Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 461-470

Chapter 461

Ninth Holy Guard, just how did you do that? It’s simply mad, exceeding my imagination.

Long Haochen unconsciously pat the golden skull on his chest, remembering the odd expression on the face of the Ninth Holy Guard at the time of their separation. His soul’s fluctuation seemed to carry some cruelty, malevolence and excitement.

Very clearly, the Ninth Holy Guard had already decided on this plan at that time.

To have been able to cause the fall of a whole mountain, even by borrowing the forces of the other three holy guards, it remained a fearful feat, definitely able to match a forbidden spell level magic. Right, a forbidden spell. If I am asked by the side of the Alliance, I can perhaps only explain that by the use of an earth elemental forbidden scroll.

In truth, even if this spell used by the Ninth Holy Guard was powerful, it had yet to reach the strength of a forbidden spell, or could only be said to reach the edge of this boundary.

If this was a real forbidden earth element spell, the result would definitely not be the fall of a single mountain. A real forbidden spell would cause the whole mountain to shatter instantly, turning into a rain of meteors smashing the enemies.

But don’t believe that all powerhouses of the ninth step are able to use forbidden spells. Even some exceeding two hundred thousand units of
spiritual energy would not necessarily have the ability to execute a forbidden spell.

Making full use of a forbidden spell required a great elemental affinity, and the incantation has to be completed from beginning to end for success. Forbidden spells contain a great deal of uncertainty, and a forbidden spell won’t necessarily be extremely powerful. Only when used in a suited situation could it show devastating results.

Demons are after all outsiders that don’t come from this world. So the demon forbidden spells were almost all created over the past six thousand years. Their number aren’t few, and all had very harsh prerequisites for activation. Only a demon god in the top ten could be certain of being able to put a forbidden spell to use. And this would be hard to guarantee for the lower ranked demon gods. In fact, this depends on the level of understanding and other aspects of the user himself.

Although the Ninth Holy Guard caused the fall of a mountain, the spell he used consumed a lot less spiritual energy than a forbidden spell would normally cost. Otherwise, how could he have completed it? But even so, this spell was sufficient to prove the gap between the other three holy guards and him.

Until the Ninth Holy Guard completed this spell, Long Haochen had yet to understand the reason for the huge respect the other three held for him.

What the Ninth Holy Guard just put in use was a combination spell, associating several spells of his element. The whole process was actually not so complex, but as one might well imagine, accomplishing that would not only require massive spiritual energy, and to rely on a mountain as base. This needed extremely meticulous calculation, control, rhythm , and to go through all sort of complex process to find the core material points.

If this mountain peak was just a bit larger, the Ninth Holy Guard would be unable to complete this spell. This proved that luck stood at the human side.
Relying on his powerful abilities of the earth element, the Ninth Holy Guard directly drilled into the mountain’s body, before destroying it from the inside. Of course, the point wasn’t to destroy the whole mountain, but to cause it to lean toward the side of the demon army before wrecking it. And during this time, the demons were still distracted and confused by the spell Yating activated. , The first spell used by the Ninth Holy Guard was called Fossil

When the gaps reached a certain level, he put all his power into the Gravity Technique, executing the forbidden spell Mountain Flooding on this mountain range.

To say nothing of the terrible might of this spell, the mere creativity to create such a spell surpassed the level reached by the mages of this age by a vast distance. Of course, the current Ninth Holy Guard had to pay an enormous cost in the process, requiring him to go into a long period of deep slumber with his other holy guard mates. Nevertheless, they were not very needed by Long Haochen for the time being. After returning to the Temple Alliance, he wouldn’t lightly summon them to make use of their help. After all, they have in the end their own status as creatures born from necromancy, which would easily give birth to some unnecessary misunderstandings. “” “Still, what a shame.” After this short time of excitement, Long Haochen couldn’t help but beat his own left palm with his right fist.

Indeed, if the Temple Alliance had a troop of elites lying in wait nearby, after the sudden attack from Mountain Flooding, perhaps all demon would reach the end of their fate in this Demon Resisting Mountain Rage.

His comrades still being in the mountain range, Long Haochen didn’t dare tarry over these matters any longer. Sitting on a proper cross-legged posture, he rapidly recovered his spiritual energy. With his level of cultivation, his three spiritual cavities and his qualitative advantage as a god’s chosen one, the whole process of recovery took him only a quarter of an hour. Having just absorbed so many valiant souls, the Tower of Eternity wasn’t stingy at all to its new master. The concentration of light essence here was at least ten times stronger than outside.
With a glint of golden light, Long Haochen returned to the Demon Resisting Mountain Range. He restricted the light emanating from him as much as possible, as the instant he appeared, his figure made its way into the needle leaves forest underneath. This was a place he had arranged before departing.

The chaos at this place was not abated. Even from there, Long Haochen was able to hear the distant yells. Mountain Flooding’s might thoroughly stopped the demons there. There were trying their utmost to help the dying and heal the injured. After all, the terrifying force of such a calamity was close to a natural disaster, where the wounded were far more numerous than the dead. Visibly, they would be stuck here for close to a quarter of an hour.

Long Haochen didn’t attempt to step closer. He understood clearly that this time, the demons were not only weakened, but also very sensitive. The Fiend King of the ninth step could only be eager to encounter him.

Letting his senses raise to their peak, Long Haochen silently focused his attention on the movements of the other side, letting a smile gradually draw on his face. The damage inflicted to the demons turned out to be even more severe than his expectations. Although he didn’t get to examine the details closely, he was able to sense that a large amount of demons were lying on the ground.

The best news were that at the time the mountain fall occurred, the ones who suffered the largest loss were the Demonic Bears and Hell Demons, the most powerful part of their fighting strength. In particular, the five hundred Hell Demons, could be considered to be five hundred Magic Leaders or Great Magic Leaders in the battlefield. But now, not a lot f them were left alive. Even those who weren’t smashed to death were mostly shaken to death.

Not stopping over for any longer, Long Haochen decided to do the best he could. Although the enemies were seriously wounded, they weren’t something their Demon Hunt Squad could contend against. The goal having been reached, he naturally chose to regroup with the others.
The Fiend King Safen was at this time coughing blood. He took the initiative to dig into the mountain to try to save as many of his subordinates as possible. Relying on his strength of the ninth step, all his interventions would reduce the rocks in an area of dozens square meters, and stop the waves from spreading in this area.

But right in front of his eyes, none of the crushed corpses were recognizable, simply reduced to mincemeat.

The relatively lightly wounded gathered with the group of Berserk Demons that managed to make it alive. The soldiers in good condition they had only amounted a third of the whole army. And at least a thousand of powerful demon soldiers were deceased in the previous event.

No matter what, this loss was unbearable in Safen’s eyes. His rage was uncontrollable.

“RAAH” Safen bellowed loudly at the sky, madly crushing the rock in his way with his fist, and covering the surrounding hills with holes.

“Don’t ever let me know who you are!” The Fiend King Safen roared madly at the sky, remembering about the golden figure that disappeared just before. Four wings, he had four wings!

“Order everyone to bring the wounded and retreat!” The surprise attack having failed, ending with disastrous losses, the demon soldiers under his command were mostly injured. He had no other choice left than withdrawing. The Temple Alliance was very possibly already aware of the situation here, so if they stayed any longer, they would perhaps be unable to leave afterwards.

Filled with overflowing rancor, the Fiend King, chief of the second legion corps Safen rapidly evacuated his subordinates.

“Boss, what magic spell did you just use?”

When Long Haochen and his comrades joined force on the hilltop, he was almost instantly surrounded by the others. Although this place was
quite distant from the land of destruction, the terrible explosions spread towards the whole Demon Resisting Mountain Range. The terrible noise was naturally heard by them as well.

Long Haochen told them the whole story, astonishing the whole audience.

“The Ninth Holy Guard actually had such power? Could he have unleashed a forbidden spell?” Lin Xin sounded full of admiration. To a mage like him, the feat of having stopped such a powerful army was really shocking. “” Long Haochen shook his head, “I am certain that this wasn’t a forbidden spell. It should be the good use of his magic abilities in perfect association with the terrain. Still, you have to learn from the holy guards. Be it in terms of experience or strength, they are far above us. We have still a lot more to learn from them. ”

Wang Yuanyuan asked, “Captain, since they were beaten to such extent, do you think they would continue this assault?”

Long Haochen shook his head, “On my way back, I sensed that they were retreating. After all, their objective has been exposed and they suffered such damage. As long as their commander is not retarded, he would certainly not insist on this attack. The Demon Resisting Mountain Range is lacking of nothing besides mountain. If the same thing happens to them again, wouldn’t they go mad? But this is good too. If the demon armies think about sneaking into the Demon Resisting Mountain Range again, I’m afraid that they would have some lingering fears from this experience. Who could expect the sudden collapse of a mountain?

Everyone smiled in agreement. Such results were simply grandiose.

At the time the demon armies finally left from the Demon Resisting Mountain Range, the day was already up. Fate seemed to have taken the side of humans, as far as the demons were concerned, they suffered was a crushing defeat.

Chapter 462

After following with their eyes the departure of the army, Long Haochen’s group resumed their journey, proceeding towards the land of the catastrophe. With the death of so many demon powerhouses , it would be good if they managed to get some demon crystals. Cutting their way into the mountain wasn’t something only the demons were capable of.

Hearing a story was something, but encountering it was another. At the time Wang Yuanyuan, Lin Xin, Sima Xian, Cai’er and Chen Ying’er arrived, they couldn’t help but be totally shocked. Deep inside, they came to imagine what kind of scene they would be subject to if they were present at the instant the mountain crumbled.

“Boss, what should we do?” Sima Xian asked Long Haochen. “” Long Haochen replied, “We shall dig out. Let’s see how many magical crystals we can find. No matter what kind of demon they belong to, these demon crystals are all treasures. It will be given for Lin Xin’s pill concoction.”

“Good, good.” Lin Xin immediately reacted with a smile. This demon operation had pleased this god of fortune of their team enormously. Bringing back all these good things, they were certain to fetch good price in the market or be of some utility to them. Chen Ying’er had collected over three hundred crystals which were of the sixth step at least, enough for McDull to be extravagant.

