Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 501-510

Chapter 501


Han Yu’s shout was very emotional. After a year and a half, he was finally able to fight alongside his Captain like before.

He was now filled with the memories of his previous battles alongside Long Haochen. Ever since coming back from seclusion, he had been fighting in this Holy War, making use of his battle technique and strength to establish himself rapidly. Although he was not yet a Mythril Foundation Knight, he was nonetheless a mid-ranked officer in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, responsible for defending a very large area.

In the eyes of the other knights, the Temple Knight Han Yu was extremely outstanding. It seemed that he stood firm after every battle he fought. However, only Han Yu knew how lonely he had felt for too long.

Since he had become a Demon Hunter, Han Yu was like a second knight on the team. He had no need to stand in the front, and only served as an important support for Long Haochen. With Long Haochen there, he was full of confidence, battling under his lead to attack the enemy together. He didn’t need to put much thought into other matters, as simply following Long Haochen’s command was sufficient.

But after joining this Holy War, thanks to his cultivation and outstanding performance, he gradually turned into a leader. He came to understand that many things needed to be taken into consideration as a leader, and that being a leader came with a lot of pressure. Having gotten used to following Long Haochen’s command, he didn’t really like these feelings. Many times,
he was totally unable to display his full strength, and had to adapt to his other teammates. In times of desperate struggles, he would have an intense feeling of helplessness, thinking, What if I had Captain to fight by my side?

At the time Long Haochen’s seclusion finished, no one was more excited than Han Yu. It was a sincere feeling of carefree excitement. Reminiscing on the adventures they had in the Desolate Hissing Caverns, the Illusory Paradise, and the Swamps of Gloom, he thought, Captain is finally back. He’s finally about to fight by my side again!

Han Yu had been waiting far too long for this day. Although Long Haochen was fully concealed behind his dark gold-colored Gold Essence Foundation Armor, the sword Rippling Light in his hand could not be faked! Captain was back!

Indeed, Long Haochen was back. Having witnessed the battle’s start from afar, he came rushing as fast as he could. Besides, he had on his shoulders the huge pressure of the ten million contribution points mission, and such battles were the best way to gather them. That was why he came in such a rush.

Originally, Long Haochen was prepared to join the aerial battle on Star King’s back, as the Fiends and Hell Demons were already launching full power assaults against the Airborne Knight Regiment. However, he came to notice the brightly shining Scarlet Wildness on his way to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

Just like Han Yu had no difficulty recognizing him, how would he not recognize his own good brother? Therefore, Long Haochen renounced joining the aerial battle, recalled Star King, and landed on the ground in a flash, not only resolving Han Yu’s great struggle but also launching some powerful attacks, greatly lightening the pressure on the knights.

That myriad of golden glints came from a powerful offensive ability used by Retribution Knights, called Meteor Shower Strike, a Retribution Knight ability of the seventh step.
The single-target offensive power of this ability is not very significant, but its area of effects is very large.

Having gone through continuous trials, Long Haochen understood very clearly his own defects. Mostly, he la

Large-scale offenses and boosts formed up the majority of the techniques Long Haochen chose to train. The Holy War had already begun, and in the future, he couldn’t possibly keep fighting only small groups of enemies. There would certainly be much more powerful enemies, with many more battles alongside other fellow soldiers. So these two kinds of abilities were a must-have.

With regard to single-target abilities, Long Haochen had enough confidence: single-target strength was generally measured with the strongest attack a powerhouse can use as a basis. Since the sword intent in Long Haochen’s possession already exceeded the vast majority of his single-target offensive abilities in strength, he therefore preferred to focus on strengthening his comprehension of sword intent. By relying on the divine sword, Aria of the Goddess of Light, as long as his understanding towards sword intent kept rising, his single-target offensive power would keep growing. This was something no single-target ability could compare to.

With Rippling Light in hand to add Ripples of Light to a Meteor Shower Strike, the synergy of these three powerful additions to his arsenal enabled Long Haochen to clear a large amount of enemies instantly. A Demonic Bear had great defense, and so what? With Rippling Light's doubly reinforced attack, Long Haochen's eighth-step cultivation and the addition of the great piercing power of Ripples of Light, their defense was already insufficient.

“Han Yu.” Long Haochen opened his left hand which grabbed the knight that barely escaped calamity. Spreading both arms, he directly gave Han Yu a big hug.

The surrounding knights cheered loudly altogether. They didn’t know Long Haochen, but recognized the Gold Essence Foundation Armor on
him! Having a Gold Essence Foundation Knight join the battle was not only a great help in terms of fighting strength, but also gave them a large boost in confidence and vigor.

“Captain, I can finally fight alongside you.” Han Yu’s excited body was shivering, and the two of them slapped each other’s armor, letting out a powerful tinkling sound.

Long Haochen let go of his hug, a smile on his face, “We should go and attack the enemy now. We’ll talk some more after the battle is over.”

Saying that, Long Haochen stepped forward with large strides, advancing towards the city walls. Han Yu followed closely behind, looking at his taller figure compared to before. Tears fell uncontrollably on his face.What a familiar figure! I wish to follow him for a lifetime.

It could be seen that the demon side discovered the changes here. As the Demonic Bears kept climbing, Long Haochen stood straight above the city walls, his Gold Essence Foundation Armor giving off orange brilliant rays that were enough to dazzle one’s eye. Not turning into the focus of the battlefield would be hard in this situation.

From the sky, Long Tianying had noticed Long Haochen’s return long ago. At the time he noticed Long Haochen’s return on Star King’s back, a faint smile appeared on his face, thinking to himself, A Starlight Unicorn King…There could surely be no better mount for him! This kid really knows how to choose.

Rapidly, Long Haochen’s battle started. The black figures of two enemies rapidly rushed to him, belonging to two Fiend Kings of the eighth step.

Demons are well aware of how strong a Foundation Armor Knight could be, particularly one that is clad in Pure Gold Essence Foundation Armor. Such a powerhouse being in town was nothing else but a mortal danger for ordinary demons. And Long Haochen’s last Meteor Shower Strike got rid of over a hundred Wolfkin Demons and Demonic Bears. The other Wolfkin Demons and Demonic Bears started to deliberately avoid his direction.
Demons were certainly brave in a fight, but none of them would be willing to send himself to death for nothing.

Looking into the distance, a trace of coldness could be seen in Long Haochen’s eyes as he murmured the words, “That’s another 16,000 contribution points!”

Staying motionless, a soft golden fog started to rise around him. Without need for Long Haochen to mention anything, Han Yu joined him with an extreme coordination. The pair of golden spiritual wings he spread out looked different from before as well: they looked a third bigger than before, which was a sign their strength had risen. Meanwhile, a spheroid one meter in diameter silently appeared behind Han Yu. It had a plump figure, looking a bit ridiculous on the outside, but seeing it, the two Fiend Kings had a chill.

It was a Demonic Eye Commander. An eighth rank Demonic Eye Commander. Comparable to a human powerhouse of the seventh step, this was more importantly a rarely seen magical beast specialized in launching mental attacks. With such a magical beast to assist a Gold Essence Foundation Armor, could they have an easy fight?

But since they started to make the trip, they naturally could not come back without accomplishing anything. The goal they gave themselves wasn’t excessive, only to occupy the attention of this Gold Essence Foundation Knight.

In the air, a gaudy, dark-red area appeared where one could clearly distinguish two Fiend Commanders. Their backs were sparkling with dark- red light. Lifting up the heavy swords in their hands, they started a hacking motion at over a hundred meters distance from Long Haochen.

A concentrated dark-red glint of light instantly shot into the air. The two chops matched up completely, and didn’t grow in volume. Instead, it instantly decreased in volume, and aimed straight at Long Haochen.

Wow? A joint attack? Long Haochen’s eyes wavered. He didn’t know that these Fiend Commanders were brothers and therefore had a very great
compatibility. They were experts in combined attacks, which made them very famous among Fiends. The strength of the two brothers’ joint attacks were second only to the power of a Fiend King’s attack.

Facing that dark red blade, Long Haochen didn’t seem perturbed. It was obvious that this attack wasn’t aimed at killing him, but at interrupting his accumulation of power.

Demons and humans have been facing each other for so many years that they understood very well the kind of techniques used by knights.

Han Yu didn’t move, his body letting out a similar kind of golden fog, coming from the same Power Storing. Having absolute confidence in his captain, he believed that this kind of attack would absolutely not harm him.

The Demonic Eye revealed six tentacles, and they became much longer, moving around him. Be it Demonic Wolves or Demonic Bears, those encountering the tentacles would only shiver violently in response, before dropping dead.

Chapter 502

Without a doubt, Demonic Eyes are the nemesis of Demonic Bears. The latter have extremely good physical defenses, but their defenses against mental attacks cannot really be praised. As Demonic Bears are magical beasts of the sixth step, a Demonic Eye is unable to break their defenses, but with a mere Spirit Shock, a Demonic Eye is able to put these Demonic Bears in a daze. And, given that the Demonic Bears were climbing, it would certainly cause them to fall down. Given their massive stature, such a fall would not be much different from a tree falling, greatly influencing the climb of the other demons. This way, the area defended by Long Haochen and Han Yu didn’t sustain many attacks from the incoming demons.

The knights present all being veterans of practical battles, they didn’t rush to join. They rather chose to focus on reinforcing the other areas of the battlefield, leaving Long Haochen and Han Yu plenty of room to battle.

An orange glint shone on Long Haochen’s left arm, coming from Divine Obstruction.

Bam! Long Haochen didn’t move, not even an inch. The highly concentrated dark red blade turned instantly into countless specks of light, as a thick, bright light lit up Long Haochen’s surroundings. A resplendent flash of light rose up abruptly, taking the shape of a dazzlingly bright lightning bolt, aimed straight at two powerful enemies.

In the instant that followed Long Haochen’s action, Han Yu also acted. The wings at his back followed after Long Haochen, and the instant after taking off, his eyes became a bloody red, as he aimed for the Fiend Commander on the right side.
As if the Demonic Eye was sticking to Han Yu, he followed Han Yu the whole way.

Lightning Flash reached a frightening speed, and Long Haochen was aiming it at the area in the middle of two Fiend Commanders, as if aiming to attack the two at the same time.

The Fiend Commander brothers weren’t twins for nothing. On their faces appeared looks of contempt. One of them held his sword in his right hand, the other one had his sword on his left hand, and the two of them held their other hands together. The Fiend Commander on the left swung his arm, suddenly aiming a chop forwards while throwing his brother ahead, along with a blood-colored sword edge. In mid-air, one could vaguely see a massive Fiend figure flashing, surrounded by a dark area.

