Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 491-500

Chapter 491

Right at this time, a bizarre golden light suddenly lit upon that tall knight. Affected by the sense of his lofty presence, Long Haochen was totally unable to resist the burst of power coming out from the other knight. This burst of power directly caused all the surrounding spiritual energy to vanish, including the Cross-Shaped Strike he was in the midst of preparing.

Immediately, Long Haochen sensed a rich blue light rocketing. Bang!
In the midst of an immense explosion, the whole Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass trembled, and everyone present gazed in their direction.

This terrible explosion was preceded by the rise of a dark blue light, which soared to the skies. Extremely destructive fluctuations of spiritual energy filled the sight of all spectators.

Immediately, an immense gold-blue radiance broke into the sky, crushing that dark blue light into pieces. That gold-blue radiance remained floating in midair, immediately filling the air with dense light essence.

At the sight of this gold-blue radiance, the warriors from the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass all cheered in excitement. This was because that gold-blue radiance was coming out from a gigantic throne.

That throne was over thirty meters high, gold colored, and embedded with countless magnificent sapphires. Among these sapphires, some were deep, some shallow, some transparent, others deep in color. But all, without
exception, seemed to let out auras of order and discipline. The shape of a blue quarter moon could be seen atop this throne, and circles of blue radiances spread outwards from it. The radiant fluctuations of spiritual energy spreading out from it seemed to give all spectators an urge to bow down in front of it.

Yes, that was the Divine Throne of Order and Law, one of the six Divine Throne in the hands of the Knight Temple.

The training stadium and the surrounding area atop the Knight Temple were both reduced to ruins, but no trace of smoke or vapor seemed to rise in the air. The area had merely been sliced to pieces.

The tall knight was standing on the same area as before, the mask on his face already shattered. Putting on a resolute expression, his forehead was filled with small wounds. Without paying careful attention, one wouldn't notice, but these wounds were slowly healing.

This tall knight was no one else but the Divine Knight of Order and Law, Divine Knight of Control and Restraint Long Tianying.

At that time, his eyes were fixed on the orange glint in the midst of the ruins as the corners of his mouth were twitching.

With a flash of bright light, Yang Haohan appeared beside Long Tianying, with a somewhat strange smile on his face, "How was it, Old Long!?"

Long Tianying unhappily replied, "It's not as if you didn't see it all.
What's your say on the matter?"

Yang Haohan replied, "This young boy actually has three pieces of Epic Tier equipment in his possession, what is there for me to say? Still, it's fortunate that he didn't end up victorious against you. Quickly go away, otherwise I won't be able to fool him any longer."

Long Tianying shook his head, "I am the Divine Knight of Order and Law, don't tell me you want someone of my rank to practice fraud? We
could decide his path in his stead, but this would not necessarily be something good for him. Strictly speaking, he is already qualified to wield an Epic Tier Gold Essence Foundation Armor. If not for the fact that I borrowed the force from the Divine Throne to use it in the air, I'm afraid that at least half of our Knight Temple would have ended up destroyed. But even so, his sword intent broke through my defense and managed to wound me. If a Pure Gold Foundation Knight was here in my stead, the final result would have likely been both sides ending up wounded."

Yang Haohan looked down, "Are you saying th

Long Tianying nodded, "Rather than us granting it, it is by the means of his own strength that he passed." At that point, the dignified Divine Knight had a smiling face.

"Old Yang, tell me, isn't our Long family, by having three Divine Knights, setting a new historical record?"

Yang Haohan rolled his eyes, "Are you provoking me on purpose?
Besides, this kid isn't a Divine Knight yet."

Long Tianying replied with a laugh, "Isn't it just a matter of time..."

Pop In the distance, the orange glow of light dimmed down, and at the same time Long Haochen appeared, covered in dirt.

The aftermath of the destructive clash gave rise to the ruins, but the great defense of the Divine Sun Shield of Sun and Moon was enough to defend him almost entirely.

Although due to the debilitating state that followed the use of the God's Descent Technique, he was now in extreme pain and unable to exert the slightest bit of strength.

A soft golden pillar of light appeared out of nowhere, landing on Long Haochen's body. In the midst of it, six golden angels slowly descended, gathering around his body.
Immediately, Long Haochen was cleansed by a warm flow of spiritual energy. Be it the tiredness of his body or the hollowness of his spiritual energy, both issues disappeared at a frightening speed.

Angels' Embrace, Guardian Knight skill of the ninth step, had a great healing and recovery ability. Even if one only has bones left, as long as a breath remains, this skill can preserve his life. That was to say nothing about Long Haochen who was merely in a state of exhaustion.

The golden blue radiance disseminated in the sky, then blended inside Long Tianying's body.

If Long Haochen was unable to call out the identity of this old man standing beside Yang Haohan at this moment, he wouldn't be fit to be a knight. He knelt to the ground, "Long Haochen greets senior Divine Knight."

Long Tianying unhappily responded, "Kneel on your two knees and then knock your head on the ground a few times."

"Eh?" Long Haochen had a start. Long Tianying and Yang Haohan were already right in front of him.

Long Tianying feigned anger, "What? Are you unwilling? Little brat, I am your grandfather. Without this old man, would you have been born?"

"Grandfather?" Long Haochen looked astonished. He originally had some questions regarding the reason why the target for his Gold Foundation Armor trial would be a Divine Knight, one of the three almighty existences of the Knight Temple. But now, this old Divine Knight was telling him that he's his grandfather. This made Long Haochen indeed confused for one moment.

Long Tianying had a dim look on his face, and didn't keep pressing Long Haochen to keep kowtowing. Supporting him with both his hands, he laughed at himself as he continued, "Yes! And I am the most irresponsible grandfather of this world."
Appearing to be at a loss, Long Haochen looked to the nearby Yang Haohan.

Yang Haohan nodded to him, "Indeed, he is your grandfather Long Tianying, the other Divine Knight of our Knight Temple. Your family has some rules saying that the descendents have to rely on their own ability. It was the same for your father as it is for you. And it looks as though your Long family is really about to have three Divine Knights."

"Grandfather." Long Haochen was in a strange mood, as his gaze at Long Tianying gained increasingly in warmth. For some reason, he felt his nose itch.

So he actually had another relative, not just his father, but even a grandfather as well.

"Grandfather!" Long Haochen drew back before kneeling again on the ground, thrice knocking his head on the ground out of respect.

Long Tianying had a complex look, as he once again lent his arm to support Long Haochen, "If only the demons didn't exist. Without them, this old man would have just gotten rid of these freaking family rules. So what what if we were to spoil the descendants from our Long family a bit. But this cannot be done now. Talent comes with responsibility and duty. Kid, take your respects back. Your grandfather can hardly accept them. I have never given you anything, and this unqualified grandfather cannot even do anything to help your future path."

Long Haochen lowered his head, and remained silent. As it is said, blood is thicker than water, which was the reason why he kowtowed in front of Long Tianying. But could he really say that he had no complaints at all?

Before his father found them, what kind of life had his mother and him used to have? What was their pain? Even now, all the abilities he acquired were obtained through his own strength. Grandfather,' this word was simply unfamiliar to him. There was no hatred, but in the same way, there couldn't be said to be familial love for him.
Yang Haohan put his hand on Long Tianying's shoulder, shaking his head at him, "Okay, let's set this matter aside. Haochen, your grandfather acted as your test opponent for the sake of testing your strength. After some discussion, we came to agree that you passed the test."

Long Haochen had a start, and suddenly lifted up his head, "But I lost!"

Yang Haohan let out a slight laugh, "Is it a shameful thing to lose in front of a Divine Knight? Your performance was already earth-shattering. From now onwards, you will be a Pure Gold Foundation Knight. After looking for a new mount in the Knights' Saint Mountain, you can start your mission of collecting ten million contribution points."

"Yes!" Long Haochen appeared surprised, straightening his posture in reaction.

Yang Haohan resolutely continued, "However, I have to set basic rules for you to follow. You have already fought many times against the demons, so there must be quite a few demon powerhouses that are familiar with your battle style, and the knowledge regarding some of your abilities must be spreading amongst their ranks. Therefore, you have to do your utmost to conceal your identity. First of all, you cannot rashly use your dual sword wielding, and the same goes for your spiritual stove. These two features are just too conspicuous. Also, you have to remain fully armored in the battlefield at anytime, keeping your face hidden. Also, avoid using your personal abilities that are known by the enemies, understood?"

Long Haochen nodded earnestly.

Yang Haohan declared, "You have to know that if your identity leaks out, it will very likely cause the Demon God Emperor, the Moon Demon God and the Star Demon God to react. At that time, a calamity is bound to befall upon our Knight Temple. If you want the day you can reunite with your comrades to come, you have to proceed with utter care."

"Yes, sir." Long Haochen replied formally.
Yang Haohan replied, "Alright, go get some rest. From now on, you will be the 12th Pure Gold Foundation Knight. In the Knight Temple, only twelve of our Pure Gold Foundation Armors are at the Epic Tier. Come to find me tomorrow in the morning to get your battle armor, and then I'll arrange your departure to the Knights' Saint Maintain. Go on."

Chapter 492

As Long Haochen surveyed the ruined surroundings, Yang Haohan let out a helpless sigh, “I will be arranging people to put everything back in order.”

“Grandpa Yang, goodbye, Grand…father, good bye.” Long Haochen performed a knight’s salute before turning around and leaving.

Seeing his unsteady steps, Long Tianying slowly closed his eyes, his breathing visibly perturbed.

“Old fellow, you have to give him some time. It’s already hard enough for him to accept this calmly.” Yang Haohan spoke regretfully.

Long Tianying let out a sigh, “You don’t understand. He’s the same as his father. The more he remains silent about a matter, the more it means he’s concerned. This grandson is quite a difficult one.”

After Long Haochen returned to his room, he immediately entered into a meditative state. After learning about the existence of a grandfather of his in this world, he was affected a lot more emotionally than he appeared to be. This long time of meditation came to make him realize the importance of keeping his heart pure. Therefore, he had to go through cultivation, to return to a state of tranquility and stability through the baptism of the light essence.

Very rapidly, he became soaked in an ocean of light, while processing his experience from the previous battle and his shortcomings. This was the first time he faced a powerhouse of the ninth step in straight battle. Although
Long Tianying didn’t use his full force from beginning to end, this battle affected Long Haochen greatly.

Gradually, five round lights began to light up on Long Haochen’s upper body, his eyebrows, chest, underbelly and both shoulders.

By the process of continuously studying knight abilities, he finally broke through the barrier of the eighth step. From the seventh step to the eighth step, one would need to keep circulating and utilizing spiritual energy to eventually break through, and every spiritual cavity gained implied that he would be able to wield ten thousand more spiritual energy. Gaining even more spiritual cavities is however not so simple a task. Each opening requires chance, comprehension, understanding of one’s own body and a high luck factor.

Therefore, the way from the eighth step to the ninth could be described as a continuous process of breakthroughs. That’s why the number of powerhouses of the eighth step is far more than the number of powerhouses of the ninth step.

And to make the final breakthrough to produce the ninth spiritual cavity is unimaginably hard. This aspect is also what makes the breakthrough from the eighth to the ninth step the most difficult.

