Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 601-610

Chapter 601


To demons, such words were a token of recognition toward the enemy. Humans were viewed as food for demons, especially the human powerhouses’ corpses, which demons would never let go of. Asmodeus’ statement was giving a great honor to Long Haochen.

Long Haochen didn’t utter a word, looking fully at the Aria of the Goddess of Light at that very moment.

How come he did not wield his two divine swords simultaneously previously, as a Retribution Knight? He was originally expert at wielding dual swords, so when wielding two of them, he would surely display an even greater sword ability. The reason why he didn’t do so, was to enable that reserve move accumulated in the Aria of the Goddess of Light.

The Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus was far more powerful than him, so Long Haochen understood clearly that defeating the opponent was completely impossible, and the same went for stopping him. But he had his own ways.

Years ago, when very young, Long Xingyu personally explained the characteristics of all demon gods, their fighting style.

Long Xingyu’s evaluation of Asmodeus was very close to that of Ah’nan. He assessed the Berserk Demon God to be a frantic fighter, and in Ah’nan’s heart, nothing exceeds his own strength in importance. Even the Demon God Emperor’s orders would not necessarily be a target of his obedience.
His evaluation of Asmodeus was similar to that of Ah’nan. Asmodeus was also obsessed with raising his strength, but his difference with Ah’nan was that while having this obsession, he showed absolute loyalty toward the Demon God Emperor. And he’s more rational than Ah’nan, but maybe for this very reason, his individual strength was unable to compare with Ah’nan.

In other words, Asmodeus was obsessed in raising his strength but had a sense of priority, which Ah’nan did not have.

While taking advantage of that aspect of Asmodeus’ personality, Long Haochen did not use his power boosts, but relied solely on his martial prowesses to resist. In fact, this was putting a considerable strain on him. Facing an opponent far above him in cultivation, how could it be easy to rely entirely on his technique against Mt.Tai?

But without a doubt, Long Haochen had succeeded. His sword technique and sword intent deeply attracted Asmodeus’ attention. As Asmodeus was not going all out either but comparing notes solely on the technical aspect, this made an optimal opportunity for the others to rescue Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi.

At the time Asmodeus unleashed that powerful strike, Long Haochen was actually long since prepared: everything was within his calculations. Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi being rescued, Asmodeus would naturally not leave the matter at that. Under the effects of the Saint Spiritual Stove, he had to make himself targeted by the enemy. So thanks to his state of preparedness, although that was difficult, Long Haochen still managed to respond.

While fighting Long Haochen, Asmodeus had been continuously overlooking a matter. That was Yating’s disappearance after releasing the abilities of the Saint Spiritual Stove.

After appearing, Yating had continuously remained attached on Long Haochen’s back, not participating directly in the battle. She did not even launch a single magic out of fear of attracting Asmodeus’ attention, and more importantly, due to waiting for Long Haochen’s order for when to fuse with the Aria of the Goddess of Light.
This was the reserve plan Long Haochen retained. Through incessant soaking in the fallen meteor, both the Aria of the Goddes of Light and Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light were internally greatly reinforced. Moreover, because of being nurtured by Yating through the Saint Spiritual Stove, their compatibility with Yating was as high as it could be.

Chapter 602

Suppressing the energy and blood bubbling forth from him, Long Haochen did not dare relax his senses right now. After making sure that Asmodeus did not chase after him, he finally relaxed for real.

At this time, Star King’s utility was distinct. Golden halos rushed out from him to Long Haochen’s body, causing the rise of a great warmth. While supplementing spiritual energy for Long Haochen, warming healing abilities treated his wounds.

But even so, Long Haochen’s wounds would not heal in only a little while. For the sake of hindering Asmodeus, he faced all of the enemy’s attacks with his own, giving up on defending. Although his opponent’s offense was neutralized thanks to his attacking force, the extent reached by the enemy’s strength made it so that every clash put a terrible strain on Long Haochen. The Golden Foundation Armor neutralized some of it, but such a long battle involved over a hundred thousand clashes. Although his body was tough, his blood vessels sustained considerable wounds.

Never forget that no matter what could be said, Long Haochen remained only at the eighth step, facing a powerful enemy at the ninth step, the second rank of the ninth step. Even with a comparable dexterity, someone else in the same situation would already have been torn down by an opponent with such powerful spiritual energy.

Because of his relation with Haoyue, Long Haochen’s external spiritual energy was far above ordinary people, which is how he managed to hold on, and even wound the opponent and greatly intimidate Asmodeus.
After flying for over fifty kilometers, the group gradually landed, and Long Haochen immediately crawled on Star King’s back, gasping heavily.

In a flash, Cai’er had joined Long Haochen’s side, lending an arm to support him from Star King’s back.

Han Yu showed no hesitation to join Long Haochen’s side and unleash the abiltiy of the Spiritual Stove of Light Blessing. Although Blessings of Light did not have healing effects, it could at least help Long Haochen rapidly recover some spiritual energy. Lin Xin took out a pill and helped take off Long Haochen’s mask to insert the pill in his mouth.

Even Chen Ying’er had moved close to him, instead of caring about Duan Yi and Yang Wenzhao. Everyone surrounded Long Haochen all around.

Seeing Long Haochen’s pale face, Chen Ying’er was dripping with tears,

Long Haochen forced a smile, “Fool, what are you crying for? Don’t you see that I am fine? And how are Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi?”

Han Yu said, “I have already been applying some healing magic on him. Thanks to Lin Xin’s pills, there is no danger to their lives. However, their wounds are very severe. They will need to be nursed for a certain time before recovering. By chance there is no badly damaged wound.”

Long Haochen declared, “They are finally saved. Now that we are within the borders of demon territory, we can run against demon troops at anytime. We cannot stay in this place for too long. After I regain some strength, let’s first get back to the Tower of Eternity.”

“Yes!” Everyone accepted.

Cai’er lent her arm to help Long Haochen sit down. She didn’t utter a word, but the pain in her eyes greatly moved Long Haochen emotionally. Touching her small hand suppressed the pain in Long Haochen’s body, as
he shut his eyes with a smiling face, letting his internal spiritual energy restore his damaged body channels.

With the effects of the Spiritual Stove of Light Blessings on , his spiritual energy recuperated very fast. Even the spiritual energy stored in his Golden Foundation Armor steadfastly recovered.

The others sat in a circle very consciously, and Chen Ying’er went to take care of Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi. While Zhang Fangfang kept watch, the others all guarded Long Haochen’s side.

Half an hour later, Long Haochen’s face finally recuperated some vigor. Slowly opening his eyes and letting out a spit of blood, he regained his spirits and immediately activated a teleportation with his comrades alongside.

On the following day, Long Haochen was in a state of recovery: his wounds were even more severe than the others imagined. For the sake of avoiding affecting his comrades’ rescue mission, Long Haochen cut the connection of the Soul Sharing Chains during his fight against the Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus. He had to bear all the damage alone: not only his blood vessels were damaged, but even his inner organs.

The others also underwent rest and recovery. Under the group’s great care, Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi’s situations improved greatly. Han Yu put healing magic in full use several times, which stabilized his body with the help of the medicinal pills.

“Huh.” Yang Wenzhao slowly opened his eyes, feeling extremely heavy, and unable to exert the slightest amount of strength. Only the ounce of warmth coming out from his chest made him feel alive.

Ever since his team was annihilated by Asmodeus and he received heavy wounds, his life had been hanging on a thread. Having lost all awareness of time, although awake, he still felt very dizzy.

“You are awake.” Chen Ying’er’s voice was filled with pleasant surprise. Yang Wenzhao’s pupils finally focused, seeing Chen Ying’er blurrily.
Seeing her in a white skirt, he couldn’t help but feel startled, muttering some words without speaking them out.

Chen Ying’er retrieved some fresh water, cautiously supporting his upper body with one hand, while her other hand poured some water between his lips.

As the fresh water was poured, Yang Wenzhao showed great shock, “Ying’er, Ying’er...” His voice was extremely hoarse, far different from its previous dignified tone.

“It’s me. Big Bro Wenzhao, are you better? These demon scoundrels actually persecuted you like that.” At this point, Chen Ying’er’s eyes couldn’t help but turn red.

Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi’s wounds were very grave: Yang Wenzhao had over a dozen fractures and even some of his hand’s and foot’s muscles were broken. Several wounds on his body connected with each other. If not for the originally very good state of his body, even if the demons didn’t plan on letting them die like that, he would have long ago joined the side of the Goddess of Light.

“Ying’er… am I… already dead?… It’s really great that… I can see you at the time of my death… I’ve heard that you… were in secluded cultivation all this time… If not for that Holy War… I was thinking since long ago… About visiting you… Unfortunately I won’t have a chance… I have never… Come to understand… Why your attitude totally changed… One day… If I have done… Something wrong… Please stop blaming… Okay? That way, I can… Peacefully go… I am finally at ease, I just… Really hate to part with you...

Yang Wenzhao seemed to take his last chance to let out all his piled thoughts to her. At last, he finally used up all the force he had regained with great difficulty, and became unconscious once again.

“I’m not blaming you anymore, don’t pass out!” In anxiousness, Chen Ying’er couldn’t help but fall into tears.
“Hey, hey, don’t cry. It’s not as if he’s gonna die.” Sitting nearby, Lin Xin mocked her.

Chen Ying’er gave him a very fierce long look, “What’s with you? Has- drugs-bro, are you provoking me?”

Lin Xin fell in laughter, “Just how many times have we examined him? As long as he’s given the time he’ll surely recover. You’re just losing your mind in concern. I’m even doubting that his previous words were just aiming at winning your sympathy.”

“Bullshit, he’s wounded like that, and yet would act on purpose? Do you even have a heart?” Chen Ying’er broke out in anger.

