Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 411-420

Chapter 411

Ye Xiaolei’s mouth twitched at the corners, “Look at this! He suffered so much for your sake, and yet you actually forgot about him?” Saying this, she raised her hand and revealed a deep green screen in front of Cai’er. Its display was a bit distorted in the middle, but it revealed traces of light and shadow.

The bright screen grew till it reached a meter in size, and in its middle appeared a clear scene. The image portrayed Long Haochen and Cai’er, and the scene of the demons besieging their group was displayed.

In the image, each of Long Haochen’s movements was concise and exact, and he showed no hesitation to use his own body to block the hits aimed at Cai’er, time and time again.

Even from only looking at this depiction, one could clearly feel Long Hoachen’s body being broken while he suffered a mad loss of vital energy . However, Cai’er who was protected by him didn’t have the slightest wound on her, and even when besieged by that many demon powerhouses, the only one who ended up wounded was Long Haochen himself.

The scene changed fast, but this short record was enough to fill anyone with shock.

Cai’er’s look was still blank, but didn’t have the same coldness and alarm as before, as she murmured to herself, “That… Is that me? Is that really me? Who… Who am I?”
Another person was in even bigger shock than her, and that was Yue Ye. Seeing the desperate scene in the image, she finally understood why this young knight ended up with such a mass of injuries. He only suffered them to protect Cai’er! He not only protected her life, but also defended her mystical burst of insight, and didn’t even mind igniting his own life to do so. If not for Ye Xiaolei’s prompt arrival, if he didn’t die from this, he’d definitely suffered sequelae, or perhaps even remained maimed for his whole life.

For a man to go that far for a girl, there was already no need to prove anything else.

Conversely, in the image, she also saw Ah’Bao, but he was attacking with all his might, attempting to kill both Long Haochen and Cai’er.

Yue Ye was deeply pondering. At the time he attacked Long Haochen’s group, just what was Ah’Bao thinking?

Her face looked pale, and the grievance turned her insides ice-cold. When she shot a glance at Cai’er, she couldn’t help but show some sincere envy, or perhaps even some jealousy. If I had gotten to know him earlier, no matter what, I would have grabbed his heart at any cost. But now…

But she only revealed a regretful look, and did no more. She actually didn’t have any courage to fight for him now.

After the display faded away, Cai’er still stood here, repeating the same words as before, looking more and more frantic.

Long Haochen was unable to move, otherwise he wouldn’t have spared any cost to hold her in his arms, and console her terrified heart, even if she had that massive sickle as a part of her.

With a wave of her hand, Ye Xiaolei spoke, “Hey, you understand now, don’t you? He’s your man! If you don’t want of him, I’m sure many other girls will be fighting over him.”
But Cai’er didn’t even pay the slightest attention to her, only standing there with a blank look, mumbling those same words to herself.

“Xiaolei, what’s going on with Cai’er?” Long Haochen hastily asked.

Ye Xiaolei turned around to look at him, revealing a bitter smile, “I don’t know either. During one’s awakening as a god’s chosen one, that person is sure to have an awakening of his or her spirit. Although the energy from her awakening was already all absorbed

“Then do you have some way to help her?” Long Haochen kept asking hastily.

Ye Xiaolei shrugged her shoulders, “I’m not a god, and even a god isn’t omnipotent! The human brain has a very complicated structure, and everyone has an entirely unique spirit.

I can heal injuries on one’s body, but since her spirit and brain were affected, which relate to her soul, even a necromancer would have no way to heal her. Unless you kill her, and take away her soul. Perhaps that kind of necromancer would do something like that.”

Long Haochen asked in alarm, “Then… Then Cai’er won’t ever recover?”

Ye Xiaolei replied, “Of course not. Among the known spells, none can wipe a human’s memories, it is unlike taking one’s soul and life. That’s how deeply one’s memories are rooted in the brain. Therefore, her memories didn’t really disappear. It’s just that along with the change of her spiritual energy, they became blocked by something like a screen, during her awakening as a chosen one of the god of death. That’s just like when you encounter a bottleneck during your cultivation. As long as she breaks through this screen, her memories will naturally return.

Usually, the bottlenecks of your human cultivation require continuous understanding and cultivation to break through them, but this kind of screen will need you to treat her well, and try to summon her memories, to possibly break. It’s just that her condition looks quite critical. Don’t be
overly impatient, you need her to accept you by her side first of all. Okay, I’ll give you a little more help. Perhaps putting her to sleep for a little while will do some good.”

Saying that, Ye Xiaolei slightly opened her mouth in Cai’er’s direction, exhaling a dark green fog that drifted towards Cai’er.

Cai’er’s terrified look gradually became tranquil, as if that dark green fog was very pleasant. Lightly breathing it in, her expression became hazy, and soon, she fell softly to the ground, already sound asleep.

“Thank you, Xiaolei. I will forever keep this favor in my heart. You really are a lifesaver.” Long Haochen declared with resolution. He was the most clear on how critical his own injuries had been, and that Ye Xiaolei definitely needed to spend a good quantity of mental and physical effort to heal him. He wasn’t an expert at praising others, but would deeply engrave this kind of favor in his heart. It wasn’t the only time Ye Xiaolei helped them, and he clearly remembered the promise he made to her in the Illusory Paradise.

Ye Xiaolei unhappily replied, “No need for thanks. This was for the deal between the two of us. However, be careful in the future. If you get fatally wounded, even I will be helpless. I have to leave now, the aura of death here is really too annoying. Still, I have no choice but to admit that this necromancer ought to have been a terrible existence during his life. Don’t forget our promise!”

Long Haochen nodded to her, “I promise that I will do it no matter what. Anyway, I still have to thank you.” He already stopped seeing Ye Xiaolei as a mere little girl long ago. This young lady from the Illusory Paradise was not only intelligent, but also had a knowledge that adults would envy.

Ye Xiaolei suddenly had some thoughts, and said resolutely, “Your strength is growing very fast, I’m very satisfied. However, you have to keep something in mind. Although this necromancer is of the light element, which is extremely rarely seen in this field, his inheritance is absolutely not suited to you. That’s because his power contains a massive
rancor, which isn’t something you can bear. In case you succeed in inheriting his legacy, you will very possibly be affected by this rancor, and soon after become like him. This is something you are unable to change. For this reason, you can keep training in the tower of this necromancer, but never cross the last step, no matter what. In other words, never try to get enter the last floor of this tower.”

In puzzlement, Long Haochen asked, “Can’t this rancor be dispelled?”

Ye Xiaolei shook her head, “At least you cannot. Being of the same element as him. In case you inherit his power, even the goddess of light won’t be able to protect you from having this kind of rancor enter you. And you won’t be able to surpass it! Your girlfriend, who just lost her memories, is more suited to it.

The power of the god of death she succeeds is extreme. However, this necromancer has already chosen you, and you can’t do anything to change that. Anyway, listen to me and you will be fine. I wouldn’t try to cause harm to you! Okay, then I’m going. Remember my words.”

Saying that, Ye Xiaolei pointed her finger to the void, once again opening that green gate of light. Taking a step forward, the little girl shook the braids on her head, and disappeared into the green light.

Seeing her vanish, Long Haochen’s eyes flashed with thankfulness. But rapidly, it got replaced by worries. Even he felt confused about the fact that Cai’er lost her memories. Since even Ye Xiaolei was unable to treat her, recovery was probably only possibly by relying on herself.

“Yue Ye, please help me sit straight.” Long Haochen asked the nearby Yue Ye. Because of his worry towards Cai’er, he didn’t even notice that something was wrong with Yue Ye’s state of mind.

Hearing Long Haochen’s voice, Yue Ye was slightly shaken, and unconsciously joined his side, placing him in a cross-legged position.

“Didn’t that girl just say you need to rest? What are you doing?” Yue Ye asked with doubt in her voice.
Long Haochen forced a smile, “Now that Cai’er lost her memories, I have to recover as fast as possible. Otherwise, how can I take care of her? Be at ease, when my strength is back, I will bring you out of here. Only, I’m worried about the restriction Cai’er left on your body. I don’t have any way to dispel it, but I will definitely do my best to help her recover her memories as soon as possible, so that you can get rid of it.”

Yue Ye shook her head, “No need, the restriction is already dispelled. At the time you brought her back here, I noticed that it disappeared from my body. This should be related to her insightful awakening. Long Haochen, I am grateful for the time you saved my Yue Ye Caravan at the edge of the demon territory, but over these years, I also provided considerable help for you. I believe that this was sufficient to repay your kindness from that time. From today onwards, we won’t have any relation, and in the future, don’t put me in impossible situations again. Given your current cultivation, you can already enter the demon territory without the help from my merchant group.”

Yue Ye’s voice was becoming colder and colder, before turning cold as ice. It was as if her voice was a mirror of her mood. Even she herself didn’t understand why she became so cold. That wasn’t her original idea, yet she unconsciously said all these words. Was it to run away? Or something else?

Chapter 412

Wrinkling his eyebrows, Long Haochen asked after some time of pondering, “Then, what if we want to buy information from you in the future?” He really didn’t want to compel Yue Ye. Ever since they became a Demon Hunt Squad, Yue Ye could be said to be their greatest support in the demon territory. If they lost her intelligence network, the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad would absolutely not be so relaxed in demon territory as they were now.

Yue Ye’s eyes flashed with distress, thinking to herself: So as it turns out, I am only someone you want to use. Right! I am a demon, and the daughter of the Moon Demon God. Aside from someone you can use, do you even think something of me?

“Yes. But the price of my information isn’t low.” Yue Ye replied coldly.

Long Haochen nodded to her but he didn’t say anything more. He was only thinking about Cai’er, who lost all memories.

Yue Ye suddenly asked, “Was it Ah’Bao who gave the order to attack you?” Her face portrayed complicated emotions.

Long Haochen nodded.

Yue Ye replied, “I want to know the details about the battle. I will exchange it for some information that will be valuable to you.”

Long Haochen finally sensed that something was wrong with Yue Ye’s mood, “What’s wrong? Do you feel unwell?”
“This has nothing to do with you.” Unable to control her own feelings, Yue Ye mumbled these words.

With a light sigh, Long Haochen offered her some words of consolations, “Don’t overthink this. He’s not the same as me. As the demon crown prince, and successor of the Demon God Emperor, he will certainly often have to consider the wellbeing of the demon race. At that time, Cai’er was having her awakening as a god’s chosen one, so even he felt restless, thus giving the order to attack us.”

Yue Ye stared blankly at Long Haochen, “Why are you defending your mortal enemy?”

Long Haochen appeared slightly shaken, but shook his head with a bitter smile, “He’s my mortal enemy, but you are my friend. I only hope that you can feel better. Otherwise I’d feel ashamed, for having used the threat of that restriction for so long until now. It’s also good that the restriction got dispelled, now there won’t be any barriers between us.”

“Do you really consider me as friend?” Yue Ye gazed at Long Haochen’s eyes.

Long Haochen nodded, “As long as you don’t participate in killing humans, you will be my friend.”

The haze in her heart suddenly dispelled, and Yue Ye regained that sweet smile on her face, “Okay, we are friends. In the future, when you come to buy information from me, I’ll give you a discount (note: literally ´to break’).”

