Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 551-560

Chapter 551

“Boss, these are my fellow brothers.” Lin Xin pointed to five hundred mages all clad in fiery red gowns as he spoke.

After going through two days’ rest, Lin Xin’s body was close to normal. After releasing his mental burden and letting out his pent up feelings, his mental force seemed to have a consequent rise.

As the Captain of the number one mage squad, he obviously couldn’t rest for too long. After recovering his spirit, he immediately returned to his post. Aside from Li Zhengzhi’s summons from that day, Long Haochen didn’t receive any order or request from the Mage Temple. In other words, he was in a state of total freedom. At least for now, Lin Xin was still the captain of the number one mage squad. With his invitation full of great kindness, Long Haochen’s group of three accompanied by Li Xin arrived on the fortress. With Lin Xin’s status in the Tombal Mountain Pass, making a proof of identity for them couldn’t be easier.

The ones guarding the front of the fortress were all tall, robust warriors clad in heavy armor. These warriors were almost all backup sent by the Warrior Temple, and at their rear were mages. The number of mages on the fortress was sufficient to astonish anyone. For as far as the eye could see, Long Haochen saw over two thousand mages on the city walls. And furthermore, mages of different elements were all assigned to different mage squads and were clad in gowns of different colors, showing proof of their assignations. When looking into the distance, eight demon god pillars could be seen standing straight among the demon barracks. Seven of them formed a ring around the central one, which was particularly immense. Dense purplish black radiance was unceasingly rising up above this demon
god pillar, and one could faintly see a fierce face appearing in the midst of the purplish black light. The Hell Demon Marbas was ranked fifth amongst demon gods. Like the Demon God of Death Saminaga was overseeing the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, the Hell Demon God Marbas was standing around here, from this one could see how much the demon side valued this Tombal Mountain Pass. After the Holy War went on for so long, the Tombal Mountain Pass was the side with the fewest casualties. This wasn’t only about human casualties, but also demon casualties. That’s because in the absolute majority of times, both sides’ mages were opposed, and no one was able to easily break through the enemy’s defensive formations. In terms of magical force, the Tombal Mountain Pass wasn’t inferior to the enemy in the slightest, and had the advantage of terrain, making use of their magical array. Marbas even personally intervened sometimes, but never managed to turn the tides, returning in low spirits due to failure every time.

Mages! The fire mages forming the team were all looking at Long Haochen’s group curiously. Fully clad in his uniform of golden armor, Long Haochen was undoubtedly the greatest focus of attention. However, as they were firmly disciplined, no one muttered any comments. Lin Xin lowered his voice to a great extent, asking Long Haochen, “Boss, when are we going? Let’s go look for Yuanyuan in the southeastern fort.” South of the Tombal Mountain Pass was the side of the Warrior Temple. After reuniting with Long Haochen, Lin Xin became even more eager to reunite with the others. Long Haochen let out a faint smile, “No hurry. Since we have arrived inside the Tombal Mountain Pass, we should do our best to help and then after a few battles’ time we’ll see again whether we can really find some contributions to bring our help to the Tombal Mountain Pass.&rd

“Our Tombal Mountain Pass is invulnerable to attack, there’s no need for an outsider such as you to do anything.” A cold voice sounded out from nearby. Long Haochen’s group turned round, only to see a man and a woman escorted by dozens of mages. It was Xuanyuan Yan and Tan Wan. Tan Wan was walking in the front and Xuanyuan Yan a few steps behind. Both of them were fully clad in mage attire, faintly letting out some strong magic fluctuations.
Seeing them, Lin Xin was stupefied, but immediately became enraged at her, letting out a cold shout, “What did you just say” Seeing Lin Xin, Xuanyuan Yan had a distinct look of jealousy. Tan Yan’s expression was still odd, as she rapidly swept a glance at Lin Xin standing beside Li Xin, coldly declaring, “The Tombal Mountain Pass doesn’t need outsiders. Lin Xin, as the captain of the number one mage squad, you still brought outsiders onto the fortress without explicit approval. This matter will be reported to the Temple.”

Lin Xin wrinkled his brows, looking at Tan Wan with a clearly complex gaze, “Miss Wanzi, why would there be any need for that?”

[TN: Wanzi is a pun between Pill and something like, Little Wan]

As this appellation of ‘Miss Tan’ came out, Tan Wan’s body shook visibly, but she rapidly suppressed her own emotions, “Captain Lin, please conduct yourself with dignity. I am the captain of the Raging Wind Legion, not some miss. I am ordering you to immediately bring these people out, or else don’t blame me for becoming ruthless.” The Raging Wind Squad didn’t belong to the ten main mage squads, but was a mage squad directly subordinate to the Mage Temple’s head Li Zhengzhi. After Tan Wan’s cultivation broke through the seventh step, Li Zhengzhi put this squad formed of wind elemental mages under her command. In terms of status, the Raging Wind Legion was visibly above the ten main squads, which was to say that Tan Wan was without mistake Lin Xin’s superior officer. Lin Xin’s face had a burst of red before having a burst of white, but in front of Tan Wan, he seemed unwilling to flare up like he seemed about to. Long Haochen pat his shoulder, smiling to him, “Let it be, Lin Xin. Since the Tombal Mountain Pass doesn’t need our assistance, we will go down for now.” Saying that, he turned toward Cai’er and Han, and turned round, heading down from the fortress. “Wait a moment!” Tan Wan said suddenly. Long Haochen turned round, “Is Captain Tan Wan calling for me?” Tan Wan nodded, her look becoming very sharp, “Before Provisional Saint Knight Head returns to the Tombal Mountain Pass, would it be possible to ask for your guidance, to compare notes with me?” “I will be comparing notes with you.” Without waiting for Long Haochen to start to talk, Cai’er became unable to bear it. A tyrannical burst of killing intent
swept out from her. Long Haochen could keep enduring, but she couldn’t. If someone remained so overbearing, Cai’er had to break out in rage sooner or later. In front of the killing intent discharged by Cai’er, the expression on the faces of the crowd of mages immediately changed. Outside of Tan Wan and Xuanyuan Yan, all of them dropped to the ground and only barely managed to resist the onslaught of her killing intent by hurriedly stimulating their spiritual energy. Tan Wan and Xuanyuan Yan also looked perturbed. Xuanyuan Yan had seen before how Cai’er cut the seal open, and was better off, but Tan Wan was in great shock. The killing intent from Cai’er congealed, tyrannical beyond compare. Before she put it to use, not the slightest bit of it was allowed to leak out. That required a considerable level of training and cultivation! Long Haochen pressed on Cai’er’s shoulder, “Forget about it. The Six Great Temples are the same family. Our strength should be focused on the enemy and not for inner battles. Let’s go.” Saying that, he pulled Cai’er to turn around and go down from the fortress. Li Xin gave Tan Wan a profound glance, and followed Long Haochen’s crew out. Lin Xin couldn’t help but clench his fist, looking at Tan Wan with ferocity. Aside, Xuanyuan Yan sneered, “Lin Xin, don’t let such matters happen again. Otherwise, we will accuse you of misconduct.” “Get out of here, is this some place for you to butt in?” Lin Xin’s suppressed rage was almost instantly set to flames. He was unable to find a way out against Tan Wan, but Xuanyuan Yan didn’t make him afraid in the slightest. “You...” Xuanyuan Yan didn’t have a good temperament either, and became angry at Lin Xin. Pointing with the white staff in his hand he formed an arrow of light and shot it at Lin Xin.

Lin Xin had a look of disdain. His eyes twinkled with blue light, and his body immediately undulated with watery ripples. At two meters distance, that light arrow was directly decomposed, and immediately, a sharp phoenix cry ascended above Lin Xin. A vigorous blue fire burst forth from his body, rising into the surrounding air. Above Lin Xin condensed a phoenix’s shape, facing Xuanyuan Yan. His eyes were also bursting out with surly killing intent, already full of murderous spirit. “Enough, stop.” Tan Wan shouted in anger, standing in the middle of the two before turning towards Xuanyuan Yan, “We are going.” Saying that, she turned around and left.
Neither Xuanyuan Yan nor Lin Xin could respond to Tan Wan. As Tan Wan looked deeply at the flames rising around Lin Xin, his eyes twinkled with anger. After snorting, he turned around and left. The blue flames slowly vanished, as Lin Xin hatefully slapped at the air, as the flames scattered in all direction. On the other side, Li Xin was following them away, “Haochen.” “I’m alright sis.” Long Haochen naturally understood that Li Xin wanted to console him. Li Xin sigh then said, “Speaking of which, things have been made quite difficult for Lin Xin. His contradiction with Tan Wan and Xuanyuan Yan is greatly related to me.” “Hm?” Long Haochen had a quite curious look, “I found Lin Xin quite respectful towards Tan Wan, but she still insisted on criticizing him.” Just two days ago, Long Haochen had met with the head Li Zhengzhi as the Provisional Saint Knight Head from the Knight Temple. Even with Tan Wan’s identity in the Mage Temple, there’s no way she should be so impolite towards him. Long Haochen took notice before that when Tan Wan was speaking to them, her gaze was focused on Lin Xin from beginning to end. That rage seemed clearly related to Lin Xin. They only seemed to have been targets on whom her anger was to be taken out.

Li Xin replied, “This matter was born from a misunderstanding. When he was young,, Lin Xin used to live in the Tombal Mountain Pass, and Tan Wan was a few years older. He used to always call her Miss Wanzi, and since she was young, she’s always taken good care of him and treated him well. Lin Xin having lost his parents very young, he became very fondly attached to Tan Wan. But these two had a gap in age and Lin Xin had vowed not to use magic for attacks. Though Tan Wan repeatedly tried to convince him, he still remained unwavering in his oath.”

Chapter 552

“Afterwards, Lin Xin’s grandfather was transferred to Holy City. Originally, Lin Xin wasn’t planning to follow his grandfather there, but the engagement between Tan Wan and Xuanyuan Yan left him greatly wounded, and after leaving her a letter, he followed his grandfather to Holy City. Then they didn’t have any contact for a very long time.

“In that letter, Lin Xin told her about his feelings, which could be said to be for the sake of unburdening himself. After reaching Holy City, he devoted his effort to the research of magic medicine, and gradually let go of these feelings. Afterwards, he crossed paths with you and became a Demon Hunter. But what he didn’t know was that after Tan Wan saw that letter, she also found out about her own inner feelings, that she was in love with Lin Xin too. For this reason, she asked Temple Head Li Zhengzhi to appear personally, for the sake of cancelling their scheduled wedding. But due to the excessive sensitivity of the matter, Temple Head Li had her cultivate in seclusion. First, it was for the sake of her cultivation, and then to avoid exposing her to the heart of the struggle of public opinion. After Tan Wan’s secluded cultivation terminated and when she came to look for Lin Xin, he had already become a Demon Hunter, and went to run missions alongside you lot. That’s how the matter ended. And when they met again in the Tombal Mountain Pass, Lin Xin had already become a couple with me.”

