Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 591-600

Chapter 591

“Of course, a blood contract has also some benefits for a magical beast: its evolving speed will greatly increase. Therefore, no matter to which level Haochen’s magical beast evolves, it won’t ever cause an excessive destruction to this world. Taking a step back, if one day he really threatens humanity, as long as Long Haochen dies, he will die too.”

Chen Hongyu was speaking extremely calmly, but in the ears of Long Haochen’s group, his words had a strange tonality, especially to Long Haochen, who reminisced the moment Haoyue just came into this world in that weak and terrified state, looking possibly about to crumble at anytime. His look gradually became soft: right, no matter what secrets Haoyue holds, that’s his blood contracted companion. Having already devoted so much, what use was there to ponder any further about his abilities or origin?

“Senior, about your test...” Long Haochen tried asking.

Chen Hongyu’s look immediately became heavy. Since Haoyue suppressed Xingxuan forcefully, he had put this matter totally aside. Now that Long Haochen just mentioned it, looking impassible would be rather strange.

Sanshui Popo glared at her husband very unhappily. Neither she nor Chen Hongyu could say that the previous test doesn’t count and that they should have another go. Their statuses being such, Chen Hongyu would sound really treachorous if he said that he had let Long Haochen’s group defeat him, but if he went back on his word, his face would be totally lost.
“Huh...” After a long sigh, Chen Hongyu waved his hand, “You’re free to go as you please.” After that, he turned his head and left.

Sanshui Popo couldn’t help but swear at him, “What a useless old fool you are!”

Chen Hongyu replied in fury, “I am useless? Do you think these little guys are so easy to deal with? Haven’t you seen that assassin running around me?”

In actual fact, if Chen Hongyu hadn’t the heart to aim to kill Long Haochen’s group, and still kept holding back to some extent from beginning to end, defeating them would really be a hard task, especially with his contracted beast suppressed by Haoyue.

Still, although Chen Hongyu and Sanshui Popo were gloomy, their shock was much greater than their gloomy feelings. As expected from those who became a Titled Demon Hunt Squad, they were really resourceful.

Sanshui Popo walked in front of Long Haochen while holding Chen Ying’er in her arms, and declared, “Long Haochen, remember that no matter what decision you make, as long as Ying’er is staying well and in your team, the Spiritual Temple will always support you. But no matter no matter the reason, if something happens to her, our Spiritual Temple will regard you as mortal enemies, even if you someday become the chief of the Alliance.”

After saying that, she handed Chen Ying’er to Wang Yuanyuan and turned round to leave.

Standing at Long Haochen’s side, Cai’er murmured, “What an unreasonable person!”

Lin Xin giggled, “If Sanshui Popo could have some good sense, she wouldn’t have such a reputation. But that person has never gone back on her word.”
Sima Xian declared, “Boss, it seems that we won! Shouldn’t we be cheering?”

Right, having passed through Chen Hongyu’s test, their team was finally reformed, and the Bright Glimmer of Hope was ready to depart for their new trip of missions.

For the next little while, in the Spiritual Temple’s Beast Fighting Grounds the loud sounds of sudden bursts of cheering could be heard.


After having dinner, Long Haochen returned to his room early. After having the test in the morning, he went to look for the Yue Ye Merchant Group in the afternoon. Until now, the news had yet to come, so they could only keep on waiting. Without accurate news, moving rashly wouldn’t show any results.

At the same time, he posted a letter to the Alliance, reporting for Yang Haohan that his team was done gathering, and that he was waiting for the Alliance to assign a mission to them.

Their last completed mission had already been a matter of two years ago, so everyone had feelings of impatience. Maybe this was not really for the sake of completing the 'mission in itself' completing the 'missions for their own sake'.

Ever since the start of the Holy War two years ago, the demons’ global offenses inflicted massive damage on the Alliance but in the same time, the demon side also incurred severe losses. But on the large scale, the global damage from both sides wasn’t too large, though their mid-to-low range forces went into a steep decline.

This Holy War felt very challenging to the human side, but also brought them a little hope, the hope of victory.

After all, humankind was still holding on. Even the Southern Mountain Pass which has the weakest defensive force didn’t let the demon forces
enter into their territory.

Simply holding up through it all was a kind of victory for the Alliance, and fed their self-confidence in achieving a final victory. What did the demons have? Outside from the ability of reproduction and a great ruling system, they didn’t have much else. And could the resources endlessly accumulated by humankind since the start of the dark age six thousand years ago be exhausted by this mere Holy War? In a contest of recovery speed, the human side absolute didn’t believe themselves to be inferior to the demon side.

Therefore, in the Temple Alliance’s nobility, fundamental strategic changes happened. Of course, the current human side wouldn’t launch a counterattack, but kept paying attention to preserving their strength, while gaining in valuable experience and knowledge against demons.

The gap was still present, but it didn’t mean it was impossible to fill it, right?

After Haoyue’s new evolution, the purple color released from his body was called blood purity force by Chen Hongyu. After his evolution, Haoyue would surely be able to destroy demon god pillars even more easily than before. If they could make it into demon territory and destroy some more demon god pillars, they would achieve new milestones at every victory!

Since two years ago when Long Haochen started his secluded training, he had already made his resolve to destroy as many demon god pillar as possible to greatly shake the demons’ foundation.

The demon side being so powerful, he didn’t believe himself to be able to wipe them out thoroughly, but as long as they could be weakened to some extent, in the end, humans could one day prevail over them.

Bam, bam, bam. As Long Haochen was pondering over the future of Bright Glimmer of Hope, knocks were heard.

Opening the door, Cai’er was charmingly standing outside.
“Cai’er, quickly come in.” Long Haochen welcomed her in the room, when, right after he closed the door, Cai’er suddenly threw herself on his back, tightly embracing his back’s figure.

Long Haochen could feel an instability in her emotions, and even felt a moist feeling coming from his lapel. Immediately he became greatly startled, “Cai’er, what happened to you?”

Turning back, Long Haochen accepted her embrace. Right now, Cai’er was clad in a black long skirt, accentuating her snowy skin. In these two years Cai’er grew up too, her figure becoming taller, but its feeling of softness didn’t change in the slightest. Taking her in his embrace gave off a really splendid feeling of completion. Her tender waist and her body’s warmth immediately gave uncontrollable feelings to Long Haochen.

They were already grown up and didn’t have the same pure love as in their youth. The contact of their bodies would hardly come without intense physiological reactions.

Long Haochen felt his arm shivering, as images of the naked Cai’er in the Illusory Shrine couldn’t help but come back in his mind. For a moment, he felt surges of heat.

He had far too many things to shoulder. Only at the times he could be alone with her was his heart appeased a bit.

“Haochen.” Cai’er raised her head, coiling her thin arms around Long Haochen’s neck like a snake, actually taking the initiative of pressing her lips to his.

As he was her only love target, how could Long Haochen resist in front of such enticement?

Four lips pressed together, blending inexperience with young tenderness. Cai’er’s lips were very cold, still shaking, but her movements were very intense. Tightly holding Long Haochen’s neck, it seemed as if she was afraid of letting go of him.
Cold gradually turned into heat, and their breathing became hurried.

Their clothes scattered around, and the instant the two of them fell to the bed, Cai’er couldn’t help but let out soft groans.

Their primitive instincts led them to search for the origins of life. In the end, the instant Cai’er found out that moment of warmth, her body suddenly convulsed.

“No, don’t!” She suddenly shouted loudly, disregarding everything.

Long Haochen’s rough breathing suddenly came to a stop. Hearing her sudden reverberating shout, his limpid eyes suddenly sobered up.

Cai’er struggled to sneak out from his embrace, embracing the quilt as she burst into tears.

The flame of desire gradually came down, as Long Haochen was standing full of shock in front of this scene. From the moment Cai’er entered, something seemed to be wrong.

But the two of them having rapidly gotten caught up in their desires, Long Haochen became full of shock and confusion at her current change.

“Cai’er, what happened?” Long Haochen advanced hastily, not daring to make contact with her and his forehead dripping with sweat, “It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have… I’m sorry, so please don’t take offense? What happened to you?”

Cai’er shook her head with force as her tears dispersed due to the shaking, “No, it’s not your fault. I’m in the wrong, I just can’t, I can’t...”

Saying that, she burst into tears under Long Haochen’s embrace.

Even when facing a demon god, Long Haochen didn’t feel at such loss as now. He really loved Cai’er, and looking at her pained appearance, he became torn with grief. Furthermore, he had absolutely no idea of why Cai’er became like that.

