Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 831-840

Chapter 831

The white light from the Tower of Eternity grew brighter and brighter and more and more unstable. It seemed to flicker with sparks.

Cai’er knew the divine tool had reached its limit. If this continued, the Tower of Eternity would probably be destroyed even if she could continue. The divine tool was the only keepsake that Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux had given to her.

Raising the Sickle of the God of Death high into the air, a pure-white ring of light expanded. At the same time, Cai’er flapped her spiritual wings and flew off into the distance with lightning speed. After lasting for a few more seconds, the Tower of Eternity also turned into a streak of light that followed Cai’er.

When Cai’er emitted the white ring of light, all of the human powerhouses stopped and quickly fled into the distance, returning to the Southeastern Fort.

Over ten figures charged out at the same time, but the demon gods really were in a bad shape. They were covered in dust.

The Tower of Eternity possessed a tremendous amount of power of purification and weight. When they attacked the tower with their full strength, the overly dense elemental power in the tower lashed them as well. Now that they had emerged after so much difficulty, all of their heads spun. It was also at this moment that a pure-white lotus fell down from the air.
When the demon gods recovered from being surprised and used great power of their demon god pillars to control the situation, they felt like crying instead.

It was just too miserable..

Across the entire encampment, there were only a handful of tents that remained standing. Corpses were littered everywhere as powerful elemental storms of magic constantly wreaked havoc there. Their provisions had been burned to a crisp. It was a demon army of over three hundred thousand, but they had become scattered without any unity at all. The entire encampment that stretched several dozen kilometers was a wreck. The losses were innumerable.

After a simple discussion, the demon gods reached a mutual agreement. They took action together and dealt with the conflict among the Fiends. They appointed a Fiend King as the successor of the Demon God of Death, who then quickly retreated with the Demon God of Death’s demon god pillar with them.

They had to retreat. After the setback that night, their less then a third of their mighty army of five hundred thousand remained. Most importantly, they had lost all of their morale as well. The Southeastern Fort possessed over thirty ninth step powerhouses with over a dozen of them being able to wield domains. That was more than what they had. How were they supposed to continue the battle like this?

Cai’er was especially terrifying. What if she launched a sneak attack against them again? What were they supposed to do?

There was only one way to avoid being sealed by the Tower of Eternity, which was to scattered the demon god pillars. However, separating them would lead to other problems. Would they be defeated individually? Were any of them bold enough to separate from the group?

In the end, the demon gods decided to retreat back to the Nareiks Province and wait for the Demon God Emperor’s orders. As they regrouped, they would also find a way to resupply their provisions. The
food that an army of several hundred thousand could get through in a day was an astronomical amount.

Afterwards, the Southeastern Fort carried out the logistics for the aftermath of this battle. When the demon army retreated, they only had twenty-seven thousand troops remaining, with many of them injured. They had basically suffered an overwhelming defeat at the hands of the Southeastern Fort. The only pity was that they had only managed to kill two demon gods. However, the threat that the Southeastern Fort was under was completely nullified now. Even if the demon army returned, it would be very difficult for them to breach the Southeastern Fort with the combination of the six vocations. The morale in the fort had reached an unprecedented high as well. With sufficient rest, they would be able to recover their peak condition very soon and continue protecting this mountain pass.

However, Cai’er had no time to rest. After the sneak attack at night, she silently left with the twelve eternal heroes, directly flying to the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass in the south.

The battle at the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass had already started. There were no magical traps there, however.

Three days passed in a blink of an eye, but the demon encampment outside the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass remained quiet.

“Is there any news from Samigina and Marbas?” The Demon God Emperor summoned the Moon Demon God Agares and the Star Demon God Vassago in his tent.

Agares replied politely, “According from the news last time, Samigina did not let his army rest when he arrived at the Southeastern Fort and immediately launched an attack. According to the reports of the demon gods there, it’s been a day since the battle’s begun. The Fiends have yet to enter the battle. They’re currently in a stalemate with the Southeastern Fort. The powerhouses in the Southeastern Fort had surpassed our estimates. A divine tool wielding marksman has managed to kill Gaap is a surprise attack. Gaap’s fallen in battle.”
“What?” The Demon God Emperor was surprised, “Gaap’s fallen in battle?”

“Yes. And according to the news from the front lines, Gaap was sniped before he could properly support the army on the battlefield,” Agares did not let any personal feelings influence his report, but anyone could tell that he was displeased with Gaap and Samigina.

“What else is there?” The Demon God Emperor did his best to hold back his fury. While the Arcane Demon God Gaap possessed lacklustre battle prowess, his abilities for group support were known as the best among the demons. He could play such a great role on the battlefield that he could even rival Samigina. The Demon God Emperor had purposefully sent him to attack the Southeastern Fort, but he never expected him to die before making an impact on the battlefield.

Agares said politely, “There hasn’t been any news since. We should receive accurate news tonight. Marbas and Valefor have yet to send any news from the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass, but according to the news last time, they already begun fighting. By now, the battle at the Southeastern Fort should have reached a conclusion. If Marbas and Valefor move fast enough, their battle should be wrapping up as well.”

Vassago said coldly, “Your majesty, Samigina seems to have gone a little overboard. It’s bad for unity. If he really does succeed in making it into the human’s territory, the Fiend Clan might…”

He stopped there and did not continue. Ever since he used the Prophecy of Life, Vassago had become especially quiet and much colder. He rarely spoke.

The Demon God Emperor squinted his eyes and looked at Agares,
“Speed up the delivery of information.” “Yes.”
The Demon God Emperor stood up slowly, “It’s already been three days. Looks like it’s time for us to pay a visit to Long Haochen. I think he’s also
received news from the Southeastern Fort and Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass.”

Agares said, “Your majesty, shouldn’t we wait a little longer for the news from the front lines? It’ll take twelve hours at most before the next report arrives.”

The Demon God Emperor pondered the suggestion and said, “Fine. Let’s wait for Samigina and Marbas’ reports of success.” The Demon God Emperor seemed to have ignored Vassago’s objection earlier, while Vassago said nothing more.

The situation of the front lines was extremely important. If both armies made it into the Temple Union, then the Demon God Emperor would be in the absolute position to choose what to do. If they failed to breach the mountain passes, then the Demon God Emperor would have to change his battle tactics against the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

Chapter 832

The Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

“Chairman, everything is prepared,” the temple head of the Knight Temple, Yang Haohan, stood on the top of the walls of the mountain pass and said to Long Haochen.

Long Haochen nodded, “Good.”

Long Tianyin who had made his way up to the top of the wall with Yang Haohan said rather strangely, “There’s still no activity from the Demon God Emperor’s side. Has he still not received the news? We’ve already received the news on our side.”

Long Haochen smiled, “There’s nothing strange about that. It’s all because of Yue Ye’s organisation. Grandfather, has the battle reports of the Myriad Beasts Mountain pass arrived?”

Long Tianyin’s face immediately became filled with joy, “It’s arrived. Marbas and Valefor basically used the same tactic against the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass as Samigina. They sent in other clans as cannon fodder, before launching a combined attack of Hell Demons and Bear Demons directly under their command. Due to the Hell Demon Clan, the Bear Demon Clan and the command of the two great demon gods, the other demon gods under their control are weaker compared to Samigina. It’s unlucky for them to come across Chen Hongyu that old fox.”

“Chen Yuhong that old fox knows how to act just too well. When Marbas and Valefor launched their attack, he only used the original force
that the Spiritual Temple possessed to stop them. With the many powerhouses of the Spiritual Temple and the careful preparation in response to the accurate information, they did not lose the upper hand at all. They blocked three waves of attacks without showing the slightest signs of weakening. Marbas and Valefor became rather impatient, so they sent the demon gods into the battlefield. And, they were much more vicious that Samigina, sending in six demon gods at the same time. The pressure on the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass immediately increased drastically with that and it became a tough battle. Chen Hongyu began using the troops sent over from the other five temples. Every time he used them, they would bring substantial benefit. They were used to their greatest use. Coupled with how the Spiritual Temple’s hidden strength is greater than the Warrior Temple’s, they managed to last a day and night.”

“Marbas and Valefor became rathe frantic. They both knew Samigina was launching a crazy attack on his side and his battle seemed to be coming to an end, so they finally sent out the strongest combination, the Bear Demons and Hell Demons, to attack the fort.”

Long Tianyin could not help but sigh in admiration there, “Haochen, the lady Yue Ye you speak of really is outstanding! I really wonder what their organisation does. Marbas and Valefor had not received information of Samigina’s death, so they still thought he was in a stalemate on his side and close to breaking through. Was it possible for them to not become hurried? All of them treated our union as a juicy chunk of meat and all of them wanted the first bite. With their urgency, problems obviously appeared, while the successful defence of the Myriad Beasts Mountain pass earlier gave us sufficient time. Cai’er and the twelve Eternal Heroes finally arrived at the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass and united with the powerhouses of the Spiritual Temple. Meanwhile, the Eternal Heroes sent to the Spiritual Temple had not fought earlier at all, remaining hidden away. At the same time, after confirming there would be no demons attacking the Southern Mountain Pass, the Priest Temple sent over reinforcements as well. While it was too late to send regular troops, they did ask their nine Eternal Heroes to help out at the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass. That amounted to thirty Eternal Heroes! That’s thirty domain wielding powerhouses.”
“When they appeared on the battlefield, they immediately turned the tides. Chen Hongyu that old fox sure knows how to bide his time! Coming under danger several times before, he prevent any of his Eternal Heroes from taking action, lasting until the most critical moment before erupting all together, taking Marbas and Valefor by surprise. After that, they engaged in a full scale battle.”

“What made Chen Hongyu even more crafty was that the old fox pulled out a terrifying magic scroll from who knew where. The magic scroll had been passed down by the predecessors of the Spiritual Temple. It was a terrifying summoning spell that opened something called a Hell’s Gate. From the Hell’s Gate, a total of three thousand Hellhounds of the eighth step emerged and lasted for two hours before vanishing…”

“Three thousand eighth step Hellhouands?” Long Haochen gasped. Yang Haohan was shocked as well. After all, out of the troops that the Demon God Emperor had brought with him, there was only a little more than a thousand eighth step powerhouses! What kind of sight was three thousand eighth step Hellhounds? Their destructive capabilities would be so terrifying that they could probably match the thirty light magical traps. And to make matters worse, they were flexible, able to adjust to any situation as well.