A fist-sized, blood-colored skull suddenly launched from the sky, aimed at Long Haochen.

Although this blood-colored skull was small in volume, the instant it came into their view, Long Haochen and Han Yu both had a slight feeling of terror.

Right at this moment, the Demonic Commander reacted. Soft, distorted ripples were spread to a one-meter diameter around that massive eye. Immediately, the black mist that was forming behind that blood-colored skull was dispelled, revealing the figures of the two Fiend Commanders, and at the same time, that Mental Shock attack caused them to slow down.

In the state of Lightning Flash, Long Haochen was indeed just too fast. From the instant that red skull appeared, it took no time for Long Haochen to clash with the enemy. However, it wasn’t Long Haochen’s body that impacted, but his snail-carapace-shaped shield, which changed instantly into a size merely one-third of a meter in diameter.

With a ’Pam’ sound, the blood-red skull struck the shield, and a soft orange light quietly spread to the surroundings, mystically dissolving that terrifying force.
In fact, at the time the Fiend Commander brothers joined hands, their combined force already reached the level of the ninth step. This blood- colored skull was comparable to a perfect Spiritual Highland

However, that blood-colored skull was not merely an offensive skill. After its offensive strength got dispelled, the skull acted as if it was alive and stuck to the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon.

With a dark-red glint of light, the skull-shaped face turned into a Fiend, biting at the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon.

This skill of the Fiend Commander brothers was very tyrannical. The great talents bestowed upon the two brothers made them receive the appreciation of the Demon God of Death Saminaga, and he personally taught them for a period of time. Therefore, they vastly surpassed any other Fiend Commander of the same rank in terms of skills. Otherwise, they wouldn’t take the initiative to face off against a Saint Knight clad in an epic tier Gold Foundation Mythril Armor.

Moreover, this blood-colored skull also had a terrifying ability of contamination. Creating this blood-red skull requires the blood and part of the soul of a Fiend, and thus, it could be called either a skill or a piece of equipment.

From the Fiend Commander brothers’ previous attempts, even a piece of Legendary Equipment would, after getting bitten by the blood colored skull, become damaged, or even get destroyed. Even a piece of epic equipment would be greatly affected.

When they saw the shield of the epic tier, they decided to use this blood- colored skull. This thing was named Blood Grudge, a powerful cursing ability that would give headaches to any human powerhouse.

Unfortunately, they found the wrong opponent this day. If the brother had aimed this Blood Grudge at Long Haochen’s Gold Essence Foundation Armor, it would perhaps have had some effect, requiring Long Haochen to waste some time to get rid of its effects. But to their bad luck, their target this time was the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon.
In fact, in all of human history, Starlight Divine Beasts such as this Divine Snail of Sun and Moon had appeared only three times, and as the spokespersons of the Goddess of Light, the purity of their light attribute surpassed even a Scion of Light such as Long Haochen.

How could a light attribute of such purity be contaminated by the effects of this kind of cursed magic item?

At the same time that the orange glitter of the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon shone, a gentle and luminescent sparkle spread out from the shield, engulfing that Blood Grudge.

Then, the Divine Snail Shield Moon lit up with intensity, and let out an intense ray of light, repelling all the surrounding darkness without exception. In the scope of this bright light, Long Haochen and Han Yu both felt as if they were refreshed by a sunrise.

An immense sun appeared, causing Long Haochen’s left arm to feel heavy. The spiritual energy in his body was drained at a frightening speed. In under a second, fifty thousand units of spiritual energy were used up like that. But by chance, this amount was extracted from the Gold Essence Mythril Armor, otherwise, he would have been totally sucked dry.

But this energy wasn’t consumed without good cause. Under the influence of the formidable area of bright light, the Fiend Commander brothers came suddenly to a standstill. They were shouting in pain, but remained totally motionless. A black gas was released from their skins, coming from within their bodies which were crumbling at a frightening speed.

What is happening?

Not only were the enemies stunned, even Long Haochen was in shock. It was so extreme that it even attracted the attention of Long Tianying and Saminaga, who were mainly in the sky serving as means of deterrence.

That golden color was really extraordinary. It seemed as if the seven colors of the rainbow were glinting inside, like soft waves rippling inside.
This phenomenon covered an area a hundred meters in diameter, in which only Long Haochen, Han Yu, the Demonic Eye and the two Fiend Commanders remained.

The Demonic Eye disappeared the instant this light appeared, relying on his contract to leave. Even if this bright light wasn’t directed at him, he didn’t dare remain here.

But Han Yu and Long Haochen had another kind of feeling. They felt that this extraordinary bright light had attained a state of transcendence. All the spiritual cavities in their bodies shivered bizarrely. At each shiver, their internal spiritual cavities felt as if they were expanding. And the spiritual energy in these cavities was transforming to enter the state of Spiritual Highland at a frightening speed.

What happened? And how? Long Haochen himself didn’t know, but these two Fiend Commanders were rapidly crumbling, disappearing bit by bit.

Their roars of alarm and shouts of rage were of no use at all. In the rainbow-colored light, all efforts were futile.

The Snail Shield of Sun and Moon already changed its color from the orange color of the epic tier, gaining a golden iridescence that continuously moved around it. Blood Grudge had dispersed long ago, directly crumbling from contact with the shield.

In the sky, a gray shadow flashed to Long Haochen’s location, and beside it, a blue-gold radiance flickered.

No sound came, but in midair, a stormy light source spread out.

This light source was made from a mix of gray and bluish-gold colors. Then, Long Tianying could be seen sitting behind it on the Divine Throne of Law and Order, while Saminaga returned to his original location, his body letting out some gray undulations.
In the previous clash, neither of the two sides had the advantage. But judging from their faces, Long Tianying was visibly a lot more nervous.

Certainly, Saminaga was aiming to save these Fiend Commander brothers, but Long Tianying had stopped him.

Until now, the two armies retained a lot of self-control, seeing that none of the other powerhouses of the ninth step followed the two commanders. That’s because neither the demons nor the Knight Temple could bear such losses.

As the Demon God of Death, Saminaga wouldn’t let his elites die without reacting! If such loss persisted, how would he be able to stand on an equal footing with the Moon and Star Demon Gods?

At this moment, Saminaga and Long Tianying’s gazes were focused on that seven-colored light. Intense changes also happened to the air forces in mid-air.

Chapter 503

As the bluish-gold and gray light rays dispersed, the aerial forces of the two sides dispersed at great speed, as if struck by a typhoon, and landed on the ground. No one dared remain in the sky. If their movements were just a bit late, they would sustain the shock from that monstrous airflow spreading violently in the sky.

The clash between the two commanders caused an earth shattering impact, which is also why they wouldn’t lightly intervene. If the ravages from a battle between them spread to the armies fighting below, the destruction that would be caused would be no joke.

But to the surprise of all watching, at the moment the dual colored light rays came into contact with the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, it dispersed without a sound, not affected in the least.

What is happening? This was the thought all the powerhouses present shared! Right, how could the aftermath from the clash between the two commanders-in-chief be stopped like that? Although it had weakened with time, even the powerhouses of the eighth step fled from it immediately! Yet that rainbow-colored light stopped it just like that.

The seven-colored light was starting to weaken, vanishing gradually, but only bones were left of those two Fiend Commanders, and even those bones started reducing to ashes.

This wasn’t an instant kill, but appeared even more terrifying than an instant kill in the demons’ eyes. Although the two Fiend Commander brothers uniting hands weren’t at the level of a true powerhouse of the ninth
step, their full-power attack already reached this level. Yet they died like that, without any way to hit back, and unable to even struggle against the opponent.

Han Yu, who was originally prepared to make his move, floated at Long Haochen’s side with a blank face, completely speechless for a moment.

Is that the true might of the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon? Originally, when Long Haochen obtained this shield from the Starlight Divine Beast, Han Yu was also at his side, and therefore understood the origin of this item well. But did this bright seven-colored light really come out from a piece of epic equipment? The epic tier really is too strong!

The bright seven-colored light finally disappeared, and all that was left was Long Haochen and Han Yu, as well as the magical crystals from the two Fiends of the eighth step.

A strange silence followed, spreading to the whole battlefield. It didn’t persist for too long, and about ten seconds later, loud cheers broke out on the side of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. They had personally witnessed a miracle, the power of their own powerhouses.

Could anyone else than a Divine Knight be stronger than this Gold Essence Foundation Knight?

“The Knight Temple is invincible!” In the midst of these cheers, every knight seemed to have gained in vigor, frantically charging against the Demonic Knights and Demonic Bears.

The Airborne Knight Regiment also rallied, taking the initiative to attack the aerial enemies.

Without a doubt, the drive of the Knight Temple had risen to its peak.

As their commander, how could Long Tianying let such a good opportunity go by? He immediately gave the order to launch the counterattack.
All of the ninth-step powerhouses from the Knight Temple rose to the sky, placing an insurmountable pressure on the enemies that they slowly approached.

“Retreat.” Saminaga gave this order with a cold look, lifting up his right hand.

An intense glow spread out from the eight demon gods, and their eight demon god pillars started to glint, enveloping the demon armies in their range, in order to bring them back to their camps.
“Boss, what’s happening?” Han Yu asked Long Haochen in a low voice. Long Haochen shook his head with a bitter smile, “I don’t know either.
It seems that the red skull we encountered previously infuriated the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, which led to this. It acted totally by itself. There’s no way I could have such a powerful ability at my disposal! Luckily, I had the Gold Essence Foundation Armor, since that move used over 50,000 of my spiritual energy. Yet, I felt that the bright seven-colored light from before had yet to display its true might, as if restricted somehow.”

Han Yu became silent. If it is so powerful when restricted, I don’t dare imagine what could be its true power.

Long Haochen didn’t know, and Han Yu didn’t either. But on the other side, the Demon God of Death Saminaga gave an answer.

“A divine tool. The Knight Temple actually had such a divine tool in reserve.”

The same answer came to Long Tianying’s mind.That shield must be a divine tool. When did Haochen get such a shield? In fact, the Divine Thrones were the Knight Temple’s divine artifacts, yet even amongst them, there never appeared a divine tool ranked shield! And this shield was not as simple as a defensive-only item. Just what could that bright seven-colored light from before be?
Even Long Tianying and Saminaga didn’t have the confidence that they could remain unscathed in that light.

