Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 561-570

Chapter 561

Long Haochen was in a very special state, giving him a kind of feeling of sublimation. As all these halos were released, and the lives of the allies were saved, a far stronger feeling than the time he was actively slaughtering the enemies arose in him.

The battle was still proceeding. The Holy War was originally a prolonged war, and the current situation all the more. It was a meat grinding battle, where corpses piled up like a mountain around the fortress.

Although the addition of Long Haochen’s group made the Southeastern Fort’s situation a lot more stable, the demon offense showed no signs of weakening, becoming instead even fiercer. Even more demon powerhouses joined the battlefield, and attacked the fort’s defensive line.

Cliques of black light autonomously came out from the eight demon god pillars. Each of them landed in a large area of demon soldiers, who immediately felt bursts of excitement due to their influence, bravely charging.

Of the eight demon gods responsible for the attack of the fort, the leading one was an absolute beauty. Even for a human, these was a perfect appearance. But the body had a very manly stature, tall and sturdy figure with six black wings on the back. And on the forehead, a triangular black crystal.

Paimon, ranked ninth of the seventy-two demon gods. Angel Demon God, expert in dark magic.
Aside from Paimon, the other seven demon gods were all below the twentieth rank. So he was naturally the commander of this area.

The Angel Demon God Paimon different from the Hell Demon God Marbas, in that Marbas was a pure mage of darkness element, or should we say, a hellish mage. And Paimon had both magic and martial specializations, expert in various boosting magic of the darkness element. To be able to hold a seat among the top ten demon gods, his individual fighting power was not below Marbas by much. Also, he was a good friend of the Moon Demon God Agares, and held a sublime status among demons.

Before inheriting his position as demon god, Paimon used to serve as the Demon God Emperor’s imperial guard, receiving good care and guidance from him. Therefore, he was extremely loyal to the Demon God Emperor, and firmly obeyed every of his orders. When the Demon God Emperor ordered to only deplete the Warrior Temple’s strength, he did no more. When he was told to strengthen the attacks, that’s what he did. As a single individual, without clansmen of his own, he didn’t have to worry about his kins or race. Acting accordingly to the Demon God Emperor was enough. As such, he was acclaimed by the Demon God Emperor as his most loyal subordinate.

Of course, Paimon’s status was by far incomparable to Agares or Vassago. These two demon gods were the Demon God Emperor’s best brothers. Even so, no one was as free and out of worry as him, apart from these three. Even Saminaga and Marbas dealt with him with great care.

An exception remained, and that’s the Berserk Demon God Ah’nan. Although Paimon didn’t have to listen and obey to Ah’nan’s orders, he still submitted totally to Ah’nan. That was out of respect, as when the two compared notes, he had not won even once, suffering a severe loss every time.

“Senior Paimon. That knight who has arrived suddenly is quite threatening. Should we take some measures against him?” Beside Paimon was another handsome looking demon god with six wings on the back, asking in low voice.
Aside from the looks of femininity of the former, he resembled the Angel Demon God quite a lot, except from having a third eye on the forehead.

That was the forty ninth ranked demon god, Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell. Because of his resemblance with Paimon, these two had a good relationship. And being also an individual demon god, he could be considered Paimon’s direct successor.

Paimon told, “Then go probe him out.”

“Yes.” Crocell replied, and looked into the distance at Long Haochen’s direction. The demon god undulations surrounding him were colored in a sinister deep blue. Immediately, his other eye opened slowly, revealing a deep blue pupil. Colorless bizarre waves traced a sort of straight line, rushing straight for the Southeastern Mountain Pass.

Long Haochen, still using various halo type ability, suddenly had a dizzy feeling, as if a special force was trying to disconnect his mind.

In secret alarm, he immediately stopped his series of magic, and focused all of his attention, gathering his mental force to scout this sudden change.

In Long Haochen’s senses, that force making him dizzy was formed of strong psychic waves, but didn’t look like the attack from psychic magic. Even he couldn’t contend against it with his mental force, but this psychic force wasn’t something such as a powerful attack. But the issue was that he couldn’t determine what this could in the end be.

He could just faintly sense that it came from the demons.

In the space between Long Haochen’s eyes came out a ripple of golden color, immediately extending from there, rapidly enveloping his whole body. Outside this layer of gold color, one could faintly see teints of deep blue color. In a blink of eye, these tints were destroyed, and everything came back to normal.

“Huh?” The Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell revealed an astonished look, “What a strong mental force! That knight is clearly specialized in
the light element, how could he have such mental strength?”

The Angel Demon God Paimon wrinkled his brows, “How are things?”

Crocell replied, “This human knight has a great mental force. My scouting was discovered right upon reaching him. And his mind rejected it autonomously. With the little probing I managed, I could determine his cultivation to be at the eighth step. He has a Golden Foundation Armor of epic tier on, measuring 1.92 meters, weighing 80 kg. His external spiritual is approximately a little above 30,000. His physical strength is much greater than an ordinary knight. His age...”

Mentioning his age, Crocell showed a perplexed look, “His response was just too fast so maybe my scouting isn’t very accurate. From what the Deep Inspection Method told me, he should be below thirty. His specific age couldn’t be scouted clearly, and the same goes for the other equipment on him.”

“A knight of the eighth step below his thirties? Looks that your scouting was really inaccurate. Are you confident in your ability to get him with your personal ability?”

Crocell shook his head, “Hardly. Although his cultivation is quite below mine, his mental force is very strong. I don’t have an absolute confidence in my success. With a mental force such as his, even if I succeed, I’m afraid that I will also suffer severe damage in the process.”

Right at this time, Paimon saw another series of halo-type abilities from Long Haochen, spilling to the whole Southeastern Fort, reinforcing their troops’ resistance against the demon army.

“Give it a try then. I will be boosting you. Humans that can wear a Golden Foundation Knight of epic tier are very few, only second to Divine Knights in the Knight Temple. This knight is even more troublesome than a warrior of the ninth step would be. And he seems to have just arrived, and should be unaware of your presence. The Warrior Temple shouldn’t have had the time to inform him.”
“Yes!” Crocell didn’t hesitate in the slightest after hearing Paimon’s instruction. Gaining the appreciation of the ninth demon god was the greatest motive for his obedience. Calling him Paimon’s mercenary would be no exaggeration.

Shutting both eyes, Crocell started a chant. His voice became very calm, and the demon god pillar on his back shone in full deep blue in the meantime of his chant.

As he started chanting, Paimon’s figure flashed, and Crocell was standing to block for him, obstructing the humans’ line of sight. At the same time he rose his hands, and spread out a layer of drizzling black fog. All eight demon god pillars on his back were concealed by this act. An earth- shattering amount of dark essence was gathering, and in the midst of a melodious chant, a black winged angel then flapped his wings mildly, soaring around the black fog, and continuously shot at the demon aries blow some black rays.

This was Paimon’s Fallen Angel Domain. All the demons of the seventh step or below illuminated by this domain will instantly gain a step’s strength, for a time of five minutes. The boosting effects of this domain could definitely be ranked in the top three among all demon domains.

In the meantime, while concealed by the black fog, Paimon also started to chant in low voice, dark golden rays bubbling forth from his eyes, to turn into a dark gold colored spiral which covered Crocell on his back.

Having gained the boost from this dark golden radiance, Crocell’s chant accelerated visibly, and his demon god pillar hidden in the black fog released some dark blue radiance which started to let out twisting undulations, which gathered in between his eyebrows. The central eye on his forehead started to change looks, deepening in color.

A Golden Foundation Knight may have caught Paimon’s attention, but generally, it wouldn’t make him have Crocell take such dangerous actions. He didn’t why, but after listening to Crocell’s description, he immediately made this choice without hesitation. Deep inside him, he had the faint feeling that something with this Golden Foundation Knight was amiss.
Paimon made such a firm choice, but regardless of whether his feeling was correct, killing a Golden Foundation Knight from the Knight Temple couldn’t be a mistake.

From the previous little event, Long Haochen’s vigilance was raised quite highly. Still, those psychic waves were short-lived and didn’t inflict the slightest damage to him. So he didn’t became overly careful, and still kept chaining those halo abilities.

With Long Haochen’s current cultivation, he believed firmly that considering the current distance of the eight demon gods, even if the enemy suddenly were to launch a sudden attack of forbidden spell grade, it wouldn’t involve him in a situation such as the ones in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, the Exorcist Mountain Pass or the Tombal Mountain Pass’ battle. Unless one of the top three demon gods comes out here.

Chapter 562

Chapter 562: Clear Vision’s Godly Pull (II)

The Warrior Temple’s chief Qiu Yonghao kept his eyes on Long Haochen all the time. The instant he stopped using halos, and changed his stance to defense, he couldn’t help but stare blankly.

Long Haochen’s previous halos were chaining so naturally and without any waste of spiritual energy, that this sudden stop was clearly very unnatural.

What happened? Qiu Yonghao immediately had some doubts, and from his position, it was obviously impossible   to   see   that   bluish-black trail rejected by Haochen.

Immediately later, Qiu Yonghao saw the eruption of black fog confronting the demon army. The Angel Demon God Paimon’s activation of Fallen Angel Domain instantly rose an ominous premonition to Qiu Yonghao’s mind, sensing that something was about to happen.

What are the demons planning? His thoughts running amok, Qiu Yonghao suddenly trembled, thinking about that one weakest and yet most
dangerous individual amongst them.

“Golden Knight, be careful! Grab someone beside you!” Qiu Yonghao’s loud shout reberberated through the skies almost immediately. With his level of cultivation, spreading his voice to Long Haochen’s range was naturally no issue. In the meantime, Qiu Yonghao led the group of powerhouses straight toward the outside of the fortress.

Golden Knight, that was without a doubt destined to be Long Haochen. While fully using halos, he naturally recognized Qiu Yonghao’s voice, however these words puzzled him. Grab someone? What does he mean?

In that instant of hesitation, Long Haochen suddenly felt an indescribable pressure abruptly land onto him. Then a sudden surge of panic reached his mind, as he felt an extremely unpredictable threat.

But any powerhouse has a strong desire of control, especially over themselves. They are used to be in control of everything within the scope of their ability. And in case something becomes beyond their control, they’d immediately have feelings of panic, which was Long Haochen’s current state.

A perfectly straight brilliant dark blue ray travelled through the dense black fog, aiming right for Long Haochen and toward the Southeastern Fort.

That instant, Long Haochen felt his body becoming suddenly stiff, as a choking terrible psychic force instantly seized him. Right at this time, his hand was raised, wanting to grab the nearby Han Yu.

Speaking of something strange, that dark blue ray didn’t inflict any damage to others. Even when passing through Han Yu’s body, he didn’t have the slightest awareness of that. It only had effects on Long Haochen.

Cai’er, Wang Yuanyuan, Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang immediately realized that something was amiss. Hastening to where that attack was targeted, they found out, with overwhelming shock, that all they could do was futile. It seemed composed purely of light, not containing the slightest fluctuation of spiritual energy, and all their attacks landed on air. Long Haochen’s body remained in a deadlocked position, as his figure clearly began to weaken.