Hearing Li Xin’s story, the three of them looked at each other, and Han Yu expressed very strangely, “It’s a matter of hate born from love.”

Li Xin had a bitter smile, “It can be considered so. For that reason, I find Tan Wan extremely pitiful. No matter what it is about her, Lin Xin
and I have been as forebearing as possible. It turned out that after we returned to the Tombal Mountain Pass, everyone learned about that misunderstanding. After all, Lin Xin and I had been thinking that she was already married to Xuanyuan Yan at the time we were dating. This matter is a freak combination of factors where no one can be blamed. At the start, Tan Wan still held a good attitude toward us, but after Lin Xin decided to train in offensive magic for my sake, Tan Wan’s attitude changed drastically, taking it out on him whenever possible. And furthermore, she seems to believe that the fact that she couldn’t end up together with Lin Xin was related to Demon Hunt Squads. You are all members of Lin Xin’s team, so her previous attitude should be for that reason.”

Han Yu let out a bitter smile, “So we were innocently caught in such a calamity.”

Long Haochen reacted, “The response Tan Wan’s feelings received makes her quite pitiful. I hope that in the future there could be a chance to resolve this matter.”

Li Xin replied, “I fear that it will be very hard. Her rancor is deep, unless I go away. But Lin Xin has already paid such a cost for me, I am already...” Reaching this point, the valiant and formidable-looking female knight couldn’t help but blush. After having been through so much, she came to love Lin Xin dearly. How could she not be moved by the act of a man who abandonned something he has dedicated so many years of his life to, only for the sake of one girl.

Right at this time, a sharp cry rang out from within the mountain pass.
The atmosphere in its entire range instantly tensed up.

Li Xin’s expression changed, “The demons are attacking. I will be returning to assist Lin Xin. Haochen, you can return to rest in the Temple first.”

Long Haochen replied, “Resisting the demons is everyone’s duty. Let’s go, we just have to go back up. I believe that Tan
Calmly reacting, for the sake of his honor as Saint Knight Head he didn’t renounce resisting the demons. This attitude could only receive Li Xin’s secret praises, finding her little brother even more mature than in the past.

When everyone was back on the fortress, strong elemental fluctuations were immediately felt. These elemental waves were not launched by the mages, but originating from the Tombal Mountain Pass.

Long Haochen clearly looked at the fortress’ ground, to see round magic arrays every fifty meters, all colored a milky-white. Soft magical waves spread thin white halos that covered every angle of the fortress.

Long Haochen sensed that these magic arrays had a gathering effect; while stepping on the magic arrays, the speed of absorption of magic essence was at least ten percent higher. And these magic arrays seemed to apply to every elemental used.

From afar, one could see black clouds densely cover the skies. Afar off, the eight demon god pillars emitted some strong breath of darkness. The demon armies were not fast at all, one could only see layer upon layer of darkness essence bubble forth from the demon armies’ ranks, poured into the black clouds on the sky.

The core of the black clouds was the Hell demon god pillar. This was a combinatorial attack of the Hell Demons: despite the still-far distance, it already held a powerful oppressive force from the fortress’ view.

The air outside the Tombal Mountain Pass started to show rippling waves, a signature of the deployed defensive formation.

It was because of Cai’er’s Sickle of the God of Death that Cai’er had managed to break through, only tearing a very small crack, letting them enter the formation for a flash. But this kind of large scale clash was another story. Thanks to the formation’s blockade, not the slightest darkness essence spilled inside the Tombal Mountain Pass.

On the fortress, large amounts of radiant magic essence lit up, mostly gathering the water, fire, earth, wind and light attributes. The Tombal
Mountain Pass’ ten squads were responding.

Five of them were defending the fortress, standing beside warriors who were resisting for their sake, filling the whole fortress.

Long Haochen’s crew rapidly joined Lin Xin’s side, seeing Lin Xin command these mages to start chanting at this time.

They were chanting for a spell of the fifth tier specialized into compressing spiritual energy. As the demons were still far, they hadn’t reached the optimum range of their magic yet.

A mage’s magic had limitations of distance, requiring a certain distance to unleash its full might. The stronger a mage was, the greater this distance would grow.

Long Haochen found out that all the mages in this team were standing in a group of six, forming a Star of David. As they were incanting, the staves in their hand gathered essence of the same element in between them, rapidly condensing spiritual energy.

Combinatorial magic.

With Long Haochen’s elemental sensitivity, he could sense that this combinatorial magic was not only for strengthening their magic, but also to increase their attack range. This was surely a specialized research made by the Mage Temple. Surely, they deserved being known as a powerful Temple comparable with the Knight Temple.

Lin Xin didn’t participate in these magic arrays. Seeing Long Haochen’s group come back to his side, he immediately became overjoyed.


Lin Xin wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Long Haochen, “Let’s meet the enemy with all we have for now. We will be in your command.”
“Alright.” After experiencing these two years’ tempering, Lin Xin was far different from before, and visibly became a lot less dependant on Long Haochen.

The demon armies advanced at slow speed, but felt tougher than boulders. Every time they went forward, their troops gained in steadiness. The black airflow gradually enveloped the demon armies, and from the fortress, one became gradually unable to discern their looks.

The magic waves in the Tombal Mountain Pass also grew in brilliance, just like an extremely powerful magical beast of ancient times ready to spurt its greatest attack at anytime.

The oppressive force of both parties was extremely terrifying. Be it humans or demons, all were reaching the critical points when both parties’ attacks would meet up.

By looking from high above, one could see that the two sides were completely different in color. The demon side was black colored with a tint of purple, and the Tombal Mountain Pass glinted in myriads   of colors. Upon seeing that massive providence, even a powerhouse of the ninth step would feel insignificant.

Lin Xin stood beside Long Haochen, speaking in a low voice, “The first clash will be the most violent. The two sides will strike with all their power, but this won’t cause casualties. But neither of us will dare be negligent, putting out our full power, otherwise, if the enemy takes the advantage, it will result in complete suppression. After the first clash is over, the demons will start besieging. That will be the real start of the battle. My Heart of Fire is rather special, unable to unite with their power. The time the enemy besieges will be when I will start to attack.”

Long Haochen asked, “If I use supportive magic, will it affect their combinatorial spell?”

Lin Xin pondered slightly, “Let’s try to see after the demons start besieging. I am worried that needless fluctuations may affect the process.
And furthermore, the power of my brothers is enough to withstand the demon attack without issue.”

Lin Xin’s prudence made sense. Although he had full confidence in Long Haochen, he preferred avoiding needless risks.

After the start of the Holy War, the Tombal Mountain Pass was used to facing the demon offenses, which was to say that even without an intervention from Long Haochen, they would still resist the enemy’s attacks without issue. Since that was the case, why let Long Haochen take risks? If it produced the opposite reaction, wouldn’t it just destroy his boss’ reputation?

Long Haochen nodded calmly. He’d never been matched with so many mages, especially when they were in states of using combinatorial magic. So he didn’t have an absolute confidence, and from Lin Xin’s wording, he was able to gather that the members of the Mage Temple had ample confidence. Since things were that way, why would he take empty risks?

The strong elemental waves were growing in fierceness, and the distant demon army suddenly accelerated without prior indication. In the sky, the violent purplish black radiance violently burst forth, gradually taking the shape of a fierce devil’s portrait.

“What? Something is amiss!” Lin Xin’s expression changed. Having crossed hands with the demons many times, he knew that this demon offense was quite early compared to usual.

Right at this time, that immense devil portrait slowly looked up. From its mouth, a purplish black beam was shot out, and immediately, seven beams of different colors shot forth.

Chapter 553

Gloomy and cold chants were distinctly heard even from the Tombal Mountain Pass as the eight demon god pillars gathered altogether. That devil portrait seemed to become even more concentrated, as if awaking as a real Fiend Demon, ready to throw himself at the fortress.

A forbidden spell! The eight great demon gods were joining hands to prepare this forbidden spell. As that skull was flying forward, the previous black clouds turned into its tail, and fused with it in the process of their rapid flight.

“Forbidden spell!” Lin Xin exclaimed. With great emotions, he immediately issued the order, “Gather your attacks! We cannot let that thing approach!”

The demons had suddenly changed stance, visibly catching the Tombal Mountain unprepared. And it would appear that this change of stance was initiated by Marbas’ command to use the power of the other seven demon gods alongside the entirety of the mages’ attacks. The instant that fierce skull appeared in the battlefield, the overwhelming majority of the mages in the Tombal Mountain Pass’ fortress felt as if their blood froze. Even the seal defending the Tombal Mountain Pass didn’t give them any sense of security.

This was all just too sudden. Completing this spell from the eight demon gods took a very short time. The Tombal Mountain Pass was already out of time to counter that abrupt burst of power.
The commanders of the mage squads on the fortress were all veterans. Like Lin Xin, they all immediately made a response. From the fortress, a great amount of magic radiances burst out, gathering like a torrential rain to face that terrifying forbidden spell.

“Han Yu, assist me.” Long Haochen called out in a low voice, to the nearby Han Yu, and directly sat in meditation. A meticulous and low chant came out from him, carrying a bizarre tempo and reverberating in a small area.

As his cultivation increased, Long Haochen’s capacity for judgement also grew. The instant that devil skull appeared, he already determined that the Tombal Mountain Pass could surely not contend against it. Of course, he couldn’t either. But he had to give his best shot, even if he could only gain a little time, he had to do his best to give the Tombal Mountain Pass some time to handle the fatal attack.

Han Yu sat in meditation behind Long Haochen, both hands pressed onto his back. With the retainer pact binding him to Haochen, transmission of spiritual energy became a lot easier. Even without the use of Lin Xin’s Cojoined Spiritual Pills, it had the same efficiency. In the meantime, he also put to use his Spiritual Stove of Light Blessing, which was the true reason for Long Haochen to have asked for his assistance.

The orange brilliance coming out from the Golden Foundation Mountain Pass grew higher in power, and pure light essence was gathering toward Long Haochen’s direction at an astonishing speed.

Actually, what Long Haochen didn’t know was that the eight demon gods’ sudden outburst and full-force, all-out-attack was closely related to him.

In the past days, the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass’ Demon God of Death Saminaga had to seclude himself due to serious wounds, his demon army utterly defeated. And Sytry’s demon army also received severe damage. Two great forts in a row encountered severe issues. Upon receiving the report, the Demon God Emperor’s first reaction was to launch a
counterattack against the humans. Although he didn’t think humans had the ability to retaliate, what happened was a matter of fact.

