Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 761-770

Chapter 761

Was the Abomination King Dead? No, the answer was no. As an undead creature, how could the undead kings die so easily?

The Abomination King’s original body had blown up, but the deathly pale soulfire immediately vanished. In the distance, among the army of abominations, the largest abomination’s body suddenly trembled violently. In the next moment, its soulfire became deathly white. Clearly, the Abomination King had possessed it.

With one in each hand, the Abomination King clutched two abominations beside him. A dense, deathly white light immediately covered them and very soon, the two abominations became shriveled up, while the Abomination King swelled up a lot.

Although the other abomination were fear-stricken by this sight, none of them tried to run away, surprisingly. They could only let the Abomination King drain them one by one as he recovered his strength.

However, it was impossible for the Abomination King to recover his original strength in a short amount of time. After all, he had just blown up his original body. After possessing a new body, he needed a long period of time to grow used to it.

In that battle, he had basically matched up to Sima Xian evenly. Sima Xian had over exhausted himself and he was injured, so he was unable to keep fighting, while the Abomination King had lost his original body, which was a slightly larger loss.
The nine battles turned into eight, but it made the Bright Glimmer of Hope’s danger even more obvious.

Due to Lin Xin’s burst of power, the Glorious Praise’s length shortened. It had reached the end now, while the Pit Demon Spider King he had kept at bay began to move. Its cold eyes stared at Lin Xin like he was a corpse.

Although Chen Ying’er was able to catch her breath with Lin Xin’s assistance, the Lich King’s attacks became even more vicious. Now, dark purple bubbles constantly surged on McDull’s body, creating huge wounds. It could not last much longer, while her summoned army was thrown into disarray by the bone dragon army.

Wang Yuanyuan’s burst of power was ending as well. The Gigantic Divine Soul began to fade, while the Skeleton King who had managed to recover his strength grew closer, beginning a counter attack.

Chen Ying’er’s forehead was covered in sweat. She had always been seated in the air, but she had stood up now. The six crystal balls in her surroundings sone with a hazy white light simultaneously.

The Lich King obviously saw this from the distance. She cunningly retreated to the back of the bone dragon army. She could obviously tell that Chen Ying’er was about to throw her life on the line, but it was very likely her final strike as well. If she could block this attack, the human would be dead for sure.

The light in the depth of Chen Ying’er’s eyes flickered with uncertainty. The one hundred and eight spiritual pellets on the Spiritual Saint Robe all lit up, while a ball of light had appeared near her chest. This was her spiritual pellet.

Raising her right hand, the six crystal balls shot off as a streak of white light together. Afterwards, a dignified figure appeared behind Chen Ying’er. The Beast God’s descent.

The six crystal balls gathered on McDull. Immediately, his wounds closed up at an astonishing rate and it also purged all of the death magic and
dark magic that originated from the Lich King.

Chen Ying’er drifted forwards, landing on McDull’s back slowly. The Lich King sneered in the distance, “If I don’t show you what’s what, you won’t know what is a Spiritual Saint Girl.”

Extending her right hand forward, Chen Ling’er mumbled a chant. Immediately, a white light shot across the sky, directly toward a bone dragon in the centre of the bone dragon army.

These bone dragons had very powerful battle instincts, so they obviously would not just let it happen. Several bone dragons exhaled on the white light.

However, a sight that struck fear into their hearts happened. Their breaths failed to obstruct the white light at all. It did not even weaken it. The white light seemed to be completely immune to them, directly passing through and landing on the head of the targeted bone dragon accurately.

The bone dragon immediately seized up. In the next moment, it went crazy—at least to its companions, it appeared to go crazy.

As it went crazy, it swung its huge tail around, striking the neck of another bone dragon and forcefully sending its skull flying. At the same time, it collided with another bone dragon and unleashed a breath on the head of a dragon below.

It was always easier to take a fortress from the inside. The crazy bone dragon basically heavily injured three companions in a single moment.

And that was only the beginning. Chen Ying’er extended her right hand again and another streak of white light flew out. It also landed among many dragons, just to another location. The outcome was the same as before; another bone dragon had gone insane.

With two bone dragons on a rampage, the entire bone dragon army immediately descended into chaos, as the attacks directed at Chen Ying’er’s summoned beasts obviously weakened as well.
Now, only around a dozen summoned beasts remained. Obviously, they fought back violently now that the opportunity had presented itself.

The Lich King immediately returned to her senses after momentary shock. She quickly directed the done dragon army to rip the two bone dragons to pieces. However, it still resulted in a loss of a few bone dragons. At the same time, Chen Ying’er’s third ball of white light had shot out already.

Now, the bone dragon army began to feel dread.

As one of the strongest creatures in the undead world, the bone dragons were highly intelligent. When they saw how they were targeted by the white light, they knew their fate would be predetermined. Who was willing to just sit there and take the attack? In that moment, the entire battle descended into chaos and Chen Ying’er managed to reverse the situation.

What no one saw was that her back was already drenched in sweat. She seemed calm, but she was actually so weak right now that she relied on the power that McDull constantly offered just to stand straight.

Having lasted so long in battle, she was close to collapsing from the exhaustion of spiritual energy and effort despite the constant support of the Spiritual Saint Robe. Without a doubt, the three balls of white light came from her innate ability as a Spiritual Saint Girl, Spirit Bestowal.

No matter how powerful the bone dragons were, they were still once magical beasts. Faced against someone chosen by the Beast God, Chen Ying’er could still use her Spiritual Bestowal. However, not only were the bone dragons powerhouses of the ninth step, their powers originated from their soulfire. If Chen Ying’er wanted to use Spiritual Bestowal to control these bone dragons, she would have to expend a tremendous amount of spiritual energy.

After driving three bone dragons crazy, she had reached her current limit.
However, at least she managed to stabilise the situation temporarily.
At this moment, something else happened on the battlefield. A golden pillar of light filled with a holy aura suddenly descended from the sky and landed on each member of the Bright Glimmer of Hope.

The golden pillar of light was filled with the aura of the light element.
Enveloped by it, everyone felt warmth.

Han Yu’s Shield of Terror and Sadness sent the Zombie King flying once more as golden light curled around his chest. The light in his eyes flickered, clearly releasing his mental force.

That was right. The golden pillar of light originated from the power of his Spiritual Stove of Light Blessing. Buffed by the Spiritual Stove of Light Blessing, the incapacitated Sima Xian recovered his spiritual energy rapidly, Wang Yunayuan’s Gigantic Divine Soul stabilised and Lin Xin and Chen Ying’er’s situation grew stable, such that their spiritual energy rose back up. Cai’er, Long Yating, Han Yu, Zhang Fangfang and Long Haochen who had managed to remain in a stalemate against their opponents recovered their spiritual energy as well.

Just like how Zhang Fangfang’s Spiritual Stove of Second Life had evolved to the hgihest level, han Yu’s Spiritual Stove of Light’s Blessing had done the same!

Back then during the war against the demons, Han Yu had already decided on the direction he wanted to develop in the future. The whole squad supported him.

Now, with the power of the Spiritual Stove of Light’s Blessing unleashed, the scales of battle immediately balanced once more. It was basically turning around the situation at the brink of collapse.

Now, the Knight of Judgement of the Dead finally became a little worried.

Nothing went on near Hao Yue as he evolved, which gave the Knight of Judgement of the Dead the opportunity to wait calmly. The humans were just about to collapse and his objective was just about to be fulfilled, but he
never thought Han Yu’s technique would immediately bring the humans back from the brink of defeat once again. As it seemed, they would not be defeated anytime soon.

As time went on, it would only benefit the humans. If Haoyue completed the golden flower… The Knight of Judgement of the Dead refused to imagine it. In that moment, he finally stopped holding back.

Letting out a great bellow, the Knight of Judgement of the Dead’s aura suddenly surged. Hearing the bellow, the soulfire in the eyes of the nine other undead kings also surged. They each let out a bellow as well.

Immediately, the undead king in the distance which had been watching this battle quietly moved. Under the orders of their respective kings, they surged toward Haoyue like a tide.

The reason why the Knight of Judgement of the Dead was reluctant to do this before was because he knew this would definitely result in a heavy loss in stronger undead creatures. It would affect their future reign. After all, none of them knew which race would suffer the most. As a result, before the ten kings had arrived, the nine other kings had already agreed that they either did not mobilise their armies, or they mobilised everyone together. The Bone Dragon King’s bone dragons were the only exception to the agreement, as they had been used by the Lich King against Chen Ying’er.

Now, the Knight of Judgement of the Dead could see how the humans’ lines of defence would not shift so easily, so he finally could not help but use the armies.

The Bright Glimmer of Hope immediately felt heavily pressured. They were basically fighting an entire realm right now! Even though all of them were powerful, they felt that both their abilities and mental fortitude were insufficient to resist an entire plane.

After the Knight of Judgement of the Dead’s furious bellow, his attacks had changed as well. The leaping soulfire in his eyes suddenly became scorching and his body grew once more, doubling in size to five meters tall in the blink of an eye.

Chapter 762

Contrary to the Knight of Judgement of the Dead’s expansion, the Bone Dragon King strunk at an astonishing pace. Afterwards, its bluish-white skeletal structure actually disassembled and its soulfire immediately flew forward, directly landing on the knight’s huge, dark purple sword.

Like it was set on fire, bluish-white flames immediately arose on the huge sword. At the same time, the bones from the Bone Dragon King stuck to the knight’s body, transforming into a set of bluish-white armor.

A terrifying aura of darkness erupted from the Knight of Judgement of the Dead like a geyser. As the true ruler of this realm, he obviously had a way to make the other undead kings yield.

In this moment, the Knight of Judgement of the Dead gave Long Haochen a false impression that he was currently facing the Demon God Emperor.

Perhaps, the Knight of Judgement of the Dead was unable to rival the Demon God Emperor in cultivation, nor did he possess a divine tool like the DemonGod Pillar, but currently, he was the most powerful person Long Haochen had witnessed aside from the Demon God Emperor and Elux.

The suppression of aura and domain from the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation clearly weakened and Long Haochen became stern. His opponent was going all out.

“Annihilation, intangibility, domain’s seal,” the Knight of Judgement of the Dead said with a deep voice. Afterwards, a huge, dark purple symbol
appeared behind him. At the same time, the same symbol actually appeared behind Long Haochen.

To Long Haochen’s shock, the domain formed from the combination of the Light God Domain and Domain of Eternity actually became useless in that moment. Was his domain sealed? What was this ability?

After all, in the human world, no one had ever managed to surpass the sixth rank of the ninth step. Obviously, no one was able to tell him that upon reaching the seventh rank of the ninth step, they would gain a special ability, which was sealing domains.

