Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 471-480

Chapter 471

Bai Yue lightly shook his head, “This was just one of the reasons. More importantly, your father didn’t want the small you to worry about him. We left because he had to fight the Seventh Demon God Amun. That’s the reason why we separated. Soon after we returned to the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, your father had a decisive battle against Amun.”

“What?” Long Haochen was astonished. Until this moment, he didn’t know that his father actually had such reasons for leaving at that time. For a moment, he couldn’t help but feel bewildered.

Yang Haohan, who arrived at his side at some point, raised his hand, pouring a gentle breeze of holy spiritual energy in him, easing Long Haochen’s mind with its warmth.

“Kid, calm down. With your father’s strength, his odds of victory against Amun are at least of sixty percent. Although he has yet to come back from that fight, the demon side didn’t announce Amun’s victory either. This battle only belongs to the two of them.”

“Why hasn’t father come back? Can he be..?” Long Haochen’s head was full of worries.

Yang Haohan shook his head, “Your father is certainly still alive. That’s because as a Divine Knight, if he were to die in battle, his Divine Throne would automatically return to the Alliance. But seeing that his Divine Throne hasn’t come back until now, he is still alive. It’s just that we don’t know where he is. He is certainly busy with important matters, and that’s
why he hasn’t come back. Don’t worry too much. We have been sending people in search of him all this time.”

At Yang Haohan’s explanation, Long Haochen finally calmed down. With his intelligence, after calming down, his brain started operating rapidly, asking the question, “Yang Haohan, since my father isn’t back yet, that Amun should be taking part in that holy war, right?”

Yang Haohan nodded, “Among the eight demon gods assigned to our Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass is Amun. With Saminaga, the two of them are commanding the demon armies alongside.”

Long Haochen asked, “Then, could we ask that Amun about the whereabouts of my father?”

Yang Haohan sighed, “ Hardly. Amun is not like the other demon gods. He is known as Berserk Demon God. Among the demons, no one is more fond of fighting than him. Even as the seventh demon god, he doesn’t have subordinates of his race. Some time in the past, the Berserk Demon Clan wanted to enter under his wing, but were forcefully rejected. The reason for that was simply that Berserk Demons are too weak and unfit to be associated to him’. In Amun’s mind, there’s only fighting. He’s also the demon god who slaughtered the most powerhouses of our Alliance. In times of battle, he’s just a madman. But Amun has his good points. All he likes is good battles, and he doesn’t even find it worth to attack ordinary soldiers far weaker than him. All the ones he slaughtered were the most strong powerhouses of our Temple Alliance”

Among your father and Amun, there has already been over four battles, each of which was extremely bitter and none of them managed to finish the opponent. But they also built some friendship. Your father and Amun agreed that until a victor is decided between the two of them, they won’t lightly let themselves get involved in battles. So even if Amun is there, he’s actually mostly here as a deterrence against your father’s existence. In the past the demons under him already launched many probing attacks. Those times, he didn’t appear in any of the battles. From this, it can be seen that your father can’t be in big trouble. Amun is also looking for
“Berserk Demon God, Amun!” Long Haochen’s fists were unconsciously clenched. In his head, the deepest memory was that of Long Xingyu’s summoning the Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter. The lofty figure of his father was deeply engraved in his mind.

One day, I will also challenge this Berserk Demon God!

Yang Haohan smiled, “Let’s go. I believe that in the future, you will certainly become an even more outstanding Divine Knight than your father. I am full of expectations for the earlier arrival of that day. At that time, maybe you will be the nightmare of these demons. Go then, we have to go to town. In the immediate future, you are going to be pretty busy.”

“Mh?” Long Haochen cast a doubtful glance at Yang Haohan, unsure of what he meant. But he followed him to the city.

Seeing her son’s mood easing down, Bai Yue secretly relaxed. Her face had imperceptibly a better look. Warmly supporting her son by the arm, she came to think, My little Haochen has grown.

While coming to the city, Yang Haohan told Long Haochen, “I got the news about you from Sheng Yue. Although we were originally had great expectations towards you, you gave us one nice surprise after another that were beyond our imagination. Becoming the youngest general grade Demon Hunt Squad ever seen, youngest commander grade Demon Hunt Squad. You are even more outstanding than your father in those days, and by a lot. When the old Qiu from the Warrior Temple told me that you would surely become a Divine Knight before your reached your thirties, I used to believe he was exaggerating, but now, it seems that he was indeed right! Even before you reached eighteen, you already reached the seventh step!”

Long Haochen’s face flushed slightly, “Grandpa Yang, don’t exaggerate. It’s the first time I’m coming to our Knight Temple. I wonder, what have you planned for me next?”

Yang Haohan had a smile on his face, “Are you thinking that we had you come back to hide you in a very secretive place, so that the demons
won’t find you?”

Long Haochen was startled, but unconsciously nodded to his words. That was actually where his thoughts hinted.

Yang Haohan shook his head, “No, you’re wrong. If were to do so, we would only be stifling your talent, and perhaps there would always be a shadow in your heart. Our report to the rest of the Alliance is one thing, but our plan is another. We have already decided to strive our best to nurture you. And the battlefield is the best place for a knight to be.”

Long Haochen was pleasantly surprised. It was the first time he heard such news from the Temple Alliance, “Grandpa Yang, are you permitting me to step into the battlefield? That’s perfect, so when is that for? Can I go now?”

For some reason, after their team got disbanded, Long Haochen’s infantile nature seemed to have been entirely set free. Losing some of his calm demeanor as captain, he seemed a lot more dynamic.

Yang Haohan laughed in spite of himself, “How eager of you! You will certainly have to step into the battlefield, but it won’t be so fast. Han Yu and you will have to satisfy two conditions first, before being sent into real battles.”

“Please tell us.” Long Haochen asked without hesitation.

Yang Haohan replied, “Your cultivation has increased by quite a lot, but how about your technical side? I know that you bought some skills in Holy City, but they are far from enough. I will arrange a series of techniques for you to study and the first thing you’ll have to do will be to familiarize yourself with their use. Don’t think it will be so easy. Some techniques are not executable without great effort.”

Long Haochen nodded. This was something he originally had to do.

Yang Haohan continued, “As a second point, you will have to become Mythril Foundation Knights. After getting your hands on Mythril
Foundation Armors, your ability to defend yourselves will go up enormously. At the same time, it will make it even harder for the demons to spot your existences. These conditions can’t be regarded as too hard, you can see from this that I am not making it too hard on you guys.”

Long Haochen became overjoyed at these news, “No problem, no problem. I will strive my hardest to train in these techniques, to gain the right to step into the battlefield as soon as possible.”

Yang Haohan let out a smile, “Oho? It looks that you aren’t even putting the Mythril Foundation Knight test in your eyes.”

Long Haochen scratched his head in embarrassment, still giving the reply, “I believe that I will be able to pass it.”

On the other side, Han Yu had a pained face. He was now at the sixth step of cultivation, but to participate in the Mythril Foundation Knights’ test, having the seventh step was basic requirement. And moreover, Mythril Foundation Knight are all existences at the peak of the seventh step. With Long Haochen’s current strength, passing the test was no issue, but to him, it wasn’t that easy.

Yang Haohan had a mysterious smile on his face, “Don’t take this trial so lightly. You are not the same as the others. You have as special constitution as a Scion of Light, and are one designated as the next successor as our Knight Temple’s chief. Any examination will be harsher on you than others. You will come to understand when the time comes.”

“Yes Sir.” Long Haochen gave this reply without batting an eye. The worse situation would be for him to be locked up in protection. If things went that way, it would really be hard to bear. As for some passing some trial, he was confident enough about that. Even if his current strength was insufficient, after some time of cultivation, he was bound to succeed. This was his confidence in his strength, as well as his talent.

The range of the Dragon Resisting Demon Pass was quite larger than the Exorcist Mountain Pass. It was in fact a very high mountain by itself, and the whole stronghold was dug on it.
After entering the mountain pass, Long Haochen had the faint feeling that an extremely terrifying aura was present in the neighbourhood of this mountain peak. Although he didn’t know what this was, he could faintly guess that this should be an ultimate weapon of the Knight Temple.

Although the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass didn’t have natural protection like the Demon Resisting Mountain Pass, the vile weather made it very hard to get supplies in this side. To preserve the natural resources in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, the humans would at least store three year of provisions. Be it in the front or the back, the surrounding area was a glacial land.

Although the great demon armies were garrisoned in front of the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, their days weren’t spent comfortably. Terrible ice storms happened almost every two days, and even powerhouses of the sixth step without defense from the cold of the camp, could hardly survive for a long time. But even these camps’ defense would frequently be overpowered by the tempests.

For this reason, although the demon armies were already garrisoned for some time, their attacks weren’t so strong. Using ice and snow they built a simple fortress, making it this way the demon armies a bit more comfortable. After all, to break through the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass was not a matter of one or two days. This time, demons invested a lot, as if taking out the savings made for many years to courageously launch the assault.

Chapter 472

Yang Haohan arranged for Long Haochen and Han Yu to stay at the headquarters.

Long Haochen was living next to his mother’s home. After spending two days by her side, he started to train alongside Han Yu.

The Knight Temple’s headquarters were situated inside the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, deep underground. This was the real treasury of the Knight Temple. With the Knights’ Sacred Mountain in the south side, these two were called great treasuries of the Knight Temple. Reportedly, the Divine Thrones were in these treasures buried underground this. It’s just that Long Haochen and Han Yu were now far from qualified to gain more knowledge about the Divine Thrones.

To Long Haochen’s surprise the Knight Temple didn’t look as imposing the Assassin Temple or the Warrior Temple. That’s because, inside the mountain, he could only discern a room made of rock, and couldn’t even get a feel of where the real foundation of the Knight Temple was located.

Yang Haohan didn’t give them explanation, only arranging a cave for them, before leaving. And he told them that at their cultivation level, they would need to be able to display all the abilities of the seventh step to come out from this cave.

Entering the cave, Long Haochen immediately had a feeling similar to when he was in Holy City’s Alliance’s Great Treasury. The surrounding fluctuations of spiritual energy were very strong. Their golden radiance gave an illusory feel.
Originally, he was walking in the same cave as Han Yu, but upon checking again, he found out with great surprise that the latter disappeared.

Surrounded by a pure spiritual energy of light element, gave a kind of pleasurable feeling. Abundant light essence filled Long Haochen’s three great spiritual cavities at every breath he took.

Without hurrying his steps, Long Haochen sat down, his spiritual energy rising abundantly. However, he was far from his optimum state due to his lack of focus.

Since the day they returned from Andromalius Province, he did not have a single moment of calm. Several emotional upheavals followed after his return to the Exorcist Mountain, causing him to be greatly excited. Even the calmness brought by the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon turned out to be ineffective.

