Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 731-740

Chapter 731

Facing the six Divine Thrones’ sculptures, Long Haochen’s gaze was directed at the central one.

Compared to the others, that was the least flashy one. Entirely deep black, its tall seat back appeared simple yet steady, giving off a faint feeling of broadness. On the seat back were carved inscriptions of the sun, moon, stars, paintings of birds, flowers, and various vegetations. It all looked meticulous, yet appeared crowded and disorderly. With this, its blackened part appeared all the more inconspicuous.

But, around it were another five dazzling Divine Thrones.

The one that had left on Long Haochen the deepest impression was naturally his father’s Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter.

Countless gems were ostentatiously inlaid behind. In its faintest innerpart, one could see a buddha’s silhouette. Mighty and dignified, it could even be said to emit a sense of pressure.

On the peak of its back, a semi-circular scarlet colored gem was visible, appearing just like the sun overlooking the earth, letting off a might as in doom’s day.

On what looked like the center of the chest on the front of the throne, the most dazzling part was a reddish-gold rhombus gem. Every corner of it was full of splendor. A bright luminescence shone upon it all around.
Two male lions’ sculptures were crawling in guard on the broad throne in roaring positions, and countless elegant decorative designs appeared to be flowing throughout the back of the chair.

This statue looked simply the same as Long Xingyu’s Divine Throne, only in a much shrunken version. Looking at it, Long Haochen couldn’t help but stare blackly. Yet such a dazzling Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter could only serve as a prop for that central pitch-black Divine Throne.

Four other Divine Thrones were also surrounding that black one. Divine Throne of Dread and Pain.
Divine Throne of Protection and Mercy. Divine Throne of Knowledge and Vitality. Divine Throne of Order and Law.
Every one of these five great Divine Thrones were dazzling, but they appeared at most only unremarkable when surrounding that central one Divine Throne. Under their props, that pitch-black Divine Throne gave off a supreme august and sense of mystery. Just like sheer darkness, it drew out Long Haochen’s gaze.

Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang were in different situations from Long Haochen’s. Their gazes were directed at one respective Divine Throne for each of the two. Their expressions also froze.

Long Xingyu, standing at the side, did not disturb them. As an experienced person, he understood everything. Every Holy Knight would, upon arrival, there, be attracted by these throne sculptures. And the first Divine Throne drawing their eye would become their target of choice. Of course, that that was due to the Divine Thrones themselves, as the sculptures were no target of attraction.
Truly the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation! When Long Xingyu caught sight of his son’s gaze getting caught by that pitch-black Divine Throne, he couldn’t help but sigh secretly.

Ever since the start of the dark era and the founding of the Knight Temple, only five people had managed to be qualified to take the challenge of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, but they had all without an exception failed. The last time was the Starry Sky Holy Knight Yang Haoyu’s challenge.

Getting the qualifications to take the challenge was already ample proof of their talent and ability. As for Long Haochen, the sixth challenger of this honor… Would he succeed? Long Xingyu unawarely became tense upon this thought.

Long Haochen’s group of three stood dull for close to half an hour’s time, gradually able to perceive streams of holy air rising around them. Above these three Divine Thrones came off a faintly discernible brilliant glint.

The Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation that Long Haochen was facing was lit by a soft white light of softness; it was very faint inded. An indistinct connection started to form in the deepest part of Long Haochen’s soul, and a fantastic feeling spread to him, as if something was calling out for his for his name.

Long Haochen stood calm and unmoving, only going off to calmly sense the changes on this aura. His foremost feeling was peace, an incomparable peace. In a calm devoid of any distracting feelings, it seemed to be challenging Long Haochen’s tolerance and immovability, while calmly connecting to him.

What approached Long Haochen’s senses was a boundlessness, an unbordered broadness. Such a feeling could only be matched by when he had seen Cai’er standing in that boundless night sky back in the Tower of Eternity. Only, while the starry skies do have a limit, the aura coming out from the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation seemed devoid of the slightest boundary.
Suddenly, a bright light shone upon the Divine Throne of Terror and Sadness. As it swept forward, Han Yu’s body disappeared the next instant.

These six Divine Thrones’ sculptures were originally projections of the genuine Divine Thrones. Only by getting their approval shall one be able to get started in their trials’ process. But some Holy Knights actually don’t even get any opportunity to even take the trial.

Just when Han Yu had disappeared, another flash of light followed through, this time from the Divine Throne of Knowledge and Vigor, following which Zhang Fangfang also disappeared.

Only Long Haochen stood at the same place, unmoving and still sensing calmly the aura of the Divine Throne ofDivine Throne of Eternity and Creation.

Long Xingyu, still standing on the side, couldn’t help but furrow his eyebrows. He knew very clearly that the earlier one would get the qualifications to be tested by a Divine Throne, the higher his affinity with the Divine Throne would be. Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang reached speeds that hardly differed from the young him from that time, which was to say that they were likely to be approved by their Divine Throne. But how could Long Haochen, whose domain reached the supreme level, as well as having a Light God Physique, still have yet to start with his own trial?

Could the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation really not be approving of him?

Long Haochen was currently sunk deep into his own world, able to perceive that tranquil force in the midst of linking with his aura. But mysteriously, it seemed to be rejecting something, as a very uncomfortable feeling started to surge into Long Haochen’s body.

An image started to form in Long Haochen’s brain. This white, boundless world, contained a golden dazzling light. Contrasting with the surrounding tints of white, it seemed as if possibly about to dissolve at anytime.
But in the midst of this golden light, came two other colors, one of which Long Haochen was very familiar with, the purplish gold exclusive to Haoyue’s being.

Chapter 732

Although in the midst an expense of boundless white, those purplish gold rays gave off an aloof and remote feel, and in the confrontation, none of them seemed really able to suppress the other. It only came down to a continuous clash.

This was Haoyue’s power, and was the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation rejecting that? Long Haochen was secretly overwhelmed with shock. If things were really so, what kind of choice would that come down for him to?

Deep inside, Long Haochen started to struggle.

Haoyue was his companion, a blood-bound companion. Discarding Haoyue would come down to causing his death. And the Divine Throne was a must in his eyes: as the Union’s chairman and unprecedented knight of ultimate gifts, being unable to gain the Divine Throne’s approval would be a major blow to both his growth and prestige within the Union.

Out of the two, which one to choose?

Furthermore, there was not only that purplish-golden ray’s rejection, but also another dark gold-colored gloss appeared within that golden glow.

Compared to the purpish-gold radiance, this dark gold radiance was far less eye-catching, but it similarly connected to the golden light originating from Long Haochen himself. And from its appearance, its intensity was not much less than the purplish-golden light.
The purplish-gold originating from Haoyue was part of the blood connection between them, a bloodline’s power. But what was this dark gold? If that was also a bloodline’s power, since when could it be that he had it?

This dark gold was not representative of darkness, but it also gave off a feeling of extreme power. Moreover, a power that mainly came from the depths of Long Haochen’s soul, in other words, intricately related to his very soulforce.

Long Haochen had never had an irresolute character, and thus made up his choice after short considerations.

He chose Haoyue.

If a choice had to be made between the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation and Haoyue, he would still choose the latter.

Haoyue was not only his mount companion, but a good brother to Haochen. Even if the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation was a supra divine tool, that was still no more than a divine tool.

When weighing the balance between a brother or a divine tool, the choice was not difficult at all in Haochen’s mind. Even if that meant that he would get no Divine Throne, he would absolutely not give up on Haoyue.

In over ten years, he had personally seen Haoyue’s growth bit after bit, during which time Haoyue saved his life not only once or twice.

They depended on each other, and helped each other to reach their current achievements. Haoyue was his good brother, good companion, and would in no circumstances circumstances discard Haochen.

This firm belief suddenly started to fluctuate in the midst of this land of fantasy.

That purplish-gold radiance enlarged, and although its volume was no match for the white light, its aura of loftiness and pride became even more
domineering. Even the dark gold radiance followed suit, as if following Long Haochen’s state of mind, wthout any automonous features of its own. Under Long Haochen’s firm belief, it appeared especially tenacious, supporting Haoyue in resisting the white light.

What should be a little clash became a mutual resistance. And it seemed that Haochen was drawing further and further from the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation.

Long Xingyu’s anxiety became more and more intense. After two hours passed, Long Haochen’s trial had still yet to begin.
After such a long time, even if it had already started, then perhaps he... For a moment, Long Xingyu’s heart became a total mess. Furthermore,
he came to notice that the white light drifting from the statue representing Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation was getting more and more intense, yet faintly gave off an invading feel.

And on Long Haochen’s forehead, nine lines of purplish gold came to view, faintly giving off an aura of devastation, as if withstanding that Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation.

Haochen, ah, Haochen, just what are you doing?

But no matter how worried Long Xingyu was, there was nothing he nothing he could do at all. Earning a Divine Throne’s approval could only be done by one’s own efforts, so he could only stand there looking on in anxiety.

Time passed very fast, and in a blink of an eye, it had already been one day.

Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang’s trials were unknown, but contrarywise Long Xingyu was at ease for them, as after one would get taken into a Divine Throne’s trial, the longer it lasted, the higher their chances.

As for Long Haochen, maybe he no longer had an opportunity.
Long Xingyu actually had already resolved himself, and as time passed, the purplish-gold color expending from Long Haochen’s forehead and confronting the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation started to get more and more intense.

Although that purplish-golden radiance could amazingly stand its ground against the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, this also meant that it was only becoming harder for Long Haochen to gain the acknowledgement of the Divine Throne in front of him.

His Heart of Eternity was pulsing quietly, and the holy aura dispersed around him was very clean. That kind of purity even brought continuous sensations of insight to Long Xingyu who was staying nearby . Only, his too-nervous self had no thoughts of grasping these insights.

