Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 811-820

Chapter 811

There was just a gentle speck of pitch-black annihilation. It was completely silent. As for the golden light, it immediately transformed into a huge eye, shining brilliantly.

In that moment, Huang Shuo finally realised just what kind of opponent he was up again. Nine words immediately crossed his head: Movement through space, seventh rank of the ninth step.

Assassins had a special way to hide in the shadows and travel through space to a certain degree. However, if a knight could achieve that without being discovered by him, this was the only explanation that existed.

Despair immediately welled up in his heart. Huang Shuo let out a furious bellow and launched the final attack in his life. He wanted to take his enemy down with him.

Ah’Bao could not see what Huang Shuo was doing, nor could he hear Huang Shuo’s voice. After spitting out the purplish red blood, it did not fuse into his domain like before. Instead, it turned into a purplish red symbol in the air.

The symbol appeared to be rather distorted, like a worm that had been folded over itself several times. There were also some strangely sharp points on it.

The purplish red symbol immediately returned and landed on Ah’Bao’s forehead gently.
Immediately, Ah’Bao’s forehead lit up. The purplish red colour became translucent like a gemstone and streaks of light were refracted from his forehead. The Devil God Pillar behind him immediately became much clearer.

Long Haochen’s expression changed upon seeing this. He had fought against demon gods many times, so of course he could tell what Ah’Bao was attempting to do. This was the final trump card that demon gods possessed.

“You’re actually using the Demonic Collapse Technique?”

Ah’Bao stared at Long Haochen coldly as his aura skyrocketed. The lightning created from the terrifying pressure in his surroundings immediately ripped open space. The terrifying power distorted and twisted his entire body slightly. His swollen muscles and thick blood vessels all began to toughen up under the Demonic Collapse Technique.

Long Haochen had never imagined that Ah’Bao would be so obsessed with defeating him. Normally, demon gods would never use the Demonic Collapse Technique unless they had completely run out of options. Even if they managed to survive after using this technique, their cultivation would drastically plummet and injure the very core of his body.

Ah’Bao had inherited the imperial bloodline of the Devil Dragon Emperor and might have been able to recover in the future, but it would be impossible for him to return to his current level of cultivation in the next decade after using the Demonic Collapse Technique. He only had a single objective in using this technique under these circumstances, which was to push his strength to the utmost limit and kill Long Haochen.

A smear of coldness appeared in the depth of Long Haochen’s eyes. He also raised the Sword of Eternity high over his head as white light shone above him. Long Haochen’s aura also rose at an astonishing pace. Just like before, the sound of a heartbeat appeared once more.

Lubdub, lubdub, lubdub…
A ball of green light in Long Haochen’s chest constantly emitted this powerful sound. The green light was refracted through the gemstone on Long Haochen’s chest, which made it seem even more magnificent. With every beat of his heart, his cultivation seemed to lurch upwards. His aura actually rose at roughly the same pace as when Ah’Bao used the Demonic Collapse Technique.

Ah’Bao’s gaze was very cold. He did not seem to see Long Haochen’s cultivation rise. Instead, he seemed to see when Yue Ye broke off their engagement. He seemed to see Long Haochen being defeated by him.

If he could not succeed, then he would die trying. In that moment, Ah’Bao had already forgotten all the responsibilities he possessed as the crown prince of the demons. In his heart, the only obsession that lingers was to defeat the opponent before him and tear him to shreds.

The Purple Dragon Sword of Startling Heaven gradually became a blueish purple colour as the terrifying lightning gradually became tangible, condensing on the sword as symbols of lightning.

As their auras surged, their domains began an intense clash as well, pushing each other back further and further.

The calmness in Long Haochen’s eyes formed a clear contract with the hysteria in Ah’Bao’s eyes. They both knew that the next clash would be utterly devastating. It would also decide the victor of the battle.

Huang Shuo’s corpse floated in the air silently, held by Xiao Shuo. After dying, Devil Dragons would return back to their original form. Huang Shuo’s body was almost fifty meters long, but unfortunately, it no longer gave off any aura at all.

It was a joke that he wanted to take down two powerhouses of the seventh rank of the ninth step with him, particularly two powerhouses who had lived for over six thousand years and possessed unmatched experience. As the strength that came with first temple heads of the temple alliance, would Xiao Shuo and Shu Yongxiao give him this opportunity?
The reason why Xiao Shuo never fought and Shu Yongxiao only engaged in keeping her opponents busy was to prevent Huang Shuo and Ah’Bao from discovering the battles elsewhere, as well as to pin them down here. With Huang Shuo taking action, it meant that the nine battles elsewhere had come to a close already.

The Eternal Heroes remained hidden away, but the Bright Glimmer of Hope quickly hurried back from different directions. They just happened to see Long Haochen clash with Ah’Bao.

With a gentle wave of the Sword of Eternity, the green ball of light landed on the tip of the sword and immediately, green light flowed down the sword, dyeing the Sword of Eternity the same colour.

The gemstone on Long Haochen’s chest almost emitted the same green colour, immediately turning the Armour of Eternity into the same colour as well. Even the Domain of Eternity was influenced by the Armour of Eternity, becoming green as well.

A dense aura of life expanded. Even Ah’Bao found it comforting when eh sensed it.

Currently, Long Haochen was no longer akin to a human. Instead, he was more like a God of Nature that had descended from heaven. The dense aura of nature was enough to rival the Illusory Paradise of the past.

“Receive my attack.” Long Haochen said seriously. Green light immediately surged through the air as the Domain of Eternity turned into an enormous, green swirl. With the tip of the Sword of Eternity leading the way, it stabbed towards Ah’Bao.

Nature’s Bloom.

However, this attack differed drastically from the original Nature’s Bloom, because the attack filled with the aura of life and nature also possessed a portion of the Goddess of Nature’s power. It was the power of the intelligent spiritual stove!
Basically at the same time as Long Haochen, Ah’Bao launched his attack as well. His move was much simpler and straightforward. He swung his sword.

“Heaven Startling Slash of the Purple Emperor.”

A great streak of purple light shot forth like a stream from the slash. Terrifying purple colour filled the air. It no longer seemed like spiritual energy, but an energy extension of glimmering, cut gemstones.

Chapter 812

As soon as the Heaven Startling Slash of the Purple Emperor came in contact with the Nature’s Bloom, it tore through it like it was unstoppable. It bisected the green swirl, both sides blown a hundred meters away from Ah’Bao. The brilliant, purple slash directly shot towards Long Haochen.

In that moment, both Xiao Huo and Shu Yongxiao could not help but grow nervous. However, despite their cultivations, they were no longer able to interfere with the battle. It would all be up to Long Haochen now.

The Bright Glimmer of Hope could not help but cry out in the distance. At least from what it seemed like, Long Haochen had completely lost the upper hand!

Long Haochen hovered there without moving. The Sword of Eternity had already vanished from his hand and the purple slash was about to land on him.

“No-” Cai’er cried out in despair, but her voice halted half wave through, because the Long Haochen there vanished as a green wisp of smoke.

Only then did they realise that while Ah’Bao’s Heaven Startling Slash of the Purple Emperor had slashed Long Haochen’s Nature’s Bloom in half, the tremendous, green colour had completely intruded his Devil God Domain.

The gentle green light immediately condensed. In the next moment, the sky suddenly cleared up. The Devil God Domain had actually vanished
after being suppressed. Even the image of the Devil Dragon Pillar was surrounded by an aura of light.

Green light erupted in the next moment. A strange scene of lushness, teeming with greenery, seemed to unfold in the sky. There were countless plants growing in the sky, blooming and bearing fruits.

All negativity was swept away by the dense vitality. Long Haochen’s companions were the ones who experienced the greatest impression from it. Every single one of them felt like they had returned to the Illusory Paradise, where everything in the surroundings had become greenery teeming with life.

Xiao Huo and Shu Yongxiao looked at each other. They both experienced intense shock as seen through their soulfires.

As it turned out, this was Long Haochen’s true strength! The might that the Nature’s Bloom had erupted with in that instance had probably reached the eighth rank of the ninth step or even higher. Even though he had used the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation to achieve that, the supra divine tool was a part of him, so even the supra divine tool was unable to amplify his strength so much. It was Long Haochen’s intelligent spiritual stove that had played a crucial role there.

The Nature’s Bloom had fused with Ye Xiaolei’s power, while the Devil Dragon Pillar in the air gradually faded and shattered.

When Long Haochen reappeared before everyone, Ye Xiaolei’s figure that had been magnified countless times happened to stand behind him. In that moment, Ye Xiaolei’s eyes were misty. She seemed to have seen her homeland again, which also reminded her of when her homeland was destroyed.

Ah’Bao was the son of the Demon God Emperor, so his aura was extremely similar to the Demon God Emperor’s. How could she not assist Long Haochen in delivering this final attack with her full strength?
The green light gradually faded and the dense aura of life all flowed back into Long Haochen’s body, disappearing into the gemstone on his chest in the end. Ye Xiaolei’s figure also faded away.

Ah’Bao was right before Long Haochen. However, he no longer possessed the third of a demon god transformation brought on by the Devil Dragon Pillar. Even most of his natural dragon armour had shattered, as terrifying wounds covered his body, flickering with dim, green light.

Ah’Bao’s gaze was extremely dim, without any light. He still clutched the Purple Dragon Sword of Startling Heaven in his hand, but it was only a third of its original length now.

He had been defeated. Even when he used the Demonic Collapse Technique to increase his strength, he had still been defeated by Long Haochen. He had been defeated by the Nature’s Bloom. The wounds on his body could not be compared to his internal pain.

“Kill me. Kill me!” Ah’Bao suddenly began to roar at Long Haochen. He did not know why Long Haochen was sparing him. He clearly could have killed me earlier, but he did not. Does he want to humiliate me?

With his roar, all of his wounds burst open, Ah’Bao’s body had already been dyed purple by his blood. However, the recovery of the imperial clan of the Devil Dragons truly was powerful. Only seconds after bursting open, the wounds automatically stopped bleeding. However, Ah’Bao’s internal injuries would not heal as easily as that. The backlash from the Demon Collapse Technique was rapidly devouring the very core of his body.

Long Haochen looked at Ah’Bao coldly. He knew that from this moment on, this crown prince of the demons would no longer be able to pose a threat to him. He obviously had his reason for sparing Ah’Bao.