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Right, Long Haochen was too slow to react. If he had immediately heeded Qiu Yonghao’s call and grabbed Han Yu, he could have made it in time, but unfortunately, due to reflecting, he lost that opportunity.

Still, as a god’s chosen one, how could he resign himself helplessly to death? Although he didn’t know what this dark blue ray would bring and sensed a great danger from it, he could, by successfully extinguishng it, end up escaping death narrowly.

Long Haochen immediately attempted to use the abilities at his disposal on this situation of great danger. First, he thought of the Divine Snail Shield, but found out with shock that only his mental force was useable. All his spiritual energy was already sealed by the dark blue ray, and unable to muster the slightest movement. Having lost the backup of his spiritual energy, no matter the strength of the equipment on him, he was unable to display their true might.

Mental force, mental force! That dark green ray of light was about to succeed. And a fierce face came to Haochen’s sight.

Oh, that’s right!..

No spiritual energy didn’t mean that he couldn’t activate his equipment. Not all of his equipment required spiritual energy for use. A golden radiance suddenly shot up on his chest. If he were to look carefully and from a close distance, he would find out that this radiance had the shape of a small skull.

On the verge of death, Long Haochen wanted to activate the Eternal Melody, the transporting tool that had saved their lives many times already.

No matter how powerful the enemy’s ability was, as long as he made it out to the Tower of Eternity, what could they do about it? The Eternal Melody only required mental force for use, and didn’t need any supply of spiritual energy.

Through the Eternal Melody binding it to Long Haochen, the Tower of Eternity had been absorbing the external soul force. Especially after Long Haochen’s addition to the Holy War, it had become even more greedy, and gradually felt like a monster awaking gradually from Long Haochen’s view.
The Demon God of Death Saminaga already became the greatest offering for the Tower of Eternity. If not for his prompt decision, he could very well have gotten directly swallowed by the tower. That time’s assimilation of the Domain of Death gave great benefits to the Tower of Eternity.

Afterwards, Long Haochen went a few more times on the battlefield, and a substantial number of the deceased souls were absorbed, supplying the tower with large soul energy.

Long Haochen observed many times the Eternal Melody on his neck, and found out that the originally gold colored skull was gradually forming golden flames pulsing in its eyes. This was as if it was coming alive, and further reinforced by connection with the Tower of Eternity.

As more and more soul energy was absorbed, the feeling of scorching burn originally felt upon absorption disappeared gradually, to be replaced by a feeling of warmth. Its influence on Long Haochen also reduced gradually, and the feeling of substance it had made it feel like a huge supporter in Long Haochen’s eyes. Only, he hadn’t planned to use this supporter directly, and didn’t know how he should. In his mind, he felt like a representative for the Tower of Eternity, making this latter his employer. It kept on absorbing the external soul energy, while doing nothing in return, and in the meantime he was totally unable to control the force of the Tower of Eternity.

Of course, Long Haochen had also never attempted to exercise control over the Tower of Eternity. Only, the need of teleportation made him use it. If things were as he guessed, the Tower of Eternity should already be an intelligent divine tool. So it may not even be under the control of the Slumbering Calamity Elux. This made it even harder for Long Haochen to break away from it. Fortunately, even if it took advantage of Haochen in
such way, it had already recognized him as its successor, and therefore never acted harmfully toward Haochen.

Speaking of it, it’s quite strange for the Tower of Eternity to be a divine tool so voracious towards souls. Long Haochen didn’t reject it as much as Elux though: no matter what could be said, the Tower of Eternity not only helped him increase his strength, but furthermore saved his group’s life multiple times. Without it, Long Haochen would already be dead in the demons’ hands. Also, they wouldn’t have already gained such accomplishment, or at least wouldn’t have grown in strength so fast.

Things really were as Long Haochen expected: while the other equipments were unusable, and even Yating couldn’t be summoned, the Eternal Melody emitted her glow just as before.

Under the cover of the deep blue ray, Long Haochen’s body turned illusory, as if it could disappear at anytime. And when the golden radiance appeared, the whole scene changed mystically.

The golden radiance issued from his chest immediately merged with the surrounding dark blue ray, and these powerful psychic waves immediately became in disarray.

To its owner’s shock, the Eternal Melody not only fused together with that dark blue ray, but even extended toward the distant black fog from where it was shot. Almost in the blink of an eye, the dark fog and the deep blue trail on the fortress turned into a mix of deep blue and gold colors.
In the sky, the Temple Head of the warriors, Qiu Yonghao’s hand chopped at the distant black fog with a colossal sword intent letting out a huge golden trail of light. Right that instant, Long Haochen disappeared, as well as the interwoven deep blue and golden colors. At the same time, the originator of that deep blue ray, Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell, disappeared as well.

The entangled golden and blue colored rays in the sky disappeared almost immediately. From the deep blue ray’s appearance to its full disappearance, only two breaths had elapsed. And in such a short span of time, some individuals vanished alongside it.

The instant Long Haochen disappeared, Cai’er, Han Yu, Wang Yuanyuan and Lin Xin instead calmed down. They knew Long Haochen very well, and the undulations of spiritual energy produced at the time of that instant disappearance told them that he had returned to the Tower of Eternity. And furthermore, thanks to the connection of the Soul Binding Chains, the four didn’t sense any damage shared by them, which was to say that Long Haochen was out of danger at least for now.

The Tower of Eternity was their secret, but also their safest place. After perceiving that Long Haochen had teleported back there, they immediately calmed down. Maybe he’d reappear in just a bit. What a shame that they didn’t see the stupefied look of the Angel Demon God Paimon. In the midst of the use of his innate ability the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell had disappeared alongside that enemy knight.

Chapter 563

The effects of teleportation to the Tower of Eternity relaxed Long Haochen greatly. Yet to his surprise, he very rapidly discovered that the deep blue ray adhering to his body hadn’t disappeared, but was still entangled with the golden radiance from the Tower of Eternity.

A tall silhouette also came to his sight.

That teleportation was instantaneous, and it took only a flash for Long Haochen to appear in the first floor of the Tower of Eternity; and along with him was teleported the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell.

Crocell’s shock was far greater than Long Haochen’s. The instant of the teleportation, he lost control of his innate ability, and was immediately then carried into a spatial transportation that he was unable to resist even at his level of cultivation.

At the very moment, he couldn’t help but spit a dark blue mouthful of blood. Originally, he was unlikely to suffer great damage and weakening with the Angel Demon God Paimon’s assistance. But during the process of the teleportation, his innate ability was still maintained, and interrupting it was impossible. Its continual use and the spatial travel’s influence inflicted on him substantial damage.

The stronger an ability gets, the greater the backlash it could carry just like for a spiritual stove. This Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell’s own cultivation was actually insufficient for him to rank among the top forty- something. The five or six immediately lower ranked demon gods were all
above him in fighting strength. The reason why he could rank forty-ninth was his innate ability.

Crocell was known as the demon god of Clear Vision, able to scout out the enemies’ true circumstances from a very large range. His magic belonged to the psychic type. At the same time, just like the great majority of the demon gods he was a dual magic and martial cultivator. Any spell of illusion was useless in front of him. Also, his innate ability wasn’t so powerful in itself, but things were different when he teams with other demon gods.

This innate ability called Clear Vision’s Godly Pull could, in a certain range, lock his mental force on an opponent, and it had a powerful teleportation effect, able to instantly teleport the target in front of him.

In some sense, this Clear Vision’s Godly Pull was a different approach producing the same results as the Saint Spiritual Stove, only far more powerful than the latter.

After all, the Saint Spiritual Stove just pulled, whereas the Clear Vision’s Godly Pull was capable of direct teleportation.

Just think, if Crocell’s teleportation had succeeded, Long Haochen would then be facing the instant surrounding of eight great demon gods. No matter how gifted he could be, and even if he could unleash his whole strength promptly, and have the defense of his divine tools, the outcome would still be certain death. That’s the encirclement of eight great demon gods, giving one not the slightest chance!

Of course, because of Clear Vision’s Godly Pull’s power, it has great limitations. Crocell can only use it once a day, and by only relying on his own demon god pillar, regardless of whether it succeeds or fails, it would put him in a very long state of psychic weakness. But that’s unless another demon god consents to support him with his own mental force, greatly lessening this backlash.

At the same time, Clear Vision’s Godly Pull cannot be used against an enemy with a cultivation or mental force surpassing his own. As long as the
enemy’s spiritual energy or mental force exceeds his, the odds of success lower greatly. Another restriction is the warning that Qiu Yon ghao gave.

Clear Vision’s Godly Pull can only be used on one target, so if Long Haochen had grabbed someone else, it would immediately have failed. That’s the reason why the Angel Demon God Paimon released his Angel Domain: for the sake of covering up the use of his ability.

This Clear Vision’s Godly Pull already made the Warrior Temple suffer large losses. Four powerhouses at the grade of War Emperor died this way in the demon gods’ hands. That’s why the arrangement of Qiu Yonghao’s formation was so tight. The powerhouses from the Warrior Temple were standing two by two to avoid leaving Crocell any chance.

But Long Haochen was different! He had no prior knowledge of the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell’s ability, which is what led to this.

Someone walking frequently on the edge of a river has someday to wet his shoes. Crocell walked far too much along night roads, and finally met his nemesis, encountering this time Long Haochen.

Long Haochen’s natural mental force was exceptional, and far above powerhouses of the same level. But Crocell was after all a demon god of the ninth step, and with his magical attribute being the psychic attribute. As such, Haochen’s mental force was still below his. Unless his cultivation breaks through the ninth step, he cannot compete with the Demon God of Clear Vision.

But that powerful mental force enabled Long Haochen to respond promptly. As the time required for the teleportation increased with the opposing mental force, Long Haochen had at his disposal a few seconds’ time, and succeeded in activating the Tower of Eternity in this span.

The Tower of Eternity obviously had a greater precedence than Clear Vision’s Godly Pull. How could the demon god of Clear Vision compare to a supra-divine-tool ranked existence? Moreover, Long Haochen was its successor, and someone he could count on to bring many more souls. In a time of great danger, this supra divine tool would obviously come to his
rescue. However, as Clear Vision’s Godly Pull was in the end enhanced through the demon gods’ pillars’ power, it also gained fantastic boosts, which is how this strange result happened. The Angel of Clear Vision Crocell really managed to teleport Long Haochen in front of him, but at the same time Long Haochen relied on the Tower of Eternity, teleporting the two of them here by that way. The two teleportations had succeeded, but Long Haochen also escaped mortal peril.

“What’s this place? How did you escape?” Crocell was full of doubts and shock. Looking at the opposite Long Haochen, he couldn’t help but ask, as in the meantime his hands separated, letting a long blade appear in between them. Black flames lit his long blade, and in the meantime, twisting undulations surrounded visibly Crocell’s body.

Facing the enemy that had countered his own Clear Vision’s Godly Pull, he was extremely wary.

