Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 441-450

Chapter 441

With a ‘Peng’, Andromalius was fiercely sent away. As he was shot, soaking in blood, one could clearly hear the sounds of the bones cracking in his body.

Given his identity as the Devil Snake Demon God, Andromalius was extremely supple and tough. With the extreme level reached by his external spiritual energy, he was able to counteract the majority of the power in the attack. However, one shouldn’t forget that he was already wounded , and wasn’t in the Demon God Transformation state. How could a magical beast of the tenth rank be so easily handled?

The changes indeed happened just too fast. As the saying goes, that a centipede dies but never falls down. Although the Forest Boa King was already injured fatally, was filled with bitter hate towards Andromalius. He finally kept a bit of his vital force concealed, and even severed his connection with his internal pill just for the sake of fooling Andromalius, and finally launch a fatal blow at him. After this was done, his soul finally went to the other side, and astonishingly, his massive body still didn’t sank into the swamps.

Just like Andromalius didn’t expect that, the observing Long Haochen didn’t expect that either. He was originally prepared to set to move, but upon seeing that scene, he stopped in his tracks, already starting planning his next move.

These two crafty foxes still ended up in mutual destruction. To his comrades and himself, this was the best possible outcome.
In a short time, Long Haochen already came to a decision, hinting the nearby Tenth Holy Guard who turned into a green glow of light, and didn’t go chase after the severely wounded Devil Snake Andromalius, but rushed into that cave, whose interior was slightly twinkling.

This was done for the sake of securing the path. Long Haochen was now going to dispose of Andromalius in the same way he disposed of the Forest Boa King.

Andromalius ended up getting caught in the last struggle of the Forest Boa King. This knock sent him several hundred meters away, with blood flowing out continuously from his mouth. One of his wings was severed, and dark red blood was spreading over his whole body, giving rise to a macabre scene.

However, he was still in the end a demon god, who managed to save himself at the instant he was attacked. Fortunately for him, the last attack of the Forest Boa King wasn’t from the internal pill, so even though it inflicted him severe wounds, that was nothing fatal.

The distant knock happened on vines atop the swamps, accompanied with a severe pain, that nearly caused him to fall unconscious. He never expected that the Forest Boa King would plot against him even after his death. And his internal pill was sent flying afar during this severe attack, and sent bouncing back after colliding against a vine, before falling in another side of the swamps. Just like the body of the Forest Boa King, his internal pill didn’t submerge inside the swamps, but let out a faintly discernible dark green light.

At the time his body suffered a terrible and unbearable pain, Andromalius saw a green glow head towards the cave. Its speed wasn’t extremely fast, so at the time he noticed it, it was still about five meters away from the cave.

“Argh.” Andromalius let out a terrible shout of rage. He didn’t even see clearly who was that enemy, but his body soared up anew, and jumped towards the cave at full strength.
Since that green light was small, it was visibly not a Forest Boa. But no matter who that was, seeing it come out at such a convenient time just aggravated the fury of the Devil Snake Demon God.

However, that shout of rage from Andromalius was not directed at venting out his anger, but summoning his clansmen. This wasn’t from cowardice, but ou

A lot of dark red blood was leaking out from his body. At the time he headed out towards the cave, he still had some hesitation. Meanwhile, a glow of light followed the green figure at extremely fast speed, penetrating into the cave and attracting on its way the internal pill of that Forest Boa King with a white glow of light, causing Andromalius to be incapable of retaining his calm.

Seeing his targets get robbed by outsiders, how could the Devil Snake Demon God bear any more?

With a shout of rage, he immediately went after the figure that entered in the cave.

At the same time Andromalius entered the cave, some figures appeared from the dense fog. The Devil Snakes were clearly in a difficult situation, from the ambush of the Forest Boas and Long Haochen’s attack, their numbers plummeted. Hearing the summon of the Devil Snake Demon God, they hurried there, right at time to see the back of Andromalius who was disappearing into the cave.

A crowd of Devil Snakes hurried to follow after him, but this time, another golden figure tightly chased after them, entering the cave.

With a purple glow of light, a huge monster appeared at the entrance of the cave, completely blocking it out.

Yellow earth radiance noiselessly spread out under the Devil Snakes, covering a wide range. At that time, the tired Devil Snakes felt their tails submerge onto the ground, beginning to sink into the swamps, they turned pale with fright. Though, this realization still came late.
At the time they were beginning to struggle, the swamps that caught their tails already hardened, switching from its former soft and supple state to an incomparable tough state. Faintly, its surface seemed to let out a gloss of gem, letting out a dense coldness, that caused them to go numb.

Two figures noiselessly appeared afar. They were clad in a large coat, and from them spread out light of different colors. One was yellow, and one was blue, symbols of the earth expert Ninth Holy Guard and the ice expert Eleventh Holy Guard

The Eleventh Holy Guard deliberately placed himself slightly behind the Ninth Holy Guard. From this could one see that even if they were both holy guards, their positions still differed.

The Ninth Holy Guard combined the Gravity Technique with the Earth- to-Rock Condensation, and the Eleventh Holy Guard used Ice Region, forming a spell of dual ice and earth elements.

This spell could be said to be formed of the fusion between three spells of the seventh step, making its power as great as one might well imagine. This performance also reflected the gap between the ninth and the eleventh holy guards. Both at the seventh step, but in the same interval of time, the Eleventh Holy Guard managed to use only one spell of the seventh step, whereas the Ninth Holy Guard managed to use two. This corresponded to a strength at the peak of the seventh step! Among all of Long Haochen’s aides, the Ninth Holy Guard was undoubtedly the strongest.

At the time they were in the Tower of Eternity, Cai’er’s ambush and the Ninth Holy Guard underestimating them helped in their win in one move, but in terms of strength, even Long Haochen with Haoyue wouldn’t necessarily win against this one.

Against these three powerful spell at the seventh step, those ordinary Devil Snakes at the fifth or sixth step ended up imprisoned without a way out.

The loose soil of the swamp was one thing, but what if it was congealed and then transformed into rock? Struggling out of that was in no way easy.
This was only possible by crushing the rock, but how could it be done without injuring oneself? Moreover, they weren’t even given the opportunity to crush the rock, having gotten frozen and the frozen parts turned into rock. Getting free of that couldn’t be done in a quick time.

To snakes, the cold was one of the most feared predators. Upon reaching winter, snakes would go into hibernation, because they were unable to produce enough heat from their bodies to counteract the cold. In this situation of extreme cold, these Devil snakes were shuddering and greatly plummeting in strength.

Then followed the time of the two holy guards’ performances.

A very large stone was extracted from the ground and brazenly thrown at the Devil Snakes, then Ice and Snow Storm followed.

In crowd battle, the killing power of mages was undoubtedly quite fearful. Moreover, on the other side, guarding the entrance of the cave, was the massive powerhouse, Haoyue.

After Haoyue blocked up the entrance to the cave, his five large heads splashed out powerful spells like five big magic cannons. The first round came as a surprise attack, and then followed spells of various elements.

His control over each different attribute was clearly no match for the two holy guards. But he had a grasp over five different elements! When the five elements were used at different times, their power would naturally vary as well. For instance, at the present time, Little Green, Little Blue, and Little Light were mostly focused on battle, while Little Flame completely abandoned the attack to stay on guard and watch over the surroundings. While Little Purple focused on absorbing the thick poisonous gas in the air.

One could say that it was as if seven mages of the seventh step were confronting these severely wounded Devil Snakes. At the same time, when these Devil Snakes were hit by these spells, many large green figures started wandering from the forest.
With the death of the Forest Boa King, the Devil Snakes undoubtedly became the mortal enemy of the Forest Boas. These massive Forest Boas were all covered in bruises, but still came back to kill them. Relying on their enormous sizes to resist the cold, they forced their charge. Braving the terrible spells, they were close to launching suicide attacks against these Devil Snakes.

The Forest Boas were few in quantity, but their magic tolerance far exceeded the Devil Snakes’ . At the time these Forest Boas appeared, they were bound to bring a tragedy upon the Devil Snakes.
The situation outside was already in grasp, but what about inside? Without a doubt, the one who came first into the cave, and attracted the
Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius was naturally the Eleventh Holy Guard. At that time, it was because Long Haochen gave him the order to slow down intentionally that his flight speed was slow, so that Andromalius would see him enter. Otherwise, how could he take the bait ?

Since Andromalius and the Forest Boa King destroyed each other mutually, this situation was an excellent opportunity for Long Haochen. This was a golden opportunity! However, he was a witness of the cunningness of the two great powerhouses, so even if he had confidence in this situation, he still remained prudent while executing his scheme against Andromalius.

Just like they had seen it in the previous confrontation, this cave was very important. Although he didn’t know about the treasure inside, given how the Forest Boa King valued it, how could it be lacking? Even if Andromalius still had some hesitation, the first golden figure having grabbed the internal pill of the Forest Boa King, he had to follow. Even if he were aware that this was a trap, he had to force himself to enter this cave. In truth, the golden figure was Yating, who used the Pull ability of the Saint Spiritual Stove.

Chapter 442

After entering the cave, Andromalius saw the surrounding light dim down, yet he could clearly sense that the depths of the cave contained a faintly discernible light.

But the origin of this light wasn’t the issue currently plaguing Andromalius’ mind. He wanted to take the internal pill of the Forest Boa King back. He suffered severe wounds, to the point that without this internal pill, let alone raise in strength, even recovering completely would be impossible for him. This was the reason why he had no choice but to be deceived by Forest Boa King for his final attack.

Before entering the depths of the cave, the two figures stopped; At the time Andromalius saw that this green figure was actually a skeleton with flames in it’s eyes, he couldn’t help but be startled. Beside the green skeleton was Yating, glowing in bright light.

Mentioning it, it seemed to be quite a coincidence that Yating and the Eleventh Holy Guard both had six wings on their backs. When standing together, they gave off some feelings of making a good match. However, the aura surrounding their bodies wasn’t excessively powerful, which made Andromalius relax. With a single glance, he found the internal pill in Yating’s hands.

“Give it back. Your corpses will then be left intact.” Andromalius let out a fierce enraged cry, as dark red blood kept dripping from his back.

Yating sneered, raising her hand, she aimed a white streak of light at Andromalius.
He attempted to block, but that soft white light didn’t have offensive uses, and thus couldn’t be blocked this way. The Devil Snake Demon God only felt as if he was bound by something, and unconsciously turned back, finding out two golden figures standing there. Meanwhile, Haoyue’s large butt kept the entrance sealed tightly.

In terms of size, Andromalius was a lot smaller than Haoyue without using the Demon God Transformation. Although his size was over five meters, he was still able to move unhindered in this cave which had a diameter of three meters. But the extremely large built Haoyue was unable to enter, so blocking the entrance was visibly the best duty for him.

The reason why Long Haochen drew the Devil Snake Demon God inside the cave to move against him was very simple; it was to keep Andromalius away from his demon god pillar.

Long Haochen clearly saw the amplification that a demon god pillar was able to bestow a demon god. Its massive utility enabled Andromalius who was still at the eighth step to kill the Forest Boa King of the ninth step. From this, one can well imagine the terror of this amplification. Although Long Haochen guessed that the Devil Snake Demon God already exhausted his abilities, he didn’t dare take a bet, neither could he afford to. For this reason, he attracted Andromalius here very prudently, so that he wouldn’t get close to his pillar. Although the distance couldn’t be considered very far, this was still a lot better than fighting him beside his demon god pillar.

