Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 531-540

Chapter 531

A sad shrill scream echoed fiercely rang out, immediately alarming the whole camp.

Right at that time, several lights abruptly burst out toward different directions of the demon camp. The distance between one of them and Long Haochen’s group was no more than two hundred meters.

The attack now discovered, Long Haochen immediately understood the current situation. Although he didn’t know by which means the demon discovered the assassins, it was clear that the time had come for retreat.

As expected, those lights simultaneously launched from all over the large demon camp. Without exception, those bright rays burst out, producing ripples of light as they retreated rapidly, flowing together into ribbons of light that quietly faded into thin air, clearly becoming invisible as they began to flee towards the city.

Under Long Haochen’s attentive watch, the glint that was nearest to Cai’er and him instantly burst out with incomparable brilliance, letting out a wide expanse of grey light encompassing at least four or five camp divisions. Everywhere this grey passed, the ground seemed as if struck by meteors. Those camp divisions totally disappeared in the midst of fierce sounds of explosions. Then, the figure that was its source disappeared totally, sinking into the sky as it faded away.

Clearly, even if they were found out, the assassins were still set on making a great score before departing.
Long Haochen didn’t have the leasure to ponder about these issues, and quickly turned to transmit his voice to Cai’er, saying, “Prepare to act. In a moment you will see me move against the enemy, then, after we clash, I want you to immediately prepare to use the Sickle of the God of Death while I feign a panicked retreat to draw them in. You will be hiding yourself on my escape route. When I head to your direction for a counterattack, we will attack from both sides. Understood?”

“Understood.” Cai’er immediately replied, clearly understanding Long Haochen’s plan.

Due to that sharp shrill as well as the dozens of glints that had risen so suddenly, the whole demon camp immediately became disorderly. Countless demons were rushing out from the camp, and the ones outside were also risen up, looking for the enemies’ tracks in a frenzy.

However, finding a dozen or so people in this camp of one million was easier said than done, not to mention that these assassins were masters in the art of concealment. Looking for them was no different than looking for a needle in the sea.

In the center of the demon camp, seven demon god pillars flashed out, aiming in one direction with perfect cohesion.

This direction was between the demon camp and the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

As expected, from the direction they aimed for, several figures came out. They were visibly stunned for some time, before aiming to return in the direction of the Exorcist Mountain Pass at even greater speed. Radiances shot out from the demon camp to chase after them from the sky. In the meantime, each of those seven demon god pillars formed an intense ray. Among the lot, two chased after the figures that had come out, and the other five were rushing toward different directions in the camp. Their bodies all refracted the demon god pillars. They were visibly searching for the concealed assassins.
In front of such a situation, Long Haochen couldn’t help but gasp in secret admiration. The demons were really powerful. For these seven demon gods to be able to react so rapidly in such a situation made him think, I’m afraid that in this surprise attack, the Assassin Temple will have some losses. I just hope that these losses won’t be too great.

He was originally prepared to wait for

Quietly standing straight, Long Haochen swept his eyes around, taking in the full situation. He abruptly soared up, bursting out with a resplendent bright light which turned into an extreme burst of brilliant light aimed to all four directions. That was Light Meteors Shower Strike.

A great expanse of bright golden light meteors fiercely struck the demon camp below. What Long Haochen sought in this blow was not the offensive strength but the area of effect. A large area in the camp was blown away by Light Meteor Shower, but as the large majority of the demons inside had already rushed out from their tents, they were able to hastily block Long Haochen’s attack.

After the launch of this attack, Long Haochen’s whole body came to a standstill, before he turned and ran away, making a mad rush without leaving the ground.

On his right hand, Rippling Light was sparkling brilliantly, continuously spraying out myriads of golden lights, as it was thrust in the midst of an area of lower levelled demons.

The demons ate quite a severe loss from Long Haochen’s actions. The ordinary ones of the fourth and fifth step were all crushed in the face of his attacks. How could they have a way to survive that? Moreover, it was reinforced by Ripples of Light.

One could see a golden figure heading through the demon camp. Everywhere it passed, golden light sprinkled out from his body. Each sprinkle took along the lives of over a dozen of the lower ranked demons every time.
Demon Wiping Flash, boosted by Ripples of Light, was enough to even totally pierce through the defenses of some demons of the sixth step.

Almost all demons that stood in Long Haochen’s way turned the next instant into heaps of blood. In front of the tyrannical golden light, no one was able to show any resistance.

Afterwards, large quantities of demons kept going after Long Haochen, but his speed was just too great. With respect to his cultivation which reached the eighth step, even keeping up with his speed of advance was not within the scope of an ordinary demon.

This slaughter could be described as being carried out extremely carefreely. Long Haochen could even feel that his contribution points were rising at a monstrous speed. Every blow awarded him with over a hundred points, and sometimes over a thousand. He also occasionally released a Light Meteors Shower Strike to reap the lives of even more soldiers.

Of course, this situation lessened when he rushed inside the Dual Bladed Demons’ areas. Ten of them were only worth one contribution point, so even killing a lot of them wouldn’t earn much.

This may be the first time someone rushed into the demon camp while conducting such a brazen slaughter, because everyone knew that after releasing such attacks, the chances of escape would become close to zero.

This was confirmed by what followed next. Of the five demon gods, the nearest one to Long Haochen was glinting with an intense green light. Confirming the direction of Long Haochen’s escape, he instantly accelerated in midair, chasing after him at a mad speed. No other demon powerhouse followed, as in their eyes, this human wouldn’t possibly be able to escape the chase of a demon god no matter what.

Long Haochen was certainly running away all this time, but he still kept attention to the movements behind him. Of course, he also noticed the increasing threat that was approaching him from behind. But, as if he didn’t know, he kept slaughtering his way through the surrounding sections of the demon camp. He took it so far that when he was reaching the Dual Bladed
Camp, he suddenly made a turn and kept killing his way in the low ranked demons’ sections.

Long Haochen was absolutely sure that this charge got him at least 100,000 contribution points. Since such a good chance could come only once, he made sure to utilize it as fully as possible.

No one knew that as Long Haochen was moving his way through the demon camp, an invisible silhouette in the sky was following him all along, while paying close attention to the green figure after him.

Finally, the solid green lit demon god had chased him near enough, and from him a gaudy green ray was shot out, piercing the air to aim straight at Long Haochen.

This green ray was extremely fast, gradually looming larger in the sky. Its outside part was surprisingly burning with a black flame, just like a meteor rushing at Long Haochen.

When it seemed on the verge of hitting, Long Haochen’s figure flashed and golden flames were shot out from his back, propelling him forward at a frightening speed. His sudden rush through the camp of low leveled demons left a thin bloody swath as he cut his way through them. This mere dodge propelled him over two hundred meters forward, escaping this bombarding attack that came from above.

A large boom rang out on the ground, the intense greenish black flames enveloping an area of over three hundred meters in diameter. The demons that didn’t die yet under his hand didn’t even have the time to scream, and simply turned into ashes dissolving in the air.

The demon god from whom this attack originated also finally appeared.

It was a human shaped figure glistening in green, riding a green horse. It looked to be a handsome man over two meters tall, but both he and his horse had pairs of enchanting red colored eyes. The scene of his figure becoming alternately hidden and visible due to the surrounding green light
was strange. Clad in green armor, he had a spear hung on the saddle of his winged horse.

Goblin Knight Seere, seventieth ranked of the seventy-two demon gods. He could be considered an old mate of the Blazing Lion Demon Allocer as well as the Winged Ox Demon Zagan. Obviously, they had been assigned to this area all this time, as the Demon God Emperor would naturally not assign three demon gods already familiar with this area to somewhere else. Because of their rather lower ranking, they were merely stripped of their status of commander here. But as demon gods they obviously retained very majestic positions in this camp.

The fact that the demons found out about the Assassin Temple’s raid was really mysterious. And its explanation was beyond the comprehension of the Assassin Temple’s powerhouses.

During a slaughter of a dozen or so minutes, over a thousand demons of the sixth step at least that died. Demons were also living beings, breathing creatures. When they died, their breath would also disappear.

Because the powerhouses from the Assassin Temple were approaching the camp from its outside, the missing demon breaths were mostly located on the outer part of the camp.

The seven great demon gods were always scanning the situation in the camp through their demon god pillars, even in times of cultivation or sleep.

Chapter 532

The most powerful demon god present having apparently sensed the disappearance of some breaths, reinforced his scouting power to scan through the changes in the camp. This action was naturally followed by the other demon gods.

Their move seemed confident, and immediately frightened the powerhouses from the Assassin Temple. But if the assassins had kept themselves concealed, the seven demon gods couldn’t be completely sure that someone was raiding on them. After all, examining every breath in the area of the camp was not such an easy thing to do. This way, maybe the Assassin Temple’s powerhouses could have come out with even more gains.

But unfortunately, it was too late for that. This response from the assassins confirmed the guess of the seven great demon gods, who immediately counterattacked.

Right now, they had no time to deploy the armies, as this surprise attack of the enemies was very sudden. Moreover, since they attacked so suddenly, they surely would have prepared a path of retreat beforehand.

So the seven of them didn’t even take the time to discuss, and immediately put their whole energy into searching for the enemies. As long as they were found while still in the camp, their officers and soldiers could act.

As a matter of fact, they made a very good choice. A few assassins overly pressed to return were found out just like that.
Two demon gods were chasing after the enemies, while the other five were still searching through the camp, when Seere saw Long Haochen’s figure.

There’s no way he couldn’t have noticed him as Haochen didn’t have the slightest intention to keep himself concealed: he was running away while attacking and demolishing the sections of the demon camp on his way.

The Golden Foundation Armor on Long Haochen was naturally recognized by Seere. It would be rather strange for him to not know about knights of the eighth step. But he wondered whether this guy was not actually throwing his life away. Seere even believed the enemy to be planning to kill himself by rushing through the demon camp by himself, when even just a drop of saliva from every demon present would be enough to drown him.

But Seeres found out with shock that this human knight seemed extremely adroit at area-targeted abilities. Without much effort, he wiped out everything on his way, while retaining a very fast escape speed.

Only now did he realize that this was a very cunning human. The reason why he didn’t travel through the sky to escape ought to be his overly conspicuous golden armor, which would attract the attention from even more demon gods. He was intending to break out from here to escape to the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

You’re pretty good, but do you take me, the Goblin Knight, for an idiot? While Seere accelerated to chase after Long Haochen, he had started to prepare that last strike, a probing attack aimed at Haochen.

Long Haochen avoided it without difficulty, increasing Seeres’ assessment of him a bit. But he still didn’t believe Haochen to be able to escape. In terms of speed, the Goblin Knight had an absolute confidence in himself.

A brutal strength surged out from the green winged horse, who landed directly in Long Haochen’s path. In the meanwhile, a green flame was also
starting to surge out from his demon god pillar as well as another distant one.

Although Seeres was only at the peak of the eighth step, in times of battle he could actually wield a strength reaching the ninth step in the vicinity of his demon god pillar, just like Andromalius did back then. But in strength, as the seventieth ranked, he was even more powerful than Andromalius.

