Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 671-680

Chapter 671

Tan Wan had already been in Holy City for some time. For the sake of making some contribution during this Temples’ Great Gathering, she recently made all out efforts. The competition being on the verge of starting on the next day, Li Zhengzhi urged her strongly to take a stroll and relax her senses. This is why she went out from the Alliance’s general headquarters.

Just before, she accidentally caught sight of this white clad young man standing in front of the announcement paper. With her sharp sense for magic fluctuations, she immediately discerned the extraordinary facet of this man.

She had a very special feeling. Standing here, he looked human, but in her senses, this man was like a mass of light, a mass of very soft light, seemingly giving off no feelings of substance. That soft light gave off a great feeling of gentleness. Feeling very cozy, her tense feelings on the verge of the competition were greatly relaxed when looking at this young man's back.

This was clearly not an ordinary person. The young man’s special qualities greatly attracted Tan Wan’s attention; and she just came up to probe him for a bit.

Without a doubt, this was certainly a light user powerhouse. From his simple clothes, that should not be a mage. So could it be a priest? A warrior, assassin or knight would surely not be releasing such soft elemental fluctuations.

But what followed next shocked her greatly.
The wind essence she released was not brutal at all, her goal being only to interrupt this white clad young man’s surges of serenity. Just by pushing him back just a bit, that peaceful feeling should be interrupted at once.

But to Tan Wan’s shock, when her wind essence came in contact with that white clad young man’s back, it dispersed without a sound, turning into a breeze that revolved all around him, and rose up to fade away.

That person clearly didn’t do anything, so why did my wind essence obey his breath. His breath was all he had released, without the slightest transfer of spiritual energy!

Tan Wan was full of incomprehension, but even so, she only felt mystery from this man.

Unconsciously, Tan Wan strode forward and closed the gap with him, patting that white-clad young man’s back.

She had after all no evil intention, and didn’t have any wind essence in her hand, but some spiritual energy was gathered in her palm. At her level of cultivation, she was able to release powerful magic without even any chant or incantation.

But this time, that young man moved back. In a light flash, he shifted a meter away, causing Tan Wan’s palm to land in emptiness as he turned turned back.

“Long time no see, Tan Wan.”

This tall man’s face came to Tan Wan’s sight just as he turned back. Then her body shook intensely, as her gaze became instantly glued to him.

An exaggeratedly handsome face with golden hair draped behind his head, and a pair of golden eyes devoid of the slightest impurity. The warm smile on his face felt so pure, just like the aura dispersed from him.

Right, they had not met for close to five years, during which he became even taller, and even more steady and mature. He had gained a quite
stalwart look to replace the unripe features from five years ago. If Tan Wan were to describe his imposing manner, the only word to come to her mind would be perfect.’

It’s him! But how could it be? Wasn’t he missing since long before?

This handsome face was just too deeply engraved in Tan Wan’s memories. Wasn’t it right for the sake of surpassing him one day that she had been cultivating so hard during the past four years?

Seeing this missing boy reappear for real in front of her, Tan Wan felt her heartbeat visibly accelerate. This man felt like light itself, an existence of incredible level in her mind.

“Salute Temple Head Li on my behalf.” The white clad young man nodded to Tan Wan, before leaving in an unhurried walk.

Tan Wan just stood there, suddenly there, suddenly raising her head only after looking blank for several seconds, but that white figure had already disappeared completely from sight.

“Is that him? Is that really him? I’m not dreaming?” Tan Wan muttered irresolutely. She had formerly imagined many times the scene of their next encounter. Wasn’t it for the very objective of catching up to him she had been cultivating so assiduously? But seeing him again, she realized with a start that the gap between the two of them had only gotten even larger. Why is it that when I look at him, I have that same feeling of mystery as when I look at Teacher? Only, teacher’s feeling of depths is even more straightforward, while his feels just distant.

If he has really come back, then how about Teacher’s plans? Thinking so far, Tan Wan suddenly had a change of look, and ran in the opposite direction with almost no hesitation. A breeze was attached to her body, turning him into a green ray disappearing toward horizon.

Dawn rose gradually, and an expanse of white towered over the deep blue sky. Holy City was already in a bustling state.

All around the Alliance’s Great Stadium was an impenetrable crowd, aside from the few specialized entrances. But all around this stadium were ten projecting screens, broadcasting the stage of the Temples’ Great Gathering.

The magical crystal projector was invented longwas invented long ago, but was used very rarely, because its consumption was really massive. A magical crystal of the seventh step would last for only half an hour before being out of energy. The magical crystals of the ninth step would make it last longer, but inserting one in a magic projector would cause unredeemable damage to it. So in other words, maintaining the broadcast had cost ten magic crystals. And the hunt of magical beasts of the ninth step was nothing so easy! That was an astronomic fortune!

These masses which had surrounded the Alliance’s Great Stadium were aiming at getting closer to the magic screens, to see as clearly as possible this marvellous once-in-ten-years event.

For the sake of preserving the order in Holy City, the streams of people were separated, and close to twenty thousand practitioners were mobilized by the Six Great Temples to put order. But without a doubt, this being the location of the real event, almost everyone wished to watch from this area.

There was quite some time before the first day of the competition, but this area was already bustling since long ago. Some people even held various gambling events in private, some betting for the ordering of points accumulation amongst the Six Great Temples, some betting for the number one in this round, and some betting for the final champion.

Chapter 672

The Alliance could only turn a blind eye in this situation. After all, this was something they had no way to supervise perfectly. However, the Alliance would never set up their own gambling stalls, after all, the contest involved the Six Great Temples; doing that would surely cause them to be accused of controlling the results.

Today’s weather was good, with thin clouds hovering over the sky, mostly covered in dark blue. As the sun rose, a cleansing feeling spread to the people.

The rising sun illuminated the whole earth.

Half an hour later, the six entrances of the stadium opened, and spectators started entering under a strict inspection.

The spectators able to enter inside the Alliance’s Great Stadium had to either spend a lot of money, or had made enormous contribution for the Alliance.

Two girlish figures rapidly attracted all the surrounding attention because they were just too beautiful. The girl clad in a red gown had a fiery temper and enchanting looks, but very clear eyes; by her side was another girl wearing a white skirt, whose delicate purity made her appear just like a superior being.

“Wah, Ye Weiyang and Feng Ling’er!” Someone recognized them.
Right, these two absolute beauties were the current leaders of the Alliance’s Great Auction House, beautiful and possessing an enormous wealth and authority. But the most important point to a lot of male figures was that they were both unmarried!

Immediately, the calls of their names resonated all around like great tides.

Ye Weiyang had a smiling expression, waving at the surrounding masses without pause. But Feng Ling’er was a lot calmer, only advancing calmly. The two girls’ differences in temperaments gave them even greater popularity amongst the people, but, what a shame, these girls had powerhouses from the Six Great Temples on guard at their side. Breaking past them was totally impossible.

When the two girls’ figures disappeared in the entrance of the stadium, the excited calls gradually calmed down.

Spectators only had half an hour to enter the venue. Being late was unacceptable as the six entrances were reclosed very fast. The guards then became a lot stricter, because they knew that the real contestants were about to arrive.

Right at this time, an odd group had appeared at the entrance of the Temples’ Great Gathering.

Totalling ten, they were all clad in large cloaks, and had even their faces concealed, as they directly made their way inside the Knight Stadium.

The person in charge of guarding the entrance was a knight of the eighth step clad in Mythril Foundation Armor. Seeing the group come over, he couldn’t help but wrinkle his brows. What were the ones guarding the entrances doing? It was already past the right time, yet they were were actually allowed to enter.

With a wave of his hand, he intercepted these people, but very rapidly understood why they were allowed to pass. A brilliant insignia appeared right in front of his eyes.
The Mythril Foundation Knight beat his chest with his right fist, resonantly performing a standard knight salute, and actually making an exception by opening the door to let them enter.

A lot of people saw this scene, but they didn’t think about it too much. In their eyes, they were clearly some people from the Knight Temple.

After this small episode, a truly stirring event took place. Six teams appeared from six different passages.

These were thirty-six knights, thirty-six mages, thirty-six assassins, thirty-six warriors, thirty-six summoners, and thirty-six priests, all of whom entered simultaneously from all entrances of the stadium.

They were all clad in equipment symbolizing their own Temples.

The highest target of attention was from the Knight Temple: the one leading them had a tall build, his azure armor dispersing incomparable auras of mightiness. That was the armor transformed from the Divine Throne of Order and Law! Behind him was a row of Golden Foundation Armored Knights, whose golden-bright and dazzling sight dazzled the people’s eyes.

The contestants from the Knight Temple had come: Divine Knight Long Tianying and the thirty-five Golden Foundation Knights under his lead. These were the true greatest forces of the Knight Temple.

The Golden Temple.

The Golden Foundation Knights at the front even dispersed orange glints of the epic tier.

For a moment, the people’s cheers rose to a peak. How many times in their lives would they be able to see so many divine tools and equipment of epic and legendary tier? How could they not be excited?

Cheers could be heard on every corner of Holy City. Powerhouses of the Six Great Temples were entering the Alliance’s Great Stadium, and the
Temples’ Great Gathering was finally about to start.

Inside the Alliance’s Great Stadium.

This was totally different from the Demon Hunt Competition. At the time of the latter, the inside of the stadium was divided into three areas, each of which was assigned to a Temple. But these divided areas were now totally united as one, the huge stadium’s inside linked into a single one immense field. Everyone that entered was surely a shocking figure.

In the six directions were six honored guest lounges. They were elevated highly, and could all look down on the stage from a height. Don’t think that this is just an area for spectators: the guests in here were either powerhouses or great figures in the Alliance’s balance of power. And they were shouldering an important mission: to establish a defensive barrier covering the whole Alliance’s Great Stadium through a magic array on the guests’ lounge.

Contestants in the Temples’ Greatthe Temples’ Great Gathering were all powerhouses of the eighth step. What terrifying level would the spiritual energy fluctuations produced during their clashes reach? Without a sufficiently powerful defensive barrier, this stadium would already be wrecked in just a few matches.

Except from the ones in the honored guests’ lounge, the rest was only contestants in their resting areas. After the thirty-six people in each Temple entered, they returned to their own area to wait for the formal start of the Temples’ Great Gathering.

