Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 651-660

Chapter 651

A miraculous scene emerged. The already out-of-strength and almost dead Cai’er suddenly pushed her own body up alongside Long Haochen’s in a surge, making a movement close to a pouncing carp.

In the midst of this pounce, her right hand finally dug into that gate of light, but this had just exhausted all her remaining potential. While stretching her hand in front of the gate of light, Cai’er’s eyes opened wide, already devoid of light.

At the same time her right hand came into contact with the gate, that gate abruptly shone brightly, enveloping both Cai’er and Long Haochen who disappeared inside in a swish.

As Cai’er and Long Haochen disappeared, all the steps in view of Bright Glimmer of Hope disappeared as well.

Space twisted and refracted, and the next instant, the sixth floor regained its original appearance, the only difference being that Cai’er and Long Haochen weren’t there anymore.

Cai’er’s miserable condition and hysterical state were causing everyone to violently gasp for breath, with only one line of thought in them, Cai’er succeeded!

The bright light kept curling up, bringing Long Haochen and Cai’er into a gold colored world, filled with inexhaustible golden rays. Tiny traces of blood bleached and dyed the air, and dots of bright light circulated all around Cai’er’s body, making their way inside.
Even the blood on her lapel drifted back due to that bright light, slowly returning back inside her body.

Cai’er’s right arm was still stretched forward, with Long Haochen tightly under its embrace as if she was afraid of dropping his body off.

The injuries on Cai’er’s body recovered slowly, and all imperfect parts scattered to all direction, disappearing. Only her torn long skirt wasn’t restored.

The look on her face was still determined, even if it had lost all light.

In the golden world, following a deep long sigh, an aged voice sounded out, “Was it really worth it?”

The golden light vanished gradually, and Cai’er who had carried Long Haochen on her back landed lying on the ground. She seemed to be dreaming about the time the two of them had reunited back in Holy City for the Demon Hunt Competition.

They were holding hands, and walking alongside that road to the inn...

That road seemed to suddenly become endless; no matter how long they walked, they did not reach the inn. But they didn’t get fidgety at all, instead enjoying the warmth of each other’s hand.

The sounds of the cane in her hand tapping onto the ground kept reverberating in Cai’er’s world. Every time she turned back to look at Long Haochen, she would catch sight of that extremely loving and warm smile.

Their lives were melting together at once.

All the pain seemed to be forgotten like that, forever and ever...

But a lot of things frequently turn out differently from one’s wishes. The road in front turned illusory, and the next instant, the surroundings all became golden.
Cai’er was quite panicked, tightly gripping Long Haochen’s hand and shouting loudly.

“Haochen! Haochen!!”

The awakened Cai’er suddenly sat up, immediately catching sight of Long Haochen’s pale hands wrapped around her chest, and she immediately gripped them tightly.

Her body was really no l onger feeling any pain, and even all her internal and external spiritual energy had come back.

Quite a few memories of the harsh pain she had previously experienced had remained. The hem of her skirt was still tattered since long ago, and she was unaware that her body was shaking greatly.

Remembering everything she just did, Cai’er raised her head to look around. This should be the seventh floor of the Tower of Eternity right?

As far as the eye could see, everything was gold colored. Compared to the sixth floor of the Tower of Eternity, this place was far smaller in volume. The circular hall made up a diameter of roughly thirty meters.

This was a dome, surrounded by a total of twenty golden pillars.

The surface, dome and surrounding pillars all contained countless golden magic infused runes.

The ground of the hall formed a huge golden hexagram, from which a thin golden fog arose.

At the center of the hexagram stood a huge coffin. Five meters long and three meters wide, this coffin was embedded with various precious gems, and not only gems but also magical beasts’ magic crystals and human spiritual pellets, none of which was below the ninth step.

So was this the seventh floor of the Tower of Eternity, eternal dwelling place of the Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux?
Cai’er stood up impatiently. After spending so much effort to come here, she was in the midst of getting her one and only chance to resurrect Long Haochen! But where was Elux?

“Was it really worth it?” An aged voice suddenly reverberated in her head.

Cai’er unconsciously stepped back, staring at that huge coffin in front of her.

A white fog slowly ascended from the top of that coffin and in the sky surrounding it.

Very rapidly, this white fog turned into a human shape, looking the same as all the previous sculptures, it just didn’t have a lower body, which was just replaced by fog linked together with that golden coffin.

An aged face, extremely emotional looking, had a gentle look directed at Cai’er. Letting out a light sigh, he asked once again, “Was it really worth it?”

“It’s worth it. You’re the Slumbering Calamity Elux?” Cai’er asked with determination. Elux nodded and responded, “I am indeed the Holy Necromanncer and Slumbering Calamity Elux. Was it really worth it”

Cai’er wrinkled her eyebrows, “Of course it’s worth it!”

Elux let out a deep sigh, “What a good girl! I didn’t think that you would finally manage to complete all the trials I have set up in those years. You should know that the most unacceptable attribute in my eyes is your purifying attribute, so there’s almost no way you should be able inherit my legacy.”

Hearing him, Cai’er immediately became greatly alarmed. She didn’t mind the inheritance at all, but this was pertaining to the matter of whether she would be able to resurrect Long Haochen! If the power from Elux’s legacy couldn’t be borrowed, wouldn’t all her efforts just come to naught?
“I am willing to inherit your power. You left the message that as long as one can attain this seventh floor of the Tower of Eternity, they could receive your legacy. Don’t tell me these words didn’t count?” Cai’er stubbornly stated.

Elux showed a faint smile, “I have never heard anyone adress this tone of speech to me in my living years. And yet you want to inherit my power.”

Cai’er became sluggish, slowly kneeling in front of Elux, and bowing down to him, “Sorry, Teacher. I was in the wrong. I hope I can inherit your power, you must have a way right?”

Elux’s eyes pulsed at once, “All for the sake of this child on your back.
This one should be my original successor right?”

Cai’er didn’t mutter a word, only continuously kowtowing towards Elux, her forehead rapidly turning red and swollen.

Elux waved his hand, and immediately, a spurt of golden light came out from the ground, supporting Cai’er’s body.

“You have already knocked your head on the ground enough. Indeed, I have a way to make your inherit my power. But if you inherit it, your original power of purification will completely dissipate, and your body will even consequently fester, turning you just like a zombie. This power of purification is originally entirely incompatible with my power of necromancy. Are you still willing even if it turns out that way? If you lose your beauty, do you really think that even if the one on your back is resurrected, he would still come to like you?”

“I am willing!” Cai’er replied with no hesitation.

“Are you not worried?” Elux seemed almost unwilling as he asked. “
Cai’er shook her head with energy, “I am not worried. ”
“Then, please begin.”

Elux took a deep look at Long Haochen, his look turning greatly emotional, causing that body formed of mist to distort slightly.

A long time later, he replied quietly, “His heart is already destroyed, giving him no more opportunity to live. Although his soul is intact, resurrecting him will be extremely difficult. First of all, he will need a live and fresh throbbing heart.”

Cai’er raised her head to look at Elux, undoing the chains on her body, cautiously placing Long Haochen on the ground, laying him on the golden ground.

Taking a deep look at him, and gently caressing his face already empty of blood, she lowered his head and lightly kissed his forehead. Although this forehead was already devoid of warmth and was ice cold, that still gave her the feeling of a living person. Her cute face displaying a faint smile, Cai’er slowly stood up, raising her right hand which flashed in black light as the Sickle of the God of Death appeared in her palm.


“You are right. Actually, he should be your successor. Please resurrect him. As for the heart...”

Cai’er smiled, full of sincerity. This instant, she looked as charming as a myriad of blossoming flowers. Even the Holy Necromancer Elux who was already dormant for several thousand years couldn’t help but blank out upon sight of her smile.

“Please use mine.”

In a flash of black likght, the Sickle of the God of Death in Cai’er’s hand was flipped back, aiming its sharp blade toward her own chest. She had the absolute confidence of being able to extract her own heart intact and leave it in the spot of his one. This seemed to be a perfect ending. This way she would be able to stay forever at his side, which is why her smile was
sincere. She could already feel the cold blade of the sickle pierce through her skin, and in just an instant, her blade would cut through her chest and cautiously extract her heart.

“Not allowed.” Golden splurges of light burst out from below, clashing against the Sickle of the God of Death, and taking away the massive weapon, although a trace of blood had still appeared amidst Cai’er’s chest.

Elux declared in fury, “What a girl! Is he really worth you doing such a thing for him? Don’t you know that this purifying blade has soul purifying properties? Even if you are the one using it on yourself, in case your vitals are pierced by it, an inevitable death will follow. No force will ever be able to bring you back to life!

Chapter 652

Cai’er looked at Long Haochen with deep emotion, “So what; with my heart being together with him, having him resurrect is already enough for me. I am willing to die for his sake. Don’t tell me you have another heart at disposal here aside from mine? All I am asking is for him to be resurrected.”

Elux became silent, his eyes showing struggles, but right now, Cai’er, whose attention was focused onto Long Haochen, just didn’t notice it.

“If only that girl I had met at those times was like you… maybe none of that would have happened. Perhaps I would have just followed her in death. Even if everything ends with death, at least that would be a happy ending.”

The words that Elux murmured woke Cai’er up with a start. Lifting up her head, she insisted, “Please use my heart…”

Elux suddenly interrupted her, “Child, don’t be hasty. How about it, let’s make a bet. If you win, I will help you to resurrect him, but if you lose, just give up on him, and concentrate all your thoughts and efforts in inheriting my power. Although I do not like the purifying attribute on you, I like your character.”

“I am not taking the bet.” Cai’er shook her head vigorously, “There’s no way I can take a bet with him as the stake, because I cannot afford to lose.”
Elux replied coldly, “Then it cannot be helped for you.” This instant, he really had the imposing manner of the Holy Necromancer Elux.

In a wave of his hand, Cai’er felt extremely tense all over her body, already out of control of her whole body, and even the Sickle of the God of Death in her hand was suppressed, returning back into her own body.

Pulled by the golden light, she was pulled to Elux’s side. Immediately, the surroundings twisted all around, and everything transformed miraculously, turning illusory, yet substantial.

Cai’er discovered with stupor that she was not only unable to move, but also unable to let out the slightest sound, and was unable to exert the slightest bit of spiritual energy. It seemed that her very soul was frozen.

Elux remained afloat on her side, dispersing layer upon layer of bright light. On Long Haochen’s side appeared another Cai’er, with a hole in her chest and having lost her heart.

Immediately, his right hand pointed its forefinger on Long Haochen’s body in a touch. Then the wounds on his body healed up at an astounding speed. In the midst of intense fluctuations of golden light, the Golden Foundation Armor on him was removed, and under Cai’er’s emotional watch, Long Haochen’s pale skin gradually regained color.

