Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 61-70


Chapter 61

Although Long Hao Chen was young, Long Xing Yu and Ye Hua had taught him their vast knowledge and the lessons they learned on the battlefield. To stay calm was the key, and self-preservation was more important than prevailing over the enemy.

Lin Jia Lu could not help but look once more at the corpse of the invisible enemy. The Dyke Clan was classified as a middle-ranked clan of the demon race, proficient at utilizing their invisibility skill, speed, and attack power. Their appearance did not differ much from humans except they had long and narrow faces, grey colored skin, and longer arms than humans. Their attack power was also quite deadly, especially when they approached while under the state of invisibility, preventing their opponent from noticing and blocking their attack. They were the nemesis of mages.

Most importantly, while they are invisible, the only way to reveal them is to hit them with abilities with holy attribute or the [Eyes of Truth] of a priest. In every war, making use of their invisibility, a great amount of Dyke clansmen would target the parties’ mages.

The most common invisible enemies from the Dyke Clan had the power equivalent to that of a fourth step human warrior, and that was only the weakest of them. As a middle ranked member of the demon race, they could also enhance their strength through cultivation, which the Luke Clan could not do.

“Let’s depart.” Long Hao Chen said in a low voice, “And keep our original formation, however I will be at the rear. Sis, don’t summon Rose.
Our stealth is our advantage right now. If the enemies are to dispatch troops to pursue and attack us, we will have a lot of options.”

“All right.” Li Xin gripped her pair of swords and after quickly sweeping her eyes over Lin Jia Lu, she started advancing with quick steps.

Lin Jia Lu took a deep breath and felt the ice cold atmosphere. Steadying her mind, she used the [Floating Method] on herself to catch up with Li Xin’s pace. The Chen brothers and Long Hao Chen also started to move, keeping their original formation and advancing towards the Temple Alliance at a high speed.

While walking, Long Hao Chen thought to himself about the previous attack.

He had discovered that the first two enemies that attacked them because of the simple reason that his perception was sharper due to his unusual mental strength. When he came back from the Knights’ Sacred Mountain after blending his blood with Hao Yue’s blood, he discovered that on top of the fact his external spiritual energy kept showing signs of growth, his perception had also become even sharper than in the past.

The invisible Dyke clansmen also had the ability to conceal their smell and their breath. The Dyke clansman was only discovered by Long Hao Chen when it was very close, which was proof that his perception was formidable. During the previous fight, Long Hao Chen could also determine that the invisible Dyke clansman’s strength was already at the fifth step.

More importantly, during that previous fight, Long Hao Chen had used the ability of his Spiritual Stove for the first time.

A split second after he discovered the Dyke clansman, he had casted the [Divine Light Mantle]. At that time, he did not even know what kind of enemy it was, but he was sure that the defensive power of the [Divine Light Mantle] would not be able to fend off the enemy. Thus, at the same time he launched the [Divine Light Mantle], he stimulated his Saint Spiritual Stove for the first time, emitting a white light from his chest.
In the instant the Spiritual Stove targeted the opponent, Long Hao Chen could clearly feel that the other side’s spirit was locked onto him. The spiritual stove had neither offensive nor defensive capabilities, but the Dyke c

Under Ye Hua’s guidance during this half-year, Long Hao Chen learned how to use the Saint Spiritual Stove. Ye Hua explained to him the mysteries and the various kinds of ways to use it. The range at which Long Hao Chen could currently use the Saint Spiritual Stove was roughly 200 meters. If the distance from the enemies exceeded this distance, the Saint Spiritual Stove would have no effect.

Lin Jia Lu launched another [Eagle’s Eyes] into the air. Although it could not detect enemies like the Luke clansmen or the Dyke clansmen, the threat of the Luke Clan was not very high and the Dyke Clan was considered as an uncommon existence in this part of the demon race territory; a second one was unlikely to appear. Apart from these two clans, the majority of the demon clans would be spotted by the [Eagle’s Eyes].

“Enemy.” Lin Jia Lu said in a low voice.

Everyone stopped moving and Li Xin asked: “How many?” “One.”
Lin Xin turned her eyes, “What are we squawking for if there’s a single one…”

Lin Jia Lu did not quarrel with her this time and said in a low voice: “It’s a dark green Zelin clansman, a Dual Bladed Demon. He’s fast, and it seems that he’s pursuing us. He’s headed in our direction.”

Hearing her words, including Long Hao Chen, everyone’s complexion changed and they gasped with surprise.

The Zelin Clan was a large clan within the demon race; they were the most numerous in terms of quantity, and according to the investigations conducted by the Temple Alliance, the Zelin Clan’s total population was at
least 3 millions. About 100,000 Dual Bladed Demons from the Zelin Clan would perish on the battlefield every year.

The Zelin Clan’s Dual Bladed Demons were the most commonly seen demons. They were not a mutation of humans, but a mutation of a kind of magical beast among the ones that became mutated at the moment the 72 Demon Gods descended. Originally, their fighting strength was only equivalent to that of a second step warrior and were among the less numerous kinds of demons. However, with their astonishing reproductive capability, their population kept increasing, gradually becoming the most populated demon clan several thousand years later.

If it was merely a normal Dual Bladed Demon, Long Hao Chen’s group could cope with dozens of enemies of their level without any problem. However, the problem lied in the fact Lin Jia Lu said it was a dark green- colored one.

Normal Dual Bladed Demons from the Zelin Clan were black-colored, their whole body covered by a carapace, and describing them from the human standards, it could be said that they had only external spiritual energy and no internal spiritual energy, a demon specie that relied on their physical strength for close ranged combat.

However, when a black-colored Dual Bladed Demon from the Zelin Clan turned dark-green, it meant that they went through an evolution. In that case, they became equivalent to Kings within the Zelin Clan. Among 10,000 Dual Bladed Demons, there would only be a single Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon. The power of the Zelin Clan King was that of genuine fifth step powerhouses. They were extremely tough opponents: other fifth step fighters were generally not a match against them.

The powerful Dyke clansman who attacked them previously was close to the fifth step, but he was actually not a real fifth step demon. For humans as well as demons, the fifth step was a borderline. The difference for demons of the fourth step and the fifth step was equivalent to the difference between a Grand Knight and an Earth Knight. Between a Grand Knight of the ninth rank and an Earth Knight of the first rank, there was an insurmountable gap.
Without a doubt, this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon that suddenly appeared was powerful enough to completely annihilate them.

“What should we do?” Lin Jia Lu’s eyes were locked on Long Hao Chen.

Long Hao Chen hesitated for a little moment before asking back: “Did you discover any other demon?”

Lin Jia Lu shook her head and answered: “I didn’t discover others of them, this one is alone. Even if the demons know our location, they will not dispatch their main army to cope with us: after all, dispatching a single Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, with its status of being a Demon God’s bodyguard, an invisible Dyke clansman and twenty slinking soldiers from the Luke Clan is already thinking highly of us. From my estimations, at least for now, no other demon will come to help this one.”

Long Hao Chen took a deep breath, his eyes were filled with a firm look, “To hide is just a temporary measure. The speed of this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon isn’t something we can compare with, it will catch up with us sooner or later. Everyone should calmly recover their spiritual energy, and Big Sis, summon Rose. We will fight it to death. If we pass this obstacle, we will have the opportunity to retreat to the Alliance.”

“Good.” Li Xin was definitely a newborn calf that did not fear tigers. Immediately summoning Rose, she turned around and climbed onto the Rose Unicorn’s back, showing a mighty appearance.

Chapter 62

Rose was already a fifth step magical beast, only a bit away from the sixth step. Strictly speaking, at this stage, magical beasts were as strong as humans one step below them. So in her original form, Rose was equivalent to a peak level Grand Knight in terms of cultivation level and was a lot more powerful than the others present. As long as they had her help, their odds in dealing with this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon were indeed a bit better.

Lin Jia Lu had already become calmer, and she kept using [Eagle’s Eye Method] to observe. “In at most three minutes, it will be in sight.”

Long Hao Chen made prompt decisions, “We will be facing the opponent very soon. I do not want to keep this fact hidden, but what I previously used to ‘attract’ the Dyke clan’s invisible demon was an ability from my spiritual stove, the Saint Spiritual Stove. After I block this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, but before I get killed by it, use your most powerful attacks and go all out against it. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to last either, so you will have to unleash your most powerful attack as soon as possible to get rid of this enemy.”

Their group of five included only three vocations: a knight, a warrior, and a mage. In addition, this was the first time they have worked together. That’s why, when facing the invisible demon, they were so uncoordinated. As a result, Long Hao Chen had to make them function cohesively.

Hearing the three words ‘Saint Spiritual Stove’, the others could not help but show awed eyes, especially Lin Jia Lu. Being the daughter of the leader of governmental affairs in Hao Yue City, she was a lot more knowledgeable
in regards to spiritual stoves than the two Chen brothers. She immediately understood that the Saint Spiritual Stove was what saved her life.

Li Xin, completely shocked, looked straight at Long Hao Chen, “Hao Chen, you stinky brat, why is it that you concealed this from your Big Sis?”

Long Hao Chen showed an apologizing look, “Sorry, Big Sis, teacher didn’t permit me to reveal it, so I…”

Li Xin smiled: “It’s okay, now is not the time to speak about it. Let’s get rid of this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, and then I’ll settle the bill with you.”

