Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 681-690

Chapter 681

Long Haochen raised his right hand and gripped that white soul sword above his head as the six golden wings on his back slowly unfolded.

A beautiful sound came out from his body, like the fall of pearls, like a morning bell. That instant, Long Haochen’s body seemed to disappear, and the whole stadium became filled with golden color. Even the sword soul in his hand was the same. By chance this was a transparent golden color, so the contestants could all see what happened within.

“Light Strip.” Long Haochen watched Qiu Yonghao attentively, and spoke these words in a bizarre intonation.

The next instant, Qiu Yonghao’s body froze, then deep surges of golden waves came flying to his direction. Rapidly integrated into the surrounding golden space, his Domain of Sword Intent got weaker at an astonishing speed.

The sword soul in Long Haochen’s hand pointed forward, seemingly conserving its original course. But from his body, countless sparkling golden rays were refracted, forming golden threads all over the space, tangling and spirallic, to finally join with the six wings on his back, which became even more solid and dazzling.

The previous two flashes of golden light on his chests kept repeating at a slow interval.

“This is my domain, known as light. In my domain, I am like the God of Light. You are the only other person to have ever entered my domain.
Sorry, but your spiritual energy is below mine, and every spiritual energy of light elemental powerhouse below me as well as their power of light will be stripped and given to me.”

During the light binding, Long Haochen still stood there calmly, looking no different from before, the bright light on his body dispersing quietly, and even the six wings and long sword in his hand weren’t anymore. In front of him, Qiu Yonghao was seated on the ground in a decrepit state.

Looking at Long Haochen, the current Qiu Yonghao was full of shock.

After meeting with Wang Yuanyuan, Qiu Yonghao attempted several times to guess Long Haochen’s level of strength, but he didn’t expect his cultivation to actually reach such a level. Not only was his spiritual energy below Haochen’s, but most of all the power of Haochen’s domain was just too terrifying.

How could a domain’s power reach such an extent? Just by standing in his domain, his spiritual energy was entirely stripped and transferred to the domain, depriving him of even the ability to resist.

He’s the God of Light inside his domain. Just what was the level of such a domain? There had never been comparable domains in humankind’s history, and this domain was very clearly not only the bane of any light element powerhouse, but moreover had a very great level of power of its own.

On the Knight Temple’s lounge, Chen Zidian had stood up at some point. Watching Long Haochen in the middle of the field, he couldn’t help but reveal a smiling expression, “Young boy, I really didn’t expect you to even make me feel itchy. I really want to see the effects that your Light Domain would have if you faced me.”

Qiu Yonghao lost? So the head of the Warrior Temple and most powerful Wargod Qiu Yonghao really lost just like that?

That exceedingly handsome young man just released his own domain, and then the head of the Warrior Temple was vanquished. Just what level of
strength could accomplish such a feat

Long Tianying also stood up, filled with great shock upon looking at Long Haochen. Was that still a domain? As it is able to strip the power from any elemental beings, all light element powerhouses would simply be totally powerless inside. This seemed to be already beyond the level of a domain. Even as the Scion of Light, a god’s chosen one, he shouldn’t have such a light controlling ability. This seemed like something only the true Goddess of Light could achieve! But a god should be an unreal being, present at the same time on every corner of the world.

Indeed, if Long Haochen was merely a god’s chosen one, he couldn’t possibly have such a domain. But he was no longer just a god’s chosen one. His constitution having fused with the blood vessels of the Scion of Light Elux, he had managed to evolve to a new new level. And after over four years of seclusion, his comrades and him made qualitative progress. And the one among them who made the greatest progress was indeed him.

Long Haochen’s innate internal spiritual energy already broke past the limits to exceed a hundred and twenty. He did not have the physique of a Scion of Light anymore, but a physique like a God of Light. In other words, he would already be a half-god in some sense in a world of light essence. So, in just the abstract level, the current him had essentially risen to the same level of half-god as the Demon God Emperor, with only his cultivation being still far behind.

The Holy Necromancer Elux left him a miracle, the miracle of light.

Long Haochen slowly strolled forward, supporting Qiu Yonghao to stand up from the ground. Right now, Qiu Yonghao was already feeling his own spiritual energy replenish in the external world, but his shock was still just as present.

Long Haochen showed a smile to him, “If Temple Head Qiu has some interest, let us discuss regarding sword soul when we have the time.”

Qiu Yonghao showed a bitter smile, “So what about that sword soul? Your domain… It should rather be called the Light God Domain. I don’t
know how you accomplished that, but I could feel that you are simply the ruler of light in your domain.”

Long Haochen smiled to him, “Actually it is not as powerful as you imagine. Although my circumstances are extraordinary, this domain bestows me with a double-edged sword. Its light spiritual energy consumption is tenfold an ordinary domain’s: maintaining it for one second already depletes ten thousand of my spiritual energy.”

Qiu Yonghao did not expect Long Haochen to be so forthcoming. Nodding to him, he responded, “Let’s have a talk after this Temples’ Great Gathering ends.” Saying that, he turned back and left the site.

Long Haochen’s smile was still the same, but he was slightly disappointed. From Qiu Yonghao’s words was inferred that he did not want to them to have more contact until this Temples’ Great Gathering would end.

In a flash, Long Haochen exited the space and picked up picked up his gown, performing a knight salute in front of the Knight Temple’s crowd, before walking slowly back to Bright Glimmer of Hope’s ranks.

This time, even Long Tianying did the same as the other competitors from the Knight Temple and saluted back. Even in his capacity as elder, Long Tianying was totally subdued by his grandson’s strength.

This battle between Long Haochen and Qiu Yonghao lasted for a short time, but perspicacious people could all tell that Long Haochen’s ability had fully suppressed Qiu Yonghao. Be it in sword intent or elemental attribute, he had just restricted Qiu Yonghao far too much. The gap between the two of them was originally not that wide, but the superiority of Long Haochen’s attribute and domain enabled him to easily pick up this victory.

Li Zhengzhi’s eyes were tranquill, sitting back on his seat. Shutting both his eyes, he seemed to be pondering calmly.

Among the competitors, Tan Wan’s look became really blank, her body shaking lightly.
Right now, she felt unable to even express her feelings.

He is actually already so powerful? He already has the strength to vanquish a Temple Head. And Qiu Yonghao’s cultivation was certainly not ranked last among the heads of the Six Great Temples. At least the leader of the Knight Temple Long Tianying would not necessarily achieve victory against him if his Divine Throne wasn’t added to the equation! But Long Haochen won just like that. Domain? Just what kind of domain was that?

To have a domain of his own under the age of thirty. Could he really be the messenger of Heaven, sent to lead humankind in defeating demonkind?

Even if she was the direct disciple of Li Zhengzhi, right now Tan Wan’s confidence was clearly quite a bit shaken.

This battle naturally did not shock only her, but far too many other people had similar thoughts.

A young man under the age of thirty who already had his own domain, and was powerful enough to make the head of the Warrior Temple stand no chance. Such a genius had never even appeared in the Temple Alliance’s History.

The previous Scion of Samsara and Holy Sword Wielder seemed like nothing special in frontspecial in front of him. Perhaps he really would have the strength to challenge the Demon God Emperor in the near future.

For a moment, the looks of some neutral higher-ups from the Temple Alliance at Bright Glimmer of Hope started to get fervent. No one else would believe this Demon Hunt Squad could possibly only be there to raise their own fighting experience.

The competition went on, and the rest of the battles was still watched excitedly although clashes between domains like the battle between Long Haochen and Qiu Yonghao had not appeared again. After all, people wielding a domain of their own were just too few.
When the ninety-fifth battle concluded, it was already deep night, and time had come for the results to be announced.

Chen Zidian’s awe inspiring voice reverberated in the whole stadium, “For the first day of the Temples’ Great Gathering, over ninety matches have concluded. In result, the Knight Temple has twenty-four remaining people. Mage Temple, twenty-one. Spiritual Temple, sixteen. Assassin Temple, fourteen. Bright Glimmer of Hope, ten. Warrior Temple, ten. Now that the first rounds are over, total points will start to be counted from this point onwards.”

The results were like a lot of people expected, with the only added variable being the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope.

Don’t make a hasty judgement just because Bright Glimmer of Hope is at the bottom alongside the Warrior Temple. Their splendor was far greater than all five Temples.

Out of ten people, they had achieved ten victories, achieving a win rate of a hundred percent. What glorious results were these?

In fact, the other Temples had thirty-six people in total originally, but even the most powerful Knight Temple only achieved a win-rate of two- thirds.

The five participating Temples also set their eyes on the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope with great attention. They found out with shock that eight of the ten people forming this squad were actually powerhouses of the ninth step, the rest reaching the peak of the eighth step. And, among their ranks were five young knights: their leader Long Haochen, Han Yu, Zhang Fangfang, Yang Wenzhao, and Duan Yi.

Chapter 682

Without a doubt, these five were were known figures of the Knight Temple’s younger generation. Their appearance caused different degrees of changes on the people rather inclined toward the Mage Temple.

With them back, who would dare affirm the Knight Temple didn’t have a younger generation to keep them going on? Among these five young knights were three of the ninth step and two of the eighth step, with one in the lot with a domain of his own, and who had won against the head of the Warrior Temple.

If their victorious battles were as representatives of the Knight Temple, what would have come of the Knight Temple’s rate of victory?

Without doubt, some of the five would surely become Divine Knights of the new generation. And to the Knight Temple, having Divine Knights as leaders would make their superiority go on forever.

Sima Xian’s great rudeness shocked a lot of people, but the most shocking was Long Haochen’s victory over Qiu Yonghao.

Bright Glimmer of Hope and Long Haochen’s name were all engraved deeply in the midst of every higher-up of the Temple Alliance. Even the very weak masses were able to tell Long Haochen’s strength, since, after all, he won against the head of the Warrior Temple.

Deep night. Outside the Alliance’s Great Stadium, a lot of spectators slept directly on the ground, because they wanted to keep their good seats for the next day, and had even brought along rations and water.
This first day of the Temples’ Great Gathering already brought them countless great surprises. This one was really far more brilliant than the previous ones, especially for the appearance of these young powerhouses which raised the youngsters from Holy City into great excitations. This name of Bright Glimmer of Hope spread widely everywhere in the city, and to the whole Alliance, this Holy City being at its center.

Slowly walking away from the Temples’ Great Gathering, Long Haochen and his comrades came out, heading for the headquarters of the Temple Alliance.

After this day of competition, they could already no longer stay in hotels just like in the past, otherwise they won’t possibly be at peace. Their resting place became the Knight Temple instead.

Long Tianying walked away from the stadium with a large smile on his face without waiting for the rest of the Golden Foundation Knights, a lot of people coming up to him hastily.

The fastest fastest to rush here was Li Xin.

Before she could approach, a Golden Foundation Knight barred her way, but being a Mythril Foundation Knight, the Golden Foundation Knights all recognized her. Li Xin was furthermore one of the candidates for participation in the Temples’ Great Gathering.

Before Li Xin even opened the door, Long Tianying nodded to her,
“Follow me.”