“Okay, okay. You’ve won, stop disturbing everyone with your noise. That was not on purpose okay? A girl in love is such a fearful thing.” Lin Xin immediately raised his hands in surrender, laughing happily.

Chen Ying’er snorted, “Just wait, I’ll file all my complaints when we meet sister Li Xin.”

Reminded that Yang Wenzhao was out of harm, her tears naturally flowed down, but she still held his upper body. Thinking back of several memories from the past, her eyes couldn’t help but fill up in warmth.

Right at this time, Long Haochen who was in the midst of cultivation opened his eyes, immediately catching the attention of Cai’er standing at his side, who looked at him, and asked in concern, “How are you?”

Long Haochen smiled in response, “Don’t worry, I’m fundamentally alright. The wounds took some of my energy, but it will come back after recovering a bit.” With his constitution as Scion of Light, no light magic was as effective as the self-healing of the pure light essence in his body. With a day and a night of work, all his channels were back to normal. His body was recovering very rapidly as well.

Cai’er sat nearby Long Haochen, nestling against him and holding his hand, softly asking, “Haochen, do you know when I fell in love with you
after losing my memories?”

Long Haochen shook his head, while rubbing her head with the other hand.

Cai’er asked in a soft voice, “That was right as the Holy War had just started, when we were on the verge of separating. On those days you were preparing meals for me, heating soup, and protecting me. I won’t ever forget the look you had when taking care of me. After losing my memories, I was very indecisive, but during those days, it was thanks to you that my heart stabilized. If one day, demons don’t threaten the Alliance, I want to live with you in a natural environment, an area rich in vegetation, with some small wooden houses, where you could prepare meals as I take care of our children. That would be so great.”

Long Haochen’s heart was pulled by Cai’er’s words. Taking his hand out of her grip, he held her waist and revealed longing eyes, “That day will surely come. If everyone is willing, we could choose a place to live and build a small village there. I won’t need you to do anything, just letting me look at you at all times will do. We will raise various vegetables, live in wooden houses, raise some domestic animals. I will prepare soup and make meals for the children. In the evenings, I will bring the children to the rooftop to look at the stars. Without the darkness brought by demonkind, the sky at those times will be very very blue.”

Nestling against Long Haochen’s waist, Cai’er shut her eyes. This time her face of absolute beauty was filled with bliss.

“That day will surely come.” Cai’er repeated Long Haochen’s words, affirming her feelings.

Chapter 603

Although their voice was not loud, the surrounding comrades could all hear. Gathering their eyes on Long Haochen and Cai’er, all sorts of feelings welled up in their hearts. Even the strongheaded Wang Yuanyuan’s eyes couldn’t help but redden.

Will this day surely come to be? Demonkind is that strong. As members of a Titled Demon Hunt Squad, could they finally bring such a beautiful ending? Perhaps they would die in the next battle against demons. For a moment, they felt as if choking, but their hearts were in agreement in their feelings of longing.

For the sake of bringing this bliss to the most humans possible, they had to fight against demonkind: this great resolution became firm inside them.

Patting Cai’er’s back, Long Haochen supported himself into a straight sitting position thanks to her help. Getting up, he was thinking of just holding Cai’er to soak in that bliss! But he couldn’t do that: he just had far too many things to do. He told the group next, “It’s about time. I am going to scout the demons’ movements. The moment I can confirm that the Demon God Emperor’s group has arrived in the Exorcist Mountain Pass, we will immediately head out into demon territory, letting the Demon God Emperor know our rough whereabouts to relieve the Exorcist Mountain Pass from danger.”

Cai’er immediately opened her eyes and stood up, “Let me go. I can turn invisible, making it easier to scout.”
Long Haochen shook his head “It won’t do. In front of a mental probing at the Demon God Emperor’s level, your invisibility will hardly show effects. Let me go, if something goes wrong, I can immediately teleport back. I will be sure to take extra care.”

Cai’er was planning to reply, but had her shoulder pressed on by Long Haochen, who immediately teleported back after instructing everyone to keep cultivating.

In a flash of golden light, Long Haochen was back to the place they came from.

The surroundings were an absolutely empty wilderness. After a time of reflection, Long Haochen took off his Golden Essence Foundation Armor, putting on a large cloak. Without travelling by flight, he ran quickly toward the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

This was for the sake of reducing his release of holy aura. Either the Golden Foundation Armor or his spiritual wings would release far too much light essence.

After running for less than a thousand meters, an overwhelming mental might swept by. The instant Long Haochen was shrouded by this mental might, he felt his blood congeal.

A burst of purplish golden radiance burst forth from within him.

This was a boost Haoyue gave him after acquiring his sixth head. In some sense, his strength was already mixed with Haoyue’s blood suppressing force.

Without the slightest hesitation, Long Haochen instantly activated the Tower of Eternity, returning inside with a pale look.

Only a few minutes had passed from his departure to his return. Seeing Long Haochen coming back so suddenly, everyone was in great shock.
“It’s the Demon God Emperor.” Long Haochen affirmed with no hesitation, “I could sense his mental scouting. There’s no mistake, it’s surely him, I recognize that mental aura. What a powerful mental force. If he did that from the Exorcist Mountain Pass, his strength is really far too terrifying. We are at least at a distance of three hundred kilometers from there, but his mental force came very near.”

That irresistible feeling was just too terrifying. Long Haochen just felt as if he was violently suppressed b y an almighty presence, still feeling dizzy even until now.

Seeing his pale look, everyone couldn’t help but exchange looks. To be able to inflict such heavy damage to Long Haochen—who had already killed several low ranked demon gods—with his mental probing alone at a distance of several hundred kilometers, just what kind of strength could the Demon God Emperor have? Although his evaluation of the Demon God Emperor was already very high, he had after all never crossed hands with this number one of the demon race. Now everyone couldn’t help but look at each other in dismay, feeling full of shock.

“What should we do next then, Boss?” asked Sima Xian.

Long Haochen had arleady calmed down, and replied with seriousness, “Penetrate deep into demon territory with no delay. Just now, I made no prior preparations due to not thinking that the Demon God Emperor’s mental probing could reach such a long distance and didn’t protect myself with mental force. At such a long distance, even if he sensed my existence, he couldn’t possibly recognize me in such a short time. Remain in the Tower of Eternity, everyone. I am the main instigator of the teleportation so it will take place where I am for everyone. Even if the Demon God Emperor is even more powerful, his mental probing must have some limitations of range. I will immediately set out, and use mental force protection on myself. Let’s see to the rest after entering into demon territory. As long as we pass this hurdle, we can let the Demon God Emperor know that we are deep in demon territory and draw him back there.”
Actually, letting them remain in the Tower of Eternity and cultivate was the best method. The Demon God Emperor was surely expending quite a lot force to launch a mental probing of such a large scale and naturally could not launch it permanently. Choosing to move when it’s off was the safest.

But it won’t do! What if the Demon God Emperor takes out his anger on the Exorcist Mountain Pass, due to my absense? Let alone an Assassin Temple, even the addition of the Knight Temple may not necessarily stop the advance of the Demon God Emperor. The Demon God Emperor’s aim was Long Haochen and Haoyue, so only their personal appearance in demon territory could attract the Demon God Emperor’s attention.

“Boss, isn’t that too dangerous?” Chen Ying’er asked in worry.

Long Haochen replied, “No problem. Even if the Demon God Emperor confirms my presence, as long as I don’t cross hands with him and immediately teleport back, there won’t be too much danger. If it is only me alone, I can already complete instant teleportation back to the Tower of Eternity. Cultivate here at ease, I will be alright. For the sake of the Alliance, I will be extremely careful.”

No one tried to persuade him, as Long Haochen always handled matters reliably, and would make very few uncertain decisions. He had already proved this on countless missions. Although everyone was worried for his safety, they also held absolute confidence towards him.

In a flash of golden light, Long Haochen teleported back once again, this time covering his whole body with the protection of his mental force. Right after stepping toward Shengmo Dalu, he immediately rushed frantically toward the opposite direction, making way inside demon territory.

If they were to contest in mental force, Long Haochen was far from being an opponent for the Demon God Emperor. But all he was using his mental force for was to protect his body. At such a large distance, the awareness the Demon God Emperor would have of him wouldn’t be too strong.

While rushing at full speed, Long Haochen tried his utmost to perceive the degree of intensity of the Demon God Emeror’s mental scouting. Very
rapidly, he understood how the Demon God Emperor managed to miraculously reach over three hundred kilometers distance with his mental scouting.

The Demon God Emperor’s mental scouting wasn’t multidirectional, but only aiming in one direction, like a light beam shot horizontally. This way, his mental force would be fully gathered in one direction, naturally covering a much greater scouting range. However, even so, the terrifyingness of the Demon God Emperor caused Haochen to have chills, shaking a bit of his self-confidence to defeat him in the future.

These recent years, Long Haochen’s strength had been growing at high speed. But at this very moment, he found out shockingly that the gap between the Demon God Emperor and him was still sky high! No wonder his grandfather gave him such an assessment.

Long Tianying had told Haochen before that the present age’s Demon God Emperor was the most powerful to appear since the descent of the demons six thousand years ago. He very possibly broke through the million spiritual energy for real, reaching the peak of the ninth step, and close to reaching the legendary boundary of the tenth step.

What’s the tenth step? That is a god’s boundary! And since the demons were originally not from his world, they weren’t subjected to the limitations imposed by this world’s gods. There are not even records of this level of attainment, because there had never been a human reaching this level.

The heavy matter of vanquishing the Demon God Emperor is still far off… While thinking so, Long Haochen sped along. Just as he estimated, although the Demon God Emperor’s mental scouting would land onto him at some intervals, it couldn’t go through the surface of his body. It felt as if Long Haochen was a rock, which the mental scouting only swept past.