The corpses of many demons and magical beast, especially Forest Boas and the Devil Snake God Andromalius were collected by Lin Xin. He had the deep impression that after all this, his skills in alchemy were bound to improve tremendously. Becoming a great master was only a matter of time
to him. After all, where could there be another alchemist with as many materials available to be used as flagrantly as him.

Long Haochen naturally had his own objectives in the act of clearing the battlefield here. With such a commotion, Temple Alliance couldn’t possibly remain ignorant. And furthermore, Han Yu’s news ought to have already arrived. Surely before long, some army troops would come to their rescue. After meeting with these troops, telling them the real story would be more effective than coming up with an unbelievable report. Besides, not collecting this many corpses and crystals of higher ranked demons would be a waste. These were precious spoils of war!

The glory of opening the way through the mountain was naturally left to Sima Xian and Wang Yuanyuan. Even without additional ability, the terrifying weight and crushing power of the Energetic Ball of Light made it the most ideal candidate for this task.

The group figured the path the Fiend King Safen took, and followed it by blowing their way up. One magical crystal after another reached Lin Xin’s hands, but this guy seemed dissatisfied. That’s because, the corpses of these demons were too mangled, and hard to make use of. After all, extremely severely damaged corpses would be hard to conserve, even with a spiritual transporting tool.

The work of cutting their way into the mountain didn’t took too long before the reinforcements arrived.

Under Han Yu’s lead, the group of elites arrived with shocked expressions at the sight of Long Haochen’s group.

These elite troops were far less than their expectations, only totalling about three hundred. But when their distance was of two hundred meters, Long Haochen felt their presence, through sensing Han Yu’s aura.

Wearing veils, assassins clad in grey color appeared to view, very rapidly encircling Long Haochen’s group. These assassins didn’t let out any aura, and couldn’t be sensed at all.
Long Haochen’s group slowly left the cave, moving slowly. This wasn&rsqu

“Boss.” Seeing Long Haochen’s group come out from the cave, Han Yu immediately called out to him in excitement. He also didn’t understand what happened. How could a mountain fall on it’s side? And why would Long Haochen’s group be present here? And where were the enemies gone? His mind was full of questions.

Han Yu looked quite tired. Having travelled day and night, he was totally exhausted.

From the sound of Han Yu’s voice calling out for his Boss’, the hostility emanating from the grey clad assassins quietly disappeared. However, they remained unmoving and cold like air. Only a rather slight-built one advanced at Han Yu’s side.

Long Haochen took large strides forward, telling him the words, “It was hard on you.”

Han Yu replied in a pressed tone, “It’s nothing. Boss, where are the enemies? These demons?” He was filled with anxiety: he had brought so many powerhouses from the Assassin Temple in a hurry, but upon reaching the destination, no demons were at sight. Wouldn’t that be taken as a lie to the military? Their team definitely wasn’t capable of taking such blame.

Long Haochen replied, “The demons have all retreated. Take a look.”
Giving this reply, he pointed at the mountain behind them.

Han Yu was startled. The assassin on his side finally changed looks from his impossible expression, his aged voice sounding out, “Youngsters, don’t tell me that you are the ones who caused the collapse of such a mountain, suppressing all these demon elite troops? From the images you brought back, this could very possibly be one of the top demon legion, known as the Demon God Emperor’s second legion.”

Long Haochen shook his head, “Not the whole, only a part of it. A large amount of Demonic Bears and Hell Demons, with a few Grand Fiends
and Berserk Demons are crushed under this. I estimate the demons to have lost close to a third of their troops, before they chose to withdraw. Demon corpses are still stuck underneath, we have already cut a way in, you can just have a look.”

With his sharp senses, he sensed that the assassin before him was undoubtedly an Assassin Emperor at the eighth step.

Following them, the work of excavation was undertaken by the assassins. To Long Haochen’s shock, among these three hundred that had appeared, the assassins of the eighth step numbered twenty, and the remaining were all Assassin Kings at the seventh step. These were the top elites of the Assassin Temple, forming the Hidden Hall.

The Hidden Chivalrous Hall was formed of a total of thirty six assassins bearing the title of Hidden Knights’, the cream of the cream that was chosen for this task.

Very rapidly, various informations were reported to them, proving Long Haochen’s words. That Hidden Knight titled assassin that spoke to Long Haochen before had now a totally different expression on his face.

“Young Demon Hunt Squad captain, you are heroes for the Alliance, and for our Exorcist Mountain Pass. On behalf of the million military and civilians forming it, I thank you.”

Long Haochen saluted back to him with respect, “Respected Hidden Knight, I should be the one thanking you.”

The senior revealed a smile, “I am the fourth Hidden Knight, commander of this operation. Thinking of having to undergo a fierce battle, I didn’t expect to have only come for recovery of materials. I will report your contribution as things are. However, we have to return as fast as possible to the Exorcist Mountain Pass. Oh, right, I haven’t asked for your name yet.” “” Long Haochen replied, “I am the captain of the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, Long Haochen.” “” “Commander grade?” The fourth Hidden Knight appeared in shock. How could a commander grade Demon Hunt Squad be in possession of a
forbidden spell ranked scroll? Even for Demon Hunt Squads, these things out to cost at least a million contribution points. And could a Demon Hunter even trigger a forbidden scroll of the earth element?

However, following his shock, he suddenly realized how Long Haochen had just named himself.

“So… You are Long Haochen?” This time, the tone of this Hidden Knight changed totally.

Long Haochen nodded in puzzlement, “Yes that’s me! Have you heard of me before?” From his point of view, the fact this senior had heard of his name should be related to his relationship with Cai’er. But even so, there was no need to act so shocked.

“Of course, of course I heard of you before. You are extremely well- known! So it was actually you. Then it’s no wonder, no wonder at all…”

Hearing his words, Long Haochen was at a loss. Without waiting for his reply, the fourth Hidden Knight seemed to have suddenly become extremely impatient, “This won’t do. Follow me as fast as possible, all of you. We will return to the Exorcist Mountain Path by flight.”

“Senior, what were you just…” Long Haochen was greatly puzzled by this senior, and the same went for everyone else. This fourth Hidden Knight’s excitement sounded somewhat abnormal.

The fourth Hidden Knight replied, “Follow me first, I will explain to you on the way. At long last you guys are back.”

Afterwards, he instructed the other assassins to return to the Alliance, and took the initiative to bring Long Haochen’s group of seven back, spreading out their spiritual wings and directly heading towards the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

“Senior, can you tell me now what happened?” In midair, Long haochen asked him once again.
Seeing the four wings spreading out on Long Haochen’s back, the fourth Hidden Knight had another shock. This youngster is indeed quite an abnormal one! Whoah.

“The demon armies are besieging us. Since you are finally back, you ought to know. ”The fourth Hidden Knight replied.

Long Haochen nodded, “We saw that the demon approach had become especially tumultuous this time. The military force they have gathered is considerable. That’s why we had to take the long route to head there, climbing over the mountain. That’s how we ran across that second Demon Emperor Legion.”

The fourth Hidden Knight replied, “This situation isn’t only taking place in the Exorcist Mountain Pass, but at all the strategic points of the Alliance. The demons dispatched the overwhelming majority of their troops, launching a Holy War against the Alliance.”

“What?!” Long Haochen had already guessed that this ought to be an intense conflict, but didn’t think things would be so serious.

A Holy War, meaning a war that wouldn’t stop until total annihilation. This was a full strength clash between the two races. But the demons hadn’t launched such a war for over two thousand years. Could they have gone mad?

The fourth Heroic Knight glanced at Long Haochen, “Do you know why a Holy War is happening now?”

Long Haochen shook his head. How could he guess such a thing?

The fourth Hidden Knight replied, “The demons came very suddenly, about half a month ago, assembling enormous armies in each major human stronghold. They originally only surrounded them without attacking. The Alliance responded rapidly, transferring their inner troops, making a forced repatriation of the whole available forces, and warning the whole population to prepare for changes. The Demon God Emperor Fengxiu personally brought out the threat of a Holy War, with a single
demand. If we could respond to it, they would immediately withdraw, otherwise, they would launch this army of millions of troops, to start a Holy War in the edges of the whole Alliance.”

“What was his demand?” For the demons to burst out so brazenly, Long Haochen was not only puzzled but moreover full of shock and curiosity.

The fourth Hidden Knight took a deep breath, before giving a simple reply, “It was you.”

“What? Me? Are you sure?” When Long Haochen heard that reply, he felt totally confused, and full of disbelief.

How could this be! Even if he escaped from Ah’Bao’s hands, and caused severe troubles to the demons, every Demon Hunt Squad was the same! How could the Demon God Emperor make such a fuss over such a minor issue, triggering this Holy War just because of me?

The fourth Hidden Knight smiled bitterly, “No one understood the motives of the Demon God Emperor. But their motives are just as you heard. They wanted the Alliance to hand over you, or otherwise, this Holy War would be launched. This was his only request.”

Not only Long Haochen had a grotesque look on his face. How couldn’t it be the same for his comrades. A Holy War related to the extinction of one of the demon or the human race was actually triggered just because of Long Haochen. This simple reason was very hard to comprehend.

The nearby Sima Xian couldn’t help but react, “Could this be because we destroyed a demon god pillar? But the news couldn’t have spread so far. Even if he knew, he shouldn’t have reacted so rapidly to that.”

“You… Just what did you say? You destroyed a demon god pillar?” The fourth Hidden Knight felt difficulty to even breath. His whole worldview changed totally. Could such a commander grade Demon Hunt Squad destroy a demon god pillar? How could this be? Just how?
Long Haochen was also totally puzzled, immediately denying Sima Xian’s hypothesis, “It can’t be because of that. Even if this war was sudden, the demons needed the time of one month to prepare for it. At that time, we were still in Jacques City. Is the Demon God Emperor crazy?”

At the current time, he was in a confused state of mind, failing to understanding the motives of the Demon God Emperor. Most of all, he couldn’t comprehend how he could have so mysteriously become the target of the Demon God Emperor?

Cai’er suddenly spoke, “Did the Alliance accept the condition of the Demon God Emperor?” She who had become so cautious after losing her memories, suddenly asked the most important issue.

