Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 851-860

Chapter 851

“You should feel proud to be able to force me into using Singular Annihilation. In the past, the fairy dragon that the Goddess of Nature had left behind in the Illusory Shrine to protect the Illusory Paradise died to my Singular Annihilation. Although you haven’t been injured, the sliver of aura that the creator god left behind has been used up. What are you going to use against me now?”

“Sure, your scene of genesis is extremely powerful. If you had the power of a god, then I’d very likely be the one who loses. Unfortunately, no matter how wondrous the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation is, it can’t elevate you to the level of a god.”

The Demon God Emperor said very calmly, as if all of his emotions had vanished after the battle earlier.

Long Haochen raised the Sword of Eternity and Creation with some difficulty, “Demon God Emperor, you still haven’t won. Don’t talk to me with that tone.”

Fengxiu smiled indifferently, “You’ve completely used up the spiritual aura left behind by the creator god in the scene of genesis. Do you have some technique that’s even stronger than that? Sure, I have exhausted myself by using Singular Annihilation, but I am a god. How can a human match the recovery of a god?”

“Sun of the Demon God!”
The huge dragon suddenly raised its head and looked at the sky. A ball of purple light appeared above the Demon God Emperor’s colossal body like it had ripped throguh space. It was actually a sun, a dark purple sun.

Under the purple radiance, the Demon God Emperor’s aura actually recovered at a surprising speed.

The Heart of Eternity thumped heavily in Long Haochen’s chest, assisting him recover spiritual energy. However, he could clearly sense that his recovery rate was much, much slower than the Demon God Emperor’s.

The devastating clash earlier had turned to nothing in the end. The clash had basically exhausted all of Long Haochen and the Demon God Emperor’s powers. However, the Demon God Emperor only exhausted his spiritual energy, while Long Haochen exhausted the sliver of aura left behind by the creator god on the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation.

Without this aura, Long Haochen had lost the power of the creator god that the Demon God Emperor feared deeply, which also made it impossible for him to use Genesis again. This was also why the Demon God Emperor spoke like victory was within his grasp.

The power of a god still ended up beating a supra divine tool controlled by a mortal. In the eyes of the Demon God Emperor, the battle had already ended. They were competing in recovery speed, so the outcome could not be more obvious. In ten minutes at most, he would be able to return to his peak condition, while Long Haochen would take an hour at the very least before he could make a complete recovery as he had used up all of his spiritual energy, even if he had the boost of many wondrous pieces of equipment.s

The Moon Demon God and Star Demon God looked at one other. They could each see the nervousness in each other’s eyes.

The Moon Demon God Agares said instinctively, “Perhaps his majesty has taken a liking for his talent and that his body contains his majesty’s bloodline, which is why his majesty will spare him?”
The Star Demon God Vassago seemed rather confused, “I don’t know. I can’t see everything anymore. However, his majesty has killed him once, while Long Haochen represents all of humanity, so why would he admit the existence of this bloodline? It’s just like how we never admit that we possess a human bloodline.”

Agares said sternly, “Everything will explain itself. We can only wait.”

Compared to how composed the demons were, the humans were close to bursting point. Every single one of them heard what the Demon God Emperor said in the air. Long Haochen did not rebuke the Demon God Emperor, which could only mean that he was in a worse situation than the Demon God Emperor.

Even though all the powerhouses of the Temple Union took pride and honour in how Long Haochen managed to last until now, he was still unable to defeat the Demon God Emperor! Once their battle ended, didn’t that mean the humans would be defeated?

Xiao Shuo and Shu Yongxiao looked at each other. They could see the determination in each others’ eyes. If the Demon God Emperor returned, they would not even have the opportunity to kill any more demons. How could they wait at a time like this?

“Kill!” The first temple head of the Knight Temple, the always-level- headed Xiao Shuo, suddenly produced a defending bellow. Spiritual energy condensed into a pair of golden swords, suddenly erupting with resplendent light. He charged towards the demons without holding back anything anymore.

Under his lead, the human powerhouses all attacked once more, while the remaining magic cannons that had fallen silent and cooled off slightly blasted with powerful light again.

An even more intense battle began.

Agares and Vassago followed their original plan. They did not fight with their full strength, but they managed to stop Xiao Shuo and Shu Yongxiao
even when they did their best.

They were in a stalemate, but that wasn’t the case elsewhere! Every single powerhouse of the Temple Union felt threatened.

The humans could not afford to lose this battle. Once they lost, they would be losing the futures of millions of humans. For the sake of their family, for the sake of the fate of their race, they had decided to fight until the last drop of blood in this holy war.

The Bright Glimmer of Hope had completely gathered together now. Standing at the very front was Lin Xin, while behind him was Cai’er, Wang Yuanyuan, Chen Ying’er, Han Yu, Sima Xian and Zhang Fangfang.

Cai’er’s twelve holy guards remained by their side. They became the strongest concentrated force the humans had to offer.

A sun burned high above Lin Xin’s head, while his entire body had become a bluish gold. He gave off an aura so terrifying that even when the Moon Demon God and Star Demon God discovered it as they fought Xiao Shuo and Shu Yongxiao, they could not help but become shocked.

The Cojoined Spiritual Boosting Pill appeared on the battlefield once again.

Using this wondrous pill created by Lin Xin, the Bright Glimmer of Hope had managed to escape the jaws of death several times. And this time, the main materials that went into Lin Xin’s Cojoined Spiritual Boosting Pills were demon god crowns, the remains of Devil Dragons and countless other precious materials. Not only was it effective on ninth step powerhouses, it could last as long as an hour. This was also the final trump card of the Bright Glimmer of Hope.

In the air, the result of Long Haochen and the Demon God Emperor’s battle was clear. Long Haochen had lost the upper hand. However, only the members of the Bright Glimmer of Hope still held great confidence in their captain.
Long Haochen’s performance had completely exceeded their imaginations. His cultivation had even reached the terrifying level of the ninth rank of the ninth step during the process. However, they all knew that until now, Long Haochen had yet to play his trump card. This was a trump card that could shock the entire Demon Race.

As a result, what they wanted to do was to handle all the problems outside of Long Haochen’s battle with the Demon God Emperor. They wanted to protect the human powerhouses as much as possible.

Chapter 852

The ultimate Cojoined Spiritual Boosting Pills had been used at this moment as well.

With Lin Xin as the person to be boosted, every member of the Bright Glimmer of Hope shone with a strange, seven-coloured light behind him, as if they had become divine tools.

Duan Yi and Yang Wenzhao did not participate in the spiritual boosting this time. Apart from the fact that they might not have been able to endure the backlash from the Cojoined Spiritual Boosting Pills, more importantly, seven people was already the limit for the Cojoined Spiritual Boosting Pills. It was pointless to include more people.

The seven powerhouses of the Bright Glimmer of Hope could all wield domains. With their spiritual energy combined, they could surpass one and a half million spiritual energy. However, all that could be gathered in Lin Xin was nine hundred and ninety thousand. The domain and realm of gods could not be reached like this.

However, the difference between nine hundred and ninety thousand and one and a half million was not particularly significant, because the one and a half million spiritual energy had been divided between seven people, while the nine hundred and ninety thousand that Lin Xin currently possessed was all his! Moreover, with the support of tremendous spiritual energy from his companions, he could even extend the period of the Cojoined Spiritual Boosting Pill to over an hour. The reason why Lin Xin could endure such tremendous spiritual energy was because he had killed twenty Devil Dragons earlier, using their inner pellets to refine the best
protective pills. That was why he could protect himself from the spiritual energy that had reached the ninth rank of the ninth step.

Raising the Eternal Dragon’s Fire, Lin Xin currently seemed like a fire fairy that burned with blue flames. His eyes even produced a blue haze from the burning. As soon as they had begun fighting again, he had demonstrated his most powerful state.

A ring of seemingly solid blue light with specks of starlight rose from the top of his magic staff, enveloping a large range. When the ring grew to fifty meters in width, it suddenly halted and afterwards, a powerful, explosive rumble filled the air.

The dense, blue flames turned into a huge stream that rushed into the air. Under the explosive rumbling, at least eight hidden demons were forced out and annhiliated. Only a single demon managed to escape with his life. It was the forty-fifth demon god who was most skilled in assassination, the head of the Dyke Clan, the Invisible Demon God Vine.

It was Vine who had lead the powerhouses of his clan, hiding themselves in attempt to launch a sneak attack on Lin Xin. However, how was it possible for them to evade Lin Xin’s terrifyingly powerful senses of the elements? As long as the fire element was present, nothing could escape his senses.

The magic that Lin Xin had just used was only Resisting Fire Ring combined with the Flame Rumble. They were both spells below the fourth step, but just that had easily killed off eight powerhouses of the eighth step from the Dyke Clan!

The reason why Lin Xin had been boosted and not Cai’er was because he was the most skilled in long range attacks out of the Bright Glimmer of Hope. He also possessed the powerful Heart of Flames.

Having been forced out of invisibility, Vine turned around to flee. His sneak attack had failed. The fire element that had directly become tangible around Lin Xin filled him with shock.
“Want to run?” Lin Xin snorted coldly. He pointed the Eternal Dragon’s Fire at Vine.

The huge crystal on the Eternal Dragon’s Fire actually produced a black streak. Vine sensed something was off, so when he tried to block it, his body was immediately penetrated instead. The blade in his hand shattered, while a huge hole appeared in his chest. However, strangely enough, there was no blood.

In the next moment, Vine’s corpse directly vaporised, as if he had just evaporated away. With a flash of blue light, a hand of fire caught Vine’s demon god crown with great precision and brought it back to Lin Xin.

It was the Vulcan’s Finger. It was not black. Instead, it was the colour when the blue flames had been consolidated and condensed to their limit.

The forty-fifth demon god, the Invisible Demon God Vine, fell in battle.
He had been slain instantly.

Lin Xin had only just demonstrated his edge. Under the protection of the twelve holy guards, he slowly flew forwards and raised the Eternal Dragon’s Fire once more.

