Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 581-590

Chapter 581

Long Haochen chuckled, “That’s for it. Stop quarelling now. Lin Xin really lost, but Ying’er, he didn’t use any of his most powerful abilities against you out of fear of wounding you. Otherwise, the menace on you would be for real. Was that summoning spell from before self-created? I haven’t ever heard of such a thing.”

Chen Ying’er proudly replied, “Yes! I have created it personally. It’s inspired on Haoyue’s Essence of Disorder. Although I cannot use such kind of magic, I’ve been thinking, maybe I can make such magic through summons? I have made a lot of attempts, and finally succeeded. The Earth Dragons from before were a first experimental product, made by using magic crystals. In times of need, I can summon them at anytime, and although the summoning magic requires a rather long time, that’s because these self-created Earth Dragons can evolve in normal times. Their flaw is a lack o battle instincts, but I can manipulate them like puppets. Just like McDull, they will evolve as my strength increases.”

Chen Ying’er explanation may sound simple, but any other that hears her would show great shock. These were six Earth Dragon of different elements, made thanks to magic crystals and summoning magic. The difficulty of such a feat is as much as one can well imagine. In other words, Chen Ying’er was not only able to summon but also to create her own beasts.

“I’m the Spiritual Saint Girl, and that’s a personal ability I gained after becoming a god’s chosen one, Spirit Bestowal. As long as I wish for it, I can even bestow a spirit to a stone. However, my number of Spiritual Bestowals is limited. Using it will use up some of my soul force, so I
cannot use it excessively. The good thing is that the summoned beasts whose souls are linked with mine will all evolve as my cultivation progresses.”

Listening to her explanation, everyone felt in a daze. Chen Ying’er’s ability as Spiritual Saint Girl may sound a bit complex, but thinking carefully, everyone couldn’t help but feel chills.

The power to create magical beast, and bestow them a potential for evolution. This ability may not sound too flashy at its initial uses, but as Chen Ying’er’s cultivation progresses, her created magical beast will be bound to become far more powerful. And when she reaches the ninth step, wouldn’t that means she will have a batch of powerful magical beasts that don’t use up any spiritual energy, ready to assist her?

Because these magical beasts were originally created and modelled based on Chen Ying’er’s thoughts, their contract gives her complete control over them, all of which are far beyond compare with ordinary summons. Magical beasts of six differents elements capable of using combinatorial magic. This already exceeds certainly by far the scope of ordinary summoners.

After pondering for a short time, Long Haochen interpreted, “Ying’er, can I understand it like that: this ability as Spiritual Saint Girl gives you a batch of supplementary contracted beasts?”

Chapter 582

Hearing his question, Chen Ying’er’s eyes lit up immediately, “Right! We can ask for clues from them. There’s surely a Moonlit Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce, they are the current largest conglomeration of free merchants. Let me go look for them.” She ran out in a rush.

Long Haochen stopped her with haste, “Ying’er, don’t let your emotions get the better of you.

“Let’s do this, we will do some simple practice for battle tactics, and then I will accompany you to look for the Moonlit Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce. By showing them the insignia Yue Ye gave me, we should be able to get their help. We should at least learn about the situation Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi are in before setting out. At the same time, we will be undergoing your grandfather’s test while looking for information. Right, didn’t you say that you have your means to counter the domain of your grandfather?”

Chen Ying’er nodded, “The domains wielded by us summoners are almost all aimed at boosting summoned beasts. Summoners of higher levels almost all have their own contracted beast, so their domain is either inclined at strengthening their contracted beast or boosting it overall. My grandfather’s domain is of the former type, mainly boosting his contracted beast. My Spiritual Bestowal has another use, and that’s on the opposing magical beast, to weaken it greatly for a short time, and facilitate me bringing it to submission. Grandfather is much stronger than me, so even with the Spiritual Saint Robe, I can’t weaken his contracted beast too much. But I can reduce greatly the amplification provided by his domain.”
Long Haochen replied in a flash, “So that’s how things are. Your ability as Spiritual Saint Girl is really practical.”

Chen Ying’er continued, “We summoners hold belief in mythological beasts. In the legends, the mythological beasts’ realm cannot interfere with the elemental gods, which is why they can hardly make miraculous descents. The Spiritual Saint Girl was sent into the human world as a guide for the magical beasts. That’s why her abilities are mostly directed at magical beasts. At my current level of cultivation, the boosts are observable, but when my cultivation grows further, these boosts will not be as obvious as now.”

Wang Yuanyuan asked in curiosity, “Ying’er, what’s your grandfather’s contracted beast? I am starting to believe that thanks to your rebellion, our chances of victory will be quite good!”

Chen Ying’er snorted, “How could it be so easy? My grandfather is presently the person with the most knowledge regarding magical beasts there is. As the Psychic Master he is, I have yet to see his limits. Just think, how come our Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass remained so invulnerable to attacks ever since the start of the Holy War? The tides of beasts we call out are even more numerous than the demons. Even those eight demon gods couldn’t bring out my grandfather’s full strength. Winning against him will be extremely hard, we can only stall out as much as possible. The greatest shortcoming of summoners such as us is our weak killing force. As long as we last for long enough, we will prove our sufficient strength to grandfather. I will hold up grandfather’s contracted beast. Big sis Xing Xuan likes me the most, and will surely be unwilling to make fierce moves.”

“Big sister Xing Xuan?” Lin Xin asked in puzzlement, “Could your grandfather’s summoned beast be a human shaped beast?”

Chen Ying’er showed a mysterious smile, “Of course not. It’s just that big sis Xing Xuan i s a girl. When the time comes, you can’t go wound her either. Let me tell you everything...”

In the morning, Long Haochen’s group looked up high outside the Temple, waiting calmly.

“According to my calculations, they should arrive around that time.” Long Haochen murmured. They were waiting for Han Yu and Sima Xian’s return. Long Haochen had a good understanding of Star King’s flight speed, and the distance between the Southern Mountain Pass and the Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass being in addition rather short, a day and a night should be enough for Han Yu to smoothly find Sima Xian and be back.

The day before, Chen Ying’er already promised to set the test on this afternoon. Based on her understanding of this grandfather and his strong ideology, in case they arrived late, she was afraid his impression would steeply decline, causing an increase in the difficulty of the test.

If not for the hurry of the matter of saving Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi, they could take it much easier, and wait for Sima Xian and Han Yu to be back before planning things more thoroughly. But time awaits no one. By being just a bit later to depart, the danger for Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi would only increase.

The Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce had already contacted Long Haochen, agreeing to investigate the circumstances of Yang Wenzhao’s group. They had their own sources of information, and shouldn’t take too long to send news.

At the same time, Long Haochen heard another piece of information. After the time Ah’Bao led the encirclement of their Demon Hunt Squad, Yue Ye immediately expressed her intention to cancel their engagement after returning to demon territory. Even the personal attempt of persuasion from the Moon Demon God couldn’t change her thoughts. Her justification was simple. How could a man who views the act of killing the enemy higher than her become her husband? Maybe Ah’Bao made the right decision as the demons’ crown prince, but Yue Ye was absolutely unwilling to marry such a man, even if she was killed otherwise.

The Demon God Emperor didn’t declare his position, and even Ah’Bao remained silent. After all, Ah’Bao didn’t have a good justification to insist
on the matter! So in the end, the engagement wasn’t cancelled, but postponed for an undesignated period. From what was said, Ah’Bao re- entered secluded training, planning on increasing his strength by training as if his life depended on it.

This piece of news was just a theatrical episode, that Long Haochen didn’t put in his mind. But he was unaware that Ah’Bao’s rancor towards him increased even further due to that matter. As the Devil Dragons’ crown prince, Ah’Bao took great pains that even surpassed Long Haochen’s. In the near future, Ah’Bao wanted to go find Long Haochen at all cost as if they were predestined opponents.

“They won’t have the time to rest if they don’t arrive soon.” Chen Ying’er was also extremely worried. If Sima Xian could be back along with Han Yu now, they would have the time to take a rest while discussing strategy and tactics. But as time passed minutes after minutes and seconds after seconds, there was still no sight of them,

Long Haochen breathed deeply, and turned his stance towards the others, “Everyone, be prepared to deal with Temple Head Chen without the two of them. This test cannot be delayed, and we must show results.”


The death of Zhang Fangfang’s former Demon Hunt Squad was a very severe blow. On this day, joining Wang Yuanyuan’s Demon Hunt Squad was like the accomplishment of one of his cherished desires. Furthermore, he could this way keep company with Wang Yuanyuan. He was very satisfied with that.

At this very moment, Long Haochen suddenly flickered his brows, looking far into the sky. It was currently totally empty, with nothing else than the blue sky in sight. As everyone was wondering what Long Haochen was mysteriously watching, a little golden dot came to sight very far away, and it enlarged at a frightening speed. Wasn’t that the returning Star King?

Star King had two passengers on his wide back. Han Yu was seated on the front, but his figure couldn’t conceal the imposing stature behind him. A
large bald head came to sight behind his head, releasing light essence not inferior in the slightest to the one coming out from Star King’s body.

“They are here, they are here! That’s really them! ” Lin Xin excitedly bounced. Sima Xian’s return meant that all the members of their 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad were finally reunited. And, it also meant that the Demon Hunt Squad was back to a whole, and that was the only way for them to be the Bright Glimmer of Hope! With even only one member less, it wouldn’t be complete.

In the past, Lin Xin used to frequently be noisy alongside with Sima Xian, but as a matter of fact, the two of them had extremely good relationships. Seeing that baldie once again, Lin Xin found it hard to contain his emotions, couldn't help but hop and bounce while waving at him excitedly.

