Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 741-750

Chapter 741

Sealed Divine Throne - C741 - The Queen of the Moon and the Tree of Destruction (III)

With a flash, Long Haochen stood in front of Easton’s King, and a multicolored golden light instantly bloomed, protecting the life realm of Easton’s King. The Tree of Destruction’s destructive life force was not as powerful in his Light God Domain as it was in his Life Realm. At least, Long Haochen didn’t retreat. The two domains clashed with each other, producing a slight sound.

Sisi’s face revealed a trace of resentment, “Sir Long, are you going against me?”

Long Haochen wrinkled his brows, “It seems that I was wrong.”

Sisi giggled and said, “What’s the point of knowing now? A good person like you will always be at a disadvantage. Consider my proposal. Follow the darkness, and I will keep you by my side forever. Below one person, above all others.”

Long Haochen lightly shook his head, "Although I was wrong, it’s not too far off. A good man is not necessarily a fool. It’s not too late to make up for my mistake. "

“Huh?” Sisi looked at Long Haochen with some doubt, but the spiritual energy infused into the Tree of Destruction’s sapling was even more intense.
Long Haochen raised his hand, pointing at this Queen of the Moon, a bizarre multicolored golden light suddenly burst out from her body. The soft golden light seemed to have no destructive power, but the process of the multicolored light spreading out made Sisi shriek loudly. Her dark spiritual energy was instantly blocked. Soon after, her body began to show signs of shrinking.

“You, you put a curse on me? You bastard…” Sisi’s voice became more and more shrill and immature. In just a moment, her body shrank to the size of a three or four year old girl. Even the Divine Stone of Sun and Moon needed both hands to hold it.

It is not just vitality that is declining, but also strength. Even though Sisi’s mind was still the same as before, her powerful domain level cultivation was completely gone. Naturally, he could no longer control the destructive power of life.

“So you’re actually this despicable. You actually planted a seal in my body.” Sisi stared at Long Haochen with her childlike voice. It had to be said that not only was she originally a beauty, but after she became a little girl, she was also a beauty, and she was even more adorable. The six wings on her back had also become small and delicate, and she looked rather playful.

Long Haochen shook his head, "I am not the despicable one. Because I saw through your lies, so I left a backup. If Easton’s King is truly an evil man as you say, then I will do my best to help you. Unfortunately, you lied to me. It’s useless. Even the power of this Tree of Destruction can’t remove my seal. That’s right, I definitely don’t have the same level of power as the Tree of Eternity that you speak of. But one thing I can be sure of is that my light is at least on the same level as the Tree of Eternity. "

Sisi murmured, “You’re lying, you’re lying. You didn’t see my scheme at all. It is because you despicably wanted to obtain the treasures on my body that you cursed me.”
Long Haochen gave her an indifferent smile, “If others don’t know about it, I won’t do it. Since that’s the case, I’ll make you accept it wholeheartedly.”

“First of all, you thanked me before we went into action for the flaw in your speech: even dead, the soul goes to heaven, not to return to the embrace of the Lord of Nature. I suspected you then. Because, as you said before, in Easton, both humans and elves are subjects of the Lord of Nature.”

“And then, before we went looking for Lilac Intoxicating, you looked at my Wings with a hint of envy in your eyes. My perception is very high. Perhaps you think that your concealment is flawless, but I still managed to discover it.”

“It’s too easy to get Lilac Intoxicating. Since it’s holy medicine, why don’t you plant it in the tribe’s cave? And, you said then, what you left there was only a little trick. However, according to my Spiritual Detection, there is an attacking magic in the area of your barrier. That magic’s strength is comparable to a forbidden spell.”

“These, though they arouse my suspicions, are not the most important. What really made me completely certain in my heart, was your strength concealment.”

“When we were close to Easton Hill, you landed on the ground and walked forward, and I felt the soul ripple of Easton’s King. Although he was about to enter his afternoon nap, his powerful senses encompassed a large area. It was only because of the fluctuations of the natural elements in the air that he missed a few things. And as we move forward, you direct me to change direction, in effect avoiding the King’s perception. In other words, your perception is absolutely not inferior to mine. With such a perception, how could you possibly be as simple as a mage of the eighth step? Furthermore, according to your perception, you obviously don’t trust in my domain’s ability to conceal myself.”

"In addition to these discoveries, there is my understanding of Easton’s world. I can tell you frankly that I didn’t belong to this world, but I have the
same light as this world. My soul power is far above yours, even above Easton’s King’s. When you take the Lilac Intoxicating and pour them out, I use my own soul power to communicate with the soul of the world that belongs to nature. I felt their faith as I communicated with them through a tree, and I felt their feelings for Easton’s King. I asked them with my soul. But none of the creatures that answered my question bore any hostility to Easton’s King. At that point, I was sure of my judgment. But I came with you, because I wanted to figure out what your purpose was. If I had exposed you, I would have left a time bomb in Easton, no doubt, and I would have been curious about your purpose. So I came with you. Fortunately, you didn’t lie about the Lilac Intoxicating. “That would only make people drunk without causing any harm. Otherwise, I would have already made my move.”

At this point, Long Haochen revealed a smile, looking even more enchanting with his handsome face, "The most intelligent thing about you is that your words are ninety percent true, and only ten percent of them are false. Add to that the sincerity in your eyes and your own beauty, and it’s really easy to fall for. However, a wise man must have one mistake, not to mention that you have exposed so many flaws. Before you entered that cave, my palm was indeed a boost to you. But what you said had to be true. In order to gain my trust, you didn’t resist my power. If my guess is correct, after entering the cave, you immediately used your water-attributed power to guide my the power of light out of my body, right? “Unfortunately, you can’t lead my domain out.”

“In terms of cultivation, you aren’t any weaker than me. Maybe even stronger than me. However, after my Domain Skill invades your body and takes root in it, even with your cultivation level, you will not be able to offset it. The name of my field technique is Control of the Process of Life. Maybe I can’t really turn you back into a cute young girl like what I did on that gorilla, but I can seal you for at least an hour without a problem. Right? Queen of the Moon.”

Queen of the Moon was unwilling to accept this, "But you still fought against Easton’s King. Aren’t you afraid he’ll kill you? What if you can’t beat him? How can you be so sure of yourself? "
Long Haochen replied, “That’s right, I don’t know whether I can defeat Easton’s King or not.” But I was sure he wouldn’t kill me. You can’t understand it. That’s because you don’t understand enough about light and nature. What is the source of life? Light and water. It takes light and water to give birth to nature. I fought with Easton’s King so that I could take a step closer to confirm his abilities. As I had expected, Easton’s King had the purest powers of nature and the life domain. Then how could a pure breath of life be possessed by an evil person? At the same time, I also revealed my domain to Easton’s King. Although this was my first time meeting him, judging only by our attributes, it made it impossible for us to become real enemies. Naturally, they wouldn’t kill each other in battle. “I had already made such a judgment long before I came here. What else is there to be afraid of?”

Long Haochen’s words were neither slow nor fast, and had a reasonable basis. His voice was very calm, but in the ears of Queen of the Moon, Sisi, it was as loud as thunder.

“You …You …”

Without the influence of the destructive power of life, Easton’s King came to Long Haochen’s side, giving him a glance, "Intelligent humans are really terrifying. Fortunately, you didn’t make a big mistake. "

Long Haochen made a inviting gesture, “Since this Tree of Destruction is in your custody, please take it back.”

At this moment, Sisi no longer had any power to resist. Even though she was holding up the tree sapling, she was unable to borrow that terrifying power.

However, Easton’s King didn’t immediately take back the Tree of Destruction. Instead, he frowned.

Sisi sneered, “You are really smart.” But do you think this will stop the Tree of Destruction from growing? You can kill me. But in the near future, when Lord Tree of Destruction grows up, the Easton world will sooner or later become its nourishment. By then, you will all die. "
Long Haochen wrinkled his brows, “Isn’t it just a little sapling?” Can’t I destroy it now? "

Sisi laughed. Despite her young age, she was laughing hysterically. “What a joke, what a joke.” It seems that you really do not belong in Easton World. The Tree of Destruction and the Tree of Eternity were both eternal and indestructible. After its seed sprouted from the Divine Stone of Sun and Moon, it would never be destroyed. If you don’t believe me, you can let the dwarf beside you try. “Ask him if he can destroy this Tree of Destruction.”

Chapter 742

Sealed Divine Throne - C742 - Revive! Ya Ting’s Kiss (I)

Long Haochen immediately turned his head around to Easton’s King nearby, giving him an inquiring look. Easton’s king nodded with a grave look, “She is right, the Tree of Destruction is irreversible after it grows. Right now, what we can only do is to try our best to seal this Tree of Destruction’s sapling and slow down its growth. Then I prayed to the Lord of Nature. Let’s see if the Lord of Nature can separate a branch from the Tree of Eternity and seal it completely.”

Although Easton’s King didn’t blame him, Long Haochen could still hear the dissatisfaction in his tone, and couldn’t help but say apologetically, “I’m sorry, Easton’s King. I was careless. I didn’t expect that Queen of the Moon would plot so much. However, I must say that your defense towards the Tree of Destruction’s seed is not very tight.”

Easton’s King was a little embarrassed and said, “Who would have thought that she would have such an idea. If it wasn’t for you, I would have long since discovered that she wanted to lay her hands on the Tree of Destruction’s seed. There should be enough time to stop her.”

Long Haochen replied, “This matter arose because of me, so I shall be the one to end it. When I entered this place, I sensed the aura of destruction. Easton’s King, I ask you one last time, do you really want to destroy this Tree of Destruction so that it will never appear again?”

Easton’s King said with a bitter face, “Of course. My master couldn’t destroy it, but he couldn’t let it affect the Tree of Eternity in his realm, so
he handed it over to me. Who would have thought that something like this would happen?”

Long Haochen nodded, “In that case, just leave it to me. Actually, destroying this Tree of Destruction isn’t that hard.”

As he spoke, he turned around and waved a hand at the Tree of Destruction.

A dazzling golden sword beam shot toward the Tree of Eternity in Sisi’s hands.

Sisi still had a sneer on her face, and the corners of her lips curled up in disdain. Although she had failed today, she had already sacrificed her dark soul to the Tree of Destruction. As long as the Tree can grow in the near future, in that case, there was still the possibility of her soul recovering.


The sword beam landed on the Tree of Destruction, letting out a crisp hum. A faint layer of purple mist formed a protective barrier around the Tree. Long Haochen’s sword beam disappeared without a trace of purple light.

Long Haochen slowly nodded, “It does indeed have a very strong defensive power.”

Sisi disdainfully asked, "What’s so powerful? It is an unbreakable firmness. "

Long Haochen revealed a smile, “Don’t say too much. In this world, nothing is impossible.” As he spoke, he slowly raised his hands, making a hollow grip in the air. The next moment, nine purplish-gold lights appeared on his forehead.

At the time these nine patterns of light appeared, Long Haochen, who was originally brimming with holy aura, had a charming look on his face, and even gave a fright to Easton’s King, who was standing by the side. But
he quickly discovered that Long Haochen’s Heart of Light didn’t change at all, only that his strength was somewhat different.