“Last time in the Demon God Pagoda, the Demon God Emperor spared my companions. I will be returning that favour to him right now. When you return, tell the Demon God Emperor that I’ll be waiting for him. The era of darkness which has lasted for six thousand years is about to end.”
As he said that, Long Haochen waved his hand and a great force rammed into Ah’Bao’s body, pushing him away and sending him flying into the distance.

Watching Ah’Bao vanished, Long Haochen’s heart gradually settled down. It had not been an easy victory. As he knocked Ah’Bao away, a streak of blood flowed out from the corner of his lips.

Ah’Bao’s final attack had injured him, but Long Haochen had successfully hidden some of his greater powers at the same time. He was facing against the crown prince of the demons and not the Demon God Emperor. He would rather suffer injuries that lay out all of his trump cards, especially when he had no intention of killing Ah’Bao.

Five years ago, Long Haochen had no idea why the Demon God Emperor did not kill his companions, but it was equivalent to sparing them. If the Demon God Emperor had killed all of them in that moment, it would have been impossible for him to be revived. He would only reunite with his companions in the afterlife. Regardless of the Demon God Emperor’s reason for sparing them, Long Haochen had spared Ah’Bao to return this favour, and to let Ah’Bao tell the Demon God Emperor that the next time they met would be their battle to the death.

What Long Haochen did not know was that Ah’Bao’s body bore the seal of the imperial clan of the Devil Dragons. If he really did kill Ah’Bao, then the same thing that had happened to the Illusory Paradise would have occurred once more.

Looking into the distance, the flames in his heart gradually subsided. Cai’er had already arrived by his side at a certain time. She slapped his shoulder forcefully, before throwing himself into his arms and hugging him firmly.

Chapter 813

The holy war was already unpreventable. The war between the humans and demons had only just begun.

After a simple sweep through the battlefield, Long Haochen vanished into the horizon with his companions. Including the leader of the imperial Black Dragon guard Huang Shuo, all twenty imperial guards had died in the battle just then.

Long Haochen did not waste any time, quickly hurrying towards the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass with his companions. He let Cai’er who moved the fastest to immediately catch up with the army ahead, to tell them to travel at full speed and hurry back to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

Despite destroying the demons’ vanguard, Long Haochen was unable to loosen up at all. This was only a start. Yue Ye’s information was proven to be correct, which verified the other information she had provided. The Demon God Emperor was currently leading almost two hundred ninth step powerhouses to kill him. He could only choose to retreat now, to quickly return to the mountain pass and fend them off using the impregnable pass.

Completely defeating the demons could not be achieved through a single battle. What Long Haochen needed to do was to wait and to persist.

When the Demon God Emperor saw Ah’Bao, his face had become so twisted that if it was a sponge, it would have been dry now.
Ah’Bao was in far too terrible of a shape. He did not even fly in the sky, instead walking on the ground in dejection. In that moment, he teetered about like a normal human. The Demon God Emperor had sensed in the moment Ah’Bao had been defeated by Long Haochen, but Ah’Bao’s had not been activated, so he thought the two of them were both heavily injured. He could not think of a reason why Long Haochen would spare Ah’Bao.

But when he actually saw his son wander through the wilderness alone did the Demon God Emperor realise he was wrong. He understood Ah’Bao just too well. If Ah’Bao and Long Haochen were both heavily injured, he would never have this expression. He would definitely try to heal as much as he could and report back as quickly as possible. However, he was more like a zombie now. Ah’Bao’s expression no longer possessed the confidence and pride of the past. His hollow gaze and gradual steps made him seem like a puppet.


The Demon God Emperor sent Ah’Bao flying with a slap. If it were not for the Moon Demon God Agares who had quickly grabbed him, his right hand would have fallen completely.

Ah’Bao was sent several dozen meters away by the slap, falling onto the ground heavily. Mouthfuls of purplish blood and flesh spurted out. He directly fainted. The Demon God Emperor was surprised. He obviously knew how much force to use when he slapped him. Ah’Bao was his successor and his son. The forceful slap actually only contained physical power. However, Ah’Bao’s situation clearly was not as simple as it seemed on the surface!

Before Agares could say anything, the Demon God Emperor arrived beside Ah’Bao with a flash. He made a gesture with his right hand and Ah’Bao’s body slowly rose up before the Demon God Emperor. A dim, purple light surrounded the duo.

A while later, the dim, purple light faded. Agares clearly saw dark golden light surge a total of three times in the Demon God Emperor’s eyes. He knew that the Demon God Emperor had become utterly furious.
In that moment, whether it was the Moon Demon God, Star Demon God or the twenty other demon gods, they all remained silent. They dared not to emit even the slightest sound. The Demon God Emperor looked at Agares and said sternly, “Ah’Bao’s been crippled.”

“What?” Even though Agares had guessed Ah’Bao was in a bad state, he was left utterly speechless when Fengxiu mentioned the word ‘crippled’.

Ah’Bao was the Demon God Emperor’s only successor so far! Ever since Ah’Bao broke through to the ninth step, the Demon God Emperor had begun paving a path for his succession.

How did he just be crippled? It was not just Agares. All of the demon gods paled in fright. The crown prince had taken twenty members of the imperial Black Dragon guard with him. Not only was he alone now, he had even been crippled as well. What happened to the imperial Black Dragon guard? Were even the powerhouses of the greatest clan among the demons incapable of protecting their crown prince? Not to mention, Ah’Bao was not weak himself! He even failed to retreat safely!

“What happened? His highness is connected to your majesty by blood. He can borrow your power whenever he needs to!” Agares said in confusion.

The Demon God Emperor said coldly, “He sealed off the connection between me and him. He used the Demonic Collapse Technique and he suffered heavy injuries as well. Even if I heal him personally, he won’t be able to return to his original state within the next twenty years. Even if he spends his entire life trying, he’ll never be able to reach my level of cultivation. Asmodeus.”

“Your majesty,” the Dragon Rider Demon God who ranked thirty-second out of the seventy-two demon gods, Asmodeus, quickly stepped forward and replied politely.

In the past, Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi had suffered heavily under his hand. He had destroyed their respective demon hunt squads as well. It was
Long Haochen who had saved them from him, but that also began the trap that the Demon God Emperor and Star Demon God had been scheming.

“Take him back to core city, and then bring Leng Xiao to see me.” As he said that, he passed Ah’Bao to Asmodeus as the dark golden light in his eyes flickered once more.

Asmodeus received Ah’Bao carefully. All of the demon gods present were silent. They knew what the Demon God Emperor was implying. This is ended all possibilities of Ah’Bao inheriting the position of Demon God Emperor. Wasn’t he making Leng Xiao replace Ah’Bao as the next Demon God Emperor by calling her over?

Indeed, even thought Leng Xiao’s talent was nowhere as great as Ah’Bao’s, twenty years was more than enough for her to surpass Ah’Bao drastically. Not to mention, theDemon God Emperor was not only furious because of strength.

“Father…” Just as Asmodeus was about to turn around a leave, Ah’Bao slowly woke up. After the healing from the Demon God Emperor, his wounds had somewhat stabilised. At least it no longer threatened his life.

The Demon God Emperor looked at his son coldly, “You have completely disappointed me.”

Ah’Bao’s lips curled into a bitter smile, “Father, I’ve lost. I’ve lost to Long Haochen. Even when I used the Demonic Collapse Technique and invoked the power of the Devil Dragon Pillar, I still could not defeat him.”

The Demon God Emperor’s interest was piqued, “Tell me exactly what happened. Also, where’s Huang Shuo and the others?”

Ah’Bao said with hollow eyes, “I don’t know where Huang Shuo and the others went. At that time, all I could see was Long Haochen. My only opponent was Long Haochen as well. I released the power of the Devil Dragon Pillar…”
“… Long Haochen wants me to pass on a message to you. He’s waiting for you and that the era of darkness which has lasted for six thousand years is about to end. He also said that he’s sparing me in order to return the favour of letting his companions live back then in the Star Demon Pagoda.”

The Demon God Emperor sighed heavily as the golden light in his eyes slowly subsided. There was a mixture of extremely strange emotions in the bottom of his eyes. It was complicated and conflicted.

Agares had always been observing the Demon God Emperor quietly, while the other demon gods dared not to interrupt him.

After quite a while, the Demon God Emperor waved his hand at Asmodeus and Asmodeus obliged, turning around with Ah’Bao and leaving. He really did not want to remain before the Demon God Emperor for too long. The pressure was just too great.

“It’s a pity,” The Demon God Emperor did not actually erupt with anger, sighing instead.

“Your majesty, are you taking pity on Ah’Bao? There’s still a possibility for the crown prince to recover. Once the war ends, I am willing to do everything I can to assist your majesty in healing the crown prince,” Agares said.

The Demon God Emperor shook his head, “I’m not taking pity on Ah’Bao. Ah’Bao is headstrong. His inability to see the greater picture is his fatal weakness. I originally planned on indirectly influencing him and changing him as such, but he was still unable to overcome the matters haunting him, which was why today happened. He has lost the right to become the leader of the demons in the future. What I am finding pity on is how my relationship with Long Haochen has already reached the path of no return. Otherwise…”

Upon reaching there, the Demon God Emperor paused, but Agares instead stiffened up. He thought of a possibility, because he suddenly
remembered something the Demon God Emperor had said back in the Star Demon Pagoda.

The Demon God Emperor waved his hand, “Let’s go. I’d like to see how Long Haochen ends this era of darkness.” With that, he took a step and returned to his imperial carriage. The people who carried it were thirty-two members of the imperial Black Dragon guard.

Over a thousand figures set off once again. Even without the Demon God Emperor’s command, they suddenly sped up, traveling northward.

Agares wasn’t ranekd second out of the demon gods for nothing. As they traveled, he sent away groups of Moon Demons to stabilise the situation in the six capitals of the north.

He seemed like he was taking over control of the group, but he only ordered the people around in front of the Demon God Emperor, which instead made him seem straightforward and frank.

The Demon God Emperor seemed to ignore everything. He only sat on his carriage quietly as he pondered something.

Temple Union, Northeastern Fort, Department of Military Affairs.

Qiu Yonghao sat at the front. Although he had already passed on the position of temple head to Wang Yuanyuan, he was actually the one in charge of the Warrior Temple right now.

To his left sat nine Eternal Heroes, while to his right were the powerhouses of the Warrior Temple.

