Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 521-530

Chapter 521

Among them, the Demonic Birds and Dual-Headed Demon Vultures formed their aerial forces, the Demonic Wolves led the Dual Bladed Demons on the front, and the Blazing Demons and Demonic Eye Soldiers formed the rear.

On the other side was a mix of assassins, warriors and knights, with the knights and warriors standing in the front and the assassins putting all their strength on killing or injuring the enemies.

But through the course of the long Holy War, a large amount of mages and priests died at the enemies’ hands, and the remaining soldiers were having an extremely difficult time resisting the demons. In particular, the attacks from the Demonic Eye Soldiers and Blazing Demons inflicted extreme wounds to the soldiers. Therefore, many times the Assassin Temple had to organize suicide squads to deal with them. But the demon gods commanding the other side were no easy people either, and had made their preparations on how to respond long ago, forming a specialized unit formed of various powerhouses to target these suicide squads.

Just like in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, the powerhouses of the ninth step of both sides wouldn’t rashly join the battle. They were mainly restraining each other and serving as mutual deterrents, but in such a murderous Holy War, this was extremely prejudicial to the side of the Exorcist Mountain Pass which was already close to collapse.

However, the Demon God Emperor gave the demon armies the order for a prolonged war to exhaust the accumulated human forces, and to avoid by all cost to invade the territory of the Alliance rashly. This was because he
didn’t wish for the human world to be thoroughly destroyed. But this evidently didn’t stop their destruction of the forts and damage to the human armies. Compared to their own troops, the demons visibly preferred having the much cleaner humans as food.

Sheng Yue nodded to Cai’er, “Pay attention to your own safety.”

“Yeah.” Cai’er replied that way, and her figure flickered, shifting from the area high in the Exorcist Mountain Pass to the battlefield below.

After such a long time passed, she had adapted herself to this place since long ago, and adapted to a lot of matters after her loss of memories.

A pitch-black ray streaked across the sky, and carried along a freezing atmosphere, causing the nearby temperature to drop greatly.

The black-clad Cai’er had her purple hair fluttering. The immense Sickle of the God of Death appeared soundlessly in her hand, and a dense, dark colored light burst forth from within it. It unleashed an immense black colored blade projection as her figure appeared from nowhere.

The Dual Bladed Demons that were frantically climbing on the walls of the Exorcist Mountain Pass were cut as if they were wheat, and every enemy that entered into contact with that black colored blade edge were instantly reduced to pieces. Her intense murderous spirit extended, as large areas of lower ranked demons were directly cut up by her Sickle of the God of Death.

Cai’er’s awakening as a god’s chosen one differed greatly from Long Haochen’s. The latter’s was as the Scion of Light, and provided a general boost, including the blessing of the Goddess of Light. As for his affinity with the light element, it was raised to a whole new level. But Cai’er wasn’t the same. After awakening as a god’s chosen one, her greatest gain was the transformation of the Dagger of Samsara in her hand into the Scythe of the God of Death.

Since childhood, she had been united with the Dagger of Samsara, going through a lot of pain and torment. This way did she gradually become one
with the divine tool, a process which could be said to

In terms of personal boosts, Cai’er’s awakening was not comparable with Long Haochen’s, but in the aspect of the divine power bestowed, Long Haochen’s awakening was the one falling far behind.

On the doors of the city, which were bright red with blood, the purple haired Cai’er swept everything around her as she appeared. After losing her memories she didn’t give out the same feeling of total coldness compared to before, but instead, at every use of the Sickle of the Goddess of Death she seemed to have that temperament back in her.

The killing intent materialized outside Cai’er’s body rushed forth, causing both the powerhouses from both the demon and allied sides to step back unconsciously. With Cai’er in the center, an empty area was created with a diameter of ten meters.

She was expressionless, an absolute beauty whose eyes were filled with unlimited murderous spirit.

For a while after she returned to the Exorcist Mountain Pass, Cai’er was actually extremely reluctant at the idea of causing slaughters. After all, after her loss of memories, she had the mindset of a young girl. How could it be so easy to make her accept the idea of causing slaughters? Even with the influence of the Sickle of the God of Death, she was, deep inside, really against that idea.

Therefore, Sheng Yue specifically made her stay in the camps for the wounded for a long time, to assign her some simple work as an aid after her daily cultivation.

There, Cai’er saw far too many atrocities that she would never be able to forget. The first time she came, she saw a soldier that lost both his legs and one arm, and pierced his own heart with a dagger wielded by his last remaining arm. The suicide note he left was delivered personally by Cai’er to Sheng Yue.

The content of this note was:
Niuniu, Doudou, papa loves the two of you. However, I cannot accompany you anymore. The abominable demons are attempting to invade our homeland, so papa is defending our Alliance with his own life, alongside his comrades. The Alliance is everyone’s home, an honorable place for papa to die. But papa really hates to part with the two of you, and deeply wishes to see your mother and the two of you! Papa really wants to return to those times, letting the two of you sit on my legs, as I embrace you, giving kisses on your little cheeks, and feel your snivel flow on papa’s face. Papa is thinking of you, but cannot last any longer. I wish I could hear mama’s voice... Papa’s compensation payment should help to support you as you grow up. You have to remember that papa’s death was for the sake of the Alliance’s fight, humanity’s fight. Papa hopes he can become your hope. If one day, the   Alliance   needs   you,   papa   hopes   you   could   pick up weapons and stand courageously in front of the enemies on the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

-- Your father that loves you forever.

After she finished reading the note, Cai’er remained lifeless for half an hour. After that, all the fear that was in her eyes and heart disappeared. In the camps for the wounded, she didn’t fear getting dirty or tired, and did her best to help the wounded. This lasted for a period of three months.

Three months later, Sheng Yue went looking for Cai’er with a copy of that suicide note in his hand. He told Cai’er that the compensation payment was sent along with the original suicide note.

That instant, Cai’er threw herself at her great-grandfather’s arms, unable to hold her tears.

Sheng Yue only told her calmly that the ordinary soldiers were all defending the human territory with their blood and life, willing to pay the cost of their life to defend their families, and chose to kill themselves rather than becoming a burden for the Alliance. As the Saint Daughter of Samsara, an incomparably gifted person, could she only stay in these camps for the wounded?
To kill an enemy means that there is one less enemy to attack their side, which means there will be less wounded and deceased. She should instead use her strength in the battlefield. As long as the demons are here, the tragedies won’t be over.

As Cai’er stood at the head of the Exorcist Mountain Pass, the fear filling her heart was completely transformed into hatred and disgust, and the murderous spirit in the Sickle of the God of Death descended once again.

As the thunderous black figure rushed out, a large amount of low-ranked demons were smashed to pieces.

Cai’er was just like a black phantom, appearing wherever the enemies are the most dense and the situation the most dangerous. Everywhere she passed, the Sickle of the God of Death swept everything before her. Who knew how many demons died in her hands.

Clang. The Sickle of the God of Death was swept horizontally, appearing the same as a dark-golden electric light. Cai’er’s body then finally came to a stop, focusing her eyes on a powerful Birdy Demon letting out a dark golden luster.

This Golden Birdy reached at least the seventh step in cultivation. Pointing his sharp spear at Cai’er, he was totally surrounded by light. Flapping the wings on his back, he hoveredclose to the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

An ice-cold chilliness flashed through Cai’er’s eyes, and the next instant, she disappeared.

The terrifying killing intent caused the surroundings to darken, and that Dark Golden Birdy Demon almost immediately thrust its spear at his back.


This dark golden spear quite close to the power of a human Legendary Weapon. But against the pitch-black blade’s edge, it was sliced like tofu, and the pitch-black scythe made its way into his shoulder, cutting the whole body in two. Only then did Cai’er’s figure reappear.

Besides being at the seventh step as well, the Birdy Demon was no threat in her eyes. Her offensive power was enormous, to the extent that Long Haochen was no match while still at the seventh step, let alone those demons.

The instant right after she beheaded this Birdy Demon, she felt suddenly an ineffable sense of danger, and turned her posture towards the demon camp’s direction.

At least hundreds of light rays suddenly condensed from that direction, shooting straight at Cai’er’s direction. These light rays covered an enormous scope, to the extent that even with Cai’er’s speed, she couldn’t make it in time to dodge.

Not only that, but outside from these light rays also came many immense fireballs falling like a torrent.

Quite obviously, that Birdy Demon was just a bait. After being baited out from the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ scope, she suffered a surprise attack, coming from the union between Demonic Eye Soldiers and Blazing Devils. There were at least two hundred which attacked right after Cai’er appeared.

Cai’er had already been rampaging quite a few times in the area of Exorcist City already, and everytime she appeared, the demons suffered immense damage. The count of powerhouses of the sixth step or above that died in her hands was already close to a hundred, including three that were at the eighth step. Such a damage attracted the demons’ attention a long time ago, and at the same time, gave her great military glory.

In front of these aggregated darkness elemental attacks, Cai’er didn’t show the slightest panic. Assuming a cowering position, she was immediately surrounded by a hazy black fog.
The Sickle of the God of Death was raised high above her head, and made a sudden hacking motion.

Chapter 522

Right, Cai’er didn’t dodge, but made instead such a simple motion. One could clearly see that the instant the Sickle of the God of Death reached the ground, Cai’er disappeared sudddenly, along with her weapon. Only an immense projection of her blade’s edge was left.

The sky around her suddenly distorted, and the large amount of incoming magic rays scattered in all directions due to the distortions, and at the same time that immense blade edge pierced through the sky, repelling all the other projectiles in the air.

This was the power of the Sickle of the God of Death. Although Cai’er was only at the seventh step, she could, by relying on it, deploy on a small scope a power similar to a domain, influencing all the enemies’ attacks.

The Sickle of the God of Death had a lot of features, among which the most powerful two are overwhelming power and purity.

Overwhelming power is just as mighty as it sounds: it’s a sharp aura of death that forcibly repels and nullifies any magic which would get in front of the sickle.

Cai’er’s figure reappeared, with a pair of spiritual wings that became a lot larger than before, bringing her back to the city’s head. Although she really wanted to kill these magic wielding demons that were gathered below, her reason told her that this wasn’t a good idea.

Right when Cai’er was about to turn towards the city’s head, she suddenly came to a standstill. Immediately, she had a sort of sticky feeling,
which was really uncomfortable. She felt sluggish, and felt her spiritual energy being instantly compressed greatly.

What’s happening? Cai’er was greatly shocked, and instinctively poured her spiritual energy into the Sickle of the God of Death. Right that instant, a black dot could be seen, aiming at her forehead.

This black dot was extremely fast, to the extent of being invisible to the human eye. Moreover, Cai’er was in a restricted state and was unable to devote herself entirely to defending against it.

An enemy’s surprise attack! This was Cai’er’s first thought, but the most shocking was that her perception and the murderous spirit of the Sickle of the God of Death were actually not able to detect the presence of this enemy.

