Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 821-830

Chapter 821

Gaap had used the demon god transformation extremely quickly, but just as the huge, navy symbol arrived behind him, even in the moment when it was about to fuse with his body, the air before him ripped open and a speck of seven-coloured light immediately emerged.

What Gaap could do in time was to block with the huge, blue staff in his hands. However, in the next moment, the speck of light vanished once more.

The huge symbols behind Gaap quickly merged into his body, allowing his body to rapidly swell. Over a hundred different symbols appeared around him and revolved around him as well. These were symbols created from arcane magic. Having undergone the demon god transformation, Gaap’s arcane magic became twice as powerful as before.

However, the Arcane Demon God just hovered there without moving. His eyes were blank as he gazed off into the distance just like before. They were filled with disbelief.

The Demon God of Curses Stolas and the Dark Phoenix Demon God Phenex also sensed something was off and they used their demon god transformations without hesitation.

Stolas produced a caw and his pair of black wings immediately unfurled. Under the illumination of the orangey-red demon god pillar in the distance, his turned into a huge crow with a wingspan of ten meters. Both his eyes and beak were orangey-red.
The Dark Phoenix Demon God Phenex’s demon god transformation was much more fancy. He became over twenty meters long with his wings even wider than that. Dark golden imprint of flames appeared on his magnificent black body. He had become a phoenix of darkness.

However, their demon god transformations failed to affect Gaap. Just as they transformed, slivers of seven-coloured light began to pour out from Gaap’s body. Afterwards, with a bang, Gaap’s body exploded with seven- coloured light under the protection of all the arcane symbols. It scared Stolas and Phenex into quickly dodging.

The Arcane Demon God Gaap that ranked thirty-third became the first demon god to fall in this battle.

Samigina who originally sat on the commander’s seat suddenly stood up as shocked appeared in his eyes.

While Gaap was not skilled in battle, his cultivation had still reached the third rank of the ninth step. If he underwent the demon god transformation, his battle prowess could even reach the fifth rank of the ninth step and his supportive abilities would become extremely powerful. However, he had just been instantly slain like that.

Didn’t they say that the Warrior Temple had no divine tools? However, the seven-coloured light earlier clearly could only be emitted by a divine tool. Was it a divine tool bow?

Without a doubt, the most terrifying divine tool on the battlefield would be a magic staff that could amplify magic, but in terms of posing the greatest threat to an individual, nothing outshone a bow. Once a divine tool bow had appeared, it would pose a huge threat to basically any demon god. Even the Demon God of Death Samigina who ranked fourth would not be an exception to this? The Northeastern Fort had become much more difficult to take than he imagined it to be. Samigina could not help but have his expression become very warped.

Thwang. The huge bow drooped, while Ye Sanmi’s left hand which held onto the bow remained very still. However, the light in his eyes had
dimmed. Clearly, it had not been easy for him to shoot the arrow that could instantly kill a demon god. However, the arrow boosted the morale of the Southeastern Fort by an unbelievable amount.

The enemy army had arrived. As a powerful clan that was a fusion between magic and biology, the Blazing Lions immediately launched fireballs at the walls. At the same time, they used their huge but tough bodies to protect the Demonic Wolves and Panther Demons.

The earth mages used the Falling Stones spell, bombarding the surroundings before the walls. The elemental stones would automatically vanish after landing on the ground. They would not become rocks that the demons could use to climb.

The combined efforts of the five hundred earth mages temporarily stopped the advance of the enemies below. However, the Demonic Wolves were tenacious and powerful in battle, while the Panther Demons were fast as well. As a result, the damage that the Falling Stones spell could cause was limited. It could only prevent them from attacking the walls.

After Ye Sanmi’s arrow, Qiu Yonghao completely recovered his composure and passed down orders one after another. The edge of the walls were covered by shield warriors, while the knight army had already gathered in the city, ready to charge out into battle at any time. Knights would only be most effective out in the open.

The mission of the fire mages was to handle the aerial forces from the demons. The Dual Headed Demon Eagles and Birdy Demons arrived arrived at the same time. The Birdy Demons were used physical attacks, while the Dual Headed Demon Eagles could use darkness and fire magic as well as physical attacks to a certain extent. They posed an extremely great threat to the Southeastern Fort.

However, the influence of Ye Sanmi’s arrow was just too great, so these flying demons clearly slowed down drastically. Even the Demon God of Curses Stolas and the Dark Phoenix Demon God Phenex did not approach the walls. Even after using the demon god transformation, they were not
completely confident that they could avoid the terrifying attack from the divine bow.

Although Ye Sanmi had only slain a single demon god, it was possible to say that he alone had completely minimised the effects of the three demon gods on the battlefield.

Samigina had already stood up. He commanded the battle, “Bifrons, Haagenti, go assist Stolas and Phenex.”

“Yes,” two burly figures shot off from Samigina’s side with a flash and charged into the battlefield. One of the figures was an iron black colour, while the other was a brownish yellow.

Ranked forty-sixth, the Monster Demon God Bifrons stood ten meters tall. He looked like an enlarged baboon. His close combat prowess was extraordinary, but he did not know any magic. With a tough body, his defence was shocking.

Ranked forty-eighth, the Ox Demon God of Terror Haggenti was a huge ox. He was one of the few demon gods that was most skilled in defence.

Samigina’s objective in sending them out was very simple. He wanted them to protect the Demon God of Curses and Dark Phoenix Demon God who had weaker defences, so their magic could be unleashed to their fullest potential, which would allow them to turn the disadvantageous situation around.

It would be much easier for the Monster Demon God and Ox Demon God to handle the arrows.

Just when Samigina sent the two demon gods as reinforcements, the battle for the fort had completely unfolded.

Without nothing else to follow up the earth mage’s spells, the Demonic Wolves and Panther Demons began their full-scale assault on the walls. They were both the primary forces among the demons, as their strength was relatively stronger. The Blazing Lions were slightly less proficient at
climbing, but once they made it on the walls, they would pose a huge threat to the warriors on there.

The shield warriors stood at the very front valiantly and collided with the Demonic Wolves and Panther Demons.

Although the Warrior Temple was the weakest out of the six temples, it was also the most numerous. With the shield warriors at the front and the berserkers at the back, they engaged in a battle to the death against the Demonic Wolves and Panther Demons.

All of the higher-ups of the Warrior Temple appeared on the battlefield. No matter how powerful the Demonic Wolves and Panther Demons were, they still paled in comparison to warriors of the sixth step and higher.

A huge, golden sword swept over the top of the walls. On the walls that spanned several hundred meters across, all of the Demonic Wolves, Panther Demons and the few Blazing Lions that had just made it up were bisected. This was Qiu Yonghao’s attack.

The warriors above the eighth step were all standing on the battlements, preventing the Demonic Wolves and Panther Demons from passing them.

However, the attacks from the demons in the air also arrived. The magic from the Dual Headed Eagle Demons and spears of lightning from the Birdy Demons constantly rained down on the Southeastern Fort. The armies of the Temple Union began suffering losses. Fortunately, Qiu Yonghao’s battle tactic of pairing up the troops was very successfully. The mages were protected very well, but the aerial demons fought back rather powerfully as well.

What surprised Samigina was that for some reason, the defensive weapon that usually possessed the greatest power, the magic cannons, were not used at all. They seemed to have vanished completely, which allowed the aerial demon army to fight even harder.

Spurt! A warrior strangely collapsed on the ground with a slit throat and immediately a hole appeared on the walls. However, it was quickly plugged
by a berserker using his body.

“Mages, use scouting techniques. There are Dyke Demons.”

Scouting techniques lit up on the city walls and as expected, a large number of Dyke Demons appeared on the battlefield among the Demonic Wolves and Panther Demons. Even when they were illuminated by the scouting techniques, the invisible Dyke Demons were like transparent wisps of smoke, making it very difficult to discover them. The losses on the walls immediately increased as a result.

In the air, the Monster Demon God and Ox Demon God had finally arrived. Under their protection, Phenex and Stolas could finally approach the walls of the fort. They were both preparing their magic as well.

Having reached this point, the demons had finally gained an upper hand through the strength of their land and air troops.

A ball of dim, green light suddenly became the centre of attention. As it fell from the sky, a twisted tunnel appeared.

Stolas’ eyes were vicious, “Die, you damn humans. You’ve actually killed Gaap. I’d like to see how you deal with my Swamp of Corrosion now.”

The name was very simple, but it was a true forbidden spell, a forbidden spell filled with the might of curses. It did not target people, but the wall.

However, at this very moment, a fire-red figure suddenly leapt up from the walls. A pair of huge, fire wings unfurled and pushed his body towards the green light in a flash.

The weapon in his hands was a spear. The spear thrust forwards and a transparent, red crystal suddenly appeared on the tip of the spear.

The red crystal just stabbed into the gim, green ball of light and the light halted in the air, as if it was about to explode. However, the red crystal exploded first.
Flames that mixed red and green immediately rose up and the sky turned into a huge cluster of fire. Afterwards, the fire-red figure that had flown up into the air thrusted his spear at the distant sky.

Chapter 822

As the red figure’s spear was thrust into the sky, the red and green flames immediately turned into a huge pillar of fire which directly approached the ranks of the Dual Headed Demon Eagles in the distance. Over a hundred Dual Headed Demon Eagle produced miserable shrieks under the clans. It was too late for the demon gods to save them.

This was a warrior, a warrior completely clad in fire-red armor. The spear in his hand was fire-red as well as it surged with flames. His figure became rather illusory due to the heat in the surroundings, which obscured his appearance.

What a powerful warrior! The four demon gods in the air were surprised. Although they were not afraid of an opponent like this, the warrior’s cultivation still surprised them.

The crystal attack was clearly a domain technique! Otherwise, how could the forbidden spell that the Demon God of Curses had been charging up for all this time be nullified so easily?

The Ox Demon God Haagenti let out a great roar as his tremendous figure immediately swelled to a hundred meters tall. His weapon was a huge staff, which also expanded with his body. He completely protected the Demon God of Curses Stolas behind him.

With a sweep of the huge staff, it directly shot towards the fire-red warrior.
The warrior snorted coldly and thrust his spear forewards. As his body swelled immediately, the spear directly shot into the sky with a ring of fire. The ring of fire quickly revolved in the air and with a flash, he returned to the walls of the fort. He dodged Haagenti’s sweep.

The ring of fire exploded in the air, shooting off in all directions as blades of fire. It dealt a heavy blow to the Dual Headed Demon Eagles once more, claiming over a hundred lives.

The Ox Demon God was furious. Using the toughness of his body, he ignored the magic from the walls. The figure of a huge ox slowly appeared behind him. The ox was completely brownish yellow, with only a pair of white eyes. A terrifying aura immediately rose up and Haagenti’s muscles began to swell as well. Covered with thick veins, his tremendous body seemed even more terrifying. The huge staff in his hand seemed to become a pillar of light, shining brightly with brownish yellow light.

