Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 701-710

Chapter 701

The Mage Temple actually had such a killing move in store, this was really something no one expected .

“If only Boss was the one facing him . ” Han Yu couldn’t help but let these words slip .

Mo Wu was a dark mage, so Long Haochen had the Light God Domain to suppress him perfectly, and had naturally no fears to have . But how about Cai’er?

The strongest of Bright Glimmer of Hope was undoubtedly Long Haochen followed by Cai’er . The blow if Cai’er were to lose her match would be considerably huge to them .

“Be at ease, Cai’er will surely make it . ” Long Haochen had already opened his eyes at some point . The start of Cai’er’s battle and the huge threat confronting her immediately came to his senses .

Right now, Cai’er seemed to be at an absolute disadvantage, but was that really the case?

After the Dark Sovereign appeared, it did not let out any special sound . Floating in midair, he arrived in one stride in front of Cai’er locked by Hell’s Cage . Lifting the huge sword in his hand high, he abruptly struck it onto Cai’er .

After completing this magic, Mo Wu 8had his eyes shut, sitting cross- legged above that dark altar which was his domain, able to increase sharply
the might of all his darkness elemental magic, as well as increase his magic recovery . Perhaps this couldn’t be counted as a very strong domain because of its important limitations, but if one were to allow him to take control of the battle, that domain would show the most of its capability .

Facing the strike of the huge sword, Cai’er’s body disappeared instantly and without the slightest prior indication .

Mo Wu noticed almost instantly that the dark purple triangle appeared again . Right away, his body disappeared from that altar .

White traces appeared on that dark altar, instantly smashed it to pieces and turned into countless purplish black airstreams . Cai’er appeared right where Mo Wu used to be, floating there .

Mo Wu was shocked, because he had no idea how Cai’er escaped from his Hell’s Cage . That was a locking magic of the

How could he know how strong Cai’er had gotten after breaking through the ninth step? The instant that Hell’s Cage had surfaced, she had used a Doppelganger technique to be trapped in her stead, and at the same time utilized Invisibility .

Another person’s Doppelganger couldn’t last for so long, and would immediately get found out in front of a mage’s sharp senses, so they would not even be able to escape the lock of the Hell’s Cage .

But Cai’er was not the same . As the Saint Daughter of Samsara, she had the power of purification . Being an assassin with the most optimum gifts, she wouldn’t be fit to be called such if she was unable to escape the opponent’s lock .

However, for the sake of keeping her Doppelganger stable, she couldn’t blindly go into action after escaping, or it would immediately disappear .

Only when Mo Wu’s summoned Dark Sovereign had attacked did Cai’er abruptly launched an attack .
However, Mo Wu really had a precise judgement, using his teleportation like technique to escape Cai’er’s hit once again . Even so, his garment was dripping in sweat . If he were just a bit slower, Cai’er’s attack would have landed on him, therefore achieving victory .

The Dark Sovereign visibly sensed something going wrong, and a dark purple radiance gushed out from his chest . It was not directed at Cai’er, but at Mo Wu who had just gotten teleported in front of him .

Figure flashing, Mo Wu suddenly disappeared in the dark purple radiance originating from the Dark Sovereign, for a similar result to Chen Hongyu’s previous performance .

This way, unless Cai’er vanquished the Dark Sovereign, she would have no way to attack Mo Wu .

This was what Mo Wu felt to be his only solution . The most optimum situation would be to have the Dark Sovereign attack Cai’er while he recovers his spiritual energy . That way, given enough time, he could even summon another Dark Sovereign . But this was not possible anymore: although he could command the Dark Sovereign while merged with him, none of his spiritual energy could be recovered in that situation . To say nothing

Mo Wu had a definite faith in the Dark Sovereign’s capability . Just in cultivation alone, it had the strength of the ninth step’s second rank . Yesterday, Cai’er’s Tower of Eternity had truly shocked everyone present, but that was after all an object, prohibited in this individual competition . While empty-handed, could an assassin really win against a heavy armored Dark Sovereign?

“Done running around?” The corners of Cai’er’s mouth traced a cold smile . Of course she knew that their greatest rival in this trip was the Mage Temple, and would show no kind feelings to a mage from the Mage Temple

The Sickle of the God of Death formed of Light of Purification was slowly raised; she did not fly again, but came running in front of the Dark
Sovereign .

The Sickle of the God of Death dragging behind her, Cai’er’s eyes turned white . Her absolutely cold and beautiful demeanor surged, forming along with her massive sickle a magnificent yet mystical scene . Although her opponent’s display was also quite dazzling, this scene caused the absolute majority of the spectators to unconsciously put their faith on Cai’er . After all, dark creatures were originally abhorred, to say nothing about Cai’er’s beautiful yet so young traits .

The Dark Sovereign’s eyes flashed with a purple glint, his right feet stomping heavily onto the ground as he took hold of his massive purplish black heavy sword in both of his hands .

The most frightening aspect of this Dark Sovereign lay in his extremely compact wielded darkness spiritual energy . It was not externalized, but attached onto his weapon, which gained a great deal of bursting power .

Cai’er did not evade, nor did she use any special technique, just brazenly swungg down her Sickle of the God of Death, her whole body flickering with white light, as her imposing manner rose to the peak .

Despotic Strike! That was an ability evolved from Despotic Thrust . Right now, Cai’er’s move was full of an indescribably powerful tyrannical force .

Ding . In a tingling clash, the Sickle of the God of Death in Cai’er hands broke down .

But that Dark Sovereign was not well off either . One could clearly see that during the clash between the two opponents, the purplish-black aura spreading out from his body was totally repelled, as if trying to break away from his body, while his movements also turned sluggish .

Cai’er really showed an unyielding performance, condensing another Sickle of the God of Death in her hand . An unrestrained white glow flashed out in the air, causing lacerating sounds to arise from the loud explosive sound of a chop at the opponent’s heavy sword .
The Dark Sovereign let out a low howl, causing purplish-black colored fog to rise up, and rise sharply its imposing manner as well . Purplish-black blisters rushed up from underneath the ground, turning into countless purplish-black rays interweaving in the air . That was a domain, the Dark Sovereign’s domain . Although no one here knew its name, that was no doubt a domain specialized in large area attacks .

Those previous black blisters were not all Mo Wu’s, but from this Dark Sovereign: a creature of darkness of the second rank of the ninth step, which already had its own domain . The darkness summons of this Mo Wu were simply even more frightening than the Spiritual Tempel’s . But what shocked the crowd even more was the scene of Cai’er’s next move, already about ten meters above the Dark Sovereign’s head .

The Dark Sovereign’s domain had already erupted, and as that was a crowd attacking domain, it did not give the slightest space to possibly dodge the attack . Mo Wu was already fully prepared: as long as Cai’er would be unable to resist anymore, he’d immediately stop the attack, but an unforgettable scene came next to his sight .

Floating in midair, Cai’er took a praying posture, and cleansing white glows turned into petals spreading downwards .

A miraculous scene took place . Upon contact with these white lights, the purplish-black radiance coming out from the Dark Sovereign’s domain immediately dispersed into

Li Zhengzhi opened his mouth wide in shock . He could grasp some of the theories behind Long Haochen’s Light God Domain, as it was, after all, purely relevant to light . But the display of Cai’er’s domain far exceeded his knowledge . That power . . .

The Dark Sovereign’s body shook slightly . Raising his head to look at Cai’er in midair, his body suddenly shivered upon sight of the Domain of Purification dispersed at rapid speed around her . Immediately, he reappeared right on the edge of the stadium, lifting the heavy sword in his hand, slashing it rapidly, causing a dark purple hexagram to surface and immediately making way inside .
What followed was a scene of an abruptly shaking Dark Sovereign before Mo Wu’s body was also thrown away, as the Dark Sovereign directly disappeared in that purple hexagram .

The Dark Sovereign having just gone away, his domain naturally dissipated as well, leaving only a sweaty Mo Wu . He did not understand why the Dark Sovereign left so hastily despite being in no position of inferiority . Could it be that it was starting to rain as he had left some clothes to dry?

This monstrous question flashed in Mo Wu’s mind, as the only thing left in the air was Cai’er with her unleashed domain, calmly confronting him .

“I know that while you major in darkness magic, you also have a mastery in spatial magic . Perhaps your spatial magic can allow you to keep teleporting, but I want to see if your teleporting can succeed while in my Domain of Purification . ”

White light spread in front of Mo Wu . The instant his body came in contact with Cai’er, he immediately understood why the Dark Sovereign had fled in panic .

An indescribable pain surged in the depths of his soul . As his body shook intensely, he abruptly stated, “I concede . ”

Chapter 702

There was no other choice but to concede! That terrifying Domain of Purification seemed to suppress the darkness attribute in a way no weaker than a light attribute domain . Not only was his spiritual energy purified, but moreover, his soul was the target . Even more terrifyingly, the purified spiritual energy was the core of his power . That is to say that under the effects of the Domain of Purification, his cultivation would continuously decrease . How could Mo Wu bear such a loss?

As for the escape of the Dark Sovereign, his only reason was that he was afraid, having gotten caught by a terrible sense of dread . Perhaps he was strong enough to put up a fight against Cai’er, but how about after that? If the Domain of Purification were to purify his soul, he would be gone forever . The Dark Sovereign was no idiot, and he had no deep bond with Mo Wu, only a special connection . How could he be willing to throw his life away for the sake of this connection? That was simply impossible .

Just go die by yourself if that’s what you want but don’t implicate me . After sensing the terror of the Domain of Purification, the Dark Sovereign instantly fled .

Cai’er slowly landed from the sky, retrieved the petals forming Domain of Purification, and flashed out of the match ground after shooting a glance at Mo Wu .

Actually, the most disadvantaged in this individual competition out of Bright Glimmer of Hope was Cai’er . Although she did have her Domain of Purification, her real fighting strength lay mostly in the Sickle of the God of Death she had been cultivating since young . Without the real weapon in her
hands, she had no way to wield the seven arts of the God of Death . Furthermore, in times of battle, the Sickle of the God of Death would be struggling to get out, so not only could Cai’er not use it, but had moreover to put some of her focus on suppressing it . So it would be already pretty good for Cai’er to wield a half of her strength in this individual competition, and her terrifying bursting force could by no means be displayed .

The fourth match in Bright

They had already occupied a third of the spots, and moreover had a person who had yet to take part .

When Chen Ying’er went on stage, she encountered the last leftover competitor of the Assassin Temple, and managed to achieve victory by the means of her powerful summoning magic .

The fourth match having ended, time had come for the fifth and more terrifying leader match .