It was possible to tell from the gazes of these powerhouses of the Warrior Temple that they held great respect for the nine Eternal Heroes. The reason for this was very simple. All of these Eternal Heroes were originally warriors and their chosen successors were also from the Southeastern Fort. They were the juniors of the upper echelon of the Warrior Temple. And, out of the nine warriors, the strongest had reached the fourth rank of the ninth
step, while the weakest was only at the third rank of the ninth step. Any single one of them was an absolute powerhouse in the Warrior Temple.

After this period of contact, basically all of the high ranking members of the Warrior Temple below Qiu Yonghao admired these nine Eternal Heroes from the bottom of their heart. These nine seniors had never paraded their identities around, nor did they take part in any important decisions. They all listened to Qiu Yonghao’s command. At the same time, they also passed on their cultivation and battle experiences to other outstanding young members of the Warrior Temple, without the slightest selfishness, while they taught their chosen successors. The only thing they held back on was their special techniques, which they only passed onto their successors.

Chapter 814

The impartments from the nine seniors would definitely make the younger generation of the Warrior Temple become much more powerful than Qiu Yonghao’s generation. As a result, the nine Eternal Heroes garnered the highest respect from the members of the upper echelon.

“The Demon God of Death Samigina is currently marching through day and night with sixteen demon gods and five hundred thousand demon elites. According to the information provided to us, they will arrive at the Southeastern Fort in around three days’ time. I’ve gathered everyone today to discuss our countermeasures.

Qiu Yonghao’s words made the atmosphere there tense. Even though they had already anticipated that the Demon God Emperor would treat them as a fantastic target as the fort closest to Modu, they still became very nervous when the demon army was actually coming.

After all, the Southeastern Fort guarded by the Warrior Temple had been attacked the most. It was also one of the weaker forts of the six. The demon army had come this time with great aggression, such that just the demon gods amounted to sixteen. That only demonstrated how much pressure the Warrior Temple was under.

“Is the information accurate, temple head Qiu?” The old man who sat at the end of the table asked sternly out of the nine Eternal Heroes.

Qiu Yonghao nodded, “The information is very accurate. The chairman had ordered people to deliver it. At the same time, it matches up with the
information we’ve obtained ourselves, so it’s very reliable. Senior Ye, what would be your suggestion?”

The old man at the fourth rank of the ninth step was called Ye Sanmi. He shook his head gently, “We’re only responsible for fighting. You decide the battle strategy and tactics. However, I have to remind you that are troops are a mix of the six temples now. It’s different from before, so the battle strategy and tactics must be adjusted accordingly.”

“Yes,” Qiu Yonghao replied politely. He really was not afraid of Samigina anymore. Currently in the Southeastern Fort, there were several hundreds of thousand people with vocations, almost amounting to half a million. They did not pale in comparison to the demons at all in terms of numbers. Even if the demons’ army was composed of the greatest elites, the Southeastern Fort had been favoured by the union after the last holy war and its defences increased. There were also nine Eternal Heroes present. They could not necessarily win a battle against the demons on open ground, but Qiu Yonghao had great confidence in guarding the Southeastern Fort.

Orders were sent out one after another, making arrangements according to Long Haochen’s strategy for the entire war. If the Southeastern Fort was attacked by the demon army, they would only have a single objective, which was to defend, to keep the demon army busy there and to reduce their losses. Just that was enough.

The same battle strategy was used at the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass guarded by the Spiritual Temple. The Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass had received quite a large reinforcement, but they had always been one of the most difficult forts to breach out of the six, together with the Tombal Mountain Pass guarded by the Mage Temple. Coupled with the rearrangement of vocations, the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass also possessed people of all six vocations. Chen Hongyu also had nine Eternal Heroes by his side, so he was filled with confidence. Not only did he want to defend, he was even slightly tempted to launch a counterattack against the demons.

As the troops of the humans and demons were mobilised, the atmosphere over the entire Shengmo Dalu became more and more tense.
However, the first clash would not involve their armies. Instead, it would come from the peak forces amounting to around a thousand lead by the Demon God Emperor

When they had basically crossed half of the demons’ territory and reached the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass using their great strength, the armies lead by the Demon God of Death and the Hell Demon God had not even reached their respective forts.

The Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass was already in view in the distance. The Moon Demon God Agares arrived beside the Demon God Emperor’s carriage and asked sternly, “Your majesty, do we launch an attack immediately, or do we…”

The Demon God Emperor said indifferently, “There’s no hurry. Didn’t Long Haochen purposely draw us over? Let me see him first. Just here will do. Find a level area to set up camp.”

“Yes,” Agares replied and immediately passed on the Demon God Emperor’s order.

Agares might have ranked second amongst the demon gods, but he seemed more like the caretaker of the entire army in that moment. He carried out the Demon God Emperor’s will.

They were twenty-five kilometers away from the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

Amongst the chilly wind, fine tents made from tanned leather were quickly erected in the wilderness.

Having great strength was the best. Even when it came to erecting tents, it could be completely very quickly.

If it was an ordinary army, seventh step powerhouses would possess an extremely high status. However, in this group, even powerhouses of the eighth step had to perform menial jobs. There were no seventh step demons in the army at all. Even the lowest was at the eighth step. With around a
thousand eighth ste demons, just how terrifying of a force was this? Even if the six temples were combined, they might not have been able to gather so many powerhouses.

The tents had to be shared between a pair of eighth step demons. Only ninth step powerhouses possessed the right to a tent alone, while the tents of the demon gods were dark golden. The largest obviously belonged to the Demon God Emperor.

The tent was like a palace. That was the best description of the Demon God Emperor’s tent.

All these demons really did not stand out in the north buffeted by wind and snow, when night had already descended. However, once the tents were erected and the demons had settled down, the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass immediately discovered them.

It was impossible for the mountain pass to ignore them. They stood out just too much.

Nineteen pillars of light immediately lit up.

Every single pillar was a different colour and size as well. However, even the shortest stood a hundred meters tall, while the longest, purple one was almost a thousand meters long.

These were the demon god pillars of the nineteen demon gods that had come with the Demon God Emperor. When the nineteen demon god pillars appeared, the light illuminated the wilderness but also caused great shock to the mountain pass.

Apart from the Eternal Heroes, none of the powerhouses from the mountain pass had witnessed such a grand sight before.

The nineteen demon god pillars meant that nineteen demon gods had arrived outside the mountain pass. Most importantly, the nineteen demon god pillars formed a ring and in the centre, a dark golden light was vaguely visible. It connected the ground with the sky, as if it held up the firmament
alone. Although it was not clear, the dignified aura it gave off surpassed the nineteen demon god pillasrs combined.

Even the chairman of the Temple Union, the captain of the Bright Glimmer of Hope witnessed this and was shocked by it, let alone others.

Knowing about this was one matter, while personally seeing it was something else. Despite appeared extremely calm on the surface, he felt pressure inside. The Demon God Emperor, the invincible existence on the Shengmo Dalu, had finally come. This also meant that he was about to face off against this terrifying existence.

All of the important members from the Knight Temple were stern. Even the Eternal Heroes were the same.

The news of victory against the demons by Long Haochen’s army had reached the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass as quickly as possible and it was spread across the entire union. As the chairman, Long Haochen’s popularity surged in that moment. Coupled with the magic film from before, who knew just how much Long Haochen’s influence had increased by since he became the chairman.

During the six thousand years of fending off the demons, the humans had never achieved such a great victory. However, now that they saw the twenty demon god pillars in the distance, all of their joy from this victory vanished.

A momentary triumph was not the same as final victory. As long as the invincible Demon God Emperor existed, then the humans would basically never be able to rise up.

While the Demon God Emperor did bring two hundred ninth step powerhouses with him and over a thousand at the eighth step, the greatest threat that shocked the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass was actually just the Demon God Emperor.

The accumulation of might over several thousand years could not be overcome by building up some courage. The atmosphere of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass was terrifyingly tense.
“Long- Hao- Chen!” A solemn voice boomed out. Its terrifying might had almost made the entire mountain pass tremble slightly.

Seeing the demon powerhouses set up camp in the distance, the Knight Temple did not think they would launch an attack immediately. However, upon hearing the voice, all of them were surprised. They all looked at Long Haochen.

The voice came from twenty-five kilometers away, yet it felt like the Demon God Emperor was right before them.

Long Haochen squinted his eyes as they shone brightly. Kicking off the ground, he rose up and the six golden wings on his back unfurled. Immediately, he dyed the city of the mountain pass golden.

“Demon- God- Emperor!” Long Haochen said very calmly, without any emotions at all, but it also reached very far away.

As he said that, he slowly flew higher in the sky. At the same time, a bright streak of light descended from the sky and landed behind him.

The sky suddenly became illuminated like it was daytime. The white light immediately expanded and purged large parts of the darkness of the night. At least where the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass resided, it was all filled by the pure aura, which comforted the terror that everyone experienced.

A nine-coloured light began to expand from the centre of the white light. The nine colours were so magnificent, sacred and noble. They gave off a sense of supreme dignity.

A huge divine throne that spanned over three hundred meters appeared in the centre of the nine-coloured light. The light gave off a special aura as they existed without any disorder. Vaguely, the nine colours gradually formed rings of light, while the throne itself gradually gained the colour that was similar to white jade.
The exquisite sculpting on the back of the throne gave off an indescribable sense of beauty. On top was the celestial bodies, in the centre were birds and beasts, while the part connecting the back to the body were the phenomena of nature.

On the arm rests were the sculptures of a divine gigantic dragon and a twelve-winged angel. As the powerhouses of the mountain pass bathed in the light of the throne, all of their fear was purged. They could no longer feel any of the pressure from the twenty demon god pillars in the distance.

Chapter 815

Long Haochen remained standing there, but around him, a giant’s figure was produced before the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. The figure stood over five hundred meters tall. It was Long Haochen. Even though it was just a projection, the moment the huge figure sat down on the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, everyone from the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, regardless of vocation, performed the most courteous solute towards Long Haochen. Enthusiasm replaced their fear.

The demons have their invincible Demon God Emperor, but we humans have the Divine Knight of Leadership and Glory, chairman Long Haochen!

By releasing the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, Long Haochen had revived the morale of the mountain pass, which also increased at an astonishing rate.

As if it was stimulated by the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation’s aura, the Demon God Emperor’s Devil Dragon Pillar suddenly shone brightly with golden light. It also gradually expanded under the golden light, only stopping upon becoming the same size as Long Haochen’s figure.

