Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 541-550

Chapter 541

The attacks launched by the eleven powerhouses of the ninth step against the demon armies were no joke. Assassins were not experts in attacks of large scale, but their offensive power in small scales was far beyond contest even when compared to mages.

In front of the eleven of them, the demons were in a pitiful state. Even demon powerhouses of the seventh or eighth step were unable to last, and for a moment, the high ranked demons in the rear were in a state of chaos. This time, it wasn’t a surprise attack, but a total slaughter going ever faster.

The great demon gods’ expressions immediately became unsightly. The reason why the powerhouses of the ninth step from both sides generally don’t lightly join a battle was to avoid a total slaughter of both sides.

The destructive power of powerhouses of the ninth step is far too extreme. In cases when they join in battle opposing themselves against enemies of lower rank, it will inevitably end up in a bloody slaughter. And in the end, both sides will end up totally crushed. Just like the Exorcist Mountain Pass couldn’t bear the powerful forbidden spell of the Emo Demon God, the demons couldn’t bear the frantic attacks of so many powerhouses of the ninth step.

Right after Sheng Yue’s figure landed on the ground, a pair of daggers shining with the orange gloss that characterizes the epic tier appeared in his hand. The orange radiance spread out with him as the center, instantly lacerating the bodies of several dozen demons of high class. Immediately, he appeared a hundred meters away, whirling like a spinning top. No one saw clearly by which means he was breaking inside their ranks, but every
series of whirls took the life of over a hundred demon powerhouses. The ordinary demons of the fourth or fifth step stood absolutely no chance in front of this radiance characterizing the epic tier.

The same scene broke out for each of the eleven powerhouses. Their destructive power had already grown far beyond last night’s raid.

The Emo Demon God Sytry’s expression became very unsightly. Her chant was still continuing, and now that she had already reached a point of no return, if she stopped for a moment, all her previous efforts will be wasted. And on top of that, she couldn’t let the other five demon gods respond to that attack. Otherwise, if a human assassin flanks her and interrupts her forbidden spell, it will put her in a beaten and hopeless position.

The Emo Demon God had to finish her forbidden spell’s cast first, to first ruthlessly inflict a fatal strike to the Exorcist Mountain Pass before dealing with these assassins of the ninth step to the rear. But at this time, it would be hard to say how many high grade demons will be left.

At this time, the six demon gods were still not brain-dead. The Winged- Ox Sagan may be the lowest of these six demon gods, but after standing opposite to the Exorcist Mountain Pass for such a long time, his understanding of the Assassin Temple’s strength was not half-assed.

Seeing this messy, nearly uncontrollable, situation, he immediately let out a wild shout to the demons, giving an order.

This order gave a sudden realization to the other demon gods who hastened to join him in giving orders.

Sagan’s order was very simple, “Global retreat! Every side must retreat!

The assassins’ greatest detriment was their inability to make large scale
attacks. The demon army was so numerous that even if they wanted to kill them, it would have no end. After all, these powerhouses from the Assassin Temple were limited in number. They couldn’t possibly attend all the
demons coming from all sides, and with the fatal strike Sytry’s forbidden spell was about to inflict, the presence of the demon army&rsqu

So even if the order of retreat for the demon army would greatly lower their morale, it was the best method to lessen their damage.

But these demon gods’ plans were merely an ideal. Was an army of several hundred thousand demons something that could retreat just by being told so? The ones outside heard the order and retreated, but it wasn’t so easy for the ones in the core of their formation to retreat. For a moment, the demon army became even more disordered, and the Dual Bladed Demons’ offense started to weaken because of these few demon gods’ order. For a moment, the Exorcist Mountain Pass was in a complete state of chaos, and both the demons’ aerial forces and ground troops became beyond the control of the demon gods. On top of that, the eleven Hidden Assassins had already penetrated deeply in their ranks, therefore the chaos only made it easier for them to slaughter their way.

On the other side, the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ situation wasn’t the slightest bit better than the demons. The Dual Bladed Demons’ offense had declined, but the pressure on the officers and soldiers hadn’t lessened in the slightest.

In front of their eyes, that distant, gigantic female image had become totally real, and Sytry’s forbidden spell was close to completion. Her extremely enlarged face exuded a charming smile, and soft pink light was filling the Exorcist Mountain Pass in a liberating warmth. All the soldiers had become flushed with excitement, and some already couldn’t stop from tearing apart their own clothes and armors.

The Emo Demon God’s charm was far too great. All of a sudden, massive pink brilliant rays soared as if finally giving life to that gigantic figure, setting it in motion.

The forbidden spell was complete!

The gigantic Sytry slowly stepped forward, softly moving her voluptuous forms. Immediately, groans were heard on the Exorcist Mountain Pass, and
the soldiers’ weapons fell one after another from their hands. Even the influence of Cai’er’s Realm of Slaughter had reached its lowest point.

Cai’er spat out a mouthful of blood, already on the verge of collapse. Her spiritual energy was already past its limits, and at that point Slaughter’s Realm could crumble at anytime.

At that very moment, even Sheng Lingxin couldn’t help himself. Even he, the commander in chief of the army, was severely shaking, bearing an unbearable pain.

This first step she took was only the start of Sytry’s forbidden spell. Immediately, that gigantic woman unexpectedly started a light and graceful dance in midair. Each step was simple; every movement she executed and every exciting glance she gave didn’t fail to deeply affect the soldiers of the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

Some of them were already in a frantic state. Some of the soldiers of lowest cultivation had thrown themselves to the west, falling from the top of the fortress. But even in such falls, the frantic looks on their eyes weren’t appeased in the slightest.

They were already beyond liberation from Sytry’s forbidden spell.

The Emo Demon God’s Celestial Dance of Lust. A powerful hallucinatory forbidden spell.

This forbidden spell didn’t have any direct destructive power, but its effects were even more terrifying. It covered an extremely large scale, and even affected the powerhouses with cultivation comparable to Sytry herself. In the case that this forbidden spell was allowed to be cast, unless one’s willpower and mental force reached a sufficient level, that person would undoubtedly be lured. After final completion of the spell, even females will sink into a state of lust, and face the final inescapable outcome, finally dying, burning with desire.

The Exorcist Mountain Pass was already in chaos, and just like them, the demon army was in a state of chaos. At this point, no victor seemed likely
to come out from this battle. The final verdict would only be a state of mutual destruction.

Right at this time, a lofty golden brilliance suddenly lit up the sky. The instant it flared up, Cai’er finally reached her limits and her Slaughter’s Realm concluded, as her body fell downwards.

A soft golden light caught her, stopping her from falling on the fortress.
That was Han Yu.

Han Yu was now in an extremely bad state. Both his eyes colored in red, after catching her, unable to even ask about her well-being, he immediately threw her on the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ second floor’s commander’s terrace.

The fortress was far too dangerous. Many thousands of men were burning in desire there. If they caught sight of a such weakened Cai’er, who knew what could happen to her!

Han Yu’s cultivation was also at the seventh step, but his willpower was far above the powerhouses of the same rank. His gifted talents, including his innate internal spiritual energy of eighty, manifested without a doubt at this time.

He also saw that lofty golden brilliance flare up, and had a single wish at this time. He could only believe in the owner of that light, that he would once again turn the situation around.

Right, that golden light was unleashed by Long Haochen.

The instant Sytry completed her forbidden spell, the sun on the distant horizon had finally showed its face. Dawn came to a conclusion, and at the approach of the early morning, Long Haochen finally felt a reaction from the Divine Snail Shield. Immediately, it erupted with an incomparable brightness.

The spiritual highlandized energy that Long Haochen had continuously poured, and hadn’t provoked any reaction from the Divine Snail Shield until
now, was only stockpiled inside the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon until now. And the instant sun and moon finished crossing, Long Haochen regained control of the Divine Snail Shield, and all the stored spiritual highlandized energy finally broke out all around.

An intense multi-colored light rose to the sky, and this time, Long Haochen immediately felt that he had entered a fantastic state of connection with the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon. Without need for active reflection, he came to sense the uses and effects of the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon.

As he pressed on the shield, that multicolored light was shot towards the gigantic Sytry.

Her expression finally changed, she had been paying attention to Long Haochen’s movement all this time, and upon seeing the burst of multi- colored light from his divine tool, she immediately made a response. A pink radiance was shot from her demon god pillar, violently striking the light originating from the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon.

The gigantic figure executing the Celestial Dance of Lust abruptly became illusory, and the frantic soldiers and officers came to a brief standstill. But the next instant, the figure recondensed, and its dance became all the more ardent.

“Impossible to stop.” Long Haochen was submerged in his thoughts. He knew that his current cultivation couldn’t compare with Sytry’s. Just like he had the divine tool called Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, Sytry had her demon god pillar. Although demon god pillars were only similar to divine tools, mostly aimed at amplifying the powers of a demon god and protecting him or her, this wasn’t something he could withstand with his current cultivation.

Chapter 542

What’s to be done? An image?

Long Haochen trembled, having finally come up with a solution.

At that very moment, the upper bodies of the soldiers on the fortress were almost all bare, and they appeared to be tearing apart their own bodies with their utmost. Many of them were dripping with blood, and some already had bones showing through, but their state of mind only kept worsening.

Outside the Exorcist Mountain Pass, the assassin powerhouses’ slaughter had finally reached its peak.

The multi-colored light which had shot out vanished abruptly, and Long Haochen immediately flew to the top of the fortress, looking straight at the distant Celestial Dance of Lust.

What was an incomparable enticement for the soldiers of the Exorcist Mountain Pass didn’t affect Long Haochen in the slightest. Through the mask of Long Haochen’s Golden Foundation Armor, his golden eyes were exposed to Sytry’s sight.

Devoid of any impurity, they didn’t show the slightest desire due to Sytry’s Celestial Dance of Lust.

Sytry was in total shock. Could it be that this human knight doesn’t have the slightest dark side? But lust and desire are humans’ most primitive drives. Why isn’t he affected at all? At this time, Sytry found out to her stupor that these limpid golden eyes were thoroughly engraved in her mind.
Sytry’s field of expertise was illusion attacks, in other words, psychic magic. As a user of such magic, her nemesis was an enemy who wouldn’t be affected by her psychic spells.

Long Haochen’s crystal clear eyes had swayed her heart, and immediately, her Celestial Dance of Lust’s effects started to lessen significantly.

No good! Sytry cried out secretly, and forced herself to keep her calm. Shutting her eyes, she stopped looking at Long Haochen, but her heart was still disturbed. Deep inside, the image of these golden eyes kept twinkling, and she couldn’t escape it even when shutting her eyes.

Her heart having been marked, unless Sytry killed or subdued Long Haochen, her cultivation would surely be greatly affected by that blow.

Naturally, Long Haochen didn’t know about that change in Sytry. His left hand thumped on his chest, and multi-colored light started spreading out all around him, the signature of the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon. Only, it was currently spreading out inexhaustibly all around the fortress.

The spreading of this light immediately blocked the view of the Celestial Dance of Lust, as well as that pink light and aura. Everywhere the multi- colored light passed, the frantic movements of the soldiers slowed down. Only, because the intense lust was still present, they had yet to recover their whole awareness for a moment.

Due to being a female, Lan Yanyu was rather minimally affected. After Long Haochen’s Divine Snail Shield’s act of sheltering, she immediately came back to her senses and lifted her staff high, chanting a fast series of incantations. A cold rain then started to fall on the fortress.