All of it was really too miraculous. Elux just needed a lift of his hand to bring Long Haochen back to life.

Elux’s voice resounded in Cai’er’s mind, “I have temporarily simulated the situation where he would be brought back to life. Now guess, what will his reaction be when he learns that your heart was used to resurrect him?”

Cai’er’s original feelings of excitement turned instantly. She struggled as much as possible against Elux’s binding, but how could it be so easy to resist in front of this man who was previously known as humankind’s disaster who narrowly caused humanity to go extinct? There was nothing
she could do except for looking on helplessly at that instant of resurrection, at Long Haochen in the midst of trembling.

So cold! Long Haochen felt as if he was soaked in a pond of ice, shivering with extreme cold. The deathly stillness in his brain gradually rose and fell, and he felt chills in succession, and was roused by the cold.

A golden expanse came to his sight, as the intense light essence caused the chills felt by his body to decrease sharply.

Where is this? Hell?

Subconsciously, Long Haochen placed his hand onto his own chest, finding out astonishingly that the hole in his chest had disappeared, and that he felt an indistinct heartbeat, and had the sensation of blood flowing through his body. Only, his powerful cultivation was obliterated completely, and faint waves of weakness assaulted his brain again and again

“Are you awake?” An aged voice drew Long Haochen’s attention, who immediately noticed that huge coffin and the soul floating in the sky.

“You are? And what’s this place?” Long Haochen asked reflexively. Right now, he still felt dizzy, but the ice-cold sensation all over his body subsided gradually, and the thick light essence in the air helped him feel better. The spiritual energy in his body also seemed to slowly recover thanks to absorbing the light essence, and at long last it felt a lot warmer.

“This is the seventh floor of the Tower of Eternity. And I believe that you must know who I am right?” Elux asked in a faint voice.

Long Haochen became greatly alarmed, and immediately sobered up, “What? This is the seventh floor of the Tower of Eternity? But then, just how, how… How did I get here?”

Elux pointed to his side, and replied calmly, “She’s the one who brought you here.”
Long Haochen followed his finger, and immediately became stagnant. His mouth agape, and eyes staring confusedly, he suddenly found himself unable to let out the slightest sound, as if his body was locked down, remaining motionless.

That… that was Cai’er. A Cai’er with a hole in her chest and whose blood was flowing all over the ground.

Having lost all vitality, Cai’er looked as pale as a piece of paper. Cai’er! Cai’er! How could my Cai’er…?
Long Haochen stayed so stiff for several seconds, totally motionless.

Elux’s voice reverberated through his ears, “She has been carrying the Eternal Melody I have given you, and been shouldering your corpse, going through the challenges in the Tower of Eternity one after another. She said that you were my successor, and that she wanted to bring you back to life. You should clearly know how you died. Having lost your heart, even my magic cannot resurrect you without a live and fresh heart. So she offered her own heart to you.”

“NOO!!” Long Haochen looked up to the sky, and kneeled down to the ground, throwing himself at Cai’er and tightly gripping her tight figure, his tears falling beyond control.

Cai’er’s corpse was really cold. Long Haochen felt as if the blood flowing in his body froze down this instant.

“How could you be so stupid Just how could you be so stupid Cai’er, don’t tell me that you believe that I can keep on living by myself with you dead?”

Suddenly turning back, Long Haochen looked at Elux, “Elder, please give her heart back to her. You must have a way to do that right? Please bring her back to life!!”
Elux coldly responded, “Do you take this for a game? Do you think that heart transplants can be cycled over and over again? Moreover, even if I was able to do that, you would return to death without a heart.”

At this point, his voice suddenly warmed up, “She is already dead, having offered her heart to resurrect you, and wishing for your heart to be made one with you, this way you won’t ever be separated. Don’t tell me you don’t understand her pain? You are my chosen disciple, who came here to inherit my power. There are plenty more fishes in the sea. With your talent, you will surely be able to find an even better girl than her. And moreover, one can only take revenge by staying alive. If you did not die, she wouldn’t have died for the sake of bringing you back to life. You should go look for the culprit of your death, instead of mourning in sadness like a coward.”

“Stand up, and accept my, the Holy Necromancer Elux’s, inheritance. At the time you leave from here, you will be the greatest human powerhouse in the world. At that time, everything will come to your grasp. You will be able to get as many girls as you want, and even use the body of your target to pay homage to her.”

Long Haochen held Cai’er’s body, then turned back toward Elux with an indifferent look, as if convinced by Elux’s words his previous state of hysteria disappeared at once, entering a serene state of mind.

Holding Cai’er’s corpse, he slowly stood up, and muttered irresolutely,
“If only one of us can live on, it’s a good thing that she died first.”

Elux’s eyes diluted in shock, turning back toward the real Cai’er standing at his side. Long Haochen was unable to see her, but Elux could. His ice- cold voice reverberated in Cai’er’s mind, “See, that’s the man you were willing to sacrifice your life for.”

But to Elux’s disappointment, Cai’er seem to only feel some grief alongside a deep feeling of love, as if she hadn’t heard Long Haochen’s heartless words at all.
“Don’t you understand?” Elux questioned Cai’er in a slight splurt of fury

Cai’er lightly shook her head as if she didn’t see him, “I understand very well. You are the one who doesn’t, because you don’t understand him at all.”

Elux let out a cold snort, “I don’t understand him?”

He turned back toward the apathetic Long Haochen, and declared, “You are right. She died for your success. Are you prepared to inherit my power?”

Long Haochen shook his head lightly, “Inherit your power? What use is there for me to? You are just a slaughterer, a man who clearly is a Scion of Light, and should have brought light to humanity, yet chose to cause dark slaughters. I don’t need to inherit your filthy power.”

“Living on is even more painful than death. If Cai’er and I could age together, I would definitely strive the hardest to follow after her in death. This way, she could have me accompany her in death, and have me by her side in death. But the event of me dying before her, could only make the rest of her life lonely and nothing else.”

“What about strength, what about revenge? None of it matters in my eyes. Perhaps I have a lot more responsibilities, but how can I let Cai’er keep waiting for me?”

At this point, his eyes shifted back to his left arm, “Sorry that I have disappointed you, Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon. I couldn’t bring light to humanity in the end, even if I am the Scion of Light, and even if I have made the resolve to never let myself get stained by impurity. Even so, I have a weakness that I can never correct. Please let me be unruly once, let me be selfish once. Cai’er, I am a bit late, but let me join you.”

Drawing Cai’er toward him with his left hand, he lowered his head, and offered a deep kiss to her lips while raising his right hand, and condensing
the bit of spiritual energy he had just recovered onto his palm, abruptly aimed it at the top of his head.

“You are not allowed to die!” Elux shouted in unreconciliation. His soul materialization instantly appeared in front of Long Haochen and grabbed his hand.

Long Haochen raised his head and looked at him coldly, “Are you qualified to stop me?”

For who knows which reason, Elux’s powerful soul force only felt chilly upon Long Haochen’s cold gaze, unexpectedly causing him to not even be able to retort back.

“Go away!” Long Haochen shouted in fury, struggling fiercely.

Elux grabbed his arms energetically, “Don’t tell me that there is nothing else you are reluctant to leave behind in this world? Is it really worth it to die just out of a romantic love?”

Long Haochen smiled in contempt, “From what you are saying, you don’t understand what love is at all. Love is the most basic thing there is, yet the most intense. Without her, it is like my heart is dead. The other things I am reluctant to leave are just meaningless at that point. This world is already colorless in my eyes, don’t stop me in my search for Cai’er. Do you think that you holding my hand would stop me from causing myself to die? ”

Saying that, Long Haochen’s eyes suddenly lit, and one could vaguely see a golden flame instantly flaring up.

“Bastard, you are crazy!” Utterly discomfited, Elux shouted loudly, pointing his finger to the space between Long Haochen’s eyebrows.

Struck by this finger, Long Haochen struck the seventh floor heavily of the Tower of Eternity.
If Elux’s reaction was just a bit late, Long Haochen would have been ignited, and at that time, let alone a necromancer, even a god would be unable to bring him back to life.

Bouncing back onto the wall, Long Haochen was still hugging Cai’er tightly, his right arm whirling once again, and aiming at blowing off his own head with no hesitation.

Crazy! Elux saw in Long Haochen’s eyes an apathetic look like never before. The worst sorrow is not as bad as an uncaring heart, perhaps this was the true meaning behind his look.

“She is still alive.”

These simple words were more effective than any attempt to stop him. Long Haochen’s right hand stopped on top of his head, lowered to look at Cai’er, but he still didn’t see an ounce of life in her.

But right at this time, a sorrowful call came to his ears, “Haochen.”

In Haochen’s arms, Cai’er disappeared into several dots of light, and beside Elux, Cai’er appeared alive and well, rushing into his embrace, crying loudly.

Cai’er’s body was warm, her tears instantly seeping rapidly into Long Haochen’s lapel. Her arms were really vigorously, tightly hugging him.

“Cai’er! Cai’er! Cai’er! Cai’er! Cai’er!…” Long Haochen called out her name without pause. He wanted to cry, to let out every tear in his body. Having just regained the most precious thing in his life, he was returning to a state of joy as his soul finally saw a light from a state of deathly stillness. Tightly hugging her, his chin shook and his calls became more and more choking.

Seeing the embracing pair, the Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux declared with difficulty, “You two have won.”

Chapter 653

“You two have won.”

These simple words sounded really terrible in Elux’s mouth. His soul form floated in a daze, his eyes filled with incomprehension and unbelief. It seemeed as his thoughts were shaken to the core, causing his soul to fluctuate in instability, dispersing layer upon layer of white light.

Right now, Long Haochen and Cai’er were completely soaked in the joy of reuniting, and did not take note of any changes in Elux.

“Cai’er! Cai’er!!!” Long Haochen called out her name over and over again. Right now, his feelings of wretched sorrow ended with Caier’s appearance, to change into an extreme fear, the fear that this Cai’er was a fake, which would just shatter his hard-won last hopes.

So, he hugged her tightly, as if attempting to absorb her in him, and called her name incessantly.

Long Haochen still remembered clearly the instant the Demon God Emperor pierced through his heart. Darkness approached, but he didn’t have any grudge or pain in him, only an inexhaustible reluctance to part with Cai’er.

Darkness had descended gradually. Cai’er’s figure became fuzzy, until the instant that he finally started to fear death. The last thought in his mind was: So I’ll never be able to meet with Cai’er ever again?
But right now, he was back to life, and Cai’er was finally back in front of him. The fire of joy and hope rose in him in an indescribable manner. Hugging her tightly, the fear filling his heart gradually turned into extreme joy. If this was a dream, he hoped to never wake up from it for eternity.

“If you want to stay together forever, calm down a bit.” A warm soul- shaking voice woke up the two of them with shock from this moment of bliss.

