanyue had received the baptism of the gods for a year, coupled with the increase of the angel's staff, the sacred light magic was used in her hands, and the power of the fifth-level magic definitely exceeded the ordinary sixth-level magic. Xuanyue's performance in this blow has surpassed the ability of the Great Mage. Oliveira's aura was a little uneven, and she gasped: "Your Excellency must be a member of the Holy See, why bother appearing in our Mage Union? I admit that it is not your opponent, please leave."

Xuan Yue smiled slightly, and said: "It seems that you haven't used your full strength yet! Isn't it too early to give up like this? Let me see your true strength." As she said, the angel's rod drew a circle in the air. , The golden light suddenly released with the circle as the center, Xuan Yue's wrist turned, and she sang in a low voice, one after another complex magic symbols entered the circle, and the surging magical energy filled the hall with a sacred breath. The delicate body supporting Xuan Yue flew up, floating quietly in the air.

Dumb was shocked when he saw Xuan Yue's appearance, and hurriedly shouted: "Brother, stop your hands, you will destroy this place." He clearly felt the power of this magic, and the light green energy suddenly appeared. The net of heaven and earth turned into a soft energy net and went towards Xuanyue. The aura of solid energy net covering Xuanyue continued to shrink, trying to offset the magical energy. However, the power of Xuan Yue's seventh-level magic is extraordinary. From yesterday to now, she has been very depressed in her heart. In the fight with Oliveira, she subconsciously used this seventh-level attack magic. Although Duan's net of heaven and earth is powerful and the nemesis of magic, it can only compress this magic continuously, but cannot eliminate it.

Oliveira looked at the "infighting" between Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue, and couldn't help but feel stunned, but the energy released by the handsome magician was so terrifying that even her own teachers might not have this kind of strength. To keep himself, he waved the cyan staff, muttered a few spells, the cyan light suddenly released, the energy emitted by the staff completely enveloped his body, the blue shadow flashed, and Oliveira instantly transformed I gathered nine selves and formed a semi-arc, ready to respond at any time.

Xuanyue’s spells could no longer be stopped, and it was very difficult to control such a powerful magic with her mental power. The golden symbols were still continuously injected into the gradually shrinking halo in front of him, and dumb felt that the sky and the earth were shrinking and laborious. The dense magical energy seems to have a tendency to break through the shackles. He knows that if such terrifying energy erupts here, I am afraid that the mainland magician union will be razed to the ground, and even affect the pedestrians outside. In order to prevent magic from raging, he could only continuously inject his own vigor into it, desperately suppressing the formation of magic.

Xuan Yue glanced at Ah-Dai anxiously. If Ah-Dai couldn't suppress the swelling magic power, he would surely be backlashed by the magical energy. Even with his great impact, he would definitely be injured. Finally, Xuanyue’s spell was completed. The cyan light net wrapped a one-meter-diameter golden ball of light trembling slightly in the air. It was very difficult for Dui to withstand this magical energy equivalent to the eighth level of magical power. He had already used it. More than 80% of his skill. After the completion of Xuanyue's spell, she hurriedly shouted in a low voice: "Big Brother, the dragon is covered, completely compress it." After speaking, she chanted softly: "Led by the blood of the phoenix, the power of fire flooding between heaven and earth Ah! Burn it." A red light shining from Xuanyue’s chest, a loud phoenix cry sounded, and the red energy burst out with a strange scorching heat, surrounding the sky and earth nets of Dah, and a layer of barrier was laid outside. , To help Dui compress inward. With Xuanyue's support, Ah-Dai breathed a sigh of relief. Under the control of his spiritual power, the sound of the dragon's chanting sounded, and the blue energy in the shape of a dragon suddenly emerged, surrounded by the outermost layer, and three huge energies simultaneously pressed inside. , Not only prevented the explosion of Xuan Yue's light magic, but also kept reducing its volume. The light sphere with a diameter of one meter gradually shrank, and the golden magical energy gradually transformed into liquid form under the compression of the three divine powers.

The nine shadows of Oliveira stared at the strange scene in front of him. He felt that the two in front of him were not hostile to him. Otherwise, if the magic was directed at himself, even if he had the ability to separate shadows, Their own strength is absolutely irresistible, since they want to prevent this magic from erupting, I will help them. Thinking of this, the nine shadows chanted spells at the same time, but what they chanted was only the most common second-level wind magic spell, the most common wind shield, "The breeze is flying, the air is condensed in the shield, the great wind element! Guardian! Right." A light cyan light group appeared in front of the nine shadows at the same time, and the light group gradually formed and condensed into a nine-sided wind shield, which had a certain defensive ability under the agitation of the air current. Oliveira took a deep breath, and the nine shadows raised their staff at the same time, and the nine wind shields fluttered out under his deliberate control, and flew toward the golden ball that had been compressed to ten centimeters in diameter.

The golden energy ball wrapped in blue, red, and light green light has gradually changed from liquid to solid. The addition of nine wind shields immediately increases the force of squeezing, and the liquid energy in the air seems to be spinning slightly As a result, the contraction speed is significantly accelerated.

Suddenly, the hall of the Mage's Guild lit up, and the three of them had temporarily lost their eyesight, but they also felt that the compressed golden ball had stopped its outward expansion trend and did not explode. Can't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

The light gradually dimmed. Dui first recovered his vision. The blurry light and shadow in front of him gradually became clear. He was surprised to find that there was a golden ball with a diameter of only two centimeters floating in the air. All the energy emitted by the three of them just disappeared and the ball was still. Floating quietly in the air, the four-color light of blue, red, light green, and cyan was flowing on the golden ball. Apart from its gorgeous appearance, it seemed to have lost its previous powerful energy. He turned his head and looked at Xuan Yue, and found that Xuan Yue was also looking at him, her eyes also showed a look of surprise. The two said in unison: "What's the matter?"

Oliveira's nine sub-photos were combined into one, and he flew lightly before the golden ball. His face was pale and looked a little tired. Duan and Xuanyue also walked over. The three looked at each other and suddenly laughed at the same time. . Because they all felt that the energy contained in the golden ball floating in the air was so huge that it had exceeded the cognition range of the three people, the three of them who had been hostile all showed sympathetic eyes.

Xuan Yue first spoke, and complained to Dumb: "Brother, what did you do to make this weird thing, how can we stop it! Why don't we let my magic burst out?"

Dumb smiled bitterly: "Brother, what's wrong with you today, how can you use such a big magic impulsively? Don't you know that your magic cannot be blocked by the defensive enchantment here. Once it bursts out, I am afraid that the Mainland Mage Union will chase us down. Can I stop you? Your magic is too strong, and even my life changes cannot offset its energy."

Oliveira sighed and said: "The situation is probably more dangerous now. If the magic broke out just now, by virtue of the defensive barrier here, the branch of the trade union would be destroyed, and the branch would be me alone. I should be able to escape the shadow splitting ability of the Wind God’s Wand, but now it’s troublesome. This energy ball not only contains the original energy, but is more explosive after being compressed. The most terrifying thing is that it absorbs at the same time. With the energy of the three of us with different attributes, once such a powerful energy ball explodes, I am afraid that it will be difficult to escape within a radius of one kilometer. What can we do?"

Xuanyue knows the strength of herself and Ah-Dai very well. This energy ball is probably even more terrifying than Oliveira said. She thought for a while and said, "The reason why the magic that I emit can absorb the energy that we emit, Probably because the compression is too large, after being compressed into a solid state, the magical energy undergoes an abnormal change, producing a suction force, so that all the energy we use to compress it can be absorbed. From the perspective of mental power, this Although the energy ball is extremely dangerous, I am afraid that it has the power of forbidden curse, but it will not explode for the time being. Now we can only put it away first, and can't let it be stimulated, and wait until we find an open place. Trigger it and it should be fine. Brother, come on, your life and life has the best control over energy. Wrap a solid vindictive energy around this energy ball, and then put it in the space bag. Be careful Don't stimulate it."

Dumb looked at the gorgeous energy ball in front of him, and he clearly felt that although he had a few artifacts to protect himself, once this thing broke out, it definitely had the ability to threaten his life. Chong Xuanyue nodded, and carefully released a light green solid vindictive energy. The vindictive energy surrounded a centimeter outside the golden ball, carefully controlling it to fly towards him. Dumb clearly felt that his heartbeat was constantly accelerating. , With a wave of his right hand, the space crack opened. Dumb suppressed the suction power of the space crack and carefully sent the ball of destruction into it.

When the Orb of Destruction disappeared into the space crack, the three of them breathed a sigh of relief at the same time, and Dumb found that his clothes were soaked. He wiped the sweat from his forehead with his sleeve, sighed, and said, "It's dangerous!"

Dumb smiled bitterly: "Brother, don't stop being so impulsive in the future. If it weren't for the energy ball to maintain a balance just now, I am afraid that not only will we die, but the innocent civilians around will also be exhausted." Xuanyue's eyes flushed. The inner suffering of the past two days and the blame from Dumb made her feel like she wanted to cry. He lowered his head and looked at the corner of his clothes silently.

Oliveira tentatively asked: "Two, what is your purpose in coming to the Mage’s Guild? Not just to show your strong strength." The other two are so strong that he no longer despises them. heart.

Dui had a good impression of this young magician. At the last moment, it was because of his help that he was relieved. He hurriedly summoned his own magician card from the dragon’s blood and handed it over, saying: "We just want to be in the union. I just took two sets of ordinary magician robes. I didn't expect to cause you so much trouble. I'm really sorry.

Oliveira was shocked when he took the golden magician card from Adu. He couldn't be more familiar with the symbol of this card, and he lost his voice: "You, you turned out to be the elder in the union. Oliveira is really a gift. You are ready soon.” As he said, he hurriedly bent over and bowed to Ah-Dai with a look of trepidation, while holding the magician card in both hands and handed it back.

Xuan Yue, who was still sulking, raised her head when she heard the words, and said in a daze: "What are you talking about? He is a trade union elder? Big brother, isn't it true?" The magician level of Ah Dumb was lower than himself!

Dumb said helplessly, "This is because I was praised by President Kari before. That time Brother Rock and I helped them at the headquarters of the Bright City Mage Guild in the Huasheng Empire, so President Kari would Give me the honor of the elder, you know, my level of magic, where is the title of elder!"

Oliveira's expression suddenly became excited, rushing: "No, no, your magic level can be called the elder, you must be the legendary great magician in the guild who can summon dragons. Among the ten elders, you and I have never met. I didn’t expect you to be so young. Teacher, please accept me as a disciple.” As he said, he knelt down in front of Dumb without hesitation. The color of piety. His words also relieved Xuan Yue's doubts in her heart, and she thought to herself: It turned out that it was because of Sheng Xie's elder brother that he was an elder! It seems that the guys in the wizard's union misunderstood, the wizard who summoned the dragon? interesting.

