Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 401-410

Chapter 401

Long Haochen turned around, and looked at his comrades with a very concerned expression. The expression in his eyes and on his face was very abundant, and among everyone, his eyes rested on Cai’er for the longest time.

“Step back as well, all of you.”

“Wait a bit.” Tian Qing suddenly shouted, before coming to Long Haochen’s side with large strides, vigorously stamping onto the ground with his right foot, while giving a beat to his own chest with his right hand, executing a knight salute in front of him, “Honored knight Long Haochen, I request to temporarily exchange my armor with yours.”

Long Haochen looked slightly distracted, “Big brother Tian Qing.” No matter whether it was a Mythril Foundation Armor, a Pure Gold Foundation Armor or a Divine Throne, all these entities were regarded by knights as a sign of honor. In the hearts of knights, they held even more meaning than their own life.

“Please allow it.” Tian Qing requested with determination.

“Thank you.” Long Haochen didn’t decline. He only placed his right hand on his chest and gave Tian Qing a standard knight salute.

A faint golden light surrounded Tian Qing’s body, and the Mythril Foundation Armor, which originally fit him perfectly, made resonant tingling sounds, before a change immediately happened on the helmet. Its back turned over, and then, the whole armor started to separate itself rapidly
from his body. In a flash, it returned to its original state, exposing Tian Qing’s body.

The current Tian Qing was still stained with blood, and his face looked somewhat pale, but his eyes were filled with determination.

Taking one step away from the Mythril Foundation Armor, Tian Qing didn’t say anything. Stepping aside, he looked at Long Haochen with an ardent look.

Long Haochen took off his own Glorious Holy Armor, unconsciously clenching his fists. Mythril Foundation Armors symbolized the legend of the human knight’s glory, and he was finally about to wear his first one. Even he himself didn’t believe he was qualified to wear a battle armor of this kind so fast.

Controlling a Mythril Foundation Armor required one to reach the seventh step of cultivation. Although Long Hoachen didn’t break through to this level yet, he still reached the peak of the sixth step, and his internal spiritual energy had broken through 10,000 units two days ago. He was now on the bottleneck between the sixth and the seventh step. Relying on his own incredibly pure light elemental spiritual energy, he had confidence in being able to master this armor, and Tian Qing was similarly confident in him. Therefore, he was willing to let his own glory be worn by Long Haochen, hoping it would increase his odds of victory.

Everyone knew that the odds for Long Haochen, whose strength didn’t reach the seventh step yet, to prevail over a powerhouse at the peak of the eighth step, were close to zero, but Long Haochen still stepped forward and accepted the challenge. Being a knight, this was a question of honor, so no one could stop him.

As soon as he reached out for the Mythril Foundation box, Long Haochen felt the blood in his body boil. When he really stood in front of it, a proud and hard to describe battle intent rose in him.

Engulfed by silvery light, the silver box transformed first into a pair of leg guards. With silver light spreading underneath, they fastened around
both of his feet. Then, the armor rose to his lower back and the thigh parts wound around his waist, enveloping him slowly.

During this process, Long Haochen unconsciously straightened his posture, while silvery light surrounded his body.

The same armor worn by Tian Qing and by Long Haochen had a totally diffe

Long Haochen felt like a huge black hole, madly absorbing all the light essence in the air. His spiritual cavities seemed to harmonize perfectly with the Mythril Foundation Armor. It was a really wonderful feeling, and totally different from any of the other armors he had worn before.

After being clad in the Mythril Foundation Armor, Long Haochen felt as if he was wearing mere clothes, and not an entire armor. His body felt incomparably agile, and he didn’t seem impeded in the slightest. Just by putting this armor on, he felt as if his whole body had reached the state of Brilliant Body.

This was a legend, a legend of the Knight Temple! It was thanks to the efforts and research spent by the Knight Temple for several thousands of years that they had been able to make 365 Mythril Foundation Armors, and 36 Pure Gold Foundation Armors, which helped them gain such a stable position as head of the Six Great Temples.

Only by wearing it, Long Haochen felt his strength at least doubled or even tripled, and this was without taking the defense of the Mythril Foundation Armor, and its boost of agility into consideration.

His whole body started to gleam golden, and Long Haochen sensed the Mythril Foundation Armor settle with an almost audible moan. At this moment, Tian Qing understood the reason why that black-clad demon youth chose Long Haochen and not him as his opponent.

Slowly, he lifted the Legendary Shield in his hand, offering it to Long Haochen.
But to Tian Qing’s surprise, Long Haochen shook his head, “Brother Tian Qing, did you forget that I am also a Retribution Knight?” After saying that, he grabbed the Rippling Light with his left hand, and advanced towards Ah’Bao in large strides.

A Retribution Knight? Tian Qing’s look became suddenly sluggish. It was true that in a one against one battle, Retribution Knights were without a doubt a lot more powerful than Guardian Knights. And right! The first time he ran across them, Long Haochen seemed to have been using dual swords.

“Are you prepared?”, Ah’Bao asked when Long Haochen stopped ten meters away from him. He didn’t stop Long Haochen from exchanging armors, since he wanted to defeat Long Haochen in his most powerful state, to really quench his hatred.

Long Haochen looked up to him, “Come.”

“You’re a knight, what about your mount?” Ah’Bao asked in all seriousness.

Long Haochen shook his head, “Although you are my enemy, you still gave me the chance to have a fair decisive battle. As a knight, although my strength is far from yours, I cannot have such an unfair advantage in a duel. It would no longer be a one versus one battle between the two of us.”

With a smile, Ah’Bao revealed some unconcealed admiration in his eyes,
“Very well, you are really worthy of being the rival I settled on.”

A rich black radiance slowly rose in the air, and the scales on him gained a purple tinge. In his right hand, a purplish black radiance appeared from nowhere, and the massive glint turned into a pillar of light, spreading with an incomparable pressure from his hand.

All the demon powerhouses exchanged alarmed looks, as if this black radiance filled them with fear.
The purplish black radiance condensed in Ah’Bao’s hand, turning into a purplish black heavy sword.

Long Haochen of course knew what this purplish black heavy sword was. That was Ah’Bao’s personal weapon, the weapon that he destroyed in the past. It was made out of the horn of a Devil Dragon.

At the same time, Ah’Bao raised his right hand, and Long Haochen mirrored him with his own right hand, from which a soft golden radiance condensed, slowly ascending to his right hand, glinting with an intense golden color.

At first it seemed as if the golden light was far inferior to the black radiance in power, but the instant it appeared, the light surrounding Long Haochen engulfed all darkness in a hard to describe way.

When he was clad in Mythril Foundation Armor, this originally only silver-colored armor produced some golden light, but when the Aria of the Goddess of Light appeared in his right hand, the Mythril Foundation Armor actually turned completely golden.

Yating was floating above Long Haochen’s shoulder, only murmuring some chants, but suddenly she touched Long Haochen’s neck and disappeared the next instant.

Immediately, the Mythril Foundation Armor flourished in golden light, produced buzzing sounds, and suddenly emitted strong fluctuations of spiritual energy. Its strength abruptly reached a terrifying level. On Long Haochen’s back, his two pairs of spiritual wings instantly spread. And every part of him radiated an ethereal feeling.

That’s right, Yating turned into a weapon soul and fused with the Mythril Foundation Armor to give Long Haochen a massive boost.

The Aria of the Goddess of Light burst into intense flames which naturally originated from the release of Holy Fire. Regarding his presence, Long Haochen was unexpectedly not the slightest bit inferior to Ah’Bao.
The auras of the two of them clashed, trying to suppress each other, but to everyone’s surprise, none managed to get the upper hand.

Long Haochen didn’t only feel powerful to Ah’Bao, but also pure. Exceptionally pure. It was because of this purity that he didn’t lose against his presence.

At this point, the battle started without any prior indication. Long Haochen launched the first attack. Not using any abilities, he simply moved forward as the Aria of the Goddess of Light traced a graceful curve in the air, creating a fantastic scene.

To everyone’s eyes, it looked as though Long Haochen disappeared and all that remained was his sword.

From the launch of his blow, the sky changed color, as if struck by it. And because of it, Ah’Bao actually let out a stuffy groan and drew a few steps back.

Gliding further and circling around, Long Haochen waved the Aria of the Goddess of Light horizontally once again. Long Haochen’s movements didn’t look slow in the slightest right then, but he gave a kind of abnormal feeling of steadiness.

As his opponent, Ah’Bao had the deepest impression of this attack. Long Haochen’s first blow indeed pierced through the skies, but also sealed off all the possible attacking routes of Ah’Bao. Moreover, it aimed right at the moment Ah’Bao was in the midst of his own movement. If Ah’Bao had completed his attack, Long Haochen’s first attack would undoubtedly have landed on him first.

If this had been someone else, even if this attack had been executed with a piece of Legendary Equipment, Ah’Bao wouldn’t have stayed that passive. So what was there in taking a strike? Given their terribly powerful external spiritual energy, Devil Dragons didn’t fear any attack. However, Long Haochen wasn’t the same: his sword seemed as traceless as a breath of wind,, yet gave off the powerful sword intent of a man being one with
nature. Facing such a sword, Ah’Bao had an intense sense of crisis, as if as long as it landed, he would undoubtedly be seriously wounded.

Chapter 402

During this battle against Ah’Bao, Long Haochen was different from the time he was up against the Jacques Chief of the eighth step. That time, he acted as the leader of a team, who shouldered the responsibility of saving another Demon Hunt Squad. Thus, he had to inflict the most serious damage possible to the enemy in the shortest time he could. This was also the reason why he didn’t hesitate to enter a weakened state by fusing with Haoyue and Yating, to reach his most powerful state and launch powerful and unyielding attacks against the enemy.

But the current situation was different. First of all, Ah’Bao’s strength was incomparable to the Jacques Chief, and even if Long Haochen was to fuse with Haoyue, killing him in a limited time wouldn’t be feasible. Thus, Long Haochen had to rely on the antique battle techniques acquired in the Tower of Eternity, as well as the sword intent from the Aria of the Goddess of Light.

Due to being a god’s chosen one, and his one year of secluded training, Long Haochen got to truly fuse these two things as one, and by now, his strength was absolutely not measurable only with his amount of spiritual energy. He knew clearly that if he really wanted to have the opportunity to win against Ah’Bao, he would need to make use of all his sword intent, sword heart and technique in the sword.

At the time Long Haochen’s first attack was launched; he already gave no thought to life or death, disregarding all the outside world. In his eyes and heart appeared only one target. His sword heart was brightly lit, and his sword intent became one with the environment. His body and sword moved as he wished, simply attacking the opponent, and giving off an impression
of having the ability to turn things around. With the addition of the divine sword Aria of the Goddess of Light, his two sword strikes in a row actually compelled Ah’Bao back.

However, Ah’Bao was after all not the same as back in the Illusory Paradise either. At that time, Ah’Bao had been greatly suppressed by the rules of the Illusory Paradise and could only use a total of ten thousand units of internal spiritual energy. Moreover, everything Long Haochen did then, had gained him the benevolence of the Illusory Paradise, and thus enabled him to suppress Ah’Bao. But now, the one he was confronting was Ah’Bao in his most powerful state, who had gained a lot from the painful experience, once again making him all the stronger.

The second time he drew back, Ah’Bao was already launching a counterattack. His left foot stamped hard onto the ground, producing fierce exploding sounds, as waves of darkness spiritual energy gushed out. As Long Haochen attacked once again, his third lightning fast sword strike hit that purple colored pillar, and the Aria of the Goddess of Light ended up being repelled by that purplish black light.

It was a heavy blow, that didn’t contain any adornments. With a shout of fury, Ah’Bao swung the heavy sword in his right hand brazenly. Under everyone’s attention, that purplish black pillar of light actually surrounded his heavy sword, turning into a ten meter long sword tip, which aimed straight at Long Haochen.

