Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 751-760

Chapter 751

His spiritual energy and cultivation continued to increase as his Light God Domain actually fused with the power of the Domain of Eternity.

The Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation had completely demonstrated its might as a supra divine tool. The presence and aura was beyond all the other divine thrones.

Ding! A long, crisp sound reverberated in the surroundings. The Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation under Long Haochen suddenly split apart, rising into the sky as thirteen balls of pure-white light.

When they rose into the sky, the sun in the sky was completely suppressed, such that it dimmed, as if it had ceased to exist. Thirteen new suns replaced it.

Long Haotian looked at the sky and his eyes were filled with enthusiasm.
He raised his hands at the same time, “Fall, my stars of eternity.”

The thirteen stars of eternity flickered with white light as they descended from the sky. They all merged into Long Haochen’s body, while his five- hundred-meter tall body strank with each star.

When the thirteenth Star of Eternity merged with him completely, he had turned back to his usual size. He no longer seemed illusionary.

Everything turned back to normal. Long Haochen still wore a set of holy armor, while the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation in the air had completely vanished.
His right fist crossed his body and struck his left chest. Long Haochen was performing a knight’s salute towards all of the knights in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

A series of clanks rattled through the entire mountain pass together. This was a reply from all the knights. It was not just the knights in the city of the mountain pass, but the three divine knights in the air as well.

From that moment onwards, Long Haochen was no longer just the new chairman of the union. He was also the Divine Knight of Glory and Leadership that had never appeared in the Knight Temple’s history, the leader of the six divine knights.

“Father, I succeeded.” Long Haochen looked at Long Xingyu, while Long Xingyu looked back at him rather dumbfounded. His eyes were filled with a multitude of feelings. There was relief, joy and many other indescribable emotions.

Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang reacted in a completely different way. The two of them rushed to Long Haochen’s side and scooped him up, lifting him high up into the air. They also stowed away their respective divine thrones.

However, Long Haochen did not celebrate with his two good brothers. He returned to their side in a flash and said something to them softly. Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang’s expressions changed simultaneously. After acknowledging Long Xingyu, the three of them shot back towards the mountain pass.

Long Xingyu did not know what was going on. He hurried back with them.

Even though the four divine knights had not remained in public sight for a very long time, the shock they had created brought to the powerhouses of the Knight Temple and the increase in morale was unprecedented.

“Cai’er,” as soon as Long Haochen arrived before his companions, he greeted eagerly.
Cai’er threw herself into his arms and embraced him firmly. She said nothing.

As soon as the two of them had established an intimate relationship, Long Haochen had vanished for an entire month. What kind of torture did Cai’er’s heart go through during that time? She continued to endure it all to prevent her companions from feeling any dread. After all, Long Haochen was not present and she was the vice-captain, so the responsibilities lay on her shoulder. However, when her lover finally did return successfully, she was unable to hold back her feelings anymore.

Long Haochen held Cai’er tightly and gently carressed her long hair. The others pretended not to see anything and all turned away.

Patting Cai’er’s back, Long Haochen said seriously, “Apologies, everyone. My trials went on for too long, which made you all worry. However, we might have to act immediately. Haoyue can’t suppress his breakthrough any longer. He’s already started his attempt in overcoming the bottleneck. We need to go immediately, or we won’t make it.”

Originally, everyone was still in excitement and joy with Long Haochen’s return, but with that, they immediately became stern. They had all been with Long Haochen in the past and had faced against the undead creatures of Haoyue’s world several times. They understood the terror of the undead creatures. In particular, with each evolution, the enemies would become even stronger. There was even a time when Haoyue’s evolution had been interrupted before completion, which made it pay dearly.

Haoyue’s power could destroy demon god pillars. Its evolution would be crucial to the entire Bright Glimmer of Hope.

“Boss, we’re all ready,” Lin Xin said complacently. By the looks of things, his cultivation had clearly improved again.

Although everyone was stern, their eyes were filled with excitement when they heard that they were about to enter battle. Even Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang proved to be no exception.
The armies of undead were definitely powerful, but their Bright Glimmer of Hope was different from before. In particular, everyone had just changed their equipment to the epic tier. Were any of them not eager for a battle? They all wanted to have a feel of the power of their new equipment.

Cai’er stood up properly from Long Haochen’s arms. Her face blushed slightly as she remained silent.

Long Haochen turned towards Long Xingyu and said, “Dad, my mount is a creature from another realm. It’s about to evolve and it’s very likely that this is the last evolution. I will take my companions with me to protect it, so it can complete the evolution successfully.”

Long Xingyu had never thought his son would have to leave as soon as he had completed the trials of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. He could not help but worry slightly, “Can your body hold up?”

Long Haochen said, “Don’t worry. I’m currently in my peak condition. There’s nothing to worry about. We’ll be right back. It shouldn’t take too long.”

Long Xingyu nodded and said sternly, “Be careful.”

Long Haochen smiled. His smile was filled with confidence. It was not just confidence in his companions regarding the upcoming battle. It was confidence in himself as well! With the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon and the Divine Hall of Eternity and Creation, he even had the confidence to challenge the Demon God Emperor. Not to mention, he was actually still in the process of merging with the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. His cultivation was constantly on the rise. According to the current merging rate, his cultivation would probably break through to the fourth rank of the ninth step after all the merging was complete.

Purplish golden light lit up from Long Haochen’s forehead and nine purplish gold strands of symbols flickered uniquely and mysteriously.

Long Haochen’s chest flickered with light. Nine streaks of light landed on his companions one after another. This was the ability of the Domain of
Instant Flash he had purchased from Demon Hunt Squads’ Transaction Centre.

Under the effects of the Domain of Instant Flash, a ring of silver-white light appeared around the feet of each member of Bright Glimmer of Hope. Afterwards, the purplish golden light on Long Haochen’s forehead expanded and immediately fused into the silver-white light of the Domain of Instant Flash. The Domain of Instant Flash became completely purplish gold.

Chapter 752

C752 Throne for Dragon (II)

With Long Haochen as the center, the radiance flashed once again, and the halos under everyone’s feet lit up. The space split open, and everyone disappeared without a trace.

Long Xingyu was also a Divine Knight, so he naturally knew how difficult everything Long Haochen had just done was. The Domain of Instant Flash could only strengthen the connection between him and his comrades. The collective teleportation, on the other hand, depended entirely on his own strength! With nine people, they broke through space and began to traverse planes. Even if he had the coordinates, this was too risky. Even Starry Sky Holy Knight Long Haoyu didn’t dare to do such a thing!

Long Haochen naturally wasn’t afraid. The Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation had the wonders of shuttling through space, not to mention that his current cultivation and control over his domain had reached a whole new level.

After everyone entered the spatial turbulence, Long Haochen’s body immediately let out a luster as white as jade, enveloping everyone inside, forming a white barrier of light. They didn’t suffer any impact. In the time it took to take a few breaths, they had already broken through the space once again, arriving in the space Haoyue was in.

With a flash of white light, Long Haochen and his comrades separated from the spatial shuttle.
Even though they were mentally prepared, when they saw the situation in front of them, they couldn’t help but be shocked.

From afar, the mountains were filled with undead creatures, and not only on the ground, but in the air as well. It was as if the entire space had been filled with undead creatures.

This time, Haoyue didn’t evolve in the cave, but just calmly crawled on top of a small hill, letting out a dense violet golden radiance that faintly sparkled on his body. All the undead creatures within a hundred meters of it immediately transformed into a violet-gold colored flame. There was not even a speck left.

The sudden appearance of Long Haochen’s group of ten naturally attracted the attention of the undead creatures. Immediately, undead creatures attacked them.

Flapping their wings, at least a thousand Flying Devil Puppets soared in the sky, spitting out crescent shaped dark green radiance at them.

Although the undead creatures attacking Haoyue didn’t have any powerhouses of king level present, they were at least at the fourth or fifth step of cultivation. And they had only just arrived. The attack on Haoyue had yet to be fully launched.

Long Haochen raised his left hand, and a layer of multi-colored light turned into a huge barrier of light, enveloping everyone, including Haoyue.

The green light from the crescent moon bombarded the colorful light barrier, but not even a ripple was formed.

Haoyue’s body glinted with a violet golden luster, making Long Haochen feel some fluctuations in his emotions. Because of their arrival, he had to wholeheartedly break through the bottleneck.

Originally, Haoyue was still able to suppress his own breakthroughs, so there was no need for him to be in such a hurry. However, after devouring the sapling of the Tree of Destruction, its strength instantly reached a
critical point. Even with its strength, it could no longer hold back this breakthrough.

The message Haoyue gave Long Haochen was very simple: this time’s breakthrough would take a very long time. Haoyue didn’t say anything else, because it trusted Long Haochen completely.

Even though the Flying Devil Puppets’s attacks were numerous. But for the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon to transform into a barrier of light, it was undoubtedly like a dragonfly shaking a stone pillar.

After passing the test of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, Long Haochen was still in the process of fusing with the throne, and immediately arrived at this place. As a result, his right hand was still holding that golden sword glinting with an eight-colored halo.

At this moment. He smiled at his companions and said, “Let me introduce you to a friend.”

As he spoke, he tossed up the King’s Sword in the air. With a flash of golden light, twelve wings spread out. Yating appeared in front of everyone.

All of them were stunned when they saw this peerless woman that they had never seen before.

Yating inherited the body of the Queen of the Moon. In addition, she had her own special qualities, whether it was her appearance or her temperament. It was completely not inferior to Cai Er.

Seeing her, Cai Er was startled, giving a puzzled look to Long Haochen, but didn’t doubt him. In terms of feelings, she had absolute trust in Long Haochen. It was no longer possible for them to hold each other in their hearts.

Long Haochen pulled Cai’er’s hand, telling Yating, “Pay respects to your sister in law.”
Yating smiled sweetly, bowing to Cai’er, “Hello, sister-in-law. I am Long Yating.”

The others’ expressions became strange, and Lin Xin couldn’t help but whisper in Sima Xian’s ear, “Boss is indeed domineering, bringing this lady back for vice-captain to see directly.”

Sima Xian nodded in deep agreement, “We can’t match him in this aspect …”

Chen Ying’er let out a laugh, “The two of you are talking nonsense, be careful that Cai Er would cope with you. Was boss that kind of person? But Long Yating, Long Yating, why does that sound a little familiar.”

At this time, Cai Er was also looking at this beautiful girl in front of her with a surprised face, “You are …”

Outside, the undead army was pressing down, so Long Haochen naturally wouldn’t let her guess. With a smile, he said, “It’s Yating! Back then, when I was killed by the Demon God Emperor, her elemental body was destroyed, and only a trace of her soul was attached to the sword of life and creation. At the time I accepted the test of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, the sword of life and creation was broken, and I drew out Yating’s soul, using the power of her domain to help her rebirth. Her current body came from the Eternal Realm’s the Queen of the Moon. Yating’s body was originally of the darkness attribute, so I used my own blood to change it. My blood was flowing in her body, so I let her use my surname. I therefore had her as my sister.”

Only then did everyone realize that Long Yating was the Light Elemental Fairy from back then, Yating!