Dumb was shocked, holding his hands empty, holding Oliveira up from the ground with a grudge, and awkwardly grabbing his shoulders to prevent him from saluting again, and said, "Brother, don't do this. , How do I deserve to be your teacher? My magic level is far worse than yours. What I am good at is martial arts, so don't kill me anymore."

Oliveira showed a disappointed look, "Teacher, are you really unwilling to accept me? I can endure hardship, you can let me do anything. I just want to learn your magic that can summon dragons."

Xuan Yue couldn't bear to look at Ah-Dai's embarrassment, and smiled: "I'll talk about accepting disciples later. Brother, the two unions may be fighting now. Let's go and take a look."

Dumb was shocked. Then he remembered the business, and hurriedly said to Oliveira: "Brother, can you please help us find two sets of magician robes, just the most common one. We heard that the mainland magician union I have a fight with the Magician Guild of the Tianjin Empire, and I want to see it. Hey——, everyone is a magician, so why bother?"

Oliveira saw that Ah'Dai was not obviously rejecting herself, she was overjoyed, and hurriedly said, "Yes, I will get it for the two teachers now." After speaking, she turned and ran to the back hall. Oliveira's love for magic has reached a crazy level, he will not pay attention to what age, as long as the opponent's magical strength is higher than him, no matter how old he is, he will be willing to be a teacher. It is also because of his obsession with magic, coupled with his extremely high natural and savvy abilities, that he learns magic much faster than ordinary people, and he is highly regarded by the president of the union and the elders.

Dumb looked at Xuanyue's still red eyes, and said softly, "Brother, the eldest brother said a bit too hard just now, don't care, but it is indeed too dangerous. Don't blame eldest brother, okay?"

Why is Xuan Yue to blame what he said just now! He glanced at him with a bit of resentment, nodded gently, and said: "Brother, this magician named Oliveira has a very high level of magic. And he is very enthusiastic about magic, in order to learn something I like His magic, he can kneel down to someone he just met. In the future, his achievements will be limitless. I am afraid that the current wind magister Biinroo does not have his current strength at his age. Didn’t Prophet Lin say that you are the savior? You should be more involved with people like this, and you will definitely be able to help you in the future.” The magic of Oliveira just now made Xuan Yue very surprised. She clearly knew that although she was much stronger than Oliveira, she would definitely not be able to superimpose the avatar's Nine Shadows magic, so she had a trace of admiration for his magic.

Dumb smiled bitterly: "Draw it up? How to draw it up? I won't! But Oliveira seems to be a good person. Although he is not weak, he is not as unscrupulous as Blood Skull Brothers and others. On the contrary, he is very humble. Self-motivated, you are right. His future achievements will definitely not be small. We can make friends with him."

At this time, Oliveira had already ran back, holding a stack of magician robes in her hand, which looked like ten pieces. He used the wind magic acceleration technique, and a few flashes had already arrived in front of Ah-Dai, "Teacher, I brought it, you can choose it and see if it is suitable. Here is a fire-type magician robe worn by the elders. , I remember you are from the fire department, right?"

Dui smiled and said, "Brother, don't call me a teacher, it sounds awkward. My name is Dui, you just call me by my name. We don't want too high-level magician robes, just normal." He said, After distinguishing the marks on the robe of the magician, he chose two sets of high-level fire magician, one of which was small and handed it to Xuanyue, and the other was directly placed on the outside of his civilian clothing.

Oliveira seemed a little nervous when facing Dumb, and said awkwardly: "But, teacher, are you really unwilling to accept me as a disciple? The other nine elders of the trade union and President Kari are all my teachers. Fulfill my little wish. I sincerely want to learn magic with you." He said, kneeling down again. Ah Dui hurriedly held his body, sighed, and said, "But, I really don't have the ability to teach you any magic! I don't know how to summon dragons. Brother Xuanri and I won't stay here at all. I will leave here immediately after seeing the situation of the two magician unions."

Oliveira hurriedly said: "It’s okay, it’s okay, I will go wherever you go, the union has no restrictions on me. You are welcome, Teacher Kari has seen you summon a sacred silver dragon. This has been preached as a good talk in our wizards’ guild. Is everyone proud of you to be the elder in the meeting? Dumb teacher, please accept me."

Xuanyue on the side suddenly asked: "Orihuela, I'll ask you a question. Why do you want to get such a powerful magic power? Your current strength is not weak anymore, what's the use of pursuing such a strong strength? Do you want to be an official or in the army? Or do you want to stay in history and become a great magician?"

Oliveira was shocked and scratched his head. His action was very similar to Duan. Xuan Yue couldn't help feeling a touch of intimacy in her heart. She stared at his clear eyes and said solemnly: "Answer me." Xuanyue was just like when she had just received the baptism of the gods, her whole body was full of awe-inspiring sacred aura, her slender figure was so tall in the eyes of Oliveira, and her majestic aura made him feel so small. I lowered my head and muttered: "I, I have no purpose in learning magic. I like magic. When I was a kid, when I first saw a magician use magic, I fell in love with this art deeply. , I don’t want to get anything, and I don’t want to do anything with magic. I just want to study this art that I like forever. In my life, I am only interested in magic. Magic is everything to me, and I hope to learn all of myself. Usable magic." As he said, there was a look of yearning in his eyes, and Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue clearly felt that everything he said came from his sincerity.

Listening to Oliveira's words, Duan couldn't help but remember the first time he saw Corris using magic. At that time, he was completely interested in magic. But later, since Owen died, his interest has changed. All the enhancement of strength is for revenge, and I secretly sighed, in the realm, I really can't compare to Oliveira!

Xuanyue was shocked when she heard Oliveira's words. In her opinion, Oliveira had such a profound understanding of magic. Nodding: "Since magic is everything to you, then I understand."

Dumb took a deep breath, calmed his agitated mood, and said to Oliveira: "Do you know where the Bilu Canyon is? Let's go and see the situation of the two magician unions first."

Oliveira woke up from her vision of magic, and said in her heart: "Two teachers, let me take you there. The Bilu Canyon is relatively remote and difficult to find. I am familiar with the road over there."

Dumb said, "Didn't you say that the union is the only one? If you go with us, won't there be no one to look after the house? Just tell us the general direction, or let us find it ourselves."

Oliveira hurriedly said: "It's okay. Anyway, our biggest enemy here is the Magician Guild of the Tianjin Empire. Their people are all over the canyon. It doesn't matter if we have no one here. Let's go now, I Thinking, they are about to fight. To be honest, I don’t understand. Is power so important? Why fight?” After that, he seemed to be afraid that Dumb would not let him go again, and imposed it on himself again. On the acceleration technique, he floated away from the union.

Xuanyue looked at Oliveira's eagerness and smiled at Dumb: "It seems that he really wants to be your apprentice. I'm afraid that you will run away. If it doesn't work, you will accept him. Come on."

Dumb smiled bitterly: "Don't you know my level of magic? Except for a few basic fire magic and light magic released by the blood of the dragon, how can I teach others?" The two followed Ori Vera left the Wizards’ Guild. Although it was still morning, there were more pedestrians on the road. Various shops had opened, and the busy day had begun. The three of them were walking on the street. Although they were all dressed as magicians, they couldn't do anything too shocking, so they could only go as fast as possible.

As he walked, Oliveira told Xuanyue and Dumb that the Bilu Canyon was just northeast of Andes City, surrounded by a few small hills. It used to be a mining area at the earliest. Excessive mining has reduced the mineral deposits there. In order to maintain the mine, the leaders of the Yajin tribe forced all logging personnel to withdraw. Later, a slight earthquake a few decades ago completely changed the landforms there. The mountains have undergone great changes, resulting in extremely steep terrain. Few people go there now.

The main reason why the contradiction between the two major wizards’ unions has escalated to such a level is that the two mainland wizards’ union members who had come from afar were severely injured by the Tianjin Empire’s wizards’ union. The elders stationed here by the division's elders couldn't bear it, so they challenged each other and decided to use their strength to expel the magician union of the Tianjin Empire from Andis City.

Chapter 108: Union fight

After listening to Oliveira's narration, the three finally walked out of the big city of Andis, and proceeded to the northeast along the wide avenue.

"Orihuela, since the two sides have to rely on their strength to win and lose, at your level close to the magician, why didn't you participate? Is the mainland magician union so sure?"

Oliveira said: "That's not it, I'm sorry to say that the elders of the union are very important to me, when I was ten years old, they have focused on cultivating my level of magic, especially the cultivation style. The elders of magic are very concerned about me. In their view, I am now the secret weapon of the union. Maybe they don’t want to let the other party know my strength too early, so they have been preventing me from appearing in public. Stay at home. Actually, my level of magic is not as high as you said, but it’s just a little bit more powerful than an ordinary great magician. The main reason why I can use powerful wind magic is that I just used it. Wind God’s Staff

Xuan Yue thought for a while, and said: "I seem to have seen the record of the Wind God's Staff in the ancient books. It should be a divine tool, I didn't expect it to be in your hands."

Oliveira said: "Yes, the Wand of Wind is indeed an artifact. With it, my magic level can almost be improved by a level. It has two functions, one is to enhance the magic effect of the caster and make Magic control is easier, and the other is to be able to create the effect of splitting, which is the trick I used before. This splitting effect is very strange, he can let the magician avoid the weakest close combat, after splitting , Each shadow can be a real person or a phantom, and the biggest effect is that the separated figures can use magic at the same time. Think about it, a person’s magic suddenly becomes nine, and the power of superimposed together can be enhanced a lot of."

Xuan Yue was shocked, and said, "Is this magical artifact so magical? Then you are not invincible. If you can use the split shadow to use a sixth-level magic, I am afraid that no magician on the mainland will be your opponent. Nine times stacking The magic of's has increased its power several times!"

Oliveira smiled bitterly: "Where is it so easy? Although the Wind God's Staff has this characteristic, it is very difficult to use magic with split shadows. The mana required is several times more than usual. At my current level of cultivation. , The wind shield I just used is already at its limit. The mana in my body is less than one-half of the strongest state. Although the artifact has a powerful ability, it is not something that can be achieved for nothing.

Dumb smiled and said: "It's already very good. If this continues, as long as your magic level continues to improve, you will be able to use more powerful magic with its ability. This kind of progress is much better than other artifacts. "The wind shield used by Oliveira just now is superimposed, and in the eyes of Dumb, the power is definitely not inferior to ordinary level six magic.

Oliveira sighed and said: "It's too difficult. This wind god's staff has been in the trade union for hundreds of years. I don't know how to get it. But I know that all the current posts are only a hundred years old. Master Lu Di, the former guild’s generation of genius wind magisters, has reached the highest level. But he can only use split shadows to use level 4 magic, but the superimposed power is very close to level 9 forbidden magic. Now. He is the goal I want to surpass."