Long Tianyin said in a touchy manner, “Exactly, right? Chen Hongyu’s just too sly. If he gave the scroll to use, then hehe, the Demon God Emperor would probably be in for a beating.”

Yang Haohan chuckled, “We can’t blame him. After all, the union’s just been established. Protecting his own temple is obviously most important to him. If it was us, maybe we wouldn’t have handed it up either. With three thousand Hellhounds, Marbas and Valefor were probably in trouble.”

Long Tianyin nodded, “The destructiveness of the three thousand Hellhounds was just too terrifying. Even the Bear Demons were unable to stop them with their defence. They directly created a huge gaping hole among the Bear Demons and Hell Demons before engaging in a full scale battle. In order to protect their own forces, Marbas and Valefor mobilised the entire army to attack the mountain pass. All of the demon gods with
them fought as well. The battle took another day and night before victory was determined.”

Reaching there, his gaze could not help but dim slightly, “Out of the thirty Eternal Heroes, nine fell in that battle. One of the mages blew himself up to heavily injure Marbas after having undergone the demon god transformation. Although Valefor managed to retreat unscathed, his army suffered heavy losses. The demons lost five demon gods in that battle. The Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass did not fall, while the demons lost close to four hundred thousand troops. When they retreated, they were a defeated army. Out of the four hundred thousand slain, at least half of them died to the supra forbidden spell Hell’s Gate. The destructiveness of the three thousand Hellhounds was just too terrifying!”

Although he did not witness it with his own eyes, Long Haochen could sense the brutality of the battle from Long Tianyin’s narration. Whether it was the Southeastern Fort or the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass, the two important battles could be described as meat mincers. In just a few short days, both sides had lost over five hundred thousand lives.

While Marbas and Valefor retreated, they were still alive. However, their losses were on par to Samigina’s side. Five demon gods had died and even though their demon god pillars remained, the demon gods would not be able to fight again. Most importantly, they had actually lost four fifths of their elite army of five hundred thousand. It was even greater than the losses on Samigina’s side. They were completely incapacitated now.

Chapter 833

The humans had achieved victory in the two battles in three short days. The Demon God Emperor’s calculations were extremely accurate. Unfortunately, he calculated what would happen at the start, but he failed to calculate the end result.

Long Haochen clenched his hand firmly, “It’ll be up to us next. If we can defeat the Demon God Emperor’s army of elites, then the situation between us and the demons will reverse.”

He was right. An army of a million demon elites had been defeated and seven demon gods had died as well. That was enough to shake the foundations of the demons. In particular, the heavy losses of the Fiends, Hell Demons and Bear Demons formed an incalculably great blow to the demons. If they could deal a blow to the Devil Dragons, Moon Demons and Star Demons here, then the bright glimmer of hope really would have arrived.

Yang Haohan said sternly, “Haochen, there’s something I must warn you. Before we completely defeat the Demon God Emperor, we can’t say that victory’s already been determined. As long as the Demon God Emperor hasn’t been defeated, then we still can’t break out of this age of darkness completely. Are you really confident that you can achieve this?”

Long Haochen shook his head, but his face gradually shone with a special light, “In the past, the Scion of Samsara used his life to heavily injure the Demon God Emperor back then, leading to his early death. I don’t think I’m any weaker than the Scion of Samsara back then and I also possess advantages that the Scion of Samsara didn’t. I have no
confidence in defeating the Demon God Emperor. My cultivation is nowhere near enough for me to by his opponent. However, if it really comes to that point where he wants me to die, I will do whatever it takes to pull his demon god pillar down with me. Once the Devil Dragon Pillar is destroyed, the demons will definitely fall.”

He said this firmly. The determination in his eyes even shocked Long Tianyin and Yang Haohan.

“Hangchen, you…” Long Tianyin only felt like there was a lump in his throat, but he was unable to say anything.

For the greater picture, he completely supported Long Haochen, but Long Haochen was his only grandson after all! He was also the only child of the Long Family. Long Xinyu and Bai Yue had produced no one else besides him. If Long Haochen died in battle, then that would be the end of their Long Family!

However, as the chairman of the union and the Divine Knight of Glory and Leadership, he had an inescapable duty to face the Demon God Emperor. No one could replace him. The most crucial battle would depend on his ability.

The light in Yang Haohan’s eyes flickered, “Good, good, chairman. With what you’ve said, there’s no reason for me to value my old life. If I die, I have to die before you. Our Knight Temple has gathered all six divine knights, so I refuse to believe that we can’t defeat the Demon God Emperor.”

Long Tianyin recovered from his sorry, “Yeah, old Yang’s right. When time comes, we’ll all die in battle. All three generations. If we have to die, then let’s completely uproot the Long Family. Let’s die on the battlefield together.”

Long Haochen took in a deep breath, “Grandfather, Grandfather Yang, you should go. I think Yue Ye’s side won’t be able to hide the news much longer. It never rains, but it pours. Once the Demon God Emperor takes
action, it’ll definitely be a battle that determines victory overall. It’ll also be the battle determining whether we can break out of this darkness.”

The Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass was constructed in a mountain range. Three days ago, when the Demon God Emperor lead his nineteen demon gods here, the mountain pass was filled by a killing aura. Now, the aura had grown thicker and thicker.

Woooooo! War horns rang out in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass as figures emerged from the mountain, standing on the walls of the fort.

Not a single regular warrior or mage appeared. The people that could stand on the walls were powerhouses of the seventh step at the very least.

The temple head of the Mage Temple, Li Zhengzhi, had come with his strongest wind mage squad and all nine Eternal Heroes sent to protect the Mage Temple. As soon as the battle at the Southeastern Fort and Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass had begun, he had lead his army of mages and Eternal Heroes over.

Apart from Li Zhengzhi, the higher-ups of the Assassin Temple that was the closest to the Knight Temple came as well. Personally lead by Sheng Yue, there were thirty-six Hidden Heroic Assassins of the eighth step, eleven Heroic Assassins of the ninth step and six Eternal Heroes.

The strongest force obviously came from the Knight Temple itself. With Long Haochen in the lead, the six divine knights stood in a single line in the centre of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

The master of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, the Divine Knight of Glory and Leadership, Long Haochen.

The master of the Divine Throne of Terror and Sadness, the Divine Knight of Destruction and Forgiveness, Han Yu.

The master of the Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter, the Divine Knight of Adjudication and Trial, Long Xingyu.
The master of the Divine Throne of Protection and Mercy, the Divine Knight of Defence and Planning, Yang Haohan.

The master of the Divine Throne of Wisdom and Spirit, the Divine Knight of Knowledge and Legacy, Zhang Fangfang.

The master of the Divine Throne of Order and Law, the Divine Knight of Control and Restraint, Long Tianyin.

The six divine knights were all in robes, but everyone knew that as soon as the battle began, their divine thrones would immediately appear on the battlefield.

Behind the six divine knights were the thirty-six Golden Foundation Knights lead by the Starry Sky Holy Knight Yang Haoyu and the hundred and eight Myrthil Foundation Knights. They were the core as well as the strongest force the Knight Temple possessed.

Aster becoming the Divine Knight of Glory and Leadership as well as the chairman of the union, Yang Haoyu took over the position of Saint Knight Head. It was possible to say that this was the strongest formation of the Knight Temple over the past six thousand years.

The powerhouses of three temples gathered here along with over a hundred powerhouses above the seventh step from the Warrior Temple, Priest Temple and Spiritual Temple. Although the demons still outnumbered them, they neared a thousand people.

At least in terms of domain wielding powerhouses, the humans were not outnumbered. It was just that their overall strength was weaker than the demons.

The Demon God Emperor had basically brought all of the forces his three strongest clans had to offer, two hundred ninth step powerhouses, over a thousand eighth step powerhouses, the Devil Dragon Clan, the Moon Demon Clan and the Star Demon Clan. This would be a battle of unprecedented size between the humans and demons. The outcome of the battle would decide the future of the Shengmo Dalu.
Long Haochen stood in the very centre sternly, while the Bright Glimmer of Hope stood beside the six divine knights. After all, Wang Yuanyuan and Chen Ying’er were both on the level of the six temple heads and they were also vice-chairwomen of the union. The others were also assemblymen of the union, so they possessed enough status to be standing there.

Long Haochen gazed at the demon camp in the distance. The demons were still peaceful. It was completely pointless for humans below the seventh step to take part in this battle. It would be no different than sending them to their deaths. As a result, once the Demon God Emperor had arrived, the union had come up with a battle tactic of using elites against elites after a meeting, to minimise their losses as much as possible. If they all perished on the battlefield, then it would not be too late to flood the enemy with people.

“Lin Xin, what’s the situation with Cai’er and the others?” Long Haochen asked Lin Xin who stood nearby.

Before all these people, Lin Xin replied extremely politely, “Chairman, vice-chairwoman Cai’er and the others are currently recovering their strength. Please do not worry. They have the support of my medicine. Vice-chairwoman Cai’er will be able to return to her peak condition before long.”

Cai’er was the one who had brought back the news from the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass. However, as soon as she returned, she ingested the medicine provided by Lin Xin to heal.

Cai’er’s injuries were heavy and she had completely over exhausted herself. She had played crucial roles on the battlefields of the Southeastern Fort and the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass, especially when she personally slew Samigina.

Cai’er was not the only one to return. She even used the Tower of Eternity to bring all the Eternal Heroes from the Southeastern Fort and Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass. Apart from the nine that fell in battle, another twelve Eternal Heroes returned. Coupled with the twelve holy guards revived from all the aura of death Cai’er had purified from the
battlefields, the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass’s gained over twenty more ninth step powerhouses.”

It was possible to say that the Temple Union had gathered all of its primary forces to deal with the Demon God Emperor, apart from leaving behind the people they needed to for the other forts. This was also what Long Haochen wanted to see the most. Whether they could defeat the Demon God Emperor would be the final decider of victory.

“Chairman, everything’s been prepared,” Yang Haoyu arrived beside Long Haochen and whispered.

Long Haochen nodded. With a flash, he flew ten meters away from the wall. He turned around and faced the powerhouses on the walls.

“Predecessors of the six temples, seniors, Eternal Heroes, the moment that decides whether we can break out of this darkness has arrived. For the better future of our descendents, for us humans to become the rulers of the Shengmo Dalu once more, many of us may never see the sunlight of tomorrow ever again in this battle. However, I, the first chairman of the Temple Union, Long Haochen, will die without regrets. I take deep pride in being able to fall in battle with you all against the demons.”