Chapter 592

After a long time, Cai’er’s emotions gradually stabilized, only letting out tiny sobs. Long Haochen didn’t even dare ask or look too much at Cai’er, because they were totally bare! To reduce the feelings of enticement, he had no choice but to wrap the quilt around Cai’er’s body, consoling her gently.

Raising her head, Cai’er looked at Long Haochen with a still hazy face,
“Sorry Haochen, I can’t…”

Long Haochen shook his head with haste, “It’s nothing, I was just too hurried.”

Wiping the sweat on Long Haochen’s forehead, Cai’er tightly nestled in his embrace, “It’s my fault, I’m just too afraid of losing you.”

Seeing her emotions as rather stabilized, Long Haochen finally attempted to ask, “Cai’er, what do you mean?” He absolutely didn’t believe that Cai’er cried so bitterly just because of the excessive intimacy.

Cai’er lowered her head, “Ever since losing my memories, I believed that there should be another person in me that should receive your love, and that’s the past me. Today, when we faced the test of Ying’er’s grandfather, this feeling was especially distinct. When everyone reported to you, raising our morale, I could see how dedicatedly and dearly they viewed these past memories. But I don’t have such memories, I don’t have any of them. That instant, I felt just like a total stranger. I am not that Cai’er in your heart anymore, right? But at the same time, I love you just as much. Did you know about that? Despite wanting to regain my memories, I am also very afraid of that.
“Without regaining my memories, I won’t be able to confirm your feelings for me. But if I regain them, won’t the current me disappear, eternally unable to come back? That’s why I’m really scared, and don’t like that feeling at all. I’m afraid of losing you forever, which is why I came to you, wanting to offer you my most precious thing. But just that instant, I suddenly realized that all of this doesn’t belong to me, but to that other me. That’s why I cannot give myself to you, I just can’t…”

Hearing her so mournful voice, Long Haochen became silent. He asked himself whether the one he liked was really the past Cai’er?

Just as Cai’er said, after her loss of memories, some changes happened in her emotions. The depressed feelings she had due to her memories having yet to come back were known by Long Haochen more than anyone else.

However, his way of thinking wasn’t like Cai’er’s. No matter whether it is before or after losing her memories, Cai’er was still Cai’er. It’s just that her memories were separated in two parts, which is why he could patiently wait.

Lightly stroking her disordered hair, Long Haochen said in a low voice, “You are really an idiot. Why would you think that way? I love Cai’er, her everything. Be it your body, your hair, or even your little drops of sweat. No matter whether it is before or after you lost your memories, you are just you, my Cai’er. All you have lost were memories, you don’t have to worry about losing your current self after getting them back. That’s because they will only fuse back, and won’t possibly take over or erase each other.”

Hearing Long Haochen’s words, Cai’er gradually calmed down from her emotional state. Drawing close to him, she didn’t say anything, but her shaking calmed down greatly.

“Cai’er, did you know? Actually I am very happy, much more than if we were ordinary lovers.” At this point, Long Haochen stopped, voluntarily cutting in the crucial part.
As expected, his words roused Cai’er’s curiosity. She lifted up her head to look at him, eyes red and inflamed from crying, and asked, "Why?"

Long Haochen kissed her forehead with a smile, “That’s because my lover fell in love with me twice! Just think, if after your memories come back, your two loves for me become one, how can it not make you love me even more? Just how much luck do I have to be able to live such a thing? So you don’t need to worry, be it your past self or your present self, I will love both without reservations. I won’t hide from you that, deep inside, I still wish for you to recover your previous memories, because I hope for you to remember our happy times from the past.

“But I will never press you to recover your memories. We should just let nature follow its course. But no matter what, and no matter when, you don’t have to worry about losing me. As long as I am alive, you will always be the only one I have feelings for. Even after death or reincarnation, you will still be my only one.

“When I was young, I didn’t understand what love is. But now I understand, it is about always thinking of someone, about longing for that person, taking care of that person, watching attentively, embracing, kissing and being willing to sacrifice anything for your sake. I love you and love your everything. Your memory loss definitely won't cause me to divide you up.

I definitely won’t make any distinctions just because you have lost your memories. It only pains me and makes me want to treasure and protect you all the more, because I haven’t been protecting you well.”

“Haochen…” Cai’er shouted loudly, struggling free of the quilt and suddenly throwing herself at him, deeply hugging him. Her tears burst out once again, but this time, not out of pain but happiness.

In the morning, Long Haochen appeared in front of the group with dark circles under his eyes, and outside of the absent Cai’er, everyone else seemed to be laughing up their sleeves.
Their rooms in the Spiritual Temple were very close, so the loud shout from yesterday’s Cai’er would be heard by anyone who’s not deaf. Adding to that the fact that Cai’er hadn’t returned to her room the whole evening, one could well imagine what they were doing.

Long Haochen looked as if nothing happened on the surface, but he was the only one who knew about his pains. On the previous night, what happened was beyond the description of persecution.

After waking from her tears of happiness, Cai’er rapidly fell asleep in his embrace, a very tight embrace. To let her have a good rest, Long Haochen avoided making any noise.

In the embrace of their most beloved, the two of them were devoid of the slightest barrier of clothes. Having just reached his twenties, his vitality was able to even match the purity of his light essence.

The results went as one can well imagine: the captain of the squad Bright Glimmer of Hope stood upright for a whole night, but by chance, his physical functions were sufficient or he could maybe really have broken down due to the excessive blood flow.

At the time Cai’er became awake, she immediately panicked in blushes when thinking about the situation from that time. After bathing in cold water for a quarter of an hour, she came out, but couldn’t show a nice expression.

“I am going back to ask for news from the Yue Ye Merchant Group.” Long Haochen couldn’t bear the provokingly explicit looks from the others, and escaped in a rush. After shutting the door, he could hear a burst of laughter behind him. Blushing in spite of himself, he had the fierce thought that the next time such a thing happens, he definitely had to eat Cai’er.

Modu capital city, Moon Clan’s Palace.

“He really appeared!” Yue Ye gave a blank look at the letter in her hands. Immediately, all sorts of feelings welled up in her heart, causing her body to shake slightly.
Ever since rescinding her marriage with Ah’Bao, she had been residing in the Moon Clan’s Palace. Not taking the slightest step out, she concentrated fully on cultivating.

Being an extremely intelligent girl, Yue Ye understood well what kind of character Ah’Bao had. Maybe he would really rush to the act, and in case she was outside that time, he may do something that couldn't be taken back. Would there be any other choice but marriage then? But no matter how insistent Ah’Bao is, he definitely wouldn’t dare cause trouble inside the Moon Clan’s Palace. For the Moon Demon God Agares holding the second of the seventy-two demon god pillars, his status was not just a number. The Moon Clan’s powerhouses being extremely numerous, even the Demon God Emperor kept an extremely close relationship with Agares.

But the fact she remained in the Moon Clan’s Palace didn’t mean that Yue Ye was completely oblivious to the outside world. She’s the one who single-handedly made the Yue Ye Merchant Group the greatest group of freelance merchants between the demon side and Temple Alliance. After the start of the Holy War, their resources declined, but it didn’t mean that they were emptied anymore. Their transactions of goods already turned into trades of strategic information.

And, the Yue Ye Merchant Group obtained benefits from both sides. Under Yue Ye’s suitable command, they only focused on offering for sale some unimportant strategic informations to the two sides, causing the merchant group to exist and be well between the human and demon side. As for their wealth, after so many years of accumulation, it managed to sustain itself despite that event. The situation won’t be like that forever, so when the Holy War ends, her Freelance Merchant Group will still keep running.

Yue Ye had special methods of communication. To be able to immediately get the most precise information, she invested a lot in that aspect. Through special sound transmitting crystals, she was able to receive and release sounds from the other side of the continent. So everything happening on the side of the Alliance would be known to her at most two or three days later, making it also more convenient to immediately transmit orders.
Now, the Yue Ye Merchant group had already become the greatest information traffickers between the demon side and the Temple Alliance. In her ability to gather news, despite looking like a mere princess of the Yue Clan, Yue Ye was worthy of being called number one of the continent.

So Long Haochen could be said to have found a good person to look for information about Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi.

The token Yue Ye handed to Long Haochen at that time was extremely special. She long ago made the arrangements to be immediately informed no matter where it appears. And wasn’t that exactly what happened?

