Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 661-670

Chapter 661

The Heart of Eternity was really filled with extremely pure light essence, and used the blood vessels of the original Scion of Light, Elux. Long Haochen being a Scion of Light too, his blood vessels joined with the former Scion of Light’s, although a short time of rejection had occurred first.

In the contest of blood vessels power, Long Haochen was far more powerful, after all Elux had already deceased several thousand years ago. Perhaps his spiritual energy did not come loose, and was still as incredibly powerful, but his blood vessels had already long since decayed. He could only extract the best parts of the blood vessels, which was why after this short time of rejection and clashing, Long Haochen’s own blood vessels took complete control and were the ones to integrate this blood vessel power of great purity.

Under these circumstances, Elux’s great capability came to view. After the blood vessels’ integration was complete, a large amount of nerves started undulating in Long Haochen’s chest, as the brand new heart was in the midst of growing.

A numb feeling ran through Long Haochen’s whole body, waking him from a state of coma close to deep slumber

Long Haochen found out about the changes in his own body very fast. A numb feeling spread out from his chest, bringing an intense pain. He clenched his teeth tensely, knowing that this was the crucial instant. The reconstruction of a heart is something he had never heard about before. Even the greatest resurrection spell of the light attribute would need a full
organism to possibly achieve resurrection. But Elux had managed such a feat, a miracle of which he had become the final proof. If he were to leave things unfinished at this point just because of the intolerable pain, even a collaboration of all the gods descending to his rescue would perhaps not be able to save him. For Cai’er’s sake, and for every one of their comrades, there’s no way Haochen could let such a thing happen.

Sitting cross-legged on the ground, his body was soaked in sweat in just a few seconds but he remained motionless, and didn’t even let out the slightest sound. He could feel that Cai’er was right nearby, so he couldn’t let Cai’er be aware of his terrible pain. She had just paid far too much for his sake, and had far too much to bear. Long Haochen was really unwilling to let her worry even more.

The process of heart reconstruction was really complex, and in this whole process, Long Haochen’s spiritual energy kept rising from beginning to end.

Although his body had to bear an extreme pain, Long Haochen realized that great changes had clearly appeared during the reconstruction compared to before.

He was neither a doctor nor a priest, and naturally had no understanding of the human heart. But even an even greater ignorant would clearly feel that something changed if he were to inspect everything inside his body. The greatest and most direct change lay in the color.

A normal human heart should be red, and even when spiritual energy operates, the spiritual energy should guard around the heart; this is done through the spiritual cavity appearing first in powerhouses of any vocation, the one in the heart.

But Long Haochen’s heart was completely different from that in this process of reconstruction. He clearly felt his flesh growing, and the new flesh that came out was all golden colored, without the slightest red tint. In the process of growing his heart, spiritual energy was liberated freely, becoming one with his whole flesh.
That could be described as a heart of gold’. And, right now, this description was to be taken literally, his heart was really reconstructed with a golden color.

Although Long Haochen did not know what change this heart would cause, he had no other choice. Before he passed out, Elux had explained everything, and he knew that Elux was doing the best for him, afraid that this mental burden would would affect his future progress.

Even a hateful person had pitiful parts. Long Haochen couldn’t, neither was he qualified to, forgive Elux on behalf of humankind. His sin was just too serious, though after he and Cai’er listened to Elux’s story together, he felt sympathy for Elux’s encounters. At least he was very grateful for the huge help Elux gave him by giving him a second life.

So, when Long Haochen came back to his senses, he unconsciously gave his words of thanks to Elux.

The pain from his heart’s reconstruction becoming more and more intense, Long Haochen’s willpower withstood a huge trial. Cai’er and him had walked different paths at first, but his tolerance to physical pain was still higher. Back then, Cai’er mainly had mental pain to sustain.

Long Haochen withstood this pain unyieldingly with only one thought, It’s for Cai’er’s sake.

In less than a day, every member of Bright Glimmer of Hope outside from Long Haochen entered a state of deep cultivation.

The The energies in the Tower of Eternity were really too pure, too massive, and could only be absorbed the most effectively by being in a state of deep cultivation, for a better general understanding. It gave off a really great feeling like an incredible opportunity.

In a blink of an eye, three days had passed.

Long Haochen’s original clothes had been replaced with a black coating, his clothes having shattered continuously under the effects of that white
energy spreading all around. Every shattered bit was caused by a purification by the pure energy, putting Long Haochen into an awkward state of exposure.

This black was originally the sweat from his body expelling impurities from his body. The dark corrosion left by the Demon God Emperor in his body was expelled in this process, and more importantly, although he had to suffer an immense pain, that lump of gold in his chest became more and more rich and powerful. At last, the reconstruction of his heart was finally completed.

After three full days of torment, Long Haochen really felt dizzy, but he kept gritting his teeth, for teeth, for he had to stay awake during this whole time or else no one would know what happened during his coma. And, if he couldn’t personally witness the whole process of the reconstruction of his heart, Long Haochen’s future cultivation would surely greatly get impeded.

From the looks of it, it seemed that his heart was already back to a whole, that the veins in his body fulfilled their role as mediator properly. But Long Haochen knew that the most important step of the process of reconstruction was coming. Only when this reconstructed heart would start performing its normal work, would this process be finally over.

Haochen felt nervous in those circumstances; he didn’t fear death, but he was really unwilling to die. The reconstruction of a heart was absolutely never seen by any humans before, would it succeed? Long Haochen had no confidence that the Heart of Eternity would really manage to succeed in forming. That golden heart didn’t look much different from the other internal organs, and what remained to be seen was whether it would be able to distribute vital force just like the original real heart he used to have.

No one could reply to this question for Long Haochen, including the deceased Elux. If Elux was still there, he would surely feel more confident than him, but he didn’t have a hundred percent certainty.
When Long Haochen’s heart finished the process, the process of recovery restarted.

In another world, a dark world of black and red, a massive figure shook slightly.

Scales that had lost their gloss from long before were on a massive body creeping on the ground for a very long time. Dark purple blood surrounded its body, this blood having flown out from these six huge heads.

It preserved this posture for a long time, initially completely out of vital force. But right at this time, that body shook lightly, as traces of vital forces started to appear inside.

These vital fluctuations appeared first on the scales, which had originally lost all their gloss,all their gloss, and become pitch-black. But just before, a delicate piece of scale suddenly lit up in purple color, its splendor gradually coming to view. This was the original cause for the first shake of the figure.

Right, that was Haoyue, who had lost all his vital force following Long Haochen’s death.

But, just like Long Haochen managed to have his soul preserved thanks to Ye Xiaolei’s assistance, Haoyue also had a faint hope of revival.

In reality, even if Long Haochen’s soul had dispersed, Haoyue’s real death would first undergo a special process. Every one of his heads having gotten tenacious, he had in his six-headed state, the ability to preserve his body for thirty-six days without decaying, and with hope for revival. That was the superiority of his bloodline. Moreover, although Long Haochen’s body died due to the loss of a vital organ, his soul was not yet dispersed, so Haoyue retained faint traces of leftover breath.

A scale lit up, and gained in intensity like a little fire in a forest. Gradually, another scale after another followed, becoming brilliant. Mysteriously, that deep purple blood onto the ground seemed to get embellished by that dark purple blood. Fluctuations of energy surfaced, and
several purple dots of light surfaced from the dark purple liquid, floating through the air to land on Haoyue’s body.

Long Haochen’s body suddenly stiffened, the final veins about to get flowing. The determinant instant had come.

Pop. The blood and spiritual energy was quietly extracted, and Long Haochen’s body suddenly contorted violently. His focus was entirely locked on to his heart, and due to the nervousness, his body couldn’t help but have slight spasms.

When the last vein operated, that gold-colored heart shrank intensely. The tight grip of gold color was also a grip at Long Haochen’s soul. A golden halation dispersed from the tightened heart, but this time it did not simply travel back and forth, but dispersed all around.

Long Haochen felt his whole body get contaminated with gold, before that golden heart finally restarted its operation.

Dudu… Dudu...

Chapter 662

Dudu… Dudu...

What a marvellous sound! Only by losing it once would one realize how precious this beating sound was. When his heartbeat resumed, Long Haochen’s soul was close to lifeless in the midst of that vigorous heartbeat. And right at that time, a surge of spiritual energy travelled from his heart to flow through his whole body.

His heart vigorously shrank, expanded, shrank back, expanded…. A powerful force instantly travelled through Long Haochen’s whole body, not only did it contain internal spiritual energy, but even external spiritual energy was mixed into his senses.

In fact, Long Haochen’s spiritual energy was originally over fifty thousand. In other words, the Heart of Eternity was actually able to sustain at least fifty thousand internal spiritual energy on its own, and even so, it looked far from full at the present time.

How could this be? This heart held spiritual energy, and with an even greater capacity than spiritual cavities. Before this, Long Haochen would not dare imagine such a thing. But at that very moment, such an incredible feat was happening right inside him.

Dudu… Dudu...

As the heart shrank, spiritual energy was squeezed inside. The other spiritual cavities in his body were all empty, naturally needing to get refilled by the spiritual energy from the outside world. Suddenly, Long Haochen
found out through introspection that his blood vessels, channels, and even his heart all got colored gold, under the influence of the pure spiritual energy pulsing vigorously all around his heart. His light attribute even went beyond pure; although it looked liquid, Long Haochen was able to feel its entirely solid state.

The fusion of two great physiques of Scions of Light caused Long Haochen’s innate internal spiritual energy to raise the original limit. If there was some tool able to really assess his current innate spiritual energy, it would be found out with a terrifying shock that his innate internal spiritual energy now exceeded a hundred and twenty.

In other words, Long Haochen should not be called a wielder of a Scion of Light physique, but the wielder of a physique of pure light. His light essence was not much different from the power from a God’s Descent of the Goddess of Light. No one would possibly compare in purity with his light in this world.

As his heart pulsed, Long Haochen’s body felt like a huge black hole. Every time it pulsed, the massive spiritual energy surrounding his body would get drawn in, while the Heart of Eternity would keep squeezing large amounts of light essence to refill his body. At the moment, it was a wonder how his frantic speed of absorption of the light essence did not affect the cultivation of his comrades.

The Heart of Eternity contained all the light attribute at Elux’s disposal, which was only desposited there before his heart had reconstructed. But when Long Haochen finally completed the process of resurrection, this light of the highest grade started to show its greatest features.

In just a short while, Long Haochen found out with shock that his body’s changes broke through his known limits.

Just during the previous splurt of absorption, he found out that, astonishingly, the internal spiritual energy in his body actually managed to break through a hundred thousand. Right, that was the symbolic level of the ninth step. In other words, he should now be a powerhouse of the ninth step,
although in actual fact, he did not experience the slightest feeling of breakthrough.

This boundary should still be around the eighth step.

This hundred thousand spiritual energy filled his Heart of Eternity alone, but the other spiritual cavities in his body were still empty.