Meanwhile, in a radius of thirty meters around them, all the air was instantly filled with a stagnating darkness spiritual energy, preventing Long Haochen from redrawing to escape, while delaying his movements greatly.

As the demons’ crown prince, Ah’Bao’s genius wasn’t much inferior to Long Haochen’s, but at the time Long Haochen launched his first attack, he actually figured that in terms of battle technique, he was already no match for this human. However, the technical aspect wasn’t a synonym for victory on the battlefield.

Long Haochen’s steps suddenly halted, and his knees bent while unloading all the momentum of stopping his charge. He let go of the Rippling Light in his left hand, directly dropping it to the ground. Grasping the Aria of the Goddess of Light with both hands, he showed an astonishing move.

Twisting his body, he straightened his posture and swung the divine sword. His senses already exceeded the level of being natural and unforced, more accurately, he reached a perfect harmony between his body and his sword. Emitting a dark golden glow from the tip of his feet that spread up, the sharp point of the Aria of the Goddess of Light finally condensed, bursting out with soft light that dexterously clashed against that purplish black sword tip.

No, calling that a clash was not suited; it should rather be called a contact. Meanwhile, Long Haochen’s body followed the movement of his sword, tracing a perfect curve of 360 degrees. More fantastically, he let Ah’Bao’s tyrannical attacks actually push him to the side, giving his formidable fighting strength no opportunity to act against him.

Right at this time, Long Haochen suddenly flapped the four wings on his back, looking the same as a swimming fish rushing forward, and remained close to the ground. Doing another movement upwards with his left foot, he retrieved the Rippling Light to his hand, wielding two swords again as he almost instantly came back face to face with Ah’Bao.

During the course of Long Haochen’s rush forward, the shattered space scattered from within, and burst out with an incomparably concentrated sword intent, actually passing through the strongly compressed space. A low dragon cry instantly rang out, and dark golden flames vigorously covered him as he glided. During this time, Long Haochen’s imposing manner reached its peak.


Ah’Bao’s terrifying sword struck the ground, immersing the surroundings in a purplish black color as the violent explosion hit. The exploding and
splitting sounds it produced sounded the same as a crying demon, shaking the earth and causing terrible damage.

Right at this time, Long Haochen arrived in front of Ah’Bao, and his entire body swept at Ah’Bao like a tornado.

If someone clearly watched Long Haochen’s movements, they would distinctly see that the Rippling Light in his left hand pierced forward, launching a myriad of sword tips uniting instantly as one. The strike aimed at Ah’Bao’s wrist that was holding his sword. And the Aria of the Goddess of Light in his right hand stuck close to the ground, releasing a terrible golden laser beam while carrying a sound of dragon cry as it struck against the opponent. And furthermore, that laser wasn’t big in size, on the opposite, it was somewhat smaller than the blade of light emitted by the Aria of the Goddess of Light. Its color was completely dark golden, yet looked the same as a substantial thing.

Ah’Bao’s appreciation of Long Haochen was already very high, but in his heart, that opponent was still no more than a human knight not even reaching the seventh step. Never did he expect his own tyrannical blow to actually be neutralized by Long Haochen’s indirect methods, and that he would immediately counterattack against him.

The timing for Long Haochen’s strike was chosen extremely well, aiming right at the short delay after Ah’Bao’s full strength launch of power. And furthermore, his sword speed was terrifying, as if not affected in the slightest by the burst of the purplish black sword.

Long Haochen was using Ascending Dragon Strike with the Aria of the Goddess of Light, but the ability wasn’t aimed upwards, but forward.

Along with the increase of his cultivation, his use of the usual knight abilities already reached a new boundary, completely throwing off the restrictions of the abilities themselves. It could be said that every single ability could contain some creativeness in his hand.

With a faint flicker of light, Long Haochen’s eyes let out sparkles, and his Foundation Mythril Armor exuded some intense dark golden color. If was
as if a thick golden liquid was stuck on the surface of his armor.

Facing Long Haochen’s dual sword attack, Ah’Bao didn’t show any sign of attacking. But his combat experience was plentiful enough that even in such a disadvantageous situation, he actually made a proper decision, and abandoned his sword.

The distance separating Long Haochen and him was already too small, and his purplish black gigantic sword was quite larger than Long Haochen’s Aria of the Goddess of Light. Therefore, right after launching a full power attack, he basically didn’t have the time to return it to his side, which turned his advantage into a handicap.

He hastily let go of his sword as he leaned backwards. Instantly,, his left hand clashed violently against the Rippling Light, as his right hand formed a fist that directly smashed backward, striking against the blade of light released by the Aria of the Goddess of Light.

With a puff sound, Ah’Bao’s left hand thrust against the Rippling Light that produced slight ripples. He swept it away, but that heavy sword of the Glorious Tier combined thousand strikes into one while carrying the power of Demon Wiping Flash! It left a bloody trace on Ah’Bao’s left hand.

As Long Haochen’s self-created technique Ripples of Light was displayed in combination with the uniting of thousand sword strikes into one, even with Ah’Bao’s external spiritual energy reaching a level of a few dozens of thousand units, he couldn’t completely resist against it.

At the same time, a clash occurred on the other side. Without any explosion, Ah’Bao’s fist clashed against the Aria of the Goddess of Light, and he suddenly found out to his greatest shock that his strength somehow felt empty.

In fact, during the previous altercation, Long Haochen’s Aria of the Goddess of Light felt able to possibly threaten his life. Thus, his punch was already using his whole strength.
Yet the instant his punch and the sword collided with each other, Ah’Bao only felt that a part of the strength of his fist was forcibly absorbed by the magnificent dark golden sword in Long Haochen’s hand, and it was a very great part of it. Afterwards, Long Haochen summersaulted with the help of the momentum, and thereby absorbed the rest of the strength of that fist. As the dark golden radiance suddenly vanished, Long Haochen’s body was already revolving at great speed like a vortex tearing everything away.

Actually, when Ah’Bao responded to Long Haochen’s attack, he was already fooled to think Long Haochen was trying to face him head-on. He was lured into responding to the attacks of both swords with both of his hands. In other words, Long Haochen’s dual swords were aiming for a crossed attack, and after the clash, he used the momentum for a spiraling motion, not aiming at all to clash with Ah’Bao’s monstrous power. Borrowing power from his all-out efforts was enough.

Condemning Revolving Sword!

Or rather, this should be called an evolved Condemning Revolving Sword.

Until now, Long Haochen’s sword intent was breaking out in all direction, spreading over the whole battlefield, surge after surge. Be it the demons or the humans, when seeing this battle, everyone looked lifeless. Even Long Haochen’s comrades wore expressions of disbelief.

Chapter 403

Right! This was really just too inconceivable, just what level did Ah’Bao’s strength reach? That was the peak of the eighth step, his internal spiritual energy reaching a terrifying level close to 100,000 units!

However, since the start of this battle, Long Haochen actually suppressed Ah’Bao completely, not only leading him along, but also holding the complete advantage. All his attacks could be said to predict Ah’Bao’s intentions completely. Under these circumstances, Ah’Bao clearly suffered some losses.

In midair, Long Haochen turned into a dark golden twirl, carrying an overflowing sword intent that also seemed to carry some of Ah’Bao’s burst power.

The speed of his Condemning Revolving Sword was just too fast. Even if Long Xingyu, creator of the Condemning Revolving Sword technique, was here and suppressed his internal spiritual energy to the same level as Long Haochen’s, he’d still be unable to bring out such a magnificent Condemning Revolving Sword.

Long Xingyu’s Condemning Revolving Sword also contained sword intent, but the sword intent from Long Haochen’s Aria of the Goddess of Light was one level above it.

Long Haochen’s internal spiritual energy was indeed far below Ah’Bao’s, and the same went for his external spiritual energy, but all his attacks gave Ah’Bao the feeling of being indomitable.
Being one with nature. These words sounded very simple.

But how many others were really able to accomplish it? Fusing all of one’s internal spiritual energy, external spiritual energy, spiritual stoves and equipment was not as simple as an addition of forces! To say nothing that one shouldn’t ever forget the greatest secret of Condemning Revolving Sword residing in borrowing force.

Under the increasingly strong pressure, even the demon crown prince Ah’Bao had no choice but to draw back time after time. His only feeling was that the power from Long Haochen’s dual swords was growing stronger and stronger, every blow growing even more fierce. On the other hand, he lost his own weapon and didn’t even have the mental strength to control that horn to return to him.

Spouting blood, one could clearly see Ah’Bao trying his utmost to resist while urging his darkness spiritual energy. Although he could resist the sword of Long Haochen itself, he was unable to entirely resist that terrible sword intent, and cuts started to appear all over his body. Each cut looked distinct and blood gushed from it.

Yue Ye watched the battle attentively, feeling completely blank. When Long Haochen stood upright and unafraid in front of Ah’Bao, she only felt her own mind going blank. It’s over, everything is over! How could he be a match for Ah’Bao? Brother Bao’s strength is not at the same suppressed state as in the Illusory Paradise!

They are going to die, and I will die too! For some reason, Yue Ye wasn’t in a state of great terror, but had an uncomfortable and difficult to describe feeling.

However, after the real start of the battle, nothing went as she imagined, and the powerful Ah’Bao actually ended up entirely suppressed by Long Haochen. The gap of spiritual energy between the two sides seemed to have disappeared, as the fighting strength Long Haochen exuded from the peak of the sixth step gave him a destructive power ordinary powerhouses of the eighth step would be unable to compare with. Each strike of his only carried 10,000 units of spiritual energy, but with the amplification, from a whole set
of Legendary Equipment, plus that terrible sword intent, how could that be described merely as 10,000 units of spiritual energy?

In the clash between light and darkness, the purity of his l Ruaa!
In this time of setback, Ah’Bao let out a cry, facing upwards and suddenly bursting out with fluctuations of a mystical energy released from his body, Dragon Might. That was the Dragon Might of the Devil Dragons.

Rapidly spiralling in the air, Long Haochen suddenly seemed in disorder, and the freely displayed Condemning Revolving Sword finally came to a sudden stop.

From very far, Haoyue’s four large heads flashed with purple light, and his powerful claws unconsciously stabbed the ground, but he still bore with it, not launching any attacks.

Taking advantage of Long Haochen’s sudden pause, Ah’Bao suddenly drew back, and immediately, a gaudy black radiance burst forth from his body.

This black was full of gloom. But why would it exude a feeling of gloom? That was because the thoughts emitted from it were too piercing and strong.

The black radiance wasn’t spread too far. It enveloped Ah’Bao’s body inside and no more. One could see clearly that this black radiance condensed to the threatening shape of a Black Dragon, spiralling around Ah’Bao’s side. And when Long Haochen’s Condemning Revolving Sword chased further, it turned out that it was unable to come in contact with Ah’Bao, and just clashed against that black barrier.

Devil Dragon’s Undying Body, a powerful Devil Dragon ability.

Standing inside the barrier of the Devil Dragon’s Undying Body, Ah’Bao coldly watched the spiralling attacks of his opponents launched towards
him in the air. Producing ear-piercing sounds from the dark golden ball of light, his blood red eyes were really close to gushing blood.

The current Ah’Bao was losing purple blood all over his body, and many of his scales now had cracks on them. And all of this was done by the effects of the sword intent carried by the two swords in Long Haochen’s hands.

Taking a deep breath, Ah’Bao took a step back with his right foot, and his right fist was placed on his waist. His left hand was placed in front of his chest, forming a bizarre posture. Terrible power was exuded as his unyielding darkness energy instantly reaching its peak.

An immense purplish black luster appeared on his back. One could faintly see that this was a very large purplish black pillar looming up to the sky, with a gigantic dragon spiralling around it. Wasn’t this precisely the first demon god pillar, belonging to the Demon God Emperor?!

The stifling feeling of space being torn apart reappeared, but this time it wasn’t limited to a range of dozens square meters. It actually reached a range big enough for everyone present to sense as though it was right next to them, while trying to suck them in.

