Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 861-871 (End)

Chapter 861

“Back then, my heart gradually sank into darkness. Whenever I saw Haochen, the heart-wrenching pain would grow stronger and stronger. As a result, I made a despicable decision. I accepted you. I accepted Haochen. However, what I was thinking of back then was how to raise Haochen so he can fight against the demons. I always believed he was the Demon God Emperor’s son. Even though I liked his perseverance and kind heartedness very much, the pain in my heart prevented me from thinking calmly. As a result, I did my best to train Haochen, so he could grow. When I found out that he was actually a Scion of Light, I had doubted for a moment whether he actually was my son or not. However, we had been separated for all these years and I was unable to understand why you wouldn’t come find me with him if he was my son. As a result, I continued to be in pain.”

“I trained Haochen for two years and finally I could no longer endure my inner pain. I was even afraid to meet his clear, pure eyes. I brought you back to the Dragon Resistant Mountain Pass because of that. I thought that I would feel a little better if Haochen was not by my side, but I realised very soon that my pain remained and it was growing. So, I chose to run away. I was not in the Dragon Resisting Mountain pass most of the time, even leaving for years on end. I loved you deeply, but I could not help but cling onto everything I thought of inside.”

“Afterwards, Haochen’s talent gradually showed itself. He performed brilliantly in the Demon Hunt Squad Selection, becoming a demon hunter. I gradually began to pay attention to him. I would even tail him and watch him complete missions. Sometimes, I would even help him secretly. At that time, the pain in my heart gradually turned into
viciousness. I thought that with Haochen’s physique as a Scion of Light, there would be one day when he would become especially powerful, powerful enough to threaten the Demon God Emperor. When that happened, they would face each other as father and son. It didn’t matter who would die in the battle. My revenge would be complete.”

Reaching there, Long Xingyu closed his eyes painfully, “Haochen, do you know? I knew when you were about to bring the Bright Glimmer of Hope into the Star Demon Pagoda when you were in the Modu core city. I happened to be in Modu as well. Resentment prevented me from stopping you from taking the risk. After sensing you fall into a trap, I did not go rescue you either. Back then, I thought that it was over, that everything was over. The Demon God Emperor had killed his own son. Hah, but what I didn’t know was that I had just watched my own son enter the belly of the beast. How ironic is that! I’m not worthy of being your father. I’m not worthy.”

“After you died, I did feel relieved inside. I only felt like the thing that always weighed on my heart had vanished. As a result, I immediately returned to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. I thought that I could finally remain with Yue’er properly. However, when I truly faced her, I realised that your image constantly flashed through my head. I was afraid of telling her that you had already died to the Demon God Emperor. I did not want her to suffer from anymore emotional stimulus. I thought that everything was over. You were a demon hunter, so there was nothing special about you remaining within the territory of the demons forever. However, my pain grew deeper and deeper. Every night, I would think of you smiling as you called me father. I would often jerk awake from my dreams. I began to study myself. I found that my past resentment and hatred had vanished, but what replaced it gradually became endless regret. No matter how many sins the Demon God Emperor had committed, you were innocent! I had actually sent a child who had always called my father and always trusted me into the belly of the enemy, facing death in the end. I was unable to forgive myself because of my actions. I even gave up on the opportunity to take part in the Temples’ Great Gathering. In those years, I was extremely depressed. I made no progress in my cultivation either. I could only wonder about near the bottleneck.
However, even if I had realised my mistakes, so what? I had already made the mistakes. You were already dead.”

“Until that day, I suddenly heard you had appeared in the Holy City with the Bright Glimmer of Hope and even took part in the Temples’ Great Gathering. My emotions were extremely mixed back then. I didn’t know whether I was supposed to be happy, glad or in pain. However, I realised very soon that this time, I truly felt like a great burden had been relieved from me. Back then, I made up mind that no matter whose child you were, you would be my son as long as you called me father. I did my best to forget the past and atone for what I had done in the future, to treat you well and nurture you. However, I soon received news again that you had actually lead the Bright Glimmer of Hope into achieving first place in the Temples’ Great Gathering. Only then did I realise that you had actually surpassed me. After all, we reunited. I really was happy, very happy. When I saw you again, I really felt like I had forgotten about the past. I was so stupid! Over all these years, I had actually treated my own son as somebody else’s. I had even come close to indirectly causing your death. Do you know how many tears I’ve shed when I saw the film that you created with Cai’er? My remorse reached the limit. I regretted it so, so much that I had not taken action back then, making you suffer so much pain. If I had stopped you from taking the risk back then, all of this could have been avoided. If you were attacked by the Demon God Emperor and had fallen into a trap, I could have been standing by your side. At least I could have died with you. However, I didn’t. I didn’t! I’m not worthy of being your father. When you died to the Demon God Emperor that time, I already lost this right.”

Reaching there, Long Xingyu exhaled deeply as tears covered his face. He glanced at Long Haochen and Bai Yue deeply, before suddenly speeding up without any prior signs, rushing towards the Demon God Emperor.

Dense, golden red flames immediately rose up from his body. This was the Divine Knight of Adjudication and Trial burning the flames of his life!

When Long Xingyu learnt that Long Haochen really was his own son, he felt like his heart had shattered. He had absolutely no idea how he was supposed to face his wife, much less his own son. In that moment, he had
already embraced death. Now that he charged at the Demon God Emperor with his full strength, he did not hope to kill the Demon God Emperor. Instead, he hoped to leave his life here. He had no idea how to atone for his sins. He only wanted to end it all with death.

“No, father!” Long Haochen called out. However, even with his cultivation, he was unable to stop Long Xingyu anymore. In the moment Long Xingyu took action, he had already made up his mind. He had never moved so quickly before.

The Demon God Emperor was still submerged in pain. He did not raise his head to look at Long Xingyu. However, even like that, it was impossible for Long Xingyu to harm him with his cultivation.

A purple figure appeared in front of the Demon God Emperor. With a flash, Long Xingyu immediately rebounded away with speed even faster than before, like he had hit a huge pillow.

Long Haochen quickly caught his father. The person who had stopped Long Xingyu was the Moon Demon God Agares.

Long Haochen held Long Xingyu tightly, forcefully forcing back the flames of his life. He said sorrowfully, “Father, you can’t die. You can’t be like this. If you die, what’s going to happen to me and mother? Everything’s a misunderstanding. If you really want to atone for your sins, you have to keep living!”

Long Xingyu struggled free from Long Haochen’s grasp. The powerful Divine Knight of Adjudication and Trial actually crouched down on the ground and sobbed painfully. This sight weighed on the hearts of the powerhouses of the Temple Unions heavily.

Agares looked at Long Haochen calmly, “Now’s not the time to cry. Long Haochen, you must make a decision right now. Do you know why I’ve suddenly changed my mind and turned against you with his majesty and Vassago?”
Long Haochen’s mind was currently in a mess. He shook his head instinctively.

Agares said, “Because Austin Griffin’s still alive. As long as he’s alive, he’s our enemy. I worked with you in hopes that my clansmen could integrate and become humans in the future, so they don’t have to destroy. However, as long as Austin Griffin was alive, it would not just be my race that goes extinct. Nothing in this world would be able to survive! Long Haochen, you are currently the leader of the humans. You must make a decision, or it’ll be too late. Everything will be destroyed. Do you understand?”

Long Haochen swayed slightly. Agares had awakened him by mentioning how he was the leader of the humans. He bit the tip of his tongue and the intense pain roused him from his sorrow.

Yeah! He was currently the leader of the humans. No matter what situation he faced, no matter what circumstances he was in, he needed to think for humanity. Now, he had already defeated the Demon God Emperor, the Moon Demon God and the Star Demon God. It was the best opportunity for humanity to break out of this darkness. Even if the Demon God Emperor was his grandfather, he had to make a decision for the sake of humanity.

Just how many human powerhouses had died to the Demon God Emperor? Recently, two titled demon hunt squads had joined that tally. All of the Demon God Slayers had died to the hands of the Demon God Emperor. More importantly, if he did not kill the Demon God Emperor, they would not be able to break out of this age of darkness. Perhaps, he would never get another opportunity like this.

Thinking up to there, Long Haochen gradually calmed down. He looked at Agares with shining eyes and said seriously, “Senior Agares, I respect you, because you made the correct decision before. You also helped me a lot in the past. It’s possible to say that without your assistance, it would have been impossible for us to successfully be on the offensive in this holy war, nor would we have been able to achieve such results. However, you changed your mind because of Haoyue, which I cannot agree on. Haoyue
is my companion, my brother. I don’t believe it will do anything bad to me. You’re just trying to frighten me by saying it will destroy the world.”

Chapter 862

The Moon Demon God Agares smiled bitterly, “Only if I was trying to frighten you. If that’s really the case, why would I do all this? Do you think that his majesty will spare me after we get through all of this? It’s still not too late for you to take action right now. Austin Griffin still hasn’t awakened completely. Sure, it’s your companion, your brother right now, but once it truly awakens, it is a representation of pure destruction. No one can stop it. Not even gods! I know you don’t believe me. Currently, you possess the upper hand. His majesty and I are not your opponent. However, can you give me a few minutes so I can tell you a story?”

After a moment of thought, Long Haochen nodded, “Please tell me.”

Agares sighed deeply, “The story starts seven thousand years ago in a realm extremely similar to the Shengmo Dalu. Perhaps the creatures there were different, but the rulers of that world were also humans. The entire continent would regularly experience conflict, but it was basically all under the humans’ control. In that realm, forests and lakes took up an extremely large area. It was even prettier than the Shengmo Dalu right now. This continued until one day, the appearance of a powerful existence changed it all.”

“This powerful existence was Austin Griffin. When it first appeared, it only had three heads. While it was not weak, it was just a slightly stronger magical beast in the eyes of the humans that it encountered. There were even humans who tried to kill it, but it managed to flee craftily.”

As time went on, Austin Griffin began to evolve slowly. Gradually, it gained a fourth and a fifth head. Because of the humans’ attempts to hunt it
down, it began to learn how to bide its time, hiding in the safe depths of the forest and slowly evolving its powers. When it appeared before the humans again, it already possessed six heads, which were six elements. It had already become rather powerful then. Regular human powerhouses were nowhere close to being its opponent.”

“It began slaughtering humans in revenge. Despite its intelligence, it was still unable to take on the human powerhouses, while its cultivation continued to evolve at a steady pace. After a hundred years, it finally grew its eighth head. At that time, it believed it was powerful enough, so it no longer hid anymore, fully displaying its terrifying power of destruction. Its terrifying strength made it almost invincible. After causing several massacres, it finally raised the attention of the humans. A large quantity of human powerhouses from that realm gathered together and began to hunt it down. Finally, they trapped it in a valley and engaged in an intense battle.

“The eight-headed Austin Griffin was very powerful, but there was just too many humans. After a battle that lasted for two days and two nights, Austin Griffin was finally defeated and heavily wounded. However, it had to be mentioned that with eight heads, it was already rather powerful, so it managed to escape. Its escape also happened to be the biggest mistake that the humans of that realm had committed, leading to destruction of all life in that realm.”

“After escaping, Austin Griffin engaged in secluded cultivation, using over another century to recover. It knew that it was not powerful enough to dominate the entire realm. As a result, it hid away and continued to cultivate, until over another century later, it finally completed its final breakthrough, finally awakening. It reappeared on the continent and this time, it became synonymous with destruction.”

Reaching there, fear flooded Agares’ eyes. This story had been passed down among the demons. Although he had not been present when it happened, Agares still experienced deep fear even when it came from the memories of the first Moon Demon God.

