Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 481-490

Chapter 481

Hearing about Li Xin, Lin Xin whose face looked totally exhausted from making pills, immediately stood up from his chair, sprinting at full speed towards the door.

In fact, the Mage Temple gave the strict order that even the Temple Head himself didn’t have the right to directly open the door, and the outside was strictly guarded. Entery was only granted after getting Lin Xin’s permission.

Opening the door, he immediately saw a familiar face, that was Dyan, warrior of the former fourth soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad, that advanced later as twenty-second general grade Demon Hunt Squad, from Lin Xin’s team.

From the start of the Holy War, all the Demon Hunt Squads went to war. After getting the order, Luc Xi personally brought his Demon Hunt Squad to fight at the Mage Temple. Right as Lin Xin returned, he ran across Lin Xin a few times. All the members of her Demon Hunt Squad, were given permission to come to his pill-making isolated room, and they were given Lin Xin’s freshly made pills for use.

Although Lin Xin was worried about the 22nd general grade Demon Hunt Squad being in the frontlines, the most important matter in his eyes was to keep making pills. Therefore, all he could do was to hand his best pills for Lin Xin’s side’s uses, and was unable to help in any other way. What he feared the most was to hear Li Xin having an accident in the battlefield.
“How’s Li Xin?” Lin Xin asked eagerly.

Dyan was entirely blood-soaked, his complexion very unsightly. Visibly, he went past his limits, yet immediately came to inform Lin Xin at full speed. It was clear from this that a major accident had occurred.

Dyan’s eyes were bloodshot, and seeing the tired Lin Xin, he showed some hesitation. Clenching his teeth, he still spoke of the matter.

“The demon scoundrel just launched a charge, and to protect the team, vice captain stopped the enemy in an all out effort, and she, she…”

“What happened to her? Why don’t you hurry up and tell me!” Lin Xin grabbed the shoulder of the much more muscular Dyan, almost about to spout out fire from his eyes.

Dyan took a deep breath, “Lin Xin, you have to stay firm. Vice captain’s left arm was chopped off by the demons. She is having emergency treatment. Although Captain saved her life, I’m afraid that her left arm is…”

Hearing that, Lin Xin felt his brain buzzing out, as if about to explode. The hairs on his whole body instantly stood, and his arms that were grabbing Dyan’s shoulder actually caused his whole armor to clatter. Through the use of the Forest Boa Body Foundation Pills, his external spiritual energy reached a considerable level. Under the impulse of his emotions, his strength was enough to cause an armor at Glorious Tier to clatter.

“Where is she? Bring me to her quickly!” Lin Xin’s shout seemed close to a howl.

Dyan nodded, turning back and running. Lin Xin followed with haste, running at high speed.

The place where Lin Xin made his pills was located in the depths of the Mage Temple. The distance separating it to the frontline was considerable,
but he didn’t seem to give any consideration to that fact, only following Dyan at full speed.

“Just who wounded Xin’er, who was it?” While running, Lin Xin asked Dyan, full of rancor.

He replied, “It was a Gold Dual Bladed Demon, who suddenly launched a sneak attack against Captain from the sidelines. Vice-captain was originally in battle with a strong enemy, but at the moment of the disaster, she stepped forward bravely and stood in front of the Gold Dual Bladed Demon. In exchange for that injury, she got rid of the bastard, but her arm is…&

Lin Xin only felt surges of sharp pain filling his heart completely. To a knight, be it a Guardian Knight or a Retribution Knight, the arms were of an undeniable importance. As a Retribution Knight, losing an arm was like losing half of her strength to Li Xin! How could she bear it given her nature?

As the two of them were rushing as fast as possible, a group of people were running to them rapidly. Wasn’t that everyone from the 22nd Demon Hunt Squad?

Surges of golden light kept glinting, as Han Daosi and Yijun were raising a stretcher. The mage who kept applying healing magic was Luc Xi, but both his eyes were bloody red, and his face looked unsightly.

“Xin’er!” Lin Xin shouted loudly, taking a stride after another, actually pushing away the nearby Luc Xi as he threw himself in front of the stretcher.

Although he already guessed how Li Xin’s current situation would be, at the time he saw her for real, tears fell from his eyes beyond his control.

Li Xin’s left shoulder was cut from the root, and her cut arm was on the side. It was not only severed and cut, but her left arm was visibly used to resist the enemy attacks, her wrist being totally snapped. Her already
separated arm was furthermore cut in two, making him pale after looking at that scene.

The blood loss was already stopped, but Li Xin’s face was like a sheet of paper, her eyes deep black. The fluctuations of spiritual energy around her were extremely feeble, and her armor was extremely damaged. From this it could be seen how desperate her previous battle was. Her right arm was still tightly grasping a heavy sword, unwilling to let go of it.

“Xin’er! Xin’er!” Lin Xin took out a bottle of pills, putting one in his own mouth, before transmitting it in Li Xin’s pale mouth, letting the liquid from the pill pass through.

Lin Xin didn’t lose consciousness, she was still completely awake. Seeing Lin Xin, she forced out a smile, “Idiot, why did you run out here? This place is very close to the frontlines, it’s dangerous.”

“Dangerous? Look at yourself. How could I not come? You are the idiot, idiot!” Saying all this, Lin Xin violently turned back, grabbing Luc Xi’s gown from the front, “Are you a fuckin’ man? Having a girl stand and protect you? Didn’t you promise that you would look after Xin’er well? Bastard!”

Seeing the bloody red color of Lin Xin’s eyes, Luc Xi didn’t show any struggle. Letting himself being pushed, his face was extremely agonized. If it was possible, he would rather be the one lying on the stretcher to be himself instead of Li Xin! Everything just happened so fast, when that treacherous Gold Dual Bladed Demon mounted a sneak attack against him from the side there was no time. Luc Xi was after all a mere priest.

“Lin Xin, calm down!” Li Xin cast an angry look at him.

Rapidly letting go of Luc Xi’s hand, he returned to her side. Cautiously grabbing her arm, he declared, “Li Xin, don’t be sad. No matter what the cost is, I will help you recover your hand.” Overflowing with tears, this was the first time he was confronted with such pain. He suddenly realized how powerless he was. To be unable to even protect a single girl. To say
nothing of how he would explain the things to Long Haochen, even his own heart was unable to accept that.

Li Xin said weakly, “It’s nothing. General squad members will hardly not die in battle, and moreover I’m still not dead. I will stay strong. With my other arm, I can still keep killing demons.” After saying this, she wasn’t able to resist any further, her eyes shut down and she fainted on the stretcher.

“Bring her to my place. I will look for the best doctor.” After saying these words, Lin Xin turned his head and ran.

Priests were able to heal injuries, but unable to reattach separated limbs. Lin Xin had enough good medicine to heal Li Xin, but to reattach her cut arm would require the best doctors. The earlier this was done, the better would her restored arm would be.

Two hours later.

Lin Xin stood silently in the room. The other members of the 22nd general grade Demon Hunt Squad were all present. Speaking of which, they were rather lucky in this side of the Holy War. At least until now, their Demon Hunt Squad didn’t have any deceased. Their Demon Hunt Squad was a lot better off than Zhang Fangfang’s. Of course, this was because their Demon Hunt Squad couldn’t be considered very strong, so they didn’t attract a lot of attention from the demon powerhouses.

Luc Xi’s self blame and pain was absolutely not below Lin xin. His eyes were also visibly bloodshot. They had been staying together all this time, looking at the doctor healing Li Xin.

Li Xin could be considered lucky. At least, the treatment was done promptly, as the priest Luc Xi having already broken through the sixth step and the grandmaster alchemist Lin Xin were present.

With the combined efforts of the best doctor, at least her arm was fixed back. At the current time, Li Xin’s whole left part was entirely covered. It wouldn’t recover so soon.
“Doctor, how are things?” Lin Xin asked the middle aged woman that put Li Xin’s arm back.

The doctor replied, “The reattachment has been done promptly, but it’s just that she lost too much blood, and lost a lot of vigor. She will need a very long time to recover.”

Lin Xin’s face eased up a lot, “Doctor, after she recovers, will that left arm be able to use the same force as before?”

The doctor shook his head calmly, “I’m afraid that it is impossible. Her arm was cut in two, and the most vital parts of her arm sustained terrible damage. Being able to use it for daily activities would already be pretty good, operating spiritual energy will be very hard. And that’s still because you brought such good pills, otherwise I am not confident that I would have been able to fix back this arm. Take good care of her.”

After saying that, the doctor hurriedly left. The soldiers that were waiting for her rescue were just far too many.

After the doctor left, the atmosphere in the room immediately became oppressive. No one had anything to say, because they didn’t know how they should react. Li Xin suffered such a serious injury, and this was not only a powerful blow to Lin Xin alone! Having lost the ability from one of her arms, Li Xin would undoubtedly have a much lower strength in case she returned to fight with her Demon Hunt Squad.

Lin Xin understood her way too much. With Li Xin’s strong character, this blow was really severe to her.

Sitting in front of the sickbed, Lin Xin declared in a gentle voice, “Xin’er, be at ease. No matter what, I will do my best to cure your arm. What doctors can’t do, I will achieve it.”

Luc Xi suddenly remarked, “Otherwise, how about we send her to the Southern Mountain Pass? If a saint uses his most powerful technique to heal her, it will perhaps restore the capabilities of her arm.”
Lin Xin shook his head calmly, “Priest indeed have powerful abilities, but they can at most stimulate the body, with the objective of treating someone. If that kind of method is forced on Xin’er, I’m afraid that it will affect her vitality that already suffered a large blow this time.”

Luc Xi forced a bitter smile, “It’s my fault for having not protected Xin’er well. This is unrelated to your remark. I wish I could let myself get forcibly beaten up for that.”

Lin Xin sighed, “It can’t be blamed on you. It’s all the fault of those bastards, the demons.” Saying this, he couldn’t help but clench his fist.

“Go have a rest guys. Having me to look after Xin’er is enough.”

Luc Xi interrupted him, “Lin Xin, you are too tired. Pay attention to your own body.” He really didn’t know what else to say to Lin Xin. At this time, words were not of much use. Leaving with his comrades, he left this place to Lin Xin and Li Xin.

Lightly fondling Li Xin’s pale face, a change started to appear in Lin Xin’s eyes, “Xin’er, everything is my fault, because I couldn’t protect you. If that time I was by your side, even at the cost of my life, I wouldn’t let the enemies harm you. It’s all because I am too weak, as a mage who cannot step in the battlefield to protect his loved one. Xin’er, I have made my resolve. For you, I am willing to abandon my vow. I will study offensive magic.”

After these last words, Lin Xin sobbed once again.

His disposition was somewhat weak. Having lost his parents early, some painful haze was buried deep in his heart. But seeing his beloved girl lying on the ground, seriously wounded, he felt like he was going mad from his powerless state.

He was thinking, If I obtain great strength, offensive power permitting me to fight alongside with her in the battlefield, even if the final ending cannot be changed, I’ll at least die together with my beloved. Perhaps these
were the thoughts filling father at the time he died by that spell, and mother maybe has never ever regretted. At least they died together.

Xin’er, I won’t stay weak any longer. I will charge without doubt, and not fear offensive magic anymore. I will learn the most powerful attacks and use it to defeat the enemies, to protect you, my most beloved person.

The sky was densely covered by dark clouds. A dense smell of blood lingered in the air.

