Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 771-780

Chapter 771

Ten meters, nine meters, eight meters, seven meters…

Ye Xiaolei approached the Demon God Emperor slowly. As if he was afraid of scaring her, the Demon God Emperor just stood where he was with his right hand extended, waiting for her quietly.

Five meters. Only five meters separated them now. If Ye Xiaolei took two more steps further, the Demon God Emperor would be able to reach her. Currently, she appeared even more loss than before, as if she could not see what was before her. Perhaps she had even entered a different state of consciousness.

She took another step forwards and their distance grew closer. Joy had already begun to appear in the depths of the Demon God Emperor’s eyes. At his cultivation, he desired very little, but becoming a true god was his greatest objective. It would even allow him to break free from the pain due to the backlash from god. As a result, his true emotions appeared in his eyes.

However, it was also at that moment that the Demon God Emperor’s heart skipped a beat. Instinctively, he stepped forward and grabbed at Ye Xiaolei with his right hand.

It was also in that instance that Ye Xiaolei’s lost gaze suddenly cleared up. It was filled with deep resentment.

A white, translucent figure appeared in front of Ye Xiaolei without any warning. He even possessed Ye Xiaolei’s special aura of life.
The Demon God Emperor obviously ended up grabbing the translucent figure. What he caught was a fist.

An indescribable, resplendent light suddenly surged from the figure’s chest. The Demon God Emperor only felt that he was facing against a boundless starry sky, where every single star shone as brightly as it could. The light was endless and the great power seemed to illuminate all of the darkness he possessed.

As everything had happened just too suddenly and that the Demon God Emperor had dropped his guard as he was close to what he desired for so long, the Demon God Emperor could not fight back. He only released the fist and crossed his arms before him to protect himself.

Powerful white light shined, forming a huge, white ball of light between the figure and theDemon God Emperor.

Purple inscriptions flowed over the Demon God Emperor’s crossed arms and the pure darkness did not yield at all. It actually blocked the attack from the light of eternity completely. As there was no way forward, the white light could only surge upwards. It shot straight up and basically rammed into the Demon God Emperor’s seal immediately. With a great boom, it rapidly spread outwards under the seal.

Even with the Demon God Emperor’s great strength, large parts of the seal actually cracked. The cracks spread rapidly and it seemed like it could collapse at any moment.

Now, the Demon God Emperor could see the white figure clearly. He was a man covered in translucent, white armor. He wore a crown on his head and his face was obscured by a mask. A powerful aura actually pressured him to the point where chills ran down his spine. The most terrifying aspect was his opponent’s domain. The Demon God Emperor had cultivated his powers of darkness to the extreme; not only was it pure and vast, it possessed an unmatched pressure. However, against the white light, his darkness failed to gain any advantage at all. It actually seemed to be slightly surprised. Clearly, this was a difference between the levels of their domains.
The Demon God Emperor’s eyes were filled with shock. Beforeh im was clearly a human! However, since when did the humans have a powerhouse like this? Even the captain of the Demon God Slayers, Chen Zidian, was nowhere as powerful as this person!

With the huge translucent sword placed horizontal between them, the sunlight suddenly seemed to dim. Daytime seemed to be replaced by night.

“Demon God Emperor, we meet again. Perhaps the next time we meet is when we decide the victor.” A clear and familiar voice rang out. The Demon God Emperor shuddered in disbelief. He even forgot to attack.

“You?” The Demon God Emperor stared at the human expert right before him in complete shock. Even some astoundment had appeared in his eyes. He even stumbled back instinctively.

Wasn’t the person who had suddenly appeared before Ye Xiaolei and pulled her back from darkness the person in possession of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, the first chairman of the Temple Union and the Divine Knight of Glory and Leadership, Long Haochen?

Sensing the danger from Ye Xiaolei, Long Haochen immediately hurried over after dealing with Haoyue’s attempt at killing the Knight of Judgement of the Dead and the Lich King.

Travelling through space required time, let alone the fact that Long Haochen was in another realm, which was why it delayed him slightly. Fortunately, the folding of space as he traveled was unable to threaten him with his cultivation and the protection of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation.

Ye Xiaolei had actually sensed her connection with Long Haochen a long time ago. At the same time, she also sensed Long Haochen’s strength. Although she could only sense the strength of Long Haochen’s soul, she understood that the strength of the soul had a close relationship to cultivation. As a result, when Ye Xiaolei had slowly approached the Demon God Emperor, she had not been persuaded, nor had she become lost. It was
to fool the Demon God Emperor and give Long Haochen enough time to travel through space!

Long Haochen still ended up making it in time. The moment he had appeared, Ye Xiaolei only felt that she had become feeble. He had managed to repel the Demon God Emperor. He had actually managed to repel the Demon God Emperor. Even though the Demon God Emperor was unprepared, just how many people were unable to do that in this world?

“It’s me,” Long Haochen said. At the same time, he raised his left hand and the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon appeared before him as it flashed with nine-coloured light.

As Long Haochen grew, the person he feared the most without a doubt was the Demon God Emperor. Even with all the undead kings from Haoyue’s realm combined, he did not find them as dangerous as the Demon God Emperor. As a result, after he had repelled the Demon God Emperor, he used the power of the Divine Stone of Sun and Moon without any hesitation to unleash the supra divine tool might of the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon.

The Demon God Emperor experienced inner turmoil. He had never thought that the issue he was just pondering earlier would be answered right now, right here.

Long Haochen was still alive. He was actually still alive. From his aura and the wondrous armor he wore, the Demon God Emperor could tell that he was not under the control of a necromancer. Moreover, the strength he exhibited even made the Demon God Emperor feel threatened.

“How can you still be alive?” The Demon God Emperor asked in confusion. To him, Long Haochen’s death seemed to be even more important than taking away the godhood from Ye Xiaolei.

Chapter 772

Long Haochen said indifferently, “Why must I be dead? You already killed me once, but I believe you won’t get a second opportunity to do that. Farewell. I believe in the soon future, we will meet once again on the battlefield. When that happens, I will definitely be asking for guidance from your majesty.”

As he said that, nine-coloured light immediately erupted from the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, striking the Demon God Emperor as a thick streak of light.

Although the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon’s greatest power could only be unleashed during dusk or dawn, it was able to match the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation’s strongest attack when it unleashed its attack as a supra divine tool due to the accumulation of power over time.

The Demon God Emperor roared, “You can’t leave!” He extended his right hand and a strange inscription appeared on his fist. Afterwards, it just struck the nine-colored light of the supra divine tool in such a bold fashion.

There was a great explosion. The Demon God Emperor’s seal immediately shattered under this terrifying explosion, as the terrifying power basically dowsed the entire forest in light.

However, a supra divine tool was a supra divine tool after all! The Demon God Emperor was powerful, but he still ended up losing the upper hand slightly in the explosion. He body was blown thousands of meters away, while Long Haochen and Ye Xiaolei completely vanished from where the centre of the explosion was.
The Demon God Emperor vaguely saw that when the nine-colored light hurled towards him, a ball of green light flew out from Long Haochen’s body and enveloped Ye Xiaolei. Afterwards, she vanished. Long Haochen flashed with purple light and immediately vanished before the collision as well. He had left by travelling through space.

Failing to become god on the verge of success did not affect the Demon God Emperor the most. The greatest impact on him came from Long Haochen’s appearance.

When all the pulses of spiritual energy settled down completely, the Demon God Emperor suddenly discovered that he actually felt fear from the bottom of his heart.

Long Haochen was still alive. Did that mean that Austin Griffin was still alive as well? Did Austin Griffin revive him? No, that was impossible. The power he just used had nothing to do with Austin Griffin.

But he had only vanished for a few years, so how did his cultivation become so powerful? Was his armor the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation that had never recognised anyone from the Knight Temple? And that shield, it should have been a supra divine tool as well.

With two supra divine tools, Long Haochen really did possess the right to challenge him!

The Demon God Emperor inhaled deeply to calm himself down. He need to think. He needed to think carefully.

Raising his head, he looked in the direction of the Southern Mountain Pass. he could already sense that human powerhouses had discovered the disturbance here and were heading over.

If he had obtained Ye Xiaolei, perhaps he could just kill all the humans who came here as he would be in a good mood, but he was unwilling to waste any time now. With a wave of his right hand, a beam of purple light hovered before him quietly. With a flash, the Demon God Emperor entered the beam of purple light and began traversing through space.
Compared to the panic that the Demon God Emperor felt, Ye Xiaolei currently experienced something completely different, because she discovered in her shock that she had actually come to a place similar to the Illusory Paradise, a world that did not pale in comparison in terms of vitality.

The grass formed a green carpet on the ground as the trees stood as forests. Aura of life that she could directly see with her eyes flowed through the boundless greenery!

Landing on the ground, Ye Xiaolei sensed that all the plants in the surroundings seemed to be greeting her, to her joy and surprise.

Regardless of where this was, she found it to be so intimate. The aura of nature allowed her to become a part of it very soon.

As the god that the Goddess of Nature had left in the world of humans, she was basically a part of the goddess. Although this was a different place, the aura of life was the same.

“Welcome to the world of Easton, cute little girl.” A gruff voice rang out. Afterwards, a green figure emerged from a streak of green light, smiling at her.

The green figure was actually around the same height as Ye Xiaolei. Ye Xiaolei could sense his strength and she could sense the dense aura of life from him as well.

“The world of Easton? Is this another realm?” Ye Xiaolei asked in surprise. Was this a realm that completely belonged to nature?

The king of Easton nodded, “You can call it another realm. I like your aura very much. It’s very similar to my master’s aura. It’s much weaker, but look, everything here likes you very much. I am the king of Easton, the ruler of this place. You are welcome to stay.”

“The king of Easton’s right. You are welcome to stay.” With a flash, Long Haochen appeared beside Ye Xiaolei after having unequipped his
armor. He looked at her gently.

Ye Xiaolei looked at the king of Easton, before looking at Long Haochen,
“Just where is this?”