The Demon God Emperor lowered his head and said nothing. He let Agares continue his narration.
“There was destruction, endless destruction. When Austin Griffin appeared in that realm again, the entire continent faced a terrifying storm of destruction. Austin Griffin was just too powerful, so powerful that nothing could oppose it. Nothing could oppose its terrifying destruction. In less than a month, it had killed all of the creatures over a third of the continent. Whether it were plants, magical beasts or regular creatures, they were all reduced to nothing before its aura of destruction. A third of the continent lost everything that once lived there, unable to recover ever again.”

“The humans also experienced great fear. However, there were a tremendous number of human powerhouses in that realm back then. There were even over a dozen half-god existences who forcefully suppressed their cultivation from breaking through. It was possible to say that there were even more powerhouses in that realm than what the Shengmo Dalu currently has. Just the powerhouses on par to the Demon God Emperor reached double digits. They had tried using their strongest powerhouses against Austin Griffin, but all of it failed. The Austin Griffin at that time had already become a symbol of invincibility, unable to fall in battle. Even true gods were not its opponent after awakening its ninth head.”

“In order to stop its destruction, for the sake of the future of humanity, all of the human powerhouses gathered together. With the force of several tens of thousand people, they gathered the most valuable resources and wealth humanity had to offer. While Austin Griffin was destroying the continent, they used a month to create a great array specifically designed against Austin Griffin. On the day the array was completely, all the human powerhouses who created the array, over ten thousand of them, died. They used their essence blood to nurture the might of the array. The array was known as the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens. It was also during that short month that Austin Griffin destroyed another third of the continent. Over half of all creatures in that realm had died to its terrifying aura of destruction. Finally, it arrived before the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens. It was just too proud, so proud that it refused to believe anything in that realm could stand up against it. As a result, it finally ended up in the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and
Nine Heavens, and it was finally sealed within the array, without any way of breaking out.

Reaching there, Agares looked at Long Haochen deeply and said sternly, “Austin Griffin’s pride forbid it from being sealed like this. It was unwilling, unwilling to accept its fate of just being sealed there for all of eternity. The God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens was composed of seventy-two divine tools, with three supra divine tool in the core of the array, forming a great cage. Unable to destroy the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens after a desperate struggle, Austin Griffin did something to destroy all the remaining humans and creatures. It paid its own life as the price to drag the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens down with him.”

“It used its colossal body to violently ram against the array. Finally, in the moment the array shattered, its body was destroyed as well. The terrifying force of destruction became the most terrifying power of destruction, sweeping through the entire continent and completely killing all creatures on the continent in another terrifying calamity. The God- slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens had completely shattered and when it shattered, it split open the space of that realm, allowing the seventy-two divine tools that formed the array to pass through space in the form of seventy-two pillars that formed the cage, finally arriving in anothe realm. That realm was called the Shengmo Dalu.”

The human powerhouses fell into an uproar when Agares reached there. The age of darkness had already lasted for over six thousand years, but the humans did not even know the true origins of the demons. Six thousand years ago, why had they appeared on the Shengmo Dalu, and why were they so powerful? Agares had finally provided an answer.

“Yes, you should have guessed it. When the seventy-two pillars arrived on your Shengmo Dalu, they were called the demon god pillars by the humans here, while the spirits of the seventy-two demon god pillars were the demon gods you speak of. In other words, his majesty, my ancestor! Due to being a different realm and the seventy-two demon god pillars also possessed great power, they immediately began to give off an assimilating
aura when they landed on the Shengmo Dalu, leading to the demons now.”

“As a result, if you really must decide on who is truly responsible for the six thousand years of darkness that humanity had descended into it, it would be what you’re holding in your right hand. It is it, the symbol of destruction and annihilation, the God of Heavenly Wrath, the nine- headed chimera, Austin Griffin.”

The Moon Demon God’s elated voice made Long Haochen’s mind shudder. It was not up to him whether he believed what Agares had said, He thought of Haoyue’s realm, that world of black and red, filled with destruction and foulness. He thought of how all the undead attacked Haoyue with their full force like they were trying to eliminate a future issue. No matter how reluctant Long Haochen was in believing it, he knew that it was very likely that Agares was telling the truth. Otherwise, why would both he and the Demon God Emperor fear Haoyue so much, and why would only Haoyue’s powers be effective against the seventy-two demon god pillars that could not be destroyed by anything else?

All of this had been answered by Agares’ story.

“No, that’s impossible. When Haoyue arrived in this world, I’ve already used my own blood to wash away its darkness element. It is no longer the Austin Griffin from before. It’s my Haoyue.”

Agares nodded, “Yes, it’s not like the Austin Griffin from before. The God of Heavenly Wrath from back then has already been destroyed. However, when it broke out of the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens, it had told us that it would return. It had nine chances to undergo rebirth. It would return alive. I don’t know how you brought it to this realm, but you have been raising a disaster for yourself.”

Chapter 863

“So what if you’ve washed away its darkness element? It’s not based off darkness, but destruction! Do you understand its name, the God of Heavenly Wrath? It is the wrath of heaven, the destroyer of all realms. It exists for destruction and annihilation. According to the records of my race, Austin Griffin is the dark side of the creator god, or the creator god’s twin in other words. Once it truly awakens, there is basically nothing that can destroy it. It’s impossible for the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens to appear again. Ever since the array was destroyed, it became demon god pillars and is no longer complete. Moreover, a few of the demon god pillars have already been destroyed by Austin Griffin.”

“Long Haochen, if you really want to consider for humanity and this realm, there is only one choice you can make now, and that is to completely destroy Austin Griffin before he’s gained his final head. This is your only chance. Otherwise, once its head of destruction appears, it will turn back into the God of Heavenly Wrath and walk down the same path that Austin Griffin had once gone down in. The Shengmo Dalu will be completely destroyed. It won’t just be us demons and you humans. All the creatures, all the plants of this world, even all the stars visible to this world, will be destroyed by it in the end!”

“Haochen, don’t believe him.” Long Tianyin stood forward, “That’s just the demons trying to frighten you. It’s time for the age of darkness to end. What are you hesitating for?”

Long Haochen regained his focus from what Long Tianyin said. Although he was gradually believing Agares, he really hoped that it was all

The Moon Demon God Agares smiled bitterly, “I don’t plan on leaving here alive today after saying all that. Long Haochen, if you don’t believe me, you can kill all of us first, and then kill Austin Griffin. I just beg you that once I die, you can protect my organisation and my clansmen, so they can continue thriving in a place without the threat of the God of Heavenly Wrath.”

“It’s too late. It’s all too late.” The Demon God Emperor who had remained silent the entire time suddenly raised his head. In that short moment, he seemed to grow much older, while his eyes were dim as well. He drew the Devil Dragon Sword from the ground.

“Agares, can’t you tell that Austin Griffin’s already awakened? Otherwise, how was it able to break out of our Sealing Array of Sun, Moon and Star with just eight heads? That was the core array of the God- slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens. If the God of Heavenly Wrath hadn’t awakened, we would have succeeded already. From the moment we fell down, the outcome was already decided. We can’t stop it anymore. Austin Griffin’s returned.”

Long Haochen could not help but become stunned from what the Demon God Emperor said. He subconsciously glanced at the eight-headed Purplish Gold Haoyue Sword in his hand.

With a gentle thrum from Long Haochen’s hand, the Purplish Gold Haoyue Sword turned into a purplish golden streak of light, rushing into the air.

“Thank you for your welcoming speech, Demon God Emperor is it? You’re just the leader of the remaining ants from before. What a fascinating story! It really is touching. I avoided disturbing the mood the entire time, yet you just have to call me out. How bad is that? Why must you force me out so soon? I originally wanted to see how master would handle this situation.”
A cold voice appeared with a hint of wit and playfulness. The sky became filled with purplish golden light. In the next moment, the entire sky became a noble purple, but also a purple filled with an aura of destruction. A figure gradually emerged from where the Purplish Gold Haoyue Sword had stopped in the air.

He had long, purple hair and wore a set of magnificent, purple robes. His slender figure was extremely beautiful, but he had a pair of grey eyes filled with a deathly stillness. What was even more shocking was that his appearance was exactly the same as Long Haochen’s.

With his hands behind his back, the purple-haired young man descended from the sky. He smiled gently, “Hello everyone. You don’t welcome me, but I’ve still come. My name is Austin Griffin. Of course, everyone is welcome to call me Haoyue as well. You all love stories so much, so why don’t I tell you one as well?”

Agares’ expression became ashen at the sight of this purple-haired young man, while the Demon God Emperor’s eyes flickered. He also seemed to have decided on something. In that moment, determination reappeared in his eyes.

Long Haochen stared at the young man who descended from the sky blankly. He murmured, “You’re Haoyue?”

Haoyue smiled. Even his smile was very similar to Long Haochen’s. His gaze towards Long Haochen was much more gentle, “Of course, my master, I am your Haoyue! Your appearance is so perfect, so I surprisingly feel very proud to look the same as you.”

Long Haochen suddenly experienced an extremely bad omen. Haoyue’s current attitude and tone was completely different from when he conversed with him in the past. It seemed like he was someone else altogether, as if his soul had been replaced. This had indirectly proven what Agares had said.

Haoyue did not care what the humans or demons were thinking. He smiled, “Don’t worry, master. No matter when, I will never harm you.
Who let you become my master? You also saved my life. All of you listen to my story. From now onwards, none of you are allowed to speak, okay?”

Just as he finsihed speaking, it felt like the sky had collapsed. A terrifying pressure immediately filled everyone’s heart. Whether it was the humans or the demons, none of them were actually able to talk under this terrifying weight, just as it had said.

“I come from when the world was created. There seemed to be a huge explosion…” Haoyue recalled his memories. His voice was very similar to Long Haochen’s, except it was a little more floaty and less rooted.

“After the big band, my consciousness appeared. Similar to me, another consciousness appeared at the same time. He was much more powerful than I was. As soon as he appeared, he possessed unmatched power. He was called Creation. Back then, I was just too weak, so I could only attach myself to him and watch him create the entire world. The realms were silently split open by him one by one and he gradually granted life to these realms. There were plants and animals. The aura of life evolved and grew in each realm, allowing them to gain the aura of creation.”

“Creation told me that his proudest work was a species. The species was called humans. Although humans were not powerful, they were a race which Creation had granted a part of his power of creation, allowing these humans to create and learn. Creation said that one day, the humans would break free from the realms and bring the power of creation to places even further away.”

“But for some reason, I really hated his tone and his creation. Even though he was much more powerful than me, his powers were exhausted very quickly in order to create the realms, until he perished in the end. He left behind many things that possessed his aura and he had created countless other things as well. However, didn’t he still perish in the end? The most despicable part about him was that before he died, he actually set down a seal on my body, sealing my soul so I could never reach his level. He even said that my nature was destruction, a twin that
accompanied him. He did not to destroy me, but he did not want me to destroy his creations either. How detestable. What a despicable person!”

“However, how was it possible for my powers to be completely sealed up by him? I used my own methods to turn into a creature he created, using the special characteristic of growth that the creature possessed to gradually nullify the seal on me. Finally, I succeeded in a realm. I regained the powers that belonged to me. I regained my original body. I am the God of Heavenly Wrath, the nine-headed chimera, Austin Griffin.”

Reaching there, Haoyue’s eyes were filled with pride. However, his supreme awe made the hearts of the human powerhouses weigh heavier and heavier, when they were supposed to be celebrating over breaking out of the age of darkness. The Demon God Emperor was terrifying enough, but this God of Heavenly Wrath that claimed to have accompanied the creator god was even more terrifying! What power did they have to oppose him?