Southern Mountain Pass. In general strength, this was the weakest of the mountain passes of the Six Great Temples. Priests had powerful healing abilities, but attack was their weak point in the end. Moreover, cultivation was for a priest much harder than other vocations. This made the reason why high ranked priests are much fewer than the high ranked fighters of other vocations.

If not for the uninterrupted reinforcement sent by the other five great Temples of the Alliance to assist them, the Southern Mountain Pass would long since have been broken through.

Back then, when Long Haochen’s group was present here, wasn’t the Southern Mountain Pass broken through that time?

On the borders of the Southern Mountain Pass were mostly powerhouses from the other five Great Temples.

Demons formerly launched several full swing surprise attacks against priests. Although these operations would undoubtedly make the demons end up in a sorry state from the damage, the damage sustained by the Priest Temple would only be higher.

Just how hard is it to cultivate a high ranked priest? Yet in the battlefield, higher ranked priest are weak, and the methods at their disposal for surviving are very limited, their offensive abilities even more limited.

Chapter 482

Therefore, no matter how large was the cost the demons paid every time, the Southern Mountain Pass always suffered a serious setback. There was a continuous decrease of the count of the priests.

In the end, the Southern Mountain Pass had no choice but to decide to recall all the priests below the seventh step inside the city, letting them be in charge of healing the injured. Only the priests of the seventh step or higher, with ability to protect themselves, would support the other powerhouses from the Alliance in fighting on the city walls.

But there was an exception to anything. For instance, right now on the walls of the Southern Mountain Pass, was standing a priest even more robust than warriors and even more intrepid than knights.

His build exceeded two meters, and his figure was even taller and bigger than the warriors, and his terrible large bald head felt as a terrifying weapon to the demons.

Discipline Priest of the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, Sima Xian.

It had been a long time already that Sima Xian returned in the Southern Mountain Pass. However, he didn’t immediately join the battle unlike Wang Yuanyuan. For a short period of time, he was hidden in the Priest Temple. His teacher, current auxiliary head of the Priest Temple, retained him in a private room inside the Priest Temple, where he was imparted a large amount of abilities exclusive to Discipline Priest. When he complete his
training, did he finally step on the battlefield of the Southern Mountain Pass.

Mentioning it, the big shots of the Priest Temple gave quite a lot of thought as his strength kept increasing continuously. Sima Xian was starting to stand out in the Temple Alliance. Although his fighting methods could cause the Priest Temple to blush, they couldn’t help but admit that Sima Xian was powerful among priests.

This Holy War caused the priests to realize their lack of abilities in self- preservation. And the specialization of Discipline Priest, which originally ranked as a very unusual one in the history was finally mentioned in a meeting between the powerhouses of the Priest Temple.

Finally, the Priest Temple came to the decision to view Sima Xian’s accomplishments as a trial. By fostering him with their all, they would see what final strength priests could bring out if they specialized in combat.

But as a matter of fact, the power of a Discipline Priest even surpassed the expectations of the higher ups from the Priest Temple. The first time Sima Xian stepped on the battlefield, he shocked everyone present.

When the terrifying power of the Gigantic Ball of Light and Sima Xian’s extraordinary strength were displayed for the first time, it surprised them to see that priests could be so strong. Even among the warriors of the same rank, none could compare with Sima Xian.

In Sima Xian’s hands, the Energetic Ball of Light gained in attack patterns. This was especially the case after he took the Forest Boa Training Pill, making Sima Xian’s external spiritual energy rise rapidly. Currently , his cultivation brazenly broke through the seventh step, and who knows how many lower ranked demons died in his hands.

And furthermore, Sima Xian wasn’t as reckless as his appearance would lead to think. In case an enemy turns out hard to handle, he wouldn’t go stake everything in the battle. The Southern Mountain Pass was after all in human territory, thus guarded by many powerhouses. This was how his
fighting strength blossomed, to the extent that the person himself lost the count of the demons deceased in his hands.

“Sima, the demon offense is coming.” A petite female mage shouted loudly in front of Sima Xian. Her scouting through Eagle’s Eye spotted movements from the distant demon armies.

Sima Xian turn

That female mage was a fire mage. In the past, she had always believed her offensive power as a fire mage to be the strongest compared to all vocations at the same rank. But ever since she got to know Sima Xian, she came to understand that she was mistaken.

This fire mage was only at the fifth step of cultivation, and thus assigned to support this side of the battlefield in firepower. When she came here first, seeing that the one standing there was a priest, she couldn’t help but feel great shock. A priest defending a mage? Is there a mistake?

But after the demons came charging, she came to realize how excessive her mistake was. Those terrifying explosions, and the tyrannical bursts of light elemental spiritual energy made her personally witness the presence of a total meat grinder.

Later, she had been cooperating many times with Sima Xian. Standing behind his back, she very naturally had a strong feeling of safety. It was as if with him here, she didn’t have to worry about her safety at all.

The demon armies launched another charge, with the Dual Bladed Demons serving as cannon fodder as usual.

Human warriors already accumulated a plentiful experience in the battle, and the mages didn’t waste any of their precious spiritual energy against these cannon fodder, letting them climb above the city walls as they pleased. Although the massive amount of Dual Bladed Demon would impact the city walls to some extent, this prevented demons from more powerful clans to gather and attack.
When several dozen Dual Bladed Demons climbed the walls on Sima Xian’s side, he let out a snort, not even throwing the Energetic Ball of Light, but charging at them with a kind of rude and unreasonable posture.

There was no fluctuation of spiritual energy, only physical force. Sima Xian even abandoned defense entirely, allowing the attacks of the Dual Bladed Demons to land on his upper body.

His tyrannical external spiritual energy became the greatest kind of defense. Sima Xian wasn’t even clad in armor, and depended solely on his physical body to block the attacks of the Dual Bladed Demons. On his skin, all they left were invisible traces.

Choosing not to put an armor was a habit Sima Xian took after participating in this Holy War. He decided on the path he chose to take, and that was to use his domineering external spiritual energy to assist his internal spiritual energy.

Trained to the limits, his external spiritual energy was a frightful existence. Now Sima Xian’s internal spiritual energy reached ten thousand units, but with his special talent, his external spiritual energy already surpassed 15,000 units, enough to compare with Long Haochen despite him being a god’s chosen one. Among demons, even lower ranked powerhouses of the eighth step would find him hard to handle.

Upon encountering Sima Xian, Dual Bladed Demons were crushed one after another, like sand beneath a foot. When Sima Xian stood, his body appeared like an impregnable fortress, not letting the Dual Bladed Demons take the slightest step.

Even more powerful demon reinforcements came out rushing, blending with the Dual Bladed Demons, Berserk Demons, Birdy Demons, Dual Headed Demonic Eagles, Demonic Bears, Demonic Lions, and even Grand Fiends of the Fiend Clan started to join the battle.

Bangdang A Fiend Commander of sixth step jumped above the city walls, picking up his heavy sword to meet Sima Xian.
The incomparable power of the Energetic Ball of Light came to bombard him, performing a very intimate direct touch on his face.

That was a Fiend Commander of the sixth step! In front of the Energetic Ball of Light, he didn’t even have the strength to resist. With violent sounds of explosion, the Energetic Ball of Light let out a sparkle of golden light, and the heavy sword in the Fiend Commander’s hand was totally broken in pieces along with his breastbone.

Through incessant use and training, the skills that could be used with the Energetic Ball of Light were already not the same as the original ones. Sima Xian called it his most treasured weapon, and created a set of powerful techniques for using it.

For instance, the previous simple attack actually concentrated both Smash and Blast, but without Absorption, and without the use of the formidable might of the Godly Purple Thunder Spiritual Stove.

By separating the abilities and adding some self-created skills, he managed to spare himself from a large consumption of internal spiritual energy. For the things that could be done through the use of external spiritual energy, Sima Xian wouldn’t use his internal spiritual energy be wasted. This way, his ability to retain his fighting ability would become way greater.

A rapid succession of fireballs was shot from Sima Xian’s side, reducing the series of Dual Bladed Demons that were coming up to fragments. Sima Xian didn’t even turn his head, perfectly aware that this work was done by the female mage around his own age.

The two of them could be said to have not cooperated for long, but their tacit understanding was excellent. However, every time he set his eyes on the blasting prowesses of a magic spell, it unawarely made him think about has-drug-bro.

Although Lin Xin was incapable of using offensive magic, thinking about those times, Sima Xian only had a smile plastered on his face unconsciously.
Oh brother, I can’t help but think a little of you. I don’t know when we’ll stand in the battlefield together again. It would be so good to have you stand behind me now.

Groaa! A tyrannical howl rang out, pulling Sima Xian back from his thoughts. An imposing figure then climbed on the   city   walls.   ” Bang. Crushed bones flew away, as that large demon that just ascended the city walls swept its mace through the battlefield. A fierce and tough aura was mixed with the bloody stench coming all along.

Demonic Bear, one of the most tyrannical demon physically. Even Devil Dragons would find it hard to compete in strength with peak level Demonic Bears.

This Demon in front of Sima Xian’s eyes was only three meters tall, which couldn’t be considered to be a high number for a Demonic Bear. But each of its hairs was dark silver colored. Right after climbing above the walls, his imposing demeanor greatly boosted the morale of the other demons.

Demonic Bear commander. Demon of the eighth step.

Sima Xian narrowed his eyes. He knew that he had encountered a powerful enemy. The mace in the hands of this Demonic Bear reached a length similar to his size, about three meters. Its thickest part was close to the Energetic Ball of Light in diameter. This was a terrifying weapon, to be able to wreck the city walls so easily. Its terrible power was probably nothing he could compare with.

The Demonic Bear bellowed towards the sky, full of terrible might. His gaze was locked on Sima Xian, the Energetic Ball of Light in his eyes making him only too obvious.

The immense mace was abruptly raised upwards, blowing the wind in its way. The face of the female mage not far behind Sima Xian lost its color. If this kind of domineering weapon was aimed at her, she would directly turn into dust by fear.

Chapter 483

Sima Xian was joyful and fearless. Similarly bellowing loudly, a dense light essence abruptly burst forth from him, his right arm immediately turning transparent. This was an amplifying skill similar to the knights’ Brilliant Body.

Not only that, but his original majestic body grew sharply, the muscles on his upper body expending. Tinged in its golden color, the light essence coming out from him seemed to have gained a wild red color. And the spiritual energy surrounding him turned into a pure gold color. His imposing manner grew in a split second, as he strode forward in big strides, rushing to welcome that Demonic Bear.

The massive mace was directly smashed towards Sima Xian’s head, its terrifying oppressive force producing buzzing sounds in the air. Using the word terrible was not even enough to describe that. Its weight ought to be over five hundred kilograms.

Looking at the scene, when the Demonic Bear Commander’s mace collided with Sima Xian’s Energetic Ball of Light, Sima Xian’s steps became frantic, his body covering one meter on the side. His whole body stumbled, and even the Energetic Ball of Light disappeared from sight.

This move revealed the female mage behind him. Even if the Demonic Bear was unable to attack him with this blow, his mace was raised up and aimed forward, aiming to smash the female mage behind him to shreds.

She lost all color on her face. Staggering back, she could smell a bloody stench from the thick item aimed at her.
Right that moment, Sima Xian’s Energetic Ball of Light made its move. Before the distance from the mace to the ground reached a meter, his Energetic Ball of Light was swept outrageously right on its target, interrupting the mace’s attack.

With a large bang, the attack from the thick mace was pushed away vertically, and the movement of that Demonic Bear came to a stop. But at the same time, due to the powerful backlash, Sima Xian stumbled several steps away. But these movements were just right, as it propelled him ahead, and the jolted Energetic Ball of Light was brandished by the means of its chains, smashing at the arms of the Demonic Bear, gripping its weapon.

