Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 431-440

Chapter 431


An immense pillar of whiter splashed across, and along with it, some deep asleep Saw Skates swirled. One could see clearly that a green tornado made out of water, and erupting with a gaudy green light above the lake. The surrounding water appeared to be pulled along, unexpectedly turning into a whirlpool.

The Tenth Holy Guard didn’t stop and leave it at that, but let out a terrible hiss instead. Two green lights flickered in the air, and the two daggers were once again waved, producing green glints as another tornado aimed for the lake.

The result was catastrophic. Afar, dozens glints of silver light abruptly flashed, rushing at the Tenth Holy Guard like silver bolts of lightning.

The green soulfire in the eyes of the green skeleton pulsed downwards, and with a dexterous movement, he avoided the silver light closest to him. Immediately, he used his actions to show these Saw Skates his aerial supremacy.

Seemingly totally unaffected by the gravity, his green figure made nine flips in the air, escaping every attack of a Saw Skate by a hair’s breadth. And furthermore, it was only at a height of three meters.

In the midst of a dense green light, the Saw Skates that were frantically chasing after the green figure were already above hundred. However, even
though they vastly outnumbered him, and moved at such speed, they were still unable to get hold of the Tenth Holy Guard.

In speed, the Tenth Holy Guard was extremely confident. Unless encountering a powerhouse of the ninth step that could take control of the whole area, his speed was at it’s maximum. With the addition of his unpredictable movements, he managed to often avoid the attacks of the Saw Skates by a fraction, while slowly getting further and further away from their area. He didn’t leave at a fast speed, but he lured a large number of Saw Skates.

The wind and spatial spiritual energy flowing in the air was incomparably fierce, scattering and smashing away the poisonous fog of the swamps. The ability of the Saw Skates to get rid of any impurity came out perfectly. The poisonous fog was devoid of power in front of them, and every time their encirclement was about to overwhelm the Tenth Holy Guard, he broke out of it like a bolt of green lightning in the end.

The Saw Skates were indignant, it was the first time they were confronted with such a provocation. But even more importantly, their offender escaped from all their attempts of encirclement.

The dim green light switched to a steady flight, finally flying straight after having continuously dodged the attacks. At this time ,the full speed of the Tenth Holy Guard emerged. It took only an instant for him to create some distance between himself and the chasing Saw Skates.

With a sweep of green light, he disappeared in a blink of an eye.

The group of Saw Skates was still frantically chasing after him, but were helpless as they saw the green light gaining distance.

How is it that it turned out the same as this afternoon? Saw Skates were unable to howl, but the killing intent spreading out from them was real. The surrounding vines once again became their victims.

After a continuous devastation, seeing that they were unable to keep going after that green figure, they resignedly returned to their habitat.
Their returning speed would naturally not be as fast as when chasing after the enemy. One could see that the majority was flying over at a greatly inferior speed.

But suddenly, two chains of bright golden color appeared from nowhere. That dense golden scenery in the air was similar to bright fireworks, and in its midst, a shade was heading straight at the rear of the group of Saw Skates. Over ten meter long, that shade had an indefinite appearance, but the instant ‘she’ appeared, all the surrounding poison

The green figure that descended was rapidly swirling, like a meat grinder, engulfing at least a dozen Saw Skates in golden light.

All of this happened just too sudden. Although the attack power of the Saw Skates was great, their perception was only average. When they discovered something was wrong, they were already drawn in that mass.

Immediately, an immense ball of light burst out in the sky, and the surrounding illumination gained even further in brilliance. Meanwhile, the two figures dropped to the side simultaneously, causing two booms to ring out one after another.

On one side was a gaudy silver radiance, and on the other, an immense shield, carrying four lumps of spatial crystal. Inside that gaudy silver light, the shield was rotating at high speed, releasing a silver spiral of ten meters diameter. As it knocked into a large area of returning Saw Skates, the light radiance on the other side gained in terror.

The resplendent golden color mixed with terrible purple lightning, descended like a gigantic bolt of lightning, smashing against a Saw Skate.

That gigantic golden ball took merely an instant to smash another one of the Saw Skates, extinguishing its life energy just like that.

Right at this time, the Saw Skates in the front showed their responses, counterattacking madly with bursts of silver light.
However, at this time, the ball of light that was ascending before, finally fell, welcoming the returning Saw Skates.

Gaudy bright light became the main ground, and in the midst of violent sounds, the ground shook, vines quivered, and the Saw Skates were scattered in all directions by the seismic force of an intense elemental explosion.

This led to a very special situation. That huge fallen meteor engulfed at least thirty of the Saw Skates, separating the Saw Skates that were attacked by surprise before and the ones coming for the rescue in two groups. It perfectly formed a successful block aimed against the silver figures that were coming to rescue the others.

Silvery light flickered in the sky repeatedly, while Long Haochen arrived with the Aria of the Goddess of Light. His spiritual energy was already focused to its greatest level, the large golden silhouette forming his greatest reliance. Each blow of his was backed by the judgement of the descended goddess of light, a terrible existence beyond imagination. Caught off guard, the Saw Skates could only rely on the spatial element to barely protect themselves, and still had yet to identify all the enemies.

A blue and a red figure appeared this time, bursting with powerful attacks and great might.

When the Saw Skates caught in the golden spiral would get thrown off, they would already appear completely covered in bruises, making them into extremely easy targets.

After unleashing their first attacks, Sima Xian and Wang Yuanyuan still had no reservation, letting the entirety of their strength break out.

The fused Spiritual Stove of Godly Purple Thunder was wielded alongside the Gigantic Ball of Light. Given how terrible Sima Xian’s strength became, when his weapon would clash against the opponents, they would be rendered completely helpless, clashing against the weapon as if attracted by it.
The Saw Skates showed powerful offensive power, but the Gigantic Ball of Light was just too overwhelming. That was a Legendary Tier weapon, supported by triple exploding abilities. In front of the Crush ability, they became unable to resist, while damaging the Gigantic Ball of Light was an impossible feat to them. The Spiritual Stove of Godly Purple Thunder was a perfect complement to the Energetic Ball of Light since everything caught inside of the purple thunder would get stunned for a short instant. Even if the Saw Skates were magical beasts of the eighth rank, taking on the Gigantic Ball of Light was impossible, and could only result in tragedy for them.

The more terrible aspect of the Saw Skates was still their communitarianism. The degree of terror from magical beasts of the eighth step living as a group was immense, but individually, their most powerful aspect remained their offensive power. Their defense and technique was almost non-existent, and when ambushed with the calculated attacks from Long Haochen’s group, it took only a short while for more than a dozen Saw Skates to perish.

However, Yating unleashed Light Meteor right at this moment, resulting in the disappearance of even more of the Saw Skates that were rushing towards their direction.

Long Haochen, Sima Xian, and Wang Yuanyuan were lit in golden color, from the sharing of damage that came with the Soul Linking Chains. It wasn’t that they were really injured by the Saw Skates, but produced due to the clash with them. In case they were inflicted a direct attack from the Saw Skates, even with the protection of the Goddess of Light, Long Haochen wouldn’t have stayed unharmed.

“Withdraw!” Long Haochen gave a loud shout, while a white glow illuminated the area, sucking in the corpses of the Saw Skates in the air. Long Haochen’s group of three spread their spiritual wings, and rose high in the air. During their escape, the two holy guards became a convenient diversion for them.

At the moment Long Haochen’s group of three managed to get away, they turned into two bolts of light, returning into the Eternal Melody.
Taking no pause, Long Haochen’s group of three madly rushed away, while trying as best as possible to remain at a high altitude.

Right at this time, some change seemed to have occurred, as the lake on the other side suddenly started boiling. Immediately, a thick silvery light shot out, at a speed exceeding even the Tenth Holy Guard. The instant it starting flying in their direction, its body disappeared without any trace, appearing in a blink of an eye hundreds meters away. That was instant teleportation.

The instant this silver light appeared, snapping noises resounded, spreading out in the whole surrounding. The next instant, a series of cracks occurred in succession.

Even more terrifyingly, the entirety of the surrounding poison turned silver, appearing as if nothing else than spatial attribute spiritual energy remained.

The worse situation Long Haochen’s group anticipated had happened.
This group of Saw Skates indeed had a king amongst them.

Long Haochen’s group had succeeded in performing a sneak attack and kill a little more than a dozen Skates. However, it infuriated this Saw Skate King, who was now retaliating.

Chapter 432

Right, Saw Skates didn’t have the ability of flight, but with the use of his spatial teleportation ability, the Saw Skate King directly appeared in midair, before lashing the large tail on its back, just like an arrow aimed from afar. Being a powerful magical beast of the tenth rank, it was one of the rulers in these swamps, who of course had his own methods to lock down the location of Long Haochen and the other two. And furthermore, it took only three flashes for him to have Long Haochen’s group in sight.

However, also right that instant, the dashing figure of the Saw Skate King came to a sudden stop. Abruptly turning back, it gave a look to its dwelling place in the opposite direction.

Because of this sudden freeze, the appearance of this Saw Skate King became visible.

Its looks were similar to ordinary Saw Skates, which were close to fishes in this regard. On its head was a large horn, with a sharp blade glinting in silverlight on each of its two sides. The light emitted from it was even deeper in color than mythril, and even brighter than gold essence. Also, the radiance coming out from its body was colored with a mixture of green and silver. From its abdomen, two kinds of wings stuck out. These kinds of wings were still not enough to enable it to fly, but allowed it to glide.

Being a powerful magical beast that went through countless evolutions to adapt themselves to the changes of the external world, the Saw Skates’ genes were already not the same anymore, explaining why this Saw Skate would be capable of gliding. After thousands of years, who could be certain that they would still be unable to grow wings.
Behind its horn, the two eyes of the Saw Skate King looked soft and thin, revealing a gloomy expression. Its two eyes were scrunched, letting out a bewildered look. Upon reaching its level, a magical beast would have considerable intelligence. Toward Long Haochen’s provocation, it was of course acting on behalf of its brothers, but right when it was about to chase after Long Haochen’s bunch, it suddenly had a huge sense of crisis.

This feeling of crisis wasn’t directed at him, but at his kin’s habitat.

A resonant phoenix cry rang out in the air, and a massive blue flame took flight in the horizon. It was because of its existence that the Saw Skate King had come to a sudden stop.

The next instant, another spatial teleportation occurred, this time not aimed at chasing after Long Haochen’s group, but in the direction of its home.

These three were certainly hateful, but compared to the habitat they had built for the past thousands of years, they were nothing significant.

That dazzling blue flame was already perceived as a major threat in the senses of the Saw Skate King. In case it was let inside of the lake, the consequences weren’t anything he dared imagine.

However, this move came an instant too late in the end. The instant the Saw Skate King teleported itself in the range of the lake, a blue phoenix was already falling inside, making way in the clear lake.

As a sharp cry came out from the mouth of the Saw Skate King, its body flashed, entering the lake. But that instant, the water inside was boiling intensely.

In total panic, a large amount of Saw Skates came out from the lake, which immediately turned blue.

The splashed water evaporated at terrifying speed, and this originally not so large lake decreased in size very rapidly, gradually revealing the wetland originally concealed in the lake.
Shrieking in succession, the Saw Skate’s anger reached its extreme point, but even then, he was still helpless in this situation. The Saw Skate King was a spatial and wind elemental magical beast, not an ice elemental one! What could it do to make the evaporating water cool down?

