Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 791-800

Chapter 791

The same situation as before happened, and the attack this time was even heavier. With a dense, ear-piercing sound of collisions, Long Haochen was blown away once more, colliding into the wall. It was even the same place as before.

His body slid down slowly. This time, Long Haochen did not immediately stand up. Instead, he sat there without moving. Xiao Huo did not utter a single word, just standing there quietly once he landed on the ground gently. He maintained the same stance as before.

The Eternal Heroes looked at Long Haochen. They had already grown accustomed to loneliness, so this short wait was nothing.

The core array of the Knights’ Sacred Mountain.

Cai’er asked Yang Haohan softly, “Grandpa Yang, why isn’t there any news from Haochen? He just used the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. Will he be fine? These predecessors…”

Yang Haohan smiled, “Don’t worry. Haochen carries the sacred mountain insignia. No matter what, the predecessors can’t do anything to him. As for why he released the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation earlier, it might be because of the predecessors’ curiosity towards the divine throne. After all, this is the first time that we humans can use the power of this divine throne. If it were me instead, I would want to witness the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation as well. Don’t worry, just wait patiently. Don’t you believe in Haochen’s ability to deal with matters?”
Cai’er nodded and smiled sweetly, “I’ve been overthinking.”

As she said that, she just sat down where she stood and focused on cultivation. At the same time, she gathered her senses to observe all the changes in the surrounding spiritual energy.

Within the cavern, Long Haochen sat on the ground for a whole quarter of an hour. The cavern was extremely quiet. If it were not for Long Haochen’s Armour of Eternity and Xiao Huo’s liquid gold armor, the cavern would have been the same as before.

Suddenly, without any prior signs, Long Haochen leapt up from the ground, “Predecessor, I understand now.”

A golden light flashed through Xiao Huo’s eyes and he asked calmly,
“What do you understand?”

Long Haochen said, “It’s the domain. You used the power of your domain to destroy mine. It’s not that my domain is too weak, but rather you’ve made your domain stronger.”

Xiao Huo was currently covered in armour and he was a zombie as well, so it was obviously impossible for his countenance to change, “Speaking is useless. You have to be able to do it. Can you do it?”

Long Haochen said, “I want to try. Please give me guidance, predecessor.”

As he said that, he raised the swords in his hands once more. He looked at Xiao Huo in the distance and sucked in a deep breath. The Light God Domain slowly released from his body, but it was released very slowly. And, Long Haochen did not use the power of the Domain of Eternity from the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation this time. He only used the Light God Domain.

The clear, golden domain gradually became seven-coloured. Afterwards, it remained around thirty centimetres from him. A ball of light green light
appeared with golden colour before Long Haochen’s chest. Every single Eternal Hero in the surroundings could clearly hear his heartbeat.

The seven-coloured golden Light God Domain became hazy. Afterwards, it became illusory, while the amount released outside Long Haochen’s body became thinner and thinner, just like it was gradually being compressed into Long Haochen’s body.

Under the influence of the Light God Domain, the Armour of Eternity gradually became multicoloured and golden, while the illusory appearance grew stronger.

After clashing with Xiao Huo twice, Long Haochen used his great observation ability to finally understand something. At the same time, he learnt that Xiao Huo was not trying to test his strength when he wanted to spar with him. It was to impart him with some of his battle experience accumulated over several thousand years!

Why was Xiao Huo immune to the light element suppression from the Light God Domain, such that his domain’s power had even become useless? After the two failures, Long Haochen gradually found a reason, and that was a Self Incarnating Domain.

The fifth rank of the ninth step just happened to be when the Self Incarnating Domain could be used. Xiao Huo was teaching him how to truly use the power of the Self Incarnating Domain.

The Self Incarnating Domain was not just melding better with the domain. It was becoming whole with the domain when completely melding with it.

Xiao Huo’s domain definitely was not as great as Long Haochen’s Light God Domain, but he used his perfect fusion with his domain to turn his domain into his body and his body into his domain, which made up for the disparity between their domains. His domain had been completely drawn into his body. Long Haochen’s domain was powerful, but it also covered a large range. When they clashed, it would obviously become dispersed, while Xiao Huo’s domain was basically extremely condensed and refined.
Although Long Haochen’s domain did possess an advantage when they clashed, he was completely suppressed due to the size of his domain, which was why his domain was useless. What really happened was that within the range where the Light God Domain came into contact with Xiao Huo’s domain, the Light God Domain was being completely suppressed and rejected.

In the second clash, Long Haochen had fused his domain with the Domain of Eternity and had used the Divine Light Waltz as well, which strengthened his domain drastically. This time, even if Xiao Huo pushed his Self Incarnating Domain to the lit, he was unable to make the same thing happen where Long Haochen’s domain became useless. However, the Divine Light Waltz was still unable to overwhelm him. Using his perfect Self Incarnating Domain, he easily broke free from Long Haochen’s attack and sent Long Haochen flying once more.

Now, Long Haochen was trying to copy Xiao Huo’s state despite the unfamiliarity.

Although Xiao Huo was calm on the surface, he sighed in amazement inside that Long Haochen’s talent was just too great. In such a short about of time, he had managed to understand Xiao Huo was trying to impart to him. Xiao Huo had rarely seen such great talent before. Long Haochen was definitely a child worth guiding.

Xiao Huo even felt slightly jealous about Long Haochen’s protection from the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation.

Truly completing the fusion between person and doman was actually extremely dangerous. The slightest carelessness could result in injuries from the domain, or destroy the structure of the domain. When it was severe, it could even result in a decrease in cultivation.

However, Long Haochen was protected by the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, so he did not have to worry about this issue at all. He only needed to attempt the fusion, without any fear of any backlash at all. As a result, it was obviously much easier for him to achieve this compared to what Xiao Huo had to go through in the past.

Chapter 792

What Xiao Huo failed to understand that even without the Armour of Eternity, Long Haochen had no need to worry about this issue at all. He possessed the Light God physique in the first place, so from a certain perspective, his body could even be described as a ball of the most pure light element. Why would he receive a backlash from a light element domain?

The seven-coloured light on Long Haochen faded gradually. It was clearly rather difficult for him, such that his body shook gently. However, the light did not end up rebounding outwards, which demonstrated that Long Haochen’s control over the Self Incarnating Domain was very powerful. It was also a special characteristic of his powerful metal force.

Finally, when the final part of seven-coloured light vanished into his body, Long Haochen quivered and felt like he had been reborn.

In that moment, he felt like his power had grown at least ten times as great as before. His domain had completely become a part of his body, a part of his power. It was no longer just an ability. The domain was him and he was the domain. The two golden swords in his hands unknowingly shone with multicoloured golden light now, like divine tools.

“Senior, I…” Just when Long Haochen spoke, he was cut off by Xiao Huo.

“You still can’t beat me.”
The golden eye appeared once more. This time, it had appeared even faster than the previous two times. In the moment the golden eyes had opened up, Long Haochen only felt his chest grow heavy. Afterwards, he collided against the wall behind him once more. At the same time, the Armour of Eternity produced a loud hum and the three balls of light in his surroundings rapidly gathered in his chest. They shone with gentle light, stabilising the trembling of the Armour of Eternity.

What a terrifying power.

In that moment before, Long Haochen even felt like his Armour of Eternity was about to collapse. Of course, that was just a feeling. However, he had complete the Self Incarnating Domain, yet he was unable to stop Xiao Huo’s attack. This time, Long Haochen was completely at a loss.

“Do you think that one your cultivation reaches a certain level, techniques are no longer important?” Xiao Huo asked calmly.

Long Haochen climbed back onto his feet. As he regulated his body, he let out the air that gathered in his chest. Only then did he feel slightly better. He nodded instinctively, “After reaching the ninth step, the power of techniques is completely determined by personal strength. Even a weaker technique can be used with great power.”

Xiao Huo shook his head, “You’re wrong. Your understanding comes from having not truly come into contact with powerful technique. Truly powerful techniques manicure the power of the body perfectly, erupting with power beyond your cultivation. All you can say that the techniques you learnt before aren’t truly suitable for powerhouses of the ninth step, much less for beyond the fifth rank of the ninth step. However, that’s not your fault. After all, there are very few people among us humans who can reach the fifth rank of the ninth step and beyond.”

Long Haochen thought of something and asked, “Was the what you used earlier a powerful technique like that?

Xiao Huo nodded slightly, “The technique I just used is called the Eye of Brahm?. It’s the first move of my Three Moves of Brahm?. I’m old
now. This is what I created from thousands of years of constantly fumbling about, sensing the might of the world and the mysteries of heaven. If you’re interested, you’re welcome to learn it from me. If you can find another sword that is on the same level as the Sword of Eternity on your back, then I believe my Three Moves of Brahm? will be used to their greatest power in your hands. After all, I’m an undead now. In my hands, the Three Moves of Brahm? will only end up neglected.” Reaching the end, he seemed rather gloomy, but every powerhouse present could sense his confidence in the Three Moves of Brahm?.

Long Haochen was overjoyed. He knelt before Xiao Huo without hesitation and said, “Thank you, senior.”

He had personally experienced the power of the Eye of Brahm? and no matter how he studied it, he was unable to find its essence. The only way for him to block it was to use the Three Strikes of Eternity his Sword of Eternity offered.

However, from a certain aspect, the Three Strikes of Eternity were techniques that accompanied the equipment of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. It did not belong to Long Haochen. However, the Three Moves of Brahm? created by Xiao Huo were actually able to rival them, which only demonstrated how powerful they were.

And this was not as simple as just a technique. As the saying went, knowing one would grant knowledge in all. With Long Haochen’s talent for comprehension, learning the Three Moves of Brahm? would definitely bring immeasurable benefits to his future cultivation. Whether it was his usage of spiritual energy or domain, they would both increase by leaps and bounds.

As for finding two swords, indeed, it was probably impossible to find a second sword that could rival the quality of his Sword of Eternity in the entire world. However, he still had Haoyue! Haoyue had evolved to eight heads now. If it transformed into the Purplish Gold Haoyue Sword for Long Hoachen to use, it would probably rival the Sword of Eternity in terms of quality. Using the Three Moves of Brahm? with these two swords, Long
Hoachen seemed to be able to imagine his battle against the Demon God Emperor.