Seeres made a fast slashing motion toward Long Haochen, and many green lights burst fo

From the beginning of the fight, the only weapon Long Haochen used was Rippling Light.

Seeing Seeres block him like that, Long Haochen finally revealed a faint smile.

This was the timing he was waiting for. He had been holding back all this time just for this moment. As a knight, he couldn’t go assassinate the various demon powerhouses in there, for fear of having greater odds of getting found out. And thus, why would he be hurried to step in?

During the daytime, Long Haochen had clearly examined the looks of the eight demon god pillars. He hadn’t seen many demon god pillars before, but the first time he saw one was in this Exorcist Mountain Pass! And his memories of the three demon gods that almost took Sheng Lingxin and his life were unforgettable in his mind.

The Goblin Knight Seere was, in his memories, the weakest of these three. Andromalius was already dead, so Long Haochen had decided on his next target as early as when he followed Sheng Yue outside of the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

Right, the Goblin Knight Seere may be a bit stronger than Andromalius, but as they were the seventieth and the seventy-second ranked, how could their gap be so important. Seere had some strength in reserve, but Long Haochen was also far stronger than at that time.
He wanted to reward the Exorcist Mountain Pass with another big gift, the demon god right before him. How could Seere know that, while taking Long Haochen for his target, he was actually the one being targeted!?

Concealed behind the Golden Foundation Armor, Long Haochen’s body turned into a transparent golden color. A complete Brilliant Body!

Confronting Seere’s attack, he simply waved Rippling Light in his right hand, and a golden halo came out, undulating around the sword.

A fantastic scene emerged: upon encountering this golden halo, Seere’s green cage collapsed instantly, just as if it had never existed.

Element Obliterating Halo.

This skill was revealed for the first time when the strength of Long Haochen’s team was assessed by Gao Yingjie. It had a single use, which was to obliterate any elemental fluctuation, and was one of the strongest abilities of a Guardian Knight of the seventh step.

The reason why it was only at the seventh step was that its effect lasted only for a short instant, and didn’t persist with time. Otherwise it would be a frightening ability on the level of a domain, and even comparable to a forbidden spell.

However, even if it only lasted one instant, this was still a game-breaking ability. Elemental Obliterating Halo was a secret technique employed by the Knight Temple, not something anyone could use. It left a very deep impression in him at the time Gao Yingjie had used it, which is why he specifically looked for it in the training cave. At the present time, as he already reached the eighth step, using it was a child’s play in his eyes.

Sweeping away Seeres’ attack, Long Haochen made his move. He understood clearly that he didn’t have much time. To kill Seeres, he could only go all out from the beginning, before the arrival of other demon gods. Otherwise, his life would be the one endangered.
But what he did now was not to attack, but he kept stimulating Rippling Light, discharging a glowing barrier all around. In this short span of time, it had swelled to a range of a hundred meters

Elemental Obliterating Halo gave Seere quite a shock, making him see Long Haochen’s strength in a new light.

This barrier didn’t have any powerful might, but to expand to such a large scale, it surely consumed quite a significant amount of spiritual energy! What’s that for? Seere was also cautious about the tiny buzzing sounds this barrier emitted. The twisted light it emitted already made it impossible to see the outside world.

To Seere, this barrier could only be aimed at disconnecting the demon god pillar from him, to prevent it from detecting Seere’s crisis. But there’s no way disconnecting a demon god from his pillar could be so easy. At least, in the history of the humans’ resistance against the demons, it had never been done while the demon god and his pillar were so close to each other.

At the time Long Haochen unleashed the barrier, Seere didn’t stay idle either. To the other seven, Allocer’s death was an important warning rather than a big loss.

The fifty-second ranked demon god didn’t even have the time to use the abilities at his disposal while he was killed right in front of the Exorcist Mountain Pass. This gave the other demon gods a considerable shock.

For this reason, Seere didn’t dare show any carelessness in front of this Saint Knight of the eighth step. Within the large Holy Mantle Long Haochen released, he picked up the green spear saddled on his horse, lifted it upwards and let out a loud shout.

Immediately, a strange scene followed. A strong green light abruptly burst out from Seere’s body and rushed out, directly causing a hole to appear on the Holy Mantle. It wasn’t shattered from that, but didn’t show a great resistance either. In the meantime, some shocking changes started to occur on the Goblin Knight Seere.
His figure used to be two meters tall, and his looks astonishingly good for a demon, but right now his looks turned nasty.

The green winged horse below him spread out its wings, and as if melting, started to cover Seere’s whole body. One could clearly see a fleshy-looking green armor form on his whole body. Even more disgusting, this green armor was actually embedded with pulsating veins.

Seere’s body was visibly much more swollen, with a pair of scarlet eyes flickering with ominous glints. On his forehead were three helix shaped horns, black colored with some green light curling up. This appearance was comparable to Andromalius in toughness, but looked a lot more evil and fierce.

This was the Demon God Transformation relying on the power of the demon god pillar, which instantly boosted Seere’s strength to the ninth step.

Chapter 533

At the time of his death, the Blazing Lion Demon Allocer did not even have the time to use Demon God Transformation. Seere was unwilling to follow his tracks and believed that as long as his body was in the transformed state of a demon god, he would have many more tricks at his disposal to ensure his survival. To say nothing of this opponent only being at the eighth step, even against someone reaching the ninth step, he had the confidence of getting away.

Long Haochen understood clearly what he needed to do now. They were able to kill Andromalius because of the repercussions of his battle against the Forest Boa King. Heavily wounded and without any reserves left, they had the perfect opportunity. But the current Seere was in his complete state, and could be considered a strongly reinforced version of Andromalius.

Why is it that Long Haochen would have absolute confidence in being able to kill a powerhouse of the ninth step, furthermore one reinforced by his demon god pillar? In one versus one, his odds of victory were probably close to zero. The gap between the eighth and the ninth step was just that wide.

But Long Haochen had still done that. This simply meant that he was prepared long before.

While Seere assumed the Demon God Transformation, Long Haochen didn’t stay idle, and, in his hand, Rippling Light disappeared gradually. Instead, an orange colored radiance started to glow on his left arm before bursting out, reducing all the lower ranked demons present in its range to
fragments. The lower ranked demons outside its range were rushing to get away, as they didn’t have the ability to resist that at all.

What could that golden barrier be? Accurately speaking, it wasn’t a known technique, norr was it a Holy Mantle. Recently, Long Haochen had researched a new technique for himself that had a single purpose; to obstruct the enemy's’ line of sight.

Simply described, this could be called a Holy Mantle made of illusion, without any practical defensive or amplifying ability, and easily pierceable by any attack or creature, but only blocking the line of sight of any outsider.

Actually this technique wasn’t a hard thing to produce. Long Haochen’s inspiration came from his own Ripples of Light. By reduce the vibrating frequency a bit, and controlling the output of spiritual energy with more dexterity, his goal was attained. He had tried it out a lot of times already, and just as one could see right here, his creation was successful.

Would Long Haochen’s hard-made self-created ability be useless? Of course not, he made it especially because of his current circumstances. This was related to a matter he used to be helpless about, which was his current identity which could be leaked out. But the enemies won’t care about that: in case he encounters some powerful enemies, if he couldn’t display his full strength, then wouldn’t it be the same as fighting with hands and legs tied? Therefore, this barrier was absolutely not aimed at countering Seere, but created solely for Long Haochen’s sake, to conceal his personal abilities.

What Seere didn’t know at all was that Long Haochen’s release of this barrier was only proof of his incomparable determination to kill the enemy.

The green spear in Seere’s hand vibrated, and immediately, the surrounding sky started to twist violently. In the meantime, he shouted in rage to the lower ranked demons attempting to make their way through the barrier. They were not only unable to help in any way, but also contributed only to increasing the damage they sustained. With Seere and Long
Haochen’s level of cultivation, the waves coming out from the clashes between the two of them were

The spear was thrust out, launching nine green rays of light at Long Haochen. They had thickness comparable to chopsticks, contrasting greatly with Seere’s previous display of strength.

This was the effect from a great compression of his spiritual energy. In the end, as he was only at the eighth step, even after Demon Godification, Seere was unable to use the power of a domain. But in other aspects, his strength was greatly reinforced: for instance, this blow had a might comparable to the humans’ Spiritual Highland.

This powerful condensed attack was not a probing attack, but one of the powerful techniques at Seere’s disposal after Demon Godification.

In front of such an attack, Long Haochen remained at ease. An intense golden light glowed abruptly on his back, causing his body to shoot forward, facing the way of these nine rays.

Want to dodge? Seere had been through the battlefield for many years already. The human powerhouses he had faced were not few, therefore he immediately determined the goal behind Long Haochen’s charge.

Lightning Flash reached an extremely high speed.

Seere’s response was simple. The nine rays were fused into a single one, aimed straight at Long Haochen.

Right at this time, something Seere absolutely didn’t expect happened. In a flash of purple light, Long Haochen who looked about to be hit by the nine condensed rays disappeared without a trace. Right, he didn’t hide but just disappeared. The fact that it went through him and past the barrier was ample proof of that.

A terrible explosion also followed. The full power strike from the Goblin Knight reached a terrifying power without doubt, and this being the demon camp, the ones at loss were only those lower ranked demons. Unfortunately,
Long Haochen couldn’t be credited with contribution points from Seere’s attack on these demons.

Disappeared? Spacial transportation? But I put so much pressure on him, how could he complete a spacial shift? At that very moment, Seere’s eyes were full of shock. He was totally unable to believe a human reaching the eighth step could have completely comprehended the profound mysteries between spacial transportation. And this was the middle of a battlefield! As far as he remembered, even a powerhouse of the ninth step couldn’t do that while engaged with the enemy. In battle, the massive fluctuations of spiritual energy made the space unstable. In case something went wrong, he would get lost in this unstable space and no matter how terrible his strength is, he would still be totally unable to depart this world.

But Long Haochen just disappeared like that, without leaving a single trace. The barrier of light outside was also starting to weaken gradually.

He escaped? Seere let go of the spear in his hands, but remained extremely prudent and didn’t deactivate his Demon God Transformation.

Right as this Goblin Knight strode forward to exit the barrier of light, its light suddenly gained in intensity, and the signs of transparency that had started to manifest disappeared. This area was back to being isolated from the whole outside world.

Seere abruptly turned back, unconsiously gripping his spear. There came a sudden shot of drizzling light. Everywhere it passed through, the space was letting out a series of ripping sounds.

Right, his opponent was back. But when Seere saw him again, his expression became totally filled with alarm.

Long Haochen’s armor wasn’t golden anymore, but colored in a blindingly bright purplish-gold. On his chest, shoulders, and knees were some fierce head portraits, which all had different appearances. Each one differed in the horn on their foreheads. His mask also became purplish- golden colored, and from his forehead had appeared nine golden veined patterns. On his back, four gigantic purplish golden wings were spread out.
From this abrupt uncomparable pressure, Even in his Demon God Transformation, Seere found it hard to even breathe.

