Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 611-620

Chapter 611

The cut inflicted by Bloodstorm was going from the right shoulder to the rib, and although it wasn’t deep, it was a real wound on his body. Furthermore, after Bloodstorm infected the demon god’s body, a mysterious change happened.

The original blood red radiance suddenly turned into an orange color. Such a change from the slaughter weapon improved the cutting force even further as Bloodstorm struck through Auxerre’s back. The fierce murderous spirit greatly affected his defense.

Wang Yuanyuan also had an expression of pleasant surprise as Auxerre was forced to shift direction, attacking Long Haochen’s Shield Wall frantically. She couldn’t help but glance at her Bloodstorm.

She immediately found out with a shock that the trace of orange radiance was spreading over the sawtooth blade at frantic speed, as an incomparably murderous spirit burst out.

To be precise, Bloodstorm was evolving! Originally a blade of slaughters, it was baptised under the blood of countless enemies in the fire of war. You could leave as is, though unusual, or with just too much blood, Bloodstorm had turned a blood-red color long ago. And now that it became infected again, though now with the blood of a demon god under Demon God Transformation, it finally reached its last threshold. This killing weapon finally reached a terrifying realm.

The Panther Demon God Auxerre tried with great difficulty to keep evading Wang Yuanyuan’s attacks while attacking Long Haochen, but the
imposing shields on his two sides delayed him greatly while he was beaten, due to Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang.

However, the Panther Demon God was after all a powerhouse of the ninth step. Despite being hit, he had no issue sending Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang flying.

Han Yu, who had the Soul Sharing Chains’ life sharing, was better off: although he was repelled, his body let out an intense glint and with the recovery from Blessings of Light, only sustained light wounds.

Zhang Fangfang was repelled quite a lot farther, but had relatively more cultivation than Han Yu; so although his body curled up to some extent while expelling some blood, his wounds were not too important.

Their blocks were for the sake of earning time for another. A massive metallic ball brazenly fell, shrouded with myriads of electric bolts covering Auxerre on the way.

Auxerre shouted loudly as the dark red flame surrounding him grew further in intensity, neutralizing the purple lightning attacking him, though it didn’t dispel any of it, thanks to its absorptive properties.

While the purple electric light was neutralized, an immense golden ball of light was carried alongside, chasing after Auxerre.

Feeling its immense threat, Auxerre raised his right hand and parried the metallic ball of light’s strike.

His bulky arms came in contact with the metallic ball of light, immediately causing a terrifying blasting force to burst out from that ball.

All the others from Bright Dawn of Hope could clearly see Auxerre’s body turning fully purple colored the next instant. He who was incomparably fast unexpectedly came to a stop in midair, while the metallic ball binding him turned amethyst colored, causing rumbling noises while blasting Auxerre.
Although this was the first time for the others to see such a terrible might from the Energetic Ball of Light, after matching for so many year s, they wouldn’t let go of such an opportunity.

Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang were repelled, but the others shouldn’t be neglected! Wang Yuanyuan immediately waved the evolved Bloodstorm, and in the meantime, a grey crystal-like splendor flashed across the Panther Demon God’s back, revealing the hidden Cai’er.

Cai’er was grasping an assassin’s true essence. When facing a true opponent, she didn’t make her move as soon as possible, but waited for the time of maximal impact.

She was waiting for an opportunity, concealed in the dark while storing power. An assassin’s power storing was not as obvious of a move, but the following eruption of power was even more terrible.

Wang Yuanyuan was not falling behind either. The orange radiance from Bloodstorm disappeared suddenly, and even the surges of blood surrounding her vanished. If one was close enough, he would find out that rippling halations roamed around Bloodstorm. That extreme bloodlust actually took shape, and was applied to Wang Yuanyuan’s attacks.

Just like Long Haochen was not an ordinary powerhouse of the eighth step, his comrades were not ordinary powerhouses of the seventh step.

Cai’er’s Sickle of the God of Death was the first to cut into that purple electric light. That electric light couldn’t tell people apart, but as if infecting it, Cai’er’s sickle wasn't infected by any of the electric light.

First of the seven arts of the God of Death, Death in Childhood.

In an ash-colored flash of light, Cai’er’s figure swept past as if nothing happened. And the second hit on the Panther Demon God wasn’t by Wang Yuanyuan, but was a strange blue colored flame. That flame shot in a straight line to pierce through that purple body almost at the same time as
Death in Childhood landed, as the two hits only differed by fractions of a second, but hit different spots.

, Wang Yuanyuan’s Bloodstorm was covered in a golden colored blade wrapped in orange color.

But how could Long Haochen take part in this feat? He was solely focusing on defense.

Pam, pam. In a burst of purple light, Wang Yuanyuan felt a destructive impact spread from Bloodstorm, instantly sending her flying in the aftermath and making her body feel numb, unexpectedly running out of her control. Purple electric light lingered around her waist as well, surprisingly also affecting her.

By chance, Zhang Fangfang hastened to catch her from behind.

Argh!!! The Panther Demon God shouted incredibly loudly in fury. Right now, his slippery dark red hairs were all pitch black, with numerous terrible wounds all over his body. The most fatal one was inflicted by the Sickle of the God of Death, almost ravaging his whole back and going as far as to chop half his neck. On the pit of his stomach was left a small pitch-black hole, which was also in a scorched black color.

Sima Xian stumbled several times then fell on the butt. Both his Energetic Ball of Light and he lost all their glory, shine, sparkle, luster, radiance. But by chance, Han Yu’s Spiritual Stove of Light Blessings was still ongoing, so he could rush to his side and support him while helping him recover with the help of his spiritual stove.

At this time, the Soul Sharing Chains’ life force sharing’s effects came on display. Although everyone suffered more or less of the effects from the repelling backlash, the damage was shared jointly.

Pam. Auxerre sank to his knees, without blood leaking from his body, but his massive body shook violently, and was shrinking rapidly. After sustaining heavy damage, he had already become unable to maintain the effects of the Demon God Transformation.
Let alone him, even the others from Bright Glimmer of Light didn’t expect themselves to be able to launch such a joint attack, all of which landed on Auxerre altogether.

Long Haochen had his transparent does this need to be capitalized sword intent from the Aria of the Goddess of Light, Cai’er her art of Death in Childhood of the Seven Arts of the God of Death. Wang Yuanyuan had her materialized murderous spirit poured inside Bloodstorm. Lin Xin had Vulcan’s Finger alongside the Hellfire Needle. The powerful attacks of these four in addition to Sima Xian’s Energetic Ball of Light restrained Auxerre for a short time while bursting out with incredible killing power. Outside of Lin Xin they all now had weapons reaching the epic tier! And even also Lin Xin had the boost from the Blue Fire Phoenix Spiritual Stove.

Chen Ying’er’s magic was long since terminated. The large amount of magical beasts along with Haoyue’s six heads tyrannically suppressed the Panther Demons outside the hall, who were totally unable to assist their god. At this time, none of them could do anything for him. They could only bear it for the time being.

But at this time, a terrible aura of desolation arose from the Panther Demon God, whose vigor rose sharply. Dark red flames spiralled around him, spreading frantically to all directions.

“Be careful it’s the Demonic Collapse Recovery Technique!” Long Haochen shouted, and immediately rushed with the Divine Snail Shield lifted. As the captain, he had at the very moment an unshrinkable duty. The Saint Spiritual Stove was stimulated with no hesitation, strengthening its attracting effects.

Seeing that dark red fire rushing out, Long Haochen knew that it was already impossible to stop Auxerre’s Great Demonic Collapse Technique.

The Panther Demon God was, after all, different from the Devil Snake God. Andromalius was only at the peak of the eighth step and had yet to reach the ninth. But the Panther Demon God was a thorough powerhouse of the ninth step. The instant the Great Demonic Collapse was activated, one could see a dark red radiance shot up behind, piercing through the hall to
pour inside him. That was the amplification from the demon god pillar, the demon god pillar from a demon god of a ninth step, with a whole world of difference from those demon gods among the last twelve of the ranking.

For the same reason, the fact Long Haochen managed to defeat the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell was greatly related to the fact the latter didn’t have his demon god pillar on his side. The more powerful the demon god, the greater uses their demon god pillar would show.

Long Haochen now had a very calm demeanor. Their previous joint attack was already above all expectations, but still didn’t manage to thoroughly kill the Panther Demon God though weak in defense. The seventy-two demon gods were just such a powerful thing. If two demon gods were present here, they would surely lose today’s battle. Even now, resisting the Panther Demon God Auxerre on the doors of death was no easy thing. At least, escaping unscathed would be a hard matter. For this reason, Long Haochen rushed forward recklessly, to earn some time for his comrades to break away from him. Even if the Great Demonic Collapse Technique was a powerful thing, that’s the last resort of a demon god, combusting his own life. So, given Auxerre’s current body condition, he would almost certainly die after the use of this technique.

Chapter 612

From their first battle against a demon god to now, Long Haochen and the others had yet to face a demon god’s Demonic Collapse. So they didn’t know to what extent its amplification reached. But since that was a demon god’s last resort, using his life as fuel, it would certainly not be an easy thing to resist. Therefore, Long Haochen was completely certain about Auxerre’s thoughts. Apart from using Demonic Collapse to inflict very heavy damage to their side, his other goal was to make sure that his Demon God Crown would be able to escape, so that at least his god position wouldn’t be lost.

Understanding that he had made a mistake, Long Haochen felt some regret. First because he hadn’t taken his comrades enough in account, and because he was too self-confident, and didn’t prepare enough room for maneuvering. If beforehand they had secured a way out before launching this battle, they could all just gather and teleport through the Eternal Melody, and come back after the formidable power of Demonic Collapse terminated. There would be no need to bear the Panther Demon God’s last attack. As for the escape of his Demon God Crown, just let it go. With Haoyue here to destroy his demon god pillar, what use could that Demon God Crown have?

But it was already too late to regret now. Everyone was scattered, especially Chen Ying’er and Lin Xin who were both considerably too far, so there was absolutely no way to immediately teleport everyone here away. So no matter what, all he had left to do was to block Auxerre’s last attack with all his strength.

Shouting in wild rage, the heavily wounded Panther Demon God transformed. A dark red vortex spiralled all around him at an astonishing speed, and from his original human shape, he grew to exceed five meters, turning into a fully dark red gigantic panther, flourishing with might and becoming far more terrifying than the time of his Demon God Transformation.

Long Haochen grasped the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, that divine grade tool, in his hand. A great part of his spiritual energy was already depleted, so how could he respond against such a Panther Demon God? He faintly grasped the true meaning of Demonic Colapse. It was to renounce the physical body, and release the original demon might, igniting the source of his power. This wasn’t anything easy to deal with.

As Long Haochen was preparing himself to face the post-Demonic- Collapse Panther Demon God, an enraged roar suddenly sounded out from behind him. Immediately, Long Haochen’s whole body was covered in dense purple intent, and the Golden Foundation Armor on him gained a layer of purplish gold.

That purple halation coming from behind not only envelopped Long Haochen, but also the massive Panther Demon God.

Immediately, an eerie scene followed. The dark red flame igniting Auxerre’s body immediately stopped stiffly, as if water turning into ice, thoroughly stopping its burning.

