Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 641-650

Chapter 641

“Against the even stronger opponents we can only rely on you. Can you afford to be weakened by the backlash at that time? I am not acting out of blind impulse, and am certainly confident since I dare demand to take your stead. Let me go. Boss did so much for us, the least I wish to do is to be able to do the most I can to bring him back to life. If we end up in failure, I will otherwise be filled with regrets for my whole lifetime.”

Cai’er’s eyes reddened unawarely, “Yuanyuan...”

At some point, Zhang Fangfang had joined Wang Yuanyuan’s side, “Cai’er, how about letting her go? I believe that Yuanyuan is capable of it. For the sake of advancing, we must make some concession, and your strength will be needed at the most challenging hurdles.”

Wang Yuanyuan showed a faint smile, spreading out her arms to give Cai’er a tight hug, before turning back and taking the lead to head deeper into the fifth floor of the Tower of Eternity.

Zhang Fangfang followed after with Cai’er, Lin Xin, and Han Yu right behind. At this point, only five members of the team were left, all of whom had a Cojoined Spiritual Boosting Pill in their hand.

Without a doubt, all the trials starting from this fifth floor were all prepared for powerhouses of the ninth step. Having come here without having even reached the eighth step of cultivation, they already had no effort to spare. Continuing on, every step ahead would inevitably have a massive cost. And even if they fail, they will have to keep going forward, so
that Long Haochen may have a chance to be resurrected, even at the cost of their lives.

As bright light waves were released lightly, the surrounding air suddenly intensified after they walked fifty meters forward. The wind freely fluctuated in the hall, moving up and down, and dim green radiance flashed in all directions.

Wang Yuanyuan put the Cojoined Spiritual Boosting Pill in her mouth without hesitation, and so did the others. The five of them became one in a split second, forming a whole new formation.

However, after taking the pill, Wang Yuanyuan still didn’t take out her terrifying weapon Bloodstorm, only focusing on her huge Gigantic Divine Soul Shield.

Her footsteps were very steady, letting the spiritual energy obtained from her comrades integrate with her own. The surface of her skin was starting to disperse some silver light, and both her eyes appeared particularly bright.

A thick bloody aura came out from this powerful and determined female warrior, causing the nearby air to fluctuate violently. The air surrounding Wang Yuanyuan turned illusory due to all the spatial essence.

The reason why they had taken the Cojoined Spiritual Boosting Pills earlier was that the enemy was very possibly of the fastest kind of wind mage.

As expected, the interior of the Tower of Eternity abided by its own rules. As a green pillar of light appeared afar off, a thin green skeleton appeared in the group’s line of sight.

In a thin brush of green light, the sky suddenly dispersed soft fluctuations of spiritual energy, just as if signalling the arrival of spring. A spring wind came brushing away, but in the midst of this feeling, waves of green wind blades condensed in the latter part of the fifth floor of the Tower of Eternity. In an instant, myriads of wind blades were gradually taking shape.
Was this a domain or a spell? For a moment, everyone in the group shared these same thoughts. Only Wang Yuanyuan standi ng in the vanguard looked like she did not even put these wind blades in her eye, focusing her sight on her own Gigantic Divine Soul Shield.

Four silver crystals were on the gigantic shied, dispersing intense spatial attribute waves. While looking with determination, she swiftly took out another silver crystal, embedding it in the shield’s fifth hole.

The instant this crystal was inserted inside the shield, an intense silver light abruptly rose from that shield, carrying the spatial spiritual energy released from Wang Yuanyuan’s body to produce fierce flame-like fluctuations.

A silver colored fog rapidly ascended over her body, Wang Yuanyuan’s whole body which used to be enveloped in silver light gradually twisted as she stood.

The Divine Soul Shield was still silver colored, but the five silver crystals inlaid inside were all showing an orange colored luster. In other words, this Divine Soul Shield had started the process of entering the epic tier.

Wang Yuanyuan didn’t stop at that, and swiftly inlaid the sixth gem in turn.

Bang! A terrible silver flash resounded, like an ignited can of gunpowder in its instant of explosion. And just at this time, that wind element mage’s first attack also reached out.

Multitudinous wind blades carried ear-piercing sounds, shot from all directions toward the five from Bright Glimmer of Hope. Each wind blade had a metallic gloss, just like a physical weapon, with the attached spiritual energy seemingly able to cut everything down.

But these attacks met the silver radiance extending like a volcano. Dense and deep silver spatial spiritual energy turned into a silver dragon in a split second, enveloping Wang Yuanyuan’s group of five, and coiling rapidly. All
the green blade projections melted instantly upon contact with the silver dragon which let out some ripples all around.

The distant green skeleton showed a slight shock. This powerful holy guard blessed with the soul of powerhouse could not recall having ever met such an opponent. But the previous attack was just a start.

Lifting the green spear, he shouted lightly, “Swift Wind!”

These mere words turned the whole space into green. Sparkling in green, the whole latter part of the fifth floor of the Tower of Eternity turned into a gigantic whirlpool without any chinks, and revolving at an astonishing speed.

That was his domain, a wind elemental domain with great offensive capabilities.

Perhaps the burst power of a wind mage did not reach that of a fire mage, but their speed and the duration of their offenses were in no way below.

Upon release of the domain, the silver flames surrounding Wang Yuanyuan’s body started shaking violently. One could clearly see them turn into layers upon layer of silver light, looking close to collapse.

Right now, the four people behind Wang Yuanyuan all had whole new looks. Although they had guessed that the next opponent would be extremely powerful, this wind mage’s strength really surpassed all their expectations.

This second domain wielder clearly surpassed the previous earth warrior by far in offensive power and domain wielding ability. Furthermore, whereas the earth warrior’s domain was only supportive, this wind mage’s domain was able to launch powerful directed attacks. At its ninth step cultivation, this domain would be able to reach the forbidden spell level of power if given just a bit of time.

How could Wang Yuanyuan resist in front of such a powerful attack? The cause is the Cojoined Spiritual Boosting Pills, making her skills temporarily
able to withstand the enemy. But under the pills’ effects, she was unable to make use of her Spiritual Stove of Spatial Gates! No one was able of think of a way she could subdue the enemy under such circumstances. Furthermore, there was nothing the others could make out from her expression.

How was Wang Yuanyuan feeling right now? Her eyes were full of determination, not looking at the distant enemy, but at the Divine Soul Shield in her hand.

Her most powerful Silver Coiling Dragon was rapidly dispersed, as she held her last spatial crystal in her hand, slowly placing it onto the last cavity of the Divine Soul Shield.

This instant, her eyes were filled to the brim with determination. She could also do what Sima Xian did, that was her only current thought.

Maybe in her comrades’ eyes, her epic tier upgraded Bloodstorm was her most powerful weapon, but only she knew that actually, the most powerful asset she had was still her Divine Soul Shield! However, its requirements in spiritual energy being so high, and the strain on her being far greater than Bloodstorm, she did not really make use of the most powerful abilities attached to the Divine Soul Shield.

With her current cultivation, she could at most sustain for a short battle the use of five embedded gems, and the sixth spatial gem was already her limit after Cojoined Spiritual Boost.


The Divine Soul Shield had in total seven cavities, but the seventh and the previous six were entirely different. After the sixth cavity is gemmed, the Divine Soul Shield was just a weapon. But this seventh made it a...

Her left foot stepped forward, and Wang Yuanyuan abruptly stuck out her chest, releasing an intense spatial elemental spiritual energy, and causing the collapsing silver dragon to gain a great deal of substance.
Immediately throwing her stubborn gaze to the distant enemy, she looked at that wind mage.

Bang! An intense silver light was shot out, like myriads of silver arrows abruptly bursting out from Wang Yuanyuan’s body. The terrible silver halations surrounding her instantly reached their climax, especially all around her chest.

Spirit Blast. Wang Yuanyuan utilized this powerful warrior amplifying ability. In some sense, Spirit Blast was a fuse for internal spiritual energy, instantly causing its ignition and enabling it to exert an even great fighting strength in a short duration, quite similar to the effects of the Knights’ Sacrifice ability.

In the meantime, Wang Yuanyuan slowly lifted the Divine Soul Shield, reciting in a bloodthirsty voice, “Almighty shield, please grant me you the true power of the Divine Soul blood.”

In the meantime, Wang Yuanyuan retrieved her left hand, knocking her fist onto her chest. Immediately, she spat a mouthful of blood, splashing all over the Divine Soul Shield, and the spatial crystal in her left hand swiftly made it into the last cavity of the Divine Soul Shield.

Chapter 642

Bang, bang, bang. The instant the spatial crystal made it into the last cavity, three successive loud sounds reverberated.

In the midst of those violent rumbles, the spatial spiritual energy dispersed by Wang Yuanyuan grew threefold, or rather, blasted three times at once.

To the audience’s shock, all they could see during the process of these three blasts was an expanse of silver, but at the end of the blasts, in a stupor, they witnessedthe sight of the originally incomparably domineering wind elemental domain crumbling at once.

What level of strength could do that Never had they expected Wang Yuanyuan to actually have such a power.

At some unknown point, a gigantic figure had appeared in front of Wang Yuanyuan, over ten meters tall and fully equipped in silver armor. But from the outside, that armor was not shining in silver, but in reeking blood red.

This ten meters tall gigantic warrior held in its left hand a shield, an enlarged version of the Divine Soul Shield, just as tall as that giant.

With a large bang, the warrior abruptly strode forward. The whole Tower of Eternity shook violently at each step he took.

Right now, Wang Yuanyuan’s eyes were colored silver, and the Divine Soul Shield previously in her hand wasn’t there anymore. One could
distinctly see thin bloody beads flow outside her skin, as her whole body trembled severely.

God’s Descent! This was clearly a God’s Descent. But unlike Cai’er and Long Haochen who had previously made displays of God’s Descent, Wang Yuanyuan was not a god’s chosen one. She was borrowing the power of her weapon to activate God’s Descent.

With her Gigantic Soul God blood vessels[a][b][c] as a catalyst and the Divine Soul Shield as an intermediary, she unexpectedly managed this inconceivable summon.

The instant that terrible Gigantic Soul God strode forward, the ten meters long shield in his hand already splashed across. The next instant, the whole space became filled only with silver color. A strident lacerating sound could be heard everywhere that shield passed.

A god’s power! That was the power of a true god. Cai’er even concluded that at least none of her previous displays of God’s Descent could compare with this Gigantic Soul God, and the same went even for Long Haochen.

