Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 451-460

Chapter 451

“Yes.” Everyone replied.

The four wings on Long Haochen’s back slowly spread out, and everyone released their wings, arranging in the formation he instructed.

An orange glow shone on his left arm, once again raising the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Light. In his right hand appeared the Aria of the Goddess of Light. This was the most powerful set of equipment Long Haochen had ever possessed.

A golden ring of light rapidly came out of Long Haochen’s body. That was Faith Halo, accompanied with Guardian’s Favor, Angel’s Blessings, Toughness Halo, enveloping the whole group.

The Aria of the Goddess of Light held high above his head, started letting out white heat. His crystal clear eyes shone with a sacred aura. From the Aria of the Goddess of Light, the white heat came out bursting in a flash. Flapping the wings on his back with force, Long Haochen suddenly rose to the air, spreading it into the air.

These weren’t exactly flames, but holy power, taking shape all around him. Releasing it like surges of flames in this way, even if it was through the use of a godly sword such as the Aria of the Goddess of Light, it was bound to take a huge toll on Long Haochen’s spiritual energy.

But the result was as expected. With his holy power spreading out in such a way, all poisonous fog within a range of a hundred meters disappeared.
“Go!” Long Haochen let out a loud shout, that the others didn’t dare neglect. Following him closely, while preserving the formation, their spiritual wings soared in the air.

Long Haochen’s flying speed was really fast, and almost instantly, he reached an altitude of over a hundred meters. Then, taking a slight pause, he waited for his mates to catch up. Meanwhile, the radiance from his holy power kept gaining in intensity, breaking up a large portion of the surrounding poison.

Very rapidly, everyone gathered to his side, elevating at a rapid speed. At this time, Long Haochen realized that when spreading out his senses, his perception of the surroundings had become a lot stronger than before.

As expected, the poisonous fog in these Swamps of Gloom was really thick. Even after rising above five hundred meters from ground, they still had yet to leave the range of the poison, with the dark green color still present as far as eye could see. If not for the illumination from Long Haochen’s holy power, their line of sight would be pitch black.

“Be careful everyone.” Long Haochen gave a sudden shout, before immediately letting out an orange radiance from his left hand. All everyone got to see was a wide expanse of orange light sprinkling from Long Haochen’s hand, enveloping the whole group, before their surroundings turned into an orange world.

What’s this? The Shield Wall Technique used by Guardian Knights? It can’t be? Everyone was filled with curiosity and shock. Right, what Long Haochen just used was the Shield Wall Technique used by Guardian Knights.

To say nothing of his comrades, even the man himself didn’t expect the power of Shield Wall to reach such a level.

Ordinarily, a Guardian Knight’s Shield Wall would form a defense only in one direction, protecting the whole body, but that area wouldn’t exceed ten square meters, making it a powerful unidirectional defensive skill.
At the time when Long Haochen’s Shield Wall, his thoughts were only at forming a defense above them. But who could have expected that after his spiritual energy was injected into the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, it would suddenly let out its orange light. Long Haochen felt as if his senses were attached onto that shield, before the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon expanded by itself

This gave him a mysteriously reassuring feeling.

“Pop, pop, pop…” A series of knocks could be heard, but inside the Shield Wall, no change could be seen. Even its user Long Haochen didn’t feel any impact.

More shockingly, the orange colored Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon suddenly became transparent, like an orange ice crystal, making them able to see through the shell.

With the help of the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, Long Haochen saw that as the surrounding poisonous fog kept getting dispersed by his holy power at an increasingly faster speed, the danger that his instincts suddenly felt was a group of ten centimeters long winged insects. These flying insects had very fierce looks, large heads. Half of their head consisted of a large mouth and the fierce teeth on it. On their backs were wings, that kept letting out green poisonous fog, as they attempted to bite through the defense of the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon.

Individually these flying insects would be nothing more than a joke for Long Haochen’s group, as these looked to be at most magical beasts of the second or the third rank.

But in spite of their size, their numbers were really terrifying. The whole outside of the Shield Wall was completely filled with these insects. Even if their attacks were repelled one after another by the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, their numbers were enough to make the external poisonous fog be blotted out. This was terrifyingly a group of at least a billion Poison Flying Insect.
Long Haochen’s group then understood what was the most terrifying species in these Swamps of Gloom. When numbers reached a certain threshold, it was bound to produce a qualitative difference. To say nothing of Long Haochen’s group, even if the Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius was here, his only possible way out would be to escape back to the ground.

In this situation, the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon showed an incredible toughness. In itself, it didn’t have any offensive ability that could be of harm to the enemy, but was able to rebound the flies, and spread out soft light fluctuation. Every time these fluctuation spread out, a large amount of these flying ants would get shot back, and none of them ended up able to bite at its main part.

At the same time, Long Haochen found out that the spiritual energy consumed by the Shield Wall was in the contrary really tiny. Even when the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon covered such a large area, the consumption of Long Haochen’s spiritual energy was only at five percent. Considering his total spiritual energy was a bit more than 14,000 units, this little consumption was almost nothing. It would take only a few breaths for him to recover it through his three spiritual cavities.

“Fly at full speed to rush out of here!” Even if the poisonous fog was even wider, it still had an end. It wouldn’t make sense if flying out of it was impossible.

Under the protection of that orange brilliance, Long Haochen’s group flew for over a thousand meters, before finally seeing the light again.

As they rushed out of this encirclement, the Poison Flying Insects that were surrounding the Shield Wall finally disappeared. However, everyone inside the Shield Wall was still drenched in cold sweat.

The number of flying bugs was really terrifying. So they were actually the origin of all that poisonous fog. In over a kilometer of poisonous fog, all the space was occupied by those flying insects. There had to be millions and millions of them for that! Without an incredible piece of omnidirectional defensive equipment such as the Divine Snail Shield of Sun
and Moon, even if a powerhouse of the ninth step stepped in it, he would hardly meet another end than that of food for the Poison Flying Bugs.

As they dashed out, upon reaching the end, the outside Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon darkened by a lot, visibly from the corrosion caused by the poison fog. Had they remained in this poisonous fog any longer, Long Haochen wouldn’t dare be certain that the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon would have lasted.

And furthermore, the most terrifying thing was that, in the poison, no other elemental existence could be transferred. At the later stages of his flight, Long Haochen had to rely on his own reserves of spiritual energy, without a way to recover spiritual energy.

It was already the evening. Twilight was shining upon the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon, making its orange glint milder, and remarkable.

Long Haochen stopped Shield Wall, taking a breath at the direction of the setting sun. A large amount of light essence immediately flew towards him, replenishing his previous consumption.

Right at this time, Long Haochen suddenly felt a burst of heat from the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon. Looking at it, it had a somewhat transparent look. In a flash of light, the shield vanished gradually into his left hand, causing him to lose control over it.

How could this be? Long Haochen was stunned. Was the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon unable to bear the previous corrosion?

Attempting a few times, he was unable to summon the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon back. It looked that he was yet far from having discovered the mysteries behind that piece of Epic Equipment.

A fresh and clean air filling them, everyone took calm breaths just like Long Haochen, letting the lingering fears still filling them go away.

Lin Xin laughed out, “Boss, now that we did destroy a demon god pillar, can’t we call ourselves heroes of the Alliance, of humanity?”
Seeing his excited look, Long Haochen couldn’t help but let out a laugh, but didn’t utter a word in response.

On the side, Han Yu responded, “You are right, but we were heroes from the beginning. The instant we became Demon Hunters, it was already the case. Demon Hunter is a lifelong occupation. This duty may end in three circumstances. The first is by a decision of the Alliance, the second is the case that we aren’t able to keep fighting. But the most possible one is by death in the battlefield. As long as the demon side doesn’t go extinct, we, Demon Hunters will have to keep contending against them. For the sake of the Alliance, we cannot care about our own lives, and for the humanity, we have to be willing to sacrifice our own lives. How couldn’t we be heroes?”

Lin Xin extraordinarily became silent. His boast stopped, but it still didn’t change the fact that on the faces of every Demon Hunter from the 64th squad appeared smiles in spite of themselves.

To fight for the sake of the people, for the sake of humanity. To them, this was only natural.

Chapter 452

“We are leaving.” Making use of the light coming from the setting sun, Long Haochen pointed a direction, bringing his comrades there by flight. The group of seven people and four holy guards took the shape of eleven glows of lights, and as they flew at an altitude of two kilometers, the horizon rapidly disappeared from their sight.

At the time they took sixteen Slaughter Missions, Long Haochen made this choice in view of an extensive trip, planning on expending at least one year to complete these missions, without necessarily ending up completing them all.

And on this day, several months later, they didn’t only complete all the missions, but even managed to destroy a demon god pillar, and gained a lot treasures from the trip.

Of course, over these few months, the cost they paid was similarly high. Having paced back and forth a few times between life and death, Long Haochen and Cai’er narrowly died in the hands of demons, and the final result was Cai’er’s loss of memories.

These last few months felt like years to them, and everyone seemed to have matured a lot from the experiences they had during this time.

It was not for no reason that Long Haochen led his group north. By heading in this direction to leave the Andro Province, they could keep themselves away from the main demon forces. That was because the Central Demon Province was at the south. If the Demon God Emperor or another demon god were to sense the death of Andromalius or the
destruction of his demon god pillar, they would be bound to send powerhouses from the south. For this reason, leaving from the south or the west could lead to a direct encounter with these powerhouses, among whom there could be very possibly extremely powerful enemies. Only by heading all the way north could they keep away from these enemies.

Before entering the Swamps of Gloom, Long Haochen took good care in choosing their path of retreat. First they would head north, before proceeding to the west after reaching the cold regions of the north. This time, their destination of retreat was the Exorcist Mountain Path. Wasn’t it right at the north of the Temple Alliance? Thus it couldn’t be considered so long a detour, yet the safest path.

Of course, they couldn’t keep traveling by flight for too long. First, it comes with a too huge consumption of spiritual energy, and then demons also have abilities of detection. Of course, at present they were in the most inner part of the demon territory, almost at the east coast of the continent. The surveillance of this area was a lot laxer, and in particular, no one would possibly be monitoring the area above the Swamps of Gloom.

Going by flight at full speed, Long Haochen’s comrades of the sixth step started to reach their limits after half an hour of flight. Fortunately, this time was enough for them to leave the range of the swamps.

By the time they set down, it was already deep into the night, but Long Haochen didn’t give his comrades a very long break. Only letting them the time to recover some spiritual energy, even making use of some of the pills prepared beforehand by Lin Xin. Then everyone immediately hastened on their journey, speeding towards north.