Dumb encouraged him: "Go hard, I believe you will surpass him in the future. You are still so young."

Oliveira smiled and said: "I hope so. There are fewer people here, let's speed up the journey." Then, he took out the Wind God Staff from the crack in the space, muttered a few spells, He applied a wind spell. Wind flying is the evolutionary magic of acceleration, only the wind element possesses it. It can reduce the weight of a person as much as possible and use the thrust of the wind element to speed up the progress. Although it is far inferior to Biinrouge's real use of wind magic flying, the effect is already very good. Oliveira's body turned into a green shadow moving forward quickly.

Not to be outdone, Xuan Yue also took out the angel's staff, used the principle of energy recoil, and flew up, chasing Oliveira. Among the three, in terms of speed, no one can compare to the powerful dumb. He didn't fly like Xuan Yue, but only carried the vitality to his feet. Every time he touched the ground, he would float out dozens of meters away. He chased up like a whirlwind.

Oliveira used his magic level to the limit. Although he had consumed a lot of magic power before, he still increased his speed to the highest level with the increase of the wind god’s staff, and the surrounding scenery quickly moved from both sides of his body. Passing by, he thought to himself, although your cultivation base is higher than mine, but it is worse than my best speed. Thinking of this, Oliveira is more eager to win. In his rushing rush, after a while, he had already seen the high peaks in front of him. The peaks gradually became bigger in his eyes. Five minutes later, he had reached the entrance of the Bilu Canyon at the foot of the mountain. Oliveira scattered the wind flying technique that had been applied to him, and fell to the ground lightly, exhausting a lot of his mental power with all his strength, and his face was a little pale. But he was excited. After all, he had won back some face and felt much more comfortable. With a slight smile, he turned his head and looked at the uninhabited road in the distance, preparing to rest for a while and wait for Ah-Dai and Xuan Yue.

"Orihuela, is this the Bilu Canyon?" The clear voice awakened Orihuela from his triumph. He looked in the direction of the voice in surprise, and found that A-dumb and Xuanyue were standing not far from him. He was looking at him with a smile. Oliveira's pride disappeared immediately, and he said in a foolish tone: "You, you guys are so fast!"

Dumb smiled and said: "Your speed is also very fast! It is not easy for a magician to have such a speed, let's fast into the canyon."

Oliveira nodded in a daze, and moved some heavy steps along the intestinal path in the mountains. At this time, the only little pride in his heart disappeared. But the powerful performance of Ah Dui and Xuan Yue also strengthened his determination to become a teacher.

The three of them walked fast along the path, and the terrain got higher and higher. Sure enough, as Oliveira said, the road was getting harder and harder to walk. They were often leaning on the mountain wall on one side and the cliff on the other, leaving them a way to walk Only one foot wide. Xuanyue walked in the center of Dumb and Oliveira, her heartbeat speeded up obviously, and occasionally glanced at the cliff beside her, her body would tremble slightly.

As if feeling the fear in Xuanyue's heart, Ah-Dai leaned close to Xuanyue's body, and the pale green energy transformed into a solid state to protect her beside Xuanyue, gently squeezing her delicate body, "Brother Don't be afraid, you won't have anything to do with me." Although this kind of place is a threat to a magician like Xuanyue, the level of martial arts like A Duan is no different from Zoping.

Xuan Yue's delicate body shook, and a warm feeling rose from the bottom of her heart and spread to her body in an instant. An unprecedented sense of security filled her heart. The grievances of the past two days seemed to have disappeared, her eye circles turned red, and two lines of clear tears fell on the newly changed fire magician robe, leaving a faint trace of water.

The three of them walked through the rocks, climbed over a steep hill, made a few turns in the ridge, and finally entered the Bilu Canyon. When they came outside the canyon, they just saw a dark blue sky in the canyon. The fireball collided with a huge water ball in the air. Amid the loud noise, the fireball seemed to have the upper hand. After offsetting the water ball, it turned into a fiery red color, and continued to move forward, rushing towards the other side of the canyon. Oliveira stopped and turned to Xuanyue and Dumb said: "It seems that the battle inside is not over yet, let's go in."

The entrance to the gorge is very narrow, only two people can go in parallel at the same time. After more than ten meters of entrance, the front is suddenly open. The terrain in the middle of the gorge is very flat. There are hundreds of magicians divided into two groups. Dumb Amazed, even in the army of the Guangming Province, he had never seen so many magicians! There are magicians from all departments here. There is one person in front of each team, who are constantly singing spells and fighting. The magic of the two is mutually restrained. The magic of the fire and water systems flies to each other one by one, and the roar continues. It sounded, and the mist rose slowly.

The magicians of the two unions focused their attention on the fighting in the field, and no one noticed the sudden addition of three people at the mouth of the canyon. Oliveira whispered: "The people from our union are on the right, let's go around quietly. Both unions are very arrogant, and they didn't even send anyone to guard Taniguchi." After that, he walked along the edge of the canyon to the mainland. The wizards of the teachers' union went around behind.

Xuan Yue said faintly, "It is normal to have no guards. The entrance here is so small. If the two sides send their own guards there, will they not fight? Besides, this place is so secretive, there is no need to send someone to guard. Even Andy If the Arkins in Sri Lanka want to intervene, I am afraid it will be difficult to come here." She is in a much better mood now, and her mind naturally becomes more flexible.

Dumb smiled and said, "Brother, what you said is very reasonable! Let's go there quickly." After speaking, he pulled Xuanyue and chased Oliveira, who was walking in front, quickly around to the back of the Mainland Mage Union.

The three quietly walked around behind the magicians and stood on the edge to watch the situation in the field. The magic battle in the field has reached a white-hot state. The fire magicians of the Tianjin Empire Mage Guild and the water magicians of the Mainland Mage Guild have consumed a lot of magic power, and their bodies are a little trembling. Dou Da's sweat continued to flow out, their magic power was already very weak, only enough to use some small magic such as water bombs, fireballs, etc., every time a spell was chanted, a long time passed.

Half an hour later, Xuan Yue asked Oliveira in confusion: "Is the magic test so strenuous? They are already exhausted tomorrow. Why do they continue to compare? There is no point at all! When will this compare? "From the time they arrived in the canyon to the present, the magicians on both sides need a few minutes to rest before they can use the next magic. The Tianjin Empire Magician Union has a slight advantage, but it can't be defeated in a short time. Their enemies, they are now more than just magic, they are more than will, whoever can persist to the end, who is the winner.

Oliveira whispered: "Teacher, you don't know that the ones who can represent both sides are the strongest magicians in their respective unions. Like the two in the field, both have the level of the great magician. At a similar level, it can only be consumed like this. In the end, it will see who can't hold on to be defeated by the other party. Looking at the situation on the field, it seems that neither side has sent the strongest magician. The previous competition must have delayed a lot of time. As far as we know, there is only one magician in the magician guild of the Tianjin Empire, but we have three magician-level elders here. The probability of victory will be greater. Two teachers, you Wait, I'll go find a friend and ask to see what is going on on both sides."

Xuan Yue whispered: "Don't tell others about our arrival, we don't want to be discovered so early, and we may not help which party, do you understand?"

Oliveira smiled slightly and said: "Teacher, don't worry, I won't say what shouldn't be said." After speaking, he quietly walked to the last row of magicians and asked several senior magicians.

At this time, the battle in the field finally came to an end. After all, the fire magicians of the Tianjin Magicians Guild had the upper hand in strength, and finally used a fireball technique a line faster than the opponent. With a bang, the mainland magician The water magician on the side of the trade union finally couldn't hold on, the thin defensive water curtain was broken by the fireball, and the overdraft of mental power made him unable to support it anymore, and he collapsed to the ground and fainted. The winning fire magician was nothing better than him. He shook his body and almost fell. He barely supported his body with his long-handled magic wand before he stood firm, gasping for breath.

An old magician wearing a purple magic robe walked out of the Tianjin Magicians Guild. His voice was unusually calm, and he said faintly: "The Tianjin Magicians Guild won the sixth match. Please prepare for each of the two sides. One minute. After that, the seventh game began." After speaking, he walked towards the mainland Mage Union, stood at the forefront of the team, closed his eyes and said nothing.

At this time, Oliveira had already turned back, and Dumb was very interested in the purple-robed magician just now, and asked in a low voice: "Why is there a magician wearing a purple magical robe?"

Oliveira said: "I just asked, because the contradiction between the two sides over the years has reached the point where water and fire are incompatible, so this competition is very desperate. But in order to preserve the vitality of the magician, it was unanimously decided to use fairness. The method of the test to determine who can continue to develop in the Yajin clan. The purple-robed magician is the referee invited in this test. He is a master alchemist, and I heard that there are magical magicians. How about the level? Because there are so many magicians on both sides, in order to fully test the strength of both sides, it is decided to decide the victory or defeat by a nineteen-match ten-win system. In each competition, the two sides alternately select their own players first, and then The opponent chooses a magician to challenge. Under normal circumstances, of course, the latter is more likely to win, because the opponent’s weak points can be used to select his own magician to participate in the competition. Which side wins ten games first, Even if they win, the other side must unconditionally withdraw from the Yakin clan. Within a hundred years, they will not be allowed to return to this land. Counting the sixth game just now, both sides are now three wins and three losses, and no one takes advantage. It was the side that came out of the magician who won, and the subsequent competition may become more and more fierce, because both sides put the powerful magician behind to play. Hey, why their branch president came out in the fourth game. What about it. may?"

Xuanyue and Dui looked towards the field, and saw an elderly magician walked out of the Tianjin Magicians' Union. He was wearing a yellow magic robe with drooping eyelids, and his old-fashioned appearance looked like he might fall down at any time. He was completely supported by the humble khaki magic wand in his hand. He walked slowly in front of his team, and his old and low voice sounded, "Pu Tian, the earth magician of the Tianjin Empire, ask for advice, the one from the Guihui will appear on the stage." Although he looks like a dying wind, the magicians of both sides Everyone knows that Pu Tian is very powerful. Among the four types of magicians, it is the most difficult to practice earth type magic. The earth element is a very peaceful and difficult to mobilize magic element. If you want to control it, you must pay more than other types. Magicians work harder, so Earth-type magicians rarely appear on the mainland. Earth-type magic has very strong defensive power, and its attack power is also very strong. Officially for this reason, Kari was able to become the president of the Mainland Mage Union with the same strength as a wizard. The three elders standing in the mainland wizards’ union frowned when they saw Pu Tian appearing. The three of them were wizards of wind, water, and fire. No one was sure they could deal with this Pu Tian. , His earth magic has always been feared by the three of them, otherwise, the Tianjin Mage Union would not have been fighting against the Mainland Mage Union for more than ten years with his only magician.