Divine tools have always been the most unpredictable weapons. That’s because the power of a divine tool is like a part of a god’s power. Different divine tools would absolutely be completely different. And amongst divine tools, the most feared kind is those that can unleash an absolute power. And who knew what ability Long Haochen’s shield could have?

With the disappearance of the bright seven-colored light, Long Haochen and Han Yu’s spiritual energy returned to a liquid state. The process of this transformation was slow. In fact, if they wanted to use Spiritual Highland in battle, they could at least keep their spiritual energy in this state for ten minutes.

The spiritual energy belonging to Long Haochen that changed into this form didn’t include the part coming from the Gold Essence Foundation Armor. This feature seemed like the amplification of ability that Star King gives him, while being not totally the same. That’s because having the spiritual energy in one’s body be in Spiritual Highland state makes it a lot easier to control, and inevitably a lot more powerful. That’s the true meaning of reaching the ninth step for a powerhouse.

With this time’s transformation, Long Haochen and Han Yu gained in comprehension regarding Spiritual Highland.

Long Haochen didn’t release his spiritual wings. Getting hold of Han Yu’s shoulder with his right hand, Haochen borrowed his help to return to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. Once back, Han Yu turned back to look at Long Haochen, face to face. The two of them had astonished expressions.

Although their first battle back together took only an instant to finish, they still eventually got to fight together! This was already sufficient.

“Captain, I already heard the news. The Temple Head decided to have us gather ten million contribution points before letting our team re-form.”

Long Haochen nodded to him with a smile on his face, “Yeah! We will slowly gather these ten million points. In a year, at most two, as long as this Holy War goes on, we can certainly obtain them.

“Certainly! Right, Captain, I have things for you from Lin Xin. And, I have gotten news from everyone.”

Hearing his last sentence, Long Haochen immediately looked interested,
“Is everyone well?”

Han Yu nodded with a smile on his face, “Our 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad is divided, but we won’t die so easily. Now, everyone is actively participating in the Holy War with their own temples. From what I heard, Yuanyuan has already amassed enough contributions to be a regimental commander. And Sima is about the same. Only Cai’er seems to not be participating actively, training secretly in the Assassin Temple instead.”

Hearing from Han Yu about the others’ safety, Long Haochen relaxed enormously. This was what he most wanted to know. This piece of news gave him an increased confidence and motivation to complete that mission of gathering ten million contribution points.

“The most important is that everyone is safe and sound.”

Han Yu continued, “Captain, after we are back, I will hand you the pills Lin Xin prepared. It includes Forest Boa Training Pills and other kinds of medicine.”

Long Haochen shook his head with a smiling expression, “I have no need for these, just keep it for your own. Forest Boa Training Pills are certainly good things, but my external spiritual energy is already at a bottleneck. If I cannot increase my internal spiritual energy further, my external spiritual energy won’t be able to keep progressing.”
The period of deep meditation brought Long Haochen much understanding. His external spiritual energy was indeed much more powerful than the others, mainly because of his constitution as a god’s chosen one and the benefits brought by Haoyue. Forest Boa Training Pills were appreciably potent, but wouldn’t be able to compare with the amplification brought by Haoyue. Moreover, Long Haochen didn’t want to keep relying on pills to progress.

Coordinating the progress of his internal and his external spiritual energy was his current priority. In other words, he was unwilling to produce too huge a gap between them. Besides, now that he reached the eighth step, the priority became to train his internal spiritual energy, which would automatically get cleansed through his spiritual cavities. Long Haochen didn’t have any need to worry about his spiritual energy’s impurities affecting his body, and just needed to continuously cultivate.

Under these circumstances, pills would indeed not be of much use to him. His current priorities were set in training and in amassing points.

Han Yu didn’t insist. This place being the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, he had to wait for when they return to persuade him.

The demon armies having retreated like a tide, only corpses from their deceased remained, as they escaped through the gap created by the demon gods.

This battle went for about two hours, and therefore, large quantities of corpses were left on the battlefield. On the side of the Knight Temple, the order to clean the battlefield was immediately given. It wasn’t about burying the corpses, but bringing as many as possible back to their base in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

The corpses in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass were mainly demons. After bringing them back, their magical crystals will be extracted, and then the useable parts will be kept, and the useless ones burnt.

This was inevitable. If the demons had a sufficient advantage, they would be the ones to bring these corpses back, but only to use them as food. As
long as they retained a sufficient food supply, their races with good resistance to cold would be able to continue fighting. Although their numbers kept going down, the Knight Temple’s losses were also astonishing! Letting these losses continue would only mean a diminishment of the Six Great Temples’ future.

Chapter 504

The hatred between their races went beyond repairability. A great part of it is due to the difference in culture, customs and knowledge. Humans would never be able to use their own kins’ corpses as food, let alone making it their main source of food. And in fact, one could say that, in times of insufficient food sources, the demons’ motive for launching attacks wasn’t to attack the enemies, but to make food for their side.

In this war, a human victory was not only based on the damage to the demons’ forces, but also on the severance from their food supply. But of course, for this reason, the next demon attack was bound to follow in a short time.

The importance of a victorious battle was unquestionable. Having always been suppressed by the demons, they were only able to cling to their Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass for a year and a half. The arrival of a victorious battle was enough to fill every knight with excitement and acclamation, and restore their vigor. A vigorous soldier will always be much stronger than a soldier without vigor.

And the greatest contributor to this victorious battle, Long Haochen, was called by the Knight Temple after returning.

Standing perfectly straight in front of Yang Haohan and Long Tianying, Long Haochen’s expression was tranquil. Currently, he was not clad in his armor, and Han Yu was also beside him. However, in contrast to the calm Long Haochen, Han Yu appeared quite anxious, because the two Divine Knights didn’t look so pleased.
“Long Haochen, do you understand your status?” Long Tianying asked with a heavy tone.

Long Haochen replied immediately, “I am one of the Gold Essence Foundation Knights of the Knight Temple, ranked as Saint Knight.”

Long Tianying, “And what else?”

After a short time of surprise, Long Haochen replied, “I am also the captain of the 64th commander grade Demon Hunter Squad.”

“Stop mentioning your Demon Hunt Squad. In your current state, how could we be at ease letting you reform your squad? Have you already forgotten about our three agreements?” This time, even Yang Haohan was totally furious.

Long Haochen gave a puzzled look to these two elders bearing the title of Divine Knights, “Grandpa Yang, I don’t know what error I made!”

Yang Haohan broke out in anger, “You still don’t know? You are currently not only a Saint Knight, but also a soldier of the Temple Alliance. Do you think I made you look for a mount of your own to directly join the battle? I wish for you to stay low-key in the battlefield, yet as soon as you arrived, you immediately made yourself known to all the demons. Now how will you guarantee that you won’t be attacked on all sides, recognized by all demons? Equipment can be changed, but what about abilities? And moreover, your divine-tool-ranked shield didn’t come from us. It is part of your personal abilities. Using it in front of so many demons, aren’t you just giving out your own identity? Why are you taking the path I was the least hopeful to see?”

Without waiting for Long Haochen’s response, Long Tianying kept scolding him, “As a soldier, your duty is to obey orders. Even if you want to participate in the battle, after coming back, you should be reporting to me, and join the battle under my command. And what did you do instead? You risked yourself to directly join the battle, and even exposed your strength.
Do you know what this divine tool means? It means that we are giving them more pressure. And the greater the pressure is, the greater the counterattack will be. Have you ever heard of someone else showing his divine-tool-ranked weapon

Long Haochen replied, “Temple Heads, I am sorry. I didn’t know that you would misunderstand like that. Would you mind listening to my explanation?”

Long Tianying seemed to want to keep reprimanding him, but was stopped by Yang Haohan, who nodded to him, “Alright, speak. I am giving you a chance to explain yourself. However, if your explanation doesn’t convince us, you are going back to seclusion, and won’t be allowed to join the Holy War again.”

Long Haochen’s expression changed drastically. This left him worried. If he isn’t allowed to join the war, doesn’t it make the reunion of his Demon Hunt Squad unimaginably distant?

“Temple Heads, this is how things are... Actually, what happened was mostly by coincidence, and it shouldn’t enable them to recognize my identity.”

“The demons have never encountered that shield I was using. We got it after slaying the Snake Demon God Andromalius, finding it in a cave located in the Swamps of Gloom. Today is the first day I have shown it on the battlefield. And it wasn’t a divine tool, just an epic-tier shield as far as I knew! Grandpa, you have seen this shield before, it’s the one I was using at the time of your test.”

After Yang Haohan and Long Tianying heard that, their tension was finally eased. The fact the demons had never encountered this shield before makes the situation a lot better. As long as Long Haochen’s identity wasn’t found out, they didn’t mind the rest that much.

Long Haochen continued, “It’s like this...” Immediately, he narrated the conversation he had with the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon in the cave, as
well as the whole course of events that led to his acquisition of the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, without hiding anything.

After Long Haochen explained the parts about the Starlight Divine Beasts and the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon, these two Divine Knights couldn’t help but show an amazed expression. It was the first time they had heard such a story, the information brought by Long Haochen was indeed astonishing.

When Long Haochen spoke of the circumstances of the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon, he naturally spoke about Tower of Eternity as well. Given that it touched upon necromancers, it was a very sensitive topic. He had wanted to keep this secret, but ever since hearing about the past of the Slumbering Calamity Elux, he had never returned to the Tower of Eternity. It could be seen as him avoiding it. He didn’t wish to obtain any more abilities from this human sinner.

The Slumbering Calamity Elux caused the immense calamity that befell humanity. As another Scion of Light, Long Haochen felt extreme sorrow regarding what Elux had done. If not for this catastrophe, how could humanity have been reduced to such a passive state for the whole six thousand years of the dark era?

“...Defense of Sun and Moon, borrowing strength from the owner’s heart. Guided by the Light, Blessed by the Gods, bringing a new dawn, the divine snail shall act as a shield.’ These were the last words the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon told me. And I don’t understand how the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon created that seven-colored bright light. I could only feel that this light was boosting me, and then, these Fiend Commanders died inside it.”

Yang Haohan and Long Tianying looked at each other, exclaiming loudly, “What a gifted person you are! Youngster, you are really incredibly gifted. The birth of the Scion of Light was indeed a gift from Heaven, in hopes that we would not be crushed by demons. So you have to treasure yourself! We need you to lead us to drive out the demons, and let Earth recover its glory.”
“From what you are saying, the previous phenomenon was accidental. But the fact you joined the battle by your own initiative is a mistake. Do you admit it?”