This thought only flashed through her mind, and all she could do was to wield the Sickle of the God of Death in a defensive posture.

Ding! With an ear-piercing sound, Cai’er felt as if she’d been struck by a gigantic hammer, and her mouth and nose started leaking out blood.

Although it was the sharp edge of the Sickle of the God of Death that was used, this sufficed to cancel out the enemy attack. But even so, that substantial powerful spiritual energy shock couldn’t possibly be entirely neutralized that way. Cai’er was entirely guided by her intuition, and seemed to have lost all sensation of her hands gripping the Sickle of the God of Death. The most frightening was that after suffering such a terrible shock, her body wasn’t sent flying, but remained glued here with the same sticky feeling. And the enemy’s second attack was already coming.

Cai’er was in an extreme state of crisis. From the previous attack, she had determined that the enemy attacking her was a powerhouse of the ninth step. Only the spiritual energy of a powerhouse of the ninth step could escape her detection and produce such a powerful offensive power. As for that sticky feeling, it should be from the enemy’s domain.
On Exorcist Mountain Pass, Sheng Yue had been observing Cai’er’s movement all along, and saw how she had come to a sudden stop. Right upon discovering that black dot,

But this had happened just too fast. Even with his level of cultivation, he couldn’t make it ina time to save Cai’er.

An ear-piercing sound of breakage was heard, distracting the fighters from both sides. They discovered with shock that in the direction of the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ City, a large hole was torn open in the sky, extending until reaching Cai’er’s side.

This attack cannot land! Sheng Yue understood very clearly that Cai’er would definitely not be able to resist this second attack of the enemy. But even at full speed, he wouldn’t make it in time to block the attack. Therefore, he could only lock his attack on the enemy. If the enemy’s attack reached Cai’er, Sheng Yue’s full powered attack would definitely inflict very heavy damage to him.

But right at that time, against all expectations, Cai’er didn’t resign herself to fate. Her hands were already numb, her body restricted by the domain, but she still had some resources for her self-preservation.

A dense black color flashed through Cai’er’s eyes, then her body disappeared all of a sudden.

Then, the Scythe of the God of Death abruptly burst out with an incomparably dense killing intent. A small crack formed suddenly on the formless domain of viscosity, and her weapon went through it.

Against Sheng Yue’s expectations, the enemy that had ambushed Cai’er actually didn’t pay attention to his attack, and maintained the black materialized blade projection’s second attack, which clashed against the Sickle of the God of Death.

In this ear-piercing collision, the Scythe of the God of Death shook violently, producing intense buzzes. Right after breaking away from the
sticky domain, Cai’er was forcibly expelled from the Scythe of the God of Death.

More precisely, in the previous instant, she became one with her Scythe of the God of Death, uniting their two powers as one. This was one of the powerful abilities held by the Scythe of the God of Death. Inside it exists a small space, where Cai’er could hide in times of crisis, and useable to dodge an enemy’s powerful attacks, relying on the tough material making up the Scythe of the God of Death to protect her body. It’s just because of the existence of this ability that Sheng Yue could feel at ease when letting Cai’er run rampant in the battlefield.

But the enemy’s last attack was powerful enough to forcibly expel Cai’er from inside her scythe.

Cai’er’s face became even paler. Remaining unscathed from such an impact was impossible, but both her arms had already recovered from the numbness. An ice cold killing intent was unleashed from her body, causing the surrounding sky to look dusky. An extremely mighty black figure flashed out from her back, and shot out a dark ray passing through the sky.

First one of the seven arts of the God of Death, Death in Childhood.

Cai’er had since long ago a perfect control over this attack. The instant the terrifying aura of death burst out, the surrounding sky abruptly subsided, revealing the appearance of the enemy that had attacked her from the sky. It was a thin and human looking enemy.

His figure looked like an illusion, but after he appeared, his whole body seemed to give off a sense of mystery.

Sheng Yue’s attack was stopped in midair. In the midst of a massive shock a majestic enemy had appeared, with whom Sheng Yue was very familiar. That was the fifty-second demon god, Blazing Lion Allocer, leader of the Blazing Lion Clan.

But in this clash, Allocer suffered a large loss. A scar over ten centimeters long was left on his chest, but Sheng Yue’s full-power attack
was blocked.

Only, Allocer didn’t expect his comrade to be unsuccessful in killing Cai’er, instead suffering a counterattack.

With a loud metallic sound, the black demon trembled violently, as the weapon on his left hand was turned into fragments, but at this crucial moment, his body was split in two, one of the two parts being reduced to powders, while the other part was repelled over fifty meters back.

This was an ability designed for conducting crafty escapes, used to counteract Death in Childhood. Clearly, the enemy didn’t dare face off against Cai’er’s Scythe of the God of Death. It wasn’t Cai’er’s strength that was a threat to him, but the powerful cleansing power of the Scythe of the God of Death that he didn’t dare face.

“Retreat” The black demon let out a low shout, before stepping away, vanishing in the sky. The Blazing Lion Allocer also followed, turning into something close to a fire meteor, returning towards the demons’ main camp.

Sheng Yue didn’t pursue them, but hurried to Cai’er’s side, standing on guard to defend his great-granddaughter, as he vigilantly swept the surroundings.

It was without a doubt two divine gods that had just came to ambush Cai’er. For the sake of neutralizing her, the demons went as far as to have two demon gods join hands in a surprise attack, and were almost successful.

Cai’er was taking large gasps of breath. Holding back the enemy’s surprise attack and using the Seven Arts of the God of Death gave her an immense strain, leaving her in a wounded state.

As Sheng Yue was prepared to look after Cai’er’s condition, he suddenly had a shocked look in his eyes.

That was because far off, a golden light was flying over towards their area. But its aim was not the Exorcist Mountain Pass, but the only route of escape of the Blazing Lion Allocer.
This golden light was just too fast, and its blinding holy presence made its seem as if the sun was falling down from the sky. Its shining brilliance lit up the whole area, shocking the demons and human powerhouses that couldn’t help but focus their eyes on the incoming golden light.

From a tiny dot of light, it started to take the shape of a human silhouette. And when reaching a distance close to a hundred meters from Allocer, it let out a burst of oscillating orange radiance. One could clearly see a towering orange shield that came to strike at Allocer’s direction.

Sheng Yue’s eyes opened wide for a split second, during which he made a retreating gesture to Cai’er.

Allocer was in quite a bad shape. Sheng Yue’s previous full attack blow aimed at rescuing his great-granddaughter was not that easy to resist. Despite being a demon god of the ninth step, his fifty-second rank made his cultivation rather low among the demon gods. His internal spiritual energy was equivalent to a human in the lower stages of the ninth step, hence lower than Sheng Yue. And of course, a large gap separated their weapons.

Chapter 523

Sheng Yue’s bursting Spiritual Highland not only wounded the surface of Allocer’s body, but also, Sheng Yue’s spiritual energy’s aura of death entered his body and would require at least ten days to half a month to recover.

After withdrawing, and on the way to the main camp, Allocer suddenly sensed the arrival of an enormous holy aura, and furthermore it was visibly aimed at him.

What’s that light aura? It came directly from the Exorcist City! Allocer was totally shocked, and didn’t dare procrastinate. A tremendous fire suddenly burst out from his body, and, coiling around him, released violent undulations of spiritual energy. In his right hand appeared a sawtooth shaped longblade, aiming to chop the suddenly incoming enemy.

Allocer was originally using dual blades, but his other longblade was destroyed by Sheng Yue. Even the demon gods wouldn’t necessarily have powerful weapons. He had to change it frequently. That pair of longblades was at the low Legendary Tier, and had a large gap in power when compared to Sheng Yue’s pair of Epic Tier daggers.

The instant the immense orange shield was about to strike Allocer, it suddenly paused, and immediately, Allocer discovered with shock that an extremely sharp aura burst out from his opponent’s shield. That extremely strong mental force was not aimed at his body but his psyche.

Allocer had a dizzy feeling, as that sharp mental force had thrown his whole mind in disorder.
In such circumstances, his chopping Sawteeth Blazing Blade immediately became quite weaker.

Bang! The orange glow collided in response. During this violent clash, that meteoric golden silhouette became visible. In a fierce clash, he didn’t lose out against Allocer, both parties repelling each other. But Allocer’s condition was visibly quite worse.

When the orange shield collided with his weapon, although the opponent had great strength, his cultivation was not irresistible. But what broke the balance was the blast of light essence of incredible purity that came out from within the shield was precisely a light elemental Spiritual Highland.

Allocer was originally wounded, but suddenly suffering such a strike naturally made the wound even worse. Flames burst out all the way underneath him, spreading incessantly to the whole sky.

However, to his ease of mind, he could clearly see that behind this fully armored knight riding a magnificent Starlight Unicorn, a pitch-black shadow flashed through. It was that demon powerhouse who attacked Cai’er together with Allocer. After the last clash, he had once again mounted a sneak attack against the enemy.

That fully armored knight visibly expected this. Shifting his stance back all of a sudden, his eyes swept along the horizon.

Ding A chirping sound was produced as the orange knight’s whole body released a great brilliance, propelling himself back along with his Starlight Unicorn. His shield also released a burst with an orange glitter, a clear sign that he didn’t have such an easy time sustaining this attack.

But right at this time, Allocer opened his mouth wide and, from there, released sharp, pitch-black projectiles.

No one would be more expert in grasping opportunities than an assassin. And this place was nowhere else than the headquarter of the assassins. As the head of the Assassin Temple, how could Sheng Yue not understand this?
As the powerful knight clad in Golden Foundation Armor attracted the attention of the two demon gods, Sheng Yue completely concealed himself long ago. The coordination between an assassin and a knight was a long tradition in the Temple Alliance. So, the instant Allocer collided with that Golden Foundation Knight, Sheng Yue didn’t know

And that’s how things actually turned out. The powerful sword intent unleashed by the Golden Foundation Knight at Allocer’s psyche aggravated his injury, and he relaxed from seeing his ally ambush the knight. All of this made him at his weakest this instant.

Sheng Yue’s attack was a bit slower than the demon assassin. But this difference in speed produced a murderous result.

Bang! The Blazing Lion Demon Allocer let out a terrible shout. A demon god’s body was certainly tough, to the extent that even Sheng Yue’s full power burst of power didn’t split his body. But on his chest appeared a hole one third of a meter long. This injury looked fatal.

However, Sheng Yue didn’t plan on letting him go. In the meantime, his other dagger thrust violently into the back of Allocer’s head.

The vitality of a demon god was incredible, especially around his demon god pillar. Therefore, he had to kill the enemy thoroughly, to guarantee that he wouldn’t get up.

Allocer’s death was quite sad. He absolutely didn’t expect their surprise attack to end up in a counter kill, without even allowing him the time to borrow his demon god pillar’s strength before being inflicted with fatal wounds. At the time the explosive attack reached the back of his head, his last hope of survival had disappeared.