By cha

This lake of clear water was not only used as their habitat, but also as a place where a large amount of water plants were produced. And the first beneficiary of these water plants was the Saw Skate King!

The water in the lake was still boiling, so the Saw Skates became unwilling to move inside, and the water plants inside were most likely carried away by the boiling current.

The Saw Skate King was still in motion, letting out bursts of spatial energy in the air, producing an immense silver net, cutting the air apart.

However, even if it was even more powerful, what could he accomplish with air? This was no more than futile venting.

In the air, Lin Xin was carried away by Han Yu, while Haoyue was waiting for them in the sky. Haoyue was the last trump card kept by Long Haochen, used as their last rearguard and diversion. Long Haochen would have no difficulty to sense his whereabouts due to their blood contract, and to reunite with him.

Currently, Lin Xin had a very pale face, dripping in sweat, but he still remained greatly excited.

On this afternoon, they were chased like dogs by these Saw Skates, and there was nothing to say about their despair regarding that even. This could at last be seen as a good revenge.

All of this went in accordance to their plans, formulated mainly by Long Haochen, and improved with the help of everyone in the team.
The three of Long Haochen, Sima Xian, and Wang Yuanyuan were to act as main assault force, with the help of the eleventh and twelfth holy guards. Their goal was to kill as many Saw Skates as possible.

Baited out by the Tenth Holy Guard, the Saw Skates came out as expected, and Long Haochen was waiting in the air for of them to return to their habitat. At this time, their vigilance would be at the lowest, while Long Haochen’s group was prepared with their power well preserved, having their greatest techniques ready to be launched. With the two holy guards and Yating, the three of them let out their greatest instantaneous burst of power, managing to kill some of the Saw Skates in an instant whose strength was their offense with considerable lack of quality in defence.

Yating’s Light Meteor was decisive, succeeding in cutting apart the whole group formed by the Saw Skates, and to shake a large amount of them, giving the other three plenty of time. And what followed was the climax.

Long Haochen had Lin Xin and Han Yu leave in advance, making a detour from the lake, to go to the other side, where the preparations for the Blue Fire Phoenix Spiritual Stove was prepared. Regardless of whether a Saw Skate King was present, when Long Haochen’s signal came, Lin Xin was prepared to act, baiting the greatest enemy force by the way. The one to transmit the signal was the Tenth Holy Guard who had attracted the Saw Skates just before. With the existence of the Eternal Melody, his connection with Long Haochen was preserved without a problem. After taunting the enemies at him, he went back to Lin Xin and Han Yu.

The fact the Saw Skate King really appeared immediately alarmed Lin Xin, who had no hesitation to use the phoenix of blue flames at full force, thus why he held nothing back in an all out attack with it.

Then followed the sudden appearance of the terrible phoenix of blue flames, who aimed at the habitat of the Saw Skates. In front of the extremely imposing Phoenix of Blue Flames, the Saw Skate King would have no choice but to confront it, but the results turned out even better than they imagined. The Saw Skate King did not go chase after them.
Very rapidly, everyone gathered on Haoyue’s back, and his massive wings unfolded, bringing them through the poisonous gas as he flew afar.

Until now, everyone didn’t dare relax: the spatial teleportation ability of the Saw Skate King was just too fearful. Should he become determined to chase after them, confronting him wouldn’t be easy for the group.

Cai’er didn’t join the battle from beginning to end, and remained as a hidden trump of Long Haochen’s. One reason was because Cai’er herself had yet to familiarize with her own ability, and the other because of the power of the Sickle of the God of Death. In case the Saw Skate King really decided to chase, perhaps Long Haochen and Cai’er would have to go all out in defence to give everyone the time to escape

This was all hypothetical, and thinking any further about this was futile.

As Haoyue was flying away from the lake, everyone finally eased up from the nervousness they had inside.

Lin Xin showed Long Haochen a thumbs up gesture, before shutting his eyes, suffering just like Sima Xian of the aftereffects from his spiritual stove. Han Yu declared with a smile, “As expected, captain showed an incredible foresight. With the Phoenix of Blue Flames aimed at their habitat, these Saw Skates really didn’t dare chase us further, and chose to defend their own home.”

Long Haochen shook his head to respond, “This operation was really perilous. The terror of this Saw Skate King went even above my expectations.” Although at the time the three of them were chased by the Saw Skate King, they didn’t have to cross hands for real, Long Haochen got to clearly sense the terror of the Saw Skate King.

The spiritual energy in the air was all turned into spatial element, and even a god’s chosen one such as him was unable to perceive any light essence. This signified that this Saw Skate King ought to surpass 200,000 units of spiritual energy, making it no ordinary magical beast of the tenth rank. In case such a powerhouse were to put its attention on them, escaping
would be a very hard thing for them to do. Until they were safe, Long Haochen’s back was still dripping in sweat.

Han Yu nodded, “This time it was truly filled with great danger. Captain, should we get back to the Tower of Eternity to rest and reorganize?”

Long Haochen nodded, chanting with no hesitation.

A soft golden radiance gradually lit up, enveloping everyone in its scope. Showing his dependability, Han Yu also released the ability from his own spiritual stove, enveloping all his comrades with it.

All of a sudden, Long Haochen’s pupils contracted, and his incantation became hurried. In the meanwhile, Haoyue let out a roar, unleashing multicolored glints that covered everyone simultaneously. Immediately, his five heads were raised upwards and snarled, unleashing a terrifying and mystical penta colored radiance.

Penta colored Essence of Disorder.

A silvery light appeared in the air silently, clashing against the penta colored Essence of Disorder that slightly delayed it. The next instant, Long Haochen and his comrades disappeared, already teleported as only a glint of light remained behind.

Chapter 433

That delayed silver glint shook Haoyue with force, using the upper part of its horn, full of sinister intent. And on the previous location of Long Haochen’s group, countless silver glints appeared, frantically entangling in the air.

The silvery silhouette disappeared in the air in the next instant, before reappearing three seconds later. Its aim was to follow Long Haochen’s group using its spatial powers and kill them, but it unfortunately failed at its attempt.

Right, the one chasing was precisely the Saw Skate King.

Being a magical beast of the tenth rank, its perception was even more terrifying than what Long Haochen’s group could imagine. After the surrounding air was filled with spatial essence, everything in it’s scope was under his control.

Having his habitat attacked, the Saw Skate King admittedly avoided taking risks, but after ensuring all his kin were safe, the Saw Skate King made a thorough search. After making sure that no other threat was present, the Saw Skate King chased after them, full of rancor. When coming at them, it even relied on repeated spatial teleportations.

If Han Yu’s suggestion came a little later, perhaps they would have been inflicted by the terrifying attack of the Saw Skate King. And the same would have happened if Long Haochen’s reaction was just a bit slower. And another important thing was that Haoyue had the quinary elemental Essence
of Disorder prepared beforehand, which burst out instantly at this time, stalling some precious time for the group.

At the time Long Haochen brought everyone back to the Tower of Eternity, he found out that the clothes inside his armor were completely drenched in sweat.

The instant right before was truly perilous. He sensed death being even closer to them in this adventure than the time they went up against Ah’Bao.

Even if Ah’Bao was even stronger, he had yet to break through the ninth step, and those Demon Hunter Removers were the same. However, this Saw Skate King was not only equivalent to a human powerhouse of the ninth step, it was also an expert in offense. In case his attack really succeeded, none of them would have made it out. In front of absolute strength, even divine tools would be helpless.

The expressions on their faces were particularly unsightly, especially for Long Haochen whose fatal mistake could have been the reason for the death of their entire team.

Everyone went silent, and everyone seemed drenched in sweat. No one would be fearless in front of death, especially when put in such a close distance from it.

Long Haochen clenched his teeth tightly, remaining silent for a long time.

Appearing dispirited, Haoyue was crawling on the floor. It was fortunate that at the time he launched Essence of Disorder, Han Yu had released the formidable power of the Spiritual Stove of Blessing of Light, ensuring him a rapid recovery. Otherwise, his overdraft from the frenetic release of such a powerful spell would have become even greater.

Essence of Disaster was originally an innate magic of Haoyue, with undoubtable power, but its weak point remained that no matter how strong Haoyue would be, unleashing this spell would still nearly exhaust all his spiritual energy.
Still, that previous blow revealed the real strength Haoyue attained after evolving. When attacked by the penta elemental Essence of Disaster, even a powerhouse of the ninth step was delayed for over five seconds. A spatial attribute user such a the Saw Skate King was unable to struggle free from the effects of the spell, only keeping itself unharmed at most.

“Sorry everyone. I need to review my decision, my planning was not thorough enough, putting our group in great danger. As captain, the responsibility falls on me.”

“Boss, don’t be lik

Han Yu also nodded , “That’s right! All of this went beyond our expectations. It is all our responsibility, don’t just blame yourself.”

Letting out a bitter smile, Long Haochen shook his head, “No! As the captain, I still brought you there despite realizing that we might possibly encounter a powerful Saw Skate King. This was already a mistake. Had someone have been lost today, I would forever be unable to forgive myself. I am the one at wrong. As punishment for it, I will renounce all of the profit and the Forest Boa Pills that we will have obtained from the trip here. ”

“Captain, the one at wrong should be me. It was all because of my selfishness, so I…” Although being staunch, Wang Yuanyuan couldn’t help but leak out red traces on her eye socket. The one who benefitted from the killing of Saw Skates the most was her, and it was precisely because she was lacking in spatial attribute equipment that Long Haochen undertook this venture.

Revealing a slight smile, Long Haochen raised his hand to stop Wang Yuanyuan from saying more, “Alright, we can at last be considered safe. I will now definitely be even more careful when planning our next course of action.”

“Everyone should go have a good rest. After these two teleportations, we will need to stay here for a long time before coming out. This should
avoid encountering the Saw Skate King waiting in ambush for us to come out.”

In particular Lin Xin and Sima Xian who suffered aftereffects from their spiritual stoves or Haoyue who needed time to recover after unleashing Essence of Disaster and even Long Haochen needed time to rest. In fact, when using Storm of Blades, he had also been using Storing Power in combination and although it didn’t use his sword intent, the consumption of his spiritual energy was massive. Han Yu’s Spiritual Stove of Light Blessing was stopped before ending due to the teleportation, so everyone was clearly somewhat beat.

Although they had failed to find traces of the Devil Snake Clan, their gains were still abundant, be it from the Forest Boas or the Saw Skates, they were all rare treasures. Long Haochen was certain that since the Devil Snake God Andromalius was willing to spend so much time in these Swamps of Gloom, it must be that something attracted him here. He couldn’t possibly be unaware of the existence of the habitat of the Saw Skates here, or about these creatures that targeted Long Haochen’s group. Although this enterprise was dangerous, the result was undoubtedly fabulous. Having gathered eleven Saw Skates in total, making one piece of Legendary Equipment per person should be possible relying on it.

Thus, Long Haochen was currently not the least bit worried. Their reward was already plentiful, and the gains they could make by killing Devil Snakes would be even greater. In case the enemy was undefeatable, ending their trip of slaughter here, it was already pretty okay.