Andromalius saw through Long Haochen’s plan at one glance, reaching to his own conclusions. This armor clad human youth seemed to be only at the seventh step of cultivation in Andromalius’ senses, but for some reason, the first time he saw Long Haochen he felt as if his heart was subjected to great pain, sign of an ominous premonition.

Having fallen in danger from pursuing a narrow gain, and due to having used all his strength to kill the Forest Boa King, he didn’t expect to encounter humans here. And this should be a human knight. The light element shining upon Long Haochen was really really pure. At this time, Long Haochen showed no reservation, with his left hand holding the
Rippling Light, and the Aria of the Goddess of Light in his right hand. Pointing th

If this was before he got wounded, Andromalius wouldn’t even consider Long Haochen as a threat. In his view, an enemy with this kind of cultivation level could be crushed just with the overwhelming dominance of his spiritual energy, but the current situation wasn’t the same. His wound was fatal, and he was unable to use Demon God Transformation. This reduced his current strength to one sixth of was it should be, so when confronting such a human knight, how could he not be subject to a massive pressure?

“Human, how can you be there?” Andromalius knew that his question could feel puerile, but he couldn’t help but want to ask. This was just too strange. He didn’t detect the slightest hint of him through his senses, plus the timing of appearance of this human was just too good.

Long Haochen showed an indifferent smile, “Hi, Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius. If I said this was a fluke, would you believe it? Actually, it is due to luck, or perhaps should I say that it is a gift from heaven, for us to have encountered you at the time of your clash against the Forest Boa King. On this time of this day, this is going to be your grave.”

As he spoke, Long Haochen wouldn’t give Andromalius any time for healing his injuries. His left foot took a stride forward, and the Aria of the Goddess of Light in his hand struck against Andromalius.

A void-like sword intent abruptly condensed. Unlike the time against Ah’Bao, it didn’t appear as deep as nothingness, but widely spread, pressing forward with a tyrannical bearing;

Cutting the mountains in the way, drying the water in the way. These were the principles behind the sword intent in Long Haochen’s strike.

Andromalius’ hand was even devoid of weapon, as his two snake spears that drilled through the head of the Forest Boa King were still left in his corpse.
With a low sounding roar, Andromalius waved his right fist forward, letting out a strong burst of spiralling dark element, which turned into a sort of black hole, blowing with powerful darkness elemental fluctuations as it aimed right at Long Haochen.

At this time, speaking further didn’t hold sense. Killing the enemy was the only way out, so Andromalius chose to take the risk.

But right at this moment, at his back, a sharp attack came, piercing the wound he had before.

Now that Andromalius was attracted due to the effects of the Saint Spiritual Stove’s Attraction, he was only able to target Long Haochen, without any other choice. Though, even if he had the choice, he would still choose to target this knight, who was the greatest threat to him.

A somewhat bizarre Pop’ sound rang out, and Long Hoachen’s whole body burst in bright light. He drew back slightly, but the black whirlpool from Andromalius’ fist was cut open, and Andromalius’ body also swayed from that. From this, the weak state of Andromalius was once again confirmed.

The Tenth Holy Guard attacked in a flash, appearing like a green electric light bursting right against Andromalius. His pair of daggers managed to thoroughly cut off the severed wing on Andromalius’ back.

The Tenth Holy Guard showed extreme mastery, not only cutting off that wing, but also piercing some thick veins on his back. For a moment, on Andromalius’ back, dark red blood started to gush out like a fountain.

Long Haochen drew back only slightly, and his attack immediately resumed. With a heavy blow and a jump came Condemning Revolving Sword.

His strategy consisted on overwhelming Andromalius, without giving him the slightest chance. At the same time he launched this blow, the attack of the Tenth Holy Guard followed once again, aiming at Andromalius’ back. His technique was similar to Long haochen, but without borrowing
enemy force. This was the Wind Dance he used previously to dispose of the Medusas.

Not only that, but some golden starlight started to gather, forming a brilliant spear. Shot from behind, it aimed at Andromalius’ neck.

The massive threat aroused Andromalius’ latent capabilities, letting them completely break through. Although he was seriously wounded, he was after all one of the seventy-two demon gods, and he naturally had a strong desire for survival. He already thought it deeply, and reached the conclusion that fleeing was his only way out, that he couldn’t afford to covet the treasure residing here any longer. As long as he managed to rush out, with so many of his subordinates outside, he would perhaps have the opportunity to make a comeback. If these enemies really stopped him here, he would then perhaps never be able to come out.

Looking up at the sky, Andromalius made a strange movement. Executing a horse stance, and directing his hands to the ground, one could clearly see that some dark red light was abruptly bursting out from his body. Then immediately, an intense dark red radiance propagated, forming a barrier that covered his whole body inside.

If one looked carefully, he would find out that this barrier covering him looked very close to the design on the demon god pillar.

The attacks of Long Haochen’s group of three fell onto this barrier, and carried an incredible amount of fluctuations of spiritual energy, but was left without way to break through. It felt as if they were directly attacking the demon god pillar.

The demon god pillar outside seemed to sense the crisis of Andromalius, and started to shake lightly. A dark red radiance then gushed out from it, rushing like an arrow at Haoyue who was guarding the cave.

Without a doubt, this dark red radiance was here to rescue Andromalius, and was his last life-saving trump. In case he managed to blend with this dark red glint, he would get absorbed by the light to get sealed inside of the
demon god pillar. Although this would seal for at least three years, it would at least keep him alive.

If the enemy was only Long Haochen’s group, perhaps Andromalius could have his way with them, but to his misfortune, Haoyue was also present, the Haoyue that even the Demon God Emperor feared.

In front of the radiance let out by the demon god pillar, Haoyue’s five large h””eads were suddenly lifted up, and their eyes glinted with similar gloss. It was quite a bizarre look, containing hatred, gloominess, and even more rage and sadness.

His five large heads were lifted and let out roars of rage. All their eyes turned into a purple color, with a layer of purple light rippling around Haoyue’s body. At this point, his grandeur and power rose to the extent that it resembled a ruler controlling all the creatures in this world.

Chapter 443

Immediately, the five large heads madly puffed out, letting out ripples of purple intent that welcomed the bubbling dark red radiance.

What followed was an impressive scene; that dark red light met with the purple intent’s aura, and then melted instantly like lava. Let alone saving Andromalius inside the cave, it didn’t even manage to pass through Haoyue.

Not only that, but the purple intent spreading out from Haoyue starting bubbling out inside the cave. Long Haochen felt his senses shaking, and when that purple intent came in contact with the barrier protecting Andromalius, it instantly melted, something the combined attacks of the three of Long Haochen’s group didn’t even manage to breach it.

The Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius looked blank, “It’s… Impossible!” He didn’t want to believe that this situation was real, but it happened right before his eyes.

Glinding forward and launching a cross-cut, Long Haochen left him with no opportunity of recovering his breath. Although he didn’t know what Haoyue did, getting rid of Andromalius’ defense undoubtedly created a good opportunity for them.

Andromalius stopped Long Haochen’s attack, with his pitch-black spiritual energy forming a sort of armor as defense. The large tail on his back also rose, resisting the following attacks of the Tenth Holy Guard and Yating. However, he was now only able to defend.
A cold smirk appeared in Long Haochen’s face. Defending? But even defending won’t help you. Because he didn’t know the situation outside, Long Haochen assumed that Haoyue and the two holy guards could be under great pressure. For this reason, he couldn’t waste any time.

With a flash of red light, a sharp blade-shaped projectile left a scar on Andromalius’ body. The Twelfth Holy Guard was the source of that attack. Being the one who instructed Long Haochen about martial techniques, he was the best choice to finish off this enemy.

While the Twelfth Holy Guard stepped forward, taking Long Haochen’s place, he started summoning his comrades now that he had his hands free.

With glints of bright light, a total of four figures appeared beside Long Haochen.

Sima Xian, Lin Xin, Wang Yuanyuan and Han Yu appeared at the same time beside Long Haochen, and were prepared since long before. Upon appearing, they didn’t need Long Haochen to say anything, and went in accordance with the original plan, releasing their spiritual energy all around immediately.

Long Haochen instructed Lin Xin, “Go outside first to assist Haoyue’s group with scrolls. The others, follow me for an all out attack.”

The diameter of three meters of the cave restricted Andromalius to some extent, but it was sufficient for Long Haochen’s group. At this time, there came no need for technical prowess. All they needed was to use their greatest strength to kill the enemy before them.

Long Haochen remained motionless. Retrieving the Rippling Light in his hand, he wielded the Aria of the Goddess Light with both his hands, immediately surrounded with a golden colored fog. Storing Power!

The other three rushed out together. Sima Xian had the Energetic Ball of Light, Wang Yuanyuan the Divine Soul Shield, and Han Yu had the Wild Scarlet Blood, all of whom were unleashing their greatest abilities. With
Sima Xian in the middle, Wang Yuanyuan to the left and Han Yu to the right came their full force assault against Andromalius.

Currently, Andromalius already forgot his gloominess. Rather than gloomy, he became sullen. If he was in his peak state instead, what would there be for him to fear in these humans!? Even if he was even dumber, he would still understand that he was dealing with a human Demon Hunt Squad. And f

But even such a Demon Hunt Squad was for his current state a fatal threat.

Three pieces of legendary equipment weren’t anything so easy to resist, especially Sima Xian’s Energetic Ball of Light. Unleashing all his firepower, Sima Xian immediately went in Madness mode, also taking a Bloodthirsty Pill handed by Lin Xin. The power of the Spiritual Stove of Purple Godly Thunder also erupted, making this an attack disregarding all costs. At this state of Sima Xian’s, even if Long Haochen were to meet him, he would only be able to try to escape him and no more.


Smash, Crush, Absorption and Triple Blast were added up to the Spiritual Stove of Purple Godly Thunder.

Once the Energetical Ball of Light was smashed for the first time, colliding against Andromalius’ massive figure, it produced a very powerful initial show of strength.

This cave was only three meters in diameter, and although moving straight was a breeze for Andromalius in this surroundings, moving in the air was clearly impossible to him.

In this situation, he could only stay firm in defense.

The Energetic Ball of Light of one meter diameter bombarded his hands crossed in front of his body, covering Andromalius in bits of pieces of purple thunder and lighting. His massive body was unable to stop itself
from spasming and trembling, slowing down his responses. More terrifyingly, his two hands became scorched black, and a large amount of his spiritual energy used in defense was torn completely.

The ones present being only powerhouses adept at making good use of opportunities, none of them would let go of this good chance;

Therefore, the Tenth Holy Guard, the twelfth, Yating, and Han Yu as well as Wang Yuanyuan aimed their attacks at Andromalius successively, all of which left deep traces on him.

The most treacherous remained the Tenth Holy Guard, who aimed right at the original wound of Andromalius. Now that wounds were added up at the same location, the inside of the bone crackled by the Forest Boa King was already visible. The Tenth Holy Guard was simply dissecting this bone, letting a lot of flesh come out. This gave Andromalius huge pain.

The Twelfth Holy Guard was rather open hearted, aiming at his waist. At least half of his massive bone blade entered vital parts of Andromalius’ waist at every attack.

