Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 621-630

Chapter 621

Downcast chants echoed in the first floor of the Tower of Eternity. This incantation was not from anyone of Bright Glimmer of Hope, and came with surges of earth elemental fluctuations.

Not far from the group, four figures were seated in a circle. Three of them formed a triangle, with the last one sitting in the center and chanting.

Red, blue, green and yellow colored figures emitted different light, coming from the four holy guards that Long Haochen had obtained inside this Tower of Eternity.

The tenth, eleventh, and twelfth occupied three angles, and the soulfire in their eyes pulsed violently. The air surrounding the Ninth Holy Guard seated in the middle also pulsed violently, and his body started to look incorporeal.

The three Great Holy Guards were pouring their soul force into the Ninth Holy Guard, helping him complete his spell.The latter held in his hand a fist-sized white jewel, into which an incredible amount of earth essence was poured from his own body.

Long Haochen was waiting for him, and the same went for everyone present. This mission couldn’t take long, they had to go in and out from Modu Core City like a breeze for this to succeed.

To unleash a forbidden spell in Modu was no different than looking for death. Even an ordinary Moon Demon would be able to sense waves of spiritual energy of such degree, so the incantation had to be completed
there. Also, the gem in the hands of the Ninth Holy Guard was not obtained from any Bright Glimmer of Hope member but from Yue Ye. This was a crucial part of their plan.

Zhang Fangfang said, “It’s about time. Get ready everyone, Haochen should pretty much be back if everything goes as planned.” With Cai’er in her amnesic state, Zhang Fangfang, being the oldest one here, temporarily commanded Bright Glimmer of Hope.

Sima Xian pulled onto the dark golden chains, pulling the Energetic Ball of Light close. Lifting it, he placed it above his arm and the others also took out their own weapon, calmly standing in wait.

As the chant of the Ninth Holy Guard became increasingly louder, one could clearly see that colorless crystal turn yellow. The powerful waves of spiritual energy distorted the air violently, as that substantial looking earth essence was poured out at a frightening speed.

The four holy guards’ joint strength was sufficient to use a forbidden- spell grade spell. As the Tower of Eternity had obtained so much soul force, they also gained a huge boost in strength.

Right at this time, Long Haochen reappeared in front of his comrades in a flash of golden light. He remained silent, and immediately looked at the four holy guards.

The Ninth Holy Guard was finally reaching the last juncture of his incantation. His high-pitched incantation could be heard reverberating through the whole Tower of Eternity.

Long Haochen had a very severe look. Saying he had no feelings of anxiousness was impossible. To brave rain and wind in Modu Capital and aim against the Star Demon God’s demon god pillar was their bold plan, and this was more than enough to astonish anyone. This was undoubtedly the hardest and most dangerous mission they had had up to now. By chance, the existences of the Tower of Eternity and Eternal Melody made the mission feasible, otherwise they would not even dare think of such a thing.
At last, the resounding chanting sounds came to a stop, and in the midst of an intense knocking of the air, the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth holy guards collapsed. Just a bit was left of the soulfires in their eyes, while t he Ninth Holy Guard was bursting in yellow light and vigor while pouring the last bits of earth essence frantically into that crystal.

One could clearly see that around that crystal drifted some complex patterns. Just by looking, one could already feel how frantic all the energy stockpiled inside was.

The yellow light vanished suddenly, as all traces of magic disappeared at once, poured inside that crystal. The whole crystal turned into a solemn yellow color, and dispersed some faint traces of dark golden brilliance.

The Ninth Holy Guard handed his crystal to Long Haochen. Both his hands were really shaking, making the consumption extremely visible.

Long Haochen took the crystal and gave him a nod, after which the Ninth Holy Guard immediately sat cross-legged, silently recovering from his massive consumption of spiritual energy.

Long Haochen looked back at the group, nodding to everyone, then flashed in golden light and disappeared once again from the group’s field of view.

The others from Bright Glimmer of Hope all understood that from this instant, their plan was formally launched. They all had coinciding feelings of anxiousness and an indescribable excitement that mostly hid it.

Long Haochen reappeared in a corner of the Moon Demon Palace without a sound. His tiptoes tapping lightly on the ground, he didn’t put any of his spiritual energy to use, only borrowing his body’s strength to send himself aloft.

The walls surrounding the Moon Demon Palace reached a length of over ten meters, but it didn’t count as anything in front of the release of Long Haochen’s power.
They were now in a carefully chosen area that he had finally picked after consulting Yue Ye a lot. This area was in the outskirts of the Moon Demon Palace, inside the Moon Demon Hall, built in tribute to the Moon Demon God. Outside of the Moon Demons’ royal family, the rear of this palace was generally only used for the ordinary Moon Demons’ meal.

No area in the Moon Demon Palace stood with more importance than the Moon Demon Hall. If the Moon Demon God Agares was in his Moon Demon Palace, that’s where his demon god pillar would be, but at that time the Moon Demon Hall would undoubtedly be invulnerable to attacks. But as Agares was not present, his demon god pillar was naturally not present either, rendering an attack on it meaningless.

Long Haochen had a focused look as he picked a spot. Even with his firm will, he couldn’t help but feel his heartbeat accelerate. As soon as the plan was launched, there would no longer be any turning back.

That crystal releasing a dark yellow color as he held it in his hand felt burning hot. Taking a deep breath, he calmed down his emotions, and as his eyes flashed with coldness, that poison-colored crystal in his hand let out a flash of lightning.

This instant, he had already stopped concealing his spiritual energy, otherwise he would be unable to make use of this crystal’s full power.

It disappeared in a flash of yellow light which streaked across an area of a full hundred meters. Accurately landing in a parcel of the Moon Demon Palace’s ground, it drilled into the ground and disappeared without a trace from the surface’s view.

The instant Long Haochen saw it make its way to the ground, he immediately turned his head and ran away, without the slightest pause. Accelerating like a flash of light to his body’s greatest speed while confirming his direction, he sped along toward the predetermined destination. Now was not a time for him to release his spiritual wings yet; it would only make him too conspicuous in the midst of Modu. Instead, he reached his highest speed possible on the ground level.
While Long Haochen made this frantic run, the Moon Demon Palace was still peaceful. The ground outside was the same as before, as if it hadn’t changed in the slightest since then.

The previous outburst of light element fluctuations alone attracted the attention of the Moon Demon Powerhouses present. After all, it was extremely rare for light essence to suddenly appear in this Modu City full of darkness essence.

A few seconds after Long Haochen made a run, a few purple silhouettes suddenly arrived in the Moon Hall, in the area where the yellow crystal drilled itself into the ground. Looking puzzled at the sight of the surroundings, they used a scouting technique on the area.

“How could there be some light elemental fluctuations earlier?” A tall and handsome looking Moon Demon asked in puzzlement. Although clad in a gown, his swelling muscles could still be seen through his clothes.

The other thinner figure replied, “You’re right, I sensed it too. How could some light essence appear so suddenly in there? Did the scouting technique show results?”

“Nothing. Everything is normal.” The third Moon Demon shook his head. The three of these all had a strength reaching the eighth step, only characterizable as normal adults amongst Moon Demons.

The very first to speak was a tall Moon Demon, “Something is amiss. For some reason, I have a bad premonition. There’s no way light essence can appear for no reason. Even sunlight should be unable to make it there. A human light user was surely here just before. We should search attentively.”

As they were talking, the three Moon Demons’ expressions changed at once. Unconsciously, they looked at their feet.

To their shock, a soft, thin-looking, light yellow radiance slowly dispersed to their feet, and spread outwards.
How could there be earth essence coming out now? The three Moon Demons were completely speechless, but it was an extremely soft and mild earth essence that had just appeared, feeling close to no threat to them.

This time, even more Moon Demons had come rushing in, but the yellow color on the ground became more and more intense.

“No good! Take a look” A Moon Demon suddenly lost his voice. The group of Moon Demons followed his pointed finger, discovering with astonishment that at some point a thin layer of yellow had also climbed up the Moon demon Palace’s walls.

“Quick, darkness suppression!” a Moon Demon of rather high cultivation shouted out. Then, all Moon Demons present ignited themselves in intense dark purple radiances.

Moon Demons were no weaklings: almost all the Moon Demons present there were powerhouses of the eighth step. However, their reaction was, in the end, too late. Against an already unleashed forbidden spell, even a Moon Demon of the ninth step would at most be able to defend himself. Stopping the outburst of this forbidden spell would only be doable if Agares was present right now in this Moon Demon Hall.

Chapter 622

Brrr! The earth violently shook as terrifying earth elemental fluctuations burst out; dense earth elemental fluctuations erupting in an area extending to a range of a thousand meters. In a large explosion, the ground split instantaneously and the whole Moon Demon Palace started shaking profusely along with the whole Modu Core City.

How could this happen? This question arose instantly in all the Moon Demons. They were all powerhouses of the 8th step, with naturally sufficient perceptions. The instant they perceived a threat to their life, these Moon Demons flew away in panic, rushing away from the air.

Any demon, whichever its race, would prioritize their own safety in front of a life threatening danger.

At this time a second sudden explosion rang out.

It gave an instant feeling of a dragon king arising from the ground. In the whole Moon Demon Palace, large pieces of ground cracked, countless boulders splashing in all directions. Those terrifying earth elemental fluctuations only kept causing intense rumbles over and over again.

The Moon Demon Palace truly deserved being called the most important building for the Moon Demon Clan demonkinds. Even in the midst of these explosions, it kept glinting instead of getting caught in the explosions. All around it, layers of dark purple halations rippled all around. That was its defensive formation, made specially for the building. This place being the Moon Demons’ headquarters, consecrated to the Moon Demon God, how could it be so easy to shake?
Even if the Moon Demon God’s pillar was not part of the defensive formation, its defensive power was still incomparably terrifying.

As the main ringleader for this accident, Long Haochen wasn't thinking about destroying the Moon Demon Palace! Yue Ye and him had planned thoroughly, and obviously knew about the extent of the Moon Demon Palace’s defensive power. Their actual goal was, rather than to destroy this Moon Demon Palace, to borrow the power of the Ninth Holy Guard’s earth elemental forbidden spell to make everyone aware that an attack was ongoing against the Moon Demon Palace!

The forbidden spell finally erupted at its peak, causing the whole of Modu to shake with terrible rumbles. Loads of walls from the Moon Demon Palace crumbled and myriads of rocks came falling down, producing a terrible explosive force. Even a powerhouse of the ninth step wouldn’t dare approach at this time.

