Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 841-850

Chapter 841

However, the demons suffered greater losses compared to before. With the support of the magic cannons and the wave of fire at the beginning, the demons had lost a lot of their original advantage. There was an individual person controlling each magic cannon, targeting the opponent and then firing. When the third wave of cannonfire was complete, over five hundred demons had already fallen to the cannons. Although the latter two rounds of fire were weaker, they would still be demons that could not dodge in time or could not block the attack. At the same time, with the threat of the magic cannons present, even the Devil Dragon squads composed of three great powerhouses each were affected to a ceratin degree.

Up in the air.

The clash between Long Haochen and the Demon God Emperor’s domains had already reached the limit. A black hole around thirty meters wide appeared between the white light and dark golden light. The edge of the black hole to one side was white, while the other was dark golden. The tremendous pressure from the dark hole assaulted Long Haochen and the Demon God Emperor.

The difference in cultivation was very clearly presented at this moment. The two swords in Long Haochen’s hands clearly trembled, while the Demon God Emperor remained calm. He did not use any weapons or equipment either.

However, the Demon God Emperor no longer said anything else to Long Haochen. He had already made up his mind to defeat Long Haochen first and then find a way to make him yield.
What Long Haochen said earlier caused his deep pain. That was when he killed Long Haochen in the Star Demon Pagoda. The Demon God Emperor had already pondered this issue. As the leader of the demons, he possessed many secret techniques. One of them was to embed his will on people. He knew that it was impossible to make Long Haochen directly yield, so he just took a step back. He could rebuild his character and soul, so he could become his successor.

He had to defeat Long Haochen, and then erase his memories and his will but keeping his cultivation. Once that had happened, the Demon God Emperor woudl channel the power of his bloodline back into Long Haochen. At the same time, he would remove Ye Xiaolei’s powers and make it into his own.

The final result would be that the Demon God Emperor himself would become a true god, while Long Haochen would inherit the position as the leader of the demons after gaining a new soul, replacing him as the new ruler.

Without a doubt, this process would be extremely complicated and difficult, but the Demon God Emperor was very confident in himself. Not only was it because of his sufficient abilities, he had sufficient time as well. Nurturing Long Haochen who already had such a high cultivation was much better than waiting for Ah’Bao to recover. And, Ah’Bao’s character made him unsuitable to inherit the position of Demon God Emperor.

Long Haochen obviously had no idea what the Demon God Emperor was thinking. After the intense surge of emotions earlier, he had completely reconsolidated his confidence. No matter what, he had to keep fighting for humanity. Even if his body contained the Demon God Emperor’s bloodline, he could not shy away from this battle, so humanity could regain control of the continent and break out of the age of darkness that had restrained them for six thousand years. Whether it was killing his direct relative like his father or offering up his own life, he would all be willing.

As a result, Long Haochen became even more resolute. Determination flooded his eyes such that even the Demon God Emperor found it rather unsettling.
Long Haochen could not afford to maintain this stalemate anymore. He let the black hole created from the clash of domains expand and grow beyond the range of his control. With a twirl of his swords, dense, golden light erupted once more.

The black hole between the two of them immediately erupted with Long Haochen backing out. It was only thirty meters in width, but that was because it had not fully expanded under the two domains. Now that Long Haochen had pulled out, the entire black whole exploded completely and the sky immediately darkened.

As the Demon God Emperor maintained his domain, the power of the black hole expanded in Long Haochen’s direction. If Long Haochen was unable to resist the explosive power of the black hole, he would be completely devoured by it.

However, Long Haochen remained calm. In the moment he had pulled out, he had already come up with a way to deal with it.

Pointing the Sword of Eternity forwards, he used the translucent, white ball of light among the three balls of light that revolved around him for the first time. The white light landed on the gemstone on his chest silently and afterwards, Long Haochen vanished.

Without a doubt, the green ball of light represented the representative of the lords of nature, the king of Easton, the seven-coloured ball of light represented the divine gigantic dragon, while the translucent, white ball of light represented the Angel of Eternity.

These three powerhouses that existed within the Domain of Eternity represented the power of nature, the power of the living and the power of stars within the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation.

Now, Long Haochen was using the strongest of them all, the power of stars.

Although it was not the final attack among the three sword techniques of eternity, it was one of the greatest abilities that the Divine Throne of
Eternity and Creation had granted him.

In the moment he vanished, the black hole actually came to a halt.

The Demon God Emperor suddenly experienced a strange sensation, as if Long Haochen had become the sky there. A strange, distorting feeling shocked him greatly due to his cultivation. He erupted with everything he had been hiding before. Dark, blue lightning immediately turned into a shield in front of him.

It was also in the next moment that the black hole in the air actually reversed. Instead of travelling towards Long Haochen, it completely erupted against the Demon God Emperor.

The terrifying power landed on the Demon God Emperor’s domain, which immediately made him shudder. The erupting black hole was completely different from when it was restrained by domains. The Demon God Emperor clearly did not imagine Long Haochen would possess an ability like this, which caught him off-guard.

However, the Demon God Emperor was still the Demon God Emperor. The huge, dark golden dragon behind him rose up and the Demon God Emperor retreated in the face of the black hole.

The black hole expanded extremely rapidly, but it was still slower than the dark golden dragon. The dragon completely blocked the black hole and crushed it inwards, forcefully stopping its expansion and also repaired the ripped space bit by bit.

It was also at this moment that Long Haochen appeared. He appeared where the Demon God Emperor would definitely pass by when he retreated. With the Sword of Eternity pointed at the Demon God Emperor, countless stars lit up simultaneously behind him.

The specks of stars formed the huge image of an angel, which completely filled the sky. Daytime had been completely replaced by night, while the stars gathered together like they were about to light up.
The Sword of Eternity that pointed towards the Demon God Emperor seemed to serve as a guide. The countless specks of stars immediately converged into one, before turning into a huge beam of light that hurtled towards the Demon God Emperor who had lost the protection of the dark golden dragon.

The Demon God Emperor finally became stern. This was the first time he had experienced such a heavy pressure. It was also in that moment that the colossal Devil Dragon Pillar emitted a ripple of dark golden light. It shrank rapidly.

A set of dark golden armour just appeared in the air like that. The Demon God Emperor took a step forward and the armour suddenly turned black. As it fshone with a dark golden lustre, it enveloped his body.

The dark golden armour was so magnificent that it even seemed to surpass Long Haochen’s Armour of Eternity.

A black headband with a dark blue, diamond-shaped gemstone tied up the Demon God Emperor’s black hair as the gemstone flickered with sparks. A neck guard rose up, protecting the Demon God Emperor’s slender, white neck. It continued to extend down, turning into shoulder guards. They were shaped as dragon wings as their two ends rose up in the air. The blackness continued to extend down, where the crests finally gathered on his chest, forming a huge, dark blue, diamond-shaped gemstone.

Sharp, black spines jutted out from his waist. Each spine shone with a strange, dark golden lustre. Some of the spines spiralled downwards, forming the Demon God Emperor’s kilt. Further downwards were dragon scales which protected the Demon God Emperor’s legs.

On the sides of his legs, dragon wings rose up just like his shoulder guards. There were no wings on the Demon God Emperor’s back, but a huge, dark blue cloak. It completely covered his slender figure.

He carried a huge sword on his back. The sword was actually even larger than his body, the blade over two meters long. The hilt was a meter long
and the sword was almost a meter wide as well. The huge sword seemed simple, without any fancy adornments. However, how could it have been simple if the Demon God Emperor carried it on his back?

Faced with the final attack out of the three sword techniques of eternity, the Demon God Emperor had finally used the Devil Dragon Pillar to undergo his demon god transformation. Once the armour covered the Demon God Emperor, whether it was Long Haochen or the human and demon powerhouses below, all of them could clearly sense that a pair of terrifying eyes seemed to be watching them.

The Demon God Emperor did not use his sword. When the armour covered his body, his eyes lit up. They were actually the same as the gemstones on his chest and headband. They all shone with dark blue light.

He raised his right hand. Only then did Long Haochen see a diamond- shaped, blue gemstone in the centre of the Demon God Emperor’s gauntlet. It appeared before him as he raised his hand.

The dark, blue gemstone suddenly lit up and afterwards, a barrier of light created from a mixture of dark blue and dark golden colour appeared fron his hand. The barrier formed a hemisphere, only protecting the Demon God Emperor from the front.


In the next moment, the entire sky turned white. The dense power of stars made the Starry Sky Holy Knight Yang Haoyue to raise his head in surprise. His Star Domain was immediately influenced by it, growing in power and forcefully tearing a ninth step Moon Demon to pieces.

The white sky shocked all the demons as well as their might decreased rapidly. Even the Moon Demon God and Star Demon Gods had to pull back, knocking away their opponents while looking at the sky.

Chapter 842

The power filled with the aura of stars and light clearly did not belong to the Demon God Emperor! Now that the sky had turned right, it only demonstrated that Long Haochen’s power had gained the upper hand in that moment.

The glowing, white sky lasted for a whole minute. During that minute, the human powerhouses fought back with their full strength, overwhelming the demons. Even seven demons of the ninth step died to the humans’ powerful counterattack.

The whiteness gradually faded and Long Haochen and the Demon God Emperor reappeared in the sky.

The white light slowly faded, while Long Haochen was slightly out of breath. His Heart of Eternity thumped heavily, assisting him in recovering the tremendous amounts of spiritual energy he had exhausted. At the same time, it increased the amount of power he could erupt with in that moment. However, shock appeared in his eyes.

Long Haochen could not help but be shocked. When he clashed with the Demon God Emperor using domains, he had already thought of his battle tactic. He had used his full strength in the clash of domains and he was not the Demon God Emperor’s opponent. However, in the critical moment at the end, Long Haochen had used the wonders of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation to turn the situation around.

The ability that reversed the attack of the black hole came from the Angel of Eternity’s control over the sky and the stars. It was called the Astral

When the Demon God Emperor was forced to use his Devil Dragon to protect himself from the power of the black hole, that was clearly when he was the weakest. That was when Long Haochen used the final attack out of the three sword techniques of eternity, the Stars of Eternity.

In terms of his successes, he had managed to force the Demon God Emperor to use his demon god transformation, finally witnessing the boost that the Devil Dragon Pillar provided to the Demon God Emperor.

However, he also witnessed just how terrifying the Demon God Emperor was under such circumstances.

Long Haochen felt like the Stars of Eternity was the strongest attack he had launched in his entire life. Countless stars were condensed in one point, unleashed by the Sword of Eternity. The attack was so terrifying that it had made the sky change in colour.

However, the Demon God Emperor only raised a hand. He did not even use the huge sword on his back.

The light from the Stars of Eternity did engulf the entire sky, but only the region where the Demon God Emperor resided was completely unaffected. Even the huge dragon that had stopped the black hole silently vanished when the Stars of Eternity arrived, as if it had been absorbed into the Demon God Emperor’s armour.