Under the cover of this purplish golden color, each of Long Haochen’s hands were gripping a different sword. The one on his left hand was letting out dark green glints, while the right one was glinting with an orange radiance.

Long Haochen’s left feet was brazenly shot forward against Seere’s glittering green spear, and immediately released twisted waves.

A terrifying spiritual energy was unleashed, flooding the area like a tsunami. The inside of the barrier was full of twisted waves, and in a large area outside of it, a great amount of lower ranked demons were swept away, all turning into broken powder.

Essence of Disorder, using five elements, that was the greatest skill belonging to Haoyue.

Seere’s attack was annihilated almost instantly, and his body found itself caught up into these powerful twisted lights.

Although Essence of Disorder couldn’t inflict serious wounds on Seere due to his transformation-enhanced strength reaching the ninth step, that terrifying attack was madly cutting through his skin, greatly depleting his spiritual energy. More importantly, while inside it, Seere was greatly slowed down. He now needed to put all his energy into resisting Essence of Disorder. Moving would deplete even more of his spiritual energy and besides, he couldn’t do that quickly.

Right then, Long Haochen made a move. Shooting his left foot forward, he waved the already unsealed Aria of the Goddess of Light on his right hand, launching a simple slash at the enemy.

This attack looked simple but was extremely brutal. An extremely concentrated        sword        intent        was        concentrated         inside that glinting orange sword, and the extremely terrifying waves of spiritual energy which vanished were concentrated inside.
Even the surrounding Essence of Disorder was rapidly repelled by this attack, making a path available for Long Haochen’s assault.

At this time, the Goblin Knight was facing an immense pressure due to the incredibly vast Essence of Disorder surrounding him.

“Raaa--” The fierce looking goblin bellowed pathetically. The spear in Seere’s hand abruptly took a provoking stance. That instant, it turned into a brilliant dark green color, with countless dark airstreams condensing on the tip, making a direct clash with the slashing Aria of the Goddess of Light.

“Dang--” With crisp sounds, Long Haochen repelled the spear with his Aria of the Goddess of Light. Seere felt as if struck by a thunderbolt, his whole body contorting violently. The tip of the spear in his hand crackled.

His breath loosened as he was already having ideas of retreat. And in the meantime, Long Haochen swept through. the sky like a tornado, this time wielding dual swords instead of a single one.

It couldn’t be possible for Long Haochen alone to unleash such an overwhelming sword intent. But with the Aria of the Goddess of Light and Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, plus the Golden Foundation Armor and the amplification of Haoyue on his armor, his strength became a whole level more frightful than Seere’s. And what he was now using was the self- created ability of his father, the Divine Knight Long Xinyu: Condemning Revolving Swords.

Chapter 534

After reaching the eighth step, Long Haochen was finally able to display the true power in his previous attack, finally comprehending the true essence of Condemning Revolving Sword.

Its real secret was to leave the enemy without a way out, without escape, to borrow all the surrounding force for a sure kill strike.

Dang, dang. Two crisp sounds followed, as Seere slightly drew back. But his eyes were full of shock because of finding out that although Long Haochen’s two swords were greatly powerful, the power they released was significantly different to the previous attack. In fact, the previous attack which borrowed power from Asura Strike was so powerful that it caused great damage to the channels in Seere’s two hands. He knew clearly that if he weren’t in the Demon God Transformation, the previous attack would have left him in an unthinkable state.

Becoming weaker all of a sudden? Could he have used everything he had on the previous attack? These were Seere’s thoughts.

And at this time Condemning Revolving Sword erupted.

In the midst of greatly concentrated clashing sounds, a terrible spiritual energy was unconsciously spread from the continuous clashes between the two parties. By now, there were no more lower ranked demons that dared approach their battlefield. The bitter lesson from before already taught them that this was no less than a land of death.
Seere’s rejoicing only lasted for a short while before turning into panicked shock. Horror-stricken, as Haochen was spinning at great speed, he suddenly released a powerful attractive force, which sucked in his body, making it impossible for him to escape. As a result, all he could do was to struggle with all his might.

But at every clash, he could feel that some of the strength in his spear was absorbed by the enemy’s dual swords and this would only result in an increase in the strength of Long Haochen’s next attack.

Such attacks not only depleted him without pause, but, most of all, were destroying him little by little.

How could Seere remain at ease against such a power? Although these were the demon camps, and he had his demon god pillar nearby, wasn’t he just facing Long Haochen all alone The other demon gods were chasing after the powerhouses of the Assassin Temple, so even if they were to notice the abnormality of the situation here, they would still not necessarily rush to his place in time. And moreover, this zone of the battlefield was perfectly masked by the enemy. In fact, this light looked as if it was only excluding the low levelled demons. A battle between a demon god and a Golden Foundation Armored Knight should normally be advantageous for the demon god. Therefore, the probability of the other demon gods coming to his rescue was really small, at least for the time-being.

The fluctuations of spiritual energy on Seere’s body increased along with Long Haochen’s strengthening, but only he knew how close to his limits he was nearing. If he broke through the limits, his resistance would immediately deplete suddenly, and what would follow would be the moment of his death. The winged horse now transformed into armor was certainly unable to resist these two swords of epic tier.

The Goblin Knight didn’t know how Long Haochen made his cultivation break through to the ninth step, but in comparison, the quality of their equipment was far too different.

A demon god pillar was a demon god’s greatest piece of equipment, comparable to a divine tool. But this piece of equipment was already
helping Seere to break through the ninth step, in addition to having other special abilities. But how about Long Haochen? He had at least three pieces of equipment at the epic tier, without mentioning the purplish

However, the current Seere didn’t have the time nor the energy to focus on making such an analysis. His green spear was already full of cracks, and could now crumble at any time.

Right at this time, Seere suddenly let out a mad howl, and stopped caring about   Long   Haochen’s   attacks,   abruptly   thrusting   his   green   spear at Haochen’s revolving body. This was a strategy of mutual destruction.

But as Long Xingyu’s most ultimate secret, the true essence of which was already grasped by Long Haochen, how could it be counteracted so simply?

The revolving stance didn’t change. A green light and a red light came out fiercely from Seere’s body, attempting to cut through the dual swords, and in the midst of those killing spirals, Seere’s body was lacerated at an astonishing speed. As for his previous thrusting attack, it only streaked by Haochen’s side and didn’t hit him at all.

The Golden Foundation Armor combined with Haoyue's powerhow could that defense be weak? It was sufficient to reach a boost matching the level of a divine tool, to say nothing about the powerful might produced by Condemning Revolving Swords. The more time passed, the more this flow of power was reinforced with Spiritual Highland.. As both sides were defending against each other, Seere’s attacks were extinguished like a series of sparkles.

But would this Goblin Knight just die like that? Just think of the moment of Andromalius’ death. Just what happened to Andromalius when up against the slightly stronger Forest Boa King? He had used a totally unpredictable crafty escape plan, and the Goblin Knight was right in the exact same situation as him.

A green colored shadow appeared almost instantly, right when Seere and his spear were split to fragments. It was Seere’s shadow-form, coming out
from his body in the shape of another him. That was the reincarnation allowed by his Demon God Transformation.

The reincarnation would normally rush to join the side of its demon god pillar, but Seere didn’t dare do so. That’s because the sucking power of Long Haochen’s Condemning Revolving Swords was far too enormous. He didn’t dare take such a gamble, as he would very likely not make it back that way. Therefore, he forcefully used this ability, despite the even greater damage inflicted to his core.

By now, he had turned back to his original handsome looks, only his face appearing pale, and his scarlet colored eyes far darker.

Without the least hesitation, the shadow-form separated itself from Seere to run away.

Even for a demon god, fully using an ability separating oneself from his body was not such an easy feat. This would come with an enormous consumption, and result in an inability to use Demon Godification for some time after that. And furthermore, it comes with the obligation of giving up on the equipment on the body. This increases even further the effects of depleting one’s strength.

Without using the Great Demonic Collapse Technique, it would be impossible for the user to return to his peak condition.

Back then, Long Haochen’s group managed to kill the Snake Demon God in such a state.

Seere was already really afraid. Facing Long Haochen as he wielded his Condemning Revolving Sword and in his peak condition, he didn’t have the slightest possibility to fight back. In a state where both parties were borrowing outside help to reach the ninth step, how could he compare with a god’s chosen one at the ninth step?

Seere’s fear was not only based on the strength wielded by Long Haochen, but also on the characteristic aura about him. He already discerned Haoyue’s own aura in it. In such a situation, how could he do
something else than escape? As long as he managed to pass the message, the other demon gods would join hands to beat Long Haochen, and his contribution would be enough to gain the Demon God Emperor’s favor, directly giving him a place amongst the top 36 demon gods. The Demon God Emperor had his own ways to increase the strength of a demon god.

However, the Goblin Knight’s thought was based on the major premise that he would surely make it back alive, to be able to notify the other demon gods.

The instant he turned his head, the bright color of the golden barrier released by Long Haochen suddenly gained in intensity. This instant, it not only blocked one’s line of sight but also all sounds. Even if Seere were to shout, the outside world wouldn’t be able to hear him.

Ever since starting to go all out, Long Haochen had already made the preparations to adapt to any turn of situation, to avoid letting the enemy have any chance.

In Seere’s only path of escape, a pitch black shadow suddenly appeared. It had a sad and beautiful appearance, carrying along long and narrow tree leaves in the night sky, and naturally letting off an impression of desolation.

First of the seven arts of death, Death in Childhood. Cai’er finally made a move.
As early as when Long Haochen brought Seere here, Cai’er was concealed to the side, attentively watching this battle. She was waiting for Long Haochen’s signal.

Cai’er didn’t at all expect that Long Haochen’s current strength was actually enough to really face a demon god head-on by himselfeven if this demon god was only at the peak of the eighth step.

It was not only about facing off, but Long Haochen managed to even accomplish a victorious battle. Cai’er was starting to really understand why her great-grandfather felt some jealousy towards Long Haochen. His status
as Saint Knight Head was definitely well deserved. Amongst all Saint Knights of the eighth step, was there even anyone who could compare with him in this fused state?

Seere didn’t know what Long Haochen did, but Cai’er understood thoroughly. Against Seere’s full strength attack, Long Haochen obviously didn’t use an ability of spatial transportation as his cultivation was far from sufficient from that. He teleported using Haoyue.

Through Long Haochen and Haoyue’s blood contract, he was pulled to Haoyue’s world, before initiating the fusion and transporting himself to the two divine swords. The only thing that baffled Cai’er totally was Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light. She knew about this divine sword, but compared to before, its power and color had undergone colossal changes, jumping unexpectedly to the epic tier.

Through observation of this battle, Cai’er deeply realized the gap in strength between her and Haochen.

Maybe she could, by relying on the seven arts of the god of death, compare to Long Haochen in burst power, but Long Haochen had many methods to escape battle. In contrast, her seven arts of the god of death came with a considerable and terrifying cost.

