Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 691-700

Chapter 691

Right now, the spectating powerhouses were all in complete shock. Even Li Zhengzhi, whose elemental comprehension was exceedingly high, also had difficulty to understand just what happened in the previous clash of power between Haochen and Yang Haoyu. Perhaps only the legendary Chen Zidian had some clues of what happened, his face right now seeming full of appreciation.

Yang Haoyu did not keep launching attacks, but looked at Long Haochen with a questioning look, “Just how did you manage that? With your current cultivation and domain comprehension, there should be no way you could resist in front of my Star Domain.”

It looked as though the two of them kept making moves, but in reality, it was entirely a contest between their two domains. Yang Haoyu’s attack was through his domain, whereas Long Haochen’s first block used the Divine Snail Shield, while the second one used entirely the power of his domain, the same going as well for the small blade projection he had launched afterwards.

And in this clash of domains, it was Yang Haoyu who finally took the first step back. Although no winner emerged, Yang Haoyu had visibly suffered a slight loss.

Long Haochen had a slight smile, “Senior’s Star Domain really expanded this junior’s horizons. That’s really the most powerful domain I have ever encountered, indeed unaffected by the restrictions of the light god’s laws. But you forgot something: Starlight is light as well, and even if the star’s power accumulated inside was even more massive, its core
contains a large amount of light. Just like your ability uses light as its core, my Light God Domain harmonizes very well with all light. So I just made use of the light inside your domain to transform my power into a state able to contend with your domain, to barely resist. In some sense, I have partly been making use of your own power to contend against you.”

Yang Haoyu displayed a look of surprise, slowly nodding, “What a strong Light God Domain. In terms of quality, it looks that your domain is really miles above my Star Domain. When the time comes and it gets strengthened enough, the Demon God Emperor’s Black Hell will have met quite a match. But this match is just getting started. Your domain should have materialized quite recently right? You will need to display far more to contend with my Star Domain.

“My Star Domain is not my power alone, but the power emerging from the fusion between my Starry Sky Mythological Beast and myself. Therefore, my domain is in essentially a mutated domain, equivalent to the fusion of two domains. My full power is close to the Starry Sky, but what you have been facing just before was merely the most fundamental power of the Star Domain. I am going to increase the pressure right now, take care!”

Yang Haoyu completely had the attitude of a senior giving guidance to a junior, and Long Long Haochen also had an increasingly deferential look on his face.

Indeed, his cultivation had already increased to a considerable level, but the day he reached the ninth step was still quite recent, so he had far from enough experience of the abilities of a powerhouse of the ninth step as well as practical experience. Of course, he could easily respond to an opponent of lower cultivation than him, but an opponent stronger than him would be somewhat hard to cope with.

If Yang Haoyu had used his strongest attack from the beginning, Long Haochen was afraid he’d be helpless in front of it. But him gradually increasing the level of pressure brought Long Haochen an extremely precious practical experience against domains, as well as extremely good benefits to his future cultivation due to the high level of pressure.
“Please guide me Senior.” Long Haochen knocked lightly the Aria of the Goddess of Light on his shoulder as a salute.

Yang Haoyu returned the salute, raising the heavy sword in his right hand and holding it up in the air, declaring in a deep voice, “I will start to display my own Domain Technique next, which I created using the abilities of my Starry Star Mythological Beast alongside my own, called Starry Sky Explosion. Take care, and show me how much light your Light God Domain can strip from mine under these circumstances.”

Saying that, Yang Haoyu pointed the heavy sword in his right hand at a star, and immediately, that star lit star lit up fully, as the other Starlights darkened. The star in question even grew a dim golden tail, rushing straight and brazenly toward Long Haochen.

Starry Sky Explosion? This was the first time Long Haochen heard this name, but he knew about Domain Techniques! Yang Haoyu having already told him he was about to use a Domain Technique, how could Long Haochen respond without taking care?

If this ability was added to the contest between domains, his own domain would surely lose. Although Long Haochen’s domain was only obtained recently, he was absolutely unwilling to let his domain lose out, otherwise his future attitude in times of cultivation would surely get greatly affected.

Drawing the Aria of the Goddess of Light ahead, countless halos gathered onto the Aria of the Goddess of Light as the multicolored gold light emitted by the Divine Unicorn glowed more and more intensely.

Through the Heart of Eternity, Long Haochen managed to control his domain to some extent, but the Light God Domain was really a supreme existence among all extant domains. To achieve control over a domain of such a level surely would require an astronomical spiritual energy. Long Haochen obligatorily required the amplification of the Divine Unicorn to achieve complete control of the domain. Of course, as his understanding of the Light God Domain would deepen, this situation would change to some extent, until he would manage, upon completely integrating the Light God Domain, to fuse it into a part of his body, while also becomingbody, while
also becoming part of the Light God Domain itself. That point could be called to achieve perfect control of his own domain, just what Yang Haoyu managed to do with his own domain.

The gathered Domain Light revolved around the Aria of the Goddess of Light, as a halo lit Long Haochen’s body, and he pointed the Aria of the Goddess of Light forward. Distributing the previously condensed halo ahead, it enveloped the incoming star.

That star’s flying speed increased continuously, and when it looked about to enter the Light God Domain, the halo guided by the Aria of the Goddess of Light came to meet it, immediately stopping its advance.

An unimaginable situation occurred: that slowed down star suddenly froze, expelling all the light in it, but without leaving Long Haochen’s Light God Domain the slightest chance to absorb its light. That instant, that star suddenly blew up.


The violent explosion reverberated not only throughout the whole Alliance’s Great Stadium, but even shook the whole Holy City. The instant it was triggered, the barrier in the Alliance’s Great Stadium shook severely, and large expanses of cracks formed on every corner of the barrier, looking close to shattering at anytime.

Right at this time, a solemn sound rang, as a golden ball suddenly appeared on top of the barrier, following with countless brilliant lights shrouding the barrier in the seven colors of the rainbow then turned into eight colors. This finally stabilized its state and stopped the barrier from shattering.

Chapter 692

Spiritual pellet! That golden ball was really Chen Zidian’s Spiritual Pellet; he wouldn’t easily display the use of his domain for fear of affecting the other people in the stadium, so he could only make use of his spiritual pellet to stabilize the defense of the stadium.

Inside the stadium, Long Haochen and the Divine Unicorn immediately got expelled by the effects of that star’s explosion. Floating in midair, Long Haochen let out a splurt of blood, his Light God Domain narrowly shattered in a violent shaking.

This explosive force is really so terrifying. Is that the power of a Domain Technique?

Long Haochen’s internal spiritual energy totalled 290,000, adding to that the amplification from his Golden Foundation Armor and the Divine Unicorn, his total available spiritual energy was already over 400,000. Although he hadn’t reached the fourth rank of ninth step, the spiritual energy he could bring into play was no less.

But, in front of these explosions, his seven apertures felt as if sealed, causing the terrible feeling of having his senses stripped. Not only his body but even his soul experienced the large shaking. Was Starry Sky Explosion such a terrible thing?

The current Long Haochen was full of deep shock. Never did he expect Yang Haoyu’s domain to actually reach such a terrible level of power.
Because he was unfamiliar with the opponent, and because Yang Hao was also a powerhouse of the Knight Temple, so far Long Haochen had maintained a probing attitude in this battle.

This was also why he chose to take the first blow of the Star Domain with the Divine Snail Shield instead of meeting it with his domain’s power. And, right now, he got a true view of the terrible level of strength a Domain Ability could reach.

The actual terror of a Domain Ability’s destructive power was far above a forbidden spell! If the barrier specially prepared for defending Alliance’s Great Stadium wasn’t there earlier, they could be afraid a calamity would have befallen the whole Holy City.

However, Long Haochen was not discouraged so simply. Quite the opposite, something seemed to awaken in his body in front of this massive pressure.

Taking a deep breath and stabilizing his body and staring at Yang Haoyu, Long Haochen did not wipe the blood on the corners of his mouth, and his look became even more calm than before.

The Light God Domain once again retracting to an area of ten meters diameter around him, Long Haochen took a deep breath, seemingly drawing all the light into his body.

The two swords in his hand were slowly brought together above his head, and when the two divine swords flowed into each other, a terrible flash of white light surged out from them. Immediately, that white light turned multicolored, before turning into an incandescent white.

The two swords’ harmonious bond drew in a power that had initially even even caused the Demon God Emperor to sigh in admiration. But this harmonious use of the two swords seemed to be only aiming at controlling his Light God Domain.

A fantastic white luster surged out from the two swords that had been made one with the Light God Domain.
At that time, Yang Haoyu had a look of shock for the first time, seeing the bearing of Long Haochen’s Light God Domain change.

Every domain had its own bearing; for instance, Yang Haoyu’s Star Domain had a mysterious and inexhaustible bearing. But Long Haochen’s Light God Domain’s original bearing seemed boundless: a boundless light, purity, and gentleness.

But right now, a fantastic change occurred on the Light God Domain’s bearing. It turned white from a golden color, an incandescent color that returned to gentleness after an initial surge of brutal power, a vast aura of familiarity.

That was life, and creation.

Right, when Long Haochen relied on the two swords’ harmonious bond, it triggered a kind of evolution of his Light God Domain. The white domain was beaming with feelings of life and creation.

This was the powerful aura of life and creation coming from the fusion between light and water, raising the natural qualities of the Light Dod Domain by a hundredfold, and its bearing by a thousandfold at once.

Life and Creation, a new mystery behind Light God Domain. Long Haochen’s eyes similarly turned into an incandescent color, as he held the Sword of Life and Creation in Creation in his hand, the Light God Domain extending once again immediately. Where it passed, the Star Domain was unable to resist making a losing retreat little by little.

With a wave of Yang Haoyu’s right hand, this time two stars came flying at Long Haochen.

If these two stars were to detonate, the resulting might was bound to increase by severalfold.

White light circulated freely, as Long Haochen’s Light God Domain suddenly slowed its spiralling speed. Surges after surges of light extended, immediately forming two bands in front of the two concentrations of
Starlight, slowly making way inside the two stas. Then Yang Haoyu immediately found out that he had lost control of his own domain.

The Starry Sky Explosion Technique would immediately blow up upon contact with an opposing force, blowing at the core spot of the opponent’s force. Triggering the explosion ahead of time was impossible, as at that time, the star was still located in its Star Domain, that would be akin to attacking himself. But when the star made contact with Long Haochen’s Light God Domain, he unexpectedly lost control, becoming unable to explode it, in other words, Long Haochen had neutralized his Starry Sky Explosion Technique.