Long Haochen’s handsome face became flushed due to the excitement. His fists were gripped tightly: Sima and Han Yu are back! So we are finally reunited! At this time, he only had the feeling that no matter what challenges they encounter, they will break through them inevitably.

Star King’s travelling speed was really fast. For the sake of returning on time, he maintained a top speed all this time. At the time of landing, his body let out a burst of golden steam without losing speed until then, thanks to his level of cultivation.

Sima Xian took the lead to jump down from Star King’s back, and laughed out heartily, opening his arms wide in front of everyone. Han Yu followed closely behind, and at that very moment, the members from Bright Glimmer of Hope all became incomparably excited. Apart from Cai’er who showed somewhat less excitement, the others all couldn’t help but dash in acclamation, tightly hugging each other.

They were finally reunited. Regardless of whether they call themselves 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad or Bright Glimmer of Hope, they were back to their initial setup.
Zhang Fangfang was standing on the side, looking at them with intense envy. Recalling his deceased companions, he couldn’t bear to leak out tears. Who knew how many more Demon Hunters had died for the sake of the Alliance, for the sake of humanity. After more than six thousand years passed, when will humankind finally drive out all demons.

Lin Xin beat Sima Xian’s fist with all his force, “How could you be so slow? Making us so anxious.”

Han Yu couldn’t help but react to these words before Sima Xian even opened his mouth, “Slow? That was slow to you? See how Star King is exhausted. He has been flying at full speed all this time, and is already at his limit. If you’re speaking of slow, that would be Sima’s fault. You have no idea of how heavy he is. For normal flight, Star King would have no problem carrying the two of us. But for an express flight, the addition of his weight was sure to slow us down.”

Chapter 583

Han Yu’s hand was pressed on Sima Xian’s shoulder as he kept speaking, “What’s more, on the way here, Sima had been chattering a lot, asking about this and that. For Star King not to have been pestered to death, his resistance is already really incredible.”

Hearing his explanation, everyone laughed out loud in a boisterous atmosphere. Long Haochen joined Star King’s side, pressing his hand on his back and infusing some appeasing light essence inside his tired body, “Thanks for your trouble, Star King.”

Star King raised his head slightly as his horn was rubbed by Long Haochen, and gave a warm look.

Ever since following Long Haochen, Star King definitely obtained far more than what he invested, so he held Long Haochen in sincere esteem. He was already certain that by by continuing to follow him, the influence of Haochen’s pure light essence would undoubtedly help him evolve to the stage of Divine Unicorn.

With a faint flicker of light, Long Haochen showed a warm smile, “You should take a rest for now.”

Star King nodded. In a flicker of light, he turned into starlight and disappeared from his original spot.

“Shouldn’t we be tested? Where is that happening? Let’s go, now that we are here.” Sima Xian spoke in a loud voice, the gushing fighting intent in him causing the others to feel their blood surge.
Lin Xin laughed out loud, “You’re still so lacking in integrity, not the slightest bit different. The test will take place in the afternoon. What are you so hurried for? When the time comes, Ying’er’s grandfather is just going to calm you down in a single blow.”

Sima Xian snorted, “Has-drugs-bro, come for a bout if you are unhappy. Let me tell you that I have already broken through the seventh step and reached its third rank. How about you? Don’t tell me you haven’t made your breakthrough yet!”

Lin Xin responded in disdain, “Only the third rank? And you have the nerve to show off? I have already reached the fifth rank of the seventh step. You are far too lacking in terms of talent.”

“You’re at the fifth rank? I don’t believe this.” Sima Xian showed a strong disbelief.

Long Haochen declared in a chuckle, “Everyone has already gathered, so let’s take the chance to get familiar with each others’ cultivation. This will make it easier to match each other, just directly tell your rank.”

Lin Xin and Sima Xian being already done, Han Yu declared, “I am also at the fifth rank of the seventh step.” In the past always, his cultivation was always second only to Long Haochen and Cai’er. But the event involving Li Xin in addition to his original formidable talent and affinity, plus the assistance from Heart of Fire enabled him to catch up.

“I’m also at the fifth rank of the seventh step.” This time, the one speaking was Wang Yuanyuan. Her cultivation, which used to be falling behind, finally made a considerable progress.

Hearing this series of declarations, Sima Xian couldn’t help but open his eyes wide, “It can’t be! So my current cultivation is the lowest? How about you, Ying’er?” He naturally didn’t even envisage Long Haochen and Cai’er’s cultivations to possibly be below his.

Chen Ying’er immediately raised her brows at his question, “Baldie, what are you asking this for? Is it because you think I am weaker than
you? Let me tell you, this lady is at the fourth rank of the seventh step, a bit above you. And I have just beaten up has-drugs-bro in a bout. If you aren’t convinced, you can have a try.”

Although such words came out from her mouth, she had a smiling expression.

Sima Xian showed gloomy looks while speaking, “It can’t be? I have already been trying very hard. Don’t be like that! I don’t want to be the last one.”

Lin Xin feinted a comforting stance, “Alright, don’t be depressed. Ordinary people just can’t compare to geniuses, could it be that you can’t even understand this truth?”

“Puh, the rank isn’t everything. How about you two, Captain, vice- captain?”

Cai’er replied, “I am now at the sixth rank of the seventh step.” The increase of her spiritual energy being not much faster than the others was mainly due to the influence of her loss of memories. As a god’s chosen one, her progressing speed should be much faster, but these two years were mainly focused on recovering her various previous abilities under Sheng Yue’s guidance, and in particular her understanding of the assassins’ ones. By now, it could be said that Cai’er had a feeling of accumulated preparedness due to learning once again all the assassins’ abilities. If her stifled memories didn’t end up recovering, her future cultivation would keep being affected, but on the other hand, if her memories manage to get back, she will be bound to gain a massive growth.

Long Haochen replied, “I haven’t been calculating my rank because I haven’t been measuring my total count of spiritual energy. By now, my spiritual energy should be between 40,000 and 50,000, which corresponds approximately to the third rank of the eighth step. If I get the time, I will have to go measure it.”

Hearing this estimate of third rank of the eighth step, everyone had some blank looks. Although they knew that Long Haochen’s  cultivation was
bound to have already broken through the eighth step because of his Golden Foundation Armor, from what he just said, his internal spiritual energy was already near 50,000. The gap was just too wide! The strongest of the others, Cai’er, didn’t even reach 20,000. In other words, Long Haochen alone had the spiritual energy of two to three of them. And this wasn’t a trivial addition, as they could perhaps win against Long Haochen by joining hands, but in case he wants to avoid the battle, there will be no one able to stop him from that.

Hearing Long Haochen’s response, Sima Xian’s gloominess was swept clean, “Haha, my spiritual energy may be the lowest, but the gap between Boss and the rest of us is just as large. It balances things out. However, Boss, don’t be like that, you are just wounding our egos.”

Long Haochen laughed gently, “Actually, my current cultivation isn’t only due to cultivation. A lot of it is related to luck.” Actually, that’s how it was. He hadn’t broken through the eighth step a long time ago, but his spiritual energy already increased so fast. Aside from his personal talent and the opening of his spiritual cavities, it was mainly due to his absorption of the residues of Saminaga’s domain left by the Tower of Eternity, plus the boost provided to him after Haoyue’s evolution. They totalled about 100,000 spiritual energy.

Chen Ying’er exclaimed, “Boss, I have noticed that Star King was really tired. Should he be going to the battlefield so soon?”

Long Haochen shook his head, “Star king won't be joining us today. As a knight, I cannot have two mounts participate at the same time.”

Chen Ying’er showed an expression of nice surprise from her bright eyes,
“Are you saying that Haoyue will join?”

Long Haochen nodded, “From the description you gave us of your grandfather’s contracted beast, I have the feeling that Haoyue should be able to restrict it to some extent. Plus there’s no point keeping things concealed in front of your grandfather. Didn’t Temple Head give us the promise that except for your grandmother and Brother Zhang, there won’t be any other spectators?”
To get Chen Hongyu’s approval, Long Haochen decided after consultation with Zhang Fangfang to not have him participate. Otherwise, that would seem petty of him. Their team already had an extra member due to Han Yu being his retainer knight. If Zhang Fangfang was further added, that would make a total of three knights, which is a bit too much.

Long Haochen resolutely declared, “After we pass through this test, we will have a good discussion about what happened during these two years. For now, let’s cultivate separately to be at our optimum state when we confront Temple Head Chen’s test.”

“Yes!” Everyone stuck out their chest and replied loudly. Two hours later.
Myriad Beasts Mountain Pass, Spiritual Temple’s Fighting Beasts Ground.

The so-called Fighting Beasts Ground was actually an appellation for training ground, which only exists in the Spiritual Temple.

Because the Spiritual Temple was formed of summoners, there were frequently summoned beasts breaking out of control in times of training. So these training grounds had a great difference compared to the other Temples.

First is concerning the scale of such training grounds.

The Fighting Beasts Ground would be the largest outside from the Alliance’s Great Testing Ground in Holy City. Its shape is circular, with a radius of thirty meters, and is surrounded by elevated watching seats. The watching seats are protected by defensive magic formations, directed entirely against magical beasts. As long as magical beasts are inside, they won’t possibly be able to break out from there unless the staff people take the initiative to release them. This goes even for the magical beasts of the tenth rank comparable to human powerhouses of the ninth step.
From this one can see how astonishing the defensive power of this Fighting Beasts Ground is.

Chen Hongyu’s choice of this ground for carrying out the test of Long Haochen’s group was simple. In a smaller training field, he was afraid of possible danger. The defenses here enabled him to display his strength to the best extent, without risk of spiritual energy leaking.