The Demon God Emperor’s mental scouting didn’t get stronger from beginning to end, which means that he shouldn’t have found out about Long Haochen’s presence. But even so, he didn’t dare loosen his vigilance in the slightest, still focusing all his attention on the nearby changes. As soon as
some wind blows along the surrounding grass, he would immediately teleport back to the Tower of Eternity.

Demon camp outside the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

In a deep green tent having just been established, the Demon God Emperor sat, cross-legged and shutting his both eyes, making special movements with both his hands.

This huge tent’s surface was at least of five hundred square meters, extremely wide. But inside the tent were only the two almighty demon gods known as Demon God Emperor and Moon Demon God.

The Moon Demon God Agares was seated calmly behind the Demon God Emperor, a wavering look on his face, as his look swept occasionally through the surroundings.

Situations of human Demon Hunt Squads ambushing the Demon God Emperor were already not a rare matter. Although in front of him, these humans’ had insufficient strength to be considered a threat, they had inexhaustible killing methods, so even the Demon God Emperor had no choice but to be careful.

The terrifying mental force of the Demon God Emperor first went through the tent to reach high altitude, before spreading to the surroundings. Otherwise, if the demons in this camp were swept by this terrifying mental force, all would stand limp and wouldn’t dare budge.

As the second demon god, Agares’ strength was the closest to the Demon God Emperor in all demonkind. But right because of that, he understood how terrifying the Demon God Emperor’s strength was. His strength already overbounded the demon category since long, and was closer to the divine category.

Chapter 604

Even Agares trembled in front of his terrifying mental force. He understood clearly that although he could be called the number two demon god, even if you were to add up Vassago, Saminaga, and Marbas’ forces, the three of them would definitely not be opponents for the Demon God Emperor.

Without need to mention humans who don’t know the extent of the Demon God Emperor’s strength, even their own side’s demon gods didn’t understand clearly what their ultimate sovereign reached.

As the most powerful Demon God Emperor in demon History, Xiufeng’s real thoughts were unclear to all.

The overflowing terrifying mental force vanished gradually, as the Demon God Emperor slowly opened his eyes, revealing a thin smile.

“Your Majesty, have you made some discoveries?” Seeing his expression, Agares asked immediately.

Xiufeng had a tranquill smile. He remarked rebukingly, “How many times have I told you that no matter whose presence we are in, you are to call me Boss, not your Majesty. We are brothers.”

Agares smiled at him, “Courtesy cannot be abandonned. As the number two demon god, I especially have to set the example. Boss’ prestige will forever be supreme.”
Xiufeng shook his head with a smile on his face, “Here you go again… Do as you please then.”

Seeing Xiufeng in a pretty good mood, Agares asked, “Have you made some discoveries Boss?”

Xiufeng nodded, “This youngster is really a cunning one. The trails disappeared a split second after appearing. It should be that teleporting ability Ah’Bao spoke about. I am unable to grasp their spatial location too. I’m afraid that’s a teleporting treasure of the divine tool class.”

Agares nodded, “It is really going as third brother predicted it. It looks that catching him will really not be an easy matter. Not a strong opponent, but quite a cunning one.”

The Demon God Emperor revealed an ounce of disapointment and frustration, “What a shame!”

“A shame?” Agares looked at Xiufeng with some uncomprehension, “Boss, why is it that I get the feeling that you seem to not really want to kill this human?”

Xiufeng’s eyes revealed a trace of loneliness as he shook his head, “So what if I do not want to kill him? I still have to kill him. Compared to the prosperity of our large race, what is a single person. Even if that person was Ah’Bao, I’d also have to kill him.”

Reaching this point, his eyebrows looked up, a cold smile appearing on his handsome face.

“These old human bastards are still really showing respect for me. Three Demon Hunt Squads are lying in wait around us, all formed of members exceeding 200,000 siritual energy. Are they afraid that I would act against the Exorcist Mountain Pass? But how could they know what the Exorcist Mountain Pass is in my eyes?”

Agares’ eyes lit up, “Want me to go teach them a lesson, Boss?”
Xiufeng shook his head, “No need. These guys are quite cunning, and won’t easily intervene against us unless it comes to the last resort. I don’t feel like paying attention to them. After I handle that matter and get the status of god, I will purge them from Earth with a flick of the wrist. Do you know why I have still yet to dispose of them? That’s because I want to give humankind the feeling that they are really keeping me under control. This balance cannot be rashly broken, otherwise the life and death struggle with humanity won’t be easy for us to settle.”

Agares nodded, “This Holy War’s aims should have already been attained. Boss, when should we end it? The damage to us these two years is considerable too, but the total population has finally been regulated.”

Xiufeng asked, “How about the condition on the eastern side?” After Andromalius died, leaving the Devil Snakes as a headless flock of dragons, the Demon God Emperor specially dispatched another demon god to keep watch.

As the largest source of food supplies, the eastern ocean was extremely important.

Agares replied, “The current situation is pretty good with the order you gave of speeding up the exploitation of the oceanic resources. Our food supplies for this year are about thirty percent higher. With the decline of our population due to the Holy War, there will be no issue maintaining ourselves for the time being. Furthermore, since these years you have been encouraging plantations and cultivation, these humans have been quite obedient: the amount of foodstuff is increasing year by year.”

Xiufeng nodded, “Good. Keep seizing as many human artisans as possible from the Alliance. After the Holy War terminates, this will be our most immediate priority for the future. Also, let’s also encourage human reproduction. After our domesticated humans reach sufficient numbers, we can go wipe out the Temple Alliance. I hope to see such a day happen in my living years.”

Agares showed a smile, “Boss has a thousand years to rule, you’re still young.”
Xiufeng replied indifferently, “I’m not young. However, if I can stabilize my foundations as a god, ruling eternally is absolutely not impossible. After I kill that Long Haochen, this Holy War can immediately be terminated. Humankind has lost a great deal of strength, and will be sufficiently intimidated.”


Long Haochen had been running for two days and two nights in the wilderness. Trying as far as possible to conceal the pure light essence coming out from him, he could only rely on his two legs.

After a day of hurried running, he already stopped perceiving the Demon God Emperor’s presence.

But even so, he absolutely didn’t dare take a break. The most important to them had yet to come. They had to attract the Demon God Emperor’s attention within the shortest time possible.

For the sake of increasing his distance from the Demon God Emperor, Long Haochen had been travelling in an easterly direction.

Among all twenty-four demon provinces, the Central Province was actually not the most important one. The northwest of the continent was under the Temple Alliance’s control, while the demon side controlled the rest of the territory. Looking at the continent as a whole, the Central Province was actually in the south-central region, the nearest one to it being the Southeastern Fort protected by the Warrior Temple. The Exorcist Mountain Pass was considerably far, but demons occupied such a large area, that when alone, Long Haochen was simply able to move without any hindrance.

In such circumstances, the Demon God Emperor would hardly find him for real.

On the past two days, it wasn’t as if Long Haochen was running blindly either. In his rush, he stimulated his internal spiritual energy, treating already most of his internal wounds. Upon entering in Yale Province, they
could already be considered deep in demon territory, so he could finally relax. Now they needed to make noise to gain the attention of the Demon God Emperor.

From the map Yue Ye handed over to him stored in the Eternal Melody, when he unfolded and examined it, it not only recorded the terrain and towns, but even the garrisoning situation of the various demon clans. But of course, out of consideration for the Holy War, the current situation should have changed to some extent.

The Yale Province was in a convenient location, its capital Yale City being in the midst of the main road. A demon god should be in garrison there, based on the contents of the map. That was the fifty-seventh ranked demon god, Panther Demon God Auxerre, commanding the Panther Demons stationed in Yale City.

Panther Demons could not be considered a clan of fighters. They were quite low in numbers, but had their own characteristics. In times of battle, they wouldn’t be as tough and valiant as Demonic Bears or Ox Demons, but were extremely fast, expert in launching surprise attacks with astonishing offensive force. Expert in both speed and offense, they were close to Jacques Demons in number, but because of the presence of their demon god bloodline, their strength and position were far above Jacques Demons.

In this Panther Demon Clan, Long Haochen’s target was fixed. Only, he didn’t know whether this fifty-seventh-ranked Panther Demon God was or was not in Yale City.

No matter whether he would be there or not, Long Haochen already took the decision to tell the Demon God Emperor about his arrival in deep demon territory with that surprise attack.

Activating the Eternal Melody, Long Haochen returned the next instant in the Tower of Eternity.

The members of Bright Glimmer of Hope, who were all seated cultivating at the same spot, immediately awoke from the state of cultivation upon Long Haochen’s return.
“Haochen, how are you?” Cai’er stepped forward and was the first to ask. The others gathered round as well, but only Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi were still lying on the ground. However, these two were now awake. After receiving two days of care and treatment, they at least wouldn’t lose consciousness in a single movement.

Long Haochen replied, “I have already penetrated deeply in demon territory, and at the present time, I am already in Yale Province. Be prepared everyone, I will be teleporting us in the north of the Yale Province, approximately two hundred kilometers from Yale City, which will be our first target. We will be setting out two hours later.”

Although these two days of travel were enough for him to finish recovering, his mind was considerably tired, after all he had to travel in a state of extreme vigilence, and needed some rest before he could proceed.

Everyone nodded successively. Seeing Long Haochen back safe and sound was already a proof that he had broken away from the Demon God Emperor. Going once again into demon territory, and to launch an assault, how could they not be excited? Each of them were already eager for action.

Long Haochen squatted in front of Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi, “Brother Yang, Brother Duan, how are your injuries? Is it feeling better?”

