Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 631-640

Chapter 631

As the voice stopped at this point, the green traces disappeared.

Right, that was the thin hope of survival that Cai’er had, which gave her the strength to lead all of Bright Glimmer of Hope to fly away from Modu.

The instant she came in contact with Long Haochen’s corpse, this voice spread to her mind, telling her that Long Haochen still had a hope for survival. So no matter how sad Cai’er was, she brought Long Haochen away from there, to put him in safety in the Tower of Eternity, in order to find that hope of resurrection.

“That… That voice is...” Wang Yuanyuan blankly said.

“I know! It’s that girl from the Illusory Paradise. No mistake, that’s her.” Lin Xin bounced wildly.

Grabbing Lin Xin’s shoulder, Han Yu excitingly shouted, “Yes, yes! Ye Xiaolei! It’s her; she has a some kind of contract relationship with captain, and is the one who came to our aid. So Captain has some hope of revival. There’s a hope!”

The previous grim atmosphere was swept clean that instant, and everyone regained some hope. But even if they were doing their utmost to wipe their tears away, these tears were not wiped clean by any means. Unlike their previous tears, these were tears of excitement! Even if there was only a little hope, they had to grab it at any cost.
Cai’er tightly embraced Long Haochen and her tears flowed once again. But she didn’t keep immersing herself in the sadness, abruptly shouting, “Does anyone has a rope or a chain?”

Sima Xian responded, “I do!” Then he took out a dark golden chain from his storage ring. This chain reached about five meters length, just like his Gigantic Ball of Light’s chain. It was obviously used as a spare one.

Cai’er took this chain, holding Long Haochen in a standing position, as she looked at the top of the first floor of the tower, speaking in a categorical way, “Seven days. We only have a time of seven days; in this time, we must climb to the top of the Tower of Eternity and obtain the inheritance of the Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux..”

“Yes--” Everyone from Bright Glimmer of Hope agreed boisterously.
That spurt of vigor gave the group a sort of torrential feeling.

“I am going too!” The same words came almost simultaneously from both Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi.

Their wounds were much better, and although fighting would be a bit difficult, how could they cower at such a time?

Cai’er didn’t say much more, only telling the nearby Wang Yuanyuan, “Help me lay Haochen on my back with this chain. With him fighting alongside us, there is nothing that could possibly stop our advance.”

“Yes!” Wang Yuanyuan raised no objection and immediately got to work. The third girl of the group, Chen Ying’er, also let go of Yang Wenzhao’s embrace, and helped place Long Haochen’s body on Cai’er’s back.

The tall and robustly built Long Haochen on Cai’er’s back visibly made a baffling scene. His arms and legs had to be wrapped around Cai’er’s body, and in the end his legs had to be coiled around her waist, to bind him firmly.

Feeling Long Haochen’s weight, the determination in Cai’er’s eyes grew even further in intensity. In a flash of gray light, the Sickle of the God of Death appeared in her grasp. Maybe this was due to the recovery of her
memories, but the instant it appeared in her hand, the brilliance emitted by this divine tool was completely different from before. Letting out blasts of killing intent, the sickle became even more sparklingly radiating.

“We are going.” Saying that, Cai’er took large strides toward the second floor of the T ower of Eternity.

The members of Bright Glimmer of Hope plus Zhang Fangfang, Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi on the rear formed a total of nine persons, who stepped up the stairs directly.

The trials on the first and second floor were all already completed ahead of time, and they had the four holy guards’ approval. And now, the four holy guards inside the Eternal Melody on Cai’er’s chest all became her guards. Only, they couldn’t give help in their fights inside the Tower of Eternity.

After entering the second floor, everyone released their spiritual wings and headed deep ahead.

They had never entered the third floor of the Tower of Eternity before: after they came to learn from the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon, that Elux had put the human world in a terrible state and was the main cause of their extremely weakened state that followed, the group never kept going up these stairs. But now was different: Cai’er was taking the place of Long Haochen to become that successor, and had to succeed at any cost to resurect Long Haochen. They had not only to continue to go ahead, but moreover reach the seventh floor where they would be able to obtain the inheritance of the Slumbering Calamity Elux.

So, they didn’t dare tarry in the slightest. Seven days, that was all the time they had. If Long Haochen wasn’t resurrected by then, they would have no more chance ever again.

Now was no time to ponder over the difficulties that would be encountered on the next four floors. Even if they would face trials on the Demon God Emperor’s level, Cai’er wouldn’t stop their advance. If Long Haochen were to really die, she would definitely follow him in that fate.
Very rapidly, they reached the passage from the second to the third floor. Then Cai’er turned back and looked at her comrades following behind her.

Han Yu announced her, “Cai’er, until Captain resurects, please be our captain. Issue your orders, and even at the cost of our lives, we will give you our help until the very end.”

Cai’er took a deep breath. She didn’t voice her thanks, but nodded vigorously, and was the first one to go through the teleporting passage.

With a glint, a fantastic teleportation brought the group to the third floor.

Right after entering, everyone felt a chill at the same time, as the surrounding atmosphere visibly became sticky.

This was a world where they no longer needed to remain afloat, and where they could see just an expanse of darkness.

The ground was made of black bricks and in the sky was a dark purple moon. Upon arriving here, they felt as if they were in another world. And this world seemed endless.

As far as the eye can see, there was no end to the scenery, only endless darkness. In the midst of this endless darkness, countless deep purple flames pulsed: these were soulfires, ones characteric of skeleton soldiers.

Right, in this third floor of the Tower of Eternity, what came to their sight were an endless sea of skeletons. And they were accompanied only by an endless expanse of darkness. In that place there only existed a darkness essence accompanied with a dense deathly stillness.

But no matter what the enemies were, all members of Bright Glimmer of Hope only had determination in their eyes. They only had one goal, and that was to go through all the obstructions to resurrect Long Haochen.

To the others’ surprise, Cai’er didn’t immediately break through that sea of skeletons, looking cold and calm, instead of getting in a hysterical state of frenzy.
She really wanted to recklessly make her way through, but she couldn’t. That’s because she knew that they only had one chance, and couldn’t waste the slightest time. So she couldn’t go fight blindly, but had to go through all the trials in the shortest time, which was her current objective.

“In the first and second floor, we were tested by the four great holy guards, whose elements were fire, ice, earth and wind, which are the four most fundamental elements. From how it looks, we are going to face darkness element in this trial of the third floor. As the holy guards had told us before, they are a total of twelve. So the one who will be testing us here is the holy guard of darkness element.

“The skeletons in the Tower of Eternity are different from the ones from Haoyue’s world. Everyone has already experienced their strength; so many skeletons are enough to stall us until death. There won’t be any end if we try to kill them all, and who knows how long it will take. So we mustn’t go kill them blindly, but look for that holy guard of darkness and defeat it to pass through this trial.”

Cai’er’s clear voice reverberated in the third floor. Her speech gradually calmed down the impetuous others, who found out to their surprise that even without Long Haochen’s command, Cai’er, who became their temporary captain, took that duty perfectly, managing to still remain cool- headed.

A feeling of confidence arose in every Demon Hunter from Bright Glimmer of Hope. Right, it was long since the establishment of this Demon Hunt Squad that it revolved around two cores. Only, Cai’er’s brilliance was concealed behind Long Haochen so far.

The current Cai’er was not only the one chosen by the God of Death, but had all her original memories back. With Long Haochen dead and having only one chance of ressurecting him, Cai’er didn’t have the slightest heart to keep concealing and exercising restraint. She had to lead the group with her all to win over this last chance.

“Han Yu,” Cai’er called out.
“Yes.” Han Yu stepped forward.

Cai’er ordered, “In a bit, we will be launching all out attacks. When the battle starts, that holy guard of darkness concealed in the midst of the skeletons surely won’t stay undisturbed. Use the best of your Demonic Eye Commander to find him and lock him down.”

“Yes!” Han Yu immediately responded while he summoned the Demonic Eye Commander.

“Zhang Fangfang, forward. Yang Wenzhao, Duan Yi, and Han Yu, behind. The rest goes as usual. Ying’er, don’t expend your spiritual energy on other summons than McDull. Go!!”

With her last call, Cai’er waved the Sickle of the God of Death in her hand. Zhang Fangfang stood behind his heavy shield, while moving over toward that sea of skeletons.

Chapter 632

The skeletons were all black, just like this world. The only light produced in this world was that which came out from the soulfire burning in their eyes.

When Cai’er’s group moved, the tide of skeletons also moved, flocking endlessly, and holding high various weapons to attack them.

Extending the spiritual wings on her back, Cai’er didn’t remain with the team. She originally should be a wandering unit as an assassin. In a flash, she outpaced Zhang Fangfang, and pierced through the frontline, like a sharp dagger thrusting fiercely in the midst of the sea of skeletons.

As early as two years ago, they had already passed the trials on the first two floors and could enter the third one but didn’t do so at all. Now that they had finally entered, the trial in this third floor should not be too difficult to them.

But upon really charging into the sea of skeletons, Cai’er immediately felt a massive pressure. The trial of this third floor was above the second floor in difficulty by far.

This was not just a mere stepping point, but an even larger test; not a one versus one, but a team battle.

In a flicker of grey radiance, a large area of skeletons were reduced to fragments as the Sickle of the God of Death was swept around. In just one strike, Cai’er extinguished the soulfire of over twenty skeletons, but she could sense that these skeletons actually had the strength of human
powerhouses of the sixth step. They didn’t have as good battle techniques as the holy guards, but their numbers were simply endless.

But right at this time, their strength as a team became visible. Four halos of light spread out almost simultaneously, covering an enormous area.

These four golden halos were naturally released by the four Temple Knights in their ranks.

Long Haochen was not present, but their team was still formed mostly with knights. And they were all the top of the younger generation of knights: Temple Knights of the seventh step!

Four halos released the same ability, the Guardian Knights’ Halo of Holy Protection.

Able to raise the efficiency of any attacks on enemies of darkness attributes, it also weakened the elemental attribute and speed of the targets in question.

Because of being used simultaneously by four Temple Knights, this halo managed to cover an area of several hundred square meters. The incoming sea of skeleton was greatly slowed down, immediately overpowered by Cai’er who stood on the frontline.

This time, Cai’er’s terrifying offensive strength was fully displayed. Having recovered her memories, she also recovered the whole formation she had as an assassin since her childhood. The Sickle of the God of Death in her hand descended like a real incarnation of death.

Gray glints filled with terrifying destructive power came down on the battlefield, breaking a large area of skeletons in pieces everywhere it passed. Under her lead, all Bright Glimmer of Light went through the sea of skeletons at a frightening speed.

The Demonic Eye Commander was now floating above Han Yu’s head, releasing incorporeal waves of mental force through the skeletons’ ranks, looking for the main culprit behind their creation.
Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian defended the sidelines. With Long Haochen’s death, their hearts had been repressing extreme sorrow and anger, which was all vented out on this sea of skeletons. Their golden and silvery figures alone took out all the enemies on the sidelines, turning into fine powders all the black skeletons on whom their attacks landed.

Lin Xin did not stay idle eit her. The Fire Cloud Staff launched a Meteor Shower like a magic cannon, indiscriminately bombing the incoming skeletons.

As they attacked these skeletons, everyone gradually gained some benefits.

The same situation as in the first floor of the Tower of Eternity took place.

