Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 721-730

Chapter 721

Chen Zidian nodded. Out of the Six Great Temples, three were on their side and one neutral, so there was no need to even ask the Mage Temple to come to a conclusion. However, out of respect for the Mage Temple, Chen Zidian looked at Li Zhengzhi with an inquiring gaze.

Li Zhengzhi remained very calm, as if no longer affected by the gloom of his Mage Temple receiving the fourth position in the domain battle.

“Chief referee, comrades. First of all, I agree with your previous statements. Although Bright Glimmer of Hope used some tricks in this domain battle, they managed it with their strength. Without the extraordinariness of Long Haochen’s Light God Domain, they couldn’t possibly have achieved this much. Even if they hadn’t united with the Priest Temple, they could very possibly have still ended as the final victors. So, there is no need to dwell any longer on this matter.”

Seeing Li Zhengzhi so easily let go of the opportunity of making things hard for Bright Glimmer of Hope, Long Tianying couldn’t help but reveal a look of shock.

“Other than that, I have a suggestion.” Li Zhengzhi continued, “The competition having reached so far, there won’t be a big change to the final rankings anymore. So, I believe that there is no longer need to conduct the final team battle. The team battle involving so many people, and furthermore allowing the use of equipment, it would very easily result in accidental injuries. This Temples’ Great Gathering should just end with the current rankings.”
“Although the Temples’ Great Gathering is an important matter taking place once every ten years, it is also bound to catch demonkin’s attention. All of us are peak powerhouses of our Temples, so saving as much time as possible would be the best. So I believe that the most important matter that follows should be to get the Alliance ready, and make preparations for the future counterattack against demonkind.”

Li Zhengzhi’s speech did not merely shock everyone present. Li Zhengzhi’s statement implied that the Mage Temple was renouncing on their struggle in this Temples’ Great Gathering. Even Long Tianying who did not like him much could but nod in silence. So! this Li Zhengzhi still knows which things to prioritize.

Chen Zidian nodded, “The Temples’ Great Gathering is a symbolic event of once every ten years. Lessening the number of stages must be out of all the Temples’ agreement. Please lift your hand, all those who agree about shifting the end of the gathering ahead of time?”

The calm looking Li Zhengzhi was the first one to lift his hand. Immediately next, the Knight Temple and Bright Glimmer of Hope followed by lifting their own hand’s. This situation was really the most ideal one in their eyes.

The head of the Warrior Temple Qiu Yonghao gave Li Zhengzhi a glance, lifting his hand, he was filled with secret admiration toward Li Zhengzhi. Knowing when to bow was really an admirable quality.

Sheng Yue also lifted his glance, full of appreciation toward Long Haochen and Cai’er. Finally, these two youngsters stood at the peak of humankind.

On the side of the Priest Temple, Ling Xiao and Ling Lao naturally showed no opposition. They had at the present time achieved the third rank, an unprecented score for the Priest Temple. If one party was the most willing to conclude the competition at that point, that would no doubt be them.
Only one hand was not lifted, and now the only party left was the Spiritual Temple. All gazes gathered onto Chen Hongyu. Although a tough old man, his scheming heart was rarely surpassed. No matter how unwilling he was to see the Spiritual Temple achieve fifth, he had to follow suit, for the sake of maneuvering for the standing of the Spiritual Temple in the new Alliance.

During the vote, Chen Hongyu seemed to mutter words in a very low voice, voluntarily for Sheng Yue to hear them, “At least we have more points than some others. Not too bad I guess.”

This time Sheng Yue didn’t pay attention. Carrying a smile on his face, he had a calm and easy going look.

Seeing everyone accept Li Zhengzhi’s proposal, Chen Zidian nodded, “Alright. In that case, I, chief referee, announce the end of the Temples’ Great Gathering. The rankings are such, number one Bright Glimmer of Hope, number two, Priest Temple, Temple, number three, Knight Temple, number four, Mage Temple, number five, Spiritual Temple, number six, Assassin Temple, and number seven, Warrior Temple.”

“Tomorrow morning, the Six Great Temples and Bright Glimmer of Hope’s representatives shall convene in a meeting to discuss the matters of the new Alliance.”

“Yes.” Everyone bowed at the same time, bowing to Chen Zidian. No one could deny that this legendary character was the most fitting chief referee that they could have.

The Temples’ Great Gathering was terminated early after three stages. One could say that this was a really unexpected thing. In the eyes of the later generation, this instance of the gathering was really drawing the start of an unmatched era in History.

Li Zhengzhi carried a faint smile on his face, as he walked to face Long Haochen extending his hand in front of him, “Congratulations, Haochen.”
Long Haochen gave a sincere response, “Thank you. Be at ease, I won’t disappoint you.”

Li Zhengzhi returned the smile, “I will be waiting for that day you will have a Divine Throne at your side.” The congratulations he gave Long Haochen also meant taht Li Zhengzhi was abandoning the struggle for the new Alliance’s leadership. Without this greatest rival they had, the rest would go much easier.

Long Haochen nodded, “Certainly.”

Long Tianying joined Li Zhengzhi’s side, patting his shoulder,

“The youngsters’ generation is coming. I originally thought you were very young all along, but now you seem much older eheh.”

Li Zhengzhi snorted, “Old Long, although you are not up to much, you gave birth to a good son, and now a good grandson.”

Hearing his mocking, Long Tianying didn’t take it at heart, only laughing heartily, “These are thoune great genes.”

Chen Hongyu let out a snort, “Bullshit. I can’t see much similarity in the two of you, and he’s looking much better. Don’t attribute yourself unexisting merits.”

“Long Tianying laughed, “Say as you please. This old man is in a good mood today, I’ll take it as jealousy from the two of you.”

The other Temples’ leaders were really jealous! Jealous for Long Tianying to have grown such a good grandson. The ability Long Haochen just displayed atop of being on the verge of establishing a establishing a new Alliance, would really make the Knight Temple the absolute leader for the next hundred years. If humankind truly manages to vanquish demonkind, this position would only consolidate even further. So Long Haochen’s existence could be said to be settling the Knight Temple to the ruling position of the new Alliance.
Long Haochen bowed to the leaders, while humbly expressing that his achievement of championship was just a matter of luck.

The Temples’ Great Gathering was terminated, but this was just a start to the new Temple Alliance. What came next would be even more important. Before this session had started, the Six Great Temples had priorly consulted, determining that the changes to the new Alliance would demand immediate action.

After six thousand years of settlement, the gap between the Temple Alliance and demonkind was no longer as large. But why could they only come onto passive beating in the Holy War? Strength was a factor, but was the gap in their strength so large? The answer was indefinite. The most important reason that they remained so passive lied in their mutual policies.

Demon Hunt Squads proved at repeated times the uses of joining several vocations together. But even now, vocation combination had never happened from the Start of the war to its end. The key point of this lied in the estrangement of the Six Great Temples.

To resolve this matter was not achievable in a matter of words, but needed deep rooted changes of the Alliance.

As a matter of facts, no one was willing to see themselves supervised by another one.

But an important factor finally brought this compromise between everyone, and that was the immense threat of demonkind.

Four years ago, the Holy War gave the Temple Alliance the greatest comprehension of demonkind’s strength they ever had. Before that, the Six Great Temples all acknowledge that even if the Alliance’s attack was insufficient, their defenses were ample. But in reality, even if demonkind had not deployed their full force, and their strongest races had yet to take part from beginning to end, they found it still very difficult to repel the demon offenses. Not only they suffered disastrous losses, but they even narrowly lost some of their forts.
The onesforts.

The ones that experienced this the deepest were the Assassin Temple, Warrior Temple and Priest Temple. Their three Temples were nearly lost in the assaults of the enemies.

Thus, after the Holy War ended, the Six Great Temple convened several meetings, gradually consenting to the foundation of a new Alliance. For the sake of resisting the demon threat, and for humankind to go on, they couldn’t keep moving out of selfishness. No matter how humankind’s future balance of power would turn out, their first priority was to maintain the human race, or that talk would not even exist.

However, the matter on who should lead this new Alliance was discussed for very long. In the end, this session of Temples’ Great Gathering was supposed to determined that the most greatly: let your strength talk for you. If not for Bright Glimmer of Hope’s sudden addition, one could be afraid that the Knight Temple and Mage Temple’s struggle would have persisted until the last fight.

Li Zhengzhi’s renouncement was not only due to Bright Glimmer of Hope’s performance, but also because of the Knight Temple’s power. He originally believed that the Mage Temple would completely be able to suppress the Knight Temple, but when things started for real, the Knight Temple managed to stand above the Mage Temple without even their two Divine Knights taking part. This was a massive blow to Li Zhengzhi, who did not expect this situation. Now without a doubt, it would be meaningless to keep struggling. There’s no way the Knight Temple would leave the commanding position to the Mage Temple.

Although the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope was led by Long Haochen, that was after all a Demon Hunt Squad, and was thus formed with six powerhouses from different parties. These youngsters would be the future leading pillars of the Alliance. So at least each of the Temples would have a leading figure amongst their ranks.

This was the major reason why Chen Zidian wanted Long Haochen’s group to return and participate in this struggle for power. Bright Glimmer of
Hope’s appearance was sudden, but after deep considerations, all parties gave them their support, which was the hardest outcome which could be considered.

Chapter 722

Back in the Alliance’s headquarters, the remaining prep work aside, the meeting for the establishment of the new Alliance was going to take place in one day. Its length would depend on how long the Six Great Temples would need to come to a consensus.

Long Haochen led his comrades back but did not rest, immediately researching until evening.

Just as Long Haochen anticipated, has-drugs-bro remained reliable. He was back when the time would come for the meeting.

“How come you’re only back now, has-drugs-bro? The Temples’ Great Gathering has terminated ahead of time you know?” Chen Ying’er expressed to Lin Xin.

Lin Xin had a rare expression of great seriousness on him, “I am already aware of that. Captain, these days I have been learning the Saint Sun Curse from Grandpa, so...”

Long Haochen nodded, “We are all brothers, no need to justify yourself. Sit too, I will tell you about the circumstances of the meeting we have previously been discussing. Maybe you will have some good suggestions.”

Lin Xin replied, after sitting across Long Haochen, “Captain, before you tell me, I have something I need to report to you. Before my return, Temple Head Li Zhengzhi came to me, and had a message for you. He said that when the time of the election comes, if our Bright Glimmer of
Hope takes only one representative from each Temple, he will give us his full support.”

Long Haochen revealed a smile, “Temple Head Li took the path I expected. The setup of the new Alliance will change a lot of things. One could say that one major aspect is the benefits each of the Six Great Temples can reap. If we want everything to go well, the first thing we need is to keep a balance. Be at ease, I have a plan.”