From their departure from the Temple Alliance this time, the greatest loss was regarding Cai’er’s memories, otherwise their objectives as a whole were already reached, as Cai’er’s awakening as a god chosen one was already complete.

The Tower of Eternity rapidly quietened, and everyone started cultivating.

Long Haochen learned a lesson from his encounter with the Saw Skate King. He had to be even more prudent from then onwards. This time of rest
and reorganization took no less than three days. Only when Sima Xian and Lin Xin recovered from the backlash of their respective spiritual stoves, did they finally return to the Swamps of Gloom.

Long Haochen took the initiative to transport himself back to the swamps. He could be regarded as the cornerstone of the teleportation of their group. His location would be the one where his comrades would be teleported.

When returning in the Swamps of Gloom, Long Haochen tried to conceal his own aura as much as possible while blocking the poison, keeping distance from the habitat of the Saw Skates to the furthest possible extent.

With Haoyue remaining in the Tower of Eternity, Long Haochen was able to trigger his blood contract to summon himself at his side at anytime, which was a lot faster than a teleportation through the Eternal Melody. Even if the Saw Skate King were to reappear, he would have the time to escape.

The Saw Skate King didn’t turn out to be patient enough to lay at wait in this place, so Long Haochen smoothly flew away.

The poisonous gas in the air was warded off with his armor of spiritual energy, letting out Puff sounds repeatedly. Nonetheless, the current Long Haochen having three spiritual cavities, although the light essence in the swamps was not plentiful, his recovery still counteracted the consumption from resisting the poisonous fog.

Moving as one person was bound to be always a lot easier than in group, and with the lesson from the Saw Skate King, Long Haochen managed to smoothly leave rapidly by himself. After no less than half an hour of flight, when reaching a far distance from the Saw Skates’ territory, he summoned his comrades back here.

At the time Haoyue’s massive stature appeared in the Swamps of Gloom, Long Haochen’s line of sight finally cleared up. Little Purple’s long whale- like absorption cleared up most of the poisonous fog as he sucked it in. All this poison thus rapidly dispersed from their sight.
“Recover your spiritual energy everyone.” Invoking the Rippling Light, Long Haochen guarded the place. The Tower of Eternity was after all a place where the majority of the group was unable to recover spiritual energy, and even if this place was lacking, various elements were still present.

Sitting on Haoyue’s back, everyone tried to recover their spiritual energy. Little Light and Little Flame respectively released abilities close to Spiritual Gathering Halo. Aside from Wang Yuanyuan, the whole group recovered at considerable speed. As for Chen Ying’er, she didn’t participate from beginning to end, and naturally didn’t have any need to recover.

“Ah!” With a cry of alarm, Chen Ying’er attracted Long Haochen’s attention.

“What’s the problem, Ying’er?”

Chen Ying’er was holding the treasure pig on her hands, “Boss, see.” This girl was very proud to the core, and still calling Long Haochen by his name or the appellation of captain at the time they just became Demon Hunters. But as the team kept maturing, when seeing everything Long Haochen did for the sake of the team, she started to sincerely call him as ‘Captain’, even though Long Haochen was actually a bit younger than her.

Long Haochen then discovered that in her hands, the Mirror Image Treasure Pig was letting out a discreet brilliance of gold color, only discernible very faintly.
“This is…” Long Haochen looked at Chen Ying’er with some hesitation. Chen Ying’er’s left hand was in contact with the bottom of her forehead,
and a little twisted ripple appeared on the pig. Immediately, McDull’s eyes lit up, letting out a similar kind of radiance.

“He told me that he found some good thing. Right there.” There, Chen Ying’er pointed her hand to a certain direction.
Only then did Long Haochen remember that this Mirror Image Treasure Pig also had a treasure hunting ability. Nonetheless, he couldn’t help but feel somewhat unconvinced, after all, in their previous trip to the Illusory Paradise, he didn’t see any display of this capability from the little guy.

Chapter 434

“Is his information reliable? Why is it that he didn’t help us the last time, when we were looking for spiritual stoves in the Illusory Paradise.”

After asking McDull, Chen Ying’er replied, “McDull said that the divine power of the goddess of nature acted as a shield in the Illusory Paradise, blocking his ability to detect treasures there. But he is certain that there’s really some good treasure in this direction. He doesn’t know about the specificities, but it’s certainly at least one treasure of light attribute.”

Long Haochen asked, “Can McDull perceive the degree of danger around the location of this treasure?”

Chen Ying’er shook her head, “He’s incapable of telling that. This ability only gives a rough location of that treasure. We are now about ten kilometers away from that treasure. The closer we are to the treasure, the more accurate his ability to locate will get.”

Long Haochen narrowed his eyes, muttering in reaction, “If there’s really some treasure here, perhaps that’s the target of the Devil Snake Demon God. After everyone recovers in spiritual energy, I will take a look.”

This ‘I’ wasn’t really designating the group, but Long Haochen who made the resolve to go alone, after all the least they would be, the safer it would become.

Chen Ying’er volunteered herself to accompany, “Boss, then I will be bringing McDull along and follow.”
Long Haochen nodded in acceptance.

Taking Chen Ying’er along was necessary. More accurately speaking, it was about bringing the Mirror Image Treasure Pig McDull. If his senses were to become more accurate, having him show the way would naturally result in less detours, but only Chen Ying’er was able to communicate with him. Long Haochen was unwilling to let him lead the way, as they experienced enough to confirm that the reputation as land of death for the Swamps of Gloom was not just a rumor. If their luck turned bad, perhaps they would all die here. It was no wonder that the Devil Snake God Andromalius, ruling over the Devil Snake Province, has remained here for so long without having found his designated target.

Only when his comrades recovered the entirety of their spiritual energy did Long Haochen bring them back to the Tower of Eternity, for the sake of making their preparations. This way he also confirmed his limit in number of possible teleportations.

After going through continuous improvements, the current Long Haochen had the ability to complete two collective teleportations within a short while. One would be instantaneous, while the second would need him to take the time to incant. Since they were very possibly on the verge of encountering the Devil Snake God, he obviously wouldn’t dare be careless, and prefered waiting a few more hours, to avoid the risk of putting his comrades in great danger.

Cai’er was standing calmly on the side, looking at Long Haochen and the others discussing plans and countermeasures. Unbehest to her, she started pouting, as it was clear that Long Haochen wasn’t including her in the plans. This made Cai’er feel very dissatisfied.

“I also want to be included in your plans.” Cai’er extended her head at the side of Long Haochen’s face.

As her soft hair was in contact with Long Haochen’s face, making him feel her familiar fragrance, Long Haochen turned around startled, looking at her in the eyes, and felt some difference in her.
“Are you able to control your fighting abilities?” Long Haochen asked in a rush, full of self control. Deep inside, he had the urge to go give a sudden kiss on her cheeks.

Cai’er nodded, “No problem

Feeling helpless, Long Haochen gave her the response, “But how could I let you face a situation of danger? The enemy we are going to face next will very possibly be the most difficult one to handle in the whole Swamps of Gloom.”

In dissatisfaction, Cai’er replied, “I don’t care! I want to go anyway! Didn’t you tell me that I am supposed to be the vice-captain of our Demon Hunt Squad? How can I be left here by myself when everyone is going to battle? And perhaps some of my memories will come back through battles. At least I can remember about fighting.”

Seeing Cai’er’s urging look, Long Haochen replied, somewhat helpless, “Okay. But you will have to listen to my plan, and cannot act blindly without thinking.”

“Okay.” This time, Cai’er seemed delighted as she replied.

Ever since losing her memories, she had been following Long Haochen for a good time. Her original state of panic, helplessness and loss was gradually calmed, as she found out that following these people was actually not bad. They cared for her very much, and all held Long Haochen in great esteem.

Cai’er heard Long Haochen say that in the whole team, they were the youngest two. In those circumstances, how was it that Long Haochen gained such respect from his comrades?

Cai’er had always been feeling puzzled over this matter, but gradually found out the answer during their travails in the Swamps of Gloom.

Their trust came from his strength and attitude. As the captain of this Demon Hunt Squad, Long Haochen always took the lead to face the
strongest enemy, and would not spare any cost to come help when the others would need his protection. And then, there was also his outstanding commanding and planning ability. All his plans without fail would get the approval of the team. And even so, he would still take account of his comrades’ suggestion to improve them.

It could be said that Cai’er was gradually attracted to Long Haochen’s outstanding parts, and gained trust towards him along with a kind of impalpable feeling. She felt hurried to   recover   her   memories, thinking, That’s pretty good that he’s my boyfriend, but how is it that there came to be feelings between the two of us?

Lately, while the others were cultivating, Cai’er experienced quite a lot of pain by herself, because all her attempts to regain her memories turned out unsuccessful. Every time she tried to access her memories, it gave her a severe headache. At most, she would get to see some fragments of image in her senses, as if her lost memories were sealed in another world from her physical body, and that what she needed was a bridge to connect these two worlds.

From an original delay of six hours, now only three hours of wait were required before the teleportation ability cools down. After a thorough discussion about their plans, Long Haochen had everyone go into meditative state. Although Wang Yuanyuan and Chen Ying’er didn’t need to recover spiritual energy, this would at least raise everyone’s mental condition to the peak.

A dim light shone upon the Swamps of Gloom once again, as Long Haochen unfolded the four wings at his back, while placing his right fist on his chest. With another glint of golden light, Chen Ying’er appeared at his side, holding the little pig McDull in her arms.

Chen Ying’er laughed happily, looking around as she caressed the back of the little pig McDull, having him sense the direction of the treasure.

Long Haochen once again pointed his right hand forward, then a green figure appeared behind Chen Ying’er’s back, that was the Tenth Holy
Guard. The only mission Long Haochen bestowed him was, to protect Chen Ying’er well.

“Go.” Seeing Chen Ying’er point a direction, Long Haochen spread out a Holy Mantle, covering the three of them inside, while letting out his perception to sense the possibility of danger in their surroundings.

For more safety, Long Haochen’s group stuck close to the ground while flying. In the crucial moment, the Tenth Holy Guard would at anytime be able to carry Chen Ying’er away from danger, and in terms of reaction, that was someone Long Haochen was far from being able to compare with.

Waving on his right hand the Rippling Light with the severely damaged Glorious Holy Shield in his left hand, Long Haochen was standing in the front. Because there was no need to walk in the swamps, his task of opening up the path was a lot more relaxed, as only the larger vines were blocking their path.

After advancing for about one kilometer, Long Haochen suddenly halted his advance, performing a silent gesture in the hand.

Chen Ying’er and the Tenth Holy Guard behind him came to a stop, and Long Haochen’s two eyes were lit with bright light. Turning his head, he gave a look to the Tenth Holy Guard.

The Tenth Holy Guard’s eyes were flickering in light, which was a sign of the connection of his soul with the Eternal Melody. Long Haochen exchanged perception with the holy guards by this means. Although seeing afar was impossible in this poisonous fog, Long Haochen’s perception was ample to make over with it. At least in a limited range, it was quite accurate.

The Tenth Holy Guard nodded to him, before turning into a cold breeze, heading towards the poisonous fog. A green spiritual energy autonomously surrounded his body, protecting him and making him appearing like a green lightning bolt..
The bright light in Long Haochen’s eyes turned even more intense; right now he had no need to use up any spiritual energy, but his consumption of mental force was quite considerable.