Therefore, most of the powerhouses at the peak of the eighth step, including knights, would stop at the peak of the eighth step, and not cross the threshold of 100,000. Only when one manages to obtain this tenth spiritual cavity after breaking through the 90,000, would he be determined to achieve the breakthrough to the ninth step.

By means of his high comprehension, Long Haochen finally succeeded in making his breakthrough; and as he produced two spiritual cavities at once yet again, his cultivating speed was significantly raised like before. As he faintly came to gain some profound comprehension along with his breakthrough, his understanding becoming even deeper.

His pure inner-self enabled his body to be entirely focused on the surrounding light essence. He found out at this time that as the number of
his spiritual cavities kept increasing, they seemed to rise higher inside his body.

Chest, eyebrows and abdomen. These three core cavities are positions any human powerhouse has to use as the foundations for cultivation. As for the other spiritual cavities, although they serve as po

Long Haochen was on the highway to comprehending these pivotal concepts. The backbone and eyebrows are connected to the head, and the abdomen and stomach are connected to the trunk. The following ones would be those associated to the limbs. The main parts of the body can indeed be summarized as the head, the trunk and the four limbs. Therefore, Long Haochen chose without hesitation to establish his newest spiritual cavities on his shoulders, eventually succeeding.

As if proving the accuracy of his judgement, right after he established the spiritual cavities on his shoulders, the appearance of these   two spiritual cavities caused a change in the quality of his spiritual energy, as well as the quantity that could be released at once. The benefits as a god’s chosen one were starting to become more and more distinct. For instance, an ability such as Lightspeed Flash was supposed to require a time of accumulation and preparation for normal knights of the eighth step. But he was able to make that inherent delay a mere abstraction by the means of his affinity to light. That’s the gap between them! And such a gap is the reason why he dared challenge a Pure Gold Foundation Knight.

Right now, Long Haochen’s focus wasn’t on his comprehension, but on the final transformation that occurred during the trial that just set him against his grandfather Long Tianying.

While entering the epic realm, Blue Rain Hibiscus of Light and the Aria of the Goddess of Light seemed to start beginning a fusion. And from Blue Rain, Long Haochen felt an extremely destructive aura.


The Aria of the Goddess of Light was filled with pure light, while after reaching the Epic Tier, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light gained a life attribute.
Could the fusion of light and life produce destructive effects? No, it would definitely not.

Although back then the force released by the burst of the dark blue light was incomparably terrifying, and incredibly destructive, Long Haochen vaguely sensed that it should be another energy besides a purely destructive one.

But the fusion process was far from complete, and had ended much too soon;therefore, it didn’t leave much detail in his memories. Long Haochen was actually unable to ascertain whether, if he was given another opportunity of such degree, he would be able to wield such a strength a second time. At the same time, he faintly perceived that if he could get hold of this ability, maybe it could give birth to an existence of an even higher level.

The most profound memory in Long Haochen’s mind was that last instant when Blue Rain Hibiscus of Light trembled as the Aria of the Goddess of Light let out light cries. In other words, in the end Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light seemed to be somewhat inferior compared to the Aria of the Goddess of Light in power, and would need more evolutions to fuse them together properly. However, he faintly sensed that in material and properties, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light was already close to the limit of its development. Completing this process would not be easy.

Slowly opening his eyes, Long Haochen was surprised to discover that the sky outside was already black. Given how the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass was built in a mountain, rooms with a view of the external world were scarce. Long Haochen did indeed seem to be subject to preferential treatment.

“Yating.” Long Haochen called out lightly.

With a glint of golden light, Yating appeared in front of Long Haochen. Seeing her delicate arm and thigh, Long Haochen felt helpless. Yating’s clothing was totally self-generated. But fortunately, he got used to the sight of her, and moreover, Cai’er was already fully occupying his heart.
“Master.” Yating replied in a gentle voice.

Long Haochen replied, “You should have felt that in the previous battle, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light seemed unable to bear the power of the Epic Tier.”

Although through our God’s Descent Technique it barely reached the Epic Tier, it seemed to lack something. Even the Aria of the Goddess of Light seemed to be lacking something as well. Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light could be said to have been nurtured in your body all the time, so your sense should be greater than mine with regard to it. Can you think of a way to make it continue its evolution?”

Yating revealed a sweet smile, “There’s a way.”

“Oh?” Long Haochen gave her a startled look. He originally only wanted to try getting some information from Yating, so he didn’t expect her to directly show him a confident smile.

“Master, you are forgetting that meteorite obtained from the Warrior Temple. What Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light lacked to continue evolving was material. Its quality is insufficient to reach the next level of fusion with our light element. This is why it turned out unable to keep evolving further, and it’s about the same for the Aria of the Goddess of Light. It’s just that Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light doesn’t have a natural sword intent to make its material reach a higher grade. For now, I can act as a soul for these two swords, but not both at the same time.

Only one can be chosen. As master’s and my own cultivation progress, these two swords are close to being unable to bear the power of my Sword Soul. The reason why I didn’t undergo complete fusion today was that I wanted to avoid destroying them. That meteorite is made of extraordinary materials, and if it is smelted to enhance these two swords, it will be able to strengthen them greatly. In addition, as long as you keep using them, they will definitely evolve sometime later. Not even transformation into divine artifacts is unthinkable.”
Right! The meteorite! Hearing Yating mention it, Long Haochen’s eyes lit up again. He had indeed completely forgotten about it, and had left it inside the Eternal Melody.

“Then… how can I smelt that meteorite? Should I look for a blacksmith’s help?” Long Haochen asked.

Yating shook her head, “With the current quality of these two swords, I’m afraid that human strength won’t be able to alter them. But actually, smelting it is very easy. All that is needed is time. These swords are both blessed with spirituality: you just have to stick them onto the meteorite, and they will proceed with the smelting on their own. It’s a very simple process.”

Hearing her words, Long Haochen naturally became overjoyed. It was originally included in his agreement with Yang Haohan that he wouldn’t use these two divine swords. Since things were this way, this period of time was the best occasion to smelt them with the meteorite.

With these thoughts, he took the meteorite out from Eternal Melody.

This meteoric rock was of considerable size, and was about a third of the gigantic meteorite Long Haochen cut down back in the Warrior Temple.

Chapter 493

Long Haochen said, “Both Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light and the Aria of the Goddess of Light seem somewhat unwilling to go through the Eternal Melody, but I cannot really leave them here either. ”

Yating replied with a smile on her face, “After they start absorbing the meteorite, are you sure they are going to keep this mindset of not wanting to go through the Eternal Melody?

“And who said they needed to accept the Eternal Melody? Does it have nurturing abilities for them?"

Long Haochen had a start. Right! The meteorite has some metallic components, that may block off the two divine swords’ apprehension towards the Eternal Melody. At worst, if it came down to them still being unwilling to enter, he could just ask for the help of Grandpa Yang to store them temporarily in the treasury of the Knight Temple. Anyway, no one other than him would be able to use them.

After going through this meditation, his cultivation was completely recovered. With a flash of light, Yating held up Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Rain, and placed it in front of Long Haochen.

This sword that had gone through many evolutions to become stronger and stronger accumulated light essence which kept pouring inside. Golden and blue lights rose up simultaneously from it, achieving the Holy Sword state almost instantly
With light, crisp, sounds, Ripples of Light activated, and Long Haochen gradually approached the Transparent Sword state, concentrating sword intent. In the meanwhile, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light started to let out a pure white color.

Pem The divine sword thrusted in a flash. Although hard, this meteorite was after all merely an object. In front of Long Haochen’s spiritual energy which attained the eighth step, as well as Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light’s sharpness, it split instantly.

As if following a set pattern, the Aria of the Goddess of Light thrust from the other side of the meteorite. From the two swords in his hands, Long Haochen felt some silent changes occurring.

These two swords seemed to emit heat, though Long Haochen was unable to sense the other phenomena happening at this time.

“Be at ease, master. My senses couldn’t have fooled me.” As Yating said that, she spread out her arms, forming a hugging posture. The six pairs of wings on her back lit up, letting out soft white light, which enveloped the meteorite. One could faintly see the shape of a huge stove appearing on Yating’s back.

With a flash, the meteorite disappeared in the midst of the white light she emitted.

Yating’s face looked pale, “Master, I will be unable to assist you for a period of time. I will devote myself to using the nurturing abilities the Saint Spiritual Stove brought me to stimulate the absorption of the meteorite by the two swords.”

After saying that, she turned into a golden light that disappeared inside Long Haochen’s body.

The next morning.

Long Haochen woke up early in the morning to sit in front of Yang Haohan’s office, on the highest seat of all the Knight Temple’s
headquarters. Today he was clad in white attire, his golden hair draping over his shoulder. His clothing could hardly be more plain, but just by standing here, Long Haochen seemed to let out a kind of presence that was exclusive to him, attracting much attention.

No matter who it was, anyone who saw his limpid eyes devoid of impurity, or sensed the pure fluctuation of light surrounding his body, would unconsciously pay attention to him.

The reason why Long Haochen came so early in the morning was not because he was itching to obtain his Gold Essence Foundation Armor, but rather because he couldn’t wait to start amassing the ten million contribution points. Th

Yang Haohan didn’t let Long Haochen wait for too long. Compared to before, the demon offensive had weakened quite significantly, but as the chief of the Knight Temple, the responsibilities he had were just too many.

In this Holy War, Yang Haohan and Long Tianying divided their work very explicitly. Yang Haohan was in charge for the management and mobilization of the troops while Long Tianying was only responsible for leading the powerhouses fighting in the front.

If Long Xingyu was present, he would be more suited for this task considering his status as a Retribution Knight, but unfortunately, the only Retribution Knight among these three Divine Knights disappeared, and needed someone else to take over his duty. Long Tianying took up this responsibility, since, after all, Yang Haohan was the head of the Temple Alliance as well, and had many other matters to handle.


“So early in the morning?” Yang Haohan noticed Long Haochen, waiting in front of his doorn and couldn’t help but reveal a smile, “Follow me.” Pushing the door open, he entered his office.
After bowing to give Yang Haohan his respects, Long Haochen followed him inside.

Yang Hoahan pointed at a nearby sofa, hinting that Long Haochen should sit down.

Long Haochen shook his head, “Grandpa Yang, I can remain standing.
Please check my contribution points, I want to start the next mission. ”

Yang Haohan let out a laugh, “You are in such a hurry. Haochen, are you blaming your grandfather deep inside?”

Long Haochen was startled by this question, and remained silent. Actually, deep inside, he didn’t know whether he actually blamed him. Only, he seemed unable to have any family affection toward this grandfather. After all, he was not the same as when he first met Long Xingyu.

At the time he met his father, he was still young, still below ten years old. In fact, it could be said that Long Xingyu appeared at the most important time of his youth, and gave his all to instruct and accompany him for no less than two years. This gave birth to the affection and acknowledgement he had for his father.

But Long Tianying was completely different. When Long Haochen met his grandfather, he had already risked his life against the demons for many years. Who knew how many trials and how many life or death situations he had already encountered. And for all this time, where was his grandfather? During his youth, he hadn’t met him even once. Just as Long Tianying said, that was in no way a qualified grandfather. Although Long Haochen didn’t express blame towards him, making him have dear feelings of family love wouldn’t be so easy.