Chen Ying’er said with a face full of envy, “Yating, your wings are really pretty.”

Long Haochen replied, “Yating, Lin Xin.” “Let’s do it.”
More and more Undead creatures appeared, their ranged attacks focused on the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, unceasingly releasing dazzling light. Long Haochen’s consumption of spiritual energy increased accordingly.

Lin Xin and Yating nodded at the same time. Lin Xin lifted his right hand, and a ball of orange light appeared in his palm. Immediately, an orange glint appeared in his eyes, forming a two meter long huge staff.

The fiery-red core on the tip of the staff was at least the size of a human head. It didn’t look like a staff, but more like a scepter.

This staff had a domineering name. It was called: Eternal Dragon’s Fire.

Chapter 753

C753: Ten Kings (I)

Lin Xin’s current appearance was absolute eye-catching, clad in the golden red gradient of the holy fire, holding the Eternal Dragon’s Fire in his hand. Among the fire mages of this world, there was probably no one who could match him in terms of equipment.

Two pieces of Eternal equipment, that was the same as two pieces of semi-divine equipment!

The Eternal Dragon’s Fire was held high in the air, and Lin Xin kept chanting non-stop. His chanting speed was extremely fast, but it carried a special rhythm. The Eternal Dragon’s Fire’s peak released a bright red glow, illuminating the entire rainbow dome in a fiery red color.

The plane Haoyue was in was a black and red world. Lin Xin was chanting under the protection of the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon. However, as the incantation continued, a dense amount of fire elements started to rise from the cracks in the ground outside, and the cracks enlarged, while magma gushed forth. Immediately, quite a few undead creatures of low level fell into the lava, turning into ashes in an instant.

Lin Xin was chanting an incantation on the other side, while Yating immediately took actions.

When Yating was a Light Elemental Fairy, she was mainly focused on magic, and more on supporting Long Haochen. As for now, she was
completely different. She was the Queen of the Elves of Light, and her domain had already determined the direction of her abilities.

Pointing her right hand forward, golden flames rose from Yating’s whole body. With a flash, she left the protective area of Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon. A golden great sword appeared in front of her, and its size skyrocketed in the wind. In the blink of an eye, it had already grown to a thousand meters in length.

Yating twirled her hands, swinging her golden great sword in the air.
Immediately, the sky filled with undead creatures became clear.

“She’s too strong.” Sima Xian opened his eyes wide, and not only him, but the others were also dumbstruck by this scene. The power of the attack Yating unleashed was already above them. Furthermore, Yating didn’t have any equipment!

Of course, they didn’t know that Yating’s ability was similar to Qiu Yonghao, the head of Warrior Temple, and didn’t need the assistance of weapons.

In front of the King’s Sword, undead creatures of low level were unable to resist at all. Yating kept changing gestures with her hands in front of her chest. The huge King’s Sword was already in the air looking down at her with the power to sweep through everything except for herself.

With each swing of the sword, more than a thousand undead creatures turned to dust. In just a short time of a few breaths, the pressure the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon was bearing was greatly reduced.

“Little Sister Yating, save some for me!” Lin Xin’s anxious voice sounded out, and at this time, his incantation was completed.

Above Lin Xin’s head, a scorching sun appeared. Wasn’t this the Saint Yang Curse that his grandfather came up with?

Only the difference between Lin Xin and Lin Chen was that the sun above his head was blue, the color of the Heart of Fire.
At this moment, even the Eternal Dragon’s Fire had turned into the same blue under the influence of the Heart of Fire. The burning sun slowly rose into the sky. Its body continued to grow larger and larger. In just a short moment, it was already ten times the size of Lin Chen’s Fiery Solar Curse.

Inside the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, the temperature rose rapidly, and Sima Xian, who was the closest to him, even had a slightly burnt smell.

Without waiting for his comrades to dodge, Lin Xin took a step forward, just like Yating before, stepping out of the barrier. The difference was that he appeared above the barrier, not in front of it.

A sneer appeared on the corner of Lin Xin’s mouth, “Your world doesn’t have the sun, so I’ll give you one.” As he spoke, the Eternal Dragon’s Fire pointed upwards. Immediately, the huge blazing sun rose into the sky. In the process of ascending, a blue pillar of fire descended from the sky, enveloping Lin Xin’s body. Withdrawing the pillar of fire, Lin Xin’s body disappeared.

Within the range of the blue light, all the cracks in the lava instantly cracked, and a large amount of lava spewed out. The area within a radius of tens of kilometers instantly transformed into a sea of fire.

Sima Xian asked in surprise, “How did has-drug-bro disappear? This guy can’t be playing with fire and self-destruct, right?”

Han Yu laughed out loud, “Can’t you just hope he good enough? Lin Xin also comprehended Domain. Furthermore, he is imitating the Self Incarnating Domain! This Saint Sun Curse is truly magical. If Grandpa Lin knew that the magic power he had been researched for whole life was growing on Lin Xin, he would definitely feel proud of him.”

The eruption of lava immediately caused the large group of undead creatures to panic. Even those at the sixth or seventh level didn’t dare let lava fall on their bodies. For a moment, the pace of their attack slowed considerably. When the lava erupted, the concentration of fire elements in the air increased rapidly.
One could see that around the Saint Sun above Lin Xin’s head, rings of fire started to converge, and the Saint Sun’s radiance became even more blazing.

Borrowing the power of the heavens and the earth was what mages were best at, and a mage who had a domain was absolute terrifying to the extent that he could play a role in the battlefield filled with enemies.

Lin Xin’s attack started, and small blue sparks started to fly out from the Saint Sun. These sparks were very small when they appeared, but as they flew, they rapidly absorbed the fire elements in the air, increasing in size at an alarming rate. When they crashed into the ground or in the air, they had already turned into terrifying fireballs with a diameter of more than one meter.

The Heart of Flaming Meteor Shower of the Saint Sun Curse.

Terrifying explosions started to erupt in this black and red world. In the ear-splitting explosions, large groups of undead creatures fell down like wheat being harvested.

Because the nearby undead creatures had been completely wiped out by Yating, Lin Xin’s Heart Flaming Meteor Shower flew even further away. Every time a flaming meteor fell, it would at least blast a hundred meters wide open the earth, and more lava would gush out from the ground. And Lin Xin’s Heart Flaming Meteor Shower seemed to have no end. With a frantic bombardment, the hill Long Haochen’s group was in gradually became an island in the middle of a sea of fire.

Seeing the fighting strength of Lin Xin and Yating, Long Haochen became even more confident. In the Demon Hunt Squad, he wasn’t the only powerful one. However, he was also clear that the battle had only just begun and the truly powerful Undead Beings had yet to appear. For example, the terrifying Lich King who summoned the Bone Dragon Legion previously had yet to appear.

Looking through the flames, and looking even farther away, Long Haochen’s heart immediately sunk. Under the attacks of Lin Xin and
Yating, the undead creatures were dwindling at an astonishing speed. However, on the horizon, more and more undead creatures were rushing towards them. It covered the sky and the earth.

Could it be that for the sake of Haoyue’s evolution, all the undead creatures in this world were mobilized?

He looked back at Haoyue. At this moment, it was like a sculpture lying there. Golden-purple scales covered his entire body, and his six heads were intertwined with each other.

My good brother, no matter how difficult it is, I will protect you thoroughly and will not let the scene of you being interrupted when you evolved to six heads repeat itself.

Right at that moment, a monstrous pressure appeared in the distance. It didn’t come from the same direction, but from all directions.

In the face of this terrifying pressure, Lin Xin’s originally bright and resplendent holy sun immediately became much dimmer. Even the Saint Sun Domain he had just comprehended was unable to resist this pressure, and had no choice but to interrupt his attack, falling back into the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon.

Compared to Lin Xin, Yating’s cultivation was a lot stronger. Staring into the distance, the King’s Sword returned to its original position, hovering in the air.

Here it comes. The real powerful enemy had finally appeared.

The black sky gradually turned grey due to that terrifying aura, and the terrifying oppressive feeling caused the entire space to warp slightly.

In the distance, the undead army that was advancing forward suddenly stopped. Even the flying Undead flying in the air quickly returned to the ground.
They were kneeling, prostrating themselves on the ground, devoutly kneeling. Nine rays of light appeared from different directions.

Long Haochen narrowed his eyes, “Yating, come back.”

With a flash, Long Yating withdrew her King’s Sword, returning to the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon.

Long Haochen murmured, “Nine balls of light, but ten balls of aura.” The weakest one had more than two hundred thousand spiritual energy. The strongest was probably at the level of seven hundred thousand spiritual power. These guys should be the masters of Haoyue’s world. They should also have sensed that Haoyue’s evolution was reaching its final stage, and this time, he was going in full force.

Although Long Haochen’s voice wasn’t loud, everyone in his comrades could clearly hear it. However, no one showed any signs of nervousness on their faces.

Ten Undead powerhouses, all with cultivations above 200,000 spiritual energy, were already above them in terms of strength. This was a world of undead, and their recovery of spiritual energy was a lot more troublesome. But would they be afraid?

Back then, when they helped Long Haochen revive in the Tower of Eternity, they didn’t have the word ‘fear’ in their hearts. Although the enemies were strong, they had more confidence in themselves. And furthermore, they had more confidence in Long Haochen. He was the Divine Knight of Brilliance and Leader! He had the approval of a supra- divine artifact. So what if the enemy was powerful? They could also persevere until the moment of their victory.

The nine figures gradually became clearer.

Long Haochen immediately saw the lich king whom Haoyue battled against during his evolution last time. He still couldn’t see his appearance, but the Lich King’s aura seemed to have become stronger. Just by floating there, there seemed to be countless vengeful spirits wailing around her.
However, her aura was so powerful that she couldn’t be ranked in the top three of these nine figures.

Long Haochen’s gaze flashed past the Lich King’s body, immediately landing on the figure in front of him, as well as the combination of two powerful auras.

Chapter 754

C754: Ten Kings (II)

The first thing he saw was a special bone dragon.

The skeleton of the bone dragon was a strange color of blue-white. Although its bones were white, there was a layer of sparkling blue light around it, and its skeleton was strong. Under its huge wings, there was a skin membrane. Surrounding the bone dragon was a thick, dark aura, like a black cloud, slowly spreading outwards in a black halo.

Within the eyes of the bone dragon, a faint blue flame was flickering. And on the back of this bone dragon sat a man clad entirely in black armor. This person was over two and a half meters tall, sitting upright on the connection part of the back and neck of the bone dragon. In his right hand was a heavy sword that was even taller than he was. The heavy sword flashed with a dazzling dark purple light.

That’s right, it was him. It was his aura that made Long Haochen’s expression turn serious.

A Knight riding a Bone Dragon? No, it should be said to be a Knight riding a Bone Dragon King. The Bone Dragon King under him alone had more than 300,000 units of spiritual energy. And he himself, as Long Haochen had said before, was an existence whose spiritual energy could possibly surpass seven hundred thousand.

Other than him and the Lich King, the other undead creatures represented the pinnacle of an undead race.
They were:

A Skeleton Emperor who was over thirty meters tall and whose entire body was gleaming with a white jade luster.