The purplish black color of Ah’Bao’s body instantly turned completely black, and the same went even for his blood and eyes. And right at that time, his expression looked entirely different, incomparably substantial, and containing an incomparable power, as if he was the only real person in this world.

Fist intent. Right, if Long Haochen could be said to be using sword intent, then the current Ah’Bao was bursting out with the fundamental fist intent, inherent to the lineage of the Devil Dragons.

His cultivation was after all far above Long Haochen’s, therefore, the breakout of his fist intent covered a range far above Long Haochen’s scope.

The two Demon Hunt Squads appeared dumbstruck. Ah’Bao didn’t attack yet with that fist, but it’s terrifying might was already visible to such
extent. But what would happen when he’d really attack? Just what terrifying level would it reach?!

Everyone could see that Ah’Bao was entirely blood-soaked, but these were only scratches, without any substantial damage done. And how long would Long Haochen be able to keep up his full strength? That no one knew.

Right at this time, the originally frantically rotating Long Haochen struck the barrier once again, and his body suddenly came to a standstill. Releasing the four wings on his back, he remained in midair, the four wings on his back suddenly pointing their tips forward, as the Aria of the Goddess of Light started producing slight vibrations. Right at this time, Long Haochen, floating in midair, closed his eyes, and his entire body sunk into a kind of mystical state.

With a cold look, Ah’Bao watched Long Haochen attentively. Seeing this scene, he couldn’t help but tremble slightly. The reason was simple: this state of Long Haochen’s was precisely the one he was in at the time he broke his horn.

The Rippling Light once again disappeared, this time inside the Eternal Melody. Holding the Aria of the Goddess of Light in both hands, Long Haochen looked slightly upwards as a dazzling golden color covered his body. That golden color seemed like a kind of fire, setting aflame all the light in the sky.

A kind of bizarre chant, close to buzzing, sounded in the air, and on Long Haochen’s back, all the splitting feeling of the space disappeared. A soft golden radiance arose quietly over his shoulder, and in the midst of that mystical buzzing chant, an unreal looking golden luster appeared.

That very illusory-looking luster, fully colored in a faint golden color, could only be described as looking human-shaped. Around this shape, the wide area of gold actually didn’t have any substance.

In Long Haochen’s hands, the Aria of the Goddess of Light exuded a kind of fantastic gleam. The originally blunt heavy sword at that instant
gained an extremely sharp point. More terrifyingly, that sharpness gave the completely opposite feeling to his former gentleness.

Humans and demons had completely different impressions. All the Demon Hunters felt a breath of nature from this golden color. And those members from the 17th king grade Demon Hunt Squad who just had ignited their flames of life, felt comfortably warm, filled with an indescribable comfort, as if their power of life was quietly being restored.

A fantastic radiance appeared on Long Haochen’s face. Right then, he gave off a transcending feeling, yet had a different look from back in the Illusory Paradise.

Charging forward, the Devil Dragon’s fist intent instantly broke out. As the demon crown prince, he could draw support from the power of the first demon god pillar to some extent, showing that Ah’Bao was already starting to succeed the first demon god as his successor. That terrifying fist intent entirely lacerated the sky, rendering it endlessly black, just like a black hole facing Long Haochen. It was as if his body was about to be entirely swallowed.

Right at this instant, Long Haochen struck in an oblique trajectory as lightly as a feather. The dark golden color on the sword now turned bright golden, but this was an exceptionally beautiful golden color, carrying all the seven colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, blue, and purple, all appearingly fused with that golden colour of his sword. From the first reddish golden to the last purplish golden shade, the variations were rapidly changing, but the feeling it gave was that of a magnificent rainbow, produced by the illumination of the sun.

When the sword came in contact with Ah’Bao’s attack in the air, no instant explosion occurred, but as if adhering them together, there was a short moment of stagnation.

It was also right at this moment that Long Haochen opened his eyes. They appeared to be filled with a soft white radiance, completely contrasting Ah’Bao’s pair of black eyes. One’s eyes were filled with
wildness, and the other’s with gentleness, and both sets produced incomparable sparks upon colliding.

The next instant, the sound of an explosion finally hit.

Chapter 404

With a terrifying explosion, a brilliance of ultimate terror abruptly appeared at the point of their collision. It took the shape of a helix mixed of gold and darkness, abruptly expanding outwards.

No matter whether it was the Demon Hunters or the Demon Hunter Removers, all sides immediately turned around and fled, using their most adept evasive spells.

Even so, the humans and demons were knocked down like wheat when the terrifying burst hit them.

Ah’Bao’s body flew like a black arrow to the ground, and even trying his utmost to control his own body, he couldn’t. All the cuts that he sustained right before gushed blood like geysirs, and his face instantly became pale.

Long Haochen and him were exact opposite, and the clash with that dazzling golden figure was the origin of that massive force of impact.

But they were the same regarding the dark color that surrounded them now.

The Aria of the Goddess of Light turned completely dark, and Yating’s body disappeared in a flash, returning to Long Haochen’s body. Because Long Haochen was entirely covered by the Mythril Foundation Armor, as opposed to AhBao, the state of his body could not be discerned, but one could clearly see that this Legendary Tier armor was covered by many cracks. It seemed as though, had the shock been just a bit more violent, this Mythril Foundation Armor would have completely shattered.
The battlefield became eerily silent, because right at this time, everyone was completely speechless.

What a terrible clash that was! The clash of a powerhouse at the peak of the sixth step and a powerhouse at the peak of the eighth step actually produced such terrifying fluctuations of energy. Even if Long Haochen would lose this battle, this was enough to be proud. Moreover, judging how the situation before their eyes changed, Long Haochen wouldn’t necessarily lose.

The first to get up from the ground was a black figure, her hair colored in a deep purple. She disappeared in the sky like a specter as everyone else was still in shock from that terrible clash of power.

Because of that terrible collision, at that time, no one paid attention to her existence or to her movements.

Ah’Bao finally regained control over his body, and that purplish black heavy sword reappeared in his hand. With both his hands grabbing the sword hilt, he stuck the blade into the ground, revealing a very deep expression.

Long Haochen’s body was also slowly descending from the sky, and the Mythril Foundation Armor on him regained the original bright silver brilliance it had, before Long Haochen’s spiritual energy had turned it golden.

Both sides stared at their counterpart, none yielding to the other.

“I didn’t expect you to actually be able to borrow godly power. Do you really want to face my challenge?” Ah’Bao’s voice was cold and stagnant, not showing any trace of him being wounded.

Long Haochen gave a tranquil response, “Don’t tell me you’re not borrowing power from the first demon god pillar?”

Now that they landed, both parties were at a close distance from each other, and the Demon Hunters and Demon Hunter Removers also got up
one after another, staring at the two of them filled with lingering fears.

The Demon Hunter removers were oppressed, while the Demon Hunters gathered together. The close quarter vocations and the mages vocations from both sides were ready to join the battle at anytime.

Ah’Bao declared in deep voice, “I have no choice but to admit that you are the most worthy person I met in this lifetime to be called my rival. As a human, of younger age than me and with inferior cultivation, still resisting my strength and reducing me to th

Long Haochen had already landed on the ground, and when he stepped forward, his body actually stumbled with a sensation of lost control. He also had to hurry to use the godly sword to help steady himself.

Only Long Haochen’s comrades knew how terrible his present condition was. That’s because at the same time Long Haochen and Ah’Bao collided, the Soul Linking Chains activated their Life Sharing.

At this moment, all the members from the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad apart from Cai’er, who was in a state of invisibility, were pale, bleeding from their facial orifices, which showed how seriously they were hurt from the Life Sharing.

As one might imagine, Ah’Bao’s fist intent was just too terrifying.

Just like Ah’Bao said, being a god’s chosen one, Long Haochen borrowed force from the Goddess of Light for his last attack. Otherwise, he couldn’t possibly have resisted Ah’Bao’s fist intent.

Even with an even stronger sword intent, without sufficient spiritual energy he couldn’t pull out sufficient might.

Given a set of Legendary Equipment and the fusion with Yating, Long Haochen actually reached a level of cultivation close to the eighth step in practice, but a world of difference existed between the spiritual energy of both sides, to say nothing that Ah’Bao was a Devil Dragon, with a level of external spiritual energy amounting to dozens of thousands.
It looked like Ah’Bao’s injuries were serious, but actually, Long Haochen’s injuries were even more serious than Ah’Bao’s. If not for the Soul Linking Chains that connected him with his comrades, Long Haochen’s body would have probably been ripped apart from that clash just before, even with the protection of his Mythril Foundation Armor.

“What a pity!” Ah’Bao suddenly shook his head lightly.

Long Haochen showed an indifferent smile, “You are about to break your promise, aren’t you?”

Ah’Bao replied with a cold smile, “Break my promise? No. Our battle has no fixed victor, even if we are temporarily in a draw. How could I be considered breaking my promise?”

“If I were a mere demon, I would be feeling deeply honored of having such a rival as you to motivate me, and would definitely defeat you with my own strength at all costs. I would then step on you, making you the stepping stone for me to ascend to the peak. Unfortunately, I am not an ordinary demon, but the crown prince of the demons, son of the Demon God Emperor and future successor to the position of Demon God Emperor. I cannot let you keep growing: the future of a god’s chosen one is unpredictable. I have to admit that I don’t have absolute confidence to defeat you in the future. Thus, for the sake of all demons, I can only kill you while I can.”

Long Haochen also smiled at him, “You are quite reasonable. If I am given three more years, you will absolutely be no match for me. I have never believed that you would keep your promise either. It looks as if our final battle will have to wait for the next time we meet. I hope for you that at that time, your luck will be as good as now, and that you will be in the same kind of advantageous situation as now.”

This time, the smile on Ah’Bao’s face didn’t carry the same coldness, “What? Don’t tell me you really think you can escape alive from me today!”
Long Haochen gave him the indifferent reply, “Why would that be impossible? Actually, I’m already at my limits. I concede that my condition is worse than yours. However, like your subordinates that are surrounding us, did you forget that I also have comrades?”

Ah’Bao’s look changed, suddenly alert of his surroundings, but he didn’t sense any threatening existence. But right at this time, a black figure appeared in the midst of the Demon Hunter Removers.

That black delicate and slender figure went unnoticed by all Demon Hunter Removers at its time of appearance.

A massive pair of black wings appeared, instantly erupting with terrible killing intent.

The Demon Hunter Removers were all powerhouses of the seventh step or above, but right at this time, all of them were filled with absolute terror. A substantial killing intent attacked them, and all of them could clearly sense danger upon themselves. Saturated with ultimate terror, and an absolute pressure, the air turned ice-cold.

Immediately, a black radiance flashed brazenly from the sky, looking very frail, yet intimidating. Four demons at the seventh step immediately became still, all breath of life instantly sucked out of them.

The black figure finally appeared entirely, revealing a pitch-black dagger issuing a grey radiance, aimed lightly at Yue Ye’s neck. A small white hand held Yue Ye’s slim neck from behind, directing a look full of hatred at Ah’Bao.

All of this happened just too fast. Yue Ye only felt her own blood turning ice-cold. Her body couldn’t even manage to tremble, and the energy from the Dagger of Samsara inside of her body seemed to be pulsing under the effect of that killing intent, ready to possibly break out at anytime.

No one expected this situation that happened so suddenly, everything just went too fast. Cai’er’s act of seizing Yue Ye, from beginning to end, took less than the time of one breath of air.
Ah’Bao’s originally cold face instantly looked severe. Among all the Demon Hunter Removers here, the only one he cared about was Yue Ye. This was his fiancee! The other Demon Hunter Removers also knew of this. If not for this status, being at the sixth step of cultivation, Yue Ye would basically not be qualified to become a Demon Hunter Remover. It was precisely by Ah’Bao’s persuasion to the Demon God Emperor that Yue Ye was allowed to enter Ah’Bao’s dragon team.