The others had instantly become vigilant on that issue. Right! Did the Alliance accept the condition of the Demon God Emperor? After all, even with an even greater talent, Long Haochen was just a single person. Such a Holy War would surely put many people in a disastrous condition! Hence it wouldn’t be impossible for the Alliance to abandon Long Haochen. It could be that this confrontation only took place because Long Haochen hadn’t returned yet.

If things are really that way, then now…

Everyone glanced at each other filled with serious feelings of worry.

The eyes of every members gathered all onto the fourth Heroic Assassin Knight, waiting for his reply.

Chapter 463

463– 第⼀百六⼗⼆章 再临驱魔关(上) Returning in the Exorcist Mountain Pass (I)

Hearing Cai’er’s question, the fourth Heroic Knight let out a laugh, “Accepted? How could we possibly have accepted? If that was the case, why would the Demon God Emperor even send his second legion to ambush us?”

“Regarding the condition proposed by the Demon God Emperor, the Alliance diverged into two different sides. The first one was mainly supported by the Knight Temple, our Assassin Temple and the Warrior Temple’s leaders. They were all violently opposed to delivering Long Haochen, and had no margin for negotiation. In particular, the Knight Temple expressed that if they decided to hand Long Haochen over, they would choose to quit the Alliance.”

“What?!” Hearing the fourth Heroic Knight’s words, Long Haochen immediately felt his blood rise, his entire body shivering. The Knight Temple would actually quit the Alliance just for my sake?

The fourth Heroic Knight continued, “The Warrior Temple’s reaction wasn’t much inferior to the Knight Temple’s. Qiu Haohan flipped a table, his eyes wide open. Mentioning it, as the chief of the Temple Alliance, Yang Haohan shouldn’t be so categorical in his decision. Qiu Yonghao was the one who forced him to act this way. He said that if the Knight Temple was prepared to abandon you, the Warrior Temple would spare no cost to defend you. Then in our Assassin Temple’s side, Temple Head
Sheng Yue mentioned that as his grandson-in-law that you were, whoever tries to hand you over would have to step on his corpse to do that.”

Reaching this point, the fourth Hidden Assassin Hero’s face expression became odd. At the time of the meeting, he was also present as a representative for the Assassin Temple, and still remembered that weird situation very clearly.

The Six Great Temples’ representatives hadn’t even started the meeting as Qiu Yonghao made this declaration. Afterwards, senior Alliance Chief expressed that Long Haochen was the only successor for the Knight Temple. If the Alliance came to the final decision of handing him over, the Knight Temple would quit the Alliance. Adding to that Sheng Yue’s declaration, total silence reigned over the whole room. Afterwards, chief Sheng Yue jumped up and down, shocking the heads of the three magic specializing Temples.

Originally, the Hidden Knight somewhat disapproved him. Wasn’t it just a youngster under twenty years-old? Even if he was particularly endowed, and even if the Temple Alliance didn’t plan on handing him over, there was no need for these Temples Heads to act so brazenly.

But finally, a change started to appear in his attitude ever since he met Long Heochen. Right! That’s a Demon Hunt Squad Captain who can bring a Commander Grade Demon Hunt Squad to forcibly block the way of the Demon Emperor’s second legion, and kill at least a fifth of them, wounding a third of their ranks. How could the Temple Heads not be concerned over such an issue? Given enough time, this youngster would surely become a legend for the Alliance in the future.

Hearing the words of the fourth Heroic Assassin Knight, Long Haochen was already beyond an emotionally stirred state. His heart seemed close to combustion, despite his firm disposition. He absolutely didn’t expect that for his sake, these three Temple Heads would be so protective. Only by striving the utmost to serve the Alliance can he then repay these deep emotions.
The talk continued, “From the attitudes of these three seniors, the atmosphere of the whole meeting changed. Originally, many higher-ups of the Alliance were not familiar with you, but with that, you earned yourself a great reputation. Afterwards, the Mage Temple’s chief stepped in, leading three other hall masters th

Of the two possibilities, one was that they had originally planned on starting a Holy War, but were only looking for a pretext. And supposing you were already caught by the demons’, it would then make sense as we wouldn’t possibly be able to hand you over. The second possibility was that your existence could threaten the demons’ rule. Only this explanation would make him view you so importantly. But no matter which motive, you couldn’t possibly be handed over, so these three didn’t need to act so emotionally. This is simply called being blinded by one’s concern.”

Hearing the words of the fourth Hidden Knight, Long Haochen’s comrades finally relaxed down. Since the Alliance came to a consensus, Long Haochen was naturally safe.

The fourth Hidden Assassin Knight let out a smile, “The rest of the meeting turned out even more interesting. Long Haochen your inside information has been entirely revealed, as the Knight Temple couldn’t possibly keep the information related to you hidden. After all, this related to the whole Alliance, and the second part pertained on introducing everything regarding you.”

Han Yu asked, “Then, what did the Alliance decide regarding Captain?”

The fourth Hidden Knight replied, “This wasn’t discussed back then. It was discussed in private by the Temple Heads, so I don’t know about the specific details. Only the order that if one found you, they had to immediately bring you to the closest stronghold. In all likelihood, you will have to meet with Head Master Sheng Yue to know his answer. At least nothing bad will come out.”

In the process he flew to the Exorcist Mountain Pass, the fourth Hidden Knight came to know more regarding this Demon Hunt Squad. Aside from
Long Haochen, the others’ spiritual energy didn’t permit them to sustain such long times of flight. But don’t forget the cheat-like ability Han Yu has to enable the group to go beyond their limits. So at midway, when everyone nearly exhausted their spiritual energy consumption, he activated the Spiritual Stove of Blessings of Light. In a short amount of time, everyone recovered their whole spiritual energy, its powerful utility even affecting the fourth Hidden Knight.

With his experience, he could naturally tell that this was a rare kind of supportive spiritual stove. But he actually never even heard of such a spiritual stove. Originally excited regarding Long Haochen’s prospects, he came to gain interest in his whole team. As the saying goes, there are indeed no poor soldiers under a good general. With Long Haochen’s astonishing strength, how could his comrades be lacking? Nonetheless, he didn’t raise this question. Long Haochen’s group pretended to have made use of an earth scroll, but by observing attentively, the mage in their team didn’t use the earth element. More accurately speaking, there was no earth element user in this team. The Exorcist City was just as imposing, but compared to the last time Long Haochen’s group came, the city was even more lively. In the city, people were going in and out, truly a bustling sight. These busy people all seemed related with the defense of the city. Long Haochen’s group even saw some guards transport heavy weaponry towards the outside of the city.

After obtaining the accurate information from the fourth Heroic Knight, Long Haochen felt somewhat heavy. Given his intelligence, if he hadn’t guessed what the reason why the Demon God Emperor imposed such a condition to the Temple Alliance, he wouldn’t be fit to be called a god’s chosen one.

Haoyue, my good brother, just what kind of antecedents do you have!? In your own world, you’re considered a terrible disaster, and this time, even the Demon God Emperor is showing such fear towards you, actually having no scrupple to trigger a Holy War. Is your potential so terrifying?

Long Haochen was indeed certain that the Demon God Emperor hadn’t launched this Holy War for his sake, despite his status as a god’s chosen one.
In the long history between demonkind and mankind, god’s chosen ones had appeared before. For instance, this was the case for the Scion of Samsara of that time, wasn’t it the same for him? Only one god’s chosen one wouldn’t possibly be enough for the whole demon clan to make such a big fiss. Because this wouldn’t be worth it.

Remembering about everything that happened close to Haoyue, the answer easily appeared in Long Haochen’s mind. First, at the time he confronted the demon gods for the first time at the Exorcist Mountain Pass, Long Haochen still remembered vaguely about the three rather lower ranked demon gods that they had encountered. That time, before fainting he seemed to have heard Haoyue’s cry, who finally saved him. Although he didn’t know what Haoyue did, he was certain that he was the one who intimidated these demon gods, enabling him to return with his future father- in-law Sheng Lingxin, without any death in the battle.

A short time later, he encountered for the Demon God Emperor for the first time. That time, it was for Haoyue’s sake that he had come. At that time, Haoyue was still three-headed, and although he wasn’t clear on why the detection of the Demon God Emperor failed, from the situation, he surely knew since back then that Haoyue would bring disaster to the demon race in the future, which explains why he came to the Exorcist Mountain Pass so eagerly.

The various things that happened afterwards were still clear in Long Haochen’s head. Haoyue released his purple aura to cause various powerful demons to shrink back on various occasions. Among these included Ah’Bao. And the last element that confirmed Long Haochen’s supposition for sure was this time in the Swamps of Gloom. Never could he have expected that Haoyue would accomplish what humankind never succeeded in over six thousand years. The destruction of a demon god pillar.

No wonder the Demon God Emperor would view Haoyue so importantly. His very existence was a threat to the core of the demons. If Haoyue and him were let to grow, perhaps demonkind would really face destruction by their hands. If such a day really came, it would be the best.
Long Haochen had never doubted Haoyue. The relationship between the two of them had always been perfect, each of them having a part of the counterpart’s blood flowing in their veins. The reason for his strength greatly surpassing his other comrades could be mostly related to Haoyue. Moreover every evolution of Haoyue’s brought a change in him, greatly reinforcing his spiritual energy.

He certainly wouldn’t hand Haoyue over. Even if he died in the process, he had to protect Haoyue with his all. But of course, if he died for real, with the effects of their contract, Haoyue would unfortunately follow him in this fate.

Chapter 464

But Long Haochen’s pressure was really hard to bear. No matter what one said, Haoyue and him were the reason for the Holy War initiated by the demons this time. Forces of over ten million in the demon side were opposed to the resistance of an army of over a million humans. The terrible situation that the people were going to be put in was obvious.

The fourth Heroic Knight directly brought them to a meeting room in the Assassin Temple, before making his report in a hurry.

Without any outsider present, everyone unconsciously focused their eyes on Long Haochen. Every one of them was filled with complex feelings, with only Cai’er at a loss.

At the time she entered the Assassin Temple, her expression seemed to have changed. Faintly, Cai’er felt a sense of familiarity with the place.

“Boss, is something weighing in your mind?” Lin Xin looked at Long Haochen with some concern.