What does it mean? Why didn’t I progress to the ninth step even though my spiritual energy has broken through a hundred thousand? Long Haochen was shocked by this abnormal phenomenon even before getting the chance to rejoice over the rise of his spiritual energy. This was already far past common sense. Even demons would get to the ninth step after reaching a hundred thousand spiritual energy. He clearly had already surpassed this amount, yet remained on the eighth step’s boundary.

With Long Haochen’s level of intelligence, he very very rapidly came to understand that to make the breakthrough from the eighth to the ninth step, a tenth spiritual cavity following the ninth needed to be produced. Only after nine filled spiritual cavities make the final breakthrough can this ninth step be passed through. And, although his internal energy had already broken through ten thousand, which should mean that his spiritual cavities reached an amount of nine, in practice his spiritual cavities still hadn’t reached this amount, only his spiritual energy having broken through. This miracle was really due to the Heart of Eternity.

The Heart of Eternity replaced his initial chest part’s spiritual cavity, and had far greater effects than the original one. Long Haochen’s spiritual energy was still not reaching the required level, which is why he didn’t break through the ninth step yet.

Chest, head, abdomen, arms, and thighs, totalling seven spiritual cavities. That’s Long Haochen’s current foundation, which is to say that his cultivation should ordinarily be limited to seventy thousand spiritual energy, and need to wait for the opening of a new spiritual cavity to advance further. But the appearance of the Heart of Eternity smashed this limit.
Although the Heart of Eternity replaced his original spiritual cavity, its storing power was not ten thousand, but a hundred thousand. In other words, Long Haochen’s tolerance to spiritual energy shot up from seventy thousand to a hundred sixty thousand. So although his spiritual energy progressed, his cultivation stage had not increased yet.

But one may well imagine how terrifying the concept of a powerhouse of the eight step with a cultivation of a hundred and sixty thousand spiritual energy was. And when Long Haochen’s Heart of Eternity pulsed, his output of spiritual energy reached a full hundred and sixty thousand, meaning his cultivation stage was still at the eighth step, but his level of strength thoroughly reach the ninth step, only lacking some extraordinary abilities appearing at the ninth step. His transfer of spiritual energy and burst power even surpassed powerhouses of the ninth step with the same amount of spiritual energy.

This reconstructed Heart of Eternity Elux Eternity Elux gave him was really formidable. In the case where Long Haochen’s spiritual cavities would get filled up, his strength would increase to at least twice its previous amount, and that was if his cultivation level would not keep going up in the meantime. And with this Heart of Eternity, Long Haochen’s absorption of spiritual energy became far faster than ordinary powerhouses of the eighth step. As long as he would just keep opening his spiritual cavities, he would certainly not need a long time before breaking through the ninth step.

As his heart recovered, the amount of pure energies in the whole Tower of Eternity had visibly increased. And right now, the others had nearly all reached a bottleneck in their cultivation.

With these massive pure energies free to be absorbed, the others didn’t need long before encountering the limits of their spiritual cavities. The increase in spiritual energy could be shortcut thanks to these pure energies, but the establishment of the spiritual cavities had no shortcuts. It was only achievable by relying on one’s own spiritual energy and comprehension. So, their previous rocketing speed of cultivation started to slow down at this point, but no matter what one may say, their cultivation in this Tower of Eternity was much faster than in the outside world. And, they had only just absorbed a small portion of this energy yet.
Roaa.   As   Long   Haochen’s    heart    reformed,    another powerhouse’s heartbeat resumed.

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom.

In the midst of intense and powerful heartbeats, a purplish glow shone upon every single scale. The purple liquid on the ground had already fully disappeared, and the six pairs of eyes on these multiple heads all had purple ripples in their midst. A cold denseness filled this overwhelming roar, venting the rage in him.

Right, Haoyue had awoken, and in the midst of this process, his body started to emit intense fluctuations. A massive bloodline force operated at lightning-fast speed, as his six heads all had frantic looks, full of desire for destruction.

So far, the Demon God Emperor’s plan against Long Haochen was a complete failure.

Four years later.

Tombal Mountain Pass,later.

Tombal Mountain Pass, Mage Temple.

“Idiot girl, stop waiting. After over four years without any news, I’m afraid that they are...” A richly clad mage in a fiery red gown tried to persuade the girl in full uniform in front of him.

This girl had pink hair, looking to be in her twenties. Beautiful, her look was far deeper than any ordinary person, and powerful fluctuations of spiritual energy spread out indiscernibly from her.

Right now, her eyes were filled with determination and conviction, “Grandpa Lin, don’t try to convince me. I won’t leave the Mage Temple before getting certain news of their death. Or don’t you want me here anymore?”
The old mage’s eyes flashed down with tears, “Xin’er, you are really a good girl. It’s his greatest fortune for that bastard Lin Xin to have found a good girl such as you. But he did not even get to enjoy this great fortune! Four years ago, the Holy War ended, the demons have withdrawn, so, if they are still alive, there’s no reason that they wouldn’t have come back after so long. The demons’ withdrawal was so inexplicable too. Xin’er, I am also unwilling to believe about their death, but I cannot bear to watch you waste your lifetime.

“You are still young. To keep holding up your time further will affect your lifelong happiness. Your grandpa Lin is of course willing for you to accompany me in the Mage Temple, you are more fit for a granddaughter compared to that bastard. But your grandpa Lin cannot be so selfish! I cannot let myself affect your future happiness!”

Right, this old mage was Lin Xin’s grandfather, auxiliary head of the Mage Temple Lin Chen. And this girl was Li Xin, nicknamed the Hell Rose.

One should not have a hasty judgement of Li Xin for being a knight. She’s well reputed, loved and respected by all soldiers in the Tombal Mountain Pass, as she never drifted away from the battlefield, despite having gotten wounded many times in battle. After Lin Xin left, she stayed here all this time, fighting alongside her Demon Hunt Squad.

Chapter 663

As the Holy War was on the verge of ending, her Demon Hunt Squad’s captain Luc Xi had died in an enemy ambush, and her Demon Hunt Squad consequently dissolved. After the termination of the Holy War, the other members went off on their own way, returning to their Temples. Only Li Xin remained here, waiting for Lin Xin’s return.

Over these four years, she remained cultivating in the Mage Temple, accompanying Lin Chen to accomplish Lin Xin’s filial duty. Lin Chen urged her many times, but she still did as she ought to, and never consented to leave.

Lin Chen really loved dearly this girl who should originally be her granddaughter-in-law, but he felt that he couldn’t be so selfish! Lin Xin had disappeared for over four years, appearing for the last time in the Spiritual Temple’s Myriad Beast Mountain Pass. After having spent so long fighting in the depths of demon territory, the odds of survival were just far too low. Lin Chen had to admit that he didn’t want to keep wasting Li Xin’s future like that.

“Grandpa Lin, stop with that. I won’t leave. I have to wait for him and Haochen. They will surely be back.” Faint tears gushed out from Li Xin’s eyes. Even if she acted tough, she had a weak side deep inside. She obviously knew very clearly that the odds for Lin Xin and the others to be still alive were very low, but even if there were only small odds, that was at least some chance. As long as she didn’t see their corpses, Li Xin wouldn’t admit their deaths.
“Ai. What a foolish girl you are! Okay, stay down here for now. After a few days pass, we will leave for the Temples’ Great Gathering which takes place once in ten years in Holy City. After it terminates, you will have to at least stop by home. You already know about the numerous letters your father has sent over there already.”

Li Xin nodded silently. Right, even if she was resolute to wait for Lin Xin and Long Haochen here, she had to at least come by home sometime.

Lin Chen smiled to her, “Xin’er, you have already broken through the eighth step, and have plenty of fighting experience. The dual swords your grandfather has called to be custom made for you should arrive soon. After the Temples’ Great Gathering ends, do you feel confident in contesting a Golden Foundation Armor from your Knight Temple?”

Li Xin was not the girl from back then anymore. After four years of single-minded cultivation, she broke through the bottlenecks of the seventh and eighth steps, becoming a powerhouse of the first rank of the eighth step. After surviving this Holy War as a Demon Hunter, her cultivation had made considerable progress, and she was   even   a   Mythril   Foundation Armor wearer already. Although the challenge for a Golden Foundation Armor was still be difficult, Li Xin had already ordered a pair of heavy swords of epic tier to be custom-made for her! That was using the riches Lin Chen had originally kept prepared for his only grandson, but Lin Xin having yet to return until now, these resources went instead for Li Xin.

The Holy War of those years was a massive calamity for the Temple Alliance in that time. An incredible count of soldiers from the Temple Alliance had died during these two years of war in all Temples included, but in the same way, the demon side suffered disastrous losses.

Four years had already passed since the end of the Holy War. During this time, the several thousand years of accumulated superiority came on display; although the steep decline in manpower was not an issue that could be resolved in a flash, the other aspects recovered very fast. In particular, after experiencing that Holy War, the surviving powerhouses from all Six Great Temples almost all experienced a qualitative rise in strength. Cases like Li Xin were very frequent: after two years of Holy War, and four years
of stabilization, the number of powerhouses in the Temple Alliance was even higher than before the Holy War. Only, there were far fewer ordinary soldiers than before.

The Temples’ Great Gathering’s start was an event occurring once every ten years. The Six Great Temples’ greatest powerhouses would assemble on this grand occasion to exchange blows, while establishing new rankings.

Almost all the higher-ups from the Six Great Temples knew that this one Great Temples’ Gathering was really out of the ordinary. Being the first Great Temples’ Gathering since the end of the Holy War, it would not only only create a brand new ranking, but moreover determine a lot of strategic policies.

Two years of Holy War had enormously depleted the Alliance, but the demon side also suffered a great loss of strength, and two demon god pillars were even destroyed. The Temple Alliance became like a sharp sword sharpened on the demons, which had grown incredibly in sharpness. The human side did not weaken on par with the Demon God Emperor’s expectations, but became instead more and more prosperous every day. Although the Temple Alliance’s side was still short compared to the global demon strength, this gap was not that wide anymore. If the younger generation that experienced the Holy War were to grow, it would be hard to say for how many years the demon side would be able to keep pressuring the Temple Alliance.

For the sake of preserving the demon superiority, the Demon God Emperor threw himself onto the eastern side and southern sea. Although some magical beasts inhabited the sea, it was even more filled with food. Highly nutritive food was extremely important to raise the demon side’s strength. Never had they been short of powerhouses, but they always had to plunder humans to gain pitiful amounts of food. So, shifting their sight to the sea was an incomparable solution, as they had so much more to obtain in there. This matter was now under the responsibility of the Moon Demon God Agares, proving the high importance attached by the Demon God Emperor onto it.
The Temples’ Great Gathering was on the verge of starting, and that was not just simple battle, but the greatest grand occasion for the Six Great Temples, a great contest in all kinds of aspects, to finally establish a final ranking of the Great Temples.

Although such a contest couldn’t possibly be a hundred percent fair, the Temple Alliance having been developed for so many years, the utmost was already done to ensure the greatest fairness. Li Xin would naturally be taking the arms on behalf of the Knight Temple at that time.