“Among us, basically every single person holds deep grudges with the demons. Recently, the Demon God Emperor slew over a dozen of our legendary heroes from two titled demon hunt squads. This time, the Demon God Emperor is even trying to destroy us completely, forcing us to take a step closer to slavery. However, they will never succeed.”

“Perhaps some seniors do not know that the demons have sent armies amounting to a million in total to other battlefields, lead by the Demon God of Death Samigina and the Hell Demon God Marbas, to attack the Southeastern Fort and Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass simultaneously. The two armies mobilised a total of thirty-four demon gods and launched an unprecedented, full scale holy war. However, I must give you good news. Because of our sufficient preparation and appropriate battle tactics, the Southeastern Fort and Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass have both achieved a decisive victory in this holy war.”

Chapter 834

With that, the soldiers on the walls of the fort were temporarily stunned, which was then followed by with cheering.

Before today, most of them did not know about the situation of the Southeastern Fort or the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass. Long Haochen had immediately locked down the information. If the humans were defeated in the battles at the two forts, he could not allow the news affect their morale. However, it was different now. The news of victory had arrived. Was there anything that could raise morale better than that?

“You find it rather difficult to believe, don’t you? Here, I want to express my greatest admiration towards our Eternal Hero predecessors. It is exactly because of their assistance that we managed to win the two battles. On the side of the Southeastern Fort, the Fiends fell for magical traps set down by our Eternal Hero predecessors, resulting in completely annihilation. Vice-chairwoman Cai’er personally fought and killed the Demon God of Death Samigina outside the fort. The Arcane Demon God Gaap was sniped by Eternal Hero senior Ye Sanmi with his bow. When the battle ended, only around two hundred thousand troops managed to escape from the demon’s original army of five hundred thousand. They can no longer pose a threat to our Southeastern Fort.”

“On the side of the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass, over twenty Eternal Heroes fought under the lead of temple head Chen. Temple head Chen used a supra forbidden spell Hell’s Gate and summoned three thousand eighth step Hellhounds, forcefully tearing through the strongest combination of Hell Demons and Bear Demons. In the battle of two days and two nights, nine Eternal Heroes fell, but they also managed to kill
five demon gods, with Marbas and Valefor retreating with heavy wounds. When they retreated, the army of five hundred thousand had been reduced to just one hundred thousand.”

“This is an unprecedented victory! It also indicates that the age of darkness will definitely end. Now, we will be facing the Demon God Emperor, Moon Demon God and Star Demon God and over a thousand demons at the apex of existence here. Our comrades have already obtained two important victories. How can we fall behind in this decisive battle that’s about to begin? We can’t, we can never fall behind. Even if we have to give up everything, we have to create light in the darkness, so the continent can see a bright glimmer of hope once more.”

Long Haochen’s voice was elated and powerful. More importantly, he had used the victories of the two forts to ignite the morale of all the powerhouses on the walls. It also proved that the demon were not undefeatable.

Just as Long Haochen spoke, the sky in the distance suddenly dimmed. A terrifying, dark golden light rushed into the sky twenty-five kilometers away, enveloping the entire demon encampment.

Rroar! A deep dragon’s roar rumbled through the sky like thunder. A huge, black dragon, a thousand meters long, just appeared silently in the air.

A thousand meters. That was a thousand meters! Even from twenty-five kilometers away, it was still a terrifying sight.

The huge, black dragon revolved around a huge, dark golden pillar of light that reached towards the sky. The pillar of light was over five kilometers wide. It seemed like a pillar that held up the sky. Even when the huge dragon coiled around it, the dragon would take over ten seconds to complete each revolution.

Indeed. This was the terrifying power of invincible existence of the Shengmo Dalu, the leader of the demons, the Devil Dragon Emperor, Fengxiu!
The morale that Long Haochen had raised earlier was basically completely suppressed immediately. The Demon God Emperor had released pressure even more terrifying than three days ago. The pressure was enough to suffocate anyone.

Two more pillars of light, one purple and another orangey yellow, suddenly rushed into the sky beside the dark golden pillar of light. They plunged into the sky very soon and turned into a purple moon and an orangey yellow star. The two shone on the huge, dark golden pillar, making it seem even mightier.

“Long Haochen, have you thought about it?” Fengxiu’s voice rang out from afar as terrifying suddenly erupted. Basically all the powerhouses on the walls of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass were forced to use their spiritual energy immediately to just barely hold off this pressure.

Long Haochen snorted coldly. He turned around. With the six golden spiritual wings unfurled behind him, he arrived in the sky with just a flash.

When he moved, another five figures flew out from the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. They surrounded Long Haochen. The six figures all shone with different colours in the air.

Six huge divine throne basically appeared at the same time, The central Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation shone with nine-coloured light. When the beam of white light rushed into the sky, the entire mountain range where the Dragon Resisting Mountain Range resided was illuminated. Even the dark golden colour from the Devil Dragon Pillar was purged.

The five other divine thrones shone with their own colours. Under the support of Han Yu, Zhang Fangfang, Long Xingyu, Long Tianyin and Yang Hahoahn, they surrounded and protected the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation.

That’s right. The Demon God Emperor was powerful and he was guarded by the Moon Demon God and Star Demon God. However, the humans also had the six divine knights. When all six divine thrones shone with
magnificent colour, all of the powerhouses on the walls felt the pressure lighten up.

The temple head of the Mage Temple, Li Zhengzhi, watched on with rather mixed emotions. He knew that in his life, it was probably no longer possible for him to rival the Knight Temple. Even if the six divine knights all died in today’s battle, the renown of the Knight Temple would completely exceed the five other temples.

“Impressive, what an impressive gathering of all six divine knights. Looks like you’ve already given me your answer,” Fengxiu remained calm.

A dark golden figure shot over with a flash. The Demon God Emperor had actually arrived a thousand meters away from the six divine knights lead by Long Haochen alone.

Looking at the Demon God Emperor’s handsome face, Long Haochen only felt his blood surge. Had the time for the decisive battle finally arrived? He was finally going to face the Demon God EMperor. He could not afford to lose no matter what.

“If you won’t yield, then only death awaits you. Don’t you understand?” Fengxiu said indifferently. It seemed like Long Haochen was the only person he could see, while the five other divine knights beside Long Haochen and the thousand powerhouses on the walls did not raise his attention at all.

Just how presumptuous, how confident was that?

Long Haochen answered coldly, “I’m a human, you’re a demon. There is no possibility that anything will happen between us in the first place. Today, either you die or I die.”

Fengxiu shook his head gently, “You’re still young. You’re too naive. Do you think you can challenge me just by putting up a formation like this? Why was my race able to rule the Shengmo Dalu for six thousand years? It was through absolute strength.”
Long Haochen suddenly smiled, “Oh? Really? Absolute strength? In these three days, the answer you should be waiting should be from the Southeastern Fort and Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass. I wonder if you’ve already received these answers?”

“Hmm?” The light in Fengxiu’s eyes changed slightly. The reason why he had appeared at this time was because he could sense there was something off about the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass’s aura. That was why he had appeared early. Although the news from the other two sides had yet to arrive, he possessed absolute confidence in Samigina and Marbas.

“Seems like you already know about the situation regarding the Southeastern Fort and the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass. What do you think?” Fengxiu raised a slender eyebrow.

Long Haochen nodded seriously, “Of course I know. Oh? It seems like your majesty in unclear with it!”

The Demon God Emperor’s heart skipped a beat and he suddenly felt an omen for something. He instinctively glanced at orangey yellow star beside the Devil Dragon Pillar. The Star Demon God Vassago had not performed any prophecies for him.

“What’s the outcome?” Fengxiu asked without changing his expression at all.

Long Haochen smiled, “Justice obviously defeated evil. Probably only a third of your million strong army remains now.”

“Oh?” The Demon God Emperor was surprised, but he recovered his cool very soon, “Do you think that trying to frighten me with lies will work?”

Long Haochen said, “Seems like your majesty’s sources of news are nowhere as fast as mine. Seems like you can only sense the destruction of demon god pillars and not the deaths of demon gods. Why don’t you go back and wait for the news? We’re in no hurry at all.”
He had mentioned the situation with the battles elsewhere at a time likely this and he had done so loudly in order to deal a blow to the demons’ morale, as well as the Demon God Emperor’s confidence. The most terrifying opponent was a calm one. Once the Demon God Emperor lost his calm and became emotional, his chances would become slightly better.

Fengxiu finally frowned. Although he did not believe Long Haochen, Long Haochen was currently speaking before all the powerhouses of humanity. If he was just lying, did he no longer care about his reputation as the chairman of the union? Moreover, would lies be effective against the Demon God Emperor? The ill omen suddenly grew stronger and stronger in the Demon God EMperor. After snorting coldly, Fengxiu’s dark golden figure suddenly vanished.

Long Haochen gazed at the Devil Dragon Pillar in the distance and thought how large structures were always destroyed from the inside. If it were not for the news from Yue Ye’s organisation, they definitely would not have been able to face the Demon God Emperor with such composure. The Demon God Emperor would not receive accurate news so late either.

“Agares, Vassago, I don’t care what you do, I want to know the situation with Samigina and Marbas’ sides within an hour. If you can’t give me an answer within an hour, then be prepared to use the Prophecy of Life a second time, Vassago.”

The Demon God Emperor was clearly angered. The starlight and moonlight in the sky subsided together, but the light from the Devil Dragon Pillar lingered. At the same time, other pillars of light shot into the sky in the surroundings. It was the power of other demon gods. However, compared to the Devil Dragon Pillar in the centre, they were like bamboo to an elephant’s leg.

The six divine knights continued to float in the air, using the aura of their divine thrones to hold off the pressure from the Devil Dragon Pillar.

The atmosphere grew more and more tense, but at this moment, Long Haochen was instead very calm. He silently sensed the aura of the Divine
Throne of Eternity and Creation. His various emotions vanished one after another as he gradually entered a state of emptiness.

Chapter 835

His personal abilities would always become stronger before greater pressure. The great talent of the Light God physique further erupted under the tremendous pressure of the Devil Dragon Pillar.

Even Long Haochen himself did not know just what level his cultivation would reach under the support of Ye Xiaolei’s intelligent spiritual stove. If the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation was used as well, then he probably would be approaching the peak of the ninth step. However, it was still not enough against the Demon God Emperor.