The enormous volume of the mace made it naturally heavy, and by borrowing force from that, along with his exquisite footwork, Sima Xian managed to actually reverse the situation, taking the initiative to launch the offense before giving the opponent an opportunity.

The Demonic Bear Commander after all deserved his name. His strength being at the eighth step, he didn’t look affected by having his weapon pushed back by Sima Xian. Gripping his rough tail with both his hands, he used the conical back part of that mace to thrust at the Energetic Ball of Light.

But to his misfortune, this Demonic Bear Commander didn’t pay attention to the eyes of Sima Xian, glinting in a mystical light.

Bang! A massive metallic ball clashed together with the back of the mace, and the Energetic Ball of Light was once again jolted. But that Demonic Bear Commander underestimated Sima Xian’s strength, as this attack didn’t inflict him any damage, causing him to stumble once again, his whole upper body making a forty five degrees rotation.

Sima Xian’s external spiritual energy surpassed 15,000 units, which could be added up to the instant boost brought by Berserk ability. In raw strength, this couldn’t compare to the Demonic Bear, but through borrowing the enemy’s force and the additional abilities carried by the Energetic Ball of Light, he didn’t suffer a loss in terms of power.
After the Energetic Ball of Light was once again jolted, Sima Xian who was pretty close to the Demonic Bear Commander caused the Energetic Ball of Light this time to spin, directed above, and aiming to s

The external spiritual energy of the Demonic Bear Commander exceeded 30,000 units, but even so, in case his jaw got smashed by the Energetic Ball of Light, Sima Xian was pretty sure that his brain would surely turn into a crushed watermelon.

The Demonic Bear Commander became furious. Falling back aside, his body was even pushed askew. By the time he recalibrated, the Energetic Ball of Light came back at him borrowing force, and this time, using the mace to resist was clearly impossible.

The Demonic Bear Commander was also a veteran in terms of battle. At the crucial point of the battle, he made the choice he deemed as the best, letting go of that heavy and terrifying mace in his hands. Aiming his claws downwards, he smacked onto the Energetic Ball of Light.

Having lost his weapon, the Demonic Bear Commander was like a clawless beast. But that didn’t make him less frightful in terms of brute force. One could see that the dark silvery hair on the whole body of this Demonic Bear were bursting out with darkness elemental essence, which gathered in his palms, clashing violently against the Gigantic Ball of Light.

Bamdam! A thundering sound of explosion reverberated in the whole Southern Mountain Pass.

The incomparably dense burst of golden light was instantly dispersed, and purple electric light curled up all around. Letting out sounds of cracking, it let out a burnt stench.

The instant the hands of the Demonic Bear came in contact with that Energetic Ball of Light, a violent explosion was produced, and due to the difference in cultivation, his hands were violently shaken. And next, his right leg swept, aiming at the mace that was falling. Borrowing his horns’ strength, he swept his mace and jabbed it at Sima Xian.
However, this move was not complete. That’s because at the same time his palms burst out, an intense numbness hit his senses, spreading out to his whole body. Around his dark silver hairs, a purplish electric current was curling. The suffering from this feeling of numbness even exceeded the one that came from pain.

Right, in his attack, Sima Xian went all out. Using Saint Light Knock, Blast, Crush, Absorption, and tri-layered Blast. To all this, even his Berserk state, the full force of his external spiritual energy and Purple Godly Thunder Spiritual Stove was added up.

This attacked looked simple, but consumed nearly a third of Sima Xian’s spiritual energy . The Gigantic Ball of Light was made to emit its greatest brilliance.

Having both his arms repelled and rattled, the Demonic Bear Commander’s chest was naturally open wide.

Sima Xian stomped heavily on the ground with his right foot, jumping high, ruthlessly smashing the Gigantic Ball of Light with all the force he could muster with his arms. This instant, both his hands had turned into a translucent white color.

Holy Spirit, an ability producing a pure burst of light essence.

Bang! The Gigantic Ball of Light was smashed by Sima Xian’s full strength, striking the chest of the Demonic Bear loudly, producing a pure clash of strength between the golden ball and the thick muscles.

In a loud explosion, the Purple Godly Thunder Spiritual Stove unleashed nine bolts of thunder, each of which was in the shape of a dragon , making way inside the Demonic Bear’s body.

The heavy explosion directly sent the Demonic Bear flying, sending him away from the city walls.

However, this Demonic Bear’s defense was truly terrifying. Even after sustaining such heavy damage, only his nose seemed to leak out blood. And
when the Gigantic Ball of Light struck once again, it didn’t even break through his hard chest. The title of greatest defense specialists among demons wasn’t for show.

Would Sima Xian let himself be done like that? Even if he couldn’t win, he wouldn’t let his life be taken by this Demonic Bear.

Unfortunately for the Demonic Bear, from the instant Sima Xian started attacking, he didn’t have the slightest intention of letting the enemy off. It will be either you or me. Without such mentality, how could he keep improving in the battlefield?

Large chains were suddenly pulled up, and the Gigantic Ball of Light stuck on the Demonic Bear’s was abruptly pulled back, bringing along the massive figure of that Demonic Bear Commander.

The numbness from the Purple Godly Thunder Spiritual Stove still present, the enemy wasn’t able to show the slightest resistance. Sima Xian gave a kick on his weapon, immediately sending the Demonic Bear Commander to the sky. Immediately, the Gigantic Ball of Light followed with an horizontal swipe, aiming for the head.

With his great resistance and resilience, the Demonic Bear Commander finally recovered his senses in midair. Although the Gigantic Ball of Light didn’t strike the bones on his chest, after sustaining the great killing power of the spiritual stove, a great part of the flesh on his chest was charred. The terrifying jolting force was unbearable to the demon which was already in a heavily wounded state.

But even so, the Demonic Bear Commander didn’t understand in which aspect he could have lost. Be it in strength, cultivation, physique, he should be above this human. Although his weapon was outstanding, it shouldn’t be enough for him to be so thoroughly beaten without chance of payback, being entirely led by the nose.

Of course, the Demonic Bear Commander didn’t know how much Sima Xian invested in his physical strength or the ancient battle techniques he acquired along with Long Haochen. Each of them learnt in particular how
to make the best use of chances, about the ways one can display the most of his power.

The Demonic Bear Commander indeed had a great defense, its spiritual energy surpassing Sima Xian greatly. But his weight became a burden. A Demonic Bear was only fit to stand at the front in a battlefield, but in a situation of one versus one, being so heavy was disadvantageous. Although, Sima Xian’s weapon was not necessarily much superior than the enemy’s, the two of them didn’t wield their weapons with the same mastery. From the beginning, the demonic bear didn’t have the chance to make full use of his power.

Facing the threat of death, the Demonic Bear Commander let out a mournful shout in the air, and the hairs on his whole body stood. A massive shadow appeared on his back: Bear Force.

This Demonic Bear at commander level indeed had a formidable power, only, he didn’t have the chance to display it till now.

A dense black color suddenly enveloped his arms, swinging down with full force, and welcoming the bombardment of the Gigantic Ball of Light.

Chapter 484

This Demonic Bear Commander was completely terrified. His only wish was to get away from the city’s edge, from this terrifying man wielding metal ball.

Boum! Letting out terrible colliding sounds, the body of the Demonic Bear Commander was bombarded continuously. Right as he wanted to make use of the momentum to escape the area, a massive shadow swept down, falling on his back, and he backed up.

And that massive shadow was precisely the mace that used to be in the hands of the Demonic Bear Commander at the beginning.

The mace was kicked by Sima Xian heavily, and although the Demonic Bear Commander had blocked the Gigantic Ball of Light using Bear Force, he was unable to block this launch. The thickest part of this mace smashed fiercely against the bare back of the Demonic Bear Commander. A loud impact followed, and the mace cut his flesh, before falling to the ground once again.

And shockingly, that bald man disappeared completely in the meantime. Along with his descent came a fireball extending on a diameter of half a meter.

The Demonic Bear Commander felt really depressed this time. In his peak state, such a fireball would be totally harmless. But it wasn’t the case at this point.

Left without choice, he raised his hands to resist the fireball.
A Demonic Bear of commander rank was indeed quite strong. Taking the blast from this Bursting Fireball of the fifth step only caused his body to come to a standstill in midair, before falling. He didn’t sustain any damage, only had some blood leaking out from the charred wound on his chest

But right this time, the Demonic Bear let out a terrible cry. Falling downwards, and falling violently on the wall, his last scream became fainter and fainter.

At some unknown point, that overwhelming priest had appeared on his back, slashing on the central nerves of the demon with a silver dagger, before aiming a thrust at his brain.

The wings on his back disappeared, and Sima Xian gasped loudly for breath. At the time the Demonic Bear was struck by his own weapon, Sima Xian was already in the air, flying in his direction, reaching his target at the same time as the fireball. And this terrible dagger, reaching two third of a meter in width and one meter and a third in length, a shrunken version of Wang Yuanyuan’s weapon Bloodstorm.

Although its formidable power was by no means equal to Bloodstorm, this Blood Dagger, which was nearing the legendary threshold, was made from horns of Saw Skate?. Its penetrative power was nothing the Energetic Ball of Light could compare. Knowing well of the Demonic Bear Commander’s tough defense, and being in the Berserk state, his reserves were already greatly used up. In case he didn’t manage to stop the Demonic Bear Commander, maybe the side effects would permit the opponent to dominate him.

For this reason, he used this Blood Dagger to achieve the large strike, wrecking the vital parts of this Demonic Bear.

Seated on the corpse of the Demonic Bear Commander, Sima Xian gasped for large quantities of air. The bloody scent was still present, and he simply dug out the magical crystal of the Demonic Bear Commander without reservation, collecting it in his storage device. Perhaps he was influenced by Lin Xin, but Sima Xian was enjoying and never getting tired of collecting high ranked magical crystals in the battlefield.
The enemies were too numerous, so they were clearly not given enough time to gather the corpses, but collecting the magical crystals was no issue. And he already lost the count of the high ranked magical crystals he collected.

The Holy War inflicted severe damage to humans, but in the same way, the opportunities coming along with danger multiply.

The female mage seeing Sima Xian’s tired look, displayed a

Sima Xian took this bottle of pills, taking out a few of them to swallow these at once. Unhappily, he complained, “That enemy was really strong. Just a bit more and I wouldn’t have beaten him.”

The female mage had an ashamed look on her face, “Sorry that I couldn’t help you at all.”

Sima Xian lifted up his head, showing a grin to that pretty female mage, “Don’t worry. This fellow was at the eighth step. Your magic power is not sufficient, there’s nothing you can do about it.”

The female mage beat her well developed chest, declaring, “You just gave me a terrible fright! Just before you pushed his attack away, I really thought you were going to abandon me.”

Sima Xian let out a mischievous laughter, “So you only trust your brother this much! As long as this man is alive, no one shall make a single move on you.”

The female mage felt her chest turn red, calmly nodding to him. Then Sima Xian turned to the side.
Jumping down from the back of the Demonic Bear commander, he gave a kick to the side. This was the corpse of a demon of the eighth step, which would fetch a very high price. Kicking it out of the town would be really a waste.
A bit ahead, he took the massive mace glinting in dark golden light and picked it up.

At the time this guy struck the back of the Demonic Bear commander, he clearly saw that as his mace glinted in golden light, a fierce power burst out from inside it.