Yang Haohan sighed at this sight, “This is all the war’s fault! Young man, don’t blame your grandfather. Actually, he did it all in spite of himself. You may not know about it, but the relationship between your father and your grandfather is no good either, and that’s because of the rules of your Long family. The ancestors from your Long family pledged
that until the day of the demons’ extinction, the younger generation won’t be given any help. Neither your grandfather or your father was able to change that fact. Put yourself in his shoes; as one of the three Divine Knights of the Knight Temple, can you imagine the responsibilities your grandfather has to shoulder? Your father only became a Divine Knight ten or so years ago, but before that, it was only the two of us. Given how much of my time I have to devote to the Alliance, your grandfather can be said to have been given the entire control of our Knight Temple’s headquarters. Here, your grandfather has even more prestige than I do. As a Divine Knight, there are just too many duties. He simply couldn’t take care of his own family. Before, after your grandmother died in this Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, he returned to the city after just one day of mourning beside her coffin. From that time on, I have never seen a smile on the face of your grandfather.”

“As a man, not showing one’s emotions doesn’t mean one is devoid of sentiments. Your grandfather also has it rough. I know that accepting him so suddenly is very hard to you, but I hope you can understand him. Your grandfather devoted his whole life to our Knight Temple: he is a true hero, and as a hero, what he sacrificed went beyond an ordinary person’s imagination. You should be proud of having such a grandfather, rather than blaming him, you understand?”


Long Haochen silently listened to Yang Haohan’s words, and silently nodded in response, “Grandpa Yang, I understand everything you said, and so, I don’t blame my grandfather at all. It’s just that his appearance was too sudden. My father had never even told me about the existence of this grandfather. I need time, can you give me some time?”

Yang Haohan replied with a smile on his face, “That’s only natural. It’s alright as long as you don’t feel blameful towards him deep inside: this is a matter between the two of you. When you join the battlefield, your grandfather will be your immediate superior and you will rapidly come to understand what kind of exceptional hero he is. With him in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, even the Demon God of Death Saminaga won’t dare rashly launch an offense.”
Long Haochen asked, “Grandpa Yang, please record the count of my contribution points.” Saying that, he extended his arms, revealing the contribution tile on it.

Yang Haohan nodded and took out the small device, but when he saw the amount, he couldn’t help but let out a gasp.

The count of Long Haochen’s contribution points had reached seven digits.

It was over one million! (just an inside joke)
“How do you have so many contribution points?” Yang Haohan was shocked.

Long Haochen let out a smile, “Don’t forget that I killed Andromalius! And the demons killed by Haoyue and Yating are all counted too. I have a suggestion. As the first Demon Hunter to have destroyed a demon god pillar, I request a formal reward from the Alliance. A few million contribution points should be nothing much in your eyes. The best would be to count them towards the ten million I need.”

Yang Hoahan vexedly replied, “Little brat, are you trying to extort me?”

Long Haochen replied, “Grandfather Yang, this is no extortion.”

Seeing the miserable look on his face, Yang Haohan shook his head helplessly, “The Alliance has discussed this long ago. Your feat of having destroyed one demon god pillar was a great service for the Alliance, but there is no contribution points for that."

“Eh? But why!?” Long Haochen replied in shock.

Yang Haohan smiled to him, “If you really want contribution points, it’s alright, I can give you two or three million of them. Of course, they won’t count towards your mission of gathering ten million points. However, in
this case, you can forget about the reward the Alliance had originally planned to bestow on you.”

Chapter 494

Long Haochen was surprised, “What is the reward the Alliance planned for us?”

“After some discussion, in view of the great contribution made by your Demon Hunt Squad, the Alliance decided to cancel all of the rank advancement fees for your team. Are you satisfied with this reward?”

Long Haochen was greatly overjoyed, “Very satisfied!”

Cancelling all the contribution points for advancement fees from this day onwards was no small amount! In fact, for a Demon Hunt Squad to advance to King grade, one million contribution points would be required. And from the King grade to the Emperor grade, that was ten million contribution points. As for the advancement to the Titled grade, in addition to sufficient strength, enormous contributions to the Alliance at least the killing of several demon gods were also required. Only after meeting all the requirements could one advance to the Titled grade.

In other words, even without accounting for the last rank, they would still normally need to use eleven million contribution points for advancing in rank. This amount of contribution points was enough to purchase a few Epic Tier equipments, making this reward the Alliance bestowed them quite considerable.

Yang Haohan recorded the count of Long Haochen’s current contribution points, “All good. Save the excitement for later. Until you complete your mission of gathering ten million points, your team won’t be reformed. These contribution points will in no way be meaningless from your point
of view either. However, I have to warn you once again: no matter how hurried you are to get done with it, you must pay extreme attention to your own safety. I have to emphasize once again the importance the Alliance attaches to your safety!”

“Yes!” Long Haochen gave a respectful reply.

Yang Haohan raised his right hand, and a golden light shot out in the office. Immediately, very dense fluctuations of spiritual energy spread out, and a small cube appeared in front of Long Haochen.

This cube only reached one sixth of a meter in height, one half-meter wide and one third of a meter in length. This volume was unremarkable, but more importantly, it spread out an orange luster, the orange color that is exclusive to the Epic Tier.

This cube didn’t have any decoration or engravement on, but let out a feeling of mystery from its straight lines.

“Is this…?” Long Haochen asked Yang Haohan in astonishment.

Yang Haohan smiled at him, “How about it? Doesn’t look like a Mythril Foundation Armor at all, right? It’s just what you wanted, an Epic Tier Gold Essence Foundation Armor. It has a smaller volume than the Mythril Foundation Armor, and is less thick. But its amplification effects are beyond comparison with the former. This Gold Essence Foundation Armor has been acquired with the sweat and tears of our predecessors, and when using it, you will naturally feel how great its assistance will be. I hope that you will use it well, and with courage against the enemy, until the day that you become a Divine Knight.”

“Yes.” Long Haochen waived his right fist, performing another knight salute in front of Yang Haohan.

“Go try it out. Young people should be curious. I will also be more at ease if I see you put it on before leaving for the Knights’ Saint Mountain. Of course, you’ll have to cover it with a cloak outside, to avoid leaking out your whereabouts.”
It was a Gold Essence Foundation Armor. Seeing the cube in front of his eyes, Long Haochen’s heartbeat unconsciously increased. Although in the past he had already acquired a few Epic Tier equipments, the one in front of his eyes was not the same.

In qua

Taking a deep breath, Long Haochen asked Yang Haohan, “Grandpa Yang, how should I use it?”

Yang Haohan had a firm expression, “Go up and use your spiritual energy to perceive it.”

Long Haochen nodded and took another deep breath, performing a standard knight salute in front of this Gold Essence Foundation Armor before taking a step towards it.

This knight salute was directed at the knights that used to use this Gold Essence Foundation Armor in the past. Every newly-appointed wielder would share the mission of letting the splendor of these Gold Essence Foundation Armors shine on the land.

As Long Haochen’s feet stood firmly on it, he found out with surprise that the Gold Essence Foundation Armor under his feet didn’t give off a feeling of hardness like gold as he expected, but a kind of soft feeling.

Right, that was a feeling of softness. And what’s more, this Gold Essence Foundation Armor seemed to have a vitality of its own, letting Long Haochen sense its heartbeat.

Soft fluctuations of light essence spread out from Long Haochen’s body, entering in the Gold Essence Foundation Armor. Immediately, the lower part of the armor gave him a comfortable feeling, to the extent that Long Haochen could hear an extremely happy groan from it.

Immediately afterwards, the heartbeat he felt earlier became even clearer, and it quickly started to match his own heartbeat.
A dark golden glow swept across, and in a mere instant, Long Haochen became clad with this set of Epic Tier equipment.

The sound it produced was completely different from the time the Mythril Essence Foundation Armor was worn. Just now, when the Gold Essence Foundation Armor was put on, he felt like a river engulfed him. Long Haochen saw a dark golden liquid was spreading over him. Focusing his attention, he found out that he was already completely enveloped in this dark golden liquid.

Inside Yang Haohan’s room was a mirror. Unconsciously, Long Haochen turned towards its direction, only to realize that this was an incomparable armor.

In terms of imposingness, the Gold Essence Foundation Armor was not even as great as the Mythril Foundation Armor. But it had a very special tactile feel. Long Haochen simply felt as if his whole body was soaked in warm light essence, strengthening by almost twofold his already great senses.

To his great shock, his internal spiritual energy, that was over thirty thousand, increasedand by quite a lot!

This Gold Essence Foundation Armor was like   an   immense spiritual cavity outside his body, that kept absorbing the external light essence at a frantic speed. But rather than storing it in Long Haochen’s body, it was stored in the Gold Essence Foundation Armor. Using his perception, Long Haochen realized that he was able to transfer this spiritual energy at anytime for battle or cultivation.


Without even mentioning its offense or defense, this aspect alone had unlimited benefits in times of battle; it was a total war machine, to the extent that Long Haochen was unable to determine the limits of his Gold Essence Foundation Armor’s capacity. In other words, this Epic Tier battle- armor was able to store more spiritual energy than Long Haochen’s total limits.
This sleek golden armor covered Long Haochen’s whole body within. The helmet was diamond shaped, masking his face naturally. The armor covered Long Haochen’s upper body, including his shoulders. The chest part protruded a little, but besides that, the other parts didn’t look much different from ordinary battle armors. However, its lines seemed to draw out his figure perfectly.

This was a feeling Long Haochen couldn’t describe. He only believed that this dark golden armor exuding an orange luster was perfect, and couldn’t find the slightest flaw on it.

When wearing it, aside from its effects of amplifications, Long Haochen didn’t have the slightest feeling of weight, as if he wore a light cloth. It felt extremely comfortable to wear.

Yang Haohan’s voice sounded out in Long Haochen’s ears, “On its own, a Gold Essence Foundation Armor can store 100,000 internal spiritual energy. This internal spiritual energy will be able to greatly accelerate your cultivation speed, and can also be used directly in times of battle. It could be said that any Saint Knight clad in an Epic Tier Gold Essence Foundation Armor is pretty close to the ninth step in strength. As for its other amplifications, you will learn about them from experience. The same Gold Essence Foundation Armor, when worn by a different Saint Knight, will let out an entirely different level of strength. You are a god’s chosen one, the Scion of Light, and I hope this set of Epic Tier Gold Foundation Armor will the able to display its brightest splendor on your body.”

“Thank you, grandpa Yang.” Looking at his dark green hands, Long Haochen felt genuinely grateful and knelt to the ground, bowing to Yang Haohan.

Yang Haohan took a few steps forward, lending an arm to support him, “Go now. You know the path to the Knights’ Saint Mountain. The demons are only sealing off the front of our Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, which is an area with terrible climate conditions. They won’t dare try to surround us entirely. It’s only that some demon scouts are monitoring it from the outside of the mountain pass, but I believe that you will be able
to handle that without an issue. The earlier you go, the earlier you will return. This is my writ, take it along and you will be given the right to make an exception and pick a second mount. Furthermore, I believe that with your current cultivation and physique as god’s chosen one, you should be able to find the best mount that could serve as your partner.”