After landing back on the ground, Long Haochen called back the four holy guards, and had everyone disguise themselves back into Moon Demons, travelling day and night at rushed speed.

The defenses on the eastern territory were indeed lax. Han Yu summoned his Demonic Eye, and used the Scouting Technique with Eyes of Truth to scan their way, and everyone tried the utmost to avoid areas inhabited by demons, and like that, the trip went on smoothly.
They headed north for about five days, and as time passed, the temperature kept going down. The 64th c

On the following trip of half a month, everything extraordinarily went smoothly, even if they encountered two relatively densely populated demon provinces in their path. To their great luck, they didn’t run into any inconvenience, and didn’t discover any large demon armies.

Nightfall. Everyone was seated across a bonfire, roasting provisions.

Long Haochen sat there, wrinkling his brows, seemingly preoccupied by some thoughts.

Sima Xian chuckled, “Boss, what’s up? Our way back is going so smoothly: what could you be worried about? According to the map, we will reach the frontier between the human and the demon territory approximately tomorrow at noon. As long as we pass the demon frontier, we will be able reach our destination, the Exorcist Mountain Pass.”

Long Haochen shook his head, and replied, “Don’t you all find that quite strange? On our way back, we certainly intently took a remote and round- about path, but isn’t it going excessively smoothly? The demon population is so astonishing, but we didn’t even run into a single demon army. This is really abnormal. In fact, we have already crossed many frontiers of provinces on our way.

And as we keep getting closer, we instead keep encountering more and more food transport. Although the demons are stationing large armies here, aren’t these numbers of rations too much?

Han Yu’s line of thinking being the closest of Long Haochen, he immediately reacted to his remark, “Captain, are you saying that the demons are very possibly plotting something of large scale against humans?”

Long Haochen nodded, “It is highly possible. Although I still don’t know how much rations they have brought here, such a high concentration of provision is rarely seen. The armies they are transferring
this time must be really considerable, and may even surpass the ones we encountered at the time of our first trial in that same place.”

Sima Xian revealed an angry smile, “Isn’t this an ideal encounter? Since we happen to be encountering them, how about getting rid of some little demons? Speaking of it, War Missions are still in the end the best ones out there. With our abundant rear support, and friendly help in the battlefield, we can go all out in the battlefield without worries.”

Times could be said to have changed for the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, compared to their first excursion in Exorcist Mountain Pass. They were now a lot stronger. Sima Xian’s words raised the spirits of the whole group.

After continuous experience of death and life, trials of iron and blood, while maturing, their strength also increased. The battlefield was not only the best place to hone their skills and experience, but also a place where they would gain many rewards.

Long Haochen ordered, “Han Yu, from today on, you will have the Demonic Eye keep its Hawk’s Eye and Eyes of the Truth activated. And maintain your vigilance everyone. We will have some rest here this evening and tomorrow as well. After days’ of rushed travelling, everyone must be quite tired. Since the Exorcist’s Mountain Pass can possibly get attacked by the demons, we shall rest here until getting back to our peak state. I reckon that crossing the frontier won’t be easy.”

Indeed, they didn’t waste any time ever since leaving the Swamps of Gloom. Although everyone still had some energy left, after having travelled at full speed every day, the group was in the end very tired. In particular, the main point was that they were still in demon territory, and thus had to always remain on high alert, so everyone was somewhat tired.

After taking warm provisions, Long Haochen gave a gentle look to the nearby Cai’er, feeling at peace.

Over the past few days, Cai’er attitude towards him had gotten a lot better. At least she didn’t remain as vigilant as when she had just lost her
memories. And gradually, she had also gotten more familiar with the others. What made Long Haochen most delighted was that her grasp over her abilities was gradually coming back, her control already being at least back to eighty percent of her original level. Her development seemed to continue smoothly. Long Haochen also believed that meeting her parents and relatives would help greatly in recovering her memories back.

Ever since his baptism by the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon, Long Haochen’s mind seemed a lot more stable. The negative feelings he had accumulated through so many years of self discipline ended up being cleansed thoroughly, his pure heart as a Scion of Light was completely back. This made not only his thinking all the more thorough, and his maturity reinforced but also affected his attitude, resolution and calm.

Cai’er seemed to be sensing Long Haochen gaze. Right after she raised her head at him, the two of them looked at each other. The corners of Cai’er’s mouth raised slightly, she revealed a moving smile.

Long Haochen was stupefied, suddenly realizing that Cai’er’s current predicament wasn’t bad either. Although she lost all her memories, it also released her from all the painful memories from her childhood. It was only that he didn’t know when he would be able to regain his past intimacy with her. How he wanted to hug her in his embrace!

After resting for one night and a whole day, everyone in the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad felt in high spirits. Ever since the day they had arrived in demon territory, aside from the period of time they spent at the team section in the Jacques City, this was the first time they were able to get such peaceful rest.

The day was coming to an end, and night fell gradually. Long Haochen chose this timing to set out with his comrades again, heading for the frontier.

With the help of the Demonic Eye serving as their main scout, they advanced with utter care. Far ahead, the demon camps were already in their view. At the time everyone was close enough to survey the scene from above, they couldn’t help but shiver.
The faces of every one of them instantly looked unsightly.

Compared to the last time they saw it, these demon camps were at least three times greater scope. In fact, among demons, only middle and high ranked demons would be able to reside in camps, whereas lower ranked ones like Dual Bladed Demon would only be able to reside in the wilderness.

The camps near the Exorcist Mountain Pass were originally not small at all, but with its size shooting up by threefolds, the size of their army ought to exceed a million men. In fact, even if the demons were to bring their entire race to arms, an army gathering a million of them was an incomparably terrifying sight. These were incomparable numbers already.

And atop of that, the most shocking wasn’t these numbers. What shocked them the most was that when surveying the camp from afar, they could clearly see that eight glows of different colors were shooting up, faintly lighting up the area of the camps like rays shot at the sky.

Demon god pillars! These were actually eight of them, meaning that eight demon gods were keeping watch. And furthermore, the light spreading from two of them was really intense, making it clear that these ones weren’t ordinary, belonging to mighty demon gods of the top ten.

Just what are demons up to? Are they planning to launch a full scale attack? Everyone in Long Haochen’s group had these same thoughts.

At the sight of these seemingly endless camps, Long Haochen pondered. The others remained silent, and all were waiting for his verdict calmly. An army of a million demons, with eight demon gods overseeing it. Can one really describe it otherwise than overbearing?

Chapter 453

“We are making a detour.” Long Haochen decided after pondering for a short time.

“The Exorcist Mountain Pass is close to the middle of the Demon Resisting Mountain Range, stretching a kilometer. Even if these demon armies numbered even more than we are expecting, they can’t possibly cover the whole mountain range. We will just take the long route, looking for a location with smaller defenses to breach our way out. As long as we pass through the Demon Resisting Mountain Range, there will naturally be no issue for us to return to Exorcist City.”

After planning this out, everyone immediately set out, while keeping enough distance with the demon army, travelling on a curved trajectory to the north. Because the demon base camps were in the southeast, by passing through north, they would avoid the majority of the demon army and wouldn’t easily run across demon reinforcements.

The demon camps turned out to be even larger than they imagined. The main force’s army extended over fifty kilometers, and a large amount of subsidiary soldiers and patrols were scouting on the border.

Aside from the area right in front of the Exorcist Mountain Pass, at regular intervals, demon beacons and garrison stood in guard. And some were placed at most spots at the edge of the mountain range, so as to prevent being caught in a surprise attack from the Alliance. After all, given the length of the frontiers, the demons couldn’t possibly encircle the whole Temple Alliance either. Which was why Long Haochen chose to take a detour.
Of course, this wasn’t a method Long Haochen alone thought about. Almost all Demon Hunt Squads whose members are over the sixth step would choose to break through the frontier from a rather weakly defended place, crossing it this way.

For the sake of safety, Long Haochen’s group kept going north for a hundred more kilometers before stopping. At that very moment, the sky was greatly lit, and the afternoon would soon start.

After finding a rather scarce shrubbery area, Long Haochen led his comrades to take a rest here. Night was the best timing to operate in secret, and tonight was the day they chose to return to the Alliance.

In Long Haochen’s opinion, dawn was the best timing, because that time, humans as well as demons would all be a lot more lax. But one factor determined his choice of time, and that was the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon.

After attempting these few days, he figured that using the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon at dawn and dusk was impossible for him.

Without question, this Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon was of epic tier, and a really powerful item for the protection of the group. The Shield Wall ability enabled to fully utilize the power of this shield, with the potential of even delaying a powerhouse of the ninth step. A powerhouse of the eighth step could forget about breaking its defense easily. Although the danger of breaking out from here wasn’t high, for the sake of safety, Long Haochen still preferred that the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon be functional when attacking the demon scouts.

Everyone was recovering in these shrubs, and didn’t light up a fire to remain inconspicuous, during their wait for the night time.

Han Yu’s Demonic Eye stealthily floated over the shrubs. The gigantic eye would occasionally let out a flash of bright light, scouting the surroundings.
At this time, they were at about ten kilometers from the frontier, right at the limit of the range of their scouting mages. And furthermore, it was right in front of the Exorcist Mountain Range.

In the sixty fourth Demon Hunt Squad, aside from the fastest cultivators being Long Haochen and Cai’er, the cultivation speed of the ot

Along with the increase of Han Yu’s strength, his magical beast companion the Demonic Eye also evolved to commander level, barely attaining the power of a human powerhouse of the sixth step. The diameter of that eye was already half a meter, with four six meters long tentacles circling along. Although its utility to the team was mainly to do scouting, its fighting strength was still not to be underestimated.

The sky gradually darkening, the demon armies on the frontier set up a bonfire.

A group consisting of fifty Dual Bladed Demons was making a tour there. The Dual Bladed Demons formed the largest part of the demons in quantity, so this kind of hard labor was naturally given to them.

Aside from Dual Bladed Demons, their ranks also contained a Demon Eye soldier, in charge of communication.

As they were advancing, that Demon Eye soldier suddenly let out a shriek, stopping his advance. The Dual Bladed Demons hurried to stop and gathered around it. These lower ranked demons were unable to speak any language, and were relying on their instincts to communicate.

The six eyes of the Demon Eye soldier were staring at one direction. But the next instant, those demons all fell to the ground intuitively.

A black clad person was walking rapidly towards their direction. Not human shaped, but a Black Gigantic Dragon of colossal size. Its eyes glinting red, coldly sweeping through the Demon Eye Soldier and the Dual Bladed Demons, making them almost limp.
On the back of the Black Gigantic Dragon were a total of nine black gowned people, among whom the one at the lead had an extremely handsome face. As he showed a tile to the Demon Eye and Dual Bladed Demons, they didn’t stop over at all, simple striding forward as they passed by.