This change was really bizarre, causing Long Haochen to stare blankly at the Panther Demon God’s body losing all that burst of might, finally dissipating all at once. A dark red Demon God Crown losing its head out of fear then looked for an escape, but upon being wrapped by the purple halation, it immediately lost all power, and fell to the ground with a tinkling sound.

Everyone in the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope became dumbstruck. What was that magic trick? In just a flash, the previously too domineering Panther Demon God just crumbled. They all looked at the emitter of that purple halation.
Haoyue’s six heads stood high as the six pair of eyes on his six heads which had all turned purple looked proudly at the group fr

om above. Little Flame's mouth agape, that Demon God Crown immediately entered his mouth, and was swallowed completely.

Wang Yuanyuan murmured, “Now I really understand why the Demon God Emperor started a Holy War for Boss’ sake. Haoyue really is the demons’ nemesis! He can even extinguish the demon gods’ Demonic Collapse Technique!”

Long Haochen was also shocked. Of course, he knew that Haoyue had very restrictive abilities to use against demons, but he didn’t expect him to be able to restrict them to such an extent. But as the captain, he couldn’t stay captivated in this place.

“All return to Haoyue’s back!” They were valiant, but were after all only a group of eight. Over ten thousand panther demons were standing outside, enough to delay them indefinitely. So staying there would obviously put them through a harsh time.

As Long Haochen spoke so, he immediately joined Sima Xian’s side, carrying him by grabbing his armor, and returned to Haoyue’s back in a flash.

The others’ followed successively. At the current time, a fantastic scene appeared around Haoyue’s body. Eighteen Creature Summoning Gates were twinkling and eighteen magical beasts were coming out at every twinkle, fighting at close quarters against the Panther Demons. This hall was vast, but seemed narrow with such battles underway. No Panther Demons were capable of stopping their way, especially when their Demon God Auxerre had just been killed in front of their eyes, greatly hitting their morale. All were kept outside the hall by the magical beasts, ordered by Chen Ying’er to guard all the exits. At the current time, she was still holding in her arms McDull, her final ace.

“Haoyue, let’s go look for the demon god pillar.” When their last companion reached Haoyue’s back, Long Haochen immediately shouted for
Haoyue to make the next move.

His six heads brimming with smiles, he zealously began rushing forward. Little Light, Little Flame, Little Green, Little Blue, Little Purple and Little Yellow all launched magic bombardments, forcibly creating a passage in this hall to bring Long Haochen’s group to the courtyard behind the Panther Demon Palace.

Long Haochen didn’t have any apprehension in demon territory. They were planning not only to kill demon gods, but moreover to shake the demons’ foundations. With every demon god pillar less, the demons’ roots will be shaken. And if one day they can erase all demon god pillars, the demons would perhaps be no more.

Thinking so far, the whole group was brimming with great excitement. A Panther Demon God was nothing but the start.

Charging their way violently on Haoyue’s back, they smashed their way through the hall. The Panther Demons were all charging from the various entrances, but in contrast none of them were present on the rear. It was as if Haoyue could sense the specific position of the demon god pillar, which led him to the courtyard after breaching through several walls.

At this time, two yellow lightning bolts came from both sides, heading straight for Haoyue.

Long Haochen, who had maintained himself at high attention all this time, didn’t need to use his eyes to determine who these two enemies were. Thanks to his mental probing, he was able to sense the strength of their spiritual energy. These were without doubts two Golden Panther Demons.

Without need for Long Haochen to intervene, the two Guardian Knights behind him rushed forward. Han Yu took on the Golden Panther Demon of the left; his speed was visibly no match, but as a knight, he had a mount of his own as companion! Except that this one couldn’t be mounted...

Twisting waves spread out, violently ramming against that Golden Panther Demon’s body. Immediately, the very rapid demon froze, seemingly
slowing down and even becoming stiff.

Han Yu grasped Wild Scarletblood in his hand, and immediately, a golden streak of light spread out from his sword. The odd thing was that after it was released, it accurately enveloped the Golden Panther Demon. One could clearly see the aura of darkness on the Golden Panther Demon dull down.

That was? Elemental Obstructing Halo. Han Yu actually compressed this halo’s area of effect, yet strengthened its effects.

Long Haochen was not the only genius in the lot: everyone from Bright Glimmer of Light was so!

A tyrannical surge of twisting waves was shot violently, seizing the opportunity to strike that Golden Panther Demon violently, from the Demonic Eye Commander’s hands. In this battle, he had yet to be called out by Han Yu, just so he could suddenly make this big move.

Han Yu flapped the spiritual wings on his back, and Wild Scarletblood went after that Golden Panther Demon to behead it. At his cultivation and with the help of the Demonic Eye, handling a Golden Panther Demon was no trouble, especially when holding the initiative.

On the other side rushed out Zhang Fangfang, his whole body blossoming in golden color. His equipment was far from the quality of the rest of the team, but his experience was more extensive than anyone else. As the captain of a Demon Hunt Squad who progressed to the seventh step with them, how could he be lacking in ability?

Just like Wang Yuanyuan, his cultivation reached the fifth rank of the seventh step. Only, his total of spiritual energy was just a bit inferior to her. That was because he always focused on stopping the enemies for Wang Yuanyuan in battle, letting her have more opportunities for sparks of understandings in the midst of slaughters. But this didn’t mean that his insight was inferior.
Ever since joining Bright Glimmer of Hope, Zhang Fangfang frequently received some guidances from Long Haochen, making his cultivation progress of late very fast.

While throwing himself at the enemy, a golden light lit up underneath him, and a six-legged flying horse elevated himself, bearing his weight.

From that six-legged horse came out a shining flame light bursting like the sun. Zhang Fangfang grasped the heavy sword in his right hand forward, as his right arm instantly turned into a transparent brilliant golden color. Brilliant Body.

Light and flame were blending in the sky, turning into a massive fire blade aiming to strike that Golden Panther Demon. In the meantime, Zhang Fangfang put some remaining strength into a Shield Strike in his other hand, covering the defense of Haoyu’s side wings.

As expected from a powerhouse of the eighth step, the Golden Panther Demon released its own fire blade, then its body let out queer twists and immediately shifted directions, to go after Haoyue while bombarding Zhang Fangfang’s Shield Wall with its pair of sharp claws.

Chapter 613

Seventh step versus eighth step, that’s a gap that can almost not be resisted without an absolute suppression in the equipment. Just like that, Shield Wall collapsed, but still managed to stop the Golden Panther Demon.

Just as this Golden Panther Demon was prepared to continue his attack, it suddenly felt a feeling of heat, and unconsciously drew back.

Then came to his sight innumerable golden flames surging from all directions and enveloping his body from all around.

These gold red flames were transformed from the fire blade projected earlier by Zhang Fangfang. This was his self-created ability, Sacred Fire Cage!

Zhang Fangfang’s mount also had the fire attribute, and although he was also able to use holy fire, this required some time of preparation. Instead, he could dissolve his mount’s fire into his holy attribute, but this certainly required his match with his mount to reach a frightening level as well as a tremendous control.

The caged golden panther let out a miserable cry. That formidable combination of light and fire element felt extremely burning and corrosive to him.

Zhang Fangfang lifted the heavy sword in his right arm, then a thin red light flashed from his body, launching Spiritual Spark. Immediately, a pure and holy white light was shot from the tip of that heavy sword, fiercely thrusting at the Golden Panther Demon restricted by the Sacred Fire Cage.
With a loud sound, the Golden Panther Demon bounced back to his original ground, still facing gold red fire, causing him to shake violently.

Light of Trial! A single-targeted offensive spell of the eighth step learnt by both Guardian and Retribution Knights.

The offensive power of Light of Trial wasn’t considered really brutal, or at least not among light elemental spells of the eighth step. But it had extreme purifying effects. In other words, it would show an extremely severe might against opponents of darkness element, but would be extremely lacking against opponents of other attributes.

The instant he used Spiritual Spark, Zhang Fangfang also used the ability Light of Trial, exceeding his step. In the meantime, another figure came out from his shadow.

If one paid careful attention from the start of the battle, he would notice that this identically shaped figure had been riding   the   six-legged horse since long ago. It’s just that because it stuck close to Zhang Fangfang’s back all this time, that Golden Panther Demon was unable to see it.

Light of Trial was an ability of the eighth step, which Zhang Fangfang was surely unable to release instantly even when relying on Spiritual Spark. The chant was completed by this figure behind him, the other him from the unrivalled Spiritual Stove of Second Life.

The version of him from the Spiritual Stove of Second Life didn’t have any equipment on him, but had eighty percent of Zhang Fangfang’s strength, but was originally unable to incant. But while going through many years of fierce battles, Zhang Fangfang completed the first evolution of his spiritual stove, so it had now ninety percent of his strength, and was able to join the spiritual energies of the two of   them   through   Spiritual Spark, temporarily raising his cultivation to the peak of the seventh step.

With the instantaneous burst of power from Spiritual Spark, Light of Trial became useable.
More importantly, the Sacred Fire Cage sustaining Light of Trial sustained a great change, giving rise to Sacred Fire Trial.

Sacred Fire Trial was also a knight ability of the eighth step, but one used by Retribution Knights, a top tier existence amongst all long-distance, single-target offensive Retribution Knight abilities.

The whole course of the battle was very short, but Long Haochen, the most powerful knight on stage, couldn’t help but show shock upon watching that scene. Zhang Fangfang’s series of attacks was only describable as breathtaking.

It looked simple, but was actually a perfect fusion of wisdom and strength. To be able to unleash at the fifth or sixth rank of the seventh step an ability of Sacred Fire Trial even a Saint Knight wouldn’t necessarily be able to use, his comprehension of knight abilities surely reached a phenomenal level.

Surely, Zhang Fangfang and Long Haochen were taking different paths. Long Haochen was focusing on improving himself, his own abilities. But Zhang Fangfang focused on his comprehension of the knight abilities, making on his own new ways to unleash his strength.

The six-legged flying horse dashed flagrantly while carrying the two Zhang Fangfangs, heading for the Golden Panther Demon. To him, the Golden Panther Demon restricted by Sacred Fire Trial was already by no means an opponent.

Without doubts, Zhang Fangfang was using all his strength to take the advantage against a demon of the eighth step in such a short time. As Bright Glimmer of Hope also had others, he should originally have had no need to try so hard, but he had to prove himself, prove his use to this team. Although he had that kind of relationship with Wang Yuanyuan, how could he remain in such a team just for skirt-chasing purposes? He wanted to prove to everyone from Bright Glimmer of Hope that he had the strength to remain in this team.
In these two years of Holy War, his progress was not excessive, but that didn’t mean he had no potential. Especially lately, he had accumulated good preparedness and raised his strength tremendously.

Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang separately took the two Golden Panther Demons, so there wasn’t anything to stop Haoyue’s advance. When he once again broke into another huge hall, a tall and straight demon god pillar came into the group’s sight.


The demon god pillar’s structure was not lanky at all, its height reaching ten or so meters, still far from reaching the peak of this hall. But in its middle, the cross-section was over three meters, and its radiance was quite darkened, although one could still faintly see the shape of a panther forming from inside it.