Long Haochen said, “This is the realm of eternity within the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. It can be called the world of Easton. There’s only the aura of nature and life here. I think you’ll like it, right?”

Ye Xiaolei raised her head to look at Long Haochen. She said softly,
“Thank you for saving me.”

Long Haochen smiled, “You don’t need to thank me. I should be the one thanking you. If it weren’t for you help, I would have died twice already at the very least. Whether it was when Cai’er was encircled when she awakened or when I was killed by the Demon God Emperor, it was all because of your help that we managed to survive. In particular with the latter time, if it were not for your guidance, Cai’er might not have been able to obtain the Tower of Eternity to ask Elux to revive me.”

In the past, when Long Haochen met with Ye Xiaolei in the Illusory Paradise, his necromancer aura encountered a certain level of rejection from Ye Xiaolei. However, he was a Scion of Light after all, so Ye Xiaolei still ended up forming a pact with him. This pact was called Mutual Assistance.

The pact allowed them to sense each other’s aura. If one of them was in danger, the other could help them.

In the past two times that Ye Xiaolei had assisted Long Haochen, it was to heal him and stabilise his wounds, because she was not adept at battle. Now that Long Haochen had finally returned the favour when Ye Xiaolei faced the greatest danger. He had also brought her to safety.

There was a smear of sadness in Ye Xiaolei’s eyes. She looked at the surroundings and suddenly said something that shocked Long Haochen, “No matter how nice this place is, it’s not my home. I don’t belong in this realm. Long Haochen, I want to become your spiritual stove.”

Chapter 773

“No matter how nice this place is, it’s not my home. I don’t belong in this realm. Long Haochen, I want to become your spiritual stove.”

Ye Xiaolei’s words really did make Long Haochen leap in fright.

When he faced against the Demon God Emperor, Long Haochen used the power of the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon without any hesitation. However, when he saved Ye Xiaolei, he could clearly sense there was something off about Ye Xiaolei’s emotions.

As his cultivation progressed, his senses grew stronger and stronger, especially for some minute aspects. A pact existed between him and Ye Xiaolei, so Long Haochen could clearly sense her despairing sorrow.

After a moment of consideration, Long Haochen decided to send Ye Xiaolei to the world of Easton. He understood that Ye Xiaolei’s sadness came from the destruction of her home, while Easton was clearly the most suitable place for her to live.

“Xiaolei, you…”

Ye Xiaolei raised her hand to wipe away her tears. She looked at Long Haochen stubbornly, “I’m serious. I don’t want to stay here.”

The king of Easton could not help but say, “What’s so bad about this place? It’s perfectly compatible with your aura. Easton welcomes existences like you very much.” Ye Xiaolei’s aura of anture was even more pure than his own. Although it was not powerful, the vitality that was as
pure as the Tree of Eternity gave the world of Easton a highly favourable impression of her.

Ye Xiaolei shook her head, “Thank you, but I can’t agree to it, because I don’t want to live here. I belong to the Shengmo Dalu. From a certain perspective, I am part of the Shengmo Dalu. If I leave there, my life will gradually wither. In less than a month, I will become air. I will disappear a dust.”

Long Haochen said in surprise, “Why’s that? You…”

Ye Xiaolei smiled miserably, “You don’t know what kind of existence I am, do you? I can tell you now. Actually, I’m rather similar to your elemental fairy. I’m not a true existence. I’m a fairy of god. I’m a body of energy.”

A fairy of god? Long Haochen was confused by those words, while the king of Easton’s expression changed drastically and stopped trying to persuade her.

“A so-called fairy of god from a certain perspective is basically a clone of a god. I am a clone that the Goddess of Nature had left behind on the Shengmo Dalu. My existence must be maintained by absorbing the essence of the world, sun and moon. Whether it’s the Illusory Shrine or the Illusory Paradise, they were all created by the Goddess of Nature for me before she became a god, or should I say, for herself.”

“Any existence, whether it be a human or another creature, will reach the level of god upon breaking through a million spiritual energy. In order words, they will begin the trial of god. This is an unchangeable fact. Passing the trial would make them a true god, while failure will reduce them to air. They will reincarnate and restart from the body of a child. Once they become god, their bodies will disperse and their consciousness will expand without limit, until it fills the entire world. They will be able to sense everything that goes on in any corner of the world and they will become a part of the realm, making it even more stable and prosperous. For example, when my original body, the Goddess of Nature, became a god, all of the plants in the entire realm would be able to flourish easier
for a very long time into the future, while powerhouses that are close with nature will experience an increase in cultivation rate. However, the person who becomes god won’t be able to control anything. Gradually, they will merge with the world, with only a sliver of consciousness left to wander the world. As a result, many powerhouses are unwilling to become a god and would much rather enter reincarnation, so they don’t have to live such an abstruse life.”

“However, some matters cannot be defied most of the time. They cannot be decided personally. I can warn you right now that you shouldn’t break through the bottleneck of the ninth rank of the ninth step so easily. Once you do break through and your spiritual energy has exceeded nine hundred thousand, your spiritual energy will continue to grow. One day, when you reach the bottleneck of a million spiritual energy, there will be a moment when you automatically breakthrough by yourself.”

Long Haochen listened quietly. If he was just as weak as before, Ye Xiaolei’s words would have been useless to him, but it was different now. His cultivation had already reached the fifth rank of the ninth step. He was not that far away from the ninth rank of the ninth step.

Ye Xiaolei continued, “In the past, the Goddess of Nature knew that her life was coming to an end and she was unable to deny her fate of becoming a god. As a result, she used her own, great powers to create the Illusory Shrine and Illusory Paradise, and used her most pure spiritual energy to create something. She planted a sliver of her own soul into this pure power of nature, leaving behind a seed in the Illusory Paradise. This seed nurtures her status as a god.”

“You must be very curious as to why she did that, right? In reality, her objective was very simple. Once she became a god, she would still wander the world as a sliver of consciousness. Although she would not be able to do anything, that’s still a sliver of her consciousness after all. It was omniscient. So, once the seed she left in the Illusory Paradise sprouted and grew, it would gradually release her aura as a god and her consciousness would sense it, giving her a possibility of returning. Bu then, she would be able to return to being the Goddess of Nature in the human world, giving her a possibility of revival. Using her experiences of
her past life, she would avoid the same mistake after reviving and avoid taking the path to becoming a god. I am that seed.”

As Ye Xiaolei explained all of that, she was very calm, but for some reason, Long Haochen’s heart ached. As he looked at how her eyes seemed aged despite her appearance of a seven or eight year old girl, he could not help but feel heartache.

“Actually, the Goddess of Nature failed, perhaps because she gave me a sliver of her soul. In the end, although she passed her trial to becoming god, she failed to maintain a clear consciousness. As a result, she hasn’t returned. As the seed, I sprouted and gradually gained by own consciousness.”

“In the Illusory Paradise, I don’t feel lonely. I have many, many companions. I don’t resent the Goddess of Nature for leaving me there either. As her clone, I am a part of her after all. I passed my days peacefully like that. Only when you humans appeared in the Illusory Paradise and used the essence of the world that had gathered there over the years to create spiritual stoves did my life gradually become interesting. Only I know that I have the same appearance as you humans, but I’m just a seed. No matter how much time passes, I won’t grow up. As time passed, I gradually developed my own ideas. I finally felt that the Illusory Paradise was trapping me like a prison. However, I can’t leave, because I need the power. If I lose the power, I’ll be like a flower that has lost its nutrients. I will wither before long. As a result, I began to look for a suitable human that could hold me out of everyone who entered the Illusory Paradise. All these years passed, but you’re the only one I’ve found. However, it was also that time that I felt danger, because the Demon God Emperor could actually force his way into the realm against the laws of the Illusory Paradise. As a result, I formed a pact with you.”

When she reached there, the misery in Ye Xiaolei’s eyes deepened, “I really didn’t know that I actually love my home so much. If I could make the choice again, I would rather stay there forever and never leave. My home’s been destroyed. The Illusory Paradise is gone. All of my friends have died when the space shattered. The tree, the blade of grass, all of my
companions have gone forever. I have never hated someone like this before, but I really do hate him right now.”

The light in Long Haochen’s eyes flickered as he said solemnly, “There will be a day when the grievances between the humans and the demons will be settled. I can’t promise you that you can get your revenge, but I can tell you that in the battle between the humans and demons, I will do my best. Unless I die, my battle with the Demon God Emperor won’t end.”

Ye Xiaolei nodded gently, “I understand and I believe you. In just a few short years, you’ve becom so powerful. Even the Goddess of Nature did not grow as quickly as you. Moreover, the undead aura on you has completely vanished. It seems like you’ve completely broken free from the control of the Tower of Eternity. I didn’t say that I want to become your spiritual stove on impulse. I’ve thought over it very much.”

“I have already become a flower that has lost the earth. I need a new home. Here won’t work. I will still wither away here. Only by latching onto the power of a soul can I survive, but there are far, far too few powers of souls I can choose from. Only those who had reached the limit in terms of purity are possible. As a result, if I can’t become your spiritual stove, I will face death. I don’t have the choice.”

Long Haochen hesitated, “But, if you become my spiritual stove, won’t you vanish forever?”

Ye Xiaolei dried her tears before bursting out in laughter, “How could I vanish so easily? I’m not stupid. Why would I commit suicide? Haven’t you heard of an intelligent spiritual stove? Even your light elemental fairy can maintain a certain level of consciousness, so why can’t I as a fairy of god? Even if I do become your spiritual stove, I will retain all of my memories and you will end up with even more power of nature. Don’t worry, as a clone of the Goddess of Nature, I can choose what to strengthen once I fuse with you. I won’t strengthen your internal spiritual energy any further, as that will only push you closer to becoming a god, which will make you commit the same mistakes as the Goddess of Nature. I can choose to strengthen your external spiritual energy.”

Chapter 774

Just when Long Haochen wanted to say something, the king of Easton interjected, “Girl, I think it’s better for you to increase master’s internal spiritual energy, because you don’t have to worry about anything like that happening to master?”

