Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 571-580

Chapter 571

Coming out from the cave, Long Haochen couldn’t help but sigh faintly. It was as if there was no daytime in this world of darkness and flames. The muddy atmosphere made him not dare to breathe directly. Erecting a Holy Mantle, he covered himself inside.

The air was quite warm, and looking far away, one could discern some twisting light.

Haoyue didn’t seem to mind the vile environnement. Slowly crawling out from the cave, his five large heads were lifted up together, looking ahead. Opening his mouth wide, he engulfed that muddy air, as if cultivating by absorbing the air coming from here like that.

In flashes of light, his comrades were summoned beside Long Haochen. They immediately took formation: Long Haochen, Zhang Fangfang, Han Yu and Wang Yuanyuan were guarding the four sides, with Lin Xin inside and Cai’er directly vanishing gradually at Long Haochen’s side.

“Haoyue, you can begin.” There’s no time to lose, the earlier they are done, the faster they will leave from this world.

A dark blue colored radiance floated out from Little Light’s opened mouth; that was the Demon God Crown left by the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell, which simply floated in front of Little Light.

A drizzling purple brilliance started to be liberated from Haoyue’s body. This time, it was not merely his thin purple intent, but a substantial purple
radiance. This purple radiance was only seen when Haoyue destroyed Andromalius’ demon god pillar before.

Five purple glints were shot at the same time from Haoyue’s five heads to that Demon God Crown.

Immediately, an exploding sound followed, and that Demon God Crown burst instantly, bursting out with a large expense of dark blue fog.

Little Light, Little Flame, Little Green, Little Blue, and Little Purple absorbed this fog in the air like a whale, engulfing it thoroughly. In the meantime, an extremely imposing purple radiance burst out from him, as the already swollen immense bulge on his neck squirmed violently at once.

Raah. Haoyue’s five heads roared to the sky and immediately, that dense purple radiance on him turned into an immense pillar of light shooting to the sky. The surrounding polluted air became like snow encountering boiling water, dissolving all around, making the surrounding line of sight clear.

After that purple colored pillar of light shot to the highest location, it started to shift rapidly, tracing circles in the air, and forming a purple hexagram. Immediately, the thick purple pillar abruptly divided into five parts, equally poured into every angle of the hexagram.


Haoyue’s bulge split open, and a brand new large head came out, blossoming along with a purple pillar immediately after coming out, the latter shooting at the last one of the six angles on the hexagon.

Never before did such an odd scene occur in Haoyue’s previous transformation. The purple hexagon, having its six angles filled with purple light, immediately erupted with an incomparable purple gloss, just like suddenly forming a purple sun in the sky. This gave the feeling that all the world that came to his eyesight became covered with purple intent.
No wonder he needed to come out to achieve his evolution. So this evolution of Haoyue’s is actually so imposing? There’s no way the undead creatures from this world wouldn’t notice. pan

Haoyue’s tail was slowly sticking up. Being the nearest to him, Long Haochen could clearly hear the bones inside his body make ringing sounds. These cracking bones followed a precise rhythm, and as Long Haochen felt all his bones heat up, the purple intent on his forehead spread out a dazzling brilliance.

Haoyue and him were closely linked through the blood pact. When such immense change happened in his body, he had an intense reaction.

Perceiving the changes in Haoyue’s body, Long Haochen also immediately understood why he would want to make this bizarre purple hexagon.

To Haoyue, this should be an energy absorbing formation. Having gained his sixth head, his energy was insufficient to complete the whole process of his evolution. He needed to absorb the sort of special energy from this world to complement his own and complete his process of evolution.

As expected, under the illumination from that purple hexagon, miniscule starry purple particles appeared, immediately gathering toward the hexagonal formation.

At the start, Long Haochen still found the scene blurred, but very rapidly, these purple particles accumulated, gathering from all sides.

A shocking change followed. A large amount of purple electricity revolved around the six purple pillars, just like an immense coiling dragon taking shape around the purple hexagon. This fantastic energy was transmitted to Haoyue’s body through the formation.


The purple glint on Haoyue started to become increasingly more intense. His wide body didn’t keep expanding, but the scales on him were evolving
under a purple illumination.

At the time of going through his fifth head’s evolution, Haoyue’s scales turned into a dark purple color. But this time, his scales evolved to a look close to amethyst. Every scale became fully rounded, gradually revealing three corners on the upper surface. Every single scale gave off a magnificent feeling.

The horn from Haoyue’s six immense heads spread out the glints characteristic of their own element. That newborn sixth head was shining in yellow color, looking a bit close to a cracked tomato. The inside seemed to emit a reddish brown colored light.

Earth element! Haoyue’s sixth head was without a doubt of the earth element. The appearance of this head enabled Haoyue to have all the fundamental elements at his disposal. Water, fire, earth, and wind, together with light and poison. Long Haochen had suspicions that Haoyue’s next head could maybe come out with the darkness element. That way, the six great elements would be all gathered.

On one side, Long Haochen observed the changes on Haoyue’s body, and on the other side, he spread his senses afar, to get a grasp on everything around. Han Yu also summoned his Demonic Eye, or rather, it should now be called a Demonic Eye Commander.

As the Demonic Eye grew in bulk, its ability also swelled. However, at the time he saw Haoyue, he couldn’t help but withdraw to Han Yu’s side. As he comforted him, he appeared quite gentle.

This time, Haoyue’s evolution didn’t enlarge his body further, but seemed instead to make it shrink. His original mountain shaped body gradually made an odd change, his form close to a lizard’s turning closer to a form of dragon, with a less swollen look and much more dignified. Adding that to the purple crystal-like scales, he gave out an indescribable feeling of beauty.

The purple color in the sky started to became more and more intense, but Long Haochen’s look became more serious as it came.
On the basis of Haoyue’s sudden appearance, making such a big move, the undead creatures from this world should react only faster. But until now, they hadn’t shown any trace of movement, as if they hadn’t sensed his existence at all. This only made Long Haochen feel a greater pressure. Faintly, he seemed to sense an earth-shattering mighty aura gradually taking shape. But his mental force was unable to tell whether this pressure came from a real being and from whence it came.

Time passed minute after minute, and the changes on Haoyue’s body completed gradually. The immense purple hexagon in the sky still kept absorbing the purple colored light in all directions to supplement it to his body.

Haoyue’s evolution caused Long Haochen to perceive a fantastic change. He felt the spiritual energy in his body rise, progressing at a slow speed but as that awe-inspiring feeling came out of Haoyue’s body, the same change happened on him. In particular, the purple colored patterns on his forehead gained in brilliance, as his eyes turned into the exact same purple-golden color as Haoyue.

Long Haochen discovered that the Golden Foundation Armor, Divine Snail Shield, and Eternal Melody he had on him, which all reached at least the epic tier, started to lightly shake as Haoyue’s aura spread out from his body, as if acknowledging allegiance to him.

The clearest feeling was from the Divine Snail Shield. Slowly raising his left hand, he found out that even though he hadn’t any spiritual highlandized energy stored, the Divine Snail Shield unexpectedly spread out some multi-colored light, the brilliance of a divine tool!

Haoyue, ah Haoyue! You are actually such a formidable existence! Your evolution seems to be causing evolutions in my own body.

Long Haochen understood that after this evolution from Haoyue completes, his own strength should rise to a whole new level. The advancement of his spiritual energy was secondary compared to the fantastic changes of his physique.
In fact, from being originally a god’s chosen one, the Scion of Light, his physique already surpassed by far ordinary people. If such a physique was still upgraded further, one might well imagine how formidable Haoyue’s existence was. Long Haochen faintly sensed that Haoyue’s original power was even a level above Cai’er’s and his own constitutions as god’s chosen ones.

Of course, this was merely a guess. Long Haochen attempted to ask Haoyue before, but the latter remained silent every time so he never got a reply. Long Haochen always saw Haoyue as a good brother, and thus never forced him to do anything. But even so, curiosity rose in his heart.

He could accept any circumstances of Haoyue’s, but curiosity couldn’t be nonexistent.

Right at that time, Long Haochen felt what he had sensed coming through. Far away, the scene became deep purple colored. At the start, Long Haochen still believed this to be that fantastic purple intent absorbed by Haoyue, but he rapidly found out that tout that that wasn't the case. That’s because this atmosphere of purple was not merely a hint of light, rather, it resembled the dawn rising towards them.

Chapter 572

After the appearance of that purple light followed an overwhelming pressure. After it came, the world outside the range of the hexagonal formation released by Haoyue became tinted in deep purple. Even the magma inside the large cracks on the ground was no exception.

Long Haochen let out a cold gasp. Just what level of strength was that? He faintly sensed that this enemy about to appear would be even more powerful than the greatest powerhouse he had encountered in the battlefield before, Demon God of Death Saminaga. And that’s when the latter uses the power of his demon god pillar.

An existence of this level ought to be the ruler of this world right? Under great shock, Long Haochen calmed down contrary to expectations.

He shouted full of seriousness, “Prepare the Cojoined Spiritual Pills!” “Yes.” The others replied in chorus.
Everyone was experienced and knowledgeable Demon Hunters. Since Long Haochen sensed the great power of the enemy, they could naturally sense it as well.

Lin Xin handed a Cojoined Spiritual Pill to Zhang Fangfang, while the others each took out one. This was the last resort killing move of their 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, that they had yet to use after reaching the sixth step of cultivation.
The improved Cojoined Boosting Pills of Lin Xin were even more powerful than in the past. It not only provided them with the Cojoined Spiritual Boost, but even amplified their total spiritual energy further, while coming with less secondary effects. After all, the materials to make these later new batches of Cojoined Spiritual Boosts were mainly gotten from Fiend Demons of the king grade, and naturally beyond comparison with what they had used before.

The deep purple color grew in intensity, and a long indistinct sigh spread in the air. The massive oppressive force instantly reached its peak, and immediately, a figure made its way in the sky.

Right, only one enemy came. She had a sweet build, floating in the air, looking like a human.

Enveloped in a long cloak hiding even her head, she had a deep purple staff in her hand. That staff looked like a long bone, shining purple on its two ends.

Long Haochen took a small stride forward, and the others gathered behind him. In the meantime, a golden light separated from his body: it was Yating, delivering the two divine swords into Haochen’s hands.

After that deep purple figure appeared, it didn’t immediately launch an attack at them, but shifted its eyes to the hexagonal formation erected by Haoyue. Slowly lifting her hand, she chanted in a very sweet-sounding voice, sounding feminine. But that language was totally unfamiliar to their group.

“Take the pills and follow me!” Long Haochen made a low shout, and was the first to take his Cojoined Spiritual Pills, while instantly releasing the four sets of golden wings on his back. In a flash, his figure soared in midair.

All the others took their own pills almost simultaneously, following Long Haochen into the air.
Long Haochen, Cai’er, Lin Xin, Wang Yuanyuan, Zhang Fangfang, and Han Yu: the six of them along with Yating soared high. The Demonic Eye was following at Han Yu’s back, its tentacle wrapped around Han Yu’s waist as if carried by him. Han Yu could sense that at the time this figure appeared from the sky, the Demonic Eye Commander started to shiver violently. These were unstoppable shivers, arising from an intense fear that was spread continuously to Han Yu through their contract.


She was definitely a powerhouse of the ninth step, and absolutely not an ordinary one. Han Yu was secretly astonished, but didn’t warn Long Haochen. He could feel that Haochen naturally sensed that as well, that this battle will be an incredibly difficult one.

His pair of heavy swords were pointed at the sides. Long Haochen made the others form a direct line in the sky, and everyone behind had their hands placed on the shoulders of the one in front. A massive spiritual energy started to pour inside Long Haochen’s body.