In the first floor, they didn’t encounter too many skeletons, but every one of them supplied with a boost of ten spiritual energy, causing the first burst of growth in the Demon Hunt Squad, surpassing their boundaries to make them the number one Demon Hunt Squad of the younger generation.

For now, these skeletons didn’t likewise supply ten spiritual energy for each of them, but every one killed boosted their spiritual energy by one unit.

Don’t look down on this single unit. A single one or two killed made nothing obvious, but all the hundreds of them that were killed provided hundreds of spiritual energy.

If Long Haochen hadn’t just gotten killed by the Demon God Emperor, they would surely all be cheering for this formidable discovery. There would be no need to actually look for the guard of darkness: they would only need to keep making a killing to greatly increase their spiritual energy.

But this was impossible to them now. They had to break through this stage the fastest possible to resurrect their captain in time.
Suddenly Cai’er, who was the deepest in the frontlines just ahead, made a sudden turn in midair, and returned to the midst of her comrades’ formation.

“Halt!” In a low shout, she stuck of Sickle of the God of Death to the ground. An incarnation of death slowly took shape behind her, becoming distinct rapidly. Crossing both its hands, a mystical symbol took shape in the hands of that incarnation of death.

The symbols were all white and rapidly formed a spherical ring of light, constituted with countless microscopic particles.

Cai’er stepped back while Zhang Fangfang immediately stepped up imposingly, rushing toward the large tide of black skeleton soldiers.

His left feet tread on the ground, and as he kept hold of his shield, the heavy sword in his right hand was held upwards. Zhang Fangfang abruptly shouted loudly, and countless golden glints burst out from his sword, rendering an enormous surrounding area gold colored.

Light of Trial.

Of course, these skeletons of the sixth step didn’t all immediately die under the illumination of Light of Trial, but their soulfire pulsed violently, as they drew back in panic. Some closer ones were smashed to pieces at once, and the surrounding breath of darkness depleted to a large degree.

This instant, Cai’er’s spell was completed.

“Get purified!” These words came out coldly from her mouth, as the incarnation of death condensed in the air spread abruptly. With an extending white halo, those black skeletons all turned white, rendered motionless.

The sudden appearance of a large area of white skeletons in this world of darkness gave off a feeling of extreme strangeness.

Immediately, these white skeletons turned into white vapour, rising into the air toward the incarnation of death. Their souls were absorbed in the
midst of that expanse of white, making the grey incarnation of death only more substantial.

A magnificent grey armor covered his whole body, seemingly every piece of the armor was formed with sharp blades glittering sparklingly. The only area unclear to view was its face, looking as hazy as the night, abstruse beyond compare.

Cai’er soared once again in a movement, appearing in front of Zhang Fangfang. Waving the Sickle of the God of Death, she returned to lead her comrades to keep fighting. In the mere previous instant, she had purified over a thousand black skeletons, raising her spiritual energy by over a thousand units as well.

This moment, the distant black skeletons came to a sudden stop, getting out the way and forming a passage.

This instant, the black skeletons all quieted down and immediately, tinkling sounds of a horse’s hooves rose. These clatters became more and more distinctly heard.

A stalwart figure came to the group’s view.

This stalwart figure was entirely clad in black armor, mounted on a huge horse armored as well. The two of them dispersed a dark purple halation, and upon his appearance, the dark essence in the air immediately rose sharply. In an area extending to a hundred meters around him, dark purple blossoms of light were seen rising up.

Coming out on his own? This black knight coming to view should be the one testing them. The trials in the Tower of Eternity were hard, but certainly not impossible to pass. If the black skeletons in here were really inexhaustible, even a powerhouse of the level of the Demon God Emperor would sooner or later be stalled to death. So these inexhaustible skeletons were only a kind of preemptive test toward them. Because a certain amount of black skeletons were killed, this black knight which was very possibly the eighth holy guard appeared as a matter of fact in front of them.
“Come have a go with me” Cai’er shouted and immediately rushed forward. The Sickle of the God of Death was placed on her side, its sharp end leaving a deep mark on the ground. A fierce murderous spirit burst out instantly from her body, and that instant, Cai’er’s whole body was covered in a sparklingly translucent grey drizzle.

She very rapidly approached the center of that sea of skeletons, and the time she tried to breach through that passage, the black skeletons on both sides threw themselves at her, attempting to stop her advance.

Cai’er had a cold demeanor but a fiery temper, burning like an inexhaustible flame. In that very moment, all kinds of memories from her time with Long Haochen resurged. No matter how powerful the enemy was, she would only keep advancing. Nothing else than death could stop her advance anymore.

That incarnation of death that had just absorbed a large amount of souls followed Cai’er forward, just like her shadow. But it didn’t use any apparent abilities, only releasing the same grey color as Cai’er from its body, an extremely auspicious grey.

Zhang Fangfang and the rest of Bright Glimmer of Hope followed behind Cai’er at a rapid speed. In the meantime, as Cai’er faced off the encirclement of the black skeletons on the sidelines, they also breached through this sea of skeletons.

How could these black skeletons of the sixth step simply block their advance? Just like before, they kept advancing and were rapidly catching up with Cai’er.

Every wave of the Sickle of the God of Death in Cai’er’s hands was certain to take the lives of many skeletons. After getting killed by her weapon, these black skeletons all turned into gray streams of air, pouring themselves into the shadow of death in the air.

Chapter 633

In a mere moment, Cai’er took the lead to finally reach that black knight emitting particles of purple color.

These skeletons visibly became more powerful with the addition of the black knight. Cai’er’s speed of advance was lowered, and the skeletons glinted in purple, becoming far more powerful than the previous skeletons, be it in offensive power or resistance. Cai’er had therefore to protect herself, as well as Long Haochen carried on her back, and couldn’t advance prematurely. But even so, these purple skeletons were still decimated one by one in front of her Sickle of the God of Death, as she approached the black knight.

The black knight had a purplish black flame pulsing inside his eyes. His look was focused on Cai’er, slowly taking up the five-meter-long spear hanging on his horse’s saddle.

This knight was over three meters tall, and that height reached over four meters with the addition of that mount, a skeleton horse extending over two meters. This was simply a giant compared to Cai’er.

Purplish black flames instantly rose on the top of his blazing spear, and the skeleton horse’s front limbs were raised. Immediately the air in the scope of the purplish light became suddenly sticky. Cai’er felt clearly that her body became suddenly stagnant, and immediately, that myriad of purple dots of light gathered to the spear in his hand. In a flash of purple electric light, it was thrust at Cai’er like an electric shock.

In just one move, this black knight startled the whole Bright Glimmer of Hope. The aura liberated by this guy clearly reached the standard of a powerhouse of the ninth step. Even if that was the initial stage of the ninth step, that was still quite a thing. What’s more, from the interaction they had with the other holy guards, their strengths were definitely not limited to their ranking. They had all mastered martial techniques far above powerhouses of the same grade.

Cai’er didn’t dodge: as a comrade was at her back, dodging would just make Zhang Fangfang bear the brunt.

But right at this time, a golden shadow streaked across her side, turning entirely purple in the midst of its elevation. Myriads of streaks of thunder appeared, bombarding all directions. That was Sima Xian’s Purple Thunder Electric Frenzy.

Sima Xian was not assisting Cai’er in resisting the black knight’s attack, but assisting her in disposing of the surrounding skeletons, so that she could focus wholeheartedly on the black knight. This was a sign of their trust in each other: they all believed that Cai’er would be able to deal with this attack of the enemy.

If Long Haochen was the one confronting this attack of the black knight, he would without doubt stop it with the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon.

But Cai’er wasn’t Long Haochen. She didn’t have such formidable defensive power, so if she just defended passively, there’s no way she would stop this mighty attack which reached the ninth step in power. As an assassin, her greatest force was her attack, so all she could do was to meet force with force.

Her left feet abruptly treading forward, continuous overlapping images of Cai’er appeared behind her. The Sickle of the God of Death struck forward, a grey crystal condensing on its front end, precisely striking the dark purple glow.
This instant, the air seemed to congeal, as a strange scene came to view. The series of overlaying images on Cai’er’s back abruptly flashed down again, and as she turned, similar to an illusion, uncountable overlaying Cai’ers took shape. n

Immediately, the Sickle of the God of Death in her hand lit up, and in the midst of its grey radiance, the black knight’s purple glow was obliterated.

The black skeletons surrounding Cai’er were all smashed away by the purple thunder, so only one enemy was standing in front of her at the moment.

A large figure rushed upwards, that was Sima Xian. In the air, he followed after his Energetic Ball of Light, his spiritual wings extended. The whole Energetic Ball of Light was glinting in purple light, and Sima Xian’s chest was shining in a scarlet colored brilliance.

Sima Xian’s previous spot was already taken over by Yang Wenzhao, which didn’t create any hole in the formation.

Blocking the black knight’s attack, Cai’er’s face looked slightly pale, but she didn’t pause. Her figure flashed, appearing in front of that black knight at rapid speed, practically the same as teleportation. But one must know that she was carrying Long Haochen on her back, yet this seemed not to affect her speed in the slightest.

The spear in the black knight’s hand flashed, immediately turning into a large shade shrouding Cai’er. In the meantime, a dark purple halo rippled from his body, only reaching a diameter of ten meters, but rising from the ground with a solidified feel. The darkness essence in this third floor of the Tower of Eternity immediately rushed forth to him. This felt a bit close to Long Haochen’s knight ability Storing Power, except that Long Haochen needed to remain unmoving to use it, while the black knight didn’t suffer this restriction. As long as his body would remain in the area of this halo, the Storing Power would persist, making his fighting strength even more terrible.
Cai’er acted as if she didn’t see all of it. In front of his myriad spear strikes, Cai’er’s body suddenly turned illusory, and all the illusory images were shattered by the spear strikes. Her real body appeared behind the black knight. The Sickle of the God of Death became ready to strike then, aiming right at the black knight’s back.

The black knight didn’t turn back, because he was far too late. The back of his spear approached, pointed toward the sharp end of the Sickle of the God of Death.

Cai’er’s body shook violently. It was natural that she had no way to compare with the enemies in spiritual energy.

But a whole piece of that black spear was sliced by her Sickle of the God of Death. And more terrible, a multiple layered blade projection came out like a lotus flower from the Sickle of the God of Death. It shrouded that black knight all the way from behind, giving him no opportunity at all.

The black knight was also a tough opponent. Making prompt decisions, he squatted down from the horse and abruptly dashed forward, as a dark purple shield made of energy appeared behind him.

The Sickle of the God of Death really had a terrifying offensive power. In a mere second, that shield of energy was crushed and disappeared, but that managed to stall some time for black knight. Turning, the spear in his hand was swept horizontally.

Bang. With a stuffy groan, Cai’er’s body was immediately swept back. It wasn’t that she didn’t think of dodging, but she couldn’t at all. The instant of that black knight’s move, all the surrounding air congealed, and her speed dropped greatly.

This very moment, a violent surge of thunder rumbled. Nearby came down a purple pillar of light, rushing straight toward the black knight.

Sima Xian’s Godly Purple Thunder Cannon was done gathering power since long ago, and was only waiting for the black knight to show a gap.
And he was not the only one making a move. A resonant phoenix cry was concealed in the midst of the bombardment of thunder. The Phoenix of Blue Fire lifted itself high and dashed at the black knight behind the purple thunder.