However, this thing was just too large. Although Sima Xian was tall, the handle of that mace was impossible for him to control. The reason why he didn’t use his storage tool to take in the corpse of that Demonic Bear was to keep store it. After coming back, he’d look for a craftmaster to transform it, and make it useable for him. After getting used to the Energetic Ball of Light, he grew a fondness for heavy weapons.

When the powerhouses coming for reinforcement arrived, Sima Xian’s side had already gotten rid of this Demonic Bear commander of the eighth step, with all the surrounding fighters as witnesses. Seeing how exhausted he became, there was naturally someone else who took over his area.

Sima Xian didn’t try to be brave, and rapidly retreated to the back, finding a corner to sit, where he breathed insatiably. Although the previous battle was thrilling, and it turned out to be immensely enjoyable in his eyes. Beating a Demonic Bear of such level gained him a great treasure that would undoubtedly enable to raise his strength enormously.

The female mage sat beside him, handing him a sack of water. Sima Xian wasn’t polite, and emptied it entirely.
“How fulfilling. But how is it that this water contains such a sweet fragrance? Almost making me sneeze.”

The female mage unhappily glared at him, “This water is personally used by this lady. What’s with my smell being sweet? Do you think I’m a barbarian like you?”

Sima Xian laughed in response, scratching his head, “It won’t do then. You’re a girl after all, don’t share your own drink like that again next

The female mage snorted to him, “What’s with me being a girl? In the current situation, there’s no saying whether we can stay alive tomorrow. Everyday is filled with countless slaughters. Didn’t you see how frail our lives are? Do you dare accept if this girl dares sleep with you right here? Do you dare?”

“Eck” Sima Xian really didn’t expect her to be so intrepid. The previously frantic and unstoppable Discipline Priest clearly became somewhat embarrassed.

“Are you having a fever?” Sima Xian cautiously asked.

The female mage bit her red lips in reaction, “Who’s having a freaking fever? So you won’t accept? So even if it’s sitting in front of you, you won’t dare take it? This girl is okay with anything.”

Sima Xian forced a smile, “Don’t be like that. I find it a bit hard to accept.”

The female mage let out a cold snort, “Let it be then.” After saying this, she sat to another side. Actually, only she knew this, but her heart was really beating fast.

Right! In this Holy War, who knew how much longer they would be able to keep living? Perhaps they would be dead the next instant. This female mage knew clearly how many times Sima Xian saved her life. Every time, his tall figure was standing in front of her, protecting her and stopping the frantic attacks of the enemies.

At the time he got rid of that Demonic Bear, the female mage felt her last defenses being overcome. She didn’t know whether what she felt for him was love, but her thoughts towards him were frantic, even willing to give her most precious thing to him. At least this way even if she died in this southern mountain pass, her life won’t have been lived for naught.
“Sorry girl. I already have a girlfriend.” Sima Xian tried to explain. He could tell that this girl was clearly far from undisturbed in this situation.

“I know that. Isn’t that about that little white flower’? You are taking a look several times every day at the letters she wrote to you. Who among the people knowing you doesn’t know? Even so, this girl doesn’t mind.” The female mage suddenly turned her head, staring with a very fierce gaze at Sima Xian.

Sima Xian shook his head, “Won’t do. I am a loyal man.”

“Let it be. You think I really cherish you??” The female mage abruptly stood up, giving a slap to Sima Xian.

Sima Xian looked blank being hit by her. Right as the lustrous tears were falling from the eyes of the female mage, she suddenly realized that the look on the face of this bald priest suddenly changed, abruptly pushing her down with the pressure of a mountain.

Isn’t this too fierce?

The immense weight that pressed the female mage down caused her to be unable to breathe, letting out a sweet and strong smell.

It was blood, flowing from the corners of Sima Xian’s and dripping on the face of this girl. . Sima Xian abruptly rolled to the side, taking her along to a corner. The female mage then saw that on Sima Xian’s back, an immense wound had appeared. And at the place from where Sima Xian fell before, an invisible figure was struck by the blades of the powerhouses from the Alliance.

Dyke Invisible Demon, at least at the sixth step of cultivation.

“How are you? Don’t scare me like that?” The female mage held Sima Xian’s head, looking at his lips dyed with blood. For a moment, she didn’t know what to do.
“It’s nothing, I won’t die from this. The fucking weapon had some penetrative effects. By chance I avoided getting struck in the vitals.” Sima Xian was gasping with large breaths, gulping a few more pills.

Chapter 485

A golden light appeared on time, falling on Sima Xian’s body. Who knows which powerful priest payed attention to this situation, giving him very effective healing.

The female mage bit her lips as she looked at this bald male. After quite a while, she suddenly grabbed Sima Xian’s neck, fiercely kissing him.

This act was really too sudden, adding with the weak state of Sima Xian’s body, there was simply no way to avoid being kissed like that.

At this time, Sima Xian’s mind went thinking, How am I going to account for my little white flower?

This kiss came fast and also ended fast. The female mage abruptly lifted up her head, full of aggressiveness, “I don’t care about whatever little white flower. I am set on you, and won’t take any refusal.”

“But my heart is already taken…” Sima Xian spoke out his heart’s content.

The female warrior snorted in disdain, “All I want is your body. I don’t demand your heart.”


Sima Xian simply kept his mouth shut, because he didn’t know what he should say. The guts of this girl was such that even men wouldn’t be able to compare with it.
In reality, his outside appearance was straightforward, but was very soft inside. He could feel some of the thoughts in the heart of this female mage. Behind her intrepid looks actually concealed a great shiver and a fear for the war.

She was simply earnestly looking for someone to rely on. This fucked up war! What a fucked up war!
Seeing Sima Xian’s expression, the female mage gradually calmed down, leaning on him, and murmuring the words, “I’m sorry.”

Sima Xian lifted up his hands, embracing her shoulders, “It’s nothing.
You’re the one who got the worse of it. The past is the past.”

Realizing that her eyes were somewhat moist, she suddenly turned her head, and looked at him, “If your little white flower doesn’t want you, how about letting me marry you? I am serious. At least you are a strong man.”

Sima Xian stayed silent, his hands letting out a flash. A few parchments appeared in his hands. Immediately, his eyes became moist.

The female mage didn’t speak further. When she saw Sima Xian stare fixedly at these parchments, she understood that she would never be able to get ahold of this man’s heart.

Sima Xian cautiously opened the parchments one after another.

They were a total of four, each one preserved very well, without any damage on it.

On the first one was written, “Bastard, you know clearly well that I am unwilling for you to call me little pure flower, so why do you keep doing this? I hate you, and hate your freaking baldie face. But if you die in the frontline, I will hate you forever. You have to come back to me alive, no matter how long it takes. Also, send me letters. If your next letter doesn’t arrive within the next three months, this girl will immediately marry off, not even letting you die in peace.”
Sima Xian still remembered clearly the mixed feelings that surged in his heart at the time he opened the first letter. She gave me a reply, and told me to come back alive. She said that she would marry off if she doesn’t get a reply from me. So she cares about me! Even he didn’t know how great the propelling force and courage this letter gave him was. But he was certain that without these four letters in his hands, he wouldn’t have smoothly broken through the seventh step.

Second letter, “There’s hope as long as you live on.”
Right, the second letter contained just those simple words, because at the The third letter, “Don’t you think I am terrible? If you don’t fear me
beating you, cursing at you, come and see me after the Holy War ends.

If you were to choose between your Demon Hunt Squad and me, which one would you choose? ”

At the time the third letter came, Sima Xian was tangled up for a long time. His original good mood was totally overturned irascibly. That time, his display on the battlefield was especially fierce. The reply he gave Feng Ling’er was composed of the few words: Demon Hunt Squad.

Right, he liked Feng Ling’er. It was a love at first sight, a love beyond redemption. But this feeling of liking couldn’t sway his conviction. ,“……” Feng Ling’er’s fourth letter came very rapidly, “I found out that I am really starting to like you. That’s because I like determined men. Train your muscles strongly, and don’t dare womanize others. Then perhaps after these days pass, I will come and visit you. As long as you are still alive, you have a hope to have me by your side.”

Exorcist Mountain Pass, Assassin Temple.

“Ding.” A nimble figure made a turn in the air, floating above the ground. At the time its feet landed on the ground, it didn’t look steady, actually staggering several times before barely standing firm. Sweeping away the large sickle in its hands, it aimed at an empty area ahead.
“Ding.” Another crispy sound came. Only, this time it sounded even more prolonged. Cai’er’s whole body shook, and the sickle in her hand was repelled, she was staggering and falling to the ground.

A cold ray of light appeared in front of her soundlessly, pointing at her throat, causing her skin to tremble slightly.

The cold ray vanished and an aged voice could be heard, “Very good. To be able to resist half an hour against my attacks, until your exhausted spiritual energy makes you unable to keep resisting, your battle techniques are already at the top of the Assassin Temple within the seventh step.”

Cai’er stood up with the support of her hands, with her forehead dripping profusely. As if throwing a tantrum, she declared to Sheng Yue, “Great- grandfather, aren’t you taking it too seriously? I’m soo tired.” Following this, she went to pick up her enormous sickle fallen to the side.

This was visibly not her Sickle of the God of Death, but a metallic one of same size. After all, when controlling the Sickle of the God of Death, Cai’er could hardly control her strength and very possibly be unable to stop her strength.

Sheng Yue shook his head.

Cai’er looked at her with some doubt, “Great-grandfather, what’s with you? Haven’t you just been praising me for learning fast and having great technique?”

Sheng Yue let out a slight smile, walking in front of her and stroking her head, “Your current strength is pretty good. But you are lacking something necessary to an assassin.”

“What is it?” “Murderous spirit.”
Cai’er was startled, “Then, how can I train my murderous spirit?”
Sheng Yue replied, “The murderous spirit of an assassin is engraved in his or her bones, cultivated from training since a child. Having lost your past memories, you lost your original murderous spirit. In a battle, the greatest time for an assassin to shine is when he instantly burst out with his strongest murderous spirit, utilizing his offensive abilities to inflict serious damage in an instant to the enemy.” , Cai’er stamped her feet onto the ground, “Then, it’s not too late for me to learn that! But you don’t let me join the battlefield, and kill the enemies! How am I supposed to train my murderous instinct.”

In Sheng Yue’s mind appeared contradicted thoughts. With a light sigh, he replied, “I have no other choice! Originally, when you were very young, I had sent you to train in front of the Dagger of Samsara. That time I was fierce and determined, in spite of all the imploration from your parents. But as time passed, although you have lost your murderous spirit with losing your memories, you came to regain your childhood innocence and your happy memories. Your great-grandfather really cannot bear to see you back to your former self. It would be so great if we weren’t at war. I would only hope for you to stay forever happy like this.”

Cai’er opened her eyes wide, “But didn’t you say that I am the Saint Daughter of Samsara, who should bear the mission that comes along? And I have to protect Haochen! In one year, he didn’t think of visiting me. Really!”

Sheng Yue revealed a faint smile, “Foolish girl, you can’t possibly blame this on him. This child Haochen carries on his shoulders a far larger burden than you. And the pressure on his shoulders is a lot greater than you. If you wish for his well-being, you have to be a good wife in the future for him. I believe that as long as the two of you are given enough time, given your talent, you will surely command the counterattack of humanity against demons before too long.”