The Aria of the Goddess of Light, and Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light started to burst out with gaudy spiritual highland energy, shining conspicuously in orange and green. The others didn’t find out, but outside of Long Haochen’s pure light essence, an extra layer of a thin purple halo took form, making him look even more imposing.

Very rapidly, Long Haochen arrived along with the others in front of the cloaked enemy, right between Haoyue and her.

Remaining silent, Long Haochen waved the swords in his hand. Crossing his swords to wield Instant Burst Cross Cut, the most powerful offensive ability currently at his disposal.

With the backing from his comrades Spiritual Gathering Boost, Long Haochen’s spiritual energy rose to 100,000 in a few blinks of an eye. Adding that to the Golden Foundation Armor’s boost, the total of strength he could utilize already reached the highest peak it had ever reached in his life. And furthermore, Haochen found out that no matter how spiritual
energy kept pouring in him, he didn’t give off signs of overload. What’s more, two faintly forming spiritual cavities on him actually completed their transformation at that instant. In other words, Long Haochen had now opened a total of seven spiritual cavities.

Opening spiritual cavities was, to any practitioner, an extremely challenging yet important matter. The opening of these two spiritual cavities immediately gave him a feeling of sublimation.

The epic tier lusters blooming from the two divine swords condensed in the air, and a dark blue light ray immediately flew straight at the cloaked enemy.

Having gone through these two years of tempering, the four Demon Hunters really could, after joining hands, match the power of a demon god below the top thirty-six.

Ding. A resonant buzzing sound came out in midair from that enemy’s left hand which was extended from her gown.

That was a slender, slim, woman’s hand, describable as sparkling like white jade’. In fact, this was the most beautiful hand Long Haochen’s group had ever encountered. But that hand like white-jade was really extremely pale as if extremely unhealthy, which went so far as to give off a feeling of terror.

The tip of the forefinger of precisely that hand softly pointed toward that attack; the Instant Blast Cross Cut which was able to match the full power attack from a divine tool.

Relying on that skill, Long Haochen formerly managed to kill the Goblin Knight Seere as well as Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell. But at this very moment, such a powerful blow was stopped by that jade-like finger.

A dark blue glint spread from her finger, and her sweet figure trembled slightly, as her incanting voice stopped.
Although Long Haochen’s strike didn’t inflict any damage on her, her incantation was interrupted.

“So you, creatures from another world, came back again.” That cold voice spread to the minds of Long Haochen and the others, without physical communication. But from that, the group could clearly sense the intention from the enemy.

Long Haochen’s shock was extremely intense. Although the enemy’s incantaton was stopped, she only used a single finger to block his strongest attack. Relying on the two divine swords of epic tier plus his pure spiritual energy and light essence of that moment, all he could actually do was to interrupt the enemy’s incantation. What absurd strength!

“You have Austin Griffin’s aura in your body. No wonder you could interrupt my incantaton. Looks like you welcomed him in your other realm. How courageous of you. Then I’ll kill you first before disposing of him.”

The cold voice was full of rage, giving off a strange feeling of adorableness. If Long Haochen had remained just a bit longer at the time Haoyue’s third head came out, he would recognize that cloaked enemy to be one of the most powerful rulers of this world, the Lich King.

Pointing the bone staff in her hand toward Haochen, a small pink blister came out and aimed straight at him. In the meantime, the dark purple brilliance on the sky behind the Lich King became even more intense, enveloping the group of six inside in an instant.

An immense oppressive force came overwhelmingly, and a fierce darkness essence immediately aimed straight at Long Haochen’s group, filled with a deadly pressure.

This place being after all another realm from Long Haochen’s, he was not even able to borrow the power of the Goddess of Light. But as the god’s chosen one he was, he had already produced countless miracles.
The sword in his hands recovered abruptly, Long Haochen made a long hissing sound as golden flames rushed out from his body instantly, covering the whole sky in golden yellow like the sun.

An incomparable holy aura blossomed from Haochen’s body, making the deep purple radiance unable to invade into this golden area regardless of its intensity.

Sacred holy light is the greatest nemesis for undead spiritual energy. Although Long Haochen didn’t have a source for holy spiritual energy, this also means that holy light is precious and extraordinary in this world.

Regardless of the Lich King’s strength, she was in the end an undead. In front of such pure light essence, she suffered quite a loss: her powerful domain was actually unable to deal with Long Haochen. At that very moment, that purple carbonated blister already struck in front of Long Haochen.

Facing this fantastic and powerful blister, Long Haochen didn’t dare show any carelessness. Multicolored golden light spread out abruptly, forming a radiance expanding over a large range, with his body at the center. Guardian Knight ability, Shield Wall.

Chi chi… A series of bizarre sounds resounded on the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, and at a distance from it, Long Haochen could shockingly see the corroding effects of that terrifying purple blister.

Chapter 573

But just as the Lich King’s domain was restricted by Long Haochen, the shield transformed from the starlight divine beast had an extreme resistance against any death and darkness magic. That purple blister didn’t have a very great force of impact, but its powerful darkness element corroding effects silently withered away in front of the Divine Snail Shield.

Having managed to block the enemy’s attack, Long Haochen took a small breath of relaxation. This Lich King was certainly very strong, but seemed to be suppressed in the elemental aspect. Furthermore, due to the use of the Spiritual Cojoined Pills, Long Haochen’s current cultivation reached an astonishing level.

His   mates   were   all   powerhouses    of    the    seventh    step exceeding 100,000 spiritual energy. Put together, the five of them exceeded a total of 600,000, and adding that to his own spiritual energy, even without Golden Foundation Armor, that made a powerhouse of the ninth step. With the supply provided by his armor, his total spiritual energy was already over 150,000. Add to that his entire set of equipment at least at the epic tier, and the Lich King wouldn’t have an easy time to kill him.

With a cold snort, the Lich King once again made that strange incantation from before, causing purple blisters to be unceasingly emitted from her staff. Some were big and some small, and as they flew past Long Haochen, pitch-black twisted marks were left. On the trajectory of their flight, space was unexpectedly shredded, and this was done solely with the corrosive power of the blisters. That’s just how terrifying they were.
Long Haochen’s eyes were glinting golden, parrying the enemy's attack through the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon. But, those blisters consumed his spiritual energy at a considerable speed. At this rate, he won’t last for very long.

“Yating!” Long Haochen shouted loudly.

Yating and him were mentally interconnected. His most powerful spiritual stove, which absorbed a great amount of energies from her fusion with the Saint Spiritual Stove, evolved to such an extent that Long Haochen had never heard of such a thing before.

The lich king’s unfathomable strength reached an estimate of at least 300,000. And furthermore, in this realm, her strength was bound to be greatly amplified. Yet Long Haochen didn’t know how much longer Haoyue needed to remain. At this rate, they would only be able to wait for death, so he had to think of a way to contend with the enemy.

Yating kept herself flying alongside Long Haochen all the time. Hearing his call, she lifted up her golden staff. Then one could see a golden flash of light shoot out from the staff, aiming straight at the lich king.

At the same time as this shooting light, a small furnace appeared faintly in front of Yating.

The lich king once again extended her left hand, pointing it at this shooting light.

Speaking of a strange thing, the flash of light in question wasn’t affected by the pointing finger. As it landed on the lich king, one could see clearly that light tightening up around the lich king’s waist, pulling her toward Long Haochen’s direction.

What’s that? Let alone the lich king, even Long Haochen’s group didn’t know what ability Yating was using. Actually disregarding the enemy’s defense to pull her in directly, even someone with the lich king’s degree of power didn’t manage to resist it.
This success greatly overjoyed Long Haochen. An intense multicolored light abruptly burst out from the Divine Snail Shield smashing the purple blisters one after another, and the Aria of the Goddess of Light reappeared in his right hand.

Instantly, Long Haochen made himself one with the divine sword. A sharp sword intent surrounded his body, as the surroundings looked completely distorted. A sharp ringing sound pierced through the skies, as a glistening orange brilliance was shot at the lich king.

As it turns out, in the short time he crossed hands with the lich king, Long Haochen came to understand that this enemy was similar to a human mage manipulating departed spirits. Her magic was really powerful, the most powerful that Long Haochen had seen in his life. Even when relying on his Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon and a spiritual energy exceeding the count of 150,000, resisting that was very difficult. However, her magic being so strong, her physical ability would naturally not be too great. A direct attack on her body would probably be decisive.

The golden light shot from Yating’s staff was a powerful ability born from the new evolution of the Saint Spiritual Stove. After absorbing the gem left by the Demon God of Clear Vision, a change appeared in the Saint Spiritual Stove. Although it didn’t increase the range of the Saint Spiritual Stove, and didn’t gain an ability like Clear Vision’s Godly Pull as Long Haochen imagined, it gained an extremely special annex ability, of the same category as the Saint Spiritual Stove. As a matter of course, it completely became part of Yating, because the Saint Spiritual Stove originally became part of her. This ability is called Absolute Foundation.

Absolute Foundation only applies on the Saint Spiritual Stove’s Pull ability, and as long as Yating activates it, no matter how powerful the enemy is, this enemy will still be pulled to some extent, and arrive in front of Long Haochen.

This ability has a range of one hundred meters, which is to say that upon entering within a hundred meters range from Yating, the target can be pulled unconditionally. This ability of Absolute Foundation is still far weaker than Clear Vision’s Godly Pull, but don’t forget that Clear Vision’s
Godly Pull won’t necessarily succeed, and has a lot of limitations. Although this ability of Pull is limited in terms of range, it is now even comparable to a divine artifact within a range of a hundred meters. Of course, the premise is that Long Haochen can definitely win against the opponent. And furthermore, this ability gained after evolving can be activated only up to three times a day.

The lich king coldly spread to Long Haochen’s mind the thought,
“Wishful thinking!”

Did Long Haochen’s divine sword strike reach out? It did reach out, however, it only struck an expanse of deep purple fog.

At the time the lich king arrived in front of Long Haochen, the Pull ability of the Saint Spiritual Stove lost effectiveness, therefore the last blow filled with sword intent didn’t have effects either. The lich king unexpectedly turned into fog and let the Aria of the Goddess of Light pass through.

Fog transformation? No, this enemy is actually a specter-like existence!

Long Haochen was greatly startled, and almost unconsciously made an instant reaction. A strong multicolored golden light was abruptly shot from the Divine Snail Shield, to land onto the fog issued from the lich king.

Immediately, a mournful scream was heard. The purplish black fog streaked over a thousand meters away at rapid speed, before retransforming into the lich king’s looks. But her body was clearly unstable floating in the sky, visibly wounded.

As a divine tool transformed from a Starlight Divine Beast, the shield held the purest light attribute. Indeed, without a physical body, the lich king is immune to any physical attack, but the illumination of holy light can wound her. But it requires it to reach a sufficient level of power of course. And the Divine Snail Shield had such an ability.

An intense multicolored golden light travelled through the sky, as Long Haochen finally loosened his breath. Having finally wounded the enemy, he
didn’t chase further: the most important thing was to protect Haoyue.

“Looks like I was really underestimating you.” The lich king’s voice was even colder, and this coldness contained an extreme rage.

She was far from using her full power to handle Long Haochen, because of sensing the huge gap separating the enemies and herself. She wanted to keep the most power possible to deal with Haoyue; there’s no way Austin Griffin would be so easy to destroy.

Having already grown his sixth head, even an existence such as the lich king didn’t have an absolute certainty in front of him. But she didn’t expect Long Haochen to actually be so hard to cope with. Being blessed with a spiritual energy of extreme purity and a divine tool such as the Divine Snail Shield, he really managed to hold up the lich king.