The token appeared in the Myriad Beast Mountain Pass of the Spiritual Temple with news of his request for news regarding Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi. So he was really in the Temple Alliance and really appeared.

Even Yue Ye herself didn’t notice that Long Haochen’s appearance brought her such uncontainable excitement.

Actually, she wasn’t too familiar with Long Haochen, but understood with complete certainty his degree of genius.

“This idiot. The Holy War is already close to an end, but could it be that he cannot just stay hidden? Don’t tell me he doesn’t know about making preparations safely?” Yue Ye’s hand lit in dark purple, melting away the falling letter.

Chapter 593

Even Yue Ye herself didn’t know what kind of feelings she had for Long Haochen. How could she not   understand   that   there   isn’t   the slightest chance of some feelings arising between the two of them? But how could Long Haochen’s figure be so unreasonably clear in her mind?

She had already lost count of the number of times she attempted to forget about him, so many that she had prepared herself to accept the marriage with Ah’Bao. But ever since that matter happened, her emotions made a total change.

Ah’Bao had led Demon Hunter Removers to attack Long Haochen and Cai’er from all sides, and for the sake of killing the two of them, Ah’Bao made the final choice to abandon her, his own fiancée. But in the extreme opposite, for the sake of saving Cai’er, Long Haochen almost paid the cost of his life. When she saw Long Haochen use his own body as a shield to deflect the demon attacks going for Cai’er, Yue Ye felt as if countless ice cones pierced through her heart.

Two similarly outstanding males, one standing for darkness and one standing for light. One was her fiancée, and the other one, her cooperative partner. How could the two of them be so different?

Maybe this was the difference between light and darkness? Darkness could sacrifice anything for the sake of benefit. Their hearts will only be seeing benefit forever. Perhaps a light user could seem foolish in comparison, to even be willing to sacrifice their own life to protect their beloved person.
But for a girl, an emotional girl, the choice to be made could not be more obvious. Yue Ye was absolutely certain that if Long Haochen did not have Cai’er at his side, he would certainly have a fatal attraction toward her. If he could come to like her, she would surely disregard everything else to be together with him.

However, this was mere delusion. Knowing perfectly well that this is impossible, Yue Ye’s pain only became fiercer. Why is that person by his side not me?

This fool chose this time to appear, scouting out news about two other Demon Hunters. This meant that he was resolved to reappear in the battlefield against demons.

But the Demon God Emperor is already fixed on him!? Would His Majesty let go of him?

Thinking about the Demon God Emperor, Yue Ye couldn’t help but shiver. She was the most doted on daughter of the Moon Demon God Agares, and had a very good understanding of the powerful level reached by her father’s cultivation. With her father’s strength, the latter stood like a supreme being in her heart. But at the time Agares stands in front of the Demon God Emperor, his feelings of fear and respect even made Yue Ye incomparably afraid.

The Demon God Emperor was, after all, powerful beyond her imagination. And she was totally able to affirm that the difference between Long Haochen and the Demon God Emperor was as large as the gap between an ant and a mammoth. In case the Demon God Emperor finds him, things would end like…

It’s no good, I have to find a way to tell him that he must not enter into demon territory!

“Princess, Lord Moon Demon God is calling you.” At this time, a servant’s voice was heard.
Yue Ye became stunned, remembering that earlier today, her father had said he had an important matter to discuss with her.

Moon Demon’s Hall.

The Moon Demon God Agares was quietly seated on his demon god throne, his purple hair dropping on hi

s shoulder. If not for the unnaturally wise and farseeing look in his eyes, his handsome appearance could very easily make him be taken for a youngster.

“Father.” Yue Ye’s voice was heard from outside the hall.

“Enter.” The Moon Demon God’s look softened greatly. He actually felt quite helpless about this daughter of his. This treasured daughter was really the first demon to dare disobey the Demon God Emperor, plus, what she rejected was the most important marriage in all demonkind.

The Demon God Emperor didn’t pursue this matter, and even Ah’Bao didn’t either. From the looks of it, this matter was left unsettled. Of course, Agares wouldn’t let this matter affect his attitude towards the Demon God Emperor, but this was still not a good thing. After all, Ah’Bao would be the next Demon God Emperor, so being able to connect by marriage would surely stabilize the Moon Clan even further.

Seen coming in, Yue Ye had a really mature look. Her perfectly proportioned build, and well-developed form, in addition to those exciting purple eyes, made even the extremely difficult to please the lover of beautiful things Agares praise his daughter’s beauty.

Compared to the ordinary girls from the Moon Clan, Yue Ye’s mixed- blood had much less darkness aura, and more of the human beauty and charm.

“Father, you said you have a matter to discuss. If it is related to Brother Bao, please don’t insist.” Yue Ye arrived at the middle of the Moon Clan’s Hall, and immediately spoke these words.
Over the past two years, the Moon Demon God tried many times to convince her.

Agares helplessly said, “What a girl! Can’t you think for the sake of our clan?”

Yue Ye shook her head, resolutely looking at her father, but remained silent.

Agares sighed, “Let it be, I won’t keep trying to convince you, since things are like that. It was for another matter that I came looking for you.”

Hearing her father say that he won’t insist on trying to reconcile Ah’Bao and her, Yue Ye’s expression softened greatly, “Please speak then.”

Agares’ look was back to normal, declaring seriously, “You should know about the reasons that led to this Holy War. And you should have met that person before.”

“Eh?” Yue Ye was shocked. She was thinking about Long Haochen just before, but didn’t expect to hear her father ask about him right after getting news from him. Could her father already know of the relationship between the two of them? For a moment, her face became a lot more pale.

Agares softly continued, “Don’t be afraid, your royal father will be protecting you, and not let him harm you anymore.” From his point of view, Yue Ye, who had originally gotten captured by Long Haochen, became full of fear just hearing him mentioned.

Yue Ye kept her emotion under control with haste, “What… What about him?”

“His Majesty started a Holy War because of this human. Although the intention to weaken humankind is also present, it is clearly visibly how massive the threat carried by this person is. You must tightly keep secret what I will tell you today, and absolutely cannot let it leak out. Understood?”
Yue Ye nodded, asking with curiosity, “Father, I have never understood this: that Long Haochen seems remarkable, but isn’t he just a human? How could he be any threat? Could it be that even at his level of cultivation, His Majesty could have some restrained fear for him?”

Agares explained, “That’s because he threatens our race’s foundations. His own strength is not much, but he has a mount that can really threaten us. You don’t need to know the details regarding that mount. I know that you established a great information network between the Temple Alliance and us, and I need your intelligence.”

“Intelligence regarding that person? Shouldn’t he already have gone missing?” Yue Ye’s heartbeat accelerated. Although she vaguely felt that this situation was merely a coincidence, she had after all just gotten news from Long Haochen! How could she not become nervous?

“Gone missing? He has just holed up in the humans’ Temple Alliance. Your third brother has undergone Great Prophecy Technique for him. Through it, he has predicted that this Long Haochen will reappear within the borders of our demon territory, and proceed toward the opposite direction   from   the   human   territory.    But    he    couldn’t    predict the precise time, so now, we are in need of the most accurate intelligence your Freelance Merchant Group can provide. His Majesty has already arranged an inescapable net, and will personally take care of him. This will also stabilize our demon race’s dozens of thousands of years rule. ”

Hearing Agares’ words, Yue Ye couldn’t help but let out a gasp. For a moment, tides of emotions surged out, almost beyond her control.

The Demon God Emperor wants to go as far as to personally dispose of Long Haochen, oh god! The Star Demon God Vassago even put to use the Great Prophecy Technique against him. Adding to that the collaboration of her father, the greatest three demon gods were actually joining hands against him. What could he do against that? Wasn’t this a route to certain death?

For a moment, Yue Ye became speechless due to shock.
Seeing her resulting expression, Agares wrinkled his eyebrows, “Girl, have you been listening to your royal father seriously?”

“Eh! I have.” Yue Ye adjusted her feelings rapidly, murmuring, “Father, I am just thinking, is he really so worthy? He’s actually causing His Highness to act personally.”

Agares snorted, “You don’t need to know too much about that. This pertains to our race’s most important secrets. You must know that for the sake of predicting this youngster’s future path, and the fate of our race, your third uncle went all out in using the Great Prophecy Technique, which resulted in serious injuries. He is still recovering in seclusion, and things are pretty bad. At the least, he will lose eighty percent of his strength, and even when he recovers, he won’t be able to make predictions so accurately in the future anymore. So your intelligence network must be up and running immediately and without any slips, understood? After this matter is settled, your royal father will request recognition from His Highness for your merits. I believe that even your marriage with Ah’Bao could be considered a matter of the past.”