Sealing domains could only be used on those who were weaker in terms of cultivation. It would normally be used on opponents with weaker domains but greater strength in combat.

The Knight of Judgement of the Dead’s cultivation had only just reached the seventh rank. If he forcefully used this domain sealing ability, there was a great chance of failure. However, the result was copletely different now that the Bone Dragon King had fused its power with him. Although it was still not enough for him to overcome the tough bottleneck of a million spiritual energy, it did make it significantly easier to seal domains.

Long Haochen’s Light of Eternity Domain had weakened his just too much. Even after being strengthened right now, he had no confidence in defeating Long Haochen. As a result, he sealed up Long Haochen’s domain right from the start. Although he could not use his domain either, their battle would become a clash of strength. Domains would no longer be able to disturb or influence them anymore.

Not only did the Knight of Judgement of the Dead burst with power, the other undead kings unleashed a full scale of violent attacks as well.

They all understood that if the humans managed to free up some additional time, even if it was just an additional technique, it would cause huge losses to their subordinates. It would also get in their way of destroying Austin Griffin. If they did not use their full strength right now, when else were they supposed to?
Responding to the Knight of Judgement of the Dead’s burst in strength, Long Haochen only had a single action. He went from wielding the Sword of Eternity with one hand to both hands. To the Knight of Judgement of the Dead’s surprise, it was as if his full-strength suppression was nothing to this human. He remained just as calm as before, only that the human had now locked onto him.

Was he not afraid that Austin Griffin and his companions would die? No, this was impossible!

No matter what he thought, the Knight of Judgement of the Dead would not stop his attacks. In the air, he raised the heavy, flaming sword slowly and swung it towards Long Haochen from a certain distance away.

As soon as the simple attack was completed, a resonant dragon’s roar boomed through the air. The icy-blue flames assumed the shape of a huge bone dragon, burning with dark purple flames as it flew towards Long Haochen. With the attack, the advancing undead army below slowed down for a moment. All of the darkness element in the air seemed to be drained by the attack.

Long Haochen only felt his surroundings distort as a huge, bottomless mouth charged towards him. The Armour of Eternity was immediately covered by a dark purple light which attempted to penetrate the protection.

Hum! A strange vibration rang out from Long Haochen’s chest. The huge gemstone on his mirror armor suddenly became milky-white and afterwards, light poured out from it. Long Haochen took a step forward in the air and raised the Sword of Eternity slowly.

As the sword was raised, the spiritual energy from the Knight of Judgement of the Dead’s slash seemed to slow down. Only when Long Haochen raised his sword completely and that all of the light of eternity from his chest was absorbed by the sword did the huge dragon head arrive before him.

Nine-colored golden light formed a straight streak in the air and the figure of the huge bone dragon immediately froze. As the light extended
toward the Knight of Judgement of the Dead, the ruler of this world swung his huge sword and severed the connection with his attack just them.

Spurt! The figure of the bone dragon exploded and the golden light vanished with a flash as well. Long Haochen staggered three steps back before stabilising himself.

What a powerful supra divine tool, the Knight of Judgement of the Dead could not help but sigh inside. Looking at Long Haochen, the knight could tell that the spiritual energy he had released in that clash was much lesser than the knight himself. He had used the might of the supra divine tool to nullify the attack.

However, this was only the beginning. The Knight of Judgement of the Dead moved with a flash as the soulfire burned his eyes. This time, he did not launch a long-range attack and instead arrived right in front of Long Haochen. He swept his sword vertically, straight at Long Haochen.

Not only was this slash fast, it bore the principles of the world as well.
The perfect trajectory made Long Haochen’s expression change slightly.

Parrying with the Sword of Eternity, a great clang rang out. Long Haochen shone with nine-colored golden light as he was pushed a hundred meters away. Clearly, he had suffered from the attack.

A supra divine tool did not mean invincibility. The difference in their cultivation was perfectly displayed in that attack. However, while a supra divine tool did not equate to invincibility, it did mean strength.

When the two swords collided, the Knight of Judgement of the Dead only felt a heavy aura of life surge forth, disturbing the Bone Dragon King and his aura of death drastically. He could not help but seize up and it was that moment when Long Haochen had appeared before him once more.

Without domains, their battle became even more intense. Every time they clashed, the air would flash with bright light.
Once darkness had reached its limit, it would no longer fear light. The Knight of Judgement of the Dead used its terrifying strength of almost a million spiritual energy to knock Long Haochen away again and again, but due to the powerful suppression in terms of element from the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, he was unable to take a single step closer to Haoyue. After their strength had both increased, they were still stuck in a stalemate.

However, the situation elsewhere became rapidly. Chen Ying’er was defeated first.

Using her Spirit Bestowal, Chen Ying’er sowed chaos into the bone dragon army, making them lose at least a dozen dragons, while her summoned beasts managed to gain some advantage under a furious counterattack. However, her final attack could not last for very long.

After gaining a momentary advantage, the Lich King had erupted just like the Knight of Judgement of the Dead. The bone staff in her hands suddenly cracked and soon afterwards, the remaining forty-odd bone dragons rapidly retreated. The Lich King herself flew to the very front. Extending her bone staff forwards, she mumbled something and afterwards, over ten thousand streams of dark was rose up from the ground and surged towards the Lich King.

This was the power from the liches under her. The power from a single much was nothing, but if thousands of liches offered their powers to the Lich King at the same time, it was an indescribably terrifying sight. This was their territory after all!

The Lich King produced a complicated symbol with her hands and the flame of soils in her eyes suddenly became white. Afterwards, a huge, vertical eye appeared in the air. It stood twenty meters talk and looking in McDullas direction. Immediately, a hazy color made its way over to McDull with a strange pulse.

Chen Ying’er had pushed her Beast God Domain to the limit and had unleashed all the spiritual energy she had recovered from the Spiritual
Drive of Light’s Blessing, but she was unable to block the attack. The Lich King clearly did not plan on giving her the chance to summon a third wave!

In order to protect Chen Ying’er from heavy injury, McDull directly landed on the hill where Haoyue resided. Due to expanding too much spiritual energy, Chen Ying’er was temporarily incapacitated.

Now that a gap in their defences had finally appeared, the Lich King lead the dragon bone army into this breach, correctly towards the hill. She seemed to be able to see when Austin Griffin died in her hands.

She was not the only one who had used this breach. The Abomination King rushed over as well. After spending this period of time absorbing the powers of its clansmen, he still managed to return despite his awkward body and losing over forty percent of his strength. He picked up his metal hook and rushed through the breach behind the Lich King as he tottered about.

However, with the appearance of the breach, someone freed up on the side of the Bright Glimmer of Light.

Cai’er had always been stuck in battle with the Shadow King, where the Shadow King primarily attacked and she primarily defended. Using the power of the Sickle of the God of Death, Cai’er was unable to catch her opponent, but she did not suffer under his attacks either.

Chapter 763

The Shadow King could not press Cai’er too hard either. He feared the purifying aura from the Sickle of the God Of Death very much. Regarding elements, a purifying power was much more terrifying than light. Although the ten kings had reached an agreement in destroying Austin Griffin completely this time, their lives were still their own. The Shadow King was unwilling to use his soulfire as a wager in this gamble. He could sense that once this purifying power seeped into his soulfire, his strength would dall drastically even if he survived.

Just as the Lich King had erupted in strength by absorbing the powers of her fellow liches, something happened to Cai’er’s battle all of a sudden as well.

Cai’er raised her left hand and a streak of golden light suddenly shot up, appearing before her. Afterwards, the resplendent golden light expanded and a huge tower with seven floors appeared in the air.

A great force of suction appeared from beneath the tower. As the Shadow King fought against Cai’er, he never would have imagined that she would suddenly do something like that.

The Tower of Eternity was a divine tool and one that had almost evolved into a supra divine tool in the past. The Shadow King was powerful, but from a certain aspect, his body was basically a kind of spectre, rather similar to the Spectre King. The Tower of Eternity used to be a powerful divine tool used by the Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux to suppress spectres.
Although neither Long Haochen or Cai’er had inherited Elux’s necromancy, the Tower of Eternity was still an existence that could deter all undead creatures.

With the Tower of Eternity out now, the Shadow King only felt its soulfire tremble uncontrollable. Surprised, he hurried to stabilise it. However, his original body began to appear as well. He had managed to avoid being sucked away by the Tower of Eternity through his powerful cultivation, but it did immobilize him temporarily.

Cai’er took a step and appeared before the Shadow King. Now, the Shadow King was out of option apart from throwing his life on the line.

The Tower of Eternity shone once more and severed the Shadow King’s connection with his clansmen, preventing him from erupting with power like what the Lich King had done. In the next moment, the light of purification from the sickle exploded before him.

The first five arts of the seven arts of the God of Death, Death in Childhood, Death in Purification, Death in Hissing, Deathgod’s Kiss and Death’s Silent Annihilation, were unleashed consecutively. It formed a beautiful image of the God of Death’s purification in the air.

The Domain of Purification became pure in that moment, enveloping the Shadow King completely. When her final strike struck into the Shadow King’s body, the Shadow King’s soulfire was unable to avoid it at all, stabbed by this blade of purification.

A shrill scream resounded through the entire battlefield, such that even the Lich King halted her charge towards Haoyue. She stared at the Shadow King in disbelief as he was being purified by her sickle. In terms of pure strength, the Shadow King should have been slightly stronger than her! How did he just die?

The Sickle of the God of Death could even purify the Slumbering Eternity Elux, let alone the Shadow King.
Having purified the Shadow King, Cai’er’s light of purification became extremely powerful. She stowed the Tower of Eternity away and with a flash, she blocked the path of the Lich King and the bone dragon army. Afterwards, she held her sickle behind her in her right hand and extended her left hand slowly. A small, white lotus flew out quietly, directly towards the Lich King.

The Lich King was a highly intelligent intelligent king. She had personally witnessed the Shadow King being purified and now, she saw the seemingly harmless white lotus which also made her soul tremor. She immediately used her teleportation without any hesitation and with a flash, she appeared thousands of meters away.

That’s right, Cai’er’s tiny white flower was her domain technique, the Flourishing Lotus Flower. The terrifying might of the Domain of Purification was carried along by the tiny flower, erupting among the bone dragon army.

Pure-white petals flew outwards, landing on the bone dragons one by one. The powerful bone dragons trembled in the air. All of them, amounting to over forty! They just froze up after the inconspicuous petals landed on them. Nothing happened to their colossal bodies, but the soulfire in their eyes slowly extinguished.

The armour on the Knight of Judgement of the Dead immediately exploded with dazzling, icy-blue flames. The Bone Dragon King was going crazy. Although he had placed all his subordinates under the command of the Lich King, they were still his clansman! In the battle earlier, he had suffered huge losses, but most of these bone dragons could slowly recover, as they would not truly die until their soulfire were not put out.