The Moon Demon Palace’s defenses were certainly solid, but that was the palace itself, not the ground underneath! Along with some deafening blasting sounds, the whole Moon Demon Palace was blasted by a terrifying pushing force, rushing instantaneously into the air.

One could clearly see a huge earth-yellow colored dragon drill into the Moon Demon Palace from underneath, extending over more than a hundred meters. Whirling around at frantic speed, its body let out terrible fluctuations of spiritual energy, causing the nearby rocks to blast away, as if all surrounding rocks had just become artillery shells made of spiritual energy.

Many of the Moon Demons that did not make it in time to escape screamed in misery. The area serving for Moon Demons to have meals in had already long since collapsed, and in this short amount of time, over a third of the Moon Demon Palace’s interior had turned into ruins. The rocks in the midst of these ruins still kept exploding frantically: only the area protected by defensive formations, the most important areas of the palace, were preserved. The earth attribute forbidden-spell level Earth Dragon Liberation came out from the ground below the Moon Demon Palace,
elevating itself several hundred meters high in the air, becoming visible from any corner of Modu Core City.

That huge yellow

Even the Moon Demons of the ninth step did not dare approach it.

Of all earth forbidden spells, Earth Dragon Liberation wasn’t the most powerful, because of its greatest flaw: its scope. Generally, forbidden spells have a very wide range, but Earth Dragon Liberation’s range was limited to only five hundred meters, what extended beyond being no more than residue from its power. But its true might would only be deployed in a range of five hundred meters.

But for this very reason, the might of this earth dragon was terrifying enough to place it above a lot of other earth elemental forbidden spells. It was unable to launch a direct attack, but attacking it would only cause terrible repercussions. This Earth Dragon borrowed its power from Earth’s true might and condensed it, formed on its own of over 300,000 spiritual energy. Of course, it was only able to wreak havoc on its original location and for a limited time, after which it would disappear on its own. That’s its other flaw.

So the fact a powerful earth mage chooses to use this forbidden spell can only mean that his goal is to destroy an area and not kill the enemy.

In Long Haochen’s plan, this Earth Dragon Liberation was the greatest candidate to be released there.

That crystal Yue Ye handed him was able to store spiritual energy of forbidden-spell level for a short time, but the spiritual energy inside will disappear as time passes. So it should be used promptly after storage.

The Ninth Holy Guards could not possibly complete the forbidden spell while teleporting it entirely through Long Haochen’s Eternal Melody, which was a little issue Long Haochen had originally forecasted, and resolved thanks to this crystal. At the moment, the earth dragon coming from the
forbidden spell was perfectly completing its mission, drawing the whole Modu Core City’s attention, including all the demon powerhouses present.

“Gathered attacks, and hall defense!” A dignified voice spread. On black colored clouds, two dark purple figures appeared noiselessly in the sky above the Moon Demon Palace. One of them flashed past, and pierced through the Moon Demon Hall while the other landed on the ground, releasing myriads of purplish light from its body, forming a huge purple mantle towering over the coiling earth dragon.

Standing in front of a forbidden spell, what kind of overbearing act was that? Though, of course, he was not planning to obliterate this forbidden spell, only to restrict its power.

The appearance of these two figures immediately calmed down the frenzied Moon Demon clansmen, a large amount of whom started to release powerful magic. Some were trying to protect the Moon Demon Palace, and some tried to restrict the coiling earth dragon alongside the second figure.

No doubt, the two suddenly appearing situation-reversing Moon Demons were two of the Four Moon Demon Great Emperors, the other two being reported as brought alongside Agares to follow the Demon God Emperor to the Exorcist Mountain Pass. while these two were left to protect the Moon Demon Palace. They were the true top powerhouses of the Moon Demon Clan.

As the second greatest clan, although Moon Demons were caught off guard by the forbidden spell, they still made a prompt response, reducing the damage to its lowest. However, even so, this sudden forbidden spell still destroyed a great part of the buildings inside the Moon Demon Palace, which would take quite a while to rebuild.

And, right at this time, large amounts of shadows, mostly black colored, rushed toward the Moon Demon Palace.

Long Haochen seemed expressionless at the sight of the changes in the situation, but actually, his mental force was stretched to the greatest extent, enabling him to perceive all the changes all around.
The instant the Moon Demon Palace elevated itself into the air, Long Haochen accelerated even further, knowing that his primary plan was already complete.

This route he was currently speeding along was carefully and cautiously chosen, not a straight line from the Moon Demon Palace to the Star Demon Palace, but the most inconspicuous route. Blending in among high buildings’ shadows on the route, his shadow was furthermore almost imperceptible without paying extreme attention, thanks to his current speed.

At this crucial moment, Long Haochen was extremely concentrated and serious. Gradually, his rushing breath was coming back to normal, and the light essence of extreme purity in him didn’t leak out at all, as he only relied on external spiritual energy to advance forward.

They are finally making a move, Long Haochen’s attention was suddenly drawn, making him pull back some of his most extended mental force. That’s because he distinctly sensed from the direction of the Star Demon Palace that over a hundred flying figures came out, heading toward the Moon Demon Palace. They were the first additional large group of the whole Modu Capital City to set in to action. As expected, the Moon Demon Palace and Star Demon Palace were the closest, confirming the feasibility of the rest of the plan.

After the Star Demon Palace reacted, a figure swept past around it. That instant, Long Haochen had retracted all his mental force, and didn’t dare do any scouting.

Demons were really powerful! Long Haochen gasped secretly. The instant his mental probing was retracted, he could distinctly sense that at least forty of the flying demons visible in the sky already reached the ninth step. This was a really colossal strength, the true demon elite, and that was when the Demon God Emperor had brought away a large part of it.

Today must be a success! Long Haochen determinedly clenched his fists, and as more and more individuals were gathering around the Moon Demon God, he finally reached his destination.
His footsteps came to a step, and setting himself afloat, Long Haochen headed to an inconspicuous spot on the Star Demon Palace’s side. At some point a yellow star shaped gem had appeared in his right hand.

Some elemental fluctuations were faintly discernible outside the Star Demon Palace. But upon coming into contact with Haochen, they magically disappeared, as the gem in his hand dispersed faint traces of warmth.

Having finally decided on this plan, Long Haochen had put in meticulous care when preparing it. Having discussed a lot with Yue Ye to perfect it, he had now an overall understanding of both the Moon Demon Palace and the Star Demon Palace. And, Yue Ye had supplied quite a few crucial goods, including the crystal enabling the forbidden spells release, as well as that gem in his hand being used right now.

Chapter 623

Distorted mental waves circulated noiselessly outside Long Haochen’s body. A mental probing ability of any kind would hardly find him out at this time, unless its spiritual energy surpassed his by over threefold, but even so, it would need to happen to lock on to his precise position.

This was the first time Long Haochen had set foot in the Star Demon Palace, but at present he was like an experienced visitor. Speeding along, he followed the outermost yellow walls, under perfect concealment and without making any sound.

The entire route through the palace had already been simulated many times during his planning with Yue Ye.

In his eyes, this place was unfamiliar but that route was incomparably familiar.

Long Haochen knew that he didn’t have much time. Regardless of whether he would succeed or not, his comrades and he only had a single chance. In case of failure, they would have to immediately retreat.

He was coming closer and close to the objective. Just like the Moon Demon Palace, the Star Demon Palace was also extremely wide, but even walking through all of it would not take much time at Long Haochen’s current speed.

One great building after another kept popping in to sight, but Long Haochen did not encounter any Star Demons. It looks like the Star Demons
really deployed all their elites for the sake of coming to rescue of the Moon Demon Palace.

Found it. Long Haochen’s eyes abruptly focused ahead, and his walking pace slowed down accordingly. That was a pagoda-looking building, extremely tall, but without as many floors as the usual pagoda. The whole place was about thirty meters tall, but its volume was below five hundred meters, making it only look excessively tall.

The entire palace was glinting in orange, the orange color characterizing the epic tier, but carrying some traces of darkness element.

The orange radiance vanished slowly, then reappeared, varying like human breathing. At first sight, one could perceive an incorporeal pressure surging out from Long Haochen’s body.

This place inside the palace, the Star Demon Pagoda, location of the Star demon god pillar, was the destination of Long Haochen’s group.

Two Star Demons stood calmly outside the Star Demon Pagoda, looking upward with some hesitation on his face.

The two of them were clad identically in orange gowns and equipped with orange staves. From the aura coming out from them, one could tell out that these two guardians of the Star Demon Pagoda were powerhouses of the ninth step: Star Demons of the ninth step.

Although Long Haochen had already been informed by Yue Ye that the guardians of the Star Demon Pagoda were powerhouses of the ninth step, upon seeing them for real, he couldn’t help but feel uncontrollably nervous. Not because of the opponent’s strength, but due to the matter of time.

He had to dispose of these two Star Demons in the shortest time possible,

sh into the Star Demon Pagoda, destroy the demon god pillar,
and, finally, escape intact.
This place was Modu Core City, and he definitely didn’t have the time to get rid of these two Star Demons, and then enter the Star Demon Pagoda. They were powerhouses of the ninth step! In another place, he could command his comrades, and deal with those non-demon-god powerhouses with confidence. But there was no way for him to deploy all his strength to kill the enemy in here, and in addition, he had no way to stop the enemies from sending signals about an attack on the Star Demon Pagoda. It was a race against time.

In a flash of golden light, Long Haochen disappeared quietly. The instant he reappeared, he had his comrades at his side, but this didn’t include Haoyue. That’s because Long Haochen knew clearly that this was not yet the time to summon Haoyue, as his aura was just too familiar to demon gods.

These were only two Star Demons of the ninth step, but if Vassago was added to the lot, they would have no chances of winning. Even if Vassago was in his weakest state, he should be able to stall for some time. So the only way to succeed was to have Haoyue ready to teleport and launch his most powerful attack at once, right in front of the Star demon god pillar.

The current Haoyue was chanting an incantation in his own world. His purple bloodline force was already erupting to its peak force, and he was prepared to launch a fatal strike right after appearing.

When Long Haochen brought his group of comrades to be teleported here, those two Star Demons of the ninth step found out about his presence. The looks on their faces changed at once, as they lifted staves in their hand.