From the stimulation of the cold rain, the soldiers of the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ recovery from this state of lust accelerated.

At this time, the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon’s defensive power was reduced to its weakest. For the sake of sheltering the Celestial Dance of Lust from view, Haochen had to expand the divine power of the Divine
Snail Shield to just as large a scale, subjecting himself to a massive pressure as well. He didn’t know whether he could last until the termination of the enemy’s forbidden spell.

This time, the liberation of the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon was completely different from the last time.

Last time on the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, the Divine Snail Shield was affected by the two Fiend Commanders’ special technique and autonomously transferred Long Haochen’s spiritual energy to itself to temporarily unleash its might as a divine tool.

But this time, with the help of Star King, Long Haochen was the one who activated the power of the Divine Snail Shield, and his spiritual energy was compressed to a great extent until the time that the sun and moon crossed. While before it had amplified Long Haochen’s strength, now the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon was releasing all the compressed spiritual highlandized energy. Therefore, its power was even stronger than back in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, and was under Haochen’s control.

From afar, the fortress looked as if it was completely enveloped in a layer of multi-colored light. Soft golden radiance was undulating in the air, forcibly blocking the Celestial Dance of Lust.

More astonishingly, this multi-colored light unexpectedly reflected it like a mirror, refracting the image of Sytry’s Celestial Dance of Lust towards the already disarrayed demon troops from the sky.

This seemed unimportant, but the already completed Celestial Dance of Lust had even greater effects on demons than on humans. After all, the lower ranked demons’ intelligence was quite limited, and their instincts were a lot stronger. For a moment, the demon army was drizzling with a layer of purple.

The powerhouses of the Assassin Temple were also startled, all looking together in the direction of the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ fortress. The lustrous multi-colored golden light that came to their sight filled them with deep shock, and they saw in the meantime Sytry’s Celestial Dance of Lust.
Even with these assassin powerhouses’ cultivation, the sight of the Celestial Dance of Lust had immediate effects on them. However, as highly profound cultivators and very aged characters, the speed of their lusts igniting wasn’t too fast. Sheng Yue whistled, and the few assassin powerhouses immediately turned away, before fleeing through an empty space.

Since the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ crisis was relieved, they didn’t need to keep staking their lives here any longer. Most of all, the priority was to shelter themselves from that forbidden spell’s influence.

No matter their type, all the demons that suffered the effects from the Celestial Dance of Lust immediately became frantic. Amongst them, the most affected were the Dual Bladed Demons serving as cannon fodder.

Everywhere Sytry’s Celestial Dance of Lust came into view, large expanses of Dual Bladed Demons immediately died with their limbs cut off. Their juices were scattering all around, and an extremely intense stench spread to the battlefield.

This was the might of that forbidden spell. The effects sustained by the Exorcist Mountain Pass were now sent back with several-fold amplification to the demon armies.

For better or worse, humans were, after all, intelligent beings, and their self-control was a lot greater than demons. Although the damage they sustained in the short term was not small, they hadn’t completely gone out of control yet. But the Celestial Dance of Lust was just beyond terrifying to demons.

This was also the reason why the demon gods never dared look straight at the Emo Demon God.

Even the demon gods ranked higher than her were unwilling to have dealings with the Emo Demon God. Without sufficient willpower, one would hardly free himself from her emotional magic.

Sytry became blank upon seeing her forbidden spell reflected like that. That’s because in front of her appeared an immense figure with the same
looks as her. Not only her, but even the other five demon gods guarding her became blank.

In this short span of time, the demon army below had already suffered astonishing damage.

“No good!” Sytry let out a low shout. Her hands rapidly formed a seal, to dispel her own forbidden spell as fast as possible. She didn’t know how Long Haochen managed to reflect that, but the situation in front of her eyes was a matter of fact. If things went on, at least half of the demon troops would be buried because of her own forbidden spell.

Long Haochen was holding the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon strenuously. In the meantime, the Emo Demon God very rapidly dispelled her forbidden spell. Still, it deserved being called such. In case of full activation, stopping it wasn’t so easy, and required time.

The soldiers in the fortress were under the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon’s protection, and gradually came back to their senses under the stimulation of the cold rain. After these intense surges of lust, they became extremely weak. Many warriors were injured due to the wounds they had inflicted upon themselves in their frantic state, and some died due to blood loss. But most of the soldiers were able to keep some control.

Even so, the soldiers that were still standing on their feet were extremely scarce. Only the most powerful ones were still able to persevere.

One couldn’t help but notice that the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment was in a very good state. It wasn’t that they had a greater resistance against Sytry’s magic, but the key was that they were clad in extremely thick armors. Taking off these armors was not an easy matter at all, and that’s all the more the case in states of frenzy. Therefore, their injuries were the least, and very few of them died. But they had for the most part lost their fighting strength. And if the Celestial Dance of Lust had continued for longer, they also would have hardly avoided the fate of death while burning with desire.

Right now, in front of these Brilliant Angel Knights, as Long Haochen rode Star King and spread out that multi-colored golden light with his left
arm lifted, he appeared just like their savior.

That’s the Saint Knight Head, their Saint Knight Head! Right now, the Saint Knight Head was using his powerful strength to ward off the enemy’s forbidden spell. For a moment, every Brilliant Angel Knight was filled with great reverence. Even if they had to crawl, each of them forced himself to make a knight salute towards Long Haochen’s direction.

Cai’er was standing up with difficulty, with the support of her mother. At the sight of the dazzling multi-colored golden light, she couldn’t help but let her tears flow.

He didn’t fail to live up to her expectations, once again saving them from the desperate crisis, and helped the Assassin Temple to survive the most fatal attack they had ever suffered.

Maybe the effects of reflection were coincidental, but no one could refute that the Scion of Light had been brought by Providence. Who else could produce such a coincidence?

“Pop”. The golden light shattered, and its multi-colored radiance scattered in the sky.

From the time Long Haochen enveloped the fortress of the Exorcist Mountain Pass with his light, to now, when he and Star King could be seen falling down, only ten or so minutes had passed. But during these mere ten minutes or so, he had saved the whole Exorcist Mountain Pass.

Afar, the Celestial Dance of Lust was slowly dissipating. Because of its forceful termination, the Emo Demon God Sytry was still suffering severe backlash. At this very moment, the corners of her mouth were flushing with pink blood, and her gaze was thrown at Long Haochen on the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ fortress.

Chapter 543

Long Haochen was also looking in her direction. Sytry was once again shaken to see that even if his body was now in a very weak state, and his spiritual energy greatly overdrafted, at the time he landed onto the fortress, Long Haochen’s both eyes were still limpid, and devoid of any impurity.

Sytry let out another stuffy groan, spurting out some blood, “We are withdrawing. Give the order of retreat.”

Actually, the demons had been escaping in panic since long before. The charges of the assassin powerhouses sank the demon army into a total state of panic, and the influence of Sytry’s Celestial Dance of Lust didn’t make things any better. The units were trampling into each other, and thereby one could see that the demon armies were utterly defeated.

The demon army was actually not so powerful. The demon's ability to maintain command of their army was not the best. Individually, the Demons were strong, their fighting instincts unmatched by humans. But because of that, moving such an army. wasn’t an easy thing to do. After suffering several critical attacks and effects, even the demon gods’ orders were unable to totally mobilize them.

“What are you still waiting for? Fire, with full power!” Returning to his senses, Sheng Lingxin shouted so loud that it made his voice hoarse. Right now, his body was still shaking because of the emotional excitation.

At the time he had sobered up, Long Haochen’s multi-colored light had vanished. Looking at the latter as he fell on the fortress, his mood was as one may well imagine. His son-in-law had once again just saved the
Exorcist Mountain Pass. The demons’ state of disorder could be seen right in front of his eyes. If they didn’t finish off the beaten enemy now, when would they be able to?

But unfortunately, due to the effects of the Emo Demon God Sytry’s Heavenly Dance of Lust, a lot of people had yet to come back to their senses. And even if they did, they would be in a very poor state, and as a result, only a few magic cannons could really be fired this time.

But the fact that the Exorcist Mountain Pass couldn’t launch an effective counterattack didn’t mean that the Assassin Temple couldn’t. Sheng Yue, who had escaped just before, now brought a group of powerhouses from the Assassin Temple to launch the counterattack.

They weren’t a lot, but every one of them was an absolute elite. Furthermore, the reversal of the situation enabled Sheng Yue to recover his calm. He didn’t lead the assassin powerhouses to once again attack the demon army deep inside, but focused on beheading the frenzied demons on the edges of their formation.

The six demon gods were putting all their energy into reassembling their panic-stricken troops, and couldn’t attend to them. Like that, the demon troops which had suffered the effects from the Heavenly Dance of Lust were cut like wheat in front of Sheng Yue’s group.

Although the battle was still unfinished, these assassin powerhouses were all foreseeing an unprecedentedly total victory to take place this day.

Han Yu returned alongside Long Haochen, and shouted to Sheng Lingxin, “Senior chief, please bring Cai’er here. We have a way to accelerate the recovery of her spiritual energy!”

Now that the general situation was settled, all that was left for the Exorcist Mountain Pass to do was to help the dying and the injured. Sheng Lingxin hastened to join Lan Yanyu’s side and brought the half-unconscious Cai’er beside Long Haochen.
Despite being in a very weak state, his mental state was still okay. Seeing the wisps of blood flowing on the corners of her lips,

A soft, white light came out from Han Yu, instantly growing to a diameter of ten meters. After over a year, his Spiritual Stove of Blessing of Light had undergone a new evolution, increasing its area and effects of recovery. While greatly accelerating the recovery of spiritual energy, it also held extremely great healing effects.

And since Han Yu’s consumption from the previous battle was not severe, he immediately used a healing spell on Cai’er to deal with the overdraft of her body.

The Light Blessing ability naturally didn’t only affect Long Haochen and Cai’er. Star King and Sheng Lingxin, as well as Han Yu and the nearby soldiers and officers were all also enveloped.

Sheng Lingxin felt the changes in his internal spiritual energy, secretly full of shock.

Is that? The power of a spiritual stove? But what kind of spiritual stove is that? In his memories, there existed no such light elemental spiritual stoves! Such a massive ability of recovery was enough to match a first tier spiritual stove! It looks like I am really outdated. Nowadays’ youngsters are already reaching such levels of strength.

Under the effects of the Spiritual Stove of Blessing of Light, Long Haochen’s weakened state was coming back to normal. Star King’s state was also greatly ameliorated. Cai’er gradually came back to her senses, but finding out that she was upon Long Haochen’s bosom, she once again shut her eyes. After having lost her memories, she also lost that strong personality she used to have, and she had more moments simply being nothing more than a delicate girl. In her present frail condition, she needed a warm embrace to rely on even more.

This battle didn’t last for much longer, but the resistance of the Exorcist Mountain Pass had a decisive effect on the Holy War.
Not only were the greatest part of the demons injured or killed, but more importantly, their morale had been struck like never before. To the Exorcist Mountain Pass, this was a thorough and complete victory. For rather low losses, they had inflicted a crushing defeat on the demons. Adding further the consecutive deaths of two demon gods, the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ perpetually inferior position had finally gained a qualitative change, sending the message that they won’t necessarily fear such all-out attacks.