“Huh?” Ye Xiaolei looked at the king of Easton in doubt.

The king of Eastong said proudly, “Master has inherited the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, so he’s temporarily become our Lord of Eternity. The Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation was a supra divine tool used by the creator god to create the realms. All the existences who have once become Lords of Eternity had received an imprint from the creator god. Regardless of the principles of the planes, they don’t have to follow any of them and when they become a god, they will receive a special Godhead from the creator god’s imprint. As an existence that supervises the world for the creator god, their lives will be extremely long, but not infinite.”

Ye Xiaolei looked at the king of Easton rather dumbstruck, “Are you saying that he can be like the Demon God Emperor and not be bound by the principles of the realm?”

The king of Easton said, “Of course. Master’s an existence chosen by the creator god. How could he be as simple as you imagine him to be? Being able to join master will be your smartest decision.”

Ye Xiaolei nodded and she looked at Long Haochen with rather mixed feelings, “Since that’s the case, let’s start right now.” She suddenly found
that she was no longer that important to Long Haochen as an intelligent spiritual stove.

“Hold on, Xiaolei.” Long Haochen raised his hand to stop Ye Xiaolei.

“Don’t you want me?” Ye Xiaolei was not in a good mood right now, so she immediately misinterpreted Long Haochen.

Long Haochen shook his head with a smile, “Of course not. It’s just that I want to tell you something before you become my intelligent spiritual stove. Recently, I found a suitable body for Yating, so she’s no longer my light elemental spiritual stove anymore, but a Fairy Queen of Light. I believe that in the near future, I will find a suitable body for you as well. When that happens, please choose to be a person. Be a real human. Maybe you’ll feel happier like that.”

Ye Xiaolei was dumbstruck. She stared at Long Haochen blankly and didn’t make a single sound for quite some time.

Long Haochen rubbed her head gently. He squatted down and looked at her face to face, “We’re friends. We’re not just bound by a pact. I hope you can find happiness in the future. Although I don’t know how to make you happy, I will treat you like a human as much as I can.”

“Alright,” Ye Xiaolei let out a soft interjection of agreement. She suddenly spread her arms, hugged Long Haochen around the neck and burst out in tears.

Gently stroking her long hair, Long Haochen used his gentle light element to comfort her sorrow. It was also at this moment that he discovered in his surprise that his hand fell through her body.

Ye Xiaolei’s body suddenly turned into green light. Specks of green light floated about and moved up his hand, enveloping him completely very soon.

The large quantity of light specks gradually formed a swirl, gently rotating around Long Haochen. That was a gentle aura filled with life. In
the world of Easton, all the vegetation within several hundred kilometers began to shine with green light.

The king of Easton said in complete fascination, “What pure power of nature. It’s fantastic.”

Gentle green light began to fuse into Long Haochen’s body through his chest. It just happened to fuse into where his Heart of Eternity was.

Ye Xiaolei definitely could sense Haoyue’s aura on him. Long Haochen and Haoyue’s connection was the closest about the head, and then the heart. The method that Ye Xiaolei chose to use was completely different to what Haoyue did.

The power from Haoyue which dwelled in his spiritual pellet was an independent existence, while Ye Xiaolei’s power of nature directly fused with Long Haochen’s Heart of Eternity. It would not be independent.

When she began to fuse with him, Long Haochen sensed it. He knew that Ye Xiaolei would make him even stronger by fusing with him like this. However, this meant thta she had completely ignored his suggestion earlier. By fusing with her like this, Ye Xiaolei would never be able to separate from his body unless he died. Obviously, she would not be able to become a human like what happened with Yating.

Ye Xiaolei’s voice rang out in Long Haochen’s head,” Long Haochen, I don’t want to call you my master. I want to call you my elder brother. I don’t want to become a human. There is also a lot of deception and trickery among you humans, so becoming a human might bring me even more issues. That is not what I want. From the moment before, I already knew my happiness is. My happiness is being by your side, so you can protect and take care of me. For that, that is enough. The Demon God Emperor had said earlier that if I become his, he would take me to see many fascinating worlds. I believe you can do the same. I won’t regret sticking with you. From today onwards, I am your intelligent spiritual stove, as well as your younger sister. You have to take good care of me. Hehe.”
The green light began to expand from Long Haochen’s body, slowly flowing through his entire body. Long Haochen’s fifth rank of the ninth step spiritual energy began to grow once more. It was not fast, but it was very steady. At the same time, Long Haochen felt scorching heat appear in his body. His body was currently being nurtured by the dense aura of life.

Ye Xiaolei did not listen to the king of Easton’s suggestion. Instead, she used all the power she had after fusing with Long Haochen to increase both his internal and external spiritual energy. From then onwards, she was a part of Long Haochen, so of course she hoped that Long Haochen would have an even stronger body. With her vitality, not only did Long Haochen’s external spiritual energy increase drastically, it had extended his lifespan as well. Long Haochen was not aware of this.

Ye Xiaolei was not powerful, but she possessed the soul of a god and a fraction of a god’s power. Combined with her pure and unadulterated vitality, she had extended Long Haochen’s life by a thousand years at the very least.

The aura of life flowed through and expanded in Long Haochen’s body. He had let himself go completely, sensing the airiness from the fusion of power.

In that moment, he suddenly understood something. It was an understanding related to the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation.

The three powerhouses of the Domain of Eternity had told him that the name of the divine thorne, the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, had ancient origins. It was personally named by the creator god.

What was eternity? What was creation? What was being created?

The engravings on the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation seemed to give the answer. The earth, nature, life, the stars, sun and moon were being created. And why was all this created? For life to continue.

Creating life was what eternity was mainly about. All the other creations were just for creating life.
Perhaps people had different understandings about eternity and creation, but in that moment, Long Haochen had developed his own understanding.

The Heart of Eternity began to slow down as gentle vitality ran and flowed through his body. If someone could see Long Haochen’s current situation right now, they would definitely be utterly shocked, because a heart had grown in Long Haochen’s chest.

The Heart of Eternity was not a real heart. It was a heart of spiritual energy created by a combination of Elux’s past constitution as a Scion of Light as his cultivation of light, which was further modified using his understanding of the human body and the necromancy he had cultivated.

This Heart of Eternity had all the abilities of a normal human heart. Even every single blood vessel was the same. It also had enough energy to last for at least a thousandyears.As long as Long Haochen’s cultivation remained, the Heart of Eternity would never stop beating, and it would make Long Haochen stronger and stronger, granting him more and more power.

After all, Elux was not the creator god. He could not create a heart that was exactly the same as Long Haochen’s original one from nothing.

In that moment, the sight of wonder was this creation. Under the effects of this dense vitality, the blood in Long Haochen’s chest had used the Heart of Eternity as a mold and actually formed a heart.

Long Haochen was completely unaware about this. He had no idea that he had undergone a process of metamorphosis. Actually, Elux never told him when he revived him that from a certain aspect, he was technically an undead. Could a human without a heart still be called a human? However, Long Haochen was just unaware of all of this and Elux had not explained it either. Coupled with his pure light element, no one suspected that either. It had to be mentioned that the Heart of Eternity created by Elux was almost like a work of god. It was definitely the greatest masterpiece throughout history among necromancers.
However, no matter how great it was, it still made him an undead. As a matter of fact, when Elux purified himself, he still felt rather proud of himself. The only Scion of Light that had managed to mature completely possessed the crystallisation of his life’s work!

However, it was different now. With Ye Xiaolei’s fusion, Long Haochen’s aura of life increased drastically and as a result, the issue of missing a true heart was revealed. The power of life that Ye Xiaolei had fused into his body naturally treated this as a wound and immediately began to heal it.

If the Heart of Eternity was not there, the healing would not have been successful, because Long Haochen would be dead during the healing process. Without a heart that could beat, it was useless no matter how perfect the healing was.

Chapter 775

However, the situation now was very special. As the Heart of Eternity thumped, a completely new heart gradually grew as Long Haochen comprehended the meaning of life and creation.

Faint light flickered and a gentle smile appeared on Long Haochen’s face. He only felt that his body was very warm, and that the Heart of Eternity seemed to thump with even more power. He had no idea why. The Heart of Eternity was gradually fusing with the new heart and every single vessel absorbed the power of the Heart of Eternity.

The creation of life was the most wondrous process. Although Ye Xiaolei could sense the danger in this, she was unable to communicate with Long Haochen as she fused with her. She could only do everything she could to protect this creation.

The king of Easton stood by their side quietly. He had become Long Haochen’s protector now. At the same time, he could sense the wondrous presence from Long Haochen’s body. He found the dense vitality to be very close.

Gradually, the green light weakened and all gathered in Long Haochen’s chest. Long Haochen felt like new life had just been breathed into him. He found his entire body to be even more transparent and filled with even more vitality.

The green light gently pulsed about his chest. That was his heartbeat. The new heart had completely formed in his chest and it had fused with the
Heart of Eternity perfectly. This was definitely the strongest heart in human history.

Ye Xiaolei fell into a slumber in Long Haochen’s chest tiredly. As an intelligent spiritual stove, basically all of the power from the fusion went into the heart.

Gradually rousing from his state of comprehension, Long Haochen instinctively placed his right hand on his chest. His chest felt warm. It was an indescribably nice feeling. The Heart of Eternity’s beating seemed to be weaker than before, but it did not affect his body at all.

At the same time, he could sense Ye Xiaolei’s consciousness remainin in his chest. However, he did not know why she had fallen into a slumber. Perhaps that was the consequences of fusing with him as an intelligent spiritual stove.

However, to Long Haochen’s surprise, he could clearly sense that his fusion with Ye Xiaolei was complete. However, there were no signs that his internal or external spiritual energy had increased like the times before. Everything remained the same.

However, he came to an understanding very soon. Recently, his cultivation had essentially skyrocketed. It was not good for it to increase too much all of a sudden. Fortunately the comprehension earlier allowed his understanding to increase as well. It would not fall too far behind his cultivation.