Yang Haohan handed Long Haochen a scroll; taking it in his hand he saluted Yang Haohan one last time before leaving.

This chief of the Knight Temple and the Temple Alliance, had treated Long Haochen very well as far as he could remember, so he didn’t say anything more, as using his actions would be the best way to return his generosity.

Yang Haohan saw him off, following the departing silhouette with his eyes. Then with a laugh, he asked, “Satisfied, old fellow?”

From a shadow, Long Tianying appeared and walked slowly, an excited Han Yu appearing beside him, “This kid is really distressing! Thank you, old Yang.”

“What are you thanking me for? Your Long family sacrificed enough for the Alliance. I just hope this youngster gives you a proper farewell when the time comes. Han Yu, how about it? You should have gained quite a lot after following your grandpa Long for all this time right?”

Chapter 495

Han Yu nodded, resisting with great difficulty the urge to follow Long Haochen. “Many thanks to you two grandpas for your help.” He finished his secluded training long before Long Haochen, and had already become a Saint Knight of the seventh step.

Long Tianying was accompanying him all this time, sending him to complete some missions to familiarize himself with the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

“Grandpa Yang, I want to know when I can take the examination to become a Mythril Foundation Knight.”

Han Yu was looking on helplessly at Long Haochen, clad in epic tiered Golden Foundation Armor. Although he was quite far below Long Haochen, as a knight, he also had an incomparable thirst for honor.

Yang Haohan smiled in response, and asked Long Tianying, “What do you think about that? Is this child strong enough for now?”

Long Tianying shook his head, “He’s still a bit lacking. His proficiency in battle is okay, but his spiritual energy is still a bit low. But he should have enough contribution points on him to purchase one.”

Yang Haohan looked at Han Yu, “Did you hear, your grandpa Long agreed to let you take a shortcut, what are you waiting for, hurry up and thank him. You guys really made a fortune in the demons’ lands! You have even gotten enough to purchase a Mythril Foundation Armor.”
In fact, because of its symbolic aspect and great power, a Mythril Foundation Armor has a cost of 400,000 contribution points in the Demon Hunter’s Transaction Center.

Han Yu shook his head with a determined look, “No, grandfathers, I don’t want to buy it. I want to obtain a Mythril Foundation Armor with my own strength. My contribution points were earned by the whole team, and are not mine alone. Captain would surely have chosen the same. I believe that I deserve a Mythril Foundation Armor that is not obtained using contribution points.”

Hearing that, Long Tianying’s gloomy look became clearly a lot warmer, as he patted Han Yu’s shoulders, “A real, ambitious, man you are! Then let it be so. When your strength is sufficient, the Temple will make all the preparations for you.”


Long Haochen naturally didn’t know about this episode that happened after he left. With the use of his commander graded Demon Hunt Squad insignia, his journey went very smoothly. After exiting the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, he confirmed which path to follow and went straight for the Knights’ Saint Mountain.

As a matter of fact, it had been over a year and a half since Long Haochen had seen the outside world.

The constantly frozen Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass had an extremely cold climate, but when breathing this frozen air, Long Haochen had a feeling that he was returning to reality. A low temperature like that had no effect on him, to say nothing about the Golden Foundation Armor on him that defended against the external low temperature even better than winter clothing.

It was not to show off that Long Haochen kept this new armor on, but to become familiar with it.
After returning from the Knights’ Saint Mountain, he will be thrown into combat immediately. And for the sake of concealing his identity, constantly keeping this armor on was a must. The sooner he becomes familiar with it, the sooner he will be able to draw out its power.

The Golden Foundation Armor was totally charged, and from Long Haochen’s estimate, this piece of armor of the epic tier would only need about half an hour to be filled up once depleted. And even while Long Haochen uses spiritual energy it will still replenish itself continuously. Therefore, what this armor of epic tier gives is not a mere boost of 100,000 spiri

Among the epic tier equipment acquired by Long Haochen, the two heavy swords were unquestionably here for the sake of offense. The Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon was purely for the sake of defense. The Golden Foundation Armor served to bridge the gap between his other equipment, serving in a primarily defensive and supportive role that increased his comprehensive abilities. Without a doubt, when considering Long Haochen’s overall strength, he belonged to the top of the Knight Temple’s powerhouses. He would put up a fight even against a demon of the ninth step.

This was not only due to his personal efforts, but also a result of the Temple Alliance’s support, continuously increasing his strength.

One could say that Long Haochen’s growth had attained an unshakable level. As long as things kept going on like that, he would become a Divine Knight before long.

The day was not rainy, but the wind was blowing pretty hard. The biting cold struck all living beings in its scope like a knife.

Long Haochen, clad with a large cloak around his armor, moved very rapidly without flying. A slightly twisted brilliance was glinting around him. It looked very faint, but its existence completely concealed Long Haochen’s presence. Unless the other party’s mental force surpassed Long Haochen’s, any mental probing ability that landed on him would not react at all .
Just like that, Long Haochen didn’t meet with a single small demon scouting team, and went straight towards the Knights’ Saint Mountain.

The distance from Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass to the Knights Saint Mountain was not very far, a hundred kilometers at most. The demon armies could obviously choose to attack it as well, but for that, they would have to penetrate deep into human territory.

More importantly, the Knights’ Saint Mountain is not an easy prey!

After the Knight Temple accumulated the riches of thousands of years, who knew how many light elemental magical beast populated the Knights’ Saint Mountain. They were mostly powerhouses of the fourth or fifth step, but there were more than a few magical beasts of the tenth rank.

The inherent conflict between these magical beasts of light element and the demons of darkness element was absolutely irreconcilable. If they were to decide to attack the mountain, they would meet with the collective resistance of all magical beasts populating the Knights’ Saint Mountain. And that’s without even mentioning the retired powerhouses from the Knight Temple.

The Knight Temple was unable to transfer large batches of magical beasts to join the battlefield, but if the demons dare attack the Knights’ Saint Mountain, Yang Haohan and Long Tianying will absolutely not have no hesitation to attack the demons’ flanks.

Therefore the main commander on that side of the battlefield, Demon God of Death Saminaga, carefully decided to only attack the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass and avoid the Knights’ Saint Mountain.

If one were to consider things in the long run, getting rid of the Knights’ Saint Mountain would certainly be a heavy blow to the Knights. However, getting rid of the magical beasts populating it would bring the demons no benefit, but instead a great amount of risk, which was undesirable. Since by attacking the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass he could force the main body of knights to fall back, or even wipe them out, Saminaga didn’t
care about directed some of their forces at the Knights’ Saint Mountain. At least for now, he temporarily had no interest in attacking it.

The shorter the distance to the Knights’ Saint Mountain, the more the surrounding light essence grew in intensity. A light golden vapor[a] could be seen rising and spreading out, and over it one could start to see the faint form of a majestic mountain.

The last time they came here, it was from the other direction, so Long Haochen didn’t sense it clearly, but this time, he was greatly surprised to find out that after entering the scope of the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, the cold wind didn’t seem to be blowing in the area anymore.

Long Haochen faintly came to understand that this mountain range blocked the extreme cold streams, and thereby served as a real barrier against the demon army.

No wonder the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass was attacked from only one side, and the demons didn’t try to surround it. Even the environment of the Knights’ Sacred Mountain would be fatal to the demons.

Long Haochen still remembered clearly that the last time he entered the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, the light essence here was at least five times more concentrated than outside.

To knights, this was undoubtedly an exceptionally good training ground. But since long ago, this place only nurtures light elemental magical beasts: the Knight Temple strictly prohibited knights to train here. And Long Haochen had a guess on the reason for that.

Inside the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, there was either some magic formation to absorb light essence or some natural treasure here that maintained the light essence enveloping the mountain range. This place could certainly help boost a knights’ cultivation, but this light essence was probably limited.

If a large quantity of knights were allowed to cultivate here, the concentration of energy would very likely be affected. It wasn’t a matter of
being stingy, but a long term calculation.

The existence of the Knights’ Sacred Mountain not only permitted greatly talented knights to get a constant inflow of light elemental mounts, but at the same time acted as an impassable barrier for the demons.

A light essence concentration five times stronger than normal was, to demons, even more highly toxic than poison. If the demons dared make a detour around the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass to pass through the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, they will have to face consequences that one may well imagine.

Long Haochen still remembered the huge summoning formation from that time, and faintly sensed that the he only had grasped a small portion of the Knights’ Sacred Mountain’s secrets. There must be some other secrets existing in this mountain range that accommodates a lot of golden fog. Of course, these secrets were certainly advantageous to the Alliance.

”Back then, teacher said that in the peak of the Knights’ Sacred Mountain resides an immense magical array, which suppresses the magical beasts’ evil tendancies and is the reason why no one is allowed to cultivate in here, in order to avoid damaging the balance of the light essence, and cause an outburst of the magical beasts. But it looks that this is only what the Alliance announced, that the truth isn’t such. .

After entering within the golden fog, Long Haochen secretly let out a sigh. He was already different from in the past by far, and as a Golden Foundation Knight and a Saint Knight, his perception over light essence was already far different from in the past.

The light essence in this place was not only rich, pure, but also moving at a special rythm. How could this be entirely orchestrated by a magical formation? As such, the reason why the Knight Temple didn’t permit anyone to cultivate here should be as he guessed, in order to maintain the concentration of light element for the sake of countering the demons.
But Long Haochen felt that he was still overlooking something. However, he didn’t perform an in-depth investigation, as this was after all, a matter of consideration for the Alliance and the headquarters of the Knight Temple, and not something that had to do with him.

Chapter 496

Not long after stepping forward, Long Haochen suddenly stopped in his tracks, took off his outer cloak, and revealed the Golden Foundation Armor.

An aged voice came out, “Greetings, honored Golden Foundation Knight. May I ask what you came for?”

In the fog of light, a tall silhouette could be seen moving forward. This elder was lacking his left arm and an eye: it was one of the elders guarding the Knights’ Saint Mountain.

“Greetings elder. I am here to pick a mount. The Alliance head gave me his authorization.” Long Haochen was extremely respectful toward this elder; he offered his respects as he stepped forward, and then stopped in front of him. It was due to sensing the presence of this elder that he had previously revealed his Golden Foundation Armor.

The elder was quite astonished by hearing the young timbre of Long Haochen’s voice. That was a Golden Foundation Armor of epic tier, but the voice coming from it seemed really inadequate.

The decree this young-sounding knight took out to show him could not possibly be faked. It had complex coded text inside exclusive to the Knight Temple. Very rapidly, the old knight gave the decree back.

The old knight looking respectfully at Long Haochen showed some uneasiness, making Long Haochen continue with haste; “Elder, my name is
Long Haochen. Please call me that. There is no need to be so formal.”

“Long Haochen?” Hearing these words, the elder was startled, and then shifted his posture to look at him, “So, you are actually Long Haochen.”

Just then he realized how famous his name had become in the Temple Alliance. But since things that are already said cannot be taken back, he simply nodded in response.