Hearing Lin Chen ask her how she felt about challenging a Golden Foundation armor, Li Xin couldn’t help but shake her head with a smile on her face, “Grandpa Lin, I’m still a ways behind. Talents came forth in large numbers in the Alliance, and Alliance, and so many young powerhouses have sprang out in our Knight Temple. With the few Golden Foundation armors that are available, I don’t want to fight for them. Let’s discuss this after my strength becomes sufficient.”

Lin Chen responded proudly, “How could your strength be insufficient? After my Vulcan’s Swords are completed for you, even challenging a junior powerhouse of the ninth step may not be impossible. I think that we should take advantage of this Temples' Great Gathering to directly pick a Golden Foundation Armor for you.”

Li Xin stayed silent.

Seeing the look on her face, Lin Chen naturally knew what she was thinking about, “Foolish girl, don’t tell me you are still unwilling to accept it? You are not my granddaughter by blood, but in my eyes, you are far stronger than that little Lin Xin. To say nothing about his complete disappearance, even if he comes back alive, I don’t have any assets to leave for this little bastard. If you still recognize this grandfather, stop rejecting me, or I am going to get angry. Don’t tell me you want me to bring my things alongside in my coffin when I go? And since a knight sword is already being made, what would I even keep it for?

Li Xin’s eyes reddedned, “Grandpa Lin, you’re really so good to me.”
Lin Chen smiled in response, “Don’t tell me your not treating your grandfather just as well? Don’t overthink it. Strive your best during this period to make a good show in the Temples’ Great Gathering: it’s different from the different sessions because, due to the Holy War of four years ago, I’m afraid that there will be many more variables . It is also a great chance for the Alliance.”

Li Xin felt moved, nodding lightly. Lin Chen was a higher-up of the Mage Temple, but in the end, as she was from the Knight Temple, there were many matters Lin Chen was not allowed to communicate to her. He could only give her obscure warnings, which was already sufficient given her intelligence.

Holy City.

There is a simple small wooden cabin, with all the chairs and tables inside made of the simplest wood. Only, this wooden material was very special, with beautiful wooden designs, and dispersing a faint flowery flavor.

This Heavenly Incense Wood’ was a very precious material.very precious material. Its smell brought great benefits to the human body, extending one’s life while having invigorating effects.

In front of a simply designed wooden table a girl sat calmly. This girl was clad in a white skirt, and had pure and flawless looks. Only, traces of sadness were visible in her eyes.

A pile of red splinters was visible on the wooden table in front of her, from the curves on those shards it was clear their shape had once been close to spherical.

“It’s been four years, you baldie. What a bastard! Why aren’t you giving me any news? The Scarlet Dragon Bead has broken so your Scarlet Dragon Armor is already in pieces, but you know, I am still waiting for you. I believe that you must still be alive. You’re still alive right?”
As she spoke so, a deep purple pearl appeared in her hand. This pearl dispersed a very special power, like faint coiling electricity. Although these fluctuations of spiritual energy were faint, that was still a fantastic phenomenon to behold.

“It’s been four years, and you’re definitely still alive, but just where are you? Why are you still not coming back after so long. Don’t you know how I...”

At this point, tears flowed and splashed onto the table.

In these past months, Holy City was especially lively, because the Great Alliance’s Gathering which took place once every ten years was beginning soon.

If the Demon Hunt Competition was the grand occasion for the younger generation, the Temples' Great Gathering was the most important occasion for the whole Alliance.

For the sake of this gathering, the Six Great Temples had gathered the great majority of their powerhouses there, for the sake of having manpower ready for this Temples’ Great Gathering. A lot of ordinarily secluded elder had come to Holy City one after another, and although there were still a few days left before the event, the Temple Alliance had meetings underway every day. The higher-ups of the Six Great Temples unceasingly consulted each other, though the content of the discussion was a top secret, only known to the top of the higher-ups.

Any sharp person would realize that this gathering was different from all previous sessions. The atmosphere was also a lot more tense, as if something big was about to take place.

Chapter 664

In a silent room, two elders were seated in front of each other with stern looks on their faces, really making the atmosphere in the room stifling.

Shockingly, the identities of these two decisive characters were of the two heads of the Knight Temple, Yang Haohan and Long Tianying.

Yang Haohan was not only a head of the Knight Temple, but moreover the head of the Alliance. But of course, this position was already nearing the term of office limit.

According to the rules of the Alliance, a head of the Alliance couldn’t serve for another consecutive term of office. In other words, Yang Haohan inevitably needed to leave office.

“Brother Long, this one is left to you. Ai...” Yang Haohan let out a long sigh, cleary sounding desolate.

Long Tianying wrinkled his brows, “The balance is bound to change!
I’m afraid that our Knight Temple is...”

Yang Haohan naturally knew what he was referring to, and forced a smile, “So what’s to be done about it? The Temple that had the most outstanding emerging figures in the younger generation ten years ago was our Knight Temple. But in this Holy War, we were also the ones who sustained the highest damage. Xinyu is already back, but, for some reason, he was only willing to remain on guard in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass and nothing could convince him to participate in this gathering. Now we must trouble you.
Long Tianying let out a cold snort, “Don’t mention this unfilial son. Showing such a gloomy face all the day, who knows what’s going through his mind.”

Yang Haohan consoled him, “Don’t blame Xingyu. Haochen has been missing for so long, how could he not be worried.” Mentioning Haochen, these two formidable Divine Knights couldn’t help but became silent.

Right, ever since Long Haochen brought Han Yu out from the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, he had already been missing for over four years. The last time they had appeared was in the Spiritual Temple, and afterwards, they had had no more news. Long Tianying and Yang Haohan had already made secret inquiries to the Spiritual Temple regarding all this.

Long Tianying suddenly slapped the table loudly, declaring remorsefully, “It’s

all my fault! I shouldn’t have allowed him to reform his Demon Hunt Squad. If he had remained in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, how could we possibly be reduced to such a passive state? Four years ago, he had already broken through the eighth step. With these four more years, even the ninth step might not be out of his reach now. He’s the Scion of Light, a god’s chosen one! Even though his cultivation would still be rather weaker, with the approval of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, this Temples’ Great Gathering would surely make him a great shining star. But now things are so awkward for the two of us.”

Yang Haohan’s face darkened, “This matter is still Wenzhao’s fault. If he hadn’t gone to rescue him, they would not have gone missing. We have been doing all we could to look for traces of them, but we still didn’t find anything. However, I still don’t believe that they were truly done in by the demons.”

Long Tianying revealed a faint tint of sadness, “Who would believe in that? The most outstanding talents from our Knight Temple’s younger generation are all gone! Now we are unable to even make ends meet. Recently, Li Zhenzhi has even clearly expressed his will to support the recombination of the Six Great Temples, to end the current state of
dispersion of the Alliance, unite us more closely, and make the Alliance a nation. This is clearly a provocation against us! Doesn’t he simply want to be the first head of this new Alliance?”

Yang Haohan declared, “This Li Zhengzhi is strong, but he has a very sinister and perverse character. Although he’s behaving appropriately, he is actually extremely proud to the core. Having him rule over the Alliance won’t be a lucky chance, but I’m afraid that we would hardly even be able to stop him, unless those seniors from the Titled Demon Hunt Squads step in.”

“Long Tianying shook his head, “That’s impossible. These seniors have all clearly expressed their neutral standpoint on this Temples' Great Gathering, and won’t possibly take part. Humph, Li Zhengzhi! let’s see how much progress he has made over these past ten years. years. ”

He truly was a mighty experienced tiger. Right now, Long Tianying had an intense fighting intent rushing out from him.

Yang Haohan declared, “No matter who the final head is, establishing a new Alliance demands immediate action. The Holy War from four years ago has certainly caused severe damage to us, but it has started a new era for us as well. If a charismatic leader can unite the whole Alliance and its ressources, I believe that our counterattack against the demons could start soon.”

Long Tianying nodded, “When we met with Sheng Yue yesterday, the Assassin Temple expressed supporting us wholeheartedly. I have also convinced Qiu Yonghao on the matter, but since they are very close with the Mage Temple, I don’t see much chance. The Priest Temple stands neutral so far, but now the greatest issue is the Spiritual Temple’s attitude. Our chances would really increase greatly if they could support us.”

Yang Haohan responded, “I think we don’t need to worry too much regarding our supporters. After all, we have already ruled over the Alliance for so many years already. We won’t have any less support than the Mage Temple, but right now the most important is the result we will show in the Temples’ Great Gathering. This is very important, as the resistance against
demonkind entails an inevitable clash against the Demon God Emperor. Strength will be one of the most important factors of authority in the new Alliance. Li Zhengzhi is really endowed in this aspect, especially after he has been bearing patiently over these past years.

“He clearly showed reserve at the Temples' Great Gathering from ten years ago, since he didn't show an absolute certainty at that time. He is clearly really more provoking this time, meaning he really is determined to win! Old Long, don’t be negligent, Li Zhengzhi is after all dominating in his age. I’m afraid that his internal spiritual energy has already broken through two hundred thousand, or perhaps even higher!”

Long Tianying said, “No matter the case, we have to give it a try. It won’t be so easy for him to beat me!”

Yang Haohan said, “There are three more days before the Temples' Great Gathering Great Gathering starts. Let’s go, we shall gather the elders from our Knight Temple right now.”

“Yeah.” Long Tianying nodded, and the two powerhouses stood up at the same time, heading out.

Right this instant, a vigorous sound came from outside, “Chiefs, someone is requesting you.”

“Yeah?” Yang Haohan wrinkled his eyebrows, “Who is it?”

“He didn’t say it, he just said he had something to give you.” The voice reverberated from outside.

Yang Haohan opened the door and came out, seeing a Mythril Foundation Armored middle-aged knight stand respectfully in front of him, handing over an insignia held in both his hands.

With a wave of Long Tianying’s hand, that insignia came flying toward them. Yang Haohan then lifted his hand, catching the insignia inside. The two Divine Knights took the same action of looking at it without consulting.
To the shock of that Mythril Foundation Knight, the instant the gazes of these two Divine Knights gathered onto that insignia, they became simultaneously filled with shock.

Looking at each other unconsciously, Yang Wenzhao and Long Tianying shouted at the same time at that Mythril Foundation Knight, “Where’s the owner of that insignia?”

Headquarters of the Temple Alliance, in a secluded room of the Mage Temple.

The chubby Li Zhengzhi sat calmly in the center of the room. A deep green glow surrounded him, not just his whole body but a lot of empty space as well, dispersing a metallic gloss. That was clearly a materialization of Spiritual Highland which looked close to a solidified state, giving off no illusory feel.

Expelling a deep breath of air, Li Zhengzhi slowly opened his eyes, and a green electric light shot out from his eyes, shooting straight at the Spiritual Highland in front of him.

Ding. The spiritual highland barrier shook lightly before turning into countless green dots of light.

Li Zhengzhi took a deep breath of air, and, immediately, the green light disappeared, absorbed into his body.

“Reporting to Temple Head. The elders are waiting for you.” A respectful call came from outside.