Slowing placing down his raised right hand, the Demon God Emperor nodded at Long Haochen seriously, “You’ve shocked me once again. I never thought the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation would be so powerful. It really is a supra divine tool after all. Unfortunately, you are unable to unleash its full power with your current strength, or you really might be able to face off against me. However, you are not enough right now.”

As he said that, the Demon God Emperor suddenly moved. The moment he moved, his aura completely vanished from Long Haochen’s powerful
senses. When he reappeared, he was already in front of Long Haochen. He directly pointed his right index finger at the gemstone on Long Haochen’s chest.

Close combat?

Long Haochen was extremely experienced in battle. He moved to the side slightly when the Demon God Emperor suddenly approached him and at the same time, he let go of the King’s Sword in his left hand and grabbed the Demon God Emperor’s finger.

At such a close range, the length of his weapon would only pose as a hindrance, while their clash would be on par to clashes between divine tools.

Moreover, after letting go of the King’s Sword, it immediately circled around and flashed towards the Demon God Emperor’s neck viciously while shining with eight-coloured light.

The Demon God Emperor did not dodge. He allowed Long Haochen to grab him by the finger, and he also allowed Long Yating’s King’s Sword to land on his neck guard.

The moment they came in contact with each other, Long Haochen suddenly felt the Demon God Emperor distort. Afterwards, a terrifying power surged from the finger that he held onto.

It was just a split second, but Long Haochen felt like his left hand had become completely numb, while the numb sensation immediately moved up into his arm.

The Armour of Eternity had already filtered this power, yet his body still become temporarily numb.

Afterwards, the Demon God Emperor’s finger ended up landing on the gemstone on his chest, still grasped by Long Haochen.
There was no sound, but it seemed even more terrifying, because a black colour immediately invaded the gemstone, purging the dark green colour that originated from the beating of the Heart of Eternity. The black colour immediately spread from the gemstone across Long Haochen’s armour.

As for Yating’s attack, the moment it struck the Demon God Emperor’s neck guard, a deep, somewhat hoarse dragon’s roar suddenly sounded out from the Demon God Emperor’s black sword on his back.

Afterwards, a great suction powerful forcefully drew in Yating’s sword, pressing it against the huge, black sword.

Strands of blackness enveloped the huge sword, forcefully trapping Yating against the huge, black sword. More terrifyingly, the black sword actually showed signs of fusing with it. The King’s Sword slowly merged into the black sword, as if it was devouring Yating.

However, Long Haochen was in no shape to help Yating. He only felt that his entire body had become numb. At the same time, an indescribable, cold sensation filled his body. Even his left hand that held the Demon God Emperor’s index eased up and fell away unknowingly.

The gemstone had become completely black. Long Haochen and the Demon God Emperor were just centimetres away, gazing at one another.

There was brutality and coldness in the Demon God Emperor’s eyes, along with resolution. The dark golden light on him back black. Only the two dark blue gemstones on his forehead and chest remained the same colour as before.

“Do you think you can stand up to me just with the recognition of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation? You’re wrong. Your cultivation is not weak, but compared to me, it’s on a completely different level. I’m already a half-god. With the support of the Devil Dragon Pillar, I’m a real god. Supra divine tools are known as weapons of gods, but in reality, they were only supra divine tools in the hands of real gods. You are unworthy to use them.”
“I will remove the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation from you. I will separate it from you. Although I can’t destroy a supra divine tool completely with my powers, I can send it into unstable space, so it goes to another world.

“Do you sense that coldness? That’s the invasion of darkness. No matter how pure your light is, it will still be drowned out before absolute darkness.”

“But don’t worry, I won’t kill you. Once I’ve completely converted your light into darkness, the Goddess of Nature’s remnant will me mine as well. As for you, I will erase your memories and turn you into a demon. I still welcome you as my successor very much. As a matter of fact, you can become the successor of the Devil Dragon Pillar. The new you will reign over this continent in my place. You will also rule over your companions and humanity.”

As he said that, the Demon God Emperor’s expression became more and more vicious. Among the coldness, a sliver of madness appeared in his eyes.

The black colour had already covered the entire chestplate from the gemstone, while the cold sensation wildly shocked Long Haochen’s body. Even the beating of the Heart of Eternity seemed to come to a standstill in that moment.

A god’s power. Was this really a god’s power?

Long Haochen’s persistence prevented him from despairing. Instead, he used all the power in his possession in attempt to fight back.

However, the Demon God Emperor was just too powerful. He completely possessed the upper hand against the Armour of Eternity. The dark blue gemstone on his chest seemed to be mocking the Armour of Eternity, scoffing at how it chose the wrong successor, while Long Haochen’s aura grew weaker and weaker under the Demon God Emperor’s suppression.
Slowly, Long Haochen closed his eyes. Did he give up already? The Demon God Emperor was surprised. He suddenly discovered that as his powers of darkness expanded, he seemed to meet some kind of obstruction. It was tough and tenacious, unwilling to yield no matter what.

What was going on? A vicious light flashed through the Demon God Emperor’s eyes. The black sword on his back stopped devouring Yating, while the diamond-shaped gemstone on his chest shone brilliantly. A bolt of dark blue lightning immediately struck Long Haochen’s gemstone, causing Long Haochen to shudder violently.

Completely suppressed in terms of power, this was their difference in strength. The Demon God Emperor knew Long Haochen was wearing a supra divine tool, but he wanted to use this method to directly peel the supra divine tool off of Long Haochen. Once he lost the protection of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, Long Haochen would be like a lamb to the slaughter. The Demon God Emperor would be able to do anything he wanted to him.

Since the beginning, no matter what the Demon God Emperor experienced, he would always be able to recover from his momentary shock or anger. That was because he possessed absolute strength and he was absolutely confident in this strength.

Every single person of great ability that could dominate an entire world possessed their own, absolute pride. Elux who claimed that he could hold all lives and pluck all stars possessed this, so did Fengxiu as the Demon God Emperor.

Under the dark blue light, Long Haochen seemed like his body could collapse at any moment, but in the next moment, he stabilised. The trembling stopped. Although the blackness spread through the Armour of Eternity faster, the nine gemstones on his crown all lit up.

Chapter 843

The nine-coloured light shone as a special, transcendent aura appeared from the Armour of Eternity. Life immediately seemed to be bestowed upon the three balls of light around Long Haochen that had froze due to the Demon God Emperor’s actions.

A huge ball of white light appeared from behind Long Haochen, as if it wanted to illuminate all the darkness there. In the moment it had appeared, and indescribable pressure immediately landed on the Demon God Emperor.

The Demon God Emperor actually shuddered before this pressure, despite his cultivation. Shock and fear filled his eyes.

In the next moment, the three balls of light around Long Haochen turned into three figures behind him.

The one at the very front was the king of Easton, followed by the divine gigantic dragon, and then finally the Angel of Eternity.

The powers of the three powerhouses surged forth one after another, landing on Long Haochen’s back in the end.

Immediately, the Armour of Eternity shone brightly with white light. The blackness that expanded over Long Haochen’s chest receded at an astonishing rate. Afterwards, the gemstone on his chest lit up as well. The pressure from the tremendous ball of light behind Long Haochen immediately became a part of the gemstone.
A translucent stream of white light landed on the diamond-shaped gemstone on the Demon God Emperor’s chest.

Just like the gemstone was fighting back in the face of the Demon God Emperor’s armour’s scoffing and mockery, the Demon God Emperor became covered by white light after he was struck by the stream. He was blasted a thousand meters away, such that even Yating who was being absorbed by the sword in his back was blown away, returning to Long Haochen’s side once more as a streak of golden light.

Long Haochen’s eyes were still closed, but Long Yating seemed to be able to sense his will. With a flash of golden light, she ventured to the battlefield below, no longer serving as Long Haochen’s weapon.

The Sword of Eternity hovered before Long Haochen slowly. After the gemstone on Long Haochen’s chest had sent the Demon God Emperor flying, the light gathered on the Sword of Eternity.

The translucent light made the Sword of Eternity stream with light as well. The nine colours appeared one by one. At the same time, the sword itself became slightly larger, while the lines on it became smoother and more detailed. The nine-coloured light slowly withdrew into the sword as a strange lustre appeared on the sword. Nine symbols appeared one after another, representing water, fire, earth, wind, light, darkness, ice, lightning and space. The nine elements were represented with nine colours.

As each symbols was imprinted on the sword, the sword’s aura became heavier. When the final symbol was imprinted onto the sword, the Sword of Eternity swiveled upside down with its hilt pointing upwards. The sword had completely absorbed the aura that caused fear in the Demon God Emperor.

From that moment onwards, it was no longer the Sword of Eternity, but the Sword of Eternity and Creation. Just the sword itself was a supra divine tool.

Compared to the changes of the sword, the changes to the Armour of Eternity on Long Haochen were far more obvious.
Firstly, his surrounding became filled with a dense aura of life. The gentle power of light conjured forests, trees, mountains and rivers around him as green light. The scenes of nature all appeared one by one, before all turning into green light and entering the gemstone on the armour’s chestplate.

Following that was dazzling, seven-coloured light. The seven-coloured light turned into countless birds and beasts. All of the living creatures silently revolved around him.

At the end, all of the illusions from before vanished. The sky became completely occupied by stars. Starlight all gathered on Long Haochen. In the moment the starlight had appeared, the ball of light of great pressure behind him turned into a disc of white light, fixed behind his head.

During the entire transformation process, the Armour of Eternity became more and more complicated. Magnificent patterns replaced its gentle surface, as layers of cascading folds appeared perfectly. In particular, the sculptures of the divine gigantic dragon and Angel of Eternity on Long Haochen’s shoulders seemed to become real.

In the moment the disc of white light became fixed to the back of his head, the figures of the three powerhouses vanished as well, completely merging into the Armour of Eternity. The three balls of light that originally revolved around Long Haochen vanished a well.

The Demon God Emperor watched from afar in shock. The pressure that caused him fear weighed on his consciousness heavily, such that he actually forgot to attack when he watched the entire process unfold.

This was clearly the power of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. The Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation that Long Haochen controlled before did not seem to be its true form as a supra divine tool. Now that it had completely awakened and possessed the pressure of the creator god, the Demon God Emperor’s unmatched confidence began to waver for the first time.
The Armour of Eternity and Sword of Eternity had become the Sword of Eternity and Creation and the Armour of Eternity and Creation through the awakening process. This was the true might of the supra divine tool the creator god had left behind in the realm of mortals.

No matter how powerful the Devil Dragon Pillar was, it was impossible to rival something the creator god had left behind! The three balls of light that revolved around Long Haochen were not powers that the divine throne had left behind for Long Haochen, which was why they did not fuse with him completely.