The Underground Demon Spider Emperor, whose purplish black body was covered with gray spots, who was twenty meters long, with twelve long legs standing in the air.

The Zombie Emperor, with a height of five meters, his whole body exuded a dark golden luster, his eyes were lifeless, and his four limbs were stiff.

The Loathsome Emperor, whose body was the largest, more than a hundred meters tall, the size of its waist even larger, was covered in pale white flesh.

The Spectre Emperor, who looked like a mass of dark green fog, but constantly emitting shrill cries.

The Shadow Emperor, whose body was completely black but was as illusory as a shadow, his features could not be seen.

One was a hundred meters tall, somewhat thinner than the Loathsome Emperor. However, he looked even stronger, and his entire body was covered with flashing purple red stones. He was the Hellfire Emperor.

If the Bone Dragon King under that knight was included, at this very moment, the members of the Demon Hunt Squad of Light would be facing the ten most powerful emperors of this plane.

The ten Emperors slowly drew nearer and nearer in the vast gray skies. It could be seen that beneath them were the undead races that were under their control. That endless army of undead, how could it be merely a million?

"Why? Why do you protect the evolution of Austin and Griffin? Don’t you know that it is a symbol of destruction? Get out of the way, ectopic experts. Otherwise, today would be the day of your destruction. I am the
Dreadful Knight Emperor, the Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures. My words represent the ten great kings of our clan. "

With a flash of holy armor, Long Haochen returned to his original form as Holy Unicorn. Riding on the back of the Divine Unicorn Star King, he looked at the Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures before saying indifferently, "I don’t know what kind of destruction you guys are talking about, and I don’t know either about Austin or Griffin. I only know that Haoyue is my comrade, my brother. Those who destroy its evolution will be my enemies. "

The purplish black flames in the eyes of the Undead Sentinel jumped violently, and the auras of the other nine Undead Emperors became even more intense. As he shouted, he pressed his way over.

ly, with Lin Xin and Yating’s strength, they had already witnessed the strength of these ectopic experts. Otherwise, the Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures wouldn’t have called them ectopic experts. They knew very well that the number of undead was completely useless against these experts. Only they had the possibility of defeating them.

Long Haochen replied in a deep voice, “Wenzhao, Duan Yi, the two of you stay by Haoyue’s side, in case any other undead creatures attack. The others were all looking for their opponents. The Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures is mine. Don’t go all out against your opponent, try your best to preserve yourself. What we need to do is to give Haoyue some time to evolve.”

Including Yating, the Demon Hunt Squad of Light had a total of eleven people. Although Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi were on the verge of breaking through the ninth step, their strength was, after all, still lacking compared to the others. In a one versus one battle, the Demon Hunt Squad of Light definite wouldn’t have the upper hand. However, since the enemies were too strong, Long Haochen didn’t dare let them focus their attacks on their side. He had to pull the battle apart.

Silver rings of light appeared below everyone’s feet. This was Domain of Instant
Flash. With the existence of Domain of Instant Flash and Soul Sharing Chains, Long Haochen was confident in his ability to protect his comrades.

Just like how the ten Undead Emperors clearly knew that these low-level undead creatures weren’t enough to threaten Long Haochen’s group, Long Haochen also clearly understood that if his opponent let go of his attack, their pure defense wouldn’t last for too long. After all, not everyone in the Demon Hunt Squad of Light was good at defense. Only by enlarging the battlefield could one avoid the concentration of the enemy’s power.

Long Haochen’s opponent was without a doubt the Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures and the Bone Dragon King. These two experts could be said to be the backbone of the Ten Great Emperors of Undead Creatures. With their combined spiritual energy, the two of them were probably close to a million levels. Facing it alone, Long Haochen had to bear the greatest pressure. However, in retrospect, this was also the best opportunity to test his own strength, and to combine it with the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. After all, without a sufficiently powerful opponent, how could he unleash all his potential?

This time, the Divine Unicorn didn’t transform into a godly armor, but when Long Haochen flew out, he remained there, his wings wide open, and the horn on his head emitted a soft multicolored brilliance. Strange sounds kept coming out from his mouth, as if chanting, but it wasn’t as distinct as the Holy Dragon’s magic of Draconic Rain.

This process lasted for about seven seconds, and just as Long Haochen was about to face his enemy, he transformed into a multicolored godly light, chasing after Long Haochen’s body.

The Divine Unicorn disappeared, and what was left on Long Haochen’s body was a necklace made of seven colors flashing on his neck. A dense and pure light essence instantly filled Long Haochen’s whole body, increasing it at full speed.

As Long Haochen’s abilities became stronger and stronger, the Divine Unicorn’s assistance to him was diminishing. It knew that whether it was armor or weapons, it was already not Long Haochen’s best choice.
Therefore, he used this mimicry technique to transform himself into a necklace, fully amplifying Long Haochen’s strength. No matter what was said, a ninth rank Divine Unicorn was still more than enough to be a divine artifact. Furthermore, at the time Long Haochen obtained the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, the Divine Unicorn had already created its own domain.

Holy Domain: Converts all attributes into the power of Holy Light.

It seemed to be a simple transformation ability, but the consumption of the Divine Unicorn in this domain was extremely small. In this world where light essence was scarce, it had an extremely huge effect.

Therefore, when the Divine Unicorn turned into a necklace wrapped around his neck, letting out the might of the Holy Domain, Long Haochen’s face was already filled with surprise and joy.

The Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures watched as the enemy troops split up and went to face the ten monarchs. He understood that there was no point in negotiating. Only by killing these enemies from other worlds would he be able to prevent the terrifying Austin Griffin from successfully evolving.

The six wings on Long Haochen’s back flapped, and the Divine Unicorn’s necklace glittered with a rainbow of colors. Coupled with his handsome looks, he was absolutely eye-catching. But when the Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures saw him fly towards him, the spirit fire in his eyes throbbed, showing a look of disdain.

His cultivation was the strongest, and thus only he could feel that this evolution of Haoyue’s was bound to take a considerable amount of time. However, he did not dare to be negligent. If he had interrupted its evolution a second earlier, the chances of it being completely destroyed would have increased.

“Hou!” The Bone Dragon King let out an icy-blue breath, heading straight for Long Haochen. Through the perception of the Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures, he understood that Long Haochen’s
cultivation wasn’t even at the fourth rank of the ninth stage, so he wasn’t that much stronger than him, let alone the fact that he thought he had the advantage of a physical body.

Facing the Bone Dragon King’s breath, Long Haochen didn’t dodge. Lifting his left hand, the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon released its rainbow colored light, forming a two meter wide shield that completely protected his body.

The icy-blue breath bombarded the seven colored Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, immediately letting out an icy-blue fog around Long Haochen’s body. The temperature dropped sharply. There were even countless ice shards in the air. Even the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon in Long Haochen’s hand was covered in a crystalline blue ice color.

What a powerful combination of darkness and ice. This should be the Bone Dragon King’s innate magic. Compared to him, the ability Queen of the Moon displayed back then was far inferior.

At the same time the Bone Dragon King breathed out, its massive body brazenly charged at Long Haochen. At the same time, the Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures took off his purplish black sword. Behind him, a black fog surged, turning into a sinister ghost face. The terrifying pressure caused the air around Long Haochen to emit a dark corrosive sizzling sound.

A golden halo spread out from Long Haochen’s body, and it was precisely the Light God’s Domain. Pure light essence instantly dispersed the darkness surrounding his body. At the same time, a bright white halo spread out from Long Haochen’s body, mixing with the rainbow light from the Light God’s Domain, directly colliding with the Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures and the Bone Dragon King.

As two kings of this plane, the Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures and the Bone Dragon King were slightly shocked when the sparkling white light appeared. This was because they felt an indescribable fear. The flames of his soul seemed to be greatly threatened. What kind of aura was this?

Chapter 755

C755: Ten Kings (III)

The Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures didn’t dare to be negligent. Pointing his great sword in the air, he released his own domain. A purplish black halo spread out, enveloping him and the Bone Dragon King within. The two domains collided violently in midair.

“Hiss hiss …” A large amount of light mist filled the air. There were no collisions, but it was as if ice and fire were clashing against each other. Within a kilometer radius, purplish black mixed with golden mist rose up. It could clearly be seen that the purplish black color was suppressed by the multicolored golden light. With every dot of the multicolored golden light, the purplish black light was consumed at least three times.

Domain suppression.

The clash of light and darkness should have been evenly matched, let alone the fact that the Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures relied on a cultivation far superior to Long Haochen’s. However, he never expected that under the circumstances of their domain collision, he would be the one to suffer. The fact that two completely opposite attributes were suppressed only proved one thing: Long Haochen’s domain was far higher than his domain.

However, Long Haochen didn’t feel good either. Even though the Light God Domain was on a much higher level than the Darkness Trial Domain of the opponent. However, at the same time, his cultivation was greatly inferior to his opponent. Above the ninth step, step by step. The Judgement
Knight’s cultivation just broke through the seventh rank of the ninth step not long ago, who was the number one expert of this plane. Although his domain was inferior to the Light God Domain regarding to level. However, the total amount was also more than three times stronger than the Light God Domain. Therefore, Long Haochen didn’t have the upper hand in this field collision. Furthermore, don’t forget, under the Judgement Knight, there was a Bone Dragon King with the same cultivation level!

“Roar, roar, roar …” The Bone Dragon King let out three roars in succession, letting out three icy-blue breaths at the same time. However, it wasn’t aimed at Long Haochen. Three breaths formed a triangle in the air. Icy-blue light shot out from each of them, connecting the three breaths’ support points. Immediately, an extremely cold feeling appeared on Long Haochen’s body. In the middle of the ice blue triangle, a dark blue black- hole appeared. A blue light flashed. In the next instant, a dark-blue ray of light in the size of an arm was shot at Long Haochen’s chest.
Domain skills. This was clearly the Bone Dragon King’s domain skill! Right this time, Long Haochen didn’t dare show the slightest reservation.
The layer of silver-white light radiating from his body was incandescent, and his towering aura transformed into a crystalline pillar of light that burst forth from his body. Following that, in midair, a thick multicolored flame spewed out from that glowing white pillar of light, rapidly shrinking. When it got contact with the Frozen Blue Ray of Bone Dragon King’s domain skill, it had already shrunk to the same thickness as its opponent.

BOOM! The sky was filled with flashes of light, and the icy-blue triangle formed by the Bone Dragon King was instantly shattered. The multicolored light also spread outwards, forming layers of rainbow luster in the air.

And at the same time when white pillar of light appeared, Long Haochen’s Light God Domain instantly ignited, which gradually suppress the opponent’s domain. This greatly shocked the Judgement knight. He had no choice but to do his best to control his domain to fight against it.

A huge throne appeared in the air, glowing white and radiating with the radiance of nine colors. On the back of the chair, there were many minute
reliefs that gave off an indescribable sense of beauty. At the top. It was the sun, the moon, and the stars. Birds and beasts were in the middle, and what was attached to the seats were the scenes of nature.

On the arms of a pair of seats were the statue of the Holy Dragon and the Twelve-Winged Angels. As soon as it appeared, the Nine Colored Halo instantly became the center of attention. Fortunately, the undead creatures below were still very far away, and not directly affected. Still, when it came, this black and red world seemed to have been purified, and the air became much purer.