“We are coming as well.” Two clear voices came out, Feng Ling’er and Ye Weiyang! Although Ye Weiyang did her best to stop her, in the end, that was not enough to persuade Feng Ling’er. The match having ended, Long Haochen’s crew left already, and since they had four knights in their team, the Knight Temple’s side was naturally the most probable place for them to be staying.

Long Tianying smiled to them, “It’s the two of you. Coming along then.”
Right after saying this, he unconsciously raised his head to see huge fiery-red spiritual wings vanish, as a figure landed right in front of him, the auxiliary head of the Mage Temple, Lin Chen.

“Brother Long.” Lin Chen performed a mage salute to Long Tianying.

Long Tianying’s gentle laughter could be heard, “So? Brother Lin also wants to return with me?”

Lin Chen had a pressing look, and was filled with excitement, but still shook his head and passed the words, “Tell this bastard to go see me in a bit.”

Long Tianying chuckled in response, “Alright. These little guys have really been missing for too long. I didn’t expect to see such astonishing scenes today.”

Lin Chen wrinkled his brows, secretly thinking, So you didn’t know about their return? Yet you were very calm and collected at the time your grandson appeared. To keep me in the dark like that, Hmpf, let’s fix this bastard in a bit later.

Sure enough, the Mage Temple and Knight Temple Temple were in competition, so he couldn’t stay here for too long, “Thanks a lot, Brother Long.” Saying this, he kindly smiled Li Xin, “Xin’er, you don’t need to give me any face, just fix him fiercely.” After saying this, he saluted once again Long Tianying before turning back and leaving.

Li Xin, Feng Ling’er and Ye Weiyang followed Long Tianying in the headquarters of the Alliance.

Long Tianying dispersed the Golden Foundation Knights, then told the three, “Follow me you three.”

They heard a warm voice resonate right after they entered the Knight Temple’s area of the Alliance’s headquarters.
“Sis!” The cloak-less Long Haochen stood there, as if he had anticipated their arrival, with Lin Xin and Sima Xian standing behind him.

“Haochen!” Hearing Long Haochen call Sis’, Li Xin was unable to restrain her feelings and rapidly stepped up and took him tightly in her arms.

Long Haochen considered Li Xin like his related big sister so far. As the brother and sister hugged each other, Li Xin suddenly cried out very loudly.

Behind her, Feng Ling’er and Ye Weiyang couldn’t help but become red- eyed at this reunion.

Seeing Feng Ling’er, Sima Xian immediately looked blank, shaking lightly despite how robust he was. But he made an unexpected move, not even speaking a word, but pursed his lips in an expectant manner.

Feng Ling’er bit her own lips, dazedly looking at him, as words were squeezed out in the little space between her teeth, “Si… Ma… Xian...”

“Present.” Sima Xian immediately stood straight, before rapidly taking large strides toward Feng Ling’er.

“You, stand there!” Feng Ling’er suddenly shouted, raising her hand to point at Sima Xian, shivering even more strongly.

Sima Xian then stopped his advance, and softly said, “Ling’er, I also want to hug you. Can we?”

“You bastard!” Feng Ling’er shouted once again.

Sima Xian scratched his head, with a painful look on his face, “I… I am a bastard, it’s all my fault. I’m in the wrong!”

Feng Ling’er’s look suddenly became cold, looking at Sima Xian at three meters from him to coldly declare, “Sima Xian, I have come today to tell you that it’s over between the two of two of us. I already have another man, so even if you dared come back, don’t ever bother me in the future. Let things be clear, I don’t want to get involved with you any more.”
Saying all that, she pulled Ye Weiyang’s hand and left.

But in just a blink of an eye, tears flowed over her face. Being separated for so many years, she had had countless nightmares, especially after the Scarlet Dragon Armor was shattered. She had already lost count of the number of times her tears flowed through. Waiting in pain was always a torture, causing her far too much grievance!

Before coming here, she only felt happy and excited about returning to him, but when they really met, the grievance filling him was finally uncontrollable, and caused her to blow out like that.

Sima Xian became blank when looking at the rapidly departing Feng Ling’er, totally at a loss for a moment.

Lin Xin kicked him from behind in the butt, “Idiot, still not immediately chasing after her

“What are you standing foolishly for? Do you really want her to be gone?!”

“Yeah, right. Good kick!” Sima Xian immediately returned to his senses, his figure flashing and chasing after Feng Ling’er and Ye Weiyang.

He was already a powerhouse of the ninth step, making him fast enough to catch up to Feng Ling’er in just three steps. Grabbing her shoulder, he dim-wittedly declared, “I’m not letting you go.”

Feng Ling’er turned her head and fiercely looked him, “I just said that I am breaking off our relation! You wouldn’t be forcing a girl to obey you, would you?”

Looking at her deep red, crying face, Sima Xian felt a sharp pain go up to him, and suddenly took her under his embrace in a tight hug.

“Even if I have to let you go. I don’t care whether you have another man. If you have another man, I will just kill him and grab you back. If
you have a child, then he’s mine already, I will just kill the father and raise him as my own kid.”

“You… What are you saying... ” Feng Ling’er gritted her teethgritted her teeth and didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry, scratching fiercely at his skin. Yet she kept hugging Sima Xian tightly, and didn’t relinquish her grip no matter what she said.

Seeing Sima Xian’s tyrannical declaration’, the nearby Ye Weiyang felt her flesh distorting, narrowly about to laugh it out.

What’s that logic If she’s already married, just kill the man and snatch the kid to raise it as your own What freaking logic was that? She was afraid that only this Sima Xian could say such a thing!

But needless to say, Feng Ling’er was really serious. She was really inclined to an intrepid man such as Sima Xian, lying in his wide embrade and surrounded by his arms. Her reaction gradually became weaker, until ending just like Li Xin, crying loudly in Sima Xian’s arms, who became bewildered, but as he didn’t dare release her, he could only console with clumsy language.

On the other side, Lin Xin had already moved closer to Long Haochen, patting him to remark, “Hey Boss, that’s my wife, shouldn’t I be the one to hug her?”

Hearing him, Li Xin suddenly raised her head above Long Haochen’s embrace, and shouted in fury, “Who’s your wife? Don’t you know about coming home? These years, you have not even sent a single piece of news. I have already been taking you for dead since long ago.”

Compared to Feng Ling’er’s strong on the outside but soft on the inside’ character, Li Xin was exactly the opposite. Although Lin Xin’s return was a shocking surprise and excitement in her eyes, convincing her to forgive him would not be an easy thing.

Long Haochen reported back to Li Xin in a soft voice, “Sis, don’t blame Lin Xin. It’s actually because of me, because of my mistaken decision that
narrowly got us wiped out at the demons’ hands. Afterwards, we had an extraordinary stroke of luck and went into states of deep meditations. After awaking, four years had already passed. So it’s not that Lin Xin didn’t want to contact you, but we really didn’t have any such opportunities.”

Chapter 683

Li Xin had a start, looking far softer, but still disregarded Lin Xin and asked Long Haochen, “Just what happened?”

Long Tianying, “You can’t be planning to talk out here? Just go in.”

As he said so, this Divine Knight stepped inside, leading the group into a conference room in the Knight Temple.

The others from Bright Glimmer of Hope were all already waiting inside, and had all taken off their cloaks.

Right now, Sima Xian had a really queer look. Still hugging Feng Ling’er yet far taller than her, he lifted her up above the ground all along their walk on the way there.

Entering the meeting room, everyone couldn’t help but reveal sniggering faces.

Feng Ling’er became bashful, “What are you waiting for to let go of me?”

Sima Xian resolutely replied, “I’m not letting you go. Isn’t it just the others sneering? What if you run off after I let go of you? I’ll have no more wife.”

Saying this, this guy took a chair and sat on it, placing Feng Ling’er on his knee, but not letting go of her no matter what she’d say. Given his cultivation, Feng Ling’er couldn’t possibly struggle out no matter how she tried.
Little imagined was that Feng Ling’er actually really liked that wild type the most. Although bashful, she didn’t resist, and buried her head on his thick shoulder, not daring to raise it.

Long Haochen invited Long Tianying to sit on the main seat, then sat right across from Long Tianying, “Sis, miss Weiyang, and miss Ling’er, on behalf of the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope, I would like to apologize about the matter of us having gone missing. Just as I said, everything is my own fault.”

Right now, Feng Ling’er and Li Xin were extremely stirred emotionally, so only Ye Weiyang was rather stable in the emotional aspect, looking at Long Haochen, “Captain Long, I would be very curious to listen about the encounters you wound up having in demon territory, for you to have not returned for such a long time, and furthermore not even sent the slightest news.”

Looking at Cai’er on his side, Long Haochen unconsciously grabbed her small hand from below the table. Even if a long time had already passed since then, right now he still felt a deep lingering fear, not a fear of death, but a fear of losing Cai’er! At that time, he was just a bit close to losing Cai’er forever.

“We got caught in a trap of the Demon God Emperor…” Thus did Long Haochen start speaking about how they saved Yang Wenzhao from the Dragon River Demon God Asmodeus, and how he got informed of the Demon God Emperor’s plan of surrounding them, as well as how the Demon God Emperor’s trap went step by step and in detail.

At the time he mentioned his own heart being pierced by the Demon God Emperor’s attack, Li Xin and Ye Weiyang both couldn't help but cry out in alarm. Even Feng Ling’er raised her head in shock from Sima Xian’s embrace.

They were surprisingly caught by the Demon God Emperor, Moon Demon God, and Star Demon God altogether. Although Long Haochen’s description was quite stern, the three girls having come across demons many times already, they could naturally imagine what kind of situation it
was to be surrounded by the three greatest demon powerhouses in the midst of Modu Core City.

“Although I don’t know why the Demon God Emperor was willing to spare my comrades at the cost of my life, I knew at that time that my death was already settled. The Demon God Emperor abode by his promise, letting my comrades get away from Modu while carrying my corpse. The,n in those years, we found out some remnants with great inheritance from ancient times deep inside. If we could get this inheritance, the hope of resurrecting me may appear, so everyone came across countless dangers for the sake of resurrecting me. After experiencing countless near-death experiences, they finally gained that inheritance, enabling the reconstrucion oft my heart, which is why I am standing in front of you right now.”

“That power from ancient times left a massive power that we collectively went to absorb, as we trained in these remnants. But no one imagined that this seclusion would actually be a deep meditation of over four years. Us awaking was a matter of half a year ago.”

“During these four years of deep meditations, we obtained a lot, and actually, we

we didn’t really know how much time had passed since then, actually believing it to be just a few days. Everyone made immense qualitative progress in deep meditation, and made many advances in understanding. Never had we encountered such a crisis in this lifetime, so, in the following time, we kept training and raising our understanding and cultivation all along. This is why we managed to achieve such results in today’s Temples’ Great Gathering.”

“At the time we just came back, Lin Xin and Sima wanted to immediately look for you, but I was the one to stop them. You should also know that this Temples’ Great Gathering is special, and will very possibly be a turning point for the Alliance. There are some things we want from this gathering in the hopes of making the Alliance even more powerful in the future. So before it started, I made them endure patiently. The fault is mine, so I hope you could forgive them. Also, I want to thank you on
behalf of our Demon Hunt Squad, Bright Glimmer of Hope, for having waited for them. It is surely the greatest bliss of their life for them to have found lovers such as you.”