The sun over his head did not grow in size, but it rapidly became dark blue, before turning into the same black as the Vulcan’s Finger earlier. There was a rich, blue haze around the black, rather similar like the lustre that the Devil Dragon Emperor in its original form.

Currently, Lin Xin seemed even more demonic than the demons with a black sun over his head. However, in the following moment, he had become the nightmare of the demons.

A ball of pitch-black fire flew out of the sun first. It was five meters wide and it had a layer of dark blue haze around the fireball. It did not fly quickly, advancing slowly. However, wherever it passed by, it would make the air ripple. Even more terrifyingly, due to the rippling air, the huge, black fireball seemed to blur and drift about, preventing anyone from locating it exactly.
As it flew slowly, it seemed to be looking for a target. It was completely different from regular magic that could be used in a short moment.

Afterwards, a second black fireball flew out. It was exactly the same as the first one, also flying forwards slowly, ripping the air and distorting the space.

The sight of Lin Xin killing Vine was deeply embedded in the heart of every demon powerhouse. Now that unknown, black fireballs that were even more terrifying that the Vulcan’s Finger that claimed Vine appeared, were any of them bold enough to take it head-on? Who knew what kind of power that thing possessed.

Lin Xin smiled. His smile seemed very warm, yet it also seemed evil. People who knew him would understand that Has-drugs Bro was about to do something bad.

The huge fireballs seemed like they did not require any magic at all, flying out one after another. Only when the ninth emerged did Lin Xin stop.

It was also in the moment when the ninth fireball emerged that the eight other fireballs that wondered about aimlessly suddenly increased their speed, all flying towards where the demons were most concentrated. Their target was where the Devil Dragon squads and the demon gods gathered.

Due to the deterrent nature of the black fireballs, many demons avoided Lin Xin and gathered in a single area instinctively. The more people there were, the stronger they would be. That was what all the demons were thinking. Now that the black fireballs were sailing over, all the demon powerhouses scattered quickly in an attempt to avoid it.

Chapter 853

Not a single demon was willing to face or block the nine colossal black fireballs, including the demon gods. They had all witnessed the Invisible Demon God Vine’s tragic fate. By suddenly speeding up, the huge fireballs made them all want to run away quickly.

However, the fireballs that floated through the air slowly before had now attained shocking speed. The fireball at the very front had basically charged into the most densely-packed area of demons from before in the blink of an eye. Of course, the demons still ended up scattering. They were not hit by it.

From suddenly erupting with speed to instantly halting, the movements of the huge fireballs only seemed stranger and stranger. In the moment it stopped, the second black fireball arrived and they collided together.

The scattering demons could not help but become shocked. They could not afford to flee any longer. They all turned around in a hurry and put up their strongest defences. Just how terrifying would the attack created by the collision of the fireballs be?

However, the two fireballs did not explode after colliding. However, the demon powerhouses all shivered from the bottom of their hearts when they saw what happened next. Basically all of the nearby demon gods made the same decision, immediately using their demon god pillars to teleport. They returned to their demon god pillars.

Indeed, the two black fireballs did not explode after colliding. However, they fused together instead. The two of them became something even larger.
In a short while, the other seven fireballs caught up from behind and they all became a part of the new, colossal ball of fire.

When all of the black fireballs combined over the span of a few seconds, they turned into a terrifying existence over thirty meters wide. The demon powerhouses all felt like they were suffocating, actually kind of like when they were facing the Demon God Emperor.

“Ah! My friends, farewell,” Lin Xin waved his Eternal Dragon’s Fire with a pleasant smile. In the next moment, a strange, ripping sound appeared from the centre of the terrifying fireball.

A strange, black light suddenly surged. It did not cover a particularly large range, only around five hundred meters across, just a certain distance away from the powerhouses of the Temple Union. However, this black light had appeared quickly and vanished just as quickly. It took only three to five seconds from beginning to end.

What everyone saw was that in the first second, whether it was the eighth step Hell Demons, Fiends, Moon Demons, Star Demons, or the ninth step Devil Dragon squads, they were all vaporised into mist within the range that the black light covered. In the second second after the black light had appeared, all of the mist rose up, vanishing just like steam. They did not even leave behind their magic crystals. They just vanished into thin air.

The demon gods could escape using their demon god pillars, but the other demons could not! The black light that spanned a width of five hundred meters swept past a hundred demons of the eighth step, as well as over a dozen Devil Dragon squads. They completely vanished after being swallowed by the black light. Whether it were the Devil Dragons with astonishing defence, the prophetic Star Demons or the Moon Demons that possessed both physical and magical prowess, there was nothing they could do before the strange black light.

The attack was just too terrifying. Even though the demons had lost a few demon gods earlier, this was the first time they had suffered such a great loss all at once since the battle had begun.
Lin Xin said painfully, “What a waste, what a great waste! All those good materials are gone! What a pity. Though, don’t you all think that the technique I just created is very impressive? Let me think about it. I’ll just call it the Eclipse of Navagraha. What do you think about it? Wahaha, I’ve such a genius.”

If it weren’t for the fact that the members of the Bright Glimmer of Hope were unable to speak just in case of making any mistakes in the boosting process, they really did want to give him a beating.

Under the effects of the Cojoined Spiritual Boosting Pill, Lin Xin’s cultivation had been elevated to the peak of the ninth rank of the ninth step, which completely ignited his mood. He was in a state of abnormal excitement. His natural humour and his hatred for the demons combined into a special emotion.

While he was praising himself, everyone would admit he was a genius. Through the powers of the Cojoined Spiritual Boosting Pill, he had come up with a completely new technique that suited it completely in such a short amount of time. Just the talent to achieve that was exceptional. Boosting his spiritual energy was the correct decision of the Bright Glimmer of Hope. If it was Cai’er and Chen Ying’er instead, it was impossible for them to deal such a blow to the demons so quickly.

The Eclipse of Navagraha was just too destructive, such that even the Moon Demon God and Star Demon God noticed what was happening. Their clansmen were being slaughtered as well. And, they had lost over ten percent of the demon army’s forces just from that! Moreover, the current Lin Xin made them feel threatened.

Waving the Eternal Dragon’s Fire and looking at the crystal on the magic staff that had turned black under the influence of his own flames, Lin Xin smiled weirdly and pointed his staff at the demons in the distance. He called out, “Let me change my pose. Again.”

This time, another string of black fireballs immediately whistled out, flying toward the demons on the other side.
With the lesson from before, were there anyone who still wanted to remain in the range of his attack? In that moment, even the Devil Dragon squads began to panic. A purple light flashed through the eyes of the Moon Demon God Agares and a purple moon lit up behind him. With a flash, he broke free from Shu Yongxiao’s entanglement. At the same time, purple armour immediately covered his body, while the mark of a purple crescent moon appeared between his eyes. Twelve purple wings grew from his back. In the next moment, he appeared before Lin Xin’s string of fireballs. Bringing his hands together, he produced a purple crescent towards Lin Xin’s fireballs.

Ever since the battle had stared, Agares had never been using his full strength. Now, he finally could not afford to hold back anymore, even going as far as to use the demon god transformation. That was how great of a threat Lin Xin posed to the demons.

However, something that infuriated Agares happened very soon. Under the attack of his purple crescent moon, the seemingly-terrifying black fireballs actually popped like bubbles. Let alone their terrifying power from before, they were not dangerous at all. They were actually just illusions.

Lin Xin snickered at Agares, “Apologies! I’ve disappointed you. I’ve been playing with you. There’s no need to be so serious.”

As he said that, he waved the Eternal Dragon’s Fire to both sides and a streak of black fire shot out in all directions. These streaks of fire that seemed to be randomly unleashed, but they all seemed to have eyes, purposely targeting the demons that battled against the powerhouses of the Temple Union. Not only were they extraordinarily fast, they had locked onto their targets as well.

In just a short while, seven or eight demons were hit and they all vaporised.

Agares became stern. He had never thought the Bright Glimmer of Hope would be capable of a boosting method like this. Currently, Lin Xin had become like a monster after receiving the spiritual energy boost fro others. He was definitely the most powerful fire mage in the history of the humans.
The black flames were so hot that even he felt extremely threatened, which was the reason why he had erupted. The morale of the demons had been drastically lowered, while their original advantage had been forcefully removed as well. Even the demon gods were hiding near their demon god pillars, afraid of coming out and becoming Lin Xin’s target.

If everything followed Agares’ original plan, he would have been overjoyed by this matter. At most, he would just feel pained by the deaths of his own clansmen. However, after Vassago’s reminder from earlier, he developed other thoughts about Long Haochen. As a result, he did not wish to see the demons become defeated just like this.

Raising both of his hands, they each held a meter-long, inch-wide crescent blades. The blades were completely purple as purple light pulsed on them like water ripples.

At this moment, the Moon Demon God and Star Demon God had completely unleashed their strength. Agares had broken free from Shu Yongxiao, but Vassago had dragged Shu Yongxiao into his own battle as well, preventing her from leaving. And even under these circumstances, Vassago had not undergone the demon god transformation.

If the Moon Demon God and Star Demon God had used their full strength since the beginning of the battle, the powerhouses of the Temple Union probably would have been defeated a long time ago.

Cold light flashed through Agares’ eyes and his twelve wings unfurled. His wings were not completely the same. When they all unfurled, they formed a huge circle. Shining with purple light, it seemed like a moon.

He held his blades beside his body and stared at Lin Xin.

The Moon Demon God’s gaze did not give off too great of a pressure, but it threatened Lin Xin like it had penetrated him, such that he stopped attacking the other demons. Pointing the Eternal Dragon’s Fire at Agares, he made a provoking gesture like he was challenging the Moon Demon God.
Agares snorted coldly and his twelve wings lit up simultaneously. Immediately, a huge streak of purple light, as wide as his body, surged towards Lin Xin like moonlight.

The black sun over Lin Xin’s head basically lit up at the same time and a huge stream of fire went to receive Agares’ attack.