At the time he discovered that Crocell was teleported to the Tower of Eternity alongside him, he was also in great shock. When Crocell asked that question, he drew back very swiftly, then the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon appeared in front of his chest.

Opposite to Crocell’s complete reaction of puzzlement, Long Haochen already guessed the truth of the matter from the current situation and the previous circumstances.

“I didn’t escape but countered your move.” Long Haochen replied coldly, and from the powerful aura released by the enemy’s body, he could determine that he’s a demon god. Just before, he seemed to have been beside the demon god leading the enemies. Long Haochen still remembered Crocell’s appearance from that time. One could only admit that this demon god had very handsome looks, with the addition of the six wings on his back making him look even more captivating.

Crocell had already calmed down, and wasn’t impatient to attack Long Haochen, “It’s another space? Since you have the means to teleport here, you must naturally have the means to teleport back. Bring me out, and I’ll spare your life.”
Stalling for time was to his advantage. Crocell was terrified of this space, but being after all a demon god expert at the psychic attribute, he had some understanding of this place. He knew that to be able to go through a spatial travel of this extent, Long Haochen surely had a kind of spatial key. By grabbing that spatial key, he naturally couldn’t return back to Shengmo Dalu. But the most important was the psychic internal injury he had sustained. He couldn’t see through Long Haochen, especially after his release of the Divine Snail Shield. With his current injuries, he didn’t have the complete confidence of being able to get away in one piece after killing Long Haochen. As such, he spoke to stall for time, and giving himself some time to recover. The enemy was after all only at the eighth step, so he had the full confidence of being able to kill Long Haochen after recovering partly from the psychic internal injury.

Back then, the last ranked Snake Demon God was already as cunning as a fox, to say nothing about the forty ninth ranked Crocell. Although he still didn’t have a domain, his cultivation was thoroughly at the ninth step.

“Spare my life? What a pity, I have no plans to spare you.” Long Haochen ridiculed him.

Like Crocell was scheming against him, the same happened on his side. Long Haochen was now extending his senses fully, making an all-out effort to determine Crocell’s level of cultivation.

The enemy was without a doubt at the ninth step, but great differences existed between different powerhouses of the ninth step. Crocell’s previous deep blue spit of blood couldn’t be faked, and was a clear proof of wounds. However Long Haochen didn’t know about the intensity of his injury.

The inside of the Tower of Eternity was like Long Haochen’s main grounds. He was now determining the gap of strength between the two of them, and thus wouldn’t rush into battle.

In front of Crocell, Long Haochen was disadvantaged in terms of cultivation, but he had his own aspects of superiority. First, he was fully confident in preventing Crocell from connecting with his demon god pillar. A demon god having lost his pillar was like an ordinary powerhouse of the
ninth step and no more. Secondly, the enemy was wounded, and no matter to what extent, at least he wasn’t in good condition. And from his powerful mental force, his injury should be on the psychic side. Facing a powerhouse of psychic attribute, Long Haochen wasn’t afraid in the slightest. Even the twelfth ranked Emo-demon god Sytry had suffered the backlash of her own forbidden spell.

In a fight of the eighth step against the ninth step, maybe he could really leave this demon god here forever. Thinking of that, Long Haochen’s heartbeat couldn’t help but accelerate. Should he fight the demon god in a duel? Although he had killed the Goblin Knight Seere, both Seere and Andromalius were still demon gods of the eighth step. Although they could temporarily reach the ninth step thanks to their demon god pillars, there was still a difference between the ninth step and that. Can I really win? Long Haochen didn’t dare affirm with certainty, but already made his decision to give it a try in any case.

Chapter 564

Hearing   Long   Haochen’s   words,   Crocell   raised   his   eyebrows, and contrary to expectations, smiled, “Young knight of the eighth step, you’re attempting to challenge a mighty opponent of the ninth step? I know what you are thinking, that I can’t have the assistance of my demon god pillar here, right? Even so, how could you be a match against me? You have only one option: to serve or to die.”

Saying that, Crocell raised the long blade in his right hand, and the pitch- black edge of his blade was launched at Long Haochen.

This blade wasn’t moving very fast, but the instant it struck out, Long Haochen only felt as if locked by Crocell, and couldn’t avoid the blow no matter which way he tried to evade.

Crocell’s eyes had already turned deep blue. The Demon God of Clear Vision was not just talk: in time of battle, his Clear Vision Technique had crucial uses. It was able to create decisive opportunities against the enemy, as well as predict his next moves.

Under those conditions, his attacks were undoubtedly very effective.

None of the seventy-two demon gods was a simple character, whether in strength or intelligence.

Crocell’s attack aimed at intimidating as well as probing. He was unclear on Long Haochen’s precise level of cultivation.
Long Haochen drew back slightly, and his body abruptly traced an arc, wielding the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon with both his arms.

Biing. A resonant buzzing sound spread out on the whole first floor of the Tower of Eternity. Both Long Haochen’s feet slid backwards, only stopping on the edge of the tower. As the Divine Snail Shield spread glitters of intense orange light, Long Haochen’s body flashed in light, as the surroundings shook continuously under the flashes of different colors.

After bearing this attack, Long Haochen’s face was covered in astonishment. Indeed, he sensed that Crocell’s internal spiritual energy seemed just above a hundred thousand, definitely not reaching the second rank of the ninth step. But even at such a level of cultivation, relying on Divine Obstruction actually turned out to be totally insufficient. His body still glowed with the light of Bright Vengeance (the ability formed along with Divine Obstruction to reflect some damage back to the enemy), but the Soul Binding Chains’ light also spread. In other words, he had been wounded. Although they weren’t deep, despite the Divine Snail Shield’s defense and damage sharing with the others, he still sustained some light wounds. From this could be seen the dominance of Crocell’s strength.

“Little fly, you dare show such insolence.” Crocell didn’t stop at that. After the first strike came off smoothly, the long blade chopped at Haochen, drawing a pitch-black brilliance onto the sky, which aimed straight at Long Haochen like a bolt of thunder.

His blade’s edge seems to be using an ability similar to Spiritual Highland, Long Haochen determined instantly from the first blow.

What he didn’t know at all was that in the demons’ ranks, every demon god without his own clan certainly had far a less influential strength, but the Demon God Emperor encouraged them, frequently giving them the priority for some powerful equipment. Therefore, individual demon gods had comparatively better practical fighting strength.

And although the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell’s strength was ranked rather low among the individual demon gods, he couldn’t possibly have obtained the forty-ninth seat without sufficient strength. He was a real
powerhouse of the ninth step and furthermore had the Clear Vision Technique at his disposal. If his cultivation reached the point of being able to unleash a domain, maybe he could rank among the top thirty-six.

In this probing, Long Haochen immediately suffered a loss.

However as a god’s chosen one, he naturally couldn’t let himself continuously suffer losses. Seeing the second attack of the enemy arrive, Long Haochen’s figure strangely disappeared without warning nor trace.

Bang. Crocell’s attack landed directly on the Tower of Eternity, causing a series of buzzes, he couldn’t help but blank out. Even with the Clear Vision Technique, he actually couldn’t tell out how Long Haochen had gone off.

Long Haochen obviously couldn’t possibly teleport himself back to Shengmo Dalu. A time of adjustment was required before teleporting back, and besides, he could absolutely not leave Crocell here by himself. Otherwise, if he explores and finds out about the deep secrets of the Tower of Eternity, and manages to obtain something, things could become a real pain.

In a flash of light, Long Haochen reappeared in his previous location, and this time, the hill-sized five-headed Haoyue was alongside him.

Outside from the teleportation to the Tower of Eternity, Long Haochen also had his blood contract pact with Haoyue. In the battle against Crocell inside the Tower of Eternity, Long Haochen’s greatest reliance was the possibility to show his full abilities without any worries. Even if he didn’t manage to kill Crocell, the latter still had no way to escape the Tower of Eternity.

“Groar” Haoyue’s five heads snarled together, and deep purple intent rushed forth from him, shrouding the opposite Crocell.

Immediately, the previously proud looking Demon God of Clear Vision lost his head as if facing a monster, already full of shock.
“You’re... You’re...” Immediately, he became unable to finish his sentence. Long Haochen obviously understood that the opponent had recognized his identity. Recovering the Divine Snail Shield he pointed his right hand forward and immediately let golden light surge out from him. Yating charmingly appeared in front of him, and in her hands were held up two heavy swords.

“Master.” Yating bowed slightly, holding the two heavy swords out before Long Haochen.

Long Haochen took up the Aria of the Goddess of Light and then Blue Rain Hibiscus of Light. Immediately, his manners made an earth-shattering change, with mighty sword intent bursting from him without reserve. His aura was far greater than before.

“You’re that human... that human!!” Crocell stabilized his posture after drawing ten or so meters back. He tenaciously stared at Haoyue, bursting with great fury. Immediately, he became totally unable to maintain his precious calm.

The demon gods succeeded each other through many generations, but not all memories were passed between them. The stronger the demon god, the more of the past memories he’d inherit. That’s how the Demon God Emperor could immediately speak out Haoyue’s other name, but this forty- ninth ranked Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell couldn’t tell it outright. But his engraved instincts were still present. Although he couldn’t say Haoyue’s identity, he had a deep, threatened feeling that came out, alongside an extremely great fear.

Last time, when Long Haochen vanquished the Goblin Demon God Seere, he immediately had Haoyue transform into armor and merge with his Golden Foundation Armor, but he hadn't had time then to observe to observe Haoyue’s changes. He only had felt that Haoyue was a lot more powerful, but giving another look, Haoyue’s stature had already surpassed fifteen meters, and his aura became more substantial. Faintly, a unique imposing demeanor was coming out from him.
Based on Long Haochen’s senses, the current Haoyue hadn’t yet broken through the ninth step, making him inferior to Haochen, roughly reaching the peak of the seventh step. But his aura at the peak of the seventh step could actually instill such a fear to a powerhouse of the ninth step such as the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell. Why was that?

Long Haochen tried to ask Haoyue many times about the issue in the past, but the latter avoided the subject every time, sometimes looking clearly at a loss, as if unable to recall it himself. Furthermore, at the time he had followed Long Haochen, he had only one head, and gained his second one with the help from Haochen’s blood. How could such a small Haoyue know so many things already?

In Long Haochen’s guesses, the real threat to the demons was very probably Haoyue’s ancestor. And the same goes for the ones from his own world. In other words, Haoyue’s species was very strong, and he would definitely keep growing stronger in the future. That’s Long Haochen’s judgement, therefore making it natural that Haoyue wouldn’t know about his own such circumstances.

Haoyue now had five heads of different elements; being light, fire, wind, water, and poison. Of his five heads, Little Light was the central one, its neighbouring ones being Little Flame and Little Wind, and the outer ones Little Blue and Little Purple. The five heads looked at Crocell with cold gazes, faintly leaking out an aura of hatred. Just like the demons seemed terrified when running into Haoyue, Haoyue showed an intense hate in front of the demon gods.