While Cai’er had these thoughts, she felt very blessed for the man she liked to be so strong and incomparable. Although it wouldn’t fit Cai’er’s character to have a smitten look while watching Long Haochen’s great might while fighting off the Goblin Knight, her feelings couldn’t help but be stirred.

But as the Saint Daughter of Samsara, there’s no way she would let her feelings affect her decisions on the battlefield. As Seere’s other body was swept by Condemning Revolving Swords, Cai’er knew that the time had come.

Chapter 535

If she wasn’t able to make a clear decision without a need for a signal from Long Haochen, Cai’er could be said to have wasted this year of training alongside Sheng Yue.

The Sickle of the God of Death arose abruptly, letting Seere finally sense a truly immediate deadly threat. With an overwhelmed roar, he used his arms to contain the sickle’s attack.

Seere was currently like Andromalius was in the past. Having lost the greatest part of his strength, he was not able to resist much in the face of the seven arts of death.

Still, he was in a slightly better state than Andromalius, and wasn’t instantly killed by Cai’er’s attack. But even so, his arms were cut and letting out an unstoppable flow of black blood.

Seere let out a frantic bellow, and his whole body’s muscles and channels erupted all of a sudden. Greenish black blood was pouring out from his mouth, shot at Cai’er ahead. In the meantime, his body swelled rapidly.

Finally driven to desperate actions, he was compelled to use the Great Demonic Collapse Technique. But without lasting more than one second, his bellow was suddenly put to an end. His body went abruptly still in midair, and a terrible explosion followed. Seere turned into countless fragments scattered to all directions, without a single intact limb being left.

Knowing full well about the demon gods’ dividing technique, enabling him to separate from his actual body, how could Long Haochen have only
prepared Condemning Revolving Swords against him?

Amongst the final secrets pertaining to Condemning Revolving Swords existed a last ultimate blow. This powerful technique wasn’t simply about a release of power. Regardless of whether the enemy is killed through the incessant accumulation of power, what could be done about such an accumulation? This wasn’t simply Long Haochen’s own strength, so if Condemning Revolving Swords was simply terminated, wouldn’t it just result in a waste of this power?

Therefore through his incessant gain of comprehension towards Condemning Revolving Swords and gain of experience toward sword intent, he finally elaborated a last strike for Condemning Revolving Swords.

After attacking the enemy through series of rapid rotations, Long Haochen’s whole power and spiritual energy was poured into the two swords.

Still remember about the last crossed attack he unleashed in his battle against Long Tianying? Take its power and add the might of the two divine swords along. Even a powerhouse such as Long Tianying, whose internal spiritual energy exceeded 200,000, had no choice but to deploy his Divine Throne to resist against that.

Now it was Seere who, in a heavily wounded state, became the first offering for this completed product.

Green and red lights were mixed in the sky, letting out a bizarre glow. Some blue starlight went through them, mixed in with deep black tints. The light only flashed through for a bit, but its sublimated sword intent clashed with its whole power on Seere’s body.

The Goblin Knight was instantly smashed to pieces, and a greenish black Demon God Crown flew out, attempting to escape in the direction of its demon god pillar.
Long Haochen’s figure flashed and blocked its way. As if turning alive, a portrait on his chest opened its mouth wide, forcefully swallowing that crown. Once again, Haoyue ate the crown as if it was some cheap item.

Cai’er and Long Haochen landed at the same time, then Haochen waved his hand to the former, who arrived by his side with a flip of her wing.

In a flash of bright light, the two of them totally disappeared, and the golden barrier which was shrouding the area gradually dimmed down, d

It was a must-do for Long Haochen to bring Cai’er away. The death of the Goblin Knight meant the instant loss of brilliance from his demon god pillar.

Even if the other six great demon gods were fools, they would still be able to tell that something happened. How could they possibly consider continuing to chase after the powerhouses from the Assassin Temple. Turning into six streaks of light, they flew over, heading straight for the battlefield where Long Haochen and Seere confronted each other.

Unfortunately, at the time they arrived, Long Haochen and Cai’er were nowhere to be found. Seere remained, but only in the shape of fragments disseminated to the ground, without a way to tell them what had even happened.

By then, the powerhouses from the Assassin Temple were mostly all back to the Exorcist Mountain Pass. The chase of the demon gods proved to be fruitful, having at least taken the lives of five Heroic Assassins. Fortunately, their escape was prompt, and the nine powerhouses of the ninth step had made it back. Under Sheng Yue’s lead, they joined hands to stop the demon gods’ chase, barely avoiding even more terrible damage.

After getting raided in such way, the demon gods were enraged, and almost all used Demon Godification. A demon god of the ninth step in this state was overwhelmingly different than one at the eighth step! Sheng Yue’s crew had to make utmost efforts to achieve these results, to at least give the others a chance for escape.
If the battle had kept going on, the Assassin Temple would have surely sustained even more damage. But at the crucial time, the light coming out from the Goblin Knight’s demon god pillar had extinguished.

The death of a demon god was a major event for all the demon gods. The six chasing demon gods immediately returned in great alarm, and couldn’t attend to detaining Sheng Yue’s group there.

The process of Long Haochen and Seere’s battle was very complex, but in practice, the whole battle had lasted only for a few minutes. It was for the sake of rushing the battle that Long Haochen had revealed all his trumps like that. And for the same reason, he chose Seere, the weakest of them, as his opponent, and carried out a series of plans to greatly exceed the enemy’s strength. Coordinating perfectly with Cai’er, they finally managed to kill the enemy.

The favor the Exorcist Mountain Pass owed him became really considerable. Ever since Long Haochen’s arrival, the mountain pass’ side had gotten rid of two among the eight opposite demon gods. And, none of their Demon God Crowns had managed to get away. To the demon side, the damage really was overwhelmingly heavy.

In a streak of light, Long Haochen and Cai’er appeared inside the Tower of Eternity.

This was an undoubtably safe place. And right after the two of them appeared, Haoyue separated himself from Long Haochen’s body, heaving up his five heads to show an excited expression.

Although Long Haochen and Haoyue had not met for a very long time, all along their link was never disconnected. Right after coming out from deep meditation, the first thing Long Haochen did was to contact Haoyue. But Haoyue seemed to have secluded himself in training. The increase of Haochen’s cultivation also served as large boost for Haoyue’s.

Haoyue’s body had become a lot thicker, and his scales were letting out some purple golden light. Although it couldn’t be considered very conspicious, it was still a great qualitative change compared to before.
Right after coming out from Long Haochen’s body, the five large heads immediately gathered in front of him, gently stroking him from all direction. This affection closely resembled the relationship between a father and his son.

Long Haochen gently carressed each of Haoyue’s massive heads. But two hands seemed not enough, so he had to hug them in turn.

After over a year of separation, his heart had become full of longing.

Little Flame, Light, Green, Blue and Purple’s horns became glary. The most beautiful was Little Blue’s butterfly horn. The latter’s eyes gave off a soft, warm feeling, just like a shy well-bred lady.

As Cai’er stood aside, watching Long Haochen and Haoyue’s display of affection, the killing intent in her eyes due to Death in Childhood gradually dissipated.

Until now, the previous event still felt unreal in her eyes.

The fatal strike of the Blazing Lion Demon God Allocer was, after all, inflicted by Sheng Yue, a well-experienced powerhouse of the ninth step, and moreover the chief of the Assassin Temple, whose strength was undoubtable. And furthermore, because of the unexpected aspect of the thing as well as perfect baiting, Allocer didn’t even have the time to show off his talents before his death.

But the Goblin Knight’s situation wasn’t the same. Long Haochen took him head on in battle and defeated him. Cai’er was certain that even if she hadn’t participated, the enemy would hardly have escaped this fate. From the final state of Seere’s body alone, one could see how mighty was Long Haochen’s final strike. And the toughness of a demon god’s body was as high as his spiritual energy.

Alongside the tenderness of the look Cai’er had for Long Haochen, there appeared some sincere admiration. Over this year and a half, she relied only on herself, and trained very hard all the time, investing herself as much as
she could. But even so, she realized that the gap between Haochen and her didn’t narrow, but instead became far greater.

In actual fact, Long Haochen had to put much thought into how to display the best of his abilities without using God’s Descent.

This relied on using his fusion with Haoyue as a replacement for God’s Descent, while wielding the two divine swords at their full power. All this time, it had been nourished with the fallen meteor’s materials through Yating’s great efforts, but that was finally over, resulting in an apparent increase in their quality. It went down to the extent that even in that optimum state, Long Haochen had difficulty in exploiting their full power.

After everything was done, Long Haochen had amassed from today’s continuous slaughters close to a million contribution points.

Just like that, he brought Cai’er out from there and returned.

To say nothing about Cai’er, even Long Haochen himself felt that such a display of power felt close to unreal. It felt as if the enemy had become much weaker. But in fact, it was due to the results of this past year and a half that he accomplished all that. If it was someone other than him that had attempted to undergo a year and a half of deep meditation, that person would have surely turned mad. The state of deep meditation even exceeded what Cai’er experienced in the year that she assimilated the Dagger of Samsara. At that time, Cai’er at least had the ability to form thoughts, but Long Haochen’s thinking needed to be restricted to produce that mystical state.

Chapter 536

From another point of view, as the Scion of Light, a god’s chosen one, it would rather be unnatural if Long Haochen hadn’t made such qualitative progress after undergoing a year and a half of cultivation. Of course, he was still only able to confront a lower ranked demon god for now, don’t forget that he’s only twenty!

After Haoyue and Long Haochen calmed down, a thought was spread by the former to Long Haochen’s mind.

Haochen shook his head, “This won’t do. The time hasn’t come yet, the risk of exposing ourselves is too great. And besides, the other demon gods are still keeping watch, so we cannot be so impetuous. Don’t worry, there will be a time to show your great skills.”

Haoyue was suggesting he go for the demon god pillars. Now, two of the eight located outside the Exorcist Mountain Pass had already lost their owners, making this the best opportunity to destroy them. But even without this suggestion, it wasn’t as if Long Haochen didn’t have such ideas. There were only seventy-two demon gods, among whom the Snake Demon God had already been annihilated. One could say that every terminated demon god would shake a part of the demons’ foundation.

But Long Haochen still didn’t lose his reason. Thinking about the atrocious scene of the state the Exorcist Mountain Pass was in when he first came, he didn’t dare act rashly. Otherwise, this will only inform the Demon God Emperor of his and Haoyue’s appearance here, resulting in a large scale invasion. How could the assassins’ side resist the Demon God Emperor? At that time, the whole Exorcist City was at risk of destruction,
and the Assassin Temple might even be annihilated as a result. Although he didn’t know why the three greatest demon powerhouses still had yet to appear, this at least made the Temple Alliance able to bear the situation for the time being. Perhaps the Demon God Emperor was afraid of an outcome of mutual destruction.

For this reason, despite having killed two demon gods, their pillars couldn’t be targeted rashly. Long Haochen definitely couldn’t let his status be leaked out.

With a smile, he said to Cai’er, “We’ll have to return as fast as possible after we recover our spiritual energy, or great-grandfather-in-law will worry.”