A large scale invasion, the Holy War launched by the Demon God Emperor. These news struck the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad hard. And moreover, Long Haochen was in the core of this storm. How could his comrades be free of worries?

Long Haochen shook his head with no hesitation, “It’s nothing. We will just have to listen to the arrangements the Alliance is planning for. You all heard what the fourth Hidden Knight said. I am only thinking of fighting for the sake of the Alliance right now.”
“Yeah, we have to fight for the sake of the Alliance.” Sima Xian’s eyes flickered with an ominous glint, itching to rush to the battlefield.

The others nodded in turn, having steadied their minds. Long Haochen was the soul of this team, and although he couldn’t be said to have been flawless on the past missions, at least he was very reliable. As long as his mind is steady, there won’t be issue, and everyone would naturally be a lot better.

Actually, Long Haochen’s current frame of mind was bound to be complex. Only he understood the real reason that the Demon God Emperor started this Holy War was to get his hands on Haoyue and him. If he stood up, maybe this whole war could be ended, but could he do that? The answer was uncertain. This was a war between two races, and even without this trigger, along with the continuous human growth, this Holy War would sooner or later erupt. And Long Haochen may be the Scion of Light, but that doesn’t prevent him from cherishing his life as well! More importantly, the one who would have to pay the cost of his life to stop this war wouldn’t be him, but his good companion and good brother Haoyue.

Everyone had their own selfishness. Even with the cleanest and holiest heart he could possibly have, Long Haochen remained in the end a human. He also had selfish desires of his own: how could he just look at Haoyue dying like that? This was absolutely impossible, but he wasn’t also willing to see the people in terrible situation because of the Holy War.

Therefore, his mind was in total disarray. He already had the resolution that no matter what the final verdict of the Alliance would be, even if he was handed over, he would support this decision until the end. And he already resolved himself to report the threat presented by Haoyue to the demon race to the Alliance, leaving everything for them to decide.

Making such a decision was very painful to Long Haochen, but at the same time, he felt a lot more relaxed after doing it. At least he could now forgive himself. At worse he would be sacrificed by the Temple Alliance, and if things really ended this way, he would only choose to die in battle alongside Haoyue.
The presence of fourth Heroic Knight was very effective. The surrounding space slightly shivered all of a sudden. Long Haoch

Sheng Yue’s look was attracted to Long Haochen seeing him withdraw his hand. And his eyes seemed to have a different look. His second target of view was naturally Cai’er.

When Cai’er came into contact with Sheng Yue for the first time, her body shivered slightly, and her lost look seemed to have crackled slightly. Looking blankly at him, she seemed to have entirely gone stiff.

Sheng yue believed that his great-granddaughter was in a state of excitement from seeing him, but didn’t pay her any more attention, looking back towards Long Haochen. But he still didn’t say a single word, lifting his hand, grabbing Long Haochen’s head underneath.

With Sheng Yue’s strength, the mere flicker of his five fingers caused a astonishingly cold killing intent to spread out instantly, causing the temperature in the whole meeting room to plummet. A terrible oppressive force instantly surrounded Long Haochen’s body.

Who would have thought that this senior would act aggressively immediately upon arriving? And Sheng Yue’s speed reached such a degree that at the time his hand was lifted, it immediately appeared in front of Long Haochen’s eyes, grabbing him without giving anyone a mere chance to react. . Long Haochen’s reaction speed being incomparably fast, at the time Sheng Yue’s look fell once again on him, he felt a sense of crisis. Originally sitting on a chair, he didn’t immediately stand up, because he didn’t have the time to do so. His right foot stamped onto a nearby chair, making use of it to slide backwards. Meanwhile, his right hand advanced, pointing to the emptiness as fast as lightning.

One could see that in this mere instant, Long Haochen’s right hand shone like a golden crystal. With a sharp sound of hiss, a bolt of sword qi was shot in the emptiness, and an orange glint of light protected Long Haochen under its scope.
Pop. The golden sword aura directly hit Sheng Yue’s palm, encountering no obstruction and delaying his right claw-like hand. At the time this right claw descended for the second time, and what it hit was the Shield Wall erected by the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon.

Long Haochen’s Shield Wall ability was unleashed almost instantly. With the addition of his full power sword intent strike, Sheng Yue’s right hand only managed to streak across the surface of the Shield Wall. The Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon let out another orange glow of light, pushing him backward without any harm inflicted to Long Haochen.

The coordination of the whole team was displayed right then. Although no one understood why Sheng Yue would act against Long Haochen, their experience fighting side by side was really plentiful. Down to the extent that right after Long Haochen just started to act, the others immediately followed.

Sima Xian’s right hand was swung, letting the Energetic Ball of Light liberate strident noises as it smashed toward Sheng Yue. And it simply obstructed his way, letting him no way to keep attacking Long Haochen.

A resonant phoenix cry followed instantly, Lin Xin having no hesitation to trigger his Phoenix of Heart of Fire. Facing a powerhouse of the ninth step , was there another choice but to go all out from the beginning?

Han Yu’s Scarlet Wild sword carried a frantic aura, as it chopped forward, in front of Sheng Yue’s path, aiming at his knees.

Wang Yuanyuan’s Divine Soul Shield flew over, aiming straight at Sheng Yue’s neck. Han Yu and the rest were covering the top and the bottom, and with the addition of Sima Xian, they could be said to have stopped all Sheng Yue’s possible routes.

What shocked Sheng Yue the most was that at the same time these little guys reacted, overflowing flames burst out. The terrifying might of the Devil Dragon filled the whole room almost instantly. To say nothing about the mere room, the whole Assassin Temple ought to have sensed the presence of this dragon might.
Cai’er was the only one who didn’t make any move. She was still in a completely dull state, standing unmoving foolishly, and thinking of something no one knew about.

Sheng Yue was indeed worthy of his reputation of Assassin Temple chief. Facing the siege of these youngsters, despite his inner shock, his reaction wasn’t slow at all.

His feet slightly moved, and in a flash after avoiding the Energetic Ball of Light ramming from the side and pushing it with his right hand, his body floated horizontally, kicking with his both feet at Wang Yuanyuan and Han Yu’s attack

These youngsters were still only at the sixth step of cultivation. Sheng Yue having reached the ninth step, although he didn’t look down on them, he wouldn’t possibly use his full strength against opponents of this level! So he only used the most basic spiritual energy operating, reacting by the means of his instinct.

But against Sheng Yue’s expectations, he was too careless. He had indeed underestimated the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad too much, especially the formidable power of Sima Xian’s Energetic Ball of Light.

When Sheng Yue tried to cut through it, in his imagination, this weapon had to be very heavy, but Sima Xian’s spiritual energy was bound to it, so he would surely be sent flying. Drawing force from the propelling power following his attack, he would kick the two attacks from the flanks, after that dealing with the hissing phoenix unleashing blue fire would be no issue.

But the instant after his right hand came into contact with the Gigantic Ball of Light, Sheng Yue realized his mistake. That stupid-looking weapon was actually a lot more frightful than he imagined.

With strident sounds of blast, Sheng Yue felt a powerful force shake his hand. This was the Crush, Absorption and Triple Blast abilities from the Gigantic Ball of Light.
If it was only that, Sheng Yue wouldn’t sustain any wounds with his spiritual energy over a hundred thousand units. More crucially, at the time of using the Energetic Ball of Light, Sima Xian utilized his Spiritual Stove of Purple Godly Thunder. Therefore, the instant Sheng Yue’s right hand touched it, purple lightning suddenly burst out, ramming straight at his palm to spread widely into Sheng Yue’s whole body.

With such strength of spiritual energy, wounding Sheng Yue was unthinkable for the Spiritual Stove of Purple Godly Thunder. However, the paralysis triggered by the thunder took effect.

To a powerhouse at the level of Sheng Yue no detail could be deemed insignificant in times of battle. Even if it made contact for less than a second, this shook off his whole plan.

The two feet he shot in the air went numb, before colliding with the Scarlet Wild Sword and the Divine Soul Shield.

Chapter 465

Sheng Yue was extremely strong, but that was only physical strength.
What he collided with was Legendary Equipment.

Wang Yuanyuan and Han Yu were kicked away, but Sheng Yue also wasn’t good off. Characterized by their frantic glints, these two Legendary Equipment devastated his paralyzed body, delaying him even further.

Right at this moment, the Blue Fire Phoenix reached him, instantly gushing out with red-hot flames, and bursting out with terrible might that almost engulfed Sheng Yue’s whole body.

Phoenix Heart of Fire. This was the only ability of a fused spiritual stove, and it caused Lin Xin to suffer an enormous backlash every time he used. Originally, at the time he had just obtained this technique, he managed to use it to block a Zombie King of the eighth step, wounding him to a great extent.

Sheng Yue was naturally stronger than a Zombie King, but the biggest issue was that, he was caught unprepared. Lin Xin was becoming progressively more proficient in controlling fire. So, at the time he intervened, the power in his Phoenix Heart of Fire already accumulated, all of which burst out upon colliding.

“You little rascals.” Sheng Yue cursed loudly, busting out with a sparkling grey light. His sharp aura immediately cut the throat of the blue phoenix, causing it to disappear in a flash, and everything returned to normal.
With a kick after another the group of males including Long Haochen whose Shield Wall retracted after being sent flying.

But Sheng Yue didn’t keep attacking, confronting the Devil Dragon that was occupying half of the room with a grotesque expression. He was highly alert.

“Ying’er, stop it. The senior doesn’t have any malicious intention.”
Although Long Haochen was in pain from the kick, he ordered in a hurry.

The might of the Devil Dragon was just too great. Causing the Assassin Temple to misunderstand wouldn’t do any good.

With a flash of black light, under the dumbstruck gaze of Sheng Yue, the previously aggressive Devil Dragon turned back into the shape of a frail little pig held in Chen Ying’er’s arms, even showing a taunting look.

Sheng Yue’s mouth and eyes twitched, cursing at them one more time, “What a group of little rascals you are. Why did you become so fierce? Is this uncle a demon?”

Sheng Yue’s look was indeed hard to look at. His clothes were scorched along with some of his hair. A burn even appeared on his left cheek. That was truly a sorry figure.

Sheng Yue wanted to find a private place to curse at himself. All he did was to try out their skills a little! It was to the extent that he was disgraced. These little rascals, don’t they even know about being lenient?