“Yeah, I will do my best to find this information for you.” Yue Ye lowered her head so that the Moon Demon God wouldn’t see her visibly somewhat frenetic expression.

Agares concluded, “You may go then. Give me news as soon as possible. Tomorrow, His Majesty and I will be setting out with all our garrisoned troops, proceeding for the Exorcist Mountain Pass to lay out our inescapable net. This time, that boy won’t get away no matter what. ”

“Yes.” Resisting the feelings surging out of her with great difficulty, Yue Ye cautiously left her father’s quarters. After getting out, she was unable to bear the urge to run back to her own residence.

By now, she had no other kinds of thoughts but to transmit this piece of information to Long Haochen as soon as possible. Even she herself didn’t understood why she had such an urge.
Back at her residence, just as she was prepared to send news as fast as possible, a letter suddenly came. It came from the Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce in the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass. At the time she saw this news, she couldn’t help but feel as if struck by a thunderbolt.

The Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce supplied them with the news that Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi were in captivity in the camps outside the Exorcist Mountain Pass. And Long Haochen had already departed after receiving that news.

Chapter 594


“Haochen...” Just by calling out this name, Yang Wenzhao’s voice was choking with emotions. Speechless for a moment, he couldn’t help but lower his head in the midst of numerous emotions flowing in him, unwilling to look straight at his handsome face.

Yang Wenzhao, Han Yu, and Long Haochen were all children of the Knight Temple’s higher-ups. Because of living with his mother in his childhood, Long Haochen’s fate was naturally completely different from the other two. And what Yang Wenzhao and Han Yu had that he didn’t was haughtiness.

The Knight Temple being the head of the Six Great Temples, and their families being naturally gifted, they had some pride deep in their bones, which is why Yang Wenzhao would inadvertently offend Chen Ying’er as well, while Han Yu had suffered a crushing defeat against Long Haochen back in the Demon Hunter Selection Competition’s preliminary contest.

The prides of these two differed in that Han Yu’s display was far more distinct, which is also why he suffered its aftermath far earlier. Yang Wenzhao was far more steady: as the grandson of the head of the Temple Alliance, calling him number one prince in the Temple Alliance would be no exaggeration. But he never showed an overbearing character by relying on that status, but put forth instead far more efforts than anyone else, for the sake of taking over his grandfather’s glory one day.
Without Long Haochen’s extraordinary coming, he only had to keep on living and grow smoothly to very possibly become the successor of the Knight Temple. But because of the immense pressure brought by Long Haochen, he had to exert even more effort.

But Long Haochen’s talent really exceeded his overmuch. With, in addition, the far greater efforts exerted by the latter compared to him, he could only stare blankly as the gap between Long Haochen and him only kept widening. This feeling had been choking in Yang Wenzhao’s heart, frequently making his feelings unstable.

The collaboration of his Demon Hunt Squad with Duan Yi’s suffered destructive damage due to the Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus’ attack. To Yang Wenzhao, this was a far excessive damage. After getting captured by Asmodeus, he once attempted to suicide but was stopped by the demon god. At that time, he knew he was used for amusement. No matter whether the annihilation of his Demon Hunt Squad was his fault or not, as a captain, he had his unshrinkable responsibility. Even if he were to miraculously make it alive, he knew that he would forever be unable to enter the higher- ups of the Knight Temple. How could this not discourage him?

If not for how Chen Ying’er took care of him these two days, he would be feeling even worse. But Chen Ying’er’s forgiveness gave him the courage to keep on living. Now that he looked at Long Haochen, many feelings mingled in him, but most of all, he was in massive shock.


Chapter 595



Long Haochen explained, “The information came from Yue Ye. While we were still in the Myriad Beast Mountain Pass, she came to learn about my position from the Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce. A short time later, she was suddenly called in by the Moon Demon God Agares, who wanted her to use her Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce’s information networks to look for our position. He also told her that for the sake of killing me, the Star Demon God Vassago had been performing a defying prophecy reading before the start of the Holy War. That prophecy said that we would the proceeding for the Exorcist Mountain Pass around that time, but did not inform them of the precise time. Now, the Demon God Emperor Fengxiu, and Moon Demon God Agares have already all the demon forces in Modu Capital City outside the heavily wounded Star Demon God Vassago toward the Exorcist Mountain Pass, to set an inescapable net to kill me. ”

The members of Bright Glimmer of Hope almost simultaneously let out gasps. They weren’t afraid, but shocked, thoroughly shocked.

From the start of the Holy War to now had passed already two full years. But from beginning to end, the Demon God Emperor and his Defying Devil Dragons, the Moon Demon God, the Star Demon God and their various clans had yet to participate in the Holy War.
But at the very moment, Long Haochen was suddenly telling them that the Demon God Emperor had already personally set out, and brought along all Modu Capital City’s elites. The demon gods in Modu Capital City were at least ten, and under the lead of the Demon God Emperor, plus those Defying Devil Dragon Clan and Moon Clan’s powerhouses, this terrifying force alone would be sufficient to instantly wipe out all the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ forces. Let alone the important troops already arranged in the frontlines, the arrival of the Demon God Emperor alone was sufficient to crush the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ defenses.

Though, these forces weren’t directed against the Exorcist Mountain Pass but specially arranged against them. One may well imagine the high value of Long Haochen in the Demon God Emperor’s eyes.

Lifting his head and looking afar, Long Haochen’s eyes were filled with special feelings. Only he had seen Yue Ye’s letter, and although these were only characters, Long Haochen felt the deep feelings of concern and hastiness she had when writing the letter.

Chapter 596


In front of Zhang Fangfang’s interrogation, Lin Xin showed a tranquil smile, “These two issues should be no problem. On the side of the Exorcist Mountain Pass, there is nothing we can even do apart from informing senior Sheng Yue, but I believe Boss already did that. And the Demon God Emperor is aiming for us, and just as Boss said, if we let him know we are deep in demon territory, he will surely chase after us, and the Exorcist Mountain Pass won’t be in such danger anymore. I estimate that the odds of the Exorcist Mountain Pass being attacked by the Demon God Emperor will be below a third. As for the second issue, I believe that it is even more irrelevant. First, our collaboration with Yue Ye is not a matter of only one or two times. When we were besieged by Ah’Bao’s group, she took the initiative to signal us to take her as hostage, giving us a chance for escape. Given how her fiancé Ah’Bao went as far as to want to sacrifice her along to take Boss and vice-captain down. How [a]could she not hate Ah’Bao? Their engagement was even rescinded. So I believe that the probability of an issue arising in Yue Ye’s information is very low. Plus, have you thought about, that, if Yue Ye’s information was faked, how could she know about the matter of the Star Demon God’s Great Prophecy Technique.”

Zhang Fangfang replied, “This is hard to say. After all, she should have been informed that we requested the Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce help to find information about Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi.”

Lin Xin expressed, “Okay, then let’s say her information was false, but then, how could the Demon God Emperor predict that after getting this
information, we would choose to go deep in demon territory instead of fleeing inside the Alliance? Thinking rationally, the Demon God Emperor should not possibly be able to predict we would choose such an escape route. So I am almost certain that Yue Ye’s information is real.”

After listening to Lin Xin’s analysis, Zhang Fangfang nodded slightly, “What you are saying makes sense. It may just be groundless fears from me.”

Long Haochen showed a smile, “As this concerns the whole team’s survival, let’s be a bit more careful. Demon gods wanting to conceal their movements won’t find that easy, especially now that all demon gods carry their demon god pillars alongside them at anytime[b]. When the time comes, I will be able to discern such a thing from very far at a glance.

If no demon gods came, it will really mean that there was an issue in Yue Ye’s information. But if there are a large amount of demon gods, this will really confirm that Yue Ye’s information was true.

He still held Zhang Fangfang in a very proper esteem: he was the most experienced and knowledgeable in the group, who does not speak a lot in normal times, but generally goes efficiently to the main point.

Chapter 597

“Did you recognize that demon god?” Long Haochen stopped Chen Ying’er as she nearly shook with emotions, with a motion to signal her to calm down. Chen Ying’er stuck out her   tongue,   finally   calming down without continuing to examine her.

Hearing Long Haochen’s question, Cai’er’s look became immediately much more stern, “That was the Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus.”

