Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 801-810

Chapter 801

The Demon God Emperor’s gaze was still cold. He did not feel pained over the death of a demon god at all, since he could just nurture a new one. However, the Demon God Pillars were the true foundations of the Demon race, just like the frame that held up the entire race. Three Demon God Pillars had already been destroyed. It did not seem like much, but what if this continued? What would happen after a decade or two? Would more Demon God Pillars be destroyed?

“Vassago.” The Demon God Emperor shifted his gaze from the Moon Demon God to the Star Demon God.

Vassago nodded, “After receiving the news, I performed a prophecy immediately that was only about whether Austin Griffin had appeared or not. It should be accurate. The person who destroyed the Demon God Pillar was Long Haochen, but for some reason, I could sense an aura of life from his body. He’s not an undead like what the Prophecy of Life had foretold.”

With that, the Demon God Emperor had instead become relieved. He nodded, “That actually makes sense. Long Haochen saved Ye Xiaolei, while Ye Xiaolei is a clone that the Goddess of Nature had left behind. She’s basically the existence with the strongest vitality. With her, Long Haochen really might be able to recover his heart. At least, she will give Long Haochen a very powerful aura of life.”

Vassago understood, “Is that so? No wonder.”
After the Prophecy of Life last time, the Demon God Emperor’s trust in the Star Demon God’s prophecies increased. With his accurate judgement, the Demon God Emperor’s complexion became slightly better.

As long as Austin Griffin really had died back then, there was no need for him to take Long Haochen so seriously. However, Long Haochen still needed to die. He was an existence who possessed part of Austin Griffin’s bloodline. Once he had grown to a level where he was beyond control, he would be able to deal a fatal strike to the demons.

“Your majesty, do we still follow the original plan?” The Demon God of Death Samigina asked politely.

The Demon God Emperor furrowed his brows, “Are we all prepared?”

Samigina nodded, “In three days at most, the army will be completely organised. Although there aren’t as many soldiers as the holy war last time, but the army of a million organised this time are all elites of their respective clans. Under your majesty’s lead, they can definitely tear through all obstacles.”

The Demon God Emperor nodded, “Alright. Let’s follow the plan for now. Agares, I want accurate news of the north within the next three days.”

“Yes, your majesty,” Agares answered politely.

“Then we can disperse. Everyone make your preparations.” The Demon God Emperor stood up and waved his hand, turning around and making his way to the back of the palace. Ah’Bao who had been standing beside him hurried behind him. However, after having heard Long Haochen’s name once more, Ah’Bao could not help but clench his fists.

With the Demon God Emperor’s departure, the demon gods present immediately relaxed. Their expressions were no longer as tense as before. They notified familiar demon gods as they left the Demon Emperor Palace.
The Star Demon God Vassago was obviously with the Moon Demon God Agares. The two demon goes left the Demon Emperor Palace slowly, while they seemed rather stern.

“Third brother, what do you think?” As they walked, Agares asked Vassago. Although this was within Modu, they still communicated with each other secretly. With their cultivation, even the Demon God Emperor could not eavesdrop on them.

Vassago frowned and shook his head gently.

Agares was just too familiar with him. As soon as Agares saw his expression, he was surprised, “You’re not optimistic about our army? There’s still a fundamental difference between the humans’ strength compared to ours. His majesty’s made up his mind this time as well. Won’t we be able to destroy the humans?”

Vassago sighed, “Second brother, don’t you still remember what I had said after I had used the Great Prophecy Technique for Long Hachen and Austin Griffin in the past? Long Haochen’s existence completely threatens the reign of our race. That time was also our only chance.”

He purposefully stressed the word ‘only’, such that even Agares could not help but gasp.

“Are you saying that Long Haochen’s already become a proper threat?”

Vassago nodded, “According to the news from the north, it’s very likely that Long Haochen has received the recognition of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, the leading divine throne of the six. This divine throne has never chosen a master in the past six thousand years. Ever since it descended, it had only served as a symbolic purpose. This proves a lot of issues. And, it’s user is Long Haochen as well. That’s not all. I suspect that Austin Griffin is still alive. Long Haochen can survive like this, so why can’t Austin Griffin do the same? Since Austin Griffin can b reborn, its vitality will definitely be extremely powerful. And, according to my research about blood pacts, even if the contractor survive once the
blood pact has ended, the power of the pact will gradually weaken. However, Long Haochen has used the power of Austin Griffin’s bloodline to destroy the Tree Demon God’s Demon God Pillar, so how can the power of his bloodline be weak? And, during the prophecy this time, I sensed a great power by Long Haochen’s side supporting him.”

Agares was completely shocked, “Third brother, why didn’t you say so before his majesty earlier?”

Vassago smiled indifferently, “Why would I mention it? Even if I do, would his majesty believe me? If I mention it before so many demon gods, he might even blame me for making our morale waver. I’ve already died once. I don’t want to die again.”

When he reached there, cold light flashed through the bottom of his eyes.
Who knew what he was thinking.

Agares fell quiet as well. He patted Vassago’s shoulder gently, “Third brother, go back and rest well. We might be setting off in the next few days.” With that, he strided away.

Looking at Agares’ back, Vassago sighed, “Second brother, oh second brother. Do you really think I don’t know anything? If you hadn’t, for my sake…”

He shook his head firmly and Vassago let out a long sigh once more, before turning around. As he left, he continued to think.

Agares directly returned to his Moon Demon Palace. After returning to his residence in the back, he sat on the throne he usually liked the most and closed his eyes. He seemed to be thinking about something.

Exactly fifteen minutes later, he seemed to have decided something. He suddenly stood up and arrived before a bookshelf. He pulled out an inconspicuous book from the bookshelf.

Immediately, the bookshelf produced a gentle squeaking sound and shifted to the left slowly. It made almost no sound, but in just around a
quarter of a minute, a secret door appeared behind the bookshelf. After he had entered it, the bookshelf closed up automatically and the drawn book returned to its original position.

Gentle, purple light rose up from Agares’ body. It illuminated pitch-black tunnel. He walked over around a dozen meters before going down a flight of stairs, before there was light.

“Who is it?” A stifled voice rang out.

“It’s me.” Agares said differently.

A figure covered in black clothes appeared before him silently.

“How’s the situation?”

Agares and the person in black entered a gloomy room. The arrangement of the room were very simple. There was a bed, a table and two chairs. Some food was placed on the table.

Agares did not sit down. He stood in the room, “The situation is very delicate, so it’s difficult to say right now. However, according to Vassago, the Demon God Emperor’s operation this time might not succeed. Vassago had stressed that the plan that targeted Long Haochen and the Bright Glimmer of Hope had been their only chance of success. Now that Long Haochen is still alive, so it means that they’ve used up all their chances. In other words, it’s very likely that the demons will begin to decline.”

“Is Vassago trustworthy?” The person in black asked seriously.

Agares nodded, “He should be trustworthy. That was what he said back then, and Vassago has always been on good terms with me. I even suspect he knows a few things. I need to find an opportunity and properly discuss matters with him.”

“Then what should we do?” The person in black asked again.
Agares pondered the question and answered, “According to the Demon God Emperor’s original plan, we were supposed to advance westward after gathering the army and destroy the Southeastern Fort that’s the closest to our core city, and then continue west, deep into the union’s territory. We will directly kill our way to the Holy City, so the Temple Union is forced to battle us in Holy City. At that time, Long Haochen will definitely return. We will achieve everything in a single stroke and completely cripple the humans in Holy City. At the same time, we will use this holy war as an opportunity to pillage the humans. Not only will we steal their wealth, we have to kidnap a large number of humans as well, such that the humans will lose everything they’ve accumulated over the past few thousand years. We will then spare the humans. We will retreat after draining everything the humans have. Of course, during the process of the war, we have to kill a leading figures of the humans. The first on the list is Long Haochen.”

“That is a good idea. It’s simple and straightforward, suppressing the humans with absolute strength and without any underhanded methods. Is the Demon God Emperor going to change his plans after finding out the Tree Demon God has fallen in battle?” The person in black asked.

Agares shook his head, “At least he hasn’t changed his mind yet. This plan is definitely the most beneficial to the humans. Do you know why the Demon God Emperor had gathered over fifty demon gods in Modu? And why he’s got them to bring their Demon God Pillars?”

The person in black was surprised. He answered, “Isn’t it to gather strength to declare war against the Temple Union?”

Agares sneered, “Others might not know, but how can I not know? The Demon God Emperor treats Long Haochen with a kind of fear. What he’s most afraid of right now is actually Long Haochen just leading his Bright Glimmer of Hope deep into the territory of the demons and specially targeting us demon gods. There’s nothing he can do if that does happen.”

Chapter 802

Agares continued, “The Demon God Emperor has told me that Long Haochen is currently very strong. To be able to describe someone as very strong with the Demon God Emperor’s cultivation, Long Haochen’s cultivation has probably exceeded what normal demon gods can deal with. That is why he has gathered the majority of the demon gods, to prevent Long Haochen from taking them out one by one. At the same time, he can gather strength for the war. The Demon God Emperor’s plan really can be regarded as comprehensive.”

“Then what do we do now? Do we alert Long Haochen?” The person in black asked.

Agares shook his head, “No, we keep waiting. I’ve already decided. The holy war this time is an important opportunity for us, but even if we do communicate with Long Haochen, we have to wait for reliable information. This time, we can’t afford anything to go wrong. Once we receive reliable information, I’ll personally pay a visit.”


Bang! The huge Demon God Pillar immediately shattered, flying through the sky as countless fragments. Long Haochen hovered in the air as his pair of huge, white wings were completely unfurled. He seemed like an angel visiting from heaven.

Right below the Demon God Pillar, a demon god had already lost all of his aura of life. His
The battles in the six northern provinces had already come to an end. The human army that had split up into six groups was unstoppable, taking all six capital cities without a single doubt. Out of them, Long Haochen had found two demon gods, which both died to his hands. Even their Demon God Pillars were destroyed. The number of destroyed pillars now reached five.

“Old man Xiao, what’s the situation in the city?” Long Haochen asked Xiao Huo beside him.

Xiao Huo smiled, “Everything has been very successfully. Cai’er and the others have basically dealt with their issues. All of the resources and spatial rings had been taken away by the magicians. The Demon God Pillar’s been destroyed as well. What do we do next?”

Long Haochen said, “According to how much time’s past, the Demon God Emperor should have received reliable information no matter what. He should be taking action. Let’s gather our troops first and attack another province to the south. Let’s play hide and seek with the Demon God Emperor.”

“What?” A voice rang out in the Demon God Emperor’s residency.

Looking the handsome Agares, the Demon God Emperor broke out in a fury. He suddenly stood up and paced around the room.

Agares stood to one side with his hands by his side and looked at the flustered Demon God Emperor. He thought of something, but he did not show it at all on the surface.

“What a good Long Haochen.” Only after pacing around for five minutes did the Demon God Emperor stop. He squinted his eyes and his fury gradually subsided. It was replaced by a sliver of admiration.

“He made the most correct judgement in the shortest amount of time and committed to it, killing three of our demon gods first and destroyed
the six northern capitals. He’s trying to draw me over!” The Demon God Emperor said coldly.