Immediately, Easton’s King and Sisi saw a huge sword start to spread out from Long Haochen’s empty hands. The purplish-gold sword seemed extremely dazzling, especially the six heads on the hilt of the sword. Each one of them had a cold look in their eyes, as if they were staring at their surroundings.

As soon as this purplish-gold heavy sword appeared, both the divine artifacts in Easton’s King’s hands and his divine armor began to emit a slight humming sound. Easton’s King said in surprise, “My darling, I’m so terrified. You, what kind of your sword is it?”

Long Haochen revealed a smile, “Since you want to destroy the Tree of Destruction, let’s call it ‘Destroyer’. Then, its full name is: Destroyer, Violet-gold Moonlight Sword.”

As he said that, the Violet-gold Moonlight Sword in his hand carried a long arc, aiming straight at the Tree of Destruction in Sisi’s hand.

This time, Sisi felt the threat. She wasn’t afraid of the Tree of Destruction being attacked, but she was the one behind the Tree! She didn’t have the defensive power that the Tree had. Both humans and elves had a strong desire to live. Almost subconsciously, Sisi released the Divine Stone of Sun and Moon in her hands.

The violet-gold light flashed like lightning, hitting the Tree of Destruction in midair.

The violet light that appeared on the Tree of Destruction appeared once again, but its intent was completely different from the sword Long Haochen used to instantly disperse. This time, when the purple-colored barrier it emitted made contact with the Violet-gold Moonlight Sword, the two sides actually had a viscous effect. In other words, the Tree of Destruction that contained the Divine Stone of Sun and Moon actually looked as if it was glued to the sky by the Violet-gold Moonlight Sword.
Several seconds later, the Tree of Destruction trembled violently on the Divine Stone of Sun and Moon. Layers of purple light grew more and more intense, and there were even some sparkles of purple starlight.

The Violet-gold Moonlight Sword was still circulating in a purplish gold color, but the six large heads on the hilt opened their eyes widely, as if coming back to life, coldly staring at the struggling Tree of Destruction.

“No, that’s impossible.” Sisi stared blankly and said, “The power of destruction produced by the Tree of Destruction can be instantly destroyed by any attack even in its initial state.” “How could there be a confrontation?”

Right at the time she looked at him with disbelief, the tip of the Violet- gold Moonlight Sword suddenly changed.

The sharp tip of the sword instantly transformed into a gaping mouth. It bit through the destructive power emanating from the Tree of Destruction in a single bite, directly biting into the sapling’s body. With a tug, it actually tore the tree off from the Divine Stone of Sun and Moon, then swallowed it. The Tree of Destruction immediately turned into a lump of purple light, disappearing without a trace in the presence of the Violet-gold Moonlight Sword.

Long Haochen raised his right hand, taking the Divine Stone of Sun and Moon which had lost the Tree of Destruction to his hand. He turned to the stunned Easton’s King and asked, “Is this yours?”

Easton’s King shook his head and said subconsciously, “This is a heavenly material that nature gave birth to, and it does not belong to me.” You took it back. It’s yours. “But you … you actually destroyed the Tree of Destruction?”

Long Haochen revealed a smile, “Probably. Don’t worry, there won’t be any problems.”

When he entered Easton’s King 's cave to sense that destructive intent, Haoyue’s mood appeared in Long Haochen’s mind. Towards this power of
destruction, Haoyue was filled with longing, urging Long Haochen unceasingly to take it away. However, this was where Easton’s King was located, so Long Haochen naturally couldn’t do this before finding out the truth. At the same time, with Haoyue’s warning, he became even more suspicious of Sisi.

Haoyue also told him clearly that although the destructive power was pure and powerful, it wasn’t enough to cause him any harm, and could only serve as a tonic for him. With this thing, he would be able to complete his final evolution in the shortest time possible.

This was also the first time Haoyue told Long Haochen that he was close to completing his final evolution.

The reason why Long Haochen kept asking Easton’s King if he wanted to destroy the Tree of Destruction was to make up for Haoyue’s actions. He really didn’t know if the Tree of Destruction was really destroyed, but he understood one thing. After being eaten by Haoyue, there was no way he could spit it out. In particular, Haoyue had told him before that this Tree of Destruction and it were not on the same level.

At this moment, Sisi was completely dumbfounded. Her last hope had been shattered. Suddenly, she screamed and covered her head with her hands, rolling around on the ground in pain.

No matter how beautiful a little girl was, it wouldn’t look good when she cried out crazily in pain like this. Long Haochen was surprised, but at this time, he couldn’t come into contact with the seal of his domain.

" Easton’s King , what’s wrong with her?"

Looking at Sisi’s pain, Easton’s King was overjoyed. “Powerful human friend, you really did it. You actually did it.” She must have sacrificed all the dark side of her soul to the Tree of Destruction. Right now, the Tree of Destruction should have been completely destroyed, and the dark side of her soul should have been shattered. She lost a portion of her soul, which was why she was in so much pain. Look, the dark attribute spiritual energy on her body is beginning to dissipate. Haha, the Dark Elf Queen of the
Moon has lost her power of darkness, and Easton will be at peace for a long time to come. There was no threat from the Tree of Destruction. Thank you, my friend, for my friendship with Easton’s King will be with you all your life. "

To Easton’s King , the night elves were not a big threat, but they were constantly harassing the peace of Easton. In particular, this time, Queen of the Moon caused this to happen, which naturally made him even more vigilant. Now that her soul was destroyed, and her power of darkness was lost, meaning that the night elves lost their leader, and naturally wouldn’t be able to make much of a difference. What made Easton’s King even happier was that the Tree of Destruction was completely destroyed by Long Haochen. From then on, he could rest easy, and with his cultivation level, there was nothing in Easton that could pose a threat to him.

At this very moment, Long Haochen’s heart suddenly stirred, and he unconsciously called out The Aria of the Goddess of Light, Blue Rain, and Hibiscus of Light.

The collision between the two swords had left behind irreparable marks, and their auras had already become extremely weak. However, at this time, Long Haochen sensed a weak yet extremely familiar breath of life coming from these two swords.

Almost without any hesitation, Long Haochen told Easton’s King at his side, “I need the amplification of your life domain. Help me out.”

Chapter 743

Sealed Divine Throne - C743 - Revive! Yating’s Kiss (II)

Easton’s King said happily without hesitation, “No problem. Come on.” As he said so, his dark green life realm expanded, enveloping Long Haochen completely.

Long Haochen slowly raised the two swords in the air, staring at them with burning eyes. Taking a deep breath, he stabilized his state of mind, and in the next instant, he slowly brought the broken swords together.

The multicolored golden light of the Light God Domain rose up, completely enveloping the two swords within it. It seemed as if they had fused together, and the aura of life and creation had appeared.

However, this amount of power was far too much for the two damaged swords. They began to emit a faint humming sound.

Long Haochen shouted in a deep voice, “There’s no making without breaking. She paid an incalculable price in order to nurture you. Now, I will ask you to fuse with her.”


The Sword of Life and Creation exploded in an instant, turning into countless specks of light. And among which, the largest one was a ball of golden light.

Long Haochen’s gaze was locked on that golden light, and at the same time, all these broken specks of light were covered by his Light God

Time stood still. The power that controlled the process of life instantly enveloped these specks of light.

A multicolored golden light accompanied Long Haochen’s rapid beating Heart of Eternity shot out from his chest, directly entering that golden speck of light. Immediately, the golden light began to expand at an alarming rate, and the aura of life grew thicker and thicker.

It was as if a small golden embryo was being birthed, and the figure gradually appeared. Immediately, the figure grew in size, and its body began to unfold. There were even three pairs of tiny wings on his back.

Her appearance also gradually became clearer, beautiful and gentle, but she was so transparent and weak. Wasn’t that Yating?

Back then, when Long Haochen was killed by the Demon God Emperor in the Star Demon Tower, his heart was completely crushed. And where Yating was standingwas the meridian point next to Long Haochen’s heart!

The Demon God Emperor’s attack was just too powerful. As a result, Yating’s Elf Body instantly collapsed. Only when the soul was drawn into the sword by the divine sword because of the battle along with Sword of Life and Creation was it able to avoid disaster.

However, her soul had also fallen into a deep sleep due to extreme weakness.

Ever since he revived, Long Haochen kept cultivatingwhile searching for traces of Yating. After such a long period of hard work, along with the fact that his cultivation was evolving again and again, he finally discovered a possibility. It was that Yating had truly been transformed into the sword spirit by the two divine swords. Only when they merged into Swords of Life and Creation did Long Haochen feel a trace of Yating’s presence.

However, even though he knew that Yating’s soul might still be present, Long Haochen didn’t dare act rashly. If he shattered the two swords, her
soul would most likely disperse at once. He might allow her stay in the divine sword.

And everything that happened in front of him finally gave him enough opportunities. The evolution of the Light God Domain allowed him to master the miraculous ability of the life process. He was using his own domain’s power to stimulate Yating’s weak soul power to evolve!

This process was very complicated, and very troublesome, and it consumed Long Haochen’s strength greatly. But with Easton’s King at his side… Therefore, when he released his domain power, he could continuously increase it without any scruples.

Gradually, Yating’s body stabilized. Long Haochen let out a sigh of relief. At least, he was certain that Yating’s soul wouldn’t disperse in this state.

The following process was even more complicated. Long Haochen started to slowly pour the energy of the two broken divine swords into Yating’s body. Relying on hispure Light God Domain, Yating’s soul was gradually amplified to an extremely powerful state.

Don’t forget that Yating fused with the Saint Spiritual Stove before, and the Saint Spiritual Stove’s nurturing power is also sleeping in her soul, but this time, she was awakened at the same time. Aria of the Goddess of Light, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, they all had acceptedYating’s nurturing for a long time. Now that they were broken, it wasn’t difficult for Yating to assimilate the pure energy she absorbed into her body and her soul force. It was just that the external force she needed was extremely great.

In midair, one could see that the outermost layer was jade-green life realm of Easton’s King, inside which was Long Haochen’s Life God Domain, glinting with multicolored golden light. At the very core of the formation was Yating, letting out a soft golden light.

After the two swords broke and fused with her, Yating’s body gradually became more solid, and the aching feeling of weakness gradually diminished. Long Haochen wasn’t only infusing her with the power of the
two broken swords, but more importantly, her immense vitality, guided by the light as well.

To the elves, even the elemental fairy thirsted for life force, let alone the fact that Long Haochen didn’t regard Yating as a pure elemental fairy for a long time.

Easton’s King’s strength was indeed great, and his Life God Domain was continuously being absorbed by Long Haochen’s Light God Domain without showing the slightest sign of weakening. And outside the cave, a large amount of life energy could be seen pouring in, continuously pouring into his God Domain, before continuously increasing Long Haochen’s strength.

As the ruler of this world, Easton’s King had supreme authority here. He was the spokesperson for the Lord of Nature, the controller of the power of life. If not for the fact that Long Haochen’s Light God Domain restrained him too much, he wouldn’t have been able to do anything before.