After giving notice to the king of Easton, Long Haochen chose to return. As the Lord of Eternity, he could enter the Domain of Eternity whenever he wished.

The world of black and red appeared before him once more. Perhaps due to Cai’er’s power of purifying being too great, the air there was clearly fresher than however. However, who knew how long that would last.

Including Haoyue, everyone was waiting on the hill where it had evolved. Long Haochen’s return immediately made them all open their

With a flash, Long Haochen landed before his companions. He looked at Haoyue first.

Haoyue’s aura had completely stabilised now. The terrifying aura of destruction from earlier was contained, or at least it was impossible to tell from the surface, because the Bright Glimmer of Hope would not be able to remain by his side if it was not.

Its eight heads extended over slowly and stacked upon each other in front of Long Haoche. It seemed rather funny. However, none of the people there could laugh after witnessing Haoyue’s terrifying strength from before. They could still clearly remember how the powerful Knight of Judgement of the Dead and Lich King were unable to fight back at all. They were completely overwhelmed in a single moment. If Long Haochen had not interfered, the two undead kings probably would have died to Haoyue’s attacks already.

Long Haochen raised his hands to touch the two new heads. He said to the dark golden head, “Your abilities should be of the metal element, right? I’ll call you Little Gold in the future then. As for you…” He looked at the huge, purplish blue head and said, “I’ll call you Little Thunder.”

Rrg, rrg! Receiving names from Long Haochen, Little Gold and Little Thunder were very happy. They reached over and nudged Long Haochen. They were extremely close to him.

Sensing Haoyue’s deep attachment to him, Long Haochen’s worry from earlier vanished.

Cai’er said, “Haochen, what happened to Ye Xiaolei?”

Long Haochen frowned, “I might have to face against the Demon God Emperor sooner than I expected.” Immediately, he told them what he saw when he ventured to the Illusory Paradise.

Before Long Haochen had teleported away, he was unaware that the threat to Ye Xiaolei’s life came from the Demon God Emperor. Currently,
humanity was nowhere close to being sufficiently prepared and the Demon God Emperor had already seen him with his own eyes. With how determined the Demon God Emperor was to kill him, he would definitely take action.

Sima Xian said viciously, “We’ll do whatever we need to do. If he wants to come, then let him come. If the demons begin the holy war, who knows who’ll be the victor.”

The current Bright Glimmer of Light was no longer the 64th Commander Squad on the battlefield five years ago. They now possessed the true strength to face off against the major forces of the demons. Everyone was ready for that.

Long Haochen nodded slightly, “That’s all we can do. Let’s go back and prepare as quickly as possible.”

After saying that, the first one to respond was actually Haoyue. A layer of purple mist rose up from his body and before Long Haochen could respond, it shrunk at an astonishing speed. In the blink of an eye, it had actually vanished.

“Haoyue?” Long Haochen called out its name in surprise. At this moment, a palm-sized figure suddenly leapt before him, tottering about as it flapped its wings.

Long Haochen had no idea how to respond. The hand-sized thing was actually Haoyue, a shrunken version of Haoyue.

Extending his right hand, Haoyue landed on its centre. Its eight heads constantly moved about and it expressed excitement to Haoyue. Clearly, it was very proud of its ability to shrink. It was like a child who had been given his favourite toys.

Touching him gently, Long Haochen smiled, “This works as well. At least it’ll be much easier for you to stay by my side. After evolving this time, you shouldn’t need to come back to here very often anymore.”
The silver light from the Domain of Instant Flash appeared below the entire squad and with a flash of purplish silver light, they tore through space.

Only after two whole hours since they had left did a few figures slowly appear in the distance, gazing in this direction. The soulfire in their eyes leaped about as they experienced a multitude of emotions.

The return of the Bright Glimmer of Hope immediately brought great joy to Long Xingyu. Of course, he was never that worried in the first place. Having gained the recognition of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, it was impossible for Long Haochen’s life to be threatened so easily.

Just when they were about to decide the date of the wedding for Long Haochen and Cai’er, as well as the other couples in the Bright GLimmer of Hope, Long Haochen told Long Xingyu the Demon God Emperor’s likely actions, so they had to push back this joyous matter.

Long Haochen immediately wrote a letter for the Knight Temple to hand to the headquarters of the union. At the same time, he quickly gathered the upper echelon of the Knight Temple to discuss countermeasures. Although it was impossible for the demons to reignite the holy war immediately, they needed to take preventative measures. Long Haochen had even guessed the objective that the Demon God Emperor would restart the war for.

Demon race, Modu, Demon Emperor Palace. The main hall.
The Demon God Emperor sat high up on the throne and leaned on its huge back. At the top of the throne back was a huge dragon’s head. Two red gemstones shone faintly from where its eyes were.

Ah’Bao who wore the same black, luxurious robes stood beside the Demon God Emperor silently. His gaze was cold, stagnant and hollow, as if his body was not capable of thought.
It was so quiet that even the drop of a pin could be heart. It was so silent that it seemed like there wasn’t even a grain of dust there. However, five demons actually stood below.

The demon at the very front had a head full of long, purple hair. His face was handsome and his pupils were purple. He carried a special presence, which could invoke a sense of beauty among people. He was the Moon Demon God, Agares.

Beside Agares was the Star Demon God, Vassago. Vassago who was normally always extremely calm and wise seemed to be think about something. He clearly seemed uneasy today, as if he could sense something bad.

Three more demon gods stood behind them. They were the Demon God of Death Samigina and the Hell Demon God Marbas of the five great demon gods, as well as the Bear Demon God Valefor who ranked sixth out of the seventy-two Demon God Pillars.

The five demon gods had been summoned there by the Demon God Emperor. They had no idea what had happened.

However, as soon as they had set foot in the Demon God Palace, they felt a pressure they had never experienced before. The terrifying pressure was enough for powerhouses like them to struggle to breath, like something heavy pressed against their chests.

The Demon God Emperor on the throne seemed very calm, but it had already been an hour since they had entered the main hall. The Demon God Emperor had remained like that the entire time. However, the pressure in the air only grew heavier.

The five demon gods had followed the Demon God Emperor for more than three hundred years. They knew that the calmer and quieter the Demon God Emperor seemed, the more his emotions affected him.

The five demon gods were even afraid to look at each other to see what others were thinking. They stood there straight with their heads lowered
slightly, waiting quietly.

The Demon God Emperor seemed just as easy going as usual, but if he really did get angry, not a single demon would be able to bear his terrifying wrath. The Demon God of Death Samigina could even remember clearly that around three hundred and sixty years ago, the Demon God Emperor’s anger that time had even changed the Fiend Clan’s entire situation. The original Demon God of Death was directly killed by the Demon God Emperor, which was why he had the chance to inherit this position.

Chapter 776

The Demon God Emperor finally broke the silence. He lifted his right hand slowly and it landed on the arm of his throne.

It was such a simple action, but it attracted everyone’s attention immediately. The five demon gods instinctively looked at the Demon God Emperor, but what the saw were a pair of extremely deep eyes, like they were staring into the abyss. The five of them could not help but shiver as their internal fear and dread intensified.

Ah’Bao felt a completely different feeling as he stood beside the Demon God Emperor. His cultivation had basically skyrocketed in the recent years. He would basically make strides in his cultivation every year. Even he felt that he was getting closer and closer to his father’s cultivation.

But now, during the hour that the Demon God Emperor remained silent in, Ah’Bao knew he was wrong, because he suddenly felt very clearly that the disparity between him and his father was as wide as ever, like comparing a firefly to the moon.

The Demon God Emperor slowly stood up from his throne. He seemed no different than an ordinary man. He had even used his arms to push off the armrests slowly. However, as he stood up, the five demon gods below dropped to their knees almost at the same time. They said politely, “Your majesty.”

The Demon God Emperor was definitely not in the mood to treat them like brothers. Instead, he was a merciless, unmatched emperor of the demons in that moment.
“Vassago, stand up,” the demon God Emperor said calmly. With his arms behind his back, he looked at the Star Demon God as his eyes gradually lit up.

Vassago trembled instinctively, before slowly rising. His head remained lowered as he said politely, “Your majesty.”

The Demon God Emperor smiled. His smile seemed very peaceful, even slightly warm. He slowly made his way down from where the throne was.

Basically with every step he took, Vassago would tremble gently. The pressure weighed on his heart heavily.

Only when he arrived before Vassago did the Demon God Emperor stop.
However, the demon prophet’s body actually trembled unconsciously.

“Have you already sensed something?” The Demon God Emperor asked with a gentle smile.

Vassago said nothing. He dared not to, because from the moment he had set foot in the main hall, he felt a hint of the aura of death. This aura came from himself. How could he not be afraid?

The Demon God Emperor said indifferently, “I just don’t know whether your prophecy is correct your not. Why don’t you guess whether you’ll be leaving here alive today or dying on the spot?”

“Your majesty.” Agares who still knelt beside Vassago paled in fright. He instinctively raised his head and called out. He was the closest to Vassago, but he had never thought that today, the Demon God Emperor’s anger would be directed towards Vassago. He could not think of what the Star Demon God had done at all, to actually make the Demon God Emperor angry for the first time in hundreds of years.

“Shut up,” the Demon God Emperor said coldly. He raised his right foot and placed it on Agares’ shoulder with lightning speed. Immediately, Agares shot off like a cannonball, slamming into the walls of the main hall
with a great rumble. Large pieces of shattered rock fell down with the Moon Demon God.

The Demon God Emperor’s move made the Demon God of Death, the Hell Demon God and Bear Demon God prostrate themselves on the ground in fright. They did not even have the courage to raise their heads

They all knew that the Demon God Emperor trusted and was on the best terms wit the Moon Demon God and Star Demon God, and had always treated these two demon gods as brothers. However, something had happened today where the Demon God Emperor had actually become furious because of the Star Demon God and had immediately turned against the Moon Demon God. It had to be mentioned that the Moon Demon Clan and the Star Demon Clan possessed decisive weight among the demons. They were only second to the Demon God Emperor’s Devil Dragon Clan.