The individual competition having reached this point, Bright Glimmer of Hope’s advance was already unstoppable . A group of ten, formed with two powerhouses reaching the peak of the eighth step and eight reaching the ninth step, with four domain wielding powerhouses among the lot . Their captain Long Haochen had displayed the use of the two ultimate weapons known as domain technique and domain evolution, managing to defeat two Temple Heads and the number one powerhouse of the Knight Temple . A lot of people sensed that this Temple’s Great Gathering would inevitably get recorded in the annals . And they were still so young; if they were given enough time to keep growing, destroying demonkind wouldn’t be impossible .

Although each of the Six Great Temples had its own way to do things, which caused the Temple Alliance to be relatively dispersed, their struggle for over six thousand years of dark era against demonkind had already lasted for far too long . Who knew how much blood of how many powerhouses of the six Temples had flown . Bright Glimmer of Hope were really showing them a glimmer of a new dawn and causing indescribable
feelings to rise up in a lot of people’s minds . If there was one thing it brought to them, they would definitely declare that it’s hope!

Each victor of the fourth round could gain eight points, and after passing through this hurdle, the Knight Temple had only two people left, the Mage Temple had three, the Spiritual Temple had two, and Bright Glimmer of Hope had two! The Assassin Temple and Warrior Temple were already eliminated .

Thanks to this fourth round, five of them had already earned forty more points, giving them a proud lead score of ninety-six points after getting added to their previous fifty-six points . The Mage Temple was second with eighty-nine points, the Knight Temple, third with eighty-two points, the Spiritual Temple fourth

As it was already noon, if the Temple’s Great Gathering proceeded normally, the winner will come out today . Although the schedule was delayed with yesterday’s incident, the matches still had to go on . The Five Temples and Bright Glimmer of Hope had already gotten the news that no matter how late it ends, the individual matches need to be done with today .

The matches in the Temples’ Great Gathering did not last for long; these were definitely not matches of long time endurance, the main reason for that being the demon threat: what if demonkind took advantage of the return of a great amount of powerhouses from the Six Great Temples to the Holy City to launch a large scale raid . As a result, although the Temples’ Great Gathering was taking place once every ten years, the specific starting time would be fixed at the last moment to prevent the demon side from grasping their rhythm . So the time of the gathering was compressed as far as possible, to enable to powerhouses from all Temples to return as soon as possible when it’s all done .

This was especially the case this time, as a series of new policies and important matters pertaining to the whole Alliance needed to be discussed .

After the fourth rounds were over and the points were totalled, the fifth round of matches immediately took place .
It had a total of six matches, and although based on the prior patterns, Bright Glimmer of Hope’s five remaining members would get placed in five of the matches, running into each other was not impossible for them . But in short, Bright Glimmer of Hope would have to face at the same time the top of the Knight, Mage, and Spiritual Temples .

Every one of their remaining members had gotten over sixteen points, but although Bright Glimmer was currently in the lead, that lead was not yet stable and could change at anytime .

The first match was already a great clash of power . Chen Ying’er’s good luck seemed to be finally exhausted, the Light of Selection having landed on her and the head of the Mage Temple, Li Zhengzhi .

Long Haochen’s expression changed slightly, looking face to face at Chen Ying’er,

In this match, Li Zhengzhi was especially calm . Although Bright Glimmer of Hope had gotten prideful results, he remained impassive, his feelings devoid of the slightest ripple . Who knew if he really did not care about them or had other kinds of thoughts .

Currently, the only leftover Temple leader was Li Zhengzhi, the other four having all gotten eliminated . Him facing Chen Ying’er right off the bat really rose the excitation of the spectators to the peak .

This Chen Ying’er was a domain wielder as well! Could Bright Glimmer of Hope keep bringing nice surprises to everyone here?

With a faint smile on her face, Chen Ying’er advanced to the field, performing a salute to Li Zhengzhi . After all, Li Zhengzhi was still a senior

Li Zhengzhi nodded slightly, and performed an inviting gesture . With his status, there’s naturally no way he could rush to take the first move against someone of Chen Ying’er’s age .
Chen Ying’er directly sat cross-legged before starting a chant, without the slightest defensive measure taken beforehand .

Looking at her, Li Zhengzhi couldn’t help but smile in reaction . What a girl! She was clearly taking advantage of his unwillingness to take the first move .

But even if I don’t take the first move, do you really think I have no other means? Li Zhengzhi maintained a slight smile, but still kept standing still and started a chant . A fantastic calm filled the whole stadium .

Ever since the start of the Temples’ Great Gathering, this was the first time two mages were facing off each other without the slightest probing attack .

An insipid entity spread out from Li Zhengzhi’s body, very rapidly taking shape on his back, forming green light interwoven around him . Being shaped into into an enlarged version of Li Zhengzhi, its chubby looks actually gave off a silly feeling of cuteness .

Seated on the Knight Temple’s side, Long Haochen couldn’t help but feel a chill of alarm .

Li Zhengzhi used a sort of wind god summoning magic, but which took less than twenty second to complete . The formidable power of this spell reached the forbidden spell level without a doubt . That was just crazy . Furthermore, that

Chen Ying’er seemed not to be perturbed by Li Zhengzhi’s magic at all, still continuing her chant, which continued in an even more obscure and redundant manner .

After that, some changes finally couldn’t help but occur to Li Zhengzhi’s face, because he couldn’t identity the spell corresponding to her incantation

As a peak level mage, Li Zhengzhi may be unwilling to make the first move, but was even least willing to remain passive . So he immediately
made preparations for a forbidden spell, this way no matter what kind of magical beast gets called out by Chen Ying’er, he could be confident in being able to destroy it with his magic . Even if Chen Ying’er would come with an especially strong magical beast, he could still make use of the Wind God Domain to boost his own magic .

It was not that Li Zhengzhi couldn’t cast multiple spell, but he didn’t see such a need . Moreover, maintaining a magic after cast without releasing it would come with a very large spiritual energy consumption . He really did not expect Chen Ying’er’s cast to take such a long time . For this girl being a powerhouse of the ninth step as well to need such a long time to achieve her chant, just what level could this summoning magic reach?

Although Li Zhengzhi had some ideas on the matter, he had still underestimated the chanting time Chen Ying’er would take . In a blink of an eye, three minutes had passed, yet Chen Ying’er was still going on, and her spell had yet to take effect . If it wasn’t because he already knew that Chen Ying’er had reached the ninth step, Li Zhengzhi would be thinking of her to be faking a chant . Just what chant could last so long?

“Girl, if you keep going on like that, this old man will make his move . ” Li Zhengzhi’s dim voice reverberated in the whole stadium . Even for his face, he couldn’t waste his energy in this Temples’ Great Gathering . Maintaining this forbidden spell depleted his spiritual energy rapidly, and as other matches were coming next, an excessive consumption would very clearly be unfavorable to him .

Chapter 703

Right after Li Zhengzhi was done speaking, Chen Ying’er suddenly opened her eyes and showed him a sweet smile, giving the reply, “Done . ”

Saying that, Chen Ying’er lifted her hands and extended her fingertip, pointing her palms upwards, as if releasing something .

Immediately, roars from myriad beasts came gushing out from her body like a tsunami, but moreover, it was accompanied with the images of countless magical beast coming out behind Chen Ying’er’s back .

Is that a domain? But how could a domain need such a long chant? Li Zhengzhi recognized in a glance a powerful summoner domain . Could that be the same Beast Emperor Domain as her grandfather? Chen Ying’er had displayed the use of her domain in the previous matches, but only in the shape of single targeted amplifications of magical beasts, aimed at most at two targets, but seeing such a large area extended domain from her was really a first .

The next instant after Li Zhengzhi was filled with those questions, his look changed .

Light gates surfaced in an orderly manner behind Chen Ying’er’s back . Seeing these, the most shocked were no one else but those from her own Spiritual Temple .

Even the head of the Spiritual Temple Chen Hongyu was dumbstruck by this scene . He never thought his own granddaughter to be able to utilize such a magic .
He was also puzzled over why Chen Ying’er had been chanting for so long . Even after having been in control of the Spiritual Temple for so many years, he had no memories of such a long chant from their Spiritual Temple
. Even summoning a magical beast of the ninth step wouldn’t need so long! Otherwise, in the battlefield, a summoner had the time to die a hundred times in the lapse of three minutes .

Right now, Chen Hongyu was really crushed by his own granddaughter, and the same went for every present summoners, who never expected a single summoner to be able to display a strength reaching such a peak . Just count these gates: one, two, three, four, five… Counting them in a glance was simply impossibel .

These gates formed an immense semi circular shape, as if surrounding and protecting Chen Ying’er .

There were a total of thirty-six light gates, from whence thirty-six magical beasts immediately came out right upon appearance .

Seeing these magical beasts, Li Zhengzhi’s look became slightly better: they only reached the eighth step and not the ninth . If Chen Ying’er was able to summon thirty-six magical beasts equivalent to powerhouses of the ninth step at once, that would really be overly terrifying .

But even so, Chen Ying’er summoning magic still shocked the whole audience . Thirty-six simultaneous magical beasts of the eighth step, what was that? That would be enough to turn the tides in a whole portion of the battlefield in just a few instants .

So Bright Glimmer of Hope’s most powerful member was this summoner?

The other members of Bright Glimmer of Hope had their own conclusion on whether Chen Ying’er was the most powerful, but one thing was certain: she was a god’s chosen one just like Long Haochen and Cai’er . Even if she may not have earned as much as Long Haochen and Cai’er in these years, she was in no way inferior .
This summon before her eyes had depleted all her spiritual energy, but what if she had her Saint Spiritual Robe? Would the chanting time even be so long? And the same goes for her spiritual energy .

Even Long Haochen hadn’t had a clear understanding of Chen Ying’er’s real strength; right now Bright Glimmer of Hope could already be said to have in some meaning three cores, one of them being Chen Ying’er .

In the previous match, Chen Ying’er had exercised great restraint, but finally came out with her full strength when facing Li Zhengzhi .

After returning the day before, the members of Bright Glimmer of Hope convened a simple meeting, as they were certain to run against Li Zhengzhi on today . But how should they counter him? They very rapidly reached a conclusion: no matter who encounters Li Zhengzhi, that person has, while making an all out effort in battle, to deplete to the greatest extent the opponent’s strength . After all, even though Li Zhengzhi’s strength was not at Yang Haoyu’s level, it should not

But their Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope was a whole, and a whole was bound to be even stronger than separate individuals . And since the individual competition would end today anyway, better focus on the team battles .

Zhang Fangfang had previously effectively depleted Li Zhengzhi, but since a lot of matches had gone on since then, his spiritual energy should have already gotten replenished . But in this match, Chen Ying’er had already resolved herself to at least make Li Zhengzhi use up the overwhelming majority of his fighting strength if she could not defeat him .

Chen Ying’er’s plan went on right off the bat, making plentiful use of Li Zhengzhi’s high esteem of his status to complete her summoning spell of largest scale .

Thirty-six magical beasts of the eighth step appearing in the stadium simultaneously had absolutely shaken the whole audience .
Although these magical beasts were of different races, they listened wholeheartedly to Chen Ying’er’s orders! Right off the bat, they madly charged at Li Zhengzhi .