No one was able to predict just how terrifying the Demon God Emperor was, having surpassed a million spiritual energy and become a half-god, when he wielded the Devil Dragon Pillar on par to supra divine tools, because there was not a single human alive, including the Eternal Heroes, who had witnessed the Demon God Emperor fighting with his full strength.

However, what if he included Haoyue?

As soon as he thought of Haoyue, ripples immediately appeared in Long Haochen’s empty mind. They were ripples burning with desire. It had been a very long time since he had fought along with Haoyue.

After Haoyue evolved to eight hands, Long Haochen and the others returned, but Haoyue seemed to have entered a special state of cultivation. Originally, Long Haochen believed he was consolidating his cultivation, but he discovered he was wrong very soon, because Haoyue had already spent a very long time at the bottleneck before he broke through, so his cultivation was already extremely stable. So why did it slumber? It seemed to be
related to the seedling of the Tree of Destruction he had obtained from the trials of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation.

They were both destruction. Was Haoyue unable to absorb the power of the Tree of Destruction completely? If it had absorbed it completely, just what level would Haoyue’s strength reach?

Haoyue was Long Haochen’s greatest trump card. It possessed an aura that even the Demon God Emperor feared. When they worked together, Long Haochen believed he would be able to match the Demon God Emperor.

Time trickled by. In under an hour, the star and moon rose up together beside the Devil Dragon Pillar in the distance. The terrifying aura of the Devil Dragon Pillar surged wildly.

“Impressive. Very impressive.” After another fifteen minutes, Fengxiu’s voice rang out once more. It had lost its indifference from before. All that was left was endless coldness. The frigidness of the voice made the coldness outside the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass seem warm. The pressure from the Devil Dragon Pillar immediately swelled, while the huge, thousand-meter-long, black dragon gained a coat of dark golden light.

Figures emerged from the dark golden light, directly charging towards the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

They were huge, black dragons. They all had blood-red eyes. One the back of every black dragon were two powerhouses. One of them was a Moon Demon with long, purple hair, while the other was a Star Demon in orangey yellow mage robes.

This was the perfect combination between the Devil Dragons, Moon Demons and Star Demons. There were a total of eighty groups like this.

All of the Devil Dragons were powerhouses of the ninth step, while most of the Moon Demons and Star Demons were of the ninth step as well. Without a doubt, this was the greatest force among the demons.
After the eighty Devil Dragons emerged, they formed a line in the air. A layer of dark golden light enveloped them completely from the Devil Dragon Pillar behind.

Immediately, all of the Devil Dragons became twice as large under the illumination of the dark golden light. The largest had exceeded two hundred meters. While the boost to the Moon and Star Demons on their backs was not as great, their auras still increased drastically.

On the backs of the four largest Devil Dragons at the very front were the four emperors of the Moon Demon Clan and Star Demon Clan. They were all domain wielding powerhouses.

With over two hundred peak powerhouses on the two sides, over a thousand eighth step demons appeared as well. They were also illuminated by the dark golden light. Under the boost of the Devil Dragon Pillar, their auras actually neared the aura of the ninth step.

“Very impressive, Long Haochen.”

The Demon God Emperor’s cold voice was filled with intense fury, “Your successfully angered me. You really have given me a great surprise.”

Despite the words of praise Fengxiu had said earlier, he was no calm at all. The news he had received just then did make him lose his cool. Fengxiu had never thought that Samigina and Marbas would be defeated and it would really be like what Long Haochen described, suffering such a horrible defeat.

His elite army of a million had actually fallen apart when they attacked the two great forts. Since when did the humans possess such great strength? Whether it was the magical traps or the Hell’s Gate, none of them had ever appeared before. However, they also managed to play a destructive role in these decisive battles.

After receiving the news, Fengxiu was tempted to whip Samigina’s corpse and tear Marbas and Valefor to pieces. Their defeat had completely
destroyed the Demon God Emperor’s plan. In particular, his plan to use all of humanity to threaten Long Haochen was no longer possible.

The stability of the Temple Union and the two victories definitely strengthened the will for these humans before him to die in battle. It also drastically increased the difficulty for the demons to make the humans yield.

Long Haochen smiled indifferently, “I hope you don’t become emotional. Just in case you become the first and last Demon God Emperor to die from anger, you’ll be recorded in the annals of history in quite a descriptive manner.”

The Demon God Emperor suddenly smiled after hearing Long Haochen. It was not the type of smile where he did it out of anger. Instead, it was a smile of great confidence and disdain.

“Long Haochen, do you really think that you and your Temple Union’s already won? That’s right, I must admit that you’ve caused me quite a few problems. However, that’s only some small problems to my advance. The defeats of the Southeastern Fort and Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass aren’t important. I’ll personally tear through your Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass and tour through the Temple Union. You will learn very soon that before absolute strength, all schemes are useless.”

Upon reaching there, the Demon God Emperor’s voice suddenly became icy, “Kill them all. Leave none alive.”

Over a thousand demon powerhouses set off at the same time. Apart from the Demon God Emperor and the nineteen demon gods he had brought with him, over one thousand two hundred peak powerhouses rushed towards the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass with astonishing speed. The glow of magic they gave off illuminated the sky, as well as the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

With over two hundred ninth step powerhouses and over a thousand eighth step powerhouses attacking a single fort simultaneously, this was probably the first time it had ever occurred in the Shengmo Dalu’s history.
Even when the demons had just descended six thousand years ago, they had never created such a disturbance. At that time, their primary force was the seventy-two demon god pillars. The races that were infected and demonified were nowhere as powerful as right now.

It was also at this moment that six, replendent lights appeared in the sky together. Under the lead of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, the six divine thrones turned into six streaks of light in the air, enveloping their respective masters. At the same time, all the powerhouses on the walls of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass rose up into the air.

The moment where they fought to death had come. The Demon God Emperor was correct. No matter how great the impact from the Southeastern Fort and Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass was, this was where the final decisive battle would occur. It would also be where the final victor of this holy war would be decided.

“Release!” Long Haochen’s clear voice boomed through the sky above the mountain pass. At the same time, roughly two hundred balls of light lit up at the same time on and on top of the walls of the mountain pass. Terrifying pulses of spiritual energy immediately caused the entire mountain pass to shake gently. The pressure from the charge of over a thousand peak demon powerhouses actually surged violently.

If the human body was used to describe the pressure, then the colossal body would have experienced sharp pain in over two hundred different locations.

Boom! Over two hundred rumbles rang out at the same time. Over two hundred streaks of different coloured light shot out from the walls of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

As the sound waves and pulses of spiritual energy they erupted with in that moment was just too terrifying, even the mountain pass had kicked up a cloud of smoke as it shook violently. Many places on the thick walls cracked.
Long Haochen had played his first trump card hidden in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

Why hadn’t the Southeastern Fort and Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass used the magic cannons they had relied on the most in such intense battles? That was because all of the magic cannons across the union had been gathered in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

When Long Haochen was leading the human army through the six demon provinces, his plan had already begun to be carried out. The Temple Union had basically used all of its storage equipment at the legendary tier or higher to transport the magic cannons, installing and testing them at the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

The greatest issue with the demons actually occurred internally. If the Demon God Emperor had received the news immediately and learnt that the magic cannons were not used in the battles of the Southeastern Fort and Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass, he definitely would have deduced where they had gone. Unfortunately, most of the information he received had been filtered away by Yue Ye’s organisation. No matter how powerful the Demon God Emperor was, his strength would severely weaken if he became blind or deaf.

In other words, after the victories of the Southeastern Fort and Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass, Yue Ye’s organisation had provided unprecedented support to the humans. They even ran the risk of being exposed.

Over two hundred streaks of light erupted at the same time and without any prior signs either. Even the Demon God Emperor would not have been able to deal with it effectively in that moment.

The largest difference between magic cannons and spells from mages was that magic cannons did not need chanting. They only replied on the magic array in the cannons themselves and the magic crystals that provided energy. As a result, they were able to be fired without giving anything away.

The charge of over a thousand demon powerhouses was met with a combined barrage of magic cannons that had all been supplied magic
crystals of the ninth step.

Chapter 836


Over two hundred huge beams of light, at least five meters wide, collided fiercely with the demons charging over.

In the air, Long Haochen smiled after fusing with thirteen balls of white light, “What resplendent fireworks…”

Yeah! What a beautiful scene of resplendent fireworks.

The demons were unable to dodge the sudden, collective attack at all. No matter how fast they were, could they outspeed light? As a result, all of them defended out of instinct.

As they charged, the powerhouses of the eighth step flew at the front, while the eighty groups formed from the three clans flew at the back.

It was a dazzling eruption when the barrage from the magic cannons collided against the defences of the demons!

Countless colours erupted in the air. A huge pall of light had even condensed in the air as terrifying elemental storms wreaked havoc within it.

A large number of demon powerhouses were knocked away. These were all demons with defences powerful enough to block the attack and not be blasted to pieces, while the weaker demons, or the ones located in the centre of the barrage, were not as fortunate.
From afar looking at the entire Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, it seemed like the walls had fired a blast against a group of mosquitos.

Roar! The Demon God Emperor was truly infuriated now. The dark golden dragon on the top of the Devil Dragon Pillar flew up and unleashed a dark golden breath towards the battlefield. It actually arrived immediately, despite being released from over five kilometers away. The intense, golden colour collided with the elemental storms, actually forcefully scattering the storms.

Without a doubt, the attacks from the magic cannons were most powerful when they first erupted and had managed to forcefully halt the demon’s invincible charge.

At least a quarter of the eighth step demons in the charge died to the terrifying blast, while more than half of them were injured.

Out of all the magic cannons, some streaks of light were the most violent. The strongest one was a deathly grey. Not only did it kill seven or eight demons of the eighth step, it landed on a Devil Dragon in the end as well. The terrifying defences of the Devil Dragon and the Moon Demon and Star Demon on its back actually failed to block the attack. The Devil Dragon was heavily injured, while the Moon Demon and Star Demon actually died. The grey aura was actually the power of death.

To be able to produce such a powerful attack, the magic crystal providing energy was obviously extraordinary. More correctly, it was the Demon God of Death Samigina’s demon god crown.