The Fighting Beasts Ground only had two entrances, opposite to each other.

At this time, the two entrances were opened. Chen Hongyu slowly strolled from the eastern entrance. He was clad in a white summoner’s gown, giving off a very relaxed look.

As per Long Haochen’s request, Chen Hongyu already accepted not using any equipment on today’s test. But his domain was still on the map.

Despite Chen Hongyu’s capacity as the head of the Spiritual Temple, he didn’t underestimate Long Haochen’s group. Quite the opposite, he regarded the seven of them as worthy opponents. Although these were still very young children, they already produced miracles on more than one occasion. In particular, Long Haochen caused the decision of the Alliance to carry out the Holy War against demons, that’s how the Temple Alliance valued him. To carry the heavy responsibility of being the Provisional Saint Knight Head at such a young age couldn’t be achieved by anyone. And Hongyu personally admitted that killing three demon gods in succession and destroying the demon god pillar of Andromalius isn’t something anyone can do.

Chapter 584

What’s more, Long Haochen wasn’t the only genius in this team. Just think about his own granddaughter. Her physique as a god’s chosen one was finally awakened, formally making her the Spiritual Saint Girl. As the mythological beasts’ emissary, her control over summons was as one may well imagine. If he didn’t use his domain either, maybe these youngsters would really inflict him with a setback. That would be a terrible loss of face! Moreover, Chen Hongyu’s fundamental goal was to stop Chen Ying’er from risking her life. He also believed that any other Temple Head present would definitely stop them from penetrating deep in demon territory.

So on this day, Chen Hongyu was prepared to teach these youngsters a good lesson no matter what, so that they can train in calm cultivation. He didn’t have the slightest intention to go easy on them, and decided firmly to defeat Long Haochen’s group to retain Chen Ying’er here. As for Yang Wenzhao’s situation of danger, it could only wait for the Alliance to dispatch powerhouses for rescue. Compared to his granddaughter, a grandson-in-law had a far lower position in his heart.

This time, Chen Hongyu was confronted by the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmers of Hope, formed of seven members, entering slowly from the western entrance, not late at all.

On the watching platforms, Sanshui Popo was seated since a long time ago. Calm and easygoing, she had an extreme understanding of her husband’s strength. She didn’t believe that these young guys with exaggerated opinions of their own ability had any chance.
Zhang Fangfang was seated beside Sanshui   Popo,   his   gaze traveling downwards. Although he wasn’t too confident in the chances of Long Haochen’s group, he secretly prayed for them to persevere for a long enough time.

In a flicker of radiant light, Long Haochen’s eyes had a brilliant glint, “Is everyone ready yet?”

Han Yu took the first step, “Captain, Guardian Knight Han Yu is reporting for duty.”

Sima Xian followed tightly, “Captain, Discipline Priest Sima Xian is reporting for duty.”

The next one was Lin Xin, “Captain, fire mage Lin Xin is reporting for duty.”

Chen Ying’er, “Captain, summoner Chen Ying’er is reporting for duty.”

Wang Yuanyuan beat on her armor with great strength, and her eyes appeared this instant quite red, “Captain, Warlord Wang Yuanyuan is reporting for duty.”

The final one was Cai’er. Although she had lost her past memories, hearing the loud introductions of her comrades, she felt a surge of cold blood boil in her body, loudly stating, “Captain, assassin Cai’er is reporting for duty.”

“Good, let’s proceed for our test.” Long Haochen responded in a vigorous voice, extending his right hand.

Their hands were stacked one after another. As their seven hands were stacked, an overflowing fighting intent immediately burst forth with great confidence. One could faintly see a thin golden radiance dispersed from the seven of them.
It came from the Soul Sharing Chains binding them. Its use was not only limited to Life Sharing, but it also faintly produced a feeling of soul connection.

Since two years ago, their strength had progressed, but also the abilities from their equipment. At that very moment, the persistence visible in all members of Bright Glimmer of Hope made them already forget who their opponent was. They only had one conviction in their hearts, that no matter how strong the enemy is, they definitely won’t let him get in th eir way.

Standing in front of them, Chen Hongyu felt that the most clearly. The instant Long Haochen led his group in, Chen Hongyu could faintly sense their grave and deep demeanor. That steadiness totally unexpected from such youth already astonished the Spiritual Temple’s head. But the following scene made him unable to contain his surprise and be filled with great admiration.

The members of the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope expressed their resolution by reporting so formally to Long Haochen. With every additional report for duty, their imposing manners grew by a share, until the seven of them were done.

The team’s vigor was blended well, the formidable oppressive force and dense murderous spirit as well as imposing fighting intent already raised their morale to the peak.

In such circumstances, they were bound to display one hundred percent of their strength in the battlefield.

No wonder Long Haochen had such confidence, and no wonder they killed several demon gods in a succession. There was really a basis for them to get the title of Bright Glimmer of Hope.

This instant, Chen Hongyu even started to doubt his own decision. He just saw personally the change in Chen Ying’er alongside her comrades. The incredible vigor, determination and energy she just showed would never appear in her ordinary times of cultivation.
This instant, Chen Ying’er became unlike a little child, but a real Demon Hunter confronting the demon forces. Even Chen Hongyu felt as if he couldn’t recognize her.

On the viewing platform, Sanshui Popo also had an expression of shock, “These chidren are really outstanding! To actually raise their own morale with such methods.”

Zhang Fangfang showed a faint smile, “Senior, their outstandingness is not limited to that. You will very rapidly witness that with your own eyes. I trust them, Captain Long has never made uncertain decisions.”

Sanshui Popo asked with some doubts, “Don’t tell me you really believe that they can defeat my home’s old man? Shouldn’t you be aware of his strength?”

Zhang Fangfang shook his head, “I don’t know what level Head Chen’s strength reached, but I am certain that Long Haochen’s group definitely won’t be easily defeated. That’s the promise he gave to miss Ying’er and to their whole team. I believe that their strength will surely keep rising to the highest skies under Long Haochen’s lead.”

Sanshui Popo had a stern smile, “Good. Let’s just wait and see.” By now, even she had expectations for this test. She wanted to see whether these children could show her a pleasant surprise, what kind of miracle they’d produce.

The gates on the two sides of the Beast Fighting Field shut simultaneously, immediately giving way to another source of heavy atmosphere.

Leading his group, Long Haochen stepped forward. As they formed a row, he respectfully spoke, “Greetings, Temple Head Chen. We are very honored to receive your test.”

Chen Hongyu responded calmly, “No need for formalities, that was our deal. As long as you can defeat me, Ying’er is free to do as it pleases her
in the future. But on the other hand, I hope that if it isn’t the case, you won’t keep troubling me in the future. Understood?”

Long Haochen nodded lightly, “Senior, can we start now?”

Chen Hongyu replied, “As we agreed, I won’t use any equipment in this test. But be careful, I will go all out and won’t show mercy just because of your young age.”

“Okay, senior. Please do so.”

Chen Hongyu had an indifferent smile, “Come then.” As he said so, queer manners came out from him.

Being the head of the Spiritual Temple, a Psychic Master, even if he’s a summoner, he won’t show the initiative to make the first move.

“Please give us your guidance senior.” With a shout, Long Haochen rapidly stepped forward, his right feet stomping on the ground to make a dash. As Chen Hongyu was believing that he was trying to make use of the speaking to launch his attack, he came to a stop after charging for five meters. The comrades behind him also showed a rapid response, taking a formation.

Long Haochen was in the front, in his left hand the Divine Snail Shield letting out orange glitters and in his right hand, the Aria of the Goddess of Light. On his left side and slightly behind, Wang Yuanyuan gripped in her hands the Divine Soul Shield alongside Bloodstorm, and on his right side, Sima Xian carried the immense Energetic Ball of Light.

The three of them formed a protective screen in front of their other mates. Lin Xin was behind Long Haochen, waving his Fire Clad Crystal while unfolding the Fire Dragon Wings on his back. Even further behind was Chen Ying’er. Han Yu was still at the rear, the Demonic Eye floating behind him, eyes wide open and dispersing psychic fluctuations to his surroundings. The next instant, Cai’er in the rear disappeared instantly and without a sound, used Invisibility.
Having the assassin covering the flanks to provide both attack and defense was undoubtedy the greatest disposition for the Demon Hunt Squad. Having one more Guardian Knight than ordinary Demon Hunt Squads enabled this perfect optimisation.

Chen Hongyu couldn’t help but nod in approval secretly at this sight. These youngsters didn’t immediately assault due to confronting a summoner, but instead firmly and steadily set their formation. This steadiness already far exceeded the expectations for their age. In actual fact, Chen Hongyu was prepared since long before for an assassin or a knight’s sudden assault.

The first to attack was naturally the mage, as the main firepower in the team.

Lin Xin lifted the Fire Crystal Staff and launched a gleaming blue Bursting Fireball at Chen Hongyu.

Although Chen Hongyu was extremely powerful, the sight of the blue fireball gave still him a fright. These were visibly not ordinary flames, but high temperature ones distorting the surrounding air.

Bzz. The air surrounding Chen Hongyu started to produce light chirps, and immediately, six pure sparkling crystals surrounded him, enveloping him in a white brilliance.

This wasn’t any offensive equipment, but a condensation of his spiritual energy. To describe it in another way, that was the reflection of the spiritual pellet of a powerhouse of the ninth step.

Despite being similarly powerhouses of the ninth step, mages and close- quarters warriors would show completely different displays of their spiritual energy. The mage type powerhouses would boost their magic through their spiritual pellet, increasing their offensive might and lessening the consumption of spiritual energy. Close quarters powerhouses would rather gain control of Spiritual Highland through their spiritual pellet, making their use of Spiritual Highland far more powerful than powerhouses of the eighth step.