“Get up. Before I teach you the Three Moves of Brahm?, you should tell us why you’ve come.” Xiao Huo asked.

Long Haochen answered, “The Demon God Emperor discovered that I’m still alive, so it’s very likely for him to wage another holy war, and the demons will use their full strength this time. The Devil Dragons, Moon Demon Clan and Star Demon Clan will all be taking part. The Union has suffered greatly from the previous holy war, so our overall strength pales in comparison to the demons. As a result, we had a discussion and hoped we could ask you predecessors to assist us.”

With that, the eyes of all the Eternal Heroes there could not help but light up.

Shu Yongxiao murmured, “Are you finally going to use us?”

Long Haochen followed up, “Don’t worry, predecessors. We’ve already discussed that the union will rectify your names, so that everyone in the union will know about everything you have sacrificed for humanity.”

The effects of the magic film were better than expectations, which was why the union had more confidence in announcing what happened with the Eternal Heroes.

“There’s no need.” Xiao Huo said indifferently, “If we wanted fame, we wouldn’t have chosen to become undead and slumber for so long. After all these millenia, how can we not get over matters like this? It’s fine for us to fight, but please don’t announce our existence. We have our ways to hide our identities.”

Indeed, covered with golden armour and radiating with an aura of light, how did he seem like an undead at all?

Just when Long Haochen wanted to say something, Shu Yongxiao nodded, “Old man Xiao’s right. We don’t care about secular fame.

Chapter 793

Shu Yongxiao only uttered a single word and she stopped. She studied Long Haochen as ideas flashed through her blood-red eyes. Who knew what she was thinking.

“However what? Please tell me, senior,” Long Haochen said in a hurry.

Shu Yongxiao said, “In the recent years, we basically cut off our connection from the outside world in order to live longer, apart from when we listen to the news brought in by the Knight Temple every few decades. If we leave this time, it’ll probably be our swan-song. In the past few millennia, apart from slumbering, every single one of us have been comprehending and have developed some great techniques. We hope the union can select a group of outstanding young people for us, so we can pass down our abilities. They don’t need to accept us as their master, but their talent for comprehension must be high. They must be good natured as well. I don’t care about the others, but at least give me someone as good as you.”

“This…” Long Haochen pondered over it silently and said with some difficulty, “It’s good news to the union that the predecessors wish for their techniques to be passed down. I fully support that. However, finding someone like me will be rather difficult.”

Long Haochen was not being overconfident. In terms of talent, was there a single person in the Temple Union that could match his? His natural internal spiritual energy was a hundred and twenty. He possessed the Light God physique.
Xiao Huo chuckled, “Child, you’ve been hand. Your little girlfriend that you mentioned earlier has clearly caught Yongxiao’s eye. She afraid that someone else will take her, which is why she mentioned it in a hurry. She’s the first temple head of the Assassin Temple.”

Only then did Long Haochen understand. He scratched his head, “Cai’er definitely won’t have a problem with that. She’ll be very willing to learn from you.”

Shu Yongxiao turned around to the Eternal Heroes and giggled, “Do you hear me? None of you are allowed to steal from me. Even without considering her talent, just her character has convinced me. She’s mine.”

“Little Long, you can’t favour others like this!” Another old voice rang out. An old man took a few steps forward and said, “Old man Xiao and temple head Shu have already taken away the best ones. My conditions aren’t very tough. I just want a successor from that Bright Glimmer of Hope demon hunt squad you mentioned.”

Just when Long Haochen was about to agree, the other Eternal Heroes in the surroundings basically surged forth together, surrounding him completely. The predecessors who had been so composed earlier were now frantic. They babbled all sorts of things, targeting their Bright Glimmer of Hope.

It was not a surprise why the Eternal Heroes would be like this. They knew they would not have much time left in this world. If they could pass on their life’s work, then they would basically be living on in a different form. Not to mention, it was normally always easier to find a powerful master than an outstanding disciple! Long Haochen had already mentioned it earlier. Even the oldest from his Bright Glimmer of Hope was in the early thirties, with their lowest cultivation being at the peak of the eighth step. Eight of them were at the ninth step and half of them were powerhouses with domains.

Where were they supposed to look for geniuses like that? Even if they searched the entire union, they would probably struggle to find people like that. Xiao Huo’s actions immediately made them all remember this. Shu
Yongxiao reacted the fastest, while the others were not slow either! Although the Eternal Heroes followed Xiao Huo and Shu Yongxiao, none of them would let up when it came to finding a disciple. Not only did they surround Long Haochen completely, just from how emotional they became, they seemed like they were about to start fighting.

“Seniors, seniors, please listen to me.” Seeing how the situation was losing control, Long Haochen said loudly in a hurry. At the same time, the Armour of Eternity on his shone with white light, allowing the Eternal Heroes to settle down slightly in the special pulses of spiritual energy.

The Eternal Heroes temporarily settled down, but their burning gazes all gathered on Long Haochen, waiting for him to give them an agreeable plan.

Long Haochen said sincerely, “Predecessors, I can understand how you feel. Please don’t worry. Perhaps we’re about to determine victory between humans and the demons, the union has gained many outstanding young geniuses recently. Don’t worry, predecessors. I can promise you that I can find a hundred disciples to inherit your teachings that are below forty years of age and above the eighth step in cultivation. Our Bright Glimmer of Hope will be included as well. As for how you choose in the end, I think it should be up to you. You can draw straws as to who goes first. However, I can’t tell you the abilities of these disciples before you choose. They’ll only be divided by their vocations. Whoever draws the straw can pick a satisfying disciple first, until everyone is chosen. How about that?”

These Eternal Heroes were all powerhouses of the ninth step when they were still alive. Apart from Xiao Huo and Shu Yongxiao who were the strongest, the others all possessed roughly the same cultivation. They also knew that if they really did start fighting, it end up as a mess. None of them would be able to convince each other. Long Haochen’s idea was reasonably fair. Everyone agreed to it by nodding and finally, they had resolved the chaos.

Long Haochen then said, “Since the predecessors have agreed to leave with ,e, do you have any particular requests, so I can arrange them for you?”
The Eternal Heroes had stayed here for several thousand years after all. He did not know whether they would be accustomed to the outside environment, or if they needed anything, which was why he asked.

Shu Yongxiao said, “Don’t worry, we’re not that week. Just prepare a great big cloak for everyone and that’ll be enough. As for our identities, you can just say that we’re your personal guards.”

Long Haochen said in a hurry, “How can I do just that?

Xiao Huo raised his hand to interrupt him, “Just do that. We’ve existed for over six millenia now. We don’t care about fame anymore. We just want to achieve our objectives. However, we’re still grateful that you have thought for us and wanted to rectify our names. As long as you lead the union, repel the demons and reclaim our human world, we will be satisfied. That is also our only request. We can finally see that hope in that from you.”

Long Haochen said, “Predecessors, you’re making me feel embarrassed.”

Xiao Huo chuckled, “There’s no need to be modest. If you were limited to the strength you used against me earlier, then how would you still be able to become the chairman of the union? In the past, I had personally witnessed the might of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. You probably haven’t even pushed your domain to the limit. Go out and prepare first. Once we leave, I’ll stay by your side for a while, until you completely learn the Three Moves of Brahm?.”

“Yes,” Long Haochen replied politely.

Shu Yongxiao said, “Hold on, little Long. You still need to understand the overall strength of theses sixty-three old hags, so you make arrangements for the battle against the demons. Old man Xiao and I are at the seventh rank of the ninth step, with sixteen at the fifth rank or higher. The rest was all beyond the third rank. Just bear that in mind.”
Long Haochen was truly shocked. Sixty-three powerhouses beyond the third rank of the ninth step. Even the entire union might not have been able to gather that! Not to mention, sixteen of them were beyond the fifth rank and there were two at the seventh rank. This force could nullify the threat of the strongest demons, the devil dragons, at the very least. In other words, with the support of the Eternal Heroes, not only did it give confidence to humanity against the demons, it increased their chances at victory by twenty percent at the very least.

Long Haochen left the cavern, took back the sacred mountain insignia and returned to where the teleportation array was.

As soon as he had emerged, Cai’er immedaitely roused from her state of cultivation. Long Haochen had just faced against a group of ninth step powerhouses, so it would be strange if she really could settle down to cultivate. She did not meditate at all. She only relaxed when she saw Long Haochen return in perfect shape.

Long Haochen gave a simple explanation of what he went through. Yang Haohan could not help but beam with joy. Long Haochen had benefited tremendously this time. Not only did he gain the recognition of the eternal heroes who had also agree to fight, there was also the good news of the Eternal Heroes being willing to pass on their techniques.

Long Haochen did not know the vocations of the Eternal Heroes, but Yang Haohan did! Among the sixty-three Eternal Heroes, a third of them were knights. Although it would be difficult to find powerhouses below the age of forty with cultivations beyond the eighth step, they still should have been able to gather enough people since the Knight Temple was the leaders of the six temples. Just the Bright Glimmer of Hope possessed five knights. Coupled with Li Xin and the other excellent young knights, there would be no problem in allocating the techniques of the Eternal Heroes. The five other temples would not be missing out, so everyone would obviously benefit, albeit not as much for the five other temples.

Yang Haohan left Long Haochen to wait on the Knights’ Sacred Mountain. He returned back to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass as
quickly as he could and in just a short while, he returned with new clothes and cloaks.

The clothes were all knit from the best silk. Not only was it tough, it was cool in summer and warm in winter, best for maintaining body temperature. The cloaks were the same. The clothes and cloaks were all lined with golden threads. It was not obvious there, but it would shine faintly with a golden light in the sun. It gave off a luxurious feeling, while maintaining a low profile as well.

Long Haochen entered the cavern once more with these clothes and cloaks. He handed them to the Eternal Heroes. Only then did the sixty-three powerhouses leave with him, leaving the cave after four waves of teleportations.