Seeing Long Haochen, Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi couldn’t help but have their hearts filled up with all sorts of feelings. After being defeated by the Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus, they didn’t think they would have the chance to stay alive. And they expected even less to be saved by their greatest rival in the Knight Temple.

Back in those years, when everyone was undergoing the test to become Demon Hunters, Long Haochen’s cultivation was still far from the two of them. After the elapse of time, although they also hadn’t met him for a while, they understood very clearly his achievements of the past.

He was the first person to destroy a demon god pillar in human History, the cause for the Demon God Emperor to launch a Holy War, yet backed by
the Alliance. The killer of a demon god. Each of these achievements were sufficiently shocking, unsurpassable pinnacles.

Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi being also highly talented knights, were both geniuses in their young ages. If they were in the previous generations, they would surely be the most valued targets of nurturing for the Alliance. But as they were born in the same generation as Long Haochen, they were doomed to remain concealed under the background of the Scion of Light.


Chapter 605


“Haochen...” Just from calling out this name, Yang Wenzhao’s voice was choking with emotions. Speechless for a moment, he couldn’t help but lower his head in the midst of numerous emotions flowing in him, unwilling to look straight at that handsome face.

Yang Wenzhao, Han Yu, and Long Haochen were all children of the Knight Temple’s higher-ups. Because of living with his mother in his childhood, Long Haochen’s fate was naturally completely different from the other two. And what Yang Wenzhao and Han Yu had that he didn’t was haughtiness.

The Knight Temple being the head of the Six Great Temples, and their families being naturally gifted, they had some pride deep in their bones, which is why Yang Wenzhao would inadvertently offend Chen Ying’er as well, while Han Yu had suffered a crushing defeat against Long Haochen back in the Demon Hunter Selection Competition’s preliminary contest.

The prides of these two differed in that Han Yu’s display was far more distinct, which is also why he suffered its aftermath far earlier. Yang Wenzhao was far more steady: as the grandson of the head of the Temple Alliance, calling him the number one prince in the Temple Alliance would be no exaggeration. But he never showed an overbearing character by relying on that status, but put forth instead far more efforts than anyone else, for the sake of taking over his grandfather’s glory one day.
Without Long Haochen’s extraordinary coming, he only had to keep on living and grow smoothly to very possibly become the successor of the Knight Temple. But because of the immense pressure brought by Long Haochen, he had to exert even more effort.

But Long Haochen’s talent really exceeded his overmuch. With, in addition, the far greater efforts exerted by the latter compared to him, he could only stare blankly as the gap between Long Haochen and him only kept widening. This feeling had been choking up Yang Wenzhao’s heart, frequently making his feelings unstable.

The collaboration of his Demon Hunt Squad with Duan Yi’s suffered destructive damage due to the Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus’ attack. To Yang Wenzhao, this was a far excessive damage. After getting captured by Asmodeus, he once attempted to suicide but was stopped by the demon god. At that time, he knew he was used for amusement. No matter whether the annihilation of his Demon Hunt Squad was his fault or not, as a captain, he had his unshrinkable responsibility. Even if he were to miraculously make it alive, he knew that he would forever be unable to enter the higher- ups of the Knight Temple. How could this not discourage him?

If not for how Chen Ying’er took care of him these two days, he would be feeling even worse. But Chen Ying’er’s forgiveness gave him the courage to keep on living. Now that he looked at Long Haochen, many feelings mingled in him, but most of all, he was in massive shock.

Chapter 606

In a flicker of golden light, they reappeared in the Jale Province. Long Haochen’s limpid golden eyes flashed with deep purple intent, and immediately, a trail of purple light appeared in front of him.

Soft purple halos took shape within a diameter of over ten meters, where a massive figure appeared.

Six pairs of extremely cold eyes were opening slowly, revealing different colors. A steady and grim aura came out from his amethyst colored body. Long Haochen aside, the others all immediately had chills from seeing his cold look, comparable to a deep pool of ice.

Only, when his six pairs of eyes looked at Long Haochen, the look on his face changed, making a complete transformation. Becoming amiable and excited took only an instant. All six heads gathered, crawling in front of Long Haochen and lightly stroking his body, just as if trying to gain his favor.

Chen Ying’er breathed deeply, extremely shocked, “Haoyue’s aura had such qualitative changes! Noble, proud, ice-cold, and his scales are so beautiful and charming.” At the time Long Haochen had summoned Haoyue in the battle against her grandfather, Chen Ying’er had already become unconscious, so this was the first time she got to see Haoyue after reuniting with the group. As a summoner, she naturally had a great understanding of magical beasts, but seeing Haoyue, even as the Spiritual Saint Girl, she didn’t feel an affinity with Haoyue. In other words, even the spokesperson of the mythological beasts was unable to interact with Haoyue, much less gain his approval. A magical beast with whom the Saint
Spiritual Girl is unable to connect, what could that mean? What’s more, Haoyue’s cultivation had just stepped into the eighth step, still far from the peak for a magical beast.

However Chen Ying’er didn’t find that strange: even her grandfather didn’t understand Haoyue’s limits, much less her current self. Most of all, the stronger Haoyue was, the better that would be for the team. She naturally didn’t have a bad impression just because Haoyue didn’t pay attention to her.

Lightly patting Haoyue’s head, Long Haochen declared, “Let’s get going.
Follow me on Haoyue’s back, everyone.”

Han Yu spoke in amazement, “Captain, I’m afraid this will cause Haoyue to expose himself.” Haoyue’s amethyst colored scales were just far too conspicuous. Even at high altitude, the sunlight’s reflection would make them very easily findable.

Long Haochen revealed a tranquil smile, “Getting found out by the demons is what we want, otherwise how could we attract the Demon God Emperor’s attention? I’m afraid that we are just going to have to play hide-and-seek with him for a long time.” This statement was full of self- confidence. Playing hide-and-seek with the Demon God Emperor, could anything else sound more domineering?

After evolving to the state of getting six heads, Haoyue’s body didn’t keep enlarging, but he already surpassed fifteen meters in length. Long Haochen’s group of eight didn’t feel crowded in the slightest on Haoyue’s back.

Haoyue lifted his six heads, extending his immense pair of wings. His massive limbs stomped abruptly on the ground, pushing his massive body to the air. That instant, his wings seemed to cause gales as he flew, his magnificent amethyst colored figure breaking into the skies, facing the south under Long Haochen’s instructions.

Just after Haoyue started to fly, a green glow of light spread out from Little Green’s head, enveloping his body as well as Long Haochen’s group

Floating Technique, able to massively lighten total

weight. This originally single-targeted wind spell was unexpectedly showing multi-targeted effects when used by Little Green. After the reduction of weight by Little Green, he flapped his wings, greatly speeding up and flashing like an amethyst colored meteor streaking toward the horizon.

Seated on Haoyue’s back, the members of Bright Glimmer of Hope were all extremely steady, but did not feel comfortable at all, because of the strange suppressing effects the unique aura released from Haoyue’s body had on them. Furthermore, taints of coldness were occasionally spreading, making them quite uneasy. This kind of feeling hadn’t appeared before, even at the time Haoyue evolved to his five heads’ state.

Cai’er rushed to tell Long Haochen about this feeling. After reflecting for a short instant, he determined that this should be mostly related to Haoyue’s bloodline force.

After getting his sixth head, Haoyue’s bloodline force was distinctly aroused significantly. That was the most distinct major change outside of the fact he had obtained his sixth head as well as another elemental attribute. That was the only reason for the feelings of unease everyone had.

Still, for the sake of this surprise attack, everyone could only bear with it. At long last, Long Haochen made Haoyue restrain his bloodline force and aura as far as possible to avoid affecting everyone too much.

Haoyue’s speed of flight was enormous: at the start, Long Haochen thought his speed would surely not match Star King, but he realized his mistake very fast. With the support of Little Green’s wind magic, Haoyue only kept accelerating, and completely surpassed Star King’s standards. Several thousand meters were traversed, and in merely half an hour, Jale City was already in their sight.
“Our target is the Demon God Palace in Jale City. After Haoyue descends, we will strive our hardest to destroy the buildings and kill the demons inside. But you must not exit the range of the Demon God Palace. Ying’er, Lin Xin, you two mustn’t leave Haoyue’s back. Ying’er, don’t intervene for now. If the enemy launches a large offense, your beast- summoning magic will serve as backup forces for us.”

After giving them simple warnings, Long Haochen patted Haoyue’s neck, communicating his intentions to him. The massive amethyst colored body immediately turned into a streaking purple meteor, diving down fast, straight at Jale City.

Every demon god was qualified to have a Demon God Palace built under his name. However, the norms differed: every twelve ranks, the norms would rise by a grade. The Demon God Emperor’s was undoubtedly the most majestic of all these Demon God Palaces.

Although Long Haochen was unsure of whether the Panther Demon God Auxerre was in Jale City, no matter whether that was the case, his Demon God Palace was surely built in Jale City as that was the area under the demon god’s protection. Moreover, that was surely the best building in the whole city, so even though this was their first time coming here, in the midst of Haoyue’s fast dive, they immediately locked onto the location of the Panther Demon God’s palace.

This Demon God Palace was located in the central area of Jale City. The massive palace reached up to a thousand meters in height, and its floor area, at least ten thousand square meters. On the front end of the massive palace, a panther-head-shaped entrance was visible. The fiery-red colored panther face had its large mouth opened, and pitch black marks extended from the forehead to the back of the head.

That was the Demon God Palace of the Panther Demon God Auxxere, the Panther Demon Palace!

All Demon God Palaces were built according to their respective demon god’s preferences. Magic arrays set up by the demon gods of the prior generations were set up, strengthening their cultivation and strength.
Therefore, one could say that a demon god would be the strongest within his own Demon God Palace. Except for special situations, their demon god pillar would generally be stored in their Demon God Palace.