Long Haochen’s body floated in front of that throne, and this was the first time he activated the power of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. This feeling was wonderful. It was as if he had an invincible backer. No matter how powerful the enemy was, the instant the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation appeared, all the pressure vanished.

The Judgement Knight and Bone Dragon King were truly stunned. The aura radiating from the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation was just too terrifying. They were all undead creatures, and their most fundamental power was the flame of their own soul. And at the instant the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation appeared, the flames of their souls trembled violently. Even a Judgement Knight with such powerful strength was no exception. The trembling in their souls made them want to turn and run, not fight.

However, they couldn’t run. Austin and Griffin were about to complete their evolution. Once their cultivation levels increased once again, no one in this world would be able to control them. At the same time, based on its habits, all the undead creatures at the scene probably wouldn’t have any chance to live. Sooner or later, they would be destroyed completely by it. Since that was the case, he might as well give it his all.

Long Haochen calmly said, “Undead Monarch, I didn’t intend to make you my enemy. As long as you leave and don’t disturb Haoyue’s evolution, we won’t harm any of you.”
The Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures coldly replied, “Retreating is the same as dying.” Do you think you can stop us with just a super divine artifact? No, you’re wrong. We are the true masters of the earth, which is already covered in darkness and fire. "

As he said that, he slowly raised the purplish black sword in his hand. On the ground, all the knights of fear let out an angry roar at the same time, and immediately afterwards, countless streams of dark energy swept up from below, assaulting the Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures’s body. In the face of the pressure of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, a strong will of indomitable will was released. With the help of his subordinates, he was able to stabilize his spirit fire. With a roar, the Bone Dragon King brought the Undead Knight to launch another attack at Long Haochen.

Since he couldn’t stop his opponent with his words, he could only rely on his own strength. The Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation instantly turned into thirteen balls of white light, separating behind Long Haochen.

Time seemed to slow down at this moment, and the speed at which the Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures and the Bone Dragon King advanced greatly decreased during this strange time change. And that milky white radiance was just like a hundred rivers, finding different parts of Long Haochen’s body.

The first white light fell on Long Haochen’s chest, and immediately, a huge transparent gem appeared on his chest. It was as if a complete round gem had been split into two, embedded in his chest and back.

The gem was almost half a foot in diameter, almost covering the majority of Long Haochen’s chest. When the mosaic is complete. Immediately, a sparkling white radiance spread to the surroundings, turning into a special kind of metal covering Long Hao Chen’s front and back. What appeared on the surface of the metal was a pattern of the sun, moon and stars, as well as an innumerable amount of strange markings.

The second ball of white light fell on Long Haochen’s head, turning it into a sparkling white crown. On the crown were nine gems, glinting with nine colors: red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple, black and white.
Nine colors flashed, and within the nobility, there was an aura of absolute domination.

The Emperor’s Crown bound Long Haochen’s golden hair to the back of his head, and the instant he landed on Long Haochen’s head, a sparkling white mask was placed on the front of his head. As the mask fell off, Long Haochen’s body was immediately filled with endless dignity.

The third and fourth balls of white light landed on Long Haochen’s shoulders, and a sparkling white glow spread out, forming a perfect necklace for his chest armor. The left shoulder armor was a huge dragon head, while the right shoulder armor was a Twelve-Winged Angel statue. It was clearly the armrest of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation.

The sparkling white armor extended all the way to his arms, completely covering both of Long Haochen’s arms and hands. It was engraved with a fine pattern of countless living creatures. There were too many types of living creatures. If one didn’t look closely, it would be impossible to see the patterns clearly. One could only feel their nobility and magnificence.

The fifth ball of white light landed on Long Haochen’s waist, and the armor on his waist was in the shape of a fish scale. Every scale was engraved with a pattern, looking like a kind of plant. The waist armor spread downwards, forming a pleated battle dress. The battle dress seemed to be coiled with the picture of a Divine Dragon, turning into a white halo of light as it spiraled around.

The sixth and seventh clumps of light landed on his legs, covering Long Haochen’s legs and feet completely.

At this point, Long Hao Chen’s entire body was completely enveloped by this Eternal Armor. The eighth and ninth clumps of light covered the Eternal Card before landing on his back.

Long Haochen’s original six golden wings vanished, to be replaced by a pair of huge white wings. This pair of wings was even larger than the previous three teams combined, completely covering Long Haochen’s back. Even when he was folding his wings, he kept his head high above him.
The tenth ball of light fell in Long Haochen’s hands. It transformed into a huge glowing white sword. The design of the greatsword was very simple and unadorned. There weren’t even any patterns. However, on its sparkling white body, there was a flash of nine colors!

This was the only weapon that the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation had given Long Haochen, the Eternal Sword.

The last three lumps of white light clashed against the huge gem protecting Long Haochen’s chest, before bouncing back. During the rebound, only one ball of white light remained glowing white, while the other two balls were split into seven colors and jade-green. These three balls of light were just like loyal guards, circling around Long Haochen’s body, and going back and forth.

The whole process sounded complicated, but it was actually completed within a few breaths’ time. This was the super divine artifact, the power of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation.

Chapter 756

C756: Bright Rays of Sunlight VS Undead Monarch

The Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation transformed into an Eternal Armor covering his entire body. Long Haochen felt as if he had really reached the level described by Scion of Light Elux, grasping the sun, moon and stars!

The Eternal Sword in his hand swept out in front of him, and a monstrous sword intent seemed to materialize in the air.


With a crisp sound, the Eternal Sword blocked the purplish black great sword belonging to Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures.

A pitch-black fog formed the most malevolent demon, crazily engulfing Long Haochen. Nine colored lights bloomed, clashing against the black fog, instantly shattering it.

Long Haochen shook his arm, launching an inexhaustible force to repel the Judgement Knight riding the Bone Dragon King a hundred meters back. At the same time, the darkness elemental essence in the air fused with Long Haochen at great speed. After passing through that nine colored halos, it turned into a pure elemental essence, fusing into Long Haochen’s body.

Holding the Eternity, one had the world. Long Haochen didn’t know which level his own strength had reached. He could only feel that the Light
God Domain had completely merged with the Eternal Realm, and he seemed to be able to command an unending stream of power.

This was the first time he used the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, and countless experiences kept appearing in his heart. Countless pieces of information from the Divine Throne entered his soul, which he kept receiving and absorbing. In this way, he didn’t take the initiative to attack the Judgement Knight.

The Judgement Knight was a little anxious, the power of the supra-divine equipment was greater than he had expected. Long Haochen’s cultivation was clearly far inferior to his, but under this exchange, he didn’t gain the slightest advantage.

He and the Bone Dragon King roared at the same time. Once again charging at Long Haochen, he launched an all-out attack.

The Eternal Sword in Long Haochen’s hand flew up and down, as if he was taking a leisurely stroll, unceasingly defusing the attacks of these two Undead Emperors. They could attack however they wished. Long Haochen was still floating there. The nine colored sword beams opened and closed, blocking again and again the attacks of the opponent.

At the same time Long Haochen stabilized the situation, the other parties’ battles were already in full swing.

The one Cai Er was looking for was an illusory figure whose body was completely black, making it impossible to see its facial features. This was because she could sense that the Shadow Emperor’s power was extraordinary. It was even more terrifying than the Lich King.

Indeed, just as she met the Shadow Emperor, an accident occurred.

With a flash of the Sickle of the God of Death, Cai Er was like a bolt of lightning, dodging the opponent. However, she was shocked to discover that her Sickle of the God of Death didn’t hit the actual body but seemed to fly across the air. When she turned around, she only saw that the Shadow
Emperor was already less than a hundred meters away from the evolving Haoyue.

Not good. Cai Er was greatly shocked. A powerful white light burst forth from her body, spanning a thousand meters in an instant. It formed a white curtain of light, blocking the Shadow Emperor.

However, the Shadow Emperor didn’t seem to care at all, charging straight towards the purifying light. But this time he didn’t succeed.

Seeing his black figure colliding with the purifying light, a mournful soul whistle erupted, and the Shadow Emperor’s body bounced back even faster than before.

Cai Er coldly snorted, thinking that if the opponent can avoid being affected by her physical attack, does he still want to avoid being affected by the purifying light?

As for the battle against undead creatures, no one was more suited to her strength than Cai Er. The strongest ability of the inheritance from the God of Death was purifying the Undead! Although the Shadow Emperor’s cultivation was extremely high. However, due to his carelessness, his soul was still burnt by the purifying light.

At the same time, Cai Er lifted her left hand, and with a flash of golden light, a small golden pagoda with seven floored appeared on her palm.

Flashes of different colors of light were released from the pagoda, flying rapidly towards Haoyue on the ground, while the Sickle of the God of Death in Cai Er’s hand transformed into ten thousand figures of light in the air.

There was a total of twelve flowing lights shot out from the Tower of Eternity, and when they landed on the ground, they coincidentally formed a circle, protecting Haoyue. Weren’t they the Twelve Holy Guards who tested the Bright Rays of Sunlight many times in the Tower of Eternity?
The Scion of Light Elux didn’t only leave Cai Er with this divine equipment of the Tower of Eternity, but also with the Twelve Holy Guards who had fought on the battlefield with him in the past and made countless contributions. However, because the Tower of Eternity was lowered from the edge of a supra-divine equipment to the level of a divine one, the strength of these Twelve Holy Guards was weakened to a certain extent. They were powerhouses of the ninth level, but only at the early level 9. But even so, they still twelve powerhouses of ninth level with thousands of years of combat experience!

During the great battle in the Temple, if it weren’t for the fact that she was not allowed to use weapons, Cai Er would have been invincible against all opponents even if she only relied on the Tower of Eternity. Of course, after obtaining the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, the strength of Long Haochen’s group was already incomparable to other teams.

The Twelve Holy Guards had thousands of years of battle experience. With them guarding Haoyue, even if these emperors broke through the seal of the Demon Hunt Squad of Light, they wouldn’t be able to directly harm Haoyue.

Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi stood at the closest place to Haoyue, and seeing the great battle in the sky, both of them were dazzled. In particular, the instant the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation appeared, the shock in their hearts reached its peak. Until now, Yang Wenzhao gave up have any thought of comparing Long Haochen with him, because he knew that even if he had paying his lifetime for preparing and training, he wouldn’t be able to catch up to Long Haochen.

The strength of the Shadow Emperor was indeed as great as Cai Er expected. After his soul was injured, he quickly stabilized his position. Gray streams of air spread out from his body. Even when they met with the purifying light, they did not dissipate. Instead, the area they covered grew larger and larger. They formed a battlefield between Cai Er and him.

A dark and cold aura assaulted Cai Er, who held the Sickle of the God of Death, but didn’t act rashly. The purifying domain continued to spread out, but it didn’t spread too far. It only maintained a diameter of twenty meters.
With such a distance as a buffer, no matter which side the Shadow Emperor attacked from, she would still be able to react in time.