A huge, dark golden dragon appeared behind the Demon God Emperor, turning into a huge dragon’s throne that was even larger than the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation to hold the Demon God Emperor’s body.

“You really have surprised me with your growth rate. Failing to kill you in the battle five years ago was my greatest mistake.” Despite being over
two dozen kilometers away, the Demon God Emperor’s voice remained clear, like he was just beside Long Haochen.

Long Haochen said indifferently, “A mistake’s a mistake. I’ve heard that the Star Demon God Vassago’s once prophesied that it was your only opportunity to deal with me. Having failed, it means that your Demon race will decline. Aren’t I right?”

The Demon God Emperor’s expression changed and his reply also halted for a moment. Vassago’s Great Prophecy Technique was one of the greatest secrets of the demons, so how did Long Haochen know? Even most demon gods had never heard about it before.

“The Demon race will decline just by you?” Fengxiu sneered. He did not retort Long Haochen. As the Demon God Emperor, he was always disdained to lie. However, for some reason, he felt a sense of unease after being reminded by Long Haochen. Yeah, didn’t Vassago say that time that this was their only opportunity in deal with Long Haochen and if they missed this opportunity, Long Haochen would definitely grow to become a threat to the entire race?

“Just by me,” Long Haochen answered the Demon God Emperor with utmost confidence. He clearly could not show any weakness at a time like this.

Fengxiu suddenly smiled,’ Very good. You really are the youngster who’s caught my eye. Whether it’s my race or your humans, there probably won’t be anyone who can exceed your talent and luck among your generation. You really have become a threat now.”

Was the Demon God Emperor praising Long Haochen? Despite being enemies, the human powerhouses from the mountain pass could not help but feel somewhat proud after hearing that. This came from the Demon God Emperor! An invincible existence, the greatest powerhouse of the demons.

“It’s not up to you to judge whether I’ve become a threat or not. Since this holy war is unavoidable, I believe this will be the war when we humans turn the situation around,” Long Haochen said coldly.
The Demon God Emperor smiled indifferently, “I’ve praised you from the bottom of my heart. You really are outstanding, but you are still too young. I can kill you once, so I can kill you another time.”

Long Haochen suddenly widened his eyes and a cold gaze shot out. The huge figure immediately appeared extremely threatening, like a drawn bow, ready to erupt with the most powerful attack at any time.

“You are welcome to try it right now.” As Long Haochen said that, he stood up from the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation.

He had actually taken the initiative to provoke the Demon God Emperor? Let alone the human powerhouses of the mountain pass who had leapt in fright, even the other nineteen demon gods in the distance were left at a loss. Long Haochen was just too arrogant, to actually provoke the Demon God Emperor.

However, the Demon God Emperor did not become angered. He did not seem to be thinking of fighting. He smiled, “You have more bark than bite. I say you can’t, which means you can’t. You have surprised me by defeating Ah’Bao, but the difference between us is still tremendous. Since I’ve seen you here, you’re already mine. However, I don’t actually want to kill you. I’d like to ask you a question. Is Austin Griffin still alive?”

Long Haochen smiled. His smile was rather disdainful, “If you’re so confident in being able to kill me, what’s there to be afraid of? Of course Haoyue is alive. It’s living well.”

The Demon God Emperor smiled as well, “It seems like you’ve already answered me. That’s right, I can’t deny it. Austin Griffin does pose a huge threat to us demons. However, it is bound to you by a blood pact. You’ve already died, so how can it still be alive?”

Long Haochen burst out in laughter, “I’m dead? Then who’s standing right in front of you?”

The Demon God Emperor said coldly, “Just an undead.”
Long Haochen shook his head gently, “Your majesty, you are too confident in yourself. Most of the times, it isn’t as you have imagined. Do you have any evidence to say I’m an undead?”

The Demon God Emperor chuckled, “Evidence? Of course not, because you’re no longer an undead anymore. However, you once were one.”

Long Haochen also smiled, “Your majesty’s contradictions really are hilarious.”

The Demon God Emperor shook his head, “No, they’re not hilarious. I can confess to you that whether it’s me or any other demon god, they all fear Austin Griffin. However, your situation has already told me that it really is dead. Back in the Star Demon Pagoda, I shattered your heart and you died. If I’ve guessed correctly, the reason why you are able to stand before him once again is due to some kind of treasure you carried back then which prevented your soul from dissipating. Perhaps, Austin Griffin was not exactly dead back then. Afterwards, you used necromancy to revive yourself. However, you were only an undead at that time, not truly alive. You could maintain your soul, but Austin Griffin could not. It would only grow weaker until death. You’ve become a human once again, because you’ve stolen the remnants of the Goddess of Nature from me. You’ve reconstructed your heart through the power of the Goddess of Nature, but it’s already been five years since I’ve killed you. In those five years, Austin Griffin should be deader than dead.”

Listening to the Demon God Emperor’s detailed analysis, Long Haochen could not help but become surprised. It really was like that! According to the rules of the blood pact mentioned by the Demon God Emperor, Haoyue should have died when he survived using the Heart of Eternity, unless he was not an undead back then. However…

Even he himself did not know what kind of existence he was before his heart had been reconstructed. The wondrous Heart of Eternity created by Elux was no different from a normal person’s head. It did not even affect his cultivation. In that moment, Long Haochen was filled with doubt.
His reaction had verified exactly what the Demon God Emperor said in the Demon God Emperor’s eyes.

“Since Austin Griffin is already dead, then the greatest difference separating us is actually gone.” The Demon God Emperor’s smile grew slightly thicker, “Although your body possesses Austin Griffin’s bloodline, the bloodline will gradually vanish with its death. Since that’s the case, I can give you a chance.”

Long Haochen roused from his thoughts. He seemed to grasp a few matters after the short moment of pondering. Was the Austin Griffin that the Demon God Emperor knew really the same creature as his Haoyue? No, not exactly. The most simple reason was that when Haoyue was still weak, it could survive on the Shengmo Dalu all because of Long Haochen’s blood pact. Long Haochen’s bloodline did not just flow through Haoyue’s body. At the same time, his head that should have been of the darkness element had be changed to light. As a result, everything might have been different now.

Long Haochen’s guess was completely correct. Exactly because of the change in attribute, Haoyue was able to survive, allowing it to gradually recover from its original wounds and evolve once more.

Light and darkness were powers of exact opposite. The Little Light out of Haoyue’s eight heads was basically the closest to Long Haochen, because all of its power came from Long Haochen.

When Elux revived Long Haochen, he used the Heart of Eternity and retained everything human about Long Haochen, so he was not exactly an undead. He was half-human, half-undead at most. The Heart of Eternity was also created from the tremendous power of light by using his physique as a Scion of Light as a foundation. It was the crystallisation of the Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux’s life’s work.

No matter how great the Demon God Emperor’s cultivation was, his understanding about necromancy was insufficient, nor did he know that the person who had helped revive Long Haochen was a terrifying existence on par to himself. This was why his guess was wrong.
Long Haochen did not correct the Demon God Emperor as he listened to his easy voice and insistence on Haoyue’s death. What he needed the most right now was time. With each passing day, his cultivation would grow by a certain degree. At the same time, the situation at the Southeastern Pass and Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass would develop one step further.

It was very unlikely that they could repel the Demon God Emperor and all of the terrifying powerhouses he had brought with him outside the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. His objective was to keep the demon powerhouses busy here, hopefully until the battles at the Southeastern Fort and Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass had wrapped up. Once that happened, the Eternal Heroes and powerhouses of the six temples would be able to rush over to assist them. That would be the final moment when he fought the Demon God Emperor to the death.

Chapter 816

Exactly because he needed time that Long Haochen did not correct the Demon God Emperor. Instead, he asked curiously, “Are there any chances that exist among us at all?”

The Demon God Emperor smiled, “Of course there are. You may not know, but when I saw you for the first time, my instinct told me that you would grow to a level where I’d have to take you seriously. And that time, if I’ve remembered correctly, was at the Exorcist Mountain Pass. You were as weak as an ant back then. I could sense your talent and physique. If I wanted to kill you back then, it would have been a piece of cake. Did you really think that just the people from the Demon God Slayers could really stop me?”

What the Demon God Emperor said influenced Long Haochen greatly. Did he notice me back in the Exorcist Mountain Pass? It surprised Long Haochen. That was indeed the first time he saw the Demon God Emperor! Back then, he was just a provisional demon hunter, undergoing trials at the Exorcist Mountain Pass. It was also the first time he saw the Demon God Emperor. However, he never imagined the Demon God Emperor would notice such a weak demon hunter like him. From how the Demon God Emperor had said that they first met at Exorcity Mountain Pass, Long Haochen was able to believe his words. Indeed, if the Demon God Emperor wanted to kill him back then, it could not have been any easier for him to succeed.

“The reason why I didn’t kill you was obviously not out of benevolence. Instead, I wanted to raise you, to let you mature completely. My final objective was to make you one of my potential successors. Of course, at
that time, even though you held a place in my heart, it was still below Ah’Bao’s.”

With that, the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass could not help but call into an uproar. As a series of disdainful curses rang out. The only one who remained silent was Long Xingyu. His gaze suddenly became sharp as he subconsciously tensed his fists as he stared at the Demon God Emperor in the distance, as if he was ready to charge out and throw his life at the Demon God Emperor at any time.

“Are you dreaming? You’re darkness, and I’m light.” Long Haochen was also in great doubt. The Demon God Emperor had actually said that he wanted him to succeed him? Wasn’t he joking? However, when he thought about when the Demon God Emperor killed him in the Star Demon Pagoda, Long Haochen realised something was off. With the Demon God Emperor’s identity and status, he would never do anything aimlessly.

The Demon God Emperor smiled indifferently, “What is light and darkness? Once light has burned to the end, it is darkness. You crippled Ah’Bao, so I really don’t have a suitable successor now. If you are willing to abandon the humans and join my race, then you will be my first successor in line. If you are willing to hand over the remnants of the Goddess of Nature, then I can even pass the position to you immediately and halt all battles against humans. With the powers of my Devil Dragon Pillar, converting your light to darkness is nothing difficult.”

Shock filled the entire Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. No one had thought the Demon God Emperor would say something like that after arriving at the mountain pass. He was actually trying to recruit Long Haochen and his method about it was utterly shocking.