Agares nodded, “I’ve reached the same conclusion as your majesty. The news this time should be extremely accurate. The army that Long Haochen leads is not particularly large, but completely composed of elites. According to the scouts’ reports, they have over twenty powerhouses of the ninth step in his army and none of them have a weak cultivation. Probably only by gathering the upper echelon of the six temples can produce a force like this. Since that’s the case, the other human forts should be empty. Are we going to follow the plan and directly attack the Northeastern Fort?”

The Demon God Emperor squinted his eyes. After a while of thought, he shook his head, “No, Long Haochen’s shaken the foundation of my race. The six northern provinces are already in a mess. If it isn’t dealt with, it’ll threaten our reign. The cleverest part about Long Haochen is that he did not engage in wanton massacre, only destroying the economic heart of the six provinces. He’s only destroyed and pillaged the six capitals. That’s a fatal blow to the economy of the six provinces. Will the clans there stay quiet about this? There’s no need for the humans to do anything and the clans will automatically fall into internal strife from the lack of food sources. Before long, the entire north will descend into chaos. If we don’t quell it, the chaos will definitely extend southward. If it ends up covering too great of an area, we’ll be fighting at the front while behind us has fallen into chaos, which will make it difficult to determine the final victor of this holy war. The north must be stabilised and it must be done quickly. Long Haochen’s cleverest move is attacking a key point which invites reinforcements, forcing me to submit to his plan.”

Agares nodded, “Your majesty, why don’t you let me lead the Moon Demon Clan over? I have confidence that even if I can’t kill Long Haochen, I can force him and his group back to the territory of the humans. You’ll still be able to carry out the plan. As long as the union is in danger, Long Haochen will have to respond accordingly.”

The Demon God Emperor nodded gently, “That’s an idea. With your influence among the race, stabilising the six northern provinces won’t be
an issue. As long as you last until we plunder enough resources from the humans, then the other problems will be dealt with as well. However, have you considered this other question? What if you can’t stop Long Haochen and you’re defeated instead?”

Agares was surprised, “Your majesty, does Long Haochen already possess the strength to defeat me?”

The Demon God Emperor shook his head, “He doesn’t yet. However, his cultivation’s already quite powerful now. Most importantly, he possesses two supra divine tools. The Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation is definitely one of them, while the other is a shield. When he saved Ye Xiaolei, he used the might of the shield to keep me back. Otherwise, how would he have been able to take away Ye Xiaolei in my presence? If he really does have over twenty ninth step powerhouses by his side which includes the Bright Glimmer of Hope, he’ll be difficult to deal with. And, we still have seven or eight demon gods scattered inland. If he continues his attack, it won’t just be an issue of a wavering foundation anymore.”

Agares asked, “Your majesty, you mean…?”

The Demon God Emperor’s eyes flickered with cold light, “I’ll give him what he wants. Last time, he had said that he hoped that he could fight with me and die in my hands. I granted him that honour. This time, I will grant him the same honour. I’d like to see whether he revives or not.”

With that, the Demon God Emperor returned to his throne. He said seriously, “Agares, under my order, the Moon Demon Clan and Star Demon Clan will send half of their people. You can choose twenty demon gods to accompany you, and then ask for two hundred clansmen above the seventh step from both Samigina and Marbas. You will enter battle with me. Ah’Bao.”

“Father,” Ah’Bao who stood to one side took a few steps forward in a hurry.

The Demon God Emperor glanced at him coldly, “Enter battle with me. I will give you twenty clansmen to serve as the vanguard. Set off tonight.
Your mission is to find the exact location of Long Haochen and his army. Wait for us to arrive and we will destroy them in one fell swoop.”

“Yes, father.” Ah’Bao was unable to hide the excitement in his eyes. He immediately dropped one knee to the ground and accepted the order.

The Demon God Emperor said seriously, “I know, you’ve already wanted to kill Long Haochen personally. In the past few years, your cultivation has soared as well. However, you are serving as the vanguard. You cannot rush in prematurely, nor are you allowed to clash with Long Haochen recklessly. You must think for the army. If you are discovered by Long Haochen, you only need to lead the clansmen to keep him busy and pass the news back to the army.”

“Yes, father,” Ah’Bao bowed towards the Demon God Emperor once more before turning around and leaving in a hurry.

Watching Ah’Bao leave, Agares could not help but say hesitantly, “Your majesty, the crown prince is extremely ambitious. If you let him lead the vanguard, I’m afraid he’ll…”

The Demon God Emperor smiled indifferently, “How will he be able to improve without experiencing setbacks? He’s my son. Long Haochen still won’t be able to kill him. I’ll just let him go clash with Long Haochen. I’d like to see which of them is stronger. If it weren’t for Long Haochen who had ruined my plans, I would have passed the position of Demon God Emperor to Ah’Bao already.”

Agares was surprised by that and immediately understood. The crown prince was actually stronger than he seemed.

The Demon God Emperor continued, “Summon Samigina, Marbas and Valefor when you pass on my order.”

“Yes, your majesty.” Agares already had a vague idea of the Demon God Emperor’s plans. He sighed to himself and did not say anything about it. He quickly backed out of the hall and passed on the Demon God Emperor’s order.
Modu had already prepared with great intensity for quite a while now. With the Demon God Emperor’s command, the surroundings of Modu surged about.

Two hours later, the Demon God of Death Samigina, the Hell Demon God Marbas and the Bear Demon God Valefor rushed into the Demon Emperor Palace.

As soon as Valefor had entered the palace, he whirled his arm about, “Fourth brother, fifth brother, looks like his majesty trusts us the most! He’s passed such an important and good mission to us. Haha, I wonder whether Agares and Vassago are banging their heads against their walls in their palaces out of depression.”

The demon gods were divided into factions as well. The Moon Demon God and Star Demon God were on good terms, which everyone knew about, while the Demon God of Death, Hell Demon God and Bear Demon God were on rather close terms as well. Just the overall strength of their clans, that is, if the Fiend Clan, Hell Demon Clan and Bear Demon Clan were combined, would exceed the Moon Demon Clan and Star Demon Clan, because they possessed an absolute advantage in numbers. However, they were still ranked lower.

Samigina sneered, “What’s there to be happy about? That’s right, we’ve got the good mission this time, but we can only celebrate once we’ve taken the human’s fort. The humans aren’t that easy to be dealt with. And, his majesty hasn’t necessarily given us this important mission because he trusts us more. It’s because he believes we aren’t a threat to his reign at all.”

“Huh?” Valefor looked at Samigina in some confusion. His gaze was asking for a further explanation.

Chapter 803

The Hell Demon God Marbas said, “Fourth brother’s right. Sixth brother, Agares and Vassago have more than their own clans. They’re on good terms with many demon gods, so if you look at their total strength, we’re nowhere close to being their opponents. And, Agares and Vassago’s personal strength is what’s most important. If something happens to his majesty and we have to choose a new…”

“Fifth brother, watch your mouth,” Samigina shot him a glance and Marbas immediately shut up.

Valefor was rather curious, “Is Agares really that powerful? If I get the chance, I need to see just how powerful he is.”

Samigina said seriously, “You don’t have to. If the information I possess is correct, then even if we work together, we might not necessary match Agares.”

“What?” This time, it was not just Valefor. Even Marbas was surprised.

“Agares is actually so powerful?” Marbas exclaimed.

Samigina nodded, “He’ll only be more powerful than you imagine. He might behave so politely before his majesty, but in reality, I have reliable information that Agares has surpassed the seventh rank of the ninth step. He might have even reached the eighth rank of the ninth step. Haven’t you realised? In the past century, no matter where his majesty goes, he will have Agares accompany him. It seems like they’re the closest, but
really, he’s always been wary of second brother. If Agares works with Vassago, they can even pose a certain degree of threat to his majesty.”

“Last time when his majesty tried to force Vassago into his death, he had directly done so in such a brutal fashion, all because of Austin Griffin. His majesty really did intend on changing the Star Demon God back then. Vasago’s cultivation isn’t much weaker than Agares’, and his Great Prophecy Technique is terrifying in battle. On that day in the palace, Agares and Vassago were not carrying their Demon God Pillars, or they really might have thrown themselves at his majesty. In the end, his majesty didn’t force Vassago into his death, but I noticed back then that his majesty looked at Agares at least five times when Vassago was using his Prophecy of Life. His gaze was clearly one of caution. And, if I’ve recalled correctly, when the Prophecy of Life reaches its last moment, Vassago can unleash an attack using a terrifying power of prophecy as its caster. His majesty might not have possessed the confidence in dealing with the two of them or retreating safely, which was why he saved Vassago in the last moment.”

Valefor’s joy from before completely evaporated after listening to Samigina. He had always believed that although he ranked sixth among the demon gods, his cultivation was basically the same as the demon gods above him. However, after listening to Samigina and finding out that Agares and Vassago were actually so powerful, his confidence immediately plummeted.

Samigina smiled, “Don’t get depressed. Most of the time, being overly powerful isn’t necessarily good. His majesty’s cultivation has already reached a level we can’t imagine. His future goal is to become a god, and then pass on his position to Ah’Bao. Although Ah’Bao’s improving very quickly, he’s nowhere close to Agares and Vassago. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Marbas and Valefor’s eyes immediately lit up when they heard that.

Seeing that they understood, Samigina smiled, “Who knows, maybe our rankings will change when that happens. Alright, let’s go. No matter
what, we have to complete his majesty’s mission first. This is an easy task. The humans’ wealth is currently waving at us.”

Whether it was the Temple Union or the demons, they all began to prepare secretly. They were experiencing the calm before an unprecedented war, As Samigina, Marbas and Valefor discussed between themselves, Ah’Bao had already set off with twenty powerhouses from the Devil Dragon Clan. He traveled northward as quickly as he could.

“That’s a good idea. If there’s only us, it’ll be much easier whether it’s advancing or retreating,” Lin Xin said excitedly.

Long Haochen nodded, “Pass down the order. Han Yu, return with your army. Make preparation near the border outside the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass for our return.”

“Yes,” Han Yu answered, before immediately standing up and leaving.

They had just destroyed the demons’ seventh provincial capital and the army had gathered there as well. In the past seven days, the army had basically been on the constant move around in the north. They were like a powerful storm, tearing through everything they passed by.

However, given the current time, the demons must have mobilised themselves already. If the human army were to continue, they would definitely travel further south and there would be a greater possibility of encountering the reinforcement army from the demons. As a result, after a discussion with his companions, Long Haochen decided to have the army retreat back to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass first. The Bright Glimmer of Hope, the Eternal Heroes and he would continue their attacks on the demon provinces.”

Everyone who stayed behind was a powerhouse of the ninth step. No matter what situation they were in, they could retreat safely at the very least.
Even if they did not come across the reinforcement army, the next target would be their final battle to lure the enemy out.

“Rest up and reorganise here for two ours, and then head to the Yale Province.”

The Yale Province was located in the north. Although it was still very far away from the Central Province, it was beside the Tombal Mountain Pass guarded by the Mage Temple. It was not close to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

Currently, they were gathered on a flatter area within some mountains fifty kilometers from the provincial capital they had just destroyed. Although there were quite a few ordinary soldiers in the provinces here, but the threat they posed was basically non-existent. Otherwise, they would not have been able to march right through the demon territory, destroying six capitals consecutively in such a short amount of time.