However, Cai’er’s attack was completely different. The Bone Dragon King could clearly sense that its subordinates’ souls were being purified. That was true death! There were only a little over a hundred soulfire that belonged to bone dragons, so the attack had just killed off half of them. How was it possible for him to not go crazy?
The Knight of Judgement of the Dead also realised the severity of the issue. When the Bone Dragon King had erupted, he raised his heavy sword high up in the air and a storm of dark purple and icy-blue surged from his body and towards Long Haochen recklessly. He seemed to want to knock Long Haochen away, and then go save the bone dragon army.

However, how could Long Haochen let him succeed? His lover was over there as well!

“I’m your opponent,” Long Haochen said very calmly, but it was like deciding the fate of the bone dragon army. Afterwards, the green ball of light out of the three that revolved around him suddenly lit up. It immediately merged into the Sword of Eternity, dyeing the supra divine tool green.

“Receive my attack, Nature’s Bloom.”

In that moment, the Knight of Judgement of the Dead suddenly felt everything change around him. The darkness and redness immediately vanished, replaced by a world of nature.

Tall trees stood everywhere, with a bed of vegetation covering it all. The faint smell of flowers combined with the smell of soil and plants permeated over.

The sunlight illuminated the earth and warmth swept over gently.

The Knight of Judgement of the Dead was stunned. The Bone Dragon King also became dumbfounded. They were not born as undead. When they saw this scene of nature, their souls trembled and most of their fighting intent vanished.

However, they were pulled back into reality in the next moment. The threat against their lives allowed them to snap out of the illusion. Agony made their soulfire waver.

Now, the Knight of Judgement of the Dead was three thousand meters away from Long Haochen. He had been knocked away. A total of eighteen
green wounds criss-crossed on his body. Every wound gave off a powerful aura of life, eating away his aura of death.

The Knight of Judgement of the Dead stared at Long Haochen blankly,
“W- what did you say your attack was called?”

Long Haochen was rather taken aback. He knew his attack was very powerful, but he never thought the Knight of Judgement of the Dead would suddenly become stunned like this, forcefully enduring the attack without even trying to dodge. Although the armour from the Bone Dragon King had blocked most of its power, the attack still should have injured him quite a lot.

Long Haochen answered the Knight of Judgement of the Dead’s question, “That’s one of the three great sword techniques that comes with my Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, Nature’s Bloom.”

The Knight of Judgement of the Dead’s soulfire suddenly revealed deep sorrow, “Nature’s Bloom, Nature’s Bloom. if you really can make nature bloom, how good would that be? Is the realm that you’re from really that green?”

Long Haochen nodded, “Of course. That’s a scene of nature.”

The Knight of Judgement of the Dead’s emotions suddenly changed. He let out a furious bellow all of a sudden, “Why must we lose this greenness that is teeming with life forever? Austin Griffin, Austin Griffin, you must die! You must die! Aaaaaaaaargh!”

As he called out crazily, the eighteen slashes on his body actually closed up at an astonishing rate. A heavy aura of darkness surged out from his body wildly, completely expelling the aura of life that had been embedded on his body. He charged towards Long Haochen once more.

Long Haochen was stern, but he was in no hurry. He did not worry about the situation behind him at all. As long as Cai’er was there, Haoyue would be fine.
Just when the Knight of Judgement of the Dead had been repelled by Long Haochen, the bone dragon army had completely collapsed sa well. The Flourishing Lotus Flower’s powers of purification was like water to soil, cleansing their souls completely. The bone dragons fell out of the sky one by one and landed on the ground. Their skeletons rested peacefully as their souls were also peacefully purified away. After being purified, they only felt relieved. They felt no fear.

The Abomination King watched in awe as the bone dragons fell down before him. He was not stupid. He was not in his peak condition in the first place, so he immediately turned around and fled. He dared not to charge towards Cai’er.

Cai’er stood in the air as all the purified souls in the air flowed towards her as powers of purification. Cai’er’s aura had never been so powerful before.

Facing against the ten undead kings, how was it possible for Long Haochen to not know about the situation of his companions? However, he remained very composed the entire time. He was not worried about the worsening situation. Why? He could use the Domain of Instant Flash to protect his companion’s lives, but that would not necessarily protect Haoyue! So where did his confidence come from?

It came from his trump card! His trump card was Cai’er.

In this realm of undead, basically everyone from the Bright Glimmer of Hope was weakened. Most of them were not suited for combat in this place, especially everyone with the light element. Apart from through Han Yu’s Spiritual Stove of Light’s Blessing, it was very difficult for them to recover on this battlefield.

Chapter 764

However, not everyone was weakened in this realm. Out of the Bright Glimmer of Hope, one person was extremely accustomed to fighting in such an environment. Her strength would even be magnified tremendously, and she was Cai’er.

Cai’er’s power of purification was the ultimate weapon against undead creatures. And, she only needed to purify a single powerful undead creature and all of its soulfire would turn into her own power. In the past, Elux had transferred his own power to Cai’er like this, allowing Cai’er and Long Haochen to overcome the bottleneck of the ninth step together and rapidly gain their own domain. As a matter of fact, the process of purification assisted her Sickle of the God of Death in evolving.

Before the Bright Glimmer of Hope had arrived here, Long Haochen had already set their objectives and their plan for battle. The plan was very simple, which was to drag out the battle, because their objective was only to block the enemy and made enough time for Haoyue to evolve. It was not to throw their lives on the line against these undead.

As a result, although they had clashed with great intensity right from the start, the Bright Glimmer of Hope still held back slightly. It was mainly Cai’er and Long Haochen who held back.

If they exposed Cai’er’s purifying ability too soon, it would definitely garner much attention from the undead kings and the undead army would arrive sooner. These undead kings obviously were powerful in certain aspects to be able to reign over this realm. If the Bright Glimmer of Hope
could make them erupt with their full strength later, there would be a higher chance of success for Haoyue’s evolution.

Now that the undead kings had finally unleashed their full force and Chen Ying’er had been defeated, Cai’er erupted with her full power.

Combining the Tower of Eternity with the Domain of Purification and the seven arts of the God of Death, she managed to purify the Shadow King before he could even respond. Afterwards, she used the power from the Shadow King’s soulfire to release a Flourishing Lotus Flower, immediately turning around the entire situation. Not only did she plug the breach, she had reduced the ten undead kings to nine and almost annihilated the bone dragon army.

Cai’er had stunned all the undead kings as soon as she had demonstrated her might. None of them wanted to be the next target to be purified. It was also at this moment that the undead armoy underneath launched their attack towards Haoyue’s hill.

Six balls of light representing six elements, water, fire, earth, wind, light and darkness, erupted from different directions.

Out of the twelve holy guards, six were skilled in close combat and six were skilled in magic. Their abilities were highly balanced. Their souls of powerhouses granted them great battle prowess. In terms of battle experience and actual skill in battle, the Bright Glimmer of Hope was unable to match up to them at all, so they did not need Cai’er’s orders at all. When the undead army had begun their attack, they were already prepared for battle.

Six spells, six forbidden spells, hurled over from six different places at the same time. Large swathes of undead were felled like wheat.

The weaker undead directly died, while the stronger undead could no longer afford to attack anymore, devoting themselves to defence in a hurry.

However, large quantities of darkness magic, curses and death magic began to hurl towards the hill. The undead army was just too large. It was
possible to say that all the strong undead in the realm had gathered there. The forbidden spells of the holy guards could only disrupt their attacks, unable to stop it completely. In particular, the stronger undead that charged at the very front were highly immune to magic.

Cai’er snorted coldly and raised her left hand, releasing the Tower of Eternity once more. She drifted down at the same time.

The Tower of Eternity immediately expanded, enveloping the entire hill. Under the attack of all the magic from the undead, the Tower of Eternity released rings of multicolored light, like it was being buffeted by a storm.

Cai’er landed on the Tower of Eternity and stood on its very top on her toes. She raised the Sickle of the God of Death high up in the air and dense power of purification poured into the Tower of Eternity.

A strange hum rang out. The hum was not loud, such that many members of the Bright Glimmer of Hope even failed to hear it. However, it shocked the undead creatures like a huge hammer had struck their chests.

Layers of white light expanded from the Tower of Eternity. Currently, it was like a domain amplifier to Cai’er. The Tower of Eternity itself had a power special characteristic of being able to suppress souls. Coupled with the power of purification, the two complemented each other and immediately allowed the white light to expand.

All of the undead magic mingled with the power of purification. The disorderly magic was unable to break through the Tower of Eternity’s defences any time soon, but the Domain of Purification Cai’er had unleashed through the Tower of Eternity was like hymn of death to the undead.

All of the undead that had been enveloped by the Domain of Purification, whether weak or strength, immediately froze up. Afterwards, their soulfire began to experience the pain of purification in the domain.

The weaker undead could not even put up the slightest resistance. The purification was completely instantly. Some of the stronger undead charged
outwards without any regard of anything else anymore in an attempt to escape from the Domain of Purification.

There were just too many undead creatures. Apart from those that could fly, how was it possible for the undead on the ground to escape?

As a result, the sight that shocked all the undead kings appeared. Their powerful undead army had collapsed from inside out, felled like wheat on a fine autumn day. Nothing happened to their bodies, but their souls were purified.

After their souls had been purified, the soulforce returned to the Tower of Eternity, before being passed onto Cai’er.

There were just too many undead creatures, such that the power released after purification was far too tremendous. Cai’er could only absorb a small portion of it, while the rest was released through the Tower of Eternity by expanding the range of the domain.

The undead creatures finally experienced fear. They could fight any enemy fearlessly to the death, but faced with a battle where they would die without being able to do anything, which one of them could still maintain their desire to fight?

Let alone ordinary undead creatures, even the undead kings themselves wer affected by the Domain of Purification. All of them pulled far away in a hurry.

The undead army began to collapse and large swathes of it descended into chaos. Witnessing the fates of their clansmen, the undead behind all fled. Who knew how many weaker undead creatures were trampled by stronger undead creatures. However, the Domain of Purification continued to spread outwards at a steady pace.

Currently, the most terrifying aspect of the Domain of Purification was the fact that its expansion was never ending. There were just too many undead creatures there, so the power they gave off once purified was tremendous. Although Cai’er could not control this power completely
through the Tower of Eternity, she could do something as simple as expand the domain.

The power of purification became stronger and stronger and it was no longer just the undead that was being purified. Wherever the white light passed by, even the black rocks on the ground and the flames from the thick lava began to be purified. It was actually reverted to brown soil and the ground levelled out.