In the sky, a giant amethyst shape dove down, immediately gaining the attention of the Panther Demons inhabiting Jale City.

Panther Demons exceeding the sixth step had the ability of flight: over a dozen yellow figures soared above Jale City, heading for that sudden amethyst shape in a rush.

Panther Demons generally reached a height of two meters. Those at least reaching the sixth step had pairs of wings on their back, becoming Major Panther Demons. In build, they were close to humans, but with a panther head, and yellow hairs growing all over their bodies. The stronger a Panther Demon gets, the more thick and moist its hairs become.

Roaa! An overwhelming roar sounded out, and immediately one could see six radiances of different colors rush out. The Major Panther Demons which had risen to the sky were their immediate victims, and one could see these levitating Major Panther Demons turn into trails of blood, as a massively oppressing spiritual energy came to view.

A large expense of fireballs, ice arrows, wind blade, light edges, fallen rocks and deep purple poison spheres came to view, engulfing the Panther Demon Palace. That was Haoyue’s bursts of attacks.

Don’t dare underestimate these low grade spells coming out from him. These spells produced a far superior might than ordinarily. Every one of these spells were compressed at least three times more than normally.

However, the Panther Demon God Palace was after all the palace of the Panther Demon God Auxerre. Those surprise attacks immediately activated its defensive formations, and pitch-black halos abruptly spread out from within, turning into a massive black barrier which enveloped the whole Panther Demon Palace within.
Concentrated magic was fired at that black barrier and produced all kinds of ripples, but did not cause any substantial damage to it.

The Panther Demons inside Jale City were still considerably fast to respond. If one were to survey from high altitude, he would see that a large amount of Panther Demons were flocking from all directions, while some Panther Demons came out from the Panther Demon Palace as well.

It wasn’t as if the Temple Alliance’s Demon Hunters didn’t launch offenses against Jale City, but that was the first time it was done so openly and fearlessly, clashing from the very front. In fact, such an attack would be faced not only by the Panther Demon Palace, but also the entirety of the Panther Demons in Jale City.

The Panther Demons’ clansmen were not very numerous, but at least ten thousand in count. Jale City being the land of their foundations, the most powerful Panther Demons were almost all residing there. The powerhouses of the eighth step alone were already over a dozen. In normal times the Panther Demon God Auxerre would also be keeping watch, and moreover Jale City wasn’t a neighbouring city, so even if such a brazen frontal assault succeeded, it would inevitably cause demon powerhouses to rush from all directions to encircle and annihilate the troublemakers.

Haoyue’s fast divine figure was about to reach the Panther Demons Palace as his previous offensive barrages of magic didn’t manage to significantly damage the darkness elemental protections in the Panther Demon Palace. At the very moment, his appearance was seen clearly by the Panther Demons below.

A six-headed dragon? From Haoyue’s grown wings, head shape, and horn, he was currently not looking like a lizard anymore, but closer to a dragon.

As all the Panther Demons felt enormous confidence in their Panther Demon God Palace’s defenses, and believed that Haoyue was undoubtedly going to be repelled back, his six heads snarled once again, loudly.
A layer of purple intent spread out from his body, clashing with the defensive barrier of the Panther Demon Palace.

Chapter 607

A strange scene followed. To the shock of the Panther Demons on watch, the instant the shield and purple intent came in contact, the defense slipped away like snow from a freshly oiled floor, and the massive Haoyue landed explosively on the summit of the Panther Demon Palace.


The violent explosion splashed dust and rocks in all directions. The whole Yale City was shaken by the ear-splitting loud sound and shaking. Haoyue unexpectedly broke inside the Panther Demon Palace just like that.

A large hole had appeared on top of the Panther Demon Palace, letting his four vigorous limbs land inside the main hall of the palace. The massive shaking from his violent landing caused the appearance of wide cracks, but it seemed that Haoyue was totally unharmed. His six large heads fired like six Magic Cannons launching offensive magic to his surroundings at a frantic speed.

The inside will always be the least solid part of a fort. The Panther Demon Palace was also like that: who could guess that someone would break through the defensive barrier? Haoyue’s tempestuous magic combinations using six elements immediately made the inside of the Panther Demon Palace a total mess.

All the members of Bright Glimmer of Hope felt dumbstruck. Haoyue was just too fierce. They were originally prepared to join the battle to dispose of the defensive protection, but who would have thought that it
would get smashed after just one roar from Haoyue? At that very moment, they felt totally carefree: Haoyue’s performance was just too delighting.

Most of all, Chen Ying’er was excitedly hopping on Haoyue’s back. Yang Wenzhao had sustained heavy wounds, and although they were starting to get better, fully recovering in one or two months would be impossible. This enmity was naturally accounted to the nearby demons, plus they were directly attacking a demon city, and even a capital city. Using such methods made it just too fulfilling.

Haoyue’s magic bombardment made those Panther Demons not even dare rush forward directly. The Panther Demon Palace was really solid: although large damage had appeared in the midst of the violent explosion, the whole building had yet to crumble entirely.

Right at this time, yellow figures leaped on the surroundings, their violent darkness essence instantly turning into black defensive barriers aimed against Haoyue’s magic bombardment.

With a stare, Haoyue’s six heads roared at the same time. Immediately, another burst of purple intent appeared, immediately causing the black colored barrier of the Panther Demon powerhouses to collapse, and stopping their defensive magic. Haoyue’s six heads then released another burst of repeated spells, this time scattering and smashing the bodies of Panther Demons of at least the sixth step.

Lin Xin gulped his saliva, and looked at Long Haochen, “Boss, how come I feel that there is not even a need for us to act? Haoyue is doing well enough by himself.”

Indeed, when Haoyue’s six heads fired, there was no opportunity at all for them to take part. Haoyue’s magic covered almost the whole Panther Demon Hall. With each of Haoyue’s jumps, great consequences followed.

Long Haochen had a look of pleasant surprise. After getting his sixth head, Haoyue’s magic was greatly amplified. Furthermore, his spiritual energy was almost inexhaustible. While launching m
agic, Long Haochen could feel a great amount of elemental residue appearing in Haoyue’s body and replenishing his spiritual energy very fast. Just in this short while, the Panther Demon Palace was totally in ruins, without the slightest bearing of a Demon God Palace.

“Don’t worry, when more powerful Panther Demons come, everyone will get to join the battle.” Long Haochen addressed that reply to the whole group.

Just as Long Haochen spoke, a yellow figure suddenly flashed out like a bolt of lightning, rushing at Haoyue. It was just too fast, taking close to a breath to arrive in front of Haoyue. And in the meantime, as it accelerated like that, it effectively dodged all Haoyue’s spells very closely every time, all of which left slight twisting yellow traces on its back.

That was a Panther Demon with golden hairs all over the body. His citrine colored eyes flashed with dense killing intent. On the front end of his vigorous arms were sharp claws. The instant it arrived in front of Haoyue, the wings on its back made a sudden turn, changing direction abruptly. While rising upwards, its claws were aimed straight at Little Light’s eyes.

Be it in terms of speed, power, or reactivity, this Panther Demon was much more powerful than the previous ones. A sharp and substantive darkness aura was swept violently, producing sharp hissing sounds in the air. That power was close to the state of Spiritual Highland.

Panther Demons’ weakness lay in their mediocre defense, but their speed and offensive power was top-notch. The performance of this Panther Demon was brilliant in these aspects.

Facing such a sudden surprise attack, Haoyue acted like he didn’t see anything, as he kept launching the spells he was casting, paying no attention to that.

An orange colored radiance flashed as the Panther Demon’s attack was on the verge of reaching Little Light’s head.
Dang. In a sharp and clear exploding sound, the Panther Demon’s body was shot away. His pair of sharp claws took a special posture, releasing four pitch-black blade projections, until Long Haochen came to block the attack.

Long Haochen’s body was flickering in golden light. That was the ability Bright Vengeance produced after his Divine Obstruction. When he received this Panther Demon’s last attack, his body only shook slightly, but immediately repelled it; that gold colored Panther Demon was at the eighth step.

The extremity of his foot used Haoyue’s back as support, as an orange colored blade projection was swept away instantly. Just after meeting it, all the black blade projections were immediately scattered and smashed. Immediately, Long Haochen’s body came to a sudden standstill, and the Aria of the Goddess of Light was waved forward.

This sword strike didn’t leave the slightest trace in its way. The sword intent in it was not sharp, but rather carried traces of warmth. But that Golden Panther Demon abruptly felt unable to avoid it. Even drawing back was impossible: despite his level of speed, he was completely unable to escape from being enveloped by that sword intent.

With a low howl, the claws of that Golden Panther Demon instantly turned gold colored. Its body made a rushed rotation, and the pair of claws simultaneously aimed to strike Long Haochen. The spiritual energy released from the claw even produced a gloss of dark gold.

Clang. A sharp sound accompanied the Golden Panther Demon’s scream.

Just how many demon powerhouses had Long Haochen aleady faced? He had already fought over five existences reaching the demon god level. Although he didn’t achieve victory every time, having experienced battles against so many powerhouses of such kind, how could this Panther Demon of the eighth step possibly stop him?

This warm-looking sword intent let out an instant burst upon clashing with the Golden Panther Demon. The   the brittle, sharp sound was the abrupt shattering of the claws against the Aria of the Goddess of Light.
However, this Golden Panther Demon remained quite valiant. After the Aria of the Goddess of Light ruptured its claws, although a deep bloody scar was produced from its chest to its thigh, that still didn’t kill him in one blow. In fact, that was the sword intent released by a divine sword. To resist instant death against it, this Panther Demon was considerably valiant.