The black and purple immediately merged in the air, erupting terrifyingly.

Lin Xin remained standing where he was, without moving at all, but to his surprise, Agares’s shoulder only swayed once. Agares had not lost the upper hand by much at all.

Chapter 854

Lin Xin was not the only one surprised. The Bright Glimmer of Hope was the same. Among the hearts of all the powerhouses from the Temple Union, the Demon God Emperor Fengxiu was obviously the strongest among the demons. He was almost invincible, while the Moon Demon God Agares and the Star Demon God Vassago had always been his left and right hand men. Their brilliance was completely obscured by the Demon God Emperor as well. Everyone believed the cultivations of the Moon Demon God and Star Demon God should have been drastically weaker than the Demon God Emperor’s.

However, Lin Xin had now used his cultivation that had reached the peak of the ninth rank of the ninth step through the Cojoined Spiritual Boosting Pill to demonstrate just how terrifying Agares was. Under his demon god transformation, his cultivation was basically no different from the peak of the ninth rank of the ninth step! No wonder Agares was still able to stand in front him despite how powerful Lin Xin’s black flames were.

With Lin Xin’s attack blocked, it was without a doubt a boost to the demon powerhouses. Without anyone’s command, all of the demon gods hidden near the demon god pillars attacked once again, leading the demon army towards the powerhouses of the Temple Union who had just managed to catch a few breaths. The messy battle began once again.

Black fireballs appeared one after another again. This time, they were no longer any illusions. Lin Xin clearly wanted to repeat the same old trick and use the Eclipse of Navagraha again. However, while Agares might not have been stronger than Lin Xin in terms of offence right now, he definitely
eclipsed Lin Xin in terms of agility, considering how many people Lin Xin had beside him.

His purple figure suddenly turned into a blur. He was so fast that it was impossible to track him with the nacked eye. When the third black fireball had just emerged, the first had already been slashed by Agares’ blades, forcefully ripping it open. Although Agares became covered by a layer of black fire in the process, it was nullified by his wings on his back.

Without the merging, the Eclipse of Navagraha would not be able to used. In Lin Xin’s current state, not only would it exhaust him tremendously if he directly used the Eclipse of Navagraha, it would be a great test of his body as well due to the toll. It was not that he was afraid to attempt it, rather that he could not afford to. Once his body collapsed, his companions would suffer as well. As a result, he could only watch as his fireballs were destroyed by Agares one by one.

However, Agares did not purposefully attack Lin Xin either. As he fought against Lin Xin, his gaze constantly shifted to the Demon God Emperor and Long Haochen who were currently competing to see who could recover faster.

Lin Xin stopped using a huge attack like the Eclipse of Navagraha as well. He knew that Agares had not been using his full strength against him, because he had already revealed some openings when he used the Eclipse of Navagraha earlier. He unleashed the power of what he cultivated once again, constantly sending Vulcan’s Fingers in Agares’ direction. His attack was so frequent that it basically never stopped.

Not only were the black fire Vulcan’s Fingers extremely powerful, every single one of them were strengthened by the Hellfire Needle as well. No matter how powerful Agares’ cultivation was, he still struggled slightly against Lin Xin’s constant attack. He no longer dared to look at the sky, dealing with Lin Xin’s attacks with his full strength.

Has-drugs Bro really was powerful after being boosted by the Cojoined Spiritual Boosting Pill! Using his cultivation that gave him a slight edge, he was able to send a Vulcan’s Finger off in a different direction from time to
time, purposefully targeting the ninth step Devil Dragons. Although a hurried Vulcan’s Finger might not have been enough to kill a Devil Dragon, it could cause enough trouble for them. Choosing the Devil Dragons instead of the Moon Demons or Star Demons was also due to how clever Lin Xin was. The members of the Bright Glimmer of Hope had already heard Long Haochen’s instructions. They knew the Moon Demon God’s loyalty was wavering. After some thought, Lin Xin understood why Agares had jumped at him just now. Wasn’t it because of the deaths of his clansmen? As a result, he purposefully spared the Moon Demons and Star Demons, targeting only the Devil Dragons. This was without a doubt what Agares wanted the most, so he obviously would not get in Lin Xin’s way either. As a matter of fact, he even developed some admiration towards this rather shameless person.

There was a sudden, deafening roar of a dragon, which caused the powerhouses on the battlefield to look up at the sky once more.

Such a deafening roar obviously came from the Demon God Emperor. His tremendous, three-thousand long body slowly rose up and he stared at Long Haochen nearby with his blood-red eyes. He said coldly, “Yield or die. You have one last chance to choose.”

The Demon God Emperor’s treatment of Long Haochen had completely changed now. The objective that he wished to reach the most earlier was no longer possible. Long Haochen’s current cultivation had completely exceeded his expectations, such that it was impossible for him to forcefully erase Long Haochen’s memories and then reinject him with his own bloodline anymore.

The only way was for Long Haochen to completely yielded and personally opened up his mind. Only then could he be groomed into a successor. Even though he could still use his powers as a god to suppress Long Haochen, the current Long Haochen already gave him a heavy sense of threat.

The Demon God Emperor understood very well that probably in just a few years, with the assistance of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation and the fairy of god Ye Xiaolei, he would be able to reach the same level as
him. And, with Ye Xiaolei’s assistance and the past experiences of the Goddess of Nature, he might even become a god that was freed from the principles. Once that happened, not only would the demons be doomed, he would not be able to fend off Long Haochen either.

The Demon God Emperor Fengxiu was a man of great ambition and ability. When he discovered that a situation beyond his control had appeared, he immediately severed his feeling that developed from his ties of blood with Long Haochen.

Long Haochen looked at the Demon God Emperor coldly, “You should know the answer already.”

Burning killing intent now appeared in the Demon God Emperor’s cold eyes, “I want to hear it from you personally. If you choose to yield, then leave behind the remnants of the Goddess of Nature. Otherwise, I’ll have to kill you a second time.”

Long Haochen snorted coldly, “Your majesty, are you really that confident in killing me? Have you ever considered whether I had been expecting the Armour of Eternity to awaken before I faced against you today? Was the consciousness of the creator god something I had anticipated?”

Hearing that, the Demon God Emperor could not help but be surprised. He did not really understand Long Haochen, “What’s the point of saying this now? Yield or die.”s

Long Haochen continued to talk, “I’m just telling you that since I know my cultivation isn’t as great as yours, yet I’ve still appeared before you and I’ve lead this battle, I obviously have my trump card. This trump card is something that can shock you. The accidental awakening of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation only allowed me to wield greater strength. I believe that even if I can’t reach the domain of gods, you’re still not my opponent.”

As he said that, Long Haochen raised his right hand and removed the mask from the Armour of Eternity and Creation from his face.
Removing the mask revealed his extremely handsome face. At the same time, Long Haochen placed a finger gently on his forehead. From there, nine markings appeared.

Seeing the purplish gold markings, the Demon God Emperor suddenly shuddered. He said coldly, “Are you trying to use the residual aura of Austin Griffin’s bloodline to deal with me? Hmph, Austin Griffin failed to fully awaken, so do you really think that the aura he’s left behind can surpass the creator god’s?”

Although that was was he said, a sliver of fear appeared in his huge, red eyes. Even though the Demon God Emperor hid it very well, Long Haochen still sensed it.

Below, Agares and Vassago became nervous at this moment as well. They both knew that the matter that they worried about the most might happen at this moment. It would also decide their future course of action.

Long Haochen did not answer the Demon God Emperor. Purplish golden light just lit up from his forehead and as he raised his right hand, the purplish golden light extended over. Terrifying, purplish golden light also appeared in the air, forming quite a contrast to the white Armour of Eternity and Creation.

The Demon God Emperor’s gaze finally changed drastically, because to his shock, the aura from the light was far more powerful than he had expected it to be.

He could not afford to wait any longer. Stimulated by his fear, the Demon God Emperor suddenly turned around and lashed at Long Haochen with his huge tail. Dark blue electricity immediately condensed on his tail, forming something like a terrifying, dark blue blade of light. It seemed like he wanted to cut Long Haochen in half.

Long Haochen’s gaze was blank as the purplish golden light seemed to thump. It appeared in his hand. Afterwards, he vanished in the air.

A huge, vertical eye appeared there silently.
The eye was very large. It actually stood over fifty meters tall. It was extremely strange because there were actually two colours in a single eye.

One side of the outline of the eye was the same translucent white as the Sword of Eternity and Creation, while the other side was a heavy purplish gold that did not give off any aura at all.

The two colours formed an extremely clear contrast. What was even more terrifying was that the huge eye actually possessed two pupils. One was translucent white, while the other purplish gold. And the pupils actually showed signs of attempting to fuse together. They tangled with each other, revolving around each other like the two circles on a yin-yang symbol.

Chapter 855

The Demon God Emperor’s huge dragon tail had already arrived. It was also at this moment that the wondrous, polycoric Eye of Brahm? lit up. The purplish gold and translucent white light, two completely different auras, opposites as a matter of fact, erupted in the air. It collided against the Demon God Emperor’s colossal body.s

The current Demon God Emperor had already recovered his peak condition, while Long Haochen had only recovered thirty percent of his spiritual energy. Under such a disparity of strength, the results should have been obvious.

However, strength did not necessarily dictate the outcome. It was completely impossible for the human powerhouses to save Long Haochen, because they were not powerful enough to intervene on this battle that was almost between two gods. They did not have the time either.

Cai’er immediately shut her eyes. Her body trembled heavily, to the point where it almost interfered with the boosting.

It was also in the next moment that a deafening howl rang out.

When she heard the howl, Cai’er immediately opened her eyes again. She knew Long Haochen just too well. The howl did not come from Long Haochen! She could clearly distinguish Long Haochen’s voice from others’.

When Cai’er looked up at the sky again, she was completely stunned, because she was blood scattered everywhere. She could not see the colour
of the blood clearly, but she could see huge chunks of scales that were even larger than millstones fall down from the sky.