But what could be the cost to pay for such a terrible attack?

Cai’er, Lin Xin, Han Yu, Zhang Fangfang felt extremely tense right this instant.

The wind mage was also full of shock due to this so sudden shocking scene. His hand moved rhythmically, and complex symbols appeared in front of him, as the shattered domain reconstituted anew. In a flash, nine whirlpools had gathered in front of him.

These nine whirlpools were completely different from the previous display of the domain. Although they were much smaller in volume, they gave off far greater feelings of threat.

Each little whirlpool dispersed a greenish-gold glow, flying at very slow speed, but heading towards the certain path of the Divine Soul Shield. After
releasing those nine little whirlpools, the soulfire pulsing in the eyes of that green skeleton weakened greatly. It was clearly not a magic to take lightly.

Bzz. The first whirlpool shattered the instant of contact, spattering green light to all directions. Immediately, the second, third, fourth, and fifth followed, none of which missed, to block the Divine Soul Shield’s path.

But at the time of the sixth little whirlpool collision, the Divine Soul Shield made a short pause, as if signalling that its power was starting to get exhausted.

“Kill...” Wang Yuanyuan roared to the sky, once again spraying out blood

The seventh spatial crystal on Divine Soul Shield lit up resplendently,
and immediately, a massive silver pillar shot up loudly.

This was a silver pillar of light extending over ten meters.

The remaining three green whirlpool were instantly swallowed inside alongside that green skeleton.

A loud explosion shook the whole Tower of Eternity, causing light undulations of breath of death to faintly disperse at each shaking.

After this blow terminated, the whole spiritual energy sharing effects produced by the Cojoined Spiritual Pills came to a stop. Wang Yuanyuan remained kneeled on the ground, entirely covered in blood, just like Sima Xian was just before. But unlike him, though the blood on her was leaking outside her body, there was no scar left on her.

The ten meters tall Gigantic Soul God crumbled, and after the shield spiraled several continuous times, it pierced the ground in front of her.

Dang... In ear-piercing shatters, the seven spatial crystals on the Divine Soul Shield shattered at the same time, and the shield lost all its color, turning a pitch black.
Wang Yuanyuan still had a knee on the ground, motionless, as the silver light in her eyes gradually dissipated. Still, her look was directed ahead of her from beginning to end, gazing at where that immense silver pillar of light gradually disappeared.

Finally, all the silver light had vanished, and that green skelton was still standing there, shrouded all around by a solid looking green barrier, and in a standstill.

It did not kill him? Cai’er’s group of four looked at that green skeleton in disbelief.

But the next instant, clang sounds reverberated, as the green light surrounding that green skeleton splattered like a falling egg, splitting open from head to toes.

“Third Holy Guard acknowledges allegiance to you.” In a flash of green light, a sort of green arrow shot toward Cai’er, making way inside the Eternal Melody.

Cai’er couldn’t attend to feeling the heat from the Eternal Melody submerging her, and strode forward toward Wang Yuanyuan at once.

What she saw was a deep murderous spirit and conviction gradually watering down. A look of relief and gratification gradually appeared, but her eyes had cleared, then become ashen white.

This instant, a blood colored radiance shot to her side, containing a fist sized rune flashing out from beside Cai’er to make its way inside Wang Yuanyuan’s forehead.

Wang Yuanyuan’s body shook violently, and her originally ashen white pupils regained some color. Letting out a stuffy groan, she fell to the ground.

Cai’er hastily caught her body, while on the other side Zhang Fangfang also collapsed.
Wang Yuanyuan was already unconscious, but Zhang Fangfang, still conscious, displayed a smile of satisfaction, “This time, Yuanyuan is to be left to me without any possible other option. Now I can be satisfied. You all have to succeed!”

After saying this, Zhang Fangfang’s eyes shut, going unconscious.

After he went unconscious too, a strange scene took place. From Wang Yuanyuan and Zhang Fangfang dispersed faint blood-colored rays, and on their foreheads started to glint similar blood-colored runes.

These two runes were completely different, but on their edge one could see that if they were joined, it would make a single complete rune. But just what could they stand for?

Han Yu supported Zhang Fangfang’s body with his hand, slowly placing it beside Wang Yuanyuan. Kneeling on one knee, his fist on the chest, he resonantly performed a knight salute of the most solemn kind.

This was an etiquette of great homage.

“Han Yu, hurry up and get on with healing magic! Why aren’t you treating them?” Beside them, Lin Xin already couldn’t hold his thoughts.

Han Yu shook his head calmly, “There’s no use, healing magic won’t have any effect on them. Brother Zhang is the most respect-worthy young knight I have ever encountered outside Boss.”

Cai’er asked in a rush, “Will there be anything happening to them?” “……”
Han Yu shook his head, and replied, “Their lives are not endangered, it’s just that...”

Lin Xin was hasty, “Don’t cut off what you're saying in the middle, can you? Just what is going on with them?”
Han Yu took a deep breath, also feeling emotional, “If I am not mistaken, the power Yuanyuan just utilized was totally past her limits. Using her own blood vessels to call a God’s Descent through the Divine Soul Shield and launching two attacks depleted nearly all her vital forces. She had to ignite her own life, to raise her blood vessels to their limit of tolerance. Only like that could she achieve that summon. But as a result, Yuanyuan’s life is coming to its limit after the battle’s termination.”

“Didn’t you say their lives were not endangered?” Cai’er questioned hastily.

“This is where Brother Zhang really is worthy of respect. Although this is not a magic spell I am capable of using, it can be seen from the symbols that what he used should be a secret life-saving technique passed from old times, to transmit one’s life to another, passing the caster’s vital force to a target on the verge of death to extend the target’s life. From Brother Zhang’s look and the gloss on this rune, he should have passed half his life straight to Yuanyuan, which is to say that if he originally should have had a hundred years left to live, now Yuanyuan and him will only be able to share fifty for each of them.”

Hearing Han Yu so far, Cai’er and Lin Xin both couldn’t help but gasp. No matter how ice-cold Cai’er’s dispositions were, she couldn’t help but involuntarily cry out bitterly at this instant.

“Yuanyuan, why did you do that? If Haochen was let known that you guys had to pay such a cost for his sake, I’m afraid he would not even be willing to let himself be resurrected.” Shaking greatly, Cai’er understood that, to come so far, there had already been three of her comrades that had to go to the brink of death, while Zhang Fangfang had to give half his life expectancy away. For the sake of resurrecting Long Haochen, they had paid far too much.

Chapter 643

Han Yu declared, “Don’t put it that way, Cai’er. Yuanyuan was right just before, resurrecting Captain is not solely your responsibility. Ever since our Demon Hunt Squad was founded, how much did Captain sacrifice for us? Although we did not mention it a lot, everything was engraved deep inside our hearts. If we hadn’t had Captain, maybe we would already have gotten wiped out long before. And how could we still be here on this day? How could we have gained the honor of getting called a Titled Demon Hunt Squad. Following Captain in demon territory gave us worth. Now that Captain has died in battle, even paying the cost of each of our lives is worth it if we can bring Captain back to life. This is what every one of us thinks. Without Captain, Bright Glimmer of Hope doesn’t have its soul. We need him to come back to life and keep leading us, to go create even more miracles, to guide us in vanquishing demonkind. Even the Demon God Emperor, Moon Demon God, and Star Demon God had to acknowledge that Captain’s existence threatened all demonkind’s survival, making Captain’s life even more important than all of ours added up altogether. Resurrecting Captain is necessary to see the dawn of the Alliance’s victory: no matter what the cost is, it will be worth it.”

Lin Xin nodded, “Han Yu is right. As long as Captain is resurrected, I am willing to pay any cost. We have finally passed the trials on this fifth floor, but we will have to face even greater challenges next. The opponents will be even stronger, but only the three of us are left now. Cai’er, when it comes to it, you mustn’t stop us no matter what Han Yu and I will have to do.”
Looking at Lin Xin and Han Yu standing in front of her, Cai’er eyes were firm and resolute, already unstoppable by mere words.

Having come so far, they had to keep going forward, otherwise their comrades’ sacrifices would have come to naught.

Unbinding Long Haochen’s body from her back, and cautiously placing it onto the ground, Cai’er didn’t argue any longer with Lin Xin and Han Yu. At this point, she could only stay strong. As Long Haochen’s temporary replacement as captain, she had a lot more responsibilities.

Han Yu and Lin Xin sat across Cai’er’s side. Petting the Eternal Melody full of warmth, she declared, “The Tower of Eternity has seven floors in all. When we originally first came, Haochen had been offered Elux’s heritage. At that time, he said that his heritage was on the seventh floor of the Tower of Eternity, but that he had a plethora of trials to pass through before he would be able to meet him. Ten of the twelve holy guards have already showed up before us, so there are only two last ones left now, all of whom will inevitably appear in the next floor. According to the previous disposition, it will very possibly be on the sixth floor that they will appear. In other words, the trials on the sixth floor will most likely be our last ones.”

Han Yu nodded, “It is highly probable. The trials of the fifth floor have all confronted us with domain wielding powerhouses of the ninth step, and the sixth floor will go one step further. It wouldn’t be justified for the seventh floors to also contain trials. If it really needed to be so strong, what point would there be to fight over a heritage?”

Lin Xin asked, “But, what could this trial on the sixth floor taking it one step further be? Based on our previous encounters, we should have to meet a darkness elemental mage and a holy light wielding warrior. Could it be that these two domain wielding powerhouses of the ninth step will appear together?”

From these words, the three of them had looks of total shock.
In fact, one must know that of the six great elements, light and darkness were originally placed above the four natural elements. Therefore wielders of light and darkness were usually be a bit more powerful than wielders of the four natural elements. Even the appearance of only one of these would already be a considerable challenge to them, much less two of them coming together.

Han Yu furrowed his brows, “They should not be coming together, right? That would be just too difficult to handle.”

In contrast, Cai’er shook her head, “I hope that they can appear together.”

“Why?” Han Yu and Lin Xin asked almost at once.

Cai’er replied, “That’s because this is the only way we can pass through this sixth floor. The trials of the Tower of Eternity all gradually get harder, but the last trial is always bound to be much harder than all the previous ones. When we reach the sixth floor, in the case where we only encounter light and darkness elemental powerhouses alone, the increase in difficulty won’t differ too much from previously, at least not qualitatively. But only if they appear together will the increase of difficulty make it plausible as the last trial of the Tower of Eternity. Although such a trial will be much more difficult to face, at least it’s better than afterwards facing a totally unknown other trial. ”

Han Yu murmured, “Actually, it isn’t necessarily a bad things for light and darkness to appear alongside each other.”