Chapter 585

Long Haochen could also boost himself to the ninth step for a short period of time, but wasn’t in possession of a spiritual pellet. That was the gap separating him from the real ninth step. At the time he managed to kill the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell, a certain amount of luck was really involved. Crocell had no domain, and demon gods only had their magical crystal but no spiritual pellet. Furthermore, Crocell’s fighting strength was far from being as great as his ability of Clear Vision. Another demon god specialized in fighting could be a far tougher opponent for Long Haochen alone.

That Chen Hongyu was using his spiritual pellet from the beginning showed visibly that he didn’t look down on Long Haochen in the slightest, using his full strength from the beginning.

A soft white glint rimmed Chen Hongyu’s body as if producing a gate of light. As Lin Xin’s Bursting Fireball was already close to Chen Hongyu’s front, Chen Hongyu lifted his right hand, and a white radiance immediately drifted from it. In the midst of the six spiritual pellet images surrounding his body, a strange looking rabbit-like magical beast appeared, swallowing the Bursting Fireball whole.

What a strange sight! The high temperature and far larger fireball didn’t detonate upon striking that rabbit, but instead disappeared at a frightening speed. That rabbit-type magical beast’s belly suddenly enlarged, and when it reached the ground, a mouthful of flames was spurted toward Long Haochen’s group.
What kind of magical beast was that? Let alone Long Haochen who couldn’t recognize its type, even Chen Ying’er was dazed. She didn’t know about this kind of rabbit either!

At the start of the battle, the two sides already made a full power clash. Chen Hongyu’s incantatory chant started immediately then, but mysteriously, the six spiritual pellets surrounding his body seemed to resonate mystically to his chant. It seemed that seven identically pitched chants were produced.

Long Haochen parried the Heart of Fire shot back by the rabbit using the Divine Snail Shield in his left hand. In his right hand, the Aria of the Goddess of Light stagnated, tracing an upward trajectory from the ground. Immediately, a reddish golden blade projection was launched at the distant Chen Hongyu, filled with extremely sharp sword intent.

In fact, they were currently separated by about one hundred meters. A mere Bright Edge technique couldn’t possibly reach Chen Hongyu’s body.

However, Chen Hongyu sensed it differently. At the time Long Haochen launched this blade projection, he felt completely locked. Although it came from very far, the sharpness of that overwhelming sword intent acted directly on his chant, greatly affecting his incantation speed.

What a powerful sword intent! Chen Hongyu’s eyes contracted. He couldn’t believe that these youngsters would really give him such pleasant surprises.

At the same time Long Haochen’s attack was launched, he led the rest of the team to charge toward Chen Hongyu. No matter in which circumstances, the most effective for a close-quarter fighter against a mage is to decrease the gap between the two sides.

But not everyone charged at Chen Hongyu. Han Yu, Lin Xin, and Chen Ying’er were left behind.

Chen Ying’er already started sitting cross-legged, clasping her Crystal Ball in both her hands, with a focused and dedicated expression.
Lin Xin was also chantin

g, with a different stance from Chen Ying’er. During the chant, Lin Xin’s feet always remained on the move. Every one of his steps on the ground left a footprint carrying blue flames. These traces of flame started to fluctuate intensely with spiritual energy, amplifying his output of spiritual energy.

Han Yu was defending by their side, the Scarlet Blood sword inclined toward the ground, as his shield was held horizontally. One light spell after another was dispersed from his body.

As a Guardian Knight, Han Yu was always overshadowed behind Long Haochen, but this didn’t mean he was lacking in strength. Quite the opposite, if he was put in another team, his current strength would absolutely qualify him as a king grade Demon Hunt Squad’s captain.

His releases of halos followed at an extremely fast speed, not releasing them in a certain area but on set spots. Each halo was only aimed at one person, and provided at least a twice-higher amplification than area-targeted ones. Furthermore, these boosts wouldn’t decrease with the increase of distance from the target.

Long Haochen’s charging speed was extremely fast. At the very start, he launched Lightspeed Flash and spread out the four wings on his back, covering a hundred meters in a flash and confronting Chen Hongyu already. He unexpectedly followed right behind his projected Light Thorn. Once again, the Aria of the Goddess of Light chopped against his blade projectile, pouring its power back inside the divine sword, before slowly slashing at Chen Hongyu.

Chen Hongyu’s incantation didn’t stop from beginning to end. Right as Long Haochen arrived in front of them, the six spiritual pellet images surrounding his body enlarged and blasted at the same time, leaving six rings of light on his body.

With frantic roars, six immense figures came out, sheltering Chen Hongyu from view behind them. These were six gorilla-like magical beasts.
Each of the gorillas reached three meters height, had bloody eyes, and was full of tyrannical murderous spirit. One of the gorillas took the initiative to sweep at Long Haochen directly, shooting deep yellow rays of light at Long Haochen.

Feeling his body coming to a standstill, he felt his body pulled directly to the ground as he was closing the gap. Gravity Technique.

That’s an earth magic he was extremely familiar with. The Ninth Holy Guard was expert at using it, and these gorillas were also earth elemental magical beasts, whose Gravity Techniques even had cumulative results.

Left with no time to determine the level of cultivation of these magical beasts, Long Haochen’s Aria of the Goddess of Light still struck outwards.

No ear-piercing shrill came out, just a reddish golden brilliance which elapsed in a flash, but instantly put the gorillas to a standstill. Immediately, a reddish golden light ray extended from his head to his toe, rushing out to the ground.

The powerful gravity could restrict Long Haochen’s Lightspeed Flash. Even a powerhouse   of   the   ninth   step   would   be   delayed   by   the six combined effects. But Gravity Technique couldn’t contain Long Haochen’s sword intent. How could sword intent reaching the boundary of illuminated sword heart added up to the Aria of the Goddess of Light in a divine sword be so easy to deal with?

This was the true start of the battle. The other five gorillas also acted, two of them throwing themselves respectively on Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian, and the last three rushing at Long Haochen.

The gorillas showed very good tacit understanding. Of the three dealing with Long Haochen, two directly pounced at him, while the last one beat on its own chest, before raising its arm where a yellow brilliance blossomed. A huge stone of a diameter of one meter and completely made of energy was directly thrown at Long Haochen.
In his battle state, Long Haochen’s looks gave a completely different feeling. His gaze was calm and cold, and his entire body emitted an irresistible sharpness.

The Divine Snail Shield vanished, and Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light took its place, from an initial jadeite colored gloss. Immediately, Long Haochen’s body whirled in its original location, producing a spiral of red and green colors.

The terrible fluctuations of spiritual energy also carried a domineering attractive force. In addition to the two gorillas rushing at him, even the one throwing its rock was immediately engulfed in this whirlpool.

With miserable shouts, the two gorillas just disappeared. The whole whirlpool was only maintained for two seconds before coming to a stop. And in a mingled red and green light, a dark blue crosscut projection was shot, shooting straight toward the last gorilla.

This held no suspense. How could earth elemental magical beasts of the eighth rank possibly resist the harmonious match of the two divine swords? This third gorilla was instantly reduced to shreds, and the dark blue blade projection directly chased after Chen Hongyu’s retreating figure.

Bladestorm was coupled with Instant Burst Crosscut. In this short Bladestorm, Long Haochen didn’t hesitate to pour a large amount of spiritual energy into using spiritual highland, then poured inside the two divine swords in the midst of his cross cut.

Haoyue’s evolution helped increase his spiritual energy one stage higher, while greatly boosting Long Haochen’s external spiritual energy. This enabled him to greatly reduce the backlash as he controlled spiritual highland. Therefore, even without Haoyue’s armor transformation, he was able to pour spiritual highland energy into the two divine swords, although the spiritual energy consumption would also become massive that way.

Long Haochen’s choice to launch a full force attack naturally had its basis. He believed firmly that with Chen Hongyu’s great status, he’d surely have some contempt for them. But as the battle goes on, this contempt
won’t last for long. So he wanted to take advantage of Chen Hongyu’s current bias to create a decisive opportunity for their side.

As a matter of fact, Long Haochen’s guess was completely accurate. Although Chen Hongyu regarded these youngsters very highly, he was after all the head of the Spiritual Temple. In his opinion, even if these youngsters were even stronger, they were in the end juniors. He indeed used his full strength, but didn’t think Long Haochen’s bunch could be any threat to him. Seeing that dark blue radiance coming in his field of view, Chen Hongyu finally understood that these youngsters were strong enough to threaten his life if this were a true battle.

Taking a deep breath, Chen Hongyu let out a low shout. A black brilliance rose from him, before immediately spreading out to take the shape of a dark purple halation. The four brilliances immediately shot out, folding together in the sky to bombard the dark blue radiance unleashed by Long Haochen.

Chapter 586

Caught in a large explosion, Long Haochen was violently shaken and couldn’t keep chasing. On the two sides, Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian were long since done dealing with the previous gorillas, but also sustained terrible after effects which stopped their advancing progress.

The three of them gasped at the same time, and as shock appeared in their eyes, they also became even more serious.

The deep purple radiance on Chen Hongyu’s body already disappeared after making its appearance. As that deep purple radiance was dispersing, the head of the Spiritual Temple was standing on a deep purple illumination.

That wasn’t a form of energy, but a tyrannical magical beast. The appearance of this magical beast alone shook the whole Fighting Beast Field.

This magical beast was extended over more than forty meters, its huge wings unfolded on its back. On its whole body were deep purple scales, and its slender, majestic figure let out an extremely tyrannical dragon might. From its neck came out four heads, all of which were dragon heads.