Under the forceful repression from the Demon God Emperor, the sliver of consciousness left behind in the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation by the creator god was finally infuriated completely, which finally lead to its true fusion with Long Haochen, awakening its powers as a supra divine tool completely.

In that moment, Long Haochen finally possessed an aura that could match the Demon God Emperor. It also became an important turning point in the battle.

The agitation in the Demon God Emperor’s eyes gradually vanished, replaced by sternness. His feeling that victory was within his grasp vanished as well. Although he still did not believe Long Haochen could defeat him, this was the first time he took him seriously, treating him as an opponent on equal ground.

Long Haochen opened his eyes slowly. His pupils were still golden, but in the moment he opened his eyes, they were surprisingly peaceful and moist.

As the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation awakened, Long Haochen’s body and mind was soaked in a strangely gentle power. His body seemed to have been nourished by the power of nature, the power of the living and power of stars in that short moment. Long Haochen was unclear how much his external spiritual energy had grown by, but this was the first time he found that it was not laborious when using the supra divine tool at its maximum strength. Meanwhile, his internal spiritual energy broke
through consecutive realms. He was not sure about the exact number of spiritual energy, but once his spiritual energy rose to the limit, he discovered in surprise that his spiritual energy in his body was no longer golden, but a pure white colour.

The ninth rank of the ninth step.

Was this the power of the ninth rank of the ninth step?

Long Haochen believed that was what he was feeling, but he was also shocked by the power of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. Once the creator god’s supra divine tool completely awakened, it could actually boost his powers to the ninth rank of the ninth step. This level also seemed to fulfill the basic conditions to use the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation after it had completely awakened.

Looking at each other, the Demon God Emperor squinted his eyes, “Very impressive. What an impressive supra divine tool with the aura of the creator god. No wonder the first Demon God Emperor was heavily injured when it erupted and that so many demons had died as well. I had thought that it’s powers were only so-so, but I never thought it could reach a level where it can assist you in fighting me. However, you should be able to sense it too. The creator god’s only left a sliver of his consciousness on this supra divine tool, while the creator god himself has ceased to exist in this world a long time ago. As a result, no matter how powerful this supra divine tool is, the wielder is only a human, not a god, while I have already reached the domain of gods. Just show me what kind of power this supra divine tool can display in your hands.”

As he said that, the black sword on the Demon God Emperor’s back suddenly produced a dragon’s roar, before shooting into the sky as a black streak of light.

The huge sword stood in the air. Inscriptions of the Devil Dragons appeared on the wide blade. In the moment the thick power of darkness rose into the air, it turned into countless swirls. The dense aura of darkness gathered towards it. The Demon God Emperor’s armour lit up as well and the Devil Dragon Pillar actually vanished from the distance. When it
reappeared, it was behind the Demon God Emperor, dying the entire sky dark golden.

Long Haochen faced off against the Demon God Emperor. Although the human and demon powerhouses below were unable to see it, they could still sense it slightly.

In the moment the Demon God Emperor’s demon god pillar vanished, the Moon Demon God Agares and Star Demon God Vassago who fought against Xiao Huo and Shu Yongxiao looked at each other. They could see each other’s shock and joy.

In this world, the two of them were the people who understood the Demon God Emperor the most, because not only were they the closest to him in terms of ranking, their cultivation was the closest as well. They were the two demon gods who knew the most about the Demon God Emperor.

Not only had the Demon God Emperor used his demon god transformation, he had truly used the power of the Devil Dragon Pillar as well. This meant that Long Haochen was an unprecedented challenge to him. And, there were no powerful ripples of energy in the air, which meant the Demon God Emperor was not utilising his complete power in order to stave off an attack that Long Haochen was staking everything in. It was very likely that their strength was balanced.

Even though the Moon Demon God and Star Demon God struggled to believe this, they could not help but believe it now that it was presented before them!

Xiao Huo and Shu Yongxiao obviously noticed the emotional changes with the two demon gods. They looked at each other and Shu Yongxiao called out, “The Demon God Emperor’s lost the upper hand against the chairman! Everyone fight back with full force! Victory to the union!”

Chapter 844

As she said that, Xiao Huo and her lunged at the Moon Demon God and Star Demon God together, temporarily forcing them into a retreat.

Xiao Huo and Shu Yongxiao both had definite ideas of what was going on. Perhaps they were close to the Moon Demon God and Star Demon God in terms of cultivation, but that was only when not accounting for the fact that they were demon gods and they could use their demon god pillars.

Since the battle began, the Moon Demon God Agares and the Star Demon God Vassago had been going easy on the battle. Before the battle had begun, Long Haochen had signalled them to as well.

Aside from the Demon God Emperor, the two strongest demon gods were both going easy! Otherwise, the battlefield would definitely would not be like this right now. Even the Moon Demons and Star Demons among the Devil Dragon squads had not been fighting with their full strength. How else would the Temple Union be able to remain in balance with them?

The Moon Demon God Agares had begun having second thoughts a long time ago, which was why he founded an organisation that belonged to people with mixed blood. The Star Demon God Vassago was originally loyal to the Demon God Emperor. Only after the Demon God Emperor vented his anger on him and forced him into using the Prophecy of Life did Vassago lose interest. Agares had been the only one who had been concerned for him, as well as the only person who had stood up for him back then, so the two demons gods obviously became even closer than before.
With Agares and Vassago’s strength, if they lead their clans together, it would form a force that even the Demon God Emperor had to worry about slightly. The two demon gods possessed extraordinary weight among the demons.

After numerous discussions, Agares and Vassago reached an agreement. They obviously would not openly rebel and stand up against the Demon god Emperor. They understood just how terrifying the Demon God Emperor was. If the Demon God Emperor won the battle, then they would be dead for sure.

The plan that the two demon gods decided on in the end was very simple. They would feed the Temple Union all the information they needed, while helping the Temple Union keep information away from the Demon God Emperor, creating as much advantage and opportunities for the humans as possible, but they themselves would not rebel. In this critical battle, their clansmen would hold back as well. In particular, their trusted subordinates completely followed what they wanted on the battlefield. They would just wait and see afterwards.

They would be waiting and seeing if the humans really did possess the power that could defeat the Demon God Emperor. As long as the humans could defeat the Demon God Emperor would there be a chance for them to truly rebel.

Vassago had become disinterested in following the Demon God Emperor. Despite being the great demon prophet, a quarter of his bloodline was actually human. This had been crucial to Agares in order to persuade him.

The lives of demons was extremely dry. There was no creation, only destruction. Agares had told Vassago that while the current Demon God Emperor could avoid conquering the humans completely, what about the next Demon God Emperor? If Ah’Bao inherited the position of Demon God Emperor, he would probably be eager to launch a devastating war against the humans. Once the humans even end up losing their own country, they would gradually lose their human culture and be integrated into the demons. The creativity of humans would gradually be destroyed as well. Demons as
a race were not one to create or produce. Once the humans were completely extinct, they would gradually approach destruction as well.

Out of all the past Demon God Emperors, Fengxiu was definitely the most outstanding and the most powerful one. Unfortunately, the greatest issue he faced right now was that he was without a successor. Fengxiu was not the only one who knew about Ah’Bao’s flaws. The demon gods ranked higher up all knew about it. If Fengxiu could aid Ah’Bao for a few hundred years, he might have been able to consolidate his position. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for him to suppress Agares and Vassago in terms of cultivation.

Just like how Fengxiu was the most outstanding Demon God Emperor in history, Agares was also the most outstanding and strongest Moon Demon God in history! With a cultivation at the eighth rank of the ninth step and a powerful demon god pillar, even Fengxiu would fear him slightly. Moreover, Agares had been hiding his strength very well the entire time. He had never displayed his full strength.

All of this was because Agares knew that the current Demon race had actually been transformed from the various races that originally resided on the Shengmo Dalu.

After the first demon gods had descended, were any of them not the descendents of humans or creatures of this world that were infected?

Even the Demon God Emperor had partially human origins, which made his even more outstanding.

In the past, when the seventy-two demon gods were born, they were only weapons in this world. They were just extremely powerful weapons. They possessed souls and intelligence, but they were not truly living.

It was exactly because of the existence of humans and the other races of the Shengmo Dalu that the current demons existed. As a result, Agares had always believed he was not a demon, but a human, a human with special powers. As a result, he eagerly hoped his descendents could truly become humans and not let the legacy of demons continue. In his belief, there were
only two directions the future of this would could develop towards. One was that all the races would become instinct and the continent would be reduced to a wasteland, or the humans would claim the entire continent once more and redevelop it all, allowing the continent to prosper.

Agares clearly hoped for the latter! Exactly because of this, Agares had done as much as to creature and organisations and absorb the demons with predominant human bloodlines and wanted to become humans.

However, Agares had been much more patient than anyone else as well. As long as Long Haochen had not defeated the Demon God Emperor, he would never begin a full-scale rebellion. He understood the Demon God Emperor just too well and he could also sense the Demon God Emperor’s terrifying strength. Agares had the ability to challenge him if he had not become a god, but Fengxiu overcame the limit of a million spiritual energy a few years ago. Although the Demon God Emperor had to endure great pressure and pain, his strength was just like what the Demon God Emperor had told Long Haochen. It had reached a completely different level.

As a result, Agares and Vassago did not order the other demon gods or demon powerhouses around and they held back in battle as well. While Shu Yongxiao and Xiao Huo were not weak, they were still slightly weaker even when the two demon gods had not used the demon god transformation. Agares and Vassago were able to free up a hand as they fought to save their own clansmen. However, they did not even bother with the Devil Dragons, other demons or demon gods. This lead to a strange phenomenon. Despite being the greatest clan among the demons, the casualties of the Devil Dragons exceeded the Moon Demons and Star Demons.

The first to respond to Shu Yongxiao’s call was Lin Xin. He had been locked in battle against the Angel Demon God Paimon for a very long time now. Neither of them had been using their full strength. Shu Yongxiao’s sudden call made Lin Xin take action immediately, but his target was not the Angel Demon God.

The sun above Lin Xin’s head suddenly snuffed out with any signs prior and a silver light appeared on him. He vanished completely.
Paimon only felt his pressure lighten up. His opponent had actually vanished into thin air, which stunned him momentarily.

Lin Xin was clearly a fire mage, so how did he use spatial magic? If he could use it, why hadn’t he used it in the battle earlier? That was what Paimon thought of immediately.

As Paimon was stunned, a drastic change occured to the situation of a small scale battle elsewhere on the battlefield because of Lin Xin.

Similar to Lin Xin, Cai’er flashed with silver light as well. In the next moment, Lin Xin appeared beside her.

The Domain of Instant Flash.

Long Haochen wanted to challenge the Demon God Emperor, so it was pointless to keep the Domain of Instant Flash on him.

The powerful equipment suited for the battlefield would clearly work better in Cai’er’s hands. After Long Haochen, Cai’er’s cultivation was the highest among the Bright Glimmer of Hope.