“The Six Great Temples’ contestants have all entered the stadium. Director referee, please give your instructions.” A vigorous and energetic voice resounded through the stage on the side of the Knight Temple.

Immediately, a vigorous voice sounded out, “Close the doors. Until the contests terminate, no one will be allowed to go through.”


Along with these sonorous sounds of collisions, the six gates closed slowly guarded by powerhouses of the eighth step from each Temple.

A voice full of august spread out, “I am Chen Zidian, referee for this year’s Temples’ Great Gathering. This year, fifty-four Demon Hunters will be acting as referees, ensuring fairness and equitability. The rules have been announced long ago, so I don’t have much more to say. Let the lots drawing ceremony start for the first stage, the individual competition.”

Chen Zidian, human legend and captain of the Demon God Slayers Demon Hunt Squad.

Chapter 673

When the name of Chen Zidian was heard in the Alliance’s Great Stadium, all contestants from the Six Great Temples stood up and made their salutations towards the Knight Temple’s guest lounge.

The Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope was the true pinnacle of human Demon Hunt Squads. Chen Zidian was their captain, who had led his Demon God Slayers all over the continent and greatly impeded the Demon God Emperor with the sheer strength of their Demon Hunt Squad. Their contribution to the Alliance was already beyond measure with contribution points.

For these human legends to appear there as referees of this gathering was something absolutely no one dared raised complaints about. In fact, even now, the other members of the Demon God Slayers were still in demon territory, hidden beneath the surface of Modu to keep watch over the Demon God Emperor’s activities. On the side of the Mage Temple, Li Zhengzhi had a very sinister look. He naturally wouldn’t have dared raise any complaints toward Chen Zidian, not on the basis of strength, but on the basis of sheer respect. Chen Zidian was possibly the elder with highest seniority in the whole Temple Alliance, so no one could raise a complaint at his holding the governmental office, and furthermore, he would surely raise a fair and just judgement.

What caused Li Zhengzhi’s complexion to look unsightly was that, yesterday, he heard from Tan Wan a name that should not affect him, but was really affecting his feelings.
He was back. Four years ago he was already at the eighth step. So, could he already be a fourth Divine Knight for the Knight Temple? If this was for real, that would add a terrible variable to this Temples’ Great Gathering. After all, at his age, he really had the best chance to rally supporters. The aged ones of the Knight Temple would surely be glowing with vitality because of his coming back. Right now, the Six Great Temples’ contestants were all seated in their respective seats, about to draw lots for selecting their opponent. The non-participation of the Priest Temple made the other hundred and eighty powerhouses from the other five Temples the only ones needing to participate in the drawing and contests. In a bit, the contestants would come to light, and undergo a selection. Every chosen two would immediately have their match under the powerful Demon Hunter’s watch.

Demon Hunters could be called part of an independent system. Their great strength and enormous contributions to the Alliance made them the best possible referees. Such a pick would guarantee fairness; no one should ever play tricks in such a place.

“Before the contest starts, I have a matter to announce.” Chen Zidian’s voice resounded once again. Hearing him, the overwhelming majority of the higher-ups of the Alliance were in states of shock, including the participating ones, because they didn’t hear about such an announcement beforehand at all.

Chen Zidian declared, “Based on the ruling of the Temples’ Great Gathering, any titled Demon Hunt Squad should be qualified to participate in the gathering under their squad name, and have their total points counted as well. I have received the application of a Titled Demon Hunt Squad. They will be participating in this gathering; based on the rules, I have given my acceptance to that. In a bit, they will be coming for the drawing of lots.”

This revelation raised a great commotion amongst the higher-ups form the Six Great Temples. A Demon Hunt Squad wanting to participate in the gathering? None of them had ever seen such a situation happen in their lives. Over the past thousand years, it had happened only twice or thrice at most. A Demon Hunt Squad participating there would at most be here for the sake of training, after all, even if a Titled Demon Hunt Squad had some
privileges, they were in the end limited in their numbers. How could there be a Demon Hunt Squad wanting to participate in this Temples’ Great Gathering? Were thy only here to polish their training? And in the Temple Alliance, the Titled Demon Hunt Squads were only just a few. So just which one was taking part?

Chen Zidian continued, “For the sake of reaching the minimum team count formally acceptable, acceptable, this Demon Hunt Squad was specially allowed to welcome other Demon Hunters, reaching the total count of ten, and none of their member exceed a hundred years of age, as per the rules. This Demon Hunt Squad’s name is Bright Glimmer of Hope.” A bright glow landed upon the Knight Temple’s lounge, shining in the area right between the knights’ and assassins’ resting areas. At some point, ten people had calmly appeared, all clad in large white gowns and wearing helmets. Only when this golden illumination shone upon them did the contestants and spectators take notice of them.

Outside from the Alliance’s Great stadium, the people around the entrance of the Knight Stadium realized immediately that these ten were actually those ones they saw arrive after the rest. They were actually Demon Hunters, and not people from the Knight Temple.

Right, they were back after going through four years of secluded training. Bright Glimmer of Hope was back and standing there, about to take part in this Temples’ Great Gathering. Bright Glimmer of Hope. This name was obscure to the overwhelming majority of the crowd. To say nothing about the masses, even among the higher-ups of the Six Great Temples, the ones aware of this name were just a few.

Hearing Chen Zidian’s announcement, the most most shocked was the head of the Mage Temple, Li Zhengzhi. Never did he expect Long Haochen to actually choose not to participate the Temples’ Great Gathering on the side of the Knight Temple, but under his Demon Hunt Squad’s name. Just what was he planning? Could it be that he really believed their nameless Titled Demon Hunt Squad to be able to contend with the Temples? Chen Zidian continued, “I swear on my honor as a Demon Hunter that Bright Glimmer of Hope’s participation won’t give rise to any discrimination. May the ballot drawings start.” Two white glows abruptly appeared on top
of the dome, and in the meantime, a multicolored light slowly shone upon the surroundings of the stadium, spreading a defensive barrier. This barrier was constructed through the work of a lot of powerhouses, and was able to even withstone divine tools or domains’ bombardment without bombardment without getting destroyed. The main controller of the whole defensive barrier was Chen Zidian himself! Two white rays flickered intensely, and the next moment, they suddenly stopped, and in two directions, each shone on a person.

How coincidental, these two rays shone upon the Knight Temple and Mage Temple’s areas.

Two figures immediately came out and got inside the great stadium.

The first battle of the Temples’ Great Gathering would start, and the judges were all on the lounges. They only focused on maintaining the barrier, and had no specialist about to enter the stadium.

How could the powerhouses able to participate in the Temples’ Great Gathering not be able to determine a winner by themselves? If the two parties really were extremely close in strength, Chen Zidian would be the one to personally determine a winner and a loser. Since there were a whole one hundred ninety contestants, they naturally wouldn’t waste time, and the instant the contestants entered the field, the competition would start.

Requiring at least the eighth step of cultivation, practitioners of weaker cultivation were already sorted out. So apart from the Priest Temple, none of the other five great Temples would get any extra restriction or help.

After entering the Temples’ Great Stadium, all participating knights had long since put away their armors, and were entering the field with only their bare fists. A small door would open itself for every selected candidate.

As the first knight entered the stage, his back glinted with golden hexagram patterns, carrying a mighty roar as a glistening savage tiger came out. The figure of the knight flashed, placing himself on the tiger’s back, and swiftly charged at the distant mage.
That savage tiger had a pair of wings on its back, extending out over five meters, and had a bulky build. Opening its mouth agape, it launched a series of explosive projectiles at the mage.

A Holy Saint Tiger, magical beast of the ninth rank. Knights qualified to wear a Golden Foundation Armor were all, without exception, excellent figures in the Knight Temple. One of their great trumps was the strength of every such competitor. In the first match, the Knight Temple was already showing great prospects, their first knight on stageknight on stage reached the peak of the eighth step in cultivation, at just one step from the ninth step.

His opponent was a fire mage. Because no equipment could be used in the competition, the latter did not even have a magic staff. His right arm swiftly drew complex symbols in the emptiness, and with massive roars, a flame bear came out from there, shooting its paws to destroy the light projectiles, and rapidly strode towards the knight.

This was not a summoner’s summoning magic, because the resulting magical beast was an elemental beast condensed of fire.

Elemental beast summon was a special capability useable in the eighth step. Capable of great bursts of power, the only shortcoming being the relatively high cost of spiritual energy.

Sheltered from danger by the fire bear, that fire mage rapidly completed a chant. Even without support from equipment, that was a mage reaching the peak of the eighth step, able to launch powerful magic on the premise of spending enough time chanting.

The mage made his move, standing on the side of the fire bear and Holy Saint Tiger. That knight made an outstanding following move: not letting himself get entangled with the fire bear, he bowed toward the Holy Saint Tiger’s back, shooting forward the next instant. The golden spiritual wings on his back lit up, and in his right hand, a flashy Holy Sword took shape. Diving face down, it aimed straight at the mage, as the flame bear confronted the Holy Saint Tiger.
At the same level, a mage’s offensive power was undoubtedly the greatest. So the first thing needed to defeat a mage would be to seal his magic, and to avoid by any means letting an all-out magic assault be carried out. Otherwise, one would hardly avoid getting defeated by the torrential magic attacks.

The choice of the Saint Knight of the eighth step was undoubtedly the best, but the Magic Tutor of the eighth step was at no disadvantage either. A mighty holy sword came out, as his body suddenly turned illusory. At a lift of his right hand, pointed to the sky, the knight of the eighth step met a flame-colored glint.

Chapter 674

Vulcan’s Finger! And in a situation with no boosting equipment at disposal. For him to unexpectedly launch such a powerful spell of the eighth step so rapidly was a shocking token of strength

The knight held a Holy Sword in both his hands, shining in a pure holy light, and giving him a sacred holy feel. He did not avoid, nor did he shrink down, but faced Vulcan’s Finger head on.

That’s because this knight knew very well that should he retreat in defense, the following course of action would lock him into a passive position. At that point, making a comeback would be close to impossible.

Gold and red intertwined in the air, the Holy Knight being completely shrouded in flaming light. No one could deny that the knight and mage had a gap in the offensive field. The former let out a groan, some traces of scorch remaining on his body.