Could they have an innate blood enmity? Long Haochen didn’t understand this even one bit, after all, Haoyue wasn’t a being from this dimension. So how could he show such hatred to the demon gods? It could be estimated to be a bad compatibility engraved in his genes.

On his thick neck Haoyue had another protruding area. This bulge was extremely large, and according to Long Haochen’s knowledge, one reaching to this point could break at anytime, followed by another evolution from him. Perhaps it would give birth to a sixth head.
Haoyue let out another low roar, letting out a dense fighting intent. He was seeking to fight and wanted to rush straight at Crocell.

Of course, Long Haochen didn’t let him do that. Haoyue was after all still only at the peak of the seventh step. If the enemy’s attack inflicted heavy damage on him, Haochen would regret it greatly.

After a short time of soul-bounded communication, Long Haochen soared high, leaving Haoyue’s back. Yating still remained at the same area, and started to chant.

Long Haochen didn’t summon Star King here. The Tower of Eternity was filled with an intense aura of death, and he was unwilling to let it influence him.

But was it really that Long Haochen didn’t have other forces than Haoyue and Yating at his disposal? Of course not: although unwilling to utilize this force, he came to have restraining fears after the previous display of strength Crocell showed. Therefore, he didn’t dare show any reservations.

Chapter 565

Four rays of light lit successively on Long Haochen’s chest and shot out. The blue and yellow rays landed on his back, while the red and green one covered his two sides. Imposing auras surged out from them: these were the four powerful holy guards: the ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth.

Due to Long Haochen not proceeding to enter deeper in the Tower of Eternity, the four holy guards didn’t undergo any evolution, and still retained a cultivation at the seventh step. But the assistance from the four powerhouses, especially with their personal expertise, gave Long Haochen a considerable help.

Is that considered ganging up? Long Haochen suddenly had this queer thought.

Haoyue, Yating, the four Holy Guards, and Long Haochen himself. That was the entirety of the forces at his disposal. In itself, these were already close to ordinary members composing a king grade Demon Hunt Squad, and a considerably strong one at that.

Crocell gradually calmed down from his state of terror, finally feeling a threat to his life. Long Haochen wasn’t frightening, the four holy guards weren’t even given a look, but Haoyue’s appearance made him lose his head.

A thin golden fog rose in his surroundings, Storing Power.

The orange glint of the Golden Foundation Armor rose immediately, and in Long Haochen’s hands, the Aria of the Goddess of Light and Blue Rain,
Hibiscus of Light projected their own brilliance as well.

With the support from the Golden Foundation Armor, Long Haochen had a strong backup of spiritual energy, and spent almost no effort to undo the seal on the Aria of the Goddess of Light. At the same time, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light let out its greenish-blue brilliance as equipment of the epic tier.

The orange and greenish-blue colors didn’t harmonize perfectly, but carried an extremely dazzling look alongside the golden color released from Long Haochen’s body.

Haoyue’s five large heads’ eyes were filled with thin fluctuations of purple intent, as those nine purple lines atop Haochen’s head started to light up.

Haoyue’s right foreleg inclined to the right side, letting out a loud bang as it landed onto the ground. His whole body embedded itself here like a boulder, and on his five large heads, five different colored radiances kept rising. More terrible, they were not only focusing on the offense.

From Little Light, Radiant World was directly used on Long Haochen. The other heads were visibly preparing for other magic, as those other four heads swayed lightly.

Crocell being the demon god of Clear Vision, even if he was even more afraid than that, he knew that he couldn’t keep waiting. If the enemy was let to prepare his attacks, he would face an unavoidable death.

Filled with great will to survive, Crocell yelled and rushed forward just like a dark blue bolt of lightning. Flapping the six wings on his back, he went directly for Long Haochen.

Crocell could of course tell out that Haochen was the core of these enemies. As long as he could be killed, the others would be no threat. The same even went for Haoyue, as he could sense the existence of a contract between them.
Two blade projections were launched, not at Long Haochen but at the twelfth and tenth holy guards. The Demon God of Clear Vision’s locking ability could hardly be avoided by these two.

Crocell didn’t even look them in the eye. An ice-cold dark blue radiance burst out from his eyes, directly launched toward Long Haochen’s eyes.

A mental attack! Being a demon god of the psychic type, mental magic was Crocell’s field of expertise.And as his cultivation reached the ninth step, a mental shock launched by him could sometimes even burst the enemy's head.

Long Haochen didn’t attempt to dodge. Crocell’s most fearful aspect was his ability to land all his attacks by relying on Clear Vision’s Godly Pull, giving no chance of escape.

Haoyue’s heads roared simultaneously, all eyes colored in intense purple intent.

At the very moment, Haoyue and Long Haochen seemed almost to be joined as one. As the purple light in Haoyue’s eyes flashed, Long Haochen’s both eyes also turned purplish-gold colored.

The four holy guards immediately responded to Crocell’s two blades. Being left without a way to perform dodging maneuvers, the four holy guards were greatly suppressed. But even so, they had their own means.

Two icy-blue radiances came out from the eleventh staff, landing on the two black blade projections. The spiritual highland-like projections obviously were stopped by such a simple magic, but it slightly delayed their arrival.

Right at that time, two thick earth walls appeared in front of the twelfth and tenth. More formidably, its appearance was followed by a great change. In the blink of an eye, it changed from earth walls to earth spheres, at least three times thicker than the walls used to be.
In the meantime, the tenth and twelfth holy guards drew back very rapidly. The Tenth Holy Guard had basically no worries at all. Speed was his greatest field of expertise, so although the enemy’s attack was unavoidable, at least he could extend the time before the collision by increasing their distance. On the other side, the Twelfth Holy Guard struck his blade on the ground to propel himself backwards at great speed.

Bang, bang.

The two earth balls were destroyed at the same time, but this time, the great mastery of the Ninth Holy Guard became fully visible. Turning into spheres one after another, they blocked the way of attacks of the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell. When that spiritual highlandized energy reached the two holy guards at last, it was finally stopped by two large and thick ice walls.

Relying on their great magic control, the ninth and eleventh guards did their utmost to help the other two stop this strike. But even so, when the tenth and twelfth stopped the residual energy of the attacks, it still shook the whole Tower of Eternity unto the edges. From this could be seen how powerful the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell was. A powerhouse of the ninth step was truly a terrible thing for opponents of a lower level.

However, Crocell actually suffered a loss. The mental shock attack he launched from his eye didn’t have the slightest effect upon landing on Long Haochen’s purplish-golden eyes. It was as if a shield had been erected outside Long Haochen’s eyes, forcibly stopping its way.

In the meantime, the Aria of the Goddess of Light in his right hand slowly struck.

This attack from Long Haochen was very slow. The accumulated sword intent, released at the blade’s tip vanished gradually, as an orange brilliance was taken in and sent out from the tip, faintly releasing multicolored golden light.

Indeed, under the effects from Long Haochen’s Spiritual Highland and his sword intent, the Aria of the Goddess of Light reached its state
approaching the divine tool stage.

This was obviously not only due to his increased cultivation, but more importantly thanks to the benefits brought by the fallen meteor nurturing the two heavy swords. Yating having fused with the Saint Spiritual Stove, had the best nurturing force. She integrated the fallen meteor into the two swords through the Saint Spiritual Stove, increasing their quality all along,though that upgrade was still unfinished. As the heavy swords gained in quality, the fallen meteor was increasingly more used up, so the nurturing couldn’t be kept up for much longer. However this was something that Yating didn’t yet have the time to inform Haochen about, but even so, these two swords easily reached the epic tier level, especially Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, which used to only reached its premises before that.

As he used his two blades as support while rushing forward, letting out crisp and clear sounds, Crocell absolutely didn’t dare receive this strike from Long Haochen with his body.

Right at this time, the image of a six winged angel appeared behind Long Haochen, closely adhering to his back. Immediately, it sharply increased the brilliance released by his two swords, while Long Haochen’s mental force became unable to restrict the terrifying sword intent accumulated inside the swords.

This was a light spell of the eighth step, serving as support coming from Yating, Blazing Angel’s Kiss. This ability has considerable boosting effects, definitely ranked among the best light elemental spells of the eighth step. It enables Long Haochen’s gathering speed of light essence to increase, while turning all his spiritual energy into spiritual highlandized state for a duration of thirty seconds.

In other words, the ability Blazing Angel’s Kiss directly turned Long Haochen into a powerhouse of the ninth step for thirty seconds. Its boost was comparable to Star King’s Star Domain, with the only difference being that Star Domain could last for a long time.

In a single sword versus dual swords, Long Haochen stumbled three steps back, and Demon God of Clear Vision’s charging stance was stopped forcibly. Long Haochen’s sword strike was terminated, but overwhelming sword intent kept gushing out from his body frantically, to the extent that Crocell was not even able to chain a next attack due to the trembling cold reaction of his whole body.

Still, the blades in Crocell’s hands had considerably terrible spiritual highlandized energy accumulated. Pushed back, Long Haochen was also unable to follow-up. But no matter what one could say, he managed to stop Crocell’s charge head-on.

As the battle was just getting started right now, four of Haoyue’s heads spurted out four magic spells, attacking Crocell.

Little Flame had sprayed a fire dragon, aimed straight at Crocell’s body, and Little Green released wind blades forming a hurricane, enveloped around the fire to form a fusion of wind and fire.

Little Blue and Little Purple also completed a pair of combinatorial spells. An bluish purple spear elevated itself in midair without a sound. As Crocell’s surroundings were covered by the wind and fire, this bluish purple ray shot without a sound, aiming for the top of Crocell’s head.

Getting Haoyue’s backup, Long Haochen crossed his swords in front of him. His whole body’s force was poured inside the heavy swords, as their spiritual energy reached the peak. Immediately, the heavy swords shook lightly, letting out more and more brilliant glows. Their rich and powerful radiance increased as the sword tip retracted gradually. Long Haochen was simply forcefully stifling the leaking sword intent from the boost of Blazing Angel’s Kiss back inside the swords.

Chapter 566

The Aria of the Goddess of Light looked like an orange gelatin dessert, brilliant and full of allure. And Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, was like a dark green jadeite, full of vitality and lustrous like a nascent bud. A dense golden fog kept rising anew, and intense golden flames instantly ascended onto the golden fog, as Long Haochen was exerting his whole strength.

Due to facing Haoyue’s attack, Crocell’s strength seemed as if suppressed. All his abilities lost about a fifth of their efficiency, and he looked extremely prudent.

Pointing both his blades in opposite directions, one to the sky and the other one to the ground, dark blue radiance reappeared in his eyes, spreading out from within. Then he started spinning in the same place, turning into a black pillar of light colliding against those two spells.

The gap of cultivation manifested without a doubt. The fire and wind whirlpool was first destroyed, as the extremely sharp fire dragon was totally unable to make its way inside the black pillar.

Then the ice spear launched at him was dodged in a flash, leaving no trace at all.

The black light vanished and Crocell staggered backwards. On his left shoulder had appeared a faint dark purple trace, and his left arm was slightly bent down.