With the strong support of this ally, the difficulty of reconstructing Yating’s body was fundamentally solved. At the same time, he relied on his greatly evolved soul force to control his Light God’s Domain, helping Yating to reconstruct her body while comprehending the various changes brought about by the evolution of his domain, as well as the mysteries of his domain. With this experience, he could be considered to have truly grasped the third rank of the ninth step.

Long Haochen’s newly comprehended domain ability could be said to have endless uses for controlling life. The only disadvantage was that it didn’t have a strong offensive and defensive ability. Facing an opponent weaker than him, this domain skill was an invincible killing machine, and could even undergo many changes. However, if his opponent also had a powerful domain, then his domain could only be of use in certain areas. In terms of offensive power, it was inferior to the Divine Halo. Of course, with the comprehension of this domain skill, his Light God Domain had taken a big step forward. At the level of his skill, it had already evolved to an even more terrifying degree.
Finally, after the last fragment of the divine sword entered Yating’s body, Long Haochen’s domain stopped its activation. Yating’s whole body was letting out a warm golden glow, and her eyes were wide open. Seeing Long Haochen whose face was pale due to the activation of the domain, her eyes were already filled with tears. However, she was still unable to make a sound. The massive amount of spiritual power in her body was also fusing together in a way that could flip the world upside down.

The Saint Spiritual Stove’s power of nurturing had an enormous effect at this moment. With Long Haochen’s previous help from the Realm of the Gods of Dawn, she was able to absorb all the foreign energy in her body. This way, not only did Yating complete the reconstruction of her body, she became even more solid than before. Among the gentle light elements, there hides a spiritual energy belonging to the Devine Swords.

Circles of white light started to emit from Yating’s body, and at this time, she was completing the fusion all by herself. Long Haochen had already done everything he could do, and the next step for Yating would depend on her own efforts.

Long Haochen waved his left hand, and the distant Queen of the Moon was immediately pulled back by him.

At this time, Queen of the Moon was already lifeless. She had lost her dark soul, and although her body was still alive, in reality, she was just a zombie without a soul.

Long Haochen placed his left hand on the head of the Queen of Moon, and the Light God’s Domain instantly rushed into her body. First, the seal on her body was lifted.

Immediately, the Queen of the Dark Night’s body grew rapidly in size. However, due to the shrinking, the clothes on her body had already fallen off. ly, she had only been three or four years old. At this time, his body expanded once more, and that white, sparkling, and flawless body appeared in Long Haochen’s and Easton’s sight.
It was as if Easton’s King had met a ghost. He quickly turned his head and muttered something to himself. The beard on his face trembled. It was as if he, who was not afraid of the heavens or the earth, was actually very afraid of a woman’s body.

Long Haochen’s mental strength was far greater than his. He quickly closed his eyes, making sure that he was being rude. But his actions did not change.

The Light God’s Domain invaded Queen of the Moon’s body. At this time, she had lost her soul, leaving only her body, but the spiritual energy in her body was still massive.

After Long Haochen’s spiritual energy entered her body, he first scanned her body. He discovered that Queen of the Moon was an existence of the Darkness and Water Attributes. The strength of his spiritual energy was about the same as before his evolution, and he was also at the second rank of the ninth stage. Although she was a lot inferior to Easton’s King, but don’t forget, she was at the second rank of the ninth stage.

The power of light began to bloom within her, attempting to expel the dark spiritual energy from her body. But very quickly, Long Haochen discovered that doing this was futile.

The Dark Attribute in Queen of the Moon’s body was very stubborn. Although without the guidance of her soul, unless Long Haochen completely destroyed her body, it would be impossible for her to cleanse herself of the Darkness Attribute. Clearly, this was because the Dark Queen’s power came from her bloodline. The stubbornness of the darkness attribute brought about by the bloodline was not something that the power of acquired awakening could compare to.

Chapter 744

Sealed Divine Throne - C744 - Revive! Yating’s Kiss (III)

“It’s useless. Don’t waste your energy. The Queen of the Moon is the leader of the night elves, her darkness attribute is deeply ingrained.” Although Easton’s King didn’t turn around to look at Long Haochen’s action, his senses were still there, so he could understand what Long Haochen was doing.

After all, Yating was an elemental fairy, and in a sense, was only an existence in her soul form. No matter how real her soul was, it was still just a soul. Long Haochen wanted to find a body for her. The Queen of the Moon who had lost her soul was clearly the most suitable. Being an Elf like her, fusing Elemental Fairy with a true Elf was far easier than fusing with other races. However, the prerequisite was that the attributes would be the same and there would be no rejection.

Easton’s King was the controller of the power of life, so he naturally understood this principle, as well as what Long Haochen wanted to do. But he didn’t believe that Long Haochen would succeed.

Long Haochen pondered for a moment before replying: “Perhaps, there is only one other way.” As he said that, he lifted his right hand, and imprinted it on the left firm chest of Queen of the Moon.

Easton’s King couldn’t help but be startled by Long Haochen’s actions, and hurriedly said, “My friend, don’t you dare shake your Heart of Light.” He was afraid that Long Haochen would fall for the charm, and that he
would do something he shouldn’t have done. If that was the case, his power of light would inevitably become no longer pure.

Long Haochen lightly shook his head, and immediately, his hand that was pressed against the Queen’s chest glowed with a faint red light. Drops of blood appeared on his fingers at the same time. After which, it slowly seeped into the Queen’s skin.

"You …"Easton’s King no longer paid attention to not watching the Queen of the Moon. He suddenly turning around, giving a dull look to Long Haochen.

“Is that worth it? Even if you succeed, your vitality will be greatly damaged. Even if the Elemental Fairy doesn’t have a body, she will always follow you.”

Long Haochen lightly shook his head, "Yating is not only an elemental fairy, but also my companion. I never treated her as a follower. She’s my friend. If she missed this opportunity, perhaps she would never be able to have a physical body. For me, Yating has already paid a great price, so what if I only have a bit of my vitality left? "

Long Haochen had done the same thing once before, back in the past, on the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, in order to save Haoyue’s life, he had used his own blood to change Haoyue’s attribute.

That’s right, if he wanted to remove the darkness from the bloodline of the Queen of the Moon, he could only use the power of his bloodline to clean it. Long Haochen wanted to use his own blood to replace the Queen’s darkness physique, to create a perfect body for Yating with pure Light God bloodline.

In mid air. Yating’s body trembled slightly. Her emotions fluctuated extremely fiercely. But her fusion wasn’t complete yet, and under the control of Long Haochen’s Light God Domain, she couldn’t move the slightest bit. She could only watch helplessly as drops of blood dripped down from Long Haochen’s hand, entering the body of the Queen of the Moon.
Large drops of tears kept dripping from Yating’s eyes. How lucky she was! Fortunately, she had made the original choice. Looking at Long Haochen, she suddenly felt her feelings becoming rich and colorful. It was as if he was already a living body and not an elemental body. She slowly closed her eyes, and the light radiating from her body became even more resplendent.

Long Haochen used his own actions to let Yating gain an even higher comprehension of the Heart of Light, and her soul started to evolve along with her elemental body.

Long Haochen was no longer the same Long Haochen he was before. That year, in order to save Haoyue’s life, he lost too much blood and almost died. If not for Haoyue’s timely blood transfusion, perhaps he would have died a long time ago.

But it was different now. He had the Light God’s Physique, which was the purest physique in the Shengmo Dalu and in Easton. When his first drop of Light God blood entered the body of the Queen. The Dark Bloodline in her body fluctuated greatly.

If the Queen of the Moon’s soul was still present, she would still be able to control her strength to forcibly repel, making things difficult for Long Haochen. But right now, she had already lost her soul. Under the headless powers of darkness, all she could do was struggle in chaos.

Drip after drip the Light God’s blood flowed into the Queen of the Moon’s body. Insufficiently pure darkness met with extreme purity of light, and the result could be imagined. The black color was gradually being replaced by a golden color. One could clearly see it. Layers of black fog kept spreading out from the Queen of the Moon’s body, and her skin became even more transparent, and started to give off a faint golden color.

There was respect in Easton’s King’s eyes, and for the first time he felt that way about a human being.

The elves were ruled under his command. However, even the usually kind elves were incomparable to this man in front of him!
He slowly flew to Long Haochen’s back, placing both hands on his back.
On his chest, a jade-green light shone, illuminating Long Haochen’s body.

One could vaguely see that on Easton’s King’s chest, a dark green leaf was flashing. It was one of the seven leaves at the top of the Tree of Eternity, and the source of Easton’s King’s power. He was mobilizing his own life force as well as the immense life force of the Tree of Eternity to help Long Haochen.

With the support of Easton’s King, Long Haochen’s Eternal Heart had at least doubled in speed. During this rapid throbbing, the circulation of his blood became stronger. With the support of his immense life force, his weak feeling was immediately swept away, and an extremely massive life force appeared in his blood, making cleaning up the Dark Bloodline of the Queen of the Moon even easier.

Finally, the last bit of darkness was removed from Queen of the Moon’s body. Her whole body was letting out a holy radiance, and a faint luster was flowing under her white skin. It was like a perfect sculpture.

Right at this time, Yating finally completed the fusion of her own power. A dense white pillar of light shot up into the sky, connecting the top and bottom of the cave. Under the holy light, the three pairs of wings on Yating’s back turned into four pairs, and a golden light one inch long appeared on her forehead.

In the midst of her gentleness, her breath seemed to have an indescribable purity and sharpness. Her originally excited look became peaceful, as she silently stared at Long Haochen, just like a child looking at her own father. There was reverence, there was love, and there were also countless positive emotions.

Long Haochen revealed a smile, “Ya Ting, this body should be able to contain your soul. Come, as long as the fusion is successful, you would be a true elf.”

Lightly nodding, Yating flew in front of Long Haochen, “Master, no matter what Yating looks like, you will always be my master.”
Long Hao Chen rubbed her head and said: “Silly girl, don’t say such things.” If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have nearly lost your soul. I’m really happy to be able to help you reconstruct your body. I’ve always treated you like a sister. “In the future, you will be my little sister. If you are willing, you can follow my surname and call me brother for life.”

Yating’s red lips trembled slightly, before suddenly throwing herself into Long Haochen’s embrace, “Bro!” Her shout was filled with sincerity. That’s right, Long Haochen’s blood was flowing through her body. After she merged with that body, she could truly be considered Long Haochen’s relative.

Long Haochen gently caressed her back, “Don’t cry, this is a day of happiness.”

Yating suddenly raised her head, wrapping her arms around Long Haochen’s neck, looking at him with teary eyes, “Master, before you became my big brother …” After saying that, she suddenly kissed Long Haochen’s mouth at lightning speed.

Her speed was too fast, and all this happened too suddenly. Long Haochen’s side was still maintaining the state of Queen of the Moon’s body, and was immediately kissed by her.

At this time, Yating still had an elemental body. Her lips were very cold, but she had an indescribable feeling about her. Long Haochen was in a daze, but behind him, Easton’s King’s expression appeared somewhat strange. The elves’ kiss was one of the most precious things in their lives.