“Yeah.” Li Zhengzhi gave a light reply, his body starting to float slowly.
His feet landed on the ground, slowly coming out of the room.

A middle aged man clad in a green gown was waiting silently outside. Seeing Li Zhengzhi comeLi Zhengzhi come out, he bowed his head immediately.
The headquarters of the Alliance allocated six areas for the respective Temples, so the Mage Temple naturally had there own one. After going through two alleys, the middle-aged mage brought Li Zhengzhi directly to a luxurious conference room.

Although the Mage Temple was inferior to the Knight Temple in status, their riches were something no other Temple could compare to.

Seeing Li Zhengzhi go in, everyone in the conference room straightened their posture.

His figure shifting position, he appeared on the front-most seat of the room.

A total of fifty people were present inside, and although this was just a simple conference room, if a stranger were to be present here, he would be shocked to discover that the magic essence here was more dense than in the outside world by tenfold. Just a simple breath gave a feeling of stickiness. Without a doubt, these dense magic essences were brought by the people present inside.

At least eighty percent of the mages present there had white hair and beards. They were clearly seated here for a long time, waiting for Li Zhengzhi to take charge of the meeting shortly.

This bit made clear Li Zhengzhi’s standing in the Mage Temple. When the other Temples convened similar meetings, the Temple Head would normally not be the last one to arrive, out of respect for the elders from their respective Temples. But Li Zhengzhi was clearly the last one to arrive, showing not only his personal disposition, but more importantly his authority in the Mage Temple.

Sweeping his eyes over the rest of the assembly, he declared, “All of you elders, the Temples' Great Gathering is about to start. According to reliable sources, this time the contestant from the side of the Knight Temple will be Long Tianying. The Knight Temple has been supporting the establishment of a new Alliance,so let’s encourage their plan, since there’s no other way around it for now. I have always been against the
establishment of this new Alliance so far, not because I was against unifying the Six Great Temples’ forces, but because our Mage Temple still didn’t have the strength to control it. But this Temples’ Great Gathering is not the same.”

Chapter 665

“I hope that each of you will support me in this unification. I don’t wish to hear any unharmonious voice. To repell demonkind, a new Alliance needs a sufficiently powerful and capable commander. This is a responsibility that cannot be passed to any others: the Knight Temple is already getting aged, and I am confident in being able to lead a new holy war against demonkind. During my living years, I am resolved to command the Alliance, and command humankind to retake our land.”

Li Zhengzhi’s speed was very relaxed, but contained an unquestionable might. Hearing him, although some elders furrowed their brows or showed some dissatisfaction, most of the rest had fervent looks. The Mage Temple was so far always the number two of the Alliance, having been suppressed for far too long by the Knight Temple. That was because they hadn’t had a genious mage such as Li Zhengzhi, wind element master mage, who recently started to secretly change this situation. And now was finally the time to mobilize. How could they not get excited?

“Auxiliary Head Lin.” Li Zhengzhi raised his head to look at the nearby Lin Chen.

Lin Chen nodded to him, “All the preparations are ready”

Li Zhengzhi had a faint smile, “Alright, let’s announce some candidates for the Temples’ Great Gathering next.”

The Knight Temple and Mage Temple were not the only ones to convene meetings. The other Temples also convened similar meetings; the establishment of a new Alliance was imminent. The higher-ups from the Six
Great Temples were acting exactly as though authority over the new Temple Alliance was a prize to be won.

The atmosphere in the Warrior Temple’s gathering was a lot more relaxed than the Mage Temple.

Qiu Yonghao was seated on the main seat, and a total of more than thirty elders were reunited inside of the Warrior Temple.

“Okay, let’s settle things this way. We are giving our full support to the Mage Temple. Li Zhengzhi has already given us his promise to give the Warrior Temple an important

status after a new Alliance is established. I have already prepared most arrangements; do you have some more suggestions? This meeting will be the last one before the Temples’ Great Gathering starts. If anyone has any objection, raise it right now, otherwise, I will take it that we are all agreed to move as one.”

There had already been a lot of meetings in the Warrior Temple, and the objections and suggestions were raised since long before. Right now, Qiu Yonghao made the elders from the Warrior Temple nod in succession, expressing their final words of approval.

Right at this time, an abrupt objection broke the harmony in the room.

“I have an objection.” This declaration was really just too sudden, and was formulated by an illusory figure, appearing without warning beside the Warrior Temple’s Head Qiu Yonghao: a warrior appearing from nowhere clad in full silver body armor.

The elders present were all startled. No one had expected someone to actually dare stir up trouble in a meeting between the elders, let alone using an ability similar to teleportation.

Qiu Yonghao was also greatly startled, but responded fast. He was fully certain that this person was none of the elders from the Warrior Temple, yet that person appeared right beside him, bringing a terrifying feeling of might
to the whole assembly. Almost unconsciously, Qiu Yonghao riposted with his left hand, striking straight on the chest of the silver armored warrior that had just appeared.

This punch was not to be underestimated: that strike drew in the air within a meters range, briefly covering that area in a near vacuum, and locked that silver armored warrior in place, removing any avenue of escape.

As a powerhouse of the ninth step, Qiu Yonghao had made huge progress thanks to the sword intent that Long Haochen had left behind. His move combined a great skill with great simplicity.

That silver armored warrior didn’t even avoid it, but confronted Qiu Yonghao’s punch, aiming a punch too. Her hand wrapped in silverlight met Qiu Yonghao’s hand as well.

When the two parties struck each other, a fantastic scene came to sight.
Qiu Yonghao’s

Yonghao’s body trembled slightly, repelled one-third of a meter back. That silver-armored warrior’s shoulders swayed, drawing backward immediately.

The miraculous thing was that even a clash at their level of power did not let out any leak of spiritual energy nor any huge explosion.

After the two punches collided, no other changes followed.

For a moment, the elders of the Warrior Temple all had shocked faces, flashing out to surround that silver-armored warrior at once.

The most shocked was naturally Qiu Yonghao himself, who couldn’t possibly annihilate any leak of spiritual energy. This was done by this silver-armored warrior: it looked like the opponent suffered a loss in the exchange, but she had   still   annihilated   all   his   spiritual   energy, using the spatial attribute to cause it to vanish. There’s no way this warrior’s cultivation could be inferior to his. And furthermore, he was able to feel that the opponent had no ill intent from this exchange of blows.
Qiu Yonghao raised his hand, planning to block the Warrior Temple’s elders present. Straightening his posture, he questioningly looked at the other warrior, having felt a kind of clear sense of familiarity in the previous clash.

“Who are you?” Qiu Yonghao asked in a grave tone.

The silver-armored warrior did not remove the equipped helmet, but calmly stood there without movement. However, the perspicacious people were able to see Qiu Yonghao’s ear fluttering lightly, clearly from a sound transmission by this silver-armored warrior.

Hearing this uninvited guest’s sound transmission, Qiu Yonghao’s expression of shock intensified greatly. He suddenly waved his hand to the elders, “The meeting is to be temporarily paused. I have a matter to talk with this warrior about. Everyone head back first, this matter needs to be kept strictly confidential.” Saying that, he nodded to that silver-armored warrior, and headed out with large strides.

This suddenness shocked all the higher-ups of the Warrior Temple present here. From that armor, she really was a warrior, but was only slightly disadvantaged against Qiu Yonghao’s blow, and moreover, she was clearly a master at using spatial abilities with great suddenness. For a moment, none of them were able to recall when such a powerful warrior could have risen up in their temple, and moreover, at the

at the time she interrupted Qiu Yonghao, it could be heard from her voice that that was a girl.

The silver-armored warrior followed Qiu Yonghao to a private room inside the Warrior Temple’s quarters of the Alliance.

Qiu Yonghao closed the door, and a golden light dispersed from his body, condensing to form metallic lusters that covered every corner of the room. Using Spiritual Highland to shut every possible awareness out of this room was only achievable by a powerhouse of Qiu Yonghao’s level.
“Yuanyuan, is it really you?” After Qiu Yonghao’s use of Spiritual Highland completed, he asked this with great impatience.

Taking off her helmet, the silver warrior revealed a face of great beauty, with a look filled with great determination and calm, “Wang Yanyuan reports to Temple Head.”

Right, the one who had suddenly broken inside the Warrior Temple’s meeting and interrupted Qiu Yonghao was Wang Yuanyuan who was supposedly missing for over four years.

Although Qiu Yonghao became aware of her identity with the previous sound transmission, recognizing Wang Yuanyuan’s face still caused his body to shake in terrible excitement.

“Yuanyuan, you are finally back! Just where were you during these four years?” Originally, Qiu Yonghao had felt unwell for a very long time after learning about Wang Yuanyuan’s disappearance alongside Long Haochen. Not only was she one of their people, but moreover she had a great talent and temperament.

During the Holy War, Wang Yuanyuan had gained herself the title of Bloody Goddess of War; some of the powerhouses of the ninth step hadn’t even necessarily contributed in the war as much as her. In the Southeastern Fort, the Bloody Goddess remained for a long while. At that time, Qiu Yonghao had already decided to train her well, and even prepare her as his future successor.

Maybe Wang Yuanyuan’s talent was not comparable to Long Haochen’s, but Qiu Yonghao could tell that she was incomparably resolute, and had an unwavering willpower. Such a determination would hardly be found in men, yet was found in Wang Yuanyuan.

But regrettably, Wang Yuanyuan had followed Long Haochen in departing from Southeastern Fort without any second thoughts, rejecting allthoughts, rejecting all Qiu Yonghao’s recommendations. Afterwards, no other news came of her. Qiu Yonghao had even obtained the information that Wang Yuanyuan was not the only one to have gone missing,
but that the same went for their whole Demon Hunt Squad. This matter had shocked the highest higher-ups of the Temple Alliance for a very long time, after all, Long Haochen’s existence was really extraordinary in itself. The Alliance’s head Yang Haohan was greatly criticized for this matter by the other Temples’ heads, who condemned his decision of letting Long Haochen reform his Demon Hunt Squad.

No one thought that after four years passed, Wang Yuanyuan would actually be back, and that her strength would actually progress to such an extent in four short years.

Bowing deferentially, Wang Yuanyuan’s eyes dispersed a dazzling brilliance, “Head, I’m not the only one to be back. All my comrades are also back.”

Qiu Yonghao became greatly surprised once again, “Are you saying that Long Haochen and the others…?”

Wang Yuanyuan nodded, “Captain gave me a message to pass to Temple Head. With our status as a Titled Demon Hunt Squad, we want to challenge this Temples’ Great Gathering. If we manage to show a sufficient performance, we hope to gain the Warrior Temple’s support, and yours as well.”

Qiu Yonghao was slightly shocked, “Are you saying that you want to take part as a Titled Demon Hunt Squad?”

Wang Yuanyuan replied, “According to the rules of the Temples’ Great Gathering, Titled Demon Hunt Squads, being groups that made extraordinary contributions, are qualified to participate independently in the Temples’ Great Gathering and gain full credits. If they can finish with a rank in the top three, they will be qualified to make the Alliance accept one of their terms.”