Haoyue’s attack unexpectedly dealt some damage to him. This felt really incredible, that at the peak of the seventh step, he could actually wound the
Demon God of Clear Vision of the ninth step.

The other three spells were actually covers for Little Purple’s attack. Little Blue wrapped ice around it, transforming it into water in a split second. Although merely a drop had made it past Crocell’s defense, its terrifying paralysing poison was enough to completely benumb the left arm of a powerhouse of the ninth step.

Demon gods have very high resistance against poison, but Haoyue’s poison was visibly out of the ordinary. Due to the paralyzing poison, Crocell’s arm would need some time to return to normal, in other words, to fully dispel the poison.

But Long Haochen remained unmoving, still using Storing Power. The ones attacking next were the four holy guards.

Crocell had a sudden heavy feeling, as a sparkling and translucent brilliance shone above his head in the shape of a diamond-like spear.

In the meantime, an icy blue ring instantly enveloped his body, blowing up immediately. It produced an extreme chilliness as a red and a green figure took advantage of that opportunity to rush to him suddenly, launching offenses almost frantically.

But right because of the effect from Haoyue’s poison, Crocell managed to completely calm down. Haoyue’s attack certainly inflicted some damage to him, but also made him realize that the creature he feared to such extent was actually far from his own strength. And under these circumstances, he displayed fully his strength as the Demon God of Clear Vision.

In a disadvantaged situation, the calmed down Crocell was unconditionally fearful. Stomping heavily onto the ground with his left feet, he released a black ray from inside his body, forcibly destroying the eleventh ice ring and slowing down the Diamond Spear launched at him. Then the blade in his right hand struck with an efficiency reaching the maximum.
A blade projection was launched, covering 270 degrees, aimed at Long Haochen, as its peak coincided to meet with the Diamond Spear. And as if the six wings on his back came alive, they blocked the tenth and twelfth holy guards’ offenses from behind.

The brilliant golden light that met with the black arc turned into thin droplets. That’s the fate Long Haochen’s Light Thorn, which served as response, suffered.

That’s when Yating made her second move. This time, after interve

Tears of the Goddess of Light was a single-targeted spell of the eighth step that Yating could use because of relying on Long Haochen’s aura as the Scion of Light. Furthermore, as an ability at the supreme peak of the eighth step, this technique was already close to one step above her capabilities.

Crocell’s attack was not only stopped, but the blade in his arm was marked with a golden trail which was dissolving his darkness elemental spiritual energy at a frantic speed.

Don’t forget that inside the Tower of Eternity, Long Haochen has another advantage, which is his supply of spiritual energy. This place couldn’t supplement any elemental essence of other attributes than light and darkness.

At the start of the battle, Crocell wasn’t too aware of that, but as the battle followed its course, he felt that something was amiss. In other words, that the spiritual energy he consumed wouldn't be replenished.

But don’t think that in a situation where spiritual energy cannot be supplemented, a prolonged battle would be to Long Haochen’s advantage. Crocell’s attacks were unavoidable, and the four holy guards were not of much use in front of him. With the capability of the Demon God of Clear Vision, there’s no way he would be unaware that his spiritual energy was not refilled. In case he reaches his limits, it will undoubtedly drive him to desperate actions, putting his life on the table without fear of backlashes. So Long Haochen had to increase his power level to a sufficient level before he’d be driven to such actions.
Ding. The Diamond Spear was instantly smashed to pieces, but Crocell’s actions paused slightly. The spells from the four holy guards and Yating were just for the sake of stalling for time for Long Haochen.

“Such minor creatures dare stand in front of me with such impudence!” Having been blocked consecutive times, Crocell was truly infuriated. Narrowing his eyes, he abruptly shot out a dark blue ripple from his head, aimed at attacking the four holy guards.

The instant this dark blue glinting ripple appeared, the four holy guards immediately had frantic looks, turning suddenly into four bolts of light which disappeared, assimilated by the Tower of Eternity. But even so, the bolts they transformed into dimmed a bit in color upon encountering that dark blue ripple.

As Crocell was in battle with Long Haochen at the time the four holy guards appeared, he didn’t pay too much attention to them. But very rapidly, he found out that they were actually undead creatures supporting powerhouses’ souls. As a demon god of psychic attribute, he is the nemesis of undead creatures.

The force of all undead creatures originate from the soulfire. But his psychic magic is the most expert at extinguishing such soulfires. The last psychic attack was a calamitous threat in the eyes of these four. Their soulfires were far from able to resist in front of Crocell, so they immediately escaped such an extreme situation. Otherwise, if their soulfires were lost, they had no chance of being resurrected.

A jadeite glow extended everywhere the eye could see, like a mix of rain and fog. A figure abruptly came bursting out from within, releasing purpling golden glosses. And the mountain-like Haoyue disappeared all of a sudden.

Armor transformation and fusion: Long Haochen’s greatest fighting mode.

With only Storing Power, Long Haochen was still not at the ninth step. Only by relying on Haoyue’s armor transformation could he launch sword
blows with sufficient power to reach the standards of the Demon God of Clear Vision.

At that very moment, the enemy’s right hand still hadn’t dispersed the paralysing effects on his left arm, and confronted Long Haochen’s attacks with only one hand. That mix of rain and fog was the ability Demon Wiping Flash, which was invented by Long Haochen.

Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light carried a great breath of life, enveloping each of Crocell’s possible escape routes. Can’t you predict my next actions? Right, let’s meet force with force.

The long blade in Crocell’s left hand was lifted, launching nine blade projections through the sky, which gathered together with the longsword and collided with an ear-piercing sound.

The two of them clashed only once, but Crocell’s body was hit with three of Long Haochen’s blows, which left three small bloody holes. On his left shoulder, dark blue blood was flowing, falling to the ground letting out some ringing sounds.

Though, this didn’t come without a price for Long Haochen. Crocell’s powerful nine-blades-in-one landed once onto his armor. However, the now pinkish-golden, transformed, Golden Foundation Armor came back to normal after getting only slightly sunken for a bit, without triggering the effects of the Soul Binding Chains.

Crocell narrowed his eyes, setting his drooping left arm into motion. He purposely let Long Haochen’s attacks land for the sake of hitting him and because of the poison in himself.

As blood flowed, he had recovered some feeling in his left arm.

Haochen’s attacks didn’t stop at that. As the two of them separated, his left feet tapped towards the ground, as he turned into a purplish golden flash of lightning, once again rushing at Crocell. On his right hand, the Aria of the Goddess of Light burst forth with a dazzling splendor beyond compare, and a layer of translucent orange colored spiritual highlandized energy
covered the sword. In the sky, a flashing line was traced toward Crocell. Lightning Flash plus Asura Strike!

In his left hand, Blue Rain seemed to have faded away, as its dark green luster vanished gradually. But it vaguely seemed even more threatening.

In Crocell’s eyes appeared a trace of panic, due to having determined through Clear Vision Technique the move Long Haochen was planning, because it would be hard to resist.

After fusing with Haoyue, Long Haochen’s strength was already sufficient to clash head on against him. Long Haochen couldn’t let time drag on, but Crocell was also unable to recover his spiritual energy here! So it would be hard to guess who’d win.

Raising the longsword in his right hand, Crocell suddenly turned illusory. Eight illusory images came out and dispersed from him, each having exactly the same physical appearance.

Dang! With a violent clashing sound, Crocell’s body was immediately pushed away by the spiritual highlandized energy infused Aria of the Goddess of Light. It seemed to want to fuse with these sorts of doppelgangers, but right at that time, a dark green gloss flashed by.

Crocell only had the time to hit that dark green gloss with a knock of the longsword in his right hand, but only crooked its angle a little. Swinging his body with all his force, he could only twist his body with all his strength,doing his utmost to avoid taking damage.

Asura Strike was launched through Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light!

Chapter 567

Pop. Dark blue blood fell down from the large scars on Crocell’s side. A demon god’s external spiritual energy was certainly great, but against the attack of a weapon of epic tier, his defense was insufficient to guard him from being wounded.

But although Crocell sustained some damage, he still smoothly escaped. The other eight clones were holding him, and as each of them was similar, true body blended in with them before they quickly separated and rapidly departed.

Long Haochen narrowed his eyes, snorting in disdain. Suddenly shutting his eyes, he executed a swinging motion with the Aria of the Goddess of Light in his right hand, as a red glow flew out from it, shaped like a sort of eye. In the meantime, a golden figure appeared on Long Haochen’s back, linking with him. In the meantime it shot a white ray, and the red glow went chasing after one of the nine Demon Gods of Clear Vision thus sifting the one from the many.

“You forgot that knights have an ability called Lock, and the so-called Saint Spiritual Stove.” Long Haochen’s resonant voice reverberated through the Tower of Eternity.

That red light very rapidly landed on Crocell’s body. And then, that white ray turned into a bridge between Long Haochen and him.

Stamping his right feet against the ground, Long Haochen burst out once again, this time shining with a scarlet light.
He was already sensing that the time of his fusion with Haoyue was passing very fast, and that this ultimate form could not be maintained for many attacks. He had to kill the enemy within a short span of time, otherwise his only way left to him would be to escape.

Sacrifice, an ability that Long Haochen had not used for a long time, was finally employed.

With great surprise, he found out that the same Sacrifice ability this time carried a far more powerful amplification than the former times. This was due to the increase of his external and internal spiritual energy. And with the increased toughness of his body, more of his latent capabilities as god’s chosen one came out. The Sacrifice ability also carried great stimulating effects on him.

The Aria of the Goddess of Light, and Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, both let blade projections burst out. The condensed spiritual highland made them look no different from real blades, and the terrible spiritual energy led the two divine swords to let out light buzzing sounds.

A resonant dragon chant could be heard from above Long Haochen’s body. He didn’t pay attention to the other eight clones and put all his focus on the demon god’s main body.

A golden light dragon rushed out. The two divine swords were like the two dazzlingly shining eyes of the dragon. Retribution Knight ability, Ascending Dragon Strike!

As Ascending Dragon Strike looked about to hit Crocell, the nine clones had twisting facial expressions. Immediately, the effects from Lock and the Saint Spiritual Stove used by Long Haochen alongside Ascending Dragon Strike suddenly changed direction, aiming for a clone on the lateral side.


The nine of them being one, Crocell staggered back. Although his eight clones didn’t manage to puzzle Long Haochen, he swiftly shifted his main body in the last instant, containing Long Haochen’s attack to some extent.
Even so, in Sacrifice mode, Long Haochen was far too powerful. The superposition of his various boosts could only be described as terrifying.

By chance, Crocell’s lef t hand had already regained its ability of movement at that time. Although it felt stiff in comparison to the right arm, one more arm was always good to have in such a battle.

Dodge, flash. Long Haochen’s offense broke out instantly: as his comprehension in the sword intent gradually deepened, he was already assimilating his sword intent into his technical abilities. Used through his two ultimate holy swords, any ability gained a really terrible power.

