Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 781-790

Chapter 781

Many people were visibly moved by what Long Tianyin said. Long Xingyu nodded his head to one side as he said sternly, “I agree with temple head Long’s opinion. We cannot be rash about this. There was too much inestimable dangers involved. I also think we shouldn’t use the Eternal Heroes so easily.”

With the expression of opinion from two holy knights, the members present immediately sank into their thoughts. Long Tianyin and Long Xingyu possessed great status in the Knight Temple, so they possessed extremely great influence. Although Yang Haohan had once been the head of the temple alliance, he remained in the headquarters, while the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass had always been under the command of the father and son. Their words would have a certain impact on the members from other temples.

Li Zhengzhi, “I think this will work. There was a restriction to the Scroll of Spiritual Transformation back then. That is, the undead powerhouses brought to life by the Scroll of Spiritual Transformation can only exist for a thousand years. Over six thousand years have passed since then. Every temple head will actually go to pay respects to these Eternal Heroes. We have learnt from them that the Eternal Heroes have chosen to slumber in order to lengthen their lives as undead. However, around forty years ago, their last message was that they did not have much time left. They had five decades at most before they would return to an eternal slumber, and never wake up again. They had suggested back then that if the alliance needed them to, they were willing to help out one last time. In other words, even if we don’t use their power, they won’t last more than ten years. As a result, I agree with temple head Yang’s
suggestion. We can trust the Eternal Heroes completely. As for how we can use them, I believe we can find a way to cover it up. There aren’t a lot of them. I believe that these Eternal Heroes can turn the situation around on the battlefield.”

“I am in doubt,” Ling Xiao said. As the Priest Temple head, he hated undead the most. He said solemnly, “I agree with old Yang in mentioning this matter, but I don’t think we should use tis power. The undead are undead. Think about how undead survive. They borrow the powers of the dark, mingling with the auras of corpses, darkness and all other evils. Although these Eternal Heroes are our seniors and have contributed significantly to humanity, they still have been undead for thousands of years already. The two temple heads were right. Just in case something happens, it’s very likely for the union to be doomed.”

Yang Haohan could not help but frown in response to what Ling Xiao said. He knew that bringing up this matter would lead to a debate, but he had never thought the debate would be so intense. He had expected Ling Xiao’s objection, but Long Tianyin and Long Xingyu’s fierce objection had exceeded his expectations. He originally believed that the duo would remain neutral on the matter, but who would have thought they would be the first ones to object.

Long Tianyin and Long Xingyu’s opinion was extremely important, because they were Long Haochen’s relatives. It was very likely for their opinions to impact Long Haochen, who was the chairman.

Perhaps Long Haochen’s current influence over the union was not as great as the senior powerhouses like the six temple heads, but he could influence the people from the Bright Glimmer of Light in today’s meeting at the very least! Aside from him, there was also Cai’er, Chen Ying’er and Wang Yuanyuan, three vice-chairwomen of the union. Perhaps their influence was still not great enough, but if it ended in a final vote, the Bright Glimmer of Hope would possess almost a third of all the votes. As a result, Long Haochen’s opinion was critical to deciding this matter.

The Starry Sky Holy Knight, Yang Haoyu, suddenly spoke at this moment. He coughed gently and immediately attracted everyone’s
attention. As the greatest powerhouse of the union, his opinion was also very important.

“None of us can decide whether this matter is right or wrong, or good or bad, right now. It’s good that everyone is discussing this, but I need to remind you all that it’s no longer about the temple alliance, but the Temple Union. The discussion so far is discussion, but before the chairman has spoken, haven’t we stepped a little bit out of our places?”

Yang Haoyu did not directly support Yang Haohan, nor did he sate his opinion. Instead, he defended Long Haochen’s authority as the chairman of the union. Actually, he failed to understand what was happening with Long Haochen today. Long Haochen had always been clever and knew how to control the situation. The meeting today was so important, so why did he remain silent as the chairman of the union, letting everyone argue among themselves?

Hearing what Yang Haoyu said, Yang Haohan nodded, “That’s what I’m thinking as well. Let’s here the chairman’s opinion first.”

Long Tianyin did not object to this. In his heart, Long Haochen was his grandson at the end of the day, and he really did object Yang Haohan’s suggestion from the bottom of his heart, or he wouldn’t have immediately retorted his suggestion after all these years of friendship.

Long Xingyu frowned slightly. Who knew what he was thinking.
Everyone’s gazes ended up gathering on Long Haochen.

Long Haoche smiled indifferently. He said, “Since a new union’s been founded, we have to decide on any final matter together. The final voting will represent what the majority thinks. However, before more people speak their minds and we vote, I want to tell you all a story. Temple head Yang, do you know the name of the creator of the Scroll of Spiritual Transformation?”

Yang Haohan was surprised. He did not expect Long Haochen to ask something like that. He instinctively shook his head and said, “There’s no record of it. It only said that it’s very likely that the scroll was created by
the necromancer who had sowed misery and suffering into the continent in the past. I don’t know why it was left behind. Perhaps it was a spoil of war when the Glorious Church defeated him.”

Long Haochen nodded, “Then, do any of you know the name of this necromancer of the past?”

Long Tianyin frowned slightly, “Chairman, what’s the point of this? Moreover, the necromancer of the past had appeared before the era of darkness. It’s over six thousand five hundred years from now. There are very few records that detail him. All we can confirm is that a powerful and evil necromancer existed. There’s basically nothing else that’s been passed down about his details.”

Long Haochen said, “Then, you all don’t know? Alright, let me tell you then.”

As he said that, he stood up slowly. With a slight flash, he arrived at the front from the back. All the powerhouses sitting at the table discovered in surprise that in that moment, Long Haochen seemed to have arrived there by crossing through space. It seemed like he had directly passed through the table, but in reality, he had used an ability similar to teleportation.

His strength had increased drastically again! Yang Haoyue could not help but sigh in amazement secretly. And, he discovered that it was rather difficult for him to see through Long Hoachen’s cultivation now.

Long Haochen arrived at the front of the table and said, “The necromancer who created the scroll was called Elux. He’s also the one who caused a huge disaster for humanity before the era of darkness. He gave himself a title. He called himself the Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux. If it were not for his existence that had created a disaster for us humans, perhaps we would not have been annihilated like we were when the demons attacked, and the era of darkness for the past six thousand years would not have existed.”

“However, it is humans who cultivate to become necromancers. Never have we heard about any other creature directly becoming a
necromancer, right? Then, why did he lay his hands on humans and sow misery and suffering among them?”

The Priet Temple head, Ling Xian, said instinctively, “Necromancers like that must be evil. They want to destroy the world.”

Long Haochen smiled, “Temple head Ling, we can’t become entrenched in our preconceived ideas. If I tell you all that this terrifying necromancer who had once brought a disaster to mankind was originally of the light element and that all of his death magic was based on the light element, would you believe me?”

“Impossible,” Long Tianyin, Long Xingyu, Ling Xiao and even Yang Haoyu and Yang Haohan all said together. They were all representatives of the element of light.

Long Haochen shook his head, “No, I’m telling the truth, because not only was this necromancer a light mage in the past, he was a Scion of Light as well, just like me.”

As soon as he said that, everyone fell into an uproar. For that moment, everyone looked at Long Haochen like he was a madman. Only the people of the Bright Glimmer of Hope remained composed.

Long Tianyin suddenly stood up and said angrily, “Long Haochen, do you know what you are saying? Are you arguing for this necromancer? And by using such impossible arguments?”

Long Haochen looked at Long Tianyin with a brilliant gaze. He did not let up.

“Temple head Long, the truth is not decided by the loudness of your voice. Please sit down first. Since I am the chairman, I hope you can let me finish. From now onwards, please do not interrupt me, or I must ask you to leave.”


Chapter 782

Long Tianyin was surprised. Clearly, he had never expected Long Haochen to speak to him like that. He could not help but become furious, “Alright. I’d like to see how you ask me to leave. Are you going to lay your hands on me?”

Long Haochen’s eyes suddenly shone brightly. Afterwards, he sent a palm strike towards Long Tianyin from far away.

Long Haochen was attacking Long Tianyin during the meeting. That was a sight many people would struggle to believe, but that was exactly what happened.

Long Tianyin bellowed out furiously and hurled a first at Long Haochen. His face had reddened from anger. At the end of the day, he was a senior powerhouse of the Knight Temple. Moreover, the person who had disrespected him so much was his own grandson.

However, something that shocked all the powerhouses present appeared once more. Long Haochen’s body suddenly became faintly golden. The gentle golden light seemed extremely comforting. A golden handprint appeared in the air from his palm strike. When Long Tianyin’s furious strike was about to collide with it, Long Tianyin’s body shuddered under the golden light and afterwards, he was actually enveloped by Long Haochen’s golden light. In the next moment, he actually turned into a streak of golden light and vanished.

One move! Just one move!
“Self Incarnating Domain?” Li Zhengzhi’s mutter roused everyone from their shock.

What did a Self Incarnating Domain mean? Everyone knew the answer just too well. It meant the fifth rank of the ninth step. Their chairman had actually reached the fifth rank of the ninth step?

It had to be known that in the recent Temples’ Great Gathering, the strength that Long Haochen demonstrated was only of the second or third rank! In just two short months, he had actually broken through consecutively? A Self Incarnating Domain was something that many ninth step powerhouses could not achieve even if they used up their entire lives!

For that moment, the upper echelon of the union could not help but change how they looked at Long Haochen.

Whether it was the union or among the demons, strength tended to represent speaking authority.

“Haochen, you…” Long Xingyu was both furious and surprised. However, when he made contact with Long Haochen’s stern gaze, he immediately stopped speaking. He sat there with a sunken face, no longer uttering another word.

Long Haochen looked at Yang Haohan and said solemnly, “According to the rules of the union, the chairman can temporarily expel members who disrespect the chairman during a meeting from the meeting. Am I correct?”

Yang Haohan nodded subconsciously. In reality, he too had been shocked by Long Haochen’s actions.

Long Haochen smiled plainly and said, “Temple head Long was slightly tired, so I asked him to go rest up first. You don’t have to worry.”

Of course no one believed Long Haochen would lay his hands on Long Tianyin. That was his grandfather after all. However, Long Haochen’s
actions made the powerhouses of the six temples reevaluate Long Haochen and take him more seriously.