Let alone stopping them to ask about their identity, the Demon Eye and Dual Bladed Demons didn’t even have the courage to stand up, in front of the Devil Dragon’s might. All they could do was to follow them with their eyes, full of reverence, as these “peak demon powerhouses” drifted away, gradually disappearing in the night scene. The direction they were heading was toward the Demon Resisting Mountain Range.

Until their sense of the dragon’s might disappeared totally, this patrol was groveling on the ground, taking visibly rough breaths. Given that it was the first time they saw peak powerhouses up close, seeing them act undisturbed would be the stranger thing.

Similar situations happened twice or thrice in the frontier, and at least four patrols turned limp on the ground in front of them. If this was just a human shaped demon powerhouse, perhaps would they have dared to inquire them, but the issue was that they were led by a genuine Devil Dragon!

The Demon Dragons amounted only two hundreds in total, being the genuine descendants of the Demon God Emperor. Even a rather low ranked demon god would act cautiously in front of one of them, to say nothing of these low grade demons in charge for patrolling.

“McDull is becoming more and more awe-inspiring.” Concealed behind a black gown, a voice suddenly said in a low voice.

The black gowned man leading them turned his head back, coldly glaring at the speaker. Then the black gowned person suddenly shut his mouth, losing the courage to talk any more.

Right, this black gowned team was precisely Long Haochen’s group. For the sake of pretending to be a Demon Hunter Remover Squad, Long
Haochen summoned the Eleventh and Twelfth holy guards, and had everyone be clad in black gown, while McDull directly take the shape of a Devil Dragon. Although he only had the mighty presence and aura, without the actual fighting strength, this was sufficient to scare the lower ranked demons.

In their way, it turned out to be even more successful than they expected. Until arriving at the Demon Resisting Mountain Range, McDull had to consume five demon crystals of the sixth step to maintain the appearance of a Devil Dragon without issue.

Actually, with their current disguise, being trouble free was a given. With the shape of a Demon Hunter Remover Squad, led by a Devil Dragon, to say nothing of an ordinary patrolling team, even demons of the seventh or the eighth step wouldn’t necessarily have dared stepping forward for an examination. A dragon-team Demon Hunter Removal, that was a core formidable existence.

Simply because of the excessive amount of danger they experienced in demon territory, Long Haochen acted extremely cautiously. Only when finally entering the Demon Resisting Mountain Range, everyone started to relax. At this point only, they could be considered to have returned to the human domain.

McDull turned back in his shape of pig, at last falling asleep in Chen Ying’er’s arms. He obviously progressed well. In the past, even after taking enough magical crystal as supply, he couldn’t possibly transform himself into a demon of the ninth step for so long. At least until Chen Ying’er reached the seventh step, this was still too much for him to handle through normal means.

After changing clothes from the black gowns, removing the magical eyes, and recalling the two holy guards, Long Haochen’s group immediately changed back into the shape of a Demon Hunt Squad. Under their black gowns, everyone was fully equipped. After exposing themselves, they naturally let out a powerful presence.
Murderous spirit was cultivated in them through trials of life or death. They didn’t realize it themselves, but in reality, the continuous act of tempering themselves had changed their manners enormously.

There was nowhere to stop by, so the group immediately headed for the peak of the Demon Resisting Mountain Range.

The Demon Resisting Mountain Range was the largest region of influence of the Temple Alliance, extending over five hundred kilometers, with a width close to five hundred kilometers. Without travelling by flight, at least two days would be required to travel through these mountain ranges.

For the sake of prudence, and to avoid the possibility of getting found out by the enemies lying in patrol in the mountain range, Long Haochen naturally had them travel by walk. To them, climbing the mountains wasn’t so much of an effort either. Wang Yuanyuan was here to give Chen Ying’er some help, and the same went for Sima Xian and Lin Xin. This way, their climbing speed improved significantly.

The night gradually deepened. Nearly one hour after entering the Demon Resisting Mountain Range, Long Haochen’s group finally reached the first summit. This mountain peak was over two kilometers high, filled with the cold of the north. The peak was completely covered in ice and snow. The mountain’s wind was cold enough to give everyone chills.

“Something seems to have happened in the south.” Han Yu suddenly told Long Haochen in a low voice.

Long Haochen looked at a certain direction, at a point faintly discernible through the fog behind the hilltop. With the absence of light in the night, even his eyesight didn’t manage to see discern anything in that direction.

Han Yu continued, “The Demonic Eye discovered it. Seems that there are quite a few people present. But it is rather far from here, making it impossible to determine whether it is people from our side or demons.”

After pondering for a short time, Long Haochen responded, “Have the Demonic Eye act as scout. We have at least to find out whether they are
trying to infiltrate the mountain, or heading out from it.”

Chapter 454

Han Yu’s eyes lit up, immediately seeing through Long Haochen’s intention.

Clearly, if this group was heading out from the mountain, they would most likely be humans. But if they were headed for the mountain, the probability of them being demons would be much higher. Humans would after all rarely set defenses in this area. For this reason, regardless of whether these sudden troops are humans or demons, they were probably headed for a raid.

The Demonic Eye lightly swayed its tentacles. Being a mental type magical beast, its utility could sometimes be even greater than higher ranked magical beasts. Being able to float, it simply flew without a care towards the place where he detected some presences. If one paid careful attention, he would realize that a slightly distorted area surrounding the body of the Demonic Eye. That was its mental fluctuations. With these, any scouting spell in contact with the area would react as if it was air, unable to register the slightest reaction, especially the ones launched from a distance.

The Demonic Eye just returned. The whole process of scouting the whole area only took him only about a quarter of an hour. On his return, without need for Han Yu to say anything, it’s huge eye let out a silver white luster. Immediately, brilliant rays were shot in front of the group, revealing a scene in front of everyone’s eyes.

Seeing the scene, Han Yu was greatly startled, “Oh, so you gained yet another ability upon evolving. It’s actually able to store images. How great!”
The others couldn’t help but sigh in awe before that sight, staring at it.
Immediately, serious expressions appeared on their faces.

The ones that appeared in the scene were demons. They were silently riding over the mountain, climbing over the Demon Resisting Mountain Range.

One could clearly see that among these demons, some were floating and dispersing distorted light waves all around them. They belonged to a small demon clan, called Demon Envoys. They specialized in mental attribute, but still couldn’t compare to a commander ranked Demonic Eye. Their cultivation, roughly, at the fourth step, made them capable of using a mental protective screen like Demonic Eye.

Because, the Demonic Eye surpassed them in cultivation by a great margin, despite both being mental attribute magical beast, he still discerned their presence clearly .

The Demon Envoys numbered at least thirty. Having fierce-looking ugly faces, they were about the size of human infants. Their mental fluctuation covered the entirety of the demon armies.

These demon troops weren’t huge, only roughly five thousand in number. However, from Long Haochen’s understanding of them, these were definitely elite troops.

Aside from Demon Envoy, in the sky were Demon Carriers, sharp tongued with large hollow bellies. Although they don’t have many abilities for combat, their strength in restricting others was something Long Haochen’s group saw and experienced personally. Back then, it was because of those that Tian Qing’s king grade Demon Hunt Squad they had encountered nearly died when surrounded by the Jacques Demons. Among the ground troops, roughly a thousand Berserk Demons were standing at the front. From the Demonic Eye’s record, one could clearly see that this thousand Berserk Demons were clearly elites, among which over a hundred Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demons stood as leaders, each one of them leading nine ordinary Berserk Demon.
Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demons have strength at the sixth step, and the most powerful of them can reach the seventh step. As for the elite Berserk Demons, they ought to be roughly at the fifth step of cultivation.

In fact, Berserk Demons are an elite

The thousand plus Berserk Demons aside, the real main force of these elite troops consisted some true powerhouses. First were the five hundred Demonic Bears, of tremendous build, extraordinary strength and unpierceable defense. Even the most ordinary Demonic Bear was at the sixth step. To an army, having existences such as Demonic Bears was like equipping an extremely solid independant shield to its troops.

Behind the Demonic Bears came five hundred demons of a kind Long Haochen’s group had never seen. These demons let out specks of light from their bodies, looked humanoid at first, but if one took special care, they would notice that their bodies were actually floating in midair, above the ground. Clad in cloaks, all their hands were grasping staves flickering in the same light as their bodies.

“What kind of demons are these?” Wang Yuanyuan asked in puzzlement, “They shouldn’t be Star Demons right? They are all supposed to be clad in orange color, making them very easy to identify.”

Long Haochen’s face became serious, “These should be Hell Demons, experts in darkness magic. Among demons, the two pure magic focused demon races are really powerful. The first is naturally the Star Demon Clan hailed as the most powerful clan of magic users. Relying on the Great Prophecy Technique, their position among demons has never been swayed. But another powerful kind of magic focused demons exists, and it’s the Hell Demons, from the pure magic clan of the same name, that we are seeing before our eyes. Their chief is the fifth demon god currently, Hell Demon God Marbas, of majestic position within demons. In fact among demon gods, one could say that the ones with real influence could be said to be the Moon Demon God Agares, the Star Demon God Vassago, the Demon God of Death Saminaga and this Hell Demon God Marbas. I didn’t expect this group of Hell Demons to show, and actually have over five hundred members. They should be at least at the sixth step of
cultivation, and there is bound to be some over this level among their ranks.”

A thousand Berserk Demons, five hundred Demonic Bears, Hell Demons and then, three thousand Grand Fiends, led by another Fiend, reaching eight meters in height, with blood colored wings on its black. At the time this powerful Grand Fiend appeared in the Demonic Eye’s image, it stopped a second later. Clearly, the Demonic Eye feared getting discovered by him.
“Could that be a Demon King ranked Fiend?” Han Yu let out a gasp. Long Haochen silently nodded, “Should be the case. Some say that the
Death Demon God Saminaga has under his lead four Grand Fiend Demon Kings, while some say that there are six of them. All are powerhouses of the ninth step, treated as brothers by Saminaga. This troop is really too fearful. I cannot say whether we are lucky or not.”

Everyone naturally understood what Long Haochen’s words meant. Their luck could be said to be good because they discovered this demon troop. At least they would have the opportunity to send a warning sign to the Templa Alliance. But what was there to warn them about? In front of this elite corps they only felt helpless, what could they do? The level of danger was as one might well imagine, far surpassing their whole encounter in the Swamps of Gloom.

The greatest danger in the Swamps of Gloom was the unknown. But the demons before their eyes were a real crushing threat. To say nothing about them, even a Titled Demon Hunt Squad would definitely not confront such a powerful and fearful demon troop head on.