Long Haochen and Cai’er turned back their heads at the same time, finally taking notice of the changes in Elux.

Elux’s condensed soul dispersed some white halations. From his body, a breath of death slowly spread outwards. The pair of eyes on his condensed body seemed far brighter than before, watching them ardently.

Long Haochen failed to understand his words, but Cai’er had a terrible chill! Right, Long Haochen hadn’t yet really resurrected. It’s just that Elux used extraordinary ways to temporarily bring him to life.

She immediately stepped up, filled with hastiness, “You just said that we won. Since we won, shouldn’t you be helping to resurrect Haochen?”

Long Haochen was startled, and looked at Cai’er in incomprehension,
“Am I not truly alright? What are you saying Cai’er?”

Elux had a faint smile, “What a fool you are, kid. Don’t tell me you have forgotten everything that has happened before? Although I just used my soul power to make an illusion, it can be considered real in some sense. If I had at that time really accepted letting this girl offer her heart to resurrect you, everything just now would be real.”

“Cai’er, you...” Long Haochen tightly drew Cai’er closer in his embrace, “Why would you do such a foolish thing? If you die, what meaning is there for me to live?”

Cai’er buried her head in his chest. At that time Long Haochen was just a corpse; her only thought was that she had to resurrect him. That is why the
previous scene shook her greatly, especially Long Haochen’s crucial words. Right! If he’s resurrected but at the cost of her own life, he’d still choose to die, so wouldn’t that make everything up to now meaningless?

This instant, the two of them became very calm. Long Haochen seemed to no longer be in a rush to resurrect Long Haochen. They would either live together or die side by side. Her heart finally felt relieved at this real ization.

“So a thing such as real love really exists in the human world.” Elux’s aged face displayed a bitter smile. Although that was body just a condensed soul, he suddenly seemed to look much older at once.

“Of course it does.” Long Haochen raised his head, ardently looking at Elux. He still did not have the slightest good opinion of Elux. This slaughterer was the one to cause the collapse of Shengmo Dalu, the great loss in power of humanity. If not for him, how could the dark age even have come to be? If not for him, perhaps everything would be different. As the Scion of Light and candidate chosen by the goddess of Light, all he caused was destruction along his way. Long Haochen still remembered the deep impression the helpless testimony of the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon had made on him at that time.

Elux could not avoid seeing the look of rejection in Long Haochen eyes, and he calmly declared, “Long Haochen, you have a chance to choose now. Compared to her, you are the most fitting to inherit my power. I can see that you have already formally become the one blessed by the Goddess of Light, so you must despise someone who has walked in the path of death and darkness like me. But now, you have no other choice than to rely on me to come back to life. On one side is your beloved girl, and on the other side, your conviction. Now is the time to make your choice. By choosing to inherit my power, you will be able to stay by her side, and the two of you will be able to live together. And you will become even stronger. If you choose to renounce this, you will die, and surely she will follow you soon. It’s up to you.”

Long Haochen became blank-faced, and Cai’er too.
They did not expect Elux to give Long Haochen such a choice to make at such a time.

“Are you saying that… That even without my heart, you can help bring him back to life?” Cai’er asked in great joy.

Elux responded proudly, “I am the almighty Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux. In this world, the things that I cannot accomplish are very scarce. Your soul is still present, so what’s the deal with reconstituting your body? But why would I help reviving him? Unless he consents to inherit my power, and becomes the next necromancer lord, you are free to live or die as you wish. You will see him die, and whatever you choose is none of my concern. At worst I just have to enter several thousands more years of deep slumber awaiting a next successor’s arrival.”

Cai’er instantly turned her head to look at Long Haochen. But the instant her pretty eyes caught sight of Long Haochen, the flames of joy in her were extinguished entirely in one instant.

Right! Inheriting from Elux would be the only way to resurrect him, but Haochen was the one chosen by the Goddess of Light, the Scion of Light. how could he accept inheriting Elux’s power? Elux was the enemy of mankind, a terrible sinner, the Slumbering Calamity. If Long Haochen were to inherit his power, would that befit the Scion of Light? That would be like renouncing his whole beliefs.

Cai’er was totally unable to speak a word. This being the man she loved deeply, how could she bear to tell him to renounce his beliefs? Cai’er understood clearly that these beliefs were as important as his life in his eyes.

He was a knight, a pure knight to the core. Telling him to renounce his beliefs was no different than telling him to die.

She didn’t speak a word, tears flowing from Cai’er’s eyes again. Stretching her hands forward, she wrapped them around Long Haochen’s chest, sticking tightly close to him. She was already unwilling to think of
anything, and just wanted to let him make his choice. If he chooses death, then let the two of them share this fate. This instant, Cai’er suddenly felt very tired, and only wanted to hold him. No matter whether they lived or died, they would stay that way forever.

The dull feelings in Long Haochen’s eyes disappeared gradually. Lowering his head, he looked at Cai’er leaning on his chest, his eyes flickering in the light, but it seems that no conflicting emotions were in him.

An insipid smile started to form from the corners of his mouth, as Long Haochen raised his head, and looked calmly at Elux.

“Have you made your decision?” Elux looked at him with some stupor, originally thinking that he would be in an incomparable struggle. But he didn’t expect him to have such a look on his face so rapidly. This clearly meant that he had already made his decision.

Long Haochen calmly answered, “I am willing to accept your inheritanceto live on.”
Hearing his declaration, both Elux and Cai’er were suddenly shocked. Cai’er raised her head suddenly, looking at him in disbelief, “Haochen,

Elux reacted with great unbelief, “You are not even afraid of death, yet want to renounce your beliefs? Don’t tell me that you have already forgotten that you are the Scion of Light, the one chosen by the Goddess of Light!”

Long Haochen raised his hand, lightly caressing Cai’er’s long hair, “I am willing to die for her, as well as I am willing to live for her sake.”

At this point, he paused slightly, his eyes looking dazzling at the time he turned toward Elux again, “For the sake of Cai’er, what’s the deal with renouncing my principles?”

Two explosions occurred almost simultaneously. One was in Cai’er’s brain, feeling totally empty, as if she had already lost all her ability to think.

And the other explosion occurred in the Holy Necromancer, or more accurately speaking, his condensed-soul body.

The terrifying explosion caused massive fluctuations of soul force, blasting Long Haochen and Cai’er away.

Elux lifted his head, shrieking in pain, and his entire soul-body trembling violently. Large amounts of death energy were spurted out from his soul, and even more pure holy fire of white color had appeared, igniting his soul, and spreading to every corner of his soui.

Long Haochen hugged Cai’er tightly, using his own body to shield her from the assault of the terrifying soul force. Elux’s soul force was just too powerful: even the Demon God Emperor would be almost unable to compare in this aspect. In front of the terrifying soul might, he was unable to even struggle.

Chapter 654

The terrifying spiritual waves persisted for a whole quarter of an hour before gradually pacifying.

“No, no… This can’t be! How could such feelings exist between humans? Humans are supposed to be vulgar and shameless, disregarding anything in front of benefit. Why would you have such feelings, just why?”

Elux howled in hysteria. Right now he seemed like a wounded wolf, completely turning mad.

No soul attack came. Long Haochen was drawing close to Cai’er, who noticed that right now Long Haochen was full of incomprehension. He had just consented to inherit Elux, so why would this Holy Necromancer make such a fuss?

Elux kept yelling all along so far, but Long Haochen could feel that the aura of death in the seventh floor of the Tower of Eternity was disappearing at an astonishing speed. This place, originally full of dense light essence, gradually regained its sacred feel.

This madness lasted for the time of a meal, before Elux gradually calmed down. Although he was just a soul with a body, it took him large gasps to breathe, and his body was at least half its previous volume. But it had become pure white. Right now his soul seemed ignited to burn strongly, and the soulfire pulsing in his eyes gradually pacified as well.
“Unexpected, what an unexpected thing!” Elux’s voice clearly became stiff, and although his emotions had settled down, his feeling of incomprehension was still present.

Long Haochen looked at him without understanding, “Senior, you can let me inherit your power.”


Elux shook his head, replying in distress, “No, I am not qualified. I was mistaken. I didn’t expect myself to really be so mistaken. I was mistaken for several thousand years. ” He shook his head vigorously, full of pain.

Cai’er held Long Haochen’s hand, right now her mind was empty, filled up with Long Haochen’s figure.

She warmly stood by his side, all traces of her original coldness totally vanished. The haze from her youth’s traumas were all swept clean, leaving no traces behind. If one were to ask her why, surely she would reply that it’s the power of love. Right, Haochen showed her his abiding love, willing to renounce his convictions for the sake of love. This caused a sublimation of Cai’er’s soul, as all negative feelings in her were swept clean at that very moment.

Nothing else mattered in that life where this fulfilling love existed.

Elux raised his head, his ardent look faced toward this pair of sweethearts. His warm expression contained an unspoken admiration, but no traces of jealousy.

“Willing to hear my story? That’s a story from six thousand and eight hundred years ago.” Elux’s voice changed to contain a dense sadness, which came out all around him.

For some reason, Long Haochen felt thin surges of sympathy when looking at him, and nodded unconsciously.
Elux calmly declared, “Six thousand eight hundred ninety years ago, I was born in a city from the Pombo Empire on the northwest of the continent. This city was called Sidi.
“My father was the lord of Sidi, a hereditary earl, and I was his only son. “From the day of my birth, I lived in nobility. For the sake of letting me
succeed his position as earl in the future, he arranged the best teachers to teach me knowledge and etiquette. The year of my sixth birthday, my great affinity with light essence was found out: I was blessed with a constitution of a Scion of Light. Although nearly seven thousand years have passed since then, I s

till remember very well the great joy Father had at the time. He held me in his arms, and shouted in excitement through the whole hall, Elux, you are my pride!’

“From that point, I became a light mage. My cultivation was extremely fast, shocking every teacher, and during the year of my eleventh birthday, I had already become a mage of the fourth step. And at thirteen, the fifth step, then at merely fifteen years old, I became the youngest mage of the sixth step to have ever appeared in the continent.”

At this point Long Haochen was also shocked; because, despite being a Scion of Light too, he had yet to reach the sixth step when he was fifteen years old. In other words, Elux was even more outstanding than him at the same age of fifteen years old.

“Father said that I was shockingly talented. Therefore, he personally brought me to participate in the Talent War organized at that time between the three empires by the Glorious Church, where only youngsters below twenty were allowed to participate. Right, does the Glorious Church still exist at present? Have they yet taken over the whole continent?”

Long Haochen shook his head, “No, at the time of the start of the dark age six thousand years ago, the Glorious Church was annihilated by

“Annihilated?” Elux became blank, and immediately made the strange statement, “Great, great. I knew that they would one day walk this path. So, what was I saying again?”

