Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 71-80


Chapter 71

Long Hao Chen looked at him, completely astonished. Each pill had a value of at least 1800 gold coins. Three pills were worth more than 5000 gold coins. What kind of answer could be so expensive?

Li Xin said with a playful tone, “No need to act so surprised. This thing is quite expensive to purchase, but for me, the cost of production only amounts to a few dozen gold coins. Do you know how many of them I could make with a single Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon? So many that I wouldn’t dare announce it. Even making 180 of these pills is doable for me.”

In fear that Long Hao Chen might be getting swindled, Li Xin immediately said “Tell us first what your question is and even if we can answer it, we reserve the option to withhold our answer.”

Lin Xin gently laughed, “It’s a simple question. You will definitely be able to answer it. All I want to know is whether or not you were the ones to kill this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon.”

Li Xin was speechless, “Such a simple question?”

Lin Xin unfolded his both arms and answered, “What if it is so simple?” “What’s up with that, we are the ones who killed it.”
Lin Xin raised his hand and threw the crystal bottle into Long Hao Chen’s hand, as he said, “Alright, as promised.”
Long Hao Chen didn’t dare believe his own ears, “Lin Xin, this is too valuable, I cannot accept it.” It was worth 5000 gold coins! Up till now, he had never even seen so much money.

Lin Xin rubbed his own forehead with a look of helplessness, “Little brother Long, this is a mere deal. I didn’t give it to you and gain nothing in the exchange. In addition, I have another request for you.”

Long Hao Chen was a pure and kind-hearted boy, so when taking such precious items, although he was happy deep inside, he still couldn’t bring himself to accept it, “What?”

Lin Xin showed a humble smile and hardened his chest as he said: “If I am not guessing wrong, you must be heading to the Holy City to participate the Demon Hunt Selection Competition, right?”

Li Xin said, astonished, “How did you guess?”

Lin Xin explained, “It’s not too hard to guess. From the south, those heading to the Holy City must pass through Aimei City. Your youth combined with the reply to my previous question are both proof that you’re qualified to participate in the Selection. How could it be more clear? The main reason why I said I wasn’t afraid of you revealing that I am master Lin was simply that no one would believe that someone of my age can make pills of the third step. The other reason was that there was no way you would stay in Aimei City for long, since you will immediately be leaving for the Holy City to participate to the Selection. Am I right?”

Li Xin’s brows were raising, “What? Do you want us to fight in regard to the competition earlier than scheduled?”

Lin Xin hurried to shake his head and replied, “How can it be! I just want us to cooperate. Little brother Long, my request to you won’t harm you in any way. I only wish that if during the Demon Hunt Selection, the two of us enter the final stage and you ultimately enter the top-three, you choose me as a member of your squad.”
Hearing him say that, Lin Jia Lu could no longer control herself, “Why should he choose you? I am a mage as well!”

According to the rules of the demon squads, each team of six had to include six people from different great temples. In other words, a demon squad could only have a single mage.

Lin Xing said, “Older sister, I will only say the truth; from my point of view, considering your cultivation l

Lin Jia Lu was startled, “Can you see my cultivation level?”

Lin Xin smiled faintly, and said, “This is my little secret. Little brother Long, how about it, will you make this promise? If you only accept my request, we will become a pair of good brothers in the future, and without hesitation, I will supply pills for you, free of charge. Honestly, I don’t have much for myself, beyond pills and money.”

He was quite handsome, but his current face looked more like that of a big bad wolf, eyeing a small, white rabbit with evil intent.

Long Hao Chen looked full of doubt, as he replied: “But how can you be so sure that I will enter the top 3?”

Lin Xin said, “I am betting on you. Even if you don’t, I won’t be harmed. Making this promise will be no trouble for you either, and in addition, you can receive my three energy pills with no qualms about them.”

Suddenly, Long Hao Chen’s body violently shook, and all of a sudden, a purple golden colored symbol appeared and shone on his forehead. The symbol was quite unusual, as it initially appeared with purple golden-color but quickly spread out, forming nine purple-colored shining symbols. Each was a third of a meter long, and faint traces of spiritual energy fluctuation could be seen above.

The purple-colored faint light scattered, and with a flash, a figure appeared in front of Long Hao Chen. It was Hao Yue.
At this moment, Hao Yue was in a clearly abnormal state, as he continuously stuck to Long Hao Chen’s body while letting out some Wuu Wuu sounds, as though he was trying to convey something.

Besides Long Hao Chen who could communicate with him via telepathy, other people couldn’t understand Hao Yue’s words, “Hao Yue, calm down, I will try my best for you.” As he spoke, he raised his head and looked at the auction platform.

At this moment, another cart replaced the previous one on the auction platform. An enormous stone orb lay atop the golden cart. He could vaguely see that this stone orb was covered with several dark green-colored ‘veins’. The host, Xing Xuan, still standing on the platform, was introducing the item.

“The following auctioned article is somewhat… special: even our best appraiser was unable to identify it. But the seller wanted us to sell it at the starting price of 10,000 gold coins. Our auction house’s doctrine is to be impartial and not let our guests be extorted the single gold coins, so our chief appraiser is going evaluate this article.”

“Looking at it, it seems that this article has nothing special, it just looks like an ordinary stone orb. No traces of magic can be discerned inside. In addition, the interior of this orb is completely isolated. No one, not even a powerhouse at the ninth step could know what is hidden inside unless he splits open the surface of this orb. The only thing we can be sure about is that there are some fluctuations of spiritual energy inside. The patterns appearing on the surface are due to this fluctuating spiritual energy. However, this chief appraiser can predict that an unusual metal is very likely to be present inside. That said, it may be something completely different. Everyone, let the auction start, you may rise the price from ten thousand gold coins, but each of you, think carefully, because after the product is sold, we won’t take it back. ”

Without a doubt, because this item didn’t really stand out, and because the starting price was so high, this auctioneer Xing Xuan was trying to make it seem better than it actually was. In reality, it was obvious that they did not look favorably on this item.
Ten thousand gold coins. It was really ten thousand gold coins! At this moment, Long Hao Chen was internally struggling.

When Hao Yue appeared, it was not because Long Hao Chen summoned him, but rather Hao Yue who launched the summon. This kind of instance already far exceeded the limits of their contract of equals, and was evidently the effect of the blood contract. Hao Yue appeared right when the stone orb was being pushed onto the auctioneering platform and sent signals of urgency towards Hao Chen. It seemed that this stone orb was quite important to him.

Because their bloodstreams were interlinked, what Long Hao Chen saw, Hao Yue could sense it as well, even if he was not beside him. Thus, as soon as he came to the booth, he immediately started jumping up and down, obviously desiring that stone orb.

Exorbitant! Too exorbitant. Looking at Little Light and Little Flame’s eyes and their unyielding, dogged expression, Long Hao Chen couldn’t help but feel a sense of helplessness. He had just received 2000 gold coins but he had to split them up evenly with the others. Where would he have 10,000 gold coins to buy this item!

Long Hao Chen stared at the stone orb on the platform, but Lin Xin was instead focused on Hao Yue. When Hao Yue had appeared, Lin Xin’s face had expressed astonishment. He had seen so many species of magical beasts, even rare ones, but he had never before seen one like Hao Yue.

ly, Lin Xin had paid a high price to purchase the magic skill, [Identification Method]. Relying on this magic, he could detect the circumstances of any one, regardless of his vocation, and even if it was a magical beast. The only prerequisite was that the level of the target investigated could not exceed his own.

Chapter 72

Clearly, Hao Yue was at most a fourth ranked magical beast, and not even at the peak of the fourth rank, which was equivalent to a human fighter of the third step. And yet his [Identification Method] had failed. Furthermore, it was not the first time the skill had failed today. Why was he trying so hard to get close to Long Hao Chen? He had specifically used the [Identification Method] to investigate Long Hao Chen, but beyond his current strength and age, there wasn’t anything else he could find. It was the reason why he was so interested in Long Hao Chen.

How strange. What kind of magical beast could Hao Yue be? Lin Xin’s heart was full of doubts.

At this moment, outside the booth, the whole audience became silent. Ten thousand gold coins was not a small amount by any means. One must know that a single gold coin was enough to feed a family of three for a month, and ten gold coins was enough to buy ordinary armor. Ten thousand gold coins was sufficient to arm a regiment of a hundred knights down to the teeth.

Certainly, this stone orb had the possibility of containing a rare metal, but how many rare metals could have such a high value? Furthermore, heaven knows how big the piece of metal was. If it was only fist-sized, even if it was a magical metal like mithril, it still wouldn’t be worth much.

Xing Xuan had already asked for the third time: “Are there any distinguished customers who are interested in this item?”
As before, there were no responses. The people who normally attended the auction were rarely impetuous. If the price was one hundred gold coins, there might have been someone who would take the gamble and just buy it. However, for ten thousand gold coins, few would risk the purchase.

“Brother Lin.” Long Hao Chen suddenly called out. Seeing Hao Yue’s exceedingly hopeful look, he finally made a decision.

“Ah?” Lin Xin was still in the midst of pondering over Hao Yue’s origins, and he only reacted after being called.