Standing in the centre of the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, all of the Eternal Heroes thought to themselves silently. When they sensed the dense light element and the unfamiliar brightness, they experienced many emotions.

Having slumbered for thousands of years, they were finally leaving and this time, it was very likely that they would not be returning here. Even though they had slept for thousands of years, it was impossible for them to not have changed, even if just slightly.

Chapter 794

Xiao Huo told Long Haochen that they needed some time to grow accustomed to the outside air and elements, so they decided to stay on the Knights’ Sacred Mountain for three days. They would meet up with Long Haochen at the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass after those three days.

The demon army could be mobilised at any time. As the chairman of the union, he could not afford to continue to wait here. They had yet to come up with a plan against the demons, so he needed to head back immediately and decide.

“Old man Xiao, this is the situation. Currently, we are unable to predict where the demons will attack. If the demons focus on a single point this time, not only will it be very difficult for us to stop them, we can’t predict where the demons will appear either. I need to head back as soon as possible. The demons will be using their full strength this time. Most of our spies among the demons have been cleared out, so the information that we can receive is extremely limited as well.” Under Xiao Huo’s request, Long Haochen no longer referred to him as predecessor, but as old man Xiao.

Hearing what he said, Xiao Huo thought about it for a while, before saying, “The issue you speak of is very severe. If you can’t make preparations, any fort of the union will collapse against the demon army lead by over fifty demon gods. However, I think your thinking is flawed.”

“Huh?” Long Haochen looked at Xiao Huo in surprise, “Please give me guidance, old man Xiao.”
Although Xiao Huo had slept for thousands of years, he was still the first temple head of the Knight Temple after all. In the final, critical moment when the humans were about to collapse against the demons, he and the other temple heads had worked together and created the temple alliance against the demons, even protecting the last area of survival for the humans. That was how outstanding he was in the past. In terms of battle experience, even ten Long Haochens would not be able to compare to this predecessor!

Xiao Huo said, “The flaw in your thinking is about the word defence. If you think of it another way, you might understand. That’s right, it’s very difficult for us to stop the demons with pure defence. Even if we know the movements of the demons, everyone’s army is flexible, so what if they suddenly change their path of attack? Or what if they suddenly split up? How would we defend? The union would only exhaust itself by running around reactively. In a situation like that, we’ve already fallen into the pace of the demons before the battle has even begun. It’s basically losing half the war. Do you know why the demons have never attacked us with their full force?”

After pausing slightly, Xiao Huo said coldly, “That’s because the demons are reluctant to destroying us completely. Back then, if the demons really wanted to make us extinct, we still wouldn’t be able to stand up to the demons even after forming the temple alliance and gathering the final powers of the humans. A major reason why we were able to survive in the end was not because of our strength, but because the demons spared us.”

“The demons are actually afraid of completely eradicating us humans from this world. They aren’t even willing to conquer us completely. That’s due to the nature of the demons.”

Long Haochen listened to Xiao Huo very closely. This predecessor had gone through everything that happened when the demons first appeared on the Shengmo Dalu. He even personally fought against the demon army back then, so his experiences were just too precious to Long Haochen.

“Space ripped open and the seventy-two Demon God Pillars descended, bringing a terrifying pestilence to our Shengmo Dalu. Back then, the
humans had just finished their war against the Slumbering Calamity Elux two centuries prior. Due to how terrifying the undead was, over a quarter of the continent was occupied by undead, which were gradually being cleaned up by us, so the continent would be complete once more. Back then, not only were the humans nowhere close to recovering from the war, two countries were making a scramble for territory as well.”

“The seventy-two Demon God Pillars only descended in one of the countries, without reaching the other country. Due to Elux, the Glorious Church had been greatly weakened. As a result, the continent lacked a unified voice. It must be said that this was one of the disasters Elux had caused from mankind. Out of the three empires, he completely destroyed one, crippled another and almost destroyed the Glorious Church. That was why the demons had their chance!”

“The seventy-two Demon God Pillars had descended in the country that was almost perfectly fine. Although they had also been affected by the Slumbering Calamity, their strength was still mostly unaffected. At that time, this country attacked the crippled country out of wild ambition, in attempt to conquer it and thus unite the continent. Under these circumstances, the weaker country even believed the descent of the seventy-two Demon God Pillars was a blessing from heaven for them. As a result, how was it possible for the two empires to work together?”

“Even the stronger country where the Demon God Pillars had descended in did not take these pillars seriously at the very beginning. Only when the pestilence spread at a terrifying rate with various races rapidly demonifying, attacking and claiming cities, did they realise something was off, but it was too late. By then, the terrifying powers of the seventy-two Demon God Pillars were completely unleashed. Coupled with the weaker country adding insult to injury, they took advantage of this situation and fought back with full force. In other words, humans basically destroyed itself. Faced with attacks from both inside and out, the most powerful human empire at that time was forcefully destroyed. By the time the weaker country had discovered the horror of the demons, it was all too late. The demons had already grown in power, not only claiming
all of the territory of the stronger empire, but also launching attacks against the weaker country.”

Even after several thousand years, Xiao Huo mentioned this like he was in great pain, “And at such an important time, a fissure appeared in the weaker country, with two factions blaming each other for matters, causing the country to split in such a crucial time. Under the attacks of the demons, the countries gradually declined and suffered deaths. It was only at this time did one of them become alarmed, gathering all of the existing powerhouses of humanity to unite against the outsiders, separating themselves from the prejudice based off country. They were able to dodge the influence of a desire of authority, forming the six temples against the demons.”

“There were two reasons why the demons spared the humans in the end. Firstly, the pestilence brought on by the seventy-two Demon God Pillars could not be sustained, failing to infect even more races and turning into demons. As a result, the demons’ total force was limited, which also made the Demon God Emperor realise that if they kept fighting, the population of demons would rapidly decline. The other reason, which was also the reason why the demons did not continue attacking us with their full force despite clearly possessing an absolute advantage, was because of the demons’ natural inability for production.”

“Basically every clan among the demons is a born warrior. They are born with great battle prowess. However, they aren’t skilled in producing food or tools. This was the factor that determined that while they could possess an upper hand in war, once the battle ended and the humans were rendered extinct, the demons would gradually die off on the Shengmo Dalu as well. The demon population that would be able to survive would be very small and they would have to rely on nature to provide them food.”

“Think about it. As a wise ruler, would the Demon God Emperor do something like cutting off the reason for their survival? They actually let us survive to rear us, and then plunder us through small-scale conflict, or even engage in trade, while also developing themselves and finding a way
to survive on this continent. That was the reason why us humans were able to survive.”

“Fortunately, in the past six thousand years, the demons still haven’t found a way to sustain themselves independently, which was why we still haven’t gone extinct. Otherwise, do you really think the demons would be nice enough to let us survive?”

Xiao Huo’s words seemed to open up a gate for Long Haochen, allowing him to see the reason of many matters. No wonder the demons would attack everywhere when they fought the holy war, as well as waste away their personal strength and population as well as the humans’. However, they would always end the war in an anticlimactic manner. As it turned out, they never planned on destroying mankind!

“The demons are about to this full-blown war mainly to deal with you, because you have the ability to destroy Demon God Pillars, which makes the demons afraid. They’re most afraid of their foundations being shaken. Two Demon God Pillars isn’t a lot, but it’s an extremely bad beginning. Otherwise, the Demon God Emperor wouldn’t be so persistent in killing you. However, what I am ceratin about is even if the demons successfully make it into the union, they won’t destroy everything in there. They might even retreat in the end. Of course, you won’t be able to avoid this calamity. You’ll be harvested like mature wheat.”

Xiao Huo analysed it completely and clearly. If it were not for the fact that Long Haochen was aware he had been slumbering in the cavern the entire time, he probably would have believed he was the wisest elder of the Temple Union.

Reaching there, Xiao Huo paused and a golden light flashed through his eyes. He said sternly, “We need to stop this calamity. Once we suffer great losses again, everything we’ve built up over the several thousand years would go to waste. We’d be rounded up and reared once more. We might never be able to overthrow the demons again. As a result, we can’t let the demons make it into the union no matter what. I’ve said earlier that the issue with your thinking is with regards to defence. If you think about it
the other way and attack instead, how would we face against the demons?”

“Attack?” Long Haochen like he was just enlightened. He immediately gained inspiration. Although it was blurry, he seemed to have grasped something.

Chapter 795

Xiao Huo nodded, “That’s right. Attack. We will definitely suffer greatly if we just defend reactively. The demons will be able to do whatever they want to us. However, if we move the battlefield to the territory of the demons, we might even be able to break the battle up into parts, where we launch a holy war against the demons from multiple locations. I’d like to see how the Demon God Emperor responds. Will he be able to ignore us? Definitely not. What he’s most afraid of is having his foundations shaken. When that happens, wouldn’t it be them who are lead around by us, instead of us who have to respond to them. Are the demons the only ones who know who to destroy? Haven’t the demons always stationed many troops near our six forst? We’ll start with those bases. Let’s see who’s more vicious.”

Yang Haohan hesitated on one side, “But, in an open battle, can we defeat the humans? In the past, we’ve always relied on the defences of the fort to barely repel the demons’ attacks!”

Xiao Huo snorted, “You’ve locked yourself in. It’s already been six thousand years, so how is your thinking still so inflexible? Do you think the defences of the forts will achieve anything before the Devil Dragons lead by the Demon God Emperor? Against true powerhouses with armies based off the ninth step, forts will only serve as a cage that will limit our strength. Moreover, I never said we had to engage in an open battle against the demons on flat land.”

“I understand. Thank you, old man Xiao.” An idea flashed through Long Haochen’s eyes. He completely understood what old man Xiao was trying to say.
Since the war was unavoidable, they needed the initiative. Whoever has the greater initiative would face fewer issues on the battlefield and even more opportunities would likely present themselves. Pure defence, which was also futile defence, would only end in a tragedy.

The most critical question that had always troubled him was finally answered, which overjoyed Long Haochen. He no longer wasted any time, immediately heading back to the Dragon Resisting Mountain pass. He wanted to mention old man Xiao’s idea in the meeting as soon as possible. If everyone agreed to it, then they could begin immediately.