One night passed, and the next day, the Alliance’s headquarters convened a meeting,

As agreed priorly, each of the Six Great Temple’s participation in the meeting involved thirty-six people, all of whom were contestants of the gathering. Besides Bright Glimmer of Hope and Chen Zidian, of the thirty- six representatives for the Demon Hunt Squads, there were twenty or so spots for Demon Hunters above the king grade.

So, there were two hundred fifty-two participants in this distinguished meeting, separated in seven sides.

Less than ten people qualified to sit on the raised stage. From left to right were seated the Warrior Temple’s Head, the Assassin Temple’s head Sheng Yue, the Mage Temple’s head Li Zhengzhi, the legendary Chen Zidian, captain of Bright Glimmer of Hope Long Haochen, the Knight Temple’s head Yang Haohan, the Spiritual Temple’s head Chen Hongyu, as well as Ling Xiao, the Priest Temple’s head.

The ordering of seats was a great display of the benefits Bright Glimmer of Hope led by Long Haochen had gained. If not for these outstanding results, there’s no way he would be qualified to sit on this rostrum unless the Knight Temple promoted him to their new Temple Head, based on his previous status in the Alliance.

The one in charge of the meeting was the current head of the Temple Alliance, a chief of the Knight Temple, holder of the Divine Throne of Protection and Mercy, and Divine Knight of Defense and Ruling, Yang Haohan.
“Since everyone is gathered, let us start this meeting immediately.” Yang Haohan’s calm voice reverberated throughout the whole stage, unobstructed by the facilities around, and spread clearly to all ears.

“First of all, let me congratulate Bright Glimmer of Hope for having just achieved championship over the just finished Temple’s Great Gathering.” Then Yang Haohan took the initiative to applaude, followed immediately by the powerhouses of the Six Great Temples and Demon Hunt Squad representatives below, filling the whole room in warm applauses. This was not just praise for the group of youngsters, but heartfelt admiration.

Long Haochen stood up, beating his right fist on the left of his chest, and performing a standard knight salute to everyone present, before bowing to Yang Haohan to express gratitude.

Yang Haohan said, “For the sake of fairness, the Six Great Temples and Demon Hunt Squads’ sides shall both have thirty-six representatives, including every one of us sitting on the rostrum.

“After many consultations, consultations, our Alliance finally came to a consensus in establishing a new Alliance, for the sake of uniting the Six Great Temple’s forces against the demon threat. Let me now ask if anyone objects the setup of the new Alliance; if so raise your hands.”

Sweeping his dignified gaze to the surroundings, he confirmed that no one raised their hand, then he continued, “Alright. Since no one is opposed, let us start the discussion over a new Alliance. , I will detail the context and constitution of the new Alliance.

“From the setup of the Temple Alliance to now, over six thousand years of history have passed. For six thousand years we have been accumulating forces in the struggle against demonkind, to gradually finally gain a foothold. But as we were thinking to be steady enough to guarantee self- preservation, or even have a chance to launch a counterattack against demonkind, they thrashed their fists right into our faces. I believe that everyone should remember very clearly the Holy War that took place four years ago. The damage that was inflicted to the Alliance back then was
really disastrous. A great amount of powerhouses met with death in the struggle, and one could say that if not for the fact that the Demon God Emperor did not lead the strongest three demon clans, this Holy War would very possibly have led to the destruction of the Alliance, putting the people in terrible situations.

“Now we know even better that the current loose structure of the Alliance is insufficient to resist against demonkind. If we cannot bring out the greatest features of each of our human fighting vocations, we won’t ever be able to gain the advantage in this struggle against demonkind. So, the Six Great Temples must unify, giving birth to a whole new Alliance.

“For the conflict between the Alliance and demonkind, we must have a unified voice and integrate all the forces of the Alliance, gathering them under a centralized power, just like a nation-state. Orders will demand exact compliance, so our powerhouses from the Six Great Temple can join hands just like our Demon Hunt Squads to wield to wield the greatest fighting strength.

“Thus, I have decided that the new Alliance shall be called Temple Union, changing all the Six Temples’ government into a centralized government. There will be one Temple Union’s chairman, six vice- chairmen, and thirty-six permanent council members.

“For some important matters, the union’s council will make decisions by vote, with each vice-chairmen’s vote counting as two and the chairman’s vote counting as five. Also, the chairman will have a veto power. If the six vice-chairmen all agree, or over eighty percent of the council agrees, the chairman can be removed from the position following miconduct.”

Changing the Alliance into the Union, as well as all these rules, were already all approved by the Six Great Temples after countless discussions.

For the sake of guaranteeing fairness, as well as avoiding the issue of an overly powerful central power, the Six Temples’ higher-ups had been racking their brains a lot, and finally came to this unified conclusion with great difficulty.
The most important point of this session of Temples’ Great Gathering was the selection of this chairman. Based on the previous discussion the Six Great Temples had, the Temple which would be able to obtain championship would be the one to bring out the union leader.

This was also the reason why the Knight Temple had invited their strongest knight, Yang Haoyu, who was training in seclusion until then.

After the new union’s foundation, the union chairman would have an enormous authority. Although that couldn’t compare with a monarchical regime’s emperor, that would still be a character with great authority. Furthermore, the Temple from whence this union leader shall come would be sure to be advantaged. That is why the struggle was so fierce.

“Anyone against the new union’s centralized power system, raise your hand.” Yang Haohan calmly spoke these words.

Meetings pertaining to a union had been going on for five years. Yang Haohan’s question was thus actually just a formality. As expected, the opinion was unanimous.

Yang Haohan nodded, “Good. , we will conduct votes for determining the chairman and vice-chairmen. The chairman candidate is Bright Glimmer of Hope’s captain, Long Haochen. The vice-chairmenHaochen. The vice- chairmen candidates are Qiu Yonghao, the Warrior Temple’s Head, the Assassin Temple’s head Sheng Yue, the Mage Temple’s head Li Zhengzhi, the Knight Temple’s head Long Tianyin, the Spiritual Temple’s head Chen Hongyu, and the Priest Temple’s head Ling Xiao.

“Everyone should be familiar with these six Temple Heads. I will next introduce the chairman candidate Long Haochen. Long Haochen, male, aged twenty-five years old. Vocation: Retribution and Guardian dual knight. Captain of the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope. Overwhelming innate internal spiritual energy, bestowed with the Scion of Light physique. Holy Knight of the second rank, and already qualified to obtain a Divine Throne’s approval. ly, Long Haochen had achieved championship in the Demon Hunt Squad Selection, thus founding the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope. The team he led has slain
over four demon gods, destroying two demon god pillars. In the Holy War, he gained great merits in respectively the Knight Temple, Assassin Temple, Warrior Temple, and Mage Temple. This session of the Temple’s Great Gathering was won by the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope. This is how he became the chairman candidate. If anyone opposes his nomination as chairman, raise your hands.”

Although a lot of them knew about Long Haochen to some extent, hearing Yang Haohan’s introduction of Long Haochen’s career, especially the part about his being only twenty-five years old, raised a short, pitched discussion. But fortunately, no one raised a hand in opposition.

Yang Haohan let out a secret sigh. What he feared the most was to see an issue arise in this area. Although a few opposed wouldn’t be enough to cancel this decision, that would still have a bad influence on Haochen’s future ruling of the new union.

“So, since no one objects, the matter of the chairman is decided. As for the six vice-chairmen candidates, does anyone object?”

The powerhouses from the Six Great Temples still expressed no reaction, but this instant came something unexpected. Sitting on the rostrum, the head of the Spiritual Temple, Chen Hongyu, raised his hand suddenly, “I have an objection!”

Chapter 723

As a result of the previous day’s domain battle, Chen Hongyu had already displayed dissatisfaction. His sudden raising of an objection immediately caught all the surrounding attention. Everyone’s gaze landed on him.

Chen Hongyu stood up, a calm look on his face, “I express opposition to the proposal of making me a vice-chairman of the union.”

Yang Haohan looked at him in shock, doubtfully responding, “Brother Chen, you must think it over. You represent the Spiritual Temple.”

Chen Hongyu calmly explained, “I have already thought it through clearly. I only need to stay as a mere council member. This vice- chairmanship should belong to the new head of our Spiritual Temple.”

“What? A new head?” Hearing such words, the whole audience were greatly alarmed. In fact, the Spiritual Temple and Knight Temple were not the same. The Spiritual Temple had always had only one head. The Spiritual Temple’s head shifting was an extremely big matter for the Temple Alliance, the main point being that no one had gotten any prior notice. Chen Hongyu’s announcement was just too sudden.

Chen Hongyu declared calmly, “What is strange in that? Our Spiritual Temple has always been democratically ruled, centered around a Temple Head that must have capability. My Temple’s Chen Ying’er has already reached the ninth step of cultivation and has the Mythological Beast Domain, which is superior to my own. Moreover, she’s the first Spiritual Saint Daughter of my Spiritual Temple, and has inherited the Temple’s
divine tool Spiritual Saint Robe. She couldn’t be more fitting to lead my Spiritual Temple as its head. Therefore, I naturally ought to leave her this vice-chairman position. Yesterday evening, our Spiritual Temple has already given a unified approval.”

Everyone seated on the rostrum could be said to have all different expressions. Long Haochen had an expression of shock, while the other heads of the Temples all cursed secretly, what a wily old fox.

How could it not be so? At the time of the Temples’ Great Gathering, Chen Hongyu’s play was marvellous. Not only did he harshly oppose Long Haochen, he even questioned him in the later domain battle. And upon reaching this

Even Li Zhengzhi couldn’t help but sigh secretly. How calculating! Chen Hongyu’s sudden abdication was not only shocking, but could also gain Bright Glimmer of Hope’s favor, as well a being a move to indirectly get the Knight Temple to owe him. Truly, it was a profound move.

Just after Chen Hongyu said this, he walked away from the raised stage, making a sign to Chen Ying’er while walking to the side of the Spiritual Temple in an easygoing manner.

Chen Ying’er was baffled by her grandfather’s move, but had no other choice but to go up on stage at that time! Forcing herself to walk up to the rostrum under multitudinous gazes, she took Chen Hongyu’s previous seat.

This instant, the Assassin Temple’s Sheng Yue unhappily uttered, “This old thing, you’re really taking a step ahead of me. I had the same proposal going on: our Assassin Temple’s headmaster has already been replaced by Cai’er as well. There’s no need for words to prove her ability. Everyone has seen her Domain of Purification, and moreover she’s the god of death’s inheritor, bestowed with the same Spiritual Stove of Samsara as the Scion of Samsara of that time. But she has, in some sense, already surpassed the latter. Ever since taking over this inheritance in her youth, she has already been settled as our Assassin Temple’s successor. Cai’er, come up. From now on, you are the head of the Assassin Temple
and, in my stead, the candidate of the Assassin Temple for vice- chairmanship.”