The reason why the four Fiend Kings fought over the right to succeed the Demon God of Death was because the demon god crown had not been left behind, while with their cultivation and status among the Fiends, they could forcefully inherit the position as demon god as long as they were widely recognised. What they never expected was that Samigina’s demon god crown would become the fuel to the Temple Union’s magic cannons.

The other powerful magic cannons were also powered by demon god crowns, while the dark element attacks were powered by magic crystals
from demons.

Both Long Haochen and the higher-ups of the Temple Union understood that the humans would never be the demons’ opponent in an open battle, so of course they had to use some special methods to deal with the Demon God Emperor. With any information about the magic cannons locked down, the combined attack from the cannons immediately dealt a heavy blow to the powerhouses the Demon God Emperor had brought with him.

Although this was not enough to shake the foundations of the demons, it formed a great deterrence at the very least and obliterated their morale.

The elementals storms subsided and the demons regrouped. They did not charge again like before. Many of the demons were surprised. The humans really were prepared with over two hundred magic cannons.

The Demon God Emperor’s fury reached his limit. He glanced at the purple moon in the air and with a flash, he appeared from the Devil Dragon Pillar.

“Agares, you need to give me an explanation once the battle ends,” Fengxiu’s voice exploded in the Moon Demon God Agares’ ears, but no one else heard it.

In this crucial battle, the Moon Demons composed a third of their total strength. Now definitely was not the time for him to blame Agares. Completely obliterating the defences of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass was the matter at hand.

The magic cannons of the mountain pass began their recharge. With ninth step magic crystals supporting them, they obviously did not just have a single round of fire. Perhaps their usage would not be as great as at the start, but at least they could strike fear into the demons on the battlefield.

However, Fengxiu did not give them the chance for a second blast. In the air, he only took a single step and in the next moment, he had passed all the demon powerhouses, arriving at the very front. The huge, dark golden
dragon continued to roar in the distance, while Fengxiu’s eyes lit up with the same dazzling, dark golden light as well.

His black hair turned into a round disc behind him like a sun, while Fengxiu’s eyes flickered with dark golden light. His luxurious robes swayed despite the absence of wind. When he appeared before all of the demons, he seemed so silent. Even the sky fell silent.

In the moment Fengxiu had moved, Long Haochen moved as well.

His huge, snow-white wings from the Armour of Eternity unfurled and in the next moment, he appeared five hundred meters away from Fengxiu.

They stared at each other. The leader of humanity and the leader of the demons were staring at each other. Long Haochen had basically been suppressed instantly by Fengxiu’s aura.

Only when he truly faced the angered Demon God Emperor could he sense just how great the pressure was. In that moment, Long Haochen felt Fengxiu was like the ocean, boundless and unfathomable.

However, he was obviously reluctant to just be suppressed like this. The gemstone on Long Haochen’s chest shone with a green light as the clear sound of a heartbeat rang out. Immediately, Long Haochen’s aura erupted as a green colour filled with the aura of life expanded, clashing with the Demon God Emperor’s dark golden aura.

“You can’t stop me,” the Demon God Emperor said coldly. Afterwards, he raised his right hand towards Long Haochen and extended his index finger.

Long Haochen’s Heart of Eternity suddenly skipped a beat when he saw that. Back in the Star Demon Pagoda, that was how the Demon God Emperor had killed him! He had destroyed his heart.

However, he only remained dazed for a split second. Long Haochen raised the Sword of Eternity high over his head and swung it at the Demon God Emperor from afar. The Domain of Eternity and Light God Domain
merged together, emitting a ring of green light. At the same time, he vanished in the green light.

Nature’s Bloom.

The tip of the Demon God Emperor’s finger lit up as a fist-sized ball of dark golden light. However, there was a deafening dragon’s roar in the light, as if a huge dragon was sealed within the tiny ball of light.


A terrifying sound wave erupted from the Demon God Emperor’s finger in the next moment. The huge dragon in the distance stood in the posture of a roar, but its roar was clearly emitted from the ball of light.

Long Haochen’s Nature’s Bloom was like a blown-up, green bubble in the terrifying sound wave. When the bubble reached its limit, it suddenly burst.

The sound wave continued towards the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, while Long Haochen swung his sword at the Demon God Emperor, reluctant to just fall like that. The resplendent, white sword also produced a gentle thrum. It was exactly due to this strange thrum that protected Long Haochen from the roar.

The translucent, white colour from the Sword of Eternity seemed so bright and clear, but the sword did not release any attack. It seemed no different from a simple swing, as if it was the same as a slash from an ordinary warrior of the second or third step.

However, the simple, unadorned sword made the Demon God Emperor react.

He immediately drew back his extended finger and formed a fist, punching at Long Haochen’s slash.

Clang! The collision of the fist and sword actually produced a metallic sound. Long Haochen’s entire body shuddered as a layer of white light
expanded from his body, while the Demon God Emperor immediately retreated to a hundred meters away.

Aside from that, not even a single drop of spiritual energy managed to escape from where they clashed.

The human powerhouses from the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass had already begun holding their breaths. They knew very well that it was critical that Long Haochen stopped the Demon God Emperor. If Long Haochen was defeated, then the humans would no longer possess the power to contend against the Demon God Emperor. No matter how prepared they were, the end result would still be the same.

The humans were not the only ones to react as such. There were also people among the demons who had their hearts skip a beat nervously when Long Haochen and the Demon God Emperor clashed this time, because it was just as important to them as to whether Long Haochen could stop the Demon God Emperor or not.

The Demon God Emperor swept up the hem of his robes. There was actually a cut of a few centimeters. His fist had actually failed to block Long Haochen’s sword completely.

And, a thin, bloody mark had appeared on the back of his right hand. The mark slowly closed up.

Nodding towards Long Haochen, the Demon God Emperor smiled, “Your growth rate really is surprising. The true essence of the Self Incarnating Domain combined with a strike that contains a domain technique. Very impressive. You are worthy of my praise. There are no more than five people among my race who can receive that attack and emerge alive. No wonder you have such confidence in challenging me. However, your magic cannons might have all malfunctioned.”

He was right. All of the magic cannons storing up energy before had dimmed. Long Haochen did not need to look back. He could sense what had happened using his powerful mental force.

Chapter 837

All the people controlling the magic cannons died from the dragon’s roar. Long Haochen still failed to stop the Demon God Emperor’s attack. He was still the one who had lost the clash. However, if he had not tried to stop the Demon God Emperor, there would not just have been deaths. Even the tough magic cannons would have been destroyed under the Demon God Emperor’s roar.

Long Haochen knew very well that his full strength attack, the attack that had contained the Divine Light Waltz, had been defeated. Even though it was not obvious, the Demon God Emperor’s strength still seemed insurmountable, because the Demon God Emperor was clearly nowhere close to trying his hardest without using the demon god transformation and the power of the Devil Dragon Pillar.

The Demon God Emperor said at great ease, “Let’s leave the matters here to the others. Let’s go up and play. It’s been a very long while since someone’s made me interested in fighting. You should feel proud just over that.”

As he said that, the Demon God Emperor rose into the air as a streak of dark golden light.

Long Haochen showed no weakness. He flapped his wings and flew off as a white streak of light.

The two leaders rose into the air together and entered their own battlefield. To the demons, this was unbelievable, because they had never thought that there would actually someone who could hold his ground
against the Demon God Emperor. To the humans, they felt greatly relieved, because Long Haochen could actually stop the Demon God Emperor. This brought them significant confidence.

As the two leaders rose into the air, the battle between the humans and demons completely unfolded. Without the Demon God Emperor’s orders, all nineteen demon gods, including the Moon Demon God and Star Demon God, entered the battle, leading the demon army towards the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

The light from the Devil Dragon Pillar did not shift as the Demon God Emperor rose into the air. Its dark golden light continued to protect the demons. It was possible to say that the blast from the magic cannons earlier would have caused even greater losses for the demons if it were not for the Devil Dragon Pillar’s protection.

The human powerhouses all set off as well, receiving the demon army boldly. The two sides engaged in a full scale clash.

Long Haochen had already played a huge role on the battlefield. It was because of his block that the magic cannons were not completely destroyed. While the people behind the cannons had died, they could be replaced and the magic cannons could be used again. Even though the new people would be less skilled compared to the original group, they were actually able to maintain a balance as soon as the two sides clashed with the support of over two hundred magic cannons.

Aside from the nine who fell in battle, basically all sixty-three Eternal Heroes had gathered here. It was exactly because of their existence, over fifty domain wielding powerhouses, over a dozen of which could use Self Incarnating Domains with two peak existences at the seventh rank of the ninth step, that the humans were able to hold their ground against the demons.

The battle had never been so intense before.

Shu Yongxiao went to receive the Moon Demon God Agares, while Xiao Huo faced off against the Star Demon God Vassago.
Originally, it should have been revered. However, Vassago was a prophet, so assassins posed no threat to him at all. No matter how powerful Shu Yongxiao’s attacks were, Vassago would always be able to predict where the attacks were coming, so just how limited did her strength become?

This was why Shu Yongxiao and Xiao Huo switched opponents. Shu Yongxiao kept Agares busy, while Xiao Huo forcefully took on Vassago.

Their battles had reached great intensity from the very beginning.

All the ninth step powerhouses of the Bright Glimmer of Hope fought against demon gods as well. Cai’er also appeared on the battlefield immediately, keeping three demon gods busy with the combined efforts of the twelve holy guards.

The most intense part of the battlefield were not those battles, but the battle between the Divine Knight of Adjudication and Trial Long Xingyu and the red-haired, bulky Berserk Demon God Amon who ranked seventh among the demon gods.

They were an pair of old rivals. Long Xingyu had always been slightly weaker than Amon. Now that they had met again, they were especially furious for battle. Right from the start, they became glued to each other in combat.

The people that received the other demon gods basically were all Eternal Heroes of the fifth rank. The Starry Sky Holy Knight Yang Haoyu lead the human powerhouses to stop the Devil Dragon groups. In that moment, the full-blown holy war had unfolded outside the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

Long Haochen followed the Demon God Emperor to an altitude of over three thousand meters before the Demon God Emperor stopped. Long Haochen remained several hundred meters away from him.