The elder declared after a short pause, in a dignified voice, “Don’t disclose your name again in the future. Even if this is our sacred mountain, you are far too brash.”

“Yes.” Long Haochen also realized his own mistake. If his identity was leaked, things would really get troublesome. Who knew if demon spies were nearby.

“Come with me. Your Golden Foundation Armor is the twelfth so I will call you Twelfth Golden Knight.”

“Yes.” Long Haochen agreed and followed the elder onto the mountain.

“This shouldn’t be your first time coming here, so I will let you pick your road on your own. Do you need a probing tile to detect the grade of magical beasts?” the elder asked.

Long Haochen shook his head. There was no way he would be unable to determine the grade of a magical beast at his level of cultivation.

“Then, be careful.” The elder stopped walking and pointed out a certain direction for Long Haochen to take.

“Thank you, elder.” Coming here for the second time gave him a totally different impression from the first time. He sensed upon his arrival that the surroundings seemed to be highly restricted. And these restrictions were all very well concealed, to the extent that only a part of them could be detected even at his level of mental force. In other words, taking a wrong path would very likely result in triggering these restrictions.
The degree of power held by these restrictions was quite hard to determine.

Walking forward according to the direction pointed out by the elder, a new scene very rapidly appeared in Long Haochen’s view. Under the spray of the bright, beautiful, and warm sunlight appeared the images of ragged trees accompanied by sweet smelling vegetation, giving the area a ve

Breathing deeply, Long Haochen felt entirely free from worries. The rich light essence here made him feel like a fish in the sea. And his Golden Foundation Armor was filled up since long ago, but its dark golden surface carried a soft trace of golden gloss and a dazzling orange-colored luster.

Whether in regards to cultivation or combat, any powerhouse attuned to light would benefit from a huge boost in this place.

This time, he didn’t need to climb over the top of a mountain to distinguish directions. Relying on his great perception, Long Haochen easily found his way to the deep, central parts of the Knights’ Sacred Mountain.

With a golden flash of light, four wings came out as if piercing through the Golden Foundation Armor. Spreading out from his back, these wings were also protected by the dark- gold colored Golden Foundation Armor.

As his figure flashed, Long Haochen pierced his way through the sky, and shockingly found out that under the boost from his armor, his spiritual wings increased his speed by at least 30%. It only seemed to take a few flaps of his wings to reach the first mountain peak. Then he spread his wings out and started to glide his way deep inside.

Every time Long Haochen accelerated, it sounded like the air around him was ripping. Faintly, his body started to produce a golden barrier around him. This was not an ability he used on his own initiative, but a condensation of the light essence that he absorbed nonstop.

Long Haochen had a very clear goal for this trip to the Knights’ Sacred Mountain. He had long since picked the kind of magical beast that would
become his companion. Although he really wanted to keep fighting alongside Haoyue, the latter’s existence was excessively sensitive! Only at the crucial times of destroying demon god pillars could he be allowed to come out.

During   this past year and a half of cultivation, Long Haochen could sense through their blood vessels’ connection that Haoyue’s strength was also progressing well. But Haoyue seemed to be suppressing something, and going through a process of storing strength, so Long Haochen didn’t know very well what level his cultivation had reached right now. The Knights’ Sacred Mountain was very broad, and even at Long Haochen’s speed, he took half an hour to get close to the center of the mountain.

After that, he stopped traveling deeper into the mountain, because he knew that that was the territory of the tenth-ranked magical beasts, which were not his current targets.

Stretching his four wings, his body remained floating in midair. Long Haochen shut his eyes and focused on the surroundings, placing the forefinger and middle finger of his right hand on the space between his eyebrows. One could faintly see some transparent ripples form in the area surrounding his head.

These were pure waves of mental force. It was only because Long Haochen’s mental capacity far outstripped that of ordinary people’s that he could use such probing methods. After all, it wasn’t as if he was a powerhouse of the psychic attribute.

While probing the area, Long Haochen resumed his flight, and headed to the side, moving around while keeping the same distance from the center of the Knights’ Sacred Mountain.

This time his flight speed had become much slower. It took him approximately one more half hour to finally find his target, letting out an expression of pleasant surprise. Golden flames started spraying out from his back as his four wings were flapped at full strength, causing him to shoot forwards at full speed like a bullet.
After Long Haochen made his way through tall trees and finally landed on the ground, a water source came into his view. Currently, dozens of light elemental magical beasts were drinking this water, showing some vigilance towards Long Haochen.

A gentle and pure light essence was released around Long Haochen. He didn’t continue to walk forward but stopped here on his tracks. His armor also disappeared and revealed his original appearance.

Long Haochen recovered his Golden Foundation Armor and stood immobile, looking warmly at the magical beasts in front.

Gradually, they came to sense the fluctuations of light surrounding his body, and their expressions of vigilance disappeared gradually. Then, they started to let out looks of amazement and cordiality.

The first one coming out was a mouse-sized magical beast that leaped up and climbed on his shoulder.

Long Haochen smiled at that sight and softly fondled this little mouse.

The other magical beasts finally relaxed after seeing the carefree look of that little mouse, and slowly approached Long Haochen.

But one could see that as they approached Long Haochen, they appeared to show greater and greater appreciation for him.

This was only natural. Long Haochen was the Scion of Light, a god’s chosen one! The purity of the light essence he released far exceeded that of the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, and furthermore, due to his heritage as a god’s chosen one, Long Haochen held a strong attraction for the light elemental magical beasts. How could they show any kind of animosity towards him?

This place was already deep in the Knights’ Sacred Mountain. These magical beasts were of different sizes and kinds, but the lowest in cultivation was at the sixth rank, which corresponds to the human fifth step. And the higher they are ranked, the more intelligent they become.
“Do you know about my old friend? I’m looking for...” Long Haochen asked these magical beasts in a low voice, and immediately, a completely gold colored bird nodded and approached him, rubbing its mouth on Long Haochen’s body before spreading out its wings and heading on a certain direction.

The reason why Long Haochen chose this place was because it was a water source. Any magical beast would need to drink, so the odds of meeting someone that has met the magical beast he was searching for was a lot higher. But he did not expect that his exceptionally pure light elemental aura would draw out so many magical beasts.

That bird already gave him its assistance, so he only sat here waiting, not in a meditative state but not masking his aura either. These magical beasts naturally had no reason to leave, and simply gathered to Long Haochen’s side, filled with excitement and enjoyment. Even normally hostile magical beasts were very calm right then. No one was willing to disturb the calm atmosphere.

A short time later, from afar first a resonant sound, then a golden silhouette came flying forth at great speed.

Long Haochen’s eyes were lit with pleasure. He really came!

Chapter 497

Long Haochen saw a group of unicorns, each snow-white aside from a golden mane and spiral shaped golden horn protruding from its head. Every unicorn had a pair of huge wings, pure white with their tips shining golden. In the midst of their walk, one could faintly see golden halos following under them.

Among the ranks of these Starlight Unicorns, an especially tall one was flying in the front, reaching six to seven meters height, with a horn over half a meter long. Its pair of wings were brimming with brilliance, only, the look in its eyes seemed incredibly shocked.

Right, Long Haochen's current aim was a Starlight Unicorn, which are known as the highest grade of partners for knights.

"Hello, my friend. Do you still remember me?" Long Haochen approached the Starlight Unicorn King leading the group with quick steps.

When the Starlight Unicorn King saw him clearly, a screen of golden light immediately surrounded them.

Long Haochen didn't try to avoid it, letting the golden light embrace him.
The Starlight Unicorn's voice could be heard in his mind.

"So it's actually you, noble Scion of Light. It's a joy that I get to see you again. But I really didn't expect you to become so powerful in such a short time. And your holy aura seems to have become even more pure than in the past."
The Starlight Unicorn appeared very familiar with Long Haochen. If one could say that the last time he had only acknowledged Long Haochen's innate talent, this time he approved everything about Haochen. That being said, he strode forward, and, lowering his head, he rubbed it against Long Haochen's hand.

Petting the golden mane on its neck, Long Haochen declared, "Old friend, today I came looking for you."

"Looking for me? Did something happen to you?" The Starlight Unicorn raised his head, a surprised look appearing on his face.

Long Haochen replied, "I hope you would leave the mountain with me, and aid me."

The holy light coming out from the Starlight Unicorn King became more powerful, and rapidly, his eyes became darker, "Noble Scion of Light, god's chosen one, I am unqualified to become your mount. And furthermore, you already seem to have a mount of your own."

Long Haochen nodded, "That's right, I already have a contracted partner. But for some particular reasons, he is temporarily unable to fight alongside me. The demons came to attack us, and already launched a Holy War against us. We cannot afford to lose it. If we do, the whole continent will be put in a terrible situation. As a knight, I must resist the demons, and that's why I need your help. I don't need to bind you by contract, and only hope that you could become my comrademy friendand fight by my side."

The Starlight Unicorn King was in shock, and muttered to himself uncertainly before asking, "Why did you choose me? In this holy mountain, there are many light elemental magical beasts that are a lot more powerful than I. As the god's chosen one that you are, I believe that there is no magical beast here that would reject your invitation, because being with you would help our cultivation greatly."

Long Haochen showed a faint smile, "It's because as far as I know, you are the one with the purest light attribute. And only you have such a
flawless heart. What I need is a comrade that can work well with me, rather than someone powerful. I believe that you should understand this.

"What's more, although you are currently only a magical beast of the ninth rank, equivalent to the eighth step for us humans, I believe that after going through continuous battles, your cultivation will go up, and advancing into a Divine Unicorn shouldn't be impossible."

Hearing him say that, the Starlight Unicorn's eyes lit up. Lightly nodding to him, he immediately understood the favor Haochen was doing for him. As Long Haochen had obtained the blessings of the Goddess of Li

Among all known Divine Unicorns, almost every single one had encountered especially favorable circumstances. Battling alongside the Scion of Light was naturally something the Starlight Unicorn King was willing to do. The current Long Haochen was a full-fledged god's chosen one, of even greater status than he originally had as the Scion of Light. At the time the Starlight Unicorn King had rejected Long Haochen, that was because the Scion of Light would come to attract overly powerful enemies, but the current Long Haochen clearly had enough ability for self protection.

"Understood, I am willing to become your comrade." The Starlight Unicorn King lowered its head, presenting its horn in front of Long Haochen.

The matter went even more smoothly than Long Haochen expected: He knew that the fact the Starlight Unicorn King gave his horn for him to pet meant that he was acknowledging allegiance to Haochen.

Lightly petting his very warm and sensitive horn, Long Haochen held its head, "Thank you, friend. I believe that you won't regret this. Let's go wipe out darkness together. If in the future, there is anything you need my help with, I will do my best to provide assistance."

The Starlight Unicorn shook his head, "I only hope for you to forgive my original rejection."
Long Haochen only showed a smile, "This is nothing. Back then, I was, after all, way too weak, totally unqualified to act as your partner."

The Starlight Unicorn King gave him a grateful glance, "Your heart is made of gold. Thank you for your forgiveness." Saying that, he turned back and let out some cries towards his fellow Starlight Unicorns.

These Starlight Unicorns, reluctant to part with their king, immediately gathered in the middle of the circle they formed.