Long Haochen was actually not so surprised about Sheng Yue’s proposal, after all, it was now a long time since when Sheng Yue had expressed that he’d let Cai’er take over his position. As such, Cai’er

Yang Haohan declared, “As such, we will proceed with the meeting. Is there any other objection?”

As he asked that, he didn’t expect for there to really be a response.

The Warrior Temple’s head Qiu Yonghao suddenly stood up, and declared, “I am also getting old and am getting no good. Under my leadership, the Warrior Temple has gotten its worst results in history out of this session of the Temples’ Great Gathering. I truly have no more face left to act as Temple Head. I have already discussed this matter last evening with the rest of our representatives, and today, the seat of the head of the Warrior Temple shall be left to the younger generation. I hope that under her leadership, the Warrior Temple will have a brilliant future in the union resisting demonkind. Yuanyuan, please go up.”

“What? Me?” Seeing the look on Qiu Yonghao’s face as he watched her, Wang Yuanyuan couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed for a moment.

Qiu Yonghao heaved a smile, “Who else but you could it be? Or, don’t tell me you think there’s someone else in our Warrior Temple’s younger generation that could contend with you? I have personally watched all the efforts you have put up. The world shall be left to you youngsters.” Saying that, he walked out from his original seat.

This moment, everyone on the rostrum could truly be said to be overwhelmed with shock.

Sheng Yue passed his place to Cai’er because she was originally his successor, and great-granddaughter as well. As for Chen Hongyu, although his announcement was rather more sudden, Chen Ying’er’s status in the Spiritual Temple was originally already pretty much the same as Cai’er’s in
the Assassin Temple. But in the Warrior Temple, Qiu Yonghao could really be said to have no ties with Wang Yuanyuan, who had never returned to the Warrior Temple after becoming a Demon Hunter! Yet his firm decision of leaving her the future of the Warrior Temple’s leadership at that very moment was fully unwavering.

This wasn’t just

Qiu Yonghao had a great understanding of Wang Yuanyuan’s character, and as such, he believed that after Wang Yuanyuan succeeded him as the Warrior Temple’s head, she would definitely contribute to its future.

Under his gaze, Wang Yuanyuan stood, taking large strides toward the rostrum. When she arrived in front of Qiu Yonghao, she was unaware her eyes had turned reddish, “Grandpa Qiu, I...”

Qiu Yonghao heaved a smile, patting on her shoulder, “No need for words. I am not doing this for you, but for the future of our Warrior Temple. I trust that you will definitely do well.” After saying that, he personally pulled his previous chair, and lightly pushed Wang Yuanyuan into it. With a weight off his mind, he walked down from the platform, heading to sit among the powerhouses of the Warrior Temple.

Such big changes actually occurred to the chairman and vice-chairmen candidacies! Yang Haohan who was taking charge of the meeting was in great shock, but despite that, the meeting had to keep going on. Fortunately, these changes did not impact the rest of the process.

The rest of the election went exceptionally smoothly. Long Haochen became the first chairman of the Temple Union without a hitch, with the vice-chairmen being Long Tianying, Li Zhengzhi, Ling Xiao, Cai’er, Chen Ying’er, and Wang Yuanyuan. Bright Glimmer of Hope actually occupied four of these major seats.

The reason why no one objected was that the proposing parties were Temple Heads, as well as because of the power Bright Glimmer of Hope had displayed in the Temples’ Great
After the chairman and vice-chairmen election came an election among the Six Great Temples for selecting thirty-six representatives, excluding from the count the chairman and vice-chairman.

It was an acceptable outcome for the Temples that Long Haochen became the first chairman of the Temple Union. As such, the rest of the meeting also proceeded without a hitch. In just two hours the whole election was completed.

Yang Haohan declared, “The election is over. The Union will now inform our citizens, attempting to make it so that within one month, all humankind is aware of the Union’s foundation. Also, the Union has a lot work to be done. The integration of the Six Great Temples is the most pressing matter. , the first chairman of our Temple Union shall speak a few words for us.”

Long Haochen nodded to Yang Haohan before sending his greetings to the rest of the Six Great Temples. Then he declared in his limpid voice, “I am honored that you elected me as your first Union Chairman. I can feel a very heavy burden on my shoulders. As Alliance Head Yang said, the election of a new Union Chairman will take place every ten years, to take over from the previous one. Perhaps the current system of our new union is not perfect yet, but I believe that it will definitely get better and better in the future.”

“The most important matter after the foundation of the union is to integrate the forces of our Six Temples—to become a match for demonkind. Most of our next efforts will be concentrated on that. As your chairman, I can guarantee everyone that within the ten years of my office, I will definitely launch the counterattack against demonkind and start recovering the land that has been taken away from us. My lifetime will be devoted to leading the Union to fight against darkness, and to putting an end to the six thousand year era of darkness.”

Chapter 724

Long Haochen’s speech was sonorous and resounding. His voice was not a heavy one, but it carried a feeling of firmness of spirit.

Hearing him, the powerhouses present from the Six Great Temples felt that yet another Holy War was going to take place.

After pausing, Long Haochen continued, “I am still be young, and the Union has just been setup, so I will need everyone’s kind support. In the following period of time, I may not have much time to spare for handling the matters of the union, as my mates and me will have to increase our strength in the shortest time possible. The Union will be mostly handled by vice-chairman Long Tianying, vice-chairman Li Zhengzhi, vice- chairman Ling Xiao and the rest of you deputies.”

The rest of the conference went without a hitch. Although Long Haochen was the chairman of the union, the most important to him was still to increase his personal strength. He and the rest of Bright Glimmer of Hope were still young, and had a far higher margin for progression.

Long Haochen had a few matters to handle next. The first was to strive for acquiring his own Divine Throne. Should he get a Divine Throne, that would not only be of great benefit for his cultivation, but also increase his prestige. Afterwards, came the issue of Haoyue’s evolution.

The power of the Purplish-Gold Haoyue Sword made him realize the importance of Haoyue’s evolution. The six-headed him was already so powerful that, should he evolve to an eight-headed state, his strength would be bound to increase severalfolds. When the time comes, maybe Haochen
would have the ability to contend against the Demon God Emperor with Haoyue’s assistance.

The meeting proceeded in a rather mild manner, and the integration of the Six Great Temples was the main issue they dealt with.

First of all, the Six Great Temples were to dispatch a batch of powerhouses to gather in the Holy City, and all train together. The allocation was four thousand warriors, a thousand knights, and five hundred each of assassins, mages, summoners, and priests.

It would be called a Union’s legion, with each legion formed of, besides these seven thousand powerhouses of the Six Great Temples,

First off, two legions would be set up, under the name of Union’s First Legion, and Union’s Second Legion. After going through processes of unified training and integration, they would be directly thrown into the border area, with the responsibility of guarding the rather weaker Southern Mountain Pass and Exorcist Mountain Pass.

, would get transferred other lots of powerhouses from the Six Great Temples for integration, until the original Temple Alliance’s Six Great Temples’ forces all formed entirely into the pattern of the Union’s legions.

The six great forts were to be temporarily guarded just as before by the six Temples separately. After all, the six forts’ forces were too deep-rooted. Although the establishment of the union was settled, they couldn’t be too extreme either. It needed to go through a process of transformation, so that the first batch of practitioners of the Six Great Temples would come within one year, to slowly let the concept of Six Temples be watered down. The whole process would surely need a lot of time.

For the practitioners of the Six Great Temple as well as the masses to accept the new Union would require a long process. However, while under the premise of the demon threat’s existence, this wouldn’t take too long thanks to the united joint efforts of the Six Great Temples’ powerhouses. As soon as the Temple Union was entirely restructured into a cohesive force,
that was the time the Union planned to launch the counterattack against demonkind.

The conference having ended satisfactorily, Long Haochen immediately expressed the will to leave Holy City on the next day to travel for the Knight Temple.

Haoyue was the major reason why Long Haochen was so eager to return. After his transformation into the Purplish-Gold Haoyue Sword, his blood link with Haochen could be said to have risen to a new level, and in addition, Haochen’s further progress of his strength in this period of time also affected him to some extent. So, his evolution was now on the brink of surging out, and at anytime could possibly be impossible to suppress anymore.

In his last evolution, Haoyue encountered the powerful attacks of the Lich King, so the success of

Therefore, they had to make complete preparations, the major point being in increasing their strength. Because of Haoyue’s secret classification, Long Haochen couldn’t borrow the power of the Six Great Temples, and was only able to rely on their own team. As a light user, he was clearly the member whose strength it was most important to increase. If he could obtain a Divine Throne, they would have a far better grasp on the situation.

The reason why they did not immediately proceed for the Knight Temple was that they had another important matter still unresolved.

After rising to the chairman of the new union, Long Haochen’s status became completely different. They no longer lived in the Knight Temple, but the highest class of the union headquarters ’dwellings.

Although the topmost floor of the former Temple Alliance’s administrative area was the smallest one, it was still over a thousand square meters in size.

It should now be called the union chairman’s administrative floor. The whole area was cut up into a lot of regions: large offices, lounges, an area
specialized for cultivating, a library, and botanic areas. Although there were no lavish decorations, that was still an elegant design overall. Let alone for just Long Haochen, even their whole Demon Hunt Squad found that space to be extremely large.

“Let’s all rest here for this evening. We will depart for the Knight Temple tomorrow in the morning.” Long Haochen announced to the group.

Han Yu asked, “Is it okay not to wait for your chairman seal to be made first, chairman?”

Long Haochen forced a bitter smile, “Just keep calling me Captain. It feels awkward to hear you call me chairman. Bright Glimmer of Hope’s original team of seven got the chairman position, three vice-chairmen seats, and the other three

One could say that this Temples’ Great Gathering’s greatest winner was the Knight Temple. Although Haochen had become the union’s chairman in his status as captain of Bright Glimmer of Hope, in the end he was also a knight! His grandfather and father were all leading figures of the Knight Temple, Divine Knights. With that, his relationship with the Knight Temple couldn’t possibly diminish with time.

Also, Long Haochen aside, his team’s Han Yu, Zhang Fangfang, Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi were all extraordinary powerhouses of the younger generation, Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang having both broken through to the ninth step of cultivation, and Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi, the peak of the eighth step. Even by their strength alone, they were qualified to be designated council members from the Knight Temple. After all, they were still so young.

Originally, the Mage Temple’s greatest advantage over the Knight Temple was the latter’s didn’t have enough up-and-coming talent to replace the older generation, but this session proved that this point of view was to be entirely reviewed. The appearance of five great younger knights to smoothly take over from the older generation, raised expectations for their future. Long Tianying and Yang Haohan were rather low-key in the conference, in which the Knight Temple was once again the greatest winner.
The new union could really be said to have prepared a perfect layout to convince the other Temples.