A short time later, a green glint charged towards them, arriving before Long Haochen and Chen Ying’er. That was the Tenth Holy Guard, coming back with a corpse, belonging to an approximately three meters tall Devil Snake, whose long tail occupied two third of its size.

Its throat was sliced, revealing its bone. This wound was visibly fatal.

Having sensed its presence beforehand, Long Haochen commanded the Tenth Holy Guard to dispose of it. Given his ability, accomplishing that without any trace was no difficult feat to him, and would be even more effective than Long Haochen trying to kill him.

“It seems that my judgement wasn’t mistaken. McDull’s perception is indeed quite accurate. In these Swamps of Gloom should exist some kind of treasure, which should be the target of the Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius. And we are getting closer to that target.” Saying that, Long Haochen showed the Tenth Holy Guard a thumbs up.

Chen Ying’er asked, “Then what should be done?”

Letting out a smile, Long Haochen replied, “We should of course go for the safe way, by exterminating his underlings on the way while advancing. Tenth Holy Guard, we will be bothering you.”

The flame in the eyes of the Tenth Holy Guard pulsed up more violently, as if letting out some pride.

Long Haochen found a rather bulky vine, nodded to Chen Ying’er after confirming safety, and then summoned the Twelfth Holy Guard to stand in guard. He was sitting cross-legged near the vines, as the golden glint in his eye turn into a deeper color, giving a nod to the Tenth Holy Guard.

Chapter 435

Long Haochen was currently not only acting as the eyes of the Tenth Holy Guards, but also his commander. In the mind of the Tenth Holy Guard something resembling a map appeared, indicating the location of all the surrounding enemies detected by Long Haochen. The enemies were very concentrated, but in this thick fog, the environment was more than suited to the powerful wind user like the Tenth Holy Guard. Moreover, these Devil Snakes were in the midst of a large battle.

An intense darkness elemental magic power was surging in the air, originating from a massive pillar that seemed to connect the heaven and the earth.

The massive pillar was thoroughly black, taking root on the yellow greenish water in the swamps. On it, a snake bodied person seemed to stand. This monster occasionally let out a red glint from his eyes

The area several thousand meters radius with this gigantic pillar as core was entirely purified , and in this scope, a large battle was in the midst of occurring.

One robust Devil Snake after another twisted their bodies, overwhelmingly armed with spears, while holding a staff in the other hand, frantically launching devastating attacks against their enemy..

These Devil Snakes used their large tail to move unhindered in these extremely unsteady swamps.
The Devil Snakes were high in number, and their height crossed three meters. This could be said to be the elite of the Devil Snake Clan, with each and every Devil Snake at least at the fifth step.

Their enemy wasn’t willing to give up. The enemy was a dozens gigantic Forest Boas, as well as numerous creatures living in the Swamps of Gloom.

The battle was very fierce. As magical beasts of the eighth rank, the Forest Boas should logically have an overwhelming superiority, but the truth of the situation wasn’t like that. The Devil Snakes were over a thousand in number, vastly outstripping the Forest Boas, and were very well organised, combining offense and defense as one, and their knowledge regarding their opponent was considerable. In case a Forest Boa would fall to the ground, the Devil Snakes would automatically scatter, giving the Forest Boas no chance to swallow them.

That gigantic pillar standing on the swamps was also of massive use. A circle of dark light spread out from him, enveloping these Devil Snakes inside. The powerful elite of the Devil Snakes are equivalent to magical beasts of the sixth rank, and with the presence of a formidable support force, their fighting strength and recovery were all tremendously boosted. With the addition to their numerical superiority, the Devil Snake Kings attacked group of the creatures from the Swamps of Gloom, led by the Forest Boas, and suppressed them to a certain extent.

The battle visibly went on for a long time already, but the ground wasn’t filled with corpses from Devil Snakes. This was because as soon as one died in combat, it would be naturally unable to keep moving in the swamps, and undoubtedly get engulfed due to the natural forces,

On the side of the Forest Boas lied two corpses, hanging onto the vines, retrieved by their own.

However, although the battle was cruel, one could clearly see that the two sides were still in a state of restraint, simply because they both had their greatest powerhouses that had yet to intervene.
On the side of the Devil Snakes, above the gigantic pillar stood a five meter long Devil Snake, proud and unyielding. His thick and hard tail supported his tall build, his upper body looked extremely robust, and on it were a lot of dark blue and red colored symbols. His eyes, one was blue, one was red and had a head bald, with only some dark blue bits of hair forming a little pigtail. On each of his hands was a spear, and his eyes kept flickering, looking into the distance at the Forest Boas.

Beside this sturdy build Devil Snake stood four gracious female Devil Snakes. Their height didn’t exceed two meters, and their body twisted around their tail, and faces were pale white colored. Their most terrifying aspect remained their hair, which actually had the appearance of little snakes. These four female Devil Snakes had their eyes closed, and their eyelids colored in white.

Without a doubt, that very tall Devil Snake was their chief, the last ranked of the seventy-two demon gods, Andromalius.

And naturally, the four female Devil Snakes at his side were the four Medusas under his command.

Although the battle was quite intense, until now, they still had yet to intervene.

Right in front of them, in the rear of those immense Forest Boas lay an entirely jade skinned Forest Boas, with three golden lines on the back, calmly waiting. His body exposed in the swamps exceeded ten meters in height, standing proudly. Nonetheless, when he would occasionally look at the demon god pillar on the back of Andromalius, his eyes would let out some sparks.

A Forest Boa King! That’s one of the genuine rulers of the Swamps of Gloom, a magical beast of the tenth rank, a Forest Boa King.

Although the Saw Skate King is also one of the ruler of these Swamps of Gloom, his territory is far inferior to the Forest Boa King. The Saw Skate King wouldn’t easily leave from his territory, thus his scope of control isn’t large. As long as the Forest Boa King doesn’t go invade his territory, these
two will naturally live in harmony. But the Forest Boa King isn’t the same, as the one ruling the vast majority of the territory in these swamps. As long as some place would be formed with swamps, that would almost be his shadow. Unless encountering Saw Skates or other natural enemies, their race was unstoppable in these swamps.

The ominous glint in the eyes of Andromalius was already reaching its peak. To handle these Forest Boas, he had paid a massive cost.

The first to find out about the presence of a treasure here was him. Andromalius knew since long ago about the presence of the Forest Boas in these Swamps. Being fellow reptilian race, he was naturally well informed regarding the other party. Thus,he had come to poach from them once before, but found out by some accident, that the Forest Boa race seemed to be guarding something in there. Therefore, interest rose in Andromalius who somehow wanted to have a look inside. And this was how he crossed swords with the Forest Boa King for the first time.

Ordinary Forest Boas were naturally no match for Andromalius, but being a magical beast of the tenth rank, the Forest Boa King had the strength of a powerhouse of the ninth step, plus this was his home ground. In the battle waged here, Andromalius suffered huge losses, and nearly lost his life. If not for some particular methods reserved for demon gods that he made use of, he wouldn’t have been able to escape.

This matter was not only of a great disgrace for Andromalius, but rose even further curiosity regarding the treasure guarded by the Forest Boas. There was definitely some good things inside, which rose Andromalius’ determination.

Among the seventy-two demon gods, he was only the last ranked of all, and his strength didn’t advance further after reaching the peak of the eighth step. No one would be willing to remain last, so Andromalius was naturally unwilling to give up on such a good opportunity. If there was an opportunity to find some treasure enabling him to perhaps raise his cultivation to the ninth step, his rank among the demon gods would be sure to leap up. Don’t forget that Andromalius has at least his own clan. This
made his status still higher than some of the other demon gods ranked among the latter part of the sixties.

Therefore, after returning back and healing his wounds, Andromalius brought some elite among his subordinates to return to the Swamps of Gloom.

However, this time he was rather lacking in luck, and passed through the lake where the Saw Skates were living, resulting obviously in the personal intervention of the Saw Skate King, inflicting once again heavy wounds to Andromalius. The elites he brought were also turned without surprise into nutrient for the lake.

The heavy damage from this setback took no less than three months for Andromalius to heal. The terror of the Saw Skate King was even superior to the Forest Boa King in his eyes, and if not for some extraordinary defensive abilities rewarded by the demon god pillar, he would have already died twice.

Andromalius was still in the end a demon god. After suffering two consecutive setbacks, pondering about the painful experience brought him to plan cautiously his next move. Afterwards, he chose to enter in the Swamps of Gloom dozens times, though not deep inside, to carefully examine the situation in these swamps. He went through several dangerous situations, but as a result got a good understanding of this Land of Death. And after getting a certain grasp, Andromalius once again gathered his elites, this time consisting even of Medusa and his own demon god pillar, aiming for a sure success.

Without their demon god pillar beside, demon gods weren’t different from other powerhouses of same rank. However, they would be absolutely not the same with a demon god pillar. Demon god pillars not only provided a great boost to the demon god himself, but also greatly reinforced his own clansmen. And to the demon god himself, a demon god pillar is close to a trump card. With it on his back, a demon god can bring out 150% of his original strength in battle.
Although Andromalius’ demon god pillar was the last ranked among all seventy-two, it still remained a piece of Epic Tier equipment. This was also what made the visibly stronger Forest Boa King refrain from participating, with the mindset to prevent superfluous harm. This was how massive the sense of oppression that the demon god pillar gave him was.

The Devil Snake Demon God wasn’t the least bit hurried to act. For the sake of eliminating the wings of the Forest Boa King, he endured patiently for so long, waiting for a good opportunity. As for the Saw Skate King, he didn’t dare provoke him at the moment. The underlings of the Saw Skate King were just far too many, and their offensive power just too fierce.

The Forest Boas weren’t few in number either, but didn’t attack in a group, they were scattered all over the swamps. Even the Forest Boa King wouldn’t be able to instantly gather too many of his clansmen for a battle.

When the confrontation between both sides was reaching its climax, a green figure appeared soundlessly on the edge of the battlefield.

Andromalius was extremely prudent, this time bringing his army to penetrate deep into the Swamps of Gloom, with the resolve to accomplish the whole task in one stroke. Would he dare become careless? It could be said that the elite of the Devil Snakes gathered here exceeded the half of the whole of their whole race. Thus, he assigned several dozen Devil Snakes in the outskirts for scouting. In case some powerful magical beast from the swamps were to approach them, there would be time for them to be warned this way.

However, right at this moment, these Devil Snakes responsible for scouting were being quietly assassinated one after another.

Being on the periphery, they had originally no way to receive support from the demon god pillar, moreover when their enemy was that strong, they were easily cut apart.

A Devil Snake standing on top of a tree was vigilantly observing the surroundings, unceasingly sweeping his eyes all around. The dim black spiritual energy on his body was expelling the poison from the swamps, but
in fact, he was only able to see in a small area, and mostly had to rely on his perception to examine the surroundings. Reptiles have a keen sense of smell, and this is the strongest aspect in their perception.

Chapter 436

All of a sudden, he sensed the air above his head cool down. The Devil Snake then hastened to concentrate more on his sense of smell, but didn’t find smell of any living creature. In his time of stupor, that ice-cold feeling already struck through its bone.