However, even when he had been sent flying by a kick, the Moon Demon God actually showed no intention of fighting back in that moment. After falling to the ground, he knelt there once again and dared not to utter another word.

“Raise your head. Look at me,” the Demon God Emperor said plainly.

Vassago raised his head slowly. There was only anguish in his eyes. He could clearly sense the killing intent from the Demon God Emperor.

He was the great prophet of the demons, but his abilities to foresee matters was completely useless against the Demon God Emperor. This was because among the demons, no one knew better besides him that the Demon God Emperor had already become an existence that surpassed everything in this realm. He had reached a completely different realm of cultivation. In the past, when the Demon God Emperor had completed his breakthrough, the Star Demon God was right by his side, guarding him. He had personally witnessed the Demon God Emperor’s impossible breakthrough and knew that the seventh Demon God Emperor was the greatest powerhouse of all of the demons’ history. If any demon clan wanted to rebel against him, it would only end up as a joke.
Looking at Vassago, the Demon God Emperor said slowly, “Vassago, I trusted you so much. I have always treated your as my right hand man. For our race, you have always done everything you could, but, did you know that as the prophet of our race, your one mistake has ruined the future of our clan?”

His voice was not loud, but orange light would flash across the Star Demon God with every word he uttered. When he reached his question at the end, red blood had actually already oozed out from Vassago’s mouth and nose. Although the Demon God Emperor did not directly touch him, the methods he used were far more terrifying than what he did to the Moon Demon God. He directly harmed his soul.

Vassago smiled bitterly, “If I’ve guessed correctly, it should be the piece of news from over a month ago. Your majesty, have you determined the veracity of it?”

The Demon God Emperor nodded. His eyes finally ceased to be calm.
Coldness swept out wildly, “That’s right. He’s still alive. Tell me, why?”

“No, that’s impossible,” Vassago cried out. In that moment, he seemed to forget about the terror of the Demon God Emperor.

“Impossible? Can my eyes deceive me? Not only did he appear, he even stopped be from taking away the god of nature. He even conversed with me. What I hear might be false, but my eyes do not lie. What else do you have to say?”

Vassago sucked in a deep breath and the terror in his eyes suddenly vanished. It was replaced by a special colour, “Your majesty, I’m not wrong. My prophecies can’t be wrong. He really did die that day. I’ve sensed for his aura of life many times in the past and for this, I’ve conducted many prophecies as well. The results are all the same. It’s impossible for a prophecy directed at a single person to be wrong.”

The Demon God Emperor squinted his eyes, “Are you saying that I saw wrong and I heard wrong?”
After a moment of silence, Vassago seemed to decide on something. His eyes lit up like two resplendent stars and he said, “Please calm down, your majesty. I understand my fate. Since that’s the case, allow my to do one last thing for the demons. I am willing to sacrifice my life for one last prophecy. Whether he’s dead or alive, his body will bear the aura of when your majesty killed him. With my life as the price, I should be able to see the reason why he’s still alive.”

“You can’t. You can’t!” With a flash, the Moon Demon God arrived before the Demon God Emperor. He knelt down and begged, “Your majesty, ever since Vassago became the Star Demon God, he had done much for the race. Even if it’s not meritorious, it was still hard work. I am willing to launch a surprise attack against the temple alliance and bring Long Haochen before you, for you to handle.”

After hearing Long Haochen’s name, Ah’Bao who stood before the throne suddenly stiffened. His hollow eyes suddenly shone with purple light and sharp killing intent immediately erupted.

“You?” The Demon God Emperor snorted coldly, “Right now, it’s even difficult to say whether you’re his opponent. Alright, Vassago. I’ll give you this opportunity. You can start right now.” As he said that, he lifted his left foot and sent Agares flying once more. At the same time, a ball of purple light formed a bubble around Agares, sealing him in. Not even his voice could escape the bubble.

Looking at the Demon God Emperor who had grown calm once more, a smear of despair flashed through Vassago’s eyes. He knew that nothing else was possible anymore. Aside from the Moon Demon God, the three other demon gods continued to prostrate there without uttering a single word.

Vassago let out a miserable smile and slowly knelt before the Demon God Emperor, “Your majesty, I hope you can look after my clansmen in exchange for my sacrifice.”

Fengxiu looked at him coldly, “You can start.”
Vassago did not receive the answer he wanted. His eyes were rather blank as he stood up again. He made his way out of the hall. When he passed over the three demon gods on the ground, he paused slightly, before taking another dozen or so steps forwards and stopping.

The orange light gradually grew stronger as he walked. When he stopped, it had become extremely bright.

The Demon God Emperor waved his arm and a powerful pulse of spiritual energy swept the Demon God of Death, the Hell Demon God and the Bear Demon God aside. The three demon gods fell to one side as they remained silent.

The Moon Demon God Agares began to panic, but he was afraid of directly breaking out of the Demon God Emperor’s seal. Otherwise, the Demon God Emperor’s wrath would definitely include him as well. The Demon God Emperor could lay his hands on the Star Demon God, so it was possible that he too might…

Vassago slowly lifted his arms up beside him with his palms pointed up. They each held an orange crystal ball. Soft chanting appeared and the intense orange light on his body began to surge upwards.

The Demon God Emperor only looked at him coldly. His gaze was frigid.
There was no pity at all.

Vassago’s chanting gradually went from soft to loud, while the intense orange light turned into flames.

This was a strange type of fire. Vassago’s clothes actually gradually burned and vaporised under the flames, while his body began to grow transparent and bright.

Chapter 777

The Moon Demon God Agares had already closed his eyes. This was a prophecy where Vassago would be burning his own vitality as the price! This was also the Star Demon God’s most powerful prophecy. It was a level higher than the Great Prophecy Technique he had used before. Once the Prophecy of Life was used, it could not be stopped. It would definitely exhaust all o the user’s vitality. However, the prophecy would be the best and the most accurate.

Vassago slowly turned around. His eyes had already become blood-red. His loud chanting also stopped in the moment he turned around. As he faced the Demon God Emperor, blood suddenly spurted from his mouth. Immediately, the orange flames swelled and turned into an orange pillar of light that surged five meters into the air.

A strange aura appeared in the entire main hall. The demon powerhouses present felt their consciousness slightly blank out. Even the Demon God Emperor was not an exception.

As he burned his life, the Star Demon God’s soulforce reached an extremely terrifying level.

Everyone present had only witnessed the Prophecy of Life once. Only Star Demon Gods could use it and throughout the history of the demons, this was only the second time it was used. After all, it required the Star Demon God’s life to conduct the prophecy!

The orange light gradually turned into a screen of light that hovered in the air. The illusory screen of light first swirled about, before gradually
clearing up.

The screen depicted when the Demon God Emperor killed Long Haochen, how Long Haochen’s heart was penetrated and that he slowly fell onto the ground. Afterwards, Cai’er and the rest of the Bright Glimmer of Hope left the Star Demon Pagoda in a hurry with his corpse.

The screen followed them until they reached the wilderness. Ye Xiaolei appeared and said something to Cai’er. Afterwards, they saw Cai’er take off the Eternal Melody from Long Haochen’s neck and wore it herself.

Seeing Ye Xiaolei, the Demon God Emperor raised an eyebrow slightly. However, when he saw how she did not heal Long Haochen, doubt appeared in his eyes. Even if she was the remnant of the Goddess of Nature, she could not revive the dead.

At this moment, the scene changed once more. The teleportation began. Cai’er immediately turned into streaks of light with everyone else and vanished from there.

The orange screen of light returned to a swirl, while the Star Demon God trembled violently, as if he was in intense agony.

The orange vortex remained like that for a minute, before showing a new scene. However, it was much blurrier this time.

A seven-layered tower appeared. When they saw the tower, all of the demon powerhouses present felt a strange pressure from their souls. Even the Demon God Emperor was not an exception.

It zoomed in, directly into the tower. Afterwards, Cai’er carrying Long Haochen’s corpse appeared as she lead the Bright Glimmer of Hope up the tower.

Even though it was very blurry, they were still able to make out the most important people of the Bright Glimmer of Hope. In particular, they could tell that it was Cai’er from her unique Sickle of the God of Death.
When they reached there, the Demon God Emperor’s face could not help but sink. Long Haochen was dead, but Cai’er had carried his corpse to such a special place. It was clearly to revive him. Otherwise, why would she do that? However, Vassago had always been telling him that Long Haochen had not been revived. He was dead for sure.

The scene constantly changed. Gradually, there was battle, but it became blurrier and blurrier. When Cai’er began to climb the path to the sky, they could only vaguely make out a golden colour.

The golden gate of light appeared and Cai’er leapt into it. In the next moment, the entire scene became messy. It had become completely illusory.

Vassago let out a roar and another mouthful of blood spurted out. This time, he could not help but shake violently as his vitality leaked away rapidly.

Under the support of his blood, the screen gradually stabilised. It had become clear once more. A huge coffin was presented before all the demon gods.

The Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux appeared, and the aura from before which had suppressed the souls of all the demon gods reached an apex.

“A light element necromancer?” The Demon God Emperor almost cried out

The scene moved very quickly. Elux condensed a golden heart in his hand. Although it had only appeared for a split second, the Demon God Emperor still saw it. In the next moment, he saw golden light surge and jump rapidly around Long Haochen’s chest.

The scene changed again. It was when Elux held the Sickle of the God of Death to purify himself.

Vassago’s prophecy lasted until then and could not continue any further. He had forcefully strengthened the Prophecy of Life, so the length of it had
decreased drastically.

The orange screen of light gradually dimmed and the images faded as well. Vassago tottered about as he was enveloped in light.

“He’s… not… human. He’s… an undead… He has… the body… of an undead. He’s… still dead. He’s… dead. Austin… Griffin… can’t be… still… alive. Long Haochen’s… only an undead… only… an undead.”