The other ones all smiled in reaction to Long Haochen’s words. Looking at each other, they still had quite eerie feelings, unused to such new statuses. But they all knew without a doubt that their positions and duties within the union had become completely different after going through the Temples’ Great Gathering as well as this conference. In particular, Long Haochen was already shouldering the heavy responsibility of leading humankind to destroy all demonkind.

Long Haochen declared to Zhang Fangfang, Yang Wenzhao, and Duan Yi, “Brothers Zhang, Yang, Duan. The three of you have been following Bright Glimmer of Hope for some time already. After going through

All three were in faint shock: Long Haochen’s demand was very simple, but, as it seemed a bit out of place considering his broad character, all three had quite strange feelings. But they did not give it much thought, and all took out their contribution points to transfer them to Long Haochen’s contribution tile.

In fact, these three all used to be Demon Hunt Squad Captains. Although the contribution points they had piled up over the years couldn’t compare to the count of Bright Glimmer of Hope’s members, that was still no small count.

Chen Ying’er pouted in reaction, “You can’t bully them, Captain.”

Long Haochen had a grin, saying no more. Instead, Lin Xin let out a laugh, “How come it seems like the little hen is spreading her wings, now she’s defending her man.”

Chen Ying’er replied in great anger, “You’re the hen. Has-drugs-bro, are you in for a beating? Forgot about the time you got beaten up ‘til you were all swollen?”

Lin Xin let out a snort, “I don’t remember such a thing.”
Cai’er was already standing, just at Haochen’s side, “So, are we going now?” She had seen through Long Haochen’s intention, and only she knew what purpose he had when recovering the contribution points of the three of them.

Long Haochen nodded, “We are going now. We’ll be leaving tomorrow at dawn, so let’s take care of these matters asap. It’s already noon, but we should have enough time.”

Chen Ying’er looked at Long Haochen with a teary face, “What are you talking about Boss? We are done with the conference, so what more is there for us to do?”

He smiled in response, “There is a place we have not visited for a long time, and it should be quite relaxing. Let’s go now.”

The bald priest Sima Xian’s eyes suddenly lit, “I know, the Demon Hunt Squads’ Transaction Center!”

Long Haochen showed Sima Xian his thumbs up, “Smart. Time to go now.”

Chapter 725

Hearing Sima Xian’s statement, the whole group’s eyes lit up. Right! They hadn’t been to the transaction center for a very very long time now. After so many years, they had amassed millions of contribution points to use up.

“Captain, we...” Yang Wenzhao’s face turned red, clearly filled with emotions.

The same went for Duan Yi and Zhang Fangfang, who immediately realized why Long Haochen had just recovered their contribution points. It was for purchasing whole new sets of equipment for the three of them. Given Long Haochen’s personal character, the gear he would buy them would certainly far exceed their contribution point counts. It was clearly because he was worried about them refusing the present that he had formulated his words otherwise, having them hand over their contribution points as being given the same treatment as the rest of the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope. This way, conducting their purchases in their stead was only to be expected. Not only was it helping them, it was moreover giving them a lot of face.

Long Haochen revealed a smile, “Don’t worry. If you take me as your captain, just listen to my arrangements.”

Sima Xian remarked, “Boss, bring along my little flower girl. With her present, no good things will escape our nets.”

Long Haochen showed some hesitation, “Are Titled Demon Hunt Squads allowed to bring outsiders to the Demon Hunt Squads’
Transaction Center?”

Lin Xin remarked, “Boss, you’re now the chairman of the Union.
Shouldn’t this matter be easily resolved?”

Long Haochen replied with a stern look, “The post of chairman of the Union is not a privilege but a responsibility.”

Sime Xian responded, “Boss, be at ease. My little white flower is the successor of the Alliance’s Great Auction House, which entertains a great trading relationship with the Demon Hunt Squads’ Transaction Center, and is thus allowed to enter every section of the transaction center. It won’t bring us any inconvenience. Don’t just forsake her because of her age: she’s the current chief appraiser of the Alliance’s Great Auction House. I’m pretty sure that no one

Seeing his air of complacency, Wang Yuanyuan laughed in response,
“Sima, some saliva is about to leak from the happy you.”

He replied without much thought, “That’s some saliva of happiness.”

Long Haochen smiled, “Alright, Sima, invite Miss Feng Ling’er. We are heading for the transaction center first. Let’s gather in a bit.”

“Yes, chairman.” Sima Xian suddenly bowed in response before turning back at a run, and the rest couldn’t help but let out a burst of laughter.

They were not only back, but they had achieved their plans perfectly. A new chapter was beginning in their life.

Demon Hunt Squads’ Transaction Center.

Bright Glimmer of Hope’s appearance was extremely low-key. Each of them were clad in a cloak, and Long Haochen did not utilize his authority as the chairman of the Union in the least, acting just like any ordinary Demon Hunt Squad as they stealthily made their way inside.

The Transaction Center was completely filled to the brim, and due to the Temple’s Great Gathering, many Demon Hunt Squads had chosen to
attend. Most recently, that place was really bustling with people, and filled with good things.

Long Haochen’s crew naturally wouldn’t stop at the first floor, and directly headed toward the second. Large crowds were piling up on the way, and suddenly, a youth was seen jumping up and crying out in cheer.

“Very good, I’ve finally got my hands on it!”

This trivial sounding jump just happened to block the way of Long Haochen’s group. The youth’s mates who were also in the midst of excitement also contributed to blocking the way.

“Excuse me, please let us by.” On Haochen’s side, Han Yu’s words were deliberately low sounding, just loud enough for these youths to all be able to hear.

When that youth turned his head, he couldn’t help but feel startled about noticing Long Haochen’s cloaked group. He immediately took out a large sword, which looked to be a pretty okay piece of magic equipment. Although, this

These youngsters looked quite fine, only somewhat young and inexperienced. When seeing this group not only cloaked, but furthermore most of them having their heads lowered, he couldn’t help but reveal a look of curiosity.

“You are Demon Hunters too? We are the champion newcomer Demon Hunt Squad, number one Demon Hunt Squad of soldier grade.” At the youth’s side, a proud sounding girl spoke.

The youth shot her a glare, “What are you showing off about?” He then apologetically nodded to Han Yu, and hurriedly moved out of the way with his group.

Hearing the title of number one soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad, the cloaked members of Bright Glimmer of Hope all couldn’t help but raise their heads.
Number one soldier grade, what a familiar appellation! Ten years ago, that was theirs. Seeing these youngsters, all sorts of feelings were welling up from their hearts. After stopping for a bit, Long Haochen smiled to these young Demon Hunters, before leading the group to the second floor.

The number one soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad’s youngsters were quite perturbed by this smile.

His smiling expression was really refreshing; like a breeze of spring wind or a ray of sunlight, its sight seemed to cleanse one’s soul.

“So handsome!” The girl who spoke previously couldn’t help but blurt out.

“He looked a bit familiar.” Another youngster said.

The one at their lead suddenly began shaking, and lost his voice, “They are the ones from the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope! And the one who just smiled at us was their captain Long Haochen! Didn’t he just become the chairman of the Union?”

The announcement regarding the new Alliance was already pasted onto the walls of Holy City by this afternoon.

A girl muttered, “In those years, the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope seems to have also begun from being the number one soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad...”

Due to their cries of alarm, the nearby Demon Hunters were all interested. Unfortunately, the figures of Long Haochen’s crew had already disappeared up the second

Everyone always headed for the topmost floors of the Demon Hunt Squads’ Transaction Center. With each floor less filled than the previous one, the top floor seemed absolutely empty.

This place was like a lounge, with a comfortable sofa on the side. Seeing them enter, an elder immediately stepped forward, and respectfully bowed
to them.

“Sir Demon Hunters, may I ask what you need?” Being able to make it to this floor was ample proof of their statuses, as only Titled Demon Hunt Squads were eligible to enter this floor.

Long Haochen took out his cloak, and smiled to him, “Greetings. Can you please help us confirm our contribution point count, and then show us all the equipment of at least epic tier that is available? I’ll be bothering you. Also, we will also need a Spatial Silver Crystal.”

“Understood.” The elder replied, withdrawing slowly.

Don’t forsake this old man for being just an employee: from the fluctuations of his spiritual energy, Long Haochen could perceive that his cultivation reached the eighth step.

After they became a Demon Hunt Squad of titled grade, they no longer needed to search for items in there. They only needed to look through the catalogue, then choose, which was far more convenient than for the lower grade Demon Hunt Squads. Moreover, any of the transaction center’s goods and equipment could be picked with priority given to the Titled Demon Hunt Squads. They were even able to make credit transactions for their purchases, although that was within a certain limit obviously.

A short time later, the old man brought a tray in front of Haochen.

On the tray was a rectangular crystal. A third of a meter long, and a sixth of a meter wide, it had a clear image displayed on it. From the looks of it, that was like a miniaturized version of the magic transmission crystals that were outside the Alliance’s Great Stadium.

Long Haochen took out the crystal, placing it in his hand. A list scrolled onto the screen, each item accompanied with a small image.

Long Haochen unconsciously placed his hand upon the first image, and a radiance was immediately
That was a gorgeous mage gown, colored dark gold, and adorned with gold silk embroidery, with a sumptuous golden dragon design on it. The lower part of the gown was dark gold, while the upper part was the color of pure gold. The chest part’s buckle was embedded with a fist-sized reddish- gold gem. The whole gown let out an orange luster full of softness.

Although that was just an image projection, it looked really lifelike, just as if the real thing was standing in front of their eyes. It was also slowly rotating, its glistening glow comparable with the glow of the epic tier, seemingly mesmerizing everyone in its display of pride.

The elder who had handed them the magic projector explained, “This magic gown is called Glorious Holy Fire’s Praise. Reaching the epic tier, and compatible with light and fire mages, it favors fire mages. Holy light is supplementing its fire’s might, thus decreasing any fire mage’s use of spiritual energy by a half, while increasing its might by twenty percent and infusing holy light properties into the mage’s fire attacks. The gown has the attached ability Glorious Praise, usable once a day, and which requires it to be bathed under sunlight for one hour to be used. Glorious Praise will, upon use, ignite all the holy light spiritual energy within Glorious Holy Fire’s Praise to instantly produce a powerful Glorious Saint Fire, lasting for ten minutes and getting attached to all subsequent spells.”

Seeing the dazzling Glorious Holy Fire’s Praise, all Bright Glimmer of Hope were in a daze, including Long Haochen as well.

They had seen several divine tools already, but outside them, this Glorious Holy Fire’s Praise was the most powerful piece of equipment they had ever seen.

Lin Xin immediately stood in excitement, looking excited and itching to rush into that image. As it stands, the only one among Bright Glimmer of Hope to be a fit for this magic gown was him, and moreover, he was intrinsically a lover of such flashy items.