Every dragon head had different colored eyes of green, red, yellow and blue color.

Looking at this magical beast, Long Haochen couldn’t help but have a very queer feeling. Wasn’t this magical beast a bit like an enlarged version of Haoyue? It’s just that it only had four heads, but its atmosphere and
cultivation were far above Haoyue’s. This was without a doubt a magical beast of the tenth step, and one controlling four different elements.

That was the contracted beast of the Spiritual Temple’s head, a four- headed chimera.

Chimeras are a kind of dragon, which can be called sub-dragons. But that’s for the two-headed ones. If they can get their third head, they will be as strong as a real gigantic dragon. And a four-headed chimera is a magical beast of the antique type, surely an existence of the tenth rank, and standing on the peak of this tenth rank.

Of course, four-headed chimeras wield totally different elements. The same went for this four-headed chimera of Chen Hongyu’s. Its four heads may not be peak masters in their own elements, but never forget that the four elements produce cumulative effects. Although the holy light element which is the greatest nemesis of darkness wasn’t present, there was no need to doubt this four-headed chimera’s power. And it had a pleasant name to hear, Xingxuan.

Chen Ying’er explained in advance the power of her grandfather’s four- headed chimera. Among all known magical beasts of the tenth rank in history, Chen Hongyu’s four-headed chimera was absolutely in the top ten, far more powerful than the Forest Boa King Long Haochen’s group encountered.

Even the Saw Skate King couldn’t rival it in terms of total strength.

Seated on his four-headed chimera, Chen Hongyu had a clear, unsightly complexion. He didn’t expect Long Haochen’s bunch to compel him into fielding his contracted beast in such a short time.

This loss of face naturally had to be retrieved. As he proceeded with a muffled chant, the four-headed chimera launched a blunt offense towards Long Haochen’s group.

Its immense tail swept across the land like a like a tsunami, aiming straight at Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian. That imposing power and force
immediately horrified the three.

Simultaneously flapping their spiritual wings, the three of them flew without hesitation. Meet it head on? Don’t dream, even Sima Xian, who’s the most confident in his strength, wouldn’t commit such a f

oolish act! That’s a magical beast of the tenth rank which can eat whole bodies in a mouthful. That tail was about twenty meters long, with bulges growing all over and a sharp end point. One who would be swept by it would at least have his whole skin shred if not die.

At this time, the battle already entered an intensified point. Right as Long Haochen’s group of three rose up, the four-headed chimera’s four heads let out their simultaneous breaths, shot like hurricanes of four different elements engulfing the three of them. The terrible fluctuations of spiritual energy directly shook the whole Fighting Beasts Ground.

This wasn’t the first time for Long Haochen to be confronting a powerhouse of the ninth step. Facing such a situation, he didn’t show the slightest timidity, and once in midair, didn’t draw back, but, flapping his four wings, launched another Instant Burst Crosscut.

In an ear-piercing lacerating sound, that deep blue color appeared once again in the sky, unexpectedly forcibly tearing the four colored breaths of the chimera.

Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian took the advantage earlier to place themselves behind Long Haochen’s back, and drew back very rapidly. Long Haochen was left alone in front of the threat.

In a flash of golden light, Yating appeared that time behind Long Haochen’s back, and immediately, a gloss of whitish gold landed on the incantating Chen Hongyu.

Chen Hongyu felt an immense pulling force reach out abruptly. Even his spiritual energy’s cultivation was unable to stabilize his body, which was directly heading towards Long Haochen.
That was Pull, the enhanced version.   Once before, even the Lich King ate a severe loss. The attack he just launched was at full force, not sparing any cost of spiritual energy. Aside from the importance of seizing the initiative, it was also important that he close with Hongyu. His evolved Pull ability was simply of too great use against mages. They have a weak body, so if they are at close range...heehee. And don’t forget that Chen Hongyu promised not to use any weapon or equipment.

As expected, Chen Hongyu was greatly started by the Pull ability hitting, but the next one to suffer a loss wasn’t him but Long Haochen.

In a fierce collision of spiritual energy, Long Haochen was repelled and his dark green and reddish gold two-toned radiances only left two trails on the sky.

As expected, Long Haochen’s Pull ability indeed landed, but don’t forget that he still had his contracted beast at his side.

A contracted beast which was able to rise to the tenth rank of cultivation is not simply an aide in battle. Seeing Chen Hongyu about to enter Long Haochen’s attacking range, that huge chimera immediately glinted in purple color along with Chen Hongyu’s body. The next instant, a drizzling purple gloss appeared on Chen Hongyu’s body. When it clashed against Long Haochen, his body was sent flying over more than a hundred meters distance, which naturally stopped the effects of the ability Pull. The four- headed chimera bluntly spit another breath, but this time, the four colored breaths made one, turning into a tyrannical elemental storm rushing toward Long Haochen’s group. That was the full strike blow from a magical beast of the tenth rank.

“Gather!” Although Long Haochen was repelled, he hadn’t sustained any serious injury. Right after his shout, the others were already done gathering, and this time, a multicolored golden light spread out from the front of Long Haochen’s body.

The divine-tool-class Divine Snail Shield used the combination of Shield Wall and Divine Obstruction.

An extremely violent explosion was discharged in the Beast Fighting Ground, and the surrounding walls shook intensely. All the defensive formations on the upper walls activated simultaneously as the terrifying fluctuations of spiritual energy reached the ultimate peak this time.

Chen Hongyu’s back was still dripping with cold sweat. The previous move was really close. If the four-headed chimera hadn’t responded so promptly, he would really have been pulled into Long Haochen’s attacking range. Although he’s a powerhouse of the ninth step, he’s still a mage! If Long Haochen’s sword strike had landed on him, he couldn’t have borne the damage. The terrifying sword intent accumulated into Long Haochen’s two swords was something he could feel deeply.

How could he use such a powerful pulling ability? Chen Hongyu was still gasping a bit for breath. The look he had became extremely vigilant, from this point onwards, he won’t look down on these seven opponents anymore. From the looks of it, Long Haochen’s group seemed to have suffered a loss, but in actual fact, Chen Hongyu wasn’t much better. Under the protection of the four-headed medusa, he was confident in suffering no attacks from Long Haochen’s group, so he went all out in his incantation. But Long Haochen’s Pull suddenly interrupted that incantation, causing a hard-to-bear magic backlash. If not for his high level of cultivation, he would have just been spitting blood.

The thin radiances were on the move in the sky, but the elemental storm could only pass through the two sides of the Divine Snail Shield. This kind of large area attack was the most inefficient against the Divine Snail Shield. Although Long Haochen’s spiritual energy was still depleted at a frantic speed, his group remained as safe as houses on the same ground.

Right at this time, Chen Ying’er’s incantation was terminated.

To a global deep shock, gates filled with immense life force emerged from Chen Ying’er’s back, forming a large row. The instant this magic completed, these gates of light formed another row in the Fighting Beast Ground. A total of eighteen gates had appeared in front of Chen Hongyu.
That’s Creature Summoning Gates? Chen Hongyu and Sanshui Popo on the viewing platform both became dumbstruck.

As powerful summoners, they were naturally able to use the Creature Summoning Gate. And with Chen Hongyu’s cultivation, he’s able to use simultaneously six of these Creature Summoning Gates to summon tides of beasts against the demons.

At the time of Chen Ying’er’s awakening as the Spiritual Saint Girl, although her cultivation was far from sufficient, this Creature Summoning Gate she could wield since she was young also evolved, enabling her to simultaneously wield six of them. But how could there appear eighteen of them? In all the records of the Spiritual Temple, there had never been a summoner able to display the terrifying sight of eighteen Creature Summoning Gates.

After completing her magic, Chen Ying’er visibly became extremely tired. Sitting cross-legged at her original location, she murmured some words. Then, the hundred and eight spiritual pellets on her Spiritual Saint Robe lit immediately, supplying back her previous consumption.

The greatest use of the Spiritual Saint Robe was as a supply of spiritual energy. In terms of efficiency, it was far beyond compare with Long Haochen’s Golden Foundation Armor.

Every spiritual pellet had a supply of 10,000 spiritual energy. In other words, Chen Ying’er’s Spiritual Saint Robe could supply 1,800,000 units of spiritual energy. But of course, this had limitations as well: no matter the massive supply of spiritual energy, she was only able to simultaneously wield the amount of her total cultivation.

Chapter 587

In other words, although being only a summoner of the seventh step, she could in practice use an almost unlimited amount of summoner spells of the seventh step. Of course, that’s just in theory, as the full use of magic does not only expend spiritual energy, but also a massive mental force. Without a calm rest, she’d hardly be able to keep performing summoning spells in this battle.

These were eighteen Creature Summoning Gates! And with Chen Hongyu and Sanshui Popo’s abilities, they could naturally tell that these weren’t illusions as each of these ones were for real.

When did this girl have so much secrets? Could the ability of the Spiritual Saint Girl be so terrible?

Of course, they didn’t know that these eighteen Creature Summoning Gates weren’t much related to her being the Spiritual Saint Girl. It came from her fused spiritual stove, Time Accumulation!

Originally, the seven who formed Long’s group and even Zhang Fangfang too, the exception being Wang Yuanyuan, all completed a fusion of spiritual stoves.

What’s a spiritual stove? That’s a natural treasure, and even acquiring just one is an incomparable source of yearning for any normal practitioner. But Long Haochen’s group all completed spiritual stove fusions. At the time Chen Ying’er’s spiritual stove fusion was completed, it didn’t seem so powerful in a lot of eyes, but as her cultivation grew, that Spiritual Stove of Time Replication gained in power as well. To wield with three times its
power one full magical skill, although it could be done only once a day, really had a terrible instant power.