Qiu Yonghao wrinkled her eyebrows, “Yuanyuan, you have been gone for so long, but want to directly take part in the Temples’ Great Gathering right after returning! Don’t you know that this Temples’ Great Gathering has a very special meaning. Just what is Long Haochen planning?” He
understood very clearly that Long Haochen was the true core of Bright Glimmer of Hope.

Chapter 666

Wang Yuanyuan smiled back, “It is right because this Temples’ Great Gathering is really extraordinary that we want to take part. Head Qiu, are you willing to support us?”

Qiu Yonghao declared, “Since you have all come to take part in the gathering, you should be aware of all the rules for the gathering. Even if you are a Titled Demon Hunt Squad, it is nearly impossible for your team to be strong enough to prove itself. Making it to the top three is all the more impossible. Long Haochen may have the Warrior Temple’s favor, but you are really making trouble on this one. I cannot support you by any means, and won’t give you any commitment. I am saying this on behalf of the Warrior Temple.”

Wang Yuanyuan’s eyes flashed radiantly, “Then, what if we can take the first place? If we place above all Six Great Temples, would you be willing to support us?”

Qiu Yonghao was greatly shocked by hearing these words come out from Wang Yuanyuan’s mouth with such an extreme confidence. He had just gotten to try out Wang Yuanyuan’s strength, and had been able to determine, with just a simple contact, that she should have already broken through the ninth step.

Thinking of that, he couldn’t help but show great alarm. Right, Wang Yuanyuan was just the Warrior of the Bright Glimmer of Hope Demon Hunt Squad. Her cultivation having already attained the ninth step, what level could Long Haochen’s cultivation have attained? And moreover, they had previously destroyed demon god pillars.
At this point, Qiu Yonghao’s look warmed up greatly, “Yuanyuan, just what are you guys trying to do? What are your goals?”

“Head, we have only one goal. That’s to lead humankind to defeat demonkind.”

Qiu Yonghao shook his head, “This is such an important topic and you broach it so suddenly. I am at a loss for how to even respond to you.”

Wang Yuanyuan nodded and replied, “Let it be then. I believe that Captain will have the ability to convince you, as well as the higher-ups of all the other Six Great Temples. At the present time, strength is the most important factor in the resistance against demonkind. I am going, please keep secret the matter of our return.”

Qiu Yonghao responded, “Yuanyuan, don’t look down on the Temples’ Great Gathering. Maybe you made huge progresses in strength, but the trump cards of the Temples aren’t something a Demon Hunt Squad such as yours can resist.”

Wang Yuanyuan only smiled in response, “I think that you will be very pleasantly surprised.”

Qiu Yonghao had a bitter smile, “Actually, I don’t want this pleasant surprise, because that would be even harder for me to accept. Although I don’t believe you can win, if you can really manage this feat, our Warrior Temple will at least promise to be neutral.”

Wang Yuanyuan had a look of surprise; she was originally planning only to greet Qiu Yonghao and leave him with a deep impression before the start of the Temples’ Great Gathering. But she did not expect him to express his neutrality. The Warrior Temple being a faithful supporter of the Mage Temple, their neutral standpoint was extremely important in Long Haochen’s plans.

As the head of the Warrior Temple, Yonghao was optimistic that Bright Glimmer of Hope wouldn’t insist on recalling the favor Long Haochen formerly did the Warrior Temple. Individual favor was one thing, but a
Temple’s benefit was another. His expression of neutrality was already a token of his support regarding Bright Glimmer of Hope.

How old was Wang Yuanyuan this year? Below thirty! For how long had the Warrior Temple not gotten a powerhouse of the ninth step under thirty years old of age? And not only the Warrior Temple, the whole Alliance had not gotten such a young powerhouse for a really long time. Furthermore, he determined from Wang Yuanyuan’s speech that she was absolutely not the only one to have attained the ninth step in Bright Glimmer of Hope. Their confidence in participating in the Temples’ Great Gathering as a Demon Hunt Squad already resolved a lot of mysteries. Long Haochen being such an earth shattering genius, now that they were back after disappearing for over four years, their talents as well as their young young ages’ foretold their future positions of cornerstones of the Six Great Temples with certainty. The initiative of the Warrior Temple was a head start for preparing future scenarios.

Yet Qiu Yonghao didn’t believe in the slightest that Bright Glimmer of Hope would make any showing in this Temples’ Great Gathering. Since things were like that, what’s the deal with a little promise?

A fierce argument was taking place in the meeting taking place in the Assassin Temple.

“Head Sheng Yue, I don’t believe that we should still wholeheartedly support the Knight Temple. Don’t tell me you cannot tell that the Knight Temple is already in decline?” The one speaking was an elder with a slim build, an aged face covered with wrinkles, and a bald head. No matter how one looked, he already looked like someone with one foot in the grave, who’d just fall over in front of a blowing gust. But his sharp look was as sharp and ice-cold as an eagle, visibly extremely resentful.

“Since ten years ago, the Knight Temple has not produced any new Divine Knights. Of their three Divine Knights, Yang Wenzhao will be unable to participate in this one due to being the present Alliance’s head. Long Xingyu has not even come, and what can just Long Tianying alone do? This Temples’ Great Gathering is really special and will determine the future path of the Alliance. Standing on the wrong side will very possibly
cause a decline of the Alliance and greatly lower our position in the future Alliance.

“Although we also cannot take the exact opposite stance by supporting the Mage Temple, we should at least stay neutral and stop keeping the same position as in the past.”

Don’t look down on this thin looking elder: his speech shook the whole conference room immediately.

Sheng Yue sat on the first seat, and had a really heavy look. This was far from the only one of the elders from the Assasin Temple to raise an objection. He may be the head of the Assassin Temple, but these elders from their Temple were far more influential than the ones from other Temples, especially this one who just made his speech.

That his speech.

That was the chief elder of the Assassin Temple, Xue Zichen, the most senior, and one generation older than Sheng Yue, as well as being the representative of the oldest generation of the Assassin Temple. In strength, he was in the top tier of the Assassin Temple, reaching the second rank of the ninth step, and was close to the third rank. Calling him the cornerstone of the Assassin Temple would be no exaggeration, and as the chief elder, plenty of people supported him. Right now, the expression of his point of view created a total plot shift in this conference.

The higher-ups and greatest elders from the Assassin Temple made up a total of forty-one people, and at least half of them were swayed.

Another elder continued, “Old Xue is right. Our damage was very great in this Holy War four years ago, and the same goes for the Knight Temple. After such a long time, the Mage Temple and Spiritual Temple having sustained the least damage, their rise in power has been the quickest. And in this Alliance’s Great Gathering, I don’t think they will be able to defend their crown. We must discard this Alliance, or else how will the other Temples view us after the birth of the new Alliance? We will not only lose a
powerful ally, but moreover, we will become despised by all the other Temples.

“From another point of view, if the Knight Temple hadn’t assisted us so wholeheartedly, how long do you think we would have lasted in the Holy War? Do you know how many souls of the loyal knights have been left in our walls? Don’t tell me you want to abandon our benefactor like that? I have already decided that no matter whether the Knight Temple finally defends their crown or not, our Assassin Temple will keep supporting them with its all. Even if the Knight Temple finally loses, we will at least stand in solidarity. Demonkind is our target, not internal strife. I believe whoever rules over the new Alliance, they won’t excessively oppress the other Temples.”

This was not the first time Sheng Yue had spoken thesehad spoken these words, but the Assassin Temple still had yet to come to a unanimous reply. The Temples’ Great Gathering was nearing, so the choice of the Assassin Temple couldn’t keep being delayed. They had to come to a final decision on this day, but the sound of opposition was still just as high.

Of the Six Great Temples, the one with the least control was, without a doubt, Sheng Yue. That was due to historical reasons: after all, his teacher who used to be the previous head of the Assassin Temple had already, before dying many years ago, been contesting against Xue Zhisheng. The competitiveness between these two elders was very intense, and their gap in strength, very little. Now that Sheng Yue had lost his teacher’s support, his standing in the Assassin Temple was naturally not that great any longer. This was also why he had to ruthlessly make Cai’er integrate with the Spiritual Stove of Samsara back in those years. He hoped for his granddaughter to not become like him at the time when she would control the Assassin Temple.

As the chief of the elders’ group, Xue Zisheng suggested, “Since you are so obstinate, let us decide by vote then. As the Temple Head, your vote can count thrice, while mine as the chief of the elders can count twice. The minority shall follow the majority, so we will come to a conclusion today.”
Hearing all this, Sheng Yue felt his heart tighten. He understood that since Xue Zhisheng was suggesting such a course of action, he was already fully confident in having the large majority here supporting him. In case this decision came through, even the head of the Assassin Temple wouldn’t be able to do anything about it, and this would also greatly damage his future authority as well.

Since things had come to this, Sheng Yue was already unable to stop the voting taking place in front of him. Out of rage, he clenched his hands tightly, looking grudglingly at Xue Zhisheng.

The gloomy and cold-eyed Zhisheng gave no leeway. Despite growing very old, his authority in the Assassin Temple was still really massive.

Chapter 667

In this oppressive atmosphere, which would possibly degenerate at anytime, a clear voice suddenly reverberated from all directions of the room, “What use is there to vote. The reason why you are opposed to supporting the Knight Temple is only that they are not strong enough in your eyes. Then, let’s decide on this decision based on strength as well. Whoever is the strongest should get to decide.”

These sounds were heard clearly by everyone present while the temperature in the whole room plummeted. There wasn’t any murderous spirit, but an indescribable killing intent burst out in all directions. Although at least a half of the powerhouses present here reached the ninth step, in front of such a terrifying killing intent, everyone felt as if they had been wrapped around ice.

“Huh?” Even Sheng Yue and Xue Zhengzhi were shocked. This sudden surge of killing intent was just too terrible. The Assassin Temple was expert in slaughter, but right now, they had great feelings of shock when getting wrapped up in this killing intent. Just who was it that came? Of so many powerhouses there, none had even taken notice. And furthermore, this killing intent was clearly at the level of a domain!

The powerhouses of the ninth step in the Assassin Temple were close to twenty, but of the ones really wielding a domain, including Sheng Yue and Xue Zhisheng, there were only a total of four.

Exactly because they had domains of their own, their comprehension of domains was far deeper as well, enabling them to clearly identiy this cold
surge of killing intent as coming out from a domain of an even higher grade than theirs. That incorporeal pressure left them full of shock.

A black figure appeared noiselessly in the midst of the conference room, standing at the highest point of this seven meters tall room.

Clad in a long black skirt, she had long, deep purple hair draping all over her back and down to her feet. As her hair fluttered lightly, that cold killing intent kept coming out from her body.

A huge sickle was held in her right hand, dispersing deep blue and purple lusters. Although

she was just floating at this spot, she felt like the center of the world. Everyone felt as if the terrifying killing intent coming out from her body was entirely aimed at themselves, and no one dared act blindly, not even Xue Zhizheng, because none of them felt confident in taking a full-powered blow from her.