However, the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon gave him understanding of how to attain this state of calmness and focus. So Long Haochen knew what to do after sitting down. He needed to expel all his distracting thoughts, until not even the slightest one would remain. Only this way would he be able to attain a state of total cultivation, making the greatest progress in the smallest amount of time possible.

Shutting his eyes, the seated Long Hao Chen entered in his meditative stance. Synchronising with the soft light essence in the air, his face looked a lot more gentle.

In a flicker of golden light, Yating appeared without a sound behind Long Haochen. She sat cross-legged, and shut her eyes just like Long Haochen. The staff in her hands was aloft, and cliques of golden light gathered naturally in their direction.

Condensing and filtering all of it. What Yating was doing seemed simple, but it provided a massive help to Long Haochen. Having to deal with an extremely pure light essence made it a lot easier for Long Haochen to absorb it.
Yang Haohan silently stood in a room, and at his back were two other people. On his left side was a tall and round elder, looking quite pleased.

On his other side was a man clad entirely in grey, which even concealed his face.

In front of Yang Haohan was a crystal ball of over a meter diameter. Spreading out slight golden light, on that crystal ball appeared the cross- legged Long Haochen, inside the Temple’s treasure cave.

Yang Haohan smiled, &ld

That round elder at Yang Haohan’s back snorted, “Right about what? I said long before, I wanted to take Haochen under my wing, but he just refused. Humph.” Saying that, he shot a glance to the grey clad man whose face was concealed.

Yang Haohan smiled, “Brother Long, don’t be so cheap. Without Xingyu, would you have such a good grandson? And you haven’t even introduced yourself to him. The glorious mission of protecting this grandson of yours is yours. Although he’s your grandson, he’s also the hope of the future of our Knight Temple. If he’s wounded in any way, I will revoke you from the task of protecting him, and personally undertake it.”

If Long Haochen were to hear these words, he would surely be greatly shocked. That severe looking elder was his biological grandfather. If he were to look at him face to face, he wouldn’t find much similarity in his looks.

“Give me a break from all this! You may be a bit stronger than me, but not by a lot. Even if the Demon God Emperor comes, I won’t let him hurt my grandson in the slightest.” The round elder seemed to have suddenly gained a domineering aura. Some pure gold fluctuation regally surrounded his body, without a sound.

This elder named Long Tianying, is another Divine Knight of the Temple Alliance, holder of the Divine Throne of Order and Law, Divine Knight of
Control and Restraint.

Let alone Long Haochen, even inside the Knight Temple, only very few higher-ups know about the relationship between Long Tianying and Long Xingyu.

This was a standard rule in the Long family. No matter how strong the elders are, the younger generations must not borrow from their reputation, relying only on their own abilities. Back then Long Xingyu also relied on his own efforts, finally becoming a Divine Knight.

Yang Haohan let out a sigh, “This time, the demons are coming tumultuously. The Holy War’s outcome seems still hard to predict. Even the elders kept in reserve by the Alliance came out from their mountains, but the demon powerhouses are still a lot more than us. Hopefully the Alliance’s battle plans will be able to be carried out successfully.”

Long Tianying asked, “Isn’t that just about procrastinating? We can keep dragging, and contest on the resources. Approaching it this way, demons are bound to lose. In this holy war, we are the only one with the ability to last indefinitely. You will see, a few years later, demonkind will be close to exhaustion in terms of food. ”

Yang Haohan replied, “The Demon God Emperor surely thought of that before. Brother Long, don’t be so optimistic.”

The other grey clad person declared, “I am going now. Since Haochen returned to the Alliance, I can be at ease.”

Long Tianying wrinkled in his brows, “Where are you heading for?”

The grey clad man’s voice was full of killing intent, “Demon rear.” After saying this, he turned and walked away big strides.

Long Tianying and Yang Haohan exchanged glances, “Brother Yang, after Haochen comes out from the Illusory Cave, I want to meet him, and carry out his examination personally. How does it sound?”
Yang Haohan nodded, “This matter is to be left between you grandson and you. Do as you want. However, I’m not expert in city defense. The Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass cannot do without you watching over.”

Long Tianying nodded to these words, “I won’t make it last long. I’m returning to closed doors cultivation, notify me when Haochen comes out.”


Was Long Haochen as calm as he looked? That was not the case.

At the instant he shut his eyes, various images bubbled forth in him. Cai’er’s figure holding her cane was the first, followed by the time of her sudden awakening as a god’s chosen one. Then, it instantly changed into the time she was seated in her room, at the time they were separating.

After Cai’er, came the image of his father, who was strictly watching over him, and seemed to be telling him something.

Then followed his mother. Her eyes were still melancholic and sad. Since young, he was separated from his both parents for long periods of time. Having not been together for over ten years, they finally reunited with difficulty.

His father disappeared because of a difficult battle, and these last few years, his mother was subject to a pain no one could imagine.

The appearance of his comrades also surged to Long Haochen’s mind. Since their first battle in the Exorcist Mountain Pass, to the great battle of the hissing caverns, then the episode in the Southern Mountain Pass, the Illusory Paradise, the Swamps of Gloom. All these scenes flickered very distinctly in Long Haochen’s head.

In these circumstances, how could he keep himself calm?

Faintly feeling chills on his back, Long Haochen was fully aware that it was fortunate that he managed to keep calm, and didn’t dare advance
prematurely, otherwise, his mind could go mad. The worries that were filling him could be pushed down, but they were bound to affect his resolution gradually, affecting the pure heart of a god’s chosen one.

His exchanges with the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon were not many, but one of his most important points was that the god’s chosen one of light was not the same as the others.

His greatest advantage is simply the perfection of his soul, and gifts. This is something that Cai’er, as the one chosen by the God of Death, couldn’t compare to. But this perfection was also his biggest issue.

Being too perfect permits imperfections to appear easily. As a proof, at the times the past Divine Snails of Sun and Moon appeared, didn’t the god’s chosen ones all sink into evil? Not only diverging from saving the continent, they instead became sinners. This was especially the case for that Divine Gigantic Dragon or the master of the Tower of Eternity, Slumbering Calamity Elux.

Therefore, self-awareness is a very important point to the god’s chosen ones of light.

At the time the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon departed this world, he left Long Haochen only a shell, but before departing, his final strength help Long Haochen clean his heart. This was not something he did, but something he transmitted, instructing Long Haochen how to do.

Right, self-awareness. Only by remaining always self-aware, keeping a clear mind and clear heart, the Scion of Light will remain himself forever.

“Thank you, Divine Snail of Sun and Moon.” Long Haochen murmured sincerely.

Chapter 473

Not trying to contradict his own feelings, he instead let them burst out entirely. Long Haochen knew that just by sensing their existence, the suffering in his heart and the continuous absorption of light would both dim down. After who knows how much time, he finally entered a meditative state.

Sitting on Long Haochen’s back, Yating sensed the changes in Long Haochen most effectively. As a light fairy, her affinity with light was incomparable to anything else in this world, because her body could be described as a manifestation of light.

At the time Long Haochen just started cultivating, in Yating’s senses, her master was only just silently absorbing light essence. But as he calmed down, and really entered in meditative state, Long Haochen’s body appeared to be transparent to Yating’s eyes. Taking breaths successively, he seemed to have entered a state of Brilliant Body. And the light essence Yating helped him absorb started to be insufficient for him.

In fact, it was after her fusion with the Saint Spiritual Stove that Yating gained the ability to process spiritual energy. Through her, light essence didn’t only become extremely pure, but also highly concentrated. The fact that Long Haochen managed to keep such a monstrous absorption speed made it so that at each breath of this, his internal spiritual kept strengthening.

This was one of the benefits in the brilliant heart of a scion of light. With his heart devoid of any impurity, Long Haochen gained the greatest blessing
of the goddess of light. With light essence entering him naturally, how could his cultivation speed not be fast?

In this warm light essence, Long Haochen gradually soaked, soaking very deep inside. He gradually let go of everything burdening his heart, gathering all his attention in the comprehension of light. The brilliance around his body started to gain intensity, to the extent that through the crystal ball, Yang Haohan took notice of these gradual changes.

However, this Divine Knight of Defense and Planning couldn’t possibly watch Long Haochen for too long. The war was on the horizon, and he had many other matters to handle.

This month was known in the later generations’ record as the continent of Shengmo Dalu’s Moonbath.

Demons and humans had amassed rancor for several thousand years, and let it burst out all at once. With the Six Great Strongholds as battlefield, the demons attacked while the Temple Alliance defended.

Reportedly, in every of these main battlefields, when looking down from a height, one could see blood evaporate in the air.

This was a meat-grinding war: be it in attack or defense, the demon side’s loss was far higher than the humans. But the demons’ military was also a lot more populous than the humans’.

At the start of the battle, the humans’ defensive instruments proved out to be of massive use, causing great losses to the demon side. But as the battles progressed, these instruments started to be ruined. Now all the humans could rely on was the terrain advantage.

This was a showdown confronting two races, without need for war mobilization, all the warriors in the Temple Alliance used their flesh and blood to protect the last bits of human territory.

On the rear were plains, where their families of everyone lived; the Knight Temple, the Warrior Temple, the Assassin Temple, the Mage
Temple, the Priest Temple and the Spirit Temple.

Powerhouses of any of the Temples had only one thing in mind in this Holy War: fight with their all.

Although the demon offensive was fierce, the human willpower was just too tenacious. The forces amassed over several thousand years by the Temple Alliance were truly imposing, and large amount of goods and troops kept amassi

At the time of this Holy War pertaining to the fate of these two groups, the fuse and main perpetrator of this war, Long Haochen, was sitting calmly in the Knight Temple’s Treasure Cave, cultivating assiduously.

Holy City, Alliance’s Great Auction.

Feng Ling’er was overlooking the financial report of this month. She had already started to gradually take control of diverse affairs in the Alliance’s Great Auction. After the start of the Holy War, the Alliance’s Great Auction House entered a state of emergency. All their weapons and equipment, resources, material, magic crystals were put out of the auctions.

The auction house had accumulated a lot of goods, which were all supplied to the Alliance without exception.

This was originally the meaning of the Alliance’s Great Auction House. As its successor, Feng Ling’er knew very clearly that the Alliance’s Great Auction House actually didn’t belong to her family, but to the whole Temple Alliance. The reason for showing it as an independent force was to conceal the real strength of the Alliance.

At the start of the Holy War, the financial resources accumulated by the Alliance’s Great Auction House proved to be essential. The various auction houses became the biggest providers of weapons and tools using spiritual energy. Through a strict process of collection in the Great Auction House, the various powerful weapons, magical crystals and even many types of magical cannons-like weapons were transported to the front line.
This was wealth accumulated through thousands of years. The whole process was not even totally clear to Feng Ling’er, because many of the depot of the Great Auction House were classified as total secrets, only to be unsealed at times of great wars against demons.