Feeling an increasing affinity between the Aria of the Goddess of Light and himself, Long Haochen didn’t even look at the Panther Demon he had just neutralized. In another flash of orange color, a blade projection was released and this time, its golden radiance enlarged, chasing that Panther Demon which was instantly split in two. A demon powerhouse of the eighth step was just annihilated by Long Haochen who was at the same eighth step.

This gap of strength was also a gap of equipment. Long Haochen’s set of equipment all reached the epic tier at least. The Aria of the Goddess of Light and Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon could even reach the divine tool tier at anytime. Adding to this his understanding of sword intent, even the Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus had to respond prudently, yet was finally wounded by Haochen, not to mention this ordinary Golden Panther Demon.

But at the same time this Golden Panther Demon launched its assault, other golden figures rushed forward, as black colored blade projections entangled in midair, blocking a great part of Haoyue’s bombardment, and a large amount of Panther Demons flocked from outside.

At least eight other Golden Panther Demons had made their way into the hall to stop Haoyue’s magic attacks. Seeing the complete mess inside the Panther Demon Palace, these Panther Demons let out shouts of fury. But they were only surrounding Long Haochen’s group and didn’t attack in a rush.

Haoyue’s magic came to a stop. He coldly glared at the surrounding Panther Demons, and the downcast chanting from his six heads’ mouths started to change rythm.
Long Haochen obviously knew what Haoyue was planning, and immediately jumped on Little Light’s head, mentally telling him to stop chanting that incantation.

Haoyue was trying to use the six-elemental Essence of Disorder! No matter how many Panther Demons were present, in case this fired off, probably no survivors would emerge atside from these Golden Panther Demons of the eighth step. The other Panther Demons would certainly face death.

But an Essence of Disorder of this level came with a very large burden for Haoyue too. This was a strategic location for demons, so Long Haochen had no intention to launch a teleportation from here, so he definitely had to maintain Haoyue’s strength.

And furthermore, he sensed some response inside this Panther Demon Hall, of the enemy existence he really wanted to meet.

“Go!” Long Haochen waved his hand and took the lead to jump from Haoyue’s back. Now that they were in demon territory, he didn’t need to conceal his identity anymoe, and spread out the four golden spiritual wings on his back to shoot like a golden arrow at the enemies.

Outside from Chen Ying’er and Lin Xin, everyone jumped down in succession from Haoyue’s back as well. With Haoyue’s protection, the two mage didn’t need to worry for their own safety at all.

Wang Yuanyuan, Sima Xian, Zhang Fangfang, Han Yu, and Cai’er charged into five different directions from Long Haochen. Each of them unfolded the spiritual wings on their backs, and released powerful auras of might.

Chapter 608

At the current time, they were completely different from their younger selves. Before the Holy War, they encountered such powerful foes that they had to perfect their formations for survival, putting safety as the top priority. But they already had the strength to assume complete responsibility for themselves. Gathering together to fight against enemies of this level would only impede their fighting strength.

At that very moment, Haoyue once again showed a whole new face.

In the midst of low-voiced chaotic incantations, Little Flame made the first move, causing six flames to flash through. Including Long Haochen inside, the six individuals rushing out were covered with a protection of fire. These protections reached about three meters diameter, glinting in dark red radiance, but without affecting their movements in the least. Outside the protections, the Panther Demons facing them would feel extreme heat. The weaker ones had their hairs scorched even from a distance.

Little Green was the second one. He added up the Acceleration Technique’s boost to everyone. As green light flickered under everyone’s feet, their bodies became visibly more nimble.

Immediately following , two immense halos encompassing the whole stage dispersed, all aimed at the enemy. The Ninth Holy Guard’s Gravity Technique was mimicked in Little Yellow’s incantations, and the extremely fast Panther Demons immediately felt full of chills, greatly restricted.

Another glow came out from Little Yellow, emitting simple fluctuations of light and providing even more holy aura as a supplement, which
impressively weakened the Panther Demons utilizing darkness attribute.

Little Purple and Little Blue were both in the midst of chanting, seemingly requiring some more time to be done. But without a doubt, the power of a chant would increase with its length.

As another mage, Lin Xin was dumbstruck while standing on Haoyue’s back. The current Haoyue was like six Saint Magic Tutors of the eighth step fighting shoulder to shoulder. From the beginning of his attacks to his current global boosts, his strength was domineering. And each head had its own frightening intelligence.

Six intelligent beings in one body, able to harmonize with such perfection. Just what kind of magical beast could that be? Chen Ying’er’s shock was not below Lin Xin’s in the least.

Gaining the effects from Haoyue’s boosts, Long Haochen’s group of six was already fighting the enemy at close quarters.

Long Haochen was the first one in action. In front of him were two Panther Demons of the eighth step with a large quantity of Panther Demons of the sixth step. The weakest enemies that reached out here were already at the sixth step of cultivation. Obviously, these Panther Demons knew very well that sending weaker individuals to face these humans who dared to forcefully break out in the midst of the Demon God Palace would have no use at all.

Myriads of blade projections dispersed unrestrainedly, filling the whole hall with thunderous murderous spirit, as a light essence full of substance blossomed brazenly. It was a Swords Rain.

Even without Haoyue’s boosts, Long Haochen’s fighting strength was already considerably terrifying. Swords Rain covered an immense area, instantly encompassing all the opponents within the surrounding thirty meters. Every one of the immense sword projections were like the real things, just as if countless images had come out instantly from the Aria of the Goddess of Light to s
trike at the enemies’ images.

Long Haochen’s powerful strike was really just too fierce. Let alone those Panther Demons of the sixth step, in front of his Swords Rain even Golden Panther Demons could only draw back rapidly, resisting with all their strength.

In a flash of blood color, one Panther Demon of the sixth step after another was crushed in front of Swords Rain. Their passive defense was useless in front of its power; while the Golden Panther Demons could only barely defend themselves, counterattacking would hardly be possible. The only intent of these Panther Demons' resistance was precisely to spend their quite resilient strength along with their own spiritual power to do their utmost to use up Swords Rain's power. But even so, Long Haochen’s sword not only breached their attempts, but even left corpses of over thirty Panther Demons.

With sharp bellows, just as Sword Rain’s power declined, the two Golden Panther Demons surrounded Long Haochen’s sides like bolts of lightning. Their sharp claws had already turned dark gold as they frantically attacked him.

But just at this time, another heavy sword had appeared in Long Haochen’s left hand. A jadeite-like dark green gloss flashed in a glint and dispersed a greenish gold luster, enveloping Long Haochen inside and concealing his figure under its shining illumination.

In a series of crisp, melodious tones, the two Golden Panther Demons were blasted back simultaneously, as tiny ruptures were left on their naturally extremely tough claws. Long Haochen’s figure flashed forward once again, paying no heed at all to them. Lightspeed Flash was launched, instantly exceeding the Golden Panther Demons’ speed. Overbearingly rushing into the ranks of the Grand Panther Demons, he burst out with dark green and orange dual-colored radiances, turning into a bladestorm engulfing the whole crowd.

A terrifying attractive force pulled the surrounding Grand Panther Demons. These ordinarily extremely valiant demons were torn to shreds
just like fruits, turning into fine particles of blood and flesh.

The two Golden Panther Demons were totally unable to stop Long Haochen. In front of a Bladestorm of such level, they didn’t even have the courage to rush in.

Just then in other areas the intense smell of slaughter was bursting out. Cai’er’s attacks were the most simple and direct, simple gray arcs were traced in her hands path, as the Sickle of the God of Death’s grey afterimage brought death and annihilation, while greatly purifying darkness.

Just as Long Haochen was slaughtering his way unrestrainedly, Cai’er had also gotten rid of a Golden Panther Demon. Now the Sickle of the God of Death’s cold blade struck, massacring the ordinary Grand Panther Demons. Its dense grey brilliance became all Panther Demons’ nightmare.

Compared to Long Haochen and Cai’er, Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang were visibly behaving as expected. The two of them had a huge shield in one hand and a heavy sword in the other one, charging their way out. Although their killing power was unable to compare with the vice- captain, the two of them showed invulnerable defense. At every strike, deaths would follow.

As Guardian Knights they visibly showed some restraint, prepared at anytime to rescue their comrades.

The real spotlight   was   one   Wang   Yuanyuan   and   Sima   Xian, who joined in total slaughter. Wang Yuanyuan’s eyes turned blood red, seeming just like the time she was resisting the demon army in the Warrior Temple. The blood in her was already boiling profusely, and in her hand, Bloodstorm let out a drizzling red brilliance with terrible offensive strength as the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield became her long-ranged weapon. Everywhere she passed, demons were blown to pieces. A faint bloody aura was emitted from her body, and upon its sight or when crossing eyes with Yuanyuan, all demons had the feeling of losing all their guts.

That was the terrifying bloody murderous spirit Wang Yuanyuan nurtured in the battlefield. Walking through seas of corpses, she caused uncountable
demons to perish under her weapon Bloodstorm. Entering the state of battle, she emitted a tyrannical aura of slaughter, as if it was a matter of course.

Bloodcut and Bloody Dance were used alternately. Adding to that the power of her Spiritual Stove of Spatial Gate, she instantly drilled through the most packed areas to let her slaughter unfold. In just a few instants, the Grand Panther Demons she killed were not below Long Haochen in the slightest. Although Wang Yuanyuan is a girl, she currently showed no trace of pity.

On the other side, Sima Xian also showed an extremely tyrannical display. This guy may not be able to instantly transport himself in the midst of the enemies’ ranks like Wang Yuanyuan, but his destructive power was even higher.