“When my ninth head awakened, I discovered the feeling of destruction again. Back then, I thought nothing could stop me. Creation was already dead. I was the ruler of the entire world. All the realms would have to grovel at my feet. Didn’t that bastard called Creation was to create? Good, then I’ll destroy all of his creations. I want to prove that I am stronger than him and more outstanding than him.”

“However, never did I think that the humans created by Creation would actually plot against me. Due to my carelessness and underestimate, I fell into the trap of those despicable humans. I was trapped by the God- slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens. The array actually possessed a part of Creation’s power. No matter how I tried, I was unable to break free from the cage.”

“Who am I? I am the destroyer of all realms, the God of Heavenly Wrath, the nine-headed chimera, Austin Griffin. How could I be trapped by some measly humans? Did they really think they could kill me just like this? They were dreaming. How could the God of Heavenly Wrath admit defeat to these measly humans with his pride? As a result, I used up all my power to break out of the cage. In the end, I succeeded. No matter
how Creation’s power subdued me, it was just a sliver of his aura that he had left behind, not him in person. He was dead. He had died long ago. Is there anyone else that can truly stop me? So what if I died once? I could undergo rebirth and be born again. With my great powers of destruction, even if I died, I had enough power to destroy that realm, turning it into a world of destruction that had no life. And even if I was reborn into a world like that, I could still evolve again and reabsorb the power of destruction. Once my ninth head regrew, all of the powers of destruction would descend once again, and I would be able to continue my noble ambition of destroying everything Creation created.”

Chapter 864

Until then, Haoyue’s face was filled with pride. However, the pride gradually turned into fury. He was extremely furious, “However, never did I think that in that realm of fire of darkness, when all life and vegetation had been destroyed, undead creatures would actually appear. They didn’t need food or water to survive like humans. They did not even need light. And, they were actually filled with hatred towards me. They actually tried to kill the noble Austin Griffin. Under their obstruction, my rebirths failed again and again, while my source power was rapidly exhausted during the rebirth process. I knew that if I died on my ninth rebirth, I would vanish from this world forever, just like Creation. I refused to accept this. I utterly refused! Before long, I only had a last few rebirths left and I was attacked by those dirty undead again. I was covered in wounds. But it was also in that moment that a ray of hope enveloped my body, forcefully taking me to another world, a world filled with the aura of light.”

“At that time, I thought I finally had a chance. However, who would have thought that from reborning too many times, I had become so weak, and because I had remained in that world of darkness for far too long, I was no longer accustomed to this power of light. I could feel my life fade away. I could sense death descend upon me. But at this moment, I saw a pair of eyes, a pair of pure eyes. That small humans began to drip his blood on me, using his blood to change what I was not accustomed to, letting me emerge from the darkness gradually, purging that wretched aura of darkness from me. In the end, it was converted to light. I possessed his bloodline. I actually experienced warmth and gentleness I had never experienced before. These feelings were very, very pleasant. Afterwards, I grew my second head, a head of light, while my original head remained as the fire element. However, that young man, my master,
had entered desperate straits in order to change my element. Out of pure coincidence, I actually channeled by own, noble bloodline into him, returning it to his body, and I formed a pact that even I did not know about with him as I experienced those feelings I had never experienced before. This was clearly the pact of the highest grade that Creation had created, a blood pact! I don’t know how that happened. Ever since I awakened and I recalled everything I went through with him, I really don’t know why the noble me would make that decision. However, I’m still very grateful for him. After all, he had given me a chance of rebirth, and also gave me the opportunity to become Austin Griffin. In the end, I returned. This young man who had given me this chance, which is you, my master, possesses the Light God Physique and is the wielder of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. He is the chairman of the Temple Union, the Divine Knight of Glory and Leadership, Long Haochen.”

“When my consciousness grew and took form with the ninth head, my body embedded all of the memories deep within my consciousness. I discovered in surprise that the gentleness, happiness and joy you brought for me were not emotions that originally belonged to me. This feeling really is novel. As a result, my master, no matter who I destroy, what realm I destroy, you don’t have to worry. I will never destroy you. I still hope that you can make me feel the same. I who have just reborn is actually afraid of something called loneliness because of you. It seem like there really is a lot, a lot of things different from last time. I love you, my master. In the future, let’s hold hands and travel Creation’s world. There will be a day when I turn all the realms into my world of creation, into domains that belong to me, the God of Heavenly Wrath, Austin Griffin.”

“You must find it very strange why I could evolve so quickly. You must thank my master for that as well! His growth would actually push me along. And during a few critical breakthroughs, he even protected me from the wretched undead, allowing me to evolve until my eighth head in the end. As for for final awakening, I must thank you as well, my master. It was you who brought me into the Domain of Eternity left behind by Creation, allowing me to find a seed that originally belonged to me, a see of the Tree of Destruction. From a certain sense, the Tree of Destruction
is an important clone of my soul. After finding the seed, I finally completely my last breakthrough and awakening after this period of cultivation. The ant, the Demon God Emperor, was right. If I hadn’t awakened completely, it really would have been rather difficult to break out of their seal with just eight heads. However, everything’s become much easier now. There is no power that can stop me now. I must say, master, the realm you inhabit is much weaker than the realm that created the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens. There really is nothing that can stop me in this realm. It feels fantastic to awaken!”

Thrum! A translucent ball of white light was emitted from Long Haochen’s Armour of Eternity and Creation, forcefully blocking Haoyue’s pressure. At the same time, he possessed Haoyue’s bloodline in the first place, so Haoyue’s pressure on him was the lightest.

“Haoyue, will you be destroying our realm?” Long Haochen asked solemnly.

Haoyue smiled, “I’ve said so much. Master you should have understood a long time ago! I am the God of Heavenly Wrath, not the God of Creation. Since I have awaken, I obviously have to start with something. What’s so bad about destroying this realm? Three quarters of it is occupied by the demons you loathe so much anyway. Don’t worry, I will destroy the demons first, and then the humans.”

Long Haochen’s eyes were filled with pain, “No, you’re no longer my Haoyue. You’re not…”

Haoyue actually nodded seriously, “Of course. Of course I’m not that Haoyue that would only follow everything you say. I am Austin Griffin, the God of Heavenly Wrath! Didn’t you hear what I just said? Before I awakened, my body had eight consciousnesses. Each head possessed a consciousness of its own, but when I awakened, all of the consciousness would merge back together and all fall under my control. As a result, my ninth head is called the head of destruction, as well as the head of heavenly wrath. The current me has truly become the God of Heavenly Wrath. However, you don’t have to worry. The feeling that you give to me remains, so I won’t destroy you. But it’ll only be you. In the future, I will
take you with me to destroy the other worlds. Though, I can’t be bothered with the other humans. I hate humans. Creation really could take pride in the humans he created. Even I, the great God of Heavenly Calamity, the nine-headed chimera, Austin Griffin, had been destroyed by the humans once. Though, that’s the only time it’ll ever happen. My master, you need to understand. Just watch as I destroy the demons that you hate the most first.”

“Long Haochen,” the Demon God Emperor’s voice suddenly rang out.
He had said that by forcefully enduring Austin Griffin’s power.

Long Haochen instinctively looked towards the Demon God Emperor. Their eyes met. He could see many things from the Demon God Emperor’s eyes. The rippling from his soul indicated the Demon God Emperor’s intentions.

Long Haochen shuddered slightly and his emotions rippled slightly as well. He suddenly turned around and raised his Sword of Eternity and Creation towards Haoyue.

“Haoyue, I was the one who brought you into this world. If you want to destroy the continent, you better do it over my dead body.” As he said that, Long Haochen’s wings flapped powerfully. He turned into a streak of light as he lunged at Haoyue.

He was unable to imagine, he was unable to imagine no matter what that his most trusted, most important companion would actually betray him, actually becoming the one trying to destroy this realm. Haoyue was actually even more powerful than the Demon God Emperor and the demons. Long Haochen still had a ray of hope in his heart. He did not believe Haoyue would lay his hands on him.

Disdain appeared in Austin Griffin’s eyes, “My master, you still haven’t understood, have you? Do you really think that you can defeat that Demon God Emperor Fengxiu with your powers alone? You can’t even defeat him, so how can you oppose me? I respect you by calling you master, but do you really think you’re my master?”
As he said that, Austin Griffin raised his left hand towards Long Haochen. Immediately, a terrifying aura appeared around Long Haochen, actually immobilising him.

Austin Griffin said coldly, “I actually loathe the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation you possess very much as well, because that thing possesses a sliver of Creation’s aura. In the past, if it weren’t for the fact that you could borrow its power to protect me as I evolved to eight heads, do you really think I would let you gain its recognition that easily? It’s useless now. Allow me to destroy the aura that he left in this realm first.”

As he said that, Austin Griffin suddenly clutched his right hand and a ball of purple light shot towards Long Haochen like a bolt of lightning.

It was also at this moment that the ground suddenly rumbled violently. The Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter erupted from Long Xingyu’s body, blowing away Haoyue’s pressure. With a flash, he lunged before Long Haochen and grabbed him, using his back to block Haoyue’s ball of purple light.

Chapter 865

Long Xingyu and Long Haochen looked at each other. What Long Haochen saw was a light of relief within his father’s eyes. Long Xingyu’s lips even curled slightly into a smile. Even with the protection of the Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter, it was impossible for him to block Austin Griffin’s attack, let alone the fact that the only reason why he had arrived by Long Haochen side was because he had separated from the divine throne. He was completely unprotected. Under Austin Griffin’s attack, only one fate awaited him.

But in that moment. Long Xingyu happened to be smiling. He did not feel any regret at all. His heart was even filled with joy, because he could finally do something for his son, even if it meant throwing his life away.

“No!” Long Haochen roared as the nine purplish golden markings on his forehead suddenly lit up. It actually allowed him to break free from Haoyue’s restraints immediately. He raised his two arms violently to huge his father, immediately turning around in the air.

Long Xingyu’s smile immediately froze. In the next moment, the purple ball of light landed viciously on Long Haochen’s back.

Boom! Long Haochen’s body violently shook in the air. At the same time when he was hit, he had already pushed Long Xingyu away, pushing him back onto the ground. Without the support of the divine throne, he would not be able to break free from Haoyue’s pressure again.

The Armour of Eternity and Creation flickered with intense white light, while the purple ball of light from Austin Griffin seemed to meld into it in a
single moment. A violent rumbling was constantly emitted from Long Haochen’s body. Finally, with a great boom, the Armour of Eternity and Creation became covered in tiny cracks.

If he continued to let the purple light that was filled with the aura of destruction run amok, the supra divine tool would probably be destroyed completely! This was more than enough to demonstrate Austin Griffin’s strength. Just like what the Moon Demon God Agares had said, even real gods were not Austin Griffin’s opponent.

Long Haochen’s body curled up. Including the Sword of Eternity and Creation, the power of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation immediately turned back into thirteen balls of light and was absorbed by Long Haochen. He did not want this supra divine tool to be destroyed. Perhaps at a certain time, it would be his final hope.

Long Haochen erupted at the same time when he stowed the divine throne away. He spread his arms and two streaks of purplish golden light quickly extended along his arms, turning into two heavy swords. They were completely created from his personal spiritual energy. Not only did this spiritual energy possess Haoyue’s aura, it also possessed his most pure power of light. In that moment, they were the most powerful weapons Long Haochen could condense with spiritual energy.

In the next moment, Long Haochen turned into a streak of purple light in the air, directly charging towards Haoyue. All the light on him had completely become purplish golden. The pressure from Haoyue was unable to influence him at all. That’s right, in order to oppose Haoyue, Long Haochen completely ignited the power that belonged to Haoyue within him. Only by using Haoyue’s bloodline could he oppose Haoyue.