Long Haochen nodded with haste, “I admit my mistake. Grandpas, please don’t make me leave the battlefield. I have already abstained from joining for a year and a half. I really hope to be of use to our Knight Temple. I will unconditionally listen to any of your future assignments, and comply to Grandpa Yang’s three rules, to do my utmost to avoid getting found out by them.”

Seeing him become so nervous, Yang Haohan couldn’t help but smile, “Okay, okay. Then I am giving you another chance. Don’t forget about what you just said. If you take such premature risks again, don’t blame your Grandpa Yang for having you return to seclusion.”

“Yes, I will obey.” Long Haochen immediately beat his chest with his right arm, performing a standard knight salute.

If it was up to Yang Haohan, he would really rather conceal Long Haochen, and wait for him to reach the ninth step before joining battles. But he also knew that this wouldn’t benefit Long Haochen’s growth.

The Scion of Light would need continuous experiences, rather than to be raised in a greenhouse. If he is kept in a safe environment to train from beginning to end, perhaps his cultivation will increase, but his overall strength will certainly be lower. After reaching the ninth step, the enemies will only get stronger, and there won’t be opportunities to let him get stronger by practice. Therefore, he didn’t stop him.

Long Tianying spoke next, “Haochen, I can tell you with certainty that this shield is a divine tool. At that time, it was the Blood Grudge skill that is exclusive to the Demon God of Death that stimulated it. The power of this bright light isn’t something a piece of equipment of epic tier could reach. And furthermore, there is no equipment of that tier that could use up fifty thousand units of spiritual energy for a single use. Tell me more precisely about the feelings you had at this time. I will help you find a way
to bring out the power of this divine tool. If you are able to use it appropriately, you’ll have another trump card to defend yourself.”

Long Haochen nodded, “The feelings I had at that time were strange. It was as if a special power had been released by the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon. At that time, my body and Han Yu’s were frozen for a short time, and the same went for the enemies. It seemed that in the area of the seven-colored bright light, time stops. Then, when I saw how much damage the enemies received, I realized that my spiritual energy had entered the state of Spiritual Highland..”

“I could faintly sense that something was missing in that seven-colored bright light. It seemed to be too concentrated, and to be missing the gentleness that the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon originally had. I also don’t know how this happened, and the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon didn’t tell me that the shield originating from him would produce such a phenomenon. According to his words, the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon shouldn’t be able to attack, and should be purely defensive.”

Chapter 505

Long Tianying replied, “So, you are saying that the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon should actually not comprehend fully the power of this shield originating from him? And based on your story, he didn’t disappear from this world by his own choice, but became a shield for the Scion of Light to use. Maybe this was a sort of variation. Did you try using the incantation that he gave you? It seemed to contain some mysteries. ”

Long Haochen nodded and replied, “I have tried, and don’t believe that this was an incantation. It seems to be a description and nothing more. When I tried reciting it, the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon showed no response. Defense of Sun and Moon, borrowing strength from the owner’s heart. Guided by the Light, Blessed by the Gods, bringing a new dawn, the divine snail shall act as a shield.’”

“As its name stands, the Divine Snail Shield needs a source of light, and will use it to produce a divine blessing to protect me, through this shield shape. As for what it meant by bringing a new dawn’, I would guess that this refers to the time of transition between the sun and the moon. And I found out that upon reaching this time, I lose the ability to use the Divine Snail Shield. I don’t have an explanation for this phenomenon, but it has been like that since I obtained it. The Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon may have left me these last words to warn me not to use it during this span of time.”

Yang Haohan murmured, “Divine Snail of Sun and Moon, Sun and Moon Crossing… What you said must be incorrect. Since it holds the name of Divine Snail of Sun and Moon,’ how could it stop working just at
the times the sun and moon are crossing? This goes against the fact that a divine beast such as the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon is blessed by the Goddess of Light. Rather, it should be able to absorb the most energy from the Earth at the times sun and moon are crossing. Both the sun and moon should have an amplifying effect on it. How could the crossing of the two cause it to lose all power? Plus, I have never heard of a divine tool or piece of epic equipment that would lose its powers at fixed times.”

Long Haochen also entered into deep thought. Yang Haohan’s words had some effect on his thinking, but the actual facts were that every time this point was reached, the shield would lose its power! Just how could this be explained?

Standing on the side, Han Yu suddenly jumped into the conversation, “Temple Heads, Captain, how about changing our train of thought? What if we took the opposite direction from Captain’s guess?”

“The opposite direction?” Long Haochen looked at Han Yu in awe.

Han Yu nodded, “Yes! From what Grandpa Yang said, the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon bears in its name the nouns sun and moon because it can absorb the essence of the sun and the moon. Then, if the time the sun and moon are crossing isn’t the time it is at its weakest, it might just be when it is the strongest!”

“But if it is its strongest time, how is it that I cannot sense its existence...” Reaching this point of thought, Long Haochen’s eyes suddenly lit up, deducing a lot of things from a single hint, as if he had suddenly caught on to the crucial part, “Oh! If the time the sun and moon are crossing is its time of peak power, then it is possible that it stops working properly at that time because I am unable to entirely control it. In other words, it’s not that I lost the ability to use it, but that my strength was insufficient to grasp its true power. And that would be when the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon is its true self. Th

Long Tianying nodded, “It makes sense. It is very likely so. Only, just how much spiritual energy does this Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon need to be triggered? I can give you a little hint by telling you that
activating a Divine Throne also requires a huge amount of spiritual energy. The basic cost is 100,000 spiritual energy, and every Divine Throne can be used for a quarter of an hour. After this time passes, spiritual energy will be consumed persistently. And of course, given our cultivation, we can keep absorbing the light essence in the air indefinitely to replenish our storage, making it possible for us to maintain a state of battle for a longer period of time.”

Long Haochen’s eyes gradually lit up, “I understand… I understand!” Shouting loudly and in a very excited voice, he held the nearby Han Yu in his arms, “Thank you, Han Yu. I finally understand what the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon is all about.”

Han Yu looked back at him, full of surprise. Although his supposition was quite likely, he hadn't actually figured out any explanations. He only shared his thoughts, and didn’t expect to be of such great use to Long Haochen.

“Tell us, what is it all about? We may be able to help you find a way.”
Yang Haohan declared spiritedly.

Long Haochen nodded, “Supposing that what we just said was correct, when the sun and moon are crossing, it should be a true divine tool, and a considerably powerful one. And in itself, the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon is a divine-tool-ranked being, but it can only manifest itself as being at the epic tier because the user’s basic cultivation is insufficient to let it display its true might. So at my current level of cultivation, I can only borrow its power for defense. Which is to say, this shield can adapt itself to its owner’s strength. In other words, had I obtained it with my cultivation being even lower, maybe it would have turned out to be Legendary Equipment instead of Epic Equipment.”

Yang Haohan, Long Tianying and Han Yu all nodded, Long Haochen’s analysis appearing to make sense.

Long Haochen continued, “Since things are this way, the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon having a Starlight Divine Beast as a foundation, should be a divine tool, and not a piece of equipment of epic tier. As my
strength rises, it should gradually be able to display its real might as such. Before that seven-colored light appeared, I had the feeling that something was going wrong, as if it was overly fierce, lacking the original gentleness of the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon. Its very possible that because it was daytime, that it could only borrow power from the sun, which turned out as you well know. On the other hand, if it was at night, its power after transforming into a divine tool should be gentle and reserved. So as a conclusion, the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon should be an aggressive divine tool at daytime, and a gentle divine tool at nighttime.”

Han Yu couldn’t help but ask, “Then, if it is already at daytime and nighttime a divine tool, how about the time between?”

Long Haochen took a deep breath, gazing at the other three, and spoke these words one after another, “Supra-divine tool.”

Hearing the phrase supra-divine tool, Long Tianying, Yang Haohan and Han Yu stood agape.

Just like Long Haochen, Han Yu first encountered the concept of supra- divine tool just now when discussing the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon, but this wasn’t the case for the two Divine Knights, who looked at each other face to face, filled with total shock.

“A supra-divine tool!? So in these specific situations, there’s a high chance that it would have the might of a supra-divine tool?” Yang Haohan’s voice was still shivering. He obviously understood the meaning of a supra-divine tool, and much better than Long Haochen.

Long Haochen cut in, “Grandpa Yang, I am just guessing. I don’t know whether it will really turn out that way. And even if it does, let alone me, even you grandpas may not necessarily be able to activate a supra-divine tool. After all, the stronger a divine tool is, the more considerable its requirements of spiritual energy will be.”

Long Tianying took a deep breath, “Haochen, do you understand what a supra-divine tool represents?”
“Its powerful, able to reverse Heaven and Earth, matching, no, surpassing an average forbidden spell.”

Long Tianying replied, “Your words are too broad. Let me explain it to you. You should know that our Knight Temple has six Divine Thrones. Which one of the six do you think is the most powerful?”

Long Haochen shook his head, “I don’t have a proper understanding of the six Divine Thrones yet. Back then, Father told me that I should wait for my cultivation to be sufficient to learn about them.”

Long Tianying replied, “Your father is right. It won’t make a difference to learn about them after becoming strong enough. But what I want to tell you is that Divine Thrones also have a ranking. For instance, Old Yang’s Divine Throne is quite a lot more powerful than mine. And your father’s Divine Throne surpasses ours in the battle aspect. You’ve personally seen the power of Divine Thrones.

“And do you have a guess of how high Saminaga’s cultivation is?”

Long Haochen shook his head.

“Based on our hypothesis, the Demon God Emperor has very possibly broken past a million spiritual energy, like he said. And after the Demon God Emperor follow the Moon Demon God Agares, the Star Demon God Vassago, then the Demon God of Death Saminaga, and the Hell Demon God Marbas. And among all seventy-two demon gods, the only ones that can really be discussed with the Demon God Emperor in times of major events are these four.

“In terms of strength, Agares is undoubtedly the greatest, and I’m afraid that his spiritual energy has already broken past 600,000. That is to say, without considering the difference of equipment, even Agares would be an unsurpassable existence to us. There has never appeared a powerhouse surpassing the 400,000 spiritual energy in our Temple Alliance, yet just below Agares, Vassago’s internal spiritual energy is at least at 500,000. But because most of his energy is focused on making prophecies, his actual fighting strength is not that great. It’s just that his prophetic ability that is
very frightening. Saminaga and Marbas should be about the same in cultivation, but because the Fiends are above the Hell Demons, Saminaga’s ranking is above the latter. They are both above 400,000 spiritual energy, but the top internal spiritual energy of the Alliance is only 210,000.