The union had only been founded recently, so in reality, many people continued to follow the methods of the temple alliance from before. Long Haochen and his Bright Glimmer of Hope never used their authority in the meetings either, so not a lot of people recognised Long Haochen’s position as chairman. They just knew the demon hunt squad was very powerful. Most of them behaved just like when they were apart of the temple alliance, mainly obliging to the commands of the various temples.

However, Long Haochen’s actions told them without a doubt that in the current union, he was truly the greatest.

And, he had used his strength to demonstrate his power. He did not use the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation in his clash with Long Tianyin, yet he was able to incapacitate Long Tianyin in a single strike and teleport him away. This strength was clearly no worse than the Starry Sky Holy Knight Yang Haoyu. Coupled with the amplification from the first divine throne in history, everyone discovered in shock that their chairman had actually reached such a great level of strength already. This discovery made them gradually forget about Long Haochen’s age. They now looked at him with a bit more respect.

Where did Long Tianyin go? He was right outside the meeting. However, there was not a twinge of anger on this temple head’s face at all. Instead, he smiled a little.

“You brat. I’ll settle this matter with you later. Hehe.” As he said that, the powerful Divine Knight of Control and Restraint just turned around and left calmly.

How was it possible for the stunned people inside to know that Long Tianyin and Long Haochen had already agreed to use this opportunity for Long Haochen to demonstrate his might? Even Long Xingyu did not know. This only demonstrated that the duo were extremely talented at acting. Otherwise, no matter how powerful Long Haochen was, it was impossible
for him to succeed in a single move! And, with his character, how could he really get angry as his grandfather?

The meeting room gradually quietened down. Long Haochen said indifferently, “The story I am telling will have a great impact on how you vote later. It’s the same as before. Please do not interrupt me while I am speaking, or I will ask you to leave as well.”

“You haven’t heard wrong. The Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux was also a Scion of Light, just like me. Actually, if you think about it from a different perspective, you will find it easier to believe.”

“Necromancers are powerful, but they are just a branch of mages. Just what kind of disaster can a necromancer with mediocre talent bring upon mankind? The answer is clearly almost nothing. The reason why Elux could do this was because he possessed enough talent and affinity for understanding. At the same time, there was enough hatred supporting his actions. He was a fallen Scion of Light, but why did he fall? After I learnt the whole reason for this, I have to vindicate him. The Slumbering Calamity back then came from us humans. We had created this disaster for ourselves.”

Long Haochen’s narration was very fascinating. When he said that, he could not help but sigh in amazement inside. Senior Elux, you saved my life and passed your power onto me and Cai’er. You’ve already grown aware of your actions in the final moment. Sine that’s the case, I will vindicate you today. Although you are already dead, I still have to make sure you can depart with a little more peace.

Long Haochen and Cai’er were both indebted to Elux. Regardless of whether they recognised him, the favour he had given them did happen. Moreover, Elux’s final repentance and deeply touched them. The current opportunity was a chance for Long Haochen to vindicate him.

“Everyone must find it strange as to why I know this. We need to start at the beginning to understand this. When our Bright Glimmer of Hope was still at the Commander grade, we had once received a mission to
investigate the Desolate Hissing Caverns discovered by the demons. After we had accepted the mission, it had been deemed to be incorrectly allocated, which lead to a chain of events at the Demon Hunt Squads’ Mission Tower. However, we did complete the mission.”

Now that Long Haochen was the chairman of the union, there was no need to hide a few matters anymore. Moreover, the matter of the Tower of Eternity had concluded perfectly. He was not afraid of mentioning it anyway…

Immediately, Long Haochen told everyone how they discovered the Tower of Eternity in the Desolate Hissing Cavern and became inheritors of the Tower of Eternity, as well as how they trained in the Tower of Eternity and gradually discovered the truth about the Tower of Eternity. He almost mentioned how he died in a battle against the demons in the end, and how he was brought into the Tower of Eternity by Cai’er to be revived.

That had basically been his greatest secret. Now that he had mentioned it, not only did he want to clear Elux’s name, he also wanted the upper echelon of the union to understand why their demon hunt squad possessed such strength at such a young age.

“This is Elux’s story. Exactly because he had endured too much pain and the grudge of his annihilated family that set him on a path of no return. His mistakes are inexcusable, but I need to ask you all this question. Are necromancers really born evil?”

Long Haochen’s story was very fascinating and very touching. Especially when he mentioned how Cai’er carried him on her back and went through thick and thin in the Tower of Eternity with the Bright Glimmer of Hope to revive him, it deeply touched the hearts of everyone present.

Originally, a lot of people believed that Long Haochen possessed his current cultivation because of his natural endowment, all because of his constitution as a Scion of Light. Only when they heard his story did they understand just how much pain he had gone through as his strength increased, and why he had gone missing among the demons for so long.
Long Xingyu’s fists had already become pale-white from clenching too hard. His nails were deeply embedded in his hands as tears flowed down his cheeks uncontrollably, dripping onto his clothes.

When Long Haochen saw his father’s sorrowful appearance, a strange light appeared in his eyes. At the same time, there seemed to be a faint relief. However, no one noticed this slight change on his face.

“That’s the end of my story. That’s my story. As the chairman of the union, I also believe this secret should be disclosed as my responsibility to the union. Regarding the Eternal Heroes. I believe that we can ask them to fight, to unleash their final power for the union. I believe our predecessors have waited a very long time for this day. However, for the sake of safety, I will go to the Knights’ Sacred Mountain first and confirm their situation. Only if they truly can fight and are still clear-headed can they be let onto the battlefield.”

“They are the true heroes of the alliance. I think that not only shouldn’t we hide this matter from the common people, we should publicly announce it as well. Sometimes, we don’t need to be overly conservative. So what if they’re undead? They’re the heroes of the alliance! Our heroes have already offered their lives to the alliance, so why must they remain hidden away when they are still fighting for the alliance after death, such that the people they protect don’t even know about them? I believe the common people will understand as long as we put in the effort into the announcement.”

Chapter 783

Long Haochen’s words shocked many people. It was also their first time in experiencing the chairman’s might. From the beginning to the end, no one cut him off at all.

Everyone thought about what he had said. Even the most stubborn Priest Temple head Ling Xiao changed in expression.

With a flash, Long Haochen returned to his seat, “What I said just then was my opinion. You can discuss and pour your thoughts together now. We will vote in a short while. The discussion will still be hosted by temple head Yang.”

Yang Haohan nodded at Long Haochen first, before speaking sternly, “The chairman’s story has shocked me deeply. Never did we think that there would be such an unknown story behind the chairman’s great strength. The chairman and every single member of the Bright Glimmer of Hope is a hero of the union. We should show our respects to the heroes.” As he said that, he stood up first and performed a standard knight salute to Long Haochen and the Bright Glimmer of Hope.

The other people all stood up and copied Yang Haohan.

Long Haochen stood up with his companions in a hurry to return the gesture, “From the day we became demon hunters, we had already decided to bleed and lay our lives down for the union. Never did we consider dying a natural death, like how Chen Zidian had already expected himself to die in battle. I believe that although these two titled demon hunt squads have been annhiliated, they did not leave with any
regrets. They are the true heroes. I think we should have a minute of silence for the Demon God Slayers and Nine Heaven Transcenders.”

Everyone fell quiet. Sorrow welled up in everyone’s heart uncontrollably. However, there was also enthusiasm within this sorrow. Many of them had failed to realise that after listening to Long Haochen’s story, the pressure they originally experienced was replaced by roaring fighting intent. Their fear for the incoming holy war had mostly vanished as well.

The minute ended and Yang Haohan continued the topic of conversation from before.

“Chairman, there’s something that I must ask you to explain. Because the Eternal Heroes have become undead, their character will be influenced to a certain degree. I disagree with you going personally. Just in case there’s danger…”

Long Haochen waved his hand, “There won’t be danger. I’ll go with Cai’er. Cai’er’s Domain of Purification is nemesis of all undead. As a result, I can promise everyone that even if our Eternal Heroes have changed and plan on harming the union, our Bright Glimmer of Hope will personally resolve this issue.”

He was not exaggerating at all. No matter how powerful the Eternal Heroes were, it was impossible for them to match up to the undead army from Haoyue’s realm. Cai’er could control the entire situation there, so let alone just sixty-three Eternal Heroes. If they wanted to rebel, Cai’er’s Flourishing Lotus Flowers would not go easy on them.

Yang Haohan said, “Since that’s the case, let’s discuss this later. Regarding the chairman’s suggestion of announcing the Eternal Heroes, shouldn’t we take the bigger picture into consideration? If we really do go through with it, we need ample preparation for the announcement.”

Long Haochen nodded, “I agree.”

Li Zhengzhi said, “Then why not do this? The chairman’s suggestion is very meaningful, while the chairman’s personal story is highly persuasive
as well. We can even learn from the necromancer who had once caused a calamity for us humans, the Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux, much less our Eternal Heroes. If we record the matters of the chairman and then spread it, before spreading the news of the Eternal Heroes, it should be much easier to accept.”

Long Haochen was surprised, while the original Warrior Temple head Qiu Yonghao immediately agreed, “That’s a good idea, temple head Li. The union’s just been founded. If the chairman and his wife become an exemplar for everyone, it will definitely bring great benefits when we face against the demons. It’ll strengthen the chairman’s charisma and unity. The chairman and vice-chairwoman Cai’er will become the foundation of what people can look up to. Let’s do that.”

The temple heads’ eyes all lit up when they heard Qiu Yonghao’s analysis.

Chen Ying’er immediately added, “I agree. The story between the chairman and vice-chairwoman Cai’er is a legend in itself. It should be made public. Moreover, this is for our war against the demons.”

Long Haochen had never thought that trying to rectify the status of the Eternal Heroes would draw him into the matter as well. He wanted to object, but he was drowned out by the approval.

Everyone had finally reached an agreement. Long Haochen would personally ask the Eternal Heroes to fight and they would rectify the Eternal Heroes as well. Of course, before all of this, they would spread the story of Long Haochen and Cai’er.

The Mage Temple head Li Zhengzhi immediately accepted this mission. The special illusion mages of the Mage Temple would make a short film to broadcast. Of course, Long Haochen and Cai’er had to cooperate in the acting as well.

This was only the first meeting. Even more important topics of conversation were presented on the second day of the meetings.
Where would the demons attack? Would they engage in a full blow war like last time, or would they concentrate on a single point? If they only concentrated on a single point, where would this be?