After a bit more than a hour, the demon army was finally done retreating, and in front of the Exorcist Mountain Pass only demon corpses were left. The soldiers that had the strength for it were commanded by Sheng Lingxin to retrieve the corpses and sweep the battlefield clean.

The demon corpses were gathered, and immediately set to flames after their magical crystals were retrieved. This avoided the spread of a plague from these corpses while cutting off one of the demons’ sources of food. After the work of gathering went until the evening, they were finally done with that battle. Far off, the demon armies which had assembled didn’t even have many tents and provisions left. Their supplies were so scarce that it actually became a miserable sight to behold.

This was a decisive victory, which brought an unprecedented rise to the soldiers’ morale. The weak and injured were rapidly recovering, and large amounts of magical crystals were offered as supplies for the magic cannons to regain their destructive power.

In the following half year’s time, the Exorcist Mountain Pass kept a strong bearing against the demon threat. Sheng Yue personally commanded the elites from the Assassin Temple a few more consecutive times for night raids against the demons, retreating every time after just a few attacks. Although the damage thus inflicted to the demons wasn’t much, the destruction of their tents and units unsettled them. In shortage of resources on the rear, and with the soldiers totally devoid of morale, Sytry had no choice but to command their entire army to pull back twenty-five more kilometers, to pull apart from the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

Also, at this time came batches of all new supplies as well as 30,000 more soldiers to the Exorcist Mountain Pass as reinforcements, giving new
breath to the Exorcist Mountain Pass, to borrow Sheng Yue’s words. In the current situation, the Exorcist Mountain Pass would have no issue with defense for several more years. Furthermore, they could now launch a counterattack against the demons at anytime. Of course, this was under the premise that no demon reinforcements had come.

Would they have reinforcements coming up? It was certainly possible, but also unlikely. The start of the Holy War also placed a massive burden on the demon side. They had put almost all their forces to use for the sake of pressuring the six great human forts at the same time. A year and a half’s battles depleted both the demon and the human sides’ forces to a very great extent. The demons obviously had some backup forces in reserve, and their most powerful Devil Dragon Clan, Moon Clan and Star Clan had yet to join the battle, but these were their hidden trumps. If these trump cards are revealed like that, it will mean that things have come down to an unreconcilable state, where one of the parties must die for the other to stop fighting. Would the Demon God Emperor really allow that?

Furthermore, although the demon armies suffered an unprecedented blow and no longer had the strength to break through the fort, they had enough forces for defense. However, the present forces on the Exorcist Mountain Pass, in case of a direct fight on a plain field, were not enough to have an easy battle

In a road inside the mountain range, Long Haochen and Cai’er was seated on Star King’s back, with Han Yu on the side. The three of them were looking into the distance toward the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

Cai’er’s eyes were hazy with tears for a long time. Nestling against Long Haochen’s embrace, her body was lightly trembling.

She couldn’t forget the expressions her great-grandfather and parents had as the time for her departure approached. Because they couldn’t keep down their feelings, they didn’t even see her off.

The Exorcist Mountain Pass’ situation having already stabilized, the time for their departure had come.
Long Haochen held her tight, lowered his head, and held her head softly,
“We will be back.”

“Yeah.” Giving a light nod, Cai’er nibbled her lips, “Let’s go.” She feared that if she didn’t go now, she would perhaps really have the urge to rush to the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

The final outcome of the war of the Exorcist Mountain Pass was unpredictable. Even though Long Haochen had not been killing any enemies in that last battle, Cai’er and him had undoubtably been useful. Cai’er was immediately announced to be the next successor for the Assassin Temple and Long Haochen gained supreme honor, honored as Hall Master for the Assassin Temple.

This honor did not receive any objection because Long Haochen just did far too much for the Assassin Temple.

By relying on the Divine Snail Shield’s reflection, he saved them from the desperate crisis, turning the tides completely, and inflicting massive damage to the demons, while avoiding the destruction of the Exorcist Mountain Pass. One could say that he had saved the Exorcist Mountain Pass, as well as the Assassin Temple. Being honored as Hall Master was simply just desserts for such a contribution, and obtained an unanimous approbation. In addition to that, his relationship with Cai’er made Long Haochen’s newly made reputation in the Exorcist Mountain Pass rise even above Sheng Yue’s.

The name of the Twelfth Golden Knight was memorized by all the officers and soldiers, and this Saint Knight Head became an eternal comrade and close family of the Assassin Temple.

Chapter 544

However, their trip still had to continue. Their next stop was the Tombal Mountain Pass, where they would meet with Lin Xin.

At the time of his departure from the Knight Temple, Long Haochen didn’t think that he could really gather a million contribution points per Temple, but as a matter of fact, he did far more for the Exorcist Mountain than what would be worth a million contribution points. This would be sure to gain him fame.

He became even more eager to meet with the others, and reform the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad.

The few battles he had after his return had already built ample fame for Long Haochen. He was already a powerhouse of the top tier, who had the ability to put up a fight even against a demon powerhouse of the ninth step. Long Haochen was itching to make a proper contribution to thank the Alliance for their tolerance towards him. Only the demon territory, the enemy’s rear could serve as his perfect stage. In there, he could unleash all his strength without having the slightest thing to worry about.

Star King turned around and propelled   himself   forward, immediately lifting himself up in the air with Long Haochen and Cai’er on his back, soaring towards the south. Han Yu followed closely behind using his own spiritual wings.

Of the seven members composing the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, three were already gathered, and the others would soon be retrieved.
Star King flew hurriedly, yet on his back, no turbulent stream of air was felt. It was as if they were seated on the ground.

Han Yu was already at the seventh step of cultivation, therefore the support of his spiritual wings was sufficient to maintain flight for a time. Long Haochen had originally planned to invite him to ride Star King alongside them, after all Star King had a very large build, giving abundant space. But Han Yu still gave his refusal, as he didn’t want to act as an unwanted third wheel, thus disturbing the other two.

However, Han Yu was not empty of envy at the sight of them. In the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, Long Haochen had Cai’er, Lin Xin had Li Xin, Wang Yuanyuan had Zhang Fangfang, Chen Ying’er had her fiancé, and even Sima Xian had his own target, that little white flower’. Only Han Yu remained as a solitary man, and when it comes to such things, he couldn’t possibly have no interest at all.

He also had an image in his mind, but it wasn’t very clear and therefore, he had yet to take any initiative.

Han Yu’s point of view was different from the others. As a Demon Hunter and Long Haochen’s retainer knight, he had a single goal, which was to accompany him closely, and increase his strength. He had the hope to fight alongside him one day, fighting shoulder to shoulder, both clad in Divine Thrones transformed into armor.

Although he felt that the gap between Haochen and him only kept growing, these thoughts had yet to disappear. A chance could only appear if he made the necessary effort. Without effort, there won’t be even a chance. He wasn’t the Scion of Light, and already did all he could. He had to keep doing his best to keep chasing after him.

During the year and a half spent in the Exorcist Mountain Pass, while Long Haochen was still in seclusion, Han Yu was amazed to find out that among their peers, almost no one could compare with him. The gap separating them was indeed considerable, but by looking from another point of view, he found out that, actually, he too was seen as a genius in the eyes of the other knights.
Taking the long view, chasing after Long Haochen already made him a genius. And following the Scion of Light in his

The Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass and the Exorcist Mountain Pass are rather distant, but the Exorcist Mountain Pass and the Tombal Mountain Pass are relatively close. Looking at the terrain, the Tombal Mountain Pass is quite elevated. Despite being not as dangerous, it remained a considerably strategic terrain.

On the left side of the Tombal Montain was a huge lake, at its back, a considerably tall plateau, and on the right side was the Exorcist Mountain Pass. Among the Six Great Temples, the most stably defended was the Tombal Mountain Pass. This was because of the extremely terrifying destructive power wielded by mages.

Of the Six Great Temples, the only one able to compare with the Knight Temple in terms of overall strength was the Mage Temple. And the fighting strength mages could deploy in the battlefield was even greater than knights.

Furthermore, the Mage Temple was on good terms with the Warrior Temple, who gave them considerable support. The pairing of these two made the Tombal Mountain Pass invulnerable to attack.

Over more than a year of the Holy War, the Tombal Mountain Pass had received the least help from the Alliance. Relying on their strong attacking power, they didn’t let the demons attack their fortress much.

The demon army in front of the Tombal Mountain Pass was also very powerful. Their eight demon gods were led by Marbas, the fifth ranked, and although their troop arrangements were not comparable to what they had against the Knight Temple, don’t forget about the environmental factors in that area. This probem didn’t exist here.

The overwhelming majority of the Hell Demons were focused on the Tombal Mountain Pass. At the same time, six of the eight great demon gods allocated here were in the top thirty-two. But even so, they were at most standing in confrontation against the Tombal Mountain Pass. Comparatively
speaking, the deceased on both sides were the lowest of all mountain passes. Many times, magic was just fired, with no one truly breaching the opponents’ defenses.

After two days flight, Long Haochen’s group already had the distant Tombal Mountain Pass in sight. When looking down from high above, the first thing coming into view was that gigantic lake beside the mountain pass. Its water looked crystal clear, reflecting the sunlight and producing a dazzling light effect. The Tombal Mountain Pass covered an enormous area, at least three times the area of the Exorcist Mountain Pass. The fortress’ width and sturdiness were impressively distinct even from afar.

Furthermore, upon entering this area, Long Haochen could clearly feel that the undulations of magical essence were a lot more intense than ordinarily. He didn’t know why, but this was incontestably an optimum environment for mages. Furthermore, no   darkness   essence   was present, therefore it wouldn't be easy for the demons to stay here.

Han Yu told Long Haochen, “Boss, back when we were at the Knight Temple, I heard that the Tombal Mountain Pass was the side with the greatest defensive power. Only, because the Mage Temple attaches great importance to preserving their strength, they aren’t willing to send a lot of mages as reinforcements for the other Temples. Actually, they have a lot of unused power in reserve. They get a lot of criticism from the Alliance about this point.”

“Huh?” Long Haochen looked at Han Yu with some surprise.

“The Holy War affects all humanity. Could the Mage Temple really still show such attachment to their own preservation?” Long Haochen asked with some doubts.

Han Yu replied, “Actually, the Mage Temple cannot really be blamed. Raising a mage requires the greatest consumption of resources among all vocations. That’s especially the case for mages of high level. Each one of them is a very precious resource for the Mage Temple. Therefore, they only support the nearby Warrior Temple. The assistance they send to the other four Temples is rather low.”
Although Han Yu hadn’t said it very clearly, Long Haochen faintly understood the meaning hidden behind his words.

The relationship between the Knight Temple and Mage Temple wasn’t really very harmonious. After all, these two have always been competing for the lead of the Six Great Temples. Over the past years, the Mage Temple had always been in the position of second, but weren’t convinced by this ranking at all. In terms of comprehensive strength, the Mage Temple actually surpassed the Knight Temple in a lot of aspects. It’s just that, because the Knight Temple had the six divine tools called Divine Thrones, and that the three Divine Knights weren’t opponents any mage could face, their status fell a bit behind the Mage Temple.

Of course, the Knight Temple’s hidden trumps were far more numerous than the Mage Temple. Since the start of the Holy War, they had been sending far more reinforcements to the other five Temples. As a matter of course, they hadn’t sent many reinforcements to the Mage Temple either. From beginning to end, the two of them were in a faint contest of power.