Chen Si and Chen Chen exchanged glances, their expressions somewhat wooden; a 14 year-old Grand Knight who also had a Spiritual Stove, something they did not even dare to dream about getting.

Chen Si said: “Hao Chen, I’ll provide assistance to help you defend against it. If you do this alone, I am afraid that…”

Long Hao Chen nodded and told him: “Big Brother Chen, later on, I will need you to come from the side to block and gain some time for me. I will use [Divine Obstruction] to conduct the defense, but everytime I block, I will need some time to concentrate my spiritual energy before I can use [Divine Obstruction] once more, so I want you to defend and resist during these short moments. If we are well coordinated, this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon will have no chance to get through my defense before my spiritual energy is entirely used up.”

Chen Si gulped, “Earlier, was it the [Divine Obstruction] that enabled you to block the all-out attack of the invisible enemy from the Dyke Clan? At that moment, I didn’t dare be sure of it, but was it indeed that?”

Long Hao Chen gently laughed, winking before him: “Please keep it a secret for me, elder bro Chen!”
Chen Si gave an understanding look. From his point of view, Long Hao Chen had become 2 meters tall.

Even if they have not cooperated together in the past, everyone here was a well-known figure among the youths of Hao Yue City. Wit

With Lin Jia Lu retreating back to the rear and Li Xin and Chen Chen on both sides, the five people calmly waited together.

It could be said that they had the possibility to challenge the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon precisely because Long Hao Chen possessed a [Saint Spiritual Stove]. Otherwise, only Long Hao Chen with his [Divine Obstruction] would be able to resist when this powerful fifth step opponent had the opportunity to attack.

Despite the fact it was the first time he had relied on the Saint Spiritual Stove in combat, Long Hao Chen already had a profound knowledge on this impressive tool; the defensive power of the Spiritual Stove had an immense utility in collaborative battles.

Looking at the Light Blade in his hand, deep inside, Long Hao Chen became gloomy. His father was right, it was during real battles that one could improve himself the fastest.

In terms of robustness, Long Hao Chen’s body had no way to compare to that of Chen Si and Chen Chen. However, even though he was only 14 years old, he was currently the cornerstone of this five-man team. Facing a powerhouse at the fifth step, he was not afraid in the least. Even if there was only him present among the five youths, he would still try to face and overcome this fifth step powerhouse at all costs.

At this moment, the sun was already rising from the east, shining brightly onto the earth and on the horizon, with the shining sunshine illuminating everything, the silhouette of a Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon gradually appeared in the field of vision of these five.

At this moment, Long Hao Chen slowly shut his eyes, adjusting the internal spiritual energy revolving in his chest.
[Saint Spiritual Stove]. It does not only draw the enemy in, but also my internal spiritual energy! In the last fight, when I used the spiritual stove, the recovery of my internal spiritual energy was at least 20% slower than normal. Long Hao Chen was gradually becoming more and more interested in these mysterious treasures.

The dark-green-colored demon was constantly advancing towards the group. Li Xin, Lin Jia Lu, Chen Si, and Chen Chen all took the same action without prior discussion: they gripped their weapons firmly in their hands.

This was not a friendly practice, they were facing a powerful enemy with a fifth step cultivation level for real. Defeat would not be acceptable, because it would mean their death.

At last, they could finally see the appearance of the dark-green-colored figure clearly.

The Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon looked two meters tall, but was actually approximately three meters tall. Its thick limbs were stepping on the ground, and it rushed, covering 15 meters in a split second. At its back, a narrow winged shell could be seen. This winged shell was not for the purpose of flying but enabled his majestic body to keep its balance while running. Its fierce and evil face resembled that of a lizard’s, but was much wider, revealing its thick teeth, and the most impressive thing was that a couple of forelimbs were growing on its shoulder.

These forelimbs were 1.5 meters long and extremely thick, but unlike its other four limbs, they did not support the creature’s body. They were raised up in front of its face, each one was a stinger with three long, sharp blades: the first, the sharpest of the three, a blade that was half a meter long; the second, a third of a meter; the third, a little shorter still. Together, these forelimbs had six blades glittering with a jade green light, essentially forming a group of magical blades. But ordinary magical blades would not be so long, nor so sharp; they would be much smaller than the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s forelimbs.

When this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon was a hundred meters away from the group of five, Long Hao Chen opened his eyes wide. His long
eyelashes jumped up slightly, showing his crystal clear golden eyes. It was to the extent that the silhouette of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon could be seen reflected in them. An intense fighting spirit exploded throughout his whole body.

“Prepare to fight!”

To this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, a distance of a hundred meters was something it could cover with a few steps.

“Lowly humans, you had the impertinence to kill my demon soldiers. Go to hell!” The Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon spat out these words, its voice extremely loud, and even before it finished speaking, its enormous body had already charged forward.

With a white glitter, the Saint Spiritual Stove was activated. The Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, locked in on Long Hao Chen, instantly rushed and covered twenty meters.

The Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon was slightly delayed, but directly charged toward Long Hao Chen without the slightest hesitation. The dark green shell shone as the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon charged at a high speed like a dark ray of light, arriving at Long Hao Chen and chopping towards him using its enormous forelimb.

“Hong–” The first thing that it collided with was not actually Long Hao Chen’s body, but the magical spell launched by Lin Jia Lu.

Four long ice spears were barreling towards the body of this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon.

Chapter 63

Surprisingly, the five people could simultaneously see that these four ice spears were immediately broken into pieces upon colliding with its shell. As a result, countless ice crystals were scattered in the air, fluttering like little petals. Only a few white traces were left on its body.

What a solid defense! As expected of a big shot from one of the largest demon clans.

The Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon could not use any abilities, but with it being of the fifth step, how could it not be powerful?

Clang, Cling the Radiant Shield on Long Hao Chen’s hand violently emitted a golden light and [Divine Obstruction] forcefully blocked the blow of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon with a metallic sound. A rich gold color was simultaneously sent out from Long Hao Chen’s body, and at the same instant, Long Hao Chen’s pupils suddenly shrank.

The body of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon had an offensive power that he could not even imagine. Even though Long Hao Chen’s internal spiritual energy had already reached the 1600th level, making him an eighth ranked Grand Knight, this opponent was completely overwhelming. With his current level of cultivation, even a peak ranked Earth Knight could not break his [Divine Obstruction] without using skills, because even if the opponent was a ninth ranked Earth Knight, he would have a spiritual energy below 4000; if it was above 4000, he would be a Radiant Knight. [Divine Obstruction] could stop anything up to an offensive power with a spiritual level three times superior. If not for this fact, it would not be called the most mysterious knight skill.
Just like this, the heavy blow of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon was stopped with this magnificent display of Long Hao Chen’s [Divine Obstruction]. He stood as firm as before, only drawing two steps back, and at the same time, he discovered that in front of his Radiant Shield, this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon only had used a single “heavy blade” 1.

In this instant, the difference between the fourth step and the fifth step could clearly be seen. ly, when the invisible opponent from the Dyke Clan was stopped by Long Hao Chen’s [Divine Obstruction], its body showed a time of delay, but this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon was not stopped the slightest bit, its other “heavy blade” instantly sweeping in. Facing this attack, Long Hao Chen was a bit dazed.

Due to his mistake in not anticipating this attack of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, Chen Si instantly moved, but was too slow. After blocking the blow, Long Hao Chen’s body was still shaking a bit. He had no choice but to lift up the Light Sword in his hand, drawing support from the condensed light released by [Divine Obstruction] to form a [Bright Vengeance], to resist the power of the sharp blade near his neck.


In the next instant, Long Hao Chen’s body was sent flying away like an artillery shell. He was sent flying 10 meters away, crashing onto the ground. With this tyrannical impact, he felt as if the webbing between the thumb and forefinger of his right hand was split open, his Light Sword sent flying out.

Long Hao Chen spat out a mouthful of blood; he was already wounded.

[Divine Obstruction] was not absolute; Long Hao Chen could not display the real might of [Divine Obstruction] at the level of a Radiant Knight. Because he had never encountered a demon as formidable as this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon before, he did not imagine that this opponent’s attack power was so fearful. Nonetheless, the fact that Long Hao Chen received the blow was not without benefit at all.
The instant after Long Hao Chen was sent flying by this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, Chen Si’s heavy shield resolutely struck its body.

The Dark G

Li Xin and Chen Chen’s attacks arrived at this instant.

Chen Chen had lept into the sky; two dazzling flaming heavy swords, filled with a scorching hot spiritual energy, flashed and ferociously chopped at the body of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon. A [Jumping Chop] plus a [Blazing Chop] of a Warrior. This was a combo that did not fear any defense. As a Berserker, his power was erupting wildly.

With a Boom sound, the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon was hit and its body almost immediately fell down, the blazing pair of swords leaving two black marks on its body.

In this moment, the Rose Unicorn descended like a red cloud, a fiery light appearing around its body. She was concentrating her spiritual energy around her. [Multiple Images Attack], an innate talent of Rose Unicorns.

The Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon that almost lost its balance was forcibly sent flying by this attack. Its pair of powerful forelimbs were thrusted into the ground, restoring its balance and its whole body slightly curled up before it rose once again to aim at its target, Long Hao Chen.