“Brother Lin, if you are willing to lend me money to buy the item before our eyes, I will fulfill your request,” Long Hao Chen said in a voice like iron.

“You don’t need to borrow money from him, Big Sister will buy it for you.” Lin Jia Lu, who had been silent for quite some time suddenly spoke up. Furthermore, she hastily stepped forward and swiftly pressed the number, ten thousand, on the auction’s apparatus.

On the auctioneering platform.

Xing Xuan said a bit apologetically: “It seems that article number two will have to be put away. Ah! Wait a second, the VIP of booth number 6 has offered a price of ten thousand gold coins. Ten thousand gold coins going once.” Seeing that someone had put forth a price, she immediately became pleased. However, once she saw that it was booth number 6 that had given a price, she couldn’t help but knit her eyebrows together and shoot Lin Xin’s booth a reproachful glance.

The booth’s water crystal glass was a special kind of manufactured material. From the outside, one could not see inside. Only from the interior could one see outside.

Outside, there was a huge commotion in the auction area and no small amount of jeering could be heard. But what they didn’t know was that within booth number 6, there was a person presently shrieking. The person shrieking was exactly Lin Xin.
“This sister, you can’t do this! Brother Long already proposed to borrow money from me, how can you just snatch away this opportunity?” Lin Xin’s face was all gloomy.

Lin Jia Lu giggled sweetly and said: “Hao Chen is my little brother.
Isn’t it normal for a big sister to buy things for his little brother?”

Long Hao Chen was scared out

Lin Jia Lu stood up and walked towards Long Hao Chen’s side. Her expression was gentle as she said: “Hao Chen, if you were at least twenty years old, this big sister would have no qualms and would definitely snatch you up. Even if I would wrong Xin’er, it still wouldn’t be a bad choice. It’s a pity that the gap between our ages is far too wide, and I can only be your big sister. I will never forget the events of that day when twice, a whole two times, you saved my life. The second time especially; as I had already caught the scent of the Grim Reaper, it was you who pulled me from the brink of death. If you don’t give big sister a chance to repay you, then big sister’s heart will never be at peace.”

“Big Sister Lin, I……” Long Hao Chen still wanted to decline her offer, but Lin Jia Lu had already raised her hand to press over his mouth, “Don’t say anything more. Do you really think that Big Sister’s life is not even worth ten thousand gold coins? I’ve already consulted with your Big Sister Xin’er, and she also agreed. If you are unwilling to accept, then in the future, don’t even think about calling me big sister.”

Ever since the day when they finished their training mission, nearly every night, Lin Jia Lu had been awoken by nightmares. She could never forget the moment when the member of the Dyke Clan had pressed an icy, sharp blade against her throat. Her saving grace was Long Hao Chen! If Long Hao Chen hadn’t been there, she would have died without a doubt. She was a person who knew gratitude. These past few days, her relationship with Li Xin had also gotten a lot better. Originally, there hadn’t been the slightest hint of anything keeping them from singing the same tune. After opening up about their past incident, they had gone back to being old friends. She had the idea of going to Aimei City’s auction house to buy something for Long Hao Chen several days ago. It was a big auction house, and the amount of
goods weren’t lacking. She believed that buying something useful for Long Hao Chen right before the Demon Hunt Selection would be the best way to pay him back.

Long Hao Chen took a deep breath, and finally nodded his head, saying:
“Big Sister, thank you.”

Extremely pleased, Lin Jia Lu rubbed his head, saying: “This, is big sister’s good little brother.”

Li Xin said a bit jealously: “Hmph, I’m going to earn a lot of money in the future as well.”

“Third time, sold. This mysterious stone orb goes to the distinguished customer in booth number 6.” From outside, Xing Xuan’s voice floated through. With nobody making a sudden bid, it was finally sold for ten thousand gold coins.

Lin Xin said gloomily: “Brother Long, keep looking. If there is anything that catches your eyes, let me know. I’ll gift it to you as long as you agree to my request.”

Long Hao Chen laughed faintly and shook his head, saying, “I don’t have anything else I want. However, I will still consider your proposal. But remember, we have to enter the final rounds of the Demon Hunt Selection to make that possible, no?”

At this point in time, Hao Yue had finally calmed down. The thirst in his eyes, however, did not decrease, rather, it actually increased. Leaning on Long Hao Chen’s foot, Little Light and Little Flame rubbed unceasingly against his leg.

Lin Xin sat there as if pondering something. Right at that moment, there was a knock on the door. The door opened, and the young lady Xiao Nuo entered, pushing the golden cart that was previously on the auctioning platform. On top of it lay the mysterious stone orb.
Seeing the stone orb, Hao Yue almost directly threw himself at it. Only when Long Hao Chen gave him a look did he show some restraint, but his body was still slightly trembling.

Ever since they had left the Knight’s Sacred Mountain, it was the first time Long Hao Chen had seen him so excited. To Long Hao Chen, ten thousand gold coins was an astronomical sum. The money Lin Jia Lu had taken out was a favor he would firmly keep in mind, and one that he would definitely pay back to her in the future.

If it was someone else, they would definitely not be so willing to buy the stone orb. One’s money wasn’t something that ought to be wasted just because of a magical beast companion’s sudden costly urges.

But Long Hao Chen was different; Hao Yue was very dear to him. They shared a blood contract, and the blood of the other flowed in each of their own bodies. Long Hao Chen almost considered him as his own little brother. Seeing Hao Yue so eager, he decided to trust the intuition of this “little brother”, and had resolved to buy the stone orb. He was also firmly convinced that he would definitely be able to earn this amount of ten thousand gold coins in the future.

Lin Jia Lu advanced and took out her own magical card to wholly pay. After Xiao Nuo pushed the cart in, she had originally wanted to make some conversation with Lin Xin. However, upon seeing him seated and pondering deeply, she left completely baffled. Xiao Nuo had never seen Master Lin without a smile on his face.

Long Hao Chen didn’t directly hand the stone orb to Hao Yue. Instead, he stored it in his ring ‘forget-me-not’. Lin Xin was an outsider, after all. Regardless of whether or not this stone orb was a special item, this auction house clearly wasn’t a suitable place to display it.

Chapter 73

Pa. Lin Xin abruptly slapped his thigh, “I’ve taken a gamble.”

He seemed resolute as he raised his head and looked at Long Hao Chen, telling him: “Little brother Long, although it is the first time we meet, I believe in my foresight, and I will bet on you.”

Long Hao Chen shook his head and replied: “Lin Xin, I don’t gamble.”

Lin Xin shook his head, and said: “I don’t want you to bet with me, I want to bet with myself. Here are three bottles of pills, take them. There are instructions in each bottle.” As he spoke, his hand twinkled with a red light, and three bottles of pills appeared in his hands. They were all bottles made of crystal and in each bottle, there were 10 pills about the size of a soybean. In terms of color, however, they had nothing in common.

Long Hao Chen didn’t directly retrieve these three bottles, he looked at Lin Xin with an inquiring look.

Lin Xin let out a small sigh, and said: “Little brother, these pills are not for free. I will say it once more, I want you to agree to the request I made earlier. Give me your promise.”

Long Hao Chen was shocked and looked at him, “Your pills are so valuable, but for a mere promise, you…”

Lin Xin faintly laughed: “That’s why it’s a bet. I believe in my intuition, furthermore, if I really win this bet, I will be the one to profit.”
“Of the things I produce, these are the ones I am most proud of. It’s even better than the energy pill to some extent. Furthermore, they’ve never been available for sale. In regards to manufacturing pills, I have confidence in my abilities. Truthfully speaking, I don’t really want to become an alchemist. My life’s biggest goal is to walk and explore the whole continent, to discover mysterious relics and ancient remains. In order to fulfill this goal, my greatest chance would be to become a member of a demon hunt squad.”

“I have a natural talent towards manufacturing alchemic medicine but in regards to magic, I’m quite lacking. I’m strong with auxiliary type spells, but with offensive spells, I am inadequate. Thus, even if I possess an abundant amount of magic power, I cannot put forth sufficient power when battling. This time I’ve registered for the Demon Hunt Selection, and within the Mage Temple, I am confident in my ability to pass the qualifiers. However, concerning the final rounds between the six great temples, I’m afraid I can’t guarantee anything.”

“Especially because my fighting power is insufficient, I need a strong squad. If you can become one of the top three in the finals, then you’ll have the opportunity to choose me as one of the members of your squad. You only need to promise to give me that chance and these three bottles of pills will be yours. In the case that you cannot enter the top three, then just consider it as if I’ve wagered wrong.”

“I can kind of glimpse at your level of strength. Relying on your level of training, I’m afraid rushing to the top three will be a difficult task. But, when you factor in the pills I give you, the chances are no longer the same. It might really be that you’d have a chance. Brother Long, how about both of us give each other a chance?” Right at this moment, Hao Yue ambled over. After Long Hao Chen stored the stone ball into his ‘forget-me-not’ ring, his mood had calmed quite a bit. In a very human like manner, he rose up on his hind legs and pushed his nose towards the three bottles in Lin Xin’s hand to take a whiff. After doing so, he turned to Long Hao Chen and nodded.