Demon God Transformation.

As one of the demon gods most suited for assaulting defensive structures, he unleashed his greatest strength as he fell down towards the Southeastern Fort. The huge staff in his hand, over a hundred and fifty meters long and ten meters wide, directly fell towards the walls. If his strike succeeded, he would probably tear open a huge gap in the walls, as well as claim countless lives.

It was also at this moment that a yellow figure suddenly appeared in the sky. The yellow figure was very strange. He was bare-chested, while his skin was grey. He shone with bright yellow light. His firm muscles exhibited strength and beauty. He also wielded a staff.

His bald head reflected the yellow light he shone with, while yellow flames burned in his eyes.

Faced with Haagenti’s terrifying strike, he used his own staff to receive the attack without any hesitation at all. It had to be mentioned that Haagenti and his size and auras were of completely different levels!

There seemed to be a clap of thunder above the Southeastern Fort. The deafening sound made the soldiers of both sides jolt. The battle even came to a momentary standstill.

A sight that shocked everyone appeared. Haagenti was actually blown a thousand meters away. While the bald warrior was sent flying away as well, he stabilised himself in the air very quickly.

Evenly matched!

Heavens! A human warrior was actually evenly matched with the Ox Demon God Haagenti in terms of strength? That was completely unbelievable. After all, Haagenti had already undergone his demon god transformation and was in his strongest state. Even though he was not particularly skilled in battle, his physical strength was enough to rank him among the top ten demon gods.

“Hehe, now that’s satisfying,” the bald warrior chuckled before shooting off as a flash. He sought for the battle, directly charging at Haagenti.

The fire-red figure from before appeared on the battlefield once more, directly charging at the Stolas.

Without a doubt, these two warriors were both Wargods and they could actually match the Demon God of Curses and Ox Demon God in one against one battles. They even had a slight advantage in terms of elements. This forced Samigina who commanded the battle from afar to take them seriously.

The Southeastern Fort actually possessed powerhouses like this? Samigina was rather surprised. Just like how the Temple Union understood the demons, the demons had also investigated the powerhouses of the Temple Union thoroughly. Samigina knew exactly how many ninth step powerhouses the Warrior Temple possessed, but there never seemed to be fire and earth warriors as powerful as that!
He could obviously tell with his cultivation that the reason why the bald warrior could match Haagenti in physical strength was because he was a domain wielding powerhouse, and his domain should have boosted his strength. This was why he could evenly match Haagenti. Haagenti was ranked forty-eighth and did not possess his own domain. With his cultivation at the second rank of the ninth step combined with the demon god transformation, he failed to gain an edge over his opponent. If he could not defeat his opponent once the demon god transformation had ended, then he would probably lose the upper hand.

The fire warrior’s battle prowess was even greater. Not only did he have a domain, he had domain techniques as well. Fire was not as effective against curses as light, but the fire on par to domain techniques was a whole other story. Under the circumstances that Stolas had to avoid his opponent from approaching him, it would be very difficult for him to defeat this fire warrior.

Fortunately, nothing had happened to the Monster Demon God Bifrons and the Dark Phoenix Demon God Phenex’s sides. The flood of dark fire had already descended on the walls.

The abilities of the priests was demonstrated in that moment. A golden light appeared above the walls, blocking the effects of the dark fire. Ye Sanmi had lifted up his divine bow once more atop the walls as he stared at Phenex who was currently casting magic.

Gaap’s instant death had left behind a great psychological pressure on Phenex, such that he interrupted his spell and hid behind Bifrons in a flash. Only then was he at ease. Bifrons dared not to attack the city either, as his main mission was to protect Phenex.

Among the demon gods, their ranking determined their status. Although Phenex who ranked thirty-seventh did not possess a domain, his status was much higher than Bifrons who only ranked forty-sixth.

It was possible to say that Ye Sanmi alone had managed to kill a demon god and pin down two other demon gods, forcing Phenex’s battle prowess to decrease and preventing Bifrons from attacking the city so easily.
Up until now, most of the Eternal Heroes stationed at the Southeastern Fort had yet to take part in the battle. They were hiding their strength.

“Temple head Qiu, should we use what we’ve set up?” An old man asked Qiu Yonghao seriously, right after Qiu Yonghao had cleaned up a great flock of enemies with his domain.

The old man was also an Eternal Hero. There were another two people by his side. Although they were hidden by the cloaks that they wore, the pulses of the elements around them was extremely thick.

“No, not yet. The Fiend Clan has yet to move,” Qiu Yonghao replied sternly.

Now, he had completely settled down. After witnessing the strength of the Eternal heroes, Qiu Yonghao’s confidence increased significantly. With these Eternal Heroes, would Samigina had any chance at success?

As he said that, Qiu Yonghao rose up and entered the battle.

As the previous temple head of the Warrior Temple and the person who had comprehended the secrets of sword intent and the Domain of Sword Intent, Qiu Yonghao was extraordinarily deadly on the battlefield. In order to prevent further losses, Qiu Yonghao lead a group of warriors that had exceeded the sixth step and rose into the air, standing against the Birdy Demons and Dual Headed Demon Eagles.

The battle entered a deadlock. As the priests fended off the magic, the casualties of the humans slowly increased.

Samigina glanced at the situation of the battlefield coldly. For some reason, he felt like he had missed something the entire time.

Ever since the battle had begun, he had already sent in a hundred and fifty troops. Although none of them formed the most powerful troops under his control, it was still almost a third of his forces.
From how the situation seemed right now, it seemed to benefit them. The battle had come to a deadlock, so he believed that as long as more people entered the battle, the scales of victory would definitely tip one-sidedly.

However, he was in no hurry at all. He was not particularly protective over the elite army under his command. He only cared about his own clansmen. Did the casualties of the other clans have anything to do with him? The more they died now, the more his clansmen would be able to obtain when it came to pillaging the humans.

Aside from the Fiend army that amounted to a hundred thousand troops, most of the other soldiers that had yet to be sent into battle were from clans with demon gods. Although Samigina was the one in charge here, he still needed to look out for the other demon gods, or none of them would look good in they decided to complain to the Demon God Emperor.

“The Southeastern Fort’s side has already begun,” Long Tianyin said to Long Haochen.

The two of them were in a small meeting room. Aside from them, the Bright Glimmer of Hope was present as well.

Long Haochen nodded, “The information from Yue Ye is extremely accurate. To us, this is a battle that we have confidence in. Samigina’s already fallen into our trap. What about the other side?”

Long Tianyin said, “The other side’s already discovered the tracks of the enemies. Probably in a day or two’s time, the Hell Demon God Marbas and the Bear Demon God Valefor will arrive at the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass with their armies. The combination of the Hell Demon God and Bear Demon God is troublesome. However, while Chen Hongyu that old bastard is stingy most of the time, he does have a lot of good things hidden away. It’ll probably be difficult for Marbas or Valefor to get an edge over him.”

Chapter 823

Long Haochen said, “There’s less than two days left until the three days that the Demon God Emperor gave us is up. I think he’s also paying attention to the battles there. Even if the news doesn’t get to him as quickly as us, the difference in speed will be negligent. Let’s leave him happy for a while. He’ll probably think we don’t know about the situations there and we’ll be completely bewildered by the attacks on the Southeastern Fort and Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass.”

Long Tianyin sighed, “It’s a pity that we’ve used up far too many resources this time. However, as long as we can turn the tides with this war and defeat the humans, anything is worth it. I’m not worried about the Southeastern Fort and Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass. The most crucial aspect is still the Demon God Emperor. Haochen, are you really confident that you can deal with the Demon God Emperor’s attacks?”

Long Haochen smiled, but he did not answer his grandfather. Was he really confident? Of course he had confidence, but how could he know whether he actually could before they had fought? According to Ye Xiaolei’s analysis of the Demon God Emperor, he had no chance at all. Of course, that was not accounting for Haoyue. Haoyue was his greatest trump card. Long Haochen would not play this card unless he had completely run out of choices, because Haoyue’s appearance would definitely make the Demon God Emperor go crazy.”

“Cai’er, do be careful,” Long Haochen patted Cai’er’s hands. Cai’er smiled, “Don’t worry, I’ll be right back.”

With that, she turned around a left silently.
Wang Yuanyuan smiled bitterly, “If it weren’t for the limited quota, I should have gone as well. I’m just too unqualified to be the temple head of the Warrior Temple.”

Long Haochen chuckled, “Don’t say that. The final, decisive battle will happen where. What we are facing is the most terrifying force of the demons. There’ll be plenty of opportunities for you to come into play.

Outside the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, the demon encampment.

“Your majesty, Samigina’s already reached the Southeastern Fort with his army. He has immediately launched an attack on the Southeastern Fort,” the Moon Demon God Agares reported the most recent news to the Demon God Emperor.

The Moon Demon God lay on his side on his bed and smiled indifferently, “He sure is in a hurry! Though, it’s not an issue that we suffer slightly larger losses.”

Agares obviously understood the Demon God Emperor, “Your majesty, should we increase the pressure on the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass?”

The Demon God Emperor shook his head as he smiled, “There’s no hurry. The ones that should be in a hurry should be the humans. I want to play a game with Long Haochen. Only a slow conquest is interesting. If I don’t obliterate his confidence and belief, he won’t yield to me. The humans have already been building up for six thousand years, so it’s time for them to hand over a few things. Pass on my order to Samigina and Marbas. No matter what they do, they have to charge into the Temple Union as quickly as possible and attack the Holy City.”


Agares answered politely, before turning around and leaving the camp quickly.
Outside the Demon God Emperor’s tent, Agares frowned and thought to himself, this time, the humans really might have no chance. His majesty is using a thorough plan.

A day later, the Southeastern Fort.

All of the walls of the Southeastern Fort had basically been dyed different colours by blood. There were many traces of destruction on the walls. Fortunately, the walls were still sturdy enough and protected by magic arrays. While it was covered within thousands of holes on the surface, its interior was still sturdy.

The battle had already lasted a day and a night. Samigina had mobilised his demon army like a madman, sending waves after waves of attacks. He did not give the Southeastern Fort a single moment to catch their breaths.

The army of five hundred thousand rotated through battle. After the attacks of the first wave ended, the second wave would immediately follow up. During the past twenty-four hours, apart from the slip up which dealt a heavy blow to the Demonic Eye Soldiers and Berserk Demons, the demons still seemed to possess a crushing advantage. Although they were constantly repelled by the Southeastern Fort, the fort suffer many losses as well, while its resistance seemed to grow weaker. If it were not for the army of knights that had charged out of the city numerous times, their losses probably would have been greater.