Her face was of absolute beauty, but her eyes were deep and fathomless. Some white halations kept coming out from her body at low intensity, but giving off an incomparable feeling of nobility. An even more intense white halation came out from the midst of her chest, giving off a pure and holy presence.

Seeing her appear, Sheng Yue suddenly felt his eyes becoming really hazy in tears. He unconsciously loosened the tight grip on his chest, his body starting to shake uncontrollably.

She was back, finally back!


Hearing Sheng Yue’s resounding call, the higher-ups of the Assassin Temple became full of shock. Almost all of them knew that Sheng Yue had a great-granddaughter who had carried on the Dagger of Samsara, but the ones who had seen Cai’er for real were really few. All they knew was that Cai’er had disappeared over four years ago.
At that very moment, Cai’er’s appearance in front of them gave off a great feeling of shock. Could it be that she really managed to gain control over the might of the Dagger of Samsara? But just how old was she? Just in her twenties!

Cai’er’s deep look was directed at Zhao Zhisheng as she declared indifferently, “Before deciding by vote, I challenge elder Xue in my capacity as the Saint Daughter of Samsara of the Assasin Temple. If I win, I will take over your status as elder chief of the Assassin Temple. And if you win…”

At that point, she paused and suddenly showed a smile, a devastatingly beautiful smile that made everyone present sluggish, “You won’t be able to win, so no need to consider this eventuality. I am bringing everyone somewhere else, which should make it easier for elder Xue to show the best of his capability.”

At this point, she waved the Sickle of the God of Death, from which a translucent white ray came out out and turned into a barrier, wrapping around everyone present. From there, a white brilliance came to view, causing their surroundings to look blurry.

A spatial transportation which could actually transport such a large group of people!

In a large flash of light, all the higher-ups from the Assassin Temple appeared in a bulding dispersing a white halation. The surroundings gave off an illusory feeling, and soft fluctuations of spiritual energy circulated all around her. Those pure fluctuations with no elemental attribute were faint in intensity, but gave off a great feeling of might.

The higher-ups from the Assassin Temple were all shocked. Cai’er’s sudden return was originally a great shock, but her display was beyond their knowledge. They did not know what she did to cause such a miraculous scene. This was clearly not inside Shengmo Dalu, but what was this place? Could Cai’er’s cultivation already be at the level to open up a whole new space?
Xue Zhisheng’s complexion became extremely unsightly. His sight was firmly fixed onto the Sickle of the God of Death in Cai’er’s hand. Out of everyone present, only he knew that the white rays dispersed from her weapon was light of purification, giving off pure palpitations.

Xue Zhisheng knew about Sheng Yue’s great-granddaughter being the Saint Daughter of Samsara with extraordinary gifts, her innate internal spiritual energy surpassing ninety.

But from his view, even if Cai’er was still an important figure, she was in the end really young, to say nothing about how she was already missing for so long. Never did he expect Cai’er to appear at such a time, and moreover, from Sheng Yue’s expression, he could tell that even he didn’t expect Cai’er to come out at such a time.

Cai’er’s look swept through each of the assassins present, “Strength shall account for everything. I challenge every one of you; whoever accepts my challenge will have to give me his or her right to vote upon defeat. If you don’t accept my challenge, I take it that you renounce on this right to vote.”

Xue Zhengzhi let out a cold snort, “In what way are you qualified to do that, little girl.”

Cai’er let out an indifferent smile, “I am part of part of the Assassin Temple, and strength is what qualifies me. Based on the rules of the Assassin Temple, reaching the ninth step of cultivation should make one an elder of the Temple. Hence I am already part of the elders’ group. Moreover, none of this matters to me. This is my world, so without my permission, none of you may come out. Whoever does not accept my rules may remain here forever.”

“You...” Xue Zhisheng agitatedly reacted in anger. Although Cai’er was displaying a very relaxed smile, her tyrannical speech enraged these old assassins. A little girl of twenty or so actually dared speak to them in such a manner.
“Sheng Yue, is this how you trained your great-granddaughter?” Xue Zhengzhi shifted his focus on Sheng Yue.

Sheng Yue was no longer as perturbed as he had been long ago, and showed an indifferent smile in response, “Cai’er is my great- granddaughter, but she’s also the treasure of our Assassin Temple. All of you should have heard that Cai’er had already started integrating the Spiritual Stove of Samsara at the age of three, gaining the approval of the Dagger of Samsara. You should all know how much pain and torment Cai’er had to experience to fuse with the Spiritual Stove of Samsara. Her six senses were lost in succession, and she was left in a cold cave by herself at the age of three years old for a very long time. All of this was to make her stronger for the sake of our Assassin Temple. Maybe she’s still young, but from how I see it, she sacrificed absolutely no less than anyone else present here for the sake of the Assassin Temple. Since she is finally back after over four years, now should be the time for me to resign from my leading post. Our next decisions to make are no longer only about our position in the Temples’ Great Gathering, but also, I have a proposal: to let Cai’er take over my duty to hold office as head of the Assassin Temple. Oh, there’s also something else that I forgot to announce to you all. As early as five years ago, Cai’er already underwent her formal awakening asformal awakening as the Saint Daughter of Samsara, making her the one chosen by the God of Death. I believe that her capabilities as a god’s chosen one should have already grown tremendously. Now should be the time to unify the Assassin Temple.”

Sheng Yue’s words gave off earth-shattering feelings to the whole audience.

The one chosen by the God of Death taking over the Assassin Temple?
This was a far more important matter for the Assassin Temple.

Seeing the Sickle of the God of Death in Cai’er’s hand, the looks in the eyes of some of them relaxed gradually; perhaps the supporters of Xue Zhisheng were more numerous, but their standpoint was all in consideration for the Assassin Tmeple.
As early as ten years ago, Sheng Yue had mentioned that, at the time Cai’er gained true control over the Dagger of Samsara and reached the ninth step of cultivation, she would get a unanimous support from their Temple.

The former Scion of Samsara used to raise the Assasin Temple to the top of the Alliance, so why would the new Saint Daughter of Samsara not be able to do the same? Now that Cai’er was back, her cultivation having visibly also broken through the ninth step, as well as having a domain of her own, and furthermore, having the miraculous ability of spatial shifting, everyone here knew who would be the most fitted to lead the Assassin Temple.

Most importantly, Cai’er was a little over twenty years old! The meaning of a powerhouse of the ninth step and inheritor of the Dagger of Samsara at this age was clear in all their eyes.

Even if Cai’er had just risen to the ninth step, what if she would be given ten years? Everyone knew about Li Zhengzhi’s strength, but his innate internal spiritual energy was only at eighty. Being just a wind user at this level of cultivation, what would come out ten years later for Cai’er? At that time, would the Assassin Temple even need to attach themselves to someone else? It would rather be the others who would come cling to them.

Thinking of all this, the standpoints of the higher-ups present distinctly changed.

Chapter 668

Being the chief elder of the Assassin Temple, how could the experienced Xue Zhisheng not be able to tell out the changes on the others? Just as Cai’er had said, strength was the greatest factor of authority. Moreover, she wielded the symbolic Saint Dagger of Samsara, giving her an extreme importance inside the Assassin Temple. Adding Sheng Yue’s support of her to that, if this went on, his control over the elders would surely suffer a huge blow.

The reason why Xue Zhisheng had such backing in the Assassin Temple naturally had its basis, stemming first of all from the consideration behind his decision for the Assassin Temple.

At the same time, he had his own selfish motives. The head of the Mage Temple Li Zhengzhi had given him the promise that if he managed to get the Assassin Temple to remain neutral, after the new Alliance gets established, he’d be given a high position in this new Alliance. Don’t think that because of his old age, his thirst for authority would have lightened. Perhaps he was even more thirsty for the unobtainable.

Right now, it looked that Sheng Yue and Cai’er were about to regain control of the situation, so he naturally wouldn’t leave the matter at that. Snorting coldly, he suddenly let a huge blast of imposing manner burst out from him, catching the attention of everyone present here.

“Very well. Then let this man try out, to see whether you are qualified to undertake the heavy responsabilities of the Saint Daughter of Samsara. If you win, I will unconditionally support all your future decisions, as well as be in favor of you replacing Sheng Yue. But if you lose, stay
secluded in our Temple for a few more years, and you can take duty in some high position after you gain sufficient strength.”

No matter what one may say, Xue Zhengzhi was a higher-up from the Assassin Temple. After a short time of fury, he gained some knowledge of Cai’er from Sheng Yue’s explanation. Of course, he understood that Cai’er’s presence would very possibly make a new glorious future arise for the Asssassin Temple, so, right now, his speech was a lot lighter. Of course, he did not believe that the current Cai’er had enough capability, after all, she was still so young. His current hope was to gain control over the current Assassin Temple and gain a better standing in the new Alliance. As for the future, it should be left to the youngsters of Cai’er’s generation.

That is why Zhisheng decided to accept Cai’er’s challenge and prove himself with strength,   in   order   to   maintain   his   support   among these fickle assassins.

Sheng Yue did not evenq take Xue Zhisheng in his eye, a light smile coming in to view on his severe face. That’s because he knew that at the time Cai’er brought the Assassin Temple’s higher-ups there, Xue Zhisheng had already lost. He didn’t lose in cultivation, but in age and future. Even if he didn’t take part anymore, Cai’er’s supporters would only keep growing more and more. As for this battle, no matter whether it ends as a win or a loss, Cai’er had already made a real impact on the people, making her control over the Assassin Temple only a matter of time.

Xue Zhisheng’s figure sparkled slightly, then his figure disappeared, and the next instant he appeared at a distance of twenty meters from Cai’er. His awe-inspiring look was directed at her like a viper eyeing its prey, his hands placed behind his back and showing a unwavering face.

“Make your move then.” As a powerhouse of higher generation, Xue Zhisheng was four generations ahead of Cai’er, so attacking the first was not something he could do.

Cai’er responded with a light smile, “Then you better take care.”
The Sickle of the Goddess of Light lightly paused on the ground, and the pure white light of purification spread to all directions, giving off a feeling of electricity hovering through the whole sky. Cai’er’s Sickle of the Goddess of Light strucked under these circumstances.

Right at the same time time as Cai’er made her move, Xue Zhisheng’s body disappeared, leaving only light silver remnants behind.

That was the highest powerhouse of the Assassin Temple, an assassin wielding space attribute, not someone who speaks casually, but one with real great strength.

When Cai’er’s blow landed and gave off the feeling that she was in a disadvantageous position, a miraculous change took place.

The Sickle of the God of Death rapidly traced a shifting arc, and at the same time, Cai’er’s whole body turned into a white color, and the Sickle of the God of Death had a huge blade extension attached

First of the seven arts of the God of Death, Death in Childhood. Dang. A figure was pushed away in midair.
At the same time that huge white blade swept past the empty space, Xue Zhisheng fortunately appeared at its weakest spot.

Having just crossed space through instant shift to face such a terrible blow, Xue Zhisheng was really pressured greatly as one may well imagine.