At this instant, a thought sent from Hao Yue appeared within Long Hao Chen’s heart, &ldqu
What Hao Yue transmitted to Long Hao Chen was a type of feeling. Long Hao Chen didn’t know where it had come from. However, when he was on the battlefield, out of the two times Long Hao Chen had noticed the enemies’ intent of ambush, when they had detected the Dyke Clan member during the second battle, it was actually due to Hao Yue. Long Hao Chen was actually slower than him at discovering the enemy’s presence.

“Alright, I accept your proposal.” Long Hao Chen took the three bottles in Lin Xin’s hands as he answered solemnly.

In reality, this decision was painful to make for Lin Xin. He was well aware of the value of these three bottles of pills: they were nearly equivalent to a third of his savings. The reason he made this decision was due to that intuition of his. What convinced him was foremost the mystery surrounding Long Hao Chen and Hao Yue. The second, was Long Hao Chen’s personality. Only after using once more his [Identification Method] did he make this decision to gamble.

There might be an existence stronger than Long Hao Chen who would also attend the Demon Hunt Selection. However, after utilizing the [Identification Method] so many times, Lin Xin finally realized that there was a mysterious Spiritual Stove within Long Hao Chen’s body. To a mage of the same squad, a guardian knight who possessed a Spiritual Stove could be considered to be his lifeline! Furthermore, in such a short period of time, Lin Xin could not possibly find another elite from one of the great temples to cooperate with.

Of course, Lin Xin also had his crafty aspects. He had latched onto an important point, Long Hao Chen’s age. Participants of the Demon Hunt Selection had to be 25 years of age or younger. Even if Lin Xin couldn’t make it this time, how about five years later? Long Hao Chen was already at the fourth step. What level could he reach in five years? At that point in time, to take a risk as for whether he would become one of the top three would most likely no longer be a problem. Furthermore, Lin Xin himself was only eighteen years old. Five years later, he would still be within the age range to be eligible for the Demon Hunt Selection.
However, at present, he did not know what his decision entailed. In his lifetime, Lin Xin had produced countless pills. However, the ones that were worth the most on the market were in these three bottles. When he had made his final decision, Lady Luck was already on his side.

The auction outside continued without ado. None of the latter items were lacking in quality, but nobody was still interested in watching. As such, they excused themselves in advance and left the Holy Union’s auction house.

“Brother Long, I guess we’ll meet at the Holy Union then. Let’s both do our best.” Lin Xin didn’t linger much longer, and using his two hands to slightly brush his long, green hair behind his back, he showed Long Hao Chen a handsome smile and turned to leave.

Looking at his receding figure, Li Xin said in an accusing manner: “Little Bro, you were a bit too rash. We don’t even know what kind of person he is!”

Long Hao Chen laughed lightly, saying: “He shouldn’t be a bad person.
Hao Yue told me by intuition that I could trust him.”

Little Light and Little Flame nodded then bit and pulled on the hem of Long Hao Chen’s pants. Clearly, they were still thinking about this mysterious stone orb.

Li Xin and Lin Jia Lu shared a look and didn’t say anything further. After all, this Lin Xin was still an alchemist; it was not bad for Long Hao Chen to befriend this kind of person.

Returning to the hotel, Long Hao Chen had barely closed the door when Hao Yue could not refrain himself from hopping up and down.

Long Hao Chen sighed helplessly: “You are so impatient.”. As he spoke, a soft and thin golden radiance was being emitted from his body, his [Divine Light Mantle]. Immediately, this [Divine Light Mantle] enveloped the room’s interior.
In regards to defense, [Divine Light Mantle] wasn’t that great. But its soundproof characteristic as well as the powerful aura emitted were extremely practical.

After completing the [Divine Light Mantle], Long Hao Chen took out the stone orb from his ‘forget-me-not’ ring, handing it to Hao Yue.

Little Light and Little Fire exchanged a look, and suddenly, Little Light opened his mouth wide and swallowed the stone orb with a single gulp.

One must know that this stone orb was the size of a human head. Although Hao Yue was two meters tall, his heads weren’t so big. Upon swallowing such a big stone orb so abruptly, Little Light’s neck protruded out, and, with difficulty, the stone orb gradually entered his belly.

“You ate it just like that?” Long Hao Chen gave a startled look to Little Light and Little Flame.

“Wuuwuu, wuuwuuwuuwuu…” Little Fire let out whimpering noises at Long Hao Chen. Although they weren’t able to speak, they could still transmit their thoughts to Long Hao Chen through their blood contract.

Long Hao Chen’s heart was abruptly startled, “What? You want to go back to your original world?”

Chapter 74

Little Fire transmitted this message to Long Hao Chen, saying that he wouldn’t be back for a long time, nor could he be summoned. As for how long it would last, they did not even know.

Ever since Hao Yue had arrived at Long Hao Chen’s side, he had never once thought about going back to his original world. But at this moment, clearly, the stone orb had caused some changes to appear within him, creating this necessity.

Looking at them, Long Hao Chen nodded, but seemed quite reluctant to part,and replied: “It seems that this stone orb was really quite important to you. Since things are this way, you should head back. Don’t worry about me, I won’t encounter any kind of danger during the Demon Hunt Selection’s qualifiers.”

In reality, since he was preparing himself to participate in the great competition, it was precisely now that Long Hao Chen needed Hao Yue the most; even though their cultivation level wasn’t very high, Little Light and Little Fire could use a variety of magical spells and had perfect coordination with Long Hao Chen in fights. Their impact was no small matter.

But Long Hao Chen didn’t want to drag Little Light and Little Fire down; back then, he clearly felt Little Light and Little Fire’s thirst for the stone orb.

Little Light and Little Fire revealed disappointment in their eyes: they clearly knew that this was not at all the right time to leave Long Hao Chen.
Two heads rubbed against Long Hao Chen’s leg as whimpering sounds could be heard. However, their firm look didn’t change in the slightest. They were obviously full of determination.

On Hao Yue’s back, some purple colored veins slowly began to shine, forming a thin purple-colored light that covered the inside of his whole body. As he looked deeply at Long Hao Chen, this purple light vanished, and in a split second, Hao Yue’s body immediately shrank before disappearing, thus heading back to his original world.

Looking at the place where Hao Yue had disappeared, Long Hao Chen tried to suppress his feelings of unwillingness as he took out the three bottles given to him by Lin Xin from his ‘forget-me-not’ ring. Opening them, he took out the slips of paper that were inside.

They looked unimportant, but upon discovering its contents, Long Hao Chen instantly opened his eyes wide. His first reaction was, Is this for real?

The three slips of paper were quite simple. On the first one was written, Below the fifth step, take one pill per day and begin training; each will increase the user’s spiritual energy by 10.

On the second one was written, You may use these pills in any circumstances, they will replenish 200 units of internal spiritual energy within ten seconds.

On the third one was written, These will instantly release your hidden potential and increase your combat capabilities by 20 percent and will persist for 30 seconds. After the effect wears off, the user will be weakened for 12 hours.

Even though Long Hao Chen had no idea that these pills were the best pills of the fourth step, he could see how valuable these items were.

For this reason, he felt greatly indebted towards Lin Xin. Regardless of whether it was for his promise to Lin Xin or to reach the cultivation level required to seek his parents even one day earlier, it was necessary for him to exert as much effort as possible.
Immersed in his thoughts, Long Hao Chen took out one of the pills in the first bottle and swallowed it before sitting cross-legged to cultivate.

The next morning, Long Hao Chen’s group of five continued their journey, heading straight for Holy City. After a day’s rest, everyone was in high spirits. The Demon Hunt Selection was about to start, and deep inside, they were all de

After two days of travel, they were quite close to Holy City, so Long Hao Chen’s group slowed down and took their time advancing. The competition would only start in a day and a half, so there was no need for them to rush.

Walking forward, they suddenly heard some people arguing ahead, attracting their attention.

“Since the beginning, this baldie has been an eyesore . It’s convenient that we haven’t reached Holy City yet; it seems that you don’t even need to attend. Hand over your number plate, then piss off and return to Xiu City. A priest who can’t even heal actually wants to lead us?”

“You guys want to rebel?” A deep voice sounded.

This sudden clamor had attracted Long Hao Chen’s attention because the first voice sounded extremely familiar.

After passing through a small grove, Long Hao Chen, Li Xin, and the rest of them could see the two parties quarrelling before them.

There was a total of six people behind the grove. Long Hao Chen’s judgment wasn’t mistaken: one of those people was unexpectedly that familiar person. That person whom he had met by chance at the Knight’s Sacred Mountain: Gui Wu.

At this moment, Gui Wu was mounted atop his fiery, red-bodied Scarlet Shelled Earthworm. His right hand gripped a lance as he sat tall, seemingly well above the rest.
These six people were split into two sides: Gui Wu’s side, which unexpectedly amounted to five people, and surprisingly on the other, one lone figure.

That lone figure was a hulking bald man. He was extremely tall, at least two meters or more, had a broad back, and his bulging muscles stretched his clothes taut. With a slightly unrefined appearance, his bald head gleamed like a lightbulb. His sword-like eyebrows covered ferocious, tiger-like eyes, and his face showed a straight, tall nose with a squarish jaw, seeming very imposing.