The huge eye gradually faded away in the sky, while the Demon God Emperor’s tail had been completely blown away. The scales and blood originated from a terrifyingly huge wound on the tail.

The Demon God Emperor was actually injured, and his wounds seemed rather heavy as well, while Long Haochen’s Eye of Brahm? was bit affected in the process at all. The clear contrast seemed unbelievable!

The Moon Demon God Agares and the Star Demon God Vassago looked at each other. They could see each other’s intense fear. What they worried about the most had still ended up happening. If it were not for the appearance of this power, how was it possible for Long Haochen to harm the Demon God Emperor who was in his peak condition?

The Eye of Brahm? slowly faded away in the air, while the Demon God Emperor was now several thousand meters away from Long Haochen. His colossal figure rapidly strunk and in the blink of an eye, Fengxiu appeared before Long Haochen in human form once more. His left calf was bloody, clearly the area that had been injured earlier.

Long Haochen’s figure appeared once more. The only different part about him was that while he held the Sword of Eternity and Creation in his left hand, another sword had appeared in his right hand. It was a huge, purplish golden sword.

In terms of size, the new sword was the same as the Sword of Eternity and Creation. It shone with subdued purplish golden light, while there were eight, dim imprints of different colour on the huge blade. The strangest part about it was that the sword guard was composed of eight heads, protecting Long Haocehn’s right hand.

Currently, the dark golden markings on Long Haochen’s forehead shone brightly, like a strange eye. His aura had changed drastically as well.
The smooth, gentle power of creation only took up half of his aura. The other half was a terrifying aura filled with surging fighting intent. Combined with the terrifying aura was an unmatched feeling of hatred. The hatred was directed towards the Demon God Emperor near Long Haochen.

Looking at the purplish golden sword in Long Haochen’s hands, the Demon God Emperor’s pupils had narrowed to the size of a dot. He raised his hand nad pointed at Long Haochen, his body actually trembled gently.

“Y- you… I- it’s actually still alive…” The Demon God Emperor stuttered slightly. His voice was filled with disbelief, as if he was about to collapse.

Long Haochen looked at the Demon God Emperor coldly. A faint, purple colour rippled through the depths of his golden pupils, “I never said that Haoyue’s dead. Do you think that killing me was enough to kill him back then? You’ve underestimated Haoyue’s vitality, and you’ve also underestimated how consolidated by soulforce is.”

When he reached there, he could not help but thank Elux. If it were not for the Tower of Eternity, his soul probably would have dispersed back then. If it were not for Elux’s existence, he would not be standing here today, finally suppressing the Demon God Emperor who had reigned over the Shengmo Dalu for six thousand years.

In that moment, Long Haochen had completely forgiven the Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux. The past was the past. The best way he could repay Elux was to break out of this age of darkness and return humanity to a period of peace and development.

A strange light suddenly lit up in the Demon GOd Emperor’s eyes as he looked at the Purplish God Haoyue Sword. He murmured, “Eight heads, eight heads. It’s still just eight heads. Austin Griffin hasn’t awakened completely. We still have a chance. Agares, Vassago, what are you waiting for? Do you really plan on waiting until Austin Griffin has awakened and this world is destroyed?”
As he said that, the Demon God Emperor suddenly pulled back, pulling further away from Long Haochen, His Devil Dragon Sword appeared in his hand again. Pointing the huge sword forwards, a dark golden disc appeared behind him. It was black in the centre, while the outskirts were faint, reddish gold. The Demon God Emperor’s black pupils when he was in human form also turned red.

Agares and Vassago looked at each other and determination flooded their eyes. The two demon gods rose into the sky at the same time. As they ascended, the purple moon formed from Agares’ twelve wings became brighter and brighter, while Vassago gained a huge, orangey-red star behind him.

Long Haochen’s expression remained the same when he saw the two demon gods react so suddenly. Before the battle had begun, he had already anticipated this would happen once he used Haoyue’s power.

This was also why the battle had lasted for so long and an important reason as to why Long Haochen had refused Haoyue’s assistance the entire time and faced against the Demon God Emperor alone. What he worried about the most was the demon gods treating him as a common enemy and working together, including the Moon Demon God Agares who had always favoured his side.

Of course it was impossible for him to not use Haoyue’s powers at all. Instead, he purposely delayed it as much as possible, so the battle of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass could develop to a certain degree.

Long Haochen had already achieved most of what he wanted. As the Moon Demon God and Star Demon God had not been trying at all, the powerhouses of the Temple Union did not suffer too greatly. Instead, they even manged to gain a small advantage, especially when the Bright Glimmer of Hope used the Cojoined Spiritual Boosting Pills and weakened the demon forces further. Now that the Moon Demon God and Star Demon God had both joined Long Haochen’s battle, the humans would instead gain an upper hand over the demons. After all, it had freed up two great powerhouses of the seventh rank of the ninth step and a peak ninth rank of the ninth step Lin Xin.
However, whether it was the Demon God Emperor, Moon Demon God or Star Demon God, none of them seemed to care about what happened below anymore. When Long Haochen saw the determination in Agares and Vassago’s eyes, he could not help but wonder just what made them fear Haoyue so much, such that even the Moon Demon God who had clearly drifted away from the Demon God Emperor would change his mind at such a crucial moment.

“The three luminaries, the sun, the moon and the stars,” the Demon God Emperor bellowed out. Raising the Devil Dragon Sword high into the air, a sharp stream of dark golden light surged into the sky from his body.

Agares and Vassago moved as well. Agares raised his pair of crescent blades, and a stream of purple light shot into the air.

As Vassago ascended through the air, he had completed his demon god transformation. A set of orangey-red robes shining with starlight covered his body, while a magic staff of starlight appeared in his right hand. The oval-shaped gemstone on the very top of the staff has six glimmering meeting lines. When he raised the staff, a great stream of orangey-red light surged into the sky.

The three colours were different, but their power and terrifying light formed a triangle around Long Haochen, enveloping him from all sides.

However, Long Haochen instead performed an action that both infuriated and confused the three demon gods. He did not pay any attention to them at all, instead looking down and yelling to the human powerhouses, “Clean up the battlefield. Victory to the union.”

The eight simple words indicated that Long Haochen did not require their help, which made Lin Xin and the Bright Glimmer of Hope halt as they rose up.

Lin Xin looked back at Cai’er, “Vice-captain, what do we do?”

Cai’er gritted her teeth, “We do as he says. Let’s clean up the battlefield first. Once we deal with the problems here, we can go help him.”
“Alright.” Lin Xin’s smiled vanished. It was replaced by seriousness. A deep chant appeared as the Eternal Dragon’s Fire in his hand moved towards a strange rhythm.

Behind him, Cai’er, Wang Yuanyuan, Chen Ying’er, Sima Xian, Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang all felt their spiritual energy being drawn away by Lin Xin at an astonishing speed. Without a doubt, he was using a major move again. It would be even more powerful than the Eclipse of Navagraha.

The black sun over Lin Xin’s head finally began to expand, only stopping when it reached thirty meters across.

There was a rather hoarse phoenix’s cry. Afterwards, with a sway of Lin Xin’s body, dense, black light surged out from his chest, before entering the black sun above.

Chapter 856

The resonant phoenix’s cry rang through the entire battlefield in a dominating fashion in the next moment. A black phoenix that was over thirty meters long emerged from the sun.

The blue phoenix had completely become black. A dense, dark blue haze revolved in its surroundings.

After the black phoenix appeared, it arrived before Lin Xin and nodded its head with great intelligence. Afterwards, it spread its wings and lunged towards the battlefield below. Black flames also descended from the sky in the next moment.

After using this spell, Lin Xin’s face paled completely. He closed to his eyes to rest and recover magic, while the others were the same. The spell earlier had actually drained two thirds of everyone’s spiritual energy. In other words, the black phoenix was basically condensed from a million spiritual energy! It was obvious just what it could do on the battlefield.

Under Shu Yongxiao and Xiao Huo’s lead, the human powerhouses began their full scale counterattack.

None of them had thought Long Haochen would actually overwhelm the Demon God Emperor, even drawing over the Moon Demon God and Star Demon God to team up against him. The powerhouses of the union would never let such a good opportunity slip. With the support of the black phoenix, the battlefield became a one-sided battle instantly.
The black phoenix flew onto the battlefield and spread its wings, enveloping an area of several thousand square meters in black flames. Even the demon gods had to flee hurriedly before these black flames. Once the other demons came in contact with that, they would suffer horrifically even if they managed to survive.

The outcome of the battle of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass had been determined, while the fierce battle between the four in the sky had only just begun.

Long Haochen was extremely stern, but he had never felt so confident before at the same time. In the moment Haoyue turned into the Purplish Gold Haoyue Sword, he suddenly experienced more confidence than he had ever felt before. When the Moon Demon God and Star Demon God entered the battle, the only emotion he sensed from Haoyue was derision. This was also why Long Haochen did not let his companions below assist him. He believed in Haoyue’s judgement of the enemy’s strength. Even though he knew Haoyue with eight heads was at the seventh grade of the ninth step, it had to be mentioned that even the Demon God Emperor was reluctant to face him directly when Haoyue only had six heads, instead killing Long Haochen for it to die. That was how fearful the demons were of Haoyue.

Faced with the current situation, Long Haochen was composed. He was surprisingly calm against the three greatest powerhouses that the demons had to offer. Tremendous amounts of spiritual energy poured into his body from the Purplish Gold Haoyue Sword, allowing him to recover his peak condition very quickly. A purplish golden ring of light had appeared below Long Haochen as well. Whenever the ring of light flashed, all of the elements that had been reduced to pieces in the surroundings gathered towards Long Haochen, transforming into his own power. This also happened to the Purplish Gold Haoyue Sword in his hand. Transformed from Haoyue, the sword itself could absorb energy from the outside world to strengthen itself.