Vassago’s voice sounded like both weeping and appealing. The demon gods could not help but look over when they heard it. Currently, Vassago was like a ghost. He was charred black all over. He used his own like to tell the Demon God Emperor that his prophecy was not wrong. Long Haochen did indeed die, and he had not been revived. He was living as an undead. All he possessed was a heart that a powerful necromancer had modelled.

Gazes of query basically appeared in the eyes of all the demon gods present. They looked at the Demon God Emperor. In particular, Agares had clenched his fists out of anger.

At this moment, the Demon God Emperor raised his hand and a ball of green light flew over, landing on Vassago’s body.

The gentle green light enveloped Vassago and powerful vitality poured into his body. A pleasant, crisp trickling sound rang out like a mountain stream.

Vassago’s exhausted vitality actually began to replenish at an astonishing rate and his tottering body actually stabilised as well.

What was this power? The demon gods all stared at Vassago in shock. No matter how powerful the Demon God Emperor was, he possessed the powers of darkness! But before them, this was clearly life magic and it was at such a high level that it could rival the Demon God Emperor’s dark magic!

The Demon God Emperor frowned. He knew he had gone slightly overboard today. Even if he possessed supreme authority among the
demons, Vassago was still the demon god that ranked third, as well as the demon prophet. He was forced to take out that treasure to protect Vassago’s life, or the demon gods present would probably grow apart from him.

The Demon God Emperor took off his luxurious black cape and slowly arrived before Vassago. He looked at the green light gradually recover his vitality as he said, “I’ve messed up because I care. I’ve accused you wrongly about this matter. Every single one of us here understands what Austin Griffin means to our race, and that is the reason why I was furious. All I can do is bring back your lost life. Third brother, I hope you can understand me.” As he said that, he personally draped the cape over Vassago.

The vitality in the green light was just too powerful. In just a short while, not only did Vassago recover all the vitality he had used up in the Prophecy of Life, he had even recovered from the damage that was caused by the prophecy. In that moment, he experienced a multitude of feelings. He looked at the Demon God Emperor before him speechlessly.

The Demon God Emperor waved his hand and released the Moon Demon God’s seal, before turning around and returning to his throne.

The Star Demon God’s recovery quickly dissipated the resentment that the other demon gods experienced. Agares quickly arrived beside Vassago as he looked at him with a gaze of query.

Vassago looked back at him deeply. There was gratitude in his eyes. Out of all these demon gods, he had assisted basically every single one of them in the past. As the demon prophet, basically all the demon gods had come to him for his prophecies before. However, in this crucial moment, only Agares was willing to stand up for him, even despite the Demon God Emperor’s fury. Just as the saying went, adversity reveals true friendship. Although Vassago said nothing, his grateful gaze told the Moon Demon God many things.

Agares glanced at him and Vassago nodded gently. Wrapping himself in the Demon God Emperor’s cape, he took a few steps forward and knelt down, “Your majesty, I, Vassago, admit my wrongs. Long Haochen is
indeed still alive. It was my prophecies that were insufficient, which caused such a great problem for your majesty. Please punish me.”

Agares and Vassago both understood the Demon God Emperor. Although the Prophecy of Life earlier had already shone that the Demon God Emperor had wrongly accused the Star Demon God, was anyone really bold enough to blame the Demon God Emperor? No matter how much resentment Vassago experienced, he could not afford to show any of it at all. He even had to cover it all up for the sake of the Demon God Emperor.

The Demon God Emperor Fengxiu was the greatest powerhouse of the demons in the past six thousand years. He had not reached his current status by relying on others.

With a wave of his hand, spiritual energy lifted Vassago to his feet. Fengxiu sighed, “Being right is being right, and being wrong is being wrong. You are not wrong. I am. However, I believe you can sense the benefits from the vitality earlier. Just treat it as your older brother making it up to you. That’s called Fairysource. Not only can it recover your vitality, it can give you an additional five hundred years of life as well. Over all these years, you’ve harmed your vitality for our race by giving prophecies again and again. Treat it as the entire race repaying you with thanks. I hope you won’t bear grudges against me.”

Vassago lowered his head and said, “I would never. Thank you for the bestowment, your majesty.”

Chapter 778

The Demon God Emperor said, “I know you are very discontent with what I did earlier, but you should also understand exactly what Austin Griffin means to our race. Recently, I used my secluded cultivation as a cover to fool the humans in the capital and I went to the Illusory Shrine. I personally killed the fairy dragon that neared a million spiritual energy, destroyed both the Illusory Shrine and Illusory Paradise and tried to capture the remnant that the Goddess of Nature had left in the human world. After I had killed the fairy dragon, it left behind the Fairysource and fairy’s heart. The fairy’s heart was taken away by the remnant of the Goddess ofNature, while the Fairysource ended up in my hands. Just when I was about to succeed, Long Haochen appeared and destroyed my plans. He’s already powerful enough to threaten me and he quickly saved the remnant of the Goddess of Nature, which made me lose my chance at becoming a true god.”

With that, the demon gods all understood. As it turned out, the Demon God Emperor was not furious only because Long Haochen was still alive and Austin Griffin might have been revived. He was angry because his plan on becoming a god was destroyed as well.

Without a doubt, it was basically impossible for the Demon God Emperor to obtain the remnant of the Goddess of Nature after she had been saved by Long Haochen.

Although all the demon gods present knew that the Demon God Emperor’s cultivation was unfathomable, this was the first time he had personally admitted the possibility of becoming a god. In that moment, the pressure from earlier gradually reappeared in the hearts of the demon gods.
As the strongest group among the demons, they knew what becoming a god meant very well. No wonder the Demon God Emperor had been turning a blind eye to most of the matters happening in the race recently. He had really reached that level.

The Demon God Emperor said coldly, “Long Haochen’s still alive, which means he’s a threat. Even if Austin Griffin is really dead, he himself still can threaten our reign. The next time we meet will be when we clash and his cultivation has already surpassed the strongest powerhouse in human history. And, he’s only in his twenties right now. If we give him enough time and space, our race will be in danger. As a result, I have already decided to reignite the holy war. We need to kill off Long Haochen for good, regardless of whether he’s a human or an undead.”

No one dared to object. Even though the demon gods all knew that the main reason for this was probably because the Demon God Emperor wanted to take back that god so he could become a god, since the threat of Austin Griffin was most likely gone, would they still be bold enough to say anything? He had already made an example out of the Star Demon God. The Demon God Emperor did not have second Fairysource.

“Tell me, do you have any suggestions?” The Demon God Emperor’s dignified gaze swept past the demon gods below.

The demon gods looked at each other. None of them dared to say anything. This news had come just too suddenly.

At this moment, Ah’Bao who stood beside Demon God Emperor began to talk. He took two steps forward and knelt down on one knee before the Demon God Emperor, “Father, since we will be reigniting the holy war, I think we have to unleash our full strength this time. In the last holy war, we exhausted a tremendous about of effort and resources. Although the humans were the same, we still failed to take their strongholds. I think we have to kill our way into the humans no matter what we do and deal a proper blow to them. Even if it’s not enough to wipe them out completely, we have to make them really suffer, or even destroy one or two temples.”
The Demon God Emperor became rather impatient, “Go into detail.
These empty words are useless.”

Ah’Bao said, “I think we should concentrate our forces this time and attack just one or two srtongholds. With our strength, it’s impossible for them to repel us. Since the objective this time is destruction, not just suppression or dealing a blow, we should be more vicious. I am willing to lead the vanguard into battle.”

Coldness flashed through the Demon God Emperor’s eyes, “There’s something you got right. This time, we have to make the humans suffer. According to our scouts among the humans, the humans have recovered very quickly during the years after the last holy war. At least, it’s faster than us. The advantage that the humans have gradually has begun to show itself. If this continues, the humans might even launch a counterattack against us in a few years’ time. We cannot allow that to happen. The holy war this time won’t be a bunch of small skirmishes. I want the humans to truly understand what an unopposable power is. Agares, Vassago, go back first. Gather your clansman and this time, we need to send out all the elites of our three clans. I’d like to see what the humans will use to stop us. Of course, before this, we should clean up the annoying flies in Modu. I haven’t touched them all these years, so do they really think I can’t do anything to them?”

The Demon God of Death Samigina said politely, “Your majesty, then where should we begin our attacks against the humans? My Fiend Clan pledges our lives to your majesty. We are willing to serve as the vanguard.”

The Demon God Emperor said plainly, “The humans can’t stop us no matter where we begin. Let me deal with the annoying flies in Modu before I decide on the exact plan. Ah’Bao, gather all the Demon Hunter Removers in Modu. From today onwards, I will name you the commander of the Demon Hunter Removers. You will lead all of them. Prepare for battle.”

“Yes,” a cold light surged in Ah’Bao’s eyes as heavy battle spirit and killing intent appeared.
The other demon gods below kneeled down at the same time, “We pledge our lives, your majesty.”


“If the demons are going to launch an attack, the most likely target is our Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.” Long Haochen on the leading seat in the discussion hall of the Knight Temple. Beside him sat Long Xingyu and the members of the Bright Glimmer of Hope. Aside from him, the other people of the Bright Glimmer of Hope were also members of the union. They possessed the right to participate in this meeting.

As soon as Long Haochen had said that, the powerhouses of the Knight Temple became shocked.

Long Xingyu asked in doubt, “Chairman, why do you think that?”

Long Haochen said, “Because the Demon God Emperor’s target is me. Everyone, you still should be able to remember that with my companions, we once destroyed Demon God Pillars. We destroyed the Demon God Pillars of the Snake Demon God Andromalius and the Panther Demon God Auxerre, turning the seventy-two Demon God Pillars into seventy forever, with no possibility of recovering. That was because I possess a special power that just happens to suppress the Demon God Pillars of the demons, which can also destroy them. Because of this, the Demon God Emperor had once set up a trap, ambushing and almost killing us completely. More correctly, he thought I had already died back then. This time, in order to stop him from gaining the Goddess of Nature’s godhood remnants, we met again. The Demon God Emperor must have felt threatened and will want to wage war once more. His target will be me. To the demons, I am their greatest issue. If they don’t kill me, the Demon God Emperor will never find peace, and the best way to deal with me is to directly attack the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, because the Demon God Emperor is confident that as a member of the Knight Hall, I won’t just abandon the mountain pass. That is why I’m guessing his first target is likely to be attacking us.”
Everyone nodded upon hearing Long Haochen’s explanation, but it was possible to tell from the worry in their eyes that the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass really was unwilling to clash with the demons right now.