Seeing her mood recover, Long Haochen couldn’t help but show a smile,
“Is it my left leg or my right leg that you are going to break?”

Yue Ye showed a smile, “So actually, you weren’t sincere. That means, you’re not such a good person.”

Long Haochen was startled, “What’s not good about me?”
Yue Ye snorted, “I’m not telling you. Hurry up and start focusing on your recovery!”

Long Haochen revealed a smile. Closing his eyes, he allowed his body to start cultivating, as safely as he could.

Seeing his expression regain calm, Yue Ye had a silly look, thinking to herself: Your fault is having no fault! Otherwise, how could you have influenced me?

Modu Core City.

“What? Austin Griffin is with Long Haochen , and as his mount?” The Demon God Emperor stood on the pedestal in front of his throne, facing the pale-look

“Bang!” The dragon head decorating the throne suddenly exploded due to the force of the Demon God Emperor, turning into dust.

The Demon God Emperor’s breath was visibly rushed, and his handsome face actually warped, while he emitted a very dense killing intent flowing around like water.

Even with Ah’Bao’s toughness, he actually couldn’t bear this killing intent coming from the Demon God Emperor. With a stuffy groan, he drew back slightly and spat out some blood.

The Demon God Emperor had just lost his temper due to this realization. With a wave of his hand, a purplish black radiance à spread over Ah’Bao’s body, and his complexion improved.

Ah’Bao was no less shocked than his father. That was still the first time he saw his father lose control like that. Actually, even he didn’t know what kind of existence Austin Griffin was. This secret seemed to be only known by the demon gods.

The Demon God Emperor walked back and forth in front of his throne, marching through the broad hall. His black eyes turned red for some reason,
and his breath became a lot rougher than usual. The spiritual energy from his body produced unstable fluctuations, and his sinister face promised another outbreak of his temper anytime soon.

Ah’Bao didn’t dare utter a word, much less give a suggestion. Facing a Demon God Emperor in this kind of state, even the top ten ranked demon gods would surely not even dare make a sound in front of him. Such a powerful aura even shook the whole Modu Core City.

After no less than half an hour, the Demon God Emperor finally stopped in his tracks, letting out a loud shout, “Huang Shuo!”

“Yes.” In the darkness, the tall Huang Shuo appeared, quietly kneeling down with both his knees touching the ground.

The Demon God Emperor coldly ordered, “Summon the Moon Demon God Agares, the Star Demon God Vassago, the Specter Demon God Saminaga and the Hell Demon God Marbas to the palace for an urgent discussion.”

“Yes, your highness.” Huang Shuo gave him a respectful reply, immediately turning back.

Ah’Bao fell down to his knees because the pressure unleashed by his father filled him with astonishment. The Demon God Emperor summoning the second, third, fourth and fifth demon gods to a meeting was an extremely rare occurrence. In his eyes, this Austin Griffin may certainly be quite powerful, but was he really worth this much attention from the emperor? Nonetheless, he didn’t dare ask about it, because the current Demon God Emperor was really too fearsome.

Tower of Eternity.

Long Haochen’s cultivation was at its lowest level. Just as Ye Xiaolei said, the injuries he had just sustained were really too heavy, injuring him to the roots. Although after Ye Xiaolei’s treatment, the wounds on the surface were already healed, the overdraft to his body couldn’t possibly be recovered so rapidly, and would require some time of rest.
But how could Long Haochen give himself that time of rest? Given the ominous matter about Cai’er, Long Haochen was filled with self-blame, and wanted to look after her with all his might.

The feeling he continuously experienced in his whole body was nowhere close to comfortable. Long Haochen could feel that his own spiritual energy channels still contained some spiritual energy, but it was scattered in his entire body. Even during cultivation, he was only able to gather bits by bits of it.

Facing an unprecedented challenge, he had difficulties to even maintain his consciousness in his current weak state. However, Long Haochen was still a god’s chosen one after all, and therefore far surpassed ordinary fighters in elemental control. After meeting some difficulties in attempting to gather his spiritual energy, he found another original method.

Rather than focusing on the transfer of his spiritual energy, he chose to arouse it. Very cautiously, he stimulated every little bit of light energy in his body, letting the light essence distribute itself in him. This way, the aura of light flooded his body even better.

The results at the beginning weren’t very distinct. When the light essence got aroused by his spirit, it only appeared to shine more brightly at first. But as the quantity of light energy aroused by Long Haochen increased, a sensation of warmth started to spread to his flesh, his energy channels, his internal organs and his bones, and they started to glow with vital energy. This undoubtedly accelerated his recovery speed to an extreme extent.

Given Long Haochen’s level of intelligence, he immediately had some understanding of this accidental discovery. Although this couldn’t be called magic, it could at least be considered as a self-healing method, able to greatly accelerate one’s self-recovery and healing. Of course, this method wasn’t suited to everyone. There existed two premises, one, to have a sufficient mental force and to have a fine control over every bit of light essence. Second, there was also the matter of the element. If it was Lin Xin instead, wouldn’t having his fire essence ignited cause self-iinflammation?
Only the light element and the water element would be fit for this kind of self-healing method. As for its name, Long Haochen didn’t give it much thought and just called it Light Treatment.

Under the effects of Light Treatment, Long Haochen’s body gradually produced golden colored light, and as his body recovered, the speed at which it absorbed light essence also kept going up.

According to Ye Xiaolei’s words, Long Haochen would need twelve hours to recover his body’s functions, but after twelve hours passed, he had not only recovered his body’s functions, but also over seventy percent of his spiritual energy.

Through cultivation, Long Haochen found out that in the process of absorbing the light essence to purify his spiritual energy, it started by accumulating it in the spiritual cavity in his chest, while his other spiritual cavities between the eyebrows and on his abdomen still didn’t show any activity. It seemed as if only after the spiritual cavity in his chest was filled up completely, would the other two start gathering light essence.

However, the fact it wasn’t able to store any of it didn’t mean it couldn’t help him in the process of purification. The other two spiritual cavities did the same work as the one on his chest habitually did, only working a lot slower than the one on his chest.

As for the mastery of his spiritual cavities, it would need continuous cultivation. But currently, Long Haochen didn’t have much time, because Cai’er was already starting to wake up from her long slumber.

Although Long Haochen was cultivating all this time, his attention was still focused on Cai’er, and when she finally came back to her senses, he immediately awoke from the state of cultivation.

“Cai’er!” Long Haochen called her lightly, rushing to join her side.

Cai’er slowly opened her hazy eyes, and gave a dull look to Long Haochen, before looking at the surroundings and suddenly grabbing Long
Haochen’s hand, “Why? Why is it that I can’t think of anything? In the end, who am I? And what’s this place?”

Long Haochen replied gently, “You are Cai’er, and I am Long Haochen. Because of the awakening of your power, you suffered some setback, thus you temporarily lost your memories. Don’t worry, everything will get well. I will definitely help you recover your memories.”

Cai’er shook her head forcefully, grabbing strands of her hair that had turned a lusterful grey color, revealing a pained look on her delicate face.

“I… I really cannot think of anything. I feel so bad, so bad.”

Chapter 413

Long Haochen felt a very sharp pain in his heart, and couldn’t help but take her in his arms. Alarmed, Cai’er fiercely pushed him away. She protectively placed her hands on her chest, “What… what are you doing?”

Long Haochen hastily replied, “Don’t be afraid, Cai’er. I won’t do anything else than keeping you company, is it okay? Calm down for now. The more anxious you feel, the harder it will be for you to regain your memories. Are you willing to listen to me as I tell you everything about you?”

Repeatedly comforted by Long Haochen, Cai’er gradually calmed down from her state of fear, but still gave Long Haochen a wary look, “Don’t come near, speak from there!”

“Okay.” Long Haochen agreed, using a warm voice to speak, “You are called Cai’er, and are an assassin from the Assassin Temple of the Temple Alliance.”

“Temple Alliance? What’s that? And what is the Assassin Temple?”
Cai’er gave Long Haochen a blank look.

Long Haochen was astonished. He didn’t think Cai’er’s memory loss would be so extensive.

“Cai’er, then sit down. I will slowly tell you about it.” “Yeah.”
Cai’er’s resistance seemed to weaken, as she complied to his recommendation, slowly sitting down. However, just after sitting, she wrinkled her eyebrows, “I’m really hungry!”

Indeed, the three of them didn’t eat anything for a day and a night.

Long Haochen hastened to take out food and water to give to the two girls. Long Haochen carefully provided food for Cai’er, and even intentionally used Holy Fire to roast her portion, taking meticulous care of her.

Standing nearby, Yue Ye watched Long Haochen cook food for Cai’er as he started telling her about the condition of Shengmo Dalu, sounding sentimental. For some reason, she felt her heart ache and her nose sour, while tears glinted in her eyes.

If one day, a man would do all this for me, I would be willing to go as far as to die for him.

Cai’er’s fear and rejection gradually disappeared, melting under Long Haochen’s care and his recounting of her story. Hearing everything said by Long Haochen, her mind gradually stabilized. She appeared just like a thirsty traveler suddenly finding an oasis in an endless desert. Carefully listening to everything told by Long Haochen, at least her mind didn’t feel blank anymore.

About every half hour of talk, Long Haochen gave Cai’er have some time of rest to digest everything he told, before continuing. Just him telling about the continent’s history and the present condition of the continent took nearly two hours.

“… The first time we met, I was very little. At that time, you were a lot stronger than me. I was just nine years old at that time, and picking vegetables to bring them home. Then suddenly, the you who was back then a thin girl of seven or eight years old fell to the ground.

I still remember our next encounter. At that time, I didn’t even recognize you, but you recognized me through the forget-me-not ring, yet didn’t tell
me. That was so mean of you! But that period passed so fast, as if the Demon Hunt Squad Selection Competition wasn’t of much importance.

… In the Exorcist Mountain Pass, we were living in a dormitory. As though nobody else was present, you built us a little home, and that touched me greatly. I secretly pledged to myself that in the future, I would definitely give you a warm home. Your suffering is all my fault. Because I didn’t take good care of you, you are hurt so badly now.”

Long Haochen kept speaking slowly, his voice sounding warm, as if soakin

On the other side, Yue Ye had become silly from listening long ago, focusing even more than Cai’er herself on listening.

This situation lasted for a total of three days. Every day, Long Haochen kept telling Cai’er about everything, providing food and drinks for her, but as for the private business proper to a girl, she naturally let Yue Ye teach her about it.

Long Haochen’s account was very detailed, and he was very patient, repeating himself when necessary, and through the three days of contact, Cai’er finally stopped being indifferent to him and instead saw him as someone close to her. Still, she could as before not remember anything, and could only barely accept everything told by Long Haochen.

Cai’er’s strength wasn’t lost, but in the contrary, greatly increased. The only good news were that she still preserved her battle instincts. The only memories she had left were her abilities as an assassin. And furthermore, based on everything Cai’er said, she seemed to be able to control a new power, that she didn’t know much in detail about, but according to Long Haochen’s judgment, would be fit for close-quarter battles. Making use of her new insights, the new powers she got was of course related to her identity as the chosen one of the God of Death.