Li Zhengzhi snorted coldly . Mere magical beasts reaching the eighth step were nothing in his eyes . Even if they were even more numerous, at his cultivation level, killing magical beasts of this level was just too simple .

As he waved his hands, the massive green figure on his back immediately drifted away, both hands raised to the sky releasing green moon-shaped blades . It appeared like an uncrossable barrier standing in front of Li Zhengzhi . But his look grew unsightly once again the next instant .

Chen Ying’er issued a shriek, and immediately, the myriad beasts’ images that had come out previously solidified, rushing at the magical beasts of the eighth step that had surged out, and attached themselves onto them, causing the beasts to start undergoing rapid changes .

A gigantic black bear bellowed loudly, swelling to twice its previous size growing twice as large, as its hairs astonishingly started to turn into a dark gold color . In the midst of roars, it let out terrifying


What Chen Ying’er had utilized was obviously not the same Myriad Beasts Domain as Chen Hongyu, but her Mythologic Beast Domain!

Being the Beast God’s Chosen One, a unique Saint Spiritual Daughter to have come in existence in the human world, her boosting ability on magical beasts fundamentally even exceeded Ye Xiaolei’s back in the Illusory Paradise .

Under the boost of the Beast Emperor Domain, these magical beasts of the eighth step all evolved to the ninth step, turning into thirty-six magical beasts of the ninth step, releasing a terrible might which frantically pounced on Li Zhengzhi .
A miscalculation! Li Zhengzhi had immediately come to this judgment, causing him to have traces of regrets . He really should not have let Chen Ying’er complete her previous magic! Thirty-six magical beasts of the ninth step and thirty-six magical beasts of the eighth step were two fundamentally different concepts .

After completion of these global boosts, Chen Ying’er sat down in a quite weakened state, but still had the energy to ferociously utter, “Everyone, get rid of him!”

Thirty-six magical beasts of the ninth step pouncing on a single opponent was a really spectacular sight .

The pair of massive moon-shaped blades in the Wind God’s hands managed to stop the attack of three magical beasts of the ninth step, but then started to get somewhat unstable .

Ninth step would be the assessment based on human cultivation, but in terms of magical beast grade, these would be magical beasts of the tenth rank .

They may not be as strong as the four-headed Medusa or Divine Unicorn, but as magical beasts of tenth rank, they still reached the peak of magical beasts .

Simply said, right now it was as if Li Zhengzhi was assaulted by the whole Golden Foundation Knight Regiment . That lineup didn’t feel any easier to face .

Not daring to take things easy, Li Zhengzhi immediately unleashed the Wind God Domain, not daring to let these thirty-six magical beasts of the ninth step unleash all their power . If it really went like that, himself aside, even the Demon God Emperor could find that situation troublesome .

Right now, Li Zhengzhi completely flared up .

A strong display of power immediately surged out, as a terrible hurricane
This was not a simple domain . For constricting so many magical beasts of the ninth step, that could only be a domain technique!

For the sake of safety, and to make sure to achieve victory in this match, Li Zhengzhi had no other choice but to utilize his own domain technique .

That terrible hurricane was entirely colored dark green . Everywhere it passed, every magical beast it encountered was getting cut frantically . If these were magical beasts of the eighth step, their bodies would certainly get smashed to pieces under attacks of this level . But magical beasts of the ninth step were not the same: their defensive power was far stronger than at the eighth step, so there was no immediate danger for them .

Chen Ying’er ignored this situation, only silently sitting there to replenish her spiritual energy, the little pig McDull being held in her arms .

Li Zhengzhi having restricted these magical beasts thanks to his domain technique, his Wind God Summoning’s power started to emerge . With the boost from the Wind God Domain, Li Zhengzhi’s wind god incarnated body gained an explosive burst in speed and offensive power . In a flash of green light, that gigantic bear stood like nothing in its way, while in response his incarnation got repelled ten meters back in the blast of the bear’s palm attack . But in front of the Wind God Domain’s amplification, an attack of this level was nothing .

The look on Li Zhengzhi’s face did not improve just because of getting rid of one magical beast of the ninth step . Quite the opposite, it got even more strained . A domain technique’s spiritual energy consumption could only be described as terrifying: even with his internal spiritual energy having already broken through 400,000, he couldn’t keep utilizing it for too long . He had only one choice left now, which would be to take advantage of the situation to get rid of Chen Ying’er . This way these magical beasts would go out of control, causing a better turn for his situation .

Chapter 704

But Chen Ying’er could not be killed as this Temples’ Great Gathering was no battle of life or death! So in some meaning, Chen Ying’er was making perfect use of the rules.

So, he could currently not attack Chen Ying’er, as a summoner’s body was the weakest, causing Li Zhengzhi to really fear killing carelessly such a genius. But unless Chen Ying’er was killed, these magical beasts wouldn’t go out of control. If they kept besieging him, even if getting rid of the majority was possible, that would take him just far too long...

Furthermore, the summoning spell having been completed, these thirty- six light gates closed up and disappeared, but these magical beasts wouldn’t return to their original dwellings unless Chen Ying’er consented.

Thus, killing them was the only way to conclude this battle.

Having come to this accurate conclusion, Li Zhengzhi didn’t show any more hesitation. Crossing his hands in front of him, two glistening green surges of light flared out from his eyes.

A frantic fighting intent rose from Li Zhengzhi, the hurricanes from the Domain Technique deriving from the Wind God Domain suddenly slowing down. That Wind God Summon’s body swiftly returned to Li Zhengzhi, and unexpectedly enveloped him inside before shrinking and making its way inside Li Zhengzhi’s body.

Right now, Li Zhengzhi’s body was entirely colored a dazzling green. His right hand shot up, a palm-sized wind blade came flying out, appearing
unstable, and visibly constituted of green wind. In a blink of an eye, it landed against a magical beast of the ninth step which had its speed slowed down greatly as a result, just as if it had fallen in a quagmire. But even so, what could a mere wind blade produce for a magical beast of the ninth step other than tickles?

But the next instant, Li Zhengzhi displayed the power of his second Domain Technique.

With a light Pop, that green colored wind blade nimbly made way into the body of the magical beast of ninth step, and a second later, the latter turned into a

This is...

Chen Ying’er was dumbstruck because she did not understand at all what Li Zhengzhi just did.

While she was so shocked, Li Zhengzhi’s hands shot in succession, releasing similar wind blades as just before.

The results were identical. Everywhere these wind blades passed, no magical beast of the ninth step could bear the attack: all of them went in extinct in a cold breeze, leaving not even a corpse behind.

The look in Long Haochen’s eyes was extremely heavy, gradually seeing through some of the mysteries behind Li Zhengzhi’s second Domain Technique.

The true essence of wind… He has already grasped the true essence of wind.

What’s the true essence of wind? That’s freedom. By causing the freedom displayed in wind to rise to the peak, this second Domain Technique was created.

Right, this second Domain Technique used by Li Zhengzhi was called Freedom.
Over thirty magical beasts of the ninth step dissipated in this freedom. And when the final one dissipated, Li Zhengzhi’s body swayed, but the look in his eyes was still as grave.

Letting out a tyrannical roar, McDull in Chen Ying’er’s bosom leaped up, enlarging in the blink of an eye. The instant it landed onto the ground, a lot of eyes turned toward Chen Hongyu unwittingly.

That’s because McDull had just transformed into Chen Hongyu’s contracted magical beast, a four-headed Chimera.

Groaaa. Four spits bombarded straight onto the Wind God Domain. But as McDull was just shapeshifting, his strength differed quite importantly with a real four-headed Chimera, so these four spits didn’t make one, but were only thrown separately.

But, even so, that attack reached the ninth step.

However, a Domain Technique derived from the Wind God Domain was indeed powerful. When these four spits came in, they were immediately first slowed down by the hurricanes, before immediately breaking down and turning into nothingness.

Lifting his hand, Li Zhengzhi formed another wind blade in his palm, calmly declaring to Chen Ying’er, “I don’t want to cause your contracted summon’s

Seeing the cold look in Li Zhengzhi’s eyes, Chen Ying’er slowly stood up and snorted, “If equipment were allowed, you would not necessarily have achieved victory against me.”

Li Zhengzhi smiled to that, but didn’t say anything. As a senior, he couldn’t say like-wise, my equipment is not below yours.

The green wind blade in his hand came flying, rushing straight toward McDull.
Chen Ying’er had a fright. After so many magical beasts of the ninth step had just gotten killed by these regular-looking wind blades, she really did not dare to gamble with McDull’s life, and hurriedly shouted, “I concede.”

The wind blade dissipating in the air, Li Zhengzhi’s domain instantly vanished, leaving him looking obviously pale, although his footstep were still rather steady.

Chen Ying’er tiredly returned to her comrades’ side, pouting and visibly dissatisfied with the results of her battle.

“Boss, do you think that with my best setup, I could have had better chances to achieve victory?”

Long Haochen smiled to that, “Don’t be so displeased. Li Zhengzhi’s cultivation is really at a formidable level. You already did very well Ying’er.” Although he didn’t really know to which extent Li Zhengzhi was really exhausted, the use of the latter’s domain plus two Domain Techniques should have come with a considerable consumption. At least, Li Zhengzhi couldn’t possibly get back to his optimum state before his next match.

Bright Glimmer of Hope had another member eliminated, but no one found Chen Ying’er’s performance to be a loser’s. She had just summoned thirty-six magical beasts of the ninth step! That was more than enough to withstand a Demon Emperor Legion. A summoner reaching such a state could already not simply be said to have reached the peak level.

The flash of light landed this time on Lin Xin, opposing him with a knight.

The strongest ones in the Knight Temples were Yang Haoyu and Long Tianying who were already eliminated, but the Knight Temple still had two contestants in this fifth round. From this, one could well imagine how powerful these knights were. Lin Xin was on the verge of facing a

Entering the stage, Lin Xin’s expression immediately became all the more serious. He knew that this was going to be his greatest hurdle since
the start of the Temples’ Great Gathering. No matter whether he could win, he had to give his all, and do his best to weaken his opponent. Although this opponent was from the Knight Temple, at least three people from their side would very likely emerge. So, weakening the opponent would serve well as setup for his comrades’ later stages. Although, of course, the best would be to win against the opponent.

The Holy Knight was very old, both hair and beard colored white. His age did not look any lower than Long Tianying’s.

In front of Lin Xin, he did not immediately summon his mount, lifting his left hand to summon a brilliant colored shield, he permeated it with the power of Spiritual Highland.

This was a Guardian Knight, looking impassible. Facing the opponent, Lin Xin suddenly had a strange feeling, because he realized with surprised that even after so many rounds had passed, this Holy Knight should have made it here with formidable displays of power, yet he hadn’t left any impression in his heart.