After Haoyue gained its ninth head, Long Haochen’s strength had actually increased drastically as well due to the blood pact, but Austin Griffin had suppressed this increase. Now that Long Haochen ignited his own bloodline, this power seemed to be ignited as well, such that his aura was at least seventy percent similar to Austin Griffin’s.
With a flash, Long Haochen arrived before Austin Griffin like a bolt of lightning. He used the Eye of Brahm? right from the start.

A huge, purplish golden vertical eye appeared in the air. Countless streaks of purplish golden light gathered into one, blasting towards Austin Griffin.

Long Haochen had already understood the moment Austin Griffin attacked him. Haoyue was no longer present. It could even be said to be devoured by Austin Griffin. Currently, all that was before him was the God of Heavenly Wrath, the nine-headed chimera, Austin Griffin, who wholeheartedly wanted to destroy everything. He was no longer Haoyue. As a result, he could not allow Austin Griffin to succeed no matter what. He knew he was not Austin Griffin’s opponent, yet he still launched an attack. Long Haochen happened to be extremely calm in that moment, because there was definitely a purpose to his attack.

Austin Griffin frowned, as if he was still rather unwilling to attack Long Haochen. He allowed the attack from the Eye of Brahm? to land on him. He did not even try to dodge.

As the purplish golden light landed on Austin Griffin, all it created was a brilliant haze of light. It failed to harm him at all.

In the next moment, the huge eye turned into a streak of purplish golden light, sweeping past Austin Griffin. It was the second move of the Three Moves of Brahm?, the Fleeting Youth that Long Haochen had partially created himself. Before, he had used this attack to kill the Star Demon God Vassago. Now, he was using it on Austin Griffin.

Austin Griffin remained where he was. Long Haochen’s attacks did not seem to affect him at all. He only frowned as he turned and looked at Long Haochen.

It was also at this moment that a huge, purple figure of light lit up behind Long Haochen. It was a strange hexagram. The hexagram shone with purplish golden light. All of the elements in the air, even including Austin Griffin’s aura, gathered towards the hexagram at an alarming rate. Long
Haochen began to shine with intense light, as the tough aura even seemed like it was going to rip his own body to pieces.

Austin Griffin’s expression finally changed and he finally moved. With a flash, he arrived before Long Haochen and planted a palm strike on Long Haochen’s chest.

Long Haochen smiled instead. He had been waiting for this moment. The purple hexagram behind him lit up and the final attack out of the Three Moves of Brahm?, the World’s Ultimate.

The purple hexagram suddenly became illusionary, revolving as it distorted, forming a huge purple swirl. In that moment, the world seemed to lose all colour and everything seemed to merge into one. At the same time, in the world without the rays of the sun, moon and stars, a ball of nine- coloured golden light shot out from Long Haochen’s left wrist, fusing with the purple light, before hurling towards Austin Griffin who was just centimeters away.

Long Haochen was set hurtling towards the ground by Haoyue’s palm strike, landing heavily in a deep pit. However, anyone with discerning senses could tell that Austin Griffin did not use much force against him at all. Although Long Haochen smashed into the ground, he leapt back up in the next moment.

However, Austin Griffin’s situation seemed slightly worse. He was covered in nine-coloured light as a small hole that penetrated his body appeared on his chest.

The attack of the World’s Ultimate combined with the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon pushed all the powers that Long Haochen could unleash to the limit. Before such a strong attack, even the God of Heavenly Wrath, the nine-headed chimera, Austin Griffin, was injured.

However, just when everyone was taken aback by surprise and joy, Austin Griffin’s wound closed up rapidly with a ripple, as if nothing had happened in the first place.
He looked at Long Haochen on the ground coldly, “My master, do you really plan on discarding our ties of companionship? Unfortunately, you’re nowhere close to being powerful enough. I’ve said that in this realm, there is nothing that can threaten me. Do you really think you can manage just by yourself?”

Some misery appeared in Long Haochen’s eyes. He sighed, “That’s true. Of course I can’t harm you with my power. However, you’ve devoured Haoyue’s spirit, so no matter the price, I have to destroy you. You’ve said that I’m the chairman of the Temple Union, the Knight of Glory and Leadership. As the leader of the humans, I must protect the humans. I must protect this realm from you. You can begin, grandfather.”

The Demon God Emperor’s heart shuddered when he heard Long Haochen refer to him as grandfather. He glanced at Long Haochen in some disbelief. What he saw was the determination in Long Haochen’s eyes.

The Demon God Emperor immediately raised the Devil Dragon Sword. With his cultivation as a half-god, Austin Griffin was unable to subdue him using his pressure alone.

It was also in the moment the Demon God Emperor raised his Devil Dragon Sword that he seemed to illuminate the world. The purpleness in the sky finally changed, while Austin Griffin’s expression changed drastically as well. He finally sensed an existence that could threaten him. Afterwards, all the demon god pillars in the distance lit up. With a single movement, the Demon God Emperor immediately vanished, while the dark golden Devil Dragon Pillar expanded at an alarming rate.

It was not just him. Agares did the same, unleashing the power of his own demon god pillar as much as possible. In that moment, the demon god pillars all lit up before the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass and quickly flew into the air. Even the demon god pillars that no longer had demon gods shone as brightly as they could in that moment.

Long Haochen’s attack earlier was not to defeat Austin Griffin, because he knew he did not have that ability. By communicating with the Demon God Emperor through their gazes and their souls, he knew what he needed
to do. His attack against Haoyue was to cover the Demon God Emperor, to make enough time for him.

Who would have thought that the humans and demons who had opposed each other for over six thousand years, who were just enemies a moment earlier, would actually work together now. It was exactly beause Austin Griffin had not imagined this that he ended falling into the trap that the Demon God Emperor had prepared.”

“God- Slaying- Array- of- the- Ten- Earths- and- Nine- Heavens!”

Chapter 866

The Devil Dragon Pillar emitted a bellow from the Demon God Emperor that was almost crazy. The dark golden light immediately surged into the sky, as if it really did reach the limits of the sky. A dense, dark golden light immediately covered Haoyue’s body, causing him to pause despite trying to take action earlier.

Afterwards, a purple moon and orange star lit up at the same time in the sky. This was the power of the Moon Demon God Pillar and Star Demon God Pillar.

The three demon gods immediately formed the core array of the God- slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens. The three demon god pillars trapped Austin Griffin inside firmly.

At the same time, the seventeen other demon god pillars flew over. Beams of light connected them together, forming a huge cage-like structure in the air, sealing Austin Griffin inside. Each demon god pillar shone with different light as well. The purple colour from Austin Griffin was actually torn to shreds within the cage.

The God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens was originally created to deal with Austin Griffin’s powers, so everything about it obviously opposed him. At the same time, streaks of light lit up in the distance. Demon god pillars actually ripped through space and appeared before the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass one after another. Whether it were the demon god pillars that had remained within the demon territory to protect them, or the demon god pillars that Samigina and Marbas had taken
with them to attack the Southeastern Fort and Myriade Beasts Mountain Pass, all of them had gathered in that moment.

This was what the Demon God Emperor had been preparing. As the leader of the seventy-two demon gods, what he wanted to do was to unleash the powers of all the demon gods and recreate the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens.

Austin Griffin hovered there silently, as if he had actually become trapped by the great array. He just watched as the demon god pillars appeared one by one, before merging into the huge cage, trapping his body there.

This was the true, most terrifying power that the demons possessed! Just the aura made the powerhouses of the Temple Union feel that it was impossible to contend against. Only now did Long Haochen understand just how great of a loss it was to the demons that the Moon Demon God’s betrayal would be. As the one in control of the Moon Demon God, if he joined the humans’ side, it would mean that even the Demon God Emperor would not be able to use the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens. That was because the array was based off the combined powers of the Devil Dragon Pillar, Moon Demon God Pillar and Star Demon God Pillar. If Agares refused to take part, the array could not be created. However, was the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens really able to retrain Haoyue?

After all, not all the demon god pillars remained! When Long Haochen lead he Bright Glimmer of Hope against the demons in the past, he had destroyed several of them already. Thinking of it now, Austin Griffin really had taken preventative measures ahead of time. Could the incomplete God- slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens really destroy him?

Scorn appeared in the depths of Austin Griffin’s eyes. He slowly raised his right hand and extended his index finger, waggling it gently.

“I’ve said that the past won’t repeat itself. Since I’m bold enough to stand in your completed formation, I’m obviously not afraid of this God- slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens or whatever it’s called.
The array’s not even complete, but even if it was, so what? The reason why I had suffered so much last time was because I was completely unprepared and there were a large number of human powerhouses powering the domain. After all these years, your array is no longer the same as before. The blood and essence from all the humans back then has already dispersed. My master, let me give you a great gift. I’ll destroy the foundations of the Demon Race first.”

As he said that, Austin Griffin’s grew eyes suddenly lit up. The great light immediately expanded. At the same time, a purple, hazy light expanded from his body as well.

The cage in the air actually expanded with Austin Griffin’s actions. In the next moment, the God of Heavenly Wrath, the nine-headed chimera, Austin Griffin, demonstrated its true terror to everyone.

A purple sun suddenly seemed to appear within the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens. The intense purple light immediately drowned out all the magnificent colours from all the demon god pillars. The purple light showed no signs of subsiding wherever it engulfed. A terrifyingly colossal figure appeared in the air, within the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens.

The God of Heavenly Wrath, the nine-headed chimera had finally revealed its original form, its terrifying original form.

The Demon God Emperor was already terrifying enough when he unleashed his true form as a Devil Dragon Emperor, but compared to Austin GRiffin right now, the Demon God Emperor seemed like a child.

Ten thousand meters. That’s right, it was a colossal body over ten thousand meters long! It was like a city had suddenly appeared in the air.

The colossal body was covered in huge scales that spanned several dozen meters across. Its four thick limbs seemed like it could make the ground collapse at any time.
A huge pair of wings unfurled, also spanning almost ten thousand meters. The most terrifying part about it was that nine, huge heads protruded from its thick neck.

Long Haochen found the shape of each huge head so familiar. He had personally watched each one of them grow, but now, the nine heads seemed so foreign, because every single one of them had lost their original colour. All that was left was the greyness filled with destruction and madness.

Long Haochen found the head in the very centre the most foreign. In the past, when he first met Haoyue, it only had Little Fire. Afterwards, from fusing with his blood, Little Light appeared. The two heads had always been in the centre of Haoyue’s heads, yet now, another head had actually appeared between Little Fire and Little Light. It was completely grey and almost twice as large as all the other heads. A heavy aura of death constantly shone from its eyes, while the gazes of the eight other heads would reflected the same thing in the central head.

Little Light and Little Fire were parted to the left and right, followed by the other heads. It really was not Haoyue any longer. Although Haoyue possessed one body and had almost a single mind, there were still eight souls after all. Now, only Austin Griffin’s soul remained. There was only one, the one that represented destruction.

As soon as the God of Heavenly Wrath, the nine-headed Chimera, Austin Griffin had exposed its colossal original form, the spacious God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens became filled to the brim. Every single demon god pillar that formed the array lit up as the Demon God Emperor and the Moon Demon God powered them.

Terrifying pressure permeated the sky. The pressure was so great that it pushed all the powerhouses below the ninth step to the ground, unable to move. Even the ninth step powerhouses were barely able to remain on their feet.

A few hours had already passed since this holy war had begun. No one had imagined that it would develop like this in the end. The final, strongest
opponent was not actually the Demon God Emperor who lead the demons, but Long Haochen’s mount and companion.