After a few more years pass, the contest for the rankings in the Temple Alliance would soon start. This was the most important contest for the Alliance, placed even above the Demon Hunt Squads’ competition of selection. But who knew if such a contest   could   be   held   under these circumstances. If the Holy War kept going, this would be a difficult matter.

As Long Haochen was sunken in thoughts, three figures were flying over towards them like bolts of lightning. Long Haochen’s group of three was arriving from the rear of the Tombal Mountain Pass, and didn’t really conceal their presence. Obviously they were going to be found by the Tombal Mountain Pass’ forces.

Three figures very rapidly came in front of them. They were three mages, and as the spiritual wings behind their backs proved, powerhouses of the Mage Temple, reaching at least the sixth step.

The three were clad in differently colored gowns, and the mage that led them was astonishingly young, looking only about thirty years old. But the
pair of spiritual wings on his back was considerably wide, proving that his cultivation was at least at the seventh step. Mages of the seventh step at such age were rarely seen, and furthermore, this mage was clearly expert at the light element, with a pretty handsome face.

Looking at Long Haochen, clad in his Golden Foundation Armor, this light elemental mage couldn’t help but have a slight start. In particular, upon seeing Cai’er alongside him, his expression became extraordinarily splendid.

Cai’er was not only an absolute beauty, but had a very particular outward bearing, something an ordinary girl could never compare with. This was a special disposition god’s chosen ones had, which gradually formed as Cai’er was training for the use of her Spiritual Stove of Samsara. If her memories hadn’t been lost, this demeanor would be even more visible, but also a lot colder.

“Greetings, Golden Foundation Knight. May I ask what the three of you are here for?” The light mage rapidly shifted his sight onto Long Haochen. Riding the Starlight Unicorn King and clad in a Golden Foundation Armor, he was undoubtedly the leader of these three.

Long Haochen heaved a smile, “Greetings. We are looking for a friend. In the meantime, if the Tombal Mountain Pass has any needs, we are willing to provide assistance against the demon attacks.”

Chapter 545

The expression on the face of the light mage changed imperceptibly, and he asked with a smile, “Then, may I ask for the name of the one you are looking for? As for the second matter, our Tombal Mountain Pass has no need for help for the moment.”

Beside him, Han Yu creased his brows, stepping forward, “Can we have a look at the defense before determining that?” This young knight may be outstanding, but in the end he was only at the seventh step. Long Haochen was clad in Golden Foundation Armor, representing the Knight Temple’s greatest honor. As such, being blocked or interrogated by an ordinary mage of the seventh step was clearly unsuitable.

The light mage had a slightly blank look, but his expression rapidly returned to normality, “Apologies, I have been impolite. Come with me, you three.” Saying that, he turned round and called out for his other two mates, setting flight down towards the Tombal Mountain Pass.

Han Yu’s face finally eased up, following Star King’s downwards flight.

Cai’er remarked to Haochen in a low voice, “I don’t really like the look this

man had.”

Long Haochen nodded lightly. Naturally, he had seen this light mage staring at Cai’er, without trying to conceal that behaviour in the slightest. However, he didn’t overly mind that. The Alliance needed all the six
Temples, and this being a period of Holy War, he wasn’t willing to bother about a bit of impoliteness from the others.

Very rapidly, the six of them arrived at a place about five hundred meters distant from the Tombal Mountain Pass. The three mages standing in front suddenly let out a flash of light, letting out indistinct intense magical waves, before proceeding forward.

“Han Yu. Wait a bit.” Long Haochen suddenly called out for Han Yu, and Star King also came to a stop.

“What’s the matter Captain?” Han Yu asked, not comprehending.

Behind the mask, Long Haochen also had a doubtful look, “There seems to be a defensive formation. As we haven’t the correct magic imprint, we will be rejected by the formation.”

Hearing him say so, Han Yu immediately became furious, and shouted to the three mages, “What are you trying to do?”

The three mages immediately appeared startled hearing that, and the light mage leading them looked particularly astonished, before apologizing hurriedly, “Sorry, I have forgotten to give the three of you the correct imprint. I’m really sorry!” Saying that, he rapidly flew by, taking out three badges which contained an imprint made of strong fluctuations of magic, and handed it to Long Haochen’s group of three.

Han Yu narrowed his eyes before asking with deep seriousness, “Are you sure that you forgot?”

That light elemental mage had a cold look, “Friend knight, what do you mean? Don’t tell me you think that I really did such a thing on purpose?”

Han Yu sneered, “Don’t you know better than anyone else if this was on purpose?”

The light mage indifferently replied, “Aren’t you knights very strong? As the number one Temple of the Alliance, even if you don’t have this
imprint, a small formation shouldn’t stop any of you right? I didn’t expect you knights to also fear our Mage Temple’s formations.”

Hearing him, Han Yu’s rage immediately rose up greatly. Right as he was about to flare up, Long Haochen stopped him promptly.

“Let’s go.” Long Haochen said calmly, before letting Star King pass through the formation.

The light mage had a faint look of complacency on his face. As expected, a transparent barrier cam
The imprints on Long Haochen and Cai’er’s hands immediately dissolved, and Star King was unable to pass through.

This was clearly no mistake: without a doubt that light mage did it deliberately. How could he be unaware that magical beasts needed a special imprint to pass through such a formation?

Long Haochen turned back, coldly looking at that light mage, but beside him, Cai’er abruptly made a move.

A bitingly cold murderous spirit flared out from Cai’er’s body.
Immediately, a grey radiance struck forward.

An ear-piercing sound was heard, and the transparent seal suddenly turned black, before fracturing in a split second, turning into dots of starlight. Then Star King spread out his wings, bringing Long Haochen and Cai’er forward, piercing through the defensive formation.

Han Yu immediately followed behind, making use of the seal’s imprint to enter inside the formation.

Those three mages stood baffled at their original place. Did they really, actually, break through the seal?
In fact, this seal used by the Mage Temple wasn’t extremely powerful, but would encounter no trouble stopping powerhouses of the seventh step. It was something specialized for defending against aerial demons. Its global defensive effects were top-notch, giving it perfect uses as an early warning.

That light elemental mage was only wanting to make things difficult for Long Haochen’s group, after all, from their looks, Long Haochen and Han Yu appeared to be knights. He was waiting for Long Haochen to request permission to enter the formation. But he didn’t think that they would really dare make a move against the Mage Temple’s magic formation. And the one who made the move wasn’t that knight, but the beauty beside him. From the instant burst of murderous spirit she unleashed, the light mage couldn’t help but feel an intense chill. Just what level did her cultivation reach!?

Star King entered, and this time Long Haochen didn’t wait for those three mages, making his way inside the Tombal Mountain Pass. As a respectful and patient person, Long Haochen had been enduring silently for long enough, but as the Provisional Saint Knight Head, he couldn’t be excessively passive.

The light mage gathered his thoughts, hastily chasing after Long Haochen’s crew.

Seeing them already enter the Tombal Mountain Pass, more than ten figures suddenly came soaring from below, meeting them in a haste.

“Don’t move!” An aged voice was heard, and the ten or so figures immediately scattered, surrounding Long Haochen’s group.

Star King’s wings were spread wide, standing in midair.

The ones blocking their way were all mages, led by an elder. The width of his wings exceeded eight meters, and around his body, viscous magic essence was fluctuating.

“Golden Foundation Knight? Hello. But, were you the ones who moved against our magic formation?”
Seeing the Golden Foundation Armor worn by Long Haochen, the old mage immediately lost all traces of enmity, and performed a mage salute in front of him.

Long Haochen returned the politeness with a knock from his fist on his armor, “Hello, I am the Provisional Saint Knight Head, you may call me Twelfth Golden Knight. In fact, we broke through, but it should only be a misunderstanding.”

Right after he said that, the light mage arrived, accompanied with two comrades. Seeing this elder, his expression showed a change, stepping forward to make salutations, “Hello, elder Fei.”

Seeing him, the expression on this elder Fei immediately eased up, “Xuan Yuan, what’s happening? How come this Provisional Saint Knight Head broke through our formation?”

In this speech came out the strong demeanor of the Mage Temple. Long Haochen just introduced himself as Saint Knight Head, yet he inquired of his own people first, and didn’t sound very polite.

Xuan Yuan looked embarrassed, and hastened, “Elder Fei, it’s my mistake. I had forgotten to give Saint Knight Head enough seal imprints, so his mount couldn’t enter. Therefore, they split the formation to enter.”

Hearing him speak so, the elder Fei burrowed his eyebrows, showing Long Haochen a smile, “So it was a misunderstanding. Provisional Saint Knight Head indeed has a good cultivation.”

Long Haochen showed an indifferent smile, “You flatter me. I’ll be asking you to guide me inside, elder.”

The elder Fei didn’t scold or blame Xuan Yuan, instead provoking him secretly, but Long Haochen acted as if he hadn’t heard anything: this was the Tombal Mountain Pass, and he came to stand off against the demons, not to look for trouble with the Mage Temple. Just let them cover themselves if that’s what they want.
“Please.” After sweeping a glance, elder Fei brought Long Haochen inside the Tombal Mountain Pass, as the other mages promptly scattered.

Xuan Yuan looked at Long Haochen’s group from behind, his eyes twinkling coldly, “What did the Knight Temple send this Provisional Saint Knight for?” Although Long Haochen hadn’t said anything to him, that disregard made Xuan Yuan indignant. Ever since elder Fei had appeared, Long Haochen didn’t even sweep a glance at him. As a highly proud talent from the Mage Temple, this felt extremely provoking in his eyes.

Elder Fei kept guiding Long Haochen’s crew inside the Tombal Mountain Pass. Star King having landed on the ground, Long Haochen also landed along with Cai’er. This was étiquette: it wasn’t very polite for one to be riding his mount in another’s territory outside of battle times .

The elder Fei couldn’t help but secretly nod in impressiveness, thinking, This Provisional Saint Knight actually has quite a good self restraint. He understood more than necessary Xuan Yuan’s bad temper, and that he surely had provoked the other side. But as the struggle for power between the Mage Temple and the Knight Temple was in question, he had no other choice but to stand for Xuan Yuan. Though he couldn’t help but have a quite favorable impression from seeing Long Haochen’s behavior.

“Saint Knight Head, I will bring you to rest in our Temple. And I will inform Temple Head in a bit.” Elder Fei having gotten a favorable opinion of Long Haochen, he also became a lot more polite. The status of Saint Knight Head was certainly sufficient.

“Then I will trouble you.” Long Haochen replied, “Oh, and, if I may ask, is Lin Xin well? That should be the Auxiliary Temple Head Lin Chen’s grandson.”

Although Lin Xin’s grandfather was a Saint Magic Tutor of the eighth step, as an auxiliary Temple Head, he was mainly taking care of administrative work for the Temple Alliance on behalf of the Mage Temple. The Auxiliary Temple Heads of the Six Great Temples are all powerhouses of the eighth step, and mostly staying in their respective Temples to
increase their force. They had all been promoted after having made considerable contributions for their own Temple.

“Do you know about Lin Xin?” Elder Fei gave Long Haochen a surprised look.

Long Haochen nodded, “Yeah! Lin Xin is my good friend.”