Even with the strength of the demons, they would certainly at most be able to dispatch ten elites troops of such scale. This was five thousand of them, among whom both the long distance attackers and close quarters soldiers are from high standing races! Even if their equipment could not compare to humans, their individual strength could only be described as terrifying, being an army reaching at least the sixth step. In fact, the humans could not possibly even gather two teams of this scale.
Lin Xin wrinkled his brows, “Are they looking to raid the Alliance from inside? If this army manages to enter the Alliance, I don’t even dare imagine the consequences.”

Long Haochen nodded in silence.

Han Yu informed Long Haochen, “Captain, I have the information. This army is trying to avoid getting detected as they advance. I can certainly go faster by myself. I will be bringing the Demonic Eye with me. With his mental screen, I can surely reach the Exorcist Mountain Pass before them to call for reinforcements. At least, I will be able to inform the people defending the Demon Resisting Mountain Range. I believe that they will have their own ways to inform the troops on the side of the Exorcist Mountain Pass. “

Long Haochen blinked, and replied after pondering for a short time, “Okay. Then thanks for your trouble. Be extremely careful. We will be trying our utmost to buy you some time.” Since such a powerful team already entered the Demon Resisting Mountain Range, they could absolutely not waste any time. The earlier they informed the Demon Resisting Mountain Range, the more favourable the situation would be for them. Thus, he made the prompt decision to immediately go with Han Yu’s suggestion.

Originally, the best candidate to go inform them should be Cai’er.

Being an assassin, she certainly surpassed Han Yu in speed as well as concealing abilities. But the issue was that now that she hadn’t her memories, the degree of uncertainty of letting her do this job was just too great. Long Haochen really didn’t dare let her handle this task. Everything aside, what if she lost her way in the Demon Resisting Mountain Range?

Immediately after summoning the Demonic Eye, Han Yu immediately descended the mountain from the other side. Before he left, Lin Xin specially pressed him to accept a few bottle of spiritual energy recovering pills. It was very clear that Han Yu had to head for the Demon Resisting Mountain Range at his fastest speed. This without a doubt would come with an enormous consumption to him.
After Han Yu left, Long Haochen formed a circle with the others, “This demon troop isn’t anything we can possibly contend against. Not only us, but even the Demon Resisting Mountain Range can honestly not. We are not experts in the aspects of military affairs or reinforcement transfers, so all we can do is to let the Demon Resisting Mountain Range know about this attack as soon as possible. Han Yu will need time, so we will have to attack this problem from two angles at the same time. First, we have to force them to expose their whereabouts, and also delay them as much as we can. But this is without doubt extremely dangerous. Ying’er, you will stay here and not participate in this operation. Lin Xin, the same goes for you, the two of you are mages, for whom escaping will be too hard. Cai’er, will remain here to protect you two. Yuanyuan, and Sima Xian, you two will be covering the left and the right side, heading for high mountains on both sides. Take them by surprise, using your strength to cut through the mountain. Then with the rocks in the mountain, make some noise. The noisier the better. Then come back, and regroup with Ying’er and Lin Xin. I will be attacking them in close range, and see whether I can find the chance to kill these Envoy Demons.”

Chapter 455

“That won’t do. Boss, it’s too dangerous.” Lin Xin said with almost no hesitation. Long Haochen’s battle plans were spoken nonchalantly, but in fact, coming in close range to grab the attention of this demon army was no trivial matter! In fact, among their ranks were Demon Carriers. Their mucus fluid affected a large area, in case one gets hit, even with Long Haochen’s cultivation, escape would be almost impossible.

Hearing Lin Xin’s words, Long Haochen’s tone became strict, “We are Demon Hunters, so braving danger is natural to us. And no one is more fitting than me for this task. Be at ease, I will have the help from the four holy guards and Yating. Haoyue’s strength is also back to eighty percent, and with the concealment from the Tower of Eternity, there’s no way I’d be unable to escape. Furthermore, if I am only by myself, escaping will be even easier. So having me charge is the best option. I cannot let these demons enter the range of the Alliance no matter what. Otherwise, many people will surely be put in a terrible situation. Who knows how many of our compatriots will be harmed by these demons. Time is precious, we have to act with haste.”

Saying these words, Long Haochen took the initiative to press his way forward, only stepping on the rocks with the tip of his feet. As if he was gliding downward, his body remained in midair, with his spiritual energy restrained.

Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian glanced at each other, immediately heading down. Although they weren’t as strong as Long Haochen, their speed was still a lot faster than when going up.
Chen Ying’er gloomily commented, “And yet again I’ve no part to play in. I really feel more and more useless.”

Cai’er sat down beside her, and also started complaining, “Aren’t I the same? He never brings me when doing these kind of things! He clearly thinks he’s strong enough by himself.”

Seeing Cai’er throwing a tantrum of sorts, Chen Ying’er anger suddenly disappeared. Raising the corners of her mouth, she let out a laugh, “Cai’er, I like seeing you like this. You’re so cute. If I was a man, I would definitely go after you.”

Cai’er blinked her big eyes, looking at the direction where Long Haochen left, answering the point, “He’s really not going to be in danger right?”

Lin Xin let out a mischievous laughter, “Be at ease; it won’t be the case. As Boss said, having him go by himself is really going to be the safest. Vice-captain, I am realizing that you are showing more and more concern for him. Is it that your memories are resurfacing?”

Cai’er shook her head, “I still can’t remember. I just have the feeling that I somehow know him. And also, he’s treating me so well. Being with him make me feel safe.”

Chen Ying’er exclaimed lightly, “I’m envy you. Compared to a certain someone, Boss is really so much stronger. If I got to know him a bit younger, maybe I would have snatched him from you.”
Cai’er winked once more, “You don’t seem so capable of it though.” “Puhuhu” Lin Xin had difficulty containing his laughter, Chen Ying’er
was staring with some surprise at Cai’er. However, seeing her pure beauty, she finally ended up discouraged. Right! Who could possibly snatch Long Haochen from Cai’er’s hands.

Travelling from peak to peak, Long Haochen only felt as if he had become wind at this point, despite having not released his spiritual wings.
Because the rays of light released from his spiritual wings were extremely bright, he would very easil

Over ten thousand units of spiritual energy was transferred at every breath Long Haochen took breath. As the three spiritual cavities in his body were absorbing light essence in the air, his body felt a lot lighter. But under the effects of the biting cold, his descent wasn’t so fast, as he seemed to stick to the ground.

A faint twisting light appeared on Long Haochen’s forehead, looking close to the anti probing protective barrier ability of the Demonic Eye.

Long Haochen obviously didn’t use any ability of mental type, but never forget about his exceptional mental force.

Although he wasn’t a powerhouse of mental type, thus making him unable to directly use mental force, given the extreme heights reached by his mental capacity, even a direct attack of the Demonic Eye’s Mental Shock would not show much effect. Long Haochen wasn’t able to use related techniques, but had the ability to transfer his powerful mental capacity, concentrating it all around his body, to form a layer of mental barrier. This was a different approach leading to the same result as the Demonic Eye’s technique.

However, as his mental capacity was entirely being used and covered the surroundings of his body, he was unable to use it to cover his surroundings. For this reason, this kind of method for using mental force could only be used to conceal himself when far away.

Being a Templar Knight of the seventh step, being able to move unhindered in this mountain was naturally no issue to Long Haochen. Making sure to follow the path shown previously by the Demonic Eye, he pressed his way forward.

Of course, going alone was a lot faster than when he was accompanied by a crew. As this short trip went on, the distance separating him and the demons gradually shrank.
Because it was in the south, the vegetations present here was lesser, only composed of some low height trees.

Concealing only Long Haochen was perhaps feasible, but concealing an army of several thousand demons here would really be difficult.

For this reason, when Long Haochen went through the third mountain, he was already able to see the path the demons were taking with his exceptional eyesight.

Looking from afar, these demon powerhouses seemed to be forming a locust shape, as they advanced at flying speed towards the Demon Resisting Mountain Range.

They really deserved being called demon elites. Their travelling speed was incredibly fast, also, they were extremely calm, not making any superfluous noise, nor any fluctuations from their spiritual energy, as they climbed by relying solely on their tyrannical physical constitutions.

Without a doubt, the weakest in physical abilities within these demons were the Hell Demons, so they were carried and defended on the backs of the Demonic Bears, placed in the middle of their formation. However, in contrast with their weak physical constitutions, they had very powerful magic. Although he had never crossed swords with one before, Long Haochen was able to imagine the terrifying sight that would arise from a joint attack of this whole group of Hell Demons. Even if they were to attack the Demon Resisting Mountain Range from the front, that would still cause terrible losses on the material defenses of the Exorcist Mountain Pass, or even damage the soldiers themselves.

In grouped battle or city defense, mages would have the greatest impact. So among the fortifications of the Six Great Temples, the Mage Temple’s is known as the hardest to break through.

Fixing his eyes on the army’s rapid advance, Long Haochen sunk into thought for a short time, before making his resolve very quickly.
At least for the moment, he couldn’t act yet. Seeing the demon army in such a neat formation, if he were to choose this time for a surprise attack, the Demon Carrier’s mucus would perhaps instantly come. And that time, his only means of escape would be to borrow power from either Haoyue or the Tower of Eternity. Unless left without other options, causing a commotion in such a situation was out of question.

So he had to wait for this elite army’s formation to start becoming disorderly. That would be the time to strike.

Of course, he wouldn’t foolishly aim for those heavily protected Hell Demons. That would be making a huge overestimation of his own capabilities. The envoys and carriers in the sky were his targets.

The fact that both were specialized at support was no reason to underestimate their utility. With their presence, the human mage scouts would be blinded, making them invisible to the human armies until reaching the point of contact.

I need a plan. Long Haochen preserved a certain distance from the demon armies, while following them from behind. Like that, they advanced together towards the Demon Resisting Mountain Range.

At the moment, they were already in the second half of the night. At most in two hours, the sun would start setting. But the night was moonless. This was the period right before dawn, which would often be the darkest of the day. As the sky was pitch-black, it made it hard for them to find their way.

Right at this time, a faint purple glint suddenly shone from afar. Long Haochen unconsciously gazed up to the sky, a smile drawn on his face. He knew that the opportunity he was waiting had come.

This purple light caught the attention of the large demon army. This army of elites was extremely united, actually instantly coming to a total stop, immobilizing themselves. All the demons kept watch, and a moment later, dense smell of darkness filled the air thoroughly.
Right at this moment, in the region lit up in purple, a loud band sounded out, seemingly swaying the whole Demon Resisting Mountain Range. Immediately , series of rumbling bangs followed tightly, violently shaking the surroundings from that particular peak.