Sheng Yue was far more experienced than Long Haochen’s group, and was extremely spontaneous in that situation. After Allocer’s death, without allowing any time for his demon god crown to get away, Allocer’s body was bound by Sheng Yue’s spiritual energy. Due to the repression of his power, the demon god crown was unable to get away, and another Blazing Lion Demon God would hardly reappear in their ranks. It would take at
least a year for the demon god pillar to recover its vigor and sprout the seed of another demon god, to choose a new successor. But if the demon god crown returned, it would almost immediately be able to look for a successor, and transmit him a part of Allocer’s power. Speaking of which, the demon god crown from when they killed Andromalius was eaten by Haoyue, so Long Haochen didn’t know what became of it.

At the time Sheng Yue’s fatal attacks were launched, the eye-catching orange shield once again blocked that assassin demon god, to prevent him from rescuing the Blazing Lion Demon God.

Despite how it may seem, all of this had happened in a flash. From the surprise attack launched by the two demon gods against Cai’er to the death of Allocer, only a few blinks of an eye had passed.

This was their first time cooperating, but they had a formless mutual understanding, with the perfect amount of trust and cohesion to produce such good results.

The Golden Foundation Knight was riding his Starlight Unicorn, continuously drawing back in the sky. Every time he was forced back, the orange light gained in brilliance, and the shield kept blocking the incoming attacks through Divine Obstruction. His mastery of the vocation of Guardian Knight came out perfectly. Although every attack of the enemy depleted a great amount of his spiritual energy, he managed to keep going for the necessary time.

The enemy didn’t have the time to prepare any more devastating attack, and could only helplessly look at the scene of Allocer being killed by Sheng Yue.

Far off in the demon camps, the Blazing Lion Demon God’s pillar as well as the seven others shone brilliantly, but on the side of the Exorcist Mountain Pass, the sky suddenly looked distorted, and a massive murderous spirit spread out in the shape of a large net that went the demon gods’ way.

The black silhouette that was attacking the Golden Foundation Knight flashed back, and fled in the sky, disappearing completely. This side of the
battlefield was closer to the Exorcist Mountain Pass, so the reinforcements from the Assassin Temple were visibly quite faster than the demon gods to come. If he didn’t go now, he could only suffer the same fate as Allocer.

Don’t think that a powerhouse of the ninth step can persist for an incredibly long time in battle. The greater one’s strength, the greater the danger involved in clashes. Except for those with absurd defensive power such as the Demonic Bear Demon God Valefor, the life or death of powerhouses of the ninth step was frequently decided in a flash in cases of fights between them.

Retrieving his shield, that Golden Foundation Knight let out a low groan, spitting out some saliva. Resisting that assassin demon god’s continuous attack was no easy thing. If he didn’t have the Starlight Unicorn and his epic Gold Foundation armor to supply him with sufficient spiritual energy, even if his defense was maintained in the Spiritual Highland state, his spiritual energy couldn’t make such an advanced defense last to take more than three blows. In a situation of one versus one, this Golden Foundation Knight would surely have been lost, if he decided to fight to the death without considering escape.

He and Sheng Yue didn’t withdraw yet, only gazing at the demon god pillars lit up in the distance, as the twists on the air surrounding them became stronger, but not a single figure appeared.

The corpse of the Blazing Lion Allocer was recovered by Sheng Yue. A demon god’s Demon God Crown was a real treasure, which could supply a Magic Cannon for at least three years, or be used to make a piece of equipment at the epic tier.

Woo, woo The horn for retreat sounded, and the large demon armies on the offense immediately retreated in mass. Far off, the seven lit up demon god pillars also started to darken as well.

Haha Sheng Yue let out a loud laugh, “Feels good. This old man finally let out all his accumulated resentment.”
Sheng Yue was a character of bad temperament, and had to suppress himself all this time, because neither side wished to have the powerhouses of the ninth step join the battle for fear of causing casualties on an extremely large scale. Therefore, the powerhouses of the ninth step only stood opposite to each other but had yet to join the battle. So even if he was anxious, he could not take the initiative to make a move, and had even left the city’s defense to Sheng Lingxin’s care. Until now, this senior heroic assassin felt unable to exert his strength, which was really an unpleasant feeling.

Chapter 524

The sudden surprise attack directed at Cai’er made him make his first personal move, and by chance, his reaction was fast enough or Cai’er would really have suffered a tragic fate. The Sickle of the God of Death was certainly very powerful, but the gap in spiritual energy made it impossible to completely unleash the weapon’s power. More accurately speaking, the more powerful the weapon, the more strength it requires from the user, to display its real might.

The following course of action felt unreal even to Sheng Yue’s eyes. In all of demon history, Allocer was probably the demon god that died the most easily.

Allocer’s death was not only due to the obstruction of the Golden Foundation Knight and Sheng Yue’s surprise attack, but also because of his lack of preparation. Yet it all happened too fast, or else, he simply had to call out to his distant demon god pillar, and he wouldn’t have died in Sheng Yue’s hands.

But unfortunately, not everything goes fairly in this world.

“Thank you, brother. These spoils of wars should go to you.” Sheng Yue passed Allocer’s corpse to the Golden Foundation Knight without any stinginess.

The Golden Foundation Knight shook his head, “Hello, senior. I cannot accept this. The provisional Saint Knight Head of the Knight Temple and twelfth Golden Knight reports to you.”
No mistake, this person who stopped two demon gods and created the opportunity for Sheng Yue to kill the Blazing Lion Demon God was none other than Long Haochen.

Originally Long Haochen and Han Yu were on their way to the Exorcist Mountain Pass. But while they were still quite far off, Long Haochen’s senses detected a large battle going on here. He had Han Yu head to the Exorcist Mountain Pass, while he rode Star King at a high altitude to see whether he could be needed somewhere. Although he didn’t take Long Tianying’s mission too much to heart, Long Haochen wanted to amass the most contribution points possible to the best extent of his ability.

After focusing his attention on the area around the Exorcist Mountain Pass, he almost instantly found out about Cai’er’s battles, the Sickle of the God of Death giving him the most direct indication.

Long Haochen was really overjoyed at this news and was preparing to join her when she suffered the surprise attack.

The following course of action was simple. Long Haochen united perfectly with Star King to hurry at the greatest speed, just like a golden meteor passing through the battlefield. It was too late to come to Cai’er’s rescue, because of the immediate crisis she was confronted with. Extremely anxious, Long Haochen had already put out his whole strength. After experiencing many years of battles, he had a good ability to make predictions in the battlefield. Seeing Cai’er alright and the two demon gods retreating, he chose to appear in the enemies’ only path of return. This is how the scene of assassination of the Blazing Lion Demon God came about.

Sheng Yue’s appellation as Brother’ made Long Haochen almost cry out loud. He was fooling an elder… Therefore, wanting to hide his identity, he rapidly changed the subject, as this was not an appropriate time to reveal himself.

Hearing Long Haochen’s voice and speech, Sheng Yue immediately had a suspicious look. This voice was quite familiar, but he wasn’t able to identify it immediately. All he could infer from it was that this twelfth Golden Knight was of quite a young age. He already had the knowledge
that the twelfth Golden Foundation Armor should be in the Knight Temple’s treasury, so this Twelfth Golden Knight should be a newly promoted Golden Foundation Knight. Yet he called himself Provisi

The status of the Saint Knight Head was, in the Knight Temple, only second to the Temple Head and auxiliary heads. How could it be held by a newly promoted Golden Foundation Knight?

However, no matter how Sheng Yue was puzzled over this, he didn’t have any suspicion toward Long Haochen, who had already used actions to prove himself.

“Let’s head back to the city first.” Sheng Yue waved his hand and flew back to the Exorcist Mountain Pass along with Long Haochen, as the tyrannical murderous spirits and twisted fluctuations slowly withdrew.

This battle didn’t end as a victory for the Assassin Temple, but getting rid of a demon god greatly stimulated the soldiers’ morale.

Sheng Yue faced the Exorcist Mountain Pass, raising high above his head the corpse of the Blazing Lion Demon God. Immediately, a surge of acclamations followed from the Exorcist City. A lot of soldiers were stirred to the extent of shedding tears.

Looking silently at the Exorcist Mountain Pass, already unrecognizable due to the damage, Long Haochen felt a great pain. As the trigger of this Holy War, he wasn’t given any complaint from the Alliance, yet who knew how many soldiers died in the battlefields.

I will definitely thoroughly crush demonkind, so peace can reappear in the continent of Shengmo Dalu. There will be no more wars. Long Haochen secretly pledged this to himself. In the meantime, he slowly started to chant an incantation.

Sheng Yue looked at the nearby Long Haochen with shock. He could sense that from this Golden Foundation Knight started to come out extremely dense fluctuations of light essence. And the purity of this light essence reached a level he had never seen before.
Long Haochen’s chanting voice was very gentle, and his incantation was very low pitched, but definitely didn’t lose out in efficiency. One could see that around his body started to bubble forth numerous specks of light.

Sheng Yue took a deep breath, and couldn’t help but reveal a grateful expression, remarking in a low voice, “Don’t push yourself too much.”

Long Haochen was of course unable to respond to him, but his chant started to become clearer.

Tiny specks of light started to surround his body. At first, there were only a dozen, each of which reached the size of a soybean, hardly remarkable. But as their quantity increased, everyone could sense with shock that the shape of a sphere of light started to form around him. At close and far distances appeared the same kinds of specks of light, gathering around Long Haochen’s area, and starting to spiral all around him.

Sheng Yue started to fly to the opposite direction of the Exorcist City. Since this knight was invested for the Exorcist Mountain Pass, he had to guarantee his safety. What if the demons chose to launch a surprise attack?

Not only him, but without need for his orders, a series of shadows swept outside the city, forming a protective barrier in the sky surrounding the Exorcist City, to guarantee the defense of Long Haochen while he chanted.

At this very moment, Long Haochen was extremely focused and seemed to only be able to hear his own long and tedious voiced incantation, which could lessen his feelings of guilt.

He had entered a fantastic state. When the chant had just started, the spiritual energy in his body was very dispersed, most of his spiritual energy having been depleted during the last battle.

But after the golden specks of light started to fuse with him, he discovered with stupor that the spiritual energy in his body kept rising, calmly piling up inside him. He had originally planned to chant until he had recovered halfway, but after completing the half, the rest continued naturally.
At this moment, his attention and senses were not on his own body, but were one with the air, assimilating nature and light.

The first time Long Haochen attained this state was in the Illusory Paradise. Ye Xiaolei had described it as a divine realm. God is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. At the current time, he wasn’t an incantator, but a conductor, conducting all the light essence.

He had as his support his deep kind-heartedness, and as his baton his sadness and dedication.

He experienced deeply the gentleness, kindness, harmony, sacrifice, mercy, pardon and compassion associated to light, and this instant, his mind made one with the light element. This instant, he had become the Scion of Light in the true meaning.