Hearing that, elder Fei suddenly showed a grotesque face, which immediately gave Long Haochen a fright, “What’s wrong? Elder Fei, could it be that something happened to Lin Xin?” Long Haochen asked eagerly.

Chapter 546

“No, of course not.” Elder Fei replied in a haste “Captain Lin is very well. I will take you to have a rest, then notify him to greet you.”

“Captain? What kind of team’s captain is Lin Xin?” Han Yu couldn’t help but ask curiously from the side.

Elder Fei showed a faint smile, “Captain Lin is now commanding the number one mage squad of the Mage Temple, having five hundred fire mages as subordinates, which is our cornerstone in the defense against the demons.”

Hearing that, Han Yu immediately let out a laugh, “Crown princes are indeed different! He cannot even attack, yet is in command of the number one mage squad.”

Elder Fei had a changed look, “You knight, please take back your words. Captain Lin relied on his own power to contribute to the Tombal Mountain Pass, accumulating military deeds to become the First Mage Squad’s captain, and this isn’t related to Auxiliary Head Lin Chen. Moreover, who said he cannot attack? Captain Lin’s fighting power is second to none in the same step, and even mages of higher cultivation would hardly show more utility than him in the battlefield.”

Han Yu stared blankly, breaking into laughter, “Do you think I don’t understand him as well as you? We are from the same Demon Hunt Squad. Since when has he been able to use offensive magic?”
Elder Fei was greatly surprised, “Are you actually from the same Demon Hunt Squad as Captain Lin? But, Captain Lin’s offensive magic is really extremely powerful.”

Han Yu didn’t keep disputing, and showed a faint smile, “Perhaps. I haven’t met him for quite long. Maybe he really studied with effort? We’ll know when we meet.”

The Mage Temple was an immense palace. From this building, one could see the richness of the Mage Temple. Their Temple was constructed on six floors, and this immense building was the tallest in the whole Mage Temple. The first floor alone was over twenty meters in height, with simple elegance. Atop the first floor was an immense shape of a Star of David. In its center were represented magic balls of all kinds of elements, surrounding the six-pointed star. This should be an extraordinary magic array.

After entering the Mage Temple a giant hall could be seen. This tall dome was gorgeously decorated, luxurious yet not excessive. The mages’ symbols could be seen everywhere, and around the walls were densely packed fairy symbols. After entering, one could feel even denser fluctuations of magic essence than outside. But because the elements were really heterogeneous, it was in great disorder.

However, this sticky magic essence gave off a feeling of shock. Even ordinary people could tell upon arrival that the air in there was different from anywhere else.

On the innerside were six immense sculptures, the innermost two colored golden and black, the outside four were blue, red, yellow and green. These six sculptures all had different shapes, and among the lot, the golden and blue ones were female, while the other four were males.

These six sculptures were representations of the six elemental deities the Mage Temple held belief in, representing water, fire, earth, wind, light and darkness.

Mages held different attributes, which were not limited only to the six elements, but also derived elements such as lightning or ice. But in the
mages’ world, it is believed that all the elements use these six great elements as a foundation, therefore these six basic elements are the root of everything, and the elemental gods are the highest deities they can believe in.

Long Haochen’s group of three knew of the Mage Temple’s standards, and as they stepped forward, each o

Right that instant, a fantastic scene emerged. The inner sculpture of the Goddess of light suddenly glowed and spread out a soft golden radiance.

Elder Fei was greatly startled. In fact, these six elemental sculptures were not arranged there randomly, but were miracles left in this world by the real six elemental gods. The Mage Temple’s elders had miraculously managed to gather these gods’ sculptures together to the Mage Temple. And actually, the powerful defensive formation of the Tombal Mountain Pass actually used these six sculptures as its core. One could say that put all together, these six sculptures were like a multielemental divine tool, and the Mage Temple’s most precious treasure.

At this very time, the sculpture representative for the goddess of light flared up with a golden radiance, which implied that some force of common origin was stimulating it. But elder Fei had kept his eyes on these three all this time, and they visibly hadn’t done anything just before.

How could this be?

As elder Fei was still standing behind them, astonished, the soft light emitted by the sculpture of the Goddess of Light gradually gathered together, turning into a golden pillar of light surrounding Long Haochen’s body. The orange light released by his Golden Foundation Armor then became even more dazzling.

They weren’t the only people present in this hall! Others were present, and upon seeing this miracle from the sculpture of the Goddess of Light, Haochen immediately became the focus of the whole audience.
Long Haochen hadn’t expected such a thing to happen either. Surrounded by that soft radiance, the warm light essence travelled back and forth in his body, binding him indescribably. In his senses, that sculpture appeared like a mother consoling her child. It wasn’t about strengthening him, but soothing and consoling his heart and spirit.

The light essence emitted by the Goddess of Light didn’t emit the slightest fluctuation of spiritual energy, but was incomparably pure. Long Haochen’s heart was cleansed once again, just like the time with the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon.

This was a very rarely seen good opportunity! Spiritual energy could be cultivated through continuous cultivation, but cleansing one’s innerside was a lot harder. One needed a long and tranquil time of stable cultivation for that. And to Long Haochen, as the Scion of Light, perception of the light essence increased with the purity of his heart. Be it at times of cultivation or using abilities, the effect would grow even stronger.

The radiance coming out from the sculpture of the Goddess of Light wasn’t emitted for too long, only the time of ten breaths, before vanishing, letting everything come back to ordinary.

But in this short span of time, over ten mages in the Mage Temple’s hall were halted, watching the scene with expressions of shock.

Seeing the golden light vanish, that elder Fei couldn’t help but step beside Long Haochen, asking eagerly, “Revered Saint Knight Head, what have you just done? This is unbelievable!”

Long Haochen, who was just awakening from being bathed in the light essence, shook his head, and replied, “I haven’t done anything. Everything seemed to have happened naturally. Was this an extraordinary phenomenon?”

Elder Fei replied with no hesitation, “Of course it’s extraordinary! The last time such a miracle happened with the elemental sculpture was when the Temple Head succeeded to this role. Senior Temple Head is a light elemental practitioner. When that miracle happened with the sculpture of
the Wind God, I saw the same thing happen as with you. At that time, I had fortunately been following Teacher, and able to witness that. If I don’t remember wrongly, that last time only lasted for a few seconds, and by far not as long as with you. Are you certain that you didn’t do anything?”

Long Haochen shook his head once again, and didn’t dare keep speaking. The surrounding mages didn’t show signs of scattering, all looking at Long Haochen with amazement.

Among them, a young female mage stepped up, and impolitely remarked, “Are you trying to make a demonstration in front of us on behalf of the Knight Temple?”

This female mage had good looks, a slender build, clad in a cyan gown which was clearly neat and tidy. A green ribbon was binding her black hair, and at the top it held a green gem. On her right hand was a long staff, entirely shining in brilliant green, just like a piece of green crystal. Atop it was embedded an egg-shaped transparent gem. Oddly, that transparent gem’s insides were drifting with green wind, just as if a hurricane was stored inside.

Long Haochen wrinkled his eyes, replying seriously, “The Six Great Temples are a family, belonging to the same Temple Alliance. Watch your tongue, mage.”

The young mage ignored him and declared to elder Fei, “Elder, I have to report this matter to Teacher.”

Elder Fei nodded, “It happens that I was also looking for Senior Temple Head. Tell him that the Provisional Saint Knight Head has come.”

“Provisional Saint Knight Head? Alright.” The young female didn’t even bother to pay any attention to Long Haochen, and immediately turned back. The other mages dispersed from there as well.

Elder Fei declared apologetically to Long Haochen, “Apologies, Saint Knight Head. Tan Wan has been impolite. I really apologize to you on her

Han Yu coldly stepped in, “Who is she? She has actually been so lacking in manners towards our Saint Knight Head. We will report this matter to the Alliance.”

Elder Fei had a bitter smile, “I cannot manage this girl, she’s senior Temple Head’s direct disciple, and the only one. Her pride is as high as mountains, and she’s named Tan Wan, aged 26, but still unmarried. Though there is some backing behind her pride. At such a young age, she’s already reached the third rank of the seventh step. She, Xuanyuan Yan and Lin Xin are known as the number ones of the young generation, having reached the seventh step below the age of thirty.”

Han Yu appeared pleasantly surprised, “Lin Xin has already broken through the seventh step? That’s really very good! Captain, it means that we can...”

Reaching to this point, he was stopped in his speech by Long Haochen’s meaningful glance. Han Yu then came to realize his mistake, and hurriedly shut his mouth.

However, this appellation of Captain was taken note of by elder Fei. So Lin Xin and Han Yu were teammates in the same Demon Hunt Squad, with this knight being their captain. But if they were in the same Demon Hunt Squad, it meant that the same limit of age applied for all their members. If Long Haochen was their captain, even if his age was higher, it shouldn’t be much higher.

Chapter 547

But he was clad in the Golden Foundation knight which could only be obtained by a powerhouse reaching at least the eighth step! And furthermore, no Golden Foundation Knight could be less than excellent among knights of the eighth step. Some Holy Knights of the ninth step didn’t even have such qualifications.

It should be absolutely impossible for someone of an age similar to Han Yu or Lin Xin to have became a Golden Foundation Knight, or at least, elder Fei thought so. He absolutely didn’t believe such a genius to exist. Furthermore, this Golden Foundation knight had the status of Provisional Saint Knight Head, clad in Golden Foundation Armor of epic tier, which meant that he should be among the top powerhouses with the status of Golden Foundation Knight. And a sufficiently high contribution was needed to gain such an honor. The Saint Knight of the previous generation, Han Qian, was a Temple Head for the Knight Temple, spokesperson of the Alliance’s chief Yang Haohan.

However, elder Fei didn’t ask about this. For one, his status couldn’t compare with Long Haochen’s, and also because nosing around others’ secret was impolite. Long Haochen’s light element was assurance that he couldn’t be something such as an undiscovered traitor.

Under the lead of this elder, Long Haochen’s group was brought to the Mage Temple’s second floor, and had three separate rooms arranged for them.

The three of them could be considered as having gone through the hardship of travel, and made themselves presentable before having some
food delivered by the Mage Temple, and finally the three of them gathered in Haochen’s room.

“The Mage Temple doesn’t seem friendly with us!” Long Haochen said with a smile.

Han Yu unhappily replied, “It’s not only unfriendliness. It’s practically hostility.”

Long Haochen wrinkled his brows, a serious expression on his face, “I didn’t expect the relationship between the Mage Temple and our Knight Temple to have already become so strained. At this rate, it will end up as a large issue in the future. If things are that way with the strong enemies at our doors, I fear that if things remain that way after the end of the war, the Alliance will collapse even without needing the demons to attack us.”

Han Yu nodded, “Our contradictions with the Mage Temple have been terrible for a long time already. Almost every time a Temple Ranking contest takes place, our two Temples are the ones in competition. We have been pushing down the Mage Temple for so long that it would be rather strange to see them delighted about that. Although it’s not as if they can oppose us in all aspects, at least our relationship is definitely not good.”

Long Haochen said, “Let’s keep talking after Lin Xin comes. From what elder Fei said, Lin Xin’s status in the Mage Temple is not low. I hope that he can serve as a mediator.”

As they were talking, a respectful voice was heard from outside, “Senior Saint Knight Head, Temple Head is asking for you.”

The three of them looked at each other face to face, then stood up together.