Through several days of contact, the amnesic Cai’er gradually accepted Long Haochen. But right now, she was like a piece of white paper, unaware of the affairs of the world, who could only regard him as a friend, without
her past feelings towards him. Yue Ye saw many times how Long Haochen gazed at her, sad and depressed, when Cai’er was sleeping or cultivating.

“We should return. Cai’er, are you ready?” Long Haochen finally asked her.

“Yeah.” Cai’er lightly nodded, winking with her pair of large eyes.
Contrary to the expectations, she was a lot more lively than before.

Secretly letting out a sigh, Long Haochen called out to Yue Ye and activated the Eternal Melody.

A glint of golden light enveloped the three of them, and Cai’er unconsciously pressed close to Long Haochen, grabbing his sleeve and tightly shut both her eyes, looking very nervous. Yue Ye also quietly pressed close to Long Haochen, taking a furtive look at him, but all she saw was that his whole attention was on Cai’er.

With a glint of golden light, the three of them returned to the wilderness. On the surface, it was night, but neither the moon nor the stars could be seen, because everything around was pitch black.

“Cai’er, it’s done, we are back on the continent.” Long Haochen lightly touched her to get her attention.

Cai’er opened her eyes, giving a curious look to the surroundings, “Is this our original world?”

Long Haochen showed her a smile, “That’s right! In a bit you will get to meet our comrades.”

“Oh. But you will always stay by my side, right?” Cai’er asked with an expectant look.

Long Haochen nodded, “I will, forever.”

Cai’er laughed at him, “Then that’s good. You’re a good person. Tell me about those I forgot. You are my boyfriend right?”
Long Haochen chuckled, “Yes! I will stay by your side and defend you forever.”

“Hm!” Cai’er nodded.

“Haochen, I have to go.” Yue Ye’s voice resounded from the other side.

Turning his head to look at her, Long Haochen saw a lonely look on her face, “You should go back. Don’t overthink this. If you need anything from us, you can tell the people from the Yue Ye Caravan to look for me in Holy City. We have already completed the great majority of the missions we have accepted. Perhaps we won’t keep accepting missions for some time. I’m thinking about bringing Cai’er back to her parents, and see whether this will help her recall anything.”

Yue Ye suddenly became silent, lowering her head, thinking of something no one else knew.

Long Haochen gave her a puzzled look, and at his side, Cai’er also raised her head. Only, she visibly didn’t have that good of an impression of Yue Ye, her look towards her still containing some hostility.

Yue Ye suddenly raised her head, looking straight at Long Haochen, “The Devil Snake God Andromalius is in the eastern part of the Andro Province. Reportedly, he was looking for something in the Swamps of Gloom as of late. Andromalius is naturally disposed as a mistrustful and powerful person, who always carries his demon god pillar with him. Although he is merely the last ranked of the seventy-two demon gods, his sub-ordinate Devil Snake Clan is very strong, otherwise they wouldn’t be guarding a province by themselves. To handle him, you must kill the four Medusas standing by his side first. However, never look into the Medusas’ eyes. If you see their eyes, you have to get rid of them before the petrification ends. Otherwise, you won’t ever be able to recover. Medusas are demons of the sixth step, and the regular Devil Snakes are mostly between the third and the fifth step.”

Long Haochen gave her an amazed look, “You…”
Yue Ye smiled as if laughing at herself, “It’s  nothing.  That’s  your reward for comforting me. In the future, if you want to get information from me, the cost will be high. I will be going now.”

Saying this, she turned around and looked afar, but without taking many steps, she once again stopped in her tracks. Abruptly turning around, she gave a provoking glance at Cai’er, and declared towards Long Haochen, “If you had met me first, I would definitely have made you fall for me!”

With a glint of purple light, Yue Ye once again turned around and moved quickly. Her eyes were filled with tears, as if ready to overflow at anytime.

Long Haochen was shocked, seeing her disappear, and for a moment, he was unable to say anything. Actually, he wasn’t someone who couldn’t understand cues, but it was just that during these past few days, all his attention was focused on Cai’er, so he didn’t pay much attention to Yue Ye.

Yue Ye’s words rang in his ears, and for a moment he couldn’t help but feel unable to think.

“Humpf, what’s so amazing with her?” Facing the  direction of the departing Yue Ye, Cai’er stuck out her tongue, “I have seen through the malicious intentions she harbors long before. Long Haochen, tell me, do you like her or me?”

Seeing that obstinate face of Cai’er’s, Long Haochen couldn’t help but feel torn between laughter and tears. Still, he felt some difference. In the past, Cai’er would never have asked him this kind of thing.

Cai’er was originally a reserved person, but after losing her memories, her personality became more extroverted. Wasn’t this a perfect exemple?! What susceptible girl she became now.

“Of course I like you! In my life, you are the only person I will ever like.” Long Haochen softly pulled her hand, seriously telling these words.

In some panic, Cai’er evaded his look and took back her hands, “You… Don’t be like this. I feel a little strange. Didn’t you say you would bring
me to look for our comrades? Let’s go then.”

Major Jacques City, team section.

Over the past days, the atmosphere in the whole team section has been staying very dark. Be it the 17th king grade Demon Hunt Squad or the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, all of them were in a very gloomy mood, especially the five of the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, who were extremely depressed. If not for the fact that they could feel that Long Haochen and Cai’er were still alive through the Soul Linking Chains, they would have already broken emotionally.

Chapter 414

Over these past days, they couldn’t help but leave twice, looking for traces of Long Haochen, but ended up empty-handed both times. For his part, Tian Qing brought his comrades to search for them frantically after taking a short time of rest, and did everything he could. Although he didn’t say anything all this time, from his bloodshot eyes, one could see how guilty he was feeling.

Right! How could he be at ease? It was because of his mistake that their two Demon Hunt Squads were put in such such danger. If not for what Long Haochen did, surely none of them would have returned alive. Right now, they were safe and sound, but Long Haochen and Cai’er could be in mortal danger, and this feeling was even more painful than if he was the one being killed.

“Han Yu, let’s go to Modu City in search for Boss.” Wang Yuanyuan abruptly stood up, telling in a high voice.

Without Long Haochen here, Han Yu temporarily took over the position as leader of the team.

“I agree.” Sima Xian brazenly assented, the veins on his clenched fists clearly visible.

When they departed from Holy City, every one of them sensed a great increase in their strength, but when they really battled against demons, especially during the last battle, they realized that their strength was still insignificant, and that at the crucial time, they were unable to help Long
Haochen. Facing so many demon powerhouses, they didn’t even have the opportunity to act.

Lin Xin and Chen Ying’er got up with very red eyes, and the four of them all looked at Han Yu.

Looking at them, Han Yu also slowly stood up, “Rationally speaking, I should stop you. This time, we will have ninety percent odds of departing from this world forever, and I shouldn’t let you rashly take such risks. However, fuck reason. Let’s go.” Saying this, he grabbed the sword on his side, and was the first to head out.

Just as they were going out, the five of them were stopped by a tall person.

“Get out of the way.” Sima Xian shouted loudly, immediately picking up the Energetic Ball of Light in his hand.

The one blocking their way was the 17th king grade Demon Hunt Squad captain Tian Qing.

“I cannot let you go. We already made a big error, and cannot keep continuing to make them. Without Haochen here, I will protect you on his behalf no matter what.”

“Fuck off!” Sima Xian shouted in anger, this time becoming blunt. The Energetic Ball of Light was accordingly swung above his head.

The others from the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad also successively released their spiritual energy. The discontent and resent they had all this time toward Tian Qing finally erupted.

Tian Qing took a deep breath, “If killing me can quench the grief in your hearts, I won’t stop you. But we are Demon Hunters, as such, how can we die at the hands of our own people? I know that everything is my fault, please give me a chance for redemption. I don’t ask for much, just please let me be the one to head for the Core City. If within ten days, my comrades and I cannot bring back news, it will not be too late for you to
move on your own. The danger Haochen is facing is all due to my mistake. If someone has to throw away his life, please let me be the one to do so. My only hope is that while facing death, I can avoid that fate for others.”

At this point point, his body erupted with a powerful energy, furthermore, being a Mythril Foundation Knight, he was already at the peak of the seventh step. Through the battle against Ah’Bao, he came a lot closer to the eighth step, and he seemed very determined.

Over the past few days, the five remaining members of the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad were very mournful. How could

Sima Xian’s face eased up, and indifferently, he said the words, “Please step aside, saying all this is of no use. You may do whatever you want but it won’t matter to us. Boss is our captain and we believe in his strength. Unless you kill us, you won’t be able to stop us from leaving from here.” Saying this, purple electricity was curling up around his body, and his whole body burst out with cold killing intent.

“Sima, calm down.” Han Yu shouted. Saying this, he joined Sima Xian’s side, and declared to Tian Qing, “Captain Tian Qing, we don’t want to play the blame game for the mistakes in the last operation. You should understand the decision you made, but the mistake is already done, and we won’t blame you as it cannot change anything regarding the safety and well-being of our Captain. Now, please don’t stop us. Like Sima said, mind your own business, because looking for Captain is our duty. We are absolutely sure that Captain and Vice-captain are still alive, and as long as there is a glimmer of hope, we will absolutely not renounce.”

Tian Qing silently shook his head, “Even if you knock me down, I still won’t let you go. Come.”

“Then, let me just knock you down again and again.” Sima Xian was already unable to hold back. The team section was narrow, but this didn’t affect his shot with the Energetic Ball of Light, and so the massive golden metallic ball was launched right at Tian Qing.
“Sima, stop your hand.” A distinct shout sounded out from Tian Qing’s back.

Hearing this voice, the Energetic Ball of Light thrown by Sima Xian suddenly fell to the ground, producing a massive rumbling that gave some pain to the ears of everyone present.

Everyone had a blank look, and immediately, all of them displayed unconcealable happiness. Tian Qing suddenly turned around, and saw right behind his back, Long Haochen walking with large strides with a curious Cai’er at his back, who had a somewhat apprehensive look on her face.

“Boss.” Sima Xian shouted, charging at Long Haochen in big strides. His robust body directly knocked Tian Qing, who was blocking their path, out of the way, and right when arriving in front of Long Haochen, he gave him a bear hug.

It was not only him, but everyone in the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad was filled with excitement, and charged at Long Haochen. Even the stoic Han Yu couldn’t help but overflow with tears.

Due to the excitement from seeing them, everyone felt as if their blood was set on fire. Their joy could already not be described with words. Chen Ying’er even threw herself at Long Haochen, giving a kiss on his face, causing him to blush.

Cai’er unconsciously drew back, and increased the distance separating her from Long Haochen, giving these people who looked strange to her, a curious look. Although due to her memory loss, she didn’t understand the reason for this kind of situation, she could vaguely sense the sincerity they had towards Long Haochen.

After giving all his comrades a hug, Long Haochen suddenly gave a look to Tian Qing who was silently leaving, calling out in haste, “Brother Tian Qing.”

Tian Qing’s body went very still. Stopping his steps, he turned around with a bitter smile, “I don’t deserve to be called brother by you. Just call
me by my name.”