Dark gold, purple and orange. The three streams of light gradually faded in the air and finally they vanished. A sun, a moon and a star appeared above the three demon gods.
In the sky, the three colours merged together and illuminated everything. An indescribably tremendous pressure crashed down on Long Haochen, such that he struggled to endure it even with his cultivation at the peak of the ninth step and the might of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. The Armour of Eternity and Creation actually squeaked under the pressure.

What was this power? Was this a magic array? The Demon God Emperor and the other two could actually use a magic array, and it boosted their strength to such a terrifying level?

Just when Long Haochen even struggled to raise his swords, a layer of purplish golden light returned to his body from the Purplish Gold Haoyue Sword, adding a layer of purplish gold to the Armour of Eternity and Creation.

All of the pressure vanished in a single moment. Purplish golden light rippled from Long Haochen and his pupils became purplish golden as well.

Haoyue’s power really could restrain demons. Long Haochen was overjoyed. He understood that Haoyue’s restraint over demons was similar to how Cai’er’s power of purification restrained the Demon God of Death. It might have even been more effective. Otherwise, the Demon God Emperor would not have suffered under the Eye of Brahm?, nor would he summoned the Moon Demon God and Star Demon God into battle.

Long Haochen did not look at the Demon God Emperor. Instead, he turned to Agares on his left, “Senior Agares, with how far with come with our cooperation, we’re close to completion, so why must you do this? As long as we work together and kill the Demon God Emperor, I will definitely honour my promise. Don’t you believe my promise to Yue Ye?”

The Demon God Emperor’s face darkened when he heard Long Haochen’s words. Guessing it was one matter, but hearing it personally from Long Haochen was a whole thing altogether. The Demon God Emperor was furious at the thought that his greatest support had betrayed him. However, he did not rebuke or curse Agares, surprisingly.
Agares was no longer calm. He frowned as he gazed at the Purplish Gold Haoyue Sword in Long Haochen’s right hand with shining eyes.

“Long Haochen, our cooperation has already ended. Austin Griffin’s death was the condition and foundation for our cooperation. Even if his majesty blames and even sentences me to death after killing you today, I must work with him against our common enemy, you, in order to completely kill Austin Griffin.”

Long Haochen was surprised. He had said this to Agares obviously to weaken the relationship between the Moon Demon God and the Demon God Emperor. The combination of the three great demon gods caused him great pressure. He could not afford to be defeat. Defeated meant the destruction of humanity. This was why he had spoken to test Agares, but he had never expected Agares to answer with such resolution.

Vassago did not say anything, but it was possible to tell from his gaze that he thought of the same thing as Agares.

Long Haochen asked in doubt, “Why? Is killing Haoyue really that important to you?”

Agares said sternly, “I was willing to help you, to help your humanity because I hoped that my race could continue thriving like humans, possessing the power of creation, so they can lead an even better purpose for existence. However, Austin Griffin’s existence symbolises destruction, utter destruction. When destruction truly descended, even you won’t be able to control it. Long Haochen, there’s nothing more we should say. Either you kill all of us today, or we destroy Austin Griffin.” As he said that, he pointed his blades at Long Haochen and the purple moon in the sky immediately lit up.

The Demon God Emperor and the Star Demon God also pointed their weapons at Long Haochen. In that moment, Long Haochen endured unimaginably tremendous pressure. Within the triangle formed by the three demon gods, the space had already begun to fold and shatter. If someone else had been standing in there, they probably would have been crushed to dust by the terrifying pressure a long time ago.
Within the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

A white-clothed woman currently stood below the walls, gazing at the sky. She had already been there for a while now. She was so beautiful, like someone who did not belong in this world. However, her eyes were currently filled with tears, while her hands were clenched so tightly that her nails stabbed into her palm. Blood flowed through the gaps between her fingers.

Her black hair drifted behind her as she suddenly gritted her teeth and climbed up the walls using the steps.

There were no longer many human powerhouses left in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. All those left behind were the gunners handling the magic cannons. Aside from them would be the people fighting outside the walls. The appearance of the woman in white was extremely unexpected, but if Long Haochen happened to see her, he would have definitely called out in shock, “Mother.”

Indeed, the woman in white was Bai Yue. When she knew the holy war was about to begin, Bai Yue retreated with the others, but after just partially retreating, she quietly looped back. The people escorting her obviously wanted to stop her. However, she was the mother of the current chairman of the Temple Union Long Haochen, as well as the spouse of the Divine Knight of Adjudication and Trial Long Xingyu. How could a few guards stop her over something she had made up her mind amount? Her reason was very simple. She wanted to live and die with her husband and son.

In the end, under the gazes of admiration from the people escorting her, she returned to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. She also happened to arrive there at this exact moment.

Looking at Long Haochen who was surrounded by the three demon gods in the air, Bai Yue’s eyes were moist. Soon afterwards, tears flowed down her face constantly. She constantly asked herself a single question inside, “Why…”
Long Haochen obviously did not know that his mother was currently climbing up the walls. His heart had completely settled down. Gripping the two swords firmly, he gradually fused his consciousness with Haoyue’s.

He received a terrifying aura from Haoyue’s bloodline. Long Haochen suddenly felt that nothing in the world could stop him.

This feeling had appeared very suddenly, but it also felt so convincing, such that when he raised the Purplish Gold Haoyue Sword in his right hand, he actually failed to sense what had happened to his body.

In the next moment, Long Haochen moved. His body actually moved under the influence of the Purplish Gold Haoyue Sword.

A purplish golden figure flickered in the sky. That’s right, flickering. It flickered from the left side first. As it began flickering, the sky actually dimmed, while the three demon gods attacked Long Haochen simultaneously in response.

The sun, moon and star in the sky lit up at the same time. The auras of the three demon gods formed a special sealing domain.

Chapter 857

A huge symbol descended from the sky, landing on Long Haochen. The triangle formed by the three demon gods rapidly revolved as well, preventing Long Haochen from locking onto them.

This was the first time that the Sealing Array of Sun, Moon and Star had appeared on the Shengmo Dalu. This was also the first time that the Demon God Emperor, Moon Demon God and Star Demon God had worked together. They all knew that as long as the huge sealing symbol landed on Long Haochen, he would be dead for sure. Even gods would die to it, because the sealing array itself was something created to target gods. It was also called the God-slaying Array.

The seventy-two demon gods did not belong to this world. So what was the reason for their appearance in this world? Only the demon gods themselves knew. After six thousand years of evolution, the demon gods ranked lower down might have forgotten what had happened in the past, but the Demon God Emperor, Moon Demon God and Star Demon God who ranked in the top three knew it as clear as day.

The three demon god pillars appeared in the air when they began revolving. They connected to the sun, moon and star in the air, while the descending symbol shone brighter and brighter as well.

But it was also at this moment that the purplish golden light and translucent white light became brighter than ever before. Long Haochen’s flickering figure locked onto the Star Demon God Vassago first.
The Moon Demon God Agares’ cultivation might had been greater than Vassago’s, but Long Haochen had always feared the Star Demon God the most after the Demon God Emperor. Perhaps it was due to the fact that the trap in the Star Demon Pagoda originated from the Star Demon God.

Vassago was not afraid at all, because he refused to believe that Long Haochen could still possess the power to attack the three of them while located within the Sealing Array of Sun, Moon and Star. He had once personally experienced this terrifying pressure. The array had once kill real gods in the world where the demons came from as well! Long Haochen was very powerful, but Austin Griffin had yet to awaken fully after all. Long Haochen was nowhere close to becoming a god either.

Long Haochen’s Armour of Eternity and Creation even began to produce sounds of breakage as the descending symbol grew closer and closer. Although this was false, in that the armour was not actually breaking, it was more than enough to demonstrate just how great the pressure within the array was.

However, Long Haochen continued to lunge towards Vassago without any hesitation at all, as if the revolving triangle failed to get in the way of his judgement at all. In the next moment, Vassago suddenly felt an indescribable sensation of coldness engulf his body.

No, this was impossible.

Indeed, even something that Long Haochen himself felt was impossible happened.

There was a flash and the orangey-red star in the sky suddenly dimmed. Long Haochen who had been trapped in the triangular array immediately vanished as well.

He had passed by Vassago just like that, silently appearing over three hundred meters behind Vassago. It was beautiful with how it only took up a split second. He also appeared over three hundred meters outside the array.
The Demon God Emperor was stunned, Agares was stunned, while Vassago’s face remained in disbelief, just like before.

He murmured to himself, “My prophecy’s right. It wasn’t wrong. The Heavenly Wrath has already descended upon us. I- I…”

His voice halted there. Vassago’s originally young appearance began to age at a shocking speed. In the blink of an eye, he had become wrinkled with white hair. When his final shred of vitality vanished, he actually turned into dust and vanished then and there. Only his demon god crown produced a flash and merged into his demon god pillar as a speck of starlight.

All of the human powerhouses who had witnessed this could not help but gulp. At the same time, indescribable shock flooded their faces.

W- what kind of strength was that! Was their chairman still human? Using his own strength, not only did he remain entangled against the Demon God Emperor the entire time, he had even killed the Star Demon God instantly while being surrounded by the Demon God Emperor, the Moon Demon God and the Star Demon God. He had successfully broken out of the three demon gods’ array.

Could a human really achieve that? However, regardless of what they believe, the Star Demon God Pillar in the air gradually dimmed, which demonstrated the true death of Vassago.

With Vassago’s death, unprecedented fear appeared in Fengxiu and Agares’ eyes. It was also at this moment that the Purplish Gold Haoyue Sword in Long Haochen’s hand shone brightly with purple light. A devastating aura suddenly erupted from the sword. What Long Haochen failed to notice was a grey flash between the eight heads that formed the sword guard.

His attack that had claimed Vassago’s life came from Xiao Huo. It was the second move out of the three moves he had learnt from Xiao Huo. It was called Fleeting Youth.
The move was originally called Fleeting Flory, but Long Haochen merged it with his domain technique of being able to control life, forming a move that was more suitable for him. As a result, he changed the name to Fleeting Youth.