Chapter 506

“Although Saminaga’s demon god pillar is also a divine tool, demon pillars are not the same as our divine tools. They are mostly used to avoid the death of demon gods; while greatly increasing durability, their other amplifying effects cannot compare to our divine tools. Thus, by relying on the Divine Throne of Order and Law, I can make up for the difference of over 200,000 spiritual energy separating me from Saminaga. In terms of strength, he is still above me, but if we fight to the death, it will only result in a stalemate. This is the might of a divine tool.”

Long Tianying said this much to prove to Long Haochen the importance of a divine tool. And if a divine tool was capable of this much, there’s nothing to be said about the role of a supra-divine tool.

“After you grow, you will be sure to become the successor of our Knight Temple, so there is no issue with me telling you this. Among the Six Great Divine Thrones of our Knight Temple, there exists one that no one has ever obtained. And this Divine Throne is, based on our ancestors’ guesses, an ultra divine tool.”

Long Haochen and Han Yu had chills, the looks on their faces becoming ardent. Indeed, they hadn’t thought that an ultra divine tool would be in the hands of the Knight Temple.

Yang Haohan elaborated on Long Tianying’s words, “A long time ago, the arrival of the demon race brought destruction to all human nations, and could decimate us at any time. In this period of crisis, humans became unprecedentedly united, and established the Six Great Temples. Under the lead of all the powerhouses, we barely preserved our current territory,
relying on natural strongholds to defend our last homeland. But at the current point, demons were still not firmly established, and not done adjusting. If we waited for them to become familiar with the continent and organize their new recruits born from epidemic, the destruction of humanity was bound to become inevitable.

“At that time, a meteor fell from the sky, falling in the territory of our Knight Temple, and an immense throne appeared from it.”

“Only one?” Long Haochen asked in surprise.

Yang Haohan nodded, “That’s right, only one. This immense throne looked elegant, and emitted a really powerful holy aura, letting out a supreme might. It was originally wrapped in the gigantic meteorite, and appeared after the latter was smashed to pieces. That meteorite was made of many kinds of metals and gems.

“Our ancestors gathered all the craftsmen, alchemists and powerhouses in the whole Alliance. Using that fallen Divine Throne as a model and its might as a guide, they constructed five Divine Thrones, which are:

“The Divine Throne of Terror and Sadness; “The Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter; “The Divine Throne of Defense and Mercy; “The Divine Throne of Widsom and Spirit; “The Divine Throne of Order and Law.”
This was the first time Long Haochen and Han Yu heard the full name of those five Divine Thrones, and this only served to increase their curiosity towards the ultra divine tool that served as a blueprint to make all of these.

Long Haochen asked, “Then, when making these five Divine Thrones, how did they know about the might of the Divine Throne that came out from that fallen meteorite? Without knowing of its precise power, what data did they use?”
Yang Haohan replied, “Based on the old records, this is how it went. After the meteorite shattered, it formed five masses, each of which were formed of metal and gems. It seemed that they had great attractive force towards each other. That’s the source of these five divine thrones, as for thei

Reaching this point, his eyes seemed to reveal a look of yearning.

“At the time that original throne appeared, it activated once.”

“What?” Long Haochen and Han Yu couldn’t help but cry out in alarm.
So that ultra Divine Throne activated once?

“But didn’t you say that there has never been a human that managed to use or to control this ultra divine tool?”

Yang Haohan nodded, “Indeed, no one has ever been able to master it: it released its great power on its own. And after that event, it entirely lost its original splendor, and has been remaining dormant in our Knight Temple for 6,000 years.

“At that time, the demons were invading us thoroughly. After a short time of adjustment, the demons didn’t send their armies to attack us, but instead, it was the seventy-two demon gods that came personally to attack the Alliance, under the lead of the first Demon God Emperor. We were barely able to contain the demon armies, but not the union of the seventy- two demon gods! Everywhere they passed, disaster followed, and a great number of powerhouses from the Alliance died in their hands. At the time they were about to attack the headquarters of the Alliance, they were confronted by the original Divine Throne. Over fifty-two of the seventy-two demon gods were left, while the deceased ones were waiting to be resurrected in their respective pillars. For this assault, the demons didn’t bring their own pillars.

“At that time, our ancestors thought humanity to be doomed. The overwhelming majority of their powerhouses were deceased in battle, and the remaining ones were scarce. And furthermore, they were scattered throughout the Alliance, and unable to make it in time to rescue the headquarters. At that time, the five Divine Thrones were still in the
planning stage, and almost all artisans and blacksmiths were gathered around that Divine Throne. Let alone the Alliance’s defense being broken through, just the loss of these people at the hands of the seventy-two demon gods would be enough to be considered a fatal blow for the Alliance.

“At that time, these artisans and blacksmiths witnessed a miracle among miracles.

“Fifty-two demon gods were attacking the interior of our headquarters, when they saw this original Divine Throne. Of course, they sensed the great power from it, and immediately acted against the original Divine Throne, prepared to take it away.

“But right at this time, the power of the original divine throne erupted. Stimulated by some force, it suddenly broke out with an incomparably resplendent light. In the sky, clouds of nine colors descended, and then, the original throne suddenly separated, taking the shape of an armor and a divine sword lit in nine colors. That armor seemed to be alive, grasping the divine sword to launch attacks at the demons. Its attacks were very simple, and their trajectory drew the shape of ten characters in the sky, each of which didn’t belong to this world’s language. In front of that, only eighteen of the fifty-two demon gods managed to leave alive. But the first generation Demon God Emperor was heavily wounded, ruining the drive of the demons.”

At this point, both Yang Haohan and Long Tianying’s faces were unusually flushed. Their breathing became hasty, and they were totally unable to control their feelings of pride and excitement.

Long Haochen and Han Yu felt their blood boiling. The original divine throne, relying on the nine-colored lit sword, drew the shape of ten characters and actually got rid of thirty-four demon gods, wounding the Demon God Emperor heavily. What kind of power was that!? This could be nothing else but the strength of a god!

Long Haochen asked with a shocked voice, “Were our ancestors able to distinguish those characters?”
Yang Haohan shook his head, “They were unable to distinguish them. As I said, it is not a language from this world. But they came to understand their meaning, because at the time they appeared, they seemed to have left a response in every spectator’s mind. And these words were:

“The Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation”

Long Haochen and Han Yu were shocking due to excitement, their fists clenched very tightly.

“The Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation.” Long Haochen repeated these shocking words, unable to control his feelings for a moment.

Yang Haohan took a deep breath, “Precisely because those artisans and blacksmiths witnessed the power of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, they came to understand what a Divine Throne is. From this, they worked hard, going through three generations to finally make the other five Divine Thrones.

When the Divine Thrones were done being made, every Temple was originally supposed to be bestowed one, but afterwards, it was found out that the Divine Thrones were all of light attribute. And, it seemed that they would only approve knights as their partners. Therefore, after several hundred years experience, the six Divine Thrones were finally left in our Knight Temple.”

After saying this, Yang Haohan had a sincere feeling of pride. Right, over these past 6,000 years, this was the greatest pride of the Knight Temple. And one could say that the reason why the Knight Temple was able to remain the head of the Six Great Temples at most times, clearly lay with these six Divine Thrones.

Seeing how Long Haochen and Han Yu appeared excited beyond control, Yang Haohan remarked, “Now, you should understand the terrifying aspect of an ultra divine tool right? If this Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon can really display the might of a supra-divine tool, it may really become an asset in resisting against the Demon God Emperor and the top five demon gods’ strength.”
Yang Haohan took a deep breath, looking at Long Haochen very seriously, “Haochen, what I hope for the most is that one day, I will be able to see you gain the acknowledgement of the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation. If you succeed, we humans will have the hope to thoroughly destroy demons, and regain control of the continent. You are the Scion of Light, and have already attained your state of god’s chosen one. So you are now our greatest hope. If even with such gifts, you still cannot obtain acknowledgement from the Divine Throne of Eternity and Creation, I’m afraid that this Divine Throne will never come out in the real world.”

Chapter 507

“Don’t be discontented by the restrictions the Alliance put on you. That’s because way too many hopes were placed on you. Your astonishing speed of growth is already giving us real hopes of success. If you manage to grow, even the Demon God Emperor will not necessarily be your match!” With two supra-divine tools, even the Demon God Emperor may indeed succumb to him.

Long Haochen nodded silently, “Grandpa Yang, I have never blamed the Alliance in my life. I know that everyone is doing all they can for me. Don’t worry, I will definitely pay attention to my own safety and do my best to avoid taking risks.”

Yang Haohan smiled at his reply, “That’s all for the best then. No matter what we may say, although you violated orders today, your performance enabled us to obtain a great victory. This battle let us weaken the enemy forces, making our Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass gain in stability. Old Long, how about from now on these two participate in the. meetings of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass? Since we are training successors, there’s no harm in increasing our pace a bit.

Long Tianying acquiesced; “Maybe. I will convene a military meeting right now. You two can come along.”

Yang Haohan remarked, “Old Long, the news about this Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon of Haochen’s was very sudden. I am going back to the Alliance for a trip. Since the Holy War has reached this stage, we have to think over the future. I am going to assemble the Six Great
Temples for a meeting, so I am leaving the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass to you for the moment.”

Long Tianying and Yang Haohan having worked together so many years, he immediately understood the meaning hidden behind his words, and nodded with no hesitation, “Be at ease with me here. In any case, if it comes to the worst, then we can just... ”

At this moment, he stopped in the middle of his sentence. The two Divine Knights then exchanged glances, their eyes bitingly cold.

Long Haochen and Han Yu had a start. Although Long Tianying didn’t say it clearly, it could be understood from his words that the Knight Temple seemed to actually have other trump cards, that would even be able to resist against the eight demon gods leading the armies. These six thousand years of preparations were indeed not for nothing.

Long Tianying and Yang Haohan had a simple conversation, before taking Long Haochen and Han Yu straight into the conference room of the Knight Temple.

The Dragon Resisting Mountain didn't have a separate military force. Its defense was entirely under the control of the Knight Temple; and as a Divine Knight, Long Tianying was considered chief of the military. When Long Xingyu was still present, Long Tianying had been planning on passing this role onto him. The problem was that the relationship between father and son was not so good, and Xingyu had his own plans. So after a certain period of time, he returned the supreme authority to control the Knight Temple’s military to his father, and went to seek after an even greater power.