Currently, Cai’er seemed even more like the ruler of the world than the Knight of Judgement of the Dead. As the Domain of Purification rapidly strengthened, it had already enveloped an area almost ten thousand meters wide. A streak of white light would appear from the heads of the undead once they had remained in the domain for a while, which would then become a part of the domain. The rate of this happening only differed by the amount of time a region had been enveloped by the domain.

With the support of the Domain of Purification, everyone from the Bright Glimmer of Hope fought back as hard as they could. All the undead kings were affected by the Domain of Purification and their strength decreased drastically. They needed to protect their soulfire from coming into contact with the power of the domain, so they could only retreat, fleeing to places even further away. The powerhouses of the Bright Glimmer of Hope pursued them and left behind wounds on some of the undead kings.

Boom! The undead king was sent flying once again by Long Haochen after using his full strength in an attack. As he watched the surroudings become the hazy white Domain of Purification, he could not help but roar out, “No! Nooooo!”

The undead army had been completely repelled by the Domain of Purification. Moreover, the terrifying domain could not even be sealed up by his technique. After growing in strength, Cai’er’s domain had become far too powerful.

The Knight of Judgement of the Dead raised his sword high up in the air and swung it in Cai’er’s direction. An icy-blue light shot towards her as he roared out.
However, before the light could make it a hundred meters away, it was blocked by a jade-green figure.

Nature’s Bloom.

It was the same technique, but it managed to block the Knight of Judgement of the Dead’s attack once more. Long Haochen was unable to do anything to the Knight of Judgement of the Dead due to the huge disparity in their cultivation, but the Knight of Judgement of the Dead was unable to break free from him either.

The Armour of Eternity had granted Long Haochen speed that was just as great as the Knight of Judgement of the Dead. Although Long Haochen had only used one of the three sword techniques in his possession, he had managed to repel the Knight of Judgement of the Dead’s full strength attacks again and again.

Despair began to overwhelm the Knight of Judgement of the Dead’s soul. The Domain of Purification had even began to burn his spiritual energy. Although the domain would not be able to do anything to him any time soon, it would prevent him from absorbing any powers of darkness to recover at the very least. It also cut off his connection with his clansmen.

They was done for. They was completely done for. Even if there wasn’t Austin Griffin, even if it was just these humans, the undead kings still could not put up any resistance. Was the Domain of Purification really just going to expand endlessly like this? If that really was the case, would this realm be purified? If that was going to happen, being purified would only be an issue of time even for him.

Chapter 765

As the Knight of Judgement of the Dead began to despair, Long Haochen did not attack him. Instead, he returned with a flash, landing beside Cai’er.

The green ball of light that revolved around him exhibited its might once more. It landed on Cai’er’s back quietly and rich vitality slowly poured into Cai’er’s body. At the same time, the white ball of light landed before his chest slowly and dense, white light poured into the centre of the gemstone on his armor. This was a tremendous amount of power of chaos. In just a short while, the space around Long Haochen became riddled with cracks and soon afterwards, there was a clang and the dark purple symbol that hovered behind him shattered, dispersing in the air.

Long Haochen was unable to remove the Knight of Judgement of the Dead’s seal in battle, but now that he was not fighting, it was just far too difficult to keep the Armour of Eternity sealed. Not to mention, most of the Knight of Judgement of the Dead’s efforts were focused on fending off the Domain of Purification. How could he stop Long Haochen?

The Domain of Purification suddenly stopped expanding and the white light stopped spreading outwards. Instead, it rose up slowly in the air. Although the purifying power brought agony upon the undead, wherever it passed by, the air would become unbelievably pure. It cleansed the filth of this world on a large scale.

Long Haochen and the others were not too pressured in fending off the undead, not to mention the fact that it was the undead who tried everything to stop Haoyue. However, he was the one who had stopped Cai’er’s attack. He did not do it for the undead, but for Cai’er herself.
Through the connection of the Soul Sharing Chains, Long Haochen sensed the instability of Cai’er’s condition and rushed to her side immediately.

Touching her body, he discovered in surprise that Cai’er was close to losing control and collapsing. He immediately used the light of life from the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation to pour large amounts of vitality into her body, to stabilise her condition and speed up her cultivation. The unsealed Light of Eternity Domain came into contact with Cai’er’s Domain of Purification and assisted her in stabilising the domain, preventing it from expanding any further and dispersing more of the purification power.

It was not actually Cai’er’s fault for losing control of her powers. This was the first time she had ever encountered something like this. She had never thought that the Domain of Purification would be so terrifyingly effective against the undead after the Tower of Eternity had expanded.

The power given off from purifying so many powerful undead in a short amount of time was just too terrifying. Cai’er’s body had basically been filled instantly. As the inheritor of the God of Death’s legacy, all this purifying power should have been good news for able, able to propel her cultivation forwards and open up her spiritual cavities one by one. However, there was still a limit to the energy her body could withstand! Once too much purifying power flowed into her and the purifying power outside had exceeded her limit of control, problems would begin to occur.

As everything had happened too quickly, the purifying power had already begun to lose control when Cai’er realised the problem. She could not even request for help. If it were not for the Tower of Eternity, she probably would have been heavily injured from the returning purifying power alone. Fortunately, Long Haochen had discovered her situation in time.

Whether it was in this realm or on the Shengmo Dalu, the Light of Eternity Domain had reached the very apex of domains. Cai’er did not reject Long Haochen either, so the two domains melded together and Long Haochen used his increased strength from the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation to quickly contain the situation. He first stopped the Domain
of Purification from expanding, so it would stop purifying undead. Only then could he prevent the creation of even more power of purification.

Under Long Haochen’s assistance, Cai’er’s condition established quickly. Emotions filled her eyes as she looked at Long Haochen. Long Haochen nodded at her with some reproach, indicating her to maintain her current condition.

With danger came blessings. Something like this would only happen out of pure chance. With such tremendous power of purification, Cai’er’s cultivation would grow with every bit of it she absorbed. It was much, much faster than just cultivating.

Long Haochen understood Cai’er was in danger, but the undead kings did not! When the Knight of Judgement of the Dead saw the Domain of Purification stop under Long Haochen’s control, some minute changes immediately appeared in the leaping soulfire in his eyes. At this very moment, Long Haochen’s voice boomed through the was world of undead.

“I had no intentions to fight you, nor do I want to kill you all. However, if you keep attacking, you can’t blame us for being merciless and completely cleansing your realm.”

Long Haochen’s voice was not particularly resounding. It did not even carry much emotion. However, every single undead king heard it clearly.

They found the Domain of Purification even more terrifying now. The originally pure-white domain now possessed an additional layer of dignified gold. All the stronger undead in the domain had their soulfires extinguished quickly basically as soon as the golden colour had appeared. It was much more powerful than before.

Let alone ordinary undead creatures, even the nine remaining undead kings could only look at the light of eternal purification. They dared not to take a step forwards.

This was no longer due to a difference in cultivation. This was just completely dominating them due to their nature as undead.
The Lich King’s high-pitched voice rang out, “You say you’re not going to kill us all. Are you saying that Austin Griffin will spare all of us once it awakens?”

Long Haochen said coldly, “I don’t know what Haoyue had done to you all in his past life, I only know that you’ve always been targeting him since he was born. If it weren’t for a coincidence, he might have died to your hands a long time ago.”

The Lich King’s voice became even higher, “That’s because you don’t know what it did in the past. You don’t know just how terrifying it is once it fully awakens.”

Long Haochen smiled indifferently, “I only know it’s my companion, my friend. You should be able to tell that if you keep attacking us, there is no chance for you to achieve victory. You’ll only be killed by us. Even if Haoyue wants to deal with you after it awakens, it’s better than dying right now. You should be able to determine what is for the best.”

The Knight of Judgement’s voice was rather strange. It was slightly hoarse, yet also slightly deep, “Austin Griffin’s your companion? Aren’t you afraid of suffering from the backlash once it awakens? You aren’t weak, but against Austin Griffin that’s truly awakened, it’s nothing.”

Long Haochen said coldly, “That’s my problem, not for you to worry about. However, I can tell you that Haoyue’s only returned to this realm because it wants to evolve. In the future, it’ll spend most of its time by my side, accompanying me in my realm. If it’s really like what you said that this is tis final evolution, then it might never have to return to this realm again.”

The Knight of Judgement of the Dead asked in some disbelief, “Are you saying that it won’t ever come back again?”

Long Haochen said, “I can’t guarantee you, but I can say that if you leave here right now and stop targeting Haoyue in the future, it won’t target you in the future either.”
Cai’er had gradually entered a state of comprehension. Coupled with losing control earlier, she had become incapacitated from battle, apart from maintaining her domain. Even though Long Haochen still had cards up his sleeve, he really did not the battle to devolve into a life or death struggle. He could not afford a single death in the Bright Glimmer of Hope.

“How is that possible? Do you have the right to make promises for Austin Griffin?” The Lich King’s voice was filled with doubt.

The mask on Long Haochen’s face slowly rose up as the nine gems on his crown flashed with beautiful light. He seemed like a king who reigned over everything.

“Here is my right.” He pointed at his forehead. Afterwards, nine streaks of golden symbols slowly appeared under his control. An obscure purple also appeared in the air, connecting him with Hao Yue.

“What’s this?” The Knight of Judgement of the Dead leapt in fright, while the other undead kings immediately fell silent as well. Even the Bone Dragon King transformed from its armour form and appeared beside the Knight of Judgement of the Dead. The same emotion appeared in the soulfire in their eyes.

“A- a blood pact? How is that possible? Austin Griffin actually formed a blood pact with a human?” The Lich King even began to stutter from pure shock.

The other undead kings experienced the same amount of shock as her. In that moment, the world of black and red actually descended into silence.

Long Haochen asked sternly, “Do I possess the right now?”

The Knight of Judgement of the Dead did not reply immediately. Instead, he gathered with the other undead kings quickly. They were enveloped by a grey haze. Clearly, they were discussing something.

Long Haochen did not worry at all. Buying time was his best option. Both Haoyue and Cai’er needed time to evolve and comprehend

The Bright Glimmer of Hope also saw the change in the situation. Aside from Yang Wenzhao, Duan Yi and the twelve holy guards, everyone gathered by Long Haochen’s side. Under the assistance of Han Yu’s Spiritual Stove of Light’s Blessing, he had recovered around seventy or eighty percent. Although Chen Ying’er and Wang Yuanyuan’s situation was slightly worse, they could still keep fighting. Dowsed by the light of eternity, they did not feel restrained by the realm anymore, allowing them to slowly recover the exhaustion that had accumulated earlier.

Chapter 766

After a whole quarter of an hour, the grey haze around the undead kings dispersed slowly.

When the Knight of Judgement of the Dead faced Long Haochen again, his prior aggression had vanished completely.