Saying that, Long Haochen stood once again and respectfully bowed to the three girls.

Although Long Haochen’s story was counted as of nothing special, but three girls felt very exhausted just from listening, finding it to be quite thrilling. They were really very close to not having made it back!

By this time, given Feng Ling’er’s delicate character, she had already no more fury filling her. Holding Sima Xian’s hand, she had a very warm gaze, only thinking, The most important is that you’re back.

Li Xin’s face was also greatly eased, and Lin Xin immediately tried to take advantage of that and sat beside her.

Ye Weiyang stood up and nodded to Long Haochen, “I feel very lucky about having gotten to listen to the experience Captain Long and the others went through; you are heroes for the Alliance! It looks like Ling’er is not willing to follow me out, and you should have more matters to discuss, so, I am leaving first, goodbye.”

Long Haochen had a sudden thought and told Han Yu, “Please send off Miss Weiyang.”

“Yes.” Han Yu accepted Yu accepted and invited Ye Weiyang to the exit, showing the way for her to go.

Long Haochen asked Feng Ling’er, “Miss Ling’er, can you please answer a question for me?”

Feng Ling’er nodded. Right now, Sima Xian saw that she couldn’t run off anymore, which is why he placed her on the adjacent seat. Still, his hand was drawn toward her waist, though this bald priest didn’t have any more of his previous agressiveness, with just a happy smirk left on his face.
Long Haochen asked, “Does Miss Weiyang happen to have already a lover?”

Feng Ling’er was startled, “What’s that about? Don’t you already have her?” She pointed at Cai’er.

Cai’er laughed in response, “He’s not asking for his own sake, but for Han Yu, who just sent off Miss Weiyang back here.”

Speaking of which, the only single person left in the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope was Han Yu. Even Duan Yi who was temporarily added to their team had a childhood sweetheart as his wife. Before they went missing, Duan Yi was already married to her. Only, his wife was just a commoner and not a practitioner.

This time, Duan Yi specially went to visit his wife and report his well- being before they returned to the Holy City.

As the captain, Long Haochen was of course concerned with the members’ important issues. Han Yu had a steady character, be it in behavior and appearance or ability, all of which were top-notch. However, as a Demon Hunter, he never had the opportunity to discover those feelings. Now that they reached the ninth step of cultivation, their abilities of self preservation in the battlefield were greatly enhanced, so Long Haochen naturally became concerned with finding a close female friend for him.

The group came into contact with Ye Weiyang several times already. This girl was not only beautiful, but also very capable. The Alliance’s Great Auction House was neatly managed in her hands, while Feng Ling’er only had some important decisions to handle. More importantly, Ye Weiyang was the successor of the Holy Sword Wielder Ye Wushang. All of this added up would naturally make it a very good thing if they could act as a matchmaker for Han Yu.

Hearing Cai’er say this much, Feng Ling’er’s eyes immediately lit, “Big sislit, “Big sis Weiyang has a very great foresight, and remained unmarried for so long. I just don’t know whether that knight from your ranks will be able to move her heart.”
Long Haochen smiled at her, “Then please help us pull strings. I can see that Miss Weiyang and you are very close. If she also can become one of the family member for our Bright Glimmer of Hope, won’t the two of you become even more intimately related? Let me give you a little leak; after this Temples’ Great Gathering terminates, we will immeidately proceed for the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, where, given Han Yu’s strength, he will very possibly be able to obtain a Divine Throne’s approval. I think that a Divine Knight should be a good match for Miss Weiyang right?”

Feng Ling’er’s eyes flashed in understanding, “It surely is a good match! But Captain Long, are you maybe planning on invading our Alliance’s Great Auction House! Or do you have some other goals?”

Long Haochen replied with a faint smile, “I will let Sima explain everything to you secretly. Of course, we hope to obtain the backing of your Alliance’s Great Auction House, but I believe that this will only bring benefit to the future of the auction house.”

Although Long Tianying was seated on the main seat, he did not speak a word from beginning to end, only looking at his grandson. Returning after over four years, Long Haochen not only looked more calm and reserved than in the past, but had gained an indescribably great presence. Looking at his warmth, he gave off the feeling of being in the right when discussing. This was really a kind of extraordinary trait, a king’s bearing.

When dawn came once again, the second day of the Temples’ Great Gathering opened its curtains.

The contestants eliminated in the previous days were all sent to the spectator lounge. Only the contestants that made it to the second round remained in the competition area. For the sake of simplifying their entrance to the venue, the group of Bright Glimmer of Hope sat directly across the space allocated to the Knight Temple, but this action also caused the expression of the Mage Temple’s Head Li Zhengzhi to look very much unsightly.

Chapter 684

Today, a total of ninety-five people were assembled, gathered for random individual battles. After all, luck would always be a part of one’s strength. After that round of drawing, forty-eight contestants would pass through the third stage, resulting in a continuation of the knock-out competition, until a top three was established.

The top three will be offered two choices: either to end normally and just keep all their previous total points, or to keep undergoing battles, where the final winners would get rewarded with an extra ten total points. Out of a total of three battles, if someone manages to win against the other two and end up number one, this one would get an extra twenty points.

The competition restarted, and the first appearance of the light of selection picked a member of Bright Glimmer of Hope right off the bat.

Today, they had all removed their cloaks, and the one the light of selection had picked was actually Cai’er.

The other one to be selected was quite coincidentally from the nearby Assassin Temple, the elder chief of the Assassin Temple, wielder of the Twelve Spaces Domain, Xue Zhisheng.

Cai’er’s face of absolute beauty immediately got strange. A short time ago, she had just won a battle against this Xue Zhisheng, and although she didn’t achieve final victory, her domain ability Flourishing Lotus Flower caused Xue Zhisheng to concede. Who would have thought that she would once again have to face this elder chief of her Temple.
In a flash of her figure, she entered the stadium, but without giving Cai’er the time to prepare her moves, Xue Zhisheng on the other side did not even enter the stadium, his aged voice immediately heard reverberating through the whole stadium.

“I concede.”

These words raised an uproar among all spectators.

Xue Zhisheng was a veteran of the Assassin Temple, the current number one expert in their Temple. Although his seniority was not on the terrifying level of the legendary Chen Zidian, he was even a generation higher than the Temple Head Sheng Yue. What had just happened for him to cower without even giving a fight?

Li Zhengzhi finally couldn’t bear it anymore, “Chief referee, this is the Temples’ Great Gathering, not a child’s play. Auxiliary Temple Head Sanshui just conceded yesterday, and today it’s Xue Zhisheng from the Assassin Temple, all of whom are peak powerhouses of their own Temple. What’s the meaning of our Temples’ Great Gathering if such situations keep occuring in the rest of the competition?”

On the Knight Temple’s lounge, Chen Zidian’s voice spread, “Please give your reasons, auxiliary heads. Sanshui, elder Xue, I need a reason for your choices of conceiding.”

Sanshui Popo, having a fearless character, let out a cold snort and declared to Li Zhengzhi, “Temple Head Li, you are too meddlesome. I had only one reason for conceding, and it’s that I’m no match for Chen Ying’er. She’s my grandson, so we have already had matches before. That’s all.”

Xue Zhisheng declared indifferently, “My situation is the same as Sanshui. Not long ago, I have sparred with Miss Cai’er, and lost. As I don’t want to get dishonored once again, I chose to concede. Chief referee, will such reasons do?“
For the powerhouses of the present age, face is frequently even more important than their lives. For Sanshui Popo and Xue Zhisheng to declare that they were not matches for Chen Ying’er and Cai’er immediately raised another uproar. The already highly valued the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope once again rose winds and waves. Sanshui Popo was one thing as, after all, she had only just recently broken through the ninth step, but Xue Zhisheng was the number one powerhouse in the Assassin Temple, wielder of the Twelve Spaces Domain! For him to declare being no match for a member of this Demon Hunt Squad immediately placed its position to an unprecedented level.

Li Zhengzhi’s face looked feverish, but he didn’t have anything good to respond to that, his unspoken grievance still unsettled.

Chen Zidian declared, “Since things are like that, let the competition follow its course. If there are are some other acts of conceding in the following course of the battles, you must speak out the reasons immediately from now on, or some points will be deducted from your own Temple’s total.”

Shockingly, the light of selection once again lit a member of Bright Glimmer of Hope, being this time Wang Yuanyuan.

The other side selected by the light was Tan Wan, who had barely won yesterday.

Tan Wan was after all very young, so her cultivation was definitely among the last of the competitors from the Mage Temple. On the previous day, it was by relying on some extraordinary magic taught by Li Zhengzhi that she defeated her opponent with difficulty, making it to the second round.

Wang Yuanyuan was clad in white attire, her short hair flourishing with heroic spirit. Her slender figure and great beauty were immediately noticed as she entered the stadium. If one were to look carefully, they would discover that Wang Yuanyuan’s eyes were clearly different from before, her pupils now being purple colored.
Facing the clearly even younger Wang Yuanyuan, Tan Wan had a stubborn look. How can they all have such transcending abilities for their ages? I must defeat her at any cost.

Clad in a green gown, Tan Wan’s spiritual wings immediately spread out and flapped up, rising straight to the air, she made a turn in midair, causing countless tiny wind blades to get released.

Her sharp incantation resounded like a torrential storm, causing green light to shine upon half of the stadium.

Fantastic changes started to take place on the tiny green blades of light, revolving around Tan Wang’s body, and getting faster and faster, with even more green light coming off at lightning speed from Tan Wan’s body.

Wang Yuanyuan also moved; she did not release her spiritual wings, but went for Tan Wan in large strides. Her pink eyes gradually deepened to suddenly turn into a dark red color, giving off a strange and oppressive sight. Spurts of blood seemed to frequently come from her eyes.

The Alliance’s Great Stadium being so wide, Wang Yuanyuan would need at least at least half a minute to get to Tan Wan’s range. But she wasn’t hurried in the slightest, appearing to let Tan Wan display the best of her magic.

On the Mage Temple’s side, Li Zhengzhi’s look became even more unsightly. Although Wang Yuanyuan had yet to make a move, from her performance in the battle of the previous day, Li Zhengzhi knew that she was a powerhouse of the ninth step.

Wang Yuanyuan’s previous opponent was a knight, and the two parties crossed hands for not even two minutes before that knight got defeated by Wang Yuanyuan’s powerful spatial powers. And, at that time, Wang Yuanyuan had immediately launched an attack right from the start, totally unlike today. Her current doing was visibly to make a show for the Mage Temple to see.
What if you reach the ninth step? My personally created magic is something even someone at the ninth step may not necessarily win against, when launched at fullpower.

The look in Li Zhengzhi’s eyes flickered, unconsciously facing Long Haochen seated in the middle of the Knight Temple’s area.

Long Haochen was clearly very calm, sitting upright yet releasing a very warm manner, just like any other more normal young man. But Li Zhengzhi felt deeply that such a young man was affecting his plans to an enormous degree.

Tan Wan’s chant started to get more and more high pitched. These chanting patterns were quite rare, because, during magic incantation, no mistake in tone was allowed, thus limiting one’s chanting speed. So a rapid chant such as hers would very possibly result in failed magic. Her current chant also seemed quite different from ordinary spells.