Sima Xian and Lin Xin were using their full power: Purple Godly Thunder Cannon and Phoenix of Blue Fire were their strongest attacks!

Bright Glimmer of hope wouldn’t let a single person fight alone. Cai’er having drawn the black knight’s attention, their attacks displayed the greatest efficiency.

Lin Xin’s Phoenix of Blue Fire had an enormous change compared to two years ago. First, it was much smaller in volume, and didn’t reach two meters even with its two wings unfolded, looking just like a large bird. But, this Phoenix of Blue Fire was much prettier than before. With no flames rising around its body, it looked like a perfect sculpture of crystal. Three pretty tail feathers were undulating on its back, standing out even in the midst of the pretty hairs all over its body, making it feel just like a living creature. Its eyes were glinting brilliantly, filled with intense flames.

This black knight was really powerful. Flying past Cai’er to confront the incoming attack, he suddenly jumped from the bone horse’s back, raising his upper body and blowing a dark purple flame which turned into a shield in front of him.

But how could this dark purple fire possibly resist Sima Xian’s Gigantic Ball of Light wielded alongside the evolved Spiritual Stove of Godly Purple Thunder?

The shield was instantly crushed and the attack from the Spiritual Stove of Godly Purple Thunder bombarded the skeleton horse.

Immediately, the skeleton horse let out a loud sound as if clashing against the opposite wall and producing a large bang. As the dark knight was knocked back, the horse’s head and half its body were reduced to shreds, the dark knight naturally getting thrown down as a result.
Against the panther Demon God Anxerre, Sima Xian had managed to fend off the enemy using this Purple Godly Thunder Cannon, and that was when the latter was in his Demon God Transformed form. Neither the black knight nor its mount could compare with that Panther Demon God in strength, so naturally they couldn’t stop this blow.

However, the skeleton horse’s sacrifice was not futile at all. Although it was reduced to pieces in the explosion, this blocked a great part of the Purple Godly Thunder Cannon’s attack strength, and only some aftermath landed on the black knight. But purple light lingered in the knight’s whole body, slightly reducing its speed. And at this time came Lin Xin’s Blue Fire Phoenix.

A resonant phoenix cry finally resounded in the whole third floor of the Tower of Eternity, as the knight fell to the ground, pointing his spear forward to shoot a spear projection at the Blue Fire Phoenix’s head in an attempt to destroy it.

But the Blue Fire Phoenix suddenly became stagnant in midair, abruptly turning into a blue light in the air and instantly disappearing.

This was a needle sized blue light which took a flash to pierce through the black knight’s spear.

The black knight clearly sensed the immense threat. As it let out a shrill, an intense purple light rose around his body, where all the darkness aura gained in substance. A ball of dark color, wrapped in purple lit up on his chest. his body came to a standstill, and as the purple light curled up, he seemed just like a sculpture which had been standing for a long time.

This was clearly a technique of passive defense, quite close to Divine Obstruction.

The next instant, the power of the Spiritual Stove of Blue Fire Phoenix flared up.

The spear in the black knight’s hand melted from the tip, and the blue color extended at a frantic speed, reaching its arm in the blink of an eye.
Just looking at that black knight’s spear and right arm, one could shockingly see all of it vaporizing under the blue light, leaving not a single trace behind. And, the blue light kept extending through its body, locking onto that purplish-black ball on the skeleton’s chest, and clashing intensely.

The Blue Fire Phoenix was just too powerful. That terrifying temperature already caused twists in the nearby air. Although that black ball made it stop, the black knight’s right arm still dissolved swiftly, up to the chest.

And this time, a sharp flash of grey swang at the black knight’s back. The incarnation of death that had appeared priorly then shot a gray ray into the sharp flash of gray.

The flash of gray caused the purplish-black ball to shatter in response, at the same time as the left side of the black knight’s body.

The Blue Fire Phoenix having nothing to stop it anymore, immediately extended at an astonishing speed, igniting that dark knight’s whole body thoroughly in the blink of an eye.

A purplish black flame extricated from the black knight’s head, and a quite sharp voice resounded, “Eighth holy guard, listening to your orders.” As these words came to an end, he turned into a purple glow, disappearing inside the Eternal Melody hanging on Cai’er’s neck.

The whole process from the start of the battle to its end wasn’t very long. Even Cai’er herself didn’t expect that they would actually vanquish this eighth holy guard so easily.

Without a doubt, the greatest contributors in this battle were Sima Xian and Lin Xin. Purple Godly Thunder Cannon and the Phoenix of Blue Fire were the greatest contributors in disposing of this knight of darkness. Cai’er herself didn’t get to show a display of her full power at all.

Along with the death of the black knight, the surrounding world of darkness immediately distorted, and those black skeletons also disappeared in these twists.
When the surroundings became more clearly visible, they found out that they were now in an extended pathway.

This place was a bit similar to the first floor of the Tower of Eternity, except that the surrounding pillars were all black. Afar off, a drizzling white curtain of light came to sight.

Cai’er took a deep breath and nodded to Lin Xin and Sima Xian.

Right now, the two of them were already sitting cross-legged. Sima Xian was better off, as he had the Scarlet Dragon Armor to weaken the backlash of the Spiritual Stove of Godly Purple Thunder on his body. It was just his spiritual energy that was rather used up. But Lin Xin was not so well off. His Spiritual Stove of Blue Fire Phoenix gained a much greater might than before, but it also made the backlash even stronger, and the consumption of spiritual energy considerable. As a reminder, they were facing a powerhouse of the ninth step, but even this black knight of the ninth step was melted in front of his Blue Fire Phoenix. This was his strongest attack, actually far more powerful than Vulcain’s Finger. If it were not to gain as much time as possible to save Long Haochen, this wasn’t a move he would use casually.

Sima Xian said to Cai’er, “Vice-captain, don’t worry about the two of us. Now that we have passed through this trial, this place is already safe. Just keep advancing with the others, we will be joining after recovering a bit.”

Only light attribute users or Cai’er’s death attribute would be able to recover their spiritual energy in the Tower of Eternity. The other individuals would be unable to rely on the elemental essence in there and need to use magical crystals.

Right now, Lin Xin was holding a fire magical crystal of the eighth step in each hand, rapidly recovering his spiritual energy. These were not magical crystals coming out from demons but magical beasts, because only that way can it be devoid of darkness attributes.

Chapter 634

“Keep advancing.” Cai’er nodded to the others, and took the lead to enter in those white curtains, out-of place with the rest of the world made of darkness.

Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi currently had some feelings of astonishment. Although their cultivation also reached the seventh step, they understood clearly in the previous battle that every member of Bright Glimmer of Hope was far stronger than them. But as one must know, they used to stand as the central pillar of their respective teams, and stronger by a considerable gap compared to the rest of their team. But in front of the members of Bright Glimmer of Hope, all they could do was to resist some of the skeleton soldiers, and because their injuries were not healed completely, even the mere act of resisting against the black skeletons felt strenuous.

By contrast, amongst Bright Glimmer of Hope, the main offense was ensured by Cai’er, Sima Xian, and Lin Xin, whose joint attack could even kill a powerhouse of the ninth step. And that was an overwhelming kill, as that black knight was not given the slightest chance to display his strength before being killed in their hands.

Long Haochen and Cai’er’s strength aside, even Lin Xin and Sima Xian were already so powerful. The powerful attacks they just used were even totally unheard of by Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi.

But it was a fact that the matching of Cai’er and these two managed to defeat the black knight effortlessly. Actually, this was mainly due to the dominance of their equipment plus the launch of their full-force greatest attack.
In what looked like a short battle, Lin Xin and Sima Xian had been going all out and using their trump cards. The holy guards in this Tower of Eternity were certainly powerful, but they all had a common weak point, their equipment.

Simply speaking, if that black knight was clad in Long Haochen’s Golden Foundation Armor, they may not necessarily have ended up victorious even by spending ten times more time.

Cai’er’s Sickle of the god of Death was a divine tool and Sima Xian’s Energetic Ball of Light reached the epic tier. No one in Bright Glimmer of Hope didn’t have at least a weapon of the legendary tier.

The white curtains of light were in front of their eyes. Going through the black knight’s trial didn’t mean that they had already cleared the third floor of the Tower of Eternity. Based on the previous two floors, they had only cleared half of the trials on this floor.

And, the later trials would only keep increasing in difficulty. Only more cruel fights were awaiting them.

After Cai’er stepped out and entered the white curtains of light, Zhang Fangfang, Wang Yuanyuan, and Chen Ying’er followed.

Stepping through the white curtains, everyone couldn’t help but cough lightly, because the air behind was just far too different, making an overwhelming difference. ly, they were in a world of absolute darkness, but at that moment, what came to their sight after passing through the white curtains was an incomparably intense holy aura.

The surrounding darkness was already nonexistent, replaced by a boundless holy light.

The pillars coming to sight on the two sides were identical, but spread out a golden gloss filled with holiness. The ground was also entirely gold- colored, with elegant designs extending all over.
No seas of skeletons were present. This second part of the third floor was entirely empty.

On the end of the third floor was another sculpture of the Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calam ity Elux.

Under the sculpture, a single man was sitting cross-legged. A white magic gown of light attribute enveloped all his body, and as he was looking down slightly, Cai’er’s group was unable to discern his face.

He was sitting below Elux’s sculpture, and seemed like he was seated for a boundless time, and appeared to be waiting for the arrival of Cai’er’s group.

Although they were facing a single enemy now, Cai’er’s crew looked even more concentrated. Right because the enemy standing in front of them was by himself, his strength would undoubtedly be even greater, at least far stronger than the black knight.

Cai’er turned back to her comrades, and told Chen Ying’er, “Ying’er, do not intervene. We will be mostly relying on your power on the next floor. The others, come with me.”

As she said that, Cai’er’s figure flashed, already clashing against that light elemental mage who was clad in a white gown the next instant. As an assassin, she was obviously the greatest candidate against a mage.

Han Yu, Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi felt clearly their spiritual energy being boosted enormously in the midst of that holy aura. The three of them immediately put into use their halo abilities, attaching them to Cai’er.

Although Yang Wenzhao was a Retribution Knight, he didn’t charge out. With his wounds having yet to heal up, if this enemy was even stronger than the previous one, him charging would have no use at all.

Wang Yuanyuan followed, charging alongside Cai’er. A fierce reek of blood instantly leapt behind her, and one could faintly see a red glow shoot
up, turning into an illusory image with the same appearance as Wang Yuanyuan.

Wang Yuanyuan’s murderous spirit was greatly different from Cai’er’s. Cai’er’s murderous spirit was full of a deathly aura, while Wang Yuanyuan’s murderous spirit was permeated with a bloody aura.

One was originally an attribute of the user herself, while the other one was produced through incessant slaughter. The two murderous spirits seemed to complement each other. Under their full power, this brilliance rooted in a brilliance rooted in an extreme holiness

The light mage made his move, his body launching itself aloft the instant Cai’er’s group started charging.

A golden staff appeared in his hand. Pointing it forward, it oscillated with wave-like golden ripples coming from it.

Having Long Haochen on her back, Cai’er was unable to immediately enter the state of invisibility. But she was the fastest of all Bright Glimmer of Hope. She was already accelerating quickly the instant she charged, and was able to close the distance to the light elemental mage below two hundred meters in just two flashes.