“Go!” Long Haochen shouted out, turning into a streak of light rushing straight to the two Star Demons. That was the fastest knight ability Lightspeed Flash.

At this time, he was already showing no more reservations. The four wings on his back glittered, raising his speed to the peak. All Demon Hunters from Bright Glimmer of Hope all rushed at their greatest speed, letting their already prepared attacks erupt.

A reddish and a purplish glint flitted across Long Haochen’s sides, shooting towards the two Star Demons.

Although these two were powerhouses of the ninth step, as they were caught by surprise, they were late in responding.

The combination of the Gigantic Ball of Light and Spiritual Stove of Purple Godly Thunder had previously managed to push away the Panther Demon God Auxerre. Even if these two Star Demons were even more powerful, there would still be a gap in strength between them and the Demon God Transformed Auxerre. And, just like Sima Xian, Lin Xin used his most powerful attack, Vulcain’s Finger, combined with a Hellfire Needle within.

Wang Yuanyuan and Zhang Fangfang took the sidelines and charged forward alongside Long Haochen, and at some point Cai’er had also attached herself to his back.

The current Haochen had a grim look, wielding the Aria of the Goddess of Light and Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, which were glinting profusely.

The staves on the two Star Demons’ hands glistened in orange color, and two intense orange halations came out right in front of them. As the most powerful magic oriented demon clan, Star Demons naturally had a lot of means   of   preservation,   especially   those   who   reached   the   ninth step, which blessed them with terrible strength.

These two orange halations stopped right in front of the Star Demon Pagoda, sheltering it without a single gap. One could see orange twinkling stars on the foreheads of these two Star Demons, their eyes turning orange- colored as well.

In a large explosion, Sima Xian and Lin Xin’s attacks bombarded these two barriers. But to their shock, although the barriers were shaking violently, there was not a single crack forming in them.

Such great defense? And that’s an instant cast defensive magic? If Yue Ye hadn’t seen this before and hadn’t had some understanding of the Star
Demons guarding this place, Long Haochen would surely be slowed down here, because this instant defensive magic was really too effective.

Yue Ye had told Long Haochen that the two Star Demons guarding the pagoda were not among the strongest in offensive power, but focused their training on defensive magic since a young age. Only cultivating defensive magic, they were given a single mission, which was to protect the Star Demon God Vassago as well as his Star Demon Pagoda.

So, they were greatly accomplished in defensive magic, and could be called the most accomplished in this field among all demons. If they were given the time to perform casting, even the Star Demon God himself would need a very long time to breach their defenses.

Of course, Long Haochen wouldn’t give them such a free time. The group had originally made a sudden appearance, catching these two Star Demons off-guard. The orange barriers released simultaneously were chanted at the two Star Demons’ greatest speed. But Long Haochen and his comrades were already arrived.

In a large clash, Long Haochen’s body struck those two barriers violently, and immediately, the pair of heavy swords in his hands made a bizarre motion, each sword harmonizing perfectly with the other one.

The orange Aria of the Goddess of Light and the dark-green Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light matched up above his head, and although his body was repelled and propelled back, these two divine swords had completed a process of harmonization.

Yating, whose six wings glinted strongly, appeared promptly behind Long Haochen’s back at that time. She was obviously prepared since long ago, and turned into a streak of golden light, entering the chink between the two harmonizing swords.

A fantastic scene followed. An indescribable glow rushed out from the two fusing swords, carrying a terrifying power originating from ancient times. From the tip of the sword and far ahead, an incandescent light replaced the previous orange and dark -green luster. A pure and
powerful holy force burst out instantly from there, it carried no remarkable fluctuation of spiritual   energy,   just   a   domineering   holy   aura,   full of the power of creation.

“Break for me!” Long Haochen shouted loudly. The pure light essence coming out from his body was infected by that pair of divine swords, becoming incandescent. Terrifying undulations of spiritual energy burst out instantly, as the divine sword struck!

Without any sound of friction, nor any loud sound, when this holy incandescent divine sword strike came in contact with the barrier, it gave off a feeling of knife rubbing into butter. A white trace appeared noiselessly onto the barrier, and immediately, Long Haochen then struck a second time.

In an ear-piercing shattering sound, those two yellow barriers turned instantly into countless yellow dots of light scattering. Long Haochen’s body kept charging, striking the Star Demon Pagoda’s gate violently. The instant of the clash, he became like an incandescent hedgehog releasing countless sword rays in two directions. Star Swords Rain, a Retribution Knight’s powerful crowd-based offensive ability.

Under Long Haochen’s power control, Star Swords Rain condensed into two areas, enveloping the two Star Demons already prepared to release magic.

If Long Haochen still had the two divine swords of epic tier from before, there was no way for him to have an easy time against these two Star Demons of the ninth step using Star Swords Rain. But the divine sword in his hand was neither of the Aria of the Goddess of Light nor Blue Rain, but an extraordinary divine swords born from those two swords.

Chapter 624

This divine sword was filled with the power of creation of life in light and water, nurturing this Sword of Creation. It didn’t have the normal multicolored light from a divine tool, but had its own luster, proving that it was already thoroughly surpassing the scope of an ordinary divine tool.

Even a demon god would not necessarily manage to thoroughly resist such an attack. Those two Star Demons of the ninth step couldn’t attend to keep guarding the Star Demon Pagoda with their magic, and could only release barely orange barrier on their own while retreating swiftly.

Large explosions finally reverberated. In this demon capital, in the core area of the Star Demon Clan came a hard to describe powerful burst of holy aura. The two Star Demons of the ninth step were repelled while spurting blood, their defensive barrier having been once again ruptured.

To Long Haochen’s own surprise, his attack caused enormous damage on these two Star Demons. What a shame that this was not in the Star Demon Palace, otherwise these two Star Demons would have no chance to escape if his group were to follow up with another attack.

This was the first time for Long Haochen to use the Divine Sword of Life and Creation, his greatest trump card, surpassing by far both its components in terms of tyrannical power. Long Haochen was already certain that even the weapon of the Holy Sword Wielder Ye Wushang of those times was definitely not more powerful than his.
The Sword of Life and Creation had Yating as its soul, and was born from the perfect fusion of the Aria of the Goddess of Light and Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light; yielding a true divine tool far surpassing ordinary ones. Although it was not yet comparable to a supra divine tool such as the Tower of Eternity, it was already approaching the level of the Divine Snail Shield’s true power.

This sword fusion was comprehended by Long Haochen back in the time he had killed the Panther Demon God, and was brought about by Yating. As a fused spiritual stove, Yating’s role had been to be a support so far, but only Long Haochen knew that among all the spiritual stoves of his comrades, probably none could compare with her. After all, Yating was an intelligent spiritual stove.

In terms of spiritual stove classification, she had already surpassed the first tier of spiritual stoves, becoming an intelligent spiritual stove. Of course, maybe Yating was still a bit short of the true ultimate intelligent spiritual stoves of legend, but she already gave Haochen an enormous help.

The fallen meteorite absorbed by the two divine swords strengthened them greatly, and back then Yating told Long Haochen that they had a very strong compatibility, which is also why she recommended to upgrade the two of them together.

But these divine swords were after all not created originally as a set. Their material and properties still differed, so how could they still be perfectly fused as one? This is due to Yating’s continuous great efforts. In fact, it was only after having perfected the last hurdle in the spiritual stove fusion that she finally informed Haochen.

Light and water were undoubtedly the two main elements composing life and giving birth to life. The great compatibility of these two sword attributes made their fusion feasible, and and Yating herself was the catalyst of that fusion.

Fusing with the Saint Spiritual Stove gave Yating its nurturing ability, so she was the one nurturing the two divine swords throughout their absorbtion of the fallen meteorite. In some sense, it was because of Yating’s nurturing
that the two divine swords had a total change, so th ey had a great affinity with her.

Yating was not a human in itself, and even though she really seemed like a living being, she was not one. So by making her own self something close to a sword soul, she managed to act as a catalyst for these two swords’ true fusion.

This was how the Sword of Creation and Life was born.

Long Haochen could not currently study the miracle brought by this divine sword. In this heavy clash, the gate stopping him was finally burst open, and with no hesitation, Long Haochen brought his group inside.

Since the start of the operation, everything was going smoothly, and the heavy damage caused on these two Star Demons of the ninth step by his previous Star Swords Rain was a nice unexpected surprise. Now it seemed that they were really likely to succeed.

Long Haochen broke inside first, but Wang Yuanyuan and Zhang Fangfang did not immediately follow, instead guarding the gate. Lin Xin, Chen Ying’er, Han Yu and Sima Xian passed them, then they followed before hastily closing that door.

Those two Star Demons of the ninth step outside already cried out with all they had, but no matter what rescue signal they would send, Long Haochen’s group was already inside the Star Demon Pagoda.

A grey figure watched everything happening in front of the Star Demon Pagoda, clenching his fists, making his extreme nervousness visible.

“They are just too daring! No wonder I had the feeling that something was off. They were actually aiming for the Star Demon’s god pillar! But can they really succeed? That’s just too dangerous.”

Taking a deep breath, this grey figure kept quiet, but had an indescribable feeling of panic arising inside him.
Terrifying fluctuations of spiritual energy circulated in the air, as Long Haochen kept going forward, his eyes flickering in light.

Entering abruptly into the Star Demon Pagoda gave them an illusory feel, just like the first time they entered in the Tower of Eternity. Except that inside this Star Demon Pagoda, that feeling was full of mystery.

Everything in the surrounding shone with a dark gold gloss. Under their feet was a massive dark-golden magic array, with many symbols unknown to Long Haochen on its body. They were certain that these symbols weren’t ancient elvish language, but extraordinary magic runes. These runes extended all over the ground to the walls of the whole Star Demon Pagoda, and in the center of this pagoda lay a massive pillar that would need four people to wrap around it.

From the outside, the Star Demon Pagoda did not look so large, but upon entering for real, Long Haochen’s group found out with shock that the area inside the Star Demon Pagoda was close to the Alliance’s Great Stadium. From that huge pillar linking heaven and earth, a dark golden gloss dispersed slowly, and grains of orange star-shaped dots flickered all around.

Some of these stars were large, some small, some illusory, some material, but each of them looked different. But at first glance, they felt like they made only one.

The bizarre magic fluctuations gave off the feeling of seeing through the future. That instant, Long Haochen realized that it seemed like countless pairs of eyes were watching him, giving off an unbearable feeling.