This incantation was personally created by Li Zhengzhi. Being the most outstanding genius the Mage Temple had in a thousand years, Li Zhengzhi combined some ancient incantation with personal comprehension to create an extraordinary magic spell chant. Back in the days, the reason why he took Tan Wan as a disciple was that Tan Wan could comprehend this incantation.

Those small wind blades surrounding Tan Wan immediately turned green, entirely masking her body andher body and making it look unclear. The wind blades stopped increasing after reaching a certain number, but became more and more brightly colored.

One could faintly see green electric light coil around those wind blades, as Tan Wan’s incantation accelerated to its peak.

“Ha--” Right when Wang Yuanyuan was at fifty meters from Tan Wan, she issued a reverberating shriek, and immediately, those green wind blades surrounding her in buzzing sounds immediately transformed into a whirlpool of three meters diameter and five meters length, rushing straight to Wang Yuanyuan’s location.
All could tell that they were in no way ordinary whirlpools. Each of the small wind blades forming them was infused with the might of Spiritual Highland! After chanting this incantation, Tan Wan dropped from the sky, looking pale, and, her body swelling, nearly fell to the ground. From this could be seen that this previous magic had just depleted nearly all her spiritual energy.

Tan Wan did not even expect herself to actually be able to complete this spell. The greatest feature of this spell was to combine both offense and defense: if the enemy were to attack in the midst of her chant, the first of the wind blades would protect her automatically by attacking the enemies, while her chant would keep going on as long as the enemy does not pass through the magic.

This spell already reached the forbidden spell grade. For Tan Wan to actually manage to use such a wind elemental forbidden spell without the boost of any attached equipment was more than prideful enough. Li Zhengzhi gave this magic a really domineering name, calling it Dark Green Hades’ Spring; it was full of destructive power against both single and multiple targets.

From Tan Wan’s spell came out Li Zhengzhi’s ferociousness. Mages of the same grade would hardly be able to utilize such terrifying magic.

Facing Dark Green Hades Spring, Wang Yuanyuan stopped her advance, making an incomprehensible move by raising her right hand and putting her forefinger, middle finger and ring finger in contact with the space between her eyebrows, as she shut both her eyes.

Chapter 685

The forbidden spell Green Hades’ Spring about to arrive in front of Wang Yuanyuan produced a massive attraction, and pulling Wang Yuanyuan to its direction.

Wang Yuanyuan seemed as though she didn’t even see that forbidden spell, still standing motionless, with her three fingers at the same position.

Tan Wan’s look changed, because she understood clearly the might of this forbidden spell. More importantly, it could only be released and not retrieved, as her cultivation was far from sufficient to achieve such control. In case Wang Yuanyuan really died in front of her forbidden spell, that would not only incur an unredeemable grudge between the Mage Temple and Bright Glimmer of Hope, but also make her a criminal. After all, the Mage Temple and Bright Glimmer of Hope were no more than competitors, with everyone having a mutual enemy in demonkind. She neither did she have any thoughts of killing someone from Bright Glimmer of Hope, but because their displays of power were too overbearing, she had to liberate her greatest magic right at the start.

But now that Dark Green Hades’ Well had already engulfed Wang Yuanyuan, it was already too late to have second thoughts.

Suddenly, an intense bloody red fog abruptly came off Wang Yuanyuan as its center and dispersed, instantly sweeping her body along, and spreading outwards at a frightening speed, clashing against the Dark Green Hades’ Spring.
Dark Green Hades’ Spring was dark green colored, and this bloody red bright fog was scarlet colored, forming two opposite forces.

A shocking scene occurred: that bloody red fog pushed it back, but that was still a perilous situation. An intense bloodreek filled the air instantly, as a red light forcibly enveloped the Dark Green Hades’ Spring. A terrible murderous spirit surged out and filled the air as a red glow suddenly bubbled forth. That dark red radiance was fully buried in the midst of the surges of blood, and one could only see the blood fog rush out and expand, filling the whole stadium with the color of blood in just a little while.

Li Zhengzhi’s face froze. A domain, that was clearly the power of a domain. So, how many more other than Long Haochen actually wielded domains in this Bright Glimmer of Hope? If what Xue Zhisheng said before was for real, that Saint Daughter of Samsara was bound to wield a domain too. That already made a total of three domains.

Even the Temple’s had only three domain wielders each, no more. For the Demon Hunt Squad Bright to have such strength, they were already drawing near a legendary Demon Hunt Squad like the Demon God Slayers. And they were yet so young.

Right, this expanse of blood red was Wang Yuanyuan’s domain, that she named Blood Domain.

In terms of innate talent, Wang Yuanyuan was surely the least in the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope, but her willpower and determination matched even Long Haochen and Cai’er, and in some fields she was even more perseverant.

Precisely because of her lack of innate talent to match her comrades, Wang Yuanyuan invested even more effort. She was the one to invest herself the most of the team in the two years of Holy War, and also the one to slaughter the most. She forced her way through this road of slaughter to find her own style.

In the Tower of Eternity, when her seven spatial crystals summoned the true might of the Divine Soul Shield, the ebulition of her blood vessels
caused that bloodreeking slaughter aura to integrate her body, fixing the basis of her understanding of the Blood Domain.

After four years of deep meditation, Wang Yuanyuan gained deep foundations, not only breaking through the ninth step, but also becoming the fourth domain wielder of the group after Long Haochen, Cai’er, and Chen Ying’er, surpassing Sima Xian, Lin Xin, Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang’s attainments to become the fourth strongest powerhouse of the team.

In front of Tan Wan, she had no need for her domain’s power at all, but Long Haochen told his team before the competition that this Temples’ Great Gathering was a time to display their strength. So, they absolutely had to show all higher-ups of the Temple Alliance their powerfulness, so that their plans could keep getting getting carried out. Therefore, Wang Yuanyuan chose to display the use of her domain right after seeing that the opponent was someone from the Mage Temple.

Dark Green Hell’s Spring was certainly powerful, but if Li Zhengzhi were to make use of it in combination with his domain, Wang Yuanyuan would surely not be able to block it by the sheer use of her domain, but, after all, Tan Wan reached only the eighth step, so her control over the forbidden spell was really insufficient. In the end, it disappeared, submerged in the midst of that domain of bloothirty slaughter, turning into nothingness.

As the blood light vanished, Wang Yuanyuan didn’t even glance at Tan Wan, and turned back to leave the field. Her domain having come out, the outcome was already fixed.

The Temples’ Great Gathering became once again submerged in silence by Bright Glimmer of Hope. Everyone there witnessed that the strength of all their members truly was befitting the strength of a Titled Demon Hunt Squad.

The second round continued without the half with the lower cultivation. In this second round, over three quarters of the contestants were powerhouses of the ninth step.
But even so, at the time the second round ended, Bright Glimmer of Hope achieved the proud result of nine victories, with only Duan Yi losing at Sheng Yue’s hands.

After the second round terminated, some changes happened in the proportions; the Knight Temple’s dominance was globally a bit fainter.

The Knight Temple had only eleven people left by the third round, having gotten thirteen of their members eliminated. The Mage Temple had ten, Bright Glimmer of Hope had nine, the Spiritual Temple had seven, the Assassin Temple had six, and the Warrior Temple only had five left.

Changes happened regarding the accumulations of points as well. After the victors of the second round all gained two points, added up to the first round’s total points, the Knight Temple was still number one with forty-six points, the Mage Temple being second with forty-one points, the Spiritual Temple was third with thirty points, Bright Glimmer of Hope fourth with twenty eight points, the Assassin Temple fifth with twenty-six and finally and finally came the Warrior Temple with twenty points.

For the ten members of Bright Glimmer of Hope to achieve the fourth rank by the end of the second rounds proved their power plentifully. Moreover, the accomplishments in cultivation on the side of Long Haochen’s group would clearly make them shine even further on in the later stages, so the individual counts were still pretty hard to predict.

The second rounds were over by noon, but the third rounds would start immediately, without the slightest time allocated for rest.

The previous two rounds of individual battle were mostly competing for the Temples’ strength as a whole, but from the third round onwards, the individual capabilities of their powerhouses would be accounted.

Upon victory, everyone would get at least four points in total.

A total of twenty-four battles would be undergone in the third round, involving forty-eight people, and resulting in earth-shattering battles.
The first two lights of selections picked the leaders of the Mage Temple and Knight Temple, Li Zhengzhi and Long Tianying.

But to the great shock of the public, this battle only lasted for an extraordinarily short time, merely five minutes. Li Zhengzhi made use of his powerful Wind God Domain and formidable magic power to defeat Long Tianying, making a mighty display of power on the Mage Temple’s side.

Watching this battle, Long Haochen was also shocked, because, despite knowing that his grandfather would certainly be no match for Li Zhengzhi, he didn’t think he would lose so fast.

Li Zhengzhi’s control over light essence reached an abnormal level, and furthermore, Long Tianying was a Divine Knight without the boost from his Divine Throne, which reduced his strength by over half, otherwise, maybe he could have put up a fight.

The chief of the Knight Temple getting defeated by the third round was something that had not happened for the past several hundred years. Long Tianying showed a terribly unsightly face, but had no choice but to accept this as a matter of fact. Li Zhengzhi’s power was admirable since the first round.

To have made it through the third round, only true elites of the five Temples were left, so the competition turned to a white-hot level.

Althougha white-hot level.

Although Yang Wenzhao had achieved victory on the second round, he had given all he had by relying on his Starlight Unicorn’s domain boost to barely defeat a warrior of the ninth step. But on the third round, his strength still being far from recovered, he became the second eliminated member of Bright Glimmer of Hope.

With Yang Wenzhao’s elimination a great display of individual power on the side of Bright Glimmer of Hope started.
In the fifth match, Chen Ying’er had as her opponent the auxiliary head of the Mage Temple, Lin Xin’s grandfather, Lin Chen.

On the previous day, Lin Xin had already gone to see Lin Chen, but they didn’t discuss for too long, before Lin Chen rushed back, not even telling Lin Xin much, apart from admonishing him to take good care of Li Xin.

When Lin Xin talked about that with Long Haochen, the latter understood that Lin Chen’s attitude was due to the sensitive position of the Mage Temple in this Temples’ Great Gathering. As an auxiliary head of the Mage Temple, he was not allowed to tell too much to his grandson who was part of Bright Glimmer of Hope.

Right now, he didn’t expect to have to face Chen Ying’er in the competition.

Lin Chen obviously wouldn’t concede simply on account of her relationship with his grandson. With Li Zhengzhi and the powerhouses from the Mage Temple watching from behind, he had to give his all.

Grandpa Lin, no need to hold back against me.” Chen Ying’er saluted Lin Chen with a natural smile on her face.

Lin Chen only bowed slightly to her, and didn’t say much, immediately creating an orange fireball atop his head with a wave of his right hand.

Lin Chen being a fire mage, although he didn’t have the same exceptional Heart of Fire as his grandson, had the number one attainments in fire magic in the whole Mage Temple.

He had been unable to break through the ninth step for reasons of innate talent, but in terms of researches on fire magic, Lin Chen put efforts throughout his whole life, his son and daughter-in-law having even deceased in the midst of this path!