“Talents War.” Cai’er reminded him.

“Right, the Talents War. I was without doubt the focus of this whole Talents War. The enemies that came out in front of me rarely resisted for over a minute. When I was young, I was also on par with your looks. Uncountable young ladies from the three empires gave me coquettish looks, and, during the finals, my opponent was the princess Fuluo of the empire. She was also a genius, a powerful summoner. With the royal family’s backing, she already had a Purple Thunder Star Dragon Emperor as her contracted beast. Although her cultivation was below mine, her endless successions of summons were tough to face. That battle had lasted for a whole half of an hour, and in the end, because of her insufficient spiritual energy, she lost by my hand. I thereby became the final champion, and our Pombo Empire became the great winner.”

No matter how many years had passed since then, Elux looked extremely proud as he recounted these facts, making clear how impressive that feat used to be.

At that time, humankind was still ruling over the whole Shengmo Dalu, and the total human population was perhaps ten times more than nowadays. This Talent War was undoubtedly a stage for the youngest elites, so the achievement of that victory was truly a great glory.

“The pope of the Glorious Church from that time rewarded me personally with a direct title of viscount, and a feudal fiefdom of fifty kilometers. My reward was a great item, later known as equipment of epic tier. The me of that time was quite pleased with himself, having become the most glorious youngster of all continent. Even the pope’s son Pelo was nothing in front of me.
“Also, that saying 'a friendship may arise from an exchange of blows' is true. That battle with Princess Fulo created a link between the two of us: from that day onwards, we were known as the two great seeds of the empire, on whom great hopes were placed. I was then transferred to the royal academy, pursuing my studies alongside Princess Fulo, and received all the support of the empire.”

Just by listening to his story, Long Haochen and Cai’er could feel how successful Elux was in his younger times. Receiving such glory at the age of sixteen was not something just anyone could do.

Elux’s face started to fill with warmth, “During the period of my studies in the royal academy, I was with Fulo training together and researching magic together all the time. Our feelings started to get deep between the two of us, and I deeply loved that beautiful genius. When the two of us were together, we were never short of topics to talk about. We made an oath of eternal love, engrossed with each other. The rise of these feelings did not only not adversely affect our cultivation, but instead made it faster and faster. In the year I turned eighteen years old, I became a Grand Magic Tutor of the eighth step. Given my cultivation speed of that time, I was certain that I would surely be able to break through the ninth step at the age of twenty, making me the youngest powerhouse of the ninth step in the whole continent.

“As time passed, the superiority of my talent became clearer and clearer. Although Fulo was also outstanding, in the end she was unable to compare with my gifts as Scion of Light. When I broke through the eighth step, she had just broken through the seventh. Back at that time, I could see that she was unhappy, but didn’t put a lot of thought into the issue. I told her that I was willing to make a pause to wait for her to catch up with my cultivation.

“At the same time, I asked His Majesty her father for her hand, and he accepted a marriage between Fulo and me.

“Everything went smoothly. His Majesty was extremely pleased about our relationship, and the day I would break through the ninth step would be when we would marry. At that time, I was already acclaimed as the man most likely to rise to the level of god. The pope of that time personally
came to the empire, expressing the wish to take me as disciple, and to take over his position in the future.

“For the sake of the empire, and for Fulo’s sake, I refused. At that time, the church was extremely powerful in the continent, and in some manner, all three kingdoms had to listen to their orders. I could feel His Majesty’s unwillingness, and for his Majesty’s sake, I preferred to offend the church rather than leaving the empire.

“After reaching the eighth step, my great speed of cultivation visibly slowed down. My teachers in the royal academy told me that because I only kept cultivating all the time, I was lacking in other experiences, and suggested that I go to the outside world and gain experience, to discover all the miraculous places in the continent so that I would be able to progress while gaining in understanding. I followed their suggestion, and told Fulo about this matter, hoping to gain these experiences alongside her.

“But, Fuluo refused. Although she loved me deeply, she had an even greater eagerness to be number one. I knew that she was always looking to surpass me, but the gap between us only kept getting wider. So she chose to remain in the academy to keep training hard, looking to catch up to my cultivation.”

Chapter 655

“For the sake of reaching the ninth step as early as possible to take Fulo as my wife, as well as to bring an even greater honor and glory to the empire, I took this training trip. But never did I expect that because of the great gains in this trip, the incoming period of my life would become a total nightmare.”

At this point, Elux’s face became gradually more and more sinister, filled with anger. Alongside his fury, his intense soul fluctuations caused repeated shakes of the Tower of Eternity.

“After leaving the empire, I roamed through the whole continent. With my cultivation reaching the eighth step, I encountered almost no challenges.

“During two whole years, I wandered through almost all cities of the three great empires, discovering all the local conditions and customs and experiencing the joys and the sorrows of the world. The scope of my world and my cultivation all made considerable progress. And, maybe because I was the one chosen by the Goddess of Light, I had a lot of happy encounters in these two years, and acquired a martial technique of incredible might.

“When I returned to the empire, my cultivation had already reached the peak of the eighth step. Upon seeing Fulo again, I couldn’t help but take her in my arms while sobbing from extreme joy. I could feel that I was nearing the edge of the ninth step, only at one step from breaking through, and believed that I would be able to marry my most beloved Fulo in the near future, as well as to inevitably become the future greatest powerhouse of the empire.
“At that time, I had almost no notion of schemes, and told Fulo about all my various adventures during these two years of training, to share the feelings I had during these moving encounters with her. However, something slightly displeasing happened to me later: the son of the Supreme Pontiff unexpectedly joined the Imperial Magic Academy to study. At that time, I found it very strange: why he would come there? Compared to our Pombo Empire, the Glorious Church should have reached even deeper levels of magic researches, so he had no need at all to come here to pursue his studies!

“However, I didn’t give it much thought because of my joy from being on the verge of marrying Fulo. After I told Fulo everything about my trip, she held a great interest toward that martial technique I gained in my encounters, hoping that I could hand it over for her to learn, but I rejected her. That martial technique was certainly miraculous, but it could by no means be learned or used, because it came at a too great cost, and I feared she would get wounded in the process.

“Do you know what kind of martial technique that was? Even now, I still find it to be really miraculous. Although it was just a move, it required a perfect harmonization with the owner’s soul to be executed. It seemed to come from an ancient tribe from another world. A type of Martial Soul Technique, this technique had a very strange name: it was called Tortoiseshell Technique.

“When I had just obtained it, I still took it to be just a defensive martial art, but after deep researches, I found out that it had almost no relations with defense, but was an ability of prediction. Back then, the Glorious Church was the only other entity in the whole continent to have a prophet. I also have some understanding of it: all they can predict is the future. As for that martial technique, its use would execute a kind of divination, with a really overbearing aspect: its unconditionality. Launching the Tortoiseshell Technique would act on all living creatures in its scope, the user being no exception. And even if a god is in the area of effect, he will have no immunity either, being just as affected by its absolute control . It’s such a fearful technique! But at the same time, as it has absolute effects, it brings certain danger. This technique has a great
indeterminacy: after using it, the user will have no control over its effects. In other words, the effects may be positive just as they may be negative. But no matter what, the user will have to bear some burden, so using it could very possibly offer the user as a sacrifice for the Tortoiseshell technique after a few uses if they are unlucky. How could I be willing to learn such a martial technique? Or even give it to Fulo?”

At this point, Elux had an extremely bitter look, “But Fulo didn’t understand my painstaking effort. She thought I wanted to keep it for myself, and thus refused to transmit it to another. Its absolute effects and efficiency against even a god was just too alluring, making her completely unable to treat it lightly. Why didn’t she consider that if I really wanted to keep it for myself, then I’d simply not tell her about it.

“At first, I was thinking that she was just temporarily letting her emotions affect her decisions and didn’t think about it too much: it would likely calm down after two days. As expected, when I went to look for her two days later, she seemed to have entirely recovered, only looking as though she still had some worries. But her attitude to me was the same as before, and the matter of that day was not mentioned again. Never did I expect her to be such a snake-hearted girl, who had already executed her schemes against me."

Elux gritted his teeth as his whole body shook, clearly because the experience he had at that time was simply far too painful.

“Then on a bright day with good weather, with the blue sky stretching continuously over the horizon, and the sunshine was especially abundant… The intense light essence brought an indescribable sense of harmony to me as the Scion of Light: this sunshine was really ideal. Fulo had invited me to go for an outing, to which I naturally agreed gladly, and even told her that I would seclude myself to aim for the ninth step after that excursion, to ask His Majesty for her hand after I succeed in accomplishing this breakthrough. At that time, I believed His Majesty would at least offer me the level of nobility of a viscount, as well as a title of court mage.

“We exited the empire, to head for the outskirts, and right when we were out for a scenic tour, I suddenly discovered that we were
surrounded, a large amount of black-clad men sealing off every one of our routes of escape. These people were masked head-to-toe, making not even the slightest shred of their skins visible. Upon appearance, they launched a frantic attack at us. At that time, Fulo was in a daze, seemingly having even forgotten about the use of magic despite her cultivation reaching the eighth step. As a man, protecting my own woman seemed like common sense in my eyes, especially with how conceited I was at that time. Relying on my cultivation reaching the peak of the eighth step, I made use of the various magics I had researched painstakingly.”

“Those black clad men were extremely strong, but a lot of them were killed at my hands.

“However, they were only growing more and more numerous, each of them reaching at least the seventh step. I found it very strange at that time: if this many powerhouses from the other two great empires were really infiltrated, how could the powerhouses from our empire disregard them to such an extent? If this kept up, I was afraid Fulo and I wouldn’t ever get away, so I made the prompt decision of bringing out Fulo to immediately break out from the siege.

“At this time, Fulo seemed to have recovered her senses, immediately using various summoning spells to assist me, and we rode her summoned beast to flee back to the empire.

“As we thought the enemies would already no longer catch up to us, we rushed out at full speed, and the distant walls of the empire even came into sight. But suddenly, a slight chill permeated in my heart, and when I lowered my head, I found a pitch-black dagger piercing deeply through my chest, its handle being held in Fulo’s hand.”

At this point, Long Haochen and Cai’er couldn’t help but cry out in alarm. Never did they expect this princess Fulo to actually betray Elux: they were lovers who had sworn the pledge of eternal love!

“At that instant, her look was completely filled with malevolence.”
Deep tears of sadness flowed out from Elux’s eyes, “She even murmured,
‘Why, just why didn’t you hand the Tortoiseshell over to me? Why? I hadn’t planned to go so far at first.’