This was an unbelievable sight, but it did happen, while the demons right now were doing everything they could to seal Austin Griffin. The humans were unable to do anything. The demons turned out to be so terrifying when they worked together. No wonder they did not have the power to create or produce. They were not a race in the first place, but a terrifying array assembled from seventy-two divine tools!

The human powerhouses could not assist with the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens. But at this moment, Long Haochen was not actually paying atteniton to Austin Griffin who was trapped in the air. Instead, he looked back.

His gaze first landed on his mother. Bai Yue was unconscious due to becoming overly emotional earlier. It was Cai’er who was supporting her, using her power of purification to protect her future mother-in-law.

When Long Haochen turned around, Cai’er saw his eyes as well. For some reason, Cai’er’s heart seemed to skip a beat.

Long Haochen’s gaze was v ery calm and very gentle. At the same time, it was filled with attachment and reluctance. Suddenly. Cai’er seemed to understand something. Fear filled her eyes, “No, Haochen, don’t!” However, there was nothing she could do now. Even with her cultivation, she was unable to break free from the terrifying pressure from Austin Griffin and the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens. She had been immobilised by the pressure. All she could do was use the power of her domain to protect Bai Yue and herself.

Long Haochen shook his head at her gently. His lips moved, as if he was mouthing something to Cai’er. Cai’er could only see the shape of his lips, but she immediately understood what he was saying. Tears immediately flowed out, turning into countless, tiny specks of water element that dispersed in the air under the great pressure.
Long Haochen then looked to his father. Long Xingyu was completely immobilised as well. When Long Haochen’s eyes landed on his body, he said something to him as well.

Long Xingyu understood as well. The Divine Knight of Adjudication and Trial who had been so tough in the past was now covered in tears as well. However, there was nothing he could do either.

Long Haochen glanced past every single member from the Bright Glimmer of Hope, before glancing past the powerhouses of the Temple Union and the Eternal Heroes. Every single one of them could see the reluctance in his eyes, but they gradually saw his determination as well.

“Long Haochen, we can’t last much longer. I never thought that you would be accompanying me to the next world. However, I feel very happy to be able to hear you refer to me as grandfather.”

Chapter 867

The Demon God Emperor’s voice resounded out, but Austin Griffin suddenly seemed to realise something and his originally peaceful body began to struggle crazily.

The nine huge heads were like nine supra divine tools, violently colliding against the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens.

The power of the God of Heavenly Wrath was just too terrifying, so terrifying that even the combined power of over sixty demon god pillars was still not enough to oppose him. Under the pressure, the powerful demon god pillars gradually collapsed. The first pillars to become cracked were the three in the centre, the Devil Dragon Pillar, the Moon Demon God Pillar and the Star Demon God Pillar.

With the appearance of the cracks, Austin Griffin struggled even more violently. The terrifying aura of destruction seemed like it could break free at any time.

Long Haochen raised the purplish golden heavy sword in his hand. He looked calmly at the terrifyingly powerful God of Heavenly Wrath that spanned over ten thousand meters in the distance and murmured, “Haoyue, I was the one who brought you to this world. Now, I’ll take you away. Perhaps in the next world, we can still be brothers. Xiaolei, come out.”

With a green flash of light, the fairy of god Ye Xiaolei immediately emerged from Long Haochen’s chest. Her petite face was also covered in tears in that moment, but she had no intention of stopping Long Haochen, because she knew that this was the only method that could work now.
Long Haochen nodded at Ye Xiaolei and said gently, “Xiaolei, you’ve already fused with my power of light. Even if you don’t attach yourself to someone else, you will still be a fairy of god. You won’t die due to the different environment. Take care.”

As he said that, he raised his right hand and a layer of purplish golden light enveloped Ye Xiaolei, blocking out the pressure from Austin Griffin and the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens for her. It gently sent her to Cai’er’s side.

“Perhaps, this is the best ending,” Long Haochen smiled. In that moment, everything and everyone he had once associated with no longer seemed so important. He was filled with reluctance, with unwillingness, but he had no other choice now.

The purplish golden heavy sword condensed from the power of Haoyue’s bloodline was slowly raised. Long Haochen glanced at the struggling Austin Griffin deeply and said coldly, “You’ve stripped Haoyue of his soul, so I’ll strip you of everything.”

As he said that, the heavy sword had left his hands. It was directly thrown into the air. The sword turned into a streak of purple light when it flew thirty meters into the air. It flew downwards, with the target being Long Haochen’s own head!

That was correct. When Long Haochen and the Demon God Emperor’s eyes met, he had already made his decision. Through the pulses of their souls, the Demon God Emperor told him that there was nothing in this world that cuold defeat Austin Griffin. Even if the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens reappeared, it was impossible to kill Austin Griffin again when he was appeared. The only weakness that Austin Griffin possessed was Long Haochen. Only Long Haochen’s blood pact with him formed his only restraint. It was also the final hope.

As a result, when Long Haochen rose into the air and launched a suicidal attack against Austin Griffin, his plan with the Demon God Emperor had already begun. Long Haochen attacked Austin Griffin to make time for the Demon God Emperor, so the Demon God Emperor could use the
incomplete God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens, while the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens was not to kill Austin Griffin. It was so the Demon God Emperor could make time for Long Haochen, time for him to commit suicide!

Long Haochen and Austin Griffin were connected to one another by a blood pact. As long as Long Haochen died and ended the connection of the blood pact, Austin Griffin would die. This was also why Austin Griffin did not harm him at all when he attacked Austin Griffin with his full strength. It was not became Austin Griffin was benevolent, but rather that the blood pact made him cautious, unwilling to harm Long Haochen. It was possible to say that Long Haochen was the God of Heavenly Wrath’s only weakness.

Currently, the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens had restrained Austin Griffin, just so he could not interfere or stop Long Haochen from committing suicide. The array combined the power of over sixty demon god pillars and they had sealed up Austin Griffin in the past as well. Even though they were incomplete now, unable to recreate what happened in the past, they could retrain Austin Griffin for a period of time at the very least. This was enough for Long Haochen.

Long Haochen’s mind was empty. Everything that had once bothered him was gone now. He was about to depart. No matter how reluctant he was, this was his only choice for the sake of all the lives on the Shengmo Dalu.

Purple light shone. Under the full force of Long Haochen, as long as the great power of destruction penetrated his head, it would be impossible to save Long Haochen even if the Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux was revived.

Countless sobs of sorrow rang out from below. While only the closest people to Long Haochen understood what he was doing when the powerhouses of the Temple Union saw this sight, all of them could sense Long Haochen’s sacrificial spirit. In that moment, he seemed so fraile, yet also so determined. In that moment, all of the human powerhouses who had once come into conflict with Long Haochen could not help but feel ashamed about themselves. As chairman of the union, he completely deserved his title!
“Brother, don’t!”

Just as Long Haochen was in peace and the purple streak of light was about to touch his head, an urgent voice that he found to be extremely familiar and indescribably close rang out from the depths of Long Haochen’s soul. The purplish golden heavy sword over his head seemed to be frozen by some kind of power. The tip of the sword had penetrated Long Haochen’s scalp, but it did not fall any further.

Long Haochen suddenly opened his eyes and cried out, “Haoyue!”

Indeed, the voice belonged to Haoyue. It did not come from Austin Griffin.

No matter how powerful Austin Griffin who was currently trapped in the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens was, he was unable to stop Long Haochen at a time like this. What stopped Long Haochen’s suicide attempt was the power of his own bloodline.

It was also in that moment that Long Haochen could clearly sense that the partial bloodline that belonged to Haoyue in his body had completely surged up. The purplish golden sword in the air immediately turned into a streak of purple light, merging into his body again, but it refused to harm him. What shocked him the most was that Austin Griffin’s colossal body began to twist violently at this moment and Long Haochen saw a pair of familiar eyes.

The pair of eyes were golden, the kind of gold that represented light, while the head which the eyes belonged to rose up suddenly and smashed against Austin Griffin’s central, grey head viciously.

Little Light. It was Little Light.

That’s right. The one who had called to Long Haochen earlier was Little Light, the one who had originally born from Long Haochen’s bloodline! It had actually broken out of Austin Griffin’s control forcefully, allowing its mind to clear up. It rammed into the side of Austin Griffin’s head, but its eyes remained fixed on Long Haochen.
Within its eyes, Long Haochen could see panic, worry and deep sorrow, while the same emotions rose u from Haoyue’s bloodline within his body.

Long Haochen’s suicide attempt had actually awakened the sliver of consciousness that Haoyue had left behind in his bloodline. It was also because of the consciousness’s existence that the heavy sword had stopped when Long Haochen faced death, because the bloodline belonged to Haoyue in the first place!

Could it be Austin Griffin’s scheme? Long Haochen pondered over many things in that moment. What if Austin Griffin had temporarily awakened Little Light to prevent him from dying, so he could break out of the God- slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens and control him again? If that really was the case, Long Haochen would not be able to resist at all with Austin Griffin’s great power. He would only become a puppet under the God of Heavenly Wrath’s control in the future.

However, Little Light used his actions to prove Long Haochen wrong very quickly. Austin Griffin’s head of destruction that had been knocked aside let out a furious roar and turned around, glaring at Little Light. A dense, grey light enveloped Little Light.

However, what Little Light did made the head of destruction fear. It opened its huge mouth and bit the end of Austin Griffin’s neck, forcefully ripping out a large chunk of flesh and scales.

When Austin Griffin evolved, his head of destruction was obviously not the only one that had evolved. All of the heads had evolved to the level of the God of Heavenly Wrath. Little Light’s sudden attack could be described as a backlash of its body.


The head of destruction roared out in pain, but under the attack of its grey light, Little Light’s head began to tremble violently, as if it was struggling with something.
At this moment, a pair of red eyes broke out of the restraint of destruction to the other side of the head of destruction. A dense and fiery aura immediately erupted, viciously biting the othe side of the head of destruction’s neck.

Little Flame. It was Little Flame! With Little Light’s awakening, Little Flame had awakened as well. Out of Haoyue’s nine heads, Little Light and Little Flame were the closest to him, without a doubt. One of them had been saved by Long Haochen, while the other one had been given life from Long Haochen’s bloodline. In that moment, when Long Haochen was determined to sacrifice himself in order to destroy Austin Griffin, Little Light and Little Flame’s consciousness had awakened. In order for Long Haochen to survive, they both did everything they could to attack the head of destruction.

Chapter 868

Due ot the intense pain, Austin Griffin’s colossal body writhed. Its terrifying body was still under the control of the head of destruction, while the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens finally gave way at the same time.


Light exploded in the air as the demon pillars collapsed one after another before Austin Griffin’s terrifying power. Its colossal body forcefully broke out of the cage as well.

Just how terrifying was that! It was so terrifying that even with over sixty demon god pillars combined, they were unable to contain it any further. However, Austin Griffin currently faced unprecedented danger. Even when it was sealed within the world of black and red, it had never experienced such a great problem before.

The God of Heavenly Wrath right now was no longer the God of Heavenly Wrath of the past. Little Light’s existence had replaced darkness, while a portion of the blood running through Austin Griffin belonged to Long Haochen. It was the bloodline of the Goddess of Light! The desire for destruction had been diluted by the bloodline. Not only did Austin Griffin’s eight secondary heads possess their own minds and souls before the head of destruction had awakened, they were extremely close to Long Haochen as well! Under these circumstances, how could they just watch Austin Griffin destroy Long Haochen, their master, their elder brother who had given them life and risked his own life for them countless times.
“Brother, don’t die. We’ll help you,” voices appeared one after another in Long Haochen’s head. In that moment, he only sensed that his blood had completely riled up, while his body was enveloped by an indescribable sense of familial love.