What could it mean that he managed to make it here in such a low-key fashion? A Guardian Knight should not be expert in fighting a duel, therefore that was a hidden card of the Knight Temple! After Yang Haoyu had now come such a low-key and powerful Guardian Knight. Truly, the Knight Temple deserved the number one rank out of the Temple Alliance. So, perhaps even without the emergence of the Bright Glimmer of Hope, the Mage Temple would hardly have managed to overwhelm the Knight Temple. And that was under the premise that only one of their three Divine Knights had come.

These years, the Mage Temple could be said to have had unlimited prospects, especially after the Holy War, because the damage they had sustained was the lowest, their achievements in the battlefield the greatest, their development making the Knight Temple

Lin Xin’s eyes flashed in blue light, a pair of immense fire wings growing from his back. His spiritual wings were greatly different compared to ordinary mages, first and foremost in their size.
The size of one’s spiritual wings generally related with one’s strength. Long Haochen’s multiple wings being a special case, generally the size of one’s spiritual wings would increase as one’s cultivation grows.

But even if Lin Xin had just recently broken through the ninth step, the size of his spiritual wings could already match with the wind wings of the Mage Temple’s head Li Zhengzhi.

The immense wings unfolded, extending out over ten meters. It appeared just like a fire wall extending from behind his back. Furthermore, the fire on Lin Xin’s spiritual wings appeared in the form of blue flames.

As his cultivation had kept going up, going past the ninth step, his Heart of Fire gained a fascinating tinge of beauty. As his spiritual wings moved rhythmically, a shallow blue color kept getting altered, just like the most limpid coast.

Lin Xin’s hands were joined up, his eyes glinting up. Lifting his hand, a flame headed a probing attack at that Holy Knight.

Bang! As the blue fire curled up, the Holy Knight stood unmoving, and the flame collided with his shield, but did not infect him, nor did it even manage to make it past that shield materialized from Spiritual Highland.

This first attack was only filled with explosive properties, and as a fire mage, his greatest field lay in the explosive power in his attack. This was a battle between the strongest spear and the sturdiest shield.

Lin Xin continued his global offenses with no hesitation. As his hands were waved about, series of blue flames were shot at the Holy Knight like blue lightning bolts.

Chapter 705

The Holy Knight’s left foot pushed forward slightly, taking a half step as he allowed Lin Xin to attack, quickly raising and lowering the shield to block every single Heart of Fire flame.

In fact, Long Haochen’s current Heart of Fire attacks all reached the Spiritual Highland integration level, yet it did not inflict any damage to him. This could only mean that this Holy Knight undoubtedly had unique attainments in his defense.

One could see an inconspicuous golden halo released under the Holy Knight’s feet, revolving around his body and extending to a range of five meters with rhythmic movements.

The golden halo had slight changes of color every time it extended under his feet. Without paying enough attention, one wouldn’t notice, but that was a kind of special golden color, a hybrid, multicolored, gold.

A domain! That was the Holy Knight’s domain, though certainly an inconspicuous one. Even if after so many fights some people saw through the fact that this was a domain, not a lot of people really remembered him.

If one had to describe this Holy Knight in a simple expression, that would be, as steady as a mountain.

No matter how hard you’ll attack, my defense will remain unmoving.

Lin Xin did not know what uses his opponent’s domain had, but his highly invasive Heart of Fire was completely unable to trespass his shield.
He also attempted to make his Heart of Fire attack from other angles, but at that time the other party utilized Shield Wall.

Lin Xin’s attacks were really pretty to see, filling the sky with blue lights gathered against a target, just like a magic cannon firing at its target.

Spiritual Highland rapidly depleting one’s spiritual energy, this magic show of Lin Xin’s was especially costly in spiritual energy, But there was still a gap between a forbidden spell and that. It could usually very easily catch the opponent unprepared, but such an ultra-defensive opponent was really hard to deal with.

Although Lin Xin did not know how fast this opponent’s spiritual energy was depleted, from the fact he had made use of a domain, his spiritual energy ought to reach at least

Such a battle of endurance would only make things even more unfavorable to him.

So what’s to be done? Lin Xin pondered, suddenly ceasing to launch attacks.

No longer having to sustain the attacks from Heart of Fire really gave a restful feeling to this Holy Knight. On the other side, blue fire was lingering on Lin Xin’s body, as he visibly recovered spiritual energy with his full force.

Recovering in the midst of battle? The Holy Knight didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry for a moment. Could it be that this kid believes that I really don’t have the slightest capability? I’m a knight of the ninth step no matter what you say!

The Holy Knight’s hand was raised up, and in the midst of a downcast chant, a light magic formed.

But, in the end, a Guardian Knight was a Guardian Knight. There’s no way he could rival a Retribution Knight in executing offensive abilities. It looked as though a Light of Trial was gradually taking shape in front of the
chanting Holy Knight. But suddenly, a blue light was shot out, slamming against his shield, and moreover, another blue trail made a detour to attack at the Holy Knight’s back.

Although the Holy Knight didn’t look troubled resisting these attacks, in practice Lin Xin’s Spiritual Highland based magic attacks were really terrible. How could they be so easy to defend against? He really didn’t dare let Lin Xin’s attacks reach him.

Left without choice, the Holy Knight could only interrupt Light of Trial to use a Shield Wall in defense.

Catching sight of this scene, Lin Xin couldn’t help but leak out a faint smile. Everyone had their domain of expertise, and in the same way, also had their weaknesses.

This Holy Knight’s defense was absolutely great, even exceeding Long Haochen without his Light God Domain. But his attack was his weak point.

With this knowledge, Lin Xin thought of a countermeasure. His previous barrage of attacks slowed down, and his Heart of Fire would be launched only after gaps of one second every time.

His aim was very simple: to force his opponent to maintain his shield formed of Spiritual

The Holy Knight’s domain was called Highland Domain, coming out from his own research. This Holy Knight with a gentle disposition specialized in defending, and as a result, chose to single-handedly focus his cultivation in defense. He used to be a Demon Hunter, but was not the captain of his team. Although he was strong enough, his character was overly soft, and he did not have a lot of offensive means, neither was he willing to learn attacks. In his matches, his opponents were either far weaker than him, or had to concede after having their spiritual energy depleted completely.

His Highland Domain was highly specialized in reinforcing his Spiritual Highland while reducing its consumption. The reinforcement of the
defensive power of his Spiritual Highland went to the extent of reaching the Domain Technique level.

Inside the Knight Temple, this Holy Knight had the title of Ultimate Shield, and had a shield of epic tier. In the Holy War, he had gone on many battles, facing the Demon God of Death, Saminaga, and the Bear Demon God, Valefor. Thanks to his formidable defensive power, the two demon gods were left without ways to get him, making him a heroic contributor to the Knight Temple. Adding his gentle disposition to that, his relationship with the people from the Knight Temple was fabulous, bringing him to an equal footing compared to the Divine Knights.

Seeing Lin Xin’s shameless method against him, the Holy Knight couldn’t help but break out in laughter. Only, Lin Xin’s cultivation really was too lacking to defeat him. The reason why he hadn’t summoned his mount was out of fear that it wouldn’t be able to resist Lin Xin’s attacks. After all, this really hot Heart of Fire formed with Spiritual Highland really had a terrifying offensive power.

Wielding his shield, the Holy Knight, started to assault Lin Xin. His speed didn’t

This time, the Holy Knight suddenly stopped in his steps. Moving aside the shield in front of him, he exposed a warm smile to Lin Xin. Immediately, a white glow was instantly shot onto Lin Xin.

Lin Xin nearly cried out a curse, Saint Spiritual Stove...

Never did he expect this elder to actually possess a terrible trump such as a Saint Spiritual Stove. The two great abilities Attraction and Pull simultaneously made effects on Lin Xin.

The Saint Spiritual Stove was obviously trained to the highest level by this knight. How could he not have a tool such as a Saint Spiritual Stove to accompany such a powerful defense? Only with a Saint Spiritual Stove to match with his Spiritual Highland could he became the greatest defender in the battlefields.
Lin Xin was no match for the Holy Knight in cultivation level. About to get pulled in little by little, even if the opposite Holy Knight was not expert in close distance battle, that was not someone a mage could contend against in a head-on clash.

The goal of the Saint Spiritual Stove was naturally not to defeat him instantly in close quarters, but to stop him from deploying all his strength! That was the reason for the smile the Holy Knight displayed to Lin Xin.

“Come!” Having reached this far, Lin Xin knew already that he could in no way achieve victory anymore. This instant, he had a monstrous feeling fill him.

So far, he had been believing himself to be considerably powerful, having at his disposal not only his great burst power as a fire mage, but also the powerful boost from Heart of Fire. Now he finally understood that when encountering a real powerhouse, his offensive power was still far from enough. Unless he trained to the level of being

While in the midst of being continuously pulled in the air, Lin Xin suddenly came to a stop. A resonant phoenix cry reverberated from his chest, and immediately, Lin Xin’s body disappeared.

His pair of immense blue spiritual wings enlarged once again, and in the blink of an eye, formed an immense blue phoenix charging straight at the Holy Knight.

The Holy Knight had a chill, finding out with shock that the heat was not only external, but even growing deep in his heart.

What a powerful fire!

Too late to think further, he deployed the Highland Domain to its greatest extent, bowing and launching Shield Wall as well as Divine Obstruction.

It seemed the Blue Fire Phoenix was about to strike the Shield Wall. But suddenly, that massive phoenix shrank by nearly a half. The drifting Heart
of Fire vanished entirely, causing it to no longer look like a body made of energy, but like a real body.


As the Blue Fire Phoenix finally clashed with the Shield Walls, a terrifying scene took place. In the instant of the clash, the Holy Knight’s shield turned all blue, the same blue as Heart of Fire’s color.

In a violent clash, the Holy Knight’s body fell back in response, dropping to the ground.

The bang was not only one sound, but occurred in quick successions, Bang, Bang, Bang   sounded   out   thunderously.   With every Bang, the Holy Knight’s Shield Wall was repelled further and further. When the ninth explosion sounded out, he was already propelled to the edge of the field, back facing the defensive barrier of the stadium.

Shield Wall was condensed out of Spiritual Highland, its defensive power even further reinforced by the Highland Domain. But if one paid careful attention, they would notice the current Shield Wall was turning liquid, that liquid clearly being spiritual energy! And, it was blue in color as well. One could clearly see that the Shield Wall amplified by the domain was unexpectedly growing thinner and thinner, faintly transparent, and even letting the Holy Knight’s silhouette come to view.

Chapter 706

A domainless powerhouse managed to compel a domain-wielding powerhouse to such an extent through his own attacks. This was already enough for Lin Xin to take pride: this Blue Fire Phoenix Spiritual Stove’s offensive power was a really shocking thing.

The blue light vanished, and a Blue Fire Phoenix came flying. It was clearly quite weakened, and the blue fire on his body gained in transparency, looking close to going extinct at anytime.