A light pierced through him, while another glint of green light penetrated his throat. Not letting out the slightest sound, this Devil Snake was already slowly falling onto a vine the next instant.

The green figure shortly paused, before throwing itself into the thick fog, which became its best cover. Even if there was another Devil Snake only a few dozens meters away, his line of sight would be obstructed, preventing him from finding out about the circumstances here.

After no less than ten minutes passed, the Devil Snakes in charge for scouting were thoroughly eradicated. When that green figure reappeared by Long Haochen’s side, the green light emitted from him just looked somewhat dimmer.

Slowly shutting his eyes, Long Haochen let out a sigh of relief after having gotten exhausted due to the high expenditure of his mental energy.

In his mind, the demon god pillar of the Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius was an immense energy entity. As he calmed himself down, his awareness remained very clear. The reason why he didn’t have the Tenth Holy Guard attack the battling Devil Snakes was to avoid inadvertently warning the other side.
Having them remain unaware of their existence was undoubtedly the best choice. A moment later, Long Haochen opened his eyes once again, not pondering over the matter of treasure anymore, but on how they could achieve their ultimate objective.

“Ying’er, I am sending you back. Tell everyone about the situation here, and have them prepare for a fight. Since I am rather good at concealing my aura, I will investigate, and when the best opportunity appears, we will then act.”

The Snake Demon God Andromalius was leading the Snake Demon army to wage war against the magical beasts living in the swamps, and to the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, this was an incredibly good opportunity! Although Long Haochen was cautious, if he were to let go of such a good opportunity, he wouldn’t be qualified to be a Demon Hunt Squad captain.

The two holy guards vanished in the Eternal Melody by Long Haochen’s orders, to recuperate. Chen Ying’er and McDull were sent back to the Tower of Eternity, and then, Long Haochen wasn’t in a great hurry, taking time in recovering, to recuperate from his consumption of mental power, before getting to the act. Erasing the fluctuations of spiritual energy coming out from him, he advanced towards the edge of the battlefield.

Right now, he looked just like a tiger in ambush: reserved in appearance, but ready to break out with explosive force at anytime.

His hatred towards the demons was shown in his cold expression. On the verge of facing one of the seventy-two demon gods, his mind was now filled with images of the scene of Cai’er and himself surrounded by the Demon Hunter Removers.

Unconsciously pursing up his lips, a hard to describe emotion filled him, spreading inside him. Even if the Aria of the Goddess of Light was not in his grasp, his body still let out a dense sword intent. Even Long Haochen himself was not in complete control of this sword intent.
Fortunately, although intense, this sword intent was only pulsing around his body, and didn’t scatter too far.

Shutting his eyes, Long Haochen refrained himself, for fear that the instant he would see the Devil Snake Demon God, he wouldn’t be able to contain his fighting spirit and killing intent would radiate from him.

Even he hadn’t thought that encountering demon powerhouses agai

In truth, this state was actually due to the fact he had been suppressing his feelings for so long. After Cai’er’s loss of memories, Long Haochen became filled with an anxiety that one might well imagine. The one who best understood his pain was only himself. To take good care of Cai’er, he could only conceal this pain in his heart, keeping his tears inside him. Forcing a smile on his face to comfort Cai’er, he kept trying to help her recover her memories.

As days passed, Cai’er’s state stabilized, but the pain filling Long Haochen was only growing deeper day by day. That was because he hoped to reunite with the Cai’er he shared deep love with. If he had been more resolute at that time, forcefully stopping Tian Qing from starting this battle, perhaps nothing of that would have happened. But how could others know about the self-blaming filling his heart at that time?

At this moment, although the one he was about to face was not the one responsible for Cai’er’s loss of memories, it was still another powerful demon foe. The feelings suppressed in his heart immediately caused him to enter a berserk state. As the days had gone by, his comprehension regarding sword intent had gradually deepened, his emotions and his sword intent merging into one, giving rise to this state.

Without a doubt, Long Haochen in this state was undoubtedly fearful, or rather terrifying. But similarly, if he were to not get a valid target to vent out in this state, the blow inflicted to his mind would be enormous. This was unrelated to strength, stemming directly from his psyche.

Quietly approaching the battlefield, Long Haochen concealed himself in the poisonous fog. His self control was in the end extremely strong, and
after the short time of recovery he had, he managed to barely control his own surges of emotions.

Slowly opening his eyes, he peeked the inside of the battlefield from its border. The first thing that caught his eye was that massive demon god pillar. Right, that was definitely a demon god pillar.

In the past, Long Haochen had already faced the god pillar belonging to the supreme ruler of the seventy two demons. In particular, the Demon God Emperor’s gave him a really massive shock, so he recognized that thing at the first look.

However, his eyes never looked at Andromalius, for fear that his presence would be noticed because of that.

Silently calming himself down, Long Haochen quietly observed the changes on the battlefield.

Right now, the offense of the Devil Snakes was growing fiercer and fiercer, and the Forest Boas were losing the edge little by little. The massive Forest Boas were certainly extremely tough in defense, possessing astonishing strength, but just like even a hero is no match against too many enemies, a tiger is no match for a flock of wolves. The Forest Boas that didn’t reach twenty in quantity, were beaten with large masses of devil snakes; bruised, rapidly holing themselves inside the swamps, and only showing the half of their bodies to the Devil Snake Demons.

The Devil Snakes didn’t seem affected by the swamp ground in the slightest, advancing and retreating in sequence. Going on the offense in successive surges, their darkness spiritual energy was urged to the greatest extent. Frequently, three to five Devil Snakes would launch a joint attack, with the effect of leaving large scar on the Fprest Boa.

The Forest Boa King started to let out a low growl, similarly urging his own clansmen. Meanwhile, its massive body started to twist, visibly about to suddenly attack at anytime.
It looked that the situation of the Forest Boas wasn’t very great. If this went on, the Forest Boa King was perhaps going to intervene. But obviously, the Devil Snake Demon God glaring at him like a tiger wasn’t going to let him do as he pleases, so an intervention would lead to a direct confrontation between these two. Though, with the awe of the demon god pillar, this battle seemed to hold no suspense if things kept going on this way.

Long Haochen couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. Indeed, arriving early was no way as good as arriving at the perfect time. And to him, this timing was just more than favorable.

Nonetheless, the question remained how they could help the Forest Boas, the best result remaining to be a mutual destruction.

And also, the Devil Snake Demon God couldn’t be allowed to run away.

Long Haochen didn’t act with over haste. Right at this time, watching calmly was the best choice. Moreover, his plans were still not completely decided. Meanwhile, while surveying the position of the Forest Boa King, he faintly discerned a dark cave that seemed to be behind the Forest Boa King. This cave was quite unusual, surrounded by thick vines. It was as if the whole cave was protected behind the vines spreading from the ground. It was when the Forest Boa King moved that Long Haochen managed to discern a bit of it.

“Houu.” With a mournful snarl, the Forest Boa King exploded. This king of the Swamps of Gloom visibly seemed unable to bear this situation. With the enemy attacking his own lair, and slaughtering his people, his anger was understandable. Even if the fear from the demon god pillar restraining him was even higher, seeing the counterpart threat his own existence, he had no choice but to fight.

This snarl of the Forest Boa King had an instantaneous effects. The Forest Boas all came to a standstill, and immediately, some dark green ball of light Long Haochen was familiar with bombarded directly the group of Devil Snakes.
This movement of the Forest Boas was efficiently coordinated and executed, to the extent that even Andromalius wasn’t able to make it at time to instruct his subordinate against it.

With an intense explosion, over fifty Devil Snake standing in the front were instantly caught in the explosion, changing into fragments in the air, and soiling the swamps with their blood. The next instant the ten Forest Boas spat out their internal pills, they suddenly leapt, rushing in the midst of the enemy ranks. With their unyielding power, they forcefully compelled the Devil Snakes back, then swallowed back their respective internal pills, before disappearing into the swamps.

Having suddenly being subject to such a violent attack, the Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius felt unable to hold back any longer. These were the elite among his subordinates; the lives of each ones of them mattered. These Devil Snakes of the fifth and the sixth step were not that easy to foster, so how could he stay and be indifferent in front of this scene?

A sharp cry came out from Andromalius’ mouth, and the same motion was performed by the four Medusas standing at his side, that all opened their eyes.

The four snake-women opened their eyes, causing the distant Long Haochen to shut his eyes unconsciously. After he felt the threat disappear, and opened his eyes once again, he immediately took a long breath.

From the attack that was just launched, among the Forest Boas on the surface of the swamps, three didn’t make it back to the swamps in time. Their upper-bodies were standing still, and even the swamp surrounding them stopped moving.

Petrification. This is an innate ability of Medusas, and one of the most terrifying ones used by Devil Snakes. Even the Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius doesn’t have control over it, as this is a speciality of Medusas.

The Devil Snakes naturally wouldn’t let go of such good opportunity, and in a flash, the three petrified Forest Boas were reduced into fragments under their attacks, losing life a moment later.
The Forest Boa King was also subject to attacks. Of the three Medusas, two had aimed for the Forest Boas, while the tallest one went after the Forest Boa King, with the simple goal of preventing him from interfering.

Chapter 437

The Forest Boa King was shaken by the sudden vicious attack. In front of him, petrified snake skin was lying on the ground, quietly sinking into the swamps. Even a powerhouse such as the Forest Boa King visibly, was only able to resort to a desperate escape plan against the Petrification ability of a Medusa.

Long Haochen was secretly shocked, understanding that if he were to ever go against Andromalius, his most important targets were going to be those Medusas. Yue Ye’s warning was indeed right! These Medusas surpassed even Andromalius in threat level.

It wasn’t that these Medusas were so powerful in themselves. Their ability of Petrification wouldn’t possibly petrify a god’s chosen one such as Long Haochen entirely. But even only being weakened and slowed down by that Petrification would be a fatal blow.

The eyes of the Medusas had to be avoided, otherwise, one’s body would be entirely petrified. And furthermore the eyes of a Medusa can shot a sort of petrifying laser beam, also petrifying a target upon hitting it. Of course, using this ability also comes with a large consumption of spiritual energy from the Medusa. At least, launching it successively isn’t possible, and also, in normal times they can be considered blind, unable to open their eyes whenever they wish.

Andromalius let out a low roar, pointing his fingers at the Boa Forest King. Then, his subordinates slowly dispersed around, standing in guard against the Forest Boas in the swamps.
It was clear that in the battle of his brothers, the Devil Snakes finally emerged victorious. After launching their last full power attack, those ordinary Forest Boas were already not a big threat, they could only wait inside of the swamps for an opportunity. And what awaited was obviously the fight between their two kings, between the opposing Devil Snake King Andromalius and Forest Boa King.

Andromalius could of course use his own clansmen to weaken the Forest Boa King, but the subordinates he already lost were not few, and besides, he wanted to use his own strength to take revenge against the Forest Boa King. With the existence of his ultimate killing weapon the demon god pillar, he had absolute confidence. In fact at every use of the demon god pillar, his own vital energy served as fuel. This time, his target was not only the treasure here, but also the internal pill and body of the Forest Boa King. These were all great treasures, and were he to consume them, Andromalius had at least seventy percent odds to break through the ninth step.

In the midst of a roar, the Forest Boa King fixed his eyes on Andromalius, his fury visible in his eyes.