“Not a bad thing? That’s two domain wielding powerhouses!!” Lin Xin spoke in incomprehension.

Han Yu replied, “But don’t forget that out of all six great elements, light and darkness are the most conflicting. Tell me, how can light and darkness complement each other? And most of all, let’s speak about domains. Domain are abilities of large scale, acting on a region. If domains of light and darkness appear together, they can only interfere with each other. How could a match even be considered? Maybe, if they
appear together, they won’t necessarily make use of domains, which will make it a bit easier for us to respond.”

Cai’er didn’t utter a word, pondering deeply. She was strenuously trying to make guesses, but was still unable to tell what the sixth floor trial could be.

Han Yu looked at Cai’er, “Anyway, how about letting me try out?”

Cai’er rejected with haste, “Out of the question! No matter what trials are awaiting us in the sixth floor, the examinee will be exceedingly powerful. And without sufficient strength, they surely won’t even go all out, so you won’t be able to scout out anything. We have only one chance, to deal with it all in one spurt, and pass through at once. Let’s recover our strength at once: this time, none of you is to go against me. I am the only one who can possibly get through.”

Now formulating more guesses would be of no use. Only by facing it for real would they be able to understand the last floor’s challenges.

The three of them sat cross-legged, rapidly entering a meditative state to recover their spiritual energy. Despite the times of pause between the uses, taking Cojoined Spiritual Pills in such quick succession still caused severe overdraft on their bodies.

They were on the verge of facing the sixth floor, which would very possibly be the very last one. This time, Cai’er didn’t rush, and made sure they recovered their whole capabilities before continuing.

In the sky, the shadow of death was still floating, calmly standing there, and dispersing a faintly discernible grey radiance. Just like a breathing human, every pulse of the aura on it caused the air in the Tower of Eternity to fluctuate slightly.

Cai’er entered the state of cultivation completely. After passing through the previous hurdles, her spirit and strength gradually completed perfect harmonization after having just recovered her memories. At the same time,
these few hard battles caused great liberation of her strength, which gained an important increase.

At the time she was back to opening her eyes, even she didn’t know how much time had passed. Lin Xin and Han Yu had opened their both eyes long ago, and all members of Bright Glimmer of Hope were reunited to her side.

Chen Ying’er was resting against Yang Wenzhao’s bosom, Duan Yi supported Sima Xian on his other side, and the pale Wang Yuanyuan and Zhang Fangfang were already awake. Although none of it could be told from their expressions, their breath was much, much weaker than before. Not even fluctuations of spiritual energy could be perceived coming out from them.

“You all came.” Looking at the comrades in front of her, Cai’er couldn’t help but purse up her lips.

“Cai’er, we will succeed at any cost! We will climb to the sixth floor with you at any cost, and do our best for you.” Chen Ying’er’s voice was still very weak, but she spoke with determination.

The others nodded just like her. Maybe they were already unable to do anymore to prepare the way for Cai'er, but they were willing to come even if it would be only for the sake of encouraging Cai’er in the following battle.

Cai’er stood up slowly, giving a look at the Long Haochen lying down peacefully. She did not keep thanking them, because no words would be enough to express her gratitude.

“Having comrades such as you all is really great. Then let’s ascend this sixth floor together!” Saying that, she held Long Haochen, but this time, didn’t attach him to her body using the chain. Turning back, she advanced toward the pillar of light that had already appeared long before.

The shadow of death in the sky followed ahead, and the instant Cai’er disappeared in the pillar of light, it turned into streaks of light, disappearing inside the pillar as well.
Everyone from Bright Glimmer of Hope lent their arms to support each other, resolutely entering the pillar of light. Streaks of radiant light shone, bringing them to the top floors of the Tower of Eternity.

Sixth floor of the Tower of Eternity.

After everyone passed through the teleporting gate, they all unconsciously stared at the same direction.

This floor was different from the fifth floor, arranged around lines radiating from the center. The whole sixth floor of the Tower of Eternity was separated completely into two worlds.

On the left, everything was pitch-black, and on the right was a golden holy illumination. Light and darkness were separated clearly, and at their center was an expense of white energy.

Cai’er cautiously placed Long Haochen on the ground, and turned toward her comrades, “Please take care of him guys. Han Yu, Lin Xin, I’ll need to borrow your powers.” Having Long Haochen on her back would make it hard for her to display the full extent of her strength.

“Yes!” Lin Xin and Han Yu strode forward simultaneously, taking a Cojoined Spiritual Pill each.

Chapter 644

Their movements were stopped by Cai’er, “It’s not about taking the Cojoined Spiritual Pills. I want to borrow your strengths through the Spiritual Stove of Samsara. You will lose all your spiritual energy in the process, and will need three months to recover it. In a bit, please be completely relaxed; that’s the only way I can assimilate your spiritual energies.”

The two of them were startled, so Cai’er still had such a method?

From behind, the others all watched Cai’er attentively, as well as Long Haochen. The situation in the sixth floor was telling them that they were undoubtedly on the verge of facing light and darkness alongside each other. Would Cai’er truly be able to pass through this trial?

No one knew if Cai’er would be able to make it: they were all praying silently deep in their hearts.

“Cai’er, we are there too. Our spiritual energy is yours.” Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi stood up completely: they were the only two left with some spiritual energy of the group aside from Han Yu and Lin Xin.

Cai’er didn’t act modestly, and nodded, “Alright.”

The four of them formed a row, with Cai’er standing in the front slowly lifting the Sickle of the God of Death in her hand. Above her head, the shadow of death descended slightly.
An ice-cold murderous spirit filled the air, but right now, this murderous spirit wasn’t invasive, but had the form of a kind of extraordinary energy.

The Tower of Eternity was filled with a very extensive breath of death. But this instant, it looked like the breath of death had suddenly disappeared at once and Cai'er’s shadow of death became glittering.

The area on Cai’er’s chest glowed. It was not the light of the Eternal Melody, but a gray radiance forming gray halos hovering around her chest.

The Sickle of the God of Death pointed forward, and aimed first at Han Yu.

The sharp edge was pushed against Han Yu’s chest, causing the latter to fill a cold chill. He felt his whole body going cold, as an unsurpassed might surged out in the midst of that icy cold.

The internal spiritual energy in his body felt like gushing out, turning into groups of white halations heading through Cai’er with the Sickle of the God of Death as extension.

Just like Cai’er had instructed, Han Yu didn’t resist and completely loosened his body, allowing Cai’er to absorb it all. In just a moment, his over ten thousand supply of spiritual energy was reduced to naught.

But, as the effect of the absorption had yet to finish, Han Yu activated the effects of his Spiritual Stove of Light Blessings, and declared, “Cai’er, absorb from the others first. My spiritual stove’s effects should improve your absorption further.”

Cai’er nodded silently, and the Sickle of the God of Death next landed onto Lin Xin. The Spiritual Stove of Light Blessings encompassed Lin Xin, Duan Yi and Yang Wenzhao in its range of effects, greatly accelerating their spiritual energy recovery.

The Sickle of the God of Death kept flickering with deep coldness as it absorbed every drop of the four’s spiritual energies.
At the start, the four were originally standing, but as their spiritual energy was greatly diminishing, they had no choice but to sit down because of the feelings of weakness.

Time passed second after second, and in the time needed to have a meal, Cai’er obtained over a hundred thousand spiritual energy from these four.

This was thanks to the Spiritual Stove of Light Blessings. Without it, it would already be pretty good for Cai’er to get sixty thousand from these guys.

Absorbing a hundred thousand spiritual energy caused Cai’er’s whole body to release fluctuations of spiritual energy. Thin grey streams of air fluctuated lightly around her body.

Everyone could totally feel the imposing ice-cold which the four who had gotten their spiritual energy absorbed had felt.

The shadow of death in the sky became more and more distinct. The still illusory-looking face aside, every wrinkle on its grey armor became clear to view.

Cai’er slowly bowed the Sickle of the God of Death towards her comrades, showing her resolve in the depths of her gaze.

All Demon Hunters from Bright Glimmer of Hope were aware of her thoughts. The resolute look she had gave off an indescribable feeling of deathly stillness. She had the determination to achieve a sure kill in this battle.

Right now, none of them could stop Cai’er, and as they also knew, none of them would even be capable of it.

Taking deep breaths, Cai’er placed her Sickle of the God of Death onto the ground. Immediately, the grey radiance surrounding her body formed into a grey lump spiralling around her. As a grey barrier was formed on her body, both Cai’er’s feet shot out abruptly.
If one absolutely had to describe the feeling she gave off, then ‘nothingness’ would be very fitting. Even the comrades behind her felt that she seemed incorporeal.

Layer upon layer of spiritual energy kept gushing out, and she was overflowing with murderous spirit as she quickly brandished the Sickle of the God of Death.

A tyrannical gray ray was clearly visible, drilling forward and aiming at the junction in the midst of the world of light and darkness.

At the same time Cai’er made this move, in the golden and dark opposite worlds appeared two lights and shadows.

This instant, everyone felt like the sun and moon had appeared simultaneously in this sixth floor.

Right, this was the feeling of the sun that symbolizes the day and the moon that symbolizes the night.

These were two identically shaped skeletons, a golden skeleton in armor, and a black skeleton in a gown. Just like Cai’er had anticipated, these last two skeletons had appeared together.

And, from the looks of this sixth floor, that white energy in the center seemed to make it so that their respective domains wouldn’t counteract each other.

Bang. A murderous gray almost corporeal spirit abruptly attacked the white barrier in the middle, causing the sixth floor’s spatial limits to sway slightly. That thin looking barrier was actually incomparably tough and durable: even such an intense and sharp corporeal murderous spirit was unable to cause any damage whatsoever.

“Chaos attribute!” “And spatial attributes!”
Chen Ying’er and Wang Yuanyuan blurted out almost simultaneously. Their eyesight having grown stronger and stronger with their strength, they were able to perceive traces of the attributes they were pretty knowledgeable with.

The mixture of chaos and space formed this separating barrier.