Oliveira pointed to the three elders in front of the Mainland Mage Guild, and whispered: "Two teachers, look, the wind system wizard at the front of our team is the Fengzhi teacher who pointed me the most. The fire mage next to him is teacher Gu Tian, the water mage is teacher Yuyuan, the union branch in Andis City has always been managed by three teachers, and they are also responsible for the entire Soland Federation. Magician. The other party’s challenger, President Park Tianfen, is very profound. Someone once said that if he hadn’t chosen to learn earth magic, he might already have the strength to approach the magician. I’m afraid there is no one on our side. It's his opponent. I don't know who the three teachers will send to fight."

Dumb has been very relaxed since he heard Oliveira say that the two sides are just a fair match. He smiled and said, "It doesn't matter who wins or loses, as long as it doesn't really fight, it won’t hurt. Isn't it the best to be kind and satisfy both parties?" His mind is now all on the purple-robed magician, and he doesn't value the competition in the field very much. A master alchemist, isn't that the same level as Teacher Corris? A cordial feeling rose in Ah Du's heart. If the old alchemist was not the referee of this competition, he might have gone up to talk to him.

At this time, Elder Fengzhi walked to the side of the purple robe alchemist and said something in a low voice. The alchemist nodded slightly, walked to the center of the field again, and said to Pu Tian: "The Mainland Mage Union decided to abstain from the game. President Park Tianfen please return. In the seventh match, the Tianjin Mage Union won. One minute later, it will proceed. Please prepare for the eighth competition."

Pu Tian's victory without a battle immediately made the magicians of the Tianjin Empire a powerful man, and some low-level magicians even shouted out loud, unspeakably proud. The mainland magician union was silent. Perhaps in order to be able to regain his momentum, Yuyuan, one of the three elders, walked out of his camp after discussing with the other two elders and stood in the middle of the field. He was wearing a blue magic robe with a handle inlaid in his hand. The small staff with seven aqua blue gems, although it is over 70 years old, it looks like fifty people on the surface. Yu Yuan is a well-known good gentleman in the mainland wizards’ union with a smile on his face. He said to the other party: "Yuyuan asks, who will appear?"

Seeing that one's own magician finally went to war, the mainland magician union side suddenly rang out with deafening cheers, and the depressed aura rose again.

The corner of Pu Tian's mouth showed a disdainful smile before returning to the camp, and he said something to a fire magician who had been bowing his head next to him. The magician slowly stepped forward and walked into the field. Almost all of this person's body was wrapped in the magic robe, the cloak on his head covered his hair, and the mage robe on his body showed the strength of his great magician.

Suddenly, Dui's body shook, and the Corris' Wish on his right hand trembled slightly. He felt that the magicians who appeared on the Tianjin Magician Guild had a very strong and familiar feeling.

Yuyuan saw that the opponent was the fire magician, and didn't care much. The water and fire magics were mutually exclusive. Whoever had the stronger strength would win the final victory. He was the magician, and the opponent was just the great magician. In terms of strength, the opponent is definitely not his own opponent, and this game is set to win.

At this moment, the fire magician slowly raised his head, reached out his hand to lift up the hat of the magic robe, revealing his original face, his old and thin face was full of wrinkles, and his deep eyes were excited and warlike. Guangguang, hehe sneered and said: "Yuyuan, I didn't expect it to be me. Today, you are determined to lose."

Seeing the face of the old magician, Ah-Dai's whole body was shaken, and he cried out: "Teacher Corris." His voice was so loud that all the magicians of the mainland magician union looked towards him. The fire magician on the opposite side also heard his shouts. Looking in his direction in surprise, Dumb and his eyes met, and he immediately recognized that this person was not Coris. He was shorter and older than Coris. It's also smaller than Collis, but looks very similar.

Yuyuan didn't seem to hear Dumb's voice, and was completely immersed in surprise. His voice trembled slightly, "Why is Corison you? You, you..."

Collisong said triumphantly: "I didn't expect it, do you think your mainland Magician Union can take advantage of this competition? The defeated opponent." This person is the brother of Corison, he and Pu Tiandu. He is a close friend of the national teacher of the Tianjin Empire, Laldas, and another wizard of the Tianjin Mage Guild. This time, as the secret weapon of the Tianjin Mage Guild, he suddenly appeared in the eighth competition. The purpose was to be ruthless. Frustrate the other's spirit. As the opponent, Yuyuan naturally recognizes him. The two played against him five years ago. That time, Yuyuan suffered a fiasco. Although he was the same magician, his magical power was inferior to that of Corison. Risson's appearance suddenly sank his heart.

Glisson glanced at Dumb strangely, and said to Yuyuan: "Come on, old man, I haven't seen you in five years, let me see how much your water magic has improved."

Yu Yuan snorted, and said: "Whether you are here, the hatred five years ago, today we just know it." He knows that he can no longer retreat at this time. He is now one game behind, if he loses again. Now, the original advantage in the magician will be gone. No one is sure of the final victory. My magic level has improved a lot in the past five years. Maybe I can fight this Corison. I think of it. , He raised the magic wand in his hand.

The madness of Corison must be revealed, and he flicked the void, took out his red magic wand, and the huge red magic spar on the tip of the wand shone with strange brilliance.

As the referee, the purple-robed alchemist's eyes lit up. He had seen this magic wand before. It was extremely powerful. Although it was not as powerful as an artifact, it was similar. He remembered that it seemed to come from a master alchemist. Compared with his most proud work, Zhizhi is even better than his most proud work. Coupled with the strong strength of Shanggelizong, I am afraid that Yuyuan will lose this time.

Corison laughed wildly and chanted loudly: "Great fire element! Use your hot and powerful energy to form a flame of destruction." The red staff lit up with his spell, and purple flames surrounded it. Glisson's body rose up, and the air in the entire Billou Canyon seemed to heat up. All the magicians present opened their eyes wide. After all, the battle between the magicians is so fascinating. The battle between the two trade unions has finally gone from being calm at the beginning to becoming increasingly fierce.

Yu Yuan didn't dare to neglect, raised the staff in his hand, and chanted: "The gentle water, condensed into ice, gathers but does not disperse, the light of eternal freezing, burst out, the power of the water element." The blue light lit up. , The icy breath suddenly emerged centered on Yuyuan, and the blue light surrounded him, forming a sharp contrast with the purple flame of Corison.

Collisson did not look at the opponent in his eyes, pointed his magic wand forward, and slowly drew a strange purple symbol in the air. The cold light in his eyes was bright, and he chanted: "Go, my Ziyan Tenglong." The purple flames around his body flowed out, condensed into a huge purple-black fire dragon in the air, and flew towards Yuyuan with its teeth and claws.

Xuan Yue exclaimed in a low voice: "It is so terrible that such a powerful magic can condense the energy of level 7 magic so quickly, his fire magic is already close to the level of a magister."

Yuyuan sighed in his heart when he saw the purple-black fire dragon of the other party. At this moment, he understood that he was not Corison’s opponent anyway, but at this time he could not retreat. He gritted his teeth and wielded his staff continuously. The color of energy condensed in front of him, and gradually turned into a huge blue ice ball. The ice ball revealed sharp ice thorns, which was the sixth-level water magic-extremely frozen ice ball. "Everfrozen light, burst out." The blue ice ball brought up a blue tail flame, and suddenly flew towards the fire dragon leaping in the air. In such a short time, he could only use this magic.

There was a disdainful smile at the corner of Gerison’s mouth, and the purple-black fire dragon slammed into the extremely frozen ice ball without evasiveness. When the two magics touched in the air, "哧—" the strong water mist evaporated. The volume of the extremely frozen ice ball is rapidly decreasing. The mist gradually expanded and enveloped the two magic bodies, and no one could tell who had the upper hand.

Xuan Yue sighed: "I'm afraid this elder Yuyuan will There is a lot of difference in magic strength between them!"

Dumb's mood is very complicated now. From Yuyuan's words just now, he has already remembered the identity of Glisson, who is the only brother of Teacher Gliss! He not only hoped that Yuyuan, who represented the mainland magician union, could win the final victory, but also didn't want Corison to lose, and looked nervously at the mist in the sky.

The mist gradually faded, and the purple light suddenly lit up, and a purple fire dragon that was much smaller than before burst out of the mist and suddenly attacked Yuyuan.

Yu Yuan was shocked. Although he realized that his ice ball was not as powerful as the fire dragon of the opponent, he did not expect the fire dragon to be so powerful. Time has not allowed him to chant any more spells. I threw out the magic scroll I bought with a lot of money, and as the scroll unfolded, a strong blue light flashed away. A light blue defensive enchantment like a mirror appeared in the air, and the purple fire dragon hit the mirror and was bounced. And back. Yu Yuan continued to chant spells, pour his mana into the water mirror technique released by the magic scroll, maintaining the ability to defend.

Several consecutive shocks failed to break through Yuyuan's final defense. The fire dragon's light gradually dimmed. The people from the Mainland Mage Union finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Chapter 109: Wind God Blade

Corison was not surprised by the opponent's tough defense. Instead, his deep eyes flashed with excitement, like a beast seeing his prey. He raised the staff in his hand and chanted: "The fire element flooding the heavens and the earth! Please give me the power to burn, in my name, with your power, appear, the scorching flame." The purple flames appeared again. On the red magic stone at the tip of the staff, Grizon raised the staff and chanted loudly: "Rise, flame ball." This magic dumb couldn't be more familiar, it was the bolide.

A small purple fireball with a diameter of only about three centimeters flew out, followed by fireballs of the same size, arranged in a neat row, under the precise control of Gorison, one after another to Yuyuan Fly away. At this time, the previous Ziyan Tenglong finally disappeared. Before Yu Yuan could catch his breath, the first fireball had already hit the water mirror's defense.

Glisson was not using ordinary fireballs. With his magic cultivation and deliberate control, the fireball suddenly exploded when it collided with the water mirror technique, and the fireball turned into a violent fireball. Yan, Zhen's water mirror shook slightly. Such exquisite magic control immediately made the Tianjin magicians behind Glisson shout in excitement.

One by one, purple violent flames continued to bombard the water mirror, Yu Yuan’s complexion gradually changed, the sweat on his forehead was flowing down, and now the two sides are completely in a stalemate, it depends on whose magic power can support longer At the same time, Grizon used low-level magic to bombard the water mirror to greatly save his mana. From his calm expression, it can be seen that he did not consume too much energy at all. The winner is already in hand. With the bombardment of the small fireball at a point, Yuyuan gradually couldn't hold it. There were fine cracks on the water mirror. The cracks became wider and bigger, obviously on the verge of collapse. In fact, Yuyuan’s strength, even if it is weaker than Glisson, will not differ too much, but because of the shadow of his previous fiasco, he could not fully exert his due strength and was caught by Glisson. Staying at the opportunity to attack, there is no longer a counterattack.