According to the information from behind, the hundred-thousand-man demon army stationed outside the Exorcist Mountain Pass had already mobilised its troops, besieging the mountain pass. However, they were not lead by a demon god, so they were clearly just putting on an act. If battle really did break out, they would definitely be the ones who would suffer defeat. One of the reasons why Long Haochen had let Han Yu return first was so he could find an opportunity to deal a heavy blow to this demon army, which would reduce the pressure on the Exorcist Mountain Pass even more. Currently, the Exorcist Mountain Pass was the weakest fort out of the six. They had secretly sent away around half of their people, but they were also protected by nine Eternal Heroes.

Although there were more soldiers at the Exorcity Mountain Pass than the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, their strength was nowhere close two- hundred-thousand-man demon army Long Haochen had destroyed. Long Haochen’s army was a gathering of the true elites of humanity, so the demon army there would pose no threat under Han Yu’s command as a divine knight.
“Huh?” Just as he thought about the countermeasures and estimated the Demon God Emperor’s possible actions, Long Haochen suddenly raised his head. He looked to the south-east in some doubt.

Although Xiao Huo and Shu Yongxiao had exceeded him in terms of cultivation, he was still the strongest there in terms of mental force. As matter of fact, it would not even be an exaggeration to label him as the strongest among all of humanity. As they were located within the territory of the demons, Long Haochen was constantly alert. His mental force had covered a range of over five kilometers across, so he would immediately notice any disturbances.

“There’s a demon heading our way. He’s not weak, at least of the eighth step,” Long Haochen frowned.

“I’ll go?” Cai’er was ready to investigate.

Long Haochen shook his head, “No need. Let’s just wait for him to arrive. He’s directly traveling in our direction, so he’s clearly discovered us. Since it’s only a single person, he’ll definitely have something to rely on. He shouldn’t be here to fight.”

As he said that, he smiled. He thought to himself that if he had guessed correctly, it was very likely that the demon would be the person he was waiting for.

The person had arrived very quickly. After appearing in Long Haochen’s scouting range ten minutes ago, she appeared on the top of a mountain around the campsite of the human army. As they were located in a flat area among the mountains, they were not particularly well hidden. When the demon saw them, she immediately made his way down. At the same time, she raised her hands high over his head, indicating that she had come peacefully.

Very soon, she drew near. From her stature, she was actually a woman. She was covered in black clothes, which also covered her head. It was impossible to tell how she looked like.
“Stop.” Yang Wenzhao stood up in the outskirts and raised his heavy sword, blocking the female demon’s path.

The person in black stopped, “I have no ill intentions. Long Haochen, you really are still alive.” As she said that, the person raised her hand and took off the black balaclava around her head.

Although Long Haochen hag guessed why this demon had come suddenly, he still could not help but become dumbfounded when he saw who it was. Disbelief filled his eyes, “Why have you come personally?”

Wasn’t the person standing before Yang Wenzhao in black clothes the most beloved daughter of the Moon Demon God Agares, princess of the Moon Demon clan, Yue Ye?

After five years, Yue Ye seemed mostly the same as before. The lifespan of powerful demons was much longer than humans. Five years would not leave a single trace on her. However, her gaze did seem even more calm, and her cultivation was greater than before. She had reached the peak of the eighth step at the very least and was approaching the ninth.

“If I don’t come in person, how will you trust me?” Yue Ye was in slight anguish as her gaze was slightly melancholy as well. In those five years, many things had happened, but the figure that had left the deepest impression in her heart never changed.

In the past, when she heard about Long Haochen’s death, she became drowned in grief for an entire month. She knew that the information she had provided to Long Haochen had become a part of the Demon God Emperor’s trap.

And recently, when she heard Long Haochen was still alive, she felt disbelief at first. She completely struggled to believe that he would be revived when even the Demon God Emperor had confirmed he was dead. It was very difficult for her to describe her emotions back then. Even she herself had no idea whether she felt joy or caution.

Chapter 804

However, she still ended up coming and she had arrived before Long Haochen. In the past five years, she had almost separated from him forever. Now that they had met again, it felt like an entire lifetime had passed.

In Long Haochen’s eyes, Yue Ye did not really change, but in her eyes, Long Haochen had changed in an overwhelming manner. He had gained a sense of dignity and nobility compared to before, and he was more mature as well. His inexperience of the past had completely vanished. Just by standing there, he seemed like a whole new person.

It was this human who was still in his twenties who had actually become the greatest problem bugging the Demon God Emperor! Suddenly, Yue Yue felt rather proud. The man she liked was so extraordinary.

Cai’er arrived beside Long Haochen unknowingly. She did not make any other gesture and only stood there quietly. She looked at Yue Ye calmly.

Yue Ye returned to her senses after staring at Long Haochen. A hint of sorrow silently welled up in her heart. Of course she knew that their paths would never properly intersect. She took in a deep breath and calmed herself down. Her gaze became determined, “Long Haochen, do you still trust me?”

Before Long Haochen could say anything, Sima Xian had already butted in from one side, “How are you supposed to make us trust you? If it weren’t for the information you provided back then, would we still have fallen into the Demon God Emperor’s trap? If it weren’t for our good fortune, we would have been obliterated a long time ago.”
Yue Ye nodded silently, “Yes. Whether it was you or me, we all became sacrificial pawns in the Demon God Emperor’s plan. If you want revenge, then do it. Long Haochen, you currently have two choices. One of them is to kill me for what happened last time. The other is to trust me one more time.”

Yue Yue studied Long Haochen. Long Haochen clearly studied her as well. He had definitely doubted Yue Ye in the past, but this doubt was never deep.

After Long Haochen had been revived, he had carefully thought through the process of when the Demon God Emperor set down the trap. He found the process to be very strange, because he could not imagine how the Demon God Emperor had worked out that he would be in Modu. As for Yue Ye, she had gone to Modu before him. She would not have known he would go there with his companions.”

And Demon God Emperor had taken very soon after Long Haochen had spoken to her. In his understanding back then, the Demon God Emperor was still outside the distant Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. Even if Yue Ye wanted to contact the Demon God Emperor, it would have been impossible for him to make it in time. As a result, Long Haochen did not suspect Yue Ye had tricked him. She could only be explained as being kept in the dark by the Demon God Emperor.

“Tell me what you want to say,” Long Haochen said indifferently. He did not show that he chose to continue to trust her, but neither did he blame her for what happened last time.

Yue Ye looked at the mature Long Haochen and said, “You must have found what happened last time to be strange. How was the Demon God Emperor able to grasp your movements so accurately? I can tell you the answer now. It’s because of the Star Demon God’s Great Prophecy Technique. Not only has the Star Demon God’s Great Prophecy Technique discovered that you will pose as a great threat to the future of the demons, it’s also found out that last time was their only chance to deal with you. He even used the Great Prophecy Technique to sense the method and process to deal with you. He had calculated when you would
appear in the Star Demon Pagoda. Everything the Demon God Emperor did prior to that was to make you lower your guard. Only the Demon God Emperor and the Star Demon God know the details of this. Even my father does not know.”

Long Haochen understood. He nodded, “Is that the case? Then no wonder.”

Yue Ye saw Long Haochen believe her a little, so she slightly relaxed as well, “Do you still remember the cooperation I mentioned last time? You’re already the chairman of the Temple Union now, so you have authority among the humans. This time, I’ve come to continue our cooperation.

Long Haochen said, “Then, you think I can defeat the Demon God Emperor?”

Yue Ye shook her head, “No. In terms of strength, I don’t feel very optimistic about you. However, we are willing to wager it this time, because it might be the only chance. Once you are defeated by the Demon God Emperor, the humans won’t be able to fight back for the next few thousand years at the very least. And, the Star Demon God Vassago’s Great Prophecy Technique foretold that their chance last time was their only opportunity. Since you survived, you have become an important turning point for the decline of the Demon race. The Great Prophecy Technique of the Star Demon God is consistently accurate, which is also one of the reasons why we are gambling on this time.”

Long Haochen said, “I need you to show your sincerity.”

Yue Ye nodded, “Of course. The Demon God Emperor has already passed down orders for the Demon God of Death Samigina, Hell Demon God Marbas and the Bear Demon God Valefor to lead over thirty demon gods and split into two, leading their million-man army of elites to attack the Southeastern Fort and Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass. They have to breach the defences of the forts and bring the war deep into the human territory, primarily focusing on kidnapping humans and ransacking goods. At the same time, the Demon God Emperor has ordered Ah’Bao to serve as the vanguard with twenty Devil Dragons under his clansman to
make his way over here. The Demon God Emperor himself will lead the majority of the elites from the Moon Demon Clan and Star Demon Clan, as well as twenty demon gods and the entire Devil Dragon Clan. They’re currently making their way over. As a conservative estimate, there are over two hundred powerhouses above the ninth step. There should be a thousand above the eighth step. According to how much time has passed and Ah’Bao’s hatred for you, he should have crossed the Yale Province in half a day at most. The Demon God Army and his main army will roughly be eight hours behind him.”

With what Yue Ye had said, the Bright Glimmer of Hope could not help but become terrified. One was due to Long Haochen’s predictions; the Demon God Emperor really did split his army into two. The other was because of the terrifying force the Demon God Emperor had brought with him. At least in the past thousand years, there had never been over twenty demon gods that fought in a single battle against the humans, not to mention the fact that there were also powerhouses from the Devil Dragon Clan, Moon Demon Clan and Star Demon Clan. There were over two hundred ninth step powerhouses. Just how terrifying of a force was that! They were basically outnumbered ten to one now. The demons truly were powerful and prosperous.

What surprised them even more was how Yue Ye had provided them with precise information without any hesitation, with the enemies’ arrival time in particular. This would play a crucial role in their next move. On the battlefield, a single piece of information could decide victory many of the times. Yue Ye had not even stated any conditions in exchange for the information. She just mentioned it like that. If everything she said was true, then they would be able to find a way to deal with the Demon God Emperor albeit being powerful.

However, to Yue Ye and everyone else’s surprise, Long Haochen said calmly, “You still haven’t demonstrated your sincerity.”

Yue Ye was surprised at first, before answering in irritation, “Isn’t this enough? What else do you want? Are you thinking I’m lying to you? I can use my own life to guarantee that everything I said is true. If you don’t believe it, feel free to set down a seal on me, until you have
confirmed the information. If the information’s false, then I’ll let you do whatever you want with me.”

Long Haochen shook his head, “It’s not that I don’t believe your information, except it’s just information. You still haven’t demonstrated your sincerity. You are a part of an organisation. You aren’t alone. I also believe that after all these years of development, your organisation shouldn’t be weak and possesses a certain amount of influence over the entire Demon race. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have had the confidence to come find me. Am I correct? I need you to show me sincerity, which is the sincerity of your organisation, not just you. As a result, I want to know who the true leader of your organisation is. If you are willing to tell me, then I will believe you and our collaboration will be established.”

After leading the human army into the demons’ territory, Long Haochen split the army into six and dealt heavy blows to six demon provinces in the north. However, he did not engage in too much killing. He did this as a demonstration to Yue Ye’s organisation, so he could wait for the organisation to contact him. However, he had never thought that Yue Ye who had vanished for quite some time among the demons would personally come.”