Long Haochen took large strides towards Tian Qing, placing his right fist on his left chest, and giving him a knight salute. Almost unconsciously, Tian Qing saluted back.

Long Haochen told with a deep tone, “Why are you discouraged just from failing once? Although you were a bit extreme during this operation, not everything you did was wrong. At the time of battle, you repeatedly proposed letting your comrades and you stay behind for us, and didn’t lose your honor as a knight. In my heart, you are still an elder, brother-like knight. You shouldn’t be discouraged like that, but keep leading your comrades for the honor of the knights, and fight for the future of humanity. Brother Tian Qing, I don’t blame you.”

Foolishly looking at Long Haochen, Tian Qing started to weakly tremble. Actually, his lips were frozen, and even from this unshakable man, tears incessantly welled up.

“Haochen, I’m so sorry!” With both his knees turning soft, he kneeled down.

Long Haochen hurried to give him a hug, “Brother Tian Qing, everything is already over. Aren’t we still well and alive?”

The constrained emotion he had been suppressing during these past days completely broke its way now, and this powerful Mythril Foundation Armored Knight, a vigorous man who usually shed blood on the battlefield, not tears, was now crying like a child. This was how powerful his pain was. Nonetheless, crying here was the best, otherwise if he didn’t vent these feelings, perhaps this would lead to his ruin later.

“A man and another holding each other, that feels a little strange.” A voice that carried some reservation and shyness suddenly remarked.

Wang Yuanyuan unconsciously rebuked, “Ying’er, stop joking around.”
Nonetheless, after saying this, she felt that something was amiss with these
words she just heard, because in front of her, Chen Ying’er was looking back with stupefaction.

Wang Yuanyuan immediately turned back, seeing with shock Cai’er move back with a pitiful expression, while giving them a furtive look.

It was not only the two of them, but everyone else in the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad couldn’t help but look shocked.

In their hearts, Cai’er was always cold, silent, resolute, daring, and powerful. In the team, they respected Long Haochen the most, while they certainly all feared Cai’er. Although Cai’er didn’t speak a lot, whenever the need arose, she would step forward and filled Long Haochen’s position in the team, and no one would doubt her. Her strength was obvious to all of them, being a powerful being capable of instantly killing powerhouses of the eighth step. In the past, Long Haochen and her were the dual cores of the team.

Who would have thought that at this time, Cai’er would actually suddenly say such words. This could already not be called strange anymore.

Cai’er unconsciously shifted to Long Haochen’s side, and with a dodge, hid herself behind Long Haochen’s back, grabbing the back of his clothes with both her hands.

While supporting Tian Qing with his hands, as he saw the shocked looks on his comrades’ faces, his expression darkened as he said, “Never mind. We’ll speak of this after going back. Brother Tian Qing, your complexion doesn’t look good. We are already back here, safe and sound, so you should also take some rest. We cannot stay in Major Jacques City for much longer. Leaving as early as possible is better. Right, I’m giving you back your Mythril Foundation Armor, Brother.”

Saying this, he released the silver box-shaped legendary armor in front of Tian Qing.

Chapter 415

Tian Qing didn’t accept it, shaking his head, “I am already not qualified enough to wear this armor. I’m giving it as present to you, younger brother.”

Long Haochen smiled at him, “No, big brother. Don’t tell me you believe that I am unable to win a set of Mythril Foundation Armor by relying on my own strength at our Knight Temple?”

In a flash, Tian Qing remarked, “Right! With your strength, winning a Mythril Foundation Armor won’t be a challenge. That way it will be your own honor. Haochen, it’s really good that you’re safe and sound. I’ll not be saying anything more on this subject. I am not fit to act as your big brother. In the future, if you need any help from our team, no matter how high the danger is, we won’t spare any cost. We will be standing with you shoulder to shoulder. Then I’ll not keep bothering you.”

After saying this, he gave another knight salute to the whole 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, turning back with an ashamed face. He actually didn’t have the face to stay here. His culpability was not something that could be dispelled in such a short time, and Tian Qing secretly pledged to himself that one day he would return this favor, going as far as sacrificing his life, if necessary.

“Captain, Cai’er, she…” Wang Yuanyuan asked anxiously.

Slightly sighing, the grief in Long Haochen’s eyes became obvious to everyone, “Let’s go to a room to speak about that.” When saying these words, he turned around to nod at Cai’er, then led her inside.
The rooms in the team section weren’t big, so with seven people in one room, it was somewhat crowded, and the atmosphere was really depressing.

“Damned demons!” Sima Xian ferociously beat the wall on his side.

Hearing Long Haochen tell them about what happened after everyone separated, they felt enraged, as one might well imagine. Cai’er was merely standing nearby and listened, occasionally giving a look to Long Haochen, filled with hesitation and fear for strangers.

“Can you all tell me who is who?” As if not sensing the grief of the others, Cai’er asked with curiosity.

After losing her memories, she apparently had little courage, but was very curious regarding everything.

Everyone suppressed their own feelings of sorrow and gave an introduction of themselves. After giving them serious looks, Cai’er hid herself behind Long Haochen again.

A change appeared in the coloring of Long Haochen’s cheeks, they turned deeply red, and he slowly drew some air, “My body is fundamentally recovered, so let us discuss our following course of action. Cai’er lost her memories, but her strength increased. It’s just that with her current temperament, it’s hard to say whether she’ll be able to display her strength. The overwhelming majority of the sixteen missions we took this time are completed, and the remaining three missions consist of killing the Devil Snake God Andromalius, a hundred regular Devil Snakes, and two Medusas.”

“Based on the informations I got from Yue Ye, the Devil Snake God Andromalus is located in the eastern Andro Province. I examined the map, and found that Andro Province is located to the north of the Central Province, and quite close from this team section. It is near the northern border of the continent, at the coast. But because it’s very far from the Alliance, the defenses there are not very tight. The biggest mission assigned to the demons there is to catch fish from the sea, to accommodate their
deficiency of food. Except for the mission of killing Andromalius, for which we don’t have a great chance of success, the other two mission

My only worry now is regarding Cai’er’s condition. Her battle instincts are still there, but her attitude… is as you all just saw.

Having obtained this information with great difficulty, we can definitely not give up so easily. Cai’er’s strength can temporarily not be counted on. While we are completing the mission, I will possibly let her stay in the Tower of Eternity. This will make it harder for us to kill Andromalius. Of course, the best situation would be to have Cai’er recover her memories and regain her fighting abilities. After the closure of our missions, I will bring her back to have a reunion with her relatives at the Exorcist Mountain Pass. Perhaps, the influence from her family will help her recover some memories.”

Han Yu kept a low voice, “Captain, if we don’t have the help from vice captain, I’m afraid that killing the Devil Snake God will be…”

Long Haochen continued, “Yes, the difficulty is high, but it’s not as if there is no good news for us. After the battle against Ah’Bao, my cultivation level had a breakthrough and I am now at the seventh step. We can at least complete the other two missions, as for whether we can kill the Devil Snake God or not, we will act according to our own abilities.

I pondered carefully during the last few days, and originally planned to immediately bring Cai’er back to the Alliance. But afterwards, I reflected on it and thought that for Cai’er, who has trained for so many years, perhaps a battle will help her recover her memories even better. I will protect her well, so we should head for Andro Province.”

Listening to his explanation, everyone couldn’t help but nod, densely packed with fighting intent.

In the previous battle, when they were encircled by the six Demon Hunter Remover squads, Long Haochen could be said to have saved the two Demon Hunt Squads on his own, bearing all the pressure. Moreover, with the fact that Cai’er lost her memories as a result, how could they be feeling
good? Everyone blamed themselves to some extent, and their hatred towards demons only grew deeper. This great hatred could only be appeased with blood.

News came from outside the team section: at the present time, Major Jacques City was under heavy surveillance, and patrols seemed to be present in every street of the city. Two Demon Hunter Remover squads were staying behind to guard the inside of the city. Not only that, but even outside of the city, a great amount of mounted soldiers was standing guard, searching for traces of them. At the time of Long Haochen and Cai’er’s return, although they didn’t run into trouble, they had to avoid several patrols to get back.

Nightfall. Taking advantage of the night, a group of people came out of a small restaurant. Every one of them was clad in long cloaks, and the one leading them was Long Haochen, clad in his Glorious Holy Armor.

They didn’t leave Major Jacques City through some secret passage, but just came out of the team section at nightfall.

Currently everyone was disguised as demons, with their eyes turned purple. Entirely in the shape of Moon Demons, the only special aspect on them was that everyone was surrounded by a very thick killing intent.

Deciding on a direction, Long Haochen said in a low voice, “According to the map drawn by the people from the team section, the seat of government should be in that direction. Let’s go.”

Currently, the whole Jacques Province was on high alert, so if the seven of them were to try leaving quietly, they would very possibly get found out, and inevitably chased by the enemies. Long Haochen’s plan was very simple. It consisted of launching a surprise attack on the seat of government located in Major Jacques City, to spread chaos in the city, and cause the demons lying outside to flock inside the city, permitting them to leave more smoothly.

This was undoubtedly a dangerous move, but with the existence of the Tower of Eternity, the amount of danger was negligible.
And furthermore, although two or even more Demon Hunter Remover squads were present in the city, they couldn’t immediately appear, and all they needed to do was to launch an attack before retreating, and not to get entangled in battles.

The group of seven rapidly advanced toward the official residence, but after only passing through one street, they ran into a patrol of Jacques Demons.

A group of twenty Jacques Demons barred their way, led by a raging Jacques Demon, “Who are you? Take off the hoods covering your heads!”

Long Haochen slowly lifted his head, two thick and icy glints shooting out from his eyes, “Moon Demons at work. You looking for death?” With a flip of his hand, he revealed his Moon Demon Viscount insignia.

Glared at by his purple demon eyes, the Jacques Demon immediately stumbled back several steps, hastily becoming respectful, “So you were seniors of the Moon Demon clan. My apologies.”

Giving a cold snort, Long Haochen showed the excessive arrogance of the Moon Demons. Not paying the least bit of attention to these Jacques Demons, he led his comrades and kept going forward.

The defenses inside Major Jacques City were indeed very tight. The distance from the team section to the official residence couldn’t be regarded as large, but on their way, they encountered five patrols. Nonetheless, relying on their disguise as Moon Demons, they didn’t run into any obstacles. Their viscount insignia and Long Haochen’s striking resemblance to a Moon Demon, due to his handsome appearance, proved to be of great value.

In the distance, the seat of government came to view. Compared to the official residences in cities of the Temple Alliance, this place could only be described with the words, simple and crude. It only had two floors, yet occupied quite a large area. The building looked old-fashioned, and many areas were damaged, with traces of poorly applied patched.
Long Haochen brought his comrades to a dark corner in an alley, and gave an eye signal to Lin Xin, meanwhile his body flashed with a golden glint of light. Yating appeared at his side without a sound. She had regained her strength along with Long Haochen, and was naturally recovered entirely.

Long Haochen nodded to Lin Xin, “Be prepared, and when Yating’s spell starts, activate yours as well.”