However, the demons suffered tremendous losses as well. They did not bring any cannon fodder in their attack this time, as they were all elites. According to their data, sixty thousand demons had died in battle, which only demonstrated how fierce their attacks had been. Although the humans did not suffer as great a loss as the demons, they still lost around half that number.

The most that died were actually the shield warriors that possessed the strongest defence. Most of them had died when they protected the mages, summoners and priests.
The shield warriors used their shields and their lives to protect the magic users. As a result, while the eight thousand magic users did suffer some wounds, very few died in battle, only three hundred at most. On such a vicious battlefield, this was nothing short of a miracle!

The eyes of the mages, summoners and priests had become bloodshot as they fought without regard for anything else. After a day and night of battle, they actually had not left the walls to rest at all despite being magic users. It was not because Qiu Yonghao forbid them, but that they refused to. When they saw their partners fall in battle to protect them, all of them were furious. At least half of the three hundred magic users that fell in battle had died from burning their lives in order to cast spells above what they were capable of.

The powerhouses of all the temples were blinded by slaughter, constantly repelling the vicious attacks of the demons. They were basically even more insane than the Berserk Demons.

Having reached this point, willpower and fighting spirit became much more important than strength. Corpses had already piled up below the walls like mountains.

“F*cking hell, Samigina’s basically insane,” Qiu Yonghao stood on the walls in exhaustion and cursed.

A whole day and night had passed. It was already noon on the second day, but the attacks from the demons still did not weaken at all. And, Qiu Yonghao could tell that the demon army had already become utterly exhausted. They probably could not even use eighty percent of their strength. However, despite this, Samigina still refused to let up, constantly ordering them to attack the walls.

It had to be mentioned that the demon army of five hundred thousand had not rested ever since they began travelling! They had been fighting on the battlefield the entire time. There was not a single human commander who would order his army to fight like this, but that was exactly what Samigina did.
And, he had already executed four leaders of other clans who had objected.

Apart from Gaap who died first, the other dozen or so demon gods rotated through battle as well. Although they were stopped, they pinned down the forces of the Southeastern Fort as well.

“How much longer can we last with our arrangements?” Qiu Yonghao asked the Eternal Hero wrapped in a cloak beside him. The thick light element was poured into Qiu Yonghao’s body by the Eternal Hero who was clearly a mage. These Eternal Heroes had all been sent over from the Assassin Temple.

“There shouldn’t be any issues in the next two days. Our arrangements can last five days at most. If you exclude the preparation time, we still have two days at the very least.”

“Alright.” Qiu Yonghao gritted his teeth, “I refuse to believe that Samigina won’t fall for it after another two days of attacks. Even if I have to throw my life away, I have to last until then.”

A tremendous amount of soldiers and resources were gathered within the Southeastern Fort. As long as the battle of the powerhouses did not become one-sided, the battlefield would not collapse despite their defences seemingly weakening.

Samigina had now become rather anxious. It had already been a day and night, but the humans defended very stubbornly. What surprised him the most was that powerhouses from all six temples were actually gathered in the Southeastern Fort, and the Southeastern Fort had gained an additional five or six domain wielding warriors, with the powerhouse wielding the divine tool bow surprising him the most. It was exactly because of the threat he posed that the demon gods on the battlefield were afraid of using their full strength. They had to maintain their vigilance against his attacks at all times.

The morale of the demons began to waver. Aside from the Fiend army of a hundred thousand, the other clans had all fought in battle already and
sustained losses of different degrees. Most importantly, the demon army was extremely exhausted after a day and night of fighting. The voices of discontent became louder and louder and even the demon gods looked at Samigina with more and more displeased gazes. Even an idiot could tell what Samigina was scheming. His Fiend army had managed to rest up for an entire day and night, so they were in their prime condition, but Samigina forbid them from stepping onto the battlefield, just because he was afraid that would suffer losses.

If it were not for the fact that Samigina and his four Demon Kings were too powerful, the demon gods probably would have voiced their discontent already.

There was a limit to patience. After Samigina, the demon god that ranked the highest was the eleventh. If this continued, there was a possibility that Samigina would lose control of the situation as well. After all, he had already angered them slightly.

“Let’s go talk to the Demon God of Death.” A demon god finally could not stand it anymore and suddenly stood up. Out of the sixteen demon gods, twelve followed his appeal, going with him to meet Samigina.

Just at this moment, Samigina slowly stood up from his commander’s seat and said seriously, “Pass down the orders to withdraw the troops. Send out the entire Fiend army. I will personally enter the battlefield against the enemy.” As he said that, a pair of huge wings slowly unfurled on his back. He looked back and glanced at the dozen demon gods making their way over coldly. Immediately, the demon gods stopped where they were.

The demon army retreated like the receding tide and the Fiend army, a hundred thousand strong, slowly advanced.

The Grand Fiends of the sixth step and higher all flew in the air, while those below the sixth step were either infantry or cavalry, slowly advancing towards the Southeastern Fort in a neat formation.
Samigina had finally used his strongest army under his direct command, the Fiend Clan.

The perpetuating battle had caused a huge pressure on the Southeastern Fort. While the demons had suffered tremendous losses, the Southeastern Fort was the same. The powerhouses were exhausted, the warriors’ performance had fallen and the mages had used too much magic. They were currently in their weakest state.

Chapter 824

Samigina’s objective was to penetrate the Temple Union in the shortest time possible. How could he miss such a great opportunity? As a result, he chose to launch a critical attack when the Southeastern Fort was the weakest and take it in one fell swoop.

The strongest hundred thousand out of the army of five hundred thousand had finally appeared on the battlefield, to end it all in a single stroke.

The other demon gods did not accompany Samigina to battle. Now, even the demon gods without clans were resentful. Of course they could tell what Samigina’s ambitions and objectives were. However, what could they do about it?

The overall strength of the Fiend Clan even surpassed the Moon Demon Clan and Star Demon Clan. Ten thousand Fiends was a terrifying force. There were four Fiend Kings, combined with countless Fiend Commanders, Fiend Lords and Grand Fiends. They were skilled in both physical battle and magic with tough bodies and intelligence that was on par to humans. With a hundred thousand fiends mobilised at the same time, how terrifying of a sight was that!

Even the other demon gods knew that Samigina wanted to claim all the merit by taking action now, as well as take away all the items in the Southeastern Fort for himself. However, what could they do? Could they rebel against the Demon God of Death who stood among the five great demon gods?
They could not, nor could they afford to. Even if they had an army of over three hundred thousand if they poured their forces together, they were not on the same page. In particular, it was impossible for the clans without demon gods to listen to their orders. There was not a demon god bold enough to serve as a leader. As a result, they could object, but they really could not revolt.

The battlefield before the Southeastern Fort gained some momentary peace, but the atmosphere over the entire battlefield became even more pressing.

Large numbers of demons retreated from the front times, As they retreated, they gradually dispersed to the left and right. This also made the hearts of the human powerhouses tighten despite only just easing up slightly.

The Fiend army of a hundred thousand approached the Southeastern Fort like a flood. Under the request of Samigina, they purposefully moved slower, which lead to the warriors of the Southeastern Fort to experiencing an even deeper impression of the tremendous pressure they faed.

On the walls of the Southeastern Fort, a portion of them ranging across all the vocations had taken part in the holy war five years ago. However, even during the holy war back then, the demons had never launched a crazy attack like this.

A crazy, constant attack that lasted for a day and night regardless of the consequences, all composed of the strongest clans and elites the demons had to offer. This was the first time the humans had witnessed something like this, the unrelenting force of the demons!

Although the losses of the Southeastern Fort were not as great as the demon’s, it still came at a cost. And for some reason, the magic cannons of the fort had vanished. Although the battle prowess of the humans increased tremendously when the six vocations worked together, the emey was just too powerful. There were five hundred thousand demon elites! Just how terrifying of a force was that?
Most of the troops from the Southeastern Fort were exhausted and injured. The warriors and knights were slightly better off due to their numbers, which allowed them to rotate in and out of battle. However, the mages had been fighting continuously. Even when Qiu Yonghao ordered them to rest, they did not. They were dying from exhaustion by remaining on the walls and continuing fighting. Their magic had already run dry. Even with the replenishment from the magic crystals, they had mentally over- exhausted themselves. Basically every single magic user’s eyes were bloodshot.

However, the battle had still yet to end. Samigina had no intention of recalling the troops and resting up. He planned the opposite. He had finally unleashed his own Fiend army, which also formed the greatest force the demon army had to offer. Despite had already begun to appear in the eyes of many on the walls of the fort. Even though they matched the opponent in terms of number, they all knew just how powerful the Fiends were. Once this army of Fiends had launched a full scale attack on the walls, they would be impossible to stop.

Qiu Yonghao’s gaze was piercing like hawk’s as he stared at the Fiend army that slowly approached them. He could sense the weakness of his soldiers as well as their helplessness and despair. However, he was still teeming with fighting spirit.

Come, Samigina, come. I’ve waited for you for long enough now.

“Seniors, please get ready,” Qiu Yonghao said to the three mages beside him politely.

“Little Qiu, you’re very impressive. You do live up to the title of temple head of the Warrior Temple,” for some reason the leading mage praised Qiu Yonghao. Afterwards, the three mages turned around and left in a hurry. They vanished from the top of the walls in the blink of an eye.

The knights and warriors that had collapsed on the ground from exhaustion all stood up and picked up their weapons. The mages also struggled to lift their magic staves. The spells they could use was severely
limited now, but they could only hope to kill a few more enemies in the final moment.

Every single person’s eyes filled with determination. What was the holy war? This was an endless battle between two races. There was no room for easing up. With how wildly the demons had launched their attacks, once they pierced the fort, they all knew how the demons would engage in slaughter. Since that was the case, they might as well battle to death.

The battlefield was the best place for training any member from the six temples. Not only would their cultivations be trained, their character would be forged as well. Without any doubt, as they watched the Fiend army approach them, the minds of every single person from the six temples was forged. If they could survive this battle, then they would all become true elites of the six temples.

“All magic users, rest when you are,” Qiu Yonghao suddenly gave a rather strange order, which surprised the mages, summoners and priests.

The enemies were right before them, so why did he make them rest?

“This is an order. We have achieved certain victory,” Qiu Yonghao stressed. At the same time, his gaze had already locked onto Samigina in the distance.

All the Fiends on the ground amounted to seventy percent of the Fiend army, while the Fiends above the sixth step that could fly in the air amounted to the remaining thirty percent. However, they did not fly particularly high. In order to increase the pressure on the Southeastern Fort, they all flew at an altitude of a hundred to a hundred and fifty meters.

