Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 511-520

Chapter 511

Saminaga didn’t know what kind of thing this was, but he felt that although the pure power concentrated in each ball wasn’t high, their superposition could produce a similar power to a light elemental forbidden spell.

Any forbidden spell would cause irreversible effects upon exploding. Saminaga could at most resist the attack when aimed at him, but relying on his strength to stop it would require him to at least unleash an even stronger forbidden spell.

Even with Saminaga’s strength, completing a forbidden spell would require some time! And this being the demon camp, using yet another forbidden spell would only make the damage even more terrible.

The next instant, the powerful aspect of the demon gods manifested. After Saminaga shrilled in rage, the other six Great Demon Gods immediately joined his side.

Facing this terrible forbidden-spell-powered attack, these seven demon gods held seven positions, letting out brilliant rays with great intensity.

In the midst of the demon camp, the seven demon gods glowed intensely. The seven immense pillars shot up, landing on each of the seven great demon gods, who all did the same movement of extending their hands forward.

One could see that the light emitted from the body and the pillar of Saminaga was grey colored, while from Vassago’s, yellow colored light
issued forth.

This didn’t mean that their original attribute was something other than darkness. The difference of color actually displayed their great power.

Different colors meant different paths of strength. Only after breaking through the ninth step would one’s spiritual energy display its natural qualities.Skills that were performed with this energy would far surpass the ones using their originally colored spiritual energy.

The seven demon gods were all surrounded by waves of spiritual energy of different colors. This proved that they were at least at the ninth step in terms of strength. With the addition of the boost provided by their demon god pillars, one may imagine the terror of their joined power.

A radiance of seven different colors burst out, and produced a great effect, to the extent that one could call it terrifying. Litting up at the same time, they restricted the blasting forbidden spell of light element to a certain scale, preventing it from spreading more than that.

Since they couldn’t block it, they decided to at least limit its scale. The damage a light elemental forbidden spell could inflict to demons was just too much of a threa.

Noticeably, the bright light was already covering an area with a radius of about 200 meters, turning the demons gathered in that area into ashes. The powerhouses from the Demon Emperor Legion inside were doing their utmost to resist in the midst of miserable cries, but still crumbled one after another. Even those with powerful defenses such as Demonic Bears suffered the same fate.

And this was under the circumstances that this forbidden spell didn’t spread. If it had really spread beyond a one kilometer radius, its effects would have been really terrible.

The complexions of the seven demon gods were extremely unsightly. The seven of them resisted it together, and could still bear its power. After all, their demon god pillars were present nearby, so as long as they consumed
some of their spiritual energy, they could escape harm. But seeing a large amount of elites from the Demon Emperor Legions die against this forbidden spell, and not even on the battlefield, one may well imagine their rage. The worse was that this was all they could do, and now they could only watch this situation unfold before their eyes, without even any way to chase after the fleeing knights.

Right at this time, on another side of the demon camp, where

This time, the seven demon gods really looked concerned. Even Saminaga was already ashen-faced.

Since the start of the Holy War, this was the first time the knights attacked the demon camp. They didn’t expect this attack to be so decisive.

Although they didn’t know how the humans managed to create such a powerful forbidden spell by superposition, they knew that the power of this surprise attack was at its greatest while the demons were huddling in tiredness, cold and hunger in the deep night.

Right when the seven demon gods were handling that light elemental forbidden spell that had just exploded with great power and needed their full power to stop it, another attack occurred on the other side of the camp. This was clearly prepared in advance.

The Holy War had already been going for a year and a half. Just like the demons had a deep understanding of the defenses and strength of the Knight Temple, humans also had a complete understanding of the demon armies.

The superiority of the demon armies was undoubtable, but some of their shortcomings and weaknesses were found out by the powerhouses from the Knight Temple long ago.

All else aside, the crowded aspect of their camp alone was a big issue. If fire was to spread in the camp, burning down the whole camp wasn’t impossible. But of course, given the strength of their powerhouses, by itself
fire would at most destroy a part of the tents and would be far from enough to harm the Demon Emperor Legions outside.

Therefore, the Knight Temple had not yet launched such a surprise attack. That’s because a surprise attack would have its greatest impact the first time. Paralysing the enemy requires time, and attacking requires a very strong power. If planned carelesslly, this might only inadvertently alert the enemy. The Knight Temple had been enduring silently until then, but now has come the time of the counterattack.

Five other figures appeared, and didn’t insist on continuing to fight after throwing out those gaudy balls of light, immediately turning back to leave, and flying at great speed in the opposite direction. Once again, that terrifying superposed forbidden spell could be heard, this time from the other direction of the demon camp.

The intense bright light burst into the shape of an immense golden mushroom cloud, originating from the location of Demon Emperor Legion troops in their camp, and spread out at a frightening speed to all four directions.

Although a great amount of powerhouses from the demon armies woke up from dreamland upon sensing the first forbidden spell, this had just happened too fast.

Even those demons at the seventh or eighth step were far from reaching the reaction speed of the seven demon gods. In a state of starvation and freezing, they were deep in slumberland since long ago.

Abruptly sensing the appearance of a massive aura of light, they were at most woken up, but didn’t have the time to rush out from their tents, before the second wave of attacks came. Immediately, the demon powerhouses that were in the range of the light elemental forbidden spell were sorrowfully engulfed, thoroughly disappearing inside the holy flames.

Holy flames is a form of fire, and will, as such, spread. This second forbidden spell didn’t get restricted by the demon gods, and frantically spread out. Even if at a certain point after spreading it lost enough power to
become insufficient to kill the demons, burning those tents was no issue! The whole demon camp was put into total chaos due to the surprise attack.

And right at this time came the third wave of attacks from the Knight Temple.

“Operation start!” Long Haochen shouted loudly, both his hands holding into a dark metallic ball of light. Violent surges of spiritual energy were poured into this shining metallic ball, which was then thrown into a set location.

Reacting with the light elemental spiritual energy which was poured inside, it suddenly grew and reached a diameter of one meter. Behind him, five figures belonging to knights acted at the same time, firing a large number of balls of light.

In this third wave, they also appeared in the midst of a Demon Emperor Legion’s area, however, this time, the attack was aimed at the middle of the demon camp. After a series of light balls was thrown, Long Haochen immediately gave out the order of retreat.

“Boss, how about taking advantage of the chaos to rush in and kill the most enemies possible?” Han Yu whispered in Long Haochen’s ear.

Long Haochen firmly rejected his idea, “The forbidden spells won’t last for long. Our objective is to launch a surprise attack, and then to immediately retreat. Otherwise, the seven demon gods will counterattack, and we won’t be able to leave even if we try.” Although he was hurried to complete the mission of gathering ten million contribution points, guaranteeing his personal safety was the most important. In fact, his life could be said to not just be his own anymore, but the whole Alliance’s hope. Therefore, he didn’t zealously continue fighting in the least, but immediately led the fifty knights to retreat, and withdrew back to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

This surprise attack was orchestrated during the military meeting that took place before, with the simple and direct objective of destroying the three Demon Emperor Legions.
Although the three Demon Emperor Legions had yet to join the battlefield until now, the threat they represented for the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass was unquestionable.

Having piled up the reports for over a year of scouting, the Knight Temple had grasped their position since long ago, and even knew clearly where the magical offense specialized Hell Demons were situated.

Actually, a part of the Hell Demons that were carried and defended on the back of the Fiends at daytime was assigned to the Demon Emperor Legion. As mage forces, they represented the greatest threat to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. Therefore, today, the main targets were the Demon Emperor Legions as well as the Hell Demons.

The weapon that was launched previously by every knight of the group was a secret weapon belonging to the Knight Temple, which was making its first appearance in the battlefield.

This weapon was called Light Bomb, a powerful weapon purely aimed at blasting light essence to kill and injure the enemies, as well as a good item that was kept concealed by the Knight Temple.

At first, this item was developed to be used through the Magic Cannons, which had undoubtable destructive power. But the cost was phenomenal: a demon crystal of the fifth and the sixth rank each for only one shot. The spiritual energy inside would be drawn out totally, and even a magical crystal of the ninth rank wouldn’t last long after being fired.

Therefore, the Alliance wanted to develop practical artillery shells, and used some metal with good affinity to the light element along with some low ranked demon crystals to experiment. In case of success, it would undoubtedly greatly affect the utility of the magic cannons in the battlefield.

After going through several years of development, several issues appeared, and the final project had yet to be completed. But during the attempts of the Knight Temple the Light Bombs were developed.

Chapter 512

Light Bomb was totally unlaunchable through the magic cannons because it would immediately produce a violent explosion even before being shot, or just after coming out. This couldn’t threaten the enemies in the slightest, and became instead a self-damaging weapon.

But during their tests, the Knight Temple’s researchers found out to their great surprise about a good benefit of the Light Bombs. That was their ability to superimpose their effects. After identical Light Bombs explode, the effects of the additional ones will add up, and the continuous increase of power could go up several-fold.

This discovery immediately brought great joy to them, and resurrected the researches on the Light Bombs that was close to being abandoned.

After spending a long time experimenting and researching, they finally discovered that the effects of the superpositions were the greatest when the power of the Light Bomb was unleashed through a power equivalent to that of light magic of the fourth step. Unfortunately, it could still not be launched through Magic Cannons, and could only be thrown by hand. It further required a light user to set the light essence aflame after the throw to produce that superimposed blasting power.

After its creation, this item was very rapidly criticized, because in the battlefield, going through this process of superposition was just too difficult.

A Light Bomb reaching only the fourth step, when fired, would immediately be stopped by the enemy. Where could there be any chance to
complete superposition in such circumstances? One could say that in a situation of direct clashing on the battlefield, accumulating Light Bombs until reaching the forbidden spell level was almost impossible.

Furthermore, don’t jump to conclusions just because Light Bombs only display the might of spells of the fourth step: their cost of fabrication is extremely high, not only requiring the hand of a great expert, but also mythril, as well as many other kinds of precious metals that can be welded together with magical crystals of the light element, making for a very high total cost.

Therefore, this experiment was a success, but in the end, very few Light Bombs were made. Rare metals were still manageable, and could always be found, but the light element crystals were really hard to find, and having the knights hunt the magical beasts gathered in the Knights’ Saint Mountain was no solution.

Therefore, in the Knight Temple’s treasure, there were only a few hundred of these and no more, and they weren’t really used after being invented.

But since they used up so much energy to make these things, the Knight Temple naturally considered a situation where they could display the greatest power. And that situation was a sneak attack. Only when ambushing the enemy could the superposition ability of these Light Bombs be exploited fully. And the surprise attack that took place today was the first stage for the Light Bombs in history.

For the sake of this surprise attack, the Knight Temple made an extremely detailed plan that would have its best effect the first time it was used. Hence, Long Tianying gave the final decision to take out all these things they had in store.