The power of light should never be used for slaughters, so even if Long Haochen managed in the future to become a powerhouse of the Demon God Emperor’s grade, he would absolutely not command light essence to do such things in times of attacks. The spell that he was using right now was using the concepts of pardon, compassion and kindness as one, without the slightest selfishness or distraction, and sparing no cost to spread out his feelings of mercy.

The golden dot of light forming a spiral shape gradually reached a high altitude, taking the shape of a huge pillar of light exceeding a hundred meters diameter. At this time, the demon god pillars over the distant demon camp were completely overshadowed, and the overwhelming light element’s influence made all the demons shudder in fear. Although they could sense that this holy light was not directed at them, being darkness affinity demons, they could hardly contain their fear.

No other grand scene followed after the appearance of this golden pillar of light. Finally, Long Haochen chanted the last syllable of his incantation, and from his body, a seven-colored light glowed. The Starlight Unicorn and he had already recovered their peak state of spiritual energy, but were still floating in midair, their eyes having become brilliant like never before.
The sky was totally golden, and as far as the eye could see, everything had taken a golden color. A faint rain of light started to pour out of nowhere, falling gently and slowly.

Everywhere the thin rain poured, people were given a gentle and agreeable feeling, and every drop of rain would turn into a very thin halo of light.

Every drizzle gave off a soft feeling of warmth. At the start, this small warmth was insufficient to really be noticed, but rapidly, people found out that the soft rain gave her an immense feeling of carefreeness and tranquility.

Everyone had the reflex of gazing at Long Haochen, riding the Starlight Unicorn King. Their feelings of excitement had gradually changed into feelings of tranquility. Then, they regained excited looks, filled with extreme feelings.

Chapter 525

In the eyes of many lower ranked soldiers, Long Haochen was like the descending god of light, bestowing his warmth and sweeping away all their pain and fatigue. A feeling close to worship started to rise instantly in them.

The scope of the rain of light was really large. Not only did it cover the whole Exorcist Mountain Pass, but even the location of the previous battlefield and the demon camp were engulfed inside.

The demon god pillar glistened once again. The extremely beautiful light in the humans’ eyes was a fatal catastrophe to the demons.

Seven pillars of light spreading out similar auras of darkness soared to the sky, forming a dark red barrier using the seven pillars as base, englobing the demon camp.

Without a doubt, the spell Long Haochen completed had reached the scale of forbidden grade. And even Sheng Yue had never seen one of such scale before.

At the same time, this was the most peaceful forbidden spell that Sheng Yue had ever seen. Some Saints of the ninth step from the Priest Temple could also release healing spells of large scale and at the forbidden spell level, but its healing effects would be much more direct than Long Haochen’s, and its effects also greater. However, it couldn’t compare to Long Haochen’s in terms of softness and scope. Englobing a third of the Exorcist Mountain Pass was the most a supreme powerhouse from the Priest Temple could do. And Long Haochen’s forbidden spell took not much time to produce such a rain.
Sheng Yue had a deep reaction. Bathed in the holy rain, not only did his body draw benefit, but also his soul. It was cleansed, and his heart’s wound healed. It had no less effect on him than on a wounded person that was made to recover by it.

All negative feelings disappeared suddenly from the heads of the soldiers, and the injuries on their bodies slowly healed.

Gradually, some of the soldiers started to kneel in front of Long Haochen and this scene rapidly spread to the whole Exorcist City.

Not only the lower soldiers kneeled, but even some powerhouses of the fifth and sixth step. They were completely purified of all bad things that had started to accumulate in them.

As this miraculous rain descended in the Exorcist Mountain Pass, a large amount of wounded people were brought out on the outside ground, bathed in the rain of light. The whole Exorcist Mountain Pass was drizzling with a thin golden layer because of this sudden event.

The seven great demon gods who joined their hands to create this barrier also saw small ripples of golden light on their extremely dark barrier, symbol of its continuous purification.

The seven great demon gods stood in front of their respective pillars with grim looks. They didn’t have the feeling that they were resissting against a light elemental forbidden spell, but against a heavenly power.

Cai’er was like the others, standing in the city and watching the Golden Foundation Knight from afar. Of course she would not kneel down, but her eyes were moist since long ago, and tears kept sliding down her whole face. Bathed in this rain of light, all her previous injuries recovered gradually, and the feelings repressed in her heart disappeared without a sound.

If only one person could be able to tell the identity of this Golden Foundation Knight, that would be, without a doubt, her.
She didn’t recognize him from his aura, but recognized the shield that they obtained from their trip in the Swamps of Gloom! The snail carapace shaped spiral shield, letting out orange glows of extremely pure holy light. What else could it be than the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon?

It’s him! He has come, finally! This instant, Cai’er felt her heart being moved irreparably by the floating Long Haochen, and the memories buried

Why… Why aren’t you letting me recall him? Just why? Cai’er’s tears started to drip even faster, and at the sight of Long Haochen, she felt a great pain.

This divine rain lasted for no less than half an hour, and when the golden color gradually dispersed from the sky, an extremely warm sun came to view. In Exorcist City, acclamation for the earlier kill of Allocer started to burst forth once again, this time even more loudly.

Spreading out his wings, Star King glided through the Exorcist City. Sheng Yue’s figure twinkled, and rapidly joined Long Haochen’s side. But he found out with amazement that even after using such a powerful forbidden spell, the holy light aura spreading out from Long Haochen’s body was even more intense than before. Although no fluctuation of spiritual energy could be sensed on him, he and his Starlight Unicorn seemed to be supported by the power of light, supported by the power of light and one with it.

Even Sheng Yue had never seen someone else reach such a state.

Long Haochen’s fully used spell was called Holy Rain, a light elemental forbidden spell that he had cultivated in the cave. In terms of healing effect, this forbidden healing spell useable by knights was unable to compare with the forbidden healing spell belonging to priests. After all, knights were not specialized in healing like priests.

But this Holy Rain has its own features. The drops of rain are even more gentle in times of healing, and more easily absorbed. Furthermore, the long, steady period of healing and therapeutic relief would not only massively
boost one side’s morale and replenish physical power for the targets, but also get rid of negative feelings.

In other words, in terms of healing alone, Divine Rain is quite below other healing forbidden spells, but it has many more uses. Furthermore, it requires only a third or a half of the full chant to start the forbidden rain. But its healing effect will vary with the strength of the user, and will of course have limited effects when used by a Guardian Knight of the eighth step.

Right before, when Long Haochen used Holy Rain, its range, purity and global effects were far above its original effects. The instantaneous flash of insights and ignition of his emotions, plus the mobilization of his physique as a god’s chosen one made his use of this spell close to perfection. Even among the top five demon gods, only the Demon God Emperor, Moon Demon God, and Star Demon God could use something of such scale.

The powerhouses from the Assassins Temple that gave themselves the task of protecting Long Haochen returned to the city one after another.

In town, Sheng Lingxin had long ago commanded the soldiers to leave an open space for Long Haochen, and when he landed in the city, the top powerhouses from the Assassin Temple all reflexively surrounded him. Having used such a powerful forbidden spell, they understood very clearly that this Golden Foundation Knight state must be in quite the weakened state. This was all the more reason to not let the demons take any opportunity.

But of course, as it turned out, the demons currently didn’t have forces to ambush him. When the seven great demon gods released that dark red barrier, they expended a lot of power. Even if the demon god pillars were great, they served at most to amplify the wielders’ strength, but their consumption of magic power remained considerable. What they faced was not Long Haochen but heaven’s might!

Star King was floating, but his wings had both vanished. His first movement was to turn around to face Long Haochen, still sitting on his back. His limpid eyes were full of reverence and warmth.
“Master, I thank you.” This appellation of master was chosen completely willingly by Star King. He followed Long Haochen because of his identity as Scion of Light, and not because of his approval of Haochen’s character. The main point was that he could benefit from Long Haochen’s pure light element. Additionally, he sensed Long Haochen’s kindness.

After following Long Haochen to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, Star King actually didn’t feel really good. Seeing the Scion of Light’s ongoing slaughters, although the ones slaughtered were demons, nonetheless his hand kept being contaminated with blood.

But just a moment ago, Star King really became convinced by Long Haochen. As his mount, his perception of Long Haochen’s emotions as he put Rain of Light into use was second to no one else, including all the changes in his emotions. At the time Long Haochen used it, he didn’t put his own body’s state in consideration at all, and that kindness deeply touched Star King, a light elemental magical beast of the kindest type.

The one who received the most of Rain of Light’s influence was Star King. The boundary that Sheng Yue sensed was also sensed by Star King. To him, this was the boundary of a Divine Unicorn! If one studied him attentively, he would see that the white hairs on the body of the current Star King already took on a thin golden color. That was the sign that his transformation into a Divine Unicorn had started. He believed that as long as he kept following Long Haochen, he would succeed in evolving before too long.

Long Haochen jumped down from Star King’s body. At this very moment, the spiritual energy in his body, including the energy stored in the Golden Foundation Armor, was all exhausted. But extraordinarily, he wasn’t in a weakened state. At this time, he was like an ordinary person with only a reinforced mental capacity. Furthermore, his exhausted spiritual energy was quietly recovering. Without a need for him to act, the outside light essence will autonomously enter his body, and become of the purest kind through assimilation, while the rather impure light essence would find it difficult to approach him. This saved Long Haochen from the process of filtering.
A total of eleven powerhouses from the Assassin Temple were around Long Haochen, including Sheng Yue. Aside from the latter, the others were all clad in black, the head being no exception. The demeanor of each of them was greatly imposing.

Chapter 526

Just like the Divine Knights from the Knight Temple, these eleven powerhouses from the Assassin Temple were of heroic grade, having reached the ninth step. They were the real core of the Assassin Temple’s strength.

“The Knight Temple’s Provisional Saint Knight Head, the twelfth golden knight greets you, elders. Because of some special reasons, I am not allowed to reveal my name.” Long Haochen gave the elders a knight salute.

Including Sheng Yue, the seven elders returned the salute simultaneously, giving an assassin salute with the highest degree of respect.

Sheng Yue gave a sincere response, “Welcome to you, powerful Saint Knight Head. The Assassin Temple will never forget everything you did for the Exorcist Mountain Pass. May the friendship between our two great Temples last forever. If there is any help you may need, the Assassin Temple under my wing will not spare any cost for you.”

Sheng Yue’s speech was sincere, to the extent that even Yang Haohan had never obtained such a commitment from him. What he meant by these words is simple: from today on, as long as Long Haochen needs anything, the Assassin Temple will do its utmost to assist him.

He received such an approval right because Long Haochen’s Rain of Light couldn’t come at a better time.
In the Exorcist Mountain Pass were a lot of wounded, who not only suffered physically, but also mentally. And what’s more, the continuous attack of the demon armies had made the faces of the soldiers assigned to the Exorcist Mountain Pass lose all color.