But what made Long Hao Chen and the others curious was that this heavyset baldie was surprisingly dressed in a white robe. This white robe was something that only a priest would wear! Taking into consideration what they had just heard, the expressions of Long Hao Chen and the others exuded astonishment. Was this robust person whose physique even surpassed average warriors and knights really a priest?

Correct, the guy was a priest. Did he not hold a magic staff in his hands?
If one could call that a magic staff…

This heavyset baldie’s right hand gripped a pitch black staff fully 3 and a half meters 1 long and as thick as a person’s arm. The material of the staff was indiscernible, and at the very tip of the staff was inlaid a glittering, dim yellow gem. Without this gem, one would truly think that this staff was simply an iron rod.

Because the area through which Long Hao Chen and the others passed was on the mountain’s incline, they could clearly see these six people, but the other party could not see them.

The group of five currently confronting this bald priest was clearly led by Gui Wu. He pointed his lance towards that bald priest and said: “Sima Xian, give me your number plate, then piss off so we can abandon you here. At Holy City, a fellow like you would only serve as a disgrace to our Xiu City.”
That bald priest’s eyes gleamed coldly, “I, your father, will not hand it over. How about you bastards try and take it from me?”

Gui Wu laughed sinisterly, “Then we’ll beat you until your own mother can’t even recognize you. Attack.”

Saying so, he urged on the Scarlet Shelled Earthworm as it roared and hurtled forward, charging rampantly towards that bald priest. Among the group of four on Gui Wu’s side was a warrior charging alongside him, two mages who began to chant incantations, as well as a spindly figure wearing a black veil that seemed to be an assassin. His body flickering, he ran out and circled around from the side. It seemed that there was a deep understanding within the teamwork of these five.

Watching this occur, Long Hao Chen’s face immediately expressed indignance. Regardless of which side was wrong, five people were actually executing an attack from all sides against a priest. Already, Long Hao Chen couldn’t tolerate this despicable conduct. But, just as he rushed out to help that priest, he was held back by Li Xin who stood beside him.

“Lil’bro, look before acting. Don’t you see that the priest doesn’t even show a hint of fear? He should be capable of defending himself.”

Facing the all-round attack of those five people, this bald priest Sima Xian let out an angry shout. Not only did he move back, his steps were extremely quick, and he swiftly retreated backwards. At this moment, that gigantic staff in his hands began to light up.

Both priests and knights were considered to be companions of light because all their skills utilized holy magic. The only difference was that the holy magic of priests focused more on healing and auxiliary affects.

Raising his staff, a brilliant golden light suddenly burst forth, becoming a golden pillar that enveloped that bald priest, Sima Xian. This was both an offensive and defensive skill of priests, [Sacred Light]. It effectively protected oneself while simultaneously releasing a killing force against all enemies close by.

Chapter 75

Although Sima Xian’s retreating speed was quite fast, and his body in no way weak, it couldn’t possibly compare with a Scarlet Shelled Earthworm. Gui Wu’s lance was thrust forward, a golden light surrounding the edge of this long lance. This was the skill [Light Thrust]. A golden light shot straight towards Sima Xian.

Gui Wu was a Guardian Knight, but he didn’t use a shield at all: both his hands were instead holding his lance. At the same time [Light Thrust] was launched, the Scarlet Shelled Earthworm rushed forward towards the bald priest. Stamping on the ground to its front right side, it used a trampling energy commonly used during fights by magical beasts. An intense shaking spread all through the ground, attacking and sinking the surroundings.

Exactly as Li Xin said, Sima Xian’s face didn’t show the slightest change; on the contrary, the face of this robust priest held a ferocious expression.

With a Buzz, [Light Thrust] was immediately blocked and dispelled by [Sacred Light]. The Scarlet Shelled Earthworm stamped layer after layer of ground, spreading a pure white light all around as the charging beast aimed [Breaking Charge] under its foot, .

“Haa–” Sima Xian shouted loudly, whirling the large magical staff in his hand, directly welcoming Gui Wu’s lance.

As a loud metallic sound echoed, completely stunning Long Hao Chen’s group, on the hillside; Gui Wu’s lance was unexpectedly blocked by Sima Xian’s attack, and the upper part of Gui Wu’s body was immediately
knocked away. Right after the colliding sound could be heard, it was evident: the magical staff of this bald priest was indeed made of metallic material.

One must know that Gui Wu was a Guardian Knight! In combination with this fact, his use of the charging power of the Scarlet Shelled Earthworm created an attack that was obviously quite powerful. Still… this collision concluded with his loss.

At the same time that Sima Xian resisted Gui Wu’s attack, the Scarlet Shelled Earthworm was immediately slapped to the side, a thick palm colliding with its sharp, shining claws.

Sima Xian was not the slightest bit disturbed, and while partially turning around, he swung the magical rod. With a Peng sound, the Scarlet Shelled Earthworm was hit. Gui Wu’s Scarlet Shelled Earthworm unexpectedly stumbled from the attack, losing its balance.

Instantly, Sima Xian’s body changed direction, the magical staff in his hand sweeping around, directly smashing the Scarlet Shelled Earthworm on its side.

Gui Wu instantly corrected his posture and hurriedly used the lance in his hand to parry.


The next scene astounded everyone! Gui Wu’s lance was smashed back towards the Scarlet Shelled Earthworm’s face: with a painful cry, the Scarlet Shelled Earthworm was pushed two meters back, almost falling to the ground.

A priest, facing the forte of the Scarlet Shelled Earthworm, its full force charge, accompanied in addition by a Guardian Knight’s support, was actually winning in this situation… No matter who watched this scene, he would be completely astounded.
However, Sima Xian’s adaptability wasn’t lacking at all. Gui Wu’s two warriors immediately rushed forward, simultaneously arriving before him. At the same time two enormous fireballs appeared.

The fireballs formed unexpectedly, directly blocking Sima Xian’s way out. The two warriors, one on the left and one on the right, were both armed with huge swords in each hand, and simultaneously initiated jumping attacks on him.

But then, there was an astonishing scene. As he was being attacked from both sides, Sima Xian’s decision betrayed all expectations. He took two steps back,

Taking two steps back enabled him to evade the attack of the two warriors, but unfortunately thrust him into the path of the two fireballs.


An imposing blood-curdling sound was made as he ferociously wielded the milky white-colored hammer, smashing it onto a black figure nearby. This was precisely the assassin who had come from to attack him sneakily at his back.

[Sacred Hammer]! He used the most powerful offensive skill priests could use below the fifth step. Frankly speaking, a priests’ offensive skills were extremely limited; they had only three options below the fifth step, [Sacred Light], [Sacred Hammer], and the white halo, [Sacred Knock], which Sima Xian used previously.

The assassin was sent flying by [Sacred Hammer] at the same time as Sima Xian was hit by a fierce fireball passing through his [Sacred Light], and knocking him six or seven steps back while scorching his priest’s gown.

“Arg–” Sima Xian roared. His two arms shook, as his body was revealed, revealing an extremely heroic appearance. Instantly, he raised his magnificent body, and with a Puff sound, his priest robe immediately shattered, revealing his bronze-like muscles.
His muscles towered like mountains; they had the thickness of a python and the shape of a dragon. A reddish glint could be seen; they were the burn marks on his body that had come from the previous attack.

From the hillside, Chen Chen, who usually didn’t speak much, exclaimed, “[Madness], a priest that can use [Madness]!”

[Madness] was a skill that was not even necessarily possessed by berserkers. It required a very robust body, and was a secret skill of the Warrior Temple that couldn’t be learnt normally, only rewarded for great merit. Even Chen Chen who was a berserker couldn’t use it. And yet. this bald priest before his eyes apparently could.

With the two sounds Bang, Bang, the two warriors who had been abruptly repelled by Sima Xian’s magical staff began to rush, but Gui Wu was already charging, his Guardian Knight’s [Faith Halo] skill spreading around himself. The lance in his hand emitted a golden glint, as it turned into dozens of spears aimed at Sima Xian.

In [Madness] mode, Sima Xian’s body was even sturdier, and his magical staff ‘whipped’ up and down before directly attacking the Scarlet Shelled Earthworm without even taking half a step back. A solid attack with a solid defense.

At this moment, Gui Wu’s face had already become quite ugly. He knew that Sima Xian was quite a tough opponent, but he didn’t expect him to have such a level. Even if he grouped with the two warriors, he could only barely be a match for Sima Xian.

“Attack persistently, his [Madness] won’t last for too long.” Gui Wu shouted, as the golden light covering his body intensified, while the Scarlet Shelled Earthworm helped block a good portion of Sima Xian’s attack.

At this very moment, behind Gui Wu, a three meter long enormous red light appeared in the air, emitting fiery-red-colored clouds all around.

The two people behind Gui Wu, who looked like mages, lifted up their magical staves, and produced an enormous red-colored radiance.
Joint magic, [Glorious Scattering Fire Dance]. A powerful offensive spell of the fifth step.

These two mages were like brothers; subtly relying on joint magic, they used a spell with an incredible offensive power.

The bald priest Sima Xian’s complexion changed completely. He was extremely valiant, but in the end, he was no more than a single man, with a fourth step cultivation level. Facing Gui Wu’s group composed of youths that were also at the fourth step in their vocations, 5 versus 1, even this valiant priest wanted to surrender in such a situation.