With the Divine Soul Shield directly embedded with gems, Wang Yuanyuan aimed for his shoulder, whereas Han Yu’s Wild Scarlet Blood made him go on a berserk mode, frantically producing scars without pause.
…… Yating in the opposite used a healing spell on Andromalius, Great Recovery. While it was an effective healing spell when targeting Long Haochen, the targeted darkness element user Andromalius was like someone being bathed in iced water.

Andromalius’ current appearance was just too wrecked. But even so, his tenaciousness and fighting spirit still didn’t disappear.

As he let out an enraged shout at the direction of the sky, dark red flames suddenly started igniting on his forehead, as he struggled with full force, stubbornly pushing everyone away, as the violent dark red flames ignited his whole body.
To everyone’s astonishment, the wounds on Andromalius’ body started to heal at an astonishing speed. Also, his physical power rose sharply, as if going back to his previous peak state.

How can that be? He has just gotten wounded so severely, but how can he recover so fast? Everyone felt discouraged in the midst of their shock. If Andromalius really recovers to his peak state, the one’s to be afraid and having to flee would instead become their group.

However, one of them still maintained his calm, and that was Long Haochen.

“Don’t panic, he’s using the Demonic Collapse Great Spell!” Long Haochen shouted in a low voice, and still kept storing his power. His ardent look still kept staring fixedly at the Devil Snake Demon God whose strength was rapidly increasing.

That’s right! Andromalius is already wounded to such extent, and doesn’t have his demon god pillar nearby. How can he still recover from these wounds, and at such fast speed? There was only one possible answer, and it was the use of an unusual and extraordinary technique.

The Demonic Collapse Great Spell was extremely tyrannical, and even a demon god would suffer really severe side-effect from using it. Given the present state of Andromalius, using it was like letting go of half a life. But he didn’t have the choice, as this was his last opportunity to life. But the weaker the state of the body is, the shorter the duration of the Demonic Collapse Great Spell would last!

After getting warned by Long Haochen, everyone gathered side by side. After being a team for so long, their level of coordination was already ample. As long as Andromalius was stopped from going out, the Demonic Collapse Great Spell would only cause his own collapse.

Because of the great might of the Saint Spiritual Stove, the others didn’t need to consider anything else, and could give their all towards offense.
The tenth and the twelfth holy guards drew back to Long Haochen’s side, and Yating transformed into light to enter the Aria of the Goddess of Light.

At this very moment, on Long Haochen’s body an intense dark golden fire was soaring. It was different from before, that was that it didn’t only appear on the Aria of the Goddess of Light this time, but on Long Haochen’s whole body.

After going through Storing Power, Long Haochen ignited to a great extent his own spiritual energy. This was his exclusive fire as a god’s chosen one!

Outside of the cave, the disky swamps suddenly started to look shiny, and an illusory silhouette of the goddess of light quietly appeared from nowhere, illuminating all the surroundings. A great expanse of poisonous swamps was routed by her aura, which also lighted up the messy area of swamps.

The amount of Devil Snakes alive were already close to naught. Haoyue, the ninth and eleventh holy guards, and Lin Xin who came to the fold later with his scrolls had almost already wiped out the several hundreds Devil Snakes thoroughly. These Devil Snakes and Forest Boas had a massive consumption from their previous battle; in such circumstances, how could they still bear this sudden barrage of powerful spells?

Inside the cave, a series of large bangs were heard.

Wang Yuanyuan’s Space Splitting Sauté, Sima Xian’s Spiritual Stove of Purple Godly Thunder, and Han Yu’s Holy Sword plus Asura Strike, all consecutively bombarded the Devil God Snake. Although they were all repelled without exception, Andromalius’ rising imposing manner was close to exhaustion due to them.

A massive blue fire skull appeared at this time, fiercely striking the chest of Andromalius, giving him a sluggish sensation as he was prepared to make another attempt to rush out. The leftover threat from the Devil Snakes outside wasn’t much, so Lin Xin returned back to his comrades after throwing some scrolls. hòu At the current moment, Andromalius looked
incomparably intimidating. On his whole body, large veins were swelling, and his dark red blood already made his appearance unrecognizable. Only the imposing manner from his body was really powerful, and he seemed to have regained the bearing of someone at the peak of the eighth step. Both his hands were covered in thick scales, he crossed his hands, as he attempted to resist the Fire Curse attack from Lin Xin, which ended up with his hands getting burnt in scorch black. The terrible temperature from the Heart of Flame’s fire produced quite a significant damage.

“Raah, Raah, Raah.” Andromalius let out enraged roar close to a magical beast’s, and frantically unleashed the terrible spiritual energy of darkness element in his body to form a bright projectile, aiming straight at Long Haochen. The whole cave seemed to twist due to this glinting dark red ball. A choking feeling attacked all of those who were preparing their attacks.

Stamping the ground with his left feet, Long Haochen’s forehead suddenly glinted, revealing nine purplish gold colored glints of light. In his eyes, divine light was shot out, and the dark golden flames ascending on his body suddenly turned bright, letting out an incomparably dazzling luster. Even his own teammates couldn’t help but shut their eyes at that instant.

The Aria of the Goddess of Light sent out incomparably rapid buzzes. One could see at this point that it shook slightly in Long Haochen’s hands, as its blade quietly started to emit some transparence. Immediately, the whole cave started to tremble very sharply.

The gold and dark red color vanished almost simultaneously, and the Aria of the Goddess of Light in Long Haochen’s hands disappeared right at that time.

Right now, his face appeared somewhat pale, and his body was at a standstill, but his eyes were filled with determination and sharpness.

Right in front of him was Andromalius, who was maintaining the same posture, and had even the gigantic dark red ball of light in front of him. However, he seemed entirely frozen, also having come to a stop.
What just happened? No one knew, because the time that intense light glowed, they all shut their eyes unconsciously, and didn’t get to see what happened.

Outside the cave, the illusion of the goddess of light also disappeared. Haoyue’s five large heads were still looking up, but appeared somewhat distracted, as if sensing something.

Pup’. The dark red ball of light suddenly routed without sign, and didn’t even produced aftermaths from exploding. As if cut like a tomato, it only turned into a thick liquid, disappearing in the air.

Immediately, Sima Xian, Wang Yuanyuan and Lin Xin couldn’t help but open their eyes wide, because they clearly saw that from his head to his feet, scars appeared on Andromalius’ whole body, which finally started to tremble.

The traces of light became more and more bright, and the shaking of Andromalius’ body also gained momentum. Finally, countless rays of light started gushing out from his body. The really powerful Devil Snake Demon God had finally fallen, with a large amount of pieces of his body falling to the ground. The surroundings became dyed in his liquid red blood.

Long Haochen’s body was also swaying slightly, and Han Yu hurriedly grabbed his hand, coming from the side. The two holy guards who didn’t make it at time to bring their support started showing fear in the pulsing flames serving as their eyes. The reason why they didn’t shut their eyes was simply because they couldn’t.

For this reason, out of everyone present, they were the only ones who saw what Long Haochen did.

Chapter 444

Cut in two in one swing. This description was perfectly fitting for the scene.

When he was close to his peak state with the help of the Demonic Collapse Great Spell, Andromalius was immediately sliced in two by the Aria of the Goddess of Light. Neither his skills nor body managed to stand in front of the powerful attack of the Aria of the Goddess of Light.

It was an instant kill. Long Haochen managed to kill the enemy instantly. But how did he accomplish that? How did he get so strong all of a sudden?

Only Long Haochen completely understood how this happened. At this moment, his thoughts couldn’t help but go back to the time in the Warrior Temple, when he delivered back the sword intent in the Aria of the Goddess of Light.

The head of the Warrior Temple, War Deity Qiu Yonghao had a short one to one with him, during which he told him a secret. This secret had been kept buried in Long Haochen’s chest ever since then.

At that time, Qiu Yonghao told him that the Aria of the Goddess of Light had a secret. That on it existed a powerful seal, branded originally by the Holy Sword Wielder Ye Wushang before he left the world, for the sake of concealing the real might of the Aria of the Goddess of Light. This was to avoid accidentally injuring the younger generations. Qiu Yonghao also told him that to get rid of this seal and unleash the true power of the Aria of the Goddess of Light, the wielder’s cultivation would at least need to reach the
eighth step. By causing an overdraft in conjunction with power storage, it could barely be tried at the seventh step.

Afterwards, Qiu Yonghao taught Long Haochen the method to remove the seal. Qiu Yonghao could be called the former retainer of the Holy Sword Wielder Qiu Yonghao, and also the only person aware of this method in the whole continent. The sincerity Long Haochen had when coming to deliver back its sword intent moved him and led him to reveal this secret in the end. That was because, he also wanted to see the birth of a new godly holy sword wielder, able to inherit of Ye Wushang’s legacy.

Just a moment ago, Long Haochen drew support from Storing Power to help raise his spiritual energy to its peak, and managed for the first time to remove the seal of the Aria of the Goddess of Light, then use the real might of this divine sword for the very first time. As for Andromalius, he became the first offering to the godly sword.

The reason for Long Haochen to have done this was very simple. He simply didn’t want to give Andromalius any opportunity to counterattack, having learned enough from the Forest Boa King. For this reason, he used his most powerful attack to thoroughly crush the Devil Snake God, and completely rid of his soul and life, and obliterate him through the godly holy sword.

A dark red light started to glow on Andromalius’ corpse, flying back outside. This occurrence was just too sudden, even surpassing the Tenth Holy Guard in speed.

One could vaguely see that this was a crown, a dark red crown that was dripping with dark red blood.

When Long Haochen’s group killed the successor to a demon god, they obtained an Inheritance Crown. But the aura coming out of this Demon God Crown was a lot more powerful than that time. Obviously, it was trying escape and merge with Andromalius’ demon god pillar. This way, many years later, a new Devil Snake Demon God would reappear and command the Devil Snakes.
Long Haochen didn’t make it in time to stop it, as the others including the two Holy Guards were still in shock because of Long Haochen’s earth shattering attack. When they recovered from the shock, that dark red crown was already floating past them.


With a thin golden glow, to everyone’s shock, the one who swallowed the demon god crown was exactly Little Light, one of Haoyue’s five heads.

Little Light’s pair of golden eyes were glinting, and vaguely, his body started to ripple with purple intent. Everyone felt that the fluctuations of spiritual energy on his body were starting to twist, before returning to normal, as if nothing happened.

Lin Xin’s response was the fastest. He was not only has-drug-bro, but also a scrooge beyond scrooges. The first thing he did was to run over and attempt to ask Haoyue, “Dear Haoyue, can you please spit it out?”

Little Light unhappily glared at him, and shook his head with pride. It seemed to be saying, Want me to split out something I just ate? You’re dreaming!

“Don’t be like that, Dear Haoyue! That’s a demon god crown! If this thing is brought back to the Alliance, we could exchange it for quite a lot of Legendary Equipment, and even one or two Epic Equipments would be possible! How can you keep everything for yourself,”

As for Lin Xin’s pained appearance, Little Light acted as if he didn’t see it at all and just turned back his head. At the very moment, the Ninth Holy Guard and the Eleventh Holy Guard outside were also coming back.