Due to the pull of the Saint Spiritual Stove, even if the others had a superior offense power, the opponent had to get rid of Long Hao Chen first before shifting his attack. This was the effect of the spiritual stove. And at this moment, Long Hao Chen had just stood up from the ground.

A gentle white glint appeared around Long Hao Chen’s body. A warm influx of spiritual energy surged into his hand, rapidly healing his wounds. Under the effect of this warm energy that was pouring into him, even his injured internal organs felt better.

[Curing Light] was cast by one of Hao Yue’s heads, Little Light. Meanwhile, five [Fireballs] were launched in succession towards the Dark
Green Dual Bladed Demon. Although the rapid succession of [Fireballs] didn’t have enough power to kill or wound the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, it could push its body that was still flying in the air.

Hao Yue was already back by Long Hao Chen’s side, standing on his vigorous limbs and raising his pair of heads as he stared at this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon without the slightest of fear.

A charge.

Long Hao Chen did not simply stand at the same place for long, waiting for the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon. He instantly dashed to the side: he had to meet up with his comrades if he wanted to deal with this enemy. While dashing, he easily picked up his Light Sword on the way.

The Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s body was really durable. Even continuously attacking him did not seem to have an effect in the least. With its four limbs on the ground, its body instantly threw itself into the sky, pouncing toward Long Hao Chen.

“OUUU–” It was at this time that Hao Yue’s pair of heads simultaneously bellowed at this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon.

It was truly strange. When attacked from all sides, this enemy was not stopped the slightest bit, but with a single roar from Little Light and Little Flame, the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon fazed, its cold face suddenly becoming somewhat bewildered.

Taking advantage of this lapse, Long Hao Chen reunited once more with his comrades and gave a glance to Chen Si before they stood once again, shoulder by shoulder.

After Lin Jia Lu launched her ice spears, she stood there, and at lightning speed started chanting another spell incantation. This incantation seemed extremely long, and she lifted her magical staff high into the sky, quickly generating mysterious blue symbols. The water element around her body was being transformed, becoming more and more pure.
Li Xin was riding the Rose Unicorn, with a sincere face. Both of her hands were hung at both sides, holding her swords as it assimilated the dense golden light that was gathered from the scarlet-colored blazing aura emitted by the Rose Unicorn at high speeds.

Hao Yue and the two pretty women agreed by chance on the fact that there was no need to conserve power. If they could not inflict a fatal injury to the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, even if Long Hao Chen’s Saint Spiritual Stove and his [Divine Obstruction] were quite mysterious, they had no way of escaping from their fate of being exterminated. All of them had already taken out their trump cards, their best abilities.

Compared to the two of them, the two brothers Chen Si and Chen Chen were clearly lacking. They did not have a background such as Lin Jia Lu and Li Xin and were extremely nervous.

“Big Bro Chen, let’s do the same as before. You do not need to prepare too much in advance.” Long Hao Chen said in a calm voice, relaxing the both of them. A [Faith Halo] was released by Long Hao Chen’s body, enveloping all five youths into it without exception.

The Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon that was interrupted for a moment leaped at them once more, its two imposing “blades” chopping straight towards Long Hao Chen.

This time, Long Hao Chen did not stand there simply using [Divine Obstruction]. Instead, facing this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s two magical blades, he took a step forward.

In a similar fashion to previously, the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon jumped, chopping with the first blade. Long Hao Chen’s pace suddenly accelerated, dodging on the side. Immediately following, the Radiant Shield on his left hand leaned, a white colored light instantly appearing on the Radiant Shield. Taking the shape of thick white patterns appearing on the surface, it instantly collided with the first blade of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon.


Chapter 64

[Holy Filter Shield], a Guardian Knight shield skill that filled the shield with a divine light made of spiritual energy.

“Pu–” Just like that, the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s first blade was unexpectedly parried, hitting the ground. Long Hao Chen’s body flashed, instantly becoming steady and once again activating the rock-firm and unyielding [Divine Obstruction].

With a crashing sound, the second blade hit the Radiant Shield, golden light scattering all around; Long Hao Chen finally managed to stop the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon.

Normally, a mere [Holy Filter Shield] would not be able to block the strike of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s first blade. However, by further adding the shield technique [Leaned Shield Unloading Power] that Ye Hua had passed onto him, he could block the opponent albeit with difficulty.

The Light Sword was lifted up. It sparkled with the light of the halo that expanded from Long Hao Chen’s body.

[Imposing Ring], a Guardian Knight skill with the effect of increasing the overall spiritual energy power by 10%.

Drawing support from [Divine Obstruction] and [Bright Vengeance], and by fully utilizing his abilities, he could save his internal spiritual energy while increasing the effect of his skills. The other four were surrounded once more by a holy ring.
This time, Chen Si did not repeat the same mistake. He resolutely struck on the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s side with his shield and, with the amplification effect of the Holy Ring, he launched an all out attack, repelling the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon back by a meter. Chen Si let out a grunt while falling back and tumbling on his butt.

A glint appeared on the red colored longsword that came from the side like a bolt of lightning. A blazing red aura made the blade of the sword turn red. With a Pu sound, the sword entered the small crack a sixth of a meter wide in the the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s shell, aiming for its neck. As a response, the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon cried out in pain, the “two blades” frantically sweeping about.

Chen Chen entrusted everything to one throw. Launching a [Skyfire Thrust], his most powerful attack at the fourth step cultivation level, he finally split open the small crack in the defense of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon.

With Chen Si’s aid, Long Hao Chen could take a little breather before firmly gripping his Radiant Shield and using [Holy Filter Shield] once more.

Pu–, the first blade was parried by the [Holy Filter Shield]; Long Hao Chen had steadily taken the hit. He wanted to give his partners an opportunity to attack. After withstanding this blow, he dropped the Radiant Shield and once again spat a mouthful of blood.

The Light Sword replaced the shield and [Divine Obstruction] was used once again. With a Bangsound, golden light was scattered as he managed to resist. From Long Hao Chen’s mouth and nose, more blood flowed.

A Flame Sword that glowed a golden red light seemed to cut the entire world apart as it ruthlessly struck the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s vulnerable body, producing an intense sound.

“HOUU–” The Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon was bellowing even though the Flame Sword had not penetrated into its body. The one who launched this attack was precisely Li Xin. This attack was one that
combined light and fire, the Rose Unicorn’s skill with hers, [Heavenly Dance of Light and Flame].

A dark blue light silently appeared at this precise moment, aiming right in between the gap of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s “two blades”.

“Pu chi.”

The blue light penetrated its head and exited out from the back. Lin Jia Lu kept
Long Hao Chen then heroically used the Light Sword in his hand, a golden colored aura erupted around his body. This was a Retribution Knight skill, [Heavenly Battle Array].

The golden light attack aimed at the gap between the two “blades” of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon. Having retrieved the Radiant Shield, he also used it to strike above its chest, and pushed it back.

A white-colored healing light was once again shining onto Long Hao Chen’s body; Hao Yue had already appeared beside Long Hao Chen and the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon. A red-colored ring of light appeared on Little Flame’s forehead, [Resisting Ring of Fire], simultaneously affecting the bodies of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon and Long Hao Chen.

The Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon had only been pushed back one meter, but Long Hao Chen, whose wounds were not light, had been pushed back five meters.

Chen Si was getting up from the ground, standing beside Long Hao Chen with his heavy shield.

The Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s body became stiff, standing there, but unceasingly shaking. As a powerful mutated magical beast of the fifth step, it had an incredible endurance which made it extremely hard to defeat. Even if the two Flame Swords had completely pierced him, they would not
have taken its life. However, the [Dark Ice Needle] of Lin Jia Lu dealt the final blow.

When Long Hao Chen obstructed the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s second attack, Lin Jia Lu’s [Dark Ice Needle] was already prepared. She used the [Delayed Cast] skill, waiting for the opportunity. She had a single chance to strike, so if she could not hit the target at the crucial time, she would have wasted her attack.

After Li Xin inflicted serious damage to the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, the opportunity had finally arrived and the [Dark Ice Needle] pierced its brain. Even if the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s body was incredibly robust, it could not possibly survive this.


Just like a mountain of gold, the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon fell on the ground, its body repeatedly twitching with a dark-green-colored blood unceasingly flowing out of its wound.

Breathing heavily, Long Hao Chen used the Light Sword to support his own body. Despite the fact that Little Light had healed him twice using [Curing Light], he had taken all of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s attacks. An intense pain was filling all his body, and he had even internal injuries.

After he murmured a long spell incantation, gold-colored ripples of light appeared on his body and a golden cross appeared at the top of his head. It was [Holy Mantle], a fourth step Guardian Knight skill.

In the previous battle, Long Hao Chen had not used this ability because the attack power of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon was just too violent.

A rich divine aura entered his unsteadily shaking body, arousing LHC’s internal spiritual energy as a scorching hot feeling filled it completely.
Lin Jia Lu looked at Long Hao Chen as if she was looking at a monster and asked: “You still have the internal spiritual energy left to use [Holy Mantle]? Really, how much spiritual energy do you have?” From her point of view, after he used so many skills, there should be practically no spiritual energy left in him even if his spiritual energy was 2000, the amount Earth Knights had. However, seeing Long Hao Chen’s strength, it was obvious that he had not reached the step of Earth Knight yet.