As Long Haochen climbed up in the sky, his mind had completely settled down. Regardless of how the battle between the demons and the union ended, the final, deciding battle would be between him and the Demon God
Emperor. If he lost, then it went without saying. No one else in the humans could stop the Demon God Emperor. If the Demon God Emperor lost, then even if the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass had lost their battle, Long Haochen would have the chance to turn everything around. Long Haochen had given orders before the battle that if they were unable to stop the demons, they could carry out a strategic retreat and temporarily abandon the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

There actually were not a lot of people who remained behind in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. Ordinary knights and warriors were unable to play a great role in this battle where the apex clashed against the apex. They had all retreated to the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, forming a second line of defence. Once they carried out a strategic retreat, they could use the light magic arrays from the Knights’ Sacred Mountain to last a bit longer, and Long Haochen completely believed that as long as his battle against the Demon God Emperor had been drawn out long enough, the final victor of the holy war would still be the humans even if both sides sustained heavy casualties. Yue Ye’s organisation had yet to play their most critical role.

“Long Haochen, do you still plan on being obstinate at a time like this?” The Demon God Emperor stood with crossed arms, as if he was not concerned with the battle below at all.

“Obstinate?” Long Haochen found this rather funny as he looked at the Demon God Emperor, “For some reason, when I’ve met your majesty once again, your mental state seemed to be rather off. Perhaps something’s happened to your head from cultivating too much?”

The Demon God Emperor was not annoyed by Long Haochen’s quip, “Something’s happened to my head? Long Haochen, do you really think I’m treating you like this just because of your talent and your current ability? Do you really think you can stand up to me with your current strength? I have my reason for constantly holding back.”

Long Haochen was surprised. He had never thought that after ascending into the sky, the Demon God Emperor would not attack him immediately,
but instead try to speak to him earnestly. For some reason, the Demon God Emperor’s expression and tone made him slightly uneasy.

“What’s the reason?” Long Haochen asked coldly. Dragging it out would only be beneficial to him. He obviously was in no hurry to fight the Demon God Emperor.

The Demon God Emperor smiled indifferently, “I can tell that you have great confidence in this battle. You clearly know your strength is nowhere as great as mine, yet you still want to challenge me individually. Just the courage to do so is probably unmatched in the world. Before I tell you my reason, I want to explain why you’re so confident. If I’ve guessed correctly, your confidence stems from Agares, or maybe even Vassago?”

With that, Long Haochen immediately shuddered. He was no longer able to keep his emotions under control. He had never thought the Demon God Emperor would mention this to him in such an easygoing tone.

A cold light flashed through the Demon God Emperor’s eyes, “Agares, how impressive, Agares! As my most trusted brother, you’ve set up this trap for me.”

“The reason why we lost the battles of the Southeastern Fort and the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass was because your Temple Union was just too well-prepared. You might have even received information much faster than me. If it weren’t for a traitor among my demons who supplied you enough information and had kept the information away from me, could you still have achieved something like that? Among my race, the only ones with the bravery and ability to do something like that is Agares, Vassago, Samigina and Marbas, while the one who’s always been responsible for the news regarding the military situation is Agares. It really was my good brother! I just don’t understand what benefit this will bring him. Is he trying to replace me?”

After a moment of shock, Long Haochen recovered him cool, “The Demon God Emperor really is the Demon God Emperor after all. From this string of unanticipated events, you’ve immediately located the source
of it all. However, what I’m very curious about is why you’re not worried at all.”

The Demon God Emperor smiled warmly. He really did not seem flustered at all, “Why should I be? Agares’ betrayal really has pained me. It’s even likely that Vassago has begun question himself because of Agares. However, do you think that it’s enough to shake my foundations? You don’t understand the demons well enough. I can tell you that before you defeat me, at least before I’ve appeared to be defeated, the two of them will never just betray me. Do you really think I’m called the Demon God Emperor for nothing? As long as I am still the greatest powerhouse of this realm, no one will openly betray me. As for dealing with them, it’s not too late after the battle here ends. I believe that even if Agares has been collaborating with you, it’s a limited collaboration. If he’s bold enough to stake everything in a single move, he wouldn’t have waited until now.”

Long Haochen’s heart sank. The Demon God Emperor was just too confident, such that it even affected his own mental state.

That’s right. The Moon Demon God Agares was the true leader of Yue Ye’s organisation. It was exactly because of his leadership that it could grow to such a colossal organisation among the demons. Otherwise, how were they supposed to hide under the nose of the Demon God Emperor?

In the past when Yue Ye had revealed to him that the Demon God Emperor wanted to deal with him, Agares had purposefully made it happen. Agares did not wish to see him dead. Instead, Agares wished that he could lead the humans to truly rise up against the demons.

Chapter 838

Agares possessed a human bloodline in the first place. And, after he became an adult, he became more and more influenced by human culture. At the same time, he became more and more disgusted by his identity as a demon, which w3as why his most beloved consort also happened to be a human. However, even among the Moon Demon Clan, the subordinates that Agares truly trusted only form a third of the clan, with even fewer people knowing this secret. He was forced to be cautious! He wanted to overthrow the Demon God Emperor’s reign, yet he also held deep fear towards the Demon God Emperor. Exactly because he was the closest to the Demon God Emperor, he knew the terror of the Demon God Emperor the best.

However, the Demon God Emperor and the Star Demon God’s trap against Long Haochen last time was planned out just too prudently. Even Agares did not know about the crucial parts. When he returned to core city with the Demon God Emperor, he knew something wrong had happened. However, he had always been by the Demon God Emperor’s side back then, so he was unable to pass on the news, which lead to Long Haochen’s death.

During the few years after Long Haochen’s ‘death’, not only did Yue Ye vanish, Agares also controlled his organisation in a more secretive manner. He knew that there were probably no more chances left for him.

However, he had never imagined that Long Haochen would remain alive and become the chairman of the Temple Union. This also gave him a new opportunity. At the same time, he used Yue Ye as the person to establish contact to provide Long Haochen with full support. If it were not for Agares’ delays, how would the information have been withheld from the Demon God Emperor, leaving him in the dark about all the crucial issues?
But just like what the Demon God Emperor had said, his strength prevent Agares from staking it all abd betraying the Demon God Emperor on the battlefield. He need to think for his own clansmen. Unless Long Haochen defeated the Demon God Emperor and settled the general situation, he would not revolt so easily.

Looking at Long Haochen’s gaze from beneath the mask, the Demon God Emperor said, “You’ve been very cautious in your thoughts. There’s one aspect that you’ve determined that’s very accurate. On this battlefield, the most critical part is me and you. If you can defeat me, then the humans will win, and my race’s reign of six thousand years will probably come to an end. However, if you lose, everything will just return to how it was before. The humans will be completely suppressed by me. I’ll even make it that not a single person from the temple will exceed the sixth step ever again.”

Long Haochen said indifferently, “Your majesty’s already told me so much nonsense, so it’s time for you to talk about your reason, right?”

The Demon God Emperor’s smile grew heavier, “Of course. Otherwise, how will you yield to me?”

Long Haochen said coldly, “It’s the middle of the day, so just stop dreaming.”

The Demon God Emperor ignored Long Haochen’s smart remark, “Actually, it’s good that you crippled Ah’Bao. It’s basically paving a path for your future. You’re also very clever. It’s possible to say that you’ve amounted to at least thirty percent of the reason why the humans were able to achieve an overwhelming victory this time. You’ve also stopped me all alone, giving enough opportunities to your people. It’s very impressive. Unfortunately, even the smartest people can miss something. Your failure just happened to lie in the most important point. Why do I give you special treatment? Why was I so reluctant and so pained in killing you in the past? Of course it wasn’t because of your talent. Instead, it was because…”
Reaching there, he paused and suddenly widened his eyes which had always been squinted, “It’s because my bloodline flows through your body.”

When the Demon God Emperor said that, Long Haochen only felt like he was struck by a hammer. He immediately retreated to a hundred meters away. The white light from the Armour of Eternity pulsed with great instability, while his face was filled with shock.

Long Haochen had never thought the Demon God Emperor would say something like that. He instinctively raised his Sword of Eternity.

However, the Demon God Emperor use this opportunity to launch an attack while he was in shock. He remained the same as before, while his gaze became even more gentle.

As his hair drifted about, the Demon God Emperor smiled at him, “No matter how outstanding you are, no matter how much effort you put in for the humans, it’s all just demonstrating your ability to me in my eyes. You should understand now why I treated you as a second successor when I first met you. Of course, that’s no longer the case now. In my heart, you are the primary successor of my race. You are very clever. You are intelligent and you are capable. However, no matter how capable you are, my bloodline flows through your body. We are one family. Consider it. If we work together, is there anything on the continent that can resist against us? I can give you whatever you want. This Shengmo Dalu is ours in the first place. You are the saint, the Sheng, while I am the demon, the Mo. We have always been one family.”

“Shut up!” Long Haochen yelled out, “You’re lying! I don’t believe you!”

The Demon God Emperor smiled indifferently, “It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not. This is the truth. Think about all the times I’ve met you in the past. If it weren’t for my bloodline flowing through you, you would have died many times already. I met you for the first time in the Exorcist Mountain Pass, while the second time I met you was in the Moon Demon Palace. Back then, you were disguised as Yue Ye’s
maidservant. I knew since then that you had an extraordinary connection with her. However, I never touched you, nor did I take you back to the palace, because I was waiting, waiting for you to grow. Once you obtained enough strength to raise my attention, your status as a second successor because established as well. However, I never thought you would grow so quickly and possess such surprising talent. It seems like combining the bloodlines of humans and demons really does make it even more excellent!”

“No, no! I don’t believe you!” Long Haochen’s heart surged with utter shock. Before he was even ten, he became determined to become a knight. In the past twenty years, he had gone through all kinds of hardships, falling over countless times and also climbing up, coming close to death constantly and growing through battles. He had reached today step by step, finally achieving greatness. He had become the chairman of the Temple Union and the Divine Knight of Glory and Leadership. It was possible to say that he had spent his entire life working towards this, finally reaching today with sufficient luck.

Now that the demons and humans clashed for one last time, when he believed he was about to face the emperor of the demons in a final battle, he learnt that his body actually contained the blood of demons, coming from the Devil Dragons. The impact was just far, far too heavy.

No matter how strong-willed Long Haochen was, he struggled to control his emotions then and there. If the Demon God Emperor was telling the truth, then what had he been working towards all these years? Before him, the demon who had brought countless calamities to mankind and started two holy wars was actually his…

Long Haochen was afraid of thinking any further. He only felt that his head was in pain. As he looked at the Demon God Emperor, his fighting spirit had been completely destablised. The aura of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation even struggled to keep his emotions under control.