Wang Yuanyuan let out a laugh, “Let it be, has-drug-bro. Can you stop being so greedy? Having Haoyue eat it is a lot better than letting it go away. I can’t believe that this is for real, we actually really killed a demon god! This would really be unbelievable to anyone.” She wasn’t the only one to find that unbelievable. Even Long Haochen who delivered the last blow felt like he was in a dream.
They really succeeded, in killing the Snake Devil God Andromalius. Although he was no more but the last of the seventy-two demon gods, he still brought the group a total of over 500,000 contribution points! If they could kill one a bit above in the ranking, the reward would surpass one million points. A golden light started to glow on Long Haochen’s chest, and Chen Ying’er and Cai’er were finally summoned. It was just that the two of them didn’t look so good.

“What happened to you?” Chen Ying’er looked stunned at the sight of Long Haochen who was borrowing support from Han Yu’s arm, and Cai’er was pouting with an unsatisfied expression. Since the others were summoned by Long Haochen for such a long time, they were evidently thrown in a battle, but she wasn’t summoned until now.

With difficulty, Long Haochen smiled to her, “It’s nothing, I’m just feeling a bit weak. I just need to get some rest.”

A golden glow was spouted out from Little Light’s mouth, enveloping Long Haochen, helping him to recover some spiritual energy.

After Haoyue evolved to the level of getting five heads, his support wasn’t pertained to only the aspect of spiritual energy, but even his vitality and overflowing latent capabilities helped him recover. For this reason, after receiving Little Light’s support, Long Haochen’s face immediately looked a lot better.

Seeing the great amount of corpses of Devil Snakes afar, Chen Ying’er and Cai’er were stupefied.

Chen Ying’er had a doubtful look as she inquired, “Don’t tell me the battle is already over? Oh my god! Is that a demon god pillar? And what about the Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius? Did he escape?”

With a laugh, “Escaped? Just where do you think he would flee? He’s right there, though only mincemeat is left of him. Still, that’s all good things! I’ve gotta pack it all later.”
Wang Yuanyuan blurted out without reservation, “Has-drug-bro, won’t you stop showing more and more arrogance?”

Hearing that the Snake Devil Demon God died, Cai’er was still better off, since she was after all amnesic, but Chen Ying’er stood dumbstruck, “Are you saying that the Devil Snake Demon God was killed by you? My god! How is that even possible?”

A golden glow of light was emitted by Han Yu’s body, enveloping everyone inside. That was the power of the Spiritual Stove of Blessings of Light, tremendously accelerating the recovery of spiritual energy of everyone inside its range. Even the aftereffects of the Spiritual Stove of Purple Godly Thunder affecting Sima Xian started to lessen.

Long Haochen let out a smile, “Nothing is impossible, didn’t we just succeed? Although luck played out a large part, we still succeed. And with this we are done with all the missions we have taken this time.”

At this point, he started clearly to show some pride. But after looking at Cai’er, his joy lessened by much. Right, no matter how much gains they had this time, compared to Cai’er’s memories, it was not even worth mentioning. If he had the choice, he would have rather not chosen to make this trip in demon territory, so that Cai’er wouldn’t have ended up in this state.

“You’re still not trusting me!” Cai’er showed a grumpy side, but said no more than that, because of seeing the sad look on Long Haochen’s face, containing some lament. For some reason, every time she saw Long Haochen like that, the depressed feelings in her heart disappeared involuntarily, as she felt stuck in her throat.

The others shut their mouths unconsciously. In this strange atmosphere, they recovered while bathed in the Blessings of Light.

Very rapidly, everyone outside of Long Haochen who went largely beyond his limits and Sima Xian who was suffering from the side effects recovered, back to their peak. Even the four holy guards were no exception,
and from that, the great might of the Spiritual Stove of Light Blessings could be seen.

Long Haochen declared, “Time to sweep through the battlefield everyone.”, and took the lead to head for the corpse of the Forest Boa King.

In the battlefield, the Forest Boa King aside, there were corpses of six or seven ordinary Forest Boas . After the extermination of the Devil Snakes, the Forest Boas that were able to get away were really few. But this only inconvenienced Long Haochen’s group. Long Haochen carefully recovered the corpse of the Forest Boa King in his Eternal Melody. He could still feel the heat emitted by the Eternal Melody, visibly absorbing the soul power lingering in this battlefield.

Devil Snake elites fare quite high in price, to say nothing of the magical crystals they have. The storage capacity of Long Haochen’s Eternal Melody being close to unlimited, it took a moment for them to bring everything recoverable here, making the battlefield a lot cleaner.

Chapter 445

Now that the effects of the joint magic between the ninth and the eleventh holy guards were gradually disappearing, the swamps were recovering their sogginess.

Lin Xin also came out from the cave. Seeing the satisfied look on his face, it was visible that the corpse of the Snake Devil Demon God was done being handled.

“Boss should we go for a treasure hunt in this cave?” Lin Xin suggested in high spirits.

However, he very quickly realized that Long Haochen’s attention wasn’t focused on the treasures in the cave, and that he was instead gazing at the nearby demon god pillar.

That massive pillar had already lost its original splendor. Standing there for so long, it looked like nothing more than an ordinary stele. A huge snake shaped sculpture was spiralling around it, though the red light in its eyes was a lot dimmer.

“Boss, you can’t be thinking of attempting to destroy this demon god pillar?” Lin Xin unconsciously asked, but to his astonishment, Long Haochen actually nodded to him in confirmation.

Seeing Long Haochen, the others couldn’t help but show surprised expressions.
Ever since the dark era from six thousand years ago, uncountable demon gods died, but until this day, none of the seventy-two demon god pillars were ever destroyed. With regards to this, the Temple Alliance put too much efforts, but even with the might of divine artifacts, they were still unable to destroy any of those demon god pillars.

But at the very moment, Long Haochen was actually showing the intent to destroy this demon god pillar. Even if everyone had trust and belief in him, they still had the feeling that he was overestimating his capabilities.

How could Long Haochen not know of the toughness of the demon god pillar? He after all personally saw what the result of the full force attack of the internal pill of the Forest Boa King against it. But he also knew that the seventy-demon pillars of the demon gods were their foundations. As long as these seventy-two weren’t destroyed, wanting the Temple Alliance to defeat the demon race would be no more than wishful dreaming.

Currently, Andromalius was defeated by them, and his demon god pillar, exposed in front of their eyes. Since that was the last and weakest of the demon god pillars, how could Long Haochen not be tempted?

“I want to try it out.” Long Haochen’s tone couldn’t be considered determined, but seemed somehow emotional. Affected by his emotions, everyone gradually started to carry solemn looks.

Sima Xian carried his Energetic Ball of Light, “Boss, let me try first.” “Groaa–”
Right at this time, a low roar came suddenly, breaking off Sima Xian’s suggestion.

That low roar came from Haoyue.

Long Haochen looked at his old partner with amazement. Clearly, Haoyue’s mood felt abnormal.
Seeing that massive demon god pillar, Haoyue’s mind somehow seemed to be disordered. Long Haochen immediately sensed that Haoyue’s mood was even going out of his own control.

With a sort of rashness that would be hard to describe, pain spread out from Haoyue’s heart, even getting transmitted to Long Haochen.

His five large heads were lifted upwards at the same time, roaring in rage. Little Light, Little Flame, Little Green, Little Blue and Little Purple were sharing the same state of mind, filled with an indescribable rage, filled with a desperate wrath.

Immediately, an intense purple glow spread out from Haoyue’s body.

Long Haochen realized to his astonishment that after this purple glow appeared, flames started to blaze all around Haoyue’s body.

“Haoyue, don’t!” Turning pale with fright, Long


Haoyue’s five large heads were turned around at the same time, even raving with some cruelty at Long Haochen. Immediately, the pair of massive wings on his back unfolded, carrying his massive body straight towards the demon god pillar.

Purple flames were rising more and more violently, and at this moment Haoyue looked like an unruly kid, whose incomparable stubbornness was something even Long Haochen didn’t managed to tame.

At the time his distance from the demon god pillar reached twenty meters, his massive body started to stagnate in the air.

Long Haochen suddenly had an impression, that as the purple flames rising around Haoyue drew closer, the demon god pillar was actually trembling a bit.

How could that be? The demon god pillar is shaking?
In the midst of Long Haochen’s puzzlement, Haoyue made his move.

The intense purple flames abruptly started gathering above him. Immediately, Haoyue simultaneously roared with his five large heads, and five glows appeared, shot out from them.

These were five bizarre crystals, somewhat resembling each of his five heads. Colored golden, red, green, blue and purple, these five crystals were floating atop of Haoyue’s five large heads. But as released, those purple flames were frantically rushing forth, as if following his intent.

The five crystals were slowly flying, forming a circular formation. Each of the five went in one direction, as that purple fire gathered in the middle of the area formed by the crystals.

The previously massive purple flames rapidly shrank to the size of a fist, but glowing with intense purple golden light.

Gradually, this purplish golden ball of light expanded, taking the shape of an arrow.

Haoyue’s five heads growled simultaneously, after that, the arrow was sent almost immediately at the demon god pillar. While it was launched, Haoyue’s massive body disappeared, and the five crystals returned inside him. One could clearly see that each of Haoyue’s five heads was letting out blood, his body fluctuating with spiritual energy in the meantime.

Long Haochen had always been keeping watch over Haoyue’s situation, and some of his spiritual energy having already recovered, he immediately dashed at him, the four holy guards following closely. Only the Tenth Holy Guard outran Long Haochen, immediately heading toward Haoyue, trying to bear his weight.

However, Haoyue was indeed too massive. As for his enormous weight, the wind specialized Tenth Holy Guard seemed unable to bear it, especially when getting in contact with the purple intent disseminated from him, weakening him.
This time, a yellow glint shone upon Haoyue, greatly reducing his weight. Long Haochen led the rest to gather and look over Haoyue.

In the meantime, the purplish golden arrow had accurately hit the demon god pillar. Under everyone’s watch, it turned into a brilliant ray that made its way inside the demon god pillar, still unmoving.

Originally still somewhat hopeful, the expressions on the faces of the others darkened immediately. Right! Even if Haoyue is powerful, how could he damage a demon god pillar? It’s almost a wonder why they were so expectant.

But as everyone was feeling Haoyue’s sadness, Long Haochen suddenly cried out in alarm in front of the demon god pillar stormed by attacks, “Take a look”

Long Haochen’s perception was far beyond anyone else’s, and as that purple glow of light disappeared, he also believed that Haoyue’s attack turned out ineffective. But quickly, his feeling changed.

That was because he sensed the massive trembling from the demon god pillar before, replaced by a sense of deathly stillness, as if about to collapse. The aura coming out from it was full of desperation.

Purple light reappeared, spreading from the inside to the outside. In the beginning, that purple light was very weak, only rippling weakly on this demon god pillar. But as time went on, it started gaining in power, and tiny cracks started appearing on that massive demon god pillar.

Sima Xian shouted madly, violently swinging his Energetical Ball of Light. The spiritual wings on his back spread out, and advanced toward that massive demon god pillar at full speed.

A tremendous metallic sound came along with sorts of ear piercing whizzes, busting out loudly as it smashed against the demon god pillar.

The area hit by the Gigantic Ball of Light was actually destroyed, and countless dark green glows splattered around. A purplish golden color started to burst out from within at a freakish speed.