Cai’er worked with the twelve holy guards to attack the Demon God of Emotion Sytry, the Sound Demon God Beleth and the Snake Spear Demon God Eligos. Cai’er was able to maintain the upper hand with the Domain of Purification, the Tower of Eternity and the twelve holy guards given that only Eligos had undergone the demon god transformation.

Lin Xin’s sudden appearance was completely unexpected. He was clearly prepared already. As soon as he appeared, the sun immediately shone brightly over his head. Afterwards, a golden haze lit up from his Glorious Holy Fire’s Praise. It was the technique that came with immortal grade mage robes, the Glorious Praise.

With the Eternal Dragon’s Fire raised high, emitting a loud dragon’s roar, a huge, golden red dragon head emerged from the sun. It immediately became a golden blue under the influence of the Heart of Flames.
The dragon head suddenly quivered and broke free from the sun. At the same time, a clear phoenix’s cry rang out from Lin Xin’s chest. A phoenix burning with blue fire also flew out with golden blue light after quivering.

A dragon and a phoenix immediately became entangled in the air, condensing a huge, blue stream of light that fired from right in front of Lin Xin. The target was Eligos who had undergone the demon god transformation.

As Lin Xin took action, Cai’er moved as well. The twelve holy guards gathered quickly and two six-coloured hexagrams were immediately created. With a flash, Cai’er arrived in the centre of the arrays. The Sickle of the God of Death in her hand conjured countless shadows, which enveloped towards Sytry and Beleth. It was the seven arts of the God of Death.

That was not all. Cai’er had clearly been prepared to cooperate with Lin Xin in launching this attack. A pure-white lotus flew out silently and landed before Eligos in the moment Lin Xin had appeared.

Eligos was big. He stood over three meters tall as brawny muscles covered his top half. The spear in his hands was transformed from a huge snake. After undergoing the demon god transformation, six snake heads appeared from his back, ready to attack at any time. The powerful aura of darkness was brutal and his battle prowess was extremely great as well. Every single snake head possessed a different type of venom as well. Even just catching a whiff of the venom could lead to heavy effects, which was why Cai’er had not engaged in close combat against him earlier. However, what he faced right now was Lin Xin’s most powerful attack that he had been charging up for a very long time.

Chapter 845

Lin Xin’s sudden appearance and almost instantaneous magic made the Snake Spear Demon God jump in fright as well. However, as the demon god that ranked fifteenth, he had great confidence in his own strength. Even though he had already used his demon god transformation, he had never been using his full strength in the battle before.

The blue stream of light created by the revolution of the dragon and phoenix from Lin Xin did not leak with any energy. It only felt like a stream of fire. It definitely would be powerful, but Eligos did not believe just a stream of fire could take his life. And, he was on very good terms with the Demon God of Emotion and Sound Demon God. The two demon gods were not skilled in close combat. Only when they worked together did they have confidence against Cai’er. Once something happened to him, they would definitely suffer, so he believed the two demon gods would definitely assist him.

The six snake heads on his back emerged at the same time. Combined with the snake spear in Eligos’ hand, they immediately turned into seven blurs before him.

But it was also at this moment that Cai’er’s FlourishingLotus Flower had arrived. The lotus had appeared at an extremely clever time. It just happened to explode between the seven snake heads.

This was Cai’er’s domain technique! Cai’er had already demonstrated the power of the Flourishing Lotus Flower the first time she had used it. It was so powerful that all of the higher-ups from the Assassin Temple paled in shock.
Now that it targeted a single opponent, its might was able to be completely unleashed.

Countless white petals immediately erupted, sticking to all seven snake heads. Eligos only felt an indescribable burning sensation cover his body. As he howled out, the seven snake heads immediately exploded. A ball of purplish red blood immediately expanded as a ring of light in the same colour, in attempt to purge the lotus’ power of purification.

But it was also at this moment that Lin Xin’s attack arrived.

Sytry and Beleth did want to assist Eligos, but they were in no shape to.

The array formed from the twelve holy guards made the speed at which the aura of death in the air was purified increase drastically. The Sickle of the God of Death immediately used the sixth art of the God of Death, Death in Journey.

Death in Journey was a fusion of the first five arts. Now that it was used with Cai’er’s full strength, it was so fast and so terrifying that even the Demon God of Death Samigina in the past had to dodge it.

Sytry and Beleth did not even have the time to use the demon god transformation. They could only block it with everything they had. Their own lives would always be more important than others’. They were in no state to care about Eligos! They had never thought that Cai’er’s full strength would be so terrifying.

Agares’ lock down on information influenced the battlefield once more. They did not know that Samigina had died to Cai’er, or why would they hold back on their demon god transformation the entire time?

Boom! The dragon’s roar and phoenix’s cry erupted at the same time. Only when Eligos was struck by the huge stream of blue first did he realise just how unbelievably wrong he was. The attack was so terrifying that it completely exceeded his understanding of fire.
The flames of terrifying heat also possesses the great power of light. The explosive power of the attack was so terrifying that even if he was in his peak condition, he would not have been able to stop it, let alone now when he was under attack from the Flourishing Lotus Flower.

Under the intense burning, Eligos’ six snake heads basically exploded at the same time. The thick, purplish red blood attempted to form a protective barrier to keep his life intact.

Unfortunately, he had realised too late. If he had used the Demonic Collapse Technique to cut the losses a second earlier, he still might have had the chance to protect his life. However, when he was completely struck by the attack, he could not use the power of the demon god pillar anymore.

In the moment after the six snake heads were destroyed, the foul snake blood immediately vanished under the purification of the Heart of Flames and the Glorious Praise, while Eligos was completely swallowed up and immediately vaporised. Even his demon god crown had lost the ability to flee within the terrifying blue flames, ending up in Lin Xin’s hands with the return of the fire phoenix.

However, it clearly was not easy for Lin Xin to launch that attack. His face became frighteningly pale, while he tottered in the air, almost falling out of the sky. However, he had finally achieved his objective. They had finally killed a demon god on the battlefield, and one that ranked as high as fifteen.

To the other side, the Angel Demon God Paimon who had been abandoned by Lin Xin responded and rushed over here with a flash. He tried to kill the weakened Lin Xin.

However, Lin Xin quickly tossed a few pills into his mouth and his body lit up once again. The sun over his head let out a dragon’s roar and a huge dragon head emerged once again. A phoenix’s cry rang out from Lin Xin’s chest.

Paimon was a demon god that ranked within the top ten, but he knew himself that his cultivation was not much higher than Eligos. If Eligos had
been slain instantly, so was he supposed to fare any better in an open confrontation?

Paimon immediately came to a halt. He stopped in the air, immediately turning his offensive magic he had been preparing to defensive magic. He was afraid of being slain by Lin Xin’s full strength.

Lin Xin chuckled instead. The dragon’s roar and phoenix’s cry remained, but he did nothing.

In reality, how was it possible for him to launch two consecutive attacks?

The dragon came from his domain technique, the Sacred Sun Dragon. It was boosted with the light element from his Glorious Holy Fire’s Praise, so its power was self-evident. And, with Lin Xin’s ingenuity, he merged his domain technique with the power of the Spiritual Stove of Blue Fire Phoenix, which lead to a boost of several times over.

However, Lin Xin was only able to develop this overpowering attack when his control over magic was strong enough, when he was indulging in his fantasies and when he had the support of the two immortal grade equipment. It was also an attack that had basically drained all of his strength.

Lin Xin’s technique was called the Fire God Pillar of Dragons and Phoenixes. It was the most terrifying technique he could use so far. The attack was so terrifying that it could even rival Cai’er’s Death in Journey. It even surpassed the Death in Journey in certain aspects. This was why he was able to kill the Snake Spear Demon God Eligos who ranked fifteenth in a single stroke.

It was impossible for Paimon to be deterred by Lin Xin forever. In just a few seconds, he understood that he had been fooled. However, it was already too late for him to go on the offence again, because Sytry and Beleth were both requesting for urgent assistance.

Cai’er’s attacks were like a storm. Beleth had already been slashed by her sickle, which drastically lowered his defence as blood sprayed everywhere.
While the deaths on this battlefield were not as great as the Southeastern Fort from before, everyone gathered here were the powerhouses of the humans and demons. The souls they emitted upon death was stronger than regular people as well. As a result, Cai’er had also absorbed a tremendous amount of power of purification. Under her full strength attacks, what Sytry and Beleth suffered over the most was the fact that they could not use the demon god transformation in time.

Beleth’s left arm had been slashed by the sickle. The terrifying power from the power of purification invaded the wound at a visible rate, immediately eating away to the bone, before spreading upwards at an astonishing rate.

Beleth really was a demon god after all. In the face of life and death, he cut his losses. His weapon was a harp, so he quickly dislodged a string and forcefully amputated his arm. Only then did he stop the spread of the power of purification.

However, the influence on his battle prowess after losing an arm was obvious.

Sytry and Beleth ranked extremely high. One was thirteenth, while the other was twelfth. If they died as well and Cai’er was able to free herself up, it would be devastating to the battlefield.

Caught between a rock and a hard place, Paimon wanted to kill Lin Xin very much, but he could not make it. With no other choice, he could only quickly undergod the demon god transformation, and then attack Cai’er.

Cai’er was not greedy. She suddenly pulled back with her attacks and the Tower of Eternity emerged quickly at the same time, enveloping and sealing up all three demon gods forcefully. She rapidly absorbed the power of purification under the protection of the twelve holy guards to make up for her consumption earlier.

She had already become greatly familiar with using the Tower of Eternity to deal up opponents. In just a short period of time, her teamwork with Lin Xin had finished off a demon god.
Cai’er extended her thumb at Lin Xin, while Lin Xin responded with a raised thumb with his left hand, before quickly leaving the battlefield and returning to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass to reorganise himself. With his pills and his domain wielding strength, he would be able to recover his peak condition before long. Once he could share the burden with Cai’er again, the situation would be completely different.

Cai’er did not keep the three demon gods trapped for too long. The Tower of Eternity shone brightly and with another flash of silver light, a figure appeared beside Cai’er. She was Wang Yuanyuan.

Wang Yuanyuan’s opponent before was the Force Demon God Barbatos. Barbatos was powerful and he had been maneuvering his way around as he fought Wang Yuanyuan. As he did that, he had already killed a Golden Foundation Knight and six Mythril Foundation Knights. While Wang Yuanyuan found utterly irritating, there was nothing she could do. Whenever she would almost catch up to her opponent, Barbatos’ attacks would always be able to force her back. The demon god who ranked eighth really did possess surprising strength.

Just when Barbatos sensed Wang Yuanyuan’s aura decline and had prepared an attack, there was a sudden flash of silver light and Wang Yuanyuan vanished.