This instant, Yang Haoyu’s eyes were full of shock. He did not expect at all that Long Haochen’s evolved domain would actually neutralize his Domain Technique like that.

Long Haochen had a different cultivating orientation than Cai’er. Her method was more inclined to developing her domain technique,her domain technique, because what she inherited was the power of purification of the death god, hence her Domain Technique would to a large extent increase her offensive strength.

After Long Haochen fused with Elux’s constitution as a Scion of Light, his whole being was turned into a part of the light element. The mysteries of light did not relate to slaughters and battle, but with the creation and life brought by light. Because of finding out its true essence, Long Haochen chose this path for himself, the path leading to his domain’s evolution. Right now, he was making use of the second form of the Light God Domain, its evolved form.

Life and creations were inevitable and incidental concepts involved in every thing. The fantastic changes and connection between these inevitable and incidental things caused the rise of a new ability exceeding the scope of light’.

The Starry Sky Explosion was certainly powerful and impossible for Long Haochen to block, but through his evolved Light God Domain, he had the ability to break off this power, and even cause the Star Domain to fall apart under the effects of the laws of life and creation.

Yang Haoyu knew that he had been underestimating this youngster. The latter’s understanding of his own domain was perhaps not deep enough yet, but that was still an earth-shattering talent, whose knowledge of light vastly surpassed his own. And right now, this knowledge integrated his domain thus causing it to complete an evolution.

Chapter 693

Yang Haoyu’s eyes were filled with admiration. He understood that given enough time, this youngster would surely come to surpass him.

“What a power of life and creation! Then let me show you the last struggle of my domain!” Speaking so, Yang Haoyu slowly lifted his right arm, pointing it to the sky. For the first time, his Star Domain shrank, but kept dispersing stars in the whole process. Long Haochen’s Light God Domain consequently expanded immediately to a great extent. Because even mere dispersed stars were could still inflict massive damage to him, his only option was to slowly neutralize these stars’ power.

From the shrinking domains, a lot of stars gathered on Yang Haoyu.

His golden armor was originally very gorgeous, but after the stars were inlaid on it one after another, it gained an incomparable brightness.

“Self Incarnating Domain!” Li Zhengzhi lost his voice in alarm, full of shock, followed by a decrepit look on his face. He knew that a hardly closeable gap still existed between Yang Haoyu and him.

Li Zhengzhi put his greatest hopes on this Temples’ Great Gathering, because he had just broken through the fourth rank of the ninth step of cultivation, his internal spiritual energy exceeding 400,000. Not only that, but he had furthermore two powerful Domain Techniques.

But after seeing the ability Yang Haoyu displayed, he knew that the unsurpassable gap separating him from this legendary Starry Sky Holy Knight was still present.
Self Incarnating Domain, that was a characteristic ability of the fifth rank from the ninth step, representative of the upgrade to a high class powerhouse of the ninth step.

At this moment, the domain was Yang Haoyu himself, and Yang Haoyu was also his own domain, the domain and its wielder becoming a single entity. This was already a boundary of immortality.

Of course, this was not a real immortality, but upon reaching the realm of Self Incarnating Domain, a human powerhouse’s life expectancy would expand to over five hundred years! Chen Zidian didn’t manage to accomplish this feat, yet Yang Haoyu just did.

Long Haochen’s Light God Domain gradually covered Yang Haoyu in its scope, and Yang Haoyu displayed a thin smile on his face. His domain having completely merged with him, this had become a fight inside Long Haochen’s Light God Domain.

Waving his swords, Yang Haoyu immediately took the path in front of him. Even the already evolved Light God Domain was split in front of his swords, which had gained transparency, flickered with Starlight just like his armor, embodying the endless night sky.

A bizarre Crossed Starlight Swords strike lacerated the way toward Long Haochen, totally unstoppable by the Light God Domain.

The Starlight Cross sword-strike travelled at very slow speed, but its huge pressure caused Long Haochen’s Golden Foundation Armor to issue a series of crackling sounds, with countless cracks starting to show up on the Golden Foundation Armor. This armor of epic tier was actually completely unable to bear such a level of might.

The Divine Unicorn extended its wings, revealing a pained look. Under that huge pressure, its head was lowered forcefully, and the sacred light dispersed from its horn became far weaker.

This Divine Unicorn was, of course, Star King who evolved along with the rise of Long Haochen’s cultivation. It still did not have its own domain,
and its uses had been minimized due to the Star Domain’s suppression.

Yang Haoyu’s strike already made use of most of his domain, compressed to be used in the shape of a technique. This crossed-swords strike could be said to accumulate the power of multitudinous Starry Sky Explosion Techniques. Even the Light God Domain evolved to the boundary of life and creation couldn’t possibly dispel such a highly concentrated domain’s power.

This was the gap in the two parties’ cultivation, already going beyond the gap in the two domains’ qualities.

Ding. With light tingling sounds, Long Haochen instantly chose to discard his own Golden Foundation Armor, turning it back into a Golden Foundation Box dropping down, otherwise it would sustain irreparable damage.

Without the armor’s armor’s protection, Long Haochen’s situation of crisis became even more pronounced. The huge might made him unable to even let go of the Sword of Life and Creation in his hands.

This was the true might of the Starry Sky Knight! One could say that the process of the previous course of the battle was simply Yang Haoyu giving direction to Long Haochen for the sake of increasing his experience of resisting powerhouses.

Yang Haoyu’s Starlight Crosstrike was faster than anything else, striking straight at Long Haochen, but the attack speed was voluntarily lowered rapidly, as the pressure was increased.

With the increase in pressure, the rebound would get just as much stronger. With Long Haochen’s cultivation, bearing such a pressure would hardly be possible. Yang Haoyu was trying to force out breakthroughs from Long Haochen with the most of his own strength. Such a practical experience would yield indescribable benefits for his future.

Long Haochen’s body was shivering slightly in the air in front of this devastating pressure, as the harmonious Sword of Life and Creation
dispersed dragon-like chants that only kept getting more and more high- pitched

The Starlight Cross strike was getting nearer and nearer to Long Haochen, and he was still unable to come out with an effective response, much less any shift of movement.

Yang Haoyu sighed secretly, thinking to himself, Maybe I just held overly high expectations on this child. He is not even thirty, yet he already managed to evolve his domain once. What more is there to insist for him to display?

The huge pressure started to cause Long Haochen’s mouth and nose to splurt blood. If this kept going on, his life would soon get endangered!

Right as Yang Haoyu was thinking about terminating his attack, he suddenly caught sight of Long Haochen’s eyes.

These eyes were just as limpid, with the same peaceful look even under such desperate straits, with even a look of persistence coupled to this gentle expression.

He hasn’t given up! This was Yang Haoyu’s first reaction, and right at this time, he saw a purple a purple glint in his eyes, as a purplish golden luster emanated from within his eyes, nine purple lines showed up noiselessly on his forehead.

Just like torrential waves, purplish golden halations gushed out from Long Haochen’s back, instantly turning the white Light God Domain a purplish golden color.

The aura of life and creation disappeared, to be replaced by an incomparable might and inexhaustible destructive intent.

That instant, Long Haochen’s aura metamorphosed, the only thing remaining the same being his soft and peaceful look.
A huge illusory figure appeared behind him. That was not the Goddess of Light, as after absorbing Elux’s special qualities as Scion of Light, he was not able to make use of God’s Descent any longer. That was because his spiritual energy reached the quality of a light god, an existence able to contend with the Goddess of Light.

This huge illusory image was purple colored, letting out resplendent purple, its six immense heads lifted high and with two huge bulges on the extreme sides of the six heads, already close to the shape of the other six heads.

The illusory look of that stature gradually gained in substance, its huge wings unfolding and causing the addition of an incomparable nobility and might to Long Haochen’s purplish god Light God Domain.

Right, his blood vessels had called him out in front of the high pressure and life threatening crisis confronting Long Haochen.

Roa! An overwhelming roar resounded behind Long Haochen.

The deep traces of purple intent flared up, turning into a purple halation blowing at Yang Haoyu. Astonishingly, everywhere the purple light passed, Long Haochen’s surrounding sturned purplish-gold in color, and that Starlight Cros strike came to a stop in midair. One could shockingly see that purplish light extend on the path taken by Yang Haoyu, annihilating an innumerable Starlight on its way.

Yang Haoyu’s swords changed stance, its Starlight interweaving into a magnificent star atlas. But all this Starlight seemed completely useless in front of that purplish golden halation when dispersed directly. When that purplish light made contact with Yang Haoyu, hisYang Haoyu, his body shivered violently, and an illusory golden cloud separated from him, fluttering toward the opposite direction.

The Sword of Life and Creation in Long Haochen’s hands finally landed, greatly reducing the might of the Starlight Sword Crosstrike, and in the midst of resonating clinging sounds, the crossed swords were split. Long Haochen took advantage of the great momentum to flash forward, the
massive image on his back merging with him to turn into a magnificent purplish-golden armor.

But this purplish-gold color was far too overbearing. At the time it stuck onto Long Haochen’s body, the Divine Unicorn was actually expelled far away.

How strange to see the Divine Unicorn not show the slightest resistance at such a time. The multicolored hexagram traced under its feet disappeared quietly, and if one paid careful attention, he would find out that at the time that massive purple figure appeared, even the top tier Divine Unicorn looked filled with terror.

To the opposite of Long Haochen’s magnificent purplish-golden armor, Yang Haoyu’s Starry Sky Armor and dual swords actually both disappeared. That previous sound of roaring accompanied with the release of a purple halation actually forcefully cut his contact with the Starry Sky Mythological Beast.

Yang Haoyu was completely filled with shock right now. A second evolution… That was actually a second evolution that took place in his domain! This was impossible; even a powerhouse of the ninth step, fifth rank such as himself couldn’t accomplish this feat! Only at the sixth or even seventh rank could that possibly be done.

He also felt the sense of his companion. That purple halation unexpectedly aroused fear in the Starry Sky Mythological Beast known to be the number one mythological beast of the starry sky type. Ever since he made a pact with the Starry Sky Mythological Beast, it was a first for this to happen to Yang Haoyu.

From the start of this battle, Long Haochen was constantly under pressure. The pressure being abruptly lightened, he reflexively took advantage of the momentum to launch an attack.

Chapter 694

Right now, the Light God Domain was in an extraordinary state, but that was actually not a second evolution. Just like the armor materialized on Long Haochen’s body, that came from Haoyue’s power. That six-headed purple figure was no one else but Haoyue who had nearly died alongside Long Haochen, and had gone into hiding for over five years.

That deep purple halation was Haoyue’s bloodline power!