Vaguely, one could hear innumerable mournful screams coming out from that demon god pillar, as if many souls were targeted along with the massive destruction.

“Bang-Bang-Bang-Bang-Bang…” With loud successive booms, the energetical substance, dark red light that seemed to form the demon god pillar started to scatter around, and the whole Swamps of Gloom shook from that.

A buzzing sound rang out in all the demon provinces, especially those gathered by the frontier. It seemed that all the demon god pillars were uttering sad calls from the destruction of that one, and even the Devil Dragon Pillar belonging to the Demon God Emperor was no exception.

Right, in the shared history of humanity and demons, a demon god pillar was finally destroyed completely on this day. In other words, no more Devil Snake Demon God would appear in the whole continent.

Long Haochen and his sixty fourth commander grade Demon Hunt Squad brought a new tide, as if symbolizing the turn of the battle between the human and the demon side that until now maintained parity.

Staring blankly at that destroyed demon god pillar, everyone was in a particular state of mind. Mostly, they weren’t excited, but moved. It could be said that the hatred all of them had for demons was deeply rooted. The occurrence of the destruction of one of the highest symbols of the demons held even more meaning than their possible future breakthrough to the ninth step.

Many human powerhouses of the ninth step appeared in history, but this was the first time one of the demon god pillars god destroyed! An incomparably precious first time, the seventy-two demon god pillars just became seventy-one.
In some sense, the most important point was that Long Haochen and his crew proved that the seventy-two demon god pillars weren’t indestructible. Destroying them was possible, and this information was just incomparably important to the Alliance.

Chapter 446

The feeble Haoyue immediately returned to his original world. And now, Long Haochen started to finally understand why the Demon God Emperor attempted to look for him in the past. That was because his power was a threat to the very root of the demons, given his capability to destroy demon god pillars.

Making a fist with both his hands, and holding them tight, Long Haochen turned back to look at the comrades behind him.

“We won!”

“Yes, we won!”

Long Haochen extended his right hand, and Sima Xian, Han Yu, Lin Xin, Wang Yuanyuan and Chen Ying’er placed theirs above his, one after another. Cai’er looked a bit hesitant, but still placed her tender hand above Chen Ying’er’s in the end. Long Haochen than added his hand hand on top of hers. Then he suddenly gave out another loud shout, “We have won!”

The pain he had these days seemed to have all been vented out, and gripping Cai’er’s hand, he let the feelings that have been constrained in him burst out at once.

In front of his comrades, Long Haochen always showed his serious self, so this may be the first time he showed such an impassioned side. Only now did the others present beside him realize that this young knight that had been pulling them forward had still yet to reach his twenties.
The exuberant mood didn’t last for too long, and after a temporary stir of emotions, Long Haochen returned to his usual calm and composed self. In a deep voice, he said, “Everyone let’s rest and regroup by the entrance of the cave, before going to explore it. After this, we should leave this place as fast as possible. We don’t know whether the other demon gods will show some reaction from the destruction of one of their seventy-two pillars. This place is definitely not suited for us to stay.”

Everyone nodded at these words, returning to the cave to gather. The one who needed the most rest was Long Haochen, who sat down and focused on his cultivation, surrounded by the others, who were all resting on their own. Although the battle that just happened was short, everyone was mentally exhausted to different extent. Now that they could relax and let their guard down a bit, exhaustion immediately washed over them. Perhaps this exhaustion was piling up ever since the day they entered the demon territory.

The four holy guards were standing outside the cavern, calmly gazing afar. At this moment, due to the descent of the goddess of light and the destruction of the demon god pillar, the air in the Swamps of Gloom seemed been cleaned and have some fresh air. At least as far as the eye could see, the misty poisonous fog dispersed, and in this scope, the air even carried some the fresh taste of sunlight.

The Swamps of Gloom returned to their calm, and although this Land of Death wasn’t so rich in breath of life, the aura of death once reeking was at least concealed by all the mud. The power of great nature was just that great and terrifying. Be it humans or demons, all living beings only seemed to be part of the food chain.

Long Haochen didn’t rest for too long, and after roughly half an hour, his eyes were already open.

“Sima, guard the entrance along with the ninth, tenth, and twelfth holy guards. If anything happens, have the tenth holy guard enter to inform us. The others, follow me.” Standing up once again, Long Haochen immediately gave these orders,
The reason for having Sima Xian stay was simple, the aftereffects from the Purple Godly Thunder still had yet to disappear. And if something happens inside the cave, he will have difficulty to respond.

Sima Xian nodded, then gripping his Gigantic Ball of Light, he sat on vines near the entrance of the cave. The ice specialist Eleventh Ho

The reason to take the Eleventh Holy Guard along was simple, first for his knowledge and experience, and then because a lot of his abilities were control-oriented.

Long Haochen was the vanguard, with Han Yu and Wang Yuanyuan on his two sides. Lin Xin, Chen Ying’er, and the Eleventh Holy Guards were in the middle, and finally, Cai’er was in the rear.

Although danger didn’t have high odds to appear on the rear, Cai’er still remained a close quarters fighter no matter what one would say. Given that her control over her abilities was growing with time, with her on the rear, Long Haochen would also be able to relax.

The greenish black vines lingered continuously, stretching without end.

But to everyone’s astonishment, these vines seemed to be issuing a mild light. For this reason, while coming down, the cave wasn’t dark.

The whole interior of the cave didn’t look smaller as it kept stretching, and remained well proportioned from beginning to end. The inclination wasn’t important either. The deeper they went, the light produced by the surrounding vines was instead even brighter.

With a faint flicker of green light, Long Haochen felt a bizarre feeling grow in him.

From the beginning, when he entered that cave, in his heart was feeling some resonance. Of course, he couldn’t possibly know about the identity of the treasure inside in advance, but this feeling of closeness felt like it came from its element.
The Mirror Image Treasure Pig McDull gave him the information about this place from a rather far distance, which signalized that the treasure had some attunement to light. And when they baited the Devil Snake Demon God inside, Long Haochen had already a clear feeling that the information relayed by McDull was right, that this place contained an overwhelming existence of light.

At the time they were at the entrance of the cave, although the light element didn’t feel overwhelming, it still contained an extreme purity. It didn’t have the slightest impurity, which showed hardly any difference of level with Long Haochen’s own attribute as a god’s chosen one. It was only that this light attribute appeared a lot gentler than Long Haochen’s, without any offensive vocation.

After entering the cave, Long Haochen didn’t feel any existence of threat. However, the battle against the Saw Skate King serving him more than enough of a warning, no matter what the situation was, he stayed extremely vigilant. The battle against the Devil Snake Demon God and the Forest Boa King opened his horizons even further. In battle, strength was very important, but scheming also played an important part! For this reason, although the cordiality he felt from the cave kept getting stronger, Long Haochen didn’t become careless. While spreading out his senses, every step he took was extremely careful and minute, and deliberately increased the distance separating him to his comrades behind.

McDull was already put down by Chen Ying’er, running in the front. Though, he wasn’t as careful as Long Haochen, and advanced with his eyes twinkling, swinging his plump legs forward. Seeing him now, who would guess that this little guy would be actually able to imitate the appearance and aura of the Demon God Emperor?

A soft light spread out in the air, and the surrounding vines gradually became colored in the same jade color as the Forest Boa King. The whole cave had this dazzling look.

“McDull, slow down a bit.” Chen Ying’er called him out suddenly from behind. But instead, McDull suddenly accelerated, running forward swiftly.
The way forward suddenly curved, forcing a left turn at the corner. Like that, all traces of McDull’s figure disappeared.

Long Haochen who was standing at the front of the group, naturally an intense start. The four wings on his back spread out abruptly, and traced an accurate golden arc at the arc of the curve, chasing after McDull. If the Tenth Holy Guard was here, he would definitely have exclaimed in admiration from the flight control of Long Haochen.

When everyone turned at the curve, they immediately stopped their steps, and the same went for Long Haochen. McDull was already grabbed in his arms, but in front of them appeared an overwhelming scene.

McDull kept groaning in Long Haochen’s arms, letting out sounds akin to moans, visibly excited. Long Haochen’s expression looked somewhat blank, because the scene before his eyes was really too stunning. Could that so-called treasure be…

At this time, the surrounding vines were already golden due to the reflection, and as soon as they took that turn, everyone immediately sunk into that golden ocean.

The intense light essence was totally devoid of impurities, and a soft and gentle golden radiance assaulted their eyes, sinking inside, and giving off an inescapable cozy feeling.

This feeling was really wonderful, especially for the light element wielders Long Haochen and Han Yu. Long Haochen tolerated it well enough because his own spiritual energy was originally an existence of this grade, so when bathing inside, he only felt that the thin golden mist was echoing with himself. Han Yu’s senses being very sharp, he felt his internal spiritual energy boil violently, rinsing him of his impurities. Forcefully restraining himself, he still managed to stop himself from getting affected while groaning.

They were already at the end of the cave, where they found out that the intense light essence was an existence that Long Haochen absolutely didn’t expect to see.
Reaching the end of the cave, it suddenly became enormous. The owner of that dazzling golden light was unexpectedly an immense snail.

The shell of this snail was over five meters long, and that glowing light was dispersed from that shell. Outside of its body glowed a translucent brilliance, while its inside was full of faint golden colored specks of light. Two long and soft horns were swaying around it, and it had a pair of pitch- black eyes. Also looking blankly at Long Haochen’s group, its look especially stagnated on Long Haochen.

Its shell was indeed really beautiful, forming a close to perfect round. Circles of spiral patterns were gathered horizontally on it. Neatly organized and elegant, it seemed to be an infinite surface of reflected bright light. On its center lay a protrusion.

Although that was no more but a snail, Long Haochen and his comrades were all certain that it was the first time they had seen such a beautiful magical beast in their lives. Its beauty even surpassed a Starlight Unicorn in Long Haochen’s mind, as if it was a part of light.

“So beautiful! What kind of magical beast could that be?” Chen Ying’er muttered lightly. She asked the question present in everyone’s hearts ,be it Long Haochen or the rest of the group, no one felt any threat from that existence.

However, that large snail didn’t see them that way. As if sensing Chen Ying’er’s amazement, it let out a swishing sound and retracted itself in its shell.

Chapter 447

The large snail turned back, and naturally, all that was left in the sight of the group was that magnificent shell. Long Haochen’s both hands were raised, stopping his mates from approaching the snail.

The Forest Boa King’s treasure ended up to be a snail. That was truly quite unexpected, especially when its attribute wasn’t light. In some sense, he belonged to the life attribute type, mixed with some other heterogeneous attributes. And because of living in these swamps, its body also carried poison attribute.

The snail before their eyes was however of light attribute. From its nervous looks, it couldn’t be a good friend of that Forest Boa King, much less a lover.

Then, there was only one possibility. It was an enemy of the Forest Boa King, or rather an object of desire in his eyes. But this snail had been living well for so long. Killing the Forest Boa King had taken Andromalius several months, which also proved that this large snail was a magical beast of the ninth step that had no issue surviving here for several months. From this, its level of threat goes without saying. For this reason, even if this snail was of the same light element as Long Haochen, there was no way he could let the others take the risk to approach it.

“Eleventh Holy Guard, do you recognize this magical beast?” Long Haochen turned

The blue flames in the eyes of the Eleventh Holy Guard, who just joined Long Haochen’s side, starting to pulse as he pondered. Something seemed
to have come to his mind, but he didn’t seem so certain.