Chapter 686

An orange fireball floated out like an ardent sun, illuminating Lin Chen under its orange color. His downcast chant was almost inaudible, and an intense orange flame was shot from the the orange fireball atop of his head to Chen Ying’er’s direction.

In the candidates area of the Spiritual Temple, Chen Hongyu stood up straight, looking ardently at the field and cursing silently, “This crappy old Lin Chen is truly fierce! To actually use up Sacred Sun Curse right off the bat.”

Sacred Sun Curse was Lin Chen’s powerful personally-created magic. A lot of powerhouses would find it hard to raise their cultivation further after reaching bottlenecks. Unless they had fabulous encounters, even making breakthroughs past a certain point would hardly happen in their whole lifetime. In such circumstances, they would frequently put efforts into developing self-created abilities for the sake of seeking an even greater strength. A mage was particularly fitted to that, because different combinations of a single element would produce different degrees of might depending on a lot of variables.

Lin Chen was excellent in this field. He didn’t think that he would achieve some breakthroughs due to several near death experiences in the Holy War, before which he had already been struggling on the peak of the eighth step for nearly forty years. In those past forty years, his main object of research was this Sacred Sun Curse. With his strength having risen to the ninth step, this auxiliary head of the Mage Temple wasn’t to be underestimated for having no domain of his own. The great might he could
unleash through Sacred Sun Curse caused his strength to shoot up, making him one of the best powerhouses in the Mage Temple.

Sacred Sun Curse integrated some of his male energy to form a fire. Back in the day, it was in the research and training of Sacred Sun Curse that his father lost his life in an accident, igniting his fire of life beyond his own control causing the tragic death of a married couple caught in the magical backlash.

Lin Xin having an innate hatred toward this Sacred Sun Curse, how could he ever agree to learn it? It even caused him to refuse learning any offensive magic.

Although he decided to train in offensive magic for Li Xin’s sake afterwards, he still rejected Sacred Sun Curse, making Lin Chen the only wielder of Sacred Sun Curse, reaching top-level attainments in that field.

The orange flames flew outwards, causing massive twists to the air, rippling all around, and causing the temperature in the stadium to shoot up abruptly, as well as causing the multicolored light in the barrier to rise violently.

Chen Ying’er’s look changed greatly, as she didn’t expect Lin Chen to launch such a rapid magic offense, producing such a great might.

A little transparent pig hopped from Chen Ying’er chest, McDull.

Compared to the past, there were quite significant changes in his strength. His volume remained the same, as if unable to ever grow further, but his skin had become as sparkling as a crystal, and his pair of small eyes shone bright like diamonds. As his body leapt up, a series of sparkling streams of air glowed behind his back.

Rising in the air, McDull’s four limbs made an extending motion and caused a miraculous scene. That small and cute pig enlarged abruptly in the next instant, turning into a gigantic black dragon, spitting a deep black breath at Lin Chen’s Sacred Sun Curse.
This… a Devil Dragon

McDull’s transformation shocked all the powerhouses from the Six Great Temples. Devil Dragons were the Demon God Emperor’s kin, so how could a summoner have such a summoned beast? And moreover, such summoning speed could only mean that it was a contracted beast.

Two powerful forces of black and orange color clashed violently, immediately causing the two users to get repelled backwards just from the terrible fluctuations of spiritual energy.

Chen Ying’er lifted up both her hands, as her clear incantation reverberated in the air.

The breath of the Devil Dragon suffered slight losses against Sacred Sun Curse, Curse, but still managed to resist. McDull’s massive wings flapped strongly, as he threw himself fiercely at Lin Chen.

Lin Chen was also shocked at the sight of a Devil Dragon, but his fighting experience being plentiful, he didn’t cower in shock. Pointing a finger of his right hand, the Sacred Sun’s radiance atop his head enlarged greatly, abruptly releasing an orange halation which clashed with the incoming McDull.

The Devil Dragon’s massive figure was unexpectedly pushed away under these orange halations’ effects.To one’s shock, with Lin Chen’s muffled cast, an orange dragon head came out from the Sacred Sun, spitting a gold- red fire at the Devil Dragon.

This gold-red flame only had the thickness of a human hand, contracting greatly from the huge orange dragon head from which it came out.

However, upon release it caused the temperature in the whole stadium to soar up instantly, filling the air in the area inside the barrier with river-like ripples as even the ground boiled like magma. From this could be seen the glowing extent of the gold-red flames.
McDull visibly hesitated in front of a fire of this level, his massive figure coming to a standstill in midiar. A dark purple radiance kept seeping out from his thick scales, gathering swiftly to the top of his head to form a dark red bead to block the dark-red fire.

“Sacred Sun Curse, ”

Bang. In midair, the dark purple bead McDull released broke down instantly, as the gold-red flames passed through. But, the ruptured bead also dispersed powerful dark purple waves, isolating it from the high temperature.

Li Chen’s body dazzled slightly as his chanting speed became visibly quite slower. But McDull, who had to confront the dark-red flames alone, smashed far away, his body continuously dispersing a dark purple radiance to dissolve the gold-red flames.

“Huh?” Seeing this scene, Long Haochen was shocked and couldn’t help but glance over in Lin Xin’s direction. The Devil Dragon McDull transformed into was surely not a genuine Devil Dragon, but had some of its basic abilities, being a true powerhouse of the ninth step! ninth step! But in front of Lin Chen, he had already lost all fighting abilities in a short span of time. This was by no way a strength that a junior mage of the ninth step should possess.

Lin Xin showed a bitter smile, “Sacred Sun Curse is the crystallisation of the research made throughout all grandpa’s life. Although it is not a domain, it can to some extent match a domain, combining three fires at once to unleash a fire mage’s might to the greatest extent.”

Long Haochen nodded, “Looks like this battle will be quite a trial for Ying’er.”

In a battle between a summoner and a mage, the contest should be based on the parties’ cultivations and casting speed. But Lin Chen relied on his incantation method Saint Yang to not only make his chanting speed very fast, but also greatly boost his magic power. That golden fire even exceeded Long Haochen’s Heart of Fire in temperature. In innate talent and luck, Lin
Xin by far surpassed his grandfather, but there was still quite a gap in their knowledge on fire.

Inside the stadium, after Lin Chen released his golden red flames, his offense got slightly slower, but the distant Chen Ying’er already completed her first summoning magic.

A white hexagram appeared on her body, and a long dragon cry reverberated immediately, as out came a dragon over ten meters long.

In volume, this Ice Dragon was below the Devil Dragon McDull transformed into, as it looked like a juvenile dragon. But it wasn’t any Earth Dragon or subdragon, but a true dragon from Shengmo Dalu.

All summoners from the Spiritual Temple seeing this scene all felt great degrees of excitement. To summon a gigantic dragon was the greatest glory for a summoner, even if it was a juvenile dragon.

Summoners generally had two categories of summoning magic. One kind was the summoning of living creatures from other planes, which would either die or return to their plane after the battle. Then a future summon would basically never call an already summoned magical beast. Then another kindThen another kind was a summon by kind. After concluding a pact, a summoner could absolutely not let the summoned beast die lightly, because that beast would grow in strength alongside its summoner. Although their degrees of intimacy couldn’t match contracted beasts, these pacted beasts could be called part of the summoner’s strength.

A basis of the difference in strength between summoners was their numbers of pacted beasts. So the death of a pacted beast would be a considerable blow to the summoner.

Generally, summoners could get a pacted beast at every supplementary step of cultivation. Although they weren’t summons requiring no chanting time like contracted beasts, they were quite faster to summon than ordinary summons of the same grade.
From Chen Ying’er’s previous incantation duration, summoners all understood that this juvenile Ice Dragon was actually a pacted beast.

What they didn’t know was that this Ice Dragon was the first beast which had concluded a pact with Chen Ying’er. Since she was not able to use any summoning magic before reaching the seventh step, she had to bear without making any beast contracts. After reaching the seventh step, she always remained in the Spiritual Temple, where she achieved her awakening as the Saint Spiritual Girl. Then, when following Long Haochen back into deep demon territory, her strength kept rising, but she didn’t have any contract from beginning to end.

When they departed from the Tower of Eternity, Chen Ying’er’s cultivation had already attained the ninth step, so she found this juvenile Ice Dragon thanks to her special connections as the Saint Spiritual Girl, and concluded her first pact. And this was, right now, the first time for this Ice Dragon to fight for Chen Ying’er.

Actually, Chen Ying’er had already suffered quite a loss against Lin Chen, having not summoned an Ice Dragon first, but her own self-created six Earth Dragons able to release the Elemental Cage.

From her view, McDull’s transformation into Devil Dragon would at least resist in front of Lin Chen’s attacks for a certain time, making Lin Chen’s loss inevitable in front of her Elemental Cage.

Chapter 687

Against her expectations, Lin Chen’s Saint Sun Curse was just too powerful, to the extent that McDull would only be able to resist two rounds before suffering a painful defeat. This forced Chen Ying’er to change her incantation to call out the Ice Dragon to battle in the shortest time, adapting her tactics to Lin Chen’s great power. Otherwise, with Lin Chen’s follow-up attack, she was afraid to be unable even to complete her next incantation.

As the Saint Spiritual Girl, Chen Ying’er needed a far shorter time for her incantations than ordinary people, requiring only about three seconds to chant a pacted beast’s summon, which is how she managed to call out this Ice Dragon so fast.

In over four years of seclusion, Chen Ying’er gained a lot of understanding regarding summons, but did not perform any more Spirit Bestowals other than the six Heart Dragons. That’s because she sensed that Spirit Bestowal showed even greater effects with McDull and her pacted beast, causing a lot of fantastic variation.

The Ice Dragon howled upon appearance, spreading out both its wings to protect Chen Ying’er behind its back, while releasing an icy-blue breath at Lin Chen.

Lin Chen’s face fell. Naturally, he didn’t believe that defeating McDull would achieve victory against Chen Ying’er, as this young girl showed her ability as a Spirit Master of the ninth step in the previous match, very capable in summoning magical beasts, her previous Creature Summoning Gate having caused the surge of myriads of beasts, making it very hard to resist. This was also why he utilized Sacred Sun Curse right off the bat,
because he couldn’t let Chen Ying’er unleash her might to make use of her summoning magic to the greatest extent.

The gold-red dragon head was still growing out from the Saint Sun, when it finished gathering its power and released another gold-red breath with the same thickness, passing through the vast sky instantly to shoot straight at the Ice Dragon.

The gap of strength between the Ice Dragon and Saint Sun was visible to everyone inside the hot stadium. Only the areas surrounding Chen Ying’er and the Ice Dragon were not affected by the heat dispersed by the Saint Sun Fire Dragon which caused all the areas to feel boiling hot.

Without a doubt, the Saint Sun Fire Dragon was much stronger, and furthermore, Lin Chen’s incantation was still ongoing. No one knew what would be the next move for him to combine with Saint Sun Curse, but everyone predicted that it would in no way be weak.

The battle having come to this stage, Chen Ying’er was in an extremely disadvantageous position.

“God Descent, Myriad Beast Rank Rise!” Chen Ying’er had a tenacious look; don’t underestimate her for ordinarily being very playful, as a matter of fact, Ying’er’s a very competitive person. Yang Wenzhao having washed out, she would by no means permit herself to get eliminated like that

Chen Ying’er’s body suddenly produced milky-white drizzles, and immediately, a great illusory image lifted itself off her back.