Rubbing her eyes out of tiredness, Feng Ling’er leaned on a seat, her limpid eyes filled with an intense worry.

Will the Alliance really make it? The demons’ arrival was just too sudden. In fact, the Demon God Emperor actually took a person as condition of ending.

And that was this captain! Weren’t they right in the heart of the struggle?

Thinking of this point, for some reason, Feng Ling’er felt as if her own heart tightened. Faintly, a tall figure appeared in her head.

A bright bald head, and a straightforward smile. The most unforgettable thing was the imperceptible sense of satisfaction she had when he looked at her.

“Is he… Still alive?” With a slight shiver, Feng Ling’er unconsciously tightened her fair hands.

Right at this time, knocks could be heard.

“Enter.” Feng Ling’er immediately suppressed her surging emotions.
Lowering her head, she refocused her sights on the account book.

“Miss Ling’er, a letter has come for you.” A staff member opened the door and placed a letter on her desk, before performing a respectful salute and leaving.

A letter?

Feng Ling’er unconsciously seized that letter. It was a parchment with a magic imprint on, for secrecy’s sake. If forcefully taken, the seal would disappear and cause the contents of the letter to self-destruct. Only a specific incantation could open it.
Beside this scroll, was a letter, hinting to the incantation in question.

Feng Ling’er had a lot of experience receive letters in this kind of parchments, but at the time she discovered the words hinting on those incantation words, she got up in excitement.

“Call out my name, little pure flower. Haha.”

“Bastard! It’s that bastard! Only he would call me this. It’s the bastard Sima Xian. So you were still alive…” At the time she said these last words, Feng Ling’er couldn’t stop her tears from falling down.

In this period of war, just being alive seemed to be the greatest happiness.

“Dang.” With a loud sound, the magic imprint on the parchment was deactivated, and the scroll unfolded.

That person’s handwriting wasn’t praiseworthy, but by chance the words were still legible.

“Miss Ling’er, my apologies for calling you little pure flower once again. If you can see this letter, it means that you can still remember my name. Sima feels extremely honored about that. I have a piece of good news and a piece of bad news to tell you. The good news is that I am still alive, and am already back in our Alliance, in our Priest Temple’s headquarters located in the Southern Mountain Pass. The bad news is that I am still in the front line, and my Demon Hunt Squad has temporarily been disbanded. As a Discipline Priest of the new age, I will make sure to defend our Temple.”

“I originally didn’t want to write this sealed letter. I estimated that even if you were to see the contents, you’d only sigh in disdain upon receiving it. But ever since returning from the demon territory, in the joy of being alive, I unawarely think of you in my dreams every night. So I couldn’t help but write this letter to you.”

“Love at first sight is a blessing, but also a great pain. I really want to see you again, but just don’t know if I will have another opportunity for
that in this lifetime. Someone like me doesn’t have any extravagant demands. It doesn’t even matter if you like me. Please take this letter as a farewell. I hope that you be able to achieve happiness in the future. Even in god’s embrace, I will be praying for you.”

“Please be at ease. As a man that likes you extremely deeply, I, Sima Xian, am not a coward. I will pour every drop of my blood in the battlefield until the end. Every time I battle against demons, I come to think that for every demon I kill, you will be a bit safer. My head and my Energetic Ball of Light are made of the same steel. ”

Foolishly gazing at this letter, Feng Ling’er stood unmoving for a long time. Tears started to gradually drip from her face, and a particular emotion buried in her heart seemed to have resurfaced.

Fiercely, she grabbed a parchment and the time she picked up a pen, she found out with surprise that her hand was actually trembling slightly. After stabilizing her emotions with difficulty, she rapidly wrote on the parchment.

“Bastard, you know clearly well that I am unwilling for you to call me little pure flower, so why do you keep doing this? I hate you, and hate your freaking baldie face. But if you die in the frontline, I will hate you forever. You have to come back to me alive, no matter how long it takes. Also, send me letters. If your next letter doesn’t arrive within the next three months, this girl will immediately marry off, not even letting you die at peace.”

In the blink of an eye, three months passed. No one expected that, but the first one to come out wasn’t the clearly stronger Long Haochen, but Han Yu.

In three months’ time, Han Yu learnt all the abilities of the sixth step he was given, including many secret techniques. The Illusory Cave is the place where the real techniques of the Knight Temple were present. Inside are not only the conventional techniques, but also secret techniques left by successive generations of Divine Knights! Those who gained the right to enter all gave heroic contribution to the Alliance, and would become part of the new generation that would lead the Alliance.

Chapter 474

Long Haochen and Han Yu had the qualification, besides Long Haochen being a god’s chosen one, they made the unprecedented accomplishment of destroying a demon god. This feat alone bestowed them the qualification.

After coming out, Han Yu was informed that Long Haochen was, against all expectations, still inside . Learning this, he chose to cultivate behind close doors without hesitation. One of the condition Yang Haohan gave him was to become a Mythril Foundation Knight. Although he already learnt all the abilities at the sixth step, his spiritual energy was still far from the ten thousand units.

Yang Haohan came to observe Long Haochen who knows how many times, but his expression wasn’t as calm as the beginning, on the contrary it started to show some worry.

The Holy War had been going on for three months already. The Dragon Resisting Mountain was subject to enormous pressure, and as Divine Knights, both Long Tianying and himself joined the battle long ago. Just two days ago, he was in a large struggle against the demon god of death Saminaga. In terms of cultivation, Yang Haohan was quite inferior, but by the means of the great might of the Divine Throne of Defense and Mercy, he stopped the advance of the Demon God of Death.

The Saint Knights and Templar Knights of the Temple Alliance were all blood soaked every day, resisting the enemies in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass. The ice and snow on the ground in over a kilometer circumference was dyed red, and both sides’ casualties were incalculable.
Although there were natural ressources kept in reserve in the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, it was not the same as the other strongholds. In a situation of siege, it would be very hard to get supplies from the Alliance, and even news was difficult to be transmitted. With such consumption Yang Haohan didn’t know for how long this mountain pass would last.

The demons outside already got reinforcements three times, and the damage inflicted by the vile environment to the demons was very high. Their fighting strength was far from being displayed at their maximum because of this.

The several hundred ice mages defending the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass also proved out to be of decisive use. They all drew support from the natural stronghold formed by the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass unceasingly reinforcing its defense, attacking the enemies.

Haochen, how is it that you are not showing the slightest movement? Looking at the enormous crystal ball in front of him, Yang Haohan murmured resolutely.

Indeed, since entering the Illusory Cave, Long Haochen was seated and cultivating in that place. At the start, Yang Haohan praised him for being able to cultivate calmly, but now it has been three months, and Long Haochen was still the same state, cultivating cross-legged all this time.

His body let out faint golden ripples, and his whole body had the transparent feeling from the use of Brilliant Body. At every breath he took, his body spread out a golden radiance that flickered indistinctly.

Without a doubt, he wasn’t encountering troubles. But wasn’t this meditative seance too long?

Yang Haohan whose experience regarding cultivating was plentiful understood that Long Haochen was now in a state of deep meditation. But it was unheard for a single session of deep meditation to last so long.

Deep meditation would generally occur to powerhouses of the eighth step or above. That’s because after reaching this level, the spiritual energy would
raise to a really high speed. But an overly fast increase of one’s spiritual energy would result in unsteady foundation. Occasionally needing to cultivate in a state of deep meditation enabled a better elemental absorption, and a better harmonization.


Of course, as the time of meditation lengthened, its results would naturally become better. It would also mean few distracting thoughts, and being able to bear loneliness. After all, being soaked daily in the light essence was a very lonesome and tedious process.

Yang Haohan didn’t expect at all that three months was, to this session of Long Haochen’s deep meditation, the mere beginning.

Time passed, day after day.

Both humans or demons, had a limit to their workforce. After the frantic attacks of the first few months, the demon attacks gradually slowed down. The Demon God Emperor passed two diplomatic notes to the Alliance, demanding Long Haochen, only being answered with flat rejection. As for Long Haochen, it appeared as if he had evaporated, not appearing from beginning to end.

The battles were still ongoing, and just as the Alliance hoped, no real demon powerhouses came out in the initial stages, both sides displaying their strength little by little. However, the strangest thing in the Alliance’s eyes was that the Demon God Emperor, even in his position as the greatest demon powerhouse, had yet to join the battle.

And that was not only him, but also the Moon Demon God, and the Star Demon God who had yet to come out. And in the same way, the Devil Dragons, Moon Demons and Star Demons had all yet to be deployed.

Right because they had yet to take part, the Temple Alliance did not dare lower their guard even as the battle dragged on.
The guards of the six forts were all under extreme pressure. In fact, one should know that in case the Demon God Emperor brought the Moon and Star demon gods in the battlefield, none of the forts could possibly hold out. Of course, the Demon God Emperor, Moon Demon God and Star Demon God would inevitably face the ultimate resistance from the strongest Demon Hunt Squad, and that would be the inevitable decisive battle. * After analysing their intelligence, they deduced that it should be due to some last restraining fears in the Demon God Emperor’s heart that he didn’t launch a final clash. After all, in case they didn’t turn out successful, the loss would be enormous! Although the demon side held the advantage, they had no way of totally overpowering the human side. The most likely result was to see both sides mutually injured.

And the mutual destruction of the both sides could happen in many ways. If the cost for this result was the life of the Demon God Emperor, the demons would definitely not be able to bear that. After all, against the humans’ creativity and knowledge, plus all the resources the Temple Alliance accumulated over all this time, they would surely be a lot faster to stand back up. In contrast, an absolute powerhouse such as the Demon God Emperor couldn’t be something they could regain in one day or two.

A prolonged battle could definitely not be said to be advantageous to the demon side, but the demons’ ferocity surpassed the Temple Alliance’s expectations. As the demon side didn’t have sufficient food supply, the corpses in the battlefield became their means of nourishment, be it the human or the demon corpses.

This cruel fact was a large blow for the humans. It turned out that the Demon God Emperor didn’t mind having a prolonged battle.

One year following the start of the Holy War, the Temple Alliance’s total population went down by a tenth, while the amount of demons declined by twenty percent.

The setback was considerable for both races, and the whole continent could be said to be in total turmoil due to the Holy War.

In a tent in the midst of the Demon God Emperor’s army.
Feng Xiu was sitting upright on his throne. The whole tent was actually devoid of any demon troops, absolutely empty. Only one person was sitting inside, and that was the Moon Demon God Agares.

Your Majesty, if this goes on, we don’t know for how long we’ll last. The food is really too scarce, and food is starting to rot. When the weather warms up, the situation will become more serious. Just like the summer of the last year. Agares started to show some worry in his face.
Feng Xiu asked calmly, Second brother, then what should we be doing? Agares let out a cold smile on his face, A decisive battle, against humans.
They cannot possibly stop joint full attacks from the three of us. As long as we smash one of the human strongholds, our armies will be able to invade them thoroughly. The other battles will undoubtedly get affected by that. And at that time, all humans will die, and we will gain control of the whole continent.