Just how touching was it when a person had been saved from the jaws of death by familial love? Long Haochen suddenly bellowed out, “Haoyue, I will fight alongside you.”

As he said that, Long Haochen suddenly leaped up and charged towards the battlefield in the air.

It was also at this moment that the greyness in the eyes of the others heads on Haoyue’s two sides receded. Little Green that represented wind was the third to awakened, followed by Little Blue who represented water with the butterfly-shaped horn. Afterwards was Little Purple with the poisonous, chrysanthemum-shaped horn and Little Yellow who represented earth with the tomato-shaped horn. The last ones to awaken were Little Gold who represented metal and Little Thunder who represented lightning.

The eyes of the eight heads all shone with different colours, but in that moment, they all had a single target, which was the head of destruction in the centre.

Roar! The head of destruction roared violently as it constantly let out breaths of greyness. Its colossal body struggled desperately, destroying even more demon god pillars. However, all of the heads that had recovered lunged towards it, biting the head of destruction’s thick neck. No matter how powerful the head of destruction was, it was actually unable to break free from the combined mauling of the eight heads. Large chunks of flesh mixed with a grey gas was ripped off.

Before Long Haochen had managed to get close, he was blown away again by the terrifying power unleashed by the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens when it finally shattered. He landed heavily on the ground.
But this time, he was not protected by the Armour of Eternity and Creation, so blood immediately spurted out from his mouth when he hit the ground.

Boom! Boom!

Two other figures landed near Long Haochen. All of the demon god pillars had been crushed in the air. The terrifying elemental storm seemed like it had ripped open the entire space there, making the purple sky dark.

If this terrifying storm managed to descend, then let alone the Dragon Resisting Mountain pass, even the Shengmo Dalu would suffer irrevocable damage.

At this moment, the awakening of Haoyue’s consciousness played an extremely important role.

Light of nine different colours poured from the colossal body in the air. Just as the God-slaying Array of the Ten Earths and Nine Heavens was completely destroyed, Haoyue seemed to have gained control over the main body. A dense, purple light was suddenly emitted from its colossal body, forming a huge, purple screen, forcefully blocking out the ravaging storm. It also forced the storm into a gaping spatial crack.

The figures that had landed near Long Haochen were the Demon God Emperor Fengxiu and the Moon Demon God Agares. The six other demon gods who were still alive earlier had all been crushed during the battle of the seal, passing away with their demon god pillars.

Long Haochen could clearly see that while Fengxiu and Agares were still alive, their auras declined at an alarming rate. The destruction of the Devil Dragon Pillar and Moon Demon God Pillar had affected them heavily.

Agares had a relatively weaker cultivation, so his wounds were much worse. He was basically on his last breath. Who knew how many injuries he had. He could just barely maintain his own vitality. However, for a powerhouse on his level, he would not die as long as he still had a breath
left. However, with the destruction of the Moon Demon God Pillar, his cultivation would definitely fall drastically even if he managed to survive.

Compared to Agares, the Demon God Emperor had an advantage as a half-god. While his wounds were extremely heavy such that he bled from all the apertures of his head, he still managed to climb out of the deep pit in the ground. He basically stood up at the same time as Long Haochen.

Currently, the Demon God Emperor’s eyes were filled with disbelief. He looked at Long Haochen beside him, “Why would this happen? Why would this happen to Austin Griffin?”

Long Haochen raised his head to look at the intense battle between the nine heads. He murmured, “He’s not just Austin Griffin. He’s also my Haoyue! Haoyue is my brother, my companion. My suicide attempt seemed to have awakened their consciousness. Haoyue’s returned. I want to help him. I’m going to help him.”

As he said that, Long Haochen rose up once again. However, the Demon God Emperor grabbed him by the shoulder with a flash.

Long Haochen looked back at the Demon God Emperor. They were grandfather and grandson, looking each other in the eyes. This was the first time they had looked at each other from so close without any hostility.

At this moment, when all the demon god pillars were destroyed, Fengxiu actually smiled. His smile was one of relief, as well as one of indescribable liberty.

“I’ll help you.”

As he said that, the dense aura of darkness on Fengxiu quickly subsided. With a flash, he turned into a ball of dark golden light, hovering before Long Haochen. Surprisingly, this was the Devil Dragon Sword. However, the Devil Dragon Sword no longer depended on the Devil Dragon Pillar. Instead, it came from Fengxiu’s body. What shocked Long Haochen even more was that he could not sense any aura of darkness from the Devil
Dragon Sword at all. In particular, there did not seem to be any element at all about the hilt.

There was no time for hesitation or thought. Long Haochen did not have a weapon he could use. The Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation was heavily damaged by Austin Griffin, so it could not be used anymore. Even though it could repair itself, it would take a very long time before it recovered the powers of a supra divine tool.

Raising his hand, Long Haochen gripped the Devil Dragon Sword firmly and raised his head at the sky once again. The dense aura of light combined with the power of Haoyue’s bloodline immediately covered his body in a layer of purplish golden flames. The six wings of his back flapped hard and Long Haochen took off into the sky with the Devil Dragon Sword that Fengxiu had transformed into.

“Will doing this bring you any benefit at all? If I die, you will die as well,” Austin Griffin roared out in a panic.

Dense, grey light surged in the air. There was an ear-splitting rip and Austin Griffin’s head of destruction had actually been forcefully ripped from the centre under the combined effort of the other eight heads.

The grey light immediately drifted off into the distance. At the same time, its colossal body shrank at a surprising rate.

Its head of destruction had been ripped off, but it clearly would not just die like that. It was where the soul of the God of Heavenly Wrath, the nine- headed chimera, Austin Griffin, lay!

As the huge, grey head rotated in the air, it quickly assumed a human form. It was just like before, similar to Long Haochen, but his body no longer had any purple colour anymore. All that was left was a greyness filled with the aura of destruction.

After biting off the huge grey head, Haoyue’s eight heads all seemed extremely exhausted. Under the full-blown attacks of the power of destruction, each of their mouths bled with blood coloured the same as their
elements. However, the light in its eyes were still so determined and resolute.

“Brother, don’t let him escape. Kill him.” Haoyue’s voice rang out from the bottom of Long Haochen’s heart. In the next moment, its colossal body turned into a purple streak of light as it charged towards Long Haochen. At the same time, the purple light that had stopped the destructive elemental storm immediately withdrew, forming a huge purple bubble, enveloping Long Haochen and Austin Griffin.

The dense, purple light from Haoyue immediately engulfed Long Haochen, dyeing him purple all over. This was fusion, a fusion between Haoyue and Long Haochen. Indescribably tremendous power filled every pore in Long Haochen’s body as a magnificent purplish golden armour covered Long Haochen’s body.

The purplish golden armour was rather similar to the Armour of Eternity and Creation from before. However, its colour was much more gorgeous and dazzling. There were also many places that differed from the Armour of Eternity and Creation.

Firstly, the purplish golden armour did not have a sculpting of an angel and a dragon. What it did have was Haoyue’s eight heads in metal.

On the two shoulders were Little Thunder and Little Gold, while on the chest was Little Light and Little Flame, covering the left and right side respectively.

Chapter 869

The four other heads appeared on Long Haochen’s abdomen, waist and knees. The eight heads had all become purple after turning into armor. Apart from their horns, the colour of their eyes was the only other difference.

Even when he wore the Armour of Eternity and Creation earlier, Long Haochen did not feel that he had surpassed the boundary of that domain, but now that he was clad in the Purplish Gold Haoyue Armour, he suddenly felt like he had reached a whole knew level, completely entering a whole new domain.

A god! This was clearly the power of a god! This was the power of a god that Haoyue had given him.

A purple streak of light extended from Long Haochen’s right hand. He quickly passed the Devil Dragon Sword to his left hand. Wasn’t it the eight- headed Purplish Golden Haoyue Sword that had appeared in his right hand?

At this moment, Long Haochen could not help but experience a multitude of emotions. Did he ever think there would be a day when he would breakthrough to the level of gods? Did he ever think that he would be wielding sword that Haoyue and the Demon God Emperor had transformed into on this day either?

Thrum! The Devil Dragon Sword lit up with dense, dark golden flames. The Demon God Emperor Fengxiu’s voice rang out, “Haochen, this is your, as well as our last chance. Austin Griffin had personally ejected its head of destruction. This is also the very core of the God of Heavenly
Wrath’s power of destruction. If you kill it, then Austin Griffin’s power of destruction will never return again, because it will be purified by its own powers. Do it.”

As the dark golden flames burned, Long haochen could clearly sense that the Devil Dragon Sword had actually reached the level of gods. The dark golden flames seemed like the Demon God Emperor was burning it own life. What was even more admirable was that Long Haochen actually failed to sense any aura of darkness, so it did not affect him at all.

“Long Haochen, you can’t attack me,” Austin Griffin said in exasperation. Even though his appearance was the same as Long Haochen’s, the viciousness and reluctance on his face formed quite a contrast with Long Haochen.

“Your Haoyue is a part of me, while I am the very core of the God of Heavenly Wrath, the nine-headed chimera. If you kill me, your Haoyue will die as well. He’s done so much for you, yet you actually want to kill him. How can you have the heart to do that? As long as you spare me, I’m willing to find a way to completely separate your Haoyue from me. He will be him, while I will be me in the future. We will be two completely different creatures. I can even promise you that I won’t destroy this realm.”

When he heard that Haoyue would die as well, Long Haochen could not help but shudder. While he had already guessed it, hearing it personally from Austin Griffin threw him into mental turmoil.

“Brother, don’t listen to him. He has to die. If he doesn’t die, destruction will always be around. As long as destruction lives, then we won’t have any freedom. Once he recovers his abilities, he will still devour us, but if he dies, we might still have a chance to be reborn.”

“Kill him!” Fengxiu’s furious bellow rang out from the Devil Dragon Sword.

Long Haochen finally made up his mind. With alarming purple light, the dense pulses of spiritual energy immediately reached the limit. In that
moment, he wielded the power of a god.

A huge, purplish golden eye appeared in the air. Dark golden flames burned in the surroundings of the eyes.

In that moment, the God of Heavenly Wrath Austin Griffin actually became rather stunned. It was heavily injured after being torn away from its original body by Haoyue. It did not have the powers of the God of Heavenly Wrath at all now, but when he saw the huge, purplish golden eye, he actually murmured to himself, “Creation, is that you? Creation, you’re actually still alive. You’re even opening your eyes to look at me, huh?”

In the next moment, the purplish golden Eye of Brahm? enveloped him completely with light.

The Three Moves of Brahm?, the Eye of Brahm?, Fleeting Youth and the World’s Ultimate.

Purple appeared in the sky once more. Within the noble purple was some sorrow and determination. All of the greyness had been enveloped by the purplish golden and dark golden light in that moment.

In the sky, a reluctant voice resounded, “Creation, I hate you-”

The purple light in the air lasted for fifteen minutes before gradually fading. The humans and demons before the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass were no longer affected by the terrifying pressure. They gradually recovered their ability to move.

The greyness vanished and all the aura of destruction vanished. What also vanished was all the demon god pillars that belonged to the demons who had reigned over the Shengmo Dalu for over six thousand years.

As the purple light gradually faded, the sky seemed to ripped open. Faint, golden marks began to appear, before gradually spreading.

Under the golden colour, the dark clouds and darkness gradually vanished and was destroyed. A golden sun gradually revealed itself through
the markings of light.

The first temple head of the Knight Temple, the Eternal Hero Xiao Huo began to tremble violently in that moment. He was an undead, so basking in the light brought him intense pain, regardless of how powerful he was. However, in that moment, he choked with sobs instead under the sunlight that grew warmer and warmer.