If that won’t do just end it. When Long Haochen would break through the second rank of ninth step to the third,to the third, there should be a chance.

Long Xingyu gasped secretly, unaware of why Long Haochen was supporting that purplish golden radiance with such dedication. Based on his own experience, should Long Haochen just consent to discard that purplish- gold radiance’s power, the Divine Throne’s power would be released, thus initiating Long Haochen’s trial.

In the time of one day, two days, three days, Long Haochen still didn’t move in the least, resisting again and again. By chance, that was only his aura and thoughts resisting, and not spiritual energy. Otherwise, given the folklore behind the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, although Long Haochen’s cultivation was not weak, that was still not enough for him to resist in any way.

Long Haochen felt he was in a special mode. These three days were not wasted: in his mind, he felt his soul continuously sublimating in the confrontation, as that aura of dark gold blended in, continusouly integrating itself into his soul.

This was a wonderful feeling, just like when he had originally undergone his awakening of light. Only, it didn’t give off that kind of feeling of
connection with the Goddess of Light.

Long Haochen knew that perhaps there was no way he would obtain acknowledgement from the Divine Throne, but his soul could make an evolution, thus achieving progress in the training of soulforce which was an area no one had ever studied.

Chapter 733

The Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation had broad and boundless power . Appearing all-embracing, it was yet unmatchably imposing .

Long Haochen’s ultimate Light God physique scouted its moodiness, and twined along it, exploring it . This was the first trial the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation was giving him .

But against all expectations, in the process of this trial, that dark gold radiance was affected by Haoyue and Long Haochen’s beings . Long Haochen’s faith never wavered, but the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation seemed to bring continuous changes to his senses .

At the start, the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation gave off a feeling of total inhibition, engulfing intentions . It was as if all the impurities outside the light within Long Haochen’s body was getting dispelled, but as time passed, these intentions quietly began to shift, as Long Haochen himself was not in the least aware of it .

In front of the boundless presence of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, Haoyue still did not shrink back at all . No matter how the boundless power came in, Haoyue kept his proud heads lifted, with an air of nobility and coldness, and full of a terrifying destructiveness . Both parties confronted each other, with none of the two parties able to cope with the other one .

If someone truly knew about the origins of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, and were to witness this scene, that person would certainly be in extreme shock . Such a pure clash of intentions was simply reaching a
whole other plane as they were both trying to demonstrate their lordship to each other .

When confronting the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, even Long Haochen’s light god physique was completely suppressed, to the extent that the dark golden force in his body and soul were gradually disappearing . This was a gap of the highest level . But Haoyue was not the same; his power seemed in no way inferior to the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation’s . It was at no disadvantage from beginning to end in the mutual clashes, but was similarly unable to deal with the throne’s intent .

The strife unexpectedly came to a gradual compromise . Haoyue’s purplish-gold gradually shrunk within the parts of light from Long Haochen’s body, and the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation’s white light was less insistent .

Within Long Haochen’s throbbing Heart of Eternity, the divine pellet born from his breakthrough to the ninth step had quietly become colored purplish-gold . This color symbolizes that bloodline force of Haoyue’s, completely integrated into his spiritual pellet . As the Heart of Eternity kept pulsing, this force seemed to be transmitted over and over to him .

A soft white color gradually filled Long Haochen’s whole body, and on the fourth day of his confrontation with the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, Haochen’s body disappeared in a flash of white light .

Long Xingyu had originally given up all hope, so his son’s sudden breakthrough caused him a terrible fright . These four days of standing guard got him into a tired state, his body swaying slightly as his eyes grew heavy at once .

Can Haochen succeed? He could get evaluated only after a whole four days, making him an unprecedented case among all Holy Knights attempting to receive a Divine Throne . All the geniuses that had ever come for that purpose had all without exception failed .

Long Xingyu took a deep breath, secretly sighing in relief for his son . Wishing you success . He knew clearly that, failing to obtain the Divine
Throne of Eternity and Creation’s approval would be an enormous blow for Long Haochen . He was already on the spotlight as the Union’s chairman, but being so young, proving himself by displaying sufficient strength was a must for him to gain a higher approval . The status as Divine Knight was undoubtedly the best persuasive force, and in contrast, being unsuccessful would only mean his talent and ability were not enough to gain a Divine Throne’s approval! This would raise doubts in a large majority of the people

No matter how worried Long Xingyu was, all he could now do was pray .

The trial for the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation had formerly been failed and narrated to Haochen by Yang Haoyu, so whether Long Haochen could succeed would now only depend on himself .

The instant the white light from the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation wrapped around Long Haochen, he woke up from his land of fantasy .

As the previous pressure disappeared entirely, he felt like his body was soaked in warm water, causing an indescribable feeling of coziness . His tempered soul gained the best rest through this feeling, as if melting into his body, as it entered a short state of blankness and slumber .

After some time passed, the surroundings grew back to getting clearer . A peaceful feeling sobered Long Haochen, waking him up .

As a clear chirping sound spreading to his ears, Haochen gradually came back to his senses . With shock, he found himself in a forest, surrounded with tall trees with man-sized shrubs all around .

What is this place? Long Haochen looked all around with a feeling of puzzlement . The coziness in his body maintained his body in its peak state, and the progress of his soul sharply amplified his perception .

A rich vitality could be sensed all around . The most primitive nature, devoid of the slightest feeling of threat, surrounded them . A boundless aura of life gently poured itself into his senses .
Long Haochen had an extremely firm willpower, and naturally wouldn’t suddenly lose himself due to the changes in the environment . After shortly gazing coldly at the surroundings, his frame of mind returned to normal as well . In a flash of light, the six wings on his back spread out as he attempted to communicate with Haoyue . The connection was achieved without a doubt, but to his surprise, Haoyue had actually rejected his summon for the very first time, and moreover sent emotions of good-luck wishes into his mind .

Is he encouraging me to take the trial on my own?

Just what could the trial of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation be? In this pure great nature, Long Haochen at least did not have the slightest idea as of now . As such, he thought he may as well just look around .

Having such thoughts, he flapped the wings on his back, his body drifted upwards, and flying off a treetop in the blink of an eye, rose to the skies .

Flying this way, Long Haochen felt shock as he discovered an incredibly magnificent scenery unfolding in front of him .

When gazing into the distance, everything seemed all green . Those sky- tall trees that had been growing for who-knows-how-long occupied all the space . Not the slightest bit of mud or rock came into sight: only an endless vegetation which spread out the distance, giving off the same feeling as when watching an ocean .

Long Haochen flapped his wings, propelling himself forward at a slow speed, as his senses stretched out, sensing everything down below .

Since the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation had let him in, his trial should have already started . He did not know whether he would be able to complete it or not, but knew that he was already giving his utmost .

As he flew forward, a screech spread suddenly to his senses .
Given Long Haochen’s current cultivation prospects, there should normally be no movement that could possibly escape his scouting in a range of fifty kilometers . That screech sounded human, yet seemed to contain a feeling of absolute terror .

Long Haochen almost unconsciously flapped the six wings on his back . His flying speed was originally able to reach an already extremely terrifying level, adding to that the boost of Lightspeed Flash made him cross a stretch of five kilometers in the blink of an eye, to find accurately the origin of the screeching sound . Right when he was on the verge of finding his target, he happened to notice a white figure below a treetop, heading for his direction
. Without giving him the time to identify the white figure, another immense figure came rushing out, and countless tree leaves fell, as its terrifying oppressive presence forced a choking feeling into Long Haochen .

What kind of a creature could that be‽ All that came to sight was a bare upper-body across the treetops, before disappearing from Long Haochen’s line of sight, appearing just like a somber peak coming from the thickets . Those thick hands appeared like water jars, forming fists with their immense palms, matching even giant hammers . Such a pair of palms rushed out at that white figure in front of him, which became entrapped within in the blink of an eye .

This very instant, all the surroundings suddenly became static . Even that white figure that was ejected to the sky, as well as the terrifying magical beast in pursuit of her stopped in mid-air .

Long Haochen heard a totally emotionless voice spreading to him, “The trial has started . Rescue the female human Sisi, and protect her . The trial will terminate upon failure . ”

This voice came very fast, and in the meantime, Long Haochen took the chance to take a look at the girl clad fully in white . Right now, her long black hair was in a total mess, her gaze full of terror . But it didn’t change the fact she had a stunning figure, looking in her twenties, her appearance actually bearing some resemblance with Cai’er’s .
The sound came to an end, and the surroundings that had came to a stop suddenly resumed their movement . That white-clad girl Sisi headed toward Long Haochen’s side in a flash, as that pair of extremely terrifying hands came straight at her, with Long Haochen right in the middle .

Facing such a situation, Long Haochen didn’t panic in the slightest . Since the trial of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation had already gotten started, and although the specifics were somewhat different from the Starry Sky Divine Knight Yang Haoyu’s stories, the global situation was still quite a bit similar .

Some time back, in Holy City, Yang Haoyue had narrated to him some specific details regarding the trial given by the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation . Yang Haoyu had told him that the trial was not just a simple battle, but a series of tests . On the premise of being a qualified Holy Knight, only when the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation gives its approval will the tested person be enabled to enter its world to undergo the trial .

Chapter 734

The trial was formed of a series of missions, and only by completing all of them would one have the possibility of gaining the approval of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation . As for the missions involved, according to the records of the Knight Temple’s elders and Yang Haoyu’s personal experience, each trial differed from every other, but the common part was that each time involved a series of missions, chained each to the others and not allowing of the slightest mistake, as one would be followed by the trial’s failure, getting the one involved transported back .