At the current time, Haoyue’s purple hexagon started to darken in the sky. His body becoming glittering. One could see his current self to be closer to a giant dragon, instead of a lizard. The six heads looked much closer to dragon heads as well, and he had gained wings similar to a dragons’. His aura also became much more dignified. This evolution was about to complete before long.

Even a powerhouse whose cultivation reaches such a degree as the lich king had, had a great rancor toward Haoyue, and couldn’t help but feel nervous due to that. Having previously experienced the overwhelming battle from that time, she understood the terrifying nature of Austin Griffin the best.

They couldn’t let him escape once again after evolving successfully. Otherwise, there’s no way to know whether they’ll be able to take care of him the next time.

Reaching this point of thought, the lich king let out a screech after looking up, and, immediately, countless balls of light of over one meter diameter each appeared, just like a purple rain of meteors, shooting towards the direction of Long Haochen’s group, including Haoyue and his purple hexagon.
The lich king pointed her staff forward as she chanted continuous raging incantations. In the sky started to appear series of cracks, while a black fog rose all around her.

One could see that after that ascension of purplish black fog, the aura coming out from the lich king became extremely weak. She was indeed wounded by the previous burst of multicolor golden light, having looked down too much on Long Haochen, underrating this god’s chosen one. At this very moment, the lich king came out with her true full strength.

Long Haochen didn’t dare show carelessness. Flying backwards with his comrades at great speed, he got right before Haoyue. Being a single individual, he couldn’t attend to caring for the purple hexagon in the sky, and could only focus on defending Haoyue.

The multicolor golden light once again blossomed, as Shield Wall reconstructed. In the meantime, Long Haochen chanted an incantation alongside Yating. It was for Light Reflection.

Chapter 574

He didn’t know what degree of power the next attack of the lich king would reach, so preparing a Light Prayers was no mistake.

That series of purple lumps was far more powerful than the blisters that came before. Not only were they extremely corrosive, they also came with terrifying impact force. While consecutively resisting a few dozen thanks to the defensive power of his Divine Snail Shield, he still continuously drew back along with the others, as the effects of the Conjoined Spiritual Boost massively went down. At that rate, the cast for Light Prayers wouldn’t be completed.

Right at that time, a purple glow was shot from the hexagon in the sky, landing right on Haochen. That instant, he felt the blood in his whole body surge out, as an indescribable force abruptly burst out. This force was unrelated to his internal spiritual energy, turning his whole skin into a purplish gold color. His retreating steps suddenly made a stop, as he forcibly maintained Shield Wall in front of him.

This mystical force felt like external spiritual energy reaching its highest peak state. A bizarre purplish golden light also emanated from the Divine Snail Shield, as if providing a new defensive layer to this divine-tool ranked shield.

The purplish lumps projected by the lich king at the six pointed star surprisingly didn't have any effect. It only caused it to release surges of purple intent, dissolving the projectiles one after another.
But right at that time, ear-splitting bellows reverberated in the air. In cracks formed by that lich king, massive figures appeared one after another.

Bone dragons! Formed of pale bones, and with dark purple flames pulsing in their eyes, the bone dragons kept coming out from the cracks, aiming straight at Haochen and Haoyue.

There were no less than a hundred of them! And all reached the peak as undead creatures.

An ordinary bone dragon could contend with a gigantic dragon! There’s a certain gap, but each bone dragon is an undead powerhouse at the peak of the eighth step. They are blessed with great spiritual force and physical ability. Perhaps the myriad abruptly appearing bone dragons could only be contended against by the Demon God Emperor’s Devil Dragon Legions.

Long Haochen and the others couldn’t help but change complexion. Yet an even more terrifying scene followed. The purplish black domain of the lich king encompassed the area around these bone dragons, turning their bones purplish black as well. ly at the peak of the eighth step, they finally all broke through the ninth step. For a moment, the whole sky was blocked off from sight, and all aimed at Long Haochen’s group.

Even after having completed this terrifying summons, the lich king still kept reciting incantations. She flew once again high in the sky, aiming her staff at Haoyue’s hexagonal structure. It looks as if her terrifying and powerful bone dragons were only aimed at stopping Long Haochen’s crew from interrupting her incantation.

This instant, Long Haochen operated his thoughts at lightning speed, coming to a decision in a flash. To the astonished looks of the others, he took the initiative to terminate the Conjoined Spiritual Boost, and returned at lightning speed, immediately making contact five times with his palm.

His palm, carrying every time a golden flash, transported Cai’er, Wang Yuanyuan, Lin Xin, Zha ng Fangfang, and Han Yu as well as his Demonic Eye Commander back to the Tower of Eternity.
That instant, the bone dragons were already throwing themselves at them. But strangely, Long Haochen stopped to focus on Haoyue’s defense, and abruptly spread out his four wings, bursting out with resplendent light. Lightning Flash.

He was flying up to the bone dragons, and sticking close to the six purple pillars of light at Haoyue’s side. With Lightning Flash’s degree of speed, it took only a flash for him to reach the skies, facing off against the bone dragons at high altitude.

Having lost the boost from the Conjoined Spiritual Pills, the current Long Haochen suffered a great loss of strength, leaving the ninth step. But the dexterity of his flight reached the highest level.

One could see clearly that he performed extreme acrobatics in midair, sparing no cost of spiritual energy to put Lightning Flash to full use, and aimed at the small gaps between the bone dragons to break through forcefully.

After all, having just been summoned, these bone dragons were still a bit sluggish. Facing his approach, the nearest ones to him immediately launched attacks, but the overwhelming majority was dodged. Only the paw strike of one bone dragon managed to land on the Divine Snail Shield.

Although the bone dragons managed to reach the ninth step’s threshold thanks to the lich king’s domain, the combination of Long Haochen and his Divine Snail Shield at the divine tool rank was in no way so easy to split. Moreover, after gaining that layer of purple gold, Long Haochen’s external spiritual energy extraordinarily managed to immediately push away that bone dragon as his figure flashed away once again, even higher in the sky.

Another flash of golden light occurred, gaudily heading toward the lich king. Pull.

The instant Long Haochen had used Lightning Flash, Yating also attached herself to his body from behind. After his series of consecutive leaps, they managed to arrive within a hundred meters of the Lich King.
The orange lustered Aria of the Goddess of Light carried his sword intent at the realm of Sword and Body making one’, while the Divine Snail Shield also released its strongest multicolor golden light.

Now Long Haochen’s eyes were glistening, incomparably steady and calm. Facing the bone dragon was extremely frightful, but the most terrible was the lich king, yet it was vital to interrupt this very same lich king’s incantation.

Haoyue’s state of evolution prevented them from communicating, but Long Haochen could sense the mental changes on him. At the time these bone dragons appeared, Haoyue didn’t show the slightest mental fluctuation, but when that lich king began again to chant in front of the hexagonal body, Haoyue’s mental fluctuations became extremely violent.

Weighing the threats, Long Haochen immediately made the accurate judgement to transport the others back, for the sake of their safety.

Once again pulled in front of Long Haochen, the lich king issued another indignant shriek. She absolutely didn’t expect Long Haochen to make such a judgement, nor to show the ability to break free from the bone dragons’ encirclement.

At that very moment, at least four bone dragons were following Long Haochen’s back and launching their attacks. But the incantation of the lich king was still stopped.

Bang. A strong purplish black radiance surrounded Long Haochen’s body in a blast, scattering his sword intent forcibly. The terrifying blast caused Long Haochen to expel a mouthful of blood, but he completed Shield Wall at the same time to carry out his defense.

The Divine Snail Shield glinting in multicolor radiance was just so sturdy. That instant, it resisted not only the magic bombardment from the lich king, but also the four consecutive strikes from the bone dragons.

Relying on the layer of purple gold on his body as well as the powerful defensive force from his shield, Long Haochen managed that much. But he
was now in desperate straits. Surrounded by four bone dragons while facing the incomparably formidable undead magic of the lich king, he was left with no way out.

This instant, an ear-splitting roar was heard below.

An mind-blowing scene followed: the over hundred bone dragons were all stunned hearing it. And the same went even for the lich king.

Then, that massive purple hexagonal formation in the sky blew up, spreading out a massive purple brilliance all around, encompassing the whole battlefield.

The flames in the eyes of every single bone dragon trembled violently, giving off the feeling that they could go extinct at anytime. Cowering with their whole bodies as if their lives depended on it, they tried to guard their soulfires with their whole power. Let alone attack, they were already facing an extreme struggle just to keep themselves alive.

In a flash of purplish golden, Haochen disappeared from this area, reappearing instead on Haoyue’s back.

The latter had just achieved his evolution. His roar was simultaneously coming from the six heads, including the newly born Little Yellow with a tomato shaped horn. The might from the six great heads radiated all around.

After evolving, Haoyue was now comparable to a human powerhouse of the eighth step in bearing, but the purple intent spreading out from his body was simply sensed as terrifying from the viewpoint of the bone dragons and even the lich king.

Six cold gazes gathered onto the lich king. As she once again let out a shriek, her mantle turned into mist, revealing the body behind it.

She had a perfect human build, a totally naked body, but had a skull for a head. Frantically waving her bone staff, she aimed strong black radiances at Haoyue.
“Groaa.” Once again roaring high, a large amount of purple intent undulated once again. The attacks of the lich king were immediately nullified in front of that purple intent, and Haoyue’s massive wings carried Long Haochen alongside him, scattering and smashing a bone dragon trying its utmost to preserve its soulfire along the way. The next instant, he disappeared beside Long Haochen in the dark night sky.

“No!” The lich king bellowed. Her wrath caused all the bone knights to shiver. But she still ended up defeated, and was only able to stare blankly at the process of Haoyue’s evolution, as he gained a sixth head.

Her defeat was unrelated to her strength. Facing the purple intent released by Haoyue, she couldn’t even display half her strength. In the end, her summoned legion of bone dragons used up their strength resisting the fear, and barely had the ability to continue the attack. Otherwise, how could Long Haochen’s group contend against such a formidable undead sovereign? Even in this world of Haoyue’s, the lich king was amongst the top ranked in terms of cultivation.

After suffering an extreme wrath came an ice-coldness. An unspeakable chill spread through the lich king. She could not describe her thoughts right now, but felt that she vaguely sensed the extremely terrifying Austin Griffin of that time seemed to have come back. Just before Haoyue and Long Haochen departed, the instant his six pairs of eyes gazed at her, they left a deep feeling in her memories, and aroused a fear coming from the depths of her soul, going to the extent of directly causing her whole cloak to burn.

Chapter 575

But regardless of the circumstances, she had failed. There was only one chance, and no other. The lich king was not clear on how the six-headed Haoyue was already able to pressure her to such incredible extent. At that rate, the next time they’d find him, the only thing to do would be to wait for his next evolution. Only, after evolving, would anyone truly be able to suppress him?

Her incomparably deep feeling of powerlessness gradually turned into deep fear, as the lich king once again let out a deep screech.

Tower of Eternity.

At the time Haochen and Haoyue returned, Haochen felt his back dripping with sweat. The previous situation was just far too much. Without Haoyue’s assistance, he’d surely have already died. No matter what, he couldn’t give up on Haoyue and transport himself back to the Tower of Eternity alone. Those undead creatures were just beings at a whole other level! There’s still a gap between the Demon God of Death Saminaga and the lich king’s undead magic, but she’s even more straightforward and terrifying. In particular, her last summon of over a hundred bone dragons was far too shocking. If not for Haoyue’s act of deterrence towards those bone dragons, he could only have ended up torn to shreds.