“This is the Star Demon God Pillar? Boss, hurry!” Sima Xian was already shouting in impatience.

Long Haochen immediately awoke from that eerie feeling. How could I let myself soak into that feeling? While blaming himself, Long Haochen swiftly initiated Haoyue’s summons. They were already arrived and everything was going so smoothly. , they would have to collaborate with Haoyue to crush that pillar with their all. After completing the attack, Long Haochen would then transport all his comrades through the Tower of
Eternity, before looking for a way to break out, and get as far as possible. After all, teleporting from as far as possible from the Star Demon Palace was the best, since they could only reappear at the location they had previously teleported from.

Of course, this was the best case. If things were really undoable, their only option would be to leave by teleportation.

This was Long Haochen’s whole plan, to draw in all the powerhouses in Modu Core City, misdirecting them, then raid to attack the Star Demon Pagoda.

The whole operation was near its end, and only needed Haoyue to achieve it.

But Haoyue didn’t appear.

This instant Long Haochen froze. His whole body was shaken greatly as if a current of electricity had travelled through all of it, because...

The summon was a failure!

Right, his summoning of Haoyue had failed.

Ever since Long Haochen had concluded a contract with Haoyue, this was the first time it failed so far. He was unexpectedly unable to sense Haoyue’s existence, unable to sense the blood link between the two of them, and moreover unable to bring him into this world. Their connection was breached without any reason.

How could this happen? Long Haochen had already considered any possible issue in his meticulous planning during this operation, but the only thing he didn’t expect was a severing of the connection between Haoyue and him.

How could such an awkward thing happen in such a crucial time?

Seeing how Long Haochen’s body was shaking, Cai’er who was sticking close behind him stepped back in a rush, “Haochen, what’s happening?”
Every one of the members of Bright Glimmer of Hope could see the shock in Long Haochen’s   look.   At   the   same   time,   they   had an ominous feeling arising inside each of them.

“I am unable to contact Haoyue, nor to summon him!” Long Haochen almost lost his voice while saying that. As the commander of his team, he was in total panic at this time, despite having so many years of battle experience.

This was Modu Core City, and moreover, the core of the Star Demon Pagoda inside the Star Demon Palace, a place where such an issue could very possibly cause their annihilation.

At this time, a bizarre voice slowly reverberated, “You finally came. I have been waiting a very very long time for you. Welcome to you, Long Haochen, spokesperson of Austin Griffin.”

Chapter 625

An orange luster abruptly took shape in front of the Star Demon God Pillar, illuminating the ground. And just like that, an orange figure appeared in the center of this pillar of light.

He was seated in midair, his orange gown making him look no different from any ordinary Star Demon. But his pair of eyes seemed able to see through everything, shining like a yellow crystal. If one looked carefully, his eyes looked like an endless night sky.

His long hair draping over his shoulder, he floated calmly, his handsome face visibly looking pale. His body dispersed a mystical aura, exactly the same as the one coming out from the Star Demon God Pillar.

Even though this   was   the   first   time   the   group   saw   him,   a name surged up in everyone from Bright Glimmer of Hope, Star Demon God Vassago.

Everyone had a real inauspicious feeling. Vassago actually revealed himself in here, and at this time, they had lost the ability to summon Haoyue. What could it mean? It meant that this was a trap!

Long Haochen unconsciously blurted out, “Yue Ye!” Right, Yue Ye was definitely the issue. He didn’t expect this to really be a trap, nor had he thought any issue could arise with Yue Ye. This instant, his whole body was drenched in sweat.

But even in such an unfavorable situation, Long Haochen still preserved his calm. He did not hesitate at all to immediately transfer his spiritual
energy and mental force with all his might into the Eternal Melody in front of his chest.

An intense bright light instantly arose on his chest, wrapping his whole group inside.

Everyone from Bright Glimmer of Hope was naturally aware of what he was doing, rushing to his side. They clearly had no thoughts of responding: since Vassago had appeared there, he had clearly anticipated their arrival, so their plan was already a failure. Ths being the case, they could only leave as fast as possible. As long as they could return to the Tower of Eternity, they could have a chance to make a comeback in the future.

The bright light vanished rapidly, and how about the group?

Vassago calmly looked at the Eternal Melody activated by Long Haochen, but didn’t show any intent to stop him. His look was still as calm, but also leaked small traces of sadness and disappointment. His face was obviously pale, and he couldn’t help but cough lightly.

The bright light disappeared, but the group was still in place.

Long Haochen, Cai’er, Lin Xin, Wang Yuanyuan and the rest were still on the same spot, standing in front of the Star Demon God. They were not teleported, or anything like that.

“No good!” The look on their faces changed, as Han Yu swiftly charged at the gate of the Star Demon Pagoda. Although they didn’t know what Vassago did for the teleportation to fail, their inability to teleport away was clearly due to the location. Everyone understood that their plans led them to an unredeemable trap. But even at such a time, they still had to struggle, and couldn’t let even the slightest hope escape.

Bang. Han Yu struck the door violently, but his body was just repelled back even faster. A soft dark golden gloss then shone in the whole Star Demon Pagoda.
All the dark golden inscriptions on the ground and the walls lit up brightly this instant, and illuminated the whole Star Demon Pagoda lightly.

They couldn’t sense any trace of darkness element in these fantastic elemental fluctuatio

ns, but this instant, Long Haochen had clearly sensed that they were already trapped in a sort of cage, a cage from which they had no means of escape.

Their mood was at its lowest level. This instant, Long Haochen had already understood that on this day, they had absolutely no way to escape. But he did not understand how they fell into such an inconceivable trap.

“I can understand your unresignedness and incomprehension.” The Star Demon God Vassago spoke lightly, “You are undoubtedly a high level existence among humans, and even if you are going to die here on this day, you can be proud of your own death. That’s because in order to avoid any accident in killing you, nearly all the forces from my clan were transferred. This plan was already in motion since the start of the Holy War; a plan that involved dozens of millions of individuals. Even if you were even smarter, even more capable and even more blessed in light elemental mastery, you would still have no way to leave from my Star Demon Pagoda. In there, your plans have come to their end.”

Long Haochen took a deep breath, actually calming down in these desperate straits. As it is said, nothing is more wretched than apathy. He already understood that such a grandiose demonic plan couldn’t possibly leave him with the slightest chance. Since things were like that, even if he would die here, that will be after doing his utmost in a struggle against the enemy, doing his utmost to give the most value possible to his death.

“So, things were like that.” Long Haochen’s voice became just as indifferent as he looked at the Star Demon God floating in front of them.

Vassago’s look seemed to contain a lot of praise, “You deserve to know the whole process. You are the only human who could possibly qualify for us to do such things.”
“The instant of your entrance in the Star Demon Pagoda, this plan was at its perfection. But I have known that this would happen since long ago.

“I had seen it all a few years ago.

“Do you think that Yue Ye fooled you? That she drew you into this trap?” Vassago interrogated with a smile. His tone had lost its apathy, and grown a great deal angrier.

Long Haochen asked coldly, “Could it not be the case?”

Vassago shook his head, “Of course not. If she was lying to you so far, how could you not have found out with your senses so sharp? At least you would subconsciously have had some feelings of danger. But right because everything was real, you were finally fooled. Yue Ye was just a portion of this plan. Even now, she does not know that you have fallen into this trap that mobilized our race’s whole forces.”

Long Haochen was slightly shaken, “Yue Ye did not fool us, and was also one of the fooled parties? And you knew about our relation of collaboration beforehand.”

Vassago shook his head once again, “There is nothing we are not aware of. She may think she concealed herself well, but in the end, her Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce is not a united thing. Actually, making her believe what we wanted her to wasn’t hard; the hard part , because a god’s chosen one such as you has a great perception of danger, was to make you believe that your plan was going totally against our expectations as you advanced here, step by step. Any adaptation of our moves to your plans would have greatly aroused your alertness. And I believe that you are a prudent human: if there were traces of danger, your plans would be basically cancelled, am I wrong?”

Long Haochen indifferently replied, “But I have still fallen for your trap.”

Vassago responded, “That’s because this trap was more than perfect. Everything you have encountered appeared totally real, including the part
when Yue Ye told you that my cultivation was reduced to a tenth of its peak power. His Majesty the Demon God Emperor and the Moon Demon God also brought out the demon armies to the Exorcist Mountain Pass for real. This Holy War was also made real just for your sake. The combination of so many real facts couldn’t be doubted in your eyes. Which is why you are here right now.”

Long Haochen had a blank look, “But isn’t it a fact that your strength is only at a tenth of its peak? Even if I cannot summon Haoyue, even if I cannot bring him here, and am unable to destroy your demon god pillar, just killing you will be enough to make our death worth it.”

Vassago showed a faint smile, “You are wrong. The trade is not worth it at all for your side. Exchanging my life for yours is actually a profit for my race, a great profit. That’s because you are the only possible threat to our existence that has ever arisen over the past six thousand years since our descent into Shengmo Dalu. If we let you keep growing, there will be a day that you will become a real threat to my race. This is why I used the Great Prophecy Technique at the cost of my life expectancy, to unleash a real Great Prophecy Technique.

“I have seen a lot, a real lot. Even if that was at the cost of a hundred years of life expectancy, this was worth it for the future of demons. I have seen your astonishing growth speed, seen the sight of you killing my kin, and seen the process of you coming here inevitably after stopping at the Exorcist Mountain Pass. For sure, I wasn’t able to grasp everything clearly, and even experienced obscure changes in the great prophecies after you arrived there. But I have been able to sense that this was the only chance we had to kill you, and to kill Austin Griffin. If this did not turn out successful, the next sight would be the doom of my race. So no matter what, you won’t ever leave from here.

“You are the one chosen by the Goddess of Light… Actually, you alone wouldn’t be sufficient to be such an enormous threat for our race. And, actually, we only have to kill Austin Griffin and no more. Even with our absolute strength, we are still unwilling to face him, because he is the only one to have the ability to breach the protective barrier we have erected. We are unwilling to let the slightest risk appear. So with you here,
he just cannot come. And as long as you die, even if his blood was even stronger, the only fate for him is to follow yours. You were the one to bring him in this world, so his life can only terminate alongside yours. Don’t you want to know what he is? Why we dread him to such an extent, and not only me, but even His Majesty as well?”

Chapter 626

“I don’t want to know!” Long Haochen suddenly shouted, moving his sword rhythmically. His left feet tapped the ground, and rushed forward like an immense white dragon, sweeping the Sword of Creation and Life at the Star Demon God.