But although the knight suffered a loss in this clash, his goal was reached. Vulcan’s Finger was not enough to keep him away, and in a flash of golden light his speed went straight up, reaching the front of the mage in a split instant. That was the knight ability of the eighth step, Lightning Flash, as well as one of the most effective techniques against a mage.

When used from such a distance, a mage would hardly block the incoming offense.

“Trial!” The knight shouted out, a thunderous bellow shaking the whole stage. A pure white glow came out from nowhere, landing right onto the
opposite mage.

A brilliance surrounded the opposite mage, taking the shape of a crystal sculpture-like red barrier.

Approached by the knight, this situation was visibly nothing a mage would wish to face. The Magic Tutor’s right hand was stretched in front of his chest, executing a defensive spell resisting the might of Light of Trial. Then his right hand pushed forward, condensing a ball that came striking the Holy Knight.

After reaching the eighth step of cultivation, a mage wouldn’t be so weak in close quarters range anymore because they had a lot of defensive measures and even instant magic at their disposal. In a prepared face-off, they did not stand no chance at all.

But how could the Holy Knight let him draw back after having finally drawn close, right in front of him? Stamping the ground with his right feet, he suddenly divided the Holy Sword in his hand in two. His body forcibly made way into those flames. A warped radiance lit up, dispersing the intense flames to all directions instantly.

Elemental Obliterating Halo.

Under consecutive attacks, this Holy Knight still managed to consecutively deploy Light of Trial and Elemental Obliterating Halo. That was a real knight! Even without having reached the ninth step, how could he have so swiftly unleashed such powerful techniques?

Right at this time, a victor seemed to have come out of the clash between the Fire Bear and Holy Sacred Tiger. The Fire Bear being a type of summon in the end, although it held an advantage at the beginning, as its summoner was assailed under the frantic offense of the Holy Knight, he couldn’t receive any command, and was in the end crushed by the Holy Saint Tiger.

The battle reached a white hot state at this instant. The instant the Holy Knight fractured the flame cage, this match was already left without suspense. A Bladestorm abruptly shot forth, released by the two waved
swords, and a huge golden projectile carrying a sword intent of incomparable might clashed against the defenses of the Magic Tutor, directly sending him flying.

In the process of flying out, Light of Trial finally matched with Bladestorm to break past his defense.

“The battle is over. It’s the knight’s win. Return to your respective seats.” Chen Zidian’s august-filled voice reverberated.

The mage did not sustain any wound, but had an awkward look. He indeed had just lost, because Bladestorm’s true might didn’t reside in its burst power, but in its absorption power and prolonged attacks. If this Retribution Knight hadn’t been lenient, his life would have ended under Bladestorm’s effect.

A bright light had started shining upon the knight’s shoulder at some point, the Holy Knight knocked his right fist on on his chest and performed a knight salute toward the mage, before returning to his own seat.

The Saint Magic Tutor having seen the shine on his shoulder immediately came to the realization that his loss was no grievance at all! This guy actually had a light fairy. Seeing that fairy’s volume, it should have evolved once. No wonder he could keep using knight abilities in such short succession.

The first battle came to a closure, but the tournament did not stop at that at all. The previous two lights of selection returned in midair, and light flickered swiftly to choose the contestant for the second battle. Time pressed so there was no affordable delay. The tournament naturally had to follow its course.

The two opponents in this battle could see that the seat of the Saint Magic Tutor had darkened a bit, showing his elimination from the knockout battles, while the Holy Knight had a bright shine appear above his head to indicate his victory in the first battle.
The Alliance’s Great Stadium was really miraculous. These fantastic scenes’ features were brought by many years of research by the Temple Alliance.

The rest went even more intensely. Powerhouses from the five Temples involved were illuminated in succession, and seven battles went in the brink of an eye. Of the five Great Temples, the Knight Temple was the best ranked one yet, having had three people selected, all of whom had achieved victory. The Warrior Temple had the most participation yet, five matches, but four of them ended up in losses, making them a stepping stone for the other Temples as of now.

But this was just the beginning. As the individual battles involved a hundred and ninety people, the first stage would need to have ninety-five matches going, and they were not at a tenth yet. The rest of the battles would only go even more intensely.

The light of selection would try as far as possible to separate the five great temples so to avoid forcing them into mutual destruction. The same would go for the individual competition, unless members of a certain Temple would already be the large majority large majority of the constituents in a certain stage, matches between members of the same temple won’t easily occur.

The eighth round’s selection lights flickered, rapidly illuminating the Assassin Temple’s camp, as well as accurately landing upon the camp of Bright Glimmer of Hope, picking the third one from the left among them.

Because those from Bright Glimmer of Hope’s side didn’t have a reserved entrance, they had to pass through the gate of the Knight Temple to enter the stadium.

The Assassin Temple’s area was very close to the Knight Temple. Right upon entering the stage, the chosen assassin immediately entered the state of invisibility.

In the seven battles that had already gone on, the Knight Temple had achieved three victories, and the other four Temples had achieved one
victory each. Only, the Warrior Temple was in disadvantage due to having already had five people picked. This was the second contestant from the Assassin Temple, the previous one having achieved victory. This assassin powerhouse was really brimming with confidence.

Before entering the stadium, that Demon Hunter from Bright Glimmer of Hope had to remove his gown, exposing his inner clothing, as well as proving he had no other piece of equipment.

Seeing his looks, the masses from outside as well as the ones on stage all couldn’t help but cry out in alarm, because this Demon Hunter from Bright Glimmer of Hope was really too young.

This knight looked in his thirties, with bright eyes, and a handsome, resolute face,

Over half of the Golden Foundation Knights from the Knight Temple recognized him. Seeing him appear, someone couldn’t help but breathe out in low voice, “Wenzhao, that’s Wenzhao! Wasn’t he supposed to be missing for very long? So he actually became part of the Demon Hunt Squad named Bright Glimmer of Hope?”

Right, the first one to take up weapons on Bright Glimmer of Hope’s side was Yang Wenzhao.

Compared to four years ago, he became far more steady. He originally had a steady, though arrogant to the bone, character. But right now, he appeared like a piece of jade, peaceful and gentle. Having none of his previous sharpness left, his steadyleft, his steady atmosphere actually caused the Golden Foundation Armored Knights to exclaim in admiration.

Straddling forward, Yang Wenzhao entered the stadium, and a miraculous scene followed, releasing a golden halation under his feet and outwards.

Holy Mantle? Almost all knights recognized this ability. But Holy Mantle was really low ranked amongst knight abilities. Did he actually really use it in the Temples’ Great Gathering?
Being only thirty years old this year, Yang Wenzhao’s participation in the great gathering was greatly shocking, but using this ability right after coming up gave chills to the people from the Knight Temple.

Although he was not standing for the Knight Temple right now, no one could deny that Yang Wenzhao was Yang Haohan’s grandson! Because Yang Haohan already shouldered the burden of being the Alliance’s head, he was unable to participate in this gathering, so in some sense, Yang Wenzhao was standing for his grandfather in the powerful knights’ eyes. No matter with which status he would participate, the higher-ups from the Knight Temple were naturally unwilling to see him lose.

When Yang Wenzhao’s Holy Mantle was released, they very rapidly realized that it wasn’t that simple, because it was really released on an exaggeratedly massive scale.

With Yang Wenzhao’s body as center, Holy Mantle’s bright shine spread outwards rapidly, and reached a diameter of thirty meters in the blink of an eye. In the meantime, Yang Wenzhao waved his hands on the two sides of his body, which radiated with two rays of light, and released two Holy Swords.

These Holy Swords dispersed metallic glosses filled with the power of Spiritual Highland. But, Spiritual Highland, at the eighth step? And to condense Spiritual Highland into a blade would require one to reach the peak of the eighth step. And seeing Yang Wenzhao’s relaxed look, his consumption seemed very little.

A spotlessly white Holy Sword dispersed a thin golden color, as Yang Wenzhao’s whole body went into a bizarre state. His right feet straddled forward, causing his body to float in midair, and a pair of wide golden spiritual wings spread out from his back. His eyes then lit up in red, slowly sweeping through the stadium.

Chapter 675

Such a young knight at the peak of the eighth step of cultivation? Without a doubt, Yang Wenzhao’s appearance shocked the whole audience, especially those from the other Temples to whom he served as a great deterrent.

Who said the Knight Temple was getting senile? To nurture such a young Saint Knight, one may well imagine that before long, Yang Wenzhao would inevitably break through the ninth step, and maybe possibly become a Divine Knight of the younger generation.

Holy Mantle’s effects could be anticipated by any perspicacious person. It aimed at searching for traces of the assassin: after entering the state of invisibility, an assassin would immediately become visible after coming in contact with any trace of spiritual energy, and Yang Wenzhao’s Holy Mantle reached such a scale that in case the assassin wanted to come over, he would certainly have the time to respond. Not only that, but the red light in Wenzhao’s eyes was clearly a knight’s Lock ability.

In a way, a knight is the nemesis of an assassin. In case he is Locked by the knight, an assassin can then only choose to face him in a direct clash.

That assassin was steady and experienced enough to show patience, and kept himself hidden rather than going on the offense. After the six stadiums were merged as one, the whole field became extremely wide. Although Yang Wenzhao’s Holy Mantle reached a large scale, the ground extending in the stadium was really wide. So, in his view, as long as he would not take the initiative to attack the opponent, Yang Wenzhao would have no way to find him.
Compared to his current state of invisibility, the simultaneous release of Spiritual Highland, Holy Mantle and Lock would surely make Yang Wenzhao’s consumption of spiritual energy far higher. Maybe this battle would be prolonged, but the Assassin Emperor of the eighth step hidden in the darkness was certain to be able to achieve victory in this battle.

Right as the Assassin Emperor was done thinking about his countermeasure, Yang Wenzhao made a move, silently standing there as an intense golden fog rose above his body. Storing Power.

Back then, quite a few people had suffered losses against Long Haochen’s Storing Power ability at the time of the Demon Hunt Selection. Yang Wenzhao just mechanically copied his strategy.

But, perhaps only the others from Bright Glimmer of Hope understood his way of thinking. The other contestants did not understand why Yang Wenzhao would do such a thing. The Storing Power ability would certainly increase his offensive power to a great extent, but what’s the use if no target can be found? Won’t it only deplete his spiritual energy?