“We are depending on you Haoyue.” Long Haochen carried the group to jump down from Haoyue’s back one after another, and without need for an order of his, each person of the group guarded an entrance on his own.

Seeing   this   demon   god    pillar,    Haoyue    was    immediately moved! Indescribable feelings rose from him, formed of excitement, sad pain, but most of all a great rancor.

The six large heads roared, and as if Haoyue’s body was fully ignited, his purple crystal colored scales unleashed a dazzling amethyst colored radiance, and purple intent blossomed at once.

Although this purple radiance was not aimed at the group, apart from Long Haochen the rest all felt chills, and couldn’t help but resist with the use of their spiritual energy.

Maybe due to sensing Haoyue’s aura, this fifty-seventh demon god pillar abruptly lit up, and its dense dark red radiance spread out like a ring of light.
Standing on Haoyue’s side, Long Haochen felt as if the demon god pillar was alive. A tyrannical and awe-inspiring might instantly rose sharply. And in the midst of this terrible might, a faint presence could be sensed, as if alive. Wasn’t that just terrifying?

That dark red ring dispersed upon contact with Haoyue’s purple halation. This time, the eyes on Haoyue’s six heads changed into a transparent purple color, vigorously pushing his two forelegs to the ground. A deep, continuous roar then came out from Haoyue’s mouth.

Another demon god pilar came in front of him! As Haoyue’s fury was prolonged, an inexhaustible rage was filling him.

At some point Long Haochen’s eyes turned purple, and on his forehead, nine purple symbols slowly took shape. On the surface of his Golden Foundation armored body came out a purplish golden gloss.

As Haoyue’s cry of rage kept extending, Long Haochen felt with astonishment some surges of power. The spiritual energy in him kept burning, to the extent that even the Golden Foundation Armor on him started to turn a purplish golden color under the scattering of his spiritual energy.

What a powerful aura! Haoyue really had a qualitative change after gaining his sixth head! That’s far from as simple as an improvement from the seventh to the eighth step!

A cultivation at the premises of the eighth step? No, this was absolutely impossible. The power lying in Haoyue’s blood was just too terrifying.

Precisely because a part of Haoyue’s blood was dormant in him, Long Haochen’s senses were distinct. In those days, he had his blood alter Haoyue’s attribute, then after surviving, Haoyue repaid Long Haochen with his blood. And that’s how the two of them built such a familiar relationship while establishing a blood contract.

Long Haochen’s progress boosted Haoyue’s cultivation, and conversely, every time Haoyue evolved, Long Haochen also gained enormous benefits.
Last time, when they destroyed Andromalius’ demon god pillar, Haoyue was still only at his five heads’ cultivation, and the situation differed from now. But without a doubt, this time Haoyue was already far more powerful.

The purple halation became more and more flourishing, suddenly compressing the Panther Demon God’s pillar at great speed. That terrifying presence became more and more blatant, then soared to the sky.

Long Haochen then had a surge of thought. Could this Panther Demon God’s pillar be trying to send a rescue signal to the other demon god pillars?

Right at this time, a thought was transmitted from Haoyue to him.

“What? Want me to intervene?” Long Haochen looked at Haoyue, filled with surprise.

Haoyue’s six heads looked at him simultaneously, his twelve eyes having a deep look while nodding to him.

“Yes.” Long Haochen understood that Haoyue definitely had his own reasons, and his figure flashed, as the four wings on his back spread out.

Right at this time, Haoyue’s six heads flashed in bright light simultaneously. Opening his mouths wide, he spat out deep breaths of purple rays, pouring it inside Long Haochen’s body from behind him.

Long Haochen’s whole body chilled. He suddenly felt a change, as if he had stopped being human. An hard to describe dignity rose in him, and this instant, Long Haochen felt his stream of thoughts rise by hundredfolds. In his consciousness, he felt as if returning to Haoyue’s world of black and red.

His thoughts and sight joined up, filled up with feelings of disdain. With an aloof feeling, he felt able to destroy anything in sight with a mere lift of his hand.

Chapter 614

This instant, Long Haochen came to understand what that purple color was. That was a destructive entity! If his light element could be called the purest of the whole Shengmo Dalu, this destructive power coming from Haoyue was among the top of the destructive entities.

Destruction. Was that a kind of attribute? Long Haochen didn’t understand, but was certain that this destructive force was incomparable to any other attribute in his knowledge.

Everyone from Bright Glimmer of Hope looked at Long Haochen, showing different reactions. At the time Haoyue’s six purple rays illuminated   Long   Haochen’s   body,    his    whole    body    lit    with an indescribable purplish golden luster.

That might was like a god’s manifestation, floating above his believers, a sovereign standing above his subjects. This august majesty contained an incomparable pride and force.

At that very moment, Long Haochen’s whole being turned into a purplish gold color, but totally different from the purplish gold color resultant from his previous fusions with Haoyue. This purplish gold color was entirely his, and the same went for both the spiritual energy and spiritual wings.

Long Haochen could sense that this pure and terrifying power of destruction was only at its initial stage. But even so, his power seemed to have changed totally, and terrifyingly, this purplish golden color didn’t result from a fusion with his light essence, but the latter was just forcefully absorbed.
As the one chosen by the Goddess of Light, the Scion of Light’s light essence did not show the slightest struggle. Just what level did this power of destruction reach? Perhaps this was not real spiritual energy, but a substantial force, or at least it was not spiritual energy yet. But its existence was undoubtedly shrouded in supreme might. The Demon God Emperor’s might had some material side, but Long Haochen faintly felt that compared to this power of destruction, even the Demon God Emperor may not have the advantage. But of course, that’s only in case equal portions are matched.

The Aria of the Goddess of Light was grasped in both Long Haochen's hands, taking this purplish gold in and out. The sword’s body even let out some light buzzes.

Every time Long Haochen used the Aria of the Goddess of Light in battle, he could clearly feel its excitement from carefreely gliding in the battlefield. But at the moment, Long Haochen discovered with awe that the Aria of the Goddess of Light was not buzzing in excitement anymore, but really shivering.

The sword rays of purplish gold color didn’t belong to the realm of divine tool, but had some special qualities belonging to the category of destruction, totally restraining the demon god pillar’s special qualities.

“Haa--” Long Haochen shouted loudly, lifting the Aria of the Goddess of Light high above his head. That instant, all the strong purplish golden rays coming out from his body, as well as Haoyue’s purple intent, came to a stop.

The next instant, Long Haochen felt his blood boiling, filled with a wonderful feeling of harmony.

The terrifying purple intent transformed into an eerie image, looking like his own image, but with totally different eyes.

These were extremely cold eyes, a grim look full of charm, and with a boundless arrogance and contempt directed at any other living things. n
Pam-- The Aria of the Goddess of Light was slashed forward, its blade colored in a resplendent purplish gold color, brazenly striking the demon god pillar of the Panther Demon God.

Pop--. The sword projection made its way into the demon god pillar, until only the handle was left outside.

That instant, the illusory image on Long Haochen’s back disappeared solemnly, as if merging with his body.

Long Haochen felt an unprecedented force burst forth from within him, feeling his whole body igniting, and bellowed, “Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha...”

The purplish gold color spread rapidly, and the originally dark red colored fifty-seventh demon god pillar turned into the same color. The next instant, crackles started to appear from the spot pierced by the Aria of the Goddess of Light before spreading.

Haoyue’s twelve eyes all looked fixedly at Long Haochen, and traces of hope were visible in his eyes. At that very moment, Long Haochen distinctly sensed a fantastic strength flowing into his body through the Aria of the Goddess of Light. The instant this forge merged with his own strength, a feeling of harmony flowed through him. Then the purplish golden radiance on his body also gradually became faintly discernible.


The demon god pillar collapsed, turning into countless purplish golden rays dispersing in all directions, as if it had no more physical substance, as only some terrifying fluctuations of spiritual energy were left to be swept through the surroundings.

Haoyue let out another howl, flashing with purple intent. These remains of spiritual energy left after the destruction of the demon god pillar were immediately suppressed, and Long Haochen fell from the sky in the meantime.
Haoyue turned his head to the direction of the rest of Bright Glimmer of Hope, letting out a low howl in their direction. In the meantime, Little Light’s head was lit in shining gold, wrapping his body around Long Haochen.

The rest of Bright Glimmer of Hope didn’t dare tarry overlong and hastened to return to Haoyue’s back. With a roar, he released six spits of breath, bombarding the roof of the hall. His four limbs stepped on the ground and his six immense wings unfolded, bringing the group into the sky. As intrepid as on the way there, he destroyed the roof of the hall on his way to make it through the sky, and howled at the countless furious Panther Demons that were far away.

Long Haochen was lying on Haoyue’s back, looking just as if losing focus, but his right hand was still tightly clenching the Aria of the Goddess of Light. The purplish golden glint on his body was still faintly discernible.

Cai’er hastened to support him with her hand, but Little Light suddenly turned his hand with an exaggerated movement, lightly howling at her.

“You don’t want me to touch him?” Cai’er asked in puzzlement.

Little Light nodded to her before turning around, flapping the immense pair of wings on his back. His speed increased sharply, as they headed into the distance.

Cai’er naturally understood the feelings between Long Haochen and Haoyue. Since Haoyue had him destroy the demon god pillar, he surely had his own purposes, and surely didn’t do this to harm Long Haochen.

Everyone had experienced countless battles already. Although the previous one was overwhelming in emotions, they all understood clearly the most important present matter for them to do. Sitting on their knees on Haoyue’s back one after another, they strove to recover spiritual energy, in order to be able to adapt to any change in the situation. Although the demon army was attracted to the frontlines by the Holy War, this was after all the internal part of the demon territory, where they could meet with another demon army at anytime.
The purplish golden radiance on Long Haochen’s body was still glinting all this time, but in practice, he didn’t lose consciousness or anything like that. He had just lost some of his control over his body, feeling a fantastic change in his body. But this change was irrelevant to his spiritual energy, as his spiritual energy had already returned to the light attribute after destruction of the demon god pillar.

Could it be that my harmonization with Haoyue through blood contract went   a   level   higher?   Long   Haochen   thought   secretly.   He   was now relaxing his body, letting the harmonization follow its course. However, he didn’t understand why this harmonization seemed to be due to his obtainment of some of the demon god pillar’s power.

Haoyue's flight lasted for a long while, flying to the south the whole time. After two hours passed, he finally, slowly, descended to a valley.

After landing on the ground, Haoyue’s broad back shook abruptly, and the violent shaking spread to the whole crew on his back. Not even glancing at the Demon Hunt Squad members on his back, Little Light swirled around Long Haochen’s body and cautiously lowered him to the ground.

The six large heads were crowding around Long   Haochen,   but upon looking closely, all six had expressions of concerns leaking out. Just what were they worrying about?

In particular, Little Light’s state of mind was clearly unsteady, whimpering lightly all this time.

Time passed minute after minute, and after a whole three hours had passed, the purplish golden color on Long Haochen’s body finally subsided, seemingly returning to normal.

Because Haoyue’s six heads were guarding Haochen, the group of Bright Glimmer of Hope was unable to approach, much less know about his condition. The most worried was naturally Cai’er, who would have rushed in by force if not for the fact she was certain that Haoyue wouldn’t do something detrimental to Long Haochen.
“Mh.” Long Haochen let out a light groan, before turning around to sit back up. But his first movement was to look at Haoyue in a daze, completely full of puzzlement.