Long Hao Chen smiled reluctantly and told her: “I have a method to consume less spiritual energy when using skills.” Of course, he did not reveal his secret that related to his physique of Scion of Light.

With Li Xin and Chen Chen approaching, the five of them were gathered.
Looking at each other in dismay, they showed expressions of fear.

To them, this was the calm after the storm. Anyone could see that, among the five of the group, the only one who sustained injuries was Long Hao Chen. But what if he did not have his Saint Spiritual Stove? Except for Long Hao Chen who could use [Divine Obstruction], who among them could resist the attacks of this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon? Even Li Xin’s Rose Unicorn could not resist these attacks!

Chen Chen was usually less social, therefore his elder brother, Chen Si, was the one who generally took the initiative. However, this time, he was the one who extended his hand to Long Hao Chen, “Take it.”

Long Hao Chen showed a faint smile. With the warm feeling caused by [Holy Mantle], he felt a lot better, but he would need at least three days to recover his full strength.

“Let’s leave first before talking. Sis, take big sis Lin, we should hurry.”
Thinking of the possible dangers, they could not stay here any longer.

“Hao Yue, what are you doing?” Long Hao Chen just remembered Hao Yue and called for him, but discovered that he was lying near the body of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, his two heads pushing against the head of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon and tearing its shell apart. From time to time, he would use some fire or light control magic.
“Pa.” Hao Yue’s right claw violently slapped the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s head from the side, and simultaneously, a crystal clear green thing suddenly fell out.

Little Light grasped it in his mouth and, without any hesitation, swallowed it.

Chapter 65

“Was that a magic crystal?” Lin Jia Lu asked with a shocked expression.

Li Xin suddenly said: “That’s right! Demonized magical beasts have magic crystals, and furthermore, it’s a fifth step magic crystal. Hao Yue, you’re a bad boy for having suddenly eaten it. That could have been sold for at least a thousand gold coins. What a waste!”

Lin Jia Lu groaned and spoke back: “If I were to have a companion like him, I would be willing to let him be as wasteful as he wants.” Hearing her words, Chen Si and Chen Chen both nodded and expressed their agreement.

During the previous battle, Long Hao Chen was, without a doubt, the cornerstone of their little group and had the biggest contribution. Still, his companion didn’t slow him down: Hao Yue’s performance was stunning as well, especially his coordination with Long Hao Chen. Regardless of whether it was in regard to his healing, assistance, or attacks, he was worthy of praise and did not make the slightest mistake.

The most enviable thing to Lin Jia Lu was that both of Hao Yue’s heads could use at least five or six kinds of magic! Even though it was only low level magic, generally speaking, for a magical beast that can innately use magic, two or three spells was already great. However, the middle ranked fourth step Hao Yue could already use so many kinds of magic, or control spell; even ordinary magical beasts of the fifth step had no way to compete with him on this side.

Hao Yue ate the magic crystal and eagerly ran to Long Hao Chen’s side, advancing while letting out wuu wuu sounds. Little Light, who had just
swallowed the magic crystal, lowered his head, showing a very human-like behaviour, as if he felt a bit embarrassed about what he did.

Long Hao Chen gently laughed. Crouching his body and ignoring the blood on both heads, he gently pat them, “It’s nothing, if it’s eaten, it’s eaten. You are still the most wonderful companions I could dream of. Let’s leave quickly.”

Li Xin told him: “Lil’ Bro, recover the corpse of this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon. It is said that a Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s shell can be used to make medicine; it should be profitable.” She knew that Long Hao Chen had a spatial ring.

Long Hao Chen nodded, “Okay, I will store it, and we can split the profits amongst ourselves.”

“I don’t need it.” Lin Jia Lu said without the slightest hesitation.

Chen Si and Chen Chen nodded in succession. Chen Chen retorted: “Hao Chen, we cannot accept this, there’s no way we would have survived if not for your presence. You are the one who protected us on top of being wounded the most. No matter what you say, these spoils of war should belong to you.”

Long Hao Chen advanced and stored the corpse of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon into the spatial ring before turning around and declaring to everyone: “How could I have killed it by myself? It is impossible. No matter who exerted themselves the most, we are currently a team. Let’s head back before continuing this discussion, it’s time we set off.”

Li Xin carried Lin Jia Lu and the five people advanced at high speed towards the Temple Alliance.

Even after 10 kilometers of walking, they did not encounter a single soldier chasing after them. Li Xin rode her Rose Unicorn at full speed with Lin Jia Lu sitting at her back, they took brought back two other horses, and Li Xin carried the wounded Long Hao Chen while Chen Si and his brother
rode the horses. Like that, they were finally back under the shining sun at the Temple Alliance’s garrison.

A group of people received them at the garrison. Because they were related to the Demon Hu

“Currently, we have slayed 22 demons, three less than the requirement. And, in my case, I am afraid that I will need three more days of rest to heal and recover completely.” Long Hao Chen calmly said.

After the calamity, they could finally relax. Everyone felt as if they lost the control of their body, including Li Xin’s and Lin Jia Lu’s who were resting inside the tent, leaning against its sides.

Hao Yue was curled up under Long Hao Chen’s feet, his pair of heads using his tail as a pillow. Only Long Hao Chen, who was in a blood contract with him, could vaguely feel that Hao Yue’s body had undulating energy inside, as if he was digesting the magic crystal he got from this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon.

Chen Si reacted: “Although we didn’t sustain any injuries, we should at least rest until tomorrow to be in our optimal condition. Tomorrow will be the final day. It seems that demons are tougher opponents than we had expected.”

Lin Jia Lu declared without the slightest hesitation: “I wouldn’t suggest that we attempt to hunt for demons again, especially at this time, because we still do not know of what method they’re using to track us; making an attempt would be acting blindly. In case they find us once more, there’s no saying what kind of monster those demons would send against us.”

Li Xin knit her brows, “But our task has not been accomplished yet.”

Lin Jia Lu took a deep breath and got to the point: “Let me drop out. This time, if not for Long Hao Chen, I would not have made it back alive. After the last fight, I clearly understood that I am lacking. Even if I obtain the qualifications to participate in this huge competition, there is no way that I can obtain good results.”
Li Xin stared blankly at her, seeing her gentle expression.

“None of you have to withdraw, you have already passed the examination.” An aged voice rang out. Holding his magical staff, an elder opened the door and entered. However, wasn’t this elder their senior supervisor?

Lin Jia Lu shot a meaningful glance to everyone else, and hurried to stand, body straight and politely saying: “Senior supervisor.”

The elder waved his hands and pursued: “Sit down, all of you. My name is Feng Yangmu, you may call me Teacher Feng. From now onwards, you are participants of the Demon Hunt Selection Competition and I will plan everything related to your participation.” Compared to the first time they had met him, he was now a lot more gentle. His look was especially focused on Long Hao Chen’s body.

Lin Jia Lu respectfully asked: “Teacher Feng, you just said that we passed the qualifiers, right?”

Feng Yangmu nodded, “That’s right, you have already passed the qualifiers.”

The five youths looked at each other in astonishment before simultaneously becoming exuberant. Not having to enter the territory of the demon race again was clearly the best option. After they faced real demons for the first time, a fear of demons was instilled deep within them.

Long Hao Chen hesitated, “But we killed only 22 demons.”

Feng Yangmu looked at Long Hao Chen, smiled, and said: “The numerical count doesn’t represent everything. You killed a Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon. That was, in itself, enough to let you qualify for the Demon Hunt Selection Competition this year. The requirements were for you to kill five demons per person, but that was for demons below the fourth step. A fourth step demon is equivalent to five of them. In other words, when you killed the invisible demon from the Dyke Clan, the task was already completed. When the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon
appeared, I was really afraid for you, but in order to test your strength, I never intervened. However, I didn’t expect that you would really manage to kill it.”

Chen Si energetically brandished his fists, “Very good. This time, we can leave together for the Temple Alliance to participate in the Selection.”

Feng Yangmu nodded, “Right. You passed the examination, so you have the qualifications to know some details concerning the Demon Hunt Selection. I’ll tell you, so you have to listen carefully because this will be all the aid I will give you in regard to your participation in the Demon Hunt.”

All of them shivered simultaneously. Sitting straight up, they concentrated all of their attention onto Feng Yangmu’s explanation.

“The demon hunt selection is a competition that takes place every five years. Each middle sized town will dispatch a supervisor. When carrying out the entrance examination, he will be the one who will decide whether or not you are qualified to participate in the Selection Competition.

Upon reaching the Temple Alliance, you will be divided into various temples before advancing to the preliminary contests. There are, altogether, a total of 127 seats that can be filled by the towns in our Temple Alliance. Each seat will be filled by the most outstanding youths dispatched to the competition. As a result, each of the temples will hold a preliminary contest that is an extremely ruthless competition in itself. Particularly for the Knight Temple, the Warrior Temple, and the Mage Temple because these three Temples will have the most competitors. Now that I mention it, the other three temples have a lot less competitors, especially the Spiritual Temple. The competitors from that temple only need to undergo one or two rounds before entering the main stage.”

Chapter 66

“The preliminary contest will select the top ten from each Temple to participate in the finals. Also, everyone who passes through the preliminaries will have the right to become a new participant of the Demon Hunts. During the final stage, your ranking will help determine both your groupings for upcoming Demon Hunts as well as your rewards.