Yue Ye suddenly became rather pale with what Long Haochen said, because she suddenly felt that she had drifted further apart from Long Haochen, such that their relationship was completely established on their interests. His gaze towards her remained just as calm as before.

A hint of sadness spread through her heart. Yeah, he and I were never supposed to mix. Isn’t our relationship purely built off our interests? Yue Ye understood that while Long Haochen’s ‘death’ last time was not her fault, but the matter had displeased Long Haochen and his squad greatly.

She was right. Long Haochen really did not blame her. He also knew that it wasn’t her information that was wrong. However, her information had still thrown the entire Bright Glimmer of Hope into danger after all. The true reason why Long Haochen had so much malice towards her was because of the pain Cai’er had to go through in the Tower of Eternity to revive him! Whenever he couldn’t sleep and thought about what Cai’er had
gone through in the Tower of Eternity, his heart would ache to the point where it was suffocating. It was normal for Yue Ye to suffer from his anger as well. He had already been extremely rational. For the sake of the bigger picture, for the Temple Union to defeat the demons, he did not blame Yue Ye.

As Yue Ye stood there in thought, Long Haochen did not worry at all. He had plenty of patience. Yue Ye’s personal visit had actually shown plenty of sincerity already, but the greatest secret of their organisation, without a doubt, was the identity of their leader. Yue Ye had once revealed that they were a demon god, but demon gods differed drastically from one another. The demon gods ranked toward the bottom would not even be as powerful as a mature Devil Dragon. The higher the demon god’s rank, the more influence they possessed among the Demon race, which also made Yue Ye’s organisation more powerful.

Long Haochen was uncertain whether Hao Yue would tell him this information. If Yue Ye chose not to in the end, he would actually continue his collaboration with her organisation, but if she did, the relationship of their collaboration would obviously be closer.

Chapter 805

Yue Ye pondered the request for a whole quarter of an hour before raising her head once more. She looked at Long Haochen and said suddenly, “I can tell you, but I can only tell you. And, you must promise that only you will know. You aren’t allowed to tell anyone else, including your best friends, even your wife.” As she said that, she tossed a challenging glance to Cai’er.

Cai’er looked back at her calmly. She did not mind at all.

“Alright, I agree.” Long Haochen nodded without too much thought. The identity of the leader of Yue Ye’s organisation was extremely important to him. It would relate to his next arrangements.

Yue Ye slowly made her way to Long Haochen. This time, Yang Wenzhao did not stop her. She arrived three meters away from Long Haochen and she actually continued forwards. Long Haochen could not help but frown, “You should be able to tell me by sound transmission from this distance.”

Yue Ye shook her head, “The matter’s too important. Your companions are all powerful, so I’m afraid of them eavesdropping.” As she said that, she had already arrived by Long Haochen’s side. She moved towards his ear.

Although Long Haochen felt rather awkward, the matter was important, so he could not afford to be bothered by other factors now. Her breath smelt like orchids while her body gave off a faint fragrance. Perhaps due to travelling at her full speed, her fragrance was heavier than before.
Long Haochen jerked back slightly, but Yue Ye would immediately catch up. She would use her hands to grab his arm and pull him lower. She whispered something gently in his ear.

“What? It’s actually him?” Long Haochen was completely taken aback by what Yue Ye had told him. It was also in that moment that Yue Ye gently kissed his earlobe, before quickly retreating.

She moved very quickly, but how was it possible for Cai’er to miss that as she had always been paying attention to the two of them? She immediately fell into a rage, “You…”

Yue Ye retreated to ten meters away and said to Cai’er, “I what? His life is already yours, so so what if I kiss him? I like him.”

Cai’er’s face immediately sank. Her sharp glare made Yue Ye’s heart tighten and instinctively take a few more steps backwards. She could clearly sense the powerful killing intent Cai’er was giving off.

Long Haochen recovered from his shock now. His earlobe felt numb. He was unable to describe the feeling. However, he was in no mood to feel awkward, because the answer Yue Ye had told him was just too shocking. He wrapped his arm around Cai’er’s thin waist very naturally and said to Yue Ye, “You can go now. From now onwards, we are working together with full cooperation. What I need first is for your organisation to provide me with information, not just information from your side, but also a constant flow of accurate information about the demon army’s offence on the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass and Northeastern Fort. My promise from back then will hold. If we defeat the demons, then we will definitely give your organisation territory by the sea as a place of residing, as well as five hundred years of autonomy. With so much time, it should be plenty for you to completely assimilate into the humans.”

Yue Ye smiled, “You believe me now, but why should I believe you will hold your promise?”

Cai’er could not help herself back anymore. She shouted, “Haochen’s word is worth more than a thousand bars of gold. Has he ever broken it?”
Yue Ye ignored her. She only looked at Long Haochen. Long Haochen asked sternly, “What do you want?”
Yue Ye smiled, “It’s very simple.” She pointed at her cheek and said,
“Kiss me and I’ll believe you.”

“You…” Fury rose up in Cai’er and she was just about to burst out in anger, but Long Haochen grabbed her firmly. Normally, Cai’er was very calm. However, Yue Ye’s provocation today had crossed her bottom line. Although she completely believed in Long Haochen, Yue Ye was just as pretty as her and her extreme teasing of Long Haochen had made her especially furious.

Long Haochen held Cai’er firmly and his gaze coldened. He said seriously, “You can go. That’s the end of our cooperation.”

Yue Ye was surprised, “You’d actually abandon the future of the Temple Union for her? You aren’t a qualified leader.”

Long Haochen said indifferently, “For Cai’er, I’m even willing to abandon my beliefs. Not to mention, is your organisation crucial for us to oppose the Demon God Emperor? If we work together, then we both benefit, but if we don’t you have no promise either. If you choose a path of destruction, I have no reason to stop you.”

Cai’er’s rigid body finally softened up. She lowered her slightly and glanced at Long Haochen slightly apologetically. She seemed like an indignated wife. She was no longer as furious as before.

A sliver of disappointment clearly appeared in the bottom of Yue Ye’s eyes, but her smile remained the same, “Okay then, I get it, you value your ties with others over everything else. Aren’t I just joking? I’ll just believe your sincerity. I have to head back immediately. Afterwards, our people will remain in contact with you. Be careful of Ah’Bao. His strength is nothing like before. And I heard the Demon God Emperor’s given him a few powerful pieces of equipment as well.”
With that, she turned around and drifted away. She disappeared below a ridge beside the clearing in the mountains. However, what no one saw was how tears had already pooled up in Yue Ye’s eyes when she left them.

Cai’er whispered in Long Haochen’s ear, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have…”

Long Haochen held her hand tightly, “Why are you apologising?”

The two smiled at each other and everything dissipated, only feeding their feelings for each other.

Shu Yongxiao rolled her eyes at Long Haochen. She sneered, “Little Long, there are many temptations in the world and you hold a lofty position as well. You better guard your heart. Cai’er, you need to watch him well.”

Cai’er blushed and said, “I believe in him.”

Long Haochen cleared his throat, “The information Yue Ye’s brought has been very timely. We have to rearrange our plans. Since Ah’Bao is leading a vanguard over, let’s give him a frontal attack. The Demon God Emperor has clearly sent him as the vanguard to locate us. We won’t be able to avoid this fight. We have to give Han Yu and the others plenty of time to retreat.”

Xiao Huo said, “The Demon God Emperor has come this time with great hostility. He’s brought all of the strongest elites among the Demon race. That’s over two hundred powerhouses of the ninth step. With our current strength, it’s very difficult for us to fend them off. Should we send our companions back to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass?”

Long Haochen shook his head, “We can’t. The demon army’s attacks on the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass and Northeastern Fort hasn’t been confirmed yet, so we can’t throw ourselves into disorder first. Let’s deal with Ah’Bao’s vanguard first, and then we have to clash with the Demon God Emperor slightly. Only by realising the actually difference between me and the Demon God Emperor can we decide the future plans with greater confidence.”
He did not go into detail, but Xiao Huo could tell that Long Haochen had already made up his mind, so Xiao Huo did not ask about anything else. He only nodded and said, “We can only take on step at a time and see now.”

“Ah’Bao.” A cold light flashed through Long Haochen’s eyes. He had fought with Ah’Bao a total of two times. He remembered the second time especially well. It was just when Cai’er was undergoing her awakening as the one chosen by the God of Death. Because of Ah’Bao’s attack, Cai’er had almost become injured and he himself had become heavily wounded. If it were not for Ye Xiaolei, who knew what would have happened in the end. This time would clearly be different from last time.

A black figure shot through the air as blurs. Due to travelling too quickly, blurs would still remain in the air a thousand meters behind his body.

Ah’Bao squinted his eyes slightly as his chest burned. Five years. It had already been five long years. He had waited for this day for far too long.

He had already forgotten the Demon God Emperor’s warning. The only thing he wanted to do right now was clash with Long Haochen. He wanted to prove that he was stronger and more outstanding than Long Haochen. The shame from his past defeat under Long Haochen’s hands was not the only thing in his heart. He also blamed Long Haochen for Yue Ye breaking off her engagement with him. In other words, Long Haochen was basically Ah’Bao’s most important opponent in his life. If he did not defeat Long Haochen, he would never be able to overcome this matter.

A black figure suddenly flew over from ahead towards Ah’Bao’s group.

“Crown prince.”

When they met, the black figure suddenly stopped and traveled backwards, joining Ah’Bao’s group. He did not make the group slow down at all.

“Is there news?” Ah’Bao asked coldly.
The black figure was a large man in black clothes. Below his thick eyebrows were a pair of purplish black pupils. He seemed like he was in his forties. His skin complexion was dark as his face seemed vicious. Compared to the Moon Demon Clan, the Devil Dragons were much more powerful, but in terms of appearance, they were not as graceful as the Moon Demons.

“According to the information we’ve received, the Skynet City of the Skynet Province was attacked just six hours ago. The capital’s been heavily destroyed with their grain silos burnt to the ground. Many resources have been cleaned out. I continued to follow them and around ten thousand people of the human army are moving northward. They’re travelling very quickly. It seems like they’ve anticipated our arrival and have begun their retreat.”

Vicious light flickered in Ah’Bao’s eyes. He waved his hand and ordered sternly, “Lead the way. Pursue them.”

I’ve found them. Ah’Bao clenched his first firmly as cold light shone in his eyes. With a target identified, he felt like Long Haochen was only inches away now.

After five years of waiting, they were finally going to face each other. Ah’Bao experienced some nervousness within his excitement, but his confidence in himself did not waver at all. Confidence was crucial to victory. If he had developed fear before the battle, then he had already lost half of it.

The sky had already darkened slightly now. The sunset left behind a faint, red colour in the sky as the residual glow from the setting sun seemed warm and gentle. It formed quite the contrast to the vicious thoughts in Ah’Bao’s head.

Long Haochen! The name constantly resounded through Ah’Bao’s head. Under his lead, the twenty Devil Dragons sped up. They traveled northward in pursuit.

Chapter 806

The twenty Devil Dragons all seemed to be in their thirties or forties. Their expressions were cold and most of their appearance was vicious. However, all of them exuded with a sense of power.

They were all members of the imperial Black Dragon guard, as well as the central force of the Devil Dragons. This time, the Demon God Emperor had mobilised the entire Devil Dragon Clan to deal with Long Haochen.