The Star Demon God had died because his youth had instantly vanished. However, Long Haochen never thought his battle prowess could reach such a level. It did not seem to be power that belonged to him.

When he used Fleeting Youth earlier, he could clearly sense that the Sword of Eternity and Creation in his left hand did not unleash much power at all. All of the might of the attack basically came from the Purplish God Haoyue Sword. Haoyue and he were mentally linked, so Haoyue would obviously understand techniques he knew. Such a perfect attack could be described as the strongest attack Long Haochen had launched in his life so far.

Instinctively, the Purplish Gold Haoyue Sword swept through the air and its terrifying purple light that possessed an arua of destruction filled the entire air.

WIthout the Star Demon God’s support, the huge symbol that descended from the air before began to collapse. When the purple light from Long Haochen’s swing landed on it, the terrifying explosion almost ripped up the entire sky.

Fengxiu and Agares basically descended from the sky immediately, landing on the ground. At that moment, both of their eyes actually displayed some despair.

That’s right. The peak powerhouses of the demons who had reigned over the continent for over six thousand years was actually experiencing despair right now.

Long Haochen was currently in no mood to think about how his power had become so great. He chose to pursue the Demon God Emperor with basically no hesitation at all.
At the end of the day, his impression of Agares was still rather positive. If it were not for the timely information that Agares’ organisation had provided to the Temple Union, it was impossible for them to achieve such a great victory over the battles of the Southeastern Fort and the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass, nor would Long Haochen have been able to control the entire pace of the holy war. Moreover, the death of the Demon God Emperor was critical to this holy war. If the Demon God Emperor died, the holy war would end. It would also mean that the age of darkness over the Shengmo Dalu would finally end!

Long Haochen turned into a purplish golden streak of light in the air and immediately descended. In that moment, all of the powerhouses, whether demon or human, were basically at the edge of their seats. They all held their breaths.

The demon powerhouses were in utter shock, while the human powerhouses were ravishing in joy and disbelief.

Was the Demon God Emperor Fengxiu just about to die like this?

It was also at this moment that an aggrieved scream rang out from the walls of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, “No, you can’t kill him.”

The battlefield was very large. Several hundred ninth step powerhouses fought there. Spanning several dozen kilometers from the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, all of it was their battlefield. However, the battlefield had fallen silent in that moment because of Long Haochen’s pursuit of the Demon God Emperor. It was also because of the hoarse scream that the silence was broken.

If it was just a simple scream, it definitely would not have been able to impact Long Haochen’s decision. However, the voice was just far, far too familiar to him. At the same time, when the owner of the voice screamed out, she leaped off the walls of the Dragon Resisting Mountain pass.

No matter how great of a leader Long Haochen was, he was still a normal human at the end of the day! Killing the Demon God Emperor was definitely important, but to him, his mother’s life was far more important.
The purplish golden streak of light immediately changed direction in the air, catching the white figure that had leaped off the walls with great precision. It brought her to the ground slowly.

Indeed, the hoarse scream had stopped Long Haochen from killing the Demon God Emperor. It was Bai Yue who had returned to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

When Bai Yue saw Long Haochen become surrounded by the three demon gods, her eyes were already filled with despair. However, the battlefield was always unpredictable. In the moment before, her son was in great danger, but in the next moment, he broke out and possessed a complete advantage over his opponents.

Bai Yue knew very well that she should not have screamed out. She should have watched Long Haochen kill the Demon God Emperor. However, her feelings that had been suppressed in her heart for several decades all erupted in that moment. When she produced that scream, she had already lost all rationality. Her face was already covered in tears. When she produced that scream, she was no longer able to endure the pain in her heart, so she leapt off the walls.

Long Haochen caught his mother, but his mother’s eyes were closed tight. His extremely firm beliefs began to waver in that moment. The words that the Demon God Emperor had told him before the battle began to gnaw on his head like an insect. In that moment, no matter how powerful Long Haochen was, he could not help but tremble gently.

Chapter 858

A streak of red light immediately landed on the battlefield, beside Long Haochen and Hai Yue. He took Bai Yue from Long Haochen’s arms, as he pointed at the Demon God Emperor who had created a pit from landing at the same time with Agares. He roared out, “Haochen, kill him, kill him quick! Once you kill him, we humans will be able to burst out of this age of darkness and recover our motherland.”

The person who had suddenly rushed over and grabbed Bai Yue was Long Haochen’s father, the Divine Knight of Adjudication and Trial Long Xingyu. However, Long Xingyu’s face was rather twisted now. It seemed rather vicious, as if he was in some sort of agony.

If it were not for what the Demon God Emperor said before the start of the battle, Long Haochen obviously would not have been thinking as much. However, his mother had actually leapt off the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass for the Demon God Emperor. In that moment, his heart was truly filled with pain.

“No, don’t-” Bai Yue called out as she struggled in Long Haochen’s grasp, “Haochen, you can’t. No matter who kills him, it can’t be you. He’s your…”

Slap! Long Haochen smacked Bai Yue’s face, forcing her words back down her throat.

“Father.” Long Haochen hurried up and grabbed his father’s hand.
Bai Yue became stupefied from the slap. She fell onto the ground and looked at him blankly. Her entire body trembled. In her memory, Long Xingyu had never even scolded her before, let alone lay his hands on her!

In the deep pit, the Demon God Emperor and the Moon Demon God had already stood up, but the despair in their eyes did not vanish. Looking at Long Haochen’s family, the light in the Demon God Emperor Fengxiu’s eyes flickered and he said coldly, “Long Xingyu, what right do you have to hit her?”

Long Xingyu suddenly turned around to face the Demon God Emperor.
The depths of his eyes were filled with utter hatred.

“Why can’t I hit her? I don’t care what happened to her in the past. I can ignore it all and not be fussed by it. As a matter of fact, I’ve already moved past it. However, why, just why won’t she consider for her own sun? Haochen is the chairman of the Temple Union. His actions have ceased to represent just himself a long time ago, but the entire union. In order to stop Haochen from killing you, she actually chose to jump off the walls and she wants so say something she’s not supposed to say. Isn’t she supposed to be afraid of bringing ruin and shame to Haochen?”

The Demon God Emperor said coldly, “Ruin and shame? What an impressive ruin and shame. Do you really think that if she stays quiet, I’ll stay quiet as well?”

Now, both sides of the battlefield had already landed on the ground. However, the demon powerhouses that the Demon God Emperor had brought along with him could only be described as in tatters.

The black phoenix that Lin Xin had unleashed in the battle earlier erupted with extremely terrifying attacks. Out of the nineteen demon gods that the Demon God Emperor had brought with him, only six remained apart from him and Agares. At the same time, basically every single demon clan had suffered tremendous losses. In other words, even if Long Haochen had failed to defeat them, the very foundations of the demons had been shaken.
Not to mention, Long Haochen had even killed the Star Demon God Vassago in the battle in the air earlier.

“Yet, your chairman who will lead you all out of the darkness of the demons has my blood flowing through him,” the Demon God Emperor’s voice rang out coldly.

All of the residual demons were shocked by that. The Temple Union was no different. If it were not for the appearance of Long Xingyu and his wife earlier, the powerhouses of the Temple Union would have never believed the Demon God Emperor. As enemies of the Demon God Emperor, they would only think the Demon God Emperor was trying to drive a wedge between them. However, they could tell from Long Xingyu, Bai Yue and Long Haochen’s expressions that the Demon God Emperor might have been telling the truth.

Long Xingyu trembled out of fury. He suddenly turned towards Bai Yue. His emotions had finally lost control due to what the Demon God Emperor said, “Are you satisfied now? Are you satisfied to see Haochen being suspected? Why, why do you have to do this? I clearly let it go. Why do you still have to say Haochen’s his son? Do you know that in the past, in the Modu core city, Fengxiu had already killed Haochen once! Why? I’ve loved you for all these years. In my life, apart from my mother who’s already passed away, you are the only woman I’ve loved deeply. I could forgive you for anything you did. However, in your heart, it’s still him. For him, you’d even throw your life away. I don’t understand, I really don’t understand what I’ve done wrong for you to act so cold-heartedly. When Haochen returned from the demons and took part in the Temples’ Great Gathering. I even accepted him as my true son, but why must you continue to hurt my heart like this? Why?”

Bai Yue’s eyes widened from what Long Xingyu said. She climbed up to her feet from the ground, raised her right hand and pointed at him. Due to being overly emotionla, her body trembled uncontrollably, as if she could collapse at any time.

Long Haochen took a step forward and supported his mother. He channeled his gentle natural aura of life into his mother’s body, assisting her
in stabilising her condition. He had always been reluctant to facing all of this, but everything had already happened, so it was no longer up to whether he wanted to face it or not. He had already made up his mind. No matter what, he would never spare the Demon God Emperor. This had to do with the future of countless humans! If he did not use the opportunity to kill the Demon God Emperor today, it would probably be even more impossible for him to kill the Demon God Emperor in the future. He constantly told himself inside that his bloodline from the Demon God Emperor had already been destroyed when the Demon God Emperor killed him in the Star Demon Pago. Now, he was only an enemy. Only an enemy!

Slap! What no one expected was that after standing up, Bai Yue would pointed at Long Xingyu without uttering a single word for a while, before raising her hand and slapping him in the face.

“You bastard…” Due to her anger, Bai Yue’s beautiful face became rather twisted as well, while one side of her face still had the handprint from Long Xingyu’s slap earlier.

“I’m the bastard?” Long Xingyu was rather stunned as well. He had thought about just how Bai Yue would respond when he confronted her countless times in the past, but he had never thought it would end up like this, where she would actually slap him.

“If you’re not a bastard, then what are you? You insist on saying your wife’s incestual, and you say your own son’s actually someone else’s. In this world, is there anyone who’s more of a bastard than you?” After hearing what Long Xingyu said, the Demon God Emperor was momentarily stunned, before falling into a rage. He yelled at Long Xingyu.