Corison suddenly yelled, and a purple fireball with a diameter of half a meter appeared under his full concentration, following the small fireball in front of him, flying out and blasting towards Yuyuan as the final blow.

Dumb was shocked. If he was really hit by this powerful fireball, Yuyuan would be more than just a defense being broken. Under such a hot flame, he would surely be reduced to ashes. He knew that if someone on both sides was killed or injured, it would probably cause the hatred of both sides to deepen. Besides, how could he bear to watch Yuyuan die like this? The moment that urged the wish of Corris to shift, the next moment he was already standing in front of Yuyuan's about to break water mirror, his hands circled, the light green shield of transformation appeared in front of him like lightning, small oncoming Fireballs erupted one after another.

Really facing the attack of Glisson, Dui fully realized the power of this purple fireball. Although it was blocked by the shield of transformation, the heat flow continued to pass through the energy, and the burst of fireball kept shaking. The defense of the shield of change. Dui retreated slightly with his right foot, stood firm, supported the shield of transformation with his left hand to resist the bombardment of the fireball, and turned a blue-green sword of transformation with his right hand. He shouted and slashed towards the oncoming fireball. Go, the small fireball with a diameter of three centimeters has limited power after all. Under the huge energy brought by the sword of transformation, the whole row disappeared without a trace, but at this time the huge purple fireball has already impacted. Earth, holding the sword of transformation with both hands, the golden body in the dantian shines brightly, and the pure vitality of birth continues to flow into the sword of transformation from both hands, the sword of transformation shines brightly, and the blue-green blade changes. It was three meters long, and A Duan jumped high, and suddenly slashed towards the fireball with a sword. In order to prevent the aftermath of the fireball from hurting Yuyuan behind him, his sword had absorbed energy. With a puff, the sword of birth and transformation divided the purple fireball into two. Driven by the huge vindictiveness, the split into two halves hit the ground. In a loud noise, the ground soil was vaporized by the fireball, with a diameter of three meters. , A big pit with a depth of five meters appeared not far in front of Ah-Dai.

All the magicians were taken aback by the sudden appearance of Duan. Ge Li loosened his brows and raised his brows slightly and shouted: "What? Does your mainland magician union depend on more people?"

Dumb had only a cordial feeling for Corison, and he couldn't say anything when faced with his questioning. The wind flew out, although he didn’t know who this young man who appeared suddenly was, but since they saved Yuyuan’s life, he is naturally a friend of his own side, "Corizon, we have given up this time. You are now Don’t blame our subordinates for being so cruel.”

Ge Lisong snorted coldly and said, "I didn't expect that the dignified Mainland Mage Union would find martial arts masters to help out. I'm going to see how you are merciless. Come on, I'm waiting for you."

The purple-robed alchemist walked out and said calmly: "Magic Glisson invites you to return to the team. Since the two sides are fighting magic, they should be based on the principle of mutual consultation and should not have the heart to hurt the other's life. From now on , If any other side has a deadly practice, I will sentence him to lose. In the eighth match, the Tianjin Magician Union won the score 5-3. One minute later, the ninth match began. I hope both sides will be cautious. And for. If you both cannot control your emotions and riots occur, then our Alchemist Union will never interact with the Magician Union." Although the Alchemist Union can be said to be a branch of the Magician Union, he himself has an interest in the Magician Union. There is a lot of help. High-level magicians like powerful magic tools most, and magic tools can only be made by alchemists, and no one will not flatter the rich alchemists.

Gelison snorted, turned and walked back to his team. As soon as he turned around, an old voice suddenly rang from the bottom of Dui's heart, "Boy, are you my elder brother's apprentice Dui? I'm looking for you when things are over here. I hope you can do it yourself and don't get involved in the fight between the two unions. In."

Dumb's heart moved, and he just wanted to use the sound transmission method to answer, but Gorison had already returned to the team and was not among the magicians. Feng Zhi pulled the dumb, and whispered: "Thank you for your help, please return to the team with me." After finishing speaking, he returned to the group of magicians with dumb. Yuyuan had already come back. He looked very weak due to the excessive consumption of mana. Seeing A'Dai walking over, he gratefully said, "Little brother, thank you for saving my life. I didn't expect this guy, Glisson, to be so tough. At this level, I am afraid that Bilardas is not much worse."

Xuanyue and Oliveira also walked over, and Oliveira rushed forward with excitement: "Teacher, let me play, the Tianjin Mage Union is too arrogant."

Fengzhi frowned and shook his head slightly, "No, you are the biggest secret in the trade union. When it is not yet exposed, didn't you let the trade union stay behind? Why did you come here?"

Oliveira said embarrassingly: "These two teachers came to the union. They didn't know the way, so I brought them here. This dumb teacher is also the elder of our union. We will definitely not lose if he joins. . Don’t worry.” Just now, Dumb broke through Grizon’s attack, and Oliveira’s worship of him was almost blind.

Feng Zhi was taken aback, and he looked up and down at the young man in the robe of a fire magician in front of him, and said in confusion: "You are the elder of the trade union, why haven't I heard of it."

Before Dui could answer, Oliveira rushed and said, "Teacher, you forgot. A few years ago, the union added a magician who can summon dragons as an elder, that is, Elder Dui! He passed by here, After hearing about the trade union, I came to help."

Of course Fengzhi had heard that if it weren't for the letter sent by President Kari himself, he really couldn't believe that there really were magicians on the mainland who could summon dragons, and said in surprise: "It's you."

At this time, the purple-robed alchemist had announced the start of the ninth game. Fengzhi gave a wink at the ancient angel next to him. The Mainland Mage Union could no longer lose. Since the opposing two magicians have already appeared, he is here. There is nothing to worry about on the side, he must first get back the score. Gu Tian walked out knowingly and challenged the opponent.

Fengzhi was confident in Gu Tian and didn't pay attention to the match on the court. He looked at A-dumb and said, "Little brother, you are really the elder of the union? Did President Kari ask you to help us?"

Duan smiled awkwardly and said, "President Kari asked me to be an elder, but my magic is not good. I just passed by here this time. I heard that there was a conflict between the two magician guilds, so I stopped by. Elder Fengzhi, what is the situation now?" He wanted to say, why must there be a fight? But when I thought that the magicians on both sides were so hostile, I didn't ask.

Feng Zhi smiled bitterly: "Originally, we were pretty sure that the other party had only Pu Tian a magician, and we have three elders, and the other magicians are of the same level. We should be able to win at least two more games. But you can also see that now the opponent suddenly appeared a Corison, and Pu Tian won another game. Even if Gu Tian and I both win, it will only equalize. As for who can win in the end, it depends on luck. Thanks to your timely appearance, you not only rescued Brother Yuyuan, but also gave us the hope of winning again. Since you are also the elder of the union, you must help the union win a match in the future, using what you summoned The Silver Dragon shook the opponent and pushed up the momentum of our union. See if those guys dare to be arrogant."

Ah Dumb sighed helplessly, and said, "Elder, I don't want to participate in the fight between the two unions, hey——, everyone is a magician! Why bother?"

The wind stunned and frowned: "The conflict between the two unions was not caused by us. The other party has always been arrogant because of the magister of Lardas. The old man is jealous when he sees the large number of magicians who defect to us. If we want to use improper means to snatch, although we don’t want to fight, people are bullied to the door and can’t help but fight back! Since you are a member of the union, you should work hard for the honor of the union, don’t you want to watch Has our authentic mainland magicians' union just declined?"

Xuan Yue said suddenly: "Elder Fengzhi, don't force my elder brother. The magic that elder brother summons the dragon is not always successful. Let's talk about the situation. If the opponent is really strong enough that the eldest brother has to make a move, he must Will participate in the competition. At the same time, I can also be counted as one. I think it won't be a problem to help you win one game."

Feng Zhi looked at this handsome young man with an arrogant tone. Although he was also dressed as a fire magician, Feng Zhi clearly felt his own sacred aura. With the strength of his magician, he couldn't see through the opponent's magical strength. Qiang, it seems that the cultivation level is not shallow, and he nodded and said, "Well, it depends on the situation. If we can win, we won't bother Elder Adu."

There was no suspense at all in the ninth competition, just a few magic collisions, and Gu Tian easily won the victory, defeating a great magician of the opponent, and the score became five to four. In the tenth game, Fengzhi played in person and easily won the opponent, and both sides returned to the same starting line. However, the next game surprised the three elders including Fengzhi. The opponent's magician was surprisingly strong, and he won four of the next six games, turning the score into nine to seven. As long as he wins one more game, he will be able to win the final victory. The competition has been going on for a whole day, and the setting sun is gradually setting in the west. Under its final light, the clouds in the sky are dyed red. At this time, it is the most critical moment of the competition between the two sides.

Fengzhi's cold sweat has flowed down, and the current situation is very unfavorable for the Mainland Mage Union. This competition is related to the reputation of the Mainland Mage Union. We must not lose. After gritting his teeth, he rushed to Oliveira next to him: "For the final victory of the union, you have to take action. Remember, don't be merciful, just use the strongest attack to defeat the opponent and boost our morale."

In the seventeenth game, the mainland wizards' union first sent out challengers. Oliveira's eyes showed excitement. How glorious it is to win honor for his union! He walked slowly to the center of the venue and said loudly: "Mainland Mage Union Grand Mage Oliveira asks for advice." So far, those who can represent the two unions are all senior magicians over half a hundred years old and young. As soon as Oliveira appeared, it immediately aroused the contempt of the Tianjin Magicians' Union, and laughter sounded. Yes! Who would look at a young magician?

"Is there no one in the Mainland Mage's Union? It's better to send a nasty boy to the battle, so it's better to give in."

"You don't understand, this young magician! It must be the illegitimate son of the old guy Kari, want to fight for his father? Haha..."

Listening to the other party’s sarcasm, Oliveira was not angry. He still had a faint smile on his face, and said, "Who would like to teach you?" He has been exposed to magic since he was five years old, and his enthusiasm for magic surpasses anyone. , Otherwise, it is impossible to have such an achievement at such an age. He deeply knows that in order to give full play to his strength in the magic contest, a stable mentality is the most important. The other party's sarcasm was nothing but a boring voice in his ears, and could not attract his attention at all. Fengzhi looked at the calm performance of his lover, showing a smile of relief.

Park Tian and Ge Lisong discussed a few words. They now have three chances to win the final victory. Naturally, they won't be anxious when they have the winning ticket, and they sent a water system great magician to fight.

The water magician is about 60 years old and has a short stature. The magician robe on his body is tightly wrapped around his "full" figure. His chubby face has a scornful smile. The figure in his hand is very inconsistent with his figure. His long-handled magic wand pointed at Oliveira and said, "Tang De, the great water magician of the Sky Gold Mage Guild, taught you. Boy, wait to be frozen into a popsicle." His words once again caused a laugh from the colleagues behind him. In fact, Park Tian and Colisong did not underestimate Oliveira like their subordinates. This Tangde is very famous in the Tianjin Wizards’ Guild. He has the same arrogant temper as Colisong, but he also has the same arrogance. Among the great magicians of the trade union, the cost of his skill is the highest, and he is close to the level of the magician. That's why I was entrusted with this important task.