Suddenly, a chill ran down his spine. Cai Er almost instantly turned around without hesitation, the Sickle of the God of Death carrying with it a sharp and cold glint of lightning. It was the Seven Arts of the God of Death, the Death Sickle of Death.

“Ding –” With a crisp sound, the body of the Shadow Emperor flashed and disappeared. The grey luster surrounding his body actually blocked the purifying light of Cai Er, but he didn’t stay in the purifying domain for long either, retreating immediately after his attack.

Cai Er’s eyes narrowed. She knew that she had met an unprecedented enemy. As an assassin, she was ambushed and attacked by the Shadow Emperor. But she had no other choice. In terms of hiding abilities, she was far inferior to him.

The Shadow Emperor’s domain might not have anything to do with his attacks, but it had a huge effect on his ability to conceal himself and increase his resistance. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to block the purifying light. However, in terms of physical and mental strength, Cai Er, this Emperor of Shadows was an undead creature no matter what. As long as it was an undead creature, there was no one who wasn’t suppressed by the purifying light. His opponent might be able to preserve from the purifying light for a short period of time, but after a long time, he still couldn’t resist. Otherwise, with the strength of the Shadow Emperor, he would have chosen to go head to head with him long ago instead of engaging in a battle.

Do you want to use up all my spiritual energy? Cai Er revealed a cold smile from the corner of her mouth. Although her cultivation was far inferior to Long Haochen’s, the recovery ability of the purifying domain was in no way inferior to Long Haochen’s Light God Domain. In this place full of undead creatures, the purifying light was always purifying the aura of death.
At this very moment, a sudden chill appeared from the side, and Cai Er’s Sickle of the God of Death was once again launched.

There was another crisp “ding” sound. This time, Cai Er’s body shook violently, and her complexion changed.

The Shadow Emperor’s attack power was very strong, and even with the Sickle of the God of Death in his hand, Cai Er was greatly shaken. Moreover, she could only discover it when her opponent was close to her. She was, without a doubt, very passive. The Shadow Emperor did not have a main body, and only seemed to exist in the form of a soul. This caused his physical attacks to have no effect on him. If she continued to be passively attacked, Cai’er’s situation would only become more and more disadvantageous, because she would only be able to avoid being at a disadvantage if she relied on the Seven Arts of the God of Death to clash with her opponent. One could imagine how much of the Seven Arts of the God of Death had consumed.

Just like Long Haochen against the Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures and the Bone Dragon King, Cai Er was in a deadlock. The only difference was that Long Haochen was the one suppressing his opponent, while Cai Er was being suppressed on the other side.

Cai Er was looking for the Shadow Emperor, while Yating was looking for the Spectre Emperor. The two Emperors had one thing in common, and that was that they did not have a physical body. They were the two that were the most difficult to deal with, with the exception of the Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures.

The King’s Sword was no longer a single one, but a thousand. It connected in the air and continuously blocked the Spectre Emperor’s path of escape.

Yating’s light attribute ability inherited Long Haochen’s bloodline’s purity. Although the Spectre Emperor was powerful, his offensive power was mainly displayed on his soul. As the Elf King of Light, Yating’s soul was extremely stable. And furthermore, the body of the current the Queen of the Moon wasn’t her own. So when she was a Light Elemental Fairy, she
also took the form of a soul. After fusing the two swords, she had the ability to solidify her soul. It could be said that it perfectly countered the attack of the Spectre Emperor.

In this way, Yating completely suppressed her opponent, and the Spectre Emperor tried to break through as well. But under the attack of the King’s Sword, he was completely unable to approach Yating’s body. He could only dodge continuously. He was truly in a sorry state.

Chapter 757

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Sealed Divine Throne C757
C757: Bright Rays of Sunlight VS Undead Monarch(Ⅱ)
However, it had to be said that on the battlefield, aside from Long Haochen and Yating who occupied the upper hand, the powerhouses of the Demon Hunt Squad were suppressed to varying degrees in all aspects .

Chen Ying’er faced off against the Lich King . They were all good at summoning . In terms of domain, Chen Ying’er’s Beast God Domain was unable to suppress her opponent, but it was able to strengthen her summoning creatures . But the Undead Creature summoned by the Lich King, in terms of its rank, was superior to her summoning object .

The space they occupied during the battle was also the largest . On Chen Ying’er’s side, through the amplification of her domain, she summoned thirty-six magical beasts of the ninth step to attack the Lich King, while the Lich King showed no signs of weakening . Making use of the absolute advantage of Bong Dragon Legion, she suppressed Chen Ying’er in numbers .
At Chen Ying’er’s side, six orange-red, epic grade crystal balls unceasingly revolved, glinting . The over a hundred spiritual cores on her Spiritual Saint Robe shone even more brilliantly, helping her recover her spiritual energy .

She had to complete the second group summoning before the Bone Dragon Legion could defeat her summon . The Lich King didn’t stay idle either, launching a string of offensive spells at Chen Ying’er . All of them were blocked by the Devil Dragon which McDull had transformed into .

Although she had a divine equipment on her, the gap between them was too great . One could foresee that as time passed, Chen Ying’er would definite be defeated by the Lich King .

Wang Yuanyuan’s situation wasn’t much better than Chen Ying’er’s, and her opponent was that Skeleton Emperor .

At the beginning of the battle, the Skeleton Emperor took out a huge black bone blade, relying on his body’s absolute advantage to launch a violent attack against Wang Yuanyuan .

The Gigantic Divine Soul Shield in Wang Yuanyuan’s left hand and the Bloodstorm in her right, she used all her strength to resist . However, she was still being pushed back bit by bit . The Skeleton Emperor was too powerful . With every bombardment, Wang Yuanyuan would retreat a few steps in the air . Her blood domain was offset by her opponent’s Soul Devouring Domain . The two were completely colliding in strength . If not for the fact that the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield had reached the level of an undying grade after being embedded in the spatial crystal, and had launched several powerful attacks, Wang Yuanyuan probably wouldn’t have been able to withstand them . Even so, she still had to occasionally use the Spiritual Stove of Spatial Gates to change her position before she could make Skeleton Emperor move . She won’t let him get any closer to Haoyue

“Bang!” A loud explosion was accompanied by a strong burst of purple lightning, illuminating the whole battlefield with a purple hue .
Those terrifying bolts of lightning erupted from Sima Xian’s Gigantic Ball of Light . Holding the Gigantic Ball of Light in both hands, he pressed the huge metallic ball against his chest . Through the amplification of the Gigantic Ball of Light, the offensive power of the thunder manipulating spiritual stove increased to an extremely terrifying degree .

A hundred meters in front of him, the Loathsome Emperor, whose body was covered in white flesh, looked down at his own chest . In the middle of its chest, there was a black burn wound that was several meters in diameter
. He could even see deeper inside his organs .

“Roar, roar, roar!” The Loathsome Emperor pounded its chest with its left hand, while its right hand was in contact with its chest . A huge rusty iron hook was thrown out, and a scarlet luster reached out from the chain behind the hook to the very front of the chain, in pursuit of Sima Xian .

His pounding against his chest wasn’t completely useless . He could clearly see that a large amount of disgusting yellow fat had been squeezed out of the wound, completely burying the wound and healing it at an alarming rate .

“What the hell! It was too disadvantageous . ” Sima Xian was currently very depressed . The reason why he went to find Loathsome Emperor was because this fellow seemed to be big enough, so it should be good enough to fight . But who would have thought that he would run into a metal plate? The defensive power of this Loathsome Emperor was extremely terrifying . Sima Xian’s Gigantic Ball of Light fell on him several times . The effects of crushing, and triple blasting had an extremely limited effect on his body . Even if he was beaten to a pulp, his body would be able to repair itself in a very short periods of time .

Sima Xian had just used the thunder manipulating spiritual stove, and although the damage was a bit greater, it still wasn’t enough to inflict heavy damage to Loathsome Emperor .

What made Sima Xian most disgusted was the huge hook of Loathsome Emperor . Thought the Emperor was huge in size, he was extremely agile in controlling the metal hook . Especially for the red glow on the metal hook,
once touched, it would immediately produce an effect like that of the Energetic Ball of Light . Even if one wanted to run, it would be difficult . If not for the fact that Sima Xian’s equipment had some special effects, he would have suffered a great loss long ago .

Seeing the iron hook swing at him once again, Sima Xian let out an angry snort, facing the sky with a valiant look on his face . The Gigantic Ball of Light in his hand swept horizontally, directly colliding with it . He was also furious .

Seeing the iron hook swing at him once again, Sima Xian let out an angry snort, facing the sky with a valiant look on his face . The Gigantic Ball of Light in his hand swept horizontally, directly colliding with it . He was also furious .

The two long-ranged weapons clashed in midair, creating countless sparks . Be it in size or weight, the Gigantic Ball of Light didn’t have the slightest advantage . However, it had already reached the epic tier . The power attached to it was incomparable to the abomination of Loathsome Emperor’s hook .

One after another, explosions rang out, and in the end, the metal hook was still knocked aside . Sima Xian flapped the wings on his back, flying even higher as he glowered at the Loathsome Emperor, “It’s just that he’s older than me . ” Was the weapon big? “Then I’ll compete with you and see who gets the bigger one . ”

As he said so, Sima Xian threw the Gigantic Ball of Light in his hand upwards . A strange golden luster shone from the core of the Gigantic Ball of Light . This kind of golden light actually flickered with a faint rainbow of colors . Undying? The Gigantic Ball of Light had actually risen to the level of an Undying Equipment?

At the same time, Sima Xian’s own body shone in the light . With a shake of his body, his body instantly swelled up, and in the blink of an eye, he reached a height of a hundred meters, almost on the same level as the Loathsome Emperor . The most terrifying thing was that the size of his
Gigantic Ball of Light also rose rapidly . The diameter seemed to be around fifty meters .

The Loathsome Emperor looked at Sima Xian, looking at the hook in his hand, and couldn’t help but stare blankly . Feeling a sense of danger, a pair of small eyes flashed fiercely, and a dark green fog burst out from his body, rapidly covering Sima Xian . This was the Blight Domain that was unique to it, and it was best at group battles . Experts of any attribute would be eroded by this plague . The longer it lasted, the stronger the erosion .

Sima Xian’s eyes lit up, but he didn’t avoid the plague domain . Taking a step forward, he covered his head with the Gigantic Ball of Light, and aimed it at the Loathsome Emperor .

In the Demon Hunt Squads Transaction Center, Long Haochen purchased two precious pills, pills that could help powerhouses of the ninth step condense their domains . One was given to Sima Xian, and the other to Lin Xin . Lin Xin had already completed his Saint Sun Domain, and with the help of his little white flower, Sima Xian’s weapon not only improved in quality, but also gained his own domain . Accurately speaking, it was a domain weapon, just like Long Yating .

He was too fond of his Gigantic Ball of Light, and as such, his domain was completely in keeping with his own thoughts as it evolved . His body expanded rapidly, increasing his strength and defense, as well as the strength of the Gigantic Ball of Light . The bald priest Sima Xian simply took the shape of a humanoid ominous weapon . There were flaws as well, which prevented long-ranged attacks . Unable to use any skills, the consumption rate of spiritual energy was extremely high .