But, right at this time, that blue phoenix opened its mouth and let out a resonant phoenix cry. It formed three blue lines tracing from its body, all drilling their way into the Shield Walls.

The first blue needle striking Shield Wall caused numerous ripples to appear on the wall, making it seem more transparent. But that blue needle also vanished without a trace, followed by the second one which was thrust, finally surpassing Shield Wall’s limits. A small hole appeared, but the instant it appeared, that second needle broke into pieces. However, the third needle followed quickly, disappearing in the midst of the Shield Wall instantly.

Letting out a groan, the Holy Knight staggered to the side, and the Shield Wall thereupon ceased.

With a flash of blue light, Lin Xin fell to the ground out of nowhere, standing half-squatted on a single leg. Pushing his left hand onto the ground to support the rest of his body, his dark green hair looked messy, and his body was shaking lightly, his look just as pale as a sheet of paper.
Ever since reaching the ninth step of cultivation, this was his first time pushing Blue Fire Phoenix to such a level. The final three blue rays were undoubtedly his ultimate trump. Mixing a fire of darkness with his own Heart of Fire’s attack, he obtained an ultra powerful penetrative force. After the Blue Fire Phoenix Spiritual Stove had consumed the Spiritual Highland infused Shield Wall to the greatest extent, this final move would be the crucial point in determining whether he would achieve victory or not.

Since a battle of attrition was no longer possible, he could only aim to obtain victory with his strongest attack. Regardless of the final result, at least Lin Xin would have displayed the most of his ability.

The Holy Knight’s face did not look any better off than Lin Xin’s. On his right chest, dual green and blue flames were rising up, and his left hand was being used to cover his right chest with a resplendent golden light. But those green and blue flames burnt extremely obstinately, appearing to seep out between through the gaps in the knight’s fingers, the latter showing a very pained face.

Lin Xin was gasping intensely for breaths, barely managing to look into the Holy Knight’s face. Of course, he knew how powerful his ultimate move formed of these mixed flames was. Extinguishing them wouldn’t be so simple, and even if the Holy Knight finally succeeded, that would cause his spiritual energy to drop to the brink of nothing, leaving him with no possibility to keep going in the tournament.

“I concede. Youngster, retrieve your magical ability please.” The Holy Knight declared with a pained look.

“Huh? Concede?” Lin Xin immediately beamed with a smile. Although he suffered a great pain due to the backlash of the Blue Fire Phoenix Spiritual Stove, he didn’t expect to emerge victorious from that battle, and moreover in a great shape. With a lift of his right hand, his Fire Cloud Crystal appeared, used at once as a walking stick to approach the Holy Knight. Pressing his right hand onto the elder’s chest, he absorbed back the dual flames along with the Hellfire Needles.
During the process of absorption, Lin Xin was slightly startled, because he found out that the true damage sustained by the Holy Knight was not as great as he had expected. There was a scorched area on his chest, but in truth, the Hellfire Needles’ might never have truly made way into his body.

The Holy Knight blinked his eyes at him, before returning staggeringly to the lounge area.

Lin Xin immediately understood that the counterpart was throwing the game! Even while under the boost of his Highland Domain, he had clearly blocked the last attack from the Hellfire Needle, yet voluntarily revealed a look of being unable to endure, offering him this victory.

When Lin Xin returned to the lounge under the the support of the Fire Cloud Staff, that Holy Knight was seen nodding lightly, a look of admiration on his face.

The old knight revealed a faint smile, then shut his eyes to recuperate his spiritual energy.

Lin Xin sat on his seat, glancing unconsciously at Long Haochen, who smiled to him, but didn’t say anything, only hinting that he should hasten his spiritual energy recovery. Still other matches had yet to come after this victory.

But very clearly, even though Lin Xin could keep down the backlash of his Blue Fire Phoenix Spiritual Stove, he was well afraid that he would be unable to keep using it in the following matches.

Bright Glimmer of Hope’s luck was really so-so in this individual competition, but they had secretly gained the full support of the Knight Temple, this influence having benefited them the most in the match between Haochen and Yang Haoyu.

The support of the most powerful knight and greatest shield paved their way in the later stages of the competition.
If Yang Haoyu had really gone all out in his match, Long Haochen would have undoubtedly been defeated, and as the captain of Bright Glimmer of Hope, his elimination would be a severe blow to the whole Bright Glimmer of Hope. But Yang Haoyu let him win, not only giving him comprehension of a lot of aspects of domains, but moreover fostering his reputation.

The competition was now reaching the fifth round, with only twenty contestants left. One could say that the later matches would determine the final ranking of Bright Glimmer of Hope’s side. The Holy Knight with the title of Supreme Shield having ingeniously offered victory to Lin Xin, not only offered a great amount of points to Bright Glimmer of Hope, but also a seat in the top six.

Although Chen Ying’er had lost her match, she had also used up Li Zhengzhi’s strength to a great extent. Lin Xin having advanced, and Bright Glimmer of Hope still having three great powerhouses that had yet to take part, one could say that they had a bright later stage of the competition ahead.

The bright Light of Selection flashed once again, this time selecting the Bloodreeking Wargoddess of Bright Glimmer of Glimmer of Hope. As it happens, Wang Yuanyuan’s opponent turned out to be a spatial mage of the ninth step from the Mage Temple, and a domain wielder as well.

The look in her eyes flickering, Wang Yuanyuan slowly treod into the field. Although the opponents she had encountered weren’t especially powerful, they were still in the upper tier of this competition. So Wang Yuanyuan could really be said to have cut her way through thistles and thorns to finally reach this point.

She had a very serene look, but a single minded expression in her eyes. When gazing at the distant old mage, she performed a simple warrior salute.

The old mage returned the salute as well. Having reached the fifth round of battles, every match was now extremely important. On the Mage Temple’s side, Li Zhengzhi had already made it to the sixth round. If they could have someone else make it so far, at least the Mage Temple would
still be able to threaten the Knight Temple. So, eliminating all the Mage Temple’s contestants would benefit them the most.

Starting an incantation, the old mage lifted his right hand, pointing toward Wang Yuanyuan. In the meantime, the air twisted slightly, as the old mage’s figure disappeared without basis.

He really did not underestimate Wang Yuanyuan in the least. He utilized his domain right off the bat because he had already observed Wang Yuanyuan’s strength, and was aware that this young girl was a domain wielding powerhouse as well, thus he made the first move to take the advantage.

Thin silver light floated on the twisting air, extending throughout the field. The spatial element was full of indeterminacy: anything would get greatly affected inside that kind of domain.

Wang Yuanyuan still stood unmoving as a blood-red radiance, the Blood Domain, extended under her feet.

The Blood Domain spread out, but only extended to the three meters around Wang Yuanyuan. Surrounded by blood-colored curls, that Bloodreeking Wargoddess shone brightly.

The old mage kept chanting in a downcast manner, but his voice seemed to be reverberating from all directions, after going through his constantly refracting domain. Wang Yuanyuan had no way to tell his true location.

The twisting spatial domain started to show changes, and somechanges, and some silver light started to arise within as some cracks immediately appeared. Those black cracks looked like rapacious mouths, ready to engulf Wang Yuanyuan’s body at anytime.

The cracks started to grow more and more numerous, and the space in the whole stadium was lacerated fiercely by this terrifying spatial force, looking able to possibly shatter at anytime.
From the looks of it, Wang Yuanyuan seemed to be forced into a completely passive situation. But, what no one understood, was that she had yet to make any move up to now, aside from releasing her Blood Domain.

Outside of their field of view, Wang Yuanyuan’s pair of eyes concealed in the Blood Domain were releasing a different color than the red from the previous Blood Domain. It was a silver color characteristic of the spatial attribute.

Her most attention-taking feature in the Temples’ Great Gathering’s individual competition was this peculiar Blood Domain, but don’t forget that she’s also a warrior using the spatial attribute.

Soft spiritual energy fluctuations circulated through the air as a breathtaking splendor shone in Long Haochen’s eyes, as he excitedly watched the field.

He had guessed the reason why Wang Yuanyuan had yet to make a move from the start. She only wanted to aim for a victory in one blow. Success would end in her victory, or if not, it will end in her defeat.

Bright Glimmer of Hope could really be called an exceptional group, and luckily, all of them had already broken through the ninth step, some even getting domains of their own. But they lacked in experience as powerhouses: the speed of their growth was just too fast. Though their cultivation already reached the ninth step, some of them had not even experienced battles at the eighth step. To some extent they were certainly lacking in strength compared to those experienced veterans of the Six Great Temples who wielded domains of their own.

It was visible in Lin Xin’s previous match, opposing him to the Supreme Shield Knight, that he had a clear inferiority in this standard.

As for now, Wang Yuanyuan’s opponent was no easy prey. By clashing head on right off the bat, Wang Yuanyuan’s odds of success would really not be high.

Chapter 707

What no one knew was that within Bright Glimmer of Hope, the only domain wielders reaching the second rank of the ninth step were actually Long Haochen and Cai’er.

Although Chen Ying’er and Wang Yuanyuan possessed a domain of their own, they had actually only reached the first rank of the ninth step of cultivation. Their own domain was comprehended in the process of over four years of deep meditation, brought about miraculously. But beyond that miracle, the shortage in their cultivation was still a clear thing.

Otherwise, Chen Ying’er may not necessarily have lost to Li Zhengzhi, or at least have inconvenienced him to an even greater degree.

As the Temples’ Great Gathering did not even permit any equiment, Bright Glimmer of Hope’s shortages became even more visible.

That’s why Wang Yuanyuan took a different approach from the beginning, by choosing to go for another type of battle. She was standing motionless, but actually maintained all her thoughts in the battle, looking for a hole in the opponent’s strategy to bring her a victory in one blow.

The powerful spatial domain started to compress Wang Yuanyuan’s residing space, the spatial cracks growing more and more numerous. From outside the barrier, it appeared that over thousands of spatial gaps had appeared in the field, seemingly crushing anything in their contact instantly.

So, what’s to be done? What response will Wang Yuanyuan choose? A lot of spectators had these same questions arise in them.
Finally, a first spatial crack made contact with Wang Yuanyuan’s Blood Domain. With a swishing sound, like that of ice melted by a red-hot piece of iron, Wang Yuanyuan’s Blood Domain bubbled up violently, and that spatial crack disappeared immediately. But by paying attention, one would notice that those spatial cracks were ripping away some of the blood energy released by the Blood Domain.

This was just a beginning. Following that first one, even more of these headed towards Wang Yuanyuan.

Swishing sounds kept resounding, one spatial crack after another disappearing swiftly after contact with the Blood Domain. But it was apparent that Wang Yuanyuan’s Blood Domain was rippling violently, losing its might.

The other party used a mix of magic and domain, while she only kept defending passively through her domain. The contrast was rather obvious.