“Esteemed human king, you have demonstrated your ability and sincerity with your blood pact. Since you are able to form a contract like that with Austin Griffin, we have decided to believe you. We hope you can keep your promise and keep Griffin restrained,” the Knight of Judgement of the Dead referred to Long Haochen in a different way, implying their agreement and their recognition of Long Haochen.

Long Haochen nodded emotionlessly, “I won’t repeat what I just said.”

Although the Knight of Judgement of the Dead was unable to gain a further promise from Long Haochen, he did not pursue the matter. He glanced at Haoyue in the distance in some fear, before leading the undead kings and their undead army away in a slow retreat.

Watching the undead kings vanish slowly, Long Haochen produced a deep sigh. White light expanded from his limbs, before all gathering towards the huge gemstone on his chest. When all the light had been absorbed, the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation vanished silently with the central gemstone.

Long Haochen tottered slightly. His face was extremely pale. He only managed to stay on his feet with Han Yu’s support.
He was not weakened due to overexhaustion of spiritual energy. Instead, the weakness came from his soul. The Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation made him feel like he had endless power, but the mental effort required to control this terrifying powerful was horrifying. Even though he had completely fused with the throne, Long Haochen had almost expended all of his mental force in the battle earlier. It was very normal for his soul to be weakened. This was also one of the main reasons why he did not want to keep fighting. If it continued, it would probably take too heavy of a toll on his soul.

After a moment of meditation, Long Haochen stabilised his condition. He said to his companions beside him, “Han Yu, brother Zhang, please survey the surroundings. Everyone else scattered yourselves in the outskirts of the Domain of Purification. Let’s wait for Haoyue’s evolution to be completed.”

“Alright.” Everyone moved quickly. They all took up a particular position, while Cai’er remained in the Domain of Purification. There was not a single undead creature that could enter the domain without alerting them even if they had become invisible.

Long Haochen guarded Cai’er. His eyes were closed as he continued to recover his mental force. To his surprise, the chain around his neck transformed from the holy unicorn began to give off a gentle, mental pulse, actually connecting with his mind.

The unicorn could not help him recover his mental force directly, but it could bear some of his mental exhaustion. That way, Long Haochen would be able to recover his mental force just like when he normally cultivated. It would obviously be much faster.

Under Cai’er’s rapid absorption, the power of purification became thinner and thinner, while Cai’er’s aura became stronger and stronger. Even the Tower of Eternity beneath her turned into the same white as the power of purification.

The undead army had indeed retreated and they showed no sign of returning. Long Haochen could guess what the Knight of Judgement of the
Dead and the undead kings were thinking.

Their thoughts were very simple. If they kept fighting, there was no chance for them to achieve victory, nor was it possible for them to stop Austin Griffin from awakening. At most, they would just make Long Haochen lose a few people, but that would be setting their grievances in stone. Once Austin Griffin did awaken, would it still spare them?

Long Haochen used the blood pact to prove his close relationship with Haoyue, so the Knight of Judgement of the Dead needed to gamble on it. He gambled that Long Haochen would keep his promise and stop targeting them. The undead kings actually had no other choice aside from this after weighing the benefits and consequences.

It was impossible for people to tell the time in this world of black and red. Cai’er’s cultivation increased as Haoyue continued to evolve, while everyone else remained alert while waiting. However, in another world, a war unfolded.


Boom! With a flash of nine-colored light, a beautiful figure fell down in the distance and fell into a forest that covered almost a thousand square meters.

The beautiful figure was a special creature. It was very pretty and it was jade-green in color with a hint of blue. Its head was very similar to dragons, while it stood around fifteen meters tall. Its long tale was covered with rings of dark purple symbols.

The most beautiful part of its was its wings. On top of the connection between its wings and back was the same colour as its body, but it gradually turned pink further down the connection, before gradually become a ruby red. Its wings were especially wide and the part that protruded from the back also gradually changed to a purple.
On the edge of its wings were slender spikes, with the spike at the very end of the wings the longest. The wings were also covered by an image formed from golden lines, depicting the moon.

Its pupils were jade-green as well. However, they were currently filled with anger, while its powerful aura of nature weakened. A burnt black wound existed on its right abdomen.

A clear, cold voice resounded through the air, “It’s useless. You can’t stop me. Your cultivation might be something, but there’s still a difference if you compare it to mine. Moreover, you’re only a fairy dragon.”

A figure hovered in the air quietly in the distance. His flowing black hair hovered in the form of a wheel behind him, while faint, purple lines of symbols flickered on his long, black robes. It made his skin seem even paler. His eyes seemed to hide the starlight of the universe as his handsome face formed a faint smile. Wasn’t this the Demon God Emperor, Fengxiu?

This was the world of humans and it was very, very close to the Southern Mountain Pass where the Priest Temple resided. However, the Temple Union did not receive any news of it. Let alone the humans, even the high- ranking demons, even the Moon Demon God or Star Demon God, did not know that the Demon God Emperor who should have been in seclusion in the Demon Emperor Palace was actually here.

The fairy dragon slowly climbed to its feet. It unfurled its wings and took to the skies again. Its flight was clearly rather unstable as it stared at Fengxiu coldly, “Demon God Emperor, you better step over my dead body if you want to enter the Illusory Shrine. Perhaps you can defeat me, but without the Demon God Pillar, it’s highly likely that we’ll die together.”

The Demon God Emperor shook his head gently, “No, you’re wrong. If I didn’t have complete confidence, why would I come? Although I haven’t brought the Demon God Pillar with me to fool everyone and to prevent the annoying humans from discovering me, I still have the ability to kill you off completely.”
As he said that, the Demon God Emperor extended his right hand slowly.
Afterwards, a strange black colour appeared in front of him.

The black light seemed extremely weak, but in the moment it appeared, all of the light in the surroundings seemed to be sucked away. The light there completely descended into darkness.

The fairy dragon produced a low roar and nine-colored light shone from its body. Powerful pulses of spiritual energy swept out. It was no weaker than the Demon God Emperor.

However, in the next moment, all of the light suddenly vanished. If seen from a distance, the fairy dragon would have seemed like a lantern that was suddenly snuffed out.

The light gradually returned. The Demon God Emperor remained standing there, while the fairy dragon still floated in the air. In that moment, Fengxiu was even more pale than before. His body actually tottered as he floated in the air. The Demon God Emperor had actually become so weak?

On the other side, many black specks had appeared on the fairy dragon’s chest. These black specks were like a disease as they slowly spread out. They did not spread quickly, but the fairy dragon’s tremendous vitality slowly declined.

“Cough, cough,” Fengxiu coughed twice. He actually could not remain in the air anymore, landing on the ground. However, his handsome face still smiled.

“Your total amount of spiritual energy should be between nine hundred and seventy thousand and nine hundred and eighty thousand, while my spiritual energy had already surpassed a million successfully. I don’t belong to this world, so after my spiritual energy has broken through, I won’t become a god. However, I have to endure the backlash of spiritual energy everyday. This is god’s punishment, so I need the status of a god to deal with this issue completely. With the status of a god, I can move through space and the realms and I won’t be bound by the principles of any realm, nor will I have to worry about m longevity. You should feel
honoured to die to my Singular Annhiliation. You are the first and of course, you are likely to be the last as well. There probably isn’t another person who’s worthy enough for me to do this on the Shengmo Dalu.”

The fairy dragon was rather stunned as it looked at Fengxiu. The blackness on its chest had already spread to a third of tis body, while specks of light began to drift away from the centre of the blackness. Its body was falling apart!

“Singular Annihilation. You actually have achieved that. You actually managed to endure it despite the backlash of god. You should be the strongest out of all the Demon God Emperors. Your majesty the Goddess of Nature, apologies. I have done all that I can. I can’t protect your Illusory Shrine anymore.”

As it said that, the blackness suddenly spread faster and the fairy dragon slowly disappeared in the air as countless specks of white light. With its disappearance, everything in the surroundings seemed to dim. The aura of nature rapidly declined.

Fengxiu sat down on the ground, as if he felt nothing about everything that had just happened. His face was pale, but extremely calm. Rings of black light began to appear in his surroundings and in just a short while, an invisible pressure expanded from his body once more. All of the plants in the surroundings began to shrivel up. This was a sign of their vitality being taken away.

Chapter 767

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Three balls of light spray forth and gradually condensed into shape in the air. They turned into three pure and perfect white lotuses.

Cai’er exhaled and opened her eyes slowly. They were filled with surprise and joy.

The fourth rank of the ninth step!

Through the purification of the undead army and her understanding that came afterwards, she actually overcame obstacles consecutively and reached the fourth rank of the ninth step. Her cultivation had even surpassed Long Haochen’s in a single breath. This was a fantastic encounter for her.

And, the Tower of Eternity had evolved to a translucent white with her. It had basically fused with her completely, breaking free from the shadow of the Slumbering Calamity Elux entirely.

“Congratulations, Cai’er,” Long Haochen smiled at his lover. Joy filled his face.

From when she began until now, Long Haochen estimated that roughly ten days had passed on the Shengmo Dalu. Cai’er was not the only one who experienced a drastic increase in cultivation in those ten days. After the battle with the undead kings, everyone else in the Bright Glimmer of Hope had gained rich battle experience and grew more accustomed to their new equipment. They each increased their understanding and progressed to a higher level.
Although the battle earlier was dangerous, it was essentially the testing grounds for the Bright Glimmer of Hope after they had all increased in strength.

Cai’er smiled sweetly, “My spiritual energy should be around the same as your now, but my cultivation might be slightly higher than yours.”

After Long Haochen had merged with the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, his cultivation remained at the peak of the third rank of the ninth step. In other words, he was at the bottleneck. Including the Heart of Eternity, his spiritual energy had actually reached over four hundred thousand. Cai’er had broken through to the fourth rank, but her spiritual energy was around the same as Long Haochen’s.

Long Haochen smiled, “Wouldn’t that mean you’ll be the one protecting me in the future?”

Cai’er help his hand and smiled gently, “Of course not. No matter when it is, you should always be protecting me. Who let you become my man? Speaking of which, how’s Haoyue’s evolution going?” The great increase in her cultivation was unexpected joy to her. Of course, it would be difficult to replicate the same incident. However, the Tower of Eternity had also absorbed some of the power of purification, strengthening its element. It brought great benefit to her increase in strength overall.

Long Haochen said, “Haoyue should be almost done with evolving.

Cai’er looked in the direction Long Haochen was pointing in. As expected, Haoyue who lay there was no longer peaceful. His body had grown much larger once more, even larger than the clansmen of the Demon Dragon Emperor, the devil dragons. It had actually exceeded forty meters in length and each of its necks had grown thicker. Its purple scales shone with a bright lustre as a terrifying aura faded in and out. The twelve holy guards now were no longer willing to remain by its side.