“Don’t worry, it’s okay even if it’s just a guess.” Long Haochen tried to encourage him. In these lands of death, they had been encountering extinct Forest Boas and other antique magical beasts such as Saw Skates. This large snail was very possibly another kind of magical beast from ancient times, but no one had any information about it, and thus didn’t dare rashly approach it.

The Tenth Holy Guard nodded lightly, giving the reply, “From its aura, that’s certainly a kind of ancient magical beast. It should be a starlight divine beast, but I don’t know much about them. Ninth may know a bit about it.”

Hearing his respectful tone towards the Ninth Holy Guard, Long Haochen seemed moved, “Eleventh, why is it that although you are fellow holy guards, the three of you so respectful towards Ninth? It’s as if you didn’t have the same status.”

The Eleventh Holy Guard was startled, but still gave a reply to Long Haochen’s interrogation, “Our status is not the same. Master only had nine holy guards following him for a long time, all of whom were elites from their generation, defeated in combat by Master. The Tenth, Twelfth, and I are servants accepted by him. Compared to the Ninth Holy Guard, we differ a lot, be it in strength or knowledge.”

Long Haochen had a flash of understanding, So things were actually like that! The Ninth Holy Guard was indeed a lot stronger than the other three holy guards. At the same time, he started to become even more expectant regarding the Tower of Eternity. With the help they had from these four great holy guards, the strength of their team as a whole almost doubled. If it is possible for him to get the addition of the whole twelve holy guards, what kind of sight will that be? At that time, he will be bound to have reached the ninth step. If it is the same for the holy guards, then even average demon gods would be no issue for them.

However, Long Haochen also thought back about Ye Xiaolei’s words to him. That no matter what, he couldn’t enter the last floor of the Tower of
Eternity. Otherwise, he would get controlled by the evil degenerations of the Slumbering

“Please bring Ninth Holy Guard here, so that we can see whether he knows this magical beast.” Now was clearly not the time to ponder about the Tower of Eternity. Long Haochen had instead immediately called the Ninth Holy Guard here, to have a look at whether he had an idea of what kind of magical beast that snail could be.

Overall, the cave wasn’t very deep. A little while later, the Ninth Holy Guard arrived with loud steps at Long Haochen’s side. But he suddenly became stiff upon seeing that large snail, and even the soul of powerhouse pulsing in his eyes seemed to have frozen.

Long Haochen didn’t interrupt him. Strength aside, it seemed that the other three holy guards preserved only their feelings and knowledge, with some of their battle instincts and memories. But the Ninth Holy Guard seemed to have a real soul of his own. For instance, when seeing Cai’er, the respect in his behaviour seemed even more apparent than for Long Haochen.

After quite a while, the Ninth Holy Guard seemed to be coming back to his normal state, murmuring, “This is a starlight divine beast, from the peaceful era. A Divine Snail of Sun and Moon.”

Hearing about his familiarity towards this kind of magical beast, Long Haochen’s spirits rose, “What kind of magical beast is a Divine Snail of Sun and Moon?”

The Ninth Holy Guard replied, “Even during the ancient times, their rarity exceeded even that of dragons. To speak about the Divine Snails of Sun and Moon, I have to mention the starlight magical beasts first. They are a kind of extremely powerful magical beasts from these times, all of whom are of light attribute. Any types of magical beast may give birth to a starlight divine beast. And each one of them are existences at the tenth rank. They are standing as representative for light, and their worth is really enormous. Every time a starlight magical beast appears, various races will be bound to attack it from all sides, like when humans run
across a divine tool. There is no race that doesn’t harbour a desire for them.”

“Consequently, the starlight magical beasts are unable to reproduce, and their numbers kept lessening with time, until they finally went extinct, and none ever appeared.”

“What are the benefits that starlight magical beasts can bring?” Long Haochen asked with curiosity.

The Ninth Holy Guard replied heavily, “I can give you a simple example so that you understand. In the past, when master built the Tower of Eternity, he used in its core three magical nucleus of starlight divine beasts. And up till now, the Tower of Eternity is still as glorious. This is precisely because of the existence of these three nucleus, making the Tower of Eternity a supra divine tool!”

“A supra divine tool?” Long Haochen heard yet another brand new word.

The Ninth Holy Guard explained, “A so called supra divine tool is an item like that pillar we just destroyed. However, that pillar seemed to be still not at the rank of supra divine tool, only at its fledgling stage. But that pillar seems to be just the part of a kind of ultra divine weapon of even greater terror than a supra divine tool. We have never seen something like that before, at the very least in the knowledge of our master, it doesn’t exist. In this world, we have come to scour some information regarding ultra divine tools, but in fact, there are not many records about them, even in any ancient books from our world. ”

At the side, Lin Xin couldn’t help but ask, “Then, how can you be certain that this divine god pillar is part of an ultra divine tool?”

The Ninth Holy Guard replied, “From its aura. Although its might is far beyond compare with ordinary weapons, at the time it was destroyed, it let out the aura from an ultra divine weapon. This kind of terrifying aura is tenfolds more powerful than the Tower of Eternity. Such an existence cannot be explained unless calling it an ultra divine tool.”
Long Haochen nodded lightly, as if understanding the perilous situation they were in. Divine tool, supra divine tool and ultra divine tool. That was the first time he was hearing of this categorization for divine tools. But no matter what, there was no doubt about their existence. Wasn’t the Tower of Eternity a supra divine tool, that never missed to put them in awe with its mysteries? And it was even more probable for the seventy-two demon god pillars to be part of an ultra divine tool. So it was no wonder that over the past six thousand years, no human was able to destroy one. But since things were so, how is it that Haoyue was able to?

For a moment, Long Haochen’s mind seemed to be thrown in disorder. It was as if he came to a guess, but without anything to confirm or prove his thoughts. Moreover, his hypothesis wasn’t complete either, and still full of gaps.

The Ninth Holy Guard continued, “Starlight divine beast were for some time, also existences of same grade. And among the divine tools that are inherited from ancient times, at least nine out of ten among the ones that have light attribute, are related to starlight divine beasts. The overwhelming majority of the starlight divine beasts have great battle capabilities, so killing them to gain benefits from their resources is bound to require a huge cost. And among all the starlight divine beasts types, the hardest one to deal with is of an extraordinary kind. Because it doesn’t have any offensive strength of itself, it cannot wound any of its enemies, and would simply flee upon exhaustion of the enemy. The starlight divine snail before our eyes is this kind of starlight divine beast, a formidable magical beast close to unparalleled in defense.”

And because it cannot attack, among starlight divine beasts, it is known as a peaceful one.

Han Yu raised the question, “It cannot attack? Then couldn’t we capture it, and then think of a way to handle it? It should sooner or later show a gap.”

The Ninth Holy Guard shook his head, replying, “The defense of a Snail of Sun and Moon is the reason why it is praised as an everlasting remnant. Not only blocking the overwhelming majority of the attacks, it can also
negate any negative effects. In the history of the ancient times, a Snail of Sun and Moon is said to have appeared three times, but there was only one time it was slain. That time, it encountered a supra divine tool specializing in attack, and wasn’t able to use its peak defense from the beginning of the battle, since attacked by surprise. And that was the only time a Snail of Sun and Moon died.

And after eating the meat of that Divine Snail of Sun and Moon, that almighty one ruled over the world for a thousand year. That was a dragon kin, who became a Gigantic Divine Dragon upon eating the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon. But do you know how his rule eventually ended?

Chapter 448

Among Starlight Divine Beasts, Divine Snails of Sun and Moon have a very special status. Close to a thousand years after the Gigantic Divine Dragon first appeared a Divine Snail of Sun and Light appeared. And at the same time appeared a human, just like master and you. With the Divine Snail of Sun of Light acting as his shield, he finally killed that Gigantic Divine Dragon, and starting from that point, humans finally started to reveal their brilliance, starting the process of unifying the whole continent.

“A human like me?” Long Haochen’s eyes flashed with light, “Are you saying that it was a god’s chosen one?”

The Ninth Holy Guard lightly shook his head, “In the ancient times, there wasn’t the appellation of a god’s chosen one. Humans were like magical beasts; it was only after ruling over the world that they started getting praised as an existence of higher grade. If this was the ancient times, you would be called a Starlight Divine Beast.”

“Eh?” Not only Long Haochen, but the members of the whole squad cried out in surprise.

The Ninth Holy Guard stating that Starlight Divine Beasts were god’s chosen ones of the Goddess of Light was something no one expected. It was no wonder that Long Haochen had such an amiable feeling upon entering. And after coming here, they all started to have the feeling that the aura spreading out from that Divine Snail of Sun of Light seemed similar to Long Haochen’s. The level of purity of their spiritual energies didn’t differ by much, and in some sense, they were similar existences, only belonging to different races.
Lin Xin murmured, “Then, if I eat a piece of your meat, would I evolve?”

The Ninth Holy Guard instantly became ice-cold, “Want to harm Master? Just die!”

Lin Xin hastened to clarify with a smile, “I’m just asking out of curiosity, nothing more”

The Ninth Holy Guard shook his head, “It’s only by eating master’s whole body that you would be able to inherit the blood of the starlight divine beast.”

Cai’er suddenly remarked, “Let’s rather call them god’s chosen ones.
Really, the term ‘beast’ sounds so unpleasant to hear.”

At the time, the Ninth Holy Guard who wasn’t affected by any of the others, looked at Cai’er, fear started to appear in his expression, as he gave a nod while looking down.

Meanwhile, Long Haochen seemed to have put his thoughts in order, “So to sum up everything you just said, there had been in the past a gigantic dragon with a supra divine tool in his possession, who managed to eat up a Divine Snail of Sun and Moon after killing it, thus becoming the Sacred Gigantic Dragon that ruled over the continent for over a thousand years. Then, it ended up being killed by a chosen one of the Goddess of Light like me, which established the foundation for the unification of the continent by the humans. Right? Then what about the third a Divine Snail of Sun and Moon?”

The Ninth Holy Guard replied, “When the third time one appeared, the continent was already under human rule. The Divine Snail of Sun and Moon having found out about the surprise attack against it, no one managed to pierce its defense, until it escaped. The one we are seeing today is very possibly the same one as back then. Since I never heard of the appearance of another kind of peaceful divine beast appearing.”
Wang Yuanyuan murmured, “Sounds like the times Divine Snails of Sun and Moon appeared announced a transitional period before a change of rule in the continent. But the only exception was the third time. Now, the timing of appearance of this Divine Snail o

Although Wang Yuanyuan only said that, everyone had a feeling of excitement when hearing her. At least, this was a good omen. And furthermore, the Ninth Holy Guard didn’t seem to contradict this conclusion.

“The third time a Divine Snail of Sun and Moon appeared preceded the start of the war between the humans and master.”

For a moment, everyone went silent, and Long Haochen immediately reacted at the Ninth Holy Guard’s words, “Are you saying that the Holy Necromancer who set up the Tower of Eternity, Slumbering Calamity Elux, was one of the leaders of the necromancers who opposed humans in that calamitous war.”

The soul of powerhouse pulsing in the eyes of the Ninth Holy Guard suddenly became burning hot, giving a serious reply, “He was indeed their leader.”