But after she approached closer than one hundred meters, that soft light halation blocked her.

Feeling a kind of gauze on her, Cai’er found out upon contact with the golden halation that her speed plummeted completely and she was completely bound. Like that, her movement was in slow motion.

A gray radiance filled with dense murderous instant immediately burst out from the Sickle of the God of Death. A divine tool was a divine tool, and immediately the light magic of unknown name ruptured in front of the tyrannical Sickle of the God of Death.

As Cai’er was moving forward and prepared to keep charging, that ruptured golden light coiled around her body.
Wang Yuanyuan faced the same issue as Cai’er. The two of them were about a hundred meters from the light mage, and found it difficult to keep charging at him.

A twisting radiance swept across at this time, charging straight at the light mage. It was the Demonic Eye Commander.

That light mage slowly lifted up his head while emitting powerful soul waves. Under his cloak, one could see a pair of pulsing golden flames in his eyes.

The Demonic Eye Commander’s psychic attack had yet to reach out, as it was repulsed by that powerful soul force. It didn’t manage to bring the slightest injury to this light mage.

Waving once again his staff, he continued a downcast chant. Immediately, a few knights appeared on Cai’er and Wang Yuanyuan’s side. Due to the unknown spell used by this light mage earlier, a golden halo blocked their way, stopping them from advancing any further.

“This is the spell of the ninth step, Divine Binding!” Yang Wenzhao shouted suddenly, “But wasn’t this spell long since lost? How could it appear here? Damn it, it’s even insta-cast!”

A spell of the ninth step, and without even the use of any incantation. That was something close to the level of forbidden spell, so no wonder they would be stopped still. If that was just a spell of the eighth step, Cai’er absolutely would not, by any means, be stopped so thoroughly with the Sickle of the God of Death in her hand.

The light mage’s incantation was ongoing, and everyone knew that if it completed, the group would hardly manage to resist it. A mage’s offensive power is far above a warrior’s, especially this light mage that appeared right after the black knight. Don’t get wrong thoughts because of the extremely cozy feeling of light aura: this trial is surely a lot more challenging than the previous one. And most of all, how could they break through Divine Binding?
This time, Cai’er suddenly called out, “Yuanyuan.” Wang Yuanyuan who entered through the curtain of light about the same time as Cai’er exchanged looks with her the instant she heard her call, filled with tacit understanding.

Although Cai’er just had her memories recovered, the memories she had gained after her amnesia were not raised by the past ones, but merged thoroughly, so their mutual understanding still had yet to disappear.

“One, two...”

Cai’er started to count in a slow motion. Her look was on that light mage from beginning to end.

Except for Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi, the rest of Bright Glimmer of Hope was visibly calm and stopped charging at the protective barrier. That was mutual understanding: without even need for Cai’er to say anything, they all understood her aim.

“Three… Go!” Cai’er shouted.

As watched in shock Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi’s, the silver light on Wang Yuanyuan amplified greatly, and the next instant she disappeared, only to reappear in front of the light mage. Orange and scarlet colors interweaved in Bloodstorm, bringing an incomparable burst of bloodlust. A pitch-black crack appeared in a flash in front of the light mage, the innate ability of Bloodstorm, Dimensional Storm.

In fact, now that Bloodstorm had reached the epic tier through incessant slaughters, its might was as different from the time before as sky and earth.

In front of that intense light essence, it launched instant cuts. The terrifying Dimensional Storm produced humming sounds upon contact with that defensive spell of the ninth step, and the space inside was torn into countless chips.

Chapter 635

This was Wang Yuanyuan’s long prepared strike, a perfect match between Bloodstorm and the Spiritual Stove of Spatial Gates. Extreme offensive power, but most of all, complete unexpectedness.

The power of the Spiritual Stove of Spatial Gates is to open a gate towards another spot within sight, and enable Wang Yuanyuan to teleport there. Unlike a rapid movement, she just has to be able to see the spot to be unhindered by any obstacles during this teleportation.

Don’t underestimate the Spiritual Stove of Spatial Gates just because it does not come from a fusion of other spiritual stoves. Through Wang Yuanyuan’s long period of slaughters, this spiritual stove had evolved three times, giving it a great range, number of uses, and stability of teleportation.

The light mage was visibly quite panicked. He visibly did not expect these opponents to break through his defensive spell of the ninth step in such a manner.

And just because of his absolute confidence in Divine Binding, he had dared so brazenly incantate a powerful offensive spell. As long as this spell was completed, he had the confidence that it would wipe out all the humans in front of his eyes.

But Wang Yuanyuan’s sudden arrival completely cut off his train of thoughts. That terrible Dimensional Storm engulfed with terrible bloodlust left him helpless, with no choice but to cut off his spell close to completion. With a stuffy groan, he drew back while releasing an intense bright light from his hand, hindering Dimensional Storm’s arrival.
The attack was blocked, but that staff in his hand shattered instantly, and because of that, Divine Binding was removed, letting Cai’er lead the group on another charge.

The light mage was really exceptional. While drawing back in such an unfavorable situation, he pointed his hand toward the nearest Wang Yuanyuan, causing a golden halation to rise from under her feet, releasing Holy Light Binding.

This was a light elemental control spell of the seventh step. Even while under the effects of the previous chant’s backlash, he still made this instant- cast, showing his degree of understanding toward light magic.

In the meantime, his body abruptly shifted back, and a formidable scene arose. What seemed to be the sculpture of Elux on the edge of the stage shifted backwards alongside him, trying as far as possible to increase the distance. In the meantime, he kept chanting at an increasingly fast speed.

Flapping the spiritual wings on her back, Cai’er came chasing like a grey lightning bolt, tracing a clean cut with the Sickle of the God of Death in her hand.

Mages undoubtedly had highly rated offenses, but their defensive power and attack were inversely proportionnal.

The suddenness of Wang Yuanyuan’s attack was a very key factor. Although her attack didn’t succeed, it managed to pierce through Divine Binding, and terminated his spell on the verge of being completed. Cai’er’s previous counting was a timer before the light mage’s incantation would complete, so that Wang Yuanyuan would interrupt it the instant before its termination.

A spell’s backlash is an extremely dangerous thing to happen. If a mage’s spell is interrupted during its preparation, it will very possibly backlash, and this backlash grows the more powerful this spell is. In particular, this backlash also becomes all the more powerful the closer to completion the spell was.
Even if this light mage was even more of a tough opponent, he had after all just sustained a backlash of highest grade, and had yet to find the time to recover his breath. an

Cai’er had no plans to let him complete any spell of a high grade.

But, to her surprise, this light mage’s speed went even beyond her estimation. When her Sickle of the God of Death was about to land, another of his spells was completed.

As the holy light took shape, the Sickle of the Goddess of Death abruptly paused, and immediately, a powerful force burst out.

This formidable force was close to irresistible. Filled with the radiance of light, but also containing an unquestionable impact force, it didn’t cause any damaging effects, but even Cai’er’s Sickle of the God of Death was unable to disperse this soft looking holy light.

This spell bears the name of Holy Offering, able to ignite the light mage’s own life as a fuel. And from the looks of it, his soulfire was the very one thing to be ignited. Although he was no more than the Holy Guard guarding this place, he had his own pride, and would in no way let himself be defeated so easily.

The use of Holy Offering alone managed to push his opponents back, giving him some time for incanting, so he still felt confident in defeating these humans.

Right as Cai’er wrinkled her eyebrows and already felt unable to win any longer against this light mage, a mystifying feeling suddenly surged out from her.

A soft orange radiance revolved around her body, and dispelled the white light from Holy Offering sticking against Cai’er’s body, and caused that previously irresistible force to disappear completely.

Right as Holy Offering made its way, everyone from Bright Glimmer of Hope found out with astonishment that this orange radiance was coming out
from Long Haochen’s left arm. Its imposing luster and the quality of its holy light was one grade above Holy Offering, suppressing it at once.

Cai’er had no idea what just happened, but with her ample combat knowledge how could she let go of such a good opportunity?

In a flash of light, countless figures of Cai’er took this opportunity and made their way forward, surrounding that light mage. And, myriad images of the Sickle of the God of Death sent the light mage in the middle away at once.

Myriad Image Strikes. After awakening as the one chosen by the God of Death, Cai’er’s original Thousand Strikes Spiritual Stove got an improved attack. Although it was now part of the Spiritual Stove of Samsara, Cai’er had already acquired all the knowledge in comprehending and using it through her constitution as a god’s chosen one, making its attack far more powerful than before.

Making use of Holy Offering was already the light mage’s last card. If he did not even manage to stall for any time, then even his other most powerful secret arcana from ancient times would be of no use.

Among ear piercing breaking sounds, the light mage disappeared and turned into a streak of golden light pouring into Cai’er’s Eternal Melody. In the meantime came out a resounding voice calling, “The Seventh Holy Guard pays allegiance to you.”

Nimbly landing on the ground, Cai’er’s eyes still had a hazy look. Unconsciously she looked towards her own neck, at the arms of Long Haochen being carried.

Tears immediately moistened her eyebrows. That was the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, the previous orange radiance was characteristic of it.

In an abrupt turn, Cai’er looked at her comrades, and called out loudly,
“Did you all see? He’s not dead! Haochen is alive! He will surely come
back to us, there’s no doubt!” Reaching this point, her arms tightly held Long Haochen’s arms, her whole body violently shaking.

No one knew why the Divine Snail Shield’s power had erupted. With Long Haochen already dead, he couldn’t be the one who activated it. But the brilliance from the Divine Snail Shield gave them extreme confidence, as if Long Haochen’s death was not a thing that had happened.

Since their entrance to the Tower of Eternity, there had passed less than half an hour from beginning to end, and they had already gone through two gates and were reaching the end of the third floor. All Bright Glimmer of Hope’s strength manifested without doubts: in fact the guardians they had to face were all powerhouses of the ninth step! Even if that’s only the beginning of the ninth step, they still reached it thoroughly.

As a matter of fact, it was with a great self-confidence that Long Haochen had brought his comrades deep into demon territory. Don’t give a hasty judgement just because all members of Bright Glimmer of Hope only reached the fifth rank of the seventh step in cultivation. They all had spiritual stoves, powerful equipment, and great talent; making them no worse than ordinary powerhouses of the eighth step.

If not for the fact that they had met an unmatchable enemy such as the Demon God Emperor, and had fallen in his trap, they would have had plenty of opportunities to escape even in the most desperate straits.

It was already too late to comment on the matter. Long Haochen was already dead, but in this last hope of resurrection, every Demon Hunter from Bright Glimmer of Hope displayed their own radiance.

Maybe this Demon Hunt Squad remained extremely powerful even without Long Haochen, but without him, Bright Glimmer of Hope had lost its very soul.

With much difficulty, Cai’er repressed her surging feelings, “Everyone take a rest and retrieve some spiritual energy.”
The way to the upper floor opened, lit by the sculpture of Elux in front of it. Just by treading into this pillar, they would enter the fourth floor of the Tower of Eternity.

But this time, no matter how hasty Cai’er was, this could not be more pressing than letting the group recover some strength.