The killing intent originally swarming out from Cai’er seemed to have disappeared, but the immense Sickle of the God of Death in her hand felt about to slice Xue Zhisheng

A pair of silvery white daggers with an orange tint came to block off that white glow, as he took on a soul shock, dispersing rapidly his spatial spiritual energy, as his spiritual highland unexpectedly got dispersed upon contact with that white blade.

Attribute suppression.
That was the absolute suppression of the purification attribute in front of spatial attribute.

Xue Zhisheng clearly felt that Cai’er’s spiritual energy was below his to some extent, but under the attack of that huge white blade, he saw with shock the bluish and purplish sickle follow him tightly while being sent flying, striking his pair of daggers fiercely.

Relying on his pair of daggers of epic tier, Xue Zhicheng could parry the attack of the light of purification, but the instant they clashed against the opponent’s weapon, Xue Zhicheng felt his body shiver like he’d been electrocuted, finding out with shock that cracks were appearing lightning fast on his daggers. Although this attack was attack was not enough to destroy the daggers of epic tier, what about the next one?

His figure flashing past, Xue Zhicheng disappeared once again, but Cai’er didn’t pursue the attack, standing calmly on the same spot. A drizzling fog spread outwards, growing alongside lotus flowers petals. In the midst of these petals, she simply looked like a fairy.

Everywhere those petals passed, a thin white fog was produced in the air, not dense enough to obstruct the field of vision, and not even acting on the senses, but this white fog gave off a feeling of terror hard to describe.

The petals stopped after spreading out to a diameter of thirty meters, and didn’t envelop the rest of the assassins.

A domain! That was clearly a domain; the twenty or so years old Cai’er actually really managed to wield a domain of her own, and that was a domain with uses that no one was able to recognize.

Domains were of different types, with no completely identical ones. Common knowledge would generally want assassin domains to be expert in single targeted attacks, as assassins would usually be the strongest on a small scale. Cai’er’s domain was also of rather small scale among assassins’ domains. But the smaller the scale, the greater the burst power coming along.
The unknown was the most terrifying. Precisely because no one understood the effects of Cai’er’s domain, it gave off a feeling of reverence.

Both Cai’er’s currently displayed domain and the attack that sent off Xue Zhicheng were sufficient for her to prove her own strength to the higher-ups from the Assassin Temple more than enough. No matter how this fight would end, her backers would in no way be few.

Sheng Yue’s smile became even more accentuated. After being away for over four years, not only did Cai’er’s strength grow to a shocking level, but even her temperament made enormous progress. She did not simply fight to win against Xue Zhicheng, but most all to make a show for further the higher-ups assassins’ approval of her.

Right at this time, twelve brilliant silvertwelve brilliant silver gates appeared suddenly in the domain surrounding Cai’er, including even herself inside.

This Twelve Spaces Domain was the domain of the Assassin Temple’s elders’ chief Xue Zhicheng, another domain fitting individual battles the most, a powerful domain of spatial attribute.

While raised up, these twelve silver colored spatial gates immediately blocked off the view of the other assassins. By chance, this place was tall enough for them to liberate spiritual wings of their own, rising high in the battlefield.

Facing the Twelve Spaces Domain, Cai’er was still standing quietly in the middle and making no movements. These petals kept spreading outwards and releasing a white halo, as she seemed to be just calmly waiting.

Suddenly, a silver ray instantly burst forth from the spatial gate, travelling too fast to be followed with one’s eyes. As it flashed, the opposite silver colored gate of light disappeared at once.

The Twelve Spaces Domain’s greatest trait was its encirclement. Someone who gets caught inside this domain couldn’t possibly escape
without beating or getting beaten by Xue Zhisheng.

It was called Twelve Spaces domain because of the twelve superpositioned spatial gates giving rise to this domain: twelve spaces overlapping each other should in normal times not be achievable by any means, but this domain’s spatial effects made this possible. In there, escaping through spatial abilities or even passing through space would not be possible either, It looked that these spaces had no floor, but actually, Cai’er was absolutely incapable of flight at the very moment.

At the same time, Xue Zhisheng’s attacks would be greatly amplified by the effects of the domain’s overlaps. Their speed as well as destructive power would reach terrifying levels.

Ten years ago, Xue Zhisheng relied on the Twelve Spaces Domain to vanquish a demon god ranked in the top forty, giving a great boost to his reputation as well as making him known as the number one of the Assassin Temple.

Right now, Cai’er and her domain with ineffable effects were all surrounded by the Twelve Spaces Domain, giving rise to a far from good situation.

Chapter 669

When the silver rays flashed, Cai’er still stood there, unharmed, but the farsighted people could all see that when the silver ray launched its attack, Cai’er’s body suddenly had an illusory look. All these rays pierced through her body, but when they disappeared, she came back to normal. That was obviously an extraordinary dodging technique.

Xue Zhisheng’s Twelve Spaces Domains’ amplification may actually rank his speed at the number one in the Alliance, but Cai’er still managed to evade him through her dodging techniques. Who wouldn’t be shocked by such a feat?

Suddenly, the Sickle of the God of Death suddenly slashed out in a direction, before coming back to normal, the Twelve Spaces Domain remaining the same. No one could tell what she was doing.

The only shocked one was the involved elder Xue Zhisheng.

Cai’er’s previous empty slash nearly caused him to splurt out blood, because her weapon slashed at his second attack’s trajectory. With his previous lesson, he now really didn’t dare clash against the Sickle of the God of Death, for fear of getting his pair of epic tier daggers destroyed. So at the time Cai’er moved her Sickle of the God of Death, he suddenly shifted trajectory unconsciously and interrupted his own attacking motion.

In fact, the Twelve Spaces Domain may give a great amplification to his attacking power, but his body would also be subjected to a great pressure. Suddenly stopping his course of attack immediately inflicted on him a
severe backlash, and this oldest elder from the Assassin Temple was far from young anymore.

In their clashes, Cai’er had launched only one direct attack, but its whole process shocked Xue Zhisheng greatly.

To say nothing about the degree of power of her attack or the tyrannical strength of the Sickle of the God of Death, the fact that Cai’er managed to accurately predict his location went beyond this old man’s understanding.

Xue Zhisheng may not be the greatest powerhouse in the Alliance, but he was certain to be the greatest cultivator of the spatial attribute in the Alliance. He found no explanation as for how Cai’er managed to predict his own position. This should be impossible from his point of view, and immediately caused a loss of advantage on his side.

Also, after launching his first attack through his domain, he came to realize the fearfulness of Cai’er’s domain.

That peaceful looking lotus petal releasing domain had a horrifying side, even for someone of his level. His previous attack’s speed was monstrous, but it had to pass through Cai’er’s domain. Just by passing through, he felt the instant disappearance of one percent of the spiritual energy in his body.

To some cultivator of a rather low level, a percent may not seem significant, but to a powerhouse with close to three hundred thousand spiritual energy, one percent was a loss of three thousand spiritual energy. And he had only passed through it for one instant. If he were to fight her in her domain for a long time, wouldn’t his spiritual energy just get totally wiped dry? Furthermore, this purified spiritual energy was very possibly transferred to Cai’er. What a terrifying Domain of Purification.

Right because of these discoveries, Xue Zhisheng temporarily remained passive. His attacks were unable to land on Cai’er, and he would get purified by her domain. What could he do in such a battle? Furthermore her offensive strength was really domineering.
Xue Zhisheng had his hands tied for another reason, being that there’s no way he could really harm Cai’er. After all, Cai’er was the future hope of the Assassin Temple. Even if his thirst for authority were to be even greater, he was after all a member of the Assassin Temple as well. That is why his techniques of assassination could in no way be used in this exchange with Cai’er.

Feeling Xue Zhisheng’s silence, Cai’er made a move, revealing an indifferent smile. The Sickle of the God of Death was lightly waved in front of her, and immediately the petals on her domain curled up around its blade. At a lift of her right hand, it turned into airflows on the tip of her blade, shooting at the Twelve Spaces Domain’s gates.

This attack of hers immediately caused the the twelve gates to twist violently, turning a large amount of spatial spiritual energy into a barrier.

This domain combining attack, defense and boost in one was really specialized for individual battles. He could proudly affirm that it ranked amongst the top compared to the overwhelming majority of other domains.

But unfortunately, Xue Zhisheng’s current opponent was that Cai’er, whose Domain of Purification was a result of the evolution from the Sickle of the God of Death after purifying the Slumbering Calamity Elux, causing her understanding of purifying death energy to rise sharply. In some sense, that was the true power of the God of Death, so how could the Twelve Spaces Domain even compare?

The white blade projection curling with silver light turned into nothingness, none of the twelve spatial gates having been destroyed, but Xue Zhisheng found out with shock that he had lost another hundredth of his spiritual energy. While maintaining one’s domain, the user would have no way to absorb any external spatial essence for recovery, unless that domain had some absorptive properties. And the Twelve Spaces Domain clearly didn’t have such an ability.

Cai’er lightly strode forward, and immediately, the Domain of Purification advanced alongside her. The Twelve Spaces Domain followed with some distance to keep them under its encirclement. Visibly, Xue
Zhisheng was absolutely unwilling to see his own domain come into contact with the Domain of Purification.

All this while, Xue Zhisheng only had one winning strategy: to take advantage of the opponent’s consumption.

The full use of a domain would hugely use up one’s spiritual energy. From his previous judgement, Cai’er’s cultivation was below his by quite a gap, and since the Domain of Purification was quite a bit more powerful than his Twelve Spaces domain, it would undoubtedly use up far more spiritual energy. By letting this go on, Cai’er’s domain would be the first to need to be removed by her own initiative. That way he would win without need for a fight. And what if Cai’er would want to clash with his domain using her own? Xue Zhisheng was absolutely confident in his speed and ability and ability to anticipate her actions.

As for Cai’er’s attacks, he only had to get out of their way. Xue Zhisheng held an absolute confidence in that Cai’er’s consumption would speed up while using her domain for attack. Although his consumption was large as well, his advantage in cultivation had to be accounted for as well.

Cai’er naturally saw through Xue Zhisheng’s tactic, and the spectators from the Assassin Temple watching from above did so as well. Her being able to force the elder chief to such a position, already gave them a complete approval of Cai’er deep inside. Without doubt, Cai’er was no weaker than Sheng Yue in cultivation, and being so young, the Assassin Temple would surely soar through new heights under her lead.

But was Cai’er’s strength limited to that? No, of course not. Everything that just happened was, in her eyes, just the start of her show.

The Sickle of the God of Death was slowly lifted, as Cai’er’s eyes turned gradually white, and the surrounding Domain of Purification bubbled up intensely, surrounding her body and wrapping her all around, making her looks unidentifiable from whichever direction.
If the previous Domain of Purification was like an immense white flowery alley, this Domain of Purification was like a flower bud formed of the overlapping of all those lotus petals, with Cai’er acting as its stamen.