All Yang Haoyu’s attempts had ended in failure . His warning to Long Haochen was that during the trial given by this Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, the biggest challenge was absolutely not the test of strength, but the test of heart and humanly attributes . His two failures were on this aspect . And, the last time was when he was the closest to that point, only to be finally informed by the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation that his light was not pure enough, and had created too many spiritual bonds . Thus he would be rejected forever .

These spiritual bonds referred to the Starry Sky Mythological Beast . But back then, after Yang Haoyu had pondered over and over again, he still chose not to forsake the Starry Sky Mythological Beast . Not only were the two of them deeply attached to each other, even if he had forsaken the Starry Sky Mythological Beast, that would perhaps only make the final trial even harder to complete .

He told Long Haochen to learn from him, not to compromise in his qualifications in the initial determinations, but insist in showing all he has . Back then, maybe Yang had not been persevering enough, because after
rejecting him in the end, the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation had told him if you don’t even have the conviction to insist, how can you even gain approval and reach terms?

This, in addition, was the reason why Long Haochen had not moved in the slightest in those previous four days, and had allowed the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation to exert such an immense pressure without batting an eye . By insisting on showing his own dedication, as expected, the Divine Throne was really the compromising side .

Although Haoyue had also compromised on this aspect, the fact that Haoyue’s bloodline force within Haochen’s body did not stop the trial from getting started implied that the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation did not necessarily require a body of absolute purity .

These thoughts only briefly flashed through Long Haochen’s mind, as a multicolored gold spread out in front of him, forming an immense curtain of light to block the bash from that pair of immense hands .

With a large Bang! Long Haochen felt as if smashed by a mountain . His body was propelled through the air, and although he did not sustain wounds, his Heart of Eternity instantly increased its throbbing speed by threefold .

While his body was blasted back, his right hand brushed through the air at his side, just so as to sweep across that girl’s waist, and carried her away with him in the midst of a screech . In the meantime, the body landed down in the forest below, and because that massive figure was already completely exposed above the treetop, Long Haochen understood that dealing with it in the air was no wise choice .

This was a kind of monster resembling an gorilla . Only, it had a pair of immense wings grown on its back . Its thick and solid body measured over twenty meters, and its shoulders were over ten meters broad . This was also why he had brought such immense shock to Long Haochen before . Those terrifyingly thick hands were its absolute best weapons . His dark gold hairs were even a match for armors of epic tier . As its fierce bloody-red colored eyes gazed at Long Haochen, two blood-colored lights shot out from his eyes, heading straight for Long Haochen .
The multicolored golden curtain vanished for a slight moment before it shrank for a bit, protecting Long Haochen and the white-clad girl Sisi in its midst .

A terrible scorching feeling of burns instantly spread to the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, as a vast area of the surrounding shrubs turned into ashes . The tyrannical impact force used up a large amount of Long Haochen’s spiritual energy, and furthermore it immediately pushed his body away into the woods .

What powerful strength!

This immense gorilla’s attack force caused Long Haochen deep shock . He even bore some doubts toward Yang Haoyu’s judgment . Didn’t he say that in the trial of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, the opponent wouldn’t be too strong? But, this gorilla . . .

From these two collisions, Long Haochen could clearly confirm that this was a magical beast of the tenth rank, and not an ordinary one . This offensive power proved a spiritual energy over two hundred thousand, and more terrifyingly, its immense physical power in no way fell short of its spiritual energy .

A figure flashed as Long Haochen returned into the woods, and the gorilla appeared out of nowhere, those thick forest trees breaking one after another, appearing like frail chopsticks . The gorilla’s pair of giant palms formed a fist, directly smashing toward Long Haochen . As these fists smashed down, an intense red light surfaced atop Haochen . The strong fire essence even caused the air to twist .

Long Haochen knew that he couldn’t afford to remain in such a passive position, otherwise his body’s tiredness would only increase . While thinking so, he flung his right hand backward with strength, and shouted out, “Just leave first!”

Battling with a person on his back undoubtedly greatly affected his battle performance . While throwing Sisi from his back, he went to face off against the gorilla’s two descending hands .
Two divine swords instantly appeared in Long Haochen’s hands . The Aria of the Goddess of Light pointed to the sky, and on Long Haochen’s back an immense golden figure rose: Light God’s Descent .

A boundless sword intent spread through a large beam in the sky, rushing straight toward the gorilla’s wrists . In the meantime, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light was also waved forward, and a three meter long golden sword struck through, aiming to send the gorilla’s head flying .

In his understanding of sword intent, Long Haochen’s current prowess simply reached number one of the continent . Relying on his sword intent’s might, he had defeated countless enemies above him in cultivation .

The terror of sword intent lay in its perfect integration of the sword’s soul and power . In particular, after Long Haochen’s soul’s promotion, no matter whether in perception or global strength, he had made some progress .

With a sonorous bang, the sword intent expelled from the Aria of the Goddess of Light hit the gorilla’s wrist, although the attack stll kept going . Only, the latter burst out with a painful cry . In the meantime, its eyes once again shot out two red streaks of light, crushing Haochen’s sword beam .

Long Haochen’s figure flashed, his spiritual cavities avoiding the gorilla’s fists . However, he had still underestimated this gorilla’s strength .

With a large explosion in the air, its fists smashed onto the ground, and terrifying earthquakes instantly pounded against Long Haochen’s body, causing it to be shot away like a little rock . A severe vibrating force caused the internal spiritual energy within Long Haochen’s body to stagnate, his head filling with instant dizziness .

This actually even carried seismic waves-like effects? Long Haochen was a bit dumbfounded, but his fighting experience proved its worth, as the Heart of Eternity within his chest throbbed rapidly . Pushing his hands onto each other, the two divine swords made one, turning into the Sword of Life and Creation .
After the gorilla’s fists pounded a deep hole into the ground, its massive body suddenly jumped out, rushing straight toward Long Haochen . A terrifying flame surged out from its body, appearing gold-red in color . The red-hot streams of air emanating from it turned a large area of the surrounding plants into ashes .

Right this instant an ice-blue colored water dragon suddenly came out, heading at the gorilla, and simply intercepting it in midair .

The water dragon and the flame emanating from the gorilla caused bursts of white mist, and as the gorilla’s body was restricted, its snarls gained even more in fierceness .

Long Haochen was slightly distracted . He had made an appropriate response, and was the one benefitting the most from this adjustment period . Turning his head, he caught sight of the young girl Sisi waving an ice-blue staff and continuously chanting . Catching his glance, she responded with a light nod .

Long Haochen also lowered his head toward her, and immediately rushed out .

ly, all his sword intent did to the gorilla was to leave a mark on its wrists . This gorilla’s hairs formed the greatest armor, and it had astonishing defense .

In strength, this gorilla didn’t utilize the power of his domain, but its ability was absolutely describable as terrifying .

Both hands grasping into the Sword of Life and Creation, the golden figure behind Long Haochen’s back turned even more brilliant . An intense gold instantly filled the air, spreading to the surroundings as it formed Light God Domain .

In absolute power, that gorilla’s physical prowess added to his spiritual energy placed him completely above Long Haochen . Only by relying on the domain’s force could he stand a chance against the gorilla .
Upon use of the Light God Domain, Long Haochen shockingly found out that his domain had made considerable progress . This improvement stemmed from his control of the domain: it went from something originally somewhat hard to control to a relaxed feat . His perception of all light became many times higher than before .

In this world full of light essence, light was in no way lacking . The pure light essence, under the appeal of the Light God Domain, immediately gushed toward Long Haochen like a river .

A dim smile surfaced on his face, and while the Light God Domain was in the midst of expanding, it encompassed Sisi as well as that gorilla .

Sisi found out with shock that her own spiritual energy instantly felt as if boundless . That light of extreme purity actually changed into the water essence characteristic of her body . Her use of magic didn’t change, but was turned into a dual elemental water and light magic . And moreover, there was no longer need for worry about the supply of spiritual energy .

Chapter 735

The gorilla gave off a whole other kind of feeling . It had lost track of Long Haochen and the young girl Sisi, as a sticky light essence covered its body from all over . Not only did it give him a kind of slowed feeling, more alarmingly, its body’s originally fiery red colored radiance dimmed completely, and even its hairs which should be reflecting dark gold light had lost their color, leaving a sight of all black .

Light’s assimilation . All forces related to light would get sucked into the Light God Domain . Long Haochen’s current display was a domain’s most basic power, amplification and weakening .

The divine sword in his hand was slowly raised . Now Long Haochen was attempting to see what boundary his domain’s power could now reach .

A soft multicolored light slowly came off from the united divine swords, a light full of aura of life, and, once in contact with Long Haochen’s Light God Domain, immediately produced a chain reaction .

Back in the Temples’ Great Gathering, Long Haochen’s battle with Yang Haoyu had made use of an evolution of the Light God Domain . But at that time, he was totally pressured by the opponent, completely unable to exert control over his evolved domain .

This time was not the same . Long Haochen was finding out with shock that this natural world full of aura of life was, after the evolution of his domain, causing its original intense gold color to disappear . All that was left was only a dim multicolored gloss, but that gloss was encompassing all the surrounding creatures .
That was really a splendid feeling . All the vegetation, and even the sky and nature, all became extensions of his spiritual energy and emotional force . He controlled their very lives .

Long Haochen’s eyes shrank, and immediately, two trees that the nearing gorilla was approaching grew out, becoming multicolored . Their thick branches immediately engulfed that gorilla .

While taking control over life, Long Haochen was in focusing deeply . This instant, he felt the bottleneck that had been limiting him getting split abruptly as the suppressed spiritual energy gushed out at once . The multicolored gold surrounding his body became even more intense and compacted in the process .

Within the Heart of Eternity, the spiritual pellet which was turned purplish gold by Haoyue’s blood force changed in the midst of the latter’s throbbing, growing larger by threefold in just the blink of an eye .