Launching three series of attacks was in the plans, and the segmentation of the attacks was also planned ahead, for the sake of avoiding the situation where those seven demon gods would disperse, as well as to guarantee that everyone that participated in this raid would be able to escape unscathed.
In fact, those participating in this raid were all at least Mythril Foundation Knights! And their leaders like Long Haochen or He Jun were even more powerful. These were absolutely not forces that the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass could afford to lose.

The first wa

Over fifty figures shot up, flying at rapid speed by using their spiritual wings. Long Haochen deliberately remained last, and summoned Star King while watching the situation in the rear attentively.

This whole surprise attack went close to perfectly, aside from the first forbidden spell that got restricted by the seven demon gods. The other two spread out all around, and their damage didn’t limit itself to destroying the Demon Emperor Legions, wiping out at least half of all the affiliated Hell Demons.

This was the terror of forbidden spells. In front of such a surprise attack composed of forbidden spells, the Hell Demons, most of whom reached the sixth step in strength, didn’t have much ability to resist. Even the defensive demons such as Demonic Bears could only lose their lives in front of such a powerful attack, to say nothing of the physically weak Hell Demons.

The seven demon gods were now infuriated to the extreme. Just as the power of the forbidden spell they were confronting was starting to die down, the other two forbidden spells exploded. Even if the other powerhouses of the ninth step staying in the demon camp did their best to stand in front of the power of the forbidden spells, in the end they didn’t have the protection from the demon god pillars, and didn’t dare insist stubbornly on the task. Therefore, two huge golden mushroom clouds were seen spreading out in the sky above the camp.

Saminaga’s teeth nearly broke down from the gritting. Although the demons’ damage had always been huge in this Holy War, this was the first time they suffered such a blow. And those were the three Demon Emperor Legions affiliated with the Demon God Emperor! The last time, he was already furious when hearing about the hard blow the second legion suffered. As a result, a Devil King acting as Saminaga’s man was beaten
nearly to death, and was still recuperating even now. This time, with such a heavy damage sustained by the three legions, even with his status, the Demon God Emperor won’t easily excuse him. Right at this time, Saminaga took notice of the last batch of escaping knights, and immediately noticed Star King being ridden by Long Haochen.

That was a Starlight Unicorn King! Even in the eyes of Saminaga, that was a considerably powerful light elemental magical beast. Moreover, he had just seen Star King’s master display a glorious divine tool. How could he forget such a scene that easily?

Seeing Long Haochen, Saminaga’s thoughts were stimulated, thinking secretly, To make up for the loss of the three Demon Emperor Legions that will surely incur the Demon God Emperor’s rage, I’m afraid I could only bring this divine tool back to our emperor. Although the demon gods wouldn’t be able to use them, handing over a light elemental divine tool would indeed most likely be enough to appease the fury of the Demon God Emperor.

Therefore, right after sorting out his thoughts, he immediately set himself in motion, and flapped his immense grey wings, immediately shooting up like a grey meteor to chase after Long Haochen.

Long Haochen was after all not a god, and naturally couldn’t possibly guess what the thoughts of Saminaga were. He didn’t use his spiritual wings for fear of leaking out his identity, but it turned out that the sight of Star King still made him a target of the Demon God of Death.

Saminaga’s sudden departure shocked the other six demon gods, because they weren’t done handling the first forbidden spell. When he left, the power of the forbidden spell immediately spread out, engulfing dozens of troops from Demon Emperor Legions. The only one that really understood his thoughts was the Demonic Bear God Vassago.

That was because he took notice of Long Haochen and was prepared to chase after him, but was pre-empted by Saminaga.
Under the circumstances, Vassago couldn’t carry-out his plan. Otherwise, it would be seen as a provocation towards Saminaga. Although he had always wanted to seize the fifth seat as a demon god, he wasn’t willing to have a confrontation with Saminaga. He was very clear on the strength of the Fiend Clan.

Long Haochen was in the midst of retreating with his comrades, the other two teams having already withdrawn successively to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. This time, he suddenly sensed an indescribable feeling of intense pressure. This was the first time he had ever felt such a feeling. Even his father and grandfather never triggered that.

The oppressive feeling didn’t subsist in the auras, but in the air. He felt as if the air surrounding him turned sticky, pressing in on him from every side. It increased to the extent that Star King’s speed went down. That omnipresent pressure seemed to crush them forcibly.

“Not good!” Without needing to look back, Long Haochen could guess the situation. Someone who could pressure him to such extent without triggering the slightest desire of fighting back could only be at the rank of demon god.

“Han Yu, quickly go!” With a loud shout, Long Haochen had Star King turn back, while unleashing Rippling Light.

An orange glint was loosed from his left hand as well, quickly protecting his whole body.

The Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon really deserved being called an existence with the potential of reaching the supra-divine tool level. After releasing it, Long Haochen immediately felt his whole body becoming light, and that feeling oppressing his body was greatly weakening. However, he could already discern at this time the Demon God of Death who was chasing madly after him, and couldn’t help but gasp in reaction. That was the fourth ranked demon god! Even as a powerhouse reaching over 400,000 spiritual energy his grandfather admitted to not being his match. Above the ninth step, every rank was a whole new stage, and the gap separating them could not simply be described with words. Even if Long
Tianying had more than 200,000 spiritual energy and had his Divine Throne, he was only able to end up in mutual destruction against Saminaga. How could Haochen resist?

But this time, Long Haochen couldn’t retreat. No matter what, Star King’s speed couldn’t possibly compare with Saminaga. Being targeted, Long Haochen didn’t have the slightest chance to resist. Moreover, he was the commander of this army, and the newly-appointed Saint Knight Head. In this moment of life or death, how could he leave his allies’ backs to the enemy’s mercy? Therefore, he had to remain, and do his best to resist Saminaga.

Maybe he had no other choice but to use that power. That was the only thing that could help him escape a certain loss without leaking his identity.

Chapter 513

Long Haochen already made his decision. To keep living, he had no choice but to use the Tower of Eternity. That was his only chance to escape. But that time hadn’t come yet. He ought to use his all to stop Saminaga for a certain time, to at least help his comrades escape successfully.

“Captain!” Han Yu also saw Saminaga, but didn’t feel that oppressive force in the air. Saminaga’s target was only Long Haochen, he didn’t even consider the others.

“Just go, I will be able to get away.” Long Haochen hurriedly gave Han Yu a glance. He was fully aware that given Saminaga’s strength, the fallout of a single one of his attacks could very possibly be enough to ruin a knight at Han Yu’s level.

Han Yu gritted his teeth. With his understanding of Long Haochen, he immediately understood what he was hinting at. Remaining would only make him a burden for Long Haochen. He immediately turned back and hurried rapidly to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass with the other Mythril Foundation Knights. The difference was that these Mythril Foundation Knights had on the contrary not the slightest worry. In their eyes, Long Haochen was a powerful Saint Knight with a divine tool in his possession, a powerhouse taking the rear for the weaker ones to escape. This was the convention for knights, and what they now had to do was to hurry back at full speed, to avoid becoming burdens for Long Haochen.

Sensing that they were escaping, Long Haochen rapidly felt more at ease, looking at the figure that was growing in size in his eyes. Taking a deep
breath, he put away Rippling Light that was in his hand, and an orange glow slowly began to shine in his left hand.

Long Haochen understood very clearly that a Glorious Weapon such as Rippling Light couldn’t possibly have the slightest use against Saminaga. It wouldn’t even be able to bear the release of his full strength. Therefore, he could only put it away. But this time, Long Haochen didn’t intend to take out his own two divine swords. This was not only because they were in a state of being nurtured, which couldn’t be interrupted, but also because if these two swords appeared in the battlefield, his identity would be leaked out. And this would certainly bring ruin to the Knight Temple, since the Demon God Emperor wouldn’t let him go.

Long Haochen considered it thoroughly, and decided to rely on the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon to block Saminaga, and give his comrades enough time to go. At the same time, he was confident that from the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, his grandfather surely took notice of the situation. Until it becomes absolutely necessary, he absolutely wouldn’t transfer to the Tower of Eternity.

Seeing Long Haochen lift up his left arm, Saminaga reduced his chasing speed at once.

In the daytime, he had seen the might of that shield with his own eyes, and didn’t know how the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon could turn into a divine tool. But in front of such an item, he remained extremely prudent despite having absolute self-confidence.

The air behind Saminaga took almost no time to take the shape of a vicious Fiend skull, instantly engulfing Long Haochen with a colossal gray airflow. In the midst of an overflowing aura of death, it felt as if countless specters were howling in grief.

This took a long time to describe, but only a few seconds had passed since Long Haochen had been overtaken by Saminaga’s chase.

Long Haochen was now completely devoid of distracting thoughts. Another Saint Knight of the eighth step would perhaps have already lost his
head in fear in front of this Demon God of Death, without even need to specify that Saminaga was using all his strength. But Long Haochen didn&r

Saminaga’s terrifying Domain of Death was surrounding him, but at this time, an orange glow was radiating from Long Haochen’s left hand.

An incomparably dense sword intent came out from his shield, bursting out into the shape of an orange disk of light, and forcibly forming a zone exclusive to Long Haochen in the midst of the Domain of Death.

Saminaga’s pupils shrank abruptly. His flying speed slowed even more: he had sensed a similar sword intent before, and in that earlier battle, the sword intent had actually even injured the Demon God Emperor.

Saminaga hadn’t been living for as long as the Demon God Emperor, but he exceeded the age of three hundred long agi, and he had personally witnessed the scene of the Temple Head of the Warrior Temple, Divine Sword Wielder Ye Wushang’s challenge towards the Demon God Emperor.

That battle finished rapidly, after all how could Ye Wushang’s strength compare to the Demon God Emperor? But he had staked everything on his powerful sword intent to injure the Demon God Emperor just before getting killed.

And right now, on the Gold Foundation Armor Knight before his eyes, Ye Wushang’s sword intent seemed to have reappeared. So much that compared to the former, this sword intent didn’t reach its degree of strength, but its intensity seemed even greater.

Ye Wushang’s sword intent was filled with an incomparable sharpness. But this Gold Foundation Armored Knight’s sword intent seemed to give off in addition a penetrating and overwhelming feeling.

That sword intent was different, but its might was clearly not inferior by much. Moreover, Ye Wushang was originally using a divine sword which was also a divine tool. Yet this knight’s weapon was incredibly more strange as it appeared to be a shield that could release sword intent and unleash the power of a divine tool.
Saminaga had lived for over three hundred years, but this was the first time he saw such a thing. Therefore, he couldn’t help but act prudently.

From Saminaga’s point of view, to possess both a Gold Foundation Armor of epic tier and a divine tool, Long Haochen was surely a Holy Knight, powerhouse of the ninth step. That was not a Divine Knight, but relying on a divine tool, his strength ought to be comparable to Long Tianying’s. Therefore, his assessment of Long Haochen’s strength reached a whole new level. Moreover, seeing the powerful sword intent overpower a part of the area of his Domain of Death, he became even more certain of his supposition.

Long Haochen didn’t think about anything else. His sword was his everything.