The Demon God Emperor’s goal may only be to weaken the human forces, but he definitely wasn’t a pacifistic practitioner of buddhism. Seeing the sudden surge of counteroffensives from the T

At the time Long Haochen’s group arrived, the Hell demon god Marbas just received this order, and after preparing for two days’ time, the eight great demon gods relied on their demon god pillars to store the forbidden spell and thereby launch the attack.

The stored forbidden spell could be transferred at anytime, without need for a lengthy incantation. But this would greatly use up the spiritual energy stored inside the demon god pillars, which is why the demon gods ordinarily won’t use it easily. It was to inflict serious damage to the Tombal Mountain Pass that Marbas decided to launch such an attack. And the suddenness of the matter really caught the Tombal Mountain Pass unprepared.

The wind control mage team was the first to launch its offense. The wind mages were the fastest, be it their incantations or their offense’s speed.

In midair, strident sounds that reminded Long Haochen’s crew of the experience they had in the Desolate Hissing Cavern and an immense green spear met straight with that devil’s portrait.

Hundreds of green lights hit that terrifying black forbidden spell extending over more than a hundred meters in diameter.

At the time it approached, the devil’s portrait had a distorted look, and a large quantity of tornadoes were distorted and routed, so only a little part managed to hit the main body of the forbidden spell, but only slowed down its advance a bit at most.

The second burst was the earth mages’. In the sky, boulders and rocks the size of millstones suddenly appeared bunched together, flooding the pitch black forbidden spell with their powers.
There’s no need to mention that earth elemental magic is far more useful than wind elemental magic in such circumstances. Although a part was expelled, the overwhelming majority landed onto that forbidden spell, causing its speed to once again slow down.

But if one paid careful attention, he’d find out that at the time the rock smashed that devil portrait, it was rapidly dissolved and disappeared. It only managed to slow down the speed of this forbidden spell’s attack, but didn’t manage to weaken its power.

After earth came water, or more accurately speaking, ice. A series of blue colored brilliant rays interweaved, condensing into one, it turned into an ice ball even larger than that devil’s portrait, and smashed onto it.

The clash was of short duration, and didn’t let out any explosion. From the Tombal Mountain Pass’s point of view, that immense iceball melted from its core at an astonishing speed, turning into countless pitch-black raindrops that fell out loudly onto the ground.

At last came fire. The mages under Lin Xin’s command, grouped in units of six, formed ten immense Bursting Fireballs amplified by the magic formation of the fortress, meeting the skull in the shape of a rain of meteors.

Ice and fire were two opposite elements which completed each other miraculously well. A burning hot coming after a freezing cold could greatly penetrate the enemy spell’s inner defense.

But this seemed to be a failure. The Bursting Fireballs seemed to lose efficiency as they soared through that black forbidden spell, manifesting the frantic aspect of the fire element. But that black skull still managed to bear the damage, and after sustaining the four elemental attacks, it only lost a fifth of its volume. In other words, the joint act of two thousand mages only managed to dispel a fifth of its offensive power.

The consequences of the descent of such a terrifying forbidden spell were hard to imagine. The Hell Demon Marbas coldly gazed into the distant Tombal Mountain Pass, as the smoky tail acquired by the devil’s portrait finished becoming fully one with it.
I want to see how you will resist this magic of mine! Hell’s Descent forbidden spell!

Saminaga has actually been wounded by the humans’ attacks, and is still heavily wounded from what I heard, even his domain having nearly ended up destroyed. Alright, let me take revenge for him!

Marbas and Saminaga were in an extremely good relationship, as the Fiend Clan and Hell Demon Clan are originally on very close terms. Added up together, they could roughly match the rather fewer Moon Demons and Star Demons, making ample proof of their powerful strength. At the very moment, this supra forbidden spell they were using was his exclusive Hell’s Descent, drawing support from the other seven great demon gods and his clansmen to unleash its greatest might. Even as the one unleashing it, he was unable to evaluate its degree of might.

He didn’t even think of prolonging the offense after launching that attack. As long as the frontal walls were destroyed, how could the Tombal Mountain Pass that has lost its natural defenses resist them for long? The destruction of the Mage Temple will surely be the most terrible blow ever sustained by the Temple Alliance.

“Bang!” Right at this time, Hell Descent fiercely struck the seal protecting the Tombal Mountain Pass.

After sustaining four magic bombardments, Hell’s Descent only lost a bit of its power, and the instant it struck the seal, the whole mountain trembled, and distorted lights frantically bubbled forth. The seal completely unleashed its might. White halos condensed from all directions, wanting to stop Hell Descent while attempting to dispel it.

But the demon’s portrait born from Hell’s Descent became even more fierce this time as it struggled to break out. One could see that at the time of its contact with the center of the seal, holes were gradually forming. But from the look of it, its breakthrough was only a matter of time.

Right at this time, several dozen brilliant golden light beams were shot from the other side, aiming right at the holes pierced in Hell’s Descent.
At the sight of this scene, Lin Xin couldn’t help but tremble slightly. Looking at the direction of the golden light, despite loathing Xuanyuan Yan, he had no choice but to admit that he directed the light elemental magic squad under his command well. He had been enduring silently until then, waiting right for this chance.

Light and darkness were originally opposite elements: if he had shifted the launch earlier, it would undoubtedly have ended the same as with the other mage squads, only neutralizing a part of the attack. But the instant Hell’s Descent collided against the seal, the holes that were produced led to its core. Initiating an attack there would inflict unavoidable damage to the forbidden spell, and made full use of the light attribute countering it. This attack on its core reduced Hell’s Descent’s might to the greatest extent.

As expected, under the attack from that golden light, one could see clearly that Hell’s Descent shrank to a great extent, weakened globally by the five hundred light mages’ joint attacks.

Chapter 554

The staff on Xuanyuan Yan’s hand was pointed forward. Seeing the power of Hell’s Descent being brought down, he couldn’t help but loosen up.

The attack was effective! The light mages on his back didn’t need his order to expel their spiritual energy in full force, hoping to stop it outside the formation.

Their attack looked like a great success, seeing Hell’s Descent shrink at an astonishing speed, but the distant Hell Demon God Marbas had a strange smile on his face. If the joint attacks of eight great demon gods could be stopped so easily, they wouldn’t deserve that appellation.

It looked like Hell’s Descent’s volume had shrunk due to the holy light’s attack and the seal’s blockade, as it shrank to a tenth of its original volume.

At that very moment, Xuanyuan Yan couldn’t help but deliberately glance at Lin Xin’s direction.

But right at this time, the surroundings suddenly calmed down, as if all sounds were instantly suppressed.

Xuanyuan Yan subconsciously turned his head back, finding out with alarm that the extremely shrunken Hell’s Descent had come to a standstill and large black nets were extending all around it, spreading out at a frightening speed, as it extended all around the formation.

The next instant, Baaang.
A torrential explosion resounded with incomparable ferocity. The devil’s portrait once again returned to its original size, instantly reducing to pieces the seal on the Tombal Mountain Pass. Xuanyuan Yan and the five hundred light mages on his back groaned at the same time, spitting out large amounts of blood.

Hell’s Descent had shrunk only to break out even more powerfully. This forbidden spell reached such a degree of terror that it already possessed its own intelligence.

Xuanyuan Yan’s attack was actually still effective, as the Hell’s Descent that had drastically enlarged was still quite smaller. But at this time, who could bear its offense? Having lost the defense of their seal, the Tombal Mountain Pass’ inhabitants all felt stuck in a quagmire, swept away at a frightening speed by the incoming darkness essence.

At this time, a green wind broke out once again. Compared to the wind mages squad, this time its green color looked a lot more pure, swept from all directions to form a gigantic earth shattering tornado. Shrouding the Hell’s Descent, it entangled all around it, attempting to blow it to a high altitude and rely on the wind’s force to consume its might.

The Raging Wind Legion commanded by Tan Wan finally made its move. If the fort’s defenses were so easy to break through, there’s no way it could have held against all the attacks it sustained since the start of the Holy War.

The Raging Wind Legion’s move was even more powerful than the previous five squads’ powers added together. Composed entirely of wind mages reaching at least the seventh step, who joined hands to form this combinatorial spell, this tornado’s power already reached the forbidden spell level. They had obviously been teamed together for a very long time, otherwise they couldn’t have possibly released such an all out spell of the seventh step in such a short time.

Engulfed by the tornado, Hell’s Descent once again shrank, trying to lessen as far as possible its time of contact with the tornado. Looking as
stable as a boulder, it remained motionless even under the offense of such a blowing tornado.

The confrontation between the two sides was already at its climax, when the demons attacked suddenly. The Tombal Mountain Pass already had dispatched units to ask for their strongest magic regiments as well as the higher-ups of the Mage Temple, but they neede

Eight black glitters appeared suddenly, tracing long arcs. They belonged to the eight demon god pillars, and rushed into the tornado at a frightening speed, striking Hell’s Descent.

With a mournful yell, Hell’s Descent instantly split the tornado revolving around it, and kept advancing toward the Tombal Fort.

Even if the eight demon gods stopped stepping in, the Storm Corps could actually only block the Hell’s Descent only for a short time. But Marbas knew well that he couldn’t let them keep dragging time out. If the mage regiments of the Mage Temple took advantage of the opportunity, even if the attack from Hell’s Descent finally manages to make it to the Tombal Mountain Pass, the destructive damage would still greatly lower.

All the mages in the fortress had looks of shock. The whole fortress was covered in black drizzle. Everyone knew that the Tombal Mountain Pass’ walls would inevitably fall. And   they   would   all   become   burial goods accompanying the mountain pass to its grave.

From the launch of the forbidden spell to its arrival on the Tombal Mountain Pass, this slow-sounding process had actually lasted for only ten or so minutes. Everyone was already fearing for their lives.

A golden light suddenly flared up without omen, as if coming as suddenly as dawn. Upon meticulous observation, that golden light was actually multicolored, and under its golden brilliance, a figure had elevated itself onto the sky, floating in midair right outside the fortress, and standing in Hell’s Descent’s way.
A golden Star of David was formed at his back, as he rode a Starlight Unicorn giving off a divine feel.

Wearing a golden mask, and a golden armor, and letting out a light aura of extreme purity alongside his Starlight Unicorn, he brought the Tombal Mountain Pass not only light, but hope.

The multicolored golden light surrounding his body was rising up, and golden halos rose up all around the Starlight Unicorn King, crossing paths with the multicolored light.