The two skeletons moved together. The bright warrior was growing an immense pair of golden wings, and its body turned into a stream of light rushing straight at Cai’er. This ability seemed quite close to Long Haochen’s Lightspeed Flash, but even faster. The instant of its release, the place where the skeleton used to stand glittered with the shine of sunlight, and a dense light essence giving off a sticky vibe flared out a discharge of radiant light.

On the other side, the darkness mage lifted up its staff, and behind it appeared a dark purple crescent half-moon, from which a thick darkness element arose.

Light and darkness had absolutely no way to harmonize, but the instant these two powerhouses made a move, Cai’er suddenly became stagnant in the midst of light and darkness. In other words, the barrier formed of chaos and space was right on her body, and right now, she was being attacked by darkness from the left, and light from the right. Her body was locked in the path of the two powerhouses’ attacks.

Indeed, light and dark had no way to assimilate each other, but under this clever setup, Cai’er was restricted to the central spot of the sixth floor. Being aimed at simultaneously by the powerful offenses from the light and dark elemental domains, she was pulled into the center of the room in a straight line. The restrictions inflicted by light and darkness pushed her into desperate straits at once.

The expressions on the team’s face took a sharp turn. The gap in difficulty between the fifth and sixth floors was just excessive.

They originally believed that the trials on the fifth floor were already an excessive challenge, having two powerhouses of Space making use of
domains. But in this trial, Cai’er was facing not only two powerhouses, but also attacks formed of repulsive power.

Light and darkness opposed each other terrifyingly, making it so that in case these two elements impacted her body at the same time, the mutual repulsion would be sufficient to crush her body completely.

Even in such desperate straits, Cai’er did not panic. Raising the Sickle of the God of Death in her hand, her whole body was in a state of great serenity.

Striding once, her body moved and shot up in straight line.

This instant, Cai’er’s speed suddenly reached an indescribable level of terrifyingness, actually even exceeding that light warrior wielding its domain’s power. In a flash, she crossed ways with the light warrior and even crossed the darkness mage’s path without launching an attack.

What kind of technique was that? One could only see a grey shadow moving at a speed that even an assassin of the ninth step wouldn’t necessarily attain.

Following Cai’er’s frontal charge, that shadow of death that had kept floating so far finally landed to the ground. Following her like an afterimage, it finally blended into Cai’er’s body after a short time of approach.

A God’s Descent? In the minds of all Bright Glimmer of Hope’s members appeared that same reaction. But, they had yet to understand the nature of this God’s Descent that Cai’er had employed.

That shadow of death had appeared long before, on the battle of the third floor, and had taken part in the previous battle only for a short moment. But Cai’er hadn’t yet utilized it, while still maintaining it. It was a wonder how a God’s Descent could be maintained and fermented for such a long time.

Chapter 645

All gray, an endless gray. Cai’er’s whole body sank in a pool of gray, and the instant that shadow of death suffused her body, the latter suddenly gained a slender feel. The spiritual wings on her back shrank as ripples of gray color circulated all around her body.

As Cai’er slowly turned back, the colors of her eyes changed, turning gray instead of black, tinted with a sharp white.

A white color generally gave off a cleansing feeling, but the white in Cai’er eyes seemed filled with inexhaustible magic power. The instant she turned back, the black mage and light warrior’s movements became dull, not even launching their attacks immediately.

A gray barrier spread out from Cai’er, and a fantastic scene followed. The central area formed of chaos and space was unable to breach through this gray barrier, as it looked like Cai'er had embedded a huge gem in that area just then.

This was already beyond astonishing. The slaughter intent coming out from her body disappeared at once, giving way only to deathly cold stillness, but this deathly stillness was not an aura of death either.

Her long skirt drifting even without any wind, the white glow in Cai’er’s eyes grew even further in intensity.

“Seven Arts of the God of Death, Death in Childhood!” Cai’er made a move, and the instant the Sickle of the God of Death was launched, it was already glinting in a clear white color. This strike was not aimed at any
opponent in the sidelines, but right into the central area. Right, splitting this area was her only chance, otherwise the pincer attack of the great domains of light and darkness elements would make her defeat the only possible conclusion.

The dark mage waved his staff forward, and from it, a pitch-black ray took shape. In the meantime, a half-moon shape behind him drifted forward, and its deep purple radiance chased after that black ray.

The light warrior didn’t immediately launch an assault. The heavy sword in his hand was pointed to the sky, releasing a bright golden brilliance of incomparable intensity. In a flash of gold, another projectile like that purple half-moon was shot at Cai’er.


In an ear-piercing splitting sound, the white barrier shattered, and the powers of darkness and light instantly mixed together in their midst.

However, right as these two totally opposite powers clashed, the rays of the purple moon and the golden halo clashed against Cai’er head on.

The white ray released by the dark mage was split by Cai’er’s Sickle of the God of Death, but slightly slowed down her movements. The next instant, the purple moon and golden ray began clashing at once.

But, mysteriously, as these two domains’ powers clashed, the whole space suddenly came to a standstill. The area having lost its central nucleus, the light and darkness which should have clashed violently came to a sudden stop, and then happened to join each other instead of colliding.

Purple-black and golden-yellow intertwined with each other, forming a head-sized circular yin-yang symbol.

Seeing that, everyone from Bright Glimmer of Hope couldn’t help but feel a chill of stupefaction.

This is...
A harmonization between light and darkness, a dual-element mixed magic!

They had seen mixed magic before, but the pure mixture of light and darkness was something they had never expected to see!

Chen Ying’er’s Elemental Cage mixed the six elements to produce a formidab le power, but it made use of some tricks, for instance, water and fire, as well as light and darkness, had to be divided by the other elements, preventing them from coming into contact, otherwise she surely would have no way to control it.

But what was just happening right before their eyes?

A magic combining light and darkness, combining the light elemental and darkness elemental domains. To say nothing of that situation, there was no record of anything similar even in all the records left by humankind.

That was a crazy mixture of light and darkness, and it gave rise to such a terrifying might! Could Cai’er block it? Even the Demon God Emperor would be surprised, seeing such a thing.

The difficulty of this sixth floor went way beyond their expectations. These two Great Holy Guards were actually able to achieve such combinatorial magic. How could they win?

The instant that ball of light had appeared, the light and darkness elements on its two sides gathered extremely naturally.

Those souls of powerhouses in the two skeletons’ eyes pulsed violently, and the whole Tower of Eternity shook due to this mixture. If such a combinatorial magic should detonate...

There would be no certainty that even the Tower of Eternity could bear it. That was the mixture between two domains of the ninth step, a combination of explosiveness!

Right at this instant, Cai’er launched her second attack.
The white light in her vanished as she seemed to become entirely transparent, like a pure white sculpture. The Sickle of the God of Death pointed to the front and Cai'er's body slid forward quietly, before rushing to the ball of light of combined light and darkness.

A bizarre white light extended from her Sickle of the God of Death in the shape of a thread which nimbly encircled that ball of light.

Shockingly, that white thread slowly cut through the midst of that ball of light combining light and darkness, stripping all the spiritual energy contained inside.

The mixture of light and darkness came to a stop, and the soulfires in the skeletons’ eyes pulsed once again, taking the same action of launching another attack.

That domain combination was originally their most powerful attack. If not for the fear that Cai’er had aroused in them with the powerful purifying force of Death in Childhood, destroying the barrier between light and darkness, they would not be so harsh as to show this move.

But Cai’er’s second attack shocked them once again. Those somewhat thin white threads were even more frightening than the previous instance of Death in Childhood, as that was a purifying force no element had a chance to resist.

Combining light and darkness is easier said than done! An extraordinary balance needed to be achieved, so that they would neither counteract nor swallow each other. This was something extremely hard to control, and needed all the elemental forces composing it to reach a state of solidity.

When pierced by those white threads, how could this state of balance be maintained? The portions colored golden and purplish-black instantly showed traces of instability, looking about to burst.

The two skeletons guarding these floors were without doubt the number one and number two of the twelve holy guards. As the most powerful beings out of all the holy guards, they were the left and right arms of the
Slumbering Calamity Elux. Their mastery of light and darkness had already reached the peak level.

Seeing the ball of light about to burst, the two powerhouses simultaneously made the same move.

The first holy guard, the holy warrior, swept his heavy sword in a circular motion, tracing a circle, and the second holy guard made the same motion with his staff.

Due to the ravaging white threads, the ball of light took only an instant to be routed, with light essence and darkness essence gushing out from the two sides at once, rapidly melting toward the light warrior and darkness mage. All the golden and black essence in the air returned to their respective directions.

Upon seeing this scene, the mage of this group, Lin Xin, shivered unconsciously.

This was absolutely not doable with just 200,000 spiritual energy. A mage able to transfer his or her thoughts to forcefully call back his elemental magic, what level of control was that? These two holy guards not only had an ultra-high control over magic power, but also a flawless grasp of their own domain.

This level of strength was just too terrifying. Their spiritual energy ought to have attained at least 300,000. Even with lacking equipment, they were strong enough to match some demon gods in the top thirty-sixth ranks making full use of their Demon God Transformation.

And Cai’er was facing off against two such powerhouses by herself: what a pressure! Even if Long Haochen was resurrected, he might not even necessarily win such a match.

However, the previous courses of action confirmed some of Lin Xin’s thoughts. These first and second holy guards were indeed unwilling to let their spiritual energy collide. The rupture of the state of fusion would cause light and darkness to corrode each other, and therefore greatly affect their
ability. Lin Xin’s only point of curiosity was: how could these light and darkness users show such a high level of mutual understanding? Powerhouses of the light and darkness elements should normally be mutually repulsed by each other.

Light and darkness rapidly retracted in the same direction, causing an eye-catching scene to follow in the sixth floor of the Tower of Eternity.

However, the two great holy guards clearly hadn’t such an easy time of regaining their own domains by these means. They had to sustain considerable backlashes from their domains.

Two groans were heard at the same time. Drawing back, the fluctuations of spiritual energy they released became very frantic.

Facing two such great powerhouses wielding light and darkness combinatorial magic, Cai’er not only did not suffer loss, but even had the advantage. If this was not happening right before their eyes, who would dare believe that?

Cai’er had her eyes shut, the glow in them disappeared at once. Second of the Seven Arts of the God of Death, Death in Cleansing.
All the white surrounding Cai’er, including the white filling her eyes, stemmed from the God of Death’s purifying power.

Cai’er’s God’s Descent was already in use from the start of the third floor, in the shape of that shadow of death.