“No one moves, or else, I can’t guarantee that the dagger in Cai’er’s hand won’t slip.” Long Haochen coldly declared.

Ah’Bao narrowly shattered his teeth from grinding them together, “Bastard! Threatening to kill a girl, is that the spirit of you human knights?”

Long Haochen gave him an indifferent smile, “Just like you chose to be pragmatic instead of complying with your promise as the demons’ crown prince, from my point of view my act is unrelated to the spirit of knights. ”

Ah’Bao replied coldly, “Don’t tell me you believe that you seizing an ally of mine to threaten me would make me yield?”

Long Haochen shook his head, “Of course that would be impossible if this was an ordinary ally. But if I’m not mistaken, His Majesty crown prince Ah’Bao has a fiancée, and that’s the daughter of the second Moon Demon God Agares, called Yue Ye. Am I mistaken?”

From hearing Long Haochen’s words, Ah’Bao finally had a different look. His pupils seemed to have dilated. Concealing the truth was not of any use, and the two of them looked at each other face to face, as none of the other Demon Hunter Removers dared to move a finger.

For Yue Ye’s sake, Ah’Bao committed great violations to the will of the Demon God Emperor, and this was known to all demons of high class. It was only recently that he finally got the approval of the Demon God Emperor, and furthermore, even if this was left out of consideration, Yue Ye was the most beloved daughter of the Moon Demon God Agares. If she
died at the hands of these Demon Hunters, terrible repercussions were bound to fall upon the demons.

Chapter 405

“What do you want?” Ah’Bao was clearly seething with rage as he asked. In a situation of absolute superiority, his enemy actually managed to take his fiancee as hostage. This utter disgrace was actually not inferior to the time Long Haochen smashed his horn to pieces.

A destroyed horn could still be recovered by relying on the powerful vital power of a Devil Dragon. But if something happened to Yue Ye, how could he justify himself to the Moon Demon God Agares? And to his own father? More importantly, if Yue Ye were to die, Agares would undoubtedly dramatically change his attitude towards him, and this would perhaps even affect his future position after becoming the next Demon God Emperor.

Before he left Modu Core City, the Demon God Emperor Feng Xiu had a personal talk with him, telling him clearly that even if he was his first successor, his father had already found a second successor, with potential not much inferior to him. Thus, if he made any mistakes, his plans for ascension would be affected.

For Ah’Bao, power and position were naturally the most important things, but his love towards Yue Ye was really sincere. In his heart, Yue Ye was equally important as his power and position as successor of the Demon God Emperor. From this could be seen how deep his feelings for Yue Ye were.

Long Haochen replied with a heavy tone, “You should already know what I want.”
An ominous glint appeared in Ah’Bao’s eyes. He was angry enough to be close to spitting blood. It could be said that in his previous battle with Long Haochen, both sides ended up injured, but because of his armor, Ah’Bao couldn’t see Long Haochen’s true condition. But he was completely sure that Long Haochen’s injuries were absolutely not lighter than his. If this went on, by relying on his own secret powers, he had the certainty to be able to kill Long Haochen.

However, up until now, Long Haochen had always shown a fighting strength far exceeding his own power, so Ah’Bao had no certainty to be able to kill Long Haochen without avoiding heavy damage to himself. What he feared the most was to be unable to recover from the consequences, because Long Haochen’s light attribute was far too pure. If light of such purity invaded his body deeply, he would find it very difficult to dispel it.

For a Demon, its crystal was its core, and even to a powerful existence like a Devil Dragon, if its core was affected, their future cultivation and training would be greatly affected, and Ah’Bao absolutely couldn’t accept to take this risk. His goal was to one day become an existence as powerful as his father, or even to surpass his father. How could he take the risk of damaging his core in an all out battle against Long Haochen.

The reason why Long Haochen’s ability made him that cautious was, just like he said before, his threat as a god’s chosen one. Countless years had already passed since a human of this kind appeared, and Long Haochen was actually able to draw strength from the divine power of the goddess of light. And he was still so young! If he was allowed to grow up, no one would be able to predict the massive threat that he would pose to the demon race.

But Ah’Bao was the successor of the Demon God Emperor! If he didn’t have confidence in defeating Long Haochen, there was nothing to be said for other demons. Letting such a human become a powerhouse of the ninth step would naturally be far too terrifying, at least no other existing human powerhouse of the ninth step could possibly compare to the terrifying existence he would become. This would undoubtedly bring the humans a very heavy advantage, for he could become an existence even more threatening and troublesome to the Demon God Emperor than the current Demon God Slayers.
But who knew that something like this would happen? He was now confronted with a difficult choice: to let go of a future threat or to lose his most beloved girl and gain the hostility of the Moon Demon God.

What’s to be done? Ah’Bao knew that the time he was given was short, because in case of excessive hesitation, even if he still ended up saving Yue Ye, she’d still resent him in the future.

One could clearly see the wrinkles on Ah’Bao’s forehead continuously rise and fall, revealing the level of his gloom and loathe.

“Okay, I am letting you go. Release Yue Ye.” Ah’Bao almost bellowed these words.

Long Haochen finally relaxed and turned his head to look at Cai’er and give her an eye signal.

However, the next instant made Long Haochen turn into a block of ice, because the instant he looked over at Cai’er, she appeared to be filled with killing intent and indifferent to his signal. Abruptly, he noticed that he didn’t get any response from Cai’er.

Cai’er was still in the same posture as before, and the Dagger of Samsara in her hand was pushed against Yue Ye’s neck. Furthermore, because she was grabbing Yue Ye that tightly, it seemed as if Yue Ye and Cai’er formed one entity.

No good!

Having gone through a similar experience, Long Haochen instantly cried out in shock, suddenly realizing what this was.

Forcefully constraining his own shock and panic, Long Haochen gritted his teeth and endured it. Then he suppressed the weak state of his own body, and calmed himself down, declaring indifferently, “You already violated your promise with me once. How can I believe you this time? Letting go of your fiancée now is clearly impossible.”
Saying that, Long Haochen acted as if he didn’t see Ah’Bao’s glare, and slowly advanced towards Cai’er and princess Yue Ye. His steps were slow, and he even needed to use the Aria of the Goddess of Light as a walking stick to support his own body. But in the faces of those Demon Hunter Removers, some great fear suddenly appeared.

This battle between Long Haochen and Ah’Bao naturally didn’t only shock Ah’Bao, but left these Demon Hunter Removers with a deep impression. In their eyes, the level of Long Haochen’s spiritual energy was nothing much, yet they had deep lingering fears for his terrible fighting strength and technical prowesses that injured a Devil Dragon in such a terrible battle.

A great number of the Demon Hunt Removers rushed forth rapidly, encircling Cai’er and Yue Ye, and giving Long Haochen no way to approach.

Halting his steps, he looked again at Ah’Bao, “It seems that you don’t have the slightest sincerity. Cai’er, kill her.”

“Don’t!” Ah’Bao abruptly stepped forward shouting swiftly, “Out of the way, let him pass by!”

The Demon Hunter Removers stepped aside to form a path, but this time, Long Haochen didn’t rush to advance contrarily to the expectations. With a faint smile, he declared, “Looks like His Majesty crown prince Ah’Bao really values his fiancée. Tell your other underlings to make way and let my comrades go before all. Cai’er and I will stay here, and we will then give Yue Ye to you after they leave safely. ”

This time, the best choice was obviously for Long Haochen and Cai’er to seize Yue Ye and let their comrades leave first. Given how Ah’Bao attached importance to Yue Ye, he could only accept this.

However, currently Long Haochen had no way to bring Cai’er with him! Only he knew how terrible his body’s condition really was. Even an ordinary Demon Hunter Remover would immediately make him fall to the ground upon merely touching him.
How was he able to appear so relaxed and face a powerhouse at the peak of the eighth step like Ah’Bao head on? Starting from the first contact between the two of them, when Long Haochen relied on sword intent to deviate Ah’Bao’s attack, he was already wounded. And in their final clash, he sustained serious damage bringing him close to death. Currently, it was entirely by relying on his willpower that he could stand straight, but he himself didn’t even know for how long he would be able to keep this up.

Hearing Long Haochen’s words, Ah’Bao was slightly shaken, but being a firm person, and since he already made his decision, he didn’t hesitate much more. He abruptly waved his hand, hinting everyone to open up a path to let the two Demon Hunt Squads go.

Tian Qing stood here, looking stunned. He didn’t expect his comrades and himself to leave this place alive.

The battle between these two admittedly shocked all the Demon Hunter Removers, but how couldn’t it shock the Demon Hunters as well? Tian Qing faintly sensed that if they fought all out against each other, he wouldn’t be a match for Long Haochen, even as a Mythril Foundation Knight.

Meanwhile, Long Haochen’s performance also made Tian Qing faintly realize his very special value for the Knight Temple. Given his age, his cultivation, and his strength, how could he be an ordinary knight?

Right now, Tian Qing made the resolve that no matter what, he had to protect Long Haochen and bring him out of this place. Given Long Haochen’s cultivation and strength at this age, he was far too important to the Knight Temple.

The situation before their eyes instantaneously took a great turn from their original position of absolute disadvantage. When seeing Cai’er appear, and actually kill four demon powerhouses of the seventh step in one blow, he became totally numb from the sight. Seeing an assassin of the sixth step instantly kill four powerhouses of the seventh step, it was really no wonder that she also managed to instantly slaughter the Star Demon of the eighth step. From this one could totally imagine that this young female assassin’s
strength was no lower than Long Haochen’s, and that she only kept herself concealed behind Long Haochen’s glory.

“Captain Tian Qing, quickly go.” Han Yu came to Tian Qing’s side and said this in a low voice.

“But what about Haochen and her?” Tian Qing replied.

Han Yu’s voice became very cold suddenly, “If Captain Tian Qing really wants to help our team, leaving now is the best choice.” After saying this, he immediately turned around and called out to his comrades, passing through the passage left by the Demon Hunter Removers.

Looking blank, Tian Qing obviously noticed the dissatisfaction in Han Yu’s words, and immediately felt terribly ashamed. Giving a glance to Long Haochen who was advancing towards Cai’er and Yue Ye, he fiercely waved his hand, shouting, “We are going.”

The two Demon Hunt Squads, which without Long Haochen and Cai’er consisted of eleven people, gradually disappeared from the line of sight of the Demon Hunter Removers.

None of the Demon Hunter Removers dared go against the orders of Ah’Bao, but their strong unwillingness was portrayed in their eyes. Right! If they wiped out two Demon Hunt Squads of such power, they would undoubtedly gain great rewards! And furthermore, they had six Demon Hunter Remover squads, giving them an absolute advantage.

Right at the same time their comrades left, Long Haochen reached Cai’er’s side, but just from covering this distance of less than a hundred meters alone, the Foundation Mythril Armor he wore was already drenched in sweat.

Cai’er was still motionless, and Yue Ye’s face was deathly pale. The only thing she could now move was her eyes, which had lost all light as she stared fixedly at Long Haochen who was arriving in front of her. After communicating through some glances with her, he turned around to stand by Cai’er’s side.
Without touching Cai’er, but simply approaching, Long Haochen sensed even more clearly that the situation was like he guessed just before. At this crucial juncture, Cai’er was actually awakening; she was having her awakening as a god’s chosen one.

With the last blow using the Dagger of Samsara, Cai’er reached the edge of awakening. It was just that right now, they had to leave the battlefield as soon as possible, thus Long Haochen wanted to use the Eternal Melody to teleport Cai’er to the Tower of Eternity. But if this interrupted the process of Cai’er’s burst of insight, and affected her only slightly, this would cause a suppression of Cai’er’s awakening. So even if Cai’er was on the right track, she still had yet to complete her extraordinary awakening.