While cultivating one’s spiritual pellet, everyone would need different methods and encounter different limitations . But, without exception, a change in the spiritual pellet would always mean a qualitative rise .

Right, in this world brimming with life, after his soul’s sublimation, Long Haochen had finally completed his breakthrough from the second rank, formally reaching the third rank of the ninth step .

The domain’s power instantly spread outwards, covering an area twice that which was occupied before his breakthrough .

Controlling life, what a powerful ability that was! That gorilla had already shattered the two trees, but was completely bound by that multicolored golden light .

Long Haochen had a dim smile on his face . Pointing his right hand to that gorilla, he immediately shot two multicolored light rays from his eyes, striking at that gorilla’s eyes .
The gorilla’s body shook violently, as the surrounding multicolored light flocked toward his body .

The gorilla’s body kept shaking uninterruptedly, a gold-red light gushing out from its body in the meantime, rejecting the multicolored gold . However, it was just too weak compared to this post-evolution Light God Domain .

Only a domain could stand in front of a domain . This gorilla’s original strength should have been comparable to powerhouse at the third rank of the ninth step, but its flaw lay in the lack of a domain’s boost . Without such a support, it had no control over the exterior world, and in front of a domain wielding powerhouse, pure strength was not of too much use .

The gorilla’s struggle started to get weaker and weaker, and gradually, its body stopped shaking, as a look of terror gradually filled its eyes . Its massive body was shrunken gradually, starting from a small mountain’s size it got smaller and smaller . . .

A short while later, the previously unprecedented gorilla was all of a sudden under one meter tall, looking like a mini, yet pretty, version . Right now, it had none of its previous ferocity and its eyes filled with an expression of loss along with a tinge of grievance .

Right, this was the power of control over life .

Long Haochen had directly turned it back to infancy . It had lost not only its age, but also its strength! Although this was a state that could only be maintained within Haochen’s domain, it was enough in the course of a battle . What threat could there be in facing such a miniaturized little guy for Long Haochen?

Haochen lifted his right arm, looking at the Sword of Life and Creation, a trace of regret revealing itself on his face . This was because this divine sword coming from the fusion of the Aria of the Goddess of Light and Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light was gradually falling short of his cultivation, especially noticeable compared to the might displayed by the Purplish Gold Haoyue Sword . He came to understand that although the Sword of Life and
Creation was a good weapon, it was in the end no genuine divine tool . In some meaning, it could only be considered a weapon of Immortal grade at the nearest level to divine tool . But such a weapon was insufficient to sustain Long Haochen’s future growth . This was also why he gave such importance to gaining the approval of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation .

Going from second to third rank, and thoroughly completing his domain’s first evolution, now he would no longer need to use the Sword of Life and Creation as an intermediary to achieve that again .

Even so, this was a pair of divine swords he would forever treasure, even if they should only be kept for collection in the future .

A soft multicolored halation was emitted from the white clad girl Sisi at Long Haochen’s side . After escaping danger, Sisi was in a much better mood, looking at Long Haochen with a look full of curiosity .

“Hello Sir . Thank you for saving my life . ” Sisi bowed to Long Haochen . Her bearing looked no different from the continent’s mages .

Now far calmer than before, that irresistible beauty resembling Cai’er to some extent,   and moreover no inferior to the latter in her looks, gave off the feeling of brimming with life . This was a great fit with Long Haochen’s post evolution Light God Domain, to the extent that she also got an immense boost from the domain .

From Sisi’s previous intervention, Long Haochen could feel that she was a mage of the eighth step . Such a mage looking only around twenty in age would definitely be a genius among geniuses in the continent .

“Hello . I just happened to be here at the right time . Why has this gorilla been after you?” Long Haochen asked confusedly .

Hearing this question, Sisi’s eyes immediately revealed an expression of sadness, and teardrops fell uncontrollably . That tear-stained peerless beauty really made a touching sight! In front of Long Haochen’s firm statement,
she couldn’t help but shake slightly, causing in him the unconscious reaction of not daring to look at her beautiful face .

“That’s a housepet of the devil . That devil which has killed my clansmen, seized my family, and is chasing me to kill me . If I hadn’t encountered you, I’m afraid I would . . . ”

Long Haochen asked in puzzlement, “Devil? What devil?”

Sisi took a deep breath, explaining in sadness, “A powerful mage . Practically none of us in Easton can even stand in front of him . And, he has an absolute authority in here: all the clans here have to listen to his orders . I had accidentally found a treasure, but he found out for some unknown reason . So he sent people to my clan, requesting it . But this treasure was able to change my clan’s future, so our head refused categorically . A few days later, an army came to my homeland . Not even giving the chance for a compromise, they carried out a merciless slaughter . When escaping from there, I personally saw my father, mother, and brother getting seized by their people . ”

As it turns out, this was a world called Easton, an ocean of green nature in a human world . Mostly two races lived there: humans and fairies . This devil the young girl Sisi was referring to was the lord of Easton, known as Easton’s King, a half-fairy with a mixed human and fairy bloodline .

In control of extremely powerful nature magic, he was the greatest powerhouse of the world Easton .

Easton’s king was like this world’s ruler: he had no army, but his standing was like a king of the forest . Any being going against his wishes would ultimately get killed . His life seemed without end, having already ruled over this world for over three thousand years .

The young girl Sisi didn’t tell what treasure she had obtained . Long Haochen discerned some precautions in her eyes .

“How should we handle this gorilla?” Long Haochen asked Sisi .
Sisi replied hesitantly, “That’s the servant of Easton’s king, his faithful lackey . No one knows how many humans and fairies have already deceased by his hand . Our Noah Clan is pacifistic and doesn’t wish for confrontations . If only it could have just remained weak forever, at least there wouldn’t be a need for paying lives . ”

Long Haochen furrowed his eyebrows, giving it some thought, “Let me give a try . ”

Saying so, he slowly lifted his right hand, silently feeling the surrounding Light God Domain . A soft multicolored radiance started to condense in his hand, filled with the power of life as it formed a small multicolored spiral in his hand .

An expression of exhaustion appeared on Long Haochen’s face, as he was not only concentrating his force, but moreover borrowing power from the deep mysteries of life . If not for his soulforce having made great progress, there would be no way for him to accomplish that .

In a flash of multicolored light, that small spiral got flying, and landed on that miniaturized gorilla .

Chapter 736

The multicolored spiral landed on the gorilla’s head, and immediately turned into countless multicolored lights making their way into its body.

The little gorilla stood unmoving with a blank face, its body filled up with multicolored glosses.

What Long Haochen had declared he was having a try about, was mainly about comprehension. After his cultivation had made such a qualitative leap, comprehending nothing was impossible given his level of understanding.

Never look down on that multicolored spiral: that’s his post evolution domain’s domain technique, an extraordinary life seal.

Long Haochen didn’t know how long this seal could last, but after it entered the gorilla’s body, he found out that all its aura of life was assimilated by his seal. Should no one get rid of this seal within seven days, it would make the life alteration of this gorilla permanent. In other words, really turn it back into an infant. Only by restarting from scratch would it gain the chance of reaching this boundary anew.

Withdrawing the domain, although Long Haochen felt somewhat tired, the happiness in his eyes stood with no doubt. He had gained his second domain technique, and this domain technique was truly miraculous. In some meaning, it could determine a person’s age, life, or death. To be in control of life, what kind of cheat was that!
The young girl Sisi couldn’t help but stare at the scene in front of her eyes. Although she remained vigilant toward Long Haochen, his domain’s power of nature and life had unwittingly raised some feelings of cordiality in her.

“It should be okay. I have sealed the growth trajectory of his life. His body has been restricted to this state and would only return to its original power after growing back. And that will be a long process.”

“Thank you for your benevolence. May the lords of nature praise you.”
Sisi gazed at Long Haochen, and said very earnestly.

Long Haochen seemed to want to say something as the emotionless voice from before once again sounded out within him.

“Second mission opened. Assist Sisi in rescuing her family, and moreover, earn her trust and have her take the initiative of offering her treasure. Failure of the mission will cause the test to fail.”

Although Long Haochen was already thinking that rescuing Sisi was just the start of the trial, after accepting the mission, he still couldn’t help but be alarmed.

Easton’s king that Sisi had spoken about was absolutely the most terrifying existence of this plane. For one of his house pets to be so strong, how could the person himself reach such a degree of power? Even if he didn’t reach a level such as the Demon God Emperor’s, at least he would be a match for the likes of the Moon Demon God or Star Demon God. Such a degree of strength was nothing the current Long Haochen could contend with, especially when he’s unable to get Haoyue’s assistance.

“Sisi, what are your plans from now on?” In the previous conversation they had exchanged names with each other.

Sisi’s expression darkened, her cute face showing a helpless expression, “I don’t know either. That devil is just too powerful, my family...” Saying so, she couldn’t help but cry again.
Long Haochen furrowed his brows, and declared, “Stop crying for now. It won’t solve anything. Tell me in detail, how many clans are there in Easton? Among the lot, some are intimately related to Easton’s king, and some are enemies. Although I am thinking of assisting you, I’m still afraid our strength is not sufficient.”

Saying so, his thoughts only got even more serious. On one side, Long Haochen was standing as an onlooker, but on the other side, Sisi had just witnessed his strength, particularly his control over life going through this mystical force. But even after seeing these, she still hadn’t asked from him the favor of helping. This proved either that she didn’t trust him, or that she didn’t believe him to be a threat for Easton’s king.

Long Haochen was more inclined to believe the latter. After all, he had already rescued her, and although they didn’t have a deep contact with each other, his Light God God Physique and the incomparable purity of his light, even if he couldn’t gain Sisi’s complete trust, at least it wouldn’t make her apprehensive.

Sisi silently shook her head, “No. Because I have found that thing, I have already caused devastating damage to my clan. I won’t give it to that devil, whom I want to destroy. Even at the cost of my life, at worst I will be joining my family’s side.”