Elves were a race that cared about relationships. Even the Elf King would only have one lover in his/her life. And the way they give their hearts and minds to their loved ones is to give them their kisses. To show loyalty to the lover, and life without regret. Although Yating was still an Elemental Fairy, from the golden pattern on her forehead, Easton’s King knew that after she obtained her body, she would definitely become an existence on the same level as the Elf King. She was even more powerful than Queen of the Moon. Haochen recognized her as his little sister, but she had already given
him all her emotions. This guy shouldn’t know about the customs of the elves, right?

Yating’s kiss was very short, and she gently raised her head, looking at Long Haochen, "Master, if there really is an afterlife, I don’t want to be your little sister. I want to be your lover. "

After saying this, her body suddenly flashed, merging into the body of the exterminated Queen of the Moon.

Yating’s kiss and her words filled Long Haochen’s heart with shock, even more so than the time when he fought against Easton’s King.

Although he didn’t know what the elven kisses meant, he could feel Yating’s feelings for him! However, he was unable to accept this. In his heart, the blind girl from before, his love of the present day.

On the body of Queen of the Moon, an intense golden radiance started to radiate, as her soul and body started to merge together.

Yating wasn’t the only one to merge with the Queen of the Moon’s body, but her pure light attribute as well as her powerful elemental body. After the previous fusion, Yating’s cultivation had already risen to the ninth step. To merge with the body of the empress Queen of the Moon who had been baptized in Long Haochen’s bloodline was as easy as forming a natural river. However, this way, Long Haochen’s blood would flow through her body, making it impossible for her to have any emotional connection with him.

Before, when she didn’t have a body, she didn’t know how much she longed to one day become a true fairy, instead of a pure fairy. However, when she merged with her body, her heart was full of reluctance.

Chapter 745

Sealed Divine Throne - C745 - Elf Queen of Light(Ⅰ)
Yating had been following Long Haochen for a long time, and from the time she started following him, she knew about the relationship between Long Haochen and Cai’er. Because she understood Long Haochen very well, she knew it was impossible for her to be with him even if she had a body.

Since that was the case, she could only take a step back and be his younger sister, to live and die together with him.

The body of the Queen of the Moon slowly floated up, and a pair of transparent golden wings slowly spread out from her back, indicating that the fusion between Yating and her body was progressing extremely smoothly.

One pair, two pairs, three pairs, four pairs. When her wings reached four pairs, Long Haochen revealed a faint smile on his face. This meant that after the fusion, at least Yating’s cultivation hadn’t weakened.

Right at this moment, the fifth pair of wings suddenly spread out. In contrast to the previous four pairs, these fifth pair of wings were actual a light blue color, not a light golden color.

“Success.” Long Haochen clenched his fists in excitement.

Although he removed the darkness attribute from Queen of the Moon’s body, he retained the water attribute. Water and light were the source of life,
and with the addition of Long Haochen’s Light God Bloodline, Yating’s body could be made even more perfect. In terms of bloodline, she was perhaps a bit inferior to Long Haochen, but she with her dual attributes could also use the power of creation.

Immediately after the fifth pair of wings, there was the sixth pair. All six pairs, twelve wings, slowly stretched behind Yating. Eight of them were golden, four blue. It looked dazzling.

The fluctuations of spiritual energy on Yating’s body were extremely astonishing, and they faintly emitted a multicolored halo. This was similar to the effect of the Light God Domain after Long Haochen’s evolution. But the difference was that of the seven colors, three of them were the most striking, while the other four gradually faded, seeming to be swallowed by the three colors.

The three striking colors are golden, blue and green. Three colored halos revolved around Yating’s body, the most powerful of them being the golden color. The original head of Queen of the Moon’s black hair was completely dyed in this golden color. The blue color changed into a long skirt, and the green color changed into the color of Yating’s eyes.

At this very moment, Yating’s aura even surpassed Long Haochen’s, forming a field of fluctuations with three colors. Her power was so great that she was already approaching Easton’s King.

Easton’s King came to Long Haochen’s side, bowing slightly to Yating,
“Welcome, Elf King of Light.”

Yating nodded slightly to Easton’s King, her green eyes full of life. She gazed at Long Haochen with a gentle look, her two hands making a few consecutive gestures in front of her chest, and a strange pattern of light immediately floated out, flying towards Long Haochen’s chest.

Long Haochen was startled. He didn’t understand what Yating was trying to do, but he believed that Yating wouldn’t harm him, so he unconsciously brought the pattern of light back to her.
When the patterns entered his hand, they instantly merged with his body and disappeared. Immediately, Long Haochen’s body shook violently, and Yating quivered at the same time.

A golden bridge quickly appeared between the two, connecting with their chests.

Long Haochen felt his own spiritual energy rising at an astonishing speed. His Heart of Eternity had already increased by 90,000 units, and after breaking through to the third rank of the ninth step, his strength exceeded 300,000 units. At this moment, he only felt his acupuncture points being opened from top to bottom. In a short period of time, his internal spiritual energy increased by 50,000 units. It had reached three hundred and fifty thousand.

However, there was no joy on his face, only a trace of helplessness,
“Yating, what are you doing?”

Yating, no, I should call her Long Yating right now. She, who had inherited Queen of the Moon’s beautiful appearance, revealed a smile to Long Haochen, “My body and life were given by big brother. If one day you aren’t here, what’s the point of living? Furthermore, the contract has already been completed, so it cannot be changed.”

So that simple rune from earlier was actual Yating’s blood contract. In her body was Long Haochen’s blood, and after completing the blood contract, she gave a reply to Long Haochen. Relying on a cultivation even more formidable than Long Haochen’s, she forcefully covered up the aura of the blood contract, to the extent that Long Haochen didn’t even notice. After the completion of the blood contract, Long Haochen was naturally affected by the contract, and his cultivation greatly increased, just like his relationship with Haoyue.

Spreading the twelve wings on her back, Yating flashed to Long Haochen’s side, hugging his left arm and giggling, “With a blood contract connecting us, this brother will never leave me.”
Long Haochen touched her head with some helplessness, “You really are a silly girl!”

Easton’s King looked at Long Haochen, then at Yating, revealing a smile and muttering to himself, “This should be the best ending.”

Right at this moment, the surrounding time returned to a still state. Long Haochen was startled, and at the same time, this emotionless voice sounded in his mind once again.

"Not lost in the benefits, looking for true knowledge in the illusion. Wash the darkness with light and shape it between light and water. You have passed the first test. The admiration and friendliness of Easton’s King are the greatest gains you have made in this test. "

Hearing these words, the first thing Long Haochen thought to do was as he expected. This should be a hint that belonged to the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. It wasn’t something that had to be done, and there were even misleading existences. If he didn’t spread the plot of the Queen of the Moon, or if he found out and followed the instructions, he was afraid that the test would have already failed.

This test of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation was not only about strength, but also about humanity and wisdom.

However, this was only the first test. What would be the next test?

Right at that moment, a resonant dragon cry suddenly resounded in the cave. Long Haochen was startled. King Easton’s face immediately turned ugly.

“Is it over yet?” The holy dragon has come to harass my Easton, relying on the mount that he is God of Creation. " As he spoke, King Easton had already left the cave.

Long Haochen knew that this holy dragon’s arrival was probably closely related to his next assessment, and didn’t dare slack off. Hurriedly, he and Yating flew out together.
After exiting the cave, he and Yating unconsciously raised their heads to look at the sky, because the original blue sky had already changed their expressions.

The entire sky was filled with a holy aura, filled with majesty and oppression. The colors of the rainbow halo caused Easton’s world to change colors.

King Easton floated in midair. He stared off into the distance with a brilliant light in his eyes. A dot of light was flying towards him at lightning speed.

Long Haochen’s eyesight was excellent, but before he could take a closer look, the speck of light from before had already enlarged in his line of sight.

It was a dragon, a true dragon. There were no wings on its back, and its slender body was over thirty meters long. Its entire body was covered in golden scales, and there were five claws underneath its stomach, and two horns on its head. Its imposing eyes were fixed on them, and as it approached rapidly, all the rainbow colors in the sky started to fluctuate.

King Easton roared angrily, “Holy Dragon, are you finished?” If you have nothing better to do, just come over and take a look. “I just don’t know if you have any.”

The holy dragon snorted coldly. “Dwarf, aren’t you afraid that your followers will change their faith?” If you have the ability, you can come to my Divine Dragon Island as well. I didn’t come looking for you today. It was God’s will. “Human, defeating me is the second test you have to face.”

Just as King Easton was about to say something, a jade-green ray of light suddenly fell from the sky and shone on his body. Immediately, King Easton felt a cold shiver down his spine and did not say anything. He could only apologetically shake his head at Long Haochen.

It was pure natural power, filled with endless vitality. The only thing that made King Easton feel helpless was his faith, which came from the power
of the Lord of Nature. It was obvious that the test of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation wouldn’t be reduced by the relationship between him and King Easton.

What Long Haochen didn’t know was that his original second trial should have been to endure for half an hour without losing under the attack of the Holy Dragon. But because of his resurrection of Yating, the difficulty of the examination increased accordingly.

Since it was a test, then it was unavoidable. Words were useless, and Long Haochen nodded in response, “Please.” As he spoke, his body flashed, and he transformed into a beam of golden light that soared high into the sky. At the same time, the Light God’s Domain also expanded, as if it were a taboo as it flew towards the Holy Dragon’s domain that covered the entire horizon. At the same time, a multicolored brilliance glinted along with Long Haochen’s flight, and when he reached a height of a few thousand meters, a Holy Unicorn appeared.

Although the battle hadn’t started yet, Long Haochen had a rough understanding of the Holy Dragon’s strength. As the most powerful magical beast he knew, as well as a powerhouse that even King Easton couldn’t do anything about, this Holy Dragon was at least at the ninth rank fifth stage of cultivation. What was even scarier was that his physical strength wasn’t any worse than his spiritual energy.

The only thing that gave Long Haochen a chance was his domain. All Divine Attribute creatures were mainly made of light, and his Light God Domain could be said to be the origin of all light elements, enough to counter the Holy Dragon in this regard. That was why he wanted to test out what would happen if his domain came into contact with the Divine Dragon Domain.

As the two domains clashed in midair, the distant king Easton suddenly had a strange feeling in his heart. As soon as Long Haochen’s Light God Domain entered the Divine Domain of the Holy Dragon, it was just like a piece of hot iron being pressed against a piece of butter. Hiss, hiss, hiss.

Chapter 746

C746: Elf Queen of Light (Ⅱ)
The sky was also filled with seven colors of light, but the Divine Domain was lacking the golden foundation of the Light God Domain. It rapidly rushed forward, spreading, and not only did it not suppress Long Haochen, it was instead occupied by him.

“Huh? What a pure power of light. No wonder he has the qualifications to ask me to make a move.” The holy dragon gave Long Haochen a curious look, but its movements didn’t stop, as a multicolored breath aimed straight at him.