An awakening as a god’s chosen one wasn’t accomplished by sheer effort alone. Therefore, even if in the future, Cai’er kept herself in closed door training, attempting to accomplish the awakening, she wouldn’t necessarily succeed, and maybe lack this last missing trigger forever.

Long Haochen’s judgement was right; as the successor of the Dagger of Samsara, Cai’er’s awakening as a god’s chosen implied her becoming a true Grim Reaper, and thus only the battlefield was a fit place for her to awaken.

Originally, Cai’er’s awakening wasn’t supposed to happen so fast, but the encirclement of the six Demon Hunter Remover squads and the situation of crisis triggered Cai’er’s fighting spirit to instantly rise to the peak, and with her final use of the Dagger of Samsara, she reached the border of her awakening, which was out of her control. After that strike took out four Demon Hunter Removers of the seventh step, and she managed to seize Yue Yu, she was already in the state of awakening, and lost all consciousness, letting out very special undulations of aura.

The timing of Long Haochen’s awakening was already very inconvenient, but the timing for Cai’er was obviously even more untimely. They were surrounded by enemies, and Long Haochen was seriously wounded.

I can’t teleport Cai’er! Having already gone through the process of awakening before, Long Haochen was very clear that teleporting her now
would very possibly cause unforeseeable consequences. Moreover, Cai’er’s awakening as a god’s chosen one was different from his. The Goddess of Light he succeeded was a powerful occult force who fostered fairness, honesty, and gentleness. But Cai’er’s physique of Samsara was incredibly more tyrannical, and in case it caused backlash, Cai’er’s life would very possibly be threatened.

Long Haochen had never faced such a dangerous situation. Given his current weak state, even activating the Eternal Melody to teleport them would be very hard, but what would happen if Cai’er was teleported in her state of awakening as a god’s chosen one?

What’s to be done? What should I do? Under Ah’Bao’s watch, Long Haochen straightened his posture, secretly pondering on this.

“Your men already left, now you should release Yue Ye.” Right this time, Ah’Bao’s voice sounded out, and this time all the Demon Hunter Removers present encircled them, surrounding Long Haochen and Cai’er.

Chapter 406

“Your side has already left. Now release Yue Ye!” Ah’Bao was standing less than ten meters away from Long Haochen coldly, glaring at Cai’er and him.

After considering for a short time, Long Haochen came to a decision. Looking at Cai’er who still stood like a sculpture, a peculiar warmth filled his eyes.

Standing next to him, Yue Ye saw this the most clearly. She was out of words when seeing Long Haochen’s expression. Those warm eyes were filled with determination, with an endless reluctance, and an indescribable firmness.

Right at this time, Long Haochen’s lips pursed slightly, and he whispered some words in Yue Ye’s ear.

“Because of the previous slaughter, Cai’er entered an enlightened state. In this state, she could wound you very easily. She cannot be touched, or your life will be in danger, so I will teleport you to a certain place. Remember that you cannot move in this place, and have to stand still and wait. Afterwards, you can just pray that Cai’er and I survive.”

Saying this, Long Hoachen slowly lifted his hand, placing it on Yue Ye’s shoulder.

“What are you doing?” Ah’Bao shouted in fury.
Not giving him the slightest glance, Long Haochen released a faint golden light from his chest, and with a glint of golden light, Yue Ye disappeared the next instant.

Seeing Yue Ye disappear, those Demon Hunter Removers rushed forward but were stopped with a shout of Ah’Bao. His ice-cold look seemed to pierce Long Haochen’s body like a sharp blade.

“Where did you send Yue Ye?”

From teleporting Yue Ye, Long Haochen immediately became very weak. Shaking, he almost fell to the ground. But right at this time, Ah’Bao also noticed that something was wrong, because even after Yue Ye disappeared, Cai’er, who seized her before, still didn’t move in the slightest.

With some difficulty, Long Haochen turned around and faced Ah’Bao, “I think you can understand it now. Because of her previous attack, my comrade suffered some aftereffects and is currently unable to move. So you missed your best opportunity to kill us. I advise you not to act blindly without thinking. You should realize that Princess Yue Ye was sent away via a spatial teleportation. I sent her to another space, one that except for me, no one can access. Thus, if I die, you won’t see your fiancée ever again.”

Making such a decision was undoubtedly extremely challenging for Long Haochen. Cai’er suddenly entering the state of awakening as a god’s chosen one had effectively rendered his original plan of escape void, and all he could do now was to let his comrades escape in advance. But he couldn’t leave himself. If he was gone, what would become of Cai’er? Everyone could depart, but the only exception was him. He had to remain close to Cai’er to protect her. Without regard for his own life, he would remain at her side.

Before the start of the decisive battle between Ah’Bao and him, Long Haochen used his eyes to ask Cai’er about what to do. During their last meeting with Yue Ye, when they alleviated the restriction placed on her, Yue Ye had told them about her engagement with Ah’Bao, and before the decisive battle, Long Haochen had told Cai’er to contact Yue Ye.
At the peak of Long Haochen’s battle with Ah’Bao, Cai’er used the restriction placed on Yue Ye’s body to communicate with her from afar, and Yue Ye gave her a simple reply: to seize her.

In the instant after the last clash between Long Haochen and Ah’Bao, Cai’er, after entering her invisible state, had two choices at her disposition, which were either to

In the end, Cai’er went for the safer choice. After all, the last time when they attacked Ah’Bao, he used some unstoppable means to escape. If this were repeated, they would undoubtedly get wiped out by the remaining Demon Hunter Removers. Therefore, seizing Yue Ye was the most dependable option.

The reason why Long Haochen teleported Yue Ye away, was simply to guarantee her safety. With Cai’er in her state of awakening, whoever were to irritate her, Yue Ye would perhaps get killed due to the unstable killing intent emitted by Cai’er. And if Cai’er completed her awakening, Long Haochen didn’t know what would happen either. In either case, Yue Ye’s life would also be put at risk.

After cooperating several times, Long Haochen had gained some trust in Yue Ye. The help she gave him was indeed not negligible, and he obviously couldn’t blindly watch her die. Thus, he chose to teleport Yue Ye away to the Tower of Eternity.

After their time spent training on the second floor of the Tower of Eternity, Long Haochen was capable of deciding the destination of any teleportation with the Eternal Melody. Without hesitation, he sent Yue Ye to the first floor of the Tower of Eternity.

“Wait here with me. After the backlash of my comrade receeded, I will naturally give Princess Yue Ye back to you. Of course, this is if we can leave peacefully from here.”

Currently, he was in a really weak state. Ah’Bao’s terrifying fist intent caused havoc in his body, and his weakened spiritual cavities were nearly destroyed by that fist intent, so he could already not keep fighting.
Ah’Bao looked full of rage. He clearly didn’t expect this result. Seeing Yue Ye get teleported away by Long Haochen was like having a part of his heart taken away.

He indeed didn’t dare move rashly. He couldn’t gamble Yue Ye’s life. Even while being surrounded by so many powerhouses all around, Long Haochen actually closed his eyes, took off his helmet, and put some pills in his mouth. These were Healing Pills made by Lin Xin.

Ah’Bao valued Yue Ye, to the extent of allowing them to get away, but the danger wasn’t overcome yet. Long Haochen understood clearly that during the time of Cai’er’s awakening, they would confront a great trial. He didn’t know whether they would leave this place alive; but no matter what, he wouldn’t leave Cai’er and escape by himself.

Who expected the situation to turn out this way? The Demon Hunter Removers all looked at Ah’Bao. As long as Ah’Bao gave the order, they would immediately launch an all out attack.

Ah’Bao clenched his trembling fist; this was an extremely rare good opportunity! If they missed this one, perhaps, they wouldn’t ever get to force Long Haochen into such desperate straits ever again.

“One day, I will destroy you.” Ah’Bao’s voice was full of rancor, but in the end he didn’t give the order to attack. Just like Long Haochen, he sat down and closed his eyes to recover.

No matter whether it was the Demon Hunter Removers or Long Haochen, neither of them knew that at a distance of a thousand meters away from them, a pair of eyes was watching them silently.

They belonged to a person covered entirely in a grey battle cloak and were quietly watching them. His expression was changing constantly, as if he could hear everything that was happening there. This person was empty- handed, and didn’t carry any weapon on him.

When Long Haochen was peacefully sitting and recovering, he couldn’t help but show some astonishment and admiration, a great pain, and many
other complex feelings.

Slightly stepping forward, the grey clad man didn’t let out any trace of sound, but he came to a standstill in the next instant. Not advancing further, his feet came to a halt and he narrowed his eyes, emitting a flash of killing intent. It produced concentrated chi chi sounds in a range of three meters around him, and an immeasurable coldness was carried in his aura. This coldness seemed to be intertwining with his condensed killing intent.

For the overwhelming majority of people, entering a state of cultivation needed an absolutely calm environment. If a single disturbance occurred, this state would very possibly be disrupted, which could result in danger for the concerned person. To say nothing about such a pressuring environment of being surrounded by enemies all around.

However, Long Haochen sat there cross legged, just like that, entering that state under the attentive watch of all the demon powerhouses.

The great self-recovery function of the Mythril Foundation Armor and the boost provided by it to its user could be seen clearly at this time. All those cracks on the armor were gradually repaired, and a faint golden color was exuded.

It was as if with each of Long Haochen’s breaths, the golden light in his body gained in intensity. One trace of black gas after another was ejected from his body, all stemming from Ah’Bao’s fist intent that forced its way into his body.

Ah’Bao’s condition was similar to his, the only difference being that what he was driving out was the sword intent left by Long Haochen.

Although Long Haochen’s external spiritual energy was nowhere as great as Ah’Bao’s, his internal spiritual energy was a lot more pure, and thus, his speed of recovery was not the slightest bit slower than Ah’Bao’s. Moreover, he also had the pills made by Lin Xin.

Nonetheless, his wounds were a lot more severe. Before, he just bore them with sheer willpower, but all the parts of his body were wounded to
different extents, his energy channels were in chaos, and his spiritual energy close to used up. Even the core of his spiritual cavities sustained damage.

Such heavy damage was absolutely not something one could recover from in a little time. Without the surrounding danger, after sustaining such serious damage, Long Haochen would have gone into an unconscious state since long before. But how could he now keep himself from falling unconscious? That was simply due to the powerful willpower supporting his body. But under its support, Long Haochen found out to his astonishment that on his lower abdomen and at the place between his eyebrows appeared a new bizarre golden glint.

As he was absorbing the external light essence to replenish his body, these two little glints seemed to expand with every breath he took. Although their expansion was slow, it was still distinct given Long Haochen’s formidable mental force.

What was that? Spiritual cavities at their initial state?

In the past few days, Long Haochen’s internal spiritual energy finally crossed 10,000 units. All his accumulated spiritual energy erupted in the previous battle, but the more important cause for this change was his astonishing willpower. If at that time, he’d let himself fall unconscious, this breakthrough would have been delayed by a lot. But through forcibly standing straight, and going into cultivation even when surrounded by the demon powerhouses, his potential was aroused which directly helped forming spiritual cavities at their initial stage. And furthermore, these two spiritual cavities were both immediately set up.

Chapter 407

In other words, as long as Long Haochen was given sufficient time for cultivation, he would finally reach the seventh step, and his future cultivation speed will then become a lot faster than the powerhouses at the seventh step who only opened two spiritual cavities.

The many Demon Hunter Removers standing nearby were all staring with their eyes wide open, but they didn’t dare act on their own. Without receiving Ah’Bao’s order, they didn’t dare move rashly, and moreover, they still felt some fear due to the great display of power from Long Haochen and Cai’er.

If this was in the Temple Alliance and the situation was reversed, perhaps the powerhouses from the Temple Alliance wouldn’t be able to refrain themselves from killing Ah’Bao, even at the cost of a severe punishment, because of the importance of getting rid of a possibly powerful enemy of the Alliance.