Long Haochen only needed to hand over some remnant of something and he could become the new Demon God Emperor, as well as stop this holy war completely. What was this? This was completely unbelievable. No one had guessed that a twist like this would happen when the chairman of the Temple Union, Long Haochen, met the greatest demon god, the Demon God Emperor Fengxiu.
Long Haochen had also become rather stunned. He had heavy suspicion over whether the Demon God Emperor had gone insane, nor was he able to understand what the Demon God Emperor was trying to say.

Make him become the Demon God Emperor and convert him from light to darkness, as well as hand over Ye Xiaolei. Wasn’t the Demon God Emperor afraid that he would completely destroy the demons upon becoming their leader? However, from how calm the Demon God Emperor seemed, he did not appear to be joking.

“It’s a very tempting offer.” Although Long Haochen was shocked inside, he remained calm on the surface. He was the chairman of the Temple Union, the ruler who held the greatest authority among the humans. If he became unsettled before the Demon God Emperor, the morale of the entire mountain pass would definitely plummet. Once that had happened, how were they supposed to fend off the Demon God Emperor?

“Your majesty, don’t you find that trying to drive us apart through such a clumsy method is pointless? The future of the Shengmo Dalu belongs only to the humans. There will be no demons. Since that’s the case, is there a need for a Demon God Emperor? Your majesty, if you want to fight, then let’s fight. There’s no need to say any other words without substance like that.”

Long Haochen’s rebuke was rather powerless, but combined with his calm voice and powerful aura, it was still very effective.

Fengxiu smiled. He obviously could tell that Long Haochen had become rather uneasy.

“I’ll give you three days to consider it. Give me an answer then. If you don’t yield, then you will die. It’s just like what I said before. I killed you once, so I can kill you a second time. Before the interests of my race, everything is useless.”

The dark golden light subsided and the Demon God Emperor directly faded away in the sky. The golden light from the Devil Dragon Pillar also slowly receded.
Three days? Long Haochen also smiled. Dragging it out was fantastic!
Wasn’t the exact thing he wished for buying time?

And, Long Haochen immediately understood the Demon God Emperor’s intentions. He was the same, also looking forward to the outcomes of the battles at the Southeastern Fort and Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass. Once the two demon armies had breached the Southeastern Fort and Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass, their Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass would be in danger.

However, what Long Haochen did not understand was why the Demon God Emperor did not launch an attack. If he and the powerhouses that had accompanied him launched a full strength assault, it would be a terrifying threat to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. Long Haochen would definitely have to use all of his trump cards and he himself would not know how long he could last. According to Ye Xiaolei, even if he used all of his powers, it was very difficult for him to defeat the Demon God Emperor. There was not the slightest hope at all.

Returning to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, Long Haochen immediately held a meeting and mentioned his guess about the Demon God Emperor waiting for the outcomes of the two forts.

“The Demon God Emperor must have sensed that we’ve gathered enough forces in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass to threaten his army, which is why he hasn’t declared a battle immediately. He wants to wait for us to fall into disorder first,” Long Haochen said sternly.

Long Tianyin nodded, “I agree. However, that’s quite a horrible reason he’s come up with to avoid battle immediately. He actually wants you to become the Demon God Emperor. Maybe something’s happened to his head when he cultivated.”

With that, everyone immediately smiled out of good will.

Long Haochen said, “No matter what, these three days are extremely precious to us. According to our estimates, there’ll be one day at most before the battles at the Southeastern Fort and Myriad Beasts Mountain
Pass begin. The scales of victory on our side are closely related to the battles there. Let’s hope everything is successful.”

Yang Haohan said, “The Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass has already made all preparations. Even if the Demon God Emperor tries to take the mountain pass by force, it won’t be that easy.”

Long Haochen smiled, “This is only the beginning of the holy war. Pay close attention to the movements of the demons at all times. Although the Demon God Emperor said three days, we can’t be careless.”

Orders were quickly passed down. What Long Haochen failed to realise that seated towards the back, his own father Long Xingyu’s complexion was rather bad, as if something was bothering him.

As expected, the Demon God Emperor settled down twenty-five kilometers away from the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass in the demon camp. After ending his conversation with Long Haochen, he even organised all of the demon gods to disperse the auras of their demon god pillars. As a result, it was very difficult to see their encampment from the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass unless there was a high visibility.

The Demon God Emperor was currently in a good mood. Although Ah’Bao had been injured, he indirectly verified that Haoyue was really dead, thus his worries had vanished. He had returned to how he was before. As he ordered his army to remain alert, as well as to rest up. He also ordered Agares to contact the Demon God of Death Samigina and Hell Demon God Marbas, telling them to immediately report back once there was news.

No one knew exactly what the Demon God Emperor was thinking right now. Even the people closest to him could not guess his thoughts.

Leaning back on a bed, the Demon God Emperor squinted his eyes as if he was thinking of something. “Leng Xiao?” He suddenly murmured his daughter’s name, before gently shaking his head.
“Although Ah’Bao is strongheaded, he’s usually able to see the bigger picture rather well and he’s willing to put up with hardships. He also possesses the fine bloodline of the imperial clan. Leng Xiao’s bloodline is not as pure as Ah’Bao’s. Her mother’s bloodline is not pure enough. And, this girl is more bold than wise. She won’t be able to bear the burden. This really does trouble me.”

As he said that, the Demon God Emperor slowly sat up. He unknowingly thought of Long Haochen that had faced him twenty-five kilometers away earlier today.

The Demon God Emperor smiled mysteriously, “What a Long Haochen. Using the might of the supra divine tool, he should possess a cultivation close to the eighth rank of the ninth step. If he really does have any trump cards hidden, he should be able to go beyond that and he’s not even thirty yet. Ah’Bao pales in comparison to him over many aspects. Even though his bloodline is not pure enough, not even as pure as Leng Xiao’s, but his bloodline from the other side is extremely pure! If he is willing to yield in the end and willing to have his bloodline and element converted, the demons will definitely become even more prosperous in the next thousand years. He’s the only existence that might surpass me in the future as well. He even possesses the position of god that I require the most.”

“Very good, very good… Without Austin Griffin estranging us, is there anyone that is a better successor than him? In this world, there really isn’t anything I can’t do. What’s a chairman of a union supposed to amount to? The entire Temple Union’s about to collapse, invaded by my armies, while he’ll be pinned down here, unable to do anything. When he’s forced to just watch the massacre of humans, he will obviously make up his mind.”

Chapter 817

After murmuring to himself, the Demon God Emperor directly stood up.
The light in his eyes flickered as they exuded with pride and confience.

“Kid, I’ll play these games with you. It’ll be just like what I said in the past. I will give you this honour.”

Just as Long Haochen and the Demon God Emperor engaged in a battle of wits and courage, the battles in the south were about to begin as well.

Both the Demon God of Death Samigina and the Hell Demon God Marbas had received strict orders from the Demon God Emperor. The Demon God Emperor’s request was very simple, which was to breach the forts and make it into the union to begin full-scale pillaging regardless of the consequences.

That’s right, only pillaging, not slaughter.

To the humans, the demons were a thorn in their side. They wanted to eliminate them as soon as possible. However, to the demons, every single human was an extremely important resource. If they were used properly, the work from a single human could support one or two demons. And while the demons looked down on how weak ordinary humans were, they could not help but recognise the creativity and craftsmanship of humans. The demons welcomed all tools created by humans. As a result, even bloodthirsty people like the Demon God of Death and the Hell Demon God would all make the same decision when faced with a group of powerless humans, which was to abduct them and not kill them.
Ever since he had become a demon god, Samigina had never received such an important order from the Demon God Emperor. He knew from the Demon God Emperor’s attitude when he issued the order that if he failed the mission this time, he would probably become a second Vassago, and without any chance of revival this time.

From another perspective, Samigina believed it was impossible for him to fail. At this same time, this was a great opportunity for him. With such a great mission to complete, he would not call himself the Demon God of Death if he did not personally benefit from it. He would obviously hand up the items pillaged from the mission, but keeping a portion for himself only made sense. Even the Demon God Emperor would not be fussed by this. What did the development of each demon clan require the most? It was resources! With these resources, the fiends would be able to make rapid progress. Through their advantage in numbers and strength, as long as they surpassed the Moon Demon Clan and Star Demon Clan overall, his rank would definitely increase in the future.

Just like what Samigina had told Marbas and Valefor, the Demon God Emperor would definitely deal with the Moon Demon God and Star Demon God for Ah’Bao’s ascension to the throne. He might even change these two demon gods. That moment would be the moment Samigina rose up. His personal cultivation was nowhere close to the Moon Demon God or Star Demon God, but that also meant he was unable to shake Ah’Bao’s grasp over the demons. When that happened, he would become the most trusted subordinate of the new Demon God Emperor.

Exactly because of these reasons, Samigina had basically mobilised all the elites the Fiend Clan had to offer. Coupled with the elites from the other clans, they rushed towards the Southeastern Fort as quickly as they could.

The million-strong demon army split into two. The group he commanded directly targeted the Southeastern Fort that was the closest to then, while Marbas and Valefor lead the other five hundred thousand troops to attack the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass. Because the mountain pass was more difficult to breach, more demon gods gathered on their side.
However, this did not affect Samigina’s confidence. He had already made up his mind that he would use the advantage of distance to make it into the union’s territory before Marbas and Valefor no matter what. Not only would that present him with a better opportunity for pillaging, this meritorious service would also go to him, the fourth demon god.

Hurrying the army along the entire way, the Southeastern Fort finally appeared. The huge pass stood in the distance.

Samigina’s eyes shone with a vicious light as he shouted out, “Pass down the order that the army will rest for two hours, and then launch a full- scale attack.”

The four Demon Kings under his command could not help but be surprised by his order. They had travelled in such a hurry that even the demons found it rather difficult to maintain their speed. However, according to Samigina’s command, he wanted to attack the fort without giving his subordinates sufficient time to rest. Wasn’t just just too hurried? This would drastically increase their losses!

“Head, shouldn’t we let the people below rest up a little,” the Fiend King who ranked first asked to probe out Samigina’s thoughts.

Samigina glanced at him coldly. He asked, “Rest? Do you all feel tired?”

“No, of course not,” the Fiend King replied quickly in fright. Before Samigina, they behaved just like when Samigina himself was in front of the Demon God Emperor, “What I mean is the army has covered ground in such a hurry, so they must be extremely tired. If we attack now, our losses might be a little larger.”