Haoyue didn’t remain here and transported himself to his original world. His ability seemed to have strengthened greatly, and Long Haochen could faintly sense that Haoyue had reached another bottleneck, which could be broken through at anytime. His massive body was clearly swollen in places. If he were to evolve once again, what kind of abilities would it result in?

Thinking about this point, Long Haochen couldn’t help but show some expectations. With Haoyue’s ability to destroy demon god pillars, the growth of his strength made their future prospects all the greater.

To the demon side, the death of the Goblin Knight Seere was a huge blow.

In the main demon tent, six individuals had different looks, but all of them had a grave expression with the imposing manners of demon gods, and the whole tent let out an incomparably pressuring atmosphere.

“We absolutely can’t let it pass.” A furious shout cut the silence in the tent.

The one who spoke was a tall, winged, cow-horned individual with a very strong build. That was the Winged Ox Demon Sagan.
And his fury was to be expected. Over the past years, Allocer, Seere and him were keeping watch on the Exorcist Mountain Pass together, but now that Allocer and Seere were dead, how could he have no feelings of sympathy for them?

Hearing him, the other demon gods showed different reactions. Among the six demon gods,

She was clad in a long pink colored skirt, had pink colored hair as well as a pair of mystifying pink eyes. Her skin was fair white, and her beauty reached an extreme level. In contrast, her temper looked extremely fiery, reaching above 1.8 meters in size. If placed amongst human girls, she would definitely stand out. And concealing her chest was very little cloth, revealing a deep ravine in between. That towering pair seemed as if it could break her clothes at anytime.

If one were to pay careful attention, he’d notice that the other demon gods didn’t dare cross eyes with her, and didn’t even dare look at her for long.

That was the twelfth ranked demon god Sytry. The demon gods’ rankings were of extreme importance, and being the twelfth ranked, her strength was obvious. She also stood as the commander of the demon forces standing outside the Exorcist Mountain Pass, and every one of the demon gods present here were listening to her arrangements. Despite having the outside appearance of a mere girl, none of the demon gods doubted her ability.

Sytry had a very grave and stern expression, giving off a cool elegance.
Her look swept over to the Winged-Ox Demon Sagan.

At her look, his previously extreme rage immediately ceased.

Sytry indifferently spoke out, “Say something, the rest of you. What are your views?”

“I agree with Sagan. We cannot let it pass like that. The humans dared raid us: if we don’t give them a thorough lesson, wouldn’t they just keep becoming more rampant? After both Allocer and Seere died, if we can’t
make some contributions to make up for it, His Majesty’s blame isn’t something any one of us could bear.”

The one speaking was a slightly-built man-shaped demon god surrounded by a black shadow. Long Haochen and Cai’er should recognize him, because he had appeared alongside Allocer around the city walls to surprise attack Cai’er.

However, the final outcome of this was the worst possible. It resulted only in the death of the Blazing Lion Demon God outside the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

It was the 45th ranked demon god, leading the Invisible Demons of the Dyke Clan, Invisible Demon God Vine.

Sytry narrowed her eyes and asked, “Have the counts of the deceased come out?”

“They have.” Sagan immediately continued, “The casualties are heavy. 1,400 individuals at the sixth step or above died. And below that, the casualties are also above 3,000.”

Even for the demons who had an overwhelming number of powerhouses, these casualties were really massive, especially since the ones concerned were demons of the sixth step and above, which couldn’t be cultivated with a flip of a hand.

Hearing this, Sytry’s eyes immediately flashed with a fierce glint. As she slowly got up, her enormous bosom swayed.

“Tomorrow, launch a strong attack at dawn. This time, we won’t stop until we break through the Exorcist Mountain Pass.”

She was also extremely furious. Although she wasn’t willing to admit it, the Invisible Demon God Vine was right. They would hardly be able to account for the death of two demon gods. Ever since the start of the Holy War, this was the first time demon gods were amongst the casualties.
“Shouldn’t we discuss it a little more, Sytry?” A tall demon sitting on one side remaked, “His Majesty wanted us deplete the human force through continuous battle, and refrain from breaking through the mountain pass.”

Sytry swept a cold gaze, “What? Do you have an objection?”

That demon god immediately shivered, then lowered his head and turned silent.

For her to be in command of the whole demon forces threatening the Exorcist Mountain Pass, it was impossible for Sytry to have no way to suppress the other demon gods.

“Act according to my plans.”

“Yes!” The other demon gods stood one after another, before turning around to leave the tent.

Exorcist Mountain Pass.

Sheng Yue’s anxiety finally eased, as Long Haochen and Cai’er were finally back.

This operation could only be said to have come out as a success for the Exorcist Mountain Pass. Although a few heroic grade assassins died, the damage they inflicted on the enemy was even more severe. At least a fifth of their powerhouses of the sixth step or above had died in this attack. Furthermore, though he didn’t see what happened on Long Haochen and Cai’er’s side, the loss of glow from Seere’s demon god pillar was something their side had noticed.

Could Long Haochen really have killed a demon god? Sheng Yue didn’t dare believe that. Regardless of the rest, Long Haochen was only a cultivator at the eighth step. But it wasn’t impossible either: he had personally viewed the great power that Long Haochen’s forbidden spell wielded. Obviously, he could not be measured by the standards of an ordinary powerhouse of the eighth step.
Immediately after recovering some spiritual energy in the Tower of Eternity, the two of them returned to the Exorcist Mountain Pass. After coming out of nowhere, they immediately concealed their presence. Cai’er naturally went invisible, and Long Haochen was clad in the cloak he had prepared long ago. His mental force was surrounding his body, masking his presence. Then Cai’er just grabbed his hand to fly away together, a great benefit of having a comrade alongside. Otherwise, Long Haochen would have had to think of a way to return from the surface, for the sake of concealing his identity.

“Did you really kill Seere?” Sheng Yue had his eyes wide open as he asked Long Haochen and Cai’er.

Cai’er stuck out her tongue, then stepped back and pointed at Long Haochen without the slightest comradeship, “He’s the one who’s planned everything, and also the main instigator. I only attacked once.”

Sheng Yue immediately glanced at him. And this was not only the case for him, but also the other powerhouses of the ninth step and Heroic Assassins were still beside him.

After they returned, they immediately gathered, and because Long Haochen and Cai’er had yet to be back, Sheng Yue didn’t let them disperse so fast. He wanted to wait for Long Haochen and Cai’er’s news, and if it had taken too long, maybe they would have returned to the demon camp in search for the two of them.

Long Haochen nodded, “We were quite lucky. Seere is the seventieth ranked demon god, a rather weak one, in addition to having fallen for our ambush. We succeeded in killing him, and his Demon God Crown was swallowed by my magical beast companion.”

The magical beast companion he was speaking about was Haoyue, but of course, the assassin powerhouses present thought this was about Star King.

Hearing his explanation which couldn’t be formulated more simply than that, the higher-ups of the Assassin Temple looked at each other in dismay, totally devoid of words.
The Goblin Knight Demon God was easy to handle just because of being low ranked? It wasn’t for only one day or two that they’d had dealings with these demon gods. Relying on the boost from his demon god pillar, Seere’s fighting strength reached the ninth step, and he had a few special abilities serving as means of survival. Even these assassins with extreme burst power hadn’t managed to kill him even after so many years, yet Long Haochen made it sound so simple. The question was, just how did he succeed?

Chapter 537

Looks of unbelief appeared on the faces of all the assassins present..

After standing shocked for a short time, Sheng Yue immediately had an unsightly look. An incomparably unsightly one at that.

“Have you forgotten about what I said before we set out? I said that you are not permitted to go after the demon gods. What if your attack on Seere had failed? How do you suppose I would make an account to the Knight Temple?”

This heroic senior was extremely furious. Out of everyone here, he knew the best what Long Haochen and Cai’er meant for the Alliance. If Long Haochen were to die like that, to say nothing of himself, no one could account for that loss.

Long Haochen couldn’t show weakness at that time, because he was representing the Knight Temple as their Provisional Saint Knight Head.

“Temple Head, please calm down. I had already made meticulous preparations before that, so even if our attack on the Goblin Knight Demon had failed, Cai’er and I had certain ways to get away. I have a divine tool which can breach space and bring the two of us into another dimension, where we can stay for a long time. And it was by relying on it that the two of us made off after killing Seere.”

Hearing the words divine tool’, Sheng Yue had a blank look, and the other assassins had similar expressions. A divine tool enabling an escape through space is something that took the attention of everyone present. That
was the first time they were hearing of such a divine tool. Especially to an assassin, the ability of escaping to another dimension for a long time was really attractive.

“Did you receive it from your Knight Temple?” Sheng Yue unconsciously blurted out.

Long Haochen shook his head, “It is mine, or more accurately speaking, our team’s.”

Sheng Yue’s glance turned to Cai’er, seeing his great-granddaughter nod without hesitation.

Letting out a low sigh, Sheng Yue remarked, “All right. Since that’s how things are, I won’t insist. No matter what, you have gotten rid of a demon god for our Exorcist Mountain Pass, which is a great success. However, we can predict that after what happened tonight, a demon counterattack will follow immediately. Their vengefulness is extremely high. Let’s gather the magical crystals everyone has collected from this operation in preparation for that, to show them the power of our magic cannons.”

“Yes!” All the seniors looked full of excitement.

How long had it been since they had such a delightful battle? Just as Long Haochen said, assassins are not most expert in defensive battles, but in night attacks and ambushes!

After sustaining such a surprise attack and losing so much power, even if the demons were to initiate an attack against the Exorcist Mountain Pass, their strength was limited. And, with the help from Long Haochen’s forbidden spell, the soldiers and manpower currently in the Exorcist Mountain Pass were back to their old looks.

“Temple Head, I request participating in the defensive battle.” Long Haochen immediately expressed.

Sheng Yue snorted, “Even if you didn’t want to participate, you’d still have to. Our Exorcist Mountain Pass is the most lacking in priests. Han
Yu and you will be playing the role of our priests. Things couldn’t be better if you can once again activate the forbidden spell of that day.”

“Eh...” Long Haochen was speechless, secretly thinking, I’m a knight, not a priest! However, Sheng Yue had let him off with such difficulty, so he couldn’t express his dissatisfaction so bluntly.

On the contrary, C

The demons’ attack came without any prior indication. Upon daybreak, a demon army came to launch a sudden attack, with a tide of countless Dual Bladed Demons surging towards the Exorcist Mountain Pass. As they ran, their bladed hands repeatedly stabbed the ground, as they were letting out unpleasant swishing sounds. Darkness and reeking of blood were enveloping the Exorcist Mountain Pass once again.

From the defensive fort of the Exorcist Mountain Pass came out about half of the original forces forming the Brilliant Knight Regiment. In the past, they had always acted as a reserve force, only dispatched at the most critical times.

Even so, they had lost a half of their troops over this period of more than a year.

It wasn’t that Sheng Yue didn’t want to use them, but only, as the aid the Knight Temple sent out for the Assassin Temple, how could they lightly permit their visitors to bear the brunt of the danger? Therefore, unless it was unavoidable, Sheng Yue and Sheng Lingxin didn’t use this knight regiment.