The demons definitely would not spend too much time preparing for this holy war. Even if they wanted to unleash their full force, they would not take longer than a month.

Cai’er did not return to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass with Long Haochen. She directly gave her voting right to Long Haochen. It was not that she did not want to leave, but that Shu Yongxiao refused to let her leave!

After seeing Cai’er, Shu Yongxiao took a great liking of her. Although the Eternal Heroes were rather fearful of Cai’er’s aura of purification as undead, Shu Yongxiao believed Cai’er’s talent was no worse than Long Haochen’s after a conversation.

Perhaps Cai’er could not match Long Haochen in terms of natural internal spiritual energy, but as the Saint Daughter of Samsara, she was outstanding as well, the most excellent assassin. Cai’er had begun cultivating since young, so her foundation was even firmer than Long Haochen’s. As a result, Shu Yongxiao had her stay behind so she could pass on her techniques to Cai’er eagerly. What made Long Haochen even more unsure as to how to react was that this predecessor who had lived for over six thousand years wanted Cai’er to call her sister Shu. Long Haochen was afraid to even think about how distorted the idea of seniority became by doing that.

Compared to Long Haochen, Yang Haohan was in a great mood. Long Haochen, Cai’er and the Eternal Heroes were becoming well-integrated.
With over sixty great powerhouses, they could had firmly become a great support for the union. He could imagine the benefits they would bring to the holy war.

Returning to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, Long Haochen did not rest for a single moment. He immediately gathered the members for a meeting, mentioning Xiao Huo’s suggestion.

“…Old man Xiao’s suggestion basically opened a whole new option for me. He let me see the hope of completely destroying the demons through the holy war this time. In reality, we’ve always been using this tactic against the demons, which were the demon hunt squads. However, the demon hunt squads were just on too small of a scale. They’re insignificant compared to just how large the demons are. Since the Demon God Emperor wants to lead a great army here, it’s pointless for us to just guard our forts. As a result, I completely agree with old man Xiao’s suggestion. We need to launch a counterattack before the Demon God Emperor arrives and push the battlefield into the territory of the demons.”

Li Zhengzhi nodded and said, “This suggestion has come at the perfect time. I agree. Not only will be able to take the initiative like this, we can force the Demon God Emperor to follow us around. When that happens, even if we’re not their opponents, we can still retreat back to our forts against the demons. The main force of the demons will attack as we have imagined them to.”

Long Tianyin nodded, “I agree as well. The Demon God Emperor definitely won’t be expecting us to attack first. We’ve waited for too long for this day of counterattack. Let’s go all out with it. The demons do indeed pose a great threat to us now that they’ve mobilised all their forces this time, but if we can defeat their main force, then this will be the radical battle that releases us from this age of darkness.”

After embarrassing him in the previous meeting. Long Haochen had completely consolidated his authority as chairman. In the next few meetings, Long Tianyin stayed silent, before gradually turning back to normal as well. Someone as clever as Li Zhengzhi could obviously tell that the grandfather-grandson duo had put on an act, but there was nothing he
could do. Long Haochen had already established his authority, while the Knights’ Temple already had six holy knights. Its status would not be shaken just from rebuking Long Tianyin once. As a result, the Knights’ Temple was still the one who benefited the most within the union from this.

Although Li Zhengzhi still felt rather unwilling to accept this, he was forced to accept this due to the situation. Not to mention, the demon army was about to arrive. Currently, all they could do was stand together against a common enemy. How could they afford to think about authority?

Not everyone supported this suggestion of attacking. The Priest Temple objected, and so did a few members from the Warrior Temple.

The meeting was fair. The decision would be made at the end during the voting process. The powerful influence of the Bright Glimmer of Hope would not waver from just a few objections.

The results of the voting was that more than two-thirds of the members supported this battle tactic. The war of historic significance between the Temple Union and the demons finally was about to start.

With a battle tactic decided, they needed to pin down the exact details. After a series of discussions, they decided to launch attacks from all fronts, as well as an attack to pierce the lines of the demons.

The six temples quickly mobilised their troops, combining the power of the six vocations. Every temple split its forces into five, sending them to the five other temples, which allowed them to arrange armies with people from all vocations. After the arrangements at each fort were complete, they were commanded by the respective temple. Time no longer allowed them to properly integrate together. After the vocations were spread evenly, the six temples launched an attack against the demon army stationed outside the forts as soon as possible, thus declaring a start to the holy war. They took the initiative to bring the flames of war to the demons.

There were advantages and disadvantages to gathering fifty-four demon gods in Modu for meetings. At least, there were no demon gods among the
six demon armies stationed outside the six great forts. Clearly, the demons had never considered the humans would attack first.

Once the holy war completely began, there would also be a point of breach. This would also serve as the point that would truly keep the main forces of the demon army busy. The army responsible for this breach was the first and second armies of the union that had completely integrated with each other, which would be personally lead by Long Haochen with the Bright Glimmer of Hope. At the same time, the union would place all of the demon hunt squads that had returned under Long Haochen’s command.

Their objective would be to pierce deep into the demons like a sharp blade and deal a heavy blow to them.

Of course, this army would not wage war blindly. Firstly, they needed to avoid Modu as much as possible. At the same time, eighteen of the sixty- three Eternal Heroes would accompany the army, as well as the entire Bright Glimmer of Hope. These Eternal Heroes would include Xiao Huo and Shu Yongxiao, as well as the sixteen powerhouses who had surpassed the fifth rank of the ninth step.

This army would even surpassed the Devil Dragons in terms of strength. And, although it would be tasked with penetration, it would not penetrate too deeply into the lines of the demons. The army would also be flexible, able to retreat at any time. With their destructive ability, they would definitely be able to keep the main forces of the demons led by the Demon God Emperor busy. The Demon God Emperor would be afraid of Long Haochen wreaking havoc among the demons with the army! Not to mention, his target was Long Haochen in the first place.

Aside from the Eternal Heroes that had followed Long Haochen, the other forty-five would be split up into five groups and sent to the Assassin Temple, Mage Temple, Warrior Temple, Spiritual Temple and Priest Temple.

The Knight Temple would not be allocated any Eternal Heroes, because the army led by Long Haochen would set off from the Dragon Resisting
Mountain Pass. At the same time, they would also retreat to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass in the end, so they had sufficient strength there.

The five simultaneous attacks of the five other temples would only have one objective, which would be to force the Demon God Emperor to separate his forces, so he would not have all of his forces by his side. This would reduce the pressure that Long Haochen’s side faced.

As long as they could determine the position of the Demon God Emperor’s main force, then the Temple Union would be able to follow up with their next strategy.

The demons were already using their full strength, so how could the Temple Union keep holding back? They were already prepared to throw some mysterious powers and useful treasures into this war.

With the plan complete, they had to follow through with it as quickly as possible. If someone was able to look over the entire territory of the Temple Union, they would discover traces of huge armies being mobilised around all of the boundaries. Every temple had split its forces into five, sent to other temples. The orders and true intention of the battles would be kept strictly secret.

When the six temples mobilised their new armies, Long Haochen’s army had already set off from the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass using the night, rushing towards the demon army stationed fifty kilometers away like an unleashed tiger.

Chapter 796

The army lead by Long Haochen only amounted to fourteen thousand people. That’s right, only fourteen thousand. This was because he had only brought all the people with vocations from the two armies. He did not bring any regular troops.

The composition of the first and second armies of the union were the same. They were composed of four thousand warriors, a thousand knights, five hundred assassins, mages, summoners and priests. Each army was also accompanied with over forty thousand regular soldiers of various types, forming two fifty-thousand-man armies.

As the blade that would penetrate into the demons, regular soldiers would nowhere near enough, and they would heavily hinder the speed of the army. As a result, the people who actually took part in this attack were only around the fourteen thousand people from the temples. These people were all assigned the same mounts regardless of their vocation.

There were not many mages, summors and priests who knew how to ride horses, but they had vocations after all, so their body constitutions was much greater than ordinary people. It only took them a while to learn how to ride horses.

Originally, as this army was the first army created after the founding of the union, the temples had all chosen elites for this army. They included parts of the Brilliant Knight Regiment.

All of the warriors were above the fourth step, while the powerhouses from the five other temples were all above the sixth step. Although they
amounted only a little more than ten thousand, with a majority being warriors, these people were the elites of the elites from the six temples.

Night descended. The army left the mountain pass from behind, before looping around. They slowly approached the demon army camps from the south.

The effects of using powerhouses in war was completely demonstrated at a time like that. With over fourteen thousand people all riding horses, it covered up quite a large area, but just Long Hoachen alone managed to envelope them with his powerful mental force. There was no scouting magic that could discover even the slightest trace of their presence under the Long Haochen’s mental force, unless the person who used the scouting magic had mental force greater than Long Haochen’s.

Xiao Huo accompanied Long Haochen. He rode a large, tall horse, while below Long Haochen was the holy unicorn Star King. To Long Haochen’s left was Cai’er and behind him was Yating. In order to conceal her dense spiritual energy as a Fairy Queen of Light, Yating was forced to wear a set of magic robes that could conceal her element.

She was different from Long Haochen. Not only was her personal light element pure, she was also a fairy that was intimate with nature, so the light element would naturally become intimate with her. As a result, no matter when it was, she would automatically shine with golden light. She could not even control that herself. Unless she was in an environment without any light element, she would continue to glow.

The other members of the Bright Glimmer of Light were beside him as well, but every single one of them had an Eternal Hero beside them as well.

Without a doubt, there was a correlation between insight and cultivation. All of the Eternal Heroes who had chosen members of the Bright Glimmer of Hope as their successors had cultivations beyond the fifth rank of the ninth step.

Currently, the happiest was Ling Xin, because beside him was a valiant female knight on a rose unicorn.
When the first and second armies of the union were created, Li Xin had been sent over by the Knight Temple. The two armies had been sent to the front lines, so she obviously came as well. Li Xin was only around thirty years of age, but she seemed more like in her twenties. She was obviously a popular choice among the Eternal Heroes. The person who had chosen her was also a female knight, who currently rode alongside her. She would smile and converse with Li Xin from time to time. If it were not for the prior knowledge, it would be impossible to guess that she was an undead knight.