He had noticed when Eligos was killed earlier, but his battlefield was slightly further away from where Cai’er was, which made it impossible for him to save Eligos in time. Now that Wang Yuanyuan had vanished as well, he did not become stunned like Paimon. Instead, he directly looked over to Cai’er’s side. He just happened to see the Tower of Eternity expand and Wang Yuanyuan appeared beside Cai’er, which the duo then vanished into the Tower of Eternity. The twelve holy guards vanished with them as well.

Chapter 846

The wonders of the Tower of Eternity were not just limited to attacking and sealing. Demon gods were unable to access their demon god pillars within the Tower of Eternity as well! In the past, Long Haochen had used his method to kill the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell. Now, Cai’er achieved it with even more familiarity.

When Barbatos saw Wang Yuanyuan and Cai’er vanish together, he immediately sensed that it was bad. Beleth was already injured, while he and the Demon God of Emotion Sytry had yet to undergo their demon god transformations as well, which affected their strength heavily. While the Angel Demon God Paimon had a very strong cultivation, ranked ninth among the demon gods, he was similar to Sytry and Beleth in that he was skilled in magic and not close combat.

On the other hand, Cai’er and Wang Yuanyuan were both close combat powerhouses. In particular, Cai’er was as fast as lightning and they were also in her territory. Coupled with the support of the twelve holy guards, it was evident what would happen to the three trapped demon gods.

If Cai’er succeeded and killed the ninth, twelfth and thirteenth demon gods, that would affect the entire battlefield! There were only twenty demon gods present in total and they would have slain four of them that ranked higher up.

Barbatos understood he could no longer afford to hold back anymore. He was the royal servant of the Demon God Emperor, so the Demon God Emperor’s will had always been his command. At this moment, he did not
attack anyone else. Instead, he quickly flew up higher to undergo his demon god transformation.

A huge figure of light appeared behind Barbatos. It was a huge lion, but the lion had a total of three heads. The centre was a lion’s head, the head to the left belonged to a panther, while the one to the right was a tiger’s head. The three heads roared out at the same time and the Force Demon God Barbatos fused into the huge figure.

The light subsided and he became clad in magnificent armour. The armour shone with a dark golden gleam. The most eye-catching part of the armour were the panther’s head, lion’s head and tier’s head on his chest.

Barbatos slowly drew the bow in his hand. His terrifying power immediately rose to the limit as the three heads on his chest turned into three long arrows, all shining with intense, dark golden light. His target was the Tower of Eternity.

It was also at this moment that there was a sudden whistle in the air. Barbatos’ heart shivered instinctively, but he could not stop at that moment, or everything would have gone to waste.

Barbatos let out a furious roar. The figure from earlier appeared once more. At the same time, his body forcefully shifted to over three hundred meters away and his demon god pillar in the distance emitted a heavy rumble.

A streak of seven-coloured light immediately shot by. It missed Barbatos. The attack came from Ye Sanmi who also wielded a bow. At the same time, Barbatos released his finger and three, dark golden arrows shot towards the Tower of Eternity.

The three arrows conjured a panther’s head, a lion’s head and a tiger’s head respectively as they sailed through the air. When they landed on the Tower of Eternity, the heads had all grown to ten meters wide.

With three heavy booms, the Tower of Eternity was forcefully knocked into the air. As it shone with white light, a large series of cracks actually
appeared to one side. Even though the cracks healed themselves rapidly, there was dark golden light in the cracks that prevented them from closing up as well.

The Barbatos drew his bow once more.

With a flash, Cai’er, Wang Yuanyuan and the three demon gods appeared outside at the same time. Barbatos had managed to save them in time. Cai’er and Wang Yuanyuan combined with the twelve holy guards definitely possessed an upper hand over the Demon God of Emotion and Sound Demon God who had yet to undergo their demon god transformations. However, time did not permit them to kill the three demon gods. The Tower of Eternity was facing an emergency.

The Tower of Eternity was the only thing that the Holy Necrmancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux had left for Cai’er. Of course she would not let it be destroyed. Moreover, the Tower of Eternity contained the twelve holy guards. If it really was destroyed, the twelve holy guards would all perish as well.

With no other choice, Cai’er could only transport everyone outside.

Sytry and Beleth dared not to waste any time at all. They immediately completed their demon god transformations and also caught their breaths. They launched attacks at Cai’er simultaneously under Paimon’s lead.

Wang Yuanyuan and Cai’er looked at each other. With a flash, Wang Yuanyuan lunged towards Barbatos once more. The blood-red light in her eyes became particularly dense.

Out of the two battle tactics, one had succeeded, while the other had failed. However, they did manage to kill a demon god. After a momentary rest, Lin Xin had also stepped on the battlefield once more. He directly appeared behind Wang Yuanyuan, forming the optimum combination of a warrior and a mage. They fought against Barbatos together.

When the Bright Glimmer of Hope took action, the Eternal Heroes and the powerhouses of the various temples all erupted with their full strength.
The Demon God Emperor’s demon god pillar had suddenly vanished. Anybody could guess that the Demon God Emperor had used his demon god transformation and was borrowing the power of his demon god pillar to fend off Long Haochen, so they obviously swelled with confidence, while the might of the demons was heavily affected.

The balanced situation became much more intense with the eruption of strength from the powerhouses of the Temple Union. Just as Cai’er used both her battle tactics, the demons had lost five Devil Dragons, two Moon Demons and a Star Demon, while the humans lost four Eternal Heroes.

Not only did the Eternal Heroes play a decisive role in this battlefield, they lead the human powerhouses whenever they charged as well. The Eternal Heroes would always be able to free up themselves whenever other powerhouses of the Temple Union were in danger. They would even extinguish their soulfires as a consequence to block their enemy’s attacks.

However, they did not die for nothing. Basically every Eternal Hero would pull a ninth step opponent down with them.

Less than a half of the thousand eighth step demon powerhouses remained. There were only around four hundred of them. However, the magic cannons on the side of the humans weakened drastically as well. Having been overloaded, over a third of them had their firing chambers destroyed, while the human powerhouses controlling the cannons never seemed to consider that overloading the magic cannons would threaten themselves.

There was a sixth step knight who fired a magic cannon at full force and blasted an eighth step demon to death. The magic cannon overheated, so the knight actually clad himself with spiritual energy and lunged at the cannon while telling his companions to continue firing. He clutched the barrel of the cannon, using his own spiritual energy to cool it off.

In the end, he was charred to death on the magic cannon, but the magic cannon was able to fire once again. Perhaps due to the sacrifice of their companion, the new gunner had just as accurate, killing another eighth step
demon powerhouse. It was also at this moment that the magic cannon finally gave way to the heat and pressure and exploded loudly.

As a great hole was created in the thick walls of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, a total of six brave knight died as well, including the gunner and the people who were about to replace him.

They used their lives and their spirit as knights to valiantly protect the honour of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass and the future of the humans. They were all true heroes.

This basically happened in every gunport that held a magic cannon on the wall. The more powerful the magic crystal was, the more likely the magic cannon would blown its chamber after consecutive firing.

The ultimate magic cannon powered by Samigina’s demon god crown was affected by this in particular. Although it did not blow its chamber due to the precious materials it was built from, the surroundings would become incomparably hot when it fired. It also required someone to aim with the cannon in order to achieve maximum damage.

The magic cannon had already been fired a total of four times. In order to increase accuracy, it required four human powerhouses controlling it each time, with at least a mage among them.

Perhaps the gunners had no idea about the consequences when they fired it the first time, but what about the other three times?

Before the second round of gunners approached this magic cannons, they took off their clothes with composure, bit their thumbs and wrote a few words on them, before passing it to their brother below to give it to their families.

Their letters written in blood were very simple.

The main gunner wrote, “My dear wife, tell our son that his father’s firing cannons and doing good for humanity.”
The mage wrote, “Donate all of my assets to the Mage Temple.”

The two secondary gunners wrote, “I love you, my dear daughter,” and
“Child, your father’s a hero.”

After leaving behind these letters, the four of them proceeded to fire the cannon without any hesitation. The magic cannon blasted once more and killed off a Devil Dragon, while the four heroes were sacrificed in the process as well.

Their deaths were no different from the Eternal Heroes and ninth step powerhouses that fell in battle outside. A notion of strength did not exist between heroes.

They knew it would cost them their lives, yet they still proceeded without hesitation. Every single powerhouse of the Temple Union had used their blood and final portion of energy to fight for the survival of humanity. Their deaths weighed as heavy as mountains.

After this battle that would determine the survival of humans, the battle of Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass would exceed the battles of the Southeastern Fort and Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass in importance. It would be renamed as the Heroes’ Mountain Pass. At the same time, the three forts would all erect plaques of heroes, and sing praises amount these heroes who had offered up their precious lives for the future of humanity.

Hiss! An ear-piercing sound rang out from a corner of the battlefield and a huge figure suddenly turned in the air, before colliding against the ground below.

A dark green figure pursued like a spectre. Due to moving too quickly, he seemed completely like a blur. However, when he fell downwards, a series of cracks appeared in the space behind him.

The falling figure in the air happened to be Sima Xian, while the one pursuing him was the tenth demon god, the Lightning Demon God Buer.

Chapter 847

There was an astonishing wound stretching from Sima Xian’s left shoulder to his right hip. His head army had almost been cut through all the way, revealing traces of blood. And, his aura seemed extremely weak. His original bold aura had completely vanished. Only his bald head continued to shine.

Although he had been cut down by the Lightning Demon God Buer, he still clutched onto the chain of the Gigantic Ball of Lightning tightly. He was just about to hit the ground.

The Buer and Sima Xian had already been locked in battle for a long time. Sima Xian used the power of the Spiritual Stove of Godly Purple Thunder to cover himself with lightning, barely blocking Buer’s attacks.

However, Buer was known among the demons for his attack. He really was stronger than Simaxian. Among the demon gods, the Buer and Eligos were on extremely good terms. They could be described as best of friends.

Buer saw Eligos die to Lin Xin’s attacks and when it happened, he was completely entangled with Sima Xian and his power of lightning, so he was unable to save Eligos.

Eligos’ death dyed Buer’s eyes red with rage. He no longer bothered to hold back his strength, directly using his demon god transformation and immediately overwhelming Sima Xian with his full strength. Using his terrifying attacks and speed, he finally breached Sima Xian’s defences and landed a vicious slash on Sima Xian’s chest. If it were not for the defence of
Sima Xian’s epic tier armour, he probably would have been cut in half by the attack earlier.

Buer’s front limbs were the same as a praying mantis’, while he had four legs below and a pair of thin wings on his back. Once he unfurled his wings, not only could he fly extremely quickly, he could easily change directions in the air as well. The way he attacked was rather similar to the Asura Strike that Long Haochen and a few members of the Bright Glimmer of Hope could use. And, every single strike of his was as sharp as the Asura Strike. It would lead to heavy injury once it landed.