Suddenly, as the [Glorious Scattering Fire Dance] rose in the sky, locking onto Sima Xian, two specks of light filled the sky, forcing themselves into the middle of the battlefield.

In a flash, a reddish speck of light arrived at Sima Xian’s body, and instantly, Sima Xian’s whole body was covered by a layer of reddish gold inscriptions, increasing his strength, attack power, and defense. Still in [Madness] mode, he lifted up his magical staff, and violently shook the two warriors.

The second speck of light, that was white-colored, was flying in the direction of the mages when a strange scene took place: the [Glorious Scattering Fire Dance] that was originally locked onto Sima Xian suddenly changed direction and aimed instead at his side.

“Hong–” With a flash of red light, there was nothing left but scorched earth in a ten meter radius. Astoundingly, a youth sparkling with a gold- colored radiance remained, standing proudly at the center of the zone hit by the [Glorious Scattering Fire Dance]. He didn’t even seem the slightest bit affected by it.

Chapter 76

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The youth with a shield in his left hand and a sword in his right hand was no other than Long Hao Chen. With the Light Sword in his hand oriented towards Sima Xian, he had used a [Bright Vengeance] with [Divine Obstruction], turning it into a healing light aimed at his body. This warm energy soothed Sima Xian, calming the pain coming from [Madness] while raising his spirit.

“Stop.” Riding the Scarlet Shelled Earthworm, Gui Wu fiercely lifted his lance, as his Scarlet Shelled Earthworm took a few steps back together with his two fellow warriors, stopping their attack.

“It’s you.” Gui Wu stared at Long Hao Chen with gloomy eyes.

Long Hao Chen indifferently answered: “It’s me. So you still remember this bet between Teacher Ye Hua and your esteemed father, right?”

Gui Wu’s expression changed faintly, he had personally seen how Long Hao Chen had actually managed to repel the offensive spell of the fifth step, [Glorious Scattering Fire Dance]. His original self-confidence had been weakened by a wide margin, “Naturally, I remember. We will meet during the selection. We’ll be leaving.” Seeing Long Hao Chen’s companions group with the violent priest Sima Xian, they could only calmly leave.
The two Warriors and the Assassin, who had sustained a good amount of injuries, gloomily left, advancing together with Gui Wu towards Holy City. Long Hao Chen didn’t stop Gui Wu. There was no use attacking him now: he would still have to fight him during the upcoming competition.

Half a year before, Gui Wu was an eighth ranked Knight. By this point, he was already a first ranked Grand Knight. Further adding the fact that he possessed his Scarlet Shelled Earthworm, Long Hao Chen was not necessarily a match for him.

“What an act, peuh–” Looking at Gui Wu’s group that was leaving, Sima Xian spit out these words, full of disdain.

Long Hao Chen turned towards him and said, “Hi! Nice to meet you, I am Long Hao Chen.”

Sima Xian stroked his bald head, and with a light laugh, he said in return, “Thanks younger brother, I am Sima Xian. Are you coming to Holy City to participate to the selection as well?”

Long Hao Chen nodded and answered, “Yes, we come from Hao Yue City in the south. What happened just now? Could it be that all of you come from Xiu City?”

Sima Xian’s face became depressed, “Don’t bring it up, these guys don’t have anything good. Especially that Gui Wu, he’s full of evil tricks. At that time, I refused to complete my task together with them, so they thought about preventing me from participating in this selection, saying that I would humiliate Xiu City and so on. How can it be that just because the great I cannot heal, I would make Xiu City lose face? From my point of view, it just looks like they are worried that I might bring back good results from this selection, and because of that, this Gui Wu’s father, the consulate of Xiu City, wouldn’t be able to win against my teacher. This is the right explanation. ”

A priest that cannot heal! Long Hao Chen’s heart twitched. This guy was really a strange one!
Sima Xian was quite straightforward, as he s

Li Xin arrived at Long Hao Chen’s side, and couldn’t help but fall in laughter, “Puhu, this baldie is quite interesting. It is the first time I meet a priest that cannot heal.”

Long Hao Chen laughed as well, “Right, what a strange person! We should go as well. ”

Holy City, in the Temple Alliance’s headquarters.

The city had been progressively constructed after humanity entered the dark age; it was basically the Temple Alliance’s center of command. The Temple Alliance was not exactly like a nation, this was place with the highest authority in its territory, while the power was being wielded by the Six Great Temples. Each of these temples had a powerhouse of the ninth step keeping watch over its headquarters, supervising all operations related to the demon race and the internal affairs of the Temple Alliance.

Holy City was not an ordinary city with a shape of square, it was shaped like a hexagon, symbolizing the Six Great Temples. And this Holy City was the most bustling city of the Alliance, where no branch halls were set; only the Alliance held the power.

In Holy City, there were three famous buildings: the Alliance’s Office Palace, the Alliance’s Head Auction House, and the Alliance’s Great Stadium.

These three places were located in the center of Holy City, standing like three competing rivals. Among them, the Alliance’s Great Stadium was the place used for the Demon Hunt Selection, as well as the place where Demon Hunt Squads took their missions. It was so important that its influence was equivalent to that of the Six Great Temples. It could be said that all of the Six Great Temples’ powerhouses had, together, the same influence as the Demon Hunt Squads.

Among the three extremely famous buildings, the Alliance’s Examination Stadium was also the building that covered the widest area in the city. It
was a circular building with a diameter of 300 meters that covered the six areas of the city. Furthermore, it included the Demon Hunt Exclusive Missions Tower, the Demon Hunt Transactions Center, and the Temples’ Treasure Vault.

When Long Hao Chen’s group arrived at the door of Holy City, the supervisor Feng Yangmu appeared in front of them once more, and made them enter Holy City, before directly heading to the Alliance’s Great Stadium to report their arrival.

Arriving at the place where the Six Temples were in charge of receiving visitors, the five people in Long Hao Chen’s group had to split up. They had to head to their respective temples to participate the event.

“Big Sister Lin, eldest brother Chen, second brother Chen, do your best. We have to strive in order to meet in the finals of the competition.” Long Hao Chen said with a smiling face.

Chen Si lightly sighed, “Let’s try our utmost! ” Looking at his younger brother’s face, he felt clearly unconfident. The Warrior Temple’s competition was the most intense, and as juniors of the fourth step, at the second rank in terms of cultivation level, it would be extremely hard for them to enter the top ten.

Lin Jia Lu humbly smiled, and spoke back, “Hao Chen, both Li Xin and I will try our best as well.”

The five people felt reluctant to part, as they went to each of their respective temples to report their arrival.

When Long Hao Chen and Li Xin arrived in the Knight Temple to make their report, they could immediately see Ye Hua who was standing there.

Seeing Long Hao Chen and Li Xin, Ye Hua didn’t show a pleased expression; he had faith in his personal disciple, and considering that Li Xin possessed her Rose Unicorn and had a high cultivation level, it would be abnormal for them not to be able to pass the test.
“Teacher.” Looking at Ye Hua, Long Hao Chen immediately became excited as he went up to his side.

Ye Hua replied, “Go, you have to register first, we’ll talk after that. You will have a day of rest, and the day after tomorrow, in early morning, the preliminary contest will start.” His face looked a little grim.

Registration was very simple. You would hand in your official tile and receive another number plate marking you as a participant of the Knight’s Temple, then the registration would conclude. For the participants that did not succeed in the trial missions before, the official tile would be taken away by the supervisors. As such, one would only need to investigate the authenticity of the official tile to proceed.

After the report, Ye Hua took Long Hao Chen and Li Xin to the Knight Temple to make the arrangements in a hotel near to the Alliance’s Great Stadium to check them in, before directly taking them to their rooms.

“This competition will be pretty intense, please prepare yourselves mentally.” Ye Hua said, with a gloomy face.

Li Xin and Long Hao Chen gave a glance to each other, internally shivering at the same time.

Ye Hua coldly said, “I did my research. At least a hundred people will participate in this competition’s preliminary contest, and the concrete number will depend on the results of tomorrow’s last report. Among those who have already been reported, three Earth Knights have also appeared.”

“What?” Li Xin cried out in surprise; Earth Knight, Earth Knight of the fifth step? There wasn’t a huge discrepancy between Ye Hua and them. In addition, upon entering the fifth step, the spiritual energy would start to liquefy, improving the power of each of their abilities, without exception, by a huge margin. There was a single word of difference between the title of an Earth Knight and a Grand Knight 1, but they were as different as earth and sky.
In contrast to Li Xin who was completely shocked, Long Hao Chen was a lot more steady, and although he barely managed to control his emotions, the look in his eyes was as unyielding as in the past.


Chapter 77

“Calm down.” Ye Hua stared at Li Xin, “All the talents from the entire Temple Alliance will gather here to participate in the Demon Hunt Selection. Why are you surprised that there are a few Earth Knights appearing here and there? There may be at least one person for each Earth Knight rank. Do not forget, the Knight Temple is the strongest out of the Six Grand Temples. Furthermore, it’s not only our Knight Temple that sent knights at the fifth step, the five other temples also sent their own fifth step powerhouses. In the previous Demon Hunt Selection, the final rounds of the top tens were full of contestants with fifth step vocations. You should not be arrogant about being strong here even if you were strong within Hao Yue City. With your current status, your task is to finish in the top 10 of the qualification, before trying your best during the final stage, aiming to join a Demon Hunt Squad.”