After falling to this trap and hearing the explanation of the Star Demon God Vassago, he understood that they would hardly escape safely on this day. But even if there was only a slight opportunity, he had to make the Star Demon God share the same fate.

At the same time that Long Haochen burst forward, all members of Bright Glimmer of Hope broke out at the same time with their most powerful attack, focusing everything on the Star Demon God Vassago.

Facing their sudden offense, Vassago didn’t show the slightest reaction, just shaking his head with a smile on his face, “Youngsters, don’t you understand?”

As he spoke, an indescribable feeling of terrible might spread out from all directions, making them feel totally empty of strength, an earth shaking oppressive might.

All the offensive abilities and spiritual energy were crushed instantly, and that instant, Long Haochen was suppressed instantly in midair. In a sonorous clash, the Sword of Creation and Life in his hand pulsed violently in an incandescent radiance which rolled up backwards, trying to protect his body. But alongside his sword, he also was violently smashed to the ground.
Two figures silently appeared on the Star Demon Vassago’s two sides.

The person on the right, measuring about two meters, was clad in a purplish golden traditional robe. His long hair draped with a headband and his thin eyebrows gave off a very feminine feeling. His pair of purple eyes was faintly dispersing dark golden light, and in the midst of his forehead, a quarter of moon shaped design was visible. That was the Star Demon God Agares.

The person on the right, slowly retracting his right hand, didn’t have such imposing looks. Roughly measuring 1.9 meters, his waterfall-looking black hair floated on his back and formed a black wheel’s shape. On his gorgeous black traditional robe were faintly glinting purple symbols. His skin looked close to pale, and his blue eyes seemed reminiscent of the cosmos’ starlight.

His looks were not as good as the Moon Demon God Agares, and his air of mystery was below the Star Demon God Vassago. But just by floating there, he gave off a feeling of ultimate supremacy, making both Agares and Vassago only look like minor characters in contrast.

Right, that’s the ruler of the present age, chief of the Defying Devil Dragons and number one demon god, Demon God Emperor Fengxiu.

The instant he appeared, Vassago naturally straightened his posture, and placed himself alongside Agares’ behind Fengxiu.

The numbers one, two, and three top demon gods were gathered in front of all the members of Bright Glimmer of Hope.

“That’s him… His aura! He actually came personally! It’s over, Haochen’s group is done for! Hahahaha, wasn’t that what I wanted to see? But was that really what I wanted to see? ”

Tears were dropping without control on the grey haired person’s face, whose body shook violently, but without any longer, disappeared instantly in the air in a flash of light.
All Long Haochen and every single one of his comrades had totally grim faces. The Demon God Emperor Fengxiu actually showed up here; the instant of his appearance, Long Haochen came to understand that everything Vassago had just said was truth, and not an attempt to stall for time.

Before Vassago meticulously described the process of his Great Prophecy, Long Haochen had the eventual hope that it was only Vassago who had detected their arrival, and intentionally kept guard in front of his demon god pillar, and that this barrier was originally from the Star Demon Pagoda.

But he came to realize that his last hope was just an illusion. This was truly the land of burial the Demon God Emperor had arranged for them.

Turning back, Long Haochen stooped toward his comrades, his eyes filled with countless emotions.

“Boss, I have no regrets. The day I became a Demon Hunter, I was resolved for that day.” Sima Xian laughed heartily, vigorously waving the Gigantic Ball of Light in his hand.

“Boss, we couldn’t be born at the same time, but we will die together.
This lifetime was worth it.” Han Yu howled with deep red eyes.

Lin Xin laughed gently, “Boss, in our next life, can we become brothers and keep teaming up together? I need you to keep leading us, even if it has to go like that time I made you give that promise so shamelessly.”

Wang Yuanyuan took a deep breath, “Boss, from the time the Soul Sharing Chains have linked us for the first time, we have been one. This operation was a shared decision of all of us. Even in death, we have already killed an uncountable number of demons.

“This ends just a few days early.”

Zhang Fangfang on the side held Wang Yuanyuan’s slim and flexible waist, “Yuanyuan, I only want to hold you now. Dying by your side is my
honor. In the other world, would you be willing to marry me?”

Chen Ying’er laughed mockingly, “Brother Fangfang, you are actually choosing to propose in here. What an original approach! If I knew earlier, I would have brought Wenzhao a bit earlier. “Ayy, what a shame! Boss, how about making me a mistress in the otherworld. You’re far better than that guy Yang Wenzhao.”

Only Cai’er remained silent, looking foolishly at Long Haochen. Her eyes were rippling lightly, and her body was lightly shaking.

Long Haochen stepped forward and softly held Cai’er, sweeping his gaze past the whole group.

“Making apologies would have no meaning now. As your captain, what I can do last is to be the first one to die. No one is allowed to fight over this, it’s an order. Fighting alongside you all was the greatest honor of my life!”

After saying this, Long Haochen let go of Cai’er and drew a last step back, putting force into his right fist, he thumped on his chest behind the Golden Foundation Armor which made a deafening noise. Even the solid Golden Foundation Armor of epic tier had a small dent form.

Amidst loud sounds, all members from Bright Glimmer of Hope made a salute of response to Long Haochen.

Abruptly turning back, he faced the three demon gods in the air. Taking a deep breath, he felt completely serene. His eyes flickered coldly, nodding to the Demon God Emperor, “Thank you.”

These thanks were addressed for the time for his comrades and him to bid farewell, because during their talks, the three greatest demon gods were only watching calmly, showing no intention of moving.

“This isn’t our first time meeting, right?” Fengxiu looked at Long Haochen with traces of sadness in his eyes.
Long Haochen was faintly startled, “You know about me?” He understood that there was no escape today, but his posture became even straighter. He was a knight, and no matter the time, a knight’s spirit can never die out.

The Demon God Emperor replied calmly, “The first time I have met you was in the Exorcist Mountain Pass. At that time, I had gotten from Allocer and the other two that Austin Griffin had very possibly appeared and I left to investigate personally. At that time, I came to sense your existence in the Exorcist Mountain Pass.”

Long Haochen was astonished, “At that time Your Majesty became aware of me among such a crowd?” At that time he was still very weak, and his constitution as Scion of Light was still very far from awakening as a god’s chosen one. With so many powerhouses there, how could the Demon God Emperor take notice of him.

Fengxiu showed a tranquill smile, “That’s because you are different from others. Unfortunately at that time, Austin Griffin concealed his aura in you, which is why I couldn’t discover him. Otherwise you wouldn’t need to die: he’d be the only one to die.”

Long Haochen showed a stubborn stance, “Killing him is no different from killing me.”

Fengxiu looked at Long Haochen, “So similar! I like your character; compared to you, Ah’Bao is so much more stubborn while lacking charisma. What a shame, such a shame! …” Reaching this point, his sad look deepened.

“The second time meeting you should have been in the Moon Demon Palace. You youngsters, what a thing! You actually made such a mess in Agares’ Moon Demon Palace, I was almost about to make a move back then. But for the sake of catching you all in this inescapable trap, we just looked on helplessly at your release of a forbidden spell devastating the Moon Demon Palace. You can stand proud on this fact alone.”
Long Haochen showed a calm look. He did not understand why the Demon God Emperor did not move at all until now, and was telling him all that. Was that the phenomenon of the cat rejoicing after catching the mouse?

As if he did not perceive the indignation in Long Haochen’s eyes, the Demon God Emperor Fengxiu continued, “At that time, you were on Yue Ye’s side, so actually, even without Vassago’s Great Prophecy, I knew about your close relationship with her. But, be at ease, I already gave Agares the promise to not take it out on her. After all, she’s the most intelligent talent in the whole Moon Demon Clan, she just took the wrong road. For her to get attracted by you is nothing I find unexpected.”

The fury in Long Haochen’s eyes disappeared. He understood clearly that with the Demon God Emperor’s status, he would surely keep any promise he makes. Since he said he wouldn’t punish Yue Ye, she was naturally going to be safe. This made him feel quite a bit better, after all Yue Ye was also a victim, he himself being the very cause.

“After that time, I came to hear more information regarding you many more times. Our third encounter should be in the Illusory Palace, where I tore space to rescue Ah’Bao’s group. Actually, I was astonished at that time. Ah’Bao’s strength was not so great at that time, but he should not have been someone you could resist against.”

Chapter 627

The Demon God Emperor had a warm-looking gaze. His looks were really young, looking just a bit older than Long Haochen. At the very moment, he seemed like an older brother chatting with Haochen.

“I was really shocked that time, and that was the first time I felt that you were a threatening existence. Unfortunately, I still did not know that you were the one chosen by Austin Griffin at that time, bringing him into this world. That’s until Ah’Bao reported this information about you, along with the fact that Austin Griffin had already grown four heads. Then I came to realize that the one who would cause our future destruction was actually you.”

Long Haochen coldly remarked, “So you launched the Holy War putting the people in a terrible situation.”

The Demon God Emperor responded indifferently, “No matter how unwilling to kill you I was, your very existence threatens my race’s safety, so I had no other choice. Mercifulness doesn’t fit a general, especially a race’s head like me. Even if Ah’Bao was the one sheltering Austin Griffin, I would have made the same choice. For the sake of making you come here, I was forced to put on a play with Agares, but I knew long before that the Holy War would show no results. It was just for the sake of consuming the human force. What a shame, unlike me, you are no ruler, and won’t ever understand what a ruler has to give up on, and what he has to choose.”

Long Haochen declared, “If you hadn’t personally put on such a play, how could we be fooled? By attracting us here with such an irresistible
bait, you succeeded. To keep speaking would do no good, now do what you ought to!”

The Demon God Emperor shook his head, letting out a light sigh, “Listen to me until the end. I have no desire to kill you, but just no other choice. I want to do one last thing for you. By killing you, Austin Griffin will naturally die in his own world and my goal will be attained. I will let your comrades go so you can at least die at ease.”

“Majesty!” On his side, Agares couldn’t help but shout loudly. Long Hoachen was not the only excellent person in his Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope! In this Demon Hunt Squad were two other gods’ chosen ones, and almost all god’s chosen ones in Shengmo Dalu’s history inflicted them with terrible damage.

In such desperate straits when gods’ chosen ones have still not completely grown, letting these enemies with unbounded potential go was the release of young humans with future endless rancor, nothing less than future calamities stored up.