These questions were crucial to the union. Even if they engaged in open conflict, the union’s chances of victory would still be lower. If they were taken by surprise and the demon army managed to make into the union, then there would definitely be a massacre. With the destructive power of the demon army, the union would be in danger.

Long Haochen believed that there was a higher chance that the demons would directly attack the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass occupied by the Knight Temple, because their primary target was him. However, he was not completely certain in this. If the Demon God Emperor attacked a different fort while he had the union’s forces concentrated in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, they would be like laying the the populace of mankind naked before the demon army!

The upper echelon of the union discussed for two entire days, but they still failed to reach a conclusion.

However, the orders of the union were still passed onto the five other temples. Among them included the magic film that Long Haochen and Cai’er would be making.

With the Tower of Eternity, as well as Cai’er’s control over the tower, the Bright Glimmer of Hope and the cooperation of the twelve holy guards, they had basically recreated the exact situation as back then. Although they did not have a lot of time for filming, which made it seem rather rough, but they still achieved their intended effect in the shocking scene. Especially when the Mage Temple used over a dozen illusion mages to complete the final, meticulous editing despite the costs, the magic film turned out to be even better. What Long Haochen and Cai’er failed to imagine was that before long, their story would shake up the entire union. It really was like what Qiu Yonghao had sai, they had become the exemplar that everyone looked up to.

Holy City.
As the sun set in the west, the sky gradually darkened.

After the Temples’ Great Gathering every decade had ended, the Holy City gradually settled down. As the capital and home front of the Temple Union, the prosperity here had never changed.

The sun had set, which meant that everyone had finished their day of busy work. They could rest now. The night life in the Holy City was very abundant. However, a strange film appeared in the city today. Just like the Great Temples’ Gathering recently, large masses of people flowed in the direction of the Alliance’s Great Stadium.

“Hmm? Brother Zhang, what’re you in a hurry for so late in the evening?”

“Brother, haven’t you seen the announcement the union headquarters had posted? From today, they will be playing a magic film for ten days in the Alliance’s Great Stadium. It’s said that the chairman and vice- chairwoman have personally taken part in the acting.”

“Magic film? What’s that?”

“That’s a film and sound preserved using magic! The union’s treated this with such importance, so it would be worthwhile to watch. Let’s go check it out.”

Similar conversations were held in the streets and alleyways of the Holy City. Coupled with the power of public announcements, the surroundings of the Alliance’s Great Stadium was already filled with people before the sun and even set completely.

The ten magic crystal screens that had been taken down had been reinstalled there. The screens currently shone brilliantly. The magic film would probably be played on them in a while.

What would the magic film be? Did the chairman and vice-chairwoman personally perform in the film? Will they be sparring with each other? But why is the union using magic to record it and show us? Basically every
person experienced the same thoughts, but they had received no news of it beforehand.

Their curiosity made them gather below the magic crystal screens and wait patiently.

The sun had set completely and the magic crystal screens stood out even more in the dark night. People could even see it clearly from their distant rooftops.

A loud voice rang out, “The magic film will play very soon. Before it plays, you all need a simple explanation first. This magic film was created by the chairman, vice-chairman and the demon hunters of the Bright Glimmer of Light, before being edited by the Mage Temple. The entire process was to record the story that happened with chairman Long Haochen and vice-chairwoman Cai’er after they had fought against the demons. As a result, you all need a simple introduction to the background before the story begins…”

“… And that’s the background. Chairman Long Haochen’s heart was destroyed by the Demon God Emperor had he died. Vice-chairwoman Cai’er and the other demon hunters of the Bright Glimmer of Hope left Modu with his corpse. This is where our story begins. Everyone must find it very strange that chairman Long Haochen’s heart had been destroyed and thus he had already died in the Star Demon Pagoda, so why was he able to become our chairman? Please watch the magic film and you will learn te answer to that question. After the union was founded, it will become even more democratic. Every single one of you will be the owners of the union. As a result, we have the right to know what the first chairman of our new union had gone through. This is also the reason why this film was created. The union guarantees that everything that happens in this film had happened in the past.”

Chapter 784

Throughout the history of the Temple Union, never had there been an important member’s past presented so clearly before the common people. Not only did the message before the film interest the common people and draw them into the story, it also made them feel respect. In that moment, all of their eyes were glued to the magical crystal screens.

This was the first time they had learnt that the Bright Glimmer of Hope that had performed brilliantly in the Temples’ Great Gathering had once penetrated into the demons and destroyed two Demon God Pillars, even audaciously venturing to Modu and planning to kill the Star Demon God. It even took the Demon God Emperor to mobilise the three most powerful clans among the demons to deal with them.

What would the magic film show?

As everyone waited curiously, the film began to play.

The ten magical crystal screens basically lit up with dazzling light at the same time. The resplendent gold light shocked everyone watching.

The golden light gradually subsided and the first thing they saw was a small forest.

A soft discussion immediately rose, “Look, isn’t that the demon hunters of the Bright Glimmer of Hope? That’s vice-chairwoman Cai’er. Look, it’s vice-chairman Chen Ying’er. She’s currently an auxiliary head of the Spiritual Temple.”
“Look at that baldy. He’s Sima Xian, the most powerful Discipline Priest in the history of the Priest Temple.”

“I still like that mage more. The phoenix technique he used during the Temples’ Great Gathering was just too awesome.”

Everyone’s voices was drowned out by the sound of the film.

Chen Ying’er sobbed painfully in the film as everyone surrounded Long Haochen who lay on the ground.

Cai’er gently crouched down and looked at a blue ring on her finger.

She gently took off the ring and lifted up Long Haochen’s left hand, putting it on his ring finger.

“You dummy. Why did you return it to me? It already belongs to you forever, just like me heart.”

Cai’er spoke very softly, but after being magnified by the film, everyone could hear it clearly. They immediately sensed the deep sorrow in Cai’er’s voice. Her feeling of despair immediately tugged on everyone’s heartstrings, such that their discussions immediately stopped. They all watched the film quietly.

Cai’er raised her hand and slowly took off the Eternal Melody pendant from his neck. A golden skull stood out on the screen. When Cai’er hung the Eternal Melody around her neck, everyone thought of the same question. What was that?

“Let’s go,” Cai’er said. Afterwards, everyone became bedazzled. Dense, golden light appeared on the Eternal Melody, enveloping everyone. In the next moment, as the golden light rose, the film immediately became blurry. With a series of distortions, they moved to a different place.

At this moment, a voice-over appeared, “They were teleported to another realm, to a world within a divine tool. The golden skull was called
the Eternal Melody, the key to opening the divine tool. The creator of the divine tool was…”

The voice-over ended there and the scene cleared up once more. Cai’er said frantically, “Come out, hurry up. Just come out.”
A green light silently emerged from Long Haochen’s Golden Foundation Armour. The green light seemed very weak, almost like a wisp of smoke.

A weak voice rang out of the wisp of light as well, “He is already dead. So my pact with him is gradually dissipating. All I can do is to keep his soul maintained for seven days. But it also means that you have only the time of seven days. There is only one chance, and it lies in this Tower of Eternity. You must succeed as this tower’s successor, and rely on the profound mysteries of light necromancy to possibly restore his soul and reforge his heart. If he manages to resurrect, my contract in him will reinstate as well, but otherwise, seven days later his soul will scatter, and be confined in this Tower of Eternity, bound for all eternity. So if you cannot resurrect him within seven days, just bring him out from here, at least that way his soul won’t have to keep suffering here.”

As the voice stopped at this point, the green wisps disappeared.

“That… That voice is…” Wang Yuanyuan blankly said.

“I know! It’s that girl from the Illusory Paradise. No mistake, that’s her.” Lin Xin bounced wildly.

Grabbing Lin Xin’s shoulder, Han Yu excitingly shouted, “Yes, yes! Ye Xiaolei! It’s her; she has a some kind of contract relationship with captain, and is the one who came to our aid. So Captain has some hope of revival. There’s hope!”

What shocked the audience the most was how Han Yu said there was hope in reviving their captain. He was already dead, so how was he supposed to be revived? And what was the profound mysteries of light
necromancy? What repairing his heart? What inheritance of the Tower of Eternity? All of these mysteries confused the audience slightly.

“Does anyone has a rope or a chain?” Cai’er’s call roused everyone from their pondering. Afterwards, they saw Cai’er lift Long Haochen’s corpse onto her back with the assistance of her companions, tying him down with a chain.

When they saw this, a lot of people felt like there was something lodged in their throat.

Even though a lot of people knew the demon hunt squads had done a lot for the union, they only truly understood just how brutal the experiences that the demon hunters had to go through when they saw this film.

“Seven days. We only have a time of seven days; in this time, we must climb to the top of the Tower of Eternity and obtain the inheritance of the Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux.”

Cai’er’s voice rang out in the film and this name became embedded in the audience’s minds. The Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux. What kind of existence was he?

Before the audience had enough time to wonder about it, the scene changed again. Cai’er had begun to lead the Bright Glimmer of Hope to the Tower of Eternity to challenge it.

There, the story and matters depicted in the film were slightly changed. In order to to immerse the audience better, the trials began on the first floor. The twelve powerful holy guards appeared before them.

The demon hunters fell one by one. As they watched them sacrifice themselves to pave a path to Long Haochen’s revival, tears began to pool up in the audience’s eyes.

In order to revive their captain, in order to revive chairman Long Haochen, every single demon hunter from the Bright Glimmer of Hope had
given them all! The object that common people treated with most importance, life, had been offered up by them selflessly.

Sima Xian fell, Chen Ying’er Fell and Wang Yuanyuan fell. No matter how they fell, their eyes would be filled with persistence and hope.

The Bright Glimmer of Hope climbed up the Tower of Eternity a floor at the time as the audience sat at the edge of the seat. Many of them had even dampened their clothes with tears unknowingly. However, they held their breaths, even unwilling to produce a single sound of weeping, afraid of missing even just a moment of the film.

On the sixth floor of the Tower of Eternity, only Cai’er continued fighting. She lifted the Sickle of the God of Death in her hand high up into the air and faced the most difficult trial.

Lin Xin’s voice became the voice-over, “The vice-captain is using the power of the seven arts of the God of Death. Each art will make her lose one emotion. She…”

The simple voice-over brought even more shock to the audience.
Following that was Cai’er’s unhesitant battle.