The knights forming the Brilliant Knight Regiment were of course not acting as priests. They were expert in group battles and had an astonishing defensive strength, but their cultivation limited them, as they weren’t really expert at healing. But when defending the city, they were much more effective than your average soldier or powerhouse from the Assassin Temple.

The knights were serenely standing on a wall on the fortress. Alongside every one of them was a large amount of soldiers as well as powerhouses
from the Assassin Temple.

A retaliation on a large scale was unavoidable and this battle would inevitably be incomparably dangerous. Sheng Lingxin, who was the most familiar with the demons’ military strategies had already thought of a plan on how to confront a full force demon attack. Therefore, all the trump cards at their disposal were taken out.

After the knights forming the Brilliant Knight Regiments were done forming up ranks, they all immediately turned around together, making a knight salute towards the second floor of the fortress. The knights knocked on their chest, producing crashing sounds that reverberated through the whole fortress. Somber shouts followed immediately, and these tinkling sounds became a large boost of morale for the soldiers.

Of course, Sheng Lingxin knew that they weren’t aiming this salute at him. The Brilliant Knight Regiment was under his command, but this kind of salute was only done among fellow knights.

Standing at Sheng Lingxin’s side, Long Haochen stepped across and firmly thumped his right fist onto his chest, abruptly lifting Rippling Light high, letting out a loud shout, “For the knights’ glory!”

This loud shout reverberated in the whole Exorcist Mountain Pass, and at the same time, a brilliant pillar of light erupted from his sword, forming the first stream of light shining upon the Exorcist Mountain Pass on the verge of dawn.

“For the knights’ glory!” Every knight present shouted at the same time.

They all knew that their Saint Knight Head had come to the Exorcist Mountain Pass. Although this person was merely a Provisional Saint Knight Head’, to the Brilliant Knight Regiment, it felt as if they were greeting a relative. To them, the important thing wasn’t who this Saint Knight Head was, but that the Knight Temple actually dispatched him to the Exorcist Mountain Pass.
Just what did it mean? It meant that the Knight Temple was supporting the Assassin Temple, that they hadn’t forgotten about them. Since their senior the Saint Knight Head had come, didn’t it mean that he would command them?

What’s more, Long Haochen had already made two great contributions on the first day after his arrival, and his incomparably powerful forbidden spell blanketed the whole Exorcist Mountain Pass. By now, his fame in the Exorcist Mountain Pass was nearly comparable to Sheng Yue’s, and to this Brilliant Knight Regiment, that was a matchless honor.

No other vocation valued honor as highly as the knights. Honor is the most glorious thing in a knight’s life, making their fighting strength the most terrible. At that very moment, for the Brilliant Knight Regiment that had been experiencing such exhaustion, it was as if they were regaining their spirits.

Even by only standing on the second floor and watching these warriors, he could sense the frenetic fighting intent coming out from them.

At Long Haochen’s side, Sheng Lingxin was now silently cursing at him. These knights’ treatment of him was undoubtedly very good too, but after all, this guy was from the Knight Temple! Even if Long Haochen had never had true dealings with them before, they unexpectedly showed such high morale just from his presence. How could this not be a terrible source of jealousy? But of course, this jealousy was absolutely not a negative feeling. The person in question was, after all, his son-in-law. They could be considered to already be from the same family.

Obviously, it was impossible for Sheng Lingxin to say that he felt no sense of loss. His position in the Assassin Temple was quite considerable, but compared to Long Haochen’s position in his Knight Temple, it paled into insignificance.

Sheng Lingxin rapidly dispelled these thoughts and passed down a series of orders.

“Are the magic cannons all ready?”
“The preparations are done. A total of 21 intact magic cannons have been put into the battlefield. They have all been charged with magic crystals.”

Sheng Lingxin asked after a short time of ponder, “For how long can they last in battle?”

“If the attack persists, we can last with the magic crystals we have on hand for twelve hours. To prevent overheating, the best would be to undergo a process of cooling off once every quarter of an hour.”

Sheng Lingxin nodded. The renewed possibility for the Magic Cannons to be used greatly boosted his confidence.

“Are the assigned teams in position?” “All ready!”
“Good!” Sheng Lingxin’s eyes shone with vigor, then he let out an awe- inspiring aura, “Give my order that after the Dual Bladed Demons start their attack, the soldiers will join hands with the Brilliant Knight Regiment to keep them outside the walls. The Magic Cannons will all be aimed at the aerial threats. In case the enemy air force comes, let’s give them a hard beating.”


Long Haochen was still standing beside Sheng Lingxin. Hearing his series of orders, he could tell that the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ shape was not so good. Although the Alliance kept sending reinforcements, the endless demon offenses finally caused the full consumption of the fort’s defensive tools. This time, they were able to replenish their magic cannons, but the Exorcist Mountain Pass was still vastly inferior in terms of strength. Now, they could only hope that the Six Great Demon Gods won’t join the battle. Otherwise, this battle will be quite hard.

“Chief, it’s an emergency, have a look!” A soldier surveying the situation from afar suddenly shouted.

Chapter 538

Sheng Lingxin hastened to the first lookout point in the second floor of the fortress. Then the look on his relaxed face immediately changed greatly.

Long Haochen followed him to watch the situation from above, and his mood immediately became heavy from the sight.

It was merely that, within the demon armies approaching from afar, six gigantic brilliant pillars were soaring and shining upon the whole demon army. And, these six gigantic pillars were gradually approaching the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

No doubt, these were the six demon god pillars.

From the information that the Exorcist Mountain Pass had, outside of the Winged Ox Demon Sagan, who was still at the peak of the eighth step, they all reached the ninth step.

After borrowing power from the amplification of their demon god pillar, their strength could only be described as terrifying. This disposition of forces from the demons clearly meant that they were prepared to have a battle to the death with the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

Furthermore, the six great demon pillars were moving together, putting more pressure onto the Exorcist Mountain Pass as they were giving considerable boosts to the ordinary demons as well. At the same time, it gave an immense, ineffable boost to the demons’ morale.
Sheng Lingxin clearly looked quite panicked. Although he had good self control, from his current silence one could see that the full force demon attack put massive pressure on the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ military.

“Uncle Sheng, don’t worry. Let’s take the necessary measures to adapt to the situation,” Long Haochen whispered in his ear, in a low voice that was only heard by Sheng Lingxin.

Sheng Lingxin turned his head and glanced at him, before nodding rapidly.

Long Haochen pulled Cai’er’s hand, and told her after pondering for a short time, “In a large scale battle, the soldiers’ morale is the most important. We have to avoid a loss of morale from our side. Cai’er, let’s go up and give them a show.”

As he said that, Long Haochen’s right hand clenched and Star King appeared at his side.

Ever since getting bathed in the rain of light initiated by Long Haochen, Star King’s demeanor seemed different. The golden tint in his pure white fur was even more conspicuous, and his eyes became even more limpid.

Long Haochen started to raise himself higher, riding on Star King’s back.

Sheng Lingxin became alarmed, “The Saint Knight Head shouldn’t rush to action rashly.” In the battlefield, he naturally couldn’t use Long Haochen’s name.

Haochen replied with a be at ease’ gesture, and called out to Cai’er, before tapping on Star King’s wings, which spread out to head upwards.

Meanwhile, Cai’er turned into a gray glint that followed after Long Haochen’s back. Immense black wings spread out from her, following Haochen in the area above the fortress.

Long Haochen was waving to Cai’er to tell her to keep close to his side. In the meantime, the Dual Bladed Demons lower down were already
starting their ascension of the Exorcist City, and the main demon forces were continuously advancing.

After the two people had a short, simple conversation, they nodded in succession before scattering to the two sides.

The Exorcist Mountain was located high, in the mountains. Both sides of the city stood on peaks, therefore only the central area was exposed to the enemy. This was a true natural fortress. Relying on those natural advantages, the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ side had stopped the demons’ attacks a lot of tim

Long Haochen and Cai’er arrived rapidly at their respective sides of the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

Riding Star King’s back, Long Haochen softly patted him on his neck, “Star King, the practical experience you will have in a bit should be beneficial for your evolution.”

Star King turned round to look at Long Haochen and gratefully nodded in response.

Long Haochen took a deep breath, then recovered Rippling Light. Slowly lifting up his left hand, his Divine Shield of Sun and Moon was taken out, yet didn’t release its habitual orange radiance.

Long Haochen had a slight start, then raised his head to look at the sky. Immediately, he had a flash of realization. Right! Now was the time of daybreak, when sun and moon are crossing. The time when the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon was losing effectiveness. But this totally ruined the plan he had just formulated alongside Cai’er.

Cai’er and him could be said to have everyone’s total attention. In case of a careless mistake in the plan, the whole Exorcist Mountain Pass would be the one suffering a terrible blow.

On the other side, Cai’er was floating in midair, looking into the distance. At some point she lifted up her right hand above her head. At that time, the
immense Sickle of the God of Death appeared in her hand soundlessly. Immediately, a wide expanse of gray airflow spread out with Cai’er as a center, and a dense killing intent spread out all around. Tyrannical waves of spiritual energy giving off a great feeling of substance surrounded her.

Cai’er’s hair started to rise up without the wind’s help, and her eyes gradually turned into a black color. The Sickle of the God of Death shook slightly, and twisted gray waves surrounding her kept growing bigger.

Long Haochen saw Cai’er’s situation very clearly. His original plan was to unleash his abilities as a god’s chosen one alongside her. After all, the demon armies ahead didn’t have knowledgeable demons such as Ah’nan, and now that he had also switched mounts, they wouldn’t easily recognize him.

Moreover, he had to do it even if it meant getting recognized. If the Exorcist Mountain Pass didn’t manage to resist, did it even matter to keep himself concealed any more?

Seeing that Cai’er had already started to unleash her aura of death, Long Haochen didn’t start to panic because he was unable to use the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon.

Time waits on no one, and her move gave him the time to give further thoughts.

Right now, Long Haochen didn’t have any other choice. He didn’t have the leisure to try to keep his identity concealed. Unable to wield the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, he only had the Aria of the Goddess of Light at his disposal for use. After all, he was still only at the eighth step, therefore relying only on his strength was far from sufficient. Perhaps Cai’er’s cultivation was still below his, but she had the ability to fully use the divine tool at her disposal.

Right when Long Haochen had steeled himself to use the Aria of the Goddess of Light at its full power, Star King sent him a message.
“Master, shall we give it another try? Maybe our joint strength can once again arouse that shield’s power.”

Long Haochen didn’t have the time to ponder and accepted promptly,
“Okay, then let’s give it a try.”

A large expanse of golden light spread out underneath Star King’s feet as his wings spread out. A golden Star of David extended at a frightening speed under him. As this went on, one could see the white hairs on Star King’s body turn golden at a frightening speed.

Without a doubt, this Starlight Unicorn King was using his original power. The golden star shape on his forehead started to let out a dazzling brilliance, which was spreading all over his horn.