There was a flash of dark green light. If the naked eye was able to capture what had happened, a strange greenness extended forwards when Buer extended his wings. It did not just appear from his wings, but from his four legs as well. In the end, the strange, green colour all gathered on his pair of front limbs.

This was Buer’s domain, the Sealbreaker Domain. It displayed all of its powers in destruction. It boosted his sharpness. Not only did his domain make his attacks incredibly powerful, it could also cut through the domains of his opponent. It could be described as an extremely special but terrifyingly powerful domain. Since he could rank within the top ten demon gods, how was it possible for his cultivation to be weak?

Eligos’ death had completely infuriated Buer. He was about to make Sima Xian become the first to die under the attack of his domain. After he killed Sima Xian, he would go avenge Eligos.

Without a doubt, Sima Xian was currently in extreme danger as he was targeted by a fatal, full-powered attack from the tenth demon god. However, if Buer was familiar with the Bright Glimmer of Hope, he should have known that the members of the Bright Glimmer of Hope were always highly coordinated with one another. However, why didn’t Cai’er use the Domain of Instant Flash while Sima Xian was under such danger? And why didn’t the Soul Sharing Chains come into effect when he received the attack earlier?
Unfortunately, Buer was unfamiliar with these facts. This was the first time he had encountered a member of the Bright Glimmer of Hope on the battlefield.

Sima Xian was not flustered at all. He clutched the Gigantic Ball of Lightning firmly as he fell through the air. In just around five seconds, he had struck the ground heavily. Due to his personal weight and the Gigantic Ball of Lightning, as well as the force from Buer’s attack earlier, he was actually completely embedded in the ground, while Buer’s blades descended from the sky with the power of his domain. With a strange, green light, they slashed towards Sima Xian, about to cut him to pieces.

Just as Sima Xian was about to perish under Buer’s attack, a strange sight suddenly appeared.

White light suddenly appeared on Sima Xian’s chest. The image of a white angel appeared silently on his armour. The beautiful angel face was clearly ridden with tears, as her clear eyes seemed to be filled with endless sadness.

In the moment after the angel had appeared, a figure silently appeared before Sima Xian. A huge shield just happened to block the Lightning Demon God descending from above.

Clang, clang! With two explosive sounds, the figure that had suddenly appeared was directly set flying by Buer under the combined effects of his domain and his demon god transformation.

However, the figure had also managed to save Sima Xian. When Buer knocked his opponent away, he himself rebounded slightly as well. He was unable to attack Sima Xian immediately.

And, when Buer slashed the shield earlier, he saw two strange images. One of them was the same as the angel of sadness on Sima Xian’s chest, while the other was a terrifying fiend.

The two images both appeared on the shield. They each took up half of the shield, constructing a strange image of that was half white and half

When he sent the shield-wielding knight flying, Buer clearly saw the image of the fiend blur and a figure seemed to emerge from the shield and land on him.

When he had launched his attack with his full strength, he was unable to pull back or dodge, which was why he could only endure the invasion of the figure while slashing his opponents, despite sensing something was amiss.

What was happening? Buer circulated his spiritual energy rapidly in surprise, in attempt to purge the enemy’s power from his body. However, he immediately realised all of this was pointless, because nothing had invaded his body.

It was also at this moment, that Sima Xian freed himself from the ground and climbed to his feet. He seemed to be in a rather sorry shape, all dishevelled, but when he looked at Buer, he smirked. He said something to Buer that Buer did not understand.

“This is a battle between an angel and a fiend.” When he said that, the angel of his chest suddenly became exceedingly bright.

The sad angel seemed to come alive. It was also at this moment that an image had appeared on Buer’s chest as well. It was the terrifying devil from the knight’s shield earlier.

In the next moment, Buer and Sima Xian became drawn together like the two poles of a magnet. A great pulling force immediately dragged them towards each other. The power was so great that it exceeded both of their cultivations.

Oh no. Buer had already determined something was amiss, but even when he had undergone the demon god transformation, he was actually unable to break free from this pulling force. He could only watch as he collided towards Sima Xian. Sima Xian’s body began to swell crazily in that moment. In the blink of an eye, he became a hundred meter tall as he shone with dense, golden light.
Without a doubt, the person who had helped Sima Xian blocked the fatal attack was Han Yu. After blocking the attack, he did not continue fighting with Sima Xian. Instead, he immediately returned to his original battlefield, keeping his previous opponent busy.

The Lightning Demon God did not know what the opponent’s technique was, but in that moment, he became uneasy for some reason. Unknown situations were the most terrifying. However, as a demon god and one that ranked tenth, Buer obviously would not show any weakness at a critical moment like now. He did not try to dodge. He confronted it openly. He might not have been able to unleash his speed, but he still had his terrifying attacks.

Raising his blade-like limbs, he unleashed his domain once more. There was a flash of dark, green light and he directly swung them towards Sima Xian’s heart.

Buer understood now that Sima Xian had not actually been using his full strength earlier. At least, he had not used this domain. However, no matter how powerful Sima Xian’s domain was, it would be completely useless Buer’s own domain. Enlarging his body would not reduce the damage. Even if he managed to pull of his scheme and restrict Buer’s speed, he would still die before a powerful attack. At most, he would be able to attack his opponent once before dying. However, Buer was confident he could block Sima Xian’s attack under his demon god transformation.

The two figures of opposite sizes collided together. Standing a hundred meters tall, it was impossible for Sima Xian to be as agile as Buer. Buer’s mantis blades did end up landing on his chest first.

A disdainful coldness flashed through Buer’s eyes. Let alone this baldy, even existences on the level of the Moon Demon God and Star Demon God would die if his two limbs powered by his domain managed to land. Only the Demon God Emperor might have been able to block it.

Could Sima Xian block Buer’s domain? Of course not. Using both the demon god transformation nand his domain, the tenth demon god that was
known for his strength could rank within the top three in terms of offensive ability.

However, there was a huge prerequisite to all this. In order to unleash such offensive power, his domain had to be in use.

The pair of mantis blades strengthened with the Sealbreaker Domain seemed to be less than an inch away from Sima Xian’s chest. It had completely penetrated the power of light around Sima Xian and Sima Xian’s muscles experienced intense pain as well.

It was also at this critical moment that a sight that was strange to Buer but wondrous to Sima Xian occurred.

The terrifying demon on Buer’s chest and the sad angel on Sima Xian’s chest lit up at the same time. When they lit up, the terrifying fiend produced a soundless scream, while two droplets of tears rolled out from the sad angel’s eyes. The two droplets of tears were translucent, as if they were the most pure substance in the world.

Chapter 848

The soundless scream from the terrifying fiend rang out in the Lightning Demon God Buer’s head. He only felt like his head had suddenly been viciously stabbed by countless needles. His entire body shuddered, while his unstoppable attack from before was drastically affected. It weakened severely.

The two droplets of tears from the angel landed on the Lightning Demon God Buer’s blades silently. From where the tears landed, white light immediately spread across the two blades. It did not stop the attack, nor did it destroy the blades.

However, Buer’s domain on the blades as well as all of the aura of darkness and negative energy vanished completely when the two droplets landed. In other words, they had vanished in the most crucial moment of the battle.

Sht! Sht! The two mantis blades stabbed into Sima Xian’s armour viciously. However, Sima Xian had become countless times larger than before, while his armour had thickened as well. The mantis blades were Buer’s most powerful attacks, such that even without the support of any power, they were still abnormally sharp. However, they failed to even reach Sima Xian’s chest muscles.

If the domain and the other powerful boosts remained, Buer would have the utmost confidence to tears this baldy to shreds no matter how large Sima Xian had become once the two blades landed. Unfortunately, they were just a pair of sharp blades now.
Sima Xian’s weathered face revealed a vicious smile. He had been waiting for this moment for far too long. He had always been suppressed by Buer and he had been enduring it the whole time as well, just so he could deal a fatal attack in the final moment.

Han Yu had only helped Sima Xian for a single instance, but Sima Xian and Han Yu had already planned it a long time ago, just like how Cai’er, Wang Yuanyuan and Lin Xin worked together.

Sima Xian’s movements were not as dextrous as Buer, nor were they as fast, but they were not much slower either! When Buer’s blades stabbed into Sima Xian’s body, Sima Xian was close to completing what he was doing as well. His attack was crude. He threw the Gigantic Ball of Lightning at his own chest. Indeed, he did not even spare himself. The terrifying metal ball that had become several dozen times larger collided into his chest like a cannon hitting a mosquito.

Sima Xian’s domain was called the Gigantic Ball of Lightning. It was similar to Long Yating’s, a domain weapon. Although it could not turn him into a weapon like how Long Yating could turn into a sword, its powers were basically the same.

In that moment, the Gigantic Ball of Lightning collided against his body. It seemed like Sima Xian was completely disregarding his personal safety, but from a perspective of his domain, his body was also a part of the Gigantic Ball of Lightning. The collision was just uniting the two, so could it cause much damage at all?

A terrifying, sharp scream wreaked havoc in Buer’s head. The intense pain caused Buer to stiffen up uncontrollably. The moment he had landed his attack on Sima Xian was also the moment he had become stuck to Sima Xian and when the sharp scream affected him.

The opportunity was completely within Sima Xian’s grasp. His grasp could be described as flawless, as a matter of fact. He had weakened Buer completely, while giving himself enough time.

The Gigantic Ball of Lightning collided against Sima Xian’s chest as he stood a hundred meters tall. In that moment, his entire body lit up with golden light, while his chest was purple.

If a praying mantis was crushed by a mountain, what wold happen?

As one of the demon gods with the greatest attacks, Buer’s defence was not particularly strong.

Under ordinary circumstances, even if he encountered danger, he could use his demon god pillar to teleport away as it was nearby. However, the Bright Glimmer of Hope had clashed with demon gods far too many times, so they were extremely experienced. Since Sima Xian and Han Yu had set up a trap to kill, they would not give him any opportunity to escape!

The terrifying scream lasted for a total of three seconds in Buer’s heads, but those three seconds completely overwhelmed Buer. Perhaps this period would have been shorter for demon gods skilled in magic with powerful mental force, but Buer was far too focused on one thing, such that his other aspects were not particularly strong. As a result, he was completely helpless after falling into the trap.

However, no matter how weak Buer’s defences were, he was still a demon god who ranked within the top ten and he was protected by his demon god transformation. Although Sima Xian’s attack had forcefully landed on him with the might of his domain weapon, it failed to kill off Buer. Though, Buer was trembling with fear.

Under the heavy blow, Buer only felt like his organs had been crushed by a searing piece of iron. What made his despair was that his mantis blades had both shattered under the terrifying force. Without his mantis blades, he was like a toothless tiger. In that moment, all Buer wanted was to escape, but only two seconds had passed since terrifying scream began. Before the scream ended, he was unable to connect with his demon god pillar. As a matter of fact, he could not even use the Demonic Collapse Technique.