Low roars and snarls came out immediately from the eighteen Creature Summoning Gates, pouncing on the four-headed chimera and Chen Hongyu.

One could only admit that these Creature Summoning Gates were not much different from before. The magical beasts coming out were still unevenly matched, some reached the second and the third rank while some reached the seventh or the eighth. The most powerful magical beasts to come out reached the eighth rank just like her cultivation.

But the current Creature Summoning Gate was totally different from the past ones. They were real Creature Summoning Gates, which wouldn’t terminate after calling out only one magical beast. An almost endless tide of magical beasts came out, frantically rushing out from her gates. In a few breaths, half of the Beast Fighting Field was full of these magical beasts.

This instant even if Chen Hongyu was was, in short, great, he's a human, not a god. He knew very familiarly the Creature Summoning Gate. A summoner wielding it fully would be able to maintain continuous surges of magical beasts. The cultivation of the beasts is directly proportional with the summoner’s cultivation. But one mustn’t forget that as the Spiritual Saint Girl, Chen Ying’er has a consequent boost on all summoner magic, for instance, enabling her Creature Summoning Gates to last for no less than twice as long.

The Fighting Beast Ground still had a limited space, and a high altitude flight forbidding magic array. In these circumstances, if Chen Hongyu allowed Chen Ying’er’s Creature Summoning Gates to wield their full power, he was afraid to not even have enough space to set foot.

Not daring to show any more reservations, Chen Hongyu’s eyes flickered. Folding his arms, his finger formed special gestures and low chants followed from him. Immediately a terrible spiritual storm took shape in front of him, and its milky white halation took the shape of an immense dragon skull, issuing a tyrannical dragon cry. pan
This milky white dragon head was really large in volume, to the extent of even enveloping the massive four-headed chimera. Along with its violent shout, the milky white radiance swept out like a huge wave.

The vanguard of the magical beasts that came out from the eighteen Creature Summoning Gates immediately stopped upon contact with that terrible white tide, crawled to the ground and didn’t dare get up, full of shivers. At the time this huge white wave made contact with the eighteen Creature Summoning Gates, they stopped showing effects and did not unleash any more magical beast.

Beast Emperor Domain! Able to suppress or boost every magical beast in its scope. Among all domains cultivable by summoners, this Beast Emperor Domain was absolutely ranked among the best ones.

Due to the the stimulation of the domain, the four chimeras’ massive body inflated once again, letting out a terrible pressure which made Long Haochen close to unable to breathe.

That was Chen Hongyu’s true strength as the head of the Spiritual Temple. Although until now, his only summoned beast was his contracted beast four-headed chimera, that instant, the whole battlefield became his. In the scope of the Beast Emperor Domain, he was like the controller of a thousand beasts. As the time of his domain increases, the magical beasts surging from the Creature Summoning Gate will instead enter in his control.

“Still want to continue?” Chen Hongyu coldly asked. He didn’t order the four-headed chimera to keep up the assault, as in the end, he didn’t want to wound these youngsters. Such a formidable might should be enough to convince these youngsters to surrender in his opinion.

“Of course we are going on.” In the midst of recuperating her mental force with her eyes shut, Chen Ying’er suddenly opened her eyes, and her body started to float from the ground. This instant, it released a glistening luster of white color, a transparent white.

The creature designs on the Spiritual Saint Robe’s seemed as if alive, moving rythmically in the midst of that white halation. A hundred and eight
spiritual pellets blossomed with dazzling light.

Her use of the Spiritual Stove of Time Replication to call out eighteen Creature Summoning Gates was for the sake of forcing out her grandfather’s Beast Emperor Domain. In their battle plans, getting rid of this Beast Emperor Domain was her mission.

For the sake of going to save Yang Wenzhao she had already been compelling her comrades to accept her grandfather’s challenge. How could she not bear a heavier strain? Only she was really familiar with Chen Hongyu’s strength, and the might of his powerful domain.

Exhaling a long breath, Chen Ying’er chained three hand movements, and her eyes turned into an oozing milky white color. A white colored ball of light gradually taking shape in her hands, she shouted in her cute voice, “Spirit Bestowal!”

The white colored ball of light shooting out directly landed onto her Crystal Ball floating alongside her. Immediately, the whole crystal ball turned into a milky white color, and immediately, a milky white pillar of light shot vertically, aiming straight for the core of Chen Hongyu’s Beast Emperor Domain, that immense dragon skull.

What a strange sight. Even the so powerful four-headed chimera didn’t dare stand in front of the tiny white pillar. It took a split second for it to land onto the dragon skull producing the Beast Emperor Domain.

A baffling scene followed. The exhaled immense dragon head shook violently under the stimulation of the white glow. Chen Hongyu was shocked, finding out that he became unable to control his own domain. If he didn’t withdraw it, his Beast Emperor Domain could collapse at anytime.

A domain wasn’t made of spiritual energy, and would recuperate after its use. But in case it is destroyed, its user will suffer severe damage. Wasn’t the Demon God of Death Saminaga a strong enemy? But having the half of his Domain of Death engulfed by the Tower of Eternity immediately inflicted severe damage on him.
Not daring to take risks, Chen Hongyu hurriedly chanted to retrieve his Beast Emperor Domain. Immediately a brilliance spread as the immense dragon skull gradually shrank.

Without the boost from the domain, the four-headed chimera regained its original size, and the magical beasts on the ground launched their assault.

However, after launching that white glow, Chen Ying’er’s crystal ball let out a Ding sound and broke down. She also fell down from the sky, her mental force having gone past its limits, and she lost consciousness. The eighteen Creature Summoning Gates having lost their owner considered their duty as done, and disappeared in the sky one after another. However, before that, over a hundred magical beast had launched their attack against the four-headed chimera and Chen Hongyu.

In a flash of light, Han Yu caught the falling Chen Ying’er and placed her on the ground.

Speaking of which, Chen Ying’er getting rid of her grandfather’s domain was nothing less than an absurd feat. Indeed, Chen Hongyu’s Beast Emperor Domain was incomparably powerful amongst all summoner domains, but don’t forget whose power Chen Ying’er inherited as the Spiritual Saint Girl. That was the mythological beasts’ power! How could a beast emperor compare with a mythological beast! So her use of Spirit Bestowal could be considered the release of the mythological beasts’ power. Even the beast emperor would tremble in front of that. So in front of Chen Ying’er, Chen Hongyu’s domain was really inefficient.

The fact that Chen Ying’er’s ability of Spirit Bestowal could possibly suppress his own domain was told to her personally by Chen Hongyu. At that moment, Chen Hongyu felt a bit torn between tears and laughter. The suppression of his domain made a rapid victory visibly impossible. Long Haochen’s team could be considered having sacrified the battle strength of their summoner of the seventh step in exchange for getting rid of Chen Hongyu’s most powerful ability, his domain. What a totally unfair trade!

Long Haochen didn’t rush to assault: these hundred beasts’ attacks were quite fierce, but he  couldn’t harmonize with  them.. His figure flashed,
getting in front of Chen Ying’er. A golden light extended from his right hand as Chen Ying’er was teleported inside the Tower of Eternity, freeing them of worries.

And, at this time Lin Xin's chant, which he started at the same time as Chen Ying’er’s Creature Summoning Gate, was finally finished.

The Fire Cloud Staff was glinting in blue color, and immediately, that blue colored light underwent continuous changes. In Lin Xin’s surroundings a liquid-like blue halation rose, and behind him floated a one-meter-tall silhouette full of might.

The Fire Cloud Crystal pointed forward, and, at the direction of the chimera, shot a thumb-wide blue ray.

This blue ray didn’t give off the feeling of spiritual energy, but seemed like real substance. Everywhere it passed, the air seemed to clearly become fresh and clean, and the Fighting Beast Ground seemed purified of all impurities in a split second.

Chapter 588

Vulcan’s Finger, a powerful fire element single targeted spell of the eighth step.

Vulcan’s Finger was ranked among the best fire spells of the eighth step. It not only provided a sufficient supply of spiritual energy, but also required a powerful control to be utilized. That’s because the incantation will compress fire essence to the greatest extent, and in case of mistake a terrible backlash will follow, and that terrible power may backfire on the user.

To dare launch such a difficult spell of the eighth step at the seventh step cultivation, one could see the extent of Lin Xin’s self confidence. At this time, if Chen Ying’er was still sober-headed, she’d understand that it wasn’t without basis that Lin Xin felt wronged that day. How could such a formidable offensive power be aimed at his own comrades?

A bluish illumination instantly stretched across the whole sky.

The four-headed chimera showed a look of disdain, and its fiery red eyed head let out a red-hot breath of fire.

This concentrated breath traced a spiral in the sky, and formed a sort of spinning flame spear, clashing against Vulcan’s Finger.

Lin Xin having used Heart of Fire to form Vulcan’s Finger, this magic’s might naturally reached the peak, even nearing the level of a fire spell of the ninth step. But that four-headed chimera was also a fully qualified powerhouse of the ninth step.
Will his move succeed?

The instant the blue fire and red fire came into contact, an extremely strange scene followed. The red flames were thoroughly penetrated, and one could visibly see a shadow come out from it, heading for the chimera’s body.

Lin Xin’s strength was obviously incomparable with the chimera, but although this four-headed chimera was a magical beast of the tenth rank, its power was in the end divided amongst four heads. Its most powerful aspect was the ability to wield four elements simultaneously, as well as to be a powerful magical beast combining both martial and magic prowesses. Its strength in pure magic still fell short compared to a true mage of the ninth step. Against Lin Xin’s attack which was prepared for such a long time, it suffered a large loss.