“My heart was in pain, even more in pain than my wound. My cold chest gradually got numbed, and I could feel my vital force gush out through that dagger. Even at that time, I was still unable to believe that my beloved Fulo was the culprit of that act against me. I just loved her that much! For the sake of marrying her, I trained night and day. All for the sake of sharing happiness alongside her in the future. But she stabbed a dagger full of poison in my left chest, aimed at the spot which should correspond with an ordinary person’s heart. This stab inflicted complete despair in me. She should have been clearly aware that I had no suspicions at all toward her, and moreover, her stab was timed the instant my vigilance was the most loose.

“This instant, even more black clad men came from in front of us. They seemed to have been lying in wait since long ago, and expected all of this to happen long since. The previous ambush was just a start, but Fulo’s stab was the true critical point in the move against me.

“A familiar-sounding cold voice spread; that man told Fulo: ‘Kill him.’

“That instant, I finally came to a realization. The desire for survival caused me to push Fulo away, jumping off from her mount. That instant, Fulo seemed quite in a daze, seemingly having had a change of heart due to this stab, which stopped her from immediately finishing me off. Taking advantage of this opportunity, I took out a scroll, which was forged by a great master for me, and used that Escape Scroll, teleporting me instantly six kilometers away. They clearly didn’t expect me to have such a thing in store, which is how I managed to get away. The instant the Escape Scroll took effect, I still remember clearly that the sobered Fulo hastily commanded her summoned beast to attack me. That instant, her eyes were only filled with cold killing intent, without any of the former tender sentiments.”

Long Haochen and Cai’er were already completely immersed in Elux’s story, to the extent of forgetting the whole situation they were in. Perceiving
the deep sadness coming out from Elux, they were totally able to imagine the kind of feelings he had back at that time.

For a moment, the two of them were completely speechless. So there was after all a basis for the Scion of Light’s betrayals to his duties! He was in the end betrayed, but how could that mere fact cause him to become the Slumbering Calamity?

Chapter 656

The sadness in Elux’s eyes gradually turned into coldness, “You are feeling that the mere betrayal of Fulo shouldn’t be enough for me to betray my holy convictions? You misunderstand. This alone would still be insufficient to cause these changes in me. But Long Haochen, as a Scion of Light, you should understand that the Scion of Light is the one chosen by the Goddess of Light, and the resolve he has as such. However, the one to betray me was not princess Fulo alone, but this whole world.

“Through the Escape Scroll, I broke away from their ambush, and only felt a great chilliness fill me at that time. The beautiful parts of my heart disappeared with Fulo’s betrayal, but even so, I couldn’t bring myself to hate her at that time. I loved her deeply, and wanted to think of her good parts no matter what. That black clad man’s final appearance caused me to guess that maybe Fulo was coerced into doing that, and was completely unwilling. Although I was clearly aware that, as the princess, it was almost impossible that there could be anyone who could coerce her, I still wanted to keep this way of thinking. At that time, I was just really too foolish.

“Fulo’s stab was aimed right at my left chest, but she didn’t know that unlike an ordinary person, my heart was located on the right side. Although her poisonous dagger caused heavy wounds in me, these wounds were not mortal. I resisted the pain with great difficulty, finding a hollow tree to treat my wound. Relying on medicine I had gotten in my adventures, I forced out the poison from my body before gradually eliminating all this poison by the means of my pure light essence.

“This process was painful and long, but I knew very clearly that even if I wanted Fulo to clarify all this, I had to first wait for my body to recover
entirely for that. I heard a lot of brouhaha outside the hollow tree in the process, as if large armies were transferred around. But at that time, I did not expect the reasons for these armies to be deployed.

“It took two entire months for my injuries to get better, and my cultivation to recover. I stealthily exited the hollow tree to return back to the empire. But before arriving at the city gates, a thunderous scene came to my sight.

“A very clear announcement from the royal family was displayed right nearby the city gate, in which was written: ‘The duke of the empire, Elux, who attacked the princess Fulo to steal a powerful martial technique, snatching it and causing her to sustain heavy injuries, is wanted for the crime of treason. Their whole family is to be deprived of their territory, and get death penalties. Every commoner reporting traces of the criminal will get rewarded with ten thousand gold coins.’

“I absolutely didn’t expect them to use such despicable means, actually making such bogus accusations. Furthermore, this announcement from the royal family was not the only thing. There was also an announcement from the Glorious Church with the same contents, designating me as a heretic corrupted by darkness.

“At that time, I took a whole half-hour to gradually come back to my senses. I loved Fulo deeply, but I wasn’t a total idiot. If I hadn’t realized this huge plot aimed against me at that time, I wouldn’t be fit to be the inheritor of the identity of Scion of Light. I immediately went into concealment to disguise myself, thinking at that time that I had to find a proof that they were deceiving His Majesty and the church; to prove my innocence. The key element to this proof lay in Fulo, which is why I went to look for her to make it clear.

“Perhaps it was because several years had passed, or perhaps because I was thought to have died from the poison, the empire did not put emergency measures in place. So after I disguised myself, returning to the empire’s capital was very easy. Looking at these formerly familiar places, my heart was in great pain. At night, I stealthily infiltrated into the royal palace, still extremely familiar with that place. Although I was a mage, having a
cultivation reaching the eighth step, I had numerous means for infiltrating my destination. Coming into Fulo’s quarters, I saw another man there. The son of the Supreme Pontiff, Pelo.

“They were discussing, and

and that was in Fulo’s bedroom. At that time, I already had guesses about the relationship between them, but was still unwilling to believe it. But when I clearly heard the contents of their discussion, I finally realized how stupid I was, and the extent of that plot.

“Back then, Fulo questioned Pelo on why they hadn’t found me, and he replied that he had already mobilized the Glorious Church’s force, matching with the Empire’s forces to find traces of me, dead or alive. That martial technique in my hands had to be seized ‘at any cost’. I gradually constructed it all from the clues I heard in the midst of their conversation. It turned out that as early as when I was out for a few years, Pelo had already made a trip to the Imperial Academy, having two purposes in mind. One was to discuss the matter of pulling me into the Glorious Church with the Emperor, and the second, to chase after Fulo.

“At first, His Majesty had no interest in enticing me to join the Glorious Church. But Pelo insisted, using countless means to seduce Fulo. Though, Fulo being so materialistic, due to his flowery speed and the appeal of the numerous martial techniques and pills at the disposal of the Glorious Church, she finally gave in to his continuous offenses. Pero mentioned to her that the Scion of Light would be a threat to the Glorious Church, hence the Church needed absolutely to get rid of me, to make sure of their eternal rule at the time he would become the pope and Fulo would be his empress… Originally, Fulo still had some apprehensions, but Pelo expressed to his Highness the will of the Glorious Church to support their empire in vanquishing the other empires and in uniting the continent. Moreover, he promised Fulo to give her all the martial techniques from me for her to learn. Both the royal family and Fulo were finally ensnared by the benefits that way, while I became the sacrifice for all these benefits to be obtained.
“This was supposed to be a perfect plan: by taking advantage of the trip I took with Fulo to ambush me, they wanted to deplete my strength, and then on the way back, Fulo

back, Fulo would take advantage of my lowered guard and exhaustion to move against me, making it hardly possibly for me to escape. At that time, they would only need to kill me and report me as a betrayer to the Empire and the Church, so that even despite my reputation as the pride of the empire, the truth behind this conspiracy would rapidly be drowned.

“I hated them bitterly; I never expected my homeland, my lover, and my convictions to actually betray me together. At that time, my brain went blank, and as Fulo and Pero were in the midst of making out, I suddenly rushed in and launched fatal attacks against them.

“My appearance was just too sudden for them. Although they were top figures of the younger generation, there was a significant gap in our strengths, and this was moreover a situation of ambush. I very rapidly took the advantage, wounding Pelo seriously while suppressing Fulo with my attacks. Although a large amount of powerhouses from the palace immediately gathered as a result, they did not dare act rashly as I held Fulo and Pelo as hostages at that time.

“Then I questioned Fulo, ‘Why did you have to do this to me? What in me dissatisfied you?’ She only kept begging me for her survival then, but I had already heard all their previous conversation! How could I still trust in her words after that? At that time, my only thought was take to them down with myself. The former me was incredibly proud. At that time, I had been reduced to the position of traitor to the nation, completely unable to accept such a huge downfall. Having no more attachment to my own life, I only wanted to take down this cheating couple with me.

“But that Pelo was, after all, the son of the pope, having many survival means at his disposal. Right when I was prepared to take them down with myself, he used extraordinary means to summon the pope’s attack, causing me to get seriously wounded. And, in the end, as I couldn’t bear to move against Fulo, I could only choose to escape the encirclement. After I finally
made it out, I went into hiding in the capital, covered in bruises after a narrow escape.

“Immediately, the Empire initiated a manhunt in the whole city, lookingwhole city, looking for traces of me. It was through the help of a beggar that I formerly saved that I luckily escaped their chase. But as I was just done healing my wounds came thunderous news. They had caught my family.”

Elux gritted his teeth and declared, “They knew that I was concealed in the Empire, which is why they released an announcement about executing the traitor’s family. I still remember that day clearly: the sky seemed to get blood-red colored as His Highness passed down the execution order in front of the masses. When I saw Pelo and Fulo clad in armor and cutting off my relatives’ heads, I lost the last ounces of hope and light in me, which all faded away.

“Can you imagine? Someone who witnessed all his kin getting killed. My father, mother, older sister, younger sister, and the rest of my family; even the young children were not spared: my whole family was executed with no exception.

“I knew that they were waiting for me to show up at that time. Waiting for me with a perfect bait, they just understood my character far too well. But at that time, a black tile I had formerly gained in the previous training trip got affected by my dark emotions, turning my whole body cold and unable to move a single step. It was because of this that I had to stare blankly at the scene of my family getting slaughtered one by one.

“At that time, I was furious, having entered a frantic state. My kins’ blood dyed the ground of the public square of the empire’s capital: not a single one of my three hundred sixty-seven family members escaped this fate. They all met with violent deaths under their butchers’ knives. At the time I recovered from that cold state, the rest of my family was already extinguished. I seemed to catch sight of their specters, pacing back and forth irresolutely in the sky, utterly unreconciled.
“I didn’t step in as my family was already all dead, and I left that place with an overwhelming rancor. As I did not appear from beginning to end in this slaughter, they believed that I already had left the Pombo Empire, hence the hunt came to a provisional end. Instead, they went on to search for my traces over the whole continent.”

Chapter 657

"After finally exiting the Empire, I rushed out in a set direction, running frantically for seven days and seven nights, until getting completely washed out, finding myself in a valley. From that day onwards, there had not been any more light in my heart, only an endless rancor and grudge. This hatred was what kept me alive: I had to kill all those who had betrayed me and slaughtered my people.