He was too fond of his Gigantic Ball of Light, and as such, his domain was completely in keeping with his own thoughts as it evolved . His body expanded rapidly, increasing his strength and defense, as well as the strength of the Gigantic Ball of Light . The bald priest Sima Xian simply took the shape of a humanoid ominous weapon . There were flaws as well, which prevented long-ranged attacks . Unable to use any skills, the consumption rate of spiritual energy was extremely high .
The two colossi brazenly clashed there, engaging in the simplest and most direct of physical battles . It was the clash of flesh and flesh . From time to time, he could even see the fat of the Loathsome Emperor splattering . In the entire battlefield, this battle could be considered an extraordinary one .

On their side, their bodies collided, and on the other side, between Lin Xin and the Underground Demon Spider Emperor, there was a battle between magic and them .

The [Saint Sun Curse] hung high above his head, and Lin Xin’s two undying equipment shone brilliantly . The undying fire of the dragon kept pointing forward, and at the [Saint Sun Curse], a tyrannical blue flame was constantly emitted, aimed at the Underground Demon Spider Emperor .

After learning the [Saint Sun Curse], Lin Xin was like a tiger in wings to him . In particular, the domain he had mastered was based on the [Saint Sun Curse], raising this absolute art to an unprecedented level .

The cultivation of the Underground Demon Spider Emperor had also exceeded 300,000 spiritual energy, and its powerful Undead Poison spell was extremely powerful . But unfortunately, the flames had a certain degree of restraint against the undead, and the Holy Fire’s Comfortable Brilliant Holy Fire also had a light effect . The two sides were actually evenly matched . And furthermore, Lin Xin seemed to hold an advantage . In this black and red world, Lin Xin’s recovery speed was very fast . He didn’t care about the consumption of his full power in his frantic attacks, which caused the Underground Demon Spider Emperor to be in a flustered state .

Wearing the Divine Throne of fear and grief, the Divine Throne of Fear and Sorrow, Han Yu was clad in a dark-green divine armor covering his entire body . His weapon was only a shield, and on the dark green shield, there were two designs on it: on one side, a demon of fear, and on the other, a sorrowful angel .

His opponent was the Zombie Emperor . The Zombie Emperor’s movements were inversely proportional to himself stiff body, as fast as lightning . But no matter how he moved, Han Yu was always in time to
block him . Every time the attack of the Zombie Emperor landed on that heavy shield of fear and sorrow, his spiritual flame would shake violently . Inevitably, his body was sluggish . After that, he would immediately be knocked aside by Han Yu . Han Yu didn’t take the initiative to attack either, only taking a firm defense, leaving the Zombie Emperor completely at a loss as to what to do .

Wearing the Divine Throne of Wisdom and Spirit, and possessing the title of the Knight Temple’s teachings and Divine Knight of inheritances, Zhang Fangfang did the same on the battlefield as Han Yu . Both of them were extremely steady Knights . The Divine Throne of Wisdom and Spirit gave him a hammer and a round shield . Each time the warhammer was swung, an extremely intense burst of light essence would be released . That explosion was even more powerful than the Gigantic Ball of Light . The Hellfire Emperor’s attacks were equally powerful, but there was nothing he could do under Zhang Fangfang’s solid defenses .

Chapter 758

C758: Bright Rays of Sunlight VS Undead Monarch (Ⅲ)
From the battlefields of Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang, one could see how much the Divine Thrones increased the strength of knights . Regardless of whether it was the Zombie Emperor or the Hellfire Emperor, their cultivation was at least 300,000 units of internal spiritual energy . In addition, they were all experts who specialized in close combat . But in front of the two Divine Knights, they were unable to take a single step forward .

The situation was barely able to maintain a balance, but once a gap appeared in this situation, it was likely to be a complete defeat . This was especially the case for the members of the Demon Hunt Squad of Light . After all, they were fighting in someone else’s territory . In the distance, a large number of undead creatures were eyeing them covetously .

After the Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures and the Bone Dragon King’s berserk attacks were fruitless, they retracted their attacks . Looking at Long Haochen, whose whole body was covered in white armor, they couldn’t help but feel powerless .

As the strongest emperor of this plane, the Judgement Emperor had been controlling everything for the past thousands of years . The cultivation of this powerhouse from another world couldn’t compare to his own, but his light attribute spiritual energy was terrifyingly pure . Even he, a powerhouse of the seventh rank of the ninth step, couldn’t see the limit .
Long Haochen had been calmly comprehending the many amplifications brought to him by the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, while at the same time, his perception covered the whole stadium . He could clearly feel every change on the battlefield .

Wearing the Eternal Armor, both Judgement Knight and Bone Dragon King could no longer bring him any pressure . But it wasn’t easy for Long Haochen to defeat them either . These two tyrants’ cultivation bases were close to a million units of spiritual energy, and their strength was extremely formidable . Moreover, they should not have done their best . Long Haochen’s goal was only to keep Haoyue’s evolution intact, not to risk his life against these emperors . Therefore, preserving one’s own strength and letting the critical moment break out was the best choice .

He, too, had a unique skill that had not yet been used, and this was not the time to use it . After reaching the ninth step in cultivation, his teammates hadn’t gone through enough tempering . This life-and-death battle before him was far better than the one occurring in the great battle in the Temple . At the same time, it would allow them to merge with their new equipment . Therefore, Long Haochen wasn’t in a hurry to go all out . It was an existence that shared the life force of both Domain of Instant Flash and Soul Sharing Chains . He wasn’t worried that his companions would really be in danger .

Haoyue calmly crawled on the hill . At this time, it seemed as if all the vitality in his body had disappeared . Amethyst colored scales lost their former luster, and only silently laid there .

Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi were the closest to Haoyue, and they kept a close watch on his changes . Although the two of them hadn’t yet broken through to the ninth step in cultivation, they were still powerhouses of the younger generation of the Knight Temple . When their eyes landed on Haoyue, they had an indescribable feeling of fear .

Haoyue seemed to be calm, like a black hole was gradually forming . Yang Wenzhao once tried to use his perception to investigate Haoyue’s state
. However, he had only just started when he realized that his soul seemed
like it was about to be sucked away . He was so scared that he hurriedly retracted his perception . He didn’t dare to investigate any further .

Haoyue’ soundless and motionless caused Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi to bear a heavy responsibility . No one knew how long this battle would last . Before Haoyue completed his evolution, the battle would continue . At the same time, the two of them were deeply ashamed . No matter how they wish they could appear in the sky on the battlefield and fight against the Undead Emperor! However, their strength was far from enough .

The Soulfire in the eyes of the Judgement Knight was constantly flickering, exuding a cold aura . After their attacks had retracted, his momentum was slowly increasing . Long Haochen could feel that the next time he used his full strength, he would be even more ferocious than before

The Judgement Knight was waiting, waiting for an opening to appear on the side of Demon Hunt Squad of Light . As long as one of them was breached, they would have the advantage in all aspects . Although Long Haochen relied on his supra-divine equipment to block him, the Judgement Knight had full confidence in his own strength . It was a crucial moment . Even if he couldn’t defeat Long Haochen, he could still restrain his opponent . Among these powerhouses from other worlds, the only one that he felt was a real threat was Long Haochen .

It turned out as expected by Judgement Knight that a flaw appeared . It was Wang Yuanyuan .
The Skeleton Emperor’s attacks were extremely ferocious, and its huge body didn’t affect his movements in the slightest . The black bone blade kept producing black bolts of lightning in the air, attacking Wang Yuanyuan

The Skeleton Emperor’s attacks were extremely ferocious, and its huge body didn’t affect his movements in the slightest . The black bone blade kept producing black bolts of lightning in the air, attacking Wang Yuanyuan
Wang Yuanyuan herself was also good at attacking, not defending . Therefore, she released her blood domain at the same time . She could only fight back .

“Crack!” The black bone blade became a black bolt of lightning in the air, heavily chopping at Wang Yuanyuan . Wang Yuanyuan didn’t dare use the relatively weak storm of blood to resist . The Gigantic Divine Soul Shield in her left hand swept out and instantly clashed with the black bone blade .

With seven spatial crystals embedded in it, the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield was already able to display its full might . It was capable of unleashing a layer of spatial turbulence to block the enemy’s attacks .

However, this time was different . The Skeleton Emperor’s attack had clearly been premeditated . The moment his black bone blade was ejected by the Gigantic Divine Soul

Shield, the bone blade suddenly became illusory . It flashed three times at a speed that was hard to see with the naked eye, and once again ferociously stomped on the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield with three blades .

With a stuffy groan, Wang Yuanyuan could no longer bear the terrifying force of this attack . Her whole body was cut in the air, falling down to the ground .

The Skeleton Emperor didn’t spare her, and with a flash of lightning, he caught up to Wang Yuanyuan in midair . A thick layer of black color instantly rose from his feet, before completely concentrating on the bone blade . At this moment, the color of his originally dark bones seemed to have faded a bit . Only the bone blade emitted the color of an abyss .

At this moment, Wang Yuanyuan’s left arm was in great pain, and her vital energy and blood were surging inside of her . Clearly, the Skeleton Emperor had been waiting for this opportunity for a very long time . At the same time as storing his power on the bone blade, his domain was fully activated, and he didn’t hesitate to use up a large amount of spiritual energy to lock Wang Yuanyuan, making the opening time of her Spiritual Stove of
Space sluggish . In this way, Wang Yuanyuan had no other choice but to block the attack head on .

At this moment, Wang Yuanyuan’s left arm was in great pain, and her vital energy and blood were surging inside of her . Clearly, the Skeleton Emperor had been waiting for this opportunity for a very long time . At the same time as storing his power on the bone blade, his domain was fully activated, and he didn’t hesitate to use up a large amount of spiritual energy to lock Wang Yuanyuan, making the opening time of her Spiritual Stove of Space sluggish . In this way, Wang Yuanyuan had no other choice but to block the attack head on .

Wang Yuanyuan clenched her teeth, her heart filled with unwillingness . She knew that no matter what, she wouldn’t be able to block this attack . Although Long Haochen would definitely save her, she wouldn’t be satisfied if a gap appeared in her path .

A pitch-black bone blade silently swept through the air like a ghost, and right at that time, a golden figure suddenly appeared in front of Wang Yuanyuan without any warning . A strong aura of light instantly erupted . The twelve bolts of lightning viciously bombarded the black bone blade .

Bang! In the golden figure’s hand was a massive golden shield of the legendary level . After being bombarded by twelve bolts of golden lightning, it blocked the falling bone blade . An intense golden light flashed around him, and the bone blade was knocked aside . However, the giant shield in the hands of the golden figure was reduced to smithereens . A piece of Legendary Equipment was damaged just like that .

This golden figure was the avatar of Zhang Fangfang’s second Spiritual Stove of Life!

Placing himself on the battlefield, Zhang Fangfang kept a close watch on Wang Yuanyuan’s side, and with the help of the Divine Throne, he blocked against his opponent’s impregnable defense . He had long seen the danger Wang Yuanyuan was in . At this critical moment, he decisively took action . He released his clone, who was carrying his former giant shield, and rushed
over . Those twelve pillars of light had been gathering and unleashing their power for a long time . It happened to save Wang Yuanyuan .