Lin Xin nodded, revealing a look full of excitement, containing even some cruelty. With a wave of his hand, a magic scroll appeared in his hand.

Yating lifted her staff, chanting melodiously. Standing in the center of Long Haochen’s group, she tried to dim the golden radiance emitted from her body as much as possible.

Yating’s incantation was melodious and effective, and the light essence spreading out from her grew more and more dense, as the massive aura of light gradually became impossible to conceal, spreading outward.

The seat of government gradually showed some movement. How could they not pay attention to this dense light essence? Hurried steps already started to sound out, and rapidly, a patrol appeared in Long Haochen’s line of sight.

“What are you all doing here?” A Jacques Demon rapidly rushed at Long Haochen’s group

With a cold glance, Long Haochen gave the order, “Leave no one alive.”

Chapter 416

Following his order, Wang Yuanyuan was already taking large strides. Gliding three meters with each step, and treading heavily on the ground with her left feet, she welcomed the Jacques Demon Patrol on the ground.

Those Jacques Demon reflexively threw their spears at Wang Yuanyuan, but she didn’t even avoid these, not even making use of the Divine Soul Shield to block these. In the air, her silver Spatial Guarding Armor let out ripples of silver light, showing a hugely impressive Spatial Armor, which stopped all the spears flying at her.

What followed was the scene of a tiger in the midst of a flock of sheep.

In Wang Yuanyuan’s hands, the Divine Soul Shield swung, making a horizontal movement before splattering forward.

Screams accompanied with splashes of blood filled the whole street, as the bodies of the Jacques Demons were far too weak compared to the Divine Soul Shield. In front of that terrifying heavy shield, not a single intact corpse was left.

Cai’er eyes were wide open, hiding herself behind Long Haochen’s back, she even trembled at this sight. The scene before her eyes was just too violent. Seeing the scattered limbs of the Jacques Demons fly in all directions, and the burst of their blood, sputtering the walls on the sides of the street, her face was completely pale.

In the past few days, she was always following Wang Yuanyuan and Chen Ying’er. How could she expect that this tall and very good-natured
girl actually had such power, and to be able to act with such violence?

Long Haochen looked at Cai’er in silence, sensing the changes in her mood, but he didn’t say anything. Cai’er, who lost her memories, was to be stimulated in all aspects in a hope to recover her memories. Among these, combat was an indispensable part.

Twenty Jacques Demons looked harmless in front of Wang Yuanyuan, who finally got to vent her inner rage. She wasn’t using any abilities, completely relying on battle technique, and the destructive power of the Divine Soul Shield. During the times she stopped, no one in this Jacques Demons Patrol was able to breathe.

However, even more Jacques Demons were rushing in their direction now.

Long Haochen told Cai’er in low voice, “Stay close to me. Don’t be afraid, I will protect you. No matter what, as long as I am alive, I will definitely stand in front of you and protect you with my life.”

For some reason, hearing him say this, the panic filling Cai’er lessened, and she suddenly had an absolutely secure feeling when standing by the side of this good looking man. This feeling of security greatly lessened her fear.

Almost unconsciously, Cai’er took the initiative for the first time after losing her memories to take Long Haochen’s hand.

Her small hand felt ice-cold, and Long Haochen wrapped his own hand almost reflexively to warm it up, showing her a smile.

In the meantime, the battle was in full swing. The position Long Haochen’s group chose was a dead end, and thus the enemies could only approach from one direction.

After Wang Yuanyuan finished her first round of slaughter, Sima Xian went up and swapped with her.
Compared to Wang Yuanyuan, Sima Xian’s rage was even more volatile, taking the shape of an even more terrible display of strength. The Energetic Ball of Light flew directly in this narrow street, where none of the Jacques Demon were able to dodge.

When the Divine Soul Shield was used, there remained at least snapped limbs, but now all that remained was meat paste. The Smash ability fully emerged, combined with the Crush ability from the evolution of the Energetic Ball of Light and Triple Blast, swept everything by the wind.

Let alone the ordinary Jacques Demons, for a Jacqu

Yating’s incantation was finally completed. Waving the staff in her hand, at the time her last syllable was chanted, a fully translucent glint of brilliant golden light rose to the sky.

This golden ball of light grew bigger and bigger, but because its distance was growing, its size seemed unchanged in the process, as if it remained that big all the time.

However, when this golden ball of light rose to its peak, and started its descent, its size started to look unceasingly bigger to the public. And its goal was the seat of government of Major Jacques City.

Long Haochen gave a nod to Lin Xin, who immediately went into action. The red scroll in his hand was suddenly opened, and an incomparably strong fire element essence burst out from it. Countless human head sized fireballs were fired in quick succession from it. Lin Xin had one hand on the scroll, while the other one was grabbing his Fire Cloud Crystal, relying on his formidable magic control to guide these fireballs with whizzing sound, splitting them apart. One was aiming at smashing the streets, while the other one aimed straight at the official residence.

This was an offensive magic scroll of the fifth step, Rain of Fire, a reduced version of Fire Meteors Rain. But its might was absolutely not to be underestimated. These were not ordinary fireballs, but explosive fireball. Further adding Lin Xin’s accurate control, what followed was terrible explosions occurring in the seat of government.
However, this was just the beginning. Lin Xin kept changing scrolls, and in a short amount of time, he already tore six of them: three of the fifth step and three of the sixth step. The six powerful offensive magic all smashed into the official residence.

Right at this time, sounds of footsteps could be heard from afar. From the sound, one could determine that powerhouses were coming. But right at this moment, that golden ball of light unleashed by Yating finally landed.

When the ball of light got close to the official residence, everyone saw with shock that its diameter was nearly ten meters.

“Was it that terrifying thing?” Lin Xin was totally stupefied as he said this.

Immediately, a terrible white light descended on top of the official residence, forming a white pillar of light over a hundred meters long. It seemed that every surge of it illuminated the whole Major Jacques City, and the terrible fluctuations of light made even Long Haochen, the one chosen by the Goddess of Light, feel his heart palpitate.

After completing this spell, Yating immediately returned back to Long Haochen’s body. This spell almost consumed her whole magic power, and was chanted for a very long time. This was the proof of the issue of grade when releasing this spell. This was a spell of the eighth step, that Yating gained by reaching the seventh step along with Long Haochen, and the most powerful spell she could use, called Light Meteor.

Even among spells of the eighth step, Light Meteor was ranked among the best. But this spell also had many flaws. Yating being of inferior step, the time of chant was excessively long, and the consumption massive. Even half of Long Haochen’s spiritual energy was consumed by her to complete the spell.

Furthermore, the time of incubation of Light Meteor was also very long. From its initial state as a ball of light, it would keep absorbing light essence in the air to gain in size and power. This spell was like a huge magnet,
strengthening itself through absorbing a great quantity of light essence in their air, otherwise Yating wouldn’t have been able to use it.

Conversely, at the time the Light Meteor descends, the target of the attack wouldn’t be locked. Thus, the destruction of a building was an optimal use.

“We are going.” Long Haochen said in a low shout, before suddenly spreading out the four wings on his back. Pulling Cai’er’s hand, and bringing his comrades to the air, he rushed out of the street like a lightning bolt before his spiritual wings suddenly vanished. When they reached the other street by flight, they advanced at great speed in the direction of the team section.

By then, Major Jacques City was in huge uproar.

From suffering the magic bombardment of Lin Xin and Yating, the city was in complete disorder. In particular, the damage inflicted by Light Meteor was just too terrifying. At least four Jacques Commander were immediately sent to death by it, and to defend the seat of government, the only remaining Jacques Chief clashed against the Light Meteor, ending up seriously injured. In the official residence, extending on a diameter of a hundred meters, a fifteen meter deep huge hole replaced the original building.

This whole attack was just too sudden. From the moment the magic fluctuations were detected to the completion of the spell, only a quarter of an hour passed. As soon as they got the information, the two Demon Hunter Removers rushed back, but the attack was already over, and only a messy scene was left for them to see. And Long Haochen’s group had vanished long before.

Smoothly returning to the team section, while killing some more patrolling teams on their way, Long Haochen didn’t stop after returning to the tunnel. Bringing his comrades out of the city through the tunnel, they immediately used the night cover to head towards northeast direction.

Everything was within Long Haochen’s calculations, launching an attack towards Major Jacques City wasn’t done out of impulse, but after careful

This attack permitted not only to effectively kill some Jacques Demon, but more importantly drew the attention from the enemies. This was also to tell the enemies that they were in Major Jacques City and didn’t leave. At least for a period of time, the attention of the enemies was going to stay in Major Jacques City, as they took advantage of this to leave, aiming for the Andro Province.

Cai’er’s abilities weren’t lost, only she seemed not to use them much. Always staying behind Long Haochen, her face became pale, visibly frightened by the previous massacre. Seeing this kind of attitude from her only made everyone else feel an even greater pain. Not so long ago, the assassin queen, Saint Daughter of Samsara Cai’er, never showed any fear towards slaughtering demons.

Chapter 417

In the end, they couldn’t find traces of Long Haochen’s group of seven. After this event, the demons would launch an operation on the scale unprecedented in the last hundred years.

In their journey, because their reserves of food and water were sufficient, they did their utmost to not pass through any demon cities, staying in the wilderness.Guided by their map and the direction of the sun, they travelled day and night to rush to the Andro Province.

Just as Yue Ye explained before, the more they ventured east, the more relaxed the guards were. Yet, the population increased.. That was because, the eastern coast was a lifeline for the demons. Without the coastal reserves of fish, the demons would have succumbed to the Temple Alliance long ago.

The whole journey was without any major hiccups. When they encountered demons, they would rely on the status of Moon Demon Clan to conceal themselves and successfully pass through. The great majority of their time was spent in the wilderness, but their speed was still very fast. But for safety purposes, they didn’t make use of their spiritual wings.

A whole fifteen days later, they finally entered the Andromalius Province. The Swamps of Gloom were located on the northern part of the province, so they travelled to the north.

Although everything went smoothly, Long Haochen was still feeling uneasy, because Cai’er didn’t show any signs of improvement.
On the contrary, she became even more silent and more confused than at the beginning. Only accompanying Long Haochen in silence everyday, she would look at things that seemed new and odd to her, causing him to frequently flash her a helpless look. Every time this happened, he would feel difficulty to breath due to the pain. But he didn’t show her too much concern either. In the instances he became overly intimate, Cai’er would be intimidated and avoid him. Though, she didn’t fortunately didn’t show signs of going against him.

Cai’er seemed untrustful towards everyone, only placing some trust in Long Haochen. Furthermore, she occasionally had headaches, and every time this happened, her face would turn very pale, and the spiritual energy in her body would violently fluctuate.

Long Haochen occasionally inspected Cai’er’s spiritual energy. Although Cai’er didn’t cultivate meticulously, her spiritual energy increased at a fast pace, its total exceeding 8,500 units, as if going straight for the mark of the 10,000 units. Based on this speed, in no less than half a year, she would reach the bottleneck between the sixth and the seventh step.