He was totally ignorant of the changes that happened in his body during these few hours. And at this very moment, he felt back to normal. He was himself, and had his very own spiritual energy, not strengthened but not weakened either. It was as if nothing happened at all. But he unsconsciously understood deeply that something had changed in him. And these changes intimately related to Haoyue should be good changes.

“Haoyue, just what am I in the end?” Long Haochen asked in puzzlement.

Haoyue shook his head lightly. The simultaneous headshake of his six heads looked quite comical, but most of all, the warm and cordial look in his eyes immediately softened Long Haochen’s heart.

All six heads were lowered, gathering together beside Long Haochen and lightly poking him all around. Long Haochen could only stroke the heads one by one.

“I know that you surely thought for my own good. But why is it that you don’t want to tell me just what happened to me?” Long Haochen had asked Haoyue multiple times about his origins and ability, but every time Haoyue showed him miserable looks, he didn’t dare insist.

And now, Little Light’s head moved closer, rubbing against Long Haochen’s body. But this didn’t stop Long Haochen from taking notice of the worry in his eyes.

“Little Light, what are you worried about?” Long Haochen asked lightly.

Little Light shook his head once again, then suddenly showed a resolute look, shifting his sight to the other five heads before letting out a low howl.

All other five heads howled without hesitation, seemingly making a vow.
Long Haochen didn’t understand his act at all. Little Light was telling something to the other heads, and making them promise something. Could this be related to me?

Now that Long Haochen was totally confused, after obtaining consent from the other heads, Little Light shifted his soft look back onto Long Haochen, transmitting a flash of thoughts.

“Master, no matter what, we will be protecting you thoroughly. We won’t ever betray you.”

After leaving these words behind, Haoyue turned back into purple light without leaving Long Haochen the time to ask for details, disappearing from his sight, actually teleporting away.

Never betray me? Why would Haoyue ever betray me? But what did he mean by these words? For a moment, Long Haochen couldn’t help but feel a great headache: as his strength grows, his Haoyue seemed to become more and more mysterious.

“Boss, you alright?” After Haoyue left, the whole group from Bright Glimmer of Hope immediately gathered to his side, all showing deep concern as they looked at him.

Long Haochen showed a faint smile, “I am fine. It should be that Haoyue made me assimilate some of his power, although he didn’t want to tell me the details. But it was surely nothing bad.”

Hearing him say that, everyone relaxed immediately, and the excitement they repressed all this time finally leaked out.

“Boss, we really managed to get rid of another demon god pillar! Do you know how many of the seventy-two demon gods that makes it that we have killed And that’s without counting those two demon god pillars we have destroyed. And that’s the fifty-seventh demon god! Perhaps we have gained another million contribution points. Just how many contribution points does it make for us in total?” Even the normally calm Han Yu couldn’t help but hop in excitement.
Long Haochen also showed a smile, “I don’t know how many contribution points we have in total, but I believe that we have a little something to question a certain someone about.”

Reaching this point, the group’s line of sight shifted instantly to a certain bald head, showing puzzlement, but most of all excitement.

“Hehehehe.” Sima Xian smiled in pride, patting the shoulder of Lin Xin standing on his side, “Has-drugs-bro, isn’t bro has drugs’ your favorite saying? Now I will have my own one, bro has money!”

Lin Xin asked in curiosity, “Where’s that money even from?”

Sima Xian laughed out loud, “I don’t have money myself, but I have no qualms living off a woman! My wife is rich!”
“What, your wife?” This instant, the whole group’s curiosity was roused. Wang Yuanyuan then took out Bloodstorm and declared overbearingly,
“We must really ask this baldie carefully. During these two years of Holy War we have been going through fire and water on a daily basis, but he not only went to find a wife, but even improved his equipment incredibly. When are you going to own up to the facts?”

Sima Xian laughed mischievously once again, but didn’t reply, still provokingly leaving them in suspense.

Cai’er slowly raised the Sickle of the God of Death in her hand, “You want to be beaten up or what?”

Hicc… Don’t, vice-captain. I’ll speak okay? Do you remember about the little white flower back in Holy City?

Chapter 615

“Little white flower? No way!?” Lin Xin immediately opened his eyes wide. After flinging his long hair to the back of his head, he gave Sima Xian a monstrous look.

Not only him, but everyone else looking at Sima Xian became full of shock. They were all aware of the identity of the little white flower Sima Xian brought up.

The future successor of the Alliance’s Great Auction House, Feng Ling’er.

Wang Yuanyuan and Chen Ying’er repeated Lin Xin’s words almost simultaneously, “No way!”

Just what kind of person was Feng Ling’er? That was the successor of the Alliance’s Great Auction House! At the time she succeeds to the Alliance’s Great Auction House, calling her the richest person in the whole Temple Alliance would be no exaggeration! Although the great auction house and the Alliance were linked in countless ways, even a mere supervisor has a frightening wealth at hand.

Moreover, Feng Ling’er could be rated as a stunning beauty, with traits evoking perfect purity. Who could expect Sima Xian to really succeed?

Sima Xian showed an air of complacency, “What do you call a ‘can’t be’? This priest is handsome and confident, distinguished and elegant, sensitive, tall and proud. Although I am bald, my heroic martial prowess still attracted my woman, little white flower. The two of us are just a
heavenly match, a successful couple. And we just love each other desperately. HAHAHA!”

Han Yu placed his hand on Lin Xin’s shoulder, and asked, “Don’t you think this guy deserves a beating?”

Lin Xin nodded with extreme seriousness. Not only him, but everyone else other than Long Haochen and Zhang Fangfang started to rub their own fists and be eager to get into action.

The smile on Sima Xian’s face immediately vanished, wrapping his arms around his own bosom, “You… What are you doing?”

Wang Yuanyuan shouted, “Still not owning up to the facts. So you really want us to force the answer out of you!”

“Don’t! I’ll confess, okay?” Under the group’s tyrannical abuse’, Sima Xian immediately admitted defeat, and let go of that air of complacency, declaring in good honesty, “Listen to me, that’s how things are. Remember that I returned to the Priest Temple? During the start of the Holy War, only god knew whether there was still a future. Maybe I’d die while fighting in the Southern Mountain Pass too. Hence I thought that I’d at least confess to her before that! At the time of departure, I sent her just such a letter, before throwing myself into the Holy War’s battlefield.

“But to my total surprise, after some time, while immersing myself in arduous battles daily, she actually sent me a reply. Although she cursed at me through the whole letter, she urged me to survive no matter what. Therefore, I immediately gained in courage and my strength in battle soared! Who knows how many little demons I killed, and in how many demons’ blood this Gigantic Ball of Light got soaked. What a delightful experience! The appellation of Discipline Priest is not for show!”

“Get to the main point.” Cai’er raised her Sickle of the God of Death, and showed a threatening face.

Sima Xian hastily finished bragging, “At that time, I didn’t even dare have delusions of little white flower accepting me, but that was still a
good start! As has-drugs-bro taught me, you can only have a chance if you try. If I hadn’t tried in the least, my odds of success would be zero. Then I wrote another letter, where I spoke about the situation in the mountain pass. From this point on, we started exchanging letters. To be honest, all those days I was fighting off demons on the Southern Mountain Pass, that little white flower was the only one in my heart. This made me treasure my own life all the more. Still, what a strange thing, but even under those circumstances, my strength still grew very fast, and I wasn’t in the least affected by the situation of war. This may be because of the ray shining on my heart.

“As we exhanged letters and kept discussing, I found out that little white flower seemed to have some interest in me. Then I strove harder, and when I came to mention that thing, she unexpectedly didn’t refuse, and even spoke about coming to the Southern Mountain Pass to look after me. Hehe.”

“And she really came?” Lin Xin asked.

Sima Xian replied with great complacency, “Of course! And she came several times. Didn’t you teach me that picking up girls required one to be bold, careful and thick-skinned. The first time she came, she sneaked on top of the fortress and happened to catch sight of this handsome man killing the enemies with matchless heroism. Hehe, what luck I had that time. Back in the Southern Mountain Pass, a female mage alongside whom I was fighting had some interest in me. After beating back the demon army’s offense, she rushed to wipe my sweat off, but that’s when little white flower appeared.”

At this point, he couldn’t help but display some lingering fears, evidently that was a terrifying situation. Or at least extremely awkward.

“Can you guess how little white flower reacted?” Sima Xian asked, full of mystery.

Lin Xin replied, “Is there even a need to ask? You must have received a huge slap, gotten cursed as scum and then she just went away.”
“Puh!” Sima Xian replied in disdain, “Do you think everyone is as narrow-minded as you? My little white flower is modest and open-minded, full of guts. When I saw her appear suddenly, then take notice of that girl on my side, let alone feeling awkward, at that time I was looking for a hole to dig myself into. Even fighting a duel against a demon god would feel better than the situation of that time.”

Chen Ying’er giggled, “Then didn’t it turn out as has-drugs-bro said?”

Hic!… Sima Xian was somewhat helpless, “Stop insisting on that standpoint okay? Just listen to me. In any case, at that time, I was really feeling numb, feeling even worse than when being caught by my teacher after making a mistake. But against my expectations, little white flower actually didn’t get angry, but instead, she elegantly approached my side and took out a handkerchief, tenderly wiping off the stains on my face. Then she pulled my hand and said to that mage, ‘Thank you for taking care of my bald man.’

“At that time, I was just standing there foolishly and completely blank. Just at this time, the demons launched another assault, and a Demonic Wolf was catapulted right towards us, aiming to chop at little white flower. At that time, I didn’t give much thought, and hastened to pull her away and take the blade with my blade. Fuck, that Demonic Wolf was just really ruthless. His blade penetrated through my muscles, giving me a strenuous time pulling it out. I immediately used the Gigantic Ball of Light to beat it to a pulp.

“Afterwards, little white flower told me that she originally planned on getting angry at me, but seeing me take the blow for her sake, she didn’t have any more will to get angry. There’s not much more to tell you afterwards, anyway, my bliss is for real.”

Han Yu murmured, “How could it go that way? Sima just succeeded like that?”

Sima Xian’s proud expression came off again, “How could I be unsuccessful? Let me tell you, I have now come to understand thoroughly that you cannot judge a book by its cover. Don’t judge my little white
flower by her delicate and pretty looks, or because of her looks of a wealthy noble girl. Fundamentally, she is not fond of pretty boys, but likes brave men such as me.”

Lin Xin pointed the Gigantic Ball of Light, “Then, was this thing made thanks to the help of your little white flower?”

Sima Xian showed a smile, “That’s a matter of course. How could she not be worried about my safety? Moreover, I couldn’t leave from the battlefield. On the first time she looked for me, she had the materials ready, then brought three blacksmiths from our Temple Alliance, asking them to reforge my Gigantic Ball of Light. Its name did not change, but this thing gained much greater power than before.”

Saying this, Sima Xian lifted the Gigantic Ball of Light up, and lifted his right hand. Immediately, the Gigantic Ball of Light flickered in purple electric light once again.