Just like Long Haochen’s cultivation rose to the second rank of the ninth step, Haoyue also made considerable progress, greatly gaining in volume to now be over thirty meters long. All his scales were like glistening amethysts, but actually, his cultivation only reached the peak of the eighth step. But, assessing Haoyue could naturally not be done with such simple factors alone.

Those two huge bulges seemed to possibly be about to form heads at anytime. The six-headed Haoyue already reaching the peak of the eighth step, if he were to grow two more heads to gain eight heads, just what level would he reach? Even Long Haochen himself did not dare imagine. Also, because Haoyue’s latent capabilities only kept growing stronger and stronger, Long Haochen’s curiosity regarding his origins only kept growing.

Assimilating Haoyue’s blood force, Long Haochen also felt a spurt of the power coming from Haoyue’s blood force into his own body too. The Light God Domain which was ordinarily gentle gained nobility and might. To life and creations were added ounces of devastation and destruction. These two extremes coming out from Haoyue’s powerful blood vessels integrated the whole perfectly.
Haoyue was certainly not as powerful as Long Haochen right now, but the level reached by his blood vessels’ power was not even bearable for the Starry Sky Mythological Beast, which separated itself from Yang Haoyu’s body, causing Yang Haoyu’s Star Domain to lose balance immediately.

In the midst of this disturbance, Long Haochen’s attack raised to its strongest degree of strength.

The Heart of Eternity pulsed vigorously, and the purplish-gold colored divine swords released an unprecedented luster, filled with domineering sword intent and also carrying a purplish-golden glint while elevated high. This instant, his sword’s soul and sword intent made one, and caused Long Haochen to instantly arise to his peak state.

However, Yang Haoyu did deserve his reputation after all. The Starry Sky Mythological Beast separated from him only for a split second before returning to cover his body. But the Star Domain was weakened slightly, while Long Haochen’s agile attack carried an earth shattering power. With a shout, the swords in his hand traced an abstruse arc, gathering myriad Starlights as one to clash with Long Haochen’s powerful strike.

This clash looked unimportant, but in the Knight Temple’s lounge, it caused great changes in the expression on Chen Zidian’s face. His figure flashed to reach the top of the defensive barrier, and he shouted loudly, “Full power to support the barrier everyone!”

Those two’s blows sprang up to the barrier. This clash contained the full power of the two of them, already exceeding the level of normal domains. They seemed to have actually forgotten that this was a match taking place in the Temples’ Great Gathering! A clash reaching their level was already beyond what the divine-tool-level defensive barrier could sustain. And, in case it shattered, perhaps the whole Holy City would get affected, especially the numerous crowd standing outside. A real blast-out would really turn this match into an unprecedented calamity.

Chen Zidian did not stop them all this time because he was very familiar with Yang Haoyu, hence fully aware of the height of his cultivation, knowing that he’s a really proper person. But who could guess that Long
Haochen would suddenly summon another magical beast, before uniting with him and actually severing the link between Yang Haoyu and the Starry Sky Mythological Beast. This inflamed Yang Haoyu’s competitiveness, resulting in this clash of maximal power. If it were let to burst out, even among the higher-ups from the Six Great Temples, perhaps only a few of those inferior to the ninth step would remain.

Being the chief referee, how could he let such a situation take place? His first reaction was to immediately asking for help, as the defensive barrier was their only means to unite their strengths at once.

Hearing Chen Zidian’s large shout, the higher-ups from the Six Great Temples almost all set into action with no hesitation. Li Zhengzhi was the first one to react, pressing both his hands onto the barrier to pour pour his spiritual energy inside.

This barrier was extremely mystical. Aside from pouring spiritual energy inside through the magic array, it was also possible to pour it inside directly. However, it would just not have the same amplifying effects as through the array.

The Temples’ Great Gathering was a contest between the greatest powerhouses of the Temple Alliances, where all kinds of accidents had already occured. Such a defensive barrier strengthening had been formerly employed in earlier Temples’ Great Gathering. For instance, the Scion of Samsara of the past had narrowly caused it to get totally torn to shreds.

Although the defensive barrier of the Temple’s Great Stadium covered a very large area, the manpower to sustain it was also enormous. Right now, the collaboration of all powerhouses from the Six Great Temple instantly strengthened it to an enormous degree.

An earthquake like shaking immediately broke out. The area within was already filled with a myriad of flowing lights of every color. Long Haochen and Yang Haoyu’s figures were completely submerged in that magnificent light, and the massive shaking was already implicating the whole Holy City, just like a real earthquake.
The defensive barrier could sustain severe blows because the ones sustaining it had come flying from all the lounges, reaching at least the eighth step of cultivation. Yet they were sent flying one after another by the huge shock. The whole barrier flickered in multicolored light. Everyone could sense a terrifying might surging inside the barrier. Letting it burst out would cause devastating damage to spread.

The defensive barrier could resist the shocks from spiritual energy, but no one was able to cover the surface underneath it, so right now, it started to split from below, causing the whole Temple’s Great Stadium to sway violently, some cracks starting to form on its floor.

Right this time, a multicolored golden light instantly came in midair. As that golden light gained in scale, it covered the whole floor of the Alliance’s Great Stadium before slowly spreading downwards to start to cover the whole great stadium.

The shaking of Holy City stopped at last, but because of the substantial damage caused by this light, the roof disappeared totally.

That was a pagoda, flickering in golden light spilling all over the air. On this pagoda were countless were countless golden inscriptions, letting out lusters of various colors. That seven-floored pagoda seemed just large enough to cover the surface of the Alliance’s Great Stadium as well as the whole defensive barrier. The instant it landed onto the ground, the earthquake-like shocks were finally contained.

Everyone outside of the Alliance’s Great Stadium was already in a great panic. Every broadcasting magical crystal had been broken into pieces, and the masses were filled with shocking terror. Fortunately, that terrifying earth-shaking as if a mighty dragon rolled over disappeared after only continuing for a very short time.

Seeing the immense tower that had risen up in the midst of that split Alliance’s Great Stadium, gasped shouts arose immediately from the people.
Cai’er calmly remained afloat, stretching her right hand in front of her with her palm spread out.

This crushing presence in the midst of the stadium was with no doubt the Tower of Eternity.

The current Tower of Eternity was completely different from before. It seemed much less mystical, appearing closer to a genuine divine tool. Although it didn’t reach the level of a supra-divine tool, it had a space shuttling ability, and moreover, an exceeding defensive power. Before the Holy Necromancer Elux got purified, it had already acknowledged Cai’er as a master, acting right now as an attacker and defender with a spatial teleporting ability at Cai’er’s disposal.

The Tower of Eternity issued light chirping sounds which lasted for a long time before gradually calming down. A bright light flashed out from Cai’er’s chest, as her right hand was waved at the Tower of Eternity.

The Tower of Eternity flew twenty meters upwards before shrinking rapidly, landing back in Cai’er’s hands, to finally turn into an intricate golden jewel twenty-five centimeters long returning to her palm.

Cai’er lifted her wrist, the Eternal Melody flashing on her waist, as the Tower of Eternity disappeared without traces into the shape of countless strands of light, and her gaze shifted impatiently back to the direction of the stadium.

Right now, the stadium had already recovered its calm. No damage was sustained by the barrier in the end, and the higher-ups from the Six Great Temple with the duty of maintaining the barrier gathered back one by one, with a lot of people looking at Cai’er. Without the previous suppression by thesuppression by the Tower of Eternity, although it wouldn’t have gone to the extent of Holy City getting really endangered, that situation like a dragon attack would certainly have caused a massive disorder to arise in Holy City.

The ground of the stadium seemed plowed: the whole ground was dug up with Long Haochen and Yang Haoyu standing on the only two intact pieces
of land.

Long Haochen fell onto the ground, using his two heavy swords to support his body, looking quite pale and having traces of blood flow in the corner of his mouth. But one could clearly see a powerful bright light shining on his chest, indicator of the pulse of the Heart of Eternity recuperating a large amount of light essence.

Although Yang Haoyu was still floating, he looked quite wretched, his hair being in complete disorder and the Starry Sky Armor on him having already disappeared.

Chen Zidian was gasping for breath: for the sake of maintaining the defensive barrier, he had just expended too much. The two of them couldn’t help but gasp in silence when looking at the same direction.

“I have lost!” Long Haochen and Yang Haoyu looked at each other, declaring this stance almost simultaneously.

“Huh?” Chen Zidian had a questioning look.

Without leaving the time for Long Haochen to explain himself, Yang Haoyu declared, “I had a slight advantage in the previous clash, but your spiritual energy recovery speed is far greater than mine, and you can moreover summon the Divine Unicorn back to support you for the rest of the battle. The probabilities of you winning are far greater. No need to say more, I am conceding.”

After saying this, his figure flashed out as he took the leave to walk out through the defensive barrier.

Long Haochen looked full of appreciation. He knew that Yang Haoyu was acting on purpose. He was actually the losing side: his latent capabilities were completely squeezed out by Yang Haoyu. If Yang Haoyu had been attacking with all his power from the start, he would have lost long ago. Even the last clashes were actually at Yang Haoyu’s advantage. Even if he were to really attempt killing the opponent, Long Haochen would still only be at most able to inflict him some serious wounds.

Chapter 695

Thanks to the Heart of Eternity, Long Haochen recovered his spiritual energy at an even faster speed than Yang Haoyu . But what use was there in that if Yang Haoyu were to not let him have the time to recover?

The gap in strength between Long Haochen and Yang Haoyu was still considerable . However, this battle brought him especially huge benefits . In particular, he was given an important lesson regarding a domain’s uses . Yang Haoyu had conceded for the sake of helping him carry out his plan . Very obviously, Long Tianying had already informed him, this number one powerhouse of the Knight Temple, about Long Haochen’s plan .

Chen Zidian’s look was filled with gratification and pleasant surprise, as he nodded to Long Haochen, “Then, Long Haochen is victorious, and advances to the fourth round . Since the stadium has sustained a massive destruction, today’s matches are to be paused for the field to immediately be restored, and the competition will resume tomorrow in the morning . ”

If Long Haochen’s battle with Qiu Yonghao could be said to make him the focal point of attention, his battle with Yang Haoyu gave him famed accomplishment .

That was a match opposing domains, opposing domain evolution with domain technique, and opposing the two magical beast companions .

Although no one got to clearly see the last clashes, Long Haochen had already displayed his power to the whole audience . This twenty-five years old youngster had convinced them all with his strength . Bright Glimmer of
Hope would also be regarded just like the other Six Great Temples from that point onward .