Two Shining Solar Strikes followed, one orange, one greenish-blue. Two ardent miniaturized suns could be seen appearing in midair, just like meteors catching up with the moon, about to land on Crocell.

Crocell gripped his pair of longblades with full force. Dark blue glows mixed with his darkness elemental spiritual energy, taking the shape of a thick sort of shield serving as an extension of his blades, glowing in dark blue.

Bang, bang… As two violent explosions sounded out, Crocell drew back, feeling as if electrocuted. On each of his two longblades, a large gap had appeared in the middle. The boundless sword intent surging out along with his spiritual energy left drizzles of deep green and orange on his body.

Crocell raised his head, and spouted a mouthful of dark blue blood in front of Long Haochen. Inside his blood were mixed a large amount of orange and dark green spiritual energy, producing puffing sounds in the air.

From that spurt of blood could be seen the destructive power held by Haochen’s sword intent. It was already invading Crocell’s body.

Long Haochen was not so kind as to spare the enemy at this point. His purplish golden figure stuck close to the ground as   he   kind   of glided, chasing after Crocell in a flash. His blades were waved up together to launch Demon Wiping Flash, shooting countless light rays towards Crocell.
The demon god’s face was already very pale. With an angry shout, his body crouched down abruptly, and then, a pitch-black ray burst out from his forehead, covering his body like a dome.

In the midst of a succession of ear-piercing sounds, that dome became in a disastrous state. But mystically, it maintained the same shape, except that it was now tattered, and Crocell abruptly rushed out from inside, sweeping his longblade with full force at Long Haochen.

In Crocell’s capacity as the Demon God of Clear Vision, he obviously could see that Long Haochen’s extraordinary state couldn’t be maintained for a long time. Therefore, all this time he stayed on the defensive, only trying to drag it out: Long Haochen would inevitably collapse at some point. But he very rapidly found out that such a method won’t do. A totally passive defense let Long Haochen display his offensive prowess, which he actually couldn’t resist.

Therefore, after using a secret technique to resist Haochen’s Demon Wiping Flash, Crocell immediately launched a counteroffensive, using attack as his best defense.

But as Crocell expected to counterattack, he didn’t expect Long Haochen’s next move. Originally about to keep attacking, Long Haochen suddenly sprinted backwards, turning into a stream of light. Even when used to retreat, Lightning Flash reached an enormous speed. And just like that, Crocell’s attack landed on the air.

With a resonant dragon cry, a deep green gigantic dragon rushed out from Long Haochen’s left hand. Still in the middle of his attack, Crocell didn’t have the time to adapt to that, and the series of attacks from Long Haochen pressured him far too greatly. And, due to getting locked by Long Haochen, he was not even able to evade.

In an intense explosion, Crocell’s pair of longblades were fractured. Although they didn’t reach the epic tier, they were not far from this boundary. But Long Haochen’s series of attacks destroyed them, inflicting Crocell with great pain. But a weapon was after all a weapon. Even if broken, the blades still had a half of their original size. So Crocell didn’t
throw them away, and transferred his energy inside to try to get out of the predicament before his eyes.

The force of impact from this dark green gigantic dragon caused the Demon God of Clear Vision to once again spurt blood. This time, to his horror, the gigantic dragon wrapped around his body, causing him to be unable to move for a moment with a powerful binding force.

Dual Binding Dragon of Light and Rain, the ability attached to Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light. After waiting patiently for this opportunity, Long Haochen finally landed a decisive blow. After the series of blows and impairments, Long Haochen believed that Crocell would not have enough strength to stop his last attack.

His two swords separating to his sides, Long Haochen breathed deeply. His last bits of spiritual energy in Sacrifice mode instantly gathered in a mixture of deep green and orange colors, abruptly gaining in brilliance. Instant Blast Crosscut!

Instant Blast Crosscut was a really ordinary ability among those of the Retribution Knights that he learnt. But when used it through the two divine swords in his hands, it turned into something deep, something magical, letting the two swords match harmoniously.

This was the first time Long Haochen had such effects when using it. In the past, he had tried to use all his abilities alongside his dual swords, but as a matter of fact, his temporarily current level of cultivation was the minimum required to reach a perfect level of harmonization between Instant Blast Crosscut and the two divine swords.

Two dazzling light rays glistened at the same time, filled with powerful spiritual highland mixing in the air. Just like a heavenly music, it reverberated in the air. The Aria of the Goddess of Light, and Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light harmonized once again, scattering the dark blue light. Just like the first ray of morning light illuminating the horizon, water and light became one, spreading their breath of life. This strike seemed to be seeking the origins of the mysteries of life. The unhurried blue light was integrated
fully into Instant Blast Cross Cut, piercing lightly into Demon God of Clear Vision’s chest.

Along with the increase of his strength and gain in comprehension, Long Haochen’s last strike became far more advanced than all the previous ones.

Crocell, who used to be struggling with his whole force, suddenly came to a stop. His look turned sluggish, then Dual Binding Dragon of Light and Rain, or rather it should now be called Binding Jade Dragon of Light and Rain, slowly let its binding loose.

Bang!!! Countless blue dots of light burst out from within Crocell’s body. The light of dawn came out, lighting the darkness in a flash, and scattering and slashing his whole body.

Right at this time, the completely out of strength Long Haochen fell to the ground completely ruined. Haoyue also came out from him, immediately returning to his own world. Yating also entered Long Haochen’s body. His ultimate state had been maintained for so long, with Yating providing boosts all this time.

The pair of divine swords in Long Haochen’s hands had already lost all their gloss, and he didn’t even have the strength to put them back inside his own body. But Long Haochen didn’t look more relaxed because of seeing Crocell’s body burst. On the contrary, his expression became filled with intense shock.

“You didn’t expect that, right, human?” Crocell’s voice sounded full of ridicule. From his tattered body came out a body only half a meter tall.

Right, because Crocell’s aura hadn’t disappeared, Long Haochen didn’t let down his guard. The current situation went totally out of his expectations. Crocell clearly died, but how come a miniaturized version of him appeared?

Chapter 568

Only a half meter tall, that figure also had six wings at its back. His head was awfully large, nearly seeming to be half his whole body, and the top of his head was covered in sparse yellow hair. His eyes were pale white, and his limbs very small. As for the body, it contrasted completely with the enormous head. His yellow teeth let off a stinky smell, and dim black fog unceasingly rose around his body.

On his body were at least a dozen deep scars where the bones were visible. The huge head was even crooked to a bad angle, making visible the squirming larvae-like nerves within. That was a really nauseous sight, especially his voice which turned extremely hoarse. It was like listening to a crow.

“You...” Long Haochen looked blankly at this unidentified creature’, speechless for a moment.

The small nasty creature let out a laugh, “I’m the Demon God of Clear Vision. Or more accurately speaking, this is my real body. Within the seventy-two demon gods, my strength isn’t much, but my ability of survival is definitely among the best. What you killed was only my parasitic body. Speaking of which, nurturing this one parasitic body was really difficult. I had needed to find the perfect human body to fit my satisfactions. Afterwards, I used up several years to thoroughly occupy it. Furthermore, I had expended great efforts to transfer over ninety percent of my strength to the parasitic body. However, that time of trouble was really worthwhile. At least I got such a perfect body and a second life. Your previous ability was really terrifying, possibly able to compare with
the top thirty-six demon gods. Unfortunately, it only killed a parasitic body.”

“From your voice, you should be quite a young one. I hope you have handsome enough looks. As you have just used the Sacrifice ability, surely you must find it difficult to lift even one finger. Quickly take off that mask for me to see. If I am satisfied, although your soul will be erased, at least your body will become one with me. That will be your greatest honor!”

Reaching this point, Crocell couldn’t help but laugh out loudly. But his laughter was extremely grim and merciless.

He hated Long Haochen bitterly: raising a parasitic body was extremely difficult, yet that one was destroyed. To recover his original strength, he’d need at least five years. And even so, his vigor would plummet greatly, recovering it would necessitate a total of ten years.

So now that Crocell had the complete advantage, he wasn’t hurried in the slightest to kill Long Haochen, but wanted to torment him. He wasn’t going to leave the matter at that.

Long Haochen seemed very afraid, and slightly trembling. Letting go of Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, he raised his hand slowly, taking off his mask.

At the very moment, he indeed found it strenuous to even lift his hand. His fusion with Haoyue and Sacrifice ability both heavily consumed his strength, and he was already at the end of the line. Yating and Haoyue seemed to have entered deep slumber in a weakened state, and the four holy guards didn’t dare appear in front of Crocell. Now, he seemed to have reached a dead end.

Taking off the mask was quite difficult, and it revealed Long Haochen’s pale, but incomparably handsome face.

Scion of Light was a perfectly suited title. Originally, the face of the Demon God of Clear Vision’s parasitic body was already handsome, but
differed by ages compared to Long Haochen. Be it in terms of looks or demeanor, it was an earth-shattering gap.

Seeing Long Haochen’s handsome face, Crocell was dumbfounded. His previous rage immediately turned into ecstasy. With his Cl ear Vision force, he naturally could see that Long Haochen’s body was a hundredfold higher quality than his previous parasitic body.

His manner and body are so perfect! If I can take him as my own parasitic body, then maybe the need for five years of effort is worth it!

As Crocell was close to dancing and gesticulating for joy in excitement, a sparkling orange bolt was shot at him without warning. That orange radiance reached such a magnificence that it seemed close to a rainbow in the sky, instantly running through Crocell’s head.

His look of excitement abruptly turned lifeless. After swaying a few steps back, he toppled to the ground. What pierced his head was exactly the Aria of the Goddess of Light!

The elegant radiance coming out from this divine sword was the imposing orange luster of the epic tier.

Long Haochen’s body directly fell to the ground, paralyzed and gasping with his mouth opening large. The Golden Foundation armor’s front pieces were already full of sweat, and at the very moment, he was weak to the extent of being unable to lift a single finger.

But his eyes were still unwaveringly fixed onto Crocell’s body, until a dark blue crown came out from within his body. At the time it flew out frantically to the side, Long Haochen finally loosened his breath.

The appearance of the Demon God Crown meant that the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell was finally dead.

“Your prowess actually went beyond my expectations. Truly deserving to be called one of the seventy-two demon gods.” Long Haochen said with a sigh. He was unable to move, but could still speak.
This previous battle caused him an intense emotional stirring. Although he didn’t sustain heavy wounds, the level of danger even exceeded the time of Cai’er’s awakening as a god’s chosen one. At that time, Haochen could at least control the time of their departure through the Eternal Melody. But right now, he was really at the end of the line.

Crocell was really too vicious. His body was actually a parasitic carcass, with the true body hidden inside. At the crucial timing, it was able to escape from within, which was something Long Haochen absolutely didn’t expect. No one, not even those other demon gods knew about this ability of Crocell.

When Long Haochen saw Crocell remained still alive, he truly became quite desperate. He could sense his strength at that time: the death of the parasitic body weakened him enormously and his main body sustained damage as well.