60 people will participate in the final stage and lots will be drawn to decide the matchups. Thus, luck will be an important factor for the finals. For example, assassins drawing a mage opponent or knights drawing an assassin can be considered strokes of luck. The sixty people will be ranked at the end: the higher the ranking, the richer the rewards. The top three competitors can each select a teammate to be grouped with to precede the others during the next Demon Hunt roulette.”

Hearing that, Li Xin could not refrain herself from asking: “Teacher Feng, what is the Demon Hunt roulette?”

Feng Yangmu faintly smiled and gave his reply: “The Demon Hunt Selection, as its name implies, selects the youths that are the most suitable to join a Demon Hunt Squad. Each Demon Hunt Squad includes a powerhouse from each of the Six Great Temples, which is why 60 people are participating in the finals. How will they be divided? That is what the roulette selection of the Demon Hunt is here for; we let the Heavens decide how the teams will be formed. After all of the Demon Hunt Squads have been created, there will be another grand competition to ultimately determine and reward the best Demon Hunt Squad of the year.”
Long Hao Chen asked: “Teacher Feng, what is a Demon Hunt Squad’s task? The Demon Hunt Selection Competition organized by the Alliance is so grand, it must be extremely important, right?”

Feng Yangmu answered without the slightest hesitation: “Of course. The Demon Hunt Squads can be said to be our most important force against the demon race. The Temple Alliance will give them various missions, almost all of them related to demons. A powerful Demon Hunt Squad is a larger threat to the demon race than a magnificent army of thousands of men and horses; it can even kill a Demon God. At the present time, there are over a hundred active Demon Hunt Squads acting as the main force of the Alliance against the demons.

I won’t say anything concerning the kinds of tasks that are carried out by the Demon Squads, but if, by chance, you manage to become one of the chosen ones, you will naturally come to know everything. You can consider what I am going to reveal to you next as a kind of reward. Outside of the various abilities typically taught by the Six Great Temples, there are other ‘exclusive secret skills’. For example, the [Divine Obstruction] of the Knight Alliance.” At this point, he deliberately shot a glance at Long Hao Chen.

“These secret skills cannot be learned by ordinary members of the Temples. Even if they reach an incredible cultivation level, they will remain hidden to them. To learn these secret skills, one has two options. The first way is to receive an inheritance ring. Powerhouses that make incredible contributions to the Alliance can obtain the right to pass them on and teach these secret skills to their personal disciples. The second way is by exchanging contributions. When a Demon Hunt Squad completes missions, they can exchange their contributions for goods stored up by the Alliance. These goods include various formidable pieces of equipment, secret skills, and so forth.”

Long Hao Chen had a sudden thought, he looked at the black-colored ring that his father had left him. This must be an inheritance ring. No wonder father wasn’t worried about others questioning my ability to use skills like [Divine Obstruction]. It looks like all inheritance rings ha
Long Hao Chen never slacked on his Retribution Knight training. In his capacity as a Guardian Knight, he functioned as the core of the team and had a big role in the fight against the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon. Even if he did not have to conceal his ability as a Retribution Knight, and faced it directly with his two swords, he wouldn’t have much confidence in winning, even if he was fighting it alone. But thanks to the fact he had his companions by his side, it was possible for him to face this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, matching the opponent and giving it a hard time.

Looking at the five slack-jawed youths before him, Feng Yangmu calmly smiled and said: “Isn’t it a bit too early to think about the rewards for your future achievements? Now then, I am going to tell you another secret related to the Demon Hunt Selection. This secret should be enough to attract your attention. One of the larger rewards for the final stage of the competition will be three Spiritual Stoves.”

“AH!” Including Long Hao Chen, the five youths cried out in shock at the same time.

What did the words ‘Spiritual Stoves’ signify? Their power was clear just from looking at the way Long Hao Chen relied on his Saint Spiritual Stove to lead everyone safely. Even more astounding was that his Saint Spiritual Stove was only ranked 34th among the 36 kinds of Spiritual Stoves that knights could use. To any vocation, possessing a single spiritual stove is the equivalent of potentially becoming a major powerhouse. They were the most valuable treasures in nature, and one was enough to change the whole life of a single person!

Feng Yangmu felt all five children starting to breathe more heavily and smiled: “Every participant has equal chances, but you will have to do your best!”

His words of encouragement clearly had an effect, as the five youths before him seemed to have already cheered up; their expressions were full of spirit.

Feng Yangmu sighed to himself; ending up in the top 3 of the Selection Competition is easier said than done. Even though Long Hao Chen
possessed, despite his rank, a Spiritual Stove and could use [Divine Obstruction], he still was not very likely to succeed. However, he should be able to at least enter the final stage of the competition. As for the others, I am afraid that…

“Teacher Feng, I have a question for you.” Long Hao Chen respectfully asked Feng Yangmu.

Feng Yangmu answered: “Please ask.”

Long Hao Chen said, “When we previously entered the territory of the demon race at night, we were extremely careful. Why could the demons still discover us? Even the mighty [Eagle’s Eyes] cannot not see more than 50 kilometers.”

Feng Yangmu smiled, “That is because you have never experienced a fight against the demons before. Among them is a kind of demon called Demonic Shadow. Their stealth capabilities are even higher than that of the Dyke clansmen. They can literally turn into a dark shadow. They are the demon’s scouts and only priests above the fourth step can detect them. I’m pretty sure that you were discovered by a Demonic Shadow, and that’s why you were raided by so many demons. It’s fortunate that you managed to adapt yourselves quickly enough to the changes.”

At this point, Feng Yangmu stood up and said, “Alright, please rest well. Tomorrow morning, we will start our journey and leave for the Temple Alliance to participate in the grand competition.”

After sending off Feng Yangmu, the five youths fell on the ground, completely exhausted; both Chen Si and Chen Chen were about to lie down and head off to dreamland but were pulled by Long Hao Chen.

“You cannot fall asleep, we have to meditate after the battle. We have to reflect on the new combat experience we just acquired while strengthening our body and cultivating our internal and external spiritual energy; this is the perfect occasion. To spend this time asleep is a waste of your life.”
Li Xin nodded, “Hao Chen is right. If he insists on training despite the fact he’s wounded, don’t tell me we cannot do the same?”

As a result, despite being quite tired, the five of them started resting in a meditative posture.

A silent night passed.

On the morning of the second day, Long Hao Chen gradually awoke from his meditative state, his internal organs still aching as before. The Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon from the previous day was really too powerful. His all-out attack had a power that definitely surpassed the 3,500th spiritual energy level. Despite the healing effect he received from the [Holy Mantle], his internal organs’ injuries were recovering very slowly. To rely purely on the healing effect of the light element magic was not enough, and this injury would affect his physical capability. It really was a significant loss.

Chapter 67

Though his injury had not yet healed, Long Hao Chen was pleasantly surprised due to discovering that both his internal and external spiritual energy had increased by a noticeable amount.

He was currently a Grand Knight of the eighth rank; the sum of his internal and external spiritual energy was above 1600. His external spiritual energy was at least at the 240th level. After the previous day’s struggles, his external spiritual energy had increased by approximately ten levels, while his internal spiritual energy had gained twenty levels. At the present time, he was almost a Grand Knight of the ninth rank.

Facing a situation of life or death had awakened his potential. Omitting the intense fight he had against the invisible enemy from the Dyke Clan, the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon coming from the Zelin Clan had directed almost all of its attacks at Long Hao Chen, so his spiritual energy’s growth naturally increased at a substantial rate. Of course, this progress was only a rough estimation from Long Hao Chen’s point of view. Only after finally breaking through to the next step could he be sure of the actual progress made. Until then, he would have to go by his impression, with no way of distinguishing a concrete change in spiritual energy’s nature.

The other four awakened in succession, and right after, they looked pleasantly surprised. Each of them felt an increase in their level of cultivation.

After brushing their teeth and washing their faces, they had breakfast. When the five people were ready to leave, Feng Yangmu appeared once more before them.
“Set off. Like when you were completing the previous trial, I will be by your side.” After he finished speaking, a blue light shone and Feng Yangmu could not be seen anywhere anymore.

Li Xin stuck out her tongue, softly whispering: “Does this Teacher Feng have the cultivation level of a Chief Mage of the sixth step?”

After the yesterday’s bitter struggles, Lin Jia Lu and Li Xin’s relationship had obviously improved. Lin Jia Lu calmly nodded, and answered: “Teacher Feng is indeed a fourth ranked Chief Mage of the sixth step, an attendant of our Mage Temple.”

After the five thanked the people in the garrison, they immediately set off, Lin Jia Lu naturally riding Li Xin’s Rose Unicorn together with her, and as fast as lightning, they advanced towards the temple alliance in the northeast.


In a circular room inside of an imposing dark-gold-colored hall, 16.5 meters tall.

There was not a single window, and yet, an unusual gloomy light shone onto someone’s hair.

It was a dim blue color, or more precisely, a dark blue brilliance.

Golden lines were drawn on the ground, intertwining and forming a hexagram. Countless inscriptions extended from this hexagram throughout the hall. Whether it was the ground, the wall or the roof, everything was covered with these mysterious inscriptions.

If Long Hao Chen could enter, he would definitely have recognized that these inscriptions were exactly the same as those drawn in the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, a mystical language used in ancient times.