The previously extremely excited Chen Ying’er immediately let out a gasp upon hearing Cai’er, becoming much paler. The others didn’t look good either: they had just run into great trouble.

As excellent figures of the younger generations, they naturally had a very good understanding of the seventy-two demon gods.

The Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus ranked thirty-second amongst the seventy-two demon gods. The demon gods’ ranking being based on their global strength after all, despite this demon god's rank at thirty-second, his fighting strength was surely at the top among the ones following the top twenty-four.

Asmodeus wasn’t a possessor of many special abilities such as the Demon God of Deep Vision, but his fighting strength in frontal battles made him greatly renowned among demonkind.

Asmodeus had grown three headsof the ox, human, and ram typehad a snake tail, and had his Hell Dragon as a mount, and was equipped with a pike adorned with a human skull.
With the ox head specializing in attacking, the ram head in defending and the human head in intelligence, his abilities achieved great balance, causing an uncountable number of human powerhouses to fall under his hand.

It was really no wonder that Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi’s two Demon Hunt Squads were annihilated upon encountering the Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus.

Long Haochen pulled Cai’er’s cold feeling hand, “Very good. With precise information, we will be able to make good preparations too. Immediately have a rest.”

“Yeah.” Cai’er nodded and became silent, making haste to sit down and immediately took a meditative posture.

Long Haochen hinted at everyone to sit down, and sat beside Cai’er, “The Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus is a powerful demon god. I’m afraid that killing him will be very hard for us with our current strength. Be it in offensive or defensive abilities, that demon god is extremely tough, and his mount is approaching the tenth ranks’ standards. Plus, we cannot yet reveal our identities for now, so Haoyue won’t be able to join the battle to help us. For now, we can only attempt to draw up some tactics.”

Saying that, Long Haochen picked up a branch on the side, drawing up some explanatory drawings as he spoke, as everyone nodded repeatedly.

“Everyone, remember. Our goal is to save people and not to fight zealously. After saving Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi, you will immediately gather. With the Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus present, escaping won’t be an easy task. If we cannot do otherwise, we will have to rely on the Tower of Eternity’s teleportation ability. My teleportation ability can cover roughly fifteen meters diameter, so stay gathered while keeping close to me, understood?”

Everyone nodded consecutively, but only Chen Ying’er became hesitant,
“But Boss, in that case, you...”
Long Haochen showed a smile, “How about it? Are you distrusting me?”

Chen Ying’er shook her head with force, clenching her fists. Not saying anything more, she was filled with thankfulness. She deeply noted the investment made by Long Haochen and the others for her sake.

A demon force of ten thousand was rushing in the wilderness, formed fully of Ox Demon heavy infantry.

The Ox Demon Clan was a strong clan, but unfortunately, they didn’t have any demon god inheritance. Therefore, despite being rich and powerful, their race was far from comparing with the likes of Demonic Bears or Hell Demons. But of course, they were still far greater than the likes of the Dual Bladed Demons or Wolf Demons.

The main force of the Ox Demon Army was fighting on the battlefields of the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass and Spiritual Temple. These ten thousand Ox Demon heavy infantry forces were transferred by the Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus in support for the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ side.

Two demon gods died suddenly in battle on the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ front, and the Emo Demon God Sytry sustained injuries. Adding to that the continuous skirmishes and ambushes, their original decisive advantage suddenly turned around. The Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus therefore received the order from the Demon God Emperor to reinforce the Exorcist Mountain Pass camp. Although the battle on the Myriad Beast Mountain Pass was fierce, the Spiritual Temple’s summoned beasts were too hard to handle, and no progress would be made for a certain time. As the Ox Demon didn’t have a demon god inheritor, they were very close to the ox-headed Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus. After meeting him, they immediately formed a reinforcing group for him to transfer the soldiers.

The Ox Demon God was entirely constituted of lofty individuals. Although not matching the Demonic Bears in this regard, they were also over two meters tall, their upper bodies covered with bronze colored thick
muscled flesh, their backs especially wide. Their swelling flesh could really cause one to tremble. The pair of horns on their heads would, in case of collision, even be able to pierce through a fifth of a meter thick steel plate. The most ordinary Ox Demon Warriors were powerhouses of the fourth step, but this clan’s cultivation was able to attain up to the eighth step.

The weapons used by Ox Demons were, like the large majority of the demons, extremely varied, but most of them would prefer the axe or hammer types of weapons.

The Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus was easy to identify within this group of Ox Demons. Although robust, they paled in insignificance in comparison to this Dragon Rider Demon God.

Asmodeus’ upper part was also bare, wearing only deep blue shorts. Dark skinned, his stature reached an impressive height. As for his three heads existing simultaneously, the middle one was the human head, and on the left and right were the ox and ram heads. His dark flesh let out a metallic gloss, and his majestic body stood like a hill in the midst of the towering army.

The Hell Dragon he was riding reached a size of fifteen meters, quite resembling Bone Dragons, except that its bones weren’t as thick, but its whole body was dispersing dark flames. Inside its eyes, a deep purple hellfire flame was pulsing. The surrounding Ox Demons kept themselves at a distance of at least twenty meters, out of fear of getting roasted by its hellfire.

The Ox Demons were always running forward, and this had gone on for ten days already. The greatest trait of these Ox Demons remains their great endurance, being close to the strongest on this aspect compared to all demons of the same grade. They are good at long distance raids, and also large weight transportation.

Not far behind Asmodeus was a prisoner chariot pulled by eight Ox Demons. That chariot was a huge cage with four wheels below, and two people with locked hands inside.
If it was not because Asmodeus believed that they could still be of useful value, they would have been killed long ago. However, these two humans were severely wounded, and not far from death. If it were not because Asmodeus gave his subordinate the absolute order to keep them alive, they wouldn’t have been kept for so long in that state, relying on the little food and water kept in reserve for them.

Riding his Hell Dragon, Asmodeus lifted his heads upwards. His three heads had three different thinking circuits, and only shared a common body.

The ox head said quite impatiently, “It is really too slow! If I knew about that I wouldn’t have brought these young oxes.”

The ram head let out a snort, “Weren’t you the one who insisted on bringing these young oxes for your honor? If we went by ourselves we would have arrived long ago. And we not only brought so many Ox Demons, but also these two burdens.”

The human head in the middle spoke coldly, “You two calm down. Still need me to keep explaining it to you? These two humans are Demon Hunters, and captains of their Demon Hunt Squads. To reach such levels of cultivations at such young age, they cannot be nameless figures among humans. If we can exchange their lives to retrieve a Demon God Crown, it will be a great merit for us.”

Listening to the human head, the ox head and ram head immediately behaved.

The human head wrinkled its brows, “At most we will take three more days before reaching our destination.” After reaching that point, the previously resolute looking human head suddenly turned around to a certain direction, coming to a sudden stop there.

Right as the group was passing through a hillside, in a series of roars, a large amount of magical beasts were rushing from the top of the hillside, heading toward the army of Ox Demons.
Ox Demons being of a naturally fighting expert race, they didn’t need at all to wait for Asmodeus’ order to already respond in a ready formation.

The magical beasts going up the hillsides were really numerous, and although some in the lot were weaker, the overwhelming majority reached at least the fourth rank, with some especially strong ones at the eighth or ninth step.

In the midst of these magical beasts stood a huge Demonic Eye of one meter diameter, whose four long tentacles were waving around. Psychic undulations kept being released from that huge Demonic Eye, and these magical beasts seemed as if under its command, advancing accordingly as they flagrantly clashed with the demon army.

Bang-- An intense wave of distorted ripples descended in the midst of the heavy Ox Demon cavalry.

Under the influence of these twisting ripples, the large expanses of Ox Demons went stiff and immediately sank into disorder upon contact.

The over one hundred magical beasts immediately launched frantic attacks relying on their basic instincts.

The Demonic Eye Commander was still keeping watch from the central rear, launching magic of psychic attribute to stimulate the magical beast on its side while harassing the demon army with psychic shockwaves. Immediately, despite being in an overwhelming numerical inferiority, their side killed their way and put the Ox Demons in a pitiful state.

However, these ten thousand Ox Demons were still an undoubtable standing army. After a short time of confusion, they very rapidly settled down their advance, and formed a correct formation to confront these magical beasts. One magical beast after another were gradually killed, while damage was also continuously sustained by the Ox Demon side.

A thick reeking of blood gradually arose in the air.

Chapter 598

The Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus didn’t pay attention to the battlefield, but looked toward the peak of the hillside. These magical beasts came just too suddenly. How could there be so many of them living in such a place? Plus, so many different races were moving altogether. There could be only one explanation for that: human summoners.