What is she planning? Including Xue Zhisheng, everyone raised this question deep inside. The next instant, an ineffable sense of crisis appeared straight into Xue Zhisheng’s mind, as he mobilized his own Twelve Spaces Domain.

A gaudy silver light kept twirling, as the twelve gates abruptly changed stance, uniting as one while superposing each other. One could see that these superposed gates were surrounded by black twists, which was a sign of an imminent spatial breakthrough.

Everyone familiar with Xue Zhisheng knew that this elder chief was the most powerful when in this state. Through the superposition of the Twelve Spaces Domain, he was able to actually teleport at a long-distance of over a thousand kilometers, as well as raise his attacks to a terrifying level.

The sense of crisis made Xue Zhishengmade Xue Zhisheng not dare show any more reservations. The white light of purification in front of his eyes suddenly weakened, as Cai’er reappeared in everyone’s line of sight.

The Domain of Purification had disappeared, but in Cai’er’s left hand had appeared a sparkling and translucent entity, an extremely compact white lotus flower.

Cai’er declared brightly, “Elder Xue, that’s my domain’s Flourishing Lotus Flower. Want to try it out? However, my mastery of it is still insufficient. I can launch it but cannot stop it.”

“No need, I concede.” Xue Zhisheng’s darkened voice resounded. The silver light vanishing, he stepped out, moving away from the Twelve Spaces Domain, and directed an extremely complex look to Cai’er.

The Sickle of the God of Death in her hand moved rhythmically, releasing a great amount of white threads which passed through the lotus in
her left hand, as the petals came off, quietly dissipating, the whole process lasting close to half a hour.

Xue Zhisheng as well as the rest of the assassins stood in front of Cai’er and confronted her silently. The rhythmic movements of the sickle in her hand looked really artistic, giving them an even greater realization of the terror induced by that flourishing lotus flower.

Domains wielded by powerhouses of the ninth step also had different grades. Anyone reaching the second rank of the ninth step could wield a domain of his own, and the domain wielding powerhouses of the ninth step could almost be called existences at a whole other level.

Every individual would have a different domain, and its grade would determine future potential. The stronger the domain, the higher the future cultivating prospects would go, and that would also determine the feasibility of the domain itself evolving.

The reason why Li Zhengzhi had convinced Xue Zhisheng was right because of his understanding of his own domain having gone to the extent of producing a Domain Technique.

But just now, Cai’er actually used her own Domain Technique.

A Domain Technique could be called a product of the domain’s evolution. And out of all domains, not even one percent percent could evolve and give rise to a Domain Technique.

Chapter 670

Maybe Cai’er’s comprehension of this Domain Ability was not strong enough, but her having one was already plenty. In the Assassin Temple, there had already been no powerhouse that could comprehend a Domain Ability for over a thousand years.

It was not that Xue Zhisheng feared Cai’er’s Domain Ability, but that her use of a Domain Ability already conquered him thoroughly. Being the elder chief of the Assassin Temple, he had come to his own choice.

Seeing the Flourishing Lotus Flower finally dissipate in her hand, even Cai’er relaxed greatly. Just as she said, she still did not have a full control of this Domain Ability, and had not yet even tried out its true might, having at most used it to intimidate Xue Zhisheng and no more.

Seeing Cai’er retract her own domain, Xue Zhisheng retrieved his dagger before crossing his arms, bowing in front of her.

This was the formal salute in the Assassin Temple. No one other than the Temple Head Sheng Yue should have qualifications to be saluted that way by him, but there would still be no need to bow. Right now, Xue Zhisheng could really be said to have gone past the limits of his own etiquette habits, making clear his current attitude.

Sheng Yue had never been so lively for a lot of years already, especially since the steep decline of the Temple Alliance’s population following the start of the Holy War. By chance, there was no damage sustained in the rear, which is what enabled the Alliance to recover its vigor in just four years.
But even if their economy and power was replenished, their population was still greatly affected, so the current Temple Alliance had to encourage pregnancy, as well as help improve the living conditions of the masses.

Holy War, the largest city of the Temple Alliance, had its hotels packed since long ago, the reason being the decennial Temples’ Great Gathering.

Although just a small count was really able to watch the Alliance’s Great Stadium, a lot of people were willing to head to Holy City at this time because of the ardent atmosphere. Some seniors would even bring their children to Holy City to try out seeking an opportunity to find a powerhouse for their children to acknowledge as master.

The dark era was already some six thousand years ago. The two years of Holy War having finally ended up in a demon retreat, gave a lot of insightful people a hope to see dawn come in this dark era. Almost all humans were hopeful to see the day that the human army would be the ones to lead the offense against demonkind.

The Temples’ Great Gathering differed from the Demon Hunt Selection in their degree of importance, and the people who were rushing to buy tickets for the very goal of watching clashes between the Six Great Temples’ powerhouses affirmed the confidence of the masses in the Alliance. Almost every Temples’ Great Gathering caused great surges of emotions in the whole Alliance, and drastically increased their amount of recruits in the following period.

In Holy City, the most symbolic buildings had announcements had bright yellow announcements posted, recording in detail the times of the contests as well as rules for this Temples’ Great Gathering.

Every Temples’ Great Gathering would involve such announcements, and amendments to the rules would immediately get published.

Right, a white cloaked youngster was standing in front of a five-floored hotel, looking at it with attention.
As early as one month ago, when the advertisements were first released, many of the ordinary people already got familiar with their content, which is why right now, he was only standing by himself in front of this announcement. The white cloak covered him entirely and gave off an eye- catching and lofty air.

Even behind this cloak, this young man’s very tall build was visible, as he really was close to two meters in size, with especially wide shoulders, though his build was not really excessively robust.

His perfect build gave off a mystical feel as he stood calmly in place. He had a seemingly ordinary, yet extraordinary gentle, disposition.

Most of the bypassers’ gazes were attracted to this calm young man, causing them to feel peaceful and greatly relaxed just by looking at him.

On him.

On that clear-cut announcement were recorded the time and rules for this Temples’ Great Gathering.

Tomorrow would be the day of start of the Temples’ Great Gathering. When the time comes, the higher-ups from the Six Great Temples would all gather into the Alliance’s Great Stadium, each of the Temples dispatching a team of thirty-six people to participate, making up a total of two hundred sixteen contestants from the Six Great Temples.

The Temples’ Great Gathering was determined first of all by drawing ballots. In the first three days one versus one battles would be ongoing, a three-day knockout competition. Each knockout battle would follow right after a previous one ends, with no time allocated for rest. Those from the Priest Temple won’t be included in the individual knockout battles, they would be evaluated with another method in these individual stages: spiritual energy measuring. Generally, the Priest Temple’s points would be around the middle ranks by the end of this stage.

In this stage, a point would be awarded to every one of the other five Temples’ candidates for a victory, two points for two victories, with a
doubled amount of points for every additional individual victory.

Great restrictive clauses regulated this individual stage. First, no equipment or pill are to be allowed, and only the use of one’s individual strength is allowed. Second, no situation of wounding the opponent allowed, and is penalized with a direct elimination. This Temples’ Great Gathering being no struggle of life and death, these two rules looked simple, but were greatly restrictive. Just think, when all contestants would at least be powerhouses of the eighth step, what is the level of control required to absolutely avoid wounding any opponent?

The individual competition would terminate within three days, followed by sorting the points to conclude the primary stage of the Temples’ Great Gathering.

The reason why this involved so many contestants was to assess the strength of every Temple as a whole, as a single person’s strength was not enough to stand for his or her whole Temple.

After the individual battles, would begin the contests for the highest spiritual energies. The Six Great Temples would Temples would all dispatch three candidates of age below a hundred years old to undergo spiritual energy assessment. Every year below a hundred would give an additional thousand points of score.

The addition of these three candidates’ spiritual energies will make up their ranking, and the first place Temple will be awarded with two hundred points, the second would receive one hundred fifty, third place, one hundred twenty, fourth place, ninety, fifth place, sixty, but none for the last one.

After the end of the spiritual energy competition follows the Domain Competition, with each of the Six Great Temples sending three contestants.

Then a domain confrontation, with eighteen domain wielding powerhouses fighting together. Whichever side cannot maintain his domain anymore will be excluded, until only three contestants from one Temple are left. This one is really important, as the first place will be awarded five
hundred total points, with every next one being awarded a hundred less, with the last one getting no reward.

This kind of team competition does not emphasize on domain power, but should best implicate three complementary domains. That’s because the winner won’t necessarily be the side with the greatest powerhouse, but the side of the best coordination.

In the previous gathering, the Knight Temple had managed to win with the combinations of the domains of the Knight Temple’s Divine Knight of Defense and Planning Yang Haohan, the Divine Knight of Control and Constraint Long Tianying, and the Divine Knight of Adjudication and Trial Long Xingyu, achieving victory in this most important stage, thus fundamentally settling the Knight Temple as number one.

The Temples’ Great Gathering’s last trial would be the most significant team battle. Each Temple would send ten contestants to undergo a round- robin tournament, with each victory awarding a hundred total points. Among teams, the Priest Temple would not be participating, giving them a direct three hundred total.

All four stages would be confrontation between the top of the Temple Alliance’s higher-ups. Generally, the least performing in the Temples’ Great Gathering would be the Priest Temple, but its importance still had no needs to be proved anymore. Anyway, a priest would visibly not be fitting asbe fitting as a ruler for the Temple Alliance. Aside from them, the others would all attach great importance to this ranking contest.

The final ranking of the previous Temples’ Great Gathering had the Knight Temple in first place, followed by the Mage Temple, Spiritual Temple, Assassin Temple, Priest Temple, and Warrior Temple.

The Priest Temple, having been given some preferential treatment, ended up surpassing the Warrior Temple and gaining the fifth rank. The Warrior Temple would frequently be ranked among the last ones.

This announcement was not at all correlated to any adjustment of the Alliance, but the individuals with deeper understanding all knew that the
final ranking would determine crucial changes in the Alliance this year. So the contest for the first place would surely be even more intense than the previous years.

The white clad young man was standing there for half an hour already, looking like a statue which didn’t move in the slightest from the beginning.

“What looks so good in a mere announcement?” A distinct voice suddenly rang behind him, coming from a girl clad in a green gown.

This girl was very beautiful, looking in her twenties, but gave off an aloof feel, and an impression of great pride making her unapproachable.

Her green gown looked very simple and didn’t give off any elemental fluctuation. As she appeared behind the young man clad in white, an indescribable faint green light bubbled up from her, pushing this white clad youngster forward.

This female mage was Tan Wan, the sole disciple of the head of the Mage Temple, Li Zhengzhi. Over these four years, she kept training bitterly, and was fully directed by her master, making her one of the targets of the Mage Temple’s ressources, and causing her cultivation to have made great progress.

Xuanyuan Yan who had formerly been standing alongside her had now fallen far behind. Her cultivation had already broken through the eighth step, and she had learnt some formidable original wind elemental spell from Li Zhengzhi, and was one of the Mage Temple’s representative for this Temples’ Great Gathering. Given her age, that was absolutely an enormous honor for her.
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