In those faintly discernible glint of gold and purple color, one could see traces of great amount of rock dropping from the sky, falling down at mad speed towards the bottom of the mountains.

Meanwhile, another mountain peak started to produce the same loud rumbling sounds, with a large amount of rocks falling down from the mountain.

At this time, the demon armies were passing through a mountain cavity, so the falling stones were descending from peaks from both sides. Being just halfway through the path, they couldn’t make it in time for escape. This was a situation where they could neither advance nor retreat.

Although this was in the midst of the mountain, the peak and the bottom were separated by over one kilometer. The sudden appearance of these falling stones and their speed made their terrible power not the slightest inferior to the spell of the sixth step Falling Stones Rain.

Chapter 456

However, this army of demon was really well trained. When suddenly targeted by such an attack, they still didn’t show any signs of panic. All the Hell Demons gathered together, guarded singularly by all the Demonic Bears, making their pairings a good match. The Berserk Demons and Fiends also showed response from their own sides. More precisely, a half of the Fiends flew to the sky, intercepting the falling stones in the sky. At least with their act of smashing the rocks to pieces, their volume lessened.

Also, another portion of the demons headed to the offense, directly flying to the two sides, at a very rapid speed.

Without a doubt, it was Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian that appeared on the two sides. They found it very difficult to find such a fitting location to get in move.

Long Haochen didn’t worry for their safety at all. Everyone having fought demons for so long together, obviously knew what to do. The Demon Resisting Mountain Range was the best place possible to conceal themselves, relying on their spiritual stoves, equipment, and abilities. If the demons wanted to ambush them, things would be easier said than done. By retreating right after the moments of action, they wouldn’t give the enemy any chance to surround them. Long Haochen also took advantage of the chance and closed the little gap behind. Swiftly summoning the four holy guards along, explaining to them the situation before their eyes as well as his objective.

“Try your best to make the enemy conspicuous, while delaying their advance.”
Among the four holy guards, the three last ranked all looked at the Ninth Holy Guard, who looked back at the other three holy guards, before looking at Long Haochen, “Master, what level of importance shall we attach to the task of delaying or killing these enemies?”

Long Haochen replied without hesitation, “Very, very important.” The Ninth Holy Guard nodded in response to him, before looking at the other three holy guards, saying in a heavy voice, “Then please let me borrow your strengths.”

Then he looked at Long Haochen once again, “Master, this time, after helping you settling this issue, we will need to lie dormant for over a month, to recover from the consumption of soul force.”

Long Haochen had a great surprise. Right when he wanted to inquire about that, the other three holy guards started speaking in a sort of special language. Their movements were very organized. As soon as they started to surround the ninth holy guard, their bodies shivered violently, then the soulfire in their eyes pulsed intensely.

With shock, Long Haochen saw creamy white color separate from their eyes and transfer into the Ninth Holy Guard’s body.

The aura of the three holy guards weakened at an alarming speed, but conversely, the body of the Ninth Holy Guard enlarged at a monstrous speed, almost taking a mere instant to break through from the peak of the seventh step to the eighth step, without stopping at all.

This is…

After a short time of shock, Long Haochen realized that the three Great Holy Guards were transferring their soul force to the Ninth Holy Guard.

And that wasn’t an ordinary soul force, but the soul force in their very root. Otherwise, why would they weaken to such extent?

A red glow of light took the initiative to return in the Eternal Melody. That was the Twelfth Holy Guard. Long Haochen immediately lost sight of his existence. It appeared to be as he said, he went in profound sleep. The Eleventh Holy Guard lasted only a little longer than the Twelfth, and then the Tenth followed.

The whole transfer took them only ten seconds and no more. When the three Great Holy Guards all disappeared, look Haochen found to his s

Although he had no idea what the Ninth Holy Guard was planning, Long Haochen had absolute belief in these holy guard’s loyalty. Moreover, the Ninth Holy Guard’s action of drawing support from the other three holy guards’ soul force couldn’t possibly be a common technique. In a flash of light, Long Haochen summoned Yating to his side. Meanwhile, the falling stones finished falling from the sky, and Sima Xian as well as Wang Yuanyuan already withdrew. After finding out about the disappearance of the danger, this army of demons was bound to continue advancing. To them, this was nothing more than having gotten caught by the Temple Alliance. But since they were already so deep inside the Demon Resisting Mountain Range, they couldn’t retreat as if nothing happened. After all, even if these elites couldn’t surprise the Exorcist Mountain Pass with their attack, the Alliance would definitely not be able to block their advance easily. . It was for this reason that Long Haochen wanted to delay them, and for that, he had to make these demons feel they are under threat. Only this way would he be able to force them into a defensive formation. After exchanging a few simple words with Yating, Long Haochen disappeared in a flash, appearing behind Yating. Placing his hands on her back, he poured his extremely pure light elemental spiritual energy into her body.

This was Brilliant World, an ability that not only Yating could use, but Long Haochen too. Long Haochen was a knight, not a mage, and although he was able to use light magic, most of them were support oriented. Even if these could be of use in battle, it would only be magic targeted at influencing himself, and couldn’t be long ranged attacks. Otherwise, wouldn’t knights just be strong in every era?

But Yating wasn’t the same. Being a light fairy, she was a light mage through and through. Her affinity to light far surpassed a human mage’s.
And from the large amount of vitality she absorbed in the Illusory Paradise, plus her fusion with Long Haochen’s Saint Spiritual Stove, Yating already evolved close to the level of an advanced fairy. Her strength kept increasing along with Long Haochen’s cultivation, because she lived in Long Haochen’s spiritual cavities.

And she could also be said to be half the reason for Long Haochen’s speed of cultivation.

Just like Yating reached the seventh step of cultivation because of Long Haochen’s help, her ability of condensing light essence went into a whole new level.

Slowly lifting her staff, she caused the surroundings to lit up. Resonant chants were let out from her mouth, like a carefree and relaxed touching music.

The fluctuations of Long Haochen’s and Yating’s spiritual energies rapidly gained in intensity. His golden eyes also became more and more brilliant, the four wings on his back spreading out. At this time, he didn’t have any more need to conceal himself. His spiritual wings and Yating’s lightly flapped, and in this state, their absorption speed of the light essence reached a colossal level.

How could the gathering of an incomparable amount of intense light essence not attract the attention of the demons? Almost immediately, the Carriers and the Envoys in the sky discovered the activity going on there.

The Envoys let out sharp hisses as warning, and immediately, a group of twenty Grand Fiends led by a Fiend Commander of the eighth step came by flight in their direction.

With a Fiend Commander of the eighth step as commander, the group of Grand Fiends of the fifth step was no weaker than the one Long Haochen’s group encountered in the Desolate Hissing Cavern, and moreover, they had plenty of room to get reinforcement.
The enemy’s actions were naturally perceived by Long Haochen, but he didn’t show the slightest reaction. Remaining inattentive to the enemy, he poured his spiritual energy into Yating’s body. Now, what he had to do was to do everything to support Yating in completing this spell.

The current Yating looked ethereal, like a bottomless pit, and even Long Haochen was totally unaware of what her fairy language incantation was for. But he was certain that this was a spell Yating had never used before. As for its level of power, there was no way to know before Yating completes it. But his confidence toward the holy guards as well as her was absolute. . Long Haochen’s location was about two thousand meters away from the Fiend Army. Although this wasn’t a very close distance, the flying Fiends didn’t need much time to cover it.

And furthermore, the Fiends weren’t the only one to come by flight. They were followed by a Demon Carrier, to restrict Long Haochen.

After all, Long Haochen was at the ground level. Unlike Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian who had it really easy to escape atop the mountain, and only had to pierce through the rocks in their way while borrowing power from their spiritual wings to make themselves very hard to pursue. The Demon Carriers’ speed was also limited.

Visibly, the enemy had already gotten quite close. Long Haochen narrowed his eyes, showing the qualities of a Templar Knight as well as the calm of a Demon Hunt Squad Captain.

At this very moment, in Long Haochen’s senses the location of every single demon appeared very clearly. Even the way they were prepared to attack appeared very clear to him.

While lifting up his two hands concentrating the power from Brilliant Body, a dense orange glow rushed forth before him, almost instantly covering Yating and him in its scope. That was the powerful Guard Knight defensive skill, Shield Wall.

Despite being the same skill, the defense this time was not the same as the time Long Haochen used it for the first time in the Swamps of Gloom.
The time they were there, he had to protect the whole team, but now, the only ones he had to defend were Yating and himself.

The orange shield seemed to appear only on two sides, just like an immense shell, protecting the two of them. An orange luster came out from its center, and if one looked by afar, he would feel that the current Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon felt as if an orange color was inlaid within.

The first attacks to reach weren’t the Fiends’, but the Demon Carriers’ mucus. Bringing about a strong stench of green mucus in large scale, which rapidly covered a thousand meters range.

Chapter 457

But unfortunately, the Demon Carrier’s ability had found the wrong target. If Long Haochen was instead using his former Glorious Holy Shield, its powerful ability would immediately show weakness. But what kind of existence was the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon? Even a powerhouse of the ninth step would have difficulty in piercing its defense.

And in fact, as a god’s chosen one, and a Templar Knight, Long Haochen’s most powerful abilities weren’t offense oriented but defense oriented.

The green mucus descended, immediately encountering the soft rebound of the shield. Despite its viscosity, the area of ten meters surrounding Long Haochen and Yating didn’t get covered in any of the mucus, all of which were repelled by Shield Wall.

This was the first time Long Haochen brought out the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon in real battle, and undoubtedly, the results were top notch.

Right at this moment, under the lead of the Fiend Commander of the eighth step, the Fiend Team also arrived.

The purity and the force of the light essence released from Yating’s body shocked all the demons present, or rather birthed fear. This total accumulation of spiritual energy produced terrible fluctuations that could burst at any time, making all the demons with least bit of intelligence to feel its threat.
For this reason, a Fiend Commander of the eighth step was dispatched.
After all, the Fiend King at the ninth step wouldn’t go act personally.

The Fiend Commander didn’t have his brothers launch a probing attack first. His perception being the greatest, his sense of urgency was just as great. The dark red heavy sword in his hand drew a large curve, aiming straight at Long Haochen’s Shield Wall.

Bang! With a dark red light flowing all over the place, terrible fluctuations of spiritual energy burst out, crushing all the vegetation in the surrounding hundred square meters, as the terrible darkness element energy even made it so that those Grand Fiends didn’t dare get close.

However, the Fiend Commander’s attacks were futile. Inside the Shield Wall, Long Haochen was entirely covered in golden, and the spiritual energy released by Yating instead became even more fragrant, this being precisely the Bright Vengeance following Divine Obstruction.