The knight riding the Starlight Unicorn made a praying gesture, as a clear incantation came out from his mouth. The multicolored radiance on his back condensed into a huge illusory female shape, also sitting in a praying posture.

Speaking of strange, that brilliant Hell’s Descent forbidden spell suddenly came to a standstill upon arriving in front of him. In front of its terrible threat, this knight clad in golden armor seemed like a drop in the ocean. But even so, he unexpectedly caused Hell’s Descent to come to a stop, making it unable to keep advancing despite being almost within reach of its target.

All the mages in the Tombal Mountain Pass were stupefied at this instant. They could obviously recognize this golden armor to be a Golden Foundation Knight’s attire! However, the overwhelming majority of these people had no idea when a knight had come here, moreover helping them block this incomparably terrifying threat.

Could a knight of the eighth step really resist a supra forbidden spell born from the joint hands of eight great demon gods as well as all the Hell Demons? Even a Divine Knight would not necessarily manage to accomplish that.

Right, Long Haochen was of course unable to accomplish such a feat. Even if he had already reached the ninth step, his full strength couldn’t possibly stop such a forbidden spell’s might. Even if this forbidden spell was already weakened by the mages.
He wasn’t trying to stop it, but to restrict it, using a kind of special spell similar to the Star Demon God Vassago’s Great Prophecy.

The pure light essence didn’t have the slightest chance of causing Hell’s Descent to weaken any. But at least until his spiritual energy ends up nearly exhausted, this forbidden spell won’t be able to keep moving forward in the slightest.

Light Prayers.

This magic already exceeded the scope of the light element, and could be said to be a spell of sacred light, even if the expertise in using sacred light spells was of the Priest Temple, and not the knights.

This spell was also coming from the cave. In there, Long Haochen learnt mostly Guardian Knight abilities, while Light Prayers was carved in its greatest depths. This magic of sacred light was very hard to categorize. Depending on the enemy one faced, its uses would actually differ greatly. It was used as a prayer for safety.

The ancestor that left this spell in the Knight Temple explained it this way, Light Prayers is the god’s will, as well as the god’s forbidden fruit. A human’s force could never possibly truly control this ability, but at some cost, it can be used to earn time.

Conduct prayers with one’s most sincere attitude and with one’s purest heart one would make Light Prayers the most powerful.

This magic of sacred light originated from high level fairies, therefore even the Priest Temple was unable to use it. After countless thousands of years passed, this miraculous sacred light magic finally reappeared, launched from Long Haochen’s hand.

Since the instant Hell’s Descent appeared, Long Haochen’s great mental force gave him a great feeling of unease. In the meantime, he’d been reciting Light Prayers’ chant in his mind. This was an instinctual, instant decision. Long Haochen did not hesitate to follow his feeling and therefore immediately asked for Han Yu’s aid as he chanted this spell.
As a matter of fact, his choice was accurate. No one else besides him was more of a fit to use this sacred light magic. Compared to his use of Sacred Light Rain, Long Haochen had a much lower consumption. In fact the whole sacred spell could be described as the establishment of the flow of a canal. It could be maintained as long as the incantation was completed. Han Yu’s spiritual energy was fully poured inside Long Haochen, and his spiritual stove of Light Blessing gave him a formidable recovery alongside the support of the Golden Foundation Armor. At the time Long Haochen had completed this spell, a good part of his spiritual energy was left.

Right, who else other than the Scion of Light was more qualified to put to use a sacred light magic?

Light Prayers was activated through the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, which is why that multi-colored golden light came to view. Long Haochen could deeply feel the might Hell’s Descent had as a supra forbidden spell, and understood that with his own strength, even the full use of Light Prayers had no way to stop it, which is why he borrowed the Divine Snail Shield’s force.

Through its last activation as a divine tool, Long Haochen felt that his level of accord with the Divine Snail Shield had grown even higher, which enabled him to grasp some of the secret in the activation of its power as a divine tool. With his current cultivation, a forbidden spell levelled stimulation was necessary to trigger the Divine Snail Shield’s force. And as a matter of fact, he succeeded once again.

Chapter 555

Light Prayers sealed Hell’s Descent just like that. A tiny golden light was locking that terrifying darkness in midair.

Xuanyuan Yan became blank, and Tan Wan too.

They obviously were aware of the identity of the one who stopped the demons’ attack. A little earlier, they had told him to scram from the fortress: a little earlier, Tan Wan even issued a challenge against him.

At that very moment, Tan Wan’s emotions became indescribable, but mostly full of shock.

Close to three thousand mages didn’t manage to stop this terrifying forbidden spell, yet that person managed it all alone. Tan Wan believed that Long Haochen surely was using cheap tricks, and that the situation won’t last long. But the courage to stand in front of such a supra forbidden spell was already something no ordinary person could show.

Feelings of shame appeared in both Tan Wan and Xuanyuan Yan. They were trying to put themselves in his stead, Did I really dare challenge such a person? Tan Wan’s shock was the greatest, because she had personally seen the appearance of this Golden Foundation Knight, the extreme youth of this Provisional Saint Knight Head of the Knight Temple.

Tan Wan remembered firmly the time she rushed to her teacher, to ask him: Is he really as young as he looks?
Li Zhengzhi only looked down in acknowledgement, shocking Tan Wan to no limits at that time. A knight looking even younger than herself has actually already reached the eighth step! And he’s the captain of Lin Xin’s Demon Hunt Squad, and moreover, the Provisional Saint Knight Head of the Knight Temple. Could there really be such a large gap separating him and herself?

Now, Long Haochen was using his own strength to prove to Tan Wan the gap between the two of them.

“Keep launching attacks, what are you all waiting for!?” Lin Xin’s voice was amplified by his spiritual energy, encompassing the whole Tombal Mountain Pass. The mages awakened from his call, and resonating chants were performed all across the fortress.

Two figures simultaneously flew above the Tombal Mountain Pass, heading straight to Long Haochen’s side.

They stopped to Haochen’s left and right.

It was a strange thing that due to Light Prayers’ confinement, even the aura of Hell’s Descent was suppressed, liberating all the mages on the fortress from its influence.

The two that flew out were Cai’er and Lin Xin.

The Sickle of the God of Death was already in Cai’er’s hand as she was covered in a bizarre grey layer of mist. Her body was devoid of killing intent, but she stared coldly at the Hell’s Descent opposite Long Haochen. In case Long Haochen’s Light Prayers couldn’t be kept going, she would replace him to face off against that powerful darkness elemental forbidden spell.

Lin Xin was standing on the other side, completely different from Cai’er’s state of power storing. He came to a stop right after arriving near Long Haochen, and launched a fire elemental attack, with even more splendid execution than in a textbook, towards the pitch-black forbidden spell.
The fire crystal staff was pointed forward, and an immense Bursting Fireball bombarded the Hell’s Descent straight on. Lin Xin remmbered firmly that Long Haochen had told him one thing at the time before he elevated himself high to resist the forbidden spell, Attack!

With the tacit understanding between Lin Xin and Long Haochen, Lin Xin immediately understood his intenti on at the time he confined the enemy’s attack.

Long Haochen could only resist and not annihilate the attack. But he could gain some time for the Tombal Mountain Pass, within which they would have to do their utmost to weaken or extinguish Hell’s Descent’s power.

Right after the first blue colored Bursting Fireball was fired, a second one appeared in Lin Xin’s hands. The instant cast of the offensive spell of the fifth step Bursting Fireball could be due to storage in a magic tool, but how about the second, and third one?

This instant, the Fire Crystal Staff in Lin Xin’s hand entered a quick-fire mode, shooting immense deep-blue colored fireballs one after another toward Hell’s Descent.

Each fireball that landed produced a huge explosion and carried blue flames along. Although the results weren’t distinct, any sighted person could tell that Lin Xin’s series of attacks produced some sunken areas in the places that were hit. In other words, his attacks were effective, but don’t forget that he’s only one person attacking by himself. The destructive power of the Heart of Fire’s flames could thereby be seen.

The instant Lin Xin was done firing his eighteenth Bursting Fireball, an immense blue skull appeared above his Fire Crystal Staff, forming his nineteenth successive attack. After just a split second of adjustment, dragon shaped blue flames spread from Lin Xin’s back.

This was the piece of legendary equipment called Fire Dragon’s Wings. Increasing spiritual gathering and speed by a hundred percent, it carried the
additional ability Fire Dragon’s Defense. The current Lin Xin did not need it for defense but for an acceleration of his spiritual energy gathering.

As the Fire Curse Technique was executed, he unfolded the Fire Dragon’s Wings, and once again shot Bursting Fireballs, another series of eighteen of them.

From the start of his act to the termination of his thirty-sixth Bursting Fireball, a total of less than a minute had passed. At this very moment, Lin Xin was making a display far above his own level. This offensive power and offensive speed would not necessarily be matched by a mage of the eighth step. And moreover, this was without counting the power of Heart of Fire! Most of all his Rupturing Fireballs were all bombarding the same area.

At the end of his thirty six Bursting Fireballs, a resonant phoenix cry was heard above Lin Xin, and a massive Blue Fire Phoenix soared up, clashing straight against that devil’s portrait with its brilliant blue fire.

That violent bombardment produced a series of violent waves against the devil portrait.

Only then did Lin Xin’s series of attacks terminate. The most magnificent spells aren’t necessarily the most effective, but the focus of Lin Xin’s attacks clearly gave the ideal efficiency.

At last, as the Blue Fire Phoenix Spiritual Stove launched its attack, he threw some pills into his own mouth. Don’t forget that he’s also an alchemist, making his ability to last in the battlefield and his burst power go far beyond mages of the same grade.

Lin Xin was naturally not the only one launching attacks. In the desperate crisis, all the mages in the fortress put their strongest magic abilities to use. They were attacking from all sides, controlling their power and even making it coil around to reach out for Hell’s Descent’s back to avoid wounding Long Haochen’s group of three. The stronger mages flew to Long Haochen’s side like Lin Xin, to launch a full force magic offense at close quarters.
Afar, the Hell demon god Marbas was standing dumbstruck, not daring to believe in his eyes. The instant Light Prayers was launched, he found out that the connection binding Hell’s Descent to him was severed.

Even for someone at the same level of cultivation as him, facing this powerful supra forbidden spell was comparable to meeting with a full force attack of the Demon God Emperor. He couldn’t believe that the Mage Temple actually had the the ability to seal this supra forbidden spell in such a short time. He also knew that this seal couldn’t possibly last for too long, but the Mage Temple’s mages were extremely fast to react, attacking it with full force. In such a situation, after the seal ends, one could hardly say how much offensive power Hell’s Descent would still hold.

As the fifth demon god in the ranking, one of the top five demon gods in existence, Marbas naturally had quick wits as well. Waving his right hand toward the Tombal Mountain Pass, he made a low and vigorous shout, “Attack!”