At the current moment, the magical beasts rushing down the hillside were already over five hundred, inflicting not-insignificant-damage to the Ox Demon army. Asmodeus determined, therefore, a total amount of summoners atop the hillside. He didn’t rush to intervene, as these mere summoned beasts were not enough to break through the ranks of the Ox Demon army.

Bzz. A sharp sound was emitted as colorless twisting waves broke out once again. This time, the only eye of   that   Demonic   Eye Commander completely turned a blood-red color.

As a wielder of psychic magic, that Demonic Eye’s attack erupted.

These twisting waves passed through the most crowded areas of Ox Demons. Those victims from them almost instantly turned sluggish, but this time they didn’t recover so fast as with the previous psychic shockwaves, but let out puffing sounds as they spit out blood.

The Ox Demons in the way of these twisting waves died having their seven apertures bursting out with blood. This instant, at least three hundred of the Ox Demons perished instantly, also earning some time for the magical demons being encircled by the Ox Demons. Among them, some
powerful ones immediately took the chance and rushed through the gaps in the demon army’s formations.

From the start of the battle to now, only a dozen or so minutes had passed, but the Ox Demons had lost close to a tenth of their forces. Still, the five hundred or so magical beasts also suffered similar quantities of losses.

After inflicting his powerful blow, the Demonic Eye Commander was visibly quite weakened, and its four lengthy tentacles removed themselves from the ground, rushing back to the hilltop.

“Want to leave?” The Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus snorted as he pointed the large pike in his right hand toward the Demonic Eye Commander’s direction. , a black glow shot out from the skull flag on the top of the pike producing a black skull of a meter diameter flying toward the Demonic Eye Commander.

The other magical beasts were fighting on the battlefield undaunted by dangers, but this Demonic Eye who commanded their side at the beginning and escaped with that timing was visibly not an ordinary summoned beast. From Asmodeus’ view, this should be the contracted beast of a powerful summoner. Even he found this kind of psychic magical beast troublesome, and naturally wouldn’t let it leave alive.

It appeared as that the black skull was following the Demonic Eye Commander, a golden glint suddenly shot out from the top of the hillside, pulling that Demonic Eye. In a swish, the Demonic Eye abruptly accelerated, leaving the black skull behind. The next instant, a figure radiating in orange color came into the black skull’s path.

The orange radiance suddenly flashed, and in a swish, the black skull dissipated in the sky and a knight fully clad in gold appeared.

That knight was riding a majestic Starlight Unicorn spreading out its wings and liberating a pure and holy gloss of light. It was his shield that stopped the previous black skull.
A knight along with a summoner? Asmodeus’ human head started to reveal a cold smile

, and the Hell Dragon he was riding released its bony black-flamed wings. The ox, human, and ram heads dispersed the same black flames as the Hell Dragon, and pointed the pike this time toward the distant Golden Foundation Knight.

In some ways, Asmodeus was like a demon knight. When encountering a human knight, his fighting intent couldn’t help but ignite brazenly. The Berserker Demon God Ah’nan and he shared a similarity among demon gods, and that’s the special value they attached to individual heroism.

Slapping on the Hell Dragon’s back with his right hand, the Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus soared and raised his more than five meters long pike while still standing on the Hell Dragon’s back, fervently staring fixedly at the opposite Long Haochen.

Dense black flames burst forth simultaneously from the Hell Dragon and him, seemingly burning the surroundings. The Earth Dragon let out a whinny sound, already rushing toward the knight riding a Starlight Unicorn.

Without a doubt, this Golden Foundation Knight was naturally the captain of the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope, Long Haochen.

The previous tide of beasts was obviously summoned by Chen Ying’er alone, who relied on the eighteen Creature Summoning Gates to call out over five hundred magical beasts, manifesting her terrifyingness as a high levelled summoner. In fact, over ten of her magical beasts were at the ninth rank, matching human powerhouses of the eighth step. The Ox Demon army would need to expend quite a large cost to get rid of them, so they performed very effective stalling.

After completing her summoning through the Creature Summoning Gate, Chen Ying’er was still recovering.

The Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus pointed his pike forward, causing crispy sounds to be heard as mighty black flames were shot from
the peak of the pike, changed into a dragon head in the air, then aimed straight at Long Haochen. This blow was far more powerful than the previous attack on the Demonic Eye Commander. At the same time he launched the attack, the sky behind Asmodeus’ back turned pitch black.

Right at that time, a golden light surged out from Long Haochen’s back, and immediately, a milky white pillar of light shot from behind him, aiming at Asmodeus.

Black and white crossed each other in the sky. When the pike in Asmodeus’ hand rose, that black flaming dragon immediately deviated, biting at that white light. But to the surprise of the Dragon Rider Demon God, the white pillar of light directly drilled through the dragon head, as if not affected in the slightest, then landed onto his body. A special feeling immediately filled Asmodeus’ whole body: that instant the knight in front of him became suddenly like his lifetime enemy, and Asmodeus' sole wish became killing him.

No mistake, that white glow was not any attack, but the release of Yating’s evolved ability through the Saint Spiritual Stove.

The Saint Spiritual Stove is able to attract the enemies’ attention, turning oneself into the number one target for his offensive attacks, but cannot affect the enemy’s offensive power. At the same time the Saint Spiritual Stove’s effects affected Asmodeus, his black dragon also arrived in front of Long Haochen.

The Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon was used to block it, alongside Divine Obstruction.


Long Haochen deliberately met this attack head on, because he wanted to know the extent reached by Asmodeus’ true strength.

The instant that black dragon met with the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, Long Haochen couldn’t help but let out a gasp.
Asmodeus’ strike was filled with violent darkness spiritual energy. A sticky essence of darkness rammed against the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon. Like a worm, it started to extend and try passing the two sides of the shield to reach his body. Not only that, but the terrifying impact force directly bombarded Long Haochen, even repelling Star King several dozen meters away, before he could stabilize.

Divine Obstruction is a knight’s most practical and most important technique. By using it appropriately, one can resist a several folds stronger enemy. And with a sufficiently powerful shield, the might of Divine Obstruction can grow even further.

Certainly, one might not necessarily find a better shield than the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon in the whole Alliance. Adding to that, Long Haochen’s personal understanding of Divine Obstruction was close to perfection. But even so, he didn’t manage to fully dispel the might of the enemy’s strike.

A violent impact force shook the Divine Snail Shield, as Long Haochen felt the internal spiritual energy in his body running amok. But by chance, the shield in his hand, transformed from a Starlight Divine Beast, had by its own nature a great suppressing power toward darkness spiritual energy.

Holy Light’s baptism managed to stop the black flaming dragon’s corrosion from spreading. But with this probing clash alone, Long Haochen determined that the enemy was far above himself in strength.

When the two sides don’t differ much in strength, the Saint Spiritual Stove can effectively suppress the enemy, but when the gap is so wide, it becomes just a charming effect.

After pushing Long Haochen back in a blow, the Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus accelerated in a flash, going after Long Haochen’s retreating figure, approaching rapidly. The flagged pike in his hands was swept up, aimed straight at Long Haochen on Star King’s back.

This knock carried an imposing black electricity. Looking from afar, Long Haochen only appeared like a small ball of light, while the Dragon
Rider Demon God was like an overwhelming black cloud making Haochen look insignificant.

But this time, Long Haochen made a decision that Asmodeus did not expect. The orange glow disappeared: he unexpectedly recovered the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon serving as his greatest defense. Instead, in his two hands he wielded the Aria of the Goddess of Light. Confronting Asmodeus’ sweep, the heavy sword in his hand launched a downward strike.

Looking for death! Asmodeus let out a snort, and his ox head let out a roar as his pike gained in might. Even with a mountain in his way, he would sweep through it head on.

Chapter 599

At a distance, the others from Bright Glimmer of Hope couldn’t bear the urge of rushing out, but were stopped by Cai’er, “Believe in him, he can do it.”

Dang… With a crisp colliding sound, an inconceivable scene followed.

In front of Asmodeus’ full body sweep, Long Haochen actually let go of the Divine Snail Shield, and met it by wielding the Aria of the Goddess of Light alone. More shockingly, the instant the heavy sword and the flagged pike met, Asmodeus’ flagged pike was unexpectedly pushed away by Long Haochen.

It was possibly a scene inconceivable in everyone’s imaginations that had occurred.