Indeed, the Divine Snail Shield was not a sword, but this didn’t affect the propagation of Long Haochen’s sword intent. Even empty-handed, his heart formed a sword.

If a year and a half ago his spiritual energy was used to materialize into his sword intent, the sword intent would at most have a foggy shape, at most a barely visible shape of sword. But after that year and a half, the entirety of the sword intent in him took a liquid shape, and his grasp on it was total.

Based solely on his sword intent, the current Long Haochen was indeed already able to compare with Ye Wushang. All he lacked compared to him was cultivation and deepness of understanding. After all, he was still far too young, the gap separating him from the veteran Ye Wushang was extremely wide.

This sword intent was unique and domineering; after all, shocking the Demon God of Death wasn’t something just anyone could do.

Saminaga made his move at this time. Being afraid of Long Haochen’s sword intent was the same as giving up on the divine tool in his hand. But on the contrary, Saminaga was currently determined. He had to kill Long Haochen no matter what. Killing a Holy Knight with such a grasp on sword
intent was also a great contribution. Although the Golden Foundation Armor couldn’t be kept because of the Knight Temple’s special means to retrieve them, the spiritual core of a Holy Knight was also a good thing!

After more than nine spiritual cavities are formed, a spiritual pill, also known as a spiritual core, will be produced. Any human powerhouse can increase his spiritual cavities through cultivating, but will only have one spiritual core, which remains inside his first spiritual cavity.

Spiritual pills are far more useful than the magical crystals left by the demons. After all these were only possessed by powerhouses of the ninth step! The demons had the means to eliminate the elemental properties of a spiritual pill, to make it work with pure spiritual energy,and a spiritual pill could act in the battlefield as a life, even to a powerhouse such as Saminaga.

A spiritual pill could instantly replenish the user’s whole spiritual energy. It takes no time and produces no side effects, which is why a spiritual pill is, to an alchemist, an ingredient of the best quality to make top rated medicine.

The stronger the powerhouse of the ninth step leaving the spiritual pill, the better its effects. However, using a spiritual pill is a totally forbidden thing for a human to do. In case a powerhouse of the ninth step dies, it will immediately be buried in a special cemetery, in a place only known by the supreme leaders of the Alliance. Of course, this is one of the highest rated secret in the Temple Alliance. Even if Long Haochen wanted to know about it, that could only wait for the day he would become the head of the Knight Temple.

A large gray hand pierced the sky, instantly enlarging to a size of ten meters, aiming straight at Long Haochen to grab him. At the time it just appeared, that hand was formed of gray airflow, but when it was about to reach out, it had already solidified completely.

Long Haochen wasn’t afraid. Looking ahead with a limpid pair of eyes, he lifted his left hand high above his head, before slowly dropping it.
The orange glow intensified abruptly, and the orange disk of over ten meters diameter descended slowly. Then, the incomparably sharp sword intent on it disappeared in a brief moment, and the whole area was colored orange, except for the golden halo that was spreading from Star King to Long Haochen’s whole body.

Bam! The bright disk and the large hand clashed.

Saminaga’s right hand made a grasping movement. Immediately, a terrible aura of darkness and death surged out, surrounding Long Haochen before blasting out. Terrifying fluctuations of spiritual energy could very clearly be sensed, even from the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

Holding the Demon God of Death's full attention, he was shown Saminaga’s true strength. What powerful attacks!

Chapter 514

With thin flickers of light all around, Long Haochen displayed a cold smile on his face. Right now, all he could perceive around him was death and darkness. But from within him, that liquid sword intent burst forth at an incomparable speed.

Long Haochen felt that his heart produced a Ding’ sound. That feeling was very hard to describe, as if something had been broken, while something else had appeared. After that, a flash of understanding surged through his mind.

However, he currently didn’t have the free time to ponder over these matters. From that disk of light came out the whole power of his sword intent.

Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass

A dense bluish-golden glint was shooting toward the demon camp at an incomparable speed.

At the very moment, Long Tianying was totally fired up. He absolutely didn’t expect Saminaga to act against Long Haochen. In the original plans, the chance of the demon gods acting directly was calculated, but in these calculations, they were estimated to be most likely to act at the first stages. That is, if they didn’t care about the explosion of these forbidden spells, they would then attack the knights belonging to the first wave of attacks. And amongst them was the powerhouse He Jun.
His protection would be enough for the Mythril Foundation Knights to withdraw. Moreover, during the discussions the odds of the demon gods intervening were estimated to be negligible.

Those forbidden spells were aimed at the three Demon Emperor Legions! Even if these demon gods extinguished the first one, they should do their utmost to dispel the other two blasts, and reduce their damage. The Demon Emperor Legions were very precious to the Demon God Emperor. Who could have expected Saminaga to suddenly stop caring about the forbidden spells, in order to aim solely at Long Haochen?

Long Tianying was now filled with regrets to the last bone. He suddenly realized the major issue they had overlooked. Long Haochen couldn’t be recognized: riding another mount, using other weapons, and showing an overwhelmingly different strength. Unless Saminaga had X-ray vision, he couldn't possibly recognize Haochen’s identity.

Then, there was only one explanation for why he aimed at Long Haochen. That was the divine tool he displayed earlier in the day.

Long Tianying understood that he had really been careless, neglecting the possibility of Long Haochen’s exposure. If Long Haochen’s spiritual wings were the same as other people’s, he simply wouldn’t have been targeted by Saminaga and would have returned safely. But his spiritual wings were a set of four, which was an overly extraordinary sight. Therefore he had no choice but to call forth the Starlight Unicorn King, which Saminaga surely recognized as the mount belonging to the powerful knight that killed the two Fiend Commanders that day. Which is why Saminaga targeted him.

Since the situation had become like this, regrets were useless. They hadn’t planned this situation; no one expected that things could turn out this way. Now, the only thing he could do was to go to Long Haochen’s rescue as fast as possible.

Among all the high-ups of the Knight Temple remaining in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, only Long Tianying knew about the importance of Long Haochen toi the Knight Temple. Moreover, all of this aside, Long Haochen was his grandson, and his only grandson at that!
Long Tianying initially felt great guilt towards Long Haochen, but at this very moment, seeing his grandson attacked by Saminaga and already completely caught within his domain, how could he not be anxious?

A bluish golden flow of light remained on the trail of Long Tianying’s back, and one could clearly see that the b

Every time the bluish-golden armor gained a layer, Long Tianying’s demeanor became more imposing, and the sky behind him lit up with more intensity. In his state of full power, Long Tianying showed no reserve. Even if he fell in the battlefield, he would rescue Long Haochen no matter what. That was his sole wish.

However, Long Tianying was not very optimistic. But since he had already closed the distance after all, Saminaga’s offense now became slower.

At the time he set out from the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, Saminaga’s Hand of Death had already gotten hold of Long Haochen and Star King.

Bzz With buzzing sounds, an extraordinary burst of power came out abruptly from the Hand of Death.

The originally overwhelming gigantic gray hands suddenly became stiff, and an orange glow of light spread out.


Just like a pile of snow, the gigantic gray hand transformed from the Hand of Death instantly smashed into pieces, transforming into surges of gray fog, and a resplendent orange colored radiance came out, piercing through the fog.

A mystifying scene followed. In the originally quiet night, a golden pillar of light suddenly descended from the sky, going through Long Haochen’s body. Riding Star King, he had a holy look, and the Divine Snail Shield in his hand already increased its size to two thirds of a meter in diameter. The
imposing orange radiance became more intense, and as if refracting the golden ray falling down from the sky, it changed the trajectory of the pillar of light to direct it straight at Saminaga.

“This...” Saminaga was shocked: when his Hand of Death grasped Long Haochen, to his stupefaction, this Gold Foundation Knight didn’t seem as powerful as he predicted, but another shock rapidly came to him.

From the orange halo burst forth an incomparably tyrannical sword intent. That sword intent was just like a sudden explosion of spiritual energy, only countless times more powerful, to the extent that it tore the Hand of Death to shreds.

To Saminaga’s astonishment, the Hand of Death was not lacerated by a powerful spiritual energy, but by the mental force coming out from the sword intent. In other words, it wasn’t Long Haochen’s cultivation that enabled him to resist the Hand of Death, but that sudden burst of tyrannical sword intent which severed Saminaga’s control over it, annihilating his blow.

The refracted golden pillar of light was filled with boundless holy power: when the golden pillar of light illuminated Saminaga’s gray domain, an impassioned and clear melody could be heard. Every time the gray fog made contact with the pillar, it melted at lightning speed, totally unable to resist the attack from the golden pillar of light.

Long Haochen was now in Saminaga’s domain! Inside a domain, the whole control and quantity of elemental energy were under its control, but he didn’t seem affected in the slightest. This could only prove one thing, that the purity of Long Haochen’s light element exceeded the purity of Saminaga’s deathly darkness element. Being the fourth ranked demon god, how could Saminaga not be in a state of shock?

But being in a state of shock didn’t mean that he would stop attacking. On the contrary, his fighting spirit was roused by Long Haochen’s powerful resistance.
Confronting that golden pillar of light, Saminaga’s eyes became extremely chilly, and lifting his right hand, he slowly charged.

His slow moves compared to the refracted light were totally incomparable. And Saminaga’s punch finally clashed with the descending pillar of light without deviating in the slightest.

An inexhaustible gray spiral clashed against the golden pillar of light, and gray fog surged in response, but this time didn’t disperse from beginning to end. A grim shrill spread out in the midst of the sweet sounds, and twelve fierce Fiend skulls appeared, intertwining with each other, and planning on shattering the pillar of light.

Long Haochen was using God’s Descent, borrowing power from the Goddess of Light.

This was far from being his first time attempting such an attack. This was naturally quite weaker than the power of the Aria of the Goddess of Light, but the purity of the spiritual energy involved was a lot greater.

However, in the end his opponent was still too powerful. Even God’s Descent didn’t have much use in front of the Demon God of Death.

With a stuffy groan, Long Haochen’s body shook and Star King had the same reaction.

This looked like a simple attack, but Long Haochen already put his full power forth. Resisting the attack Hand of Death’ which reached the ninth step and furthermore launching a counterattack was already the most he could do.

The difference of strength was that huge. Even with a greater sword intent, the insufficient backup of spiritual energy would have made it unable to display its full glory.

Saminaga was far from using his full strength to dispose of Long Haochen. While rushing there, Long Tianying obviously paid attention to this. Although this was a simple exchange of blows, how could he, at his
current level of strength, not sense Long Haochen’s actual cultivation through this?

The Demon God of Death already understood that this was only a knight of the eighth step that had a divine tool in his hand, his cultivation still very far from the ninth step. But regardless of his cultivation, the most important was to get that divine tool. The reason why Saminaga had yet to use his full power was that the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon hadn’t yet released its power, so he had to remain careful. The seven-colored light from the daytime made him really apprehensive. He had to confirm the extent the might of this light reached before anything else.