At the current time, the conference room could be described as absolutely dazzling. At the time Long Haochen and Han Yu followed Long Tianying to enter the conference room, they saw at least twenty Gold Essence Foundation Knights, with some of them being very high ranked officers clad in legendary tier armor.
Long Tianying’s authority in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass was unquestionable. As soon as he entered, all the knights present stood, placing their right fists on their chest, producing a resonant metallic sound.

Long Tianying took Long Haochen and Han Yu to the main seat, where he signalled the high r
Yet Long Haochen actually became the focal point of everyone present. Gold Essence Foundation Knights were all well known figures among
Saint Knights, and were therefore quite familiar with each other. Behind every Gold Essence Foundation Armorwas a powerful, well-known Saint Knight. As a newcomer, Long Haochen was clearly not familiar to these veterans, but in the previous battle, he could be said to be the most dazzling. The shock from that seven-colored light, which got rid of two famous Fiend Commanders, created a peak of morale for all the knights present, so he remained deeply in the memories of these high-placed knights. Therefore, although they didn’t know who this newly promoted Gold Essence Foundation Knight was, their looks were full of goodwill towards him.

Seeing everyone present sitting down, Long Tianying declared, “Today, we acquired an unexpected victory, as we repelled for another time the demon attacks. I can see in each of you the glory of a knight. Let me introduce these two at my back to everyone. This is Han Yu. I believe that you have seen him before, he’s one of your juniors, and the only grandson of the Saint Knight Han Qian who is currently taking care of a lot of affairs while keeping watch on the Alliance. After discussing this with the Alliance Head, we decided that from today onwards he will also be qualified to join all the military conferences taking place in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass as a visitor.”

The group of knights remained silent, and only nodded in response. To say nothing of his identity as the only grandson of Han Qian, his performance in the Holy War was enough to gain approval from these high- placed officers: killing the enemy without fear, giving appropriate orders to his subordinates,and before he turned thirty, he had already become a Temple Knight of the seventh step. With these feats, obtaining special treatment from the Temple was nothing surprising. Everyone here could see
that Long Tianying was putting effort into cultivating Han Yu to serve as a major character among the future generation. Given his outstanding performance, he would very possibly become a Divine Knight in the near future.

Han Yu took a step forward, bowing with a standard knight salute, before returning behind Long Tianying.

Long Tianying shifted his gaze on Long Haochen, “This one is a newly promoted Gold Essence Foundation Knight. On him is the 12th Gold Essence Foundation Armor. I believe that everyone saw his performance in the battlefield.”

For the moment, I cannot give a more detailed introduction of him to everyone. You can call him Twelfth Golden Knight. Including that shield that you all saw in the battlefield, his strength was entirely acquired through his own ability, without support from the Alliance. I announce hereby that he will be temporarily acting as a Saint Knight Head, commanding all the Mythril Foundation Knights.

With this mere declaration, comments immediately overflowed, shocking even the person concerned. How could he know that his grandfather would actually bestow on him such an important task?

A Saint Knight Head? In the Knight Temple, this position is the highest below only the few Divine Knights and Saint Knight Elders.

Sitting below, an elder made a comment, “Head, isn’t this choice kind of sloppy? Besides, we are unfamiliar with this newly promoted Gold Essence Foundation Knight.”

This elder was one of the few people not clad in full armor. He had short white hair arranged in order, a tall stature, and was clad in a white robe. His eyes seemed to be glinting brightly, and, even with his mental force, Long Haochen was unable to see through his actual cultivation. The space around his body faintly seemed distorted.
Long Tianying declared to the elder, “Comrade, this decision was made by Alliance Head and I after deliberation. This Twelfth Golden Knight is a retired Demon Hunter, who made an extremely great contribution for the Alliance, and is totally suited for this post.”

The elder in the white gown looked down in approval, and became silent. From Long Tianying’s appellation for him, one could see that this elder had a good position in the Knight Temple.

Long Tianying turned back to the other high ranked officers, “The duty of Saint Knight Head has been held by Han Qian for a long time, but over the past years, he has mostly been participating in handling the official matters for the Alliance, and unable to lead the Saint Knight Regiment to kill the enemy. I know that some of you, especially those that are Gold Essence Foundation Knights, are not convinced about the Twelfth Golden Knight’s ability. But the Temple would definitely not make a sloppy choice. I will merely reveal one of the accomplishments he has done. If anyone here has done a greater accomplishment than this, this declaration will be withdrawn, and the one taking the position of Provisional Saint Knight Head will be him.”

Hearing this, the whole assembly became silent. As a Divine Knight, Long Tianying had an extremely high authority in the Knight Temple. And the Knight Temple’s military had been under his command for a long time. So seeing him get angry, no one dared call his choice into question. Moreover, Long Tianying just said that this bestowed title was based on his contribution. Of everyone present here, who hadn’t made a heroic contribution for the Knight Temple? They wanted to hear what kind of incredible contribution he did, to the extent of outstripping the whole older generation.

After sweeping his gaze to everyone present, Long Tianying continued, “A short time ago, Twelfth Golden Knight led his team in the depths of demon territory, and killed one of the demon gods, ranked seventy- second, Andromalius.”

Hearing this, he took a pause. In the meeting room, some knights already had looks of disapproval.
Killing a demon god was certainly a great contribution, but the Snake Demon God Andromalius was merely ranked last. Although this was a good contribution, saying that it surpasses all the high ranked knights would feel far-fetched.

Long Tianying continued, “Furthermore, he destroyed the demon god pillar in Andromalius’ possession. Which is to say that, in the future, there will never appear another Snake Demon God.”


A big commotion followed.

Killing the Snake Demon God isn’t much, but destroying a demon god pillar is a completely different matter.

Since the start of the dark era, a whole six thousand years had passed, yet humans had never recorded the destruction of a demon god pillar. They absolutely didn’t expect this feat to have been accomplished by this Twelfth Golden Knight.

This was the first time a demon god pillar got destroyed, which carried an incomparable meaning. This meant that humans finally found a way to destroy demon god pillars, and sway the demons’ foundation. Let alone the ones present here, even in the whole Temple Alliance, this contribution was second to none.

Chapter 508

Every higher ranked knight present viewed Long Haochen in a new light. In addition to their curiosity, he gained their respect. Although they didn’t know how Long Haochen destroyed that demon god pillar, how could this be done by chance?

The old man from before stood up, and beat his chest with his right fist, “I, auxiliary head of the Knight Temple, Holy Knight He Jun, apologize for questioning this decision. You spread the knights’ glory, and deserve the title of Saint Knight Head.”

Long Haochen returned the politeness with haste, “For the knights’ glory.”

Almost all the other knights present repeated Long Haochen’s sentence,
“For the knights’ glory!”

In terms of a contribution made for the Temple Alliance, the mere accomplishment of being the first person to ever destroy a demon god pillar was enough to make his honor and glory unquestionable in their eyes.

He Jun nodded to Long Haochen before turning to look at Long Tianying, “Head, since Twelfth Golden Knight made such a great contribution, how about getting rid of the appellation of ‘Provisional’, and add the title of Auxiliary Temple Head?”

What is a Holy Knight? That’s a knight of the ninth step that has just never obtained the approval from a Divine Throne. And this Holy Knight He Jun was an Auxiliary Temple Head of the Temple Alliance as well.
Long Tianying shook his head, “No need. His contribution for the Alliance won’t be forgotten, and our Knight Temple will keep it in mind. We will speak of his future post after he gains approval from a Divine Throne. He is currently still too young, and giving him too high a post would be inappropriate.”

Long Tianying’s declaration once again shocked the entirety of the officers present.

What does “after he gains approval from a Divine Throne” mean? It means that the master of the Divine Throne of Order and Law, Divine Knight of Control and Constraints Long Tianying, has already determined that this Twelfth Golden Knight will surely obtain a Divine Throne in the future, becoming the fourth Divine Knight of the Knight Temple.

This isn’t merely thoughtless words. Even someone with Long Tianying’s status wouldn’t speak such words lightly, without an absolute confidence. That’s not even saying anything about the following part “too young”. How old could he be? What did he mean by too young? Just how young is that?

Long Haochen didn’t expect his grandfather to introduce him this way. Without exposing his identity, this raised him instantly to the top of the Knight Temple.

After a short time of confusion, Long Haochen understood his grandfather’s intention. Long Tianying did it for very simple reason, to build up his influence, and prepare his future.

To both Long Tianying and Yang Haohan, in the future he will be bound to take up the duty of the head of the Knight Temple. But right now Long Haochen certainly didn’t have an important position or influence in the Knight Temple. As it stood, even if he became a Divine Knight in the future, his approval within the Knight Temple would hardly be assured. The two Divine Knights were aiming at building his notoriety within the Knight Temple in order to have him gain the approval of more of these high ranked knights. Having him take the title of Provisionary Saint Knight Head was also for this—for his future approbation and influence.
He Jun wrinkled his brows, asking intuitively, “Head, may I ask how old Twelfth Golden Knight is? Could he be even younger than Xing Yu was back then?”

Long Tianying replied after a short time of silence, “The day he becomes a Divine

From this moment onwards, Long Haochen formally became the Provisional Saint Knight Head. This meant that he gained a role to play among the higher-ups of the Knight Temple.

Long Tianying designated a vacant seat for Long Haochen.

This time, Long Haochen couldn’t avoid that, and could only take up the seat. As if it was a matter of course, Han Yu followed him to his seat, instead of remaining behind Long Tianying. In fact, he was first and foremost Long Haochen’s retainer. From this, everyone became even more curious regarding Long Haochen’s identity. Some even started to wonder whether this person could really be the Saint Knight Head Han Qian. Otherwise, why would Han Qian’s grandson, a Temple Knight of the seventh step, follow him, instead of standing behind Long Tianying who just announced his qualifications to attend this meeting?

The highest military council in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass started, and the high-ranking officers present had their duties clearly divided, as they summarized the statistics regarding the battlefield. This included the casualties on their own side, the estimations of the enemy’s casualties, and a summary of the current forces at the enemies’ disposal.

For now, Long Haochen only acted as a listener, but he understood well why his grandfather brought him here, and therefore listened with great seriousness. Given his astonishing ability to remember, he only need to put forth a little attention to record all these statistics in his mind.