But from another standpoint, such terrifying undead powerhouses held blatant fear towards Haoyue, and Haoyue’s aura even suppressed their strength. From that, one can well imagine how bitter the memories his ancestors left in them were. Haoyue, just what level will you reach in the future?
Seeing Haoyue’s six large heads and his purple crystal-like armor, Long Haochen softly caressed him. Haoyue’s six large heads immediately gathered, especially the newborn earth elemental head Little Yellow, who rubbed against him insistently.

In front of Long Haochen, the previous pressure Haoyue had was totally nonexistent, and he appeared instead like a child. This evolution also provided Long Haochen with a considerable boost.

His internal spiritual energy reached a total of three thousand units, and more importantly, his external spiritual energy had a change. Having finally quieted down, Long Haochen could pay attention to these changes. He found out that a new kind of powerful force seemed to be present in his blood, this force seeming very close to Haoyue’s aura. It should be the origin of that purplish golden color that had appeared on him before. This force was fusing with his body, and gradually became part of him. Based on Haochen’s estimate, before ten days pass, it will have completely finished the process of fusion. Long Haochen had no precise idea of the level his external spiritual energy would reach at that time, but it would have to be measured in tens of thousands! Moreover, this external spiritual energy he gained because of Haoyue seemed to have properties in common with internal spiritual energy.

After spending this affectionate time, Haoyue crawled onto the ground of the Tower of Eternity, entering a deep slumber. Visibly already very tired, he had expended a lot of energy in this evolution.

Long Haochen’s comrades didn’t know what thrilling experiences the two of them experienced at the end, after all, they only came a mere few dozen seconds earlier than when Long Haochen and Haoyue returned. There’s no way they could know that if Long Haochen hadn’t strived to earn these last few seconds and stopped the lich king, her last attack could have threatened Haoyue, and kept them there forever.

Haoyue being in deep slumber, they joined Haochen’s side, and Han Yu expressed with worry, “Captain, Haoyue’s evolut ions seem to be becoming more and more challenging. That undead creature we saw before was strong enough to match the top ten demon gods, and even
surpass some. I’m afraid that we are going to face even more powerful enemies next.”

Lin Xin expressed, “Haoyue’s evolutions are also taking longer and longer. Maybe the next one will be in a few years. At that time, do you think that we still won’t have the ability to face enemies of her kind? Boss is already a knight of the eighth step. After a few years, maybe he’ll reach the ninth step already.”

Wang Yuanyuan let out a giggle, “I didn’t think you were so optimistic. Boss, now that Haoyue’s evolution is completed, shall we go look for Ying’er?”

Long Haochen nodded, “It’s time for us to gather the last of them to us. However, over the past few days, I have have carefully reflected on what's next, and I have decided that we will try our utmost to not intervene when coming next to Myriad Beast Mountain Pass of the Spiritual Temple and the Southern Mountain Pass of the Priest Temple. In particular, I can definitely not participate any further in the defense against the demons.”

Hearing that statement, the others were all baffled. In fact, as Demon Hunters, their most basic mission was defense against demons.

Long Haochen declared, “After the termination of my secluded training, I have been in the Dragon Resisting, Exorcist, Tombal, and Southeastern Mountain Oasses. But every time, my interventions have been far too influential. In the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, I managed to severely wound the Demon God of Death Saminaga thanks to the Tower of Eternity. Then in the Exorcist Mountain Pass, I assisted great- grandfather Sheng Yue in killing the Blazing Lion Demon Andromalius, and killed the Goblin Knight Seere alongside Cai’er. Then, relying on Light Prayers, I temporarily held off the supra forbidden spell of the Hell Demon God Marbas, earning some time for the Tombal Mountain Pass. And now finally, once again I killed the Demon God of Clear Vision.”

Three demon gods died consecutively because of me. The demons aren’t idiots, and my Golden Foundation Armor is really too conspicuous. They
surely have taken note of me, and may even have some guesses. And every time I appear in the battlefield, I gain more comrades at my side. I can cover my own looks, but your appearances will be recorded in their eyes. As long as they have capable people analyze my being, they can very easily guess my appearance. If the Demon God Emperor ascertains these guesses, he will very possibly lead the Devil Dragons, Moon Demons and Star Demons in a large scale invasion. This is the scenario I fear the most. The demons will sooner or later find out my identity, but I hope for this to be in the demon territory. This way it won’t implicate the Six Great Forts. For this reason, we will strive our utmost to stop intervening in the following forts, and stay low-key. After we are with Ying’er and Sima, we will display our full force after infiltrating inside the demon territory.

Having listened to Long Haochen’s analysis, Zhang Fangfang and Han Yu immediately expressed their approval, and the others understood as well. Just as he said, the time for their public display hadn’t come yet. Not letting any Demon God Crown escape will prevent these demon gods from reappearing temporarily, but as long as their demon god pillars are still around, they will keep being passed on. Therefore, the most important for them was to infiltrate demon territory to try their utmost to destroy demon god pillars.

At that time, they will surely show awe-inspiring displays in demon territory, but this will only make the situation around the Temple Alliance more steady. With their little group, even if the demons are even more powerful, finding their trails in such a massive territory is no easy matter.

Myriad Beast Mountain Pass, Spiritual Temple.

Chen Ying’er stood blank there, appearing totally sluggish. That Spiritual Saint Robe made of one hundred eight spiritual pellets and countless embroideries of magical beasts spread soft fluctuations of spiritual energy.

In front of her were seated two elders. One of them was her grandmother Sanshui Popo’, and the other an even more important character, the present head of the Spiritual Temple and Chen Ying’er’s grandfather, Psychic Master Chen Hongyu.
“That’s how things are. Ying’er, you will have to carry on. His chances of survival are extremely low.”

“No, this can’t be! He will surely survive, that’s for certain!” Chen Ying’er suddenly shouted, her tears flowing uncontrollably. Her hand carried a letter, but most of all, her body was now shaking uncontrollably. Visibly, she has lost control of her emotions.

Sanshui Popo explained with a sigh, “Child, we have been resisting the demons for so many years, and many of ours have already parted forever. Just get over it. This rancor has to be aimed at the demons from now onwards.”

“No, grandmother. I am going to look for him.” Chen Ying’er abruptly lifted her head, her eyes glittering with resolution.

“Stop the brat act!” Chen Hongyu shouted, and his awe-inspiring demeanor immediately shook Chen Ying’er, “Do you think you are still a small kid? Could it be that you don’t understand the consequences looking for him by yourself would have? The instant you took over the Spiritual Saint Dress, your life had stopped being yours alone.”
Chen Ying’er remained stubborn, “I can take it off at anytime.” “Drivel!” Chen Hongbo stood abruptly. His build couldn’t be considered
tall, but felt unspeakably broad.

“Aside from being the Spiritual Saint Girl, you are my, Chen Hongbo’s, only daughter. Have you thought about us? If something were to happen to you, how could your grandmother and I not become mad?”

Hearing his words, Chen Ying’er’s stubbornness finally softened.
Abruptly rushing forward, she cried loudly in the arms of Sanshui Popo.

Looking at his granddaughter who cried to the extent of losing her voice, Chen Hongbo couldn’t help but shake his head, “You girl! Why are you acting so tough, it’s so clear that you love the other, yet insist on acting so disdainfully. And now you are the one suffering pain.”
As Sanshui Popo comforted her granddaughter, she gave Chen Hongbo a fierce glare, “You have a good nerve. That’s just like you, old fart. I still remember about that mental integrity you showed when courting me. What a hell it was to keep up appearances.”

When facing his wife, the previously very aggressive head of the Spiritual Temple became helpless, and sat down resentfully. After pondering for a short time, he declared, “We are summoners from the Spiritual Temple and aren’t very expert at scouting. Ying’er, keep your calm. Your grandpa will immediately report to the Alliance and ask for a Demon Hunt Squad to be dispatched to look for him. As long as it is possible, he will be rescued.”

Chapter 576

Hearing her grandfather’s statement, Chen Ying’er shook her head, still hazy with tears, “But the Demon Hunt Squads are all defending with the defense, or fighting in demon territory. How could there be a powerful enough Demon Hunt Squad to look for him! And what’s more, if you write to the Alliance, who knows how long it will take for them to show a response.”

Chen Hongyu showed a bitter smile, “What’s to be done then? I will also write to the Exorcist Mountain Pass then, asking for them to dispatch some assassin. That’s the most we can do. Ying’er, it can’t be that you don’t understand how uncertain the chances of him coming back alive are.”

Chen Ying’er pouted and right as she seemed about to cry out, a respectful call came from outside, “Temple Head, the Knight Temple’s Provisional Saint Knight Head is paying his respects to you.”

“Provisional Saint Knight Head?” Although Chen Hongyu felt agitated due to Chen Ying’er’s matters, hearing the appellation of Provisional Saint Knight Head, he didn’t dare neglect it. The Knight Temple is the head of the Six Great Temples, so even though their Provisional Saint Knight Head may not be among the best in terms of strength, his influence is absolutely among the best, even exceeding some insufficiently strong auxiliary temple heads.

“Invite him, quickly.” Chen Hongbo immediately ordered.
Beside him, Chen Ying’er wasn’t crying anymore, hastily expressing to Chen Hongbo, “Grandpa, this Provisional Saint Knight Head is coming just in time. Just have him arrange some Saint Knights to search.”

Chen Hongbo responded full of seriousness, “Calm down, child. Do you think your grandpa isn’t agitated as well? You are my granddaughter! Let’s put this off until I greet this Provisional Saint Knight Head. The Saint Knight Head of the Knight Temple has actually been replaced, so it looks like Han Qian is going to keep remaining on the side of the Alliance. Wait inside together with your grandmother.”

“Yeah.” Chen Ying'er responded, though feeling aggrieved, and finally took her grandmother by the arm to return inside.

This was Chen Hongbo’s office, as well as Sanshui Popo’s residence. All the rooms were quite large; outside were large drawing rooms, and inside, some bedrooms and specialized closed rooms for cultivation.

Very fast, sonorous footsteps sounded out. The one who made the previous report once again spoke, “Temple Head senior, the Auxiliary Saint Knight Head has arrived.”

“Please enter.” Chen Hongbo’s expression was back to normal.

With sonorous footsteps, a tall-built knight clad in Golden Foundation Armor came in.

Chen Hongbo saw with astonishment that this Provisional Saint Knight Head was not only clad in full armor, but didn’t even take off the mask on his face. In a way this made him unhappy. This place was not the battlefield, but a safe area of the Spiritual Temple. To dare dress up in such a way, this Provisional Saint Knight Head was really impolite.

“Provisional Saint Knight Head and Twelfth Golden Knight greets Temple Head. Sorry about the inappropriate behaviour I am showing by not taking off my mask. I beseech Temple Head’s forgiveness.” A clear and bright voice came out from the armor.
So young? That was Chen Hongbo’s first response. But without allowing him the time to start his reply, a cry of shock sounded out from inside. That was Chen Ying’er’s voice. Immediately, she dashed out from inside, clad in the eye-catching Spiritu al Saint Dress. Even Sanshui Popo couldn’t stop her.

“You, you’re...” Chen Ying’er arrived in front of the Golden Foundation Knight, about to ask in shock.

Seeing her, that Golden Foundation Knight, was also extraordinarily moved, “Ying’er, so you were here as well. That’s for the best, it spares me from looking for you.” While saying that, this Golden Foundation Knight lifted his hand, taking off his mask to reveal an extremely young and very handsome face, none other than Long Haochen’s.