After causing the rupture of the golden light, that gray whirlpool gained in volume at a tremendous speed, almost instantly covering Long Haochen’s whole body in its sphere of influence, and even Star King was engulfed inside along with him.

Cycle of Death was Saminaga’s ultimate technique. Against it, even Long Tianying had to rely on the power of his divine tool to have a chance of resistance.

Could Long Tianying make it in time to rescue Long Haochen? That was hard to say.

That’s because, on his way here, a robust figure came to block his way, the Demonic Bear God Valefor.

Although Valefor coveted Saminaga’s position, he remained globally sober-headed as a demon god.

After resolving the first forbidden spell, he had the other five demon gods go weaken the other two forbidden spells’ power and rescue the members of the Demon Emperor Legion, and came himself, flying past Saminaga, to block Long Tianying’s way.

Chapter 515

How could Valefor not understand the goal Saminaga had when chasing after Long Haochen? Saminaga was by no way the only one who would suffer a punishment: he had his own share of responsibilities as well regarding great damage sustained by the Demon Emperor Legions. This divine tool, which would reduce the rage of the Demon God Emperor, was necessary to get, and therefore, he obviously couldn’t let Long Tianying disturb Saminaga.

“Fuck off!” Long Tianying let out a loud shout, and the sky became completely golden blue colored, creating a contrast with the gray Domain of Death.

The magnificent golden blue armor on him covered his whole body, and the blue moonlight shape on his back was the transformation from his Divine Throne of Order and Law.

He had a single weapon, a very huge hammer. Even with Long Tianying’s cultivation, his two hands were needed to manipulate it.

Quite coincidentally, Valefor was using large hammers as well, one on each hand. Fully yellow colored, they seemed like two huge sculpted crystals..

With rumbling sounds, the hammer clashed against the dual hammers violently in the sky.

Valefor didn’t activate his domain before that, but the instant the three hammers collided, a tall area spread to over three hundred meters distance,
in the midst of which a yellow gigantic bear appeared. Roaring to the direction of the sky, he shook the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass with great envergure. Alongside shockwave, Long Tianying was stopped, blocked forcefully, and sent flying a hundred meters away.

The Demonic Bears’ strongest point was their physical strength, so even with Long Tianying’s divine armor transformed from the Divine Throne of Order and Law, his sheer brute force was unable to compete with Valefor at all.

As the sixth demon god, how could he be such an easy opponent to handle? Without sufficient power as basis, how could Valefor dare contest the seats of the top fifth demon gods?

Long Tianying was repelled a bit, not letting out a single word. He saw clearly the distant gray fog, but wasn’t able to discern Long Haochen and the Demon God of Death Saminaga’s figures.

He had crossed hands with Saminaga a few times already, and also had an ample comprehension of Long Haochen ability. He knew that even if Long Haochen didn’t keep his strength concealed, he couldn’t last for long in front of Saminaga. Moreover, the divine tool power of Long Haochen’s Divine Snail Shield was far beyond his own grasp.

But for him to actually keep calm even in such a situation, and in this dangerous crisis, Long Tianying truly deserved to be called Divine Knight of Control and Law.

The golden blue hammer in his hand was slowly lifted up above his head, where one could see that its length was about four meters. Its blunt part was circular, and about two third of a meter in diameter. On that part were several imprints of moon shapes, full moons, waxing moons, waning moons, and every other variations. Every one of these imprints were colored in golden blue brilliance.

After lifting it up, Long Tianying chanted gravely, “Heaven and Earth, Law and Order. Listen to my call, Moon God’s power. Shine!”
Immediately, the golden blue radiance covering the whole sky undulated, and took the unexpected shape of a quarter moon. As it shot out moonlight spreading sacred light, a pure and simple golden blue radiance lit upon his hammer.

When Valefor’s two hammers pushed Long Tianying away, the shock he sustained was actually important too. This was especially due to the massive light essence poured inside Long Tianying’s divine tool graded gigantic hammer, requiring him to spend time to scatter.

Right now, looking at Lo

The Demon God of Death Saminaga told him before that Long Tianying’s gigantic hammer was called Moon God’s Power, and had light properties. And at the times he would put his whole power in it, his domain would turn moon shaped. At this time, Long Tianying is the most terrifying. The greater this moonlight’s volume is, the more terrible Long Tianying’s attacks will become. And upon reach of the full moon state, even Saminaga had to avoid a direct clash.

His both arms spread wide on his sides, his chest was sticking out, and Valefor shouted loudly. A yellow gigantic bear abruptly took shape behind him, and Valefor’s body instantly swelled, letting out very wild imposing manners.

In terms of cultivation, Valefor was only a bit inferior compared to Saminaga. But out of all demons, only the Demon God Emperor Fengxiu could dare declare he could win easily in physical strength. Even if Long Tianying was even stronger, he wouldn’t able to escape damage while launching his attack. That was one of the greatest battle methods of expertise for Demonic Bears.

“Myriad of Bears’ Ultimate Power.” Against Long Tianying’s golden blue Hammer of Moon God, Valefor let out a snarl and lifted his dual hammers, preparing to clash head on. With a bang, the two sides clashed once again, as the three hammers collided altogether. Behind Valefor was the gigantic bear shadow, while behind Long Tianying was a first quarter moon, bursting out with an incomparable brilliance. The distorted light fog
behind took the shape of a huge spiral shaped tornado, seemingly litting up the whole area between the Dragon Resisting Mountain and the demons’ camp.

Valefor’s originally wild look gradually became filled with shock. That’s because he clearly sensed that his power was being gradually suppressed. And the air surrounding his body was astoundingly rapidly compressed. This compression of the air was cutting him off from his domain: the surroundings became under the full control of Long Tianying, as the great power of ‘law and control’ resided in domain control. Although this divine throne was ranked in the latter part amongst the six, its pure ability to counter enemy domains was only second to the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation.

Long Tianying’s domain could not only greatly amplify his power, but also damage the enemy’s domain. And at the ninth step level, a domain’s utility was really important.

Bang! Vassago’s two hammers was sent flying, just like huge yellow artillery shells launched afar.

The Demonic Bear Demain behind him that used to amplify his physical abilities was unexpectedly shattered, and the bluish golden half-moon on Long Tianying’s back became twice larger. And the bluish golden radiance emitted by the Moongod Hammer became incomparably resplendent.

Long Tianying’s face suddenly became abnormally flushed: beating Valefor back was easier said than done. He had already exceeded the normal use of the Divine God of Order and Low, but for the sake of saving Long Haochen, he was willing to pay an even higher cost.

Taking another deep breath, as he was planning to launch an attack against the Domain of Death materialized by Saminaga, an extremely shocking scene came to his view.

Saminaga’s Domain of Death was bursting out, and from inside, a myriad of bright rays of light were rushing out. Despite the strength of his domain, it was totally unable to stop the development of these rays of light. The
whole domain was not only violently stirred, and severely shocking, but everywhere the light passed, the gray colored Domain of Death disappeared frantically. The whole domain was like a giant creature at its final struggle.

How could that be? This was Long Tianying’s first thought. He was fully aware of Long Haochen’s strength, and to say nothing about the fact he was still unable to use the divine tool level ability of the Divine Snail Shield, even if he could, the gap of strength between Saminagan and him should make it impossible for him to break through Saminaga’s domain.

When Long Tianying was clashing with Vassago, he was only praying that Long Haochen could keep going for longer with the help of the Divine Snail Shield, to give him enough time to come to rescue. But he really didn’t expect such a situation. That golden bright color was clearly of light attribute, and from this, Long Haochen actually seemed to have the advantage, and a definite advantage at that.

To a powerhouse of the ninth step, his domain was like a prolongation of his life. In case the domain gets broken, the damage inflicted to the powerhouse of the ninth step will be incomparable. Such a damage will not only be limited to heavy wounds, but also be represented internally! But how did Long Haochen achieve this?.

Actually, Long Haochen himself was shocked in the extreme too.

When Cycle of Death appeared and engulfed Star King and him in an instant, Long Haochen immediately knew that this was something he was totally unable to resist.

Saminaga was too powerful: on the basis of his spiritual energy exceeding 400,000, when used by him, this ability was already approaching the might of a forbidden spell. Don’t underestimate it because it doesn’t need time of preparation; its terrifying power is like a completely solidified Spiritual Highland.

Although Long Haochen had the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon to defend himself, even if the latter could resist this degree of power, he would
certainly not be able to resist, and would end up lacerated by the powerful oppressive force.

So the instant Cycle of Death descended, he immediately sent Star King back to his own space, while stimulating the Eternal Melody on his chest without any hesitation.

Only by escaping through the Tower of Eternity, could he cope with the situation. In there, Long Haochen was quite safe. As his strength increased, his connection to the Tower of Eternity came to deepen. Now almost just a thought sufficed for him to link the Tower of Eternity. Even if Cycle of Death was terrifying enough, it was unable to sever this connection, which enabled him to escape. This was the major reason why Long Haochen didn’t feel anxious in the slightest.

But when Long Haochen activated the Eternal Melody, making an instant full contact with the Tower of Eternity, a change occurred.

On his chest, the Eternal Melody abruptly released an incomparable golden radiance and scorching heat. That severe scorching heat nearly burnt Long Haochen’s body, and even with his willpower, he couldn’t help but scream in pain. Immediately, he saw a myriad of light rays of light burst forth, as the Eternal Melody transmitted him an undescriptible feeling of ecstasy. And then, he actually managed to repel the Cycle of Death as the myriad of light rays wrapped Long Haochen.

Long Tianying and Long Haochen already sustained such shock, but that was not comparable to Saminaga’s feelings.

Chapter 516

Saminaga’s assessment of Long Haochen’s strength was accurate, and he was inevitably going to succeed. In front of Cycle of Death, even the might of Long Haochen’s divine tool shouldn’t be able to last long. After all, the gap of strength was too great. He was only waiting for Long Haochen to die and for his soul to blend into the Domain of Death, and then, the divine tool would naturally become his.

But when Saminaga started to pay attention to Long Tianying and Vassago’s battle, and prepare to block Long Tiangying’s attack, a change occurred.

While engulfed by Cycle of Death, from Long Haochen’s chest burst forth a myriad of light rays. Even in Long Tianying’s eyes, these lights had a holy attribute of boundless purity. It was rather different in Saminaga’s eyes.

That golden light had a fantastic characteristic that was enough to give Saminaga some dread. Although this Domain of Death was originating from him, it continuously took essence from those who died inside as time passed. The power of these souls was engulfed unceasingly and they turned into specters residing in the domain, amplifying its might greatly.

For this reason, Saminaga’s domain stood out amongst all demonkind. Its power was enough to receive high praises from Agares and Vassago: his position as fourth demon god was precisely settled by the Domain of Death.

Right before, Saminaga utilized the twelve most powerful Specter Kings coming from it to instantly crush Long Haochen’s God Descent. Having
attained such a level, his death magic could be already said to reach incredible heights, totally fearless in front of the power of ordinary holy light.