That silhouette seemed to be human shaped, but the instant it appeared, the whole stadium started reverberating with astonishing sounds of beasts’ roars. What a spectacular scene! Even just these sounds caused Lin Chen’s body to sway, and affected the Saint Sun Dragon as well.

Two drizzling radiances were emitted from Chen Ying’er’s body, one of which landed on the distant McDull, who was resisting the Saint Sun Flames, and the other one on the Ice Dragon right in front of her.
Immediately, fantastic scenes surged out.

What came to sight first was this gigantic Ice Dragon in front of Chen Ying’er. It instantly swelled, her ice-blue attack turning entirely white. A drizzling white ice fog covered a half of the stadium in the blink of an eye, the Ice Dragon suddenly shooting up to a length of over thirty meters. Its breath forcibly stopped the Saint Sun Dragon’s flames, ice and gold-red interweaving and causing a disruption.

This was already the appearance of an adult Ice Dragon!

The powerhouses in the Spiritual Temple were all dumbstruck at this scene. As far as they remembered, there had never been a summoning spell enabling instantly raising an infant magical beast to adulthood, causing it to rise rise to its adult strength!

On the other side, McDull who received the boost from the white glow released by Chen Ying’er also sustained massive changes. His body abruptly inflated by close to twice, turning into a gigantic black dragon over thirty meters long, letting out low roars while releasing its dark-purple- colored darkness spiritual energy which corroded the Saint Sun Flame at great speed.

Shockingly, McDull let out another long cry, its black body rapidly turning white. Numerous changes continued to appear, until it transformed instantly into an adult Ice Dragon flapping its both wings to fly toward Chen Ying’er, and released a breath toward the distant Lin Chen.

This is... Shapeshift?
The summoners all watched the battle before their eyes dumbstruck! Even the most experienced summoners were in deep shock; Chen Ying’er’s summoning magics were something they had never seen or heard about before! What were those abilities?
The appearance of a second Ice Dragon caused Lin Chen’s look to change greatly. Facing one adult Ice Dragon was already very tough, so with this second one here, his Saint Sun Fire would hardly keep its advantage.

Chen Ying’er kept the same complexion as she kept chanting. Without the boost from her Saint Spiritual Dress, her magic force was limited, but never forget that she’s the first Spiritual Saint Daughter to have ever appeared in the past several thousand years in the Spiritual Temple.

The huge figure on her back was the God’s Descent of the Beast God. After over four years of deep meditation, Chen Ying’er came to choose her own path: just like Lin Xin went for the path simplifying complex magic and Sima Xian went for a berserk fighting style, her path was a perfect integration of the Beast God’s abilities.

Those two white glows were from her domain which was created from fusing her Spiritual Bestowal and God’s Descent: the Beast God Domain.

The Beast God Domain’s power lay in its powerful single-target effects at a large range. Its only effect was amplification, taking effect on Chen Ying’er’s summons.

The juvenile Ice Dragon having transformed into an adult Ice Dragon upon getting the Mythological Beast Domain’s boost, and McDull and McDull having also gotten his strength boosted significantly. Aimed on a larger scale, the individual boost would get smaller as the number of targets increased.

“Should be my turn.” Chen Ying’er declared secretly, her incantation coming to a sudden stop as she spread her hands up, and directed them to the sky. Immediately, the immense figure on her back shattered, turning into countless lustering dots of light heading for Chen Ying’er’s two Ice Dragons and merging into their bodies.

“God’s Descent Transient Power, Domain! Chen Ying’er made a cute shout, causing an unforgotten sight to appear.”
The two Ice Dragons raised their heads, their eyes turning instantly into an ice blue color. Immediately, the interior of the whole stadium turned the same color, that extreme ice going as far as to even suppress the multicolored barrier outside the stadium, causing crackling sounds on it.

Lin Chen’s next magic was just done being prepared, but he found out shockingly that the temperature of his Saint Sun was actually plummeting, as the magic was forcibly broken off. A piercing chilliness assailed him immediately, freezing him as still as an ice sculpture.

Li Zhengzhi’s look immediately sharpened, shooting a sharp glance and firmly holding the armrests, as his tone went much higher than ordinarily, “Dual domains!”

The phenomenon of dual domains could be interprated in two ways, either as a simultaneous launch of two domains, or as someone wielding two different domains at once. But the current situation was visibly the former, as these two domains were clearly not coming from Chen Ying’er.

These were the very same domain belonging to an Ice Dragon, Domain of Extreme Cold.

If that was only one Domain of Extreme Cold, perhaps Lin Chen could have resisted by the means of his Saint Sun Curse, but two simultaneous domains produced far more power than a sum of one plus one! After all, Lin Chen was not a domain wielding powerhouse, and his Saint Sun Curse was suppressed greatly by his opponent’s attribute. His magic being broken through, he ended up sealed in the Domains of Extreme Cold.

Chen Ying’er had relied on the Beast God Domain’s extreme amplificationsDomain’s extreme amplifications to bestow McDull and the Ice Dragon with domains’ simultaneously. Although it only lasted for a short time, that was enough against Lin Chen.

Without the Spiritual Saint Robe’s backing, the use of the Beast God Domain’s providencial boost caused Chen Ying’er to visibly become pale right afterwards. But standing in this world of ice, she gave off a sacred feel, just like a snow lotus, devoid of any impurity.
On the sixth lounge, all the referees coming from Demon Hunt Squads poured their spiritual energy into the barrier for the sake of stabilizing it to prevent the dual domains from making effect, but their spiritual energy was depleted at great speed, showing the terror of these united domains’ effects.

“Put that domain away, this match is your victory!” Chen Zidian’s voice reverberated, while a golden-bright and dazzling light spread from the sky, landing onto the iced Lin Chen’s body.

Chen Ying’er ended her show, terminating her boosts: just like the Domain of Extreme Cold came fast, it disappeared fast, instantly returning the stadium to normal.

McDull returned to its little pig shape and hopped into Chen Ying’er arms, her body having turned quite scorched, and the Ice Dragon, also shrunken down, disappeared in the hexagram under its feet.

The auxiliary head of the Mage Temple, Lin Chen, had lost.

At the time the frozen golden pillar of light wrapped around Lin Chen, he returned to his senses, still having chills upon remembering the previous ice. With a light sigh, he shook his head and returned to the direction of the Mage Temple.

Even Li Zhengzhi couldn’t really blame anyone, he had done all he could, but the enemy’s dual domains were just too powerful.

Lin Chen was actually not really convinced, thinking secretly that if he had made his breakthrough twenty years ago to the ninth step, and transformed his Sacred Sun into a domain, it would not necessarily have lost in front of the dual Domain of Extreme Cold. What a real shame, thinking that Saint Sun Cure could really be developed further if he had the capabilities, he couldn’t help but feel a burst of sadness.

Chapter 688

Chen Ying’er didn’t have an easy match, after terminating her Domain of Extreme Ice, her body swayed slightly as she strolled out from the stage.

The summoners from the Spiritual Temple were all stupefied by that match. So, it was actually possible for a summoner to use such means. This was the very first domain to accomplish such a feat in the Spiritual Temple; even Chen Hongyu’s Beast Emperor Domain was far from comparing.

Chen Ying’er used her own strength to prove Sanshui’s previous statement. Indeed, at her level, Sanshui was really in no way her opponent.

Bright Glimmer of Hope gradually gained more and more approval from the Six Great Temples’ powerhouses.

The one with the deepest impression was Li Zhengzhi, who originally had believed Long Haochen to be the only really outstanding one in the crew, with at most only Cai’er being remarkable too. But, from the previous battle, he could see that their other members did not fall behind either! Chen Ying’er and Wang Yuanyuan both wielded domains, and greatly powerful ones, causing Zhengzhi to conclude that even he would undoubtedly need to expend massive ressources to beat them.

The tournament went on: after this round, only twenty-four more people were left. The battles were especially spectacular: Chen Ying’er and Lin Chen’s battles were not the only bright spots. The later matches were brilliant and varied because the contestants were becoming more and more powerful. Domains frequently appeared in the stadium, and the spectacle
was the most satisfying to the spectators. How would they witness such great strengths without the Temples’ Great Gathering?

Amongst Bright Glimmer of Hope, Han Yu lost, Bright Glimmer of Hope having finally exhausted its good luck when he came upon Chen Ying’er’s grandfather, the head of the Spiritual Temple Chen Hongyu. In front of the powerful Beast Emperor Domain, he still managed to last for over ten minutes before getting defeated, and his comrade, a Demonic Eye Tyrant also left a very deep impression, being a powerhouse at the peak of the eighth step, blessed with powerful mental suppression and control, even greatly counteracting the effects of the Beast Emperor Domain. But, unfortunately, the Demonic Eye Tyrant would need to make an extraordinary encounter to possibly be able to evolve further. Zhang Fangfang, Han Yu, Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi all faced the difficulty of having mounts that would hardly evolve to the ninth step.

By chance, Zhang Fangfang, Lin Xin, Sima Xian, and Wang Yuanyuan also achieved victory against their opponents, clearing the third round smoothly.

Amongst Bright Glimmer of Hope, only Long Haochen and Cai’er were left to participate, only four matches being left in this third round.

Right now, the calm look maintained so far on Long Haochen’s face had a slight change. It wasn’t an impossible thing to be drawn against a teammate in this individual competition, especially when only eight people remained, so Cai’er and him had fair odds of clashing against each other.

Thinking of this, Long Haochen unconsciously reminisced a scene from the Demon Hunt Selection of that time, when Cai’er chose to give up upon meeting him. Was history going to repeat itself? Thinking back to his past promise to Lin Xin, about how he had forgotten to warn Cai’er at that time, ultimately ending up hurting her, Long Haochen’s gaze became a lot warmer.

Lightly holding Cai’er’s hand, he declared, “If we run against each other, I will be the one to concede this time, understood?”
Cai’er had a slight start, “Haochen, you...”

Long Haochen smiled to her, “In those years, you clearly could beat me, yet chose to give up on the match. Why shouldn’t I be allowed to concede this one?”

Cai’er laughed in reaction, “Idiot, don’t think about it. Do you even take the circumstances to be the same now compared to the past? At that time, winning or losing did not matter, but this match relates to our future resistance against demonkind. You are Bright Glimmer of Hope’s captain, our leader! Oh, looks like our match won’t get to take place.”

During their discussion, the light of selection selection landed onto Cai’er as well as Sheng Yue, another contestant in the Assassin Temple’s area opposite.

Seeing Sheng Yue’s unreconciled look, Long Haochen couldn’t help but laugh, “Look, that great-grandfather-in-law wants to have a go against you.”

Cai’er let out a low laugh and replied, “It won’t happen.”

As expected, without need for Cai’er to step down, the opposite Sheng Yue had already declared, “I believe there to be no match and give up this match.” After saying that, he returned to his seat without even walking away.

Who could expect there to be three leading figures to already give up, the most simply eliminated being Sheng Yue, who actually directly conceded, immediately declaring himself to be no match. This was already the second time the Assassin Temple was confronted with Cai’er.