The Fiends were a powerful clan skilled in both physical combat and magic. If their overall strength was taken into account, they were a terrifying existence only second to the Devil Dragons! The four Fiend Kings acted as the commanders of four groups broken up by location, while Samigina resided in the centre. He showed disdain and intense killing intent on his face.
Despite the setbacks with how the Southeastern Fort was tougher than he imagined it to be, none of it mattered anymore. Samigina was completely confident that the next attack could breach the Southeastern Fort. These people from the six temples would only become the stepping stones to his advance.

He could not kill ordinary humans, but the demons definitely had no reason to show any mercy to the six temples. This was their greatest opportunity to weaken the humans. If they did not cripple the humans, how would the demons be able to maintain their absolute advantage over them?

The Fiend army drew closer and closer. Two and a half kilometers, two kilometers, one and a half kilometers…

Finally, the Fiend army had reached a thousand meters away from the walls. Samigina’s terrifying figure was completely presented before the humans. A deathly grey gas revolved around him as the terrifying aura of death formed the huge head of a fiend in the air, as if it would bite down on the Southeastern Fort at any time. Even though he was the only one to appear this time, he was the terrifying existence that ranked fourth among the demon gods. Even if all the demon gods that fought earlier were combined, they could not necessarily defeat him. Samigina was confident that there was not a single human in the Southeastern Fort that could rival him.

“Samigina!” At this moment, a woman’s shout rang out.

The voice appeared very suddenly, but it was abnormally clear. The sound waves seemed to roll in from all directions, forcing Samigina to shudder slightly. He could tell from the voice that they had not come with kind intentions.

In the next moment, Samigina seemed to see the thing he feared the most. He actually flew backwards, immediately fleeing to several thousand meters away. Shock was plastered across his face.

What did he see?
He saw a tower, a tower that had suddenly appeared in the there, descending from the sky. The tower was translucent white. Its colour was filled with a sense of nobility. As it fell, it grew larger and larger. As it shone with white light, it just happened to land on the projection of the Fiend’s head in the air.

Everyone knew that the figure of the Fiend’s head was condensed from Samigina’s power. However ,in that moment, the head figure actually collapsed under the tower. It could not even escape from the white light, immediately turned into grey wisps of smoke and disappearing in the white light, while the scorching white light became even more blinding.

The advancing Fiend army seemed to experience a tremendous pressure weigh down on them. The Fiends in the sky all descended towards the ground as they looked up in shock. The tower had now grown to over three hundred meters tall. It gave off a vague, seven-coloured haze among the white light.

A divine tool. Without a doubt, it was a divine tool! However, even if it was a divine tool, it could not strike so much fear into the Fiend army of a hundred thousand. What they feared was the white light from the divine tool. The aura made the powers of darkness in each fiend surge and tremble violently.

Samigina had completely lost the composure and confidence he had before. His eyes were filled with shock.

It’s that tower. It’s that tower.

If Samigina was asked who he feared the most in his entire life, he would definitely answer with the Demon God Emperor. That was without a doubt. However, if he was asked what object he feared the most in the world, his answer would definitely be the tower he had once faced at the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, the Tower of Eternity that belonged to Long Haochen back then.

Chapter 825

The Tower of Eternity back then had almost completely devoured and destroyed the Demon God of Death Samigina’s domain. It gave him far too painful of a memory. After that time, it took him three whole years to recover and five years to heal the very core of his body.

This time, the Tower of Eternity had appeared once more. Although it had turned white now, Samigina’s fear for it was even stronger than before. After suffering so much last time, he understood that he might be fine if he did not use his domain. However, when he truly faced the Tower of Eternity, he was still fearful.

A beautiful figure stood at the top of the tower. Her black dress stood out even more above the shining white tower as the huge, black sickle in her hands shone with blue and purple light. She looked at Samigina from afar and gave off terrifying killing intent. Combined with the white haze from the huge tower, she actually managed to stun the entire Fiend army.

In possession of the Tower of Eternity and also capable of wielding the powers of purification against the demons, she was obviously the vice- chairman of the Temple Union, vice-captain of the Bright Glimmer of Hope, chosen by the God of Death, the Saint Daughter of Samsara, Cai’er!

No one noticed the ravishing joy in Qiu Yonghao’s eyes when all the aerial Fiends landed on the ground. He waved his right hand at the area below the balls and a golden light flashed in the air.

If it were not for Cai’er’s appearance, Samigina definitely would have noticed the golden light. However, all of his attention was now focused on

Not only did the Tower of Eternity strike fear deep into his heart, the aura of that Cai’er gave off posed a great threat to him as well. Fifth rank of the ninth step? Was this actually aura from the fifth rank of the ninth step? How was this possible? Since when did the humans possess a powerhouse at the fifth rank of the ninth step? In particular, a young lady like this who also wielded the Tower of Eternity that had given him painful memories.

In the demons’ understanding of the humans, only the Starry Sky Holy Knight Yang Haoyu from the distant Knight Temple who had not appeared on the battlefield for a very long time seemed to be at the fifth rank of the ninth step. Of course, there was also Long Haochen who had risen up recently who might have been at that level. However, why was this girl at the same level?

Samigina suddenly experienced an indescribable feeling. He originally believed the Demon God Emperor’s arrangements were perfect. The humans would not be able to stop them by launching attacks from two sides. However, the humans had produced ninth step powerhouses he did not know of time and time again in this battlefield before the Southeastern Fort, as if nothing developed in the way they had decided it would develop in. Instead, many unaccounted variables had appeared. World these variables lead to failure in the end?

However, Samigina was still one of the five great demon gods after all. Even though he feared Cai’er very much, he recovered his composure ver soon. His icy-cold voice boomed through the battlefield, “Fiends, attack!”

As he called out, Samigina began to shine with grey light once again. Afterwards, the grey light completely fused into his body, causing him to grow transparent. The heavy aura of death was completely withdrawn, while the demon god pillar that belonged to him in the distance shone with blinding grey light.

If Samigina’s current state was described in human terms, it would be a Self Incarnating Domain.
Can’t the Tower of Eternity absorb my domain? Then, I’ll just avoid releasing my domain outside my body. I’d like to see how you absorb it.

There was no room for doubt over Samigina’s strength. When the demon god pillar lit up, he rapidly swelled in the air, becoming a huge fiend that was grey and transluscent, standing three hundred meters tall, in the blink of an eye.

His transformation had made the morale of the entire Fiend army surge. They immediately erupted with the speed they had been suppressing earlier. The army of a hundred thousand charged towards the Southeastern Fort.

However, at this moment, just before the Fiends above the sixth step had taken off into the air again, a strange aura suddenly permeated the battlefield, or more accurately, around two thousand meters from the Southeastern Fort.

By now, the Fiend army had completely entered this range.

Under the influence of the strange aura, all of the Fiends suddenly slowed down despite speeding up just earlier. In the next moment, the ground suddenly lit up.

The sudden occurrence immediately attracted Samigina’s attention. A horrible omen immediately filled his heart.

“Oh no.” Samigina’s terrifying and tremendous figure quickly landed on the ground. At the same time, he made a gesture in the air with his hands and a huge, grey spear appeared in his grasp. The spear actually shone with seven-coloured light. It was actually a weapon on par to divine tools.

However, why was Cai’er here? It was to prevent Samigina from affecting Long Haochen’s arrangements!

As soon as Samigina landed on the ground, the tower that he feared the most charged towards him with surprising speed.
As it flew over, the Tower of Eternity withdrew all of the purifying light from earlier. Above the tower where Cai’er stood before, a pure, white lotus appeared.

From one side was the horrible omen from the ground, while the other side was a terrifying attack that threatened Samigina’s life. Without a doubt, he would definitely value his own life over everything else as a demon god! Compared to his own life, were the safety of his clansmen of any significance?

As a result, even when Samigina was reluctant to do so, he could only block Cai’er’s attack first. He could not worry about the light that had suddenly appeared on the ground.

The ground surged. The golden light surged.

Huge, golden patterns spanning a hundred meters across appeared silently on the ground one after another. Golden mist rose up and covered an altitude of a hundred meters in the blink of an eye.

The appearance of each golden pattern was similar. They were all a hundred meters across and covered in complicated symbols with a magic hexagram in the centre. The symbols all seemed to have been activated in that moment, floating upwards with the golden mist.

There were around thirty patterns like this. They were all a certain distance from each other. However, when the thirty patterns lit up from the ground without any warning, it seemingly dyed the flat area before the Southeastern Fort golden.

In the distance, the armies of each demon clan that had just retreated were stunned by this sight. What was this power? In the history of battles between the humans and demons, such a grand sight had never appeared before. The humans had never used a method of battle like this before either! However, what were these golden arrays?

Just as they were shocked, the Fiends began to howl out miserably. The golden mist was like a sticky liquid, trapping most of the Fiends. Only the
strongest Fiends who saw this the soonest were able to charge out of the mist into the air. However, most of them, the Fiends incapable of flight in particular, were enveloped by the mist teeming with an aura of light.


A first rumble exploded in the centre of the thirty golden arrays. As it boomed out, the central array suddenly shone with scorching golden light. In the moment the light that was even brighter than the sun erupted, the terrifying sound wave drowned out the wails of the Fiends.

The range of the explosion of golden light immediately expanded. It went from one hundred meters to three hundred meters across.

From above, the ground seemed like a huge, golden circle of fire. The centre of the fire had even become white-hot.

This was clearly magic on part to forbidden spells! Even if it had not reached the level of forbidden spells, it was close.

Following the first explosion was a second. The thirty golden arrays basically erupted continuously within the next ten seconds. In the air, Samigina’s clash with the Tower of Eternity had just ended.

Compared to the golden colour of the ground, white and grey collided in the air. There were no particularly intense booms, but the entire sky distorted the moment the Tower of Eternity and Samigina collided.

Samigina’s face was distorted as well. This time, he did not sense the terrifying, soul-devouring power of the Tower of Eternity from last time, but the terrifying power that could purify all auras of death. What was even more terrifying was when the huge Tower of Eternity collided with his body, the strange lotus on the top lit up. Its pure-white petals shot over and enveloped him.

The intense feeling of danger made Samigina push his demon god transformation to the strongest level with regard for anything else. Like a
grey gemstone, he shone as brightly as he could as his spear gave off seven- coloured light. He unleashed a dense cluster of thrusts.

However, from the collision, a third of Samigina’s figure that stood three hundred meters tall directly collapsed. The golden light subsided and he was only two hundred meters tall now, and he had been knocked several thousand meters away, far away from the battlefield before the Southeastern Fort.

The portion of greyness from Samigina’s demon god transformation had been absorbed by the Tower of Eternity. Cai’er appeared on top of the Tower of Eternity again and she gazed at Samigina from afar. Her aura only surged, locking onto the Demon God of Death.