The combination of Shield Wall with Divine Obstruction formed the most complete defense for a Guardian Knight to protect his comrades and himself. Moreover, Long Haochen was using the Epic Tier Equipment Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon.

Long Haochen was now already at the seventh step of cultivation, but when fighting head on, he had the strength to confront a powerhouse of the eighth step. Originally, the reason why the battle that he fought with Ah’Bao was so disadvantageous was that his cultivation was really too inferior, thus why he suffered such a loss.

At the time the Fiend Commander’s attack clashed against the shield, Long Haochen realized clearly that his fighting strength had been increased by the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon. An originally single point attack was spread all over the shield.

That rebound of the shield kept repeating itself sixteen times. At every quiver, a massive dispel of attack power came. This way, the trembling that finally reached Long Haochen’s hand was negligible. In other words, even if Long Haochen hadn’t used Divine Obstruction, the mere Shield Wall
would have been enough to resist the attack from the Fiend Commander, something Long Haochen didn’t even expect.

Of course, it wasn’t like the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon could be used by anybody to counteract opposing attacks. Wouldn’t that simply be defying the natural order? First of all, Divine Snail of

Secondly, a certain strength was also necessary for the god’s chosen one who gained its approval. Long Haochen happened to be at the seventh step of cultivation, which was just enough to be qualified. And even so, he had yet to reach the level of strength to unleash its full might.

In other words, the seventh step of strength was the bottom line.

To another powerhouse of the seventh step with a shield at Epic Tier, blocking the attack of a powerhouse of the eighth step wouldn’t be anything of a surprise. But one shouldn’t forget that the attributes of the shield and Long Haochen concorded, making them even more likely to resist the attack.

Since he acquired the shield, except from being unusable at certain times of the day, Long Haochen didn’t find any issue regarding the shield. On the contrary, he kept finding it more and more formidable. Its size was malleable, going up to a limit of a hundred meters in length, from the size of a palm. The most remarkable aspect however was that even when enlarged to its limit, the decrease in defense wasn’t significant, but when shrinking to the minimal size, its defense was comparable to a divine tool.

The Fiend Commander’s attack being parried, his body was repelled before falling to the ground. The shield’s repelling force wasn’t so great, but it still astonished him, letting him feel the great defensive strength of the item.

At this time, the Grand Fiends were already surrounding him, and without need for any order, they jointly attacked him from all directions. The Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon started to look like a lofty mountain, unyielding no matter which attack came.
Of course, Long Haochen’s spiritual energy was still consumed to some extent against such series of attacks; but Epic Tier equipment nonetheless deserved their reputation. The Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon had only one ability, and that was defense. Its consumption of Long Haochen’s spiritual energy was especially negligible. If the situation remained this way, resisting the attacks of these Grand Fiends for several hours was no issue.

The Fiend Commander snarled to the sky, directing his heavy sword at the direction of the sky. Letting out glints of red light, it reverberated with a loud sound. The red light rose up, and in the process, rapidly raged toward the opposite direction. This was a signal to the rest of the army, that the enemy they encountered was hard to handle.

Immediately, the Fiend Commander started to wield his sword with two hands, letting a strong darkness attribute spread out from it. Then his underlings Grand Fiends gathered behind him, forming a row, one after another. This seemed like… the Cojoined Spiritual Gathering ability prided by the Fiend Clan! In fact, it was originally by researching the crystals from the Fiend Clan that Lin Xin had created the Cojoined Spiritual Pills.

Immediately, the strength of the Fiend Commander started increasing several-fold. Waves of darkness spiritual energy bubbled forth, and the darkness sword in his hands glowed in an increasingly intense light, gradually becoming covered in dark flames, extending over thirty meters in range. A really terrible sight.

Long Haochen was extremely calm. He understood clearly that even if this Fiend Commander had the cojoined boost from his underlings, his total cultivation won’t possibly be boosted break through the ninth step from that. The ninth step is after all a massive bottleneck, that even Andromalius couldn’t pass even through the means of something as majestic as a demon god pillar. Therefore, his next attack would at most reach the boundary of the eighth step.

The Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon combined both Shield Wall and Divine Obstruction, giving Long Haochen the certainty of being able to block the next strike.
During this entanglement, Long Haochen could clearly sense that Yating’s spell was about to be complete.

A dark red fire suddenly lit up, taking the shape of a gigantic edge of blade, rushing over while producing thundering blast sounds. Tearing up a large area of air, it’s terrible fluctuations of spiritual energy caused the ground under Long Haochen and Yating to sink.


A gigantic dark red blade of light ferociously struck that orange colored shield, letting place to a shocking scene. An orange and dark red ring spread out, and a languid dragon cry could be heard from the sky.

All the Fiends behind the Fiend Commander instantly fell on the ground, from the massive shock that spread from his attack. The Fiend Commander was also blown seven steps back. His two hands holding his sword were also numb.

No matter what, he was unable to imagine how it could be that his attack that reached the peak of the eighth step was still be unable to break through the opponent’s defense. And the next instant, he found out that brilliant fireworks were starting to soar.

Series of golden light were surging, bringing about a dazzling and incomparably thick light element in the air. Every bolt of golden light that ascended expanded at monstrous speed, to the extent that even as it gained altitude very quickly, it didn’t seem any smaller.

With a flash of golden light, Yating disappeared in Long Haochen’s chest, her spell having finished, without even the energy left to witness the results of her magic.

The orange colored light vanished, as Long Haochen swept a cold glance at that Fiend Commander. Flapping the four wings on his back, his figure flashed, immediately fleeing afar.
The Fiend Commander obviously was unwilling to let go of him like that. With a hiss, he promptly chased after him using his enormous fiendish wings.

Although Long Haochen had repelled the opponent with his previous attack, he wasn’t any better off either. After all, that blow was at the peak of the eighth step. But still, thanks to the toughness of the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon and its joint use with Divine Obstruction, Long Haochen didn’t receive much damage.

However, this consumed a good amount of his spiritual energy. The previous attack caused the remaining amount of Long Haochen’s spiritual energy to plummet abruptly.

As the time he spent using it increased, Long Haochen’s understanding of the shield also went up. He also came to grasp the ability of this shield. Even if his spiritual energy was nearly exhausted at this point, the enemy could not inflict him the slightest bit of damage.

However, the current situation meant he was clearly not fit to go handle that Fiend Commander. He still had to provide support to the Ninth Holy Guard, and don’t forget that a large portion of his spiritual energy had already been consumed by Yating’s spell. Choosing to face the enemy in such circumstances, when considering that their reinforcements weren’t present nearby, would simply be stupid.

Chapter 458

Having a total of four wings made him only faster. Although his cultivation didn’t match the enemy, Long Haochen was surprisingly not an easy prey for that Fiend Commander of the eighth step to catch up. In the field of flight, Long Haochen was a proud disciple of the Tenth Holy Guard. The use of special maneuvers, using some very difficult movements, enabled by sudden accelerations was effective enough to outspeed the other party. On the other hand, the use of his four wings and his breathing enabled him to absorb some of the light essence disseminated in the air and recover spiritual energy.

During the time the Fiend Commander chased after Long Haochen, Yating’s spell started to show its might.

Immense balls of light appeared one after another from the sky, heading straight for the core of the demons. Their aim was the group of Hell Demons.

The suddenness of the spell, along with its power that reached the peak of the eighth step, both proved out their utilities. At the time it started to descend, even the Fiend King commanding the group looked shocked.

Magic was not the same as other battle methods. It required chanting, be it for humans or demons. He never expected to be confronted so suddenly by a spell even Fiend Commanders of the eighth step couldn’t do anything against, nor to be the aim of such a powerful spell.

This time, the strength of a powerhouse of the ninth step was thoroughly displayed. Although the Fiend King was aware of the fact that if the Hell
Demons worked together, resisting this spell would be no issue, he didn’t want to take risks. In case these meteors of light reached their ranks, the damage would be catastrophic. So he immediately intervened, planning to intercept the powerful spell himself.

Although the meteors of light had a restricted range, its was not limited by direction.

This was a strengthened version of the spell Light Meteor used by Yating before, or rather an area-restricted version.

All nine meteors were singularly smaller than the original Light Meteor, but added up together, their explosive force was a lot greater, and their area of effect became massive. With the support from Long Haochen’s spiritual energy, Yating used this offensive light spell with huge area effect exceeding her own rank.

The Fiend King rushed there. The instant his body started to make its way, it lit up in a dark golden light, and the massive wings on his back spread out, flapped violently. Immediately, a huge dark golden sword appeared in his hands. This huge sword was glinting with an orange luster, unexpectedly showing its identity of darkness elemental Epic Tier equipment.

Among demons, this kind of equipment would not even be necessarily be available to demon gods! From this, the status of this Fiend King could be deduced.

The dark golden glint flashed in the air like a ray of light, and despite the massive build of the Fiend King, his movement was instantaneous, not restricted by his volume.

Immediately, the first meteor falling down came to a stop, abruptly blowing up, splashing in all direction like a rain of light.

But this was merely the beginning. The demons behind him only saw a figure full of awe, suddenly moving from one point to another in the air, totally unhindered. Each move of his produced a flicker of light, causing a
golden meteor to come to a stop and explode. Although the air was still filled with an intense breath of light, the light essence didn’t come into contact with any of the demons below.

At the time the Fiend King slashed onto the last golden meteor, the whole sky was glinting in gold colour. Golden Meteors Formation was a genuine Great Spell, aimed at a large area. Even though the Fiend King, in his capacity as powerhouse of the ninth step, managed to bl

Indeed, the Golden Meteors Formation was broken, none of it having reached their aim. But from the successive explosions from the meteors, each of them carrying a huge amount of light essence, how could the fluctuations disseminated not be extremely intense?

Light Meteor wasn’t so simple as a spell carrying Yating’s power. It absorbed a large amount of light essence from the area, before letting it burst in the form ofto a tyrannical attack. It borrowed power from the might of heavens!

A spell of this level would normally be likely to fail from the frantic accumulation of light energy, to say nothing about a situation where it was fired in such a short span.

In other words, even if the Fiend King caused the meteors to explode, they were still not neutralized .

A strong light essence surged in the sky, fluctuating, descending in magnificent shapes of microscopic specks of lights. This was an extremely destructive sea of specks of light.

Of course, the Fiend King of the ninth step didn’t feel any danger, but some weaker demons certainly felt the threat.