Regarding her current condition, Long Hoachen was completely helpless. All he could do was to take good care of her and let her recover by herself. But her current plight made Long Haochen feel that she was so far from full health that it seemed it would forever to recover completely.

Seeing the land on the wilderness, Long Haochen stopped his advance, wrinkling his brows. No wonder both sides match each other’s strength this well even though the demons keep attacking. So, they had so many resources in their rear.

The demons’ greatest weak point was their lack of productive resources. This led to severe shortage in various areas. First, their food then, habitable areas and then their innate potential. These things seemed easy to resolve but, were fraught with complications. Just the shortage of food caused even an overpowered being like Demon God Emperor numerous problems. .

On the east of the continent, the land was fertile. Long Haochen saw wide expanses of grass. If such a fertile land was used for cultivation, it
would undoubtedly yield great harvest, satiating the hunger of hundreds of thousands of people.

Although there were no definit

“Captain, are we still far from the swamps?” Han Yu asked Long Haochen from nearby.

He replied, “We are about two hundred more kilometers away. If everything goes well, we will reach our destination tomorrow. However, we have to head for this place first.” Saying this, he pulled out the map and pointed to a dot.

“This is?” Han Yu raised his head in amazement, “A demon city?”

Long Haochen nodded, “This is a little town that doesn’t even have a name. Everyone should be pretty exhausted from the continuous journey. We will very possibly face a demon god, so it’s better if everyone recuperates and be in their optimum state. A good battle requires one to sharpen his blade first, and not act with too much eagerness. Actually, the Devil Snake God’s stay in the Swamp of Gloom is not a matter of a day or two. After having a day of rest in this little city, it won’t be too late to go to the swamps.”

Listening to Long Haochen, everyone nodded. To them, this young knight was an incomparably outstanding captain whose orders they accepted willingly and obeyed. This is the prestige he built up unceasingly with his own ability.

“Let’s do something new.” Long Haochen’s eyes sparkled, immediately revealing three radiances flashing out of his body.

First, a golden glint, coming out from Yating, appeared in front of everyone one else, and then two familiar figures followed, the tall Twelfth Holy Guard and the human looking ice cold blue skeleton known as Eleventh Holy Guard.
From somewhere, Long Haochen took out some cloaks and handed them over, hinting them to wear those. These cloaks were ordered specifically for them, and very quickly, Yating and the holy guards concealed themselves in those, and as long as they kept their head low, no one would be able to see their appearance.

Lin Xin asked in astonishment, “Boss, when did you have these cloaks made?”

Long Haochen replied with a slight smile, “That was during the period of rest we had in Major Jacques City. I asked specialists from the team section to make these cloaks. They should come in handy for now.”

Every one of them gave glanced at each other, but very rapidly, Han Yu was the first to come to a realization, “Haha, now this makes us a group of ten. Let’s see whether these demons can identify us.”

On their road here, they were embroiled in several small scale battles, this was because, although they were disguised as Moon Demons, since there were seven of them, sometimes the guards asked them to show their elemental attributes, which left them with no choice but to kill them and move forward

The reason why Long Haochen had the Eleventh, and the Twelfth Holy Guard and Yating joined the battle, wasn’t that precisely to make them a group of ten people? Being the same number as a Demon Hunter Remover squad and with their disguise as Moon Demons, they would very easily be mistaken for Demon Hunter Removers.

The three meters size of the Eleventh Holy Guard wasn’t anything much.
Among demons, this kind of size wasn’t a rare thing to see.

“We are leaving.”

Everyone went back on the road, their formation also changed. Long Haochen was in the front as before, with Cai’er following right behind and on the two sides were Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian, then Han Yu, with Chen Ying’er, Lin Xin, the Eleventh Holy Guard, and Yating in the middle
of their formation, followed by the Twelfth Holy Guard standing in the rear, greatly increasing the number of people in the middle of their formation. Such a team far exceeded the capabilities of any ordinary Demon Hunt Squad in magic attacks. Just the Eleventh Holy Guard alone could be regarded as having the strength of two mages of the seventh step.

Because of their presence, Long Haochen had enough confidence to go challenge the demon god.

Very quickly, they reached the little town indicated by Long Haochen on the map. One could only agree that this detailed map Yue Ye gave Long Haochen was of great utility.

Just after entering the town, they were stopped, by demon soldiers. The Andro Province being the territory of the Devil Snake Clan, these soldiers naturally were his clansmen.

Devil Snakes truly had peculiar bodies. They didn’t have feet but their upper body was similar to humans, only a lot more slim. As for their lower part, a large tail was present, moving about on the floor. But these footless individuals should never be looked down, they were adept at adjusting their body to move on any terrain. Even in water, they were extremely fast, thus Devil Snakes were assigned to the coastal eastern province.

This little team was formed of more than a dozen Devil Snakes and led by a very robust one, whose tail plus back reached a total height of more than four meters. The front end of his tail, standing in front of his upper body, reached a length of more than two meters, and in his hand, he held a trident.

“Who are you? Take off these cloaks.” The robust devil snake shouted, revealing a pair of tri-colored eyes with dark green pupils, radiating with an ominous glint. The trident in his hand aimed at Long Haochen’s group.

Long Haochen raised his head, taking off the cloak covering his face, “A Demon Hunt Remover on work. Are you looking for death?”
Seeing Long Haochen’s purple eyes, those snakes were also stunned. From Long Haochen’s handsome appearance and purple eyes, they could already understand a lot. However, this Devil Snake was very prudent, and continued with a restrained tone, “Please take out a proof of identity. Demon Hunter Removers have their own Demon Hunter Remover tile. The Central Province gave the order to show it, as there are now some human Demon Hunters pretending to be Moon Demons that infiltrated the demon territory.”

“Wretch!” Shouting in anger, Long Haochen lightly waved his hand.

Immediately, a terrifying might suddenly exploded from his back, as a breath of darkness filled the air with power. The massive oppressive power made the ten Devil Snakes almost instantly turn pale with fright, stumbling in a great hurry.

An ice cold voice sounded out from Long Haochen’s back, “Do you still need more proof? Or do you want this lady to show you what a Devil Dragon is? If you dare block our Demon Hunter Remover Squad, that is.”

Sensing the terrible might originating from that Devil Dragon, how could these Devil Snakes dare keep insisting? Withdrawing to the side in panic, they immediately crawled to the ground, not speaking any word as their bodies shuddered.

What level of existence were Devil Dragons? Any of the Devil Dragon powerhouse would be a terrible existence they undoubtedly had to bow down to, for the fear that they would make the rulers of the Central Province or the ruler of their whole race angry, their whole clan would very possibly get implicated.

Her display of power vanishing, that chill inducing girl coldly asked,
“And Andromalius? Is he still in the Swamps of Gloom?”

Chapter 418

“Yes, Sir demon god is still… still there.” The large Devil Snake leading them replied respectfully.

“Humpf. Get lost.”

Hearing these words, the Devil Snakes ran full tilt with their thick tails behind their backs.

Long Haochen raised his hand, giving a thumbs up, and Chen Ying’er replied with a happy smile, “My acting skills improved, didn’t they?”

Laughing quietly, Lin Xin remarked, “That was quite impressive, Lady Devil Dragon Queen.”

Deceiving all the demons only by relying on the outward appearance of Moon Demons was impossible. This time, Long Haochen’s group had been in demon territory not just for a day or two, and naturally had their own means of cover. Chen Ying’er’s Mirror Image Treasure Pig was naturally the instigator of this act. By relying on his powerful copying ability, the trick of slipping through with the release of some darkness aura was tested and approved. Although they also had a mission which consisted of killing a hundred Devil Snakes, the time for it had clearly yet to come. Meanwhile, they confirmed that the information about Andromalius’ location was true.

This little town was bustling, and quite a bit more lively than some cities in the demon territory. On the streets, an endless stream of demons moved about, among which the Devil Snakes were the most common. Among the other clans, the overwhelming majority were naturally Dual Bladed
Demons. Perhaps because this place was relatively small, its entrance wasn’t restricted to Dual Bladed Demons like that of the large cities.

As soon as they entered the town, Long Haochen’s appearance quickly attracted quite a lot of attention. Being the target of curious glances was however not a good thing. Settling this issue was very simple, just by emitting the aura of a Devil Dragon, with Long Haochen following up with some words, whoever questioned them would feel a deadly threat.This way, they became a common subject of terror.

The things that could be bought in this little town were relatively limited. To demons, there appeared to be no notion of money, and everything was obtained through bartering. Long Haochen immediately took out some magical beast crystals to exchange them for clean water and dried fish. He also managed to buy some fruits with good luck. Then everyone looked for a relatively clean room to rest.

Everyone felt somewhat tired due to their strenuous journey, and turned in early. Cai’er, Wang Yuanyuan and Chen Ying’er shared a room. Although her memories were lost, Cai’er seemed to have become even more rigorous than before regarding the matters between boys and girls, and even Long Haochen, who was most familiar with her, was unable to get too close to her because of being a man.

After having a simple meal, the most important thing on everyone’s mind was to immediately get a hot shower. After a good night of rest, everyone gathered the next day. After a good night’s rest, everyone was glowing with health and vigor. Of course, there was not much of a change in Yating and the two Holy Guards.

Long Haochen called his comrades to his room, “Today, we will be going to the Swamps of Gloom. Just a moment ago, I wanted to buy a detailed map of the swamps, but I had no luck. I asked around about the situation in the Swamps of Gloom, and learned that to the demons from this little town, the Swamps of Gloom are a very terrifying place. Not only get people stuck in the swamps, it is also full of marsh gas. If one isn’t careful, they can get poisoned, and even the Devil Snakes with their strong resistance against poison are unable to resist this venom.
Not only that, but in the Swamps of Gloom is the home of some very powerful magical beasts, a

Everyone nodded. Due to their escape route through the Tower of Eternity, they had enormous self-confidence. After all, a situation like the awakening Cai’er just had, couldn’t possibly happen one more time. According to the growth of Long Haochen’s cultivation, his control over the Tower of Eternity also continuously kept increasing, which helped improve the speed and number of people he could teleport.

“Boss, then when will we act?” Sima Xian asked.

Long Haochen replied, “No rush. The Swamps of Gloom aren’t far from here, and noon is when the level of marsh gas is the lowest. We will wait for this time, when a part of the swamps gets melted by the sunshine, to enter. Han Yu, Lin Xin, the two of you will form a team. Sima, you and me will be a team. We are going back to gather more information about the situation in the Swamps of Gloom. Even if we only learn a bit, it will be better than nothing. We will all return to the hotel an hour later, before setting off to head to the Swamps of Gloom. Yuanyuan, Ying’er, you two will be looking after Cai’er.”

The two girls nodded, and Long Haochen also left the two holy guards behind. The four men left the hotel, and made discreet inquiries in the town.

An hour passed very quickly. After Long Haochen’ group returned back to the hotel, they summarized the news they got altogether. Useful information regarding the actual situation inside the Swamps of Gloom was sparse and hard to get, as this was a very dangerous place where the survival rate of the demons was not high. Thus, the Swamps of Gloom gained the name land of death. Even by relying on their advantage of maneuverability on any terrain, the Devil Snake Clan demons didn’t enter it recklessly.