But surely he couldn’t say these words out loud. Grudgingly looking at Long Haochen’s group who was standing back up, he shouted in a rage, “You have grown up quite well haven’t you? To dare go against this uncle.. Should this uncle just come and teach you a little lesson?”

“Great-grandfather, please spare us. This wasn’t intentional.” Long Haochen hurriedly advanced with a smile on his face, paying his respects as a junior in the form of a salute.
Sheng Yue snorted, “You little one are the worse of all. Don’t you know how worried you made us? So what about me coming to lecture you? From what I see, you little bunch of bastards have shown quite interesting reactions. Is there such bitter hatred between us all?”

Seeing Sheng Yue’s sorry figure, everyone naturally understood that this elder was only trying out Long Haochen. Now they didn’t even dare to laugh at the scene, keeping their heads down without muttering a word

“So you have finally grown up haven’t you?” Sheng Yue raised his hand, hitting Long Haochen on the head. The pained Long Haochen showed a grimace, not daring to make a sound. He didn’t expect Sheng Yue to be so careless, having been reduced to such a state by them so rapidly. Unfortunately it was too late to think of avoiding earning this person’s wrath.

Sheng Yue felt quite depressed! Because he figured that he wasn’t even able to vent out. After calming down for a little, he felt secretly apprehensive. Even if he had been careless, he was still a powerhouse of the ninth step! A hundred thousand units of spiritual energy was standing in front of them, and what was up with these guys’ equipment! For a Demon Hunt Squad who had just raised themselves to the commander grade to take out so many Legendary Tier equipment. Just from where could they have come? And in particular, Long Haochen’s shield was letting out an orange glow. Epic Tier?

Sheng Yue seemed to have underestimated the strength of Long Haochen’s group. In fact, the last time they came, they could at most be regarded as a brilliant younger generation. But this time, they could already display comprehensive strength in front of this senior. This was simply a leap of strength.

“You’re at the seventh step?” Sheng Yue’s wrath gradually vanished. Unconsciously, he asked Long Haochen this question. He still clearly remembered that at the time Logn Haochen unleashed that sword energy, he was on the boundary of Brilliant Body.

Long Haochen nodded in response, “Yes, great-grandfather.”
Sheng Yue had a great startle. Making a guess was one thing, but getting a confirmation of the fact was another. Just how old was he? Absolutely below twenty. Wasn’t he just fourteen of fifteen the last time they met? Just how many year has it been since then? And already at the seventh step? Then it was no wonder that the Demon God Emperor would want to capture this guy. Seventh step, is he at this stage for real? At what age did I reach that level back then? Wasn’t it at thirty five?

Sweeping his look on the whole group once again, the look on Sheng Yue’s face finally appeased. Of course, his cold demeanor sounded laughable when coming from such a sorry looking shape… Of course, Long Haochen’s group absolutely didn’t dare laugh out loudly?

Right at this time, severe knocks sounded out from the outside.

“The situation is all right here. I am the one who brought an imitator to mimic the dragon aura of a Devil Dragon.” Sheng Yue shouted out. He could obviously not let himself be seen by his subordinates to avoid losing all face.

Hearing him, everyone outside immediately calmed down.

Sheng Yue stared fixedly at Long Haochen for quite a long time, nodding, “Not bad. These past few years, you seem to have matured quite a lot, and your strength grew quite a bit. You have finally made it back. The fourth Hidden Knight should have already told you. The Holy War has started.”

Long Haochen nodded, “Great-grandfather, the blame is on me. I am willing to accept whatever punishment is dealt by the Alliance?”

“Getting dealt by?” Sheng Yue’s voice was abruptly raised up, “Farts! What fault is on you, do you think of yourself to be qualified enough? What are you to put your head in affairs you have nothing to do with? Just tell if you want to be beaten up. Can the Holy War between the demons and the Alliance be started over a single person?”
Although Sheng Yue’s words sounded harsh, he took a reprimanding tone intentionally. But Long Haochen felt warm , naturally able to sense Sheng Yue’s concern from his words.

Long Haochen took a deep breath, following the talk, “Great- grandfather, it’s really the case. Listen to me, this matter is very important to the Alliance. No matter what decision you take, I won’t have any complaint. I won’t hide from the Alliance either, I trust that you will make the best choice.”

Seeing Long Haochen’s serious look, Sheng Yue suddenly realized that things weren’t as simple as he imagined. Wrinkling his brows, he covered the whole room in an ice-cold layer, covering the whole room.

“What do you want to say?” Sheng Yue wrinkled his brows.

Long Haochen replied, “Great-grandfather, I am certainly the cause why the Demon God Emperor started this Holy War. About this, even my comrades don’t know, but as the person involved, I am very clear of the cause why the Holy War started. I feel very sad about it. I really don’t want to see the people being put in terrible situation. But this matter is related to my closest comrade. There’s no way I could hand him over, so I ask the Alliance to take the final decision. No matter how the Alliance decides to handle me, I will accept the treatment.”

Hearing such serious words, not only Sheng Yue had an unsightly expression, but the same went for his comrades with the only exception being the dazed Cai’er. The others were all opening their eyes wide in shock. They were also full of questions about the motives of the Demon God Emperor. Hearing Haochen’s words, that this Holy War was indeed related to him. “ Sheng Yue’s cheek showed signs of twitchingsquirming/wiggling(?). His voice suddenly became more gentle, “Boy, don’t worry. You great-grandfather is listening to you. ” You know, no matter what happens, your great-grandfather will be standing on your side. No one can punish my great-grandson. And you have to remember, don’t ever tell someone else about what you told me. Even inside the Alliance, not everyone thinks the same as me. Now tell me what you have in heart. As long as I can be of help, I will give my all to help you.”
“Yes.” Seeing Sheng Yue’s concerned look, Long Haochen nodded with all his force. He almost had an urge to cry. Sheng Yue was Cai’er’s great- grandfather, but this time, he felt a strong warmth feeling emanating from this irascible old man. And family love had always been Long Haochen’s weak spot.

“Great-grandfather, at the time we left the Alliance, we took a total of sixteen Slaughter Missions. Less than half a year later, we have succeeded in completing all of them. Among these missions, the hardest one was to kill the last ranked demon god Andromalius.”

Sheng Yue was once again in great shock, “What? Are you saying that you killed a demon god? Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius?” “……” Long Haochen nodded in reply, “A great part of it was related to luck.” At that moment, he detailed the matter of their encounter with the Devil Snake Demon God, and how they took advantage of the conflict between the Forest Boa King and Andromalius, and how both sides ended up close to killing each other.

“A great achievement. Even an Emperor grade Demon Hunt wouldn’t necessarily manage to kill a demon god under the protection of his demon god pillar. With such an achievement when you are not even in your twenties, you guys are simply legends for the Alliance.” Even with his harsh character, Sheng Yue couldn’t help but feel amazed hearing Long Haochen’s story. These children risked their lives and at such young age to kill a demon god, this was truly a huge achievement.

Chapter 466

Long Haochen continued, “After killing the Snake Devil Demon God Andromalius, we faced his demon god pillar, trying our utmost to destroy it. Its toughness was really beyond our imagination.”

Sheng Yue smiled, “That’s for certain. You don’t have to feel discouraged about that. In the past, many Titled grade Demon Hunt Squad attempted to destroy a demon god pillar without success. Ai, it has been six thousand years, and the matter of the seventy two demon gods leaves us the most helpless. This is the core strength of the demons. As long as these annoying pillars exist, the demons will never truly die. You don’t have to be so sad. In the future, when you are strong enough, we will think of some way. Unfortunately, the only person with possibility to destroy a demon god pillar, Scion of Samsara died too young back then. Otherwise, maybe he could have caused a miracle.”
Long Haochen gave a serious response, “But we succeeded!” “Succeeded about what? What? Succeeded you saying?” Sheng Yue
jumped in surprise. With his thin build, this jump simply seemed like an ape’s.

Long Haochen continued, “We succeeded in destroying that demon god pillar, to destroy it thoroughly. In this world, there won’t’ ever appear another Devil Snake Demon God. And it’s even hard to say for sure that the Snake Devil lineage will be able to survive.”

Sheng Yue had his eyes wide open, staying still for over ten seconds in his posture.
“You… Are you saying this for real? You actually destroyed a demon god pillar? No, it can’t be. This hasn’t ever happened before. Even if you are extremely talented, especially gifted, with your current cultivation, how could you possibly destroy a demon god pillar? This absolutely cannot be.”

Seeing Sheng Yue’s abnormal look, Long Haochen revealed a pained face, “But great-grandfather, we just did it. And this is the reason why the Demon God Emperor made capturing me the reason for this Holy War.”

Sheng Yue’s irregular breathing lasted for several minutes before calming down, “Are you saying that you have an extraordinary ability enabling you to destroy demon god pillars.”

Long Haochen nodded, “It can be said so. But it’s not me, it’s my magical beast companion, Haoyue. I believe my comrades should have realized that Haoyue is an abnormal magical beast. Until now, no one has been able to tell to what race he belongs to. But he has an extraordinary ability, that doesn’t seem to be of much utility against us humans. But it is very destructive against demons, especially demon god pillars. Haoyue consumed his life force as a cost to help us destroy that demon god pillar. If I am not guessing wrong, it’s precisely because the Demon God Emperor guessed the threat Haoyue represented to the demon race, that he demands me from the Alliance.

Haoyue and I are bound by blood. As long as I die, Haoyue would hardly survive alone.”

In the 64th Demon Hunt Squad, it was impossible to say that no one had noticed this detail. Merely, everyone was feeling very confused, and approved his explanations after realizing this bit.For a moment, the atmosphere became extremely serious.

Without doubt, having obtained the ability to destroy demon god pillar was a tremendous asset to the Temple Alliance. But now demonkind started all out Holy War. Would the Temple Alliance even have the strength to resist it? No one knew. The war was just a premise, the two parties were still at the stage of preparing their forces.
Over the past six thousand years, although humanity kept recuperating, they were in the end only occupying a part of the continent. The strength of demonkind also kept incre

Currently, Long Haochen and Haoyue’s emotions were as stirred as one might imagine.