The magic clash came very fast, so the chimera’s other three heads didn’t have the time to come in support. Still, Lin Xin’s attack was still greatly weakened by the spit breath, so its damaging power couldn’t be as severe.

But as a mage, whose contracted beast is like a second life, how could Chen Hongyu stare blankly at his comrade getting wounded?

His right hand stretched a finger, pointed forward, and another spiritual pellet image took shape from it, drilling through the chimera’s flames to obstruct the way of Vulcan’s finger.

The greatly compressed blue flames were suddenly attracted by the spiritual image pellet, heading toward Chen Hongyu which freed the chimera from danger.

Chen Hongyu didn’t care much about that blue ray. His body was surrounded from beginning to end by twisting waves, which immediately to rapidly disperse that ray.

A summoner is originally even more frail than a mage, because they have even less defensive magic at disposal. How could Chen Hongyu have no
measure for his own safety? He hadn’t forgotten about the vanished assassin, and therefore put in place a very complete defense.

His defensive magic currently in use was called Spiritual Protection, which is a formidable defensive magic combining spiritual energy and mental force. Able to produce an extremely astonishing defensive power, although it doesn’t reach the level of the ninth step, it diff ers very slightly. And more importantly, this magic doesn’t deplete much spiritual energy, and can be backed for a long time.

Just as Chen Hongyu believed that the power of Vulcan’s Finger was close to termination, the blue ray suddenly disappeared, but gave way to a black flash of light. It pierced a needle sized hole in the protective screen formed by Spiritual Protection, directly thrusting toward Chen Hongyu.

No good! Chen Hongyu was in great shock in this situation of danger. He had no thought to spare for saving face and fiercely dodged backwards.

A glowing-red light smelling of the odor of darkness stuck to his skin, burning a slice of his hair. If he hadn’t showed a rapid response, he was afraid he would really be wounded by that move. That greenish-black ray was like a needle of flames, treacherously concealed inside Vulcan’s Finger, and dug out only when Vulcan’s Finger was nearly extinguished. It not only had an extreme penetrative force, but was also noiseless. If Chen Hongyu didn’t have the defense of Spiritual Protection to earn some time for himself, he’d truly have suffered a terrible loss this time. Although this level of a strike wouldn’t kill someone at his level of cultivation, those fires imbued with darkness would definitely have brought no good results when drilling inside his body.

Lin Xin stomped on the ground afar, disconsolately retorting, “So close!”

Chen Hongyu’s sorry figure also astonished Long Haochen and the others, who couldn’t help but have a whole new level of respect for Lin Xin. This was not just one spell, but two mixed together. And they didn’t know where that greenish black fire needle came from either.
Vulcan’s Finger was originally a spell of higher step, and he unexpectedly used it to cover up yet another spell. From this Lin Xin’s level of control in fire magic could be well seen. It was really extremely fine.

Originally, Lin Xin was naturally not making such plot against Chen Hongyu, as that was Chen Ying’er’s grandfather, but the four-headed chimera. It was by chance that Chen Hongyu redirected it, and almost suffered a terrible loss.

“Has-drugs-bro, what spell was that?” Sima Xian asked in astonishment.

Lin Xin had a mischievous laughter in response, “Vulcan’s Finger combined with Hellfire Needle, wasn’t that awesome?”

“Awesome!” Sima Xian wasn’t stingy of praise in the slightest, and made a thumbs up.

“Cojoined Spiritual Boost!” Long Haochen shouted loudly. Just as Lin Xin’s Vulcan’s Finger showed stunning effects, Long Haochen summoned Haoyue. This loud shout immediately made everyone react, and except from the still concealed Cai’er, everyone jumped to Haoyue’s back.

Where could Lin Xin’s Hellfire Needle come from? Long Haochen recalled it after pondering, that originally, there had obtained a Crown of Heritage glinting in greenish black fire after killing a demon god’s successor, which was naturally passed at this time to Lin Xin. As a fire mage, maybe he could find some use for it. And everyone had long since forgotten about this Crown of Heritage.

Now it looked that Lin Xin didn’t pour any of his own spiritual energy inside, after all this Crown of Heritage was emitting a fierce aura of darkness. If fused inside his Heart of Fire, it would probably show the opposite reaction instead.

In actual facts, Lin Xin made a special magic concealed inside his body thanks to that Crown of Heritage. Its special fire was able to regenerate autonomously, making an extremely pure corrosive fire. Lin Xin’s tolerance
was only three of these Hellfire Needles. Through his incessant use of Heart of Fire to refine them and his progress, these Hellfire Needs were not below a spell of the eighth step. That was his killing weapon, that he had just used for the first time. The previous spell that was completed was only Vulcan’s Finger alone, but at the last juncture, this needle was poured inside Vulcan’s Finger.

Don’t look down on this assimilation! The concealment of a Hellfire Needle inside Vulcan’s Finger without rejection was even concealed from the head of the Mage Temple. This level of spiritual energy control can be rated as the work of a grandmaster. Lin Xin showed a control exceeding his current cultivation step!

Behind Long Haochen were Wang Yuanyuan, then Lin Xin, Sima Xian and Han Yu, making a total of five people, who all swallowed a Cojoined Spiritual Pill. As Long Haochen was standing on the thick neck linking Haoyue’s six heads, the other four formed a row on his back. Powerful fluctuations of spiritual energy passed through his arm, as Long Haochen’s imposing manners immediately rose severalfold higher.

The Conjoined Spiritual Boost enabled users to boost spiritual energy, and the Golden Foundation Armor too. But how do these two differ? It differs in that the Conjoined Spiritual Boosting Pills applies to every one of Long Haochen’s attacks, while at most the Golden Foundation Armor and Star King boost his total storage.

The Cojoined Spiritual Boosting applies for a short time, but during this time Long Haochen’s offensive power gains a whole level. And that was their present final solution when facing a powerful enemy.

This was Haoyue’s first appearance in the battlefield after gaining his sixth head. Lifting all his heads forward and flapping the wings on his back, he let out a snarl while brazenly elevanting himself high in the sky.

With a light movement, his amethyst colored scales produced dense purple fluctuations. All six heads lifted up. Despite that he was still far from the four-headed chimera in volume and cultivation, the instant Haoyue
appeared on stage, he completely overwhelmed Chen Hongyu’s contracted beast in imposing manners.

With this howl of fury, a dense purple intent was liberated from Haoyue’s body. As it spread to the whole battlefield, he faced the four-headed chimera which had just been dealing with those magical beasts that came out from the Creature Summoning Gates. But the instant the purple intent spread, all magical beasts turned their heads to look at Haoyue, including also the four-headed chimera. Feelings of alarm even exceeding the time of the appearance of the Beast Emperor Domain arose in them, and even the four-headed chimera was no exception.

From the outside, Haoyue and the four-headed chimera had a great resemblance in their multiple heads, wings, and shapes close to dragons. The difference was that Xingxuan’s heads looked closer to dragons, or rather had fundamentally the look of dragons’, and her scales were a lot more thick. But in terms of color, the amethyst colored glow coming out from Haoyue’s body was even more brilliant.

The instant Xingxuan’s look gathered on Haoyue’s body, this magical beast of the tenth rank immediately halted, and didn’t even dare launch an attack at the magical beasts attacking below.

The large wings originally maintaining her body floating shivered incessantly, unable to even maintain her massive body floating. With a large bang, it fell to the ground and crushed some lower ranked magical beasts.

Chapter 589

Haoyue looked like he didn’t even put the four-headed chimera in his eyes, and held his six large heads high with a bellow, proudly standing like a minor sovereign king.

This scene was totally unexpected. Even Long Haochen himself couldn’t help but look on in a daze. This was just as his comrades had just taken Conjoined Spiritual Boosting Pills, preparing to enter his most supreme mode to confront Chen Hongyu’s test.

But Chen Hongyu’s strongest contracted beast suddenly fell to the ground, and after having gotten out of the way of the Hellfire Needle, Chen Hongyu nearly fell from its back. That was really a monstrous situation. After all, as that wasn’t an enemy, Long Haochen didn’t choose to take advantage of this opportunity to launch an attack against Chen Hongyu.

“How could that be?” Chen Hongyu’s shock was extreme. Milky-white soul fluctuations were spread out from his body, covering the chimera Xingxuan, but things turned out contrary to his wishes. His boost didn’t show any utility as Xingxuan’s trembling became only more and more distinct. The four heads were all pressed against the ground, foam starting to come out from their mouths and noses.

This time, Chen Hongyu couldn’t attend to testing Long Haochen’s group further. To a summoner, a contracted beast is like an extension of their own life! In case something happens to the contracted beast, the summoner’s cultivation is bound to suffer a severe blow and maybe even a fatal wound.
“What did you do to Xingxuan?” Chen Hongyu was enraged, but looking clearly at Haoyue’s appearance, he couldn’t help but look blank.

Long Haochen was also greatly amazed at Xingxuan's state, because he hadn’t told Haoyue to launch the slightest attack. And Xingxuan being a magical beast of the tenth rank, how could any of Haoyue’s attacks even beat her? For a moment, he was totally confused and unable to make heads or tails of the situation, hurriedly getting off from Haoyue’s back.

In a flash, his figure appeared beside Chen Hongyu, and on his back, Cai’er’s figure noiselessly emerged. If that was a real enemy, the previous instant Chen Hongyu shouted loudly at Long Haochen would be the best opportunity to make her move.