The descent of Rain of Light relieved the soldiers from their exhaustion, and refilled them with self-confidence. And the healing of so many wounded gave the Exorcist Mountain Pass a whole new life. One could say that this powerful forbidden spell completely turned around their disadvantageous situation. If Sheng Yue originally believed that the Exorcist Mountain Pass could last at least one more month, he was now confident that they were able to fight the demons to death for one year. In Sheng Yue’s eyes, the most important point in Rain of Light wasn’t its healing properties, but its cure of the people’s hearts, sweeping away all the haze in the soldiers’ hearts.

That was the reason why Sheng Yue gave such a heavy promise. With this promise, the Assassin Temple will at least unconditionally assist Long Haochen in one matter, and that was no less than a sixth of the Temple Alliance’s force.

Long Haochen had a blank look on his face, but didn’t reject, only paying another knight salute to him.

He didn’t reject for complex reasons. Simply said, it was because of the Temple Alliance’s internal structure.

Anyone could tell that if the Six Great Temple’s six vocations could be perfectly combined together, and the six vocations could be evenly distributed in each defensive fort, the defense against the demons would be even greater.

But why is it that they never did so?

In the Temple Alliance’s history, who knows how many elders attempted to make such changes. But it always failed, and that’s because of the Six Great Temples’ self-protectionism.
This was a helpless matter. If the Six Great Temples could harmonize with each other, what would be done about the many resources they had accumulated over so many years? Manpower and resources would need to be distributed. Although the Six Great Temples didn’t really form six countries in the Temple Alliance, in actual fact every Temple had a large autonomy.

The Demon Hunt Squads attempted long ago to tell the Six Great Temples about the benefits of collaborating. But until this day, each of the Six Great Temples wanted to do things in their way. Each

Regarding this matter, Long Tianying talked about all this to Long Haochen for half a day. The Priest Temple was, among them, the most in favor of the fusion of the six. But aside from the Priest temple, the other five were almost all rather in disfavor, although the Knight Temple’s disfavor could be regarded as rather low. In contrast, the most violently against the idea were the Assassin Temple, the Mage Temple and the Spiritual Temple.

Although, since the beginning of the Holy War, the Alliance had tried its utmost to combine the six vocations, in practice, each of the Six Great Temples used their own power as their foundation to resist demons.

Long Tianying specifically told Long Haochen that at least for now, this issue was unresolvable. But this didn’t mean it will be the case forever. To have the Six Great Temples unite for real, only one solution existed, and that was to reform a human country, a powerful empire with a centralized power in authority. Only this way could the six of them unite and form a whole.

Of course, creating this country would clearly be an immensely difficult task. The idea of uniting the six Temples as one was almost unthinkable.

Long Tianying finally expressed to Long Haochen his serious and earnest wishes. That if one day, he could attain a sufficient level of power and build enough influence in the whole Alliance, he may attempt to accomplish this magnificent feat. This was also the hope of the Knight Temple, and the reason why Long Tianying decided to have him travel through each of the
Temples. This was not about obtaining the support of these Temples immediately, but for him to understand the Six Great Temples.

Long Haochen didn’t entertain the idea of becoming an emperor, but he knew about the importance the fusion of the Six Great Temples’ powers held to humanity. This Holy War had already damaged the Alliance severely, and although the demons’ damage was also great, their rule was under the Demon God Emperor alone, and their reproducing speed was really terrifying as well. If things kept going this way, humans could only keep being suppressed by the demons, and at best yield some of their territory.

Therefore, Long Haochen didn’t reject Sheng Yue’s proposition. Perhaps, this commitment could become of utter importance in some case of extreme need.

Long Tianying made a deep analysis of the present situation of the Six Great Temples for Long Haochen. The Knight Temple was undoubtedly the most powerful, and the closest to it was the Assassin Temple. The Mage Temple and Warrior Temple had even better relationships. In contrast, the Priest Temple and Spiritual Temple were rather independent in comparison.

So if one wants to unify the Alliance under a single centralized power in the future, the priority is to gain good allies, which means gaining the Assassin Temple’s backup. After that would come the idea of influencing the other four Temples.

Now was still a bit early to speak of this, but to Long Tianying that this couldn’t be overlooked, not because of some plot they could have in mind, but for humans to finally become able to defeat demons.

An individual’s strength is always insignificant, and even if Long Haochen manages to obtain the approval of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, can he resist the whole of demonkind on his own? The answer is no. To do that, he would need the support of the whole Alliance, and would only have the possibility of launching a counterattack by holding authority over the whole Alliance.
This feat was impossible to realize for the current head of the Temple Alliance Yang Haohan, and Long Tianying couldn’t either, but Long Haochen had this possibility. With an identity as Scion of Light and a god’s chosen one, he already had sufficient power to gain support. Moreover, the Priest Temple was already in favor of the fusion of the Temples.

As Long Haochen returned Sheng Yue’s politeness, he recalled his grandfather’s sincere wishes. Suddenly came a figure that pressed through the crowd of people, and wasn’t stopped by the other heroic assassins.

This figure immediately threw itself into Long Haochen’s arms, giving him a deep hug.

Seeing this, the looks on all of the present heroic assassins’ faces became blank. Sheng Yue was totally shocked at first, but then had a grotesque look, finally realizing the identity of this Saint Knight Head that brought miracles. He understood his great-granddaughter just too well: aside from this kid, who else could she be so excited to see, to the extent of taking the initiative to throw herself at him? Even after losing her memories, his treasured great-granddaughter couldn’t possibly have such a change of heart.

But after realizing the identity of this Golden Foundation Knight, Sheng Yue’s shock became even more intense.

Over this one year and a half, he had been giving his all in teaching Cai’er, who didn’t betray his expectations at all, and grew at a frightening speed. Her cultivation already reached the sixth rank of the seventh step, and in Sheng Yue’s eyes, this cultivation speed should have overtaken that boy’s, which gave him a lot of pride.

However, the reality was just that cruel. When this guy reappeared, he turned out to have already become a knight of the eighth step, and also obtained a Golden Foundation Armor of epic tier. Could this be a token of favoritism from the Knight Temple? Sheng Yue was already over a hundred years old, but wasn’t senile yet. Was there a need for favoritism? His previous spell was already enough of a proof. Even if that forbidden spell was sneakily launched through a scroll, it couldn’t show its might without
sufficient strength from the user. Moreover, he had personally heard the process of Long Haochen’s chanting.

Couldn’t this little guy have already attained the ninth step? This was Sheng Yue’s greatest doubt. And this only made his shock even greater.

The previous promise was something he couldn’t help but give. But in his heart, he had actually been unwilling to owe such a great favor to the Knight Temple. But now wasn’t the same. The Assassin Temple owed such a favor to their own great-grandson-in-law, one of their own people.

However, the other heroic assassins didn’t know what was happening. They obviously all knew about Cai’er’s identity; the Saint Daughter of Samsara and a genius like none other that had appeared for over a thousand years. As the unconditional future successor of the Assassin Temple and greatest powerhouse, Cai’er’s survival in a battle against a demon god’s while still at the seventh step was once again a proof of strength in the eyes of these assassins. Furthermore, in their eyes, Cai’er was a junior, but her coldness made her unapproachable by anyone else. Once again, this was an essential quality for an assassin to have.

Chapter 527

But at this very time, she actually threw herself in the embrace of this knight. Could his charm be irresistible even to the Saint Daughter of Samsara? This just couldn’t be!

But these elders had many years of extensive experience and clearly saw Sheng Yue’s shocked expression change into a gratified smile. Since the head found that normal, then it could only be so. So they might as well stop thinking further on the issue. Since the other party gave such a great help to the Assassin Temple, they couldn’t go up to retrieve Cai’er.

The Golden Foundation Armor didn’t block the sensation of Cai’er’s soft embrace. Unlike when activating the previous forbidden spell or even assisting Sheng Yue in killing Allocer, the Saint Knight Head’s hands trembled violently.

“Cai’er, Cai’er!” Long Haochen gently called out her name, his voice still shaking. His emotions became so unstable that the orange glints on his armor started to undulate irregularly.

Cough, cough… Sheng Yue coughed, “Saint Knight Head, you have just used a forbidden spell. Maybe you should take a rest in our Assassin Temple.” This was a reminder for this couple of youngsters that this was the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ City, center of a large crowd’s attention.

Actually, the most shocked spectator was situated on the second layer of the Exorcist Mountain Pass. Sheng Lingxin’s eyes opened so wide they nearly split. Seeing his daughter rush into a man’s arms, he almost fell from the second layer.
He absolutely didn’t believe that person to be Long Haochen. In his heart, Long Haochen was already his son-in-law. But he subconsciously believed that a Golden Foundation Knight would at the very least be fifty years old. What was wrong with Cai’er? Could she have fallen for the hero?

But as the military chief of the Exorcist Mountain Pass, what else could he do than stare at that? By chance, Cai’er’s mother Lan Yanyu was still resting at home due to some injuries, or both husband and wife would be witness to such an embarrassment...

Sheng Lingxin secretly thought: Cai’er, oh Cai’er… You can’t have a change of affection like that! Otherwise, how do you want me to justify myself to Brother Long, to Haochen? But seeing such a strong Provisional Saint Knight Head, how come he hadn’t heard of him before?

Did Cai’er and Long Haochen separate after hearing Sheng Yue’s warning? The answer was negative, and Sheng Yue and the other heroic assassins did not know whether to laugh or cry from what followed, seeing Cai’er’s body disappear.

Invisibility! That powerful assassin ability was being used to further the affection between a man and a woman...

Cai’er’s body seemed to have faded away, but the tactile sensation was still present. Long Haochen was unwilling to part with her and kept embracing her, under the escort of the heroic assassins. And under the fanatical watch of the soldiers, Long Haochen rode Star King to head down toward Exorcist City.

Assassin Temple.

“So it’s really you, brat.” When Sheng Yue saw Long Haochen after his helmet was taken off, he still had difficulty believing his eyes.

This private room was used in ordinary times for Sheng Yue to cultivate, so naturally, no one else would come here to disturb them. After their return to the Assassin Temple. Sheng Yue had directly brought Long Haochen and Cai’er back to this personal room of his.
Now, Cai’er was still clinging to Long Haochen’s side. After a year and a half of separation, she had become incomparably unable to part with him. Although she still was missin

Long Haochen wanted to kneel down to make his own salutations to Sheng Yue. In his capacity as Cai’er’s lover, Haochen needed to pay homage to Sheng Yue and her elder relatives. Outside, he was representing the Knight Temple, but in this private room, he was only standing for himself.

“Enough, you are already Saint Knight Head, no need for such formalities.

“How did you cultivate to this level? It can’t be that Yang Haohan and Long Tianying gave you some cultivation drugs with bad repercussions, but how else could you have cultivated so fast?”