The two huge bulges at the very front continued to tremble and purple liquid had even begun to ooze out at the very top. Clearly, they should have
been two heads. Once they had grown out, Haoyue’s evolution would be completed.

Long Haochen said, “As Haoyue evolves, he seems to be absorbing a special power of this world constantly. I can’t clearly identify this power with my connection to it, but I am certain that it isn’t the darkness element and fire element this world is contaminated with. It should be another power, and it seems to originate from itself in the first place.”

Cai’er furrowed her brows slightly and said softly, “Haochen, whether it’s the Demon God Emperor or the undead of this realm, they all want to do bad things to Haoyue. It seems like if Haoyue matures successfully, it’ll pose a great threat to them. If Haoyue really is that powerful, maybe…”

Long Haochen let out a soft sign and he wrapped his hand around Cai’er’s thin waist. He said, “Haoyue is a good brother of mine. I can only choose to believe in him. Am I supposed to abandon it just because of my suspicions over its future powers? It’s impossible for me to do that, so I don’t have any other choice. And, I believe that even if Haoyue was that Austin Griffin they speak of in its former life, it’s only my good brother Haoyue now. The blood pact has not only brought it our relationship. I’ve also changed its element in the past. Apart from its noble and powerful bloodline, it also contains a part of my bloodline.”

Cai’er nodded gently, “Alright. No matter what you choose, I will support you unconditionally.”

Even now, Long Haochen was still uncertain about Haoyue’s true origins. He was not even willing to investigate. However, it was just like what he had said. Regardless of Haoyue’s origins, how powerful it was in the past and how destructive it was, it was his brother. Was he supposed to turn on Haoyue just because of his fear of Haoyue’s future powers?

“He’s almost done,” Long Haochen said suddenly. At the same time, the nine purplish-golden lines of symbols appeared. The intense light illuminated an area of several dozen square meters.
Cai’er also leapt in fright. An additional, terrifying aura that was the same as Haoyue’s suddenly appeared on Long Haochen. This aura even seemed to make her Domain of Purification tremble.

With a flash of purple light, Long Haochen had appeared above Haoyue. The purplish-golden light began to expand from his forehead, covering him from head to toe in the blink of an eye. He became the same colour.

The sudden occurence alarmed the others of the Bright Glimmer of Hope who were cultivating. After rousing, they immediately scattered and paid attention to everything going on the surroundings. Haoyue had reached the crucial moment of his evolution. Long Haochen seemed to be affected by this evolution as well. Now was the most dangerous time.

However, having roused at an appropriate time, Cai’er became the backbone of the Bright Glimmer of Hope. Her purification powers gave off enough deterrence to scare away any enemy.

Cai’er pointed at the air with the Sickle of the God of Death in her right hand and the three white lotuses condensed earlier immediately flew out. The three lotuses flew off in three different directions, forming a circle far away from where Haoyue was evolving.

Wasn’t this the Flourishing Lotus Flower? If the undead powerhouses really had come to attack, they had to consider the consequences of these Flourishing Lotus Flowers exploding regardless of where they came from.

The Bright Glimmer of Hope understood each other well. Those adept at close combat remained outside, while the mages remained inside. Chen Ying’er chose to unleash her Creature Summoning Gate without any hesitation once more.

After the battle against the Lich King, Chen Ying’er had learnt a lot. Now, her summoning and increased drastically. This time, only one Creature Summoning Gate opened up, but an extremely special magical beast emerged from it.
It was a pure-white horse, which shone with transparent light. Apart from its colour and the light it gave off, it seemed no different from an ordinary horse, but very soon, it demonstrated its might.

With a flash, just like a white bolt of lightning, the white horse arrived in the outskirts. It actually arrived below a Flourishing Lotus Flower and it used its head to nudge the flower gently. Something strange happened. The white light from the Flourishing Lotus Flower did not reject it at all. A ring of white light gradually appeared on the horse’s body and below its feet. Wherever the ring of light reached, gentle white light would slowly expand. It was actually the same purifying power as Cai’er.

“This is a beast of purification, Aldo. Rumor has it that it is the God of Death’s mount,” Chen Ying’er giggled and pointed at Cai’er with her right hand. The beast of purification, Aldo, immediately turned back. When it saw Cai’er, it immediately found her to be close. It erupted with terrifying speed and directly arrived beside Cai’er, nudging her with its large head.

Cai’er could sense the purifying aura from it and she could not help but become overjoyed. With the assistance of the beast of purification, her purifying powers would strengthen. Obviously, it would be much easier to deal with the undead of this realm.

As they carefully guarded Haoyue, Haoyue entered the most crucial moment of his evolution.

Purple light constantly surged out from Haoyue’s body, gathering above it. Where Long Haochen resided was in the centre of the purple.

The purpleness was the will of destruction, but due to their blood connection, Long Haochen did not conflict with Haoyue’s original powers. The power of destruction was much more brutal than his original power of light. When the will of destruction surged into his body. Long Haochen shattered the bottleneck of the third rank of the ninth step. His spiritual energy rose crazily once more. This time, it was due to the increase in power from merging with the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, as well as the powers from Haoyue.
Haoyue’s scales gradually began to crack. The scales which had become huge as they grew with him gradually cracked into smaller scales. Each scale was rough the size of two hands, and the crests on each scale turned into nine criss-crossing crests. The refracted purple light had become iridescent as well.

The iridescence constantly changed in colour. Every single scale on Haoyue gave off an iridescent purple, such that the purple colour would vary in depth depending on the angle. It added a mysterious characteristic to it and it was even more magnificent than before. When the purple had reached its deepest colour, Haoyue would become camouflaged in this world of black and red.

The two huge bulges trembled more violently as well. Even more purple fuid oozed out. As a matter of fact, cracks became visible.

Haoyue’s aura erupted like a geyser and immediately broke through the ninth step. Afterwards, it continued to rise. In the blink of an eye, it had surpassed Long Haochen and continued to climb up.

Finally, a huge head emerged boldly from the bulge on the left with a spurt. It let out a roar. The iridescent purple scales immediately shone brightly and Haoyue’s aura erupted once more at the same time. On the right, another huge head emerged and its powerful aura immediately rose again.

Chapter 768

Long Haochen was completely enveloped by the purple light. He was no longer visible. Haoyue’s body erupted once more and directly surpassed fifty meters in length. It became a tremendous creature.

Haoyue’s two new heads were differently coloured as well. The left head was dark-golden, with only a single eye. Compared to the other heads, the eye was clearly over a third larger. From the top of its head down its neck, there was a neat line of huge, dark golden spikes. The spike at the very top was the largest, spanning two meters in length. The cold, metallic lustre was chilling. The single eye constantly shone with a golden lustre.

The other head was black and purple, but it was not of the dark attribute, because a ball of lightning constantly flickered near its single horn, which demonstrated its element. The single horn on the huge head was very special. Below, it was jagged like lightning, while the top was a ball. It seemed rather similar to a tomato.

After the two heads had emerged, Haoyue raised his six other heads as well. It was just too impressive of a sight as the eight heads rose together. It had a mountainous body, strange, purple and iridescent scales and a terrifying aura, as well as eight huge heads that represented eight different elements. Currently, Haoyue’s aura had already surpassed the Knight of Judgement of the Dead’s. Its cultivation had probably reached around the seventh rank of the ninth step.

Purple light rose up from Haoyue’s body, gradually forming a purple cloud above him. As the purple cloud slowly expanded, the terrifying will
of destruction forcefully purged all the filth in the air. Very soon, the entire sky became purple. Even the sun had become purple as it hung in the air.

When the Bright GLimmer of Hope saw Haoyue, they actually felt like they were almost going to suffocate. It was too powerful. Haoyue really had become too powerful, so powerful that they were unable to properly discern its true strength anymore. Its spiritual energy pulses had surpassed the Knight of Judgement of the Dead. Just what level had its tremendous body reached?

However, the only thing that the Bright Glimmer of Hope worried about was Long Haochen’s control over Haoyue. Having surpassed Long Haochen’s cultivation and now in possession of such a powerful will of destruction, could Long Haochen still control Haoyue? The worry that Cai’er had expressed to Long Haochen earlier represented what the others were thinking about as well.

Haoyue slowly unfurled its two huge wings as its powerful body was supported by its four limbs. Its eight heads let out a furious bellow once more and its pupils which flickered with different colours turned purple at the same time.

They all let out a purple breath at Long Haochen together.

“What’s Haoyue doing?” Wang Yuanyuan could not help but ask rather nervously.

Cai’er gazed into the distance and said sternly, “We have to believe in Long Haochen’s judgement. Actually, she was nervous as well. If Haoyue really wanted to harm Long Haochen, it was already too late for them to intervene. Although they had expected Haoyue to become extremely powerful after evolving, they never expected it to be so strong.

However, Haoyue made them stop worrying very soon. Purplish golden light flashed in the air under the eight incoming breaths, just like one of the purplish golden scales from Haoyue’s body.
The deep purplish gold colour flowed around Long Haochen’s body and the nine lines of purplish golden symbols on his forehead became brighter and brighter. The nine lines protruded and shrank slightly on his forehead, before remaining there. This time, the nine lines did not just appear temporarily. Instead, they remained there like markings on Long Haochen.

Long Haochen’s aura changed as well. Although it did not erupt like Haoyue’s, his cultivation did continue to rise.

Now, all of the clothes on his body had vanished. They had all become purplish gold. The Heart of Eternity thumped heavily in his chest. At the same time, a ball of white light appeared in the puplish gold colour. It represented Long Haochen’s spiritual pellet, as well as his largest spiritual cavity.

His forehead, shoulders, hips, knees and elbows lit up with white light as well, before extending downwards. Every ball of white light represented a cavity, as well as ten thousand of Long Haochen’s spiritual energy.

At the very beginning, there were only thirty-nine balls of white light, but as Haoyue’s power entered, more and more white light appeared on Long Haochen.

Forty-five, forty-six, forty-seven… forty-nine.

In the blink of an eye, Long Haochen’s cultivation had reached the peak of the fourth rank of the ninth step. He had surpassed Cai’er again and if he advanced further, he would reach the fifth rank. Reaching the fifth rank was a whole knew world for powerhouses of the ninth step. It was equivalent to a great leap.

The properties of the blood pact was completely exhibited at a time like this. Long Haochen and Haoyue had always been supporting each other. Whenever one of them increased in strength, the other would gain an increase as well. Now that Haoyue had directly evolved from six heads to eight heads, the effect on Long Haochen’s strength was much greater than all of the evolutions in the past.
Suddenly, the purplish golden light on Long Haochen lit up. Afterwards, all of his cavities lit up as well. The white light even managed to push the purplish golden light away temporarily. The fiftieth cavity lit up flagrantly.