Seated on a higher seat of the Knight Temple’s area, the corners of Long Tianying’s mouth traced a thin smile, “This kid Wenzhao has really been missing for too long, so a lot of people have already forgotten about his abilities of specialization. It looks that he will really give everyone a pleasant surprise.”

That Assassin Emperor facing Yang Wenzhao was also full of questions. This young knight is using Storing Power. Could it be to draw me out? That’s just wishful thinking. Could it be that he doesn’t understand that it’s a battle of wits? How could such a mistake stand?

The Assassin Emperor coldly remained hidden, and didn’t even move an inch from his place of seclusion. He really wanted to see what Yang Wenzhao was planning to do after using this Storing Power.

From the start of the individual battles, that was the first time such an awkward situation was taking place. But a lot of people understood that, in such a situation, the outcome would be decided right when one of them
would make the first move. If Yang Wenzhao managed to find his opponent, at his peak of the eighth step and under the effects of Storing Power, that assassin also reaching the eighth step would be unable to avoid defeat. But conversely, if Yang Wenzhao couldn’t make this move decisive, that would give the Assassin Emperor a chance to reduce his chances to naught.

Yang Wenzhao’s Storing Power didn’t last for too long a time, and at some point a deep green gloss had appeared on his chest, only remaining indistinct under the concealment of his intense light elemental spiritual spiritual energy. It could only be found out under careful watch.

After this green ray appeared, a bizarre green radiance was shot out from Yang Wenzhao’s chest, emerging in front of him to sweep forward. To one’s shock, this green light kept getting deeper and deeper even after reaching the defensive barrier of the Alliance’s Great Stadium, without clashing at all with that defensive barrier.

What’s this ability? Did it really disregard the barrier?

Very rapidly, everyone realized what this ability was. Long Haochen’s Storing Power ended, and his body made a slight turn as the green radiance that came out from his chest swept through the whole battlefield. That concealed assassin was immediately lit in green light upon being scanned, and a red glint landed upon his body. It was a knight’s Lock.

Flapping the wings on his back, Yang Wenzhao became like a golden lion, using Lightning Flash to hit head on.

When his powerful holy light illuminated that assassin, Yang Wenzhao’s swords under the effects of Spiritual Highland aimed at the assassin’s two sides, as he launched Holy Knock to knock the opponent ahead, clashing against the barrier before being knocked back.

If the assassin had chosen to attack head on, maybe he would have a chance, but after letting Yang Wenzhao complete such a Storing Power, those dual sword strikes would inevitably have caused death if they had struck.
“I have lost.” Declaring these words with difficulty, this aged Assassin Emperor felt like pounding himself to death using tofu. Losing the battle was not shameful, but losing without even displaying any of his own strength was really a shameful thing.

He had visibly been deceived by Yang Wenzhao’s young age, and did not expect that Yang Wenzhao could maybe have a powerful spiritual stove with probing abilities.

This was the spiritual stove that he had acquired after Long Haochen renounced it. Although this was not a spiritual stove with any attached offensive or defensive abilities, it was an innate nemesis for assassins. Yang Wenzhao had been relying on this Spiritual Stove back then to obtain quite considerable results. But what a shame that he finally had to meet with the Dragon Rider Demon God.

Since he was gone for such for such a long time, those remembering about such a spiritual stove under his possession were rarer and rarer. Even in the Knight Temple, just a few still knew about it, to say nothing about this previous assassin.

As the first competitor on Bright Glimmer of Hope’s side, Yang Wenzhao’s good beginning was appreciable.

Seeing him withdraw from the field to return to Bright Glimmer of Hope’s ranks, the corners of Li Zhengzhi traced a downward arc. He understood very clearly that this Bright Glimmer of Hope team had already two knights in itself. Of course, he also knew about Yang Wenzhao, Yang Haohan’s grandson. But in his eyes, this Wenzhao should be much more lacking than Long Haochen. If his strength already reached the peak level of the eighth step, then how about Long Haochen himself?

Thinking to this point, Li Zhengzhi couldn’t help but shift his gaze at that leftmost person from Bright Glimmer of Hope. Although he couldn’t see his face, he knew from the soft manners coming out from his body as well as Tan Wan’s report that this one should be Long Haochen.
His face trembling slightly, Li Zhengzhi narrowed his eyes, thinking secretly, Long Haochen, let me see how far you will end up getting in this Alliance’s Great Gathering. He didn’t believe that a Demon Hunt Squad could possibly contend with Temples in the Gathering.

Long Haochen didn’t choose to return to the Knight Temple. Could it be because he did not hope for his teammates to fight at their own Temple’s side?

Thinking to this point, Li Zhengzhi didn’t understand why Long Haochen would appear in such a manner in the Temples’ Great Gathering. But he understood clearly that now that Long Haochen was back after over four years, he would inevitably be his own greatest rival in the near future. Never did Li Zhengzhi underestimate Long Haochen due to his young age.

The contest kept going, and the various Temples’ strengths came on display. The most powerful ones were still the Knight Temple, Mage Temple and Spiritual Temple, while the Warrior Temple and Assassin Temple were clearly quite weaker.

Strangely, over a dozen consecutive match went on without any of Bright Glimmer of Hope’s people getting picked.people getting picked. That lasted until the twenty-fourth match, in which the light of selection fell upon one of the members of Bright Glimmer of Hope.

This time, the light of selection landed on the tallest member of the team. Right at this time, a girl standing on the lounge of the Warrior Temple stood up suddenly, her hands shivering greatly out of excitement.

The white clad Feng Ling’er.

As early as when Chen Zidian called the name of Bright Glimmer of Hope, Feng Ling’er felt as if struck by a thunderbolt from her lounge. Bright Glimmer of Hope, wasn’t that their team? Having gone missing for over four years, this bastard finally decided to come back.

This sudden news caused her brain to feel empty, as her eyes kept staring fixedly at the tallest of these Demon Hunters, that tall and robust man. Her
eyes wavered, and tears kept flowing from the corners of her eyes.

Ye Weiyang was seated beside Feng Ling’er. As they were the representatives of the Alliance’s Great Auction House, they were naturally qualified to join this honored guest lounge. The words Bright Glimmer of Hope shocked her no less than Feng Ling’er, and right now she felt at a loss as for how to to console Feng Ling’er, only tightly gripping her hand to console her warmly.

Right now, that man lit by the light of selection had caused Feng Ling’er to shed countless tears over the past four years. She was unable to repress her inner feelings anymore, which is why she rose up.

Ye Weiyang hurriedly held her in her arms, “Ling’er, don’t let your emotions take control of you. If that’s really him, you will meet him sooner or later.”

“Bastard… Bastard...” Feng Ling’er’s red lips were shivering. If not for Ye Weiyang’s support, she was afraid she would have already collapsed. So he’s back, it’s him!

She wasn’t in control of her tears anymore, they were just like pears falling over her fair, beautiful face.

Under Feng Ling’er and Ye Weiyang’s attentive watch, that tall member of Bright Glimmer of Hope slowly strolled toward the entrance of the Knight Temple, removing the large cloak from himself and revealing a smooth and flashy large bald head.

Chapter 676

“It’s him!” Feng Ling’er lost her voice, suddenly throwing herself into Ye Weiyang’s embrace while crying out loud right after this call.

On the surface, Ye Weiyang’s character was rather more optimistic than Feng Ling’er, and seemed far more tolerant. But actually, Feng Ling’er was also a really strong person, otherwise she wouldn’t be the one to have inherited the Alliance’s Great Auction House.

But even if she was stronger, she was after all just a girl! This guy had been missing for close to five years after their last separation. No letter came, and not a single piece of news had spread. Even the Scarlet Dragon Armor she had offered him was already smashed to pieces. Feng Ling’er had seemed to be hypnotizing herself to convince herself into believing he was still alive. But deep inside, how could she not understand that the chances for him to still be alive were very scarce?

Now that she was finally able to see him again, still living and well, even if Feng Ling’er felt even more enraged, she couldn’t help but cry out tears of joy. He’s alive! He’s alive! And he’s back!

Her tears gushing out, this strong leader of the Alliance’s Auction House had already totally lost control over her own emotions.

Indeed, when that cloak was removed, it revealed the true colors of the only Discipline Priest of the Priest Temple, the bald Sima Xian.

Compared to four years ago, he was even more robust, but did not forget his own identity as a priest. His priest’s gown was fully packed with his
strong muscles, and just by standing here, he gave off a lofty feeling of might.

His eyes flickered in golden light, and, as Sima Xian strode forward, he seemingly sensed something and unconsciously glanced at the Warrior Temple’s honored guest lounge. But this lounge was really elevated high, there’s no way he could see anything inside unless his eyes’ line of sight could shift direction midway.

The light of selection glinted onto another person coming from the Spiritual Temple, who entered ahead of him due to Sima Xian having to remove his gown.

The Temples’ Great Gathering was an honor amongst honors for all contestants, and being able to participate was already a great glory. To be able to gain points for one’s own Temple was such an honor that no one would dare go easy there.

In the midst of incantations, a dark purple hexagram appeared in front of that summoner, and immediately, a pitch-black gate slowly rose up from the ground.

A sinister aura rose up, and in the air, a black fog rippled around faintly. Darkness attribute!
This summoner was actually a rarely seen dark summoner, using the magic called Hell’s Gate, completely different yet similar to the Creature Summoning Gate. This darkness summoner was visibly very powerful, to be able to use Hell’s Gate in such a short time. As Sima Xian was just standing there, his gate of darkness had already come out.

“Contracted magic!” Ye Weiyang cried out in alarm, drawing the emotionally disturbed Feng Ling’er’s attention onto the field.

Contracted magic was generally something only summoners form the Spiritual Temple could train. The contracted beast they put their heart into breeding was generally their greatest asset, but not all summoners could
find a fitting magical beast to subdue, to make them their own contracted beast. So in such a situation came another choice, contracted magic!

The so-called contracted magic was a magic branded into the depths of the user heart to become part of his body. A summoner using contract magic would not be able to possess a contracted beast of his own, but this magic would cause their strength to magically break through the limitations of his rank to reach a higher level. Right now, this dark summoner’s display proved with no doubt that his contracted magic was Hell’s Gate.

Hell’s Gate in itself was, just like Creature Summoning Gate, a magic of the seventh step, but after being turned into his contracted magic, it would rise in power alongside his cultivation to to get reinforced greatly.