Samigina said indifferently, “It’s not like we’re going to be losing any clansmen, so what are you worried about? If even you lot can’t guess my battle tactics, then how can the humans do so? Only by catching them off- guard can be breach the Southeastern Fort as quickly as possible and our target will become the Holy City. I can tell you that if we fall behind Marbas and Valefor’s side, not only will we embarrass ourselves, everything good will be taken by them as well. Pass down my order that
once we breach the fort, feel free to pillage anything. Everything you obtain will belong to you. Do you understand what should happen now?”

The four Fiend Kings looked at each other and all became joyful. They could obviously understand what Samigina was getting at. The losses they suffer would not be members of their Fiend Clan. Out of the five hundred thousand troops, their Fiend Clan only formed a fifth of the army. They could let the other clans function as cannon fodder, while they, the fiends, would definitely be the ones who would complete this mission and earn all the merit. And, they had only brought demon elites this time, unlike what happened in the previous holy war. The Southeastern Fort was never the strongest mountain pass of the humans either.

The four Fiend Kings immediately left to set up the arrangements. With Samigina as their commander, even the other demon gods who had accompanied them would not be bold enough to directly state their displeasure. Who could help the fact that he was one of the five great demon gods?

The army lead by Samigina appeared and the Southeastern Fort obviously discovered them.

Qiu Yonghao lead the important members of the Warrior Temple, as well as the leaders of the armies from the five other temples, gathering atop the gates of the Southeastern Fort to gaze into the distance.

Nodding gently, Qiu Yonghao waved his fist about, “They’ve come, they really have come. The information’s completely correct. Demon God of Death Samigina, I’ll have you learn the power of my Southeastern Fort this time.”

During times of war, information was always the most important. A piece of correct information could turn the tides of war. Not only did Qiu Yonghao learn the exact time when his enemies would arrive, he even received detailed information on the number and rankings of the demon gods in the army, as well as the numbers from each demon clan. The information obviously came from Yue Ye’s organisation.
Three days ago, in order to deal with the demon army lead by Samigina, the Southeastern Fort had already made full-scale arrangements. Samigina obviously had no idea that the information about his army had already been sold out to the enemy. Traps upon traps lay before them for them to fall into.

Two hours came and went very quickly. It was impossible for the demon army to recover in just two hours. At most, they could eat those food and rest up slightly. However, even among the demons, military orders were absolute, and there was only one consequence for soldiers disobeying orders, which was death.

As a result, even though everyone voiced their discontent, the demon army still gathered under Samigina’s orders.

Samigina gazed at the Southeastern Fort in the distance and waved his right hand, “Attack. The first to make it into the Southeastern Fort will be rewarded a hundred human slaves.”

Among the demons, the best way to measure wealth was through resources, while human slaves were the most precious resource among demons. Even the demon gods valued human slaves.

The other demon gods who were originally discontent with Samigina arranging his Fiend clan to attack at the end immediately thought of the rich resources and wealth the human world possessed. In that moment, the demon leader forcefully ignored their exhaustion and lead their armies to attack the Southeastern Fort.

It was clearly impossible that Samigina would lead the entire army in a single attack on the fort. However, he had many years of experience in leading, so even if he was using the other clans as cannon fodder, he would not make it too obvious.

The first wave attacked. A total of fifty thousand demons entered the battle. The walls of the Southeastern Fort were not exactly wide, so fifty thousand was the most they could fit on the battlefield.
The ones that charged at the front were the Berserk Demons and Birdy Demons. Neither of the clans were protected by a demon god, so obviously not too many people cared about their fate. However, there was one fact that could not be disputed, which was their battle prowess was rather extraordinary. This time, the demon army of elites did not bring any useless troops. They did not even bring cannon fodder like Dual Bladed Demons.

Accompanying the Berserk Demons and Birdy Demons were the Demonic Eye Soldiers. With the three clans combined, they just about amounted to fifty thousand. As a thick blanket, they charged towards the Southeastern Fort.

It was possible to see from high above in the air that the demon army surged towards the Southeastern Fort like a large swathe of locusts.

Qiu Yonghao gazed at the army in the distance coldly and raised his right hand, “Begin.”

A murmur of magic chants rose up from the top of the walls of the Southeastern Mountain Pass. Dense ripples of elements filled the surroundings. Whether it were the mages, priests or summoners, every single one of them was assigned at least two magic crystals.

After confirming that this was one of the most crucial battles for the Temple Union against the demons in the holy war, or even one of the best opportunities to repel the demons, the Temple Union had gone as far as to use all of the resources it could get its hands on.

The Alliance’s Great Auction House had basically donated all of its equipment and magic crystals. They only asked the Temple Union to provide them with a promissory note detailed everything they had given out.

Chapter 818

All of the equipment stored in the Demon Hunt Squads’ Transaction Centre had been taken out and given to the demon hunters as well. They were recorded in detail. Whether these demon hunters could continue using their equipment would depend on their performance in battle.

The preparation and force of the Temple Union had completely exceeded what the demons thought, so as soon as Samigina had launched the first wave, they suffered tremendously.

The Berserk Demons ran very quickly, able to match the Birdy Demons in the sky over short distances. The Demonic Eye Soldiers were much slower. As a result, as soon as the attack began, the Demonic Eye Soldiers lagged behind the other two clans.

It was not because the Berserk Demons and Birdy Demons wanted to earn greater merit in the battle. That was just how their method of battle worked. In particular with the Berserk Demons, once they had entered their battle state, they would completely go berserk. They would be unstoppable. They were obviously great for charging into enemy lines. However, they were not particularly skilled with cooperating with other clans. Otherwise, with the Berserk Demons’ battle prowess, the Demon God of Death Samigina would have never sent them up first to serve as cannon fodder!

The Berserk Demons were the most numerous among the three clans, amounting to over twenty-five thousand. They were just about to reach five kilometers from the Southeastern Mountain Pass.
It was also at this moment hat hexagrams began to light up under the Southeastern Fort. The resplendent light immediately turned the area below the walls dazzling. Due to differing elements, the walls had even become multicoloured.

They were summoning hexagrams! They varied in size, such that some could create gates of light, while some were only tiny hexagrams. The beasts they summoned varied in strength as well, but they had an advantage in terms of numbers.

All of the summoners that had been allocated to the Assassin Temple were sent to the Southeastern Fort. Coupled with the summoners who had been sent to the Southeastern Mountain Pass in the first place, just the number of summoners in the fort had amounted to three thousand. Although most of them had relatively weaker cultivations, summoners definitely played a huge role on the battlefield, because most of the beasts they summoned were elemental beings, unafraid of wounds or death. Even if the magical beasts summoned from other realms died, it would not affect them too much. As long they were not magical beasts bound to the summoner by a pact, it would not affect their cultivation.

The first round of hexagrams directly exceeded a thousand. Afterwards, over a thousand magical beasts appeared below the walls of the Southeastern Fort.

Some beasts flew, while others ran along the ground. Their strength ranged from the second and third step all the way to the seventh and eighth step. Some of the most powerful magical beasts were even at the ninth step.

Compared to the main army of the demons, these magical beasts seemed rather miserable. However, their willingness to fight to the death was unmatched. Moreover, most of the magical beasts could use magic!

The magical beasts faced the attacks of the Berserk Demons and went up to receive them without any hesitation at all, launching wild attacks.

The reason why the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass was one of the two most impregnable passes of the Temple Union was because of the huge
effect summoners could play in battle. Although the attacks of the Berserk Demons were powerful, normal Berserk Demons only had a cultivation around the third or fourth step. At the same time, the strength of the Berserk Demons came from their physical prowess. They were not skilled in magic.

Before the Berserk Demon army could collide with the magical beasts, half of the thousand magical beasts unleashed magic.

The innate magic of the magical beasts varied drastically, but it was all very deadly! In that moment, colourful lights erupted in the Berserk Demon army like fireworks.

At least several hundred Berserk Demons died to the attacks. At the same time, their speed decreased.

The innate magic of the magical beasts may not have been particularly powerful, but they attacked even faster than ordinary human mages. As a result, once the Berserk Demons had approached them, the magical beasts had already launched a third wave of magic attacks. They had killed at least two thousand Berserk Demons now.

Samigina’s expression twisted as he watched on from a distance. He had a vague feeling that the humans seemed to be prepared for his sudden attack. And, since when did the Southeastern Fort have so many summoners? With over a thousand summoners, the Spiritual Temple sure was generous!

The first wave of magical beasts collided with the Berserk Demons and they were destroyed very quickly. After all, the Berserk Demons outnumbered them completely. The Berserk Demons were also from the same clan and they fought extremely wildly, so how could just a thousand magical beasts stop their tracks? Having lost so many clansmen to the magical beasts, the Berserk Demons had already begun berserking.

However, just when the first wave of magical beasts were cut to pieces by the Berserk Demons, a second wave was summoned. There were also more than a thousand magical beasts, and they were all stronger than the previous wave. A large quantity of magic was released which forcefully
pushed back the Berserk Demons at the very front. The losses that the Berserk Demons also increased drastically. Even until now, the Demonic Eye Soldiers had yet to catch up.

After the second wave was a third wave. Under the attacks of the third wave of magical beasts, the Berserk Demons were completely held back. Having contained their original momentum, it would be difficult for them to deal with these magical beasts quickly.

Just as the battle on the ground began, the Birdy Demons in the sky arrived as well.

The Birdy Demons were individually more powerful than the Berserk Demons and they amounted to ten thousand in number. The demons always possessed an advantage for battles in the air.

At the very front of the Birdy Army were a few Golden Birdy Demons, followed by a great group of Grand Birdy Demons, and then regular Birdy Demons. They were like a dark cloud as they flew towards the fort.

However, what welcomed them was magnificent magic.

That’s right. The mages in the Southeastern Fort did not touch the Berserk Demons below. They were waiting for the aerial demon army.

The Birdy Demons were skilled in lightning attacks, but only Grand Birdy Demons could release the lightning outside their bodies as ranged attacks. However, the range of the human mages was much greater than them.

The Mage Temple really was a powerful existence ranked second out of the six temples. When Li Zhengzhi allocated mages to other forts, he gave each temple mages of a single element. The fifteen hundred mages sent to the Warrior Temple were all fire mages. A major force among them was the fire mage army once lead by Lin Xin. At the same time, there were five hundred earth mages from the Exorcist Mountain Pass. Not only did the Southeastern Fort possess three thousand summoners now, they also had
two thousand mages! They could no longer be compared to the past in terms of long ranged attacks.