From Bright Glimmer of Hope’s six, only one person had yet to appear on stage.

The light of selection only shifted slightly from Cai’er to Long Haochen, lighting up him and his opponent from the Knight Temple.
The two sides were from the same Temple.

That was a knight of high seniority, looking quite a bit older than Long Tianying, who stood up slowly and nodded to Long Haochen seated in the last row, his aged voice sounding very firm, “Let this be a showdown between two knights.” After saying this, he advanced in large strides toward the field.

Long Haochen unconsciously looked at his grandfather, Long Tianying, who showed him a helpless smile. Haochen was slightly shocked, as his grandfather’s expression was telling him that he had no way to influence this old knight. In fact, a Divine Knight had an almost supreme authority, meaning that this knight going beyond Long Tianying’s control surely held a very high position as well.

Long Haochen followed this golden knight into the stadium before taking the initiative to accelerate while going across the arena from the old knight. This was an etiquette as a junior to a senior: he couldn’t just stand here and let the elder do the job of increasing the distance.

“I am Yang Haoyu, an elder who doesn’t who doesn’t care about all these matters. Since Haohan couldn’t come this time, I am thanking you on his behalf for saving and bringing back the only child of our Yang family.” Saying that, he performed a knight salute to Long Haochen.

Long Haochen finally recognized this elder: that was actually Yang Haohan’s brother, and very possibly an elder brother from his looks. No wonder even his grandpa was very polite to him. Hurriedly, he returned the politeness formally.

Yang Haoyu’s stagnant look remained on Long Haochen, “I have heard Haohan mention you long before. You are really outstanding, surpassing your grandfather and father. But you are, after all, still too young. There are no conceding knights in the Knight Temple. If you want me to approve you completely, then it’s simple, defeat me. Please”

Saying that, this old knight shouted loudly and a trail of golden light lit up on his back, dividing into two straight lines and very rapidly moving
to either side as a golden cloud of light forced its way between them and engulfed Yang Haoyu, wrapping around his body. That bright golden light spread over his body, instantly forming a golden armor covering his whole body as a pair of heavy swords formed in his hands. An imposing demeanor rose from him, glinting into the surroundings, causing Long Haochen to feel as if he’d been placed in the midst of outer space, with a ferocious beast there among the stars opening its mouth to swallow him.

Seeing this scene, Li Zhengzhi abruptly became greatly alarmed, the look on his face changing greatly, “That’s him! So he actually came. No wonder the Knight Temple didn’t even send Long Xingyu. Hasn’t he been secluded for already close to fifty years?”

Tan Wan had lost her previous battle, but, because the round was not over, she was still inside the area for candidates from the Mage Temple, and couldn’t help but ask curiously in reaction, “Who is this person, Teacher? Could he be even stronger than a Divine Knight?”

Li Zhengzhi ordinarily had a beaming look, which had remained, as usual, even whenusual, even when running against Long Tianying earlier. But for this knight to cause his look to change so greatly, he clearly had some unordinary aspects.

Li Zhengzhi’s look gradually came back to normal, explaning, “In some ways, he’s the true number one powerhouse in the Knight Temple. If he had obtained the approval of a Divine Throne back then, maybe he could have risen as the true commander of the Six Great Temples and the Temple Alliance wouldn’t be so dispersed either.”

“What?” Tan Wan was shocked, having never heard her teacher give such a high evaluation of another person, moreover someone from the Knight Temple. Li Zhengzhi had some reservations regarding even Long Haochen, believing him to still be way too young.

Li Zhengzhi continued, “He is called Yang Haoyu, and is really a legendary character. The head of the Temple Alliance Yang Haoyu is actually his younger brother, but in some sense, Yang Haohan can also be
considered his disciple, and you can well imagine from this how strong he is.”

“He’s close to thirty years older than Yang Haoyu: back then, when Yang Haohan first made his name, Yang Haoyu had just joined the Knight Temple, possessing an extremely high talent and powerful character, causing Yang Haoyu to be acclaimed as a knight with the bearing of a king. And, he’s a Retribution Knight; reportedly, the Knight Temple’s only Divine Retribution Knight, Long Xingyu, is training using the Retribution Knight records he left.”

“Yang Haoyu never makes use of any offensive equipment, because he has a really extraordinary magical beast called Starry Sky. This kind of magical beast already goes beyond the realm of magical beast, being an existence intrinsically belonging to the ninth step.   It is able transform into any shape, aid Yang Haoyu in his cultivation, and help him absorb heavenly energy from the sun and the moon. In terms of seniority, he is above me, and I don’t even know when it was that he had broken through the ninth step, but he accomplished an unprecedented feat. He refused to become a Divine Knight.”

Chapter 689

“What?” Tan Wan lost her voice, “How could that be? Becoming a Divine Knight means having at least one divine tool, as well as becoming an auxiliary head of the Knight Temple.”

Lin Zhengzhi sighed, “ Of course, Yang Haoyu knew this much, but he is really overly proud. This genius with a Starry Sky of the ninth step immediately gained approval from a Divine Throne, and if at that time he had accepted, he would immediately have become a Divine Knight. But he didn’t do so, and chose to issue a request to the greatest, and never before used Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. ”

“In the end, the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation rejected him, and he did not choose another Divine Throne. After being bestowed the title of Starry Sky Holy Knight, he started to undergo a long time of seclusion, and, reportedly, he attempted to gain once again the approval from the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, but, in the end, he did not succeed. Because his time spent in seclusion was just too long, he has since long disappeared from the watch of the Six Great Temples’ higher- ups. I didn’t expect Yang Haohan to have actually invited him to this Temples’ Great Gathering.”

Reaching that point, Li Zhengzhi’s expression became quite desolate, “It looks that I was too confident in myself. The Knight Temple’s trump card...”

Tan Wan seemed to become unconvinced, “Teacher, could it be that you are still unable to defeat him?”
Li Zhengzhi shook his head, “If I am up against him, my odds of victory are definitely under fifty percent even without restrictions, and the use of equipment being allowed. Have a good look, he will show you the strength of a Starry Sky Divine Beast. It is regarded as the number one divine beast, and Yang Haoyu is the chief elder of the Knight Temple. This time, Long Haochen should get taught a deep lesson, but that’s good as well. He’s too young, and to a youngster, getting defeated is sometimes the best lesson one can have.”

If Long Haochen could hear

Li Zhengzhi’s words, he would surely be left with a deep impression, because he formerly suffered a blow of the most massive kind, costing him his own life. Now that he was living a second life, he had long since become entirely transparent, as peaceful as water.

Long Haochen did not know that Yang Haoyu had such a glorious history. Looking at the armor and weapon on him, he couldn’t help but feel startled, though his gaze very rapidly returned to normal, a golden hexagon having appeared around him.

Despite not knowing about Yang Haoyu’s glory, he could sense a massive threat from him, and didn’t feel confident in being able to defeat this powerful knight.

The hexagonal light in front of Long Haochen was mild, glinting in golden color, and slowly tracing lines of multicolored halos. Multicolored light symbolized a special realm, an existence equivalent in some ways to divine tools.

Immediately, a tall figure appeared in front of Long Haochen, measuring over four meters, and over two meters tall. It had a pair of massive wings spreading out from his two sides, and was entirely lustrous gold colored. The sole horn atop its head was colored in the seven colors of the rainbow, and the instant it appeared, a light essence gushed out throughout the whole stadium, making visible the multicolored light spiralling around its body. The dots of starlight that had originally appeared in the air were dispelled in the scope of this multicolored halation.
“Divine Unicorn?” Yang Haoyu was shocked upon looking at the magical beast standing in front of Long Haochen.

In legends, some magical beasts were known as the optimum mounts for knights, and knights possessing such mounts were given a special name.

First, the number one ranked were Divine Gigantic Dragon Riding Knights, followed by Divine Unicorn Riding Knights, followed by all the types of dragon-riding knights. Divine Unicorns were ranked number two for the massive boosts and glory they gave to a knight.

Yang Haoyu was named Starry Sky Holy Knight because of his mount too, but a Starry Sky Divine Beast was not even written down in any ancient records, so it did not appear in in the original ranking of the mount titles of knights. Because of its great power, it was added onto the ranking afterwards, but Long Haochen’s Divine Unicorn was the true second-ranked being in the rankings.

Long Haochen’s figure flashed to sit on the Divine Unicorn’s back. Immediately, the latter dispersed a multicolored halation, rendering his body multicolored, as well as causing Long Haochen’s figure to look blurry.

There used to be a legend in ancient times that girls had as an ideal for a lover someone who could step through multicolored clouds, clad in golden saint armor. Those so called multicolored clouds pointed at Divine Unicorns, as for the golden saint armor, the current humankind did not know what it was, but in some manner, a Divine Throne could definitely be regarded as such. Isn’t that so?

A Divine Unicorn had already not appeared for many years, having vanished from Shengmo Dalu long ago. No one imagined that Long Haochen would actually summon such a mount to aid him in battle. Being disallowed from using equipment did not mean mounts’ boosts were forbidden.

After a short time of surprise, Yang Haoyu’s look very rapidly returned to normal, but he did not immediately rush to the assault, but spoke toward the lounge of the Knight Temple, “Chief referee, I have a request. Because of
my magical beast, I have no use for weapons, so my ability is unrelated to weaponry. So I will be clearly advantaged after summoning my comrade. Therefore, please especially permit Long Haochen to use any of his other equipment in this battle.”

These words immediately shocked everyone present. Despite being fully aware that Long Haochen had summoned a Divine Unicorn, ranked number two among knight mounts, Yang Haoyu unexpectedly still requested to permit him the use of other equipment. Was this out of pride? He visibly viewed Long Haochen to be far from being his own opponent.

On the side of the Knight Temple’s resting area for contestants, all Bright Glimmer of Hope had grotesque looks upon hearing Yang Haoyu’s words. Lin Xin couldn’t help but remark, “Isn’t this old knight overly self- confident? Could it be that he that he didn’t see Boss’ Light God Domain.”

Long Tianying swept him with a glance, and declared lightly, “Youngsters being self-confident is a good thing, but they mustn’t become blindly arrogant. Haochen is outstanding, but I am not optimistic in his victory. You should all know that as early as fifty years ago, Brother Yang was known as the Starry Sky Holy Knight, whose fame matched with Chen Zidian, and, although he was not a Divine Knight, he was still the number one powerhouse of the Knight Temple. If not for the utter importance of this Temples’ Great Gathering, we wouldn’t have requested Brother Yang to step into the fights. Haochen’s father, my son Long Xingyu, is only at most a follower learning from the records Brother Yang left behind.”

Hearing Long Tianying say this much, all Bright Glimmer of Hope’s member felt that Long Haochen was facing a really powerful existence.

A Divine Knight was only a follower using the records he left behind, and an even stronger existence than the legendary Chen Zidian… What’s with Boss’ luck!

Long Tianying calmly declared, “I have no qualms telling you now that even through I am not sure of whether Li Zhengzhi managed to break
through successfully, there is only one person who managed to break through the fourth rank of the ninth step prior to Li Zhengzhi, and that person is this Starry Sky Holy Knight.”