Everyone who understood Sima Xian would had known that his attack had only just begun after the Gigantic Ball of Lightning had landed.
Sima Xian did not hold back at all. He understood exactly what kind of opponent he was facing. If he let Buer catch his breath, he might have even been able to regrow his blades. As a result, he erupted like what Lin Xin did before, without holding back anything at all.

Afterwards, a terrifying rumble erupted from Sima Xian’s chest like thunder.

Smash, Crush and Triple Blast, combined with the Godly Purple Lightning and the Godly Purple Lightning Cannon.

The Lightning Demon God became the first opponent who had to endure the full force attack of Sima Xian’s domain weapon ever since he had gained a domain. Even the Abomination King from before had not been treated like this.

Sima Xian’s body twitched from the electricity and black smoke emerged from his chest. When he removed the Gigantic Ball of Lightning, even Buer’s demon god crown was destroyed, let alone his body.

Could the power of domain weapons be blocked so easily?

In just those few minutes, the bald priest Sima Xian had surpassed the record that Lin Xin had just set down on the battlefield, increasing the highest rank of the demon god that died on the battlefield to tenth.

The fellow sufferers, the Snake Spear Demon God Eligos and the Lightning Demon God Buer, could now reunite in a different world. Their demon god pillars had completely dimmed now.

Sima Xian had even used less effort than Lin Xin. After all, he did receive the direct assistance of Han Yu.

Sima Xian extended his thumb at Han Yu, while also rubbing the image of an angel on his chest. Now, the image of the angel vanished silently.

The Divine Throne of Terror and Sadness was the strongest divine throne after the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. It was also the first divine
throne that mankind had created.

During the age of darkness that had spanned over six thousand years, the Divine Throne of Terror and Sadness had only ever recognised two knights. Han Yu was the second.

The weapon that the divine throne provided was only a shield, the Shield of Terror and Sadness. In terms of defence, it could be regarded as the best among the five subsidiary divine thrones. Currently, Han Yu had easily stopped a Demon King level Devil Dragon squad, all by himself, yet he was able to assist Sima Xian while being under simultaneous attacks from a Devil Dragon King, a Moon Demon King and a Star Demon King. That only demonstrated just how astonishing the defences of the Divine Throne of Terror and Sadness were.

However, from the performance of the divine throne earlier, it was possible to tell that the divine throne’s abilities were not just restricted to defence. The technique that Han Yu had just used was called the Rhythm of Terror and Sadness. He could use this technique on himself, or on other people as well. It was a powerful auxiliary technique that could also restrict its targets.

Han Yu and Sima Xian had once experimented with it many times. They had experimented the effects of the terrifying scream on the Starry Sky Holy Knight Yang Haoyu, which demonstrated that even a powerhouse like Yang Haoyu, someone of both physical and magical prowess with tremendous mental force, would still be incapacitated by the scream for two seconds at the very least. And, the most terrifying part about the technique was that it could not be interrupted or removed. However, it also came with a prerequisite, which was that it had to land on the opponent. The only flaw about the technique was that it could not lock onto the opponent, so it required the enemy to not dodge. Otherwise, Han Yu would not have waited until Sima Xian was in danger before he took action.

Under the combination of these two companions, they finally finished off a demon god ranked very high. It also brought slight relief to the situation of the humans.
However, the battle prowess of the demon gods was still terrifying. In that short moment, another two Eternal Heroes fell, while Lin Xin also used this time to re-enter the battlefield. He directly flew over to Sima Xian’s shoulder. He tossed a few pills to Sima Xian and then used Sima Xian’s shoulder as an artillery battery. With the Eternal Dragon’s Fire as his cannon, he unleashed his might across the entire battlefield, using the great attacks of the Sacred Sun Domain to attack the vital points of the enemy.

Sima Xian also used this opportunity to recover from the wounds he had just suffered and the spiritual energy he had consumed.

After both sides had erupted with power, balance strangely returned to the situation. The Temple Union had indeed killed many eighth step demon powerhouses, but the explosion of the magic cannons had taken many lives as well, making the humans lose a lot of their battle prowess. As for the battle between the ninth step powerhouses, both sides had basically suffered the same casualties. Overall, it was the demons who suffered slightly less. After all, the demon gods had the support of their demon god pillars. With the protection of their demon god pillars and the boost from their demon god transformation and other abilities, it was very difficult to kill demon gods unless they were caught off-guard, like what Lin Xin and Sima Xian did earlier.

Chapter 849

The influence of the deaths of other ninth step demon powerhouses affected the battlefield in a less significant manner. Coupled with the Moon Demon God and Star Demon God supporting their respective clans, the scales of victory still ended up tipping towards the demons gradually due to their original difference in strength. However, as the differences in strength was not too great and the Star Demon God and Moon Demon God had always been going easy on the battlefield, they were able to achieve a balance.

Three thousand meters in the air, the most important battle between Long Haochen and the Demon God Emperor entered another level as well.

When Long Haochen opened his eyes again, it ws the first time he felt he had the power to truly challenge the Demon God Emperor. Before the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation had awakened, he actually did not kow that this supra divine tool had such power.

The Devil Dragon Pillar behind the Demon God Emperor stood like a pillar holding up the sky. Under its influence, the Demon God Emperor’s aura rose to an unprecedented level of terror.

The huge, black sword slowly descended in the air, stopping before the Demon God Emperor. The light from the inscriptions on the sword were gradually withdrawn into the sword. However, the inscriptions remained dim.

The Demon God Emperor’s eyes had become completely dark golden in that moment. He raised his right hand and held the hilt of his sword in a
reverse grip. He looked at Long Haochen coldly, “Ever since my spiritual energy surpassed five hundred thousand, I haven’t encountered a single opponent that’s enough for me to use my full strength. Very impressive. As the inheritor of my bloodline, you actually do have the strength to challenge me. Actually, it’s a kind of joy for a powerhouse like me to encounter an opponent like you. Just let me see just what level you can reach and how much strength you can force out of me. This sword is called the Devil Dragon Sword. It originates from a piece of dragon bone from my body. It possesses its current power from being forged for several hundred years in my body. The sword, the Devil Dragon Pillar and I are one.”

As he said that, the hilt of the Devil Dragon Sword revolved around in the Demon God Emperor’s right hand and the blade now pointed upwards. The Demon God Emperor held it in a standard grip, pointing it to his side. The huge sword that seemed disproportionate to his size immediately lit up with a dark, blue light, while the inscriptions of the sword shone with dark golden light.

Long Haochen also raised his right hand and slowly gripped the Sword of Eternity and Creation right before him. In that moment, many wondrous sensations filled his body. It was not powerful, but it made him feel like he could cut through all obstacles and create a miracle.

The nine symbols on the Sword of Eternity and Creation all lit up the moment he gripped the sword, while the lines on Long Haochen’s Armour of Eternity and Creation also seemed to come alive.

His body gave off a noble spirit. Against the Demon God Emperor that had the Devil Dragon Pillar as his background, the noble spirit actually pushed back the aura of darkness from the Demon God Emperor. Not only did it match it evenly, it even showed signs of gaining the upper hand.

The Demon God Emperor’s gaze seemed rather stern. Even though there was only a sliver of aura from the creator god that remained in the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, the creator god was still the greatest god who had created the entire world and the countless realms! In a certain
sense, a realm was a part of the creator god’s body, while the principles that bounded the entire world were created by the creator god as well.

Even if Long Haochen’s supra divine tool only possessed a sliver of the creator god’s aura, it was still extremely terrifying to any opponent, including a powerhouse like the Demon God Emperor.

The battle began in the next moment, Long Haochen charged forwards first. With a flash of white light, he appeared before the Demon God Emperor in the next moment. Because he wielded the Sword of Eternity and Creation in a reverse grip, he directly flicked it sword upwards.

If someone was watching the battle, they would have witnessed the magnificent scene that Long Haochen had created. A long streak was left behind in the area that Long Haochen had just flashed past. The streak was composed of countless figures of light. These figures of light depicted the sight of nature growing, and even the illumination from the sun, moon and stars.

The Demon God Emperor immediately blocked with his sword and parried Long Haochen’s attack. The two supra divine tool swords had finally clashed under their strongest state.

In the moment the two swords collided, the inscriptions on the Devil Dragon Sword produced a resounding dragon’s roar, while all nine symbols on Long Haochen’s Sword of Eternity and Creation shone brilliantly.

Long Haochen and the Demon God Emperor had engaged in close combat once again. However, Long Haochen was no longer the one completely overpowered by the Demon God Emperor.

Clang! With an ear-splitting explosion, Long Haochen and the Demon God Emperor were both knocked away. They were actually evenly matched in that clash. None of them managed to do anything to their opponent. However, the Demon God Emperor’s Devil Dragon Sword produced a gentle thrum after the clash, which made the Demon God Emperor’s expression change slightly.
Although it was just a clash and Long Haochen and the Demon God Emperor were unable to determine victory through it, the strength separating the two swords was completely brought to light.

Long Haochen’s cultivation had reached the ninth rank of the ninth step, but he was still not as great as the Demon God Emperor’s one million spiritual energy! However, they were evenly matched. This demonstrated the advantage the Sword of Eternity and Creation possess over the Devil Dragon Sword, while the gentle thrumming from the Devil Dragon Sword demonstrated its weakness.

With a flip of his hand, the Sword of Eternity and Creation was now wielded in a standard grip. He brought his left hand to the hilt as well as he looked at the Demon God Emperor calmly. The gemstone on his chest shone with resplendent green light as the sliver of aura from the creator god immediately erupted.

Nature’s Bloom. It was still the Nature’s Bloom from the three sword techniques of eternity, but this time, the Demon God Emperor had become never so stern before.

The sky became green as a dense aura of life immediately reached over five hundred kilometers away.

The Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass that had always been in a cold and terrible environment suddenly gained a hint of warmth, which rapidly strengthened.

The sky had suddenly become green. Whether it were the humans or the demons, they all raised their heads instinctively to look. They saw something they would never forget in their lives.

A wondrous sight appeared in the sky like a mirage. The projections of countless, green plants appeared in the air. These plants seemed to be growing constantly, covering the entire sky. The wonderful aura of blooming nature even made the demons rather stunned.
The greenery that seemed to stretch endlessly could even be seen from the Exorcist Mountain Pass under the control of the Assassin Temple. The dense aura of life descended from the air, which brought on a delightful sensation that their spiritual energy was increasing for powerhouses of all elements apart from darkness. Without a doubt, this phenomenon strengthened the humans weakened the demons. Even though it was not powerful, it heavily influenced the morale and might of both sides.

The Moon Demon God Agares’ eyes were filled with disbelief. He finally understood why the Demon God Emperor had used the Devil Dragon Pillar. Long Haochen was even more powerful than they had imagined him to be! Just this phenomenon had demonstrated he had the power to challenge the Demon God Emperor.