After Asmodeus’ flagged spear was pushed away by the Aria of the Goddess of Light, it changed its trajectory, and was swept towards the top of Long Haochen’s head. But right at this time, Long Haochen moved away instantly.

What he used was one of the most basic junior abilities used by Retribution Knights, Dashing Thrust.

In a gout of bright light, an orange colored blade projection came out.

Asmodeus shot out his left fist as well, to meet with Long Haochen’s strike. The ram head let out a loud shout with a delicate undertone at the same time.
Against all expectations, Asmodeus swayed from the back of the Hell Dragon he was still sitting on. If someone else was close enough, he would find out that a wound had just appeared on his left hand.

Long Haochen’s thrust which was followed by a stab could only be described as a splendid move. And after this attack, he didn’t stop with that, instantly releasing the four spiritual wings on his back. He seemed to have already stopped completely to conceal his abilities, as he landed from Star King’s back

“Asmodeus, dare to have a match of martial arts with me?”

Asmodeus didn’t expect this opponent visibly far weaker than himself to actually be able to wound him. Long Haochen’s previous attack’s major point was that stab. It aimed at the most unpractical spot for Asmodeus to exert strength, his weakest spot. It wasn’t a clash of power but a mere borrowing of force, altering the trajectory of Asmodeus’ attack and creating a gap in his defense. To achieve that against an opponent with such a difference of cultivation, Long Haochen’s dexterity could already be said to have attained the peak.

However, the gap in strength separating him from Asmodeus was after all just too wide. After the first sword thrust, the second blow was unable to exert sword intent, otherwise that attack would surely have wounded Asmodeus far more.

“To dare challenge the great me, you’re looking for death.” Asmodeous shouted loudly, spurring on his mount by kicking it, chasing after Long Haochen like a bolt of lightning. In the meantime, while his flight occurred a majestic scene came to view. The massive Hell Dragon he was riding just before simply dissolved and instantly covered his whole body, bursting out in black flames. Everything else surrounding his body other than darkness essence was driven out.

The Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeous was furious, but would definitely not look down on the enemy. The fact that Long Haochen could wound him already roused his vigilance.
He was naturally able to tell that the Aria of the Goddess of Light in Long Haochen’s hands was not an ordinary weapon. To meet a heavy sword of epic tier with his bod y was not any wise choice. This Hell Dragon Transformed Armor was quite similar to Haoyue and Long Haochen’s fusion, except that they reached totally different grades.

More frighteningly, in his flagged pike’s attack, countless black skulls were coming out from the flag, covering an even larger area. From the looks of it, Long Haochen seemed one instant away from being engulfed.

Sending out light radiance, Long Haochen did not keep retreating from that chase. Still holding the Aria of the Goddess of Light in his two hands, his surroundings filled instantly with golden streaks of light, giving off the feeling that he was not merely a single person anymore, but purely a sword.

The fierce sword intent broke out instantly, as Long Haochen’s eyes burst out with dazzling golden light.   His   body   swayed   gently,   looking like fleeing inside the glowing pike.

Dang, dang, dang… Repeated series   of   clashing   sounds   were heard clearly, as the golden light seemed swallowed by the massive black radiance. The clash looked extremely frantic, but the black radiance was unable to approach him further.

The Aria of the Goddess of Light was used on a smale scale. Its sharp end kept shifting direction, and every strike from it utilized the method of borrowing the enemy’s force, instead of meeting the Dragon Rider Demon God with force. The flagged pike in Asmodeus’ hand was continuously pushed away, while these black skulls were unexpectedly cleansed by the golden flames released from Long Haochen’s body.

Asmodeus’ eyes were filled with shock. He did not expect at all that this ant-like opponent would show such great technique. Even with his strength, facing Long Haochen made him feel somewhat unable to muster his force. Every one of Long Haochen’s sword strikes aimed at his weakest spot, and as a matter of course, the constantly deflected flagged spear was unable to muster the slightest of its offensive power.
A one or two times occurrence could be called coincidence, but when not a single of his attacks in wide area managed to land on Long Haochen, how could this be called coincidence? It was as if Long Haochen had another eye, able to spot instantly any of his weak points.

Actually, even Long Haochen’s comrades weren’t aware that Long Haochen’s greatest spot of expertise was absolutely not offense but defense. Although he practiced both Retribution and Guardian paths as knight, never forget the choice he made at the time his father had asked him.

Over these two years, Long Haochen did not really train in Retribution Knight abilities, but chose to focus entirely in the Guardian Knight specialization. Although he was confronting the enemy with a sword right now, in practice he was purely defending.

That year, while still in Odin Town, when Long Haochen was trained by his father, his first lesson had him deal with extremely terrifying Owl-Ants. During every day spent confronting countless numbers of them in their cave only able to rely on the bamboo sword in his hand, being unable to block the assaults of the Owl-Ants would subject him to an incomparable pain. Long Haochen was already starting to train his defensive techniques since then.

Before Long Xingyu departed, his dexterity already made some attainments. Without the use of spiritual energy, even Long Xingyu was unable to breach through Long Haochen’s defense. Could this defensive technique be categorized as a Retribution Knight or a Guardian Knight’s skills? In Long Haochen’s heart, that was concluded to be a Guardian Knight’s skills.

These many years, through the constant increase of his strength, martial arts, and deepened comprehension, plus the long training in the Tower of Eternity, Long Haochen had gained great martial attainments. Even at his current cultivation level, winning now against the Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus was not an impossible feat. In case they contested only in martial skills, Asmodeus would not have an easy time prevailing.
With their previous lesson, Asmodeus did not dare put everything in offense. Long Haochen’s attack gave him the feeling that in case he revealed a gap, his sword and body joining as one would immediately make use of it.

Of course, Asmodeus had a lot of ways to contain Long Haochen’s martial skills, but as a demon god specialized in lone fighting strength, how could he not be thrilled by meeting with an opponent such as Long Haochen? For a moment, he was even unwilling to use his more powerful abilities to annihilate him faster, to make it a contest of mere martial arts.

The black and golden color in the sky made fiery clashes, with no one able to deal damage to the opponent. Long Haochen used all he had to constrain Asmodeus, and that was the most important part of their plan. As long as he could contain the Dragon Rider Demon God, his comrades would smoothly fulfill the rest of the plan.

Of course, it was not as if Long Haochen was going all out either. He had other trump cards: Asmodeus was ranked as the thirty-second demon god, so in case he were to use a really powerful ability, Long Haochen naturally had to keep some strength to respond. At the very moment, since he was displaying his four wings, he didn’t have the intention to hide his identity. The Demon God Emperor was approaching the Exorcist Mountain Pass on the basis of Vassago’s prediction. He even planned to borrow Asmodeus’ mouth to communicate his movements to the Demon God Emperor at the time he arrives, to relieve the Exorcist Mountain Pass from danger. That was a part of their plan.

While Long Haochen and the Dragon Rider Demon God where fighting ardently, the magical beast army was also reaching its last moments.

Only thirty of the over five hundred magical beasts were left, but all were reaching at least the seventh rank. Due to their onslaught, the Ox Demons’ ranks suffered terrible damage.

However, be it in attack or defense, Ox Demons were valiant opponents. Like elephants facing the bites of many ants, they showed no fear in front of the deadly attacks, and lessened unceasingly these magical beasts’ numbers.
Right at this time, a change suddenly occurred. From the rear of these magical beasts suddenly appeared a group led by a man wielding a bloody- red heavy sword. With a roar, he rushed out brazenly, as the heavy sword in his hand flashed out, lacerating several Ox Demons with the launch of his massive golden rays, rushing into the ranks of the demons like a sharp dagger.

Not only that, but two even more valiant figures broke out from the sidelines, glowing in silver light on the left side and golden light on the right side. Everywhere the silver radiance sprinkled, everything, be it the weapons in the Ox Demons’ hands or their bodies, was instantly reduced to pieces. In the meantime, a massive silvery glow of light producing ear- piercing wuu’ sounds flew out, ready to sweep past the Ox Demons.

Four more burst out after the first one.

Chapter 600

The other side’s scene was even more mystifying. That golden light came from the bursts of power from a massive golden metallic ball. Everywhere it passed, thunderous explosions were heard. The Ox Demons were not given the slightest opportunity to approach, and immediately torn to shreds.

Beside these three was a mage standing proudly at the back. Waving the staff in his hand, he launched at once twelve Bursting Fireballs scattering all around, aiming for the most crowded areas in the ranks of the Ox Demons.