From these simple words, everyone was shocked. Didn’t that mean that Elux was precisely the main culprit of the calamity that befell upon humanity, the chief of all necromancers, that ruled over their group? Then, it was no wonder that the Tower of Eternity would be that formidable, so things were like that.

Long Haochen’ lips were pursed tightly, and the blood in his cheeks became clearly visible, clearly showing his unstable state of mind.

Everyone was able to understand his current mood. Despite being a knight, he had been leading his comrades to gain the graces of a sinner against humanity, one who brought the previous human catastrophe, nearly causing the extinction of humanity. And it was precisely because of that catastrophe that human suffered a large blow after which followed the dark
era that lasted for six thousand years. How was it something Long Haochen could bear so easily.

The silence lasted for a long time, before Long Haochen gazed at the others, “We cannot change what already happened. But in the future, we cannot keep going the same way. I have come to the decision that in the future, we won’t go to the third floor of the Tower of Eternity and further. Sorry everyone.”

Saying that, he bowed down before the others.

These words carried two meanings. First, he wanted to give his apologies and take responsibility, having gained the graces of this necromancer, and then, because of the decision he came, to stop bringing the group to train in the Tower of Eternity.

The other six from their Demon Hunt Squad instantly broke away, none of them able to bear Long Haochen’s bow.

Han Yu supported Long Haochen, “Boss, don’t be like that. The fault doesn’t lie with you; we knew nothing of that in the past! Moreover, everything you did was done with the team in mind. You aren’t in the wrong. We will support your decision with our all. And you know, we haven’t done anything that would benefit the necromancers, only gaining some favors. In the other hand, we have already gotten rid of one demon god pillar. From everything we have done, we can have a clear conscience. So much, that we can claim ourselves to be worthy of standing on the same ground as our compatriots.”

Han Yu’s words were categorical, as he tightly gripped Long Haochen’s arm. If Long Haochen could be treated as a sinner for humanity, then who in this world could be called worthy?

Taking a deep breath, Long Haochen gave an earnest look to his comrades. His tense face gradually eased up, and after letting a sigh, he declared, “We are going.”
“Master, that Divine Snail of Sun and Moon…” The Ninth Holy Guard reacted with eagerness. No matter in which era, a Divine Snail of Sun and Moon was an absolute treasure! But seeing his expression, Long Haochen actually looked willing to let go of it.

Long Haochen replied calmly, “The Forest Boa King is already dead, so it doesn’t have any more enemies. Maybe living in this land of death is the safest place for it. According to your words, it is, like me, a starlight divine beast. How could I harm it? All I can do is to hope that it will give humans its blessings in defeating demonkind, so that the continent recovers its shine.”

The matter of the Tower of Eternity had been a fatal blow to them, but more importantly, after knowing about the antecedents of this Divine Snail of Sun and Moon, his already non-existent desire to get it was reaffirmed. Not wanting to get into trouble on account for possessing a treasure, Long Haochen came to the conclusion that he did not have the ability to protect this Divine Snail of Sun and Moon. Although his cultivation wasn’t low anymore, compared to true powerhouses, he was still lacking very much. As for eating this Divine Snail of Sun and Moon after killing it, that was something he didn’t even give the slightest thought to. First of all, Long Haochen wouldn’t harm a magical beast that is no threat to him in any way, but even if he had the intention to harm this one, he wouldn’t possibly be able to put himself through that act.

Without a doubt, the Forest Boa King wracked his brain quite a lot after discovering the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon laying here, but didn’t gain his desired recompense. Otherwise, he would be rather closer to the bearing of a dragon king.

Seeing Long Haochen go away, his comrades followed with no hesitation. The current Long Haochen was actually at his weakest state of mind. Now was the time that he needed the help of his comrades the most. Even the greatest scrooge that Lin Xin was, didn’t give a single glance to the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon.

The Ninth Holy Guard was standing at the back. At the time he turned his head back, giving a look to the enormous Divine Snail of Sun and Moon
before glancing at Long Haochen, the soulfire in his eyes started to pound suddenly. Who could be indifferent upon seeing an existence such as a Divine Snail of Sun and Moon here, voluntary letting it go? Even his past master Elux would never have been able to do that.

Thinking back about Elux, the body of the Ninth Holy Guard started to shake, as if remembering some terrifying experience. Then, he lowered his head in sadness and followed the others outside.

“Actually, in this world, there is no real correct thing to do, and no absolute mistake. Even during those days, the calamity of the necromancers was just a big shame. The ones who restored humanity finally ended up framed as their greatest enemies, exterminated by their hands? Who wouldn’t be sighing when hearing this?”

An unclouded voice suddenly resounded in the midst of the vines, making Long Haochen almost react instantly, taking out his two swords.

The Divine Snail of Sun and Moon that came out of its shell at some point, had a pair of pitch black eyes, gazing at him. His look was very gentle, and a pair of soft horns appeared above his head.

Long Haochen was in shock, “Were you the one who spoke?”

The Divine Snail of Sun and Moon nodded at Long Haochen, as if it was a human, “Right, it was me.”

Long Haochen turned his head back, and his comrades reflexively stood in guard around him. What a surprise was it to see the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon speak in human language.

Long Haochen directed an ardent look at the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon, “I don’t understand your words.”

The Divine Snail of Sun and Moon gave an enthusiastic reply, “One’s innate talent isn’t something everlasting. Everything one gets after birth is bound to affect it somehow. The same goes for the chosen Scions of
Light, they can also get affected by the vices of the external world. Even the purest heart in the world can get infected.”

Chapter 449

“The God of Light is the protector of the world. And I, Divine Snail of Sun and Moon, and my kin hoped to restore peace in this world. It’s just that until this day, we have yet to really succeeded.”

At this point, the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon clearly became more emotional. Long Haochen listened to him calmly, but for some reason, he unconsciously got the feeling that the words of the Divine Snail of of Sun and Moon were extremely important for him to listen.

“The mission of us, Divine Snail of Sun and Light, is really majestic, but at the same time, our fate is tragic. The time the first Divine Snail of Sun and Moon appeared, at the same time came a Scion of Light, another Starlight Beast of that time, so called god’s chosen one by you humans. That was the Gigantic Divine Dragon. The story of that little skeleton was quite one-sided; the reality was really more painful.”

“The exalted God of light picked the dragon race because of the great power of dragons, and their ability of self protection, thus making them incomparably powerful with bestowment of the physique as god’s chosen one. However, our god overlooked the greediness of the dragons. Perhaps dragons don’t necessarily have a tyrannical character, but their natural desire for beautiful thing is incredibly strong. As a result, my ancestor became the first target of tragedy, having been attacked by surprise after that Gigantic Holy Dragon gained his trust, only to become food. That way, that Gigantic Holy Dragon awakened and became a formidable Gigantic Divine Dragon, ruling over the world for over a thousand years.

However, he had a defect in his heart…
As his rule was coming to its end due to his greediness, the God of Light became incomparably grieved towards his actions.

As living beings kept reproducing in the continent, the humans gradually revealed their brilliance. Perhaps the human’s inner heart could be even darker than the other races, but humans had a creativity that all the other races didn’t have. For this reason, our god finally chose a human to become his spokesperson. That was the second Scion of Light, that we were born to protect.

“My ancestor from this time was fortunate, or at least during his early period. Accompanying that Scion of Light in assiduous training, he saw him become an outstanding talent, that led the human armies and defeated that Gigantic Divine Dragon, relying on his understanding of the enemy, and finally became an heroic dragon slayer by killing him. At the same time, this announced the start of the human rule over the continent, known as glorious era of the continent.”

“Then, wasn’t that a perfect situation?” Long Haochen couldn’t help but blurt out. The tone Divine Snail of Sun and Light started to sound suddenly furious, “Perfect? It was only perfect for humans. In his youth, he was indeed a perfect person. But upon getting older, at the time he started to reach the end of his life, do you know what he did?”

Looking helpless, Long Haochen shook his head.

The Divine Snail of Sun and Moon coldly said, “From who knows where, he heard a rumor that eating a starlight beast could grant immortality.“

Hearing those words, Long Haochen felt a chill on his back. Immediately, he started to grasp his hands fiercely. The others were also overwhelmed with shock; although the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon didn’t say it explicitly, they clearly understood the following course of events from his words.

“Then he betrayed his best friend, the best friend who sacrificed everything for him, all for the sake of an illusion, the possibility of
immortality. From this came out the real natur

“Then, the time I descended onto this world, as the third one of my kind, I had the memories of my both ancestors engraved in me. For this reason, I hated all of you, humans, bitterly. I didn’t want, no matter what, to choose to support the human side. I had to find an even better race in this world, to unify it under a better rule.

However, I have no choice but to admit that the human creativity made the continent very beautiful. If a new ruler were to be born, it would very possibly bring about a great calamity. How could I bring myself to bring that kind of outcome? I was really at a loss, and started to lose sight of the reason for my birth. If this world was so peaceful, there should be no reason for a Divine Snail of Sun and Moon to be here.

But afterwards, I finally understood. The reason for my birth was very simple. After reproducing for several thousand years, even if you, humans were powerful, beautiful, and your society, science and technology advanced remarkably, the bad human nature gradually came out, and all their dark and filthy sides started coming to the surface. Not long after that, I ran into my supposed target of support, the Scion of Light of that era. But to my anger, that Scion of Light was still a human. Why did it have to be another human? Could it be that our god could only acknowledge this kind of race rooted in evil?

But I had no choice, as I had my own mission. And then I finally understood the reason why my ancestor was so dead set on that Scion of Light. A human Scion of Light is an almost flawless existence. His kindness, courage, wiseness and power, almost his whole being could be seen as something perfect. I unawarely ended up attracted by him, but right as I was about to express my desire to support him with my all, something happened. He seems to have had a very intense experience, and completely changed, becoming mad, incomparably mad. Then he ran, splitting ways with me. At that time, I was perplexed and didn’t understand what he experienced. Even now, I still don’t know. But at the time he returned, twenty years later, he had become a terrifying existence. Something even a god would fear. That was the one you were speaking about, the Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux.
At this point, Long Haochen couldn’t help but let out a gasp, unconsciously looking at the Ninth Holy Guard.

At this moment, the Ninth Holy Guard became extremely stirred.

“Little skeleton, if you know the reason why Elux became that way at that time, could you tell me? That would clear up the doubt that had remained in my heart all this time.” The Divine Snail of Sun and Moon asked the Ninth Holy Guard.

The Ninth Holy Guard appeared at a loss, before shaking his head, “I don’t know either. At the time I encountered master, he was already known as the Slumbering Calamity Elux, the most powerful necromancer of all time. So you were really the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon of that time. I still remember that you had a conversation with master, but disappeared after that. Could it be that master didn’t tell you back then?”

The Divine Snail of Sun and Moon lightly shook his head, “That’s right. After his return, I discussed once with him, hoping to understand and to persuade him. But the Elux from that time had already changed completely, becoming totally hysterical and unreasonable. He seemed only preoccupied with strength, but I could see that his soul was contaminated by something, deceiving and filling him with wrath. I don’t know why he did that, but I can be certain that something happened to his body.”

“As the spokesman of order and peace that I am, he invited me to accompany him in changing the world, cleaning all the human filth. But how could I commit such disastrous acts with him? In the end, none of us managed to convince him, and all I could do was to leave, leave forever, in order to avoid encountering the same ending as my ancestors. Since then, I haven’t met him ever again.”