Cai’er’s eyes went deep black. This year, she tried who knows how many times, very hard to regain her memories. But things turned contrary to her wishes: no matter how hard she tried, nothing was recalled. To the extent that she didn’t even manage to find traces of her lost memories.
The Exorcist Mountain Pass was her home, and after coming back here, her feelings of hesitation toward her parents and grandfather gradually disappeared. As a matter of fact, staying here was probably the best choice for her. Except for being unable to meet with Long Haochen, this past year was full of happy memories for her. Not only she fully recovered her past strength, and her cultivation made remarkable progress, her internal spiritual energy already surpassing the 20,000 units, making fast progress towards the eighth step.

“Great-grandfather, let’s do it once again. Even if my murderous spirit is insufficient, having sufficient strength will achieve the same results. Also, the issue of murderous spirit can be made up through my Sickle of the God of Death! Every time I wield it, I feel myself becoming someone else something else :), and all my fears will naturally disappear.”

Sheng Yue calmly shook his head, “No hurry. Recover your spiritual energy first. Cai’er, a short time later, I’m afraid that you will really have to step on the battlefield, though your great-grandfather will remain by your side. Are you willing? If you aren’t, great-grandfather won’t force you. But if you want to be of help to Long Haochen in the future, that’s the only choice left to you then.”

Cai’er replied without hesitation, “Great-grandfather, I am willing. I want to be of help to him.”

Sheng Yue patted her once again, full of tender affection. He was still tangled up in various emotions, as if Cai’er’s extremely cold and indifferent behaviour toward him was even harder to bear.

Knight Temple, Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

With a glint of golden light, Long Haochen stepped out, and the illusory light surrounding him vanished completely. Finally, he was back to the real world once again.

Finally coming out from the Illusory Cave, even he didn’t know how much time passed in total since the time he entered the Illusory Cave. But
having come back to the real world, he had a kind of brand-new feeling, as if he had just been reborn under a new leaf.

Gentle light essence pulsed cheerfully in his surroundings. The changes on Long Haochen were indeed great. He grew a lot taller, his shoulders broader. But he didn’t turn exaggeratedly robust, still giving off a very gentle and harmonious feel. Be it his face or the lines traced by his muscles, both seemed to be born from heavens.

Chapter 486

His long golden hair draped over the two sides of his face, and his handsome looks and holy appearance seemed to make it so that just by standing he would give off the appearance of a wind swept god of sea.

His eyes were like two golden crystals, both colored in a resplendent golden color. But his look was very peaceful, when gazing at him, one would unconsciously not dare keep looking straight at him.

His both arms stretched to his sides, and taking a large breath, Long Haochen displayed a gentle smile. I am back, Knight Temple.

Resounding steps sounded out. Turning his head, Long Haochen got to see a Mythril Foundation Armored knight appear on his side, performing a knight salute.

“Hello, sire Long Haochen.”

“Hello.” Long Haochen made haste to return the knight salute.

“Please follow me.” The Foundation Mythril Knight turned back and stepped out.

Under his lead, Long Haochen returned to the room where he resided when he returned to the Knight Temple’s headquarters.

“Please wait a moment. Sire Temple Head instructed me to summon you as you come out. I will also inform your mother.”

“Okay. Thank you.”
The Mythril Armored Knight left, and Long Haochen sat on the bed, as he gave off a kind of unreal feel. The bed couldn’t be considered soft, but the room gave off a feeling of homely warmth.

After having sunk in cultivation for so long, he’s finally back. As he couldn’t help but lie on the bed, stretching his body, he had a kind of really cozy feeling, as if every cell of his was moaning.

A short time later, footsteps were heard from the outside. The door was directly pushed upon, and a sweet figure rushed in.

“Haochen.” Bai Yue had a very pleasantly surprised voice, very rapidly throwing herself at Long Haochen, and giving a hug to her child.

His mother’s embrace was full of warmth and fragrance. Long Haochen tightly embraced his mother, “Mom.”

His voice was unconsciously trembling, but the feeling of being able to lean in his mother’s embrace was really the best. But right this instant, he directed all his thoughts in his duty. For the sake of bringing an even better life to his mother, for her safety, and for every single mother in the Temple Alliance, he had to do his utmost to resist the attack of the demon invaders as a Guardian Knight.

“How could you be gone for so long for your training! It’s been a year and a half! Do you know how much your mother worried about you?” Bai Yue was already sobbing.

Her husband having been gone for so long without giving any news, she had finally reunited with such difficulty with her son, but he immediately went in closed-doors cultivation, for a year and a half. If not for Yang Haohan and grandpa who were here to comfort her, and tell her that he was all right, she would perhaps have gone to look for him long ago. Her son could now be said to be the only thing left in her heart. If something really happened to Long Haochen, Bai Yue didn’t know if she would have enough courage left to keep living.
A soft light essence was released from Long Haochen’s body, gradually pacifying the warm feelings coming out from his mother’s heart.

Letting go of her son’s hand, she earnestly looked at him.

“Haochen, you are thinner, a lot thinner. But still energetic. My son is the sweetest after all!”

Long Haochen couldn’t help but smile, forcing himself not to let tears flow, “It has always been so! Mother, I won’t keep going in seclusion this time. I will accompany you at Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. How


“Yes, yes but...” Bai Yue couldn't refrain her tears from rushing forth,
“But can you really remain by my side?”

Long Haochen went silent. He obviously couldn’t, he had to go in battle and fight for humanity. Remaining always by Bai Yue’s side and accompanying her all the time was fundamentally impossible.

But so that more mothers could reunite with their own sons and daughters, and as the Scion of Light and a Guardian Knight, he had a lot of duties and responsibilities to bear.

The door opened, and the white haired like snow Yang Haohan entered. Seeing the pair of mother and child, he didn’t open the door. Before, he heard Long Haochen and his mother converse, and really couldn’t bear to go disturb their precious moment.

“Grandpa Yang.” Long Haochen stood up, immediately greeting Yang Haohan, who waved his head with a soft touch, not letting him bow down.

“Good kid. So you finally finished training. You really made us unbearably worried. This session of yours lasted for a year and a half. Take some rest, and accompany your mother for now. I give you ten days of vacations.”
“Thank you.” Long Haochen didn’t decline the invitation. Ten days couldn’t be considered much, but this could perhaps be the only time he would be able to accompany his mother for a long period in the future.

“Mother, where is the kitchen here? I will make a meal for you. Oh right, didn’t you ask about Cai’er last time? I’ll tell you everything about her okay? Cai’er is really very beautiful. In the future, I will surely marry her so she’ll be your daughter-in-law.”

Bai Yue finally turned grief into happiness, “You little thing. Not even twenty, and you’re thinking of getting yourself a wife. But it’s a good thing; when will you be introducing Cai’er to me?”

Long Haochen looked at Yang Haohan with an inquiring look on his face.

Yang Haohan was not only the head of the Knight Temple, but also the head of the Alliance. His position in the Alliance was, as such, clearly influential. After coming out from seclusion, what he wanted to know was the time left before being able to gather with his comrades, and the time before he would be able to step on the battlefield again.

Yang Haohan smiled lightly in response, “Everything will be told to you in ten days. The Alliance made some preparations for you. You can be at ease, your comrades are all doing very well at the time being.”

Hearing his response, Long Haochen relaxed greatly, and the expression on his face loosened, “Ma, I’m going to make a meal for you. What about a soup?”

Bai Yue had a smile on her face, “Haochen, Mother actually really wants to drink that potherb soup you made when you were young.”

The heartwarming days passed very rapidly, and on these ten days, Long Haochen accompanied his mother, making meals, massaging and spending all day talking with her. He showed his mother every possible consideration.
Given Bai Yue’s intelligence, she of course knew that after these ten days passed, it would be very hard for him to accompany her like this. Although she felt very reluctant, she did her best to relax and enjoy these days together with her son.

“Go Haochen. No need to worry for Mother. I will be waiting for you in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, waiting for you, son of the Divine Knight of Adjudication and Trial Long Xingyu. But you have to promise Mother to protect yourself well no matter what. By protecting yourself well, you will only protect others better. Your father has already been missing for so long, Mother can’t bear losing you.”

Seeing the eyes of his mother gone hazy with tears, Long Haochen was torn with grief. These ten days were spent in great luxury; how good would it be if he could keep spending his time this way! But he knew that this was impossible. Unless demons were wiped out, as the Scion of Light, he couldn’t possibly keep spending his time steadily by his mother’s side.

Drawing two steps back, Long Haochen didn’t dare keep looking at his mother’s eyes. After kowtowing on the ground three times, he rapidly exited the room. He was afraid of being unable to part with his mother for real if he stayed too long.

Exiting his mother’s room, Long Haochen gasped immensely for breath. Even the assault of the bottleneck of the eighth step didn’t felt as painful as now.

For no less than ten minutes, he pushed down with difficulty the sadness in his heart. At least, he won’t be leaving the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass for the time being, and would be able to frequently visit his mother. He was only able to comfort himself this way.

“Your Mother is still well?” Seeing Long Haohan pay his respect to him, Yang Hoahan asked with a smile on his face.

Long Haochen nodded silently, but his expression was already full of resolve, “Sir Temple Head, please assign our tasks. I also want to know when the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad can be reformed.”
The smile on Yang Haohan’s face vanished at the same time as he gave a nod, “You should remember what Sheng Yue said at the time you parted with each other.”

Long Haochen replied, “I remember that great-grandfather Sheng Yue said that as long as I successfully break through the eighth step, and that my comrades all reach the seventh step in strength, we can then have the possibility to reform our squad.

Yang Haohan nodded, “A year and a half have already passed. Regardless of whether the Demon God Emperor used you as a pretext to start this Holy War, it is still ongoing, and the Demon God Emperor has yet to sent powerhouses to search for your tracks. Therefore, in some sense, the preconditions for your team to be reformed are already fulfilled.”

“Really?” Long Haochen was overjoyed at these news. All his comrades were putting great efforts for the sake of reforming the team. As their captain, his thirst for that was greater than anyone else. After a year and a half of peaceful training, his mind became peaceful, but the thirst inside him didn’t decrease in the slightest.

“But that’s not all, don’t rush.” Yang Haohan looked at Long Haochen with a severe eye.

The great joy on Long Haochen’s face disappeared, but his excitement remained. Because he knew that since Yang Haohan gave him hope, it means that his 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad had absolutely the hope to get reformed.

Yang Haohan replied, “In your young generation, no one can compare with your strength. But it is far from enough against powerful demons. You should know about this point. Therefore, you will all have to prove to the Alliance your ability of self-preservation, should you want to reform your Demon Hunt Squad.

Chapter 487

Long Haochen nodded, “If we can reform our Demon Hunt Squad, I hope to take missions to go after the enemy. After all, Haoyue has the ability to destroy demon god pillars, which are the roots of demons. As long as we can keep destroying them one after another, the demons morale will surely take a great blow . And finally one day, after all the seventy-two demon god pillars are destroyed, the demons will no longer be on the face of this world. This way the aim of the Alliance will be achieved.”

Yang Haohan nodded, “The Alliance already knows about all you said. If it was up to me, I would hope for you to all reach the ninth step of cultivation before engaging in battle against the demons. But I also know that you cannot wait so long, and the Alliance cannot afford to either.”

Long Haochen was alarmed, asking in hurry, “Grandpa Yang, how is the Holy War going?” These days he had been single-mindedly accompanying his mother, and didn’t ask about the situation of the Holy War.