The group hadn’t gotten a lot of rest since the start of the mission in Modu. The trials of the third floor being this hard, what would follow in the fourth floor could only get even harder. How could they pass through the trials in the fourth floor without an ample rest? No mistake is allowed when honing your own knife. The best solution to maximize their chances in the next challenges was to be in the best condition for them.

Lin Xin and Sima Xian were also called out there. The second portion of the third floor was full of holy aura, assisting them greatly in recovering spiritual energy. Even the fire user Lin Xin had a much easier time cultivating in a world of light essence compared to a world of darkness essence.

Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi were seated at the back, glancing at each other. They both discerned great shock in each other’s eyes. Being excellent figures of the younger generation of the Knight Temple, they had already lost all suicidal thoughts after being cursed so harshly by Long Haochen. They even originally thought that even if Long Haochen and Cai’er were far beyond them, they should still be at least a bit stronger than the others.

But now it seemed that these thoughts were clearly mistaken. From the display of strength showed by all Bright Glimmer of Hope’s members, even if the two of them joined hands, they may not necessarily even prevail over any one of them.

Chapter 636

However, Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi didn’t show signs of dispiritedness, but instead had their fighting spirits greatly stimulated by that.

Their wounds still had yet to recover for now, but they already had made their resolve. No matter what, they had to put effort into cultivation to grow as powerhouses. As Long Haochen said, there is not only one Divine Throne. At least three more Divine Thrones were there for them to contest over.

This period of rest was rather long, taking no less than a whole hour, after which everyone successively opened their eyes. Aside from Lin Xin who was still sustaining the effects of backlash of the Spiritual Stove of Blue Fire Phoenix, the others were already back to their peak state. And even Lin Xin would have no problem using his full-powered magic as long as he would not activate his spiritual stove.

Carrying Haochen on her back, Cai’er stood up, still quite pale looking. Mysteriously, the incarnation of death she had previously materialized had not disappeared all this time, floating in midair from beginning to end. And after defeating the Seventh Holy Guard, this shadow seemed to become all the more clear.

Even the others from Bright Glimmer of Hope could only make some guesses, that this should be an ability exclusive to the one chosen by the God of Death, but had no idea about the details regarding it. This was something Cai’er had never showed use of in the past.
Cai’er declared, “In the third floor of the Tower of Eternity, we have been confronting the trials of the Twelfth to Seventh Holy Guards. It can be seen from their numbering that we have six more holy guards to face off next. From this third floor on, the holy guards will have already reached the ninth step in strength, and the next trials will only be even more challenging. The elements we have already encountered are fire, water, wind, earth, darkness, and light, all six of the great elements. The most powerful ones were darkness and light. The rarer attributes such as spatial attributes have yet to appear, but even if they are all added up, it doesn’t make a total of six. So we will very possibly face some holy guards of the same elements as the previous ones next. I will be the main attacker next, and Ying’er, prepare yourself to take part in the fourth floor. If possible, you will be our main power in passing through the fourth floor’s trials, so that we can directly enter the fifth floor.”

“Yes!” Chen Ying’er agreed with no hesitation, nodding to Cai’er. She completely had been wholly unable to take part in the battles of the third floor and was still in top form, as well as the most unexhausted in the group. But she’s also a god’s chosen one, and Saint Spiritual Daughter is not just a name. In some particular situations, her strength and utility surpassed even Long Haochen and Cai’er.

Their silhouettes stepped into the light, disappearing, and quietly faded away.

Fourth floor of the Tower of Eternity.

This was an empty space, contrasting with the tides of skeletons on the first part of the third floor. Upon entering the fourth floor, the surroundings were absolutely empty,

Just like in the first floor, a sculpture looking like Elux was visible far away.

Chen Ying’er advanced to Cai’er’s side, and asked in low voice, “Can I get started?”

Cai’er nodded.
A summoner’s casting time is generally the longest, so getting started now that the enemy had yet to appear

would give her the most plentiful time.

Chen Ying’er directly sat down at her current spot, with the little pig McDull jumping from her arms. A soft incandescent radiance was emitted from her body, while all the spiritual pellets on her Saint Spiritual Robe lit up.

Chanting a melodious incantation, Chen Ying’er crossed hands, as her crystal appeared slowly in the midst of her chant. Mystical spiritual waves came out from her. The others rapidly formed ranks, surrounding her.

As her incantation went on, Chen Ying’er gradually floated from the ground. The Saint Spiritual Robe let out a magnificent brilliance, making it appear as if all the magical beasts on it came to life. Intense waves of spiritual energy ascended above her at an astonishing speed.

Yang Wenzhao gazed dazedly at Chen Ying’er. This instant, he felt like he couldn’t recognize his own fiancé at all.

What about the little girl who used to always hide behind his back? She actually became this strong already? At this very moment, the spiritual waves spreading from Chen Ying’er visibly reached the eighth step’s threshold, and, moreover, were gaining in strength at a massive speed.

Although Yang Wenzhao was unaware of what kind of magic Ying’er was using, she had clearly already surpassed him in strength.

A feeling of loss came out relentlessly from his chest, and a bitter taste filled his mouth. From the look of it, he really had to persevere with all the more efforts.

Right at this time two radiances appeared simultaneously.

These were two immense pillars, both of which measured over five meters. On a blue and a red pillar of light, two tall skeletons appeared,
intense soulfires pulsing in their eyes.

Souls of powerhouses.

Could there be two holy guards appearing at once this time?

The expressions on the group’s faces changed at once. From these two pillars, one could tell that they were fire and ice element users, just like the two holy guards who were assigned to the first floor. But the difference was that they had just appeared together! And without a doubt, they surely had cultivations above the two holy guards from the third floor.

A powerhouse of the ninth step and two of them were completely different things to face. Their addition will surely not be a matter of one plus one, but something way over that. Moreover, these two were one close range warrior and one mage. And to the opposite of the eleventh and twelfth, the fire elemental skeleton was a mage, clad in scarlet gown, and the ice guard was a warrior, clad in ice-blue armor, and with a huge ice- blue sword in each of its two hands.

They were very clearly attracted by Chen Ying’er’s incantation. This floor looked empty, but the presences of the two testing them seemed to fill it up with immeasurable pressure.

As the pillars of light vanished, the ice warrior’s figure flashed out, carrying an unbearable pressure as it dashed at Cai’er’s group. The fire mage lifted its staff high, and murmured incantations.

One could clearly see two regions of red and blue in front of the group, quite distinct, and throwing a massive pressure on them.

Right at that time, everyone had the same thinking, if only Captain was there...

In front of such powerful enemies, what they needed the most was a leader able to fend off the enemy attacks. If Long Haochen was still alive, he would surely be stopping the ice warrior’s attacks with the use of the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, enabling the others to make full use
of their abilities. Even if Cai’er’s attacks were even more powerful, she didn’t have an ability to attract the enemies like the Saint Spiritual Stove. And in a frontal clash, there’s no way she could stop the offense of a powerhouse of the ninth step.

Zhang Fangfang didn’t cower in the slightest, standing in the front of the group, but Han Yu rapidly passed through his position.

This was the first time uncoordinated actions were taken by the team since the start of their climb of the Tower of Eternity. But Zhang Fangfang immediately came to an understanding, following Han Yu’s movements.

Zhang Fangfang and Han Yu were about equally matched in strength, each having their specialties. Han Yu was below Zhang Fangfang’s level in terms of defense, but as a real member of Bright Glimmer of Hope, he had the Soul Sharing Chains on him.

A huge blue fireball was shot at the ice warrior, Lin Xin’s first move.

Being a fire mage, he was visibly the main force against an ice user. The blazing Heart of Fire distorted the air, immediately going for the ice warrior thanks to his mental locking.

The blue soulfire in the ice warrior’s eyes didn’t waver in the slightest. As if stepping on an icy soil, his feet suddenly made a sliding motion. The huge sword on his right hand struck above him, and as the temperature plummeted, a powerfully attractive sword projection was released from his heavy sword, pulling the large fireball to its direction.

Immediately, the sword in his left hand was raised, unleashing a one meter long ice blade projection, aimed at Bright Glimmer of Hope’s group. More shockingly, after completing this blow, Lin Xin’s large fireball was repelled by his right sword, thrown afar before exploding.

The look on Lin Xin’s face changed. While releasing a half-moon shaped projection, the ice warrior had just actually cut the link between his spell and him, preventing the fireball from exploding immediately.
The ice-colored half-moon projection travelling above the ground didn’t grow in size like it would normally, but as the attack came, the nearby temperature plummeted frantically.

Lin Xin swiftly stroded forward, arriving behind Han Yu. An intense blue fire surged out from him as the light in his eyes flickered. Immediately, a large canopy of blue flames attached itself to Han Yu’s body, giving him the looks of a god of fire.

Lin Xin was naturally not the only one to make a move. Zhang Fangfang, Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi all brandished their weapons at the same time, producing glints of gaudy holy light intercepting that ice attack.

The attack they launched was extremely clever. Blade projections came out from their weapons, and their connection was immediately cut off to avoid sustaining backlash from the pulling force on the air.

That ice-colored blade projection nevertheless had an irresistible force, showing no weakness. The bombardment of blade projections could only cause it to disperse some icy fog, but without showing any trace of weakening.

When the ice colored moon arc blade looked like it was about to smash Han Yu, flashes of intense light came from his left and right side. The left side was silver colored, while the right side was purple colored.

Wang Yuanyuan’s Divine Soul Shield launched Space Splitting Sauté, while Sima Xian used the Godly Purple Thunder Cannon.

These two heavy bombarding attacks were really powerful. In the midst of intense rumbles, that ice-colored moon arc strike was split, before coming to a stop.

Han Yu then used Shield Bouncing to scatter the remnants of the ice blade.

Chapter 637

It took almost everyone’s power to resist an attack from this powerhouse of the ninth step. And in the meantime, that ice warrior rose to the air, and was now heading towards the group.

Without a doubt, in a case where he would make it to the midst of the group, no one would be able to stop his attacks.

This ice warrior may not necessarily be much stronger than the previous black knight, but never forget about the fire mage threatening the group with an overwhelming pressure far behind him.

When the ice warrior seemed to be rushing towards all Bright Glimmer of Hope’s group, his body suddenly stilled in midiar. Immediately, he gave up on his offensive stance, making a sudden turn to his side in midair, while crossing his heavy swords in front of him.

The grey spectral light coming from a slash came to view, violently attacking the space between the ice warrior’s crossed swords.

Ding. A chirping sound of collision reverberated in the fourth floor of the Tower of Eternity, rising gradually. That valiant ice warrior was pushed over forty meters away by this strike, striking against a stone pillar supporting this fourth floor. On his pair of ice colored swords appeared blatant cracks. Without the support from his powerful spiritual energy, without a doubt they would have crumbled.

Cai’er was still standing there, putting down her Sickle of the God of Death slowly, as her sparkling eyes flashed a cold look.
There was no sufficiently powerful Guardian Knight to stand in front of such a powerful enemy, so they could only rely on absolute force.

The first of the seven absolute arts of the god of death, Death in Childhood, finally descended.

This Death in Childhood was at least twice as strong as when used in her amnesic state. The ice skeleton was a holy guard with knowledge on battle techniques from ancient times, but didn’t have any escaping technique or cheap trick against this attack. He was sent flying by Cai’er and narrowly lost his weapon in the process. From this, one may well imagine how terrifying this formidable power was.