The Hell Demons were the core of the demon armies standing outside, but not the absolute majority of their forces. Following Marbas’ order, the demon armies immediately charged towards the Tombal Mountain Pass in large tides.

The power of Hell’s Descent was warded off, but the mages present in the Tombal Mountain Pass were all occupied.

In the meantime, Long Haochen found himself close to his limits.

Although Light Prayers was mostly borrowing divine force to perform the seal, it also required a massive amount of spiritual energy to be maintained. Long Haochen could amplify its efficiency through the Divine Snail Shield, but the consumption speed of his spiritual energy was still massive.

Right now, the multicolored golden light coming out from him clearly assumed an unstable stance, and could already collapse at anytime.
Cai’er was holding the Scythe of the God of Death in her two hands, unconsciously gripping it tightly. In case Long Haochen’s Light Prayers terminates, they will be the ones bearing the brunt and become the targets of this forbidden spell. Cai’er knew that at that time she would have to fight to earn Long Haochen some time, to allow him to have the time to transport Lin Xin and himself to the Tower of Eternity.

Right in this crucial juncture, six light balls were suddenly shot out from the Tombal Mountain Pass.

These six light balls all reached about ten meters diameter, forming a large whole. After its rapid descent, red, blue, green, yellow, gold and black colored brilliances flared from it, and formed the shape of a Star of David in the sky as they interwove, landing right inside Hell’s Descent. A six-colored cover then rose, greatly weakening the supra forbidden spell.

The golden light vanished, and Long Haochen let out a stuffy groan, terminating Light Prayers. Star King then helped Haochen stabilize his posture by the use of his own spiritual energy to avoid him falling down.

Due to the loss of Light Prayers’ seal, Hell’s Descent forbidden spell power suddenly struggled to break free from that six-colored barrier, as the entity in question trembled violently.

At the current time, the situation inside those six light balls was clearly visible: each one contained six mages, making a total of thirty-six people. Each ball was under the lead of a mage. This was a powerful seal that they joined hands to unleash.

If the Hell’s Descent forbidden spell was at its peak, they may not necessarily have managed to seal it, but after the last series of depletions, these six Mage Deities of the ninth step and thirty Saint Magic Tutors of the eighth step joined hands to temporarily seal the forbidden spell.

Chapter 556


The Magic Tutor Regiment had finally reached out and completed their spell, taking over Long Haochen’s duty.

In the meantime, an immense green radiance soared from inside the Tombal Mountain Pass, reaching a high altitude before slowly falling.

Seeing the green figure extending over more than a hundred meters, the weakened Long Haochen was in great shock. That green figure looked human-shaped, and was actually an enlarged version of the head of the Mage Temple, wind elemental mage Li Zhengzhi.

Right now, Li Zhengzhi looked extremely imposing despite his short and stout build. Clad in green armor, his hands were holding a huge warblade. Green light curled over his whole body, and bursting gales kept rising around his body. At every attack, the green light coming out from his body also gained in intensity.

Chapter 557

Right as Lin Xin was forced into a great physical battle by Li Xin, Long Haochen was meeting two guests.

“Greetings, Saint Knight Head.” At the time Long Haochen opened the door, the guests outside respectfully bowed to him. The two in question were Tan Wan and Xuanyuan Yan.

Tan Wan looked the same as usual, and Xuanyuan Yan visibly felt quite awkward. Lowering his head, slightly, he didn’t dare look straight at Long Haochen.

Long Haochen looked at them in astonishment, “The two of you are...”

Tan Wan didn’t have that pride and coldness she used to have the first time they met, asking with a smile, “Can you let us inside to have a talk?”

“Please.” Long Haochen stepped aside from the entrance, letting the two inside. For now he was still clad in his Golden Foundation Armor. For the sake of concealing his identity, even when cultivating by himself in the room, he won’t easily take it off. But luckily, this armor was quite comfortable and never made him feel unwell.

“Saint Knight Head, we came to apologize to you. We were in the wrong in the matter of that time. Also, we wanted to thank you for your assistance to the Tombal Mountain Pass. Sorry!”

As she spoke so, Tan Wan bowed very respectfully to Long Haochen. This was not a mage salute, but a sincere bow which could be considered
exaggerated between two people of the same generation.

Standing aside, Xuanyuan Yan also bowed to him, but his movement even looked a bit more implausible.

After the battle of that day, Long Haochen was once again summoned by the Mage Temple’s head Li Zhengzhi. No one knew about the contents of their talk, but a short time later, the Mage Temple made a public announcement about the heroic deeds of the Saint Knight Head known as Twelfth Golden Knight, and expressed the eternal deep feelings of friendship the Mage Temple would forever have towards him.

Long Haochen showed a faint smile, “The two of you don’t need to act that way. You did nothing wrong. I just hope that in the short future, the relationship between the Mage Temple and the Knight Temple may be improved. At that time I may need support from the two of you.”

Tan Wan didn’t react to this, but seemingly shifted subjects, “Saint Knight Head, from what I heard, your group is about to leave?”

Long Haochen nodded, “The Tombal Mountain Pass is already invulnerable to attack. I need to see the other Temples. Tomorrow in the morning, I will be leaving.”

After pondering silently for a short time, she suddenly expressed, “Saint Knight Head, I have a presumptuous request.”

Long Haochen was startled by the unexpected declaration, “I am listening.”

Tan Wan declared, “I hope to challenge you one versus one, without use of any weapon, only relying on our own abilities. I know that I am by far unable to compare against you, but I really want to know just how far the gap between the two of us is.”

At this point, she seemed to be afraid that Long Haochen could misunderstand, and continued, “Ever since becoming a mage, I have always put my whole efforts into cultivation, setting Teacher as a goal, in
the hopes of one day becoming a powerhouse such as Teacher, to fight for the Alliance, the humanity, and thoroughly annihilate demonkind. I hope that you can be the second goal I’d set for myself. I am merely asking for your guidance, and have no other intention.”

Long Haochen replied after pondering shortly, “Understood. In that case, I will ask Captain Tan to look for a secluded area. And there cannot be any spectator.”

“Okay.” Tan Wan seem ed to understand Long Haochen’s worries, and consented immediately.

To one side, Xuanyuan Yan seemed to want to say something, but bore his words until the end.

Long Haochen didn’t inform Han Yu and Cai’er, and was led by Tan Wan to enter a wide door in the fourth floor of the Mage Temple.

Tan Wan expressed to Xuanyuan Yan, “Wait for me here.”

Xuanyuan Yan suddenly gave Long Haochen a pleading look, but Long Haochen apologetically said, Captain Xuanyuan will come to understand my troubles in the future. Captain Tan, please enter.”

Tan Wan pushed the door and entered alongside Long Haochen.

This was a wide training space, circular, without spectators. It reached a total diameter of about fifty meters, which couldn’t be considered a very large space from the point of view of a mage.

“This is an area for the Temple to conduct tests. With Xuanyuan guarding the door, no one should come to bother us. As she said that, Tan Wan’s staff disappeared from her hand in a movement, then she undid her outer gown, putting into her ring that magical gown that was releasing strong magical waves, and exposing the long green skirt inside.

Today, she had challenge Long Haochen to find out the true gap between them. That day, the scene of Long Haochen making use of Light Prayers to
block the Hell’s Descent shocked her truly greatly. With her good vision, she also could determine that Long Haochen had made use of a divine tool at that time.

So Tan Wan remained in the end somewhat unconvinced. Without the use of a divine tool or a piece of equipment of epic tier such as the Golden foundation Armor, could he really be much stronger than me? She really wanted to know the answer to that question, and went looking for Long Haochen in the end. She expressed her apologetic feelings as well, so as to not let these things affect her state of mind at the time of the battle.

Long Haochen replied, “Captain Tan, after we are done comparing notes this time, no matter who wins, I will have a request for you, and hope to have your help on this.”

Tan Wan looked distracted, “What kind of request?”

Long Haochen showed a faint smile, “Let’s talk about it after our battle ends.”

“Okay.” Giving her reply, Tan Wan immediately headed towards one side of the training field.

In a situation where both parties fight without their equipment, a knight is much more disadvantaged than a mage. That’s because a knight will not only be deprived of his equipment, but also his mount. This will greatly weaken him globally. And for a mage, not using his equipment only affects the matter of purity. But Tan Wan was unwilling to take advantage of Long Haochen so much, and therefore chose this training field that was only fifty meters wide. As an unfavorable terrain for a mage, the two parties could be said to have equivalent handicaps.

In a flash of golden light, the Golden Foundation Armor was taken off. He didn’t take out either of his own heavy swords, and drew back to reach the edge of the training field just like Tan Wan did.

At the sight of Long Haochen’s handsome looks, Tan Wan couldn’t help but lose spirits. Handsome guys weren’t so terrible in her eyes, as she had
already not much interest in the emotional aspect anymore. The increase of her cultivation became her single-minded target. So her shock pertained only to Long Haochen’s age: even if it was her second time seeing it, the shock didn’t shrink at all.

“Saint Knight Head, I am coming.” Tan Wan declared in seriousness.


A pair of green wings grew almost instantly on Tan Wan’s back, and immediately, her right hand pointed a finger toward Long Haochen. A dozen wind blades were shot at his direction. Each of these wind blades followed its own path. Some went straight, some traced an arc, and some even coiled around the side. All Long Haochen’s escape routes seemed to be blocked off. He placed both hands behind his back, and took two steps to the side, immediately swaying at a bizarre rythm.

Pampampampam. A series of spiritual energy collisions were heard and echoed unceasingly from the green brilliant rays. With both hands at his back, Long Haochen calmly walked out, not releasing the slightest surge of spiritual energy or counterattack from beginning to end.

As the attacker, Tan Wan’s senses of the opponent were the clearest. Long Haochen was using a special footwork, appearing slow but moving fast. In the end, he always escaped the wind blade’s attacks by a hair’s breadth, and sometimes even neutralized them by voluntarily letting two wind blades collide against each other. This process sounds simple, but required really good control of one’s body as well as excellent prediction and speed, causing Tan Wan to gasp in amazement. This was the first time she was seeing someone actually avoid wind blades in such a manner.

Of course, as the Wind Master’s only disciple, her attacks had only started. While Long Haochen was walking his way out of the wind blades, Tan Wan kept chanting unceasingly, and balls of green light were shot from her fingertips, taking the shape of tornadoes on a small scale, reaching only one third of a meter in diameter, drifting toward Haochen..
There were a total of twelve small tornadoes. The whole training field let out bizarre whimpering sounds, flying in Long Haochen’s direction with different speeds, as the rich wind essence in the air also turned a lot more frantic.