In the previous battle, the Knight Temple’s casualties weren’t important. A lot were wounded, but there weren’t many heavily wounded or deceased. This was related to the tactics used by the Knight Temple, because this was a war of attrition. Starting from the initial stages of the war, the Knight
Temple attached a great importance to healing their own troops. The wounded soldiers would immediately be replaced and get treated, to avoid unnecessary death. After all, although the Knight Temple’s military strength couldn’t compare with the demons, the Dragon Resisting natural fortress didn’t need a lot of defenders. Cycling their troops of less than 20,000 men in order to minimize casualties was Long Tianying’s most basic strategy, and the fact that the Knight Temple managed to persist for so long was closely related to this.

Of course, such a strategy had its perks but also its downsides. It was very detrimental to the soldiers’ morale, and would hardly enable them to deal a fatal strike to the enemies, keeping them in a passive situation as defenders.

After listening to the summarized statistics, Long Tianying declared, “Based on our investigations, the demon food has already reach its bottom line. In today’s battle, they were planning on weakening our forces, as well as making some food from their own side. But they didn’t expect this surprising turn of events, resulting in their retreat without obtaining any supply of food. Therefore, I estimate that after the demon side adjusts, they will very rapidly come for the next attack. So everyone has to stay on high alert to keep doing a good job in defending.

“Outside the mountain pass, the demon side has about twenty-three more legions, which are all considerable forces. Most of all, up to now, the three Demon Emperor Legions have still yet to come, representing a massive threat for us. Due to the pressure they are bringing, we can only apply defensive tactics. But now that we are benefitting greatly from the effect of the environmental conditions, which weaken them constantly, our battles may change to some extent, from a passive defense to a combination of offense and defense.”

Hearing this extraordinary declaration from Long Tianying, all the high officers from the Knight Temple present became excited. None of them objected; on the contrary, all of them appeared quite eager for action.

This reaction was actually not surprising. The Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass had been suppressed for nearly a year and a half! They had
simply kept a passive position for far too long, leaving the demons to attack as they pleased, without hearing a single order of counterattack from Long Tianying.

This last battle was, for the Knight Temple, not only a victory, but a call to the knights’ willpower. They were originally unable to hold back, but hearing about Long Tianying’s change of stance, they naturally felt great excitement.

The auxiliary head He Jun reacted first, “Head, I approve a combination of offense and defense, but shouldn’t we also consider this at length, and avoid taking big risks? As a matter of fact, the defense of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass is the most important to us.”

Although the passive plans previously formulated by Long Tianying didn’t gain every knight’s approval, who would dare oppose him? Indeed, He Jun was his greatest supporter.

The actual fact that they managed to last for a year and a half proved that Long Tianying’s strategy was correct. Although restraining the soldiers left them sullen, the number of casualties in the Knight Temple never left the safe range, while the demon casualties kept increasing continuously. In particular, since they cut their supply of food this way, this forced the enemy to use their own corpses as food, increasing the damage even further. The nasty environment also kept weakening them with greater and greater efficiency.

Long Tianying nodded, “I have an idea. Let us discuss it together. At the current stage, as long as Saminaga does not mobilize the three Demon Emperor Legions, our defense won’t have any issue. Even if he does, we can go all out, which will very possibly result in mutual destruction. As you said, comrade, even if we attack the enemy, we will still have to put the greatest priority on defending the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. At the same time, we have to do our best to minimize our losses. Therefore, I suggest that we opt for a blitzkrieg strategy. Using the best elite knights to raid the enemy forces—retreating rapidly after each attack
—we will efficiently kill the enemy, while ensuring our survival even
further. This would aim at restricting the demons, while weakening their forces.”

He Jun nodded, “I agree with your proposal. Transferring large troops to confront the demons head on is impossible, as it would be akin to abandoning our advantage. But having small elite forces raid the demons could be very effective.”

Long Tianying declared, “Everyone can give their own view. If you have a good idea, feel free to share it, so that we can discuss it.”

What followed wasn’t an exchange of ideas, but an upsurge of request for participation.

Almost every one of the high-ranking officers present expressed their wish to lead the elites to raid the demons, inflicting heavy damage to the enemy. The atmosphere in the whole room became extremely enthusiastic all of a sudden.

The strategies and tactics were improved gradually, but the real contributors were very few. Among those were Long Haochen and Han Yu.

Chapter 509

At night, the whizzing north wind could occasionally be heard whimpering.

In the demon camps, aside from the area around the eight brightly lit demon god pillars, everything appeared calm and monotonous.

In such a cold weather, no matter how domineering the demon commanders were, the demon troops would still need to rest in their own camps. Their patrols were very few, since after all, so far they had always been the ones on the offensive. The Knight Temple was like a turtle withdrawn in its shell, never coming out of their forts, and letting out an impression of inertia.

The freezing cold area around the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass reached -40C at nighttime.

This bitter cold greatly affected both demons and humans.

For the sake of taking care of this northern battlefield, the demons transferred almost all the thick tents they could here, so that as many of their troops could rest inside as possible.

At first, it was really quite hard. Over a million elite troops having gathered here, having all of them sleep in good conditions was not easy given their level of culture. But as the Holy War went on, the casualties also increased continuously, and the demons also had to replace their troops. And now, their army could finally just barely be accommodated in their camps.
In each twenty-square-meters tent resided at least ten demons. That is, with the exception of the Demonic Bear who were grouped by four or five. This way they were stuck in physical contact distance with each other, but at least the benefit was that this enabled them to warm up each other.

These unsophisticated camps extended over the length of five kilometers, with each tent inseparably close to each other, attempting to resist the terrible cold.

The Demon God of Death Saminaga was worthy of being called one of the demons’ five pillars. He didn’t have the advanced demons reside in the camps, but outside, letting only the rather low-leveled demons inside.

Among them were the three Demon Emperor Legions, stationed in three different directions from the camps. This was obviously not only because of the advanced-level demons’ higher resistance to cold, but more importantly, if humans really launched an attack on the demon camps, the stronger ones guarding outside would have an easier time to resist. These arrangements planned by Saminaga received an unanimous support.

The Demonic Bear Sahaba had recently returned to the camps with three comrades. The movements of the four Demonic Bears were identical, and all four felt incredibly crowded in the narrow tents, and had their hands covering their stomachs, feeling extremely hungry.

According to their massive builds and astonishing defensive power, the imposing Demonic Bears’ need for food was also frightening. But they haven’t eaten to their fill for a few days already.

The stored corpses were already nearly all used up as food, and today, they had to share a Berserk Demon’s leg as their only food. To them, this was far from enough! But because food was really insufficient, they had no other way. With eight great demon gods standing on guard, who would dare make a fuss? Wouldn’t that be close to suicide?

So at sunset, they hurried back to the camps to rest.
Sahaba’s group was still well off. They belonged to the fourth Demon Emperor legion, and had an extremely privileged treatment within the demon army. The lower ranked demons had mostly not eaten for one or two days.

Before the last battle, the demon army should have had sufficient food, but who expected Saminaga to have been left with no choice but to retreat? Very few corpses could be brought back, which was totally insufficient to replenish

The demon high-ranking officer all knew that at this rate, their army would die of hunger, but what could they do about an order personally issued by the Demon God Emperor?

From the beginning of the War, a year and a half had passed. The demon armies lost at least a third of their troops since then, several million demons having already died.

Although the damage inflicted to the humans’ Six Great Temple was also considerable, the demons’ deceased were at least five times higher than the humans. And this difference only kept increasing.

The fact that the Demon God Emperor’s Devil Dragon Clan, the Moon Clan, and the Star Clan still had yet to appear in the battlefield became the greatest issue. Many demons, including even demon gods, didn’t understand the reason for this. In their point of view, the mere appearance of the Demon God Emperor in the battlefield was sufficient to guarantee the destruction of any human fort! How could they know that the Demon God Emperor never had the intention to wipe out humanity, and only wanted to greatly reduce the forces they had accumulated for several thousand years.

The four Demonic Bears were whispering together, full of hunger and devoid of energy. Moreover, given the total cold outside, even if they were able to bear the temperature, the cold would exhaust all their remaining energy, only causing them to be more hungry.

Sahaba let out a low cry, “So hungry! If this keeps up, I will have to kill some of them to fill my stomach.” This didn’t refer to the forces of the
Dragon Resisting Mountain, as he had no intention to commit such a suicidal act, but their own side’s forces.

Another Demonic Bear’s eyes lit up from hearing Sahaba’s words, “How about Berserk Demons? Their meat is juicy. Bring two of them here, it should be enough to fill us. At this rate, if we don’t die from freezing, it will be from hunger. I don’t want to become food for the other demons!”

Although demons would use corpses as food, they were very careful in one aspect. That was, a demon would avoid eating corpses of his own kin, which was only a last resort.

A few Demonic Bears gained an interest. The strength of the Berserk Demons was naturally far below theirs, and their two races were incomparable. The Demonic Bear Demon God Valefor was present, but the Berserk Demons didn’t even have a demon god. Even if they were found out, these Demonic Bears from the Demon Emperor Legion wouldn’t suffer any losses. This has always been a world where the strong prey upon the weak.

Outside the tents, the bitingly cold wind could be heard whimpering. The tents were quite sturdy, although in practice they could at most resist the wind. To really withstand the cold, one could only rely on his own body’s temperature and the thickness of his own skin.

Sahaba’s eyes glinted with a flash of evil intent, “Let’s go. We cannot let ourselves starve to death like that. We are noble Demonic Bears, there’s nothing for us to worry about eating two Berserk Demons. Being able to use their worthless lives to help our noble lives go on is nothing but a honor for them.”

Hearing his last words, the other three, mad with hunger, couldn’t show any more restraint, and noiselessly came out from their tent.

As soon as they came out, they couldn’t help but shake from the cold. The cold wind cut through their fur, and although this was not enough to directly inflict them wounds, this was sufficient to almost freeze below the surface of their hair, and suffuse their skin with great cold.
“Go.” Sahaba ordered, leading the other three in the direction of the Berserk Demons’ camps.

Because they belonged to a Demon Emperor Legion, their tents were among the outermost. Demonic Bears were originally the toughest and most resistant to cold, so to go trouble some Berserk Demons, they had to head deeper inside the camp.

Right at this time, Sahaba suddenly seemed to have sensed something.

“Do you smelling something as well? This smell seems unusual.”
Sahaba halted his footsteps, looking suspiciously all around him.

Under the biting cold wind, outside of the camp was pitch-black, and nothing of the surroundings was visible. One could only vaguely see some light at the distant Dragon Resisting Mountain. But because of the excessive distance, the light from the Dragon

Resisting Mountain Pass seemed to be out of range from here.