Walking out from the barrier’s scope, Long Haochen caught up with Yang Haoyu using large strides, bowing to him respectfully, “Grandpa Yang, thank you for your help . ”

Yang Haoyu smiled to him, “It is not that I helped you, but you just made it off on your own . My original intention was to cut off your drive on the basis that Failure is the Mother of Success, so that you could look for your own shortcomings after suffering a blatant defeat . But, you managed to reverse my thinking by relying on your strength . You are the most talented youngster I have ever seen, yet you are showing a great steadiness and experience unfit to your age . I

am leaving the Knight Temple, as well as the whole Alliance to you . The old guys such as us will be supporting you on the side, so you can be at ease
. I can really see humanity’s emergence by looking at you, and the possibility of overcoming this dark age . If you have nothing else to do, come with me . I have some things to discuss with you . ”

“Yes Grandpa Yang . ” Long Haochen accepted hastily, Long Tianying patting his shoulders as he performed another standard knight salute to Yang Haoyu .

Although the Alliance’s Great Gathering had been interrupted in great chaos, it had more than enough manpower involved to take care of the exterior damage, while numerous artisans of the Alliance were assigned to the repairs in shifts .

Yang Haoyu quietly led Long Haochen out from the stadium . With their cultivation, remaining unnoticed couldn’t be easier .

Without proceeding to the Alliance’s headquarters, Yang Haoyu brought Long Haochen to a familiar place, the Demon Hunt Squad’s Pagoda Tower .

Due to the Temples’ Great Gathering, this place was completely empty . Recognizing Yang Haoyu, the staff did not even utter a question and left
him to proceed to the top floor of the tower .

Under Yang Haoyu’s lead, Long Haochen proceeded with him to the seventh floor of the tower, somewhere he hadn’t ever gone before .

The sixth floor was used for the Demon Hunt Squads’ mission announcements, and this seventh floor was a place only Titled Demon Hunt Squads were qualified to access for taking missions .

Although Long Haochen was already the captain of a Titled Demon Hunt Squad, it was the first time he had come here .

Upon arriving, he discovered with great surprise another person waiting for them in this seventh floor .

“Senior Chen, you are here too?” Long Haochen asked him, pleasantly surprised to see the legendary chief referee of the Temples’ Great Gathering, Chen Zidian .

Chen Zidian let out a laugh, “Old pal Yang has been throwing flirtatious winks at me before leaving . How could I not come?”

Yang   Haoyu   replied   unhappily,   “How   could    you    be    so lacking of dignity when you are already so old, old Chen? Pay attention to your words in front of a youngster . ”

Chen Zidian laughed, “What do you want me to pay attention to? I am just like that . Or, based on on that, you should call me great ancestor in terms of seniority . Wow, Haochen! Your performance gave me a whole new level of respect for you today . ”

Long Haochen’s face flushed, “Actually I have lost . Grandpa Yang just let me win on purpose, there’s still a great gap between Grandpa Yang and me . ”

Chen zidian shook his head, “Don’t be tense because of the gap . It’s okay as long as you have the potential . You are really an unprecedented case in History . Old Yang, you agree with me?”
Yang Haoyu nodded, “I have never encountered such a genious as this child . I am even feeling jealous of him . ”

Chen Zidian responded, “Seeing your battle, I couldn’t help but think back about ten years ago . Do you know, old pal Yang, it was ten years ago that I met this guy Haochen for the first time . He was only about fifteen, but I found out about his gifts at that time . I told him that they should give their best to take over my legacy, to inherit the title of the Demon God Slayers . ”

Yang Haoyu couldn’t help but feel submerged with emotions as well,
“Good eyesight . ”

Chen Zidian chuckled, “I have always believed that we Demon God Slayers were rather famous, but do you know how this guy replied to me?”

Yang Haoyu had a puzzled look, “Could it be that he refused?”

Chen Zidian continued with a laughing face, “Of course he refused . He told me that if they could really one day become a Titled Demon Hunt Squad, they did not want to get called Demon God Slayers, but Bright Glimmer of Hope . ”

“I have lived for over three hundred years, but never expected to one day be shocked by a fifteen years old kid . I was brimming with shock that day, and the same went for my comrades . Glimmer of Hope, what a well- found game! To bring humanity a glimpse of hope in the midst of darkness . I haven’t seen any of what they experienced in those ten years, but I can see that all of it has borne fruit . At first, our lives should have come to their end five years ago, as a human cannot go against his fate . But with the start of that Holy War, we were left with left with no choice but to keep ourselves alive through secret means, and after five more years passed, I can finally see hope, qualified successors, truly qualified successors!”

In fact, Chen Zidian had been following Long Haochen’s group’s return from demon territory . Speaking of which, it was truly the terrible Will of
Heaven that they had initially fallen for the trap of the Demon God Emperor

The Demon God Slayers’ Demon Hunt Squad had been concealed in Modu Core City all along . And, that year, Long Haochen’s group having pulled such a large move in Core City, if the Demon God Slayers were present, they would surely have immediately come to their rescue .

But when Long Haochen’s group was coming in, the Demon God Slayers had happened to be running into the end of their lives, so the team provisionally had to withdraw from Modu to look for a secret underground to use the secret means to prolong their lives .

Chen Zidian’s group had already been living for over three hundred years, having spent an even greater part of their lives in demon territory compared to the Temple Alliance . They actually had nothing much keeping them alive since long ago, but during that Holy War, they couldn’t bear to leave like that . If nothing was left to restrict the Demon God Emperor, humankind was bound to encounter a massive calamity .

After Long Haochen’s gruop terminated their seclusion in the Tower of Eternity, Long Haochen had been looking for Yue Ye thinking of getting news from her, but her residence in the Moon Demon Clan was already empty, devoid of any traces of living .

Afterwards, Long Haochen used the contact signal of Demon Hunt Squad in Modu Core City, not expecting to get hold of Chen Zidian, leader of the Demon God Slayers . And there, Long Haochen learnt about the many changes that occurred on the continent during these past years, as well as obtaining news about the Temples’ Great Gathering on the verge of being convened .

Chen Zidian had followed Long Haochen’s group back, and had given advice for Long Haochen to decide after discussion, that they should directly participate in the Temples’ Great Gathering with only one goal: to put an end to the current scattered state of the Temple Alliance .
Hearing Chen Zidian speak about nearing the end of his life, Long Haochen’s expression darkened unconsciously, lowering his head inhis head in silence .

Yang Haoyu responded smilingly, “No need to feel that way, Haochen . If you can show the hope of breaking out from the dark era before old Chen departs, I believe that he will be able to leave with a smile . ”

Chen Zidian nodded with a beaming look, “Exactly . Old Yang, you must have called out this youngster here for some purpose . Speak straight . ”

Yang Haoyu replied, “Originally, when Tianying mentioned about having him take over the lead of the Temple Alliance and that the time had come to establish a whole new Alliance, I was still skeptical . But in today’s match, he persuaded me with strength, and I have decided to support him wholeheartedly . The Alliance had been dispersed for far too long, but with the end of the Holy War finally came the best turning point
. I believed that all other Temples clearly witnessed today’s match . Old Chen, do you think we should end the Temples’ Great Gathering ahead of time to avoid wasting more time?”

Chen Zidian shook his head, “It won’t do, the Temples’ Great Gathering is no trifling matter . And to these youngsters, it’s also a significant experience . Let’s rather keep the competition going . Or could it be that you don’t believe in Haochen? Even if he cannot defeat Li Zhengzhi in a one versus one, I am very confident in their results in the next team competitions . ”

Yang Haoyu declared, “In that case, let’s keep it going . Haochen, I have actually called you here today to warn you about another matter . ”

“Please, do tell . ” Long Haochen replied respectfully .

Yang Haoyu declared, “Establishing a new Alliance is a must, and our objective this time is to establish an Alliance with a highly centralized state power . You may even call it a nation . Your current strength is
already sufficient, but you are still lacking an important thing . A Divine Throne . ”

Hearing about Divine Throne, Long Haochen couldn’t refrain from shaking . He still remembered vividly the first time he witnessed in shock the use of a Divine Throne by his father . The Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter had left him a just too deep impression, giving him at that time a longing for becoming a Divine Knight one day .

Chapter 696

“When are you planning on taking the Divine Thrones’ trial?” Yang Haoyu asked solemnly .

Long Haochen replied, “The first thing I plan on doing after the Temples’ Great Gathering terminates is to return back to our Knight Temple to take on the trial of the Divine Thrones . But it’s not only me: Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang will also come along . As they have already broken through the ninth step, they should have this qualification . ”

Yang Haoyu nodded, “You are indeed all qualified . I have called you over today in the hope that you can prepare yourself . If your objective is the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, you have to give it a deep consideration from today onwards . ”

Long Haochen was shaken . He knew that Yang Haoyu should be the only living powerhouse of the Knight Temple to have formerly attempted to gain the approval of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation . Although he had failed, that experience was certainly the most precious thing that came out .

Yang Haoyu asked, “Do you know why I have finally not become a Divine Knight?”

Long Haochen tried to answer, “Is that because you have been wholeheartedly focused on obtaining the approval of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation?”
Yang Haoyu showed a bitter smile, “Speaking of which, this is a matter regarding Starry Sky . When I was young, after climbing over the Temples’ Great Gathering, I had not manage to find a magical beast fitting me . Therefore, just like you, I went to look for one through the summoning array . Your multiple-headed magical beast should be from there . Speaking of which, we were both really lucky . I also gained the approval of Starry Sky there . ”

“The Starry Sky Mythological Beast’s true power is fusion . It doesn’t have any attached offensive and defensive abilities, but can draw out power from the starry sky to help me train and battle . Also, as my cultivation grows, its ability also grows gradually . This gave it the reputation of the number-one star-manipulating mythological beast . ”

”In some ways, although the Divine Thrones are the signboard of our Knight Temple, the other five Divine Thrones alone will all bring me benefits far below Starry Sky . Starry Sky is not only a divine tool-like existence to me, but an exceptional companion helping me in cultivating . My talent is actually far below old Chen, but it is Starry Sky’s assistance that enabled my current attainments . But, Starry Sky didn’t give me the choice; it told me that it won’t attach itself to any divine tool of lower quality than itself, so I could only challenge the approval of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, only to end up failing . ”

Long Haochen came to a sudden realization . So, Yang Haoyu turned out to have such a story .

Yang Haoyue replied, “What amazed me today was not your cultivation, but the gap between Starry Sky and your multiple-headed magical beast . When you called out that multi-headed beast at the critical juncture, it caused Starry Sky to flee provisionally with just a roar . It’s the first time I have had such an encounter ever since concluding my contract with Starry Sky . Do you know what thoughts Starry Sky spread to me at that time?”