But demons certainly were different. They placed high importance to benefit and strength. In their mind, there didn’t exist any target of dedicated focus, only absolute thirst for benefits. What good would it do them to kill Long Haochen and Cai’er? The result would be no more than their sure death, because the fury of the demon crown prince wasn’t something one could bear that easily. This would even possibly implicate their clan. Thus, all they could do was wait.

Two hours passed in the blink of an eye.
Long Haochen finally forced all the fist intent out of his body, and although his body was still weak, the fist intent finally stopped wreaking havoc in him. What followed was only a process of recovery.

And furthermore, he found out that his own judgement wasn’t wrong; throughout these two hours, the spiritual cavities in the space between his eyebrows and his abdomen already absorbed a certain amount of spiritual energy, and although it was little, they were gradually taking shape. After spending more time cultivating, and after the spiritual cavity on his chest filled, the stockpile from the spiritual energy gained from cultivating would go to these two new sets of spiritual cavities. In case these two spiritual cavities complete their incubation, his future cultivation, offense, defense, and storage of spiritual energy will become three times higher than now. That’s the precedence of the seventh step over the sixth step, to say nothing that at the seventh step, one can make full use of the powerful amplification ability known as Brilliant Body.

Ah’Bao’s body emitted some purplish black light, and his injuries healed faster than Long Haochen’s. Similarly, he appeared pleasantly surprised that although he didn’t truly start breaking through the bottleneck between the eighth step and the ninth step, as long as he was given some time, he felt confident that after a short period of time, he would become a powerhouse of the ninth step.

Being a successor to the lineage of the Demon God Emperor, he was different from ordinary Devil Dragons. After his birth, he had a very weak strength, the same as humans, and his present strength was acquired through continuous cultivation. Because of his immense talent that far exceeded his clansmen, he could possibly become a supreme powerhouse like the Demon God Emperor. To ordinary Devil Dragons, after breaking through to the ninth step, the growth of their strength will reduce enormously, and unless they encounter very fortuitous circumstances, gaining a huge boost in strength will be very hard.

Some good news at last. The gloom filling Ah’Bao’s heart finally lightened. As long as he breaks through to the ninth step, his position as successor should be settled, and he would then be able to start borrowing the true might of the first demon god pillar. A
Ah’Bao couldn’t help but lament secretly. If he could always have a rival such as Long Haochen to stir him on, his future growth would perhaps truly surpass his father. But as the ruler of the demon race, when given the opportunity, he still had to immediately kill Long Haochen, to eliminate a future threat.

When Ah’Bao started to reach the bottleneck to the ninth step, Ah’Bao suddenly sensed a great change. Perceiving a substantial danger to himself, he immediately concluded his cultivation and suddenly opened his eyes.

Long Haochen did the same. When the eyes of the two opened, a pair of blood-colored and a pair of golden eyes lit up. They exchanged a glance before turning their gazes to Cai’er.

As expected, a change appeared on Cai’er. Her posture was the same as before. However, her body emitted a dusky luster, and her white skin turned crystal grey, while she stood there like a sculpture.

Still, Long Haochen and Ah’Bao’s expression changed, because they noticed with astonishment that her crystal grey body exuded some physical killing intent. Right, her killing intent actually turned material.

“How… How is that possible?” Ah’Bao asked, dumbstruck.

Right at this time, an overflowing killing intent burst out abruptly, taking the shape of a gigantic blade. With ear-piercing tearing sounds, a small rift appeared in midair, and this rift enlarged and gained altitude at an astounding speed.

This was killing intent tearing up the space!

The massive force and terrifying killing intent caused the Demon Hunter Removers to instantly draw back, and even those Demon Hunter Removers at the eighth step were no exception.

From that small rift, a shining grey light abruptly dropped down, floating above Cai’er’s head in the shape of grey ripples. On her forehead, a grey
sickle gradually took form, and meanwhile, in the midst of the radiating grey, a black dagger emerged floating behind her back.

A purple lightning was abruptly shot from the rift, accurately aiming at the dagger. Immediately, Cai’er’s body shivered violently, and the black dagger suddenly turned grey, while the intense grey radiance was absorbed by it. The dagger expanded and curved, turning into a massive grey sickle filled with deathly stillness.

This sickle was really too huge. It’s handle alone exceeded three meters in length, and it’s one third of a meter wide blade also was more than two meters long. The large grey crystals forming the blade radiated a soft light, looking like rippling waves, and a large amount of black luster filled the surroundings.

As one might imagine, if such a lethal weapon was swung on a battlefield, the results would be a terrible bloodshed.

“Awakening?” Ah’Bao finally realized the truth. What aftereffects? This was evidently an excuse made by Long Haochen. This powerful female partner was actually having an awakening, and that was the awakening of a god’s chosen one!

Right at this time, Ah’Bao revealed his firmness as the demon crown prince, for whom the safety of all the demons took priority. Suppressing his own heartache, he shouted in fury, “Kill them!”

As a single god’s chosen one, Long Haochen was already a future mortal enemy, but in case another god’s chosen one was to appear by his side as a comrade, in the future they would very possibly become an existence able to overturn the demon rule. What was his own heartache compared to the life or death of his race? With these thoughts, Ah’Bao immediately gave the order of kill.

As Ah’Bao gave this order, Long Haochen would naturally not sit still and await his death. After he recovered for two hours, his reserves were only replenished to one third, but he had been preparing for this situation all
along. It was just that he didn’t expect Cai’er’s awakening to occur that fast, and now to actually end a lot faster than his own back then.

This was actually quite normal. The process of Cai’er’s awakening went more smoothly than for Long Haochen because of her relation to the Dagger of Samsara. It could be said that Cai’er’s physique as Saint Daughter of Samsara had been strongly influenced by the Dagger of Samsara, which brought her the inheritance of the god of death. Long Haochen wasn’t the same, his physique as god’s chosen one was a result of his own efforts, and his entire process of awakening relied on his own comprehension.

Although the Dagger of Samsara was tyrannical, its aftereffects were also very great. During Cai’er’s awakening, it acted as a bridge, and under these circumstances, her awakening naturally went a lot faster. After the short time of a little more than two hours, her comprehension was complete, and the inheritance of the god of death was bestowed upon her.

Two radiances rushed out of Long Haochen’s chest: one red and one blue, swiftly flying to the battlefield.

These two massive figures brazenly blocked Ah’Bao’s way, and a terrible aura of ice was suddenly released from that blue figure, abruptly forming a tough Resisting Ice Ring.

And that Resisting Ice Ring wasn’t single-layered! It combined three overlapping layers, the second one outside the first, and the third one outside the second. The three concentric Resisting Ice Rings were united as one, producing a very powerful colliding force.

All of this happened very suddenly. The fastest ones to react were Ah’Bao and Long Haochen, but the two of them were still seriously injured. Ah’Bao’s injuries were lighter than Long Haochen’s and his recovery also a little better, but only half of his strength was recovered. At this time, the toughness of the Resisting Ice Ring abruptly emerged. Immediately trapping Ah’Bao inside, it forcibly repelled all the surrounding demon powerhouses several meters.
Right at this time, an intense purple glint burst forth from Long Haochen’s forehead, and a massive figure appeared brazenly in front of him.

That huge creature was over ten meters long. Raising all its four heads, the eight eyes on them were filled with purple light, radiating nobility.

Two of their purple gazes simultaneously landed on Long Haochen and Cai’er, while the other two landed on the red and the blue figures. Immediately, a terrible scene occurred, and a massively twisted extraordinarily tyrannical energy was exuded from this massive figure, covering a radius of a hundred meters.

Screams came out from the mouths of every demon, including even the crown prince Ah’Bao.

It came from the pain of sensing their bodies being ripped apart, as the magical power in them was going in complete insurrection, with the elemental essences surrounding them fluctuating madly.

The demons of the eighth step were still better off, but only by hastening their spiritual energy to protect them could they save themselves. Those demons of the seventh step were somewhat weaker, and had their flesh lacerated. Although they weren’t directly killed by the warping entanglement of Essence of Disorder, they still sustained massive damage.

Chapter 408

Haoyue entered the scene! Long Haochen’s good little brother and companion finally appeared on the battlefield.

Why did Long Haochen not have Haoyue help him out when facing Ah’Bao before? The reason was to let Haoyue gather power and prepare.

Perhaps his fusion with Haoyue would have injured Ah’Bao further, but Long Haochen knew very clearly that he would still be unable to kill Ah’Bao. Since things were like this, why not keep Haoyue’s strength hidden as reserve? By taking all circumstances into consideration, one could say that as long as Haoyue was still present, he would have a method to ensure his safe escape from the battlefield.

Essence of Disorder once again appeared on the battlefield, but it wasn’t the same as before. The current Haoyue wasn’t merely three-headed anymore, but became a four-headed beast with the addition of Little Blue. Therefore, the tri-elemental Essence of Disorder now became quadro- elemental. But this change wasn’t as simple as the addition of one head! The increase in power made the powerful multi-elemental chaos a spell of the seventh step.

Haoyue had prepared his magic long before, waiting only for Long Haochen to summon him to his side. Thus, the instant he appeared, he directly attacked with his spell.

Because the Demon Hunter Removers were very close, the instant this spell deployed, all the Demon Hunter Removers were affected. If Long
Haochen had enough people with him right now, this would be a great opportunity to wipe out a large amount of enemies.

Unfortunately, Long Haochen could now only rely on himself.

Giving a concerned look to Cai’er, he saw that Cai’er was still in the last stages of her awakening, and that intense grey radiance was fusing bit by bit with her. As the massive grey scythe behind her formed, she grasped it with her right hand. Cai’er’s purple hair gradually gained a crystal-like grey coloration, gaining a sparkle, which seemed very strange.

Long Haochen’s reserves were already back to one third, which was sufficient for him to activate the Eternal Melody and teleport away with Cai’er, but Cai’er’s awakening was not finished yet. If he chose this time to teleport Cai’er as well, who knew what the consequences would be. Even if it was just a tiny wound, he wasn’t willing for it to appear on Cai’er.

Thus, after Haoyue released the Essence of Disorder, Long Haochen didn’t carry out his original plan to immediately teleport himself and Cai’er, but clenched his dual swords and stayed at Cai’er’s side to protect her.

Haoyue didn’t immediately enter a weak state afterwards like the last time. Raising his four heads upwards, he suddenly turned around and swept his strong long tail around.

Under the stifling influence of Essence of Disorder, even those demon powerhouses of the eighth step were in a very weak state, and when swept at by Haoyue’s bulky tail, seven or eight demons were instantly sent flying.

How would the Twelfth and the Eleventh Holy Guard let such a good chance slip? The red figure was already rushing forward, and with a flicker of crimson, its immense bone blade was waved freely. Two demons under the influence of Essence of Disorder were cut in half, and the blue figure waved its staff to summon four fist-sized crystals that faced all cardinal directions. Upon reaching the demons, they violently exploded and blew a large amount of demons away.
The Twelfth and the Eleventh Holy Guard were nourished in Long Haochen’s Eternal Melody, so their cultivation increased along with Long Haochen’s.

The Eleventh Holy Guard was originally an ice mage of the seventh step, but the Twelfth Holy Guar

They weren’t equipped with formidable equipment, but had their battle skills from ancient times. The two great Holy Guards rushed out simultaneously, immediately repelling the demons under the state of Essence of Disorder.

However, Long Haochen’s group was after all surrounded by six Demon Hunter Remover squads. Including Ah’Bao, a total of six powerhouses of the eighth step were there. With the possession of their higher step, the effects they sustained from Essence of Disorder were relatively smaller. After a short time of turning frenetic, these six powerhouses of the eighth step finally showed the initiative to counterattack.

Ah’Bao was blocked by the Eleventh Holy Guard. The fire bone blade danced freely, and searched for a gap in Ah’Bao’s defense.

However, the Eleventh Holy Guard wasn’t Long Haochen, and although he had a great technique, and could use Asura Strike to its limits, he still didn’t have the powerful sword intent or the light elemental spiritual energy of the former.