Those blue fireballs were like blue specters. Even the small specks of impurity in their way were instantly cleansed, and their explosion caused instant deflagrations.

At the rear of the mage was another knight, wielding a heavy shield in his left hand and a heavy sword in his right hand.

Their appearance was just too sudden, and their burst of power far too tyrannical, especially that mage whose attacks covered an immense scope. All the Bursting Fireballs produced over a dozen casualties for the Ox Demons. The bursts opened long paths through them, and the Ox Demon army sank into chaos.

Without a doubt, the five of them who were opening a path were Han Yu, Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian on the sidelines, Lin Xin in the center and Zhang Fangfang in the rear.
At the same time the five of them made that display of power, a resonant dragon cry abruptly rang out. Immediately, a gigantic black dragon rose, flying toward the army of demons. In the sky, this black dragon extending over more than ten meters corroded over a hundred Ox Demons in every breaths. On its back was standing a girl, glinting in dense twisting waves. By watching carefully, one would take notice that these twisting waves transformed into ripples entering the black dragon’s body from below.

A Devil Dragon!

If Han Yu’s assault was still not enough to throw the Ox Demon army into disorder, but only created some confusion, this time the appearance of this Devil Dragon alongside them immediately broke their center of command. For a moment, the Ox Demon army did not even know whether they should respond or escape. In these circumstances, the members of Bright Glimmer of Hope entered among their ranks, aiming for the caged carriage.

Obviously, the Ox Demon army was not devoid of intelligence. Some especially large Ox Demon powerhouses were guarding the cage. One of them immediately shouted in rage, and grabbed the iron bars, climbed onto the cage.

Seeing that the enemies were aiming at the two prisoners, and furthermore were considerably powerful humans, they already made their preparations to execute the prisonners before they would be taken back.

Dense grey radiance flashed, travelling through the left shoulder to the right side of the Ox Demon’s waist. In a strike, the corpse was cut in two and immediately fell from the cage.

A sweet figure appeared on top of the cage. Clad in a long black skirt, and carrying a black sickle. A dense killing intent was flourishingly dispersed. With a sweep of the massive sickle, the Ox Demons guarding the cage were thoroughly killed in a split second.

This Ox Demons overall were pretty strong, but weren’t formed with any particularly outstanding powerhouses. Outside of the Dragon Rider Demon
God Asmodeous, the strongest Ox Demons were only at the sixth or seventh step at most. Could such Ox Demons even give any troubles to Cai’er?

In Long Haochen’s plan, attracting Asmodeus came first, and then his comrades would launch an assault. After all, by relying on Cai’er alone, although approaching the cage was no issue, carrying the two men away in the midst of this army of ten thousand men would be difficult. After Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi were caught for so many days, their bodies’ states could be well imagined: they would hardly be even able to stand. Their top priority being naturally to ensure the safety of the two, Cai’er’s mission was to ensure that Duan Yi and Yang Wenzhao wouldn’t suffer any harm before the others arrived.

Taking advantage of the Ox Demons in the surroundings having yet to reach out, the Sickle of the God Of Death was waved, cutting the cages like tofu and turning them into fragments without injuring Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi in the slightest.

The two of them were caught in a state of unconsciousness since long ago. Having lost the support of the cage, they fell limply on the carriage.

Cai’er rushed forward, placing medicine that Lin Xin had priorly handed over to her. After putting them in a supine position, the pills naturally liquefied in their bodies.

The Devil Dragon’s appearance caused a massive shock to the Ox Demon army, to the extent that not many Ox Demons took notice of Cai’er’s attack when she came to rescue Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi.

Without a doubt, that Devil Dragon was McDull’s transformation. Although Chen Ying’er had just used the full power of Creature Summoning Gate with her Time Folding Spiritual Stove, that was with the backing of her Spiritual Saint Robe, so she still retained fighting strength. McDull’s transformation was now not only limited to appearance like before: under the backing of the Spiritual Saint Robe’s spiritual energy, he not only didn’t need to devour magical crystals, but could even display the
strength of a magical beast of the ninth step for a limited time. Piercing through the skies, he rapidly joined Cai’er’s location.

Grabbing one of them in each hand, Cai’er soared, and placed Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi on McDull’s back, then the Defying Devil Dragon swiftly flapped its wings, letting out other breaths after turning round, helping Han Yu’s group to sweep clean the enemies’ ranks.

Han Yu’s group of five now seized the opportunity to gather thanks to their spiritual wings.

Ox Demons were not a race with the ability of flight. Adding to that the shock caused by the Defying Devil Dragon, the course of their actions went very smoothly, rapidly gathering together in the skies.

This activity naturally caught Asmodeus’ attention.

From the burst of power of the five of them, to Cai’er’s act of rescue and the flight of the Devil Dragon, only about one minute had passed.

Asmodeus was originally fighting to his heart’s content and felt even a bit unwilling to pour out more of his spiritual energy.

That was because he wasn’t in the slightest hurry to kill Long Haochen. He was aware of the benefit he gained in this pure clash of martial technique against Long Haochen. Long Haochen’s technique was close to the state of perfection and had brought him considerable enlightment. But the appearance of that Devil Dragon’s aura gave him the realization of something fishy.

Lured away from their objectives, I have been fooled! Asmodeus immediately determined the correct outcome. He couldn’t continue to be entangled with Long Haochen anymore, and with a roar of rage, the flagged pike suddenly caused the air to stagnate and immediately burst out with black flames, turning into huge pillars of fire exceeding five meters in diameter and bombarding Long Haochen.
Due to the effects of the Saint Spiritual Stove, he had to kill Long Haochen first to be able to handle the other matter.

The terrifying black flames gave off a feeling of stickiness. That instant, Long Haochen felt like he had entered a world of darkness, totally devoid of light.

That choking feeling was close to the pain felt at the time of the Demon God of Death Saminaga’s suppression. This was a strike visibly prepared a long time prior by Asmodeus, especially prepared to counter Long Haochen’s technique. Your martial arts are brilliant, but what can it do in front of the suppression of absolute spiritual energy? That was the method of using overwhelming power.

After launching this attack, Asmodeus almost immediately walked away in haste, flying back toward his army.

The Defying Devil Dragon’s appearance shocked him terribly. That was the race of the Demon God Emperor! Could there be a Devil Dragon that had betrayed His Majesty Demon God Emperor? He had to make this clear.

But as he believed that Long Haochen was heavily wounded by his long prepared blow, and unable to maintain the effects of the Saint Spiritual Stove, Long Haochen’s clear voice came out from behind.

“Where are you planning to go? Your opponent is me!”

“Mh?” The Saint Spiritual Stove’s ability of Attraction didn’t disappear, and Asmodeus felt huge surges of killing intent. Almost immediately turning back again, he found out with shock that the two massive black flames were still travelling afar, but Long Haochen was still standing on the same spot, only the sword in his hand had changed.

With its seal undone, the Aria of the Goddess of Light was originally glowing in the orange light of the epic tier, but at that very moment, it had astonishingly turned into a multicolored golden light.
Divine tools would not necessarily glow in seven colors, but something glowing in seven colors was sure to be a divine tool. The Divine Snail of Sun and Moon was already a sure proof of this.

Long Haochen was still wielding that heavy sword in his two hands, staring ardently at Asmodeus. From the state of his black flames, he determined that this opponent’s attack had split it from within, with no real damage caused to Long Haochen.

That multicolored golden light immediately drew the Dragon Rider Demon God’s line of sight. As we’d expect no less from a demon god expert in fighting, this instant Asmodeus put aside all the other matters and started to focus single-handedly on Long Haochen.

In his previous clash against Long Haochen, Asmodeus was in great admiration toward his extremely fierce and profound sword intent and sword technique. Now that the weapon in Long Haochen’s hand turned suddenly into a divine tool, Asmodeus had no other choice but to view him seriously. A human knight able to show sword technique and sword intent so close to perfection could veritably threaten Asmodeus.

Asmodeus didn’t regret not going all out against Long Haochen before, as this battle gave him considerable enlightenment. He was fully certain that through the course of this battle, his martial arts undoubtedly made a good advance.

Demons were just like humans in that the closer the battle, the more they will arouse their latent capabilities. Looking at the divine sword in Long Haochen’s hand, Asmodeus’ eyes were lit up.

“Very well. You are indeed qualified to be my opponent. If I kill you today, I will bury you personally as a token of respect.” Asmodeus coldly declared this as he inclined the flagged spear in his hand. The one speaking was the human head.
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