Long Xingyu’s head immediately blanked out. He was in a daze. Didn’t the Demon God Emperor say Long Haochen was his son? If that was the case, what was this incestual business about? What was happening? What exactly was happening? In that moment, even someone as clever as him could not understand what was going on anymore.

Bai Yue suddenly burst out in tears, “The reason why I’m willing to die for him because half of my bloodline comes from him. He’s my father!
Long Haochen’s your true son! How could you suspect me, and doubt me for several decades!?”

Let alone Long Xingyu, even Long Haochen and the human powerhouses were dazed. This was really was confusing, such that the peak existences of the current age even became rather dumbfounded. Many people failed to understand what was going on.

“Mother, what’s this all about? What’s this all about?” Long Haochen asked his mother urgently.

Bai Yue raised her head to look at Long Haochen. Tears were strewn across her face, “Haochen, I never thought, never did I ever think, your father would be thinking like that. No wonder, no wonder he would abandon you so vicious in Odin Town. He said he wanted to nurture you ability by doing that. I don’t know how many times I asked him, but he always refused to bring you over. He even went missing for so, so long. As it turns out, he actually thought I betrayed him, that you’re not even his child.”

Long Xingyu stood there in a daze, yet he was unable to say anything at all. He only felt like a huge rock was pressing against his chest, making him suffocate.

In his heart, the matter that had caused him over two decades of pain seemed to originate from a single misunderstanding. It was just far, far too great of an impact to him. His heart could no longer accept the truth of this matter anymore.

The Demon God Emperor looked at Long Haochen with a sunken face. His heart was filled with a strange feeling. The battle had actually ended already. He knew that it was no longer possible for him to defeat Long Haochen under Austin Griffin’s assistance. Currently, he listened to Bai Yue’s sobs as he thought rapidly. He tried to think of a way to change the current situation.

Bai Yue straightened her body under Long Haochen’s support. She said with a trembling voice, “Long Xingyu, are you tarnishing Haochen’s
name, or are you tarnishing your own? For what reason do you say he’s not your son?”

Long Xingyu said instinctively, “He was born with extraordinary mental force. That’s clearly a sign of the Devil Dragon Clan. And, he doesn’t look like me.”

Bai Yue said coldly, “Is there anything wrong with a son looking like his mother? And why don’t you ask where his light element comes from? Do you think it comes from the Demon God Emperor? Your heart’s already been blinded by jealousy and hatred. You’ve actually treated your own son as the son of your enemy the entire time, even believing that your wife’s unfaithful. Do you really distrust me so much?”

Long Xingyu said bitterly, “In the past, you were captured by the demons for a year. I originally thought you were already dead, but when I found you in Odin Town, I saw how you already had Haochen. I had to suspect.”

Bai Yue inhaled deeply, but her tears poured out once more. She sobbed with a trembling voice, “Y- you bastard. Since you had doubt, why didn’t you ask me? Why?”

Long Xingyu also choked with sobs, “How am I supposed to ask you? How am I supposed to? I love you so much, such that I don’t even wish you suffer the slightest harm. How am I supposed to ask such a hurtful question? You never showed any intention of clarifying anything either. I…”

In that moment, Long Haochen felt like he had just collided against the ground heavily, before being plucked high into the sky once more. He finally understood slightly. This all seemed to be a misunderstanding. He was not the Demon God Emperor’s son, but the Demon God Emperor’s grandson. His mother was the Demon God Emperor’s daughter, while Ah’Bao who he had heavily injured was actually his uncle.

Chapter 859

Bai Yue’s sorrowful face calmed down slightly. She suddenly turned around and hugged Long Haochen firmly, “Sorry, Haochen. Sorry. Mother’s made you suffer. Mother shouldn’t have hidden everything, leading to a misunderstanding that was almost a mistake. It’s mother’s who’s let you down, making you suffer all these years.”

Exactly! After Long Haochen cultivated with Long Xinyu for two years, Long Xingyu left with Bai Yue, making him lose the love and care of his parents. He could only rely on himself over the years after that. Who knew how many times he came close to death. If it were not for luck, Long Haochen probably would have died on the path forward already.

Whether it was Long Xingyu or Bai Yue, neither of them had truly helped him after that.

Long Haochen’s body swayed. After all these years of training, his mind had already become forged like steel. However, he still felt aching pain in his heart. Only now did he find out that his father never treated him as his true son. Then, why did his father raise him? Was it so that he could kill the Demon God Emperor one day and create a tradegy that he believed was pitting son and father against each other?

Long Haochen’s heart was filled with bitterness. Through this misunderstanding, Long Xingyu had been hurt. Bai Yue had been hurt as well, while the person who had been hurt the most also happened to be the one most undeserving of it all, himself! He clearly had a mother and a father, yet he passed all those years without the love and care of his parents. His own father even suspected him to be someone else’s child. He was not
an orphan, but he suffered a fate worse than an orphan. At least, orphans would not hold any hope for familial love. However, he clearly clung onto this hope, yet it was just trampled over by reality.

Taking in a forceful breath, Long Haochen looked at the sky. He did his best to prevent his tears from rolling down his cheeks. He held his mother and said with difficulty, “Mother, I don’t blame you or father. You two brought me into this world, so that’s already the greatest kindness you’ve shone me. I have no right to blame you. I just want to know the truth right now. Why are you the Demon God Emperor’s daughter and what happened before I was born?”

Bai Yue nodded gently. Long Haochen said he did not blame her, but that instead made her feel even worse, “Alright, alright. I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you all of it.”

“My mother, which would be your grandmother, was once a priest. She had a very nice name called Bai Lingxuan. She was a priest, and also a member of a demon hunt squad. Since her childhood, she had demonstrate great talent as a priest. Within the Priest Temple, she was an existence akin to a prodigy. After becoming a demon hunter, she followed her demon hunt squad and moved through the territory of the demons freely. Her cultivation climbed higher and higher as well. Countless demon powerhouses died to their squad.”

“One time, they encountered a powerful enemy in their mission. The squad was basically annihilated. It was a warrior in her squad that protected your grandmother with his life that she managed to escape. However, the warrior died after saving your mother as well. At that time, they were still within the territory of the demons.”

“While your grandmother was very powerful, she was still a priest after all! Not only had she almost exhausted all of her spiritual energy back then, her wounds were very severe as well. She did not manage to flee very far before fainting in a forest.”

As soon as Bai Yue reached there, the Demon God Emperor continued,
“It was me who saved her. I just happened to be inspecting the various
clans. Just when I passed by, I sensed the aura of a human, which lead to me meeting Lingxuan. Back then, her wounds were very heavy. Her face was sheet-white. However, from the first moment I saw her, I was drawn to her by her gentle aura and beautiful appearance. It was a kind of beauty completely different from my race. As a result, I did the unexpected by not killing her. Instead, I shirked away from responsibilities and saved her.”

“When Lingxuan woke up, she saw me who was under a disguise. With my cultivation, it was impossible for her to tell that I was a demon. I told her that I was also a part of a demon hunt squad, and that my companions had died on the battlefield, just like hers. I just happened to be passing by and I found her, which was how I saved her.”

To the Demon God Emperor, this could also be considered as a secret. Aside from his ulterior motives, the reason why he had said this before all the demon powerhouses was so that Long Haochen could understand his feelings towards his grandmother.”

“While Lingxuan was a demon hunter, she was extremely simple- minded. She did not doubt me at all. Under my assistance, her wounds gradually healed and we grew closer and closer. She was so beautiful and so gentle. In order to gain her trust, in order to spend more time together with her, I even went as far as to assist her with her missions. I even assisted her in killing the clansmen that had claimed the lives of her companions. Back then, she was very grateful of me and she trusted me as well. Unknowingly, we both fell in love.”

Upon reaching there, the Demon God Emperor actually became melancholic, “Perhaps, this was an emotion that should not have appeared. However, Yue’er, even now, I can tell you confidently that your mother’s the woman I’ve loved the most in my life. There is no other.”

Hearing the Demon God Emperor, Bai Yue could not help but burst into tears once more, while Long Xingyu tottered and almost fell down. He finally believed everything that Bai Yue had said. The entire time, what made him feel conflicted the most, and what caused him the most pain was his son, Long Haochen! Now that he had learnt that Haochen really was his
son, his pain instead became even more intense than before. Compared to Bai Yue, he felt like he had let his son even more. And, he even…

The Demon God Emperor’s voice was very gentle. None of the demon gods had ever witnessed something like that before. Even Agares could sense the unprecedented sincerity in the Demon God Emperor’s voice. Only when did he realise that he was not the only one who had fallen in love with a human woman. The emperor of the demons who had reigned over the demons for hundreds of years also held feelings towards a human woman in the past as well. As a matter of fact, his love for the human woman was so deep that he could never match it.

“I spent an entire year with Lingxuan within my own territory. During that time, I helped her complete all of her missions, and she finally fell in love with me as well. With a lone man and woman, coupled with the elation of emotions, she finally became my woman.”

“Linxuan told me one day that she missed home. She wanted to go back. She wanted to see her family and friends, as well as tell them about me, so she could marry me.”

“Back then, I don’t even remember how many times I wanted to tell her my real identity, but I never managed to gather the courage to do so, because I could sense her hatred towards my race. I even knew her father died in battle against my race. I couldn’t say it, because I was too afraid of losing her. Back then, I even considered abandoning the position as the emperor of the demons for her and continue like this, posing as a human the entire time. The year I spent with her also happened to be the happiest year of my life.”

“I tried multiple times to influence her into changing her mind, but for some reason in the end, she insisted on returning with determination I had never seen before. With no other choice, I could only accompany her to the boundary of the Temple Alliance. In her eyes back then, I was a human warrior. In order for her to not find out, I told her to return to the Priest Temple and wait for me. I would go to the Warrior Temple to tell my parents, before going to find her.”
“Lingxuan left reluctantly. However, what I never expected was that after parting, that was the last time we saw each other.” Reaching there, Fengxiu’s eyes actually became moist. Two streaks of tears ran down his face.