Ah’Bao didn’t even avoid the attack of the Eleventh Holy Guard, and let his bone blade strike against his body, counterattacking with his terrible punch.

Although the Eleventh Holy Guard evaded this attack, he had no way to prevent Ah’Bao from charging towards Long Haochen.


Two demons powerhouses of the eighth step sent the Eleventh Holy Guard flying with their cooperation. Even having an even greater dexterity
would have been futile in front of the absolute suppression of the difference in spiritual energy. Right at this moment, only Haoyue was left to shield Long Haochen and Cai’er.

Haoyue didn’t keep using magic aside from sustaining Essence of Disorder to weaken all the demons, thus could only use his brute force.

But for the first time, Haoyue completely revealed the current level of his physical strength.

The first one he faced was Ah’Bao, raising his upper body to aim a claw at him.

With a roar, Ah’Bao’s body flickered, revealing his True Devil Dragon Form, rudely aiming straight at Haoyue’s attack.

With a violent clash, Haoyue’s massive body shook, and under Ah’Bao’s bombardment, he was pushed aside. But even under the use of the True Devil Dragon Form, Ah’Bao still staggered from that claw attack.

Not only that, but Haoyue also had the time to sweep his massive tail, and knock his four large heads in four directions, forcibly stopping the attacks of four powerhouses of the eighth step.

Although they were weakened by Essence of Disorder, these were still demon powerhouses of the eighth step! Yet confronting the robust Haoyue, they were actually unable to completely break through his defense.

However, Haoyue was still unable to defend all sides at the same time, and from one side, a demon powerhouse of the eighth step arrived in front of Long Haochen.

The Aria of the Goddess of Light welcomed the red sword of the Fiend of the eighth step. With an ear-piercing buzzing sound, Long Haochen was shaken but didn’t draw back in the slightest, and his dense sword intent left a deep trace on the chest of his enemy.
The Eleventh and the Twelfth Holy Guard were already back at Long Haochen’s side, protecting his two flanks while displaying their fighting strength to the fullest.

However, also right at this time, Haoyue’s Essence of Disorder started to lose effect and the powerhouses of the seventh step started to recover from Essence of Disorder, also launching their attacks from all sides.

Crossing his two swords, Long Haochen was under the effects of the Bursting Spiritual Pill and the Bloodthirsty Pill he took just before. He went as far as possible to muster every bit of his strength. However, he was in the end still a person and not a god, and when besieged by so many demon powerhouses, Haoyue, Long Haochen, and the two Holy Guards all started to show some injuries.

However, Long Haochen was still unwilling to give up. He clearly knew that as long as he lasted for some more time, Cai’er’s awakening would be completed. Until this time came, he couldn’t bring Cai’er back through teleportation.

Bang, bang, bang Haoyue and Ah’Bao were battling with their full strength, and Ah’Bao actually didn’t hold much advantage. Haoyue’s four large heads were like four huge battering rams that attacked the enemies unceasingly. And the bulge on one of his heads emitted a faint red and seemed to be breaking out at anytime.

The battle was growing desperate, and Long Haochen was using his full strength to exert Asura Strike in combination with the sword intent from the Aria of the Goddess of Light, which finally sent that Fiend of the eighth step flying. But a demon of the seventh step took advantage of the situation to attack right then, aiming a black blade at his waist.

A fiery figure brazenly appeared at Long Haochen’s side, forcibly using its body to block that blade. Its rib was instantly crashed, but this Twelfth Holy Guard still straightened its posture and valiantly used his shattered bones to forcibly stop the opponent’s long blade. Striking him with red glint, he forcibly sent that demon of the seventh step flying.
A similar situation appeared in the other side. The spells of the Eleventh Holy Guard finally crumbled in front of so many powerful enemies, and he used his own body to block a purplish black round projectile aimed at Long Haochen. One of its arms was ripped from its shoulder as it exploded.

The injuries on Haoyue’s body were even more serious as he was facing five demons of the eighth step by himself! His total strength was however only at the seventh step and no more. Even with greater physical power, he was in the end only at the seventh step. One cut after another appeared on his body as his mournful cries sounded out, but these injuries were healing at an astonishing speed under the shocked gaze of the demons. Haoyue’s attacks were still as frantic as before, the only difference being that his eyes gradually darkened and the purple light on his body became more and more intense.


The red Twelfth Holy Guard was finally turned into fragments by the attacks of that Fiend of the eighth step. Turning into a red glow of light, he flew back into Long Haochen’s Eternal Melody, and the Eleventh Holy Guard on the other side could only last one second longer.

The blue figure was also smashed to pieces, similarly returning to the Eternal Melody. As long as their master didn’t die, given sufficient time, they would recover.

Having lost his two protectors, Long Haochen had to face the encirclement of the demon powerhouses directly. Currently, he was already physically and emotionally exhausted.

However, behind him, Cai’er was still absorbing the last bits of grey luster from the air, and didn’t yet complete her awakening.

Clenching his teeth fiercely, golden light was released from Long Haochen’s eyes as a decisive power burst out from his body. An intense dark golden flame ignited. Just like Tian Qing did when pushed into a corner, the current him was igniting his own flame of life.
After all, being a god’s chosen one, the ignition of Long Haochen’s flame of life produced far greater results than Tian Qing’s. The illusion of the goddess of light that appeared before came to view once again, and with his dual swords carrying a profound sword intent, he forcibly chopped past two demon powerhouses of the seventh step. His two swords harmoniously executed Asura Strikes, bursting against the red sword blow of a demon of the eighth step, forcing him five steps away.

Chapter 409

A black spear quietly struck from the vast sky, but it was not aiming at Long Haochen but at Cai’er, who was in the last moments of her awakening.

Desperately spreading his golden spiritual wings to meet that spear with full force, Long Haochen forcibly deflected it, but the golden spiritual wings also couldn’t bear this heavy burden. They shattered under the impact and were ripped apart, bearing large holes.

Crack! A large blade violently struck the shoulder of the Mythril Foundation Armor, leaving a deep indention. A violent breaking sound came from Long Haochen’s shoulder, and his whole left side went numb.

Bang! Lifting up his knee, he parried another huge cone aimed at Cai’er’s lower abdomen. The Mythril Foundation Armor was in the end not omnipotent, and one could watch Long Haochen’s left leg being twisted backwards. It was visibly fractured.

But even then, his eyes still had the same look. Resolutely rushing to the side, he used his right hand that was still able to move to grab Cai’er. Long Haochen slung his arm around her waist and used his broad back to stop the purple ball of light aimed at her.

In the midst of a terrible explosion, Long Haochen unexpectedly didn’t let Cai’er sustain any damage, but he couldn’t help but spit a mouthful of blood staining the helmet of his Mythril Foundation Armor. He only could do this because, every time he met an attack, his chest bubbled forth with a
golden light protecting him. Otherwise, he would already have been torn to shreds by these demons.


A shout of extreme anger, proud, unwilling and full of rancor, abruptly resonated all around, and a massive purple glint of light abruptly shot out from Haoyue. Be it Ah’Bao or all the other present demons, all were monstrously dispersed by that purple radiance.

Ah’Bao’s expression was finally filled with distinct shock, “Argh, die!”
His voice was trembling for the first time.

With a loud bellow, Haoyue finally turned all his heads to look at Long Haochen.

Looking at him, Long Haochen finally activated that golden skull on his chest, producing an intense golden light enveloping Cai’er, Haoyue and him. Right then, the last grey radiance finally fused into Cai’er’s body, and Cai’er’s right hand firmly grasped that massive grey scythe.

With a golden flash of light the two humans and the beast instantly disappeared, only leaving behind the purple glint in the sky as the Eternal Melody teleported them to the Tower of Eternity.

“Escaped? They actually escaped?!” Ah’Bao bellowed searching the sky, but his eyes were filled with fear. Right, that was fear. This fear wasn’t brought to him by Long Haochen, but that final purple radiance.

Besieged by six teams of Demon Hunter Removers, the two Demon Hunter Squads finally escaped without a single casualty. Not only that, they managed to seize Yue Ye in the process, and took the life of eight Demon Hunter Removers. This battle could be said to be a crushing defeat for Ah’Bao.

“All of you stay here to deal with the aftermath!” Ah’Bao let out a low cry, flapped the pair of wings on his back, and soared to the sky. Not even
giving himself the time to recover from his injuries, he directly rushed back in the direction of Modu Core City.

Tower of Eternity.

Yue Ye stood there, with a blank look on her face. Since Long Haochen teleported her to this place, she was in this state of fear.

A strong deathly breath filled the air. It wasn’t the same reek of death as from the darkness element, but an incomparable deathly stillness, emanating a feeling of imminent death.

She clearly remembered Long Haochen’s instruc

Fortunately, the ice-cold murderous intent from Cai’er that almost froze her blood disappeared gradually in this place.

Can… Can they make it back alive? Yue ye didn’t know how she should be feeling at this time. For her sake, Ah’Bao was willing to give the two Demon Hunt Squads the chance to escape, so staying unmoved by that was impossible for her. However, she was all the more unwilling to see Long Haochen and Cai’er die, and that was not only because of the restriction placed on her. Time passed very, very slowly, and Yue Ye sunk into a blank state here.

Finally, after some time passed, a golden glint suddenly pierced the dimness, and immediately, a huge beast and two figures appeared in front of her.

Long Haochen fell to the ground right after appearing, and Cai’er was still in that straightened posture. Haoyue’s four heads dropped to the ground right after appearing, and he lay down, his eyes closing. His body still emitted a faint purple glow. Right before falling deep asleep, Little Light raised his head with difficulty, casting a golden radiance on Long Haochen, providing healing for his body.

Back, they all came back! Yue Ye immediately felt overjoyed at this great news, but she became quickly stupefied at the sight of Long Haochen’s
desperate state. His left shoulder was completely broken, with his arm dangling limp and lifeless. His right leg was bent in the wrong direction, and the Mythril Foundation Armor had a massive hemisphere-shaped indentation on it’s back. The bones on his back were all shattered to pieces, and his state looked critical. From the current Long Haochen, she actually didn’t feel the slightest breath of life.

He… Why did he sustain such severe injuries? Since he could teleport here, how did that happen?

Staring lifelessly at the unconscious Long Haochen, she was completely unsure of what she should do.

After a long time, she came back to her senses, feeling ashamed, and rushed to Long Haochen’s side with haste. Crouching down beside him, she carefully examined his condition.

From the Mythril Foundation Armor covering Long Haochen’s entire body, blood was constantly seeping out.

The Mythril Foundation Armor had a very detailed design, with every part of it blending well with the others. Looking for a long time, Yue Ye finally found an opening below his armpit, and carefully opened the armor bit after bit.

With a glint of silver light, the Mythril Foundation Armor separated itself from Long Haochen’s body and returned to the shape of a silver box, exuding soft undulations of light, while it regenerated itself.

When Yue Ye saw the state of Long Haochen below his armor, she couldn’t help but feel a cold shiver run down her spine.

The current Long Haochen was in a desolate conditions. Deep wounds covered his whole left shoulder. The flesh was totally lacerated, and even his bones were visible. His body was completely covered in blood, and his left leg strangely bent. His whole back was pierced with blood continuously leaking out from his mouth and nose. His handsome face was deathly pale.
Even a formidable priest would be helpless when encountering such serious damage. The most severe injuries were his crushed bones, and his continuous loss of blood from the countless wounds.

Yue Ye very cautiously examined Long Haochen’s breath and heartbeat.

His breath seemed imperceptible, and his heartbeat very weak. On his chest, the necklace with the golden skull radiated a soft light, as if protecting his heart. It preserved his life, but after sustaining serious damage, Yue Ye didn’t know how he could get healed. In particular, regarding the damage on his bones, if something turned out badly, it could end with lifelong deformities.