Even though he did not have tears, he had become more emotional than he had ever been in his entire life.

It was not just him. Every single Eternal Hero, every single human powerhouse present all stared blankly at the sunlight that grew more and more dazzling. However, they would not close their eyes no matter what.

The sun seemed to be telling them that the darkness had all ended. The first rays of dawn had arrived.

The age of darkness that had engulfed the Shengmo Dalu for over six thousand years and finally come to an end. It was all over.

Purplish golden light descended from the sky, landing on the ground softly just like the dazzling sunlight.

From that moment on, he was no longer just a legend. He was a hero of legends and epics. He had finally lead the humans in creating history, breaking out of the darkness, reducing destruction to nothingness.

He was the Scion of Light, the God of Light among the humans, the chairman of the Temple Union, the one in possession of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, the Divine Knight of Glory of Leadership, the hero of legends and epics, Long Haochen.

Plop. Long Haochen landed on the ground softly. The armour that Haoyue transformed into did not have a helmet, so everyone could see that Long Haochen’s handsome face was rather pale. He had completely killed Austin Griffin and the humans had finally broken free from the binds of the
age of darkness, but there was no joy on his face at all. Instead, there was sorrow.

“Haoyue!” Long Haochen yelled out while choking back sobs.

The eight-headed Purplish Gold Haoyue Sword in his hand had vanished when it landed on the ground. His armour turned into strands of purple light that wafted and flowed away…

Long Haochen pressed his hands on his body, as if he was desperately trying to grab something, but he was unable to. Haoyue’s aura grew weaker and weaker. It gradually dispersed in the air.

There was a flash of dark golden light and the Demon God Emperor appeared five meters away from Long Haochen. The remaining demon powerhouses quickly gathered over, surrounding the Demon God Emperor and protecting their strongest ruler.

However, faint black mist constantly dispersed into the air from the demons, while their auras began to rapidly weaken as well.

All seventy-two demon god pillars had now been destroyed. The foundations of the Demon Race had been eradicated. All of the power from that other realm began to disperse from the demons with the destruction of the demon god pillars. Their cultivations decreased as their darkness and powers from the other realm dispersed. It was not just the regular demons. The same thing even happened to the Demon God Emperor Fengxiu and the Moon Demon God Agares. As a matter of fact, their powers flowed away even more quickly.

Fengxiu’s face was much paler than Long Haochen’s. Dark purple blood constantly flowed from the corner of his lips. When he transformed into the Devil Dragon Sword earlier and unleashed the power of a god, he had actually used all of his power to suppress his darkness element, to prevent any influences over Long Haochen. Moreover, he had to endure and convert the tremendous spiritual energy with the pure power of light that Long Haochen had channeled into the weapon. Just how difficult was that!
However, the Demon God Emperor managed to endure all of that, until Austin Griffin was completely destroyed.

Currently, this leader of the demons’ face was filled with relief, as if the great burden had been lifted from his shoulders. He raised his hand to signal all of the demons to fall silent. He just stood there, silently looking at the devastated Long Haochen as purple light gradually flowed from his body.

Haoyue’s aura grew weaker and weaker, while Long Haochen’s face was already covered in tears. He could not even sense the slightest trace of Haoyue’s life anymore.

The God of Heavenly Wrath, the nine-headed chimera, Austin Griffin, was right. The head of destruction was connected with the eight other heads. In the moment when the eight heads lead by Little Light and Little Flame bit it off, Haoyue had already offered his life to Long Haochen. Unless they allowed Austin Griffin to reattach himself where the wound was, Haoyue’s life would only flow away as time went on.

As the very core of Austin Griffin, it was impossible for the head of destruction to die if nothing attacked it, but Haoyue would definitely die as well upon losing his core!

But in the last moment, Haoyue still used his full power to assist Long Haochen to kill Austin Griffin. This obviously was not because of how much it liked humans, or how much it pitied this realm. It was all just for Long Haochen alone!

The only thing it was afraid of was that Long Haochen would be injured. It was afraid that its master, its brother’s life would be under threat, which was why it used the last of its powers to help Long Haochen nullify all possible problems.

Chapter 870

But now that all the problems had been problems had been resolved, what Haoyue faced was death. It would leave this world forever. It would leave Long Haochen.

Long Haochen’s heart was in intense agony. The indescribable pain made him tremble uncontrollably. Even if he had died, he did not want Haoyue to leave him forever!

Memories began to flash through his head.

Ever since he met Haoyue for the first time on the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, when he used his own blood to change Haoyue’s element, their fates had become connected.

Little Light appeared. Haoyue possessed two heads and had become his best companion.

As Long Haochen grew, Haoyue had always accompanied him, growing with him. Gradually, Haoyue’s third head, Little Green, grew out, followed by Little Blue with the butterfly-shaped horn. Afterwards was Little Purple, Little Yellow, Little Gold and Little Thunder. Haoyue would grow whenever Long Haochen grew himself.

Before today, Long Haochen had never suspected anything would happen to Haoyue, because Haoyue had always used its own power to protect Long Haochen, constantly assisting him in advancing forwards.
There was nothing wrong with Long Haochen’s trust in Haoyue. Even when it completely awakened and became the God of Heavenly Wrath, the nine-headed chimera, it was not Haoyue betraying Long Haochen. During the entire time, Long Haochen had been the person closest to Haoyue in his entire life! It was the same for Long Haochen. Haoyue had accompanied him as he grew, granting him even greater power. Yet, in this moment, Haoyue was actually dying because of him. How could Long Haochen accept this?

The Purplish Gold Haoyue Armour gradually vanished into the air. What replaced it was endless pain in Long Haochen’s heart. He desperately tried to grab the wisps of purpleness, but the purple light would only slip through his fingers.

“Haoyue, Haoyue!” Long Haochen called out loudly. However, there was nothing he could do now.

Finally, when the final strand of purpleness departed from his body, Long Haochen swayed and collapsed on the ground with a pale face. Haoyue had left. It felt just like his heart had been completely emptied out.

It was also at this moment that a gentle calling suddenly awakened Long Haochen from his sorrow. He raised his head and looked at the sky.

A purple figure gradually condensed out of light. Wasn’t that Haoyue?

The current Haoyue only had eight heads. Austin Griffin’s soul was not present. The eight heads, the eyes of different colour, all looked at Long Haochen gently, as if it was telling him something.

“Haoyue, don’t leave me,” Long Haochen called out. He wanted to lunge over.

But in that moment, Haoyue’s body suddenly became illusionary in the air. It gradually condensed into its centre as a purple swirl, before turning into a small, purple symbol that flew towards Long Haochen, landing in the centre of his forehead.
Long Haochen’s body shuddered in the air. When he fell back to the ground, he had completely fallen unconscious. The nine purplish golden markings on his forehead gradually vanished as well.

In the end, the nine markings turned into a tiny symbol there, before slowly vanishing into Long Haochen’s skin.

Haoyue’s figure and aura completely dispersed in that moment. Not a single trace remained.

Cai’er caught Long Haochen’s falling body. Her face was also covered in tears. She understood Long Haochen and Haoyue’s feelings for each other just too well. Haoyue’s death was just far, far too traumatic for Long Haochen. Fortunately, he was still alive. Her man was still alive. It was about time that everything ended.

Looking at the unconscious Long Haochen, the Demon God Emperor raised his hand and waved it at Bai Yue.

With a flash, Long Xingyu appeared in front of Bai Yue. He glared at the Demon God Emperor with red eyes, “What else are you trying to do?”

The Demon God Emperor smiled indifferently, “Long Xingyu, while I do look down on you very much because of what you did in the past and I’m not particularly willing to accept you as my son-in law, but you were willing to block that attack for Haochen earlier, so you’re still a man with some responsibility. Everything’s over. I just want to talk with my daughter a little.”

Long Xingyu was surprised. The Demon God Emperor who was always seemed so surmountable in his eyes no longer possessed his dignified manner of the past. All that was left was calmness and gentleness.

Bai Yue stumbled slightly out from behind Long Xingyu. Long Xingyu quickly when to support her, but Bai Yue did not look at him. She glanced at Long Haochen who was in Cai’er’s arms with concern first, before turning her eyes towards the Demon God Emperor.
“What do you want to say?”

The Demon God Emperor Fengxiu smiled warmly, “Child, I know that you’re unwilling to accept me. You’re not wrong. I haven’t been a proper father, much less a proper husband. No matter what happened in the past, I have an inescapable responsibility for the tragedy that it ended in. However, I must tell you again that in my heart, your mother’s the only woman I’ve ever loved. Even in her last moments, Lingxuan remembered me. When I heard her last words, do you know what I was thinking?”

Bai Yue said nothing. She only stared at the Demon God Emperor with her reddened eyes.

Fengxiu sighed, “The only thought that I had was that at least I wasn’t a failure in this life. Just a short while ago, I always set my targets on breaking through in my cultivation. I also once took great joy in becoming the most powerful Demon God Emperor in history. But only when I heard Lingxuan’s last words did I discover that none of that actually mattered. What mattered was that in my life, I loved, and I had been loved. It’s just like what your mother said, I do not regret my love.”

Bai Yue could not control her emotions any further when she heard the Demon God Emperor say that. She cried painfully.

The Demon God Emperor took in a deep breath, “Lingxuan, the seventy- two demon god pillars are already destroyed. No matter how many bad things we demons have done to humans, no matter how many grievances there are, it’s time to put a fullstop to all of it. Without the demon god pillars, all of the powers from the demon god pillars will disperse within three years. The Demon Race that did not belong to this realm will self- destruct, while the other races that were converted into demons will gradually turn back to normal. You humans don’t have to do anything at all. You only have to wait a little and the Shengmo Dalu will return to your control again. I only hope that you won’t redirect your wrath towards my clansmen who had lost their powers. Agares is still alive. I believe he will retrain those clans. In less than a century, the Demon Race will completely become history. Everything will be integrated into the new world ruled by you humans.”
“Alright, I’ve said everything I’ve wanted to say. Please tell Long Haochen for me that no matter what, our Demon Race had also expanded everything in order to prevent the destruction of this realm in the final moments. Based of that, I believe he will agree to my final request.”

Reaching there, Fengxiu suddenly laughed. He laughed very happily. Intense pulses of spiritual energy expanded in the air. The Demon God Emperor of the generation slowly unfolded his arms and looked at the sky.

“I am the Devil Dragon Emperor, the greatest ruler in demon history, but the demons will end with me. No one can kill me, not even Austin Griffin. The only one who can end my life is myself.”

Bai Yue suddenly realised something. She cried out, “Don’t…”

But, she had still spoken a little too late. A dagger had appeared in the Demon God Emperor’s right hand at a certain time, or more correctly, a dagger condensed from his own energy. It plunged viciously into his own heart.

However, his laughter continued. His gaze shifted to Long Haochen.

“You damned brat. I killed you once by shattering your heart. Now, even your grandfather’s returned. Do you know that when you called me grandfather, I actually felt very happy? That was the first time I felt happiness ever since Lingxuan had parted with me.”

“Don’t…” Bai Yue sobbed as she charged towards the Demon God Emperor. However, Long Xingyu did not stop her this time. Ever since Bai Yue leapt off the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass for him, the Demon God Emperor understood that his position as a father existed within Bai Yue’s heart.

“Don’t come over!” The Demon God Emperor called out. Bai Yue fell over on the ground when he called out.

Intense, purplish black light combined with dark blue sparks began to scatter in all directions. He was clearly afraid of injuring his own daughter!
Looking at Bai Yue, the Demon God Emperor’s gaze became extremely gentle. He said softly, “Yue’er, my daughter, I know you’re reluctant to accept me as your father. I don’t have the right to be your father either. However, as my life is approaching its end, I have a request. Can you give your mother’s letter to me, so I can leave without regret, so I can follow the sscent of the blood she left in the letter to go find her? Please.”