Long Haochen have obviously thoroughly considered everything when he sent Cai’er to the Southeastern Fort. In terms of pure strength, Cai’er could only match up to Marbas out of the five great demon gods at most, even after breaking through to the fifth rank of the ninth step as well as using the two divine tools, the Sickle of the God of Death and the Tower of Eternity. And that was under the circumstance that she had used the holy guards.

After all, the demon god pillars that belonged to the five great demon gods were existences close to supra divine tools. Cai’er might have been powerful, but she was still weaker in terms of absolute strength.

Chapter 826

However, there was something called restriction in this world. An analysis of strength would lead to this result, but it would be a different story on the actual battlefield.

If Cai’er had encountered the Hell Demon God Marbas, she might have been in for a tough battle, but when she appeared before the Demon God of Death Samigina, it would be a tragedy for Samigina. Before Cai’er, the death magic and abilities he relied heavily on, even his demon god pillars, was firmly restricted before Cai’er, just like how Cai’er basically restrained all of the undead kings alone back in Haoyue’s realm.

Before the power of purification, all auras of death would become nothing.

Long Haochen had sent Cai’er to the Southeastern Fort in order to suppress the strongest Demon God of Death. There was no need for them to fear the other demon gods.

Terrifying balls of golden light exploded from the ground. The light element even formed terrifying elemental storms. When all thirty arrays had erupted, even powerhouses on Cai’er and Samigina’s level were afraid of remaining in their original position. They would quickly fly higher.

Out of the Fiend army of a hundred thousand, the only ones left visible were the few that flew in the air like flies, while the remaining Fiends had all died to the sea of golden light.
Let alone the demons in the distance who were stunned, even the people from the six temples on the walls were dumbfounded as well. None of them could imagine such a terrifying sight would appear on the battlefield.

Before the Southeastern Fort over a width of five thousand meters, all of it had become a sea of golden light. The wildness of the golden light was enough to drive people insane. Even supra forbidden spells could not be so destructive! Even if the Demon God Emperor was present, there would be nothing he could do when all the arrays had erupted.

T- this was…

“Hahahahahahaha…” Standing on the battlement, the temple head of the Warrior Temple Qiu Yonghao basically laughed hysterically.

He had lived more than a century, but he had never felt as happy as today. The Fiends, the Fiend army of a hundred thousand had actually died before the Southeastern Fort just like this. Just how important of a victory was this! Across the entire Southeastern Fort, apart from the few magicians who lay down this deadly trap, only he knew this terrifying attack was awaiting the demons. This was also why he could remain composed the entire time. This deadly trap had been specially prepared for the Fiends.

Samigina had become completely dumbfounded. He hovered in the air as he looked at the surging sea of golden light below. His facial muscles had completely stiffened.

H- how was this possible? How?

He wanted to shout and question crazily, but he was unable to produce a single sound in that moment.

As the fourth demon god, the head of the Fiends, his Fiend army of a hundred thousand that was the second strongest across the entire race had actually been annihilated by the terrifying forbidden light spell just like this.

Sensing the surging elemental storm of light, he did not have any hope at all. Even for him, he would not be able to retreat unscathed from the centre
of the elemental storm.

It was a trap! It was a trap set up by the despicable humans! However, why would they have a trap like this?

There were far, far too many questions in Samigina’s head. In that moment, his head had even blanked out. He was unable to accept what had happened before him.

Originally, he believed victory was within his grasp, but all of his hopes had immediately plummeted. He even witnessed the annihilation of his clansmen. The psychological impact on his was just too great.

The Fiend Clan had mobilised all of its Fiends that could fight in this battle. The only ones left in the clan were the old and the young, the women and the children. It was possible to say that the army of a hundred thousand formed the entire force of the Fiends. This was also the force that Samigina relied on the most.

“Aaaaaargh!” Samigina yelled at the sky. As he yelled, his grey body rapidly swelled. This time, he directly reached five hundred meters tall.

His eyes had become completely blood-red, while his expanded body even began to crack, which had dense auras of death oozing out of.

Indeed, under such a heavy psychological impact, Samigina had almost lost his mind. Of course he could sense how Cai’er utterly restrained him in the clash earlier. At this time, he directly used the Demonic Collapse Technique regardless of the consequences. He wanted vengeance. He wanted to kill all of the humans. He had gone mad. He had completely gone mad.

Samigina’s demon god pillar in the distance shone with unprecedented grey light, directly illuminating him. Grey armour immediately covered his body, while the demon god pillar in the distance vanished in the next instance. The spear in Samigina’s hands suddenly expanded. Grey symbols seemed to appear. He had actually turned his demon god pillar into a terrifying weapon.
Cai’er watched Samigina transform coldly. Her eyes were clear. She knew she had to stop Samigina no matter what, because there was not a single powerhouse in the Southeastern Fort that could stop him in his current state. Samigina had come for revenge even if it would cost him his life.

Twelve streaks of light, each a different colour, shot out from the Tower of Eternity and formed a ring around Cai’er. It was the twelve holy guards that the Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux had left for her.

Cai’er was confident that she could suppress Samigina. Her cultivation was not much weaker than her opponent’s in the first place and she had an advantage in terms of elements. The Tower of Eternity also dominated Samigina. However, it could not hold back Samigina when he had lost his mind and put his life on the line! His current state was similar to Ah’Bao when Long Haochen faced off against him earlier.

The twelve holy guards surrounded Cai’er. The twelve of them formed two rings, with the warriors inside and mages outside. Both rings possessed all six elements.

As six-coloured light flickered, the twelve holy guards formed two hexagrams of different sizes, surrounding and protecting Cai’er in the centre. Dense, six-coloured light rose up as the tremendous power of element gathered around Cai’er. When the six-coloured light entered the boundary of the hexagon in the centre of the inner hexagram, it was actually converted into pure force of chaos.

This array was created by the Slumbering Calamity Elux. In the past, he had used his own strength and the full support of the twelve holy guards to fight against almost all of the human powerhouses from across the lands!

Even though the twelve holy guards were weaker than when they accompanied Elux in the past and had not reached the level of domains, they were still twelve powerhouses of the ninth step. Under their combined array, Cai’er’s aura immediately swelled by several folds. The increase could even rival Samigina when he underwent the demon god transformation.
Standing at the top of the Tower of Eternity, Cai’er lifted her Sickle of the God of Death high over her head. The black sickle gradually became a translucent white as the dense power of purification immediately expanded as a huge ring of light. This was Cai’er releasing her Domain of Purification as far as possible.

As she released the Domain of Purification, Cai’er did not go up to receive the crazed Samigina. Instead, she made the Tower of Eternity descend. The Domain of Purification also descended towards the element storm that was gradually weakening.

If Samigina was still rational, he would definitely be able to guess what Cai’er was doing. However, he had already come close to losing his mind now. He thrusted his spear and he lunged forward through the air, immediately arriving above Cai’er. He swept his spear downwards, directly toward Cai’er.

Currently, Samigina was just too powerful. After unleashing this strike, a huge gap ripped open in the sky as dimensional storms ravaged the air, even sucking up the elemental storm below.

However, this unintentionally assisted Cai’er.

Basically the entire Fiend Army had been annihilated under the consecutive explosions of the terrifying light arrays. It had claimed several tens of thousand lives. The lives of demons were still lives! After they died, they would also produce an aura of death. Light was unable to purify death completely, but Cai’er’s Domain of Purification could and the process of purifying death was equivalent to increasing her personal strength.

The strands of white power of purification surged up from the elemental storm below, filtered by the Domain of Purification before pouring into the Tower of Eternity. Only after being purified a second time by the Tower of Eternity was it channeled into Cai’er. Coupled with the boost from the holy guards’ array, Cai’er’s aura reached an unprecendented level.

Raising the Sickle of the God of Death upwards, the light in Cai’er’s eyes flickered. In the next moment, a bitter white light appeared in the sky and
collided with the falling spear.

Even though their proportions were completely off, Samigina and Cai’er actually shuddered at the same time when they collided. Samigina’s spear was knocked away, while Cai’er grunted and blood flowed from the corner of her mouth. However, she still managed to get through Samigina’s attack.

Samigina unleashed a bellow. Now, his Domain of Death, as well as the power from the demon god transformation and Demonic Collapse Technique, had fused into his body completely. Under the collision with Cai’er’s seven arts of the God of Death earlier, another large portion of his death magic was purified. If this battle where one side only grew weaker while the other grew stronger continued, it was impossible for Samigina to gain any advantage.

However, Samigina had completely lost his mind now. He did not care about his own safety anymore. With a twist of his spear, all of the greyness on his body gathered on the spear and all of the symbols on the spear lit up. The terrifying aura completely erupted. The spear actually turned back into a demon god pillar that spanned several hundred meters in length, directly thrusting towards Cai’er.

Chapter 827

The power from the demon god pillar was just too terrifying. Out of the seventy-two demon gods, only the five great demon gods could directly use their demon god pillars as weapons.

The tremendous pressure immediately fell on Cai’er. Even after absorbing so much aura of death and converting it into power of purification, Cai’er could not help but change in expression. This was clearly an attack Samigina was staking everything on!

With a flash, Cai’er and the twelve holy guards vanished into the Tower of Eternity at the same time. The Tower of Eternity spun wildly as Flourishing Lotus Flowers appeared on the top of the tower and shot towards the Demon God of Death, while the Tower of Eternity descended to dodge.

Every single Flourishing Lotus Flower would lead to a string of explosions upon striking Samigina, but they were unable to stop him.

Finally, in the moment the Tower of Eternity landed on the ground, the demon god pillar came crashing down and just happened to land on the tip of the Tower of Eternity.

A heavy boom rang out and the elemental storm in the surroundings actually dispersed under this terrifying force. A large number of Fiend remains littered across the ground and all of them came from relatively stronger Fiends. The weaker ones were directly obliterated.
Struck by the demon god pillar, the Tower of Eternity was hammered four floors into the ground. Only the top three floors remained visible now.

The light that the entire tower shone with suddenly dimmed heavily.
Many cracks even appeared in the air.

Cai’er appeared once more and the Tower of Eternity vanished. In the next moment, Cai’er charged into the sky with the twelve holy guards. The Sickle of the God of Death flew out of her hand and swelled to a hundred meters long in the air, cleaving towards Samigina boldly.

Samigina did not try to dodge this blade of purification. Instead, he swung his demon god pillar. He seemed like he actually wanted to take Cai’er down with him.

What a mad man. Cold light flashed through Cai’er’s eyes. She immediately retreated in the air. Of course she did not want to go down with Samigina. However, the Sickle of the God of Death continued towards her opponent.

Although Samigina was crazy, his battle instincts still remained. With a flick of the other end of the demon god pillar, he knocked the sickle away. At the same time, at least fifty grey symbols suddenly flew out from the front end of the pillar, directly flying towards Cai’er. The terrifying power turned into a storm of death in the air.