The one thousand five hundred fire mages were obviously the ones who launched the first wave of magic. They did not launch their attacks together. Instead, they formed groups of five hundred, launching three waves of attack. The spells they used was the same, all Bursting Fireballs.

The most simple Bursting Fireball was a spell of the third step, while the mages that the Mage Temple had sent out for battle were at the third step at the very least. Otherwise, they would not be able to do much on the battlefield.

As the red balls of fire rose up into the air and traveled towards the Birdy Demons, the Birdy Demons were completely dumstruck. They had even begun to wonder whether they were attacking the right place. Was this still the Southeastern Fort? Surely this was the Tombal Mountain Pass instead.

However, no matter how they felt, the Bursting Fireballs would not just vanish because they wanted it to.

Afterwards, a cloud of fire appeared in the air.

Due to failing to anticipate the Southeastern Fort would have so many mages and becoming extremely exhausted from all the travelling, the leader of the Birdy Demons had arranged its clansmen in a rather tight formation. As a result, the flock of birds turned into a cloud of fire.

One thousand five hundred Bursting Fireballs rained down on the Birdy Demon army in three waves.

The Berserk Demons below were rather miserable, but they were still much luckier than the cloud of fire in the air. When the mages launched a collective attack as an organised group, there would definitely be a disaster on the battlefield.

The Birdy Demons had come quickly and also retreated quickly. After the fireworks in the air, only six thousand out of the ten thousand Birdy
Demons were able to escape. A total of four thousand Birdy Demons died under the Bursting Fireballs.

However, the Birdy Demons did launch some attacks. When the Bursting Fireballs rose up in the air, they also tossed spears of lightning desperately at the city walls.

At least five thousand spears of lightning rained down above the city walls. They were obviously targeting the mages and summoners. If they could deal a heavy blow to the mages and summoners, the losses earlier would have been worth it.

Unfortunately, this was still the Southeastern Fort, not the Tombal Mountain Pass! In the territory of the Warrior Temple, since when did they lack shield warriors?

The relationship between the Warrior Temple and Mage Temple had always been close. However, the Mage Temple could only lend three to five hundred mages to the Warrior Temple at most in the past. It was even worse with the summoners from the Spiritual Temple. They would not even send a single one in the past. Chen Hongbao was famous for his stinginess.

However, the situation at the Warrior Temple only improved now! The summoners, mages and priests amounted to eight thousand. They were Qiu Yonghao’s treasures.

As soon as the three magic troops had arrived at the Southeastern Fort, Qiu Yonghao immediately gave the command for them to pair up and assist each other.

Each mage was assigned a warrior of the fifth step at the very least to protect them. Mages of higher cultivations would be assigned a warrior with the same cultivation at the very least.

Qiu Yonghao gave these shield warriors a very simple command, which was to treat the mages beside them like their wives and protect them regardless of the consequences.
What kind of role could eight thousand magic users play on the battlefield? This was also the reason why Qiu Yonghao rubbed his hands eagerly, ready to go at it when he heard Samigina had lead an army of half a million demon elites his way.

Since when did the Warrior Temple have so much confidence?

Chapter 819

Their method of pairing up was warmly received by the mages as well. It also allowed the mages to quickly become a part of the big family that the Southeastern Fort was, merging with the warrior harmoniously.

On the battlefield, the mages were the sharpest spear, while the warriors beside them were the toughest shields.

As a result, as the spears of lightning rained down from the Birdy Demons, the shield warriors immediately made the defences above the walls as tough as a tortoise’s shell.

Hiding behind them, the mages could not even see the spears of lightning, covered up by the shields. The long spears directly bounced off the shields and fell back down the walls.

There was a special characteristic about the spears of lightning from the Birdy Demons. Towards the back, there were four small fletches, which would ensure the spears to fly straight and not horizontally. However, these fletches had now become a nightmare for the Berserk Demons.

The spears of lightning that bounced off the shields obviously could not identify friend from foe. Having just destroyed the three waves of magical beasts and suffered heavy losses, the Berserk Demons were now met with several thousand spears of lighting that rained down from the sky.

They really did come just too suddenly.
At the same time, the demons had gone berserk. The ones who discovered the falling spears of lightning were able to react in time, but those who failed to discover the spears or were careless became the unlucky ones.

Basically two thirds of the five thousand spears of lightning had been reflected below the walls. At least a thousand Berserk Demons died or were incapcitated by the spears of lightning. Miserable was no longer an appropriate word to describe this.

However, the Berserk Demons were still Berserk Demons after all. After suffering heavy blows after heavy blows and losing over four thousand of their clansmen, they continued to charge towards the walls of the Southeastern Fort. They arrived at the walls and immediately used the spikes on their arms to stab into the walls, so they could quickly climb up.

Although the walls of the Southeastern Fort were rather tough, the Berserk Demons could scale it as long as they could gain the slightest footing using the spikes. Now, the walls that stood a hundred meters tall were covered in Berserk Demons, while the Demonic Eye Soldiers behind had finally arrived as well.

There were over thirteen thousand Demonic Eye Soldiers, with plenty of powerhouses among them. Although they were not as fast as the Berserk Demons, they were not slow either. After all, they had three legs! However, the Demonic Eye Soldiers were not as mindless as the Berserk Demons. They were very clever. The reason why they did not charge into battle immediately was to let the Berserk Demons attack. Wouldn’t they be safer once the humans on the walls were busy with the Berserk Demons. They had calculated the situation extremely well, which was why they only reached the walls just now.

The leading Demonic Eye Soldier had a total of twelve eyes. It produced a sharp screech. Immediately, all of the Demonic Eye Soldiers fell into formation and all of their eyes became fixed on the walls.

Their demonic eyes could only launch straight beams. It was not particularly effective as they had to attack from below, but the leader of the
Demonic Eye Soldiers was very clever. His objective was very simple, which was to directly attack the walls.

Even if the walls of the Southeastern Fort were a hundred meters thick, they would not be able to withstand several rounds of attacks from thirteen thousand Demonic Eye Soldiers. Once the walls were breached, what was the Southeastern Fort supposed to use to stop the army of half a million?

Their method of attack was sly. And, as soon as he had arrived, ten eyes on the leading Demonic Eye Soldier’s head unleashed attacks, leaving behind a charred patch a meter deep in the walls. Without a doubt, he was indicating to the other Demonic Eye Soldiers where to attack.

If the Demonic Eye Soldiers really did succeed in launching several waves of attack, it would definitely be quite a blow to the Southeastern Fort. The Berserk Demons had already begun climbing the walls now, while the Birdy Demons in the air responded cleverly as well, quickly dispersing from formation and looking for any opportunities to attack. How was the Southeastern Fort supposed to stop these Demonic Eye Soldiers now?

Of course they had a wave, because the Southeastern Fort was no longer the battlefield of the Warrior Temple, but the battlefield of the Temple Union!

A sharp whistle suddenly sounded from the walls and before the Demonic Eye Soldiers could understand what was going on, flocks of them collapsed like felled wheat.

Figures actually emerged from the ground one after another, slaughtering the Demonic Eye Soldiers at a close range.

Assassins. They were assassins.

There were over ten thousand assassins hidden below the walls. They had always been waiting patiently. They let the Berserk Demon pass them, as their target were the Demonic Eye Demons who used magic attacks!
The Demonic Eye Soldiers were huge and possessed three legs each, but they were truly magic troops. They were highly unskilled in close combat. They had never thought that the threat did not come from the Southeastern Fort, but from below their feet, launching fatal attacks at them just like the Slinkers of their own race.

The Demonic Eye Soldiers had definitely been outsmarted. If they had accompanied the Berserk Demons, then the Berserk Demons could have provided them with some support. However, they had already fallen behind completely and they were a certain distance away from the walls as well, so it was impossible for the Berserk Demons to realise they were in danger.

Ten thousand assassins! What kind of force was that? In basically under three minutes, all thirteen thousand Demonic Eye Soldiers were annihilated by the assassins without a single left alive. If magic troops encountered assassins, what other fate could they suffer apart from death? It was no different from an assassin standing right behind a mage, with his dagger around the mage’s neck.

Watching the battle from afar, Samigina became stunned by this sight. He never would have dreamt that the end outcome of his army of fifty thousand would be this. The humans clearly had prepared beforehand! The assassins clearly had been hiding there long before they had arrived, or how could he had been fooled?

Only then did Samigina realise the Southeastern Fort had been expecting their arrival and had made sufficient preparations. The Warrior Temple’s Southeastern Fort that he believed only required three waves of full- powered attacks to penetrated had actually become so tough. And, the aspect that threatened him the most was the appearance and numbers of summoners, mages and assassins.

Didn’t the six human temples fight alone? Why would so many powerhouses from other temples appear in the Southeastern Fort?

Just as the assassins launched their attacks, the Berserk Demons on the walls were devastated as well.
There were a portion of Berserk Demons that made it onto the wall, but what awaited them were the sharp blades of the knights and warriors. How were they supposed to pose a threat to the Southeastern Fort with such measly numbers? They would require much more time and numbers if they even just wanted to whittle down their opponents.

It was also at this moment that spikes grew from the walls of the Southeastern Fort.

Long, earthen spikes sprouted from the walls without any prior signs. The Berserk Demons had basically covered the entire wall when that happened! There were at least three thousand Berserk Demons simultaneously scaling the huge, wide wall, but in the next moment, all of them were pinned to death there.

The five hundred earth mages had help back until now. They had finally taken action.

When the corpses of Berserk Demons rained down from above, disturbing the demon army, the ten thousand assassins that had just ambushed the Demonic Eye Soldiers ambushed from behind. Cooperating with them were Bursting Fireballs that fell from the sky.

The Berserk Demons that amounted to twenty-five thousand in number had actually been surrounded under the Southeastern Fort. Even if Samigina wanted to save them, it was too late.

Streaks of golden light constantly rained down, illuminating the injured assassins. With the support from the priests, the strength of the assassins increased by several fold. They were stronger than the Berserk Demons in the first place and the Berserk Demons had already descended into chaos. There was also support from the fire mages and priests above, so it was pointless of the assassins to suffer any further losses.

The Birdy Demons in the air were not stupid. They cold not approach the Southeastern Fort at all, or they would just become sitting ducks to the mages on the walls! The remaining six thousand Birdy Demons immediately fled in terror, leaving behind a field of corpses below.
A cheer immediately rang out from the Southeastern Fort like a tidal wave. Ranging from Qiu Yonghao to the regular soldiers, their emotions and morale had been set alight in that moment.