Looking at Long Haochen, the Demon God Emperor was very satisfied, “You’ve done a lot and I’ve also committed many mistakes. However, one of them was right, which rendered all the efforts that the humans put in
earlier void. I know you don’t want to believe it, but whether you believe it or not, it’s the truth.”

“I’ve investigated your history with great detail. You didn’t grow up in the Holy City or the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, right? You come from Odin Town, probably a human township close to the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass. You and your mother depended on each other since you were born, while your father, Long Xingyu, was separated from the two of you for ten years. Only afterwards did he find and recognise you two. I remember that my subordinates had once reported to me that the Divine Knight of Adjudication and Trial appeared near Odin Town and killed a group of my powerhouses. That was probably when he discovered you. And when he began teaching you knight abilities, have you ever considered why your parents separated? Your mother knew Long Xingyu was a divine knight and that he happened to be at the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, so why didn’t she take you to go find him?”

Long Haochen’s face became paler and paler as he listened to the Demon God Emperor.

“Around thirty years ago, about a year before you were born, I accidentally discovered your mother and I brought her back to the Demon God Palace to live with me for a while. Afterwards, she threatened me using her own life, saying that she did not want to live among the demons any further. With no other choice, I sent her back to the Temple Alliance. Your mother’s one of the few women I’ve loved the most in my life, even surpassing my feelings towards Leng Xiao. If I’ve guessed correctly, she did not know how to face your father after she returned to the Temple Alliance, which was why she settled down secretly in Odin Town. The reason why Bai Yue was unable to face Long Xingyu until he found the two of you was because of me, and also partially because of you. If you don’t believe me, we can test our bloodline. Blood runs thicker than water. There is no such thing closer than bloodlines.”

As he said that, Fengxiu raised his hand and a droplet of deep, purple blood slowly oozed out from the wound on the back of his hand. He had purposefully prevented the injury from healing. The blood drifted over slowly and as it did, black and blue auras emerged and were severed from
it. When the droplet of blood arrived before Long Haochen, all that was left was a transparent purple colour.

The Demon God Emperor had eliminated all the elements from his blood, only leaving behind the most pure power of the bloodline.

Long Haochen brought his index finger to his mouth and bit it rather blankly. Red blood that shone with a faint, golden colour dripped out and also flew into the air like the Demon God Emperor’s, removing all of the light element from it.

When the droplet of red blood and droplet of transparent, purple blood came into contact, the two droplets of blood produced a strange light at the same time. Afterwards, they slowly merged together.

Long Haochen was stunned. He knew exactly what it meant for blood to merge. Did it mean…

Chapter 839

Long Haochen’s violently trembled, trembled… He refused to believe this was true. Standing before him was his greatest enemy. How could it have been his father? He refused to believe it. He refused to believe it no matter what! How was he supposed to face his companions, all of his human clansmen if that was true? How was he supposed to fight the Demon God Emperor with his full strength?

Just as the grief and resentment in Long Haochen’s heart spiralled more and more out of control, the Demon God Emperor’s expression suddenly changed.

This was because the two droplets of blood that had merged together suddenly split back apart, floating the air separately. They were no longer fused like before.

“H- how is this possible?” The Demon God Emperor looked at the separated droplets of blood in a dumbfounded manner.

Long Haochen was also dumfounded, the sorrow and resentment in his heart slowly subsided. At the same time, he quickly retreated to a hundred meters away, raising the Sword of Eternity once again.

The droplets of blood did not merge. That meant that he did not possess the Demon God Emperor’s bloodline. No matter what the Demon God Emperor had babbled earlier, the truth had been presented before him and Long Haochen’s emotions quickly returned under his control.
“No, this is impossible! You possess my bloodline. That cannot be wrong,” the Demon God Emperor roared out angrily as he was unwilling to accept this. With a wave of his right hand, the two droplets of blood arrived before him. He tried to use his own power to make the droplets of blood fuse. They merged as soon as they came into contact with each, but after a short moment, they separated firmly once again.

The Demon God Emperor finally became flustered. Something had happened to the thing he relied on the most, which impacted him just as much as what Long Haochen had gone through earlier.

“No, this can’t be right. Something must have happened somewhere. That has to be it.” The Demon God Emperor suddenly looked at Long Haochen, “What did you do? Why has the power of my bloodline become so thin in your blood, even close to vanishing? Tell me! What did you do?”

Long Haochen said coldly, “I’ve done nothing. Demon God Emperor, your exaggerated lie has been exposed. Let’s do it.”

As he said that, Long Haochen clutched the Sword of Eternity with both hands firmly as his eyes shone brightly. His fury and emotions had reached the limit after the psychological impact from before. At the same time, his firm beliefs allowed his emotions to stalise, while he became even more determined.

The ball of seven-coloured light in Long Haochen’s surroundings suddenly rushed into the gemstone on his chest. SHortly afterwards, the seven-coloured light was refracted by the gemstone, illuminating the Sword of Eternity, causing it to shine bright with the same colours. Long Haochen’s Armour of Eternity turned into the same colours as well.

A weak aura of life appeared from the Sword of Eternity, but soon afterwards, it strengthened rapidly, becoming extremely terrifying. The figure of the divine gigantic dragon appeared behind Long Haochen in the form of light, illuminating the entire sky.
“Receive my second sword technique of eternity, Creation of the Living.”

Multicoloured light exploded in the air, immediately enveloping the Demon God Emperor as well. The figure of the divine gigantic dragon behind Long Haochen suddenly consolidated and it let out a loud roar, charging towards the Demon God Emperor as the Sword of Eternity slashed out.

In that moment, Long Haochen’s strength was unprecedented, while the Demon God Emperor was in shock. He struggled to believe what happened before him.

“Piss off!”

The Demon God Emperor roared angrily and threw his right fist. The figure of a dark golden dragon appeared behind him, but in just a moment, it was enveloped by the seven-coloured light. Seven-coloured clouds appeared in the sky as it rumbled.

The Demon God Emperor was actually completely swallowed up by the attack of Creation of the Living.

Long Haochen ran a little out of breath after launching that attack. At the same time, he calmed down. He thought about everything rapidly and drew his own conclusions from what the Demon God Emperor said earlier.

“You bastard. How dare you lay your hands on me!” The Demon God Emperor’s furious voice was also rather frantic. When he ripped through the seven-coloured light and reappeared, he no longer seemed as composed anymore.

A streak of purple blood had appeared at the corner of the Demon God Emperor’s mouth. At the same time, his clothes were tattered as he forced seven-coloured out from the apertures of his head, dispersing as haze. Even his neat, black hair seemed rather dishevelled.
Under the strike from the Creation of the Living, the Demon God Emperor was actually injured.

Long Haochen looked at him coldly, “Why can’t I lay my hands on you?”

The Demon God Emperor also looked at Long Haochen coldly, “Do you think I was just spouting lies earlier?”

What surprised the Demon God Emperor was Long Haochen shaking his head, “No, I believe you.”

Surprised, the Demon God Emperor asked, “Then you’re admitting it?”

Long Haochen shook his head once more, “No. Believing it is one matter, but admitting it is another. I believe that you won’t lie in consideration of your identity. My body does indeed possess your bloodline. However, do you remember everything that happened in the Star Demon Pagoda? Even if my life contained a portion from you, even if your bloodline flowed through my body, you had killed the past me when you shattered in the heart back then. Regardless of my relationship with you prior to that, it was all reduced to nothing in that moment. We will only be enemies. The reason why your bloodline no longer exists in me is because you have killed me once before. When I was revived and I was recognised by the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, your bloodline had been completely purged. As a result, the current me is Long Haochen, the Long Haochen that belongs to the Temple Union, the Long Haochen that is the Divine Knight of Glory and Leadership, while you are only my enemy.”

The Demon God Emperor frowned, “What are you blabbering on about? Your loss of bloodline was only an accident. After all, we were connected by blood in the past. Even if something happened to it now, it doesn’t count. I can help you recover your bloodline. As for what happened in the Star Demon Pagoda, you should have been able to tell that I was in great pain as well. However, I had no other choice. Austin Griffin’s existence poses a fatal threat to my race. As the ruler of the
demons, I must place my race over my family, which forced me to kill you.”

Long Haochen smiled. After listening to the Demon God Emperor, his emotions had completely stabilized. Regardless of what the Demon God Emperor had said earlier, he no longer cared now. The Demon God Emperor’s bloodline did not flow through him. It also made him remember the resolute strike from the Demon God Emperor back in the Star Demon Pagoda.

Long Haochen forcefully expelled all random thoughts. Regardless of how close he was supposed to be with the Demon God Emperor, their relationship had been completely severed the moment the Demon God Emperor had personally killed him in the Star Demon Pagoda. There were no longer any ties binding the two of them.

“How impressive, killing family for the sake of the race. You are the leader of the demons, able to kill your family for the safety of your race. However, I am the leader of the humans now, so why can’t I kill family for the sake of the humans? Come, Demon God Emperor. We can only be enemies. Today, you either kill me a second time, or I act on behalf of heaven and lead the humans out of this era of darkness, allowing the glimmer of hope to descend.”

As he said that, Long Haochen’s aura surged. The translucent white light on the Armour of Eternity shone brighter and brighter, while the three balls of light around him revolved more quickly.

A scorching, white light gradually expanded from Long Haochen’s body towards the Demon God Emperor. This was the fusion of the Domain of Eternity and Light God Domain. Long Haochen had already pushed his domain to the limit.

The gaze of the Demon God Emperor gradually coldened. Long Haochen’s earlier attack had made him furious, “In other words, you plan on being obstinate and remain as my enemy?”
Long Haochen said proudly, “We were always enemies. I’d like to see whether you’re able to kill me a second time today.”

The Demon God Emperor nodded. His gaze seemed to pierce through the air, “Very well then. I’ll destroy your confidence first, and then I’ll make you kneel before me for repentance.”

Even now, the Demon God Emperor still did not plan on killing Long Haochen. When Long Haochen mentioned everything that happened in the Star Demon Pagoda, his heart ached for some reason. It was true! He had killed his family for the sake of the demons in the past, so even Long Haochen knew he possessed the Demon God Emperor’s bloodline, how could he yield so easily with his current status among the humans? The only way about it was to defeat him first and they destroy the humans, before taking him back to the demons and coming up with a plan slowly.