Bai Yue sobbed, “The reason why mother insisted on returning to the alliance was because she had become pregnant with me! She was unwilling to tell you, because she was embarrassed. You promised you should marry her once she returned to the alliance. After returning to the Priest Temple, she waited for you, waiting for you to come for her. However, you never came. You never ended up coming.”

Fengxiu’s body trembled, “Yeah. I never went. Back then, I was only thinking about how I could continue being with Lingxuan. It was also at that moment near the boundary of the humans that my identity had been exposed for some reason. Before I could remove my disguise and the seal to cover my aura of darkness, I was under attack from two titled demon hunt squads. There originally was no reason for me to fear them with my cultivation, but in order to conceal my aura perfectly, the seal I had placed on myself was just too firm. It was impossible for me to get through it without enough time. As a result, I faced a bitter battle. Although I managed to escape in the end using the power of the Devil Dragon Pillar, I was heavily injured as well.”

“That was the only time I became heavily injured in my life. I could not help but suspect Lingxuan, because only she had been with me the entire time. If she hadn’t discovered who I was and had sensed the seal within my body, how could it have been so coincidental, that I would be attacked by two titled demon hunt squads when she insisted on returning to the Temple Alliance?”

“Back then, I was in great agony. The agonising sorrow and my heavy wounds caused me to fall unconscious for a very long time. My wounds only took a turn for the better because of my natural regenerative ability. However, when I had awoken, a year had already passed.”

“Back then, I still thought of Lingxuan. I refused to believe that she would set up a trap like that. I wanted to find her. I wanted to get to the
bottom of this through her no matter what. As a result, as soon as my wounds recovered, I disguised myself and ventured into the Temple Alliance, to the Priest Temple to look for Linxuan.

“However, when I arrived at the Priest Temple, the only thing that I found was Lingxuan’s grave! As it turned out, it really was a coincidence. It was a coincidence that I had encountered the two titled demon hunt squads.” The Demon God Emperor actually struggled to choke back his sobs when he reached there.

Chapter 860

Bai Yue said blankly, “After mother returned to the Priest Temple, she waited for you to come. However, I could not wait. She was already pregnant with me and her belly grew larger and larger with each coming day. After around five months, she could no longer hide it as she had a thin figure in the first place. She told her family everything about what happened between her and you. Back then, you used the name of Feng Ling and was a warrior from the Warrior Temple. She waited you for several months, but you never came, and she gave birth. While grandmother and grandfather were no longer alive, mother still had other relatives and her masters. Very soon, they asked the Warrior Temple and the Demon Hunt Squads’ Mission Tower about you. The answer they received was that a person like that did not exist.”

“Back then, my mother’s mind was close to collapsing. She was so helpless. No one helped her. Even when she died, she did not know what the person she had loved so deeply was actually the ruler of the demons, the demon god ranked first, the Demon God Emperor.”

“Unable to find you, many people knew that my mother was probably tricked. They all persuaded her to not give birth to me, as that would ruin her entire life. However, my mother refused. She was just too kindhearted. She was unwilling to abort me no matter what. She said that even if it would cost her her life, she would give birth to me.”

“After ten months of pregnancy and a day of pain, I was born. However, it was exactly because of my birth that brought ultimate pain and disaster to my mother. My element was darkness. Half of my bloodline had come from your Devil Dragon Clan, inheriting your aura
of darkness. Only then did mother realise that the man she had fallen in love with was actually a demon. Can you imagine just how great of a impact that was on her? And, because of my darkness element, it raised strong suspicion within the Priest Temple. They did not want me alive, because I was a descendent of a demon, and that the blood of demons flowed through my.”

“My mother forbid them from taking me away no matter what. My mother guarded me with her life. In order for me to survive, she used her own blood to replace mine, using her own element to change him. She used her love to protect my life. In the end, I survived. I managed to live under mother’s persistence out of love. However, my body was still destroyed to a certain degree. Not only did it lead to a fraile youth, it was impossible for me to cultivate as well. After giving birth to me, my mother was already feeble, and then in order to save me, she used up the last bit of essence her body possessed. When she watched me make it through the most critical moment, she finally could not last any longer. She used her own blood to write a short letter. She placed it in an embroidered pouch and hung it around my neck.”

“After I grew up, I read the blood letter multiple times. Back then, I did not understand what my mother was saying at all. Only after when you came and found me, brought me to the demons and told me about what happened between you and my mother did I understand what mother was saying. However, I never told you about the letter. I didn’t want to. I wanted you to suffer from the torment and guilt for her kindness. It was you, you who made mother suffer. It was you who made her die so you. I hate you, I hate you…”

Due to becoming overly emotional, Bai Yue almost fainted in Long Haochen’s arms. It was only because of Long Haochen’s constant supply of gentle vitality that she managed to remain conscious.

The Demon God Emperor said blankly, “Letter? A letter? Lingxuan’s actually left a message for me? What is it? Yue’er, tell me, what did she say in her last moments?”
Bai Yue’s hand reached into her own collar while trembling and took out an extremely old embroidered pouch. She murmured, “I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you today.”

She carefully, pulled out a white cloth from the embroidered pouch. It was very clear that the cloth was not square. It seemed like it had been ripped out from a piece of clothing. The blood on the white cloth had already become a purplish brown, clearly originating from many years ago.

Bai Yue read it softly, “Yue’er’s your and my child. I may be departing soon, but I’ve finally managed to protect her. No matter who you are, you are only my Feng Ling, the Feng Ling who swept through the world. You may have fooled me, but I do not regret my love.”

Bang! Hearing that, the Demon God Emperor suddenly became pale- white. His body swayed, only managing to remain upright by suddenly stabbing the Devil Dragon Sword into the ground. His gaze was rather dumbfounded. It was filled with endless sorrow. In that moment, even the human powerhouses who opposed him could not help but feel a twinge of sympathy after hearing that story.

Reading the contents of the letter, Bai Yue felt like she had been relieved of a great burden. Her expression eased up and she turned to her son. She carefully placed the letter back into the pouch around her neck and she said softly, “I was brought up by many people. My mother’s death for me touched many of her masters from the Priest Temple. They silently took up the burden of raising me. Although I could not cultivate, they took extremely good care of me, watching me grow up with each passing day. They never told me about the tragedy that my mother went through before her death either, just because they hoped I could live happily. If it was possible, they would rather I never find out about that. After all, I don’t have a vocation. I can’t take part in the war against the demons.”

“When I was eighteen, I met Xingyu. Although he was much older than me, every young girl revered a hero. He fell in love with me, while I also feel in love with him. Under the blessings of the masters of the Priest Temple, we married in the Knight Temple, just inside the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. If everything went smoothly, we would have
become a happy couple. I never had any particular demands in life. I only hoped that the person who I loved who also loved me could be happy. However, just when I was most happy, you appeared.”

When she said that, Bai Yue looked at the Demon God Emperor nearby.
Her voice was filled with resentment.

“It was you who destroyed my life. You could sense your own aura in me, so you forcefully abducted me in a battle between the demons and the alliance, bringing me back to your Demon Emperor Palace.

“Back then, I thought I was done for, that I would never be able to see Xingyu again. After falling into your hands, I never thought I could return alive. I was already prepared that if you demons tried to rape me, I would die for Xingyu to remain pure. I held me hairpin, ready to take my own life at any time.

Upon reaching there, Bai Yue raised her hand gently and touched Long Haochen’s face, “If it weren’t for you, perhaps I would have taken my own life the moment the demons had taken me away. I just happened to have found out about your existence back then. I hadn’t even managed to tell your father. As a result, I was reluctant to die. There was no need to drag an innocent child down into the grave with me. Even if there was just the slightest possibility, I had to remain strong and survive, to give birth to you. Just like how my mother used her own life to protect me, I was willing to use my own life to protect you.”

“Mother,” Long Haochen held his mother and also sobbed.

“Afterwards, he told me that he was my father. He could sense the aura of his bloodline on me and he could see how I almost looked the same as my mother. From then on, he kept me in the demons’ territory for almost a year. He treated me very well, often telling me about the stories that happened between him and my mother. However, because of his lies and deception, I grew up without a mother or a father! How could I forgive him? I was the wife of a divine knight from the Knight Temple, yet I was the daughter of the Demon God Emperor. Back then, my emotions were extremely mixed. I had no idea how to face your father. Only afterwards,
as my stomach gradually swelled up, did I suddenly realise that I could not give birth to my child within the demons no matter what. As a result, I threatened him with my own life, which was why he sent me back to the alliance and why I was able to return. When I returned to the alliance, I was close to birth. I had no idea how to face your father. One reason was because of my father that I rejected, but at the end of the day, was still my father. The other was because of my beloved husband. The hatred between the humans and demons had already reached a point of no return, so how was I supposed to face him? I did not face him. I was unable to imagine what I would do one day if my father killed my husband, or my husband killed my father. As a result, I could not run away. I could only choose to run.”

“After giving birth to you in Odin Town, I decided to stay there. No matter how difficult it was there, I was unwilling to face everything in the outside world. I missed Xingyu, but I did not have the courage to stand before him and tell him I was the daughter of the Demon God Emperor. It was exactly because of the depth of my love that made me even more reluctant for him to go through this pain. As a result, I could only run away from him and never see him. That lasted for almost ten years!”

“When he came to find me, he had already become a divine knight. When I saw him again, I was unable to repress my emotions any longer, so I finally agreed to return with him, as well as tell him about your existence.”

Long Xingyu raised his head slowly and looked at Bai Yue and Long Haochen in confusion, “However, when I saw you again, I didn’t believe you. I could sense you were running away, but I believe that you were running away because of Haochen, because you had him with the Demon God Emperor. Can you imagine the pain, the suffering that I went through back then? However, no matter how painful it was, it could not rival my love for you. I just loved you too much, which was why I was willing for this pain to eat away my heart than to separate from you again.”
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