Long Haochen shook his head .
“Starry Sky was terribly afraid . . . as far as I remember, Starry Sky has always been proud, even when becoming my contracted companion . But that was the first time I saw such a cowardly side of it . After the match ended, I asked it just what happened . After becoming silent for a short while, it told me that, just like it's the number one Starry Sky, your multi- headed companion is the very first demon god that came to be . The two of them are existences of a whole different level, and Starry Sky did not agree to tell me more about it . ”

“The first demon god that came to be?”

Seeing the look of shock on Long Haochen’s face, Yang Haoyu couldn’t help but show great astonishment, “Could it be that you don’t know the antecendents of this magical beast of yours either?”

Long Haochen shook his head, “At the time I summoned Haoyue in this world, he had just the looks of a lizard . At that time, he was covered in bruises bruises . . . ”

Then he went on to rescue Haoyue with his own blood at once, causing his second, light elemental, head to grow, after which Haoyue kept evolving, getting stronger and stronger, and he explained in a simple sentence that he even had the ability to destroy demon god pillars .

Hearing Long Haochen’s story, Chen Zidian and Yang Haoyu exchanged glances . These two legendary beings appeared filled with shock . They were originally under the belief that Long Haochen had relied on that pure light power as the Scion of Light to destroy demon god pillars . Only now did they realize that it was actually Haoyue’s ability .

“So it was actually to make use of the blood contract between Haoyue and you to kill Haoyue that the Demon God Emperor wanted to kill you . Just what could Haoyue be to even cause the Demon God Emperor to fear him . . . ” Chen Zidian had a pondering look . Even with his over three hundred years of living, he had no clue on what kind of magical beast Haoyue could be .
Yang Haoyue heaved a smile, “No need to think on it too deeply, old Chen . Although we don’t understand Haoyue’s antecedents clearly, we can be sure that he will be of great use . Could it be that you don’t understand the binding of a blood contract? He’s simply akin to a part of Haochen’s body . ”

Hearing this, Chen Zidian finally revealed a look of relief . Since that was the case, with the binding of the contract, there was no shortcomings in getting Haoyue as strong as possible .

Yang Haoyu told Long Haochen, “It looks that with those two huge bulges on the two sides of this magical beast’s neck, he has the possibility of growing even more heads . With six heads, he’s already at the peak of the eighth step, so once he evolves, wouldn’t his strength rise to an unimaginable measure? As long as his cultivation reaches roughly the third rank of the ninth step, he will be certain to possess a domain ability . And then, with him joining with you, I will completely be no opponent for you, making you the real number one number one powerhouse of the Alliance at that time . Haochen, try to hurry the matter and help him achieve his breakthrough . ”

Long Haochen nodded . Actually, over this period of over four years, Haoyue had not only recovered from all his wounds, but moreover his strength made huge leaps: in those years, a part of the spiritual energy he absorbed from the Tower of Eternity was passed on to Haoyue, who had an incredible accumulation of power . Since his accumulation was sufficient, he could already make a breakthrough at anytime .

But, Haoyue told him by mental transmission that this breakthrough would very possibly draw out the strongest existences of his realm . Those powerhouses had long since taken the greatest measures, knowing that if they couldn’t stop Haoyue from evolving this time, they would never possibly restrict Haoyue .

So, Long Haochen needed to take absolutely safe precautions as this related greatly to Haoyue and his team’s life or death . After this Temples’ Great Gathering terminates, Long Haochen wanted to strive for acquiring a
Divine Throne’s approval before helping Haoyue make his breakthrough to raise the certainty of managing to help Haoyue make his breakthrough .

Yang Haoyu declared, “Apart from the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, all five of the other’s can only be called reproductions . Although they all reach the level of divine tool, they are on completely different levels compared to the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation . With your talent and cultivation, you are bound to gain the approval from these five Divine Thrones, making you directly able to become a Divine Throne . But to really become the owner of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, you must undergo its trial . Back then, I failed to pass it . ”

“Trial?” Long Haochen asked curiously, “Grandpa Yang, what is the trial of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation about?”

Yang Haoyu replied, “This is what I wanted to tell you about, the primary reason for my failure of that time was . . . ”

Long Haochen, Yang Haoyu and Chen Zidian had a private discussion for over one hour before exiting the Demon Hunt Squads’ Mission Pagoda . Yang Haoyu told him about a lot of miraculous aspects of the Divine Thronethe Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, while enlightening him a lot on the subject of domains, giving him plenty of benefits .

The chaos of Holy War gradually appeased, and thanks to the hard work of the powerhouses from the Six Great Tempels, the social state of Holy City returned to normal .

The Temples’ Great Gathering was in the midst of getting restored . At least a thousand artisans were involved, but by chance the defensive formation inside didn’t suffer any damage, so only outside repairs were needed . Under the joint efforts of so many artisans, it took a day to finish restoring it all .

Second day, morning .

When Long Haochen led Bright Glimmer of Hope to return to the Temples’ Great Gathering, they almost instantly became the focal point of
all powerhouses from the Six Great Temples .

The last three matches were rapidly undertaken, and twenty-four contestants came out of the lot .

After the termination of the third round, every winning contestant had gained four total points . After these matches went on, the Knight Temple only had five contestants left, with six for the Mage Temple, three for the Spiritual Temple, two for the Assassin Temple, and only one left for the Warrior Temple . Bright Glimmer of Hope was the greatest black horse, with a total of seven people left .

After three rounds, some variations were seen in the total scores . The Knight Temple had sixty-six points, the Mage Temple sixty-five, Bright Glimmer of Hope, fifty-six, the Spiritual Temple, forty-two, the Assassin Temple, thirty-four, and the Warrior Temple had twenty-four .

With only ten contestants, Bright Glimmer of Hope had actually risen to the third place after three rounds, and, although a gap still separated them from the top two, catching up wasn’t feasible . Only a gap of one point remained between the Mage Temple and the Knight Temple as well .

The individual competition was already at its final climax . The fourth round was bound to change the final rankings the most greatly: these matches would enable every contestant to gain a worth of over eight points . Without a doubt, Bright Glimmer of Hope had already become the hottest topic in vogue: up to seven of the twelve matches would involve them .

Chapter 697

Chen Zidian’s dignified voice reverberated once again, “Fourth rounds of the individual competition, start . ”

Two lights of selections came, producing swishing sounds . After travelling through the air, one of them directly fell on the lounge of the Knight Temple . This was the most probable, as, after all, the Knight Temple had five people left for this fourth round, while Bright Glimmer of Hope had seven of them, making for over half of the contestants left from the third round .

In a flicker of light, a knight from the Knight Temple was picked alongside a powerhouse from the Mage Temple .

The fourth stage of the competition started with intense clashes .

After that great battle opposing Long Haochen and Yang Haoyu yesterday, today’s Li Zhengzhi looked extremely calm, seated on the first row of the Mage Temple’s contestant booth . Like he ordinarily did, he carried a faint smile on his face, as if Bright Glimmer of Hope’s outstanding performance had nothing to do with him .

In the fourth rounds, the ones left seemed to be only powerhouses of the ninth steps, and only excellent figures at that . The competition thus became increasingly heated .

After one hour passed, a half of the twelve matches went by . Three of Bright Glimmer of Hope’s ranks had appeared . Wang Yuanyuan and Lin Xin passed the ordeal, while Zhang Fangfang lost to Li Zhengzhi .
For the seventh match, when the light of selection illuminated Long Haochen’s body, the whole audience became quiet .

Long Haochen did not look any different from yesterday, still carrying a light smile on his face, and dispersing a gentle aura . But now, no one underestimated this captain of Bright Glimmer of Hope anymore .

Yang Haoyu was not very well-known before his match against Long Haochen, but after the clashes of domains, Yang Haoyu’s identity rapidly spread ear by ear . The number one powerhouse of the Knight Temple!

The ones that really came to this realization during this match were still after all very few, and all the great majority knew was that Long Haochen was the final victor of this match .

For such a young Titled Demon Hunt Squad Captain to defeat in succession the number one powerhouses from the Warrior Temple and Knight Temple, Long Haochen and Bright Glimmer of Hope had already became the main target of attention . The splendor of the Six Great Temples was already outshined by their strong performances .

For the fourth match, Long Haochen entered the stage once again . But, amazingly, it had to be wondered whether this could be called the Will of Heavens or really terrible luck, as he had this time to confront another domain wielder, as well as one of the most well-known powerhouses of the Temple Alliance, the head of the Spiritual Temple and wielder of the Beast Emperor Domain, Chen Hongyu .

Seeing that he had drawn Long Haochen as his opponent, Chen Hongyu couldn’t help but shiver lightly . The one he was the most unwilling to face off against was actually Long Haochen .

In the battle between Long Haochen and Yang Haoyu, he had already understood that there was quite a gap between Yang Haoyu’s cultivation and his own . Although Long Haochen could be said to have had a modest victory against Yang Haoyu, the fact he had managed to keep up in such a situation was more than ample to prove this youngster’s dominant power .
In less than five years since their last confrontation, he already became a domain wielding powerhouse . Losing against him would certainly be a great loss of face . But even winning against such a young person would be nothing glorious .

So when Chen Hongyu came out from the Spiritual Temple’s side, his complexion was quite unsightly . Long Haochen was no Chen Ying’er, so as the head of the Spiritual Temple, he naturally couldn’t just concede, much less just throw the game .


Long Haochen took the lead to walk into the stadium, paying his respects to Chen Hongyu, performing a standard knight salute in front of him, “Greetings, Temple Head Chen . ”


“En . ” Chen Hongyu only nodded, “Let’s start . ” He was unwilling to speak more . This match could only be an all out effort; after all, Long Haochen couldn’t bring out offensive weapons such as in the previous match . Naturally, he was able to tell that if he hadn’t had the Sword of Life and Creation formed formed with those two divine swords, Long Haochen couldn’t possibly cause those two evolutions of his domain . Winning against Long Haochen was not impossible for him . Putting the rest aside, he’s a powerhouse reaching the third rank of the ninth step, and Long Haochen should not yet have attained the third rank .

However, Chen Zidian really had a bad affinity with Long Haochen . Back then, his face off against Bright Glimmer of Hope should originally be a totally one-sided match for him, but who could imagine that the instant Long Haochen’s six-headed beast came out, his four-headed chimera immediately lost all fighting strength, and up to now, Chen Hongyu had yet to understand what kind of magical beast Long Haochen’s mount could be . Thinking about how his summoned beast would certainly be suppressed, he did not feel good at all .
However, in this match, after all, he didn’t have Chen Ying’er to suppress his domain, so his Beast Emperor Domain was able to display its full power
. But whether it would hold water was heard to say: in the past years, Chen Ying’er’s cultivation also increased significantly, be it in his control over his domain or his control over his summoned beast and his quality of summons .