At the sight of Long Haochen, even the severe Sheng Yue couldn’t help but exclaim violently in admiration. That youngster was still below twenty, but already became a real knight of the eighth step. No wonder the Demon God Emperor would use him as an excuse to trigger this Holy War. Even if he didn’t have the ability of destroying demon god pillars, his speed of growth would unavoidably make him a cornerstone of the future resistance against demons.

Long Haochen replied respectfully, “Great-grandfather, I have been in deep cultivation for a long period of time, then spent half a year to cultivate techniques.”

Sheng Yue gave Cai’er a helpless look, “It looks like you are still no match for him. He seems much more hardworking than you. The boredom of deep cultivation isn’t something just anyone can bear. Youngster, you can’t have been deep cultivating for a year non-stop, haha?”

This heroic senior then started to laugh at his own joke, before stopping suddenly after seeing Long Haochen nod earnestly.
“What? So you really went deep cultivating for a year? You...” Sheng Yue’s wrinkles were twitching, “Let it be, you two have a good chat. I won’t bother you two any longer.” He waved his hands and stepped across, disappearing directly from the room.

Cai’er let out a laugh, “Great-grandfather, you’re so jealous.”

At the sight of the smile on her face, Long Haochen’s eyes flashed with a faint trace of disappointment. He knew Cai’er just too well, and right for that reason, he determined from her facial expression that her memories weren’t recovered at all, and that Cai’er was still amnesic.

Cai’er immediately discovered his change in mood, and lowered her head slightly, “I am sorry, I just...”

She was not left the time to finish the sentence, interrupted by a sudden hug by Long Haochen, who interrupted with a gentle tone of voice, “No, I should be the sorry one. I did not protect you well. No matter what, seeing you again is really good.”

Cai’er drew herself closely towards him, with a soft voice, “I don’t know what my feelings were when I used to love you before that, but I am certain that I am still in love with you. That day, when you left, I felt like I had lost something important. Now that we finally reunited, I will go wherever you go. I will definitely convince great-grandfather, I don’t want to have to look at your departing figure again.”

Long Haochen fondled her hair gently, “Be at ease. This time, I am not only taking you with me, but we will also gather with the others, to reform our 64th commander-grade Demon Hunt Squad.”

Cai’er lifted up her head, surprised, “You have the permission of the Alliance?”

“I would say I have it. However, we will have to make enough contributions in every defensive fort. I think it should be enough for the Exorcist Mountain Pass. If not, we will have to remain for longer.
“It is surely not enough.” Right at this time, shadows flashed , and Sheng Yue reappeared.

Seeing him, Cai’er hurriedly let go of her embrace, and looked flushed, “Great-grandfather, how come you are back?” The instant they had just reunited was long past, so how could she not feel embarrassed?

Sheng Yue looked furious, “What’s wrong if I am back!? When I just left, I was thinking, what if after letting the two of you share a room, and meet again after a long time of separation, something were to happen due to the excitement? What’s wrong with me wanting to be the first to hold my great-great-grandson? But this won’t do. Sheng Yue’s great- granddaughter needs to be officially wed before bearing a child.”

“Great-grandfather, what are you speaking about?” Cai’er’s face became red like an apple, and appeared at Sheng Yue’s side with a flash, grabbing on his beard to pull it.

“Be a good girl, don’t pull, I only have this much beard. Your great- grandfather needs to keep some of his image in front of others. Fool, I am doing this for your good! Aren’t you afraid of being taken advantage of?”

This time, Long Haochen was astonished. Apart from himself, this was the first time he saw Cai’er so close to someone else. Although that was her own great-grandfather, he still clearly remembered about her repulsion toward him before her loss of memories.

Seeing that mark of affection between the two relatives, Long Haochen suddenly realized that he had been just too selfish. Wasn’t the current Cai’er very good as is? At least, she wasn’t as closed as before and a lot more affectionate.

Then he couldn’t help but display a knowing smile. Right! If I love her, I should think for her well-being, and not only think of myself.

Because the barrier formed by Cai’er’s amnesia finally started to melt inside him, he kept standing silently with a large smile.
“Brat, what are you smiling about? Let me tell you that you’d better not think of leaving before you stay for three months. I have already received the letter from that fellow Long Tianying. You cannot think of going back before amassing a million contribution points. Let me record your current count of contribution points.”

At the sight of Sheng Yue’s astute look, Long Haochen immediately showed a pained face, “Great-Grandfather, you can’t be serious! Three months is too long.”

Sheng Yue snorted, “Long? I think that it is rather short. If you can get a million contribution points in three months time, I will recognize your ability.”

Long Haochen became helpless, “But, Great-Grandpa, you are being unfair. You have promised to give me your help. Was there any sincerity in your words?”

Sheng Yue seemed full of complacency, “Right, I gave you my promise. But do you plan on using this promise on such a thing? Don’t think I don’t know what Long Tianying and Yang Haohan are planning. If you use the promise now, you won’t be able to use it again. Give it some good thought.”

“I...” Long Haochen cursed silently, but was helpless in such a situation. Sheng Yue snorted, “Do you want to describe me as cunning?”
Long Haochen shook his head with a forced smiled, “How would I dare!? You are an elder, and all I want to say is that I trust your experience. You are really strong. But even if I don’t use the promise, you cannot be shameless on the contribution points you owe me. Today, no matter what you may say, I could be considered to have earned half of the contribution for Allocer’s kill. The Blazing Lion Demon God is at the ninth step and should be worth at least 500,000 contribution points, or even more. I want to claim half of it. Also, putting the corpse aside, the Blazing Lion Demon God’s Demon God Crown should be worth over
300,000 points. If I am not mistaken, a bit ago you wanted to send it to me.”

Chapter 528

Sheng Yue stared at Long Haochen, “Brat, when did you become so cunning? It won’t do, I am starting to doubt handing my great- granddaughter to you.”

Hearing the winning move that had been shown, Long Haochen all of a sudden became well behaved, forcing a smile, “Great-grandpa, you can’t do that!”

Sheng Yue seemed suddenly quite pleased with himself, “So what? Is it such a difficult thing for you to stay in Exorcist Mountain Pass to accompany Cai’er?” Arriving at this point, he glanced at the great- granddaughter at his side, his eyes full of warmth.

Over this year and a half, it had always been about Sheng Yue teaching Cai’er. He came to like this girl more and more, and lost the feel of the previous barrier that made it impossible for them to communicate. Cai’er also became more fondly attached to him, and felt real emotions for this kin of hers. This is something Sheng Yue hadn’t even thought possible in the past. He looked like he was trying to make things difficult for Long Haochen, but in truth, he really couldn’t bear to separate with his great- granddaughter! Although he knew that she couldn’t remain forever, having her remain a few more days was still better than nothing.

Through his eye’s expression, Long Haochen saw through Sheng Yue’s such thoughts. He originally planned to keep disputing but immediately corrected himself, “Then how about this, great-grandpa? We really are very pressed by time, and through today’s battle, the situation in the Exorcist Mountain Pass should have become quite stable. We will remain
here for one more month. This month, I won’t ask for any achievement reward, and will only focus on helping our side to handle the demon threat. How about it?”

Long Haochen was very sincere. Sheng Yue, whose previous state of mood had vanished, replied with a nod, “I knew I couldn’t keep you here.

“Actually, what you did today is already worth more than a million contribution points.”

That’s how the facts were. His divine blessing almost strengthened the whole Exorcist Mountain Pass by a third, and that was a conservative estimate.

Sheng Yue continued, “Time to go. You two come with me. This place is not really safe. When we get to the public places, at least we will be able to guarantee my great-granddaughter’s safety.”

Cai’er immediately stamped the ground and pouted, “Here you go again great-grandfather. So annoying!”

However, the two of them still followed Sheng Yue outside the room. Sheng Yue arranged a room for Long Haochen to reside in with Han Yu. He really was visibly guarding against the possibility of Long Haochen and Cai’er having an intimate relationship.

In the following few days, the Exorcist Mountain Pass was exceptionally peaceful. The large majority of the demons seemed to have lost their drive, and aside from the unlit demon god pillar of the Blazing Lion Demon God, the other seven were still flickering, as if guarding against a human attack.

Actually, it really made sense that they were on such high guard. Long Haochen’s forbidden spell on an ultra large scale gave them an unbearable fright. What they feared the most was that Long Haochen comes as they are launching the attack. At such times, the seven demon gods were incapable of protecting their army. But of course, they didn’t know that Long Haochen’s Rain of Light was an all-out attempt. Launching it once again would need to wait for his spiritual energy to break through to 200,000.
“Grandpa, the situation is already pretty good in the mountain pass. I have already organized the restoration of the city walls since it’s a rare chance to

Sheng Yue, the couple formed by Sheng Lingxin and his wife, Long Haochen, Han Yu and Cai’er had dinner together, and Sheng Lingxin reported to Sheng Yue about the condition of the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

The wife and husband were now aware that Long Haochen was the Twelfth Golden Foundation Knight, but that for the sake of concealing his true identity, he had to wear his armor every day, to avoid revealing his true features.

As Sheng Lingxin spoke to Sheng Yue, his eyes frequently swept past his soon-to-beson-in-law. When he learned that this knight was Long Haochen, his feeling of unbelief lasted for no less than a few hours.

Just how long had it been? At the time when Long Haochen was leading his Demon Hunt Squad to the Exorcist Mountain Pass to undergo the trainee mission, he was still weak to the extent of needing his protection on the battlefield. But now, his cultivation clearly surpassed Lingxin’s own. Although Sheng Lingxin also finally broke through the eighth step, the age gap between them was of at least one generation. Sheng Lingxin was also of a proud bloodline. His admiration for Long Xingyu was sincere, but he didn’t expect Long Haochen’s cultivation to have already surpassed his own.

Sheng Yue glanced down, “How’s the military situation?”

“It’s pretty good. Those originally only lightly wounded are already back in their units, and the seriously hurt are back to being lightly wounded. The disabled aside, the overwhelming majority of the soldiers are back to their commitments. While recuperating, they were preparing for battle.”

Sheng Yue nodded, “Don’t let those who are not completely healed come back to participate in the defense.”
“Yes.” Sheng Lingxin hurriedly responded. Although he was the military chief of the Exorcist Mountain Pass, the real one in charge was Sheng Yue. Sheng Lingxin’s prestige was far beneath those heroic assassins of the ninth step. He didn’t even have the authority to mobilize the Hidden Knight Hall, personally led by Ying Suifeng.

Sheng Yue shifted his glance to Long Haochen’s direction and heaved a slight smile, “Our Saint Knight Head, do you have some good suggestions?”

“Great-grandfather, you’re still making fun of me. How could I presume to make suggestions in front of Uncle Sheng and you?”