Chapter 726

The elder continued, “In some sense, this Glorious Holy Fire’s Praise is actually a piece of equipment that can be placed above equipment of epic tier. The gap between such epic and divine tool tiers is actually a half realm. Equipment of this grade is known as immortal grade, or subdivine tools. However, equipment of this level are almost as rare as the divine tool grade, and thus hard to find.

“Glorious Holy Fire’s Praise is made by getting sewn with a fire dragon’s main bone, with a large variety of rare material added to that. These materials correspond to an item reaching a divine tool, but in the process of item-making, because the material of light and fire was burning overly fiercely, it conflicted to a certain extent, thus finally not crossing this threshold.”

Long Haochen lightly nodded, while looking at Lin Xin on the other side, finding out that Lin Xin had his mouth wide opened, simply leaking with saliva.

“That my… Mine...”

Long Haochen couldn’t help but laugh in spite of himself, but fortunately didn’t ask him further, “Senior, how much for the Glorious Holy Fire’s Praise?”

The elder made a little pause before replying, “The Glorious Holy Fire’s Praise is set at the marked price of 2,400,000 contribution points.”

Hearing this count, everyone couldn’t help but gasp.
One should know that contribution points’ value is almost a hundredfold times golds’ value. So 2,400,000 contribution points was an astronomical number, even for a Titled grade Demon Hunt Squad. Haochen had once asked his grandfather the value of epic tier equipment, and Long Tianying’s response was that, generally, epic tier equipment’s value would range between 50,000 and 100,000 contribution points.

But he didn’t think that it could cost such a large price.

Over these years, the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope had accumulated an astronomical amount of contribution points, but based on Haochen’s estimate, that was just about ten million. And this time, it was for an equipment exchange on the scale of their whole team that they had come. If one item cost over two million contribution points, that was really somewhat of an unbearable cost.
“Senior, how many contribution points has our team accumulated so When reaching the part about Bright Glimmer of Hope’s contribution
points, the elder’s expression became increasingly more respectful. He spent all year in the topmost floor of the transaction center, and didn’t know much about the Alliance’s decision of becoming the Union. But he was extremely sensible to contribution points’ worth, and had encountered the terrifying contribution point counts of several Titled grade Demon Hunt Squad, but this Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope was definitely the most terrifying so far!

On the contribution point tile was recorded the ages of Long Haochen’s crew, as well as their Demon Hunt Squad’s accomplishments. When the elder had first seen their group, he believed they just looked so young because of their high cultivation, but after looking at the contribution points tile’s records, he realized that these were really such youngsters! Yet, those youngsters had such an incomparably shocking count of experiences and contributions.

“Esteemed Captain Long Haochen, your noble team has amassed a total count of 14,628,631 contribution points. Because of your identities
as a Titled grade Demon Hunt Squad, you will preferentially benefit from a twenty percent discount on any of our transaction center’s goods.”

Over fourteen million, that was really an incomparably shocking number. Especially for Zhang Fangfang, Yang Wenzhao, and Duan Yi who confirmed their previous guesses from hearing it, and were greatly appreciative to Long Haochen. Added up, the contributions of the three of them would at most have reached a million or so. But compared to the average, that was still an enormous count.

This instant, Sima Xian’s voice came out from the entrance to the top floor, “Aish, what a pretty robe. Boss, is this for me?”

Sima Xian could be seen bringing his little white flower toward the rest of the group.

Feng Ling’er was clad in a white gown, giving her a look really befitting her nickname of little

On the other side, Lin Xin cast an angry look at Sima Xian, “What’s for you? This is clearly a piece of equipment for fire mages such as me.”

Sima Xian snorted, “Save your talk. Just by the color you can tell that it has the light attribute. How could it be a thing for fire mages of your ilk? Your bro is a mage too, a priest.”

Lin Xin let out a sudden smile, “Alright, for you then.”

Sima Xian was startled, “Since when have you been so easy to deal with?”

Lin Xin unhappily responded, “Even if I let you, can you even wear it? You’re a magic user? There’s only one such freak as you in the whole Union. You’re thinking of fighting in this gown you could possibly rip at anytime with your build? As long as you’re willing to bring it along in the battlefield, I’m letting you have it.”
Hearing his statement, Sima Xian felt suddenly thwarted. Indeed, he was a priest, but one wearing heavy armor! Putting this gown on, he was truly afraid it wouldn’t be of much use, and the gown would only be waiting to get ruined.

Long Haochen stated, “Alright. You may all have a seat. Miss Feng Ling’er, how do you view this piece of equipment?”

Feng Ling’er said, “This Glorious Holy Fire’s Praise comes from a fire fairy’s remnants. That’s a rare fire gown, and at least in the History of the Union, it is a unique item. But it has a spiritual nature, so using it requires first gaining its approval. I suggest you give it a try, and decide to purchase it only if you manage to gain its approval.”

That elder nodded as well, “Miss Feng Ling’er is right. I would also suggest the same.”

Long Haochen nodded, “Alright, then I will bother you to get it for us.
Then, let’s keep looking through the recorded equipment.”

Finger moving downwards, Long Haochen chose an item, and in a flash of shadow, a blue sapphire necklace appeared in the air.

Feng Ling’er directly shook her head, “This is for water mages, not fitting for you guys. We can

She had a rather good understanding of the abilities of Bright Glimmer of Hope’s crew, so with her here, the equipment selection was saved much trouble.

Afterwards came a detailed selection, with the Demon Hunt Squads’ Transaction Center being worthy of getting called the richest place of the whole Alliance. Even Feng Ling’er said that the equipment reaching at least the epic tier in this place were severalfold more than in her Alliance’s Great Auction House.

The whole selection went for an afternoon: divine tools wouldn’t appear in this place, because equipment of this grade would all be taken by the
Temples upon appearing. They were just such rare existences.

However, they still got quite a lot of good things there. In the end, they had picked over ten items of epic tier. But only three of them reached the Immortal tier.

“Esteemed captain Long Haochen. After discount, this equipment will require a total of 20.62 million contribution points. Your Titled grade Demon Hunt Squad can borrow up to five million contribution points, but even when adding that to your original contribution count, that is still over a million short. How about you let go of one item?”

Let go? How could that be done? Every single piece of equipment had been chosen for its target, and would be very hard to trade-off.

Before letting Long Haochen have the time to respond, Feng Ling’er suddenly exclaimed, “Elder Sun, the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope is the leading party of the new Union. Also, I am willing to vouch for them in my capacity as the owner of the Alliance’s Great Auction House. Just lend them a bit more. Within five years, you are sure to be clear with them.”

The elder she called Elder Sun replied, after shortly hesitating, “I need to ask the higher-ups for instructions regarding this matter.”

“No need to ask for instructions, just give them.” A familiar voice suddenly rang out, and immediately, a familiar man came out from a room within the top floor.

Seeing this person, Long Haochen couldn’t help but stand in stupor,
“Grandpa Yang, how come you’re here?”

The old man who had suddenly barged in was no one else but the strongest knight of the Knight Temple, known

Yang Haoyu smiled to him, “Chairman, I am the one in charge of managing the Demon Hunt Squads’ Transaction Center and Mission Pagoda. However, very few know about this matter. Even the heads of the
Six Great Temples are in the dark. Our Demon Hunt Squads’ department has always been managed by a Demon Hunter President, and only Demon Hunt Squads reaching at least the Emperor grade are qualified to know about the Demon Hunter President. As the one managing all matters related to the Demon Hunt Squads, they can be called the greatest manager of all Demon Hunt Squads. And this generation’s Demon Hunter President is me. If Chairman is interested, you could well take over to become the next Demon Hunter President in charge.”

Reaching this part, Yang Haoyu’s smile became even more pronounced. Facing these youngsters before his eyes, he couldn’t be any more satisfied. Especially the Knight Temple’s prospects, which could only be described as perfect. Now that Long Haochen’s identity was already no longer the same, even he had to call him Chairman when facing him.

Long Haochen hurriedly shook his head, “Grandpa Yang, I already have enough matters in my hand. I can’t bear this position as Demon Hunter President. Moreover, you are still so young, you can very well keep this position for several hundred more years. Having you as our overseer is our Demon Hunter community’s bliss.”

Yang Haoyu responded, “Enough. You can all pack up your things and go. Leave the rest to me, you have to return in the Knight Temple now. Don’t forget about the matters I have told you; I wish you success.”

Long Haochen placed his right fist on his chest, and performed a standard knight salute, “Grandpa Yang, thank you for your support. We definitely won’t disappoint you.”

Yang Haoyu showed an indifferent smile, “I am not supporting you, but our future in resisting demonkind.”

Enchantingly glowing equipment for epic tier were brought out by the group. Amongst these, Long Haochen did not have a single one and Cai’er only had an inner full-body armor. Chen Ying’er got a six-sided crystal ball of epic tier. And the others reaped plentiful gains.

Chapter 727

Wang Yuanyuan had changed into an armor of epic tier, and got a plentiful store of spatial crystals.

After the last time she had utilized that Gigantic Divine Soul Shield, the spatial crystals were all used up. With this fix-up, the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield once again glowered with the light of the epic grade, or rather, it should be the immortal grade, that would be reached upon inserting seven spatial crystals into the Gigantic Soul Shield.

Lin Xin’s harvest was even greater. The robe Glorious Holy Fire’s Praise was one thing, but he also gained a Fire Dragon Crystal, an immortal grade staff drawing power from a fire dragon’s crystal, to bring along.

Sima Xian did not choose any equipment, however. Feng Ling’er had expressed that she had prepared a set fitting him the best from the Alliance’s Great Auction House.

Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang did not choose any equipment either, and both had looks of determination. Although they did not express it, everyone could guess their goal. Just like Long Haochen, they were aiming for the full-set covering and defense called Divine Thrones.

Not choosing any equipment from the Demon Hunt Squads’ Transaction Center was just like burning their boats so that they had no leeway left.

In comparison, Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi chose equipment for their own after a lot of hesitation. Under Long Haochen’s deliberate arrangements, Yang Wenzhao chose a pair of heavy swords of epic tier for
his own, while Duan Yi had a shield of epic tier plus a heavy sword of epic tier. The equipment on these two alone used up over six million contribution points.

The individual equipment aside, Long Haochen also purchased some team gear and medicine. Among them were two pills for improving domain comprehension, to be used at the ninth step, which were for Lin Xin and Sima Xian.

Bright Glimmer of Hope’s original setup already had four domains out of seven, with Han Yu aiming next for a Divine Throne. As such, Haochen naturally showed some more consideration to Lin Xin and Sima Xian who already reached the ninth step. Zhang Fangfang also reached

The team gear was to Long Haochen’s greatest liking. Called Domain of Instant Flash, it was a necklace which would look very ordinary if not for its orange glint symbolic of the epic tier. It was a simple-looking silver necklace with a transparent crystal with the look of a snowflake, yet giving off a very unique feel.