Lifting his hands, milky white radiances appeared in Chen Hongyu’s palms, turning in a blink of an eye into a milky-white ball of light floating in front of him . No equipment could be used, so one could only make an imitation made of spiritual energy .

A gate of light instantly took shape behind Chen Hongyu, and his figure flashed, directly disappearing after passing through the gate .

The Divine Unicorn reappeared in front of Long Haochen . It wasn’t that he found that sufficient, but Haoyue’s abilities were just overly overbearing and likely to cause injuries . As this was the Temples’ Great Gathering and not a battle against demons, he wouldn’t lightly let him come out unless absolutely necessary . With the rise of his cultivation, Haoyue’s tyrannical and destructive aspects rose at extreme speed, and Long Haochen sometimes had difficulty to control well his emotions .

The Divine Unicorn was not the same: Star King had followed Long Haochen since the time he was just a Starlight a Starlight Unicorn, and couldn’t have evolved without him . Therefore, although there was no binding pact between Long Haochen and him, he had extremely deep feelings toward Haochen . And moreover, following a Light God Body owner such a Long Haochen was extremely beneficial for his cultivation . Unicorns were innately close to light, so who else than Long Haochen could get as intimate to him?

Still, Star King had his own issues . Having evolved into a Divine Unicorn recently, he was still in the midst of adapting, and unable to use a lot of a Divine Unicorn’s abilities . Otherwise, the boost he had provided in yesterday’s match to Long Haochen would in no way have been so simple .
One of Long Haochen’s hopes was to stir up Star King’s potential through continuous battles, to genuinely make him a Divine Unicorn .

A terrifying roar shook up the whole stage as a huge figure came out from Chen Hongyu’s summoning gate .

This huge figure was a whole fifteen meters tall, standing as imposingly as a mountain, and its whole body covered with white hairs flickering in metallic lusters . Standing vertically, it pounded his pair of huge fists onto its own chest, issuing loud Dam Dam Dam sounds .

Long Haochen had never seen such a huge orangutan before . Amongst magical beasts, orangutan were all powerhouses, not only possessing unyielding capabilities, but, moreover, a much higher intelligence than ordinary magical beasts . His powerful physical capabilities, nimble speed, and very dangerous attacks made them one of the favorite targets of summoners .

When Long Haochen’s group faced off Chen Hongyu five years ago, he had not seen this magical beast, be it because Chen Hongyu intentionally did not call it out back then or did not have it yet . From the fluctuations it released, one could determine that it was certainly one of Chen Hongyu’s nine possible pacted magical beasts, and not an ordinary summon .

And, to Long Haochen’s shock, Chen Hongyu’s presence totally disappeared after he stepped into this light gate . None of his mental inspections actually managed to find traces of his presence . Just what summoner ability could that be?

That huge orangutan roared, and immediately rushed toward Long Haochen at frantic speed, accelerating all the wayall the way . In only two dashes and one leap, it was already in front of Long Haochen .

Abruptly raising its two hands, it immediately punched straight into Long Haochen’s face .
Before its palm arrived, a terrifying gale was already whizzing through, and more terrifyingly, a terrible cold air enveloped both Haochen and the Divine Unicorn at the time the orangutan punched out .

An ice-element magical beast of the tenth rank, equivalent to a human powerhouse of the ninth step . This punch alone was sufficient for Long Haochen to sense its great power . Against a summoner, the greatest priority was to stop the opponent from calling out all his summoned beasts .

The piercing chill was not only highly invasive, but moreover caused their speeds to drop down .

Long Haochen didn’t avoid such an attack, crossing his hands to form a parrying posture .

With a sound of bang, a lot of people unconsciously believed that Long Haochen would get pushed away by this punch, but the final result was the complete opposite .

Upon contact of that domineering fist with Long Haochen’s completely contrasting hands, the orangutan’s figure visibly froze, his body being ejected the next instant .

It smashed all the way towards the light gate .

The Divine Unicorn flapped its wings and brought Long Haochen to chase all the way . A huge golden sword appeared in midair . Carrying some similarities with Qiu Yonghao’s Sword Intent Domain, that huge light-sword’s domineering sword intent instantly locked onto the orangutan, chopping down .

To say nothing about Long Haochen’s Heart of Eternity, his internal spiritual energy reached 290,000, so even if his cultivation was a bit weaker, the Divine Unicorn he rode should not be forgotten!

The Divine Unicorn’s boost of his spiritual energy was at least of a hundred thousand, totalling over 150,000 if Sacred Light was to be added
up . Otherwise, Long Haochen couldn’t be a match in yesterday’s domain clash .

This Ice Orangutan was a powerful magical beast of the tenth rank, but only equivalent to an initial stage powerhouse of the ninth step . In a direct clash, its ice attribute was no match for Long Haochen’s light and neither was its spiritual energy a match, naturally causing it to be ruthlessly sent flying .

Chapter 698

The Temples’ Great Gathering did not allow to wound or kill the enemy, but summoned beasts were exceptions! Seeing Long Haochen, his sword strike looked about to take the Ice Orangutan’s life .

Only when facing it for real could one truly realize the extent reached by his sword intent . Reaching the level of materializing the sword’s soul, the eruption of his sword intent reached a quite higher level of power than Qiu Yonghao . That Ice Orangutan had an undescriptible sense of terror, and was instantly pressured to a great extent, and locked into an inescapable state . All it could do was to shout grudgingly, crossing its hands to block the attack . But everyone could tell out that the sword strike overflowing with might that came down was really not something he could block .

All of this took place just too fast . In Chen Hongyu’s view, Long Haochen was in the end Chen Ying’er’s captain, and wouldn’t in the end go immediately for the kill . This Ice Orangutan he sent actually didn’t have much utility, except from hopefully delaying Haochen . But Long Haochen’s sudden burst of power not only showed him Haochen’s great strength, but moreover caused him to get panicky and hastingly accelerate the completion of his spell, totally wrecking his rhythm .

But Chen Hongyu was indignant at Long Haochen’s really too fast burst of power, making him already too late for the rescue . This Ice Orangutan being one of his pacted magical beast, in case Long Haochen was to kill it, his strength would get importantly affected . Moreover, a summoner has great emotions towards his pacted magical beast . For a moment, Chen Hongyu couldn’t help but become greatly furious, great surges of emotions rising into him .
Split in two in a sword strike? Of course not, Long Haochen was the Scion of Light, not a Scion of Slaughter . And moreover, he was facing one of his allies from the Temple Alliance, not a demon .

When that huge sword looked about to split the Ice Orangutan, the sword blade was suddenly reversed, the attack turning into using the flat part, beating the Ice Orangutan’s arms .

In yesterday’s battle against Yang Haoyu, Haochen was completely suppressed cultivation-wise, but the opposite went today with this Ice Orangutan, whose spiritual energy was completely suppressed by its opponent .

Bang . The Ice Orangutan’s body smashed the ground stiff, fragments of ice splattering on his chest’s spot, the defensive magic attached onto him getting completely pierced through . Its head took a direct fall, and from the looks, it had completely lost its fighting strength .

And that was Long Haochen showing mercy! After breaking the Orangultan’s arms, his massive sword intent shot up above its head, causing it to lose consciousness . If he really wanted, he had at least ten means to kill this magical beast of the tenth rank without much efforts .

With a wave of hand, an intense bright light guushed out all around Long Haochen, shrouding the whole field in a flash . A sweet sounding echo came: the Light God Domain!

Right now, he gave off the feeling of going all out, not showing the any reserves nor probe .

After that huge light sword defeated the Ice Orangutan, the amplification of the Light God Domain could be sensed, instantly gaining in substance . Long Haochen waved his right hand, and immediately shot a direct projectile at that light gate .

This aside, Long Haochen’s both hands were crossed in front of his body, and after the Heart of Eternity pulsed thrice, another white colored blade flew up, chasing after that huge light sword and directly causing it to turn
into an incandescent color . The terrible sword intent even caused cracks to appear onto the opposite defensive barrier .

The Light God Domain was not only about domain domination and elemental domination! It caused all Long Haochen’s light attribute abilities to gain a terrifying boost .

This blow fused sword soul and sword intent in one . Looking at Long Haochen’s displayed move, Qiu Yonghao finally understood from the booths of the Warrior Temple, that Long Haochen had been lenient on him that day . Being able to utilize Sword Soul was not a simple as only owning it . Of course, this was accomplished with the help of the Light God Domain .

After discussing with Yang Haoyu and Chen Zidian, Long Haochen Haochen had already returned to train in seclusion for the rest of the previous day and until the matches of today? In just a day, he had gained a whole new understanding of his domain’s capabilities . Naturally, his cultivation developed accordingly . His newest acquired comprehension acquired through battle was naturally showing the greatest effects .

After his resurrection, Long Haochen’s greatest regret was Yating’s disappearance . As his heart was smashed into pieces, The spiritual stove fused with her disappeared along, and even the ability of the Saint Spiritual Stove left along .

In the process of thinking back about Yating, Long Haochen gained a deeper level of understanding toward sword intent, which is how he gained sword soul .

At the time he had first made use of sword soul, he faintly became aware that Yating was not dead for real . She seemed to be still existing in a part of his body, but only couldn’t be vividly sensed . He believed that as long as his sword soul could grow stronger, there would come a day that he would be able to awaken Yating from her slumbering area .

Sword soul, as the name implies, consists on bestowing a soul to one’s sword . A sword intent with no sword soul wouldn’t last for too long . As a
result, an attack from sword intent would frequently be lacking in adaptability . But with a soul in the sword, sword intent gains myriads of variations, making it inevitably far more powerful .

In the past, when the Holy Sword Wielder Ye Wushang had attained this realm, he had become the number one talent in the Warrior Temple . And now, Long Haochen clearly also attained it .

On the Knight Temple’s lounge, Yang Haohan couldn’t help but nod secretly to Long Haochen . The match they had yesterday was mostly a contest of domains . If at that time, Long Haochen had used his sword intent fused wih sword soul along with the Light God Domain, that would be a great threat against him . Only, because the two of them were immersed in a clash of domains, Long Haochen just did not use it .


A thunderous roar rang out, and immediately, a four-colored a four- colored luster came out from that light gate, colliding with Long Haochen’s huge sword .