Cai’er still stood on his side, preserving her initial posture, but the murderous spirit emitted from her showed unstable fluctuations and her body was also trembling lightly.

During the last moment of her awakening, although she already absorbed all of the inheritance bestowed upon her, she was in the end forcefully teleported to another space without having completed her harmonization, thus her spiritual energy was in chaos.

“What’s to be done? What’s to be done?!” Yue Ye anxiously looked at Long Haochen, as agitated as a cat. Being of the darkness element, she didn’t dare try to help by healing Long Haochen, since this would only have the opposite effect.

During the battle against Ah’Bao, it looked as if Long Haochen wasn’t losing but in truth, he was no match for Ah’Bao. The gap in spiritual energy between the two of them was too wide, and moreover, with Ah’Bao being the successor of the Devil Dragon Clan.

At the start of that battle, Long Haochen had stealthily taken the newly created Spiritual Ignition Pill made by Lin Xin, stirring one’s potential to an extreme extent.

This Spiritual Ignition Pills didn’t produce an amplification as great as the Spiritual Bursting Pills, but their duration was very long, and their
amplifying effect was incredible. But it had even stronger side-effects. By squeezing out excessive potential, it could very possibly cause permanent wounds.

So that his comrades would be able to leave from there alive, Long Haochen was already doing his utmost starting from back then. Although he successfully broke through to the seventh step, the excessive overdraft made him enter an extremely dangerous state. In the last moments, to defend Cai’er, and give her have as much time as possible for her awakening, Long Haochen didn’t spare any cost to act as Cai’er’s shield. Otherwise, if she couldn’t completely absorb the power from her inheritance, her life would very possibly have been in immediate danger.

Although the current Long Haochen was nearing death, his face portrayed a calm smile. All those years ago, he told his father that he wanted to become a Guardian Knight because he wanted to protect the people he cared for. And today he managed to accomplish that. For his beloved Cai’er, he nearly sacrificed his own life.

If not for Haoyue’s pleading and his look filled with despair, combined with Long Haochen’s consideration of his safety, he would probably have endured it even longer.

A god’s chosen one was still a person, and would therefore also die when inflicted with mortal wounds. Long Haochen had the protection of the Eternal Melody, the Mythril Foundation Armor, and could share some of the damage dealt to him with his comrades, but his vitality was still rapidly decreasing.

The serious internal and external wounds were stripping him off his life energy, and as the ignition of his soul was gradually receding, even his powerful soul was in danger to dissolve.

Right as Yue Ye didn’t know what she should do, and wanted to help by at least bandaging some of Long Haochen’s wounds, a grudgeful voice suddenly resounded, “I really didn’t want to come to such a nasty and deathly place. What have you been doing to end up in this state?”
Under Yue Ye’s shocked eyes, a faint green radiance bubbled forth from Long Haochen’s stomach. And this green radiance was filled with the breath of life. As the green light was bundling up, a green colored gate was gradually formed, from which a slim and fair little bare foot appeared, stepping out from that bright gate.

Chapter 410

Surrounded by green ripples of light, a fair little foot touched the ground, and a little girl, beautiful as a piece of jade, appeared from the gate. Her light blue hair was combed into two pigtails swaying on the two sides of her head, and her tender little face looked very child-like. Even while she was wrinkling her brows, she looked really cute.

“You?” Yue Ye cried out in alarm. She obviously recognized this girl as one of those who inflicted great damage to the group of the demon god’s successors in the Illusory Paradise. Afterwards, she had realized that this little girl was not only Ah’Bao’s target, but most of all the target of the Demon God Emperor, though Ah’Bao didn’t tell her about the greatest secret involving her.

Ye Xiaolei pinched her own nose, “Annoying darkness smell, stay far away from me! Although you are his ally, I still don’t like you.” Saying that, she didn’t pay any more attention to Yue Ye and crouched near Long Haochen.

Seeing Long Haochen in such state, Ye Xiaolei couldn’t help but wrinkle her brows even further, “Although the good points of the Scion of Light are distinct in him, his bad ones are also obvious. To turn yourself into such state for no much reason, and have me come to this loathsome place, you’re really really annoying!”

Although she was saying this, both her hands already started moving.

Her dexterous hands lightly touched Long Haochen’s chest, and a soft green radiance immediately scattered from her hands. In the time of a few
breaths, Long Haochen’s entire body was filled with the light green color of this aura of life.

Ye Xiaolei’s delicate hands moved lightly and rhythmically, and after pondering for a short while, she prudently turned Long Haochen’s body, laying him on his stomach. When her hands examined Long Haochen’s ruined back, her face immediately had a concentrated look.

With a dense green light spreading out, the rich and powerful aura of life clearly felt incompatible with the deathly aura inside. But that powerful deathly aura present in the Tower of Eternity clearly dispersed to some extent

Ye Xiaolei was kneeling on the ground, and currently, her plump butt was stuck up as her back traced an arc, her hands slowly making a lifting motion.

Immediately, one could clearly see Long Haochen’s originally devastated back regain swelling, and a dense green light kept rushing forth into his body.

The whole process was very slow, but extremely effective, and Long Haochen’s back gradually regained its original shape.

Ye Xiaolei once again lifted both her hands and her fingertips undulated, threads going from one part of Long Haochen’s body to another, and vaguely, the sounds of contact between all bones in Long Haochen’s body rang out. Every time a finger was pushed against Long Haochen’s body, he shook slightly.

Her movements looked increasingly like someone using a green thread to make a cloth. With green glints, her movements were observed by Yue Ye who had a dazzled and stunned look.

After close to a quarter of an hour, Ye Xiaolei’s movements gradually slowed down, and finally her hands fell onto Long Haochen’s back. It looked as if she was rubbing his back for a moment, before she turned his body around, now lying on the back.
Yue Ye carefully watched Long Haochen’s condition all along, and after going through Ye Xiaolei’s healing, Long Haochen’s chest finally started to show movement. His life would fortunately not be affected by that accident. That made her secretly loosen her breath.

As Long Haochen was being brought back to life by Ye Xiaolei, Yue Ye also started thinking over all this. For Long Haochen

Being extremely intelligent, Yue Ye seemed to have realized something, and a great pain and agony followed in her heart. She seemed unwilling to keep thinking over this, but the answer was already clear in her heart.

Ye Xiaolei continued her healing, and after handling the close to fatal injury on Long Haochen’s back, she operated on his shoulder next. This time, because it was an external injury, Yue Ye could clearly see Ye Xiaolei’s hands move rhythmically, letting out a green trace after coming in contact with Long Haochen’s broken bones, muscles, and energy channels. Just like the creation of an art piece, his bones were put back together, and the same went for his muscles and channels. The soft green light produced the best stickiness, and after only a short time, all the wounds were healed to their state from before. Not even a single scar could be seen.

After his shoulder came his leg. And after Long Haochen’s right leg was healed, Ye Xiaolei followed with a massage of his entire body. From beginning to end, the most distinct feeling Yue Ye had was that an intense energy of life kept entering Long Haochen’s body, arousing his latent potential while replenishing his consumed vital energy.

Although Yue Ye didn’t have comprehension of human priests, she was completely certain that even the best human priest couldn’t possibly have healed Long Haochen’s injuries in such a short time. And furthermore, it looked that no sequelae was going to remain. This healing force originated directly from the vital power of the great nature, making it go completely against logic.

Just what happened in the Illusory Paradise? How could she tear up the space to get to Long Haochen’s side?
Right as Yue Ye was secretly alarmed, Ye Xiaolei lifted up her right hand, pointing a finger between Long Haochen’s eyebrows, “Hey, you should wake up now. I’m really tired.”

A light groan was let out from Long Haochen’s mouth, and after his body shook slightly, his eyes both slowly opened.

Coming back to his senses, Long Haochen felt that his entire body was filled with warmth, yet he couldn’t use the slightest bit of strength.

With a tired look, she faced him, and her little chubby hand waved in front of his eyes, “Hey, what an idiot you are. You just wasted a whole half day of energy from me. It’s lucky that one doesn’t get infected from another’s idiocy.”

“It’s you? How did you come here? Did you just save me?” Long Haochen blankly looked at Ye Xiaolei, gradually regaining his senses, and struggling to sit up, but not the slightest bit of strength was left in him.

“Of course, I was the one who saved you. Who else than me could heal you to such a good state? Hey, stop speaking, your injuries were too heavy. You need to lie down for twelve hours if you don’t want sequelae left on you. You’re really dumb to all limits, to prefer facing death rather than immediately return to this annoying place. Yet, I really find your idiot side quite cute.”

“And Cai’er?” Long Haochen impatiently asked.

Ye Xiaolei revealed a dumbfounded face, “And you’re not immediately thanking the benefactor who saved your life. Are you really dumb?”

“Thank you, and Cai’er…”

As if admitting defeat against him Ye Xiaolei stepped aside and pointed backwards, “She’s right there, no worry.”

Long Haochen followed the direction of her finger, indeed finding out Cai’er standing here. But right at this time, Cai’er’s body showed slight
movements and her dull look regained spirit.

“Cai’er!” Long Haochen called out lightly.

Ye Xiaolei naturally also noticed the change on Cai’er, “Oh, she’s awake too.”

Cai’er’s stiff body gradually loosened, but her eyes looked once again at a loss. Seeing Long Haochen lying down to the ground, before seeing Ye Xiaolei and Yue Ye, she suddenly abruptly released a cold aura all around.

“Be careful!” Ye Xiaolei cried out, abruptly throwing herself at Long Haochen, holding him and immediately rolling along with his body. The next instant, with a flash of grey light, with a slight pop sound, her gigantic sickle cut the ground like tofu.

Ye Xiaolei was really delicate, and the sight of her holding Long Haochen was really funny. Nonetheless, at the current time no one was laughing.

“Stop, are you crazy?” With a wave of her hand, Ye Xiaolei created a dark green colored barrier in front of Cai’er, pushing her body several meters backwards.

However, Cai’er’s terrible massive sickle only flickered, before that dark green protective screen disappeared, split into pieces.

The cold voice sounded filled with killing intent, “Who are you all?”

Cai’er’s sudden act also gave Yu Ye a great fright. Swiftly running to the side, Ye Xiaolei shouted in anger, “So you’re really mad, to the point of not even recognizing him?”

Cai’er blanked out, looking at Long Haochen, before lightly, shaking her head, “Of course I don’t recognize him. Just who… Who am I?” She looked at a loss, but fortunately the murderous spirit emanating from her weakened greatly.
Ye Xiaolei shouted in anger, “He’s your man! After he paid that much for your sake, nearly losing his life, don’t tell me you don’t even recognize him? Do you even have a heart?”

Cai’er’s face scrunched. Lowering her head to look at herself and at the massive sickle in her hand, she then put her sights on the three before her eyes, “But, I really don’t know who I am. You’re trying to deceive me aren’t you? Those deceiving me have to die!” Saying that, she raised up once again the sickle at her hand.

“Cai’er? Cai’er? What’s up with you?” Long Haochen called out in alarm. His face was full of anxiety, and when Cai’er looked at him, the sickle in her hand, finally stopping.

“I… I seem to really know you. You shouldn’t be a bad person.” Cai’er’s cold voice appeared immediately somewhat softer, and from beginning to end, she watched Long Haochen’s two eyes, as if trying to say something, but very rapidly, she buried her two hands into her face, letting out a cry of pain. The massive sickle in her hands disappeared right then.

“Cai’er, how are you?” Long Haochen absolutely didn’t expect this change to happen after Cai’er’s awakening. She actually didn’t recognize him, and seemed even to have forgotten about her own self.

Ye Xiaolei also had a blank look, murmuring then, “Stop playing the amnesic one. Just what’s wrong with you?”

After no less than a quarter of an hour, Cai’er finally recovered her calm. When she looked back at Long Haochen, she had yet another alarmed heartache.

“Who… Who am I? And who are you? Why… Why is it that I think of nothing?”
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