The demon god Feng Xiu shook his head, If I wanted to thoroughly wipe out humans, I wouldn’t have been waiting until now. Wouldn’t the start of the Holy War have been the perfect moment?

Oh? Agares seemed gave the Demon God Emperor a puzzled look, clearly not getting what he meant.

Feng Xiu stood up slowly, both hands behind his back. Gazing at the door of the tent, his look seemed to pierce the heavens, setting his eyes into another world?

In truth, if we hadn’t given humans time, they would have gone extinct since long. Maybe we didn’t have the ability to wipe out humans at the time of our descent in this world, but with the elapse of time, starting from the second generation of Demon God Emperor, the overwhelming majority of the continent was controlled by us. We had already had a Holy War directed against humans, and they lost completely all strength. But, my ancestor, second Demon God Emperor didn’t choose to do so. And he left a secret instruction, ordering his descendents that no Demon God Emperor may lead the demon armies to annihilate all humanity. Do you know why?
Certainly, what Feng Xiu said was an absolute secret. Hearing that, Agares was stunned.

Your Majesty, I wouldn’t dare. Agares stood up in a haste, bowing down in respect.

Feng Xiu strolled to his front, supporting his head with the hand, I am willing to disclose this secret to you because my faith in you is absolute. We cannot annihilate humanity, because if we lose them, demons are bound for destruction. Coming to this world, we relied on plague to create the demon race. At the beginning, it was in truth only us seventy-two brothers. Our innate talents have an immense defect and that’s ourselves.

You know clearly where we are from, and how we came to this world. Although we can pass on our strength, there’s nothing more we can create. If we wipe out all humans one day, or reduce them all to slavery, given the current demon mentality, a short time later, humans are bound to go extinct from the continent. Following this, all races will suffer the same fate. In the end, only us demons will remain. But how can we survive only by ourselves?f

Chapter 475

The Demon God Emperor Feng Xiu suddenly had a depressed and frustrated look, “If only us remain, there will be no enemies left to find. And we will only be able to destroy ourselves. And in the end, we seventy- two brothers will have no choice but return back through the seventy-two demon god pillars, as this world will have become full of barren land, just like that world we used to live. Thoroughly destroyed. ”

Agares calmly nodded, “Yes. We were unable to create anything, much less make use of the things in this world to create new ones. In front of our darkness attribute, any organism would hardly take a satisfying shape. You are right, if humans are really destroyed by our hands and entirely ruled over, we will only be walking towards destruction.”

Feng Xiu smiled to him, “It’s good that you understand. For this reason, the Temple Alliance was actually raised in confinement by us demons, so that they don’t grow too strong. We couldn’t let them be wiped out, and had to let them develop. Only this way would our living conditions become better. Wars are just a show. Since we are raising them in confinement, we cannot let them become too powerful either. Meanwhile, it’s only by borrowing their hands that we can reduce our own numbers. Achieving a balance will be most profitable. And that’s one of the reasons for me launching this war. ”

“After over several thousand years of growth, the forces humans accumulated are just enormous. We had to weaken them to such extent. Otherwise, some time later, their horn of counterattack is sure to blow.
This is something we cannot afford. To them, making this Holy War a prolonged battle seems very effective, but isn’t it the same for us? There will be a need for a decisive battle, but the time has not come yet.”

Agares wrinkled his brows, “But what about Austin Griffin? What’s to be done about him? Looking at the humans, we won’t be able to reach an agreement.”

The Demon God Emperor’s eyes became cold at once, “We need to destroy Austin Griffin, that’s a matter of fact. No matter what the cost is, he cannot be left alive in this world. Compared to our self-destruction, Austin Griffin is a far more terrifying thing. Andromalius’ death was the alarm bell to us. He is another important reason for this Holy War..”

Agares replied, “But can we really catch him? We’d need to have control over every single place in the world for that!”

Feng Xiu shook his head, “That’s not the case at all. Third brother went in seclusion for one year. I had the premonition that he will come out today. As the brain of our demon race, he will tell us what we should do next.” “…” Hearing him say this, the Moon Demon God Agares was greatly shocked, “Are you saying that third brother…”

Feng Xiu nodded with a sad look on his face, “Yes. For the prosperity of our demon race, third brother paid too much of a price. But this was the best choice.”

“Boss is right. This was the best choice for us.” An orange figure condensed in the air, and the Star Demon God Vassago soundlessly appeared in front of the Demon God Emperor and the Moon Demon God.

From the looks, he didn’t appear any different than in the past, but if one was to carefully observe him, he would find out that his expression was a lot more bleak than usual, less expressive, and he looked a lot more tired and aged.

Seeing him appear, the Demon God Emperor couldn’t help but feel excited, unconsciously stepping forward, “Third brother, how is your

With a smile on his face, Vassago shook h

Feng Xiu forced a bitter smile, “If I had the choice, I would have preferred you to avoid doing that. You didn’t just lose a bit of your life expectancy. I can sense that your life force has decreased by at least a hundred years. And the life expectancy of your Star Demon Clan is originally not that long. This time, your body has been quite damaged.”

Beside him, the Moon Demon God Agares also walked by, holding Vassago’s shoulder. Although he didn’t say anything, his expression was full of emotion.

Emotionally, the Demon God Emperor, Moon Demon God, Star Demon God were without doubt the closest of the crew. But the Demon God Emperor had after all his own obligations, as the ruler of the demon race. If the survival of his race was threatened, even his own child would be sacrificed without hesitation. For this reason, the Moon Demon God and the Star Demon God were actually his closest people. They were like a pair of brothers for the demons. So even if the Death Demon God Saminaga’s Fiend clan was considerably powerful, it would pale in front of the Star and the Moon Demon clans. So in front of Agares and Vassago, Saminaga was very respectful.

Vassago smiled, “All right, second brother, no need to be like that. I’ll feel bad if you treat me that way. Life force can still be recovered after being lost you know. Let me tell you the results then, they are very important to us now.”

Reaching this point, his expression became serious, and vaguely, one could see his eyes gradually turn into a limpid orange color. The Demon God Emperor nodded to him, his eyes filled with concern.

Vassago continued in a serious tone, “This year, my Great Prophecy Technique was used to the greatest extent, using up my only chance of prediction’ in this life. In accordance with Boss’ plan, the forces we’ll use in this war against the Temple Alliance are mostly the low and middle
grade demons, meanwhile we’ll be doing our utmost to conserve our supreme forces. This way, we will retain an overwhelming advantage compared to them. According to my predictions, if this Holy War keeps going, the result will be neither side winning.”

Vassago muttered to himself irresolutely for a short time, before continuing, “The strength of the Temple Alliance is even greater than our imagination. Even though we will finally achieve victory, it will only be a tragic victory. Something we are absolutely unwilling to see.”

The Demon God Emperor nodded to him, asking, “The strength of the Temple Alliance is even greater than our imagination? In which aspect?”

Vassago replied; “This is something I didn’t manage to predict. I only sensed that the Temple Alliance is concealing an extremely terrifying strength. I’m unclear on the origin of this force, but I am certain that it’s not from those Title grade Demon Hunter Squads. These existence are quite threatening, but they are after all rare. The force they kept concealed could barely resist the third of our forces. But unless at a last resort, humanity should not borrow use from it.”

Hearing this, the Demon God Emperor’s expression became suddenly severe, “I didn’t expect humans to have such a force in reserve. Seeing the spontaneity of this Holy War, hidden forces are the most threatening ones. No matter what, the humans will surely be forced to use that force they have kept hidden in this war.”

Vassago shook his head, “That’s not for sure. You don’t need to worry boss. This force kept by the humans is indeed threatening, but it has a decaying property. It doesn’t seem that it can be used for too long, or they would self-destruct from that. And this time should come within twenty years. In other words, if we don’t force humans to a matter of life or death, this terrible force should be no threat to us.”

Agares asked in puzzlement, “Could it be that humans won’t take the initiative to use this force?”
Vassago replied, “That’s the thing I find strange. In what I sensed from Great Prophecy, the humans are also greatly afraid of this force, going as far as to reject it. So I am sure that unless the crucial moment close to humanity’s destruction comes, they won’t likely use it. This force shouldn’t come from the Six Great Strongholds. If I am not mistaken in should come from the human Holy City.”

Hearing him, the Demon God Emperor became taciturn for a time. Very visibly, Vassagi’s words impacted him quite a lot. This force could shake the demon rule! Making the word “terrifying” come out from Vassago’s mouth wasn’t so easy.

“So third brother, do you think we should take the initiative to finish the Holy War as soon as we can?” The Demon God Emperor asked.

The Star Demon God Vassago shook his head, “No. Quite the opposite, we have to keep this Holy War going. We just have to avoid compelling the humans to their last means, because only this way will Austin Griffin come out.”

Reaching this point, his expression became grim. In comparison, Austin Griffin was a lot more severe than that terrible force kept by humans that was beyond their control.

“This year, my Great Prophecy targeted Austin Griffin for the longest time. His current growth has advanced to some extent already. Although that’s not enough for him to threaten us for real, he’s by no means weak. Finding him through this war against humans is impossible. But Austin Griffin’s threat is growing by the minute. We will have few chances to kill him, among which the greatest one will be in roughly two years. From my estimate, he will appear in demon territory at that time. That’s our best chance. The only premise is that we are to pressure the humans to a great extent enough during the Holy War, or he won’t necessarily come to our rear.”

The Demon God Emperor’s eyes glistened, brimming with a killing intent refrained inside him. But even so, Vassago and Agares could feel a powerful pressure being released from their boss.
Vassago raised his head, enveloping the three brothers in an orange light. His lips hummed, muttering some words. Only Feng Xiu and Agares were able to hear these words.

Chapter 476

Hearing him, Feng Xiu’s shock became more and more visible, “Third brother, this is too dangerous, you…”

Vassago shook his head in silence, “Boss, you should know about the threat of Austin Griffin. Since this is our greatest chance, we cannot let it go no matter what. And this plan is for the best. If faced head on, he will very likely flee. And if he escapes this time, he will be on extremely high alert. And that time, be it us or this world, I’m afraid that both are going to be…”

Feng Xiu appeared upset, “It’s my fault. I should have attached more importance to him before. That bastard Andromalius… He actually died in the hands of Austin Griffin even before maturity, and let his demon god pillar be destroyed. This is something we will never be able to make up for.”

Vassago responded, “That’s why we have to grasp our only chance in this war. No matter how great the cost we pay, we cannot give Austin Griffin the slightest chance.”