This darkness summoner looked in his fifties, making him a relatively young contestant. His cultivation reached the peak of the eighth step: by relying on this contracted magic similarly raised to the peak of the eighth step, he felt confident in being able to put up a fight even against a powerhouse at the ninth step.

Feng Ling’er’s teary face shifted its gaze to the field, unconsciously feeling greatly worried.

The contracted magic Hell’s Gate could be considered a powerful thing. Not only did it have a great burst power, but moreover, it could be maintained just by using up the magic power of the user continuously.

Generally, prolonged magic such as Creature Summoning Gate or Hell’s Gate would not be employed in an individual tournament because of the really long casting time. But this being a contracted magic, this dark summoner was able to complete it in a very short time. Furthermore, it was an advanced Hell’s Gate, making it a completely different thing.

Sima Xian was unarmed and defenseless in front of the Hell’s Gate! Feng Ling’er understood very clearly this baldie’s capabilities: without the Energetic Ball of Light in his hand, how much of his strength could possibly come out?
The feelings of worry and excitement filling Feng Ling’er masked the deep grudge she still had. Feng Ling’er tightly grabbed Ye Weiyang’s hand, nervously looking at the situation on the field below.

Sima Xian advanced with no reservations, not releasing any kind of ability, but just taking large strides toward the dark mage. To an ordinary person, this speed could be considered large strides, but to the powerhouses participating in this gathering, it just felt too slow.

The opposite darkness summoner felt truly puzzled when looking at Sima Xian, even thinking, wasn’t he being too careful by using his contracted magic right off the bat?

He was facing this person looking to be in his thirties, with a robust build comparable to a mighty dragon, but clad in a priest gown. Really, a strange sight.

Furthermore, this fellow was not was not even using any ability, only taking large steps toward him like an ordinary human. There were quite a few matches in the individual competition, but this was the first time such a thing was happening.

This darkness summoner had a high status in the Spiritual Temple, and a plentiful fighting experience. After this short time of stupor, he immediately made up his resolve to use his own full strength, no matter the opponent, for the sake of winning this for the Spiritual Temple.

Hell’s Gate’s power came to view: Hellhounds surrounded in dark flames came out frantically from the gate, aimed at Sima Xian’s direction.

These Hellhounds were twelve, dual element creatures of darkness and fire attributes, and equivalent to human powerhouses of the sixth step. They didn’t have any offensive abilities, and were only experts in physical attacks, but all their physical attacks carried attached boosts of darkness and fire attributes. Extremely tough and persevering, they wouldn’t rest until death if someone would happen to annoy them.
Looking at this Hellhound, Sima Xian still walked forward, his bald head glittering intensely under the effects of the bright illumination in the whole stadium.

The Hellhounds were extremely fast, and the twelve of them arrived in front of Sima Xian in just a blink of an eye.

These Hellhound were not only tyrannical, but looked very well organized. The three ahead pounced simultaneously onto Sima Xian, while out of the other nine, three jumped high, and the other six took the two sidelines, so to seal every of Sima Xian’s possible escape routes.

Their heads flickered in black and red, taking advantage of their numerical advantage against Sima Xian.

That dark summoner was seated crosslegged, floating atop the Hell’s Gate and incanting without pausing. Fluctuations of spiritual energy of great intensity seemed to come out from the gate. Gloomy, sinister, who knew what kind of creature was about to come out from this gate.

He was not thinking of vanquishing Sima Xian using the Hellhounds, only to stall him for long enough. From his view, ashis view, as long as his following magic could be completed, his victory would then be settled.

Out of all spectators, the most nervous was without doubt Feng Ling’er. Looking at the unarmed and defenseless Sima Xian besieged   by twelve Hellhounds, she unawarely felt her breath get hasty. She felt like very severely repremending Sima Xian, You’re just that young, yet are already rushing to participating to the Temples’ Great Gathering. Could you just be looking for death?

But the following scene shocked the whole audience.

Facing the assaults of the twelve Hellhounds, Sima Xian’s look was still the same, as if he didn’t see them at all. Only when these twelve Hellhounds seemed close to contact, Sima Xian’s strides came to a step, as he aimed a right kick heavily onto the ground.
With just a bang, a strong golden flame arose from his body, extending over a span of five meters with Sima Xian ath the center, to materialize an immense golden sphere in there.

What ability is that? To say nothing about the dumbstruck people from the other Temples, even the Knight Temple and Priest Temple expert in abilities of the light attribute looked the same.

The next instant, they saw that baldie keep walking ahead in the same manner in the direction of the Hell’s Gate as if nothing happened. The fire behind him vanished, and in their midst the twelve Hellhounds had already disappeared, leaving not even a single stain.

The referee on the knights’ lounge couldn’t help but reveal a smile upon seeing such a scene, “What an intrepid priest. This is no ability, clearly just a release of spiritual energy: simple and direct.”

The others naturally couldn’t hear Chen Zidian’s statement, only seeing the intrepid bald priest still advancing toward the Hell’s Gate.

To instantly dispose of twelve Hellhounds expert in their defensive power, was that a feat anyone could manage?

The dark summoner felt abruptly nervous, and visibly accelerated his chanting speed. Seeing Sima Xian already at a distance close to fifty meters from him, he couldn’t help sweating profusely from the forehead.

Chapter 677

Although he wanted to give his all to handle Sima Xian, he was still negligent, originally thinking that the Hellhounds would at least be able to stall Sima Xian for at least ten seconds. In reality, Sima Xian only took a second to dispose of them.

His incantation was close to completion and couldn’t be altered, but at Sima Xian’s current speed, he could totally dash in front of him before his incantation would be completed. Being able to instantly extinguish so many Hellhounds, could he possibly have no spiritual wings?

But to the whole audience’s shock, Sima Xian not only didn’t release his spiritual wings, but even stopped advancing at twenty meters from the Hellgate, only peacefully standing there, a great fighting will leaking out from his eyes.

What could he be doing? Waiting for the opponent to complete his spell?
Isn’t that just too arrogant?

For a moment, the spectators all got uproarious, as they could tell Sima Xian’s goal.

Only Sima Xian understood his own feelings, he really needed to vent out. Originally having a wild personality, such a long period of silence now required a great battle for him to liberate his constrained feelings.

The dark summoner finally completed his spell. The Hell’s Gate dispersed an intense dark purple halation, and immediately, an immense figure drilled out from within.
No mistake, it was drilling out.

The Hell’s Gate was four meters long, and three meters wide, but this summon could be seen drilling out just by lowering its head.

Six meters tall, human shaped, robust with a spiral horn. A Hell’s Demon King of the ninth step.

Right, that was the trump card of this darkness summoner, he was able to summon a powerful Hell’s Demon King of the ninth step even though his cultivation was only at the peak of the eighth step. No matter what Sima Xian did, he still finally managed to complete this spell.

Raa. An overwhelming roar reverberated, but did not come from the Hell’s Demon King, but from Sima Xian twenty meters away.

Facing the Hell’s Demon King that just came out from Hell Gate, he suddenly spread out his arm and shouted loudly, rushing straight at the Hell’s Demon King at great speed.

Having just gotten summoned, the Hell’s Demon King still didn’t understand the situation. A human dispersing an intense bright light from his body was rushing to him, so he unconsciously aimed a punch straight at Sima Xian.

An intense dark purple halation came out from the demon king, the aura of a tyrannical powerhouse of the ninth step with no doubts.[a]

But the rushing Sima Xian didn’t show any intention of avoiding it, stamping heavily onto the ground to issue a boom sound, soaring high into the sky.

The golden light distributed from his body instantly turned incandescent, as from Sima Xian’s fist burst out such an incandescent radiance, fiercely clashing against the Hell’s Demon King’s fist.

To clash with a Hell’s Demon King in sheer physical power. What a sight!
This instant, Feng Ling’er was already not the only one whose breathing became perturbed, but the same went for an absolute majority of the spectators. Sima Xian’s overbearingly rude and unreasonable fighting manner caused their blood to boil.


Light and darkness would always clash violently. The defensive barrier in the stadium shook greatly, and with Sima Xian and the Hell’s Demon King as center, powerful fluctuations of spiritual energy was disperse, causing even the Hell’s Gate to be on the verge of collapse just from the repercussions of the clash.

To the whole audience’s shock, the one to suffer a loss was not Sima Xian who was not viewed optimistically, but the Hell’s Demon King.

In a large roar, the Hell’s Demon King was unexpectedly pushed away by Sima Xian’s fist, and upon this clash, the incandescent sacred fire had ignited and fiercely corroded his body.

Sima Xian tumbled back slightly, landing onto the ground, but at the same time his feet touched the ground, he once again rekeased his power, rushing just like an incandescent artillery shell at the Hell’s Demon King.

A lot of matches had been undertaken, but this was the first time two powerhouses of the ninth step clashed. When Sima Xian pushed back the Hell’s Demon King, King, everyone understood that this tyrannical and unreasonable priest was actually a powerhouse of the ninth step!

A priest of Saint level? But how could a priest contend with a Hell’s Demon King by his sheer fist?

Once again, Sima Xian’s fists went up as he jumped high to even cross over the Hell’s Demon King. In between his fists condensed a white sphere of a half meter diameter, brazenly smashing the Hell’s Demon King.

The Hell’s Demon King only recovered his balance right now. Sima Xian’s previous light of life was just so domineering, eroding the power of
darkness in him with considerable effect.

This Hell’s Demon had no understanding of the situation right after appearing here. Sima Xian’s rude and unreasonable acts caused him to strike out reflexively, his feet bursting with purple light which was shot at Sima Xian’s direction.

Sima Xian was just too brutal, not even making use of that purple light shooting out from his own chest, his fists just clashed with the Hell’s Demon King’s fist.

In loud rumbles, the Hell’s Demon King let out wretched cries. His six meters tall figure forcibly shrank, suddenly getting more than one meter shorter because of the pounding from Sima Xian’s fists. An intense holy fire instantly engulfed his whole body, which shivered violently very much.

But the demon’s horns glinting in purple light were prepared to land on Sima Xian’s chest, as Sima Xian’s figure stopped in midair, and a purple glint was shot out from his chest.

Pampam. A thunderous sound resounded in the whole stage, as that purple ray violently smashed the chest of the Hell’s Demon King, flickering in purple electricity over its whole body, directly pushed back out of the way.