The atmosphere surrounding Yang Haohan became heavy, “The situation is not good. During the year and a half, we had all-out war against demons. Their armies keep engaging without stop, and the cards in our hands are at their limits. In a year and a half, over a half of the resources saved by the Alliance were consumed. Although we inflicted a serious blow to the demons too, our damage can only be described as disastrous. If this war keeps going on, even if we can repel the demons, the Alliance is bound to lose a lot of its morale. Moreover, the most powerful Devil Dragon Clan, Moon Clan and Star Clan have yet to participate up to
know. Without exaggeration, if they appear in any battlefield, our forts won’t possibly hold out.”

Long Haochen wrinkled his brows. The Holy War already went on for a year and a half, and he could imagine how disastrous this war was. Although he didn’t directly participate, he fought enough against the demons. The demon gods in each stronghold reached a count of eight, and their strength alone was very hard to resist. Based on what Yang Haohan said, up to now, the Six Great Strongholds were still undefeated. This was a good piece of news, but as one might imagine, the Temple Alliance had to pay a massive cost for that.

Yang Haohan continued, “Therefore, the Alliance certainly needs some powerhouses to sneak in demon territory to carry out missions there. Although our losses are enormous, the demons’ losses aren’t small either. If they weren’t surviving by eating the corpses of their own kin, they would have clearly not lasted so long. This time, demons are also suffering a large loss of morale, but we don’t know how they can keep attacking like before, and not retreat no matter what. If it goes on like this, we will be the first to crumble. If the demon offenses don’t keep gaining in intensity, the Alliance can only hold out for year to year and a half at most.”

Long Haochen declared severely, “Let us go then. Killing some demons will never be as good as destroying demon god pillars. As long as we can destroy some of their demon god pillars in the rear, they will undoubtedly be greatly affected. The ability of recovery of the Alliance is far greater than the demons, as long as we are given time to adapt and reconstruct our stronghold, even if the Devil Dragons, Moon Demons and Star Demons join the lot, we won’t necessarily have to fear them.”

“What you said makes sense, but can you resist the demon gods with your current strength? The Devil Snake Andromalius’ demon god pillar having been destroyed, the demons’ caution toward the defense of their demon god pillars is even higher. How can you guarantee t

Long Haochen took a large breath, “I am confident.”
Yang Haohan shook his head, “It’s not a question of confidence, but a question of strength. As the Captain of the Demon Hunt Squad, you have to prove to the Alliance that your strength is enough for your team to reform and complete missions in demon territory.”

Long Haochen wrinkled his eyebrows, “How does the Alliance expect me to prove that?”

Yang Haohan replied, “Very simple. Since you are a Demon Hunter, you will do according to the rules of the Demon Hunters. In a bit, I will record the count of contribution points in your tile. You will have to achieve a count of ten million contribution point through slaughter on the battlefield, then the Alliance will permit you to reform your team.”

“What? Ten millions contribution points?” Long Haochen was greatly shocked. This was just too hard? What do ten million contribution points correspond to? It implies for him to kill ten demon gods in the top thirty- six, or a million Dual Bladed Demons! Achieving this count through slaughter was simply be summed up as hard’.

“How about it, Discouraged?” Yang Haohan revealed a little smile.

Long Haochen shook his head, “No, I am not discouraged. It’s just that this will take too long. I am afraid that the Alliance cannot wait so long.”

Yang Haohan responded, “That’s why you have to strive harder. And you cannot reveal your identity, that’s to say, your magical beast companion cannot appear in the battlefield. I will arrange you to return in the Knights’ Saint Mountain, and pick another mount there. Afterwards, you will have to pass through the trial of the Mythril Foundation Knights, to be qualified to head in the battlefield. Then, achieving the count of ten million contribution points will have to be done through your own efforts.”

Long Haochen revealed a bitter smile. Ten million contribution points, this count was too massive. In simple terms, it could only be gathered by getting rid of an elite group of the scale of the Demon Emperor’s legion.
Yang Haohan didn’t urge Long Haochen to make a decision, only watching over him with a smile. This was a decision that he came with the other higher-ups from the Temple Alliance after discussing.

Long Haochen having remained in seclusion for so long, he was certain that this child’s cultivation was bound to have increased tremendously. But precisely because of this, Yang Haohan couldn’t afford to let Long Haochen risk himself inside the demon territory.

To the Knight Temple, Long Haochen was really too important.

As long as he was let to grow, it could be predicted that the future him will surely become a new legend for the Temple Alliance, the future leader for the Temple Alliance’s counterattack.

The suggestion of ten million contribution points was something Yang Haohan decided after much deliberation. That’s because he knew that if Long Haochen and his comrades’ thoughts to return to the battlefield were flat out rejected, this would be a massive blow to them. Maybe they would abandon themselves to despair, and this was something the Alliance was unwilling to see.

And Yang Haohan understood Long Haochen’s character. He knew that this youngster was extremely tough. The task of getting ten million contribution points was actually to keep him in the Knight Temple, in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

According to Yang Haohan’s calculations, gathering ten million contribution points would take five to ten years. And that time, Long Haochen should have broken through the ninth step, and won’t need to be bound any longer.

And furthermore, having Long Haochen battle in the Dragon Resisting Mountain would permit him to integrate among knights even better, nurturing his talent as commander, and strengthening his influence in the Knight Temple, to make preparations to have him undertake the future position of head of the Knight Temple.
Therefore, this task could be said to be aiming to achieve many moves in one hit, and the best method thought up by Yang Haohan.

His justifications were well-founded, so he didn’t fear getting rejected by Long Haochen.

As for the matter of the Temple Alliance being only able to last for a year to a year and a half under such demon attacks, this was real. But the issue was, would the demons be able to keep attacking for such a long time?

Since the past half-year, the demons were not launching offensives every day any longer. They would attack about once every ten days or half month, mostly recuperating and looking for food.

In the aspect of recovery, the Temple Alliance couldn’t be slower than the demons. So Yang Haohan was aware since long ago that this Holy War won’t have a final winner, but also won’t bear fruits. At least the demons couldn’t crush the Temple Alliance this time.

The demons had three powerful forces that had yet to join the battles, but the humans also had their own trump card. Although this trump card was something Yang Haohan was unwilling to use no matter what, unless it really comes to the final crisis of life or death, and that there’s no other choice. For the humans to keep living was the most important.

“Okay, I accept.” Long Haochen finally said the words Yang Haohan was the most hoping to hear.

Ten million contribution points was not absolutely impossible to reach. Long Haochen just counted the number of demons from the different races that would be necessary to reach this count. By intensifying his own efforts, he believed that this was possible.

Just when Yang Hoahan revealed a smile, Long Haochen’s next words shocked him.

“However, Grandpa Yang, I don’t need you to arrange the trial for getting one of the Foundation Mythril Armor. I want to directly pass the
trial to become a Gold Essence Foundation Knight.   I hope to succeed one of the Gold Essence Foundation Armor Knight that have the hopes to reach the Epic Tier.”

“What?” Yang Haohan really frightened, “Haochen, don’t tell me that you already...”

This time, Long Haochen revealed a smile on his face, and looked down energetically, “Yes. I have already broken through successfully. So please permit me.”

Yang Haohan felt his breath rushing, He… He really succeeded? He actually succeeded! In a mere year and a half of seclusion he did it! But he’s not even past twenty yet, right! A Saint Knight of the eighth step below twenty!

With great difficulty, Yang Haohan suppressed his excitement, saying straight, “Haochen, even if you broke through the eighth step successfully, you cannot aim too high right now. You should know that there can only be at most thirty-six Gold Essence Mythril Knights. There are indeed a few vacant Gold Essence Foundation Armor Knights, but winning against a Gold Essence Foundation Knight is necessary to obtain the qualification. Their strength is for all close to the ninth step, and although your opponent won’t be clad in their Gold Foundation Armor, he will face you with his full strength. Are you certain that you want to challenge a Gold Essence Foundation Knight?”

Long Haochen took a deep breath, before looking at Yang Haohan earnestly, “I am certain.”

Chapter 488

Seeing Long Haochen’s determined look, Yang Haohan nodded slowly, “Then I will arrange that. But you have to remember one thing. If you cannot pass through this test, you will not be able to take the lower ranked trials in the future. You can only remain in the Temple and train, until you can pass through it, and gain the Epic Tier Gold Essence Foundation Armor. Only then can your task for the ten million contribution points start.”

Long Haochen had a start, feeling faintly as if having fallen in a trap. But as a matter of fact, could he cower before that? This would just cause his fighting spirit to collapse.


Yang Haohan secretly laughed inside, Little punk, I shall let you act as haughty as you can. In a moment, you will be put in order.

His goal was very simple: to do his utmost to drag Long Haochen’s stay in the Knight Temple for as long as possible, for him to reform his team to undertake missions as late as possible. And in this process, Long Haochen could only increase his strength to resolve the issue. This move aimed to kill two birds with one stone, naturally putting him in good mood.

Yang Haohan called another knight over, and had him take Long Haochen in a training field inside the Knight Temple’s headquarters.

This training field was a lot smaller compared to the Alliance’s training grounds back in Holy City established underground. Also circular, its
diameter reached only fifty meters. But Long Haochen absolutely didn’t look down on the training field, because on its roof, its bottom and all the surroundings were strong fluctuations of spiritual energy. In terms of firmness, the training grounds back in Holy City were no match for this place.

After Long Haochen was brought here, that knight left, and only he was left in these training fields.

Clad in the Glorious Holy Armor, Long Haochen directly sat on a side of the training fields, focusing his attention on adjusting his breath and on controlling the fluctuations of spiritual energy inside his body.

Soft thin golden fog was faintly discernible on the surface of his body, appearing dazzling under the reflection of the Glorious Holy Armor. His sparkling and translucent skin seemed to be transporting charges of light. Sitting there, he immediately had the feeling of being assimilated the surrounding environment. Without looking for him with one’s eyes, one would very hardly perceive his existence.

His long eyelashes flashing above his eyes, his handsome face gave off a feeling of extreme peacefulness.

Long Haochen’s wait lasted for close to half an hour, but while sitting here, he didn’t make the slightest movement, and didn’t have the slightest impatience.

The door opened, and a tall knight entered.

This knight was clad in an ordinary full body armor. Clad in a helmet, his face was also hidden, and in his left hand was a very thick tower shield. In his right hand was a two meter long battle hammer. This hammer had a reflecting surface, letting out a golden luster. Be it his shield or his weapon, both were at the Glorious Tier, making it no item of the highest quality.

The instant this tall knight stepped inside the training ground, the space closed between Long Haochen’s eyes opened all of a sudden.
The instant when he opened his eyes, that tall knight stopped his feet. Secretly, he was startled, because the instant he entered the training ground, he unexpectedly didn’t sense the slightest trace of Long Haochen’s presence. But the instant his eyes opened, it gave off the feeling of a sharp blade being unsheathed.

Standing up, Long Haochen used his right fist to beat his chest, paying his respects to the knight in front of him, “Hello. Paying my

The tall knight had a sonorous voice, but somewhat rough sounding,

Long Haochen took a look at the counterpart’s weapon and equipment,
“Senior, my equipment seems better than yours. Should I change it?”

The tall knight indifferently replied, “No need. What you will have to do is to use everything you can to defeat me. In the time of this trial, one will not be allowed to use his mount. This aside, there are no other restriction. I won’t start off leniently. Let us start!”

After he finished speaking, this tall knight abruptly took large strides without the slightest pause, charging towards Long Haochen. His steps were large, and when each of them was heard, strong rumbles spreaded in the whole training field. Intense golden flames abruptly ascended in his body, letting out a torrential oppressive force.

Long Haochen’s expression changed greatly. He originally had great expectations for the strength of a Gold Essence Foundation Knight, but the massive threat this tall knight caused him to feel went really beyond his expectations.