A one against one between a mage and a knight was absolutely not about using the most powerful spell, but the most fitting ones. The twelve tornadoes used by Tan Wan all looked the same, but were actually absolutely different. Each of them was equivalent to a spell of the sixth step, and after letting out twelve of them, her pretty face had a pale look. After all, this was without any magic attire, and with her cultivation reaching the middle section of the seventh step, these were already her limits.

Of these tornadoes, some were turning straight, some in reverse, but each one followed a different path. And in case one burst, the others will instantly be attracted by it, and almost immediately reach the enemy. Among single-targeted spells, these twelve small-scale tornadoes used quite complex magic. If its full power struck, it could match a single-targeted spell of the eighth step.

Long Haochen’s advancing pace slowed down, as those twelve tornadoes were sweeping from all directions.

Lifting up his right hand, one could see a white light spread from within, taking the shape of a heavy sword a meter-and-a-half in length. Afterwards, Long Haochen shut his eyes, advancing his left foot, and slowly chopped with condensed spiritual energy.

Materialization of spiritual highlandized energy? No, Long Haochen’s cultivation didn’t reach that step yet, as he was still unable to deploy Spiritual Highland to this degree. This was actually a well-known ability, Holy Sword.

Using his hand as a blade obviously greatly limited the power of Holy Sword, but backed by the purity of his light spiritual energy, Long Haochen’s weapon seemed not much different to a real heavy sword of light attribute.
This chop seemed as light as a feather, following a slow movement, but still hit the first tornado that was about to reach him. Still far away, Tan Wan already had a complacent look.

No matter how strong you are, as long as you come in contact with my tornado, it will activate the tornadoes formation instantly. I want to see if you can withstand my spell of the eighth step without any defensive equipment.

But the complacency on Tan Wan’s face only lasted for a split instant, before turning into shock.

As he cut into the tornado, Long Haochen didn’t even cause a reaction from it. It looked like this tornado characterized by its extreme cutting force simply became an extension of his hand, lifted up alongside it.

Long Haochen’s presence disappeared immediately, completely blending into the surrounding wind essence. The other eleven tornadoes only coiled around him without launching any attack.

As his right arm slightly vibrated, Long Haochen made a slashing motion as the tornado on the tip of his hand turned into dots of green light dissipating in the air.

Holy Sword was still here after the first tornado disappeared. The other eleven immediately showed a reaction, all heading toward Long Haochen together. At this instant, Long Haochen’s very slow figure accelerated all of a sudden, as Holy Sword in his hand made eleven successive very close cuts.

All eleven tornadoes came to a stop in midair, and immediately disappeared without any trace.

As his figure flashed across, crossing instantly ten meters per step, Long Haochen arrived in front of Tan wan in a flash.

Tan Wan raised her arms almost out of subconscious mind, aiming two punches against Long Haochen, with green light coiling around her both
hands, at a considerable punching speed. This was an unexpected martial strategy.

Long Haochen actually wasn’t caught unprepared by the blow, but didn’t try to resist, letting Tan Wan’s fists bombard his chest.

Bang, bang. Two sounds followed, but Long Haochen remained motionless. Tan Wan felt that the instant her hand imbued with light elemental spiritual energy landed on Long Haochen, it was immediately dispelled in the midst of vibrations, without inflicting the slightest damage to his body at all. Long Haochen didn’t launch a counteroffensive, remaining motionless. His hands were bent down to the two sides, as he stared focusedly at her.

Letting down her two hands, Tan Wan had a lifeless look toward Long Haochen, “It’s my loss.” These words came out from her mouth with difficulty, but she had no other choice but to admit her own defeat.

She could feel that Long Haochen’s cultivation was far above hers, just too far above. It was not only his spiritual energy, but also his experience in real combat, as well as his added up strength, perception and uses of his abilities. He was just at a totally different level in all aspects.

Long Haochen drew two steps back, increasing the distance separating Tan Wan to him, “Your last magic was quite powerful. If I wasn’t a specialist in controlling frequencies in the air, resisting it would be very hard.”

Tan Wan had a bitter smile, “You don’t need to console me. A loss is a loss. That’s just the gap between the two of us. However, I have two questions. First, just how did you split my tornado formation. And second, you seemed already aware that I had learnt martial arts, but this secret is only known to my teacher. Even Lin Xin didn’t know about it, could it be Teacher who told you about it? It can’t be!”

Chapter 558

Tan Wan said with a bitter smile, “You don’t need to console me. A loss is a loss. That’s just the gap between the two of us. However, I have two questions. First, just how did you split my tornado formation? And second, you seemed already aware that I had learnt martial arts, but this secret is only known to my teacher. Even Lin Xin didn’t know about it, could it be Teacher who told you about it? This can’t be!!”

Long Haochen showed a faint smile, “I had to go all out against your tornado formation. I previously self-created a technique called Ripples of Light. It is based on research on the frequencies of spiritual energy waves. For this reason, I had already found out that each of the tornadoes forming your tornado formation were all different.

“It wasn’t as an act of contempt that I had shut my eyes, but to focus my attention on determining the variations on these tornadoes. If my response was wrong, they would have erupted with their true might. In the end, I determined the differences in their frequency and found the breaches in each tornado, in order to finally neutralize them. This took a large amount of focus to accomplish.”

Tan Wan still seemed unable to understand, “But I have never seen something such as that sword intent of yours. Even the powerhouses from the Warrior Temple don’t have anyone who’s your match in this aspect. If I am not mistaken, you should have already reached the boundary of becoming one with your sword to be able to use that sword intent so unrestrainedly. It’s definitely not a matter that is comprehended in one day or two. Just how did you reach such martial attainments?”
Long Haochen showed a slight smile, “This question is even easier to answer. Just like you are training magic as well as martial arts, I am not only a Guardian Knight, but also a Retribution Knight. My skill with the sword is naturally an important object of focus.”

Tan Wan opened her eyes wide, “A dual Retribution and Guardian Knight? And you really are able to harmonize perfectly these two kinds of knight abilities. It appears that your Knight Temple is still far ahead of us.” Reaching this point, she couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

Long Haochen continued, “Let me reply to your other question. It is indeed thanks to Li Zhengzhi that I know about your dual expertise in magic and martial arts. It’s not that he has told me, but he has instead showed me. Because the day head Li changed himself into incarnation of the Wind God, I had a special feeling. Although he was using a powerful spell of the forbidden spell level that day, if he hadn’t a sufficient martial mastery, he couldn’t possibly have reached such a level of stability in the blade. This is how I had this audacious supposition. Actually, magic and martial arts are a set. To us knights, magic is used to supplement martial arts, and that’s how knight abilities are constituted. Any of these abilities are drawing power from spiritual energy. Under such premises it isn’t impossible for mages to make breakthroughs thanks to martial techniques. But I suggest you put more efforts on increasing your external spiritual energy, otherwise your use of martial abilities will be limited by only relying on your internal spiritual energy. That is unless you one day reach head Li’s level of cultivation, where martial arts can be used through a forbidden spell.”

Tan Wan snorted at him, “You are saying that so relaxedly, but how could it be so easy? Anyone would find it incomparably hard to train both martial arts and magic. A person has limited energy and obviously needs to make choices.” pan

Long Haochen nodded, “You will have to ask guidance from head Li about that, I cannot help you on this matter. Our battle is now over right?”
Tan Wan let out an unhappy snort, “You won. How about it? Still want to shame me further?”

Long Haochen broke into a laughter, “You should really change this temperament, otherwise I’m afraid that it will affect your future cultivation. With unstable emotions, one can hardly manage to cultivate to the peak.”

Tan Wan was baffled. It’s unknown whether she really assimilated Long Haochen’s advice, as she once again shifted subjects, “Haven’t you said that you have a favor to ask me? Speak now. Since you won against me, I will do my best to answer to it.”

Long Haochen replied, “I will soon leave alongside Lin Xin and the others, but big sister Xin’er will be remaining in the Tombal Mountain Pass alongside her Demon Hunt Squad. I hope that you can help me look after them. I have always regarded big sister Xin’er the same as a biological elder sister.”

Her brows rising high, Tan Wan replied in fury, “Are you trying to shame me on purpose? You must have already learnt about the matter between Lin Xin and I right? Want me to look after my sworn enemy? What a good idea!”

Long Haochen became quite helpless, “I only hope that you can let go of these grudges. Come to mention it, this matter cannot be blamed on anyone. It was all the result of a freak combination of factors. Are you really planning on staying so rigid on the matter forever? In the future, both Lin Xin and you will surely become higher-ups for the Mage Temple. Don’t tell me you think the contradiction between the two of you will not lead to issues in the Mage Temple’s ranks? I know that you are finding it very hard to let go of the matter. I don’t have a very good understanding of emotional matters either, so I can only advise you generally, to heal your heart by letting go. Time is the best remedy: maybe one day you will come to find your true love, and involuntarily come to forgive Lin Xin. But I must emphasize on one point. No matter how strong you are in the Mage Temple, I hope that you won’t wound big sister Xin’er. Otherwise, I
won’t ever let you get away with it, and won’t even leave the Mage Temple in peace.”

“Are you threatening me?” Tan Wan coldly asked.

Long Haochen indifferently replied, “It can be considered so. I hope that the next time we meet, it will be as friends, and not as enemies.” After saying that, he turned back to exit the room.

Seeing his leaving figure, Tan Wan really had a special feeling. In front of this man, the one that has always been regarded as the number one genius of the Mage Temple was actually so insignificant. Seeing him put his Golden Foundation Armor back on, she felt as if she was looking at her teacher from behind. But he’s far younger than me!

Unwell because of disappointment, Tan Wan found out with shock that she didn’t have the courage to reject Long Haochen’s request; she didn’t dare. But must I really take care of that girl just as he said?

Early morning.

Long Haochen, Cai’er, Han Yu and Lin Xin all exited the Tombal Mountain Pass and headed to the south.

Li Xin’s eyes became hazy with tears at some points. Beside her were the members of her Demon Hunt Squad.

Even if he was an idiot, Luc Xu would find out about Long Haochen’s arrival. His feelings of great sorrow even exceeded Tan Wan. After all, he had personally witnessed the growth of their Demon Hunt Squad! After just a few years, he already found himself unable to chase further after them. The gap between them was already wide beyond any possibility to catch up.

Not far away, Tan Wan and Xuanyuan Yan stood there, following with their eyes the departing four. Xuanyuan Yan felt as if relieved from a large burden, and his gloomy look was finally relaxed. He had always loved Tan Wan dearly, but Tan Wan cancelled their engagement because of Lin Xin’s letter. He had never hated her for that, but had hated Lin Xin to the extreme.
As Lin Xin’s talent stood out in the Mage Temple, due to his exceptional performance in the Tombal Mountain Pass, Xuanyuan Yan’s bitter hate only kept deepening. He even privately provoked Lin Xin many times, out of fear that Tan Wan may be snatched by him.