Over all the years the humans fought against the demons, they had never been as elated like right now. As a matter of fact, even the original force that the Southeastern Fort possessed could not have been defeated by the wave of fifty thousand demons earlier. However, it was definitely impossible for them to handle this attack of land and air without suffering any losses at all. The battle prowess of the Berserk Demons and Birdy Demons was extraordinary, not to mention they were combined with a large number of Demonic Eye Soldiers as well. They were all elites among the demons.

However, it was different this time. Under the combined efforts of the six different vocations, the battle had already ended even without the priests fighting. It was a complete victory.

The Berserk Demons and Demonic Eye Soldiers were completely annihilated, while they had almost lost half of the Birdy Demons as well. With such great losses, even the commander of the army, Samigina, became rather furious. That was almost a tenth of their strength. Even though it was not truly their main forces, it was still a very important portion of their strength.

This was the advantage that came with the six vocations working together. The combination of multiple vocations was far more effective than the six temples fighting alone. This was the first time the advantage of the union had been demonstrated on the battlefield, which also brought ease to the powerhouses of the six vocations in the Southeastern Fort. Their overall strength was not as great as the demons, but under their combined efforts, it would be difficult for the demons to breach the mountain pass. The information that had arrived in time allowed them to make sufficient preparations.

Samigina’s face paled in anger as his eyes shone viciously, “Send the Dual Headed Demon Eagles into battle with the Birdy Demons. Also send the Blazing Lions, Demonic Wolves, and Panther Demons. Have the
Demon Carriers support them. Have the Dyke Demons conceal themselves and head out. I’d like to see how many more traps they have.”

Chapter 820

“Gaap, Stolas, Phenex, head into battle and support the army. Even if you can’t take the Southeastern Fort, I want you to create a breach.”

“Yes.” Three demon gods appeared from behind. After greeting Samigina politely, they shot off three streaks of light. The demon army set off once more.

Whether it was quality or quantity, the demon army this time had visibly improved. They amounted to over a hundred thousand and rushed towards Southeastern Fort once again, over land and in air.

The Demonic Wolves and Panther Demons quickly charged forward under the protection of the huge Blazing Lions along the ground, while the Birdy Demons that had been repelled earlier regrouped with the Dual Headed Demon Eagles to form a stronger attack in the air. Most importantly, over a dozen Demon Carriers appeared among them. Not only were the Demon Carriers that fastest aerial magic troops among the demons, they could also incapacitate their opponents. Their disgusting mucus could strike fear into the heart of any human, regardless of vocation.

Moreover, the army was lead by demon gods this time. It was completely different from the probing attacks of before.

Looking at the terrifying demon army in the distance, Qiu Yonghao could not help but change in expression. If it was in the past, a demon army like this could make the Southeastern Fort suffer heavy losses, or even come close to falling.
The demon gods all varied in size and shape, but rarely did they ever appear on the battlefield. As a result, even as the previous temple head of the Warrior Temple, Qiu Yonghao was unable to tell the strength of these three demon gods. However, he could tell from the three shining demon god pillars in the distance that these demon gods definitely did not rank toward the bottom.

“Don’t worry, temple head Qiu. I know these three demon gods,” Ye Sanmi said steadily from beside Qiu Yonghao.

All of the Eternal Heroes currently wore a large cloak, which covered their bodies.

Listening to Ye Sanmi’s calm voice, Qiu Yonghao could not help but become rather ashamed. Before the powerful demons, he was still unable to remain at ease!

“That’s the thirty-third demon god, Gaap, the thirty-sixth demon god, Stolas and the thirty-seventh demon god, Phenex. These three specialise in support and magic, so they can play quite a large role on the battlefield. Their individual battle prowess is so-so.”

Ye Sanmi might have slumbered for several thousand years, but his understanding of the demon gods was still better than the important members of the Warrior Temple. Aside from the Demon God Emperor, the names of all the demon gods would never change. In other words, no matter which generation of Moon Demon God it was, they would all be Vassago, while the Star Demon Gods would all be called Vassago. This was why he could name the three demon gods.

Mentioning their names, information regarding these three demon gods immediately flashed through Qiu Yonghao’s head. He said sternly, “Gaap’s known as the Arcane Demon God. He’s skilled in arcane magic and is skilled in large scale support. Among the seventy-two demon gods, he’s basically the only demon god that purely focuses on support. His personal strength is very weak, but to be able to rank thirty-third, his supporting ability is clearly very powerful.”
“Stolas is known as the Demon God of Curses. He’s skilled in various curses, which makes him extremely troublesome.”

“Phenex is known as the Dark Phoenix. He’s skilled in fire and darkness magic. Although he ranks the lowest out of the three of them, he has the strongest combat prowess.”

After reciting the abilities of the three demon gods, Qiu Yonghao’s heart weighed slightly heavier. These three demon gods could definitely play a terrifying role on the battlefield, but it also demonstrated that Samigina was unable to truly remain calm after the failure from before. This wave of attack would not be easy to stop!

“Leave Gaab and the Demon Carriers to me.” Ye Sanmi said indifferently, “The demons don’t know about our existence, so I’ll give them a present. However, that’ll be my only opportunity. As a result, I can only take care of one of the three demon gods. Once I attack one of them, the other two will definitely undergo the demon god transformation. This will be a tough battle.”

As they discussed the battle tactic, the demon army in the distance drew closer and closer.

The Arcane Demon God Gaab seemed no different from a human. Long, navy hair dropped down his back as he wore luxurious, silver robes. However, he seemed rather wretched, with a large, hooked nose and bulbous eyes. He also carried a thick blue magic staff. He flew by controlling the elements in the air. He did not use any wings at all.

As he flew, Gaab chanted to himself. Very soon, navy light enveloped the demon army below.

Immediately, almost ten thousand demons at the very front were enveloped by this blue light and they suddenly charged forward with much greater speed.

Arcane magic, Agility Boost.
As a user of purely supportive magic, the Arcane Demon God Gaab could cover an extremely large range with his magic. There was not a single human mage that could match him.

He used the magic extremely quickly. After boosting the agility of the demon troops, another red light enveloped the Blazing Lions, Demonic Wolves and Panther Demons. This was a Strength Boost.

And this was only a beginning. If he was allowed to continually cast his arcane magic, the battle prowess of the demon army would double at the very least, while their tenacity on the battlefield would drastically increase as well. And this was under the circumstance that Gaab had yet to undergo the demon god transformation.

The demon god transformation could only last a limited amount of time.
Clearly, he wanted to use it when it was most crucial.

However, what he did not know was that he had already become Ye Sanmi’s target.

Opposed to Gaab, Stolas and Phenex had yet to take action, because their range was nowhere as great as Gaab’s and it was used against the enemy. As a result, they needed to get closer to the Southeastern Fort before they could use it.

Gaab was still another five kilometers away from the Southeastern Fort. Even for single targeting curses, there were barely any that could reach so far, so he did not feel that he was under any danger at all.

On the walls of the Southeastern Fort, Ye Sanmi removed his cloak, which revealed an old face. His grey skin gave off a somewhat metallic lustre, but his eyes were very special. They did not seem to belong to an undead at all. His pair of green eyes were bright and piercing. Only in their very depths could tiny green flames be seen leaping about.

Ye Sanmi lifted his hand and grabbed at the air. Immediately, a huge bow appeared in his arms. The bow was even longer than his body. It was dark golden, but the bowstring shone with faint, seven-coloured light.
As soon as the bow appeared, Qiu Yonghao who was only inches away from it felt like his soul was being sucked away. There were many magnificent patterns on the bow, but it was all hidden away by the dark golden lustre.

Ye Sanmi held the bow by the centre with his left hand and slowly raised it before him. He grabbed the bowstring with his right hand and just slowly drew it without an arrow.

As he began drawing the arrow, Qiu Yonghao instinctively staggered a few steps back. The other people around him were forced to make some room as well. It was as if an invisible air stream now surrounded Ye Sanmi, rising up like a flame. As the bow was draw, it also emitted their invisible flow of air, but strangely enough, both the dark golden colour of the bow or the seven-coloured light from the bowstring dimmed. They became inconspicuous.

Was this a divine tool? Qiu Yonghao had great knowledge and wisdom so he could tell the bow was extraordinary from the first glance. He could not help but gasp. The Eternal Hero actually possessed a divine tool. Not only was this an ancient divine tool, it seemed to be related to the ancient elves, because the pattern on the bow was something special to the ancient elves. Qiu Yonghao was unable to tell what it detailed, but he could tell that it was related to the elves.

Gaap’s third arcane spell was completely very soon. He was a standalone demon god, without his own clan. As a result, he was not concerned by the deaths of the Berserk Demons and Demonic Eye Soldiers earlier. He was just disdainful towards Samigina’s commands. As the Arcane Demon God, he personally believed he was the best at controlling entire situations, but just because he did not possess any personal prowess, he had never been able to lead at the front lines. As a result, he felt bitter over this inability.

It was finally time for him to enter the battlefield. Gaap could finally vent this feeling of bitterness and have a great go at it, where he would show the other demon clans just how powerful his pure supportive abilities were.
It was also at this moment that Gaap’s heart suddenly tightened. He automatically stopped the spell he was chanting. He only felt like a great, invisible hand had grabbed his heart, causing him indescribable pain. He could not help but grunt. He instinctively looked in the direction of the Southeastern Fort.

What he saw were a pair of jade-green eyes and a huge bow. Impossible. How can an arrow reach me from so far away?
Just as Gaap felt speechless from shock and refused to believe that he could be attacked at such a range, a green fire shot into the sky from the top of the walls, reaching an altitude of over a hundred meters.

The ball of fire that had suddenly appeared made the demons jump in fright. Afterwards, a speck of seven-coloured light shot over like a bolt of lightning from the green light in the air.

I’m the target. Gaap roared in realisation inside as the sense of danger made him immediately use the power of his demon god pillar.

The demon god pillar that belonged to the Arcane Demon God immediately shone with navy light within the demon encampment. Symbols lit up on the pillar like they had been revived and they immediately rose up into the air, forming an even larger symbol which rushed towards Gaap.

However, it was still a little too late by the time Gaap had reacted.

The moment the speck of seven-coloured light had been shot from the bow, the air within a hundred meters of Ye Sanmi hummed. The seven- coloured light only flew a hundred meters away before completely vanishing.
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