The Demon God Emperor nodded at him slowly, “Okay, let’s do it as you say. This matter can only be known to us three brothers. Let’s keep it hidden from Saminaga and the others for now. One year, we still have one year in front of us. I will let the humans feel my wrath in this war.”

Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, Knight Temple’s headquarters.
Yang Haohan and Long Tianying were seated, silently standing in front of the crystal ball.

It’s been a year, a whole year had passed. And Long Haochen was actually still in deep meditative state. If not for the fluctuations of spiritual energy becoming stronger and stronger and his breath remaining normal, they would have believed Long Haochen to have passed away in a sitting posture.

A year! The session lasted for one year!

During this year, even Han Yu managed to successfully break through the seventh step, and reentered in the Illusory Cave to learn abilities of the seventh step.

But Long Haochen still had the same look as when he entered, having not even got up once from beginning to end.

“Brother Long, should we take a look at him?” Yang Haohan suggested with some worry.

Long Tianying shook his head, “No. Since his aura didn’t weaken at all, we cannot disturb him. I believe that this kid is acting within the norms. Can’t you sense that? From the fluctuations of spiritual energy surrounding him, it’s already at saturation. Now all he needs is a breakthrough.”

Yang Haohan replied, “I haven’t even noticed, I was too concerned about him! What a genius! He’s now trying to break through the bottleneck of the eighth step, right?! I really didn’t expect that he would use such a method to bring us a nice surprise like that. And I originally believed old Qiu to be overestimating him. Now it looks that even he might have underestimated him. If he really succeeds, he will be the first Saint Knight below twenty born in our Temple Alliance.”

Long Tianying, “This kid’s attitude is even more flawless than my expectations. I believe that he will surely succeed. However, the bottleneck between the seventh step and the eighth step isn’t that easy to break
through. It requires not only a lot of effort, but also a burst of understanding. Let him keep trying. If within three months he doesn’t achieve any breakthrough, I will immediately summon him. Otherwise, in case he becomes impetuous, this could affect his future cultivation.”

“Yeah.” Yang Haohan nodded silently.

Right at this time, in the crystal ball, the body that had remained unmoving for a year shook for a moment.

This shudder didn&rsquo

The shaking around Long Haochen started to grow in intensity, taking the shape of layers of golden light spreading out from his body. The shaking around his body seemed to resemble seismic waves.

“An accident?” Long Tianying was greatly alarmed.

“No, it’s not that.” Yang Haohan grabbed Long Tianlong who was about to rush out, “I heard about a technique that Long Haochen created, called Ripples of Light. Through the vibrations of spiritual energy it produces powerful attack and defense. He shouldn’t be having an accident.”

Right at this time, the shaking around Long Haochen’s body became lighter, both his hands lifting up. Unfolding in slow motion, his whole body smoothed, seemingly becoming more lanky.

The soft light floating around him stretched out.

Immediately, a vast golden glint spread out of him, in full flow. One could faintly see that on his brows, chest, and belly, balls of lights were moving rhythmically.

Suddenly, his eyes opened. At that instant, even the Divine Knights Yang Haohan and Long Tianying felt the surrounding air tremble.

A light burst out from his eyes, spreading around his body. Sweeping the air, full of substance, it bubbled forth to the whole room.
Along with Long Haochen, Yating got up and opened her eyes. Compared to Long Haochen, she didn’t look much different, but her eyes had gained brilliance and tranquility. And her body seemed to have gained even more aura of life.

Yating had already acquired a physical body, but if one was to touch, they’d find out that her body was ice cold. Only at the times of launching light abilities would it warm up to some extent because of the fluctuations of light. And the surface of her body would feel stiff at touch. After all, she was made up of dense light essence; her body wasn’t real.

But in this instance, not only her life energy gained in substance, but her whole body felt more real. In her soft movements, one could see that her skin seemed very flexible, just like a real human beauty. Even advanced elven gave off a lot less substantial feeling.

Yating spread out her wings at Long Haochen’s back, making a hugging motion. The next instant, in a glint of light, she disappeared in Long Haochen’s body, merging inside.

Compared to one year ago, his body wasn’t much different. To him, time seemed to have stopped during this year of deep meditation. Not having the slightest filth on, even his beard and hair didn’t grow. Only his eyes were full of light.

Just as Yang Haohan had determined, his cultivation rose to the peak of the seventh step, his internal spiritual energy reaching 30,000 units.

This year of deep meditation was a period of preparation to Long Haochen. It cleaned his heart and his spiritual energy.

After reaching the peak of the seventh step, he attempted to break through a few times, but didn’t find the path of the breakthrough successfully. So he didn’t keep forcing himself, letting this long session end.

At the very moment, although inside of this Illusory Cave, he had a very transparent feeling. With a flash of light, a bottle of water came out in his
hand. Drinking a few gulps, he let the water permeate through his body.

Immediately, he stretched out his body once again, cracking his bones, after which he seemed to have gained a bit in size.

Not hastening to take his next movement, he only stood there silently, seemingly caught in contemplation. Quite a long time later, he slowly turned back, heading to the depths of the cave.

Seeing Long Haochen disappear, Long Tianying and Yang Haohan couldn’t help but turn back and look at each other. Exchanging glances in disarray, the two Divine Knights had a kind of strange feeling.

“He’s going to study techniques? Not going to attempt a breakthrough?” Long Tianying reacted the first.

Yang Haohan replied, “Not easy to say. I believe that he’s trying to find a chance.

Do you think we should tell him the trick to break through the eighth step?”

Long Tianying replied, “We should originally have told him, but seeing how fast he reached the peak of the seventh step, I don’t really want to. If he can get to the eighth step from the peak of the seventh step through his own comprehension, his future breakthrough to the ninth step will have a great advantage. After all, these two bottlenecks are differents routes to the same destination. We have to believe in him, and let him slowly settle down.”

Yang Haohan nodded silently, “I also think that’s for the best.”

“For how long have I been cultivating?” While coming out from the Illusory Cave, Long Haochen muttered irresolutely to himself. He felt that he had been spending a very long time cultivating, wanting to terminate it several times but feeling the monstrous growth of his internal spiritual energy, he chose to endure loneliness.
The three spiritual cavities in his body were entirely full, and his whole body was full of energy.

How should he break through the eighth step? While walking in the Illusory Cave, Long Haochen reflected on this very important question.

Maybe this was because he had been sitting for too long, but his whole body felt a bit sore. His qi and blood was rapidly flowing under the urge of his spiritual energy.

Suddenly, the sight in front of him changed. A door appeared in front of his eyes, with the number seven on it.

Long Haochen stopped his advance, looking at that seven. Thinking to himself that he cannot directly break through from the seventh step, and this should be because his accumulation was not enough. My spiritual energy is already sufficient, I should find inspiration in abilities. Maybe I’ll achieve some results this way.

Pushing the door with his hands, it felt very firm.

Light rushed forth, and Long Haochen’s body seemed to have become a transparent golden crystal. To him, using Brilliant Body didn’t come with an excessive consumption. The Brilliant Body he had as a god’s chosen one had a special property, making it a perpetual Brilliant Body. Just by using spiritual energy normally, the boost from Brilliant Body would immediately appear, without need to consume extra spiritual energy.

With a stronger cultivation, the boost of one’s natural talent to his strength would increase.

Chapter 477

With a low sound, the heavy door opened. It felt like there was no air, and Long Haochen felt an incomparable awe from its opening.

Drawing back slightly, Long Haochen used his hands to support himself, taking a defensive posture. His movements were slow and steady, facing a sharp intent that took material shape. The instant his movements stabilized, an intense golden light lit up from Divine Obstruction.

It was a shame that Yang Haohan’s crystall ball was unable to watch the situation in this inner part of the Illusory Cave, or he would find out with great shock, that Long Haochen was making use of an essence level Divine Obstruction.

During this one year of deep meditation, it wasn’t only his internal spiritual energy that gained a large boost. His body benefitted from the overflowing spiritual energy, both his external spiritual energy and mental force achieving large progress.

One could say that through a year of stabilization, Long Haochen processed all the fighting experience, training processes and happy encounters, distilling it all to the greatest extent. When compared to a year prior, his gain of spiritual energy aside, he became a lot more stable in many other aspects.

The door released a sharp energy that didn’t last for long before coming loose. On Long Haochen’s face one could be see his heartfelt respect. Undoubtedly, in this room there were records of knight abilities of the seventh step. His precursors had left their techniques here, just like their
lives. They were dead already, but their blood would forever remain in every living knight.

Stepping over the door, there was a ten square meters large hall, with doors on either side. On the door of the left was a symbol of shield, and on the right door were two swords. These were the symbols of Guardian Knight abilities and Retribution Knight abilities.

After Long Haochen pondered for a little while, he still chose to head for the door with a shield engraved on it, pushing the door.

Immediately, a thick feeling invaded his senses. Southeast stronghold.
Bang! A bright silver light exploded in high altitude. This reduced a Dual Headed Demon Eagle to fragments. A massive shield was swept horizontally, this time disintegrating the Dual Bladed Demons that were just done climbing above the city walls.

Clad in spatial armor, Wang Yuanyuan stood proudly at the entrance. Her silver armor was covered in bloodstains, making it even hard to tell its color.

The silver light that just ascended was the Space Splitting Sauté fired by her Divine Soul Shield, and the swipe was Revolving Splitting Shield.

At this time, she was treading on the city walls. In her left hand, a sawtooth-looking chopper of two meters length. Every time its blade fell, a demon would fall out of the city. By herself, she covered a width of twenty meters on the city walls. To say nothing of the enemies, even the male warriors from the Warrior Temple didn’t dare approach the area guarded by Wang Yuanyuan.

The Sawteeth Chopper in Wang Yuanyuan’s left hand was two meters long, its handle reaching over two third of a meter. Although she controlled it with only one hand, it showed a might close to dual handed weapon.
Glistening in bright silver, not only the back of its blade, even the blade itself was made of the same kind of sawtooth.

In a flash of silver light, the bone cuts made by the Sawteeth let out sour sounds, and although the volume of its handle was large, its attack speed remained incomparably fast. It seemed as if her hand was controlling a silver bolt of lightning, shooting up and down.

Right, the great chopper in Wang Yuanyuan’s hand was made of the material they acquired in the Swamps of Gloom.


The craftsman who made this great blade sighed emotionally, seeing this bloody blade, inflicting terrible cut, and able to break through the overwhelming majority of the defensive spell of the eighth step or lower. It contained three abilities: Bloody Cut, Bloodsaw Mad Dance, and Dimensional Storm. Finally, it was given the name of Bloodstorm.

Bloody Cut is included in this Bloodstorm, being one of the terrifying laceration effects of the Saw Skates’ attacks. It has strong lacerating power, its sharpness even exceeding Long Haochen’s Aria of the Goddess of Light in its normal state. And never forget about the understanding Wang Yuanyuan acquired from Long Haochen’s self-created Ripples of Light. The cutting power of Bloody Cut added with Ripples of Light reached a terrible power that only the one at the receiving end would know.