The two parties’ domains kept clashing, during which a lot of spectators were already shaking their head. Even Li Zhengzhi had a smile appearing on his face, muttering aloud, “Is this girl looking for an opening? How could she even find one? Old Yu’s domain gave him the title Master of Constant Changes’. There’s no set rule at all. She wants to rely on her domain’s explosive force to make a surprise attack, but her pains will only get deeper and deeper.”

With the thought of having one more powerhouse from the Mage Temple to make it through, Li Zhengzhi couldn’t help but get into a better and better mood. Maybe his spiritual energy will really be replenished completely by the next round as well. However, because of his use of two great Domain Techniques, recovering to his peak by then would be really challenging.

Time passed second-by-second, during which Wang Yuanyuan’s Blood Domain was still very powerful even when faced against an attack combining spatial domain and magic, enduring tenaciously. At least several thousand cracks had already disappeared in front of the Blood Domain.
Cai’er let out a light sigh, “I’m afraid that Yuanyuan won’t be able to find an opening in the opponent’s attack. This mage is very careful; look, when attacking through his domain, he really launches extremely irregular attacks, variating between single ones and swarms. And the thickness of the cracks only keeps growing. Now if Yuanyuan goes on the offense, she’s even more likely to get trapped. This old mage is just too cunning. Upon realizing what Yuanyuan’s plan was, he immediately made a countermeasure. If this lasts, Yuanyuan won’t hold out for much longer.”

Haochen patted Cai’er’s hand, declaring, “Trust in her. Yuanyuan is not just stubborn but also clever. Her innate gifts may be the lowest, but she has still achieved extraordinary success. For her to have obtained her own domain before even reaching the second rank of the ninth step shows her intelligence and wits plentifully.”

Thinking of that, Long Haochen couldn’t help but recall his previous teacher Asura Ye. He really had not met him for a very long time. Who knew where the Knight Temple had sent him. Long Haochen had formerly asked his grandfather, but Long Tianying did not even breathe a single word of of it, only telling him that Ye Hua was carrying out an extraordinarily important mission. So, Long Haochen had yet to find the opportunity to pay his respects to his teacher.

In the field, Wang Yuanyuan’s Blood Domain which originally extended to three meters was gradually compressed to a diameter of one meter, barely enough to protect her body.

“Just concede, young girl. I don’t want to injure you.” The old mage’s voice reverberated in all directions, his offense slowing down slowly. This being the Temples’ Great Gathering, a domain’s compression was a really dangerous thing. In case something went wrong, Wang Yuanyuan’s life may very well be endangered.

But the instant the counterpart’s domain slowed down, she finally made her move.
Her speed was really immense: all the spectators only saw a flash of blood light, as she unexpectedly passed through the spatial gates instantly.

The whole stage was immediately in a state of surprise.

In fact, these spatial cracks were all spatial instabilities created through spatial magic, preventing any teleportation. Not only was the space extremely unstable, but furthermore could crumble at anytime, all the spatial cracks being filled with an extremely strong swallowing force. Absorbing things was none other than one of its greatest powers. Throwing oneself inside is simply akin to suicide.

But who could expect Wang Yuanyuan to make such a choice? This girl was just too staunch. Could it be that she would stake her own life rather than get defeated at the hands of the Mage Temple? After all, based on the Temples’ Great Gathering’s rules, killing one’s opponent would automatically get oneself eliminated.

Even Li Zhengzhi had a look of complete shock upon catching sight of this scene. But the next instant, everyone here realized their own mistake.

In a flash of blood light, Wang Yuanyuan already appeared in another spot. This very instant, the numerous surrounding spatial cracks started to get more and more chaotic.

Because the whole field was filled of spatial cracks to the brim, when Wang Yuanyuan disappeared, only indistinct flashes of red could be seen in their midst. But something no one could see was occuring at that very moment.

The spatial cracks started to disappear one after another, gradually revealing the situation in the center of the grounds.

Then a breathtaking sight came. Wang came. Wang Yuanyuan calmly stood there, her palm pressed onto the old mage’s head. The latter did not utilize further magic, only looking at Wang Yuanyuan full of incomprehension.
“How did you achieve that?” The old mage asked, full of incomprehension, “This was inside my domain, my domain, and with so many spatial cracks around. You cannot possibly have used any teleporting ability. I know that you have a spiritual stove enabling teleportation, and it is something for which I have already accounted. I don’t understand how you could pass through the spatial cracks, and end up right in front of me. My domain and magic are completely devoid of any regular pattern.”

Wang Yuanyuan calmly answered, “There is no ability devoid of the slightest flaw. It is because your spatial cracks were boosted thanks to your domain that so many of them had appeared simultaneously. It is indeed as you say, these spatial cracks are devoid of any regular patterns. But you have forgotten that they come from the same domain, and that is their common point.”

“All of these cracks that were created from the same domain, are all linked to each other, with spatial channels able to link them instantly like a spider web. What I did was all calculated: I picked a spatial channel that could connect me right in front of you, and that was all I needed.”

Wang Yuanyuan had said that as if it was very simple, but the old mage was greatly shocked, “How could that be possible? That would require a massive amount of energy. Most of all, with just a little mistake, you would be torn in the midst of spatial ripples, or drifting in an endless space.”

“No, this couldn’t happen to me. Right, as you say my spiritual stove cannot be used in your domain. But I can protect myself in a fixed spot by using my domain’s defenses. This is also why I remained purposefully unmoving for so long, or else,

by placing myself with my back facing the outside defensive barrier, I would have lasted for even longer. But I did not move in order to maintain my spiritual stove’s positioning. That way, even if I ended up unable to pass through your spatial cracks, I would be able to trigger my connection with the spiritualwith the spiritual stove, and return to the previous spot with the protection of my domain. Could it be that you didn’t realize that when I was
teleporting, the blood fog at the other side was maintained for some time? Why do you think it only disappeared when I arrived near you? It only lasted for one second, but that was enough for me to be decisive. So even if I had miscalculated, it would only have ended in failure, with no possibility of death.

The old mage looked at Wang Yuanyuan, totally blank and remaining speechless for a long moment.

Wang Yuanyuan retrieved her hand, and performed a warrior salute to him, turning back and walking out.

“A moment.” The old mage suddenly shouted to Wang Yuanyuan. Wang Yuanyuan turned her head to him, “Is there some other matter?”
The old mage solemnly declared, “I have lost and am thoroughly convinced in my defeat. You may have won with your cleverness, but in this world, people capable of such intelligence and steadiness are you are far too few. You are bound to be respected in the future Warrior Temple.”

Saying that, the old mage solemnly bent to Wang Yuanyuan, before turning back with a smile on his face.

When she came out from the stadium, the first thing that welcomed her back was Chen Ying’er’s warm hug.

“Won, You’ve won! Yuanyuan, you’re really awesome.” Chen Ying’er spiritedly hugged Wang Yuanyuan, who swayed visibly, shutting her eyes in her embrace, and muttering in a feeble voice, “Help me get moving.”

This fight’s whole process looked really simple, but only Wang Yuanyuan and the old mage knew how pressuring the battle was to her.

How about the process of the massive pressure brought upon her? Under such a pressure, she had to perform continuous calculations to get closer to her goal. Though her spiritual stove’s position was fixed before she tore through the spatial crack, that was still in no way devoid of danger to her
life! Since she wanted to beat the enemy and achieve victory whilst paying attention to her own safety, all these factors together meant her burdens were far too many.

So far, out of three of the six battles, Bright Glimmer of Hope had already achieved two victories, and occupied two seats in the top six.

Chapter 708

The golden light of selection surged out and landed once again, shrouding Cai’er another time. This time, her opponent was from the Spiritual Temple.

The fourth battle of the fifth individual round began.

This summoner Cai’er had to face was a tall elder. All those who made it to the fifth round were powerhouses of the current age. The displays of strength of this summoner in the previous battles were seen clearly by everyone from Bright Glimmer of Hope. His strongest specialty was his contracted beast, a dragon, a genuine dragon. This summoner was the only dragon summoner out of the whole Spiritual Temple.

When facing this dragon summoner, the pressure on Cai’er as she was not allowed to use any sort of equipment was really great. Although this summoner had yet to enter the domain wielding realm, his summoned gigantic dragon was already a domain wielding powerhouse.

A shrill dragon cry came as a blue gigantic dragon appeared in the stadium. The dragon summoning elder was seated upright on its back; to vanquish him, one would first need to beat his summoned gigantic dragon.

The dragon summoner grabbed the dragon’s horn with a hand, shifting his sight toward  Cai’er, his opponent.

This blue gigantic dragon was of water attribute, and reached a length of a full fifty meters. Even as it stood within the entire field, that was still a huge monster.
Cai’er’s body flashed, all traces of her disappearing inside the field. She knew that this battle would be an extremely difficult one. Without a way to use the Sickle of the God of Death and Tower of Eternity, her strength would be excessively restricted.

Beating this domain-wielding gigantic dragon would really be quite a challenge. It would be another story if she could use the seven arts of the God of Death, but right now she could only beat the mount before the rider.

The summoner’s look became stagnant, connecting his thoughts with the water dragon. A dragon cry reverberated from the sky as an ice-blue ring spread out from the top of his head.

Generally speaking, ring-type abilities would cover a limited range, but this ice dragon’s ring seemed limitless, extending through the whole stadium’s barrier and encompassing the whole audience as well.

Cai’er’s Invisibility naturally left no traces under those circumstances. Her figure flashing, she appeared onto the field, but suddenly disappeared once again in mid-stride before the ring approached her, sweeping past it while leaving no traces.

Spatial shuttling? This was a powerful ability that assassins would gain starting from a certain level of cultivation.

The dragon summoner let out a faint smile. This was not his first time facing an assassin, and he naturally knew how to respond.

The wings on the water dragon’s back spread out, a terrifying blue water tide erupting from these wings. This was truly a perilous situation: a tidal surge of water essence attacked the whole stadium, reaching every corner in a flash. No matter where Cai’er would appear next, she would have to endure this water-waves attack. Furthermore, under the influence of such a massive water elemental attack, changes also started to affect the space. The closer one was to the core, the more intense these water waves would get.

In the empty space, a crack quietly appeared in front of the water dragon, and Cai’er strode out. Pure halations dispersed from her body, as the
purifying force condensed into a Sickle of the God of Death which struck at the water dragon.

It wasn’t that she did not want to attack the dragon summoner, but in truth the water dragon’s released water essence was far too massive. A blue barrier had long-since enveloped his body, so if Cai’er chose to stubbornly attack him, the water dragon’s greatest attack would surely follow in response.

The water dragon’s eyes lit up, opening its large mouth to spit a breath attack. In the meantime, the surrounding water essence suddenly turned into a massive whirlpool, pulling Cai’er’s body toward its direction. A massive water pillar arose from beneath, attacking from two sides simultaneously.