Seeing Lin Xin finally leave, Xuanyuan Yan found out with amazement that the rancor filling him seemed to disappear as he departed. Although Tan Wan didn’t want to admit it, she had just lost her greatest rival. Xuanyuan Yan understood her more than anyone else, and knew what he ought to do.

Tan Wan suddenly came in front of Li Xin, telling her, “Don’t cry.”

Li Xin had a terrible start, and looking at Tan Wan, she couldn’t help but wrinkle her eyebrows. Lin Xin has just left, what does this girl still want?

After pausing for a short time, Tan Wan declared, “You have a good brother. I will be writing off all our past matters. The bastard Lin Xin isn’t in my memories anymore.” After saying that, she immediately turned back away.

Li Xin became lifeless, while Xuanyuan Yan was greatly overjoyed. He understood that his opportunity had finally come. Maybe this was the arrival of the spring of his life.

From the Tombal Mountain Pass to the south, the next stop was the Southeastern Fort.

The Southeastern Mountain Pass commanded by the Warrior Temple has always been interdependent with the Mage Temple. These two great Temples were quite close, and they gave each other mutual help; so although the Southeastern fort had a tough time, they still managed to repel the demon offensive.

After four days of intense travel, Long Haochen and the other three finally reached this one set of city and fort they had visited before. The timing of their arrival was quite coincidental as the demon armies were
right in the midst of launching a fierce offensive against the Southeastern Mountain Pass.

The eight great demon gods standing outside the fort had yet to join the battle, but their demon god pillars’ glows were fully encompassing their armies. A bitter battle was happening at high altitude, giving off a faint scent of blood. When looking down from a height, one could see scenes of bloodbaths.

“Captain, what’s to be done? Let’s directly join the battle!” Han Yu expressed to Long Haochen.

With a nod, he replied, “Let’s wait a little moment. First, search for Yuanyuan.” Despite being the Scion of Light, he also had his own selfish motives. Now that they were far and elevated high, Han Yu and he released light essence, expressing their status as allies. Assisting the Southeastern Mountain Pass in fending off the demon army was a must, but helping Wang Yuanyuan was even more pressing.

Shutting his eyes, Long Haochen, riding Star King, swept his mental force through the Southeastern Fort’s scope, looking for Wang Yuanyuan’s silhouette.

Because of the war happening below, the fluctuations of spiritual energy were extremely frantic. There it caused terrible interferences to his mental force, making his scouting a lot more challenging.

Wang Yuanyuan was indeed fighting on the Southeastern Fort. In her left hand was the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield, and in her right hand, Bloodstorm. She was in a total slaughter, to the extent that she wouldn’t be able to tell out how many enemies’ blood was stained on her.

Chapter 559

The Holy War had gone on for close to two years, and both parties’ consumption was very large. Originally, the demon army seemed to be rather more restful, only occasionally launching some symbolic offenses. The Southeastern Fort took advantage of that to rest its troops, but for some reason no one knew, the demon army once again made an all-out offense one week ago, and this attack was even fiercer than the past ones. Immediately, all the powerhouses of the Southeastern Mountain Pass had to join the battlefield, and an unstoppable battle followed then. The whole fort was now full of the stench of blood.

Wang Yuanyuan was still standing on the first row of the battlefield, defending the walls. Compared to the time of the Holy War, her shield and blade had gained a dense layer of blood color. That not only was due to piercing the enemies, but furthermore, it carried a fierce aggressivity, born from countless slaughters.

Wang Yuanyuan’s appearance wasn’t much different from before, but her manners had undergone an earth shattering change; she was extremely cold and steady. Even in the midst of slaughters, her appearance didn’t change at all despite that her whole body was suffused with reeking blood. Even those veterans from the Warrior Temple couldn’t compare with her fierce and ruthless moves.

And Wang Yuanyuan’s cultivation made rapid progress. From the continuous slaughter, she accumulated a large amount of killing intent, and by some unknown method she made continuous breakthroughs thanks to the stimulation of her Gigantic Divine Soul Shield. Now, her cultivation had
already exceeded Zhang Fangfang whose breakthrough to the seventh step happened a long time before.

Her dedication moved every higher-up of the Warrior Temple.

Fifth rank of the seventh step: that was the level currently reached by Wang Yuanyuan’s internal spiritual energy. Adding to that the terrifying weapons of slaughter in her hand, she would definitely fully deserve to be called a slaughter god if such an election were to take place. From the start of the Holy War to the current time, she had never missed any battle. At most, she could sometimes remain fighting in the fort’s area for five days and five nights before fainting due to exhausting her physical force and being carried away. After coming back to her senses, she would, regardless of anyone’s obstruction, stand back on the Southeastern Mountain Pass.

By now, Wang Yuanyuan was acclaimed as a hero for the Southeastern Fort since long before, as well as an idol for the overwhelming majority of the warriors.

Zhang Fangfang didn’t have his own Demon Hunt Squad anymore, and had been following Wang Yuanyuan’s side silently all the time. He had tried many times to convince her, and many times jumped in front of her to block the enemies for her sake, yet Wang Yuanyuan had never listened to his persuasion.

At last, Zhang Fangfang’s attitude also came to change gradually. His feelings actually didn’t weaken from seeing her determination, but instead became even stronger. And furthermore, he also started to get influenced by Wang Yuanyuan, changing his ways from a Guardian Knight to a Retribution Knight, achieving his share of frantic kills, although quite slower than Wang Yuanyuan.

At the moment, Zhang Fangfang was standing beside her, his armor covered in multiple colors since long before. The heavy sword he had in one hand was dedicated to killing the enemy, and the shield in his other hand was entirely dedicated to blocking the attacks aimed at Wang Yuanyuan. The two of them were walking their way out of mountains of
corpses. If not for the protection of the spiritual stoves at their disposal and the meticulou

Three immense Demonic Bears, who had been catapulted directly to the fortress, went after the two of them, waving large hammers, and met with Wang Yuanyuan’s attacks.

Bang! The first Demonic Bear’s attack met with the parry of Zhang Fangfang’s shield as a second one was met with his heavy sword.

With a stuffy groan, Zhang Fangfang spit some blood. He had already stopped counting the number of times he sustained such wounds, and even started to grow accustomed to it.

In a violent clash, the two Demonic Bears were forced away. Everything Zhang Fangfang did was in order to stall for time for Wang Yuanyuan’s sake.

The Divine Soul Shield smashed the two hammers, and the result that followed conformed with Bloodstorm’s name.

On the fortress, another carnage followed. Even with the Demonic Bears’ great violence, the other two couldn’t help but display some fear at the sight of their partner being cut off by Bloodstorm. In panic, they lost the will to keep advancing as they didn’t dare confront the slaughterer Wang Yuanyuan was.

The Gigantic Divine Soul Shield supported on the ground, Wang Yuanyuan took large gasps for breath. Aiming an almost blood colored look at Zhang Fangfang, he nodded lightly to her.

Zhang Fangfang then forced a smile, “I’m alright. You go take a little break, I will be standing on guard.”

Wang Yuanyuan remained silent. Many times, camaraderie didn’t require words, but engraved feelings.
Right at this time, a golden pillar of light appeared out of nowhere, encompassing Wang Yuanyuan inside. Then came another one landing on Zhang Fangfang.

A dense warmth and very pleasurable light rapidly provided nourishment for their bodies. In the midst of sweet sounds, two golden angels appeared out of nowhere, flapping their sets of six wings, and held Zhang Fangfang and Wang Yuanyuan from behind.

They had already been fighting on the Southeastern Mountain Pass for three days and three nights and were quite tired and wounded. Their spiritual energies were already close to collapse, so this time, these two powerful healing spells were no less than the perfect help they needed. Both their physical force and spiritual energy recovered at astonishing speeds.

Most of all, Zhang Fangfang was greatly shocked to see how pure the golden radiance shining upon Wang Yuanyuan was. Aside from a golden color, that image of angels faintly let out a pure and holy aura. The blood color filling Wang Yuanyuan’s eyes unexpectedly disappeared rapidly on her embrace. Which was to say, she was not only healing her wounds, but furthermore soothing her soul full of murderous spirit. This was the first time Zhang Yuanyuan saw such a use of Angel’s Embrace, healing both the body and the spirit.

Subconsciously, Zhang Fangfang and Wang Yuanyuan raised their head, to see four figures rushing to them from the sky. The two knights in the lot were the users of Angel’s Embrace.

As they landed swiftly on the ground, a large amount of fireballs came out from the Fire Cloud Crystal Staff of the mage clad in fire-red color, getting rid of the demons in a large area be they on the ground or in the skies. These blue fireballs produced a dense smell of charcoal, obviously from the demon soldiers’ scorching.

Some rather stronger ones escaped this fate, including the previous two Demonic Bears that had just escaped from the side, but they all died in the midst of grey flickers of light. Almost within the time of one breath, the
portion of the wall assigned to Zhang Fangfang and Wang Yuanyuan became a lot more tranquil.

Han Yu stepped forward, waving his heavy shield, which blocked in front of him. Lin Xin arrived onto his back, without stopping the attacks from his staff in the slightest. The powerful offensive strength of a fire mage came into full display: in front of his powerful magic onslaught, no demons were
—for the moment—able to approach them.

“Han Yu, Lin Xin, Cai’er?” Wang Yuanyuan had a hoarse voice, full of disbelief. Ever since the start of the Holy War, this was the first time the hands gripping her weapons trembled.

“Yuanyuan, I’m here too.” From behind the Golden Foundation Armor’s mask came Haochen’s voice.

Clangclang. The weapons on Wang Yuanyuan’s hands were dropped at the same time as her body swayed, on the edge of collapsing, but Zhang Fangfang hastened to support her.

“Boss… Boss, you guys finally came.”

On the Southeastern Fort, Wang Yuanyuan, that tough beyond compare and bloodily attacking bloody war goddess, actually lost control of her feelings and burst into tears.

Long Haochen stepped forward and gave him a vigorous hug without care for the bloodstains on her, “We arrived. And now, we have to go gather with Ying’er and Sima. The sixty fourth commander grade Demon Hung Squad is reforming. No, the day it will reform, it will be at the king grade.”

“Mh, mh...” Wang Yuanyuan was empty of words, as her tears flowed uncontrollably.

Because of her lack of confidence, she was probably the one who had the most painful times in the team: for close to two years she struggled to the brink of death almost every day, finding breakthroughs in desperate battles.
This was so that she wouldn’t be left behind by the others, for the day they would be able to reform their team.