Two days before, at the time a demon powerhouse of the eighth step had clashed against Wang Yuanyuan, she was pushed away, but his hand was cut by the Bloody Cut without suspense. His powerful external spiritual energy proved out to be of no use.

Bloodsaw Mad Dance and Dimensional Storm were two abilities that required spiritual energy for use, consuming quite a lot of it, but the power merited it. They were extremely terrifying attacks.

Bloodsaw Mad Dance instantly gives birth to seven Bloodstorms. Each one carrying the same power. After all, this terrifying sword was made from
the horns of seven Saw Skates. Their souls still faintly existed inside.

Dimensional Storm is the greatest ability of this weapon. One use would use up two thousand units of spiritual energy, producing a small scale dimensional cut in the midst of all the sawtooth, and letting the might of Bloody Cut reach its peak. At least up to this day, Wang Yuanyuan had yet to encounter an opponent able to block the combination of this weapon and its abilities. Even powerhouses of the eighth step pouring all their spiritual energy in their weapons were the same.

These three abilities aside, because of being made of Saw Skates, which are dual wind and space elements, Bloodstorm’s attack speed is naturally very high. It offensive power exceeded the Divine Soul Shield with four spatial crystals on. Therefore, Wang Yuanyuan started using the Divine Soul Shield as a real shield. Her killing power was mostly based on Bloodstorm.

It was a year ago that she returned in the southeast’s stronghold. Starting from the day of her return, Wang Yuanyuan took the initiative to ask to be fighting on the edge of the city. At the beginning, her utility was not very distinct in the great war. But after she obtained the Bloodstorm sent by Lin Xin, she gradually started to emerge as one of the important elements of the southeast’s stronghold.

Her slender build, cold and elegant demeanor, terrible gigantic shield and sawteeth cutter. Every day, the demons killed in her hands reached an unbelievable number. This is how she gained the nickname of Killer Princess’. Her military contributions made her a regimental commander of the Alliance.

The military officer ranks of the Temple Alliance can be, from lower to higher rank, enumerated as: -small team leader, commanding twenty soldiers -middle-sized team leader, commanding a hundred soldiers -large team leader, commanding five hundred soldiers -battalion commander, head of a thousand five hundred soldiers -regimental commander, head of three battalions -corps chief,head of three regiments.

And above them are the three military chiefs of the Alliance’s armies, upper, middle and lower commanders in chief.
Having reached the rank of regimental commander solely based on her killing force, one could well imagine how many demons Wang Yuanyuan killed by herself. Even the person in question stopped counting since long ago. Contrary to expectation, as soon as she’d set foot on the city walls, her eyes would instinctively turn red, before being followed by a frantic slaughter.

This year, she suffered a total of three severe wounds, and returned to the battlefield before recovering completely from them every time. The southeast stronghold asked her many times to take up her role as a military officer, commanding the armies to fight, but every time, she rejected their offer. She asked to stand in the top front of the warriors, going to kill the enemies, even as a regimental commander ranked warrior.

Rauu A Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon of the fifth step leapt on the city walls, howling at Wang Yuanyuan.

Bang. After making a full turn, the Divine Soul Shield returned to Wang Yuanyuan’s hands. Against the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, all Wang Yuanyuan did was a simple movement: a chop.

From Bloodstorm, silvery light burst out, letting out strident lacerating sounds. The lacerated space of black color, was bordered in silver, taking the shape of a dual colored bright blade instantly reducing the previously rampant Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon to shreds.

Timeless Strike, ability used by spatial warriors of the sixth step. Used through Bloodstorm, its power was raised one level above.

Suddenly, Wang Yuanyuan’s carefree move came to a sudden stop, looking afar.

A black dot was enlarging in her line of sight.

“Careful, Yuanyuan.” With a shout, a tall figure rushed to Wang Yuanyuan’s side, glinting in golden color. A thick tower shield appeared along on the ground.
At the time that black dot that came from afar and enlarged at astonishing speed reached the city walls, it reached a terrifying volume. That was impressively a powerful Demonic Bear.

This was a besieging method the demons thought of. Using giant catapults, powerful army forces were thrown straight at the city walls.

If this kind of attack patterns was used a year ago, that would be like throwing mice at a cat, just looking for death. A simple spell used by a mage would suffice to stop that.

But with the progress of the war, the mages of the Temple Alliance were constantly priority targets of war. Outside from the Mage Temple, the count of mages guarding the other Great Temples’ stronghold were already pitifully few.
The body of that Demonic Bear struck against that tower shield violently. The knight holding the tower shield was forcibly repelled by the strike,
letting out blood from his mouth and nose.

The force of the Demonic Bear was really terrible, and the one thrown was a Demonic Bear of the seventh step. With its great defensive power, in case it managed to stand on top of the city walls, it would cause great damage to the southeastern stronghold.

The one who blocked this attack from the Demonic Bear for Wang Yuanyuan, wasn’t that Zhang Fangfang?

At the start of the Holy War, all the Demon Hunt Squad went in a state of war, all of them participating in the battlefields. After a year of violent battle, Zhang Fangfang’s Demon Hunt Squad was no longer left. Out of the six of them, only the assassin and him were still alive. The others all died at this southeastern stronghold.

It could be said to be an unexpected joy for Zhang Fangfang to have reunited once again with Wang Yuanyuan. His comrades died one after another, and he suffered many serious injuries. It was thanks to the Spiritual
Stove of Second Life he acquired in the Illusory Paradise back then that he managed to make it back alive one time after another.

Chapter 478

Therefore, he now became Wang Yuanyuan’s protector. It could be said that without him sparing no cost to protect her, Wang Yuanyuan would surely already be dead on the city’s walls. After all, with her terrible attack power, how could she not be attacked by the demons from all sides?

“Die”! Wang Yuanyuan’s eyes became bloody red, charging straight at the Demonic Bear that was still unsteady from the landing.

One could faintly see that around Wang Yuanyuan, floated thin bloody red light. The incomparably thick killing intent swirling around her made her seem hard to describe with any other word than wild’.

Bang. With a stuffy sound, the Demonic Bear at the peak of the seventh step stumbled from the strike of Wang Yuanyuan’s Divine Soul Shield. Immediately, Wang Yuanyuan’s strong performance followed. The Divine Soul Shield came to an abrupt pause, bursting out with silver colored light. Space Splitting Sauté directly bombarded the chest of the Demonic Bear of the seventh step, interrupting the waves he was about to release. Stepping forward, she released Bloody Storm causing seven shadows to mix with her figure, through her silver light and bloody murderous intent, she engulfed the body of that Demonic Bear violently.

Suppressed by Wang Yuanyuan’s terrifying murderous spirit, the defensively formidable Demonic Bear could only use his arms to protect his face, trying to resist her frontal assault.

The terrifying lacerating force of Bloodstorm manifested without doubt. The Demonic Bear’s body was blown to pieces, and in the midst of his
bitter screams of rage, its thick arm started to reveal the dense bones inside.

“Die!” Wang Yuanyuan, who disregarded the blood splattered on her body, shouted in fury. Bloodstorm was lifted high above her head, and a pitch-black radiance instantly permeated the whole sawtooth signalling Dimension Cut.

*snaps* The Demonic Bear’s arms were cut, and the toughest part of his body, its skull was split open by that terrifying force.

The Demonic Bear was after all a powerhouse of the seventh step and even on the door of death, his body charged at Wang Yuanyuan, striking against the Divine Soul Shield.

Wang Yuanyuan was totally fearless, her eyes brimming with even further rage. The instant the incomparably robust body of the Demonic Bear struck against the Divine Soul Shield, her right feet abruptly stomped on the ground.

The surrounding human warriors could all see that the current Wang Yuanyuan looked like the brilliance of a diamond. Flashing in silver light at astonishing speed, she raised up Bloodstorm. A silver brilliance abruptly burst out from her, acting like a tornado, she suddenly charged at the body of the Demonic Bear, throwing it high in the air.

The Demonic Bear that was originally mince meat due to Bloody Cut was turned into countless fragments in the air. Filling the whole sky with a rain of blood, a sight that awed all the spectators.

This scene was already beyond being described shocking’. To say nothing of the demons, even the human warriors from the Temple Alliance were all filled with terrible fear. In fact, Wang Yuanyuan was now only a powerhouse at the peak of the sixth step, and had yet the break through to the seventh step. But the fighting strength she displayed was beyond horrifying.

The silver light was visible for over three seconds, before gradually scattering. Wang Yuanyuan was standing on her knee, taking large gasps of
breaths. Be it Bloodstorm or the Divine Soul Shield, all were devoid of light. Her body was still surrounded by a dense killing intent taking a thin red color. Only her face was quite abnormally pale.

A gold colored figure stood in front of

Zhang Fangfang’s expression was quite unsightly, not because of the previous attack of the Demonic but due his heart aching! In fact, only he knew the cost of Wang Yuanyuan’s previous attack.

The previous attack was Wang Yuanyuan’s self-created technique, called Spiritual Busting Silver Tornado. Its formidable power could not be described using simple words. This all-out technique casting everything away was moulded by Wang Yuanyuan through incessant slaughter.

Zhang Fangfang asked Wang Yuanyuan in the past why she was attacking so recklessly.

Wang Yuanyuan gave him a simple reply, telling him, My comrades are all more naturally talented than me. If I don’t put a lot more effort than them, I will fall behind. At the time the team reforms, I will become a more useful person for the team, and not let captain have to bear such a massive burden by himself.

Who could be as affected as Long Haochen about Cai’er’s memory loss? As one of the members of the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, she felt that she kept becoming more and more useless as the enemies they encountered kept gaining stronger.

In terms of innate talent, she could be said to be the last in standings. In attack power, she was below Sima Xian, and there was nothing to say about their defense. And without any supporting abilities, what could she do as a warrior? She felt her utility to the team only kept going down with time.

At the time the Temple Alliance gave the order to temporarily disband their team, Wang Yuanyuan felt for the first time so powerless. The feeling of being unable to grasp her own fate with her own hands was just too painful. Their team collapsed and no one knew if they would be able to
reform again in the future. Why was that? Because everyone wasn’t strong enough.

For this reason, after returning to the Warrior Temple, seeing the battlefield at the southeastern stronghold, Wang Yuanyuan made her resolve that she would do anything possible to become stronger.

Insufficient genius could only be made up with strong efforts. So she stood on the city walls, standing in the front from beginning to end. As a girl and a female warrior, she used much more savage methods than men to increase her strength.

Wang Yuanyuan remembered deeply what Long Haochen said in the past, that as a fighter, the easiest method for one to increase their strength is to go beyond their limits. Every challenge pushing one to their limits will undoubtedly be an enormous driving force to progress efficiently.