An ice-cold glimmer flashed in Cai’er’s eyes and a a white halo released from her body. That soft-looking white not only stopped the water dragon’s spit, but purified all the nearing water essence as well. That was Cai’er’s Domain of Purification.

The water dragon let out a howl, its massive figure shivering slightly, clearly feeling a great apprehension in front of Cai’er’s Domain of Purification, but it still launched its own domain in the meantime.

An azure color encompassed the whole stadium, the water essence pulsing excitedly as if alive. Drop after drop, the water condensed into little dragons, swiftly emerging from the domain. Looking at them, they appeared extremely real, all charging at Cai’er. But everything surrounding their bodies suddenly turned illusory, as if forming a water blockade separating the dragon from Cai’er.

This was a means used by the dragon summoner for self-defense, wielding a part of the domain’s power defensively. After all, Cai’er was the only remaining assassin in the Temples’ Great Gathering, and possessed a domain of her own. What if the domain’s force was suddenly sealed off? The dragon summoner’s force was this gigantic dragon. All his abilities were related to this gigantic dragon, the two of them complementing each other. His spirit united with the water dragon, commanding the latter in battle. Not only did it boost the water dragon’s technical aspects, but it also
connected his spiritual energy with the latter’s, the result approaching the three hundred thousand.

Facing the assault of the mini water dragons, Cai’er’s eyes lit up. The light of purification was as if limitless, spreading through the Light of Purification swiftly. In the meantime, she raised her right hand, stretched forward. There seemed to be some stubbornness in her look, as well as great expectations.

The dispersed petals started to shrink, gathering onto her palm. In this process, the surroundings of Cai’er’s body were like a terrible whirlpool. The mini water dragons from that domain only managed to fly within a certain range of her body before smashing to pieces instantly, disappearing and turning back into water essence. However, the light of purification surrounding Cai’er did not spread further, leaving

further, leaving it unable to affect the water dragon’s domain.

The sight of those white petals gathering rapidly was pretty. Cai’er floated in midair, like an immortal. Her purification attribute had a very great characteristic: to remain unaffected by perturbation from other elements. This wouldn’t change even if the other party were to utilize domain force. Even if it were even denser, water essence was in the end water essence. In circumstances where that the light of purification had not launched any attacks, the water essence had no way to proceed beneath it.

The water dragon’s sight seemed slightly frenetic. It perceived an immense threat from Cai’er.

“Raah!” Going past the light of purification would require a direct clash.
Elemental essence was of no use, but skills could be used.

All the mini-dragons in the domain roared, and immediately, everything in the water dragon domain lit up. The scope of the massive domain started to extend to the whole stadium, turning into a massive whirlpool. Every water dragon turned into a light flowing through the whirlpool, disappearing in the midst of this massive domain alongside the summoner and his water dragon.
This wide whirlpool had a terrifying pulling force. Every circulating light charged toward Cai’er’s domain of purification, producing a violent explosion, as well as some intense fluctuations in the white light on its surface. The spiral’s rotation speed grew faster and faster, the impact force coming stronger and stronger.

But this instant, that lotus flower in Cai’er’s hand bloomed. Domain technique, Flourishing Lotus Flower.
On the last time when that lotus flower had made its appearance in the Tower of Eternity, it was not with its full power. But this time, Cai’er deployed it fully with no second thoughts.

This was Cai’er’s domain technique that she was not in full control of, as well as her strongest attack at her disposal without the Sickle of the God of Death and Tower of Eternity.
But would this domain technique be enough to defeat the Water Dragon? After Flourishing Lotus Flower came out, a purifying force was released,
then, it slowly arose above Cai’er’s head.

Immediately,Cai’er’s head.

Immediately, Cai’er, who was originally sent flying upwards in the water dragon’s whirlpool, returned to normal in a flash, and the flourishing lotus flower kept blooming above Cai’er’s head.

A ring of extreme white suddenly extended, causing every spectator in the stadium to immediately feel bewildered. Even the defensive barrier’s protection seemed ineffectual.

Graaa. The water dragon’s cry was filled with great panic, because it realized, to its horror, that this ring of white light from Flourishing Lotus Flower only passed through its domain and kept expanding. Water essence was of no use in blocking it. Or perhaps no ability would be able to stop its
advance. Even the dragon’s extremely powerful soul’s force seemed to be seeping out from its body.

No mistake, this was the purifying force’s most terrifying aspect. What was purified was not the body, but the soul. Cai’er’s Flourishing Lotus Flower stripped out soulforce, and had extreme boosting effects. No matter how strong you are, if your soul is wounded, that is some irreparable damage.

The water dragon did not dare attack Cai’er further, and contracted its massive domain, turning it into an immense sparkling barrier surrounding its body. In the meantime, its two dragon horns flashed in thunderous icy blue, protecting its own head.

At the very moment, all its focus was put on defending its own soul, as well as that of the dragon summoner on its head.

Once spiritual energy density reaches a certain level, there’s not much to do anymore. The ice dragon perceived that Cai’er’s domain of purification was actually not really suppressing its own water attribute, but its undead attribute. If it was an undead creature, even if it were twice as strong, those Flourishing Lotus Flowers would have scattered it to ashes in a flash. But as its water attribute soul did not have much of the dark aspects, it was not purified too violently. Damage to one’s soul is always a very dangerous thing. It had to defend against that at all cost.

Flourishing Lotus Flower’s white ring of light finally attacked the water dragon’s barrier.

Chapter 709

The instant the two parties clashed, a bizarre chirping sound reverberated through the stadium. That very instant, all the onwatchers present felt their brains filled in a flash with the chirping sounds before blank scenes flashes through their minds, taking several seconds to recover.

That feeling seemed to be seeping out from their soul. It felt like after swaying forth outside for a bit, it returned to their body.

This kind of experience was in no way appreciated. These powerhouses from the Six Great Temples that Cai’er had previously faced couldn’t help but feel full of shock. How could they have thought that Cai’er actually had such means at her disposal? This domain technique was just too terrifying. For the defensive barrier to show such a strong reaction, how terrible would it be if that was a direct attack?

The dragon summoner and water dragon reached their own conclusion. Inside the stadium a strange scene came to pass: the water dragon and dragon summoner both went stiff, as above their head a blurry figure appeared, shaped the same as them, only a lot smaller. Transparent, lifeless, stiff, and even full of shock.

This was without a doubt their souls’ states after Flourishing Lotus Flowers took effect.

The water dragon’s defensive barrier took effect to some extent, but it actually looked not too powerful. Their domain was being dispersed at an astonishing speed as well, along with the defensive barrier.
However, after utilizing Flourishing Lotus Flower, Cai’er also seemed out of strength. Her body swayed in the air, narrowly falling down, but a blue cane appeared in her hand, finally supporting her body. Although from the paleness of her face and her body’s lack of spirit, one could see that she already didn’t have much fighting strength left. However, she still had a firm look directed at the water dragon and dragon summoner in the air, as if waiting for something to happen.

The expelled spirits slowly returned, having in the end not suffered a total purification by Flourishing Lotus Flower. In the end, the water dragon and dragon summoner had joined

After a dozen seconds, the dragon summoner and water dragon’s souls came back to their senses, both out of breath. Even if the water dragon was very powerful, it was still instantaneously weakened to such an extent that it was unable to even maintain its spiritual wings. Falling from the sky and dropping to the ground, it caused a violent bang as the defenses surrounding his body and his domain shattered to pieces. Its soul was weakened such that it was totally unable to control these forces.

So who won and who lost?

The spectators in the Alliance’s Great Stadium were basically all powerhouses from the Six Great Temples. But this instant, almost no one could tell out the outcome of the match.

Cai’er’s domain technique benefitted in its great unexpectedness, forcibly breaking the water dragon and dragon summoner’s joint domain technique, and damaging their very souls. But from the looks of it, Cai’er did not have any energy left either! Also, the water dragon and dragon summoner should take a bit faster to recover than her.

Just as everyone was full of doubts, a white figure suddenly appeared behind the water dragon without any sound, and in a flash was atop the water dragon, a flash of sharp light aiming at the dragon summoner’s throat.

This timing was really ideal. The dragon summoner having just come back to his senses, and still under the shock from the water dragon’s fall,
this was a time of thorough distraction. Only when the sharp white glow had reached his throat did he finally react, but that was clearly too late. If that white figure wanted to kill him, he would already be dead.

That white figure was clearly Cai’er, but an illusory Cai’er, whose Sickle of the God of Death was lightly pressed against the dragon summoner’s throat, before slowly dissipating.

Who could expect this? It was only when the victor was already determined that

This image was visibly a remnant left from before Cai’er had utilized her domain technique. In other words, she had kept stealthily a Doppelganger under the state of invisibility. But which other assassin could maintain an invisible Doppelganger?

No matter what the dragon summoner was thinking, this match was ultimately his loss.

He may not necessarily lose out in strength against the equipment-less Cai’er, but her victory lay in her bizarre Flourishing Lotus Flower and great planning.

She knew very clearly that her Flourishing Lotus Flower came with a massive consumption, stopping her from even continuing to battle. Her Doppleganger’s preparation was for this very moment.

In ordinary circumstances, her Doppleganger would by no means be able to injure the opponent, but, because of the shock from the lotus flowers’ attack, the water dragon’s domain was shattered, and thus the dragon summoner was at his weakest state. It was only in search of the best opportunity that Cai’er had been looking concentratedly at the dragon summoner so far.

One could only admit that Cai’er’s strength was really a great deal. Being the Saint Daughter of Samsara, a god’s chosen one, she had powerful abilities beyond the reach of ordinary assassins. For instance, maintaining her Doppleganger after using Invisibility, and with such great concealment.
Even the water dragon’s domain did not probe its existence, thus making the summoner’s defeat no injustice.

Her blue cane tapping on the ground, Cai’er slowly walked out. The match had already been concluded, and of course, as one of the Six Great Temple’s powerhouses, the dragon summoner naturally could not act shamelessly, especially with Chen Zidian watching.

At this point of the competition, Bright Glimmer of Hope had ended as great victors of the individual competition. Four spots out of the six matches actually belonged to them.

Long Haochen stood at the great stadium’s entrance, calmly waiting for Cai’er’s return. Looking at her blue cane tapping on the ground, Long Haochen’s eyes were full of warmth, visibly recalling the scene of himself sending off Cai’er everyday back then.
Cai’er joined Long Haochen’s side, a smile on her face. Her hand pulled This time, the light of selection kept going on as Long Haochen
unconsciously raised his head.

Only the last two matches were left for this round; and Bright Glimmer of Hope’s captain had yet to take part.

However, this light of selection did not target any of the Bright Glimmer of Hope squad, but two other competitors, one being a powerhouse from the Knight Temple, and the other one from the Spiritual Temple.

Therefore, the last match would naturally be between Long Haochen and the last person from the Mage Temple.