Sheng Yue’s expression became serious, “You’re wrong, Haochen. In private, you are our junior, but no matter what, you shouldn’t forget about your status as Saint Knight Head. You are representing the Knight Temple, and many times, acting tough will be a necessity, otherwise, it’s not your own face that is lost, but the Knight Temple, you understand? ”

Long Haochen had a cold shiver and respectfully replied, “Yes!”

Sheng Yue continued in a heavy tone, “You are still young, but already made quite good contributions for the Alliance. Forget about your own age, you must act befitting your status of Saint Knight Head. Otherwise, your grandfather’s plan to send you to establish ties in every Temple will be of no use. Your strength is already sufficient, but you need now to have the proper prestige and inspire awe as the Saint Knight Head.”

Long Haochen continued to nod.

Sheng Yue sighed lightly, “If it was possible, I would rather not wish for such a heavy burden to be placed so early on you. But you are already burdened beyond the limits. It can be said that you are the real trigger for this Holy War. Although this had to happen sooner or later, on behalf of the Alliance I can guarantee you that we did not protect you because you are this Sheng Yue’s son-in-law or the grandson of Long Tianying, but because of your own strength and ability to destroy the demon god pillars.
“I know I am being direct, maybe unreasonable, but these are the most basic facts. If not for your own strength, even if we could have won as well, it would definitely not have ended that way so smoothly. Just work hard and don’t fall short of our expectations. You are already a Saint Knight of the eighth step! There’s absolutely no other Saint Knight of your age in the whole history of the Alliance. We all believe that your future self will surely become a person of outstanding talents who will act as the future leader for the Alliance. So no matter when, you must be extremely strict in your self-evaluations. I don’t want to hear you sound like just before again. So now, tell us about your thoughts.”

Sheng Yue was very severe, but his words gave Long Haochen the awareness he needed. Doing that, he helped Long Haochen to change his own evaluation of himself. He was not someone of ordinary standing anymore, but the Saint Knight Head representing the Knight Temple, one among the higher placed of the Temple Alliance

After pondering for a short time, Long Haochen replied, “Great- grandfather, Uncle Sheng, I have some thoughts. It’s just that I haven’t spoke them about because it’s a kind of extreme plan.”

Sheng Lingxin’s eyes lit up immediately, “I want to hear about it.” He was originally among the most radical of the Assassin Temple in his decision-making. If not for how Sheng Yue kept him suppressed all this time, his commanding strategy would have changed long ago. Long Haochen’s mention of the word extreme’ immediately gave this father in law a great excitation.

Long Haochen nodded, “I believe that outside of the gap in strength, the biggest reason why the losses of the Exorcist Mountain Pass were so great is that there wasn’t the opportunity to make use of the Assassin Temple’s greatest strong points.”

After saying that, he came to a pause and looked at Sheng Yue and Sheng Lingxin’s reactions.

Sheng Yue looked surprised while Sheng Lingxin’s expression became even more excited and expectant, nodding slightly, “Keep going.”
Long Haochen replied, “The Assassin Temple’s strong points lie in attacking and not defending. Assassins are really unfit for a defensive battle behind city walls. It’s as if we were to put a group of mages in the frontlines. The Exorcist Mountain Pass surely needs to be defended, but I believe that we can change that from a passive defense to an active defense. In short, offense would be the greatest defense.”

“That day, I saw that the elders at the heroic assassin step were over a dozen. Such a force wouldn’t lose out greatly even in front of demon gods, to say nothing about now that there is one less of them. If we can use harassing and ambushing tactics against the demon camps, their strength when attacking our Exorcist Mountain Pass will surely take a huge blow. And at   the   same   time,   ambushes,   surprise   attacks, and stealth are all fields of expertise for the Assassin Temple! Why wouldn’t we make use of our dominant points? By taking a beating passively, we can only become more and more passive. Different occupations should use different methods to cope against the enemy.”

“Well spoken!” Sheng Lingxin tapped on his thigh, in great excitement,
“Haochen, I have exactly the same opinion as you.”

“Humph!” Sheng Yue snorted in anger, breaking off Sheng Lingxin’s great excitement.

Sheng Lingxin looked back at his grandfather, somewhat ashamed, a bitter smile on his face, “Grandfather, I am not saying that your policy is wrong!”

Chapter 529

Sheng Yue snorted coldly, “You think I don’t know about your revolting ideas? Do you know why I have always been against your idea of surprise attacking the demons? That’s because we cannot afford such losses. It will be good if you succeed, but what if you fail? Do you plan on leaving a terrible mess of handicapped soldiers to defend my granddaughter’s Assassin Temple?”

Sheng Lingxin had a bitter smile, “But grandfather, don’t you believe that what Haochen just said really makes sense?”

Sheng Yue replied, “Times are changing. Our battle tactics should be adjusted.” Reaching this point, this Heroic Knight had a dense killing intent coming out of his eyes.

Sheng Lingxin was greatly excited, “Grandfather, are you agreeing?”

Sheng Yue slowly straightened his posture, looking up to the sky, and spoke indifferently, “Killing on a moonless and windy night will always work better than in the day. And the time has come today. Immediately gather the whole Hidden Knight Hall in the courtyard on my order.”

Lan Yanyu had a sudden fright, “Grandfather, are you sure you are not being too hasty? Shouldn’t we operate after having a good discussion?”

Sheng Yue proudly replied, “An assassination must be performed when expected the least. That’s the true power of the assassins: in any situation, they plan out things effectively. There is no unvarying situation, only unflexible persons. If these brothers of mine needed to ask for such minor
preparations for an assassination, they wouldn’t deserve being called persons of outstanding talents in our Assassin Temple. You and your wife will make good the troops’ mobilization , and prepare the defense for when the enemy’s reprisals come. Haochen, Han Yu, Cai’er and you will aid me.”

Long Haochen straightened his posture, “Great-grandfather, please bring me along. I think that you seniors will need a shield.”

Han Yu and Cai’er also stood up, looking at Sheng Yue with determined eyes, showing their own intentions.

After pondering briefly, Sheng Yue replied, “Okay, then come along.”

Lan Yanyu seemed to want to say something, but was stopped by Sheng Lingxin’s look. How could one act on impulse in such a big matter? Long Haochen and Cai’er weren't delicate flowers to be kept safe.

Sheng Yue raised his head, and took a look at the deep night, his eyes surging with coldness. Long Haochen could sense an intangible enhancement of his aura. This wasn’t might but a kind of extraordinary special quality that gave Long Haochen terrible shivers.

Outside of the ten heroic assassins of the ninth step that Long Haochen had seen the other day, another twenty-one Hidden Assassins came besides. They were all Assassin Emperors of the eighth step.

Sheng Yue shifted his glance toward Long Haochen, Cai’er, and Han Yu and after a little thought ordered, “Han Yu, don’t come along. Stay with Lingxin in the Exorcist Mountain Pass to guard the city. The main point on this operation will be speed. Your cultivation is rather lower and speed isn’t your field of expertise.”

Han Yu really wanted to fight alongisde Long Haochen and Cai’er, but he knew that Sheng Yue was right. Giving his agreement, he withdrew with some unwillingness.
Sheng Yue looked at the bright-golden, dazzling Golden Foundation Armor, but beforehe even had the chance to open his mouth, Long Haochen had taken out a black cloak that draped over his whole body as psychic fluctuations forming ripples instantly concealed his whole aura.

Sheng Yue had a thin smile on his face, thinking secretly

Eleven Heroic Knights, plus twenty-one Hidden Knights, Long Haochen and Cai’er made up a total of thirty four people.

Sheng Yue declared, “The demon offenses have been coming for a long time already, and now should be the time for us to show them what we can do. We are going to launch a surprise attack. It will have a single objective, and that is to kill as many higher-ranked demons as possible. I have to emphasize two points. First, no one is to insist on fighting too long, everyone must immediately listen to the orders of retreat. When they come, the Heroic Assassins will form the rear. Second, do not attempt to kill the demon gods. They are under the protection of their demon god pillars and will be very hard to kill. Our goal is the demons of the fifth step and above. As assassins, we are expert in surprise attacks, not prolonged battles. During this operation, take good care with your concealment. There’s not much else that I have to say. Start off!”

Sheng Yue waved his hand, and his figure flashed, taking the lead before the other assassins disappeared one after another.

Long Haochen and Cai’er dashed out simultaneously, but just after leaving, he muttered some words to Lan Yanyu. Then he pulled Cai’er’s hand away.

Looking at their departing figures, Lan Yanyu let out a light sigh,
“Haochen is really a pretty good boy.”

Sheng Lingxin asked, “What did he just tell you?”

“He said that if someone wants to hurt Cai’er, he’ll have to do it over his corpse.”
Sheng Lingxin had a smile, “As a mother-in-law, are you starting to like him gradually?”

Lan Yanyu replied with a cold stare, “I’m not the one who chose this son- in-law. Your daughter made the decision all alone.

What can I even say about a couple that lives together starting from the age of fourteen?”

“*cough, cough*. Let’s go, we have work around the city’s walls as well. I already gave the order for the armies to gather. Ai, I really wish I had joined grandfather’s group. What a shame!”

With Sheng Lingxin’s cultivation, the resources that were put at his disposal, and his Spiritual Stove of the Return to Childhood, becoming an assassin of Hidden Knight grade was no issue to him. But the thing is, as the military commander on duty here, how could he afford to leave his post?

Han Yu nodded to Sheng Lingxin’s last remark. He also wanted to come along! Although their 64th commander-grade Demon Hunt Squad was not reformed yet, he was really itching to once again fight together with Long Haochen and Cai’er.

The distant demon camps were extremely calm. The seven demon god pillars that were lit just before had become a lot more dull in color. After Sheng Yue stealthily brought everyone outside the Exorcist Mountain Pass, they gathered to a dark corner to arrange the details of the attack.

“In a bit, we will be all acting independantly, fighting on our own. When you hear my signal, retreat, understood! You have to remember that the goal of this surprise attack is to kill enemies while doing our utmost to preserve our own resources. If in the end we all return alive, it will be a great achievement for us.”

The group of powerful Hidden Knights lifted up their right hands, tapping lightly on the space between their eyebrows, before making a
gesture of throat cutting. This was their way to express their resolution to Sheng Yue.

This method was specific to assassins. When operating, they wouldn’t communicate with words. Gestures and movements become their greatest means of communication. The previous movement signifies that they will fight the enemies smartly, and get rid of them.

Sheng Yue shifted his glance to Long Haochen, looking at him and then at Cai’er. Long Haochen immediately nodded to him, expressing his understanding. Sheng Yue was warning him to protect Cai’er and himself well.

Sheng Yue waved his hand and everyone started off at the same time, scattering soundlessly to all directions, before disappearing under the cover of night without a single trace.

Just as Long Haochen said, the assassins’ fields of expertise are infiltration and assassination, not just and honorable battles. In the dark, an assassin is like a fish in water. These powerhouses all had the same feeling of thrill at that very moment. No one pondered over how much they could do during this operations, all of them were focused on giving vent and slaughtering to their fill.