In the current game, Oliveira has been meditating behind the team, recovering the previously lost mana. At this time, he has recovered to his best condition. Although he also knows that his opponent is very strong, he has Without fear at all, he believed that the magic he loved so much would surely defeat his opponent. The void flicked, a space crack appeared, and the Wind God Wand flew into Oliveira's hands.

The use of the space cracks immediately made the laughter of the Tianjin Magician Guild disappear. All magicians know that this magic must be used at the level of an advanced magician or even a great magician.

Don De squinted his small eyes, took a look at Oliveira's hand of the wind god's staff, which was nothing strange, and said: "Boy, let's start. The gentle water condenses into ice. Disperse, the light of perpetual freezing, explode, the power of the water element." He used the same six-level water magic extremely frozen ice ball as Yuyuan. Under his deliberate control, the blue light continued to shine. Condensed in front of him, the volume of the ice-bound ball rapidly increased, and sharp ice ridges drilled out of the sphere. Soon, magic gradually formed.

Contrary to Tang De's use of high-level spells, Oliveira was not prepared to shake the opponent hard, and quickly applied a wind spell to herself, rushing towards Tang De lightly, and the Wind God's Staff played an amplifying effect. Without chanting a spell at all, a low-level wind blade flew towards Tang De. Tang De was shocked, but he did not evade. As a magician who is not good at close combat, almost everyone has his own ability to defend against melee attacks. He is no exception. A magic scroll flies out, a water curtain. Diffuse, immediately blocked Oliveira's attack.

Oliveira did not stop her wind blades, bombarding Tang De's water curtain one by one, but the wind blade is a low-level magic after all. Although it made Tang De a little distracted, it was not enough to break his water. Against the scene defense, the ice ball is still growing a little bit, Tang De sneered secretly in his heart, as long as his sixth-level attack magic formed, it was the death of the kid in front of him.

Oliveira didn't seem to realize the power of the Frozen Ball, and still bombarded the water curtain with the wind blade. Finally, Tang De's magic was completed, and under his control, a huge ice ball with a diameter of one meter and a blue tail flame slammed into Oliveira at an extremely fast speed. Oliveira did not dodge, but raised his wind god's staff. The moment the ice ball was about to hit him, the special effects of the wind god's staff played a role, and Oliveira suddenly appeared in the field. It was nine, scattered in a row like lightning, although the ice ball was big, but it only hit two shadows, passed through the shadows, and rushed over. Tang De was taken aback, and hurriedly pulled back with all his energy, and withdrew the ice ball back. He had never seen this sudden splitting magic.

Oliveira took this opportunity and sang loudly: "Free wind element! I beg you, condense into a sharp and strong blade, destroy the enemy in front of you." The nine figures made the same movements and the same mouths. Singing the same spell, such a weird scene immediately surprised all the magicians of the Tianjin Magician Guild. The cyan light condensed on the nine Orihuela’s wind **** rods, and his eyes shone brightly. The wind blade shot out at the same time. In the face of such a vision, Tang De did not dare to attack rashly, controlling the ice ball to float in front of him, ready to respond at any time.

Nine wind blades rushed towards Tang De like lightning, and suddenly paused five meters away from the ice ball. The nine energies suddenly merged into one, and the originally small wind blade turned into an indestructible huge cyan blade. Tang De launched a frozen ball in extreme surprise, trying to block the opponent's attack, but the power of the nine-fold compressed wind blade is far from a second-level magic.

"Squeak--", a sharp friction sounded, and the ice ball was divided into two halves like the fireball that had been split by Dumb. The huge cyan wind blade with weakened energy unceremoniously slashed towards Tang De. Tang De clearly felt the tremendous power contained in this magic, which was definitely not something that the water curtain in front of him could resist, so he couldn't help but cried out, my life is gone. Close your eyes and wait for death to come.

When the wind blade smashed in front of Tang De, he suddenly twisted strangely. The blade turned to the side and shot out horizontally. The huge wind element force immediately knocked out Tang De's body and fell to his camp. Unprepared, the magicians of Tianjin Magician Guild were suddenly overwhelmed, but Tang De's life was also saved.

As soon as the light condensed, Oliveira's nine figures merged into one, his face was a little pale and he was breathing continuously, but the excitement in his eyes could not be concealed. He finally won a round for the Mainland Mage Union. His performance has also won huge cheers from the side, and such a wonderful magic is indeed amazing. Only Fengzhi secretly called for luck. He knew very well Oliveira's strength. If a fair test, he would never be Tang De's opponent. This victory was achieved entirely by the Wind God Staff. But after all, he won, and the mainland magician union has hope of victory again.

The purple-robed alchemist walked in front of Oliveira, nodded approvingly, glanced at the Wind God's Staff, and said: "In the 17th match, the Mainland Mage Union won the total score of nine to eight. The eighteenth game will begin in minutes. Please prepare for both sides.” Oliveira just wanted to return to his side, but he heard the alchemist whispered: “Are you holding an artifact?”

Oliveira was shocked in her heart, but did not conceal it, nodded gently, returned the Wind God's Staff to her space, and bowed slightly at the alchemist before returning to her camp.

Fengzhi didn't pay attention to Oliveira, who was greeted by the magicians excitedly, but instead set his gaze on Dumb. Of course Ah Dumb understood what he meant and sighed secretly. It seemed that he still had to make a move! I just wanted to float to the field for the next competition, but a red figure flew out a step faster than him, and landed in the center of the field. It was Xuanyue wearing the robe of a high-level fire magician.

In the eighteenth game, it was supposed to be the challenger from the Tianjin Magician Guild. When Park Tian and Grizon saw that the other side had sent the player first, they couldn't help but be shocked at the same time.

Xuan Yue took off her red magician robe and threw it aside, revealing the civilian clothes inside, and said calmly: "The senior light magician of the mainland magician union Xuanri asks, which one will play."

Pu Tian and Goris felt tight at the same time. Although Xuanyue only called herself a high-level magician, the appearance of Oliveira had already raised their vigilance. Pu Tian whispered to Ge Lisong and said, "How come there are light magicians in the Mainland Mage Union? Could the Holy See send someone to help them deal with us?"

Corison shook his head and said, "It should not be. Our Tianjin Empire has always been more important than the Huasheng Empire in the heart of the Holy See. Even if the Holy See wants to help, it will only help us. This kid is even more important than the one just now. Young, light magic is not so easy to practice, maybe it's just a bluff. However, we can no longer lose, otherwise we have to stand on the same side. Regardless of other things, let him go, we will be able to succeed. ."

Pu Tian nodded. This time, the Golden Mage Union is more important than the mainland Mage Union. They have been at a disadvantage in the invisible battle with each other. If they can win this time, even if they can’t replace the mainland Mage Union’s. Status, at the very least, can stand up against each other. He made a gesture to a fire magician next to him. The man nodded, stood out from the crowd, and walked towards Xuanyue in the venue. A clear voice sounded, "Kinu, the fire wizard of the Tianjin Mage Guild, for advice."

Feng Zhi and the other three elders were taken aback. They didn't expect that there was still a magician in the opponent's camp, and this magician had never been seen before. They had never seen Xuan Yue's magic level, and the hope that had just ignited was suddenly shattered, all with an anxious expression.

Xuan Yue took the action because she was afraid that Ah Dumb would be embarrassed. She was surprised when she heard that the other party called herself a magician, and raised her head to look at the other party. I saw that the fire magician standing in front of her was a young man in his twenties, who seemed to be a bit older than Oliveira. The fire-red magic robe only had the mark of a high-level magician, but it radiated from the opponent. Judging from the energy fluctuations, it does have the level of a wizard. The young man's appearance was ordinary, and he seemed to have the same dullness as Dumb, holding a short-handled magic wand in his hand, looking at himself. Xuan Yue just wanted to attack the opponent, but she almost fainted because of the other's words.

Keanu looked at this person in front of him who was younger than him, and the young man who claimed to be a senior magician couldn't help but hesitate, and tentatively said: "Little brother, you should go back and change someone. My fire magic is very domineering. It’s not good to ruin your beautiful face. Even if you burn your clothes, you will be embarrassed! Go on, OK if you change yourself."

"Fart, UU reading Who is your little brother, what a wordy, you can burn it if you have the ability." Xuan Yue is already a little incoherent, no one has seen her so underestimated, so he just swipes. , Took out her angel's staff from the space crack, the anger in her chest urged her spiritual power to reach the peak, without any disguise, the golden holy light suddenly appeared, surrounding her body within three feet, a huge sacred The aura rose to the sky, and the Zhan Ran divine light made Xuan Yue look so unattainable.

All the magicians present calmed down. Although they didn't know what kind of strength it was, they were also taken aback by the monstrous sacred power, and they couldn't help talking in surprise.

"Such a young light magister is incredible! It seems that the strength of the Holy See is indeed much stronger than that of the guild of wizards." A low voice sounded in Collisson's ears, and he was surprised to move towards a tall man behind him. The fire magician looked at and whispered: "Are you saying that the young man is a magician?"

"Well, he is very strong, but it seems that he has just reached the strength of the Magister, and his aura is not very stable. If I am against her, I should be able to tie. After all, it is a sacred light magic." Light magic confronts Ordinary four elements of magic have a certain bonus effect.

Collisong's arrogance disappeared, and his voice was trembling: "Then we are not going to lose this game?"

Chapter 110: Final match

"En. I hope there won't be another Mage in the Mainland Mage Guild. I will take the shot myself in the end. This time, let Keanu taste the taste of failure, it is also a kind of training for him."

In the venue, Xuan Yue had already begun to chant her own magic because of her anger. Under the cover of the holy divine light, the curse sounded in a slow and rhythmic voice, "The light of the gods, gathered in front of her, with monstrous power, Turn light into a blade, go, a sharp blade condensed with sacred light. ——Blade of Light." This is the fifth-level light magic that she used to deal with Oliveira earlier. Xuanyue slowly raised the angel's staff in her hand, and the light element in the air quickly concentrated towards Xuanyue. The transparent gems on the angel's staff were shining brightly, like a small sun constantly shining in the air, angel The rod suddenly swung down, and a large piece of golden light was thrown from the jewel on the head of the rod, which instantly condensed into a huge sharp blade, raising it high and cutting it towards Keanu.