From their return to the Tower of Eternity to their arrival in here, Cai’er had yet to use her full strength. That’s because she understood thoroughly that the following trials would only get harder and harder. To obtain the full inheritance from the Slumbering Calamity Elux and have the possibility to resurrect Long Haochen, she had to be in her best condition, which is why she borrowed her comrades’ strength all this time, and unceasingly accumulated power all this time.

The recovery of her memories made her two selves merge as one, but her powers as a god’s chosen one were still a bit unstable. This powerful strength was being assimilated in the midst of battle.

Ordinary attacks were already insufficient to stop an ice warrior of the ninth step. In case he were allowed to break in, even if the group could try to defeat it as fast as possible, it only needed to interrupt Chen Ying’er to make Cai’er’s group end up failing this trial for certain.

At the same time this ice warrior was split away, the distant fire mage’s spell was completed almost simultaneously with Chen Ying’er’s spell.

One gate of light after another lit up at Chen Ying’er’s back. This total of six gates let out an intense radiance, each colored differently. They carried the six elemental colors: red, blue, yellow, green, gold and black.
In the midst of intense snarls, six immense Earth Dragon came out simultaneously from their gates, revolving around the members of Bri ght Glimmer of Hope. Chen Ying’er was right in the center of their formation.

Unfolding her spiritual wings, Chen Ying’er’s body instantly came to a standstill three meters away, floating in midair and facing her crystal ball toward the distant fire mage. The six hexagonal formations flashed and all the Demon Hunters in their midst could feel a huge rise of all the elemental fluctuations around them.

Right now, the whole Tower of Eternity had turned into a world of red.

A series of gold-red fireballs appeared around the fire mage, very rapidly taking every corner surrounding him, just like a fire wall, showing not the slightest crack.

“Be careful, this is a real Meteor Shower, possibly comparable to the rank of forbidden spell!” Lin Xin abruptly showed an affected face. If a fire elemental spell of this level was left on the battlefield, it would be enough to get rid of a whole legion. The space in the Tower of Eternity was wide enough, but such a multidirectional spell gave them no chance at all to avoid it.

Grooaa! Six roars rang out, as six breaths of different colors were released simultaneously from the Earth Dragons’ mouths.

These Earth Dragon were all magical beasts of the ninth rank, matching human powerhouses of the eighth step.

The crystal ball in Chen Ying’er’s hands joined the midst of these breaths, turning into a multicolored beam.

“Go,” Chen Ying’er ordered adorably, and the six-colored radiance was shot at the distant fire mage.

The fire mage’s staff was waved about the same time, bestowing the Meteor Shower with an incomparable might and launching it toward their direction.
Right now, that ice warrior had evaded behind a pillar, disappearing from view.

Some defensive barriers were unleashed by the group, but to their astonishment, no matter how hard they tried, none of their defensive spells could take shape, all of them dissipating in the midst of those six Earth Dragons’ formation.

How big could the light beam released from the crystal ball be? It was just a little larger than an ordinary person’s fist. And how about Meteor Shower? That’s an overwhelming thing! For a moment, even Cai’er became anxious. But right now, she could only put her trust in Chen Ying’er. After all, she clearly saw that at the time Ying’er released that six-colored ray, her eyes looked full of confidence.

The six-colored ray collided against Meteor Shower, and the instant these spells with their own transcendant might came into contact, all members of Bright Glimmer of Hope had an eerie feeling, as if everything had come to a standstill at once. That fierce Meteor Shower abruptly stopped, and like a rock in the midst of a sea of fire, the six-colored ray rippled lightly.

The hundred and eight spiritual pellets on Chen Ying’er’s Saint Spiritual Robe shone brightly, as her pair of thin hands made a commanding motion. Immediately, the six-colored radiance on the crystal ball sprayed out, forming a multicolored barrier, which enveloped the whole group inside with the backing of the six Earth Dragons.

The next instant, time resumed its flow. Meteor Shower’s fall still kept going, but the most central part of the meteorite had already lost all its light. From the looks of it, it became closer to a huge ring of fire. Although it still followed the same course, it had at least lost its core right then.

Massive sounds of explosions rang out, and the terrible fire caused terrible twists to appear in the air. But having lost its core part, the meteorite could only clash with the air surrounding the group. The remnants of that red-hot fire was then melted by Chen Ying’er’s six-colored barrier like ice, losing all efficiency.
More shockingly, the six-colored ray that melted the meteorite had yet to disappear, still shooting towards the distant fire mage.

Back then, Lin Xin had suffered a great loss against this trump card of Chen Ying’er. But right now, its use was far stronger than when comparing notes with Lin Xin, obviously she had been lenient that time.

The most mystical aspect of that six-colored ray of light was the unidentifiable magic element forming it, able to annihilate anything instantly, without being affected in the slightest.

When the fire mage who had just unleashed his Meteor Shower suddenly saw the six element radiance rush toward him, he immediately suffered a loss, hastily erecting a thick fire shield in front of him.

Right at this time, an ice-colored figure appeared instantly in front of him, crossing a pair of swords in front of the six element radiance.

Pop. When the six element radiance landed on the ice warrior, its body instantly came to a stop. Even his powerful elemental ice attack of the ninth-step grade actually had no use. His whole body was only flashing in gaudy multicolored light and was stagnant, as if turned into a magnificent sculpture.

Elemental Cage.

Chen Ying’er had a tranquil look. Right now, she didn’t have the slightest bit of her usual playful appearance. Putting the forefinger of her right hand on that ice crystal, she let her clear voice reverberate in this wide space.

“Elemental Dispersion.”

A terrifying scene came to view. From the six-colored radiance on the ice warrior, the six elements, being water, fire, earth, wind, light and darkness, suddenly dispersed, the instant of their dispersion landing an indescribable attack on the ice warrior.
Clang. The ice warrior’s body suddenly smashed to pieces, turning into six parts before breaking in fragments in the midst of black holes formed by the attack formed with six split elements.

This attack alone matched the ninth step in power.

However, after launching such an attack, Chen Ying’er visibly had a pale look, and the hundred and eight spiritual pellets on her Saint Spiritual Robe shone even more dazzlingly.

As she changed her hands’ posture, she suddenly opened her mouth, letting a mouthful of blood flow onto the crystal ball in front of her.

The six Earth Dragons shook simultaneously before releasing others of their breaths, once again gathered onto the crystal ball.

“Go--” Chen Ying’er shouted delicately. Immediately, another six- colored radiance was shot out, heading towards the fire mage.

At the same time her second attack was launched, Cai’er also swept the Sickle of the God of Death in her hand.

The soulfire in the eyes of the opposite fire mage pulsed violently. In front of that six-colored attack, even such a powerhouse couldn’t help but have a brief absent-minded look. Despite mastering magic abilities from ancient times, he was still unable to comprehend the ability Chen Ying’er just used. It could only erect layers upon layers of fire defenses, attempting to exhaust the power from that six elemental pillar of light.

But that six-element radiance was like a matchless being, disregarding any fire-based elemental defenses. In the end, it came into direct contact with that fire mage whose body turned six-colored as well.

Chapter 638

This time, Chen Ying’er naturally had no need to launch another Elemental Dispersion. Cai’er caught up soon after, her Sickle of the God of Death carrying a sparkling grey radiance as it ended the fire mage’s life.

The sixth and fifth holy guards both returned to the Tower of Eternity.

The members from Bright Glimmer of Hope all had foolish looks. The atmosphere around them was originally extremely heavy, with these two powerhouses of the ninth step in front of them.

From their point of view, passing through this hurdle would necessarily be extremely difficult, and hardly thinkable without paying a large cost.

But who would have imagined Chen Ying’er’s full power moves to be so terrifying? Turning the situation all around, she had thoroughly crushed these two great powerhouses of ice and fire elements.

Slowly falling to the ground, Chen Ying’er’s face looked as pale as paper, as she couldn’t help but spurt out blood. In a flash, she fell on Yang Wenzhao’s embrace, murmuring the words, “Leaving the rest to you guys...” before fainting

Although she was the Saint Spiritual Girl, and had the Spiritual Temple’s only divine tool on her, she was after all just a summoner of the seventh step! To get rid of another powerhouse of the ninth step and bind another one at this level was not just a display of higher-grade power anymore, but a total overdraft pushing her body past its limits.
In order to raise the chances of resurrecting Long Haochen, Chen Ying’er showed no reserve at all. Her captain having done so much for her, she would have no regrets in the slightest even if she had to lose her life here.

Elemental Cage was Chen Ying’er’s self-created magic, but it was actually outside the boundary of summoner magic. It was something she found inspiration for from Haoyue’s Essence of Disorder, but it would need to wait for her to reach the ninth step to gain true full control over it. At her current cultivation level, the limit should be only one Elemental Cage, and at a far weaker level than the previous one.

But Chen Ying’er’s previous forceful burst of Elemental Cage achieved through capacity overdraft was just too powerful, not only stopping the fire mage’s attack, but, moreover, getting rid of the ice warrior through the usage of Elemental Cage.

Elemental Dispersion was an ability extending Elemental Cage that Chen Ying’er would by no means be able to use without overdraft of her latent capabilities and use of her vital force.

Elemental Cage was actually not an irresistible technique, as it was only able to counter the six great elements of magic. It only had a great restricting ability, but no great offensive power. And this binding would only last for a very brief time.

In other words, if Chen Ying’er was unable to kill the ice warrior a short time after the Elemental Cage, in case he recovered, it would be without the slightest wound. And with the defensive power of the ice warrior of the ninth step, even if Cai’er was to go all out, she would not necessarily be able to kill the enemy in one blow. This was why Chen Ying’er forced herself past her limits to this extent to use Elemental Dispersion. The fire mage being a mage, his defensive power was naturally not comparable with the ice warrior, so Cai’er’s prompt response was sufficient to end it, making their move a smooth success in passing through the fourth floor’s trial

To achieve three instances of self-created abilities activating through the use of Spirit Bestowal, Chen Ying’er had needed to go thr
ough a massive use of the Saint Spiritual Robe’s supply. But this spiritual energy needed to be supplied in the scope bearable by her body. Exceeding this capacity would only end up with an explosion of spiritual energy and death.

Speaking of which, she felt really grateful for Lin Xin’s Forest Boa Training Pills which raised her external spiritual energy over ten thousand, greatly strengthening her physically. Otherwise, there would be absolutely no way she would survive from that previous burden. Even so, in such a heavily injured state, Chen Ying’er would be unable to recover for a short while. She was already no longer a possible addition to the following fights.

The six Earth Dragons were already back through their own gates of light, which subsequently disappeared. McDull hastily hopped around Chen Ying’er. Being her contracted beast, he could sense her current weak state.

Cai’er was already turned back. Looking Chen Ying’er, she watched her for a short time before commanding, “Yang Wenzhao, you stay to take care of Ying’er. The others, follow me onto the fifth floor.”

Yang Wenzhao was using light magic to treat Chen Ying’er, nodding at these words. Although feeling an extreme heartache, he was entirely able to understand the reasons for Chen Ying’er acting so. If he was the one who had such an ability, he would surely not show reservations.

The passage from the fourth floor to the fifth was straightforward. This test looked simple and its process was actually even faster than in the third floor, but actually, if not for Chen Ying’er’s burst of power, they wouldn’t easily win against the combination of the ice and fire holy guards. This wouldn’t be an issue if Long Haochen was present as he could fend off the enemy attacks, but now they were exactly in short of a strong guardian able to resist the enemy attacks.