But at this very moment, he had a real feeling of dread. That’s because the myriad of light rays that burst out from Long Haochen’s chest were swallowing the power of his domain at a frantic speed.

That’s right, it wasn’t destroyed or dissolved, but swallowed. He could sense very clearly that the specters composing his domain were swallowed at an astonishing speed, and Cycle of Death was broken in almost no time. When Long Haochen reappeared in his line of sight, a golden pagoda seemed to be shrouding him.

And from that golden pagoda, an incomparably powerful and oppressive aura was rushing forth. Saminaga had only felt such a pressure in front of the Demon God Emperor himself before.

A golden light ten times more powerful than before burst out from the golden pagoda. One could faintly discern that, inside this golden pagoda, a bunch of whitish golden specters were lacerating his Domain of Death while swallowing it frantically.

In a few blinks of an eye, that light had already spread to the whole Domain of Death.

What’s that? Saminaga became totally panicked. In his panic, he didn’t have the wisdom to keep on his back the twelve gray sparkling specters, which were all about ten meters in diameter, and frantically shot them at that golden pagoda.

The Demon God of Death sensed that allowing this pagoda to keep engulfing his Domain of Death would result in its thorough destruction.

This power was really too frightening. The oppression he felt from that golden pagoda surpassed by far Long Haochen’s Divine Snail Shield as he saw it during daytime. At the time this golden pagoda appeared, he felt unable to resist.
A divine tool, and definitely not an ordinary one, but one that totally suppressed him with its attribute.

As a matter of fact, the Demon God of Death Saminaga was really excessively unlucky. Another demon god, even if far lower ranked, would have forced Long Haochen to teleport back into the Tower of Eternity long ago: Long Haochen couldn’t resist in f

But the crucial point was that Saminaga had acted personally. His magic of death used the darkness element as its foundation, and he could be said to be the greatest powerhouse of the whole continent in death magic.

But the fact that he was the current best mage of death didn’t mean that he was the strongest in history.

Saminaga was indeed powerful, but in front of the Slumbering Calamity Elux, the former Scion of Light and necromancer that used holy light as attribute to cultivate his death magic, Saminaga paled into insignificance.

Originally, it took almost the whole human force to seal Elux and destroy his corporeal body. But the Tower of Eternity still remained, and the Slumbering Calamity relied almost only on his own power to resist against all humankind. The degree of terror he inspired was absolutely not below the Demon God Emperor, and compared to the latter, he used to be even more destructive for the human race.

The Slumbering Calamity Elux was cultivating necromancy, but necromancy and death magic’s greatest difference resided in the summoning. Necromancy was more inclined to summoning while death magic tended more closely to destruction and havoc.

One used the power of the souls to provide assistance in the battlefield, while the other one directly absorb these souls’ power to strengthen the user.

On a fundamental basis, it’s not as if one of these two paths is above the other. So cultivation is the greatest factor that needs to be looked at.
Saminaga was indeed a great character, ranked fourth in strength among all demons, and current top-ranked death magic practitioner powerhouse, but the gap separating him from Elux was not a little one.

The Scion of Light and god’s chosen one Elux even dared to blaspheme the Goddess of Light. That’s the extent of his strength! And his wisdom and intelligence enabled him to attain the peak in the research of necromancy, englobing the notions pertaining to death magic. Also, he left behind the Tower of Eternity, a supra-divine tool able to move from space to space. How could Saminaga contend against that?

If Elux was still alive, Saminaga would, in his eyes, only be a powerful soul to get and no more. He didn’t even qualify for a one versus one fight.

The difference in strength was quite distinct. In such circumstances, when Haochen activated the Eternal Melody, planning on returning to the Tower of Eternity, it sensed the Domain of Death’s massive quantity of specters and power of death through their connection.

To humans, this was a terrifyingly destructive power. But to the Tower of Eternity, this was simply an incomparably great tonic! Just how much did Saminaga amass over the years? And it was a pure energy of death, which didn’t need much filtering.

Hence the Tower of Eternity entered a state of excitement, feeling the great tonic that was just in sight, how could it possibly let it slip by so easily?

Therefore, a projection of it instantly shot through the space of Shengmo Dalu, protecting Long Haochen while starting to take these greatly tonifying things as food.

Saminaga was totally out of luck. If he hadn’t regarded Long Haochen too highly, and instead of directly using the Domain of Death had relied on his powerful spiritual energy to launch an attack, this situation wouldn’t have happened.
As a supra-divine tool, the attractive force it possessed towards specters was unquestionable, and irresistible. And holy light was no less than the nemesis of darkness.

Encountering Elux, Saminaga was like a young girl in front of a hungry and thirsty macho man. The two of them could compliment each other, but the difference of strength being such, it could only end up one way…

The twelve specters threw themselves at the Tower of Eternity: these two Specter Kings were one of Saminaga’s greatest trump cards. Having continuously nourished them with other specters, they became powerful enough to resist in front of God’s Descent, even without being at full power.

But upon encountering the Tower of Eternity now, all of this came to an end.

These twelve great specters were really tough: the light emitted by the Tower of Eternity managed at most to shake them, with no way of absorbing their extremely condensed soul force.

But the situation changed totally from the mere fact that these twelve great Specter Kings moved towards the Tower of Eternity.

The light that seemed to have no effect on them before suddenly lit up, turning from a golden color to an incandescent white, and a terrible sort of soul shock burst forth from the Tower of Eternity.

The twelve Specter Kings screamed in mourning almost simultaneously. Their massive, congealed bodies shook violently, turning into innumerable spectral fragments that spread through the air.

Circles of incandescent white light surged out frantically, absorbing and swallowing these soul fragments. The brilliance of the Tower of Eternity also broke completely through Saminaga’s Domain of Death at this time, transforming into an area of omnipresent golden light which totally rejected the Domain of Death.
Not only was the soul force from the Domain of Death was absorbed, but even the newly deceased troops from the Demon Emperor Legions had their souls absorbed at a frantic speed.

This was the power of a supra-divine tool. Even the mere projection of the tool already displayed an incomparably terrifying might.

As a supra-divine tool, the Tower of Eternity was highly wise and intelligent in its own right. To fully gain control of it, Long Haochen could only complete every trial left by Elux, and upon finally reaching the top of the tower, he might receive the inheritance of the Holy Necromancer.

The main body of the Tower of Eternity had a strong sense of independance. Feeling that this space could provide him with things of extreme benefit, it chose not to spare any cost, spreading its divine light to this world to plunder every benefit without restraint.

Earlier, just as the twelve Specter Kings threw themselves at the Tower of Eternity, given its power as a supra-divine tool, how could it be unable damage them? It just chose to do that deliberately.

That’s because the Tower of Eternity sensed the great power of these twelve. By attacking them from a distance, it would definitely cause them to run away in fright. And as a projection, it had no way to forcibly attract them from a far distance.

Chapter 517

Therefore, it baited the twelve Specter Kings to approach, and the instant they came into contact with the Tower of Eternity, it unleashed its most basic power, the pure might of a supra-divine tool.

The Specter Kings were indeed powerful, but compared to the full power blow of a supra-divine tool, how could they compare? It directly resulted in them shattering.

The instant the twelve specters were broken into pieces, Saminaga shouted in great despair. At this time, he thoroughly understood that this golden pagoda wasn’t anything he could resist against. If this went on, he would not only sustain injuries, but possibly even be consumed due to the massive death force he possessed.

In the midst of a frantic shout, Saminaga spurted out a mouthful of blood, and immediately, the distant Demon God of Death’s Pillar erupted with an incomparable brilliance.

The frightful gray energy in the sky transformed into a gigantic, sinister, Fiend shape that frantically rushed towards the Tower of Eternity and fully absorbed the rest of the Domain of Death which was forcefully recalled.

This sinister Fiend was the root of Saminaga’s power, as well as the root of the whole Fiend Clan’s power, not limited to the death attribute.

At the very moment, Saminaga was letting out extremely bizarre shrills, and in the demon camp located downwards, a myriad of hissing sounds
could be heard. Countless black lights shot up from there towards Saminaga’s direction.

Including Valefor, the other demon gods a formed up behind him, each of them transmitting the power of his own demon god pillar.

The demon god pillars emitted different radiances, each of them originating from their own clan’s original incarnation. Seven great shadows spread their brilliance in the sky, and its greatest attack erupted to bombard the Tower of Eternity.

The seven great demon gods’ joint attack created a spectacular scene, of a kind that was unseen for several years. Even as the wielder of the Divine Throne of Order and Law, the Divine Knight Long Tianying was caused to drop down from the sky by the shock.

Saminaga was already fighting as if his life depended of it. His previous shrill drew support from the whole Fiend Clan’s power, originating from his Fiend Blood Link bloodline magic. Through this spell, he was able to instantly transfer a part of each of his clansmen’s strength to launch his ultimate blow.

In this Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass’ demon camp could be said to be the root of the Fiend Clan’s forces. The boost they gave to Saminaga was as great as one may well imagine. Adding to that the amplification from the demon god pillars, it enabled Saminaga to use his strongest attack ever launched.

He had no other choice but to fight at all costs. In case the Domain of Death ended up completely swallowed, the twelve Specter Kings would be fully absorbed by the Tower of   Eternity.   Then,   Saminaga’s cultivation would be reduced by half. To say nothing of the internal wounds induced, he would never be able to keep the fourth demon god’s seat due to that.

So, he would rather use his bloodline magic to transfer power from his clansmen, and weaken them greatly, to try the utmost to preserve his own domain.
The united attack of the seven great demon gods was really terrifying.
This was already far beyond the power of a forbidden spell.

The incandescent heat surrounding the Tower of Eternity twisted frantically, but didn’t show the slightest resistance to the seven demon gods’ act of joining their forces. It just continued to swallow all the death force it could swallow, including the remnants of the twelve Specter Kings.

Quickly, a brilliance with the power of se

But he was just a single person. Even if the strength of a Divine Knight was even greater, he couldn’t possibly resist the joint attack launched by seven great demon gods including Saminaga and Valefor. The terrible pressure and fluctuations of spiritual energy made him unable to even approach the area.

But Long Tianying immediately dropped his jaw.

Right when the seven brilliances were about to bombard the Tower of Eternity, the incandescent colored light suddenly disappeared at the speed of light and without suffering the influence of the seven great demon gods’ power in the slightest.

In the midst of the disappearing white light, that pagoda and Long Haochen both totally disappeared.

The joint full power force of the seven demon gods was was redirected into the air, guided to a high altitude.

Their joint force was certainly terrifying: it bore the full original power of the demon god pillars! The whole sky almost instantly became seven- colored, and remained that way for a long time. One could clearly see that all the clouds in an area of a thousand miles had disappeared in an instant. Only the seven-colored glint was glittering unceasingly.

The seven demon gods groaned at the same time, especially Saminaga who spurted out another mouthful of gray blood, his face looking as pale as paper. But this time, he didn’t dare take a rest, and moved both his hands
extremely frantically, absorbing the broken pieces of the Domain of Death and the leftover fragments of the twelve Specter Kings.