Riding on the holy unicorn, Long Haochen revealed a faint smile. With a raise of his right hand, the multicolored golden light of the Light God Domain burst forth like a tsunami, rapidly dispersing the Divine Domain of the holy dragon. At the same time, it clashed against his breath.

The breath of the holy dragon was rapidly weakened, but after the golden color light disappeared, the other colors of light still rushed at Long Haochen.

Without waiting for Long Haochen to make a move, Yating’s body flashed, appearing in front of him. She spread the twelve wings on her back, and pointed her right hand at that surprise attack. In midair, a hundred- meter-long sword of light appeared out of nowhere. With a flash of light, it cut through the breath of the holy dragon. Immediately afterwards, it headed straight for the main body of the holy dragon.
At the same time, a layer of energy belonging to the domain of Yating condensed around her body. It was also of the light attribute, but the difference from Long Haochen’s Light God Domain was that Yating’s light was just like the noon sunlight, piercing and sharp.

The huge sword of light that was a hundred meters long sparkled with a dazzling golden light in the sky. It advanced forward in a kingly way.

Was this a domain skill? But Yating’s domain skills were too easy to use. There was no preparation at all. However, the golden great sword clearly carried her domain aura.

The holy dragon was shocked. As a recipient, it had the strongest impression of the sword’s aura. The unadorned but indescribably destructive King’s Sword caused him to not dare to be careless.

The huge body swayed in the air, and a rainbow bolt of lightning shot out from the two horns on his head. The two bolts of lightning merged together in the air, before shooting towards the huge golden sword.

Amidst the violent rumbling, the golden great sword paused in the air for a moment before multicolored lightning began to swirl around it.

Yating let out a cold snort, quickly turning her hands in front of her chest with a few complicated gestures. She pressed down again. Immediately, the golden light on the grate sword burst out, forcibly breaking through the multicolored light. It was still as tyrannical as ever as it slashed towards the holy dragon.

“This is … Domain weapons?” Easton’s King’s eyes were wide open in the distance. He had a lingering fear of Yating’s power.

Domain weapons? This was the first time Long Haochen heard of such a thing. However, seeing the situation in front of him, he could faintly guess that Yating’s domain was a special type of domain. She used her domain as a weapon, but it wasn’t a domain skill. That grate sword should be her domain weapon. It was very likely due to the fact that she merged all the
energy from the two swords during her recovery, which gave her this kind of special evolution.

From the way Yating acted just now, Long Haochen could feel that in terms of spiritual energy, she wasn’t that much inferior to Easton’s King. Just like Easton’s King, they were most likely both powerhouses of the fourth rank of the ninth step, while that holy dragon probably reached the fifth rank of the ninth step.

The reason why he guessed that holy dragon was at the fifth rank of the ninth step was because Long Haochen was helplessly watching his whole body suddenly turn into seven colors. Flinging his body, he rapidly dodged the golden great sword, while at the same time ferociously striking the sword’s spine with his tail, he sent the golden great sword flying to the side.

Yating’s body trembled slightly, and the golden great sword in the air seemed to stall for a moment. She had just obtained a body. Although her cultivation had evolved to the level of the Elf King, she was not proficient at controlling it.

Long Haochen pointed his right hand at Yating, and immediately, a multicolored golden light rushed out just like a hundred rivers flowing in the ocean.

He had a blood contract with Yating, and their strength came from the same source. After his domain enveloped her, Yating immediately became imposing, and her two hands drew a circle in the air, letting out ten thousand rays of light, forming a screen of light in the air, forcibly suppressing the approaching holy dragon.

The holy dragon was depressed! Although Yating’s domain weapon was very powerful, under normal circumstances, it was still confident that it could win the battle in a short period of time.

However, Long Haochen’s domain restrained its domain too strongly. After the main light attribute was weakened, holy dragon’s strength was reduced by at least a third. Although its body was tough, it didn’t dare clash
head on with Yating’s domain weapon. For a moment, it was actual at a disadvantage.

What made the holy dragon even more worried was that, along with her familiarity with the golden sword, as well as the amplification from Long Haochen’s domain, Yating’s attacks became more and more fierce. The holy dragon was constantly pushed back by her attacks, so it had no choice but to continuously use its domain to contend against them.

Long Haochen withdrew his right hand, which was originally pointing towards the sky. Actually, he had already thought of a way to deal with the holy dragon, but he didn’t expect Yating to have such an ability. Since that was the case, he was no longer in a hurry to reveal his trump card. Only God knew if there were any more difficult tests behind the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation.

The Light God’s Domain was fully supplemented by Yating’s domain, and the horn on the head of the Holy Unicorn unceasingly released rings of rainbow colored halos, strengthening Long Haochen’s spiritual energy.

The Easton world was a world full of vitality. Light was essential, and the light elements here were extremely pure.

The reason why the holy dragon had come here so many times was because it liked the light elements. But at this moment, these light elements only acknowledged one master, and that was the Light God Domain.

The suppression from the domain prevented the holy dragon from displaying its full strength. Under the joint attack of Long Haochen and Yating, there was actually no way to deal with them.

Except for countering the huge golden sword, the Holy Dragon’s gaze started to solidify, and a deep chant was chanted. His voice was very special, clearly belonging to the dragon race. His multicolor lights became colorful and brighter when he was chanting.

Compared to the Holy Unicorn who only owned the pure light of, the Holy Dragon also possessed the six attributes of water, fire, earth, wind,
thunder, and ice. With the addition of light, the seven attributes were all gathered together. At this moment, he was unable to control the power of the light attribute, but he still had six other attributes he could control.

In the midst of the incessant chants of the holy dragon, the sky seemed to boil, and a large amount of six-colored halos appeared in the air, forming a halo that floated in the air.

Dragon tongue magic. Long Haochen’s expression became more serious.

The Holy Dragon’s Dragon tongue magic was definitely the most powerful attack of the dragon race. On the Shengmo Dalu, even ordinary Gigantic Dragons were rare, let alone Holy Dragons. Even if there was one attribute missing, the power of this attack was extremely terrifying.

Long Haochen couldn’t help but raise his right hand.

“Big brother, let me do it, I can do it.” Yating’s firm voice resounded in Long Haochen’s ears. Immediately after, her body transformed into a beam of light, flying towards her enormous golden sword.

Yating’s domain was called the King Sword, which was a pure domain weapon. Domain weapons were existences that surpassed ordinary divine artifacts. The most powerful domain weapon was even capable of surpassing the power of a supra-divine artifact.

What was she going to do?

Very quickly, Yating gave the answer. With a flash of light, her body disappeared from that King’s Sword. A golden light that was a hundred times stronger than before suddenly burst out. A terrifying sword intention seemed to pierce through the sky and ascend into the sky.

At this time, the holy Dragon’s Dragon tongue magic was completed. In the sky, the phantom of six dragons over a kilometer long appeared, and each dragon released a powerful breath, directly bombarding Long Haochen.
The breath of each dragon could match a supreme forbidden spell. The six dragon shadows activated at the same time. Immediately, the world changed colors, and the sun and moon lost their light.

However, in the midst of this terrifying pressure, Yating’s King Sword abruptly soared, and in the blink of an eye, became a thousand meters long. The sword intent, the sword spirit, and the heart of the sword instantly merged into one. This was an indescribably terrifying power, and this sharpness was something Long Haochen had never seen before.

If the Violet-Gold Moon Sword formed by Haoyue was the most powerful sword of destruction, then at this very moment, Yating’s King Sword was the most powerful sword of the Righteous Noble!

Long Haochen had already been using the Aria of the Goddess of Light, Blue Rain, and Hibiscus of Light as weapons for a very long time. It could be said that any comprehension of swords had always been manifested with these two swords. After these two swords merged together with Yating, the memories attached to the swords, as well as Yating’s own understanding of Long Haochen’s fusion with Long Haochen, were added to the effects of Long Haochen’s divine blood. This caused Yating’s comprehension of the sword to reach a new height, surpassing even Long Haochen’s. Because she had once been a Sword Spirit!

Countless rays of golden light flashed in the sky, as if countless golden pillars of light had appeared in the sky. The six terrifying breaths were immediately disordered by this golden light.

Sword star Rain? This was the Sword Star Rain.

Long Haochen opened his eyes wide. That’s right, the King’s Sword was used by the Knight, and that was exactly the skill he used, the Sword Star Rain. But this was also the most powerful Sword Star Rain Long Haochen had ever seen!

The gigantic body of the Six Dragons seemed to turn into lambs waiting to be slaughtered in front of the King’s Sword. With a glint of golden light, the King’s Sword transformed by Yating rotated in the air. Immediately, a
golden line appeared on each dragon’s neck. In the next moment, they completely collapsed.

The scene left the holy dragon dumbstruck. Although his Dragontongue magic was guided by a dragon without a seat, it was still one of his strongest spells! Yet it was destroyed by an opponent weaker than it.

Chapter 747

C747: Elf Queen of Light (III)

The power of a domain weapon had actually reached such a level. Furthermore, why can she use her Self Incarnating Domain despite even not being at the fifth rank of the ninth step?

In the eyes of the holy dragon, the fusion of Yating and the King’s Sword was clearly a feature of Self Incarnating Domain! In fact, Yating was naturally unable to use her Self Incarnating Domain. She had transformed herself into the King’s Sword, thus activating the Sword to unleash its strongest power. It could be said that the current her was a hundred times, a thousand times more powerful than she had been back then.

After the King’s Sword broke through the holy dragon’s spell, it immediately turned around and slashed at the head of the holy dragon without any hesitation.

At this moment, the holy dragon began to panic as well. And there was no need to mention the grievances in his heart. Long Haochen’s domain had too great an effect on it, and Yating’s domain weapon was so domineering that Long Haochen didn’t even directly intervene from afar, but he was already unable to resist it.

With a roar, the holy dragon’s figure flashed and appeared several thousand meters away.

“Stop, stop. I didn’t lose, it’s just that your domain has too much of a restraint on me. Besides, what ability does it count as you two fighting
against one?”

The golden light vanished, and Yating flashed, returning to Long Haochen’s side. Giving a disdainful glance, she said, "I only used half of my strength. You won’t be able to hold on. You didn’t say you couldn’t fight one with two. Beaten is beaten. As a holy dragon, don’t you even have the courage to admit it? "

If these words came out from Long Haochen, the holydragon would certainly be unwilling to accept it, but from Yating’s mouth, he had no way to refute it.

Easton’s King was beside himself with glee as he said, “I didn’t expect that the majestic holy dragon would be beaten by an Elf. Let’s see how dare you come to Eastonin the future”

The huge dragon said snappily, “Dwarf, don’t be shameless. The elves belong to you, Easton?” Don’t put gold on your face. Alright, lose is lose. You past the second test. However, to be able to suppress me in terms of domain attributes, then I will admit your ability."

Long Haochen nodded in response to the holy dragon, “Thank you.”

The test of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation was far more difficult than he had imagined, and it was also different from what Yang Haoyu had told him before. According to Yang Haoyu’s description, the testshouldn’t have been so difficult.