In another place, Cai’er could only deploy her deathgod’s descent for five minutes at most, but this Tower of Eternity was not the same.

Cai’er had gained some understanding as early as the first time she followed Long Haochen there. This comprehension stemmed from the death energy inside the Tower of Eternity.

The Tower of Eternity was the strongest divine tool of the Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux, absorbing souls to raise its
power. So who could imagine how much death energy came out from it?

And what’s the God of Death? That’s the divinity in control of death itself! Not a deathbringer, but a death purifier. Through the cleansing of death, he could turn all the death energy into his own power. That’s the power of the God of Death.

Chapter 646

Cai’er’s God’s Descent had been absorbing the death energy inside this Tower Eternity since their arrival on the third floor. This God of Death’s Descent was maintained through an incessant purification of that nearby death energy.

The death energy in the successive third, fourth and sixth floor was entirely wiped clean, and because the death energy in the first and second floor would not be strong enough to boost this deathgod much, Cai’er gave up on it.

The reason why she did not unleash the Deathgod’s Descent’s power all this time was to make an ultimate attack. This Deathgod’s Descent was only affordable after she had the Spiritual Stove of Samsara absorb the spiritual energy of the other four. Right now, she was not only finally making use of God’s Descent, but moreover completely joining with that incarnation of the God of Death which had already purified so much death energy.

This was an unreproducible process, as no other place had such a massive death energy as the Tower of Eternity. If, right now, everyone was to leave the Tower of Eternity, they would take notice that all the specters surrounding it had disappeared, to become instead pure soul force.

This was the great purifying ability of death. As Ye Xiaolei said before, Cai’er who had inherited the power of death should be the bane of a necromancer. None of their evil tendencies would show any effect on her.

Cai’er should originally not have had the need to utilize the seven arts of the God of Death so fast, but the situation beat her expectations.
Cai’er had been rating this floor quite highly, but still didn’t think that light and darkness could harmonize in such way. This mixture of domains was really too terrifying.

Right before, she could be said to be in a situation of life or death. If that ball of light really had been blown on her, the two great holy guards’ full power would have ignited, causing everyone here to die due to the explosion of light and darkness, including the two holy guards whose soulfires would have no way to be preserved.

So, Cai’er took advantage of the fact that these two holy guards had the objective to put them to trial, not wipe them all out, which is why they directly stopped their attack midway so fearlessly. This is why these two great holy guards had withdrawn their own domains, and now suffered their backlashes.

This way, she broke their unity as well as their domain combination, turning around the situation of her great disadvantage.

Treading forward, Cai’er’s body became hollow, and her third strike came at the same time darkness and light retracted.

Bzz. Unordinary ripples carrying an incomparable purifying force suddenly showed up. Cai’er’s figure appeared, just like that.

She had appeared right on the central point between the two great holy guards, the nearest spot to the two of them at the same time.

Third art of God of Death, Death’s Scream.

The power of the seven arts of the God of Death harmonized so perfectly with the Spiritual Stove of Samsara and the Sickle of the God of Death, that the full display, was undoubtedly even above the fusion of Long Haochen’s pair of divine swords in strength. However, Cai’er also had a massive cost to pay.

Launching Death in Purification, Cai’er chose to lose her sense of sight, which was not amongst the most important in a battle of this level. Right
now, her other thought was to return to a state like when she reunited with Long Haochen in Holy City.

Her e yes were unable to see, but her heart became all the more peaceful. All kinds of memories she had with Long Haochen flashed through her mind, causing her to enter a special state.

In case of utilization, the seven arts of the God of Death needed to be used in succession. Otherwise, if Cai’er thinks of again using Death in Childhood later, it will come at the same cost as the third art. They had to be used sequentially, which is why she chose to keep going on.

One could see a jade-like halation spread out from Cai’er’s current spot, striking against the two great holy guards.

The restricting aspect of death towards any undead undoubtedly manifested at this point. The severe attack of Death’s Scream caused the two holy guards of the ninth step to groan once again. The soulfires in their eyes pulsed violently, and cracks even appeared on the forehead of the second holy guard, darkness elemental mage.

Death’s Scream was an attack aimed thoroughly at the soul, using an extraordinary pattern of attack. Any spiritual energy, technique, equipment of defense measure would be totally futile. But it was not an attack of the mental type, as it was also making use of a power exclusive to death, purification.

Maybe an infinitely pure person would have no way to get purified, and in that case, Death’s Scream would show no use, but if some impurity exists in one’s mind, or a lot of negative emotions, this Death in Hissing would be proportionally amplified, up to the level of fracturing the enemy’s soul.

Without a doubt, the first holy guard using light attribute had a much higher degree of purity, so the second holy guard took far more damage in the impact.

The third of the seven arts of the god of death instantly made her comrades tense. Duan Yi and Yang Wenzhao did not know about the kind of
ability Cai’er was using, but how could it be the case for the others?

Originally, back when Cai’er hadn’t yet awakened to the divine power of death, the bursts of power of the Spiritual Stove of Samsara against the enemy would cause her to lose some of her senses for a long duration. Right now, these seven arts of the God of Death were far more terrifying than the original Spiritual Stove of Samsara.

These current seven arts of the God of Death were far more terrifying than the previous Spiritual Stove of Samsara. Cai’er relied on it to withstand these two domain-wielding powerhouses. Even with the backing of her comrades’ spiritual energies and the God’s Descent, the backlashes from the spiritual stove were inescapable.

Cai’er’s movements didn’t come to a stop: Death in Childhood, Death in Cleansing, and Death in Hissing gave her a strong control of the battlefield.

As a god’s chosen one just like Haochen, Cai’er’s awakening should have intensified her strength much more than Long Haochen. But because of the state of her lost memories, her power was still in a state of adaptation.

No matter what one could say, Long Haochen became Scion of Light at the age of ten years old, and his constitution didn’t have a divine tool attached. The Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon was obtained pretty late, when his ability was already well-blown.

Therefore, although Long Haochen always made the greatest displays of prowess in the team, and had the highest cultivation. In terms of individual strength, Cai’er was actually above him despite having yet to reach the eighth step. None of Long Haochen’s ability could possibly block her whole set of attacks forming the God of Death’s seven arts. But Cai’er’s future potential had no way to compare with Long Haochen’s. Her gain in strength was only based in her cultivation and the power of her seven arts. But Long Haochen’s future growth was developed from all sides. All things considered, he would surpass her in the end, but this didn’t mean anything if he was not alive.
Long Haochen having died, Cai’er no longer exercised restraint hiding behind her lover. Her memories having come back gave her back the entirety of her strength and comprehension of her divine powers of death.

Once again blending into nothingness, her overflowing killing intent already filled the whole sixth floor of the Tower of Eternity and filled it with ashen grey, just as if she had a domain of her own.

The instant she disappeared, the darkness mage suddenly trembled severely, the soulfire in his eyes pulsing frantically.

Taking long breaths, he could feel that he was Cai’er’s target. At the very moment, the two holy guards were withdrawing their spiritual energy, so the light warrior did not have the leeway to save him even if he wanted.

In these circumstances, he would only rely on himself.

As guardians of the sixth floor of the Tower of Eternity, these two holy guards were really extremely powerful, far above the group’s expectations. This was not only about the level of their spiritual energy, but the most important point was their control over light and darkness.

The darkness mage revoked his staff the instant Cai’er disappeared, and placed it against his chest.

Immediately, a purplish-black radiance broke out from his chest. It turned into a two-meter-tall purplish-black colored ball wrapping all around him, just like a purple full moon suddenly arising in there.

Domain control, internal release for self-defense.

Right, that purplish-black was still his domain’s power; but under his great control, the domain was contracted by force, being brought down to a diameter of two meters, making it far more powerful than before in a small scale.

Being able to accomplish such a feat after sustaining two successive powerful backlashes really showed the great attainment attained by the dark
mage in cultivation.

As it took shape, Cai’er appeared right above his head with no forewarning.

A diamond-shaped gray crystal had at some point appeared on Cai’er’s forehead. As the Sickle of the God of Death slowly descended, that gray crystal immediately let out myriads of gray rays, all of which instantly gathered as an extension of the sharp blade.

, the Sickle of the God of Death made way inside that purplish-black colored ball. A sparkling gray color intruded into that substantial purplish- black domain as if it was cutting through butter as it made its way inside.

Fourth of the Seven arts of the God of Death, Deathgod’s Kiss.

Such a tyrannical domain was actually still split in two by this attack. One could clearly see myriad gray rays abruptly shooting through that purplish-black ball, crushing over half of the domain.

Chapter 647

The remaining half of the domain instantly weakened, and one could clearly see that dark mage retire to the remaining half of the domain. His staff-grasping right hand was completely smashed to pieces and purified by the grey radiance.

But at the same time, the light warrior from the other side moved. In a glow of bright light, the heavy sword grasped in both his hands was brandished over his head. An intense sunshine seemed to become one with him as his gold-red figure flashed like lightning in the midst of frantic accelerations.

This attack seemed able to split the earth, just like the unsurpassable sunfire.

Cai’er shifted her stance, flinging her now ash-gray-colored hair back, scattering it away. Just like a grey waterfall, it traced an arc, whirling at slow speed.

The gray diamond-shaped crystal on her forehead disappeared, but an incomparably strong and vigorous gray radiance emerged from her chest.

All the surroundings suddenly slowed down: Cai’er was moving slowly, but that light warrior who was originally dashing at a light-speed also slowed down. The movements of the two became very distinct.

In this process of slowdown, a transparent gray entity emerged from Cai’er body, that was similar to Cai’er, but illusory and transparent looking.
Her hands kept forming seals in front of her chest, and the gray figure flashed, marking extremely complex runes onto Cai’er’s back.

Fifth of the Seven arts of the God of Death, Death’s Silent Annihilation.

In the process of slowdown, the next instant after those gray runes were marked into her back, the Sickle of the God of Death turned into seven other weapons of the same shape, the first being the slowest while every next one was a bit faster, with each one following each other.

At the time the Sickle swept at the already seriously wounded darkness mage, the seven sickles made one, and a translucent ash-gray blade projection was shot at the darkness mage, before flying toward the rushing light mage.

That blade projection was extremely bizarre. Its main part was like a substantial crystal of a gray color, but all around the blade converged circles of intense white light, which revolved all around it. It did not emit killing intent nor death energy, but gave off, just at the sight of it, a choking feeling.