Even though a lot of formidable youths were participating in the current Demon Hunt Squad’s Tournament, Ye Hua wasn’t anxious. Long Hao Chen is only fourteen years old, he can participate in two more Demon Hunt Selections. This time, our main goal is to let him experience it once. As for his ranking, we will see that in the next tournament. In five more years, Long Hao Chen should be able to reach the step of Earth Knight, right? Hmpf, he will probably be at least a peaked Earth Knight.

Of course, Ye Hua would not say those words to Long Hao Chen now, as he did not wish to make his apprentice lose his fighting spirit.

“Apparently, the fights in the preliminary round are even more brutal than those in the final rounds. It will be a knockout tournament. However, competitors at the fifth step or above will not have to fight for
the first two rounds. Furthermore, the Temple will arrange for them to have the opportunity to be in top 10. This is to ensure that our Knight Temple will have better rankings in the final round. So, you two will have to prepare yourselves, do not make any mistakes. Otherwise, it is very likely that you will be eliminated in the first round.”

“Yes.” Long Hao Chen and Li Xin respectfully replied.

Ye Hua said: “Good, now you should return to your rooms to rest. Before the tournament starts, do not go out; if you can increase your spiritual power by even a little bit, you will have better odds of winning against your opponents.”

Long Hao Chen returned to his room; when he was about to start his practice, Ye Hua arrived.

“Teacher.” Long Hao Chen respectfully saluted Ye Hua.

Ye Hua waved, meaning to tell him to sit down: “Tell me what you have been going through since the trials started.”

Naturally, Long Hao Chen did not hide anything. He reported everything in detail., including the fact that their team had successfully hunted down members of the Luke Clan, the Dyke Clan, and finally a Dark-Green Dual- Bladed Demon. He also did not hide either the fact he ran into Lin Xin and Sima Xian the violent priest, after these events.

When he heard Long Hao Chen say that they had successfully killed a Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, Ye Hua could not help but crack a smile. But this smile quickly turned into anger.

“You fool, why did you agree to make this promise? You’ve been tricked!”

Long Hao Chen was surprised for a moment, then said: “Teacher, Lin Xin looked quite sincere, and in addition, he gave me some pretty good pills!”
Ye Hua patted on his own forehead, sighed loudly and said: “You little kid, you are still too naive. You thought that your chance of entering the top three was not high, so this promise was no big deal, didn’t you?”

Long Hao Chen did not say anything but at that time he had indeed that tho

“You, ah, you, let me tell you what happened. He had definitely used the [Identification Method], so he could see through your age and spiritual level. You’re only fourteen, so even if you don’t succeed this time, will it still be that difficult for you to get in the top three next time? I’m pretty sure that this kid is not be at most twenty years old, so he will be able to participate in the next tournament. Moreover, his magic skills should not be that simple.”

Long Hao Chen bowed his head: “I am sorry, Teacher. I was wrong.”

Ye Hua sighed heavily: “Well, you can’t take back your promise, since you already gave it. A real man keeps his promises 1 after all. Let me take a look at the medicine he gave you.”

Long Hao Chen quickly took out the three types of special pills and the energy pills from ‘forget-me-not’, and handed them to Ye Hua.

“Hmph, that little bastard still had some conscience. All of them are fourth tier pills. If you are to sell these bottles, ten thousand gold coins may not even be enough to buy all of them. If he was really the one who cooked these medicines, even if he is a bit lacking at magic, he should still be qualified to become your teammate. Keep these well, you’ll need to try your best during these days. I’ll give you a simple goal: to enter the final round.”

There was no audience during the Demon Hunt Selections because in the future, members of the Demon Hunt Squads had to fight against the demon race. Their informations had to be kept confidential. Thus, to ordinary people, even though they were aware that the event happened, they had no knowledge of its process or result.
Long Hao Chen’s plate number was 97, the same as his innate spiritual power, Li Xin’s plate number was 98.

The day of the competition arrived. Early in the morning, Ye Hua took the two to the Alliance’s Great Stadium.

The whole Great Stadium was built while taking the Six Temples into account. Therefore, inside the stadium, there were six smaller trial grounds belonging to each of the Six Temples. Long Hao Chen and Li Xin, using their number plates, directly reported to their arrival to the Knight Stadium. Ye Hua, as their teacher, presented an introduction letter written by Hao Yue City’s consulate, allowing him to accompany them. Of course, there could only be a single representative teacher for each vocations of a city.

Since they had completed the bone age test the day before, they only needed to check in using their number plates starting from today.

“Brother Ye Hua, we meet again.” Gui Ying and Gui Wu, father and son, happened to arrive as Long Hao Chen was checking in. Ye Hua lightly said, with cold eyes, “You better pray that your son does not run into Long Hao Chen.” Finishing the sentence, he then went inside with Long Hao Chen and Li Xin.

Gui Ying coldly said: “The one who should be worried is you.”

Ye Hua came to a halt, and without looking back, he said: “Also, go wash your face so as not to dirty my hands when the moment comes.”

“You……” Gui Ying’s face contorted with anger, almost starting to attack. But Ye Hua had already gone in alongside Long Hao Chen and Li Xin.

The Alliance’s Great Stadium was not in the open, each of the 66 square meters long sub-stadiums were under a huge dome, measured at 300 meters in diameter, and covering the whole stadium. If one was to look at the stadium from above, he could see that on its ground, there were six huge semi-circular projections.
Entering the Knight’s Arena, there was blast coming from the fluctuations of powerful elemental magic. Here, the elemental magic almost seemed to materialize. Although it didn’t have offensive purposes, it still produced some kind of invisible pressure. Above the dome, huge magic symbols could be vaguely seen. There were different complex magic spells everywhere; they clearly had their own unique functions.

In the middle of the stadium stood an enormous plaza with a diameter of 200 meters. The ground was covered by a layer of sandy soil. Reportedly, a powerful magic was cast below the ground, so that no matter how badly this sandy soil was destroyed, it could be restored in a short time.

There were audience stands around the plaza; in the middle of those, a location stood out prominently: it was the stadium’s podium.

“What strong fluctuations of elemental magic!” Li Xin exclaimed. Notes:

Chapter 78

Ye Hua said: “This Great Stadium is full of magic formations, and they are powerful enough to withstand the attacks of people at the ninth step of their vocation. How can the elemental fluctuations not be strong?”

Under the guidance of the stadium’s workers, they came to the contestants’ seating area. At this time, a lot of people had already come, and the participants were all fully dressed in martial attire, every one of them exuding a valiant air.

Not long after, the dome of the stadium started to light up, and a circle of golden light began to swell and spread out. Because there were no spectators, the area around the stadium was full of empty space. Ten-some people had already arrived on the arena’s podium, but because the podium was much too high, events up there couldn’t be followed from below.

A forceful voice sounded from the podium, “Report concluded. This Demon Hunt Selection’s preliminary rounds begin now. We hope that participants of each city will put forth their best effort. The competition’s regulations prohibit deliberate disabling of an opponent. If the opposing party receives a mortal wound, then the other party is automatically disqualified, and the responsibility of subsequent investigation will fall on the respective cities to whom the participants belong to.”

“All the preliminary matches are knockout competitions. Today we will proceed with the first round of preliminary matches. There is a reported number of 138 contestants, including four participants of the fifth step. Those four will not participate in the first two rounds. The drawing will now begin, all contestants get ready.”
It wasn’t known how things in the stadium were manipulated. In the air at the center of the dome, a huge golden ball of light slowly appeared. Immediately, the ball of light began to flash as digits flickered.

Li Xin muttered: “For such a famous event as the Demon Hunt Selection, it’s actually this simple! There’s not even an opening ceremony.”

Ye Hua indifferently replied: “This is an elite selection competition, not a show. What would it do with a ceremony? There are one hundred thirty- something participants, and on the first day, there are already more than sixty matches. If you waste time, when would the competition end?”

Right as they were speaking, that golden ball of light that was suspended in midair and flashing with digits all of sudden stopped. Two large numbers appeared and were projected into the air.

“First battle, #29 versus #97. Both parties enter the arena. Those that do not enter the arena within a period of ten breaths will be disqualified.”

#97? Long Hao Chen abruptly started, Isn’t that me?

Ye Hua and Li Xin also received a big scare. Who would have thought that Long Hao Chen would actually be drawn for the first match.

The rest of the participants in the surroundings simultaneously turned their gazes towards the excessively handsome youngster, Long Hao Chen.

Ye Hua had already recovered from shock and hastily said: “Face the opponent calmly, go steadily and strike firmly.”

“En.” Long Hao Chen answered and didn’t dare to linger, already striding forward with big steps. Following the stairs, he entered the arena.

Long Hao Chen’s opponent was a youth, seemingly around twenty years old, fully clothed in silver armor. Just like Long Hao Chen, he was a Guardian knight: his left hand carried a shield, while his right held a sword.
Following the two contestants into the arena was a middle aged man dressed in white clothes that were easy to move around in. He was obviously this match’s referee.