In some sense, they were all of the snake race, yet right now they were akin to mortal enemies. The figure of Andromalius was already massive, but it still paled in comparison with the Forest Boa King.

As the two great powerhouses were on the verge of fighting to death, Long Haochen put even more care in concealing his presence. To him, the battle that was about to take place was extremely valuable material. He had always wanted to know the extent of the power a demon god could use when he used his demon god pillar to it’s fullest extent. And the answer for this question was about to come in this stage. The Devil Snake God Andromalius thrust his snake spear forward, yelling continuously. The surrounding Devil Snakes also howled, and only the four Medusas by his side remained motionless, staying beside the demon god pillar, calmly facing the direction of the Forest Boa King.

These four Medusas were like four enormous magic cannons. Who knew when they would fire again.
Andromalius lifted the snake spears in both his hands high, simultaneously, and his muffled chants gradually became more reverberating, and started to sound sharp to the ears. Behind hi

For some reason, when sensing this mild purple light, Long Haochen suddenly felt some familiarity. This familiar feeling wasn’t coming from a demon, but seemed to…

Thinking about this point, Long Haochen suddenly had a change on the expression in his eyes. However, it very quickly returned to normal.

Immediately, the large snake sculpture on top of that massive demon god pillar seemed to come to life. A dark shadow appeared from nowhere, quietly adhering to the body of the Devil Snake Demon God’s body.

Long Haochen’s pupils abruptly dilated, because to his shock he saw that after assimilating that shadow, the Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius unexpectedly enlarged at an astonishing speed. The aura on his body also gained in size and power. That massive aura seemed to originate from his blood vessels, but it seemed to be an extraordinary energy that doesn’t belong to this world. His strength remained at the peak of the eighth step, but the intensity of his aura even surpassed a powerhouse of the ninth step.

From afar, the Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius seemed to have fused completely with his demon god pillar, and even the snake spears in his hands kept on enlarging.

The Forest Boa King kept bellowing continuously, and the three golden glows on his back illuminated even more. Circles of jade colored radiance spread out from his body, dispersing the darkness essence in the air at an astonishing speed. What replaced it was two kinds of particular elemental fluctuations reeking of life and death. The poison in the swamps became even more dense in the air, an acid raid of poison started to fall.

As that rain of poison fell on Andromalius, one could distinctly hear some tingling sound, accompanied by a faint smoke. From this can one well imagine the great danger associated with the attack.
It was indeed far from something easy to deal with.

With his strength that reached the ninth step, the Forest Boa King was already able to alter and control the surrounding environment. This was a kind of Domain-like ability. But visibly, the Forest Boa King was not yet able to launch a real domain. The same goes for the Saw Skate King Long Haochen’s group encountered previously.

From what is known, to truly control a Domain, the requirement is to be at least at the third rank of the ninth step, in other words, to surpass 300,000 units of spiritual energy.

And any powerhouse able to control a Domain, whether he is from the Temple Alliance or the demons, is an outstanding existence. The Devil Snake God evidently suffered great pain, which could be heard in his deafening roar. His swollen figure which was already over meters tall went straight for the Forest Boa King.

The demon god pillar that accorded him a boost, was something all demon god possess, as well as an ability exclusive to the seventy-two demon gods, called Demon God Transformation.

A demon god in a Demon God Transformed state will gain a massive boost in aura and strength. His or her external spiritual energy will rise to an extremely terrifying level.

For instance, the current Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius was still at the peak of the eighth step in internal spiritual energy, but his external spiritual energy was already at the ninth step. With every different demon god pillar come different fields and degrees of amplifications.

From this, one can imagine the degree of terror if the Demon God Emperor were to complete the Demon God Transformation from his Devil Dragon Pillar.

As the two immense snake spears aimed straight for the Forest Boa King, an intense elemental explosion occurred in mid-air.
In fact, under the control of the Forest Boa King of the ninth step, the surrounding elemental fluctuations were dispersed, but he was unable to disperse the elemental essence coming out from the demon god pillar. Andromalius harmonized himself with his demon god pillar, so would he let himself be affected?

Jade and black clashed in the air, producing an explosion of incomparable intensity, repelling all the surrounding swamps. Massive shock waves dispersed, blowing the acid rain away. Some Devil Snakes of insufficient spiritual energy or that didn’t dodge in time were also caught in it, and shouts could be heard for a moment.

This was visibly done intentionally by the Forest Boa King. As a ruler of the Swamps of Gloom, he had numerous means of self-protection. When this mighty being unleashes his power, he won’t show weakness even against a demon god.

The fight between Andromalius and the Forest Boa King looked very simple and direct, and the Forest Boa King’s massive body was brazenly exposed in front of all the Devil Snakes.

His build reached a terrifying length of over sixty meters, and the thickest part of his body reached five meters in diameter. This was such a terribly massive monster! Even after getting a boost from the demon god pillar, Andromalius still paled in comparison to him.

The two powerhouses both had such massive builds, and both also primarily excelled in using external spiritual energy.

A red and jade colored spiritual energy frantically devoured each other.
At every clash, the two powerhouses let out a sound close to a groan.

Long Haochen was silently observing from afar, filled with some shock. He was already certain that even if his comrades and himself were to cooperate and focus on one of those two only, their odds of victory would hardly exceed thirty three percent!
This was the strength of a powerhouse of the ninth step! It was even enough to cause changes to the surrounding terrain. If not for Andromalius’ voluntary effort to redirect most of the shock waves in the air, it was highly possibly that none of the Devil Snakes remaining here would survive those. So he had to get involved to prevent that.

Immense radiance kept rising to the sky, and the very dense poisonous fog was unexpectedly pushed away by the battle. Faintly, one could see traces of sunshine.

Strong! Long Haochen was secretly exclaiming in admiration, naturally directing this praise at the Forest Boa King.

Even though the Forest Boa King is a magical beast, one cannot underestimate him. Very clearly, from the start of the battle, he was the one who incited Andromalius to direct the reverberations of spiritual energy in the air. And Andromalius had no choice but to do this, because this was the only way for him to prevent his clansmen from receiving damage from their attacks.

However, the poison in the air was dispersed, and the consequent appearance of sunlight was to the darkness elemental Snake Devil God an obvious source of massive weakness. At the time sunlight fell upon them, the Forest Boa King was unaffected, but the Devil Snake Demon God was burnt, which had the effect of somewhat weakening his fusion with his demon god pillar.

In fact, if this was in the external world, at the time the demon gods would burst out with his power, their demon god pillars would naturally produce some dark clouds obstructing the sunlight. But at this moment, the Forest Boa King clearly wouldn’t give his opponent this opportunity.

“You all leave this battlefield.” The Devil Snake God was still clashing against the Forest Boa King and harassing him, when in his hands, the Snake Spear left two deep scars on his opponent. At this time, he shouted these words in rage towards his subordinates.

Chapter 438

The Devil Snakes retreated with haste, stepping in the poisonous fog while leaving the battle. Only the four Medusas remained, remaining concealed behind the demon god pillar.

A chance!

Long Haochen’s eyes glistened almost maniacally. No longer watching the clash between the two great powerhouses, which he thought was an undoubtedly rare occasion, paired with a chance to complete the Demon Hunt Squad Missions they took.

His figure twinkled, stepping back into the poisonous fog. Long Haochen didn’t summon his comrades, as this time, too many wouldn’t necessarily be for the better. He also wanted the others to keep their strength, so he chose to enter the poisonous fog alone, to chase.

To avoid releasing a powerful holy aura, he didn’t use Aria of the Goddess of Light. In his right hand was the Rippling Light, and his senses perked up, feeling the location of the retreating Devil Snakes. The Devil Snakes were completely relying on their sense of smell at this time, but in this place full of poisonous fog, it was visibly massively weakened.

Long Haochen very rapidly groped the back of a Devil Snake, and thrusting the sword in his hand, he produced a flash of light while instantly piercing the skull of that Devil Snake.

Long Haochen’s sword intent was something even Ah’Bao wouldn’t dare confront, so there was nothing to say about these Devil Snakes.
The fighting intent he had been restraining erupted, as Long Haochen was completely driven by his senses. Every time he made a move, his location changed instantly, using the simplest of pattern of attacks with Demon Wiping Flash.

Combined with sword intent, Demon Wiping Flash made a perfect match, without a doubt killing a Devil Snake at every strike. More terrifyingly, the Devil Snakes all died being penetrated in the head by Long Haochen’s swords, hardly even getting the chance to scream. Occasionally, little sounds would be heard, but interrupted as their throat would get pierced, with their owner cowering in fear.

And Long Haochen was not the only one interfering the fleeing Devil Snakes; don’t forget about the Forest Boas that submerged themselves in the swamps!

The Forest Boas bitterly hated these intruders. At the time the Devil Snake King gave the Devil Snakes the order to retreat, the Forest Boa King also used his own methods to give his clansmen the order to chase.

As a result, the Devil Snakes whose vision wasn’t clear were hunted as food by the Forest Boas.

As Long Haochen’s senses were on full tilt, he could of course perceive the current situation of these Devil Snakes. In the poisonous fog, a surge of spiritual energy of darkness element kept sweeping past one after another. This was the counterattack launched by the Devil Snakes. However, without the demon god pillar to disperse the fog, their fighting strength plummeted substantially, let alone their co-ordination. For a moment, these elites Devil Snakes could be said to be subject to a disastrous destruction.

The Swamps of Gloom was still in the end a territory under the control of the Forest Boas, which could even be called their domain, their home ground. he Forest Boa King had been ruling over this place for who knows how long, to the extent that even the Saw Skate King surpassing him in strength didn’t reach his status as a ruler. Although the Snake Demon God Andromalius had the advantage, gaining victory against him was not going to be such an easy feat.
It could be said that when these ordinary Forest Boas started submerging into the swamps, Andromalius was already caught in the trap of the Forest Boa King.

At this moment, as Andromalius was merged as one with his demon god pillar, his perception in Demon God Transformed state was a lot higher than usua

One had no choice but to admit that the Demon God Transformed Andromalius’s situation was quite terrible. In this state, his body was not the slightest bit inferior to the Forest Boa King, and in his hands, there were powerful weapons. The scars inflicted on the Forest Boa King’s body kept increasing, and although Andromalius didn’t have it easy either, his recovery speed still vastly surpassed his enemy’s. And moreover, he still had helpers beside him.

Four pairs of white eyes opened without a sound behind the distant demon god pillar, and eight white beams hit the body of the Forest Boa King in a flash.

Suddenly, the whole body of the Forest Boa King went rigid, making a frantic turn. With this, another layer of his snake skin came off, as he resisted the effects of Petrification.

This undoubtedly made Andromalius’ attacks lose a lot of their ferocity.

How could Andromalius let go of such a good chance? His eyes were soaked in blood, and the spears in his hands held high, despite that his massive and supple body, was close to forming an angle of ninety degrees. A strong darkness essence of black color attached itself to the two spears, before they ferociously struck the Forest Boa King’s body.

Blood spattered, some dark green blood flew in all directions. Shouting in rage, the Forest Boa King shot out at full force, creating some distance with Andromalius with difficulty, but one could clearly see some black light curling up on his body. On that massive wound were traces of severe corrosion.