Seeing Sisi’s eyes gradually becoming filled with a resolute look, the first thing that came to Long Haochen’s mind was not his own mission, but admiration for this young girl.

She was not only kindhearted, but also courageous. She may not be wise enough, but for such a beautiful girl to still have this kind of character meant she felt extremely attractive to any man.

Long Haochen nodded lightly, “I can comprehend that you are unwilling to implicate someone else. But that way, I’m afraid your family would hardly make it through alive.”

Sisi replied in distress, “Perhaps, but that is fate. Sir Long, you have saved my life, and I am unable to return the favor. This Sisi was
originally about to die. If you give in, I am willing to offer my clean self to you: this could be considered a repayment for the favor of saving my life. Anyway this body will come clean again in my next life. ”

Long Haochen jumped in start, his ears immediately reddening. If he was told this back when he was not very aware of matters between males and females, he wouldn’t give it much thought. But just before taking the test, Cai’er and him had just crossed the line! That was the first time he had experienced that beautiful act. Sisi was moreover such a beauty, her white clothing being completely insufficient to cover up her magnificent curves.

When facing a beautiful woman, anyone would show some reaction. One could for instance show admiration, have dirty thoughts, or get awkward and embarrassed. That last was exactly Long Haochen’s case.

“Sisi, don’t be like that.” In front of Sisi’s expression of distress as distress as she looked about to take him under her embrace, Long Haochen really felt somewhat at a loss. Grabbing her shoulders in his hands in a hurry, he forced her into a certain distance from him.

Sisi raised her head to look at Long Haochen, her eyes hazy with tears, “Sir Long, am I not to your liking, or are you afraid of getting involved with me? My body is really pure, and has never been in any man’s hands.”

Hearing all she said, Long Haochen immediately felt his hands loosen as if electrocuted, as he forced a smile.

“Listen to me, Sisi. I just happened to be here to save you, and had no intention to get repaid in such a manner. Moreover, right because I happened to encounter such a matter, I was thinking of helping out. I may not be capable enough to contend against a powerful opponent such as Easton’s king. But I will still give it a try. If we are lucky enough, maybe your family can be saved. Even if we are unable to succeed, you mustn’t renounce living so lightly. There is always a hope for the living, but nothing can be done for the dead.”
Sisi silently nodded, “Thank you, Sir Long. I really don’t know how I can thank you. As you have saved my life, you can have my body anytime you want.”

Long Haochen waved his hands repeatedly in embarrassment, “Don’t be like that, Sisi. Let’s first think up a way to rescue your family. Where did you say Easton’s king lives? Are you able to draw out a map?”

Sisi nodded, “Yes.” Immediately, she crouched in front of Long Haochen, drawing a detailed map using branches on the ground. Her drawing was pretty good, and as she drew she also told Long Haochen about the arrangements around Easton’s king’s residence.

“Easton’s king doesn’t have his own army, but wields a formidable power of nature. At least ten magical beasts of that previous gorilla’s grade serve as his house pets. If we want to break past them into his cave, then we must avoid itsmust avoid its guards. My family is very possibly in the deepest part of this cave.”

Long Haochen calmly listened to her arrangements, continuously nodding, and engraving her words in his memories. Sisi’s body frequently let out a thin fragrance entering Long Haochen’s nose, different from the fragrance emitted from Cai’er’s body. The sweetness from Sisi’s body was imbued with the aura of life, just like a flower full of enticement: fresh and clean, elegant and magnificent.

However, Long Haochen showed an unflustered attitude. Neither his eyes, nose, mouth, nor his heart paid any special attention to Sisi.

“The map and arrangements are such.” Sisi revealed to Long Haochen a sweet smile, apparently having already suppressed her pain compared to before. When she smiled, she truly was a peerless beauty.

Long Haochen gave it some thought, “I suggest scouting the area first, to search for some specific information. If there is a chance, I will be entering the cave to search for your relatives. Remain outside in a safe spot, ready to provide support.”
“How could that be okay? How could I leave you to take care of my matters all alone?” Sisi shook her head firmly, “I will be entering with you. Back when my father was still alive, he had formerly taken me to Easton’s king’s cave, so I’m more familiar than you with that place. And Sir Long, I disagree with your plan. By attempting to scout the area, it would be very possible to inadvertently alert the enemy. In case Easton’s king gets on guard, it will get even nearer to impossible for us to succeed. The king has a habit: he takes a nap every day at noon, and for about a duration of one hour. In this process, he will be in a very, very deep sleep, but will have his body protected with a divine tool. His house pets will be guarding him extremely closely at this time, but I believe that this will be our best chance. If we can avoid those house pets as we enter his cave, we will definitely be able to save my family.

Chapter 737

C737 Easton’s King (II)

Listening to Sisi’s organized and meticulous analysis, Long Haochen had a surprised look on his face, “It seems that you were prepared for this a long time ago!”

The smile on Sisi’s pretty face stiffened and she sighed softly. With sadness in her eyes, she said, “Ever since my home was destroyed, I’ve been thinking about rescuing my family all the time, racking my brains. The method I mentioned earlier should be the most feasible one.”

At this point, Sisi suddenly kneeled in front of Long Haochen. Her actions were too sudden, and immediately gave Long Haochen a fright.

“Miss Sisi, what are you doing?” Long Haochen wanted to help her up, but was stopped by Sisi’s hand.

She gave Long Haochen a teary-eyed look, and said, "Sir Long, after we enter the cave of Easton’s King, I have a request. If we are discovered, I will take the initiative to lead him away. You must take this opportunity to rescue my family. If I can exchange my life for my family’s peace, then Sisi will die a happy death. Even if my soul goes to heaven, I will never forget your kindness. "

As she said so, she was bowing to Long Haochen.

Long Haochen naturally couldn’t let her really bow down, he hurried to support her, “Sisi, just leave the matter of luring the enemies to me. First
of all, I don’t know your family, and even if I do, they might not want to go with me. Second, my cultivation is stronger than yours. I’m much more likely to get Easton’s King out of here than you are. Besides, I’m a man. How can I let you take such a risky action? However, I am a little worried. How can we enter the cave of Easton’s King without being noticed by his pets?”

Sisi thought about it and said, "There is a holy medicine in our clan. A holy medicine named Lilac Intoxicating. After igniting it, one would be able to put the person who smelled it into a delirious state in a short period of time. As long as without any attack, it would take them at least an hour before they woke up. If we can find this holy medicine, we won’t have to kill. He would then be able to safely enter the cave of Easton’s King. If I remember correctly, there might be Lilac Intoxicating in a nearby cave, but I’m not sure if it’s mature. "

Long Haochen nodded, "In that case, let’s go look for it. Do you remember the exact location of that cave? "

Sisi thought about it for a moment and said, “I can try and thank you.” As she spoke, she released a pair of ice-blue spiritual wings. With a sweet smile, she spread out her wings, flying in a certain direction. She unconsciously gave a glance to the golden wings on Long Haochen’s back, her beautiful eyes filled with envy.

Long Haochen gave her a look. Smiling, he spread his wings and followed.

Sisi flew in the air first, but she didn’t fly too high. She stuck close to the treetops and looked around for a while, before looking at the bright sunlight in the sky. With a wave of her hand to Long Haochen, she chose a direction to fly in.

The two of them flew for around a quarter of an hour, before descending with Long Haochen, landing beside an especially tall redwood tree.

Under this big tree. There was a small hill. Sisi said happily, “It should be here. A redwood tree is the best coordinate. If I remember correctly,
Lilac Intoxicating is growing in the cave behind this hill.”

As she spoke, she flew forward at lightning speed, bringing Long Haochen to the other side of the hill. On the surface, there seemed to be no difference from the previous ones. However, Long Haochen used his senses to scan it, discovering that on the surface of the vegetation, there was a hole that was as tall as a human, extending downwards. Moreover, he discovered that there seemed to be a magic array at the entrance of this cave. The reason why he couldn’t see the situation inside was because this magic array acted as a magic barrier, and even had extraordinary defensive strength.

Long Haochen’s soul strength had already reached the state of ‘Minute Subtlety’. Under such close inspection, he definitely wouldn’t feel wrong.

Sisi stood in front of the cave and pointed her right hand at the cave. Suddenly, a white light flashed, and the bushes in front of her slowly opened up.

Sisi turned around and gave a sweet smile to Long Haochen, “After finding out about this place last time, in order to prevent the beasts from knocking on the holy medicine, I left a little illusion here.”

Long Haochen nodded, “I will guard the entrance for you. You can go inside to find Lilac Intoxicating.”

“Yes.” Sisi agreed and quickly walked into the cave.

Long Haochen shut his eyes, letting the powerful soul force spread out at great speed, sensing the surrounding changes. His right hand was placed on a large tree, and his body was glinting with seven colors. Through his evolving domain, he was increasing the strength of his soul, and in addition, he was using the profound meaning of controlling the progress of his life to enhance his soul perception through the natural environment of the tree.

Not long after, Sisi came out of the cave with a herb in her hands.
Beneath the herb was soil, and under it was a piece of cloth. The herb was exposed to what looked like a one-foot long plant. It was pink in color and had three clusters of small white flowers on top. It really did look like lilac.

Seeing Long Haochen supporting the big tree with his hand, Sisi hurried over and said: “Sir Long, I succeeded.” Look, this is Lilac Intoxicating. "

Long Haochen’s reaction was somewhat sluggish, and after hearing her voice, he stopped for a moment before turning his head to look at her.

Looking at the Lilac Intoxicating in Sisi’s hand, Long Haochen asked:
“Is this herb enough?”