At this point, the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon stared at Long Haochen’s face with a firm look, “For this reason, the Scion of Light you are, shouldn’t come to a hasty verdict. It’s true that Elux was the origin of the terrible catastrophe that fell upon humans, but I am certain that some extreme pain was filling his heart, causing even his nature to change in
such way. In reality, the kindness that is so symbolic of Scions of Light still remained in the depths of his heart. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have let me go, and wouldn’t have harmed a single civilian in the terrible war that followed later.”

All he did was to defeat the human armies and slaughter many of the nobles. I hope to understand him, to understand the story behind his acts. I don’t know what happened to Elux, but I dare say that it must have been a very significant event.

“In the blink of an eye, so many years passed already. Everything that was here before disappeared, and Elux isn’t here anymore. I know about the descent of the demons as well. Perhaps, it could be to punish you humans for your greediness and evil nature that they appeared. I also sensed your appearance. The Scion of Light is pure, but the purer an existence is, the more it is intolerant to little imperfections. If there was a quality I could hope to give you, that would be tolerance. No matter when, and no matter what experience you will encounter, if you can remain magnanimous and tolerant in all circumstances, perhaps will you see the world differently.”

Hearing the words of the Snail of Sun and Moon, Long Haochen nodded earnestly, engraving all the words of this ancestor that lived in fear for close to ten thousand years in his mind.

He couldn’t deny the evil nature of humans, and this was the first time he heard these stories about the former Scions of Light, the words of the snail rang a loud alarm bell in his heart.

“Thank you for your warning, senior. In my current state, I have no way to protect you, but I will engrave inside of me everything you told me. I will maybe come to look for you in the future, and I hope that at that time, I will be able to stand in front of you with a clear conscience.”

Long Haochen’s words were earnest, and the comrades by his side seemed to be all staring at him. Everyone had accepted to obey him willingly, and could attest that at least since they met up, Long Haochen could absolutely have a clear conscience regarding everything he did.
“……” However, the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon shook its head to these words, letting out a sigh, “Unfortunately, I cannot see you. Can you guess what I realized over these past thousands years regarding my kin? I finally understood what my two ancestors did wrong. But in this life, even if I attempt a new try, I won’t commit the same mistake.”

Chapter 450

“You cannot see me?” Long Haochen gave a shocked look to the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon. He seemed unable to understood what this self proclaimed beseecher of the peace and the order meant by that.

The Divine Snail of Sun and Moon revealed a expression close to a smile, “Can you guess what I meant?”

At a loss, Long Haochen shook his head.

The Divine Snail of Sun and Moon continued, “The defect of my two ancestors was their spirit of sacrifice. They had forgotten that belonging to our race of Divine Snail of Sun and Moon is originally a crime. Our very existence and our flesh is a lure, that even a Scion of Light cannot resist. But in the same way, as spokespersons of the God of Light, we don’t have the obligation to assist the Scion of Light wholeheartedly. So I came to a decision long ago. Now that you finally appeared before my eyes, this long life of mine should finally be close to its end. I cannot see what will happen later, but only the Will of Heaven, I only hope that this sacrifice of mine won’t come to naught.

“Senior, you…” Full of shock, Long Haochen unconsciously stamped the ground.

“Don’t attempt to stop me. No one can control me. Even god wouldn’t be able to. Youngster, although I don’t know your name, what moved me was the earlier display of your kindness. You still possess the essence of your purity as a Scion of Light. You don’t have to feel pained because of my death, I have already been living in this world for far too long. My life
energy is already close to extinct, and I am already near my last breath right now. To me, having been able to live long enough to encounter you is a perfect ending. I also hope that I will be the very last Divine Snail of Sun and Moon to descend in this world.”

“My name is Long Haochen.” Long Haochen’s both fists were gripped tightly. He could clearly perceive that the life energy of the nearby Divine Snail of Sun and Moon was circulating at an extreme speed. Just like a dam, his circulation of energy increased in intensity, as if his body had turned into a waterball long ago. But the next instant, the external part of this waterball was breached in an irreparable way.

Dots of sparkling golden light drifted through the air from the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon, filling it with brilliant gold and slightly shivering. Every soft fluctuation produced this way would cause the air to shake. A rich and soft light essence propagated, cleaning the hearts of all the people present. “……” The Divine Snail of Sun and Moon declared in a soft voice, “Long Haochen, keep my previous words in your mind. The tolerance I spoke about is not only to be directed at others, but also at yourself. You may be the Scion of Light, but it doesn’t make you a perfect being. Everyone can make mistakes, but you don’t have to let them affect your heart, and stay tolerant toward yourself. I have to go, my body will be protecting you as an unyielding shield. I hope that my departure today will help to change your concepts of morality and conscience. No matter what you may encounter in the future, you mustn’t go past your limits. If one day, you manage to meet the Slumbering Calamity Elux, please ask him about the motives behind his acts on my behalf. With that shadow in his heart, his soul cannot possibly have found peace yet, even after so much time passed.”

The voice of Divine Snail of Sun and Moon appeared weaker and weaker, until disappearing completely. And its body started getting transparent. Brilliant light drifted in the air like golden crystals, before slowly falling onto that carapace. The soft golden light kept drawing circles and emitting impressive light wave

Tears started dripping from Long Haochen’s face, as his expression changed indescribably.
With his right hand placed on his chest, thumps could be heard resounding from his heart, performing a dignified knight salute in front of the gradually disappearing Divine Snail of Sun and Moon.

Not only him, but the others also performed dignified salutes of their respective vocations, following with the eyes the departure of that dignified divine beast aged thousands of years.

Along with specks of golden light, its huge shell suddenly started whirling. At every spin, its color darkened bit after bit, and its volume shrank. As it went on at a speed that one could still follow at the naked eye, a short while later, it shrunk into a yellow ball of light, floating in the air heading straight toward Long Haochen.

On his left hand that Long Haochen unconsciously lifted, that orange ball of light looked about as big as an eye, falling directly on his left hand.

The Glorious Holy Armor didn’t seem to be any obstruction in front of it, and Long Haochen just felt a warm feeling on his left hand, before that warmth spread out onto his whole body, including even his very soul.

Permeated by this warm feeling, Long Haochen felt his heart becoming all the more transparent, as all the constrained feelings in his heart, including the remorse he had after learning about Elux’s origins, disappeared without exception. That kind of pure heart like what a newborn would feel unaffected by any impurity.

His spiritual energy didn’t increase at all, but from his first contact with that moist feeling, Long Haochen came to understand how important the gift he just received from the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon was. It didn’t only help him by sharing his memories and warnings, but most of all, used his last bits of vital force to cleanse his soul.

The others didn’t have direct impact, but in their eyes, the changes on Long Haochen were however very clear.

As the yellow light fused with him, Long Haochen’s whole body appeared transparent. Be it in his expression, aura or spiritual energy, he
appeared to have gained a kind of pure and holy touch. In particular, the expression in Long Haochen’s eyes seemed to have gotten back to how it looked at the time of their first encounter.

Looking at his left hand, Long Haochen went silent for a moment. Suddenly, he then took two steps forward, slowly kneeling onto the ground, before bowing in the direction where the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon disappeared.

The Divine Snail of Sun and Moon didn’t only teach him about tolerance, but also about sacrifice.

“Defense of Sun and Moon, borrowing strength from the owner’s heart. Guided by the Light, Blessed by the Gods. Bringing a new dawn, the divine snail shall act as shield.”

Once again standing up, Long Haochen slowly lifted his left hand. An orange luster suddenly shone on it, and immediately, an entirely pure and limpid shield of one meter diameter appeared on his left hand. Its shape was exactly the same as that of the shell of the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon. The ring of light forming its shape condensed little by little, gaining in power and softness, containing boundless and lofty power. It carried the name Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon.

That golden shield glinted of an orange brilliance, which could only signify one thing. That it was a piece of Epic Tier Equipment.

Any existing weapons would, only upon reaching the Epic Tier, acquire a special luster of orange color, symbol of the Epic Tier. And another change would follow upon reaching the level of divine tool, the disappearance of that luster.

Even within the Knight Temple, only twelve of the Pure Gold Foundation Armors reached that level. And the Twelve Saint Knights wielding them are second only to the Divine Knights in position.

The Saint Knight Han Qian was formerly one of these twelve Saint Knights, but after becoming old, he retired from the front lines, and thus
handed the Pure Gold Foundation Armor of Epic Tier back in exchange for an ordinary Pure Gold Foundation Armor.

The Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon Long Haochen gained at this very moment was exactly a powerful piece of Epic Equipment as well, boasting the legendary defense of the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon. From this, one might well imagine the boost this would give to a Guardian Knight such as Long Haochen. This was already beyond the reaps from a lucky encounter, and closer to mad luck.

But at this very moment, Long Haochen only had his heavy duty and deep emotions in his mind.

“We are going.” Once again giving a serious look at the direction of the place where the Divine Snail of Sun and Moon disappeared, Long Haochen led his comrades towards the exit.

The rewards they gained this time from the Swamps of Gloom were a lot more valuable than they imagined, comparable even to what they originally had gained back in the Illusory Paradise. It was just that the gains from this time weren’t as direct, but in some sense, they could be said to be even more important.

Forest Boas, Saw Skates, Devil Snakes, the Devil Snake Demon God and the Forest Boa King, as well as the fallen demon god pillar and the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon they obtained. If all this could be converted into something valuable, and given a few years to be assimilated, it could be actually enough to make them reach the Emperor Grade as a Demon Hunt Squad. But, until this day a Demon Hunt Squad of less than thirty years of age never appeared. Without a doubt, the dual core they had with the pair of god’s chosen one formed by Long Haochen and Cai’er played an extremely important role, but just as importantly, luck stood by their side.

After coming out from the cave, everyone looked at Long Haochen, waiting for him to direct them. If they took the same path as before, they would undoubtedly once again face great difficulties, so the best way was obviously to leave from the poisonous swamps by flight. This would not only optimize their speed to the maximum, but also save them a lot of time,
for their most important priority was to leave the Swamps of Gloom as soon as possible.

But unfortunately, given Haoyue’s massive consumption, he wouldn’t be able to carry everyone and fly. Thus Long Haochen sank into a short time of hesitation.

“Boss, how about leaving by flight? Isn’t that just a bit of poison? We’ll just have to make a path and that will be it.” Sima Xian proposed.

Long Haochen looked at Lin Xin, querying, “Is your spiritual energy enough?”

Lin Xin nodded, hinting that he had no problem.

Long Haochen declared, “Okay, then I will be in charge of clearing up a way in a bit. Preserve your battle formation, everyone; we will be flying straight ahead, and go to high altitude right after coming out of the poison fog. Then we will keep charging straight. Han Yu, Sima, Yuanyuan, Twelfth and Tenth, the five of you will form an external circle in the formation. I will be flying at the very front, while Ying’er, Cai’er, Ninth, Eleventh and Lin Xin will remain in the center. The mages in the center of the formation are to have some spell kept in preparation. Ying’er, have McDull get ready to release the imposing might of a Devil Dragon. In case we encounter some obstacle in our way, no matter what enemy it is, everyone is to attack at full strength, before getting away from it, and rush out as fast as possible. Understood?”
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