“For some reason, at the time I lost all light, the Tortoiseshell Technique had ineffably disappeared, perhaps because it was disgusted with the hatred I had. But this didn’t matter in my eyes: that black tile I had was the inheritance of an ancient necromancer. Light and necromancy should be two totally opposite powers, but thanks to my innate gifts, I gradually fused them as one. I needed power; I needed to topple the whole Pombo Empire and destroy all the Glorious Church’s forces. I had no more relatives: everyone else in this world were my enemies. Only their blood and lives could offset the rancor in my heart. I trained day and night, increasing my strength massively, all for the sake of taking revenge one day.

“Revenge became my greatest driving force. A Scion of Light hidden in deep mountains to train at a hundred percent. Can you imagine how frightening that is? At the time I left these deep mountains, I was not the Scion of Light Elux anymore, but the Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux.

“I killed people at sight, turning all living beings into undead under my command. Starting from a small town, I gradually gathered my army of undeads. When I was back at the Pombo Empire, I already had a million undead by my sides. I thoroughly destroyed the Pombo Empire, and when
that slut Fulo followed Pombo back to the Glorious Church, I finally brought my undead army to destroy the Church. I wanted to annihilate them thoroughly for the sake of avenging my family.”

Hearing all he said, Long Haochen couldn’t help but burst out in rage, “Haven’t you thought about these countless innocents you took with such a revenge? Your targets of revenge were the royal family of Pombo Empire and the Church. So why did you have to implicate so many people?” He sympathized with Elux’s encounters, but was utterly disgusted with his ruthless methods and his treatment of other humans.

Elux revealed an indifferent expression of sadness, “When I hesitated in the past, I came to regret it afterwards. But at that time, the three empires and   the    Church    were    just    too    powerful,    so    a    single person’s strength couldn’t possibly succeed in exacting revenge. For the sake of revenge, I walked through my downfall, and headed for darkness. But at that time, I never even considered that I could be in the wrong. Slaughter was all that mattered in my eyes.”

Long Haochen did not utter a word, because he could feel a deep sadness and remorse from Elux. He regrets it? Could it be that the former Holy Necromancer who caused tremendous damage to humankind, Elux, is regretting his acts? Could it be because of Cai’er and me?

Even if Elux had a remorseful heart, Long Haochen’s impression of him wouldn’t change like that. The sin being already committed, could remorse even undo it? Just how many humans’ blood had stained on his hands?

“After I destroyed my own homeland, the Glorious Church chose to unite hands with the other two Empires to handle me, initiating a war. At that time, I had already taken over close to a third of the whole continent, and had a large amount of undead powerhouses under my hands, their soulfire being under my control, making them incomparably loyal. An army of a billion undeads was under my command, throwing themselves at the Glorious Church like a plague. Although the Glorious Church had powerful divine magic, as a Holy Necromancer, the undead under my control had an extreme resistance toward light. At the start of the war, I had a total advantage.
“But undead were after all merely undead. Even if they were even more loyal, they had lost that intelligence belonging to humans. The hearts the people united gradually in this Glorious Era, and once they steadied their troops, the counteroffense was launched under the lead of the

the Glorious Church. At that time, I was already exceedingly powerful, able to resist even the attacks from the pope of the Glorious Church. But I couldn’t be certain that my undead army would win on its own.

“In an ultimate decisive battle, my undead army was defeated, and although it came also at a bitter cost for the human armies, I was in the end defeated. Heavily wounded by the group of experts led by the Glorious Church’s pope, I had a malicious weakening curse inflicted by that pope. For the next millennia, I was in great pain due to that sacred curse, coming to an eternal slumber.

“This war ended with my defeat, but my revenge was still a success. Although I suffered unredeemable heavy wounds, those ones who harmed my kin were all killed, including the Pope, Pelo, and Fulo. I still remember clearly that the instant I broke Fulo’s heart in pieces, her eyes were filled with pain and struggle. I had taken out her heart to see whether it was still colored red. Pero was turned into an undead by the most painful means. Keeping him by my side, I slowly boiled his soulfire over the course of a thousand years, finally annihilating it completely and eternally stopping him from reincarnating.

“Back then, this Tower of Eternity was created to nurture my physical body. But unfortunately, I finally didn’t manage to surmount that hateful curse. Otherwise, given my cultivation of that time, I wouldn’t die even after living a thousand, no, ten thousand years. But in reality, what caused my eternal slumber was not the wounds on my body, but in my heart.

“After I had killed all my foes, I found out that there was nothing left to keep me attached to this world. My loves ones were dead, my hated ones as well. My heart became empty, with no more care for living, so I finally chose to let myself die out. Then I put myself into deep slumber here, because I was unwilling to recall about the war of that time, and to ponder about whether I was in the right or in the wrong. the wrong. Now
it looks that I was in the wrong. I was really in the wrong, no matter whether I had slaughtered them or not, my kin still wouldn’t be brought back. Moreover, I have taken so many innocent lives… My guilt is already beyond redemption. I am the worst human sinner. ”

Reaching this point, Elux’s sad look carried a sincere disappointment and frustration when looking at Long Haochen and Cai’er, “I need to thank the two of you for waking me up, and for freeing me of my former rancor. I don’t know for how long I have been asleep, but after all of it passed and I finally calmed down for real, I can see the evil crimes I have commited. As you said, my power is not fitting for you two to inherit. This inheritance belonging to necromancy should rather disappear forever, to avoid the possibility of another such disaster.

“I originally believed that all the humans in this world were despicable and shameless creatures, all beyond redemption. But seeing the feelings between the two of you, I realize that I was in the wrong. Of the two of you, one was all willing to renounce her own life for the sake of the other one, paying with no hesitation the cost of her own heart. And the other one chose to rather give up on his holy convictions as the Scion of Light for his beloved one. You two have finally shown me what true devotion is, what a true couple united until death parts them is. Thank you: upon finally witnessing the feelings between you two, I have finally understood that love really exists in this world, that not all humans are despicable creatures. So it really was a heartless urge I had to slaughter everything in my way.

“There is already no more meaning in regretting since long ago, but, after telling all this to you, I feel much more comfortable. The evil tendencies that filled my heart are also getting purified, and although I won’t ever possibly return to the embrace of light, at least this evil body can make a contribution with itscontribution with its holy origins.”

Saying that, Elux pointed his right hand at the coffin in front of them. The previously spilling death energy immediately gushed out. His left hand made a gesture at Long Haochen and Cai’er, and their bodies immediately got surrounded in a golden barrier, therefore rendering them unaffected by any of the death energy.
One could clearly see that the death energy pulsing violently was all turned white, and although Long Haochen and Cai’er only had the time to sense a glimpse of that previous gush of death energy, they perceived an astonishing purity in that death energy.

A death energy of such purity was already beyond the scope of a Holy Necromancer’s level. That was all the accumulation Elux did throughout several thousand years! Such terrifying might could be called the totality of Elux’s attainments in life beyond holy light.

A white stream of air gathered as Elux slowly lifted his hand, causing strips of white light to revolve around his right arm. As his fingertips turned more and more glistening, that dazzling luster turned all the seventh floor of the Tower of Eternity completely white.

Elux declared impassively, “Cai’er, you have gone through a great torment, and when you finally walked past the final path, I had already decided to take you as my inheritor. You have certainly purified my heart and soul, making me realize how filthy this inheritance of mine is, thus I want to offer you something unrelated to holy necromancy. In my several past years of slumber, I had condensed the purest kind of death energy. As you have the Body of Samsara, you innately possess the power of purification. This death energy of mine will make a perfect synergy with you. Although I cannot offer my power for you to inherit, you can treat this as a gift for you. No need to consider rejecting it, or even try. What I, Elux, decided upon will necessarily take place. Unless you want to leave Long Haochen to kill himself, just gradually absorb all this death force of mine.”

The surrounding white light gradually vanished, and a peach-sized white, sparkling, translucent bead appeared in front of Elux.

Chapter 658

In a flash of light, this white pearl quietly flew in front of Cai’er, the golden skull, Eternal Melody, floating back in reaction. But in this process, the Eternal Melody changed gradually, moving rhythmically like a liquid. The Eternal Melody transformed in the process, to finally turn into the appearance of Long Haochen’s portrait, floating in front of Cai’er.

The white death energy integrated with the pearl, and immediately, the golden Eternal Melody flickered in white. Not only could none of the death energy inside be sensed, but conversely, it was full of a sacred smell.

Hanging onto Cai’er’s neck, the new Eternal Melody stuck close to her chest, and just like before, embedded itself in her chest in a flash of white light.

Cai’er only felt a refreshing power spread from the Eternal Melody, entering her body and melding with her spiritual energy. Without need for her to do anything, her spiritual energy rose slowly.

Elux had his death energy stored inside the Eternal Melody, but didn’t directly give it for her to absorb out of fear about its excessive quantity, which Cai’er would immediately find unbearable.

Looking at Cai’er’s stunned expression, Elux had a faint smile on his face, “No need to thank me. This is the first gift I am offering you. As for the second gift, it will be given later. Be at ease, since I have offered this gift to you, I will naturally help you two lovers to be together. Otherwise, even the greatest gift wouldn’t be enough to please you without him by your side.”
Hearing his words, Long Haochen and Cai’er’s faces couldn't help but display an expression of joyful surprise.

Although Long Haochen really loathed Elux, he really hated to part. Even if all the other reasons were to be thrown aside, just for Cai’er’s sake, he was really unwilling to die like that.

Elux’s right hand once again pointed to the coffin in front of him, and this time, what came out from there was a bright light of an incomparable purity. When it bubbled up from the coffin, Elux immediately gained an illusory look, as if his soul was sustaining a great attack.

Compared to the previous gathered energy of death, the golden radiance that Elux liberated this time became much slower, his face looking a lot more grave than before, so much so that it was a bit strange.

Although that golden barrier was there, Long Haochen could clearly feel a light essence of great purity.

Was what was coming out the holy power he'd stored in himself for several thousand years? Long Haochen looked at Elux with shock, although he loathed Elux for his previous doings.

However, he couldn’t help but admire him greatly for his accomplishment in cultivation. Solely by relying on his soul force, he was actually able to draw out power from that body. This showed how great his perception of the power of light was! Asking himself, Long Haochen reached the conclusion that the gap separating himself from Elux was still incomparably wide.

Out of all the powerhouses he had ever met, the strongest ones were undoubtedly the Demon God Emperor Fengxiu and this Holy Necromancer Elux. The former may be stronger in total spiritual energy, but in view of the control over light Elux had in his soul form, Long Haochen determined that even Fengxiu was definitely not an opponent for Elux.

The light was extracted for a whole hour, before ending gradually. Long Haochen and Cai’er understood that what Elux was now doing pertained
greatly to Long Haochen’s resurrection. Only, they did not understand by which method the formerly most powerful necromancer was attempting to recover Long Haochen’s lost heart.