At the time the storm of light essence appeared, the demons in the sky were few, but mainly composed of two groups, Demon Carriers and Demon Envoys.
At the beginning, when Long Haochen and Yating were discussing this spell, they didn’t actually expect it to bring much damage to the demons. His main plan was to delay the demons from crossing the mountain. With his understanding and trust in Ninth Holy Guard, he believed that he would definitely show an even more earth shaking display than Yating afterwards, inevitably resulting in stalling for a great amount of time. Therefore, he thought of Yating’s spell as a way to annihilate as many as possible of their support forces composed of the Demon Envoys and Demon Carriers.

How could this be accomplished? That was the role of the Golden Meteors Formation. If Long Haochen was the Fiend King in charge of the group, what would he do? It was after putting himself in his shoes that this plan came to him.

As a matter of fact, it turned out to be successful. The Fiend King really intercepted the Light Meteors, to prevent the Hell Demons below from suffering damage. But he lost in the process two thirds of the Demon Envoys and Demon Carriers. In such a chaos formed from light essence, even the surviving Demon Envoys were mostly greatly wounded. And this was for the luckiest of them, who were in the periphery of the area.

Propelled by the four wings on his back, Long Haochen made a turn, suddenly heading upwards, before sweeping across the Fiend Commander at his back. Immediately, his body flickered four times in a row, changing direction in midair every time, rendering the attacks of the Fiend Commander at his tracks unsuccessful.

The next instant, the wings on his left side suddenly vanished, and both wings on his right side flapped with great force. It was as if Long Haochen’s body went out of control, spinning round and round in the air. In the meantime as he spinned, Aria of the Goddess of Light appeared in his hand, sweeping horizontally to stab at the Fiend Commander.

Don’t attach too much importance to the difference of strength between the two sides. In fact the Fiend Commander didn’t have any means to catch up to Long Haochen. In the aspect of flying ability, he was lacking by a mile compared to Long Haochen.
In speed of straight flight, Long Haochen’s four wings didn’t make him any inferior. And that was to say nothing of the fact Long Haochen had his numerous flying techniques.

At the current time, the Fiend Commander following Long Haochen was already at the lateral side of one of the two mountains they were circling around, increasing their distance from the demon army. Of course, Long Haochen had been keeping tabs to the changes of the army located there. In case the demons sent powerful reinforcement against him, he would immediately prepare to return through the Tower of Eternity.

However, they were obviously more preoccupied by the previous fall of meteors. The good news was that at least that for a moment, no reinforcement would come after him. As for these Grand Fiends, they were far from having caught up with Long Haochen and the Fiend Commander yet.

Seeing the sudden attack from Long Haochen, who had been fleeing all this time, the Fiend Commander unconsciously used the heavy sword in his hand to parry Long Haochen’s horizontal blow.

With a tingling sound, Long Haochen changed trajectory once again in midair. From his previous spinning state, he actually borrowed force from the last block of the Fiend Commander, making his body stagnate in midair. Then a golden and a blue glow shone, resounding with a dragon cry was aimed straight at the Fiend Commander.

That was one of the supreme skills Long Haochen was most proficient in, the Dual Dragons of Light and Rain, powerful offensive technique combining both offense and control in one.

Long Haochen’s counterattack was very sudden, at least fast enough to catch the Fiend Commander unprepared. But the Fiend Commander still deserved this title; after the first clash against the Aria of the Goddess of Light, his body came to a stop, and the heavy sword in his hand drew a circular trajectory. Accompanied with ear-splitting sounds, the sky was lit in bloody light, clashing head-on against Long Haochen’s Dual Dragon Binding of Light and Rain.
If Cai’er had retained her memories and was present, she’d definitely identify that this Fiend Commander of the eighth step Long Haochen was confronted to was even more powerful than the one she killed before.

The might of this Fiend’s Bloody Moon was enormous. The instant the two techniques clashed, the dragon cry from Dual Dragons of Light and Rain faded away, but that bloody moon was also crushed.

Both Long Haochen and the Fiend Commander were astonished, because they were both confident in their techniques. The difference between the two was that Long Haochen had a backup plan.

In the short instant following the launch of Dual Dragons of Light and Rain, Long Haochen who was in a standstill entered into the boundary of the sword’s transparent heart. In his right hand, the Aria of the Goddess of Light shifted and aimed a chop at the sky.

From the significant time they spent flying, a great part of his spiritual energy was back. In particular, from the burst of Dual Dragons of Light and Rain burst, the light essence in the air increased. This was naturally a good opportunity Long Haochen wouldn’t let go of. And that source of the spell being the spiritual energies of both Yating and him, the absorption was a lot faster for him. So his current spiritual energy was already half back. This was a display of the dominance of a god’s chosen one. With the fact he took a few Great Spiritual Recovery Pills in addition, Long Haochen had recovered the ability to fight. After all, not many of his abilities needed him to have over ten thousand units of spiritual energy available for launch.

Chapter 459

Long Haochen’s hollow strike was extremely inconvenient for the Fiend Commander who was in the midst of his offense. His sword that was in an offensive flow was forcibly retracted in midair. He did so because he realized that if he kept his attack going, Long Haochen’s divine sword would undoubtedly strike him first. Therefore, he could only change plans.

This was the use of the ‘sword’s transparent heart’. The next instant, Long Haochen could be viewed as a part of the Aria of the Goddess of Light, observing the enemy from the point of view of the sword. The reason for his last strike to be so aggressive was not because he predicted the enemy’s next move, but because he completely saw through his sword’s intent. This attack looked as light as a feather, but was something that opponent had to block no matter what, since it was in the way of his only escape route. This was how he gained the upper hand in a mere instant.

Back then, even Ah’Bao whose strength was far above this Fiend Commander suffered a huge loss against Long Haochen’s unified sword intent. And that was against the old Long Haochen, the current him being even more proficient in his understanding regarding sword intent.

After that, Long Haochen executed a series of seven sword strikes, each one carrying the same hollow feeling, while being filled with boundless spiritual energy. These seven sword strikes forced the Fiend Commander to draw back seven times. When he stumbled from the last attack, a mouthful of black blood spilled from his mouth. Just think, for a powerhouse of the eighth step who had to resist seven attacks in a row, leaving him with no choice but to draw power from his inner reserves, what would be the backlash inflicted? In fact, Long Haochen could be said to have made use
of his technique in the sword to have compelled the Fiend Commander into wounding himself.

And at this moment, the Fiend Commander finally realized the extent of Long Haochen’s strength. This human who looked like someone who had at most reached the seventh step of cultivation was a threat to his life. Thus, he even considered retreat. That was a high level demon, not one that would be fearless before death such as Dual Bladed Demons or Berserk Demons.

Unfortunately, Long Haochen wouldn’t let him go. After the seven sword strikes in succession, he not only forced the enemy to draw back without pause, and caused him to wound himself in the process, but also caused his own vigor to grow to its peak. Now, one could clearly see that Long Haochen’s whole body was glinting with a white glint.

The ability Holy Sword was originally could only be used on one’s weapon, but at this moment, Long Haochen made use of his comprehension toward sword intent and control over the light element as a god’s chosen one, to turn his whole body into the Holy Sword state. At the same time, his right hand and right arm were glinting in incomparable transparence, precisely from Brilliant Body.

In simple words, those seven strikes from before were simply a way for him to charge energy. After this sequence, blasting the Fiend Commander away, wounded, Long Haochen came to a slight pause, not to recover his strength, but quite the opposite, because his bearing was close to its peak, and that now was the time to get the opponent locked.

His both hands grasping the handle of the Aria of the Goddess of Light, at the time Long Haochen’s divine sword was once again raised up, the Fiend Commander suddenly felt as if the sun was about to pass through his body. A sharp sword intent was locked onto him completely, to the extent that he didn’t even dare consider escaping anymore.

Even a strong existence such as the Fiend Commander of the eighth step felt his mind going
However, he had like every living being a survival instinct. When sensing that his life was insignificant in front of the enemy, this Fiend Commander of the eighth step came to a prompt decision. Abruptly biting his tongue, and forcefully cutting off its upper part, he spouted a mouthful of blood, lit up in a scarlet color. This was the Demonic Collapse Technique only possessed by high ranked demons, that Long Haochen had encountered once against the Snake Devil Demon God Andromalius.

Merely, this Demonic Collapse Technique felt different from the version used by the Snake Devil Demon God Andromalius. Andromalius used the demon god class version, conferring a great boost, while making the side effects slightly smaller. But after this Fiend Commander would be done using the Demonic Collapse Technique, even if he didn’t die from that, his cultivation would at least be forcibly dropped to the sixth step. Of course, compared to death, the cost of a loss of cultivation wasn’t much.

The light fluctuations from this side attracted the attention of the demon army at the other side, resulting in the Fiend King giving the order to head there, at his best prudent state. That was because he didn’t know how many enemies there were. Ever since seeing the previous crowd spell of the eighth step, he came to believe the human force that came to intercept them was considerably strong. As the commander of this elite army, he didn’t dare become careless.

At this time, dark purple glints of light kept bubbling up from the five hundred Hell Demons. They were chanting at rapid speed, and in each of their hands were purplish red crystals, acting as their staves. The dark purple glints took the shape of an immense barrier, covering the whole demon army inside. This was their best defensive formation. With five hundred Hell Demons acting jointly in defense, even a powerhouse of the ninth step wouldn’t possibly be able to break it without an especially powerful weapon. Now that the Fiend King sensed powerful fluctuations of light essence coming from the other side of the mountain, he couldn’t care about the life or death of his underlings on that side, compared to the defense of the whole army.

A bloody red light shone on his chest, before scarlet bloody fog spread out from his body, covering the whole army. This was element control was
close to the level of the domain of a ninth step user.

From the other mountain, the incomparably sharp sword intent could already be sensed, causing the Fiend King to feel a chill. It was no wonder that his estimation was so high, since sword intent didn’t have a direct conversion into grade. Through the sword intent spread out from the Aria of the Goddess of Light, Long Haochen reached a level of comprehension extremely close to the divine sword wielder Ye Wushang from past. How could this level be no threat for the Fiend King?

There’s no way he could have expected the team he brought in the Demon Resisting Mountain Pass to be in trouble so quickly. At this moment, even without these human powerhouses here to block them, because of the loss of the Demon Envoys, they would very rapidly get exposed. At this pôint, the Fiend King already started to consider retreat. It wasn’t for the lack of courage, but because demons couldn’t afford losing so much of their elites.

Among this demon army, powerhouses of the eighth step numbered at least three hundred. In fact, aside from the top five clans, no force among the demons could possibly assemble such an army. If the losses kept growing, the rage of the Death Demon God Saminaga would surely be awaiting him. Perhaps he would be directly punished by the Demon God Emperor.

A sparkling and translucent white light formed a light blade in the air, leaving a trail of flames in the air.