When the sacred light erupted from Xuan Yue’s body, Keanu hesitated for a while. He no longer dared to underestimate the boy in front of him, and began to chant his own spell, "God of fire! Please give me strength, as your most loyal My servant, I am willing to be your servant forever. The scorching fire, the flame of destruction, forming an arrow of destruction, burst out." The dark purple flame burst out suddenly, enveloping Keanu’s body, with the magic wand in his hand A faint light and shadow was drawn in the air, and a two-meter-long purple fire arrow was formed. This is the sixth-level fire attack magic-the purple flame burst arrow, which belongs to a single attack magic and is extremely powerful.

Keanu’s status in the Tianjin Wizards’ Guild is the same as Oliveira’s in the Mainland Wizards’ Guild. He has an extremely rare fire attribute physique. Since he was a child, he has been guided by the Magister Lardas. Only in his cruel training did he achieve what he has achieved today. He became a fire wizard at the age of twenty-seven. Lardas has devoted countless efforts to him, and he has accepted such an apprentice in his life. He is very pleased with Keanu's current achievements. Within twenty years, Keanu will become another magister of the Tianjin Wizards Guild to inherit his mantle. For a long time, except for Lardas's cronies, the magicians of the Tianjin Wizards Guild did not know the existence of Keanu, who had been hidden by Lardas. If it were not for Oliveira’s previous performance, Park Tian and Gorison would not send him to fight, but what Keanu encountered this time was indeed the youngest magister of the Holy See, who had received the baptism of God for a long time. Years of Xuanyue.

The purple flame bursting arrow shot out and went straight to Xuan Yue's chest. At this time, Xuan Yue's blade of light had also been cut down. The reason why Xuan Yue didn't use more powerful magic was to see how strong the silly boy who humiliated herself in front of him was. The golden light and the purple light touched in the air, and the sharp edge against the arrow tip suddenly burst out with brilliant golden and purple light rain. The magic wand in Keanu's hand is also a treasure. Although it is not as good as the angel's wand, it also has a strong amplifying effect on fire magic. However, Xuan Yue is a sacred light magician after all, and light magic has certain advantages over fire magic. Immediately reduced the difference in magic levels a lot. After the brilliant light rain, Xuanyue still stood in place, but Keanu took a step back with a look of surprise on his face. He didn't understand why he obviously had the upper hand in the magic level, and the purple flame burst arrow The penetration attack is so sharp, why is it still a disadvantage. In fact, this is the difference in magic ability. Although the magician and the magician are only one level apart, they are separated by an insurmountable gap. The attack on Keanu just now has almost done his best, but Xuanyue just used it at will. It's only magic, but they still have the upper hand because of the qualitative gap in their own magic power. Since leaving the Holy See this time, Xuan Yue has never exerted all his strength.

Xuan Yue coldly snorted: "Is that just the right thing? You dare to show off to me, aren't you good at fire magic? Okay, I will use fire magic to defeat you and convince you. Take the blood of the phoenix as a guide , Wake up, immortal phoenix." As the spell sings, Xuanyue's chest is red, hot air surrounds her delicate body, the clear phoenix sounds clear the canyon, and a red light shines from her chest. He got out of her place, and instantly turned around her body. The red energy gradually took shape and turned into a fiery red phoenix shape, which rose above her head after rotating around Xuanyue for a week. Although the magic used with the blood of the phoenix and the blood of the dragon has the same or even greater power of the same type of magic, they are quite different in form. At this time, Xuan Yue used one of the strongest fire magic that can be used with the blood of the Phoenix. Although the power is far less than the power of the Phoenix blood's main body metamorphosis attack-Phoenix Reincarnation, it is powerful. , But also close to the eighth level of fire magic.

The profound magician of Golisong exclaimed, "This is the blood of the sacred weapon Phoenix. It's not good, Keanu can't withstand such an attack."

Keanu saw the fiery red phoenix and couldn’t help being stunned. He stepped back subconsciously, and even forgot to chant the spell. Although he also knew that some magicians could use several different kinds of magic at the same time, they couldn’t specialize. One, multi-line magic has never been able to reach a very high level, but the fire phoenix used by the young man in front of him has exceeded his scope of cognition. An anxious and angry voice rang from the bottom of his heart, "Silly boy, that is the power of a divine tool, fast to defend." This voice is no different from the devil to Keanu, and his body shakes and subconsciously chants his strongest defensive spell "Great Vulcan! As your most loyal servant, I beg you, use your endless divine power to defend your dignity.-Vulcan Shield." Under the effect of the spell, the purple surrounding his body The flame gradually changed, turning into a faint white color, slowly condensing in front of him, and the white light gradually condensed into crystals, beautiful arcs appeared, and huge white shields appeared, but it did not emit fire. The searing heat of magic, but the complete energy content, this magic is the strongest seven-level fire defensive magic that Keanu can use now.

The cold light in Xuan Yue’s eyes widened, and the angel’s staff pointed forward and shouted: “Go, the fire of the immortal phoenix.” The fire phoenix in the sky raised its proud head, and the sound of Fengming sounded again, the fire phoenix Spread out the five-meter-wide wings, suddenly rushed towards Keanu.

At this moment, two white rays of light floated from the crowd of the Tianjin Mage Guild behind Keanu, two Vulcan Shields blocked Keanu's body, and the Fire Phoenix slammed into the first Vulcan Shield. . In a loud noise, the first shield disappeared with countless white light spots, and the fire phoenix shrank a little and continued to bombard the second shield. The same situation appeared again, but this time the Vulcan Shield persisted for a long time. Some. The Phoenix Fire finally hit the Vulcan Shield used by Keanu himself, and in a loud noise, the Fire Phoenix and the last Vulcan Shield disappeared at the same time. Keanu staggered back seven or eight steps, sat down on the ground, panting constantly, his face became extremely pale, he didn't know if he was injured or frightened by the phoenix.

The red light receded, Xuan Yue's body rose again with golden light, and said calmly: "So there will be people from your Tianjin Mage Union who will take action halfway!" Although the use of this fire phoenix took advantage of the divine weapon's effect of increasing vice and transformation, It also consumed a lot of her mana, took a deep breath, and stared at the camp of the Tianjin Mage Guild.

The old and low voice sounded, "We lost the eighteenth match. However, Master Levy, the attack this friend just used seems to threaten Keanu's life. You have not forgotten what you said before. Right." With the voice coming out, a tall figure walked out of the crowd of Tianjin Mage's Guild. This person did not wear a magic robe, just now because he had been hidden in the crowd, no one noticed him. His appearance immediately caused Xuan Yue's heart to beat faster, and this person's indomitable spirit showed his great strength.

Levi was the purple-robed alchemist. He walked to Xuanyue's side, glanced at the tall magician, frowned and said, "I didn't expect National Master Lardas to come here in person." As soon as this word came out, the mainland The hearts of all the people in the Mage's Guild were cold. They couldn't imagine that the high-ranking Tianjin Empire and Fire Mage Lardas would actually appear here, which is simply incredible. In the Mainland Mage Guild, even if Kari came to him, he would definitely not be able to fight against Lardas. There is still one final match between the two sides, and no one can deal with him who has reached the realm of the magister! The three elders were ashamed, their bodies trembling slightly, and they all had a thought in their hearts: Could it be that we just lost.

The tall magician slowly raised his head and lifted the gray cloak on his head. His resolute face looked only more than forty years old, and his slashed appearance was impressive. His short golden hair was slightly curly, and his dark blue was deep. Eyes pierced and pierced, and said to the alchemist Levi: "Master, you should remember the previous words, do you need me to repeat it?"

Levy sighed. He didn't want to see the two magician unions fighting, and he didn't want to see the mainland magician union that he preferred had lost like this, but he couldn't regret it just by saying it. He turned to Xuanyue and said: " Little brother, for the eighteenth match, I will judge you..."

"Wait a minute." Xuan Yue drank Livy, but didn't let him say the lost word. Although facing the magister Lardas who claimed to be the number one attacker on the mainland, she did not have a trace of fear. He said proudly: "Master Levy, I didn't mean to kill Keanu just now. You can't judge me to lose."

Lardas frowned and said: "For a magician, sophistry is not a very good virtue, do you think it is? The priest from the Holy See."

Xuan Yue had already thought of her identity by the other party, she calmly said: "I'm not a quibble, Magister Laldas. I think all the colleagues present have seen my last attack just now. The two sides of Vulcan The shield was issued by you. In that case, you must know my strength." As he said, Xuan Yue took out the Phoenix blood from the collar. The appearance of the blood of the phoenix made Lardas' eyes glow with scorching light. He has been famous for this artifact for a long time. As a fire magister, he has a desire for fire artifacts more than anyone, watching himself for many years. The hope of the past is in front of him, how can he not be moved? Staring at Xuan Yue's chest, she sneered: "Yes, I know you have the strength of a magister, but what can this tell you? Don't you have the idea of killing Keanu?"

Xuan Yue smiled slightly and said, "Of course not. Why should I die for him? There is no deep hatred between us. Even if you don't use the Vulcan Shield to defend him, after his defense is broken by me, I It will also recover the energy of the Fire Phoenix in time. Since you know that I have the power of a magister, you can't deny that I have the magic level to recover the energy."

Lardas froze first, and then furiously said: "You, your pure sophistry."

Xuan Yue sneered and said: "What is sophistry, what I said is all facts, Master Levy, you have seen the situation just now, I can assure you that I definitely have the ability to recover the attack energy at any time. If you don’t believe it, I can use it again for you to see."

Lardas snorted: "No, we surrender this time. I am not a person who can't afford to lose, Master Levy, please announce the start of the last game. I will play on behalf of the Tianjin Wizards Guild."

Xuan Yue secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Although the blood of the Phoenix is a divine tool, it is indeed difficult for her to use it again and still accurately control it. Now that her mission has been completed, there is no need to stay here. Look at this old guy. Going up is really powerful, and I am not sure whether he can win him. Thinking of this, she floated back to the Mainland Mage Union.

Levi sighed and said: "The 18th match, the Mainland Magician Union won. One minute later, the 19th match started. Please prepare for both sides."

As soon as Xuan Yue returned to the camp of the mainland magicians' union, she found that the atmosphere was extremely gloomy. All the magicians, including Duan, were dull and frowned, as if embarrassed.

"What's wrong with you? Didn't I just win? Why are you not happy at all?"

Fengzhi showed admiration, sighed, and said: "If we knew that you had the level of a magister, if we knew that Lardas was here, we would never let you play in the game just now. Now we The score of the Golden Magician Guild of the same day is 9 to 9, and there is only the last key game left, but the opponent also has a Lardas who claims to be the number one attacker of the mainland magician. No one on our side can resist it. Now, we are set to lose this time. Hey, it's a fall! Is it true that our Mainland Mage Union is going to be defeated by those who violate the authenticity?"

Xuan Yue frowned and looked at Ah-Dai. She knew that if Ah-Dai exerts her full strength, she would be better than her. She smiled and said, "Don't worry, there is also my big brother! Big brother, it seems you this time. I have to play."