Long Haochen moved back to the side. He knew that the Starlight Unicorn King was bidding farewell to his comrades.

This trip to the Knights' Saint Mountain went very smoothly. Long Haochen had taken a liking to this Starlight Unicorn King since the first time they met. He really didn't resent this Starlight Unicorn King for his initial rejection,and now that he met him for the second time, Long Haochen had a clear sense of the compatibility between the two of them. In fact, this Starlight Unicorn King could be said to be the closest to being a Starlight Divine Beast among the magical beasts.

As for Divine Unicorns, they were the evolved form of a Starlight Unicorn! In the human records, there were not many Divine Unicorns. Long Haochen even wondered if Divine Unicorns could be a kind of Starlight Divine Beast.

With extreme reluctance, the Starlight Divine Beast King finished saying his farewell to his clan, and returned to Long Haochen's side.

"My friend, if you want your clansmen to gain their freedom, maybe I can give you my assistance." Long Haochen knew that many magical beasts were confined to the Knights' Sacred Mountains, and without being led out by humans, they would be unable to leave this place.

The Starlight Unicorn King shook its head, "No need. We are actually unwilling to leave this place. Here, our kin gain accelerated growth, as this is a place that is just for light elemental magical beasts like us. In some sense, this is our holy land. So is there even a reason why we would
want to leave? It's not only the case for our community of Starlight Unicorns: the other communities mostly share this line of thoughts. The Knight Temple doesn't interfere with us much, and at the times you come looking for mounts, it is also a choice on our side. If we are unwilling, the Knight Temple would never try to force us. This is why our relationship has always been so harmonious."

Hearing everything he said, Long Haochen felt like his concerns were relieved. At least, the Knight Temple didn't let him down.

"We can go, noble chosen one of god"

Long Haochen softly caressed the head of the Starlight Unicorn, "We are friends, no need to be so formal. Just call me Haochen, okay? And I'll call you Star King. How about it?"

The Starlight Unicorn nodded warmly, and the wings on its back vanished.

Long Haochen didn't immediately ride the unicorn, but put on his Gold Essence Foundation Armor, before moving quickly onto the back of the Starlight Unicorn King.

The two of them were very shocked to find out that when Long Haochen sat upon the Starlight Unicorn King, the Gold Essence Foundation Armor felt as if it was melting around them. Unexpectedly, the Starlight Unicorn King was included in the phenomenon, and around its body appeared a layer of dark gold.

Only, the dark-gold layer around Star King was a lot weaker than for Long Haochen. But even so, the Star King could gain some of the armor's benefits, providing a perfect harmonization between his and Long Haochen's cultivation. This feeling was hard to describe, as if the two of them were made one.

The other Starlight Unicorns saw the changes on Star King, and couldn't help but kneel down in front of that scene, full of worship.
A Starlight Unicorn would normally have an all white body, with only its eyes, horn and mane being gold-colored. But if they were to awaken into Divine Unicorns, their whole body would turn golden. And the current Star King had some of the bearing of a Divine Unicorn.

The other magical beasts became full of envy upon noticing the changes on Star King. Just as he said before, in the Knights' Saint Mountain, no magical beast would refuse the invitation from a god's chosen one.

With a golden glint, Star King flapped the wings on its back, bringing Long Haochen soaring, and flying towards the direction from whence Long Haochen came.

Star King's flying speed was extremely fast, probably comparable with Long Haochen's full-speed flight, or even faster. His flight was extremely stable as well, to the extent that Long Haochen didn't feel buffeted by the air. On Star King's body, layers of soft spiritual energy bubbled out in the direction of Long Haochen, who found out to his astonishment that after his spiritual energy joined with Star King's, it would not only mix with full power, but also, this kind of fused spiritual energy would immediately be in the state of Spiritual Highland.

Chapter 498

No wonder… No wonder some said that a Starlight Unicorn is the optimum mount for a knight. It turned out that he would give such a large boost to him, or at least, if compared to Haoyue, the boost of Little Light alone wouldn’t be sufficient to match Star King’s. Although Yating also had a pure light attribute, she wasn’t the same as Star King. In comparison, Yating’s help was more general, while Star King’s specialization was boosts. The attacks of Starlight Unicorns were generally not their key strength.

When riding Star King, Long Haochen really felt as if he had already become a knight of the ninth step.

But unfortunately, the distance separating him from the rank of Divine Knight was still very large. According to his estimate, he would need at least three more years to gain the possibility of breaking through. Of course, these three years would certainly be extended due to the large barrier represented by the extension of the ninth spiritual cavity.

Less than half an hour later, Star King brought Long Haochen to the foggy area surrounding the Knights’ Sacred Mountain. As he hovered above the ground, Long Haochen jumped down from his back, and after having a small talk with the elder of the Knights’ Saint Mountain, he finally brought Star King out from the Knights’ Saint Mountain.

“Star King, seeing that there is no contract between the two of us, if I need to conceal you, would you be able to return to the Knights’ Saint Mountain?” Long Haochen asked.
Star King shook its head, “There is no need for that. Even if there was a contract, this wouldn’t be necessary. We Starlight Unicorns have our own methods.”

While saying that, Star King raised his head, and his forehead was lit with the shape of a five-pointed star. Rich golden light gathered from that star, and with a flash of golden light, this star surprisingly came out from his forehead, landing in Long Haochen’s hand.

“I can enter this gold star. After entering, I will begin a state of dormant cultivation, waiting for your summons.”

Long Haochen had a flash of realization, “So it turns out that this is the reason for being named Starlight Unicorns, right?”

Star King replied, “Whenever we activate this ability, we will turn into a hidden star. Need me to conceal myself?”

Long Haochen shook his head and handed the gold star back to Star King. Lowering his head, he rapidly placed it back in his forehead.

“Let’s go.” Long Haochen’s eyes were flashing: his journey for the ten million contribution points had begun.

Returning to Star King’s back, he had Star King run a few steps while unfolding his wings, heading straight for the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass under Long Haochen’s lead.

“Slow down, Star King.” The Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass having already come intoview, Long Haochen suddenly patted Star King’s back. A dark golden mask was put on his face in the meantime.

Star King kept flying and gave Long Haochen a glance, while ripples that served to communicate once again came out from its horn; “Haochen, I am sensing some danger drawing close.”

Long Haochen revealed a smile, “It is for this ‘danger’ that we are waiting. I was afraid they wouldn’t catch up.” In terms of perception, how
could he be lacking in comparison to Star King? Given the great fanfare that he showed while returning on Star King’s back, it would be strange to not attract the demons’ attention. However, Long Haochen was now concealed behind his cloak, making these demons unable to even discern his face behind the Gold Essence Foundation Armor. But Star

The reactions of the demons that had just discovered a knight left on his own were as one might well imagine. Of course, Long Haochen didn’t place himself in a dangerous situation. First, this place was pretty close to the Knight Temple; and secondly, given his cultivation and equipment, escaping would be no issue. More importantly, with the current level reached by his mental force, catching him by surprise would be very difficult. Relying on the boost from his Gold Essence Foundation Armor, his perception could range up to fifty kilometers outwards, although his senses would become more vague as the distance increased.

With his senses, he perceived that the most powerful demon standing in his way had the strength of the eighth step.

This was where the journey for the ten million contribution points would start.

Star King kept flying at a normal flying speed. Although he didn’t have a formal contract with Long Haochen and was unable to link with him mentally, Starlight Unicorns were not known as the most fitting mounts for a knight for nothing. With a mere signal, he immediately started a counterattack, always responding to Long Haochen’s expectations with his actions. For instance, just by sensing Long Haochen’s left leg tensing up, Star King would head for the left side, with an inclination depending on the strength Long Haochen put into his leg. In the meanwhile, a soft light essence was already being transferred from Star King to Long Haochen’s body.

Long Haochen slowly shut his eyes, letting the internal spiritual energy in him rise up. A rich fog of light started to surround his body, it was Storing Power.
In the distance, ten figures were chasing after Long Haochen at lightning speed. As they approached, the sky became dimmer and dimmer.

A knight riding a Starlight Unicorn out on his own? Could there be a better opportunity for them? After hearing this news, they immediately rushed forwards at their fastest speed.

The powerhouse leading the group had the features of a Fiend Clan powerhouse. He had two horns on his head, a ferocious looking face, was over three meters tall, and an immense pair of wings was flapping on his back, accelerating his flight. In his right hand was a blood colored sword covered in black flames, and his body was surrounded with a smell of darkness. That was a Fiend Commander.

On his back were a group of Fiend clansmen, only they were not as powerful as that one, reaching about the seventh step in strength.

No mistake, this was a team of Demon Hunter Removers, fully constituted of Fiend clansmen.

As the area outside of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass was under the supervision of the Death Demon God Saminaga, he naturally brought his direct subordinates along, forming an army of Fiends; though encountering a team of Demon Hunter Removers formed of only one race was still a pretty rare occurrence. This squad before Haochen’s eyes was formed pretty recently, intended to deal with the situation at the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

Just as Yang Haohan said, the demons couldn’t possibly encircle the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass completely. They clearly didn’t have enough powerhouses for that: if they tried, their forces would undoubtedly be scattered extremely thin, and would hardly avoid the fate of being disposed of one at a time by the Knight Temple.

Therefore, the Death Demon God Saminaga went for the strategy of placing the sides of the mountain under surveillance, so that if a large group of human reinforcements came in a rush, they would be able to deploy some soldiers to intercept and ambush them.
Only, Saminaga didn’t expect that the resources accumulated in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass would be so rich. This Holy War had already gone on for more than a year and a half, yet the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass seemed just as invulnerable as before.

So for now, these Demon Hunter Removers were specialized to combat the scouts of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. Even if they appeared not to have need of supplies, the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass would nevertheless need to communicate with the Temple Alliance. For that sake, they were bound to dispatch scouts. And as a measure against them, the demons arranged some Demon Hunter Removers, acting as small teams that were specialized at disposing of the enemy scouts, and had been successful at this task several times already.

A team of Demon Hunter Removers constituted entirely of Fiends. In terms of synergy, maybe they wouldn’t be as effective as an ordinary team formed of various races, but they were able to move faster and react even more effectively, as well as listening to the direct orders from the Death Demon God Saminaga.

“Star King, accelerate.” At the time this group of Fiends appeared in Long Haochen’s field of view, he immediately gave Star King the order to accelerate.

A thin golden fog appeared more clearly as Star King kept accelerating, and was already faintly visible. But if one didn’t pay attention, he would basically not notice it, in addition to that, as Star King was flying, he led a golden six-pointed-star to envelop him, keeping Long Haochen’s Storing Power concealed.

Finding out about Long Haochen’s acceleration, the Fiend Commander had an evil grin on his face. Abruptly flapping the wings on his back, he unleashed some black light, shooting out like black flames and pushing him to accelerate at full force, without consideration for the consumption of his spiritual energy. As he took the initiative to chase after Long Haochen, a gap created itself between the other Fiends and him, which were naturally falling behind gradually.
Long Haochen’s eyes slowly opened, his eye’s current expression appearing as limpid as when he just woke up from his long state of deep meditation. But this time, it carried a chill that wasn’t present at that time.