Speaking of which, that four-colored radiance were really bizarre . Upon clashing with Long Haochen’s huge sword fused with sword intent and sword soul, not only stopping the advance of the huge sword, but also condensing into four spherical projectiles of different colors .

Long Haochen urged out his sword intent, and abruptly, the Light God Domain shrank, gathering its amplifying effects . And that instant, those four projectiles blowed up .

A terrifying blasting force caused instantly massive pressure onto the defensive barrier outside, to the extent of forcing Chen Zidian to once again intervene personally .

Long Haochen’s immense light sword was smashed to thin pieces, as he was pushed a hundred meters away alongside the Divine Unicorn in a deep shock .
The light gate enlarging, a massive figure rushed out from within . That was nothing else but Chen Hongyu’s contracted beast, the four-headed chimera .

Seeing that four-headed chimera, Long Haochen almost had the unconscious urge of summoning Haoyue . In front of Haoyue’s blood suppression, this four-headed chimera should not be of any use .

But very rapidly, Long Haochen dispelled these thoughts, because he sensed that this four-headed chimera seemed to be growing to a whole different level from before .

The first change was relevent to Long Haochen’s previous attack, which already exerted all his strength . Even a powerhouse of the third or fourth rank of the ninth step would find it strenuous to respond . That was an attack mixing both sword intent and sword’s soul, but it was simply received like that by the four-headed chimera . It was far from being as powerful previously, and the difference was really very wide .

The other change was that in the eyes of this four-headed chimera, Long Haochen could see a great wrath and extremely fierce human nature .


Without leaving Long Haochen the time to ponder over the issue, the four-headed medusa launched a powerful attack, all four heads spitting breaths simulteously, not aimed directly at Long Haochen, but gathering in midair to turned into a four colored ball shot sharply at Long Haochen .

In the meantime, a four-colored radiance of blue, red, yellow and green instantly spreadgreen instantly spread out from the four-headed medusa . That was actually a four-elemental domain .

Chen Ying’er was in great alarm seeing this scene, murmuring, “Wow, Grandpa! To actually have achieved contracted fusion, he really has already broken through the third rank of the ninth step . ”

Lin Xin asked curiously, “What is a contracted fusion?”
Chen Ying’er replied, “That’s the fusion between a summoner and his contracted beast . Grandpa’s current strength has made one with the four-headed chimera Xingxuan . But the downside is that he cannot utilize any more summoning magic that way . However, Xingxuan’s strength has been greatly upgraded, and is now fully under Grandpa’s control . Her abilities have risen to a next level, haven’t you seen the domain Xingxuan has just unleashed?”

“Puhu . ” Lin Xin suddenly laughed .

Chen Ying’er asked in puzzlement, “What are you laughing about, has- drug-bro?”

Lin Xin laughingly replied, “Oh, I suddenly realized that if you rise to the third rank of the ninth stpe, you will have this contracted fusion ability . Won’t that turn you into a pig? Wahaha, so funny!”

“You!” Chen Ying’er erupted in fury, fiercely pinching off Lin Xin’s waist . The others already couldn’t help but burst out in laughter as well .

That’s actually exactly the case . McDull being just a little pig, if Chen Ying’er undergoes contracted fusion with it, that will really turn her into a pig!

In the stadium, Long Haochen was able to sense abnormalities in the four-headed chimera, but hadn’t guessed that this was a contracted fusion between Chen Hongyu and Xingxuan .

Four elemental chaotic magic . Although that was just a simple spit, the authenticity of its might was already proved .

Long Haochen didn’t dare tarry . Raising his right hand, a bright white glow came out instantly in the empty space, bombarding that four-elemental cage .

Instant cast, Light of Trial .
At the time this Light of Trial burst out, it emitted a clear and all around- spreading sound . All around it, series of angels were faintly seen revolving

In the midst of a loud explosion, the four-elemental cage ruptured, and although its massive blasting force engulfed the Light of Trial, it didn’t come flying toward Long Haochen’s side until the end .

Chapter 699

In the Light God Domain, all light magic would instantly gather into Long Haochen’s possession . Even a forbidden spell would work that way . In the meantime, the exhaustion of his spiritual energy was minimized to the greatest extent .

After Light of Trial was utilized, the horn of the Divine Unicorn let out another glow of divine light, causing Long Haochen’s body to turn multi- colored . From the looks of it, their combination seemed like a divine tool .

Long Haochen’s right hand was pointed forward once again, dispersing a mystic white halo from the Light God Domain . A strange scene followed, the white ring of light emitted by the four-headed chimera Xingxuan unexpectedly melting like snow . After which, it did not keep spitting at all, stabilizing their own domain with full focus .

That’s? Elemental Obliterating Halo?

Chen Hongyu was in a state of shock . Never did he expect Elemental Obliterating Halo could possibly attain such a level, to even be able to weaken a domain .

This was definitely not merely a simple Elemental Obliterating Halo, but should be an Elemental Obliterating Halo combined with a God’s Descent .

With the boost from the Light God Domain, Elemental Obliterating Halo already approached the forbidden spell level . Moreover, it had great restraining effects on elemental abilities, making it a perfect counter against Xingxuan’s domain .
Against Yang Haoyu whose cultivation far exceeded his own, Long Haochen’s Light God Domain could only withstand domain clashes, but in front of Chen Hongyu with whom the gap of cultivation was not so wide, he had the opportunities to show the various uses of this Light God Domain .

An Elemental Obliterating Domain approached the forbidden spell grade, yet consumed only ten thousand spiritual energy out of him . Just three beats of his Heart of Eternity were sufficient to replenish these ten thousand spiritual energy .

The Elemental Obliterating Halo’s effects were even greater than in his expectations . Long Haochen suddenly had a flash of understanding, this time, he extended his finger to the sky, as the Heart of Eternity in his chest pulsed rapidly . One could clearly see a golden halation spread out at an astonishing speed from Haochen’s body, clear proof of an extremely high spiritual energy output .

The Light God Domain pulsed abruptly, and its scope suddenly became a flat zone, encompassing a circular area, and looking the same as a spinning woman in long skirt, minus the sexy areas .

The round golden area became more and more substantial, and in a wave of Long Haochen’s right hand, the now spherical Light God Domain unexpectedly broke away from his body .

He was visibly quite a bit tired, faint traces of sweat visible dripping from his forehead . When the Light God Domain separated itself from his body, Long Haochen’s Heart of Eternity’s pulse reached an extremely high speed, to the extent that even the outward spectators could hear its beat .

Ring upon ring of multicolored light was also released from the Divine Unicorn, giving its all to boost Long Haochen .

Just what kind of ability could that be, for it to take up such a massive spiritual energy?

The most startled of all remained Chen Hongyu who had believed that Xingxuan’s four-element domain should be able to suppress Long
Haochen’s Light God Domain .

But when the clash came for real, he realized that this judgement was mistaken . Indeed, the combination of the four natural elements should be superior to light, but that’s only it terms of overall efficiency . Long Haochen’s Light God Domain was just too pure, entailing light element of peak purity, which already put it on a different standard compared to the four-element domain’s elements . The release of Elemental Obliterating Halo then suppressed his domain at once, and this time, Long Haochen unexpectedly stretched his domain to a huge diameter of a hundred meters . Just what could he be planning?

The suppressive force from the Light God Domain disappeared at once, as it stopped conflicting with the four-element domain . Yet, in its place, Chen Hongyu had a feeling of increasing danger .

The four-element chimera Xingxuan snarled from all its heads, spitting four lightning bolts, all of which went off to bombard Long Haochen .

This was Chen Chen Hongyu’s trump technique . It should not be underestimated because of its short time of preparation . This strike alone used up over a third of the spiritual energy of the fusion between Xingxuan and him . It already surpassed an ordinary forbidden spell in power, while also stretching over thirty meters

The golden circle’s edge made contact with that four-element bolt .

A bizarre chirping sound suddenly rang out throughout the whole stadium, immediately followed with that four-elemental bolt getting severed and forming whirls around the circlic area . That bolt which should be of incomparable power suddenly broke down into four bolts of different colors in the shape they had before merging together . The next instant, it all went extinct in the midst of those chirping sounds .

In the meantime, that golden fog of light slowly advanced, making contact with the shrunken four-element domain .
A terrible scene emerged . The four-element domain was suddenly on the edge of getting cut apart, A huge unmanned expanse was filled with light and cut through, and from the elemental clashes, the four-element domain continuously let out fierce rumbles, each of which caused a four-colored fog to disperse from the four-headed chimera, which had to withdraw as a result

Right now, those powerhouses of the ninth step all saw clearly the reason behind Long Haochen’s sphere of light, revolving at extremely fast speed, and shaking abundantly . Even more terrifyingly, it had effects similar to the forbidden-spell level Elemental Obliterating Halo . One could wonder how terrifying its cutting force’s level reached .

This was clearly a . . .

“Domain Technique!” Li Zhengzhi lost his voice .

After Long Haochen got suppressed by Yang Haoyu’s domain technique the day before, today he showed a pleasant surprise to everyone present here: a Domain Technique emerging from the Light God Domain .

If Long Haochen had told them that this Domain Technique had actually emerged just now, in a flash of inspiration, who knew if someone would believe in that . But that was just how that happened .

Moreover, Long Haochen clearly sensed that if he could compress this spherical area into a into a smaller area, this Domain Technique would reach an even more terrifying level of power .

The principles behind this Domain Technique were simple; it used Long Haochen’s self-created Light Ripples as well as Elemental Obliterating Halo manipulated through the Light God Domain .

This process was simple to describe, but achieving it was extremely difficult . If not for Long Haochen’s Light God physique and perfect manipulation of his Light God Domain, how could he make use of a technique emerging from his domain, thus creating his own domain technique?
At this point of the match, the victor was already determined .

Although Chen Hongyu and Xingxuan’s contracted fusion was a powerful thing, they were suppressed domain-wise, and moreover their spiritual energy recovery was no match against Long Haochen . Adding to that this domain technique of a higher notch of his, he had no other choice than to concede .

Rapid fluctuations kept fluctuating, as the terrible rotating light blade was nearing him . Chen Hongyu was actually really unwilling to concede in the competition . Still, the words “I concede” came out from Xing Xuan’s four large heads, giving Long Haochen quite a surprise . At this time Long Haochen finally understood that Chen Hongyu turned out to have used some mystic technique to fuse with his contracted beast . This way, even if Haoyue was called out, the blood suppression’s effects would not be as formidable .