The Forest Boa King was utterly furious, and flames were almost gushing out from his jade colored eyes. A terrible green projectile of one meter diameter shot out, directly smashing against Andromalius.

As this person was doing his utmost, one thought surged to Andromalius’ mind, as his body made an horizontal turn. That was the internal pill of a powerhouse of the ninth step. Although he wanted to take it, if this item under control of the Forest Boa King were to smash his body, even if is was more durable, it could only end up unfavorably for him.

The same time he did this turn, a gaudy dark golden color started to lit up Andromalius’ body. As he lifted up the spear in his hand, a mirage appeared beside him with a strident hiss. It was about the same as his body in height, heading straight for that internal pill.

But a strange scene followed. The originally enraged Forest Boa King suddenly revealed a shrewd look. His overbearing internal pill actually made a turn in the air, and didn’t aim at Andromalius, but straight at that demon god pillar.

Andromalius showed great surprise, but the next instant, his eyes suddenly revealed an expression of disdain. The Forest Boa King was scheming against him, but wasn’t he doing the same?


The whole Swamps of Gloom shook up violently, and an intense explosion burst on the seventy-second demon god pillar. Violent green and black light blossomed therein.

This time, the Forest Boa King made a miscalculation. He knew from the beginning that the real threat against him was not Andromalius, but this pillar he brought. But he also understood clearly that finding a chance to attack it was in no way going to be easy.
He acted as if enraged against Andromalius, and shot the internal pill. Having found this extremely rare opportunity, how could he not go all out in his attack? From his viewpoint, as long as this demon god pillar was destroyed, Andromalius could only die in defeat after this.

However, he miscalculated something: his estimate of the strength possessed by the demon god pillar.

In that violent explosion, the Forest Boa King’s body suddenly shivered ardently, as if subject to symptoms of malaria. His internal pill bounced back to him at an astonishing speed, but the jade light on it became a lot darker.

Not only that, but the radiance glowing on the Forest Boa King also dimmed.

Andromalius howled with laughter, before throwing himself at him once again. All along, the mirage born from him followed disregarding everything and launching attacks. He wasn’t going to let such a great chance slip by.

In the history of humanity and demonkind, situation of a demon god getting killed happened many times over, but the seventy-two demon god pillars guarding demonkind were never destroyed. Even a divine tool has never destroyed these demon treasures, to say nothing about the internal pill of a Forest Boa King.

After this miscalculation, the Forest Boa King suffered a violent backlash due to the violent clash suffered by his internal pill, putting it into an extremely weak state. The Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius took advantage of this, frantically launching attacks. For a moment, the body of the Forest Boa King kept getting blown to pieces, visibly somewhat unable to endure.

In terms of strength, the Forest Boa King should originally have held an absolute advantage, after all the gap between the ninth step and the peak of the eighth step corresponds to an incredible gap, and the Forest Boa King was in complete control of the elemental essence in the area.
However, the demon god pillar just showed too great a utility. Not only giving the Snake Devil God a powerful backup in elemental essence, but also raising his external spiritual energy over a hundred thousand units. This caused the gap between the two sides to decrease.

The Forest Boa King was already successful in his past series of plans, and this caused his self confidence to grow, to the extent of committing a fatal mistake with his internal pill that got inflicted a backlash due to the demon god pillar, leading to such an absolute disadvantage.

However, the bombarding of the internal pill against the demon god pillar just before didn’t prove out useless. At least, the four Medusas hidden behind it fell into the swamps due to the powerful shockwaves, letting out blood from their mouth and nose. Rapidly climbing up, they still avoided getting sunk into the swamps though.

Although Medusas had quite overwhelming abilities, they were in the end still Devil Snakes of the sixth step only. The offensive power of the internal pill was completely sustained by the demon god pillar, but the terrible surge of spiritual energy that came along spread to a certain range, still injuring these four Medusas.

A faint green flash came, before coming to a sudden stagnation. This sudden movement and stop appeared very weird, and the position of its stagnation was the center of the area occupied by the four Medusas.

Immediately, that green color turned into a tornado, bursting out in countless green circles. With a piercing hissing sound, those four Medusas immediately screamed loudly.

At this time they didn’t even dare open their eyes, because the violent fluctuations of spiritual energy caused them to enter a dizzy state. What if the Petrifying Rays were to fall on their comrades? In fact, even the Medusas themselves weren’t immune to their Petrifying Rays.

Nonetheless, these Medusas were still powerhouses of the sixth step. The snake hair on their head bubbled up frantically, in an attempt to resist against the green attacks. However, all their snake hair were reduced to
fragments upon contact with the green light, which was the reason for their screams. That was a part of their own bodies!

Chapter 439

Suddenly hearing screams behind him, the Snake Demon God Andromalius unconsciously looked back. This look seemed indifferent, but caused him to pale with fright the next instant.

Because of the concealment of the demon god pillar, he was unable to clearly see the appearance of that green light. In his train of thought, he naturally associated it to the Forest Boas, after all the spiritual energy emitted by them is also of this color. At the very moment that he was in battle with the Forest Boa King, coupled with the fact that the surrounding spiritual energy was under control of the Forest Boa King, this would massively affect his plans.

The four Medusas were finally unable to bear any longer, and opened their eyes. Their snake hair were twisted in light, and that sharp aura already reached out from them. Be it demons or humans, in those circumstances, anyone would chose to save themselves. And they were after all able to sense the location of the enemy, but at the time they opened their eyes, the ones who appeared in their sight were their own kin. As for the splendid green figure from whom those dazzling skills originated, it was several meters away from their sight, causing him to be out of their field of view.

The four of them were instantly petrified, as the Medusas ended up hitting each other. After getting petrified, their bodies sunk into the swamps.

That green light didn’t even give them the chance to be buried. Immediately kicking the four petrified Medusas, he sent them flying
towards a distant vine.

With a green glint, they disappeared from behind the demon god pillar.

“Arrgh!” Andromalius shouted in fury. Among the Devil Snakes, the most precious of his kin were the Medusas. Due to their petrifying abilities, reproducing them was extremely difficult. And with their level of power, they formed the left and right arms of the Devil Snake God. The mature Medusas among their whole race only had a count of six, among whom the last two were keeping watch over the territory, while the other four were brought along by Andromalius. But he never expected that these four Medusas would actually die in such murky circumstances. In his fury, it was naturally against the Forest Boa King towards whom all his rage was directed. This enmity could only be washed away with the blood of the enemy.

This time, the Forest Boa King ended up unjustly blamed, and even he was unable to make head or tail of this situation. That was because he clearly sensed that the green glow was of wind element, thus not from his men. However, since someone else was giving him a helping hand, this made one more reason he couldn’t let himself be done by Andromalius. Atop of that, with the disappearance from the threat of the four Medusas, the pressure on him was reduced by a big margin. This time of moderation permitted him to recover a lot of his spiritual energy, and now was the time for it to erupt, in the battle to death against Andromalius.

The four petrified Medusas were already transferred into Long Haochen’s Eternal Melody.

If he didn’t take a good opportunity such as the previous one, Long Haochen wouldn’t be true to himself.

The Medusa sisters certainly have good perception, which could be seen from their ability to sense their surroundings even with the eyes closed. If they didn’t have a good enough perception, how would they be able to aim for the enemies without their eyesight? For this reason, Long Haochen kept his aim locked at the Medusas but didn’t take care of this by himself.
In his original plans, he wanted to have Wang Yuanyuan dispose of them, as the instant teleportation from the Spiritual Stove of Spatial Gate was undoubtedly the most suited choice to kill the Medusas. However, Long Haochen was still worried by the fact

As Long Haochen was considering on who should accompany Wang Yuanyuan, the Forest Boa King created a great chance for him.

The Tenth Holy Guard then reappeared in the battlefield, performing a dance of wind without holding anything back. The four Medusas then ended getting caught in their own trap, finally getting disposed with their own Petrification Rays.

Having managed to get rid of the four Medusas smoothly, Long Haochen undoubtedly breathed out with great relief. They weren’t like the Forest Boa King, who could resolve the problem of the Petrifying Rays with his layers of skin. While settling some later troubles, this also relieved the Forest Boa King of a great inconvenience. The clash between these two great powerhouses obviously reached even greater tempo, which relieved Long Haochen of even more worries. Once again stepping back inside the dense fog, he murmured a sentence to the Tenth Holy Guard before going back to exterminate the Devil Snakes elite.

But to avoid being found out by Andromalius, Long Haochen still showed a lot of self-control, exercising restraint on his light attribute to the greatest extent, and relying solely on sword intent to kill the enemies. His powerful senses enabled him to see in the fog like it was nothing, and what followed was the successive cries of the Devil Snakes. At the same time, he intentionally avoided the Forest Boas, and the two sides that were originally no allies ended up matching well in the attack.

Of course, Long Haochen wouldn’t let the Devil Snakes elites disposed in his hands get swallowed in the swamps. These were Devil Snakes at least at the fifth step, and their corpse and internal pills both fetched for a great price. Has-drug bro will definitely appreciate these!

Nonetheless, these Devil Snakes were elites among their clan. After the short time of panic from getting ambushed, the few Devil Snakes acting as
their leaders repeatedly hissed loudly, to guide them with sound, and call the other Devil Snakes to regroup. This way, even without a clear line of sight, the dozens of wounded Forest Boas would still no longer be a big threat for them. Long Haochen also ended up only able to hunt and kill a few of the Devil Snakes on the outside, and didn’t dare approach recklessly. Having this many Devil Snake powerhouses attack him in a group would be quite terrible. And he couldn’t consume too much of his important fighting power, for there was a battle that was awaiting him later. The Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius was now unable to attend to his own clansmen, as to him, nothing was more important than killing the Forest Boa King currently. This would enable him to raise his cultivation, having a good opportunity to advance to the ninth step! In his eyes, the Forest Boa King was the best tonic possible.

The Forest Boa King wouldn’t let himself be done in easily. His massive body burst out with a jadeite like radiance, and although the attacks of Andromalius kept inflicting scars on his body, his massive vitality was his best support. Unceasingly turning around, he attempted to twist Andromalius’ body, while opening his large mouth wide to bite him repeatedly, forcing him to proceed with utter care.

Actually, the Forest Boa King shouldn’t be in such disadvantage when facing Andromalius, even with the existence of the demon god pillar. Although the Forest Boas don’t have really powerful abilities, they still possess a massive vitality far above other magical beasts of the same rank. Even if one’s body was cut to pieces, that wouldn’t necessarily be mortally injured for it. It was just that, from having his internal pill bombarding the demon god pillar before, the Forest Boa King suffered a really large loss, wounded to his core, which led to such a disadvantageous situation for him.

Andromalius was covered in a dark red luster. Although his figure after Demon God Transformation became massive, it remained agile, and with that, the dual snake spears in his hands kept going up and down, not giving the Forest Boa King any chance of damaging him, while leaving scars on his body without pause.

Aren’t you strong in vitality? Then let me exhaust your vitality until it ends. At the same time, Andromalius still had a large fear of Forest Boa
King’s internal pill, which is why he didn’t dare use his whole strength at once. The cunning of the Forest Boa King was something that gave him trouble not once or twice.