Everyone put their things in order, and they departed under Long Haochen’s lead.
Today, the weather was pretty good. The sun was shining brightly, but within the borders of the demon territory, even on a clear and bright day, birds were rarely seen, because all the birds and flying magical beasts had been eaten by demons over the past thousands years. How could there be any living animals left?

Upon arriving, they noticed that the air turned a lot more moist than on open ground, and that the swamps weren’t that huge. According to the map, if they kept going east, they would reach the coast after less than 250 km. There, many demons were in charge of fishing. According to the information from the demons, the coastal area was already sparse of fish due to extensive hunting by the demons. Very often, they had no choice but to hunt other creatures from the ocean to serve as food for them. To guarantee the capture of some amount of fish, even some demons of the ninth step joined the hunter’s ranks.

Perhaps it was because this land of death called Swamps of Gloom was excessively terrifying, but the closer they got, they encountered less and less demons. While everyone traveled at full speed, soon an hour passed and noon arrived. The air turned more and more humid, and the ground started to gradually soften. Occasionally, some rotten smell assaulted their noses. They were in the Swamps of Gloom.

After walking for half an hour, they finally reached their destination. However, everyone couldn’t help but show different expressions. Just by looking from a distance, they could all sense the terror of this land of death.

Afar, a large expanse of green fog covered this massive area. This green fog seemed as if it was undisturbed since time immemorial, even when bathed in the rays of sunlight, it didn’t appear to be affected in the slightest. One could clearly see that the closer they got to the fog, the deeper its color was. When reaching the edge of that fog, the ground turned black, and occasionally, some muddish bubbles ascended from wet patches.
They emitted strange smells along with the moisture sustaining the fog. The size of the Swamps of Gloom was basically indistinct, and when
Long Haochen especially rose to the sky after releasing his spiritual wings,
he found out to his astonishment that the closer they got to the fog, the deeper its color. It increased in density until reaching the depths of the Swamps of Gloom, where its color was dark green. As for the size of these swamps, he was unable to estimate it, because of the the excessive concentration of the fog, his line of sight was obstructed.

Returning to the ground, Long Haochen gathered his comrades, and told them in a deep voice, “It looks like these Swamps of Gloom are even harder to handle than we imagined. Everyone take extra care when you act. When inside, our visibility will very possibly be affected to some extent, so don’t get lost, and stay close to me. I will use light magic to disperse the fog. If we get attacked, stay close to me as much as possible. We will first be taking a look at the edge of the swamps, and then attempt to enter.”

Han Yu responded, “Captain, how about letting me disperse the fog? As the core of the team, letting you preserve your strength should be our priority.”

Long Haochen shook his head, giving the reply, “Don’t worry. I have already broken through to the seventh step and opened three spiritual cavities. The recovery speed of my spiritual energy is now a lot faster than yours. This is really nothing. Let’s go now.”

The group of seven accompanied by the two holy guards and Yating followed, advancing to the edge of the swamps rapidly. The closer they got to the Swamps of Gloom, the softer the ground under their feet became. When entering its edge, the surface under their feet felt as if they moved on quicksand.

At that time, the Eleventh Holy Guard displayed his great utility. Releasing cold energy on the ground with no difficulty, he instantly turned the water in the swamps to ice, which could bear the weight of everyone.

Meanwhile, a dark golden light spread from Long Haochen’s body, enveloping the whole group. That was the light spell of the third step, Holy Mantle.
The reason why he used Holy Mantle instead of Divine Light Mantle was that the defensive strength of the former was a lot greater, and it also possessed healing and preserving effects. Furthermore, Long Haochen added his comprehension of the technique Ripples of Light, and therefore, didn’t only absorb a lot more light essence, but also raised its defensive strength to a spell at the fourth step. As long as they didn’t encounter an extremely powerful attack, his Holy Mantle provided some defense.

Atop of this, the greatest benefit of Holy Mantle was that the area covered by this pell could be changed depending on the amount of spiritual energy expended. The visibility inside the swamps was no good, so Long Haochen naturally made his Holy Mantle a bit bigger.

With the increase of his internal spiritual energy above 10,000 units, and two more spiritual cavities, in the space between his eyebrows and his underbelly, the concentration of spiritual energy in these cavities started to increase. Now, Long Haochen’s cultivation speed became a lot faster than at the time he was still at the sixth step. His growth in strength even shocked himself. In only half a month, his spiritual energy was already nearing 11,000 units.

Chapter 419

Under the push of the Holy Mantle, the poisonous fog was pushed aside, and although the air was still muddy, at least the poison was unable to penetrate the insides of the Holy Mantle.

If this had been just an ordinary Holy Mantle, some of the corrosive effect of the poison would still have affected it, but the Ripples of Light supplementing his Holy Mantle made it different. Through the constant vibrations, the poison was pushed away, making it unable to adhere onto the surface of the barrier. Sensing the consumption of his spiritual energy, Long Haochen noticed that his consumption was far lower than his recovery rate. Nodding to his comrades, he took the lead, walking deeper into the Swamps of Gloom with the Glorious Holy Shield and the Rippling Light in his hands.

The control of the Eleventh Holy Guard over ice magic was very skillful. As everyone walked forward, the area he walked past stayed solid for some time, and only slowly regained its original swamp characteristics. With the assistance of Long Haochen’s Holy Mantle, the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad entered the swamps smoothly.

Inside, the swamp was extremely dark, and the sunlight had a good deal of difficulty to reach through the fog. After walking for roughly a hundred meters, Long Haochen stopped his steps, looking around.

The swamp contained a large amount of plants, mostly vines taking root inside the boggy ground. The color of these vines was very similar to the poisonous marsh gas.
“Han Yu, if we get ambushed and my Holy Mantle is broken, create another Holy Mantle to protect everyone. At that time, please remember to close your eyes and try to avoid breathing in any of the poison.”

“Yes.” Han Yu consented.

Although this poison would probably not be that harmful for powerhouses of the sixth step like them, it was better to be cautious. A careful sail would make a ship last for ten thousand years.

Right when Long Haochen was speaking, his eyes suddenly dilated, and his gaze shot forward, Yating immediately sensed his intent, and aimed a white glow in that direction.

With a low roar, a massive figure charged towards Long Haochen.

The fog was so dense that it was only when this enemy clashed against the Holy Mantle that everyone could see its appearance.

It was a huge lizard, entirely dark golden in color, with pus all over its skin, and a pair of very sinister dark green colored eyes. Opening its mouth, it aimed its snarling teeth at Long Haochen.

Long Haochen’s response was extremely fast. As the outwards Holy Mantle disappeared abruptly, the Glorious Holy Shield was lit in white. This was a result of the release of the Holy Sword Technique and a Shield Bash, welcoming that rushing lizard.

With a stuffy bang sound, the lizard fell over, but Long Haochen didn’t move a single step. The Rippling Light in his right hand just performed a lightning-fast cut, drawing a graceful arc of light in midair, executing a Light Thron combined with Holy Fire, violently cutting the neck of that lizard.

With a Pop, blood oozed and that lizard’s head separated from its body. Its blood was yellow green, and had a nauseating look. After being cut to death, his corpse slowly sank into the muddy swamp, producing a series of bubbles.
Lin Xin slipped out a remark in a low voice, “Couldn’t that have been a relative of Haoyue?”

Wang Yuanyuan gave him a blank stare, “If you have such remarks, you should directly tell them to Haoyue.”

Long Haochen declared, “This should be a magical beast of the fifth rank, and of the poisonous type. I guess some of the creatures from the swamps mutated due to their environment.” For another knight, even at the seventh step of cultivation, Ligh

“Master, I can make the surroundings cleaner.” The Eleventh Holy Guard’s low voice sounded out.

Long Haochen gave him a surprised look, and nodded in response, “Okay. However, you have to save your spiritual energy as much as possible.”

The Eleventh Holy Guard replied, “The water essence here is dense, so it won’t consume much energy.” Saying that, he waved the staff in his hand, and with a deep and low chant, a dark blue colored radiance spread outwards.

This Eleventh Holy Guard launched spells faster than Long Haochen had ever seen anyone cast spells.

Along with the release of that dark blue radiance came some rustling sounds in the air, and a bizarre scene unfolded. The surrounding poisonous fog actually thinned out at extreme speed, and instantly, the area within fifty meters diameter around became very clear.

The poisonous fog was fundamentally made of a mixture of vapor and poison, and when the Eleventh Holy Guard froze the water in the air, he naturally cleared the poison as well.

Long Haochen also found out that the ice cones that fell to the ground decreased the surrounding temperature accordingly, which reduced the
Eleventh Holy Guard’s output of spiritual energy. This acuity was truly admirable.

Since Long Haochen took notice of it, Lin Xin also did. As a mage, he always believed his own control over magic to be pretty good. But compared to the Eleventh Holy Guard, he was still inferior! Hence, he firmly drew a step back until he stood behind the Eleventh Holy Guard, and silently watched and sensed all his movements, grasping his traits as a mage.

Yating also became aware of that, having a self-awareness of her own. Although her development mostly originated from Long Haochen’s mental strength, her learning ability was in no way weak.

Yating reached the conclusion that on the aspect of elemental purity, she should be far above this Eleventh Holy Guard, and since Long Haochen broke through to the seventh step, the same went for her. One of the benefits from the fusion of spiritual stoves that occurred in the Illusory Paradise was that it permitted her to gain a state of a completely matured spiritual stove. In some sense, she even became a real advanced fairy, with the only difference being that her life was part of Long Haochen’s.

However, on the aspects of control and use of her magic power, Yating found out that she was far inferior to this skeletal Eleventh Holy Guard. Be it in the theoretical aspect or in practical control, the gap between the two of them was like night and day.

The Eleventh Holy Guard didn’t realize their scrutiny. He only did his duty, and returned to silence again after completing his magic.

Long Haochen turned his head to give a thumbs up to this Eleventh Holy Guard, and then continued his advance, leading the group.

With the burst of magic power from the Eleventh Holy Guard, their visibility increased greatly, and the oppressive power they felt after entering the Swamps of Gloom weakened. The eyes were a window to the soul. Other senses could temporarily take over the job of one’s eyes, but almost everyone would unconsciously only believe what they saw. But if
confronted with something unseen by the eyes, they would then very easily become nervous. Of course, this wasn’t the case for Cai’er before the loss of her memories.

The more they advanced, the heavier the fog surrounding them became. The falling ice cones also started to grow in number, but contrary to the expectations, the Eleventh Holy Guard’s control over the surroundings didn’t weaken. The plants that surrounded them greatly varied, not only being limited to vines anymore. Some special flowers and fruits appeared, and the path started to become rugged.

Accurately speaking, there was no path after entering the Swamps of Gloom, and the path only consisted of the way Long Haochen made through. The surrounding vines were especially tough, needing at least two or three Light Thorns reinforced by Ripples of Light to cut through.

This job was again undertaken by Long Haochen himself on his own behest, with the others standing guard. In such a dangerous place nothing was more important than personal safety.