Flapping the wings on his back, Sima Xian lit in pure golden splendor. Like a piece of metal being cast, his face and skin turned gold colored. One could faintly see that gold color being dispersed from his chest. A Golden Panther Demon went on his way, attempting to stop him by the means of a global encirclement with the help of the other Grand Panther Demons, but at this time, Sima Xian lifted the terrifying Gigantic Ball of Light in his hand.

To one’s astonishment, the Energetic Ball of Light actually let out the orange radiance characterizing equipment of epic tier, which immediately turned purple. Myriads of purple lightning bolts instantly burst out, bombarding the Panther Demons. Even that Golden Panther Demon was unable to make a narrow escape and had to put his all in defending.

The speed of lightning made it absolutely unable to escape. Therefore, a Panther Demon’s speed became a useless specialty. These lightning bolts’ burst managed to take in over a hundred Panther Demons, which became all scorched, with all their hairs standing straight, and at least having sustained fatal injuries if not yet dead.

Immediately, Sima Xian flung his Energetic Ball of Light, but unlike the Energetic Ball of Light of the past, it had now a dark, gold-colored chain on
its tail, looking quite thin, about a little finger’s width, but reached an astonishing length of ten meters.

One could see an intense golden light abruptly rise on the chains above Sima Xian’s hands. The instant the chains of his Gigantic Ball of Light reached their peak, they immediately came to a sudden stop in midair. Then, myriads of white glows burst forth from the Gigantic Ball of Light.

The white glows immediately hit the Panther Demons with strikes of lightning and thunder, turning them into ashes and leaving only a magic crystal on the ground. Even that Golden Panther Demon fell, having turned pitch-black as its body twitched without pause.

With a lift of Sima Xian’s right hand, the Gigantic Ball of Light arose abruptly. As it landed, circles of white halations surrounded that Golden Panther Demon of the eighth step, rendering him totally unable to escape the expertise of the Gigantic Ball of Light, Crush, Smash and Triple Blast. In a horrifying boom, the Golden Panther Demon was directly squashed into paste.

Chapter 609

His series of attacks left actually totally emptied his side of Panther Demons.

In fact, the Grand Panther Demons that had rushed into the hall totalled only five or six hundred, forming the entirety of the Panther Demons’ elites. The nine Golden Panther Demons at their lead were the most tyrannical ones of the whole Panther Demon Clan, but in a few instants, over two hundred Grand Panther Demons and four Golden Panther Demons, which is close to half of them, just perished.

Sima Xian’s terrifying area of effects rapidly overtook the others in the slaughtering count. Even Long Haochen’s prowess was masked behind his.

Lin Xin and Chen Ying’er looked at each other, filled with dumbstruck feelings. Just when did Sima get that strong? Wasn’t his spiritual energy the weakest of all of us? But that terrifying tyrannical power just now left them in shock; even a Panther Demon of the eighth step was unable to withstand a single blow from him.

“How did our baldie became so awesome?” Chen Ying’er asked in shock.

Lin Xin twitched the corners of his mouth. He was really believing himself to have made extremely rapid progress in these two years, but from the looks of it, all of them made similar gigantic progress! Chen Ying’er was so, and Sima Xian and Wang Yuanyuan were also so.
“This guy seems unafraid of the backlash of the Godly Purple Thunder Spiritual Stove. What he has just used should be an advanced ability of the spiritual stove. And that Gigantic Ball of Light, when did it turn out to reach the Epic Tier? His fearlessness toward the Godly Purple Thunder Spiritual Stove should be related to that gold color. How come his equipment improved so dramatically? When did the Priest Temple become so rich and overbearing?”

“Careful Sima!” In the midst of the enemies’ ranks, Long Haochen shouted suddenly.

Right at this instant, a dark red figure appeared in the battlefield without warning, heading for Sima Xian.

A dark red brilliance seemed to arise, turning into a panther’s shape aiming a strike on Sima Xian’s chest.

From hearing Long Haochen’s warning, Sima Xian understood that this was the sudden attack of an enemy surely far above himself in strength, and able to threaten his life. Otherwise, Long Haochen wouldn’t say that. In fact, Long Haochen had been closely following this enemy’s presence all this time, planning to attract his attention with his display of strength. But who would have expected Sima Xian’s destructivity to even exceed his, altering the enemy’s target and catching Long Haochen unprepared.

Sima Xian’s eyes suddenly lit up as he lifted the Gigantic Ball of Light, placing it in front of his own chest. A fantastic scene appeared, as a sort of eye opened on it, forming a large arc of purple lightning exploding loudly.

Badam. A terrifying explosion shook the whole Panther Demon Palace, forming a great expanse of dust.

The dark red panther figure achieved mutual destruction with the purple lightning and came to a sudden stop before even coming into contact with Sima Xian’s Gigantic Ball of Light. However, Sima Xian also became pale.

Without leaving the time to the dark red figure to launch another attack, a white glow wrapped around Sima Xian’s waist, pulling him back. In the
meantime, Long Haochen’s golden figure brazenly stood in front of Sima Xian.

Right at this instant, of Haoyue’s six heads, Little Blue and Little Purple were done chanting.

Rings of ice were launched in succ ession, aiming at the surrounding Panther Demons while causing the nearby temperature to plummet abruptly. In a dense area, all Panther Demons were frozen. The Golden Panther Demons of the eighth step with greater cultivations were still better off than the Grand Panther Demons who turned into a large amount of ice sculptures, unable to struggle free for a little white.

Immediately afterwards, countless purplish-green poisonous spheres were launched to all directions. These spheres only reached the size of eyes, and landed onto each ice sculptures, turning them into the same color as the Panther Demons inside were melted in the midst of that purple-green color.

Long Haochen’s previous shout functioned as a summons, and at the same time he appeared in front of Sima Xian, Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang rushed from the two sides with Wang Yuanyuan coming from the rear. Cai’er’s figure also disappeared in the midst of her invisibility.

Long Haochen was now extremely shocked, not because of the enemy’s sudden surprise attack, but by Sima Xian’s strength. Long Haochen had clearly sensed the strength of the enemy’s previous attack, but didn’t expect Sima Xian to resist it, not only ending up totally unwounded, but also not even pushed back in the slightest. That was an enemy reaching the ninth step of cultivation!

This time, their enemy came to everyone’s sight; a two meters tall Panther Demon dispersing intense dark red flames.

Compared to the other Panther Demons, his build wasn’t particularly different, but the dark red flames surrounding his body in a very sticky state as well as his shiny dark red hairs were distinct proofs of his identity.
“Panther Demon God Auxerre?” Long Haochen shouted the question stentorianly.

That’s right, that powerful Panther Demon was their chief, the Panther Demon God Auxerre protecting the Yale Province.

Although Auxerre was bursting with rage in front of that scene, he didn’t lose all control due to anger by the enemy’s strong surprise attack, right against the Panther Demon Palace. Haoyue’s entrance in the Panther Demon Palace roused him up from his previous state of cultivation, but his arrival was clearly quite late.

Seeing the frantic slaughter of Long Haochen’s group, especially Sima Xian’s last display, he found it far too tyrannical. Therefore, he chose after slight considerations to ambush Sima Xian, getting rid of their most powerful attacker.

But he didn’t know that Long Haochen’s group was linked through the Soul Sharing Chains. Even if Sima Xian hadn’t resisted his attack like that, to inflict fatal wounds to Sima Xian would be impossible thanks to its sharing.

Looking at these young humans, Auxerre’s complexion became unsightly. He knew that he wouldn’t have an easy time. Even his Panther Demon Palace met with destruction.

Atop of that, close to half of the Panther Demons’ elites were slaughtered in this short time. This was an unparallelled damage for the Panther Demons. These humans looked quite young, but he just saw personally their tyrannical strength.

But this place was his territory, the Panther Demon Palace! As the Panther Demon God, he couldn’t possibly retreat in front of his clansmen.

“Despicable humans, you will all die today.” Auxerre’s cold voice spread with extreme anger. As he said that, the claws on his back made slight rhythmic movements and the whole Panther Demon Palace started to emit fluctuations of darkness spiritual energy.
A dark red pillar abruptly surfaced in the palace’s backyard, and its thick body gradually took shape.

This thick demon god pillar was decorated with countless Panther Demons’ engravings, and dark red flames rose violently from it.

To deal with this Panther Demon God, Long Haochen couldn’t possibly bring him in the Tower of Eternity for assassination like with the Demon God of Deep Vision. The last time, some strange phenomenon had happened between the demon god’s powerful innate ability and the Eternal Melody’s transporting ability. But to transport such a powerful demon god without his consent would be basically impossible. How could the counterpart show no struggles?

But Long Haochen never imagined to face a situation like the current one, where he felt absolute confidence in vanquishing a demon god in front of him. And that confidence was due to the fact he was not fighting by himself, but had all these powerful teammates at his side. Sima Xian’s tyrannical offense confirmed to him that in these two years, every one of his comrades had made considerable progress. As a whole, they already had the strength to resist a demon god head on.

After the battle against the Dragon Rider Demon God, Long Haochen faintly felt that if they were only facing Asmodeus, the addition of his comrades and his full strength may perhaps match Asmodeus. But because of Asmodeus’ Demon God Transformation and domain, Long Haochen didn’t take the risk, out of fear of following the same road as Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi.

But now they were facing a demon god in the fifth dozen of the ranking, fifty-seventh ranked demon god Auxerre. He had already resolved himself to take a demon god’s life today…

“We are the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope, and I am the captain Long Haochen. I am telling you our name so that you can die contentedly. Ying’er, go!” Long Haochen declared, and let his words be heard by all Panther Demons present since his objective was originally to expose his tracks.
Hearing Long Haochen’s order, Chen Ying’er immediately sat cross- legged on Haoyue’s back and started to chant. She obviously understood what their captain meant: they were to go all out to handle the Panther Demon God, so her mission would be to stop any interference in the battle of Long Haochen and the others.