Long Haochen seemed to have easily passed the examination, but in reality, he would have become natural moat in first or second trial if he didn’t have the Light God Domain, and hadn’t completed his evolution here, coupled with his own wisdom, experience, and the timely revival of Yating who was so powerful.

It could be said that he could pass these two trials thanks to the combination of wisdom, strength and luck. Of course, it could also be said that it was the will of Heaven.
The holy dragon gave Long Haochen a glance, “Although you have passed my test, that doesn’t mean you will pass the last test. Your domain attributes will no longer have any advantage in the final trial. I suggest. You’d better recover your strength as soon as possible. Because the final test is about to begin.”

Hearing its words, Long Haochen felt both happy and worried, but he didn’t hesitate to push his Heart of Eternity to speed up the process. Opening the six wings on his back to its maximum size, with the help of the holy unicorn, he and Yating fully recovered their spiritual energy.

What he was worried about was naturally the test that even the holy dragon felt was extremely difficult. The joy in his heart was naturally due to the fact that the test had finally reached its final stage. If he could pass this last test, he would gain the approval of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation.

After Long Haochen and the holy dragon recovered their respective domains, the sky regained its clarity. However, there was something strange about this clarity.

Long Haochen felt as if he was being stared at by something. The voice he heard several times before didn’t have any hints. The pressure in the air was growing stronger.

He did not know what the final test was. However, after battling against the holy dragon, Long Haochen faintly understood that the most difficult test from the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation wasn’t to test one’s strength, but to test one’s humanity and wisdom. It is important, especially in the case of misdirection, to find the right way. Most likely, many of the experts who had been tested had fallen in this regard.

Yang Haoyu had told him so. At least, he had failed two times in baffling ways. He didn’t even know why, but he had already failed. After trying a few times, Yang Haoyufinally concluded that the only thing he had learned was true knowledge. One must not overlook any of the details in the test.
Although the experience he gave Long Haochen omitted something, he still reminded him in the end, which helpLong Haochen pass two trials in a row due to his strength. He just didn’t know what cultivation level the target would have this time.

While Long Haochen was pondering, in midair, a white pillar of light fell in a straight line. The pillar of light wasn’t that large, and seemed to have a diameter of ten meters, appearing fifty meters in front of Long Haochen. The clean white colour did not give off any energy fluctuations.

After about three seconds, the pillar of light slowly dissipated, and a figure appeared in the air.

“Angel of Eternity!” King Easton cried out in alarm from not too far away.

It was a girl with a tall and slender figure, and from her overall shape, there were many similarities between her and Yating. For example, she was also very beautiful, a kind of noble and superior beauty, but her pride seemed to be inborn, giving people an extremely normal feeling. On her back were 12 wings, just like Yating’s. The difference was, Yating’s wings were transparent, and her wings were wings. They were somewhat similar to humans’ spiritual wings, but they looked more real.

The twelve wings were spotlessly white. Under the illumination of the sunlight, they had a faint lustre. The holiness made no one dares to have sense of blasphemy.

The same pure white dress hung down. The dress was very simple, but when she wore it on her body, it was like a perfect match. It increased by a bit more, and decreased by a bit. Golden hair and golden eyes, but no aura of light emanated from them. In her right hand, there was a slender white magic staff.

The magic staff didn’t have any gems embedded on it, but when Long Haochen looked at it, he was immediately captivated by it. What he saw didn’t seem to be a magic staff, but a sun, moon and stars. This magnificent feeling was even greater than Yang Haoyu’sUniversal Divine Realm.
With his heart missing a beat, Long Haochen clearly understood that the powerhouse known as the Angel of Eternity was even more terrifying than he imagined.

The Angel of Eternity gave Long Haochen an indifferent glance. Her voice was as cold as her appearance, “If you defeat me, you will pass the test.”

As she spoke, she lifted the staff in her hand high up in the air, muttering to herself, “Lord of Eternity, grant me your supreme power.”

The sky instantly turned white, and an inexhaustible oppressive force instantly pressed down on Long Haochen. Although he was very close to that Angel of Eternity, Long Haochen felt as if there was an endless gap between him and her.

Long Haochen’s Light God Domain was unconsciously released, but as soon as the rainbow colored light appeared, it was immediately suppressed by the white light from the outside world. Long Haochen discovered to his astonishment that under the illumination of that white light, his invincible domain gradually disappeared. Although the speed wasn’t fast, it was indeed dissipating. That feeling was very similar to being struck by Haoyue’s Essence of Disorder.

What was the attribute of her domain? Or was there no attribute?

With a thought, Long Haochen forcibly supported his Light God’s Domain outside of his body, sensing the strength of that white light from the contact.

"There is no need to waste any effort. It is the Eternal Realm of the Lord of Eternity. Since you are already in the Eternal Realm, how can you resist this radiance of Eternity? “The Eternal Light is the power of primordial chaos. It can suppress and assimilate any attribute.”

The staff in the Angel of Eternity 's hand drew a outline in the air, and a figure of light gradually appeared in front of her.
At this time, Yating also made her move, and the huge golden sword appeared once again, aiming straight at the Angel of Eternity. She didn’t care who her opponent was, as long as it was in front of Long Haochen, she would help her big brother destroy him.

As soon as the King’s Sword appeared, the white light instantly transformed into streaks of white light that coiled around it. Immediately, the Ruler’s Sword felt as if it was stuck in a quagmire. Although it was constantly chopping at the white light, its power was rapidly being consumed every second, to the extent that Yating’sexpression changed greatly, and she didn’t even use her avatar. Instead, he quickly withdrew the King’s Sword.

The scene of Long Haochen dealing with King Easton and the Holy Dragon appeared once again, only this time it was a reversal of the order of host and guest, Long Haochen being restricted by their domain. If he continued to fight with his domain, he would soon run out of spiritual energy. Moreover, even now, he still couldn’t see the extent of the Angel of Eternity’s cultivation.

“Brother, I’ll be your sword.” Yating said firmly, and immediately, she leaped up. With a flash of golden light, a heavy sword appeared in front of Long Haochen.

Domain confrontation wasn’t his opponent, and could only rely on his own strength to break through the blockade. But Long Haochen didn’t have a weapon, so Yating could only transform herself into his weapon.

The golden greatsword was seven feet long and nearly a foot wide. There were eighteen sharp lines on the edge of the sword, making it seem extremely sharp. At the hilt of the sword, there were many overlapping wings, and the hilt was long and slender. From the tip of the sword to the hilt, there was a transparent line. It was just like a long gem, and an extremely sharp aura flickered and swished in the middle of the line.

Chapter 748

C748: Angel of Eternity (I)

On this King’s Sword, there were eight glows of light. Yes, even more than the seven colors of the Divine Equipment. That powerful aura even surpassed that of the Violet-gold Moonlight Sword. And the aura it exuded was the pure energy of a King, more compatible with Long Haochen’s own Light God Domain.

Lifting up his right hand, Long Haochen grasped this huge sword, and his body trembled slightly. Feeling the connection between his blood and veins, his breath instantly merged with this King’s Sword.

An eight-colored golden light burst forth, forming a curtain of light that separated Long Haochen from the outside world. The misty white luster that had been weakening Long Haochen before immediately stopped affecting him.

At the same time. The holy unicorn behind Long Haochen also turned into a multicolored stream of light and landed on Long Haochen’s body, turning into a holy armor, fully amplifying his strength.

"Huh? Even the Light of Eternity can resist? " The Angel of Eternity looked at him in surprise.

Long Haochen replied in a deep voice, “Your Chaotic Attribute can obviously be used to communicate with any attribute. However, if any of these attributes are able to reach the pinnacle, it is not something that your primal chaos can swallow. My light is the purest light. Perhaps my
domain is no match for yours. But thought you want to weaken me with your domain, you can’t do it.”

As he said that, the six wings on Long Haochen’s back flapped, and his body turned into a golden flash, appearing in front of the Angel of Eternity like a bolt of lightning. The King’s Sword in his hand instantly glinted, and a myriad of golden lights scattered in all directions.

The body of the Angel of Eternity became illusory, and in the next instant, she was already a kilometer away.

“Since my domain can’t defeat you, then let’s just rely on strength.” The Angel of Eternity let out a cold snort, then pointed with her staff. Immediately, a huge white light expanded in front of her.

The white light soared upwards, and in the blink of an eye, it had turned into a thousand-meter-tall giant. This giant was completely white, completely formed from the power of . White armor covered its body. No weapons.

With a stuffy groan, Long Haochen was sent flying back this time. His expression really changed. This thousand-meter tall giant gave him the same feeling he had when facing the Demon God Emperor. Even though he was no longer as weak as he used to be, and he would not feel completely helpless, however, that terrifying oppression was too much powerful. This Angel of Eternity possessed the same strength as the Demon God Emperor?

The King’s Sword was raised, and with a flash of golden light, a thick streak of golden lightning shot toward the huge figure of light with an extremely sharp sword intent.

The figure of light let out an angry roar, and his entire body let out an explosive sound. A white light gushed out from his body. The sword intent released by the King’s Sword of Long Haochen was dispersed just like that. In fact, this strike contained the power of the Light of Trial.

The suppression from domain, plus the power of this figure of light, made Long Haochen suddenly feel at the end of his tether. The oppression
that figure of light gave him was too strong. It was so strong that even his will was being suppressed.

This was an opponent he was completely unable to contend with! But if that was the case, what was the point of the test of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation?

At that very moment, Long Haochen’s thoughts were like bolts of lightning. The huge figure of light had already thrown a punch at him.

Long Haochen’s expression became serious. How firm was his determination? Even if he had to face the Demon God Emperor’s suicidal situation in the past, he didn’t intend to admit defeat either. Although his opponent was strong, he wouldn’t retreat.

Grasping the King’s Sword with both hands, Long Haochen’s eyes glinted brilliantly, and a multicolored flame abruptly rose from them. What he ignited was his own domain. Even if he used up his source energy, he wouldn’t admit defeat.

“Clang!” In mid-air, the King’s Sword clashed with that fist, letting out a resplendent eight-colored light. The multicolored golden flames on Long Haochen’s body also burst forth with a dazzling luster. It ferociously struck the fist.

However, all of this was only a piece of cake to the white figure of light, and in the next instant, Long Haochen’s body was sent flying like an artillery shell.

Easton’s King stared and stunned. After the Angel of Eternity appeared, the seal that had been placed on him by the Lord of Nature was lifted. However, when he saw what was happening, his eyes were filled with disbelief.

“Old Dragon. How was this possible? Even if the Angel of Eternity is stronger than you and me, she couldn’t be as powerful as this.”
The holy dragon responded with a voice transmission, “You know nothing! This is the test the Lord of Eternity has placed on the human. Angel of Eternity only temporarily obtained the authority to control the Eternal Realm. If it was in the outside world, even if there were ten of her, she wouldn’t have such a cultivation.”

Easton’s King said in confusion, “If that’s the case, then what the hell am I taking the exam for? Who could have won her!”

The holy dragon disdainfully said, “What else does your brain have other than muscles? You know nothing! Watch by yourself.”