This time, Saminaga didn’t even have any tears left to shed. Over 40% of his Domain of Death had been swallowed in this very short time, and the twelve Specter Kings were not only in pieces, but the souls of seven of them had already been taken away. And this was after the seven great demon gods promptly utilized their full power to strike the last blow. Otherwise, with just a bit more time, the Tower of Eternity would not have left him the slightest trace.

Even Valefor who coveted the seat of the fourth demon god didn’t have the mood to take delight in Saminaga’s misfortune. He wasn’t any less shocked than Saminaga.

That was a Gold Foundation Knight! And furthermore, the divine tool he was using before should be a shield. Just how did it become a pagoda? Could this Gold Foundation Knight actually have two divine tools in his posession? And furthermore, this was already beyond considering an ordinary divine tool. It was just too terrifying the way it overwhelmed Saminaga!

Ever since the start of the Holy War, this was the first time the Demonic Bear Demon God Valefor felt such a threat from the humans. He never expected the Knight Temple to have such a powerful trump card in reserve. After attacking their camp by surprise, they even managed to plot against Saminaga!

Saminaga lost a huge deal of power this time. Perhaps even fifty years wouldn’t suffice to restore his prior peak.

He was now filled to the brim with pity. The expressions on all the demon gods on stage were unsightly to the extreme, but they didn’t execute the slightest action.

The power they put in the prior attack came with an immense consumption for them. How about the Knight Temple? What did they lose in the previous raid?
Even if unwilling to admit it, the seven great demon gods did have to admit that the knights had zero losses. Right, not the slightest loss. The seven great demon gods all acted personally, but not a single enemy was left.

From this situation, only God knew what other trump cards the Knight Temple could have in reserve. They were demon gods, and not expendable soldiers. Their fright far exceeded their feelings of rage. No one wanted to be the next to suffer Saminaga’s fate. Therefore, they only stared blindly at the sky, seeing the wielder of the Divine Throne of Law and Order and supreme commander of the Knight Temple, Long Tianying, return back to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

But how could these seven demon gods know that at the very moment, the Knight Temple’s powerhouses weren’t any less shocked than them. Including Long Tianying, no one knew what had just happened.

The lower graded knights were all acclaiming in great ecstasy. Everyone could see the great loss suffered by the demon side. However, the higher ranked knights were only filled with shock, amazement, and incomprehension. They all saw that golden pagoda, but who knew what it could be? No one had even heard about the existence of such a powerful divine tool in the Knight Temple.

Everyone was filled with questions, and Long Tianying was the same. But he was even more worried about Long Haochen’s safety. To mobilize such a terrifying power, just what could be the huge cost he had to pay? It could very possibly be at the cost of his life.

But if the Tower of Eternity hadn’t chosen to escape rather than bear the last hit from the seven demon gods, Long Tianying would be even more worried.

And did Long Haochen have a real cost to pay? Right, this came with a cost, the cost of his spiritual energy becoming in total turmoil.
With a flash of bright light, Long Haochen directly appeared in the first floor of the Tower of Eternity, and sat crosslegged out of subconscious mind.

Cliques of white lights were frantically leaping up around his body, and a terrifyingly massive light elemental spiritual energy was rushing out from his body at an astonishing speed.

Even if Long Haochen was even more unwilling to receive the assistance from the Tower of Eternity, he had no other choice by now. The Tower of Eternity had totally suppressed Saminaga without issue, to speak nothing of him, who was still at the eighth step.

The current Long Haochen felt as if his body was burning like a raging inferno. The five spiritual cavities inside him were trembling frighteningly. And the light elemental spiritual energy coming from outside was extremely pure, but some aura of death was mixed in, coming pouring into his body. It needed the active filter from his five spiritual cavities to dispel all the aura of death.

On this aspect, Long Haochen was incomparably decisive. This light elemental spiritual energy was directly usable because of its overwhelming purity;the Tower of Eternity was after all created by the previous Scion of Light, Elux. The purity of his light element was absolutely no lower than Long Haochen’s.

But Long Haochen didn’t let the slightest shred of deathly aura invade his living space.

Chapter 518

His encounter with the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon was really important. The advices he obtained were even more tremendously helpful than the Divine Snail Shield.

The need to be strict with himself was, as a Scion of Light, one of the most important lessons he could learn. Obtaining a divine tool only increased his strength, but without a strict behavior, the Scion of Light could also become contaminated and walk on a wrong route.

Therefore, no matter what kind of force Long Haochen obtained, the most important remained for him to keep his own heart pure, and not let himself be contaminated by anything. Naturally, this implied that he couldn’t let this deathly aura pollute his body. He had not the slightest desire to accept the inheritance of the Slumbering Calamity Elux either.

A massive flow of spiritual energy came pouring in, and caused Long Haochen’s amazement because it was all pure, yet not highly concentrated, light essence. In other words, this spiritual energy was like the one already contained in him, and blended with him to perfectly become part of his strength.

He had met with such a situation before as well, but it wasn’t as intense and massive. He faintly came to understand that this should be one of the benefits provided to him due to the Tower of Eternity’s great harvest.

After the projection of the Tower of Eternity appeared, Long Haochen also had a foolish look on his face. A red-hot feeling immediately filled his
whole body with burning sensations, as if putting him in a half-unconscious state.

But his mental force remained far stronger than ordinary people, and so, he could perceive some of the external changes even in this situation.

In his mind, the Tower of Eternity was like a living being, and not simply a building or a divine tool. In his struggle with Elux, Saminaga had simply been led by his nose all along. This was especially true in the way that the tower caught the twelve Specter Kings.

Long Haochen felt a palpable greed from the Tower of Eternity. The whole area around the tower frantically swallowed the power of Saminaga’s domain as well as the innumerable specters inside. And to Saminaga’s despair, his all-out effort was totally fruitless. The Tower of Eternity just brought Long Haochen away, and even the fragments of scattered Specter Kings seemed to have become adamant to follow him back.

Because of his close relation with the Tower of Eternity, Long Haochen’s grasp of the situation was a lot deeper than Saminaga or Long Tianying.

When the seven great demon gods joined hands to attack the Tower of Eternity, Long Haochen could sense a great disdain emerging from the Tower of Eternity. But it still didn’t choose to meet it head on. From this, Long Haochen was certain that the Tower of Eternity had the capability to resist that attack, but without a doubt, it would have had a massive cost to pay for that. So, the Tower of Eternity directly brought Long Haochen away, and not because of being unable to resist their force, but because it was not worth it.

In other words, if the Tower of Eternity wanted to resist such an attack, it would need to consume a lot of its energy. And this consumption would be a lot greater than what he could gain afterwards. Therefore, for the sake of getting benefits, the Tower of Eternity deemed it unnecessary to clash, and took the easy way of bringing Long Haochen to leave through space. The lock of the seven great demon gods left him without other choices.
Long Haochen had a chill when thinking about this performance of the Tower of Eternity. It was just way too rational, and totally based on the notion of profit, without consideration for the rest. And Long Haochen clearly perceived that the Tower of Eternity could at any time unl

The last time Long Haochen and Cai’er were confronted with danger and he gave his all to protect her, the Tower of Eternity hadn’t made the slightest move. But this time, he just activated the teleporting ability, yet the Tower of Eternity chose instead to appear and come to his aid just because it sensed an immense benefit.

This felt hard to bear for the kind-hearted Long Haochen. Today, the appearance of the Tower of Eternity gave him an increased understanding regarding this supra-divine tool. He faintly realized that even the soul memories left by Elux were unable to fully control the supra-divine tool in question, which completely had its own knowledge and judgement. In other words, even if he really ends up obtaining Elux’s inheritance, making an unprofitable or too costly choice from the point of view of the Tower of Eternity would end up being refused by it.

If Long Haochen was someone that could be driven by lust, he would surely find the Tower of Eternity to be a twin-edged sword, though full of benefits to him.

Using it was very simple, and only required him to maintain a win-win situation for the Tower of Eternity and himself.

But Long Haochen absolutely didn’t have such thoughts. He had no desire to maintain a win-win situation. This supra-divine tool was fully relying on the energy of death to strengthen itself, and Long Haochen was unable to approve its greediness.

Today, although the Tower of Eternity grievously wounded Saminaga, and greatly intimidated the seven great demon gods, importantly, it also reinforced Long Haochen’s rejection of it, and reinforced his resolution to refuse Elux’s favors.
Thanks to his great mental control, Long Haochen arranged the spiritual energy in his body in the shape of a large net to absolutely stop any deathly aura from penetrating his spiritual energy. Only through a perfect filtering of the spiritual energy could he perfectly integrate the spiritual energy into his spiritual cavities.

This inevitably made it take more effort to integrate the spiritual energy, but preserving the purity of his spiritual energy was more important by far.

Long Haochen came to the vague realization that his butt was gradually feeling signs of a disturbance due to spiritual energy, which was the sign of the expansion of another spiritual cavity here.

Chest, abdomen, the space in the midst of his eyebrows, and another in each arm were the five spiritual cavities that he had already opened, and these five supported his trunk and arms.

Only, Long Haochen didn’t expect that the process would continue so soon after he opened the arms’ cavities.

Insight and perception all came fast and also leave fast. Hence Long Haochen would not let go of such a good opportunity. While absorbing the spiritual energy that came from outside, he paid careful attention to the stirred undulations. Even if he didn’t manage to break through, this experience would be very advantageous for his future series of breakthroughs.

Time passed, minutes after minutes, and noticeably, on the first floor of the Tower of Eternity, a series of golden glows of light continuously shifted from the surroundings to Long Haochen’s direction, and continuously blended into his body. A part of it was rejected while a part was absorbed, and at the same time, a faintly discernible brilliant light started to shine on his body.

If at that time, Long Haochen had chosen to go for a deep meditation, he would very possibly have constructed in a spurt of inspiration his sixth and his seventh spiritual cavity. But unfortunately, he didn’t have such plans for
now. Thus, after the Tower of Eternity terminated its transfer of spiritual energy, he awoke from the state of cultivation.

Taking a deep breath, his body started to float naturally. Long Haochen couldn’t help but exude a pleasant surprise, but after that felt an air of unwillingness.

He indeed didn’t want to receive the help of the Tower of Eternity, because he didn’t want to owe it anything. He went so far as to make the decision not to set foot onto the third floor of the Tower of Eternity. But, he was unable to deny that he could obtain extreme benefits from the Tower of Eternity.

After breaking through the eighth step, although Long Haochen never stopped cultivating, to fill the spiritual cavities on his arms was not the matter of an instant. Even as the Scion of Light wielding the special physique of a god’s chosen one, and therefore absorbing light essence much more rapidly than ordinary cultivators, amassing these 200,000 spiritual energy needed the time of about two years.