The name of Domain of Instant Flash was because this piece of equipment of epic tier had, in some sense, a domain ability attached.

The user could pour mental force into it so that the Light of Instant Flash would get attached onto him. Then, in times of battles, he would be able at anytime to teleport one’s ally to his side in a time of battle. Light of Instant Flash really reached the scope of a domain, in other words, even if the ally was trapped within a domain’s enemy, the teleportation ability would still work.

But Light of Instant Flash had some limitations as well, such as the need for acceptance of its owner for them to connect.

With this team gear added onto Long Haochen’s powerful mental force, he would be able to transfer his comrades at anytime, reinforcing his position as core of the team.
One could say that this gear change had caused a qualitative leap to all Bright Glimmer of Hope’s strength. Afterwards would come the tests of approval of the Divine Throne in the Knight Temple, as well as Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi’s Pure Gold Foundation Knight tests. An unprecedentedly strong Demon Hunt Squad was being born.

In the evening, the group bade farewell to their relatives, and in bright morning they left Holy City alongside the rest of the contestants of this Temples’ Great Gathering from the Knight Temple’s side, proceeding for the Knight Temple’s Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

In the meantime, the new Union was already operating at full speed. Li Zhengzhi and Long Tianying had remained in Holy City, responsible for training the new Alliance’s number one and two legions. The Six Great Temples

As the two initial legions of the new Union, they naturally put all their strength into becoming the strongest existence possible. This proved, in some way, the correctness of the decision of the Union’s formation, and also further reinforced the people’s trust in the new entity.

Demon race, Modu. Demon Emperor Palace.

“What? Long Haochen did not die?”

The Demon God Emperor Feng Xiu grabbed his seat with strength. The throne he pinched let out cackling sounds, but didn’t show any traces of damage. This throne was said to be made of the first Demon God Emperor’s bones, becoming a symbol of the Demon God Emperor’s might with a high significance for demonkind.

In front of the Demon God Emperor was seated a calm Ah’Bao, his purplish black hair draping over his shoulder. Compared to several years ago, his current appearance was far more steady. As a whole, he looked just like a sculpture, though his handsome face clearly became pale. Hearing the name of Long Haochen, his calm eyes suddenly sharpened, just like two bolts of lightning striking through the Demon Emperor Palace. Even the Demon God Emperor slightly narrowed his eyes.
In five years’ time, Ah’Bao’s demeanor had changed totally. His character became far more introverted and very taciturn. But no one else besides the Demon God Emperor knew how much Ah’Bao had paid in these five years. Even the one known as Berserk Demon God, Ananda, was unable to compare with Ah’Bao’s hard work.

Being the Demon God Emperor’s son, in his body flowed the Devil Dragon’s pure blood. Add to that his newly arisen persistence and assiduousness, and his cultivation had encountered an earth shattering change.

Standing in deference, the commander Black Dragon’s Imperial Guard Huang Shuo was making the report.

“Yes, Your Majesty. According to our spies in the Temple Alliance, he not only didn’t die, but furthermore led his Demon Hunt Squad in participating in the Temple Alliance’s Temples’ Great Gathering, and furthermore became champion. He showed an extremely great strength in the

Ah’Bao listened with all his attention, seemingly calm, but unaware both his hands had clenched into fists.

The Demon God Emperor furrowed his eyebrows, declaring sternly, “I have personally killed Long Haochen. How could he resurrect? With his heart destroyed, even the strongest human priest in existence couldn’t possibly bring him back to life. There’s surely an issue with the information. Huang Shuo, mobilize all our spies in human territory. Gain more information at any cost. Hurry!”

“Yes. Your Majesty, could that be a false trail launched by humans?”
Huang Shuo asked.

“That’s not impossible. Or else, could there be a mistake in that I killed Long Haochen personally? But why would humans resort to such a conduct? Could it be that they still haven’t learnt enough from the lesson they had over four years ago?”
“Royal father, please let me make a trip to the human side. If Long Haochen is still alive, I will bring back his corpse.” There was only one immense target of hatred in Ah’Bao’s heart, and that was Long Haochen who had personally crushed his confidence, as well as causing him to lose his most beloved girl. He also created an obsession in him that his strength was insufficient, and everything was a lie. So he frantically trained in these years, for the sake of getting ready to take over the Demon God Emperor’s position.

“Out of the question. There is no need to do so either. Long Haochen is certainly already dead. Huang Shuo, invite the Star Demon God, I need to have a talk with him.”

“Yes.” Huang Shuo’s respectful response came swiftly.

Ah’Bao asked sternly, “Royal father, I don’t understand, why didn’t you destroy his corpse also at that time, instead of letting his teammates go off with it?” He had always been confused regarding this point, not understanding the Demon God Emperor’s acts.

Right now, the Demon God Emperor had a somewhat unsightly complexion, as he let out a cold snort, “This matter has nothing to do with you. I have my own view, so there’s naturally a goal behind whatever I do.”

Ah’Bao didn’t speak further,

Along with the increase of his strength, his status among demonkind also became more and more elevated. The same went for the past generations: while they were crown prince their statuses within the Devil Dragons would grow steadily, until, surpassing the previous Demon God Emperor, or upon the latter’s death, they succeeded to the crown.

In demon history, there had even been a case of the later generation’s Demon God Emperor killing the former one to rule.

A short time later, the Star Demon God Vassago accompanied Huang Shuo back to the Demon Emperor Palace.
“Boss, you looking for me?” Vassago respecfully bowed to the Demon God Emperor, while sending his greetings to Ah’Bao.

Ah’Bao only made a slight polite gesture, but remained silent, not even standing up.

The Demon God Emperor asked, “Third brother, Huang Shuo should have told you everything. News came from humankind about Long Haochen’s revival. How do you view this matter?”

Vassago lost the smile on his face, “That’s just a rumor. Don’t forget, Boss, you are the one who personally killed Long Haochen. Furthermore, after he died, I immediately went to predict our race’s future. Although I only used the simplest Prophecy Technique, I only saw a radiant future for our race. The earlier threat is already thoroughly erased. Although I don’t know why humankind would do such a thing, I can affirm that Long Haochen has already died at that time, bringing that Austin Griffin to death alongside him.”

Hearing Vassago’s confirmation, the Demon God Emperor relaxed for a bit, and nodded, “Then that’s for the best. I’m just afraid about the case that humans would have had some extraordinary ways to bring him back to life.”

This time, Ah’Bao suddenly blurted out, “Third uncle, if you were to once again utilize the Great Prophecy Technique, would you be able to predict Long Haochen’s condition?”

The Demon God Emperor wrinkled his eyebrows, “Don’t talk drivel Ah’Bao. Do you think Great Prophecy can be used at anytime? It’s not as if you don’t know for how long your third uncle has been in a weak state after utilizing Great Prophecy. It’s only recently that he has recovered.”

Chapter 728

Vassago hesitated for a bit, “Utilizing Great Prophecy Technique one more time is not impossible, but my vital force could possibly come to an end as a result. Also, I cannot directly make a prediction on Long Haochen, but only on the future of our race.”

Although he did not directly reject it, that could only be considered a rejection.

The Demon God Emperor waved his hands, “Third Brother, don’t listen to Ah’Bao’s drivel. Since you are certain that our race’s fate had been altered at that time, there is no longer the need for any more prediction. Only, we have to investigate this matter, and find out what humans’ end goal is.”

Ah’Bao declared sternly, “Royal father, I don’t know why, but I have the constant premonition that Long Haochen is really still alive.”

The Demon God Emperor’s look became severe, “Enough! Don’t be too opinionated. You are not your third uncle, how could you comprehend anything in premonitions?”

Ah’Bao’s expression changed as he stopped arguing the matter.

With great timing, Huang Shuo declared, “Your Majesty, I shall immediately investigate the humans’ goal and the Temples’ Great Gathering’s matters.”
“Yeah.” The Demon God Emperor nodded, then expressed to the Star Demon God, “Then Third Brother, you can go back.”

“Yes.” Vassago respectfully accepted, and left with Huang Shuo.

The Demon God Emperor slowly stood, giving Ah’Bao a glance, “We must remember that even if there are some misgivings in your heart, it doesn’t mean that you must speak them out. You especially must respect the Moon Demon God and Star Demon God.”

Ah’Bao stood and joined the Demon God Emperor’s side, “Royal Father. With your cultivation, even all the other demon gods added up are no match. Why is there a need to...”

The Demon God Emperor snorted coldly, “You know nothing. I will naturally tell you everything when I let you succeed to the position of the Demon God Emperor. All you need to know is that for demonkind, every single demon god is an important being, especially the Moon Demon and Star Demon. As long as the three of us stand on the same side, we will have the strength to

Ah’Bao shook his head, “Not yet. She has already disappeared several years ago, and didn’t leak a single trace. But I have found out that some troublemakers have been in gradual rise in our demon territory. Based on insider information, they seemed to be a grouped organization, in the midst of saving power constantly. However, they are very tightly organized, and their roots are deep. I am still investigating.”

Feng Xiu let out an indifferent smile, “Just some agitated clowns. No need to fear. Don’t pay too much attention to this matter. Your cultivation is the most major matter. Your royal father knows about your progress in the recent years. When I come out from this seclusion, I will give you more matters to handle. Your royal father promises you that when your cultivation will surpass the Moon Emperor, the position of the Demon God Emperor will be for you.”

Ah’Bao’s expression changed, but he immediately lowered his head,
“You are in your spring right now, royal father. Our race still needs your

Feng Xiu calmly expressed, “No need to fake it in front of me. You are right now exactly like the past me. You may go then. Remember, in this period of seclusion, you must not bother me no matter what comes. Understood?”

“Yes,” Ah’Bao said, then turned and left.

Seeing his departing figure, the Demon God Emperor had a cold smile, “So what about a relation of parentage?1In front of authority, everything is futile.” Reaching this point, that handsome face full of holiness suddenly surged to his mind, causing him to unawarely become absent-minded, as he murmured, “Child, are you really still alive?”

Right as the Demon God Emperor was still at a loss on whether Long Haochen was still alive or not, he had already led his crew to the Knight Temple’s headquarters in Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

With the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass in front of his eyes, he couldn't help but move with

That year, he had personally witnessed his father’s use of the Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter. Now that over ten years had passed2, the time of their reunion had come, along with the time to gain a Divine Throne’s approval.

The six wings behind his back vanishing, Long Haochen was the first to land on the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. Perhaps because of the dozen years spent reminiscing about his father, at the time of his arrival, he couldn’t help but whistle to the sky for a long time.