Sisi nodded and said, “Lilac Intoxicating’s intoxicating roots can dispel its hallucinatory toxicity.” At that time, we only need to make up a small portion of the population. You’ve just had a fierce fight with that pet. Why don’t we rest for a day and then go to King Easton’s cave tomorrow?"

Although she said so, the anxiety in her eyes could not be hidden.

Long Haochen replied, “If you can help them to the end, let’s set out now.” According to the task given to him by the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, not only did he have to help Sisi rescue her family, he also had to gain her trust, thus obtaining the treasure that would exterminate her entire clan.

At the beginning, when he received this mission, Long Haochen was in a very difficult situation. The previous task, even if Long Haochen didn’t succeed, he could at least try his best to finish it. However, the latter was contrary to his principles. But now, he seemed to have found some clues regarding the mission.

Sisi gave a deep bow to Long Hao Chen, her beautiful big eyes filled with mist, " Brother Long, we have known each other for such a short time, yet you are doing your utmost to help me,I remember this love." If we succeed in this trip, I will repay you tenfold, hundredfold. “As long as I can save my family, I am willing to give you the job of horse or cow.”
After saying this, she immediately turned around and flew away, as if she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to control her emotions. However, she didn’t rush out of the treetop, instead dodging the trees in the forest.

Although Sisi’s cultivation was inferior to Long Hao Chen’s, she was a mage of the eighth step, so her flying speed was very fast. Moreover, her flying skills were quite impressive, but the speed she was traversing through the forest did not affect her speed much.

As for Long Haochen, he wouldn’t have a problem either. Back when he was on the second floor of the Tower of Eternity, he had fully trained his flying skills. With his powerful perception, he followed a thirty meter distance behind Sisi, maintaining an equal distance from her. 急速⻜⾏了
知内⾄少感受到了数个⼤型村落的存在。 却都被思思巧妙的绕开了。显然她是清楚知道这些村落位置的。 After flying at high speed for over half an hour, Sisi chose a very covert route. During this time, Long
Haochen could sense several large villages through his Spiritual Perception. However, they were all cleverly avoided by Sisi. She clearly knew the location of these villages. 远远的,⼀座完全被植被覆盖的绿⾊⼤⼭出现
近之后,⼤⾃然的⽣命⽓息⽐他刚来到这个世界时⾄少浓郁了三倍以上。 In the distance, a green mountain completely covered in vegetation appeared in Long Haochen’s perception. The mountain wasn’t too high, not
even a kilometer, but after reaching this place, the life energy of nature was at least three times richer than when he first arrived in this world.

Sisi slowed down, coming to Long Haochen’s side, and said in a low voice: “Big brother Long, from now on, we have to restrain our breath.” King Easton must not have even started his nap yet. His senses were extremely powerful. We must be careful. His cave was halfway up Easton, not far ahead. As we are approaching Easton, I’m going to light the Lilac Intoxicating. "

As she said so, she handed a thin root to Long Haochen, indicating that he could put it in his mouth.
Long Haochen did as she said.

As the root entered his mouth, he immediately felt a cooling sensation spread throughout his entire body, giving him a comfortable feeling.

Sisi advanced very carefully, and Long Haochen’s body emitted a faint golden light, covering both him and Sisi within it. Sisi gave him a surprised look, because she discovered that she seemed to have turned into a ray of sunlight. Other than the pure light of the sun, there was no other trace of light.

Long Haochen revealed a smile, pointing ahead, hinting that she could set off.

After flying for about a quarter of an hour, she directly retracted her spiritual wings and landed on the ground. Although she was a mage, with the nourishment of spiritual energy for her body, her movements could still be considered agile. Long Hao Chen took the initiative to lead her, opening up a path filled with vegetation, making it a bit difficult for her as a mage to walk.

“Forward fifty meters, turn left ten meters, continue forward twenty meters, then turn right fifteen meters.” “Slightly slower …”

Behind Long Haochen, Si Si kept directing him forward. Long Hao Chen was extremely cooperative, and under her nervous gaze, he didn’t make the slightest mistake. However, he was still surprised by how familiar she was with the Holy Mountain of Easton.

Chapter 738

They obviously were not very fast as they traveled on foot. Only after fifteen minutes did they approach the foot of the Easton Mountain.

Sisi stopped and looked at the sky to check the time. Long Haochen just happened to be looking back at her. When he saw her long eyelashes tremble gently, he could not help but admire her beauty.

“The king of Easton should be starting his nap. Big brother Long, it’ll be all on you next. I’ll light the special medicine.”

As she said that, she lifted up the Cloves of Intoxication and took out a firestarter from her bosom, lighting it carefully. Immediately, a thin wisp of smoke floated up. Sisi did not let it spread. Instead, she quickly produced a curtain of water to envelope the burning cloves.

The smoke and water curtain fused together and very soon, the layer of water became a strange, gentle pink.

The Cloves of Intoxication burned very quickly. In just a few seconds, it had been reduced to ashes, while the water in Sisi’s hands had become an attractive pink.

With a flip of her hand, Sisi chanted gently and immediately, the pink water began to solidify. In a single instant, it had turned into several longan- sized pink balls of ice. It seemed very beautiful, just like pink gemstones.

Sisi smiled at Long Haochen and said, “That’s the only way to preserve the effects of the medicine. Once we enter the mountain, we’ll blow these
up and the effect will kick in. We can climb the mountain now. Just here, all the way up. Big brother Long, we have to move quickly.”

Seeing how Sisi released her spiritual wings again, Long Haochen did the same.

The two of them flew together, remaining close to the cliff face. As they flew, Sisi would constantly tossed out balls of ice in different directions. Just like what she had said, once the piece of ice flew out, they exploded immediately and turned into a pink mist which spread slowly.

As expected, they did not encounter any obstacles along the way. Before long, a huge, natural cave appeared up ahead. However, Long Haochen sensed four powerful auras at the entrance.

Sisi caught up to Long Haochen and made a gesture to tell him to slow down. At the same time, she tossed up a piece of ice. After it had exploded in the air, the mist silently spread towards the entrance.

Very soon, the four powerful auras began to weaken.

Long Haochen was secretly shocked. The effects of the Cloves of Intoxication really were powerful. The guards at the entrance of the cave would definitely be powerhouses of the ninth step. If it were not for the piece of root in his mouth, he had no idea whether he could nullifying the poisonous effects through his holy power.

As they drifted up, the two of them landed at the entrance together. Excitement flashed through the depths of Sisi’s eyes. Four huge bodies lay on the ground. They were the same as the huge gorilla Long Haochen had seen before. Even though they lay there unconscious, they still seemed to possess shocking strength with their giant statures. However, they had only sleeping. Their breathing was uniform and stable.

As if she could tell what Long Haochen was thinking, Sisi smiled, “Don’t worry, big brother Long. The effects of the Cloves of Intoxication are very powerful, but they’re useless against domain wielding
powerhouses. Otherwise, wouldn’t I be able to save my family just by using it? Let’s go in, or we’ll run out of time.”

The natural cave that belonged to the king of Easton was extremely spacious. When they entered the cave, the dense aura of nature with a tremendous vital force surged over. Long Haochen felt all his pores seemingly open up. A deep breath of the air there actually made his spiritual energy rise at a shocking rate. It was enough to rival when he focused on cultivation.

The vital force can actually increase my spiritual energy? Long Haochen knew very well that this was impossible in the past. It must have come with his breakthrough to the third rank of the ninth step.

Sisi waved at Long Haochen and immediately flew off into the cave without stowing her spiritual wings away.

The natural cave was uncanny. They could sense its size even better after entering it. Half the mountain seemed to be hollowed out, making it extremely spacious. As the two of them flew through the cave, they seemed like two inconspicuous bugs. There were no man-made marks on the walls of the cave at all, so it should have been formed naturally, which made it even more amazing.

They did not have time to admire the wonders of the cave. Very soon, they arrived in the centre of the mountain.

It was exactly then that Long Haochen heard a strange sound.

“Huu… huu… huu… huu…”

The thunderous snoring made Long Haochen’s expression take a strange turn.

“This is?”

Sisi nodded and said softly, “The king of Easton is already asleep.
That’s his snoring. Let’s go.”
Long Haochen found this rather funny. Did great strength come with great snoring?

The centre of the mountain was the most spacious region of the cave. After looking around for a little, Sisi brought Long Haochen to a boulder. Behind the boulder was a tunnel that extended straight into the wall. The tunnel was only as tall as a man and it was blocked by the boulder. If it were not for the fact that they were so close, they would have missed it completely.

“Long Haochen, this should leave to the deeper caves. My family should be held there. I…” When she reached there, she looked at Long Haochen with hesitation.

Long Haochen said, “You go save your family. I’ll stand guard here. If the king of Easton discovers me, I’ll draw him away.”

Sisi bit her lip gently and looked at Long Haochen deeply. Suddenly, she threw herself at him and hugged him tightly. Caught off-guard, she managed to wrap her arms around him firmly.

“Big brother Long Haochen, if we save our family, I’ll be your servant in the future. I’ll serve you for your entire life.” Only with that did she let go and plunge into the tunnel.

Long Haochen pushed his right hand towards her back gently and a small multicolored swirl immediately entered Sisi’s body. She only felt her spiritual energy immediately surge. She could not help but look back at Long Haochen gratefully.

“Be careful,” Long Haochen nodded at her.

Sisi nodded back gently, before speeding up once more and disappearing around the corner.

With a leap, Long Haochen landed on the boulder in front of the tunnel.
It was also at this time that the thunderous snoring stopped.
“Who is it? Who has intruded my special area?” The heavy, loud voice was the same as the snoring before. His voice boomed thunderously through the huge cave with a ceiling three hundred meters high.

An idea flashed through Long Haochen’s head and the light from the beating Heart of Eternity began to pulse violently near his chest.