The enemy didn’t use any technique and didn’t even use his spiritual wings, but his imposing manner reached a supreme level, and his attacks seemed to carry a crushing oppressive force. He could surely go even faster, but painstakingly maintained a certain rhythm, aiming to optimize his imposing manner to its peak starting from the beginning.
Long Haochen obviously wouldn’t let the enemy reach his goals so easily. His powerful senses told him that if the enemy was left to make such preparations, he would definitely be unable to block his attack.

The extremity of his foot tapped onto the ground, as similar golden flames suddenly ascended around him. But the difference compared to that tall knight was that the golden flames abruptly released by Long Haochen were shot toward his back.

It appeared as though a golden lightning bolt had appeared abruptly in the training fields, covering the shortest path, with the most direct and straight trajectory, aiming forward.

Lightspeed Flash. Secret Retribution Knight technique of the seventh step, raising speed instantly, and strengthening one’s imposing manner to the peak all at once.

This technique was not easy to control, to the extent that some Retribution Knights of the eighth step wouldn’t necessarily have full grasp on it. But Long Haochen almost had no preparations nor time to store energy, and directly used this ability to its fullest.

This golden lightning bolt transformed into a golden light ray, and the instant Long Haochen charged, he was already parallel to the ground, becoming one with his sword.

But bizarrely, in his state of being one with the sword, except from the intense flames released on his back, there appeared to be unexpectedly no sword intent released from his body in the slightest.

The instant the tall knight that was advancing in big strides was about to clash with Long Haochen he abruptly came to a stop, as if having a premonition of danger. His massive tower shield directly blocked his front.

emDing/em A melodious crispy sound rang out in an instant.

Although Lightspeed Flash couldn’t possibly really reach the speed of light, it was the greatest speed Long Haochen ever reached, enough to
match instant teleportation.

Clashing at such speed, and in a straight line, an incomparably sharp sword intent burst out at the same time this crispy sound was produced. It seemed to tear open the powerful imposing manner unleashed by that tall knight the instant before.

Long Haochen’s attack looked devoid of preparations, but in truth, the instant his attack burst out, the spiritual energy surrounding his whole body was already congealed. And more frighteningly, all his sword intent seemed to be held inside the Aria of the Goddess of Light, its formidable power exceeding even the most powerful of the attack he could use before the time of his secluded training.

But the strength displayed by that tall knight startled Long Haochen entirely. The instant the Aria of the Goddess of Light entered in contact with his Glorious Tier tower shield, on its surface a golden speck of light appeared . That golden speck was even more resplendent than the sharp end of Long Haochen’s sword. With an ear-piercing ringing, Long Haochen felt that he was trying to pierce a mountain and not a shield.

Even more terrifying, all the colliding force seemed to have been suppressed, and Long Haochen’s Aria of the Goddess of Light seemed stuck onto the tower shield.

This was… Spiritual Highland, a powerful ability specific to powerhouses of the eighth step.

A demon’s strong points mostly manifest on their body, but in utilization of spiritual energy, demons of same rank would surely not be inferior to humans.

Spiritual Highland is an ability specific to the three close quarters vocations of the Temple Alliance, and one of the most basic ability of human powerhouses of the eighth step.

After one’s spiritual energy breaks through 30,000 units, he requires four spiritual cavities, to break through the eighth step and continue his
cultivation. Seemingly, not every human at the eighth step has his fourth spiritual cavity at the same location, making everyone’s cultivations have different characteristic. For instance, Long Haochen’s fourth spiritual cavity was established in his right shoulder.

After the spiritual energy breaks through 30,000 units, the liquid spiritual energy in a human’s body reaches a terrifying density. Although some spiritual cavities will restraint this phenomenon, after spiritual energy condenses to a certain extent, an effect of solidification will be produced.

Spiritual Highland enables one’s solidified spiritual energy to burst out instantly, producing a powerful strength. Even for a powerhouse of the eighth step th a massive consumption of spiritual energy would occur from using this powerful ability, and wouldn’t be able to propagate the effect. In other words, Spiritual Highland is only useable in an area in contact of one’s skin.

Long Haochen already broke through the eighth step officially, but he was after all a newcomer to the eighth step. He had some comprehension regarding Spiritual Highland, but still not very familiar with its use. It would require him to continuously strengthen his spiritual energy to display the real might of Spiritual Highland. And by the time he breaks through the ninth step, he will be able to use an external Spiritual Highland.

Originally, at the time Long Haochen and his father were in Odin Town, Long Xingyu relied on his domineering strength to instantly kill a large amount of demon powerhouses, he actually used the external Spiritual Highland. Of course, it was through the great amplification of his Divine Throne that he reinforced the power of his Spiritual Highland, otherwise it wouldn’t have reached such a level.

This was the first time Long Haochen was faced with Spiritual Highland. That’s because although he had faced powerhouses of the eighth step before, they were all demons of the eighth step. And it was the first time for him to be facing a human powerhouse of the eighth step.

Only after learning by experience can one understand the true terrible might of Spiritual Highland. And furthermore, to Long Haochen’s shock,
the control of this tall knight over Spiritual Highland already reached the level of perfection.

He was using Lightspeed Flash with the strike of his sword and body becoming one, matching with the ultra-divine sword Aria of the Goddess of Light, producing an incredible might. If he faced another knight of the eighth step, simply using Spiritual Highland wouldn’t have stopped him.

However, it was after this tall knight managed to predict his attack that he prepared Spiritual Highland to block the attack from the Aria of the Goddess of Light. It went so far that the sharp end of Long Haochen’s sword didn’t even manage to shake that tower shield.

This stagnation only lasted for a split second. The next instant, Spiritual Highland spread out from that tower shield just like a tsunami.

Chapter 489

What he used was Shield Block Rebound, a very simple and plain technique, but after being added to Spiritual Highland, its might wasn't that easy to resist.

Long Haochen only felt as if this "mountain" that he tried to pierce suddenly crumbled, flashing with golden light, as a terrible oppressive force immediately attacked and repelled him.

Nonetheless, it wasn't as if Long Haochen's sword strike had no use at all. At least he tore apart the imposing manner of its counterpart, completely annihilating it when that tall knight was in the midst of raising it to the peak. This could be said to be how he took advantage of his own failure.

The golden light went on full swing from his back, and at the same time Long Haochen's body was sent flying, his four wings already unfurled on his back, and the two on the left side abruptly flapped, causing his body to make a horizontal turn in the air.

The instant his body made a flip, the huge hammer swept past his former position. It didn't smash onto the ground, yet produced a thundering blast, the edge of which reached Long Haochen, headed for his side. So strong! Long Haochen was extremely shocked. He was full of confidence regarding his own ability, but only now did he understand how strong a Gold Essence Foundation Knight was.

However, he obviously wouldn't let this discourage him. Leaning backwards immediately, his body forcibly came to a stop in midair, as he
did a backflip. This changed his orientation in the air forcibly.

The immense hammer went up, once again hitting the air. That instant, the tall knight was unexpectedly unable to grasp Long Haochen's trajectories from his movements, making him unable to lock onto Long Haochen.

But this knight indeed had an imposing strength. While the hammer missed its target, warped ripples spread out from it. This was an area- targeted attack that Long Haochen wouldn't be able to evade.


Elemental Obliterating Ring!

This was a technique that Long Haochen had seen before. In the range of Elemental Obliterating Ring, all the elements would disappear totally. Even a place very abundant with intense light essence would be affected. And this ring had Long Haochen right in its middle, while not affecting the tall knight.

The sudden disappearance of the surrounding light essence caused Long Haochen to stop still for a moment, and right that instant, the immense hammer swept at him.

The back of this hammer was devoid of a chain, but instead was completely controlled through the user's spiritual energy. And the intensity of that spiritual energy reached at least the peak of the eighth step.

Having always encountered powerful enemies, the more Long Haochen was pressured, the more his latent capabilities came out. In such a disadvantageous situation, he didn't panic in the slightest; holding the Aria of the Goddess of Light in his two hands, he let the four wings on his back spread out. A torrential sword intent rushed forth.

Asura Strike! The instant Long Haochen's sword intent burst forth, a bizarre white glow spread out from his body, giving birth to a majestic scene. The elemental fluctuations repelled in the distorted area formed by
Elemental Obliterating Ring were pulled back by the white light, annihilating the effects of the latter ability. And the next instant, Long Haochen's Aria of the Goddess of Light clashed against that hammer.

An ear-piercing sound resounded through the whole training ground, and the massive backlash forced Long Haochen back. Flapping the four wings on his back, he rapidly increased the distance separating him to the opponent. He understood very clearly that even if that tall knight was able to control his hammer, its range was limited. The further they are, the weaker his control will be.

As expected, the hamme

Long Haochen didn't respond, single-mindedly watching this tall knight. One could see that the golden flames surrounding his body turned entirely white due to the previous use of Elemental Summon. Leaping up fiercely, it collected a terrifyingly pure light essence in the area with him as center. And on his back, the Aria of the Goddess of Light was indiscernibly floating.

Although the tall knight's spiritual energy surpassed Long Haochen's by far, at this time his absorption speed of the light essence was below Long Haochen. This was an advantage of being the light god's Chosen One, who would be forever matchless in affinity with light, unless a starlight divine beast reappears.

Long Haochen didn't let the white flames surrounding him keep spreading upwards, and let a light glow onto his left hand.

That radiance was both gold and blue colored. At the same time it appeared, a golden figure came out. It was no one else but Yating.

Yating was Long Haochen's fused spiritual stove, and naturally could be classified as a part of his strength. And the second figure that appeared in his hand was naturally his heavy sword Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light.

Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light gave off an extremely illusory feeling, and faint dragon cries could be heard. It was as if Long Haochen wasn't
gripping a sword, but two immense dragons' souls.

HIs two swords wielded on either side, Long Haochen entered a mystical state. His gaze looked peaceful, and it appeared that in his eyes nothing around him existed. All his focus was gathered onto that tall knight.

The tall knight stopped talking. His imposing manner became heavy, and he visibly sensed the sudden increase of Long Haochen's strength. A faint threat was growing in him, as he was accumulating sword intent, leaving the knight with no choice but to deal with him cautiously.

Yating chanted an incantation melodiously, holding the staff in her hand high, and a bizarre golden light appeared on Long Haochen. This wasn't Brilliant World, but a kind of link, a complete link with Long Haochen himself.

The spiritual wings on Long Haochen's back vanished, and his entire upper body leaned forward, the white flames surrounding him turning into an ascending fog.

Storing Power.

The tall knight advanced again in large strides, but this time, his pace was visibly a lot more rushed. Every step he took covered a small distance, but at every step, his imposing manner increased gradually. A pure gold fog of light simultaneously arose above him, and with each step he took, this fog seemed to gain in intensity.

Could this be… Storing Power while moving?

It was the first time Long Haochen saw this kind of Storing Power. Although he didn't know how this knight accomplished that, he was certain that the amplification from the knight's method of Storing Power was even greater than his own motionless Storing Power.

Originally, he wanted to incite the enemy to take the initiative, but now he was left with no choice but to seize the initiative to attack.
Lightspeed Flash reappeared, propelling Long Haochen in the air in a split second. This time he didn't charge straight at the counterpart, but his body flew upwards with an inclined posture. In a flash of golden light, he carried a lightning-like brilliance. Reaching the top of the training field, he immediately turned into a flash of light once again, achieving a perfect turn downwards.

A thick sword intent mixed itself with a dragon cry, and fell from the sky.