The coffin was not releasing bright light anymore, and Elux’s face became even more focused than before. His left hand was pressed lightly onto his forehead, and then, a light ray with a tail of light came out from the midst of his soul. His movement was slow, and the expression on his face started to twist, as he seemingly suffered a great pain. But, both his hands were extremely extremely stable, maintaining the same movement.

Gradually, that dot of light was pulled out entirely from his soul. When he was done, his originally very corporeal soul body immediately became transparent, much weaker than before.

Elux’s hands both started the same movement. From his hands, dots of light gathered into a large ball, and his hands started to trace complicated symbols, each movement appearing very fast. These complicated symbols rapidly joined with the golden mass in front of him that fluctuated constantly in front of these complex symbols, and even trembled.

As one symbol after another was completed, Elux’s soul body became more and more transparent, and on the last one, he couldn’t help but open his mouth wide, breathing while looking down toward the coffin.

Immediately, a blackish-gray energy burst out from the coffin, making his soul body regain substance upon contact. Only, that blackish-gray color seemed full of evil and malevolence, incompatible with the golden color right in front.

Bang, bang, bang, bang… A fantastic scene followed. When Elux held his hands out, facing the lumpy golden object toward Long Haochen, it made sounds similar to heartbeats, and drifted slowly toward Haochen.

“This is the heart I have reconstructed for you. Your flesh will be able to regain its functions and assimilate its power. It will become your strongest spiritual cavity in the future, as well as the source of your whole
power. I called it Heart of Eternity, and if I may say, that’s the greatest masterpiece of my whole life.”

At this point, Elux’s couldn’t help but gasp in self-admiration. Visibly, he was very proud of having made this Heart of Eternity.

“I know that you must loathe me, and loathe my power. Although you cannot reject this present of mine since you want to liveto be together with Cai’eryou feel some reluctance because you believe that your holy heart will inevitably be affected by this present, am I right?”

Long Haochen didn’t mutter a word, silently approving Elux’s declaration.

Indeed, for the sake of living, he could accept receiving everything before his eyes, even if it meant going against his against his holy beliefs without scruples. For Cai’er’s sake, he was willing to renounce all he had, but he knew that really accepting Elux’s power, even if it’s just the power extracted from his body, would surely impede Long Haochen’s future, and greatly affect his future cultivation.

Elux declared calmly, “Right, because of these issues, I must make some things clear to you before you receive the Heart of Eternity. You can loathe me and reject my everything, but you cannot reject light. You are the Scion of Light, to whom the power of light is more fitting than it would be to anyone else. You saw what I just did: I gave Cai’er the purest death energy I have been condensing over thousand years, which is a very small part of my original power. But it prevails in its purity, as it doesn’t contain any other superfluous existence, making it only advantageous to Cai’er, and won’t leave any brand which is specific to me.

“I did the same when condensing this Heart of Eternity for you. I extracted all the light essence to turn it into holy power of the purest kind. Do you know what I have stripped and peeled from my very soul? It is my brand as a former Scion of Light. In other words, I am not giving you my power, but the power of the previous Scion of Light. You may understand it as receiving holy light and flesh of the purest kind from before the time I have become corrupted.
“As you have seen, after these two powers were stripped from me, all I have left is the power of death, as well as all the negative energies. These are all classified as corruption, my corruption as well as light’s corruption. The guilt is all mine and not light’s. Go now, you are the most fitting host for my Heart of Eternity.”

While saying that, Elux’s eyes flashed in the light as that ball of light suddenly broke into the space in thespace in the middle of Haochen’s heart. He felt an incomparable surge of heat travelling into all his limbs and causing him to unconsciously sit crosslegged on the ground. His whole body turned golden, and he lost even the capability to think.

Placing his ardent gaze onto Long Haochen, Elux stared at him for a whole ten minutes before gradually loosening his breath. With a little smile on his face, he declared, “I am still the Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux. No one in this world is more knowledgeable than me regarding death and life. My Heart of Eternity was a success, and in some sense, the past me before corruption will continue to live inside Long Haochen. Maybe this was the best choice I could do. I will be a little part of all the future contributions he will make for humanity in the future. I hope this will serve as a little redemption for all my previous sins.

“Cai’er, are you satisfied with how I handled things?” Elux shifted his sight toward Cai’er after making sure that Long Haochen was correctly starting to integrate the Heart of Eternity.

Cai’er bowed to him, “Thank you very much for everything, Senior.” She was not the same as Long Haochen, as she didn’t have as pronounced of a disposition towards good. She only knew that this was previously a human sinner, who just saved her own lover. She only felt filled with gratefulness.

Elux smiled at her, “Although you cannot inherit my necromancy, in the end you obtained my death energy. I want to leave this world forever, and get purified by your hand. This is the best destination I could wish for. Since that time when blame and hatred deceived my sight, I never thought I'd see the day where I'd be so very happy again. I feel like I have
come back to the days I was the Scion of Light, when my life and soul were at their peak. Cai’er, are you willing to call me Teacher? ”

Chapter 659

“In the last moments of my life and existence, are you willing to call me teacher, Cai’er?” When Elux made this request to Cai’er, a tint of sadness unconsciously appeared on his face.

“Teacher, you...” Cai’er called him that way without a thought. How could Elux’s story not move Long Haochen and her? Long Haochen was better off, because although Elux was pitiful, his mistake really made him sin greatly against humankind. Although Long Haochen also sympathised with him, he would absolutely not forgive his sins against humanity.

But Cai’er was, after all, a girl who had also suffered painful experiences during her youth. Her sympathy was much greater than Long Haochen’s, and right now she only found this formerly unrivalled necromancer really pitiful, and had no other impression of him than this great sympathy.

“Great, great...” Hearing Cai’er call him teacher, Elux’s feelings were greatly stirred.

“Good kid. I didn’t act befittingly as your teacher, but hearing you call me that, my heart finally found some comfort. I, Elux, did a lot of bad deeds in this life. But in the end, I can feel honored to have a disciple such as you. Feel relieved, your teacher left you a great gift. After you return to the human world, no one will ever be able to bully you. So what if Long Haochen is the Scion of Light? The disciple of the great Elux is in no way inferior.”

At this point, the pride Elux had as the Holy Necromancer and Slumbering Calamity seemed to resurface at once. Lifting his right hand, he
lifted it toward Cai’er, immediately absorbing the Sickle of the God of Death in her hand. That was quite a strange thing, but that powerful Sickle of the God of Death which is the natural enemy of all undeads was wrapped in the gray-black force in Elux’s hand, making its purifying power lose all its effects.

Raising his head, Elux had a cold smile, “This Tower of Eternity can be called one of my greatest accomplishments. I didn’t expect it to actually evolve to such an extent after I was asleep for so long. Want to break out of my control? Don’t look down on me! Cai’er, I am going. Since you called me your teacher, I am leaving this Tower of Eternity to you. It has already evolved close to the standard of a supra-divine tool. Its intelligence is already manifesting. I will eliminate the excessive things in it. From today onwards, it will be both your weapon and shield. After its superfluous forces are purified by my hand, your comrades and you can absorb it to your liking. Don’t let it go to waste. After absorbing these superfluous forces, you can all leave from this place.”

In the midst of his speech, the Tower of Eternity suddenly trembled violently, massive fluctuations of spiritual energy bursting out from all directions, as if struggling to stay alive.

Elux said proudly, “Still struggling? You are indeed my very own creation. Don’t tell me you think that because you have an intelligence of your own, you can escape from my control? At the time of your creation, I had already considered all the future possibilities. To say nothing about your current state close to a supra-divine tool, even if you had really become a supra-divine tool, I could destroy you with no effort at all.”

His left hand pointed to the sky, a grayish-black ray was abruptly shot forth, aimed at the top of the Tower of Eternity. Immediately, the coffin underneath Elux’s body bubbled up with a dense grayish-black fog scattering to all directions. The power dispersing from that Tower of Eternity only kept getting more and more powerful, and the whole Tower of Eternity shook violently, countless specters letting out sharp shrills.

What Elux was doing was unknown, but the Tower of Eternity seemed to gradually get weaker and weaker as that gray-black airflow travelled, and
and big expanses of white light started to wander over the stripped space of the tower. Immediately, the all-present graying black airflow started to travel from all around to converge toward Elux, and make its way into his soul. In just a little while, Elux’s soul became pitch-black just like ink.

“Intelligence strip, power strip. Purification!” Elux’s incomparably mighty voice spread to every floor of the Tower of Eternity.

Countless specters dissolved in the midst of shrieks of terror. The purest soul force gathered alongside those stripped elemental fluctuations, and the terrible stripping force entirely deprived these elemental fluctuations of everything other than pure energy.

As the greyish black airflow became stronger and stronger, a greying black ring of light appeared all around Elux’s body, and the Tower of Eternity gradually changed into a pure white color untainted by even the slightest speck of dust, devoid of any flow.

The intense shaking gradually turned into a lighter shaking before all movements stopped, and everything seemed to return to tranquility. Large amounts of white points of light containing fluctuations of spiritual energy slowly moved rythmically in the air.

Cai’er clearly felt the Tower of Eternity change, calming down in purity. It seemed that all the negative things, including emotions, disappeared due to Elux’s stripping. Furthermore, a strange connection created itself in her heart, reinforcing the link between the Long Haochen portrait shaped Eternal Melody and the Tower of Eternity.

“After purification, the Tower of Eternity will be a divine tool combining attack and defense. Although I have stripped a lot of power and intelligence from it, it is still far more powerful than ordinary divine tools. Through its connection with the Eternal Melody, it will gradually fuse with your soul, becoming part of your body. This way, you will have as prolonged a life expectancy as the one Long Haochen will have thanks to my Heart of Eternity.”
Cai’er had a complex look. In fact, she didn’t have any dealings with Elux until the day Long Haochen was slain by the by the Demon God Emperor. Never did she expect herself to finally inherit the greatest part of Elux’s power. Although Elux’s necromancy was finally not imparted to her, the massive death energy stored in the Eternal Melody as well as the Tower of Eternity were both the best tools of Elux’s cultivation. Thinking back about the lonesome life he had, Cai’er’s eyes became moist as a natural reaction. Kneeling toward Elux, she called out once again, “Teacher!”

Elux smiled in great joy. That was a sincere joy, as he brightly declared, “If there is a next life, I don’t want to be the Scion of Light again. I just want to be an all the more ordinary human, and find a girl I can love whole-heartedly, marry her, have children, and live a peaceful life together. I have had a glorious period, but also a corrupted period. From the next instant on, all of this will turn into nothingness. Good bye, child. Take good care of your beloved one, your teacher wishes you the best.”

Saying this, he suddenly flipped the Sickle of the God of Death in his hand, using the immense blade toward that terrible soul force forming myriads of white glows. This purifying force even exceeded the power of Cai’er’s seven arts of the God of Death. The blade slashed on a straight line, cutting into him and through the coffin underneath as well.