Chen Ying’er and Long Haochen having cooperated for many years, she was among the most familiar with his voice. For that reason, as soon as she heard his voice, she recognized it, and therefore rushed out from the house disregarding everything.

“Boss...” Just as if seeing a relative, she called him boss, and threw herself at Long Haochen’s arms while crying.

While standing to the side, dumbstruck, Chen Hongbo was totally unable to comprehend that magic trick. Even with the outstanding intelligence this Psychic Master of the ninth step had, he was unable to comprehend the situation before his eyes.

Sanshui Popo also came out, and joined Chen Hongbo’s side. Seeing Long Haochen, her shock was no less than Chen Ying’er’s. In a low voice, she whispered to Chen Hongbo, “This youngster is Long Haochen! Why is he here? and he even became Auxiliary Saint Knight Head.”

“Who’s Long Haochen?” Chen Hongbo only felt that this name sounded familiar, but was unable to remember who that was for a moment.

Sanshui Popo recognized Long Haochen due to her presence at the Demon Hunter Competition of that time. The current Haochen was far taller
than at that time, and looked also far more mature and heroic. If not for Chen Ying’er’s appellation as Boss, she wouldn’t necessarily have recognized him.

“You fool, how many young talents do you think the Knight Temple has? That’s the captain of Ying’er’s Demon Hunt Squad! That one who destroyed Andromalius’ demon god pillar.”

Hearing Sanshui Popo, Chen Hongbo immediately showed a reaction. So this youngster before him turned out to be no one else but the number one genius since the beginning of the Knight Temple’s history, Scion of Light Long Haochen.

While comforting Chen Ying’er, he bowed apologetically to the two elders.

Sanshui Popo slowly stepped forward and nodded at Long Haochen with a smile on her face, pulling Chen Ying’er from his arms. Although Chen Ying’er and Long Haochen used to be in the same Demon Hunt Squad, in her eyes, her granddaughter was not the slightest below this Scion of Light. Moreover, Chen Ying’er was still unmarried, and getting too close to Long Haochen. It wouldn’t be good if news of this spread out.

“Boss, you have to go save him!” Chen Ying’er was pulled away by her grandmother, but still couldn’t help but express her wish.

Long Haochen had a start, as the nearby Sanshui Popo immediately retorted, “What a girl you are! Can’t you calm down for a bit. This Provisional Saint Knight Head came to greet your grandfather.”

Chen Ying’er looked at Haochen with an aggrieved feeling, and expressed, “Then I want to speak with you in a bit. I really need your help on a matter.”

Seeing Chen Ying’er’s cute face so dripping with tears, Long Haochen felt pained. Without hesitating, he nodded. Although Chen Ying’er was actually a bit older than him, at the time they were all in the same team, he always regarded her as a younger sister. She had a straightforward
temperament, and although being the weakest, she never cowered in front of any kind of danger. This was Long Haochen’s first time seeing her lose control in bitter cries like that.

Chen Hongbo still looked at Long Haochen full of puzzlement, and now that Chen Ying’er had calmed down, he slowly expressed, “Saint Knight Head, Ying’er has been impolite. Please don’t take offense. Have you just been promoted to this title?”

Long Haochen naturally understood this Psychic Master’s meaning, and immediately handed over the letter he got from his grandfather.

Having reading Long Tianying’s letter, Chen Hongbo immediately showed an apologetic look, then indifferently expressed, “I have gotten Brother Tianying’s meaning. You, Saint Knight Head, can remain in our place without issue.”

Long Haochen declared, “Temple Head Chen, we are unable to remain here for too long. After that, we have to proceed to the Priest Temple to retrieve our last teammate.”

Chen Hongbo’s eyes flickered slightly, “Saint Knight Head, I’m afraid that I will disappoint you on some matter. Since your Demon Hunt Squad has already dissolved, I have no intention to let Ying’er return to a Demon Hunt Squad. She must remain in the Temple.”

“Eh?” Long Haochen was in great shock, and the same went for Chen Ying’er.

Ever since Long Haochen exited closed-door seclusion and reunited with his comrades one after another, this was the first time he faced such a situation. Chen Hongbo actually didn’t allow Chen Ying’er to return to them.

Chen Ying’er wanted to retort, but was stopped by Sanshui Popo, who went as far to use spiritual energy to seal off her ability to speak. She could only worry helplessly while looking at Long Haochen and her grandfather.
Chen Hongbo explained, “Since the Saint Knight Head represents the Knight Temple, I won’t conceal the matter. Ying’er’s innate internal spiritual energy exceeds ninety, and she’s our Spiritual Temple’s Spiritual Saint Girl, as well as the first talent able to succeed to the Spiritual Saint Robe since the beginning of the Spiritual Temple’s history. For this reason, she must remain in the Temple, to inherit to my legacy in the near future, as the next head of the Spiritual Temple. So her status is rather special, and not fit to risk her life as a Demon Hunter.”

Hearing Chen Hongbo’s declaration, Long Haochen became silent. He turned his head to look at Chen Ying’er. Although she was restricted by her grandmother, her anxious look already told Long Haochen a lot of things.

Long Haochen expressed, “Head Chen, what about listening to Ying’er’s view? If she is unwilling to remain as a Demon Hunter, I will absolutely not insist. But you know that a Demon Hunt Squad has to be formed with every vocation. Without her, we can’t be a complete Demon Hunt Squad.”

Chen Hongbo indifferently responded, “That’s a simple matter. There are a lot of powerhouses composing our Spiritual Temple’s younger generation. Please pick one of them, Saint Knight Head, and that will be it. I will be reporting to the Alliance and make an exception to switch a member from your team.”

Even Sanshui Popo called him stubborn, so one can well imagine how the temperament of this Temple Head was. The matters he has decided on will very rarely change.

Long Haochen gave Chen Ying’er a quite helpless look. But then the fierce changes in her expression came to his sight, looking on the verge of flowing out with tears.

“Temple Head, please reconsider. As the head of the Spiritual Temple, you have no authority to order a Demon Hunter.”

Chen Hongbo’s stared coldly, “Saint Knight Head, please mind you own status. You are unqualified to speak to me like that. You can go now.”
Turning the visitor out, this Temple Head showed an even nastier attitude than the Mage Temple’s Head Li Zhengzhi. Of course, this was mostly because of his relationship with Chen Ying’er.

Long Haochen wrinkled his brows, “No, you are mistaken. I believe that I am qualified to speak to you as an equal. My identity as Saint Knight Head aside, I have my Demon Hunt Squad’s title.”

Chen Hongbo became blank, “Youngster, pay attention to your behavior. It’s not as if you can take out anything to serve as a banner of justification. How young are you? And what’s your level of cultivation? For which reason would your Demon Hunt Squad have a title?”

Long Haochen referred naturally to the supreme title belonging to a Titled Demon Hunt Squad. That’s the supreme honor for a Demon Hunt Squads, as well as the most majestic status attained by any Demon Hunt Squad. The captain of a Titled Demon Hunt Squad has a status that is not below any head of the Six Great Temples.

Long Haochen replied indifferently, “If I am not mistaken, in the Alliance’s rule, a special situation allows a Demon Hunt Squad with insufficient cultivation to be titled. That’s a situation of sufficient contribution for the Alliance.”

Chen Hongbo coldly replied, “Are you referring to your destruction of Andromalius’ demon god pillar? Indeed, this contribution is really of such a kind. But of the destruction of Andromalius’ demon god pillar there is only your side of the story, that the Alliance still couldn’t verify. Using that to boost your Demon Hunt Squad to a titled one is quite arrogant.”

Long Haochen shook his head, “No, I am not referring to this contribution. In the Demon Hunt Squad’s rules, there’s no rule stipulating the destruction of a demon god pillar. But there is another rule. If a Demon Hunt Squad kills three or more demon gods, they will be qualified to call themselves titled in advance.”
Chen Hongyu showed great alarm, “Are you saying that you have already killed at least three demon gods?”

Long Haochen stomped his right feet onto the ground, and unleashed a surge of golden flowing light, removing his Golden Foundation Armor. Raising the sleeve of his garment, he revealed his contribution point tile.

“The records of a contribution point tile cannot be faked. Please have someone make an inspection, Temple Head. We have killed in succession the Snake Demon God Andromalius, the Goblin Knight Demon Seere, and the Demon God of Clear Vision. I was the one dealing all the final blows.”

Hearing him, Chen Hongyu couldn’t help but change his expression. And the same went for the nearby Sanshui Popo.

The process of Long Haochen’s group’s killing the Snake Demon God was narrated in detail by Chen Ying’er, but they didn’t expect Long Haochen to have actually killed another two demon gods.

Killing Andromalius could be said to be a total fluke, but could it be the case for every one of the others they killed?

And what Long Haochen has said was correct. According to the Demon Hunt Squad’s rules, they were now indeed qualified to receive a title and to no longer be bound to the same rules as the other Demon Hunt Squads. This title will follow them anywhere and forever. To be the member of a Titled Demon Hunt Squad is the peak of honor, and a status that surpasses a Temple Head.

After all, Temple Heads are rulers and commanders, or can be described as ones in control. But Demon Hunters of the titled grade are the absolute heroes of the Temple Alliance.

Chen Hongbo’s expression softened, and he asked out of his subconscious mind, “Then, what’s the current title you have?”
At the time of our departure from the Southeastern Fort, we have asked for the Warrior Temple’s head Qiu Yonghao to testify for us, and formally receive our application to receive a title. In the past, when we were in the Exorcist Mountain Pass, when we had encountered the Demon God Slayers’ heroic members, their head Chen Zidian had asked us whether we were willing to succeed to their title in the future. But I have refused: mere Demon God Slayers cannot bring humanity peace and development. At that time, my comrades and I came up with a future title name, which is: Bright Glimmer of Hope.

Chapter 577

“Bright Glimmer of Hope.” Hearing these four words Chen Hongyu couldn’t help but show himself emotionally moved. On the side, Sanshui had a shocked expression. They could both feel the far-reaching ambition Long Haochen had behind this name.

Hearing these words, the resisting look in Chen Ying’er’s eyes finally calmed down.

At that time, when Long Haochen rejected Chen Zidian’s offer in order to mention this title of Bright Glimmer of Hope, even the members from their own Demon Hunt Squad only took that as a far-reaching goal that they could maybe aspire to in a hundred years.

But after just a few years passed, Long Haochen, still under twenty, was already saying that they were on the verge of possessing this title of Bright Glimmer of Hope. An incomparable feeling of honor rose in Chen Ying’er’s heart, and a soft milky-white spiritual energy was abruptly released from her body. The spiritual energy in the air suddenly went up, as Chen Ying’er regained her ability of movement the next instant, and shot to Long Haochen’s side.

“Captain, are you saying that for real? We are really eligible to have our own title?” Chen Ying’er grabbed Long Haochen’s hand and shook it energetically. Although she wasn’t very greedy for material items, she valued very highly the fact that her own Demon Hunt Squad could gain a title. This majestic honor even gave Chen Hongbo and Sanshui Popo some feelings of jealousy.
In fact, in the six thousand years of human history, the total of Demon Hunt Squads that were able to acquire a title is below twenty. And in the present age, there are only two of these Titled Demon Hunt Squads.

Long Haochen showed a faint smile, “Although our strength is still far from matching the name of Titled Demon Hunt Squad, we certainly have a title of our own.”

“Awesome, that’s really awesome! Captain, I want to return no matter what, and fight alongside everyone else. I want it wholeheartedly!” Saying that, Chen Ying’er abruptly turned her head, facing Chen Hongyu.”