In terms of spiritual energy, Crocell reached at most the seventh step of cultivation. Having lost 90% of his strength, he was extremely weakened. In particular, his body had degenerated very seriously due to parasitizing another’s body, his external spiritual energy having come close to 0.

But such a Crocell was more than enough against Long Haochen in a state weakened to the extent of being unable to move at all.

In this crucial moment of life or death, Long Haochen calmed himself down to the greatest extent. He knew that he had only one chance, which would be his true last chance.

Crocell relaxed because Long Haochen’s body state had totally loosened. With his ability as Demon God of Clear Vision, he could totally see through Long Haochen’s state of weakness, which is why he didn’t stand on guard in the slightest.

Long Haochen took off his mask to create the best opportunity for himself. Although Crocell was at that time in a very weak state, in case his last attack was resisted, he had no chance of living on. His overdrafted and exhausted spiritual energy already left him without a way out against the enemy. He didn’t even dare teleport out: in such a weak state, if the Eternal
Melody performed a teleportation, it may possibly cause time-space to tear his body to shreds.

Indeed, as Long Haochen expected, Crocell needed a new body after losing his previous parasitic one. At the time he saw Long Haochen’s looks, his surge of excitement made his vigilance at the lowest. This was just the time Long Haochen launched his attack.

Holy Floraison, a powerful amplifying ability of Retribution Knight. Through his mental force, Long Haochen separated Holy Florison in two, one part for arousing the Aria of the Goddess of Light, and the other one to serve as his driving force. That’s how he pierced through Crocell’s head, finishing him off in one blow.

Where did Holy Floraison come from? At the very moment, Long Haochen was extremely thankful for Sheng Yue. This ability was indeed stored thanks to the ability Raise Flowers Into Trees handed down through Sheng Yue’s family in the Assassin Temple. Long Haochen had it stored for a long time already, for a possible time of need. Raise Flowers Into Trees also had restrictions as a too powerful ability couldn’t be stored, otherwise it would risk wounding his body. Holy Floraison was the most useful ability Long Haochen could choose. It came with a massive cost of spiritual energy, and serving for movement and strength amplification, was possibly able to catch the enemy off guard. So therefore, Raise Flowers Into Trees was the ability he stored inside his body in normal times.

He didn’t expect today to be the day that the ability stored thanks to Raise Flowers Into Trees would save his life. Crocell’s ultimate trump came very promptly, but the fact he didn’t choose to directly kill Long Haochen was a grave mistake.

This victory was very lucky, Crocell’s last plot was at the verge of success. Recalling about the previous move, Long Haochen was still full of lingering fears.

The seventy-two demon gods are indeed not such easy opponents! That’s only the forty-ninth ranked, how about the higher ranked ones? What was the extent of their capabilities?
Long Haochen still remembered very deeply about the feeling of helplessness he had in front of the Demon God of Death Saminaga. If not for Saminaga’s unfortunate encounter with the Tower of Eternity, he could very well be already dead.

Pondering about that painful experience, Long Haochen slowly shut his eyes. His body’s overdraft needed time for recovery, and the same went for the spiritual energy in his body. Crocell having already died, he had plenty of time to recover.

As for that Demon God Crown, how far it could run is a wonder.

This place being the Tower of Eternity, no living being could escape out of his own will without Long Haochen’s teleportating ability. Unless that Demon God Crown could reach the level of divine tool, it didn’t have the slightest chance.

Therefore, Long Haochen wasn’t worried in the slightest. Just let it hit a wall sooner or later after escaping in great hurry.

Resting for a full half hour, Long Haochen finally had the energy to stand. Taking a few Physical Force Recovery Pills made by Long Haochen, he once again returned to the state of cultivation to recuperate his spiritual energy.

Chapter 569

One had to admit that the Golden Foundation Armor could stand at the epic tier without qualms. During this period of rest, Long Haochen’s Golden Foundation Armor transformed a large amount of light essence into spiritual energy. At the current time, he just got started cultivating, and was immediately able to transfer a large amount of spiritual energy to supplement his own body. A short time later, over 30,000 spiritual energy was back in his body. It was just that due to his state of weakness, he still needed a period of rest.

With a leap, Long Haochen stretched his body with force. Although the state of weakness was uncomfortable, his joy from slaughtering a demon god put him in a very good mood.

The Demon God of Clear Vision’s Demon God Crown was still running around in the first floor of the Tower of Eternity, but all darkness essence was dried up, to the extent that not a speck of a single bloodstain remained around his body.

The Tower of Eternity even distributed a large amount of light essence toward Long Haochen to absorb. Speaking of it, it was also a winner. The soul of a demon god was a great gift for the tower.

Not in a rush to grab that Demon God Crown, Long Haochen shut his eyes, and connected through his blood contract to Haoyue. The latter was already on the verge of evolving. If he could gain the energy from the Demon God Crown, it would surely be extremely beneficial for his evolving process.
In a purple flash, Haoyue reappeared inside the Tower of Eternity. Because of the previous fusion he had with Long Haochen, he had an extremely tired expression.

“Haoyue, you can absorb it.” Long Haochen pointed at the Demon God Crown in the sky.

Haoyue’s five large heads were immediately filled with excited looks. Little Light raised his head, and puffed a thin purple light toward the Demon God Crown. Immediately, that crown running amok calmed down, and was absorbed in front of Little Light in the blink of an eye.

Little Light opened his mouth wide, swallowing it inside. In the meantime, Haoyue spread these thoughts to Long Haochen, “Master, I cannot absorb it for the moment. After I recover to my optimal state, I’ll need your help.”

Naturally, he understood the meaning behind his words. After making a breakthrough, Haoyue needed his protection. Having learnt the lesson from the previous experience, Haoyue contained himself, at the very brink of evolving, trying to cut down the time of evolution to the greatest extent. But it was still dangerous to a certain extent, which is why having Long Haochen’s protection was naturally the best.

“Okay. When my strength is replenished, I will immediately help you complete your evolution.”

Haoyue’s five heads were rubbed against Long Haochen softly.

Right at that time, Little Light’s golden eyes immediately had a look of amazement. His large heads gathering together towards Long Haochen opened their mouth and stretch forward pink tongues.

Long Haochen thought Haoyue wanted to lick him and immediately stepped down with a laugh. But very rapidly, his expression changed into surprise, seeing a sparkling and translucent gem in Little Light’s mouth. Inside it, faint dark blue waves were twinkling.
“This is..?” Long Haochen gave Haoyue a puzzled look.

Little Light didn’t reply immediately, murmuring some incantation. A trail of light landed on Long Haochen’s body, and in a flicker of light, the tired Yating was pulled out from Long Haochen’s body by the trail of light.

Haoyue had such an ability? Long Haochen was surprised. Seeing Haoyue, Yatin g still had some fears, but she very rapidly exlaimed upon seeing that gem on Haoyue’s tongue.

“Are you giving this to me? Thank you Haoyue!” Yating took the delicate stone in her hand without reservation, excitingly moving close to Little Light’s large head, and giving a kiss to his forehead.

Because of his light attribute, Yating was the closest to Little Light among all Haoyue’s five heads.

“Yating, what’s that thing?” Long Haochen asked in surprise.

Yating replied, “Should be that previous bad guy’s. Huh, I’m really itching to assimilate it. Master, can I? It seems to be able to arouse the evolution of the Saint Spiritual Stove.”

Long Haochen was in exultation, “Then you should assimilate it as soon as possible.”

So Crocell actually left such a good thing! Long Haochen had great lingering fears for that ability Clear Vision’s Godly Pull. If the Saint Spiritual Stove could gain a similar kind of ability, it would without doubt greatly enhance his group’s future operations in demon territory.

Yating laughed happily, “Thank you master. After that, she immediately changed into a flickering light, disappearing back inside Haochen’s body.”

Haoyue nodded to Long Haochen, changing into a purplish light rushing to his own world to have a rest. On the verge of a new breakthrough, he needed to raise his body to the optimum state.
Long Haochen once again called out the four holy guards, having them tidy up Crocell’s body, then had eleventh freeze the corpse.

Out of fear for his comrades’ worry, he couldn’t tarry any longer. Bringing Crocell’s corpse along, the Eternal Melody flickered with golden light.

Southeastern Fort.

At this moment, the atmosphere in this one of the Six Great Forts was visibly somewhat strange.

The demon armies already retreated, only leaving outside the fortress a large amount of corpses, a lot were those of humans, but mostly they were fromdemons.

Like in the previous battles, the Southeastern Fort should at that time sweep through the battlefield. But today was not the same: the sky was already dark, but the fort was brightly lit. They had enough forces prepared for that, but didn’t show the intention of sweeping through the battlefields.

The demons’ circumstances afar off were also quite delicate. Their army was already withdrawn, but the eight demon god pillars didn’t move locations. Still twinkling brilliantly, the group of seven demon gods under Paimon’s lead was sticking close to their own pillars, looking at the Southeastern Fort from afar.

The two parties were standing opposite from afar, no one showing the intention of withdrawing.

This scene followed because of the joint disappearance of both Long Haochen and the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell.

At that time, when Crocell had activated Clear Vision’s Godly Pull on Long Haochen, the Warrior Temple’s Head Qiu Yonghao became aware of the bad situation and immediately launched a full force attack from the Temple’s powerhouses at the demons.
Qiu Yonghao already guessed Long Haochen’s identity, and couldn’t help but strike with full force. In case Clear Vision’s Godly Pull succeeded, Long Haochen would be immediately surrounded by the eight demon gods, which was almost a route of certain death.

But when he led the Warrior Temple’s powerhouses to meet the seven demon gods head on, he discovered with shock that Crocell had disappeared from their ranks. Making the association with the light from Clear Vision’s Godly Pull that previously came to sight, Qiu Yonghao was immediately confused, because Paimon also looked to be at a loss.

Therefore, as if the two sides had come to an agreement, the demons withdrew their armies, and Qiu Yonghao led the Warrior Temple’s powerhouses back into the fort, immediately inquiring of Wang Yuanyuan’s group.

They would obviously not tell him about the Tower of Eternity, only expressing that Long Haochen had a powerful teleporting equipment, which resonated strangely with Clear Vision’s Godly Pull, giving birth to that unexpected scene. The details were omitted.

Because of the link through the Soul Binding Chains, Wang Yuanyuan and the others sensed that Long Haochen was still in safety at the current time. But he was very possibly battling the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell. That’s the forty-ninth ranked demon god, so they were all in great states of impatience! Fortunately the vitality sharing didn’t keep persisting, so they could only wait in anxiety.

An unexpected turn of events was undeterminable. After Qiu Yonghao reflected carefully, he naturally wouldn’t retreat like that. Han Yu only called that Golden Foundation Knight Provisional Saint Knight Head’ and didn’t mention Long Haochen’s name, but the efficient Qiu Yonghao became even more certain of his guess.

The demon gods were the same. Crocell had disappeared alongside the enemy knight, and as the Southeastern Fort was not shrouded in darkness, they could watch even more clearly than the humans. Also, they could only wait without any information on the situation.
Time passed minute after minute. Paimon occasionally turned his head toward Paimon’s demon god pillar, only to see it flicker without pause, in total stimulation.