A terrible light of purification dispersed the dense soul force forming Elux’s body, and turned it into an unparallelled brilliant shine. Ear-piercing tinkling sounds occurred as something seemed to take place inside the Sickle of the God of Death.

Elux’s proud voice reverberated, “So what, God of Death? In the midst of getting purified, I have just broken your seal, now let’s see how you will inflict backlashes to my disciple? If I wanted it, I would already long since be a god.”

“Holding all… lives… Plucking all stars, the world… Without someone… like me… Hahahaha… Haha...”
All the darkness and filth gradually dissipatedfilth gradually dissipated under that pure light of purification, and only the proud voice of Elux remained, reverberating through the seventh floor of the Tower of Eternity.

Holding all lives, Plucking all stars, the world without someone like me… What a proud, conceited, yet… sorrowful person.

The former Scion of Light and former calamity bringer for humankind, Holy Necromancer Elux, died. But in this eternal departure from this world, he had in the end someone to pay his last respects for him.

Cai’er stayed kneeling on the ground, already brimming with tears.

Women are more sentimental than men. The current Cai’er had totally forgotten that this disappearing man was the terrible necromancer lord who inflicted a fatal blow to humankind. All she knew was that he was already dead, a proud ancestor who did everything to rescue her man by reconstructing a heart for Long Haochen, for the two of them to be able to stay together. No matter what Elux had done in the past, right now Cai’er felt grieved over the scattering of his soul. Elux had a rough and unlucky life, but he was especially happy at the time of his return to his origin. In the end, he had a person to grieve over his death. This incredibly simple matter was really precious in his eyes.

The process of purification lasted for a whole half-hour, the whole space gradually settling down as the white colored dots formed of incomparably pure energy drifted away.

With a light Ding sound,the Sickle of the God of Death landed onto the ground quietly, awaking Cai’er from her emotions. Unconsciously, she strode forward and caught the weapon.

Not only Elux’s soul had disappeared, but also that pure-gold colored coffin from earlier, which didn’t even leave the slightest aura.

When Cai’er held the Sickle of the God of Death in her hand, a fantastic feeling travelled through her whole body. She felt as if she had gained
something more in her life, this fabulous change being brought by the Sickle of the God of Death.

Chapter 660

That was a feeling of great closeness, as if this Tower of Eternity was part of her body.

The divine tool was recognizing its master. Cai’er immediately made this accurate judgement because the same situation had arisen once in the past, when she had integrated the Dagger of Samsara for the first time. But at that time, the Dagger of Samsara was far more tyrannical, far from being so gentle.

Elux truly deserved to be called a genius among geniuses, someone who single-handedly rebelled against all the terrifying powerhouses in the whole human continent. Just by using the connection between the Sickle of the God of Death and Cai’er, he managed to make the Tower of Eternity accept Cai’er as its master. From this could be well imagined how powerful Elux was in his living days; maybe even the Demon God Emperor was below him.

The Sickle of the Goddess of Death seemed to gain a great change with Elux’s purification. Its previously pitch-black main body was surrounded by a white illumination with a bluish and purplish gloss, giving it a less tyrannical, more fantastic and proud look.

Holding the Sickle of the God of Death, Cai’er stood speechless and motionless for a while. Within her heart echoed Elux’s story and that overbearingly haughty side of him at the time of his death.

“Teacher…” Cai’er murmured this reminiscing word, and the next instant, she shifted her sight toward the cross-legged Long Haochen who
had entered a state of deep meditation since long ago.

A thin bright light spread out from Long Haochen’s chest, spreading to every corner of his body before dispersing slowly. His whole body was soaked in the state of cultivation.

The energy of life stabilized his whole body without a doubt: Elux’s intervention had thoroughly revived him. The miracle made by the so-called necromancer was really astonishing to see.

Not sitting next to Long Haochen immediately, Cai’er shifted her thoughts, immediately returning to the sixth floor of the Tower of Eternity. As the master of this place, she was able to travel to any part of the Tower of Eternity at will.

Shocked to no end by the surrounding changes, everyone from Bright Glimmer of Hope could hardly keep waiting. The white light was of pure energy, but this was the Tower of Eternity! Without knowing exactly what that was in front of them, they didn’t dare take the risk to absorb it. Moreover, the most important in their eyes was Long Haochen and Cai’er’s safety. Without being certain of their life or death, how could they cultivate with a peaceful heart?


Cai’er appeared suddenly, a nice surprise which caused everyone’s cheers. Wang Yuanyuan was the first to rush to her, holding her in her arms immediately, and the others gathered around, with Chen Ying’er also holding Cai’er while crying very loudly and bitterly.

The scene of Cai’er’s climb through the stairs to the sky had left them with an excessively deep trauma, going beyond simple emotions. They would never forget the scene of her blood falling throughout this whole journey to the sky, to say nothing about Cai’er’s long skirt fully soaked in blood.

Held by Wang Yuanyuan and Chen Ying’er, and feeling the warm concerned looks of her comrades, Cai’er had already lost her original ice
coldness and said in a cool voice, “I am all right. Sorry, I made everyone worry.”

Lin Xin asked eagerly, “How about Captain?” They all noticed that Long Haochen was not on her back anymore.

Cai’er replied with a smile, “He is alright.”

These words made everyone look blank for a few seconds, before cheers filled up the sixth floor of the Tower of Eternity immediately.

They had expected Long Haochen to be safe when they saw just Cai’er return,    otherwise    there’s    no    way     she     would     look     so relaxed; furthermore, she was not bringing back Long Haochen’s “corpse.” Yet, hearing personally from her mouth that Long Haochen was already safe, their repressed feelings gushed out like a terrible volcano.

This group of humans from the young generation were all proud talents, but they looked right right now beaming in joy. Their captain was actually miraculously resurrected, giving a new soul to their Bright Glimmer of Hope. Their moral pillar and best brother was back!

Cai’er’s tears flowed beyond her control, “Thank you, thank you all. Having such brothers and sisters is the greatest joy Haochen and I could have.”

Chen Ying’er had a laughing while crying expression as she responded, “Cai’er, you are mistaken. We are a whole, don’t just exclude us! Waa, so great, that’s really great!”

Sima Xian gathered up Lin Xin closer by the neck, telling Cai’er curiously, “Quickly tell us just how he was resurrected. So it’s really possible to resurrect someone. This necromancy is really miraculous!”

Cai’er wanted of course to share the process of Long Haochen’s resurrection with her companions, so she recounted all the details of what happened afterwards.
Hearing about Elux’s tragic encounters, they gradually calmed down from their high spirits. The experiences this Holy Necromancer Elux went through were really too miserable. Unconsciously, feelings of sympathy rose in their hearts.

Cai’er let out a light sigh as she said, “Teacher finally came to himself, and purified himself as a whole, as well as all the evil things in him. No matter what, he will remain my teacher forever. This pure energy left in the Tower of Eternity came from the purification of the intelligent parts of the tower. It’s all pure energy, take it in everyone. Let’s temporarily make a stop here, until we turn all this energy into spiritual energy of our own. The energy from the process of weakening a supra divine tool should help everyone’s cultivation progress greatly.”

The surprise attack against the Star Demon God in Modu had failed, and moreover nearly caused them to lose their captain. By coming here, they experienced countless challenges to finally manage to resurrect Long Haochen, and in the end, an opportunity to progress had come.

Cai’er waved a hand flashing in the white light, and the next instant, the whole group reappeared in the seventh floor of the Tower of Eternity, which was its core. its core. All the energy could be transferred here, and moreover, that way Cai’er could make everyone witness the results of Long Haochen’s resurrection.

When everyone saw the crosslegged and calmly cultivating Long Haochen, they couldn’t help but cry out in joy, breaking into tears. Bright Glimmer of Hope was finally reconstituted!

They all surrounded the crosslegged Long Haochen, regained their calm with great difficulty, and started cultivating.

Right at the start of meditation, everyone was shocked deeply. Those soft looking white dots of light were absorbed in their bodies and immediately caused great changes. The pure energy underwent assimilation by the body, no matter which attribute of spiritual energy, and was absorbed in a very short time. There was no need to even eliminate any impurity, and the
group’s spiritual energies progressed at astonishing speeds during this process of absorption.

Cai’er’s process was different to some extent. She absorbed not only the pure energy in the Tower of Eternity, but also the death energy left by Elux inside the Eternal Melody.

The God of Death could also be called a god of purification. Its power came from purifying spirits, and in this world, there could be said to be no other specter more powerful than Elux. His use of the Sickle of the God of Death to purify himself actually caused the weapon to evolve.

But the Sickle of the God of Death joined with Cai’er, and after absorbing it, Cai’er immediately gained its support right after starting to cultivate. A massive purifying force rushed forth in Cai’er, converging into her spiritual energy and absorbing the death energy inside the Eternal Melody as well as the purified energy of the Tower of Eternity. In a mere split second, Cai’er’s internal spiritual energy was promoted to the peak of the seventh step.

Cai’er’s experience already being plentiful, and her accumulation sufficient since long ago, she did not have to do anything for a spiritual cavity to appear in her arms and thighs after the three spiritual stoves in her chest, forehead, and abdomenforehead, and abdomen were completely filled up, making her spiritual cavities directly rise to the number of seven. The massive spiritual energy she had yet to absorb flocked in at an astonishing speed, filling up her two brand new spiritual cavities. That instant onward, Cai’er formally rose to the eighth step.

Although the speed of the others’ progress was not as fast as Cai’er’s, it was astonishing enough compared to the speed under ordinary circumstances. Every time the spiritual energy was operated, it rose by itself. This really filled them up with great excitement. Everyone knew that this could be their chance of a lifetime, and naturally put all their energy into it. Especially Duan Yi and Yang Wenzhao, who, well aware of the gap separating the rest of Bright Glimmer of Hope from them, went to cultivating with their utmost. In a moment, the Tower of Eternity became completely calm.
Right because of this calm, everyone focused entirely on cultivating, and no one noticed the fantastic changes underway in Long Haochen.

The Heart of Eternity entered his body, taking the spot of Long Haochen’s heart, and a massive light essence softly entered his heart and underwent a process of gathering.

When Long Haochen’s heart was crushed by the Demon God Emperor, the core spiritual cavity on his chest was actually smashed to pieces. Right now, even if he came back to life, all his cultivation could be said to need a restart.

After the Heart of Eternity was poured in, it immediately became a joining point between all the other spiritual cavities. The massive light essence spreading outside very rapidly linked up with the other spiritual cavities, and when they all connected, the light essence flowed smoothly through Long Haochen’s body, restoring his original cultivation.

This process of recovery was undergone very fast, and was already over by the time Cai’er had recounted what they had experienced. When Long Haochen’s spiritual energy was back to the level of the eighth step, a formidable change started to occur in his body.
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