The evolution of the Light God Domain allowed him to directly convert the vitality of the outside world into his personal spiritual energy. Once the vitality entered a range of ten meters, it would actually become countless specks of green light and fuse into Long Haochen’s body. It was an extremely strange sight.

A terrifying pressure immediately flooded the surroundings. Resplendent, multi-colored golden light also expanded from Long Haochen. Facing against a powerhouse like the king of Easton, how could he not use his personal domain?

The king of Easton had yet to arrive, but the jade-green light from his domain had arrived already.

The colour of the domain was extremely special. The green was gorgeous, yet also so noble. The extremely dense vitality actually managed to match the purity of Long Haochen’s light element.

The green and golden light collided and a strange sight appeared. The two domains had not collided violently. Instead, the golden light had fused with the green light once they made contact.

The golden light clearly possessed the upper hand. After coming in contact with the green light, it actually swelled rapidly. It became even more blinding. In the blink of an eye, it grew by a third in size.

“Hmm?” The loud voice seemed to be in doubt. Afterwards, Long Haochen saw a figure appear in the centre of the green light to his surprise. At the same time, the green domain retreated backwards, maintaining a certain distance from his Light God Domain.
Long Haochen would not have been so surprising if it were just for the fact that king of Easton’s tremendous size had surpassed the gorillas outside. The real reason for his surprise was because this king who had conquered the world of Easton, who struck fear into the heart of Sisi, was just… just too short.

He was probably a meter and a half in height? He was that much at most.
If he stood before Long Haochen, he would not even reach his chest.

The king of Easton had thick, short, brown hair. His hair was curly and rather messy. He wore a set of armor that seemed to be carved from jade, shining with blinding light. He was not tall, but he was extremely sturdy. He had a broad chest and was at least two thirds as wide as his height. His face was covered in hair, such that only his nose and eyes were visible.

He really did have a bright red, bulbous nose, but his eyes were brown like his hair. He held a huge axe in his left hand. Just the blade of the axe, not including the handle, was around the same size as his body, while in his right hand was a huge hammer, which was roughly the same size as the axe. It really was a strange sight as he held the pair of huge, green weapons with his short stature.

Divine tools. Although the two weapons were also green like the king of Easton’s armor, Long Haochen immediately determined that they were on par to divine tools.

The color could vary, but the aura couldn’t be wrong. The extremely pure aura of vitality had turned the entire cave green.

The king of Easton did seem powerful, but Long Haochen did not feel particularly pressured. The Light God Domain shrank to a range of thirty meters. All green light that entered the vicinity of the domain would immediately become a part of the Light God Domain.

Chapter 739

Sealed Divine Throne - C739 - The Queen of the Moon and the Tree of Destruction (I)

Long Haochen had just completed his step up, and in addition to the short time he had taken in the life domain of Easton’s King, he felt as if he was in an unprecedented state of power. But the Heart of Eternity on his chest kept beating, as if recovering his spiritual energy.

“Human, why did you enter my territory?” The voice of Easton’s King was still deafening, in contrast to his body.

Long Haochen replied in a deep voice, “Easton’s King, for your own selfish desire, you bullied the weak, and committed the crime of clan extermination. I will make you pay for it today.”

As Long Haochen said that, he put his hands together above his head, and the Aria of the Goddess of Light merged with Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light. Dazzling rainbow lights rose up, and his Light God Domain rippled outward like a ripple of water.

“Bullshit.” Easton’s King cursed loudly, brandishing his huge axe and his huge hammer at the same time. Immediately, his green green life domain transformed into countless plants in the air, attacking Long Haochen’s Light God Domain.

As soon as the green light entered the multicolored golden light, the result was exactly the same as before. That jade-green color actually only
increased the power of the multicolored golden light, and Long Haochen’s Light God Domain’s might instantly increased, charging even faster.

“How did this happen?” Easton’s King was shocked. Hurriedly withdrawing his domain, he leaped up and threw himself at Long Haochen.

Domains that were completely restrained were extremely rare. Only when the two domains were in a state of mutual domination to the extreme would it appear. And Long Haochen’s domain and the domain of Easton’s King weren’t only limited to restraint, but also had the characteristics of a being born together. The Domain of Life of Easton’s King could almost be said to be the best fuel for Long Haochen’s Light God Domain, but in the blink of an eye, the strength of Long Haochen’s Domain surpassed his control.

Facing the attack of Easton’s King, Long Haochen didn’t show the slightest fear, both hands grasping the Sword of Life and Creation and chopping it down on his head. It was Asura Strike.

Now, Asura Strike was no longer the same as before, not only mixing the power of Long Haochen’s domain with it, but also his comprehension of sword intent and sword spirit. A multicolored golden light fell from the sky like a waterfall, filling the entire mountain. Long Haochen’s whole body emitted an unprecedented imposing aura.

As soon as the green light surrounding Easton’s King came in contact with the multicolored golden light from Long Haochen’s sword radiance, it was immediately weakened, and even the divine tool in his hand was greatly affected.

However, the spiritual energy of Easton’s King was far above Long Haochen’s. Letting out a loud shout, he brandished the weapons in his hands, and immediately, Long Haochen’s sword intent was torn to shreds by a terrifying force. At the same time, he advanced forward, the axe in his right hand clashing against Long Haochen’s sword of Life and Creation.

Shock appeared on Long Haochen’s face. He never thought that a person or any kind of creature could gain such terrifying power. He was certain
that even the Demon God Emperor wouldn’t have such strength in terms of strength.

The only difference was that the Sword of Life and Creation was contacted a little bit on the border, and in the next instant, Long Haochen’s whole body flew out like an artillery shell, violently smashing against a distant wall.

The stone walls in the belly of this mountain were extremely hard, but after Long Haochen’s body crashed against it, green colored debris flew in all directions, forming a huge crater.

With Long Haochen’s cultivation at the third rank of the ninth step, in addition to suppressing his opponent’s domain strength and sword intent, facing the power of Easton’s King, this was the result of this.

His Heart of Eternity violently throbbed, but Long Haochen still couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood. He felt as if his body was crushed by a huge rock, and his whole body was in pain, especially his arms, which now felt as if they weren’t his own.

After that instant of contact, the Sword of Life and Creation had already completely split apart, turning back into two heavy swords. And on top of that, fine cracks appeared, as if they were going to break at any moment. Although Haochen’s body was rapidly recovering, how could such a battle continue?

No wonder, no wonder even his pet had such powerful strength. No wonder his short stature made such a terrifying purr. His power was actually so terrifying.

Proud voice of Easton’s King rang out, “Haha, I has the blood of the King Titan.” “In terms of strength, even if God comes before me, he can only bow his head in submission.”

Just as he was feeling proud of himself, a dense multicolored golden light slowly floated out from the hole Long Haochen made. Compared to before, this seven-colored colored light was even more intense. And it was
following a strange trajectory with a slight hum. Seven colors circulated, and the light actually began to spin rapidly. In the next instant, Long Haochen reappeared in midair.

Taking a deep breath, Long Haochen stared at Easton’s King with shining eyes, “Since I have no way to resist against you in terms of strength. Then, I can only use my domain.”

In the next instant, Long Haochen seemed to have turned into a sun, letting out a multicolored golden light, instantly illuminating every corner of the mountain.

Easton’s King was also not spared. Although he possessed extremely terrifying power, he was completely suppressed by Long Haochen in terms of his attributes. A multicolored golden light covered his body, and Easton’s King immediately felt his spiritual energy being absorbed by that multicolored golden light at an astonishing speed.

At this moment, he obviously could not use his domain. That would only speed up the rate at which his cultivation was being devoured by the Light God Domain. Only by defeating Long Haochen would he be able to get rid of the threat this Light God Domain posed to him.

With a furious roar, the hammer in Easton’s King’s right hand suddenly flew out, flying in the air like a huge green meteor as it flew at Long Haochen.

Long Haochen revealed an indifferent smile, “In the contest of strength, even if I were a hundred time better than what I am, I wouldn’t be your match.” However, your domain has been completely suppressed by me. No matter how strong your strength is, you won’t be a domain warrior."

As he spoke, the giant hammer flashed past him, but it was only a flash of light that shattered it. The giant hammer soared through the air, arcing through the air just as it was about to make contact with the walls of the cave, returning to Easton’s King’s hand. Within the cave, Easton’s King could only see a rainbow colored ray.
The Light God Domain allowed him to see only seven colors of the world. The Cave seemed disappeared, and everything around him was just the colorful ray.

Just as Long Haochen had said, without a confrontation between domains, ordinary powerhouses wouldn’t have the slightest chance of fighting against a domain powerhouse of the same level. The domination of the domain alone made him powerless.

Easton’s King was silent, his brown eyes shining. He kept a pair of huge weapons on either side of his body, sensing Long Haochen’s location. But he soon found that it was useless. Because in Long Haochen’s domain, the only thing he could sense was light. He couldn’t detect even a trace of his soul aura.

Long Haochen was currently hidden in the Light God Domain, healing his body at high speed while his brain was operating at high speed.

If not for his domain of absolute restraint, even the strongest human expert in the Holy Demon Continent, Yang Haoyu the Divine Star Knight, wouldn’t be a match for Easton’s King. His strength was too terrifying. Within his domain, the power of life was even purer. Fortunately, Long Haochen’s Light God Domain had evolved, and after obtaining the ability to control the progress of life, he was able to achieve the effect of fusion of life energy. Otherwise, he would have no other choice but to escape.

Under the influence of the Light God Domain, his spiritual energy was greatly reduced. No matter how strong his physical strength was, after losing the support of his spiritual energy, he could only be slowly ground to death by Long Haochen.