The first art, Death in Childhood. The second art, Death in Purification. The third art, Death’s Scream. The fourth art, Deathgod’s Kiss. The fifth art, Death’s Silent Annihilation. The sixth art, Death in Journey.

The audience witnessed the definition of strength. When Cai’er used the sixth art of the seven arts of the God of Death to finally defeat her opponent, a tremendous wave of cheers rang out from the crowd. There were even tears of joy. However, they failed to realise that this was just a start to their tears.

Six-colored light appeared, tending to the wounds of the Bright Glimmer of Hope. As their condition took a turn for the better, pulling some of them back from the jaws of death as a matter of fact, the crowd nervousness was overcome by great relief and ease. Did it finally end? Were they finally going to revive chairman Long Haochen?
Afterwards, an even brutal scene appeared. The path to the sky.
“Kowtow after each step on the aerial passage.”

The voice-over, “On the path to the sky, all powers were suppressed.
Vice-chairwoman Cai’er was reduced to the powers of an ordinary girl.”

The introduction was very simple, but it immediately allowed the audience to understand just what pressure Cai’er was experiencing.

Cai’er advanced at an extremely steady pace. With each step, she would kneel down, kowtow and rise, before taking another step, kneeling down… This continued repetitively.

The audience began to see sweat and gradually, they saw blood.

Two trails of blood began to appear on the endless path to the sky, which deepened as they went.

Gradually, a third trail of blood appeared as well from Cai’er’s forehead.

The audience were ordinary people after all. Their feelings were much more tender than demon hunters. Even the Bright Glimmer of Hope had cried at this sight, so the audience immediately broke into a sea of weeping. Many people cried painfully as they struggled to compose themselves.

Fifty stairs, sixty stairs, seventy stairs, eighty stairs. Those stairs were painful, and she had to staggeringly go on. Her body was already close to collapse, and the blood trails left on the ground started to form a puddle at the bottom of the stairs.


Chapter 785

In the film, the Cai’er still kept going on, climbing without rest, despite close to collapsing. A deep force of incomparable scale seemed to be supporting her gradually weakening body.

Bam! On the one hundred twelfth stair, Cai’er suddenly fell down, violently smashing the stairs on the ground. But her right arm still grasped the smooth surface of the stairs with the tips of her toes supporting herself on a step lower down, so that she wouldn’t slip down.

Blood covered the whole hem of her skirt, and as her tiptoes slided along the way, Cai’er’s face of originally extreme beauty had already become full of blood.

Because her body was far too burdened, it was shaking violently. Only her eyes and look remained firm, resolute.

With a violent gasp for breath, she barely managed to shift position to another stair, and kowtow once again in a bang.

“Don’t continue.” In the crowd, someone had called out and immediately, everyone began to call that out together.

She climbed, she fainted. She climbed some more, she fainted some more…

Cai’er collapsed time after time, and climbed many again and again. When she had made it onto the two hundredth stair, she was already entirely covered in blood.
This was already her seventh time falling unconscious on the path to the sky.

Cai’er’s knees were already devoid of the slightest skin and flesh, her deep white bones already coming to sight. She was unaware that her fair white bone contorted all the time, and because of the excessive blood loss, her whole body was morbidly pale. Her life was fading away at an astonishing speed, yet no end of the path to the sky came to sight.

From the film, Cai’er’s shape had been firmly embedded in the minds of the entire audeince like concrete.

The voice-over appeared once more, “Vice-chairwoman Cai’er fainted a total of seven times as she climbed the path to the sky over several days. The film has compressed this time.”

The audience’s emotions could no longer be described with a simple word like shock. Some of the more frail females in the audience had even fainted from all the crying. Even the soldiers of the union responsible for maintaining order choked on their sobs. This was the first time they learnt that the will of humans could be this tough. This was also the first time they had truly witnessed what the demon hunters had gone through.

Just when the audience was about to collapse from their emotional burden, a gate of light finally appeared on the path to the sky.

When Cai’er used her entire strength to finally enter the gate of light, the entire audience choked back their sobs and cheered out.

The beautiful seventh floor of the Tower of Eternity appeared, and so did the coffin in which Elux slumbered.

Indeed, to ordinary people, they possessed a powerful, natural fear of the undead. However, after the emotional upheaval earlier, they were no longer as shocked when they saw Elux in his undead form.

Elux said that he needed a beating heart to revive Long Haochen. When Cai’er reversed her Sickle of the God of Death and stabbed it towards her
own chest, screams had almost filled the entire city.

When Elux said to Cai’er that he wanted to test Long Haochen, basically the entire crowd supported him, because they all had strong doubts towards Long Haochen. Did their chairman deserve everything that Cai’er had done for him?

Having awakened, Long Haochen faced Elux’s test. When he said that he was willing to relinquish his beliefs to save Cai’er, the whole audience surged. They finally understood that Cai’er was not the only one who was honest to his feelings. Their chairman was willing to give up on his beliefs, something even more precious than his life, for his most beloved!

In that moment, Cai’er and Long Haochen’s status rose to an indescribable height in their minds. Were beliefs, undead and so on still important anymore? No, before true love, it seemed everything was insignificant.

Especially when Elux uttered ‘you win’, a cheer erupted among the entire audience once more.

It had to be mentioned that the effects of the magic film had completely exceeded the original expectations of the person who suggested this in the first place, Mage Temple head Li Zhengzhi. It had also exceeded the imaginations of everyone who supported this idea.

The audience had almost gone crazy from the magic film. They chanted Long Haochen and Cai’er’s names to release their emotions.

With the groundwork complete, it was much easier for the audience to accept Elux’s story. Elux’s sorrowful experiences, as well as his understanding in the end from Long Haochen and Cai’er and his self- purification shocked the audience deeply.

The film ended on Elux’s lofty words, “Holding all lives, plucking all sars, the world without someone like me.”
Now, they were gradually getting deeper into the night. However, no one left. After a moment of silence and peace, ‘Long Haochen, ‘Cai’er’ and ‘the Bright Glimmer of Hope’ became what they chanted.

That was a sleepless night in the Holy City. The Southern Mountain Pass.
It was currently noon, as well as the time for lunch. In an inconspicuous inn, the lively conversation made it extremely noisy.

“Are you going tonight again? Nah I can’t. I can’t go.” A girl shook her head firmly and turned down the suggestion of the man who shared the same table as her.

“Why not? It’ll only be broadcasted for ten days. You won’t be able to see it afterwards.”

“I can’t go anymore. If I go again, I’ll end up crying myself blind. Vice-chairman Cai’er is just too pitiful. The demons are just too despicable. If it weren’t for my poor aptitude, I’d join the army as well and go kill the enemies on the battlefield.”

“Sigh, exactly right? Let alone a girl like you, even a man like me would cry everytime I see it. It’s just too touching. No wonder the chairman and vice-chairwoman can possess such a cultivation at such a young age. The difficulties they have gone through is something we can never imagine!”

“Exactly. That Slumbering Calamity Elux is pretty pitiful as well. Who would have thought that such a powerful necromancer like him had been forced into his state all because of reality.”

“Yeah, who’s without fault? And didn’t he repent in the end? And he was purified by vice-chairwoman Cai’er. I only knew after watching the film that undead can think for themselves and are intelligent. They don’t just thrive off slaughter!”
Similar conversations basically filled the streets of the entire Southern Mountain Pass.

It was not just the Southern Mountain Pass. The magic film had been broadcasted in the Holy City and six great forts as well. The other cities further in were still waiting for their magic crystal screens to be delivered. After all, there were not a lot of magic crystal crens. There were only a few cities who could set them up.

After the first wave of screenings in the Holy City and the six great forts, the magic crystal screens were dismantled and transported to other cities further in-land.

Throughout the history of the Temple Union, or perhaps the history of all humans, there had never been a matter with such a great influence. Spreading under the word of mouth, not only did Cai’er and Long Haochen gradually become exemplar that everyone looked up to, they were close to becoming a kind of belief. It had gotten so bad that after a discussion between Long Haochen and the members of the union, they had decided to stop the film from being played in the union. However, the experiences of him, Cai’er and the Bright Glimmer of Hope would continue to influence several generations of the union.

Just when Long Haochen and Cai’er had become people that everyone looked up to, they had instead arrived at the Knights’ Sacred Mountains under the accompaniment of Yang Haohan.

This was already the third time Long Haochen had come to the Knights’ Sacred Mountain. He held very deep feelings for this holy land of the knights. The first time he had come here, he left with Haoyue. The second time he had come here, he left with Star King. After over a decade, he had gone from an ignorant boy to the chairman of the union. He had gone through a lot, given up a lot and gained a lot as well.

When they were around a thousand meters away from the mist that enveloped the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, the dense aura of light there began to churn. Faint, golden mist actually drifted towards the three of them uncontrollably.
Long Haochen experienced a deep feeling of intimacy. The light element in the faint, golden mist rushed to him like a child had found its home.

Raising his left hand, Long Haochen smiled slightly. The gentle light element began to revolve around him automatically. Throughout the entire process, he did not release any of his own power. It had all happened naturally.

Yang Haohan who also happened to be a powerhouse of the light and a divine knight could not help but sigh in amazement at this sight. Long Haochen really did cultivate his light element spiritual energy to the limit! Even the light element treated him as a source of power.

Long Haochen suddenly raised his head and gazed into the depth of the mist. Immediately, the mist parted automatically like soldiers who had just received an order, forming a path. Three disabled old men quickly arrived where they were. The three old men were immediately surprised at the shock of the parting mist. This was the first time they had witnessed something like that.

However, when they saw Yang Haohan, they relaxed. To their greater surprise, the person who had influenced the mist of the mountain was not the Divine Knight of Defence and Planning. Instead, it was the young man by his side.

The Knights’ Sacred Mountain was basically cut off from the rest of the world. Although some of the elders here had seen Long Haochen before, it was only a small number of them. At the very least, it was the first time these three had seen him.

“Greetings, temple head Yang,” the three elders approached them and performed a standard knight’s salute to Yang Haohan.

Yang Haohan and Long Haochen returned their gesture with the same salute at the same time.

“I must bother the elders. Please take us to the sealed cavern,” as Yang Haohan said that, he took out an insignia.
The insignia in his hand was completely sculpted from golden crystal.
There were several inscriptions in the ancient elvish language.

Upon seeing the insignia, the elders bowed once more, before walking up and surrounding Long Haochen, Yang Haohan and Cai’er. They each took out a golden insignia as well.