Long Haochen came, and Cai’er, Han Yu, Lin Xin as well. They haven’t forgotten me, and they came for me. So our Demon Hunt Squad is finally reforming! This instant, Wang Yuanyuan felt totally emptied of force, finally relaxing her stretched mental state, unable to control her emotions anymore.

Long Haochen returned her to Zhang Fangfang’s arms, “Brother Zhang, thank you.”

Zhang Fangfang sighed lightly, “All I did regarding Yuanyuan was only for my own sake. I haven’t been able to protect my comrades, so if I am not even able to protect her, then I can only follow her in that fate.”

Long Haochen said next, “While Yuanyuan is unstable emotionally, I’ll be leaving her to brother Zhang’s protection. Let’s have a chat after this battle is over.”

As he raised his right hand, Rippling Light appeared in his grasp. The extremity of his foot tapping onto the ground, Long Haochen arrived at Han Yu’s side in one movement.

By simply observing the situation, one could see that Lin Xin and Cai’er were on the offense, with Han Yu standing on defense. As long as no enemy powerhouse over the eighth step came, this defensive front would hardly be broken.

Long Haochen drew back rapidly, reached Han Yu’s back, and then started chanting resonantly.

Ever since coming out of seclusion, Long Haochen often became closer to a light elemental mage. Furthermore, his light elemental spells were far more powerful than mages’. The affinity of a god’s chosen one with his element made him frequently able to unleash magic far above his own rank.
At the time he studied in the cave, Long Haochen focused mostly on defensive Guardian Knight abilities and healing ones. By relying on his great advantages as a god’s chosen one, he could even maintain a domain for some time, just like a Holy Knight of the ninth step. This was also where those few forbidden spells of light element came from.

Chapter 560

During the time of his chant, the golden light on Long Haochen’s body kept gaining in intensity. In the air, large amounts of light essence started to resonate with him. But still, he had a very disappointed look on his face. Just as he expected, the same incantation won’t always show the same power every time. Luck couldn’t stand on his side forever.

Long Haochen was chanting for Sacred Rain. But this time, he couldn’t gather all the light essence, and didn’t give birth to the previous miraculous scene. It only ended up as a Rain of Light.

A brilliant golden pillar of light appeared from nowhere, illuminating the whole surrounding area. Although Rain of Light was by far incomparable with Sacred Rain, in the end it remained a healing spell of the eighth step, sufficient to cover a circumference of a thousand square meters.

In its range, all the warriors and mages in the Southeastern Mountain Pass were very effectively healed, and the demons let out some greenish smoke, as their offense greatly weakened.

Still, Rain of Light was in the end only a rain of light. Its area of effect, healing efficiency, and duration were all by far incomparable to the supra forbidden spell Sacred Rain. So the demon offense was only slightly contained, yielding a short time for resting to the soldiers. After the healing, Rain of Light was already over, and the demon army continued its charge in tides.

Lin Xin had drawn back slightly. The continuous offensive spell greatly consumed his spiritual energy, and although he had the boost from the Fire
Dragon Wings, he required some time of adjustment to recover his spiritual energy.

Without his powerful magic attacks, the demons immediately continued their charge against the fortress. At their vanguard were actually some of the Luke Clan’s Invisible Demons. They couldn’t drill through the tough walls, but aimed their sharp pointed arms forward without hesitation.

Han Yu responded calmly to these enemies, not greedy for achievements. Both hands holding his shield, he encompassed the surroundings with his senses, perfectly defending Long Haochen and Lin Xin behind him.

Holy Light Imbued Shield, Shield Charge, Divine Obstruction, and Shield Wall. Several great shield defensive abilities were used by Han Yu, who stood unmoving, yet stopped the advance of all demons in a range of twenty meters.

Like a streak of gray light, the light of death, Cai’er moved forth. Everywhere she passed, even the tenacious Demonic Bear had no way to resist in the slightest. The sharpness of the Sickle of the God of Death could only be described as terrible, and further adding that to her godly speed, all the holes in Han Yu’s defense on the sidelines were perfectly complemented.

Long Haochen still didn’t participate in the attack, releasing one Guardian Knight spell after another.

Faith Halo, Guardian’s Favor, Toughness Halo, Spiritual Gathering Halo, Sacred Halo.

Every halo-type ability far surpassed ordinary knights’ when released by him, covering an extremely large area. He could even throw the area in a certain direction to let it spread and cover the other sides of the fortress.

Due to his series of light spells, almost a third of the warriors in the fort were boosted by some halo. Although this series of halos didn’t provide an enormous boost, it had the properties of the light element, not only
greatly boosting the allies’ morale, but also increasing both the soldiers’ offensive strength and survivability.

In the lot, the most r emarkable one was Sacred Halo. This was one of the most useful ones in battles against demons. In its area, all the warriors’ attacks gained properties of sacred light. This tremendously increased their killing power against demons, and upon entering its range, the strength of any enemy of the darkness attribute immediately plummeted.

For sure, compared to defense and boosts, Long Haochen’s offense was far better. But he was not in a situation of one against one or a decisive struggle of one against many. A Guardian Knight’s usefulness in the battlefield was far beyond compare with a Retribution Knight’s one.

The advantages he had as god’s chosen one made the boost provided by each of Long Haochen’s ability at least three times more effective than an ordinary knight’s. These amplifying techniques with a low consumption were almost uninterruptedly fired. For a moment, a third of the area covered by the Southeastern Fort was enveloped in a drizzling golden splendor.

After a short time of recovery, Lin Xin also returned to battle, launching batteries of attacks. As far as his Heart of Fire’s flames reached, blue seas of fire greatly restricted the demons’ advance and attacks. And at the time his full powered attacks came, Han Yu and Cai’er would vanish to the sidelines, recovering some spiritual energy.

The mutual understanding between them was already extremely deep. Even after having separated for so long, their joint attacks were still that harmonious.

This mutual understanding came from their absolute confidence. This was especially due to Long Haochen’s presence, acting as the soul of the team, enabling the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad to make powerful moves without the slightest fear.

Clang. Sounds of metal rang on Long Haochen’s left side, accompanied with an excited shout, “Cai’er, just focus on the right side and leave the left side to me.”
Long Haochen inclined his head sideways, to see that Wang Yuanyuan had joined his side. Those metallic sounds of collision came from the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield and Bloodstorm.

“Yuanyuan, you...” Long Haochen said in surprise.

Immersed in the halos liberated by Long Haochen, Wang Yuanyuan’s body was enveloped by a layer of golden gloss.

“Boss, how could I be left out? Did you know, I have been waiting for our reunion to fight alongside each other for for far too long!”

Having received the healing from Angel’s Embrace, Wang Yuanyuan recovered some of her strength. She was the one with the greatest mental change.

The arrival of Long Haochen and the others admittedly enabled her to loosen the deep pressure she put on herself, but also aroused an inexhaustible combativeness in her. Being able to fight alongside her most familiar companions was an absolute happiness in her eyes.

Seeing Long Haochen and the other four coordinate with tacit understanding on the front, how could she rest peacefully behind? After recovering mentally for a few minutes, she immediately joined Long Haochen’s side.

Long Haochen didn’t stop Wang Yuanyuan, he knew that he had no way to   stop   her,   “Okay.   Then   let’s   fight   alongside.   Yuanyuan, activate your chains. ”

“Yes Captain!” Wang Yuanyuan shouted aloud.

At the time of their initial separation, the members of the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad all voluntarily deactivated the Soul Binding Chains, because they didn’t know what they would encounter in this time of separation. No one wanted to implicate their comrades. After
reuniting, the Soul Binding Chains connected one after another, symbolizing them reuniting as a whole. After reuniting, all the members of their squad had become far stronger than before. Their experiences of life and deaths made them treasure this team all the more, while their experience and strength grew dramatically.

Five of the seven were already reunited, and the strength of their team was regained for the most part. With Wang Yuanyuan covering the left side and putting on a powerful display of might with her two weapons, Long Haochen was sitting in the center of the formation, putting his whole hearte into using his buffing magic.

The higher-ups from the Warrior Temple had noticed this change since long before. The sudden appearance of these four to join the battlefield astonished them greatly, but, because of the dense holy light attribute emanating from Long Haochen and Han Yu, they didn’t block them. The sight of Long Haochen’s Golden Foundation Armor then greatly surprised them.

The Golden Foundation Knights were the core of the Knight Temples’ force. Unless it’s for some important mission, they won’t easily leave the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. So how come a Golden Foundation knight suddenly led a group to the Southeastern Mountain Pass?

The Wargods and War Emperors under Qiu Yonghao’s lead all stood opposite to the eight great demon gods. Seeing Long Haochen release one boosting spell after another, they couldn’t help but secretly feel high praises.

That’s a Guardian Knights! Among all vocations, Guardian Knights were of extreme use in the battlefield. They could defend, support, attack, and even heal. A powerful all-rounded Guardian Knight could totally reverse the tides.

Qiu Yonghao and the powerhouses from the Warrior Temple were floating in the sky, overlooking the situation distinctly. Ever since the arrival of Long Haochen’s group with the launch of Rain of Light, the pressure on the Southeastern Mountain Pass had visibly alleviated. The
demons’ offense was greatly suppressed. The great assistance of these few was analyzed the most deeply by Qiu Yonghao, in his capacity as chief of the Warrior Temple.

Knight, mage, assassin, knight, warrior. Wait, Wang Yuanyuan is actually coordinating with them without a sound. Could they be from that Demon Hunt Squad of hers?

Reaching this point, Qiu Yonghao couldn’t help but feel deep shock. In his memories immediately resurged the time when a youngster left the sword intent’s deep secrets inside the Warrior Temple.

Wait, could the Golden Foundation Armor using nonstop boosting spells be him? So he actually progressed to such an extent in less than two years? Recalling that conference that took place less than two years ago in the Temple Alliance, Qiu Yonghao couldn’t help but feel complex feelings arise.

“What’s the role of a Guardian Knight in the battlefield? That’s not defense nor healing much less attack! It’s to prolong the lives of his comrades-in-arms as much as possible. As long as you understand this, and manage it, you will be a truly qualified Guardian Knight.”

His grandfather’s words reverberating in his mind, Haochen’s use of the halos became more and more adept, his halos flowing together with increased efficiency. The recovery from the Golden Foundation Armor as well as his own gave him an almost unending supply of spiritual energy to fully use these halo-type spell reaching at most the fifth step. In terms of pure speed, although he was still below a pure mage such as Lin Xin, his range was far beyond compare with a mage of same rank, or even Lin Xin.
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