Perhaps due to being overly powerful, there were difficulties with reproduction among the Devil Dragon Clan. They only had a little over a hundred clansmen. Once the old and young were subtracted, there were only around eighty adult Devil Dragons. However, their lifespans were extremely long, able to live up to a thousand years. As a result, they remained in their prime for a very long time as well.

They did not have a lot of members, but every single adult Devil Dragon was a powerhouse of the ninth step. They could all assume human form. Coupled with their natural physical strength as Devil Dragons, their external spiritual energy also surpassed a hundred thousand. On the battlefield, the Demon God Emperor’s imperial Black Dragon guard was a symbol of invincibility.

Suddenly, Ah’Bao felt his heart seemingly skip a beat. It was a very strange feeling. He instinctively slowed down and the Black Dragon guard slowed down as well.

“Your highness,” the leader of the Black Dragon guard, Huang Shuo, called out in some surprise.
The Demon God Emperor understood his son very well. Although Ah’Bao became more and more level-headed as he grew older, the operation this time involved Long Haochen, so it was difficult to say what Ah’Bao would end up doing. As a result, the Demon God Emperor specially sent Huang Shuo to accompany Ah’Bao. Not only was it because of Huang Shuo’s powerful cultivation, but more importantly, it was because of his level-headedness. With his assistance, they should have been able to adapt to any situation.

Ah’Bao said sternly, “My heartbeat’s unnatural.”

Huang Shuo was surprised. Ah’Bao had inherited the imperial bloodline of the Devil Dragons. Since something had happened to his heartbeat, it would be a warning.

“Stop.” Huang Shuo raised his hand and slowed down with Ah’Bao. The Devil Dragons behind them slowed down as well, coming to a halt.

Ah’Bao squinted his eyes as he expanded his mental force as much as he could, pushing his senses to the limit. As his mental force expanded, he studied the surroundings.

He was in a hurry to fight with Long Haochen, but he was still the future successor of the Demon God Emperor after all. He possessed natural leadership and intelligence. The warning from his heartbeat had also woken him up from his own world in his mind.

Huang Shuo arrived behind Ah’Bao and pressed his right hand on his back. Immediately, two powerful mental pulses fused towards and spread even further away. However, they still failed to sense anything.

“Is there something wrong with me senses?” Ah’Bao looked at Huang Shuo in some doubt.

Huang Shuo said sternly, “It’s still better if we’re careful. Everyone remain alert.”
It was also at this moment that a black streak of light silently appeared behind the Black Dragon guard. It had emerged from nowhere. It vanished with a flash, directly stabbing into the back of the last Devil Dragon’s head.

If it were a regular powerhouse of the ninth step, they would probably die without even being able to make a sound. However, the Devil Dragons were the greatest clan among the demons after all. In the moment the back of his head was stabbed, the Devil Dragon let out a howl. As he lunged forward, powers of darkness erupted completely.

The black light vanished with a flash, disappearing in the air again, like it had never appeared in the first place.

The sudden change in the situation made the atmosphere extremely nervous. All of the Black Dragon guards reacted immediately, quickly forming a circle around Ah’Bao and the Devil Dragon that was attacked with their backs to the centre. At the same time, dense auras of darkness surged about, immediately turning a range of several hundred meters into darkness. Even the slightest pulse of space would not be able to avoid being sensed by their aura of darkness.

Huang Shuo had already grabbed the Devil Dragon who was attacked Although the Devil Dragon had counterattacked the moment he was struck, the opponent’s attack was just too powerful.

He had been stabbed on the back of his head, above his neck. The head of a Devil Dragon was the toughest part of their body. Only the bone behind their necks was slightly thinner. The enemy clearly knew about this, which was why they had chosen to attack there.

Huang Shuo managed to feel that the strike had completely penetrated the Devil Dragon’s head just from a slight touch. Sticky killing intent remained by the edge of the wound. Blood did not even flow out.

The clansman’s done for. Huang Shuo’s expression became extremely ugly. He only had a few dozen imperial guards under his command. Every single one of them was a direct descendent and a true powerhouse. He had
just lost one of them without knowing why. It would only be strange if he was in a good mood.

“When did the humans possess such a powerful assassin?” Cold light flashed through Ah’Bao’s eyes, but he did not become angered. He still gave off a cold presence.

Earlier, he and Huang Shuo had already checked their surroundings to the best of their ability, but the enemy still lurked nearby without being discovered. That only explained just how terrifyingly strong this assassin was. If he had not stopped in time and become surrounded by the Black Dragon guard, the strike earlier might have landed on him instead. Could he have dodged it?

Ah’Bao was actually unable to answer that question. Purplish dark light began to rise from his chest and afterwards, a layer of thick scales began to spread from there, covering his body in the blink of an eye. The other imperial guards did the same. However, Ah’Bao’s scales seemed much thicker than the others’. A pair of long horns curled out from his head and his aura strengthened drastically.

“The assassin should be at the fifth rank of the ninth step at the very least to be able to launch a fatal strike at such a close distance and retreat without being discovered. However, since when did the humans have an assassin at the fifth rank of the ninth step?” Huang Shuo asked sternly. Due to his fury, his hands had always been trembling! A clansman had died. That was a hundredth of the Devil Dragons’ forces. What would the Demon God Emperor think about him with that loss?

Ah’Bao said, “Now’s not the time to analyse what kind of powerhouses the humans have. The enemy’s already appeared. Everyone be careful.”

Now, his nervousness had actually decreased slightly. With so many imperial guards alert, even the Demon God Emperor would not be able to approach them without being discovered. And, after releasing his natural dragon armor, his defences had increased drastically. The natural dragon armour could rival epic tier armour from humans. It was the Devil Dragons’ most powerful defence.
Huang Shuo placed the corpse of his clansman into a storage device first, before saying sternly, “The assassin’s already left. They’ve retreated after a single strike. It was an instant kill. What an impressive assassin. Your highness, we might be in trouble. I’d advise us to reorganise here and wait for his majesty’s army to arrive. Otherwise, we’ll be forced to remain alert the entire time we travel. Once the enemies get a chance, they will definitely use it to launch an attack.”

Ah’Bao shook his head, “No, we’re the vanguard. It doesn’t matter if we don’t stop Long Haochen, but if we can’t even understand their movements completely, is there a point to having us as a vanguard? Everyone remain alert and be careful. Let’s keep going.”

Huang Shuo understood that it was rather unlikely for him to be able to persuade Ah’Bao right now. However, a clansman had already died and if the assassin appeared again and killed another clansman or two, the Demon God Emperor would definitely be furious.

Seeing Huang Shuo’s hesitation, Ah’Bao frowned, “Commander Huang, are you afraid?”

Anger flashed through Huang Shuo’s eyes, “Of course not. However, every single clansmen is the most valuable treasure to his majesty and your future, your highness. I don’t wish to see them take any risks.”

Ah’Bao snorted coldly, “I understand. The assassin hidden in the shadows in very dangerous. However, if we cower because of this, we’ll only dance to their tune. If I’ve guessed correctly, Long Haochen’s left the assassin here to delay our pursuit, so his subordinates can escape. Their attacks have already reached the Skynet Province, but he’s been fighting for the past few days. His army must be exhausted already. We can’t let go of this opportunity. And, the assassin’s already killed one of our clansmen. Only by continuing our advance can we lure him out and avenge our clansman.”

Huang Shuo frowned, “My advice stands the same.”
Ah’Bao said forcefully, “Your responsibility is to assist me. Don’t forget it. I’m the commander of the vanguard. Let’s keep going. Maintain your natural dragon armour.” As he said that, he left the encirclement with a flash and continued flying fowards.

Although Huang Shuo disagreed with Ah’Bao, he could only lead the imperial Black Dragon guard with him when he saw how Ah’Bao kept going.

Suddenly, Ah’Bao suddenly stopped despite only setting off earlier. He looked in front.

Huang Shuo saw him stop and thought he had sensed the assassin again. He hurried to his side and also released pitch-black light, turning Ah’Bao and his surroundings into something akin to a black hole. This was Huang Shuo’s domain.

Ah’Bao had not been attacked, but his gaze was fixated in a certain direction. Huang Shuo followed his gaze and his eyes immediately narrowed.

In the distance, a white speck hovered in the air quietly. It only appeared to be a white speck at first glance, but at a closer glance, it was a human. It was a human who sat on a chair.

Before Huang Shuo could say anything, Ah’Bao had already unleashed a deep below. In the next moment, purplish black light surged from his back and he basically crossed several thousand meters in a single moment.

The figure that hovered in the air drew closer and closer. He wore a set of comfortable clothing as his handsome appearance even rivalled the Moon Demon God Agares. His hands rested on the arms of his huge throne. Under his left hand was a dragon’s head, while under his right was a twelve- winged angel. White light completely enveloped him and the giant throne, just like they were a ball of light.

Chapter 807

“I’ve been waiting a very long time for you.”

Long Haochen looked at Ah’Bao approach him as he smiled. He did not speak loudly, but every single imperial guard heard it clearly.

Ah’Bao stopped two hundred meters away from Long Haochen. His calmness from before had completely vanished. He clenched his fists to the point where they crackled. His muscles and skeleton frame seemed like they were about to expand.

“It’s been five years since we last met. Have you been well, your highness?” Long Haochen sat on the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. He showed no intention of getting up.

“Well? I’ve been very well, all thanks to you.” Ah’Bao’s voice was serious and cold. Purplish black light constantly gathered behind his back and surging in the shape of a fan. This was his powerful fighting intent.

Long Haochen smiled indifferently, “I understand that you were unwilling to accept your loss back then. Today, I will make you convinced with your loss.”

Ah’Bao said coldly, “I don’t understand why father treats you with so much importance. However, I do believe that if I return with your corpse, he will be very happy.”

Long Haochen said, “The Demon God Emperor’s already killed me once. If you really do have the ability, then please attempt so.”
Purple light lit up in Ah’Bao’s eyes. Just when he was about to launch an attack, Huang Shuo stood in his way.

“Move,” Ah’Bao roared out.

Huang Shuo said sternly, “Your highness, he’s definitely not the only one here. Don’t fall for this. We still don’t know where the hidden assassin is. We have to handle this carefully. His majesty has mentioned that we don’t have to engage in a battle at full power if we encounter Long Haochen. We just need to keep him busy and our mission will be complete.”

“Move,” Ah’Bao’s cold voice rang out once more. This time, he gave off a terrifying pressure, while the purplish dark light on his back condensed into a huge, purplish black dragon head.

Huang Shuo’s expression changed drastically and he instinctively dodged to one side.

Ah’Bao did not charge towards Long Haochen immediately. He stared at the person he had deemed as his greater opponent in his life and said sternly, “Long Haochen, it’s been five years. We’ve met once again today. I do know that your Bright Glimmer of Hope must be nearby. However, this is a battle between you and me. Are you bold enough to accept me challenge?”

Long Haochen finally stood up from the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. He looked at Ah’Bao and nodded seriously, “You’re right. This is our battle. One against one.”

“One against one,” Ah’Bao roared out and his body immediately swelled. In the blink of an eye, he had reached over three meters tall. As his body grew in size, the natural dragon armour on his rapidly grew as well. Purplish black spikes extended from his joints as the two horns on his head gained circular ridges.