The other returning powerhouses of the Knight Temple and members of the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope deliberately fell behind. The current Long Haochen was not only a decisive character for the Knight Temple, but moreover the chairman of the Union. Even if young, he had already proved himself to these knights with force.
A limpid hissing sound came up, it was peaceful, and gave off a feeling of being carefree. Long Haochen’s six wings then vanished as he reached the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass’ city in a flash.

Before their arrival, news of his return had arrived to the Knight Temple since long ago, and right now, fully attired knights came out on the walls of the Knight Temple. Facing Long Haochen’s descent, they all performed the most standard salute to welcome their new union chairman.

A tall man stood in the midst of the entrance, handsome and resolute of face and broad shouldered, as well as an having an incomparably sharp look. When suddenly catching sight of that sudden golden figure, his look became all the more muzzy.


That golden figure coming from nowhere was thrown into his bosom in a flash, as the two hugged each other.

“Father!!” Long Haochen’s voice was shivering, and had a great change even in its tonality.

To any man, their father would be, in their youth, their idol. Moreover, what man was Long Haochen’s father? He’s the

His father had always been Long Haochen’s pride. Deep in his heart, he had always been aiming and chasing after his father’s tall shadow, which drove him forward. A great part of his efforts were aimed at getting his father to acknowledge himself. Even on this day after ten years later, when encountering his father, that childhood admiration surged out, as this new union’s chairman dripped with tears.

Long Haochen’s stature was no longer thinner than his father in the least. Father and son were both the same height, both prides of the Knight Temple. All knights saluted them respectfully, as well as the far apart Long Tianying. With three generations of the Long family being among the most talented of the Knight Temple, this Long family could be considered the family with the most authority out of the Knight Temple. Although they had
never minded this point, in the hearts of knights, especially young knights, their existences were unsurpassed, true idols.

Feeling Long Haochen’s surges of emotions, Long Xingyu, who was no longer capable of showing such pure feelings as his son, had a very complex expression in his eyes. His ordinarily incomparably steady hands shook lightly, as he continuously called out his son’s name.

“Haochen, oh Haochen. Your father has let you down. I haven’t protected you well.”

“Father, don’t say that. I am your son, and without your guidance, I wouldn’t be my current self. I am already grown, and should take my turn to protect you and mother.” Loosening the hug, father and son confronted each other, eyes filled with emotional colors.

Long Xingyu took a deep breath, casting off his tears, as if suddenly making some resolve. He watched Long Haochen with a firm look and declared, “Son, no matter what may have happened in the past, you are this Long Xingyu’s son, my sole son. From today onwards, whoever wants to harm you will have to first tread over my corpse.”

This was a categorical declaration,

Looking at his teary father, his half whitened hair, Long Haochen was once again overwhelmed with tears. That emotional self of his hadn’t felt the covered pain in his father’s previous words, only thinking about after that short period of a dozen or so year that had passed, his father at the ninth step of cultivation yet seemed much older. He did not even appear much younger than his grandfather, even though at his ninth step cultivation, he shouldn’t age so fast. Obviously, over these years, this father had really encountered special experiences.

Taking a deep breath, Long Xingyu barely stabilized his emotions, carrying a faint smile on his face, and suddenly knocking his right fist onto his left chest, loudly declared, “Auxiliary head of the Knight Temple greets the union chairman.”
Long Haochen blankened, before suddenly coming to a realization. His identity was no longer that of chasing after his father like back in those years, at his hellish training in his youth. Now he was the first union chairman, able to represent all humankind, to represent the entirety of the human union.

His right fist energetically thumping his chest issued a Bang sound, and Long Haochen no longer said any more.

Right now, everyone from Bright Glimmer of Hope as well as the Knight Temple’s powerhouses were consecutively landing in town. Under Long Xingyu’s lead, the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass grandiosely welcomed these knights’ triumphant return.

Although the final winners of the Temple’s Great Gathering were those from the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope, out of the Six Great Temples, the greatest winner was undoubtedly the Knight Temple.

The Mage Temple’s assault under Li Zhengzhi’s lead was in the end fruitless. Even if Long Haochen and his comrades had not arisen, the final champion would still be the deeply rooted Knight Temple.

After a majestic welcoming ceremony, Long Haochen and his father met Haochen’s mother. The three members of his family were finally reunited, after over ten years. Or rather, that should be a family of four. Along with Long Haochen came another inextricable part of his life, the most beloved in his heart, Cai’er.

Chapter 729

Bai Yue couldn’t like Cai’er any more. Especially now that Cai’er’s memories were back she was no longer the cold Saint Daughter of Samsara of that time, and behaved charmingly in front of the eyes of Haochen’s parents. In front of Long Xingyu and Bai Yue’s tearful faces, her own face was brimming with a smile of happiness.

Looking at the son, future daughter-in-law, and wife in front of his eyes, Long Xingyu suddenly turned his head, wiping once again the tears on his face. He seemed unaware his fists were clenched, with his right fist thumping his own chest with force. As tears of regret filled his eyes, he turned to face his back to Long Haochen—and the eyes of all three.

A large hand came onto his shoulder, “Father, what’s up? Isn’t our family now gathered? Let past remain as past. See, you have so much white hair already. You have to be sure to take better care of yourself, or else you won’t match Mother.”

Long Xingyu slightly lowered his head, his voice still choking, “Child, these years you have been missing must have been very painful.”

Long Haochen let out a chuckle, “There’s no such thing! We have only had a fortunate encounter after slaying the Panther Demon God. Everyone has been training in seclusion, and went in a state of deep meditation, which is why we have all taken so long to come back. Otherwise, we would rather have returned as early as possible.”

Long Xingyu suddenly turned his head to look at him, seeing the warmth carried onto Long Haochen’s smile, he could feel the purity of light from
his son.

“You are not speaking the truth.” Long Xingyu watched his son, his eyes flickering, as if wanting to say something but still bearing it in the end.

Long Haochen reacted with some shock, “Father, are you alright?”

Long Xingyu shook his head, and forced a smile on his face, “Oh, you’re right. Let past remain as past. We should look ahead for the future: no matter the trials you have faced, you will always be this Long Xingyu’s son, this thing won’t ever change. Let us, parent and son, fight demonkind alongside each other.”

Bai Yue couldn’t help laughing now, “You have been repeating that Haochen is your son many times already, Xingyu. Do you still need to keep insisting?”

Long Xingyu’s expression froze as he glanced at Bai Yue, complicated emotions filled his eyes. But it very rapidly came back to normal, “It may be because I have not seen my son for too long. It still feels unreal even now.”

Bai Yue took Cai’er’s hand, “I’m only concerned about when it is that Cai’er will really become my daughter-in-law.”

Long Haochen and Cai’er’s expressions reddened at the same time, and the instant their glances crossed each other, Cai’er immediately lowered her head yet again.

Long Haochen laughed gently, “Father, Mother, if you both agree, let’s make the trip to the Exorcist Mountain Pass.” In this area, marriage proposals were to come from the parents’ generations. Both parties would hang out together, before seeking for their parents blessings to formally conduct their wedding.

Cai’er hesitantly responded, “Haochen, we still have a lot going on. No need to rush.”
Haochen smiled, “That won’t do, I’ve had this matter in my mind for too long. And even if we don’t rush, Ying’er, Yuanyuan and the crew would be rushing. They are no longer as young.”

“The new union has just formed, so there are really a lot of matters going on. But in some ways, I am just a nameplate as the union’s chairman. The union’s matters are handled under Grandfather and Temple Head Li’s responsibilities. Our priority is to progress in strength in order to be able to challenge the Demon God Emperor and those peak demon powerhouses in a short future. After our currently most pressing matters are taken care of, we should have a time of tranquility. At that time we will conduct our wedding, this way it should be about time for the others to get settled as well. And when family matters are done with, we should strive for cultivating together without delay.”

Bai Yue nodded continuously, “Even if you’re even busier, you cannot neglect the major events in life. Looks like like it’s settled, let’s head over for the Exorcist Mountain Pass to propose marriage in a bit.”

Long Xingyu’s emotions having stabilized, a smile was now on his face, “Speaking of which, I have not met Lingxin for years.” In some meaning, Cai’er’s father could be considered half a disciple for Long Xingyu, whom he gave quite a bit guidances in the past to.

Long Haochen quietly declared, “Father, I plan on heading for the shrine tomorrow. Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang will follow me, they are also qualified to enter.”

Long Xingyu shivered a bit, “So hasty?”

Long Haochen nodded, “We are in urgent need of increasing our strength through Divine Thrones. My mount is on the verge of evolving, and that will very possibly be his last evolution. He needs me to be strong enough to help.”

Long Xingyu asked, “Is there a need for me to dispatch helpers from the Knight Temple?”
Long Haochen shook his head, “There is no need, we are enough by ourselves.” He didn’t dare let too many people know about Haoyue’s secret. Even Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi were decided to take part after long considerations. He trusted Haoyue, but didn't dare let others know about the terrifying world he came from and his suspicious origins. Moreover, Haoyue’s final evolution would be extremely dangerous, in case of accident there would be danger of death, thus Haochen did not want to implicate too many.

After a short pause, Long Xingyu declared, “Haochen, I know that your innate talent is number one out of several thousand years of the Knight Temple’s History.

I know clearly about your goal. But remember well, if it won’t do, don’t be overly forceful. Any of the Divine Thrones can bestow you with enough formidable power, it need not necessarily be the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation.

Long Haochen responded, “Father, I won’t shrink back. I believe that I have the ability. If even I cannot succeed, then I’m afraid that the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation won’t ever find an owner.”

Long Haochen said so smilingly. In ordinary times, his formidably peaceful endeavor became full of an incomparable confidence. Right, if he turns out turns out unable to earn the approval of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, that would only prove that this original Divine Throne would actually be no being of light.

Long Xingyu’s eyes glimmered, “Good! I expected no less from this Long Xingyu’s son. Your father is expressing you his best wishes ahead of time.”

Long Haochen smiled, “And please plan out the Golden Foundation Knights’ trial for Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi. It’s just a shame that even if they manage to break through the ninth step, there may not even be some Divine Thrones left for them to attempt getting picked.”
In case Long Haochen, Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang all succeed, they will have accomplished the unprecedented feat of bestowing all the Knight Temple’s six Divine Thrones with owners. If this really comes true, humankind’s morale will reach an unprecedented peak in History.

Long Xingyu smiled about that, “There is no need for you to worry about that. When you all grow, our Divine Thrones will someday have to be passed on. You must have had a tiring trip to go back there, so rest early. I already have a room prepared for you.”

But to Long Haochen’s unexpectedness, Long Xingyu really had a place prepared for Cai’er and him to stay but that was a single room.