Ever since the Eternal Heroes returned, Long Haochen felt more and more admiration for these predecessors. None of the issues that the union worried about had happened. As the Eternal Heroes had stated that they wanted to pass along their techniques and choose successors from the six temples, they immediately became closer to the temples. They were assigned to the five other temples with their great strength. Coupled with the fact that they would definitely be choosing their disciples from the group of people prepared by the six temples, the upper echelon of the temples welcomed them warmly as valued guests.

Not a single temple could gather nine powerhouses that had exceeded the third rank of the ninth step! With the presence of these predecessors, it was equivalent to reassuring them completely. As a result, the Eternal Heroes were perfectly integrated into the system of the Temple Union.

“Cai’er,” Shu Yongxiao said to Cai’er from beside her.

“Sister Shu,” Cai’er smiled at her. Compared to Long Haochen, Cai’er was not as constrained and polite before these predecessors. Instead, she acted more natural. Apart from the colour of her eyes and her aura, Shu Yongxiao was a person of great beauty. Even though Cai’er’s power of purification would surge whenever it sensed the aura of undead beside her, her control over her powers had become rather great with the drastic increase in her cultivation in the world of black and red. Shu Yongxiao had also taught her the ability of the Self Incarnating Domain like what Xiao Huo had taught Long Haochen. She was much more skilled in terms of attack than Long Haochen.
“When the battle begins, follow me. Shadow me. You don’t need to fight. You just need to pay attention to my attacks.” Shu Yongxiao said to Cai’er extremely tenderly, such that even the other Eternal Heroes found it rather uncomfortable. With their understanding of the first temple head of the Assassin Temple, they knew Shu Yongxiao took an extremely great liking to Cai’er.

“Alright,” Cai’er immediately agreed to the suggestion without any hesitation. Of course she could sense how much Shu Yongxiao liked her. She also liked this sister Shu very much. Although it had only been seven or eight days since they had met, Shu Yongxiao had already taught her many things, strengthening her battle prowess one step further.

As they drew closer and closer to the camps of the demons, Long Haochen raised his hand to signal the army to stop.

“Follow my command. Dismount and leave five hundred warriors to watch the horses. Everyone else, maintain your formations and attack with me.”

They really were people with vocations. Long Haochen’s command reached the entire army very quickly and aside from the knights, all the other members had dismounted, leaving their horses where they were without creating any noise at all. Aside from the knights, the other vocations were not particularly skilled in battle on horseback. The horses were just for travelling. In actual battle, they would be more familiar with fighting on foot.

Two thousand knights stood at the front, with the priests behind them. The mages and summoners were slightly further back. They were surrounded by warriors to the left, right and back. Assassins moved about outside the army. They slowly advanced while maintaining this perfect formation.

Long Haochen specially had Han Yu stay behind. Of course it was not to watch the horses. Instead, it was to use the mental force of the Demonic Eye Tyrant to disturb the scouting magic from the demons, to prevent these
horses and the warriors from being discovered. At the same time, they could avoid any accidents as Han Yu would be there.

There were over two hundred thousand demons stationed outside the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. During the holy war five years ago, it had even reached as much as a million. However, the environment there was horrible, so in the end, only the defined demons stayed behind. It was very difficult for weaker demons to survive there.

As a result, the demon army outside the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass could be described as the strongest for any of the size forts. They were all above the fourth step.

That demonstrated how powerful the demons were. It would take the entire union to gather two hundred thousand powerhouses above the fourth step. This was also the important reason why the Temple Union had always been afraid of open battles against the demons.

However, with the addition of the Eternal Heroes, the peak strength of the Temple Union no longer paled in comparison to the demons. They were launching a sneak attack as well under the lead of Long Haochen and the other peak powerhouses, which was they they were confident in dealing with a demon army that mounted to two hundred thousand people with just a little more than ten thousand people.

They grew closer and closer to the demon army. They could already see the camps of the army.

They could not get any closer. Although it was cold near the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass and the visibility at night time was very low, the demon watchtowers would be able to spot them getting closer.

Long Haochen said sternly, “Stop. Everyone prepare for battle. Lin Xin.”

“Boss,” Lin Xin arrived next to Long Haochen quickly.
Long Haochen asked, “with the overall strength of the mages, how much closer do we need to get before they can fight?”

Lin Xin answered immediately, “We’re around for kilometers from the demons. We need to be at least one and a half kilometers from them for the mages to use large scale magic. If you want to maximize the damage, then we need to be five hundred meters away.”

Long Haochen nodded, “Alright, I understand. Everyone gather over.”

The Bright Glimmer of Hope were the commanders of this penetration army. They controlled an army of a vocation corresponding to their personal vocation. They quickly gathered near Long Haochen. of course, the eighteen Heroes of Eternity had come too.

Long Haochen whispered, “there’s roughly two hundred thousand enemies. According to the information gathered by the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, there’s only one demon god stationed here, which is the demon god of the twentieth pillar, Purson. His cultivation definitely don’t be weak to be able to rank twentieth. His Demon God Pillar is present as well. Originally, there were there demon gods stationed here, but according to my Intel, the other two have returned to Modu.”

The Eternal Heroes did not give any opinions. Back at the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, Shu Yongxiao and Xiao Huo had already made it clear. During the war, they would not take part in any of the decision- making. They would follow their commands and just fight.

Their decision was clearly very clever, because they had slept for several thousand years after all. They did not understand the situation of the outside world. The current war between the humans and demons definitely would not be based off the situation several thousand years ago. Coupled with their seniority, if they really did give their opinion, wouldn’t everyone listen to them?

Chapter 797

As a result, after discussing with the Eternal Heroes, Shu Yongxiao and Xiao Huo decided to not take part in the decision-making. They would only fight.

As a result, despite the eighteen Eternal Heroes here, the one truly in charge was still Long Haochen.

“In order to minimise our losses, in order to succeed in a single attack, we need all of our powerhouses of the ninth step to launch attacks first. We have to deal a heavy blow to the enemies, kill the demon god and throw them into disorder. Afterwards, we will mobilise our enemy and engage in a full scale attack. We have to kill as much of the main force of demons as possible and make them suffer heavy losses.”

Before absolute strength, the method of battle was not complicated. Everyone nodded. The Bright Glimmer of Hope’s trust in Long Haochen was evident, so nothing would go wrong with his command.

Lin Xin had already began rubbing his hands. He was the only mage in the squad, so he would obviously hold the biggest advantage in a mission of massacre.

“Little Long, why don’t you leave the demon god to me to handle? Of course, the Demon God Pillar will still be for you to deal with. I don’t have the ability to destroy the Demon God Pillar,” said Shu Yongxiao.

Long Haochen nodded, “I would have to trouble you then, senior.”
A gleam of light flashed through Shu Yongxiao’s blood-red eyes, “Kid, are you still unwilling to call me sister Shu?”

Long Haochen smiled awkwardly, “I can’t just ignore courtesy, senior.”

Shu Yongxiao snorted and said to Cai’er, “Look at your man. He’s a traditional little boy. Let’s go. Let’s go first. Watch how your sister Shu deals with that demon god later on. When we assassins enter the battlefield, we always behead our opponents.”

Long Haochen said to Zhang Fangfang, “Brother Zhang, I’ll leave you here to command in my place. Wait for my signal. Once the Demon God Pillar is destroyed, you can mobilise your side.”

Zhang Fangfang said, “You don’t have to worry.”

Long Haochen raised his head to look at the sky. It was dark. Although the wind was not strong that night, it was still extremely cold. It was very dark, as the moon had been completely obscured by the clouds.

“Let’s go,” Long Haochen said seriously. He lead the Bright Glimmer of Hope and the Eternal Heroes together, approaching the demon base in the distance. They were so close, so there was obviously no need to hide the army, because the flames of war would be lit among the demons very soon.

Over twenty figures covered five kilometers in just around twenty seconds. The eager Lin Xin was the first to launch an attack.

The Eternal Dragon’s Fire appeared in his hand with dazzling light and the sky immediately gained a smear of red. Even the coldness seemed to fade away before the red colour.

The redness quickly turned to blue. As Lin Xin changed, his Sacred Sun Curse was immediately released and the Domain of the Sacred Sun was unleashed as well.

There were finally patrolling guards who noticed the disturbances around the base. Such an obvious phenomenon had happened to the sky.
Immediately, a sound of warning pierced through the cold night.

A blue sun had appeared in the dark sky, as a dense, fiery aura descended from the sky. The entire demon base lit up with a dense colour of blue under the dazzling sunlight, rippling about with the dancing blue flames.

However, the blue sun did not bring them warmth, but destruction.

In the next moment, balls of blue fire began to descend from the sky, directly towards the camps of the demons below.

Lin Xin chanted extremely quickly and the Sacred Sun Curse shone bright and brighter. Terrifying heat radiated from the sky. Super Bursting Fireballs descended from the sky, gradually gathering into a Heart of Fire version of Rain of Flaming Meteors. It enveloped a wide range of the camps below.

The base that held two hundred thousand soldiers was extremely large, spanning over five kilometers away. In order to repel the cold, these camps were all gathered together, which only made Lin Xin’s Rain of Flaming Meteors even more effective.

Parts of the base caught on fire as the demons howled out miserably. Lin Xin’s attack targeted the centre of the base. All he needed was a slight breeze and all the camps in the surroundings would catch on fire as well. Moreover, the fireballs that struck the ground would all explode immediately.

Lin Xin was obviously not the only person taking part in this operation.
Everyone else threw themselves into battle immediately.

There were three warriors among the Eternal Heroes, which remained there. They were tasked with protecting the mages. Apart from Lin Xin, there were two other mages among the Eternal Heroes. One was of the wind element, while the other was of the water element.

The two mages demonstrated their great abilities soon as they began their attacks. They fought by supporting Lin Xin. With their support, the lethality
of Lin Xin’s magic increased by at least three times.