Lin Xin’s incantation also started. His line of sight was focused onto the Panther Demon God Auxerre, and this time, Haoyue was very settled, coldly watching the surroundings with his six large heads. After suffering the joint attack from Little Blue and Little Purple, the Panther Demons’ elites had already lost seventy percent of their troops, and the rest were not in good condition. Now they were clearly shrinking back in fear, and the outside of the Panther Demon Palace was extremely noisy. Visibly, a large amount of Panther Demons had rushed in, but all were certainly unable to compare with the previous Panther Demons’ elites.


The Panther Demon God Auxerre let out a howl of fury, and the dark red flames on him started boiling like a volcanic eruption. As he shot out, Auxerre’s muscles expanded greatly with the influence of the dark red pillar, exceeding three meters in the blink of an eye. His pair of sharp claws grew by over one meter in length as well.

Chapter 610

His legs were particularly thick and solid, and the dark red wings on his back vanished, turning into smaller curved wings. His pair of dark red eyes were filled with inexhaustible rage.

Long Haochen displayed a cold smile, and a golden figure took shape on his back before spraying a golden glow full of sacred aura and landing on the Panther Demon God Auxerre.

After having just completed Demon God Transformation, Auxerre suddenly became sluggish. Although he didn’t sustain any wounds from that white glow, he suddenly felt an imperceptible danger from the unblockable white glow entering into contact with him. After raising his head to give it another look, he found out that he could only see Long Haochen in front of him.

That was ability of the Saint Spiritual Stove, from that golden figure which was certainly Yating.

The Panther Demon God Auxerre was the Panther Demons’ Commander, so his strength couldn’t exceed a Panther Demon’s limits, at most he’s a reinforced version. From the scene when he attacked, it could be determined that speed was its greatest specialty. After all, what did it mean that his wings unexpectedly shrank after Demon God Transforming? His wings turned into bent wings, which means that it was majorly boosting its speed. Which is to say, after Demon God Transforming, Auxerre’s speed would really be greatly strengthened.
Long Haochen’s fighting experience was really plentiful, enabling him to determine Auxerre’s most troublesome aspect immediately. If his speed was left to be used fully, their side’s battle formation would certainly be broken through. At that time, the battlefield could only become the Panther Demon God’s one-man-stage.

But Long Haochen had his own ways. The Saint Spiritual Stove is really the bane of speed specialized demons. Even if you can go even faster, your target can only be me, and you cannot attack anyone else. Which means that your speed will only be directed against me, and as long as I don’t get killed, you won’t be able to deal with any other.

Although Long Haochen was directing the whole pressure at himself, at the same time he weakened the Panther Demon God most effectively.

In his left hand, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light was drawn out. In a flash of golden light on his back, the holy aura on Long Haochen’s body immediately rose hastily as Yating directly fused into him, making his spiritual energy even more pure and raising it enormously.

Holding the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon in front of him, Long Haochen didn’t spare any spiritual energy, pouring it all inside this shield of divine tool grade. He didn’t have the slightest thought of competing against Auxerre in terms of speed. In front of a speed specialized demon god of the ninth step, choosing to compete in their field of dominance was absolutely no wise choice. What’s more, he had no need to do so: all he would need would be to defend unwaveringly, not give the enemy any chance, and no more. The rest would all be left to his comrades.

In a state of panic from getting struck by the Saint Spiritual Stove, the Panther Demon God burst out in dark red radiance, and abruptly arrived in front of Long Haochen like a dark red streak of light. Its two massive claws tore through the air with a hiss as they were swept at Long Haochen.

Everyone behind him could see that Long Haochen’s right foot took a slight step back and his whole body traced an arc, while the Divine Snail Shield in his hand dispersed a multi-colored golden li ght, forming a shield in front of everyone.
With a ringing metallic sound, Long Haochen stood motionless in front of the shock. The golden light on him enlarged greatly, then, Bright Vengeance.

Seeing their captain’s stance, how could his comrades not understand the tactics required for Long Haochen? With no hesitation, everyone at his back emerged and launched attacks all around the Panther Demon Gods.

With a violent clash, Long Haochen felt his arms going numb. Secretly, he couldn’t help but feel alarmed about the brutality and offensive power of the Panther Demon God after its Demon God Transformation, unexpectedly nearing Asmodeus’ standards. Seeing the massiveness of the boost provided by the demon god pillar, Long Haochen was really lucky to be able to challenge the Demon God of Deep Vision in the Tower of Eternity. If Crocell had the demon god pillar on his side, Long Haochen would surely be the one to have died.

After repelling Long Haochen with his strike, Auxerre was startled as well. As a demon god, he naturally sensed the real level attained by Long Haochen’s cultivation. Although the equipment on him was really top- notch, that was still no more than a knight of the eighth step. He was obviously confident to not get killed when the gap in cultivation was so wide. Moreover, he was already in the state of Demon God Transformation, giving a qualitative boost to both his internal and external spiritual energy. Even a demon god in the top fifty would not be his opponent if they don’t use Demon God Transformation, especially when Auxerre’s specialization is his attack.

His attack was very powerful, but he was facing the Divine Snail Shield born from a Starlight Divine Beast, and one that reached the divine tool rank in Long Haochen’s hands.

It was not because it wouldn’t be able to stop Asmodeus’ attack that Long Haochen didn’t use the Divine Snail Shield against him, but because its spiritual energy consumption was just too high, preventing it from being used for too long, which was no good for such a prolonged battle. At that time, he couldn’t even afford to use Yating’s help to have his spiritual
energy boosted, as he had to conserve Yating’s force to boost the Aria of the Goddess of Light.

But the current situation was absolutely different. Long Haochen was not by himself, having so many comrades on his side. His mission was to stop the Panther Demon God’s attacks, and direct all of them on himself. For that, there was no better choice than the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon.

The shield of divine tool rank paired with Divine Obstruction would feel, even to someone at his level of demon god, like an unsurpassable barrier as long as Long Haochen’s spiritual energy wasn’t close to exhaustion.

Auxerre’s move was unsuccessful, but his terrifying power still came to view. The effects of the Saint Spiritual Stove made him unable to target others, but didn’t stop him from feeling the massive threat brought by the others.

In a flashing sidestep, he evaded like a bolt of lightning, and aimed his claws at Long Haochen’s direction. He knew that as long as this knight died, he would be able to deal with the others.

But as the Panther Demon God was making his move, the members from Bright Glimmer of Hope arrived.

Two red glints landed on Auxerre at the same time as his speed went up even further, but came to a sudden stop for a blink of an eye right on the instant he launched his last attack. These two red glows were from Zhang Fangfang and Han Yu’s Lock ability.

While locking on the Panther Demon God, Han Yu activated his Spiritual Stove of Light Blessings, while Wild Scarletblood in his right hand was swept violently at Auxerre.

The Spiritual Stove of Light Blessings was without doubt mostly activated for Long Haochen’s sake, gathering more spiritual energy to back up his defense. Whether Wild Scarletblood would manage to wound the Panther Demon God was not even a matter he concerned himself about.
Zhang Fangfang’s attack was very heavy, relying on Lock to gather the spiritual energy in his body on his shield as Shield Strike was launched.

A dense light essence instantly rose, striking the Panther Demon God from the side.

Auxerre’s speed was really something. Despite being under the effects of the two knights’ Lock ability, its attacks still slipped through to their side. The assault of the two Guardian Knights of the seventh step only affected his speed a bit at most.

But this instant, an overflowing bloodlust was directed at Auxerre. That strength was nothing in Auxerre’s eyes, but the aura of slaughter contained in that bloodlust caused him to have uncontrolled chills, as his attacking speed decreased once again further.

The terrible weapon of legendary tier Bloodstorm produced a terrifying might while unleashing Bloodcut alongside Bloodsaw Wild Dance. An attack of such a large scale was already impossible for Auxerre to avoid.

Hou. Auxerre let out a howl, terrifying might ascending in the shape of dark red flames from his body and turning into countless panther skulls bombarding all directions.

He thought it well: although he was affected by Long Haochen, launching area attacks would be no issue. This knight aside, how could the other humans resist his full power attacks after blocking the Demon God Transformation?

But he had looked down too much on the post-transformation Saint Spiritual Stove. From the time it was initially offered to Long Haochen by his father Xingyu, it had evolved several times. Among the lot were Yating’s fusion with the spiritual stove as well as the absorption of the crystal left by the Demon God of Deep Vision.

The instant following the appearance of those countless flaming skulls, the multidirectional bombardment that was expected didn’t happen, as all of it was redirected towards Long Haochen by a mystical attractive force.
The current Long Haochen was wrapped under the cover of the multicolored golden Shield Wall since long ago. With the boost of the Spiritual Stove of Light Blessings, the time Long Haochen’s could use the Divine Snail Shield certainly increased tremendously. Moreover, he had the spiritual energy backup of Yating and the Golden Foundation Armor.

Violent clashes resounded without pause on the Shield Wall, but it wasn’t able to cause the Divine Snail Shield to sway in the slightest. And Auxerre’s mistake caused him to have to sustain the enemy's attacks.

Bloodstorm’s attack was the  first  to  come, simultaneously pairing Bloodcut and Bloodsaw Wild Dance, turning into many wind blades cutting on his swelling skin.

A gaudy bloodlight burst out from these cuts, causing Auxerre to shout violently despite that after being Demon God Transformed, his body’s resistance was greatly enhanced.

After all, he was not a demon god expert in defense! In addition, Bloodstorm was a piece of legendary equipment putting emphasis on offensive power. Immediately, a large bloody cut was left on his back.
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