Ever since back when Cai’er had lost her memories, the two of them hadn’t shared a room. First because of Cai’er’s memory loss, and next because they were already all grown, no longer youths like in those times. Long Haochen was also afraid of being unable to control himself before they would get formally married.

That was a large, comfortable room. But when standing inside, Long Haochen and Cai’er couldn’t help but blush upon looking at each other, especially when seeing only that one large bed.

Clearly, Long Xingyu and Bai Yue were thinking that they would have already crossed this boundary in their teens, and moreover, for them to want to marry so shortly, living together was very normal.

Cai’er lowered her head and joined Long Haochen’s side, gently taking off his coat for him, and said in low voice, “I’m going to the bath.”

Hearingthe bath.”

Hearing her mumbling words, Long Haochen immediately felt a difference. Scratching his head, he remained silent. Having deepened their love in those years, and gone through countless life or death experiences, their feelings already reached a fusional level. Although they felt somewhat awkward right now, they didn’t have any need to explain themselves.
Aften making themselves presentable in turns, and recovering a bit from tiredness, Long Haochen sat on the bedside, quite lost in thoughts.

But being lost in thought in such way was a form of happiness for him. It felt very cozy to be able to sit calmly without any matter going. This brought him an indescribable feeling of bliss.

Cai’er changed into a long nightgown, her fair hand stretched out. Joining Long Haochen’s side, she very naturally sat on his thigh, both arms coiling onto his neck, cutely fitting onto his chest.

Haochen unconsciously held her thin waist, feeling the contact of her thigh and butt with his body. Haochen could only feel the pulse of that Heart of Eternity suddenly rise, and moreover, the fluctuations of spiritual energy grew in intensity.

Over half of Cai’er’s face was hidden behind her long hair, making her face impossible to see, but her breath was very warm as it continuously assailed Haochen’s neck. Her body was becoming warmer and warmer, and holding her felt like holding a soft stove. Then the fire burning in Haochen’s heart became only more exuberant.

As he softly raised her hair, Cai’er’s blushing face came to view. Haochen then gave her intensely breathing cheeks a light kiss, and as a faint aroma seeped into his heart, a light tactile sensation came onto her heartstrings.

“Cai’er.” Long Haochen called out gently.

“Mhm.” As if unwilling to speak, Cai’er only let out a light sound of response.

Holding one of her lily-white hands, Long Hoachen couldn’t help but urge out, “Look at me alright?”

Cai’er lightly pushed her head on his chest, as if for protection, but still ended up opening her eyes.
Her light purple eyes were a bit hazy, her large eyelashes traced a beautiful arc, and her large eyes with water seeping out seemingly spoke something without words.

Chapter 730

“Back in those years, when we first arrived in Exorcist City, you made a little house for us then. At that time, I had promised that I would give you a warm home to live in. Although Father and Mother have already accepted our marriage, I have yet to formally propose to you. I won’t ever wrong you, and will make you the happiest person in this world.”

Saying this, Long Haochen’s handsome face was blushing slightly, his eyes looking hazier, as his lips made a light contact with her eyelashes.

“Idiot. So early as back when I had put the forget-me-not ring in your hand, I had already given myself to you. As long as I can be together with you, what’s feeling wronged once or twice? The path to the future against demonkind is long and broad, and I don’t want to keep waiting. I’m afraid that if I get old, I won’t be able to give myself to you at the peak of my beauty.”

Cai’er’s voice was soft as she whispered these words in Long Hoachen’s ears, and carried faint traces of fragrance that kept assailing Long Haochen’s heart.

Long Haochen coiled his hand around Cai’er’s waist, with his other hand on her supple hair, as her delicate white face was kept busy staring at him.

Four eyes looked at each other, seemingly immersed in the inverted images looking at each other. Lowering his head, Long Haochen made a light contact with Cai’er’s icy lips.
A trace of satiny skin appeared in the midst of the soft fabric at her waist, along with light trembling. Upon mere contact, Long Haochen became completely inextricable from the situation.

They had already gone through fire and water for over ten years, having gone through countless unimaginable things. Especially back in the Star Demon Pagoda, where Long Haochen became deceased, and Cai’er managed to bring him back to life, almost at the cost of her own life. They were no longer just two individuals, but a single thing with two hearts.

Tightly hugging each other, and lightly kissing their counterpart, this instant only left satisfaction in them. Several years of

He carried Cai’er onto the bed, their lips remaining connected from beginning to end. And as Long Haochen’s scorching hand carried the lightly shivering Cai’er, it headed below her nightgown and onto her slender legs.

Warmth, accompanied with a feeling of softness, only made Cai’er’s heartbeat stronger and stronger, but as it went, she still didn’t show the slightest resistance. As she slowly drew closer to her man’s neck, her love and attachment poured into his heart.

As the image of Cai’er’s post-fusion spiritual stove back in the Illusory Paradise appeared in front of Long Haochen, everything else followed just naturally.

In the midst of light murmurs and light whimpers, their love finally ascended to a new level.

Long Haochen and Cai’er were unskilled, but a human’s most primary desire and instincts pushed them onto each other. A soft pain and an even larger love kept rising in the midst of this intrication, rising continuously in this mix. Finally, they passed this last threshold of perfect combination in the midst of a strong desire.

This was all a bit sudden, but also very natural. With this setup as a basis, everything went as one could expect, as they gradually discovered their
respective inexperienced selves, becoming increasingly familiar with each other. They had physical conditions far exceeding ordinary mortals, leading to an even more intense lovemaking.

The first rays of sunlight bore through the windows in their room in Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass as Long Haochen slowly awoke from slumberland.

His senses were still a bit hazy, but the next instant, the scenery appearing next in front of his eyes stupefied them.

The warm illumination of the sunset shone upon the quilt covering Cai’er’s slender leg, reflecting upon the sparkling gloss. Behind the quilt, a pink gloss was visible on her skin, as if that was a pleasant lingering effect of last night.

Cai’er was sound asleep, carrying a dim smile on her face as teardrops of happiness attractively hung onto her cheeks. That gave Long Haochen the irresistible urge of kissing her.

Softly hugging her, yet fearing to

Men that have never tasted the female body won’t ever be complete.
And, right now, they were already a true man and a true woman.

Long Haochen looked at Cai’er in such way, the light in his eyes growing warmer and warmer; no matter how long passed, it still didn’t feel enough.

Perhaps from feeling the warmth from Long Haochen’s body leaning against her, their bodies became even more inseparably close. Since she changed from being a girl to a woman, the natural fragrance coming out from her body became even denser, to the extent that Haochen was almost no longer able to maintain self-control.

But, thinking back about her light moans of pain from last night, he finally bore it, only softly fondling her back just like a piece of silk. Every time his hand crossed the arc traced by her enchanting waist, he couldn’t help but sigh at that perfect creation. This instant, he really wished he could
just melt into that chest of hers, forever gazing at her just like that, loving her dearly.

Then came a hand, which had grabbed Long Haochen’s back at some point, carrying some languidness and shyness as it reverberated lightly, “Just go. They should all be waiting for you. I will be waiting here for your triumphant return.

“No matter what trial awaits, you have to keep in mind that I will be waiting for you: for you to return. In my mind, you are the most important thing that exists.”

Long Haochen tightened his arm, and let out a low laugh, “Then, let’s keep going with what we did yesterday evening when I return, alright?”

Cai’er didn’t utter a sound, just pinching Haochen’s waist, yet was unwilling to exert strength in the end. Only pulling the opposite quilt, she used it to cover her own head with it.

Long Haochen’s face was full of a blessed smile, as he lightly turned over the quilt. Yet he couldn’t help but lightly pinch her butt before covering her properly using the quilt and declaring tenderly, “Wait for

Half an hour later.

When Long Haochen appeared in the Knight Temple, Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang were already waiting. Long Xingyu Was also waiting there.

Seeing Long Haochen, the three of them all looked slightly distracted. Because they discovered, with shock, that Long Haochen’s mental force seemed to have made a qualitative leap, as if the entirety of his basic qualities had an earth shattering change. His originally pure being of light was now brimming with a hardly descriptible vital essence. The energies from his body reached the peak, and in particular, his eyes looked even more sincere and honest, as well as kind. They gave off the feeling that Long Haochen’s cultivation had reached the next level just in the span of one night. But they did not understand what kind of trick that could be.
Cai’er had changed into a mild purple colored skirt and was seated across the window. It was snowing outside, and snowflakes were fluttering in the breeze in the skies, landing on the window, and slowly dissolving.

A thin smile traced itself upon the corners of her mouth, as her heart was in peace and bliss. Actually, she understood very clearly that if not for her taking the initiative, Long Haochen would never have asked her at that time. But that was the timing she had chosen.

Purifying force was something able to purify any impurity, and as the one chosen by the god of death, she chose this time to make him integral part of nature, so as to purify his everything a step further, while giving him the purest love.

Light and purification were originally a perfect match. Her domain and Haochen’s formed complementary beings, and the final line of defense between the two of them having gotten crossed meant that their respective auras and domains would blend together. Cai’er had given herself entirely to her man, for him to now reach an unprecedented peak level.

Last night, Long Haochen had only endless love in mind, until this morning, sensing the changes on his body he understood the trouble Cai’er took. But he said

Similarly, after sensing the moistening of Long Haochen’s pure light, the current Cai’er no longer just looked all smiles. She also had a sense of that sublimation of her light of purification.

Suddenly, Cai’er let out a giggle, and murmured irresolutely, “Shouldn’t we, ahead of time...”

“Are you all ready to go?” Looking at the three youngsters sitting across from him, Long Xingyu spoke calmly.

The three of them made their salutations to Long Xingyu at the same time, “Senior Divine Knight, we are all ready to go.”
Although Long Haochen acted as the chairman of the Union, when on the verge of challenging the Divine Knight’s trial, he could only be treated as an ordinary knight for the Knight Temple.

Long Xingyu nodded, “Any Divine Knight’s challenge for a Divine Throne’s approval is a big matter. Every rank you gain starting from the ninth step will bestow you with another chance for challenge. You should have all seen how many Holy Knights we have in the Temples’ Great Gatherning. But there are only three of us Divine Knights. During the course of the challenge, you may only rely on your own experiences, and just like your experiences all differ, even the same person won’t ever get the same challenge twice. I can only give you one advice, believe in yourselves and advance firmly.”

Speaking these words, Long Xingyu abruptly stood, as a torrential demeanor gushed out from his body. Although Long Tianying, Yang Haohan and him were all three Divine Knights, Long Xingyu was actually the most powerful of these three, due to being the only Retribution Knight, and moreover, the owner of the Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter.

“Follow me.”

Long Xingyu commanded the three straight toward the depths of the main hall. In there were the statues of the three Divine Thrones. Right, just statues, but even so, when Long Haochen’s three were in front of the Six Divine Thrones, they couldn't help but feel a mystifying feeling surge out.
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