Star King’s flying speed was growing faster and faster, indistinctly carrying an illusory feel. Even with Long Haochen on his back, his flying speed was not at all inferior to the Fiend Commander’s flat-out acceleration. Both sides maintained the same distance as they approached the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

Finding out that his acceleration was insufficient, that Fiend Commander immediately became anxious. As he unleashed a punch with his empty left hand, it abruptly burst out with a dark red light, producing an intense explosion in the air. Its propelling power caused his speed to rise once again.

This method of accelerating came with a considerable consumption of spiritual energy and couldn’t be used for too long. Yet it had the benefit that it would enable him to raise his speed beyond his limits.

Although this Fiend Commander didn’t know about Long Haochen’s cultivation, he seemed to be sure that this was at least a knight at the seventh step from the looks of the Starlight Unicorn King. Killing such a knight would be a considerably great contribution, to say nothing about the Starlight Unicorn. What the demons liked the most was food, and although they loathed light attribute the most, their favorite food was magical beasts of the light element. That meat was especially tender from their point of view.

Long Haochen’s legs slightly sped up as he sat backwards, and Star King immediately understood his intention. Quietly reducing the frequency at which he batted his wings, he inclined to the side, and drew a magnificent arc in a high spot in midair.

This was a large arc that was traced as the Fiend Commander following him kept nearing closer and closer, but it didn’t change the fact that the Fiends of the seventh step were still lagging behind.
Swish. Star King’s wings let out an air severing sound, and his figure turned around in the midst of this arc, heading straight at that Fiend Commander.

Chapter 499

Given Star King’s previous speed, turning back instantly was an impossible matter. But this arc showed that he was quite dexterous, letting him maintain an offensive power and speed that was directly proportional to his previous speed, minimizing the speed loss to the greatest possible degree.

The Fiend Commander had in his eyes a quite malicious grin. This time, he saw that knight move, a heavy sword flashing with golden light right in front of him.

The Fiend Commander could immediately determine that he possessed a human's Glorious Tier equipment, yet he still didn't see this knight as being worthy of a second glance. Although a Starlight Unicorn gave a good boost, the best known feature of this kind of magical beast was its lack of offensive power. The greatest determinant for the Starlight Unicorn’s utility was its knight’s strength. However, a knight wielding only a Glorious Tier piece of equipment, even if not weak, couldn’t possibly be a great opponent. What’s more, his own allies were right behind him.

In fact, Long Haochen was wielding his sword ‘Rippling Light’, which didn’t reach the Legendary Tier yet, although this piece of Glorious Tier equipment could be considered pretty good.

His mental force having received the boost from the Gold Essence Foundation Armor, Long Haochen could easily grasp the movements of that Fiend Commander as well as the fluctuations from his spiritual energy, and even find out about the contempt and disdain filling his opponent.
You dare show such disdain? You shall become my sacrifice in this case.

Rippling Light was lifted up above his head, and the next instant, an incomparably resplendent light burst out from this heavy sword.

Such brightness was akin to the shining sun, immediately producing a great illumination although carrying no light essence. But because of this light ray, the Fiend Commander and the Fiends chasing after him were distracted.

The next instant, the Rippling Light sword in Long Haochen’s hand came sweeping down.

Simple and direct, the chopping motion used the simplest basics of a knight’s abilities.

A bright, golden Light Edge came into being. But it seemed extremely natural, as if devoid of any energetic substance. This Light Edge couldn’t be considered long, only reaching a length of three meters, and caused the Fiend Commander to unconsciously use his black-flame emitting, blood- colored heavy sword to block it.


The figures of Long Haochen and that Fiend Commander seemed to have merely bypassed each other.

The two parties took a split second to separate in mid-air. Bearing Long Haochen, Star King immediately rushed straight at the Fiends of the Seventh Step in the rear, as that Fiend Commander only kept rushing forward, showing no trace of turning back.

When his rush reached a distance of two hundred meters, that rush came to a sudden stop, and suddenly, an intense black liquid burst out in the air. The robust Fiend Commander had simply been cut in two in mid-air, and then fell from the sky.

No mistake, that was an insta-kill, which took only one blow.
Starting from when he sensed the appearance of these Fiends, Long Haochen was making preparations for the battle up to now. And once his power at the eighth step underwent Power Storing, one could well imagine the formidable might of his attacks.

Long Haochen understood clearly that his identity couldn’t be leaked. For this reason, he chose to use weapons and techniques that he had never shown the demons before. The abilities he was originally adept with could not easily be shown, and in these circumstances, he needed to change up some of his fighting methods.

Long Haochen’s

Long Haochen had learned about the formidable power of Spiritual Highland through experience. The might from the Aria of the Goddess of Light coupled with his sword intent and the link between the sword and his body didn’t even prove to be enough to break the defense of his grandfather, Long Tianying, who was only using an ordinary Glorious Tier shield, and why was that? It was due to Spiritual Highland.

Of course, the current Long Haochen didn’t have as good control as his grandfather who was able to accomplish all that in a split second. But even so, after undergoing Spiritual Highland, his spiritual energy’s might tripled at minimum.

Thirty thousand spiritual energy, multiplied by three,his offensive power was enough to match the standard of ninety thousand spiritual energy.

Rippling Light’s characteristic was its double attack. This could seem simple, but how could a single blow turning instantly into two have the same power?

Because of the excessive power of Long Haochen’s previous attack, the effects from Rippling Light weren’t fully displayed, and the second blow only got roughly thirty thousand spiritual energy inside, but this was added up to the terrifying power of the first strike of ninety thousand spiritual energy. Adding this to the fact that both sides were rushing forward at a mad speed, the Fiend Commander dying instantly was not a surprising
matter. In fact, this was under the premise that Long Haochen didn’t even use any of his sword intent.

A year and a half of bitter cultivation and the acquisition of the mighty Epic Tier Gold Essence Foundation Armor could be said to have turned over within the current Long Haochen a totally new leaf.

Everything went as in Long Haochen’s calculations. At the time the two pieces of the Fiend Commander’s dead body fell, he rushed towards the nine Fiends of the seventh step.

Seeing their captain die instantly, these nine were as shocked as one could imagine. How could they not be in total panic?

What greeted them was Long Haochen’s terrifying attacks.

In an instant, Long Haochen abruptly leapt down from Star King’s back. One could clearly see Star King’s body letting out a long golden chain made out of light, clinging to his waist. While enabling Long Haochen to come back at anytime, it also enabled the spiritual energy amplification to keep going.

In midair, Long Haochen actually didn’t unleash his spiritual wings, but was shot out like a bullet, rushing at lightning speed.

Three strikes of golden colored light were launched in succession, and pitiful cries burst forth along with surges of blood. Like that, six of the the nine Fiends of the seventh step died instantly.

This just happened too fast. With the backing from Star King, Long Haochen was able to maintain Spiritual Highland even without preparations. The power of this attack alone was enough against the ill- equipped Fiends of the seventh step, which ended up pretty much like a flock of sheep in front of a tiger.

The last three Fiends of the seventh step were in total terror, running away frantically. However, they were already too late.
Thick golden light kept twisting through the air, as Long Haochen’s attack borrowed power from his counterpart. Moving freely for a thousand meters, it chopped the head of the last Fiend of the seventh step very naturally. Gripping the golden chain on his waist, he returned to Star King’s back.

This battle was simply a unilateral massacre. From the beginning to the end of the battle, no more than one minute passed. It was a battle of wits and guts that went on.

Did he really have the advantage against a squad of Demon Hunter Removers formed of ten Fiends? In one-versus-one combat, they wouldn’t even be an opponent in his eyes, not even that Fiend Commander. But don’t forget about the Conjoined boosting skill of the Fiend clansmen. If these Fiends completed their Conjoined Boost, Long Haochen wouldn’t have been able to kill them so easily. But of course, the Conjoined Boost had its own drawbacks: it would be hard to believe that a group of ten people together would able to move rapidly and unhindered.

Deliberately drawing them out was quite effective against the opposite party’s Fiend Commander. Without wasting time, he used up thirty thousand spiritual energy to kill him in one strike, not only shocking the cohesion of the Fiends, but also getting rid of the most dangerous threat.

The following course of the battle was very simple. He used not only his strength, but also his experience and knowledge.

After getting rid of this team of Demon Hunter Removers, Long Haochen didn’t leave in a hurry, but rode on the back of Star King, picking up the corpses of these Fiends in the Eternal Melody before gazing coldly at the other direction in the sky and then proceeding for the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass on Star King’s back.

About five meters away, a Demon Envoy’s head ruptured in a split second, dropping from the sky.

Long Haochen had found out about this Demon Envoys mental probing long before. This was an ability similar to Eagle’s Eye. Only, he didn’t go
deal personally with this Demon Envoy, only using his powerful mental power to leave him dead, the only shame being that it didn’t give any contribution points.

“A Fiend Commander of the eighth step for eight thousand contribution points, and two thousand contribution points for every Fiend of the seventh step. That’s already more than twenty thousand contribution points. Wait for me everyone. I will do my best to gather these points the fastest I can to join with you guys.”

Are you guys still well? Still safe and sound? Just wait for me, you must survive at least until then!

In the distance, the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass was already coming to view. Long Haochen was still far away, but could smell a reeking scent in the midst of the biting cold.

The demons are besieging the city?

In a hurry, Long Haochen brought Star King to the front of this battlefield, while transferring his internal spiritual energy at a fast speed, absorbing light essence to recover from the previous battle.

It was obviously the Gold Essence Foundation Armor that was being replenished this way, as Long Haochen basically didn’t make use of his own spiritual energy on the previous battle.

Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

Among all six grand mountain passes, the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass was the most extraordinary one. In regards to the defensive aspect, it should be the best, because of being established entirely using the mountain as a basis, while the main buildings were inside the mountains. Given the environment, even the Demon God Emperor would hardly be able to pass through it in a short time.

However, the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass was also the hardest one to live in. The enemies weren’t the only ones affected by the extreme cold
of the area! The officers and soldiers of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass were also affected by the vile weather.

The life here was monotonous and dull: outside of battle, everything would be all black. One would only be able to live inside the mountain, but such hard conditions would only contribute to increasing the knights’ persevering nature and sturdy builds.

Chapter 500

In front of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass was a slope two hundred meters long, a very precipitous terrain covered by snow and ice all year round. Its entrance acted as a natural fortress, only, after the experience of a year-and-a-half-long Holy War, the current defensive weapons of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass were mostly either destroyed in the hands of the demons, or the reserves of magical beast crystals to sustain them were insufficient. Now it was fully reliant on manpower to resist the demon offenses.

In the distance, eight demon god pillars were glinting on the horizon, dispersing dazzling light. The large army of demons was flowing like a tide, rushing towards the Dragon Resisting Mountain.

It was reasonable for the Demon God Emperor to have assigned the Death Demon God Saminaga as commander for the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. Launching attacks from the ground was indeed a true challenge, so aerial attacks had much better chances. Fiends were not only experts at flight and strong physically, but moreover, their clansmen were numerous. For sheer strength, aside from the Demon God Emperor’s Devil Dragon Clan, the Fiend Clan was the best. After all, Star Demons and Moon Demons were far from able to compare with the Fiend Demons.