Golden dual wings finally appeared on Sima Xian’s back, extending over ten meters. In a flash, he chased after the top of the Hell’s Demon King’s head, catching one of his horns with his vigorous hands.

“Get out of my way!”

Swish. In a grieved sound, the Hell’s Demon King’s shout finally stopped, as his massive body was split in two right above Sima Xian’s head.

Bang! Sima Xian’s feet landed onto the ground, the ground, finally starting to take large breaths of air, but the wild valiance in his eyes didn’t weaken in the slightest, ardently watching the Hell’s Gate becoming gradually more and more illusory.
The whole audience was in deathly stillness.

This was the first battle that shook the whole Holy City form the start of the individual competition.

The bald priest Sima Xian managed by relying on his physical power to split a Hell’s Demon King of the ninth step. This instant, he really had an intrepid look, actually causing the veteran powerhouses from those Six Great Temples to shrink in fear.

The dark summoner unconsciously drew back, narrowly collapsing. Seeing the wild and burly look in Sima Xian’s eyes, his face became pale. Even if a Hell’s Demon King was one of the weakest creatures of the ninth step, that was still a powerhouse of this level! And yet that bald priest didn’t even used any presentable technique to split it in two. He could not even think of anyone else more powerful.

The tall and big figure that lacerated the Hell’s Demon King was really exceptionally burly.

Ninth step, a powerhouse of the ninth step. But was that really a priest?

Although Yang Wenzhao achieved victory, that was a victory achieved by tricks, which did not cause a realization of Bright Glimmer of Hope’s strength. But at that very moment, Sima Xian’s wild rampaging raised the whole audiences attention onto the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope.

In the contestants’ quarters, the team leader Ling Xiao was already standing up, looking full of excitement.

Sime Xian was his own disciple! Although this guy was gone for a long time, that was still indeed his disciple. Other may not recognize him as a priest, but Ling Xiao understood very clearly that this bald and intrepid muddled man was part of the Priest Temple.

In all previous sessions of Temples’ Great Gathering, the Priest Temple was almost always participating in the capacity of an observer. Ling Xiao
realized for the first time that an unusual priest could still bring honor to the Priest Temple. He made up his resolve tohis resolve to initiate a new order of Discipline Priests, so the Priest Temple could get a better ability of self- protection.

The fierce glint in Sima Xian’s eyes vanished gradually, folding his arms and bowing in priest etiquette to the dark summoner, before turning back to leave from the field. There was basically no need for the opponent to concede for everyone to come to the same conclusion. This dark summoner not only lost, but even suffered a terrible blow in his self-confidence.

Returning to the Knight Temple’s entrance, he put back on his large cloak and returned to his team, as if nothing had just happened.

When the light of selection landed once again, the spectators only awoke from their sluggish states. The competition resumed, but it was like the stadium caught in a terrible explosion, as comments only kept rising in succession.

The name of Bright Glimmer of Hope became the whole Holy City’s focal point.

The two who had successively joined in battles were both in their thirties, but showed tremendous ability, especially the intrepid Sima Xian, who left a very deep impression.

In the honored guests’ lounge, Feng Ling’er had her hand on her mouth, with some tears still falling from her face. Even a beauty like Ye Weiyang couldn’t help but feel tenderness just by looking at her.

“So handsome! How perfect!” Feng Ling’er muttered.

Ye Weiyang unhappily reacted, “I really wonder what you are thinking. How could a quiet little girl such as you be actually inclined toward doughty men. Look at how crude that guy is!”

Feng Ling’er shook her head vigorously, “He’s not crude, look at him, isn’t he so manly. I originally found him very valiant, but didn’t think that
after being gone for so long, he’d actually come back so perfect. No good, I have to go look for him.” Saying that, she turned her head and rushed down from the lounge.

What a taste in men...


As is = the demon kings aura shows that he doesn't doubt himself OR 'beyond doubt the aura...step.
= there is no doubt that the demon king is at the 9th step

Chapter 678

“Come back right now.” Ye Weiyang grabbed her, “You’re not reserved in the slightest? Weren’t you just cursing at that bastard just a bit before? Why are you just so infatuated with such a muscle-headed guy? He’s been gone for over four years, and did not give out the slightest news. If he doesn’t look for you, it will mean that you already don’t have any place in his heart. Even if he comes, you need to teach him a good lesson, or won’t you just keep being played by him over and over again? So you’d better obediently sit there. You are not allowed to even look at him, understood?”

Feng Ling’er sat back to her seat miserably, declaring in a low voice, “Don’t be like that, Sis Weiyang. See how strong he just became. He must have suffered quite a lot in the past years, don’t you find him outstanding? Reaching the ninth step at the age of thirty, don’t you see some potential in him?”

“Don’t be so complacent. Hmpf, what if he doesn’t want you anymore?”

Feng Ling’er shook his head, “That’s impossible. He surely had planned to become an overnight celebrity in this Temples’ Great Gathering, which is why he didn’t come to see me, to avoid leaking their team’s strength.”

Seeing her confident look, Ye Weiyang couldn’t help but laugh to her, “What a girl you are! What a little white flower, you’re simply a little infatuated flower. I’m not regarding you anymore.”
Sima Xian’s victory gained the attention of all Six Great Temples, but the competition still had to go on. Very quickly, the spectators’ lines of sight were attracted back to the stage.

A short time after Sima Xian set out to fight, the head of the Mage Temple Li Zhengzhi was picked to join the battle against a warrior. He only needed to launch one spell to achieve complete victory. His performance was very low-key, but clearly his opponent was not strong enough and was unable to force out any of his other abilities.

Almost a half of the contestants from the Six Great Temple were powerhouses of the ninth step. After battles between powerhouses of the ninth step started to take place, the competition became more and more intense, and a domain wielder even appeared in one battle.

On the thirty-fifth battle, the light of selection landed for the third time onto someone from Bright Glimmer of Hope, this time landing on the fifth man of the group.

That was a tall built man, looking even younger than the previous two, and wore his deep green hair long.

His appearance instantly rose comments on the side of the Mage Temple because many mages had recognized him. And on the side of the Knight Temple, a pink haired girl almost instantly clenched her fist, looking extremely sluggish just like the previous Feng Ling’er. Biting her teeth, with great difficulty she resisted the urge to cry out loudly.

Li Zhengzhi looked at Lin Chen on his side, an inquiring look on his face.

Lin Chen had a lifeless look right now, trembling intensely out of excitement.

Li Zhengzhi shifted back his gaze, able to see from Lin Chen’s expression that he didn’t know at all about his grandson coming to Holy City. That great excitement couldn’t possibly be faked.
No mistake, this dark-green-haired and slender-built man looking handsome to the extent of being characterizable as a bit girly, was the only mage of Bright Glimmer of Hope, Lin Xin, nicknamed has-drugs-bro’ by everyone else.

Lin Xin’s opponent was a knight, so he walked into the stadium alongside this knight. Without leaving the knight the time to open her mouth, Lin Xin’s figure flashed and shifted a hundred meters away, as if teleporting, before closing the distance to this knight.

The powerhouses from all Six Great Temples only saw Lin Xin’s back flash in blue light before he accelerated to appear a hundred meters away.

When could a mage attain such speed?

That knight had shivers as well, but as he came to take part in the competition, he naturally wouldn’t be frightened so easily. In a golden flash of light, a huge snow-white eagle with a golden horn appeared above him.

This gigantic eagle rose over ten meters, and right as it appeared, light essence kept surging in waves, pouring all the way inside the knight.

This knight was originally at the peak of the eighth step of cultivation, but the assistance of the the gigantic eagle in the sky caused his imposing manner to rise sharply, rising to the realm of the ninth step in the blink of an eye.

Hias opponent Lin Xin did not chant but scratched the empty air in front of him with his right fist, immediately causing a one meter long thumb- shaped blue light-ray to come out, and be shot at that knight.

The blue ray did not emit the slightest sound, only advancing and tracing an arc.

What’s that? That knight who just got boosted by his holy golden eagle dashed at Lin Xin with a greatly increased cultivation. Seeing that inconspicuous blue ray shoot out, as he raised his left hand, a deep golden
color condensed instantly, turning into a golden shield in front of him, and he launched Divine Obstruction while coming to a stop in his dash.

A blue ray? Could his opponent be a water element mage?

This being the Temples’ Great Gathering, even through the opponent’s attack looked inconspicious, he couldn’t afford to be careless. As a Guardian Knight, he had to attach the most importance to safety and put emphasis on consolidation. In a battle between a Guardian Knight and a mage, the Guardian Knight would frequently need the mage to exhaust his magic power to achieve victory. After all, Guardian Knights were not expert in speed and had rather weaker attack power, putting them in no good position against mages using their spiritual wings to achieve flight.


When the blue ray accurately landed onto the Guardian Knight’s shield, against all expectations, that soft looking blue ray with a presence far from comparable to the awe of a fireball suddenly exploded upon contact with the Guardian Knight’s shield.

The Guardian Knight was suddenly pushed close to ten meters away, and blue ashes were created on the shield. Immediately, his Spiritual Highlandized Holy Shield disappeared in the midst of the blue ray, as the air surrounding him became clearly distorted.

That was not water, but fire. But what kind of magic was that?

The Guardian Knight lost his shield under the state of Divine Obstruction, and that burning hot stream of air caused his spiritual energy to deplete at a massive speed. With great difficulty, he finally managed to counteract to counteract the massive remainder produced by the blue ray.

Although his cultivation was raised to the ninth step thanks to his mount, in the end he hadn’t reached the ninth step for real. Facing the instant blast of the opponent’s fire spell of the ninth step, he knew that his chances were pretty scarce.
This time, Lin Xin launched yet another attack. Behind his back, his dark hair fluttered slowly on the side of his left arm as his right hand was raised once again, and this time, two such blue rays were shot again.

The Guardian Knight’s complexion had become very unsightly. In a situation with no useable equipment, his shield could only be materialized by relying on his own spiritual energy, and adding that to Divine Obstruction made up his greatest defensive state. But the previous blue ray just pierced through his defense, and this time, two of them would certainly be even harder to defend against.

In a large shout, the Guardian Knight strode forward and traced an arc in a movement. In the meantime, a holy light rose from his whole body, sending him into a sanctified mode. His hands crossed each other in midair, and a shield even thicker than the previous one appeared. Incandescent flames formed this heavy shield used to block the incoming attack.