Fengzhi glanced at Ah-Dai. Although they had heard that Ah-Dai had summoned dragons, what he showed just now was the strength in martial arts. No one said whether he could successfully summon a silver dragon in the competition. How can he not worry? But now there is no better candidate than Dui, Fengzhi sighed: "There is only trouble Elder Dui, but this is a battle between two magician guilds, you can't use martial arts!"

Xuan Yue faintly stunned, looking at the dignified dumb, and said, "Big Brother, this..."

Dumb sighed, touched the blood of the dragon on his chest, and said, "I only have to try it." With the light magic used by the blood of the dragon, he didn't know whether he could compete with Lardas. confrontation. Duan is the kind of person who receives water from others and will repay him with springs. Since he left Shitang Town and entered the mainland, the mainland magicians union has helped him a lot. At this moment, the mainland magicians union is facing How can he ignore it when he is in danger? If the Mainland Mage Union is driven out of Andis City, it means that it will gradually fall into decline.

Xuanyue's relaxed mentality became tense. From the fact that Lardas could use two Vulcan shields in a short period of time, his magic level can only be described as unfathomable. Without martial arts Under the circumstances, it would be difficult for Dumb to fight him. He took off the guardian ring from his finger, Xuanyue chanted the spell, took it in Ah Du’s hand, and whispered: "Brother, do your best. If you can't stand it, don't force it. The old guy's attack must be very serious. Tyrannical, you have to be careful. Make good use of these artifacts in your body!"

Feeling the gentle and icy temperature on Xuanyue's fingers, Duan's heart warmed, and a surging fighting intent gradually rose, and the light of confidence filled his eyes, and he nodded vigorously.

Xuan Yue's eyes lit up suddenly, as if she was thinking of something.

Xuanyue’s voice resounded from the bottom of Ah Du’s heart, “Brother, there is a way. Your vitality is very similar to light magic. If it is only used for defense, the old guy may not be able to find out, as long as you can withstand him. Attack, and then summon the holy evil to help, there is a great possibility of victory."

Ah Dumb froze slightly and murmured, "But, this is against the regulations!"

Xuan Yue smiled and said: "As long as no one else knows, it is not a violation of the regulations. Unfortunately, the absolute defense of the Ring of Protection has not been restored, otherwise you will be more confident. Brother, at the critical moment, you must not keep your hands. , The opponent’s cultivation base is high and deep, once the wind falls, I am afraid it will be difficult to fight back."

Dumb smiled bitterly: "Why would I keep my hands? Faced with such a master, how dare I not go all out."

At this time, Levy in the field looked at the darkening sky and said loudly: "Okay, the last match of the two sides will start now. Please enter the court."

Xuan Yue squeezed Ah Dui's big hand vigorously, and passed him an encouraging look. Dui took a deep breath, looked at the people in the Mainland Mage Union, resolutely walked out of his team.

Lardas couldn't help but stunned when he saw Ah-Dai walking towards him. He naturally saw that Ah-Dai used his vindictiveness to break Coris's attack. The powerful strength displayed by Ah-Dai made him feel a little jealous, and he gave a cold snort. Said: "This is a matter between our two trade unions. Outsiders cannot interfere."

After many years of experience, Ah-Dai is no longer the dull boy who just debuted. Although his brain is still slower than ordinary people, he can still deal with this kind of scene. He smiled indifferently and said: "I am not an outsider, I am a mainland magic. A member of the Masters’ Guild. The elder of the Mainland’s Wizards’ Guild, Ah Dai, asked you for advice.” While talking, he took out his magician card from his arms and threw it to Lardas, the card slowly under the effect of anger. Floating in front of Lardas, when he was still about a foot away, he fell naturally.

Lardas was taken aback, took the card, felt the familiar energy, and lost his voice: "What? You are the elder of the Mainland Mage Union? This, this is impossible." He is very familiar with the elders of the Mainland Mage Union. Everyone can be called by name, but I have never heard of the existence of dumb, so my original confidence can't help being shaken a little.

Dumb walked to Laldas and stood still, took his magician card from the startled him and handed it to Livy, saying: "Master, please confirm my identity. I was three years ago. He was formally appointed as a union elder by Chairman Cary."

Levy took the card and recited the spell silently. The red light was shining. The dumb magician card was constantly shining with dazzling golden light. A golden six-pointed star slowly emerged from the center of the card. Because of the darkness of the sky, the magic of both parties Those in the teacher who have a good eye can clearly see the word dumb in the middle of the six busy stars. The sky-gold magicians' union, which was originally so powerful, suddenly became silent.

Levy nodded and returned the card to Dumb, saying: "Yes, this is an elder-level card. That's right. You have the right to play on behalf of the Mainland Mage Union. However, as the referee invited by both parties, I want to remind you. In the subsequent matches, you cannot use martial arts, you can only compete with magic. Once I find out that you use martial arts, you will be judged negative."

Dumb nodded solemnly and said: "Don't worry, I understand." After finishing speaking, he took the card back into his arms, floated away, and landed in front of his camp, staring at Lardas.

After all, Lardas has experienced countless big scenes. Although he was surprised, he has gradually calmed down at this moment. He snorted and said: "Well, I will see what your martial arts master has in magic."

Levy took a deep look at Dumb and said in a deep voice, "Okay, I announce that the last competition between the Mainland Mage Union and the Tianjin Mage Union now begins. Please stop by both sides." After finishing, he slowed down. Stepped back to the side of the mainland magician union.

A scorching air stream wafted out of Lardas, night had fallen, and a group of red light was lit up in the dark Billou Canyon. The light continued to flow, gradually changing from red to blue, blue The color gradually darkened, turning to deep purple, and the deep purple lit up, forming a white light. The white light continued to flow, and finally changed back to the fiery red color. Lardas stands proudly as if reincarnated in a red flame. This is his own body protection magic. Regardless of any energy or thing, as long as the attack intensity does not exceed the maximum range that this magic can withstand, once it enters his protection In the powerful fire enchantment of the body, it will be instantly burned into ashes. This kind of flame is called the flame of destruction by fire magicians, and its scorching degree is more than three times that of the purple flame, and it is also the stunt that Lardas is famous for.

The magicians who watched the battle behind Dumb were shocked. Xuanyue grew up in the Holy See since childhood. She is very knowledgeable. She knows deeply that Lardas' fire magic cultivation has reached the highest level of return to the original and its strength. It's not just that of a magister.

In the field, the dumb who faced Lardas's opponent had the deepest feeling. He clearly felt that Lardas's energy had been locked on his body, and a scorching undercurrent was surging, constantly impacting him. Dumb knew that he couldn't resist with his vindictiveness right now. Thinking of what Xuan Yue had said to him before, he had to chant: "The dragon who defends dignity with the blood of the dragon as a guide! Cover your body."

The azure blue light suddenly flourished, and a halo spreading out from the center of Dui's chest. Due to the improvement of his mental power, Dui clearly felt a powerful energy floating out under his control, blue The halo gradually turned to flourish, the clear dragon chant sounded, and the huge sound shocked everyone's mind. The blue energy gradually formed the shape of a dragon and continued to rotate around the body of Duan. The dragon gradually When it became clear, Ah-Dai seemed to feel that the appearance of this dragon was somewhat similar to the holy evil. The huge sacred aura constantly filled his body and mind. Ah-Dai yelled, "Ah--" the blue one. The light suddenly became stronger, and the blue dragon was clearly visible, slowly rotating around his body. The huge dragon head opened its mouth with the shout of Dui, and the momentum of Dui immediately suppressed Lardas. . Duan has a lot more mastery of the strongest defense of the dragon's blood.

In the venue, the energy of the two sides, one red and one blue, is constantly shining, and each continues to condense its own momentum.

There was a solemn look in Lardas’s eyes. From his experience, he naturally saw that the opponent was a very powerful artifact caused by the momentum, but controlling the artifact requires a huge amount of mental power. Young people with high martial skills may not necessarily have weak magic skills.

Lardas snorted coldly, his right hand flicked, and a red space crack appeared. A red fireball floated out and fell into Lardas' hands. It was not magic, but a lens, constantly shining. With the appearance of the red round lens, the temperature in the canyon rose a few minutes, and the magicians on both sides couldn’t help withdrawing back tens of meters away, each using their own body protection magic to resist the heat. Invasion.

A strange light gleamed in Xuan Yue's eyes, she looked at the crystal in Lardas' hand, and kept thinking about the vatican books she had read before. Suddenly, she seemed to think of something, her beautiful eyes widened, and she lost her voice: "Fire Element Intermediate artifact-Fire Spirit Orb." Her heart couldn't help but tremble. Originally, she thought, Dui relied on the three artifacts of Dragon's Blood, Guardian Ring, and Gorius' Wish, plus powerful mental power. In the case of martial arts, he may not lose to Lardas. However, the appearance of the Fire Lingzhu made her heart hesitate again, and she knew this artifact more clearly. As an artifact of the same level as before the blood of the Phoenix was upgraded, apart from not possessing the sacred aura of the blood of the Phoenix, the Fire Spirit Orb is not weak in the increase in fire magic, and even stronger than the blood of the Phoenix, the most terrifying , It was its indestructible main body attack, Xuan Yue knew that with Lardas' cultivation base, he would be able to burst out the strongest attack of the Fire Spirit Orb with his spiritual power.

Duan heard Xuan Yue's exclamation, his heart tightened, and he was a little overwhelmed. After all, he rarely competes with enemies purely by magic. This kind of pure magical trial made him a little uncomfortable.

Lardas's face was calm With his right hand taking off the Fire Spirit Orb and slowly raising it, he chanted in his somewhat low and hoarse voice: "Great fire element! Please give me your endless fire power , Condense.” With the singing of the spell, the fire spirit orb gradually lit up, and the red light was flourishing. The fire spirit orb escaped from Lardas’s palm and hovered in front of his chest, as a rising flame floated. Coming out, it condensed into a huge fire dragon, like the blue dragon of Dumb's body, surrounding his body.

Dui was shocked. Although he first learned fire magic, he had never seen this kind of advanced fire dragon. He took a deep breath and chanted: "Let the blood of the dragon, the power of light! Form a solid barrier to resist the invasion of evil." The blood of the dragon wafted out a blue halo, and the light gradually changed. Blue turned white, and a layer of defense barrier appeared in front of him.

Laldas's face was still calm, stretched out his right index finger, and pointed at the fire spirit orb in front of him. With a flash of fire, the huge fire dragon rose up, and under the control of his mental power, he rushed towards the dumb.

Xuan Yue frowned slightly, not because Lardas’ magic was too strong, but too weak. It was just a fire-type five-level attacking magic fire dragon, and its power was far inferior to the Purple Flame Tenglong of Grizon. Coming strong. He is obviously a magister, how could he use such a small magic? Is he underestimating Dumb? As a powerful magician, you should not underestimate your opponent.
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