The fifth rank of the ninth step. Long Haochen had finally broken through to the fifth rank of the ninth step. Haoyue’s power actually assisted him in overcoming two bottlenecks consectuively.

His spiritual energy continued to increase, but it clearly slowed down compared to the beginning. Fifty-one, fifty-two, fifty-three… upon the appearance of the fifty-seventh spiritual cavity, his spiritual energy stopped climbing and the purplish golden light gradually stabilised as well.

Now, Long Haochen had truly become the greatest in the Temple Union in terms of the amount of spiritual energy. Coupled with the additional boost from the Heart of Eternity, his spiritual energy had even exceeded the Starry Skiy Holy Knight Yang Haoyu.

The light flashed and receded as Long Haochen’s aura gradually grew stable. The purpleness from Haoyue’s eight huge heads gradually faded, returning to their original colour. However, their eyes shone with intimacy. Clearly, its evolution in strength did not change its feelings toward Long Haochen.

The purplish golden light slightly vanished. Only the nine lines of purplish golden symbols remained on Long Haochen’s forehead. He slowly opened his eyes.

His pupils were still a clear gold, but in the moment he opened his eyes, purple flashed through the depths of his eyes.

Looking at Haoyue below him, Long Haochen was deeply shocked, not by Haoyue’s strength, but by the beauty of body, as well as the effect that Haoyue had brought onto him! His spiritual cavities had directly jumped from thirty-nine to fifty-seven, making him truly become the greatest powerhouse of the human world. Coupled with the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation and Haoyue, this was the first time Long Haochen had complete confidence in challenging the Demon God Emperor. And, his
soul was growing stronger as well, which was equivalent to stronger spiritual energy. The eruption in mental force shocked him even more.

Long Haochen’s natural mental force was extraordinary, much more powerful than an ordinary person. After Haoyue had evolved this time, his mental force had actually increased by more than double, which was more than enough to show how powerful Haoyue had become.

Suddenly, Haoyue’s dark golden head darted to one side. Only that head shone brightly with golden light and in the next moment, Haoyue’s mountainous body just vanished.

“Hmm?” Long Haochen sensed something was wrong.

When Haoyue reappeared, he was several thousand meters away. Dense, purple light appeared in the air. Two figures appeared before Haoyue under the illumination of the purple light. Weren’t they the Knight of Judgement of the Dead and the Lich King?

As it turned out, they still did not trust Long Haochen’s promise too much, so they had secretly snuck back. Originally, they had considered launching a sneak attack, but when Cai’er’s three Flourishing Lotus Flowers appeared in the air, they dismissed that idea. They pleaded that Long Haochen would stick to his word.

Now that Haoyue had finished evolving and its terrifying pressure was the same as six thousand years ago, they were in utter fear. They dared not to move, afraid that Haoyue would discover them. However, it was impossible for them to hide from Haoyue with their cultivation. After Long Haochen’s strength had increased, Haoyue immediately set off for them.

The newly-grown dark golden head suddenly swung itself and the ridge of spikes on its head immediately extended, becoming eighteen terrifying metallic blades of light, slashing towards the Knight of Judgement of the Dead and the Lich King viciously. At the same time, golden light poured out from its only eye, towards the two of them.
The seven other heads did nothing. They only watched. When Haoyue had appeared before the two of them, dense purple light had turned into a huge ring to prevent them from running away.

The Lich King let out a scream and she crossed her arms before her chest. A purple gas surged in an attempt to block the streak of golden light. However, the golden light tore through it without the slightest resistance, directly landing on her body. The Lich King immediately turned into a golden statue and afterwards, the eighteen huge metallic blades rained down.

At this moment, if the Knight of Judgement of the Dead insisted on fleeing, he still might have had a choice. After all, Haoyue had just finished evolving, so his powers were not exactly stable, and he had targeted the Lich King first. Even if Haoyue completely overwhelmed the Knight of Judgement of the Dead in terms of his element, it was still possible for him to charge out of the purple light with his cultivation at the seventh rank of the ninth step.

Chapter 769

However, the Knight of Judgement of the Dead did not do that. With a flash, he blocked in front of the Lich King and raised his dark purple sword. He produced a blur of lights and blocked Haoyue’s attack.

Heavy clangs constantly erupted in the air. The Knight of Judgement of the Dead was actually beaten into a retreat by Haoyue’s new dark golden head.

Roar! The seven other heads all produced a furious roar. In the next moment, a bright purple light haze expanded from Haoyue’s body.

Although the people of the Bright Glimmer of Hope did not take part in this battle, they were all powerhouses, so they could sense what Haoyue was about to do in the distance.

Lin Xin could not help but say, “I- is that an eight element Essence of Disorder? Have any of you ever heard about magic that mixes elements?”

Although Sima Xian’s eyes had widened in shock as well, he continued to add sarcastically, “It’s strange only became you rarely see it. Haven’t you seen it now. It’s far too powerful.”

Yes, it really was far too powerful.

It was an eight element Essence of Disorder and it was used instantly. When the bright purple light slammed into the Knight of Judgement of the Dead and the Lich King, spiritual energy surged out of both of their bodies. In particular, the Knight of Judgement of the Dead who stood at the front
had all of his darkness which represented the darkness element dragined. The huge sword in his hand lost its lustre as well.

At this moment, the blades of light from Haoyue’s dark golden head quickly fused into a huge blade, striking down towards the Knight of Judgement of the Dead brazenly. At the same time, a thick, purple haze spewed out from his seven other heads, such that the knight could not even escape anymore.

It was also at this moment that the Lich King who had broken free from being covered in golden colour suddenly appeared in front of the Knight of Judgement of the Dead. She spread her arms and seemed like she wanted to use her body to block the terrifying attack.

A cold light flashed through Haoyue’s dark head. Block it? What a joke.
Once that blade fell, both undead kings would be dead.

In this critical moment, a translucent   white   light   suddenly appeared. Clang!

A sharp vibration rang out, so intense that the Bright Glimmer of Hope in the distance could not help but clutch their ears. The Knight of Judgement of the Death and the Lich King retreated together.

Haoyue was surprised. He looked at the figure he had knocked away and did not pursue him.

Wasn’t it Long Haochen who had blocked the Knight of Judgement of the Dead and the Lich King?

Roar, grrr. Haoyue’s eight heads growled in confusion.

Only by actually receiving Haoyue attacks could Long Haochen understand just how terrifying it had now become. Long Haochen’s arms that clutched the Sword of Eternity both became numb upon taking on the strike. And, a terrifying will of destruction circumvented the Sword of Eternity and left a white mark on the Armour of Eternity. Although the
white mark quickly vanished, Long Haochen could still sense the frenzy brought on by the aura of destruction.

“Haoyue, enough.” Long Haochen said seriously, “I promised them that if they don’t disturb your evolution anymore, we’ll spare them. They can’t threaten you anymore, so just let them go.”

The Knight of Judgement of the Dead and the Lich King had basically just escaped death. They stared at the man in the Armour of Eternity blankly. Their feelings were extremely mixed. He really did carry out his promise. He had stopped Austin Griffin from killing them.

Haoyue continued to growl, clearly unwilling to spare these two undead kings.

Long Haochen snorted angrily, “If you really want to do it, then kill me first.” He valued his promises dearly. Moreover, he felt a slight unease from the terrifying aura of destruction from Haoyue.

Haoyue’s eight heads blinked their eyes at the same time and the growling stopped. It flapped its wings and approached Long Haochen closely. Its eight heads extended over together.

“Be careful,” the Lich King could not help but call out.

Long Haochen remained where he was. Haoyue’s dark golden head glared at the Lich King, before nudging Long Haochen’s body gently with its seven other kids. From how it seemed, it was no different from a pet fawning over its master.

The Knight of Judgement of the Dead and the Lich King were completely stunned. In their minds, Austin Griffin was a terrifying existence! How, how was it possible for it to be so close to a human? And, it had clearly expressed subservience. In other words, it had agreed to the human and decided to stop hunting them down?

Sensing Haoyue’s closeness with a hint of indignation, Long Haochen’s expression eased up. He gently touched the two new heads and said, “I
understand your indignation, but the only way for grievances to be settled is through reconciliation. Moreover, they can’t threaten you anymore. If I’ve guessed correctly, you must have caused them great pain in your past life, or they wouldn’t treat you like this. If you keep looking for revenge, when will this matter be put to rest? Just let them go.”

Haoyue nodded gently and stopped persisting. Ever since it had followed Long Haochen, this was the first time Long Haochen had gotten mad at him. It made it feel afraid, so it obviously would not persist with what it wanted.

Long Haochen looked at the Knight of Judgement of the Dead and the Lich King. He said indifferently, “You can go. If you had interfered when Haoyue was evolving, this would have never happened.”

“Thank you for forgiving us, great human king,” the Lich King and Knight of Judgement of the Dead bowed towards Long Haochen at the same time.

Long Haochen sighed gently, “You’ve heard what I just said earlier as well. If you can let go of your grievances, then please do.”

The two undead kings fell silent. A few seconds later, the Knight of Judgement of the Dead said seriously, “If you went through what we went through in the past, you’ll understand why we can’t let go of it. Thank you for forgiving us. Before we leave, I must warn you that although the blood pact has changed Austin Griffin very much, its innate character won’t change. Once it awakens all of its powers, it might not be able to control itself.”

With that, the Knight of Judgement of the Dead bowed towards Long Haochen once more, before leaving as two streaks of light with the Lich King.

Once it fully awakens its powers? Long Haochen looked at Haoyue in secret surprise. He was speechless. Had Haoyue still not yet reach his complete form, despite becoming so powerful?
It was also at this moment that a green light flashed near Long Haochen’s chest. His heart skipped a beat.

“Hmm? This is… Ye Xiaolei’s contract? Has something happened to Ye Xiaolei?”

Surprised, Long Haochen immediately patted Haoyue’s head and said, “Haoyue, you’ve just evolved, so stabilise your cultivation first. I’ll be right back.”

As he said that, he quickly patted his chest and green light immediately appeared from there, blanketing his body in the blink of an eye. With a flash,he vanished. He did not even explain anything to his companions. He only said three words to Cai’er right before he left, “Ye Xiaolei.”

The Knight of Judgement of the Dead held the Lich King’s withered hand and slowly flew through the air.

“Why did you block in front of me earlier?” The Knight of Judgement of the Dead suddenly asked seriously.

The Lich King’s sharp voice became gentle in that moment, “We’ve lived for too long. I have no regret in dying with you, and you could have left before, did you know? When I blocked in front of you, I had stopped fearing Austin Griffin. When you didn’t abandon me and faced against it with me, I knew that you still remember me, right? For all this time, you haven’t taken care of me because of my superior strength, but because you’ve never forgotten me, just like how I’ve never forgotten you. You always refused to admit it. This time, there’s nowhere for you to hide. Augustin, do you still want to keep fooling me?”