The two mages did not take action immediately. Only when Lin Xin’s Rain of Flaming Meteors had completely unfolded, lighting large areas of the camps on first, did they erupt with their own magic.

The wind mage only used a very simple spell, Whirlwind.

The spell was not particularly dangerous. It could only create a relatively powerful whirlwind within a certain range. It was a wind spell of the third step. However, the wind mage had chosen Lin Xin has his successor. Despite the differences in their elements, he still chose Lin Xin.

Whirlwinds landed among the demon camp. Lin Xin was originally rather confused by it, but when the might of the wind was unleashed, he was surprised and became filled with admiration towards this wind element Eternal Hero.

The whirlwinds seemed like they were alive, landing across the base evenly. Every single whirlwind would basically only land after a Flaming Meteor had exploded.

The explosive power of the meters was shocking, exploding loudly with light. The whirlwinds just happened to land in the centre of the explosions.

Swathes of blue sparks were sucked up and delivered into the distance, but not extinguished. His mastery of the usage of spiritual energy could be described as having reached the limit.

The flames from the Heart of Fire were so hot that even if a tiny spark landed on a camp, it would immediately set the whole thing on first. With the help of these whirlwinds, the danger of Rain of Flaming Meteors increased significantly, multiplying its destructiveness by several times.

The water mage was even more skilled. He purposefully unleashed his spells where the fire burnt the brightest. However, he also used low level spell, Water Pillar.
This was only a spell of the second step and its lethality was not even as great as Whirlwind. Usually, it could only knock enemies around, to prevent them from getting close. That was as simple as it was.

Currently, the Water Pillars seemed to act against Lin Xin. They purposefully targeted where the flames were burning the strongest.

However, something shocking happened. When the Water Pillars landed in the flames, they did not directly expand. They did not even smash into the flames. Instead, they paused above the flames, before slowly dispersing.

As a result, not only did the Water Pillars avoid weakening the flames, they instead became its most terrifying fuel. With their support, the flames below grew at least twice as bright. Looking from above, it was quite the sight.

The wind mage hovered beside Lin Xin and said, “Magic is unbelievably profound. The higher the step doesn’t necessarily make it stronger. Only the most suitable magic is the most powerful.”

Even a single sentence to the clever would be enough. There was no need for him to go into too much detail, but Lin Xin had naturally developed an understanding.

Aside from the three mages and the three warriors that protected them, the others had already entered the battlefield.

All of the assassins had vanished. Long Haochen sat in the sky with his holy unicorn, Star King, below him. Translucent, white light rushed into the sky as soon as the battle had begun, illuminating the entire night sky. The huge Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation appeared in the air boldly. The terrifying pressure of a supra divine tool immediately descended, suppressing the demon armies below.

Would the pressure be lethal? Of course.

When Long Haochen had first gained the recognition of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, the progenitor divine hall’s initial
appearance had managed to shake up the demon army from several dozen kilometers away, which was why the demons had set up base fifty kilometers away from the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass and not the regular fifteen to twenty-five kilometers.

However, this time, the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation had directly appeared in the sky above the demon base. Obviously, the pressure would be much more powerful.

Long Haochen’s mental force had already merged with the pressure, making it erupt as hard as he could. Basically the entire demon army was influenced to different degrees. The ones most evidently affected were the demons within five hundred meters of its range. All the demons below the sixth step were immobilised on the ground, while demons around the fourth step with weaker bodies even suffered huge casualties.

Obviously, it did not matter if they were just immobilised. However, there was also fire raining down from the sky!

The rings of dazzling light radiated outwards from the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. Even from the distant Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, the powerhouses of the Knight Hall could see it clearly.

As the commander, Long Haochen did not completely devote himself to the battle, because he needed to control the situation and not lead a blind attack.

As he powered the pressure from the divine hall, his gaze also locked onto the very centre of the demon base. It was also when he looked over that a dark pillar suddenly began to shine with dazzling light.

Chapter 798

The dark pillar shone with an inky green light. The strangest thing about it was that as it shone, it rapidly lengthened, like a tree that was growing desperately. After just a short while, the pillar had exceeded a hundred meters. Branch-like objects began to grow from the pillar. It seemed just like a huge ent.

An inky-green figure also rose into the air and appeared in the sky. It immediately shone with a dense, green colour which enveloped towards the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation.

A domain.

Without a doubt, the figure that had suddenly appeared was the current commander of the demon base, the Tree Demon God who ranked twenty out of the seventy-two demon gods, Purson.

Since he could make the top twenty, he would definitely be a domain wielding powerhouse. And, this Tree Demon God’s fusion with his Demon God Pillar could be described as one of the best out of all the demon gods.

Purson was surprised when the base was suddenly attacked. As soon as he emerged from his tent, he sensed the terrifying pressure from the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation.

He had experienced this pressure recently, which shocked him greatly at that time. Afterwards, he immediately passed this news onto Modu. Before long, Modu had ordered the other two demon gods who were stationed outside the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass with him to return.
There was no news from Modu so far, but he could sense the humans were growing restless, and his majesty would definitely respond to it. However, he had never thought the war would begin so soon, and it would be the humans who would initiate it.

Looking at the huge divine throne in the sky, the Tree Demon God’s scalp tingle, because he had absolutely no idea just how powerful the divine throne was. And, in his understanding, this divine throne had never appeared before. The demons did not have any detailed records of it, apart from the fact that the humans had never used this Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation before!

However, as the commander, he still unleashed his Demon God Pillar as soon as possible after passing down a few quick commands. He also rose into the air and attacked Long Haochen. He needed to stop the pressure from the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, or the demon army’s battle prowess would decrease drastically. The divine throne’s presence was equivalent to a wide range debuff!

Long Haochen hovered in the air, but he did not direct his attention towards Purson. He did not have to deal with the demon god that ranked twentieth.

Cai’er had already followed Shu Yongxiao to the edge of the demons a long time ago. As soon as Lin Xin’s attack had begun, Shu Yongxiao made a gesture to her, before silently infiltrating the base of the demons like a wisp of smoke.

Cai’er quickly followed Shu Yongxiao. She was very confident in her speed. She stuck closely behind this predecessor, just like her shadow. She would charge when Shu Yongxiao charged, and she would dodge when Shu Yongxiao dodged.

Very soon, all of the Flaming Meteors in the air had fallen and the demon camp had been alarmed. Large numbers of demons began to pour out from the tents. Some of the fiend and hell demon mages began to fight back. The armies that could fly also took off to enter the battle.
Shu Yongxiao’s advance did not slow down at all because of the appearance of these enemies. Instead, she moved even faster. Cai’er could vaguely see two straight daggers appear in Shu Yongxiao’s hands. They were like a pair of venomous snakes in her hands. Wherever she passed by, all the demons she brushed past would immediately freeze up. They would only collapse onto the ground when they were very far away.

Cai’er discovered that Shu Yongxiao’s attacks were extremely simple and straightforward. What made her admire the most was that when Shu Yongxiao attacked, there was no ripple of spiritual energy at all.

The daggers constantly moved around like black bolts of lightning. Whenever she attacked, she would never miss, and the location would be the same. Out of all the demons she passed by, everyone single one of them would gain a hole on their forehead, such that their brains were directly penetrated. Shu Yongxiao was just too confident in her attacks, such that she had had already brushed past her opponents before she could take their spiritual energy into account. The only way to destroy the killing process was skillful.

Cai’er followed behind her and paid close attention to her actions. Gradually, she discovered an interesting aspect. Shu Yongxiao’s seemingly rapid movements and attacks actually seemed to follow a special rhythm. Cai’er was unable to tell what this rhythm was, but it was like the constant thumping of drums. The drums would not be loud, but they seemed like they were accumulating something.

That was all Cai’er could sense. She was basically the strongest assassin of the Assassin Temple besides the Eternal Heroes, but after seeing how skilled Shu Yongxiao was, she could not help but feel inferior. Compared to this predecessor, just their level of skill existed a huge difference. In just a short while, over two hundred demons had lost their lives when Shu Yongxiao slipped past them.

Just what was she building up through this strange rhythm? It definitely wasn’t the power of her domain!
Just when Cai’er found this to be extremely strange, the Tree Demon God Purson appeared in the sky and unleashed green light towards Long Haochen.

It was also in that next moment that Cai’er finally understood what kind of power Shu Yongxiao was building up.

Purson’s appearances finally made Shu Yongxiao halt for a moment. She just happened to stop below Purson.

In just a single instant, Cai’er could clearly see Shu Yongxiao completely change. Blood-red light sones in her eyes and afterwards, she shot up. What she accumulated finally erupted. It was killing intent!

In the attacks earlier, Shu Yongxiao completely behaved like an undead, without giving off any aura at all. Cai’er had even thought that she did not possess the killing intent a usual assassin would possess due to being an undead. However, she suddenly understood in that moment that it was not that she did not have killing intent. Instead, she had controlled the killing intent, preventing it from radiating outwards.

This was the first time that Cai’er had seen killing intent with such colour. Shu Yongxiao’s killing intent was black, pitch-black. As a result, in the moment she rose into the air, her entire body was covered by that blackness. Regardless of the angle, it was impossible to tell that there was someone like her in the air.

What was even more terrifying was that only Cai’er could sense the killing intent Shu Yongxiao was giving off. Purson was unable to sense it at all in the air, because her killing intent had become tangible like a solid. It was impossible to discover it unless it actually made contact with a person.

No, it could not be described as a solid, because solids could not change in shape. It was not liquid either, because liquids would not be so firm either. It was more correct to describe it as gelatinous.

Cai’er had stopped following Shu Yongxiao. She had never thought killing intent could be used like this, especially in such a terrifyingly
powerful way.

Shu Yongxiao’s movements did not seem especially fast, but to Cai’er’s shock, Purson who had been unleashing the domain the entire time failed to sense Shu Yongxiao arrive behind him. He just continued to send his domain towards Long Haochen.

Shu Yongxiao finally launched her attack. In that moment, even Cai’er who had been constantly paying attention to her movements felt like something happened to the sky. Afterwards, Purson’s domain automatically dispersed in the air.