The purple light curling up inside was not very distinct, but the swelling fluctuations of spiritual energy were really intense.

Sima Xian explained, “The current Gigantic Ball of Light is a weapon fully custom-made for me. A large amount of some alloy I don’t know the name of was added to its main part. I don’t know its name, I think it was some pure gold type of metal. Except for that, a lot of precious metals were used up to make the main part. And then, we had a conjurer’s help to erect a magic array inside, using six magical crystals of lightning elemental magical beasts of the tenth rank. Little white flower said that lightning elemental magical crystals are very scarce, that even in the whole Alliance’s Auction House, there are only this many reaching the tenth rank, all of which were used for me. By now the Gigantic Ball of Light is much stronger than before. The Godly Purple Lightning Cannon, Godly Purple Lightning, Purple Lightning Incarnation were all self- created abilities integrated after its upgrade. Strong right?”

Long Haochen who was listening calmly all this time remarked, “From that, I take it that your Spiritual Stove of Godly Purple Lightning should
have evolved at least once, and doesn’t have an excessive backlash. That should be related to the other piece of epic tier equipment on you right?”

Sima Xian was much more well-behaved in front of Long Haochen, “Right, Boss is the most farsighted, to be able to tell out my deepest secret in a single glance.” As he said that, he pulled open the upper part of his priest’s gown, revealing his robust torso. Then came into view a scarlet- red colored light armor, glinting in orange color, visibly a piece of equipment of epic tier.

This is the Scarlet Dragon Armor. Little white flower has said that it was made using a genuine Scarlet Dragon’s abdomen with extraordinary methods. It has an extreme defensive power while greatly weakening all detrimental effects. Although it didn’t have any boosting effects attached, it is especially fitting to me. At least eighty percent of the backlash of that Spiritual Stove of Godly Purple Thunder is nullified, so this way, I can use it much more conveniently. And because of my frequency of use, my endurance toward the Spiritual Stove of Godly Purple Thunder is increasing unceasingly. Taking the Forest Boa Pills made by has-drugs-bro as well as some thunder-tempering-training raised my external spiritual energy, which should at least be at thirty or forty thousand.

Lin Xin stared at these two pieces of equipment of epic tier in Sima Xian’s possession and murmured, “Finding a wealthy wife is really a shortcut to several dozen years of struggles.”

Chapter 616

Long Haochen glared at him, “What did you just say?”

Lin Xin corrected himself with haste, following up with a smile on his face, “Boss, I was just speaking without thoroughly thinking about it. Take it that you didn’t hear anything: you must never repeat those words to Xin’er. My ability is acquired relying only on myself, unlike someone who lives off a woman, huhu.”

Sima Xian proudly declared, “Living off a woman is also a skill? How about you? just look at your gigolo’s appearance. Who would even want you?”

Wang Yuanyuan unhappily blurted, “Stop it with your quarrels. Listen to Boss telling us what is going to follow next.”

Everyone calmed down, and looked toward Long Haochen.

Long Haochen signalled the group to form a circle, then unfolded the map.

“The Yale Province is there. And since Haoyue has been heading to the south since then, we are roughly there.” Long Haochen pointed a spot.

“Our battle in Yale City will very rapidly reach the Demon God Emperor’s ears. After all, we have just killed a demon god and destroyed his demon god pillar. What we need to do next is to move with the objective of not getting found by the Demon God Emperor. The demon territory is incredibly broad: even at the Demon God Emperor’s
cultivation, as long as we don’t make apparent mistakes, he definitely won’t have an easy time finding us, just like when looking for a needle in the large sea.”

Han Yu asked, “Then should we keep going like that, or rather stay concealed?”

Long Haochen visibly had something planned out, and declared, “There is a golden opportunity in front of our eyes, but the risk is great. Listen well everyone: the Demon God Emperor’s appearance in the Exorcist Mountain Pass is obviously due to the Star Demon God Vassago’s Great Prophecy. But we have gotten the information beforehand and managed to move a step ahead, thanks to Yue Ye’s prompt information. As a matter of fact, Yue Ye brought us really accurate information, and the Demon God Emperor should need at least one more day before getting to Yale City. Our safety is, for the time being, uncompromisable. Since Yue Ye’s information was unmistaken, her other piece of news should very possibly be trustworthy too.”

Hearing that, Cai’er’s eyes lit up, “Are you speaking about the condition of the Star Demon God Vassago after the Great Prophecy Technique?”

Long Haochen nodded, “Indeed. The Great Prophecy Technique is something we have seen before too. When used in battle, it has extremely terrifying effects: that Star Demon clansman we have encountered in the Illusory Shrine should be someone with Vassago’s bloodline, very possibly the next Star Demon God. But even such a powerhouse in the Star Demon Clan just died while using Great Prophecy. This means that alongside its massive power, it has an extreme backlash. As the demon prophet, Vassago had to predict our future tracks as well as the demons’ future, expending far more power than the Star Demon of that time. So he very possibly has no more than a third of his original force.

“The head from our Knight Temple Yang Haohan has told me before that among the seventy-two demon gods, the most dangerous outside the Demon God Emperor Fengxiu is the Star Demon God Vassago. The Demon God Emperor is their leader and emblematic figure, their object of veneration,
while the Star Demon God is their brain, no less than a prime minister. And the Moon Demon God Agares is

Hearing Long Haochen, the group couldn’t help but gasp. Their captain actually planned on attacking the third ranked demon god, Star Demon God Vassago. This was something they wouldn’t even dare imagine before.

Long Haochen continued, “That’s just a suggestion. If we head to Modu, it should be going totally against the Demon God Emperor’s expectations. He should by no way expect that we dared head to his nest. As for the Star Demon God Vassago’s condition, we can take Yue Ye’s word for a fact. The Star Demon God is surely still very strong, but even so, his powerful abilities will require of him a good enough state of cultivation and body. With our team’s current strength as well as Haoyue’s suppression on demon gods, we should be able to match a fifth of the Star Demon God’s strength with no issue. Which means that, even if Yue Ye’s report was somewhat exaggerated, we still don’t stand no chance.

“But if we move against the Star Demon God Vassago, the degree of danger will be immense as well.” After exposing their fields of dominance, Long Haochen took another point of view. His analysis had to prioritize the possibilities of danger, and mustn’t show blind hopes.

“First of all, Modu Core City is the demons’ real core location. Which means that in normal times, most of the demons’ strength is gathered in the core city. All the top demon gods (the Moon Demon God, Star Demon God, Demon God of Death and Hell Demon God) are defending this Modu City. These four demon gods are not present for now, and there is not even any other demon god besides the Star Demon God in Modu, but this doesn’t mean there are no forces in the city.

“Surely everyone must question one point. Since Modu is empty, won’t our senior Demon Hunters surrounding it be moving against the capital? I estimate that they shouldn’t, for the simple reason that they have no understanding.

“More importantly, our predecessor Demon Hunters were unaware of the goals the Demon God Emperor and Star Demon God had when departing
with a large amount of demons, so how could they do that? The Demon God Emperor’s threat to the Alliance is just too much: if I am the one bringing a group to deal with him and in case we notice some movements from the Demon God Emperor, I’d definitely follow him to make things clear. Then, if he really plans on moving against the Alliance, I'd go against him with my life at stake. So the chances that these advanced Demon Hunt Squad move against Modu are not high.

“In the meantime, although Modu Core City has lost the protection of a large amount of demon gods, the five greatest demon clans are still residing there. Also, the Demon God Emperor has left, but cannot possibly have brought all the demon gods along! Just think, if you were a demon god leaving your nest, wouldn’t you at least leave a capable subordinate behind to command the troops stationed there? So I can say with certainty that the Demon God Emperor, Moon Demon God, Star Demon God, Demon God of Death and Hell Demon God have all left at least a subordinate at the ninth step to keep watch. And very possibly not only one, in particular the Defying Devil Dragons: the Demon God Emperor would at least leave a third of his clansmen there. My safest estimate would be that there are at least twenty powerhouses of the ninth step in Modu Core City.”

Hearing Long Haochen’s analysis, Lin Xin couldn’t help but show a demoralized face, “Boss, in that case, do we even stand a chance? We can’t possibly be able to deal with twenty demon powerhouses of the ninth step!”

Long Haochen showed a faint smile, “This is just our best opportunity! Since we don’t even believe that we could deal with that, how could the Demon God Emperor expect us to head for Modu Core City? Wouldn’t that be akin to walking right into the trap? He surely doesn’t expect us to overestimate our abilities like that. But for this very reason, I believe that we must go, and look for a chance to inflict heavy losses on the Star Demon God.”

Seeing the skeptical looks on his comrades’ faces, Long Haochen continued, “Take the time to think about it everyone. What’s the current state of Modu City? The Holy War is ravaging outside, and most demon
powerhouses are away. Although some forces of all five greatest demon races are stationed, they are far less than in Modu’s normal times. In that situation, it is far easier than in normal times for us to penetrate in the city. In the meantime, without the Demon God Emperor, Moon Demon God, Demon God of Death and Hell Demon God, and only a very seriously wounded Star Demon God Vassago resting in seclusion, there won’t be any mental scouting beyond our resistance.

“If we suddenly bring havoc in a certain spot in demon territory, even if it’s the demon capital, they won’t be able to gather enough peak demon powerhouses to take care of us in a short time. They will at least require some time: it is not at if there is no line of command in the demon clans, but we are not aiming at the Devil Dragons, their rulers.”

Cai’er said, “I can understand your intention. If we leave for the capital city, it will first go against the Demon God Emperor’s expectations as, if he definitely doesn’t expect us to dare go to Modu, we won’t have to worry about the Demon God Emperor. And next, if we move against the Star Demon, we will at most have to face the attacks of the powerhouses the Star Demon Clan left behind. The other clans won’t be able to make it in time. And if it succeeds, we can just leave through the Eternal Melody before getting surrounded by the demon powerhouses, even if we have to remain secluded inside the Tower of Eternity for a long time. This way we avoid getting tracked down and wait for an opportunity to leave Modu stealthily. ”

Long Haochen nodded with a smile, “That’s basically the idea.”

Cai’er remarked, “Then there are two issues. First, as the Star Demons have yet to participate in the war and the Star Demon God is heavily wounded, their Star Demon Palace is surely very tightly guarded. There’s no way one of the top three demon clans would be so easy to deal with. At least, at our current level of strength, there’s no way we can resist them. In those conditions, how could we deal easily with the Star Demon God. Secondly, since the Star Demon God is in seclusion and very weak, even if we attack the Star Demon Palace, he only has to stay concealed in his seclusion. How can we find him then? After all, we won’t have a long time for that.”

Chapter 617

Long Haochen responded, “Yes, these are the two issues we will have to confront. Let me tell you my idea. Cai’er is right regarding the Star Demons’ power; we cannot possibly proceed the same way as we did with the Panther Demon Palace with our current strength. The Star Demons are incomparable with the Panther Demons in terms of strength. But we don’t necessarily have to enter by force. We don’t even have to focus attention on the Star Clan. What is the clan sharing the greatest relationship with the Star Demons? Everyone should know about that.”

Wang Yuanyuan understood rapidly, “The Moon Clan? Boss, are you saying that we should attack the Moon Clan first in order to create a diversion?”