“Yuanyuan , Storing Power . ” Zhang Fangfang’s voice resounded in her ear, and that doppelganger glinted with a golden light, brazenly charging at the Skeleton King . She used all her strength to launch a counterattack at him .

Along with the rise of his cultivation, the spiritual stove evolved, and Zhang Fangfang’s second spiritual stove reached its peak . Right now, his doppelganger was at least ninety percent of his cultivation base . He had been able to maintain it for four hours . At the same time, he could wear other equipment . It was just that he couldn’t inherit Zhang Fangfang’s ability to equip his own equipment .

However, the doppelganger was after all a doppelganger, and Zhang Fangfang had to be distracted in order to control it . To block the attacks of the Hellfire Emperor was a bit too much of a stretch . But he mainly focused on defense . He didn’t strive for success but couldn’t make any mistakes, and finally made up for the gap on Wang Yuanyuan’s side .

Wang Yuanyuan and Zhang Fangfang’s time together wasn’t short, and they immediately understood what he meant . Instead of attacking together with that doppelganger, they focused on recovering spiritual energy, while raising the Gigantic Divine Soul

However, the doppelganger was after all a doppelganger, and Zhang Fangfang had to be distracted in order to control it . To block the attacks of the Hellfire Emperor was a bit too much of a stretch . But he mainly focused on defense . He didn’t strive for success but couldn’t make any mistakes, and finally made up for the gap on Wang Yuanyuan’s side .

Wang Yuanyuan and Zhang Fangfang’s time together wasn’t short, and they immediately understood what he meant . Instead of attacking together with that doppelganger, they focused on recovering spiritual energy, while raising the Gigantic Divine Soul

Shield in their hands high in the air .
A silvery-white radiance started to spread from Wang Yuanyuan’s feet, slowly rising up, and igniting a layer of silver-white flames all over her body . What was even more bizarre was that her eyes were actually blood- red, and they glittered with a bloody light, just like two rubies . With the silvery-white halo surrounding him, he looked even more ferocious .

Wang Yuanyuan had the nickname ‘Bloody Goddess of War’, how could this be called useless? Having suffered a great loss at the hands of the Skeleton Emperor, the unyielding fighting spirit in her heart was ignited .

The silvery-white spatial spiritual energy became more and more intense, and Wang Yuanyuan suddenly let out a shriek, before her eyes instantly burst out, turning into two beams of bloody light that soared to the sky .

In the sky, a silver door of light opened under the illumination of the blood light . Immediately, tens of thousands of rays of silver light burst out from Wang Yuanyuan’s body .

The intense spatial fluctuations caused everything around Wang Yuanyuan to look distorted, and only the two blood-colored lights dispersed when they came in contact with the silver Space Gate, turning into a blood- colored barrier that fell from the sky .

Wang Yuanyuan suddenly stomped her right foot on the ground, letting out an even more intense scream . The Gigantic Divine Soul Shield in her left hand was lifted up, and a thin layer of blood-colored veined patterns covered the huge shield .

Chapter 759

C759: The bald brute pushed the fatty down? (I)


An enormous pillar of silver light soared into the sky, devouring the silver door of light that opened in mid-air. The distorted spatial fluctuations caused everyone on the battlefield to shudder as they all looked towards the spatial fluctuations at the same time.

The silver light gradually weakened, and a huge figure appeared within it unknowingly. This figure was at least ten meters tall, whose whole body was clad in silver armor. Outside of the armor, there was a bloody aura, not a silver glint.

To save Long Haochen, in the Tower of Eternity, Wang Yuanyuan had used her Spiritual Explosion to ignite her spatial attribute spiritual energy, thus completing the God Descent Technique on the Gigantic Divine Soul and defeating a holy guard in a single blow. She almost got killed in that battle but stayed alive because of Zhang Fangfang.

At this very moment, Wang Yuanyuan didn’t repeat everything that happened back then. Right now, she was already a true powerhouse of the ninth step, possessing her own blood domain. She already had the qualifications to use the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield, an undying shield. That’s right, after being embedded with seven silver crystals, the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield is at the Undying level, not the Epic Tier.
This time, the descending Gigantic Devine Soul was clearly different from before. She was clearly a female warrior, and this was precisely the enlarged version of Wang Yuanyuan.

A silver light flashed in her eyes, and the spiritual energy fluctuations coming from her body was completely blood-red. A thick bloodthirsty aura gushed out, and her ferocity caused even the undead emperors to feel fear.

At this time, under the Skeleton Emperor’s ferocious attacks, Zhang Fangfang’s doppelganger was already unable to resist the attack, and his body was wounded in many places, just in time to be sent flying by the Skeleton Emperor’s blade.

The avatar formed from the Spiritual Stove of Second Life would disappear in advance if it was injured too heavily, and this was exactly the case at this time. The doppelganger vanished into specks of golden light in the air.

With a flash of silver light, Wang Yuanyuan stood in front of the Skeleton Emperor. Even in the form of a Gigantic Divine Soul, Wang Yuanyuan wasn’t even half the height of the Skeleton Emperor. However, her Gigantic Divine Soul Shield was even taller than herself. The huge shield swept across and ferociously clashed with the bone blade of the Skeleton Emperor.

This time, Wang Yuanyuan didn’t retreat. With a violent rumbling sound, the body of the Skeleton Emperor swayed from the shock. Immediately, Wang Yuanyuan’s right hand enlarged countless times, and a blood-colored storm appeared, violently erupting.

From the very start, it was the most powerful innate ability that Bloodstorm could use – Dimensional Storm.

After transforming into the Gigantic Divine Soul, Wang Yuanyuan didn’t only increase her strength, but also her weapons. The Bloodstorm’s attack power didn’t increase at all, but as it grew by size, it increased the range of its attack. In midair, the Dimensional Storms tore through the air like crazy.
The Skeleton Emperor struggled violently, but the sharp teeth of Bloodstorm’s attack left marks on it.

In their battle, this was the first time Wang Yuanyuan took the initiative.

However, this Skeleton Emperor was indeed very powerful. One had no idea that how his skeleton was cultivated, but its toughness was comparable to an Epic Tier equipment. Under the violent and insane collision. Nor did it hurt the root.

Domain clashed with each other, weapons and even the body constantly let out violent clashing sounds. This time, Wang Yuanyuan didn’t give a single inch of ground, and after her incarnation as Gigantic Divine Soul, her strength increased at its entirety, not losing out in the slightest to her opponent, to go head on against the Skeleton Emperor.

The Judgement Knight felt disappointed. Originally, he had found an breakthrough, but was already prepared to stop Long Haochen. But who would have thought that the enemy would be so tenacious? He forcefully withstood the pressure.

However, he still felt disdain in his heart. He knew the Skeleton Emperor very well. In terms of endurance, the Skeleton Emperor was definite the strongest amongst the undead emperors. He didn’t have any more skills, but he trained his body as a body for attacking and defending, making it extremely sturdy. But Wang Yuanyuan now seemed to be on the same level as him. However, it was clear that this was just a temporary burst. Once this burst ended, the Skeleton Emperor would still be the final victor.

Moreover, there was more than one breakthrough.

At the same time Wang Yuanyuan took on the Skeleton Emperor head on, Chen Ying’er and Sima Xian both became anxious.

At this time, Chen Ying’er had already completed her second summon. Another thirty-six creatures of the ninth rank charged out of the Creature Summoning Gate and began to fight to the death with the Bone Dragons summoned by the Lich King.
The number of Bone Dragons was also being consumed. However, it was a lot less expensive than her summoned beast. After all, these Bone Dragons were of the same species. Furthermore, they hadn’t been summoned twice by the Lich King. Their attributes were the same, so their attack and defense were rather high. As for Chen Ying’er, she had no problem summoning them, and could use her domain to amplify these magical beasts. However, to speed up the recovery of her spiritual energy, she was somewhat unable to command her troops properly. If not for the triple summoning from the Spiritual Stove of Time Replication, she probably wouldn’t have been able to persevere for a long time.

Actually, the difference between Chen Ying’er who owns the Beast God Domain and the Lich King shouldn’t be that great. The main reason was because the battlefield before her wasn’t suitable for Chen Ying’er to fight in. This was a plane full of undead. If she wanted to summon creatures, she had to summon them from other planes, and not randomly call them from her own plane. This way, not only would it consume a lot of power, but she would also have to chant for a longer time. This was why she was completely suppressed to the point of being at a disadvantage.

However, McDull’s performance was very eye-catching. At the beginning, it transformed into a Devil Dragon, blocking the Lich King’s attacks multiple times, but seeing that the situation wasn’t looking good, it transformed into four Chimera, and its four attributes displayed their might at the same time, barely helping Chen Ying’er maintain the situation.

The soul flame in the Lich King’s eyes violently throbbed. The bone cane in his hand pointed forward, and sharp howls continuously rang out. Immediately, the bone dragons’ attacks became even crazier.

Because the Bone Dragon King was subdued by the Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures, he became the mount for the Undead Sentinel. As a result, the bone dragons under him had become the subordinates of the Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures. The Lich King and the Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures have a close relationship. When the two of them were alive, they were a couple. Thus, the Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures handed the Bone Dragons to the Lich King. Otherwise,
with the Lich King’s current strength, he wouldn’t be able to summon so many Bone Dragons in one go.

The lich king’s cultivation could only be ranked fourth among the ten great kings, but in addition to the Bone Dragon Legion, it was a combination that was second only to the Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures and Bone Dragon King.

Not only did the Bone Dragon in the sky launch an attack with all of its strength, even the Bone Dragons that had been shattered earlier began to slowly reassemble on the ground. As undead creatures, if they wanted to kill these bone dragons, they had to completely extinguish their soul fires. And how could Chen Ying’er, who was currently at a disadvantage, do such a thing?

On the other side, Sima Xian was also in danger, hating the intrepid defense of the Loathsome Emperor‘s body. At the time Sima Xian released his domain, he had the upper hand. Relying on the strength of the Gigantic Ball of Light, he managed to beat the Loathsome Emperor. But the Loathsome Emperor was like a tumbler, unyielding thing. Every time I looked at him, he looked like he was about to be knocked down, but then he recovered. The Gigantic Ball of Light continued to crush his body unceasingly, creating large windows on his body, but these wounds were quickly healed.

Along with the passage of time, the plague poison cloud’s attack on Sima Xian gradually intensified. Although the light element could purify a part of it, this was after all the domain of Loathsome Emperor. After a long time, Sima Xian started to feel dizzy. Moreover, he had just obtained a domain not long ago. Although his burst power was strong enough, his domain weapon consumed a lot of spiritual energy, so it wouldn’t last for too long. Seeing the consumption of more and more spiritual energy, Sima Xian’s massive body was already somewhat unstable.

This time, however, Loathsome Emperor was not aimed at Sima Xian’s body, nor was aimed at the Gigantic Ball of Light.
Ding! With a crisp sound, the metal hook smashed into the chain behind the Gigantic Ball of Light. The front end of the iron hook suddenly closed, directly locking onto it.