A purplish red ring of light appeared below Ah’Bao. His aura immediately shot to his peak as the powerful pressure forced the Black
Demon guard to retreat by several dozen meters instinctively. They feared Ah’Bao’s aura as a member of the imperial clan of the Devil Dragons the most.

It was also at this moment, that figures appeared once after another in different locations. They were all a thousand meters away from here, totalling to nine people. They surrounded the place in a circle.

Huang Shuo saw Cai’er who wielded the Sickle of the God of Death with a single glance.

Was it her? Was the assassin earlier her? As the commander of the imperial Black Dragon guard, not only was Huang Shuo the Demon God Emperor’s most trusted clansman, he was also the strongest powerhouse within the imperial guards. His senses were similarly powerful. With just a glance around the surroundings, he immediately sensed who was the strongest out of the Bright Glimmer of Hope. Cai’er’s cultivation was clearly no weaker than his. It was very likely for her to have broken through to the fifth rank of the ninth step, while she also happened to be an assassin!

“Two against one. Do it,” Huang Shuo bellowed, giving the orders to attack.

The Bright Glimmer of Hope had grown in size, but this instead made Huang Shuo relax. The upper echelon of the demons already knew about Long Haochen and his Bright Glimmer of Hope’s performance at the Temples’ Great Gathering. That was why the Bright Glimmer of Hope had been deemed their most powerful enemies, so Huang Shuo obviously knew about them. Now that the Bright Glimmer of Hope had all appeared and Long Haochen had expressed he could fight the crown prince alone, he obviously would not let this opportunity slip to deal with the Bright Glimmer of Hope. However, just in case, he himself did not fight, watching over Ah’Bao nearby.

The eighteen imperial guards turned into eighteen streaks of black light and shot off in nine different directions. They moved like lightning. As they flew, they also swelled in size and all of them now wielded a weapon in their hands. It was all epic tier equipment of the darkness element.
The nine members of the Bright Glimmer of Hope basically all chose to turn around and flee without any hesitation, immediately pulling away from Long Haochen.

“Huh?” Huang Shuo’s heart suddenly lurched. Was this thinning their forces so they could be defeated easier? However, the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass only had a few divine knights that could pose a threat to them aside from Long Haochen’s squad, and that was only when they were paired once against one. However, would they come here? No, they definitely would not. The Knight Temple would definitely keep its divine knights to watch over the fort.

Huang Shuo’s level-headedness made him change the order. He ordered all of the imperial guards to pursue their opponents only to a certain range, to not exceed fifty kilometers away. Once they encountered any powerful enemies, they were to immediately signal for reinforcements.

Just when he arranged this, Huang Shuo suddenly felt a chill run down his spine. He basically charged forwards without any hesitation at all while quickly turning around. He lifted his right hand and an ink-black blade slashed down behind him, like it could cut through air.

A speck of black light appeared in the air silently as well, landing perfectly on the edge of his black.

Ding! With that, Huang Shuo felt like he had been struck by lightning. His entire body quivered. He only felt an icy-cold aura enter his body through his weapon.

Even though his blade was a treasure and filtered away most of the aura, the coldness still reached his body, before immediately erupted.

Killing intent. Could this assassin force killing intent into my body? When Huang Shuo paled in fright, he released his domain as well.
As the greatest powerhouse of the imperial Black Dragon guards, his control over his domain was outstanding. He did not let his domain expand,
instead forming a black barrier around him.

The black barrier was like an eggshell made of black crystal, guarding Huang Shuo. However, after the speck of black light had launched the attack, it vanished into the air quietly once more.

Huang Shuo’s forehead became covered in perspiration. It was not Cai’er. The assassin just then definitely was not Cai’er who had lead his clansmen away, but it was definitely the one who had killed his clansman instantly.

Her assassination was just too terrifying. If Huang Shuo had not charged forward immediately out of pure reflex, the sneak attack would have succeeded.

But even with that being the case, the cold killing intent continued to wreak havoc in his body, not just originating from his blade, but also from the back of his head. Only after he had expanded his domain did he feel a cold sensation from the back of his head. Clearly, he would have been dead for sure if he was just slightly slower.

What terrified him the most was the assassin’s mysteriousness. They would never stay put after a single strike, without launching continuous attacks and instead seemingly vanishing into thin air. He was unable to sense the assassin’s location at all. How could he not be on edge against an opponent like that? In that moment, he could no longer care about his eighteen clansmen. He concentrated on sensing everything that went on around him and constantly moved about, afraid the assassin would launch another attack. No matter what, his life was most important at the end of the day.

Long Haochen and Ah’Bao’s battle had unfolded long before Huang Shuo had been attacked.

A huge, purple sword appeared in Ah’Bao’s hand. His sword seemed extremely special, because the light it shone with changed in gradient, a kind that Long Haochen had never seen.
It was purple that changed in gradient.

It would not have been that obvious if the gradient of purple grew lighter the futher out it was. However, it was the exact opposite. The colour of the sword grew deeper towards the end, which made it stand out. At the same time, it made it seem stunning.

The purple sword produced a streak of beautiful in the light, before vanishing in the next instant. Ah’Bao had already appeared behind Long Haochen.

Only then did a string of clangs ring out in the air.

“What speed!” Long Haochen was surprised. With Yue Ye’s warning, he had already assumed Ah’Bao to be very powerful, but he had never thought that Ah’Bao would reach such a level in strength. In the moment Ah’Bao had moved with a flash, green light had already emerged from Long Haochen’s chest. The green light directly drew Long Haochen’s Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon in front of his body, which was why he could block Ah’Bao’s attack. Otherwise, Long Haochen would had suffered slightly from the strike even if he could block it having been caught by surprise.

The aura of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation immediately erupted, forcing Ah’Bao to a halt when he was about to launch another attack. Afterwards, he saw thirteen balls of light immediately fuse with Long Haochen.

Clad in the Armour of Eternity, a Sword of Eternity had appeared in Long Haochen’s hand.

Three balls of light slowly revolved around him. The dragon’s head and twelve-winged angel both lit up, as if they were glaring at Ah’Bao.

“Is this the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation?” Ah’Bao asked coldly.
Long Haochen nodded, “Looks like you really have improved drastically from a few years ago. If I’ve checked correctly, your cultivation’s already reached the fourth rank of the ninth step. And, your body’s also at the fourth rank of the ninth step. Only you Devil Dragons can achieve something like that.”

Chapter 808

Currently, Long Haochen did not find the fourth rank of the ninth step internal spiritual energy terrifying. He found the fourth rank of the ninth step external spiritual energy to be terrifying.

Ah’Bao’s terrifying speed earlier did not come from his internal spiritual energy, but from his physical abilities.

“Are you afraid?” Ah’Bao said coldly.

Long Haochen smiled, “Why don’t you try it and you’ll know?” As he said that, his body suddenly became rather illusory.

Ah’Bao shifted his body instinctively. The purplish red rings of light under his feet suddenly lit up, turning his natural dragon armour the same colour. He extended his purple sword and two of him actually appeared to his side. They seemed exactly the same as him.

Clones? They seemed rather similar to Zhang Fangfang’s Spiritual Stove of Second Life.

The three Ah’Bao’s flashed at the same time, but they launched attacks from different directions at Long Haochen. They worked together and formed a triangle, directly charging towards Long Haochen.

The three purplish swords were lifted high over their heads at the same time, but only the central sword had a gradient in colour. Clearly, Ah’Bao did not plan on hiding his body from Long Haochen.
Ding! With the Sword of Eternity raised, it blocked the three huge purplish swords and only produced a sound. The dense aura of life suddenly emerged from Long Haochen’s body. Afterwards, his Sword of Eternity turned green and erupted with green light which swept towards the three Ah’Baos.

In that moment, Ah’Bao felt like he had been sucked into a huge, green waterfall. The unstoppable feeling immediately shocked him.

Just like how Long Haochen had underestimated him, he had underestimated Long Haochen as well.

Nature’s Bloom.

Out of the three balls of light that revolved around Long Haochen, the green ball of light had already fused into the Sword of Eternity. Deep, green light remained in the air for five whole seconds before gradually fading away.

Ah’Bao appeared three hundred meters away from Long Haochen. He seemed to be in quite a mess. His two clones had already vanished, while his natural dragon armour was criss-crossed with wounds. There were at least twenty or so burns.

“You’re not my opponent.” Long Haochen raised his head slightly and looked down on his opponent.

Ah’Bao snorted coldly, “That’s too early for you to say. Do you think you can harm me with attacks like that?”

As he said that, the rings of purplish red light lit up below his feet once more. When his natural dragon armour turned purplish red, the marks on his armour completely vanished.

“What a strange domain,” Long Haochen smiled. He did not seem to be in a hurry at all. He did not take the initiative to launch an attack.
This time, the purplish red light did not fade away. Ah’Bao’s eyes gradually turned into the same colour, while his dragon wings slowly unfurled on his back. The sky behind him actually became the same purplish red hue. Afterwards, a great pressure expanded from the purplish red colour, rushing towards Long Haochen. He was actually pushed a thousand meters away by this pressure.

The Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation released a layer of white light that was an inch thick automatically, protecting Long Haochen from the pressure. Nearby, a hundred meters behind Huang Shuo, a pitch-black figure flashed. She had actually been forced out of the space there by the pressure. Although she immediately fled into the distance and hid herself again, it was more than enough to demonstrate how terrifying the pressure was.

“A supra divine tool?” Long Haochen exclaimed. Ah’Bao really did bring him a surprise again!

The purplish red light in Ah’Bao’s eyes burned like flames. Right behind him in the pitch-black space, a purplish red pillar lit up.

The thick pilalr of light was actually five hundred meters wide. The moment it had appeared, the bright sky immediately darkened. The sun seemed to have been struck into oblivion as the pillar of light rose.

The huge pillar of light that was completely purlish red was inscribed with countless strange symbols. Most importantly, a huge dragon that was exactly the same colour lay on the pillar. The terrifying pressure even caused the air to collapse and the sky to distort.

The shock from the huge pillar’s appearance was just too great.

“That’s… the Demon God Emperor’s Demon God Pillar?” Long Haochen was surprised. Did Ah’Bao inherit the postiion of Demon God Emperor already? No, that couldn’t be right. The Demon God Emperor’s Demon God Pillar was completely dark golden, and it was much larger than this purplish red pillar. However, the purplish red pillar clearly gave off the exact same aura as the Demon God Emperor’s pillar!
“Never did you expect this, Long Haochen.” Ah’Bao looked at his opponent in the distance coldly as the purplish red pillar gave him unprecedented confidence.

“I am the successor of the Demon God Emperor, the future Demon God Emperor of the seventh generation. Father’s granted me a portion of the power from his Devil Dragon Pillar. Even though what I use is only a mirror image of the Devil Dragon Pillar, I can borrow a third of its power. That’s more than enough to deal with you.”

He held the huge sword in his right hand as he extended a finger on his left hand. Immediately, purplish red light descended from the sky from the Devil Dragon Pillar, immediately landing on Ah’Bao.

The huge, purplish red dragon on the Devil Dragon Pillar seemed to become alive. It growled and snarled as it rushed towards Ah’Bao.