This light appeared in a flash, before vanishing completely. In the air, Long Haochen’s figure dazzled, before the Aria of the Goddess of Light returned in his body.

His current face was extremely pale, clearly a result of massive consumption of spiritual energy. And in truth, his spiritual energy was barely enough to keep him floating. But his opponent was clearly a lot worse off. Although the Fiend Commander managed to keep himself floating, one could clearly see that on his face was a dead person’s
expression. Letting out a trail of blood from his head to his toes, his whole body was totally split by Long Haochen’s previous strike.

This was strength, absolute strength. His sword intent combined with the Aria of the Goddess of Light caused Long Haochen’s imposing manner to transcend its peak. Without sufficiently good equipment, even a powerhouse of the eighth step would hardly be able to resist him. And the most fearful thing was Long Haochen’s battle experience. Before, he made himself seem weak and escaped so brazenly to attract the enemy into pursuing him. And from his counteroffensive to the death of the Fiend Commander, only a few breaths of time had passed. The whole battle was within his grasp, and he didn’t give the Fiend Commander the slightest opportunity to display his real strength.

Long Haochen was certainly very young, but his experience was a lot richer than other people of his age. Just how many times did he risk his life in battle? How many desperate crises did he overcome up to now? Each of these experience became a part of his strength, transforming him. In merely a few years, he could already be compared with many of his precursors in terms of attitude and battle experience, and this was without mentioning all the powerful skills he acquired from the Holy Guards in the Tower of Eternity.

Flapping his wings with difficulty, he took advantage of the instant before the death of the Fiend Commander to absorb him in the Eternal Melody. Then Long Haochen changed his stance, facing the mountain peaks. From what he remembered, the Ninth Holy Guard flew over from there just before. But why was it that no fluctuation of spiritual energy could be sensed from there up to now?

Having borrowed strength from the souls of the other three holy guards, the Ninth Holy Guard’s magic could be said to have reached the peak of the eighth step already.

While watching attentively the mountain in front of his eyes, Long Haochen rapidly returned to the ground, taking a new Great Recovery Pill, recovering his spiritual energy rapidly . In the meantime, he changed into a black gown, taking advantage of the night to conceal his figure.
At least up to now, the plan had been going smoothly! Now, all depended on how the Ninth Holy Guard would fare. Ninth, you have to be faster, otherwise, we won’t be able to intimidate these demons.

That’s just the way it is! Demons aren’t fools either; and after this short moment of caution, they would soon notice no further movement from the other side, as well as the disappearance of the fluctuation of light elemental spiritual energy, it would the same as if they were back in the original situation.

Chapter 460

However, this deathly stillness increased the sense of fright engraved in the demons. After all, after crossing the Demon Resisting Mountain Pass, they will be in human territory, where they have no way to predict what they will encounter. They had originally thought they had concealed themselves pretty well, and didn’t expect the enemies to find out about them so rapidly. This feeling of being under attack was really hard to bear. They would prefer to confront the armies of the Temple Alliance head on, rather than being confronted to some unknown enemies watching over them and that could attack at anytime.

The Fiend King was very calm, showing his worth as a good commander for this army. This was a role that only strength wouldn’t suffice to bear, especially knowing that on the demon side, powerhouses of the ninth step are definitely not few. This Fiend King didn’t show signs of his anger, only calmly observing the surroundings, keeping the rest of the group in his sight. He was the commander of these troops, their brain.

In fact, in cases of large scale battle, his presence would affect the efficiency of the team by at least three times .

At least the time to pour out a small cup of tea passed, while no signs of movement occurred except for the sudden arrival of the previous ambush.

An ice-cold chill hit the face of the Fiend King, who finally guessed what they were up to. Although he wasn’t certain that those who attacked them were a Demon Hunt Squad, scouts with such individual strength were definitely not numerous. And the people from the other side were definitely
a small number, trying to stall for time, for the Exorcist Mountain Pass and the Demon Resisting Mountain Range to prepare to some extent.

“Stop defending, and march forward at full speed.” The Fiend King gave this next order with conviction. Then the remaining scouts also returned, bringing news that no large group of humans was found.

Without the cloaking ability of the Demon Envoys, they had no more obligation to keep advancing slowly. The wisest remaining choice would be for them to pass through the mountain at the fastest speed possible. As long as his group manages to inflict a serious blow to Temple Alliance by annihilating Exorcist City, the Demon Resisting Mountain Pass would be unable to stop the advance of the rest of the demon army.

The purplish black radiance serving as magical defense was slowly revoked, for the sake of preserving spiritual energy. But the Hell Demons and the nearby Demonic Bears once again showed their amazing coordination. After terminating the spell, each of the Hell Demons went straight on the shoulder of a Demonic Bear, letting them proceed forward to easily pass through the ravine in the depths of the mountain range.

Right at this time, the Fiend King suddenly had a bad premonition. This was his natural instinct, which grew with his increase in rank. This was unrelated to one’s race, nor to one’s strength.

Despite not sensing any fluctuation of spiritual energy, this was the first time for him to sense such a fatal danger. Abruptly, he howled, “Stop there and focus all of your energies towards defending!”

At the same time his shout came out, the scene changed entirely.

The demon powerhouses who all heard this order from their commander couldn’t help but be puzzled. But before they could react, a massive oppressive force appeared in front of them. Just like a tall mountain wrapping their thoughts, it appeared to push them down under its control.

They were all standing on the side of a mountain, which unexpectedly slowly shifted to their direction without any omen.
Because that shift started slowly, they didn’t realize that phenomenon until a large amount of crushed r

Dawn was still nearing, but the sky remained just as dark. Under the pitch-black curtain of the night, an even darker large mountain peak fell at startling speed, coming with irresistible force despite its slow speed. And this whole process only took a few minutes.

If their few powerhouses were to put their whole energy into fleeing they would certainly be able to escape this. But this was an army, and not a small Demon Hunter Remover Squad.

The soldiers numbered five thousand, and a large mountain peak over two kilometers long was pressuring them down. This was even more frightful than some existing forbidden spells of ninth step.

The expressionless face of the Fiend King immediately became pale. He never expected these humans to employ such means. They had actually toppled over a mountain, turning it into a terrifying weapon.

No matter what degree his strength reached, he couldn’t possibly withstand a whole mountain! Among all demonkind, the only one who could accomplish that was perhaps the Demon God Emperor.

Therefore, he could only give the order to retreat, sparing no cost to step back from this hurdle.

The Berserk Demons standing in the front fled at frantic speed, heading back, followed by the Grand Fiends that also showed no hesitation to use their wings to escape the danger zone.

But what about the Demonic Bears and Hell Demons in the middle of the formation? Hell Demons could perhaps rely on magic boost to gain some speed, but the Demonic Bears, demons with ultra powerful defenses, clearly lacked speed. Without need to even precise that their two sides were filled with other friendly forces, they couldn’t possibly withdraw rapidly.
The mountain falling from the sky would not wait for them, and kept falling down regardless of their reaction! At the time its massive body fell, the Fiend King of the ninth step who relied on his superior spiritual energy to bring a few dozens Demonic Bear outside.

That loud explosion nearly shook the whole Demon Resisting Mountain. Without regard to their demon race, all the demons in the range of the terrible seismic waves were sent flying. Under the raging seismic waves, although they were all elites of the demons, such terrible seismic waves were in no way easy to bear for them. Only the Grand Fiends, gifted with the ability of flight, were better off. But they were only better off for a short instant.

The toppling of a mountain peak, how frightful was that? The violent explosion coming along, with the massive weight, caused landslides in the seven surroundings mountains. Who knows how many stones of over three meters diameters fell as a result, as if this was the reaction of the god of the mountain, frantically smashing these debris over the demon army.

At the time of the mountain’s crumble, a golden glint was soaring in the sky, floating in midair helped by the four wings on his back.

On the toppled mountain underneath, a yellow flow of light surged, flashing back to its chest, and its aura disappeared instantly.

This was a genuine landslide! This was the first time for Long Haochen to see such a awe-inspiring scene. Although his trust in the capabilities of the Ninth Holy Guard was high, he wasn’t quite expecting that he would be given such a pleasant surprise.

He actually made a whole mountain fall? To the demons, this was no less than a fatal blow.

While evading the huge rocks in the air, Long Haochen’s face was brimming with an uncontrollable smile. No matter how steady he is as a person, not showing excitement in such a time was inconceivable. At least two thirds of the Demonic Bears and Hell Demons were crushed under the
rocks, and even those who could escape this fate by a fluke would simply be subject to the most terrible and direct impact from the seismic waves.

The loud explosion even propelled the distant Long Haochen away, to say nothing about those bearing the impact at close range. The demon elites from this army ought to be all crippled.

“Haha…” Long Haochen laughed heartily, before suddenly coming to a stop. With a flash of golden light, his figure then disappeared in the sky, heading for the Tower of Eternity.

Almost at the same instant as he disappeared, a dark golden glint flashed through, the next instant the loathing and enraged Fiend King appeared.

A human? Could this human have come alone? No, this can’t be!

The damage that occurred just now was catastrophic in the eyes of this Fiend King. His troops were simply sent to death before the main assault even started. The damage caused by that great mountain to his army was simply indescribable. Of such a massive mountain peak, although half was sent straight in the ravine, the remaining amount actually propelled to its sides. If it was him alone, perhaps he could drill a cave in the mountain using his domineering spiritual energy, but only he was at the ninth step. That wasn’t the case for his subordinates.

Ever since this army was set up, it was under his control. All the powerhouses forming it were selected very carefully, and went through a strict training. The only one in control of them was the Demon God Emperor, but at the time he integrated it, he wasn’t a mere Fiend King anymore, instead becoming the second legion corps chief subordinated to the Demon God Emperor. But these absolute elites commanded by him were inflicted fatal losses without even spotting the slightest human force. This was beyond a mere disgrace. This was an incomparable failure. The guilt from such a loss was simply unbearable!

Who was that enemy in the end? How did he disappear without a trace? What kind of ability could that be? His fluctuations of spiritual energy were visibly weak. Could he have made use of a forbidden spell scroll? But he’s
a light element user! To cause the collapse of such a large mountain, at least a magic scroll of the earth element at the ninth step would be needed.

At the time Long Haochen disappeared, he clearly had a burning hot sensation over his chest. This signified the absorption of powerful souls into the Tower of Eternity through the Eternal Melody. And they were naturally from the army of demons…

After appearing without any trace in the first floor of the Tower of Eternity, he couldn’t refrain from bursting out in loud laughter.

No matter how strong you Fiend King are, and how valiant your elite army is, let’s see how you will keep launching your attack on humans.
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