Long Haochen currently gave that tall knight the impression of being caught in a shower of rain and thunder.

The shower of rain was coming from Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, and the thunder was naturally exuding from the Aria of the Goddess of Light.

A flawless invasion, instant destruction using his sword intent. Long Haochen's two swords were lit with an abnormal, gaudy light.

It was also Spiritual Highland. Although Long Haochen couldn't possibly be in perfect control of Spiritual Highland like this tall knight, utilizing Spiritual Highland with his two swords was still perfectly within his grasp.



A series of odd sounds could be heard resounding in the training field. The tall knight once again lifted up his tower shield, entirely clad in pure golden energy. This pure golden energy wasn't a mere attachment of spiritual energy, but a kind of liquid flowing onto the surface of his shield. And Long Haochen's attack passed through this liquid layer upon layer.

The terrible sword intent passed through, as the area in between the two of them was lacerated. One could see that countless black cracks were appearing in the sky, producing a very powerful exploding force. Causing blasts of spiritual energy, it was violent enough to cause the whole training ground to shake profusely.
But no matter how strong Long Haochen's attack power was, nor how sharp his sword intent was, it was not enough to shake this tower shield. He didn't even know what technique that tall knight was making use of, because the techniques of his opponent were completely assimilated inside his shield, and weren't displayed to the eye.

Bang! All the attacks seemed to meet together in the end, producing an incomparable explosion. Long Haochen's body was shot back once again, and this time, the pressure was much higher than the previous time. The Glorious Holy Armor let out a series of moans, showing indications of being close to collapse from the force of that massive shock of spiritual energy.

The clash between two powerhouses of the eighth step was just that terrifying. Therefore, the Alliance had a saying, that only weapons of the Legendary Tier or above were suitable to powerhouses of the eighth step, otherwise the rate of broken weapons would be too high.

But was it so simple for the tall knight to defend himself? On the surface of the tower shield, one could see that this time, he didn't manage to completely neutralise Long Haochen's offense. On that thick shield, at least ten traces were left. Although none of them were deep, it was a proof that his Spiritual Highland was already unable to defend this shield totally.

Not only that, but at the time Long Haochen went on the offense, the tall knight was unable to use the hammer in his other hand fully. Only by doing his utmost to use it in defense did he block Long Haochen's attacks.

Chapter 490

Long Haochen’s shock was really reaching an intense level. He had just utilized the force of the Aria of the Goddess of Light, each of his strikes being perfectly fused with his light essence. By asking himself, he reached the conclusion that his sword intent should be not far from the level of the Holy Sword Wielder Ye Wushang from before. Only his cultivation was lacking in comparison. But as a god’s chosen one, his use of the light essence was not anything Ye Wushang could compare to.

But he still didn’t manage to break through the defense of this tall knight. And Long Haochen had the feeling that until now, this tall knight had yet to display his full strength.

Having made an all out effort on his past two attacks, Long Haochen was slightly gasping for breath. But he wasn’t discouraged because of that. Taking deep breaths, he lifted up his swords on the two sides, the glint in his eyes becoming a lot gentler.

A brilliance similar to sunlight shone from his back, flourishing with great intensity. Its splendor was so intense that anyone present in the training field could not dare to look straight at it.

This sun-like light bubbled up from Long Haochen’s body, as his imposing manner kept rising. It seemed to take only the time of a few breaths for the white flames surrounding Long Haochen’s body to thicken, they then attached to his body, and finally turned the whole Glorious Holy Armor white.

“This is… the God Descent Technique?”
The tall knight lost his voice, which this time seemed to carry a new hint of aged sound.

He clearly saw an illusory figure floating behind his back condense, as if a real girl was standing beside him, the same instant that the hexa-winged fairy disappeared a moment before.

In Long Haochen’s hands, the two heavy swords started to change color. Amidst slight buzzing sounds, the Aria of the Goddess of Light in his right hand was covered by a thin layer of golden light, sorrowfully shattering into small pieces, and bursting forth with a resplendent golden light. And in the midst of this resplendence, an eye-grabbing orange color shone.

And on the other side, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light glowed in a different light. As the original blue and gold all vanished, it burst forth with a greenish-blue color full of the breath of life.

It was indeed a greenish-blue color, glistening like a newly born bud. In an instant, it engulfed the whole heavy sword in an aura full of life. It formed a contrast with the proud and holy golden-orange light that started to appear beside it. As for Long Haochen himself, he shut both his eyes, as his golden hair unexpectedly became white, giving off a feeling of sanctity.

Even that powerful, tall knight had only heard about the God Descent Technique and no more.

In itself, the God Descent Technique was a forbidden spell of an incomparably strong kind, enabling one to borrow the force of a real god to amplify oneself.

The tall knight didn’t even understand whether it was released by Long Haochen’s light fairy or the person himself. But without a doubt, he was currently using an extremely mighty force.

A series of ear-piercing, sonorous vibrations sounded out, as one could see that the Glorious Holy Armor on Long Haochen started to be covered in large number of cracks. This piece of Glorious Equipment was already
unable to bear the powerful spiritual energy released by Long Haochen, and actually started to fall apart.

At this moment, the strength displayed by Long Haochen was already approaching the edge of the ninth step. And more terrifyingly, the tall knight recognized, was that under the effect of the God Descent Technique, the two heavy swords in his

The Aria of the Goddess of Light was emitting the glossy shine characteristic of the epic grade! It had an orange luster, exclusive to the Epic Tier.

And Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light’s green luster was also at the epic grade, but the combined attributes seemed to produce a variation of the original Epic Tier.

One could say that these two weapons were priceless treasures. Even a knight of the eighth step wouldn’t necessarily be able to use one of them with its full splendor. But at this instant, Long Haochen seemed already to be in full control of them.

A substantial, terrifying, sword intent covered the whole training ground, and this sword intent that seemed close to tearing the area to shreds seemed not to be emitted from the swords, but from Long Haochen’s body.

Without a doubt, left with no other choice, the current Long Haochen had entered his most powerful battle state.

After going through that series of probing attacks, Long Haochen had the absolute certainty that this knight’s strength surpassed his own by far, and that if the battle dragged on, even with Yating’s backup, the consumption speed of his own spiritual energy was bound to exceed his enemy’s by far. Moreover, this opponent of his had yet to show his full strength.

Therefore, Long Haochen only had one way left to win this battle, and that was to stake everything on one throw, using his greatest strength to struggle for victory.
He couldn’t lose. Losing would mean that his reunion with his comrades would be delayed even further, pushed back so far that it would seem like forever. No matter what, he had to try making an all-out effort.

It could be said that at the time the two heavy swords shone with the glint belonging to Epic Tier weapons, the extra strength he gained over the past year and a half came to full view at once.

The Epic Tier of the Aria of the Goddess of Light was known by Long Haochen. On this divine sword was a seal that would, once undone, unleash its real might. Yet even with Long Haochen’s current strength, letting it recover its entire splendor was still impossible.

But Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, gave Long Haochen an unexpected joy. He didn’t think that, after continuous nurture, once it received the boost from the God Descent Technique, this dual attribute sword would actually evolve to such a level and unexpectedly emit the glow exclusive to the Epic Tier.

An aura full of prestige, and an aura full of the breath of life. Having two different Epic Tier weapons was, to a Retribution Knight, a supreme heavy artillery.

As for God’s Descent, it was actually not Long Haochen nor Yating’s technique, but a fused technique that could perhaps be said to be born from the fusion between spiritual stoves.

After continuous evolution and fusion, Yating’s strength kept growing, and her physique kept undergoing many changes, as she was influenced by Long Haochen’s physique as a god’s chosen one. A year of deep meditation helped to harmonize these changes to the greatest extent, thus leading to the acquisition of their ability to use God Descent Technique. Of course, with their current level of strength, God Descent Technique would only last for one attack, but without doubt, this attack would reach the level of the ninth step!

The tall knight swung his right arm, throwing his tower shield to the side. A strong orange luster shone on his right hand. What replaced his tower
shield was unexpectedly a shield merely one third of a meter long. Very clearly, he couldn’t continue to avoid using his assets in front of Long Haochen’s current state. The shield that appeared impressively in his hands was at the Epic Tier.

Bending, and gathering Haochen’s attention, the tall knight did a simple movement, but it was suddenly followed by a transformation of the color of the pure golden flames on his body. A mystical blue color burst forth from his body, and the golden-blue color seemed to blend with that orange- colored shield to let curtains of light appear in front of him.

The scope of the curtains of light wasn’t very large, only the tall knight was encompassed by their protection. After bringing out his shield, the tall knight almost seemed to become a sculpture’s, as all of his aura became one with the shield.

Long Haochen made his move. The power bestowed to him by the God Descent Technique was admittedly great, but the burden was also massive.

The milky white figure didn’t use another Lightspeed Flash, because he couldn’t bear it if he used another ability to reinforce himself more.

A pair of magnificent swords were intertwined in the air, filled with the simplest yet greatest might. The greenish-blue and the red-gold colors formed a cross in the air, directly mixing with each other in the shape of a light cover.

In that instant, Long Haochen was unable to keep suppressing his sword intent, which caused the whole hall to shudder violently in an intense light. One could see that the ceiling, the walls and the floor were all starting to form cracks, and the defensive barriers were crumbling one after another.

And this was merely from being affected by some aura!

Booo. A kind of bizarre sound reverberated upon contact with the light screen, as the spiritual energy spread in the clash between attack and defense congealed and came to a standstill right at that instant.
Long Haochen’s pupils shrank to the width of a needle. Within a split second of the clash between the two parties’ offense and defense, he determined that this knight was clearly not at the eighth step in strength, but at the ninth step. He could tell because this curtain of light was not just coming from the Epic Tier equipment but was primarily coming from an external Spiritual Highway.
So this Gold Essence Foundation Knight was actually at the ninth step! Long Haochen finally understood that he had been overly confident.
That’s right! Gold Essence Foundation Knight is not a title limited to a knight of the eighth step. Why couldn’t a Gold Essence Foundation Knight be a knight of the ninth step? After all, it’s not as if every knight of the ninth step gained the approval of a Divine Throne.

Lost, Long Haochen realized his own defeat. With the increase of his cultivation, he had sensed the gap between the eighth and the ninth step. If the enemy was a demon powerhouse of the ninth step, perhaps he had the chance to come to a stalemate against that opponent, but the one in front of him was a Guardian Knight of the ninth step with a shield at the Epic Tier. This level of defense was not something he could break through. And it was still true even while using two pieces of equipment at the Epic Tier.

Clang, clang… In the midst of heavy cracking sounds, two blasts blew against the walls surrounding the whole training field, causing large parts of the walls to crumble.

To the great shock of both Long Haochen and the tall knight, that gold- blue color and the orange color started to crumble along with the curtain of light carrying Spiritual Highland, as large cracks began appearing on it as well.

On the other side, the Cross Strike of red-gold and green colors was unexpectedly achieving a fusion. The whole Cross Strike was starting to rotate, the two radiances undergoing a strange fusion as it intersected in the center.
This was beyond Long Haochen’s control, as if these two types of energies were acting by themselves. What came out from that fusion was a black color, an extremely deep black color, which carried a thin blue light, like the appearance of dawn.

Long Haochen’s spiritual energy was already close to exhaustion, but even so, he unconsciously lifted up his two arms, his two swords having disappeared a moment ago due to the exhaustion of his spiritual energy. On his left arm, an orange glow abruptly appeared, the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon appearing on his back for the sake of helping his defense.
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