Turning back, the chimera dejectedly made way into the gate of light, and the next instant, Chen Hongyu came out, an unsightly expression on his face . As someone regarding his own face with great importance, he really couldn’t accept being vanquished by a youngster such as Long Haochen . That was really hard to bear deep in his heart . But even so, what could he do about it? It’s not as if he was even able to beat the other party .

“What’s the name of your previous domain technique?” Chen Hongyu asked gloomily .

Long Haochen was startled, “Domain technique?” Oh, right! That previous flash of understanding, was nothing else than a domain technique, “I call it Divine Light Waltz!”

“Divine Light Waltz?” Chen HongyuWaltz?” Chen Hongyu let out a snort, returning on the side of the Spiritual Temple without even turning his head back .

Sanshui Popo accompanied her husband back, and couldn’t help but laugh upon looking at his flushed look, “Let it be . Why get angry with
youngsters? You’re not even the first one he has beaten . Even Yang Haoyu and Qiu Yonghao have lost . There’s no loss of face . ”

Chen Hongyu snorted, “What else than a loss of face could that be? Do you know how old he is?”

Sanshui Popo had a glaring look, “What are you enthusiastic about? Do you really need me to tell you that having an old age should not be a premise for ambition? What’s even the use of living for a hundred empty years? You old thing, hurry back . Listen to me and don’t cause troubles for the children . ”

Chen Hongyu felt a chill . Although Sanshui Popo’s words were unpleasant to him, it called attention to him . With no doubt, at this session of the Temples’ Great Gathering, Long Haochen and Bright Glimmer of Hope had all undoubtedly showed displays of strengths that would give them a decisive position in the new Alliance, especially this Long Haochen
. And Chen Ying’er being his comrade, her husband was reminding himself that he shouldn’t be a cause for their unwaverable friendship to get swayed . Thinking back about how Long Haochen had not hesitated to confront the Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus for Chen Ying’er’s sake, Chen Hongyu’s complexion became gentler at once .

However, he was still unwilling to admit defeat in the verbal arguments, “Ying’er is really unlucky . If not for a little scoundrel called Long Haochen, our family’s Ying’er should be the leader in her generation . ”

There was no mistake in what he said, except that this was not only the case for Long Haochen alone, but also Cai’er .

Chen Ying’er was also a prideful talent of innate internal spiritual energy exceeding ninety . But due to her disposition, her mastery differed to some extent from the likes of Long Haochen or Cai’er .

Chapter 700

This was a whole generation of talents, and moreover, these extremely outstanding talents were all gathered together .

Long Haochen immediately shut his eyes after returning, silently contemplating on his previous use of the Divine Light Waltz . This was his very first time using that ability after instantaneous comprehension, as well as his very first Domain Technique .

Only when he really put a Domain Technique into use, could that domain’s formidable strength come out to a truly great extent . Chen Hongyu fusing with his four-headed chimera was already nearing the peak of the third rank in strength, but was left without means in front of his domain technique, ultimately able only to concede .

Only, Long Haochen’s control over this Divine Light Waltz was still too weak . He was unable to even guarantee that he could utilize it another time
. Since he had a flash of comprehension of it, he couldn’t let it slip . His powerful Light God physique once again showed a great level of decisiveness .

The competition still kept going, and once again, the greatest winner of these fourth rounds was still Bright Glimmer of Hope, having already achieved three victories by the time of the fifth match out of twelve . Moreover, they had some individuals who had yet to appear, these people being Cai’er, Chen Ying’er and Sima Xian .

Sima Xian’s displays finally came to an end . Facing one of the auxiliary heads of the Mage Temple, a domain wielding powerhouse, he may have at
least put up a fight if he had the Gigantic Ball of Light at his disposal, but unfortunately, without his weapon in hand, though he may have inconvenienced the enemy with his thunder manipulating spiritual stove, he was still pushed out of the field in the end, thus eliminating one person among Bright Glimmer of Hope’s ranks .

In the eighth of the twelve matches of the fourth round, the light of selection finally illuminated Cai’er, her opponent being one mage from the Mage Temple .

Her figure flashing, Cai’er floated out immediately . The instant her footsteps pushed onto the ground, she had already shifted in the field .

Speaking of which, Cai’er’s luck was much better than Long Haochen in the first three individual rounds . She did not have any tough battles: even in the third round, she had run into a rather weak opponent, passing through this ordeal with no difficulty and without even using her domain .

Actually, even Sima Xian had a higher reputation in this gathering .

When Sima Xian had just lost his match, the spectators both in the stadium and outside let out series of regretful sighs . They really found his coarse and wild fighting style very attractive .

Of course, Cai’er was not really inconspicuous either . At least, since the previous day those powerhouses who had caught sight of the Tower of Eternity did not see her that way . However, the outsiders did not get to catch sight of that scene .

Cai’er’s opponent was a veteran mage, clad in a simple black gown and with clear silver hair . His eyes were really characteristic, devoid of the slightest blemish, they contrasted with the wrinkles on his aged face . But these purple eyes looked really similar to a lot of noble demons .

This old mage was named Mo Wu, and even within the Mage Temple, very few were familiar with him, to speak nothing of the external Temples . He had a title of elder from the Mage Temple, and hadn't shown any prominent display, achieving victories without any flashy moves . Up to this
fourth round, Cai’er’s only impression on this mysterious Mo Wu was the darkness element he wielded .

No one would view the members of Bright Glimmer of Hope in contempt because of their young age anymore . Upon his entrance, Mo Wu’s downcast chant reverberated immediately .

Cai’er didn’t go invisible, spreading out the huge grey spiritual wings on her back, which turned white the next instant . In a split second, she arrived right in front of Mo Wu .

In terms of instant acceleration, even the six-winged Long Haochen was no match match for Cai’er .

In the previous match, Cai’er’s matches were concluded with overwhelming speed .

This mage Mo Wu was visibly already prepared . Continuously chanting as a dark purple triangle arose, his body suddenly disappeared right when Cai’er came in front of him .

“Huh?” Cai’er was slightly alarmed, could this dark mage have used some instant shift? In fact, this match did not permit the use of any equipment .

The next instant, this mage Mo Wu already appeared in another direction, with a spinning dark purple triangle visible underneath him .

What technique is that? This was the first time for Cai’er to see such a thing . That was very clearly a self-created technique .

She obviously couldn’t let the opponent complete his magic . With a cold snort, her body flashed once again, but this time, with a lift of her right arm, a huge pure white sickle had appeared in her palm . The Sickle of the God of Death couldn’t be used, but could be imitated . After all, that was the weapon she held with the greatest mastery .
The Sickle of the God of Death swept at the air, immediately causing a spatial crack to appear . It was a small crack, but the instant it appeared, an essence of some unknown element immediately gathered, and that crack actually displayed a massive attractive power .

Not only that, but the Sickle of the God of Death in Cai’er’s hand swept at six angles, where similar cracks appeared, stirring up all the elemental essence in the stadium and causing a state of spatial chaos .

She did not know what the opponent did, but a darkness element mage cannot possibly execute teleportations, which means that some spatial magic was surely mixed in . Stirring spatial chaos was obviously to prevent her counterpart from teleporting .

All of this happened very fast . Seeing the flickers of pure white colors originating from Cai’er, Mo Wu’s expression changed slightly .

The next instant, Cai’er reappeared in front of him, the Sickle of the God of Death flashing in her hand and slowly hacking at him . Its Its blade edge carried a sharp, highly invasive aura .

But to shockingly, Mo Wu did not draw back, but stepped up instead, pointing his right hand at the empty space, where a purplish black ray took shape . Just as if the air had become his drawing board, he drew a specific imprint with his hand .

What Cai’er sensed was completely different from the onlookers . With these gestures, Mo Wu’s body immediately looked illusory, and countless Mo Wu shapes arose in front of her, causing his opponent's murderous spirit which had locked on to him to become fainter .

In a white flash, that purplish black ray disappeared, and this instant, Mo Wu’s magic was completed . Purplish-black pillars appeared out of nowhere and surrounded Cai’er’s body in a flash, turning into a circular cage trapping her within .

Hell’s Cage, a powerful darkness attribute spell of the ninth step .
Cai’er’s sickle was swept horizontally, but only passed through, as if there was no collision at all . But when she tried to rush out with her body, she immediately felt an acute sting spread all over her body as the massive darkness element directly penetrated inside her body .

That’s . . .

Cai’er was startled, but had the same calm disposition as usual . She did not panic in front of this kind of situation, her Sickle of the God of Death disappearing, she placed her hands in front of her chest, her eyes even closing down . She seemed to be sensing something, looking for a hole in the Hell’s Cage .

Seeing his Hell’s Cage being so effective, Mo Wu couldn’t help but reveal a dim smile . As he kept up the incantation, some purplish-black halation spread underneath his feet, and very quickly, these halations took a solid form, ascending over his body to take a shape close to an altar .

Raising his right hand, a black staff appeared in Mo Wu’s hands . Although only formed with spiritual energy, it made him look extremely sumptuous and mighty right now .

Purplish black rays circulated around the top of thetop of the staff, turning into a magnificent mage gown covering him, and instantly causing his demeanor to gain greatly in might .

A terrifying pressure arose itself around his body, a large area of purplish-black clouds revolving around the altar he had created . As these purplish-black halations fluttered, some electric light could faintly be seen on it .

Since when did the Mage Temple have another powerhouse like that? This was clearly the power of a domain! Those from the other five Temples couldn’t help but cry out in alarm . This Mo Wu’s attainments and cultivation were far higher than they expected . Not only was Cai’er trapped by this mage, but he moreover displayed a domain, which was clearly purely a boosting domain . His next magic would surely gain an impressive deal of might .
Some purplish-black symbols started to drift around the altar as his downcast chant reverberated through the whole stadium . One could faintly see the ground turn unwittingly into that purplish-black color . The cracks left earlier by Cai’er also closed entirely .

“Destructor of darkness, ruler of darkness . Descend, Dark Sovereign!” As his chant went on, Mo Wu’s eyes shot up with purple electric light, and a purple hexagram appeared in front of his altar . There, a massive image started to take shape, drifting inside that hexagram .

It was a human figure measuring about five meters, clad in a dark purple armor, and with a pair of large curved horns extending from the back of its head . But as that individual was masked, his face was not visible .

In his right hand was a huge sword, gushing out with purplish-black light
. Just as he appeared, he gave off an incorporeal pressure . Even the defensive barrier’s defense gave off a kind of stifling feeling .

“What a powerful dark mage!” Lin Xin couldn’t help but remark in alarm .

This was clearly a formidable dark mage, who had furthermore summoned a Dark Sovereign of terrifying strength, whose might could even compare with the post-fusion four-headed chimera of Chen Hongyu .
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