That was still Divine Obstruction, and his only current hope was that this instant spell Lin Xin unleashed actually expended a great amount of magical power, so that the the mage opposing him would have a greater depletion of ressources than he did.

When the blue rays exploded in succession, the Guardian Knight realized once again his mistake. These two blue entities had blasted in succession, causing this shield using holification and Spiritual Highland as basis to actually get split once again, a scorching blue fire rising around the knight’s body. Some of it was already on him and caused vast expenditures of spiritual energy to keep gushing out, all of which was just caused by these terrifyingly scorching blue rays of light.

So a real powerhouse of the ninth step was actually such a terrifying thing?

This match looked far more relaxed than before, no flashy magic, no powerful ability, and none of the disdain and coarse wildness showedcoarse wildness showed by Sima Xian.
But true powerhouses were able to discern a lot from this. That simple looking blue ray of light was not simple at all.

Li Zhengzhi looked at Lin Xin with a look full of shock, murmuring, “Such condensed spiritual highland already goes beyond the scale of magic. An easy looking yet extremely complicated control over spiritual energy!

Just what terrifyingly deep level does this child Lin Xin’s understanding of fire already reach?

Lin Chen’s shock went even beyond Li Zhengzhi’s. Was that still that same grandson of his? The previous attack was something he had no way at all to reproduce. Even though Lin Chen’s cultivation made a final breakthrough after so many years of bottleneck to finally reach the ninth step after the end of the Holy War, he still felt totally unable to reproduce that control over fire. Moreover, Lin Xin’s Heart of Fire gave him a control over fire far beyond any ordinary mage. After his grandson went missing for over four years only to return so powerful, how could he not get excited?

Right at this time, Lin Xin’s next display of skills shook the whole audience.

His left foot stepped forward a bit, as he wore an extremely focused look on his face, his eyes flickering in sincerity. Raising his left hand, this time he exerted control using only his forefinger.

Blue rays appeared brazenly in the air, looking even shorter than the previous two, but did not immediately go for the Guardian Knight, only staying condensed at Lin Xin’s side.

In a blink of an eye, Lin Xin flamboyantly gave rise to twelve of these blue rays of light, causing the opposite Guardian Knight to look totally blank.

Since two blue rays already exhausted him to such extent, how could so many of them even spare his life? By chance the Temples’ Great Gathering
had set rules, that killing the opponent is in no way allowed, or else he was afraid he would already be fleeing in great panic.

Those twenty plus rays in the sky formed two large words, “Xin’er.”[1]

[1] The affectionate way of calling Li Xin’s name, Xin’er, is written with the Chinese characters “ 馨⼉ ” which are drawn with 20 and 2 strokes respectively

Chapter 679


Seeing these words, surges of tears began to flow on Li Xin’s cheeks, from the terrace. He has returned, and although he hasn’t come to look for me first thing, he still remembered me!

Immediately, Lin Xin raised his hands up, and used his terrifyingly powerful light rays to form a heart symbol surrounding the name Xin’er’.

“This bastard!” Lin Chen’s eye immediately reddened beyond his control, finding for the first time his grandson’s shows not so repulsive.

The muscles on the face of the opposite Guardian Knight twitched immediately, the opponent was actually making a love declaration in a match of the Temples’ Great Gathering. This simply caused him to bury his face in his palm! Finding the shame no longer bearable, the Guardian Knight turned his head and left. What use was there to even keep the match going further? He had visibly already lost anyway.

That Xin’er looked even more terrifying than even an ordinary forbidden fire spell.

Lin Xin faced upwards, looking at the blurry outline of his heart drawing, before a resonant phoenix cry suddenly rang out, the blue rays immediately gathering in his chest to disappear in the blink of an eye. Then he left the field, picking up his cloak as he returned to his comrades.
In this competition, watchers were in no way allowed to come into contact with the contestants. Sitting there, Li Xin was already crying bitterly. So he finally came back, and didn’t forget about me!

Looking at the previous scene, even the lead referee Chen Zidian had a monstrous look on his face, thinking to himself, Nowadays’ youngsters are really getting more and more daring. But Lin Xin’s act was in no way against the rules. He had already proved the power of his blue rays to the whole audience before writing out these two words. What a mystery! The most important for a powerhouse of the ninth step was to find a path to walk on his own, and Lin Xin undoubtedly had found this path. He broke away from traditional magic casting and found an alternative, creating his own route. Perhaps he may

seem a bit inferior in terms of the scales of his attacks, but the power of his attacks was definitely amongst the top of the fire mages. And more importantly, his instant release of such magic made his survivability in the battlefield undoubtedly extremely great, and gave him no need for the assistance of other vocations.

Three of the ten people forming Bright Glimmer of Hope had set out, all of whom achieved victory, and all won in style, especially Sima Xian and Lin Xin who left extremely deep impressions.

The light of selection reappeared, but against all expectations, another of the light of selections once again illuminated someone amongst Bright Glimmer of Hope’s ranks, as well as someone else on the side of the Spiritual Temple.

Seeing that person illuminated on the side of the Spiritual Temple, a lot of people couldn’t help but gasp, because that was actually the auxiliary head of the Spiritual Temple, Sanshui Popo.

The Holy War may have caused immense damage to the Alliance, but also gave rapid rise to powerhouses. Just like Lin Chen, Sanshui Popo managed through her great efforts to achieve a breakthrough and rise to the ninth step, raising her strength greatly. Moreover, being the wife of the head
of the Spiritual Temple, Chen Zidian, she held a decisive role in the Spiritual Temple.

Bright Glimmer of Hope was unexpectedly running into such a powerhouse. This time no one was optimistic for them, since this was, after all, the first powerhouse of the ninth step they were meeting.

But at the time the contestant on the side of Bright Glimmer of Hope removed her cloak, a great commotion arose!

She was just too young! How could this Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope actually be formed with so many of these freaks? Could they have special techniques to change their appearance? How could each one of them just look so young?

Her long hairdrifting lightly in the breeze as she carried an eccentric smile on her face, Chen Ying’er entered the stadium.

Sanshui Popo had a helpless look when seeing her, and did not soar up in excitement when seeing her. Very clearly, clearly, Chen Ying’er had already met her grandfather and grandmother before the start of the Temples’ Great Gathering.

After Chen Ying’er entered the stadium, she did not immediately chant her incantation, but gave a miserable look to her own grandmother, as if telling her, Do as you see fit, but just don’t make it hurt too much please.

Sanshui Popo let out a light sigh. A loving look on her face, she helplessly shook her head, and spoke the words, “I concede.” After speaking these words, she immediately turned back to exit the field.

Chen Ying’er stuck out her tongue and exited the stadium vivaciously, with a smile on her face.

What? Sanshui Popo just conceded? The overwhelming majority felt as if they had heard wrong. How could the auxiliary head of the Spiritual Temple just give up against such a young girl? In fact, that was a knock-out
competition: just by losing one match, one wouldn’t have any more chance to participate in the rest of the Temples’ Great Gathering.

Li Zhengzhi furrowed his eyebrows, seemingly wanting to say something, but finally bearing it. With his understanding of the squad Bright Glimmer of Hope, she naturally knew about the relationship between Sanshui Popo and Chen Ying’er.

Situations of conceding in the Temples’ Great Gathering were very rare, but not absolutely absent. For instance, there had been once in the previous Temples’ Great Gathering two formerly separated Demon Hunters that encountered each other. Just after meeting, one of them took the initiative to concede. No matter what, no rules forbid conceding, so although Sanshui Popo’s move raised questions, no one stopped her from doing so. Mysteriously, the contestants on the side of the Spiritual Temple all had tranquil looks, and none of them even went to comment on Sanshui Popo’s act.

Seeing this scene, Li Zhengzhi suddenly had an uneasy feeling. The calm of the Spiritual Temple seemed to have another meaning. Although the Spiritual Temple and Mage Temples’ relationship was not as close as the Assassin Temple and Knight Temple, the Spiritual Temple could be considered a backer of the Mage Temple for a long time now. Only, their cooperation was cooperation was achieved in more professional manners.

The competition kept going.

The matches of the Temples’ Great Gathering went for a short time, first because there was no struggle of life or death, and because the contestants being at the ninth step for some, and at the eighth step for others, gaps in strength would appear extremely easily, making most matches very short.

In the morning, over forty matches were concluded. Based on this speed, the first rounds of the first stage should terminate by the evening.

Out of the five participating great Temples and the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope, the latter was the only one to only keep winning from beginning to now. Five of them had already set out: Yang Wenzhao,
Sima Xian, Lin Xin, Chen Ying’er, as well as Duan Yi who also reached the peak of the eighth step, and won thanks to a perfect collaboration with his mammoth mount in that match.

Out of the five, only Duan Yi had a rather difficult time, having been confronted with a fierce battle against a mage for a quarter of a hour, achieving victory by relying on his great defense and personal skills. Achieving victory aside, the others all had a rather easy time.

The Temples’ Great Gathering didn’t include any lunch pause. The participating powerhouses would have no trouble even spending ten days or half a month without eating, so the competition still kept going.

At the time of the fourty-eighth match, the sixth candidate of Bright Glimmer of Hope was the target of the light of selection, and was this time the one standing in the leftmost of their ranks.

At the time the light of selection came to a stop, the looks of all higher- ups of the Six Great Temple were concentrated on him, because all knew that the first position of a Demon Hunt Squad would always belong to their captain. And Bright Glimmer of Hope’s captain was no one else than Long Haochen.

So after over four years passed, Long Haochen finally reappeared.

Long Haochen’s luck was very lacking, because the other one selected was astonishly the head of the Warrior Temple, Qiu Yonghao,Temple, Qiu Yonghao, number one powerhouse of the Warrior Temple.

Qiu Yonghao became blank upon seeing the light of selection reflect upon him. Long Haochen, am I actually going to cross hands with you in such a manner?

His figure flashing, Qiu Yonghao entered the filed, and on the other side, Long Haochen became, after removing his cloak, the target of all lines of sight.
Before even entering the field, he turned back to perform a knight salute in the direction of his grandfather Long Tianying before heading to the field.