The Loathsome Emperor pulled back with all its might, and the metal hook slid along the chain, bringing up a series of sparks. In the end, it stopped right where the Gigantic Ball of Light was, and immediately grabbed hold of the huge metal ball.

Even though he looked fat, he was actually quite calculating. Sima Xian’s attack was indeed very painful to him, and he couldn’t resist the power of his domain weapon. However, his greatest advantage was his endurance. His body’s fat was comparable to the defensive capabilities of Divine Armor, and he had finally grasped this opportunity. And furthermore, he had taken a fancy to Sima Xian’s Gigantic Ball of Light, planning on snatching it to use as his own weapon. From his point of view, this was because the weapon itself had the ability to grow bigger.

The two huge forces were pulled back at the same time, and the two chains instantly straightened.

The difference in cultivation levels between the two sides was just right there. In terms of pure strength, how could Sima Xian be a match for Loathsome Emperor? Immediately, his body was pulled back bit by bit.

And Sima Xian couldn’t let go. The Gigantic Ball of Light could be said to be his ability to settle down. If he gave up, it would be an incomparable blow to him. Even his domain depended on this equipment! When it could form an artifact soul inside of the Gigantic Ball of Light, this weapon with a terrifying destructive power could possibly evolve into a divine tool.

The soulfire in the Loathsome Emperor’s eyes throbbed, turning into a deathly white light, triumphantly pulling Sima Xian closer and closer. The Plague Domain emitted a stinky stench, unceasingly corroding Sima Xian’s body.

Right at that moment, a huge blue fireball suddenly flew across the sky and ferociously struck the Loathsome Emperor’ chain. A series of violent
booms, accompanied by countless blue sparks, rang out. Quite a few of the Loathsome Evil’s body had been stained by the flames, causing its entire body to emit crackling sounds. At the same time, a layer of holy golden light surrounded the blazing blue flame, reducing the number of the Blight Poison Cloud by half.

Chapter 760

C760 The bald brute pushed the fatty down? (II)

The one who suddenly intervened to help Sima Xian was undoubtedly Lin Xin.

At this moment, the Glorious Holy Fire of Praise on Lin Xin burned violently, turning into circles of gold-red flames and soaring to the sky, making the Saint Sun Curse above his head appear even more golden red, which looked even more gorgeous. His attack also instantly became berserk. A huge dragon head emerged from the holy sun and shot towards the Underground Demon Spider Emperor.

The high temperature caused the Underground Demon Spider Emperor to have no choice but to retreat. The perfect combination of light and fire finally gave Lin Xin the upper hand for the time being. However, the Underground Demon Spider Emperor wasn’t easy to deal with either. The patterns on its body sparkled as it spat out a huge spider web. The spider web floated directly in the air, blocking its gigantic body behind it. Under the combination of Lin Xin’s Glorious Holy Fire and the Saint Sun Curse, he was unable to destroy this spider web. After filtering each spell with the spider web, its power was greatly reduced, being disintegrated one by one by the four forelimbs of the Underground Demon Spider Emperor.

However, by this way, Lin Xin finally took the initiative for a short period of time, taking advantage of this opportunity to fully display the superiority as a mage. The fireballs didn’t only appear on Sima Xian’s side, but Lin Xin’s Saint Sun Curse erupted with full power. A pillar of fire was
spat out from the holy sun, rising high into the sky. Soon after, the pillar of fire broke into hundreds of fireballs and scattered in all directions.

Lin Xin’s precise control over magic was undoubtedly manifested. These fireballs looked messy, but looked as if they had eyes, and each one could find their target.

Among them, the most concentrated one was Chen Ying’er, who had at least fifty immense blue-gold fireballs gathered in the Bone Dragon Legion. For a moment, a violent explosion resounded in the air. More than a dozen of the Bone Dragon Legion’s Skull Dragons had been caught off because of the attack of the fireballs burst from the holy sun, breaking them into pieces, which was under the effects of the Glorious Holy Fire. Although their souls were not directly burnt to ashes, they were still severely injured.

The other was Sima Xian and Wang Yuanyuan’s support. After taking the shape of the Gigantic Divine Soulm, Wang Yuanyuan meet force with force against the Skeleton Emperor, gradually forcing the opponent to retreat. Bombarded by this fireball, the Skeleton Emperor’s solid body finally couldn’t resist anymore. A layer of black light was emitted from his body, and he retreated a hundred meters away from the sound of the angry roars. Only then did he stabilize his position. Wang Yuanyuan didn’t give her opponent any chance to react, launching the Space Splitting Sauté at the Skeleton Emperor’s right arm. Finally, a large crack was left there.

Sima Xian benefited even more from this attack. As the first fireball hit the chain, the scorching heat immediately slowed down the Loathsome Emperor’s pulling motion. Following that, more than ten fireballs were shot at its massive body.

Although the Loathsome Emperor was resistant to fighting, he was not willing to be barbequed by this high-temperature fireball filled with light attribute! The fat on his body glowed with a deathly white light, and he rushed to the side. As he rushed forward, a series of afterimages appeared behind him. His speed was comparable to teleportation and was in stark contrast to his enormous body.
Lin Xin didn’t care about controlling these fireballs to chase after him. However, after losing their target, these fireballs all bombarded the chains of Loathsome Emperor.

Loathsome Emperor turned pale with fright. To him, this steel hook was a very precious treasure. It was countless that how many undead creatures he had absorbed for the Soul Fire to have the might it had today. He abruptly pulled back, wanting to pull the hook back.

But this time, Sima Xian didn’t do it. The passive state became active, pulling the Gigantic Ball of Light with all his might. The taut chains were under the bombardment of the fireballs at the same place. Seeing that part of the chain had already been burnt to a crimson hue, mournful wails rang out from the chains, which was the result of the Glorious Holy Fire purifying the spirits of those wronged souls.

Sima Xian shouted loud, the muscles on his arms tightened, and at the same time he pulled back, a dense golden light rose from his back, forming a huge blade aimed at the place where the chain was burning red.

Right now, the Loathsome Emperor was completely panicking. He couldn’t let his weapon be destroyed just like that! A pair of thick arms went all out, and a deathly white light flourished from his body. The spirit fire in his small eyes danced wildly. It was obvious that he had used his full strength. No matter what, he had to change the position of the chain, and he couldn’t let Sima Xian’s attack hit it.

However, the Loathsome Emperor never expected that Sima Xian’s heavy power would suddenly disappear at this moment.

This time, without the slightest forewarning, and because of the excessive force exerted, Loathsome Emperor’s body was like a rolling gourd, rolling on the ground in a series of rolls. And Sima Xian, who suddenly stopped exerting his strength, was pulled high into the air by this immense force, showing that he collided with the Gigantic Ball of Light, before falling in the direction of Loathsome Emperor.
To take back his hook, the Loathsome Emperor used up all of its strength and spiritual energy to pull it back. Sima Xian’s body seemed almost like a cannonball as he charged at him.

At this moment, almost half of the powerhouses of both the human and the undead who were fighting on the battlefield witnessed this strange and shocking scene.

The huge bald man held a terrifying metal ball with a diameter of fifty meters in the air, before pressing it down on the fatty lying on the ground like a mountain of flesh.

“Puff –” The Baldheaded brute carried the metal ball and ferociously smashed it on the mountain of flesh, letting out an extremely unpleasant sound. What could be seen was that at the center of the collision, a layer of yellowish white fat was ejected.

The force of the collision was simply too great, and this yellowish white fat was forcefully squeezed out from the wounds on the Loathsome Emperor’s body. Even with his level of defense, he almost lost his breath after being hit by such a terrifying force.

Sima Xian’s attack that he had been planning for a long time was naturally not so simple. The scene was like this: Fatty was below, with his fat flowing, and in the middle was the huge metallic ball pressed against his chest and abdomen, while on the other side was the bald priest Sima Xian.

A purple bolt of lightning flashed, and immediately, the Gigantic Ball of Light between the two powerhouses turned purple.

The metal surrounding the Gigantic Ball of Light opened wide at the same time, letting out a violent explosion in the next instant.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!”

The nine terrifying booms, accompanied by countless bursts of violet lightning, caused the body of the Loathsome Emperor to twitch and tremble violently. He wanted to struggle, but Sima Xian, who was pressed down
with all his might, was firmly holding him back, unable to move no matter what he said.

The two of them were too close, and this caused Sima Xian to bear the aftereffects of the Purple Godly Thunder Cannon, letting out crackling sounds from his whole body due to the lightning bolts. Beneath the epic tier armor, there was a faint smell of burnt flesh.

But Sima Xian was just so valiant, letting the terrifying bolts of lightning keep bombarding between them. Fortunately, neither he nor the Loathsome Emperor had any hair on them, or else these two would have had explosive hairstyles.

This scene was simply too valiant. No one could have imagined that their battle would develop into such a scene.

Sima Xian had suffered quite a bit, but the one who suffered the most was the Loathsome Emperor! The terrifying Purple Godly Lightning Cannon continued to strike the core of his body, and the fat protective layer in his body had been squeezed out quite a bit.

The soulfire of the Loathsome Emperor throbbed intensely. Every time its gigantic body trembled, a large amount of fat would spill out. This time around, it suffered a heavy injury.

However, this fellow was one of the Undead’s ten great kings, and would definitely not just wait helplessly for death. At the end of the ninth explosion, Sima Xian suddenly felt his massive body tense up, completely different from the previous softness. Before he had the time to react, with a flash of silver white light, Sima Xian’s body disappeared along with his Gigantic Ball of Light.

In the next instant, a frantic explosion erupted from the Loathsome Emperor’s body. It was fat, fat, flesh, organs, and bones. It transformed into a terrifying storm that swept across a thousand meters in diameter. As a result, the humans and Undead Warriors on the other battlefields kept dodging in panic, afraid of being hit by the fat Fatty who was filled with poison.
When Sima Xian reappeared, he was already by Long Haochen’s side.
However, his body was shrinking rapidly, and his face was pale.

The Eternal Sword in Long Haochen’s hand drew a beautiful arc in the air, and a one hundred meter long blade of light appeared out of nowhere, forcibly pushing back the Judgement Knight of Undead Creatures and Bone Dragon King.

At the same time, among the three balls of light circling around him, that green ball of light instantly flew out, falling on Sima Xian’s body.

Sima Xian had already exhausted all of his strength when attacking the Loathsome Emperor. At this time, not only was his spiritual energy consumed excessively, but he was also suffering from the corrosion of the plague.

As soon as the green ball of light landed on his body, he immediately felt a cooling sensation enter his body, making him feel indescribably comfortable. Soon after, the poison in his body was completely sucked dry.

With a flash of green light, Sima Xian was pushed back by a gentle force, falling in the direction of Haoyue’s evolution.

Long Haochen kept a close watch on the whole battlefield, and naturally saw the fatal clash between the hateful king and Sima Xian. In the instant that the Loathsome Emperor’s body froze, he could sense that something wasn’t right. If Sima Xian were to remain there, even with the Soul Linking Chains’ life force, he would be severely injured, and at the same time affect the others due to the Soul Linking Chains. Therefore, he immediately activated the Flash Domain, transferring Sima Xian to his side.
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