Long Haochen said seriously, “I can understand your worries. The holy war has just ended a few years ago and you are all resting. If the demons do come again, it will definitely be a great disaster. And, it’s very likely that the Demon God Emperor will personally lead the devil dragons into battle. It will be even more dangerous than the precious holy war. However, it’s not up to us to decide whether the war happens or not. Although it was an accident when I stopped the Demon God Emperor from obtaining the remnants of the Goddess of Nature, I am confident that if the Demon God Emperor succeeds, it will be our doomsday. We will lose our future. As a result, all we can do is unleash our full strength in a battle to the death against the demons this time. This battle very well might become the turning point in our age of darkness.”

“Our Knight Temple has gained six divine knights, unprecedented in history. This means that history has placed a huge burden on us. There is only one objective in the meeting today. No matter when the holy war begins or how powerful the enemy is, I hope our divine knights can all be prepared for battle and face the problems of the near future in our strongest condition. Whether we can carve out a ray of light in the darkness will be up to us. As the chairman of the union, I have an inescapable responsibility. As the Divine Knight of Glory and Leadership, I can guarantee everyone that before I die, the Demon God Emperor won’t be able to harm any of our fellow officers.”

After these warmhearted words, everyone present was brimming with enthusiasm. Long Haochen’s promise meant that he would be taking on all the burden of facing against the greatest powerhouse of the demons, the Demon God Emperor. Throughout the history of humans, whether it was the Divine Holy Sword Wield or the Scion of Samsara, none of them had ever promised like Long Haochen, despite all being prodigies. After thinking about how Long Haochen had already become the master of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation as well, everyone’s confidence immediately increased slightly.
Long Haochen continued, “I’ve already written a letter to the headquarters. In the next few days, the upper echelon of the union will arrive at Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass to discuss the countermeasures. At the same time, they will bring with them the newly- formed first and second armies of the union. As for the battle plan and tactics we will use, we will decide after careful discussion.”

The meeting ended and Long Haochen had reached his basic objective. At least, he had roused the morale of the Knight Temple hall at the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. However, Long Haochen did not feel at ease at all, because he knew that after the holy war last time, the six human temple had all become jittery. After all, the humans had suffer far too great of a loss last time.

However, matters would not disappear just because they were afraid. They could completely foresee the arrival of the Demon God Emperor. What Long Haochen needed to do right now is to increase morale as much as possible and gather all the powers of the union to face against the issue.

Chapter 779

After receiving Long Haochen’s letter, the headquarters of the Temple Union began to move in full swing. Orders were sent off to the six temples to tell them to prepare for battle. At the same time, every temple recommended three members to go to the Knight Hall at Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass to take part in the meetings. All the vice-chairmen of the union went as well. They also brought the first and second armies that had already been integrated together and trained to a certain degree to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

On the side of the demons, all the demon hunt squads received missions for the war. They did all that they could to investigate the plans of the demons. According to their reports, the demons did indeed stir. The strongest dozen or so demon clans had all mobilised their troops. The news that shocked the Temple Union the most was that the Demon God Emperor had gathered over fifty demon gods with their Demon God Pillars to hold a meeting in Modu.

After hearing that, the Temple Union was immediately thrown into an uproar. Even in the previous holy war, the demons had not mobilised so many demon gods.

Out of the seventy-two demon gods, two Demon God Pillars had been destroyed and there were a total of nine demon gods that had been killed so far. In other words, there were actually only sixty-three demon gods. Apart from leaving behind a few demon gods to guard important territory, the Demon God Emperor had basically mobilised all of the forces that the demon gods had to offer. From the looks of things, it seemed a little like
they wanted to wage a final war against the humans. Why wouldn’t the Temple Union be shocked by this?

No one had thought that after the new union had been founded, the demons would respond so quickly and with such determination. Only the upper echelon of the union understood that the main reason why the Demon God Emperor had begun the holy war was because of their new chairman, Long Haochen.

What could they do? Hand over Long Haochen? They definitely could not do that. When Long Haochen wasn’t powerful, the temple alliance had resisted this temptation and engaged in an all-out war against the demons, so let alone now. Not only was he powerful, he had become the person who held the greatest authority in the Temple Union, as well as the first Divine Knight of Glory of Leadership in the Knight Temple, gaining the recognition of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. Coupled with his Bright Glimmer of Hope, it was possible to say that just their demon hunt squad could rival the upper echelon of any single one of the six temples.

Half a month later, the upper echelon of the Temple Union gathered at the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. The two integrated armies were stationed there as well.

Just when they began the first important meeting of the union’s history, grievous news suddenly arrived.

“What?” Including Long Haochen, all the people in the discussion hall stood up in shock. A solemn atmosphere immediately filled the entire room.

“The Demon God Slayers and the Nine Heaven Transcenders had both been annihilated…”

This news came just too suddenly, and it was just too shocking. For that moment, the entire discussion hall had fallen utterly silent. Everyone felt like their hearts had been struck by something heavy, while Long Haochen paled as the chairman of the union.
The news had come just when the war was about to erupt, making it just too shocking. At the same time, it was a great hit to the Temple Union as well.

Aside from The Bright Glimmer of Hope, the Demon God Slayers and the Nine Heaven Transcenders were the other two titled demon hunt squads that had great achievements. Long Haochen was not exactly familiar with the Nine Heaven Transcenders, but he could not be more familiar with the Demon God Slayers. The legendary powerhouse, Chen Zidian, had assisted him time and time again, which was the reason why he could successfully become the chairman. However, he had never thought that just after parting a few months ago, they would be completely annihilated by the deons.

After a moment of shock, Long Haochen forcefully suppressed his grief. He asked the emperor grade demon hunt squad captain, “Is the news reliable?”

The captain was an old man in his eighties. He said painfully, “The news is reliable. Senior Chen Zidian has always maintained a special communication method with our demon hunt squad. When that had happened, he quickly sent a message to tell us to retreat back to the union. The Demon God Emperor had personally lead the Moon Demon God, Star Demon God, Demon God of Death, Hell Demon God and another dozen or so demon gods to encircle them without any prior warning. When senior Chen Zidian sent the message, they were already about to be defeated. However, the Demon God Slayers and Nine Heaven Transcenders fought to their deaths and managed to kill three demon gods. Senior Chen Zidian also sent an accurate figure over. Aside from the three demon gods that were slain, another fifty-four demon gods had gathered in Modu. The last thing that senior Chen Zidian told me was rather confusing. He said the Demon God Emperor was hiding…”

“There was nothing else after saying ‘hiding’. He must have died to the Demon God Emperor.”

After hearing that, the people in the room could not help but gasp. In that moment ,everyone just looked at each other. Aside from Long Haochen
who managed to remain composed, the others were all in shock. The atmosphere in the meeting room had grown solemn.

Long Haochen’s heart also weighed heavily with sorrow filling his eyes. He did not know how strong the Nine Heaven Transcenders were, but he did know about the Demon God Slayers lead by Chen Zidian. Every single member of the Demon God Slayers had surpassed three hundred thousand spiritual energy, which as the third rank of the ninth step or higher. They were all powerhouses with domains. Chen Zidian’s cultivation had even reached the fourth rank of the ninth step.

Under his lead, even if they were encircled by many powerhouses, they still should have had the chance to escape. At least one or two of them should have survived. However, the end result was that they were annihilated. If he had not know that it was impossible, why would Chen Zidian spend the time sending messages instead of assisting at least one of their members in breaking out?

The two titled demon hunt squads had been killed just like this. It was an extremely heavy blow to the Temple Union. In particular, this was the heaviest blow to morale since the union was founded.

Yang Haohan said sternly, “Contain the news. Don’t let it spread. Chairman, I’d advise you to recall all demon hunt squads in the territory of the demons immediately.”

Long Haochen nodded, “I agree. Is there anyone who objects?”

The decision was passed under unanimous agreement. Even two titled demon hunt squads had died to the demons, demonstrating just how determined the Demon God Emperor was this time. If the other demon hunt squads remained there, they would probably just be wasted as cannon fodder.

After making the decision, the meeting room immediately fell silent. Everyone was in deep thought. They all experienced pressure greater than anything they had felt in the past.
The deaths of the two titled demon hunt squads made them completely understand that the holy war the demons would be launching this time would be completely different from the past. Not only would the devil dragons, Moon Demon clan and Star Demon clan be taking part, the Demon God Emperor had basically gathered ninety percent of the demons’ forces as well. They were clearly ready for a battle to the death! Did the demons plan on destroying the humans for good?

Yang Haochen sighed, “Looks like we’re forced to use certain forces.” When he reached there, he looked at Long Haochen and said sternly, “Chairman, I’d advise us to mobilise the power of the Knights’ Sacred Mountain.”

Long Haochen was surprised. For a moment, he did not understand what Yang Haohan was saying. Yang Haohan was currently a divine knight, one of the heads of the Knight Temple, but he was not even a vice-chairman of the new union. However, at such a crucial time, he seemed surprisingly calm as the previous chairman.

After hearing the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, the six temple heads raised their heads. Their eyes twinkled.

Long Haochen asked, “Temple head Yang, what are you referring to by the Knights’ Sacred Mountain’s forces? In his impression, many light element magical beasts lived on the Knights’ Sacred Mountain. It was a place to provide outstanding young knights with their mounts. At the same time, it supported a few seniors of the Knight Temple that had been heavily injured in battle against the demons. However, how could this power be enough to fend off the demons? Yang Haohan must have been referring to something.