The power of purification could purify the power of death, but it would require a certain amount of time once the power of death was concentrated to a certain level. Samigina clearly did not give her this time.

Figures silently appeared before Cai’er as a series of human shields.
Colourful light exploded in the air.

Cai’er grunted once more and she retreated to a thousand meters away. With a swish, blood spurted from her mouth. At the same time, golden light rose up from her body. Most of the impact had been nullified. After all, an aura of death was unable to truly harm her.
However, six out of the twelve holy guards had already been torn to pieces by the terrifying power of death. They would only revive themselves in the Tower of Eternity after a given amount of time.

Samigina currently seemed invincible. He lifted up the demon god pillar once more. However, he spared Cai’er this time. He directly swung it at the Southeastern Fort.

The people of the Southeastern Fort were originally in great joy, but they all witnessed Samigina’s transformation in the air. Under a state like that, the Demon God of Death was just too terrifying.

A streak of seven-coloured light immediately crossed through the air towards Samigina. It was from Ye Sanmi’s divine bow.

However, Samigina did not try to dodge it at all. He allowed the terrifying arrow to hit him. The attack which had instantly killed the Arcane Demon God Gaap landed on his armor and only blasted open a hole. It did not harm him. Samigina’s demon god pillar continued to fall towards the Southeastern Fort in a ferocious manner.

Now, the powerhouses of the Southeastern Fort could no longer afford to hide their strengths any longer. All of the Eternal Heroes shone with blinding light. They knew the enemy was unstoppable, but they still needed to take action, or once Samigina’s demon god pillar landed on the Southeastern Fort, it would be a massacre! Even the wall would be completely destroyed.

Although the Fiends were basically annihilated, there were still over three hundred thousand demons outside. If they lost the protection of the wall, they would not be able to guard the Southeastern Fort.

Cai’er’s figure appeared once more. She appeared in front of all of the powerhouses from the wall. The Sickle of the God of Death shone brilliantly in her hand as it changed several times in the air, like it was performing a graceful dance. The Domain of Purification was immediately withdrawn, pushing her cultivation to the limit. She completely unleashed the power of the Self Incarnating Domain.
The first art, Death in Childhood. The second art, Death in Purification. The third art, Death’s Scream. The fourth art, Deathgod’s Kiss. The fifth art, Death’s Silent Annihilation.

Using all five arts, it turned into the sixth art, Death in Journey.

This was Cai’er’s strongest attack. The power of purification turned into a huge blade of light, cutting towards Samigina’s demon god pillar.

A terrifying collision erupted in the air as countless spectres howled out in the air, before immediately being devoured by the power of purification.

At least half of the greyness on the demon god pillar vanished under the purification of the Death in Journey. However, the demon god pillar itself managed to block Cai’er’s sickle.


The Sickle of the God of Death was flung high into the air, while Samigina’s tremendous body retreated to several hundred meters away. The aura of death on him plummeted drastically.

However, Cai’er’s situation was much more miserable than his. Blood spurted from her mouth twice as she directly collided against the wall of the Southeastern Fort. She only managed to stabilise herself after penetrating the wall by thirty meters.

In order to help Cai’er block this attack, the six other holy guards were torn to pieces as well. Now, she had reached the end of the line.

Samigina was just too terrifying, or more accurately, the demon god pillar was just too terrifying. As an existence that had almost reached the levels of supra divine tools, it could still suppress the Sickle of the God of Death despite being completely disadvantaged in terms of elements.

However, Samigina was in no great shape either. Using the demon god transformation and Demonic Collapse Technique took an extremely great toll on his body. He normally would not be able to beat Cai’er, but in his
current state, he completely overwhelmed her, which only demonstrated how much power he consumed with each passing second. After knocking Cai’er away with this attack, Samigina’s body shuddered violently as well as the red light in his eyes showed signs of dispersing. However, he lifted his demon god pillar again and his terrifying aura reached the limit once again.

Even if he died, he wanted to drag the people of the Southeastern Fort down with him.

The power of death on the other end of the demon god pillar rapidly surged forward. Even the armour on Samigina had completely transformed into the power of death in that moment, pouring into the demon god pillar. His next strike would be even more terrifying than before, because this was likely to be his last full-powered attack.

When the remaining Fiends in the sky saw their head use such a method to launch a devastating attack, they all became insane as well. The madness purged them of their fear. Under the lead of the four Fiend Kings, the remaining Fiends, amounted to less than ten thousand, all charged towards the Southeastern Fort wildly.

The Fiend Clan was still the Fiend Clan after all. Even after they had been caught in a fatal trap, they still wanted to breach the Southeastern Fort in the final moment. Samigina had never thought that while he originally planned for the other demons to act as the cannon fodder for his Fiends, the situation would be reversed completely.

The demon army and demon gods in the distance had no intention of assisting them. The demon army was already utterly exhausted, while the demon gods were close to erupting with anger from their discontent towards Samigina. They only took joy in the Fiend Clan’s sufferings. Now that they saw Samigina was attacking the Southeastern Fort without any regard to the consequences, they were obviously overjoyed.

Once the Southeastern Fort fell, they would be the ones who would benefit the most! Did Samigina’s fate have anything to do with them?
Perhaps, many of their ranks would move up with Samigina and Gaap’s deaths.

Cai’er’s body currently wracked in pain as it constantly flickered with golden light. This was clearly the light from the Soul Sharing Chains. If it were not for the chains, she probably would have been incapacitated by her wounds now.

She had never thought the Demon God of Death would be so terrifying after erupting with everything he had. At the same time, she understood her own mistake. As an assassin, she never should have taken Samigina on in open combat, even when he believed she possessed an absolute advantage.

Cai’er dislodged herself from the wall with difficulty. Now, the nine Eternal Heroes assigned to the Southeastern Fort, the three Eternal Heroes sent over for reinforcements from the Assassin Temple and the twenty ninth step powerhouses of the Warrior Temple had all entered the battle. They battled the demons.

Among them, Qiu Yonghao, Ye Sanmi and four other Eternal Heroes hovered in the air together. All of them pushed their domains to the limit to receive the demon god pillar that fell from the sky.

They had gone up to receive it with the mentality that they were about to die. Under his current state, the attack from Samigina had already surpassed the eighth rank of the ninth step. If they did not lay down their lives, how were they supposed to stop such a terrifying power?

Ye Sanmi even remembered to look back at Cai’er and smile, as if he was saying that the future battle would be up to them.

“No!” Cai’er called out with a shrill voice. She raised her sickle once again with difficulty, but her entire body was in pain. The agony prevented her from using much force at all. All she could do was release the Tower of Eternity again and have it ram against Samigina. However, she was still a step slower than Qiu Yonghao, Ye Sanmi and the four others.
At this moment, a silver light suddenly lit up on Cai’er. Sensing the silver light, Cai’er was clearly surprised. Afterwards, her emotions immediately settled down. She became more confident than she had ever been.

Chapter 828

In the next moment, a translucent, white figure emerged from the silver light. With just a single step, he surpassed the six people in front and arrived before the falling demon god pillar.

A huge, vertical, golden eye suddenly appeared in the air. It shone with brilliant golden light, stabbing into the huge demon god pillar as rays.

With a violent explosion and rumble, Qiu Yonghao, Ye Sanmi and the other four were all blown away, while the golden eye that stood a hundred meters across blocked the attack that Samigina staked everything in.

The Eye of Brahm?!

In the current world, only two people knew how to use the Eye of Brahm?, while there was only a single person who could appear here in time using Cai’er to pinpoint the destination.

It was Long Haochen, the chairman of the Temple Union, captain of the Bright Glimmer of Hope, master of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation and the Divine Knight of Glory and Leadership.

Long Haochen had obviously prepared countless backup plans when he sent Cai’er here alone to challenge Samigina. The most important one was the attack earlier.

He had Cai’er were connected by the Soul Sharing Chains. When Cai’er was injured, he sensed it immediately. He could immediately appear beside Cai’er through the power of the Domain of Instant Flash.
The Domain of Instant Flash alone was obviously unable to send Long Haochen so far away. However, Long Haochen was able to launch this attack when he momentarily appeared using his powerful mental force and Cai’er as a pinpoint for the Domain of Instant Flash. In other words, the attack was basically a projection of his. After all, they were just too far away. He could not actually transport himself here using the Domain of Instant Flash. He could only rip open space temporarily.


Terrifying power exploded in the air, while the demon god pillar was forcefully blown away by the Eye of Brahm?.

The light from the huge, golden eye slowly subsided and what replaced it was Long Haochen clad in the Armour of Eternity.

In that moment, the morale of the Southeastern Fort reached the limits. Through the propagation of the magic film, Cai’er and Long Haochen had become their absolute idols! The two idols had appeared one after another and they had repelled Samigina, so it only made sense for there to be a rise in morale.

And, Long Haochen’s attack still had not ended. He raised the huge, golden sword in his left hand and a speck of purplish golden light permeated the sword. He slashed it at the demon god pillar from afar.

Immediately, a purplish golden blade of light that only seemed to be around a dozen meters wide flew towards Samigina’s demon god pillar. The white Sword of Eternity in Long Hoachen’s other hand shone with nine- coloured light as it pointed towards the Southeastern Fort.

The sky immedaitely became golden.

It rained. The golden drizzle fell silently, gently falling on the walls of the Southeastern Fort. Every single warrior and magic user was dowsed by the rain and a faint, golden glow would appear around them, while the Fiends who came in contact with the same golden rain would smoke, causing them to shriek out miserably.
Forbidden light spell, Holy Rain.

Using the Sword of Eternity as a magic staff to cast the Holy Rain, its power had completely exceeded when Long Haochen used it in the past. The golden rain basically fell over all of the walls.

With Long Haochen’s appearance, he had basically turned the dangerous situation around immediately.

Cai’er arrived beside Long Haochen with her Tower of Eternity, while Samigina in the distance seemed to recover from his madness. The reason for that was the purplish golden attack from Long Haochen.

The purplish golden blade of light landed on the demon god pillar accurately. The demon god pillar, where even Cai’er’s sixth art of the God of Death, Death in Journey, failed to leave a scratch, now had a huge crack that was over a dozen meters long and several meters deep. Terrifying, purplish golden light shone from the crack.

When Samigina sensed the terrifying aura of destruction, he finally came to his senses. Shocked, he poured his remaining power into the demon god pillar.


The portion of the demon god pillar that had been attacked actually shattered when Samigina poured his power into the pillar. At the same time, he suddenly threw the demon god pillar towards the demon encampment, while he himself lunged towards Long Haochen and Cai’er viciously.

Despite being on different sides, Long Haochen could not help but secretly extend his thumb for Samigina.