Easton’s King was furious. “Hell, if you keep on saying that, I’ll smash your butt with a hammer.”

The holy dragon stared at the battlefield. The thing that responded to Easton’s King’s fury was one of its five dragon claws. However, it had its middle finger erected …

In the air, Long Haochen felt the light essence in his body violently shaking, flying a few thousand meters before stabilizing his body. Although the pain from his body was intense, he was surprised to see that he hadn’t suffered any serious injuries. On the contrary, the sharpness of the King’s Sword had left a deep scar on the huge figure of light’s fist.

A thought immediately appeared in Long Haochen’s mind: this figure of light’s attack power didn’t seem as powerful as the one he displayed.

The figure of light’s attack didn’t stop there. Lifting his right hand in the air, his entire arm actually turned into a thousand meters long huge sword, slashing down from the sky. Before the greatsword landed, a deep gully had already appeared in the ground a few thousand meters below, causing King Easton to feel great heartache. However, he did not dare to rush forward to stop. The power that this glowing figure was displaying was truly terrifying. Even if he and the Holy Dragon combined, they wouldn’t be a match for him!
In the air, all the elemental essence seemed to be mobilized in a split- second, and Long Haochen’s body was locked in place, making it impossible for him to dodge. Even if space was sealed, even if he had the power to travel through space, he wouldn’t be able to escape. This feeling was exactly the same as when he was sealed by the three great demon gods in the Star Demon Tower.

Blood surged, and Long Haochen’s eyes lit up, the hot blood in his body already boiling. The battle at the Star Demon Tower was the biggest failure of his life. For this reason, the Cai Rr he loved the most suffered so much before reviving him!

Feeling the same sensation once again, Long Haochen’s whole body immediately gained a burst of energy. Grasping the King’s Sword tightly in both hands, the rainbow glow surrounding the sword turned into eight colors, and a one meter diameter area, bright as the sun, lit up the sky.

Compressed version, the Divine Light Dance.

With the existence of the King’s Sword, an existence between a divine tool and a supra-divine tool, Long Haochen’s field of application and amplification had a great change.


The sky was filled with white light, and the powerful cutting power of the Divine Light Dance was able to cut that thousand-meter long light sword in half. When it arrived in front of Long Haochen once again, its momentum was far inferior to before.

The Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon sparkled in seven colors, turning into an enormous shield above his head. However, the power of that light sword was indeed terrifying, and it smashed Long Haochen ruthlessly into the ravine on the ground. As he hovered in midair, he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

Lifting his feet, he took a step forward, directly aiming for the place where Long Haochen had just landed. From the looks of it, he wasn’t going
to give him any chance of survival.

However, at that moment, the radiance in the sky suddenly changed. The bright sunlight suddenly dimmed, and the sun began to set in the west. It seemed as if night was about to fall.

This change left the Angel of Eternity stunned. However, the light blade still ruthlessly stomped down. The roar of the earth made King Easton close his eyes. With such a terrifying step, even if Long Haochen didn’t die, he wouldn’t be able to take a single breath.

“Divine Stone of Sun and Moon?” The Eternal Angel stared at the sky, puzzled.

The Divine Stone of Sun and Moon was a treasure that contained the purest essence of the sun and moon. With enough power, it could change the entire day and night, changing the time in advance. It had always been one of Easton’s greatest treasures, but the Angel of Eternity had heard earlier that the Divine Stone of Sun and Moon had been stolen. Who would have thought that at this time. If it wasn’t used by King Easton and the Holy Dragon, it would naturally be Long Haochen.

At this time, that mighty and almost invincible figure of light suddenly trembled. Although its movement range was not large, because of its body size, everyone present was still able to see it clearly.

Immediately, a strange luster started to spread from under the feet of this figure of light, and its body seemed to solidify.

Red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple, black and white.

The nine-colored light twinkled, carrying a special kind of gentleness as they ascended. At the same time, the sun and moon in the sky seemed to come to a standstill. Sunlight and moonlight swirled and merged in the air, and the terrifying might of the world caused the Angel of Eternity, the Holy Dragon, and King Easton to shudder.
No matter how powerful they were, they were still insignificant in front of the divine might of Heaven and Earth. Even a god would not be able to contend against heavenly might. Because God was born in heaven and earth!

In the blink of an eye, the nine-colored light spread to every corner of the glowing person’s body. At this time, the divine light of the sun and moon seemed to have completed its final fusion.

An enormous golden and white pillar of light descended from the sky, combining the brilliance of the sun and the moon perfectly, gathering fire with a beautiful luster on that thousand meter figure of figure of light.

Chapter 749

C749: Angel of Eternity (II)

Under the glassy gaze of the Angel of Eternity, that enormous blade of light slowly melted in front of the divine might of Heaven and Earth. The divine light of the Sun and Moon rushed into the ground. A figure gradually rose from the divine light.

There’s no any dust on Divine Unicorn armor. In his right hand, he held the enormous King’s Sword, and in his left hand, he held it high above his head, a shield shining with nine colors of light crazily absorbing the light of Sun and Moon, causing his body to glitter with golden and white colors.

“Nine colors? A supra-divine equipment?” The holy dragon and Easton’s King said at almost the same time. As they looked at each other, they could clearly see the fear and shock in each other’s hearts.

The feeling of the huge holy dragon was especially obvious. If in the previous battle, Long Haochen had used this supra-divine equipment, he would probably have already …

The Angel of Eternity’s force was unparalleled. She didn’t expect that Long Haochen would be able to destroy the figure of light of a million units of spiritual energy. That was already close to the strength of a demi-god! Even if it was only condensed spiritual energy, its overall strength should have surpassed powerhouses of the sixth rank of ninth step.

Right, Long Haochen had activated the ultimate power of the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon.
"The Sun and Moon Protector is about the heart, the guidance of light, and the blessing of God. Dawn, sunset, the sun and the moon alternating between each other, the Divine Snail is the shield. "

These were the words left behind by the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon back then. Long Haochen gradually came to understand that the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon could only display its greatest strength at dawn or dusk. And the strength needed to activate this power was at least at the third rank of the ninth step.

In other words, after Long Haochen reached the third rank of the ninth step, he could be considered to have grasped the true might of this supra- divine equipment.

A golden-white light flashed between the heaven and the earth, and the power of chaos on the Angel of Eternityseemed to have received a huge response. As her body trembled, the terrifying aura of the Demon God Emperor began to rapidly weaken, and the entire Easton world seemed to become illusory under the illumination of the divine light of Sun and Moon.

“Friend, please take your divine ability back. Otherwise, our Eternal Realm will be destroyed.” Easton’s Kinganxiously told Long Haochen.

The golden white light slowly vanished. The Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon didn’t launch another attack. The sky gradually darkened, from sun to moon, and Long Haochen, who was in the sky, appeared to be even more noble.

The nine colors of the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon had already returned to their original colors, and its light was now much dimmer than before.

At the time he obtained the Divine Stones of Sun and Moon, Long Haochen felt its advantages. To be more precise, it was the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon that gave him the hint in his heart. At this moment. The Divine Stone of Sun and Moon combined with the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon to create an attack, and it was indeed able to turn the world around. But he also felt it, because it was not the usual alternation of
the sun and moon. For at least three days, the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon could no longer emit the luster of a supra-divine equipment.

However, a supra-divine equipment was a supra-divine equipment. Its radiance dimmed, but Long Haochen recovered to his peak state under the illumination of the sunlight and moonlight.

Looking at the Angel of Eternity from afar, Long Haochen wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, “I wonder if I can be considered to have passed your test?”

The aura of the peak of the ninth step belonging to the Angel of Eternity had already weakened, as if the aura she was emitting now was no different from that of the holy dragon. Facing Long Haochen, who held the King’s Sword in his hand and whose breath was clearly at its peak, she knew that she no longer had any chance of winning. Not to mention that the light released by the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon had given her far too much of a shock.

“You have passed the test.” The Angel of Eternity nodded to Long Haochen.

At this moment. The entire Easton world suddenly became nine colors. With Long Haochen as the center, the nine-colored divine light slowly revolved.

An ice-cold voice resounded in the air, “Wisdom, tenacity, steadiness, strength. You have passed the test of three great spirits. From now on, you will be the master of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. The Angel of Eternity will tell you the details of the throne.”

Happiness came so suddenly and naturally. Long Haochen was somewhat dull, and his eyes were moist.

It had been more than ten years. More than ten years had passed since he first saw how powerful the Divine Throne was.
In the past ten years, he had been training diligently, and he had experienced many trials and tribulations. Until today, he would finally have his own Divine Throne. It was still the ancestral Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation that had never been used before.

At this moment, how could his emotions be described just with the word ‘excited’? It was an indescribable feeling of ecstasy. It was an acknowledgement of the sublimation of the soul.

He suddenly thought back to the Tower of Eternity. As the Holy Necromancer and Undead Calamity Elux said in their last moments, “Holding the sun and moon to pluck the stars, there is no one like me in the world.”

The darkness would eventually shatter under the light of eternity. Demon God Emperor, I finally have the qualifications to challenge you.

In midair, the Angel of Eternity, the holy dragon and Easton’s King all knelt down to Long Haochen slowly,whose whole body was glinting with nine colors.

The three experts said respectfully, “Guardian of the Eternal Realm pays his respects to your master.”

Long Haochen hurriedly replied, “There’s no need to do so, please get up.”

The three experts rose to their feet, and the Angel of Eternity said,
“Master, are you curious about these three trials?”

Long Haochen nodded slightly. In fact, he had already guessed a bit, but he still needed to prove it.

The Angel of Eternity said, “This is the Eternal Realm. The Eternal Realm protects the sky, the holy dragon protects the sea and all magical beasts, and King Easton protects the earth.” Together, we represent a world. The world of eternity and creation. This place was known as the Eternal Realm. The Eternal Realm itself was the internal domain of the
Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. “Hence, if you wish to obtain the approval of a Throne, you will naturally have to take the test here.”

"The Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation is the seat of the Creator. It was a genuine super divine artifact. It’s much stronger than the one in your hands. Your shield can only release the power of a super divine artifact in a special state. You was barely able to touch the edges of the super divine artifact. The Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation were lost in space when the God of Creation himself split into a hundred gods and took control of all the planes. It comes to your planet with the guidance of fate. This is the Shengmo Dalu that you are familiar with. It has been waiting for its new master to be born. "

The Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation was actually the seat of the God of Creation? Long Haochen focused his eyes, attentively listening.

“The Throne will bestow you with the strongest power. With the existence of a Throne, it is equivalent to you being bestowed a Divine Throne by the God of Creation. You will never have to worry about the arrival of the God’s bottleneck.”

Long Haochen’s heart stirred, “Are you talking about the God’s bottleneck is the million spiritual energy?”

The Angel of Eternity nodded, “Yes.” The last test I gave you just now was to use the power of the Eternal Realm to simulate the million spiritual energy. According to the Eternal Lord’s instructions, as long as you persevere for a quarter of an hour under my attack, you will pass the examination. However, I didn’t expect you to defeat my simulation powers with your super divine artifact. “Although your super divine artifact cannot compare with the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, it is still in the domain of the Throne.”