So what would appear on the fifth floor?

Cai’er had already used up her daily use of the Seven Arts of the God of Death, but still didn’t show any intention to stop by and have a rest.
Leading her comrades to the fifth floor, she walked into the transporting light.

Fifth floor of the Tower of Eternity.

In a flash of light, Cai’er, Wang Yuanyuan, Sima Xian, Lin Xin, Han Yu, Zhang Fangfang and Duan Yi appeared altogether in a whole new world.

Unlike the fourth floor, they perceived immediately upon arrival an overwhelming massive pressure inflicted upon them. In that pressure, they all had the reflex to release their spiritual energy at fullpower, making it a bit lighter.

Cai’er stood motionless, looking ahead with great determination.

The fifth floor of the Tower of Eternity did not look much different from the previous floors. Its breadth and the layout of the two stone pillars on the sides, extending all the way ahead was the same. The pathway extended fifty meters long, and beyond that, a hazy figure was visible.

Cai’er analysed coldly, “The fourth floor was combining ice and fire, like the first one, but the mage and warrior specializations were just swapped. This fifth floor will very possibly combine earth and wind. Take care everyone.”

After passing through the third and fourth floor, they had already lost the Saint Spiritual girl Chen Ying’er, and in the group, Lin Xin’s strength also plummeted greatly due to using Blue Fire Phoenix. After arriving there, they could only struggle as hard as they can.

But every floor of the Tower of Eternity would get much harder than the previous one. Just what would they encounter in there? The answer would only come out when the opponent appears.

“You all remain here. I will draw out the enemies from this floor.” Saying that, Cai’er slowly raised the Sickle of the God of Death upwards, still seeing that flashing grey figure after raising her head.
The environment was much darker than the previous floor. Only the center of the floor was illuminated. Originally, she had planned to spend some time for rest and reorganization before proceeding, but if she did so, perhaps the Shadow of the God of Death would disappear. Its existence would only be maintained in the state of battle.

Cai’er did not walk fast, but every step she took gave off an illusory feeling. That was clearly a special stepping exclusive to assassins.

The pressure in the air seemed to keep increasing, and at the time Cai’er took her tenth step, a yellow pillar of light abruptly fell from the sky, in the midst of which appeared. a tall yellow figure

A huge yellow skeleton, over four meters tall and looking much sturdier than the black knight, held a hammer in each hand. He caused the air to suddenly become heavy upon arrival.

Earth warrior.

This time only one assessor came and no longer were there two holy guards at once. But Cai’er didn’t relax because of that, becoming even more tense.

The fifth floor’s trial was certainly more difficult than the fourth floor’s. But only one examiner had come out, and that was an earth warrior as she had expected. But would it really go so easily?

The next instant, this earth warrior told them the contents of this fifth floor’s trial.

The radiance surrounding the four meters tall earth warrior disappeared in a flash, its right feet stamping the ground loudly. Immediately, a terrifying shaking force rose, massively bursting into the group.

Under Cai’er’s lead, all Bright Glimmer of Hope’s members soared without hesitation, spreading their spiritual wings to avoid the seismic waves.
But, they very rapidly saw the seismic waves take shape upon arriving under them. Yellow streams of air issued a massive pulling force created from the ground. Even Cai’er, whose cultivation was the highest, was instantly pulled back to the ground. The massive pulling force dragging them made them feel as if pulled in an ooze.

“Domain!” Han Yu cried out in alarm, identifying the kind of ability that the earth warrior was using right now.

Right, they had only one opponent to face in this floor, but that was a powerhouse of the ninth step strong enough to use a domain!

What’s a domain? That’s a trademark ability of a powerhouse of the ninth step. Only someone able to wield a real domain can be called a supreme powerhouse.

Generally, a domain ability would hardly be acquired at the first stages of the ninth step. Any domain inevitably has some unique characteristic. Even two powerhouses of the same element cannot possibly have an exactly identical domain.

In his own domain, a powerhouse of the ninth step can wield a several- folds higher power, while binding the opponent greatly. And generally, having a domain implies a spiritual energy above 200,000.

Chapter 639

Maybe this earth warrior had a weaker equipment, but his fighting strength should already be close to the level of someone like the Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus. But of course, that's if you only count one of Asmodeus' three head.

Everyone from Bright Glimmer of Hope had already experienced Chen Hongyu’s powerful domain in their battle. But because Chen Ying’er was here as the Saint Spiritual Girl, Chen Hongyu’s ability as Spirit Master was greatly restricted. But right now, they were facing a skeleton warrior wielding an earth elemental domain. In other words, an even more powerful opponent than the previous combination of the ice and fire elemental holy guards.

What everyone got to experience was the Ultragravity and Swamp Technique attached to this earth elemental domain. Even if this warrior wouldn’t attack, the persistent effect of this swamp would perhaps be enough to annihilate them.

But moreover, how could this warrior just stand still? After activating his domain, the earth warrior strode forward, his body lustering resplendently, shooting out innumerable lights, and making appear an armor made of a diamond-looking material on its torso. Earth is widely known for its superior defense, and there stood no doubt that this earth warrior held high prowess in this regard.

Sweeping its huge hammer, it swung it at Cai’er.
Cai’er suddenly let out a shriek, her ear-piercing voice lanced through the warrior’s soul like a sharp needle. Monstrous Brain-filling Sounds.

In the meantime, her body suddenly had an illusory look. From the effects of Brain-filling Monstrous Sounds, the earth warrior’s hammer wielding slowed down greatly. Cai’er took advantage of this short delay to lightly tap that huge hammer with her Sickle of the God of Death, seizing the opportunity to draw back.

However, this earth warrior’s strength was actually a frightening thing. Cai’er felt three consecutive impacts on her, and let out a stuffy groan. But in the end, she managed to draw back to a distance a dozen steps from her comrades.

“Cojoined Spiritual Pills!” Cai’er shouted loudly, and in the meantime, pointed the Sickle of the God of Death at the deathly shadow. An overflowing murderous spirit burst out at once from her body.

To some extent, an opponent of earth element was the hardest type to deal with, the difficulty lying in the earth warrior’s defensive power and powerful force, and most of all, on this domain’s existence. Even if Chen Ying’er still had enough fighting strength to keep going, relying on Elemental Cage to bind the earth warrior may not necessarily give enough time for their attacks to finish it off in the short binding duration.

But, right at this time, a tall silhouette suddenly sprang out in front of Cai’er, shouting determinedly, “Vice captain, let me do it.”

The one that popped up in front of Cai’er was Sima Xian.

While shouting to take Cojoined Spiritual Boosting Pills, Cai’er had already taken one. And this time, the earth warrior was already coming up. Avoiding the attack by a hair’s breadth, she immediately let go of the Sickle of the God of Death and pressed both her hands on Sima Xian’s back.

In the meantime, at Cai’er’s back, Wang Yuanyuan, Han Yu, Zhang Fangfang, Lin Xin and Duan Yi all entered the connection the next instant. Duan Yi’s pill was directly inserted from Lin Xin to his mouth.
The seven of them immediately formed an

panheptagon, with Sima Xian standing as the vanguard. The Gigantic Ball of Light was lifted high above his head, making a large bang as it forcibly stopped the downwards swing of the warrior’s two axes.

Intense rumbles followed as the seven who consumed the Cojoined Spiritual Pills had their bodies shake violently. In the front, Sima Xian’s body was flashing in fiery-red and gold radiance, the defense boosting of the Scarlet Dragon Armor, and the Soul Sharing Chains’ effects.

Even if that was done the instant of the Cojoined Spiritual Pills’ effects’ completion, receiving this blow still caused some damage.

However, the Energetic Ball of Light truly deserved being called a weapon of epic tier. Crush, Smash, and Triple Blast’s power erupted instantly against the dual hammers, forcing the warrior back two steps.

“Your father is going to make it an all out fight against you!” Sima Xian had his round eyes wide open, his whole body’s muscles swelling violently. An incomparably intrepid bearing was felt from him.

“Sima, you can’t!” Lin Xin shouted in haste behind him. But as if Sima Xian didn’t hear anything, he directly unleashed his Berserk ability.

There’s no way he would have forgotten Lin Xin’s numerous warning that the Berserk ability couldn’t be used under the effects of the Cojoined Spiritual Pills, because in case he enters Berserk state, his external spiritual energy will immediately erupt, greatly amplifying his body’s capacity. But if a too large amount of internal spiritual energy is poured in the body, upon termination his body would very possibly not be able to bear the burden and would crumble.

However the current Sima Xian seemed as if he had totally forgotten all this. Instantly entering Berserk Mode, his body seemed to swell as his muscles tore through his gown. His right fist shot out, beating on the Gigantic Ball of Light to make it bounce back, and in the meantime his
right feet stamped on the ground. A surge of purple electric flow rushed out from his body, spreading to the surrounding like lightning flashes.

Each of the seven reached over 15,000 spiritual energy, and all of them had taken Cojoined Spiritual Boosting Pills. Adding to that Sima Xian’s self-use of Berserk mode and the Spiritual Cojoined Boosting Pills, now, although the current Sima Xian’s spiritual energy was still below the earth warrior, it was not much below.

The earth warrior swung its two hammers, abruptly knocking the air and shooting a yellow ray of light out upon collision, shooting straight to Sima Xian’s chest.

His greatest defect after making use of the Cojoined Spiritual Pills was a lack of agility, so Sima Xian did not think at all about dodging. With a loud roar, his hands gripped onto the handle of the Energetic Ball of Light, abruptly meeting with the enemy.

In another loud collision, yellow light was dispersed all around, but this time none of the light from the Life Sharing effects of the chains manifested.

The previous happening of his right foot stamping the ground was not wasted at all. Making use of the shock it caused to avoid the attack, he made use of the enhanced power of the Spiritual Stove of Godly Purple Thunder to temporarily neutralize the earth elemental domain under their feet.

“Feel free to try out my great self!” The Energetic Ball of Light was lifted from his chest as Sima Xian shouted out in fury, causing the power of the spiritual stove to break out in all directions. An incandescent purple- colored ball of light took shape, flying straight to the earth warrior.

Positioned behind him, Lin Xin unconsciously shut his both eyes, which were already muddled. As the creator of the Cojoined Spiritual Pills, no one else understood their effects better than him.
Sima Xian was under the effects of Cojoined Spiritual Pills, and was using Berserk mode together with his Purple Godly Thunder Spiritual Stove, with over ten thousand spiritual energy. The burden on his body could only be described as terrifying. When this battle ends, the backlash on his body would only be of the same level! Even Lin Xin didn’t know whether he would be able to bear it all. And, for now, he could only pray for that Scarlet Dragon Armor to be strong enough to protect his body.

The strengthened Purple Godly Thunder Cannon burst out instantly in front of the warrior, who met the attack with crossed hammers.

An intense explosion burst out the next instant.

As expected, thunder was not very effective against earth, but that’s only if you speak of elemental affinity. Sima Xian’s Purple Godly Thunder Spiritual Stove also had a terrifying explosive force outside its thunder elemental power.