Chapter 786

Golden light flickered as each insignia released six symbols upon being activated by the elders. A total of eighteen symbols appeared from the three insignia, revolving around everyone they shone with blinding light. Afterwards, a huge, golden swirl enveloped all six of them. The mist in the surroundings churned violently and in the next moment, they vanished.

The current Long Haochen was no longer the same as the past. He could sense an extremely large magic array within the Knights’ Sacred Mountain. It was possible to say that the entire mountain was created because of the magic array. The only way to understand the secrets here was to be familiar with the magic array, or have someone serve as a guide.

The golden light subsided and they had appeared in another place. It was also a place that gave Long Haochen a sense of déjà vu.

They were inside of a cavern, and in its walls, blocks of precious stones were inlaid. An insipid golden light illuminated the entire cavern.

Inside the cavern, the light element was not strong. It could not be compared to the Knights’ Sacred Mountain at all. It was just a little stronger than outside at most.

This cavern was enormous. The roof was sixty meters high, the cave had an irregular circular shape as far as the eye could see, and its diameter was at least three hundred meters long, just like a sort of enormous public square.
There were quadrilateral shapes on the ground. These shapes were closely linked with each other, forming a huge rings which grew closer towards the centre. Each shape was covered with dim, ancient elvish language.

Seeing this, Long Haochen finally remembered where this place was. Wasn’t this the cavern where he had been teleported away through an array, which allowed him to find House? He had never thought he would come back here again.

Yang Haohan nodded at the three elders, “Thank you for leading the way. Please return to your posts.”

The elders performed a salute towards Yang Haohan.

Yang Haohan arrived before Long Haochen and said, “Haochen, the sealed cavern can only let in a single person at a time. Cai’er and I will remain here waiting for you. These seniors possess extremely rich experiences and they have also slumbered there for several millennia, so they might be rather strange. You must be careful with what you do. Just in case the situation develops beyond your control, use spiritual energy to activate the insignia in your hand. You will be automatically transported back here.”

As he said that, he passed the insignia sculpted from golden crystal to Long Haochen.

Long Haochen accepted the insignia and nodded at Yang Haohan. Afterwards, he made his way to the centre of the cavern. There was a ring around nine meters wide. The symbol in the centre was the largest.

However, as soon as he began making his way over, he was stopped by the three elders who had led them here. One of the elders said to Yang Haohan rather hesitantly, “Temple head Yang, that does seem to abide by the rules. Only you can enter the sealed cavern. You’re…”

Yang Haohan smiled, “I forgot to introduce him to you. This is Long Haochen, a new divine knight of our Knight Temple. He obtained the
recognition of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation and was bestowed the title of Divine Knight of Glory and Leadership by the temple. He’s also the leader of our six divine knights. In the future, the sacred mountain insignia will be in his possession.”

The three elders became shocked at the same time. They immediately began to look at Long Haochen differently. They were all old members of the Knight Temple, so of course they knew what the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation meant.

Long Haochen knew the three elders were still in some disbelief. With a smile, a gentle spiritual energy emerged from his body and enveloped the three elders.

The pure light element made the three elders all shudder. In the next moment, an indescribably nice feeling filled every inch of their body. Even their missing limbs experienced the same sensation, albeit missing. Their spiritual energy all surged out and in just a few seconds, their spiritual energy had grown by an amount that was even more than what they would achieve with several months of cultivation.

Now, the elders no longer had any doubts. Although they were still filled with shock, they moved out of the way with a flash and saluted Long Haochen politely.

Long Haochen arrived in the centre of the huge symbol with the sacred mountain insignia. He closed his eyes slowly as he quietly sensed everything in the surroundings.

In the moment he had closed his eyes, his mental force immediately expanded. Whether it was Yang Haohan, Cai’er or the three elders, they all felt that their consciousness blurred out momentarily.

This time, even Yang Haohan could not help but show shock. What a powerful mental force!

Even if it was Demon God Emperor, it was impossible for him to understand the interior of the sacred mountains within the great array of the
Knights’ Sacred Mountain. The great array contained extremely powerful light element as well as the secrets of countless other arrays. Many of these secrets originated from the ancient elves. Even the Knight Temple that was directly in control of the Knights’ Sacred Mountain did not completely understand the secrets of the great array.

However, Long Haochen’s mental force met no obstruction at all as he stood there. In just a short while, he had enveloped the entire mountain.

As the person in possession of the Light God physique and Light God Domain, how could any light element array reject him? It was just like a girl who had opened her heart up completely, allowing him to study it as he wished.

Very soon, Long Haochen felt like he knew everything he wanted to know. After studying it, Long Haochen discovered that the Knights’ Sacred Mountain itself was composed of nine light element arrays, which were broken up into a central array and eight outer arrays. The nine arrays then formed a completely new array. The arrays had been cast down with such complexity that he had never seen anything like this before. And, the array had an extremely powerful restricting ability. Even if powerhouses of the ninth step intruded this place, they would probably suffer greatly at the hands of the array.

There were many light element magical beasts that lived on the Knights’ Sacred Mountain. They were also the source of mounts for young knights of the temple. However, the true secrets of the mountain lay in its interior. The location where he currently stood was the fundamental point of the central formation among the nine formations. Controlling the great array had to be done here, while the sacred mountain insignia in his hand was the key to unlocking the array’s full power, or to open up the array.

Raising the insignia over his head, Long Haochen slowly poured spiritual energy into it. As soon as pure, light element spiritual energy had entered the insignia, it immediately shone brightly with golden light.

The insignia seemed to produce a faint hum and afterwards, the nine arrays in the mountain actually all responded.
A golden ripple expanded below Long Haochen, lighting up the ancient elvish symbols. In just a few seconds, all of the ancient elvish symbols in the centre of the mountain had lit up.

The symbols all seemed to be revived. As golden light began to flow, some of the rings of golden symbols rotated clockwise, while others rotated anti-clockwise. Golden symbols began to appear in the air as well, around the sacred mountain insignia in Long Haochen’s hand.

Yang Haohan had told Long Haochen before they arrived here that once he had activated the sacred mountain insignia, he would be able to sense the sealed cavern.

Now, Long Haochen could vividly sense that the sacred mountain insignia had offered him several different auras. One was to activate defences, one was to activate attacks and the last one was the way to the sealed cavern.

With a thought, the insignia activated and a powerful beam of light suddenly erupted from below Long Haochen, connecting with the ceiling. Long Haochen was completely enveloped by the beam of light. The light element was so dense that it was almost tangible. Even Cai’er who possessed powers of purification felt a sense of sluggishness that almost immobilised her.

Not only did activating the array of the Knights’ Sacred Mountain require the sacred mountain insignia, it also required sufficiently strong abilities of the light element. If it was any other element, they would all fail. If a darkness element powerhouse had managed to steal the sacred mountain insignia and had made it in here, then there would only be two outcomes. The first one would be if they were powerful enough, such that they could break out of the array and leave. The second outcome was much more likely, which was being torn apart by the light element.

The beam of light lasted for half a minute before slowly vanishing. When the beam of light subsided, Long Haochen had vanished.
Surrounded by dense light element, he traveled a very short distance through space. Through the investigations Long Haochen had performed earlier, he already knew the exact location of the sealed cavern. However, the location had been completely suppressed by the array of the Knights’ Sacred Mountain. Even with his current level of cultivation, he had no confidence in breaking into there without the sacred mountain insignia.

This was below the Knights’ Sacred Mountain.

The golden light in the surroundings gradually dispersed. The first thing that Long Haochen felt was a chill. He could feel the coldness even with his cultivation, which demonstrated just how powerful the coldness was. It was definitely not just a matter of temperature.

Everything in the surroundings cleared up. Appearing before Long Haochen was a corridor paved with grey rock. The surroundings were pitch-black, but Long Haochen personally shone with a faint golden light, enough to illuminate several meters away.

The air in the corridor was extremely foul, while the coldness surged over from up ahead.

Long Haochen raised a hand and a gentle, white flame immediately appeared. With a gentle flick of his finger, a white flame flew ahead. It was not particularly large, but wherever it went, it burned away the foulness in the air. It was not important whether the air was breathable or not. He just disliked this foulness. At the same time, he could see the situation up ahead clearly under the illumination of the white flame.

The corridor slowly extended downwards, so the white flame directly landed on the wall up ahead. It was not extinguished and instead burned on the wall like a lantern. However, it did not burn the grey rock bricks.

Under the light from the flames, Long Haochen made his way forward. The sacred mountain insignia in his hand shone with a faint golden light, which serve as a source of light to a certain degree.

Chapter 787

The corridor was longer than Long Haochen had expected it to be. The deeper he travelled, the more obvious the coldness became, to the point where he needed to activate his spiritual energy to protect himself.

A warm aura expanded from his chest. Warmth, coupled with the aura of life, filled his entire body. It only circulated through his body once and Long Haochen could no longer sense the coldness anymore.

He could not help but smile. This was Ye Xiaolei’s power. Ever since Ye Xiaolei had fused with him and become his intelligent spiritual stove, she had been sleeping. However, Long Haochen could clearly sense the changes to his body after fusing with Ye Xiaolei. When he sensed that a brand new heart had grown under the power of the Heart of Eternity, he suddenly realised that the original Heart of Eternity had not truly revived him.

Perhaps, the Heart of Eternity could continually sustain his life, but without a heart, he was not a real human? From a certain perspective, he was no different from being an undead, just a special undead with the Light God Domain.

However, after his heart had regrown, Long Haochen could clearly sense that Ye Xiaolei’s power had fused perfectly with the Heart of Eternity. Not only did he possess a new heart now, it was much more powerful than before as well. However, what he found strange was that his heart had evolved, but the boost to his spiritual energy from his Heart of Eternity had vanished. His internal spiritual energy was around five hundred to six hundred thousand, but that did not include the ninety thousand that came from the Heart of Eternity.
The coldness did not affect him, so Long Haochen sped up his pace. Indeed, he never treated the Eternal Heroes as a threat in the first place, not only because of his trust in them, but due to his self-confidence as well. With his current cultivation, the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation and Haoyue, he had complete confidence in himself even when he faced against the Demon God Emperor.

After walking for almost three hundred meters, he finally arrived at the end of the corridor. An arched gate appeared before Long Haochen.

The gate had two panels, with many people sculpted on them. At a closer glance, it seemed like the battle between the humans and demons back then, while two simple words were written on the gate. They were ‘Eternal Heroes’.