Hearing that, all Bright Glimmer of Hope’s members couldn’t help but feel shocked. All of them aside from Duan Yi and Yang Wenzhao had reached the ninth step, but came to deeply understand how hard cultivation gets upon reaching this realm. Almost every hundred spiritual energy would come with its own bottleneck, so what could it mean to have broken through the fourth rank of the ninth step? It meant that Yang Haoyu’s internal spiritual energy surpassed four hundred thousand. And they all knew about Long Haochen’s current cultivation: second rank of the ninth step, and stopped at the bottleneck to the third rank. But having the Heart of Eternity gave him an extra ninty thousand spiritual energy, causing his internal spiritual energy to alreadyenergy to already be over two hundred ninety thousand.

However, he was still only at the peak of the second rank, having yet to get to the third rank, while Yang Haoyu already reached the fifth rank’s realm.

At the ninth step, every rank had enormous gaps, affecting a lot of variables. One could say that every rank to break through upon reaching the ninth step would require expending great efforts which are no easier than the initial breakthrough to the ninth step.

But, after a short time of shock, the group very rapidly calmed down, sitting upright and watching in the direction of the stadium.

Long Tianying found out with shock that these youngsters all looked confident and resolved. For them to remain so confident despite knowing about Yang Haoyu’s strength meant that they all held a sort of faith toward Long Haochen deep in their hearts. And this faith gave them an absolute certainty on Long Haochen’s victory.

“Since you say so, Long Haochen is specially allowed to make use of equipment.” Chen Zidian replied very rapidly, unexpectedly agreeing in a
premise that the overwhelming majority of the spectators believed that this chief referee would not possibly accept.

Some slightly younger higher-ups from the Six Great Temple felt incomprehension. The Great Temples’ Gathering promoted fairness at the top, but could it be called fair for the other contestants to permit the use of equipment to Long Haochen.

But the older veterans watched Yang Haoyu attentively. Even those who hadn’t met this legendary Starry Sky Holy Knight before had all heard about his story before.

Long Haochen had already won against Qiu Yonghao, becoming the representative individual of the younger generation. In this match, the issue of the final victor did not even matter any more. More importantly, all those people involved by the Mage Temple had great changes of heart.

For the Knight Temple to have a powerhouse such as the Starry Sky Holy Knight, and moreover a great pride such as Long Haochen in this younger generation, could the Mage Temple really take over their rule? People with eyes to see all knew the answer to that question.

Chapter 690

Li Zhengzhi was certainly outstanding, and he had especially prepared his plans for this Temples’ Great Gathering for a long time, but he had already lost, outdone by the previous head of the Temple Alliance Yang Haoyu, the true victor in this battle of intrigue.

After Yang Haoyu gained Chen Zidian’s approval, he nodded to Long Haochen, “Alright, you can use your equipment now.”

“Thanks a lot, senior.” Long Haochen nodded to him and bowed forward, the Gold Foundation Armor appearing under his feat. That armor glistening in orange color instantly covered his upper body. When he leapt back on the Divine Unicorn’s back, he had a heavy sword in each of his hands.

The heavy sword on his left hand glistened in white, and the heavy sword in his right hand shone in gold red, carrying a multicolored brilliance. These were Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, as well as the Aria of the Goddess of Light.

Looking at the fully equipped Long Haochen, Yang Haoyu unwittingly now had an appreciative look, admiring Long Haochen’s steadiness.

Another youngster of Long Haochen’s age with such accomplishments would surely have a proud mindset. Yang Haoyu giving him a special permission to use his equipment in this match was undoubtedly a form of contempt. But right after obtaining the chief referee Chen Zidian’s permission, he chose to take out his equipment with neither arrogance nor impatience. His look remained just as calm, with no changes in his
emotional aspect. This steadiness was already far beyond other people of this age.

“Please, give me your guidance, senior.” Long Haochen lightly knocked the Aria of the Goddess of Light on his left shoulder, indicating his preparedness to Yang Haoyu.

Yang Haoyu nodded lightly, inclining the heavy swords in his hands,
“Let’s start then.”

With this call, the bodies of the two glinted brilliantly.

A dense golden light extended all around Long Haochen’s body, accompanied with shrill sounds which flooded the whole stadium toward Qiu Yonghao’s direction.

But, Yang Haoyu’s body liberated a similar resplendent golden luster, though it seemed to emerge in the midst of a night sky unlike Long Haochen’s.

With Yang Haoyu’s body as center, a wide expense of surrounding air turned into stars, just as if he was standing in the midst of a starry sky. In this starry sky, countless golden dots of light brought fantastic fluctuations of spiritual energy, clashing against Long Haochen’s Light God Domain.

The domains of the two parties stretched forward with power, as the distance between the two of them increased.

On one side was a vast and pure expense of gold, and on the other side was a mysterious and boundless starry sky. After the two great domains appeared, they contrasted each other on every point.

Yang Haoyu spoke insipidly, “Your Light God Domain is established on the basis of your affinity and comprehension of light as a god’s chosen one. My light originates from the starry sky, which is not from this world and is not subject to the control of this world’s god of light. So, you cannot strip my light. These are my stars, take the blow of my star power.”
Saying that, Yang Haoyu remained motionless, lifting the heavy sword in his right hand and pointing it toward Long Haochen. Immediately, myriads of starry lights shot out from his domain, gathering into a sharp projectile while turning into perfectly straight golden light, bombarding Long Haochen’s direction.

The use of the stars’ power was Yang Haoyu’s self-created stars law.

This Starlight looked very gentle, but after entering Long Haochen’s domain, it seemed not to be affected in the slightest as it instantly reached out in front of Long Haochen.

Long Haochen didn’t respond to the attack with another attack. His huge wings spread out simultaneously as Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light in his left hand disappeared, replaced with a compact multicolored shield, held in front of him.

Ding. The instant that Starlight landed onto the Divine Snail Shield, it immediately issued metallic kinds of sounds.

Long Haochen was making use of Divine Obstruction, but felt right now as if a planet was ramming against his his body.

Instantly, the multicolored golden light on the Divine Snail Shield enlarged, and in the meantime, a bright light pulsed on Long Haochen’s chest: the Heart of Eternity.

In the previous battle against Qiu Yonghao, Long Haochen had relied on the heart of Eternity to repel the enemy with a single fist. Every time the Heart of Eternity would pulse, his spiritual energy would get refilled at rapid speed, and the multicolored golden light on the Divine Snail Shield would grow in intensity.

The Light God Domain turned into circles of golden halos, binding around Long Haochen’s body, as the space in the stadium seemed to sink deeply.
On the lounge, the chief referee Chen Zidian was in a standstill. Under his lead, all the referees were pouring with all their energy spiritual energy into the barrier to maintain its stability.

When the Starlight gradually weakened, Long Haochen’s body was pressed up against the barrier.

What a powerful blow! To resist this starlight, Long Haochen had to put forth almost all his strength. He really did not expect Yang Haoyu’s strength to actually reach such a level. Perhaps he could still not compare with the Demon God Emperor, but his cultivation was definitely at the grade of the Moon Demon God and Star Demon God.

Yang Haoyu had a faint smile, “Interesting, and you are not at full strength yet. Let me see where your limits lie!”

Myriads of Starlight rose up in his Star Domain, and his dual swords were lifted, tracing abstruse arcs in midair, to finally turn these myriads of Starlight into nine points which rotated in the air to gather as one, a perfect pure-white Starlight attack aimed against Long Haochen.

The instant this pure-white Starlight entered inside the Light God Domain, it immediately caused intense undulations in Long Haochen’s domain, as if ripping his Light God Domain apart.

This strike gathered the might of heaven and earth.

Long Haochen’s face was extremely stern, and the Divine Unicorn underneath him issued a shrill, causing a mystical multicolored light to gather onto its horn, spreading outwards. But Long But Long Haochen did not keep using his shield like before, shutting his eyes as the Heart of Eternity on his chest clearly gained in intensity.

Having gained the boost from Divine Unicorn, Long Haochen’s whole body was permeated with the seven colors of the rainbow. A phenomenon suddenly affected the fluctuations of the Light God Domain and they suddenly intensified, its bright light dispersed, instantly being reduced to ten meters of range around his body, pulsing to the rhythm of the beating
Heart of Eternity. It appeared just as though the whole Light God Domain had become an extension of the Heart of Eternity.

Meanwhile, the retractation of Long Haochen’s Light God Domain caused the scale of the Star Domain in the stadium to increase. From the looks of it, Long Haochen seemed oppressed to the extreme.

But upon contact with that retracting Domain of the Light God, that pure white Starlight unexpectedly came to a stop. Only a bit of it made it through, but stagnated alongside the pulse of the Light God Domain. At every pulse of the Light God Domain, that pure white holy light weakened gradually. The white stars gradually dispersed, turning golden and dulling with time, before finally turning into infinitely small starry dots.

Long Haochen opened his eyes that instant, executing a hacking motion with the Aria of the Goddess of Light in the right hand.

“Please take my blow, Senior.”

The Aria of the Goddess of Light turned into a brilliant gold color, and the retracted Light God Domain gathered into a wheel of light, launched slowly forward alongside a golden light projection from Long Haochen’s blade.

The previous Starlight attack that Yang Haoyu launched was dispersed at once, and after that golden light projection routed the Starlight attack, kept flying forward changing colors in the process to gradually turn white. Even more mysteriously, that bright blade projection issued sweet sounds everywhere it passed, giving off an auspicious and peaceful feeling of calm. Behind that blade projection of light appeared two pure-white wings.

Yang Haoyu had a grave look for the first time. Liftingfirst time. Lifting the heavy sword in his right arm, the Starlights inside the starry universe all lit up at once.

That white blade projection entered the Star Domain right after exiting the Light God Domain, not obstructed in the slightest wherever it passed.
When the nearest stars landed onto the white blade projection, a bizarre scene took place: that white projection slowed down once again, but its volume became twice larger, shattering those stars.

This was the first time for Yang Haoyu to encounter such a situation. Lifting the heavy sword in his right hand, he swept it through the empty air, gathering myriads of Starlights into a huge blade projection aimed at Long Haochen’s projection looking as light and unhindered as a feather.

The two blade projections of entirely contrasting size clashed.

On the surface, Long Haochen’s blade looked like it should suffer an immediate loss, but this contact immediately caused a state of stickiness between the blades.

The two light blades stopped simultaneously in midair, and Starlight slowly went up to curl up on the immense blade formed, causing Long Haochen’s little blade projection to slowly get expelled under its suppression. But in the process of this expulsion, the little light blade enlarged gradually, while the large light blade gradually shrank. The smaller light blade was also repelled at gradually slower speed.

“Disperse, break!” Yang Haoyu shouted loudly, waving the sword in his hands simultaneously. With a large bang, the Star Domain shivered greatly, as the Starlight Blade he had launched smashed into pieces at once, transforming into countless stars shooting out, and finally destroying Long Haochen’s blade projection in an intense explosion, turning into countless surges of white light. But they didn’t disperse, quietly flying back instead, to merge back into Long Haochen’s Light God Domain.

An intense heartbeat’s pulse reverberated through the whole stage, as, the instant this white light returned, the Light God Domain launched another counterattack against the Star Domain, forcing it back to the previous state of stalemate. Each party now took half of the sky as before.
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