Clad in a simple white martial attire, his long golden hair draped over his shoulder and his crystal clear eyes seemingly able to see through anything, in addition to a handsome to the peak appearance, he had a steady disposition like no one else.

But no matter how one would look, with his face he just looked to be in his twenties or so. Yet those other traits caused everyone to forget about his young age.

Looking to him would subconsciously give the feeling of a cleansing breeze. He dispersed no fluctuations of spiritual energy, but just by standing here, he immediately became the focal point. Even the head of the Warrior Temple Qiu Yonghao was not such a target of attention.

Within the Knight Temple, all Golden Foundation Knights got up and returned Long Haochen’s salute. No matter for how long he was missing, that was still the Saint Knight Head of their Knight Temple until the Knight Temple would remove that announcement, as well as the commander of all Golden Foundation Knights and Mythril Foundation Knights.

Not only the Knight Temple recognized Long Haochen, but the Assassin Temple, Priest Temple, Warrior Temple, and Mage Temple all had a lot of people recognize him.

Although Long Haochen did not appear for a long time during the Holy War, he left a deep impression in the Assassin, Warrior, and Mage Temples. And in the bloody battles in the southern mountain pass, he was even the hero who saved the fort. History wouldn’t get forgotten so easily. No matter how long the time that passed would be, they still recognized the handsome features on Long Haochen’s face.

Chapter 680

Bright Glimmer of Hope actually turned out to be his/her Demon Hunt Squad! All those unacquainted to Long Haochen but who knew the other members shared this thought. But the higher-ups truly aware of the meaning of Long Haochen’s existence all had different thoughts.

These youngsters were the ones to destroy a demon god pillar for the first time in History, and he was the one who caused the Holy War that lasted for two years between demonkind and humankind.

He was now back, and brought his Demon Hunt Squad along. Just what was heplanning by participating in this Temples’ Great Gathering? Why wouldn’t he take up arms for the Knight Temple, but rather choose to participate alongside his Demon Hunt Squad?

Looking at the young man before his eyes, Qiu Yonghao had a completely different impression. The first time he had met Long Haochen, it was for him to leave his sword intent for the Warrior Temple. And, because this sword intent was the one he had witnessed from the Holy Sword Wielder Ye Wushang, it enabled him to make astonishing progress. After that, every one of Long Haochen’s moves produced some miraculous things.

After having gone missing for so long, he finally returned. At that very moment, Qiu Yonghao couldn’t help but reminisce about those words Wang Yuanyuan left when they met.

“It’s been a long time, Haochen.” Qiu Yonghao had a faint smile, staring at Long Haochen ardently.
Long Haochen revealed a similar smile, “Yes! Temple Head Qiu, our last encounter was close to five years ago. I didn’t expect us to be reunited in these circumstances.”

Qiu Yonghao declared, “Haochen, I won’t show you any mercy. Now let me see to which level you rose after these past five years.”

Long Haochen nodded to him, “Please guide me well.”

At the time Qiu Yonghao declared these words to Long Haochen, he had already come to his resolve. As the head of the Warrior Temple, he wanted first of all to see what influence already Long Haochen already had, as well as what he could bring to the future Alliance.

As a result, he noticed that at Long Haochen’s back were at least the Knight Temple and Assassin Temple, which were two of the Six Great Temples. Also, he clearly remembered the relationship between Chen Ying’er and Chen Hongbo. Didn’t he just see how fast Sanshui Popo conceded? This way, at least the Summoner Temple won’t oppose him, and would most likely remain neutral.

The Priest Temple never had a great influence over the Alliance, so Long Haochen very possibly had already obtained over a half of the Alliance’s backing. After all, he had a very special identity: the Scion of Light of the Knight Temple, and the next successor to their Temple. Since even Wang Yuanyuan had reached the ninth step, how far could his cultivation have already gone? If he could prove himself using strength, maybe his authority would ultimately have a very decisive role in the new Alliance.

So, Qiu Yonghao understood that the greatest factor determining whether Long Haochen would be able to change the whole Alliance was strength. Whether he had a first grade cultivation or not would determine the power of the backing he would obtain from the neutral party.

Qiu Yonghao resolved himself that if Long Haochen is able to achieve victory over him, no matter what follows from his participation in this Temples’ Great Gathering, the Warrior Temple would at least choose to remain neutral.
Long Haochen’s left feet strode forward. Advancing his right fist, he started heading toward the other party, but didn’t even summon his own mount in the process.

Qiu Yonghao didn’t believe a mountless Long Haochen to be not strong enough. The two of them were separated by close to two hundred meters, yet Long Haochen’s fist gave off the feeling of raising the temperatare in the whole stadium, causing a warm oppressive feeling to descend upon him.

Qiu Yonghao was an experienced powerhouse as well, and immediately felt the crisis. Although this warm pressure didn’t feel too oppressive, he could faintly sense that if he didn’t respond properly, it would be highly possible for him to lose the match.

Qiu Yonghao’s eyes turned into a golden color as his fist struck out as well. An immense golden heavy heavy sword had appeared behind him, soaring high, and his dense sword intent immediately filled the whole stadium with a somber and desolate presence.

Long Haochen shot his fist, while Qiu Yonghao shot his sword intent.

The two parties’ spiritual energies were incorporeal, but when they clashed, the barriers protecting the stadium swayed violently, the multicolored golden light on it abruptly strengthening, obviously in order to bear the massive pressure.

This instant, everyone saw Long Haochen arrive in front of Qiu Yonghao, and aim another punch at this head of the Warrior Temple.

Qiu Yonghan’s face froze, not aware of who it was that had the advantage in the first clash. Facing Long Haochen’s fist, he braced his arms to block the attack.

The two parties clearly had top-notch levels of strength, holding most of their spiritual energyin reserve. This looked like simple physical clashes, but everyone knew that this kind of battle was actually the most dangerous, because a burst of spiritual energy could go as far as to cause landslide scale effects.
Bang. Qiu Yonghao blocked Long Haochen’s fist with his arms, and the two of them came to a standstill in midiar. Immediately, all the spectators saw a flash of golden light shine upon Long Haochen's chest.

That instant, everyone felt as if Long Haochen’s body had just inflated. The next instant, Qiu Yonghao who had just borne Long Haochen’s attack was unexpectedly pushed back, clashing violently against the barrier of the training field.

To send the head of the Warrior Temple flying with just a fist? Seeing this scene, even Li Zhengzhi abruptly stood up from his seat.

Li Zhengzhi and him were old friends, so he naturally understood Qiu Yonghao’s cultivation well. Over the past years, Qiu Yonghao had always been training and seeking after breakthroughs assiduously, his cultivation finally broke through the second rank of the ninth step, his internal spiritual energy already being above the two hundred sixty thousand. He was one of the top powerhouses in the whole Temple Alliance, as well as the number one in the Warrior Temple, as famous as the most powerful Wargod.

But in the previous exchange of blows, he was actually was actually smashed away by Long Haochen’s fist. What did it mean? It meant that Long Haochen’s spiritual level was even higher. At the ninth step level, to smash the opponent away without use of any ability would require a gap of fifty thousand spiritual energy at least between the two.

But how could this happen? Four years before, Long Haochen’s spiritual energy reached at most thirty or forty thousand. Could he already have risen to the third rank of the ninth step in the short span of four years?

Li Zhengzhi felt for the first time a massive threat from Long Haochen. He was not only back, but also with a strength far exceeding his own. He was starting to be afraid that the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope didn’t only have the goal of training themselves in mind.

When Qiu Yonghao hit the barrier, his body was instantly repelled back, and that ten meter high sword behind his back also struck out, turning into a massive golden entity chopping at Long Haochen.
This was not a weapon, but a pure sword intent, Qiu Yonghao’s domain.

For the sake of chasing after the true essence of sword intent, Qiu Yonghao focused his domain comprehension onto sword intent. His Domain of Sword Intent could match a divine tool! One use of it could already split heaven and earth apart.

Facing this golden huge sword’s strike, Long Haochen stood firmly on his feet. Behind him, intense golden glints shone abruptly, and six massive golden wings spread out, and an overflowing power flowed out from him.

His right hand pointed to the sky, Long Haochen’s eyes suddenly turned an incandescent color, then an incandescent surge of light came out from his body, turning into a white light soaring from him.

This sword ray looked far smaller than Qiu Yong’s sword intent, as it had the size of an ordinary fencing sword. An incandescent halation spread out from within, but the instant it appeared, Qiu Yonghao making full use of his Domain of Sword Intent felt intense shivers.

Dang… In a melodious ringing, Long Haochen’s body swayed slightly and drew two steps back, but the goldenbut the golden light previously gushing out from his chest flashed as his pace became far steadier.

With crispy sounds, Qiu Yonghao’s Domain of Sword Intent already filled the atmosphere completely, only to stop in front of that white sword,

The white sword was lightly buzzing, slowly removing the pressure from the immense sword, seemingly carrying an unbearable burden. All the spectators that could see so far would believe Qiu Yonghao to once again be in disadvantage. However, only he knew that Long Haochen’s sword intent was of a completely different nature compared to his.

His sword intent was purely formed with notions regarding the sword, combining his spirit’s will to the sword’s intention. But although Long Haochen’s sword intent wasn’t as powerful as his own Sword Intent Domain, that white sword intent had soul fluctuations of its own. In other words, Long Hoachen was able to pour some soul into this sword intent.
Qiu Yonghao remembered vividly that in those years, on the eve of the day Ye Wushang challenged the Demon God Emperor; he had told him that he finally understood some of the mysteries behind sword soul.

But wasn’t Long Haochen utilizing precisely this very sword soul? That technique went even beyond sword intent!

Long Haochen had a thin smile on his face as he looked at Qiu Yonghao, “Congratulations for your great progress in cultivation Temple Head Qiu. Your Domain of Sword Intent is really powerful and original. If one day you can understand the mysteries behind using one’s soul as sword, your attainments will have surpassed the senior Ye Wushang of those years. I would possibly even need to use my own domain to resist your attacks.”

After so many matches, Long Haochen was the only one to have spoken words in the midst of his match.

Qiu Yonghao not only did not became twitchy because of these words, but instead felt thin feelings of comprehension, ardently watching the sword soul close to Long Haochen’s head.

He could feel that Long Haochen’s sword soul was only at an embryonic state, but he still really attained that level! Sword soul, just how could one materialize a sword soul!?
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