The instant that blade projection flew off, space and time returned to normal, all speeds reinstated to their original state right before the sword of that light mage clashed against that annihilating projectile.

The darkness mage under Cai’er’s feet directly disappeared into a gray fog, and his powerhouse’s soul integrated with the Eternal Melody in a black flash.

An ear-piercing sound of friction came from a white smoke. It was a thrust of intensity comparable to a red-heated piece of iron clashing against a piece of ice.

In that quick impact, all the domain power of the light warrior was gathered at once to block, his whole body stagnating in the sky. The intense golden-red radiance emanating from his body was shrouded in the midst of a drizzling white halation, clashing against the light essence dispersed from his body.
That white light was the annihilating light of purification attached to the fifth of the seven arts of the god of death, able to purify any elemental essence. Even an elemental attack of much stronger properties would get substantially consumed and purified.

Although the light warrior was making use of the light attribute, he was, after all, an undead creature born from a soul of a powerhouse, making the light of purification his bane. In addition, even with the support of his domain’s power, his originally quite wounded state made it very hard for him to rush out from the eroding light of purification.


The whole group cried out unknowingly in alarm!

Cai’er had already had to use five of the seven arts of the God of Death since the beginning of the fight, but she still showed no signs of stopping. A gray path extended underneath her, over the midst of which she stayed afloat.

On the surface, the current Cai’er looked no different than normal, as if none of that had affected her. But everyone could clearly see that when the seven arts of the God of Death reached such a level, the backlash inflicted on her could only be equally fearful.

As the light warrior managed to expel most of the corroding effects of the annihilating purification, the gray path had extended underneath him.

The next instant, Cai’er moved, just like a gray butterfly throwing itself at that light warrior who had holy fire ascending over his body.

The current Cai’er was in an extraordinary state of mind.

The Sickle of the God of Death launched an attack at astonishing speed: as a translucent blade projection shone upon him, the soulfire in the eyes of the light warrior pulsed in extreme terror.
First of the   seven   arts   of   death,   Death   in   Childhood.   Second art, Cleansing Death. Third art, Death’s Scream. Fourth art, Deathgod’s Kiss. Fifth art, Death’s Silent Annihilation.

The five consecutive supreme arts that were launched in a spurt united as one, unleashing the inevitable might of the deathgod, a journey in the incomparable land of death.

And that was the sixth art of the God of Death, Death in Journey. The unity of the five arts formed this sixth absolute force.

The first art, Death in Childhood, forced the light warrior to using his heavy sword to barely resist with his all, but the second art filled his swords with cracks, his whole body once again shrouded in light of purification. Then Death’s Scream locked his body in a stiff state, before Deathgod’s Kiss and Death in Silent Annihilation flashed in turn.

Cai’er appeared right behind the light warrior.

Flashes of gray and white colors slowly dispersed, and a faint halation flashed through. Cai’er stood there silently, her hands holding the handle of the Sickle of the God of Death. She looked extremely calm as the ash grey radiance on her body dispersed at an astonishing speed. But from her straight posture, she was not in any state of weakness.


The frozen light instantly turned into fine powder, before a golden radiance traced an arc to arrive in front of Cai’er and enter into the Eternal Melody hanging on her chest.

Success! She had just succeeded, relying on the power of six of the seven arts of the God of Death, in crushing two holy guards of the ninth step able to unite their domain. In front of the Deathgod, the great might of light and darkness withered away in purification. The Saint Daughter of Samsara Cai’er had just succeeded: she had to use all she had, but she managed to break through the sixth floor of this Tower of Eternity.
At the very moment, she seemed to be in a far lighter state than her previously desperately wounded comrades, but the deeply wounded Chen Ying’er and   Wang   Yuanyuan   were   the   ones   unable   to   refrain from their overflowing tears. They didn’t know about the backlash that Cai’er had to sustain after using these six arts of the God of Death, and all were afraid that this backlash would last for a very long duration.

Cai’er was standing calmly, but the next instant, her body suddenly shivered.

Deep halations dispersed from her chest.

First was a red, then a blue, a green, a yellow, a black, and finally golden halations circling back and forth and flickering around each other, causing Cai’er’s fair figure to let out a dazzling light.

As this multicolored radiance flickered, the whole Tower of Eternity lit up, and this multicolored light shone in the midst of the Tower of Eternity.

That was a dazzling lighting, giving off an indescribable feeling of brightness.

This whole radiance came out from the Eternal Melody hanging on Cai’er’s chest.

Her body kept shivering lightly, and the next instant, the multicolored radiance on Cai’er’s body shone even more remarkably.

Making use of the six arts of the God of Death already drew out her whole power. If not for the fusion process the Spiritual Stove of Samsara had undergone, she would be nothing more than a walking corpse right now.

The first art of Death in Childhood didn’t cause any backlash, but starting from the fifth, the backlash would affect her whole body.

The disappearance of the senses in all one’s body will result in death.
And right now, Cai’er had only her sixth sense left, perception.
Her vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch had already disappeared, leaving her left with only her perception.

This instant, she was already incomparably weakened, to the extent that she was not even able to raise a finger, as she made the astonishing discovery of a mystical force surging out from her body, causing a massive amount of surrounding energy to gather onto her body.

A feeling of warmth spread through her whole body, causing her incomparable feeling of weakness to disappear swiftly, as the spiritual energy in her body was replenished at an astonishing speed. Which was to say that this force was on the same level as the post-fusion Spiritual Stove of Samsara.

In fact, this was the force belonging to the Tower of Eternity, belonging to the Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux.

The multi-colored halation gained in intensity with Cai’er in its midst, causing her darkened skin to recover its original gloss. To her shock, Cai’er found out that her lost senses were unexpectedly recovering.

She was not the only one experiencing this kind of feeling. Although the center of this multi-colored light was her, her other comrades were directly exposed to that light, including Long Haochen lying on the ground who was also cleansed by this multi-colored light.

The other heavily wounded teammates recovered at an astonishing speed from their injuries, the same going even for Zhang Fangfang and Wang Yuanyuan’s lost vital force.

This light was really beyond miraculous; no known healing forbidden spell could compare with that elemental force of incomparable purity.

This instant, everyone could sense the elemental gods of fire, water, wind, earth, light, and darkness descending and joining their forces to heal the whole group’s injuries.

Chapter 648

Cai’er gradually felt flashes of understanding filling her.

Right, all the tests they had to bear were so challenging, and they could only rely on their own power to pass through. The Eternal Melody didn’t give them any kind of help, and some of them were narrowly killed during the trials.

But this was in the end a trial, not a battle to death!

No matter what kind of a cruel person the Holy Necromancer Elux could be, he had left this place for the sake of choosing a successor to inherit his great strength, and not to cause destruction.

So, after everyone passed through this sixth trial, everything seemed to be over, which is why the Tower of Eternity caused this powerful six- elemental recovering light to descend, helping them to recover from their wounds and replenishing them in energy.

Elux wouldn’t want a completely bruised disciple, let alone one wounded beyond recovery.

The first ones to recover were Lin Xin, Han Yu, Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi who had left all their spiritual energy to Cai’er, and even had some damage in their channels due to that. But it took them under ten minutes to recover fully, with a capacity of spiritual energy even above their original peak.
This was due to the development of their capabilities through incessant battles.

The next one was Chen Ying’er, whose face gradually regained red tints. Managing to get up under Yang Wenzhao’s assistance, she felt her depleted strength coming back slowly, and half an hour later, she had the pleasant surprise to find out about her total recovery.

How bizarre: right after recovering entirely, that multicolored radiance started to avoid her and stop integrating.

This instant, the different degrees of the others’ wounds were visible.

Sima Xian, Wang Yuanyuan, and Zhang Fangfang were already soaked in the light for no less than one hour, and it was about the same for the distant Cai’er.

And, that multicolored light was maintained as if it had no limits.

After another hour passed, Zhang Fangfang and Wang Yuanyuan opened their eyes simultaneously, filled with great joy as their vital forces were already recovered fully.

It was not that Wang Yuanyuan’s injuries were not as severe as Sima Xian: in reality, she had already sacrificed her life at that time, and was originally supposed to be dead, but Zhang Fangfang was there to share that backlash of hers, as well as offering a half of his vital force to her

Sima Xian’s recovery took close to four hours to complete. As he groped his bald head while standing up, everyone couldn’t help but cheer for him.

That was the feeling of being done with the hard times. Their struggles and sacrifices were being paid back, and the more severe their wounds were, the more they gained from the Tower of Eternity’s trials.

For instance, Sima Xian’s internal spiritual had directly soared to the eighth rank of the seventh step, nearing closely the eighth step. The same went for Wang Yuanyuan and Zhang Fangfang, but because they had
originally higher levels of cultivation, their upgrade was not as great as Sima Xian. The others were also boosted more or less greatly.

Their cheers didn’t last for long before coming to normal, because that multicolored light did not disappear after their recovery.

The light was still there, seemingly gathered only on those two, Long Haochen and Cai’er.

What a strange thing to behold: Long Haochen was clearly already dead, yet that multicolored light kept rushing forth inside his bod y. And the same went for Cai’er: the two of them had become the cores of this multicolored halation.

“Will Boss resurrect like that?” Lin Xin raised the question with traces of hope.

Han Yu silently shook his head, “Not likely. After all, Boss is already dead. See, the wound on his chest doesn’t show any traces of recovery. The Demon God Emperor’s strength is just that terrifying, that injury is impossible to treat, to say nothing about resurrecting him. It looks like we will have to head for the seventh floor of the Tower of Eternity.”

“But where is the seventh floor? Cai’er has already passed through the sixth floor, but how come there is no pathway for the seventh floor showing up?” Chen Ying’er asked in incomprehension.

Zhang Fangfang responded, “For now, we can only wait. Maybe it will come out by itself after this multicolored light terminates”

Wang Yuanyuan remarked with some worries, “Hopefully they can make it fast. Boss could only last for seven days, and that’s without including the time needed to resurrect him. We have already used up two days, so we have only five days left.”

Sima Xian remarked, “That’s already pretty good. We have five days left: they can’t possibly keep absorbing this light for such a long time.”

Time passed, minutes after minutes. Six hours, seven hours, eight hours, nine hours… Twelve hours.

When no less than twelve hours had passed, the group started to become get anxious. How much longer would this last?