Long Haochen asked with some curiosity, “Then who is the Lord of Eternity?”

The Angel of Eternity spoke with reverence, “The Lord of Eternity is a divine will left behind by the God of Creation.” He was the true ruler of the
Eternal Realm. But he doesn’t show up easily, and he asked me to tell you. When you have completed the necessary tasks. The Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation completed its mission in this world. “We will follow the arrangement of fate to another plane.”

At this point, Long Haochen completely understood. This Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation didn’t always recognize him as its master. It could only be said that he was borrowing it for the Shengmo Dalu. That’s right! It was the seat of the God of Creation, how could it be used forever?

At this very moment, the nine colored halos in the sky suddenly became denser, and a calm and emotionless voice sounded, “Long Haochen, follow the direction of destiny.” To pursue the true reason why the demons came six thousand years ago, and to prevent the world from being destroyed and destroyed. The Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation arrived due to the destruction of the plane, and will be repaired along with it. You are the man of destiny. “The exam is over.”

Dense colored rings of light revolved around Long Haochen’s body, and in the next instant, he felt as if he was completely immersed in a special power.

It was an endless amount of chaos energy, and it seemed to be changing because of his body. A familiar light attribute began to appear, taking root at an astonishing speed. His soul and body were both sublimated during this process of growth and creation.

Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

Long Xingyu and the members of the Dawn Demon Hunt Squad were anxiously waiting.

A month had passed since the beginning of the confrontation between the aura of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. But Long Haochen still didn’t have any news.

As early as twenty days ago, Zhang Fangfang and Han Yu had already completed their respective tests. Having his own Divine Throne, the Knight
Temple gained five Divine Knights in an unprecedented amount.

However, Long Xingyu and the members of the Dawn Demon Hunt Squad weren’t the least bit happy, because the one most deserving of becoming a Divine Knight hadn’t returned yet. His test continued.

“It’s already been a month, why hasn’t boss come out yet? Nothing will happen, right?” Lin Xin had an anxious look on his face.

Chen Yinger gave him a fierce glare, “Shut up, you jinx!”

Cai Er stood by Long Xingyu’s side, silently waiting. The seemingly calm her was feeling even more anxious than the others.

Chapter 750

Sealed Divine Throne - C750 - Angel of Eternity (Ⅲ)
Long Xingyu comforted everyone by saying: "In the process of obtaining the approval of the Divine Throne, there was a month of trial, and this was something that never happened before. And because of this, Haochen should have a great chance. Everyone, please don’t worry. Even if Haochen didn’t obtain the approval of the Divine Throne, he wouldn’t have received any damage. "

Although he said that Haochen wouldn’t be harmed, which meant that only the other five Divine Thrones would not be harmed, as the ancestral Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, no one knew to what extent its true profoundness had reached.

Just as Long Xingyu was comforting everyone, a sudden feeling of dizziness appeared in their minds.

“What’s going on?” They were all contemporary experts, and when they felt that something wasn’t right, they immediately reacted. Immediately after, they discovered that the earth seemed to be shaking, and the entire Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass was shaking slightly.

“Could it be that the Earth Dragon has turned over?” Long Xingyu’s complexion changed.

Although Earth Dragon turning over was not common on the continent, it wasn’t that there weren’t any. Moreover, once the Earth Dragon turned over, it could cause enormous damage.
The Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass was one of the six great gates of humanity. If a powerful Earth Dragon managed to make a comeback, it would be an incomparable blow to the new federation.

However, the tremors didn’t intensify at all. Although everyone was alarmed by the shaking of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, it was only maintained to a certain extent and didn’t intensify.

Suddenly, a terrible fluctuation of spiritual energy seeped out without any forewarning, and immediately, the sculpture representing the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation shone brightly.

The originally pitch-black sculpture suddenly transformed into an incomparably gorgeous nine colors. Immediately afterwards, a pillar of light emerged from the sculpture, rising into the air.

Strangely, this pillar of light didn’t destroy any buildings, but in the blink of an eye, it rushed out of the Dragon Resisting Mountain, soaring high into the sky.

Even from hundreds of miles away, this strange scene could be seen as a magnificent, nine-colored halo shot straight up. They broke through the clouds and flew higher into the sky.

“It is the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. Could it be that Haochen …” Seeing the sculpture of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation shine, Long Xingyu felt as if his heart was being tightly gripped. This Ancestral Divine Throne had never had such a change before. What did this mean?

An imposing aura spread from the entire Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, and the distant garrison of demon race was immediately shocked. They also saw the nine-colored light. To them, that majesty had become a heavy pressure.

The nine-colored light beam gradually expanded in the sky. A three hundred meter tall throne slowly appeared in the middle of the nine-colored pillar of light.
It was simply too big. It was impossible for the demon race to not see it even if they wanted to. And that oppressive force was already so terrifying that the demons of the lower levels felt chills running down their spines.

Because of the uniqueness of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, the demon race stationed here didn’t have a weak existence like the Dual Bladed Demons. But because the Holy War had already ended several years ago, there was a huge gap in strength between the armies of demon race guarding this place and those of four years ago.

Some of the demon warriors of the third level were already totally paralyzed on the ground due to the shaking of their bodies. If the pressure continued to increase, it might take their lives.

It was different from the panic on the demon race side. At this time, the powerhouses of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass were completely immersed in shock.

For sculpture of the six great Divine Thrones, almost every knight above the fifth level had seen it before. The Knight Temple had always been in possession of Divine Knights. But. Compared to this three hundred meter tall, nine-colored sparkling gigantic Divine Throne, the other Divine Thrones that had previously released countless glows on the battlefield seemed to be in a dim state.

The nine-colored lights gave off a special aura. The nine colors sparkled, but didn’t show the slightest sign of disorder. Faintly, on the back of the Divine Throne, the nine colors gradually formed rings of light that intertwined with each other. As for the throne itself, it gradually became the color of white jade.

The other Divine Thrones all seemed to be made of metal. Only this one seemed like a piece of jade.

All the sculptures were as lifelike as ever, but compared to the black of the sculpture, this sparkling white gave off a feeling of supreme nobility.
A figure of light was slowly projected in front of this massive Divine Throne. That figure was clad in multicolored divine armor and held a glinting golden sword in its hand. Armor covered his face. But he was five hundred meters tall.

Slowly, he sat on that incomparable Divine Throne. It was as if a true god had descended upon the human world.

The instant he ascended the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, the terrible pressure he exuded reached its peak. On the other side of the demon armies, tall demon warriors of the third and fourth level, in the face of this terrifying pressure, their bodies instantly exploded, turning into pieces of flesh and blood.

Yes. That massive figure was precisely Long Haochen.

At this very moment, Long Haochen didn’t know where he was, only feeling an indescribable great power surrounding him. He had once possessed the Sword of Life and Creation, and had even comprehended a domain godly technique such as controlling the progress of life through his domain evolution. However, when he sat on this throne, it seemed as if all his previous comprehensions had become insignificant. A true creative thought lingered in his heart, and the eternal thought gradually made the Heart of Eternity in his chest calm down. An indescribable clarity lingered in his heart. And his cultivation was rising because of this Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. The speed of his ascension was not fast, but his mental state was also increasing.

To correspond and integrated…

Long Haochen’s will and spiritual energy fused with the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation in this marvelous state of comprehension.

Under the illumination of the nine colors from the super divine artifact, the knights started to kneel on one knee, giving Long Haochen the most noble of ceremonies.
At this very moment, another three rays of light shot out from the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, the first one to appear was a gold-red light. The enormous throne reached a height of ten zhang, and its back was inlaid with countless precious stones.

At the very top of the backrest was a semi-circular bright red gem that overlooked the earth like a half sun. However, its radiance was a dim orange colour, giving off a terrifying pressure similar to the arrival of apocalypse.

Long Xingyu proudly floated in midair. This Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter was his best background.

One of the other two Divine Thrones was dark green, while the other was light yellow.

They were also ten meters tall, and on the dark green Divine Throne were inlaid with a total of 1080 green gems, forming a strange human face that seemed to be roaring. And in the center of the human face was a young girl’s sculpture. The young girl’s face was filled with grief, and her eyes seemed as if they were about to drip with tears at any moment. That sadness and the surrounding fear gathered into a strange characteristic.

That’s right, this was the Divine Throne of Fear and Sorrow. Except from the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, this Divine Throne was ranked first among the five Divine Thrones created by humans. At this moment, there was another person standing in front of it. His gaze was calm and steady, his long hair draped over his shoulders, and his handsome face was full of excitement. He was staring at the direction of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation.

Han Yu, in the Demon Hunt Squad of Light, Long Haochen‘s faithfully retainer knight. At the same time, the current him was also the holder of the Divine Throne of fear and sorrow, and he had already been conferred the title of Divine Knight of Destruction and Mercy by the Knight Temple.

As for that light yellow Divine Throne, it had a magnificent yellow pattern, extending outwards, and at its core was a ten feet tall yellow gem.
This yellow gem looked like a vertical eye, and within it seemed to undulate with a halo of light. It sparkled with wisdom.

In front of this yellow Divine Throne, Zhang Fangfang was similarly looking excitedly at Long Haochen and the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. Right now, he was just like Han Yu, officially becoming a Divine Knight of the Knight Temple.

He was the possessor of the Divine Throne of Wisdom and Spirit, and was conferred the title of Divine Knight of the Knight Temple.

At this point, the six Divine Thrones of the Knight Temple already had their own masters. The Knight Temple’s overall strength rose to an unprecedented level.

Long Xingyu’s voice sounded, covering the entire Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

"Twenty days ago, the Divine Knights of Destruction and Forgiveness, as well as the Divine Knights of Metamorphosis and Inheritance awakened successively in our Knight Temple. And today, I wish to announce the greatest happy occasion of the 6,000 years since the establishment of the Knight Temple. Our Ancestral Divine Throne finally has a master. He is the first President of the Temple Alliance, Long Haochen. He has already obtained the approval of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, and on behalf of the Knight Temple, I have given him the title of Divine Knight of Excellence and Leader. From this moment onwards, he will be the head of the six Divine Knights of our Knight Temple, as well as the supreme leader of our Knight Temple. "

Under the cover of Long Xingyu’s spiritual energy, the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass instantly became silent. Roughly three seconds later, cheers as loud as a volcano erupted, shaking the entire fortress.

“Divine Knights, Divine Knights, Divine Knights …” They were all cheering the same slogan, for the glory of the Knight Temple. And the demon armies stationed in the distance were quietly retreating. He had to retreat! That Divine Throne glinting with nine colors gave them a great
pressure. If this carried on, they didn’t know what kind of damage they would suffer.

And furthermore, the demon commander, seeing three of the four Divine Thrones appear in the sky, didn’t know what was going on, and immediately realized that the situation wasn’t looking good. He quickly dispatched scouts to report to the rear of the demon race. This was a major matter to alert the Demon God Emperor.

Long Haochen could feel the cheers of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, but he was currently unable to respond to them, because everything in his body was ascending to the next level.
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