Sheng Yue went in a deep state of reflection. From the point of view of the Alliance, handing over Long Haochen would undoubtedly give them the opportunity to keep recuperating. But afterwards, would they get another opportunity to acquire the strength to destroy demon god pillars? This was hard to say. And to protect Long Haochen, the Alliance would have to incur the rage of demonkind. After all, for the prosperity of their race, any ruler of the demons in these circumstances would spare no cost to kill Long Haochen and Haoyue.

A long time later, Sheng Yue had a difficult tone, “Boy, you shouldn’t let this out. This will very possibly make the situation unfavorable to you. Understood?”

Long Haochen retained a calm smile, “Great-grandfather, there’s nothing unfair. I cannot go against my conscience. As I said, I have no way to hand over Haoyue, he’s my good brother. All I can do is speak the truth and leave it to the Alliance to decide. No matter what decision they come to make, I have no complaints. Great-grandfather, please lend me a room. Before the Alliance comes to a decision, I will be staying in the Assassin Temple.”

Sheng Yue shut his eyes, waging war against himself deep inside. Having a good resistance to greed, what he hated the most in his lifetime was to encounter things going beyond his grasp. Without doubt, Long Haochen brought such a situation before him. He was unable to anticipate, how reporting this would result the Alliance’s decision. When it pertained to the life of the millions of inhabitants of the Alliance, no one would be able to predict what the final verdict would be.

“Great-grandfather…” Cai’er’s voice suddenly sounded out, taking the shape of a dreamlike ringing shout. Long Haochen had a chill, looking
beyond belief at Cai’er’s direction.

Cai’er’s look was just as lifeless, taking one step after another toward Sheng Yue.

Opening his eyes, Sheng Yue directed an astonished look at Cai’er. That was his great-granddaughter, that he was naturally the most familiar with. Cai’er’s call seemed strange, greatly different from before.

“I… I just remembered. You’re my great-grandfather. Great- grandfather, father, mother… What about my father and mother? Why, just why didn’t they come to save me? Why?”

“Cai’er, what’s up with you?” Sheng Yue looked shocked, seeing Cai’er in such a state.

Long Haochen hurriedly stepped forward, joining Cai’er’s side, “Cai’er, did you just remember? Remember everything?”

“Why didn’t you come to save me… Why?” Not paying Long Haochen the slightest bit of attention, she only repeated these words. She continued to have a lifeless look, but tears kept flowing beyond control on her face. This sight was truly painful to see.

Long Haochen completely forgot about his own matters, looking at her, embracing her in a hurry.

But the current Cai’er was intensely stirred up. Her eyes were filled with despair and coldness, looking fixedly at Sheng Yue, in total daze.

“Why? Just why did you throw me there? Why did you do this to me, you all knew…” A close to hysterical voice came out from her mouth, making everyone very tense.

Pu. Long Haochen softly hit her vitals, causing Cai’er to faint on the spot, her face still streaming with tears.

“Just what happened?” Sheng Yue was dazed at his great- granddaughter’s final question.
Long Haochen held Cai’er in his arms, wiping the tears on her face carefully, “That’s my fault, I didn’t manage to protect Cai’er…”, he told Sheng Yue how she lost her memories. Of course, he didn’t mention everything related to the Tower of Eternity, only mentioning that he had no other choice but to bring Cai’er out of the siege, having no other choice but to interfere in her awakening.

Hearing Long Haochen’s explanation, Sheng Yue remained speechless for a while. He knew that this could absolutely not be blamed on Long Haochen. Who could predict Cai’er’s sudden awakening? Long Haochen already did his best. Although he didn’t tell the details, one can imagine that when surrounded by so many Demon Hunter Remover Squads, managing to break out was already a great feat.

“Go. First return home for now.”

The home Sheng Yue mentioned was inside the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ office palace. Sheng Yue’s home was located there instead of being in the Assassin Temple. As the chief of the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ military, his home was in a courtyard at the back of the office palace. Sheng Yue didn’t put only restriction on the liberty of Long Haochen’s group, only letting them stay here. Then he told Long Haochen that the matter would be reported to the higher-ups, so for now he had to wait for any information from the Temple Alliance.

At the time Sheng Yue said that to Long Haochen, he already thought through that matter thoroughly. This was the Exorcist Mountain Pass, and his territory. If the Alliance decided to hand him over, couldn’t he just let this boy go? Everyone had their own personal reasons when they acted, and he was no exception. At the time he caught sight of Cai’er after her loss of memories, Sheng Yue’s frame of mind changed completely. For the first time, he recognized his own mistake. For the sake of the Alliance and the Assassin Temple, Cai’er was subject to unbearable pain, to the extent that this memory would be the first to come back.

A pain etched in her bones.
If he didn’t let her take the inheritance of the Dagger of Samsara, would Cai’er have to experience such pain? And this time, will Long Haochen be be sacrificed for the Alliance? Sheng Yue couldn’t do that. He already made the thorough resolve that no matter what, he will protect Long Haochen and Cai’er.

The whole 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad lived there just like that. Although the Holy War’s large shadow was enveloping the Exorcist Mountain Pass, Cai’er’s home was extremely peaceful.

That day after Cai’er sudden emotional breakout, she finally ended up getting knocked out by Long Haochen. After waking up, her mood gradually pacified. After a few days of rest, everyone was gradually making sure that some of Cai’er’s memories were back, but these were only a few memories, when she was three or four years old. It was evidently from the stimulation of the Exorcist Mountain pass, and the deep impression left by her great-grandfather Sheng Yue, that finally stimulate a few memories in her. Although this was only a small part, it was undoubtedly good news.

Chapter 467

Unfortunately, soon after seeing their daughter, Sheng Lingxin and his wife had to return to the Exorcist Mountain Pass. With the start of the Holy War, although they were feeling extremely sorry for their daughter, their heavy responsibilities weren’t something that could be ignored.

“Haochen, are you there?” Cai’er stood in front of the neighboring room, softly knocking onto the door.

Right now, her memories just returned, her emotions were indeed greatly affected. But over the past few days, under the assurances of Long Haochen and the others, and with the care shown by her parents and great- grandfather, she gradually calmed down. After all, her memories weren’t all back, and what already passed was unchangeable, and she overcame it little by little. Over the past two days, her mental state was close to complete recovery.

In the room, Long Haochen’s familiar voice wasn’t responding. A while after she knocked, she went in to confirm that no one was indeed present, finding it quite strange.

Ordinarily, Long Haochen would be cultivating in his room.

After she calmed down, she thought a lot about the recent matters. Although Long Haochen was temporarily living here, be it him or the rest of the team, everyone was filled with uncertainty. Ever since losing her memories, the one who had been spending the most time with her was Long Haochen, who could be said to have meticulously taken care of her. Although she was still unable to remember the things that happened
between the two of them, she was a girl, and had her own emotions. As time passed, even in that amnesic state, she gradually came to accept Long Haochen. At least now she wouldn’t be blushing so clearly when Long Haochen took her hand and struggle against it.

All this time, he was the one who made sacrifices for her. Now that such a major event happened, she should be the one to comfort him. Now that she had realized this, Cai’er took the initiative to look for Long Haochen in his room, only to find out that he wasn’t present.

Could the Temple Alliance have given their decision on that matter? Thinking this, Cai’er felt very tense, attacked by an indescribable pain, feeling that her breath was unsteady.

But, how could he not tell me anything?. No, he wouldn’t leave like that.

Simply said, she was blinded with concern. Cai’er didn’t even notice, but unknowingly, Long Haochen already held an important position to the amnesic her.

Cai’er, what are you doing? Right at this time, this question was raised to her.

Turning her head, Cai’er saw Chen Ying’er come out from the nearby room, curious about her.

As if she found her savior, Cai’er joined Chen Ying’er’s side, “Ying’er, do you know about Haochen? Did you see him? Why isn’t he in his room?”

Chen Ying’er replied, still puzzled, “Of course he’s not in his room right now. He’s preparing a meal for you! Didn’t you know that ever since we came back, everything you eat is prepared personally by Boss’ hands.”

Her whole body shivering with a feeling that would be hard to describe, she just realized that all the pores of her body felt relaxed. All her previous worries dissipated, to be replaced with concern and warmth. The rim of her eyes suddenly became red.
So he’s actually preparing my meals? At a time that he could be abandoned by the Alliance at any time, thinking of it, I should be the one preparing his meals, not the other way round.

Seeing her expression, Chen Ying’er who got the confirmation that she actually didn’t know, didn’t conceal her jealousy, “Cai’er, you’re such a lucky girl! Did you know? The

At this point, Chen Ying’er suddenly stopped.

Cai’er’s sluggish looked suddenly became shiny, “What else did he say?”

Chen Ying’er’s eyes reddened slightly, “He said that in the future, maybe there won’t be another chance like this. He wanted to treasure his time with you, since that’s all he can do for you.”

With a flash, Cai’er abruptly disappeared from Chen Ying’er’s view. Looking at the shadow remnants from where she disappeared, Chen Ying’er let out a sigh, talking aloud, “Cai’er, you’re really enjoying a good fortune. If one day, that guy treats me like Boss treats you, I’d even accept death.”

There were several kitchens in the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ Office Palace. In a little one, Long Haochen was at work.

This kitchen was small, and under Long Haochen’s request, it was reserved for his use in the past few days. Currently, he was adding firewood to the stove while paying attention to the state of the cauldron.

A strong sweet smell already filled the air, accompanied with a noticeable smell. In the pot were three Flying Dragons, which were of course not real dragons, but a very nutritious kind of bird not even categorized as magical beast.

The day just started, as Long Haochen ran around to get the three Flying Dragons handled, preparing them as a soup. Occasionally adding heat, and
sniffing at the scent of the soup, he took care of the other meals after making sure that there’s no issue.

As a poor child in charge of the family, Long Haochen started to learn cooking alongside his mother at six years of age. Although his talent in the field was not particularly praiseworthy, at least the taste wasn’t too lacking. He was also the one stewing the soup made up from wild herbs for his mother back then.

His current living conditions were obviously beyond compare with the past. Long Haochen wanted to do some of the things he yearned to do before the Alliance reached its decision.