Outside the door, a young mage was standing waiting. Upon seeing Long Haochen, he immediately made a gesture of invitation to him.

When Cai’er and Han Yu were about to follow him, the mage stopped them, “Sorry, but Temple Head only wants to meet Saint Knight Head.”
Han Yu, who originally had a lot pent up, was immediately about to flare up, but Long Haochen turned his head, making shaking movements, suppressing Han Yu’s rage.

“Please go back to your own rooms. I will be back rapidly. Maybe Lin Xin will be there in a bit.”

Passing through this gate, Long Haochen was immediately shocked.

Behind the door was an extremely wide space, at least far larger than the Mage Temple’s outside shape. And furthermore, the magic essence was even more viscous and pure.

The immense hall extended over several hundred meters, surrounded by some sliding doors, with a magic Star of David in the middle of the hall. That young mage brought him in front of the six-pointed star, and spoke, “Please step onto the magic array. It will allow you to enter the senior Temple Head’s office.”
Long Haochen asked with great curiosity, “What place is this floor?” “Every room here is a training field, and some are residences for high
ranked mages. Only seniors of the Saint Magic Tutor rank and above are allowed to reside here.”

Long Haochen noticed unconcealed pride in this young mage’s eyes. He didn’t express himself on the matter, stepping forward, to step onto that six- pointed star.

In a flash of light, he immediately appeared by himself in an empty space.

The surroundings were full of twisted radiances of water, fire, earth, wind, light and darkness element assaulting the senses. By only relying on his sight, one cannot pass through these twisted radiances. Long Haochen released his mental force, faintly sensing that this seemed to be a personal spatial realm, with only a faint connection with their original realm.
“A very powerful mental force. If Saint Knight Head is willing to become a mage, he’d definitely shock the world.” An aged voice sounded out, then the surrounding twisted radiances changed, before an old man wearing a smile appeared in front of Long Hoachen, as the surrounding illusory scenery seemed to take real shape.

This old man was clad in a cyan gown, but his clothing didn’t seem to carry the slightest elemental fluctuation. He didn’t have a wand on his arm either, and he again looked like as normal as an old man could be. With a not-tall build and not-small waist, his chubby face was smiling, making him look very good natured.

Beside the elder was the wind elemental mage Long Haochen had met before, currently watching him with a vigilant look.

“Greetings, Temple Head Li. I am the Provisional Saint Knight representing the Knight Temple, Twelfth Golden Knight. Our Knight Temple’s chief Long has prepared a handmade letter for you.” Saying that, he bowed slightly and made his salutations to Temple Head Li.

This chubby Temple Head of the Mage Temple was named Li Zhengzhi, bearing a crude name, but reckoned to be one of the foremost in the Alliance in terms of strength. Don’t judge him too early based on his outside appearance and good-naturedness. In reality, he was among the particularly vicious and ruthless powerhouses of the Alliance’s elite.

Back in the day, he once penetrated deeply in the demons’ borders, fully using forbidden spells in six demon provinces and enraging the Demon God Emperor, who sent the Moon Demon God Agares after him. Since this occurred on the far side of the demon nation, this battle’s outcome was not well understood. But at least, Li Zhengzhi was still well, having become the current controller behind the Mage Temple.

Seeing Long Haochen bow to him, Li Zhengzhi showed a deep look, and directed a smile, “Saint Knight Head doesn’t need to stand on formalities.” Saying that, he raised his hand. One could see waves of geen light instantly burst forth toward Long Haochen, but when this green attack reached him, its driving force alarmed Haochen.
Is he probing me? Long Haochen was originally not a very competitive person, but as the Saint Knight Head of the Knight Temple, he naturally couldn’t cower at such a time.

Coming to a standstill, Long Haochen’s aura immediately had a great change. A thin layer of golden color extended from the Golden Foundation Armor, and light buzzing sounds were heard.

A fantastic scene followed. That green light pushed onto his body at full force the instant it arrived, but as this golden light covered Long Haochen’s surroundings, it met this impact attack, and echoed with the green attack, making for a dazzling sight.

The female mage Tan Wan standing to the side opened her eyes wide. This was the first time she saw someone use such methods to dispel her teacher’s probing. Although Long Haochen was a light elemental knight, she felt as if he had perfectly assimilated the secret of the wind elemental spiritual energy discharged by Li Zhengzhi. The two of them were confronting each other with entirely different looks, as Li Zhengzhi’s spiritual energy obviously didn’t manage to shake him in the slightest.

“Good!” Li Zhenzhi had high praises, “As steady as a mountain, standing on firm guard, spiritual energy prepared at any times. If I am not mistaken, this ability of yours, Saint Knight Head, should be self- created, making your own elemental power resonate to reach the same frequency as my wind elemental spiritual energy. Even I have no way to combine my spiritual energy with other abilities under such premises. But I am shocked to see that this ability of yours was perfectly integrated into Divine Obstruction, using your own body as fuel. What a great surprise! It looks like the Knight Temple has found itself another exceptional powerhouse. How enviable!”

Long Haochen respectfully replied, “Temple Head Li is exaggerating. Your strength is as vast as the ocean. I am merely a lonesome boat in comparison.” These words were purely sincere. Although he had used his evolved Ripples of Light ability to resist Li Zhengzhi’s spiritual energy shock, that spiritual energy immediately submerged him like a vast ocean,
something he could himself only possibly accomplish by using a very powerful ability of shock.

Li Zhengzhi laughed out loud, “Come, and let me see the letter Old Long has written.” Saying that, he waved his hand towards Long Haochen, a green light turning into a rope then lightly rolled around the scroll in Haochen’s hand. As it slowly moved, the scroll flew towards him.

This was real exquisite knowledge. Although he used very little spiritual energy, all of it was coiling like a snake, without the slightest superficial leak. This was basically a master level control of spiritual energy. Long Haochen had never seen such exquisite control in his life. As merit follows fame, this Temple Head Li gave him a feeling of unfathomable deepness.

Li Zhengzhi pointed his hand to the scroll. Without need for him to pay concern to the method of opening this scroll depicted by Long Haochen, the scroll spread out in his hand.

Don’t underestimate this small act, the simple-looking act of breaking the magical array around a magic scroll. This was after all a magic scroll made by the Divine Knight Long Tianying.

Furthermore, Long Haochen could clearly feel that Li Zhengzhi was showing off purposely. He could very naturally use his own spiritual energy to take care of daily matters, making understandable the reason for his heavy body weight. His spiritual energy could help him with almost any matter, therefore his body didn’t move much, and naturally would pile up fat. This fatness was very natural.

Chapter 548

After opening the scroll, Li Zhengzhi became very focused, taking a few minutes to read it fully. After that, his expression changed unceasingly as he kept reading.

Closing the scroll, Li Zhengzhi shut both his eyes, seemingly pondering. A short moment later, he declared to the nearby Tan Wan, “Please go out first, I need to have a talk with Saint Knight Head.”

Tan Wan was shocked. She was Li Zhengzhi’s one and only personal disciple. Don’t judge Li Zhengzhi because of his short and stout appearance. His face was always carrying warmth and a smile, but she knew well about the extreme pride of this teacher of hers, regarded as the number one genius of the Mage temple for the last thousand years. Her teacher was only sixty or so years old this year, surpassing by far successive generations of top notch powerhouses of the Mage Temple. In cultivation, even the Knight Temple’s three Divine Knights wouldn’t necessarily be her teacher’s opponent. The reason why she was her only disciple was that among the top of the younger generation of the Mage Temple, only her talent obtained the approval of her teacher, in addition to the fact that they shared the same wind element.

Seeing the seriousness on her teacher’s current face, Tan Wan immediately understood that this Provisional Saint Knight Head representing the Knight Temple was absolutely not that simple, or her teacher wouldn’t view him so importantly.

Tan Wan also inherited Li Zhengzhi’s pride, but because she was still young, she wasn’t good at concealing that pride, and often let it surface. But
this didn’t mean she wasn’t intelligent: on the contrary, her wits and talents were highly praised even by Li Zhengzhi. Hearing her teacher, she only gave Long Haochen a stupefied glance before promptly agreeing, leaving from the right side and letting out some twisted light fluctuations, soundlessly disappearing from space.

His disciple having left, Li Zhengzhi returned to that harmless face, “Now should be the time for you to show me your true face, Knight Temple’s Scion of Light.”

Light circulated around, as the Golden Foundation Armor flew out from Long Haochen’s body like a liquid, condensing into a Golden Foundation box behind Long Haochen’s back. Tapping his right fist on his chest, he respectfully declared, “Knight Temple’s Long Haochen greets Temple Head.”

Seeing Long Haochen’s excessively young look and handsome face, Li Zhengzhi just stared blankly. Despite being very good at concealing his emotion, his inward shock was still extremely great.

The contents of Long Tianying’s letter was very clear: Long Haochen was his biological grandson, and truly was formally appointed as the Knight Temple’s Saint Knight Head. In the meantime, the Knight Temple already gave its approval for him to reform his Demon Hunt Squad, and wished for the Mage Temple’s cooperation. If the Tombal Mountain Pass has any needs, he could join them in battle, but not for more than three months’ time.

Although this letter didn’t mention Long Haochen’s cultivation, with Li Zhengzhi’s understanding of Long Tianying’s character, he understood the old Long’s stubborn points. Even his own grandson wouldn’t be allowed to wear this Golden Foundation Armor without sufficient strength. In addition, his previous probing had already made him feel clearly that Long Haochen’s cultivation was indeed at least at the eighth step.

Li Zhengzhi was shocked facing this youngster, whose body spread out a light essence of extreme purity to an extent that Li Zhengzhi had never seen
before in his life. Despite having handsome looks, his eyes were still very gentle, just like a

Letting out a light sigh, Li Zhengzhi revealed a bitter smile, “I was originally thinking that before long, the Mage Temple’s time could possibly come. But it looks impossible. The Knight Temple’s luck isn’t anything we can compare with.”

His words sounded like they made no sense, but Long Haochen could understand the meaning behind them. This Temple Head Li was regarded as the greatest competitor of the Knight Temple, acclaimed as the powerhouse with the highest level of cultivation. His cultivation even exceeded those old characters over a hundred years old in Titled Demon Hunt Squads. Purely in terms of cultivation, none of the three Divine Knights of the Knight Temple could contest against him.

Before Long Haochen came, the Knight Temple’s hopes were placed upon Long Xingyu. But the Knight Temple also understood that Xingyu was below Li Zhengzhi in terms of talent, but was also a lot younger in the end, therefore probably giving him no opportunity to catch up Li Zhengzhi’s cultivation in this lifetime.

But who would have thought that the Knight Temple would produce this Long Haochen? Just look at his cultivation until now. He only used ten or so years to become a Saint Knight of the eighth step. This speed of progress, added up to his talent as a Scion of Light and a god’s chosen one made his probability of surpassing this Temple Head in the future extremely great.

Facing Li Zhengzhi and seeing him sigh with sorrow, Long Haochen didn’t utter a word, only keeping his crystal clear eyes on the Temple Head of the Mage Temple.

Li Zhengzhi immediately retrieved the scroll in his hand, tidying it up,
“Have a seat, we shall talk.”

Saying that, he brought Long Haochen into the hall behind him, then sat on the sofa.
Li Zhengzhi’s office was decorated simply, but gave off a feeling of sturdiness. All the furniture was made of a crow-black wood, which Long Haochen didn’t recognize. It distributed a faint fragrance, which made Long Haochen distinctly feel as if his mental force was boosted as he smelled it.