Easton’s King’s eyes were filled with unwillingness. This battle had been too stifling. He had never thought that there would be someone with a domain that could restrain his domain so much. One must know that his life domain had a powerful ability to control the life force of all animals and plants. Once it was covered by his domain, the life force of the enemy would be rapidly drained. No one had ever been a threat to Easton’s King .
However, contrary to his expectations, he was in big trouble today. In the face of the Light God Domain that Long Haochen had evolved into, it was like a firewood meeting fire. ), and then his firewood would have to be lit.

With a roar at the sky, Easton’s King’s life force erupted like a geyser. The hidden Life Realm bloomed once again. Although he was only drinking poison to quench his thirst, this was the only way for him to discover Long Haochen’s position through the collision of domains.

In a flash, Easton’s King’s speed reached its peak, while at the same time, the weapons in his hands flew out, covering the direction Long Haochen was in.

These two divine artifacts rapidly pounced at Long Haochen, but just as they were about to come into contact, they clashed against each other, letting out an extremely terrifying explosion. A thick layer of emerald lightning spread out in all directions, covering an area of at least three hundred square meters.

“Haha, let’s see where you can run now.” Being struck by my unparalleled thunder, even if your domain restrains me, you will fall into a state of paralysis and shock. “Eh …”

At this point, Easton’s King realized that something was wrong. This was because he discovered that Long Haochen’s figure had disappeared, and the Light God Domain was speeding up its assimilation into his Domain of Life.

“No, that’s impossible.” Easton’s King caught the two flying divine artifacts with a look of disbelief.

Chapter 740

Sealed Divine Throne - C740 - The Queen of the Moon and the Tree of Destruction (II)

Long Haochen’s voice came from all directions, “There’s nothing impossible about this. For I am not merely the domination of the realm over you and have restrained you. My soul force is also more powerful than yours. Therefore, even if my domain collides with yours, I can suppress your perception and prevent you from finding out where the real me is.”

Although he said that, Long Haochen was in fact shocked. The collision between those two divine artifacts was simply too terrifying. If he was in that range, he wouldn’t die. At the very least, he would be completely restricted, or even sealed. Easton’s King could turn the tide and win the battle.

The face of Easton’s King was filled with unwillingness, but he had no choice but to quickly retract his life realm. If he didn’t retract it now, the consumption of his spiritual energy would only increase. And Long Haochen’s domain’s might kept increasing, even increasing the speed at which his spiritual energy was being absorbed.

“Believe it or not, I’ll use all of Easton’s life force to blow up your domain.” Easton’s King raised the divine artifact in his hands and threatened.

Long Haochen showed a smile, “You can try. Don’t you think that if you really did that, you’d be melted first before my domain could explode?”
Easton’s King was instantly speechless. He was truly unwilling. He knew that his opponent’s strength was inferior to his, but he was still unable to defeat his opponent. This sort of feeling was definite not comfortable. Of course, he could also escape through the protection of the life realm. But as the King of Easton, if he gave up his own territory and fled, how could he continue to rule Easton?

Just as the King was in a rage, the multicolored light around him slowly retreated, and Long Haochen’s body appeared.

After a period of recovery, the injuries caused by the blast had already recovered. And because he absorbed a large amount of life force to replenish his domain, not only did his previous use of the Light God Domain not consume any of Long Haochen’s spiritual energy, it even nourished his own body, restoring most of his spiritual energy.

The King’s face was extremely ugly. Of course, only he could feel his expression, and all Long Haochen could see was that big beard. But he could still see the extreme reluctance in the eyes of Easton’s King.

"Human, are you here to humiliate me?"Easton’s King growled. Facing Long Haochen, he was clearly in an invincible position. Although he recovered his domain, Easton’s King knew that he didn’t have the ability to instantly kill his opponent. At the same time, he couldn’t do that either. It was just like how he could also feel that Long Haochen wouldn’t kill him.

Long Haochen shook his head, "Of course not. I was invited to deal with you. She told me that you killed all her people for her treasures and kidnapped her family. I came here to help her rescue her family. "

“Bullshit. I am the spokesman of the Lord of Nature in the world, the embodiment of nature and the will to live. How could I do such a thing? Although you have the Heart of Light and the glory of supreme light, you cannot insult me. I am the child of the Lord of Nature.” Easton’s King was enraged, and the terrifying divine artifacts in his hands began to clap against each other. Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something and asked urgently, "Who is this person that you were talking about just now?
I want to know who dares to slander the spokesman of the Lord of Nature, the great Easton’s King. "

Just as Long Haochen was about to open his mouth, the whole cavern shook violently, and immediately, an indescribable great power spread out from the cavern that Sisi had just entered.

It was also the power of life, but this power wasn’t the power to create life, it was the power to destroy life.

When Easton’s King sensed the presence of this aura, he immediately turned pale with fright. However, he didn’t take any action, as if he was extremely afraid of this destructive power of life, and rapidly retreated to the side, even dodging behind Long Haochen.

At that very moment, a white figure drilled out from the cave. As soon as she appeared, the power to destroy life immediately burst out. Terrifying fluctuations of spiritual energy pressed Long Haochen and Easton’s King against the distant stone walls at the same time.

However, they quickly adapted to this force and immediately flew back into the air.

Easton’s King looked at Long Haochen with both alarm and anger, "You
… You actually let someone sneak into the forbidden area and steal the seeds of the Tree of Destruction? Do you know that this would upset the balance of the entire Easton world, and would even make all living things in the Easton world into nothingness? "

Naturally, the white figure that flashed out was Sisi. At this moment, in her right hand was a very strange stone. The stone looked strange, half gold, half silver.

It emitted a faint golden and silver glow. At the place where the two colors intersected, a small sapling appeared. The sapling was a light purple color with faint purple spots. And the immense destructive power Long Haochen felt before was actually emitted from this little sapling.
Undoubtedly, this was the seed of the Tree of Destruction that Easton’s King had spoken of.

“Sisi, did you save your family?” Long Haochen asked.

Sisi raised her head to look at Long Haochen and King Easton, startled, and asked back, “Why didn’t you lead him away?”

Long Haochen replied, "My domain just happened to restrain his, so I defeated him, so naturally there’s no need to draw him away. You haven’t answered my question. "

Sisi smiled sweetly and said, “It’s alright, it’s not important anymore.” Brother Long, thank you for helping me obtain the seed of the Tree of Destruction. From now on, I am the ruler of this Easton world. I will grow with the growth of the Tree of Destruction. Until I turn this place into my God Slaughtering Domain. I didn’t expect you to be so powerful that even King Easton could defeat you. However, since you defeated him, why didn’t you kill him along the way? “This is good as well. I’ll do it myself then.”

When King Easton saw Sisi, he immediately became enraged. "It’s you. So it’s you. Queen of the Moon, what are you planning to do? The last time you stole the Divine Stone of Sun and Moon was because of the Tree of Destruction’s seed. “Do you want to destroy Easton?”

Hearing name of the Queen of the Moon, Long Haochen was startled, and couldn’t help but think of Queen of the Moon, who was far away in the Demon City. After so many years, he didn’t know how she was doing. However, the Demon God Emperor had said that he wouldn’t harm her. Was she all right now?

Sisi sneered, “Shorty, if you weren’t so anxious to force us, the moom clan, to lose our chance of survival, why would I take such a risk?” The moment I planted Lord Tree of Destruction on the Divine Stone of Sun and Moon, I changed my faith. King Easton, I may not be able to kill you today. “However, once Lord Tree of Destruction grows up, I will be the first to find you.”
Long Haochen wrinkled his brows, calmly looking at Sisi, “Sisi, this doesn’t seem to be the same as what you said.” “It seems that you didn’t come here to save your family?”

Sisi looked at Long Haochen with a complex look, lightly sighing: “Brother Long, I’m sorry, I lied to you.” But I had to. You’re too kind and trusting. But it’s worth it for me to use you. You are so handsome, but you carry the inheritance of light. Don’t worry, when I’ve completely merged with the Tree of Destruction, I’ll definitely find you the best tomb. Of course, if you give up your faith in the light and follow me through the mysteries of the dark, I will not only not kill you, but I will even marry you and become your wife. After all, an outstanding human being like you is just too rare. "

As she spoke, Sisi’s body began to change. Her ears became sharp, and her black hair slowly floated in the air. It seemed as if a black wave was spreading out from her back. Three pairs of transparent but faintly glowing black wings unfurled. Her impeccable appearance was filled with a mysterious allure. Her aura also increased dramatically. Although she was not as powerful as King Easton, she was at least a domain level expert.

Sisi’s voice was no longer gentle, but filled with pride. “Let me introduce you again.” I am the master of darkness and water, Queen of the Moon Night of Easton.

The leader of the Night Elves. My people have been forced by you humans and elves to gradually go extinct. If I don’t act now, my tribe will really be exterminated. So what I said to you before was not all a lie. As for my parents and relatives. They don’t exist. As the Queen of the Moon, I am the ruler of the darkness. I don’t need any blood relatives at all."

Hearing her words, Long Hao Chen watched her silently, but the expression on his face didn’t have much of a change.

King Easton let out a loud shout, and the two divine artifacts in his hands clashed against each other, causing the divine life domain to immediately release a dark green luster, “Queen of the Moon, do you think you can still leave today?”
Queen of the Moon Sisi showed a smile, “Can’t I leave?” If it was before, perhaps you would still have a chance to keep me here. “But now
…” As she said that, she slowly raised the Tree of Destruction in his hand, letting out a dense dark aura that rapidly followed the cold chill into the Divine Stone of Sun and Moon. Immediately, a terrifying pressure that was several times stronger than before burst out, causing King Easton’s Life Realm to rapidly shrink back.

"The tree of destruction is the companion of the Tree of Eternity, and the Tree of Eternity is the home of the Lord of Nature. Although you are the spokesperson for the Lord of Nature, how can you contend with the tree of destruction? “Even if the tree of destruction has only just sprouted, your power isn’t enough to stop me from leaving.”
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