“Shut up!” Fengxiu’s look suddenly became cold, and an incomparable aura of terror burst out from him, keeping Agares from saying the words he still had. This was an undoubtable display of the Defying Devil Dragon Emperor’s might.

Agares, who had a pale face, lowered his head respectfully and didn’t dare utter a word.

Fengxiu coldly swept a glance at Agares, “No one is to question my decisions.”

“I accept Your Majesty’s punishment.” Agares hanged his head low.

In a wave of his hand, Fengxiu reappeared in front of Long Haochen, paying no more attention to Agares.

Although he knew fully that the Demon God Emperor wouldn’t give empty words, Long Haochen couldn’t help but lose his voice, “You… Are
you for real? You are willing to let my comrades go?”

After learning earlier that they had fallen into this trap, Long Haochen and his comrades had already made the resolve to die. But now, the Demon God Emperor was suddenly declaring he was willing to let go of his comrades. This was an immeasurable pleasant surprise in his ears.

“I never take back my words.” Fengxiu slowly shut his eyes as he said so.

Long Haochen was unfamiliar with this Demon God Emperor, but the Moon Demon God and Star Demon God were extremely familiar with Fengxiu. The Star Demon God Vassago did not express anything, but the Moon Demon God Agares was in secret shock, because he knew that the Demon God Emperor would only show this expression when in an extreme internal conflict. Even after having followed the Demon God Emperor for so many years, this kind of situation happened only a few times, and it was now taking place in front of an enemy he must kill.

“Boss, we want to stay with you in life as well as death.” Behind Long Haochen, almost everyone from Bright Glimmer of Hope spoke these words in unison.

Long Haochen suddenly broke out in anger, “Drivel! Don’t tell me you think your lives are mine? From the day you became Demon Hunters, your lives belong to the Alliance.”

His body was sligthly shaking, as he deeply watched the group attentively, “Still remember those words I told Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi? Live on, and you will have the chance to take revenge for your comrades in the future. But if you die, you won’t ever have any chance. Death is not a fearful thing, but if you follow me just like that, I won’t ever forgive you even from the other side, because that’s the act of a coward. I will always keep watching you from an unseen world, until the day that you come back to this Modu Core City. If you still recognize me as your captain, don’t do foolish things. I am ordering each of you from Bright Glimmer of Light to keep living and take revenge for me in battle in a short time.”
Seeing his stubborn look, the eyes of the others watching him gradually became red. Everyone from Bright Glimmer of Hope unconsciously shuddered from the emotions. Right, to die was a very simple thing, but to keep living was even harder.

“No!!” Cai’er suddenly let out a shout close to hysteria, fiercely throwing herself on Long Haochen’s embrace, but without leaving her any time to give voice, Long Haochen’s hand noiselessly pinched her neck. With a light groan, Cai’er slowly fell limp on the ground.

Two clear drops flowed along Long Haochen’s face as the various memories starting from his encounter with Cai’er flashed incessantly. He remembered clearly about the first time he met Cai’er, as she was still a little girl. He reminisced clearly on every moment he spent with Cai’er. Every one of them flashed through. The happiest moments of his life were probably the times of sending off Cai’er every day during his participation in the Demon Hunter Selection, pulling her hand and slowly walking on the streets.

But this couldn’t happen again anymore. He knew that he could convince the other members, who would righteously obey his plans, but he had no way to convince Cai’er, so he could only force her into a calm state first.

Lowering his head and lightly kissing her forehead, then her fair cheeks, his feelings of reluctance to part were clearly visible in the eyes of all members from Bright Glimmer of Hope.

“Captain!” Lin Xin, who was long since unable to bear his tears, called out loudly.

“Shut up!” Long Haochen shouted. He obviously knew what Lin Xin wanted to say, but he couldn’t let him do that. After he managed to make the others press down their feelings with such difficulty, if they were ignited anew, he had no confidence to make everyone calmly accept the incoming tragedy.

Long Haochen didn’t look at the others any further, but lowered his head, directing all his last emotion to Cai’er in his arms.
“Foolish girl, how could I look at you doing such a stupid thing? Did you know, I really hope you can once again lose your memories after leaving from here. Forget about me and about all this pain. Sorry that I cannot stay by your side until growing old.”

Saying that, he delicately took off her the blue forget-me-not ring, flickering a dark gold color inside the Star Demon Pagoda.

Long Haochen put it on Cai’er’s finger then softly kissed her cheek once again. With a stride forward, he handed her over to Wang Yuanyuan.

Raising his head to give another look to the group, he saw them all teary, their eyes all filled with grim sadness.

“Don’t be sad. I already feel blessed and happy that you can all leave from here alive. Remember this: live well. From the other side, I will be waiting for you all to take revenge for me. My soul will be watching over you. I have a last request for you all; no matter what, don’t let Cai’er take revenge impatiently. You must keep her alive, even if you have to knock her out after she awakes. Just don’t let her do anything stupid.”

Wang Yuanyuan accepted Cai’er and nodded vigorously. Even someone as strong as her was unable to bear her tears, totally speechless.

To die could be an easy thing compared to living on. They really hoped to share Long Haochen’s fate here, but understood deeply that Long Haochen was right. They were Demon Hunters, whose lives were already not their own anymore but the Alliance’s, and all humanity’s. They couldn’t die here like that, as they were the only ones who could take revenge for Haochen in the future.

Abruptly turning his head, Long Haochen didn’t dare look at Cai’er further, afraid to be unable to repress his inner feelings any longer. Lowering his head, he murmured to himself, “Sorry Haoyue, I couldn’t protect you, and had to implicate you in my dying fate. If there’s a next life, I am willing to make one with you, so that we can stay good brothers this next lifetime.”
Saying that, he abruptly raised his head, forcibly throwing off his tears. Raising his head and shutting his eyes, he turned toward the Demon God Emperor who never stopped him from bidding his last farewells to his comrades.

“Your Majesty Demon God Emperor, although we are enemies, I thank you for being willing to let my comrades go. But I just have a last request that I hope you can grant me.”

Fengxiu replied calmly, “Speak.”

Long Haochen showed some pride on his face, and declared loudly, “I am a knight from the Knight Temple, who has grown learning a knight’s essence. As a knight who couldn’t protect his comrades well, I must die here today, but as a knight, I hope that you could let me die in a fitting way, as I am unwilling to face a cowardly end. I want to challenge you.”

Chapter 628

I want to challenge you! Those simple words from Haochen’s mouth were resonating with force.

The heretofore extremely serene Star Demon God Vassago couldn’t help but reveal astonishment after hearing his statement.

For him to have the courage to say such a thing in such desperate straits, and when facing such an irresistible enemy, he couldn’t help but gain a whole new level of respect for Long Haochen.

“Alright.” The Demon God Emperor shouted abruptly, shutting his eyes. Two resplendent cold flames surged from these eyes gazing at Long Haochen ardently. A deep sadness and appreciation could be seen in those eyes: this complex expression now carried a tint of resolution.

“You deserve to be called someone I care about. I will give you this honor,” the Demon God Emperor said loudly, and in a flash, his figure landed twenty meters away from Long Haochen.

Long Haochen placed his right fist on his chest, striking it in the middle, and showed the Demon God Emperor a knight salute, “Thank you. I hope you will abide by your promises.”

Xiufeng gave Long Haochen a deep glance, “If I had the choice, I’d rather hope that you wouldn’t die here. But it’s already late to say that. You should realize that asking to die by my hand is also a matter of terrible cruelty.
“I will be killing with my own hands my own…”

At this point, he cut his speech, becoming silent. An unnatural looking smile then appeared on his face, “There are some matters you should better not learn. I hope you can die without any regrets. Come with your strongest attack, so that I can see just what level you have finally reached.”

Long Haochen nodded. Right now, he didn’t have any more tears falling, only strong attachment. A strong attachment of his very own.

Standing here, Long Haochen didn’t immediately make a move. Seemingly in a mystical state, his eyes gradually gained a grim look. The penetrating golden color of his eyes had just become pure beyond compare.

A faint light fog arose around his body, shrouding him in a totally white fog. Long Haochen’s Aria of the Goddess of Light and Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, which were previously separated were slowly lifted above his head, and Yating re-appeared behind him.

As Long Haochen’s elemental fairy, in case Long Haochen died, due to her close link with him she’d hardly survive. But the current Yating didn’t have any sad look, only a look of tenderness and dedication. She didn’t give a single look to the Demon God Emperor, focusing her gaze from beginning to end on Long Haochen himself, unwilling to waste time with any other matter.

Orange and green crossed in midair, as the gold colored Yating became the catalyst for their fusion. A brilliance full of white heat filled with intense divine aura once again ascended from this Star Demon Pagoda, and became one with the white fog surrounding Long Haochen’s body, bursting out with intense incandescent flames.

Without a doubt, the Long Haochen currently reached the greatest peak he had ever attained in his life. Even his eyes had turned into an incandescent color.
The Demon God Emperor Fengxiu watched Long Haochen attentively. The look on his eyes didn’t change from beginning to end; the sadness and appreciation in his eyes was pulsing from the deepest parts.

Long Haochen moved, his left feet striding forward abruptly. The heavy sword grasped in his hands struck slowly; his movement looked very slow, but looking at this sword strike, even powerhouses of the Moon Demon God and Star Demon God’s levels couldn’t help but react in alert.

Long Haochen’s sword did not follow any trajectory, only full of dedicated sword intent. This was not a sword intent of terrible might, but it was impossible to dodge

Fengxiu did not move, only calmly looking at Long Haochen as his sword slowly approached the top of his head. The interior of the whole Star Demon Pagoda already had turned into an incandescent color due to Long Haochen’s sword strike, and massive fluctuations of spiritual energy moved rhythmically in the air. All the darkness essence was actually crushed upon contact with Long Haochen’s sword, and even the Star Demon God surrounded himself with starlight that instant, involuntarily launching his powerful aura to resist all the holy light spiritual energy contained in his sword.

At Long Haochen’s back appeared slowly a pure white image, the Goddess of Light.

This sword strike looked simple, but already contained everything Long Haochen had. His divine tool, God Descent, sword intent, and all his will and spiritual energy. That was his strongest state since birth, and very possibly his final attack.