“Grandfather, you cannot stop me. You don’t have the authority to stop a Demon Hunter from returning to her own team. Did you know? In the past years under captain’s lead, we went through fire and water and made outstanding contributions for the Alliance. But in the team, I had no way to use summoning magic, and was always a burden to everyone else. But my comrades never expressed discontentment toward me. No matter when, they were always putting me in the safest place, especially Captain who faced off against the most powerful enemy every time, and bore the enemies’ most powerful attacks. And every time it came to this, I could only stare blankly at everyone fighting at the risk of their lives, unable to do anything. But now that I am finally a true summoner, with a power of my own, how can I choose to break away from my team at this time? How can I be so selfish? Grandfather, no one can stop me. Even you cannot unless you kill me. Otherwise, I will return to my team anyway, to be alongside my comrades.”

Chen Ying’er’s speech was very earnest, once again her tears gushed out, but her words were incomparably steady, containing no diversion or leeway.

Sanshui Popo still had a clearly hesitant look. She also used to be a Demon Hunter, and obviously knew the feelings of unity between the members of a team, and the deep feelings arising from countless experiences of life or death. Their feel

ings as compatriots were often enough compared to relatives from a same family. Who knew how many times they strived their utmost to manage to
save each other from a situation of danger. At that very moment, Chen Ying’er’s determined words rang in her mind and couldn’t help but confuse her. But Chen Hongyu’s view wasn’t the same. Although he fears his wife, in the end he’s the head of a Spiritual Temple, the one with the highest authority and power in the present situation.

Seeing Long Haochen and his tearful granddaughter, Chen Hongyu’s expression gradually pacified, giving a resolute look to Long Haochen, “Deep apologies, Saint Knight Head. I am taking back my previous words which I spoke due to an emotional impulse. Congratulations on obtaining this title of Bright Glimmer of Hope.

“Over many years, any of the Six Great Temples have all made sacrifices for each other. Who knows how many parents have seen their child step into the battlefield, only to see their corpse return, sometimes not even complete. As the head of the Spiritual Temple, I understand the importance of Ying’er’s honor as a Demon Hunter. I know I shouldn’t stop her, and I certainly have some selfish motives deep inside: I have only this one granddaughter. But I am definitely not stopping her from returning to you because of these selfish motives.”

Reaching this point, Chen Hongbo pointed at the Spiritual Saint Robe on Chen Ying’er, “Please look, Saint Knight Head. The current cloth Ying’er wears is called Spiritual Saint Robe.

“That’s the only divine tool held by our Spiritual Temple. It is embedded with a hundred and eight spiritual pellets, all of which were left by powerhouses of the ninth step from our Temple. This cloth can be said to come from the efforts expended by several dozen generations of the Temple, to be finally completed. But from the day of its completion to now, only Ying’er was able to put it on. That’s because her innate spiritual energy exceeds ninety, blessing her with the constitution as Spiritual Saint Girl. Just like you, she is a god’s chosen one.

“Summoners aren’t the same as you knights: even the most powerful summoners will have a weak body. Our Spiritual Temple cannot do without Ying’er, so I cannot let her take risks. Give her another ten years, and she will surely become the true cornerstone of our Spiritual Temple.
At that time, she will be able to show much greater use in the battlefield than now. So as the head of the Spiritual Temple, I must stop her from going back to that life. I hope you can understand.”

“That won’t do grandpa! You can’t stop me. Captain, transport me away! That way, even grandpa won’t find me!” Chen Ying’er swayed Haochen’s arm, as she asked to be teleported to the Tower of Eternity.

But Long Haochen didn’t do so. That’s because he could understand the current feelings Chen Hongyu was having. Wasn’t the current Chen Hongyu just like his own grandfather Long Haohan at the time he emerged from seclusion? At that time, they made things incredibly difficult for him for the same reason. An innate internal spiritual energy of over ninety has, for any Temple, an incomparable value. That’s an earth-shattering powerhouse, born with the potential to match the Demon God Emperor one day. With such a powerhouse as their leader, any Temple would have an extremely prosperous future. As the Temple Head, Chen Hongbo had no other choice but to keep Chen Ying’er here.

And as Chen Hongbo said, Ying’er was, before all else, a summoner. Cai’er and him were both gods’ chosen ones, but their survivability is far greater than Chen Ying’er’s, especially he, possessing the Tower of Eternity, able to transport him to another realm at anytime to escape the enemy’s chase. In the end that’s why Long Tianying and Sheng Yue let their team re-form with ease.

“Ying’er, be patient for a bit.” Long Haochen patted Chen Ying’er’s shoulders, finally calming her down. But upon looking, she saw her grandfather and grandmother’s look become very alert. Chen Hongyu couldn’t help but take a defensive postureposture. However he secretly was impressed, feeling that this youngster called Long Haochen truly is a big deal. She understood her granddaughter’s character very well, including her extreme stubbornness. Unless she’s truly convinced, there’s no way she would remain obedient and listening. At least, at his own side, this treasured granddaughter was never so obedient.

“Temple Head, I can really understand your apprehensions. But Ying’er is part of my team: we really need her. I can guarantee you I’ll do
my utmost to defend her safety. As captain, protecting my comrades is my unrelenting responsibility. I will do my utmost for this sake. As long as I live on, I won’t let the enemies inflict any harm to her.”

Chen Hongyu showed a calm and collected look, “Are you saying that you believe your own strength to be sufficient?”

Long Haochen replied, “Temple Head, our team is an entire body, and at least in the same level, I dare affirm that we have the greatest survivability possible. Back then, senior Chen Zidian handed over a piece of epic equipment to us, called Soul Sharing Chains. You should have heard about it from Ying’er: they have the ability called Life Sharing. In other words, at the time we suffer enemies’ surprise attack, we can take the damage for each other. Not only that, but every member of our team is equipped at least at the Legendary Tier. We have now two divine tools and four pieces of epic tier equipment as well, without counting Ying’er’s Spiritual Saint Robe. I am very confident in our abilities of self- preservation.” The divine tools he was referring to were his Divine Snail Shield and Cai’er’s Sickle of the God of Death, and the four pieces of epic tier equipment: Soul Sharing Chains, Eternal Melody, Aria of the Goddess of Light, and Hibiscus of Light.

The Tower of Eternity wasn’t counted because aside from its teleportation, he really didn’t want to use its other powers. So the Eternal Melody was only counted as a piece of teleporting equipment of the epic tier.

Two divine tools and four pieces of equipment of epic tier? Chen Hongyu facial muscles twitched visibly. How could such super-equipment be found at low value? And how young were their bunch?

For a moment, Cheng Hongyu didn’t know how he should continue to rebut Long Haochen.

Seeing her husband’s hesitation, Sanshui Popo expressed, “Equipment and weapons are after all external objects. The most important for one to defend himself is a sufficient strength. Although Ying’er has already broken through the seventh step, her capability is insufficient. Captain
Long, how about that, we can permit Ying’er to return to your team, but you have to promise to not enter into demon territory for a certain time to complete missions. The best is for you to remain in the Myriad Beast Mountain Pass, participating in the Holy War to make contributions for the Alliance.”

Chapter 578

“Out of the question!” Without waiting for Long Haochen to reply, Chen Ying’er immediately rejected decisively. “Grandmother, we are already a Titled Demon Hunt Squad. You don’t have the authority to stop us anymore. I must follow Boss and the others, and go complete missions with them.”

Chen Hongyu’s eyes flashed, taking a deep tone, “Understood. Do as you please, but you will all have to prove your abilities of self-preservation to me for that, with your own strength.”

Chen Ying’er stared blankly, she didn’t expect her grandfather to give such a delightful response, “How should we prove it?”

Chen Hongbo declared, “As long as your comrades and you can manage to defeat me, I will admit that you are capable enough to defend yourselves.”

“That’s impossible!” Chen Ying’er immediately understood that her grandfather was telling them the same message in a roundabout way! On the surface, he agreed, but actually wanted to make things difficult for them in another way. Chen Hongbo was no one else but one of the top veterans of the Temple Alliance, a formidable Psychic Master of the third rank, whose spiritual energy reaches 300,000.

Of course, spiritual energy is in no way a decisive factor of strength for a summoner, because they mostly rely on their summons, making their spiritual energy their certain backup force. So actually, the Spiritual Temple is the one who has the most powerhouses of the ninth step out of the six.
But their fighting strength isn’t the greatest: summoners ordinarily only train spiritual energy alongside of their summoning magic, and do not focus on any other skills or abilities. That makes their spiritual energy cultivation naturally more efficient.

Simply said, if Chen Hongyu with his 300,000 spiritual energy were to face Long Tianying who reaches 200,000, he would undoubtedly face defeat. But if that was in the battlefield, while facing myriads of enemies, Chen Hongyu would undoubtedly show far more use than Long Tianying.

Chen Hongyu declared, “Since things are that way, don’t think of leaving. Do you think I don’t know of your little scheme? If I let you return to your team, you’ll immediately go with them to Yang Wenzhao’s rescue.”

Yang Wenzhao? Long Haochen couldn’t help but feel alert hearing this name. At the time of their Demon Hunt Selection Competition, Yang Wenzhao, Duan Yi, and he were known as the three great hopes of the Knight Temple’s younger generation. But he hadn’t met Yang Wenzhao for a long time. And that Yang Wenzhao was not only Chen Ying’er’s fiancé, but also the grandson of the Divine Knight of Defense and Planning, Yang Haohan.

“Ying’er, what’s the matter? What about Yang Wenzhao?” Long Haochen asked Chen Ying’er in a haste.

Hearing his question, Chen Ying’er’s eyes reddened immediately, “He… has been caught by the demons. It’s unclear whether he’s still alive at this time.”

Originally, Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi’s Demon Hunt Squad entered into demon territory to fight in the enemy rear after the start of the Holy War.

They were ranked among the best Demon Hunt Squad of the younger generations. As a whole, the talents forming their team weren’t much inferior to Haochen’s team. Having gone through incessant tempering in the battles against demons, their strength made enormous progress. And Yang
Wenzhao and Duan Yi showed good cleverness, meticulous thinking and appropriate commanding abilities. So from the beginning, they have been performing actively in demon territory, and completed quite a good amount of challenging missions.

Although they didn’t follow the same path, the Demon Hunt Squads of Long Haochen, Luc Xi, Yang Wenzhao, and Duan Yihad all already reached the commander grade by this day. Their four Demon Hunt Squads having all been established for less than five years, this was simply a miracle in the history of the Demon Hunt Squads.

But Yang Wenzhao’s and Duan Yi’s commander grade Demon Hunt Squads finally had an accident.

The Holy War had already gone on for close to two years, and they were fighting in demon territory all this time, returning almost only once a year. But a short time before, they attacked the demon troops in charge of transportation of supplies, with fully prepared plans and battle arrangements. Yet that absolutely safe mission ended up in failure, for the simple reason that they had the bad luck to encounter a demon god.

Speaking of which, this was related to Long Haochen. This demon god that they encountered was prepared to join the front, to reinforce the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

Of their troops stationed at the human forts, the Exorcist Mountain Pass had the weakest arrangement of demon gods, their commander was after all the Emo-demon god Sytry. At the time Long Haochen’s group came to the Exorcist Mountain Pass, contributing to killing two demon gods, Sytry also sustained significant wounds. In such circumstances, the demon side naturally became concerned with the situation implicating the Exorcist Mountain Pass, and immediately dispatched a demon god to reinforce the demon force assigned to the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

This demon god was ranked rather high, being among the top 24. Just so, a veteran amongst the demon powerhouses.
Therefore, Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi’s two Demon Hunt Squads met with failure. Although this demon god hadn’t been carrying his demon god pillar, his strength was far beyond their scope of resistance. The final result was a disaster, and their Demon Hunt Squads ended up almost annihilated.

Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi were seized with severe wounds, and the only one that came back alive was the assassin from Duan Yi’s team, who carried the information.

The place of the accident was rather close to the Myriad Beast Mountain Pass, but after passing on the information he had been sent back with, this assassin finally dropped dead.

How could Chen Ying’er stand worriless after getting this piece of news? She immediately showed extreme panic. Originally, Chen Hongyu and Sanshui Popo didn’t plan on informing Chen Ying’er, but she coincidentally found out.

Having listened to Chen Ying’er’s story, Long Haochen’s expression suddenly became extremely unsightly. First, without mentioning the relationship of fellow soldiers between Demon Hunt Squads, Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi were rare talents to the Knight Temple! They were talented knights who could possibly become Divine Knights in the future. Since they were captured, Long Haochen had to rescue them no matter from which point of view he thought of the matter. Even if their current strength was far from sufficient to guarantee their success, they had at least to give it a try. Yang Haohan’s good care of Long Haochen was engraved in his memories; without the support from this head of the Knight Temple, maybe he would have been sent to the Demon God Emperor before the Holy War’s start.

Breathing deeply, Long Haochen gave a look to Chen Hongyu, seriously declaring, “Senior, I accept your previous proposal. I am willing to challenge you alongside my comrades. But I hope for your conditions to be loosened. In front of our group of juniors, could you at least not use your equipment?”
Chen Hongyu didn’t think that Long Haochen would still accept this evident bullying test. For a moment, he didn’t show any response, but couldn’t help but feel some appreciation for this Long Haochen. The fact this youngster decided to lead his team to challenge him meant that his decision of going to save Duan Yi and Yang Wenzhao was already made.

If his granddaughter wasn’t part of this, Chen Hongyu wouldn’t have tried a powerful Demon Hunt Squad that way. But when it involves his granddaughter, how could he let Chen Ying’er take such danger? But there’s no way he could take back the words he just declared. As a Temple Head, there’s no way to go back on one’s word.

“Alright. I won’t use any equipment when facing your challenge. I will let you pick the time, and the location will be my Spiritual Temple’s Fighting Beasts Ground.”

Long Haochen nodded slightly, “Temple Head, we have not seen Ying'er for a long time. Please let us gather with her in the meantime: it will facilitate our battle tactics arrangements.”

“Okay. Though, in case your group wants to leave this Myriad Beast Mountain Pass, be aware that you will become forever unwelcome in our Spiritual Temple. Also, we will halt you in your tracks by sending the Temple’s forces.”

Long Haochen responded, “Be at ease, this kind of situation will absolutely not happen.” Afterwards, he performed a standard knight salute to Chen Hongyu, before putting his mask back on, leaving alongside Chen Ying’er.

“Boss, I...” As soon as they got out, Chen Ying’er once again pulled on Long Haochen’s arms. As all sorts of feelings welled up in her heart, she couldn’t help but burst out in tears once again.

Long Haochen stroked her head, “Fool, what are you crying for? Don’t tell me you think the missions we have faced before were easier. Even without you, I would definitely go save Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi at all costs after learning that they have been caught by the enemy. Calm down
for now, we will be facing your grandfather’s test after a time of rest and reorganization. You are the most familiar with Head Chen, so please give explanations to everyone.”

“Yep, yep.” Chen Ying’er nodded repeatedly. For some reason, after Long Haochen arrived, the anxiety and uneasiness she had had lowered greatly. That was a habit from the time they frequently acted together. It seemed to her that as long as their captain is there, all troubles will disappear. That feeling of safety gradually formed after long times of cooperation, and was already deep-rooted inside Chen Ying’er.

Long Haochen brought her to the resting grounds arranged by the Spiritual Temple, to reunite with the others. Naturally, a show of affection followed, especially between Chen Ying’er and Wang Yuanyuan, who were originally good friends, good sisters. Seeing each other once again, they shrieked in excitement, causing excitement from everyone else.

The joy of their reunion diluted rapidly. After coming back to tranquility, Chen Ying’er talked about the previous matters.

After hearing her, everyone gathered their looks in agreement at Long Haochen, waiting for his decision.

Long Haochen declared, “We must face the Temple Head Chen in this, otherwise he won’t permit us to bring Ying’er along. Han Yu, please make a trip to the Southern Mountain Pass on Star King’s back, and bring Sima back. We’ll have to gather all our forces to possibly win this battle.”

Han Yu replied, “Yes, I am immediately going.”

Long Haochen brought him outside, where he called out Star King. After a few words of explanation from him, Han Yu rode Star King and departed immediately for the south.

Chapter 579

The distance from the Myriad Beast Mountain Pass to the Southern Mountain Pass wasn’t far. Sima Xian having originally been part of the team’s main force so far, his cultivation was bound to have grown tremendously. With his addition, Long Haochen’s group had just gathered, reaching its peak state.

Having been cooperating together as a group of seven so far, they were bound to have a great loss of strength without Sima. And the same went for their morale.

Originally, the fastest should be Cai’er, but after her loss of memories, Long Haochen really wasn’t at ease letting her go look for Sima Xian. Han Yu being steady, and with the full flight speed of Star King satisfying, having him go was naturally the most fitting. On the way back, Star King would carry the two at the same time, and since all were light users, they could use their spiritual energy as supply to enable Star King to accelerate.

After Han Yu left, Long Haochen returned to the room, and directly asked Chen Ying’er, “Ying’er, tell us about your current abilities and what your grandfather can do in battle. Know yourself and know your enemy to then emerge victorious in a hundred battles out of a hundred.”

Chen Ying’er looked at Long Haochen with some worries, “Boss, do we really stand a chance? Grandfather is really too powerful, I’m afraid that...”

Long Haochen showed a laugh, “Have some more self-confidence. We are currently in no way weak! And it’s only by confronting powerhouses
of higher level that we can have possibilities of progressing. Although the gap separating us currently from Temple Head Chen is very large, I believe that as long as we put forth everything we have and show sufficient strength, he shouldn’t make things difficult for us by preventing us from leaving.”

Chen Ying’er’s eyes lit up, “You’re right. Grandfather is after all an elder. If we can resist his attacks for some time, maybe he will be at ease.”

Nearby, Lin Xin showed a mischevous laughter, “Ying’er, forget about the rest. After the test your grandfather gives us starts, you must convince him to not use his domain against us. As long as it doesn’t come out, we definitely have a chance. Let me tell you that Boss managed to kill the forty-ninth ranked demon god, Demon God of Clear Vision. And a short time ago, we also managed to resist in front of an undead powerhouse whose spiritual energy definitely exceeded 200,000, relying on the Conjoined Spiritual Boost, helping Haoyue achieve his evolution. In a situation where your grandfather doesn’t use any equipment, he may not necessarily manage to defeat us.”

Chen Ying’er asked in a start, “Boss, is this title of Saint Knight Head for real?”

Wang Yuanyuan giggled as she replied, “Of course it’s for real. Do you think Captain could be just talk? He has been formally appointed as Provisional Saint Knight Head by the Knight Temple. I estimate that our boss will become a Divine Knight in just a few years.”

Long Haochen showed a bitter smile, “Don’t be too hopeful. Temple Head Chen has plentiful battle experiences, and will be even more powerful than all the enemies we have faced before. At the time we face demons, we can at least restrain their darkness element to some extent thanks to my light attribute, and in Haoyue’s world, his aura managed to suppress them to some degree as well. But against Temple Head Chen, we won’t have any advantages of such kind at all.”

“Who said we won’t! I’ll be there!” Chen Ying’er suddenly hopped, quite proud of herself.
“You? Don’t tell me this summoner who used to be unable to summon at all could have become reliable?” Lin Xin asked in a shock.

Chen Ying’er unhappily replied, “Don’t be complacent, has-drugs-bro, come to fight a duel if you have the confidence. This lady will surely show you no chance at all, do you still have some confidence?” Speaking such words, she showed her fist to Lin Xin. With her small arm, this didn’t have any persuasive force, causing everyone else to burst out in laughter.

The only one who wasn’t laughing was Long Haochen. With a nod, he responded, “Alright. Ying’er, if you can, go find a training field to duel Lin Xin.”

“Eh? Is that for real?! Boss, that’s no good. What if I turn McDull into roasted pig barbecue. Ying’er will have a real grudge.” Lin Xin laughed mischeviously.

Long Haochen shot him a glare, “Don’t be too complacent. After two years passed, your cultivation grew, so how could Ying’er not have made some progress as well? So can you find a fitting training ground, Ying’er?”

Chen Ying’er showed in her gleaming eyes, a quite malicious look shooting at Lin Xin, with a nod, “Of course I can find it. Has-drugs-bro, in a bit this lady will show you what’s a terrible bully.”

Lin Xin curled on the sofa, and made a shaking motion. In a cheap thrilled voice, he declared, “How scary! I’m so afraid! Unreliable beauty Ying’er, I forgot to tell you that the great me has already learnt the use of offensive magic. That’s not just Fire Curse anymore.”

Chen Ying’er stared blankly, “You learnt the use of offensive magic?
How about your original vow?”


Lin Xin got up from the sofa in a jump, “That’s a matter of the past, and matters of the present came into play. Let’s go, let’s go. Show me what
progress you made in the past two years. The little pig McDull show now be a magical beast of the eighth rank right? Maybe the ninth rank? That’s no issue, he’s still no opponent in front of your brother.”

Chen Ying’er twitched her mouth, “Facts speak louder than words. Today, if this lady doesn’t beat you up as the pig you are, I’ll take your surname.”

Lin Xin grinned, “Then how about that guy Yang Wenzhao? How grieved will he be to learn that his wife has taken another’s surname when we have rescued him?”

“You...!” Chen Ying’er lost her words in rage. But she felt that this was the best time she spent for the last two years. Finally being together with her comrades felt the best!

With Chen Ying’er’s status in the Spiritual Temple, finding a training ground couldn’t be an easier matter. She led everyone directly to a wide training field in the back of the Spiritual Temple, expropriating it after saying a few words to the manager in charge.

Under the watch of Long Haochen’s group, Chen Ying’er and Lin Xin entered the training grounds.

After two years passed, Chen Ying’er’s McDull had some visible changes.His body that was a bit longer than a third of a meter didn't grow, instead shrinking by roughly a third. But he gave off a very peculiar feeling: his skin became close to gelatin, appearing extremely sparkling and translucent. In particular, his pair of eyes were like resplendent gems, while his body didn’t release any powerful aura, but standing at Ying’er’s side, he seemed like an extension of her body, their auras giving off a feeling of matching perfectly.

As Lin Xin was about to head to the other side of the ground, he said, “Ying’er, how about your brother gives you ten minutes to prepare a chant? Aye, I’d really hate to turn McDull into barbecue.” Saying this, he rubbed McDull’s chubby waist, and pinched his butt. McDull shouted out in anger, immediately leaping up to Chen Ying’er’s waist.
“Don’t be angry. In a bit, we will teach him a good lesson and that will be it.” Chen Ying’er was extremely calm, and didn’t show any surge of rage from Lin Xin’s shameless act.

That look she gave him was really a strange sight, just like a queen about to lash a slave on a pillar.

Very rapidly, the two increased the distance separating them. Long Haochen, who was standing on the distant watching area, shouted loudly, “Be very careful. Don’t aim to wound the enemy for real. Start!”