Without any superfluous words, once the two conte

Following the referee’s declaration, a layer of golden light surged upwards from the arena, barring it from the spectators.

Right as Long Hao Chen was about to begin his very first match in the Demon Hunt Selection, something was occurring in another dimension.

Pitch black. This was a pitch black world. Wild gales blew ferociously, and the moon in the sky gleamed with an eerie luster. There was rushing lava and highly toxic gas as far as the eye could see.

In a deep and distant cave, Hao Yue quietly crept around. Little Light and Little Flame’s eyes flickered with a dazzling sheen. Before them, the stone orb, which had been bought for ten thousand gold coins, had already split and cracked. Threads of bright, emerald light were currently spreading out with no sign of stopping.

Little Light and Little Flame continually took deep breaths, ingesting these emerald strands of light into their stomach. The three gleaming purple veins on their back flashed unceasingly, and their body exuded a fierce, bloody air. The sharp claws of their four limbs dug fiercely into the ground.

Looking through the cracks in the stone orb, one could see that there seemed to be an emerald sphere inside. The surface of the sphere was actually all scaly. Following the shimmering of emerald light, one could faintly see that there seemed to be a lizard-like shape, and it was this emerald sphere that radiated an incorporeal majesty. This was a dragon’s might.

If Lin Xin could see the emerald sphere inside this stone orb, he’d likely regret it until his innards turned green. This was, quite impressively, a dragon pill! This dragon pill was a seventh tier medicine 1
The dragon population was extremely small, but every genuine, giant dragon was at least a powerhouse of the eighth step or higher. The most powerful would be a Dragon King, who was actually at the tenth step, which was equivalent to a human expert at the ninth step.

The greatest issue of the dragon clan was the matter of giving birth. Only once in a great while, after a thousand something years, would there be a chance to breed a new generation, and this was the cause of the rarity of dragon pills. The reason was because dragon pills were dragon eggs that couldn’t hatch. Only after incubating for a millennium and absorbing the spiritual energy of the heavens and the earth would one be formed.

Seeing how difficult it was for the dragon clan to bear succeeding generations, one could imagine how much the dragons treasured their eggs. Therefore, acquiring a dragon egg that had become a dragon pill was really too hard. On rare occasions, a dragon pill might even surpass eighth tier medicine.

Dragon pills were of use to both the human race and magical beasts. If a human ingested it, then they would possess the blood of dragons, and their inner and external spiritual energy would shoot up by at least three hundred units. Furthermore, their limit of external spiritual energy would be promoted to five thousand units. Using a dragon pill basically guaranteed that one would have the capacity to reach the seventh step.

If a magical beast wanted to use a dragon pill, the prerequisites were much higher. First and foremost, it had to be of dragon lineage in order to digest the pill. , their level had to be lower than the sixth rank. This way, taking it would enable them to evolve, and in terms of efficacy, it would increase its level by a step.

Hao Yue was taking and absorbing the spiritual aura contained in a Dragon Pill, and looking at him, it looked as if he didn’t fear any negative effect the Dragon Pill could have.

“Houu–” Little Light let out a low pitched howl, and looking at him, Little Fire calmly nodded.
A faint purple light was emitted from the summit of their heads, slowly giving birth to a violet-colored horn, and immediately, as Hao Yue charged with the horn, a pa sound could be heard as the Dragon Pill was being embedded in the hard part of his horn.

His pair of heads, below the hard part under their purple-colored horn, seemed as frail as tofu, as instantly, dragon scales came out from the location of the dark-green-colored dragon pill.

At this moment, Little Light and Little Fire’s eyes changed completely from their gold and red color, taking a deep purple color. Lifting up his heads, they looked far ahead, longing for his other world, the world of his companion.

Big Bro, wait for our return!

Little Light ferociously lowered his head, opening wide his mouth, and swallowing the dark-green Dragon Pill at once. Instantly, an intense green color surged out from his body, as the bulge in the neck in the side of Little Light violently squirmed, an intense and desolate power surging out from its body…


Chapter 79

In the first round of the Demon Hunt Selection, Long Hao Chen, as the competitor #97, faced a young knight bearing the number #29. With a word of the referee, this match officially started.

As soon as the #29 knight that wore a silver armor heard the referee’s start signal, he stood at the same place without the slightest hesitation, his hand emitting a golden light as he summoned his mount.

To participate in the Demon Hunt Competition, the requirement was to be a youth below 25 years old who reached the third step of his vocation. For that reason, all participating knights had the experience of having visited the Knights’ Sacred Mountain.

But Long Hao Chen’s action completely exceeded the expectations of all spectators. He stood still, as if he were a nail, but didn’t summon his mount. With his left hand’s shield in front of his chest and his right hand’s heavy sword pointing at the ground, he looked at his surroundings, as a fog of golden light was created around him; it was a fantastic sight from outside to see this elegant fog rise up in the sky.

Guardian Knight and Retribution Knight shared skill, [Power Storing].

Seeing him use this skill, the people in the crowd couldn’t help but cry out in surprise. It was because [Power Storing] didn’t belong to the fourth step’s category, and could normally be only learned by fifth step Earth Knights or Airborne Knights.
Accompanying the fog surrounding his body, the Radiant Shield in Long Hao Chen’s hand brightened, together with his Light Sword, creating strong fluctuations of spiritual energy in the air. Under this golden fog, he looked the same as a brick of gold.

From the competitors’ resting area, Ye Hua looked completely amazed; after all, he never taught this skill to Long Hao Chen. Frankly speaking, even him, who was at the level of an Earth Knight, couldn’t use this skill.

[Power Storing][s wasn’t an average ability that any knight could learn to use; it was one of the secrets of the Knight Temple.

Simultaneously, Long Hao Chen’s opponent’s mount was summoned. It was an entirely white steed with four snow-white-colored legs, a Spiritual Snow Horse, magical beast of the fourth step.

In itself, a Spiritual Snow Horse’s greatest feature was its speed; it could run at a flying speed and in addition, possessed two innate skills of the ice attribute. Among magical beasts of the fourth step, it was one of quite a high level.

Looked at the fog surrounding Long Hao Chen, competitor #29 was startled, What is this skill?He didn’t know the skill Long Hao Chen was using at all.

Among the secrets of the Knight Temple, [Power Storing] was classified as one with relatively little interest, and as a result, among knights who accumulated some accomplishments, few chose to learn this skill.

Facing this skill he didn’t know the slightest bit, competitor #29 became cautious. Rising like a bullet, the Spiritual Snow Horse charged at Long Hao Chen, but it didn’t charge straight at him. It rushed at flying speed, aiming for the flank.

Long Hao Chen seemed as if he didn’t pay the slightest bit of attention to it, standing at the same place as before; without even turning his body around, he kept accumulating golden light in his body, as before.
After the time of a few breaths, competitor #29 had already arrived by Long Hao Chen’s side, and seeing that his opponent didn’t move the slightest bit, he felt worried from the bottom of his heart. At last, he chose to charge. A white fog was scattered under the Spiritual Snow Horse

Competitor #29 raised the heavy sword in his hand, and launched [Faith Halo] and [Guardian Favor] to strengthen his own body, and simultaneously, the heavy sword in his hand brightened. [Bright Radiance], a skill that concentrated spiritual energy in the tip of a sword, taking it in and out. It was the proof of a cultivation level at the fourth step.

A short moment later, the distance separating him from Long Hao Chen was still more than 10 meters. The Spiritual Snow Horse suddenly deviated from its path, and as the distance to Long Hao Chen reached five meters, it changed directions once again. At this moment, the heavy sword in his hand was lifted high up in the sky. Chopping out, an edge made of light was created. It was precisely the skill [Light Thrust], aiming straight for Long Hao Chen from the side.

This knight #29 was really cautious since he didn’t know what kind of ability Long Hao Chen was using; he initiated a probing attack

In addition, directly after he launched this attack with restraint, the Spiritual Snow Horse’s feet let out a mist, as it rushed towards Long Hao Chen. This was an innate skill possessed by Spiritual Snow Horses, [Ice Mist]. It reduced the speed of the opponent and impacted his offensive capabilities. Used against someone with a cultivation level much inferior, it could go as far as to freeze him.

At this very moment, the still calm and motionless Long Hao Chen finally started moving. With a little turning motion, he placed his shield.

With a Dang sound, the [Light Thrust] ferociously hit Long Hao Chen’s shield, while a glitter of golden light scattered over Long Hao Chen’s entire body.

[Divine Obstruction].
Almost at the next second, Long Hao Chen also created a golden edge made of light, launching it. It was a [Light Thrust] as well.

Similar skills, when used by different people, would have different effects.

The [Light Thrust] issued out by knight #29 was of an insipid golden color, it was the regular color for ordinary [Light Thrust]. However, the Long Hao Chen’s cut was extremely brilliant. This brilliant-gold-colored edge made of light was in addition at least twice as large.

The ice fog in front of him seemed as if it had been split open by Long Hao Chen’s attack; the brilliant golden light edge had a perfect angle, aiming straight at the Spiritual Ice Horse.