Many of the markings on the stone gate had already become mottled, which showed its age. Despite the quality of the material, the passage of time still left behind a clear trace.

In order to protect the alliance, these Eternal Heroes had slumbered here for six thousand years! Even if they spent most of their time asleep, there would always be times when they awoke. They had to endure the darkness and loneliness here. Compared to them, were his contributions of any significance?

When he thought up to there, Long Haochen could not help but bow deeply towards the words written on the stone door. At the same time, he secretly made up his mind that no matter how difficult it was, he had to rectify the existence of these sixty-three Eternal Heroes.

Upon standing up straight once more, he slowly lodged the sacred mountain insignia into the only depression in the stone gate.

It fit perfectly. He could not help but admire the craftsmanship of the person who made all of this.

A long, crisp sound rang out, just like someone had struck a bottle made out of magic crystal. The pleasant sound echoed through the corridor as a strange feeling cleared Long Haochen’s head.

Afterwards, the gate began to shine with a deep, green light. Only the sacred mountain insignia remained colden. The gate slowly slid apart to the two sides.

The stone gate was probably a meter thick. It had already existed there for several thousand years, but it opened with such ease. Without a doubt, not only was the gate crafted with great skill, there were magic arrays engraved within as well.

An aura at least ten times colder than before surged forth, immediately colliding into Long Haochen’s body. Surprisingly, the air inside was not foul at all. It was just extremely cold. The coldness even froze Long Haochen’s breath.

Before him was a pitch-black cavern. No matter how great Long Haochen’s cultivation was, it was impossible for him to see anything in a completely pitch-black place without any source of light. However, he did not light up flame this time. Instead, he bowed politely and said, “The Divine Knight of Glory and Leadership, Long Haochen, of the Knight Temple pays respects to the predecessor.”

He did not take a single step into the pitch-black cave. His voice was filled with respect from the bottom of his heart.

His voice echoed in the cavern and corridor. Perhaps due to being too closely spaced, his voice echoed for quite some time.

Long Haochen continued to bow. He showed no intention of changing his posture, maintaining it steadily and quietly. These seniors who had laid down their lives for the alliance and then endured six thousand years of loneliness were definitely worthy enough for him to do that.

“I’vm very curious why a young man’s come, but your two gestures of respect has given me a great impression of you.”
A rather strange voice appeared from the cavern. The voice seemed rather stiff. It would halt slightly every two or three words, which was why it seemed strange.

Long Haochen slowly stood up straight and struck his left chest with his right first, performing the knight’s salute once more, “For the sake of the alliance, for the sake of mankind, the predecessors have done many things. It only makes sense for me to show respect.”

The stiff voice rang out once more, “Did you just say you’re the Divine Knight of Glory of Leadership? Where’d that kiddo called Yang Haohan go? He seems to be nearing a hundred years in age. Has he died to the hands of the demons? If I recall correctly, he should be the Divine Knight of Defence and Planning.”

Long Haochen said, “Temple head Yang isn’t dead. He’s just handed me the right to communicate with the seniors.”

The voice grew slightly more serious, “Looks like something’s happened to the alliance. It’s the first time that a Divine Knight of Glory and Leadership has appeared for the Knight Temple, and there’s a special case where our existence has been passed down without someone passing away. Tell me, why have you come this time? Hmm, hold on. Before you tell me, prove to me your status as a divine knight. From your brimming vitality, you should be in your prime. Has the Knight Temple gained a genius it’s never seen before?”

Long Haochen said politely, “Junior’s name is Long Haochen. I will be twenty-six in three months’ time. What I inherited is the power of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation out of the six great divine thrones.”

“What?” The stiff voice suddenly became elated. Afterwards, Long Haochen felt a tremendous pressure. The pressure did not push him outwards. Instead, it pulled him in.

However, Long Haochen remained standing there without moving at all.
He did not even unleash his spiritual energy outside his body.
Scrape, scrape… A strange sound rang out and a green flame lit up near Long Haochen.

The flame did not burn particularly brilliantly, but Long Haochen did find that it was rather difficult for his eyes to adjust now that light had suddenly appeared in this pitch-black place.

The green fire had appeared in someone’s hand. The person stood over two meters tall and he was extremely skinny. His grey robes were tattered in many places, revealing his ashen skin.

His eyes moved about stiffly as a grey light seemed to flash through them.

He was not a human. More correctly, he should have been a zombie.
However, his body was maintained very well, without any part rotting.

He slowly approached Long Haochen. The scraping sound from before came from when he walked. His movements were very stiff, while his knees could no longer bend. As a result, he walked very slowly. However, Long Haochen could sense that this corpse was filled with an aura of danger. He had drawn this conclusion through his sense according to his cultivation.

In terms of age, he remained the same when he had died as he had been turned into a corpse, so around fifty to sixty years old. He did not appear to be too old. Any other person would have probably begun to scream in fright if they came across a zombie in such a dark cavern. However, when Long Haochen saw him, he only showed even more respect.

“Hello, senior.”

Long Haochen bowed politely.

“Let me see the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, the zombie said excitedly.

After a slight hesitation, Long Haochen said, “Senior, this might not be the most appropriate place for me to do that. I’m afraid of affecting the
slumber of the other seniors here. I might even end up having them.”

The light element hidden within the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation was so powerful that once the supra divine tools powers were unleashed here, it would be highly likely that these Eternal Heroes would be harmed no matter how powerful they were!

However, the zombie smiled instead.

“Kakaka, young man, are you thinking your powers of light will harm us? Although I hate how I am right now very much, I just say that the necromancer who created the Scroll of Spiritual Transformation is the greatest genius I know of. Not only did his scroll turn us info undead, it’s retained the element of our powers when we were still alive. Do you think that as the founders of the six great temples, any of us would possess the darkness element?”

Long Haochen gained a new recognition of the Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux. No wonder the Scroll of Spiritual Transformation was labelled as a supra forbidden spell!

“If that’s the case, please be careful, senior.” Long Haochen took a few steps back and his eyes lit up first.

A gentle, golden light appeared in his clear eyes. Afterwards, a holy aura filled with dignity immediately expanded from him. A huge silhouette of light appeared behind him, except in the narrow corridor, the silhouette of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation was unable to appear properly.

Chapter 788

The mist on the Knights’ Sacred Mountain began to surge violently. Dense, golden mist churned within its vicinity. The violent reaction immediately shocked all the elders on the mountain.

What shocked them even more was what happened next. The surging mist slowly rose up into the air, circulating in a clockwise direction. In just a short while, it formed a huge, golden spiral.

The area that the Knights’ Sacred Mountain covered was rather expansive, while the golden swirl in the air occupied almost the same area. That was how enormous it was. Even someone at the Knights’ Temple from the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass would be able to witness this wondrous sight.

A milky-white beam of light rose up into the sky from the centre of the Knights’ Sacred Mountain. Afterwards, the huge Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation appeared out of nowhere in the holy, dignified aura. Combined with the golden swirl, it unleashed its glow as a supra divine tool.

A huge throne appeared in the air. The throne was a translucent white as it shone with nine beautiful colours. The exquisite sculpting on the back of the throne gave off an indescribable sense of beauty. On top was the celestial bodies, in the centre were birds and beasts, while the part connecting the back to the body were the phenomena of nature.

On the arm rests were the sculptures of a divine gigantic dragon and a twelve-winged angel. Just the rings of nine-colored light it had released
were so dazzling. Under the influence of its aura, the golden mist became pure and transparent.

Golden light flickered in Long Haochen’s eyes as he made a gesture with both hands, as if drawing it in.

Ding! A lengthy sound filled a range of thousands of kilometers. The Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation split up in the air, turning into thirteen balls of light which rushed into the Knights’ Sacred Mountain.

Before the Eternal Hero zombie, something that even made his soulfire leap about madly happened. The thirteen balls of white light landed on Long Haochen. They were the thirteen Stars of Eternity.

A huge, transparent gemstone appeared on his chest, with beautiful, nine- stoned crown on his head. A translucent white mask with golden gemstones for eyes appeared. On his left shoulder was a huge dragon’s head, while on his right shoulder was a twelve-winged angel. He was covered in translucent, white armor that gave off a supreme aura.

When Long Haochen became clad in it completely, his aura underwent an overwhelming transformation. The coldness in the cavern was swept away. Only warmth remained now.

Pulses of powerful spiritual energy awakened in the cavern at this moment as well, as eyes that flickered with soulfires of different colours slowly opened.

The aura of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation had awakened them. It had awakened these Eternal Heroes who had once laid down their lives for humanity.

The zombie Long Haochen had been speaking to earlier was completely speechless now. His body now trembled uncontrollable, while the emotions in his soulfire was completely replaced by excitement.

“Thirteen balls of light. It’s thirteen balls of light. Yes, this is the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. It really is! Heavens, you still care for
us humans after all! I’ve finally waited for this day. I’ve finally waited for the day when the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation accepts a master!”

Figures began to appear behind him one after another, as soulfires gradually began to burn brighter in confusion. They had clearly heard what the first Eternal Hero had said and when they witnessed the Armour of Eternity on Long Haochen, all sixty-three soulfires became submerged in excitement and passion.

Three balls of light—green, seven-colored and white—revolving around Long Haochen’s body slowly. Long Haochen carried his Sword of Eternity on his back, embedded between the two huge wings.

Due to the Armour of Eternity, the corridor seemed even more narrow now and he had become much larger as well. In particular, his pair of wings directly brushed against the walls on both sides.

“Come in, child. Come in quickly.” The zombie that had spoken to Long Haochen earlier waved his hand frantically.

Only then did Long Haochen enter the cavern in a flash.

The coldness in the cavern had been completely overwhelmed by the aura of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. When he entered the cavern, he immediately illuminated the entire place, like a sun had appeared in a world of darkness.

After understanding the situation of the cavern, Long Haochen felt like his heart was being torn to shreds.

Within the cavern where the sixty-three Eternal Heroes slumbered were sixty-three coffins made of rock. Aside from that, there was nothing else really. A vague aura radiated from below. Although it was suppressed by the aura of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, Long Haochen could still sense it.
These heroes who had once given up everything for humanity were actually slumbering in a place like this. It made Long Haochen extraordinarily furious.

He said nothing, but his lips under his mask were pressed together tightly. As he looked at the zombies, he slowly unfurled the wings on his back.

“Seniors, I am Long Haochen. I must repent to you for the sake of the Temple Union.”