He had sensed that something was off about Samigina as soon as he had arrived. Clearly, the arrangements he had prepared had made him descend into madness. After receiving the attack from the power of Haoyue’s bloodline, Samigina actually managed to discern the true situation the moment he had recovered. That truly was powerful!
Samigina had clearly discovered Long Haochen was not actually present and that he was only a reflection, which was why he broke off his demon god pillar immediately to cut his losses, before throwing it back to the demon encampment to remove all opportunities that Long Haochen could use to destroy it. Clearly, his demon god pillar would not completely be destroyed when only a single portion had been severed.

Long Haochen thought about how unfortunate it was, while the silver light on Cai’er appeared once more and Long Haochen’s white figure became illusionary once more. Now, Cai’er charged towards Samigina alone.

Cai’er utterly hated this person. Samigina knew he would be in for a horrible fate after using the Demonic Collapse Technique. He had actually wanted to blow himself up to protect his demon god pillar.

With the Sickle of the God of Death raised high over her head, Cai’er’s eyes immediately turned white and that was not all. Even her hair and lips had become the same white as the power of purification.

Thrum! The sickle produced a heavy hum and afterwards, a huge, white figure appeared behind Cai’er. Afterwards, Cai’er vanished.

The huge figure gripped the Sickle of the God of Death and suddenly glanced at the sky.

With that glance, the sky became a hazy white. Everything on the battlefield froze up in that moment.

The white figure gradually solidified and became a tall, handsome man. He seemed to be in his thirties as his long, grey hair draped down. His eyes were also white, while he wore pure-white armour. There was only a diamond shaped grey gemstone on his chest.

Even the demon army in the distance had become completely stunned in that moment. It was no longer as simple as pressure. Instead, it was an indescribably terrifying aura. Even the demon god pillars trembled before the aura.
The huge figure wielded the sickle and snorted coldly at Samigina who was frozen in the air. Afterwards, the sickle shot off as a white streak of light, as if he was the only thing that could move in that space. The slash also happened to be so swift, as if it could cut through anything in the world.

Samigina gained an additional white mark from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. A large amount of grey air emerged from there, while Samigina’s regretful gaze was filled with fear.

The man in white raised his sickle high into the air and the grey gas immediately surged towards the Sickle of the God of Death. Immediately, it turned into a ring of white light that froze up in the air.

The entire process seemed extremely slow, but when Samigina’s body completely collapsed in the air and a deathly grey Demon God Crown appeared in the man’s hands, the standstill ended. Everything dispersed in everyone’s mind like memory fragments.

The person hovering in the air was Cai’er, while Samigina’s corpse fell towards the ground in two halves.

Indeed, this was the final art of the God of Death that Cai’er had comprehended by overcoming the final barrier when she screamed out earlier, God of Death!

When Cai’er was chosen by the God of Death, she had gained the seven arts of the God of Death. However, even when she used the seven arts back then, she would have to pay a terrifying price. Really, she could only use the first six arts. There was still a sense of unfamiliarity separating her from the seventh art. This obstacle existed due to the lack in her cultivation and the lack in her understanding, but now, she had completed it. She had finally completed it.

After the Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux had accepted Cai’er has his disciple, his greatest assistance was not actually increasing Cai’er cultivation, but removing all the negative effects and side-effects
from her Sickle of the God of Death. This was something Elux could only achieve using his powers as a half-god!

The seventh art of the God of Death, God of Death!

This was no longer borrowing the powers of the God of Death, but the God of Death actually descending to this realm and launching an attack. If Cai’er had used it before Elux had removed all the side-effects for her, the attack would have cost her her life.

This was the terrifying power of someone chosen by god. If Long Haochen had remained as the person chosen by the Goddess of Light, once his cultivation reached a certain level, he too could condense the Goddess of Light and make her descend.

The God of Death that Cai’er had summoned was not an actual person. Instead, she had summoned the aura of the God of Death from an entirely different realm and condensing it into his shape, allowing her to launch a devastating attack.

However, Long Haochen clearly did not possess this ability now, because his physique had already become a god’s physique. The Goddess of Light was already insufficient to serve as his belief, so he obviously could not summon her. However, this only made Long Haochen’s potential even more terrifying. Whether it was through the power from the Armour of Eternity or by burning his own power, he could reach that level as well.

Out of the seventy-two demon gods, the Demon God of Death Samigina who ranked fourth was dead!

As Samigina’s corpse fell from the sky, landed in the dust and the dust cleared up, both sides of the battlefield could not help but become stunned.

Chapter 829

Someone as powerful as the Demon God of Death had actually been slain on the battlefield, and this was after he had used the demon god transformation and the Demonic Collapse Technique. This was just far, far too shocking to all the demon gods.

The Fiends who had been attacking crazily seemed to be on some sort of drug and its effects immediately seemed to have worn off then. The four Fiend Kings immediately stopped their attacks and flew back first. Their target was the Demon God of Death’s demon god pillar.

Samigina was dead, so the new Demon God of Death would definitely be born from the four of them. It was very likely that this would be their only opportunity in their lives, so who could still be bothered to fight against the humans?

With their retreat, did the remaining Fiends still have any capacity to battle under the Holy Rain? Their forces immediately collapsed and the remaining Fiends, amounting to less than five thousand, rapidly retreated. They flapped their wings and flew back towards the demon encampment.

The powerhouses of the Southeastern Fort pursued for several kilometers and finished off almost another thousand Fiends, before returning to the Southeastern Fort.

Cai’er did not return to the Southeastern Fort. After using the last art of the God of Death, she directly fell down from the sky, landing on the Tower of Eternity and vanishing. The Tower of Eternity just landed before the Southeastern Fort. The huge tower that stood a hundred meters tall shone
with a gentle glow, purifying the souls that had died on the battlefield and also channeling this power of purification into the tower for Cai’er to use to heal and recover.

“Retreat and set up camp.” In the distance, the remaining demon gods basically gave an order to the various clans in the army at the same time. They retreated ten kilometers and set up camp there.

After their shock had dissipated, they all various calculations in their heads.

They had lost this battle and it was a great loss. The Fiends suffered the greatest losses, almost completely annihilated. Even the commander of this army, Samigina, had fallen in battle. The fault for this defeat obviously fell on the shoulders on this Demon God of Death.

Clearly, the Southeastern Fort was an extremely tough bone to pick. They had all witnessed the terrifying magic arrays! Were there still anyone who was bold enough to continue leading the charge? Moreover, the demon army was utterly exhausted now and their morale had become so low that they were close to revolting. The demon gods could only regroup the army and continue after they had rested up.

What they could do right now was to report the results of the battle to the Demon God Emperor as quickly as possible and ask the Demon God Emperor to decide what to do next. At the same time, they knew that they probably would not be able to take the Southeastern Fort.

Compared to the demons, the Southeastern Fort had become a sea of joy. Basically every single human cheered Long Haochen and Cai’er’s names. Their heroes had saved the Southeastern Fort and killed the Demon God of Death. In that moment, the chairman and vice-chairman had almost become the symbols of humanity in their hearts.

Although the Southeastern Fort had suffered rather heavy losses in this battle, they did not lose much of their strongest force, while the morale of the demons had reached an all-time low. It would not be easy for them to be able to repeat what happened today.
Qiu Yonghao’s face was flushed with joy as his eyes were teary. The victory allowed them to see the hope of humanity breaking out of the darkness.

The eyes of the Eternal Heroes shone as well. The victory also allowed them to see the light of dawn in the darkness.

The Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

With a grunt, Long Haochen roused from his thoughts. The Armour of Eternity on him turned into thirteen streaks of light, merging into his body. With a flash, Long Yating had turned back into human form from the King’s Sword.

Before, Long Hoachen had used the Sword of Eternity and Yating’s King’s Sword to use the Eye of Brahm?. Coupled with the fusion of the Domain of Eternity and Light God Domain, he was able to block the final attack from Samigina.

With a rather pale face, Long Haochen closed his eyes once again. He immediately entered a state of cultivation.

Yating sat down behind him and pressed her hands on the centre of his back, pouring her pure light attribute into his body to assist his healing.

Traveling through space and consecutively casting the Eye of Brahm? and the Holy Rain took quite a large toll on Long Haochen,

Although he did not imagine Samigina would be so difficult to deal with, he had finally reached his objective using a backup plan. He had killed the Demon God of Death. The only pity was that he failed to destroy his demon god pillar as well. However, with Samigina’s death and the demon god pillar heavily damaged, it would be impossible for the new Demon God of Death to reach his same level within the next century.

Why was Cai’er able to appear in the Southeastern Fort that was so distant from the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass? It was all because what the Temple Union had managed to accumulate over the past few millennia.
There was a spatial treasure that they had saved up, called a Fixed Teleportation Scroll. It could only send a single person to a fixed location. There were only a total of three of these scrolls. Cai’er had used this scroll to reach the Southeastern Fort, allowing her to hold back the Demon God of Death.

She originally could have taken even more people with her through the Tower of Eternity, but Long Haochen decided in the end for her to go alone after taking into account the Southeastern Fort’s deployment and the tremendous pressure the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass was under from the Demon God Emperor.

Once Cai’er had recovered, she needed to use a second Fixed Teleportation Scroll to return. And, that was not all the missions Cai’er had to carry out.

The light magic arrays that had played a decisive role in the battle by massacring most of the Fiend army was the handiwork of the Eternal Heroes.

While the Eternal Heroes did slumber for thousands of years, they did not spend the entire time unconscious. After all, they still had a lifespan of a millennia as undead. Some of the mages spent a tremendous amount of time studying the elven magic the ancient elves had left behind. They actually managed to make out something. Their greatest gain was an existence called magical traps.

The logic behind magical traps was very simple. It was fixing magic to a certain location and setting up a way to trigger it. It could be immediately triggered when the enemy stepped into the trap, or it could be remotely triggered.

As long as there were sufficient materials, making the magical traps could even be easier than making magical scrolls. However, it required many secrets of ancient elven magic to do so, which had already become lost in the current age.
The Eternal Heroes had brought this esoteric magic back to humanity and also used it on the battlefield. However, there were only three mages who knew how to cast down magical traps. After considering everything, Long Haochen decided for them to cast all of their traps at the Southeastern Fort. Even though the Southeastern Fort already possessed people from all six vocations, the peak forces of each fort still originated from the temple responsible for the fort. The Warrior Temple and Spiritual Temple were relatively weaker on the battlefield. Coupled with how overly powerful the Fiend Clan under the Samigina’s command was, they would be better off concentrating the three mages’ abilities together to give the Demon God of Death a surprise instead of spreading out the traps. This also determined the outcome of the battle at the Southeastern Fort.

Although there were a few setbacks along the way, Long Haochen still managed to achieve his objective. With Yue Ye’s information ensured to be correct, he had to deal a heavy blow to the demons that they had never experienced before, basically to collapse the morale of the demon army completely, so it would be basically impossible for them to try take the Southeastern Fort again.