The Demon God Emperor did not just grow stern. When the Nature’s Bloom was used, h took action.

He slowly raised the Devil Dragon Sword in his hand and gripped it with both hands as well. At the same time, a strange hum rang out form his body. Dark blue light erupted from his chest, rising up in the form of a huge, dark blue ball of light, fusing into the Devil Dragon Sword.

A black hole immediately appeared on the tip of the Devil Dragon Sword. The black hole rapidly expanded, ripping through the green landscape from the Nature’s Bloom in the blink of an eye. Dense pulses of spiritual energy caused unimaginable destruction in the air, while dark blue lightning crackled in the surroundings of the black hole.

The Devil Dragon Pillar silently vanished from the air, while the black hole grew at an astonishing speed, as if the black hole could absorb all energies. The lightning in its surroundings became stronger and stronger, as thick bolts of lightning constantly landed on the green landscape destructively.

One created while the other destroyed. They matched each other’s attacks.
However, to the Demon God Emperor’s surprise, Long Haochen did not directly use the Nature’s Bloom as an attack this time. Instead, it only seemed like preparation.

When the black hole grew to a thousand meters across, it was finally contained. The calls of beasts and birds began to appear, as insects and animals began to appear in the green world of nature. The insects and animals evolved at an astonishing rate. Whenever they developed, they would become even more powerful and gradually, magical beasts began to appear.

This wondrous, magnificent sight instead gave the Demon God Emperor unprecedented pressure. This was clearly the second sword technique of eternity, Creation of the Living.

However, the Creation of the Living had been used with the Nature’s Bloon. The world of nature had gained life. It gave off an aura that abided with the principles of the world.

Agares’ gaze softened when he saw this. It also gradually became determined, while his attacks towards Shu Yongxiao became more and more powerless. His gaze remained glued to the sky as he became fascinated by it.

He liked this aura of creation. He did not want destruction. He wanted existence.

The Star Demon God Vassago had also been stunned by this sight. Although his feelings were not as deep as the Moo Demon God’s, he could sense that his and the Moon Demon God’s plan really might succeed. Long Haochen really might be able to defeat the Demon God Emperor!

Beyond the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, the powerhouses of the Temple Union and the Demon Race gradually separated and their battles stopped momentarily. They were landed on the ground and the walls of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. All of the powerhouses raised their heads to witness this wondrous phenomenon of the sky.

Chapter 850

This was a battle between the two most powerful powerhouses of the current age! All of the demon gods immediately realised that their invincible ruler, the current Demon God Emperor, had finally encountered an opponent.

It was very difficult to say who would triumph in the end. The terrifying clash that was about to happen would likely be the determining factor of victory.

Faced with the combination of the Nature’s Bloom and Creation of the Living, the Demon God Emperor’s Devil Dragon Sword changed once more. The Devil Dragon Pillar appeared. However, it directly appeared below the Demon God Emperor this time. Afterwards, the Demon God Emperor actually fused into it, merging with the Demon God Emperor gently.

With a resonant dragon’s roar, the Devil Dragon Pillar directly entered the huge black hole that spanned a thousand meters. Its terrifying size rapidly shrank as it entered the black hole.

The dragon’s roar did not vanished after the Devil Dragon Pillar had vanished into the black hole. Instead, it became stronger and stronger, booming through the air like thunder. Under the terrifying roar, the scene from the Nature’s Bloom and Creation of the Living in the air began to blur. What happened next shocked all of the human powerhouses.

A colossal head slowly emerged from the black hole. It belonged to a dragon and it was completely black. However, it had a pair of huge, blood-
red eyes. Even from three thousand meters away, the powerhouses on the ground could still see the blood-red colour flickering in its eyes and sense its destructive aura.

A dark blue haze existed around the colossal dragon. Lightning crackled within the haze. The huge head slowly emerged, followed by its colossal body.

Its size was so terrifying that everyone, including the demons, gasped.

Originally, they thought that the thousand-meter-long, dark-gold dragon that revolved around the Devil Dragon Pillar was terrifying enough. However, now that this black dragon had appeared, they discovered that the dark-golden dragon was insignificant in comparison to the black dragon.

The black dragon was over three thousand meters long. With its appearance, the green surroundings and the many living creatures were heavily affected. In particular, the magical beasts that had evolved in the projections of light dispersed rapidly like they had met their natural enemy.

This, this was the Demon God Emperor original form! As the head of the Devil Dragon Clan and the Devil Dragon Emperor, this was the first time the Demon God Emperor had revealed his original form in a battle against humans. Moreover, this was his original form after fusing with the Devil Dragon Pillar!

The terrifying aura constantly increased. Under the dark blue haze around the Demon God Emperor, it used its blood-red eyes to look at the projection ahead. It did not launch an attack, instead only hovering in the air. However, his aura severely disturbed the structure of the green scene. Without a doubt, Long Haochen had lost the upper hand once again after the Demon God Emperor had revealed his original form.

The Star Demon God Vassago arrived beside the Moon Demon God Agares and said softly, “Fengxiu must be using his powers as a god.”

Agares nodded slowly, “That’s a power that we can’t contend against. I just wonder whether Long Haochen has a way to deal with it. If even
Fengxiu who’s using his powers as a god can’t do anything to Long Haochen, then the humans will definitely be defeatable and we can finally have a choice in this matter.”

Vassago did not ravish in joy because of what Agares had said. Instead, his eyes became filled with worry, “Second brother, for some reason, I’m feeling a terrible omen.”

“Hmm?” Agares looked at Vassago in surprise. If someone else had said that, he would not have cared, but this came from the Star Demon God Vassago, the great demon prophet! Even the Demon God Emperor would take his omens seriously.

Vassago said sternly, “Do you still remember how I said in the past that our only chance to kill Long Haochen was in the Star Demon Pagoda? We failed that time, so it’s no longerp ossible for us to succeed. That’s why I agreed to your plan afterwards. Since we can’t kill Long Haochen, it means that Long Haochen might be crucial to the extinction of demons. In other words, he should be able to defeat the Demon God Emperor Fengxiu.”

Agares nodded, “Of course I remember. But isn’t that what I want?”

Vassago said, “However, upon seeing Long Haochen today, he gives off an unprecedented feeling of danger, as if he has some power that can threaten our existence.”

Agares said sternly, “I still don’t understand what you’re trying to say.”

A sliver of fear appeared in Vassago’s eyes, “Second brother, do you think that the current Long Haochen can defeat Fengxiu?”

Agares responded without further thought, “It’s very difficult for him to do so. Even just maintaining a balance against the Demon God Emperor will be very difficult. The strength that Long Haochen has currently displayed is rather great, but I didn’t sense him go through a breakthrough like Fengxiu. He hasn’t broken through a million spiritual energy and reached that whole new level. As a result, it’ll be very difficult
for him to defeat Fengxiu. Even for a draw, it’s not very likely. That’s why I was wondering whether we should interfere and assist him.”

Vassago shook his head strongly and firmly, “No, we can never do that. According to my Great Prophecy Technique, Fengxiu can’t kill Long Haochen. However, Fengxiu has already designated Long Haochen as a threat in today’s battle. If he defeats Long Haochen, how is it possible for him to spare him? Long Haochen won’t die in this battle, which means he still has something else that he can use against Fengxiu. Aside from the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, what other power can he use to contend against the Demon God Emperor?”

Agares finally understood what Vassago was trying to say. His expression finally changed drastically, “Are you saying…”
As they conversed, the scene in the air changed drastically once more. The green sky that began to fall apart with the appearance of the Devil
Dragon Emperor suddenly stabilised. Afterwards, the entire sky darkened slightly. Stars began to appear even higher up, illuminating the growing vegetation and evolving creatures.

When it first began, the stars appeared one by one, but very soon, the number of stars increased drastically. As thousands and tens of thousands of stars shone, the Demon God Emperor’s colossal body and the black hole he released actually became frozen in the sky.

The third sword technique od eternity, the Stars of Eternity, had finally appeared.

Nature’s Bloom, Creation of the Living, Stars of Eternity. The three sword techniques combined and sculpted a beautiful image in the air.

It seemed like a whole new world was created at an altitude of three thousand meters. Under the starlight, the plants grew and the creatures evolved. What wonderful, magnificent creation that abided by the principles of the world!
This was also the most powerful technique that came with the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, Genesis!

The Demon God Emperor was sealed within this magnificent image. He seemed incompatible with it. He seemed to have lose the ability to move completely, but his blood-red eyes were still vicious.

It was also at this moment that the colossal black hole suddenly lit up. Dark, purple light suddenly expanded, adding a hint of dark purple to the scene of creation. The scene also suddenly began to distort, turning into a huge swirl that approached the Demon God Emperor. The power of creation had finally descended.

In response, the Devil Dragon Emperor changed as well. His colossal body was still frozen, but the black hole suddenly shrank, shrinking before him. It turned into a tiny, dark purple ball of light on the Devil Dragon Emperor’s head.

The sky suddenly darkened. The moment when darkness descended seemed like all of the light had been purged, without a single ray remaining. Whether it was the powerful Star Demon God, Moon Demon God or the regular soldiers that fought from the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, they all felt like something had grabbed them by the neck, making them suffocate.

The darkness did not only appear in the sky. It seemed to appear in their hearts as well. An intense feeling of fear appeared with the darkness, as if the entire world would vanish if the darkness remained.

Fortunately, light appeared once again in this darkness of annihilation. It only seemed to be a second, yet it also seemed to take eons. A speck of light appeared in the air.

Afterwards, the speck of light seemed like it had opened a gate of light, allowing dazzling light to suddenly pour out.

From extreme darkness to extreme brightness, even eighth and ninth step powerhouses cried out as they had been taken by surprise, closing their eyes
in a hurry.

The light had appeared above the sky. As the darkness and light clashed with tremendous intensity, no one managed to see what colour it became.

A huge ball of light illuminated the air. The ball of light was so large that it could be described as devastating. All of the mountains where the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass resided produced an ear-splitting squeaking sound, as if they could collapse at any time from the tremendous pressure of the ball of light in the air. Terrifying cracks also appeared over the mountains, indicating that it really was possible for them to collapse.

Fortunately, after shining brilliantly, the ball of light began to shrink and everything returned back to normal.

The sky had never been so clear, so empty before. Within a range of five thousand kilometers, there was not a single cloud or a hint of foulness. The clear sky seemed strange due to its purity. Only two figures stood out in the sky.

The Devil Dragon Emperor Fengxiu continued to hover in the sky with his colossal body, while near him was Long Haochen clad in the Armour of Eternity and Creation with his wings unfolded, breathing heavily.

Long Haochen’s eyes seemed rather dim, while the white light from the Armour of Eternity and Creation was much weaker now. However, his eyes were still filled with persistence. Besides the persistence, there was a sliver of reluctance to accept what had happened.
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