At the start, it was only a tiny golden light. But it extended like a fire to form a pentagram, reaching a diameter of ten meters, surrounding Long Haochen and Star King.

Just like when Long Haochen was using the Storing Power ability, a wide golden fog rose up above this pentagram.

After Star King’s use of this ability, Long Haochen felt the light essence in him turning incomparably thick, as almost all the light around seemed to be collected towards their side. In the sky, the light rays of dawn were a lot dimmer than at their first arrival, and their appearance illuminated the whole battlefield.

Star King was using his exclusive ability, as welll as the most powerful skill useable by Starlight Unicorns. In his whole tribe, only he, as their king, was able to use it. Its name: Star Domain.

Star Domain differed greatly from an ordinary domain used by powerhouses of the ninth step, because even as the strongest Starlight Unicorn, he was still only reaching the eighth step and no more. Therefore, the scale of the effects of this domain wouldn’t be too great. Only reaching a diameter of ten meters, this domain’s utility followed along the Starlight Unicorn’s abilities, providing an all-around boost.
It was able in a short time to increase the concentration of light essence within the domain by ten times, absorbing the light rays outside at a frantic speed to fill itself up. In this span of time, Star King’s body would enter a state close to self-ignition. Therefore this couldn’t last for too long, otherwise it would threaten his own life.

The fact he was willing to use Star Domain could only mean that Star King put all his faith in Long Haochen, helping hit without sparing any sacrifices. In fact, Star King and Long Haochen didn’t have any contract between them, and Long Haochen would definitely not force him into doing such a thing.

This was a domain’s amplification! Although it didn’t reach the level of a forbidden spell due to Star King’s level of cultivation, it was already approaching this realm.

Long Haochen had almost no hesitation to force out the spiritual energy from his whole body, pouring it into the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon.

Just before, Long Haochen foud himself unable to use the power of the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon at the times of dawn and dusk, each of his attempts having turned fruitless. Even consuming his whole spiritual energy was of no use.

After his last experience of wielding the Divine Snail Shield’s power as a divine tool, Long Haochen reminisced once again about the last chant left by the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon, faintly remembering the deep secrets of the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon. It was just that he couldn’t unleash this power due to his insufficient level of cultivation.

“Defense of Sun and Moon, borrowing strength from the owner’s heart. Guided by the Light, Blessed by the Gods. As surely as dawn brings a new day, and sunset a new night, when(or as) the sun and moon intertwine, the divine snail shall act as shield.”

If Long Haochen’s guess was correct, this Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon would, at such times, wield the power of a supra-divine tool. At this
time, he didn’t have the time to give much thought to it, and could only pour his spiritual energy into the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, attempting to release its might:

After all, avoiding using the Aria of the Goddess of Light which would reveal his identity was the best.

This time Long Haochen was confident, as he had the Golden Foundation Armor and Star King for support. And this support directly raised his spiritual energy to the state of spiritual highland. After   directly pouring pouring the spiritual energy elevated to the spiritual highland into the Divine Snail Shield, its power was much greater. Long Tianying once told him that to activate a Divine Throne, the state of spiritual highland was a must. Ordinary spiritual energy had no way to get a response from a Divine Throne.

Not only Divine Thrones, but from Long Tianying’s experience, almost all divine tools would require the state of spiritual highland for activation.

Cai’er’s case was special. In fact, the Scythe of the God of Death had already become part of her body. At most she was unable to unleash its full might, but could at least use it. But, thinking in another direction, just think of how much Cai’er had to pay since her youth for it, and furthermore, it’s not something that just anyone could inherit.

As his spiritual energy kept being poured in, Long Haochen’s whole perception of the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon changed. On the other side, the murderous spirit released by Cai’er kept growing in intensity. In terms of might, it was far above Long Haochen’s side. After all, Star King’s Star Domain was far from comparing with the pure awe-inspiring power of the Scythe of the God of Death.

The feeling the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon gave Long Haochen was like that of a bottomless abyss. His spiritual energy was rapidly drained, and in the meantime, the spiritual energy coming out from his Golden Foundation Armor started pouring out in torrents, passing through Star King’s Star Domain to be injected into the shield.
Although the Divine Snail Shield had yet to give any response up to now, Long Haochen was glad to see that on the horizon, white light was starting to appear. The sun was gradually showing its first rays.

Be it at times of dusk or dawn, the times when the sun and moon cross are very short. Only after such times could Long Haochen use the Divine Snail Shield’s force. And the shield at its epic tier form combined with God’s Descent was ample to deter the enemy, and boost their own troops’ morale.

War was already being carried out all around: the demon army was rapidly sweeping through, and in the fortress, the soldiers in the teams under the Brilliant Angel Knights were risking their lives and tenaciously suppressing the Dual Bladed Demons’ advance towards the fortress, preventing them from climbing through.

Far off, in the demon armies’ ranks, Dual Headed Eagles and Birdy Demons were rushing at a frightening speed. The sky was clouded in darkness. With the support of the six great demon gods from the rear, these flying demons became all the more terrifying. On the ground, a large amount of middle levelled demons were mixing among the Dual Bladed Demons’ ranks, and approaching the fortress. In the meantime, the many Demonic Eye Soldiers and Blazing Devils were already preparing their magic.

The Emo Demon God Sytry was in total fury. This time, she violated the Demon God Emperor’s orders and launched an all-out attack to avenge the two demon gods. Her plan was simple: she wanted to destroy the Exorcist Mountain Pass and occupy it, so that the demons would be able to advance into the Temple Alliance’s territory at any time. Of course, she wouldn’t continue to march, otherwise this would really be a challenge towards the Demon God Emperor’s authority, which she didn’t dare do.

Chapter 539

Cai’er looked upwards, her long hair fluttering. Behind her head, the Scythe of the God of Death made a slashing motion in the empty sky.

Suddenly, a sparkling gray radiance spread out and filled the sky like tears. As it abruptly turned dim, an extremely sinister killing intent enveloped the whole demon army.

Everywhere that gray radiance passed in the sky, a wide crack extended. In that black crack, black specks of light were produced, carrying a bitingly cold murderous intent.

At Cai’er’s back appeared a tall virtual silhouette, extending over hundreds of meters and carrying a similar gigantic scythe. From the looks of it, it seemed to be an enlarged version of Cai’er’s, only differing in its gray and illusory form.

The same leak of murderous spirit had entirely different effects on the Exorcist Mountain Pass. All the soldiers here only felt instant bursts of murderous spirit submerge into them, causing their killing intents to rise subliminally.

In their hearts, the war had become their most sacred mission, which gave them the energy to face any enemy.

Slaughter’s Realm, one of Cai’er’s God’s Descent techniques…

It’s effects were unrelated to her own cultivation, as its great ability came entirely from the God’s Descent. Of course, due to Cai’er’s insufficient
cultivation, it was impossible to extend Slaughter’s Realm to too great a scale. But in the current focus on close quarters battles, maintaining this ability was enough to provide support to the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

Slaughter’s Realm greatly reduced the enemies’ momentum due to the terrifying murderous spirit spreading in their ranks. Fear started to rise inside the demons, greatly lowering their fighting strength, while the allies’ murderous spirit had a global upgrade.

The rise of their murderous spirit enabled them to wield 120 percent of their normal strength, while becoming unaffected by any external influence.

This was the first time Cai’er had attempted to use this realm. She couldn’t maintain it for too long a time, and hadn’t used it for real until now, due to lacking self-confidence. Before her loss of memories, this would never have happened. But Long Haochen’s return not only brought her joy, but also gave the allies someone to rely on. After that stability was gained, her self confidence was boosted, and she managed to unleash the power from her god’s descent.

Due to the influence from Slaughter’s Realm, the soldiers from the Exorcist Mountain Pass immediately gained in momentum, and the rushing demons were forced to back down. In their eyes, the six distant demon god pillars only worked as lamps, and didn’t affect their morale anymore. In contrast, from the effects of Slaughter’s Realm, the demon’s offense abruptly slowed down, causing them to show sluggish reactions.

The lower one’s cultivation, the greater the effects of this realm, and naturally, the power of a god’s chosen one perfectly matching with their associated divine tool was not something powerhouses at the same cultivation level could compare to, not to mention lower levels.

Cai’er’s God’s Descent alone gave a new boost to their suppressed armies, but on the other side, Long Haochen had yet to show movement.

His spiritual energy had yet to finish pouring out, and Star King’s Star Domain was also still ongoing. Any absorbed light essence would be supplied to Long Haochen, and like that, the amount of Long Haochen’s
spiritual highlandized spiritual energy that had poured into the shield became close to 100,000. His pouring speed had yet to show traces of slowing down.

What about Long

Even though Long Haochen’s cultivation couldn’t rise to a phenomenal level in such a short span of time, his fighting strength made qualitative leaps. And this whole fighting strength, in Spiritual Highland mode, was supplied to his Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon.

Having been with this shield for a long time already, Long Haochen could sense that every time he used it, the level of accord between them would rise a bit. All along, he could feel that his control over it was growing.

At the very moment, although he still had yet to activate the Divine Snail Shield, he faintly sensed that it was accumulating power, and could now erupt at any moment. This eruption required him to provide an uninterrupted supply of this Spiritual Highland energy. Long Haochen’s gaze was aimed towards the horizon, where the sunlight was gradually rising. Dawn was close to its end, and the sunlight was about to spill around the earth. Could the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon really awaken in time?

In reality, Long Haochen’s estimate of the Divine Snail Shield’s ability was accurate. The chant of the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon was actually a message to tell him that to unleash the most of the Divine Snail Shield’s power, it had to be used at dawn or dusk. But Long Haochen’s current cultivation was still too low for that, far too low. Therefore, no matter how hard he tried, and how much help Star King gave, he still didn’t manage to accomplish that before dawn passed.

The six great demon gods were still floating behind, wrapped inside their own demon god pillars, and the Emo Demon God Sytry coldly gazed at the distant fortress, showing the same expression, but secretly startled.

The powerful murderous spirit Cai’er generated produced some panic deep inside her. With Cai’ers level of cultivation, Sytry could naturally tell
that this was a God’s Descent technique, borrowing from the power of a god to attain such a formidable might. But until this day, the Exorcist Mountain Pass had never showed such a scene.

“Vine, is that the human you attempted to assassinate alongside Allocer?” Sytry pointed Cai’er out to the nearby Invisible Demon God.

Vine nodded to her, “That’s her. But her strength just seems… a lot greater.”

Sytry let out a snort, “That’s not her strength, but the strength she borrows from a god. A god’s chosen one. It looks like she’s probably that human girl our crown prince mentioned. So the Assassin Temple was the place where she had escaped to.”

Vine continued in a grave tone, “That one is the knight that came so suddenly that day, blocking Allocer’s path of return and blocking my attacks. I see him as an even more dangerous opponent. If not for him, Allocer wouldn’t have died. What is he planning this time?”

Sytry narrowed her eyes, “No matter what he is planning, today will be the day of his death. Allocer and Seere will be buried alongside him. He’s also the source of the forbidden spell of that day, but don’t you find it strange? Despite this human’s cultivation having yet to reach their so- called ninth step’, it still means he was reaching at least 100,000? How come he managed to use a forbidden spell?”