After all, the measure of spiritual energy is not a simple number. For instance, gathering a bit of spiritual energy for a knight of the seventh step is totally different from gathering a bit of spiritual energy for a knight of the eighth step, since the latter is much more concentrated.

In other words, the same notion of spiritual energy differs totally between the seventh and the eighth step. It can perhaps be the same in total volume and elemental contents, but the concentration will very clearly affect the wielded power in the battlefield. And that is one of the great strengths of Spiritual Highland.

After reaching the eighth step, Long Haochen had a total of five spiritual cavities, and the speed of increasing his spiritual energy actually became slower than before, because he needed a time of adaptation.

But this time, or to be more precise, after the end of this session of cultivation, to his nice surprise, the two spiritual cavities on his arms became full at one third. Without need for any further effort, this time the
Tower of Eternity brought him no less than 5,000 units of the purest spiritual energy. And this was after he filtered out a great part of it, otherwise this count would be even higher.

Long Haochen’s current total spiritual energy was already nearing 37,000, which was quite a qualitative leap compared to before.

Turning back, Long Haochen gave the sculpture standing in the midst of the first floor a complex look. After calming himself down, he immediately teleported back. He didn’t want to let himself feel any attachment for this place. Every time he recalled the events of the past, when the Slumbering Calamity relied on this supra-divine tool to slaughter an unthinkable count of humans, he felt great grief rise within himself.

With a glint of bright light, when Long Haochen reappeared in the night sky, it had become totally quiet. By chance, the flash of light disappeared instantly, and because Long Haochen didn’t spread his wings, his body started to fall almost instantly.

Chapter 519

Falling down, Long Haochen pressed down his both hands and took a deep breath, causing his figure to float like a feather.

The time was already close to daybreak, but the sky was still dusky. So his light elemental spiritual energy would really look conspicuous and inevitably make him overly obvious, therefore causing issues to rise. So he instead used very challenging methods to control his own fall.

This was all to avoid getting found out by the demons, the main reason being that he didn’t wish for them to know that he would need to return to the original location after teleporting to the Tower of Eternity. If this secret is known by the enemies, strategies will easily be planned to counter him, so Long Haochen preferred to be more prudent.

Luckily, he wasn’t too high in the sky. His distance to the ground was roughly of four hundred meters, therefore a series of acrobatics and propelling movements enabled him to lower his falling speed. When he was on the eve of reaching the ground, he then assumed a curling position, and put all his strength in his feet to perform a kick.

As a matter of fact, his current external spiritual energy was already over 20,000, making this full powered kick able to cause a huge shockwave and drop his falling speed.

His body landed onto the ground on an oblique posture, and after a series of rolls, he was propelled forward. The Gold Foundation Armor on him having also helped to neutralize a great amount of the pressure from the
fall, Long Haochen stabilized after the series of rolls, jumped forward and rushed toward the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

His powerful mental capacity showed its prowess in this situation as well, helping to conceal his figure as far as possible, during the whole way to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. It was only near arrival that defenders from the Knight Temple found out about his return.

A misunderstanding would naturally not arise: the Gold Foundation Armor on him was a symbol of his status, and moreover, he was the only one Gold Foundation Knight that hadn’t returned.

Thus, when Long Haochen arrived in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, high surges of acclamations and countless looks of respects were awaiting him.

Large areas of knights were watching Long Haochen with passionate eyes, violently beating their own armors on the chest with their fist as an indication of their respect of greatest order for Long Haochen.

This was their tribute to the newly appointed Saint Knight Head. Even the Divine Knight Long Tianying didn’t figure out how Long Haochen wounded severely Saminaga, to say nothing about the ordinary soldiers. In their eyes, this powerful Saint Knight Head had defeated the other party’s strongest demon god, and without being a Divine Knight. Therefore, in their eyes, it was as if the prefix provisional’ before his full title never existed. At the same time, this gave them an even greater confidence regarding this Holy War.

When Long Haochen stood in front of Long Tianying, his grandfather suddenly realized that he had no idea of what he should say. He was able to feel that Long Haochen was totally alright, and should have escaped to another space, but how did he just accomplish that?

There certainly existed some abilities that could shatter space for a short time after reaching the ninth step, but they required a very tranquil and stable environment to be used. But what about the time he passed through space? At that time, seven demon gods were joining hands against him, so
who knew to which extent space was in havoc. But even in these circumstances, Long Haochen just crossed space; Long Tianying hadn’t the slightest idea of how to explain this mystery.

And Long Haochen was gone for so long, which was to

“Grandpa.” Long Haochen performed a knight salute to Long Tianying. His attitude became a lot warmer than before: at the time he was attacked by Saminaga, he sensed how Long Tianying was trying hard to rescue him. And before teleporting away, he saw Long Tianying by his own eyes. How couldn’t his approval toward his own grandfather not rise from that?

Long Tianying had a bitter smile on his face, “I don’t know what I should say right now. What was that pagoda that appeared and surrounded you at that time?”

After pondering for a short time, Long Haochen replied, “I don’t want to hide anything from you, but that’s a secret I am not allowed to tell. I can only tell you that it can actually only restrict the Demon God of Death Saminaga and no one else. And I am unable to control it as well. It just appeared on its own. I am connected spatially to it, and it was the one that teleported me away.”

To Long Haochen’s surprise, Long Tianying actually didn’t keep questioning him. His look became gentle, “Is your body all right? Saminaga didn’t injure you?”

Long Haochen shook his head, “I am all right, and can come to the battlefield at anytime. Grandpa, the day will rise soon away. The demons will probably be launching a retaliatory attack. I have already made my preparations for battle, and am waiting for your orders.”

Looking at him, Long Tianying became silent, then couldn’t help but show a little anger, “What order is there to give? Your judgement is wrong. I can tell you with certainty that today, we can be at 70% sure that demons won’t come to attack. Didn’t you see on your way back? Saminaga’s pillar has already lost all its light. This time, you inflicted him extremely serious damage: his Domain of Death was torn to shreds by your pagoda. Tell me
what’s good with you? Your grandpa Yang and I have already told you to keep your strength concealed to avoid exposing your identity. And you kept concealed your abilities known of them, but relied on the ones unknown to them to gain the spotlight right away.

Given that you have two divine tools on you, how could the demons not follow you closely? I estimate that before long, the Demon God Emperor will know about your existence. Yet, how do you want me to keep sending you to the battlefield? You also said that that pagoda could only counter Saminaga. If the other demon gods launch another attack against you, what’s to be done if you have an accident?

Although Long Tianying got angry, Long Haochen felt instead warming up. He could clearly feel the concern and worries in his grandfather’s voice.

“Grandpa, then I will just be defending the city and no more. Even if the demon gods want to get rid of me as I am on the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, they would have to ponder over the issue beforehand. We may know that the pagoda can only counter Saminaga, but they don’t! I think that the demon gods won’t dare take such a risk. They should have learned their lesson from Saminaga’s experience. And that was really not my fault! Gold cannot be prevented to shine. And you should not want your grandson to be totally inconspicuous in the battlefield right?”

At that time, Long Haochen couldn’t help but show a smile on his face, looking at Long Tianying quite shamelessly.

Long Tianying also couldn’t help but reveal a smile in response. He didn’t smile a lot, but seeing this grandson before his eyes, he had really no way to keep restraining his joy.

After this time of worry, he had to recognize the great points of his grandson. In fact on Long Haochen, the slightest flaw could not be seen. At an age below twenty, he had already reached the eighth step, and had two divine tools in his hand. Although he was not yet able to utilize them fully, considering his age and pace of progress, it really looked like he would be able to contend against the demon gods in a few years! And he will surely
become a great hero and leader that will create a new page on humans’ history.

Taking a deep breath, Long Tianying replied, “This time, we have totally filled these demons with fear. From our estimate, among the three Demon God Legions, almost all the Hell Demons should be dead, so without any magic offense, the Demon Emperor Legions are like a toothless tiger. And that’s nothing compared to how Saminaga is now in a state of heavy wounds. He is the strongest of the demon gods outside, and as you said, they shouldn’t dare act blindly without thinking after this. They will only maintain the previous situation, and as long as no reinforcement comes, they shouldn’t dare launch a decisive battle against us. For this reason, I don’t plan on letting you keep appearing in the battlefield.”

“What?” Long Haochen was immediately in high distress, “Grandpa, you can’t do that! Grandpa Yang and you should respect your engagements.

If you don’t let me appear in the battlefield, how am I supposed to gather those ten millions contribution points? I have to reform our team, to make a slaughter on the demon rear.

Long Tianying stood up and slowly walked to Long Haochen’s front, with an indignant look on his face. His robust figure really looked imposing, and in front of Long Haochen, he gave off the same feeling as an unwavering mountain.

“Haochen, don’t worry. I don’t share the same thoughts as your Grandpa Yang. You are my blood-related grandson, and my only one grandson. And you are the Scion of Light, a god’s chosen one, and humanity’s future hope. If you remain in safety under my wing, when will you become the humans’ leader and the leader that will annihilate demons? You need to keep tempering yourself, and rise through hardships, just like you did before. I believe that you have the ability to defend yourself, and to create even more miracles. So your grandpa won’t stop you from going in the battlefield. After two days of war, you made the enemies cower in fear one after another, making them lose the opportunity to recover a large amount of corpse, and wounding severely Saminaga. This will cause the demon army’s momentum to crumble. I
will keep in record these two accomplishments. As the head of the Knight Temple, I have the authority to award you with enough contribution points. So I decided to reward you with 500,000 contribution points, as a prize for having turned the tides of the war in these two days. ”

“500,000?” Long Haochen was shocked, but also happy, and couldn’t help but worry, “Grandfather, are you sure this doesn’t count as favoritism?”

“Nonsense!” Long Tianying raised his hand to tap on Long Haochen’s head, scolding him with a smile, “Ask around in our Knight Temple, and you’ll see that no one ignores that your grandfather is the most strict and impartial Divine Knight! I am the wielder of the Divine Throne of Order and Law, if I cannot even make fair decision, how could I keep the approval of the Divine Throne? Be at ease, if anything the reward I bestowed upon you is rather low. Just think, if you didn’t stay on the rear, how many of the fifty Mythril Foundation Knight that were with you would have returned alive? It is all because you spared no cost to risk your life to cover their back, and deserves these 500,000 contribution points. You gained this for your display of bravery and self-sacrifice. Although I am very angry that you disregarded your own safety mole that, I can say as your grandfather and the head of the Knight Temple that you are my pride, my grandson who did not abandon his fellow soldiers at that time of danger, and used your actions to prove your bravery.”

Seeing his grandfather so moved, Long Haochen’s eyes started to moisten in spite of the situation. Despite his strength and willpower, he was still no more than a twenty year old boy. The gain of his grandfather’s approval was really an important thing in his eyes.