The difference was that the mystical language used here was dark- colored, unlike back at the Sacred Mountain where it was filled with an
austere, bright atmosphere. These were entirely different from the ancient patterns written in a mystical language in the Knights’ Sacred Mountain’s great array.

These dark blue-colored inscriptions created a restrictive atmosphere, as if forbidding something.

In the middle of the main hall, by the side of these hexagrams, a dagger quietly floated in mid-air. It had a pitch black color without emitting any luster. If not for the surrounding dark-blue radian

There were no signs of spiritual energy, but this profound dark-colored item seemed to completely dominate the entire area, as if the blue-colored signs were only here to pay their respects toward it.

Under this pitch black colored dagger in the middle of the hexagrams, a person squatted. A young lady. She was seated cross-legged. Her long purple-colored hair was spread out onto her shoulders, as if emitting a layer of dark-blue-colored light. She had pure white skin, but this white color seemed a little unhealthy. Her nose, eyes, lips, tongue and ears didn’t look like those of a living person, but were closer to those of a statue.

Her eyes slowly opened, and her pupils could be seen. They were entirely ash gray-colored, and her face looked empty of thoughts, just like a closed window. She was stunning enough to make any other woman sigh with envy.

“We should set off now.” An ice cold voice sounded within the hall from all directions.

“En.” A soft puff of air blew from that beautiful, statuesque young girl’s jade-like nose. She slowly stood up and turned in the direction of the black dagger suspended in midair, raising her head to look up.

A dim light flashed, and the floating black dagger suddenly dropped down, directly passing through the space between the young girl’s eyebrows, disappearing without a trace.
In the next moment, all of the mystical inscriptions in the hall grew dim, quickly losing their dark blue radiance.


Ten days later.

Aimei City. The most flourishing of the big cities belonging to the Temple Alliance. Because it was located within the Temple Alliance, this large city almost never suffered from the baptisms of war. The extent to which this city flourished was second only to the Temple Alliance’s Holy City. The distance from Aimei City to Holy City was only about 400 kilometers or so, and two days worth of fast-paced travel on horseback was enough to reach it.

Long Hao Chen and his four companions had arrived at this bustling city early in the morning. In comparison with Aimei City, Hao Yue City was equivalent to the significance of a simple city block.

However, ten days of rushed travel had exhausted Long Hao Chen and his companions, and they were in no mood to appreciate this disparity. They first located a hotel to stay in, ate a good meal, and then returned to their respective rooms to take a warm bath. To loosen up and relax, nothing felt better than this.

According to the reported deadline, there were still four days left before the Demon Hunt Selection. Thus, the five decided to rest in Aimei city for a day, before setting out early in the morning the following day to continue their rushed travel.

After a day’s rest, everyone became a lot more comfortable. Long Hao Chen was currently in his room meditating, when a knock could be heard from the door.

“Hao Chen, come with Big Sis, let’s go for a walk.” Li Xin’s voice sounded through the door.
Dispersing the internal spiritual energy revolving within him, Long Hao Chen slowly stood up. “Coming.”

Following the growth brought through training, his body’s internal spiritual energy had already become considerably pure. Training while combining the effects of the Spiritual Stove located at his chest and the mild golden radiance within him, his spiritual energy gradually compressed and showed signs of congealing. His internal spiritual energy condensing into liquid form would signify that he had crossed the boundary to become an Earth Knight. It would seem that he only lacked around three hundred units of spiritual energy. However, in truth, it was definitely not so easy to break through the gap between the fourth and fifth step.

“Sis, what are we going to do?” Long Hao Chen opened the door to a casually dressed Li Xin leaning against the doorframe outside, sweetly laughing as she looked at him.

Li Xin wrapped her arm around him, saying: “Don’t ask, just come with me. Hao Yue, you stay and watch the house. In a while, this big sis will buy dried fish for you to eat~.” As she said this, she pulled Long Hao Chen out of the room. Little Light and Little Flame both swallowed their saliva and promptly leapt onto the bed, proceeding to sleep. Ever since Hao Yue had eaten that magic crystal, his daily sleeping duration had increased significantly. It was only these past few days that he had gotten a bit better.

Reaching the hotel’s entrance, Long Hao Chen was surprised to find that Lin Jia Lu was already there waiting. Seeing him, she laughed faintly, and said: “Let’s go.”

“You two, what exactly are we going to do?” Long Hao Chen asked suspiciously. He could tell that both Li Xin and Lin Jia Lu had a goal in mind.

Lin Jia Lu covered her mouth and giggled, saying: “Haven’t you been wanting to sell the corpse of that dark green dual bladed demon? Aimei City hosts a very large auction house, and that dark green dual bladed demon can also be auctioned off with very little difficulty. We’ll go
auction it off and then split the profit; your big sis also has some stuff she wants to buy.”

“Eh.” Long Hao Chen replied with disapproval. In his mind, training was clearly much more important.

Chapter 68

Lin Jia Lu said with a smile: “Little boy, don’t be dissatisfied. The auction house is a place you will frequently visit in the future. Inside, we can find almost everything we may need. Of course, the first issue is whether or not you can come up with the money. If you can become the member of a Demon Hunt Squad in the future, you will come into contact with auction houses several times. Let’s go and explore this place, to avoid getting lost in the future.”

Li Xin nodded and simultaneously answered: “She’s not wrong, a lot of good things can be found in the market district. In addition, the biggest auction houses within our Temple Alliance and belonging to the Holy Union have the backing of the Six Great Temples, and only the ten major cities have one. This Aimei City is among the first few built. The experience you acquire here will be good for you; in the future, whether to sell or buy goods, the Holy Union’s Auction Houses will be the most suitable places.”

Long Hao Chen asked: “Then why is it that we didn’t call the two Chen brothers?”

Lin Jia Lu answered: “They don’t have any goods to buy or sell, so there was no need for them to come. Now let’s hurry up, I was informed that an auction is going to be held tonight.”

The biggest city Long Hao Chen had ever been to was Hao Yue City. In fact, since he had met his father, the absolute majority of his time had been spent training, and he had rarely interacted with the outside world. Now that he was 14 years old, he was naturally very curious in regard to all kinds of
new things. In addition, both Long Xing Yu and Ye Hua told him that the strength of a person would increase by relying on external factors to boost it. For example, there were weapons, equipment and pills. At the very least, it was a very good thing to increase one’s knowledge.

Aimei City’s Auction House was located in the most bustling section of the city, in its center. An enormous white oval building could be seen in the distance.

This enormous oval building was 6.5 kilometers away. It was a dome that seemed to be made of a special material; the twilight shone from the building and distributed its radiance upon itself.

“So huge.” Long Hao Chen gave a somewhat dull look to this enormous building. The walls surrounding the auction house made people feel as if they were the walls of the city, that were extending endlessly.

Li Jia Lu gave a smile: “Aimei City’s Auction House is not the largest in the Holy Union: the Holy City’s Auction House, which is at least twice its size, can hold 20,000 people at the same time during auctions. This auction house, from my estimations, can hold roughly 10,000 people.”

Long Hao Chen was amazed and asked: “With so many people at the same time during auctions, wouldn’t the prices reach heavenly levels?”

Lin Jia Lu shook her head and gave him her answer: “This is impossible. The prices during the auction are already considerable, so unless people really have an urgent need for some item, no one wastes their money during the auctions. The highest priority of the Holy Union’s Auction Houses is not to collect commissions. Because they are big enough, all they rely on to make their profit is the entrance fee. Ordinary tickets cost a single coin, and the ticket price for seats that are nearer to the front are more expensive. The seats closer to the center of the auction site are said to cost a thousand gold coins each.”

Li Xin went to buy the tickets, and came back with three cards, giving one to both Long Hao Chen and Lin Jia Lu, and telling them: “Let’s go in.
Hao Chen, we should have the corpse of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon appraised so th

As they entered the auction house, the first thing they saw was a large hall with a classic layout. Going through, on both sides of the group there were high sales counters, each one containing at least ten guards. There were not only warriors among these guards but also several ones clad in mage attire.

Through Lin Jia Lu’s presentation, Long Hao Chen already knew that the counters on both sides were respectively for the appraisal of the goods and the retrieval of the gold gained through auction. To cope with the scattering streams of people, there were a total of eight counters of these kinds in this auction house. The auction house organized auctions daily, and as a result, the place was constantly bustling with noise and excitement. The relatively wealthy went so far as to participate in the auction as a form of entertainment. After all, all kinds of items could be found here! Also, being informed had a lot of benefits.

Li Xin brought Long Hao Chen to the left side to take a look at the articles on the sales counter. There weren’t a lot of people lined up here, so they quickly advanced in succession.

“Hello, I want to auction the corpse of a magical beast belonging to the demon race.” Long Hao Chen said directly to the middle-aged man behind the sales counter.

The middle-aged man activated an unknown device as he raised his head to take a look: the walls in the sales counter were slowly changing shape, taking the form of a three meters wide platform.

“Please approach.” The middle-aged man said indifferently.

“Thank you.” Long Hao Chen poured his spiritual energy into his ‘Forget-me-not’ ring, and a faint blue light glittered all around the ring. The Forget-me-not ring seemed to become alive, as it directly emitted a dark green-colored luster, while something rapidly appeared on the platform.
“Yi!” The middle aged man behind the counter was bewildered, “Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon. What a rare sight.”