When facing the Panther Demon God Auxerre, even an ordinary use of the Purple Godly Thunder Spiritual Stove was able to repel him. This earth warrior, though, was certainly even stronger than Auxerre, in addition to having the support of a domain. But Sima Xian’s enhanced Purple Godly Thunder Cannon was more than twice as strong.


A terrifying explosion nearly took all Bright Glimmer of Hope’s members’ hearing at once, as the earth warrior fell back after being pushed back a distance of four walking steps.

The pair of hammers in its arms were already cracked, and its entire body was surrounded in purple light. The process of its back-step looked like the sight of a falling drunk man.

Although the powerful explosion force did not manage to make that earth elemental’s body numb, this Purple Godly Thunder Cannon’s might did cause the earth warrior’s soulfire to get numb.
Sima Xian once again roared, rotating the Energetic Ball of Light thrice above his head before throwing it fiercely.

The comrades behind him didn’t see it, but right now Sima Xian’s both eyes were already colored blood red. And, a similar bloody-red ray was spreading from the chain to inside the ball.

Sacrifice, the knight ability.

This is an ability Long Haochen had used not only once. Originally, priests should not be able to use such an ability, but Sima Xian was not an ordinary priest but a Discipline Priest! And, this Sacrifice ability was something he had pleaded Long Haochen to teach him.

In the current situation, Sima Xian did not give the slightest thought about the aftermath for this battle onhis body. Only memories of Long Haochen’s death in the Demon God Emperor’s hands kept surfacing in his mind. He was Long Haochen’s retainer knight, yet wasn’t able to help him in the slightest back at that time.

Sima Xian was quite a bit older than Long Haochen, but ever since this Demon Hunt Squad got formed, he had been following him wholeheartedly. In his heart, Haochen was not only his captain, but also an elder brother. Being the soul and cornerstone of his team, Long Haochen had acted several times as the burning soul of that team.

Sima Xian only had a single thought now, and that was to pave the way for resurrecting their captain without sparing any cost. Since a girl such as Chen Ying’er dared do that, how could he shrink before making sacrifices?

Even under the effects of the Cojoined Spiritual Boosting Pills, Sima Xian understood that he didn’t have much prospects in winning. But he still stood there, bearing the responsibility of becoming the focal point of the Spiritual Gathering Pills. The thoughts he had were: If this lasts, I can only end in defeat. With the domain boosting him, that earth warrior is not someone I can win against. So his strategy was to launch an attack of unprecedented intensity, to get the earth warrior in an instant kill.

Chapter 640

After revolving thrice, the Gigantic Ball of Light had turned into an amethyst color. The terrifying electricity emanating from it had a translucent feel, and carried a truly ruthless reek of blood.

The instant the one-meter-diameter Energetic Ball of light came flying, Sima Xian spurted out a large mouthful of blood. In a resonant splurt of blood, his Scarlet Dragon Armor then smashed to pieces suddenly. With a loud bang, his upper-body covered in scars came to sight.


The retreating earth warrior was bombarded by Sima Xian’s full powered and willed Energetic Ball of Light. The pair of hammers shattered, and immediately, the ball left a mark on its chest.

Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang. Twelve repeated booms resounded the same as alternated shots from magic cannons.

In the midst of these twelve blasts, the earth warrior’s body shook violently. Without a single burst of sound, the gap on its body spread out even more massively as the cracks multiplied.

At the time of the last echo, the earth warrior’s body was already blasted to shreds. It wasn’t even able to pay a single word of allegiance to its master, turning into a yellow light shooting at the Eternal Melody on Cai’er’s chest.

The instant that earth warrior collapsed, Sima Xian crumbled as well, falling to the ground with a large shock underneath Cai’er. His upper-body was full of bloody wounds, having turned into a man of blood the instant of Berserk mode’s ending.

Two glints of light landed on Sima Xian’s body almost at the same time, coming from Duan Yi and Zhang Fangfang’s Holy Protections. The instant after the two released this instantaneous spell, they immediately started chanting healing magic of higher scale.

Han Yu came to Sima Xian’s side, releasing his Spiritual Stove of Light Blessings to help everyone present recover their spiritual energy. Lin Xin stepped forward, holding Sima Xian’s fallen body and placing pills into his mouth before inspecting his wounds.

Leaning on Lin Xin’s chest, Sima Xian’s chest moved up fiercely as blood flew continuously from his mouth, nose, and ears. But despite it being full of blood, he had a smile on his face.

“I… Succeeded… Vice-captain… Leaving the rest to you… Possible… Domain… Wind powerhouse… Take care… Just before. This opponent… Power… Wielded with Nature element… We… Must… Resurrect... Boss…”

As if these were his last words, Sima Xian spoke these words as his body was shaking all over. By chance, Zhang Fangfang and Duan Yi’s high level magics were completed successively right after that, healing his bruised body.

The bruises on the surface healed easily, but the internal wounds were not that easy to heal.

Cai’er was kneeling in front of Sima Xian, strongly pursing her lips together to stop her tears from flowing down. She was now the whole team’s leader, and as such, she had to stay strong.
“Thank you, Sima.”

Sima Xian’s whole body was shaking, gradually entering a state of serenity from the healing magic, but in the meantime his vital force became fainter and fainter.

Wang Yuanyuan grabbed Lin Xin’s shoulder, asking hastily, “How are things?”

Lin Xin grinded his teeth tightly, and did not give a reply to Wang Yuanyuan’s question, taking out other pills to pour into Sima Xian’s mouth. Right now, Sima Xian was already unconscious, and couldn’t swallow it on his own. Lin Xin we

Under the effects of Han Yu’s Spiritual Stove of Light Blessing, and Duan Yi and Zhang Fangfang’s nearly simultaneous usage of healing spells, it still took a whole half an hour for Lin Xin’s face to finally become a bit more relaxed.

“How are things?” Wang Yuanyuan asked hastily.

Sima Xian breathed in a large gasp as he replied, “Our baldie is tenacious, and finally managed to make it through alive. The backlashes from his spiritual stove, berserk state, and use of the ability Sacrifice was majorly sustained by his Scarlet Dragon Armor of epic tier. Otherwise, how could a piece of equipment of epic tier break down like that? But even so, that nearly cost him his life. His internal organs had started to crumble and decay. But my pills and the brothers’ healing kept them alive by a thread. At least now his life is stabilized and is not at risk anymore.”

“Pah, Pah… Shit, what a loss. Why did I have to make contact with this guy’s thick lips… An incomparable loss!”

The tense atmosphere finally relaxed after Lin Xin said these few words. Aside from Cai’er, the whole group exuded smiles. In normal times, they would perhaps be laughing in joy, but right now, they were only filled with heavy feelings.
This was only the test of the first half of the fifth floor, and they had already lost Chen Ying’er and Sima Xian. Since the following tests would only get harder, would they really make it to the final seventh floor?

Although Sima Xian had vanquished the earth warrior by himself, that was after using the Cojoined Spiritual Boosting Pills, therefore making everyone fall into a weakened state. Although it was continuously improved by Lin Xin, who made the backlashes far weaker than before after adding a lot of ingredients, they were in the midst of continuous battles, making even Light Blessings insufficient to return them to their optimum state.

Although Cai’er was worried, she could obviously not keep advancing immediately. By continuing, they would face off against even more powerful opponents wielding domains, against whom they could only have a chance by using the Cojoined Spiritual Pills given the current state of the team.

“Everyone have a rest here. After our weakened state is over, we will keep advancing.” Reaching this point, Cai’er cautiously untied Long Haochen from her back, placing him on the ground.

Seeing his pale, bloodless face, Cai’er’s body couldn’t help but shake. Raising her hand and gently stroking his face, tears fell down beyond her control.

Idiot, you idiot! I will bring you back to life no matter the cost!

This time of rest was much longer than the previous one. Under Lin Xin, Zhang Fangfang, Han Yu, and Duan Yi’s joint efforts, Sima Xian’s body was finally stabilized, at least guaranteeing his certain survival.

It was at this kind of time that the effects from the Forest Boa Training Pills became visible. Compared to other powerhouses of the same vocation at the same level, their powerful external spiritual energy made their resistance towards the side effects of the Cojoined Spiritual Pills much better than ordinary powerhouses. This was something Duan Yi got to see very clearly.
After roughly eight hours, Cai’er’s group was already done recovering for the most part, apart from Duan Yi’s weakened state which still persisted. Under these conditions, he wouldn’t be able to take another Cojoined Spiritual Pill, so even if he begged repeatedly, Cai’er decided to instead have him stay and take care of Sima Xian.

“Everyone, have Cojoined Spiritual Pills prepared.” Cai’er asked sternly, “Lin Xin, do you have some more spares of Cojoined Spiritual Pills?”

Lin Xin nodded, “I have another set on me. Adding it to the set in everyone’s hand, we can still go for two more battles.”

Cai’er wrinkled her eyebrows, nodding slowly. After less than a day, they had successively taken the third and fourth floor trials, and half of the fifth’s. But this Tower of Eternity had seven floors in total! Since the fifth floor already had powerful holy guards wielding domains, how about the incoming sixth and seventh floors?

Right now, everyone had a very grim facial expression. Although they were unwilling to think of it, they faintly realized that the final climb of the seventh floor would perhaps be extremely difficult. But none of them was willing to speak out these facts, much less believe in them. No matter what, they would strive their greatest effort to fight for time and fight for the opportunity of resurrecting Long Haochen. This Tower of Eternity was their only hope out there!

Cai’er took a deep breath, “Another trial is waiting for us right after this. Up next, we should have to face a wind elemental mage in control of a wind domain. Wind mages’ greatest strength is in their speed. We have no way to know about the opponent’s domain in advance, but I will be in charge of the offense, while everyone else boosts me through the Cojoined Spiritual Pills. We must defeat the opponent in the shortest time, and not let him deploy his greatest attacks!”

While speaking up to there, she had already placed Long Haochen back on her back, binding him tightly with the chains.
“Cai’er!” Wang Yuanyuan suddenly called out her name.

“Yeah?” Cai’er looked at her puzzlingly.

Wang Yuanyuan determinedly stared at her face, “Let me be the one undertaking this duty.”

“No way!” Cai’er rejected her suggestion without giving it the slightest thought. Just before, Sima Xian had to try hard with his life at stake, narrowly dying in battle. How could she, as the temporary captain, let her comrades take such risks? Moreover, the strongest of the team was her!

Wang Yuanyuan grabbed Cai’er’s shoulders, facing her face on, “Cai’er, listen to me. We are a team, and resurrecting captain is by no means a business all your own. Ying’er and Sima already gave their greatest shot, so the next one to go should be me! I am confident in succeeding, as the Space attribute is a counter to Wind element. Moreover, just like everyone else I have secret moves of my own. I am very confident!”

Cai’er still shook her head, “Yuanyuan, I know that you have good intentions, but I have greater chances than you.”

Wang Yuanyuan suddenly gave an emotional response, “I know that you have greater chances than me, but are you confident in being able to stay unharmed while defeating the enemy? No, you cannot. With your current cultivation, you must utilize the seven arts of the God of Death to vanquish a mage wielding a domain, but you have already used it once in the past twelve hours. Using it once again will undoubtedly cause a terrible backlash. Don’t forget that this is not the last trial we are going to face. We still have the sixth and seventh floors coming up after that. You may be the strongest of us, but this is all the more of a reason for you to preserve your strength for what’s coming next.”
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