Competitor #29 turned pale with fright, and lowered his body, as a huge gold-colored edge made of light was launched at him. To knights, companion mounts were like a second life. Seeing Long Hao Chen’s [Light Thrust] that was bigger than any other he had seen before, how could he not feel the danger?


The shield in the hands of competitor #29 was inclined to the side of the Spiritual Snow Horse, the horse letting out sad calls, taking an angle completely different than before while leaning in the right side.

#29 was about to make an all-out effort. He was really worthy of belonging to the elite of those who participated the Demon Hunt Selection: at the crucial moment, he was able to launch a [Holy Filter Shield].

But this blow from Long Hao Chen was really too powerful, as it could already not be categorized as a [Light Thrust] anymore, and [Holy Light Filter Shield] was instantly broken through, a crack appearing on the shield of competitor #29. He also spat out some blood in response.

A charge.
Long Hao Chen seemed as pure as a maiden as he moved in maximal speed, going all out in his charge, just like a golden bolt of lightning charging into his opponent.

The Spiritual Snow Horse was indeed an amazing spiritual horse: in this circumstance, it still forced its body to stay steady, only stumbling a few steps forward. Its body was shaking intensely, but it didn’t collapse until the end.

Unfortunately, at this moment, Long Hao Chen arrived.

[Shield Charge].

Competitor #29 struck with his heavy sword, trying to hold Long Hao Chen back, but he was already wounded because of the previous attack, and with his left hand holding his shield completely numb, he was completely outstripped by this attack power.

Clang, the heavy sword was parried by the Radiant Shield raised up, and instantly, the Radiant Shield ruthlessly struck the Spiritual Snow Horse from the side.


The Spiritual Snow Horse of competitor #29 loudly fell to the ground because of the power of this blow, and was even knocked several meters back.

Putting to use the power from the charge, Long Hao Chen halted suddenly, and changed his direction, his twinkling figure arriving in a split second before his opponent. His heavy sword was directed forward, before the chest of his opponent.

Competitor #29 seemed completely dull. As the Spiritual Snow Horse fell to the ground because of the previous bump, its master was further injured as well. More importantly, he already didn’t try to resist the slightest bit.

Chapter 80

The reason why competitor #29 was so shocked was that he never thought that he would lose the battle so quickly. Furthermore, the opponent seemed to be a lot younger than him. It was even harder to accept that before his opponent even summoned his mount, the match had ended.

“First match, #97’s victory. #29, out.” The referee suddenly appeared in front of the two, announcing in a low voice.

Long Hao Chen withdrew his sword, stood there and performed a Knight salute to competitor #29 and the referee, and headed back to the lounge.

From the beginning to the end, this match only lasted for a total of less than a minute. Before many of the spectators watching the battle could even see what happened, the match had already ended. The young and handsome Long Hao Chen won.

When Long Hao Chen got back to the lounge, the attitudes of the other knights towards him had changed significantly.

There were more than a dozen people sitting at the podium. An old man sitting in the center nodded: “This kid is pretty good. I just wonder what his mount is.”

At his side, another old man said: “He seems to have a Heritage Ring on his hand. It seems that this time’s selections are worth watching after all. Those little guys at the fifth step of the vocation didn’t appear yet, but we already got to see [Storing Power] and [Divine Obstruction]. That’s quite interesting.”
The elder in the middle faintly smiled, and said: “The key point isn’t the skills one can use, but his ability to remain cool-headed. From the instant the competition began, this kid with the number 97 had already planned on how to deal with his opponent. This #27 didn’t even know the skill his opponent was using: otherwise, there’s no way he wouldn’t have attacked from the beginning. The more the skill [Storing Power] lasts, the more the spiritual energy will be amplified, and the might of the skill as well. But it will only last for an attack, and the effects of [Storing Power] will only last for three seconds. After that, the spiritual energy stored up will go to waste.”

The elder by his side showed a large smile, “That’s right! This kid went so far as to complement [Bright Vengeance] with [Divine Obstruction]. And [Storing Power] combined with [Light Thorn] is his second mighty move. This blow had already the firepower of an Earth Knight of the fourth or the fifth rank. Looking at him, he’s definitely under 20 years old. It looks like the results of our Knight Temple’s selections that will take place five years later are already set in stone. Investigate and find out from which town this kid comes.”

“Yes.” Seated in his back was a man, a middle-aged man respectfully responded before quietly leaving.

“Hao Chen, you’re awesome!” Li Xin saw Long Hao Chen single handedly win this match and she was even more happy for him than he was himself. She was so exuberant that she made Long Hao Chen blush.

Ye Hua emotionlessly said, “You revealed your assets too early. Even if you didn’t use [Divine Obstruction], this competitor number 29 would probably not have been your match, his cultivation level didn’t even reach the fourth step of Grand Knight.”

Long Hao Chen bitterly smiled, “Teacher, I forgot to tell you that Hao Yue had some matters, he had to go back to his world first.”

“Eh?” Ye Hua’s heart skipped a bit, “Hao Yue is not here? In such a crucial moment, what the hell is he doing? Isn’t he usually always sticking to you?”
Long Hao Chen replied: “It was for this stone orb I told you about earlier, it seems that he regar

Ye Hua furrowed his brows, “No wonder you made this choice; you puzzled your opponent, not to letting him know what your real cultivation level is, and making him be cautious about the fact you ‘can summon your mount at any moment’. This is also a good thing, as not having your mount will train your personal abilities even better. However, I’m afraid that the later stages of the competition will prove to be difficult. And the preliminaries are supposedly even more ruthless than the main contest, considering that during each round, you will be facing an even fiercer opponent than in the previous one. It is even possible that you face an opponent at the fifth step, so you should prepare yourself mentally.”

Long Hao Chen unyieldingly nodded, “Teacher, I will definitely enter the top ten!”

Ye Hua said: “Okay, go back and cultivate.”

Long Hao Chen originally wanted to watch Li Xin’s match before leaving, so he immediately seemed in a daze upon hearing these words.

Ye Hua said indifferently: “There’s no need to keep watching. Combat experience has to be gained personally. If it’s only watching, there’s no need. In addition, today is merely the first day. There’s no need for you to worry about Xin’er, she has her Rose Unicorn. If she cannot even win her first match, that fatty Nalan should just resign.”

During the time he was speaking, the second round had already begun. Just like Ye Hua said, because there were a lot of fights on the first day, they were all incredibly close to each other. A match would start right after another ended.

Long Hao Chen gave an apologetic glance to Li Xin before leaving her, about to return to the hotel.

Leaving the Great Stadium, Long Hao Chen took a deep breath. Although the last fight looked quite easy, in reality, he was quite nervous.
This fight enabled him to pass the first round, and gave him some self- confidence at the same time.

Today was an extremely cloudy day; it seemed as if rain could fall anytime. Long Hao Chen looked at the sky before heading straight to the hotel.

The medicine Lin Xin gave him was excellent. He had already eaten four pills that increased his internal spiritual energy by ten units; the paper presenting the pill stated that he should take one of them everyday, during his cultivation practice, to give them the maximal effect.

But to Long Hao Chen, the pills didn’t increase the internal spiritual energy by ten units at all; the effect was even greater! He didn’t know the exact value, but when taking this pill after starting his cultivation, the effect of the cultivation practice on his internal spiritual energy was at least doubled.

And during these few days, further adding to the stimulation of his potential that occurred as he got rid of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, Long Hao Chen’s internal spiritual energy had already broken through the threshold of the 1750th level; he was sure that he was currently a ninth ranked Grand Knight.

The last rank of every step was actually the one for which the most spiritual energy was required before reaching the next step. To Grand Knights of the fourth step, only 150 spiritual energy levels were required to break through the ninth rank, but to break through the next step of Earth Knight from the ninth rank of Grand Knight, they needed a whole 250 spiritual energy levels of growth.

Ye Hua gave Long Hao Chen goals to reach, but he gave himself other goals to reach as well. His current goal was to try his best to enter the top ten of the competition, as well as the top ten of the preliminary contest.

Only, Long Hao Chen felt unfortunate: if he had Hao Yue, he would be confident enough about his ability to reach the finals. But at the current time, he could only rely on himself.
As he advanced towards the hotel, Long Hao Chen was pondering over the tactics he would use during the rest of the competition. At this very moment, he heard a strange noise.

Du, du, du, du, du…

Unconsciously looking upwards, Long Hao Chen saw someone. It was more precisely a young girl.

The young girl had purple-colored hair, tied back behind her head, and her face was covered by a black cloth, hiding her appearance. Her eyes weren’t covered, and were ash-grey-colored, not revealing the slightest emotion. This strange noise was in fact coming from her blue-colored bamboo cane that was hitting the ground.

This young girl was a little smaller than Long Hao Chen, and she was especially thinner than him. While using her bamboo cane and producing this sound, she took a step forward very cautiously. Looking at her, this action seemed to be very laborious.

“Little sister, where are you going? I’ll help you.” Long Hao Chen took quick steps, coming by the side of this young girl as he asked her, feeling quite concerned about her. As he saw the glassy eyes of this young girl, Long Hao Chen’s heart started to ache. If someone lost his sight, as it seemed to be the case for her, the entire world would be monochromic. What a sad thing! Looking at this young girl’s appearance, Long Hao Chen felt full of compassion.
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