The dense, purplish red colour caused the surrounding air to shatter and explode. Ah’Bao immediately gained a set of purplish red armour on top of his natural dragon armour.

The entire set of purplish red armour seemed to be related to dragons. The helmet was a dragon with its mouth open, while the entire armour was covered with thick scales. There were two huge dragon claws on the shoulders. Purplish red light flowed about, such that the armour seemed alive. Even his purplish huge sword became covered in a layer of purplish red scales.

Long Haochen did not attack Ah’Bao as he transformed. He only watched quietly. This was only a third of the Devil Dragon Pillar’s powers. If the Demon God Emperor was here instead, the power would be even more terrifying. The abilities that Ah’Bao currently demonstrated was perfect for Long Haochen to personally experience the might of the Devil Dragon Pillar.

After being surrounded in purplish red light, Ah’Bao’s presence changed. His terrifying aura directly skyrocketed as purplish red sparks flickered in his surroundings. It became a dense net of electricity.
The fusion of darkness and lightning was the true powers of the imperial clan of the Devil Dragons. As Long Haochen watched on, he pointed his Sword of Eternity at Ah’Bao. Immediately, a streak of white light tore through the darkness from the Devil Dragon Pillar and landed on Ah’Bao heavily.

The Light of Judgement.

Ah’Bao stared at Long Haochen coldly, but he did not try to block the attack. With a great boom, white light was sent flying, but he raised his Purple Dragon Sword of Startling Heaven at Long Haochen like nothing had happened at all.

Milky-white light shone from Long Haochen’s body in that moment. It was the Domain of Eternity.

Ah’Bao’s expression changed slightly as the white light had almost illuminated the world behind Long Haochen. The white light purged the darkness from the purplish red colour on a large scale, matching the terrifying aura from the Devil Dragon Pillar.

It was also in that next moment, that Long Haochen and Ah’Bao basically lunged forth at the same time. The two figures clashed at the boundary of their domains with lightning speed.


In the moment the Sword of Eternity had collided with the Purple Dragon Sword of Startling Heaven, the world seemed to be falling apart. The entire world immediately became dyed black and white.

Huang Shuo immediately retreated into the distance. Even though the powerful assassin could appear near him at any time, he could not care anymore. Having used the power of the Devil Dragon Pillar, Ah’Bao’s strength had completely exceeded his. Coupled with the power unleashed from the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation by Long Haochen, the explosion was just too terrifying.
Neither Long Haochen nor Ah’Bao were knocked away by that terrifying power. The purplish huge sword seemed to have become stuck to the white huge sword, while Long Haochen and Ah’Bao remained locked together at such a close distance.

The powers of darkness and light struggled against one another evenly. The Domain of Eternity also engaged in a full-blown clash against Ah’Bao’s Devil God Domain.

This was purely a clash of power. Under the complete fusion of their equipment, external spiritual energy and internal spiritual energy, they did their best to overcome the pressure from their opponent.

Ah’Bao’s external spiritual energy completely surpassed Long Haochen’s, but in that moment, he was the one with the warped expression.

Long Haochen gripped the Sword of Eternity with both hands as he hovered there without moving. He allowed Ah’Bao to push him as hard as possible, but Long Haochen did not press back. He only stared at Ah’Bao with glowing eyes, allowing their domains to clash.

Huang Shuo guarded himself against the assassin that could appear at any time as he watched Long Haochen and Ah’Bao’s battle. He could tell that although Ah’Bao had invoked a part of the Devil Dragon Pillar’s power, but his overall cultivation was still one step below Long Haochen’s. However, for some reason, Long Haochen did not seem to be using his full power.

The intense clash made Huang Shuo forget about the most important matter, which was the situation of his other imperial guards. However, he could not be blamed. After the Domain of Eternity and Devil God Domain had clashed, all of the spiritual energy in a range of several dozen kilometers was heavily disturbed. Even if he wanted to contact his clansmen, he would struggle, let alone the fact that an extremely powerful assassin currently lurked around him.

As Long Haoche and Ah’Bao began their battle, the imperial Black Dragon guard that was responsible for pursuing the Bright Glimmer of Hope was completely mobilised as well.
Out of them, the imperial guards that pursued Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi had it the easiest.

Yang Wenzhao rode a starlight unicorn which fled into the distance with its wings unfurled. It travelled as quickly as it could.

However, the starlight unicorn was still quite a lot slower than the Devil Dragons. Their distance grew closer and closer.

Chapter 809

The Devil Dragons were the greatest clan out of the demons. Every single member was powerful and coupled with the Demon God Emperor’s control over the entire Demon race, they were all haughty people.

After pursuing for a while, the two imperial guards discovered that Yang Wenzho’s cultivation was much weaker than they had thought it to be, because the starlight unicorn he rode was barely at the eighth step at most.

The strength of mounts would usually increase with the knight, unless they had chosen a low level mount in the first place. While it was very unlikely for starlight unicorns to reach the ninth step, powerful starlight unicorns would reach the peak of the eighth step once they reached adulthood, while Yang Wenzhao’s mount only appeared to have just reached the eighth step no matter what. This meant that it was virtually impossible for Yang Wenzhao’s cultivation to have reached the ninth step.

Not only were the imperial Black Dragon guard all ninth step powerhouses, their external spiritual energy had exceeded a hundred thousand as well. As the two imperial guards grew closer, they experienced more and more disdain. Was such a weak human worthy enough for them to take action together?

Yang Wenzhao glanced back at them. As he saw they get closer and closer to him, about to enter the range of attack, he seemed to become rather flustered. He urged the starlight unicorn to quickly descend. A forest just happened to be below.
You want to flee using the forest? The two imperial guards could not help but sneer viciously.

One of the imperial guards raised his right hand and a ball of pitch-black light landed in the forest first. The ball of light erupted around a hundred meters away from the forest and a black mist enveloped below. Immediately, large swathes of trees began to wither and corrode. It turned into a black mess which vanished.

As if alarmed, the starlight unicorn’s flight became rather unstable and suddenly fell downwards. The two imperial guards were confident that was what happened. They also sped up together, so they could quickly kill this human and report back.

The falling starlight unicorn suddenly flapped both of its wings when it was only fifty meters away from the ground. At the same time, Yang Wenzhao shone with golden light and channeled his spiritual energy into the starlight unicorn to help it stabilise their movement and regain their balance.

However, their speed was drastically affected with that. The two imperial guards quickly approached them. They did not even try to use their weapons. The left imperial guards waved his right hand and reached towards Yang Wenzhao. Immediately, a huge, black dragon claw appeared in the air, almost ten meters wide, directly extending towards Yang Wenzhao and his starlight unicorn.

Yang Wenzhao suddenly turned around. A heavy sword that shone with orange light appeared in his hands. Golden light was emitted like a mist, making him shine like a huge sun on the back of the starlight unicorn.

The Sacred Sun’s Brilliance.

This was a legacial technique that originated from the Divine Knight of Defence and Planning Yang Haohan.

The Sacred Sun’s Brilliance was extremely bright, which made the two imperial guards feel like they were being scorched alive and also blinded
them temporarily.

The two imperial guards had basically attacked Yang Wenzhao at the same time. However, the starlight unicorn under Yang Wenzhao suddenly retracted its wings and began to freefall once again, causing the two attacks to miss.

At the same time, six different colored specks of light silently emerged from six different directions from the forest below. The six streaks of light immediately merged into a huge magic array, enveloping the two blinded imperial guards.

The imperial Black Dragon guard really were the greatest force under the Demon God Emperor’s control. Having missed their attacks, they inmediately sensed something was wrong. They held hands and emitted an angry roar at the same time.

With a great dragon’s roar, two huge black dragons immediately coiled around them, protecting them. Before their vision had recovered, they had gone as far as to use their most powerful defensive technique and they had used it together. As a result, it was imaginable just how powerful the defence was.

Unfortunately, they were unclear about the opponent they faced.

Six figures immediately arrived from six different directions. The blue represented water, the red represented fire, the azure represented wind, the yellow represented earth, the black represented darkness and the gold represented light.

The six elements gathered. They were six powerful warriors with souls of powerhouses burning in their eyes.

This powerful technique that originated from the ancient times erupted in the next moment.

The six different lights immediately merged together, immediately erupting brightly through the six-coloured hexagram they had formed. The
six great powerhouses passed by just like the lines that formed the hexagram…

The creator of this array was the Holy Necromancr, Slumbering Calamity Elux. It was called the Poisonfeather of Elements.

In the moment the array had been activated, the six powerhouses vanished, while the six lines immediately joined together. When the final corner was formed, the outline of a six-sided star immediately surged into the air as a huge pillar of light, completely swallowing the two imperial guards.

It was already too late for the imperial guards to react now.

The protective black dragons were immediately dyed with six colours, before followed by their tough but still vulnerable bodies.

Yang Wenzhao saw the six-coloured, six-sided star rise into the body after stabilising himself and his heart began to palpitate. What a terrifying power! At the same time, he clenched his right hand firmly. Success.

He and Duan Yi had both been attempting to overcome the bottleneck to the ninth step recently. Borrowing the army to fight in several large scale battles, they could sense their breakthroughs were immediate. As he looked at the Poisonfeather of Elements in the sky, Yang Wenzhao felt like he had grasped the most important aspect of his breakthrough.

Duan Yi had basically experienced the same thing as Yang Wenzhao, except he did not have a starlight unicorn as a mount, which is why he fled more lowly. As a result, the only difference was that he had to use a shield to block an attack from an imperial guard. The attack made him spew with blood, but it did make him fall faster.

Six magicians met the two imperial guards. The mage version of the Poisonfeather of Elements were even more terrifying than the warrior version, because while it was weaker in strength, it could be launched from far away.
Also at the ninth step, the holy guards from the Tower of Eternity were not the imperial Black Dragon guard’s opponent in terms of physical toughness and weaponry. However, they completely possessed the upper hand in terms of battle experience, teamwork and elemental combination. Even if they fought against an imperial guard individually, it would be rather difficult for the imperial guard to kill them, let alone now when the six of them were ambushing just two imperial guards.

“Come! Chase me! Oh I’m so scared!” Lin Xin teased the two imperial guards behind him as he flew.

He was a mage. Although his flight speed was extraordinary, he still paled in comparison to the Devil Dragons who knew how to fly naturally. However, the two imperial guards were unable to catch up to him.

This was because a scorching, blue sun and condensed over Lin Xin’s head and fireballs constantly flew out. They did not seem powerful, but they could reach very far away, at least further than the Devil Dragons’ attack range. Their explosions were powerful and also gave off an extraordinary heat, such that the two imperial guards were absolutely pissed off by his provocation, but unable to close their distance.

A disparity of strength existed within the imperial Black Dragon guard. Perhaps Lin Xin was unlucky, but out of the two imperial guards that chased him, one was at the second rank of the ninth step, while the other was a domain wielding powerhouse at the third rank of the ninth step.
After these series of provocations, the two imperial guards were furious. The stronger imperial guard let out a roar at the sky and with a shudder,
he transformed into his natural form.

A huge, black dragon over thirty meters long appeared in the air. Purplish red light shone in his eyes. His companion immediately mounted the Devil Dragon and with a flap of its wings, the Devil Dragon charged at Lin Xin at full speed.
Pitch-black light expanded from his body the moment he began his charge, forming a huge, dragon form of a hundred meters long.