“Senior, we didn’t do anything, and didn’t even attack!” The Conjoined Spiritual Pills’ effects were still present, but because they weren’t released, Long Haochen’s body felt unpleasant, barely suppressing the Cojoined Spiritual Pills’ backlash, as he spoke these words very helplessly to Chen Hongyu.

Seeing that he wasn’t even able to transmit his thoughts to Xingxuan, Chen Hongyu unexpectedly sweated profusely, “You didn’t do anything? But look at how Xingxuan became. It’s that magical beast, your magical beast. Don’t tell me that it could even suppress her blood?”

After all, he was the Spiritual Temple’s head. As Chen Ying’er said, in this world, no one had a better understanding of magical beasts than her grandfather. Mentioning a blood purity suppression, Chen Hongyu’s eyes became   filled   with   unbelief.   And   when   looking   further   at Haoyue’s appearance, he looked as if seeing a monster, and couldn’t help but tremble profusely.

“That can’t be… A six-headed chimera...” Chen Hongyu’s looked lifelessly at Haoyue, both his hands and feet ice-cold for a moment. He hadn’t forgotten about Xingxuan’s predicament, and hastily told Long Haochen, “Hurry up, send your mount back, fast!” His last word became almost a howl; from this, one could see the terrible eagerness filling him.
Long H aochen didn’t dare tarry overlong, and rapidly turned back, making a gesture to Haoyue who gave a last look of disdain to Xingxuan before lifting his head and disappearing in the midst of a purple illumination.

What a mysterious sight followed. The instant he disappeared, Xingxuan’s shaking came to a stop, and she stopped spitting foam. But the other magical beasts who weren’t as lucky were all shrouded in the purple intent released by Haoyue. At the very moment, they were all limp, and the ones lower in cultivation even died directly. The ones higher in cultivation were still in limp states. For a moment, magical beast urine kept flowing, covering the whole Fighting Beast Ground with an unpleasant smell.

Haoyue’s departure made Chen Hongyu greatly relax. Turning his eyes toward Long Haochen, his look became totally different, as if looking at a monster. The four-headed chimera was also gradually recovering, and fast at that, being a magical beast of the tenth rank. Raising all four heads, it didn’t have the slightest residue of frightened demeanor. And in particular when looking at Long Haochen, its massive body drew back, taking the initiative to return to where it was summoned, not even calling out at last to Chen Hongyu.

“Senior, what just happened?” Long Haochen had great difficulty to suppress the backlash of the Cojoined Spiritual Pills, but totally unable to make heads or tails of what was originally an extremely ordinary test turning to such a theatrical sight, how could he show no astonishment?

Chen Hongyu firmly stared fixedly at Long Haochen, “Where have you gotten that mount from? Tell me!”
Long Haochen replied, “From the Knights’ Sacred Mountain.” “Impossible.” Chen Hongyu cut him off categorically, “How could your
Knights’ Sacred Mountain have a six-headed chimera in it? Don’t you know what six-headed chimeras are?”

Long Haochen looked at Chen Hongyu in astonishment, “Are you saying that Haoyue is a six-headed chimera?”
Chen Hongyu nodded without any hesitation, “For certain. Otherwise how could he have exhibited such an intense blood purity suppression towards Xingxuan? Even a more powerful magical beast never achieved that.”

The others were all encircling them, and even the spectators Sanshui Popo and Zhang Fangfang had come down. Sanshui Popo remarked, “You should know what blood purity suppression is. Magical beasts are formed up of many races. And in every race exist different strict categories. That’s the system of class between magical beasts, an aspect that is a bit similar to us humans. Simply speaking, there are dissociations like commoner and nobles among magical beasts, and in front of the noble ones, commoners of the same race would be greatly suppressed, that’s their blood purity suppression. Therefore, when a war happens in a same race, the contest of power will always be between the nobles of highest blood status. If the difference between their blood statuses is very large, due to the suppression by the powerful one, a battle will absolutely not occur. Only when the purity in their blood doesn’t differ a lot, can a battle possibly break out.”

“Let me give you a simple example.” Sanshui Popo pointed at Han Yu’s Demonic Eye Commander, “Your Demonic Eye is at the commander level. If a despotic levelled Demonic Eye was here, its strength would be bound to be greatly suppressed. There’s no way it could even move against the Despotic Demonic Eye.”

Listening to Sanshui Popo’s explanation, everyone gained a better understanding of blood purity suppression.

At this moment, Chen Hongyu had calmed down greatly, taking a deep tone, “Just before, Xingxuan was like an ordinary Demonic Eye seeing a Despotic Demonic Eye when seeing your six-headed chimera, which is why it was so unbearable for her. If exposed for too long to the six-headed chimera’s presence, that could possibly even threaten her life. Now I finally understand why the Demon God Emperor values you so highly. You have on your side a god, which can even threaten the demons’ rule.” Long Haochen wrinkled his brows, “Temple Head, just wait. I feel that something is wrong. Just now, Senior Sanshui said that a Tyrannical
Demonic Eye would suppress a Demonic Eye Commander, and that’s what blood purity suppression is. But the premise is that the Tyrannical Demonic Eye is far more powerful than a Demonic Eye Commander! But Haoyue isn’t the same, he’s at most a magical beast of the ninth rank, who even evolved recently. There’s some gap with your four-headed chimera. There’s a wide gap between a magical beast of the ninth rank and the tenth rank. How could he inflict natural suppression to your four- headed chimera?”

“What did you just say? Ninth rank? This can’t be! How could a six- headed chimera be a magic beast of the ninth rank?” Chen Hongyu almost lost his voice.

Long Haochen declared helplessly, “That’s how things are. Haoyue is really a magical beast of the ninth rank. And one that has evolved not long before, my companions can confirm these facts.”

Chen Hongyu’s look became lifeless. This shock came from the fact that, even with his knowledge on magical beasts, this situation far exceeded his understanding.

Taking a deep breath and suppressing his shock, Chen Hongyu declared, “Let’s do this, I will tell you what I know about chimeras, and then you will tell me what you know about this contracted magical beast of yours. If your magical beast is really only reaching the ninth rank, it surely has an extraordinary background, surely even exceeding the whole category of the chimeras.”

Sanshui Popo suddenly interrupted Chen Hongyu, “What about Ying’er?
How is she? Long Haochen, where have you put her?”

Long Haochen replied, “I have transported her to a safe place, using one of our divine tools enabling us to teleport people freely. She should have gone past her mental force’s limits, and will recover after a time of rest. I can teleport her back right now.”

Sanshui Popo was in the end not relieved about Chen Ying’er’s circumstances, and immediately nodded for Long Haochen to activate his

The Eternal Melody released golden fluctuation, and transported the still unconscious Chen Ying’er back in front of everyone. After checking her body condition for a bit, and confirming that she lost consciousness only due to the overuse of her mental force, she finally relaxed, and placed a mental force recovering pill in Chen Ying’er’s mouth.

Chen Hongyu couldn’t even manage his granddaughter, despite having studied magical beasts his whole life, and suddenly finding out a total mystery, a special magical beast he had never even heard about…his shock was just too great. At the same time Sanshui Popo treated Chen Ying’er, he   already   started   speaking   about the ancestry of chimeras.

“Chimeras are a special kind of dragons, referring to beings with mixed bodies originating from ancient times. In other words, irrelevant things put together gave birth to a new kind of creature. That may sound hard to understand, but the chimeras’ existence is the living proof of this theory.”

Chapter 590


“In ancient times, the dragon race was prosperous and ruled over the whole continent. That time was when dragons were the most tyrannical, not only greedy, violent but also totally depraved. They show lust toward any kind of creature, and therefore, their inhibited mating gave birth to any species of sub-dragons. For instance, the current beings known as Earth Dragon have such origins.”

“Chimeras are the same, a powerful kind of sub-dragons. The first time one appeared, it combined the extremely rarely seen poison elemental gigantic dragon and a magical beast of lizard species. Their posterity sustained variation, turning into poison and darkness dual-elemental two- headed dragons. But this chimera’s strength was inclined towards its darkness elemental lizard side, and maybe because these two bloodlines showed a very strong compatibility, two-headed chimeras started to become more and more numerous. After several thousand years of reproductions, due to the survival of the fittest, the race of darkness lizard gradually went extinct. And when poison dragons died out, the chimera race finally formed. Although these chimeras were far from being as powerful as their poison dragons ancestors, they succeeded their greed, and started attacking other races and invading, and established themselves in the whole continent.”

“Chimeras had a very great vitality, and while reproducing, their bloodlines started to show even more changes. At most, these changes were on the elemental aspect, and didn’t touch upon their appearance. They can be counted as one of the most well-known antique race, and
after undergoing continuous evolutions, the chimera race gradually started to grow   more   powerful   beings.   Their   power   was calculating depending on the numbers of heads. Two-headed chimeras would at most reach the initial stages of the ninth rank. But three-headed chimeras were near the edge of the tenth rank, displaying strength close to gigantic dragons. Four-headed chimeras are known as dragon killers, as despite having dragon blood vessels[a], their most favorite food is gigantic dragon. And after reaching four heads, the chimeras’ total strength already exceeded gigantic dragons. Just before, I was afraid of wounding you, so I didn’t let Xingxuan display her full strength.”

Reaching this point, Long Haochen’s group finally gained knowledge on the kind of creatures known as chimeras. Long Haochen couldn’t help but raise the question, “Senior, how about six-headed chimeras?”

Chen Hongyu glanced at Long Haochen before responding extremely seriously, “There is such a legend. The four-headed chimeras’ monarchs, known as Chimera Emperor were the five-headed chimeras appearing in legends and acclaimed as demi-gods, venerated by all chimeras. As for the six-headed ones...”
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