Bur right because of this, they couldn’t help but secretly admire Cai’er. After each of them recovered fully, the assimilation of the multicolored light stopped immediately. The already deceased Long Haochen aside, Cai’er certainly made it back alive after this battle, yet this multicolored light soaked her for a whole twelve hours, which was not even enough for her to recover entirely. From this one could see the terror of the backlash from the seven arts of the God of Death.

As everyone started to grow more and more worried, the multicolored light in the sky suddenly dimmed down, vanishing slowly.

Cai’er opened both her eyes as this multicolored radiance disappeared from sight.

“Cai’er!” Everyone immediately rushed to her in excitement. Sima took Long Haochen’s corpse in his arms before running to join Cai’er’s side.


Chen Ying’er grabbed Cai’er’s arm, attentively watching her face, “How are you, Cai’er? So the backlash of your seven arts of the God of Death was...”

Cai’er showed a faint smile, “I didn’t expect my backlash to actually disappear. It seemed to get counteracted by the ability of this Tower of Eternity.”

“That’s great!” Chen Ying’er immediately shouted in joy. They all knew that upon reaching the sixth of the seven arts of the God of Death, Cai’er’s
backlash would very possibly persist for several years, and some part of her may not ever recover again.

As everyone was soaked in joy, Cai’er’s chest suddenly lit up.

This phenomenon was not the same as the previous multicolored radiance: through Cai’er’s clothes, the skull shaped pendant started to make noises.

The necklace binding it disappeared in the midst of a brilliant light.

That golden skull slowly floated above Cai’er’s head, its small eyes suddenly lighting up. Two tiny but extremely brilliant golden flames pulsed up. Suddenly, the two lights inside its eyes shot like two needles toward the end of the sixth floor.

Everywhere the golden light passed, the originally hazy-looking sixth floor was lit up, and at its end, another sculpture of Elux came into view.

This sculpture was entirely gold colored, with only the heart’s spot colored black. From the point of view of the group, a black flame seemed to ascend above it.

A brilliant body, even with a dead heart soaked in darkness. Maybe this was the truest portrayal of the Slumbering Calamity Elux. Compared to the sculpture of the fifth floor, this one faintly gave out a much sadder feel.

The rays shot from the eyes of the golden skull coming from the Eternal Melody entered into the eyes of this sculpture of the Slumbering Calamity, and immediately, an intense golden flame ignited in result, as the whole sixth floor was set aflame.

From the outside, a pillar seem to form from these intense golden flames. The death energy that Cai’er had originally cleansed there abruptly became rich, and in the midst of the intense death energy appeared countless departed spirits filled with negative feelings. In such an environment, an incomparably rich light energy arose.
This instant, the concentration of light essence in this sixth floor of the Tower of Eternity even exceeded that of the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon at the time they had found it in the Swamps of Gloom. Only, although the light essence was massive and rich, it was filled with bits of malevolence, completely unlike the peaceful feelings the Divine Snail Shield originally used to let out.

The pairs of massive pillars set to fire, the whole sixth floor became entirely illuminated. An intense golden halation spread out in the sky, and that light energy kept growing in intensity, giving off to Cai’er’s group the feeling of getting soaked in a lake of light essence.

Counting Sima Xian, a total of five light users were present. But they didn’t dare absorb the slightest bit of this rich light essence. This light essence permeated inside an extensive energy of death, giving them unawares strong feelings of rejection.

Only Cai’er preserved a natural expression. As the one chosen by the God of Death, any spectral and death energy around her body would only need a moment before dispersing.

An aged voice suddenly sounded out from all four directions. That was a kind of soul transmission, that Cai’er would be able to hear even after losing all her six senses.

“Welcome to the sixth floor of the Tower of Eternity. The fact you made it here proves that you are strong enough to succeed to me. Step on these last stairs: I will be waiting for you on the seventh floor. You only have to meet me face to face and I will make you my disciple. Otherwise, there will be no connection between the two of us.”

The aged voice did not carry any emotional vibes: if Long Haochen was still alive, he would definitely be able to tell everyone that this voice was exactly the same as the one he had heard the first time he stepped into the Tower of Eternity. The only difference was that it was not as cordial back then, and sounded extremely cold instead.

Chapter 649

The Holy Necromancer only left these few simple words before his voice disappeared. The sculpture at the end of the sixth floor suddenly made a movement, slowly moving its right arm which brandished a staff pointed toward the dome on the top of the floor. The next instant, the whole sixth floor shone in a golden color.

The group was only able to see that golden gloss in their lines of sight, and all couldn’t help but shut their eyes because of its dazzling aspect. The liquid-feeling light essence became solid at once that instant, making them unable to move in the slightest.

This intense light did not last for too long, and when it vanished, everyone could see that the whole sixth floor of the Tower of Eternity was already completely different.

The surroundings were pitch-black, and a night sky formed the surroundings. An infinity of resplendent starlights glinted all around. Right now, although they had a firm feeling as when walking on the ground, they looked just like they were walking in the midst of a night sky, staying afloat! Under the illumination of the stars, this first experience filled them with a bizarre feeling.

Not far in front of them had appeared a ten-meter-tall golden gate formed of two doors, shut-tight right now.

This sliding gate did not have any gorgeous decorations or ornaments, it was only filled with a deep golden color. They couldn’t see what was
behind, but what that golden sliding gate dispersed was an abundant death energy.

A golden light swept past Cai’er’s head. She unconsciously lifted up her hand to catch it; impressively, that was the Eternal Melody.

However, right now it wasn’t just a simple skull anymore. From the tip of the skull extended a metallic key.

A bizarre feeling filled Cai’er’s head, faintly realizing that everything she had experienced was actually a preparation for opening this gate.

Every victory against a holy guard not only got her his approval and assistance, but also poured the power of its soul of a powerhouse inside the Eternal Melody. When the twelve Holy guards are all absorbed inside the Eternal Melody, the ignition of the whole sixth floor of the Tower of Eternity was intended by the Slumbering Calamity. That would cause this golden gate to appear, its key being the Eternal Melody.

What is the right path to take? Cai’er didn’t know, but right now, she already had no way out.

Turning back, Cai’er looked at the others, nibbling her lower lip, “I will resurrect Long Haochen no matter what.”

“No matter what!” Everyone repeated loudly.

Wang Yuanyuan took Long Haochen from Sima Xian’s hand, and attached him onto Cai’er’s back tightly using the chains.

As the Eternal Melody in Cai’er’s hand approached that golden gate closely, everyone couldn’t help but feel tense, even more than during all the previous trials.

For the sake of reaching this objective, they had spared no efforts, and that objective was right in front of their eyes. Just like after returning home a long time later, this made them instead even more nervous. Regardless of whether they would be able to resurrect Long Haochen with this move, they
had only one final chance. After sparing no cost to arrive there at the risk of their lives, the matter of whether they could succeed was really too important.

Cai’er didn’t have any perplexed or apprehensive feelings anymore in her eyes, only determination and devotion. Her only thought was to resurrect Long Haochen. If that couldn’t be done, then she could only accompany him in the other side where they would set up their own home. At the moment, Cai’er couldn’t attend to humanity’s situation: she only had Long Haochen in her heart. What use would there be to keep living if her beloved person stayed deceased?

He was her whole world. The instant he died, her world just collapsed.

The golden gate was heavy and full of awe. When Cai’er arrived in front of it, the Eternal Melody key in her hand dispersed a scorching heat.

Lifting her hand, Cai’er put that key in, and it disappeared in this golden gate.

Immediately, an rippling golden halation spread out from this gate of light, and the surrounding night sky flickered in golden light.

Without the slightest sound, the two doors opened slowly.

The whole Bright Glimmer of Hope’s group controlled their breaths as they took a look. Right now, they felt incomparably nervous: the matter of whether Long Haochen could make it out alive would depend on this moment. Their view gathered onto the opening gate. Just what was behind?

They saw very rapidly.

The final road was right before them. More accurately, that was a golden flight of steps, which elevated in the midst of the illumination of the night sky, leading even higher in the night sky.

These stairs were placed at a slope of forty-five degrees, with this steep slope and an even step height all the way upwards to where bright flashes of
light emanated.

This was an aerial passage, extending high in the sky. But this passage seemed to have no end in sight

“Kowtow after each step on the aerial passage.” A majestic voice was transmitted from the bright gate of light to each person’s ear.

So we actually have to kowtow at each step? They were all alarmed, but Cai’er still showed no hesitations and immediately stepped through the gate and kneeled on the first step.

No matter how arrogant, she had to set that trait aside for the sake of her loved one. As long as Long Haochen would be saved, Cai’er believed anything to be worth it.

The rest of the group unwittingly went through the gate of light, but although open, it had a massive resistance. That force rejected them all, and only Cai’er and Long Haochen on her back were able to go through.

After kneeling once, Cai’er took a higher step, then kneeled once again, paying her respects. Long Haochen on her back swayed only lightly in the process.

Lin Xin asked Sima Xian hesitantly, “Is this path going to be highly oppressive?”

Sima Xian nodded and reply, “Very possibly. This should also be a kind of trial.”

At this point, he suddenly became alarmed and murmured, “We have already vanquished the twelve holy guards and passed the six floors’ trials. This path can’t be a trial for making it to the seventh floor right?”

Hearing him, the whole group’s expressions looked different. They had all already seen personally how hard the trial on the sixth floor was. If there was another trial even in this seventh floor, everyone was afraid that even Cai’er wouldn’t be able to bear it.
Wang Yuanyuan responded in a grave tone, “There should not be a trial of strength right? The trials we have already passed were already hard enough. If there’s yet another even harder trial, what need would there be to even fight for Elux’s inheritance. I think that even if this turns out to be a trial, it should be for evaluating other aspects than sheer cultivation strength.”

They were taking successive guesses, but the only one to really know would be Cai’er.

This path to the sky had no end in sight, and wasn’t comprised with any oppressive existence, with nothing there to pressure her or stop her advance. But, at the first step she took after passing through the gate, all the internal and external spiritual energy in her vanished.

She had absolutely no idea of which miracle could make all traces of her cultivation vanish. At the very moment, she was not the Saint Daughter of Samsara anymore, but just an all the more ordinary girl, with at most a better overall body condition than her peers.

Long Haochen was neither overweight nor underweight, making Cai’er have no feeling of weight at the time her cultivation was still present. But the current Cai’er had neither her internal nor external spiritual energy, so Long Haochen on her back felt heavy.