The soulfire in the Knight of Judgement of the Dead’s eyes leapt up gently, “Ina, why must you bring this up? We’re both undead already. All we have left are our inextinguishable soulfire. My body’s become so ugly, and I…”

“Enough, don’t say anything more.” Ina said fiercely, “Why don’t we deserve love just because we’re undead? Why are you telling me this?
That’s just your disgusting ego haunting you. You were once a prince, but you’ve become an undead now, so you can’t face yourself. Or are you saying that our love is only restricted to the flesh, where you won’t admit it if there isn’t the joining of flesh?”

“No, of course not.” The Knight of Judgement of the Dead’s pitch increased, “Ina, it was me who failed to protect you back then! It was me who failed to guard your side during the most important times, allowing you to be killed right before me and become undead. I don’t have the right to tell you that someone as ugly as me was once your lover. After I became undead, I was physically and mentally exhausted. All of my hopes were destroyed in that moment. It was just to protect you that I decided to survive, which was why I worked hard to become even stronger. How could I not love you? In my heart, no matter what you become, you are always my beloved Ina.

Listening to the Knight of Judgement of the Dead Augustin’s unhesitated confession, the Lich King Ina’s soulfire softened, “I love you too, my Augustin. It’s already been more than six thousand years. After that day of disaster, we all became undead. But, after these six thousand years, only one name still exists in my heart, and that’s you, Augustin. Even though we’re both undead, even though we have no future, I don’t want to part with you ever again, even if there is only this world of black and red, my dear Augustin.”

As she said that, the Lich King gently leaned into the Knight of Judgement of the Dead’s arms. They had no sense of touch, but in that moment, their soulfire seemed to mingle together, and the soulfire leapt even more gently.

Chapter 770

Green light gushed into the air as pillars, before slowly dissipating.

The ground trembled and the forest groaned. Cracks just appeared in the air out of nowhere.

The Demon God Emperor stood among the green pillars of light quietly as he looked at a green, illusory figure in the distance.

“Stop struggling. I’ve already destroyed the Illusory Shrine. The Illusory Paradise will collapse very soon. The fairy dragon has died to my hands as well. Even if you’ve taken away its fairy heart, it’s useless. The fairy dragon’s fairy heart is the best recovery medicine there is; it basically can bring you back from the dead. However, it’s useless to you. I know that you are the god left behind by the Goddess of Nature. It is an honour for you to be able to fuse with me soul.”

The Demon God Emperor Fengxiu’s voice was very gentle. Even though his surroundings were filled with spatials cracks, they did nothing to him. The green figure in the distance became clearer and clearer as the aura of life from the pillars of green life grew weaker and weaker.

“Quit dreaming. Even if I have to blow it up, I won’t give it to you,” Ye Xialei’s cold voice was filled with hatred. Her home had been destroyed and the fairy dragon that had guarded the Illusory Shrine for all these years had been killed as well. Her hatred for the Demon God Emperor had reached the limit.
The Demon God Emperor smiled, “Do you think you can blow up the god? Before me, anything you try is useless. I’m already half a god. Even if you blow up the god, I can reconstruct it and absorb it. I am the one in charge here. You’re just using the spatial cracks that have appeared after the Illusory Paradise has shattered to make some time. I’ve waited for all these years, so I do have the patience to wait a little longer.”

Ye Xiaolei fell silent. She knew that the Demon God Emperor was telling the truth. He was just too powerful. When he had killed the fairy dragon, he actually became in control of everything.

When Ye Xiaolian who slumbered in the Illusory Shrine felt the fairy dragon fall in battle, everything was already too late. The Illusionary Paradise was her home. Her roots were here. She was like a fruit growing on a great tree. If the tree died, then she would only be picked away or she would have to die as well. Without a doubt, the Demon God Emperor had come to pick her.

Can he save me? Ye Xiaoling was filled with sorrow. She did not know either. Even if he had really come, how was he supposed to save her from the Demon God Emperor? The Demon God Emperor was so powerful such that even if the Goddess of Nature was brought back there, she would not necessarily be able to defeat the Demon God Emperor. After all, the Goddess of Nature was not a god adept in battle!

The Demon God Emperor stood with his hands behind his back as he silently felt the aura of life that the Illusory Paradise gave off. His cultivation of spiritual energy had already reached a state where he had returned to simplicity; even though the aura of life conflicted with his darkness, it did not affect him at all.

It was possible to see from high up in the sky that a faint layer of violet- black colour enveloped the entire area fifty kilometers away. No aura could pass through this barrier. As a result, even the nearby Southern Mountain Pass was unable to discover anything going on here. But even if they did find out, so what? Who could stop the current Demon God Emperor?
Looking at the distant horizon, the Demon God Emperor suddenly felt rather agitated, because his emotions actually became momentarily mixed.

Was he really still alive? He thought about this piece of shocking news. Although the Star Demon God had guaranteed a second time that Long Haochen’s aura was already gone, for some reason, his heart continued to weigh heavily after he had heard of this.

Of course, he did not believe Long Haochen was still alive. He knew just too well whether he really did blow up Long Haochen’s heart with that gesture of his finger with his cultivation. It was impossible for any accidents to happen.

Did a necromancer resurrect him as undead?

The Demon God Emperor could help but let a fierce gleam of light flash through his eyes when he thought of that. No matter how much he wished Long Hoachen to die, he still felt a special feeling towards Long Haochen. Only he was able to harm him. If a necromancer really had brought him back as undead, the Demon God Emperor would definitely make him understand the meaning of wishing he was dead. He would make the pain last for a thousand years, tempering his soul until death.

After all, he was that outstanding! When he thought of Long Haochen, the Demon God Emperor felt very helpless. He could even get Austin Griffin to form a blood pact with him. This was no longer something talent could achieve. Although the Demon God Emperor was not familiar with the process involved, he knew that Long Haochen must have succeeded under special circumstances.

If it were not for Austin Griffin, would he be able to persuade him to return to the demons in the end or even become his successor as Demon God Emperor?

Perhaps not. He was just too stubborn. If he had known earlier, he should have taken Long Haochen back to the demons with him the first time he had seen him and begin twisting his thoughts back then. Only then would there be a chance.
Thinking about this, the Demon God Emperor suddenly experienced a relieving sorrow., because he suddenly thought about how when Long Haochen died, he could clearly sense the bloodline that belonged to him flowing through Long Haochen’s body gradually grow thin and die out as well. Even until now, he could not sense it at all.

As the emperor of the demons and the head of the devil dragons, The Demon God Emperor had a very strong connection to his bloodline. For example, Ah’Bao and Leng Xiao remained within his senses. As a matter of fact, the Demon God Emperor could sense as they grew stronger or weaker. The bloodline aura from Long Haochen had already vanished completely.

He was dead after all! However, the news of his appearance was still worth investigating. Perhaps the humans had really allowed the existence of necromancers and let these necromancers use Long Haochen’s body? No, that shouldn’t be the case.

The more he thought, the messier the Demon God Emperor’s thoughts became. However, he was a powerhouse after all. He already had a foot planted on the level of god. He calmed down very soon and returned his focus back to the situation before him.

He had waited for this day for a very long time now. Ever since his cultivation broke through a million spirit energy, he had been searching for a god. Only by borrowing the god could he completely remove the backlash of god that he suffered, and thus become a true god that was not bound to this realm. Once that happened, nothing could restrain him, so to him, this was an important opportunity. Even if the humans of this world cultivated to a million spiritual energy, they would only become god by themselves and upon doing so, their minds would gradually disperse across the world. They would be able to sense everything and govern everything, but they would no longer possess a body, nor could they influence the balance of the world.

However, he was different. The demons came from other realms, which gave him the possibility of ignoring the principles of this world. However, he could not become a god by himself.
Thinking about this, the Demon God Emperor was suddenly overcome by a burning desire. He had to succeed today. Once he succeeded, he would become an unprecedented god of this realm. By then, it would no longer be possible for the humans to keep resisting. After he had unified the world, it might be time for him to return to his original realm. Who knew what it had become now.

The green light gradually dimmed, while the pure and cute Ye Xiaolei gradually appeared from the green light completely. She was a hundred meters away from the Demon God Emperor.

The spatial cracks began to close up and vanish, as the tremendous aura of life silently permeated the vast forest. However, it was unable to break through the Demon God Emperor’s seal.

“What comforting aura of life! Unfortunately, it doesn’t suit me,” the Demon God Emperor smiled and walked towards Ye Xiaolei.

Ye Xiaolei stood there quietly as she stared at the Demon God Emperor coldly. Her soft, white hands became tightly clenched unknowingly, as she bit her bottom lip gently. She watched the tall, handsome and enchanting figure walk over step by step, while she remained where she was.

The Illusory Shrine was destroyed and the Illusory Paradise was gone. From that moment onwards, she had completely lost her home. When she thought about the reluctance in the consciousness of the fairy dragon before it had died, two droplets of tears slowly rolled down her cheeks.

It was gone. It was all gone.

The Demon God Emperor slowly arrived ten meters before her and stopped. He extended his hand towards her, “Come, come with me. Don’t worry, I won’t harm you. You just need to want to become my god from the bottom of your heart and I can even leave your memory intact. Come with me. I will let you witness many wonders and marvels. It’ll also give the Shengmo Dalu a true god.”
Ye Xiaolei stared at the Demon God Emperor with her moist eyes. She could see a hint of sincerity in the depths of his eyes. Upon reaching his cultivation, the Demon God Emperor had already let go of all darkness. To him, many things that ordinary people found to be important no longer mattered. The things he wanted had already reached a completely different level.

“I’ve waited for a very long time now. I don’t want to keep waiting. I hope to obtain a god with self-consciousness. That way, I won’t have to be lonely in the future millenia to come. What do you think? Actually, joy and sorrow is only temporary most of the time. Time will dilute it all. Once you have witnessed many different worlds with me, you will end up forgetting the past. Come, come with me. I think you won’t regret it.”

The Demon God Emperor spoke very softly and he maintained a slight smile the entire time. His gaze was filled with gentleness, just like a father calling for his daughter.

Ye Xiaolei’s gaze gradually became lost. Finally, she raised her left foot and took a step forward slowly. Afterwards, she began to walk towards the Demon God Emperor just as slowly.

The Demon God Emperor’s smile grew deeper. Fusing with an obedient god was much easier than one that resisted, and the benefits that it would bring to the stability of his cultivation would obviously be different as well. Of course, everything he said to Ye Xiaolei came from the bottom of his heart. It was all sincere. It was exactly because of that that he was able to confuse her the most. He never treated Ye Xiaolei as a threat in the first place. Once she had merged into his powers, she posed even less of a threat. So what if her consciousness remained?
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