No matter how much Bai Yue hated the Demon God Emperor, he was still her father! Especially when she saw the Demon God Emperor’s life that was on the level of a half-god leak away at an alarming rate, Bai Yue felt no resentment at all.

“Father!” Bai Yue called out sorrowfully, throwing herself at the Demon God Emperor without any regard for herself at all.

Long Xingyu appeared behind her in time and hugged her. If he let her come in contact with the Demon God Emperor’s terrifying aura of darkness, Bai Yue’s body definitely would not be able to endure it.

The Demon God Emperor smiled, “You dumb girl. What are you crying for? This is good! I’m not dying. I’m going to go find Lingxuan. You should be happy for us. Moreover, if I don’t leave, you’ll still be troubled. Father can’t do anything more for you. This is all I can do. I felt really happy when I heard you call me father. With how you and Haochen called me, I’m very happy. It’s worth it. As it turned out, the emotions of humans can be so lovely! You should give it to me. Your mother’s waiting for me.”

Chapter 871 (End)

Within the world filled with black and red, the foul air surged and circled in the sky. The temperature somewhere would suddenly skyrocket from time to time. That must have been due to the dark red lava that burst through the earth and flowed out wildly.

Suddenly, a streak of purple light lit up in the air without any prior signs. The wondrous part about it was that the purple light actually froze in the air, before slowly parting to two sides, creating something like a gate.

Two figures appeared in this world of black and red while holding hands.

Translucent white armour covered a young man. The crown embedded with nine gemstones on his head seemed so dazzling. As soon as he had appeared, the white light from the armour easily pushed away all of the foul air in this world of black and red.

Something even more wondrous happened to the girl whose hand he held. The girl was a great beauty with long, loose hair. She just hovered beside the man, but her body gave off a pure and refreshing aura. Within the world of black and red, all of the foul air would be purified within a third of a meter from her.

“I’ve finally found the destination through the aura left behind in Haoyue’s bloodline.” Was the person clad in the Armour of Eternity and Creation Long Haochen? The person beside him was obviously Cai’er.

Cai’er said softly, “Haochen, you shouldn’t worry too much. According to the information that Haoyue left to you, he should have begun his
rebirth already if he could.”

Long Haochen nodded, “Haoyue will definitely return. Not only has the sealing symbol that it left on me before death frozen my cultivation at nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine spiritual energy, it’s also told me that Haoyue could be reborn. If I’ve guessed correctly, he’s left that symbol on me so I can use the same method to seal up Haoyue after he’s reborn. Even if Austin Griffin’s residual soul of destruction is reborn in Haoyue’s body, it won’t be able to become powerful enough as long as I seal Haoyue’s cultivation forever, so the God of Heavenly Wrath, the nine-headed chimera won’t appear.”

On that day, Long Haochen, Haoyue and the Demon God Emperor worked together and finally killed Austin Griffin’s head of destruction. Haoyue also died because of it. Before he passed away, he left behind a symbol on Long Haochen, sealing his cultivation forever. In other words, Long Haochen had no need to worry about dying after becoming a god.

The Demon God Emperor comitted suicide, taking his wife’s letter with him to the next world in search for her, his most beloved. From a certain aspect, he was not truly dead. His cultivation had already reached the level of a god. Even though he did not have the position of a god, his soul was extremely powerful. Perhaps he really would be able to find the soul of his wife.

With the death of the Demon God Emperor and losing all the demon god pillars, the demons had lost their leader. All of their powers would decline as time went on, just like what the Demon God Emperor said.

When Long Haochen woke up, he had a careful discussion with the Moon Demon God Agares. Agares returned to the demons and reorganised their remaining power, pulling back towards the ocean. They returned half of the human’s territory at first. As time would go on, the demons would only be integrated into the humans having lost the demon god pillars.

A year passed very quickly. Long Haochen and Cai’er, Sima Xian and little white flower, Lin Xin and Li Xin, Han Yu and Weiyang, Zhang
Fangfang and Wang Yuanyuan, Chen Ying’er and Yang Wenzhao all tied the knot of marriage.

Under Long Haochen’s persuasion, Bai Yue who had suffered both heavy physical and emotional blows ended up forgiving Long Xingyu. Long Xingyu returned to Odin Town with her and settled down in a small cottage on Odin Mountain. At the same time, Long Xingyu revoked his pact with the Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter, passing it onto Yang Wenzhao. He said he wanted to use the second half of his life to make it up to Bai Yue. He was no longer a divine knight, only Bai Yue’s husband.

When Long Xingyu had sacrificed his life for Long Haochen, both Bai Yue and Long Haochen had forgave him. After all, blood ran thicker than water!

After the great battle, Long Haochen’s renown within the Temple Union climbed to the limit. He was publicly acknowledged as the greatest hero in human history.

With that year, Long Haochen devoted himself to governing the humans under the assistance of the higher-ups from the six temples after getting married. He constantly took back territory from the demons and also handled the internal affairs of the Temple Union in an orderly manner. Everything had enter the right path.

It was also at this moment that Long Haochen suggested that the chairman of the union would hold the position for a term of five years, with an election in between to choose a new chairman, vice-chairmen and assemblymen. They could serve for two terms at most.

With the darkness gone, the continent still had not achieve peace completely. Long Haochen needed to continue as the chairman of the union. Fortunately, he had set a deadline for this job. After nine years, he would be completely free. He could go traveling with Cai’er, even visiting other realms.

To Long Haochen, his greatest pity was Haoyue. A year had passed, so if Haoyue could undergo rebirth, he should have returned. And, Long
Haochen had already made his preparation for Haoyue’s rebirth.

Long Haochen stopped in the air with Cai’er. He let out a resonant call at the sky and in less than an hour, the ten undead kings gathered.

Sensing how Long Haochen’s aura was so powerful that they could no longer oppose it, the ten undead kings greeted him politely.

Long Haochen spoke to them for an hour, which they then dispersed.

“Can they really be trusted?” Cai’er said to Long Haochen with some worry, “What if they do something bad to Haoyue after finding him? What do we do?”

Long Haochen shook his head gently, “You don’t understand what they want. To them, they would even be willing to give up their soulfires if this world could regain the aura of life. Because then, it was Haoyue as Austin Griffin who had destroyed all the life in this world. The reason why we’ve come here is so I can atone for Haoyue’s sins to the best of my ability. I believe the undead kings know what’s best for them. They started their search. Let’s start as well.”

As he said that, Long Haochen descended with Cai’er until he landed on the ground. Sensing the toxic air in this world of black and red, Long Haochen could not help but sigh. Destruction would always be much easier than creation!

With a flash of green light, the fairy of god Ye Xiaolei silently emerged from the gemstone on Long Haochen’s chest.

“Is this the place you were talking about? What putrid air. Is it really possible here?”

Long Haochen nodded firmly, “I believe that it’s possible. For the sake of Haoyue, as well as to let life bloom in this realm, I have to do everything I can.”
Ye Xiaolei nodded, “Then let’s start. The Armour of Eternity and Creation on you has the aura of the creator god. If there’s a person who can complete this feat, you’ll probably be the only one.”

Long Haochen smiled, “Then let me play the role of creator god for this realm.”

Cai’er separated her arms before his chest. Pure-white Flourishing Lotus Flowers flew through the air one by one. Gradually, balls of white light expanded in the air, purifying all of the filth here.

Before long, a space one thousand meters tall by three thousand square meters had been completely purified by the aura of the Domain of Purification. The air became much fresher.

Long Haochen moved with a flash and the ground began to rumble. The tough, black earth gradually shattered, while the cracks with lava were forcefully sealed up and forced down by Long Haochen.

Afterwards, large swathes of soil was scattered in the air. This was the soil from the Shengmo Dalu. The heavy smell of earth began to spread through the area.

Ye Xiaolei emitted hazy, green light as the dense aura of life fused into the soil as it fell down. The black ground was gradually replaced by an earthy-yellow colour. The dense aura of life took root in the ground.

Long Haochen let out a roar at the sky and his body released a ball of golden light. It slowly rose into the air like a golden sun, hanging there. After the consolidated, solid spiritual energy became fixed in the air, it released the dense aura of light. With Long Haochen’s cultivation, the miniature sun he had created could last for a month without extinguishing at the very least.

Long Haochen scattered seeds which he had already prepared into the ground. Following that was water. Gentle water was scattered in the air, like a downpour after a drought.
This was not the end. After doing all this, Long Haochen used the forbidden spell of Holy Rain, making the golden rain descend once more. At the same time, he had summoned the king of Easton who cooperated with Ye Xiaolei, filling the entire region with a dense aura of life.

Gradually, green sprouts emerged from the soil at a surprising speed. With the input of so much aura of life and the nourishment of sunlight and water, they began to grow rapidly.

Those were tree sprouts. Their roots began to extend to even deeper places. As they absorbed the dense aura of life, they also began to give off their own aura of life.

Long Haochen had chosen species of trees that had the most vitality, yet were also highly resistant to the environment. Two hours later, a forest had appeared silently there. Under the illumination of the sun, they automatically purified the air within the region enveloped by the Domain of Purification.

At a certain point in time, a large amount of undead began gathering over outside this green world. Indescribable emotions leapt about in their soulfires.

The Knight of Judgement of the Dead arrived with the Lich King. Looking at the greenery and sensing the dense aura of life, they were utterly overjoyed.

Looking at all the undead outside the Domain of Purification, Long Haochen said solemnly, “In the past, Austin Griffin brought destruction to this realm. I want to atone for his sins. Today is only a beginning. I will use my actions to demonstrate to you that the aura of life will rise up in this realm once again. The heavy, filthy dust and poisonous clouds in the air have blocked the real sunlight. I plan on using a decade to gradually purify and clean it up, so that real sunlight will fall on this place. This realm does not lack water. It’s just that most of it has been buried deep underground by the lava was soil. I believe that the day when I draw out the water from below and the sunlight from above will be the day when this realm regains its aura of life.”
“I, Long Haochen, swear from this moment on that as long as I am alive, this realm will regain its own aura of life and a complete food chain will begin evolving. I don’t know how long this process will take, but all I can say is that I will do everything I can. I know that it’s very likely that Haoyue will be reborn into this world, but it’s also possible that he won’t be reborn ever again. But no matter what, my promise today will not change. I only hope that if you do find it, please do not harm it even if you hide it away from me. On the day when I complete my promise, please give Haoyue to me, alright?”

The Knight of Judgement of the Dead and the Lich King flew over slowly. Looking at the sturdy trees that had grown from the ground, they arrived at the edge of the Domain of Purification and slowly dropped down on one knee.

“You are our creator god. I swear on my soulfire that if Austin Griffin is reborn, we will definitely bring it before you,” the Knight of Judgement of the Dead said with respect.

With a flash, Long Haochen had left the Domain of Purification. He personally helped the Knight of Judgement of the Dead and the Lich King to their feet, “Thank you for believing in me. I will use my actions to fulfill everything I’ve said. Now, I need to continue my job. If it’s possible, please get your subordinates to help out, so the aura of life can be reignited in this realm.”

“As you command,” as the Knight of Judgement of the Dead shouted out, all of the undead bowed towards Long Haochen.

Long Haochen cast his gaze into the distance and murmured, “Haoyue, I’m here. Where are you?”

Over five thousand kilometers away, within a small mountain hollow, an egg shining with a faint purple fell down as it bounced off the rocks. Tiny cracks began to appear on the egg and a small, triangular lizard head emerged from the cracks with difficulty…


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