Cai’er silently followed at Long Haochen’s back. Seeing this very young man continuously waving his sword, to open up a path for his comrades, the fear in her eyes disappeared gradually. That feeling of safety from being protected by another reappeared, and some indescriptible things seemed to arise in her. Occasionally, her heart ached and her head hurt as if trying to remember about the existence of this man.

Slowly, her trust in Long Haochen was increasing, and her mood wasn’t as terrible as when she woke up after losing her memories. At least, she didn’t feel any threat from those accompanying her.

Although she became amnesic, Cai’er’s intelligence was still intact. She clearly sensed that if, after losing her memories, these people weren’t present by her side, then she would be really miserable. It was pretty good that they were at her side.

Right as Cai’er was letting her thoughts run wild, Long Haochen suddenly stopped his advance, “Something feels wrong.” He could sense
all the surroundings in his mind, but couldn’t find out what was amiss. However, this feeling was growing more and more intense, and seemed a bit like before, when they had been encircled by the six Demon Hunter Remover squads, though it didn’t feel as intense.

This was an instinctive sense of danger.

Long Haochen’s expression suddenly became severe, and he gave a loud shout, “Cai’er, be careful!” Suddenly drawing back, his wide back bumped into Cai’er.

Although Cai’er was amnesic, her battle instincts were still present. When Long Haochen hit her so suddenly, her right hand was unconsciously pushed onto his back. Borrowing force from that push, she directly hit the border of the Holy Mantle.

Just as she was full of shock, a massive head came out from the swamps below, striking Long Haochen from the ground, and knocking him back. After that massive head pushed him away, it followed him in the air, and opened its mouth wide, showing with a two meters wide gap.

It was a dark green huge snake, whose muddy part was over fifteen meters long, and as thick as a water jar. The scene of its massive mouth opening was enough to give a terrifying shock to anyone.

Its appearance was without any warning, and no one felt its presence. It was just too sudden.

With a golden glint from Long Haochen’s body, the four spiritual wings abruptly propelled him up. Although the Holy Mantle was broken, the Holy Fire ascending from him got rid of the surrounding poison with no difficulty.

Chapter 420

With the help of his spiritual wings, he naturally didn’t let that massive snake swallow him. His body slowly came to a stop in the air, performing a flip followed with a clever flap of wing to flip sideways to the left, and crossing the massive head of that snake. The gigantic body of that massive snake then dropped to the ground.

However, coming out was simple, returning wouldn’t be so easy.

After a brief period of shock, everyone from the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad attacked.

Having already fought together for a long time, they remained unmoved by the sudden attack. The mages rapidly drew back, creating some distance from the gigantic snake, and in close quarters, Han Yu didn’t immediately went to the offense, but raised his Wild Scarlet Blood sword, defending the mages. In the meanwhile, the other close quarter warriors all aiming their attacks against the gigantic snake.

Wang Yuanyuan was the closest, and her massive silver shield blew brazenly, chopping its sharp end fiercely against that gigantic snake.

The offensive power from the Divine Soul Shield was great as always, and although she didn’t embed all her spatial crystals, Wang Yuanyuan’s current strength was enough to insert two of her spatial crystals in the Divine Soul Shield from beginning to end without too great of a consumption.
Unfortunately, the gigantic snake also had an astonishing defense, and its skin was extremely thick, to the extent that the Divine Soul Shield didn’t get deeper than a sixth of meter into its skin, before being forced out by the strong muscles of the snake. Nonetheless, it still let out some dark green colored juice.

Wang Yuanyuan’s attack was only the beginning, and was followed by a flash from Sima Xian’s huge metallic ball, striking the body of the gigantic snake, and immediately producing a violent bang. The gigantic snake that was shot high in the sky, let out a mournful cry from its immense mouth.

Although Sima Xian didn’t trigger the power of the Godly Purple Thunder Spiritual Stove, the destructive power of his Divine Soul Shield was sot great, it could rank amongst the best of the Legendary Equipment.

Smash, Crush, and Triple Blast. Bang, bang bang.
With three violent exploding sounds, that massive gigantic snake was bombarded sideways, lying at a crooked angle, lying in the center of the explosion, great damage was inflicted on the snake.

A fiery red colored flash passed, and the Asura Strike from the Twelfth Holy Guard cut fiercely into wound caused by Sima Xian which was over one meter.

Lin Xin’s Fire Curse Technique and the Ice Spear of the Eleventh Holy Guard were shot out almost at the same time, and the gap in magic control was once again visible.

These two spells were fired almost simultaneously, but Lin Xin’s Fire Curse was slightly slower. Right after being hit by the Ice Spear from the Eleventh Holy Guard, the gigantic snake suddenly came to a standstill, before being bombarded with Fire Curse. The massive power gave the snake another shock, substantially increasing the wounds on its body.
Meanwhile, a white glow landed noiselessly on that immense snake, fired from Yating’s Saint Spiritual Stove, or rather should we say Long Haochen’s. All the killing intent of that immense snake was then focused on Long Haochen alone.

Right at this time, a ringing voice could suddenly be heard, “You’re looking for death.”

Immediately, everyone felt a clear chill pass through their backs, and the massive slaughter aura actually even caused the poisonous marsh gas to disperse rapidly, as if cowering in fright, with a sparkling and translucent grey flash.

The gigantic snake which was in a free fall abruptly came

In fact, even with everyone attacking, its body was only wounded and in this process, everyone realized the astonishing defense of this gigantic snake. But right now, it was cut brazenly in two. Just what tyrannical attack was needed to accomplish that?!

At some time, Cai’er’s eyes was filled with coldness. Just like before her state of amnesia, the Sickle of the God of Death in her hand appeared in her hand, as if being one with the essence of the god of death. A terrible mental pressure was inflicted on everyone present, who felt an intense chill in the air.

No one expect that Cai’er that they were guarding, would choose this time to break out.

A dazzling golden barrier was lit up this time, enveloping everyone inside, and the splashing snake blood was blocked, with the help of Han Yu’s Holy Mantle.

Of course, Long Haochen saw all this. His heart was immediately filled with great ecstasy. Cai’er recovered?

However, he couldn’t keep having these thoughts the next instant.
Although the gigantic snake was chopped in half, its attack still didn’t stop, as one saying goes, that a centipede dies but never falls down. Moreover, this gigantic snake already lived for who knows how many years in the Swamps of Gloom. Being cut, and furthermore affected with the terrible slaughter aura emitted from the Sickle of the God of Death, its body was terribly damaged. However, this wasn’t enough to take its life; and actually, as long as it remained in the swamps, this beast would have the opportunity to recover if given time. But under the effects of the Saint Spiritual Stove, its was only able to target be Long Haochen, and the snake was naturally full of a bitter hate toward this human.

Fiercely opening its wide mouth, a dark green colored ball flew towards Long Haochen.

Right when this ball of light came out, Long Haochen could sense immense danger. The Brilliant Holy Shield in his hand immediately moved, launching Holy Shield Technique and Shield Wall, two great defensive spell launched together. And the instant that ball of light reached him, his Glorious Holy Shield was positioned in front of his chest, coming to a standstill: Divine Obstruction.

But one thing should never be forgotten: Long Haochen still had Yating. After arriving on Long Haochen’s back, Yating abruptly flashed with a chain of starry lights, coming out from her staff. Instantly condensing into the shape of a spear, it took the lead to strike that dark green ball.

Brilliant Stars Spear.

Since the instant right after she released the Saint Spiritual Stove just before, Yating was chanting this incantation. Through the effects of Pull of the Saint Spiritual Stove, she appeared right beside Long Haochen, and immediately fired Brilliant Stars Spear.

With a loud bang, that dark green ball came to a standstill, and along with innumerable golden starlight that dispersed, the Brilliant Stars Spear was pushed away. However, that gigantic snake’s situation wasn’t good either, and it’s falling body let out a miserable shriek.

The external defense of Holy Shield Technique and Shield Wall broke, and the Glorious Holy Shield finally ended up bombarded.

Long Haochen felt the surge of an odd power in him, and in spite of his cultivation plus the mystical defense from Divine Obstruction, he still ended up knocked behind. Letting out a stuffy sound, he had a large gap appear in the Glorious Holy Shield, with also a crack on its core. This piece of equipment of Glorious Tier was now seriously damaged, and although recovery was still possible, this was not doable simply with the magic of self-recovery accompanying the shield, and needed to find a greatmaster in smithing who would be able to restore it back.

After that dark green ball blasted past Long Haochen, it went back straight in the large mouth of the gigantic snake, as if possessing a life of its own.

However, right this time, the battle strength of the gigantic snake plummeted because of how its body was cut down. A blazing figure abruptly rose, and a pair of spiritual wings condensed out of flames appeared in a flash to speed it up. The Twelfth Holy Guard almost took a blink of an eye to appear above the mouth of that gigantic snake, immediately letting the blade in his hand burst out with the light of Asura, this time for Asura Thrust? It aimed right at the dark green radiance.

The Eleventh and the Twelfth Holy Guards matched with an extreme perfection. An immense iceball followed, tracing a parabolic arc close to perfect, and accurately landing in the month of that snake.

The others naturally wouldn’t stay idle, and in this short while, Wang Yuanyuan added another two spatial crystals in her Divine Soul Shield. She naturally could tell out what these two guards were doing, and wasn’t going to let the snake swallow back its dark golden ball. Hence her Space Splitting Sauté was aimed right on the side of the snake’s cheek.

Sima Xian and Lin Xin’s attacks also came from the back. Fire Curse reappeared and entered inside of the gigantic snake from its ruptured part,
and Sima Xian’s Gigantic Ball of Light followed closely, with a purple electric light on it.

In fact, at the current time, Long Haochen and his comrades already had the actual strength of a king grade Demon Hunt Squad.With a combined assault at fullpower, except from Han Yu and Chen Ying’er who had yet to act, the others all made all out attacks, release a destructive power that one might well imagine. The crucial point was their very good mutual understanding, combining their strengths not as simply as additions, but to an even greater extent.

The Asura Thrust from the Twelfth Holy Guard and that dark green ball violently clashed with each other, and the darkened ball flew more than a dozen meter afar. However, he was shot back by the propelling power, standing straight with a good difficulty.

And the gigantic ball of light fired by the Eleventh Holy Guard was already in the mouth of that snake.

The feeling that a living creature with its mouth opened towards the sky, would have when engulfing a large ice ball full of spikes, was as one might well imagine.

And right at this time, Wang Yuanyuan’s Space Splitting Sauté, and Lin Xin and Sima Xian’s attacks from the rear reached this gigantic snake.

The whole body of the gigantic snake splashed out by the effects of the Space Splitting Sauté, naturally unable to engulf back that dark green ball of light. Afterwards, with a loud bang, another three meters long piece of its body was cut, and scorched black. Its massive body twitched and finally fell on the swamps.

However, the swamps didn’t turn out moist and muddy, but a hard and frozen land full of ice-cold.

After completing his Ice Ball, the Eleventh Holy Guard used his next spell onto the ground, Icebound Land! This powerful spell of the seventh step froze the area of swamps onto close to a square kilometer, and wasn’t
close to dissolve that soon. After releasing this spell, the Eleventh Holy Guard finally looked close to exhaustion.
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