Stepping and kowtowing in succession, Cai’er already started to get slower after climbing for just ten or so stairs. Sweat had already started to form on her forehead, and her legs and waist already felt numb.

Cai’er knew that if she couldn’t inherit from Elux, all their previous efforts will come to naught. But with Long Haochen on her back, and without backing from her spiritual energy, how could she even go far?

Another person would perhaps already be starting to think about pros and cons, or perhaps even give up, but Cai’er only had determination in her.

The path to the sky beyond was getting harder and harder, but she didn’t flinch, only filled with one thought, that she would either bring Long
Haochen to the seventh floor of the Tower of Eternity, or die in the attempt.

With such a resolve, she did not have the slightest negative feeling, and these difficult times instead made her even more stubborn.

With one stair and one kneel, Cai’er did not turn back even once. There was nothing else but the stairs going upwards in her eyes.

Her footsteps were extremely steady. One step, one kneel, get up. And so on, and so forth… over and over again.

When Cai’er reached her twentieth stair, everyone standing on the other side of the gate could already see her pained look.

Is this path to the sky really pressuring? Otherwise how could she already start to get slower so rapidly at her level of cultivation? But if that was really pressuring, she should be resisting thanks to using her spiritual energy. Yet there was not the slightest spiritual energy flowing out from her body.

They had stopped talking, as a talk would never be as tangible as truth. Cai’er was already working on passing that path to the sky, advancing without pause.

“Cai’er, you can do it!” Wang Yuanyuan clenched her fists. All they could do was to cheer for Cai’er now, and support her with their feelings.

When Cai’er was at the thirtieth stair, her whole body was aching terribly, especially her knees which felt as if myriads of needles had pierced through them. Sweat was already drenching over all her body. After bowing down for thirty times, half her body was already drenched in sweat.

Chapter 650

If she wasn’t carrying Long Haochen on her back, she would have at least gone through two hundred stairs before this situation would have arisen.

She would even be able to move faster and more unrestrainedly.

And now, Cai’er had on her back a Long Haochen weighing over eighty kilograms! And at the same time, her weight didn’t reach one hundred kilograms. This burden was really too heavy for her body.

But Cai’er didn’t stop. In the end, the pain of her body was unable to affect her heart in the slightest. She took firm steps in the process of advancing and kowtowing.

Thirty-five, thirty-six, thirty-seven… forty-two, forty-three, forty-four….

“Look everyone, what’s that?” Chen Ying’er suddenly called out.

Everyone followed her pointed finger, to see that at some point those sparkling pure gold stairs had gained two tints of faint red color.

This was a mild red, that one wouldn’t discover without paying great attention.

“There’s more!” Chen Ying’er called out once again, and as Cai’er once again took another step, two thin red traces had flowed from one stair higher.
Han Yu clenched his fists. Even despite his strong character, his voice was unexpectedly shaky, “Cai’er is wounded in the knee.”

Right, those thin red traces were blood, Cai’er’s blood.

After over forty steps, burdened by the eighty kilograms weighing Long Haochen, her long skirt was already torn, which is how her blood could be left on the step.

Everyone couldn’t help but worry for Cai’er. Although they didn’t know why Cai’er would let herself bear such a pain, right now, it was really obvious to see that this path was abnormal.

Although this path stripped all her spiritual energy, that was not enough to bend her willpower. Due to the pain she had to sustain since she was young, Cai’er’s willpower had become extraordinary. Moreover, her goal now was nothing else but to resurrect her man.

One step after another, each step a kowtow.

Blood drops kept falling two by two, and at the time she reached the fifty seventh stair, her pair of blood drops turned into three, that third one coming from Cai’er’s forehead.

Cai’er was already in Yang Wenzhao’s arms, and didn’t dare look anymore, lost in tears. The others also unconsciously shut their eyes.

Their bodies and minds were shaken violently. Cai’er was really too strong.

Cai’er didn’t take any pause, seemingly feeling no pain at all.

Fifty stairs, sixty stairs, seventy stairs, eighty stairs. Those stairs were painful, and she had to staggeringly go on. Her body was already close to collapse, and the blood trails left on the ground started to form a puddle at the bottom of the stairs.

But she still kept going on, climbing without rest. A deep force of incomparable scale seemed to be supporting her gradually weakening body.
Bam! On the one hundred twelfth stair, Cai’er suddenly fell down, violently smashing the stairs on the ground. But her right arm still grasped the bottom of the stairs, so that she wouldn’t slip down.

Blood covered the whole hem of her skirt, and as her tiptoes slided along the way, Cai’er’s face of originally extreme beauty had already become full of blood.

Because her body was far too burdened, it was shaking violently. Only her eyes and look remained firm, resolute.

With a violent gasp for breath, she barely managed to shift position to another stair, and kowtow once again in a Bang.

But this time, she did not climb further. Her line of sight turning dark, she directly fell unconscious.

“Cai’er...” Outside the gate of light, the rest of the group was clearly seen shouting loudly. Wang Yuanyuan even had no qualms to ram her whole body against that screen, only to be shot back directly.

To say nothing of Chen Ying’er, even Sima Xian, Lin Xin, and Han Yu, the oldest of the group, already couldn’t bear to watch. The traces of blood flowing down at each of Cai’er’s movements felt like sharp swords piercing through their hearts every time.

But there was still nothing they could do: unable to enter through that gate, they were naturally unable to be of any help to Cai’er. They could only stare blankly at the sight of her blood flowing through those golden stairs.

There was no chance at all on the path to the sky. The golden stairs still had no ending.

A hour passed.

Cai’er’s body suddenly shook lightly. Using her arms to prop herself up, she slowly rose up. She had just awoken.
Not turning back, she just paused slightly before struggling to barely manage to get up. Once again stepping up, she kowtowed once again.

In just a moment, her blood had covered a whole new stair.

“Cai’er!..” Chen Ying’er and Wang Yuanyuan already had tears dripping all over their faces, and their voices had already turned hoarse due to the crying.

Each and every man had their eyes reddened, clenching their fists to the extent of having their fingernails pierce through their skins. They were just so hopeful to be able to take Cai’er’s stead to climb through this path to the sky

One stair, two stairs, three stairs, four stairs...

The awakened Cai’er was still that strong. On her back, Long Haochen’s corpse already felt as heavy as a mountain, that was how heavy he weighed on her heart! Without a break, she kept advancing through that path. It’s either die in this path, or bring him back to life!

These words were repeated without pause in Cai’er’s mind.

This time, she managed to advance through twenty-eight stairs, before once again collapsing and falling unconscious. But, even so, she took grasp of the next stair in front of her eyes unbendably, so that she wouldn’t slide down.

Climb and fall unconscious, climb and fall unconscious, and so on...

Cai’er collapsed time after time, and climbed many again   and again. When she had made it onto the two hundredth stair, she was already entirely covered in blood.

This was already her seventh time falling unconscious on the path to the sky.

Chen Ying’er had already passed out in the midst of crying, while the others attacked relentlessly that gate blocking their way. Only that way
could they vent the pain and torment inside them.

Cai’er’s knees were already devoid of the slightest skin and flesh, her deep white bones already coming to sight. She was unaware that her fair white bone contorted all the time, and because of the excessive blood loss, her whole body was morbidly pale. Her life was running off at an astonishing speed, yet no end of the path to the sky came to sight.

This time, Cai’er fell unconscious for an especially long time. A whole seven hours had passed before she awoke.

“Cai’er!!! Cai’er!!!” The whole Bright Glimmer of Hope group was frantically venting on the separating area in front of them, already all shouting hoarsely. They really couldn’t bear to watch anymore, and really wanted to tell her to stop already. The stairs between the sixth and seventh floor were tormenting them far more than all the previous trials!

But Cai’er didn’t look back from beginning to end, slightly lifting up her head, only to see a large swath of blood color in front of her eyes.

Barely moving her body, she found out that she was already unable to stand up anymore.

Falling unconscious seven times already had drained all her physical force, and her life was already close to an end.

Right at this time, a flash of light came in front, and a massive gate of light appeared on the tenth floor in front of her, flashing slowly. As the gate of light opened up slowly, it faintly revealed a golden world concealed behind.

A gate… A gate!!!

Cai’er’s somewhat ash-grey eyes suddenly lit up at the sight of this gate.
Hope had come out in front of her.

The rest of Bright Glimmer of Hope could also see what she saw. They unconsciously became silent, looking at that even larger gate while biting
their teeth tightly and painfully.

Cai’er’s legs were already totally numb, but this instant her eyes lit up incomparably. Carrying Long Haochen, she did her utmost to pull herself and Long Haochen to the next stair using her arms, her forehead leaning on the next stair with force.

Deep traces of blood being left on the stair, this golden path to the sky even started to gain a thin red tinge due to the blood left by her.

But Cai’er didn’t care about that. The gate in front of her eyes was her hope. I must bring Haochen through this gate of light so that he can resurrect.

Cai’er didn’t know why, but she faintly came to hear an extremely emotional teary voice resound through her ears, crying in extreme suffering. But this did not matter to her; how could she attend to reflect on other matters than to keep going forward.

The hidden capabilities in her body were aroused by this hope, and she managed to climb through a stair after another by the use of her two arms. Crawling up stair by stair, she would cover at least a third of its surface with the blood on her body every time, but this blood became more and more light in color every time. Wouldn’t her blood run out at this rate?

Five, four, three, two, one.

Finally, when the gate of light became very near, Cai’er’s firm and resolved expression finally displayed a faint smile.

Raising her hand and her fingers, already ground to the extent that its bones were coming to sight, she shiveringly grabbed that gate of light.

But this time, a sickening scene came to all Bright Glimmer of Hope’s sight. That gate of light suddenly swayed lightly, raising one step higher and causing Cai’er to catch emptiness.
Despair filled up the eyes of everyone present outside the first gate. Was the gate on top of the stairs actually a fake? They became mad to the extent of pounding the gate in front of them with all their strength.

They all cursed the Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux. Cai’er was just a girl, why must he be so cruel?
Only Cai’er didn’t fall to despair, still as determined looking. Her emptiness catching hand fell onto the previous stair on emptiness, and her body shifted up once again.

This was her final chance. She knew that if she were to fall unconscious once again, she would perhaps never awake again, so there was no other chance to resurrect Long Haochen.

Conviction and resolve burned fiercely inside of her. Cai’er’s arms suddenly exerted all their strength to make a frantic rise to the next stair.
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