The Demon God Emperor showed a slight emotional reaction, slowly waving his right hand. His movement appeared slow, and as he moved, not the slightest elemental essence was released, giving off the feeling that he was just an all the more ordinary person, simply and unhurriedly lifting his hand.
Fengxiu slowly pointed one of his fingers forward, and that finger as fair as any female’s nimbly made contact with the sharp end of the Sword of Creation and Life.

But with this bit, all the incandescence instantly dispersed. No release of mighty darkness essence in the Star Demon Pagoda followed, but just from that, Long Haochen’s body shook violently.

The terrifying sword intent finally flared out the next instant, but was not directed toward the Demon God Emperor Xiufeng, but dispersed to all directions of the Star Demon Pagoda. The incomparably sharp sword intent moved rhythmically all around, making all members of Bright Glimmer of Hope feel as if they had returned to the Desolate Hissing Cavern from that time.

This flare out of sword aura and sword intent gradually dispersed after a whole dozen breaths’ time, and the incandescent colored brilliance gradually vanished. Fengxiu slowly withdrew his right hand then waved his fingertip forward. Long Haochen still remained in the same position, unmoving. As if his whole person was poured into the previous sword strike, his look was still the same determined one, but appeared totally static.

Fengxiu’s fair fingertip leaked a drop of blood, soaked in an intense golden color.

“Very good, very good.” Fengxiu suddenly revealed a smile, a large and hysterical smile. As he howled with laughter, the whole Star Demon Pagoda shivered, and the Moon Demon God and Star Demon God couldn’t help but stimulate their spiritual energy to defend their own bodies. But all the members from Bright Glimmer of Hope sustained its terrifying pressure and were sent flying to the Star Demon Pagoda’s walls. That instant, Cai’er was awakened in Wang Yuanyuan’s arms.

“Haochen!” Right when opening her eyes, Cai’er immediately shouted. She saw in a glance the unmoving Long Haochen standing there, as well as the Demon God Emperor laughing frantically.
The Demon God Emperor’s power was just too terrifying. Even if that was just laughter, it suppressed everyone present, making them totally unable to move.

“Goodbye, youngster.” The Demon God Emperor’s laughter stopped suddenly, and in a wave of his hand, that drop of dark red blood wrapped in intense golden light shot toward Long Haochen like an arrow, marking his chest.

Pop. In a spurt of blood, a small hole appeared on the location of Long Haochen’s chest, and immediately, a bursting sound was heard, and a fist sized bloody hole appeared around the area that had been pierced.

Strangely, there was not even a single drop of blood. But a bloody hole was left in Long Haochen’s chest, making it visible that his heart had disappeared. The Golden Foundation Armor was actually of no use at all.

No one was able to assist Long Haochen: the restrictions in this Star Demon Pagoda were arranged not by the Star Demon God Vassago, but by the joint effort of the Demon God Emperor Fengxiu, the Moon Demon God Agares, and the Star Demon God Vassago. Even a supra divine tool’s power would be unable to pass through space in there.

“No...” Cai’er charged forward frantically, but was unable to budge in the slightest due to the unbendable power of suppression released from the Demon God Emperor’s body.

Seeing in person the scene of her beloved man’s heart getting smashed, Cai’er instantly felt totally blank. As a mouthful of blood was spurted out from her mouth, she lost consciousness in Wang Yuanyuan’s embrace.

A blank space, full of memories.

Shattering sounds resounded in Cai’er’s brain, and bit by bit, all kinds of memories surged in Cai’er’s mind.

“Are you okay?”
“I can’t speak, bad people are chasing me, they will arrive soon. Sister, save me!”

“It is brother, not sister.”

“I feel their presence, they will arrive soon. They can track my scent.
Go, quickly! Otherwise, it will be too late!”

“Out of the question! As a man, I must protect you.” “Little sister, where are you going? I’ll help you.” [c] “There’s no need.”
“Let me help you, please. I will escort you home.” “I told you there’s no need.” [d]


“Can you escort me for a little while, please?” “Yeah.”
“Where do you live?”

“250 meters forward, then 120 meters after turning right and, finally, we’ll arrive 60 meters after turning left.”

“You, what’s your name?” “Eh?”
“My name is Long Haochen. How about you?” “My name is Cai’er.”

Chapter 629

“Cai’er, for how long are you staying in Holy City?” “Why are you asking this?”
“I… I just want to know for how many more days I can keep sending you off.” [a]

“I’m just a blind girl. Is sending me off really such an important thing?”

“I… I don’t know!”

“I’m not a burden for you?”

“How could you be a burden for me?”

“Cai’er, actually I am really very ugly. Seeing that I am so ugly, how could I think of you like a burden?”

“Very ugly?”

“Yes, very ugly."

“Then are you willing to keep holding my hand forever?” “I am willing.”
“Let me help you.” “Let me go.”
“This is our home.”

“Cai’er, I promise that I will make a warm home for you. Our home!” [b]


“Idiot, what are you waiting for before giving me some clothes to wear?”


“No peeking!” [c] “Yeah.”
She just remembered everything, the whole time they spent together, every part of the process. And all the memories, be it before or after her amnesia, instantly merged as one.

Tears were flowing from Cai’er’s eyes; seeing Haochen’s heart destroyed, she felt as if it was her own heart that was destroyed. Her tears were mildly red colored, and gradually turned bright red.

Long Haochen’s body swayed lightly, falling slowly to the ground. That strong will in his eyes didn’t disappear from beginning to end; the instant he issued that challenge to the Demon God Emperor, he had cut the Soul Sharing Chains’ link, and as his body toppled over, his eyes were looking at Cai’er’s direction and slowly closing.

From Cai’er’s point of view, his look was just as gentle. Even while closing his eyes, he seemed to be expressing his everything to Cai’er. There was a thin grief, but mostly encouragement, as if telling Cai’er to survive, and live courageously.
Long Haochen had just died, closing his eyes contentedly. With the promise made by the Demon God Emperor, his comrades would be able to leave alive from there, and this was already enough in his eyes. Trapped in such desperate straits, he was already satisfied that the others would leave alive from there.

In the instant he collapsed, he came to read far too many things in Cai’er’s eyes.

He saw all kinds of things from the past, saw that coldness and warmth belonging to Cai’er alone. She finally recovered her memories! Long Haochen felt extremely unwilling; even at the instant of his death, he was still unwilling to see Cai’er in such a painful and unwilling state. So he shut his eyes, and revealed a thin smile on his face.

Bam. Long Haochen’s body fell heavily to the ground. Mysteriously, that penetrated area on his chest didn’t leak out any blood. His whole body sank heavily in darkness, and everything instantly became distant. He only felt as if flying far in the midst of darkness, feeling very cozy, as if all his worries and duties had broken away at once.

He just felt very light, heading to a direction with only endless relaxation...

All the looks on the faces of the Demon Hunters from Bright Glimmer of Hope became dull. They were gazing at Long Haochen’s direction, unable to even let out tears. It seemed as if time had stopped perpetually on that instant. They wanted to shout, cry bitterly, yell, but were unable to let out the slightest sound.

That captain who had led them unhindered over the continent throug h countless experiences of life or death, Long Haochen, the Saint Knight Head from the Knight Temple, god’s chosen one, Scion of Light, had left them forever.

Long Haochen’s corpse was lying unmoving, still showing a smiling face. But it was as if he had taken away all spirit from every member of
Bright Glimmer of Hope. Every single one of them had turned close to zombies on that instant.

The Demon God Emperor’s Fengxiu’s look was also lifeless, calmly looking at Long Haochen lying on the floor. From the finger he had just used, drop after drop of blood flowed and dropped to the ground.

Just as it seems, he was wounded. Although he hadn’t used any of his own abilities or equipment, the Demon God Emperor reaching a spiritual energy of one million and unequalled in the continent got his finger wounded by Long Haochen’s last sword strike.

The looks of the Moon Demon God and Star Demon God also froze, but deep in their hearts, they let out deep breaths of relief. This person, Austin Griffin’s blood contractor, finally died.

The demons’ threat, that heavenly wrath they feared beyond compare, was finally gone.

In a world of black and red.

An immense figure was crawling in a cave, his six heads all looking upwards. The surroundings were a mess in this firm cave, and he had countless bruises all over his body.

His six heads were still looking up high, but all the eyes on all his heads leaked purple blood.

His aura was fading bit by bit, while the amethyst colored scales on him also gradually lost their luster.


In the midst of unwilling howls reverberating inside a cave, his six heads which up to now were held high dropped unwillingly.

All the pressure was obliterated completely in an instant. The Demon Hunters from Bright Glimmer of Hope fell to the ground one after another,
but still dazedly remained on the ground, all their looks still gathered on this youth lying on the ground, still smiling but without an ounce of life left.

Abruptly freeing herself, Cai’er forced herself to stand on the ground. Her face was already empty of tears. At that moment, memories of the times that he took the enemies’ attack for her one time after another echoed inside her.

Her body was shaking violently in unwillingness, and her aura grew further and further in intensity in the midst of her shaking.

Taking one staggering step forward after another, Cai’er advanced toward him, until she tumbled onto him.

Her hand was lifted lightly, falling on that handsome face and touching it. He’s dead, my Haochen is dead...
“How could you part from me like that...” Cai’er murmured lightly, “Idiot, I just remembered… I just remembered everything about us! You are my idiot, how could you die and leave me alive? Didn’t you say that you would protect me for a lifetime as my Guardian Knight? How could you just die like that?”

Ding. In a light buzz, Long Haochen’s chest swayed, and a golden object came to view on the left side of the Golden Foundation Armor.

That was a small golden skull, the Eternal Melody which was embedded long ago on his chest and that Long Haochen had never been able to struggle free from.

Now that he was dead, the Eternal Melody finally parted from him, separating from his body. As the key to the Tower of Eternity, it had no obligation to guard a dead person, so it chose to leave.

Cai’er grabbed that golden skull almost instantly; her body couldn’t refrain from shaking, but that instant, she suddenly became stiff for a short
period of time, before she threw herself on Long Haochen in loud sobs.

“Get lost, all of you just get lost!” The Demon God Emperor standing in silence suddenly broke out in the kind of state of hysteria he had just before entering, bellowing these words frantically.

The gate of the Star Demon Pagoda opened abruptly, and a gale blew suddenly and engulfed every of the Demon Hunters as well as Long Haochen’s corpse, expelling them outside of the Star Demon Pagoda.

“Spread my order that no demon is allowed to stop them from leaving from Modu Core City. No one is to chase after him, or his whole clan will be wiped out.”