With his mind made up, the Demon God Emperor no longer held back. A layer of dark golden light slowly expanded from his body. At the same time, the clear roar of a dragon rang out from behind the Demon God Emperor. The thousand-meter-long dragon tore through the seven-coloured clouds in the air, unfurling its huge wings behind the Demon God Emperor.

Long Haochen was very calm right now. He knew that if he wanted to defeat the Demon God Emperor, he had to force the Demon God Emperor to use all of his trump cards. Currently, the Demon God Emperor only used his domain. He had not used the demon god transformation, let alone the Demonic Collapse Technique.

Currently, Long Haochen had already made up his mind about dying. Even though he was already calm, he was still unwilling to admit that he was once connected to the Demon God Emperor by blood for some reason.

He knew very well that an insurmountable difference existed between him and the Demon God Emperor in terms of cultivation. Only by staking his life could he completely kill the Demon God Emperor. That was doing down together.
Having made up his mind as well, Long Haochen became especially calm in that moment. With a wave of his left hand, a golden crack appeared in the space there and a huge, golden sword landed in his hands.

Chapter 840

The huge, golden sword shone with eight-coloured light. Its aura was no weaker than the Sword of Eternity. With the two swords in hand, Long Haochen’s aura rose once more. His domain clashed with the Demon God Emperor’s.

As translucent, white domain and the dark golden domain clashed together, Long Haochen shuddered slightly, while the Demon God Emperor floated in the air without moving.

The clash of their domains produced an ear-piercing rubbing sound as sparks flew when they made contact. Looking from below, black and white light flashed in an alternating manner, like day and night constantly replaced each other.

Whether it was Long Haochen or the Demon God Emperor, their auras rose at a shocking rate. The struggle between the domains was only the beginning to their decisive battle. It remained like that if they stayed where they were, but if they did move, it definitely would have been utterly devastating.

Just as Long Haochen and the Demon God Emperor faced each other, the battle before the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass reached a white-hot intensity.

The Bright Glimmer of Hope demonstrated their great battle prowess to the powerhouses of the union once again.
After the test of the Great Temples’ Gathering and the baptism in the world of black and red, everyone from the Bright Glimmer of Hope had improved by different amounts recently. Particularly after receiving the guidance of the Eternal Heroes, both their control and person cultivation had increased noticeably.

Before the vice chairwoman of the Temple Union, the head of the Warrior Temple, the Bloodthirsty Wargoddess Wang Yuanyuan was the Force Demon God Barbatos who ranked eighth.

Although Barbatos was called the Fore Demon God, he wore a green hat and a grey cloak like a bowman. He carried a long, dark golden bow in his hand. With every arrow he launched, it would strike Wang Yuanyuan in the form of a magical beast. His attacks were extremely powerful.

Wang Yuanyuan did not show any weakness on the other hand. She wielded the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield in her left hand and the Bloodstorm in her right while she was covered by the Blood Domain. She seemed like a huntsman under the dense, bloody killing intent. She constantly pursued Barbatos and killed the magical beasts he shot out one by one. She even seemed to have gained the upper hand slightly.

However, only Wang Yuanyuan herself knew whether she had an advantage or not. Her cultivation was still at the third rank of the ninth step, while her opponent had reached the fifth rank. Barbatos was clearly holding back. He did not borrow a lot of power from his demon god pillar either. As he fought against her, he constantly shot arrows in other directions. Although he ran about, he was actually at great ease.

Wang Yuanyuan did not seem to understand this, continuing to follow Barbatos around. However, she never launched a ranged attack. It seemed like she only wanted to keep Barbatos busy.

Compared to Wang Yuanyuan, Chen Ying’er was much more proactive. Her opponent was the Demon God of Wisdom Gusion. He ranked eleventh among the demon gods and was a demon god that purple used magic. He had attained great master in darkness magic, such that it was almost neverending.
However, he had used his demon god transformation against Chen Ying’er and only then did he barely manage to deal with her attacks.

Chen Ying’er wore the Spiritual Saint Robe as she stood in the air boldly. There was not a single enemy within several hundred meters of her, because a total of six, huge dragons surrounded her.

They were not earth dragons, but real, gigantic dragons.

There was a fire dragon that spat wire, an ice dragon that spat frost, an earth dragon that shone with the lustre of diamonds, a smaller green dragon that was surrounded by winds, a purplish black darkness dragon and a light dragon shining with golden light.

These dragons had come close to extinction a long time ago, yet Chen Ying’er had actually managed to summon six of them. Her Beast God Domain provided them with an almost perfect boost, while she herself rode McDull who had turned into a four-headed chimera, taking on the Demon God of Wisdom. Gusion did not lose the upper hand in that battle either, having undergone the demon god transformation.

Aside from Long Haochen and Cai’er, the person who had improved the most within the Bright Glimmer of Hope was Chen Ying’er. As the Spiritual Saint Girl, she received special care from a few summoners amon the Eternal Heroes. She gained a completely new understanding of her Spiritual Bestowal ability. At the same time, she was able to manipulate the tremendous spiritual energy within the Spiritual Saint Robe with much better proficiency as her own. Not only did she summon six gigantic dragons right now, she had opened the thirty-six Creature Summoning Gates over the walls of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. The thirty-six summoned beasts of the ninth step took up a certain area on the battlefield, keeping four Devil Dragon groups busy. They played a huge role on the battlefield.

In terms of overall strength, Chen Ying’er might not have been as great as Cai’er, but she was extremely close. The advantage that summoners possessed went without saying.
In individual battles, summoners required time to perform summoners, so they did not possess a particularly large advantage. However, on the battlefield, she would obviously have enough time to unleash her full strength under the protection of many companions. As the Saint Spiritual Girl chosen by the Beast God, she demonstrated her extraordinary abilities.

Lin Xin’s opponent was the demon god who ranked ninth, the Angel Demon God Paimon. Paimon flapped his six black wings as he fought against Lin Xin. The clash was completely based on magic.

If he was just a regular fire mage, he definitely would suffer at the hands of this demon mage of darkness. However, Lin Xin used the Heart of Fire, so his element was on the same level as his opponent. Coupled with the boost from his two immortal grade equipment and his personal domain techniques, he matched the Angel Demon God evenly. However, Paimon did not seem to be using his full strength. At least, he had yet to use the demon god transformation.

Sima Xian’s opponent was the tenth demon god Buer, who was known as the Lightning Demon God. He seemed to be half-human, half-praying mantis. He was completely dark green and seemed a little like a shrunken green Dual Bladed Demon. His attacks were extremely fierce and fast as lightning. Sima Xian was barely able to maneuver about against him using the size of the Gigantic Ball of Lightning, but he had completely lost the upper hand. If it were not for the power of his domain and the might of the Spiritual Stove of Godly Purple Thunder, he really would have struggled against the demon god.

Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang’s situations were slightly better. They were both divine knights. After Long Haochen had drawn the Demon God Emperor away, the five divine knights all entered the battlefield. Aside from Long Xingyu who fought against Amon, the other divine knights fought demon gods beyond the fifteenth rank, so it was much easier for them.

Cai’er faced against three demon gods alone. Under the support of the twelve holy guards, she was actually able to claim the upperhand somewhat.
The three demon gods surrounded by her were the twelfth demon god, the Demon God of Emotion Sytry, the thirteenth demon god, the Sound Demon God Beleth and the fifteenth demon god, the Snake Spear Demon God Eligos.

The reason why she had chosen these three demon gods was because the Demon God of Emotions Sytry and the Sound Demon God Beleth were both skilled in large scale attacks, boosts and jinxes. If they were allowed to act freely, they would definitely make the entire situation worse. As for the Snake Spear Demon God Eligos, he was extremely powerful and skilled in using snake venom. Fighting all three at once, Cai’er actually managed to suppress the demon gods to a point where they could not divert their attention elsewhere under the support of the twelve holy guards, the Tower of Eternity and the Sickle of the God of Death. The Snake Spear Demon God had even used his demon god transformation. Although Sytry and Beleth held back, they were clearly waiting for a good opportunity to use it.

Overall, the Bright Glimmer of Hope was slightly weaker than the demon gods they faced, but the difference was not particularly large. Coupled with how most of the demon gods were not using their full strength, they could maintain a balance.

It was nothing strange that the demon gods did not use their full strength. This was a battlefield, not individual battles. To these high-ranking demons, protecting their own lives mattered more than killing their opponents. While the demons did possess an advantage in overall strength, they were forced to watch out for the magic cannons that constantly blasted out with light, so they obviously needed to hold back.

The Eternal Heroes played a great role on the battlefield as well. Over thirty domain wielding powerhouses had basically stopped a third of the demons’ forces. Apart from the Bright Glimmer of Hope and Long Xingyu, the other demon gods were stopped by them, allowing the divine knights to free up and deal with the Devil Dragon squads.

Killing demon gods was difficult, but dealing with the other demons was much easier. With the addition of the Eternal Heroes, the demons still
outnumbered the humans in terms of powerhouses, but the humans had an advantage in terms of quality.

However, no matter how intense the battle became, both sides would constantly gaze up. The battle between Long Haochen and the Demon God Emperor would be the most important factor that controlled the entire battlefield.

The demons were all waiting for the Demon God Emperor to kill Long Haochen and return. Once that happened, the humans would not be able to put up much resistance. While the powerhouses of the Temple Union were not hoping for Long Haochen to defeat the Demon God Emperor, they did hope he could stop the Demon God Emperor. With the might of the magic cannons, the more drawn out the battle became, the greater role these powerful weapons would play. They were not particularly effective against ninth step powerhouses, but they were more than enough to deal with the eighth step demons. The demon cannons powered by demon god crowns in particular possessed unmatched might. Their constant firing added quite a lot of pressure to the demons.

Besides Long Haochen and the Demon God Emperor’s battle, the most eye-catching battlefield was obviously where the Moon Demon God and Star Demon God resided. As the demon gods that ranked second and third, their strength was evident.

However, their opponents were not weak. As leaders of the Eternal Heroes and the first temple heads, Xiao Huo and Shu Yongxiao’s strength went without saying, and they possessed rich battle experience as well. This was why they were evenly matched against the two demon gods.

Casualties and injuries constantly appeared, but it primarily appeared among the seventh or eighth step powerhouses. In just a short while, over a dozen of the one hundred and eight Mythril Foundation Knights had died. The Mage Temple and Assassin Temple had lost many powerhouses as well.
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