As he spoke, he stood up, approaching the corpse of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon while carefully looking at it. After a short period of time, the middle aged man wrinkled his brows and said: “Too bad, there’s no magic crystal. Otherwise, it would have been twice the regular price. In this situation, the price will start at 800 gold coins. A Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon is uncommon, so it should not be directly bought.”

The middle-aged man handed a black-colored tile to Long Hao Chen, with a magic crystal embedded in the center. Behind the crystal, there was a number, ‘26’.

“When the auction is finished, please show us this as proof to receive your gold coins. Be careful not to lose this tile, we only identify by tile, not by person.”

800 gold coins was the initial price, everyone could then only raise the bid by 100 gold coins. In Long Hao Chen’s eyes, this was a lot of money. It would be at least enough to feed Hao Yue dried fish. This little guy ate gradually more and more, which ended up consuming the majority of Long Hao Chen’s money.

“Wait a moment!” Just as the middle aged man was about to put away the demon’s corpse, a rushed voice could suddenly be heard from Long Hao Chen’s back. Immediately, a person approached with quick steps.

“Please do not proceed yet. I want to directly purchase this item.”

Long Hao Chen looked at him, shocked by his appearance. This person was a youth that could not be much older than himself. At most 20 years old, he stood roughly half a head taller than Long Hao Chen. His deep green-colored hair reached his back, and even hung down as far as his waist. His skin was sparkling and translucent, milky white-colored. He looked almost as handsome as Long Hao Chen. Only, because of his long hair reaching his waist, he looked even more like a girl than Long Hao Chen. Fortunately, his Adam’s apple could still clearly be seen.
The white-colored long gown of a mage covered his slender figure, and his build looked like a mage’s as well. Only, he was not carrying a magical staff in his hands.

The most peculiar thing was this person’s eyes. Faintly green-colored, they expressed a kind of playful and mischievous intent but they could easily make others feel like he was full of affection towards them.

Simultaneously, he lowered his head, looking at the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon. Seeing its fierce appearance, the facial expression of this young mage immediately changed. He looked absolutely bewitched, to the extent that he started to gently caress the shell of this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon.

“A good item, what a good item! I want it, little brother, please tell me your price.” As he spoke, he straightened his waist, looking at Long Hao Chen, face to face.

Clearly seeing Long Hao Chen’s appearance, this youth with a deep green-colored hair couldn’t help but stare blankly at him, his eyes were shining, and he appeared absolutely amazed as he rumbled: “How can there actually be someone even more handsome than me in this world? It’s impossible.”

“Puhu.” Li Xin stood at the side, and couldn’t help but fall in laughter. This youth was handsome. Only, his character was as different to Long Hao Chen as black and white. He was narcissistic, and was far beyond comparison with Long Hao Chen.

Long Hao Chen’s face became rigid, as he said: “I have already entrusted it to the Holy Union’s auction house, so I am afraid that I cannot sell it to you directly.”

The youth continued to give a few glance to Long Hao Chen, his eyes filled with envy, “Impossible, this is impossible! How can someone more handsome than me exist?” As he spoke, his hands adjusted his deep green- colored long hair.

Chapter 69

Long Hao Chen furrowed his brows and, without paying any attention to the youth with long hair in front of him, turned around and told both Li Xin and Lin Jia Lu: “Big sisters, we should go.”

“No, no, don’t go. I really want to buy it, I will pay 2000 gold coins, how about it?” The youth, seemingly full of remorse, hurried to speak.

Hearing this number, Long Hao Chen couldn’t help but halt his steps: saying that he did not care would be a lie. 2000 gold coins, this was more than twice as much as the starting price. It may even not be sold for the starting price during the auction.

The middle-aged man with the auction house looked unconcerned, and said in a low voice to the long haired youth: “Do not cause a scene and disturb the peace here, now hurry up and leave.”

The long haired youth’s mouth twitched, and he took out a black card from his waist, handing it to the man: “Brother, it seems like you are new here. You don’t even recognize this master.”

The middle-aged man instantly reacted upon seeing this black card, his face instantly becoming stiff; he inspected the card in his hand very carefully, looking at it from different angles, before respectfully handing it back to the long haired youth.

“Respectable distinguished guest, you have the right to purchase this merchandise immediately, all you need is the seller’s consent.”
The long haired youth looked extremely proud of himself as he took the card back, before turning once more to look at Long Hao Chen, saying: “How about it, young junior? You see, I didn’t violate any rules of this auction house. Sell it to me. It will be no lower than 2000 gold coins. I need the body of this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon to use a part of it to make some medicine.”

Lin Jia Lu blurted out, amazed, “You’re an alchemist?”

The long haired youth’s face grew dark, “Who said that I was an alchemist? I am a mage, a very, very powerful mage. Making medicine is a mere hobby of mine. I will tell you that this great master is going to participate the Demon Hunt Selection Competition. Have you heard about demon hunts before? It is the sword of our Six Great Temples.”

As if he didn’t hear his words, Long Hao Chen pointed at this green- colored Dual Bladed Demon, and said: “2000 gold coins? Sold to you.” He was ice cold to him; his first impression of this babbling narcissistic was not good at all.

“Alright, alright. Take out your magic crystal card, I’ll transfer the gold.” Saying so, he waved his left hand, and a red light flashed as the dark green Dual Bladed Demon disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Long Hao Chen looked at him with astonished eyes. Clearly, this youth before him also possessed a storage type magical tool.

“I don’t have a magic crystal card,” Long Hao Chen shook his head and said.

“Just set up an account then. You can do it here, at the front. Let’s go, I’m taking you there.” The youth pointed at a counter on the other side. As he said this, he stretched out his hand and grasped Long Hao Chen’s shoulder amiably.

Long Hao Chen’s shoulder instantly moved, shaking off the youth’s hand.
The long-haired youth didn’t mind, and laughed: “Hehe, don’t be so cold. Look, we’ve both grown so handsomely and we are such a beautiful sight to behold. We should get to know each other more instead. I’m called Lin Xin, what’s your name?”

“Long Hao Chen.”

“A good name, a good name.” Lin Xin laughed openly and brought Long Hao Chen over to the other side to go set up a magic crystal card.

Li Xin answered in a low voice: “Just watch him closely. As a mage, do you think he can just run off?”

The middle aged man behind the counter rolled his eyes, saying: “You two misses, no need to worry like that. The black card that that young master just took out is actually our Holy Union Auction House’s highest ranking VIP black card. This kind of VIP card cannot be purchased under any circumstances, and can only be received as a gift. The people that possess this card, whenever they wish to purchase anything in our auction house, will receive a ten percent discount as preferential treatment. The ten percent difference will be covered by our auction house. Furthermore, at any auction house headed by the Holy Union, they can receive help covering expenses that exceed their budget within 100,000 gold coins.”

The two girls sucked in a breath of cold air, their expression immediately changing. Even with their background, they had actually never even heard of the existence of such an honored VIP status within the Holy Union’s auction houses.

Setting up a magic crystal card was more trouble than Long Hao Chen had thought. Furthermore, he needed to pay 100 gold coins up front. Where would Long Hao Chen have such a large amount of money? However, Lin Xin flashed his card yet again, and the setup cost was annulled.

The size of a magic crystal card was only about half a palm, and it was inlaid with four gems cut from the same gemstone. In the process of setting up the magic crystal card, one needed to funnel in their internal spiritual
energy for it to be fully functional. As such, only people in the third step of their vocation could set one up. Every single person’s spiritual energy had their own unique qualities, and when using a magic crystal card, it was necessary to input your own spiritual energy within it. Thus, no one would worry about losing a card or someone else taking it for their own use.

Transferring money over was an even simpler matter. In the center of the magic crystal card, there was a specific area where one would simply stick a needle shaped rod with the sum of money written on it. Both parties would then input spiritual energy into the cards, and the two cards would dock together, resulting in a successful transfer.

Over a time period of about halfway through a lighted incense stick, Long Hao Chen’s magic crystal card had attained two thousand gold coins.

“It’s been settled.” Putting away his magic crystal card, Lin Xin patted Long Hao Chen’s shoulder, saying: “This brother should be attending the auction. As I don’t plan on treating this as just an accidental encounter, let’s go attend it together. Come with big brother, and you can get a discount on the stuff you buy.”

After receiving two thousand gold coins, Long Hao Chen’s mood had gotten a lot better. Nodding, he answered: “Then let’s go together.”

Calling Li Xin and Lin Jia Lu over, the four people entered the auction house together.

Entering the auction house, Long Hao Chen was immediately astonished by the scene before him. In the auction house, there were rows and rows of seats placed in a circle. Every five rows, the seats would be a different color. According to Lin Jia Lu’s explanation, different colors signified different ticket prices. Seats closer to the inner area of the circle would be substantially more expensive. In the area closest to the center was a circle of soundproof booths. At the center of the auction house was a circular platform, which was obviously for the auctioneers to use as a means to sell goods.
Once they had entered the auction house, Long Hao Chen immediately felt a dense accumulation of magical elements assaulting his senses. Clearly, this place implemented a good amount of magical installations.

“Our tickets are for the back row.” Looking at the number plate Li Xin had given him, Long Hao Chen turned and informed Lin Xin who was currently working his way towards the front of the auction hall.