Searching for her own limits in the midst of slaughter, every time she was exhausted, she would keep insisting on staking everything until the last second. At the time she managed to make it alive, she would naturally find out that her cultivation and techniques progressed at an astonishing speed. Keeping herself on the thread of life or death every time, she would only clench her teeth and bear the suffering until the end.

If not for this, how could she have progressed from a bit above 6,000 units of spiritual energy to reach 10,000 units, peak of the sixth step, in a mere year?

Her frantic murderous spirit and formidable weapons finally pushed Wang Yuanyuan to create her first personal technique, an extremely bloody and incomparably powerful technique.

Using the ability Spiritual Busting Silver Tornado requires one to apply Dimensional Storm on Bloodstorm, before forcing one’s spiritual energy outside of their body, igniting their spatial attribute spiritual energy by the means of an incomparably bloody murderous spirit. This way, an extremely terrifying burst power will be produced. And the split second of the burst
completely exceeds Wang Yuanyuan’s regular level of power. But similarly, this bursting force comes with some backlash she has to endure.

Through constant training and boost, she finally succeeded. Although the ability Spiritual Busting Silver Tornado borrows its might from Bloody Storm, this is in the end Wang Yuanyuan’s self-created technique! When used, as everything within three meters range from her will immediately be subject to an extremely direct and terrible attack. Unless the enemy’s strength is great enough to crush her, and thoroughly destroy her weapon and her, Spiritual Busting Silver Tornado will be a fatal attack. Even with his tyrannical body, the Demonic Bear having lost the backup of his spiritual energy was directly reduced to shreds by this technique, which was something hard to imagine. Even powerhouses of the eighth step wouldn’t dare proclaim themselves to be capable of doing that to a powerhouse of the seventh step.

The chief of the Warrior Temple Qiu Yonghao personally came to advise Wang Yuanyuan. Her paternal grandfather being the previous chief of the Warrior Temple before him. Before he died in battle against the Hell Demon God Marbas, he was the one who let the attendant of the divine sword wielder Ye Wushang succeed his position.

Being the one who succeeded the divine soul bloodline, Wang Yuanyuan was the last living bearer of this bloodline. No matter what, Qiu Yonghao was unwilling to see her have an accident. But Wang Yuanyuan’s unswerving determination was just too strong. She told Qiu Yonghao that the last of the divine soul bloodline cannot be a coward, even if she is a girl. Left without a choice, Qiu Yonghao could only do his utmost by sending people to look after her, this way Wang Yuanyuan could get the best priests to treat her in case she gets wounded.

Her perseverance was paid back, as the strength flowing from her veins kept being stimulating, letting it mix with her murderous spirit. This produced a large amplification to the thin red light surrounding her body that has the ability of boosting her strength greatly.

With a flash of golden light, Zhang Fangfang duplicated into another him. That was his doppleganger born from the Spiritual Stove of Second

He directly handed his heavy sword and shield to the doppleganger, who immediately took over the job, guarding the area assigned to Wang Yuanyuan.

Zhang Fangfang rapidly came to Wang Yuanyuan’s side, lending his arm to support her until they were near the rear.

Wang Yuanyuan didn’t try to be brave by forcing herself to stay up, Spiritual Busting Silver Tornado was something she wasn’t able to control entirely. After each burst, her body would suffer a severe shock. And after taking the Forest Boa Body Foundation Pills made from the gall of the Forest Boa King, her external spiritual energy gained a substantial boost. This gradually made things better, but bearing the damage inflicted by that ability to her own body was still out of her capability.

“Can’t you stop fighting so hard? Don’t you know how my heart aches for you?” Zhang Fangfang wrinkled his brows, staring at her with a look full of worry.

Under his watch, the bloody color in Wang Yuanyuan’s eyes gradually came off, even showing some tenderness, “Thank you, Brother Fang.”

Chapter 479

Zhang Fangfang was startled. Over this year, during the many times Wang Yuanyuan and him went through fire and water, she almost seemed totally immersed in her slaughter. And this was the first time she expressed her thanks to him. For this reason, he felt his whole body shiver, his suppressed feelings gushed out. Holding her in his arms, he felt that even if he were to die in the next instant, that would be worth it. “Yuanyuan, you…”

Wang Yuanyuan didn’t resist, letting him hold her, slowly shutting her eyes. She was the aware of how enormously Zhang Fangfang had helped her.

Zhang Fangfang didn’t only save her life, but also her heart.

Immersed in slaughter, even a male warrior would very easily lose himself, to say nothing of a female warrior who would hardly have great willpower. Every time Wang Yuanyuan lost herself in slaughter, her heart was filled with only ruthlessness, she saw Zhang Fangfang help her ease her heart. Because of Zhang Fangfang’s existence, her heart could retain some warmth, and not be taken over by all this.

“Brother Fang, I don’t know how I could repay you for all this. If you are willing to accept me despite all the bloody stench on my body, I will give myself to you after the end of this Holy War. ”

Wang Yuanyuan’s words left a torrential shock in Zhang Fangfang’s ears. He looked at Wang Yuanyuan blankly, completely speechless for a moment out of excitement.
She… is willing to give herself to me?

“Yuanyuan” Zhang Fangfang couldn’t help but embrace her tighter.

“But I cannot marry you.” Wang Yuanyuan’s next words immediately pulled Zhang Fangfang back to reality, falling firmly to the ground.

Wang Yuanyuan raised her hand, gently stroking his face with beard grown all over, “Sorry, Brother Fang. For as long as I can remember, I pledged to devote this life to exterminate demons, and not get settled down and marry someone. I belong to my team, and will resist against the demons with Captain and the others until the end. All I can give to you is my body.”

“No, Yuanyuan. Marry me, and I can follow you in killing the enemy!
Moreover, my team is already disbanded.” Zhang Fangfang said hastily.

Wang Yuanyuan shook her head, “That’s not the same. If I marry you, I will worry about you. I like you but don’t dare love you. All I have is hatred, hatred for demons in my heart. Sorry.”

Zhang Fangfang looked at her with a blank face. Seeing that tears were spilling over her face, he didn’t feel any resentment toward her l, only feeling pain for her, making it hard for him to even breath.

Ten Thousand Beasts Mountain Pass. Located between the mountain passes on the south, the east and the southeast, this was the location of the headquarters of the Spiritual Temple.

The Odin Town where Long Haochen lived when he was young was very close to this Ten Thousand Beasts Mountain Pass.

During the first year of the Holy War, the one which sustained the lowest damage within the Six Great Temples was that Ten Thousand Beasts Mountain Pass. Relying on torrents of summons, they repelled the demon attacks one after another, while bringing support to the side of the most burdened, Priest Temple in the Southern Mountain Pass.
In the depths of the Spiritual Temple, inside an hexagonal room was an elegant girl, sitting cross-legged.

This was a very peculiar room underground. Circles of bizarre decorative designs were visible all around, the most fantastic thing being that these designs were all very meticulously

Soft white radiance was surging from the sky. As it revolved around the girl, one could see some gates of light in the midst of these white rays of light.

The expression on the face of the girl was solemn and serene, with a sacred feel to it. She was clad in a white gown, with decorative designs similar to the ground on it, also embroidered with many magical beasts embroidered. Though, the number of gems inlaid on it was few.

This few’ was when comparing the count to the large number of crystals on the ground. On her gown were seven gems, all colorless and transparent, hanging down from the back of her cloth. Separating on the two sides of her collar, they formed a shape encircling her waist. These seven transparent crystals produced a dense reflection of this room, spreading out a kind of fantastic transparent undulations.

If some higher ups of the Spiritual Temple were present, they would definitely be in great shock, because the gown worn by the girl was extremely important to the Spiritual Temple, close in value to the Divine Thrones in the eyes of the Knight Temple.

Saint Spirit Robe. This was a genuine divine tool passed down since thousands years by the Spiritual Temple. As for its antecedents, it was made from the crystallisation of the heart’s blood of powerhouses from several generations of the Spiritual Temple.

On this Saint Spirit Robe were a total of a hundred and eight soul pellets, accumulated by the Spiritual Temple over five thousand years, and was just done being made one thousand years ago.
This genuine divine tool was also the only divine tool in the hands of the Spiritual Temple. Its process of craft used the marrow juice from one thousand eighty magical beasts. It was soaked in some special metal, to be made flexible, and tough to the limit, before absorbing the soul of the one thousand eighty magical beast, giving birth to this gown.

The soul pellets inlaid on this gown were special existences produced by the summoners of the Spiritual Temple. Summoners would forever only have one spiritual cavity, only the other vocations, that were able to raise the number of their spiritual cavities by continuously gaining in spiritual energy, resulting in a boost of their strength.

The fact they had only one spiritual cavity made it a lot harder for them to cultivate than other vocations. Through the research of many ancestors, an alternative was found: an extraordinary cultivation method, called Spiritual Energy Pellet Production Spell. Through this method, spiritual energy could be gradually solidified, to be stored in the body. This would not only help with its purification process, but also enable to raise the limit of spiritual energy, achieving the result of empowering their cultivation.

The production of the first spiritual pellet, as soft as cotton, will come with continuous increase of one’s cultivation, becoming firmer and firmer, until becoming close to a gem. But to reach such a level without the destruction of the pellet, one needs reach at least the ninth step of cultivation. And when summoners of the ninth step die, their spiritual pellets are left, just like demons’ magical crystals.

In other words, the Saint Spirit Robe worn by this girl was made of a hundred and eight ancestors’ spiritual pellets.

To say nothing of the demons, even the other five Temples didn’t know of the existence of the Saint Spirit Robe. From the day it was made, this divine tool had yet to be shown. The reason for that was simple: no one was able to dominate it.

The spiritual pellets left by a hundred and eight powerhouses of the ninth step belonging to the Spiritual Temple. Just what terrifying power would come out from the convergence of their spiritual energy? Although it was
made one with the souls of one thousand eighty magical beasts, becoming a lot softer, the terrifying power and level attained by the released spiritual energy made even powerhouses of the ninth step unable to control it.

Since a thousand years ago, the Spiritual Temple had been trying a lot of ways, but never managed to make use of the Saint Soul Robe. Therefore, this divine tool stayed concealed in the deepest parts of the Spiritual Temple. Only the successive generations of Temple chiefs and auxiliary heads knew about its existence.

The situation was only made a bit better a bit more than twenty years ago.

Through the past thousand years of research, the Spiritual Temple found out that to dawn this Saint Spirit Robe, not only spiritual energy strength was needed, but also to gain its approval.

Only someone that could achieve a very high level of intimacy with magical beasts could gain the blessing of the Saint Spirit Robe.