Therefore, after the two sides had gone through over a year of repeated probing attacks and defensive battles to gather experience, now most battles were about the Temple Alliance having to resist the combined aerial and ground-based attacks of the demon armies.
On the ground, the ones leading the offense were mainly the Demonic Wolves and Demonic Bears. This wasn’t because of their expertise in climbing, but because of their capability of enduring the cold.

Because of this bitterly cold northern land, since the beginning of the Holy War the demon forces had undergone serious losses; but through constant reinforcement, the troops in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass had almost entirely been replaced by those resistant to the cold.

Demonic Wolves are a powerful clan among demons. Standing in a way that is similar to humans, they have wolf heads, and their four limbs have sharp claws on their tips. As they climbed the walls, their claws kept letting out crisp sounds upon contact with the ice.

Compared to Demonic Wolves, Demonic Bears had a much harder time climbing. They had extreme strength, but when climbing, they would need their bear paws to create holes in the ice, and make use of those to keep their balance, which slowed down the process.

But don’t forget that among the eight great demon gods standing outside the area of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass lay the Demonic Bears’ demon god Valefor, along with his main force. With him to supervise and lead them, the Demonic Bears spared no effort to follow the orders. Making use of their great strength, they steadily made their way up.

As for the situation in the sky, it was the stage for the Fiends. The omnipresent Fiends kept assaulting the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass relentlessly from the air.

Fiends of the sixth step or above have the ability of flight, but also can bear a lot of weight. Frequently, one would see some Fiends being carried by the ones with the ability of flight.

Fiends, Demonic Bears and Demonic Wolves. The attacks performed by the great fighters from these three races represented an enormous threat for the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

But still, as the head of the Six Great Temples, the Knight Temple had plenty of trump cards for the situation. Above the city, a large amount of fully armored knights were lined up, glinting with the dazzling golden light that took the shape of a protective barrier, they blocked offense after offense from the demons.

The most balanced vocation for humans is indeed the knight

At the same time, the Knight Temple has the greatest aerial force of the Alliance, which is their powerful Airborne Knight Regiment.

Depending on their kinds of mount, a knight would, after reaching the fifth step, either become an Airborne Knight or an Earth Knight. In other words, the Airborne Knight Regiment is only constituted of knights of the fifth step or above, reaching a total count of over ten thousand. This force is the main pillar of the Knight Temple’s army.

But as this Holy War kept on going, the Airborne Knights’ numbers kept decreasing. Now the Airborne Knights that retained the abilities of flight and combat were less than seven thousand. And even this was only because they were the greatest targets of priority for light-attribute support magic. Furthermore, they were only used after the greatest killing weapons or defending devices became unuseable, becoming thenceforth the main force in battle.

If one were to look over the situation from high altitude, one could see clearly that both sides were clearly lit in gold and black, confronting each other.

In terms of quantity, the Fiends occupied the advantage: they were twice as numerous as the Airborne Knights, and the most terrible was that some Fiends had Hell Demons on their back. Hell Demons have very powerful magic, and are expert in launching crowd-targeted spells. Therefore, the aerial demon forces were in no hurry to reach the close range of the Airborne Knights. As they confronted each other, the demon side only sent forward some Little Fiends and Grand Fiends, as the ones with the ability of flight were defending the remote-spell-using Hell Demons.
The Airborne Knight Regiment didn’t advance prematurely as the Hell Demons and their guardians weren’t the only flying demons. To the knights, the most important mission was to guard the defensive mountain pass and not to take chances.

The mounts from the Airborne Knights were very uniform, formed solely of the unified and cultured Heavenly Horses. As a magical beast race of the fifth rank and a subspecies of the unicorn-type, they are completely white, have no horn atop their head, and rely on their snow-white pairs of wings to soar above the horizon.

The united Airborne Knight Regiment also had a deep mutual understanding with their mounts, their battle forces being the most reliant on the association between the knights and the Heavenly Horses. Therefore, in balanced battles, the demons would certainly be no match for the Airborne Knights.

At the vanguard of the Airborne Knight Regiment stood a group of gold- and silver-colored knights. At least six Gold Essence Foundation Knights and a hundred Mythril Foundation Knights formed this group leading the Airborne Knight Regiment.

Both sides seemed to have reached a vague agreement, as none of their powerhouses of the ninth step appeared on the battlefield: only soldiers of the eighth step at most were present.

Immense barriers of holy light appeared in the skies, one after another resisting the magic bombardment from the Hell Demons. The Airborne Knight Regiment preserved a neat formation from beginning to end, ready to enter battle at anytime. Their holy light barriers could be described as an impenetrable defense.

Long Tianying stood in the highest area above the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass’ City. The city was formed with three layers, the bottom one being the most broad, where the army of knights underwent battle. The second layer was for the mages, all specializing in the ice element. In the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, no reinforcement from the other Temples were present outside of these mages.
This was the great character and unquestionable integrity of the Knight Temple, that preferred to let the other five Temples provide assistance to each other.

Behind Long Tianying were over thirty people. Amongst them, half were clad in Gold Essence Foundation Armor, and the other half in armor reaching at least the Legendary Tier. Without a doubt, they were the true core of the Knight Temple. Every one of them were fully equipped and prepared to join battle at any time.

“Attention, the Airborne Knight Regiment is to go down to the altitude of a hundred meters, and release Glorious Halo and Thorny Halo.” Long Tianying’s severe voice was heard.

His sight was focused on the Demonic Wolves and Demonic Bears climbing upwards. Without a doubt, when the first batch of Demonic Bears climbed over the city walls, that would be the time the Fiends would launch the aerial assault.

The demons were fully aware that the humans knew about their fighting methods, and yet never adapted. Coordinating terrestrial and aerial troops as one was always the best way.

Right at this time, the glints from the eight demon god pillars brightened, and one could faintly see that inside of these eight demon god pillars slowly appeared eight demons.

The one appearing in the biggest pillar was a grey-haired, tall and pale man clad in a grey armor, looking at Long Tianying in the distance.

This demon god was full of deathly stillness. His eyes were a shiny white, and his face looked quite handsome. A pair of immense grey wings extended from his back, reaching over twenty meters wide. Although it wasn’t so eye-catching in the distance, with the addition of the deep grey radiance on his back, it let out a kind of irresistible oppressive feeling.

Long Tianying’s eyes lit up as well, and a golden glint of light appeared therein. As he placed his hands on his back, his body slowly floated above
the ground.

A radiance of blue and gold abruptly burst out from his back, carrying an immense bluish-gold light beam that soared up. The elegant Divine Throne of Order and Law slowly came to view on the background of the Divine Knight of Control and Restriction Long Tianying.

The instant the Divine Throne appeared, the whole Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass and the Airborne Knight Regiment all let out deafening acclamations.

To the Knight Temple, Divine Thrones were not only a divine tool, but the moral pillars of the whole body of knights. As long as the Divine Thrones existed, they would be able to face any powerful enemy with confidence.

The Death Demon God Saminaga wrinkled his brows, murmuring aloud,
“This Divine Throne is quite troublesome.”

Nearby, a stalwart man with a bronze-colored skin, and yellow eyes looked at him respectfully, “Shall I go?” This was the sixth-ranked demon god Valefor. If one only looked at external appearance, this person looked like a robust human warrior. His figure could hardly be compared with his immense clansmen.

Saminaga shook his head, “This Long Tianying won’t be an easy opponent. In a one-on-one fight, I don’t have the certainty of being able to kill him. His Divine Throne is just too troublesome. Letting you go won’t achieve better results than if I went. And furthermore, there’s also that Divine Throne of Protection and Mercy present in the Knight Temple. That one will be even harder to deal with. Calling him the greatest human powerhouse wouldn’t be exaggerated. Since His Majesty is ordering us to carry out a prolonged war, we shouldn’t go for such an all-out battle.”

As he said that, the fiery fighting intent in him dissipated, as he kept confronting Long Tianying. None of them showed the initiative to launch the attack.
Right at this time, the Demonic Bears finally finished climbing the walls of the city.

The Demonic Wolves launched frantic, almost suicidal, attacks. Their goal was simple: it was to let all the Demonic Bears safely reach the top of the city. With the defensive power and strength of the Demonic Bears, as long as they would be able to stand firm on the city walls, it would definitely inflict a huge blow to the Knight Temple.

The holy light formations from the Airborne Knight Regiment that went a hundred meters down gained in power, and purplish-golden Thorny Halos as well as bluish-gold Glorious Halos became incredibly brilliant due to the simultaneous release from many Airborne Knights. Furthermore, these halos were also glinting on the heads of the knights standing above the city.

Han Yu was amongst them. On his left hand he held a heavy golden shield and on his right hand his Scarlet Wildness.

Launching a shield charge, he ruthlessly knocked against a Demonic Bear that was just done climbing the walls.

That Demonic Bear was also tough, supporting his own body with both his arms, it entered close quarters battle with Han Yu.

With a loud bang, both the Demonic bear and Han Yu were forced back by a violent collision. However, the Scarlet Wildness had already lashed out.

It was presently radiating a white heat from Holy Sword.

The combination of a heavy sword at Legendary Tier and the skill Holy Sword couldn’t be easy to resist, even with the physical resistance of the Demonic Bear. In actual fact, although there existed a gap between the physical builds of the two, Han Yu’s external spiritual energy was not much inferior to the Demonic Bear’s.

After bathing in the dragon crystal infusion, and with the addition of the Forest Boa Training Pill’s amplification, Han Yu’s external spiritual energy
was absolutely not below his internal spiritual energy. This was also the reason why everyone from the 64th commander-grade Demon Hunt Squad still survived even after going through so many dangerous battles.


With an angry roar, the Demonic Bear was knocked back right after managing to climb above the wall, and was thoroughly enraged. The iron hammer in his hand was swung, aiming right at Scarlet Wildness.

Right that instant, a figure fell in the midst of the two of them. It was a knight, sent flying by the powerful force of an enemy.

The hammer in the Demonic Bear’s hand kept going without the slightest hesitation, but Han Yu was extremely startled.

He was faster to react than the Demonic Bear, but if his attack kept going, Scarlet Widness would surely strike the body of his teammate. With his deep feelings towards his fellow soldiers, how could he keep going?

This all happened just too fast. Scarlet Wildness was already halfway there! If he were to try retracting his force, he would be the one suffering a backlash, and that fellow soldier would hardly escape getting crushed to death by the Demonic Bear. But if the attack kept going, his fellow knight would die by his hand! Since going to war, this was the first time Han Yu faced such a difficult choice. This was just happening too fast, giving him far from enough time to decide.

A resplendent golden light glinted, and just as suddenly as the falling knight appeared, he disappeared in a flash of light.

A myriad of golden lights burst out in that instant. Everything in the range of a hundred meters was enveloped by the golden light. Within its scope, all the Demonic Wolves and Demonic Bears gushed blood, collapsing like wheat.

Han Yu’s eyes became moist, yelling loudly, “Captain!”
He came back!! Was it time for the 64th squad to reunite?
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