At this time, contrary to the expectations, his thoughts were not really oriented so much towards his parents. That’s because he didn’t want to inconvenience them with his own matters. Having not met them for so many years, he could only pray for them in silence. For the time being, cultivation was naturally not what he yearned the most for. If the Alliance decided to hand him to the Demon God Emperor, then what use would there be to cultivate some more? He couldn’t possibly gain the strength to overtake him in such a short span of time.

So all he wanted was to do something for Cai’er. As his age grew, Long Haochen understood that he would soon be eighteen. What he felt for Cai’er wasn’t simply a little liking, but the love that only exists between two people of opposite gender. That’s because, every time he thought of Cai’er, no matter what she wanted, granting that would be his greatest joy.

Cai’er’s memory loss was the most painful experience he ever had. The future was uncertain, and he didn’t want to think about it, only hoping to be able to stay together with her a little longer. Every day, being able to look at her and do something for her was enough.

Cai’er silently stood behind the door of the kitchen. Approaching discreetly, she looked at the busy Long Haochen.

Clad in a clean white apron, he was at work in the kitchen. Currently , he looked like a young cook, with none of his grandeur as a Demon Hunt
Squad Captain.

Unconsciously, Cai’er’s sight went fuzzy. Feeling as if her heart was pierced ruthlessly, she felt her throat choking, unable to say a single word.

As he was in the midst of preparing a meal, Long Haochen’s face moved suddenly, and his right hand was raised, releasing a flash of golden light that opened the door, coming face to face with Cai’er whose eyes were hazy with tears.

“Cai’er?” Long Haochen was surprised to see her here.

“Haochen.” Cai’er suddenly threw herself at him, crying out loudly in his bosom.

Unable to make head or tail for the reason why she was crying, Long Haochen however dropped the vegetables and dewdrops in his hands. Her clothes were dirty, and he could only push her away feeble-mindedly with his hands.

“Idiot, what’s up with you?” Long Haochen asked in a supple voice. Hearing him call her a fool, she couldn’t help but be filled with warmth. In the past, Cai’er liked calling him that way. He was her personal idiot!

Cai’er didn’t reply to that. Since she jumped at him crying, Long Haochen could only helplessly put the vegetable knife down, both his hands placed behind her, to take her in his arms.

Cai’er’s body was just as soft as before. It was only that as her age grew, her build became even more slender than before. Embracing such a soft girl, Long Haochen could only feel peace.

But this feeling was not totally the same as before. Although he was finally able to hug her again, he knew that the current Cai’er was not completely healed. Currently, she was only emotionally moved, and not in deep love like in the past. But this was still good, ain’t it?
“Haochen, in this world, no one is as good to me as you.” Cai’er lifted her head, telling Long Haochen these words.

Long Haochen chuckled at these words, “That’s for sure. If I’m not good to you, to who would I be good? As long as you can get better, I’m perfectly satisfied with that. Don’t force yourself to remember the matters of the past. Honestly speaking, I was really frightened at that time. Now, I’m actually not so willing to see you recover your memories. That’s because if they are recovered, you will undoubtedly come to be reminded about that painful time.”

Cai’er lightly shook her head, “No, I will definitely remember everything. That’s because you exist in my memories. I really want to remember about the emotions I had in the past by your side. Maybe it’s exactly because of these painful images that I want to understand the feelings you have towards me.”

Chapter 468

The others from the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad very rapidly felt the recent changes in Cai’er. She became attached to Long Haochen, and except for their time of sleep, the two of them seemed to be stuck together all day. Long Haochen made her meals, and she accompanied him to wash the plates afterwards. No one disturbed them, even the loud sounds coming from the war outside seemed to be filtered out to their ears.

These days were only theirs.

Unfortunately, the fateful day came very fast, and interrupted them. Right at the eleventh day after the arrival of Long Haochen’s group in Exorcist Mountain Pass, Sheng Yue once again appeared in front of them.

”Haochen, I have good news. The Alliance decided to face the attack and meet it, preparing to clash with full force against the demon armies in this Holy War.” While telling them all this, Sheng Yue’s eyes were filled with murderous spirit.

“Eh?” Long Haochen looked at Sheng Yue in amazement, “Great- grandfather, then what about me?”

Shen Yue had a slight smile on his face, “Let alone you, even I didn’t expect that. Everyone actually showed unanimous support, and no one argued this verdict. You have formally become the future successor of the Knight Temple, and the Alliance will not spare any cost to protect you. Everyone was thinking the same. That your existence will be a terrible threat to the demons. When your strength grows enough, they will encounter their doom. As for our Holy War, its role will be to stall to see
that day. Don’t worry, everything is heading towards the greatest possible direction, and you don’t need to worry about the battles. Although the demons took the initiative to begin this Holy War, their decision was very sudden, and are far from being prepared sufficiently. The horn of counterattack is waiting to be blown, the Temple Alliance has been preparing for just too long. The Demon God Emperor is indeed powerful, but attacking our Alliance won’t be an easy thing for him. The winner cannot be predicted.”

Hearing Sheng Yue’s words, the members of the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad relaxed greatly. Although Long Haochen didn’t worry, how could his comrades not be worried for him?

The decision of the Alliance was undoubtedly extremely inspiring. Now they had to put all their force in helping the Alliance to resist.

Long Haochen unconsciously clenched both his hands, “Great- grandfather, in this case, I am willing to give my life to the Alliance. Let my comrades and me return to demon territory to bite back at them. Their rear is surely empty. They will surely have demon gods guarding it. If we can get rid of some a few of them, it will certainly be a good hindrance to their Holy War.” “ Sheng Yue immediately refused his suggestion, “This won’t do. ” You are now the target of protection of the Alliance. How could we let you risk your life in demon territory? There will naturally be others to handle the enemies at the rear, it’s not something you have to worry about. After coming to this decision, the Alliance has issued a compulsory mission to your team. You will have to go complete this, and after that, you will officially be recognized as a King grade Demon Hunt Squad.”

“Mh? What mission is it?” Long Haochen asked, greatly surprised.

Sheng Yue had a sly smile, “This mission can’t be described as a hard one, but can’t be called an easy one either. All of you are elites of the great Temples. Because of your relationship with Haochen, you also gained the approval of the Alliance. So the Alliance decided that during the following period of time, you will be pursuing your training to become the new
“What?” Everyone cried out in surprise together. This compulsory mission was naturally a good thing for their individual growth, but this also meant that their team would have to be temporarily disbanded.

“Won’t do, we don’t want to separate.” Lin Xin reacted eagerly.

Sheng Yue became stern, “Is that something you can afford? Your are part of the Alliance, and as Demon Hunters, obeying commands from above is your duty. That’s the common consensus the Alliance came to. Gain the backing of every Temple, including mine. Over these years, you have already contributed greatly to the Alliance, but your strength is far from enough. Now that you are the direct target of the demons, letting you carry out missions would only end in disaster. So now, what you need the most is a stable environment. Most of all, Long Haochen cannot advance prematurely, and absolutely cannot go take missions.”

Long Haochen pondered for a short time before hinting his comrades to calm down, and asked Sheng Yue, “Great-grandfather, then when is it that we will be able to reunite as a team?”

Sheng Yue said with a laugh, “This won’t be hard. First, they will have to all reach at least the seventh step individually, and as their captain, you will have to reach eighth step. And you will have to pass all the tests imposed by the various Temples. At the time the Alliance needs you, you can reform as a team. Oh right, you will have to gain various accomplishments in your own Temples as well. For instance, Haochen will need to be a Gold Essence Foundation Knight. So that’s to say that you will have to prove yourselves to the Alliance. When you acquire the ability to protect yourselves, the Alliance will let you reform your team, continuing to carry out missions.”

Hearing Sheng Yue’s explanation, everyone became calm. They all understood that the Alliance was doing this for their own sake. The first objective was to avoid taking risks, letting them cultivate their talents. This was not only because of their individual importance, but more importantly because of the importance of Long Haochen and Haoyue’s ability to destroy demon god pillars. One could say that since the Alliance took the decision
to protect them, they will strive their hardest to achieve that. Stepping once again into the battlefield won’t be easy for them.

Sheng Yue continued, “You have to maintain the utmost secrecy about your return here. All those aware of your return will keep silent for you. But because of your intervention in the Demon Resisting Mountain Pass, it’s hard to say whether the demons will get the news of your arrival here. So you have to set out as fast as possible, and return to your own Temples to pursue your training as fast as possible. Children, the Alliance is counting on your future. We know that after having been completing missions together for so long, you all have deep attachment to each other, and aren’t willing to separate. But your lives are not only your own matters anymore, it relates to the future of the Alliance. So no matter what, you can’t look down on the importance of this mission. To reunite as early as possible, you will all have to spend two hundred percent efforts in boosting your strength. Just imagine anyway, if one day you can have a strength comparable to the Demon God Slayers, who would possibly be able to restrict you?”

After Sheng Yue’s patient talk, Long Haochen nodded in silence, “Great- grandfather, thank you. We have also to thank the Alliance for protecting me. Be at ease, I will strive my hardest to improve. It’s just that, Cai’er…”

Reaching this point, Long Haochen’s face immediately looked pale. Turning around and noticing that Cai’er also became pale, they went silent for a moment.

Sheng Yue sighed, “Cai’er has a lot to study, but will also need a long time of rest after experiencing this loss of memories. Since she recovered some memories after getting back here, staying in the Exorcist Mountain Pass is the best choice for her. Be at ease, I will have a good talk with her parents, hoping that they can help her the best they can. And given your talents, I believe that it will only take you a few years to accomplish the tasks bestowed by the Alliance. What’s more, the Assassin Temple and the Knight Temple aren’t that far. After you have some accomplishments in your training back there, won’t you have the opportunity to see this girl? Be at ease. Even if the Alliance doesn’t agree to lighten your tasks, when
you pass twenty years of age, I will definitely personally send Cai’er to your side, for the arrangement of your wedding ceremony.”

Hearing these words, Long Haochen and Cai’er who originally looked pale, immediately blushed, looking at each other . Cai’er seemed shy and happy, and Long Haochen had faint concern coupled with his joy. No matter what, he hoped for Cai’er to recuperate her memories. Otherwise, he would forever feel short of something.