Yang Haohan stood up slowly and after glancing past the other temple heads, he said, “At such a critical time of life or death, there are a few things I must tell you all, which the union can then discuss and decide on.”

The Mage Temple head Li Zhengzhi nodded. He said, “That’s the only way now.”
The original Warrier Temple head Qiu Yonghao, the original Spiritual Temple head Chen Hongyu, the original Assassin Temple head Sheng Yue and the Priest Temple head Ling Xiao all nodded.

Having gained the permission of the other temple heads, Yang Haohan turned towards Long Haochen, “Chairman, vice-chairmen and various members, today I will tell you the secret of the Knights’ Sacred Mountain. Regardless of the outcome we reach, I hope everyone can keep this a secret, because this matter has to do with the union army’s morale. Once it’s leaked outside, it have an immeasurable effect.”

Long Haochen could already guess in that short amount of time that the secret of the Knights’ Sacred Mountain was probably a trump card that the humans had against the demons. However, there should have been something disgraceful about this trump card, or it wouldn’t be so mysterious. It would have also been used in the previous holy war.

Yang Haohan said, “Over six thousand years ago when the demons descended and attacked us, the Shengmo Dalu was plunged into misery and suffering. The humans who had originally ruled over the place experienced a sudden drop in population. For a time, corpses were strewn everywhere as the demons burned, killed and pillaged. They committed all kinds of sins.”

“For the sake of survival, the capable people could only choose to flee. Under the constant pressuring of the demons, they gathered in the territory of our union currently controls and formed the six temples, fighting back against the demons with full force.”

“After several decades of war, we finally stabilised our footing. Using the predecessors of the six forts currently occupied by the six temples, we finally stopped the demons’ attacks. However, the demons were still powerful back then and they engaged in a decisive battle against the temple alliance of the time.”

Chapter 780

“In that battle, the demons lost half of their seventy-two demon gods. Many of them had died because our Knight Temple had obtained the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. As for us humans, almost a hundred powerhouses of the ninth step died in that battle. With both sides suffering heavy losses and the demons unclear about the origins of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, they ended up retreating. When the dark era began, we finally gained the opportunity to rest and heal.”

“Just when the war had ended, over sixty receovered corpses out of the dead ninth step powerhouses were still rather complete. They were our seniors, or even our ancestors and they had laid their lives down for the survival of humanity. If it were not for the efforts of these ancestors, we would not exist today. Back then, the alliance had only been founded recently and it was nowhere as stable as right now. However, at the same time, there were many pieces of powerful equipment and magic tools that had been passed down since ancient times. Our Knight Temple possesses a scroll that has been passed down since then.”

Upon reaching there, Yang Haohan’s eyes shone with a strange light and he became slightly emotional as well. Everyone listened wit their full attention. They knew that Yang Haohan had reached the crucial part of his narration.

“The scroll is called a Scroll of Spiritual Transformation. It sounds nothing special, but the magic recorded in the scroll is a forbidden spell and under certain circumstances, it can even be regarded as a supra forbidden spell.”
There were just far too few forbidden spell scrolls. Ever since Long Haochen had begun cultivating, he had only seen them two or three times. As for supra forbidden spell scrolls, he had not even heard of them before. He only knew to a certain degree that the difference between a supra forbidden spell and a forbidden spell was like the difference between a supra divine tool and divine tool. A supra forbidden spell could even turn a war around. It could do the impossible. However, what Yang Haohan said next shocked everyone present.

“However, this supra forbidden spell is death magic.”

With that, even Long Haochen had almost cried out. Everyone present was shocked. The several dozen people gathered in the meeting room were all representatives of the Temple Union. They were the strongest group of people. However, when they heard death magic, a chill ran down their spine. Some of them even shivered.

Death magic had left an agonising lesson in the history of humans. It would be strange if they had not reacted like this. This was also the reason why Long Haochen was repulsed when he found out the Tower of Eternity was an inheritance of death magic.

Yang Haohan continued, “You must have all guessed it already. The effects of this death magic supra forbidden spell is to transform the dead into undead. The reason why it is a supra forbidden spell is because when it turns the dead into undead, it can reconstruct the souls of the deceased from twenty-four hours before they had died as souls of powerhouses. At the same time, the would possess the same intelligence as when they were alive. This spell has a range of a hundred square meters.”

Connecting it to the recovered corpses that Yang Haohan had mentioned earlier, everyone understood what he was going to say, but they were still in disbelief. They listened to him quietly.

“I know you can’t understand this. It’s not just you. Back then, the leaders of the six temples also refused to use this scroll. Death magic has left us humans with some agonising memories. It’s possible to say that if it were not great disaster before the dark era, the demons would not be
able to force us into considering something like that. Even the Glorious Church was destroyed under the attacks of the demons. From a certain perspective, the Glorious Church is the predecessors of our Knight Temple.”

Long Haochen glanced at Cai’er instinctively. He discovered that his companions of the Bright Glimmer of Hope were looking at her as well. All of their expressions were slightly strange, but there was more firm support for Long Haochen.

Yang Haohan said, “A fierce debate arose in that time. Some people supported the use of this scroll. Although we would turn these powerhouses of the ninth step into undead, they would just be living through a different method at the end of the day! As long as they could live, it would be equivalent to recovering more than half of the strength the temple alliance had lost. Even if the demons attacked us once more, we could stop them with greater ease.”

“Another group of people believed that using the scroll was blasphemy to these deceased seniors, preventing their souls from resting. And, once they became undead, who could be certain enough that their personalities and memories would remain the same? Just in case something happened, wouldn’t it plunge humans into an absolute disaster? They would not even be able to maintain the newly-established Temple Union.”

“There was great conflict between these two opinions. In the end, the final decision was made depending on how far the demons had retreated. Back then, the demons had not retreat completely. Instead, they stopped two hundred and fifty kilometers away from the alliance. After the remaining powerhouses of the seventy-two demon gods had retreated, they left their Demon God Pillars at the boundary, and it seemed like they could return at any time. Under such circumstances and the support of some of the deceased’s families, they used the supra forbidden spell scroll in the end.”

Many people instinctively held their breaths when they reached there. Although they could guess the final outcome, they were still shaken up by the close situation back then.
“The Scroll of Spiritual Transformation succeeded. A total of sixty- three powerhouses of the ninth step became undead and condensed their own souls of powerhouses. Although their bodies were still damaged, their strength did not drop by much through their souls of powerhouses, and they possessed certain powers of undead. They had witnessed the might of the supra forbidden spell. Back then, basically all of the revived powerhouses were unable to accept this matter. They had fallen in battle as humans, a true humans, but now they had become undead. What were they supposed to be now?”

“Fortunately, before the scroll was used, the six temples back then had already reached an agreement and had announced the temples’ recogition of these people, bestowing them the title of Eternal Heroes. And, they had agreed to specially create a place for them to stay and move about in. All they needed to do was assist the alliance when the demons attacked and the alliance was unable to hold them back.”

“Faced with the persuasion of the six temple heads and some of their family, the Eternal Heroes finally began to accept this reality. To their families, being able to hear them speak and see them live as undead was also a form of happiness. As a result, the sixty-three Eternal Heroes were arranged to stay in a secret location, so they could rest. This place is the interior of the Knights’ Sacred Mountain that you all know of.”

The existence of the Eternal Heroes was definitely the greatest secret of the temple alliance. Yang Haohan had brought up this secret clearly because he felt the pressure from the demons was just too great, that they needed to use the power of these Eternal Heroes.

For that moment, the members of the Temple Union looked at each other. Most of them found that their heads were too full to think. Just like the battle back then, borrowing the power of undead was definitely a major matter to the Temple Union. And just like what Yang Haohan had said, if this matter was disclosed to the world, it would cause a huge impact to the union. For example, if ordinary citizens found out that the union actually had such a great undead force, what would they be able to understand? Fear would definitely reign over most of them. In particular, the army would suffer a heavy hit to morale.
“After making arrangements for the sixty-three Eternal Heroes, the six temple heads passed strict order to contain the information. At the same time, they decided that only future temple heads would know about this secret. And, if the alliance was not facing absolute doom, they would be forbidden to use the power of the Eternal Heroes, so they can slumber in the Knights’ Sacred Mountain.

“Soon afterwards, the demon army really did retreat and the Eternal Heroes never appeared on the battlefield ever again. The news of their existence has always been passed down to successive temple heads, until now.”

Yang Haohan finished introducing everyone to the details and returned to his seat. At the same time, he looked at Long Haochen. To his relief, Long Haochen appeared to be extremely composed after hearing everything he said. He was not overly surprised, nor did he show any disgust.

Technically, it was Long Haochen’s turn to speak as the chairman of the union after Yang Haohan had finished talking. However, before he could speak, Long Tianyin cut in first, “I disagree with using the Eternal Heroes.”

As he said that, the divine knight stood up and glanced at Yang Haohan in displeasure. He said, “Let me stress this first. Although Xingyu and I are also heads of the Knight Temple, we didn’t know about this at all.”

Yang Haohan nodded, “Yes. Although our Knight Hall is special in that we can have multiple heads, this secret has only been passed on by word of mouth to a single person each generation.”

Long Tianyin snorted, “Old Yang, how did you become muddle-headed. They’re undead! They’re our seniors and have also made great contributions to mankind. They’ve also sacrificed their lives. It was already a huge problem that they had been turned into undead back then, so how can we borrow their strength now? Have you thought about it? Once they enter the battlefield, our people will definitely find out. You can’t hide the truth. When that happens, what are we supposed to tell our people? Just what kind of sight will it be when a group of powerful
undead enters the battlefield? And, after several millennia, can you guarantee that these Eternal Heroes have never changed their minds after such a long time? Once they leave their place of slumber and appear outside, the most terrifying part is that they’re strong, yet beyond our control, even if we don’t factor in how strong they are in combat. They’re our seniors, so why would they listen to the command of us juniors? Before we can even borrow their strength, we’ll have already suffered a backlash. The union faces great danger already, so we can’t take any further risks!”
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