Every one of them was intelligent people, which is why the idea went through rapidly.

Long Haochen made a thumbs up to Wang Yuanyuan, “That’s right, it’s exactly what I was planning. If we can launch a forbidden spell against the Moon Demon Palace, it will not only be the Star Demons, but all Modu’s powerhouses will be focused upon the Star Demon Palace. That will be our opportunity. Maybe this chance will be of short duration, but the forces in the Star Demon Palace will surely be at their lowest. This will make a good opportunity for us. And furthermore, after entering Modu, we will contact Yue Ye firsthand, and be able to understand the inner condition of the Star Demon Palace, giving us a good chance to infiltrate. The second issue Cai’er noticed is the easiest to deal with: I have never spoken of killing the Star Demon God Vassago! Indeed, it is very likely we will not find him, but don’t forget, everyone, that we have
Haoyue with us. Haoyue may be unable to find a demon god, but finding a demon god pillar will be no issue at all. So in my opinion, we should not target Vassago, who surely has a lot of ways to ensure his survival as the number three demon god, and will be extremely hard to kill. Our greatest advantage compared to other Demon Hunt Squads is that we can destroy demon god pillars. Just think, if we can destroy the Star Demon God’s demon god pillar or damage it severely, how will that affect him?”

At this point in Haochen’s explanation, the eyes of the skeptical group lit successively. Right, why would they absolutely need to confront the demon gods with force? They just had to target the demon god pillar. And according to Long Haochen’s plan, if they can stealthily come close to the demon god pillar and let Haoyue break out, even Vassago himself would very hardly manage to save it. Given Vassago’s heavy wounds, even if he appeared in time, he won’t have an easy time stopping the group.

Long Haochen’s look was swept at his comrades, “These are my thoughts. Now let’s debate on that everyone. Please raise any suggestions that come to mind. Although this plan feels completed like that, entering Modu will after all be extremely dangerous. Even with the Eternal Melody’s teleportation ability, our safety cannot be fully guaranteed. So we will make an attempt only if everyone unanimously agrees. If only one person opposes, we will take another path: I have a second plan, which would be to make an indefinite trip through demon territory, wreaking havoc in demon territory without need to kill a demon god every time, but just to make sufficient inconvenience for them. A pretty good target is the Andros Province.

“Surely everyone remembers about that province where we previously killed the Devil Snake Demon God Andromaliu s. The Andros Province is certainly the most bustling place in all demon territory.

“Because the demons are obtaining most of their resources from the sea, if we can reach there and wreak destruction, the demon will surely sustain extreme damage. Their supplies will have even more difficulties, which will be of considerable benefit to appease the Holy War’s crisis. These two plans taking place around Andro Province surely have greater feasibility, and are also much safer. The only issue is that as the Andro
Province is a lot closer to us, just eastwards from the Yale Province and we would only need to go through one more province, it will make the probability of the Demon God Emperor going after us quite a bit higher.”

Without a doubt, the most audacious of Long Haochen’s two plans was the first one: to target the demon prophet, Star Demon God Vassago, and go through perils in Modu Capital City. Simply an astonishing plan!

After Long Haochen spoke, a short time of silence followed. Their next course of action would relate greatly to their dedication to the Temple Alliance and circumstances. Being careless was a no go!

Long Haochen was also considering the feasibility of the two plans. By leaving for the Andro Province the danger was visibly lower: even if the Demon God Emperor had dispatched another demon god to be stationed there, they wouldn’t necessarily have no way to deal with him. At least they didn’t have to worry about their safety. But if they chose to go for Modu Core City, the variables would be much more numerous; no one could predict the encounters they would make there.

If one were to compare the potential results, the first one was undoubtedly the best. Although they had already destroyed two demon gods, these were after all lower ranked demon gods’, only able to shake their roots without much impact.

But the Star Demon God Vassago was not the same. He, the Moon Demon God, and the Demon God Emperor formed the three greatest bigshots. Although they formed a set of five with Saminaga and Marbas, the other two’s power and utility was at most reflected in their clans. But Vassago was not the same: as the demon prophet, his utility was immeasurable, acting as the true greatest help of the Demon God Emperor.

If they managed to destroy the Star Demon God’s demon god pillar, shaking the demons’ roots, the Demon God Emperor would be pained to no limits. This would be an immense blow for the demons. Although this would make them chased from all sides, this would be the start of the path of the demons’ destruction under their hands.
Long Haochen was internally tormented, unwilling to expose his comrades to an excessive danger, but in the meantime, this was a one in a lifetime chance. How could it put him in a tangle?

“Boss, let me say two things.” The first one to respond was Sima Xian, who didn’t have the least of his previous playful look. In these serious times, he really showed a resolute face. Only, his glowing shaven head ruined a bit of this atmosphere.

“Boss, I find that plan acceptable. That’s exactly what braving danger for the sake of riches and honor is. There’s no time to lose when an occasion shows up. The second proposal you gave is also pretty good, but that’s just some available tasks that we can take at anytime. On the other hand on Modu Capital, good opportunities are really scarce. Maybe we won’t ever have such a chance in the future. And furthermore, we have princess Yue Ye as our informer. After entering in Modu, we can just make the whole situation clear before moving. With the Eternal Melody there for teleportation, we can leave the battlefield at anytime too. There will surely be some risks, but as the Demon Hunters we are, is there even a time without risk? Even in Andros Province there’s a chance of running into the Demon God Emperor! We exist for the sake of the Alliance, for humankind’s fight. Danger is nothing! A man should die in the battlefield, buried in a horse hide.” Sima Xian’s speech was impassioned, and his eyes, filled with violent thirst for battle.

Wang Yuanyuan followed and said, “I agree with Sima’s words. A chance is showing in front of our eyes. A path devoid of danger is impossible, but when did we ever fear danger? We have even gone through the Holy War. If we can destroy the Star Demon God’s demon god pillar, we will be humankind’s heroes. This will also be the starting point of demonkind's destruction, making us deserve the name of Bright Glimmer of Hope.”

Lin Xin responded, “Let’s go for it. Since the day I joined our Demon Hunt Squad, I made the resolve to follow you Boss. I will aim wherever you point!” In those years, Long Haochen went as far as to abandon choosing Cai’er for him, even if this had to arise a misunderstanding between Cai’er and him. This was a matter Lin Xin didn’t raise in normal
times, but in their hearts, this was a favor he had kept engraved deep in his memories.

Cai’er looked at Haochen softly, and showed a faint smile, “Even if it comes to the worst, I will just be dying at your side and no more.”

Long Haochen wrinkled his eyebrows, “Don’t talk drivel! We will all survive, and see together that day when humankind defeats demonkind.” He seemed to be rebuking Cai’er, but looked at her with an extremely emotional expression.

Chen Ying’er shrugged her shoulders, showing an indifferent face, “I also agree. I really like it the most when it’s lively. When I was young and grandfather asked me about my greatest desire, I said that I wanted to turn Modu Core City into a home for my summoned beasts. I surely won’t give my approval to take such an opportunity. But Boss, you have to promise me that if I die in battle, you will deliver Yang Wenzhao back to the Alliance on my behalf.”

Now only Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang had yet to declare their position.
Long Haochen finally looked at the two of them.

Han Yu made a wink, “Boss, there’s no need to look at me. Are you forgetting that I am your retainer knight? I will go wherever you go!”

Zhang Fangfang imitated Han Yu’s intonation, “Haochen, there’s no need to look at me. Are you forgetting that I am Yuanyuan’s Guardian Knight? I will go wherever she goes!”

After he said that, Lin Xin and Sima Xian whistled silently and Wang Yuanyuan turned red, glaring fiercely at Zhang Fangfang, who acted as if he saw nothing.

Actually, Zhang Fangfang still had apprehensions, but he was, after all, not a genuine member from Bright Glimmer of Hope. Since everyone already made their resolve, how could this outsider spoil all the fun? Moreover Wang Yuanyuan already approved and his words were still
sincere. Even though the danger was extreme, he preferred to face it alongside Wang Yuanyuan rather than hear grievous news a short time later.

Long Haochen didn’t think his comrades would all so delightedly follow his first proposal full of danger. Taking a deep breath, he responded, “In that case, let us make a careful analysis and plan out for the worst case scenario and extremely thoroughly.”

Chapter 618

Modu Core City; Moon Demon Palace.

Yue Ye slowly opened her eyes, letting out a light sigh. As the spiritual energy in her body circulated, her whole body let out a dark purple ring of light.

As a character with both human and demon blood, she enjoyed a lot of exceptional advantages. Her body and way of thinking was more inclined towards the human side, while she was blessed with the cultivation talents and attributes of a Moon Demon.

Ever since Ah’Bao disregarded her safety for the sake of killing Long Haochen, she had been calmly staying in the Moon Demon Palace after returning to Modu, only controlling the Yue Ye Merchant Group remotely.

These two years, her frame of mind had gained a lot in serenity compared to the past years, and her cultivation grew at an extreme speed as well. Although the abilities she was born with weren't as overwhelming as the great majority of other demons, her human physique gave her future growth potential far above ordinary Moon Demons.

The Moon Demon God liked this daughter the most, and not just because of Yue Ye’s beauty, but also because of her exceedingly high intelligence. The overwhelming majority of the Moon Demons couldn’t compare with her in this aspect. For example, although she had the Moon Demon God’s support, step-by-step Yue Ye was able to establish such a large association of merchants from the age of fifteen, already showing her extremely brilliant innate skills.
The dark purple halation disappearing slowly, Yue Ye’s back lit up once again, with a quarter moon’s shape, flashing three times before disappearing.

Being favored by nature as a Moon Demon, and cultivating in this place second only to the Demon Emperor palace to the darkness attribute users, Yue Ye’s cultivation finally broke through the eighth step after two days of steady cultivation.

Speaking    of    which,    she    felt    thankful    towards     Long Haochen. Precisely because of her anxiety due to him, the spiritual energy in her resonated exceptionally. Boldly taking this opportunity, she broke through the seventh step’s bottleneck, entering the eighth step.

Compared to ordinary Moon Demons, her innate talents towards various aspects were much more outstanding. At the same eighth step, she was confident in defeating any of these clansmen of similar cultivation as her.

Finally, the fluctuations vanished completely, and Yue Ye’s eyes returned slowly to a dim purple color. Her eyes revealed an expression of secret reluctance, as she let out a light sigh and thought aloud, “He should have already escaped by now. Based on the news from the Exorcist Mountain Pass, he received my information immediately after arriving in the mountain pass. At that time, His Majesty was still over two days away from there; with such a long time to adjust, he should have already left. Father’s attitude toward me is quite strange, as if he already has some suspicions. Now should be my last time helping you. Long Haochen, you’re on your own now. I hope that we won’t have to cross paths again in the future.”

Although she was still unable to forget the scene of Long Haochen resisting the Demon Hunter Removers’ attacks on Cai’er’s behalf, she had finally cut off some of her feelings in those two calm years. span

As the intelligent person she was, why would she keep reflecting on a matter she knew to be impossible? She already had some new goals now.
Be it a human or a demon, everyone needed a goal, else they would otherwise live aimlessly. This was especially the case for an intelligent person such as Yue Ye. She needed to shift to another object of interest in an attempt to move on, which is exactly what she did.