“Cai’er, hide yourself and follow me.” Long Haochen spoke low.

“Yeah.” Cai’er acquiesced, and disappeared from Long Haochen’s side in a flash. If his mental force wasn’t gathered specifically in her direction, he would also be unable to detect her presence. Compared to a year and a half before, Cai’er really had became more powerful.

Long Haochen’s speed was quite a bit slower than the powerhouses from the Assassin Temple, but he didn’t show the slightest sign of hastiness. Making a detour to the side without changing his speed, he headed to the demon camp by an indirect route.

“Haochen, just where are we going? Aren’t we supposed to attack the demon camp by surprise? This detour is too slow. Although great-
grandfather and the others shouldn’t find out about that, if we fall too far behind, I’m afraid that we won’t come back with the slightest harvest.”

Cai’er did not become anxious because of a desire to kill the enemies, but on Long Haochen’s behalf. Haochen was the only one from the Knight Temple participating, so in case his results were too lacking, wouldn’t his reputation as Saint Knight Head be in danger? That’s especially the case after his great power was displayed so brazenly just before.

Long Haochen replied in a low voice, “Don’t make any sound. Follow me and that’s all. We will strive for the greatest accomplishments.”

The demon camps were still not aware that a slaughtering operation was aimed against them. Almost the entirety of the greatest powerhouses at the Assassin Temple’s disposal was coming at them, formally coming up.

The gap between the demon side and the human side in this regard was very wide.

The Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass was really full of demon elites, including three Demon Emperor Legions. From this could be pointed out the wide gap in global strength between the Knight Temple and the Assassin Temple. And while facing so many demon elites, the losses was still far fewer than the Assassin Temple.

The demons standing in garrison outside the Exorcist Mountain Pass far exceeded the ones outside the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass in quantity, especially the seas of Dual Bladed Demons. These low ranked demons had limited fighting abilities, to the extent of being no match in one versus one combat against a trained grown man. But their quantities were unmatchable! So most of the demons in garrison outside the demon camps were these Dual Bladed Demons of low grade.

Dual Bladed Demons had very low positions among demonkin, to the extent that when they were used as food, no other race would be willing to consume their corpses, so they were mostly used to feed each other. Let alone them, even the Deep Green Dual Bladed Demons would not necessarily be treated as luxurious food in such a demon army.
The best tents were all transferred to the north, used by the armies laying siege against the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. Within the demon armies outside the Exorcist Mountain Pass, only those reaching the sixth step at least were qualified to lodge in tents. This was the reason why Sheng Yue said they were mostly aiming at the demons at the fifth and sixth step. No one even bothered asking for a way to find the good targets. Just identifying some tents was enough. As long as they were living in tents, they wouldn’t be a bad target.

Chapter 530

Large, large areas of Dual Bladed Demons came to view, calmly resting in that place. They didn’t even realize that right above their heads, formless shadows were disappearing.

Sheng Yue was now a bit perplexed by what Long Haochen was doing. Originally, he was planning to folllow Long Haochen and Cai’er during the operation, but right after he announced its start, they just went off on their own way.

As the conductor of this operation, Sheng Yue obviously couldn’t follow them in that detour. He had to be responsible for all the powerhouses of the Assassin Temple, and left without a choice but to follow the other assassins in their dispersal, headed into the demon camp.

Just like the time the Knight Temple ambushed the demon camps, the demons were not prepared at all. Although the seven demon god pillars were already losing in power, they still had great scouting abilities. In addition, with the swarm of Dual Bladed Demons placed on the outskirts, there’s no way a surprise attack would not be detected. In their eyes, humans were cowards and these human powerhouses wouldn’t lightly dare to make a bold move. With the demon god pillars nearby, these tyrants’ strength was raised by over fifty percent.

After sweeping through the Dual Bladed Demons, they came accross dispersed lower ranked demons and Demonic Wolves.

Sheng Yue believed that at this rate, they would reach the heart of the demon camp while still hidden.
This demon camp had over a million soldiers in garrison. Most of the time, their total number even approached two million. Therefore, the size of the camp was only big enough for a small proportion of the large army. At the time of the attack, the assassins all dispersed which was why they weren’t afraid of going after same targets by mistake.

This demon camp had over twenty different races in it, which were all in slumberland since long ago. In the sky a few ripples appeared, where Sheng Yue’s invisible figure shifted. At this time, his strongest areaof expertise came to view: travelling while remaining totally invisible was by no way something everyone at the ninth-rank could do.

Sheng Yue observed the situation in the camp: the demons of all twenty races were scattered about in sleep. This camp could still be regarded as large enough for the sleepers to spread out.

To an assassin, extreme prudence is a must-have during an operation, and this applies even when it is known that the enemy is much weaker. The ability of invisibility wears off immediately in case of attack, therefore it was no easy feat to dispose of enemies at the sixth step without a single sound.

In this part of the camp were gathered Demonic Wolves, but these ones were rather taller than ordinary ones, and had dark golden hairs. These were Demonic Wolves of commander class, whose strength varied between the sixth and the seventh step.

After a moment of thought, Sheng Yue’s figure flashed through, and appeared beside the outermost Demonic Wolf. His understanding of each kind of demon’s characteristics was really deep, he was thereby aware that their sense of smell was extremely good. For this reason, he paid extreme attention to not letting any trace of his smell leak out. Otherwise, even in dreamland, these Demonic Wolves of the sixth or seventh step would find out about his presence.

A thin black light flashed, causing the outermost Demonic Wolf to tremble slightly, before losing all breath.
Sheng Yue’s strike was steady, accurate and fierce. It aimed at the central nerve on its nape, and pierced straight through its entire brain. Such an injury was more than sufficient for an instant kill.

To avoid letting this Demonic Wolf make noise, at the time his dagger pierced th

This whole process may sound simple, but at the time it was carried out, the spiritual energy on Sheng Yue’s dagger went through three transformations. This was known to assassins as the Tri-Transformation Sword.

Launching an attack, Sheng Yue’s figure came back into view. However, he was like a part of darkness, not only totally odorless, even the wolves eyes might not be able to distinguish him in the darkness.

The dagger was stealthily pulled away, and didn’t let a single trace of blood escape. Almost all weapons used by high level assassins would be imbued with poison, a poison called Ashes. In itself, it can’t be called a fatal poison, only, it will immediately close the enemy’s wound.

Because it is an extremely potent burning poison, it will, in case of contact with the skin, immediately produce an intense cauterization. The previous strike of Sheng Yue caused the enemy’s wound to cauterize completely, which is why there was no trace of blood leaking out. This was for the sake of keeping his assassination concealed. The flow of blood stopped totally, and for at least an hour, this Demonic Wolf won’t show any trace of blood from his seven apertures.

The Assassination Temple focused its researches on assassination, and there’s no way a legacy of several thousand years old could be simple.

After one attack ended smoothly, Sheng Yue didn’t stop at that. Using the same method, he rapidly disposed of all eight Demonic Wolves resting in this portion of the camp.

Right at this time happened a change he didn’t expect. A Demonic Wolf growled before standing up, on the verge of exiting the camp.
Was this an urge of going to pee? Sheng Yue’s expression immediately became quite grotesque. This kind of high levelled Demonic Wolves had quite acute senses: maybe the whole course of events that happened during its sleep wasn’t clear in its eyes, but if he really goes to pee, the blowing wind will surely rouse him and then, there’s no way he would not notice that something wrong happened. At least, the absence of breath from his mates couldn’t go unnoticed.

But Sheng Yue didn’t act blindly. Looking at that leaving Demonic Wolf, he swept across and disposed of the remaining three asleep Demonic Wolves, before disappearing once again in the darkness.

A short time later, the Demonic Wolf that had left a bit earlier came back. As expected, his eyes looked more focused, and at the time he was heading back to his own bed, he suddenly realized that something was wrong, unconsciously looking at the direction of his comrades. But right then, a glowing sensation spread to his brain, and his whole consciousness went black.

Sheng Yue’s eyes glinted, and in a flash of black light, he recovered the corpses of these twelve Demonic Wolf Commanders at lightspeed. This was not only for the sake of preventing news of their deaths from leaking out, but also for their high levelled magical crystals which were directly useable by magic cannons. The magic cannons of the Exorcist Mountain Pass went unfired for already one year. If they could reactivate several dozen of them, what would there be to fear from these nasty Demonic Eye Soldiers?

The same slaughter was happening all around the demon camp. Every assassin used his own assassination methods, but without exception, all remained uncaught.

Leading Cai’er along, Long Haochen didn’t enter more deeply inside the demon camp, but infiltrated the outer part of the camp. He didn’t even show the slightest intention to have Cai’er carry out any operation, just calmly observing the movement happening inside it.

The place where he and Cai’er were was around the part of camp where Dual Bladed Demons and other low levelled beasts resisted. Given their
cultivation, standing there noiselessly was no challenge to them.

Although Cai’er was puzzled over the reasons for Long Haochen’s passivity, she didn’t ask in detail, and trusted him. This was not because of the relationship between the two of them, but a trust between companions, comrades in arms.

The 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad led by Haochen could be said to have made great accomplishments, and after their continuous joint operations, each of its members was already fully committed to him. The same went for Cai’er even after her amnesia: there must be a reason for him to be lying low like that.

Stealthily scanning the whole surroundings, Long Haochen spread out his mental energy to the greatest extent. Besides the area of influence of the few demon god pillars, he tried his utmost to spread it as far as possible.

He became gradually filled with admiration. In his senses, not a single one of the assassins participating to this operation appeared. In other words, even his mental force wasn’t able to perceive their location.

Although the military camp covered quite large area, Long Haochen’s mental force was quite considerable, so within his scope of detection, there must have been at least some assassin performing his duty. The fact he didn’t detect any was ample proof of their ability.

Long Haochen was not worried in the slightest. The more time passed, the greater the assassins’ accomplishments would grow. This was a really good thing! The best would be for the situation to last for a while. Given the assassins’ strength, even if they only swept a division of the camp every minute, this would mean the death of hundreds demons per minutes.

Keep it up! Long Haochen was cheering for them inwardly, but didn’t show any intention to join their operation, and didn’t even let Cai’er participate. All he did was to occasionally raise his head and look into the direction of the distant demon god pillars, their faint black color glinting.
Time passed minute after minute and second after second. The demons were totally unaware, as a slaughter took place in the whole demon camp.

The breathing sounds diminished in one camp after another, and formless figures came out, sinking deeper inside.

In a blink of an eye, more than ten minutes passed. Long Haochen’s fists were clenched tightly since long ago, and he was clearly filled with great excitement. In only ten or so minutes, the contribution made by their operation was already extremely great. After all their goals weren’t the average demons.

Right at this time the central of the seven demon god pillars shone greatly, and next, the other six demon god pillars lit up brilliantly.
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