This was the iconic domain of the Devil Dragons, the Devil Dragon Domain. Over seventy percent of the Devil Dragons would comprehend this domain.

With the Devil Dragon Domain paving a path, Lin Xin’s Bursting Fireballs were completely nullified. They were unable to advance any further after blowing up on the domain.

Watching the enemy get closer, Lin Xin’s smile grew deeper, “Oh I’m so scared! Hmm? Something’s off. This brother’s got drugs. Brother’s not scared of sh*t!”

Two figures silently appeared behind Lin Xin and at the same time, Lin Xin tossed a pill into his mouth.

Afterwards, the two imperial dragons witnessed the most shocking scene in their lives.

The blue sun over Lin Xin’s head immediately swelled. In just a few seconds, it actually became a hundred meters across.

The scorching heat seemed to liquify the air through its distortion. Even the two Devil Dragons were unable to see Lin Xin anymore. They had no idea what he was doing, but in the next moment, a huge dragon’s head emerged from the huge, blue sun.

The dragon’s head was obviously blue. Just the head was actually as long as the Devil Dragon after using his domain.

If the dragon’s head was a hundred meters long, just how thick was it? It basically occupied the entire sun.

It looked at the Devil Dragons with its scorching gaze as they approached it. Blue flames roared wildly, as if the dragon had become infuriated by the Devil Dragon’s challenge.
The two imperial guards sensed something was off, while the one who had transformed into a Devil Dragon turned around in an attempt to flee.

However, a powerful suction ended all hopes of escape. The huge, blue dragon opened its mouth and sucked in, like a whale swallowing water.

Chapter 810

Countless tiny specks of white light immediately appeared in a range of five kilometers. They all came from the fire element in the surroundings, forming a strange sight. These tiny specks of light flowed towards the huge, blue dragon’s head as it inhaled.

They could not flee, but the Devil Dragons were still powerful. Seeing how the situation was against them, the other imperial guard also let out a furious roar and turned into a huge dragon. It flapped its wings desperately with its companion in attempt to break free from the blue dragon’s head’s control.

They did not even consider fighting back right now, because the aura from the blue dragon’s head had reached the sixth rank of the ninth step at the very least! It had completely exceeded what they coudl handle.

Under their combined efforts, the two Devil Dragons seem to escape from the suction force slowly. However, as they were trying to flee, they had their backs to the terrifying dragon’s head, which prevented them from seeing it grow brighter.

“Oh no!” The two imperial guards roared out at the same time. They could not see behind themselves, but they could sense the change in temperature!

Just as they were filled with horror, the terrifying suction force suddenly vanished, while the entire space there seemed to freeze up. Afterwards, a huge, blue fireball almost a hundred meters wide appeared behind the two imperial guards.
Who said the Fireball Technique was low level magic? Looking at its size and how dense it was…

The two Devil Dragon seemed like worms, swallowed up by the the ball of fire. The fireball continued onwards, before shooting upwards. After ascending by a thousand meters, it erupted with light even more brilliant than the sun, dyeing the entire sky blue.

The huge dragon’s head slowly withdrew and the Domain of the Sacred Sun vanished as well. Lin Xin and the two figures behind him reappeared in the sky.

Sensing the this fire element in the air, the two Eternal Heroes beside Lin Xin could not help to gasp. Even with their insight from several thousand years ago, they had never seen such a terrifying fireball. They had assissted Lin Xin in creating this fireball.

“Little Lin, your Sacred Sun Curse really is terrifying.” The two figures that appeared beside Lin Xin were the wind and water element mages from the Eternal Heroes. The speaker was the wind element mage who was passing his legacy onto Lin Xin.

Lin Xin sniggered, “Turns out it’s actually so fulfilling to be strong.
Thank you for allowing me to try this, seniors.”

The water element mage chuckled, “What I’m more curious about is why that Cojoined Spiritual Boosting Pill is even effective on undead mages like us.”

Lin Xin said proudly, “They all call me has-drugs bro. In terms of strength, I can’t be compared to boss and the others, but in terms of pill refining, I am the best. As long as there is spiritual energy, by Cojoined Spiritual Boosting Pill will be able to unleash its effects.”

The two Eternal Heroes were both powerhouses of the fifth rank of the ninth step. Under their combined amplification, Lin Xin was unable to withstand all of their power, but he forcefully increased his cultivation to a terrifying level of the seventh rank of the ninth step. Naturally, the Domain
of the Sacred Sun and the Sacred Sun Curse were drastically strengthened as well, which was why there had been such a terrifying sight earlier.

Eighteen Eternal Heroes, twelve holy guards, coupled with the nine from the Bright Glimmer of Hope and the Fairy Queen of Light Yating. Long Haochen’s forces were at least twice as powerful as Ah’Bao’s. Under these circumstances, would Ah’Bao and his vanguard have any chance against them?

The reason why the Bright Glimmer of Hope had shown up on the battlefield was to appear weak, so they could thin the opponents and defeat them individually. If it was an open battle, their opponents could flee if they discovered they were not strong enough! With the strength of the imperial Black Dragon guard, half of them could easily escape under those circumstances. However, Long Haochen’s objective was to annihilate them all. With every imperial guard dead, that was equivalent to chipping away a hundredth of the Devil Dragon Clan’s strength! Why would Long Haochen miss such a great opportunity?

Obviously it was not just the three groups that had taken action. Every single member of the Bright Glimmer of Hope who had been pursued by imperial guards fought and the battles all ended in an overwhelming vicotry.

The failure of the vanguard could not completely be blamed on Ah’Bao or Huang Shuo. How were they supposed to imagine that Long Haochen actually controlled such a great force?

According to the estimations of the demons, the humans did not have more than two hundred ninth step powerhouses and they needed to defent all six temples. The primary force in Long Haochen’s sudden attack this time was his Bright Glimmer of Hope. At most he would have a few ninth step powerhouses from the Knight Temple. However, the Knight Temple still needed to guard itself and they needed people in command when the army retreated, which was why Huang Shuo believed that even if Long Haochen had set up an ambush, it would not be too great of a threat to the imperial Black Dragon guard. At least, they would be able to retreat safely.
It had been six thousand years since the imperial Black Dragon guard had been founded and they were basically unstoppable on the Shengmo Dalu, such that Huang Shuo became slightly careless. How was it possible for him to know that Long Haochen had basically brought the strongest force the humans had to offer this time? Even if it was just the Bright Glimmer of Hope, Huang Shuo and his imperial guards may not have been able to defeat them.

With twelve holy guards and the entire Bright Glimmer of Hope, they were evenly matched in terms of numbers. If they fought and Long Haochen used his full strength, they woul definitely be able to defeat this vanguard army.

Not to mention, the most terrifying part of Long Haochen’s fore this time was actually the Eternal Heroes who had slumbered for thousands of years!

Out of the eighteen Eternal Heroes, two of them were at the seventh rank of the ninth step, while the rest were at the fifth rank or higher. Every single one of they were capable of Self Incarnating Domains. A force like this could turn the tides of any battle.

During the previous holy war, the Demon God Emperor had anticipated that the humans were hiding a powerful force but had never mobilised it. The force was so powerful that it even made the Demon God Emperor afraid. That was how terrifying the Eternal Heroes were.

Whether it was Xiao Huo or Shu Yongxiao, they were both powerful with age, but wise at the same time. During the battles before, they spent most of their time hiding behind the Bright Glimmer of Hope, such that even if they could report back to the Demon God Emperor, the demons would struggle to learn that such a powerful force was hidden on the battlefield.

Now, the true battle had arrived. It was also the first time in the Devil Dragon Clan’s history that they had suffered such horrible losses.

The Eternal Heroes could use the might of their cultivation to easily defeat the imperial Black Dragon guard in individual battles, so let alone now when they remained hidden, ready to launch any sneak attacks.
Coupled with the Bright Glimmer of Hope, how could they fail when they possessed an absolute advantage?

Ah’Bao and Long Haochen were locked in combat as their heavy swords continued to collie with one another.

Long Haochen looked at Ah’Bao coldly. He was in no hurry at all. The more power Ah’Bao erupted with, the power he would use to fend off Ah’Bao would increase accordingly.

As the Devil God Domain and Domain of Eternity clashed, they constantly distorted the light they produced, such that even Huang Shuo was unable to tell what was going on from a distance.

Ah’bao gritted his teeth firmly. His body even began to give off vigour.

Long Haochen was actually so powerful. He had already used his full strength, wuch that the Purple Dragon Sword of Startling Heaven in his hands constantly released terrifying, black bolts of lightning, ravaging Long Haochen’s defences after being amplified by the Devil Dragon Pillar. However, Long Haochen was unaffected. No matter how Ah’Bao strengthened his attacks, he was unable to defeat his opponent.

Just what did Long Haochen’s cultivation reach? Is it due to the strengthening from the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation?

I can’t lose no matter what. Ah’Bao’s obsession made him brutal. He suddenly bit down on the tip of his tongue and a mouthful of purplish blood sprayed onto the Purple Dragon Sword of Startling Heaven.

Immediately, the sword shone brightly with purplish red light, while Long Haochen’s pressure increased, watching the sword slowly press towards him. The Devil God Pillar behind Ah’Bao showed signs of condensing, while the huge Devil Dragon Pillar seemed like it was about to collapse, forcing back the Domain of Eternity gradually.

I have to win, regardless of the consequences. That was Ah’Bao’s only thought.
An advantage. I’ve finally gained an advantage. Sensing the Sword of Eternity being pressed back slowly, Ah’Bao rejoiced. He glanced at Long Haochen instinctively. What he hoped to see the most was Long Haochen panicking and despairing!

However, he was disappointed. All he saw was a pair of calm, golden eyes. They were terrifyingly calm, as if nothing in the world could disturb their calmness.

“It’s about time.” Ah’Bao’s heart immediately tightened when Long Haochen uttered something strange. It was also at this moment that he heard a strange sound.

Thump, thump… Ah’Bao suddenly heard a thunderous heartbeat. Before he could understand why, a completely overpowering strength appeared from Long Haochen’s Sword of Eternity. Afterwards, he was sent flying. He only stopped when he collided into the Devil Dragon Pillar.

Long Haochen remained where he was before, while the clash between the Domain of Eternity and Devil God Domain returned to how it was before, at a balance. However, Ah’Bao’s heart had completely sunken. He refused to admit this no matter what, but he understood he was not Long Haochen’s opponent.

He had unleashed his full strength using a method that would harm himself, yet he was still blown away by Long Haochen. He did not suffer any heavy physical injuries, but the mental impact was unrivalled. Looking at the calm Long Haochen, Ah’Bao experienced a multitude of emotions. He roared out suddenly and lifted the Purple Dragon Sword of Startling Heaven over his head, letting out another mouthful of purplish red blood.

“Your highness, you must not!” In the distance, Huang Shuo saw what had happened there when Ah’Bao was blown away by Long Haochen. His expression changed.

Just when he wanted to rush over and stop Ah’Bao, so he could fight Long Haochen with Ah’Bao, the blackness that had vanished for quite a
while appeared once again. This time, a golden figure appeared with it, one behind the other.
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