As he said that, he actually just knelt down on the floor in his Armour of Eternity left behind by the creator god, bowing his head to the sixty-three undead before him.

The white armor was so holy, while the crown on his head was so beautiful as well. However, in that moment, he just knelt and bowed for these sixty-three predecessors.

He did not do that for himself, but for the union and all of humanity.

Long Haochen’s actions had shocked all the Eternal Heroes present. They looked at each other as the passion in their soulfires gradually subsided. It was replaced by confusion and they were slightly touched as well. The human who had gained the recognition of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation was actually kneeling for them. He was…

“Child, what are you doing” Hurry up and get up,” the first Eternal Hero said in a hurry. He wanted to lift him up, but when he sensed the holiness from the Armour of Eternity, his action was futile.

Long Haochen raised his head slowly, but he continued to kneel there. His mask shot up as tears pooled in his eyes, “Predecessors, seniors, you deserve a bow from me. You deserve a bow from everyone who still lives in the union. Six thousand years ago, you use your lives to chase away the demons. For the sake of the alliance, you even went as far as to be reincarnated as undead, slumbering for six thousand years quietly in this cold cavern. Although I don’t know who made that decision back then,
but as the chairman of the new union, I can’t let this continue. Mankind would be doing you a disservice if we did!”

As he said that, he lowered his head once more and brought it to the ground three times firmly.

Only then did the sixty-three Eternal Heroes understand Long Haochen.
In that moment, they all fell silent.

A woman said, “This child’s so honest that he’s cute. Did the person who gave you the key not tell you that we chose to remain like this? And the arrangements here were according to our requests.”

“Huh?” Long Haochen was dumbfounded. He raised his head and immediately sense good-willed smiles from the soulfires of the sixty-three Eternal Heroes.

“Dumb child, get up.”

The Eternal Hero who had spoken to Long Haochen first chuckled. Although the muscles on his face could not move, Long Haochen could clearly sense the good intentions he had behind laughing.

Although Long Haochen had made a fool of himself, he had still managed to move these seniors with his sincerity.

Only then did Long Haochen stand up. He said rather awkwardly, “I thought…”

“What did you think? Did you think that we were abandoned?” The female’s voice rang out once more and an Eternal Hero stepped forward. When she made her way over, the others clearly formed a path for her. She must have possessed quite the status among the Eternal Heroes.

Although she was now a zombie, Long Haochen could still see her beauty when she was still alive. Her face was not grey like most other Eternal Heroes. Instead, it was white, extremely pale-white. However, her
skin was clearly still quite supple. Only her blood-red eyes seemed extremely terrifying.

“This isn’t just a cavern beneath the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, but also a place above the mouth of a frost spring. We need to use the coldness here to prevent our bodies from rotting. Every coffin has a small hole connected to the mouth of the spring, which will draw in the coldness. Otherwise, what you’ll be seeing wouldn’t be zombies, but skeletons. As for anything else, would we, a bunch of deceased people, find use in them? However, we then discovered that the coldness of the frost spring could let our powers grow and stabilise our soulfires, to prevent it from being extinguished so easily. That’s why we’re able to survive until now. Although we’re still close to our end, we can last a little longer.”

So that was what had happened. Long Haochen understood the secrets here now.

“I’m Shu Yongxiao, basically the leader of the people here. The last time someone came was thirty years ago. Back then, that kid called Yang Haohan came here as a replacement for the original temple head. Tell us, what’s happened in the thirty years outside?”

The Eternal Heroes had all surrounded Long Haochen now. Most of them had a good impression for this young man who had inherited the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. Although Long Haochen had made a fool of himself earlier with his sincerity, but these seniors who had just awakened were obviously in a good mood seeing how he recognised them and did not reject them.

Long Haochen nodded and explained everything he knew that had happened to the temple alliance in the three decades to as much detail as possible. He went into particular detail regarding the previous holy war and the newly-founded Temple Union.

Chapter 789

As he did that, Shu Yongxiao asked him questions several times and Long Haochen answered them one by one. He had only just learned that while these seniors had been slumbering here, they still knew a little about the major matters that had happened in the past six thousand years on the Shengmo Dalu, because a temple head of the Knight Temple would come here with the sacred mountain insignia once every few decades to bring them news.

“Good. What a good Temple Union. It’s finally succeeded. Unfortunately, we can’t leave here so easily, or I would have gone and made trouble for those kiddos a long time ago. For the sake of their own interests, they’ve ignored strengthening the alliance. At least they haven’t come to this realisation too late.” Shu Yongxiao actually supported the founding of the new union very much. From what she said, it seemed like she already had mentioned something similar to this when Yang Haohan visited thirty years earlier.

At this moment, an old man arrived beside Shu Yongxiao. He asked Long Haochen, “Child, you said earlier that the Knight Temple has gathered all six divine knights now?”

Long Haochen nodded now, “Yes, the Knight Temple is now filled with talent. We should be in our strongest state right now. Including me, the six divine thrones all have their masters.”

“Good, that’s fantastic.” The old man was clearly rather emotional, “In the past, when I decided to gather the strength of humanity to create the five divine thrones, I once swore an oath, that when humanity is in
control of all six divine thrones, it will be the best time for us to fight back against the demons. Looks like the heavens hasn’t forsaken us! Just when our soulfires are about to disperse, you’ve brought us this good news, allowing us to witness the final moment when humanity fights back. Our six thousand years of slumber, our six thousand years of waiting underground has all be worth it.”

Shu Yongxiao introduced this person to Long Haochen, “This is Xiao Huo, old man Xiao. When the alliance was first founded, he was the first temple head of the Knights’ Temple. It was also him who held his ground and persuaded everyone to create the five divine thrones. You can say he’s the real ancestor of your Knight Temple. Old man Xiao is far-sighted. Many of his decisions were proven to be correct later on.”

Long Haochen performed a salute in a hurry, “Greetings, ancestor.”

Xiao Huo said seriously, “Child, I want to hear the history of your growth. In the past, I had personally witnessed the might of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation and I had personally witnessed its descent into the human world. I had said in the past that with the existence of this supra divine tool, it means that the heavens hasn’t abandoned us humans. However, I never understood just what kind of powerhouse could receive its recognition. I even believed that its existence was more symbolic than anything. I never thought that there would finally be a day when a knight truly becomes its master. I’m very curious about the history of your growth and I’m very curious about how the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation accepted you as its master.”

Even until now, Long Haochen had not mentioned the matter of asking the Eternal Heroes to leave and fight. These people were all the true heroes of humanity, as well as the ancestors of the six great temples. Before he had come here, Yang Haohan had said that he had to gain their recognittion before mentioning any request. They had already slumbered here for six thousand years, so no one knew how they would react if they were asked to emerge from here. At the same time, they could react very emotionally, or even be unreasonable.
Long Haochen could tell from what Yang Haohan had told him that a past temple head of the Knights’ Temple must had suffered under these Eternal Heroes before. Yang Haohan did mention exactly what had happened, but Long Haochen had always treated these seniors cautiously. However, even until now, he did not find anything strange about these Eternal Heroes.

Actually, he was unaware that his attitude played a great role in all of it. He was different from the previous temple heads who had come here. As divine knights to be in possession of the sacred mountain insignia, as the greatest divine knights of the Knight Temple, these temple heads would be in their fifties or sixties at the very least.

And, as they grew in power, their authority would grow accordingly. They would naturally develop a mentality and attitude of someone in power. After coming here, they would feel some repulsion when these Eternal Heroes would refer to them as a child and even rebuke them rudely sometimes. No matter how polite they were, they were nowhere as polite as Long Haochen earlier.

Long Haochen was different. He was young in the first place, only in his twenties. Although he was in control of the Temple Union, he did not have any particular desire for authority, nor had he actively order people around a lot. Coupled with his admiration from the bottom of his heart for these Eternal Heroes, it was possible to say that he was far more sincere than all the temple heads who had come here in the past. Obviously, the Eternal Heroes would gain a great impression of him.

“Yes.” After answering politely, Long Haochen began to narrate his growth. He went into great detail, explaining how his father taught him when he was young, and then how his strength increased bit by bit and became a demon hunter, leading the Bright Glimmer of Hope into accumulating merit. He also went into detail about how his strength broke through under fortuitous circumstances. He did not even hide the secret of the Tower of Eternity. He mentioned it all.

When he mentioned how he died in battle and Cai’er had taken him into the Tower of Eternity to revive him, these Eternal Heroes who had lived for
over six thousand years could not help but become interested. Especially when they heard about Elux’s story, they were far more emotional than the common people who saw the film within the union. After all, the age when they lived was extremely close to Elux’s era. How could they not become emotional when they heard the process and reason of Elux becoming the Slumbering Calamity?

When he mentioned the process of gaining the recognition of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, Long Haochen did not hide anythin either. He went into great detail, especially when he spoke about how he turned the situation around and defeated the Angel of Eternity in battle.

“A Scion of Light. What a good Scion of Light! It’s been a very long time since this bag of bones has exercised. Young man, would you like to spar with me?”

Long Haochen had never thought that after explaining his own history, Xiao Huo would actually ask him for a spar.

Long Haochen subconsciously assumed this was a test for the seniors, so he obviously did not shy away from it. He saluted Xiao Huo politely, before saying, “Please give me guidance, predecessor.”

The other Eternal Heroes slowly separated in the surroundings, giving Long Haochen and Xiao Huo enough space.

The arrangements inside the cavern were simple, but it was large. It was at least a third the size of the Temples’ Great Stadium. Of course, this definitely was not large enough for powerhouses like Long Haochen and Xiao Huo to unleash their powers. But since it was just a spar, they would obviously hold back their powers and avoid destroying this place.

Long Haochen did not draw the Sword of Eternity on his back. Instead, he kept his hands separate to his sides, condensing a huge golden sword in each. They were basically the same as the Sword of Eternity.

Witnessing the young man’s sincere actions, the spectating Eternal Heroes could not help but nod.
Xiao Huo was extremely large, but also extremely stiff. When he stood before Long Haochen, Long Haochen felt a great pressure weighing on his heart.

Was this a pressure form his soul? Long Haochen was very surprised. His mental force had risen to an extremely powerful level upon obtaining the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation and fusing with Ye Xiaolei. Even though it could not rival the Demon God Emperor, he was definitely the greatest among humans. However, before Xiao Huo, his mental force gave him no advantage at all. Instead, he was suppressed.