A smear of pitch-black shot by and Purson froze in his spot. He did not move at all, but his aura vanished at an astonishing rate. Shu Yongxiao had completely vanished now, such that even Cai’er failed to find her. In the moment she had launched the attack, Shu Yongxiao had vanished.

It was just too terrifying. Despite also being an assassin, Cai’er could not help but feel chills run through her body. At the same time, she grasped something special.

As an assassin at the seventh rank of the ninth step, Shu Yongxiao did not give off any aura or presence from the beginning to the end of her attack. Even when the Tree Demon God had been attacked by her, the demon army below failed to realise anything. Even Cai’er who had been constantly paying attention to her and was very familiar with the abilities of assassins failed to capture where she was.

With a god-slaying strike, the world fell silent.

Something finally happened to Burson. He suddenly began to fall to the ground and the aura of his life also vanished in the moment he began to fall. Even his demon god crown did not appear. It meant that in that moment he died his demon god crown had already been shattered.

It was also at that moment that a hand suddenly landed on Cai’er’s shoulder. Cai’er basically reacted immediately, sweeping behind her with
his Sickle of the God of Death. However, it missed, while the hand remained on her shoulder.

“Sister Shu,” Cai’er cried out. In that moment, her heart was filled with admiration towards Shu Yongxiao, “You really are just too powerful.”

No one saw when Shu Yongxiao had appeared behind Cai’er. The red light in her eyes had completely dimmed down when she struck out earlier. She had just killed a great powerhouse who ranked twentieth out of the demon gods in a single strike!

“Cai’er, the attack earlier used up around half of my power. Tell me, did you see anything”

As she said that, Shu Yongxiao turned around and twisted with lightning speed. There was not a single demon left behind in the radius of fifty meters.

Cai’er said seriously, “I saw the true essence of assassins.”

Shu Yongxiao did not seem to be very satisfied with Cai’er’s answer. She followed up with another question, “What’s the true essence of assassins then?”

Cai’er’s eyes gradually lit up and answered as she stared right into Shu Yongxiao’s eyes, “Mysteriousness, certain kill and a single strike.”

Chapter 799

Hearing Cai’er’s answer, Shu Yongxiao’s gaze softened once more, “Your understanding is alright. However, I must tell you and I must stress that the true essence of assassins isn’t three things, but one, which is a single strike.”

“The Tree Demon God’s cultivation is worse than mine. I have many ways to kill him. I don’t even need to use half of my strength. So why did I use my full strength, going as far as to expend so much yet use only a single attack? Think about it. This isn’t the true essence of assassins, but a habit that assassins should truly develop. There will never be a second assassin’s attack. Otherwise, it’s a failure.”

Shu Yongxiao did not say a lot, but just those words opened up a path that lead to the peak of assassination in Cai’er’s heart.

Shu Yongxiao looked at Long Haochen who hovered in the centre of the battlefield and her gaze changed slightly.

He must had discovered by attack. Otherwise, he would not have turned a blind eye to the Tree Deon God’s domain. However, how did he discover it?

Over the huge battlefield that included over two hundred thousand people, countless things would happen in a single moment. Just when Shu Yongxiao had killed the Tree Demon God, he took action.

A ball of green light lit up from his chest. Afterwards, the green light turned into a thick, dazzling beam of light in the dark night, directly shooting towards the Tree Demon God’s Demon God Pillar.
The green light shot through the sky as a beam, directly landing on the Demon God Pillar.

Immediately, the Demon God Pillar that had transformed threateningly into a huge ent seized up. Afterwards, it began to wither at an astonishing speed.

The green light lasted for three seconds. In the moment the light vanished, Long Haochen flashed with a layer of green light.

Long Haochen took a step in the sky and lines of purplish gold symbols appeared on his forehead. He sent a palm strike towards the top of the Demon God Pillar.

The sight that shocked the entire battlefield appeared. The Demon God Pillar began to tremble violently and afterwards, cracks appeared on it.

Originally, the cracks should not have been obvious in the night, but they shone with purplish golden light, so it only attracted attention.

With a great boom, the Demon God Pillar scattered into the surroundings as countless fragments. Long Haochen continued to remain in the sky boldly. A huge beam of milky-white Light of Judgement shot out at the same time, using his lofty figure and the mysterious Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation to bring judgement to the several hundred personal tree demon guards that protected the Demon God Pillar below.

This was already the third Demon God Pillar Long Haochen had destroyed. Haoyue did not appear, but Long Haochen still possessed the power to destroy them.

The most important aspect of a battlefield was morale. With the Tree Demon God dead and the Demon God Pillar destroyed, the morale of the demon army was torn to shreds.

In the distance, the human army used the night to secretly kill their way over. They only needed ten minutes at most and the first wave of magic rained down on the centre of the demon base. The demon mages were
unable to fight back under the pressure of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, nor were they able to lock onto the ninth step powerhouses in the air.

“I’ve saved up that ability just then,” Ye Xiaolei’s voice rang out in Long Haochen’s head. Afterwards, there was a flash of green light near his chest and a petite figure emerged from the light, landing on his shoulder.

She was three inches tall and as delicate as a jade sculpture. Her gentle aura of life was not powerful, but her deep, green eyes were filled with intelligence.

This was Ye Xiaolei now, as well as Long Haochen’s intelligent spiritual stove.

His light elemental fairy had turned into a Fairy Queen of Light, but he had gained a new fairy of god.

“You can save up techniques?” Long Haochen looked at Ye Xiaolei on his shoulder in great interest.

Ye Xiaolei giggled, “I’m an intelligent spiritual stove, so of course I’m the strongest. Not only can I save up all techniques of the nature element, I can also use your power to evolve them. In the future, you’ll learn more and more just how great of a help I can bring. For example, your domain technique of being able to control life has evolved drastically. Even the portion of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation’s power that has merged with me can evolve under my influence.”

Long Haochen smiled, “If I get the opportunity in the future, I will definitely find a suitable body for you. I still like you more when you were in the form of a human. It’s too tough on you for you to follow me around like this.”

Ye Xiaolei shook her head gently, “Thank you for your kind intentions, but you don’t understand. Although I was very happy when I lived in the Illusory Paradise, I didn’t have a sense of safety. I’m very happy when I
follow you around. You can’t chase me away. If I really want to leave, I don’t need your help.”

When a huge, golden sword swept through a thousand meters and slew all the stronger hell demon mages who had managed to gather after so much difficulty, the demon army’s final ray of hope was snuffed out. It began to collapse heavily.

The human army had arrived at this time as well. It stabbed into the back like a real blade. Under Zhang Fangfang’s lead with his Divine Throne of Wisdom and Spirit, they began a full-powered attack.

Long Haochen remained in the air, controlling the situation, while the Bright Glimmer of Hope and the Eternal Heroes all focused their attacks where the demons fled. They did their best to deal with the defeated demon army that tried to flee. At the same time, they slowed them down.

The two hundred thousand demon soldiers were all the elites of the demons! Forcing them to stay behind would definitely deal a great blow to the demons. In particular, the main forces of the demon army were fiends and bear demons. Just how great of disaster would these two clans of great battle prowess cause for humans on regular battlefields?

The battle seemed like an easy victory, but just how many powerhouses had they used? They had used almost thirty powerhouses of the ninth step, with over twenty that could use domains. Even the Demon God Emperor would treat a force like that carefully, let alone a demon army led by a single demon god.

Of course, the demon army failed to unleash their full battle prowess as well. If it were not for the element of surprise, it would take quite a toll on the humans to defeat them if they had sufficient time to react.

They fought all the way until it was daytime. The human army also pursued for a hundred and fifty kilometers. In the end, they managed to kill a hundred and fifty thousand enemies. Only several tens of thousand demons managed to escape.
Among the humans, the person with the most kills was not the mage Lin Xin, but Yating.

The Rain of Flaming Meteors covered the largest range out of all the attacks used in battle, but it did not kill as quickly as Yating! Her King’s Sword Domain swept through the demons. Not a single one of them could stop her attack. Within the disordered army, just a single sweep of her hundred-meter-long sword would lead to several hundred casualties. Yating had probably killed over ten thousand enemies just by herself. Even many of the Eternal Heroes who had seen many things in their eyes could not help but glance at her in fear. Yating’s ability was special and her cultivation was powerful as well. Coupled with the fact that she was a fairy, the Eternal Heroes had not chosen her for their legacy, but her killing power and almost endless spiritual energy had greatly shocked the Eternal Heroes.

In comparison, basically none of the Eternal Heroes had used their full strength. Instead, they served more of a role of supporting the Bright Glimmer of Hope, leaving the glory all to them. This was also an aspect that arose from the experience of the Eternal Heroes. Who knew what could happen in battle? If the enemy suddenly gained reinforcements, just how powerful would the reinforcements be? They maintained their strength to deal with these possible changes.

This could be described as an unprecedented, great victory for the humans against the demons.

Over the past six thousand years, the temple alliance obviously was victorious in a few battles, but in order to prevent any full strength retaliations from the demons, not only did the humans rarely launch the attack, they would not pursue the demons either when they retreated.

However, the situation was different now. The addition of the Eternal Heroes, the destruction of the two title demon hunt squads and the gathering of over fifty demon gods ready for attack had changed it all. The union obviously had no need in holding back. Damaging the demons as much as possible was the objective of this human army. They were to beat the demons until even the Demon God Emperor was pained, so they could
completely attract the main force of the demons and bring the final battle to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

After a whole knight of fighting, even people with vocations would feel exhausted. Long Haochen ordered the army to rest within a forest in the territory of the demons. At the same time, he let Han Yu to lead all the horses over. He also gathered the Bright Glimmer of Hope and the Eternal Heroes for a meeting.

A detailed map written on sheepskin was unfurled. Long Haochen crouched down on the ground and pointed on the map, “We’re here right now. In the battle earlier, we basically destroyed the entire force that the demon had stationed outside the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. Our army hasn’t suffered significant losses under the healing of the priests.”

The army’s battle prowess was even greater than what Long Haochen had been expecting. The six vocations from the six temples merged together perfectly. It also demonstrated the absolute advantage that existed when multiple vocations worked together.