The most characteristic point in this office was the bookshelf on its wall. It probably had over ten thousand books piled up, and let out a simple and unadorned atmosphere. Furthermore, there were so many books having a spiritual nature that Long Haochen could sense which made them feel as though they were alive.

Li Zhengzhi said with a smile, “Long Haochen, you should have come to look for Lin Xin, right? Did you know that a bit over a year ago, before the Demon God Emperor initiated the Holy War, I was the first one from the Alliance to give my approval to hand you over. Do you know why?”

Long Haochen was slightly blank, and didn’t think this Mage Temple’s Head would be so direct with his words.

“That’s because the Alliance isn’t prepared for such a Holy War. There’s still a considerable gap between the demons’ forces and ours, and we need time.” Long Haochen replied indifferently, as if Li Zhengzhi wasn’t speaking about the matter of sacrificing his own life.

Li Zhengzhi declared with some surprise, “So you are one of the rare ones that saw through my thoughts. Many were thinking that I wanted to strike the Knight Temple, for the sake of winning the seat of number one from the Knight Temple. You’re right. The Alliance’s preparation is still not enough. But there’s another reason why I wanted to hand you over. Because I am not prepared yet. ”

“Huh?” When Long Haochen looked at this short and stout elder, he suddenly had a special feeling. From Li Zhengzhi could be felt an absolute self-confidence, the belief that he could certainly one day match the Demon God Emperor controlling all demons.

Li Zhengzhi was seated on the sofa, unhurriedly declaring, “That’s right, I’m still not prepared yet. For six thousand years, the Temple Alliance had
been accumulating forces. Although the contradictions between the Six Great Temples were unavoidable, in front of the powerful common enemy, everyone has to unify. And what we want is to launch the counterattack against demonkind, to retrieve our lost territory, and even eradicate forever the demons from the continent. For that, an important issue has to be faced, and that’s the Demon God Emperor.

“The Demon God Emperor Feng Xiu is said to have a spiritual energy totalling a million, making him reach another realm. If the Alliance doesn’t have anyone able to beat him, what use would there even be to overpower the demons’ side? In the end, we will still hardly escape the fate of ending up as the losing side. That’s why I said that I’m not ready yet. To speak arrogantly, I have always believed, until meeting you, that I am the one with the greatest chances to take him down with myself.”
Reaching this point, Li Zhengzhi’s self confidence became even greater. “This year, I will be sixty-seven years old. If I am given a hundred more
years, maybe I will have such a chance. But if the Alliance collapses, the final ending will inevitably be tragic. Therefore, I couldn’t ruin the possibility of such a good situation just because of you. Unfortunately, the influence the Knight Temple has gained over so many years was nothing I could compare with, and in the end my proposal was rejected.

“However, now it seems that Yang Haohan and Long Tianying really were right. You are worth such an investment from the Alliance.” While saying that, Li Thenzhi suddenly sounded quite tired, but also relaxed, as if an immense burden had just been unloaded from him.

“The mages are the most sensitive to mental fluctuations. I am not amazed by your age, or your cultivation, but by your will. Your look is deep, reserved, and combative, proof of your incomparable steadiness. And your eyes are firm, not showing the slightest impatience or pride. These two characteristics added together are making me see through your future. Very good, excellent! However, the journey you will have to walk is still very long. I wish for you to accept my heavy responsibility to challenge the Demon God Emperor.
“I know that your Knight Temple has always hoped to thoroughly unite the Six Great Temples, to join forces thoroughly, display our full strength, and establish a united country which would face the Demon God Emperor. I don’t reject this proposal, but hope that the Mage Temple can lead it, while the other Temples also have their own views.

“For this reason, this suggestion has remained stranded even after so many years. If one day, you can defeat me, I will accept your Knight Temple’s proposal on behalf of the Mage Temple, while giving you the qualifications to challenge the Demon God Emperor.”

Long Haochen calmly listened to Li Zhengzhi’s speech. From beginning to end, he didn’t oppose him at all. He found out that he already had taken a liking for this Mage Temple Head. He didn’t show any reservation, and although he could sound unpleasant at times, he had clearly expressed his approval of Long Haochen’s, as well as the Alliance’s future expectations.

Chapter 549

A sharp look was shot from Li Zhengzhi’s eyes, piercing Long Haochen like sharp swords and immediately exciting the spiritual energy in him. A drizzling splendor overflowed from him, and took the shape of a defensive, layered, spiritual highland.

Li Zhenzhi showed a slight smile and shifted his sight back to him, “Long Haochen. You have to remember that this world has never been lacking geniuses. Although talent such as yours is extremely rare, it doesn’t mean such has never appeared. But until now, the humans have never produced a powerhouse truly able to stand against the Demon God Emperor. Do you know why?”

Long Haochen shook his head, “Please explain Temple Head.”

Li Zhengzhi replied, “That’s because they didn’t understand the notion of patiently enduring.”

“What?” Long Haochen’s brain had been working at high speeds after hearing Zhengzi’s question, but this was an answer that hadn’t come to his mind.

“The previous Scion of Samsara and the Divine Holy Sword Wielder were also unbelievable prodigies of their generation. Their cultivation also reached the ninth step, but in the end, it still ended up with their deaths. At most, the demon side was only restrained a little. In terms of innate talent, they are absolutely not below you, and may even surpass you. For instance, it was at the age of thirty six that the Scion of Samsara of that time dared challenge the Demon God Emperor, amply proving his
self-confidence and strength. But in the end both sides suffered damage, and the same went for the the Divine Holy Sword Wielder. Their talent could very possibly lead a large human counteroffensive, or at least turn around the situation of disadvantage. But in the end, they all lost because of their impetuousness.”

Seeing Long Haochen’s expression of incomprehension, Li Zhengzhi declared, “You don’t understand right? Then, let me put it simply. If the Scion of Samsara of that time hadn’t challenged the Demon God Emperor at the age of thirty-six, but one hundred thirty-six years old, would the result be the same? If the Divine Holy Sword Wielder had challenged him at the age of one hundred forty or so years instead of forty or so, what about it?”

Long Haochen couldn’t help but retort, “But these ancestors had no other choice at that time! The demon army was suppressing the territory and left them without a choice but to act.”

Li Zhengzhi snorted to that, letting out an expression of disdain, “They had exactly the same mentality as you, which is why they didn’t manage to really became the leaders of a human victory against the demon race.

“Since the start of the dark era, we were compelled to this small piece of land, but have never been compelled to a desperate situation. That’s right, the demons would frequently launch attacks, but having crossed hands with them, what do you think to be the gap between the Alliance and the demons’ strengths.”

Long Haochen replied very seriously, “The demons are under the lead of the seventy-two demon gods, and their army of powerhouses is considerably formidable. Only by relying on the natural advantages of the six great forts can the Alliance barely resist their attacks. Of course, we are surely inferior in terms of strength, and I don’t understand the true secret trumps that the Alliance has in reserve.”

Li Zhengzhi replied to that, “You are making a good point. Indeed, the demons’ forces are more powerful than ours, and it has been the case all along until now. But have you thought about six thousand years ago? How
were things back then? At that time, the demon gods also numbered seventy-two, and their firs

“Oh!?” Long Haochen had a look of alarm, “Temple Head, you are right. Then why didn’t the demons do so?”

Li Zhengzhi had a cold smile on his face, “They’re raising us in a closed space. Right, the demon forces are far greater than us, but they are after all not from our world. Except for fights and destructions, they aren’t capable of anything. If humans really go extinct, there won’t even be a need for someone else to avenge us, the demons will just walk through the path of destruction by themselves. Therefore, the demons don’t dare annihilate us. This is the secret behind the six thousand years of the dark age. Behind our backs, the demons will frequently conduct transactions with our side, it’s just that the masses don’t know about that.”

“And how about this Holy War?” Long Haochen still had some disbelief in Li Zhengzhi’s words.

Li Zhengzhi indifferently answered, “Holy War? You may be the fuse that triggered it, but in truth, the fundamental reason behind it is that the demons are afraid. Over the past years, the growth of the Alliance has been too fast and surpassed their expectations. The Demon God Emperor is fearing that our strength grows too fast, and threatens the demon rule. At the same time, the demons’ numbers are far too enormous, and need to be reduced. That’s why this Holy War broke out, and why until now, none of the Six Great Temples have been broken through despite the simultaneous attacks.”

Long Haochen gasped, faintly comprehending Li Zhengzhi’s point.

The latter continued, “In other words, at those times, they had not been in situations where they had no other choice but to fight to death. If the Divine Holy Sword Wielder or the Scion of Samsara had endured silently for long enough, until the time that they had a certain enough grasp, the Alliance wouldn’t be in its current state.
“As you are an intelligent person, I believe that you understood my point. Of course, I am not telling you to shut yourself inside the Alliance until then; quite the opposite, true growth and comprehension require one to incessantly challenge powerhouses, to undergo incessant battles. But you have to remember to try as far as possible to avoid getting into unnecessary danger and troubles.”

At this point, Li Zhengzhi shut his eyes and leaned on the sofa, seemingly reflecting deeply.

Long Haochen replied respectfully, “Many thanks to you, elder. From our conversation, I owe Senior a sudden flash of insight and deep comprehension.”

Li Zhengzhi waved his hand, “Now go live competitively. Although I appreciate your talent, I definitely won’t show mercy in the battle for the Six Temples’ rankings. It’s still too early for you to think of defeating me. Five years later will start the next Temples’ contest. I hope that at that time, I won’t see you as an opponent. But in fifteen years you should be able to truly start spreading your radiance.”

Long Haochen slowly stood up and made, once again, his salutations to Li Zhengzhi before turning around.

Li Zhengzhi narrowed his eyes slightly, looking at Long Haochen’s steady departing steps. Deep inside, his thoughts were, What a child of fortune! I hope that he won’t follow his predecessors’ steps.

Li Zhengzhi’s words really rang a bell inside Long Haochen’s mind. Being about to reach twenty this year, and having focused all his energy on cultivation and fights against demons over the past ten years, his understanding of the Alliance’s internal affairs and the relationship between demonkind and humankind wasn’t great.

Since his return from the Swamps of Gloom, and especially after his return from seclusion, he had learned a lot of things he didn’t know before from Long Tianying, Sheng Yue, and Li Zhengzhi. Almost everything was
about guiding him in the correct path. Long Haochen therefore gained in maturity.

“Hey.” As Li Zhengzhi’s words were reverberating in Long Haochen’s mind, he heard a call.

Long Haochen felt startled, and unconsciously turned around. Both he and the person who called him out became blank.

The one who’d just called him was obviously Li Zhengzhi’s direct disciple Tan Wan. And this was as Long Haochen was thinking of leaving through the transporting formation.

At that time he met face to face with Tan Wan.

In a flash of sluggishness, he came to realize his mistake: because Li Zhengzhi’s talk brought him far too much, it was enough to make him forget to put on the Golden Foundation Armor before going back out. And at such a time, Tan Wan came to meet him face to face.

Tan Wan’s shock was obvious, naturally due to Long Haochen’s looks.