Floating, Yue Ye exited from the secluded room. Outside was a small garden, full of a specific plant, around a rock in the midst of the alley leading to the garden.

That was a small flower of dim yellow color, not considered extremely beautiful, but seeming noble and proud. It had no leaf and let out a rich fragrance, but with some coldness mixed in its perfume.

Yue Ye felt close to this Moonlight Flower. She actually didn’t know so far what the most important thing in her eyes was. Some time before, when she felt extremely exhausted due to the Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce and extremely thirsty for experiencing a love story of her own, at that time Long Haochen appeared. That was the time of their first encounter.

When her merchant group got attacked jointly by demon armies and Yue Ye was wanting to give up, he came and saved her from the desperate crisis, leading them to rush out from the siege. Starting from that time, Long Haochen had already left a deep impression on her.

In Yue Ye’s heart, her loved one could only be a human and not a demon.
So, in actuality, she didn’t love Ah’Bao.

Long Haochen with his heroism, bravery and chivalrous character attracted her deeply. So from then on, she felt a strong interest for this knight who was much younger than herself.

Afterwards, this interest came to grow with their repeated encounters. And when she came to see Long Haochen risk his life for Cai’er’s sake while Ah’Bao did not spare her from being sacrificed, Yue Ye felt great pain, but also a strong thirst that came along. How would things be if that man was willing to do that much for my sake?
These feelings disturbed her for a very, very long time. And then, a long time after the start of the Holy War, she came to realize that the two of them were from two different worlds, and were therefore an impossible thing. Maybe she could strive a bit harder if he did not have such a lover, but now that was just impossible.

Yue Ye had even once had the thought of taking the path of subjugation. What if one day she could become a powerhouse of the present age, go kill Cai’er, and forcefully subdue Long Haochen? That was the next solution she came up with.

So she gradually buried her thirst for a love story, but never came to regret falling for Long Haochen. Although these errors came to nothing, this at least created a thing in which to invest her efforts and energy. The man I, Yue Ye, fell for is just that outstanding; no one else can compare with him.

She was already putting all her efforts somewhere else, and for that, her top priority was to raise her cultivation.

A rich fragrance of flowers escorted Yue Ye as she slowly left the courtyard. At this time, she felt the same as a queen, and now, she had her own goal.

After she left the courtyard, Yue Ye’s expression was already back to normal: calm, warm, with the looks of a remarkably beautiful frail princess.

“Your Highness, your dinner is ready,” a maid came to her side and said. Yue Ye gave the instruction to allow no one to enter the courtyard, but was never demanding. All she needed were three meals a day, only to better back her cultivation. As the princess of the Moon Clan, she originally lived a pleasurable life.

“Yeah.” As she was prepared to take her meal, her look wavered slightly, looking at the direction of the entrance.

Although she was a princess, her living quarters weren’t very large, and at her cultivation level, she had a very strong awareness of the

As expected, another maid came rapidly, “Highness, a viscount has come looking for you, presenting your tile.”

A viscount? The maid was without a doubt speaking about a viscount from the Moon Clan. Yue Ye’s unwavering stance suddenly broke, and a look of astonishment came to her face. It can’t be him?

“Please let him in.” Doing her utmost to calm herself down, Yue Ye suddenly realized that her hand was shaking severely. She didn’t even know herself whether she hoped her guess to be correct or not.

A short time later, a person in a deep purple cloak came in under a maid’s lead. The cloak was hiding his whole body, but he visibly had a man’s figure. Slightly lowering his head, he made it impossible to see his facial appearance clearly.

An indescribable sense of familiarity arose inside her. Although she couldn’t see his looks, Yue Ye narrowly cried out in alarm, unconsciously stepping back and arousing looks of vigilance on the maids’ faces.

That person raised his head, and lifted the upper part of his cloak, “Long time no see, Your Highness.”

With his handsome and flawless looks, and the golden hair neatly draped over his shoulder, if there could be said to be only one flaw to that appearance, that would be the eyes. That pair of purple eyes specific to Moon Demons seemed to create a slight disharmony in that face of perfect handsomeness.

“Is that really you… Why did you just come?” Although Yue Ye had guessed that it could possibly be him, she was still filled with unbelief when she really saw him face to face. Indescribable feelings surged in her as she turned completely pale.

Long Haochen looked at Yue Ye with a smile. After over two years of separation, this princess Yue Ye had grown even more beautiful, appearing
even more noble, and seemed to have a new charm she didn’t have before. Her pair of purple eyes were filled with shock.

“So? Am I unwelcome?”

Yue Ye was, after all, Yue Ye. After a short time of shock, she immediately came back to her senses, restraining her shock and waving her hand, “You may leave.”

The maids left with doubtful expressions, and only Long Haochen and Yue Ye were left in this hall.

“Come with me.” Yue Ye rapidly stepped forward, taking Long Haochen back to the courtyard. Her heartbeat was still rising higher, and deep inside her, an indescribable feeling of excitement arose. Maybe this encounter was just that thrilling.

Very rapidly, she brought Long Haochen back to her secluded cultivation room, pulling him into her room before shutting the door. Leaning against its door, Yue Ye gazed at Long Haochen with a look of unbelief.

“How could that be you? Just why did you dare come here?” Yue Ye was unable to keep down the feelings of shock in herself, shaking quite a lot as she spoke.

Chapter 619

Actually she was a very calm and steady, wise and farsighted girl, but at this instant, she really couldn’t control her repressed feelings. Long Haochen actually appearing so overtly in front of her was just such an inconceivable thing! Even if he was now very close, she still felt as if in a dream.

Long Haochen showed a calm smile, “Why wouldn’t I dare come? So what if the core city is the den of the tiger?”

Yue Ye lost her voice, “So what? Could it be that you don’t know that, in   order   to   kill   you,   the   Demon   God   Emperor    had    no scruples against making the Holy War last over two years? This Holy War has already lowered the demon population by more than thirty percent. For the sake of killing you, the Demon God Emperor personally went to look for you in the Exorcist Mountain Pass alongside my father and some demon gods. For the sake of killing you, the Star Demon God Vassago did not refuse to burn all his life to use Great Prophecy. And you are just appearing in Modu like that! You… you are simply a madman!!!”

Long Haochen didn’t make a sound. He could understand Yue Ye’s emotions: although Long Haochen was not among the Alliance’s top in cultivation, he’d surely rank near the top if one were to speak in terms of reputation and influence. It was for him that the demon side launched this Holy War.

Yue Ye took large gasps, her whole face covered with unbelief; watching Long Haochen’s handsome face, she felt out of control of her own body.
Suddenly, she took large strides forward toward him, and hugged him tightly.

This unexpected hug startled him greatly. Coming into such close contact, Long Haochen could clearly feel her intense heartbeat. In a daze, he didn’t know how he should face this situation. He obviously couldn’t return the hug: in his heart, Yue Ye was only a comrade, a friend.

Yue Ye didn’t utter a word, and Long Haochen stayed motionless in this calm secluded room, but didn’t push her away. Deep inside, Yue Ye’s feelings caused some reactions in him. It wasn’t that he didn’t think of rejecting her, but as this mixed-blood beauty in front of him had just saved his life not long before, how could he bear to push her away like that?

Holding Long Haochen tightly, Yue Ye’s intense heartbeat gradually came back to normal. She suddenly realized that this was the first time of her life that she felt so alive. And this feeling of substance was due to this man: what a good feeling. She was almost unable to resist the urge to let out moans, but still restrained herself in the end. She didn’t want him to see through her, yet really hated to part with him.

The two of them were calmly standing there, not budging for a while.

When Yue Ye came up to hold him, her body felt slightly cold, but as time passed, Long Haochen distinctly felt that it was gradually heating up.

Filled with a deep fright, Long Haochen knew that he couldn’t let this go on. He was also just a man like any other, and Yue Ye was such a beauty: even if he could control himself even if this went on, he was afraid that this would change the friendly relationship between the two of them. This was something he did not wish to see.

“Princess.” Long Haochen said in low voice.

This appellation of princess made Yue Ye shiver slightly. The gradually warming Yue Ye was woken up just as if a cup of col
d water was poured on her. Unconsciously letting go of his arms, she stepped back rapidly, and showed a somewhat pale, blushing face.

“Am I just a princess in your heart?” Yue Ye revealed a trace of distress. She had believed she had let go of him a long time ago, but seeing him for real and sensing the aura on his body, she realized that this feeling were still there, buried deeply in her heart.

Long Haochen let out a light sigh, “Sorry, Yue Ye. You should know that I already have Cai’er, and my heart cannot contain feelings for anyone else than her. I regard you as my friend, a lifetime friend. Thank you for your message which enabled us to narrowly escape from that crisis.”

“Your friend? So what if I am your friend? If I run into a life threatening crisis, will you be protecting me like how you protected Cai’er with your own life?”

“I will.” Long Haochen replied categorically, without showing any hesitation.

This startled Yue Ye, who looked at Long Haochen with an air of unbelief. Although they hadn’t been in much contact, she understood clearly that Long Haochen was this kind of person. He wouldn’t make this kind of promise lightly, but would be certain to do it if he said so.

Long Haochen declared with sincerity, “Since I received your emergency warning in the Exorcist Mountain Pass, in my eyes you have already stopped being just a cooperative partner, but also a real friend. I understand that you too were bearing an enormous risk. If you come to meet with danger, I will do my best to save you from that.”

Long Haochen’s words weren’t a flowery speech, as he didn’t have such rhetorical talents, but they deeply shocked Yue Ye's heart, and her pale face gradually came back to normal.

She turned her head, her back facing Haochen, and put great efforts into pacifying her thumping heart. A long time later, she turned back, back to showing a normal expression.
“You came to the core city because the Demon God Emperor and my father went away taking a large amount of demon gods, so this place should be empty right? If this is what you think, you are mistaken. Modu Core City is the foundation of all demonkind, and has five demon gods standing on watch. At anytime, the five greatest clans will leave powerhouses on guard in their Demon God Palaces. Coming here to look for a chance is nothing other than suicide. I can tell that your cultivation has greatly grown in those two years, but I can tell you with certainty that two Devil Dragon powerhouses of the ninth step are enough to annihilate your whole team.”

After recovering her calm, Yue Ye was back to her wise and foresighted self, immediately able to tell the reasons of Long Haochen’s arrival.

“No, you coming to the core city should be totally outside the Demon God Emperor’s expectations.

“No one should have expected that you would walk right into the trap, and with your intelligence, I don’t think you came with a suicidal plan. Tell me, just what are you planning?”

Long Haochen nodded, “Based on the information you gave me, the Star Demon God Vassago should be greatly weakened by the use of Great Prophecy and have only a tenth of his top-form strength, right? I have come here to request a confirmation of that fact first of all.”

After hearing his question, Yue Ye was once again in shock, “You… You can’t be planning to attack the Star Demon God?”

Long Haochen didn’t try to conceal the truth, and nodded to her.