Dark green blood was continuously gushing out from the confrontation between these two great powerhouses. The Forest Boa King was visibly weakened, and with the backup from the demon god pillar, Andromalius’ darkness spiritual energy seemed inexhaustible. Above his snake spears, ten meter long dark red radiances were sprayed out. He didn’t even use skills to attack from a distance, repeatedly leaping up, and attacking. All he used were the most direct and barbaric ways to wound the massive Forest Boa King.

Finally, the Forest Boa King’s body became unable to bear, and suddenly letting out a howl of rage, he once again spouted a dark green glow.

Andromalius remained very tense up till now, only waiting for this. With a flash of reddish black light, his body disappeared baselessly, appearing at the rear of his demon god pillar.

There was no doubt that he was waiting for this. At the time the internal pill of the Forest Boa King once again smashed the demon god pillar, his victory would become certain.

However, just like Andromalius kept scheming against the Forest Boa King, the Forest Boa King similarly schemed against him. That dark green light only advanced for one meter, before getting absorbed back, without shooting for real. Then, the massive Forest Boa King directly sunk into the swamps.

The swamps. This was the true territory of the Forest Boa King. The reason why Forest Boa King hadn’t done this before wasn’t because he didn’t want to, but because he didn’t dare. With how massive his body was, even if his strength was even greater, entering the swamps needed time, and that short span of time was sufficient for Andromalius to inflict serious injuries to him.
So this time, Andromalius turned out to be the one who was fooled. Relying on the ability of instant return to teleport beside his demon god pillar to avoid that attack, he gave the Forest Boa King sufficient time to escape into the swamps.

And furthermore, the teleportation ability of the demon god pillar isn’t useable as one wishes. After every use, one would need to wait a long time before using it again. This teleportation in itself isn’t an ability belonging to Andromalius, thus could only be used within a certain range. Otherwise, if the demon gods were able to teleport out of any ambush, humanity would have been screwed long ago.

This time, Andromalius’ nose turned at a crooked angle, and his response still ended up too late. The Forest Boa King was already back in the swamps, and all he could do was to vent out on these oozy swamps, attacking it at full strength with the hope to inflict some wounds to the Forest Boa King indirectly.

In the ooze, the Forest Boa King was like a fish in the water, and the traces of his presence disappeared instantly.

These two powerhouses were fighting and scheming against each other, and with the stratagems both sides relied on, it could be said that none of them managed to entirely suppress the other.

Andromalius was also extremely shrewd. Seeing his opponent disappear, his rough tail was immediately flung in front of the demon god pillar, pushing himself to climb on top of it, to leave the area of swamps. Only by relying on the demon god pillar, his strength was displayed at its greatest heights while the Forest Boa King was greatly weakened. With the enemy having gone out of sight, he opted for the most reliable choice, truly proving himself to be one of the seventy-two demon gods.

Chapter 440

The Forest Boa King didn’t show initiative of attacking once again, waiting for an opportunity. The time they were fighting to their heart’s contents just before visibly eased down.

Powerful fluctuations of spiritual energy circulated in the air, and both knew their opponent was watching them, but no one dared move. At their level of strength, in case one gets seriously wounded, turning over the situation would be very difficult.

The Forest Boa King had already threatened his life before, and if not for how he deceived Andromalius, he would very possibly have been suppressed to death.

Andromalius’ brain was operating rapidly, and his senses spreading out.
Pointing his snake spears to the ground, he didn’t dare relax.

However, he quickly found a chance.

Now that the Forest Boa King’s body disappeared in the swamps, that cave he was obstructing before appeared in his view.

From the human point of view, this cave could be considered very large, but to the Forest Boa King or the Demon God Transformed Andromalius, it wasn’t very wide.

Its diameter was roughly thirty meters, the whole cave was surrounded with vines, spreading out from the swamps. Vaguely, one could see a faint light shining inside the cave.
Without a doubt, life is more precious than any treasures, and after getting threatened fatally, the Forest Boa King had to renounce on the defense of this cave.

A cold smile appeared on the face of Andromalius, So you want to hide?
Okay, but I don’t believe you’d abandon that cave.

The treasure inside this cave was originally the first objective of Andromalius. No matter whether he could kill the Forest Boa King or search for this treasure, the final result was good. At least this won’t have turned into a wasted trip.

After locking his target, Andromalius, moved without hurry. Attaching himself to his demon god pillar, he kept breathing. That pillar started to exude some brilliant black rays, that was absorbed into his abdomen. This kept increasing his imposing stature, and recovered the spiritual energy he had consumed before at an astonishing speed.

No matter what one may say, the demon god standing near this demon god pillar was still the last ranked of all, but with its support, he still managed, against the expectations, to suppress a Forest Boa King of the Tenth step.

A massive body started curling up and on its back, a pair of large black wings unfolded, emitting some dark red color. Some sort of dark red color throbbing veins could clearly be seen on him, as Andromalius’ breathing kept going on.

Seeing that he was on the verge of being back to his peak state, Andromalius finally set on move. His curling body suddenly ejected, shooting like a bolt of dark red lightning inside the cave.

From his demon god pillar to the cave, the distance was close to two or three hundred meters, but given his strength and speed, and with the assistance from the wings on his back, he reached it almost instantaneously.

Attacking to bait the enemy out. This was his plot. The Forest Boa King had no choice but give in to this overt plot, unless he accepted to let go of
the treasure inside of this cave.

But very clearly, the Forest Boa King was unwilling to let go of it. The instant right before Andromalius reached the cave, an intense green light erupted from the swamps, mixing with the ooze to form a greenish black color. This was the accumulated spiritual energy, that unexpectedly showed a solidified shape. For the sake of the thing in that cave, the Forest Boa King was doing his utmost, because the thing inside of that cave was just too important in his eyes.

Since Andromalius dared act, he clearly made his preparations long ago.
That greenish black projectil

A strange scene followed. Surprisingly, Andromalius ignored that pill, and waved up his two spears, thrusting at the Forest Boa King.

No matter how cunning this Forest Boa King was, he couldn’t have expected Andromalius to dare meet him so recklessly. His original plan was to frighten Andromalius and push him to escape. The internal pill of a magical beast of tenth step, is it something so easy to bear? The unshakable demon god pillar aside, if this landed onto Andromalius, it would be fatal to him.

However, all of this happened too fast, and even if the Forest Boa King wanted to change his attack, it was already impossible at this point.



A severe explosion occurred at the same time as enraged roars were heard. The source of it was the attack from the Forest Boa’s internal pill. That powerful internal pill smashed the chest of the Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius, producing a violent explosion that tore his whole chest to shreds, and produced a hole of diameter exceeding two meters around the wound.
But the Forest Boa King was no better off. As Andromalius’ staked everything at once, his snake spears hit his eyes with a piercing blow, going as far as to penetrate his head. Dark green blood was flowing along with a red liquid in all directions.

A concentrated fishy stench spread immediately all around

A mutual destruction? No. In the contest of scheme, the final winner still ended up to be Andromalius.

From having his chest pierced, Andromalius fell into the swamps, but his massive body rapidly turned into countless specks of blackish red light flying in the direction of the demon god pillar.

Andromalius being originally five meters tall, appeared now at the other side of the Forest Boa King. And the two long spears that pierced the head of the Forest Boa gradually shrank in size.

Demon God Incarnation was a powerful ability brought by a demon god pillar. And this scene was clearly seen by Long Haochen, who was back to the edge of their battlefield. He couldn’t help but let out a breath at the scene. If he didn’t see it personally, he wouldn’t have been able to imagine that Andromalius actually had such a powerful ability in reserve.

Using himself as bait, and launching the fatal blow at a time the enemy was certain to get baited. Andromalius’ plan went as expected, and the Forest Boa King finally ended up dead.

However, Andromalius wasn’t very well either. Dark red blood kept flowing out from his cavities, and his originally sinister looks became all the more intimidating.

All of this just happened too fast, and no one could have anticipated the conclusion to turn out this way.

Nonetheless, the battle wasn’t yet over, and the Forest Boa King with fatal wounds at the head turned back madly, immediately setting off at the direction of the wide expanse of swamps. Terrifying fluctuations of spiritual
energy immediately burst out at astonishing speed, just like hundred magical cannons shooting at once.

Long Haochen didn’t dare stay there, and rapidly brought the Tenth Holy Guard away from there. The last struggle from a magical beast of the tenth step was terrifying.

Andromalius flapped his wings, going up in the air. He unexpectedly tried to conceal his own presence, covered in a black cover, and letting none of his blood drop.

Actually, using Demon God Incarnation came with a severe overdraft to Andromalius.

In case this ability is used, Demon God Transformation would be sealed for a short time, and he would be injured to the core. It wasn’t as simple as Long Haochen saw it: just like a spiritual stove, with a greater power came a more severe backlash.

If he had the choice, Andromalius would rather not have used this trump card, but he had no other choice. If he went for the safe way, that would scare away the severely wounded Forest Boa King, who’d let go of the treasure inside. But he was unwilling to let go of the great tonic the Forest Boa King could serve as! For this reason, he didn’t even want to give the Forest Boa King the opportunity to go away and could only use himself as bait for that, for the sake of inflicting the fatal blow.

The frantic struggle of the Forest Boa King lasted for more than a quarter of an hour, but this prepared blow of Andromalius was just too powerful. For whichever magical beast, having one’s brain pierced and devastated by darkness spiritual energy would hardly come with a chance of survival. With this severe injury, the massive vital force of the Forest Boa King was slipping out with no choice.

Andromalius was actually not the slightest bit worried anymore. This time, his damage was just disastrous. Four Medusas ended up killed, though, the reward was also massive. When thinking of his advancement to the ninth step, gaining him at least a place at the top forty-eight demon
gods, his heart started to burn. Moreover, he still didn’t know what treasure the Forest Boa King was defending. For the Forest Boa King to be so attached to it, it shouldn’t be ordinary.

Thinking about it, Andromalius’ body started to convulse in excitement.

Finally, the struggles of the Forest Boa King weakened, and even his internal pill fell into the swamps, instead of getting swallowed back. His massive vital force was already close to nonexistent.

Andromalius relaxed his breath, an unbearable intense curiosity filling him. Seeing the internal pill devoid of the aura from the Forest Boa, he was unable to control the ecstasy filling him.

The wings on his back vanished. And quietly approaching the swamps, Andromalius was still filled with great confidence regarding his last blow. And he also had full confidence in his perception, due to sensing that the internal pill was indeed devoid of the aura belonging to the Forest Boa King. A magical beast of the tenth step that even let go of his own internal pill, could only have done so if his soul already left this world eternally.

Quietly falling atop of the swamp, Andromalius grabbed the internal pill with his hand. Of course, he didn’t choose this place to absorb the internal pill of the Forest Boa King. This thing was certainly precious, but the spiritual energy accumulated inside was really massive. The best course of action was to return to safety before taking the time to absorb it, for the sake of breaking through his final bottleneck.

Placing the internal pill in his hand and verifying that it had no trace left of the aura of the Forest Boa King, the Devil Snake Andromalius finally loosened his vigilance.

After so long, he finally achieved his objective. His ecstasy from this was as one might well imagine.

However, it was actually too soon for him to celebrate. The instant he let loose his guard, the Forest Boa King that seemed devoid of life suddenly moved.
That head already soaked in blood suddenly flung to the side, fiercely aiming at the back of Andromalius.
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