“You…are that guy?” Seeing Long Haochen’s young and handsome looks, her eyes became filled with unbelief. The only other ones present in Li Zhengzhi’s office were Li Zhengzhi himself as well as that Provisional Saint Knight Head. Seeing a complete stranger come out, she naturally deduced that since it wasn’t her teacher, it could only be that Provisional Saint Knight Head.

Being the direct disciple of the Mage Temple’s head Li Zhengzhi, and moreover blessed with good looks, Tan Wan was an ideal lover in the eyes of almost all mages of the Mage Temple. The youths that came solicitously to her were far too many, but she was certain that the person in front of her eyes was incomparable to any one of them. Her first thought was, So a man can actually be so nice-looking. Be it in terms of build or looks, she couldn’t see a single flaw of Long Haochen. As someone who used to be conceited in her looks, she unexpectedly had a kind of feeling of shame, and moreover, that person looked even younger than her.
Long Haochen’s immediate response gave Tan Wan a certain confirmation. After finding out about his mistake, he immediately liberated his Golden Foundation Armor. Under Tan Wan’s helpless look, that golden armor glinting in orange speedily covered Long Haochen’s body, and the golden mask reappeared to shelter his face from view.

“That’s really you?” After a short time of sluggishness, Tan Wan’s expression was already filled to the brim with shock.

Long Haochen nodded to her, before stepping inside the transporting formation, immediately being sent away.

Seeing his silhouette gradually turn illusory, Tan Wan immediately rushed out from Li Zhengzhi’s transporting formation. A girl’s curiosity was always greater than a boy’s, and moreover this shock exceeded all she used to know.

Right after arriving in the second floor Long Haochen was in great shock, because he saw in a glance that Cai’er was under another person’s embrace. After giving another good look, he was filled with nice surprise and stepped forward rapidly, letting out a loud shout, “Big sis, Lin Xin!!!”

The one hugging Cai’er was Li Xin, who Long Haochen hadn’t seen for a long while. And beside them Lin Xin, who had regained his long dark green hair, was holding right hands with Han Yu, full of excitement.

Chapter 550

Originally, Lin Xin just got notified by Elder Fei right after Long Haochen was called out by the Mage Temple’s Head Li Zhengzhi. Hearing news about mates from his team as well as a Golden Foundation Knight, he immediately had a guess. No one had a better trust in Long Haochen’s strength than Lin Xin. He was almost certain that Haochen was that Golden Foundation Knight. Immediately, he picked up Li Xin in ecstasy and hastened as fast as possible. In the corridor, he ran upon Cai’er and Han Yu who were waiting for Long Haochen’s return.

Li Xin heard about Cai’er’s loss of memories long before. Filled with feelings of tenderness, her sight was hazy with tears as she hugged her. Lin Xin and Han Yu were holding each other’s right hand firmly: after two years passed, the brothers were so happy to reunite they were at lost for words.

Before they had the time to start conversing, Long Haochen returned. Lin Xin let go of Han Yu’s hand, and shouted loudly, “Boss!” Dashing quickly, he gave Long Haochen an enormous hug.

Everyone was full of excitement, and almost unable to control themselves. Although Long Haochen was clad in Golden Foundation Armor, his voice didn’t change.

“Haochen!” Li Xin let go of Cai’er and stepped forward with an expression of nice surprise. Despite her strong nature, she was totally dripping with tears.
Letting go of his hug with Lin Xin, Long Haochen closely hugged Li Xin. The surging emotions made Long Haochen speechless as he was choked with emotions.

After quite a while, everyone’s emotions came back to tranquility, and Long Haochen declared, “Let’s talk after we get inside the room.”

The five of them entered Long Haochen’s room together. After shutting his room well, Long Haochen tookoff the Golden Foundation Armor on him in a rush. In front of his elder sister and brother, how could he be willing to stay estranged in this layer of metal?

At this time he could observe Li Xin and Lin Xin with attention. Compared to the time before their separation, Li Xin seemed a lot more mature, her build was even more fiery and sexy. Her pink hair was combed behind her head, and her eyes showed great focus. Her cultivation had obviously progressed greatly.

Compared to Li Xin, Lin Xin’s changes were even more huge. Before their separation, Lin Xin used to give off a frivolous feeling, but at the current time, the changes in his looks weren’t huge but it felt clear that he had become much more resolute. He also looked quite dignified, giving him a steady’ look, which was something unthinkable to describe the past him. In particular, the expression in his eyes was focused and steady, lacking the erratic wandering of before. It seemed that he had matured greatly over these two years of separation. Without looking at his appearance, Long Haochen may have been unable to recognize him.

Even without asking, Long Haochen could imagine that Lin Xin had experienced a lot over the past two years.

“Lin Xin, these two years have been hard on you.” Long Haochen declared sincerely.

These words weren’t fired blindly. The one who contributed the most for the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad over these two years was Lin Xin. The pills he made gave huge boosts to everyone’s external spiritual energy, and he also supplied a lot of pills for everyone’s survival. And their
captain Long Haochen didn’t do any such thing, only remaining in secluded cultivation all this time.

Hearing Long Haochen speak so, Lin Xin’s expression had a change. Abruptly standing up, he stood straight in front of him like a child in the wrong, “Captain, don&r

Li Xin suddenly stepped in, “Let it be, this is all the past. Now that everyone has reunited with such difficulty, what do you want to say that for?”

Lin Xin turned his head to glance at Li Xin. To Long Haochen’s surprise, Lin Xin who was originally head over heels for Li Xin shook his head resolutely, “Xin’er, I have to say it no matter what. If I don’t let Boss know about this matter, I won’t be able to rest for this whole lifetime.”

Long Haochen, who understood the seriousness of the matter, asked in puzzlement, “What’s has happened in the end? Just what kind of matter?”

Lin Xin lowered his head, “I didn’t defend Xin’er well. During this Holy War, her arm was cut off by the enemy.”

“What?” Long Haochen stood up in shock all of a sudden. The look in his eyes immediately becoming severe. To him, Li Xin was no less than a blood-related big sister. Back in Hao Yue City, Li Xin’s meticulous care gave him a moral support that was no inferior to a parent’s. There’s no way Long Haochen’s attachment to Li Xin could ever weaken.

Li Xin hastily stood up, “This is all in the past, didn’t this arm just get connected back? For my sake, Lin Xin has been suffering a lot over more than a year. Haochen, don’t blame him, this was absolutely not his fault.” While saying that, she took the initiative to join Lin Xin’s side and held his right arm, nestling against him, full of warmth.

Seeing them, Long Haochen immediately came to an understanding. Lin Xin had a guilty look, both his eyes reddened, while Lin Xin had a warm
and happy look. Obviously, their feelings towards each other had made a qualitative leap.

“Lin Xin, just tell me what has happened in great detail. I also heard that you are now the captain of the number one mage squad of the Mage Temple.”

Right when Lin Xin wanted to start to talk, Li Xin rushed to be the first, “Let me tell you everything. If you listen to him, it will surely end up as a speech of himself trying to take all blame. He’s just totally blind with love!

“There’s no war without deceased and wounded. At that time, he was busy making pills inside the Temple, while I was participating in the Tombal Mountain Pass’ defense, and in one battle, my arm was cut off by the enemy. Afterwards, it was attached back, but had lost a lot of its agility. Like a madman, Lin Xin then kept insisting that he didn’t protect me well. And then he changed, and broke that oath he made once, starting to train using offensive magic, while developing all kinds of pills to try to treat my arm. Now this broken arm has already recovered completely, and after training in the use of offensive magic, greatly increasing his capabilities, he joined in battles, and rose in ranks swiftly due to his own strength and outstanding performance. Gaining appreciation from the Mage Temple’s higher-ups, he accumulated military deeds until gaining the position of captain of the number one mage squad.”

Hearing Li Xin’s whole story, both Long Haochen and Han Yu were in great shock, and Han Yu asked, “Have you really learnt offensive magic?”

Li Xin’s story sounded very simple, and could sound like a very ordinary story from an outsider’s viewpoint. But with Long Haochen’s understanding of Lin Xin, he could sense that when Li Xin’s arm had been cut off, Lin Xin he been greatly provoked.

In fact, the reason why Lin Xin had pledged to never learn offensive magic was that his parents both died while researching magic in the past. This shadow influenced him as one might well imagine. But because of Li Xin’s injuries, Lin Xin actually walked out of this shadow. For the sake of
protecting Li Xin, he learnt offensive magic. This instant, Long Haochen finally relaxed. So that unreliable mage who was unable to attack finally matured, and finally became someone who’s able to protect his big sister well.

Stepping forward, Long Haochen came in front of Lin Xin.

Seeing Long Haochen’s pure eyes, Lin Xin’s heartbeat immediately quickened. Anyone could tell his nervousness. Li Xin seemed to want to keep speaking, but was stopped with one gesture from Long Haochen.

Lifting up both his hands, Long Haochen grabbed Lin Xin’s shoulder,
“It’s enough brother. These days have been really hard on you.”

Lin Xin was blank. He used to imagine many times in the past the attitude his captain would have after hearing that story. But he didn’t imagined that he would receive this response.

Tears were brimming from his eyes. Over the past two years, he just paid far too much. His frantic magic cultivation even greatly impressed Tan Wan, renowned as the number one genius of the younger generation. While keeping such a frantic rate of cultivation he took time outside for developing a medicine for Li Xin. The real times of rest he had were below two hours daily. Only by madly indulging himself in training could he lighten that pain and guilt he had. Many times, he encountered a dangerous situation of elemental backlash, but even so, he kept forcing his limits.

At this very moment, that simple sentence from Long Haochen made Lin Xin feel that all he invested was worth it. His captain didn’t blame him for that!

“Boss...” The immense pressure filling him was finally abandoned, and Lin Xin’s closed heart finally opened totally. Losing his voice in bitter cries, his pent up emotions raged out like a mountain torrent.

Han Yu wanted to advance to console him, but was blocked by Li Xin. She understood Lin Xin’s current mental state the most clearly. Now that he
was finally liberated from these emotional issues, letting him cry his fill was definitely far better than holding these sentiments back inside him.

Lin Xin’s burst of emotion lasted for over a quarter of an hour before calming down. Although his eyes became inflamed due to crying, his look was clearly a lot softer, and his repressed heartstrings finally loosened. He didn’t have that immense mental pressure anymore, but the intense tiredness made him directly fall asleep in Li Xin’s arms. The pressure he inflicted upon himself these days was too much. After letting it all out, he needed to have a good rest to let his body and mind recover their normal state.

Two days later, on the Tombal Mountain Pass’ fortress.

What does the Mage temple rely on most to defend the Tombal Mountain Pass? It’s without a doubt their mages. The Mage Temple had a total of ten main mage squads, all formed of five hundred people, all of whom reached at least the fifth step of cultivation. The ones below the fifth step only served as backup forces, and weren’t allowed to join the battlefield. This was a protective action the Mage Temple chose for the sake of defending the mages of lower cultivation. After all fostering a mage wasn’t an easy thing at all, and maybe another Li Zhengzhi could appear among these mages of currently low rank.

Aside from the ten main mage squads, they had some even more powerful mage squads, constituted of powerhouses. All of the main mage squads were specialized in only one element, because this was the only way to avoid the appearance of elementary clashes in the battlefield. It wasn’t because of being the strongest in the team that Lin Xin managed to distinguish himself as captain, but because the number one mage squad, known as Ignition Corps, was only composed of control mages.
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