However, Long Haochen was still Long Haochen after all. After momentary surprise, he understood why.

Xiao Huo’s soulforce was not necessarily stronger than his, but the purity of his soulfire made it such that his soul had no impurities. And, the soulforce was the core power of undead, which was why he had lost the upper hand in terms of his senses. However, Xiao Huo was unable to harm with soulforce alone.

At this moment, Xiao Huo’s hollow eyes suddenly lit up, just like two balls of sparks that had suddenly appeared. They were a pure and resplendent golden colour. To Long Haochen’s shock, the purity of his light element was no less than his own.

What shocked him even more happened next. When Xiao Huo’s eyes lit up, a ball of golden light had appeared on his chest as well. The golden colour was much brighter and afterwards, golden liquid flowed out from his chest, rapidly covering him completely.

This was…

The golden liquid was thick and resplendent. Wherever it passed by, all of his aura as an undead was completely hidden away. The pure and powerful aura of light erupted from his body like a geyser. Under the effects of the golden liquid, Xiao Hui’s body shone with a faint, golden haze.

Releasing liquid spiritual energy externally?
Long Haochen did not know what cultivation was required to achieve that, but he knew he could not with his current cultivation at the fifth rank of the ninth step. He could release spiritual energy externally and mould it, condensing armor and his twin swords, but he was unable to make it flow like liquid. Even if he copied it, it would not feel real.

The golden liquid covered Xiao Huo’s body very quickly, turning him golden. Afterwards, the liquid began to take form. A simple, undecorated golden armor surrounded Xiao Huo.

Golden Foundation Armour!

Long Haochen suddenly remembered when he found this armour to be so familiar. Didn’t the armour that Xiao Huo create from the external release of his liquid spiritual energy share many similarities with the Golden Foundation Armour?

Without a doubt, the Golden Foundation Armour was probably directly related to this predecessor.

Chapter 790

The liquid flowed and two huge golden swords also appeared in Xiao Huo’s hands. Compared to Long Haochen’s swords condensed from spiritual energy, his swords were dark golden with their aura completely hidden away. When the two swords were formed, even his aura of light had vanished completely, as if that was just a set of metal armour, unrelated to spiritual energy.

However, just when the aura of light vanished, Long Haochen could clearly sense that even was even more terrifying. It was even a little like when he faced against the Demon God Emperor. This predecessor’s strength had actually surpassed the Knight of Judgement of the Dead!

“Use your full strength,” Xiao Huo’s voice rang out in Long Haochen’s head, and then he moved.

Although he was the predecessor, he showed no intentions of going easy. With a flash of golden light, he crossed his swords and slashed out. A dark golden cross basically arrived before Long Haochen instantly.

Long Haochen was experienced in battle. From the moment Xiao Huo had moved, he had responded. He took half a step back with his left foot and swung his right sword at the same time. Xiao Huo’s cross slash arrived before him like it had been delivered there, while his attack just happened to strike the centre of the cross.

Golden light as resplendent as the sun shone from Long Haochen’s right sword. Shining Solar Strike, fourth step knight technique.
Golden light merged in the sky. Long Haoche did not retreat. When the cross slash was destroyed, he had stabbed out with this left sword as well. He used the Demon Wiping Flash he had created himself.

Countless flashes of the sword enveloped Xiao Huo like a golden mist under a special rhythm. There were no ear-piercing sounds. Each attack was just like a strand of light.

Many of the spectating Eternal Heroes nodded secretly to themselves. From Long Haochen’s fluid movements and his self-created technique, they could tell this young man was outstanding. His achievements were supported by firm strength.

Xiao Huo’s actions were slightly delayed. Faced with the Demon Wiping Flash, he could not dodge it. He placed his two swords before him in a strange stance. As soon as his stance was completed, the Demon Wiping Flash arrived.

Even though Long Haochen’s weapons were not particularly powerful, the Demon Wiping Flash was created through the combination of the Lightning Thrust and his self-created Light Ripples. Just how powerful was it now that it was powered by a cultivation at the ninth step?

However, all of the golden light silently vanished when it was thirty centimetres away from Xiao Huo. There was not even the slightest ripple when it vanished. The attack was useless. What surprised Long Haochen the most was that his attack did not even seem to touch his opponent.

What was this power? Was it a domain?

When he thought about domains, Long Haochen subconsciously unleashed his Light God Domain. Gentle, golden light immediately enveloped the battlefield.

After the recent high level battles he had gone through, Long Haochen’s control over his Light God Domain became better and better. His Light God Domain did not lose any power, but it did not affect the other Eternal Heroes in the surroundings either.
The Light God Domain could be described as the nemesis of all other light element domains. Long Hoachen believed that now his domain had been used, combined with the strengthening from the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, he should possess the upper hand no matter what. At least, he would be able to force Xiao Huo into using some stronger attacks to reverse the situation.

However, he realised he was wrong. When the Light God Domain collided with Xiao Huo, Long Haochen almost cried out. His domain was useless.

That’s right, his Light God Domain was completely ineffective against Xiao Huo. Light surged while Xiao Huo stood unmoving within the stream like a rock. The power of Long Haochen’s Light God Domain flowed by his side like water.

It was also at this moment that Xiao Huo launched his second attack from his strange stance.

What Long Haochen saw was a huge golden eye. When Xiao Huo launched the attack, he completely vanished. Afterwards, an overwhelming power appeared before him.

In that moment, Long Haochen only felt his body tremble controllably. Countless golden rays of light appeared on his Armour of Eternity. Every ray of golden light gave him a slight stinging pain. The light basically covered every inch of his body, but he was unable to do anything about it at all. He swung his swords and no matter how he used his spiritual energy, it was completely useless against the huge, golden eye. It was like his spiritual energy and all his abilities had become useless in that moment.


Long Haochen was launchd far away, just like he had been blown away by the gaze of the huge, golden eye. He struck the stone wall in the distance and slowly slid to the ground.
The golden eye vanished and Xiao Huo reappeared. He wore the same golden armour as his two swords shone with a faint, golden light.

“Is that all your power? How are you supposed to contend with the Demon God Emperor like this?” Xiao Huo said indifferently, without any particular emotion. However, it made Long Haochen’s face burn when he heard it.

The strike before did not cause him any damage, because the force when the countless rays of light landed on his body was not particularly great. Coupled with the powerful defence of the Armour of Eternity, he was only launched away.

Long Haochen was not injured, but his heart stung.

Ever since he had obtained the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation and Haoyue had evolved, he felt like he had the ability to challenge the Demon God Emperor. This was why he held the meeting in the union so confidently, wanting to fight the Demon God Emperor to the death.

However, what happened just now was like a fierce slap across his face, waking him up from his overconfidence. He did not understand how he had lost at all, nor did he understand why his swords, his spiritual energy and Light God Domain all became useless. Was this predecessor immune to light element abilities?

Long Haochen slowly climbed to his feet and looked at Xiao Huo who stood there. He took in a deep breath and calmed himself down. Afterwards, he raised his swords slowly and said politely, “Please give me guidance, predecessor.”

He would climb up wherever he fell. Only through battle could he understand the exact reason for his failure. Tenacity formed a great part of his personality. Although he had been easily defeated by Xiao Huo, he did not become depressed. Instead, he was wary.

Without a doubt, the Demon God Emperor would definitely be much stronger than this predecessor. If he could not even deal with the
predecessor’s attacks, how great of a chance at victory did he have before the Demon God Emperor? Where was the issue? He could only look for it himself.

He had even contemplated using Haoyue’s power here. However, despite Haoyue’s power, if he was not strong enough, how was he supposed to fight against the Demon God Emperor with Haoyue?

Xiao Huo said nothing. He only raised his two swords slowly and stood in the same stance as before. He still did not give off any aura of light.

This time, Long Haochen directly used the Light God Domain. Dense light element gradually appeared as nine-colored golden light in his surroundings. This was the consequences of the combination between the Domain of Eternity and Light God Domain. When the translucent, white Domain of Eternity and the clear, golden Light God Domain combined, iridescent light appeared as white appeared within the golden colour. Its aura also seemed to subside, no longer as powerful as before. However, the spectating Eternal Heroes could clearly sense a tremendous pressure from Long Haochen. Eternal Heroes with slightly weaker cultivations even backed up further away, while Shu Yongxiao’s blood-red eyes shone strangely. Clearly, she was very interested in the transformation of Long Haochen’s domain.

The multicoloured golden light rapidly revolved around Long Haochen.
He directly used his domain technique, the Divine Light Waltz.

After some quick thinking, Long Haochen understood that the reason for his failure was because his domain became useless. He did not know why his domain had become useless, but he had to find a reason for it, or he still would not be able to block Xiao Huo’s attack.

As a result, he pushed the power of his domain to the limit this time, and he fused it with the power of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, just to understand the secrets of his opponent’s domain through an even stronger domain.
Long Haochen moved very slowly. He used the Divine Light Waltz and slowly approached Xiao Huo. The reason why he did this slowly was because he could get a closer glance at his opponent’s movements, and also to give Xiao Huo enough time to react. He did not want to injure this predecessor!

However, Xiao Huo continued to stand there without moving, remaining in his strange stance.

His stance seemed very simple. His left leg did not move, while his right foot was placed half a step in front. He was on his toes on his right foot with the knee bent. His left sword was placed before his lower abdomen, while his right sword was placed before his chest. Both of the swords pointed outwards.

The Divine Light Waltz grew closer and closer. The domain technique’s power could not be compared to just releasing the domain, not to mention the strength of Long Haochen’s domain had basically increased by several fold this time.

Long Haochen had already expanded his senses as much as he could. He could clearly detect even the slightest changes to spiritual energy.

The Divine Light Waltz was just about to arrive before Xiao Huo. Just when they collided, Long Haochen caught a strange change.
Xiao Huo’s figure suddenly became illusory, just like his body had trembled for a split second according to the special rhythm of the Light Ripples. In the next moment, the Divine Light Waltz slowly parted an inch before him. However, it did not completely slide past him this time. It pressed up against Xiao Huo.

Before Long Haochen could ravish with joy, Xiao Huo moved once more. He immediately vanished and the golden eye appeared once more. However, the golden eye appeared above the Divine Light Waltz this time.
An indescribable power pressure down on the centre of the Divine Light Waltz, actually directly pushing the power of the domain technique down into the ground. Afterwards, the huge, golden eye opened.
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