Another Demonic Bear replied, “Sahaba, you must be really hungry. Could you be sensing the smell of barbecue? Uh, I am so hungry for barbecue!”

Hearing this, the whole bunch of Demonic Bears, including Sahaba, couldn’t help but take a gulp of saliva. Right! What could beat a delicious barbecue?

Just when Sahaba believed he had made a mistake due to his excessive hunger, a figure touched his back without a sound.

This figure was completely wrapped in a large cloak, as if melting into the darkness. And around his body appeared some clear twisting light, causing his body’s aura to vanish inside.

A golden light flashed and was sensed by Sahaba’s group of four at the same time as an ice-cold heat attacked them. The next instant, the four of
them turned into corpses without any knowledge, as they simply fell to the ground.

On each of their four skulls appeared a little bloodied hole, piercing through their brain without leaving the slightest opportunity to even make a sound or launch an attack. But the toughest part of a Demonic Bear is his skull! What monstrous strength would be needed to accomplish this?

There was no need at all to worry about the reeking smell of blood being diffused. In such a freezing cold, the four corpses didn’t even have blood spread out, and directly turned into ice.

That black figure lightly waved his hand, and another cloaked figure silently came into view, preparing to act under the lead of the former black- clad man.

The black figure slowly removed its cloak, revealing an aged face. This was the Auxiliary Temple Head He Jun. Currently, that black cloak concealed an armor glinting with an orange color, without a helmet on his face.

A total of fifty people had come along with him. All had fluctuations around them. These fluctuations were similar to Long Haochen’s barrier of mental energy, enabling them to conceal their presence, and were given off by a special piece of equipment.

Mental attribute category...

In the whole Six Great Temples, the Knight Temple was second only to the Mage Temple in their possessions of spiritual tools, having quite a few of them. These powerhouses from the Knight Temple all had a necklace of spiritual protection.

Chapter 510

The necklaces of spiritual protection produced bizarre waves, deflecting any psychic and mental probing, and working against abilities of this kind.

Relying on it, knights could conceal their presence very efficiently. With their quite high spiritual energy, even a demon god would surely need to concentrate their mental force in their direction to possibly detect them.

In a flip of his right hand, He Jun rapidly recovered the four Demonic Bears’ corpses in his storage device. As long as it is possible, they would do their best to deprive demons from food sources.

Looking once again at the sky, He Jun lifted up his hand, making a few gestures. The knights following him immediately showed some reaction, and noiselessly dispersed to all directions. Under the concealment of the calm night, the cold winds seemed to not affect them in the slightest.

A faint chilliness flashed through He Jun’s eyes. In a flip of his hand, a fist sized dark golden metallic ball appeared in his hands. Looking at it, his expression seemed to have become close to feverish. Lifting his head another time, he looked at the direction of the eight immense demon god pillars in the midst of the enemy camp, before hiding in the darkness.

In a tent among the demon armies.

Currently, the Demon God of Death Saminaga was still awake, and gathered with the other demon gods.
Among the eight of them came seven. Only the Berserk Demon God Ah’nan was absent. Actually, Ah’nan had vanished at the beginning of the Holy War. Only his demon god pillar was left here, by order of the Demon God Emperor.

Against this Ah’Nan, even the status of the Demon God of Death Saminaga was useless. His individual strength was enough to compete with the top five demon gods, and was at least not below Saminaga and Marbas. But he didn’t have his own clan, and only single-mindedly seeked after strength. Who would try to catch such a solitary demon god? The only things he may listen to are the orders of the Demon God Emperor, but the other demons are at most practicing targets in his eyes.

And the reason why this Ah’Nan is called Berserk demon god is actually simple. In times of battle, no matter whether his opponent is a demon or a human, he would every time fight until death, continuing until a victor comes out. Therefore, despite being a demon god as well, Saminaga was unwilling to compare notes with him. Even demon gods were thinking of Ah’Nan to be a madman, and that it was actually better when he is absent. Using Ah’Nan’s own words, his target “isn’t in the Dragon Resisting Mountain”.

Saminaga sat on the seat of commander, nearby the Demonic Bear Demon God Valefor. The other five were quite below them in ranking, and naturally had to sit in lower seats, watching Saminaga attentively.

The Demon God of Death was in a quite bad mood. A grey aura was faintly visible on his body, and his eyes were narrowed, as if pondering over something. He had been remaining silent for quite a long time already.

“Fourth brother. Let’s attack tomorrow. If we don’t, the brothers under my command are going to cause trouble. They have been in shortage of food for a few days already. It won’t do if things keep going this way.”

The one speaking was Valefor. Under his command were the Demonic Bears, ranked among the top of the demons in terms of strength. Visibly, he was speaking to Saminaga as equal.
Saminaga nodded, “I didn’t expect such an accident to happen today. The humans’ morale rose to its peak, hence to keep fighting would be unfavorable to us. So we could only withdraw, but these humans are really despicable. They actually snatched our kins’ corpses. We cannot avoid a battle tomorrow. Time

Valefor gave out a snort, “I really don’t understand why His Highness wants us to make it a prolonged war. If the three Demon Emperor Legions were dispatched, maybe we would have broken through their ranks a long time ago. Would there then even be a need for us to be in such a deficiency of food? Humans surely have a large amount of food in storage.”

Saminaga had a strict look on his face, coldly glancing at Valefor, “If you are so confident, go tell these words to His Highness.”

Valefor became immediately speechless, shooting a fierce gaze on the five demon gods below, “Take it that I haven’t said anything just now, understood?”

What would these five dare say? Immediately nodding, they expressed their agreement.

Saminaga continued seriously, “Enough. We have to discuss tomorrow’s operation now.”

As battles are going on, we are suffering more and more damage. At this rate, there will come a day that we will be the final loser. His Highness’ order was for us to keep using up the humans’ strength. For this purpose, we must show them our overwhelming superiority tomorrow. Time has come to improve the food menu for our army. It won’t do to keep making them eat their own kins. This time, we must destroy the Knight Temple, or at least make them pay a very big price.

Valefor became exalted, “Fourth Brother, are you saying that we should mobilize the Demon Emperor Legions?”
Saminaga nodded, “Just transfer two Demon Emperor Legions. We cannot mobilize all of them. Last time, when the second Demon Emperor Legion suffered mysteriously some great damage, His Highness was furious and even punished us. The Demon Emperor Legions are our foundation. We have to do our best to prevent them from sustaining damage.”

The Demonic Bear Valefor responded, “I will be coming as well tomorrow. I really want to face off that Long Tianying. Let’s see if his Divine Throne of Order and Law can match my power. I will be leaving the other Divine Knight to you.”

Saminaga shook his head, “No, we cannot intervene. In case we participate in the battle, the area will surely turn into an irreversible state. This will develop into our final victory, which His Highness forbid us. Furthermore, don’t forget that almost the entirety of our forces are gathered here. Can you afford such a loss?”

Valefor wrinkled his brows, “In any case I’ll just listen to your arrangements. Let’s do it accordingly to your plans.”

Saminaga shot him a glance, a cold smile appearing on his face, Valefor, do you think I don’t know you? You make yourself sound just rude and impetuous, but deep inside, no one is more crafty and sinister than you?

The Demonic Bear Demon God was ranked sixth, just one step away from the five great pillars. How could he not be eager for achievements? He’s not someone who pursues only strength such as Ah’Nan.

Among these five great demon pillars, the Demon God Emperor’s position was unshakable, and he understood very clearly the terrifying power of the Moon Demon God Agares. As for the Star Demon God, there was even less need to mention it. As the demon prophet, that’s the most important aide of the Demon God Emperor. Whoever would dare to act against him would undoubtedly cause the fury of the Demon God Emperor and Moon Demon God Agares. Moreover, the strength of the Star Demon God is extremely terrifying: no one would dare say he could bear that Great Prophecy Technique. Among demons, there had been a legend long ago,
saying that the Star Demon God is the only one that could threaten the existence of the Demon God Emperor.

Outside of these three unshakable ones, the Demonic Bear Demon God Valefor had only two possible targets to go up in rank. These two were either the Demon God of Death Saminaga or the Hell Demon God Marbas.

Don’t be fooled by the scene of Valefor complying to Saminaga’s words. In fact Saminaga understood very clearly that this guy could at any time become a twin-edged blade aiming at his back. The fact he didn’t appear in the battlefield was also related to the pressure coming from the Demonic Bear, who was waiting for Saminaga to make a mistake.

Therefore, Saminaga was on high guard when dealing with Valefor. The rankings of the seventy-two demon gods isn’t unmovable: as long as one’s strength suffices, a challenge can be issued at anytime. But of course, these challenges won’t use the demon god pillars.

The highest a demon god’s ranking is, the more stable will be his position, and the lower will be the odds for him to be challenged. At least the top ten demon gods have been the same for already hundreds years.

As Saminaga was looking at Vassago, secretly cursing at him, the seven demon gods felt a perturbation and all their eyes gathered in the same direction.

“Surprise attack?” Vassago had a shocked look. That’s because on the previous instant, he had clearly perceived a massive and intense burst of light element from the side of the demon camp.

The seven demon gods rushed out from the commander tent, and looked at the direction where light element could be sensed. With just a look, dozens glow of light were seen rising to the sky, glistening in the midst of the night sky. Immediately, massive balls of light fell in the midst of the demon camp.

Each of these balls of light reached one meter in diameter, and were heading down toward the same direction. After these dozens balls of light
flew out, several dozens golden figures soared up, shooting back to the direction of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

“No good!” Saminaga shouted loudly, dashing madly. Given his tyrannical cultivation, a mere instant sufficed for him to cover the whole camp. But when they came out, those balls of light were already descending. Even if Saminaga was even faster to react, he had to go through the process of detection, coming out, and making a decision. And this short time was enough for the knights to ambush this demon camp.

Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang…

A series of terrible sounds of explosion was followed by the violent surge of golden flames. Because those balls of light were falling down towards the same direction, they all exploded almost instantly.

Terrifying golden radiances instantly spread to the several dozens surrounding tens. Not only that, but one could clearly see that a series of golden radiance were actually rapidly overlaying, causing amplified explosion at each time. Their bright light didn’t expand further, but as the sound became louder, the golden color of the light started to change.

From its original brilliant golden, it gradually turned into an incandescent golden color, then into a scarlet golden. And finally it became a dark golden color.

In the process of this golden light’s transformation, Saminaga already reached the nucleus of the explosion. But at this time, there was nothing he could do. Or more precisely, he didn’t dare try.
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