As soon as Long Haochen’s starting call came, the aura of the distant Lin Xin immediately had an earth-shattering change. With a bang, an intense blue flame ascended around his body, and his originally extremely ridiculing smiling expression became extremely cold. In the battles against demons, the countless slaughters made him accumulate a powerful killing intent. As long as he enters his battle state, he will seem like a totally all different person.

Lifting up the Fire Cloud Crystal high, he didn’t show the slightest intention of starting off leniently. Raising his staff, he launched six blue fireballs in Chen Ying’er’s direction.

Generally speaking, a summoner of same rank would very hardly be a mage’s opponent. That’s because the summoning spells of mages require a lot more time than the mages’ offensive spells. That’s why Lin Xin spoke about giving Chen Ying’er some time to prepare her magic.

Lin Xin’s self-confidence had its roots. His Heart of Fire was originally far more powerful than an ordinary fire mage’s fire, and there’s also his great magic control and instant casting ability. Those six connected fireballs immediately spread in the air, encircling Chen Ying’er while leaving gaudy trails of flames on their way.

Lin Xin’s control over magic gave him complete confidence to be able to stop it when Chen Ying’er wouldn’t be able to resist. His battle experience was really plentiful. In contrast, more powerful mages would rarely show the use of powerful magic, because it not only uses up a lot more and takes
longer to chant, but also has a lot of uncertainty. Having a full grasp of the battlefield is the true aim of a great mage.

Facing Lin Xin’s offense, Chen Ying’er acted as though she hadn’t seen anything. Standing on the same area, her right hand was softly pointed at McDull, shooting a milky white glow from her finger at his body.

This milky white glow carried bizarre twisting waves. The instant it came in contact with McDull, his body abruptly inflated, turning into a gigantic white bear rising up.

“Grooa!!!” The gigantic bear roared to the sky, and an icy blue halation was abruptly released from its body, spreading outwards and protecting the bear and Chen Ying’er inside.

In a movement of wrist, that crystal ball she often used to use appeared in her hand, and her incantating voice was heard.

Puppuppuppuppuppup. In a series of explosions, the six blue fireballs blew apart on the icy barrier. A large amount of gaps immediately appeared on it, but with another roar of the ice bear, its structure became reinforced.

“Want to stop my attacks like that? How naive!” Lin Xin snorted, and also incantated his spell. His previous attack was just a probing, to see how Chen Ying’er would cope with it. However, he became curious to see that McDull hadn’t consumed any magic crystals in this transformation, yet underwent it directly. It seemed as though some ability was bestowed to him by Ying’er, and what’s more, the calm and composed looks on Chen Ying’er faintly gave Lin Xin some pressing feelings.

Chapter 580

Right at this time, a succession of sliding gates of light appeared in full swing on Chen Ying’er’s back. Every gate reached a height of five meters, and a width of three meters. The gorgeous gates glinted with bizarre brilliance, making a total of six which traced a curve on Chen Ying’er’s back.

Her body slowly floated high from the ground, and her Sacred Divine Dress embedded with a hundred and eight Spiritual Pellets dispersed a thin milky white halation, giving the originally beautiful Chen Ying’er the look of a fairy. Her powerful fluctuations of spiritual energy abruptly blossomed around, and engulfed the training field with terrible might.

So she’s really got some backbone! Lin Xin showed some astonishment, but his incantation didn’t slow down in the slightest, and completed the next instant.

His Fire Crystal Staff pointed forward, and shot out imposing blue flames, once again heading toward Chen Ying’er. A stupefying scene followed, as the flames gradually formed the shape of a large blue hand in the sky.

Compared to the previous fireball, this large hand of fire wasn’t lit especially strongly. The flames didn’t even keep rising after forming the hand. But being deep blue colored, it flew toward the Ice Bear’s barrier, folding to form a fist, which struck it straight.

With a large bang, the ice barrier was smashed to pieces, dispersing into countless fragments of ice. Flaming Hand spread once again, this time
aiming at grabbing McDull transformed as an Ice Bear.

Letting out another large howl, the latter abruptly pounced forward. A powerful blast of icy spiritual energy came to strike that hand like a violent storm.

At this time, Lin Xin’s great magic control came clearly to view. That flaming hand was only seen swaying in midair, before the middle finger was extended, stabbing at McDull through the lower part of his ice storm.

Looking at the stage, Wang Yuanyuan unhappily remarked, “How vulgar from has-drugs-bro! Even McDull is being bullied.”

Long Haochen heaved a smiled, “Don’t decide on who’s being bullied too fast. Ying’er’s beautiful dress is not just for decoration. There’s no way the only divine tool of the Spiritual Temple could be so easy to deal with.”

McDull showed the results of his training in the Tower of Eternity. In front of the large flaming hand coming from below, he made a sudden flip before his figure grew sharply in size, unexpectedly accomplishing a second transformation.

This time, McDull again transformed into an ice elemental creature, a terrible ice dragon, whose thick tail fiercely swept at the flaming hand.

An Ice Dragon is an extremely rare kind of dragon, reaching the eighth rank as a magical beast, while their most powerful Ice Dragon King even reach the ninth rank. But as they are in the end not real gigantic dragons, they would forever have no way to step into the tenth rank.

McDull’s Ice Dragon transformation reached a size of over ten meters, his immense tail shaped like a cone. That sweep was full of power, clearly proving his close distance to a magical beast of the ninth rank. Lin Xin’s previous judgement wasn’t wrong: McDull now reached the standard of a magical beast of the ninth rank.
The flaming hand having been blocked once again, Lin Xin’s attacks finally entered in full swing. Chen Ying’er’s summoning magic was already making him sense an enormous threat, giving him the final feeling that he ought to stop her from completing th is summons no matter what.

For this reason, after this flaming hand, series of Bursting Fireballs followed, just like they did in the battlefield, aiming straight in McDull’s direction.

McDull was really powerful as well. Even though Lin Xin had excellent magic control, he showed a very tough resistance. Even with the huge body of an Ice Dragon, he showed great agility in his body control.

Ice suppresses fire: even if Lin Xin’s Heart of Fire is extremely powerful, it’s still suppressed in front of ice. Furthermore, McDull’s supply of spiritual energy seemed unlimited, not only reinforcing his body, but also launching some ice spells to get in the way of Lin Xin’s attacks.

Seeing the great resistance McDull showed against his attacks, Lin Xin’s look became more and more amazed. The resistance he showed was great, and despite Lin Xin’s good control over his own magic, no attack could pass through to McDull. Even in an attempt to control the fireballs to make a detour afar, he found out with great surprise that these gates of light extinguished the rest of these fireballs as if it was only natural.

Aren’t these Creature Summoning Gates? Lin Xin’s heart made abrupt palpitating beats. Creature Summoning Gate is a summoning magic of the seventh step, but he had never heard of a summoner able to wield six of these at the same time. Although Lin Xin was teasing Chen Ying’er, he remained very astute. Chen Ying’er having broken through the seventh step meant that she was now able to control the power of her Creature Summoning Gate.

Not good! Lin Xin showed some hesitation, not because he believed he would lose. It’s just that at this point, besides launching some powerful magic, he could hardly interrupt Chen Ying’er’s magic. But who knew if the    launch    of    such    powerful    magic     would     wound     her! Don’t be mistaken because of the fierce quarrels the two of them showed.
How could he be willing to wound his own teammate for the sake of victory?

As Lin Xin showed these hesitations, Chen Ying’er’s incantations finally completed on the other side.

The instant her last verse stopped, an exotic milky white color sprinkled down from her body. Chen Ying’er shut her eyes, and slowly lifted up her Crystal Ball over her head.

The six gates showed great brilliance simulateously, each of them having different looks.

Red, blue, yellow, green, gold, black. It was actually the six elemental colors.

Immediately, series of roars were heard inside those gates: her summoned magical beasts were starting to appear.

The instant the magic was completed, the watching group and Lin Xin all realized immediately that this wasn’t Creature Summoning Gate.

Creature Summoning Gate belongs to the nature element. Even if one could control this magic, as well as the grade of the summoned beasts, there’s no way to control the number and elements of these beasts. Everything depends on the user’s cultivation.

But Chen Ying’er’s six gates summoned magical beasts of set elements, which means that it couldn’t be Creature Summoning Gates, but a similar kind of magic.

One magic beast came out from each gate. But after they all came out, Lin Xin let out a gasp in surprise, almost immediately shouting the words I concede.’.

The six magical beasts were all the same: Earth Dragons. Every one of them was comparable to the Ice Dragon issued from McDull’s transformation, and they belonged to the six different elements.
Are these Earth Dragons for real? Even if they were of the same element, they couldn’t possibly have exactly the same appearance. It means that these six came from Chen Ying’er’s self-created magic.

As a mage, Li Xin had never before heard that a summoner at the supreme boundary would be able to call out magical beasts exactly like in his imagination, and let them wield the greatest degree of power.

At that very moment, Chen Ying’er’s magic seemed very close to this boundary. These six Earth Dragons should, from their auras, be reaching the eighth step, although not at the level of McDull’s previous transformation which reached the peak of this eighth step. They were only close to human powerhouses of the seventh step.

But Lin Xin was also at the seventh step! Even if in his opinion his power was much greater than ordinary seventh step cultivators, his chances of victory against these six magic beasts of the seventh step of different elements were extremely tiny. Furthermore, right after appearing, the six of them separated to six spots to make a formation making up the shape of six- colored magic hexagonal constellation.

What are they up to? Combinatorial magic?

Chen Ying’er didn’t keep chanting, only floating in midair, showing a mocking smile on her cute face. Her look at Lin Xin became full of evil.

In a flash of light, Chen Ying’er landed in the center of these six Earth Dragons, lifting her Crystal Ball high and muttering some chants. Then, the six Earth Dragons immediately lifted their heads to spit in their own element, six glows which gathered onto her Crystal Ball, converging into the shape of a six-colored whirlpool.

Afar, Lin Xin miserably pleaded, “Ying’er, we are on the same side, don’t aim at my face!”

Right at this time, a six-colored glow was shot from Chen Ying’er’s crystal ball. Lin Xin unconsciously launched Bursting Fireballs in an attempt of resistance, but upon contact with that glow, they immediately
dissolved, and didn’t have the slightest effects. The six-colored glow landed directly onto Lin Xin.

If Haochen hadn’t determined that Chen Ying’er wouldn’t wound Lin Xin, he would have stopped that exchange of blows from going on.

Hit by the six-colored glow, Lin Xin immediately had a strange look. Six flickers of lights of different colors flashed, to the extent that his skin was not visible anymore. All that was visible were fluctuations of those six colors, as his body was congealed at that spot, just like a sculpture.

“Come back.” Chen Ying’er waved hands, then those six dragons turned their heads and returned through their own gates, which closed afterwards, signalling the termination of her magic.

Chen Ying’er pouted towards McDull, “Go pay him back his previous acts of bullying.”

McDull showed a grin and transformed once again, this time turning into a kangaroo shaped magical beast, bouncing and vivacious, coming in front of Lin Xin.

What are kangaroos expert in? Boxing… So a certain previously extremely arrogant guy became immediately miserable.

Still, McDull still left Lin Xin some face. Despite a painful beating of five minutes, he really didn’t hit his face. Otherwise, he really would have beaten Lin Xin into looking like a pig as well as a fool.

“Ouch. It really hurts. I don’t accept that, not at all!” After Lin Xin’s body was bound by the six-colored glows for no less than ten minutes, they gradually dispersed. Finally, he recovered his ability of movement, bellowing in outrage.

Chen Ying’er snorted to him, “Come back if you don’t accept this. This lady is reserving a special treatment to you.”
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