The Demon God Emperor’s cold voice broke out suddenly, and his terrifyingly formidable mental force abruptly spread to the whole Modu Core City in a burst. The terrifying might that was unleashed that instant made all the demons in Modu Core City crawl in fear, not daring to budge.

Right, their almighty emperor was furious, and almost every one of the Demon God Emperor’s bursts of fury would be the trigger of a calamity.

In a fierce wave of his hand, the Star Demon Pagoda closed its gate, and at that very moment, the Demon God Emperor Fengxiu had to take large gasps to breathe.

Looking upwards, his chest undulated violently. These terrifying magic fluctuations made the Moon Demon God Agares and Star Demon God Vassago alert, and they shivered slightly.

A Demon God Emperor in an unstable mood was an absolutely terrifying thing. Even killing the two of them would not be an impossible thing for him.

Fengxiu’s fists were clenched, and in the end a dark golden tear drop rolled from the outer side of his eye.
Opening his eyes abruptly, he looked toward the Moon Demon God Emperor Agares, “Aren’t you baffled that I have just let these humans off?”

Agares kept quiet out of fear and didn’t dare utter a word.

“Let me tell you, it is because this young man I have just killed has my blood flowing in his body, and was originally the second successor I had arranged. From the time of his birth, I didn’t do anything for him, and until that day I found out about him, I have not even once meddled with him. But he unfortunately concluded a blood contract with Austin Griffin, so I had to personally kill someone in whom my blood is flowing. Do you understand? All I could do for him was to let him die with the least regrets possible.”

Agares raised his head abruptly and had an expression full of unbelief. Never did he imagine that this so called Scion of Light and humans’ future hope Long Haochen actually had the Demon God Emperor’s blood flowing inside him. That was the Devil Dragon Clan’s royal blood!

Vassago didn’t mutter a word from beginning to end. As the one who utilized the Great Prophecy Technique, he was the only one aside from the Demon God Emperor to be aware of that relationship between Long Haochen and the Demon God Emperor.

Chapter 630

Fengxiu suddenly showed a smile, instantly recovering his calm, and declared coldly, “The Holy War is over. Agares, go recall all our troops. After all some human blood was flowing in him. Now that he has already died at my hands for the sake of my race, I want none of our troops to launch any active attacks on humans for ten days as a tribute for him.”

His eyes suddenly turned soft, “Child, the instant of your death, you weren’t aware of the relationship between you and me. I can only do this much for you. As a human saying stands, even wild beasts look after their young, which is to say that even the worst being in the world won’t go kill his own children, his own kin. But I killed you, sacrificing you for the sake of my race’s longevity. You, my descendant, my very own descendant. HAHA… HAHAHAHA!”

The Demon God Emperor’s hysterical laugh once again shook the Star Demon Pagoda, blowing at once all the seals on it. Barely tough enough, this long-lived building managed to remain without crumbling.

Bam, Bam, Bam. All members from Bright Glimmer of Hope couldn’t help but fall one after another to the ground.

The Demon God Emperor had really let them go, but at this time, they only had an endless pain and sadness filling them.

Cai’er held Long Haochen’s corpse, placing his back on the ground and preventing him from sustaining any shock. Her slim waist suddenly straightened vigorously.
Pressing on the Energetic Ball of Light to get up, Sima Xian’s eyes were very hard. Swinging his weapon backward, he declared, “I am going to stake my life against them.”

“Stop it!” In a thunderous way, Cai’er’s extremely cold shout stopped Sima Xian stiff.

Every member from Bright Glimmer of Hope had their attention pulled, and looked at her all at once. Cai’er look was filled with an extreme determination and grim aura spreading all around, and was swept coldly at the group, “Follow me, all of you.” An unquestionable might was contained in her voice. At that very moment, everyone in the team felt just as if that overwhelming Saint Daughter of Samsara of the time of the Demon Hunt Selection was back. Their will could only be affected by Cai’er’s call.

Two traces of tears of blood still remained on Cai’er’s face. Seeing her, none of them would possibly oppose her no matter how sad and in pain they were. Right, even if they were in even more pain than that, how could that compare to Cai’er?

“Follow me, all of you.” While making this cold order, Cai’er rose in the sky, tightly gripping Long Haochen, without even avoiding the demon powerhouses that were surrounding this place for a long time. A pair of grey wings spread out on her back, pushing her body to fly afar.

Around the Star Demon Palace, a large quantity of powerhouses from the Devil Dragon Clan, Moon Clan, Star Clan floated in midair, but no one dared move against them. Everyone having heard very clearly the Demon God Emperor’s words, who would dare oppose them?

The deep-purple-armored Ah’Bao was standing calmly on the walls. Seeing Long Haochen held in Cai’er’s arms, his look was actually totally vacant, only feeling as if he had lost something deep in his heart.

He was the most aware of how much effort he had expended on these two years, making incessant qualitative leaps in his strength through a very frantic cultivation. But at the moment, he was finding out that his rival
wasn’t anymore. The Long Haochen held in Cai’er’s arms was visibly lifeless, and the hole in his chest was clearly apparent.

He died, actually killed by father’s hands?

Ah’Bao didn’t have the slightest feeling of relaxation, but became instead all the more unwilling. He wanted to defeat him personally, but Long Haochen had died just like that by his own fathers’ hands. He wasn’t qualified to call that act into question, but knew that this was the greatest regret of his lifetime. Now that Long Haochen was dead, he would never have the opportunity to prove his superiority in strength to Yue Ye anymore.

Everyone from Bright Glimmer of Hope released their spiritual wings and followed Cai’er as they sank into the distance. Her previous teardrops kept falling on his face, and violent undulations were caused in the light emanating from their spiritual wings.

Gliding through the air, Cai’er’s look was only concentrated on Long Haochen’s pale yet bloodless face. He was still as handsome, but just didn’t have the slightest trace of life anymore.

Her memories had returned, but now he was gone, without even being left the slightest chance to talk with her newborn self.

Cai’er had stopped crying, because she had a final hope deep in her heart, a hope that had appeared the instant she touched Long Haochen’s body. If not for this thin hope, she would not have let him go off alone no matter what, and would have followed him at any cost.

In hurried flight, they left Modu’s area at rapid speed, leaving behind this city that had filled them with extreme sadness and pain.

After flying for about half an hour, Cai’er’s wings suddenly vanished, letting her land on the ground below.

No one in the team understood her act, but still followed her in landing.
Although Long Haochen had died, their Demon Hunt Squad still maintained the same organizational structure thanks to Zhang Fangfang’s presence. Long Haochen’s last words before his death still kept echoing in them. They couldn’t die like that: they had to take revenge for their captain, to return to Modu one day no matter what.

This was a forest of low density where Cai’er kept holding Long Haochen, before cautiously putting him down upon arriving on a flat lawn.

Reflexively, everyone in the Demon Hunt Squad surrounded him all around, Chen Ying’er immediately bitterly cried out loud, and the rest couldn’t stop their tears either.

Cai’er slowlty kneeled to the ground, looking at that blue ring on her finger, the forget-me-not ring, he actually handed it back to me.

Taking it off lightly, Cai’er took Long Haochen’s left hand and put it back on his finger.

“Idiot, why are you giving it back to me?! It was already yours since long ago, just like my heart.”

Saying these words, Cai’er lifted her hand and slowly recovered the pendant Eternal Melody, which was placed back on Long Haochen’s neck. That golden skull ejected from his chest suddenly flickered with light.

In a deep breath, a determined look flashed through her eyes as she slowly placed this key of the Tower of Eternity back on her own chest.

The instant the Eternal Melody came in contact with her body, it immediately emitted a radiating light. In a swish, that skull got into Cai’er’s lapel and integrated with her body closely, just like the time it had united with Long Haochen.

The Tower of Eternity only wanted one successor. Now that Haochen had died in the Demon God Emperor’s trapping barrier, it didn’t have any more use to make of him, and obviously looked for a new successor. This was already unrelated to the will of the Slumbering Calamity Elux, as the Tower
of Eternity had become even more greedy after obtaining so many souls from this world, gaining a great deal of self-awareness.

“We are going.” Cai’er’s eyes were swept over the surrounding comrades. After speaking these words, an intense brilliance burst forth from her chest, just like the times Long Haochen was teleporting them away. Everyone was engulfed inside, and travelled through space in a flash of light.

In another flash of light, they appeared in the Tower of Eternity.

The Tower of Eternity’s intense aura of death was still present, and just then, everyone in Bright Glimmer of Hope had an incredibly grim look.

Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi who were anxiously waiting for their return until now made haste upon their return. But their footsteps slowed down very rapidly, and the look on their eyes congealed in a split second, because lying on the ground they saw Long Haochen, with a fatal wound on his chest. There wasn’t the slightest trace of life left on his pale handsome face.

The captain of the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope, Scion of Light Long Haochen, had died in battle.

“How could that be?” Yang Wenzhao lost his voice at once.

Chen Ying’er abruptly rushed to his chest, starting to cry very loudly.

Duan Yi didn’t ask but slowly kneeled down, placing his right fist on his chest and performing a knight salute in front of Long Haochen.

Demonkind and humankind had been fighting for six thousand years. Since the fall of the dark age, uncountable humans had died like Long Haochen in front of his eyes. There was nothing more he needed to know: the result was just in front of his eyes; Long Haochen was dead.

Cai’er kneeled and lightly pressed Long Haochen’s chest, murmuring,
“Come out, hurry up. Just come out!”
No one heard her words, but the current Cai’er’s cold eyes were filled with anxiousness.

Just as they were all confused, a dark green glow came out without a sound from Long Haochen’s Golden Foundation Armor. This dark green glow looked very mild, as mild as a little mist, that could disappear at anytime.

A faint voice was heard from this dark green mist, “He is already dead. So my pact with him is gradually dissipating. All I can do is to keep his soul maintained for seven days. But it also means that you have only the time of seven days. There is only one chance, and it lies in this Tower of Eternity. You must succeed as this tower’s successor, and rely on the profound mysteries of light necromancy to possibly restore his soul and reforge his heart. If he manages to resurrect, my contract in him will reinstate as well, but otherwise, seven days later his soul will scatter, and be confined in this Tower of Eternity, bound for all eternity. So if you cannot resurrect him within seven days, just bring him out from here, at least that way his soul won’t have to keep suffering here.”
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