Yue Ye let out a gasp, “Looks like you are truly mad. How could that be possible? Even if he has just a tenth of his strength, the Star Demon God is not an opponent you can deal with. Don't you know he has countless ways yet to increase his cultivation in a burst to an extremely terrifying level? I’m afraid you guys would not even be able to take a single one of his blows!”
Long Haochen replied, “We have already considered all these points; don’t worry, since we dared come, it is surely after doing careful reflection. I have already considered all difficulties, and it’s not as if we are planning to directly kill the Star Demon God. Can you tell me what’s the current condition of the Star Demon God?”

Yue Ye replied, “The Star Demon God is indeed weakened after his use of Great Prophecy; this is something Father told me personally, and my father has never spoken false words to me. His demon god pillar is called Star of Truth, and causes any lie he would tell to greatly affect his cultivation. So why come for him if you don’t plan on killing the Star Demon God? Oh, I know. You must be planning to destroy his demon god pillar. Don’t tell me you really have that power of destroying demon god pillars.”

With Yue Ye’s intelligence, she managed to guess Long Haochen’s objective.

Long Haochen shrugged his shoulders, “Yes. If not for that, why would the Demon God Emperor launch a Holy War because of me? By destroying or damaging the Star Demon God’s pillar, our objective will be attained. Don’t worry, we have no plans of involving you no matter what. Today, it was only to confirm whether the Star Demon God is really in a weakened state, as well as to inform you of our time of action, so that you can avoid being implicated or even wounded at that time.”

Yue Ye murmured, “What a real fearless guy you are. To actually dare target this Modu Capital City. Are you really confident?”

Long Haochen showed a light smile, “There’s nothing certain in this world from the beginning. This operation is mainly aiming at catching the enemy off guard. Since even you, the most familiar person with us, didn’t expect that, the Demon God Emperor naturally won’t expect it. We cannot remain here for too long, so tomorrow evening will be the time of our action. When the time comes, we will create a diversion in your Moon Demon Palace, before proceeding towards the Star Demon Palace. We will be launching an attack of forbidden-spell grade against the Moon Demon Palace, so be extremely careful when remaining in here.”
Hearing Long Haochen’s explanation, Yue Ye understood his strategy, becoming speechless for a moment. Looking at Long Haochen she couldn’t help but show a sluggish expression.

For some reason, a sudden burst of pride arose in her. Yue Ye secretly thought: That’s the man I have chosen. Leading his Demon Hunt Squad, he actually dared come so brazenly to Modu and aim at the Star Demon God Pillar. That’s just how courageous and self-confident he was. No sign of arrogance was perceived from him; since he said he had reflected on it carefully, he must have reflected on it carefully.

But just as he said, because his plan was far too bold, and far too unimaginable, no one could guess it beforehand. Creating a diversion really was a good strategy, as attacking the Moon Demon Palace would naturally mobilize the Star Demon Palace with which they had the greatest relationship.

Chapter 620

Although Yue Ye didn’t know the detailed plan Long Haochen’s group had, she realized with astonishment that this plan was really feasible. She was just far too conscious about what demon god pillars represent for the demons. No matter his strength, even if it’s the Demon God Emperor, if a demon god’s pillar is destroyed, his position will also fall to dust instantly! The demon god pillars are their foundation, and in some manner, an indestructible second body for the demon gods.

“Thank you for your help Yue Ye. Be very careful, I am going now.”
After telling her these words, Long Haochen proceeded to the exit.

Yue Ye stepped across, blocking his path of escape. Raising her head to look at him, she showed slight displeasure, “Are you really leaving like that?”

Long Haochen had a start, “You...”

Yue Ye snorted, “How much do you even know Modu Core City? Even if your plan was even more reliable, how accurately can you strike my Moon Demon Palace and the Star Demon Palace? Even the power of a forbidden spell is limited; knowing the core areas will only make our two Demon Palaces all the more panicked. Do you know the accurate location of the Star Demon God Pillar and the place where the Star Demon God is secluded? And how strong are the Star Demons’ forces in the Star Demon Palace?”

Long Haochen didn’t utter a word. Actually, Yue Ye’s questions were all things he had wanted to ask today, but after Yue Ye hugged him like that, he
just didn’t dare ask anymore. That was because he suddenly realized that he already owed Yue Ye far too much. If he received even more from her, how could he repay that favor? And the feelings she had for him, made it even harder for him to ask.

Actually Long Haochen had some backup thoughts about today’s plan. By just spending some more time, he could investigate the two great demon palaces, after all, he still had this identity as a Moon Demon Viscount, enabling him to ask about some known information.

Of course, he would prefer to get Yue Ye’s accurate information, which was the only way to increase his chances of success. Although this operation Long Haochen came for was dangerous, he still proceeded with enough prudence. Unless enough safety precautions were taken, he wouldn’t dare move rashly even if he had to give up on this plan.

“It should be to ask all this that you have come to see me this time, right? Why are you not asking?” Long Haochen looked fervently at Long Haochen.

Long Haochen let out a light sigh, “I already really owe you too much.
If I keep owing you, I don’t know how I could repay you all this.”

Yue Ye almost blurted out, Repay it with your body. But she still bore it, because she knew that this would only increase the distance between the two of them even further.

“So it turns out that you already know that you owe me a lot? Very good, let me tell you how to repay me then. Be at ease, it is not something personal that I will be asking.” Yue Ye’s expression exercised restraint, making less emotion show to appear more rational. Revealing a wise look, she declared after taking a short pause, “Long Haochen, I can help you with my utmost, and not only this time but on every occasion there will come to be in the future. As long as you need it, I will do my utmost to provide any information you need.”

Yue Ye’s voice sounded really pleased, and furthermore she clarified that he didn’t need to repay her emotionally. Long Haochen was startle
d, “What are your gains then?”

Yue Ye declared, “If one day, you can be a leader of humanity, and lead them to defeat demonkind, I hope that you wouldn’t eradicate it all, and leave just a small territory for demonkind to dwell in. It will be just a small kingdom outside your human empire, and I will be its ruler. For a thousand years, humankind shall not be allowed to attack us.”

Long Haochen didn’t expect this condition from Yue Ye at all, and couldn’t help but feel a large shock, “Yue Ye, are you sure that is your only wish? You should know that this is something I can absolutely not promise you. Even if I become a Divine Knight in the future, the Temple Alliance will surely not listen to my lone word either.”

Yue Ye looked at him with determination, “I just want your promise. So what about what all others say? If the whole Temple Alliance comes under your command, why wouldn’t you be able to make the decision? And you should know clearly that even if humankind can annihilate all our demonkind, it will surely be at an enormous cost. At that time, if you can give us a chance to move away into a small territory, then the chances of demonkind going all out with no more regard for their own lives will be much lower. I don’t want much, just a territory the size of a province will be sufficient.”

Long Haochen furrowed his brows, deeply considering Yue Ye’s proposal. There stood no doubt that having Yue Ye as a mole among demonkind would greatly benefit them in their future courses of actions. But this condition of Yue Ye felt really incomprehensible in his eyes.

“Even if I promise you, will the surviving forces even listen to your command after we defeat demonkind?”

Yue Ye showed a tranquil smile, “That’s my own issue. It’s enough for you to just give me your promise. If in the future you cannot command the Temple Alliance, or if my strength is insufficient to gather the scattered demon survivors, or if you humans cannot defeat us demons, there will be no need to fulfill your part. Demonkind may be outsiders, but they have, after all, six thousand years of history on this continent since
their arrival. In some sense, outside the seventy-two demon gods, all demon races are also born from the evolution of various original creatures from Shengmo Dalu, which are originally part of this word. If you can destroy the seventy-two demon god pillars, it’s hard to say whether the demons’ demonification will persist. And I can tell you one secret without fear. Do you know what our Yue Ye Merchant Group’s fundamental force is?”

Long Haochen shook his head.

Yue Ye replied, “Our fundamental forces are the individuals of mixed human and demon blood.”

Long Haochen was startled, immediately looking forward to the continuation of Yue Ye’s speech.

Yue Ye continued, “Individuals of mixed human and demon blood are far more numerous than you imagine. The Yue Ye Merchant Force is just our external facet, but our scope of influence extends to all demon territory. Among us, the overwhelming majority is more inclined to human thinking. And until now, we have really been looking ahead for an opportunity to become independent. You should understand my intention given how intelligent you are. So I will certainly not limit my help to providing information. In case the occasion gets ripe, our organization’s strength will emerge of itself.”

Long Haochen showed some unbelief, “And you are the leader of this organization?”

Yue Ye shook her head, “Not yet. Let me leak out some more to you: our organization’s present leader is a demon god of mixed human and demon descent. After I set up the Yue Ye Merchant group, we have been in touch, and I have been in charge of intelligence works for the organization. If my strength reaches a sufficient level in the future, I will surely have the qualifications to fight for the position of leader. Mixed human and demon breed have a lot of advantages, for instance even if our present head gets his demon god pillar destroyed, it will at most incur a slight loss of strength and inability to use its power. But that is far from
the case for those purebred demon gods. Please give me your reply after considering it. For now, I am not speaking as your friend, but on behalf of my organization. In case our agreements come to a good end, we will also be the one in control of that kingdom.”

Long Haochen sank into contemplation, and without hurry, Yue Ye calmly stood waiting for him.

A short time later, Long Haochen slowly raised his head, “Okay, I give you my promise.”

Yue Ye charmingly revealed a slightly distressing smile. She knew that from this instant onward, Long Haochen and herself would be once again back to that pure relation of partnership. But what other choice did she have?

“I believe in your integrity, so there is no need for any contract of promise. Alright, now tell me your plans. Let’s perfect it now, trying our utmost to erase all danger. Wait a bit, I am bringing you our map of the Moon Demon Palace and the Star Demon Palace.”

Modu Core City was still so imposing, and had the densest darkness essence. All demon powerhouses took the fact of living there as a honor, because in addition to the privilege of   living   there,   the   dense essence only made their cultivation speed faster.

The sky darkened gradually, and the weather was not so good, dark clouds hovering all over the sky, where dusky drizzles hovered. Aside from the accumulated dust, an abundant darkness essence was contained inside, affecting even the sky’s color.

Outside the Moon Demon Palace, in an unremarkable nook, stood a man, a huge cloak completely covering his body. He was standing calmly, occasionally revealing a face of extreme handsomeness when looking to the side.

“It’s about the Moon Demons and Star Demons’ meal time.” Long Haochen muttered aloud.
Right at this time, a few Moon Demons appeared at his side. Long Haochen did not avoid them, but instead looked at them face to face.

Seeing Long Haochen’s handsome traits, they immediately lowered their heads, then left at a rapid pace.

Purple eyes and a handsome face. This was originally the greatest characteristic of Moon Demons. Also, their status generally goes up with their degree of handsomeness. Appearance would never determine a Moon Demon’s age, but could determine his strength. And without a doubt, Long Haochen was heaven-blessed to be disguised as a Moon Demon.

Tower of Eternity.

The members of Bright Glimmer of Hope were all clad for battle, already prepared in their optimum state. All gathered together, they calmly waited.

Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi’s injuries were already a lot better after the past days. Long Haochen didn’t invite them, but if not for their insufficiently recovered strength, they would surely be itching to participate in this operation. At this moment, they could only give their most sincere blessings to Bright Glimmer of Hope’s group.
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