In the past three hundred years an almighty being blessed with an innate internal spiritual energy of eighty-one units appeared. After he became the chief of the Spiritual Temple, and paid his respects to this Saint Spirit Robe, he obtained a response from it. At this time, the Saint Spirit Robe let out a faint light and a very cordial aura towards him.

This Temple Head tried wearing the Saint Spirit Robe, and finally succeeded. But at the time of his tests, he found out that he was only able to display a third of the strength of the Saint Spirit Robe. In other words, he didn’t gain a high enough approval from the Saint Spirit Robe. But even this way, the strength that was displayed by the Saint Spirit Robe already exceeded r the epic weaponry class by a lot.

After coming to conscientious reflections, the Temple Head resisted with great difficulty to the impulse in his heart, and decided to return this Saint Spirit Robe to the Temple, not using on the battlefield. Ever since that time, the Spiritual Temple had another rule. That all summoners of the sixth step
or above had to pay their respects to this saint robe. Of course, the saint robe was concealed in a sculpture of the ten thousand beasts god.

Using such a method to look for a summoner achieving an even higher level of approval from the saint robe was a desperate attempt, but in truth, it turned out quite effective.

In the past three hundred years, over a dozen summoners managed to stir the Saint Spirit Robe. Without an exception, all were gifted with rather high levels of innate internal spiritual energy. But unfortunately, none of them finally managed to wear this robe.

Over twenty years ago, at the time a female summoner paid her respects to this Saint Spirit Robe, a miraculous scene followed. The Saint Spirit Robe released a never- before seen resplendent light. Immediately, that summoner was taken as a celestial being, immediately pressed by the chief and auxiliary chief of the Temple to remain in the Temple.

This female summoner and the temple chief and auxiliary chiefs shared an exceptional relationship. She was the daughter-in-law of the chief of the Spiritual Temple Chen Hongyu, and its auxiliary chief Sanshui.

When Chen Hongyu discovered that his daughter in law was able to stimulate the saint robe to such extent, without need to bring up this nice surprise, he immediately came to the joint decision with his wife Sanshui to let her have a fitting trial with the saint robe.

But their previous excitement very rapidly submerged to disappointment. That’s because after the Saint Spiritual Robe was put on her, their daughter- in-law was totally unable to draw out any of its power.

Chapter 480

The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. Seeing her fail after several more tries, they couldn’t help but feel an even greater disappointment. But during that time, they learned that their daughter-in- law was actually pregnant.

Therefore, Chen Hongyu and Sanshui discussed in depth, and came to an audacious conclusion. That the one the Saint Spirit Robe responded to wasn’t their daughter in law, but the child in her, their grandchild.

After coming to this conclusion, their daughter-in-law was retained in a private room inside the Spiritual Temple. The Saint Spirit Robe became her clothing, until the time her child was born.

After being pregnant for ten months, the scene of her child’s birth was particularly stirring. The day her child was born, the Saint Soul Robe produced another blast of that intense resplendent light, coming off from the body of their daughter-in-law, curling around this girl. That was the summoner of the current sixty fourth commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, Chen Ying’er.

This matter was classified as the greatest secret of the Spiritual Temple.
Only Chen Hongyu, Sanshui and Chen Ying’er’s parents knew of it.

Chen Ying’er’s growth was very strictly monitored, which is the reason for her later rebellious attitude. Just as the ancestors from the Spiritual Temple had expected, the master of the Saint Spirit Robe required a very high innate internal spiritual energy. And Chen Ying’er’s internal spiritual
energy exceeded the level of ninety, making her the very first Spiritual Saint Girl ever born in the Spiritual Temple.

But as Chen Ying’er grew, issues started to appear on her body. She was able to cultivate, her spiritual energy raising at an astonishing speed, but she unable to use any summoning spell. Even the lowest ranked spells were no good. This put intense worry on Sanshui and Chen Hongyu.

After going through countless deliberations, reflections and attempts, they finally determined that Chen Ying’er’s body deliberately sealed her genius.

This seal came straight from her gifted talents, and external forces weren’t able to help break it through. But a seal of such intensity required Chen Ying’er to reach about the seventh step of cultivation to break it. But she was after all the Spiritual Saint Girl, and was gifted with an extraordinary ability, and that was the Creature Summoning Gate. But unfortunately, her cultivation was insufficient, making her unable to wield the power of the Creature Summoning Gate properly. Therefore she became the most unreliable member of Long Haochen’s team as their summoner.

With the passage of time, things changed. Having obtained plentiful training in the Demon Hunt Squad, Chen Ying’er outgrew her rebellious and ignorant phase. Through incessant battles against demons, incessantly raising her cultivation, and seeing her comrades’ progress, her scatterbrain t gradually disappeared, replaced with a longing for strength.

Even if the sixty fourth commander grade Demon Hunt Squad hadn’t dissolved, she would probably have come back, to the Spiritual Temple, to attempt to break through the seal that had bound her for twenty years, becoming the true Spiritual Saint Girl.

A soft milky-white spiritual energy was moving rhythmically in this fantastic room. This private room should originally be used by the head of the Spiritual Temple.

It gave a large assistance for one’s cultivation. Starting from the day Chen Ying’er came back, this became her territory. Having set herself free
of all distractions, she entered a state of deep meditation.

When Chen Ying’er started meditating, she had the same thought as Wang Yuanyuan: I

Tomb Bringing Mountain Pass, Mage Temple.

Dark green hair was draping on his shoulder, and although it wasn’t as long as originally, it reached at least the level of his back.

Lin Xin’s appearance was quite sorry. His previous long hair was in disarray and beard had already surfaced on face, which became thin.

But his pair of eyes were especially bright, with a single minded look.
This was enough to give one an undescriptible feeling.

Over this past year, one could say that he has been busy every single day. Starting from the day of his return in the Mage Temple, he asked for a private room from his grandfather, exploiting the large amount of resources brought back from the demon territory.

During this period, he made use of his good relation with the Alliance’s Great Auction House to sell large amount of resources at low price, helping them to hold out in the front lines. At the same time, he gained a bond from the side of the Alliance’s Great Auction House. That the Alliance’s Great Auction House would supply him with the resources he needed.

The great-master that crafted Bloodstorm using the material from the Saw Skates was found by the Alliance’s Great Auction House for him. Otherwise, with his ability, how could he find a great-master able to make a piece of Legendary Equipment in such a short time? That great-master said that this weapon was made for slaughter, and that through the blood of many enemies, fundamental changes would very possibly appear in it. In other words, this piece of equipment had the possibility to advance to the Epic Tier. The source of this possibility came from some of the blood of the Snake Demon God Andromalius provided by Lin Xin. Soaked in the blood of a demon god, Bloodstorm gained the possibility of evolution.
Lin Xin’s body and mind were devoted in making pills. Relying on the existence of the Spiritual Stove of Heart of Fire, he made considerable progress in alchemy. As for ordinary Spiritual Recovery Pills and Spiritual Bursting Pills, he was able to produce large batches of it. Therefore, he obtained special awards from the higher-ups of the Temple, and the inner branch of the Mage Temple supplied him with large amounts of precious resources.

While making a batch of ordinary pills, Lin Xin also put a lot of effort in improving the process of his pill-making. First of all, he recovered the method to make the Forest Boa Training Pill, and used nine galls of the Forest Boas, with three Ice Immortal Fruits, and over a dozen other ingredients, succeeding in his objective. Among these, he used the gall and internal pill of the Forest Boa King to make a total of thirty five pills, enough for five per person. Including Long Haochen, everyone was sent a portion.

The Forest Boa Training Pills made from ordinary Forest Boas were over two hundred, and all were divided between everyone. Only thirty of them were handed to the side of the Demon Hunt Squads’ Mission Tower, getting a large amount of contribution points in return.

After the Forest Boa Training Pills were done being made, Lin Xin immediately devoted himself to his most important field of research, and the one he was the most hopeful to complete, the Spiritual Boosting Pills.

At the time Long Haochen and Lin Xin just got acquainted, Lin Xin gave him a bottle of Spiritual Boosting Pills. Only, these were only useful for fifth step or below, and although their effects were not bad, its uses were limited.

Lin Xin understood clearly that to his comrades and himself, Spiritual Boosting Pills were the most important. With the growth of one’s cultivation, gaining spiritual energy becomes more challenging. And furthermore, his Spiritual Boosting Pills needed to be devoid of side-effects, relying only on one’s body to increase his spiritual energy. This required many precious treasures to be used, and also a lot of experiments.
Lin Xin used himself as an experiment subject, researching for over half a year. Sparing no costs for these experiments, he finally succeeded some time later. The pills he succeeded in making bore no restrictions, and could be consumed by any vocation without side effects.

Taking one would increase one’s internal spiritual energy by a hundred units.

These Spiritual Boosting Pills were named Xin Pills, taking after his own name, showing how satisfied he was with his own work.

However, the Xin Pills didn’t come without any restriction. The material required was precious, so after making three batches, Lin Xin stopped producing more of them.

These three lots made up a total of two hundred pills, but this did not amount to much after getting split among the seven of them. Nonetheless, it would help to increase everyone’s internal spiritual energy by three thousand units.

However, this pioneering work was full of ingenuity. In theory, as long as they managed to keep killing demon gods and Devil Dragons, these Xin Pills could keep being made. After all, the huge carcass of the Forest Boa King was enough to make several hundred more batches of pills, as for the other treasures, they could be collected with the backup from the Alliance.

Outside of the Xin Pills, Lin Xin also had made brand new Cojoined Boosting Pills, with greatly reduced side-effects and a much greater boost.

One could say that this year, Lin Xin became formally a great-master alchemist thanks to the large amount of precious resources they collected.

Although he kept making pills day and night, and didn’t spend much time resting, the continuous use of the Heart of Fire for refining required use of his spiritual energy. With Lin Xin’s single-minded attitude and under this continuous use of his internal spiritual energy, Lin Xin’s progress was even faster than Wang Yuanyuan who seeked for breakthrough through incessant slaughters. In the past month, while succeeding in making the Xin Pills, his
internal spiritual energy formally broke through the seventh step, opening his second spiritual cavity.

After the most important pills were done being researched, Lin Xin spent the last month a lot more relaxedly. Through the enormous supplies from the Mage Temple and the Alliance’s Great Auction House, great amounts of Spiritual Recovery Pills and Spiritual Bursting Pills were sent to the war front to boost the strength of the fighters in the battlefront.

In fact, the greatest benefit of the pills was that they could be used jointly with magic boosts. Merely one or two pills wouldn’t affect the whole battle, but large supplies of pills had the possibility to overturn the situation in crucial times.

Pop. Blue fire ascended, enveloping entirely the immense stove inside. This way, three times the flames vanished, and Lin Xin’s face looked tired. His butt sitting on the nearby chair, he succeeded in making another batch.

But this time, an anxious voice sounded out from the other side of the door, “Lin Xin, no good, Lin Xin she…”
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