Long Tianying took a deep breath to calm down his moodiness, then continued, “You did very well, but you really cannot remain here. Your light should be shining where it is needed. And our Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass has already no trouble defending strongly its position, plus you’d be no more but a target here. So after thinking thoroughly, I came to the decision of giving you a last mission. After completing it, you will be considered having gathered ten million contribution points, and will be allowed reform your Demon Hunt Squad. I should also be telling
you that this time, your grandpa Yang has returned to the Alliance to discuss a plan that could make full use of your ability to destroy demon god pillars. The Alliance believes that this is how your strength will develop the best.”

Hearing about the opportunity of reforming his Demon Hunt Squad, Long Haochen nearly hopped in excitement, “Grandpa, please announce the contents of the million. No matter what, I will definitely complete it.”

Long Tianying replied, “Don’t place your hopes so high. How could a mission equivalent to ten million contribution points be so simple? You can come back first, you will be leaving for the sake of completing this mission tomorrow. This mission is not complicated, and you will be able to accomplish it single-handedly. With the status as Saint Knight Head, you will have to join the defense of every of the five Temples’ defensive forts, and accumulate at least a million contribution points in every of them, or make a great accomplishment of yesterday’s degree. After you finish that for every of the five defensive forts, you will automatically be gathered with your other comrades. At that time, all of you will be sure to receive a new mission from the Alliance. Understood?”

Happiness always comes all of a sudden. For a moment, Long Haochen was unable to show any reaction.

Leaving for the other five Temples to participate in their battles, and reunite with his comrades one after another was without a doubt a much simpler mission than the one consisting on simply gathering ten million contribution points. And moreover, being able to join his other comrades one by one was more than he could wish. For a moment, Long Haochen was somewhat speechless due to excitement.

Long Tianying smiled in reaction, “Is it the idea of heading to the Exorcist Mountain Pass to see your girlfriend that makes you so happy?”

Right, wasn’t the Exorcist Mountain Pass controlled by the Assassin Temple the closest to there? This was the place where Cai’er was!

Chapter 520

His grandfather’s remark lifted Long Haochen’s mood momentarily. He didn’t try to conceal his current feelings and nodded strongly in response.

Long Tiangying gave a light sigh, “You youngsters really had a hard time. If not for the demons, your grandpa would be in favor of your wedding. Treat her well, old Sheng Yue really doesn’t have a good temper.”

In terms of seniority in their own Temple, Sheng Yue actually rated higher than Long Tianying. But in terms of cultivation, Long Tianying was definitely stronger in addition to possessing a Divine Throne.

Long Haochen nodded repeatedly, “Grandpa, can I depart right now?!”

Long Tianying unhappily replied, “You cannot. Wanting to see your wife is one thing, but don’t you want to keep your grandfather company a bit longer? Until you depart tomorrow, just stay with me.”

At this reply, Long Haochen’s surging feelings calmed down gradually,
“Grandpa, I...”

Long Tianying waved his hands to him, “I understand. At your own age, who knows how much more rebellious than you I was. You are already doing very well, but keep in mind that I really care about your safety. You are my one and only grandson. You have to take good care of yourself; not only for the Alliance but also for me. If the Alliance loses you, it will be the loss of a great talent, but if I lose you, it will be the loss of my precious kin. Do you understand?”
Long Haochen remained silent, and slowly approached him, giving Long Tianying a very big hug.

Long Tianying had a smile on his face. After so many years, it was the first time he showed such a sincere smile. He finally realized now that he really had a grandson of his own.

Precisely as Long Tianying expected it, after the sun rose, the demons didn’t launch an attack. But the demon camp was greatly busy, transferring the heavily wounded troops from the Demon Emperor Legions while helping the dying and healing the injured.

But of course, those three forbidden spells weren’t totally devoid of benefits for them. At least, the non-carbonized corpses were treated as food, and their armies were served a good meal, with the Demon Emperor Legions as the special ingredient…

Because of Saminaga’s serious injuries, he immediately entered seclusion inside his demon god pillar, and the authority over the demon armies returned to Valefor.

But at this time, Valefor didn’t dare keep applying pressure to the Fiends, and the reason why he didn’t immediately give the order to attack was because they had obtained a sufficient amount of food, and more importantly because of the current state of weakness of the Fiends.

Saminaga transferred all the deep strength of all his clansmen to launch a terrible strike and put them in an extremely weak state. And in fact, the air force of the demon armies   was   almost   exclusively   formed   of Fiends. Under such circumstances, how could they launch the attack against the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass?

Through this battle against Long Tianying and Long Haochen, Valefor fully recognized the powerful assets the humans had, and therefore didn’t dare act rashly. At least, they needed a time of rest and reorganization.

One day later, at sunset, two figures came out soundlessly from the Dragon Resisting Mountain, making sure of their direction. Then, they
headed southward under the raging wind and snow.

Neither Saminaga nor Valefor knew about it, but the Saint Knight Head from the Knight Temple who brought them countless ‘surprises’ was already gone. At this time, the Dragon Resisting Mountain had Long Tianying as the only Divine Knight present

Of course, the Knight Temple’s real trump card was not Long Haochen! Since Long Tianying dared keep the current troop arrangement against the demon armies, he naturally had ability of his own.

Exiting the Knight Temple, Long Haochen and Han Yu were in high spirits since they were finally able to reunite with the others. Long Haochen understood that although on the surface, his grandfather was assigning him a mission, in actual fact, given that Long Tianying didn’t even check his current amount of contribution points, Tianying had no way to know in the end whether he would really obtain a million contribution points at each defensive fort.

Therefore, after departing from the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, it could be said they just have to reunite with all their comrades.

Everyone was separated for a year and a half already, and his longing for reuniting with them already surpassed everything else by far. Moreover, the first one they were proceeding to was the Exorcist Mountain Pass occupied by the Assassin Temple, the place where Cai’er was!

Long Haochen obviously realized that he had difficulty calming himself down. The strong excitement even caused the spiritual energy in him to fluctuate irregularly, influencing to some extent his absorption of the external spiritual energy.

Even so, he was unable to control his emotions.

Cai’er, are you still well? It has been a year and a half, have your memories recovered already? Can you now remember me? Thinking to this point, Long Haochen was really wishing to grow some wings to rapidly fly to her location.
They left the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, and although they were heading to the southern Exorcist Mountain Pass, they had to head to the southwest if they wanted to go through the Temple Alliance’s territory. After all, the demon armies were glaring at their frontiers like tigers eyeing their prey, and they didn’t want to encounter troubles. By going through the territory of the Temple Alliance, with the Exorcist Mountain Pass serving as the natural barrier, they could put their whole energy to hurrying their trip, and proceed quickly to the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

Given Star King’s strength, it was absolutely no issue for him to carry two people, not to mention that Han Yu’s body was also of light attribute, his innate internal spiritual energy reaching eighty. Therefore, Star King’s affinity to him was second only to Long Haochen. With Long Haochen supplying him directly with spiritual energy, he was flying toward the Exorcist Mountain Pass at his fastest speed.

Exorcist Mountain Pass.

The Holy War had been going on for a year and a half, and the war was becoming increasingly bitter. Within the Six Great Temples, the one that had the hardest time with the demon offenses was the Southern Mountain Pass, but the second one was the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

Every human defensive fort was under the watch of one Temple, and when comparing the Assassin Temple and the Knight Temple, although a gap existed in their global strengths, this gap was actually not very wide. Yet the Exorcist Mountain Pass had a tough time, and that was because of their own specialities.

Although the knights couldn’t use their mounts in situations of defense, they were after all heavy armored warriors or heavy infantry, and were like a metallic barrier protecting the city.

But the assassins are not capable of that. In terms of offensive potential, assassins surpass knights by far. But in defensive power, they are also much inferior. They were specialized in concealment, assassinations, and taking a head in the midst of countless enemies. However, continuous attacks and defenses are not their strong points, especially in such defensive battles.
For this reason, the Assassin Temple encountered catastrophic losses in this war. If not for the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment standing on guard inside the Exorcist Mountain Pass, it would have perhaps been already broken a few times through. The Knight Temple gave a considerable assistance to the Assassin Temple, but the Holy War was taking place on six fronts simultaneously. Therefore, each Temple had to ensure its own defense before it could afford to help the other ones.

Amongst the seventy-two demon gods, the top three demon gods and their clans had yet to appear in the Holy War, and the fourth and sixth were assigned to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. With the Knight Temple having to endure such a massive pressure, it lacked the strength to help the Assassin Temple.

Since a year and a half ago, the casualties amongst the Assassin Temple’s high class warriors already reached one third. Under Sheng Yue’s lead, almost everyone was injured. Some of the powerhouses belonging to the older generation of the Assassin Temple were also thrown on the battlefield one after another, to fight the enemies to the death. Almost every time they repelled a demon assault, the Assassin Temple had to expend a massive cost.

At the current time, the head of the Assassin Temple, Sheng Yue, was standing on guard in the Exorcist Mountain Pass, which is a natural stronghold as well. It had no need to envy to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass: its position inside the mountain range it stood in meant there was no need to fear a demon encirclement. It was sufficient to block the demon armies coming from one direction , but compared to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, its natural defenses were a bit lacking. It did not have the same kind of vile environmental conditions, and was not so highly elevated either.

The walls of the Exorcist Mountain’s fortress had already disappeared, the war having mostly destroyed them. The mages that were still unleashing magic were fewer than fifty, and they were the last bits of magic force the Exorcist Mountain Pass had left. Almost all the powerhouses from the Assassin Temple were standing in front of the enemies, defending the fortress. They had even forgotten for how long they had been defending this
position. But by chance, just like the Exorcist Mountain Pass had sustained severe damage, the same went for the attacking demons. In recent months, their frequency of attack was not as high as before.

Cai’er was currently near the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ fortress, clad in black, and without external armor. Her eyes were ice-cold, and after a year and a half had passed, she had already become a grown woman. Her build was more slender, well proportioned, and one could see on her almost any asset a female body could have.

Compared to the time she separated with Long Haochen and the others, the current Cai’er was much colder. Although it was by far incomparable to the time before her loss of memories, at least the battle before her eyes was now insufficient to instill feelings of terror in her.

Sheng Lingxin and Sheng Yue were on the other side, their complexion visibly very pale. Thick bandages could be seen wrapped around their right arms: in the Exorcist Mountain Pass, they didn’t have even one priestso they could only rely on doctors to treat the injured. One could well imagine the criticality of the situation.

“Great-grandfather, shall I go?” Cao’er suddenly turned back to ask Sheng Yue.

The demons were already attacking the fortress, and both sides were immersed in desperate close quarters battles. It could be seen from this that the current Exorcist Mountain Pass’ defensive battle was at its critical point, otherwise how would they have let the enemies come close to the fortress?

The main forces of demons attacking the Exorcist Mountain Pass was formed of Demonic Birds, Dual-Headed Demonic Vultures, Blazing Demons, Demonic Wolves, as well as a huge volume of Dual Bladed Demons and Demonic Eye Soldiers.

Against such a formation, although they had way fewer powerhouses allocated when compared to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, they won in the numbers. And just for these reasons, they had plenty of corpses to serve as food.
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