Within Long Haochen’s entire plan against the demons, the battle of the Southeastern Fort was utterly crucial. Only by winning that battle could he establish the foundations of all of his battle strategies. If it were not for the fact that the Demon God Emperor could take action at any time, he even wanted to visit the Southeastern Fort in person.

Night descended, but the Southeastern Fort remained brightly lit. Their celebratory spirit even lead to fireworks within the fort. Under Qiu Yonghao’s command, the soldiers even set up great pots on the walls and began cooking fragrant pieces of meat. Aside from forbidding alcohol, the soldiers protecting the fort had plenty of meat and food.

Yeah! After an unprecedented victory, how could he not reward the army with a feast?

As for the demons, they were much more miserable.
After a long journey, they fought for an entire day and night, while the only army that could be considered to be in perfect condition, the Fiends, had been annihilated. Even until now, the four Fiend Kings were still fighting over the demon god pillar. Although there were still over three hundred thousand soldiers left, all of them were utterly exhausted.

Most importantly, in order to travel at full speed and that Samigina was confident they could breach the Southeastern Fort as quickly as possible, the provisions of the army was quite limited.

Now that they had entered the rhythm of a drawn out battle, the demon gods were forced to carefully allocate the limited provisions after a discussion. When they sent someone to report to the Demon God Emperor, they also sent people to the Central Province to gather provisions. This would be a half a month to a month’s wait at the very least, while the provisions they brought could only last ten days at most. They were forced to ration their food.

As a result, even when the demon army was utterly exhausted, every single demon was only given the human equivalent of a steamed bun and a bowl of congee of food after setting up camp. Let alone meat, they did not even have meat stew.

After a battle like that, their morale had reached an all-time low and they could not even feed themselves. The various clans were all furious. However, a revolt did not happen. After all, there were over ten demon gods here watching over the situation and the demon army just too exhausted. As a result, after eating the food that barely filled their stomachs, a majority of the demons immediately fell asleep in their tents. Some of the demons did not even have camps. They just fell asleep in the wilderness.

Fortunately, this was the Southeastern Fort and not the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, or probably just the weather would have claimed lives.

The Demon God Emperor’s battle strategy was actually extremely thorough and effective. He had concentrated his strongest elite force at the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, but there was a small number of them. Using their strength that had reached the eighth step or higher, the
environment was unable to affect them. Although Long Haochen had attracted the strongest powerhouses of the Demon race over to his side, the Demon God Emperor also believed he had drawn the ninth step human powerhouses to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass as well. He was not in a hurry to launch an attack. One of his objectives was to give Long Haochen to time to gather ninth step powerhouses. The Demon God Emperor was absolutely certain this would happen.

Chapter 830

Once they had lost most of their powerhouses, how would the Southeastern Fort and Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass supposed to defend against the two armies without any reinforcements?

It was even possible to say that Samigina was not in the wrong. While he did act selfishly, as long as he could penetrate the Southeastern Fort in a single stroke, none of it mattered anymore to the overall battle strategy.

Whether it was the Demon God Emperor or the Demon God of Death, their greatest mistake was assuming the humans had the same strength as before. They had missed the true hidden power of the humans, nor did they understand that the Eternal Heroes had emerged. From a ceratin perspective, this was not even a mistake. After all, were there anyone who could have predicted this? However, because of this, the situation completely changed and the absolute advantage the demons possessed began to disappear.

The humans of the Southeastern Fort celebrated as the demon army rested. This should have been a relatively peaceful night to both sides.

However, the peace was broken.

At a ceratin time, the tower before the Southeastern Fort vanished silently. The demons obviously discovered that, but they did not pay too much attention to it. Cai’er must have returned to the Southeastern Fort to rest after healing.
As night descended, the starlight and moonlight happened to be extremely dim, perhaps due to all the killing earlier. Dark clouds slowly gathered and rain fell. It actually began drizzling.

However, the demons were highly resistant to environmental factors. Even when it rained, the demons sleeping in the wilderness did not wake up. They were just too tired. Even the demon gods all rested. The battle had just ended. Although they were in very low spirits, they had never thought the Southeastern Fort would try do anything.

It grew deeper into the night and the rain fell harder. A Demonic Wolf that happened to be sleeping in a low-lying area woke up after choking on the rain.

“Cough cough…” Climbing up, the bulky Demonic Wolf glanced at the sky bleary-eyed and cursed inside, even the sky is against me, raining tonight.

He looked around and knew there was clearly no chance for him to get a tent, but he had to try to find a higher place, hopefully with a certain amount of overhead coverage to sleep.

The continued fighting made his body ache. Even his leg had a deep wound. The stinging pain when the rain got in it irritated the Demonic Wolf.

Suddenly, the air right before him twisted slightly. Afterwards, he felt a chill in his neck, as if something hot sprayed out from there. All of his power drained from his body immediately.

With a sway, the Demonic Wolf slowly collapsed onto the ground under the support of some force. In the final moment of his life, he vaguely saw a black figure flash past.

Cai’er gently flickered through the air. Her skillful concealment of her aura made her seem like the wind. Wherever she passed by, the demons sleeping outside that were still unconscious would lose their lives. Very soon, she approached the centre of the demon encampment.
Around a dozen demon god pillars stood there in an orderly manner, but they shone with extremely dim light now. Samigina’s demon god pillar was not there. The four Fiend Kings were still fighting over who would inherit the position of the Demon God of Death. In order to prevent anyone from getting in the way, the remaining Fiends all gathered there.

After reaching the centre of the demon encampment, she did not continue any further. Instead, he stopped. She checked the time and hid herself away again, silently waiting for something.

Ten minutes later, Cai’er reappeared once more.

“It’s time,” she murmured to herself. She raised her right hand and pointed in the air. A pure-white light immediately expanded and suddenly fell towards the largest dozen or so tents. It was the Tower of Eternity.

In the moment the Tower of Eternity appeared, the demon god pillars basically lit up at the same time. Clearly, they had discovered Cai’er’s existence. Figures quickly burst out from the tents but what received them was a huge tower.

“Seal!” Cai’er called out and dense, white light immediately erupted from the Tower of Eternity. The resplendent light immediately spread, actually enveloping all of the tents there. Afterwards, the Tower of Eternity also grew to a hundred meters tall and immediately fell down. It actually swallowed the dozen or so figures that had burst out from the tents before landing on the ground.

The tents that the demon gods occupied were surrounded by the demon god pillars. When the Tower of Eternity appeared, it had slipped between the demon god pillars, so it was immediately discovered by the demon gods. However, the demon gods had never thought the Tower of Eternity would not attack them, but instead envelope them.

This was another usage of the Tower of Eternity, suppression.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Rumbles rang out from the tower. Clearly, the demon gods launched furious attacks together in attempt to break out
from the tower.

However, this was a divine tool, which made it extraordinarily tough. Coupled with how the power of purification suppressed the darkness element that demons used to a certain extent and that their connection to their demon god pillars had been severed, it would take them quite some time to break out.

Cai’er drifted up slowly and landed on the top of the Tower of Eternity. Wielding the Sickle of the God of Death in her right hand, she produced a series of white slashes in the air. As the same time, she just sat down on top of the tower, merging her Domain of Purification into the Tower of Eternity.

The white light was a signal that represented fifteen minutes. The Tower of Eternity could suppress the demon gods for fifteen minutes.

As the Tower of Eternity shone with the light of purification, figures lit up in various places across the demon encampment.

The Warrior Temple had a total of twenty-one ninth step powerhouses. Combined with the twelve Eternal Heroes, they all appeared across the demon camp and ripped the scrolls in their hands, tossing it at the encampment below.

In the moment before, the demon camp had been extremely peaceful, but a moment later, it had become covered in various colours.

Clusters of light wreaked havoc in the air with elemental magic, snuffing out the lives of the demons.

Everything had happened just too suddenly, so the demons were completely unprepared. The magic scrolls that had been used were at the seventh step at the very least as well and covered a large range. In that moment, the demon camp immediately plummeted into chaos as the terrifying magic erupted and surged with beautiful lights.

The demons were just too exhausted. Even when they were attacked like this, many of the demons were reluctant to wake up. Only when they knew
they were covered in magic and suffered intense agony did they rouse from their sleep.

The battle strategy had been decided after a discussion with Long Haochen and the members of the union at the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. The scrolls that the powerhouses used had obviously been accumulated over several thousands of years and they had been put to perfect use. Even when they protected the Southeastern Fort, Qiu Yonghao was reluctant to use them. Finally, they could unleash their greatest might in destroying the enemy camp.

Long Haochen’s plan could be described as consequential. Who would have thought the Southeastern Fort would still have the remaining strength to launch a counterattack after such a tough battle?

In particular, the twelve Eternal Heroes were all domain wielding powerhouses. After using the scrolls, they immediately became a massacre.

The battle prowess of ninth step powerhouses went without saying. Without opponents at the same level as them, it was basically a one-sided slaughter!

In particular, the three ninth step mages all cast a forbidden spell each after using the scrolls. In that moment, the demon camp had become a mountain of corpses.

The most critical component of this battle was Cai’er. She had forcefully sealed up the demon gods. If she had not, the losses the demons would be suffering would definitely be minimised if they reacted immediately and used the power of their demon god pillars. As a matter of fact, it might have even been difficult for these powerhouses of the Southeastern Fort to retreat.

Another positive aspect was that the Fiends were not present in the camp. Although their main force had been annihilated, the remaining Fiends were still powerhouses at the sixth step or higher. Coupled with the four Fiend Kings, if they remained in the camp, they could have fended off the humans’ sneak attack effectively. However, they were too busy fighting
over who would inherit the demon god pillars. The conflicting interests of the demons maximize the effect of the humans’ sneak attack.

Of course the Fiends saw what was going on here, but at this moment, were any of the four Fiend Kings’ subordinates willing to give up on the demon god pillar? Of course they turned a blind eye to it and continued their battle.

The magic pulses from the Tower of Eternity grew stronger and stronger. Cai’er had not recovered before and she found it more and more difficult to last longer. However, she knew that with each second longer, the losses the demons suffered would grow larger.

Cai’er became more and more familiar with the usage of the Domain of Purification. She did not have to worry about running out of power of purification on the battlefield. Demons died in large amounts and a tremendous aura of death would obviously appeared. Under the Domain of Purification, the aura of death would gradually become a part of the power of purification. Cai’er relied on thier boost to maintain the seal, or she probably could not have even lasted a minute.

After all, this was the simultaneous attacks from over ten demon gods!

Over thirty ninth step powerhouses doing all they could to massacre the demons. Some of them even just destroyed the provisions of the demons, making it even worse for them despite already lacking resources.
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