Seeing that this match was not his own, Long Haochen waved his hand at Han Yu.

Han Yu had long since received Long Haochen’s instructions. Because he had been eliminated beforehand, he was not inside the competitors’ booth, but in the more distant spectators’ lounge.
Having received Long Haochen’s signal, Han Yu lightly nodded, expressing his understanding, before slowly shutting his eyes.

No one noticed that among Bright Glimmer of Hope’s ranks, Cai’er, Wang Yuanyuan and Lin Xin had a golden dot of light on their backs. But by leaning against their seats, this light was thoroughly concealed.
Only Bright Glimmer of Hope’s people realized what was happening. These were the effects of Han Yu’s Spiritual Stove of Light’s Blessings. Along with his rise in cultivation, Han Yu’s Spiritual Stove of Light’s
Blessings had evolved two times in total. The current Light’s Blessings was no longer just recovery in a set area. More importantly, Han Yu’s blessings could be transmitted to the others through the Soul Sharing Chains. In a certain range, through the chains he was able to assist his comrades from Bright Glimmer of Hope in recovering spiritual energy. And the fewer the targets, the faster the recovery assistance.

The reason why Long Haochen did not signal Han Yu before was naturally because his spiritual stove could still only be used once a day, so it had to be done in the most crucial instant. Now that the fifth match had already started, Lin Xin, Wang Yuanyuan and Cai’er all had massive consumptions. And after that, he would have to have

If Long Haochen had just been picked by the light of selection, to take part in the fifth match, maybe he could delay the use of the Spiritual Stove of Light’s Blessings a bit as well to profit, but now was clearly the best timing in this situation. The reason why he shifted the activation in advance, was that, as he had the Heart of Eternity, his spiritual energy’s recovery was far above the others.

No one could deny that Han Yu’s boost was a form of cheating. But Long Haochen was tolerant to that, as everything he was doing was for the sake of allowing the Temple Alliance to develop still further.

This state of dispersion of the Temple Alliance had already gone on for six thousand years, and with each of the Six Great Temples having its own
authority, was a deep-rooted system. They had very complex relationships between each other, and to put that to an end would be a really challenging thing. The only way would be to make them all compromise, but even should it succeed, the qualitative changes would actually most likely not be too huge either.

So, Long Haochen had already come to the conclusion that what he had to do was to make Bright Glimmer of Hope really stand above the crowd in this Temples’ Great Gathering.

Although it had weak foundations, and could only rely on the few of them, they also had their unique advantages. Even after omitting the positions each of them held in their own Temple, they had naturally good dispositions.

After having experienced so many things, and coming to that point today, Long Haochen believed this to be his unshirkable responsibility. For the sake of his plan, a brand-new Alliance ought to be founded, where he, as the Scion of Light, had to become one of the leading figures. Through Bright Glimmer of Hope’s drive and strength, they would be the greatest contributors in the Alliance’s reorganization.

Chapter 710

In order to achieve this plan, a little fraud was no issue as the final result was the most important thing. Long Haochen believed that their individual performance had already convinced the overwhelming majority of the Alliance’s higher-ups. The further they could go in the Temples’ Great Gathering, and the higher their result, the more weight they would gain in the meetings after it ended, and the more backing they would receive.

The match was continuing fiercely, the Spiritual Temple and Knight Temple both having only one last person left. This match would determine whether or not they would enter the top six, which is why the contest was especially fierce. The clashes between these two powerhouses frequently caused cracks to appear on the defensive barrier, which was reinforced continuously by the numerous referees.

No one knew that those three from Bright Glimmer of Hope were all recovering their spiritual energy at an astonishing speed.

The Spiritual Stove of Light Blessing’s continuous recovery was of extremely great use. It was not even only about accelerating their recovery as Han Yu could even transfer his own spiritual energy through it, transferring an elemental power of extreme purity. This was a matter he had comprehended thanks to absorbing the pure spiritual energy in the Tower of Eternity.

With the rise of his cultivation, Han Yu was growing more and more inclined to the supportive type. Even a pure supporter at the ninth step was a considerably powerful existence. And Han Yu had his own goal, which was to become a Divine Knight.
The match went for a whole quarter of an hour, before the match was finally ended both sides suffered through a very close match, but in the end that domain wielding knight was a step ahead and finally managed to achieve victory. But it was a very close victory, with a massive consumption of his spiritual energy, and even his domain had reached its limits. It would visibly take quite a moment for him to recover entirely.

Finally, Long Haochen went on stage without need for the light of selection, entering the field alongside that mage.

With their

Although Li Zhengzhi was giving his all in recovering his spiritual energy, his previous consumption was considerable. Even if he did make it to the top three, Bright Glimmer of Hope would very possibly take the final seat, although this would mainly depend on this one match.

All knew that Long Haochen was their captain as well as strongest member. Putting aside his higher chances of victory, should he be eliminated in this match, this mage would definitely not have it easy either.

In case Bright Glimmer of Hope should take two of the top three seats, their two members could reject the final three person round-robin tournament, so that they could be considered the final champions of the individual competition.

Therefore at this point, Bright Glimmer of Hope was in a pretty safe position already.

Long Haochen calmly confronted the opposite mage, clad in a yellow gown. That was not a mage’s robe, but it clearly illustrated his elemental attribute, as that was an earth mage.

The two of them exchanged determined glances, before the final match between the top twelve started.

Long Haochen did not immediately utilize the Light God Domain this time. Striding forward, the six wings on his back flashed and flapped as his
body shot forward like a streak of light. Lightning Flash.

A golden hexagram slowly extended from where he had been, the Divine Unicorn slowly appeared behind Long Haochen shaking its wings to elevate itself high in the air.

In the course of launching Lightning Flash, Long Haochen had already materialized a pair of heavy swords through Spiritual Highland, launching a cross strike at the opponent.

The earth mage was not panicked in the slightest, his hands forming a gesture in front of his chest. Immediately, Long Haochen felt his body sink down, his speed dropping tremendously. That was Gravity Technique.

In the

A terrifying scene arose, a hill over twenty meters tall suddenly appearing in midair on its way to collide with Long Haochen.

Crossed Swords Strike landed loudly on that hill, as Long Haochen’s body tensed up.

In all eyes, Long Haochen should have been able to dodge. Although it came suddenly, and was an instant cast, that hill was really towering and thick. A clash was no good solution. And, just getting out of the way seemed sufficient, as that large hill would not be of great use anyway.

But Haochen didn’t do so. His body flashed to strike against the hill. Immediately, it stopped in midair.
The earth mage had a chill, knowing that the opponent had seen through his spell. He actually wanted Long Haochen to dodge, as this hill was just a support to launch a powerful Gravity Technique.

But by directly striking the hill, he had visibly cut off that following move. The earth mage chanted rapidly, that hill having only stalled for three seconds, and a deafening sound of an explosion followed.
Countless rocks splattered in all directions as a towering sword intent arose in midair. Relying on it, Long Haochen forcibly broke this hill, and the next instant, charged straight toward the mage.

His six wings provided him with a really enormous speed. Moreover, he had the aid of Lightning Flash, so the earth mage had no way to escape at all. In that case, he may as well not even try.

A transparent barrier surrounded his body, which, when struck by Long Haochen’s pair of swords materialized from Spiritual Highland, produced series of sonorous crackling sounds. But that barrier was still unmoving and didn’t have any visible trace of damage.

What a great defense!

If one paid attention, he would realize that the transparent barrier was not like an ordinary magic barrier. It seemed to have countless cuts on its surface, which produced a bright brilliance under sunlight’s illumination in the same way as a polished diamond.

Starry Diamond Barrier, one of the most powerful defensive spells of earth element.

Long Haochen was pushed back but not

A torrential sword intent once again burst out from Long Haochen, a severe expression on his face. His heavy swords united above his head, going down in a flash.

An earthly yellow halation came up this time from below the earth mage. This divine grade earth mage really had great accomplishments in defense: that yellow halo actually enlarged the scope of Starry Diamond Barrier.


Long Haochen was shooed away with his sword, and although a crack had appeared on the Starry Diamond Barrier, it very was rapidly restored by the yellow halation within.
What a great defense! Long Haochen was startled. In the defensive aspect, this earth knight was perhaps not inferior to that Supreme Shield of the Knight Temple.

The Heart of Eternity was pulsing violently. Hearing this earth mage still continuously chanting, Long Haochen remained calm, quietly releasing a golden halation. The Light God Domain finally appeared, and not only that, but right after appearing it started to display the phenomenon associated with the release of the domain technique Divine Light Waltz.

The look on the earth mage’s face changed, but his incantation remained unchanging, the yellow halation under his feet only growing even more intense.

His domain was named Solidification. A simple sounding name, but it actually reinforced any of his earth spells with an ultra great defense. When young, he was known with the title of Tortoiseshell, absolute number one in terms of defense out of the whole Mage Temple. Even Li Zhengzhi would need to expend a lot of magic power to defeat him, relying on the difference in cultivation to win the match.

Li Zhengzhi had given him direct instructions on how to deal with the situation before going on stage. For this earth mage to defeat Long Haochen with his attacks would be really difficult, so Li Zhengzhi suggested he tire out Long Haochen, who would surely try to achieve a rapid victory and thus use a lot of his domain’s power. Then he was to look

Although Li Zhengzhi knew that should Bright Glimmer of Hope acquire two spots on the top three, there would most likely be no final champion to designate, he still strove for victory with his utmost. In his eyes, although Cai’er’s domain was really bizarre, she was already too much depleted, thus only Long Haochen alone could really make up a threat to him.

Long Haochen’s Divine Light Waltz having already been launched twice, its volume was clearly smaller than the first time, proof that his spiritual energy was not yet fully replenished.
When the Divine Light Waltz and Starry Diamond Barrier collided first, it came immediately to a clash between the strongest attack and greatest defense.

An ear-piercing grinding sound came out immediately to everyone’s ears. That was really an unpleasant sound. Countless sparks arose from the clash between the two great techniques in the midst of magic and shaking. Divine Light Waltz slowly cut its way in, but it advanced very slowly. All could see that both sides had their spiritual energy depleted intensely.

The earth mage’s incantation became swifter and swifter. As one of the top powerhouses of the Mage Temple, he was unwilling to take a passive beating in front of such a youngster. That was someone whose position was quite higher than even Lin Chen in the Mage Temple.

The intense yellow halo from the Starry Diamond Barrier gradually turned muddy, as terrible earth essence was in the midst of getting compressed and accumulated, about to possibly burst out at anytime.

But Long Haochen seemed to ignore that. With the boost of the Divine Unicorn, his Divine Light Waltz only grew more and more powerful. The Diamond Starry Barrier already had a small hole in its midst, and the Divine Light Waltz only kept pushing through. At this rate, it would take him at most perhaps two minutes to achieve victory against this earth mage.
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