Lin Xin paused his steps, saying: “Never mind. I have a booth in the front, and I’m by myself anyway. The interior of the booth is very spacious, so how about you just come with me.”

Long Hao Chen hesitated a bit, only to have Lin Jia Lu gently nudge him and tell him to accept Lin Xin’s offer. In regard to this long-haired youth, Li Xin and Lin Jia Lu were both quite curious. One must know that alchemists were extremely rare, and their status was far beyond that of mages. Although this fellow didn’t admit that he was an alchemist, he still stated that he had this kind of hobby. Furthermore, he possessed a black card. To make friend with this kind of person was not a bad idea at all.

“Alright,” Long Hao Chen obligingly answered him.

Under Lin Xin’s guidance, they followed the stairs, heading down lower and lower. After reaching the booth area at the front, there were female professional attendants there to help serve them. These attendants all wore silver dresses and had slim figures with beautiful, elegant appearances.

“Master Lin, you’ve come.” Seeing them come, a female attendant hastily approached Lin Xin and greeted him with a smile and a curtsy.

Lin Xin spoke in a straightforward manner: “Xiao Nuo, these few people are my friends. Take us over to the booth please.”

“Yes.” The young lady’s gaze flitted over Long Hao Chen’s face and expressed slight astonishment. Lin Xin’s appearance could already be considered to be one of the most outstanding among males, but in comparison with Long Hao Chen, he fell a bit short. With both of them
standing side by side, Lin Xin would immediately be compared to Long Hao Chen.

However, the female attendants were quite classy here, and her vision only lingered for but a moment before she brought the four people across the red carpet to the interior of booth.

Chapter 70

Lin Xin had the 6th booth, and its location was nearly perfect, directly facing the auction platform. The female attendant, whom he called ‘Xiao Nuo’, pushed open the door, allowing them to enter the booth.

The booth had a surface of 100 square meters with a brown carpet lying on the floor; stepping on it gave a comfortable feeling. It was elegantly decorated; green plants were placed on both sides, and a semi-circular white sofa dominated the center of the room Even if ten or more people sat down, it still would not feel crowded. On the right side were transparent windows of crystal through which the auction platform could be clearly seen.

On the small table in front of the sofa were various kinds of fruits and desserts.

Lin Xin started to speak: “Brother Long, you two beautiful women, please sit, please sit. Xiao Nuo, bring two bottles of Sweet Nectar Red Devil.”

“Right away.” Xiao Nuo revealed a sweet smile, and left while closing the door.

Lin Xin sat beside Long Hao Chen, and told him: “Brother Long, do you still have other magical beasts to sell? It doesn’t matter whether they are dead or alive. It’s too hard nowadays to find magical beasts 1 like your Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon. Truthfully, I needed it very urgently this time.”
Long Hao Chen shook his head, giving his reply: “I only had this mutated-magical beast from the demon race to sell. What do you need the body of this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon for?” In regard to alchemy, he was very curious.

Lin Xin faintly laughed, and said: “Take a look.” With a red glint, a crystal vial appeared, and three scarlet red pills could be seen through the crystal.

“These are energy pills I made. One of the main materials is the powder milled from the shell of a Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon. It is an excellent item!”

Long Hao Chen was surprised, “Energy pill? What is it used for? Can it increase external spiritual energy?”

Lin Xin mysteriously shook his head, and answered: “You will know in just a few minutes. The auction is about to start, let’s watch.”

Xiao Nuo entered the booth once more, with two bottles of fruit wine. She placed them down, before calmly pouring a cup for each person. Clearly, it was the Sweet Nectar Red Devil that Lin Xin had spoken of a little earlier.

“Taste it, this thing is not bad, it’s a specialty in the south.” After he lifted and drank a cup, his eyes turned towards the auction platform.

Long Hao Chen lifted a cup as well, but as soon as he drank a gulp, bitterness hit his tongue, and a heavily scented fruit taste completely filled his mouth, spreading its flavor all around. An overly warm feeling entered his stomach, before quickly spreading throughout the rest of his body.

Li Xin and Lin Jia Lu sat on the side, looking at Lin Xin and Long Hao Chen conversing. After drinking a single gulp of this Sweet Nectar Red Devil, their looks changed completely. It had been the first time Long Hao Chen had seen this sort of fruit wine, however this wasn’t the case for the two girls. Lin Jia Lu’s father had a bottle in his collection, and kept it as a treasure that he was unwilling to drink. This Sweet Nectar Red Devil was
said to be made using the sweet nectar of a type of rose flower, after it had been passed through 99 processes; only 20 bottles were produced every year. Lin Xin had actually gone as far as to take out such a treasure to entertain them.

In fact, the cup of Sweet Nectar Red Devil in their hand had cost even more than the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon Long Hao Chen just sold. This fellow was really too wealthy.

On the auction platform, a beautiful woman led the auction. At this moment, t

The auctioneer was gorgeous. Dressed in a long pure-red-colored skirt, tall and well developed with her long black hair fluttering behind. She gave the feeling of someone capable and experienced. Walking to the center of the platform, she lifted up both her arms, and slightly bowed. Her gentle and beautiful voice was extremely pleasant to listen to, “To all guests coming from Aimei City, Welcome to this auction house of the Holy Union. My name is Xing Xuan and I am pleased to serve each of our honoured guests present today.”

Cheering voices resounded, and whistling sounds could be heard everywhere. Clearly, this auctioneer was very welcoming.

“Now, let’s see our first article.” The auctioneer didn’t excessively stir up the crowd with her speech, but rather directly acclaimed and saluted the participants before directly entering the main event.

Seated beside Long Hao Chen was Lin Xin, his eyes completely flowery, “Sister Xing Xuan is still so beautiful, she’s truly classy! If not for the fact that I am only 18 years-old, I would definitely try to woo her. Little brother Long, what do you think of her? Beautiful, isn’t she?”

“Mh.” Long Hao Chen lowered his head, flustered.

Another attendant, dressed similarly to Xiao Nuo, appeared, approaching the platform while pushing a cart containing something covered by a red cloth.
Xing Xuan smiled and said: “We think everyone here has guessed which article we will be auctioning first; it is in fact the goods of our mysterious ‘master Lin’. A lot of people have been asking me how they can buy master Lin’s pills. Now, I will give you all the answer. Master Lin is working together with our auction house and selling all of his pills through us. It means you won’t be able find these anywhere else.”

Long Hao Chen almost immediately looked at Lin Xin next to him, “Is she speaking about you?”

Lin Xin answered quite proudly: “I am precisely this master Lin! Being young is truly great! Outside, even if I say that I am the one who made this pill, no one will believe me. But this is for the best, it would be too troublesome if my identity were to be known after all.”

Long Hao Chen was quite surprised, “Are you saying that you aren’t worried that I might tell others? We’ve just met after all.”

Lin Xin, full of mysteries, smiled: “Of course I’m not worried. Let’s take a look at the auction.”

The red cloth was uncovered, and a beautiful bottle made of crystal appeared on the golden cart. The view from the booth was quite good, and Long Hao Chen could see with a glance that this crystal bottle contained a red pill, exactly the same energy pill as the ones Lin Xin had shown him earlier. However, this bottle only contained one of them.

“This is an item produced by master Lin, the Jade Body Protection Pill: a pill at the peak of the third step’s level. After using it, for a quarter of an hour, the external spiritual energy dedicated to the body’s defense will be increased by 500 units. The skin of the user will became as hard as steel, and it will improve physical attacks as well as magical ones. This is not the first time the Jade Body Protection Pill has been up for sale, so I won’t say much to introduce it. In the battlefield, possessing a pill of this kind is almost equivalent to having another life. The starting price will be a thousand gold coins. Each bid must be at least 50 gold coins higher than the previous.”
The external spiritual energy dedicated to the body’s defense could be increased by 500 units? Even if this amplified spiritual energy couldn’t be used to attack, what did 500 extra units of external spiritual energy imply? It implied that almost any attack of the fourth step or lower could be rendered ineffective. To top it off, this effect lasted for a quarter of an hour.

Long Hao Chen was somewhat affected but Li Xin and Lin Jia Lu were completely astonished. The value of such a little pill, was a thousand gold coins! No wonder magical alchemy was known as the most lucrative vocation. This master Lin was truly extraordinary.

Quickly, bids were called one after another, and after a moment, the price of this Jade Body Protection Pill reached 1500 gold coins.

Long Hao Chen’s heartbeat quickened; this auctioneer Xing Xuan was right. By having such a pill, as long as he wasn’t facing powerful enemies above the fourth step, it was equivalent to having another life. Essentially, if he had had one of these pills when he faced the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, he wouldn’t have ended up so wounded.

Ultimately, the pill was auctioned for the price of 1800 gold coins.

Lin Xin seemed unsatisfied of this price, “Only 1800? It was sold for 2000 last time. It looks like I should sell less of this product to increase the value. This master shouldn’t spread them like beans, making them easier to get. Brother Long, would you like to make a deal with me?”

Long Hao Chen’s heart skipped a bit, “What kind of deal?”

Lin Xin revealed a smile and took out a crystal bottle with three Jade Body Protection Pills, progressively reaching it out towards Long Hao Chen, explaining: “You only need to answer a question, and these Jade Body Protection Pills are for you.”
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