Vine replied, “This human may have some special equipment. He’s wearing a Golden Foundation Armor belonging to the Knight Temple. The boost provided by this armor is very great, and the shield he used that day against me was extremely tough as well. If not for that, there’s no way he could have stopped many attacks from me.”

Sytry coldly remarked, “So these humans believe that they are the only ones that can use forbidden spells? You guys provide cover for me, I will show them our demon race’s true strength.”
While saying that, Sytry’s body slowly rose higher, as the other five demon gods gathered alongside her. The six demon god pillars gathered in the shape of a blossoming flower, with the other five demon gods outside, surrounding and protecting the Emo Demon God Sytry.

Sytry slowly raised her hands, and her demon god pillar abruptly burst out with gaudy pink light.

Seeing this pink brilliance gave a sweet and sentimental feeling, as if someone were to snatch something from your heart. This itching feeling was hardly bearable.

Sytry was clad in a long pink skirt, and her pink hair and eyes, as well as her fiery figure, were extremely enticing.

Softly chanting, she started to release pink circles of light.

Now, as the twelfth ranked demon god, one could see how powerful she was. Her incantation had just started, yet the power of her forbidden spell was already visible.

The purple circles that were coming out from her body condensed gradually in the sky, forming a gigantic figure which was tenfold taller than the one behind Cai’er. As the purple halation was increasing, this figure’s shape became clearer and clearer.

Shockingly, this figure belonged to the Emo Demon God herself, an infinitely larger version of Sytry. Her charm was entirely replicated by this gigantic figure, and was growing even further. Even the six demon god pillars’ brilliance started to look fainter because of this figure.

At this sight, even Cai’er’s Slaughter’s Realm started to lose in efficacy. The human soldiers all started to feel some panic, for this figure was really far too large, to the extent that to avoid looking at it was already impossible.

Sytry’s beauty had a boundless charm, causing anyone to be lost in wild and fanciful thoughts: this perfect figure caused all men to have fantasies.
The long pink skirt forming the little clothing she had on was lightly swaying. As her figure became clearer, the human soldiers’ breathing clearly became more frenetic.

The humans started to be lost in their most primitive desires, and the weapons in their hands lost speed. The originally completely suppressed demons rose up immediately, and the battles around the fortress became extremely desperate.

Chapter 540

Originally focused on commanding, Sheng Lingxin’s expression changed totally upon noticing that immense figure, losing his voice, “The Emo Demon god Sytry! She’s using a forbidden spell.”

Lan Yanyu was standing alongside her husband, “What kind of forbidden spell is that? Have you seen it before?”

Sheng Lingxin’s response was grave, “Sytry is known as the Emo Demon God because she is the master of lust in all demonkind. Her forbidden spell may not be a direct attack, but it’s a lot more terrifying than the direct attacks. It can arouse our most primitive desires: even at my level of cultivation, I am starting to be unable to think clearly, to say nothing about the soldiers.”

Lan Yanyu became anxious, “Then what’s to be done? Is there a way to interrupt her?”

Sheng Lingxin let out a bitter smile, “Haven’t you seen the other five demon gods surrounding her? Their six pillars have also gathered their power. How could it be possible to interrupt that!? We can only leave it to grandfather and the others.”

Lan Yanyu wrinkled her brows, “What if you don’t look at her?”

Sheng Lingxin shook her head, “It’s useless. This is still just the edge of the forbidden spell. And at Sytry’s level of cultivation, if averting your eyes from her was enough to nihilate her forbidden spell’s power, how could she be ranked twelfth among the demon gods?”
Lan Yanyu then asked in puzzlement, “But how is it that I don’t feel anything from it?”

“Females should be immune against her forbidden spells. But our soldiers are males!”

Reaching this point, his look unconsciously shifted to Cai’er in midair, then to Long Haochen who was still motionlessly releasing golden circles of light. Sheng Lingxin faintly came to feel that this battle would relate to the life or death of the Exorcist Mountain Pass. If something went wrong, the Exorcist Mountain Pass may very well go extinct from this world. And at that time, there’s no way the Assassin Temple could preserve itself. He was now considering whether to cover the retreat of Long Haochen and his daughter to preserve at least a bit of the Assassin Temple’s lineage! As her father, he finally started to show personal feelings.

Long Haochen also saw the forbidden spell unleashed by the Emo Demon God Sytry. It immediately startled him. The effects on him were different from Sheng Lingxin as he was inside the Star Domain, and had the assistance from the overflowing light essence as well as his powerful mental force, which made his perception reach frightening heights.

He found out that Sytry’s forbidden spell was like a projection. This forbidden spell’s use was only to produce special spatial waves to project her figure beside the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ fortress. In other words, the demons below won’t be able to see, unless they reach the fortress. Otherwise, they won’t be affected by her forbidden spell.

Long Haochen was now no more than a spectator, watching clearly over this baffling situation. He discovered that after Sytry started to use this forbidden spell, the demon troops’ attack actually became slower. Only the Dual Bladed Demons were still rushing forward with their all, while the other demons of middle and high class clearly slowed down. It’s just that because the Dual Bladed Demons were unceasingly swarming through the fort’s walls, this change was not very noticeable.

Long Haochen immediately came to the conclusion that the Emo Demon God’s forbidden spell was also effective against demons.
Right at this time, a raging inferno suddenly r

In fact, the chief of the Assassin Temple, Heroic Assassin Sheng Yue, had commanded the powerhouses from the Assassin Temple to stealthily leave the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

Affected by Long Haochen’s opinion and the great results achieved during the eve’s raid, Sheng Yue thoroughly realized what they should do as assassins.

By remaining in the Exorcist Mountain Pass, these powerhouses couldn’t have much usefulness, and could only stand opposite to the enemy. But they were assassins, not mages; and for this reason, even an Heroic Assassin of the ninth step couldn’t launch forbidden spells of large scale. So, they could only serve as ambushers outside the Exorcist Mountain, acting as an extremely sharp blade pointed at the enemy. This would be a far more efficient defense than if they stayed inside the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

They were the ones who started this huge fire, which also thoroughly emptied the demons’ food reserves.

But Sheng Yue’s expression was extremely grave. He had perceived that Sytry had begun to use a forbidden spell, but from the rear of the demon army, he only saw an Illusory pink figure, and was unable to discern the ability Sytry was using.

As Long Haochen had observed, Sytry’s forbidden spell was indeed no more than a projection of herself on the Exorcist Mountain Pass. This was so that it doesn’t affect the demon army: one won’t be affected unless he’s on the side of the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

“Heroic assassins, follow me. We will be raiding the high levelled demons from their rear.” Sheng Yue almost had no hesitation giving this order. They couldn’t let Sytry get away with that, otherwise the Exorcist Mountain Pass would be in peril.

Eleven twisted lights faded away in midair. Then he could faintly see that behind the six demon god pillars, the sky had abruptly started to look
distorted, imbued with an incomparably sharp killing intent which immediately locked the six demon gods in place.

As if Sytry hadn’t noticed these Heroic Assassins, she just kept chanting her incantation. That materialized figure kept becoming clearer, as if a giant version of her was taking shape in this world.

The influence it had on the Exorcist Mountain Pass kept growing larger, as the eyes of the soldiers were turning red. Thanks to Cai’er’s Slaughter’s Realm, they could hold off the forbidden spell to some extent, but right now, Cai'er's forehead was already covered in sweat.

No matter how powerful a god’s chosen one is, how mighty her Scythe of the God of Death, ultimately, she hit the limits of the seventh step! If Cai’er’s cultivation had attained the ninth step, her Slaughter’s Realm could maybe have even suppressed Sytry’s forbidden spell. But this was out of her current capabilities. Keeping the realm activated was only a desperate measure: if it dissipated, the soldiers below would be even more greatly affected.

Cai’er gritted her teeth, painfully holding on. Right, because she understood the situation, she didn’t dare slack. I have to press on, to keep it lasting as far as possible.

Her eyes fixed onto Long Haochen, on the other side of the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ fortress. She didn’t know what he was doing, but had an unwavering faith in him. He will surely turn the situation around, for sure.

Strident sounds burst from the rear of the six demon god pillars. In midair, an immense spatial crack extending over more than three hundred meters had appeared, extending towards the Emo-demon god Sytry.

That was the act of the eleven Heroic Assassins, a joint attack with a single goal: to stop Sytry’s incantation.

She let out an expression of disdain, as the five other demon god pillars turned towards the same direction, to block the attack for her.
“Bang” An extremely terrible exploding sound was heard, and that immense crack was dispersed. Eleven figures bounced back at the same time, shot several hundreds meters away before stabilizing.

The five demon god pillars were shining with different lights, as they forcibly stopped the eleven assassins’ attacks.

Why would the Temple Alliance value Long Haochen’s ability to destroy demon god pillars so dearly? That’s because for the past six thousand years, humankind hadn’t found any method to destroy a demon god pillar.

Due to them, they had suffered who knows how many terrible losses.

The more demon gods using their pillars there are, the more formidable power they would be able to display, and the more terrifying they would appear. A perfect proof of that was the current situation: the joint defense of five demon gods was enough make eleven Heroic Assassins helpless.

“Chief, what’s to be done?” An assassin was wiping the blood leaking from his mouth, as he asked Sheng Yue.

Sheng Yue’s eyes were a bit bloodshot. He knew that in these circumstances, Sytry’s forbidden spell was already unstoppable. It was totally impossible, and this was the situation he was the most unwilling to see appear.

If they were peak powerhouses belonging to the Mage Temple, maybe they could try to use the firepower from their own forbidden spells to face Sytry’s forbidden spell. But in the Temple Alliance, two Temples weren’t able to use forbidden spells much: the Assassin and Warrior Temple. In singular battles, they were more powerful, as their Spiritual Highland mastery and toughness far surpassed the Mage Temple, Spiritual Temple, and Priest Temple. But they had no way to break through the demon god pillars’ blockade.

Sheng Yue’s breathing was noticeably rapid: as the chief of the Assassin Temple, he had already predicted the worst outcomes. Giving a glance to
the six demon god pillars, and gritting his teeth, he gave an order that felt extremely painful to issue.

“Kill! While they are focusing on their forbidden spells, we will slaughter their high levelled demons. I want to see whether they can kill our men before we kill theirs.”

This was already the best choice they had. If they’d only had another choice, Sheng Yue wouldn’t give such an order. As things went this way, the other ten assassins’ eyes also turned red.

This order felt extremely difficult for him to issue! His grandson Sheng Lingxin was commanding the battle inside the Exorcist Mountain Pass, while his great-granddaughter was giving her all to withstand the forbidden spell. In case the Emo Demon God’s forbidden spell completes, they will inevitably be the ones bearing the brunt.

“Kill!” The eleven Heroic Assassins shouted madly altogether. Under the shocked watch of the demon gods beyond the Emo Demon God, they turned the same as wild dragons, sweeping their way downwards through the demon armies.
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