“Continue the advance to the east and we’ll enter the Sa Demon Province. The Sa Demon Clan is a relatively weaker clan among the demons. Apart from being resistant to the cold, they basically aren’t very powerful in battle. In the past battles and wars, they’ve basically served as the logistics for the demons stationed at the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. Han Yu, have you passed on the news to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass?”

Han Yu nodded, ‘I’ve already reported back with the victory as quickly as possible. The mountain pass should send people to clean up the battlefield very soon and collect the spoils of war. The demons have poor facilities to store food. In particular, they aren’t very good at storing food like seafood.”

Long Haochen smiled, “The Sa Demon Province is one of the furthest provinces from the centre of the demon’s territory.”

Chapter 800

Long Haochen smiled, “The Sa Demon Province is one of the furthest provinces from the centre of the demon’s territory. Unless the Demon God Emperor only leads his Devil Dragons and all the demon gods over, it will take at least twenty days to reach us from the centre of their territory. After breaching the army stationed outside the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, at least five or six of the nearby demon provinces had been exposed before us. Their defence will be extremely limited. Currently, what I’m most worried about is that the Demon God Emperor will lead his army to attack the Southeastern Fort and the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass regardless of everything. As a result, we have to draw the serious attention of the Demon God Emperor.”

“As the greatest demon god, the Demon God Emperor will definitely sense the destruction of the other Demon God Pillars. Only I have the power to destroy Demon God Pillars within the union, so I’m sure the Demon God Emperor will be able to confirm that I’m near the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass with the Tree Demon God’s death. The demon army here’s completely fallen apart as well, so if they want to return with the news of the battle, it’ll take five days at the very least. And that’s the most conservative estimate. Coupled with twenty days of travelling, we have ample time right now. In this time, we have to do our best to make the Demon God Emperor become aware of us.”

Xiao Huo asked, “Little Long, what do you plan on doing then? Do you plan on massacring the demons in the nearby provinces?”

Long Haochen shook his head, “No, large scale massacres are immoral and against the course of nature. And, pure demons only form a fraction
of all the demons. I’ve met a demon organisation before. They’re composed of people of both demon and human descent. They’ve been secretly rebelling against the Demon God Emperor and they have accumulated some power. And, I heard the leaders of this organisation is an extremely important demon god. Perhaps this strength won’t be enough to influence the entire war, but if we can get their help, our chances at victory will increase slightly. If we engage in wanton massacre, this organisation definitely won’t make contact with us. They’ll antagonise us as well.”

Shu Yongxiao, “Are you sure this won’t go against their agenda?”

Long Haochen said, “It shouldn’t. The organisation’s actually more willing to merge with us humans. From the member I’ve had contact with, they said that if the humans defeat the demons in the end, they just hope that we can leave some territory for the people of mixed blood. It doesn’t need to be too large. Afterwards, they will remain in contact with the humans and gradually assimilate into the humans.”

Cai’er said, “Then what should we do?”

Long Haochen said, “War is brutal. Since we can’t engage in wanton massacre, we have to target the main forces of the demons, as well as find a way to deal enough damage to the demons as quickly as possible. As a result, I think we need to split up. Look.”

As he said that, he pointed at a few locations on the map. They were all capitals of the nearby provinces.

“The most powerful forces and most important resources of each demon clan should be gathered in the capitals. At the same time, the demons always put on a strong front which cannot be further from the truth. Their external defences will be powerful, but their true internal power will be rather hollow. Didn’t the Demon God Emperor transfer away a lot of the demon gods? We can use this opportunity to destroy their foundations. As a result, we should target the capitals of the six demon provinces near the Dragon Resisting Mountain pass and kill the major demon forces there, as well as cause some damage. We don’t need
to kill a lot, but pillaging the resources gathered in the capital or causing damage will cause problems for the Demon God Emperor.”

“The demons have a total of twenty-four provinces. The six provinces in the north form a quarter of them. According to the special characteristics of demons, they will gather most of their resources in the capital of each province. If the plan succeeds, it’ll be very difficult for the Demon God Emperor to directly venture to the Southeastern Fort and Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass. The Demon God Emperor will have to consider how to attack the union as well as pay attention to the instability behind his army.”

Everyone nodded in agreement over Long Haochen’s battle strategy. Actually, they had already formed a rough strategy before the war had begun. Long Haochen only went into more detail now.

Cai’er said, “Let’s do that then. Once we have rested and reorganised, we’ll split into six groups and wage war deep among the demons.”

Long Haochen said, “The six groups need to maintain a close connection with each other. Once any of you discover any demon gods that have remained behind in a capital, contact me immediately and I’ll hurry there as quickly as I can to destroy the Demon God Pillar. Compared to resources, the Demon God Pillars are the origins of the origins for the demons. It’s also the very foundation of the demons.”

Lin Xin said, “What we’re most afraid of is the Demon God Emperor staking everything in a single attack. If he ignores us and continues to lead the army to the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass or the Northeastern Fort, using it as an entry point to kill and pillage within the union, we will be in an extremely bad position. Most importantly, the resources of the union was much more abundant than the demons. We might be able to pillage, but they can do the same.”

Long Haochen nodded, “I’ve considered this question seriously. It’s possible that it will happen. However, the Demon God Emperor does need time in order to lead his army over. As a result, I’m assuming the Demon God Emperor will most likely split his army into two.”
Xiao Huo’s eyes lit up, “Why into two?” Long Haochen’s simple assumption matched up to what he was thinking as well.

Long Haochen said, “The Demon God Emperor wants to eliminate me, and we’re creating a mess up in the north as well. He will never let go of this opportunity to deal with us. As a result, I think it’s very likely for him to lead a group of the strongest demons to hurry over here as soon as possible to fight us. This group will likely include some of the fifty-four demon gods he has gathered as well as a part of the Devil Dragons, Moon Demon clan and Star Demon Clan. The Demon God Emperor has complete confidence in his own strength, so he won’t bring too many demon powerhouses with him. The total number won’t even exceed a thousand. Under normal circumstances, a group like that will be enough to defeat us, because the Demon God Emperor won’t know about the addition of the predecessors.”

“The Demon God Emperor will probably have his other group target the Southeastern Fort. Perhaps the demons already know that we’ve mobilised our forces, but they won’t know some of the important deployments within the union too well. They will definitely believe the Southeastern Fort guarded by the Warrior Temple will be the weakest. They won’t know that we’ve spread the forces of the six temples evenly. And, before we set off, we’ve even sent additional forces from the Assassin Temple to reinforce the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass and Southeastern Fort.”

“The size of the army that the Demon God Emperor has mobilised this time is terrifying. He’ll leave at least twenty demon gods to command the army. If they directly go for the Southeastern Fort, it will pose as a huge threat to us, but it won’t be that easy for them to take the Southeastern Fort. After the holy war last time, all of the forts have strengthened their defences. And, once we find out about the exact direction the demon army is heading in, the Myriad Demon Pass and Tombal Mountain Pass which are the closest will send reinforcements immediately. Most importantly, every fort is being watched over by nine predecessors. Once a fort is attacked, the predecessors can reach there in one to three days with their strength. There will be over forty predecessors together. Even if the enemy
army is powerful and is further lead by over twenty demon gods, it won’t be easy for them to breach our forts. They might even suffer heavily when trying to.”

Everyone could not help but become visibly moved by Long Haochen’s analysis.

Xiao Huo’s expression did not change, but the admiration and appreciation was clearly shown in his eyes. He thought, little Long really didn’t become the greatest in the union at such a young age through luck! Not only was he extremely talented in cultivation, he was level-headed and meticulous in his thinking. With that child controlling the union, they would have a much greater chance at defeating the demons. Long Haochen had thought exactly the same as him, so he did not have to add anything. All he did was watch Long Haochen set up arrangements.
With the battle strategy and tactics determined, they had to split up now. The human army split into six groups, which were led by Long Haochen,
Cai’er, Chen Ying’er, Wang Yuanyuan, Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang. Every single group was further protected by three Eternal Heroes. Sima Xian went with Chin Ying’er, Lin Xin went with Wang Yuanyuan, Duan Yi went with Han Yu, Yang Wenzhao went with Zhang Fangfang and Yating followed Cai’er. The six groups set off at the same time.

Long Haochen was responsible for the province that was in the centre of all the provinces. That way, he could hurry off to other provinces that had demon gods as quickly as possible to destroy their Demon God Pillars.

Although Long Haochen did not have another companion with him, he was the strongest and he also had Xiao Huo helping him. As a result, their overall strength was no weaker than the other five groups.

After the army that had amounted to over ten thousand had split up, they became even flexible. They were like six sharp blades, stabbing into the northern territory of the demons.
The gamble between the Temple Union and the demons over their survival had finally unfolded completely.

Demon Race, Demon Emperor Palace.

“The Tree Demon God Purson’s dead and his Demon God Pillar’s been destroyed as well.” The Demon God Emperor’s expression was warped.

He sensed the pillar’s destruction the moment it had been destroyed. This was the third Demon God Pillar they had lost now.

Several dozen demons stood in a tight crowd below. Every single one of them gave off a powerful aura. They were the foundations of the demons, as well as the most powerful group among the demons, the demon gods!

However, these powerful existences that usually dominated among the demons had all become submissive in that moment. They quietly stood there, even afraid to look directly at the Demon God Emperor, apart from the few at the very front.

The Tree Demon God Purson had died. He was responsible for watching over the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. His Demon God Pillar had been destroyed as well. Without a doubt, it meant that Long Haochen had taken action.

“Your majesty, I’ve already passed down orders for accurate news of the situation there as soon as possible. However, the Sa Demon Province in just too far away from the core city. It’ll take three days at the very least for us to receive reliable information,” the Moon Demon God Agares replied politely. He knew very well that the Demon God Emperor wanted to know about whether it was Austin Griffin or Long Haochen who destroyed the Demon God Pillar. If Long Haochen had only used the power of Austin Griffin’s bloodline to destroy it, then the issue would be slightly smaller. However, if Austin Griffin was still alive, then there would be a major problem.
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