This meant that Crocell was fighting, and in a place where the demon god pillar’s force couldn’t be borrowed. As long as the demon god pillar was still lit, Crocell was surely still alive.

The Angel Demon God Paimon and Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell had very good relationships. And in particular, he was the one who instructed him to use Clear Vision’s Godly Pull. Extremely anxious, he knew that Crocell’s fighting prowess wasn’t much, but he valued very importantly his special ability. With the assistance from Crocell’s Clear Vision Technique, they could be saved from much effort be it regarding the deployment of their army or discovering enemies’ surprise attacks.

As the two sides’ became more and more anxious as they kept waiting, waiting for the confirmation that their own side is alright, a change happened.

The flashes of the demon god pillar of the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell suddenly accelerated, at a violent frequency that attracted both parties’ attention.

Qiu Yonghao opened his eyes wide. What he feared the most was to see Crocell return safely, Long Haochen having died in combat. Or maybe that Crocell would appear alongside Long Haochen on the demon side. So he already transmitted to the powerhouses from the Warrior Temple the order of being prepared at anytime for another rush.

Paimon was also astonished. His thoughts were exactly the opposite as Qiu Yonghao. The severe fluctuations of the demon god pillar proved that Crocell was having a tough battle. But as it was happening in another space, he had no way to help.

The demon and human atmospheres became very strained, and right at that time, the demon god pillar of the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell suddenly lit up with full brilliance, a gaudy light that could be perceived
clearly even from the Southeastern Fort. The other seven demon god pillars immediately hid behind their own brilliances.


Right when Qiu Yonghao was prepared to go at anytime, that suddenly flashing demon god pillar went extinct instantly and without warning. All light disappeared from it: it seemed to have become a totally ordinary stela.

Chapter 570

Seeing the Demon God of Clear Vision’s pillar losing all its light, the two sides’ momentum changed fiercely, and their powerhouses were all lifeless.

After a short time of dull looks, the Angel Demon God immediately found that inconceivable. He absolutely didn’t believe a Golden Foundation Knight to have actually killed Crocell, even if he had lost a great deal of force due to using Clear Vision’s Godly Pull. He had his own reserves and should have rather ended up without suffering much damage.

Golden Foundation Knights were ordinarily only at the eighth step, so what if that’s one at the ninth step? Crocell’s strength was very clear to his eyes. Relying on the Clear Vision ability, it was almost impossible for him to be defeated by an opponent of the same cultivation, unless the enemy had his own domain. But in the previous battle, he could tell that Long Haochen was certainly a knight of the eighth step.

On the other side, Qiu Yonghao also had a look of unbelief, but the difference from Paison was that his unbelief was mostly filled with nice surprise. After so many years fighting against demons, he obviously knew the meaning of a demon god pillar’s light going extinct. That meant the death of the bound demon god in combat. This was simply the best news they could get! For a moment, Qiu Yonghao couldn’t help but exclaim loudly, “The Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell has died in combat!”

Having received this notification, the whole Southeastern Fort immediately turned into a sea of pleasure. The cheering sounds rose and fell in succession, and although the warriors were extremely tired, their spirits
were roused by the news. And for a moment, the powerhouses from the Warrior Temple were all filled with excitement.

Only Long Haochen’s comrades weren’t able to smile at the situation. The Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell was certainly killed by Haochen, but Haochen had yet to be transported back! If not for the fact that the connection to him through the Soul Binding Chains was still present, and that he didn’t show more traces of receiving wounds, they’d be even more anxious.

Now they could only keep waiting.

After a short time of total unbelief, Paimon gradually calmed down. One can well imagine what a blow a demon god pillar's extinction was for the demons. At this time, even to make reprisals, this wasn’t a good timing for attack. He could only give the order of retreat.

Only then did Qiu Yonghao give the order to sweep through the battlefield, as the battle was temporarily over. But the demons and humans’ enmity grew only deeper.

Qiu Yonghao rushed in flight to Wang Yuanyuan’s side, asking in low voice, “He’s not back yet?”

Wang Yuanyuan nodded, “Looking at the situation, Provisional Saint Knight Head should be alright. Only, he could return at anytime from now on, so we should wait here for his return.”

Their time of waiting lasted for a whole hour. Then the area where Long Haochen disappeared in flashing light lit up, and he appeared while carrying Crocell’s corpse. Only then did the rest of the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad really cheer.

Conveniently handing Crocell’s corpse to Lin Xin, he respectfully greeted Qiu Yonghao, “Provisional Saint Knight Head, Twelfth Golden Knight greets Temple Head.”
Qiu Yonghao let out a laugh, “As one of us, why are you standing on such ceremony? Do you think I can’t recognize you because of this golden mask? I really didn’t expect you to grow so fast. I really regret having not forcefully kept you here at that time!” If he couldn’t recogni

ze this Saint Knight Head’s identity after hearing Long Haochen’s voice, he’d have lived over a hundred years for nothing.

Long Haochen replied a bit awkwardly, “Temple Head, you are regarding me too highly.”

Qiu Yonghao looked at the frozen corpse in Lin Xin’s hands, “Did you really kill the Demon God of Clear Vision by yourself?”

Long Haochen showed a bitter smile, “It couldn’t be considered a duel.
Only, that’s one of this junior’s secrets.”

Qiu Yonghao replied, “Okay let’s forget about these matters for now. Just have a good rest in our Warrior Temple for now, and then I’ll hold a welcoming reception for you guys.”

To say nothing about Long Haochen’s original favors from the Warrior Temple, and how Qiu Yonghao regarded him as important, the huge contribution he made on this day in his capacity as Provisional Saint Knight Head made Qiu Yonghao receive him personally.

Compared to the Mage Temple, the Warrior Temple welcomed Long Haochen’s group a lot more warmly, arranging an excellently furnished residence for them. Qiu Yong Hao even personally led the higher-ups from the Warrior Temple to hold a welcoming dinner a day after Long Haochen’s rest.

In practice, the mission mentioned in the letter from Long Tianying handed from Long Haochen to Qiu Yonghao was already complete. Killing a demon god of the ninth step such as Crocell brought him a million contribution points. And Qiu Yonghao wasn’t stingy: as Crocell’s death was regarded very important by the Warrior Temple, he specially rewarded him with 500,000 contribution points.
At the current time, even Long Haochen had lost the count of the contribution points stored inside his tile. But he could be certain that this was an astronomic number. Already three demon gods died one after another from his hands, and the Blazing Lion Demon Andromalius’ death was closely related with him.

This could be called a matter of luck; but also a matter of strength. The death of one of the seventy-two demon gods in battle and without retrieval of his Demon God Crown would be a loss that can’t be regained for ten years. This was really a direct blow for the demons.

After killing the Demon God of Clear Vision, Long Haochen asked himself if the contribution he had made for the Southeastern Fort was sufficient, and concluded that they could immediately leave from the Southeastern Fort to keep gathering the others. But Long Haochen was not hasty at all, because he had another important matter to handle before that, and this matter would require focusing his time on recuperating first.

Maybe it was because Crocell’s death inflicted high damage on the demons, but they seemed to have ceased and didn’t keep launching attacks. In the blink of an eye, seven days had passed.

In these seven days, Long Haochen came to experience the terror of the technical ability called Sacrifice. This ability gave him the strength to defeat Crocell, but similarly, he was weakened enormously and took seven days to regain his vigor.

Experience in fighting demon gods being extremely important, Long Haochen meticulously narrated to his team the whole process, including Zhang Fangfang in the group.

Wang Yuanyuan informed him of how much Zhang Fangfang sacrificed for her. This captain having lost his Demon Hunt Squad could be said to have gained the complete trust of Long Haochen’s group. Zhang Fangfang’s circumstances were not the same as Li Xin as he was now all alone in this world. Being a knight, he could call himself carefree, so after discussion, Long Haochen decided to temporarily let him into the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad.
Although it exceeded the Demon Hunt Squads’ limitation, this was a choice Zhang Fangfang made on his own. Long Haochen just had to not report to the Demon Hunt Squads’ Mission Tower about this special aspect of their team. He had no worries on the side of the Knight Temple either, as he was now a Provisional Saint Knight Head who could transfer a Temple Knight to follow him without needing to report to anyone.

“Is everyone ready?” Long Haochen looked at the others standing beside him.

At this time everyone was fully clad in martial attire. Having gone through a week of rest, Wang Yuanyuan and Zhang Fangfang were already fully recovered. At this time, she was in great spirits and her cold murderous spirit vanished. Compared to two years ago, her cultivation, determination and body had all matured.

Zhang Fangfang was rather introverted. His calm disposition was something Long Haochen himself concluded that he didn’t have. After all, due to the difference in age, Zhang Fangfang had even more solid foundations.

In response to Long Haochen’s question, everyone nodded. At this time, they formed a circle around Long Haochen, prepared to be thrown into battle at anytime.

Long Haochen declared, “Haoyue is about to undergo another evolution, very possibly giving birth to a sixth head. Although the previous evolutions went very smoothly, we still cannot lower our guard. Let’s start.”

Confirming the others’ acceptance, Long Haochen’s eyes flickered in golden light, activating the Eternal Melody, and leading everyone inside the Tower of Eternity. Then he transported himself through his blood pact with Haoyue.

That day when he battled the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell, Long Haochen found out that Haoyue was already on the verge of evolving. With the progress he made thanks to Crocell’s Demon God Crown, he surely
would have no trouble evolving. But at that time, he could sense from Haoyue’s feelings that this time’s evolution won’t be as smooth as the time his fifth head came out. That’s why Long Haochen temporarily stopped at the Southeastern Mountain Pass, so that his strength recuperated totally. The first concern was to help Haoyue complete his evolution before planning their next move.

Without need for an explanation from Long Haochen, his comrades understood the importance of Haoyue’s evolution. To say nothing of the close relationship between Haoyue and Haochen, his ability to destroy demon god pillars alone was like a killing weapon in the hands of the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad.

In a flash of purple light, Long Haochen reappeared in that world of darkness and flames. Haoyue was, like before, inside a cave, and Long Haochen’s arrival made him extremely excited. His five large heads immediately expressed their affection, and the pair of huge wings on his back spread out.

As his body became larger, Haoyue became visibly bolder and more powerful. Although his cultivation was merely at the peak of the seventh step, Long Haochen had the feeling that Haoyue’s true force was far from something so simple.

“Haoyue, have you finished making your preparations?” Long Haochen rubbed Haoyue’s heads as he asked.

The five heads led by Little Light nodded, full of excitement, but seemingly quite nervous.

“Be at ease, I will do my utmost to protect you well!” Long Haochen comforted him.

Haoyue transmitted a thought to Long Haochen, asking to be brought outside the cave to undergo his evolution.

Although this was strange, Long Haochen didn’t ask much. Haoyue must have his own reasons to do that.
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