The biggest issue was to have to separate from Cai’er. Twenty years old, this was a matter of having to wait at least two more years. When Cai’er is twenty, at least three years will have passed. Long Haochen was extremely unwilling to separate for so long.

Sheng Yue patted Long Haochen’s shoulder, “Boy, you have to understand that this is already the best result for you. The Alliance could only do this much. You will have to immediately leave, not waiting any longer. I will assign your protection to experts from the Assassin Temple. As future newlyweds, this separation can only make your reunion all the better. Be at ease, I will take good care of Cai’er.”

Pam Long Haochen kneeled down in front of Sheng Yue, “Great- grandfather, I’m the one at fault. It’s because I didn’t take good care of her that she ended up losing her memories. Since I’ll have to part with her, I just have a small request. Just let me make a meal for my comrades and her before we separate, can I?”

Long Haochen having said that, everyone’s eyes became red.

Cai’er was the first to throw herself in Long Haochen’s arms, “Haochen, I…”

“Captain!” “Boss!”
Sheng Yue raised his head, looking above to try to stop tears from falling from his eyes, “Okay, I’m giving you a half a day’s more time. Tonight,
you will have to leave. I will be arranging my men.” After this, his figure flashed and disappeared out of sight.

To be separated against one’s will was a very painful thing.

Long Haochen’s group was faced with such a situation. Ever since they formed as the first soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad, they experienced too many things together. Everyone was together in situations of life or death, fighting against demons together.

Their emotions and relationship with each other was already not as simple as comrades’ or friends’. They were comrades able to entrust their backs to each other. Good brothers and sisters, and fellow soldiers that had the resolution to sacrifice their own lives for each other.

Chapter 469

This day, they were told to part from each other, felt very painful to them.

Long Haochen personally cooked a meal for everyone, but at the time of meal, no one spoke a single word.

“Don’t be like that everyone. Great-grandfather is right. The separation today is for the sake of making us stronger on our reunion. I give you my word that within two years, or at most three, I will reform our team. At that time, we will already be a King grade Demon Hunt Squad. And even though this is only a temporary separation, we will still keep contact with each other. The Alliance has a system of communication, so when you arrive in your respective Temples, you have to report your well- being to me by letter.”

Long Haochen suppressed the pain in his heart with all he could, and comforted his comrades.

“Lin Xin, after we separate this time, you are the one that will have the hardest time. Besides having to keep up your cultivation, you have a lot more to do. Please gather your storage devices, and I will transfer from the Eternal Melody all the resources for you to use in there. After you return, make trades for all the resources we need. Especially those going along with the Saw Skates and Forest Boas’. After that, you can just send the Forest Boa Training Pills, and split it for everyone. As for me, I have no need for those. As an awakened god’s chosen one, my physique underwent great changes, and I reckon the Forest Boa Training Pill won’t have much effects on me.”
“You have to make good use of these Saw Skates, give priority to making a good weapon for Yuanyuan, before selling the rest.”
Lin Xin calmly nodded, engraving Long Haochen’s words in his heart. Long Haochen continued, “Although the crafting aspect is important,
your own cultivation is also. You don’t want a gap to appear between the others and you. Although there are not many alchemists in our Alliance, there are still some. I believe that in the whole Alliance, there is at least another outstanding alchemist. With there so many good things we are bringing back from

“As everyone saw during that previous battle in the Demon Resisting Mountain Pass, the full force spell of the Ninth Holy Guard wasn’t a forbidden spell, but something with comparable power. Therefore, Lin Xin, your other mission will be to look for a forbidden spell scroll of fire element, to make up for your insufficient offensive power. It’s okay for our team to have you as our only mage, and fire elemental scrolls are worth our interest. As long as you find a suitable one, you can buy it.”

If Long Haochen’s words were heard by other Demon Hunters, they would definitely be staring at him with big eyes. But their group was indeed overbearing and rich at this stage. The rest aside, the flesh of the Forest Boa King alone was already a priceless treasure. Having been recorded since long ago as an extinct magical beast, the uses of its body were as one could imagine. And the internal pill and gall of the ordinary Forest Boas were good things as well! And that was only a small part of everything they brought back from demon territory. Just the number of demons at the eighth step filled Long Haochen’s Eternal Melody and moreover Lin Xin had the corpse of Andromalius left.

“Your mission is heavy, but you have to remember that you cannot let that affect your cultivation too much, understood?” Long Haochen kept warning Lin Xin.

Lin Xin nodded repeatedly, his eyes returning to a red color, “Boss, be at ease, I definitely won’t fall behind.”
Long Haochen heaved up a smile, turning to the direction of Sima Xian, “Sima, after returning in the Priest Temple’s

Sima Xian’s hands were holding his bald head, lowering it without a word. He appeared savage and rough on the outside, but had quite a sensitive heart. At this moment, his face was streaked with tears, and in his mind, the scenes of battle of life and death with his comrades kept appearing. For a moment, he went totally silent.

Long Haochen revealed a slight smile, “And don’t forget about that girl from the auction house, Feng Ling’er. She must have been waiting for news about you all this time.”

“Yuanyuan, after you return to the Warrior Temple, you have to keep contact with Lin Xin. He will help you get a good weapon. Train with great effort, strive for the day you will be able to inlay the seven spatial gems in the Divine Soul Shield.”

“Yeah.” Wang Yuanyuan’s lips were pursued up closely, staring at Long Haochen as she kept nodding repeatedly.

Long Haochen forced a smile, “Don’t be like that everyone. It’s not as if today is the last day we would see each other. This time of separation is only to be more prepared for the next time. I hope that the next time I see you all, you will have grown stronger than me. Ying’er, you are actually the one I have the most expectations for. You said that it is only when you would reach the seventh step, that your ability would truly come out. You are now already a single step away

Against the expectations, Chen Ying’er appeared stronger than Wang Yuanyuan in her reaction, “Captain, be at ease. The next time we will meet, I won’t drag the group down, and become one of the main forces of the team. Sorry, I never told you about that, but in fact, my internal spiritual energy is at 92 units. It was a lie that I told before.”

“What?” This instant, everyone couldn’t help but shout? Another god’s chosen one? “ Chen Ying’er’s look was apologetic and sad, “It was a promise that I had with my grandmother.” ” “Even as another god’s
chosen one with above ninety units as internal spiritual energy, I am just too weak. Before reaching the seventh step, my abilities have no way to shine. It’s only after reaching it that I can wield the physique of the Saint Soul Girl, and at that time, my awakening will occur instantly. At that time, I may acquire an ability to communicate with the magical beasts just like Ye Xiaolei. Sorry to have kept this hidden from everyone. This is a secret that even in the Spiritual Temple, only Grandmother knows about.”

Long Haochen appeared pleasantly surprised, patting her shoulder, “Ying’er, there’s no need for you to apologize. Everyone have their own secrets. Most of all, it is a good thing for everyone here. Since things are like that, your awakening will surely be completed the next time we reunite! But take care to learn from Cai’er’s lesson, at the time of your breakthrough to the seventh step, you’ll have to be in a safe place, and have one of the super powerhouse of the Spiritual Temple protect you.”

Chen Ying’er proudly replied, “Captain, my goal for the next time we meet is the eighth step. I will definitely overtake everyone.”

Long Haochen gave out a laugh, “All right, I am looking forward to that.”

The proud look on Chen Ying’er’s face dissipated suddenly, and tears started flowing out, “Captain, I want to have a hug with you all. Can I?” Even though she may appear stronger than Wang Yuanyuan, her strength had its limits.

“Of course.” Long Haochen

An hour later, the others returned in their respective rooms, leaving the place for Long Haochen and Cai’er. They were the only couple in the team, and these lovers experienced real pain and misery. Although extremely unwilling, the rest could only leave them more time.

“How about we have a seat in the rooftop?” “Okay.”
Snuggling up to each other, among the two, Cai’er wasn’t crying, only tightly gripping onto Long Haochen’s body.

“Haochen, do you think I will have regained all my memories from the past the next time we meet?” Cai’er asked softly.

Long Haochen shook his head calmly, “I don’t know.”

Cai’er then asked, “Then do you want me to regain them?”

This time Long Haochen didn’t give any reply. Of course, he hoped that she would recover her memories, but he didn’t want her to recall of the painful things from her past either.

“I will definitely regain my memories. That’s because I want to know what kind of existence you were in my memories. I’m sure there was a very special feeling”

Cai’er opened her eyes wide, gazing at Long Haochen. His handsome face appeared even more resplendent under the sunlight. … He is so handsome, and so strong. And more importantly, the way he treats me is so… So…

Although Cai’er was gradually starting to accept him, the shadows in her memories were in the end wrapping in her head. She felt that it was as if a gap had formed between the two of them, as if making her to unable to face him with her true self.

Lightly caressing Cai’er’s hair, Long Haochen finally had a feeling of ease. His look was very warm. He was also able to feel the barrier that was starting to form between Cai’er and him, but he wasn’t worried, and wouldn’t press her, because he believed that no matter whether her memories come back or not, he would one day gain back her heart.

Separation would form a kind of stability, for everyone to calm down their own heart. Maybe the next time they meet, she will have really recalled everything.
This temporary separation was only announcing a better reunion.

Chapter 470



Long Haochen and Han Yu were travelling together, accompanied with four Hidden Knights. At such a crucial stage for the war, this was the most Sheng Yue could dispatch of his forces. And their task was of course to escort them north, until they reached Knight Temple , the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

In the legends of Shengmo Dalu, it was said that dragons used to live in the north-east. For the sake of resisting dragon invasions, human from ancient times had established this Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass to withstand the dragon invasions.

Compared to the other mountain passes, the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass was in a rather smooth terrain, completely covered in snow and ice. Snow was falling all year around, and outside the mountain pass, in a very large range, terrible cold spread all over, and frequently, the weather phenomenon would be as severe as forbidden spell Ice and Snow Tempest. The almighty great nature became the natural barrier of this mountain pass. Therefore, despite the Knight Temple being the leader of the Six Great Temples, their Demon Resisting Mountain Pass was not frequently under attack. Moreover, the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass was originally set to counteract attacks from the dragons. Among the Temple Alliance’s great six passes, this was the most imposing one, which also possessed the most mighty weapons inherited from the ancient times.
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